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Mahdi in Islam 
Aadil Saeed 

In Muslim sects, the concept of Mahdi was adopted from 
Judaism and Christianity. There are two concepts of Mahdi 
1. Mahdi of Shiites 2. Mahdi of Sunnis. 

All the hadiths about the Mahdi have so many conflicts with 
the chain of narrations which we have called (Asnad), subject 
(Matan) as well as evidence of circumstances (dariyat). 
There are more than a dozen controversies in the traditions 
about the Mahdi. 

There are some important conflicts. 

1. The Shiites believed that the Mahdi was born in 259 AH 
(now we are in 1443 AH), which means that the Mahdi is now 
about 1184 years old who lives in a cave in Iraq. The Shiites 
believed that the Mahdi belonged to Husayn ibn 'Ali RA and 
that he is the 12th Imam in the chain of Imamate. It is very 
interesting that in the Shiite sect, only the Asna Ashri Shiite 
faction believes in the Mahdi. Zaidis, Ismailis, Fatimids, 
Bohris, etc. do not believe in this Mahdi. 

And on the other hand. 

2. The Sunnis believed that the Mahdi is not yet born and he 
would be born near the Al-Qayamah, Day of Judgment. The 
Sunnis thought that Mehdi would be descended from Hassan 
bin Ali RA. 

There is also a mini-edition of the Mahdi which belongs to the 
Sunni Sufi group Naqshbandi. Naqshbandis believed that 
thousands of jinns protected their Mahdi. 

The Sunnis are different from the Mahdi ideology of Shiites. 
There are more than a dozen books written by Ahle Sunnah 
scholars in support of the Arrival of the Mahdi, as well as 

some books on the denial of the Mahdi, are available in Urdu, 
Arabic, and English. 

Let's get to the point, 

| do not want to discuss the Mahdi of Shiite traditions because 
they are very funny and ridiculous in their Asnaad, Matun, and 

| am discussing the Mahdi of the Sunni sect. 

There are three persons who introduced fake and fabricated 
Hadith about Mahdi in their Satanic books were, 

1.. Abdul Razzaq bin Hammam (126 ~ 211 AH) , Musanaf 
Abul Razzaq , Narration # 20769~20775 

2..lbn Abi Sheybah (159 ~ 235 AH) ,Musanaf Ibn e Abi 
Sheybah, Narrations # 38793 ~38807 

3.. Naeem bin Hammad Al-Basri (d:228 AH ), Kitab Al-Fitan 

they all were undercover Rafidis’. Their books contains 
thousands of Traditions & predictions of wars, conflicts, 
bloodshed near Qayamah including hundreds of Traditions & 
predictions about Mahdi but in fact, almost all traditions 
/nadiths having major faults in Asnaad, Matun, & Darayat. 
Interested people must read these Books; they will find 
personally how the Majoosi Rafidi satanic fabricators do the 
forgery in the name of hadith e Rasool SAW. 

It is very horrible that 

All the Sahah Sitta compilers had taken the fake narrations of 
Mahdi from above said books. | am referring to the important 
book of traditions, Sunan Abi Dawood: Chapter: (Kitab 
al-Mahdi) Hadith # 4279 ~ 4290. 

All the hadiths (isnads) about the Mahdi having major conflicts 
with the Asnad, Matun as well as in darayat. 

No one can justify these conflicts of fake and fabricated 
hadiths about the Mahdi et all. 

Another very important question is, is there any need for a 
Mahdi-type magical person after the Holy Prophet PBUH? 

| am very much clear in this way. My answer is 

No, not at all, we do not need any Mahdi because Muslims 
have the teaching and guidance of the Holy Quran and the 
Sunnah of the Rasool e Kareem (peace be upon him). 

The Holy Prophet (saw) is the last prophet, no Mahdi nor 
neither any prophet will come after Holy Prophet SAW. 

Now | have to conclude the topic that "Mahdi is a character of 
the fairy tales of Shia Imamate. The story of Mahdi is just a 
myth that has no reality and all hadiths about Mahdi are fake 
and fabricated by Majoosis and Rafidis. We don't need a 
Mahdi after the Holy Prophet . 

As well as We don't need a savior like this Mahdi. 

In my last words, | pray to May Allah to save us from Fitna 
Inkar e Quran. 

Here is a Link of Audio Speech on this topic to the Students and Colleagues of International 

Institute of Islamic Studies , Cairo , Egypt . 

Who is Mahdi in Islam