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Volume XLVI, No. 5 
September-October 1990 



An Anonymus Friend [1-3] 


Larry Spring [4-5] 


Nicholas A. Reiter [6-8] 


Albert Zock [9] 


Preparing for Transmutation 
Rhetta Jacobson Baumgartner [10-13] 


Vincent H. Gaddis [14-15] 

• QUICKSILVER — Mercury’s Liquid Metal 

Alison Davidson [16-19] 


Eugenia Macer-Stoty [20-21] 


Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus [22] 


Letters, Reviews, Contacts [23-29] 


Space and "field*phenomena; Nature and sub-nature 
by An Anonymous Friend 

I only recently was handed my first copy of The Journal of Borderland Research (VoL XLVI, No. 2), and found what was being 
discussed there quite intriguing. Havingparallel interests, but coming from a slightly different viewpoint, I thought I would offer some 
comments. Not being familiar with all the preceding work, I have nevertheless made the assumption that the work of certain other 
thinkers on these problems is not known in your circles, as I found no evidence of their usual terminology and conceptual frame of 
reference. This was somewhat surprising since this work is founded on the impulse of Rudolf Steiner, and is an extension of the work 
of Goethe, both of whom were mentioned in various places in the Journal Hopefully wfuit follows will be helpful and a further 
contribution to the ongoing interest in areas falling outside the traditions of mainstream science... >-* 

Of all that I read, the most interesting 
was the idea of the possibility of free energy, 
which I take to mean the construction of an 
electrical-magnetic device whose output ex¬ 
ceeds its input I have no problem with the 
idea that such a device can be, and may al¬ 
ready have been, developed, I believe, how¬ 
ever, it would be a serious error to conceive 
that the energy surplus is free, unless one only 
means to speak in terms of monetary consid¬ 
erations. The “energy 5 * always comes from 
some “place”, and cannot in any sense be 
considered newly created. This is not to say 
that in the totality of cosmic happenings there 
is no newly created matter or energy, but 
rather that any electrical-mechanical process 
can only transmute one thing into another 
thing. Creative processes are of a whole other 
order, and while they can be observed in 
Nature, they are presently beyond man's 
capacity to reproduce, except with regard to 
creative transformations in his own soul life 
(spiritual self development). 

Leaving that aside, I would like to con¬ 
sider the problem of where might such sur¬ 
plus “energy 55 come from, assuming that by 
normal means of measurement we are al¬ 
ready in a situation where the output exceeds 
the input Inlooking at thisquestion I want to 
be concerned primarily with the conception 
of “space 55 , secondarily with the conception 
of “force 55 and lastly with the distinction be¬ 
tween Nature and sub-nature. I will be rely¬ 
ing primarily on four works: Ernst Lehrs, 
Man or Matter; and George Adams, Space 
and the Light of Creation, Physical and Ethe¬ 
real Spaces and Universal Forces in Mechan¬ 

Before this, however, a fewwords should 
probably be said concerning the history of 
these ideas. The poet Goethe was also a 
natural scientist of quite unique capabilities. 
His scientific work languished until Rudolf 
Steiner re-awakened interest in it, and since 
Steiner’s time there has come into being a 
Goetheanistic Natural Science, which has yet 
only a few practitioners. Anyone who wishes 
to understand this new science should make 

the acquaintance of Lehrs* book (above), 
which is subtitled: Introduction to a Spiritual 
Understanding of Nature on the Basis of 
Goethe’s Method of Training Observation 
and Thought In addition it will be a desirable 
goal to come to terms with the philosophical/ 
epistemological problems outlined in 
Steiner’s The Theory of Knowledge Implicit 
in Goethe’s World Conception. 

The threshold problem, which for obvi¬ 
ous reasons many people refuse to recognize, 
can be stated in the following way. Behind the 
world of phenomena stands a world of invis¬ 
ible Beings. To come then to a true under¬ 
standing of the natural world, and of man and 
man’s role in it, it is necessary to come to an 
awareness and appreciation of Beings. Such 
knowledge cannot be won in a one-sided fash¬ 
ion. We cannot force Nature to reveal se¬ 
crets. Rudolf Steiner puts it this way (and in 
this recapitulates a very old approach): the 
laboratory must become an altar. True sci¬ 
ence is moral science, moral both in terms of 
the method of investigation as well as in appli¬ 

Now there is no question that mankind 
has forced from Nature certain “powers” 
which man applies for his needs and desires. 
But man does not understand these “pow¬ 
ers”, or Nature, but ratherweaves for himself 
an illusion. Moreover, this illusion is very se¬ 
ductive, and has the capacity to lead man 
away from his own true nature, from real self 
knowledge, and to make of man a slave of the 
“powers” he worships. We all see this plainly 
as these “powers 55 more and more build their 
“body” in the age of the computer networks. 
Avast intelligence creates for itself an “elec¬ 
tronic” nervous system, and weaves for itself 
a pseudo-persona, the mask of the friendly 

Not all the secrets of electricity have 
been discovered. Not all the “powers” 
evoked. The work of Keely, Tesla etal. shows 
this clearly. The problem is: will man con¬ 
tinue to invent new devices without realizing 
just with what he is dealing? Or, will he 
trouble himself to do more, to penetrate with 

his thinkin g Nature’s workshop, so that man 
is the master and not the slave. 

In what follows it will only be possible to 
suggest a certain way of looking at phenom¬ 
ena. The reader who really wants to pene¬ 
trate with his thinking these mysteries, and 
therefore be free of the seduction of electrical 
“powers”, will have to make his own way 
through the material. 

What is electricity? Electridtyisaspedal 
condition of “space”. We see this whenever 
we make a spark leap a gap. Before the leap, 
in the empty “space” between the leads, there 
is an increase of electrical potential, that is a 
“field” condition arises. Simultaneously with 
the spark, the “field” collapses. When the so- 
called alternating current is “moving” though 
a wire we have a cyclically potentiating and 
collapsing “field” present The wire, by its 
spatial presence, constantly collapses the 
“field”. While this is far too brief; it has hints 
enough so that we can see that it is necessary 
to understand “space” a bit better. 

Of all the illusory conceptions of modem 
mainstream science, one of the more funda¬ 
mental concerns the idea of space. Ordinarily 
we conceive of space as this vast empty con¬ 
tainer, which at some time in the past (the big 
bang) becomes filled with substance, which 
then organizes itself through the most amaz¬ 
ing series of fortuitous accidents. Setting that 
aside, we can consider, as an alternative, the 
idea that space itself was created. 

George Adam’s small book. Space and 
the Light of Creation, investigates this ques¬ 
tion as a problem in mathematical physics 
utilizing the conceptions of a special mathe¬ 
matics called either projective or synthetic 
geometry. The chapter headings are quite 
intriguing: 1. The Radiation of Space; 2. The 
Music of Number, 3. The Burden of Weight 
and the Sacrifice of Warmth. It is not possible 
to duplicate these ideas here, but a few hints 
can at least lead the reader in the right direc¬ 

Projective geometry is all geometry; that 
is euclidian, Reinman, Hilbert, non-euclid- 
ian, all other geometries are special cases of 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990. Page i 

projective geometry. Physical reality is a re¬ 
flection (and vice versa) of this geometry. 
Space in the sense of projective geometry is 
bi-polar, that is, it is three dimensional at its 
“center” and two dimensional at its “periph¬ 
ery”. For example, a sphere with an infinite 
radius has a surface which is both “flat” and 
“curved” simultaneously. “Centric”, three 
dimensional, space is the place of physical 
“forces” and physical events, which “forces” 
are strongest at the “center”. Peripheral or 
ethereal space is the place of etheric (or life) 
forces”, which are strongest at the periph¬ 
ery. “In the organic world we often have to do 
with forms arranged in layers more or less 
eccentrically about some nucleus or kernel 
If we imagine such a process to have been 
brought about etherically - from the periph¬ 
ery instead of from within - quite new possi¬ 
bilities are opened out for the interpretation 
ofsuch living forms.” (Adamspp. 45, Physical 
and Ethereal Spaces"! 

Wherever we have to do with matter, or 
what we ordinarily consider as mass centered 
spatially extant bodies, we also have to do 
with a polar aspect, a counter-spatial (ethe¬ 
real) component “In all mechanical systems, 
be they at rest, be they in motion, elastic 
forces are involved...with every displacement 
of elastic balance, however small, shades of 
warmth arise...[leading to]...revelation of the 
dynamic interplay of space and 
counterspace...elastic resistant forces of mat¬ 
ter have to do with something...ethereal” 
(Adams, pp. Z Universal Forces In Mechan- 

Now space, according to this view, is 
created by Beings out of light, light is here 
used in the sense that Goethe developed in 
his Theory of Color, whereby color is a result 
of the “deeds and sufferings” of light At the 
centric pole of space, the relevant Beings 
create weight or what we experience as grav¬ 
ity, and at the ethereal pole is created warmth 
(recall the surprising discovery that the back¬ 
ground radiation of cosmic space is not abso¬ 
lute zero as expected, but in fact reveals the 
presence of heat phenomena, erroneously 
interpreted as evidence of the big bang). 

The result is that all events which occur 
on the Earth where Nature unfolds her nor¬ 
mal activity, and where man resides, occur 
within two primary “fields”; a centric or grav¬ 
ity “field” and an ethereal or levity “field”. 
(This and the following material are to be 
found in Lehrs’ Man or Matter .^ All matter is 
gravity bound Light, into which is woven a 
portion of bound levity . The various tradi¬ 
tional chemical elements represent different 
proportions and balances of the gravity and 
levity “fields”. One investigates these differ¬ 

ent proportions when one investigates the 
oxidation (combustion) properties of various 
kinds of matter. Again, in the properties of 
the table of elements (the periodic table), one 
finds the “musical” relation of these various 
proportions. Certain other relations are to be 
found in the different magnetic and electric 
properties of various kinds of matter. 

Matter then is a property of Light under 
special conditions of space (Darkness). 

Phenomenal Nature, i.e. matter in all its 
forms, is divided into four kingdoms. One 
can account for all the properties (or most all) 
of the Mineral and the Plant kingdoms 
through the complex interactions of the two 
“fields”, Le. gravity and levity -life or etheric- 
(never forgetting meanwhile that at their root 
is the activity of Beings). The kingdoms of 
Man and of the Animal possess, in addition to 
matter and life, the properties of inwardness 
(consciousness) which both man and animal 
possess, and for man alone, the property of 
self awareness. 

This phenomenal Nature, with its mat¬ 
ter, life, inwardness and self consciousness 
has two boundaries, an upper and a lower. At 
the upper boundary is the threshold across 
which the relevant Beings act, that is the 
boundary across which “creative” deeds flow. 
Beyond the lower border, in the realm of sub¬ 
nature lie the “fallen” deeds, the Men light 
and chemical ethers as described by Rudolf 

When we subject matter to certain trans¬ 
formations we “rouse” from its enchanted 
sleep this “Men light”, Le. electricity. This 
one passive “power” becomes available for 
our use, but due to its intrinsic nature, tends 
to lead civilization - to “stamp” civilization - 
with certain qualities. Thus we have a civiliza¬ 
tion fascinated, in fact enthralled, with its 
technological innovation, but blind to the 
consequences. For what we do to matter 
when we extract from it the electrical 
“power” latent in it is to age it We hasten the 
cosmic aging of the Earth throu gh the electri¬ 
fication of our civilization. (This also is the 
key to the yet to be understood medical disor¬ 
ders connected to this electrification.) 

Thus, when we produce a device which is 
able to generate greater output than input, 
we have found a way to transmute matter 
through the interaction of its vibratory (musi¬ 
cal) properties, and its electrical properties 
(gravity/levity balance). We have to keep in 
mind that the levity “field” is coextensive with 
the whole cosmos, so that when we alter that 
“field” where it is bound up with the gravity 
“field” in matter, we also alter it simultane¬ 
ously at the cosmic periphery. The energy 
produced is not free, but in fact involves the 

aging and transmutation of the whole cos¬ 
mos. We have extracted a “power” which was 
previously bound up in Nature, and this alters 
the whole of Nature. 

To understand this process of “aging” a 
bit better, we need to enter into the old doc¬ 
trine of the elements (which remains true, 
just misunderstood), i.e. the problems of fire, 
earth, air and water, and the related qualities 
of dry, moist, warm and cold. This old doc¬ 
trine was based on a very goetheanistic obser¬ 
vation of Nature*which did not impose theo¬ 
ries, but rather tried simply to describe Na¬ 
ture as carefully and accurately as possible. 

Included in the doctrine of the elements 
is the idea of ponderable and imponderable 
substances. Michael Faraday, who is respon¬ 
sible for the fundamental observation of elec¬ 
trical and magnetic “field” theory, used just 
this terminology. Ponderable substances are 
those which have material density and weight. 
Fire and Air are imponderables, and do not 
refer to the air we breath or the flame we 
observe, but rather to certain qualitative 
characteristics. Consider the following state¬ 
ments from Lehrs: 

“The element Fire reveals its attributes 
of warm and dry in a behavior which com¬ 
bines a tendency to dynamic expansion with a 
disinclination to enter into lasting combina¬ 
tions with the other elements. Thus the at¬ 
tribute, dry, belongs equally to pure flame 
and sheer dust, though for opposite reasons. 
Distinct from both these elements are the 
middle elements Water and Air; with them 
the attribute, moist, comes to expression in 
their tendency both to interpenetrate mutu¬ 
ally and to absorb their neighbors - the liquid 
element absorbing solid matter and the aeri¬ 
form element taking up heat. What distin¬ 
guishes them is that water has a ‘cold’ nature, 
from which it gains its density while air has a 
‘warm’ nature, to which it owes its tendency to 
expand.” (pp. 200, Man or Matter) 

“...a magnetic field imparts to the rele¬ 
vant part of space qualities of density which 
otherwise prevail only in the interior of solid 
masses...the appearance of electricity..Js 
caused by the loosening of the coherence of 
the material substance. A similar loosening 
of the coherence of the magnetic field takes 
place when its field-lines are cut by the move¬ 
ment of the conductor across it Just as heat 
occurs when we move a solid object through 
a liquid, electricity occurs when we move a 
conductor across a magnetic field. In each 
case we interfere with an existing levity-grav¬ 
ity relationship.” (pp. 235, Man or Matter) 

“...with every act of setting electromag¬ 
netic energies in motion we interfere with the 
entire levity-gravity balance of our planet by 

Page 2, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

turning part of the earth’s coherent sub¬ 
stance into cosmic ‘dust’.” (pp. 239, Man or 

These facts make for an enormous re¬ 

One further refinement can be made. 
Those who seek after these secrets of Nature 
have a choice, a moral choice. This moral 
choice is personal, Le. there is no absolute 
idea outside us which compels us, but rather 
it is a question of whether we ask ourselves 
just how responsible are we willing to be. It is 
plain from a study of those personalities who 
have made discoveries in science (even those 
who are goetheanists, and therefore largely 
unknown), that what one finds out that is true 
and not illusory (and seductive) is dependent 
upon how one approaches Nature. Lehrs’ 
book is the best guide for this, for Nature is 
Herself desirous of letting Herself be known 
to those who approach with the right motives 
in their hearts. Sometimes it will come to 
such people to know things, but not to be able 
to produce them, to introduce them into civi¬ 
lization and to profit financially from them. 
The satisfaction has to be in the achievement 
of the right understanding. When investiga¬ 
tions are made with an awakened conscience 
as to what may properly be done with that 
understanding, then there are no secrets 
which Nature will withhold. 

It has been my hope, in writing these 
brief paragraphs, to point toward an ongoing 
work which I believe will be of definite inter¬ 
est to the readers of the Journal I will end by 
making my own view as clear as possible. 

The production of electricity, which has 
always been a very mysterious process, is in 
fact an act which steals from Nature the 
power by which matter is made coherent 
Electrification destroys order, but on a subtle 
level; that is, the diminution of the levity- 
gravity balance does not immediately cause 
matter to < fall apart’, rather it ’ages’ the mat¬ 
ter, weakens it and makes it less resistant to 
other forces. 

We stand, especially in terms of the in¬ 
vestigation of Keely and Tesla, upon the 
threshold of further ‘discoveries/inventions* 
revealing even deeper and more significant 
ways of deriving energy, for our desires, from 
electrical, magnetic and vibratory phenom¬ 
ena. To the extent we act in ignorance of the 
real consequences, we place ourselves in the 
danger of leading our civilization along a 
course determined not by our own free moral 
deeds, but rather by the seductive power of 
the energy (Being) itself! 

It is not any accident of mythology that 
the ’snake power*, the pranja of Eastern 
Kundalini practices, is sometimes thought to 
be related to the seemingly mechanical pow¬ 

ers connected to electricity. Nor is it an acci¬ 
dent that the ’serpent’ is the great tempter of 
man in the Garden of Eden. Even material¬ 
istic science recognizes that the universe is a 
whole and can only be understood on the 
basis of principles which encompass its total 
nature. Which to me means Nature’s Being, 
consciousness, and moral characteristics. 

Concerning the availability of books. 
Man or Matter, by Ernst Lehrs, PhD. may be 
ordered from the Anthroposophic Press, 
RJR. 4, Box 94-A1, Hudson, NY 12534. 

Two of the works of George Adams are 
currently out of print The only one available, 
also through Anthroposophic Press, is Physi¬ 
cal and Ethereal Spaces . The other two are 
much more difficult anyway, so this problem 
is not really significant It will be quite enough 
to master the more elementary text Should 
one wish to go on, then letters should be 
written to Anthroposophic Press encourag¬ 
ing placing these books back in print Anthro¬ 
posophic Press does not presently list 
Steiner’s Theory of Knowledge Implicit in 
Goethe’s World Conception, but correspon¬ 
dence directed to them ought to result in 
directions as how to obtain a copy. 

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The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 3 


or Can’t is a Challenge 


There is an old saying that you can’t see the forest for the 

They used to say a bumble bee is aerodynamically unable 
to fly. Nobody was every able to convince the bumble bee of 

I used to say man will never be able to travel through 
space as there was nothing out there to push against like land, 
water or air. All the time I was doing just that on a large ball 
of soil, water and rock hurtling through space in an orbit 
around our sun which is part of a galaxy of suns and planets. 
The whole galaxy was traveling at a terrific pace going some¬ 
where. The part I did not realize was that, once you have 
pushed the molecules of air aside and arrived at a point in 
space where gravity was very weak or in balance between 
distant mass like Sun, Earth and Moon, there was nothing to 
slow you down or stop you. The trick was to apply enough 
push against Earth and air or just reaction to an action to 
reach an escape velocity after which you can coast forever. 
Yes, perpetual motion. I had to revise my basic concepts. 

Perpetual motion can exist when there are no molecules 
of mass to bump into. Its whenyou try to get more energy out 
than you put in that the job becomes more difficult Free 
space traveling units of magnetic energy are constantly racing 
in a huge volume from Sun to Earth through that great empty 
outerspace. Space seems empty only because energy does not 
require a space of its own. 

Spherical units of energy travel at 186,000 miles per 
second. They bounce, they compress when passing through 
a denser medium, they scatter from an irregular surface and 
they drive electrons when their magnetic lines of force are cut 
or distorted. This electron drive results in an electrical 
current Radiated magnetic energy has no weightso does not 
have to obey Newton’s laws of mass and motion. 

Driving electrons in a conductor or within an atom uses 
up some of the magnetic unit’s energy, as electrons are tiny 
light mass. It consumes some energy to move them. However 
the election movement and resulting electrical current causes 
a new magnetic field to form around the electron path or 
conductor. This magnetic field opposes the field that formed 
it This direct current magnetic field was discovered by Hans 
Christian Oersted and expressed in his right hand rule. The 
opposing field was discovered by Lenz and is known as Lenz’s 
law. Both these phenomena were verified by me, Larry 

The energy thus absorbed reradiates in a global pattern 
away from the electron path and thins by the square of the 
distance. This global pattern gives rise to the inverse square 
of the distance law of light density and all other radiated 
magnetic energy, like television signal and radar, as well as 
electrical and gravitational fields. This newly reradiated 

energy is again traveling at 186,000 miles per second and 
drives electrons in the next electron conductor whether it be 
93 million miles like Sun to Earth or as short a distance as to 
the next atom. Electron activity within the atom is known as 
heat, and the slow movement of radiated energy from atom to 
atom due to its many steps is known as conduction. This last 
statement as well, as all other statements in this series of 
articles that do not fit conventional teaching, are Lany 
Spring observations and analysis taught to me by the radiated 
magnetic energy itself, which I believe will stand the test of 

All radiated magnetic energy is cast off and continues to 
move at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles per second, 
300,000 kilometers per second, 300,000,000 meters per sec¬ 
ond, 3 x 108 m/sec or a distance equal to more than seven 
times around the Earth in one second. This I, Larry Spring, 
verified in 1954 by a very simple method which I stumbled 
onto by myself. 

I was using two dipole antennas and a radion field strength 
meter. While adding together television signals from the two 
antennas I recognized I had measured one wavelength peak 
to peak. All I had to do then was multiply by the frequency per 
second and come out with 186,000 miles per second. Details 
of this experiment as well as verification of speed of propaga¬ 
tion of the electrical field of a television signal on lead line can 
be read in my book published in 1986 entitled “My Electro¬ 
magnetic Spherical Theory and My Experiments to Prove It”. 
This book describes radiated energy as taught to me by the 
energy itself, and does not necessarily coincide with physics as 
taught in schools today. It explains hitherto unexplainable 
physical phenomena and yet does not disturb the end results 
or the formulas and mathematical equations used in electro¬ 
magnetic engineering. I have since written two other books 
as my thoughts and experiments progress. One I call “Electro¬ 
magnetic Heat” and the other is entitled “Electromagnetic 
Sea in Which We Live”. This last book projects my antenna 
observations down inside the atom where actions and reac¬ 
tions are s imilar . 

While observing the four gigahertz down link frequency 
of satellite TV signal on a satellite dish I realized the energy 
front must be composed of spherical units of magnetic energy 
much larger than the packages of light energy visualized by 
Sir Isaac Newton or the photons recognized by Albert Ein¬ 
stein which gave rise to the quantum theory put forth by Max 
Planck. The clue to a larger third dimensional size was the 
fact that satellite units of energy spanned across the rough¬ 
ness of fiat non-gloss paint while the same roughness scat¬ 
tered or diffused visible light 

If energy units composing the energy front had a third 
dimensional size, then I was determined to measure it A 

Page 4, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

good physicist said “Larry, you can’t measure a unit of en¬ 
ergy.” There is that can’t challenge again. 

By close observations of meter readings on my satellite 
receiver backed up by picture quality on a TV set I was able 
to determine the energy units to be 1/2 wavelength in diame¬ 
ter by passing the satellite signal through various sized screens. 
This energy unit diameter I have since verified in many other 
ways. Visiblelightthenwithsphericalunits 1/100,000inch in 
diameter as determined by Larry Spring can pass readily 
through 1/16 inch mesh window screen, while the same screen 
makes a good bounce surface for satellite signal, which will 
pass readily through two-inch mesh chicken wire, which 
makes a good bounce surface for UHF TV channel 27 with a 
1/2 wavelength unit of energy 10-3/4 inches in diameter and 
TV channel 3 at 8 feet in diameter. 

The perfect elastic spherical shape can readily be demon¬ 
strated with a parabolic solar reflector setting face up on the 
floor and a styrofoam ball han ging at the focal point A ping 
pong ball when dropped into the dish will bounce to the focal 
point every time. There is no other shape that will do that 

My demonstration solar reflector is painted with flat 
non-gloss latex paint to scatter the sunlight as before painting 
it nearly started a fire in my work room from sunlight coming 
through the window. The rough paint scatters the little 
spherical photons of light but it does not effect the bounce 

characteristics of the ping pongball, 1-1/2 inches in diameter, 
which is just the size of 1/2 wavelength of the 4 GHz satellite 

4 GHz in electronic language means 4 billion cycles per 
second of alternating electrical current In one four billionth 
of a second magnetic energy can travel 3 inches at 186,000 
miles per second. Alternating 4 GHz electrical current on a 
conductor travels 1-1/2 inches in one direction and back 1-1/ 
2 inches to make the full there and back trip of 3 inches. 

Applying Oersted’s right hand rule for a magnetic field 
around a conductor you can recognize Ajat magnetic fields 
have 1/2 cycle to grow while the current is traveling in one 
direction and 1/2 cycle to grow a reverse polarized field on the 
way back. This alternating current would be casting off 
magnetic fields with their magnetic lines of force perpendicu¬ 
lar to the current carrying conductor. 

These fields traveling at 186,000 mps would drive elec¬ 
trons and an electrical current in any conductor lying in a 
position to cut or distort the magnetic lines of force of these 
high speed spheres of energy. 

These basic changes open doors through which the expla¬ 
nation of many natural physical phenomena can reach us. 
Subsequent articles by me, Larry Spring, will reveal the 
continuing progress I have visualized or demonstrated over 
the past five years. 

+ _ © + 


Arrows indicate pointing direction of magnetic compass. 
They do not indicate rotation. + and - indicate direction of 
driven electrical current in a conductor that cuts the magnetic 
lines of force. 


+ “ + 

Oscilloscope pattern of the carrier energy converted to an 
electrical current. 

£7~ET)° Aa> 6 L £ Cl Z (M G A H GLC AC C <-//? AT& 


nous h surface 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 5 


Experimental Observations 

Nicholas A. Reiter 



During the months of December 1988 and January 1989, 
I conducted a series of experiments which yielded results that 
I believe may add to the existing body of physical orgonomy, 
or at least may confirm and extrapolate upon certain littler 
recognized orgonotic phenomena. 

The experiments this report will deal with were a direct 
offshoot from a search for electronic or electro-mechanical 
OR (orgone) instrumentation. As the reader will see, it was 
by sheer chance that I stumbled across the effects described in 
the following sections. 

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of other experi¬ 
menters duplicating my observations. It must be done. Yet, 
because a large part of the observed phenomena was depen¬ 
dant upon a singular and rather antique piece of instrumen¬ 
tation, it may be diffi cult to reproduce my procedures and 
results verbatim. However, I will try to give as much informa¬ 
tion as possible to the reader so that he/she may be able to 
improvise equipment and follow through with experimenta¬ 


Leading up to what I consider to be the first of my series 
of experiments, I had been observing the operation of differ¬ 
ent electronic components inside an orgone accumulator 
(hereafter referred to as an ORAC). After observing some 
interesting charge/discharge phenomena with a capacitor, I 
thought that it might prove worthwhile to try a coil inside the 
ORAC. The piece I used was an antenna base coil from a 
marine radio set It consisted of 90 turns of bare silvered 18 
ga. copper wire wound air core on plastic strips. Thewindings 
were spaced. The coil was about 6 inches long and about 1.5 
inches wide. The coil was connected via clip leads to an old 
(pre-1940s) but perfectly functional galvanometer. I then 
placed the coil inside my ORAC. (TxTxT ten layer sheet 
steel/fiber sheet box). 

Upon inserting the coil, I observed a slow, steadily in¬ 
creasing deflection of the galvanometer’s needle. After about 
20 seconds, the meter reached a maximum reading, and 
remained steady. Removing the coil from the ORAC caused 
the needle to drop slowly back to zero. Later calibration of 
the galvanometer (hereafter referred to as the GV) with a 
milliv olt source and a precision resistor revealed that the 
level of deflection I witnessed was equal to about 30 microam¬ 
peres («A). Yet the behavior of the GV indicated a rather un¬ 
electrical nature of the current 

I then tried positioning the coil in different configurations 

within the ORAC, whereupon I made the following observa¬ 

1. The strongest meter deflection occurred when the coil 
was placed upright along an mndr-wall or comer of the 

2. Flipping the coil end for end would always cause the 
polarity of file meter deflection to reverse. This reversal was, 
however, a slow movement as opposed to a quick reversal 
which one would expect from an electrical current 

3. The polarity seemed to be due to the position of the coil 
relative to the ORAC. A later experiment using a slightly 
shorter coil showed that when the coil is positioned horizon¬ 
tally within the ORAC, the current drops to nearly zero. 

4. Positioning the coil immediatelyoutsideofthe ORAC 
gave similar, though weaker, indications. As the coil was 
moved further away from the ORAC, the effect diminished 
further. The effect was no longer noticeable at distances 
greater than about 3 inches from the ORAC. 

At this point, I felt that what I was seeing would have to 
be divided into 3 different components for any effective 

1. The nature of the current and its coupling or induction 
into the coiL 

2. The characteristics of the conduction of the current. 

3. The mechanics of the deflection of the D’arsonval 
movement of the GV. 

Focusing on one section of my initial set-up at a time, I 
conducted a series of experiments that included trying vari¬ 
ous coils, different materials, different meters, eta The 
following three sections of this report are a compilation of all 
of my observations. 


A number ofdifferent coils were tried in place of the original one. 

1. Loosely wound helixes of copper wire, with no insula¬ 
tion, and of large diameter, gave best results. 

2. The number of turns in a coil did not seem to be as large 
an influence as other factors. In fact, a single wire loop, or a 
bare strip of copper worked, though poorly. 

3. The polarity effect noticed in the first experiment was 
observable only with coils. With single loops or metal strips, 
the polarity seemed almost random. 

4. Coils wound on an iron core gave no indication at alL 

5. Coils wound on plastic or paper gave slight current in¬ 

6. Coils with no core or coil form gave best indications. 

7. Wire insulation, in all cases, seemed to interfere with 
the production of the current 

Page 6, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

Different ORACs were tried. 

1. A 2 layer wood/steel box ORAC, a 6 layer plastic/steel 
wool cylinder ORAC, and a 10 layer aluminum/fibre sheet 
cylinder ORAC were used in lieu of the original box ORAC. 
All gave s imilar results, though the aluminum/fibre sheet 
ORAC caused some erratic movement of the GV needle. 

2. Flipping ORACs on their sides, or placing them upside 
down did not seem to make any difference. Current polarity 
seemed to be totally dependent on the coil position relative 
to the ORAC. 

3. When water in a tin cup was brought near the ORAC, 
the current reading would drop minutely. Dunking one end 
of a spare clip lead into the water, and draping the other end 
into the ORAC, would cause the current to drop faster, 
usually to zero. I consider this to be a key observation. 

4. Number 3 was repeated with a ceramic cup. The same 
results followed. Upon removal of the water and the clip lead, 
the current would very slowly come back up. 

5. Laying hands upon the ORAC would cause the current 
to increase, though sometimes only slightly. 

6. Moving the coil inside the ORAC, in any direction, 
would cause the current to momentarily jump and then settle 
out at a slightly higher level. 

7. The highest readings attained with any combination 
were in the vicinity of 6QuA 


A number of different conductors were tried besides the 
original clip leads. 

1. Bare single or multi-strand conductors worked best. 

2. Soldered connections gave the same results as slip 
leads. However, old clip leads with the cadmium plating worn 
off of the clips gave erratic readings. 

3. All connections had to be clean and tight. 

4. Again, wire insulation seemed to dampen the effect 

5. Crossing wires, even when insulated, would sometimes 
dampen the effect. 

6. Copper, tinn ed copper, silver, gold, and lead all con¬ 
ducted the current with equal results. 

7. Al uminum, steel, and iron wire seemed to block the 
current entirely. 

Standard carbon resistors of different values were put into the 

1. Resistors put in series would damped the current, 
though a high ohmage resistor did not seem to cut back the 
current any more than a low valued one. 

2. Resistors put in parallel with the coil or GV would not 
decrease the measured current, but sometimes did reverse 
the polarity of the current! 


Here lies the portion of my experiments which is the most 
difficult to explain or present Quite simply put, I was unable 
to read any of the aforementioned current effects on any 
instrument except my antique galvanometer! As I mentioned 

earlier in this report, the GV was, and is, electrically func¬ 
tional Using a calibrated millivolt source and a l.lOSKohm 
resistor, I was able to calibrate the GV, which is unmarked, 
except for a numerical scale. The meter works. 

I have not been able to find any other meter, D’arsonval 
or otherwise which will read the currents I observed with the 
GV. I have tried over 10 different brands of micro-ampere 
range D’arsonval style meters with no success. I was also 
unable to read the currents with either a Fluke or a Simpson 
digital multi-meter. 

After discovering this paradox, my next step was to take 
the cover off of my GV and examine its Construction. Not 
surprisingly, I found the GV to have a simple, un-shunted, 
magnet deflected D’arsonval movement almost identical to 
any of the other meters I tried. I did find one difference, how¬ 
ever. The coil of the GV^ meter movement is wound without 
a frame or support, and apparently is held together by its own 
shellac coating. On all of the other, modem meters I tried, the 
movement coils are wound on tiny al uminum frames! I 
believe that it is this al uminum frame which prevents any 
modem meter from reading the currents I observed. 


From these experimental observations, I have drawn the 
following conclusions: 

1. When a helix or loop of copper is placed in or near an 
ORAC, a current of seemingly un-electrical characteristics is 
generated or induced within said helix or loop. 

2. Upon reaching a given level for a given coil arrange¬ 
ment, the current seems to be a steady state flow with only 
minor, very slow fluctuations. 

3. The current is conducted by soft, diamagnetic metals, 
and is resisted or blocked by para or ferro-magnetic metals. 

4. Organic material, in the form of insula tion or carbon 
resistors, appears to hinder, absorb, or damped the current 

5. The un-electrical current is able to develop a reaction 
force with a magnetic field, and cause a deflection of certain 
un-shielded D’arsonval meter movements. 

6. The level of current induced or generated within the 
helix or loop varies with the responses of the enclosing 
ORAC to classical external orgonotic stimuli 


It is obvious that the experimenter will have to use some 
ingenuity in duplicating my observations. The old galva¬ 
nometer I used has no nameplate or manufac turer’s data on 
it There are probably a number of s imilar units “out there”, 
though. One could possibly find a responsive GV at an 
electronics surplus store, or an antique shop. Another option 
would be to build a coil/magnet arrangement based on a 
D’arsonval meter movement A design that I believe might 
work is shown in figure A I have not yet tried it though. 

I believe that these observations may give some insight 
into two areas of orgonomy which have apparently been 
somewhat neglected: 

1. The development of accurate OR instrumentation. 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 7 

2. The re-development of the OR driven motor. 

It is my hope that those who read this report will be able 
to duplicate my observations and carry out further investiga¬ 
tions in this area of orgonomy. 


1. Hie device shown in fig. A on the COIL / ORAC 
EFFECT was tried out in February1989and did indeed work, 
although the deflection was quite small. Several other vari¬ 
ations of this device were tired, however none of them have 
indications of current which were any better than the origi¬ 

2. Around March of1989, the Coil/ORACeffect began 
to diminish, and eventually “went dead”. Different ORACs 
were tried, along with variations in wiring. Nothing seemed 
to make a difference. 

However, around November of1989,1 tried out the coil 
and galvanometer arrangement with a newly constructed 20 

fold steel and fiber sheet box ORAC. The Effect was once 
again present, and back to levels of current readings corre¬ 
sponding to those observed originally. The Effect is currently 
active, and further experimental work with it is continuing as 
time permits. 

3. The main thrust of my experimental work is currently 
in the area of amplifying the Coil / ORAC Effect to higher, 
more useful levels. Sadly, I have had no real success so far. 
More reports will eventually be generated regarding these 

4. There is no doubt, at least to this experimenter, that the 
Coil / ORAC Effect is the Orgone Kfotor Effect of Wilhelm 
Reich. However, without a means of amplification, which 
would functionally correspond to Reich’s “Y” factor, the 
effect remains a subtle, mar ginally measurable entity. 

* Currently no further experimentation is being carried on Ibis in¬ 
formation is being released for other experimenters to work with. 

Figure A 

1. Wind approx. 50 turns of #30 magnet wire around a cardboard tube wrapped with 
wax paper. 

2. Coat coil with white glue and let dry. 

3. When dry, slip out cardboard tube, then peel away wax paper leaving a rigid air 
core coil. 

4. Glue coil upright to a wooden base. A cork with a needle through it is glued 
inside coil. A magnetized steel pointer Is fashioned and then balanced on top 
of the needle point 

5. The pointer, acting as a compass will align itself N and S. Position the base 
of the unit so that the windings of the coll are parallel to the pointer. The leads 
of the coil are then connected to the experimental coll/ORAC assembly. Any 
current reaching the “meter" coil should result In a deviation or deflection from 
N-S alignment 

For more information on orgone energy and orgone accumulators contact: 

James DeMeo 
Natural Energy Works 
P.O.Box 864 
El Cerrito, CA 94530 

Natural Energy publishes The Orgone Accumulator Hand¬ 
book by James DeMeo, an excellent experimental guide to 
the subject Many related titles. 

Hie Wilhelm Reich Museum 
PO Box 687 
Rangley, ME 04970 

Source of Dr. Reich’s works on the discovery of orgone 
energy. They sell plans for a basic accumulator, as well as 
reprints of many of Reich’s experimental papers and jour¬ 

Page 8, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 


by Albert Zock 

The biological submarine once had the attention of the 
German War Lords, but Viktor Schauberger made it look as 
though it were not very useful, as in his opinion, bio-technol¬ 
ogy is for supporting progress and not for destruction. This 
submarine idea was taken from the observation of fish, espe¬ 
cially of trout, which can stand motionless in a flowing 
stream, just by taking water in and out This process has two 
functions, first it creates a vacuum in front of the mouth into 
which the fish gets sucked, and at the same time provides 
food, as the water contains all that the fish needs. While the 
food goes into the digestive system, the water is forced 
through the fan-like structure of the gills , which not only 
absorb the oxygen needed, but also push the water backwards. 
This specially compressed water does not mingle right away 
with the rest, it glides along the conical body like a wedge and 
shoves it forward. In addition, on the scales it forms little 
whirls which enhance the push further. 

However, Viktor Schauberger was not the sole observer 
of this phenomenon. Before him others not only formed the 
same idea but even constructed prototypes with some results. 
One inventor, A. Bonier, came to the conclusion that the 
speedy motion of a fish is relative to the size of its gills. He 
constructed a boat with a precise opening in its bow, where a 
turbine sucked in water like a fish, and pushed it out through 
slit-like exit ports in such a way that it glided along the hull 
like a sheet, not only separating it from the friction of the 

outside water, but also giving it an additional push forward. 
Further, he applied such skin depressions like sharks have on 
his ship’s hull, presuming that they cause small swirls, and so 
increased the forward motion. Bomer even incorporated the 
slippery skin layer that fishes have by applying oil to the hull 
to reduce friction. He hoped all this would bring a60-80% re¬ 
duction in fuel. Indeed, experiments with his boat FORELLE, 
me anin g ‘trout’, achieved twice the speed, while still using the 
same amount of fuel. 

Apparently, Bomer did not know the spiral-vortex, which 
is an invention of Viktor Schauberger. If properly applied, it 
will not only increase speed, but also reduce fuel consump¬ 
tion to a minimum I 

This drawing by DipL Ing. Water Schauberger, Viktor’s 
son, shows such a submarine. His bio-technical submarine 
has a movable bow, which gives the boat the flexibility fish 
have. The conical and rifled water-intake permits a variable 
step-up, creating a strong torque on the water, which, after 
entering the implosion turbine, will be intensified to such a 
pitch, that now its recoil (resonance) is driving it instead of 
the motor, as bio-technical applications always have a pull 
and push action. Such a turbine consist of tapered-down 
pipes with inside rifling which are bent into spirals. Such 
FREE ENERGY is not a question of time, rather the will to 
use it, as it already exists, giving us a chance to move on water, 
under it and in the air using only a fraction of the energy we 
use today! 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 9 


Rhetta Jacobson Baumgartner 

The workable Cosmogany of Dr. Walter Russell presents 
us with the “continuous atom”. Recalling his important 
contributions to Science, among which are the completion of 
the hydrogen octave (he explained that there are twenty-one 
other elements which precede it and that hydrogen itself is 
not a single element but a whole complex octave); and his 
discovery of the existence of the two atomic elements which 
he gave to the scientific world in his revised Periodic Tables 
of the Elements in 1926, we will give serious attention to 
Russell’s explanation of Transmutation of the Elements. 

To consider these explanations one must discard his 
concept of matter as being substance. This Universe is 
substanceless. It consists of motion only, polarized light in 
motion expressed as waves! 

Moving waves simulated substance. Fast moving short 
waves simulate solids, while slow moving, long waves simu¬ 
late the gases of space which surround solids. Here is an 
example of how motion can appear as a solid: If something as 
rarified as a cobweb could spin fast enough it would simulate 
a solid steel disc—and it could cut your finger off just like a 
solid disc. It would not be the “substance” of the cobweb 
which cuts, it would be the motion which cuts. 

Russell’s Cosmogany of light, matter and energy tells us 
that there are not separate substances or elements of matter, 
but that these seemingly different “substances” are merely 
different states of motion or wave vibrations. The different 
states and characteristics of the various elements appear 
because of the position that substance finds itself in along the 
wave, thus giving that substance its pressure, density, poten¬ 
tial, predominant charge, etc. 

To demonstrate the simplicity of his theories Dr. Russell 
worked in the Westinghouse laboratory in 1927 and per¬ 
formed Transmutation of the Elements, chan gin g water into 
various quantities of not only hydrogen, oxygen, but nitrogen, 
helium and other inert gases! 

Russell told us the result of force and motion is an orderly 
and symmetrical Universe in which every effect is balanced by 
a perfect mec hanis tic plan in which there is no waste and no 
loss, and that all things are growing things. Further still, this 
Universe of motion must be a continuing one, and every 
manifestation of its force must be continuous. All mass 
breathes. It inhales and exhales in unison with the frequen¬ 
cies of its potential position in the dimensional Universe of 
the motion of force. 

The Universe has not been created, it is CREATING by 
a thinking Force, which destroys that which it is creating in a 
manner which keeps a perfect balance between composing 
and decomposing form. 

Newly bom form or mass is given a preponderance of life 
during a generative period, which is maximum at maturity, 
while death is given its preponderance in degenerating things. 

Death does not mean discontinuance, for no idea discon¬ 
tinues. Death means disappearance; just an interval between 
that and reappearance. This is a repetitive universe of 
continuing things. There is always a gap in every cycle of 
motion, when expanding things get beyond our physical 
range of perception; but they come back again within it 

“The Universal One”, by Walter Russell, shows a two- 
way plan of the One Force where the only thing created is 
form, and the only form created is the sphere. The sphere is 
the ultimate result of all action. Wi thin the sphere all other 
forms are included. It also traced the fact that form is an 
illusion of motion which changed continually in that orderli¬ 
ness which we call growth and evolution. 

Growing things appear from invisibility, grow to a maxi¬ 
mum of perfection in maturity, and disappear into invisibil¬ 
ity. Russell goes through the entire process step by step and 
discloses the forces and illusions of Nature and Science along 
the way. 

Every effect of motion appears in every high potential 
and disappears in every low potential in this Universe. Invisi¬ 
bility does not mean discontinuance. It means only that 
temporary disappearance which follows every appearance 
and which is, in turn, followed by reappearance. 

If we question our thinking process, we will find that 
ideas generate in the same manner, grow to a maximum and 
then degenerate because of fatigue into disappearance. If we 
fit the mechanics of life and death to this process, it will be 
found to correspond exactly. 

The conclusion drawn is that all forms are the ideas 
thought out by the Creative Force and that force and motion 
are tools used in fashioning its ideas as a sculptor’s tools 
mould the sculptor’s idea. 


Let’s build up this orderly, mechanistic process from a be¬ 
ginning and superimpose one idea upon another in progres¬ 
sive steps until the picture is completed. 

An action takes place which has for its desire the gather¬ 
ing of the outer void to one point by a pulling inward pumping 
oscillation. Non-dimension now becomes dimensional, because 
direction has been created, the inward direction toward 

This action causes another effect to take place simultane¬ 
ously. The inward pull is resisted by a reaction of thrusting 
outward that which was gathered in. 

The One Force can not create form by pumping the entire 
homogeneity of its equilibrium into an unstable or unbal¬ 
anced single solid form, because the desire to do that sets up 
a resistant desire to oppose the doing of that thing. 

We now have three things to consider; first, the pulling 

Page 10, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

inward, charging force which approaches itself only because 
it focuses on a point; second, the thrusting outward discharg¬ 
ing force which departs from not only the other force, but 
from itself, because it spread itself out into a larger area; and 
third, a quality of resistance which belongs equally to both 

Now we come to the third step. After finding that 100% 
of the One Force is divided into 50% each of an action and 
reaction force, the action force, which we will call the electro- 
generative force, in the fact that its 50% pulls half of the 
energy of the whole tenuous volumes occupying thousands of 
milli ons of cubic miles into small, dense volumes so infini¬ 
tesimal in comparison with the whole that each one might be 
compared to a single speck of dust in the center of an armory. 

This is just what the generative force desires to do and a 
thorough comprehension of this most important step in the 
scheme of creation is absolutely necessary in order to under¬ 
stand the advantage that the generative force, centripetal 
motion and Implosion, has over the degenerative, in the 
struggle for supremacy. 

Consider it for a moment One half of a total quantum of 
energy accumulated at the exact center of a volume so vast 
that its particles are hundred of millions of times closer 
together than the particles of the other hall 

What is the result? “Solids” of high potential and high in¬ 
ductivity become insulated from each other throughout the 
Universe by low potential fields of low conductivity. Out of 
“space” the generative force has pulled whirling vortices into 
gravitation centers, to accumulate energy into high pressure 
centers which we call solids. . 

Back again into space-the degenerative force pushes this 
accumulated energy by that process which we know as radia¬ 

What an inconceivably great advantage the generative 
force has over its equally strong opponent can be best realized 
by comparing the energy locked up in a ton of coal with an 
equal amount of energy in fully expanded water vapor miles 
above the earth. It is the advantage of concentration over de- 

It is as though one half of New York City’s population 
were spread out over the continent, each one ten miles from 
his nearest neighbor, and put into business competition with 
the other millions who are all concentrated in a space more 
conducive to working together. 

We are now ready to consider the next step, a vastly 
important step which we will designate as “relative Prepon¬ 
derance”. The idea of preponderance of opposite effects 
present in every mass has been stoutly denied. In mass 
electric practice a mass is considered either positively or 
negatively “charged”. Such a possibility as both charges 
being present in every mass is not considered in modem 

We should not only see how absolutely necessary it is to 
a continuing Universe but how evident it is in Nature which 
plainly tells us that the Universe is not running down to zero, 
but is winding up as fast as it is r unnin g down. 

Radio-activity and genero-activity are each exactly fifty 
percent of the whole. Remember the fact of relative volume 
and realize that the two equal forces are divided, one into a 
very large volume of the same amount of energy spread out 
into what we call low potential, the other equal half packed 
closely into a small volume of high potential. 


Now, we will add one more two-way idea to the plan which 
we will call expansion pressure (which is the negative direc¬ 
tion toward low potential), and contraction suction (which is 
the positive direction toward high potential). Let’s connect 
the maximum low and maximum high positions of these two 
opposite “pressures” with pistons to get the driving force of 
the Universal Machine. 

The Machine itself is made up of two sets of pairs of 
wheels, all geared together, each pair cross-geared so that 
each set is turning in opposite directions, and graded in sizes 
from large slowly turning ones, to small ones which turn 
186,000times per second. These sets are so arranged that the 
smallest is next to the biggest in each set at one end of the 
piston; while at the other end, which is the middle of the cycle, 
both sets of wheels are exactly the same size. 

To understand why the little wheels are next to the big 
wheels in each case, it is necessary to understand that the One 
Force discovered that it could not send each entire half of its 
energy in opposite directions around the cycle, so each had to 
lose a little to the other in a series of progressive preponder¬ 
ances and take them around the cycle with them in pairs of 
effects instead of as single effects. 

Here we will briefly interpolate another idea, the idea of 
time, and the balance of time in its two directions. Positive 
time, which is generative, in proceeding in the inductive 
direction, must accelerate in order that small volume may 
sweep over areas equal to areas swept over by large volume. 
In the opposite direction, negative time, which is de-genera- 
tive, must decelerate to keep a balance of all dimensions. 

That is why all opposites must be in pairs and why all but 
the two sets of pairs half way round the cycle have different 
sized wheels. Consider the time element in rotation and 
revolution, for example. They are one set of pairs. 

Mercury must revolve very fast to sweep out areas equal 
to Jupiter’s, in proportion to their relative potentials, and 
Jupiter must travel very slowly in order to keep from getting 
ahead. On the other hand, Jupiter must rotate extremely fast 
to balance Mercury’s slow rotation. 

We are ready for the next step, which should be antici¬ 
pated. The electro-gravitative force does not keep on attract¬ 
ing new energy into its vortex forever; for the energy in its 
respective volume of influence would be used up. To restore 
the supply, the radiated energy, which was exhaled from the 
generated solid into the vast field surrounding it, bends 
around gradually to an equilibrium position where both 
opposing forces are even enough to neutralize each other. At 
this low potential position the radiated energy stops expand¬ 
ing, and contracts as it bends in a slow gradual spiral curve 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 11 

within the intake of the generating vortex. 

Now, we are at the fifth step of this progression with a re¬ 
alization that a repetitive cycle of a series of two opposing 
dimensions has been perfected as a mechanistic means of 
bringing form of varying densities into the Universe. 

We now have positive spiral suction curves, which we call 
“centripetal force”, and negative spiral pressure curves which 
we call “centrifugal force”. All energy must travel along 
those two curves no matter whether that energy is an invisible 
flux or a visible solid. 

Because of the spiral concept in a curved Universe one 
must conceive of spiral gears and many eccentricities added 
to the Universal Machine. This 
concept is necessary in order 
to understand the orderly 
progression of an effect which 
is known as crystallization. To 
put it briefly Nature is aiming 
at the true sphere in all her 
gyroscopic turnings. She fin¬ 
ishes her sphere only in one 
part of the Universal Machine, 
which is half way around the 
cycle where the wheels are the 
same size. In the wave, this 
position is at trough and crest 

At this position an element 
called carbon aystaOizes in true 
cube. It is the only element 
which does crystallize in abso¬ 
lutely symmetrical true cube, 
because it is the pivotal point of nine efforts of Nature to get 
her two halves equally divided to equal opposites. 


The waves on Russell’s Periodic Chart are what are 
known as the octaves of the elements. The octaves are spiral 
waves along which the elements are strung like discs on a 

As a matter of fact, the elements are the wheels of the 
Universal Machine and the reason for the variance in form, 
eccentricities, gearing and crystallization is because they all 
are parts of a sphere within which all separate parts fit 

In carbon the nucleus of the atom is a true sphere, but in 
no other atom is there a true sphere. All other atoms only 
approximate the sphere and then only in passing the ampli¬ 
tude positions of their waves, where both sets of wheels of the 
machine are the same size. 

The nine octaves constitute a complete cycle of all effects 
of motion, ofwhich the first half overlaps the last half of the 
last octave. This makes carbon the pivotal point of the cycle. 

Radio-active emanations of the elements at the end of the 
cycle have the speed of light in their return to space. Genero- 
active corpuscles have exactly the same speed as they begin 
their journey from the unseen universe into the visible range. 

Of the waves, only part are within the visible or perceptible 

The rest are beyond perception as elements, but their 
existence is clearly indicated in the spectra of all other ele¬ 


Russell pointed out the fact that spectrum lines were 
letters and words of a Universal Language of light which 
plainly recorded all effects of motion, and asked Science to 
read each spectrum as cumulative history and not as an 
individual record of each element / * 

He stated that light was 
Nature’s means of communi¬ 
cation between the spiral con¬ 
trols of communication be¬ 
tween the spatial controls of 
her invisible universe and the 
poles of her universe of form. 

The language of light is as 
legible and as orderly as our 
written and spoken language. 
Its pressure symbols have as 
definite a meaning as our al¬ 
phabetical symbols, or as the 
dots and dashes of our tele¬ 
graphic code. They all have 
their relations in the spectrum 
cycle of varying pressures. 

Much of this language has 
been available to Science for 
many years, through spectroscopic pressure lines, but Sci¬ 
ence has translated each set of pressure lines as belonging to 
one unit or one element Science has not realized that each 
element contains within it all of the other elements, just as 
this planet, which is an “electron” of an element, contains all 
oftheother elements within it,beingjust preponderantly one 

Russell also stated that all of the elements of the entire 
cycle are within each other and that by making allowance for 
the changing pressures of each succeeding octave, the history 
of the past could be clearly deciphered. This idea of the 
existence of “patterns” of all evolving things recorded in wave 
dimensions and locked up in the inert gases until the time of 
their regeneration was ridiculed by the Scientific world, 
which was not then ready to consider a continuing universe of 
motion, even though Russell pointed out very clearly the his¬ 
tory of the evolution of iron from its beginning in the unseen 
universe up to its present position in its cycle in its spectrum 


When Science is fully willing to accept the continuity of 
all effects of motions the roads within the unseen universe 
will be as clearly posted as the Lincoln Highway. 

Russell also pointed out the fact that hydrogen, carbon, 


Page 12, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

silicon and the other overtone elements bom on the ampli¬ 
tude positions of their waves, were not single elements, but 
were complex ones. Each one of these contains seven full 
tones within it. In the case of carbon and silicon many split 
“tones” of new metals of great value to industry can be 
secured by understanding Nature’s simple principles. 

Carbon metal, for example, will have a tensile strength of 
over three hundred thousand pounds. Silicon steel will 
become an ideal structural steel of more than double the 
present tensile strength, and very much cheaper because of 
the unlimi ted supply of sand as compared to iron ore. 

By understanding Nature’s method of acquiring density, 
industry can at least double the density of any metal Nature 
knows how to compact her 
atoms so that a cubic inch weighs 
a ton. Man has all the electric 
power at his disposal that 
Nature has but he has not yet 
observed how Nature contracts 
her atoms. He has not even 
believed that Nature is gen- 
ero-active; so he has been 
content with expanding her 
atoms, then letting them freeze 
as they will instead of as he 

When he is willing to ac¬ 
cept the idea of the Universe 
as a complexity of solenoid coils 
of varying dimensions which 
exert their influence two wavs 
simultaneously, and that every 
radio-active effect of expan¬ 
sion is simultaneously accom¬ 
panied by a genero-active ef¬ 
fect of contraction, he will then 
command Nature to give him 
greater density in the materi¬ 
als furnished him by her, for 
his use, instead of passively 
taking them as created and 
unalterable finalities. 

We are close to the day 
when industry will have this 
knowledge of now unbeliev¬ 
able densities and the advan¬ 
tage of transmutation of one 
substance into another. 

Both of these effects of 
motion are attainable only 
through knowledge of the wave 
and of the laws of polariza¬ 
tion. Before that day comes, 
however, science must com¬ 
prehend the great simplicity 
of Nature’s plan and eliminate 

the inconsistent and unworkable complexities of their many 
theories which have no precedents in Nature. 

Nature’s entire simple plan is written in each and every 
individual wave! To know the mechanics of the wave is to 
know the entire secret of Nature! 

For further information on transmutation applied to the 
production of Hydrogen, subscribe to “CAUSES” Newslet¬ 
ter, 1990 Issues from Energy Unlimited; P.O. Box 493; 
Magdalena, N.M. 87825. 

The books of Dr. Walter Russell are available from “Hie 
University of Science and Philosophy”; P £>. Box 520; Way¬ 
nesboro, VA 22980. 

The Russell Periodic Chart of the Elements 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 13 


by Vincent H. Gaddis 

Did Dr. Stephen H. Emmens find the key to the dreams 
of the medieval alchemists, or was he a clever imposter? The 
question re mains unanswered. But there is no doubt that he 
did produce gold from some source which he sold to the 
United States Mint Moreover, another scientist, by follow¬ 
ing his instructions, attained partial success. Dr. Emmens, 
however, like the fabulous sorcerers of legend, carried to the 
grave his fun dame ntal secrets. 

If Dr. Emmens was truly a modem Rosicrucian, the re¬ 
discovery of his methods may threaten the gold standards of 
world markets. On the other hand, if he was a fraud, his 
scheme of disposing of gold was probably the most ingenious 
ever devised. The facts in the story, however, indicate that 
Emmens did find a way for artificially increasing the gold 
content of coined silver. 

First, Emmens was a scientist whose discoveries cannot 
be lightly dismissed. His name rankshighinthedevelopment 
of explosives; and he invented “Emmensite,” a high-explo¬ 
sive officially accepted by the U.S. government. He was a 
member of the U.S. Board of Ordnance, the American Chemi¬ 
cal Society, the American Institute of Mining Engineers, the 
U.S. Naval Institute, and the U.S. Military Service Institute. 
His reputation as a chemist was international in thescientific 
world. He was the author of a number of books on a wide 
variety of topics. 

Second, when the famous English physicist, Sir William 
Crookes, duplicated the Emmens experiment, he succeeded 
in gaining a gold content in silver amounting to almost 27 

Dr. Emmens, a large, well-built man with a walrus mus¬ 
tache, started his experiments about the year 1895. While 
making some geological studies, he noticed a curious fact - 
that gold is found in greenstone that has made its way from 
the interior of the earth under conditions permitting very 
slow cooling. He also observed that gold is not found in 
ordinary lava flows where the heat has been quickly dissi¬ 
pated. Since lava and greenstone are composed of s imilar 
elements, he decided that “a non-auriferous limestone, sub¬ 
jected to the same natural laboratory treatment as an aurifer¬ 
ous greenstone, is capable of producing gold by the transmu¬ 
tation of some of its own constituent particles.” 

Likewise, Dr. Emm ens believed that a relationship ex¬ 
isted between gold and silver, since both were geologically 
associated with each other. He suggested that in the course 
of natural che mical evolution silver becomes transmuted 
into gold, or gold into silver, “or that some third substance 
exists which changes parity into gold and partly into silver.” 
This third imm ediate substance he called “argentaurum.” 

Experiments were started in his New York laboratory. 
Several years later Dr. Emm ens claimed to have produced 

argentaurum by a method which he kept secret, although he 
revealed the general principles involved in the process. He 
used as his material Mexican silver dollars, certified by the 
U.S. Mint as containing less than one pari in ten thousand of 

First, there was a mechanical treatment The silver was 
subjected to continuous hammering at very low temperatures 
in a special cylinder. He called the apparatus a “force- 
engine,” and it seems to have a combination riveter and hy¬ 
draulic press. A special arrangement rapidly carried away the 
heat generated by the hammering. 

Next, there was a process offluxing and granulation. This 
action, Dr. Emm ens wrote, rendered the “molecular aggre¬ 
gates susceptible of displacement and rearrangement.” The 
mechanical treatment was again applied to the silver, fol¬ 
lowed by a chemical process in which modified nitric acid was 
used. The final step was refining. It was necessary that the 
silver containatleast a trace of gold, and the Emmens process 
served to increase this gold content. 

In 1897 Dr. Emmens started selling his gold to the U.S. 
Mint. Official figures for the amounts of “argentaurum gold” 
purchased by the assay office in 1897 reveal a fineness of gold 
ranging from .305 to .751. A year later the content varied 
from .313 to .997 - the latter being almost pure gold. It is 
obvious that the results of the process were not consistent 
The ingots contained an alloy of silver and gold, with occa¬ 
sional traces of other metals. 

Public knowledge of this modern alchemy did not come 
until early in 1899 when the New York Herald printed a 
feature article on the Emmens discovery. A storm of discus¬ 
sion and controversy immediately followed. James Gordon 
Bennett, the publisher, issued a challenge to Emm ens to 
present a demonstration of his process before a co mmi ttee of 

The inventor immediately accepted. However, the fa¬ 
mous publisher found it impossible to form a co mmi ttee. He 
invited a number of scientific experts, including Nikola Tesla, 
to witness a demonstration, but they all refused. Again, it was 
found that the cost of the demonstration would be no small 
matter. The expense of equipping a new laboratory was 
estimated at $10,000. On the other hand, if the experiment 
was made in the inventor’s own laboratory, the cost would be 
even greater. Emmens pointed out that the fraud-suspecting 
committee would demand that one floor be tom up and all his 
other equipment dismantled. 

As a result the New York Herald withdrew its challenge, 
claiming that the conditions for a demonstration could not be 
arranged. Meanwhile, Emmens quietly continued hiswork of 
apparently manufacturing gold and selling it to the Mint 
During one nine-months period his sales of gold to the 

Page 14, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

government amounted to $8,000. 

Rumors of Dr. Emmens alchemy had circulated through¬ 
out the scientific world before it reached the public. In May, 
1897, Sir William Crookes wrote to Emmens from England 
inquiring about his experiments, and their correspondence 
continued for about a year. Almost from the beginning, 
however, the personalities of the two men came into conflict, 
and their relationship ended in bitterness and controversy. 

Sir William was a scientist - placing the acquisition of 
knowledge above all other considerations. But Dr. Emm ens 
was first an inventor, and he demanded that his work bring a 
financial return. In one letter he wrote: “The gold-producing 
work in our Argentaurum laboratory is a case of pure Mam¬ 
mon-seeking. It is not being carried on for the sake of science 
or in a proselytizing spirit No disciples are desired, and no 
believers are asked for.” 

Sir William questioned the theory of argentaurum as an 
imm ediate substance between silver and gold. In reply, Dr. 
Emmens outlined his general method, but he never revealed 
all the details of his process. 

He told the English scientist to take a Mexican dollar, and 
“dispose it in an apparatus which will prevent expansion or 
flow. Then subject it to heavy, rapid, and continuous beatings 
under conditions of cold such as to prevent even a temporary 
rise of temperature when the blows are struck Test the 
material from hour to hour, and at length you will find more 
than the trace (less than one part in ten thousand) of gold 
which the dollar originally contained.” 

In duplicating the experiment. Sir William used a steel 
mortar with a close-fitting piston. The piston had a weight of 
twenty-eight pounds, and was raised and dropped a foot sixty 
times a minute by means of a cam on a rotating shaft The 
mortar was enclosed in a coil of pipes containing liquid 
carbonic acid, and imm ersed in solid ice. The hammering 
process covered a period of forty hours. As a result the gold 
content of the silver was raised from .062 to .075 — a differ¬ 
ence of 20.9 per cent. It should be pointed out that no 
chemical processing followed the mechanical treatment 

Dr. Emmens considered this experiment a valuable inde¬ 
pendent testimony on the truth of his theory. Without asking 
Crookes’ permissions, he published an account of the results, 
and the English physicist never forgave him for taking this 
liberty. Sir William complained bitterly that Emmens had 
betrayed a confidence, and had placed an importance on the 
experiment that it did not deserve. 

Later Crookes made a second experiment that resulted in 
total failure. In this attempt, however, the physicist used 
chemically-pure silver. Emmens had previously stated that 
the silver must contain at least a trace of gold in its composi¬ 
tion for the “force-engine” to produce more gold. But Sir 
W illiam had either forgotten this statement or regarded it as 

In March, 1898, E mm ens wrote the following paragraph 
in a letter to Crookes: “You have made two experiments. In 
one you employed metal from a normal Mexican dollar and 
obtained an increase of nearly 21 per cent in the contained 

gold. In the other you employed abnormal Mexican dollars, 
and obtained no gold. It seems to me that your duty is to 
dispassionately announce both experiments.” 

But the English scientist apparently had no desire to have 
his name linked with modern alchemy. Moreover, Sir Wil¬ 
liam made a second unfortunate mistake . He asked Emme ns 
to send him “a small piece of the gold you have made.” 
Emmens sent him a sample of the product he was selling to 
the U.S. Mint, which, naturally did not contain “argentau¬ 
rum,” a substance which E mm ens considered a temporary 
one in his process. 

However, Crookes called the samplej'a specimen of 
argentaurum,” and published a detailed analysis of its com¬ 
position in a British scientific periodical He pointed out that 
it contained only well-known elements, and that the spectro¬ 
graph revealed “no lines belonging to any other known ele¬ 
ment, and no unkn own lines were detected.” 

By this time the correspondence between the two men 
had been strained to the breaking point Sir William had 
spent a lot of money on his experiments, and the refusal of 
Emmens to go into exact details regarding his process was an 
added source of irritation. He, likewise, felt that Emmens 
had violated his confidence by publishing parts of his private 

The inventor, on the other hand, was annoyed by the 
Englishman’s suspicions, and his refusal to continue or pubhdy 
report his experiments. In May, 1898, he wrote his final letter 
to Crookes: “Really, don’t you think it poor sport to ride the 
horse of grievance? You and I are growing old, and we may 
surely turn our time to better account than in exchan ging 
complaint and repartee over such a trifling matter as to 
whether an experiment with a bit of metal should or should 
not be treated as a weighty secret?” 

The English scientist never replied. 

A year later Emmens published a book entitled Areen- 
taurana, or Some Contributions to the History of Science. It 
contained a general outline of his methods, together with his 
correspondence on the subject with Sir William Crookes. 
Shortly later he exhibited his process at the Greater Britain 

Did Dr. Emm ens actually created artificial gold which he 
sold to the U.S. Mint? In one assay report of “argentaurum 
gold” made by the government, it was stated that the ingots 
contained impurities of a kind “constantly present in old jew¬ 
elry.” In referring to this report some sixty years ago, the 
British writer Lieut-Commander Rupert T. Gould, R.N., 
stated that this “was as neat a way of calling Emm ens a ‘fence’ 
as could be imagined.” On the other hand, the same impuri¬ 
ties - traces of copper, platinum, lead, zinc and iron - are to 
be found in coined Mexican dollars. 

Dr. Stephen H. Emmens died shortly after the turn of the 
century, and his secret died with him. No evidence of fraud 
has ever been found to discredit America’s only alchemist 
And the whereabouts of his mysterious but very real argen¬ 
taurum gold, once stored beneath Fort Knox in coins and in 
bars, today remains unknown. 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 15 



Alison Davidson 

"The world, of nature consists of many forms which are reflected in a single mirror - 
nay, rather, it is a single form reflected in many mirrors. ” 

Muhyi ‘d-Din ibn ‘ Arabi 

There are those who believe that millions, or billions, of 
years ago when the earth was new and young, all of the metals 
were liquid and flowed in veins through the body of earth. 
Over inconceivably vast aeons of time, as the planet aged, a 
process of hardening and solidification took place which 
transformed the substance of the earth. The metals became 
rigid and solid, they no longer flowed with liquid life. All, that 
is, except one - Quicksilver, which evaded the hardening 
process, and was called Mercury after the swift-footed mes¬ 
senger of the gods who remained eternally young. 

Mercury is one of the strangest substances on earth, and 
holds a special place among the ranks of the metals. Al¬ 
though twice as dense as iron, 14 times heavier than water, 
and with one of the highest atomicweights, it remains a liquid 
under normal temperatures. 

Like the noble metal silver, it gleams when it flows in a 
metallic stream; it is the water ofthe metallic world, moisten¬ 
ing and dissolving metals the way water dissolves salts. On 
account of these properties it gained its chemical name 
hydragyrum (Hg) from the Graeco-Latin words for water and 

I remember being fascinated by this metal back at high 
school. We used to ‘borrow’ it from thermometers in the 
laboratory and play with it for entertainment during boring 
science classes (that was before learning of its toxic proper¬ 
ties!) If you’ve ever handled mercury you will remember its 
mysterious fluid weight and great power of cohesion. If the 
liquid mass is dropped it instantly shatters into countless 
droplets, each forming a perfect sphere. But just as rapidly 
these drops join and are absorbed back into the whole again, 
leaving no trace on the surface where it was dropped. Quick¬ 
silver is an apt name to describe the mobility of this Mercurius 
Vivus of the ancients. 


Mercury could be called a European metal as the richest 
deposits are found in Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia and Russia - 
although smaller deposits have been heavily worked in the 
states of Nevada, California and Texas. Native Americans 
once used the ore as a pigment, and it also formed the basis 
of vermillion dye. 

The mines in Almaden, Spain, go back to ancient times 
and once supplied the world’s demand for this metal With 
the discovery of Mercury’s ability to dissolve gold and silver, 
the ancients learned howto leach these precious metals from 

the ore, the Moors being attributed#dth discovering mercury 
amalgams. From Alma den the Romans sent great quantities 
of mercury ore (cinnabar) to Rome to extract the metal; from 
Almaden the Spaniards transported hundreds of tons of 
mercury a year in their sailing ships to the great silver mines 
of South America. When the richest silver deposits were 
exhausted they used the mercury to exploit the poorer ores, 
and no doubt file miners, many of whom must have became ill 
with mercury poisoning. For a long time mercury was trans¬ 
ported in sheepskin bags. 

In nature mercury is found in its familiar liquid metallic 
state, as tiny globules and larger droplets secreted within the 
matrix rock, or it often occurs in these deposits in its single 
ore form of cinnabar, or Mercury sulphide, which the an¬ 
cients ground with vinegar to extract the metal 

This beautiful deep red ore, sometimes known as ‘quick¬ 
silver blende’ transforms mercury’s heaviness and density 
into surprisingly light semi-precious crystals. The presence 
of sulphur reveals a hidden brilliance of colour in mercury 
that leaves little trace of its metallic nature. This relationship 
between sulphur and mercury was regarded as one of nature’s 
special processes by early metal workers and alchemists. 


As ‘metallic water 1 mercury dissolves the soft metals, first 
by moistening them, then absorbing them to form amalgams. 
Gold, silver, tin, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium and alkaline 
metals all succumb to the power of mercury. 

However iron, and the iron related family of metals such 
as nickel and cobalt resist this dissolving power (so does 
al uminum ), and mercury can be stored in iron as well as glass 
containers. In many respects iron and mercury are com¬ 
pletely opposite metals, especially when mercury’s extreme 
mobility is contrasted with iron’s intense consolidating power. 

Mercury’s mobility is evident throughout all its changing 
forms. Like water it is easily transformed from liquid into gas, 
or into a frozen solid state. It can lose its form in solution or 
acquire a new crystalline form, or changing its state, it be¬ 
comes a new substance filled with colour. Because of this 
tremendous capacity for transformation, mercury symbol¬ 
ized more clearly than any other substance the one materia 
prima of the alchemists - the primal cosmic substance which 
is capable of taking on all possible forms and states. 

Mercury is the most volatile of the metals, boiling and 
vaporizing into gas at only359° C, and freezing at only -39° C, 

Page 16, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

after which it solidifies to form a silvery-white, very malleable 
and ductile mass, soft and easily cut 

While a poor conductor of electricity and heat in its liquid 
state - “It is only externally lively, not having yet achieved the 
inner mobility of conductivity” 1 • when frozen into a solid, 
mercury becomes a good conductor and takes its place in the 
table of metals between gold and copper. 

Although a poor conductor, liquid mercury is extremely 
sensitive to heat, contracting and expanding exactly with the 
rise and fall of the outside temperature, giving us its most 
familiar use in thermometers. It is also used in barometers, 
vacuum pumps and electric switches. 

As a liquid metal mercury has a special affinity with the 
forces involved in chemical reactions, those forces which 
“appear and work primarily in the liquid realm.” It is an 
important catalyst, beginning and speeding up certain chemi¬ 
cal combinations and is described as “uniting and harmoniz¬ 
ing the chemical polarities.” 2 

On every level it is Mercury’s nature to associate, to bring 
together othermetals and chemicals, eager to form alloys and 
amalgams. We are all familiar with amalgam dental fillings 
(containing over 50% mercury!) used in allopathic dentistry 
since the 1800’s. Only now is the dangerous toxicity of these 
mercury amalgams coming into public awareness. Hopefully 
we will soon follow the lead of the more enlightened Swedish 
authorities who will ban the use of all mercury in amalgam 
fillings by 1991. 3 

This power to combine diverse substances has also led to 
the use of Mercury in explosives, where it holds a tense 
balance between highly explosive elements. An example is 
mercury combined with nitric acid and alcohol to form mer¬ 
curic fulminate, a highly unstable explosive and an essential 
element in detonating dynamite. The brilliant explosives 
expert Jack Parsons, a member of our early space program 
and also a well known occultist, was killed by an explosion of 
mercury f ulmina te. (Curiously, Mercury is said to rule over 
both travel and magical operations). 

Just as easily as mercury combines with other elements, 
so is it freed from these combinations. It dissolves and 
amalgamates, catalyses and separates with equal ease. It is 
the “solve et coagula”, the basis and key symbol of the 
alchemical work. 

The chemical activity of mercury is not limited to its 
liquid state, even the light of a mercury arc lamp has a strong 
chemical effect, radiating its metallic properties in vapor- 
light form. Wilhelm Pelikan mentions that ergosterol when 
irradiated with this light, can be transformed into a substance 
resembling Vit amin D. Whereas the ore of mercury is a deep 
warm red, mercury vapor gives off a cold, intense green-blue 
light giving the flesh a corpse-like pallor. This light, high in 
violet and ultra-violet rays, is re minis cent of the light in high 
mountains and is used in artificial ‘alpine sun’ lamps. 

Returning for a moment to the contrasting properties of 
iron and mercury, we find that while iron oxidizes easily and 
rusts in contact with air, mercury remains unaffected. But a 
relationship between mercury and oxygen is formed when the 

metal is heated almost to boiling point, where it sucks in the 
oxygen to form a yellowish-red oxide. On further heating 
mercury expels this oxygen and is said to breathe “like a small 
metallic lung.” It was this curious breathing action which led 
to the discovery of oxygen. The oxides form two series of salts, 
the univalent mercurous salts (HgjO) and the bivalent mer¬ 
curic oxide (HgO). 

“The essential nature of Mercury is to unite. ” 

We can live only because our bodies are able to take in 
external substances and change or transmute them into 
nourishment. It is the mercury force which make s this 
amalgamation of the external and internal possible, and this 
is most obvious in the breathing and digestive processes. 

All living breathing beings share the same outer atmos¬ 
phere, the same air space, which is brought into each individ¬ 
ual through the lungs where oxygen is absorbed into the 
blood to become a part of the living organism. Rudolf 
Hauschka writes: “Even the build of the lungs is mercurial. 
They are like little trees made of tiny hollow drops. Innumer¬ 
able spherical spaces thus form a common breathing sur¬ 

This union of the outer with the inner to nourish and 
regenerate the body is also evident in the digestive system 
where food is taken in from the outside to be dissolved by the 
digestive secretions and absorbed through the intestinal walls 
into the streams of lymph and blood. 

Following this process deeper into the metabolic system 
we find the forces of mercury ruling even over the cellular life, 
keeping a state of order and balance between the organism as 
whole and its individual cells. When this equilibrium is 
disturbed the cellular order breaks down and individual cells 
assume an anarchistic life of their own, proliferating out of 
control and in extreme cases destroying the system itself. 

Here the value of mercury as a medicinal remedy excels, 
working to stop the independent action of cells which have 
detached themselves, rounding up the separatist ’guerrilla 
units’ and reabsorbing them into the body as a whole. 


At the turn of the century the British Pharmacopeia 
contained some 25 mercurial preparations including pills 
and powerfully antiseptic ointments, and up until recently 
you could still buy mercurial antiseptics over the counter. 
This antibacterial quality of mercury is today exploited, for 
example, in anti-fungus baths for seeds, a practice respon¬ 
sible for major outbreaks of mercury poisoning in Iraq, where 
hundreds have died from eating seed grain treated with 
methyl mercury fungicide. 

Mercury was once even a dminis tered pure and the old 
medicinals describe as much as a pound of pure mercury 
given in cases of intestinal obstruction, hoping to relieve the 
problem by it! sheer weight! 

But mercury was most valuable as a remedy against 
syphilis, that scourge of the 13th century up until recent 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 17 

history, (and including the connection of syphilis with AIDS 
as previously reported in this Journal). The only problem was 
that mercury, being so highly toxic, cured the disease but 
tended to poison the patient! 

Even the smallest traces of mercury can cause dangerous 
effects. In the Middle Ages mirrors were commonly made by 
coating glass with a mercury-tin 
amalgam, and objects were gilded 
with a combination of mercury 
and gold. In these industries, 
and in the mercury mines, poi¬ 
soning was an occupational 
hazar d with the metal being 
absorbed so easily through the 
skin or lungs of the workers. 

Like arsenic and digitalis, 
mercury is a cumulative drug 
and once it has been absorbed 
by organic tissue it is held fast 
there and only with great diffi¬ 
culty escapes to be excreted from 
the system. It causes damage to 
the brain and nervous system, 
overstimulates the glandular 
system which produces 
hormones, and suppresses the 
entire immune system. 

But despite being such an 
insidious poison, the use of 
mercury in homeopathic form is 
a highly effective and invalu¬ 
able remedy for many problems. 

It is one of the prime remedies 
for syphilis and AIDS, for the 
whole progression of symptoms, 
in combination with other remedies including certain snake 
venoms (another connection with the serpents of the cadu- 
ceus). It is sympathetic to the lymphatic and central nervous 
system and works towards restoring the marrow of the spinal 


The Tantrik alchemists described mercury as “the most 
fundamental, and indeed the quintessence, of all substances.” 
They were well aware of its medicinal properties and believed 
it to possess life-prolonging properties. It was so highly 
valued as a restorative and s timulant , that mercury was the 
main ingredient in most Tantrik medicinal preparations. 

Marco Polo, on his travels through India, commented: 
“Those people make use of a very strange beverage, for they 
make a potion of sulphur and quicksilver mixed together and 
this they drink twice a month. They say this gives them long 
life, and it is a potion they are used to take from their early 
childhood.” 4 

Even today we are told that some Tantrikas take mercury 
in place of food to preserve the vital elixir of life, believing 

that “only when the body is perfectly attuned and strength¬ 
ened can it experience and sustain the full intensity of the cos¬ 
mic state.” 

Among the ancient Tantrik treatises are descriptions of 
their sophisticated chemical laboratories, and details of the 
medicinal and alchemical mixtures they prepared. But these 

preparations were more than just 
a mechanical mixture of mate¬ 
rial substances following some 
andent alchemical recipe. Along¬ 
side the combination of chemi¬ 
cals was*a body of closely guarded 
secret processes that transmuted 
the raw mercury into the life- 
giving elixir. An understanding 
of the processes of spiritual trans¬ 
formation went hand in hand with 
the knowledge of chemical trans¬ 
mutation. The two could not be 

In the Tantrik alchemical 
writings mercury is referred to as 
rasa, which is not merely the 
metallic substance but the subtle 
essence of substance itself. 
Rasasara, or the ‘sea of mercury 1 
refers to the cosmic sea from 
which the primeval form of all 
things emerged. 

This Tantrik concept of “an 
original stuff, or ultimate sub¬ 
stance, out of which the whole 
universe has been formed” is 
identical with the materia prima 
of western alchemy mentioned 
earlier, with mercury as its symbol “...seen as the fine psychic 
stuff, or vital breath, which unites the individual body-soul 
organism with the cosmic sea of life.” 5 

Rather than just dismissing these old alchemical beliefs, 
some modem researchers have continued to incorporate this 
knowledge into their observations and understanding of 
nature. Pelikan, for example, relates the three basic alchemi¬ 
cal principles of Mercury, Sulphur and Salt to three processes 
in the min eral kingdom. He describes Salt as being “the 
ponderable matter, subject to the earth forces”, and Sulphur 
“as the substance saturated with the imponderables, the 
forces raying in from the world circumference.” Mercury, 
however, he describes as “a substance open to the rhythmic 
interplay of forces from both sources, one radiating out from 
the earth and the other radiating in from the cosmos.” 2 


Mercury is the agent of all possibilities, and its great 
desire to unite, dissolve and transform makes it the ‘first 
agent’ of the alchemical operation. Its moist receptive nature 
was likened to the original female power which like water, or 

"... these are the two serpents which are fixed around the 
caduceaus, or Staff of Mercury, and by means of which 
Mercury wields his great power and transforms as he 
wills. ” Nicolas Flamel 

^ -- - y 

Page 18, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

the passive materia, takes on all forms without being altered 
itself. “In it the germ of spiritual gold lies hidden, as does gold 
in ordinary quicksilver.” 5 

Its opposing force is the volatile solar Sulphur, with its 
hot, dry nature. Together they represent the active and 
passive poles of nature, the double spiral, or the twin serpents 
or dragons coiled opposite about die wand of Mercury. At 
their height these two opposing generative forces unite in the 
alchemical marriage of the Sun and Moon, King and Queen, 
man and woman, and from their perfect union is bom the 
alchemical gold. 

They are the Yin-Yang of Taoism, also identical to the 
Ida and Pingala, the subtle lunar and solar currents of Kun- 
dalini, described by occultist Kenneth Grant as the “electro- 
sexual serpents entwined about the Wand of the Magician, as 
in the Caduceus of Hermes.” 6 

Certain researches into the mysteries of electricity are 
focused around what is called a caduceus coil. This coil 
generally consists of a single wire wound around a central 
pole in such a way as to resemble the Caduceus of Hermes. 
Supposedly, when the coil is energized anomalous energy and 
gravity effects are experienced in the field of the coil. It varies 
a bit from a true Caduceus in that it consists of a single wire 
instead of two. Perhaps further experimentation could focus 
on using two wires of diss imilar metals, such as copper and 
iron in electrical circuits, or gold and silver in radionic 
circuits. Actually any two coils wound in opposition could be 
considered a caduceus coiL Using diss imilar metals, as 
George Van Tassel proposed to use in his rejuvenation 
building, the Integration, would provide a polarity quite in 
tune with the energies of mercury. 


Being so liquid, continually changing its form, the deeper 
meaning of mercury is not easy to define. It is described as ‘the 
all dissolving water and nourishment for the spiritual em¬ 
bryo’ and a ‘living, omnipresent and inna te spirit’ It is ‘the 
substance which flows in all psychic and mental forms’ and 
has the only planetary sign which combines both the Sun and 
Moon above the cross of the four elements. 

This dual nature is reflected in mercury’s alchemical 
symbol of an androgynous figure, expressing both female and 
male powers. It is at the same time the ‘semen of Shiva,’ and 
‘the maternal blood’ or ‘the mother of gold’, and there are 
obscure allusions to the menstrual blood of Tantrik priest¬ 
esses being potent to solidify mercury. 

Wherever there are mercurial forces operating there is 
the circulation of energies, the connection of opposite poles, 
contact, intercourse and interaction. In the Qabala the 
power-zone of Mercury is the sphere of the mind, of mental 
magic where the mind gives form to its creations. It is called 
the ‘Absolute or Perfect Intelligence’ and initiation into this 
sphere gives the ability to see behind appearances, and to 
realise the subtle invisible forces behind all forms. 

Wherever there are boundaries to be crossed Mercury is 
found - it is the true ruler of the borderlands. Hermes, the 

Greek form of Mercury was also known as the ‘Lord of the 
Crossroads’ who conducted the souls of the dead into the 
underworld. The jackal-headed Anubis performed the same 
function in ancient Egypt and pots of mercury have been 
found in Egyptian tombs as offerings to this friend and guide 
of the dead. 

In Astrology, Mercury represents the ‘active intelligence,’ 
ruling all occupations dealing with communication, educa¬ 
tion, travel, and writing. The restless intellect of Ge mini 
roams the fields of the mind gathering and disseminating in¬ 
formation. The earth sign Virgo, also ruled by this swift 
moving planet, puts these ideas into fonti4o be of service to 

Trade, commerce and agencies of all kinds are under the 
patronage of Mercury - once the entire world trade in mer¬ 
cury was controlled by one family of the Fuggers. In more 
recent times it was monopolized by the powerfully wealthy 
Rothschild family. But in its true dual style mercury also pa¬ 
tronizes swindlers, thieves and corrupt government officials. 
We live in a tremendously mercurial age where information 
is transmitted at mind-dazzling speed via computers and sat¬ 
ellites and all their accompanying technology. Never before 
has such an elaborate system of co mmuni cations been so 
open to abuse by ‘intelligence’ gatherers. 

While Mercury makes us want to know, to question and 
probe beyond the world of appearances, when this force 
predominates it becomes the coldly rational min d, closing 
out the higher impulses of inspiration and intuition. This 
negative side manipulates both information and the forces of 
nature without compunction, and combined with Mercury’s 
great compulsion to amalgamate works to build giant corpo¬ 
rations and vast multinational businesses in which the indi¬ 
vidual character is dissolved and lost 

Consider the ultimate abuse of the mercurial forces... 
shades of George Orwell’s “1984”, a chillingly prophetic 
example of the shadow side of Mercury, where the world is 
do mina ted by a handful of powerful, invisible dictators with 
complete control over the communications and intelligence 
networks, who have perfected the art of manipulating the 
mass min d of the people, now mere slaves to the political 
machine, their creativity and will crushed by bureaucracy. 

But the essence of Mercury re mains forever fluid. Far 
better it is to contemplate the cheerful Messenger of the 
Gods who, wand in hand, probes beyond all arbitrary bounda¬ 
ries to discover the Gold of the spirit within.. 


1. The Nature of Substance, Rudolf Hauschka. Rudolf Steiner 
Press, London, 1983. 

2. The Secrets of Metals, Wilhelm Pelikan. Anthroposophic Press, 
NY, 1973. 

3. Health Consciousness magazine, June issue, 1990. 

4. The Tantric Way, Ajit Mookeijee and Madhu Khanna. Thames 
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5. Alchemy, Titus BurckhardL Element Books, U.K., 1986. 

6. Cults of the Shadow, Kenneth Grant. Samuel Weiser, NY, 


The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 19 


Eugenia Macer-Story 

Most "omens” seem to warn or portend of a future which 
(in the present) remains veiled in uncertainty. Usually the 
percipient “knows” that some unusually-patterned occur¬ 
rence is an omen of “something”, but is unsure how exactly to 
interpret this symbolic occurrence. 

There are two basic kinds of omens: the evocative free¬ 
form occurrence (black cat crosses street) and the “sign” or 
encounter with an odd item 
which has been previously rec¬ 
ognized as part of some sym¬ 
bolic language. (Sales slip reads 
$4.42; twigs underfoot form 
pentagram; your boss has 
started to wear a caduceus tie 
clip, etc.) 

We understand omens and 
signs in retrospect ~ if we ever 
understand them at all-- since 
these physical happenings are 
part of a pattern of meaning 
which included the future. 

Understanding that a quirky 
event is probably “an omen” 
does not necessarily give any 
information about what that 
event will ultimately “mean” 
in future context. 

Abird flying against the window is a true omen of death 
only if someone linked to that window does die. Otherwise, 
such an occurrence — if apprehended as usual - is a “false 
omen”. False omens do occur. Why do they occur? 

Are there alternate futures, some of which contain a 
“match” for the omen, but which then fail to occur? Suppose 
a person “heeds” the omen or sign and avoids the negative 
occurrence seemingly portended by the omen? If the nega¬ 
tive future is successfully avoided, was the omen a false indi¬ 
cator or a true warning? 

I allude in these descriptions not to telepathic or psychic 
visions,but to physical events which prefigure a larger, future 
configuration of future physical events. 

In the February 1990 issue of the MUFON UFO JOUR¬ 
NAL, Anatoly Listratov, chairperson of the anomalous 
phenomena section of the Astronomical and Geodesic Soci¬ 
ety, USSR, is quoted as stating that: “At the sites of the (ufo) 
landings...the operating frequency of a crystal-controlled 
oscillator changes. Simply speaking, electronic timepieces 
run at rates that are too fast or too slow.” 

This implies that unknown energies related to time func¬ 
tion are somehow linked to the broad spectrum of “anoma¬ 
lies” reported by the percipients as “ufo sightings.” 

In systems of contemporary philosophy related to time 

perception, a thermodynamic model of the universe is util¬ 
ized to “explain” progress from past to future. The passage 
of material time is marked within these systems by conditions 
of relative thermodynamic entropy. Obviously, this model is 
based on heat energy. 

In his book Asymmetries In Time. Paul Horwich points 
out that this thermodynamic model‘Of time is inadequate 

when discussing the phenome¬ 
non of electrical current 
The temporal reverse of 
an electrical process also in¬ 
volves the magnetic field which 
is perpendicular to that proc¬ 
ess. Thus, in order to obtain a 
true time inverse of electrical 
process within a magnet not 
only would the internal cur¬ 
rent loops have to be reversed 
- but the magnet itself would 
have to be turned upside down. 

Any hypothetical tinker¬ 
ing with time within the elec¬ 
tromagnetic environment must 
take into account the spatial 
orientation of the energy fields 
which are involved. It is not a 
simple matter of heat generating random molecular colli¬ 

A device for channeling and controlling electricity with 
regard to time and/or time with regard to electricity might 
consist of revolving magnets in some spacial array which 
caused the magnetic field and the electrical current to actu¬ 
ally reverse as a unitary system wi thin the larger electromag¬ 
netic environment which is created by the movement of the 

Thus, time effects maybe basically spatial in ways we have 
yet to fully comprehend technically. This may be one of the 
reasons that anomalous “omens” and “signs” are literally 
physical objects which seem to portend “meaning” about 
some future physical occurrence. 

As Hans Reichenbach points out in his book The Direc¬ 
tion of Time, the principle that light is the fastest causal 
influence creates the situation wherein events are relatively 
simultaneous rather than being exactly simultaneous. There 
is always a slight time interval between the time when a light 
signal (photon) is generated and the time it can possibly be 
received and/or redirected. 

This time gap is represented by a spacial interval -- in 
much the same way that a spacial interval can be expressed by 
the phrase “a ten min ute walk.” However, in the time- 
relativity diagram, nothin g is transacted d uring the time gap 




North pole 



South pole 

Figure 1 

t t 

South pole 

North pole 

Page 20, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

. A light signal leaving 
point P at time t x arrives at point 
P' at time t 2t where it is reflected; 
it returns to point P at time t 3 . The 
events of the interval from f, to t 3 
at point P are excluded from causal 
interaction with the event occur¬ 
ring at point P' at time t 2 . 

Figure 2 

and the extent of the time gap is said to be “relatively simultaneous” to the 
reflection of the light signal. Can we safely assume that nothin pis there during this 
un-illuminated interval, and then suddenly once again is there when the reflected 
light signal is somehow physically acknowledged by the environment? 

This would mean that the physical continuum literally blinks on and off in 
thrall to the frequency of photon reception. Obviously, this would involve 
considerable wear and tear to the furniture of the universe and does not actually 
happen. What does happen? . 

As poet T. S. Eliot once remarked in his metaphysical way: “Between the idea 
and the reality / the motion and the act / the potency and the existence falls the 
shadow.” It is obvious from the previous discussion that between the signal and 
the reflection and/or reception may also fall the “omen” - in the form of a sudden, 
unexpected physical apport into the material (spatial) continuum. 

I think that Eliot sensed this basic quality of the “omen” since his poems are 
full of references to classic omens, signs and transubstantiation of images into in¬ 
formation and information into images. This sense of the “time delay” between 
mental action and re aliza tion can also be understood in terms of the neural 
synapse, the literal connections in the nervous system and brain. 

Between the electrochemical “firing” of a neuron and the reception of this 
directive across the synapse there is a literal spatial gap, and due to this gap a slight 
“time lag.” If the energies of esp/pk are indeed “time energies” of some sort, one 
key to understanding how these energies affect cognition and/or body function 
may lie in this literal “time delay” within the neural system. 

Possibly, an entire program for future action can be physically conveyed by 
“fast time energies” wi thin the fraction of a second before the linear continuity of 
electromagnetic signaling is imprinted in the receptor cell. If this is true, the 
electromagnetic nexus becomes a “carrier” for fast time energy in the same sense 
as a magnet is a potential carrier for electrical effects, if exposed to electrical 
current or manipulated spatially. 

Natural, and 

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wary of technical gadgets and 
gimmicks....However, biocircuits are 
simple, easy-to-use, qnd restore energetic 
balances very quickly by channeling 
the body's natural energy flow." 

Georg Feuerstein, 
noted yoga scholar and 
author, waiting in Yoga Journal 

“Biocircuits are a simple and 
amazingly effective tool for stimi 
ing the flow of life energy in the body, 
without electronic or mechanical 
intervention. 1 use them regularly.” 

Stephan Bodian 
Editor, Yoga Journal 

Copper BioCircuit— Elegantly 
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4286 Redwood Hwy #C, San Rafael, CA 94903 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 21 


About 1930,1 decided to try an experi¬ 
ment of conducting Chlorophyll Energy over 
wires. 1 had been conducting Eloptic Energy 
over long distance via wire. 

A wood platform was installed on the 
south side of the house about six feet above 
the ground in order to get the desired poten¬ 
tial of energy which increases with distance 
above the ground. 

Having some wooden cigar boxes avail¬ 
able, I cut boxes apart and cut pieces and 
made eight boxes that were 2"x2"x 4" al- 
thou gh any size boxes will work. 

Aluminum foil was placed on the bottom 
of seven boxes inside so as to be in contact 
withthesoil. Similar pieces of foil were placed 
on the under side of the lid of each box. Wires 
were connected to each piece of foil, the wires 
from the lids were extended to the sun plates, 
the wires from the bottom foils were con¬ 
nected to the water pipe and thus grounded. 
See Figure #2 for details of the box construc¬ 

/ CortTfVf* s 

by Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus 

Refer to Figure #1 which shows a “side” 
view of the installation. Figure #3 shows the 
system of connections. 

Seven plates were placed on the platform 
soas to pick up energy from thesunandawire 
was connected to each plate and extended 
down into the basement, each box having the 
top foil plate connected via wire toaplateout 
on the platform in the sunlight The eighth 
box had no connection to the outside, it being 
the “control”. 

The plates on the platform were all dif¬ 
ferent in size. The smallest was 2 n x 4", the 
next 4"x 8", the largest was about 8" x 10" and 
one plate was copper screen wire. 

Some dirt was screened and 1/2 inch of 
dirt placed in each box. Oat seeds were se¬ 
lected, all of uniform size and planted in two 
rows of 5 seeds spaced in each row, the 1/2" of 
dirt was placed on top in the box. The same 
amount of water was added to each box as 
needed from day to day. 

All of the seeds sprouted about the same 
time. Then we noticed that there was no 
chlorophyll in the 10 plants in the control box. 
All of the boxes connected to outside plates 
had plants with much chlorophyll. 

We were quite surprised to note that the 
plants in boxes with large outside plates 
seemed to look as if they had been subjected 
to heat. Apparently the large outside plates 
were bringing in an excess of energy compare 
with the effect of the small size outside plates. 

Very soon, the plants grew too tall for the 


J\lu rvi MwM Fot 
/MStdcLu/eaJ b#y. 

-h> Wft-ftAf*pe 

small amount of “head room” in the boxes so 
each box was equipped with a spacer to raise 
the top of each lid up about 3/4 n . 

The boxes were placed on a shelf in the 
end of the basement where there was little 
light, with no windows at that end. Also, the 
shelf was kept dark by a board placed in front 
and another on'top to exclude all light The 
plants were dark all of the time except when 
they were examined by a flashlight 

A friend tried to duplicate the experi¬ 
ment, but did not follow all instructions. 
Their basement was only about 3 feet from 
basement floor to ground level outside. In¬ 
stead of placing the outside plates above 
ground 6 feet, they laid on the ground, thus 
they did not have the potential difference 
between outside collector and inside boxes 
and the experiment was a Mure. Also, there 
was a window near that let much light into 
where the boxes were placed. 

Anyone who expects to duplicate an ex¬ 
periment should be sure they know all the 
factors and that they follow the instructions 
exactly without any substitution or change. 
And as to changes, if you are trying to get a 
special result and are trying out several meth¬ 
ods or ideas, one of the cardinal points to 
doing good work is to make just onechange at 
a time. Then you know just what the results 
are. If you make two changes and the result is 
a Mure, you do not know but that one of the 
changes and the results is a Mure, you do not 
know but that one of the changes may have 
been alright ^ „ * 

F« ^ 3 


r*{J<Vte4> U)'n.6 

Top PU-fr£. 




\ Borr«« 1 

For more information on Eloptic Energy read the book: The Story of Eloptic Energy - The 
Autobiography of an Advanced Scientist by the late T. Galen Hieronymus, available from: 
Advanced Sciences R&D, P.O. Bax 109, Lakemont, Georgia 30552. (404) 782-2092 

Page 22, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 


The B.S.R.F. Bulletin Board is a section for Letters, Reviews, Events, Contacts & other useful information for 
Borderland Members to aid in their researches. We encourage BSRF Members to submit letters, contributions & in¬ 
formation to B.S.R.F. Bulletin Board, PO Box 429, Garberville CA 95440. 



The recent double issue is excellent, per usual. On 
p.52: Ann Wigmore Foundation - Ann Wigmore in her 80’s 
(?) has been forced out of her life’s work Foundation in 
Boston and moved to Florida. I just moved from Carlsbad 
and when I come across the one page article I’ll send it to 
you. Truly an injustice to a woman who has dedicated her 
life to others. 

Do you know who makes the best Rife instrument? 
Chris Roberts 
San Diego, California 

Appreciate the update on Aim Wigmore, though sorry to 
hear the news. I don’t know anyone who builds a real Rife 
instrument. Many variations and questionable stories are 
available -- a field “rife” with partial research and second 
(and third) hand stories being presented as definitive history. 
I’ve seen so much promotional material and multi-level sales 
pitches for such things that I wonder if the true story will ever 
be generally known. See my col umn View From the Border¬ 
lands in the Nov-Dec 1989 JBR for my general overview of 
this subject. 

Klark Kent has submitted one of his “Rife” units for 
evaluation. Afull report is being done, but I would like to say 
that Klark’s is the first unit I’ve seen that actually comes close 
to what Rife was doing - that is, it has a rare gas bulb being 
driven at high-frequency as an optional attachment. 


I really need to find a copy of Burr's book Fields of Life . 
Health Research did a book search and hasn’t come up 
with it. Various other people and organizations do not 
have it in their library. Do you have a copy in the BSRF 
library? Would you be willing to sell it, rent it (with a 
deposit) or simply xerox it? Name your price. I did find that 
Human Energy Press in Foster City, CA has reprinted 
Burr’s "Blueprint for Immortality” and have ordered a copy 
of it. Thank you very much. 

Roger Mason 
Lexington, KY 

BSRF doesn’t have a copy of Fields of Life in our library. 
If any of our reader’s has a copy and could forward it (or a 
good photocopy) we will make it available as a research file 
(depending on copyright standing). 

While we’re on the subject of looking for books I’d like to 
get a copy of The Loom of Creation for the BSRF library 
which we’d gladly pay for if anyone has an available copy. 


I am interested in building Tesla coils and replicating 
old patent constructions. I am currently researching the 
patents of Nathan Stubblefield regarding a novel battery 
concept and wireless telephony circa 1892 (Marconi was 
only 18 at the timet). 

Regarding old construction techniques, I have need of 
cloth insulated non-enameled copper or iron wire. The old 
DSC (Double Silk Covered) or DCC (Double Cotton Cov¬ 
ered) magnet wire may work if a non-enameled version is 
available. Any information on sources for this wire would 
be of great assistance in replicating the Stubblefield Bat¬ 
tery (Patent #600,457 of 1898). 

The Stubblefield Battery utilized a bifilar coil of iron and 
cloth insulated copper with ground moisture serving as 
the electrolyte in the cloth insulation. This battery may 
have been a component in Nathan Stubblefield’s demon¬ 
strations to the press of "telephones connected to a pair 
of rods driven into the earth” which allegedly permitted 
communication of .5 miles. Stubblefield said that he was 
merely using the electrical field which permeated the 
earth, the water, and the atmosphere. Allegedly, in May of 
1902, Stubblefield demonstrated communication to the 
steamship, Bortholdi, from the Virginia shore of the Po¬ 
tomac, by sticking “iron rods” into the ground which were 
connected to a telephone (Washington Evening Star, May 
21,1902). The parallels to Tesla’s “longitudinal” waves 
are obvious. 

The Stubblefield battery was intended to be utilized (in 
one configuration) as a battery-electromagnet The use of 
an external coil would then allow the battery circuit to in¬ 
ductively couple to the external coil circuit. I am speculat¬ 
ing that the reverse application of high frequency external 
fields may induce electrolyte effects in the coil/battery 
which may be observable in the battery circuit. Curiously, 
Stubblefield designed his battery such that the coil wind¬ 
ings would have the option of being connected so as to 
cancel the magnetic fields while still providing a “galvanic 

Rick Wood 
Dallas, TX 75208 

Last issue had a request for info on Nathan Stubblefield 
and since then this letter and some other materials have come 
in. Jorge Resines gave me a copy of an article from Electron¬ 
ics Illustrated, July 1961 about Stubblefield, giving historical 
information, and stating: “What equipment did Stubblefield 
use? Probably no one will ever know exactly because the 
inventor never divulged his secrets. The New York Sun in 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 23 

1930 described the gear of the then dead inventor in this 
mann er: < His transmitting apparatus was placed in a box four 
feet high and six inches in width. A coil of heavy wire was at 
one end and led to the ground. He [Stubblefield] made the 
startling statement that the earth’s electrical waves furnished 
the power by which an ordinary telephone transmitter was 
operated. About a quarter of a mile away another box was 
fastened to a stump. There were wires leading to the ground 
and a pair of telephone receivers on top. 

‘Examination showed that the wires terminated in each 
case at steel rods topped with a ball of iron which was nickel- 

‘Stubblefield claimed that the earth and all about it is 
charged with electrical power, part of which he was harness¬ 
ing - and that in time spoken messages could be sent without 
wires thousands of miles.’ 

‘He admitted that he 
had developed radio-fre¬ 
quency current through a 
battery of his own arrange¬ 
ment, an earth battery, 
following which he devised 
a system of modulation and 
an adjustment for tuning. 

The detector was a receiv¬ 
ing coil, tapped for adjust¬ 
ing inductance.’ ” 

The article also states 
that Stubblefield received 
one radiotelephone pat¬ 
ent, No. 887,357 on May 

to/ i-Vfss 

Copen rates from bottom right: example 44 - rate for ruby, 
de la Warr rates are set from top left: ex. 80.78 - carcinoma virus. 


I have been working 
wth radionics since 1985 
and have since acquired 
a De La Warr instrument 
and a Copen instrument and have made several “home 
brew" instruments based on the 15 dial de la Warr instru¬ 
ment. The basic idea for the “home brew" instruments 
was obtained from one of your Borderland Journal ar¬ 

I am wanting to use my "home brew” instrument to 
potentize distilled water with the various gem rates using 
the Copen rates. I also have the rates forthe homeopathic 
remedies. My problem, if any, is this: Because of my 
vested interest in the outcome of my endeavors to con- 
struct such an instrument, I sometimes question my dowsing 
when testing the gem elixirs I have prepared so far. In 
other words, I am not sure that “wishful thinking” has not 
influenced my pendulum evaluations of the prepared 
remedies. The method I have used to convert my home¬ 
made instruments to the preparation of gem elixirs is 

diagramed on a separate sheet attached herewith. I 
would appreciate your comments afteryou have reviewed 
the drawing. I do not have difficulty with my pendulum 
work until I experience doubt, then it becomes almost 
impossible to get out of the left brain. For this reason, I am 
seeking independent confirmation as to whetherthere are 
any reasons why the method I am using will not work. 

Additionally, after looking at the diagram of my instru¬ 
ment, could you show me a way to set a rate for varying the 
potency of a homeopathic remedy? Would a dial be 
added to vary the potency of ahomeopathic remedy or 
would it suffice to use the last dial for this, moving the ‘44’ 
rate back a dial? If I need to add a dial for potency 
variation, would I use a rheostat or a variable capacitor? Is 
the rheostat/capacitor method viable in using the instru¬ 
ment for potentization? 
Do I need to add any 
type of AC or DC current 
to the circuit? Isitneces- 
sary to employ the use of 
an electo-magnetic coil, 
or will the magnet do the 

I would most certainly 
appreciate any help you 
can give me in this direc- 
tioa Additionally, should 
you have any Borderland 
articles that would assist 
me in this direction let 
me know and I will order 
same from you. 

Will be looking for¬ 
ward to hearing from you 
at your earliest conven¬ 

Dale Shultz 
San Bernardino, CA 

v£'l ti eUAit^Teo I A/ 

wrlrvn -VIA/C. 14 /jr 



ptfo rpe a BdW/e- 

Glad to hear of your progressive research. I can appreci¬ 
ate your questions on dowsing for the results of radionic 
potentization. Not being an “expert” I can only give my 
opinions. I think that using dowsing in this circumstance is 
perfectly valid. I’ve noticed with my own dowsing that the 
quality of results are definitely tied into my state of mind, so 
much so that I rarely use a pendulum anymore, relying 
instead on my feelings of which, my experience suggests, the 
pendulum produces a physical reading thereof. 

One suggestion for independent testing of the potentized 
substances would be to follow the methods used by Lilly 
Kolsiko in her researches, both agricultural and on the met¬ 
als. For example she would use various homeopathic poten¬ 
cies (dynamic dilutions) of various substances on equivalent 
amounts of sprouting seeds. Distinct variations in growth 
rate and quality were evident Potentization curves were 
developed out of this work showing that there is a definite 

Page 24, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

rhythm in the qualitative effect of a po tentized substance on 
various experimental media during different quantitative 
potencies. (Remember that all homeopathics beyond the 
23rd decimal potency are considered by modern ‘science’ to 
no longer contain any of the original substance). 

Dr. Kolisko also used a method of crystallization of 
various metallic salts to record subtle changes in substances. 
I would suspect that the effect of a radionically potentized 
substance could be recorded if the experiment were set up 

See The Agriculture ofTomorrow byT .illy Knlislrn, avail- 
able from the Biodynamic Association, PO Box550, Kimber- 
ton PA 19442. Also see Donald Beans’ article in the last 
Journal on the difference between homeopathics prepared in 
the traditional method, through succussion (rhythmic dilu¬ 
tions), and radionicly potentized homeopathics for further 
insights into the energetic state of your preparations. 

Pm running your sketch and letter in the hopes that one 
of our readers can supply information on how to vary the 
potency in a radionic instrument such as yours. I would 
suggest keeping all electricity out of the circuit, unless you are 
looking to neutralize the ‘fundamental ray’ as is done on 
some radionic instruments, mostly from England, which 
wouldn’t apply anyway to the potentization of remedies. I am 
curious as to other’s views on the use of magnets in a radionic 
instrument. I could see it both helping and hindering. 

An unfinis hed but progressing project on the shelves 
here is a re-issue of Riley Crabb’s Radionics — New Age 
Science, which will include a few additions to clarify how to 
build and operate a radionic instrument, as well as comments 
on the instrument’s relationship to the subtle energy fields it 
interacts with. 


I have just boughtacopy of LE. Eeman Report by Tom 
Brown from ‘Tools for Exploration.” It includes a descrip¬ 
tion of Eeman's Technique of Relaxation but unfortunately 
Steps 3 & 4 are omitted. Is it possible to get a copy of these 
two steps? They are not detailed in Eeman’s Cooperative 
Healing. Have you discovered a source for these missing 
parts, or can you suggest anything I can do to track them 

Denis Joynt 
Queensland, Australia 

The final section (often) in the L.E. Eeman Report is a 
photocopy of a small book Relax Your Wav to Health by 
H.D. Cotton, N.D. It was a last minute edition to a completed 
book. As the notice in that section reads, our source copy was 
missing several pages, but the I felt that the information on 
the re mainin g pages was valuable enough to print We have 
been waiting for a copy of Cotton’s book but it has never 
arrived. Should any of our readers have, or know where to 
obtain a copy the information would show up in this Journal 
and in future editions of the Re man Report. 


They are trying to convince us that we have a water 
shortage again. California has one border which is noth¬ 
ing but water. I am recalling a magazine article I read a few 
years back, and sending the letter below to some of the 
local politicians. I wonder what the response will be. 

Have you ever heard of Henri Coanda? He was a French¬ 
man who lived in the first half of this century (and may still be 
alive for all I know). He had a scientific type of mind, and 
was interested in the “venturi effect” - the flow of air over 
a curved surface. I believe that he has several patents in 
the area of the venturi effect. 

Among his accomplishments was an airplane. He 
built it of plywood when everyone else was using canvas 
stretched over a framework. He also at that time invented 
a jet engine that he incorporated into his plane. For his first 
test flight he decided to fly it himself, although he had 
never flown a plane, and did not know how to be a pilot. 
And he did OK for that era. He got it off the ground, and 
was flying along minding his own business when the 
plane hit a brick wall. He survived. 

Still with the Venturi effect in mind, he turned his atten¬ 
tion to making/getting pure water out of sea water. He 
made the mistake of constructing his machine in France. 
He observed that many lakes and dams lose a lot more 
water to evaporation in sometimes of the year than flows 
into them. 

I guess it is worse in hot weather. Dr. George, the 
meteorologist of a local TV station, recently said that for 
every (I believe) 20 degrees of temperature rise, the air 
can absorb twice the amount of water as at the lower 
temperature. Humidity. 

Mr. Coanda, before the days of plastic sheeting, con¬ 
structed a hollow tube perhaps 5 to 6 feet in diameter 
upright, and floated it about 6 to 8 inches above the 
surface of the water. He got a few mirrors, some to catch 
the sunlight and direct it into the cylinder, and others to 
bounce the sunlight around in the cylinder to heat up the 
air. Then he made some sort of bend at the top of the 
closed off cylinder, using his feeling for the venturi effect, 
and caused the temperature to drop a little. I think he 
made the curved section smaller, and maybe put it in the 
shade. He was operating under the theory that hot air 
rises. Politicians should understand this. It wasn’t really 
a high tech operation. It didn’t need a lot of electricity to 
compress or expand, or move the air. Ail he needed was 
contained to confine the humid air, and some sort of tube 
to convey it to the area that cooled the air and extracted 
the water. 

He was amazed at the resulting distilled water flowing 
out of it. He soon found that salt was precipitating out of 
the water and settling to the bottom faster than he could 
get rid of it. 

That just about got him arrested. 

France at that time (and still may for all I know), had a 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 25 

governmental monopoly on the production and sale of 
SALT, and took a veiy dim view of anyone else manufac¬ 
turing salt, even though they swore that they were try ing to 
make pure water. 

The politicians, and bureaucrats smashed his ma¬ 
chine, and convinced him of the long prison sentence that 
awaited him if he tried to rebuild and experiment along that 
line further. 

Now, I have heard that Southern California has a water 
shortage, but a visit to the Santa Monica Pier would seem 
to dispute that. There seems to be a lot of water out there. 
We also have more than our share of sunshine, and 
people now sell plastic sheeting that have one surface 
coated to reflect light back and forth inside when made 
into a tube. 

Unless Los Angeles city, county, or the State decided 
to prohibit the sale of salt, along with cocaine, there should 
be no bar to someone experimenting to see how much 
fresh water this will produce. There are numerous places 
along the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbor that these 
things could be constructed, to be allowed to function 
passively, with the output added to the water supply. It 
would be very inexpensive, although that might be it’s 
major drawback, since there would not be much money 
involved to be siphoned off by the politicians. 

If you happen to be producing liquor, perhaps all this 
could be called a “Still”, so the concept is not unknown. It 
is not nearly as expensive as constructing an aqueduct to 
bring water from the Mississippi River, or the Columbia 
and Snake River, and politicians seem to prefer things that 
employ thousands of engineers, and billions of pounds of 

I think this water shortage is just another thing dreamed 
up by the DWP, so they can cut down water usage, which 
makes it mandatory to raise rates to cover their fixed ex¬ 
penses. That happened in the last “water shortage”, 
mandatory rationing, and all that. I do not recall hearing 
anything about lowering the rates again after the last 
“water shortage" was over. I think the DWP just has 
manufactured this whole thing to get themselves a raise. 

All this about Mr. Coanda was in an article in True or 
Argosy magazine about 25 to 35 years ago, long enough 
for the many who read the article to forget it. I think it is 
about time to use the low tech approach. 

Many afternoons near the coast, we see the low 
clouds move in from the ocean. That is merely the 
humidity in the air where the air temperature has cooled to 
the point that it can not hold that quantity of moisture that 
is had during the day, and some of it precipitates out to 
form water droplets. The dew on your grass, or windshield 
that you see in the morning is another instance of this. 

A demonstration of this in your parking lot, from one 
portable swimming pool to another, should be an apt 
subject for a video tape, and should take a half a dozen 
poles, and some plastic sheeting just to set up a simple 

These could be constructed along our bays and in out 
of the way places in the marinas, and in the harbor areas, 
with the output added to the local water supply. Any 
shape is acceptable, as long as it accepts air at the 
bottom, and is air tight to the end of the tube. Any amount 
of water produced would help cure the “shortage”. 
Dennis Kier * 

Carson, CA 

Too bad our politicians can’t see as clearly as you, De nnis . 
I’ve heard of Dr. Henry Coanda and Ijjs work but have never 
read anything by him. He is called the “Father of Fluid 
Dynamics” and is pictured with a young Patrick Flanagan in 
Elixir of the Ageless authored by Patrick and his wife GaeL 

According to Patrick, “The Coanda Effect is the phe¬ 
nomenon of fluid flow that enables airplanes to fly. Simply 
stated, when a fluid flows over a surface it tends to cling to that 

Dr. Coanda was quite interested in the age-slowing se¬ 
crets of Hunza water and he passed on his lifelong search to 
Patrick who developed special colloidal concentrates, which 
when added to water, have profound effects on the function¬ 
ing of living systems. For more on that story read the book, 
available from: Vortex Industries, 1109 S. Plaza Way #399, 
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001, $10.95 postpaid. 

I had never heard of his desalination device but would 
certainly like to hear more from anyone who has info, includ¬ 
ing plans. 


I have been very fascinated with your Journal. Thank 
you for the new world you have opened up to me. For the 
last few months I have begun to work on an MWO. 

I have completed the antennae but did not do as well 
with the Tesla-coil. I decided to buy the ready made coil 
from “Edmonds”. I connected the secondary to the 
center of my antennae and did get some action in the form 
of a purple glow around the third and fourth smaller rings. 
I can only assume that I need more power to this unit 
although I was “Quite” pleased at the limited reaction on 
my first attempt. I would like to reach out to a fellow 
member who might be able to help me with some advice 
at this point. 

Any advice you would send my way would be greatly 
appreciated. I thought perhaps you would publish my 
S.O.S. for help so here is my address: 

Paul D. Damiani 

Box 93, S.I., New York 10306 

Naturally, the quality of output of any electrical device is 
dependent on not only the quality of materials, but also the 
geometry of structure and arrangement The better the coil, 
the better the antenna, the more refined the fields will be that 
are put out around the device. As I have pointed out in the 
article mentioned above in my remarks about the “Rife” de¬ 
vices, the types of “Lakhovsky” MWO’s being built today vary 

Page 26, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

quite a bit from what Lakhovsky was actually building and 
using hims elf. 

Lakhovsky used very refined electrical designs and proba¬ 
bly log-periodic antennas with both poles of a Tesla coil 
feeding the outside ring in such a manner that there was a 
logarithmic, electro-magnetic structure oscillating in space 
which apparently had quite beneficial effects on living organ¬ 
isms. See The Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator Handbook 
from BSRF for more information on log periodic antennas 
and their quite interesting, frequency-independent effects, as 
well as circuit suggestions for pursuing Lakhovsky’s real work 
and showing one and two antenna circuits. 

The modem variations, based on Bob Beck’s schematic 

of 1963, feed one pole into an antenna (and the other into a 
second antenna), creating a dielectric field, which when it 
collapses, due to the rings on the antennae, creates unneces¬ 
sary sparking and random radio-frequency noise with ques¬ 
tionable effects. It is an organic system alterant, but is quite 
different electrically from Lakhovsksy’s original equipment. 


This is a list of materials received for review. 

• DISTANT VISION - Romance & Discovery on an Invisible 
Frontier by Elma G. Farnsworth. Just in as we go to press is 
the long awaited book about the late Philo Taylor Farns¬ 
worth II by his wife. From PemberlyKent Publishers, 2121 
Garfield Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84108, (801) 583-9921. 
ISBN0-9623276-0-3, hardbound. P.T. Farnsworth II was one 
of the great inventive minds of this century, having invented 
electronic television, one of the most widely used inventions 
of our modem times. But there is much more to his story than 
that - he also developed workable nuclear fusion in the early 
1960’s. Looking forward to reading this one. Contains 
extensive bibliography as well as a complete listing of Farns¬ 
worth’s many diverse and important patents. 

* NEW HORIZONS - Explorations in Science by P.D. Ous- 
pensky, With an Introduction by Colin Wilson. ISBN 0- 
936385-21-9, Globe Press Books, 3003 Old Yorktown Rd., 
Yorktown NY 10598. $14.95, paperback. Called “a work of 
genius” by The Saturday Review, this book appears to be more 
of an intellectual stimulus to people endeared with the rela- 
tivisticviewpoint, rather than a flagship of the “New Science” 
as the promotional materials suggest. This bookis composed 
of four lectures: A New Model of the Universe; The Fourth 
Dimension; Experimental Mysticism; On the Study of Dreams 
and On Hypnotism. Ouspensky, a student of Gurdjieff, was 
an erudite thinker who kept quite in tune with the develop¬ 
ment of mainstream scientific thought (circa 1905-1929) 
during the writing of these essays. He covers somewhat the 
reasoning behind the development of the ether theories and 
goes along with the Michelson-Morely ‘solution’ that the 
ether does not exist Hence, he wades into the hypothetical 
space-time continuum and the theory of quanta as a back¬ 

bone of his scientific philosophy. 

I don’t know if Ouspensky was aware of Rudolf Steiner’s 
scientific works of the same period of the writing and updat¬ 
ing of these essays, but the experimental evidence, as well as 
the philosophical framework, put forth by Steiner goes far 
beyond what Ouspensky is going after. (Steiner’s only men¬ 
tion in the book concerns a brief reference to his reading of 
akashic records.) The publishers should also have checked 
into what the “New Science” is actually up to these days. 
Many people are now aware of Dayton Miller’s ether drift ex- ? 

periments (published 1938) wherein he measured the ether 
and showed the error of the Michelson-Morely experiments, 
not to mention Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s orgone research, both of 
which put a serious experimental crimp in the theoretical 
indulgences of “curved spacetime” and the like. The work of 
Rudolf Hauschka and Lilly Kolisko (as an outgrowth of 
Rudolf Steiner’s conception of the etheric forces) prove 
definite geocentric and heliocentric energy fields which con¬ 
nect planets, plants and metals, and certain regions of the 
zodiac to certain measurable qualitative and elemental im¬ 
pulses. None of this would ever be evident from Ouspensky’s 
“New Model”, nay, he presents pretty much the same sterile 
world projected by modem science -- his difference is that 
rather than approaching the reality of the life forces as was 
done in spiritual science, he chann els his thoughts into 4th, 

5th and 6th dimensions, all merely intellectual theories (which 
doesn’t invalidate them - it merely relegates them to regions 
outside of experimental science). 

On the subject of infinit y Ouspensky has some very inter¬ 
esting insights concerning the perspective of phenomenon 
within various real limits. Curiously absent is the conceptu¬ 
ality that could tie it all together — projective (or synthetic) 
geometry. Reading through his writings on infinity (and 
types of infinity) I couldn’t help but get the impression that 
this was away to intellectualize infinity without realtygetting 
down to the main point of how to deal with it on all levels, 
physically, mentally and spiritualty. Projective geometry is 
important simply because infinity can be dealt with as a 
scientific reality, and not as an abstraction or an illusion. 
Rather than all this talk of 4,5 and 6 dimensions scientists 
should become aware of the subtleties of this dimension, the 
living creative forces that of which particulate matter is just 
a footprint Ouspensky does move in this direction when he 
states that the “sun, the moon, the stars, which we see, are 
cross-sections of spirals which we do not see.” 

Expe rimental Mysticism and D reams and Hypnotism are 

records of scientific exploration into different states of con¬ 
sciousness (drug induced under “strict scientific experiment” 

- which must make it OK), and into dreams, both in sleep and 
in waking. Definitely some primary borderland materials 
there worth checking out 

There are a lot of valuable insights in this book, and you 
will probably enjoy the stimulation of its complex thoughts, 
but it is pretty much dated and out of touch with where the 
real “New Science” appears to be heading. 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-Octobef 1990, Page 27 

* LIVING WATER - Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of 
Natural Energy by Olof Alexandersson, published by Gateway 
Books, The Hollies, Wellow, Bath, U.K. BA2 8Q J. $ 11.95 US 
retail price, ISBN 0-946551-57-X. At long last this excellent 
book is available again. We got our copy through our paper¬ 
back distributor so it can probably be ordered through any 
bookstore. An excellent overview of the life and work of 
‘Water Wizard’ Viktor Schauberger. This edition has new 
appendices which mention Keely, Kervan and Tesla! Appen¬ 
dix I: Contemporary Applications of Vortex Research, and 
Appendix II: Physics and the Vortex. If you haven’t read this 
book yet it’s time to get a copy and check it out We have 
received numerous requests for this book over the last 5 
years. My only criticism is that this edition has the same 
listing of references as the original. As anyone knows who 
wrote the addresses from the original edition they may as well 
have saved the postage for something useful 


This is the section where researchers may contact those of like 
mind or seek out sources of information. We also list various 
mailers received. Please be kind and considerate and send a 
buck or two when writing for information. 

EXPERIENCE - A Weekend with Researchers and Con¬ 
tact ees, Oct 13-14,1990, Ramada Inn (Exit 12,1-91), North 
Haven, Connecticut. Paul Devereux, Ann Druffel, Stanton 
Friedman, James Harder, Antonio Huneeus, Harry Lebel- 
son, Fred Max, Astronaut Brian O’Leary, Gene Phillips, Ed 
and Frances Walters, Travis Walton. Contact: Omega 
Communications, PO Box 2051, Cheshire, CT 06410. 

ton, PA 19442, phone (215) 935-7797. Annual BD confer¬ 
ence, Oct 5-7,1990, Kimberton, PA Theme: WATER AND 
CALCIUM -- Their Nature, Forces and Management 

* Television & Community Services, Lawrence Technologi¬ 
cal University,21000W. Ten Mile R<L, Southfield, MI 48075- 
1058. “The Effects of Artificial Light & Other Environ¬ 
mental Factors on Human Health & Behavior”, Dr. John 
Nash Ott - 2 videos (2 hrs. each) $50 per video or $80 set, 
includes postage/handling. Quality information. 

* Natural Energy Works, PO Box 864, El Cerrito, Ca 94530, 
415/526-5978. Latest mailer advertises The “ Admir al Fitz 
Roy Stormglass-Barometer”. Used for weather forecasting, 
based on observing the varying crystal formations in the 
chemical fluid within the device, “...these vials....when it was 
fairly demonstrated that if fixed, undisturbed, in free air, not 
exposed to radiation, fire, or sun, but in the ordinary light of 
a well ventilated room, or preferably in the outer air, the 
chemical mixture in a so-called storm glass varies in character 
with the direction of the wind — not its force... though it may 
so vary from another cause, electrical tension. As the atmos¬ 

pheric current veers toward, comes from, or is only approach 
ing from the polar direction, this chemical mixture - t 
closely, even microscopically watched - is found to grow lik< 
fir, or fern leaves - or like hoar frost - or even large bui 
delicate crystallisations....” (from the Weather Book by Fit: 
Roy) Sounds like a primary piece of weather equipment foi 
those interested in the subtle meteorological energies. $149 
includes surface shipping within USA Add $5 for Airmail. 

* Health Consciousness, PO Box 550, Oviedo, FL 32765 
0550,407/365-6681. An interesting holistic magazine edited 
by Roy Kupsinel, M.D. An open-nfinded approach to a wide 
variety of health related subjects. Lots of contacts and good 
information. Introductoiy issue offered for $1. 

* World Research Foundation, 15300 Ventura Blvd. #405, 
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403,818/907-5483. International Health 
Congress “New Directions for Medicine...Focusing on Solu¬ 
tions”, Oct 5-7,1990, Woodland Hills (LA), CA Presenting 
breakthrough therapies and technologies from around the 
world. WRF is doing a good job of finding out about 
advanced medical techniques from many cultures, ancient 
and modem, around the globe. 

* Future Technology Intelligence Report, 537 Jones St 
#1606, San Francisco, CA94102. Getting better every issue. 
Mention you are a Borderland Members and receive a 40% 
discount off the regular $250for 12/issue rate. Editor Antony 
Sutton has a many contacts and keeps a lot of info flowing. 

* Oxygen Research Institute, 20Sunnyside Ave #A164, Mill 
Valley, CA 94941, 415/868-9050. Catalog of products for 
brain oxygenation, peak performance, skin and body rejuve¬ 
nation, colon detoxification, water and air purification. Contains 
basic oxygenation products to air purifiers and state-of-the- 
art ozone generators. Send $1 for current catalog. 

* Mystic Fire Video, Box 1092, Cooper Station, NYC, NY 
10276,212/677-5040. Quality video catalog covering subjects 
of philosophy, mythology, literature, art, religion, theater. 
Once a fairly expensive operation Mystic Fire has just low¬ 
ered the basic cost for all their videos to around $30, and they 
have a very interesting line. Also produce a line of audio 
tapes sure to provide many hours of advanced thought. 

* Scott Witt, Preventative Health Care Services, 1830 Com¬ 
mercial Way, Santa Cruz, CA95065,408/475-0776. Distribu¬ 
tor of Genesis 1000, a New Zealand manufactured stabilized 
oxygen concentrate, to be used as a quality alternative to 
hydrogen peroxide for getting oxygen into the body. 70 ML 
(1400 drops), $17.95, includes shipping. 

* Sacred Stars Newsletter, Bodo Capeller, 10036 Keswick, 
Sun Valley, CA91352,818/841-1158. Published bi-monthly, 
$ 15/year, this newsletter has been quite interesting lately, 
reporting on Bodo’s field work in the vast California desert 
regions searching for ley lines and other earth energy grid 
phenomena using dowsing and related methods. Some good 
fieldwork by an active researcher. 

Page 28, September-October 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

FIRST INTERNATIONAL BORDERLAND SCIENCES CONGRESS - June 14-17,1990, Santa Barbara, California, The 
congress was a huge success in terms of presenting quality information to researchers. The general comments from attendees 
were along the lines of, “quality information”, “clean energy - no goofy materials”, “top rate”. While a detailed report is being 
prepared we wanted to make available the proceedings on audio and video. Trevor James Constable’s stunning keynote 
presentation included proprietary information and will not be publicly distributed. Due to last minute realities of life several 
speakers could not make it and we were fortunate to have a quality pool of standby speakers on hand. Dr. Tewari and Jim Murray 
were two who had to cancel at the last minute and their papers will be published in upcoming Journals. 

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped pull this one off, especially Donald Hosier of the Rudolf Steiner Research 
Foundation who handled the audio taping, Alex and Kendra who ran the bookstore, and Marty Ross who kept a close eye on 
the registration desk. In general we learned quite a bit from this congress, not only in terms of presented materials, but also in 
termsof howto properlyrunaconference. Most things went right, some things wentwrong. Should the 2nd Borderland Sciences 
Congress materialize next year (a likely possibility considering the response from this one) it will be a greatfylmproved setup. 
A good review is to be found in the latest issue of raum & zeit, Box 1508, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273 


Buryi Payne, Demonstration of Instrument that Detects a New Bio- 
Physical Force 

Donald Beans, Radionics - Morphic Resonance & Spectro-Vibra- 
tory Imaging 

Ed McCabe, Oxygen Therapies 

Joan McKenna, The AIDS & Syphilis Connection 

Jorge Resines, Invisible Radiations & The Many Grids Theory 

Michael Lindemann, UFOS: Toward A New Coperaican Revolution 

Christopher Hills, The Magical Frequency Band 

Murray Bast, Revolution in Farming and Husbandry 

Phil Thomas, Edgar Cayce & the Radial-Active Appliance 

Terry & Leslie Patten, BioCircuits - Amazing Tools fix’ Energy 

The entire congress was videotaped. These tapes were mastered on a 3/4" system that only took one hour tapes. While it provided high 
quality, some of the presentations went slightly over an hour so a few minutes at the end were cut off. Also, due to lighting during slides, etc., a 
couple of the speakers are in the darkness at times while speaking. We apologize for any inconvenience, and if you are not happy with any tape 
return it for a full refund. 

List price for audio tapes is $7 each, video tapes are $30 each. Borderland members may take advantage of the Congress prices of $6/audio 
and $20/video on all orders postmarked before December 31,1990. P&H (parcel post): Audio tapes $l./first, $0.25/additional; Video tapes $2/ 
first, $0J0/additional. Double P&H for First Class, triple for Air Mail. California residents add 6.25% sales tax. 

Alison Davidson, Working of the Stars in Earthly Substance 

Karl Maret, Introduction to Spiritual Scientific Medicine & Healing 
Arts of Tomorrow 

Tom Brown, Element and Ether 

Vince Wiberg, Electromagnetic & Geopathic Pollution: How to 
Detect and Counter It 

Bruce DePalma, Experiments on Rotation Leading to Development 
of the N-Machine (three audio tapes, one 2-hour video) 

Larry Spring, My Electromagnetic Spherical Theory and My Experi¬ 
ments to Prove It 

Dennis Klocek, Astro-Climatology 

Fred Mathews, From Embryology to Astronomy, The Relationship 
of the Natural Sciences 

Walter & Rhetta Baumgartner, Vortexian Mechanics and Implosion 

Water Jug Golden C Crystals 

Water Jug Golden C Crystals are placed permanently in a gallon jug of tap water (distilled water is preferred) 
& are left to charge in a dark area away from heat & metal for 24 hrs. When 1/2 of Golden C Water is utilized, refill 
jug. The whole jug of water is then reactivated in 5 min. Water Jug Golden C Crystals guarantee a lifetime supply 
of crystal charged water. 

With great demand after publication of the popular LITHIUM & Lithium Crystals by Haroldine the available 
supply of Golden C Crystals has evaporated. By special arrangement with Lithium Laboratories we have acquired 
the last available small crystals, packaged for water charging, but useful for whatever stirs your ima gina tion.... 

To obtain a package of 3 Water Jug Golden C Crystals send $25/pkg + $2 P&H, 
to BSRF, Box 429, Garberville CA 95440. Californians add 6.25% sales tax. 

Supply limited, offer good until Jan 31,1991 or until supply runs out 

The Journal of Borderland Research September-October 1990, Page 29 



THE ENERGY GRID H— Angles, Music from the Spheres and J. Lobaczewskl 
by Jorge Resines. Well illustrated 160pp, stapled $24.95 

THE ENERGY GRID HI - Mathematical Transformation and the Many-Grxds Theory 

by Jorge Resines. Illustrated, 37pp, stapled. $&$> 

by Jorge Resines. Well illustrated, 108pp, staples $17.50 

by Jorge Resines. Illustrated, 48pp, staples. $7.95 

by Harry M. Hoxsey, N.D., 300pp, spirals, S22L95 


by M.K. Jessup. 240pp, stapled. S1&95 
Perhaps the best UFO book every written! 


with Tom Brown and Peter Undemann. VHS, 2hrs, color. $29.95 
BSBFMember’s price on orders of Borderland Museum # One that are postmarked by December 31,1990 is $19,95. 

Each tape con tains two approximately 1/2 hour shows produced for cable television. 

«iui *) bKtVj a rVOHUi i :<•) ** i rW « 

Contains: Etheric Physics, and Echoes of Radiant Space. VHS, lhr, color. $29.95 

S 1 U ») y H i» a &V6 alj: i i I a siV 

Contains: Biography of Royal R. Rife, and The Rife Archives. VHS, lhr, color. $29.95 

Postage & Handling 
B ooks/wdeos: Add $2.50/firet unit, 75^dditional 
Overseas: Double for surface, x 4 for airmail. 

Californians add 6.25% sales tax