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Boriitrlant Itesear 

Vol. XLVI, No. 6 

November-December 1990 

Detail of Outer Ring on 
Lakhovsky’s Original M.W.O. Antennae 

(see B.S.R.F. Bulletin Board, pages 24-25) 

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Journal o t 
JBorberlanti Nearer* 

Volume XLVI, No. 6 
November-December 1990 



Alison Davidson [1-4] 


Harry Davis [5-6] 


Buryi Payne [7-11] 


Larry Spring [12-13] 


Vincent H. Gaddis [14-18] 


Letters, Reviews, Contacts [19-29] 


Detail of Outer Ring on 
Lakhovsky’s Original M.W.O. Antennae 

(see B.S.RF. Bulletin Board, pages 24-25) 


Alison Davidson 

Back in ancient times when the gods were not only 
worshipped but took an active role in the affairs of their 
humans, we come across many references to the precious 
metals, prized for their magical properties as well as their 
more practical value. Sacred objects and talismans crafted in 
metal and imbued with divine powerwere often given as gifts 
to those who were specially favoured by the gods. 

For example, we read in the poet Homer’s Iliad: 

“He spoke and hurled his javelin with weighty hand; not 
in vain, for he hit him below the knee on his shin bone, so that 
the tin covering of the new, strong shin-plate sounded with a 
frightful clash; yet the copper weapon bounced back and did not 
penetrate the shield, a gift of the gods. ” 

Among the metals, tin has always been held sacred to 
Jupiter, both the planet and the great protective deity of the 
Romans. A magnifi cent temple in Rome built by Etruscan 
architects in honour of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva was the 
centre of religious life of the state. Jupiter Optimus Maximus 
was the great god of the Capitol who ruled benevolently over 
all affairs of state and law, oaths and treaties, striking down 
enemies with his thunderbolt, while “governing for the good 
of the governed,” an unusual concept in today’s world. 

The Greek form of Jupiter was Zeus, ruler of gods and 
mortals. A statue of this deity from around the 5th century 
B.C. was over 40 feet high, richly decorated, and known as 
one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. As the 
planet Jupiter is a giant in the solar system (almost a small 
sun itself), so Jupiter-Zeus shone like a sun in the pantheon 
of gods. 

There is another reference to tin, this metal of Jupiter, 
in Homer’s Odyssey where the hero Odysseus is described as 
crossing over to the magic shores of Cornwall, famed for 
some of the earliest known tin mines since the Bronze Age. 
In the ancient Celtic world tin and bronze were highly prized 
and tin from the British Isles travelled through ancient sea 
lanes to the Mediterranean and as far afield as the Orient. 

lit Metal Magic, Mellie Uyldert tells of the fearless Tar- 
tessian and Phoenician seafarers who on their quest for tin 
used the Isles of Scilly, “this ancient desolate archipelago” as 
a major trading post, exchanging copper, pottery and salt for 
the tin brought and stored there by the island inhabitants. 
The Romans later called these islands the “Cassiterides In¬ 
sulae” from which our world for tin-ore cassiterite is 
derived, also the Greek word for tin kassiteros and the 
Sanskrit kastira. The Romans called tin ‘white lead’ or 
plumbum album. 

The process of its minin g was recorded by the Roman 
Diodorus (8 B.C.) who described how this metal “was hewn 
from rocky ground, extracted from the rock by melting, pu¬ 

rified and poured into moulds,”, the same method used for 
thousands of years. 

As the Iron Age gradually took over many ancient tin 
min es were abandoned and lay silent in the shadow of the 
Dark Ages. It was due to Paracelsus, Biringuccio, Leonardo 
da Vinci and Agricola (his Re Metallica of 1556), that the old 
methods of mining and metallurgy were reintroduced and the 
tin min es came to back to their noisy life. By the later Middle 
Ages tin was again in co mm on use. Combined with lead it 
formed pewter from which household utensils were made, as 
well as all the implements of the medieval church. The 
horsetail plant, high in silica (and a mineral closely connected 
with tin) was used to scour and shine this popular alloy. 

While the rich had their bags of gold and silver, small tin 
coins were minted in 1558 for “small traders and innkeepers.” 
While the rich were bom with the proverbial silver spoon in 
their mouths the poor had spoons of tin (both of these metals 
incidentally, were known to improve the quality of the food on 
which it was served.) 

All over Europe metal workers, “all those who work with 
the h amm er” had their own guilds, and up until the time of the 
industrial revolution gypsy tinkers were a common sight in the 
neighbourhood repairing old kettles and recycling any broken 
or worn utensils which could easily be melted down and recast 

The nobility of tin resists the weathering of time, as pewter 
jugs found on board a sunken Swedish ship testify, still in good 
condition after more than 300 years under the sea; and tin 
objects unearthed after 1800years beneath the city of London 
‘shone as new.’ 


“ tin strength of form and plasticity of substance are ideally 

united.” 2 

Tin shines with a silvery sheen, it is a stable metal and does 
not oxidise. It has curiously contrasting properties; although 
soft and pliable (its softness lies between lead and gold) it has 
a a crystalline structure of great inner strength. It also has a 
brittle quality; when bent, it makes a crackling sound de¬ 
scribed as the ‘tin cry 5 as the inner crystals mb against each 
other. Researcher Wilhelm Pelikan notes tin’s unusual 
tetragonal crystalline structure when compared to the other 
six planetary metals which generally crystallize in the form of 
small octahedrons. 

In contrast to Mercury, tin has the greatest spread be¬ 
tween its melting point (2320°F) and its boiling point (20680°F). 
It strives to maintain its equilibrium between extremes. When 
heated it loses its softness to become hard and brittle and then 
disintegrates into a powder. At low temperatures instead of 
freezing into a more rigid shape it also disintegrates into an 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-D icember 1990, Page 1 

amorphous powdery substance. 

TTiis powder has the curious property of infecting other 
tin surfaces it comes into contact with, first by forming 
blisters that spread until all the metal ‘sickens’ and disinte¬ 
grates. This sickness was called the ‘tin plague’ and was the 
scourge of tin roofs in the severe cold of winter. 

Tin, like the other planets ‘above the sun’ is a poor 
conductor of heat and electricity, but as Pelikan mentions, at 
the extremely low temperature of 
liquid helium it suddenly becomes 

Tin is usually found in granite 
rock in the form of tin-stone, the 
ore cassiterite. Considered to be 
the oldest primeval rockfound on 
the planet, granite is normally 
formed of quartz, feldspar and mica, 
but when a vein of tin enters the 
rock it destroys the feldspar and 
tinstone takes it place; the accom¬ 
panying flourine minerals change 
the surrounding rock and it be¬ 
comes enjewelled with topaz. 

According to Rudolf 
Hauschka 3 tin in the earth’s crust 
occurs mainly in a ring around the 
earth which coincides with the 
elliptic, at an angle of 23-1/2 de¬ 
grees to the equator, in the lands 
of Bolivia, Nigeria, Indonesia, 

Burma and China. Tin is also 
min ed in Malaya (one of the high¬ 
est producers), Spain, Portugal, 

Japan and Tasmania, all of these 
areas transmitting through the tin 
the forces of the planet Jupiter. 

These forces form the tin veins into curious zig-zags in the 
rock, like forked ligh tning , the signature of Jupiter’s thun¬ 

Lilly Kolisko describes Goethe’s fascination with granite 
which along with gneiss he considered the archetypal rocks 
out of which many other rocks and min erals developed. He 
observed that “a remarkable influenceproceeds from the metal 
Tin; this has a differentiating influence, and opens a door, 
through which a way is provided for different metals to be 
formed from primeval rocks." 4 


Pure tin is quite expensive, it forms less than 2% of the 
world’s ores, so we see most tin used in the form of alloys or 
as a thin coating to protect and plate other metals. Everyone 
is familiar with the humble tin can, where a thin layer is used 
to coat iron to prevent it from rusting, and to provide food 
with the preserving qualities of Jupiter. Flowers last longer 
in a tin vase, and beer (ruled by Jupiter the jovial) is said to 
taste better when drunk from a tin mug. 

Tin combines easily with other metals such as copper, 
zinc and nickel which benefit from its soft and pliable nature, 
and also its inner strength. The large heavy bronze church 
bells in medieval days were said to be cast from four parts 
copper to one part tin. Other musical instruments such as 
organ pipes, flutes, cymbals and gongs are made of tin alloys, 
evoking the pleasure-loving Jupiter who presides benevo¬ 
lently over music and musicians. 

Tin was a rare and valuable 
metal for the Babylonians and 
Fgyp tiapSfr gnd jewelry made from 
tin has been discovered in old 
Persian tombs. The ancient Egyp¬ 
tians used tin salts as a mordant 
for dyeing, and it is put to the 
same use in industry today. Al¬ 
though being colourless itself, tin 
has the quality of bringing out the 
colour which lies latent in other 

Tin is also widely used as sol¬ 
der when alloyed with other met¬ 
als including lead. It fuses metal 
to metal, just as the Jupiter-tin 
\ force links bone with bone through 
the cartilage in the body, or thought 
with thought in the realm of the 

Tinfoil is another common 
form of this metal, also once made 
by the Romans who used it for 
mirrors. Today tin is used in glass- 
making, in the silk trade, in weap¬ 
onry, technology and steelmaking 
and as bronze in heavy industry. 
The purest tin, Uyldert writes, “is 
used in nuclear reactors, and in electronics and space travel: 
it is 99.99995% pure.” 


“In the course of time the planet Jupiter weaves an invisible 
Net as it moves in its orbit. This net encloses the Jupiter Sphere. 
The influences of this sphere penetrate the whole earth and eve¬ 
rything within and around it... ” 4 

The influences of the Jupiter-tin force in the organism 
are shown at work in the shaping or moulding processes of 
the body, the development of form from formless embryonic 
substance. Describing this process, scientist Lilly Kolisko 
writes: “What Nature does is s imil ar to the activity of an 
Artist as he moulds some malleable material, such as clay, 
into a definite form.” 4 

This moulding force works particularly in the muscular 
system, moulding the outward form of the body and the soft 
organs into a definite shape. Continuing on from this purely 
physical process, the tin force expands its sphere of activity to 
work in the gradual development of the t hinkin g process, 

Page 2, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

“...this spiritual activity, with which Man shapes his thoughts, 
is not only connected with the forces which mould his brain, 
but also with all the shaping activity present in the whole 
bodily organization of the human being.” 4 

For the ancient Greeks it was Zeus who created the 
power of thinkin g and ruled supreme through the cosmic 
power of his thoughts. This tremendous creative power is 
illustrated in the ancient myth of Pallas Athena, his daughter 
who was born springing fully-armed from his fotehead as the 
incarnation of wisdom. 

While the tin force moulds the body and gives the power 

of thinkin g above, it also works in the largest organ in the 
body below - the liver. From Plato’s Timeaus we read: 

“Zeus formed everything. He shaped the conscious soul 
of Man, and the upper part of the human being the head. But 
there was one part of Man’s soul which desired not only 
thoughts but also food. The gods placed this part in the region 
of the diaphragm.. ^Although the lower element works in the 
liver, yet this organ can also be in contact with truth. Thus, 
within the liver, is the seat of prophecy, and so the Greek seers 
look upon the liver as a kind of oracle. This, the liver, is a lower 
province of the kingdom of Zeus. Its purpose is to create order 
and to cause a lower type of consciousness to prevail within the 
lower part of the human being. ” 

This organ, or gland, is an place of fluid organization and 
equilibrium, a complex chemical laboratory where substances 
are broken down and transformed as required, among other 
services providing the sugar necessary in the bloodstream for 
muscular movement. 

There is a higher tin content in the liver than any other 
organ, but the greatest amount of tin is found in the mucous 
membranes and tongue, another organ of Jupiter with which 
we mould our thoughts into words or song. 

In the mouth starch is dissolved and changed into sugar, 
a process which is reversed in the liver. In the mouth we see 
the relationship of tin to flourine, silica and calcium as it is 
found in the ancient granite rock, where the tongue and 
mucous membranes are together with the teeth, high in 
flourine and combined with these other minerals. 

“Tin may be broadly described as a remedy that regulates 
opposing fields of force, on the one hand, those that appear in 
construction, growth, and swelling and on the other hand those 
of solidification and drying up. ” 2 

With its powerful beneficent rays Jupiter has always been 
regarded as the great healer, in traditional astrology ruling 
the liver, the hip joints and pituitary gland. Goethe, who was 
so fascinated by tin, often stayed in the region where tin was 
mined and said he always felt well and happy there. 

While tin as a poison is deposited in the softer parts of the 
body such as the liver, the muscles and brain tissue, so these 
parts are most susceptible to tin’s healing forces when spe¬ 
cially prepared. 

Homeopathic tin is known by the latin name stannum, 
which along with the work tin and the Germanic zinn are 

derived from the Celtic ystaen or sten. This remedy strength¬ 
ens and regenerates. “Its play between fluidity and form 
enables tin to intervene between the etheric and the physical 
processes.” 2 

Stannum can be highly beneficial for disorders of the 
liver, for congestion, hardening and cirrhosis, and in illnesses 
where the balance of the fluid system is upset, such as in the 
brain with hydrocephalus, in meningitis, tuberculosis, and 
bronchitis. It is also a remedy for the joints, the cartilage and 
ligaments joining the bones, in such degenerative diseases as 


To bring the relationship between tin and the planet 
Jupiter back into the more rigid discipline of science, we can 
turn to the work of Lilly Kolisko who carried out many ex¬ 
periments with tin salts and published the results back in 
1932. They clearly demonstrate the changes occurring in the 
crystallization of silver nitrate and tin chloride, or gold 
chloride and tin chloride during conjunctions and opposi¬ 
tions of the Moon and Jupiter, the Sun and Jupiter, conjunc¬ 
tions of Jupiter and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, etc. These 
studies also showed that the formative forces working in tin 
were strongest during midsummer, in the months of June, 
July, and August, when there is the greatest light in the 

To explore Jupiter’s influence not only in the metallic 
realm but also in the world of plants, Lilly turned to the old 
herbals, such as Culpeper’s well known herbal encyclopedia. 
In the old herbal tradition, each plant is said to be governed 
by a particular planet - it is the embodiment of specific 
planetary forces on earth. To explore the truth behind these 
occult correspondences, Lilly chose the s unfl ower as a test, a 
plant said to be ruled not by the Sun as its name suggests, but 
by the planet Jupiter. Steiner had mentioned that the plane¬ 
tary forces could be seen at work in the colour of the flowers, 
for example, the forces of Mars could be seen in the red rose, 
Saturn in blue flowers, and Jupiter in white and yellow 

Having already discovered that solutions of tin are influ¬ 
enced by and reflect the forces of Jupiter, Lilly carried out 
experiments involving tin and sunflowers. She made dishes 
out of the various metals, filled them with rainwater and 
placed seeds from the same sunflower in each. She discov¬ 
ered that the seeds in the tin dish started germinating first 
after only 24 hours, twice as fast as Mercury and over three 
times as fast as lead. 

In another series of experiments Lilly treated the sun¬ 
flower seeds with the seven different metallic salts, from the 
1st to the 60th potency, over 2000 plants in one experiment 
alone. Again, the seeds treated with tin were taller, stronger 
and healthier than the others and, in fact, the sunflowers 
treated with the Sun’s metal gold grew quite poorly. 

To take this study a step further, Lilly also germinated 
seeds during the opposition of Jupiter with the Moon and 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-Demn .ber 1990, Page 3 

during the conjunction of these two planets. Using tin chlo¬ 
ride she discovered that the sunflowers grew much higher and 
better during the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon, than 
during their opposition. Even the control plants in rainwater 
grew better during the conjunction. 

Exactly the same experiments were carried out with other 
plants of Jupiter including marigolds, with Jupiter’s golden- 
yellow flowers, and maple tree seedlings said by Culpeper to 
be ruled by Jupiter. Again the best results were obtained with 
tin chloride at the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon. 

These studies of Lilly’s, done with her husband Eugen, 
which are detailed in their wonderful book Agriculture of 
Tomorrow, give a new perspective to an ancient field of 
knowledge that deserves much wider recognition among 
modem scientists and farmers than it has so far received. 


One of the most interesting things about tin, and some¬ 
thing that sheds some light on the deeper nature of Jupiter’s 
metal is its affinity for silica - first as quartz in the granite 
where tin-veins are found, then again in the organism where 
the shaping processes of tin and silicic acid are intercon¬ 
nected “to create and maintain the boundary between the 
inner and outer world.” High concentrations of tin and silica 
are found in the skin, our own individual physical boundary 
with the world. Silica is also present in the eyes which allow 
the outer light to penetrate within. 

That silica is connected with light is obvious, as anyone 
can see who has gazed into the clear depths of a pure rock 
crystal which, “like a sense organ, is fully open and pervious 
to the cosmic forces, to light, to warmth.” 2 We even find 
silica’s companion tin-ore in crystalline rather than metallic 
form, sometimes transparent but usually discoloured with 
dark-brown or black. 

Silica is found in the organism in the brain and nervous 
system, and it is the biochemical cell salt attributed to the sign 
of Sagittarius ruled by the planet Jupiter. Silica is a substance 
that enables the light forces of the cosmos to permeate the 
body and the earth, as demonstrated by further experiments 
of the Koliskos, and brings to min d one of the most ancient 
names for Jupiter which is Luce tins, the light-bringer. In Italy 
he was worshipped on the summit of high bills closest to the 
sky and the light. 

In the sign for Jupiter the lunar crescent is rising above 
the cross of the four elements, which alchemically symbolizes 
the soul freeing itself from the earth forces and becoming 
receptive to the light of the spirit. 

This is reflected in the qabalistic tradition where Jupiter 
rules the sphere called the ‘Receptive Intelligence,’ the fourth 
cosmic power zone on the Tree of Life. With the image of a 
mighty king - the law-giver - this is described as the sphere 
where the archetypal idea is formed, giving our ability to form 
abstract concepts which are then brought down and ‘earthed’ 
in the world through action, or in occult terms, “it is here the 
adept receives the inspirations which he works out on the 
planes of form.” 5 

The inspiration or light of Jupiter is transmitted through 
his thunderbolt, through the electrical lightning charge he 
hurls toward the earth, as, for example, in the Tibetan system 
through the ceremonial and radionic instrument called the 
dorje, which means ‘thunderbolt.’ In the Hindu tradition he 
takes the form of Indra, the lord of fire and lightning, or the 
Scandanavian Thor with thunderbolt in hand, empowering 
the visions of prophets, philosophers, great teachers, and 

Astrologically Jupiter is said to embody the principle of 
expansion, and individuals with tbteplanet working strongly 
in their horoscopes are expansive; intuitive, jovial, often 
outspoken and eager to explore the world whether intellec¬ 
tually, emotionally or through the senses. The half-animal, 
half-human centaur of Sagittarius perfectly symbolizes the 
dual nature of Jupiter, on one hand expanding and develop¬ 
ing the higher mental and creative powers as Jupiter, the 
teacher or initiator, ‘seeds’ the consciousness of the student 
with the light of higher knowledge and universal laws. 

On the other hand the negative influence of Jupiter 
replaces truth and justice with hypocrisy and tyranny, and 
pleasure of the senses with the greed which drives our con¬ 
sumer society deeper into a staggering debt. Not surprisingly, 
the pleasure-loving Jupiter rules over vineyards and was a 
much celebrated god of wine - but it’s well known that too 
much wine damages Jupiter’s own organ, the liver. 

Amon was the Egyptian Jupiter known in his form of 
Amsu as phallic and virile, like Jupiter who was notorious for 
seducing and impregnating many, many goddesses in the 
Roman pantheon - as tin easily joins to alloy with other 
metals especially giving its strength and hardness to copper, 
the soft metal of Venus. (Curiously, photographs of the giant 
red spot on the planet Jupiter’s surface look remarkably like 
the female sexual organ - on a cosmic scale!) The creative 
energy of Jupiter is said to spiritualize the flesh through the 
tr ansmis sion of his sacred fire (or thunderbolt) of life, the 
energy necessary for the continuation and evolution of the 
human race. 

This recalls Goethe’s observation of the metal tin, whose 
influence ‘opens a door’ and provides a way for the evolution 
and metamorphosis of other metals from primeval rock. 

Without the light of Jupiter, the soul would remain im¬ 
prisoned within the darkness of the earth. 

1. Metal Magic, Mellie Uyldert. Turnstone Press Ltd., England 

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Page 4, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 



by Harry Davis 

The Boeing 707 had just completed 
loading the last passenger, the flight crew 
had finished their pre-flight check, and the 
captain signalled to the ground crewman 
that he was ready to start number one en¬ 
gine. Acknowledging the signal, the ground 
crewman pushed the switch on the control 
panel of the ground equipment aircraft en¬ 
gine starter. Nothing happened! He pushed 
the switch harder. Again nothing happened! 

The crewman yelled to his assistant, 
“Don, check all your connections. We’ve got 
to get this starter rolling. This flight is al¬ 
ready 20 minutes late.” 

The assistant made a quick check and 
yelled back, “Everything okay at this end, 

The lead crewman muttered something 
and again pressed the starter switch. Dead 
as a doornail! He took a quick glance toward 
the cockpit and saw the captain waving his 

“Don,” he yelled. “Get Derby on the 
phone and tell him to get out here right 

In about three minutes a pick-up truck 
appeared in the distance racing toward the 
parked airliner. As the truck came to an 
abrupt stop beside the ground equipment, a 
man jumped out and ran up to the lead 
crewman. The lead man quickly explained 
the situation. The other man stood quietly 
for a moment, his eyes scanning the starter 
and his hands touching the control panel. 

“Okay, Charlie,” he said softly. “We 
have to open the panel There’s a loose wire 

“Let’s do it, Jack,” the lead man replied. 

Both men hurriedly unfastened the 
front of the control panel. Jack took a quick 
glance inside at the maze of complicated- 
looking wiring and instantly spotted a wire 
hanging loosely from a terminal board He 
quickly attached the wire to its proper place 
on the board, stepped back and said, “Okay, 
Charlie. That should do it. Let’s button up 
and start it.” 

The front panel was quickly fastened 
and Charlie pressed the start switch again. 
Immediately, the turbine in the ground 
equipment began to accelerate causing pres¬ 
surized air to fill the pneumatic hose. At that 
point the captain pressed a switch on the 

aircraft permitting the air to flow through 
number one engine. 

Who is this man Jack Derby who can 
diagnose ar correct an electrical problem 
by just looking at and feeling the equipment? 

In 1961 Jack Derby was a young me¬ 
chanic working for a major airline in Tucson, 
Arizona. He had a reputation throughout 
the airlines industry as “Mr. Fix-It” Jack 
was kept busy not only in Tucson keeping 
electrical and mechanical ground equip¬ 
ment working but also in answering calls 
from airlines facilities throughout the coun¬ 
try telling him, “to bring your magic wand 
over here, pronto.” 

However, fixing the equipment was not 
always that easy. In feet, Jack went through 
a period when he literally couldn’t fix even 
the simplest malfunction. But let Jack ex¬ 
plain himself. 

“With the advent of the jet age, we re¬ 
ceived some very highly tech ground equip¬ 
ment for servicing the new jet engines. But 
even though we had little or no technical 
manuals or literature explaining how the 
equipment worked, somehow I could always 
manage to figure out what was wrong and fix 

“My boss was very impressed with my 
ability and wanted to know just how I was 
able to fix things so easily, particularly since I 
had no previous training as an aircraft or 
ground equipment mechanic. I just told him 
that all you needed was a scientific mind and 
a little common sense. Shortly afterward, he 
made me a plant maintenance, automotive 
mechanic, and I was very pleased with my¬ 
self. Then all of a sudden my “fix-it” ability 
left me. I couldn’t fix anything! I even had 
trouble doing a simple tune-up.” 

“Things kept getting worse; and if it 
hadn’t been for my partner Charlie, I would 
probably have been fired. After four 
months, I was really desperate! Oh, I prayed 
but I felt that God wasn’t hearing me. Fi¬ 
nally, one night I happened to open the Bible 
and it leaped out at me in a flash of light: n 
Chronicles, chapter 7, verses 14-17. And as 
I read those verses, I knew then that God had 
heard me because contained in those verses 
was the answer that I had been seeking.” 

“I interpreted those verses as stating 
that a man had to be humble in everything he 

does. To make certain that I knew what 
humbleness was, I decided to try meditating. 
After quieting my mind, I concentrated 
upon the wore humblppess’ and asked God 
what did He mean, ftieard the answer 
immediately. Humbleness is a state of con¬ 
sciousness created when the powers of love 
and wisdom meet in the solar plexus. You 
will definitely feel it when you have it” 

“That night I felt love and wisdom flow¬ 
ing into my solar plexus. I experienced a 
strange sensation of tingling and warmth in 
my stomach area and above, and I knew that 
I was feeling that state of consciousness the 
Voice in my mediation had told me I would 
- humbleness! That night I slept soundly 
and untroubled. The next morning I went to 
work knowing that I had the power of God in 
my heart and my hands. I worked with the 
‘power of humbleness*. I learned to feel it 
Whenever I came upon equipment that 
wasn’t working, I would walk around the 
equipment and thank God, knowing that I 
wasn’t doing the fixing but that it was God 
working through me. I would then touch the 
equipment and it would work. Sometimes it 
was a permanent fix, and other times the fix 
would last long enough to permit the aircraft 
to be dispatched and get the ground equip¬ 
ment back to the shop.” 

For the past twenty-nine years - with 
the help and encouragement of his wife 
Marolyn - Jack has worked steadily to per¬ 
fect his method of going within to contact 
God, or his Higher Self as some would term 
it. Jack does not go into a trance. He calls his 
method of contact “conscious meditation.” 
Probably, In New Age vernacular he would 
be called a conscious medium. 

In addition to being able to consciously 
contact his Higher Self while in the medita¬ 
tive state, Jack believes that he is able to con¬ 
sciously contact disembodied entities who 
have identified themselves as guardian an¬ 
gels or spiritual Masters. Such ability while 
not new is, undoubtedly, rare - or was classi¬ 
fied as rare up until the literal explosion of 
New Age thought and channeling during the 
past ten years. 

Throughout the centuries, there have 
been many recorded instances of living per¬ 
sons talking with “angels” which some 
people would state is another name for dis- 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-December 1990, Page 5 

embodied entities. The bible cites numer¬ 
ous examples of such contacts. Closer to our 
present time, George Washington, our first 
president, is said to have talked with an angel 
who gave him visions of three great wars that 
would engulf the United States. From the 
period of 1919 to 1949, the noted author 
Alice Bailey is reputed to have maintained 
telepathic contact with the Tibetan Master 
Djwhal Kuhl, *uch contact resulting in the 
publication of some twenty-five books on 
esoteric philosophy. 

Two of today’s most noted exponents of 
contact with disembodied entities are the 
Seth series of books by Jane Roberts and the 
publications of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the 
co-founder of the present-day “I AM THAT 
I AM” movement which is reputed to have 
more than a million followers throughout 
the world. Ms. Prophet states that she is in 
contact with various Ascended Masters and 
has published a considerable volume of 
books as well as video and audio tapes re¬ 
portedly documenting such contacts. As to 
be expected, each of the aforementioned 
ladies has her enthusiastic supporters and 
vociferous detractors. One positive reviewer 
states, “that these books reveal a depth and 
breadth of understanding and insight into 
the human psyche of a magnitude beyond 
mere mortal knowledge. These writings are 
truly inspiring and contain a profound mes¬ 
sage for humanity regardless of whom the 
authors may truly be.” On the flip side of the 
philosophical coin there are others who 
think that such books are pure fantasy. 

Because of a driving desire to help 
mankind, Jack says he has been permitted to 
bring forth technical information from his 
spiritual Sources (whom we shall call Teach¬ 
ers) enabling him to design instrumentation 
quite revolutionary in concept and utiliza¬ 
tion. His main developmental achievement 
is an electronic/electro-magnetic type of in¬ 
strument which he calls the Violet Ray Crys¬ 
tal Resonator, or VRCR. The VRCR is 
designed as a high frequency, very low cur¬ 
rent instrument which emits “pulses” of 
what Jack calls “violet” electro-magnetic 
radiation through a specially-designed 
quartz crystal glass electrode. 

In developing his Violet Ray Crystal 
Resonator, Jack had to develop his own 
unique version of a well-known high fre¬ 

quency component called the tesla coil. 
Jack's coil is not wound and assembled ex¬ 
actly like a tesla coil, but it does act like a tesla 
coil in the extremely high voltage amplifica¬ 
tion attained. Jack also studied under the 
tutelage of a British researcher and inventor 
Harry Oldfield (reference THE DARK 
SIDE OF THE BRAIN by Harry Oldfield 
and Roger Coghill, published by Element 
Books, Ltd., Longmead, Shaftesbury, 
Dorset, England). Jack has considerably 
improved upon Oldfield's original “Electro- 
Crystal” system which Oldfield developed in 
the 1970s. 

Jack's Violet Ray Crystal Resonator 
was designed to be used, initially, to balance 
the energy flow at various key locations on 
the human body, such locations being known 
as chakras in eastern philosophical literature 
and, more recently, as power centers in some 
western literature. However, continuous 
improvements in the VRCR design now 
enable it to be used, also, as an educational 
tool for raising the level of one’s conscious 

Using a sensitive sound level meter eas¬ 
ily obtained from Radio Shack, Jack is able 
to measure the noise level of sound waves 
emitted by the human body. Jack gives an 
easily understandable, practical demonstra¬ 
tion that the radiation transmitted by the 
VRCR is absorbed by the body, such energy 
absorption causing a change in the noise 
level measurements as detected by the 
sound level meter. 

For example, with the VRCR turned on 
and transmitting, the subject holds the glass 
electrode in one hand. Jack will then hold 
the sound level meter adjacent to a desig¬ 
nated “neutral” point on the subject’s body 
and check the reading as shown by the me ter. 
In most cases Jack is able to adjust the out¬ 
put of the VRCR so that the pointer of the 
meter will hold steady at the mid-point of 
zero when the meter range setting is at 80 
decibels. Jack will then move the meter to 
positions on the body where the chakras are 
supposed to be located, and the reading of 
the meter is checked again at each of these 
positions. Jack has found that the meter 
readings at these various positions will usu¬ 
ally vary between zero and plus or minus 4. 
Depending upon the position and its corre¬ 
sponding meter reading the VRCR output is 

adjusted to the desired frequency band and 
modulation frequency. The subject contin¬ 
ues to hold the glass electrode for a few 
moments; then that position is checked 
again with the meter. Again, in practically 
every case Jack has encountered and regard¬ 
less how much the meter pointer was to the 
left or right of the zero point when the first 
meter reading was taken, this second meter 
reading will show the pointer to be at the 
zero point. 

In additioniomaking measurements at 
body locations corresponding to the various 
chakras, measurements are also made at 
points adjacent to various organs and at acu¬ 
puncture points. Jack believes that these 
measurements give an indication of the bal¬ 
ance or imbalance of the body's so-called 
“bio-electric field” at each measured point. 
In the foregoing example, when the second 
meter reading indicates zero, Jack will tell 
you that the energy flow of the body's bio¬ 
electric field at that particular point is in 

There is another demonstration that 
Jack gives during his lecture that some 
people would consider “mind blowing” and 
some scientists would consider impossible or 
“poppycock.” And just why is such a demon¬ 
stration so startling and controversial? Be¬ 
cause Jack says the demonstration is de¬ 
signed to substantiate the statement that the 
VRCR can amplify a person's thought 
waves! But you realty have to see that dem¬ 
onstration and decide for yourself. 

Jack Derby recently celebrated his 
thirty-third year as a mechanic for that same 
major airline in Tucson. He still uses his Mr. 
Fix-It ability to keep the jet engine ground 
equipment working property which, in turn, 
keeps those large commercial airliners safety 
flying. During his “leisure” time, Jack con¬ 
tinues to use his special talents to improve 
upon his Violet Ray Crystal Resonator as 
well as invent other New Age type of instru¬ 
mentation aimed at benefitting mankind. 

For those interested in contacting Jack 
and obtaining further information about the 
Violet Ray Crystal Resonator and other 
New Age products that Jack has invented, he 
may be reached at the following address: 
2762 W. Desert Crest Drive, Tucson, Ari¬ 
zona 85713. Telephone: (602) 624-5355. 

t t 



Page 6, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

An Apparatus For 


Buryi Payne 

A simple apparatus has been discovered 
which can be used to detect direct emana¬ 
tions from the visible planets, Sun and 
Moon. The apparatus is shown in Figure 1 
mounted on a six-inch reflecting telescope. 
It is simply a five inch diameter, six foot long 
stove pipe with an automotive funnel at the 
end. The funnel, available at Sears automo¬ 
tive stores, has a flexible metal tube. A clock 
drive keeps the device focused on the object 
of interest. The detecting substance is a 
small amount of water in a glass bottle at¬ 
tached to the end of the flexible tube. 

The present means of detection is taste. 


The basic idea for this device came from 
the study of the work of Wilhelm Reich’s 
writings on Orgone energy and cloud- 
busters. What Reich called Orgone energy 
strongly interacted with water. His cloud- 
busters were long metal tubes pointed at 
clouds and attached by hollow flexible BX 
cables to running water. Reich claimed that 
the water had to be running in order to move 
the Orgone energy. According to Reich this 
apparatus altered the Orgone energy of the 
local atmosphere and could produce rain, as 
he demonstrated on several occasions. 

In seeking a way to validate the notions 
of astrology, the author formulated the hy¬ 
pothesis that planets could be giving off ema¬ 
nations of some sort which Reich’s cloud- 
buster could detect. The author thought 
that perhaps Reich’s cloudbusters were ac¬ 
tually picking up emanations from planets or 
celestial objects and not from clouds as he 

Instead of allowing the energy or what¬ 
ever to dissipate in running water, it seemed 
more worthwhile to collect it, if possible, for 


The first device was constructed about 
1973. The stove pipe in the first device was 
only three feet long. A tiny hole in the funnel 
near the exit tube allowed the observer to 
focus on the planet of interest. Later the 
stove pipe was wrapped with a wool blanket 
following Reich’s work with Orgone accu¬ 
mulators which used layers of soft iron and 
wool to accumulate Orgone energy. The wa¬ 
ter was held in a small metal, glass, or plastic 

bottle attached by a couple of strips of velcro 
to the end of the funnel. This initial appara¬ 
tus called “The Moon Gun” by my friends, 
had to be moved every few minutes to keep 
the planet within focus. 

Another version of the “Moon Gun” 
consisted of 4 iron pipes, two inches in di¬ 
ameter and eight feet long and connected 
together by a stainless steel bowl with a short 
piece of flexible metal conduit to guide the 
planetary emanations into the sample water 
bottle. This device was quite heavy, but 
could be moved in two directions by a swivel 
and frame arrangement. Rather bizarre 
looking, as it sat in the front lawn for several 
years, it seemed to be successful at keeping 
intruders off the property -- a sort of scien¬ 
tific scarecrow. 

Yet another version of the “Moon Gun” 
was made by arranging 60 feet of 3/4 inch 
diameter copper pipe into a spiral helix. The 
wide end of the spiral was about 6 feet in 
diameter and the length of the helix was 
about 9 feet. The pipe was simply bent 
straight back at the apex and a pan of water 
was placed in contact with the pipe. This 
version was immovable. It was tied between 
a tree and a telephone pole on the garage 
roof, with the open end pointed at the plane 
of the ecliptic. It was rather inconvenient to 
use as it required getting up at the hour of 
the night when the planet of interest was 
within the focus of the spiral. It was viewed 
with some suspicion by neighbors and tele¬ 
phone officials but no dire consequences 


All the devices worked. Effects, as indi¬ 
cated by changes in taste were noticed after 
about twenty minutes exposure. Drinking 
the water produced psychophysiological ef¬ 
fects within 10 to 20 minutes. 

However taste changes or effects were 
not invariably present: sometimes they were 
very noticeable, and at other times they were 
barely observable or non-existent. Many 
different tests were made over a period of 
more than ten years. Observations so far 
should be considered more like a pilot study; 
however they are reported here so that 
someone with more time or facilities might 
build on them. It was hoped that some way 
to increase the effect might be discovered, 

which would enable a more systematic analy¬ 
sis to be undertaken, and chemical tests of 
the water to be made. So far this hasn’t 
happened, but perhaps some reader will hit 
upon an improvement in the design which 
would make the effects much stronger. 

The data is organized into observations 
made on the Sun, Moon, and some of the 
planets. The data reported below was taken 
from my note books made over more than 
ten years time from three different locations 
in Massachusetts - Framingham, Boston, 
and Manomet 


Nov. 1,1974,12 noon. Just completed 
the 4-barrelled version. Directed it at the 
Sun for 20 minutes and both myself and my 
friend who helped build the instrument, 
drank the water. Within 15 minutes we both 
felt like taking a nap, and fell asleep on 
cushions on the living room floor. Although 
we had been up late working on it, it is rare 
for me to take naps. 

Summer, 1975. Gave water, which had 
been exposed to the Sun, to my son, aged 6, 
who had measles and was supposed to be 
quiet and in bed and would not do so. He 
quickly fell asleep and slept all afternoon. 

Fall, 1975. Exposed water to Sun for 20 
minutes and gave it to a friend with no expla¬ 
nation or mention of its source. She drank it 
and fell asleep for two hours. 

Jan. 18, 1976. Tap water samples ex¬ 
posed in device to Sun radiation appeared 
cloudy after 20 minutes exposure. This 
water, like most water used in the experi¬ 
ments, was in a glass bottle. 

March, 1978. Pointed short tube and 4- 
barrelled device at the Sun. It was the day of 
the full moon and there was a lunar eclipse. 
The water tasted terrible! Five observers 
were present and all agreed that the water 
had a strong, unpleasant taste. The water 
produced a temporary feeling of nausea 
when drunk. When one observer com¬ 
mented that the water tasted like burnt rub¬ 
ber, everyone, including me, emphatically 
agreed. The taste was very strong. No 
rubber like material was anywhere near or in 
the device. 

People were generally upset at the time 
of this eclipse. Almost everyone I had con¬ 
tact with on this day felt mildly ill, irritable, or 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-December 1990, Page 7 

‘out of sorts*. 

Many water samples were exposed. It 
was found that a metal cover over the front 
of the tube stopped the effect However a 
control bottle of water left sitting in the 
driveway showed the same taste difference 
although to a lesser degree. An ordinary 
metal funnel, propped up in the shade with 
its stem in a bottle of water produced some 
mild taste of‘burnt rubber*. Placing a cork at 
the end of the funnel stem stopped the taste 
effect Simply leaving a bottle of water sitting 
for an hour in the kitchen showed a mild 
taste, but putting a bottle in the refrigerator 
completely eliminated any taste difference. 

This was an unusual and, for many, a 
difficult day. Probably 
all water everywhere 
was altered around the 
time of this lunar 

Prior to 1980, ob¬ 
servations were made 
with either the 4-bar- 
relled device or the 
short cloudbuster de¬ 
vice. After that year 
the longer tube 
mounted on a tele¬ 
scope support was 
used (Figure 1). 

Jan. 26,1980. Di¬ 
rected the apparatus 
(Figure 1) at the Sun 
which was just rising. A 
strong taste was notice¬ 
able in the water. (IPs 
very difficult to de¬ 
scribe these tastes in 
any meaningful way. 

About the most that I can record is their 
strength.) No effects were noticed from 
drinking the water. 

As a control, left a sample bottle of 
water open at the top, in the shade. No taste 
was noticeable after 30 minutes. 

Then directed the apparatus at the Sun, 
now much higher in the sky, and observed a 
strong, but different taste in the water. 

As another type of control I pointed the 
instrument at the pine trees and left it for one 
hour. The water tasted like pine trees! I was 
so amazed by this that at first I thou ght it was 
my imagination. However it was a very clear 
and strong taste. (A pine tree taste was not 
observed on another occasion.) 

Left the device pointed at the sky above 
the horizon where the Sun had risen earlier. 
The clock drive was not engaged. After sev¬ 
eral hours exposure the water had a strong 
and peculiar taste. 

Followingthis I pointed the device at the 
wall of the house and left it for over an hour. 
There was a slight taste in the water. 

Then I moved the apparatus to where I 
judged Venus should be, knowing from the 
table how far it was from the Sun. A strong 
taste was noticeable. 

All tastes today were strong and differ¬ 
ent from each other. 

Sunday, Jan. 27, 1980. Pointed the 
apparatus at the Sun which was about 10° 
above the horizon. A strong taste was ob¬ 

Left apparatus pointed at the same 
place above the horizon although the Sun 
had moved on. After a 35 minute exposure 

Figure 1 

only a slight taste (similar in quality to the 
previous taste effect) was noticeable. 

Left apparatus pointed at the same 
place (10° above the horizon) for two hours. 
A mild taste was present in the water. No 
noticeable effects were observed from 
drinking the water. 

Possibly the strong tastes observed on 
the previous day were related to more solar 
and geomagnetic activity. From the solar- 
geophysical data records published by 
NOAAI found: “[solar] Region 2245 pro¬ 
duced a class X2 X-ray burst on 27 January 
with maximum at 11:52 Universal Time.** 
Sunspot number went from 103 on Jan. 25th 
to 153 on Jan. 26th and 160 on Jan. 27th. 

March 1, 1980. There was a lunar 
eclipse at 4 pm. Pointed the gun at the Sun 
at sunrise. The taste was described as 
“thick” by an observer. No psychophysiol- 
ogical effects noticed. At 12:30 noon re¬ 

peated the observation. A strong taste was 
again apparent. 

At 2:30 pm repeated the test. Mean¬ 
while the sky had become hazy, and the tube 
had drifted slightly off focus. No noticeable 
taste and no effect on me. 

August 9,1980. At 3 pm aimed smaller 
device at the Sun. It was one day before a 
solar eclipse. No apparent taste was noticed, 
but afterwards I was so sleepy I couldn’t 
concentrate on my work, although I forced 
myself to stay 4wake. It was one of the 
hottest days of summer. Finally at 6:301 did 
take a nap. 

August 10, 1980, 11 am. Sun water 
(from the apparatus) produced a slight taste 

- not pleasant - and no 
effects noticed from 
drinking it 

The daily Sunspot 
number went from 
139, (on August 7) to 
142,154, and reached a 
minor peak of 169 on 
August 10. 

February 18, 
1981. Set up both 
short and long tube 
devices to point at the 
Sun. (It was near the 
time of the full moon.) 
A 30 minute exposure 
produced a strong ac¬ 
rid taste. My stomach 
felt slightly upset about 
15 minutes later. 

I pointed one ap¬ 
paratus at the sky, the 
other one at rock steps 
asacontrol. Iexpected 
no taste if it was the Sun which was radiating 
something into the tube, but after a 25 min¬ 
ute exposure strong but different tastes were 
noticeable from the water from both de¬ 
vices. As a second control I stuffed towels in 
the end of both tubes and left them for one 
hour. Both water samples still tasted differ¬ 
ent from a control bottle of water left sitting 
on a nearby rock. 

From the NOAA reports I found that 
Sunspot number was on the increase this 
day; the geomagnetic activity was low and 
the 2800 mHz (10.7 cm) radiation from the 
Sun was at a relative peak. (See observations 
following under “Moon” on this same date - 
Feb. 18,1981.) 

September 10,1981. Aimed big appara¬ 
tus at the Sun. It was nearing the time of the 
full moon. I noticed a slight taste difference 
in the water, but two observers did not notice 
any difference between a control water 

Page 8, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

sample which had been sitting nearby and 
the test samples which were from the appa¬ 
ratus. Repeated the test observations three 
times with no positive results. 

Full Moon, Feb. 14, 1976. Concen¬ 
trated emanations in sample bottle of water 
using smallest apparatus. It tasted like tap 
water which it was. After a few minutes I felt 
slightly nauseous. Did not notice any psy- 
chophysiological effects. 

Many full Moon observations were 
made in the early years which generally gave 
the same effects - a slight feeling of nausea 
after drinking the water. Sometimes a taste 
change was evident and sometimes not. 

March 1,1981. Full Moon eclipse and 
Moon conjunct Mars and Jupiter. The water 
had a noticeable taste, and no psychophysiol- 
ogical effects. 

December 20,1980. Water exposed to 
the full Moon this evening had no apparent 
taste, but I felt buoyant afterwards even 
though I had been driving into the city with 
traffic hassles all day. Sitting by the fire, I was 
feeling cheerful and optimistic. Since usually 
after a day of city traffic I would feel tired, 
this was unusual. 

February 18, 1981. A very bright and 
not unpleasant full moon for most people. 
At 7 pm I exposed the water in the collector 
bottle to the Moon’s emanations for 20 
minutes, then drank it. No discernible taste. 
I felt slightly tipsy, spaced, and was scared of 
my friend’s driving as we left in the car. I felt 
I needed to hold on, hold together - never 
had this experience before. 

April 13, 1981. Pointed apparatus at 
Moon at 7 pm. Moon was not full. A definite 
taste was noticed; not a good taste. No 
noticeable effects. According to NOAA 
reports the geomagnetic field showed rapid 
fluctuations on this day. 

April 18, 1981. Moon nearly full and 
partially obscured by clouds. Noticeable 
taste, but no psychophysiological effects. 

July 6, 1982. There was to be a lunar 
eclipse in the early morning of the next day. 
About 10 pm I set up the apparatus with a 
new funnel which had been washed in the 
automatic dishwasher to clear it of the film of 
oil present when it was purchased. 

After 20 minutes exposure to the Moon, 
a taste difference was clearly apparent. An 
unpleasant taste, hard to describe or com¬ 
pare with common tastes. I repeated the 
water exposure to the Moon several times. 
Two observers present also confirmed a 
clear taste difference. Around 11 pm I drank 
the water from the last test period and went 
to prepare for bed. My wife said: “Your 
energy is funny - You’re kind of intrusive.” 

I did feel slightly energetic and bumbly - 
kind of scattered and irritable. 

At 2:15 am I arose to make observations 
at the time of the eclipse. The Moon was 
about 2/3 covered when I went outside. The 
apparatus had been tracking the Moon all 
night with water in the sample bottle for 
about three hours. It had a much stronger 
taste than it had earlier in the evening and of 
the same quality - not a pleasant taste. I 
drank the entire bottle, then filled it again 
and drank it after twelve minutes exposure 
to the full Moon which was now totally 
eclipsed. No obvious psychophysiological 
effects noticed. I stayed up the rest of the 
night, making several tests. The water con¬ 
tinued to have a strong taste at every test 
made until dawn. 


June 17,1980. There was a New Moon 
conjunct Neptune, square Saturn. At Noon 
a sample of water was exposed to the Sun for 
about 35 minutes. I drank the water which 
tasted acrid and bitter and went inside to 
type. About 12 minutes later I became irri¬ 
table. Hearing some terrible singer on the 
radio I swore, screamed and angrily shut the 
radio off, then drove away in my car. As I was 
driving I was fantasizing punching some guy 
who had slightly irritated me about some¬ 
thing. About four miles up the road I psy¬ 
chologically woke up! I realized what had 
happened. I had drunk that water! When I 
had that realization the anger left me and I 
completed my errand and planned to repeat 
the experiment. 

At 4 pm I repeated the experiment. The 
water did not taste as strong as previously. I 
made a mental resolution to go down to the 
beach and throw rocks if I felt irritable. I 
went to my lab to work. Again, in about 15 
minutes I became very irritable, completely 
forgetting my drinking the water and my 
resolve to throw rocks. Again the radio was 
on and I found a commercial so irritating I 
swore at the radio and angrily turned it off. 
Then I remembered the experiment, the 
water, and my resolve to go throw rocks. 

It was amazing, upon recollection, to 
notice how the mood change took me over, 
subtly and unawares. I just seemed to drift 
from a normal pleasant mood to one of great 
irritability without the slightest awareness. 

This was the strongest psychological 
effect I ever obtained from the water 
samples exposed in my devices. 

A control sample made by pointing the 
instrument at the sky had no taste or effect 
on me. Later I did recall that a radio astrolo¬ 

ger had stated that this would be an angry 
new moon. 

June 17, (year not noted). Moon two 
days old in Leo near a bright star, and 5° 
from Jupiter. Strong taste was observed 
from both smaller and larger apparatus. 
Noticed a continuously rising galvanic skin 
response from biofeedback equipment al¬ 
though I attempted to relax. No subjective 

October 6,1984,9 am. Pointed instru¬ 
ment at Sun-Moon a&4t was a new moon. 
Drank the water after 45 minutes exposure. 
After about 15 minutes I felt peculiar - kind 
of woozy and unfocused, as if I’d had three 
glasses of wine. After about 15 minutes this 
feeling dissipated. 

Refilled the sample bottle and after 40 
minutes exposure, gave the water to a visitor. 
She felt “high” in about 10 minutes and the 
effect disappeared when she swam in the 
cold ocean water ten minutes later. 


After the Sun and Moon, Venus was the 
most predominate planet to study. Effects 
were noticed in the first years, although no 
specific notes were made. On several occa¬ 
sions the water tasted metallic. I sometimes 
felt a little giddy, as if I’d had a glass of wine. 
One time the exposed water was given to a 
female friend. She too, experienced some 
giddiness, and a metallic taste. 

To test whether or not suggestion could 
be operating, the following night Venus was 
again bright and I set up the apparatus, and 
a few minutes later brought the sample of 
water to her, exclaiming how brilliant Venus 
was; that the effect should be very strong and 
wonderful this nite, etc. Then I let her drink 
the water, which was plain tap water, and left 
the room. Returning 30 minutes later I 
asked her what happened. She said she 
didn’t notice anything. “Sorry to disappoint 
you, Buryi, but I didn’t feel anything.” 

Some specific comments from my note¬ 
books follow: 

Jan 12, (year not noted), 5:40 pm. 
Venus was the highest and brightest for the 
six month period. There was a slight taste 
and after drinking the water I felt kind of 
excited and zippy. 

Jan 26,1980,6 pm. Pointed the instru¬ 
ment at Venus. The water had a strong 
taste. (On this date all tests made showed 
effects - sunspots were on the increase.) 

March 19, 1980. Moon was conjunct 
Venus. No taste in sample water. 

August 13,1980. Arose at 4 am to make 
a test. Venus was very bright. The water 
tasted terrible. I went back to sleep and had 

The Journal of Borderland Research Novernber-December 1990 , Page 9 

a sexy dream - a rare event for me. 

October 5,1980,6 am. Moon was con¬ 
junct Venus. It was foggy. There was a 
noticeable taste difference, but no psy- 
chophysiological effect. I may have pointed 
the tube incorrectly since I later noticed the 
telescope used to sight on the planet was 
slightly out of line with the tube. 

November 26, 1984. Moon conjunct 
both Venus and Jupiter; a lovely sight. I 
exposed the water for about 20 minutes. 
Noticed a metallic taste, and about 15 min¬ 
utes later I felt sad. Just listening to the news 
on the radio triggered some crying. I had felt 
kind of quiet and low all day. 

November 29, 1986, 5:30 am. Moon 
conjunct Venus which was very bright at half 
phase low in the Eastern sky. The Moon was 
about 4° underneath Venus and 1° South. 
Made an exposure for 20 minutes. There 
appeared to be a slight taste just on the 
surface of the water sample (something I 
had often noticed - a surface taste only). 
There were no noticeable psychophysiologi- 
cal effects. 

The test was repeated but with the tele¬ 
scope focused on the Moon which was two 
days before new. No noticeable taste, but 
my heart felt sore. Could I be imagining this? 
Chest area around the heart was not really 
sore, just much feeling - a tightness. A few 
minutes later happened to read something 
which triggered crying. 

I would have considered this experience 
to be personal and irrelevant until I hap¬ 
pened to look at my notebook and see the 
similarity with the test made almost exactly 
two years before. 


Initial observations on Jupiter, espe¬ 
cially when Jupiter was close to Earth, pro¬ 
duced a taste characteristically different 
from Venus, Sun, or Moon. On two occa¬ 
sions the water tasted ‘punky* or ‘swampy*. 
Only two weeks after these observations 
Science News carried a report that sulphur 
had been detected in the radio emissions of 

Sometimes the water from Jupiter 
tasted good and seemed to have a beneficial 
effect on the drinker. I noticed that a slightly 
upset stomach cleared up immediately after 
drinking Jupiter water. One time a pot had 
been placed for about an hour at the end of 
the large copper spiral device while Jupiter 
had been in view. 

An associate came into the office about 
8 pm, said she wasn’t feeling well. I gave her 
a glass of Jupiter water to drink without 
telling her what it was. About 30 minutes 

Page 10, November-December 1990 

later she asked what was in the water. She 
said she felt better. If this were only one 
isolated incident, it could have been dis¬ 
missed, but it happened several times. 


In 1980 Jupiter and Saturn were within 
a few degrees of each other. A number of 
tests were made during this year and some of 
the observations from my notebook are re¬ 
corded below. 

December 20, 1980. Full Moon Eve¬ 
ning. Returned home from a party at 2:40 
am, tired and sleepy, especially after a 45 
minute car ride. At 3 am I drank the water 
which had been exposed for 25 minutes to 
the combined effect of Jupiter and Saturn. 
No taste was apparent. I took a shower and 
went to bed, but could not sleep for over one 
hour - very restless. 

December 31,1980,5 am. The time of 
closest approach of Jupiter to Saturn was at 
4 pm that afternoon. There was no apparent 
taste to the water after exposure to emana¬ 
tions of Jupiter and Saturn simultaneously, 
but afterwards I felt frustrated. I could not 
definitely say the effect was due to the water 
which I had drunk, but I was angry, frus¬ 
trated, upset, and pacing around the room. 
If it had not been 10° outside I would have 
gone for a run. 

February 16,1981. Pointed both large 
and small devices at Jupiter and Saturn. No 
noticeable effects. But is was hard to be sure 
of their aim. 

February 17, 1981, in the evening. 
Water did not have any taste, but I felt 
charged up and eager to work. Stayed up 

February 18,1981. Same effect noticed. 
It was later in the evening when I made the 

As these planets separated I could easily 
differentiate between the two with the in¬ 

July 9, 1982. First set the scope on 
Jupiter and found water sample had a very 
slight taste. Then changed the water sample 
bottle to be sure there was no contamina¬ 
tion, and thoroughly rinsed the end of the 

Then the scope was focused on Saturn. 
After 20 minutes I observed a distinctly dif¬ 
ferent taste-kind of bitter-metallic. This is 
a familiar taste observed in the water from 
these tests, but many controls have shown it 
is not coming from the metal end of the 
funnel. Although the tastes were different I 
didn’t notice any psychophysical reactions 
from either the Jupiter or the Saturn water 
on this occasion. 

• • \ 

The Journal of Borderland Research 


April 13,1981. Aimed the apparatus at 
the Moon and made a 20 minutes exposure. 
A clearly different taste was observed com¬ 
pared with the control sample - not a good 
taste. No noticeable effect on me. 

Then focused the instrument on Saturn. 
A clearly different taste was noticed. Muscle 
testing showed no weakness on Saturn wa¬ 
ter, yet three observers agreed that there 
were taste differences between Saturn, the 
Moon, and the Control water. 


June 17,1980, 930 pm. First made a 
test on the Moon and Jupiter which were 
conjunct, followed by a test on Mars. Com¬ 
pletely different tastes were observed. No 
psychophysiological effects noticeable. 

As a control I pointed the apparatus 
randomly at the stars. After a 30 minutes 
exposure, the water exhibited no change in 


Jan 12,6:35 am. (Year not noted.) Ac¬ 
cording to the ephemeris the Moon was 
conjunct Pluto. It was hazy and the Moon 
was waning; only 1/4 strong. Left water for 
20 minutes. The taste was smokey, not espe¬ 
cially a good taste. No noticeable effect, 
except possibly a little mental fuzziness. 


May 6,1981. Magnets were placed at 
the open end of the tube. The apparatus was 
pointed at the sky. A slight taste was ob¬ 
served after 20 minutes. A control test with 
no magnets also produced a taste, but less 
strong. A second control with no magnets 
again produced a rusty taste. Presumable 
this was because the funnel was rusty and 
needed replacing. But a rusty taste had not 
been noticed before. 

May 7,1981. Left the sample bottle on 
the apparatus overnight with the South poles 
of four cylindrical magnets pointing inwards. 
The magnets held themselves in place on the 
soft iron stove pipe. They were about 1 inch 
diameter and 5 inches long - estimated field 
strength several thousand gauss each. A 
strong taste was noticeable. 

Aimed the device at the foggy sky, ori¬ 
ented about 40° up and towards the South¬ 
east Left it for about three hours, during 
which period, the sky cleared and then re¬ 
fogged. The water had a strong taste. 

Leaving the instrument in position, I 
stuffed the opening with a towel. Three 
hours later the water tasted the same as a 

control bottle which had been sitting on a 
nearby bulkhead. 

May 8, 1981. Tastes were noticeable 
with everything I did today. Magnets at the 
end of the tube or no magnets, with the tube 
pointed at the sky, at the Sun, at flowers, at 
the house. Sunspot activity was at a relative 
peak on May 8th. 

May 17,1981. I placed distilled water 
such that light from the telescope would 
shine in the water and placed a second 
sample bottle as usual at the end of the 
funnel. There was no noticeable taste to the 
water exposed to the light from the tele¬ 
scope, but there was a taste in the water from 
the funnel. This observation was verified by 
an independent observer as well. 

Well water (which has iron in it at my 
home) produced a much stronger taste 
(acrid and bitter) than distilled water. Again 
there was no taste difference noticed in the 
water exposed at the end of the telescope. 


Some of the facts which have emerged 
from this work are listed below: 

1. There is some emanation which ap¬ 
pears to be originating from the Sun, Moon, 
and at least some of the planets. 

2. The emanations interact with water. 

3. The emanations have some connec¬ 
tion with solar activity and/or geomagnetic 

4. The water is affected. Sometimes it 
tastes different, and/or sometimes it pro¬ 
duces psychophysiological effects when it is 

5. The effects are different from the 
different planets. 

Since our Sun appears to be a strong 
source of the emanations, presumably all 
stars produce similar emanations. Since we 
are 65% water, drink water, and breathe 
water vapor along with air, we are presuma¬ 
bly being continuously affected by the ema¬ 
nations from the Sun, Moon, planets, and all 
the stars. 

The observation that water exposed to 
the Sun in the apparatus, made people 
sleepy was puzzling at first, but seems to fit 
with the common observation that after sun¬ 
bathing people become sleepy. Sleep has 
always been a mystery. It is a very powerful 
drive. Perhaps this work provides an impor¬ 
tant bit of new information. 

Effects from the planets on water may 
follow somewhat traditional astrological 
notions. This does seem to offer a means for 
validating such notions, but of course it will 
take some time. 

In another experiment I set two glasses 
of water on two coils of wire pulsed with 
direct current. Each glass of water was ex¬ 
posed to a different magnetic pole. A third 
glass served as a control. Taste differences 
were usually noticeable in the water. Tastes 
were similar to those observed from some of 
the planets, however it is difficult to verbalize 
or categorize tastes. 

Magnetic fields have been found to alter 
chemical reactions. A Swedish company 
manufactures a magnet treating apparatus 
for reducing calcium deposits in boilers. 

No chemical tests were made on water 
samples from the instruments described in 
this paper. It was found that this would be 
prohibitively expensive. 

Water is not a simple substance. Be¬ 
sides the known forms of liquid, solid, and 
gas, water molecules can form complex 
loose structures that are not well under¬ 
stood. In liquid form some of the molecules 
ionize, some form hypermolecules, and 
probably many other different complex pat¬ 
terns. Biologists speak of “living water” or 
“structured water”. The dynamics of the 
living cells may superimpose a structure on 
water making it suitable for some purpose of 
which we are unaware. This may be a con¬ 
stantly changing pattern and different within 
different cells and tissues. Water in the air is 
different from water in lakes and ponds and 
rivers which is again different from water in 
the oceans. Water is the most dynamic 
compound on the planet. 

Magnetic fields may indirectly affect 
water thru the mechanism of altering the 
hydrogen proton which is the nucleus of the 
hydrogen atom. Under the influence of a 
varying or oscillating magnetic field the hy¬ 
drogen proton swings to and fro. It gives off 
a low frequency pulse of around 2700 Hz 
(called the hydrogen precession frequency). 
This conceivably could influence events 
within our bodies or produce some changes 
at the molecular level. (Payne, 1984) 

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) 
imaging techniques make use of similar ef¬ 
fects. Perhaps protons of other atoms are 
also affected by geomagnetic storms. Al¬ 
though the effects would be small, they could 
be significant for a biological organism. 

At times of heightened sunspot activity, 
solar flares and events occur on the Sun 
which increase the solar wind flow and pro¬ 
duce turbulence in Earth’s magnetic field. 
This in turn may alter hydrogen protons 
within water and other organic compounds 
and produce subtle heretofore unrecog¬ 
nized effects. Many different researchers 

have found associations between crimes, 
riots, accidents, illnesses, psychotic episodes, 
and wars and solar and planetary magnetic 
activity. There is also a link between geo¬ 
magnetic activity and weather. Interactions 
with the hydrogen proton in high altitude 
clouds may be a factor in this as well. 


Many research topics come to mind and 
a few are listed below:^ ** 

1. Is this a different form of energy? Or 
just a different form of magnetism? 

2. Is it unique to living organisms? 

3. Can the water exposed to the emana¬ 
tions be stored? 

4. How can the effects be amplified or 

5. Can specific emanations be detected 
from Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto? From 
Mercury? From the stars or the galactic 

6. Many pulsars oscillate at frequencies 
near those common to the human brain. 
They also have enormous magnetic fields. 
Can they produce effects on hydrogen pro¬ 


This preliminary work is merely explora¬ 
tory. There are many variables and un¬ 
knowns which need to be untangled one by 
one in some systematic manner if possible. 
It’s premature to make any definite conclu¬ 
sions at the present time. This could take 
years of research and is beyond the powers of 
one person. Therefore it is hoped that oth¬ 
ers will carry these simple experiments for¬ 
ward in their own creative ways. Since the 
apparatus is so simple, anyone can make 
original discoveries. It should be an exciting 
scientific adventure! 


Payne, B., A New Instrument for Detecting 
a Biological Energy Field . Am. Journal of 
Acupuncture, Dec. 1983. 

Payne, B., The Sounds of Earth’s Magnetic 
Field, It’s Influence on Health and Wars . 
Ear Magazine of New Music, 9 (4) Dec. 

Reich, W., Selected Writings , Farrar, 
Straus, and Giroux, N.Y. 1973. 

Buryi Payne is the author of THE BODY 
MAGNETIC ($14 postpaid) and makes 
magnetic field instruments. He can be 
reached at 848 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-December 1990, Page 11 


Larry Spring, 225 Redwood Ave. 


In my first article published in the 
Journal of Borderland Research September- 
October, 1990,1 mentioned several personal 
observations revealed to me by the radiated 
magnetic energy itself. First and foremost it is 
important to recognize the speed of light at 
approximately 300,000 kilometers (186,000 
miles) per second in a vacuum. This same 
speed holds for all radiated magnetic energy 
including radio, television, infrared heat, 
visible light, x-rays and gamma rays to name a 
few. Speed in air is approximately the same as 
in a vacuum. This speed I verified by 
measuring in 1954. 

The next important factor is “time”, 
which is usually described in seconds. It is the 
same time as measured by your watch. 

At 186,000 miles per second radiated 
magnetic energy can travel 3 inches in 1/ 
4,000,000,000 second (one 4 billionth of a 
second). Three inches is the peak to peak 
wavelength of the C band satellite TV down 
link transmission. In 1/60,000,000 (one 60 
millionth) of a second radiated magnetic 
energy can travel 16 feet (192 inches). This is 
the frequency and wavelength of television 
Channel 3. Mid range of visible white light 
has a frequency of approximately 
600,000,000,000,000 (600 trillion) times a 
second which at the speed of light determines 
its wavelength of approximately 1/50,000 
inch (one fifty thousandth of an inch). In 
metric that would be about 0.55 microns. 

When I say wavelength I use it as a unit of 
measure only. When I say foot I use that also 
as a unit of measure. I am not talking about 
your foot Electromagnetic energy in 1985 
revealed itself to me as spherical units of 
radiated magnetic energy in an infinite range 
of sizes from tiny gamma rays to AM radio, 
and beyond in both directions, and every¬ 
where in between. A white light photon mid 
range is about 1/100,000 inch (one 100 thou¬ 
sandth of an inch) in diameter. 


By closely measuring the spherical units 
of magnetic energy, by running them through 

Ft. Bragg, CA 95437 

various sized wire mesh, like screening gravel, 
I, Larry Spring, determined them to be the 
1/2 wavelength in diameter. This made sense 
as they were being formed by an alternating 
electrical current running back and forth in a 
1/2 wavelength resonant electrical current 
conducting rod. The magnetic field forming 
around the conductor as per Hans Christian 
Oersted’s right hand rule was cast off by the 
reverse polarity magnetic field forming inside 
of it as the electrical current and field re¬ 
versed direction in the conducting rod. 

The electrical field is tied to the electron 
and effectively repels other electrons without 
the electrons actually bumping (like charged 
particles repel). The electrons travel in a 
metal conducting wire and the electrical cur¬ 
rent field travels in and around the conduc¬ 
tor, while the magnetic field is driven away 
mainly at right angles to the electrical field’s 
path traveling in and around the conductor. 
This high speed radiated magnetic field trav¬ 
eling at 186,000 miles per second can dupli¬ 
cate an alternating electrical current in any 
conductor it crosses, providing this conduc¬ 
tor is lying in a position to cut the magnetic 
lines of force of the spherical units of energy 
that are radiated from the transmitting con¬ 
ductor in alternating magnetic polarity as 
formed around an alternating electrical cur¬ 
rent carrying rod or wire. 


This wide variety of sizes gives rise to a 
wide variety of actions. 4GHz (4 billion vibra¬ 
tions per second) satellite transmitted units 
of magnetic energy will bounce accurately 
from sandpaper as the energy unit is the same 
size as a ping pong ball that bounces accu¬ 
rately from a sandpaper coated ping pong 
paddle. Light photons of 1/100,000 inch in di¬ 
ameter slamming onto sandpaper at 186,000 
miles per second will scatter in all directions 
as dictated by the surfaces of the tiny grains of 
sand. It takes a mirror finish to uniformly 
bounce photons of light. Channel 3 TV 8 foot 
diameter units of magnetic energy as defined 
by Larry Spring in 1985 will bounce accu¬ 
rately from fairly rough ground that would 

scatter ping pong ball sized units of satellite 
magnetic energy. * 

Bouncing accurately or scattering from a 
surface of various roughness is an effect of 
size but passing through mass is also a prod¬ 
uct of size both large and small. An 8 foot 
diameter unit of energy would not be much 
affected in its travel by a cannon ball held up 
in its path, while the same cannon ball would 
make a ping pong ball sized unit of satellite 
signal bounce in a direction dictated by the 
slope of the point of contact Tiny x-rays can 
pass right through the space in an atom. 
Gamma units of magnetic energy are so very 
tiny that they can pass right through an atom 
unless one hits a nucleus which make a sizable 
reflecting surface for gamma rays from which 
to rebound. So transparent or opaque is a 
result of structure of mass in relation to radi¬ 
ated magnetic energy size. 


Other than my own writing, I have never 
seen in print or heard anyone state the size of 
a photon of light other than they say it is very 
tiny. I, Larry Spring, applying my television 
spherical units of energy observations to the 
known frequencies and wavelengths of visible 
light have in 1985 determined that the mid 
range of visible light photons are about 
1/100,000 inch in diameter. Metal window 
screen with 1/16 inch openings is transparent 
to light while it is opaque to C band satellite 
signal. In practice you can see through a 
screen while satellite energy 1-1/2 inches in 
diameter will not pass through. Neither will 8 
foot diameter spherical magnetic units of 
energy of TV channel 3 transmission. 

6,000 photons of visible light can pass 
side by side through a screen hole. 6,000 
layers of 6,000 each m akin g 36,000,000 pass¬ 
ing in one instant would fill the screen hole 
without overlapping and I see no reason why 
they cannot overlap. 36 million photons in 
one instant traveling at the speed of light 
means that a string of photons 36 million 
thick extending 7 times around the world 
would pass through that one screen hole in 
one second. 

The hole or pupil of our eye is about the 

Page 12, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

size of a screen hole. It is no wonder that we 
can almost instantaneously receive light of 
varying density bouncing off the scene in 
front of us conveying the high lights and low 
lights (shadows) to reveal the irregularities of 
all we see. It is a variation of amplitude that 
gives us the lights and darks, but better yet we 
see variations in frequencies at the same time 
which gives us color. I say we see both in 
amplitude (AM) and frequency (FM) modu¬ 


There is a vast difference between 
simple bounce of spherical units of magnetic 
energy as recognized by Larry Spring and ab¬ 
sorption and reradiation. This can readily be 
viewed with light and your eyes as receivers, 
but to understand what really takes place it is 
better to use television frequencies, a sensi¬ 
tive signal strength meter, and simple absorp¬ 
tion and reradiating rods in conjunction with 
a test dipole antenna. Convenient energy 
sizes to work with range from 4 billion cycles 
a second, with a spherical 1/2 wavelength 
diameter unit of magnetic energy of 1-1/2 
inches, which is 150,000 times the diameter of 
a photon of light, to 60 million cycles a second 
of TV channel 3 with a spherical unit diame¬ 
ter of9,600,000 times the diameter of a pho¬ 
ton of light 

All magnetic units of radiated energy will 
bounce intact from a smooth nontransparent 
surface, or nonporous surface. Although 
polished metal is best it need not be metal. In 
fact anything you can see has bounced pho¬ 
tons of visible light Had all the light been 
absorbed and reradiated, it would reradiate 
in infrared invisible frequencies of heat and 
the reradiating surface would look black. 

With the test antenna and TV frequen¬ 
cies, magnetic units of energy can be redi¬ 
rected from the surface of a metal plate to the 
antenna simply by tilting the metal plate and 
using the law of reflection, which states that 
the angle of incidence equals the angle of re¬ 
flection. That is why a parabolic reflecting 
satellite dish works so well 

With absorption and reradiation a reso¬ 
nant 1/2 wavelength conducting rod is used in 
a position that cuts the magnetic lines of force 
of the high speed transmitted spherical mag¬ 
netic units of television signal composing the 
energy front. These reradiating resonant 
rods are used as reflecting rods in most televi¬ 
sion antenna arrays. A reverse polarity mag¬ 
netic field is formed around the resonant 
length conducting rod. This field’s polarity 
opposes the action of the passing field that 
caused it That is the essence of Lenz’s Law, 
and can be readily recognized when testing 
reradiation from rods. This reverse polarity 
magnetic field radiates outward, but instead 
of being directed as a unit from a smooth 
surface, it radiates in a global pattern from 
the reradiating rod. It’s strongest direction is 
perpendicular to the rod. This radiated en¬ 
ergy can be traced all the way around the rod. 
This rebroadcasting satisfies Christian 
Huygen’s observation that every point on a 
wave front is a new point of transmission, but 
does not take into consideration the more 
obvious and common simple bounce of 
spherical units of energy composing the en¬ 
ergy front as recognized by Larry Spring in 

People will say this is all very interesting, 
but how can I use it Actually you are using 
the principle of radiation from light through 
heat to TV and radio all the time. They all 
work the same and travel the same speed, 
only the unit size is controlled by the fre¬ 
quency. The density of energy is governed by 
the power output of the transmitter and the 
spreading of energy from its source. It gets 
thinner by the square of the distance. 

Think of the retina or back surface of 
your eye as a field of one hundred and thirty 
five million TV antennas each receiving the 
light photons bouncing from one tiny area 
you are viewing. They are converged through 
your eye lens and reproduce the scene in 
front of you in miniature on the retina of your 
eye. Now remember 36 millions photons can 
and do pass through the pupil of your eye in 
one instant and a line of photons as long as 7 

times around the world can pass in one sec¬ 
ond. Light to be seen has to go through your 
eye pupil either directly from its source like a 
light or the sun, or bounce off the scene in 
front of you. The photons hitting the back of 
your head do not enter your eye. There are so 
many photons bouncing around during day¬ 
light hours all going so fast that you have no 
trouble seeing. Highlights or bright spots 
show concentrated light coming in an almost 
direct bounce path frojjxthe sun while shad¬ 
ows show light arriving from some less direct 
route. Very dark shadow shows you are 
receiving almost no light from that point 
Black means the visible light energy has been 
absorbed and, if the object feels hot, you 
know the energy is reradiating in the lower 
frequency of infrared. Green grass or tree 
leaves tell you the red has been absorbed and 
only the blue and yellow is reflecting or 
bouncing. We see this as green. Sometime 
after dark take a green leaf and hold it near 
the red tail light of your car and it will look 
black, as the red is all absorbed. Plants use ul¬ 
traviolet too, but it is naturally invisible to the 
human eye. 

When you see blue smoke from a chim¬ 
ney you know the smoke particles are a group 
of molecules just large enough to make a 
bounce surface for blue light (about 0.2 mi¬ 
crons). If the smoke is white the group of 
molecules are large enough to make a 
bounce surface for white light If the smoke 
is black, light is being absorbed and reradi¬ 
ated as infrared, which is a lower frequency 
than white light, that can be detected as heat 

The sky is blue, the clouds are white, the 
evening sun in a smoky sky is orange or red all 
due to varying sized bounce surfaces for 
photons of visible light 

Yes, we use radiated energy every day, 
all day long for light and heat and in its stored 
form of water power and plant carbons we 
use it for light, heat and motive power all 
night too. We have used it for years. It’s 
interesting to learn more about the shape in 
which it arrives from the sun. 


6 G H z 

6 (3//.LI0V CYCt-f5 Sfcovo 
♦ H/Aia lEfJGTH X I^HES —* 

~ + 

45 GH* 20 GHz 12-GH* 


The Journal of Borderland Research November-December 1990, Page 13 


Vincent H. Gaddis 

Early on the morning of August 19, 
1942, Canadian commandoes crossed the 
English Channel from Britain and landed at 
several points at and around the French fish¬ 
ing village of Dieppe. The hoped-for ele¬ 
ment of surprise ended when the landing 
craft of the attackers were spotted by a port 
signal station and by armed German vessels 
escorting a tanker. Navigational errors up¬ 
set the scheduled timetable; landings that 
should have been made under cover of dark¬ 
ness took place in broad daylight 

The enemy had been alerted and the 
Allied troops were mown down by a deadly 
cross-fire from mortars, rifles and machine 
guns. The beaches were carpeted with 
corpses. With the exception of the landing at 
Varengeville, five miles west of Dieppe, 
where the Canadians stormed the German 
batteries, destroyed guns and ammunition 
dumps, and took prisoners, the raid was a 
disaster. Of a total force of over 4,000 about 
2,500 were killed, wounded or captured. 

Nine years later two English ladies, Mrs. 
Dorothy Norton, aged 32, and her sister-in- 
law Miss Agnes Lawton, accompanied by 
Mrs. Norton’s two young children and a 
nurse, arrived in Dieppe for a holiday. They 
found rooms on the second floor of a pleas¬ 
ant house facing the sea at Puys, a hamlet 
one mile east of Dieppe. During the war the 
house had been occupied by German offi¬ 
cers, and the beach in front of it had been the 
scene of the most violent fighting. For sev¬ 
eral days they enjoyed their rest and recrea¬ 
tion amid the quiet rural surroundings. 

Before dawn on the morning of August 
4, 1951, both women were awakened by 
deafening sounds of battle. To their ears 
came the rattle of machine guns, the sharp 
cracks of small-arms fire punctuating the 
explosions of shells, shouts, cries and words 
of co mman d. They hurried out onto their 
balcony overlooking the beach and sea, but 
at no time did they see anything. Everyone 
else in the house continued to sleep. The 
cacophony of combat was theirs alone. 

It began at 4:20 a.m. At 4:50 there was 
a lull in the bedlam, but it began again louder 
than before at 5:05. At 5:40 there was an¬ 
other lull, ending at 5:50 when the predomi¬ 
nating sounds were the passage of planes 
overhead and the roar of dive bombers. The 
din of conflict faded into the distance at 6:20, 
ending at around 6:50. 

Page 14, November-December 1990 

Realizing they were having a supernor¬ 
mal experience, the ladies had the presence 
of mind to take notes. Later it was discov¬ 
ered that their observations coincided with 
the sequence of events that occurred at Puys 
during the raid - the time of landing, the two 
periods of comparative quiet when there 
were pauses in the naval bombardments by 
off-shore destroyers, and the arrival of forty- 
eight Royal Air Force Hurricanes. 

The ladies wrote separate reports dur¬ 
ing the next two days and send them to the 
British Society for Psychical Research. The 
ladies could have had no foreknowledge of 
the ebb and flow of the battle since it was still 
under censorship. The official account of 
the Dieppe Raid was not published until five 
months after their experience. All possible 
explanations other than the supernormal 
were ruled out. The analogy between the 
sounds heard by the two women and those of 
the original raid plus the coincidence of the 
times eliminates mundane theories. 

There was another time and another 
conflict - the American Civil War. The 
Battle of Cedar Creek in Virginia was a bitter 
one, especially for the South. On the morn¬ 
ing of October 19, 1864, Gen. Philip H. 
Sheridan’s Army of the Shenandoah was 
camped on hills beside the creek. Sheridan 
himself was at Winchester on his way back 
from a conference in Washington. He had 
no suspicion that a Confederate force led by 
Gen. Jubal A Early had been marching day 
and night, existing on short rations, to deal 
the Union army a stunning blow. 

Early’s surprise attack came out of a 
chilly autumn fog. After one round of mus¬ 
ketry, the camp was filled with shouting reb¬ 
els. The Union soldiers not taken prisoners 
fled with their own artillery, now in Confed¬ 
erate hands, firing into them from behind. 
The starved southerners, who had not eaten 
well for months, ignored their officers and 
fell upon the abundant food supplies in the 
storage tents. 

But their victory was short-lived. Sheri¬ 
dan woke to the ominous rumble of cannon. 
He quickly dressed, leaped to the saddle, and 
raced toward the battle. Thirty minutes later 
he met his leaderless, disorganized troops 
moving north in defeat. He successfully 
rallied his men, turned them around and 
straightened his lines. As the Union forces 
advanced, the charging cavalry and infantry 


The Journal of Borderland Research 

broke through the prolonged Confederate 
line in a dozen places. The rebels were 
broken up, scattered, flung back up the val¬ 
ley, and the Shenandoah campaigns ended in 
a triumph won in the shadow of defeat. 

Here where thg Union exulted in victory 
and the Confederacy suffered the anguish of 
disaster, here where men knew the agonies 
of pain and the shock of sudden death, the 
effects of violence and emotions linger. 
From time to time sensitive souls can hear 
the clash of conflict, the call of bugles, the 
shouts of men, the whine of shot, and the 
distant booming of spectral cannon. In a 
nearby church that was used as a hospital 
one can occasionally hear the cries and 
moans of the wounded. Sometimes, faintly, 
comes the music of a martial band playing, 
perhaps, a requiem for the shades of com¬ 
rades long dead. 

And along Indiana’s old Wabash trail, 
from Vincennes to Lafayette, there are tra¬ 
ditions of a phantom army. It is said that on 
certain moonlit autumn nights the expedi¬ 
tion of Gen. William Henry Harrison 
marches again to battle at Tippecanoe. At 
first, dimly, comes the blare of a bugle, the 
beat of drums, the tramp of marching feet 
The sounds grow in volume as the ghostly 
militia approaches, and one hears the ca¬ 
dence timin g the steps and the shouted di¬ 
rections. Then, as the files pass on through 
the quiet night, they face away into the dark¬ 

These invisible armies from out of the 
past are not the earthbound spirits of sol¬ 
diers doomed to eternally re-enact certain 
events frozen in history. No, they are audio 
soundtracks caught in the web of timeless¬ 
ness. They and their visual elements can be 
considered sounds and scenes impressed in 
the “psychic ethers” at points in space, parts 
of the great earth memory, the “Akashic 
Records” of Oriental philosophies. 

While it may be assumed that all mun¬ 
dane activities are thus recorded, those 
emotionally inspired seem far more vivid. 
Thus a sensitive observer can clairvoyantly 
witness the re-enactment of a violent occur¬ 
rence, say, a suicide or a homicide. If a single 
death can have such an influence, how much 
greater must be the effects of war, of battles 
with their mass fears and hates and multiple 
suffering and death? 

Again, one may ask why certain conflicts 

or scenes are more susceptible to sensitive 
persons that others? If this is true at Cedar 
Creek, why not at Gettysburg? If this was 
true at Dieppe, why not at Asnelles? We 
may surmise that there are places where, in 
effect, the veil is more thin. Clairvoyant 
observers have sometimes noticed that the 
vision flows and ebbs, clarifies and fades. 

But it is possible that the observer him¬ 
self is a factor, his degree of clairvoyance for 
example. We can only guess why the two 
Englishwomen heard the raid at Dieppe, 
although a number of persons have experi¬ 
enced the phenomena at Cedar Creek. Why 
is Great Britain subject to possibly more 
hauntings than other countries? Is the bor¬ 
derline between realms more tenuous there; 
or are the Anglo-Saxon values of ancestry, 
tradition and culture factors? At any rate 
Britain possesses an abundance of phantom 
armies along with its numerous individual 

Near Glastonbury the spectral footsteps 
of marching knights and the clanking of their 
armor can still be heard at night. In Wiltshire 
at Woodmanton, where Romans and Brit¬ 
ons once fought, war horses have been seen 
galloping along the valley. An old house that 
formerly stood on the site of the Battle of St. 
Albans during the 15th century Wars of the 
Roses resounded to the clash of sword on 
steel. The building was called, “Battlefield.” 

The Battle of Edge Hill in 1642 was the 
first major conflict in the English Civil War. 
Although more than 4,000 men lost their 
lives, neither side won a victory. The carnage 
was so shocking that both sides refused to 
attack again the following day. Religious fer¬ 
vor was involved: King Charles I was at¬ 
tempting to force Anglican ceremonials on 
the Scotch and Puritan clergy. And so great 
were the psychic energies poured forth in 
this struggle that quite likely no other similar 
vision in history has been so intense in detail 
and so vast in scope. 

The battle was fought during the after¬ 
noon of October 23. Just two months later, 
on the night of December 24-25 between 
midnight and 1 p.m., came the first re-enact¬ 
ment. Mysterious noises were heard. Bewil¬ 
dered countrymen, shepherds and some 
travelers heard the roll of drums approach¬ 
ing from a distance, then closer and closer, 
shouts and groans. Suddenly over the War¬ 
wickshire plain and on the slopes of the 
downs, in the air above the heads of the 
frightened witnesses, appeared the battle 
scene. They saw horses and men maneuver¬ 
ing, the swing of swords and the thrust of 
lances. They heard the firing of muskets and 
the discharges of cannons. The scene contin¬ 

ued for about three hours, then faded away. 

At approximately the same time the fol¬ 
lowing (Christmas) night the vision ap¬ 
peared again. This time there were a large 
number of observers who had gathered on 
the plain from the surrounding villages. As 
the armies fought as ferociously as before, 
the terrified spectators, believing the battle 
was being re-enacted by demons, fell to their 
knees, praying to God for protection. 

There was no return of the mammoth 
apparition during the next five nights, but at 
midnight of December 31-January 1,1643, 
the battle was seen again, this time lasting for 
four hours with even greater violence and 
noise. And again the next night (New 
Year’s) at the same time. Another week 
passed with no visitation, then the scene re¬ 
turned on the nights of January 7 and 8. 

A report of the visions reached the King 
at Oxford. In what may be the beginning of 
psychical research, the King sent three of his 
top officers and three private gentlemen to 
conduct an on-the-spot investigation. They 
were witnesses the nights of January 14 and 
15, and so vivid and detailed was the spec¬ 
tacle that the officers recognized among the 
contestants men they knew had been killed, 
including Sir Edmund Verney, the King’s 
standard bearer. 

There is no record that the vision ap¬ 
peared on January 21 or 22 or thereafter, but 
it was definitely visible eight times to a large 
number of witnesses. Obviously we are not 
dealing here with spirits of the dead since the 
human images included the surviving sol¬ 
diers. We appear to be dealing with a record¬ 
ing, comparable to a video TV tape with 
soundtrack, that when stimulated recreates 
sight and sound to the consciousness of an 
observer. Nor would such phenomena as 
this be a display of the rare gift of clairvoy¬ 
ance since all persons present could see and 
hear the battle. 

The visions appeared on two succeeding 
nights a week apart, not at the same time as 
the original battle, but exactly twelve hours 
before and twelve hours after that time, 
always beginning about midnight. This 
brings up the question of cycles, which have 
been observed in other forms of psychic 
phenomena. The spectral ship of Northum¬ 
berland Strait, Canada, appears annually 
either before or directly after the autumnal 
equinox, while the Lady Luvibund , another 
phantom vessel, has re-enacted its doom on 
England’s Goodwin Sands every fifty years 
on February 13 since 1748. 

We do not know why it happens, but it 
seems there are rhythms or cycles in the 
actions of natural phenomena from sun- 

The Journal of Borderland Research 

spots to economic trends, and from the me¬ 
tabolism of crabs the human emotions. Carl 
Payne Tobey, the mathematician-astrologer 
who discovered the prime dendrite (the for¬ 
mula for prime numbers that mathemati¬ 
cians had been seeking since the days of 
Euclid), has written: “It is a strange fact that 
scientists searching for cycles in nature find 
cycles in almost anything, even in random 
numbers. Which implies that they are not 
random. In other words, there may be no 
such thing as random Even that which 
appears to be random anti chaotic may be in 
accord with some unknown design.” 

Thus psychic phenomena, too, may be 
“in accord with some unknown design,” 
some rise and fall, ebb and flow of the cos¬ 
mos beyond man’s understanding. The 
vaster reality that exists beyond our sensory 
perceptions is doubtless subject to cosmic 
influences, causes and effects, and natural 
laws that we may never know. 

Less than two years after Edge Hill, the 
Battle of Marston Moor was apparently 
foretold the night before when a troop of 
horsemen were observed galloping through 
the sky over Helvellyn. This conflict, too, 
produced its own restless apparitions. Ac¬ 
cording to a writer in Myth, Man and Magic , 
the encyclopedia of the supernatural, as 
recently as 1932 “two motorists were 
startled to see cloaked men of Civil War 
vintage near the battlefield.” 

Many appearances of ghostly armies 
have no apparent relationship to specific 
battles, but are like rare glimpses into the 
Akashic Records; or could they be sightings 
into realms or dimensions parallel to or 
interpenetrating our own world? If the 
clothing worn by the phantom army is of the 
same period as the spectators’ we can con¬ 
sider the possibility of a natural mirage. But 
when the same visions recur cyclically, this 
explanation must be ruled out. 

For example there are the phantom 
soldiers observed in 1735,1737 and 1745 on 
the steep slopes of Souter Fell in northern 
England, all three appearances being on the 
same holiday afternoon (Midsummer Eve). 
On each occasion a vast army came from the 
north, passed over the mountain side with its 
precipices, and disappeared in a niche near 
the summit. The north and west sides of 
Souter Fell are sheer 900 feet heights. No 
marching man could have kept his footing let 
alone the horsemen and carriages in the 
procession. On one occasion the soldiers 
marched five abreast for more than two 
hours, the vision ending with darkness. At 
the final appearance there were 26 wit¬ 
nesses, according to Harriet Martineau, the 

November-December 1990, Page 15 

noted English writer of the early 19th cen¬ 
tury, in her book The English Lakes . An¬ 
other account appears in Christina Hole’s 
Haunted England , 

The observers said the troops occupied 
a space of half a mile. They were not vapor¬ 
ous or indistinct, but so real that several 
times on the following days a search of the 
slopes was made for hoof and footprints. 
There were some who believed that the ap¬ 
paritions were prophetic of the Jacobite 
rebellion of 1745, but there is little evidence 
to support this notion. 

Catherine Crowe, in her classic The 
Night Side of Nature (a book first published 
in 1848which reveals how little progress has 
been made in the past century in explaining 
psychic phenomena), tells of several ghost 
army visions. Perhaps the most astonishing 
account was reported by Archibald Bell, a 
farmer of Inverary, Scotland, as having been 
witnessed by his father and grandfather 
about the year 1750. One morning the elder 
Bell and his son went to the village of Glen- 
shiray to transact some business. On their 
return home about noon they suddenly ob¬ 
served a vast concourse of men marching 
towards them. The columns stretched so far 
into the distance that the rearguard could 
not be seen. 

As it advanced and they walked slowly 
toward it, the two men noticed that the 
marchers were carrying a large number of 
different banners and standards, and were 
walking six or seven abreast With them, as 
was the custom at the time, marched women 
and children on each side of the road, carry¬ 
ing pots, cans and other cooking utensils. 
The sun glinted on the muskets and bayo¬ 
nets carried by the soldiers who were clad in 
scarlet The eider Bell, who had served in the 
Rebellion of 1745, assumed that the army 
had come from Ireland, landed at Cantyre, 
and was headed south to invade England. 

When the vanguard of the army was 
some 150 yards from them, they noticed a 
body of about 40 men led by an officer on 
foot slightly ahead of the other troops. 
Behind this group rode an officer of Dra¬ 
goons - or so they concluded from the trap¬ 
pings on the horse. He wore a gold laced hat 
and a blue Hussar cloak. Both father and 
son said they had observed him so intently 
that they would recognize him instantly if 
they ever met 

At this time able-bodied men could be 
forced into military service and young Bell 
had no wish to become a soldier. He and his 
father climbed over an embankment beside 
the road and hid behind some thorn bushes 
a short distance from the dike. Then they 

looked toward the road. 

The road, which a moment before had 
been thronged with humanity, was deserted! 
They rubbed their eyes. It was true! There 
were no men, women, horses or vehicles on 
the dirt road. And the elder Bell suddenly 
realized that there had been no clouds of 
dust when he had seen the armed force. A 
few minutes after the pair had clambered 
back over the dike, a neighbor appeared 
riding a horse from the direction of town. In 
reply to their inquiry, the neighbor said he 
hadn’t seen a living thing since leaving Glen- 
shiray. There were no footprints in the dust. 

Archibald Bell said his grandfather be¬ 
lieved that the vision was a glimpse into the 
future, but his father insisted that the uni¬ 
forms of the soldiers belonged to a past 
period. He added that both were abstemi¬ 
ous men who had drunk nothing stronger 
than milk that day. 

Catherine Crowe tells also of a large 
visionary army observed in Havarah Park, 
near Ripley, Surrey, in 1812 by a number of 
spectators. These soldiers wore white uni¬ 
forms, but seemed to be instructed by a man 
in a scarlet one. After performing some 
marching exercises, they marched in order 
about a hundred yards from the witnesses 
and up a hill. Then there appeared another, 
more numerous body of men in dark uni¬ 
forms, and they followed the other up the hill 
without any obvious hostility. Both parties 
formed the shape of an “L”, then disap¬ 
peared down the other side. In another case 
it was the barking of dogs and the nervous¬ 
ness of horses that drew the attention of 
witnesses to a ghostly army. 

Over a period of several weeks in 1937 
marching sounds were heard near the site of 
Thunderfield Castle, Surrey. The historical 
connection may be that the armies of King 
Harold stopped at the castle on their way to 
fight William the Conqueror in 1066. There 
is an old legend of a ghostly army in the 
neighborhood, but there is a theory that 
excavations at the castle may have caused 
the 1937 revival of the retrocognitive phe¬ 
nomenon. Harry Ludlam, in the book The 
Restless Ghosts of Ladye Place , says that a 
couple living near the castle site, Mr. and 
Mrs. F. Godden, have heard the sounds of 
tramping feet and a voice giving orders on a 
number of occasions. The sounds seem to 
come out of the air. One night Mr. Godden 
swerved his car to avoid striking the figure of 
a man wearing a red cloak, and the figure 
vanished. If related to the marching, this has 
been the only visible manifestation. 

Other nearby residents heard the eerie 
marching during that period. Mr. F. E. 

Jones, while walking one afternoon to see 
the Goddens, heard coming toward him the 
faint, steady tramping of many feet ‘Then 
as the sound became louder,” he said, “the 
atmosphere seemed to become icy cold. The 
sound became louder until I was in the 
middle of an invisible company of men. 
Round me there seemed to be a clink as of 
metal. Gradually the sound died away. It 
was not imagination: it was something I 
cannot explain.” 

East of Asheville, North Carolina, is a 
beautiful, strange country, a haunting region 
of mountains, valleys, dark caves, and myste¬ 
rious phenomena. Near Morganton is 
Brown Mountain with its enigmatic lights 
that appear and vanish and are as elusive as 
will-o’-the-wisps. There is Shaking Bald 
Mountain where thunderous rumblings 
emanate from its rocky heart And there is 
Chimney Rock Pass where the highway cuts 
through a spur of the Blue Ridge. Here it 
was that a phantom army fought a cavalry 
battle in the year 1811. 

There were five known eye-witnesses, 
and their sworn accounts attracted a great 
deal of attention at the time. They testified 
that for several evenings while sunlight still 
lingered on the mountain summits, they had 
observed two bodies of cavalry advance 
toward each other across the sky. They saw 
them meet in furious conflict, striking with 
flashing swords as they maneuvered their 
mounts, and they heard the sounds of battle 
followed by groans and shouts of victory as 
the scene faded into the shadows of dusk. 

So much public interest in the report 
was expressed, that Generals Miller and 
Walton secured affidavits and a public meet¬ 
ing with the witnesses was held in the nearby 
town of Rutherfordton. There was some 
speculation that it was a vision of an encoun¬ 
ter between British and Continental caval¬ 
ries during the War of Independence. 

Five years earlier, in July, 1806, in this 
same area, there had been another vision in 
the sky, but the figures were not those of sol¬ 
diers. On the contrary, the spectral beings 
resembled an angelic host The apparition 
came into view late in the afternoon of a 
warm, sunny day near Chimney Mountain. 
A number of witnesses watched a crowd of 
literally hundreds of beings, resembling hu¬ 
mans, as they passed through the atmos¬ 
phere in a long procession. They ranged in 
size from seemingly tall men to infants, all 
clad in brilliant white raiment Rising up into 
view from the side of the mountain with most 
of the mountain top visible above them, the 
figures moved to the north and gathered 
around Chimney Rock 

Page 16, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

When all but a few had reached the 
rock, several of the glittering white forms 
rose above the others who then began cir¬ 
cling the rock at about the rock’s height. A 
few minutes later the figures that had risen 
moved to a point about 20 yards from the 
rock’s summit They were followed by the 
rest in a procession and at that point one by 
one they vanished. According to an affidavit 
signed by the observers, the disappearance 
left “a solemn and pleasing impression on 
the mind, accompanied with a diminution of 
bodily strength.” The vision lasted for about 
an hour. 

During the Civil War, at midaftemoon 
on October 1,1863, six witnesses a few miles 
west of Lewisburg, West Virginia, beheld a 
bewildering sight. They were Moses Dwyer, 
a farmer, four ladies in his household and a 
servant girl. It was a hot, cloudless and wind¬ 
less day. Suddenly Dwyer, who was seated 
on his porch, noticed just above the tree tops 
on the adjacent hills to the south, an im¬ 
mense number of what appeared to be small 
white clouds. They were about the size and 
shape of house doors, tinged on their edges 
with light green. They passed rapidly 
through the air in a consistent formation. 

After they had passed out of sight, the 
scene changed from the air above to the 
earth beneath. In the valley below the farm 
there appeared thousands of apparent 
human beings, traveling in the same direc¬ 
tion as the clouds, moving rapidly, and 
marching in order 30 or 40 in depth. They 
began ascending the almost insurmountable 
hills on the opposite side of the valley. Their 
arms, legs and heads could be distinctly seen 
in motion. Some were large; others were 
quite small. 

Although they seemed to observe mili¬ 
tary discipline, they did not appear to be 
soldiers. They all wore white shirts and trou¬ 
sers, and no weapons of any kind were vis¬ 
ible. They passed up from the valley, over 
the hills, disappearing in a direction due 
north from the farm. 

In Frank Moore’s book The Civil War in 
Song and Story, published in 1889, an almost 
identical vision was seen 14 days later by ten 
Confederate pickets and by a number of 
citizens at Runger’s Mill, also in Greenbriar 
County, West Virginia. 

Many persons in Virginia and Delaware 
saw similar ghostly figures as well as soldiers 
in the heavens during the autumn of 1881. 
In late September in Virginia the Warren- 
town Solid South announced that a “number 
of reliable and responsible people saw an ap¬ 
parition in the heavens at about 10 p.m. of 
white robed figures which were supposed by 

those who saw them to be angels.” On 
October 7 the Richmond Dispatch pub¬ 
lished an account from their Frederickburg 
correspondent It stated that “many persons 
in this community claim to have witnessed a 
most alarming sight in the heavens just be¬ 
fore daybreak. The heavens are said to have 
been lighted and vast numbers of soldiers 
appeared, uniformed, armed and drilling.” 

In Delaware at Wilmington the citizens 
were “greatly excited” when witnesses said 
they observed “platoons of angels slowly 
marching and countermarching to and fro in 
the clouds, their white robes and helmets 
glistening in the light.” 

This same account states that William 
West, a farmer living near Georgetown, saw 
“bands of soldiers of great size, equipped in 
dazzling uniforms, their muskets shimmer¬ 
ing in the pale, weird light that seemed to be 
everywhere, marching with military preci¬ 
sion up and down and presenting arms. The 
vision lasted long enough to be seen by a 
number of West’s neighbors. Many people 
living near Laurel, many miles away, saw the 
same extraordinary phenomena; in Talbot 
County the illusion was seen by numbers.” 

A story by Arthur Machen is said to have 
inspired the famed tale of the “Angels of 
Mons” in World War I. At the moment 
when German forces were about to over¬ 
whelm the British Army during its retreat 
from Mons in 1914, spectral warriors - 
English bowmen from the field of Agincourt 
- intervened and kept the Germans at bay 
until the main army succeeded in making 
good its escape. 

Despite the Machen story, a number of 
soldiers gave testimony that they had actu¬ 
ally seen a phantom army at that time, or 
something very like it. Their accounts were 
published at the time in British newspapers, 
and in books by Harold Begbie, Ralph 
Shirley and in Hereward Carrington’s Psy¬ 
chical Phenomena and the War . It remains 
a matter of controversy. 

However, a similar report by Capt. C. 
W. Haywood was published in the English 
National Message magazine in 1940. The 
captain said he was an intelligence officer in 
World War I on the First Army Front. An 
exceptionally heavy bombardment routed 
Portuguese troops from their trenches near 
Bethune, and the British had to retreat to 
avoid being flanked and destroyed. Bethune 
was being subjected to intense German fire, 
when suddenly the shelling lifted to burst on 
open ground beyond the town bare of 
trenches, houses and even trees. The British 
watched in amazement 

Captain Haywood said he made his way 


The Journal of Borderland Research 

to the edge of town when the firing mysteri¬ 
ously ceased and he discovered that the 
Germans were rapidly retreating in disorder. 
He ordered his men to pursue the Germans 
and bring back prisoners, officers if possible, 
to find out what had happened. These or¬ 
ders were carried out. 

The officers said that as a wind blew 
away the smoke from the burning houses, 
they saw a huge body of men clad in white 
uniforms and mounted on white horses ap¬ 
proaching the town frqpx the other side. As 
this weird cavalry advanced, their figures 
clearly outlined in the shining sun, the shells 
exploded in the midst of their ranks, but not 
a man nor a horse fell. Like a relentless 
incoming tide through the atmosphere, the 
white cavalry flowed forward, led by an im¬ 
posing commander astride a charger and 
holding high a Crusader sword. Terror- 
stricken, the German troops broke into 
panic, fled and left the battlefield to the 

Ghostly armies have marched world¬ 
wide. In Hawaii as far back as native history 
goes, there have been from time to time 
mass materializations of the dead, usually at 
night. They have consisted of traveling 
crowds of men, women and children, laugh¬ 
ing, singing, scenting the air with perfume of 
the mountain maile . Usually they were only 
heard, but sometimes they were visible to the 

The late Max Freedom Long, Huna 
authority, tells of an investigator, Dr. John 
Tanner, who once heard the sounds of invis¬ 
ible feet shuffling along in a procession at 
night in the Waikiki district near the site of a 
dead king’s summer home. He hurried to 
the old Royal Palace three miles distant. In 
a short time the procession arrived, but it 
turned away short of the palace and stopped 
upon reaching the royal tombs in the burial 
ground of the neighboring missionary 
(Kawaiahao) Church. 

But it is the marching armies of Hawai¬ 
ian warriors and their chiefs, carrying torches 
and beating drums, that frighten the native. 
Anyone caught in their line of march is left 
dead, so the living, when hearing or seeing 
the approach of these bands, flee or hide at a 
safe distance until the marchers have passed. 

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 
was on the morning of Dec. 7,1941. On the 
night before - December 6 - two warrior 
armies marched. The story is told in Para¬ 
dise of the Pacific magazine, published in 
Honolulu (Dec., 1943, issue). Were these 
manifestations auguries of the assault about 
to begin? 

Near the village of Maluhonua, not far 

November-December 1990, Page 17 

from Pearl Harbor, the residents were awak¬ 
ened by the sounds of marching men shortly 
before midnight. Some went to the doors 
and looked outside, but they could not see, 
only hear the grim tramp. It was coming 
from the heiau (ruins of an ancient temple 
platform) at the head of the valley, then it 
passed through the village and outward to 
the sea. 

A scream of mortal agony had been 
heard during the march in the valley above 
the settlement. The next morning the lifeless 
body of one of the young men of the village 
was found on the trail. There was no mark of 
violence upon him. Perhaps, said the elder 
natives, he had been taught in a modem 
school that the magic of the ancient Kahunas 
was only superstition, and he had paid with 
his life for his skepticism. And on this same 
night at about the same time there had been 
asimilar march in the Lumahai Valley on the 
island of Kauai. The body of an elderly 
Japanese man was found in the path of the 

After the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japa¬ 
nese invaded the Philippines. Manila and 
Cavite were taken Jan. 2,1942. With the fall 
of Bataan on April 8 the Japanese occupied 
all of the mainland. U.S. and Filipino troops 
made their last stand on the island-fortress 

of Corregidor guarding Manila Bay. Here in 
an elaborate tunnel system officers and men, 
nurses and convalescents, lived a molelike 

During April and the first days of May, 
the besieged garrison was the target of thou¬ 
sands of shells and bombs. The growing 
number of wounded taxed the facilities of 
the underground hospital; their suffering 
was intensified by shortages of anesthetics 
and other pain-relieving drugs. Supply ships 
were sunk by shore batteries, and dwindling 
food supplies reduced rations to a bare sub¬ 
sistence level. Flesh and blood could not 
long endure this merciless day and night 
pounding, nor could the island’s defenses 
escape destruction. One by one the pillboxes 
and gun emplacements were knocked out. 
The end came on May 6. After five months* 
resistance Corregidor was surrendered. 

Today ghosts walk on the tadpole¬ 
shaped island with its three devastated 
square miles. The tunnel walls are crum¬ 
bling and parts of it have returned to the 
jungle. Its inhabitants were interviewed by 
Lester Bell, military writer of the San Diego 
Union. They consist of a family of govern¬ 
ment caretakers, a small Filipino Marine de¬ 
tachment, and a group of firewood cutters. 

They insist they have heard sounds from 

out of the past - the marching of troops, the 
dragging of chains, the moans of men in pain. 
They swear they have observed phantom 
soldiers, unsubstantial but distinct. The 
Marines say they have nearly rubbed shoul¬ 
ders with the scouts of decades ago while on 
guard duty. According to the caretakers, a 
nurse in a Red Cross uniform and a red¬ 
headed woman wearing a gown have repeat¬ 
edly appeared and vanished. 

Frightened firewood cutters reported 
that one eveninfg«at dusk they had seen 
wounded and bleeding men running around 
near a tunnel entrance. Three nights later 
Florentine R. Das, supervisor for tourism 
for Luzon, made an investigation under 
bright moonlight. He and his wife seemed to 
hear men in pain. “The sounds seemed to be 
moving away toward the Malinta Tunnel,” 
he said. 

Memories of Corregidor are both bitter 
with suffering and defeat, and proud with 
courage and fortitude. As a former Philip¬ 
pine Defense Secretary has said, “It was here 
in this once-great fortress that the defenders 
fought almost beyond human endurance. 
From Bataan and here began the cruel and 
vicious death marches with agony at its ulti¬ 
mate. Indeed, why shouldn’t it be haunted.” 

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Page 18, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

■ i t wTr'i'iii’ 

1.J-f I Jr A 111 



In the May-June 1990Bulletin Board we listed a public notice 
of Trevor Constable’s official filin g of OPERATION 
CLINCHER, a project designed to reduce smog in the Los 
Angeles basin and surrounding regions using etheric tech¬ 
nology. The stated aim of CLINCHER was “ RECORD 
ERN CALIFORNIA” While we do not have the final 
results in at BSRF yet the information that we do have is that 
the operation was highly successful The Oceanside Blade- 
Citizen of 18 AUG 1990 reports, “LA. AIR CLEANEST IN 
15 YEARS” which is said to be due to “unusually stormy 
s umm er weather and tougher anti-pollution measures.” The 
Air Quality Management District was fully informed of 
CLINCHER during its progress, as well as all previous 
operations, and its claim that “tougher anti-pollution meas¬ 
ures” kept the smog down doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. 
The record shows that in 1987,1989 and 1990, when Trevor’s 
equipment has been in operation, smog levels have been at 
their lowest. In 1988, when no operation was in progress in 
Southern California (See PROJECTTANGO -Rainmaking 
in the Singapore Dry Season, Sept-Oct 1989 JBR for activities 
during that period) the LA. region had the second worse 
smog season of the decade. Etheric technology can be used 
today to aid in cleaning up our environmental mess. Tougher 
regulations make life harder for the average person, but 
haven’t yet done much to clean the air. As Trevor has pointed 
out in a communication, 12 OCT 90, one of the grosser errors 
of our time is in “seeking to correct the consequences of 
Mechanism with vast mechanistic projects, attended by irra¬ 
tional expectations.” Armies of lawyers writing regulations 
can never produce the profound results that simple geomet¬ 
ric forms, under knowledgeable guidance, can produce. Con¬ 
gratulations on a successful operation, Trevor. 


** The book “The Cosmic Pulse of Life” by Trevor James 
Constable is one of the most ground breaking works ever!!! 
It does for science and ufology what Yogananda’s “Autobiog¬ 
raphy of a Yogi” and Muktananda’s “Play Of Consciousness” 
did for yoga, meditation and true SELF-REALIZATION. 
Constable’s work confirms Meade Layne’s theory about UFOS, 
being mental constructs and using Reich’s orgone for propul¬ 
sion. It also confirms what the late Swami Muktananda told 
of his inner journey to the higher planes, called “Lokas”, 
traveling in the “Blue Star”. Muktananda also discusses 
UFOS being created and powered by the blue light of shakti, 
the supreme universal energy of creation. This is discussed in 
the book, “In the Company of a Siddha”, a rare book of 

interviews with this modem saint by many great people 
including an interview from Jacques Vallee on UFOS. Or¬ 
gone, the blue light, Kundalini Shakti is one and the same! 
Muktananda’s books may be purchased only from S.Y.DA 
Foundation in South Fallsberg, N.Y. Thhnks very much for 
all the great work of B.S.R.F. and mayits efforts Flower in the 

Marc Williams 
Springfield, VA 

* * Thank you for the 1990 update of THE COSMIC PULSE 
OF LIFE. I still work on the 1975 version, still try to go after 
that 18A filter for my work. Since then we have video 
cameras, more direct bandpass filters and a whole host of 
more gadgets to work with. And almost no one in the UFO 
community has taken up any of this work, they prefer to be 
lead down the garden path than rather strike out on their own 
like Trevor. That Cooper-Green-Lear bunch is finally get¬ 
ting to me as well, what a disservice to the independent 
researcher. One thing I have learned out of this is to be led 
by your own guidance system that your creator gave you on 
dayone. Trevor is one of those people enhancing this aspect 
Whatever Trevor is doing at present is proprietary and most 
likely cannot be leaked to the general public, therefore 
barring us all from more hands-on experiments. To be 
honest, I may have to do the same thing, in case I notice a 
commercial application for my talents. For this reason we all 
seem to suffer from the same malady which results in partial 
information to the very same people we like to share with. 

Bodo Capeller 
San Valley, CA 

Bodo also submitted this review of “THE COSMIC PULSE 
OF LIFE” by Trevor James Constable: This book is one of 
the classics, it belongs in everybody’s library of UFO materi¬ 
als. We have been treated to UFO’s from deep space, we 
know about UFO’s manufactured on this planet, and now 
Trevor Constable treats us to the very archetype of the UFO 
found in the ‘ethers’. This perception has remained unchal¬ 
lenged in almost 15 years and is annotated in this 1990version 
with additional material from overseas by sources not known 
by Trevor 15 years ago, a prime example of synchronicity. The 
book also goes very deep into Trevor’s ‘spiritual sponsors’, 
their short biographies and tremendous accomplishments. 

An outstanding feature is the revelation of data on how 
to replicate the photographic findings through application of 
certain bandpass filters that only permit light to go through 
in the extreme ends of the visible light spectrum. Unfortu- 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-December 1990, Page 19 

nately not much is offered in terms of the ‘cloudbuster*,which 
is an important device attracting those ‘bioforms’ or UFOS in 
the first place. 

To summarize, this updated version is a welcome addi¬ 
tion to the serious UFO researcher, has more than enough 
hints and encouragement to get yourself involved to supply 
the missing pieces, even after 15 years of the original version 
this book is still consulted for new angles to explore. 

** Have finished THE COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE. A won¬ 
derful education!!! But as I am getting up in years I cannot 
wait a possible lOyears before I run across the information I 
want to know. Please, please!!! Where can I get more 
information about the “genital rights of babies, infants and 
adolescents?” What do the 7 words mean? Right now they 
are just seven words. Articles, essays, books, you name it and 
IwillgetiL If this is explained in the book I missed it 
Evelyn Bishart 
Wheaton, IL. 

The response coming in here at B.S.R.F. to the new edition 
of COSMIC PULSE has been tremendous. We have even 
had requests for a hardbound edition, because people feel 
that the book is so good that they want it in their library for 
life. It is an excellent introduction to the borderland fields of 
research, as well as being an advanced guide to continue on 
with for years. It differs quite a bit from views held in the the 
present UFO field, which consist mainly of “former” govern¬ 
ment employees and intelligence contacts who have decided 
to tell everyone the “truth”, a “truth” which conveniently ig¬ 
nores the researches of pioneers such as Trevor and Morris 
Jessup, and in fact caters to the lowest common denominator 
of fear and suggestion. At B.S.R.F. we never became fed up 
with that school of thought because we never entertained it, 
other than to see how far this intelligence operation would 
enter the UFO field. It has unfortunately overtaken it, 
confusing and diverting many fine minds, and that makes 
COSMIC PULSE more important than ever in getting to the 
reality of the matter. 

The information that Evelyn seeks on the genital rights 
of infants derives from the work of Wilhelm Reich wherein 
he felt that the social problems of our modem world are 
caused by sexual inhi bitions impressed on humans beginning 
in the crib. This gives rise to “character armor” which inhi bits 
the flow of natural energy in the human organism. A good 
source for understanding how Reich derived his concepts in 
this area is: FURY ON EARTH by Myron Sharaf; and of 
course the writings of Wilhelm Reich himself. Write the 
Wilhelm Reich Museum, PO Box 687, Rangley ME 04970. 
Also, Jim DeMeo, of Natural Energy Works, PO Box 864, El 
Cerrito, CA94530, has done some investigation into this area 
and is also a source for Reich’s original writings. 


* * I found the article on Curry walls very useful. The task now 
is how to disperse them. I find our blessed Buddha statues 

useful and also a wind c him e made of xylophone keys. In both 
cases nature spirits break up the walls somewhat. Also I have 
found shifting beds a couple of feet makes a big difference. 
Russell Holland 
Queensland, Australia 


* * In the past I was in communication with T.G.Hieronymus. 
My question is, is he still alive? I have the greatest respect for 
him and did follow up on some of his suggestions which gave 
me some extremely interesting results* 

In your May-Aug 1990 issue, you mentioned a book by 
John Boyle, “The Psionic Pattern Generator Book” (ISBN) 
0-13-736975-1 by Prentice Hall, 1975. Being in Mexico, I 
don’t have easy access to the various to various publisher’s 
addresses. Do you have this book in stock or can you give me 
the address and price as to where I can obtain one. I believe 
that this book could be used to give graphic demonstrations 
of what I am trying to develop in some of my research. 

Doyouhaveanydataon“SATHYASAIBABA”? Ifyou 
haven’t, I would suggest most strongly that you check up on 
him and his activities, an EXTREMELY interesting MAN(?). 
Sathya Sai Baba Center, 7911 Willoughby Ave., Los Angeles, 
CA 90046, (213) 656-9373. 

Joseph Curry \ 

Alamos, Sonora, Mexico 

Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus passed on in February of 1988, 
leaving a tremendous legacy of radionic research behind. His 
group, Advanced Sciences Research & Development contin¬ 
ues on, led by his dedicated wife Sarah. Contact: Advanced 
Sciences R&D, PO Box 109, Lakemont GA30552, (401) 782- 
2092. Don’t know the current availability of “The Psionic 
Pattern Generator Book”, but perhaps we can find out and 
let everyone know. It is basically a book of patterns such as 
cones, pyramids and other geometric forms, which are hung 
from threads in simple or complex variations. By focusing the 
mind on these forms one can get them to spin. I was able to 
get one going in one direction and another in the opposing 
direction at the same time. I would love to run more on this 
so will keep all posted if info comes in. 

Yes, I’ve heard of Sai Baba. He appears to be capable of 
yogic siddhis such as dumping pounds of ashes out of a small 
vase, which we have seen on video. He may very well be a true 
holy man, and if such we need more such people on earth. But 
we are in a stage of consciousness where gurus are no longer 
needed for the development of our ego consciousness in 
preparation for further stages of planetary development. 
Having a teacher is one thing, we all need them. Does Sai 
Baba teach how to attain his state, and have any of his 
disciples done so? Following someone who performs mir¬ 
acles leaves one a follower and not a leader and we need more 
leaders today. Orientation is always of prime importance. 


* * Fm renewing our subscription for a another year for what 

Page 20, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

I really feel is quite an exceptional journal. One that, I for one 
shall certainly continue with, hopefully for a long time still to 
come. Though it would be nice, if you were occasionally to 
bring out some really bizarre stuff, touching on Atlantean 
technology, or some weird communications device, other 
contentious weird contraptions. Nonetheless it’s still 
pretty-much quite an exceptional journal So do try and, 
keep on churning them on out to us, if it’s not over-loading 
you down too much. One wonders if you’ve ever contem¬ 
plated reissuing the HEFFERLIN MANUSCRIPTS which 
were being retyped up by the late Mrs. Crabb. I think she 
might have at that time been working on ‘part 3’, considering 
that I already have ‘parts 1 and 2’. So what do you think the 
likelihood is of you reissuing the entire lot of these ‘HEF- 
FERLIN MANUSCRIPTS’. Lastly, might one ask if you 
have any additional information on the ‘ZWAMM RAY 
APPARATUS’. Which was issued by the Electronics Com¬ 
munications Group operating out of London. I did manage 
to get some information out of Riley Crabb, like how the 
ZWAMM RAY APPARATUS operated, and how one mi ght 
put one together. It might be worth writing the information 
up in some future edition of the publication entitled PROJ¬ 
ever if at some stage should I be fortunate enough to locate 
other information describing the ZWAMM RAY APPA¬ 
RATUS, I shall be only too happy to pass it on. For I do 
personally think it belongs in with the HERMES PROJECT. 
Being a comm uni cations device of some description. Putting 
us in touch with the great beyond. So hope you have success 
in searching this out for us. Hope you can get all this other 
stuff wrapped up for us as well 
R. A. Falk 

Auckland, New Zealand 

Thanks for your comments on the Journal. Perhaps the 
article in this issue on Jack Derby will help fulfill your need 
for some “weird contraptions”. Basically I’ve taken BSRF 
away from the weird contraption mode and have tried to 
orient towards a spiritual scientific approach to the matter of 
penetrating into the mysteries of manifestation. As my good 
friend Vince Gaddis, who spent many years investigating 
psychics and mediums, has related to me on several occa¬ 
sions, people who die and whose spirits communicate from 
the other side seem as confused as we do on general matters. 
Perhaps they may have the added experience of death, but as 
researchers into the Near Death Experience know, there are 
many variations of that experience. To understand the spiri¬ 
tual realms one should really look into the resultant of the 
spiritual life of the universe, the physical world. If people 
would read Rudolf Steiner’s scientific courses, or read some 
of the works of his students like Lilly and Eugen Kolisko or 
Rudolf Hauschka they will find far more profound and lofty 
insights based on an aware perception of what is here now 
than have ever come from a seance. Of course, if someone 
showed up at our door today with a device that would allow 
me to talk to spirits, I’d turn it on and ask a few questions. I’d 

later turn it off and get on with my work. If it worked Td run 
a schematic in the Journal so others could try. The Hefferlin 
Manuscripts, I & n were issued for many years by BSRF. I 
dropped them from the catalog because nobody bought 
them. I’m not familiar with the ZWAMM RAY APPARA¬ 
TUS but if anyone has a working model I’d like to turn it on 
for a test, and we could add the info to our PROJECT 
HERMES file for researchers into this area. 


** Please find enclosed a photo copy of an article clipped 
from the Roanoke Times as reprinted fromthe S.F. Chron¬ 
icle . Probably you have seen it already but for many of the 
Journal readers who may have missed it, I feel that it is a must 
for inclusion in the next issue. Maybe you can help us find 
more information on Iben Browning and his theories. And 
too getting the word out that much more may save an extra 
life or two. [The article is in reference to Browning’s predic¬ 
tion of an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault on or around 
December 3, 1990, which has received national attention 
since we received this letter. TJB] 

Next subject: Fm sure you have read Bearden’s Aids-Bio¬ 
logical Warfare . Scary stuff. Have you read Dr. Douglas’ 
Aids-The End of Civilization ? Scarier stuff. Why? Because 
Douglas is a top notch medical doctor who knows his busi¬ 
ness and he confirms everything Bearden has claimed. Using 
simple arithmetic and published figures from several differ¬ 
ent sources, one can reasonable project that by 1995,. 1/2 of 
the U.S. population will be infected by the Aids virus. By 
2005,1/2 of us will be dead, dead, dead. There may not be 
agreement on exactly what Aids is but as an informed layman 
I know what Aids is similar to. Aids is medically and sympto¬ 
matically very much like rabies. Not just your ordinary 
garden variety mad-dog in the street rabies but worse. A 
mutant highly contagious slow death virus that feeds exclu¬ 
sively on people. It is loose right now taking our best workers, 
our best minds and our only children. 

I like to breathe. The big medical guns, who (no pun 
intended) by the way, made and released the killer virus in the 
first place, are in the second place putting on a rather dismal 
show with their alleged efforts to clean up their mess. By 
default it has fallen to the amateur and unconventional 
scientists - Borderlanders if you will, to mount some kind of 
effective resistance to the horrible plague that is upon us. 

Tom if you and the BSRF can somehow get anti-viral 
electro-magnetic hardware into the hands of enough con¬ 
cerned researchers it could possibly lay the ground work of a 
new system of health care that might not only be a last ditch 
defense from Aids but a first line assault on the whole 
problem of human poverty and disease. If the threat of 
extinction cannot rouse us to action, we are perhaps not fit to 

The essence of what I am trying to say in this letter is this: 
Is there any point to anything at all, if there is no point to 
stopping Aids before it stops us? Can we sit on our hands and 
wait for them to do something? It seems that “them” have 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-Deccmber 1990, Pag a 21 

already done something, namely to put every man, woman 
and child in line to be the recipient of a very slow and nasty 
death. It is time for action, any action, as a group or as an 
individual. Go ahead and panic now, it will save time later on. 
Wayne Rice 
Rocky Mount, VA 

No need to panic, Wayne, somebody is pulling your leg. 
There are no massive die-offs from AIDS happening, in fact 
the number of real AIDS cases is going down. The numbers 
from the Center for Disease Control are going up due to 
manipulation of statistics and reclassification of anyone test¬ 
ing positive for supposed AIDS virus antibodies as full blown 
AIDS on the statistics sheets. One of the most outstanding 
features of partially informed AIDS researchers has been 
their ability to masturbate with a calculator and count the 
milli ons of dead before they die. Overlooked completely in 
Bearden’s and Wm. Campbell Douglas’ partially researched 
scare stories is the basic feet that AIDS is not caused by a 
virus, that the virus (which could well be manufactured) is a 
marker in only certain cases and that many people have AIDS 
symptoms worldwide without any signs of the many AIDS 
viruses now claimed to exist. If the Commies created a virus 
to wipe out the U.S., as Bearden likes to scare people into 
believing, it would wipe out their population at the same 
time, leaving no-one for the elite to push around. If it is a 
virus it confounds all known laws of virology. We have 
published on such in this Journal, and that is the reason we 
asked Michael Urban to speak on such at our Congress last 
June. Michael couldn’t make it and suggested we invite Joan 
McKenna of the Institute for Thermobaric Studies in Berkeley 
CA We were happy to have hosted such a sincere, aware and 
informed researcher and her talk on the connection between 
syphilis and AIDS is some of the best info available to the 
researcher. No scare stories, or displays of calculator frenzy, 
just the simple facts of the matter — that AIDS is most likely 
a form of tertiary syphilis and can be treated and disposed of! 
We understand that there have been hundreds of cases of 
complete remission in Europe from ozone therapies. It’s 
illegal to cure someone in the U.S., especially when the 
disease has been mandated as incurable. What I get a kick out 
of most with the AIDS scare stories is that .hey emanate from 
people who think that the “establishment ’ is a source of dis¬ 
information on all levels (possibly!). However, they believe 
what they want out of the info about the virus and rej ect what 
doesn’t fit their picture - even if it is in the “alternative” 
p *ss. If Douglass is a real doctor then he should be putting 
ou. information that will help people and make them feel 
better, not twisted information that scares them and makes 
them sick - it is in violation of his oath to heal! 


** I do not possess scientific mind but scientists do not 
possess Universal Mind either. What you profess to sell is 
very true: they are the Fruits of the Tree of Life. Not every 
Human Being is allowed to reach to EAT the Fruits of the 

Tree of Life: It is forbidden, however in this present Cycle of 
the Creation which is called “In the Beginning God said let 
there be Light and there was LIGHT’ it is an exception. 
Nowadays, men are selling Adam’s Apple whereas there is no 
Adam and Eve and no Apple at all In this Universal Age 
Human Beings are in a very delicate and precarious situation: 
It is called the End of Time. Every Cycle has a Beginning and 
has an END. According to the prominent Astronomers this 
Universe is expanding and the Birth of a New Universe is on 
the Horizon. We are on the threshold of New discoveries 
especially in the Spiritual Realm, and this Reality will bring 
mankin d to its knees. 

Jacob Barsamian 
Fresno, CA 


* * I have been a subscriber to The Journal of Borderland Re¬ 
search for about a year, and wanted to tell you how much I 
enjoy it My min d feels like a rubber band...every stretching. 
If possible, I would liketo purchase some back issues, andwas 
wondering whether or not you could send me some informa¬ 
tion concerning prices, availability, etc. 

David Wemple 
Albany, NY 

One of the neglected projects here at B.S.R.F. has been to 
supply back issues. We have back issues in stock to May-June 
1989, with no contents listing currently available. They are $5 
apiece PP in U.S., plus an extra $2 air postage outside US. It 
has always been our intention to make all the back issues 
available, back to 1945. The time and money needed to 
support such a project have yet to materialize. With proper 
funding we could put the entire history of B.S.R.F. on com¬ 
puter for rapid access to any info covered. 


** The launch of the new Hubble Space Telescope is sup¬ 
posed to lead to new discoveries in astronomy that would 
revolutionize our conception of the universe in cosmology, 
star-galaxy formation, looking for distant objects and search 
for planets around other stars. In reality, telescope time will 
be allocated to researchers who support existing theories at 
the expense of those who support Steiner, Wolf, Hoyle, 
Reich, Larson, Hamilton, Adams-Whicher, eta.. The status 
quo researchers are afraid that the discovery of objects be¬ 
yond 20 billion light-years and planets around other stars will 
increase the chance of discovering extraterrestrial life. The 
extraterrestrial life discovery would mean humanity is not at 
the center of the universe. BSRF could counter it by using 
dowsing and radionic methods to look for planets around 
stars other than our sun and objects beyond 20 billion light- 

B. Gree nman 
Chicago, EL 

The Hubble telescope will be used to confirm what the 

Page 22, November-December 1990 he Journal of Borderland Research 

scientists already conceive, with a few fudge factors to ac¬ 
count for new discoveries. It can focus on light waves trav¬ 
elling through space after they bounce off of a secondary 
surface like the reflecting mirror that needs fixing. The 
Hubble, while being a fantastic tool which I myself would like 
to use, is a tunnel vision device par excellence , for it overlooks 
the qualities of the potent energies, both in and outside of the 
light bands, streaming in from the periphery of space. Lilly 
Kolisko and Rudolf Hauschka were two researchers who 
have already discovered far more in their scientific work than 
the Hubble could ever hope to see. They discovered the force 
and form streaming in from space and enlivening the surface 
of this planet and were able to objectify it through plant 
growth and sensitive crystallization experiments. Modem 
science will continue on a backbumer in the reality of univer¬ 
sal happenings until it begins to understand the living ener¬ 
gies of the universe. The secret of life will hardly be found 
looking at ma gnified pictures of stars, for it is present where 
we are now, though somewhat buried in the noise of our 
industrialized civilization. 

As far as our present human lives are concerned, earth is 
the center of the universe. People forget that science has con¬ 
vinced them that what they actually see and experience isn’t 
true! The horizon, the sun moving through the sky, etc, are 
all just illusions according to the heliocentric view of the 
universe. Before the Copemican revolution people lived in 
a spiritual universe, connected to the stars and planets which 
revolved around the earth, as they saw and experienced. 
After the discovery of the telescope this type of consciousness 
was completely uprooted and the breaking of these spiritual 
contacts gave rise to the scientific consciousness of today. 
This has given us the tremendous technology still growing 
around us, and its down side, the pollution and degraded 
natural state of the earth. What is truly needed is another 
“Copemican Revolution”, but not one that goes backwards 
to geocentrism, but one that goes forward, incorporating 
both geocentrism and heliocentrism in our consciousness’ 
move outward into the universal streams towards concepts 
whose first glimmerings have shown up in Steiner’s scientific 
indications. And radionics would be an excellent way to 
check for life, even using photos from the Hubble as wit¬ 
nesses. The tools of modem science should not be rejected, 
they should be used with proper perspective. 

** Do you have any information as to the manufacture of 
some of the latest ELF devices that are computer driven such 
as the SE-S, whereby the whole spectrum of frequency pro¬ 
grams can be used for plant, animal and human application? 
I notice that you don’t merchandise any equipment — just 
Information—but Pd like to hear from you for any guidance. 
By the way, I did not see “Energy Refractors” in your Re¬ 
source Guide re: newsletters, etc. They are at 53166 Star 
Route 681, Reedsville, OH 45772. 

Bert DeLotto 
Fresno, CA 

The SE-5 is a powerful computerized instrument, and is not 
generally considered an ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) 
device. Some people call it radionics, but that stretches the 
concept of radionics because radionics instruments are struc¬ 
tures in space, setting a specific rate on a dial creates a specific 
vibration in the instrument. It could be psychotronic, that is, 
the instrument merely acts as a focus for psychic energies, and 
is superfluous if the person can overcome the need for a 
physical anchor. The computer generated rates flashing on 
the screen of these devices are generated in a synthetic sub¬ 
realm. We have heard good things and bad things about these 
computer devices, which is to be expected of any tool We ran 
several articles in 1988 by Jay Christopher, one of which puts 
computer use in radionics into true perspective as a sub¬ 
realm outside the energies of life. 

My experience with the SE-5 is as follows: At a confer¬ 
ence in 1987there was a booth selling these devices. I was told 
that this was the new wave of radionics, that it could auto¬ 
matically find any rate in the universe - for such are the 
supposed wonders of computers. I asked if it could tell me 
exactly the metallic content of a coin and was told certainly, 
it could. I was then asked if I wanted a demonstration, to 
which I readily agreed. I was asked for my driver’s license (for 
my picture/witness) which I supplied, wondering what that 
had to do with the min eral content of coins. My license was 
placed into the machine and a batch of numbers flashed on 
the screen after a few buttons were pushed. My license was 
then pulled out and I was told that my chakras were now 
balanced. Needless to say I lost interest in the instrument 
because nobody at the booth could demonstrate what they 
claimed, but would readily take my $2,000 based on their 
sincere belief in these claims. This group was going to send 
us one for evaluation and testing, which we never received. 
This is just my experience and these computerized radionic 
units should be considered valuable research tools on the 
empirical basis that people are getting action at a distance 
results from them. I have spoken with people who use them 
quite successfully, and in some cases quite dramatically. 
Some good friends have used one quite successfully in treat¬ 
ing themselves for various ailments over the last couple of 
years -- they could also tell the effects of doctor administered 
drugs on different organs, and such. If it works for you use it. 

Is it radionic, a shadow thereof, or merely psycho-tronic? 
Using Lilly Kolisko’s methods one could rapidly find whether 
using a regular radionic instrument to potentize water at a 
specific rate would have the same effect as using a computer¬ 
ized instrument. I’d be happy to supply whatever data neces¬ 
sary to anyone willing to do such experiments. 

I don’t know the current status of Energy Refractors as 
Jerry Fridenstine passed on late this summer, purportedly of 
a heart attack caused by a blood clot travelling from a broken 
leg. We were sorry to hear about Jerry’s passing as he was an 
energetic person who woke people up to new ideas wherever 
he travelled. As Chuck Walters noted in ACRES, USA, Jerry 
was responsible for getting ACRES to publish on radionics, 
thereby bringing this idea into the minds of many farmers. He 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-De: • >bsr 1990, Page 23 

always had a kind word to say about Borderland, and we’ll 
miss him at future conventions. We wish his wife and family 
all the best, and should we get any further news on this we’ll 
pass it along. 


** I recently purchased your book on Multiple Wave Oscil¬ 
lators, “MWO Handbook”, edited by Tom Brown. In the 
book are many references to the “Golden Ratio”. I was 
unable to determine what the mathematical basis for the 
Golden Ratio is, or what the ratio itself is. I have other 
material which describe the Golden Section, and it is a ratio 
of.618to 1. The closest I came to avalue for the Golden Ratio 
is from the MWO antenna data on page 188 of your book — 
the ratio appears to be 1.27:1. Could you please clarify the 
mathematics of the Golden Ratio antenna? 

Burrell C. Smith 
Palo Alto, CA 

** I recently purchased The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscil¬ 
lator Handbook. I am in the process of building an oscillator. 
I have all the parts except 6Kv .OOSmf capacitors. No elec¬ 
tronic store in Alaska has them, or knows how to get them. I 
would appreciate it ifyouwouldsend theaddressof either the 
manufac turer or an electronic store that carries 6Kv ,005mf 
capacitors. I have one more question. Do you know of a 
meter or electronic apparatus that measures the amount of 
energy level the human body produces? It seems that like 
fingerprints, all human bodies are different in the amount of 
energy they use or produce. Ifone can coordinate the energy 
level of the oscillator to that of the body far less damage 
would be done and far greater healing potential be made. 
Stephen M. Nair 
Kodiak, AK 

For the first question, the Golden Ratio antenna uses the 
golden ratio as a base, but it was engineered to conform to 
other considerations of antenna propagation. It is what is 
called a log periodic antenna. Eric Dollard worked out the 
equations from which we had a technical company inscribe 
the artwork. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of Eric for several 
years so do not have him around to ask right now. If any of our 
members who have worked with these, (and I know there’s a 
few out there), can supply further mathematical info please 
let us know. Also, if anyone has a major source for the 
capacitors and other related electronic components please 
send it in and we’ll list it for everyone. 


** Some information which may help Lucille in Portugal. 
She should obtain Dr. Christopher’s Eyebright Formula, 
which was available from Sunrider, PO Box 2020, Provo, 
Utah, 84603. If this firm has disappeared she should be able 
to get if from The Herb Shop, also in Provo, Utah. Small 
quantities should be used at first, since it stings like the devil, 
and it should be prepared with distilled water. This mixture 

has improved the sight of thousands of people, with all kinds 
of eye disorders — glaucoma, cataract or just plain failing 
vision and has even brought the sight to a baby bom blind. 

While Pm writing to you, I'd like to mention with regard 
to “Electricity the Main Culprit” that just after the war, 
Gurdjieff wrote a chapter in his book All and Everything 
entitled ‘‘Beelzebub says that man’s capture and subsequent 
destruction of electricity from nature is one of the main 
causes of the reduction in the human lifespan.” And you are 
lucky in the US. In Europe we have a 230V system that is far 
more harmful than yours. 

A final co mm ent on the MWO which seems as popular as 
ever. When I lived in Paris I made the acquaintance of 
Lakhovsky’s son and saw two of the MWO’s built by his father 
in operation. The demonstration was very impressive but it 
didn’t last too long because the old units interfered seriously 
with radio and television reception in the area. They were 
very big units, about as large as an early TV set I don’t know 
where they are now since he later loaned them to friends 
living in the country. 

Ron Crossley 
Paris, France 

Th anks for the data on the eye formula. Very curious quote 
from Gurdjieff as it concurs with what Steiner indicated, that 
electricity makes living things sclerotic. If perhaps you 
wouldn’t mind searching your memory a bit more I have a 
question about Lakhovsky’s device: You say it interfered 
with radio and television reception. Was this from internal 
spark gaps, or did any unit you see arc between antenna coils. 
The pictures in The Secret of Life indicate that the then 
necessary spark gaps were interior to the unit, and the pic¬ 
tures of the effluvia coming off the antenna are obviously 
pictures of corona discharge and not arcing as in the units 
built in the US today. Bob Beck, in his 1963article on MWO’s 
claims he built a unit from an original, but his antenna hook¬ 
up is quite different from Lakhovsky’s pictures. Many years 
of searching have failed to produce an original unit. The 
modern units are derived from the most obvious derivation of 
Lakhovsky’s first MWO patent, which is written to both 
protect his design and cover infini te variations thereof. A 
detailed account of an original MWO in action would be of 
great value in this research. 

** Two news items for you: (a) Recently, in mid-July 1990 
and until now, an anti-cancerous treatment called HA.N.S.I. 
(Homeopatico Activador Natural del Sistema Inmunologico 
= Inmunologic System’s Homeopathic Natural Activator) 
has been released and approved for general use. This system 
employs, much like Hoxsey’s, cacti and mine rals in combina¬ 
tion and in highly-diluted doses. Apparently, it is more 
effective than Hoxsey’s for it makes die diseased tissue go 
back to its former healthy condition and does not dry it for 
further elimination with pincers ora local surgical operation. 
The flesh returns to normal! So far, this treatment has been 

Page 24, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

found useful in all kinds of cancers but it has not been tested 
in cases as severe as those indicated at the book “You don’t 
have to die!”. I will keep you posted on further develop¬ 

Why was it not suppressed by the government? I do not 
know; perhaps because it has been analyzed by biochemists 
and found not to contain any allopathic compound, thus 
hilling into the category of “homeopathic prescription” which, 
in Argentina, is NOT under government control as long as it 
is prescribed and applied by certified MDs. The HANSI 
treatment has been discovered by one Argentine fitologist 
called Juan Hirschmann and is applied medically by two MDs 
called Crescenti, of family name, who are cousins in the first 
degree. There are about 100 patients (or close relatives to 
them) attending their small clinic every day for treatment and 
their turns are taken up to November 1990, for theirs is just 
a small clinic and c anno t attend more people. If any other 
MDs take their treatment for general-prescription and thus 
it spreads, I will tell you in future letters. 

(b) I have read Mark Clemens’ “The Waves That Heal” 
and discovered a little piece of information not included in 
the current edition to “The Lakhovsky M.W.O. Handbook” 
published by BSRF. In ’Waves’ I noted a short sentence in¬ 
dicating that one set of rings transmits energy through space 
which falls upon the patient’s body and (it must be ascer¬ 
tained through experiment whether this is as I tell here or 
otherwise) later absorbed by the receiving resonator which 
resonates it for re-broadcasting into the patient’s body. Thus 
the true Lakhovsky MWO, and UNLIKE the Beck-recon¬ 
structed model, would be a more-complex device involving 
features so-far unthought of. It must be ascertained what 
KIND of “receiving resonator” Lakhovsky employed, if it 
had or not special constituents not described at any of his 
patents included in the ‘MWO Handbook* and what other 
features could be complementary to both. 

Another feature to be considered, and which I discovered 
in the photo of page 30 to Clemens’ book is that there are two 
protruding spheres connected to the outermost ring of the 
Lakhovsky set-up. In the copy of the BSRF publication I 
have, these two photographs are reduced and with not the 
same kind of resolution of the work by Clemens. Each 
protruding sphere is connected to a cable and—following the 
path of least resistance—the electrostatic current flows both 
along the metallic path of the outermost ring and the excesses 
accumulated from attracting ether from the environment are 
projected towards the patient (in the case of the transmitter) 
and collected for resonating (in the instance of the receiving 
resonator). Also notice that there are two “bracing wires” to 
both keep the rings in place and at the same time to f ulfill the 
90° division determined for Earth by the metric theorems 
which are the foundation of the Energy Grid! This adds 
another feature of complexity to the making or duplication of 
the MWO, which carries the Lakhovsky invention, again, 
farther from the Beck-built model 

Please mention my paper “Some Free-Energy Devices” for 
the analysis I made there of the MWO is — at best - very 

incomplete, not including the feature of non-uniformity the true 
MWO does possess. 

Jorge Resines 
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Please do keep us posted on the HANSI treatment. Glad to 
hear that it slipped through a government loophole and is 
actually helping people. We hope for such things in the US, 
but the rule of thumb is that if it makes you feel better or heals 
you then it is illegal Wouldn’t do to have happy, healthy 
people in times of engineered emergency. 

Th anks also for your further insights into the MWO. I 
feel that a continuing dialogue will eventually produce more 
evidence as to what type of equipment Lakhovsky used in his 
successful researches into cell regeneration and how to best 
reproduce it. The resonator antenna setup on Lakhovsky’s 
original is more complex than the Beck MWO, as, like the 
primary antenna, it also has two feeder wires. The two 
spheres you mention, from which brush discharges can be 
seen, have always struck me as the nuts that held the heavy 
antenna onto its stand. Some mechanical contrivance was 
necessary and the mini-spheres fit the bill with the possibility 
that they may have been further configured to produce a 
specific capacitance, as our evidence indicates that Lakhovsky’s 
antennae were veiypreciselybuilt, probably log periodic. We 
have heard that Lakhovsky was a radiethesiest and would 
dowse the sites where he set his equipment up. He was 
certainly into the subtle energies, and the French school was 
very precise in its radiesthetic work, being the source mate¬ 
rial for much of Christopher Hills Supersensonics work. We 
have an unconfirmed report that the original tube antennae 
were filled with a rare gas such as argon. This would seem to 
be the case as in Lakhovsky’s second MWO patent he re¬ 
duced the antennae and puts them into vacuum or low 
pressure gas bulbs (as the first, this patent is written to be very 
specifically vague). This was meant to be an improvement 
over the original units, and probably was. What it tells us is 
that the “Beck” units appear to be far from what Lakhovsky 
was doing and where he was going, though because of more 
than 25 years of people building and using Beck models it is 
hard find information on the original. The “bracing wires” 
are supposedly silk. Their angle was probably determined 
solely by mechanical function, (see cover) 

We have actually come under attack for our attempts to 
clarify the MWO story! In a brochure put out by MWO 
salesman Mike Brown, Box 25, Pleasant Hope, MO 65725, 
we come in for the following treatment: “Then there are the 
characters who, with no formal training whatsoever, deni¬ 
grate tings [sic] they know less than nothing about. One 
outfit calling itself Borderland Research sent out a bulletin 
claiming that no-one today is manufacturing a Lakhovsky 
Multiple Wave Oscillator. These characters arrived at their 
conclusion by comparing photos of a 1935 unit to ones being 
made today. The units don’t have the same external appear¬ 
ance. Quite often people with no formal training in electron¬ 
ics or electricity don’t understand that an electronic device 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-Dt er 1990, Page 25 

and how it operates are determined by the circuitry contained 
wi thin the unit, not by the boxit comes in.” My comments are 
that there are perhaps tings we don’t know but we do know 
that what is inside counts as much as the outside on the 
MWO. I have put five years of serious investigation into the 
MWOI would have to say that what we have published is the 
result of serious consideration by a number of intelligent, 
some highly trained, people interacting and exchanging ideas. 
We have published the evidence to support our contention, 
and have in fact stated that if we can be shown to be wrong 
then we would like to know, that we have nc - al c mclu- 
sions, just some of the facts. A crude attempt to belittle our 
research by ignoring the main facts does not change the facts 
and the facts are that the units pictured in Lakhovsky’s book 
The Secret of Life are quite a bit different than the units being 
built today, indicated specifically by the antenna hookups, 
which basic logic would indicate the need for a different 
interior setup. A thorough analysis of the basic differences 
between the two types of units can be found in The Lakhovsky 
Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook, edited by myself, Tom 
Brown (no relation to Mike as many have asked). Mike’s 
brochure then goes on to claim that “the equipment neces¬ 
sary to regrow arms and legs can be purchased at Radio Shack 
for about $10”, that is a “metal plate, copper wire, battery, 
and 100 K-ohm to 1.5 Megohm resistor.” Heck, if you can 
grow an amputated arm back with a only battery and a resistor 
then why do we need all the electronics in a MWO just to 
drive out mere cancerous tissue?! 

As a final note on this, I would like to point out that 
electricity is a system alterant. Whether it alters the system 
for better or worse depends on many other factors, including 
mental status. As Trevor Constable pointed out back in the 
1960s in this Journal, the healing powers attributed to the 
MWO could be caused by the etheric force rushing to sup¬ 
press the life-negative electro-magnetic activity. It is also 
possible that any benefits coming from modem day MWOs 
are psycho-tronic in nature — that is the min d is doing the 
cure and the instrument provides a physical anchor for the 
psychic energies. The actual operation of the equipment, the 
sparking and gross electrical output, is superfluous to the 
matter, other that in convincing the min d that someting is 


** One question: I checked out from the inter-loan library* 
the book “The Eye of Revelation”, now known as the “Foun¬ 
tain of Youth”. It states that hurricanes rotate clockwise in 
the N. hemisphere. To my knowledge, they rotate CCW in 
the N. hemi. The book says to spin left to right (CW). My 
natural inclination is to want to spin CCW. Running a little 
test in the bathroom s inks here, I observed vortexes spinning 
in either direction as the water went down the drain. My 
question: Is the direction you spin in Rite 1 critical? Also, the 
other evening, while using my visual ray (a la COSMIC 
PULSE) on some clouds I observed some very unusual 
phenomena. A full report is forthcoming as soon as I get time 

to type my notes up. Fm implying several weeks as Fm 
extremely busy on other dated materials. Alllcansayislwish 
I had found out about BSRF and related groups 20years ago!! 
I love it! 

Stephen S. Miller 
Tallahassee, FL 

“Fountain of Youth” by Harbor Press is not the same as “The 
Eye of Revelation”. BSRF publishes the only authentic, 
original version of Peter Kelder’s book on the Five Rites of 
Rejuvenation. The “Fountain” book rewrote the story and 
changed some of the essential info, but does correctly show 
how to perform the exercises, and it has done an excellent job 
of spreading the info. If it says that hurricanes rotate clock¬ 
wise in the northern hemisphere then they made a mistake. A 
vortex has a predominate direction, that is, water going down 
a drain will flow generally in the CCW direction in the north¬ 
ern hemisphere and opposite in the southern, but with a 
slight interference it will easily spin the other direction. I do 
the first of the Five Rites in the clockwise direction, but it 
could conceivably be done in either, depending on how 
strongly the change of direction affects you. The most critical 
aspect of borderland sciences is to go with what works, and if 
CCW sp innin g works best for you then do it! 


** I was reading the Journal recently and became inspired to 
write you a letter about some of my interests; that may be an 
interest to other readers. First, the study of Radionics (for 
about ten years) prompted me to purchase a Gallimore 
radionic device and several of his publications on the subject 
What I would like to know is: are there others out there that 
are familiar with Gallimore’s work or has a G allimo re port¬ 
able device that could shed some light on the workings of his 
particular approach to radionics? I had initially communi¬ 
cated with Jerry over the phone when I purchased his device 
but have lost contact with him over the years. Also, is there 
a place that I can obtain the laws regarding the shipping and 
use of a radionic device, (is it still against the law to ship 
devices over state lines?). 

Don Ellison 
San Francisco, CA 

Jerry Gallimore died in 1988, a real loss to the research com¬ 
munity. We have a Gallimore Agricultural Unit #2 here in 
our collection and the detection system is a galvanic skin re¬ 
sponse meter, a definite and innovative change from the rub¬ 
bing plate. I was never able to get this to work, and Jerry 
wanted to get together with me to show me how, which 
unfortunately never happened. Ifanyofourmemberswishto 
contribute more info on this the pages are open, as any 
workable detection system for radionic energies is of prime 
interest here. Ditto for anyone with current legal status of 
shipping and use of radionic devices. I believe that they are 
legal as long as not sold or used for human health, other than 
immediate family, which is probably a good thing. 

Page 26, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 


** About that article by “An Anonymous Friend”, there are 
only a few who could write an article like that in the Anthro- 
posophical circle. I find it a bit disconcerting that anyone 
would not want to be identified when they obviously have 
much to offer. 

I also find it curious that in the same issue there is another 
article that touches on the same question. In Understanding 
the Continuous Universe. Rhetta says, “The Universe has 
not been created, it is CREATING by a thinkin g Force, 
which destroys that which it is creating in a manne r which 
keeps a perfect balance between composing and decompos¬ 
ing form.” The question is that of the nature of Force. 
According to Russell, a la Rhetta, we have a Universal 
Machine where by matter comes and goes almost of its own. 
My question is how a ‘Thinking Force” can be termed a 
machine of any kind. As our Anonymous Friend has pointed 
out, there are Beings behind those Forces. There needs to be 
a “ min d” behind Rhetta’s “ thinkin g Force”. And, where 
there is a mind, there is a Being. What we have here is the 
classic question of Consistency. I have found G. Spencer 
Brown’s Laws of Form to be a handy Occam’s Razor in 
instances of this sort In his book he addresses the use of 
“glyphs” (to use C.S. Peirce’s term) in symbolic logic. Be¬ 
cause he uses essentially one glyph in developing his calculus, 
it becomes fundamental to all forms of expression, from the 
simplest two-value logic to the more elegant syllogistic logic 
of written language. As regards Consistency, Brown states: 
“If, in a calculus intending several indications, they are any¬ 
where confused, then they are everywhere confused, and if 
they are confused they are not distinguished, and if they are 
not distinguished they cannot be indicated, and the calculus 
thereby makes no indication. A calculus that does not 
confuse a distinction it intends will be said to be consistent” 
In so far as one is looking for the “distinction” pertaining to 
the nature of Force, one finds it “mind-full” in one place and 
“mindless” in another in Rhetta’s article. This can be confus¬ 
ing, wouldn’t you say? 

Rick Knutson 
Spring City, PA. 

I don’t know who our anonymous friend is but I do hope that 
he or she sends in more of their writings, as we got a number 
of calls and letters wanting to know who it was -- being 
anonymous draws more attention! Your discussion should 
also include certain followers of Wilhelm Reich who will 
accept the life energy only in its form objectively measurable 
around orgone accumulators, and who consider any higher 
awareness thereof (such as spiritual insights) to be a form of 
psychosis brought on by sexual repression (and they’re seri¬ 
ous too). I don’t so much try for consistency in the Journal as 
I do to make it an outlet for many patterns of thought on the 
evolving side of consciousness. My personal orientation is 
toward the spiritual scientific writings, as they are such rich 
soil to grow in, and were there to be more available writings 
of that type I would certainly publish more. Walter Russell 

apparently had a great illumination concerning chemical 
structure and the mechanics of universal force, but his spuri¬ 
ous illumination apparently did not give the universal insight 
on many levels that Steiner maintained throughout his life. 
However, we should not reject Russell’s work on that basis, 
because if one looks at Steiner’s indications on how the 
elements should be arranged they will find that Russell 
provided the arrangement. I think that it is good to have 
conflicting viewpoints as it allows for perspective and an 
opportunity to really come to grips with one’s own view. And 
then we can’t be accused of being dogmatid 


A partial listing of materials received at B.S.R.F. HQ. 

* THE CEREOLOGIST - The Journal for Crop Circle Stud¬ 
ies, Vol 1, Summer 1990,11 Powis Gardens, London Wll 
1JG, UK Edited by John Michell this is a new newsletter 
dedicated to “cereologists”, crop circle researchers. The 
original crop circle phenomenon has expanded into various 
symbols accompanied by sounds and lights. This newsletter 
promises to show many sides of the story and could become 
the prime source for timely data on the subject. UK 7.50 
Pounds, US$18, International Money Orders only. 

* TONES.EXE is a simple computer program that produces 
tones on the computer speaker ranging from 18.21Hz to 
655.35Hz. Written by Roberto Artigas Jr., P.O. Box 281415, 
Memphis, TN 38168-1415. This program has been known to 
produce AL TEKED states of consciousness, and is sold solely 
as a research tool into the effects of specific sound frequen¬ 
cies on your mind and body. A listing of the tones is given in 
the instructions with relationships suggested by past research 
into psychophysical effects of exact frequencies. By arrange¬ 
ment with the author this program is available through 
BSRF, Garberville CA 95440-0429. The only format now 
available is DOS 5-1/4" 360K DSDD diskette, $10 plus $2 
P&H ($3 P&H overseas), Californians add 6.25% sales tax. 

Bokajo Enterprises, P.O. Box 1400, Wildomar CA 92395, to 
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Grow your own! This excellent video shows the basics 
needed to begin gardening in your back yard or on a large 
scale. It covers: how to build a BD compost pile to use in 
building your soil, even in the worst of soils; raised beds; 
rodent, bird and insects and how to deal with them in a benign 
manner without poisoning your soil (insects are there for a 
reason — analyze why); crop regulation; safe fertilizers and 
supplements; weeds as resource; seeds and seed preparation; 
BD tree pastes; types of crops; why not to eat iceberg lettuce 
(no nutritional value); BD food lasts longer in storage; 
sources for seeds and equipment; and detailed explanations 
of many aspects of organic gardening. The traditional Bio- 
Dynamic practices are not even mentioned, which is probably 

The Journal of Borderland Research November-Dea 1990, Page 27 

necessary in order to get this quality information into the 
public’s min d. If you want to eat in the future this video can 
help greatly. Well worth watching. 

Ave, Suite E-4 #160, Boulder CO 80302, has submitted a very 
large stack of information on Urine Therapy. Mentioned in 
previous Journals this subject has created quite a bit of 
interest as a tool of self-healing. TR’s info pack covers from 
the ancient Ayurvedic practices to modem uses in combat¬ 
ting AIDS and cancer. Rather than list this stack of books, 
articles and testimonials we suggest that interested parties 
send $1 to TR for their current listing. Atip of the hat to TR’s 
director Shoshame for compiling and making available such 
a tremendous resource list on this fascinating subject. 


Information resources and a nexus for researchers. 

* THE AEOLIAN OUTLOOK is a newsletter exploring the 
relationship between astronomical relationships and weather. 
The AO for 1990-91 includes a few new features which should 
aid in the effective use of the information. One new feature 
is an expanded introduction which is designed to explain and 
ill umina te the symbols found in the charts. This introduction 
will aid those not conversant with astronomical symbols and 
it also explains some of the t hinkin g that lies behind astrocli- 
matological procedures. By referring to the examples in the 
introduction, insight can be developed in the practice of long 
range weather prediction. 

A second feature is the use of the Becker-Hagens world 
grid as a basis for the north polar projection used to cast the 
weekly charts. The world grid is a series of lines which are 
thought to represent the ley lines along which the energy of 
the earth travels. Buc kmins ter Fuller used a cuboctahedral 
grid lattice to do much of his advanced cartography. Becker 
and Hagens, following the lead of Christopher Bird and a 
number of Russian researchers use a dodecaicosahedral grid 

In a series of experiments this year it was recognized that 
the Becker-Hagens grid offered tremendous opportunities 
for stre amlinin g and economizing the coordinates used in the 
Aeolian Outlook. Aspect lines which run parallel to the grid 
lines are shown on the monthly maps as double lines. Experi¬ 
ments have shown that these parallel lines amplify and in¬ 
duce currents in the meteorological sphere. By only record¬ 
ing the grid lines which are being energized by planetary 
aspects a much clearer and more accurate picture of storm 
growth and decay cycles can emerge from the data. 

Each year brings surprises and missed indications in the 
workbut the mistakes often are doors to greater insights. The 
1990-91 Aeolian Outlook is a clearer, more educational tool 
for exploring astroclimatology. A six month subscription 
includes a day by day prediction for the winter storm season 
in the United States. Major Pacific storms are tracked from 

the Aleutian or Hawaiian islands to landfalls on the West 
Coast. Further frontal motion of these storms is easily 
extrapolated for the Midwest and east coast Midwest block¬ 
ing highs and their attendant thunderstorms and cold weather 
are included in the Outlook as are hurricanes and other 
western Atlantic phenomena which influence the East coast 
Broad changes in these factors result in persistent patterns of 
local weather. The aim of the Outlook is to predict the broad 
climatological changes which then effect local weather. 

A subscription also includes a bi-monthly update which 
analyzes unforeseen patterns and events and describes weather 
anomalies from a planetary perspective. A subscription for 
the Aeolian Outlook and update costs $40. Please make 
checks payable to: De nnis Klocek A.O., 6603 Lincoln Ave., 
Carmichael, CA 95608 

* TREAT III, Third Conference on Treatment and Research 
of Experienced Anomalous Trauma. “Ancient and Modem 
Perspectives on Experienced Anomalous Trauma”-- March 
7-10,1991. Kansas City. Pre-conference workshop March 5- 
6. For further information or to submit abstracts please 
contact: Rima E. Laibow, M.D., Director, TREAT, 13 Sum¬ 
mit Terrace, Dobbs’ Ferry, N.Y. 10522. (914) 693-8827 

GEVITY & IMMORTALITY. In the process of organizing 
a Think -Tank for the purpose of exchanging thoughts and 
ideas in this Information-Age, in the areas of Extraordinary 
and Borderland Science. The materials and tools needed are: 

1. Lens, prisms, insulators-dielectrics, Quartz crystals, Magnets; 

2. Orgone accumulators, pyramids; 3. Static generators and 
Ion polarity detectors; 4. Light detector above and below the 
visible spectrum. Below the infrared and above the ultravio¬ 
let. Other conventional tools needed are: 1. Oscilloscope, 
RF and audio generator; 2. Dynamic electricity, 3. High- 
powered red or greenish beam Laser; 4. Sheet copper and 
wire; 5. Capacitors of various sizes; 6. Low/high-voltage 
meters; 7. Dielectric tester; 8. Gyroscopes. If you can help 
with any of the above please contact: Elbert Cook, Cook 
Electronics, Box 295, Wickes, AR 71973, (501) 385-7958 

speakers to discuss alternative technologies and energy sources, 
environmental problems and solutions, efficient technology 
and hardware that exists now, and Nikola Tesla’s concepts 
and technology to transform civilization. Tentative dates: 
May 30-June 2, 1991, Marquis Hotel, Palm Springs, CA. 
Contact: Ron Brinkley, 81605 Lido Ave, Indio, CA. 92201. 
(619) 347-1331 

* RAUM & ZEIT, A New Dimension in Scientific Research. 
Advanced research into Medicine, Physics, Energy, Ecology, 
Chemistry, Dentistry, Mineralogy. Important and timely 
articles for the borderland researcher. In US contact Chrystyne 
Jackson, PO Box 1508, Mt. Vernon WA 98273 (206) 424- 
6034. $59/year six issues). In Australasia contact Alvin R. 

Page 28, November-December 1990 The Journal of Borderland Research 

Crosby, PO Box 89-141, Auckland 10, NZ. phone (064-9) 
479-5300,1 year subscription (6 issues) New Zealand NZ$150 
inch GST., Australia A$130 Airmail. 2 years subscription 
20% discount. 

Health Care Practitioner in nutritional and alternative heal¬ 
ing arts without the fear of being charged with “practicing 
medicine without a license; etc. I can see where many Bor- 
derlanders could use this information. Know your rights! 

* FORTEAN TIMES, 96 Mansfield Road, London NW3 
2HX, England, is one of the most interesting magazines 
available. Each issue contains an incredible collection of 
anomalous happenings, and a recent issue did an extensive 
coverage of the crop circle phenomenon. If you are bored 
with the humdrum of daily fife then read this magazine and 
find that the universe is much weirder than we are able to 

* CYMATICS, vol n, (the book) by Hans Jenny is available 
from MacroMedia, 81 Elm St., Epping NH 03042, (603) 679- 
5524. This is the long sought afterworkby Jenny with pictures 
of the various patterns that develop from simple and complex 
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* BioEnergy Associates has meetings in the San Fransisco 
Bay Area every other month. The purpose of BioEnergy 
Associates is: To provide a forum to exchange ideas and 
information on alternative therapies and devices used in the 
Energy Medicine / Mind Expansion field; To obtain greater 
understanding of each other’s areas oLspecialization and 
expertise; To develop a broad based network of referral 
resources and research associates. For more information 
contact Margaret Weber, Ph.D., 2236 Buena Vista Ave., 
Alameda, CA 94501, or call (415) 668-9210 

* ACRES U.SA. CONFERENCE November 26-28,1990. 
Kansas City, Missouri. A conference to cover the farm situ¬ 
ation “as is.” Special lessons on coping with hard times by 
using new ideas for access to a brand new organic market 
Acres USA is also an excellent newspaper and is published 
monthly. Acres USA, PO Box 9547, Kansas City, MO 64133 

tion. Trade directory of the New Age, metaphysical, holistic, 
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The Journal of Borderland Research November-December 1990, Page 29 

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by David Kaonohiokala Bray 


Douglas Low 

This is the first account of the Hawaiian religion written by an initiated Hawaiian priest ’ 
Only a true Initiate could give the clues to the basic spiritual nature of humanity, and convey so clearly 
the relationship of these spiritual forces between man and the cosmos. This book not only describes 
these relationships, but diagrams them, thus giving students a “road map” of the heavens which will lead 
to the Light and Knowledge they seek. 

The first section of the book is autobiographical and shows the true way of life of the original 
Hawaiians as well as how they coped with the Christian influence on their spiritual life. “Daddy” Bray, 
as he was known to his students, discusses his ancestral origins on the Big Island of Hawaii, from the 
Kohala district, and his descent from the heroic High Priest, Kamehameha the First. The second 
section of the book contains Bray’s instructions as related by his prize pupil Douglas Low, who was in 
training with Bray for 12 years, both in the Islands and in California. Doug was a college professor, 
whose field was philosophy and comparative religions, so this presentation of the Kahuna religion is 
penetrating, scholarly and well illustrated. While many books have been written on Kahuna, none have 
the penetrating depth, the clarity of detail, or the true connection to the original flow of mana like The 
Kahuna Religion of Hawaii. Aloha... 

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