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Full text of "Melodies to certain hymns in use at the Church of St. Alban, Holborn"

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Certain Hymns in Use at the Church of 
St. Alban, Holborn 



Fourth Impression 




Born January i6th, i860, 
Died February loth, 1884 : 

For nearly five years Organist of St. Alban^s, Holborn. 

Is it just, is it friendly, when death has silenced all power of 
remonstrance, to make public a friend's work not meant by him, 
not planned or polished by him, for an audience indiscriminate ? I 
gravely question it ; and yet, in spite of misgivings, herewith 
(his relatives consenting) commit to print a slender handful of 
J. Farquharson Walenn's Hymns, persuaded thereto by no 
better reason than this, that to some they will give pleasure. 
. One or two of the Hymns are dear and familiar to us all. In 
others less well known, his friends will find here and there an 
accent, unmistakable as a blackbird's note, which to them will 
recall something of the charm of his character and art. 

This is not the place to put on record what we felt and feel 
about his genius. Of actual permanent achievement there was but 
little. All told, it is but 

*'An adumbration faint; .... 

The sweet beginning of a tale unknown ; 
A dream unspoken ; promise unfulfilled ; 
A morn with no noon ; a rose unblown." 

The completion shall, we trust, follow by and by, there, where 
** all we have willed or hoped or dreamed of good shall exist." I 
shall not forget the look upon his face, as one evening, no 


long time before his death, he lay listening to Browning's Abt 
Vogler : — 

" And what is our failure here but a triumph's evidence 

For the fulness of the days ? Have we withered or agonized? 
Why else was the pause prolonged but that singing might issue 
thence ? 

Why rushed the discords in, but that harmony should be prized? 
Sorrow is hard to bear, and doubt is slow to clear, 

Each sufferer says his say, his scheme of the weal and woe : 
But God has a few of us whom He whispers in the ear ; 

The rest may reason and welcome ; 'tis we musicians know." 

These Hymns are not offered in evidence, nor is any defence of 
our opinion forthcoming, yet we who knew him well held him in 
truth one of the few in whose ear God has whispered, and of that 
goodly fellowship of musicians who reason not, but know. 

May the love and grace of Christ grant him eternal place in that 
better country where the voice of God is not *^ still and small," 
but " as the sound of many waters." 

E. F. R. 

' St. Alban's, Holborn, 
Michaebna-s^ 1884. 

This little book, which has been for long out of print, is now 
reprinted at the wish of many friends who, even after the lapse of 
thirteen years, siill find these melodies delightful. 

E. F. R. 

St. Alban's, Holborn, 
Lent, 1898. 

Maestoso. Voices in unison. ^o. 218, Si. Alban's Hymn Book, 

Praise, O vSi - on, praise thy Pas - tor ! Praise thy Sa-viour 

and thy Mas - ter ! High the cho - ral an- thems raise ; 


All thy ut - most might it need-eth. For He all thy 

praise ex - ceed -eth, Thou canst ne'er ex - press His praise. 

1 1 


1 — 


f d nil mortal fltsh. 

(Sung at the Children's Mass before the Consecration.) 
Slowly and soleuinly. 

Let all mor - tal flesh keep si - lence, 

And with fear and trem-bling stand ; Pon - der no - thing 

earth - ly mind - ed, For with bless - ing 

( 6 ) 

No. 60, Perseverance Manual. 


Sweet Sa - cra-ment di - vine ! Hid in Thine earth -ly 
I III > I = ' I ' J 
.cl g! ..v....g , -^-^gj , •! -|S' — -'|S- 

home, Lo ! round Thy low - ly shrine With suppliant hearts we 

I Wj I , ! I i I 


— r — r-1 

, ^ 1 


come ; 

i M h 

Je - sus, to 

— f- — 1 — 1 

Thee our 
1 J- 

1 r 

voice \ve 

' 1 

raise In 

1 -p- (p^ ^z: 

I I I t ! I r I 1 I 

songs of love and heart-felt praise, Sweet Sa- cra-ment di - vine ! 

II I I I 1 ' I k. 1 

No. 83, Perseverance Mamial. 


Clear vault ofheav'n, se-rene-ly blue, How ma-ny stars came 

yond all count are they, 
■ J. -I J ! 

Be - yond all count are they : 

ill III 
Prais'd be the Ho - ly Sa - cra-ment As ma - ny times a 
\ \ \ \ \ J. .2- \ s I ! J J 


No. 77, Perseverance MantiTl. 



joy, the Mo - ther 

1 i ^ 

comes, And 

in her arms she 
1 -i i -H 


brings The Light of all the world ! The 

Christ, the King of kings ! And in her heart the 

while All si - lent - ly she sings. 

^ib^ to tlj^ toinbs tljy fears. 

No. 92, Perseverance Manual. 

[His last writing. First sung at the Requiem at his funeral.] 

-f^f^ . 1- 7^^^ 1 


gL— - ^ [ 1 1 

counts thy tears ; 
1 1 U-^ 

God shall lift up thy 

head. Through 

1 1 

r — — 

1 1 

( 12 ) 


waves, tliro' clouds and Storms, He gen - tly clears thy 

Soon end in joy - ous day, Soon end in joy - ous day. 


( 13 ) 

Andante con moto. 


op - 'ning wide The gate 
. J 1 J ! 

of Heav'n 


man be - low ; Our foes press on 

from ev - 



( 14 ) 

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