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(TMI  Journeys  -  February  2019) 

Understanding  Cosmology:  Your  Path  to  Freedom 

by  Scott  Taylor 

TMI  Residential  and  Guest  Trainer,  NDE  Researcher 

Robert  A.  Monroe  gave  us  an  amazing  blueprint  for  exploring  the  nonphysical  universe.  He 
described  “Focus  Levels”  that  acted  as  addresses  for  “places”  that  existed  way  before  he 
discovered  them  in  his  OBEs.  They  are  areas  you  can  go  “to  expand,  to  experience,  to  know, 
to  understand,  to  control,  to  use  these  greater  energies  and  energy  systems  ...”  (from  the 
Gateway  Affirmation). 

After  34  years  as  a  program  facilitator  at  The  Monroe  Institute,  I  have  come  to  understand  that 
these  Focus  Levels  are  not  greater  or  lesser,  better  or  worse  than  each  other.  They  are  just 
different  places  that  you  can  inhabit  for  a  while.  Some  Focus  Levels  make  it  easier  to  delve 
into  certain  aspects  of  the  nonphysical  universe  than  others.  That’s  all. 

Think  of  it  this  way.  If  you  were  to  visit  England’s  prime  minister  in  London,  you  would  go  to 
No.  10  Downing  Street.  Does  that  mean  No.  10  Downing  Street  is  any  better  than  No.  12?  No. 
Different  people  reside  in  each  residence.  These  people  have  different  jobs  but  one  address  is 
not  inherently  better  than  the  other.  How  about  No.  15?  That  house  happens  to  reside  on  the 
other  side  of  the  street  with  a  different  view  of  the  city.  It’s  a  new  perspective.  No.  21  is  just  a 
little  farther  down  the  same  street  with  another  vista  to  contemplate. 

People  trained  in  the  Monroe  technique  have  been  scouting  “Downing  Street”  for  more  than  50 
years.  We  know  there  are  many  more  addresses  to  search  and  different  views  to  be  had. 

It  turns  out  that  near-death  experiencers  (NDErs)  discovered  another  street  parallel  to 
Downing  Street.  Instead  of  house  numbers,  on  this  street  they  use  “vibratory  levels.”  Following 
another  English  tradition,  each  vibratory  level  has  a  place  name.  Some  are  coined  after  the 
different  kinds  of  light  experienced  by  NDErs.  These  locations  have  labels  like  “Meeting  Place,” 
“Black  Light,”  “Clear  Light,”  “White  Light,”  and  “the  Park.”  Like  the  addresses  on  Downing 
Street,  they  enable  you  to  do  some  things  more  easily  than  others,  depending  on  the  vibratory 
level  you’ve  engaged. 

As  an  example,  take  the  archetypal  tunnel  experience  that  many  NDErs  describe.  Exploring 
the  tunnel  is  easily  done  with  Meeting  Place  vibratory  level.  Meeting  your  dead  relatives  is 
relatively  easy  in  White  Light. 

Cosmology  means  “to  describe  the  structure  of  the  universe,  its  characteristics  and  how  it 
works.”  Bob’s  Focus  Levels  describe  one  street  to  explore  in  the  nonphysical.  Near-death 
experiencers  have  described  another.  Each  is  equally  valid,  just  a  different  road  and 
addresses  in  the  same  city. 

Most  of  the  participants  in  the  Near-Death  Experience  Intensive  program  are  not  people  who 
are  captivated  by  death  or  want  to  connect  with  their  departed  loved  ones.  The  vast  majority 
have  spent  time  in  the  Monroe  cosmology  and  want  the  experiences  and  perspective  of  a  new, 
neoteric  lens. 

Here’s  the  cool  part.  You  can  use  Hemi-Sync®  to  explore  the  nonphysical  universe  of  the 
NDE.  Hemi-Sync  has  this  wonderful  ability  to  expand  your  awareness  and  hold  you  in  a  very 
specific  state  of  consciousness.  It  gives  you  time  to  explore.  You  can  train  yourself  to  return  to 
a  desired  state  with  tools  that  allow  you  to  navigate  this  space  with  ease  and  confidence. 

Bob  Monroe  called  this  adventure  “the  path  to  freedom.”  When  you  know  there  are  many  well- 
worn  paths  in  the  nonphysical  universe,  you  are  freer  to  explore  them.  I’ve  used  Hemi-Sync  to 
explore  the  path  of  shamanism.  It’s  wonderful  for  visiting  the  lower  and  upper  worlds. 

Where  would  you  like  to  explore?  You  can  use  Focus  Levels  or  vibratory  levels  to  jump  off  into 
territories  now  unknown. 

Here  is  a  typical  sequence  that  occurs  while  on  your  path  to  freedom: 

•  The  more  you  explore,  the  more  you  will  come  to  know  (not  just  believe)  that  you  are 
more  than  your  physical  body. 

•  Once  you  know  that,  you’ll  overcome  your  fear  of  physical  death. 

•  Once  you  are  free  of  the  fear  of  death,  you  have  the  freedom  to  live  life  more  fully  in  the 

•  Life  in  the  physical  becomes  a  joy,  untouched  by  the  fear  of  the  unknown,  of  death. 

That’s  the  greatest  gift  of  understanding  cosmology. 

Scott  Taylor,  EdD,  is  a  TMI  residential  and  guest  program  trainer,  and  a  near-death 
experiencer,  researcher,  and  speaker.  Having  interviewed  hundreds  of  near-death 
experiencers,  he  speaks  to  the  heartfelt  needs  and  desires  of  experiencers  and  those  close  to 
them.  He  is  author  and  voice  of  six  “Into  the  Light,”  Hemi-Sync®  albums  that  feature 
meditations  based  on  different  types  of  near-death  experiences.  He  is  also  the  creator  and 
trainer  of  the  6-day  TMI  workshop  exploring  near-death  experiences. 

Note:Hemi-Sync®  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Interstate  Industries  Inc.,  dba  Hemi-Sync®.