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Full text of "St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1907-03-09: Vol 59 Iss 200"

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Take care of your advertising, and your 


Tomorrow's Sunday Post-Dispatch —— 


Repe cemree NEE Rae 

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Will Reach St. Louis Home Buyers. } VOL. 59. NO. 200. ST. LOUIS, SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 9. 1907. PRICE ore cen. (UMMM 

-SWESIO;ORAWS | TO ALIBL IN| PASSES HOUSE: |... "> ov meus Gos arti, us a 





St. Louis Man Knocks Down Declares He Was in Buffalo at Defect Found in ner Mics | : a : - | Old, wns ooo 4 

Mine Terror Before Alton Time of Alleged $15 ure—Worthless, Members | bs og Eee | Heich Zion City’s Former Leader Succumbs at Shiloh He 188 

(Onion Club. Payment, Declare. fag re eignt \ Surrounded by Friend and Two Attendan a 
ee we Ns99 . >» dew ti : 5 Feet Received Callers Friday—His Wife, Son and 
THRICE KNOCKED DOWN|CHARACTER WITNESSES !posp-pispatcH LauDED| — DIS zt | in Michigan Are Expected to Attend the 
Businesd and Professional i ey for ee 10. Inches, ae 
Rises Each Time Just in Time | Pusiness ale «rorossional Mel | Minority Leader Hill Says It Is i ——— oe : a ae 
ed Out. forcement of Law, | Public Needs. , : 6 160 LIFE STORY STRANGER THAN FIC! 

2 : | Etc ce a ee = ide 

ee en ee Rolls as ee Be od a Pounds, Tribulations Drove Him From Australia to Californii 
Crowd Favors Collinsville Brui- {Suspended Man Denies Charges Renceniitilive “Rotibied Ee: re Ore oe Blue and Then to Chicago, Where His Power Began ix 

ger Until He Is Put on and Specifications Brought sine Aah bo Control His - — ree Be : the Nineties— Wonderful Shrewdness Shown in Hig: 

copteaan a Saloons. ; : a BS Eyes, Purchase of the Zion Kingdom on Lake, a 


Se Ege 5, Se Long CTIICAGO, March 9.—John Alexander Dowie died at ds 

The Onion Athletic Club of Alton was Suspended Assistant Chief of Detec- Rea as 
tives K re fore ice eee ee ee we Bess sc stattot wstates ee > o-oo ps ?,* - ‘ ? a8 ' : ‘ a 
crowded with the thoroughbred sports nae — an aeons oe — “9 : ° , ges Ream iene os wee $5 Ee A 0 cloelk this morning at Shiloh House, Zion City. There were Pp "¢ 
bt the town Thursday night. Manager; | Wh 9. 9 egelmmalncaag Post-Dispatch Kind Cigar- fie 2 ee af MN Scar ent with him when he died, only Judge D. M. Barnes and two per 
sou See Sei : TR = a ' es F “2 - Ulead, » ee + athe 4 

in his own behalf Saturday morning. 
Conley had promised his guests an ex- : ’ f N . P bl e 
s He sa d } + > ras ¢ at >; 0 ews a er u 1C : . . 
citing fistic entertainment, with the} ) °°") " aa 2 geo P ae D 2 See cae oe sonal attendants. It had been his eustom for months to hold ¥ 
usual crimson features. Jack Tibbets | ~ received $15 from ae Faw Needs, ill Declares. }; Se Poe aie gf fae. - ; ihe 
of Collinsyille, a strapping big fellow | °°t+ ® tlef, in a downtown pawnsivop, When the State Excise _ bill ettes. LOR TRE REE i B aa a on Nose. ligous services every Sunday afternoon in the parlor of Shilo 

who has gained some notoriety as a aad iad eg | eat | 1 2 LBs, rise OP Als at. 
i eee Ment en ene fat ne Fe minority leader, read editorials P ; a aa atc i et et “s de ‘ 3 > es 
unknown from 8t. Louis in the prelim- mained there 50 days. He is charged and news articles from the Post- GE a CRE MeL We gO hs. mer, attended these services. Dowie alw avs wore his apostolic roves, 
< see with accepting the money in September, Dispatch relative to the proposed LEE Aptos ep OS A See akg ENO . es 3° eer 
cn, Oe tata <i Ie tities gis  aoiy said. he did not know May law. pis tap or the i, Rr eg Sagres es” oS: Be 5 eR ae Tt and had a characteristic address. Five weeks age these meeting® 
oO t. uls were e or the seeciy Sal cnhoOw Ma! Knox County, author of the bill, SR RE ae ; si Sane SR PRL er aad Se ' . : , Ye 
wind-up of the evening program. met gy aT tae ee ts a foe ete Hill if he thought the Post- y Me ere ae a coe " yt ’ ; aaé : Nf a or aes . ; eeased and Dowie appeared ho longer in pubhie. The Sunday $s) PO ae 
Aer, ae Was hever adetalie Dispatch is a reputable newspa- PL! aM eT. gO ie Dnata hier oe Pt : : fe 
Everything was in apparent readiness | jo duty on the morality squad and had mi Eee sitting e ii aie nat a “i AEP. TENN. iS cone: 4 OP hes Ings, however. were still held by his adherents. . ; 
for the show. Tibbets marched outj nothing to do with the discipline of “Yes, sir, I do,” answered Mr. es sou Ths cengeeteeennt aceehh oeneee Sais ane : Se Since that time Dowie had been grad-) various companies, and the Zion 
a most remarkable financial insetit 


he was in Buffalo on duty at the Pan- was.called for final passage Rep- 
resentative Hill of Butler County, 

the “Bad Lands.”’” He told of mans “ . ate Ss PR PIER at SESSLER ERS eK Pit ae See he ata . per ne 
from the dressing room, with the flag bie captures he bad made, including | ' att a eee ie erentons ' tga NS SRR eld % ate eR thea : “ ually failing. Friday afternoon, how- : which Daan at — 
of his country streaming from his belt. bank robbers, highwaymen and train - the kkindl of: « newspaper the Ey .; SRS eN. . Aes “0 Ios . ; Pe ee Ss en eee . ; . ever, there was no indications of up- oO wi y 1 py e lable _— 4 
Amid the cheers of the Alton boxing |robbers, and of the occasion when ‘he people need. It exposes public ‘ rag FERS eee NN LY IY CRD BEB ETS OR RESTS SOLS Sk PERT DE EE NO on proaching death. He received a few = : 1 an pests e az of 
rooters, he climbed into the ring. He| was shot four times in making an ar- corruption and official rascals s $i pee eae Hs ees oping eA eke Se A eS eee . ia m jiollowers and prayed for some people. | — us Pete Sa aati iefeal hy 
was a mighty looking fellow, and his / rest. | and is not afraid of any person Be eS : ees fhe as. Sad Ee SoU OS AAT : \ : His condition seemed to be about the | cesses to plan a little singeer ot h 
muscles stood out like great knots on Before leaving the stand WKeely char- or any power.”’ 2 ; Wt Coe Ba ae ae sie Penis FE ey ee Ra CRE Se same as for the last two-or three weeks. He conceived the 1! He 
his arms. The Alton lovers of sport had } g¢terized the charges against him as faasah SO OER) La AS RE ORES OS BTEC ta ; oP Re ee : Oiie of the attendants remained with Agee f 
seen him lay his adversaries cold ‘at{an outrageous injustice and declared oe VERE Se tg BOT OS a ok RENE Et ON aS Be ORE | him until midnight, and was relieved by roe an first determined on the 
his feet with sledge-hammer blows that] jney were wholly false. From a Sta Correspondent of the Se Se are oe yh RG SE Re, co ts a eee oe 7 | , | the other attendant. of h . cily—-a tract of 6400 acres. 
landed squarely on an opponent’s solar A policeman who had been sent to find a Ro PO ee TENS OS See : Baas we , Shortly before 1 o'clock this morning ! ¥&) setween Chicago and Mi we 
plexus. Cordell, former walking partner of Post-Dispatch. “ Bee easectpcecee yeretoae  oing Se Set akcon tr 1S ARES sne on Dowie became delirious and his talk —-he set about to acquire title ins cl 
When the cheering died away, the Keely, reported at the afternoon session] JEFFERSON CITY, March 9%.—The| § SESE RR RS RRR pettig 2. ke, FR RN ES Bitty semen. was the same as at a religious meet-}| 4 Way as to prevess prices being tT 
Alton sports looked eagerly around for{that he was not at home. Cordell is! Botsford excise bill, passed by the | ieee PER a a ee RR Sgt pag oe ieee ae ee ie Sg ing*in the days of his prime. He de-| t° @ Ppronibitive point, re 
the unknown man who had the temer-} wanted as a witness both by the board ; ‘ é - é a ep tees oe (a Fe Re ey Spite BE cee eo tear Neca s l ee ake ee tae : nounced people with the old time vigor, al he purchase price average 4 
: House of Representatives today, will y REE: SEY NE TREO CARRS, LOREM EMRGRRIA toe: SAO RRR SNE TI a a RS | eee ordered the guards to throw out dis- $200 an acre. Instead of selling = 
a Pe MM oe SN is ge a ix outright to his T1008 vonee ae 

. . % 

= Fy fe ce 
7 aa 

ay rot rere aemered arena With] and the defense se cae 3 
1e Collinsv ‘whirlwind. Nobody in} ° _ : hot apply to the city of St. Louis. This Sits Ok 5 SR REO R I ROE REEDS PLES an RMS SDN MER SERS Ly. SREP NS SEER ARS ASO LENE Dn ES SU SO 7 Setsione turbers and acted just as he had on so 
the costume of the prize ring was in Character Witnesses. important discdvery was made this at- ” die ei eames ee ia NI i a Bi ia TE ONE aU eh ULES ——— 3 | . inany previous occasions. He gradual-| leased the lots for 1100 
sight. A tall, slender fellow, who was} ‘Th! first two witnesses called were eran ES , , . Fai elle Bg : ly became weakcr and weaker, and the| the strictest of aut Sie seeiee, ay 
reputed to be: the backer of the un-| Matthew J. Ryan, a real estate dealer, | *e™o0on after the bill had been adopted ED WARD BERGMANN S attendant telephoned for Judge Barnes, net profit of gbout §1 ), _ 
known boxer, ,stood dejectedly by the and William J. Cochran, a newspaper|by the narrow margin of one vote. The . : who reached Shiloh House at ¢ a. m. titles were vested in him. | ee 
rin -side. ‘ rv man, berh of whom testified to Keely’s | pi, nowever, in its present form, abol- FROM PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN FIVE YEARS AGO. l‘orty minutes later Dowie died. Phere was a fleeti pon 
“Where's yer fighter?’ yelled the Al- i character re MO 1G Te Pa en ting” (hin wenn test esen'es Gert in iRt an A dneidiend ons - — oe neineeen , Michi Prophets glory wi 
t rt “A tr eee 2 OOK ne - se, ishes Kkxcise Commissioner Mulvihiil's rrr == . His Wife in Michigun. tatally é 
ten sports. fruid to bring him out, | known Keely 18 or 20 years. offiee.. Sectow2*6F the bill. know : ; nee hawe wets , | Latasly Durnea se 
. : . aC 2°06 1€ , Known: as No arrangements have yet been Maae [4 licensed physician, who 

~ “Sre-ye?’ Cochran said WKeelv's reputation. was FE F ( ‘Al Nh B s es Th ristian : 
The b C r } Gi q hae tary ea has > Se = + ‘ ra 96 the Oliver amendment, . exempts St. , , for the funeral. The death of Dowie th > oc i 4a ‘a 
acke ield an animated con that of ‘‘the best officer on the force, Lou.s trom the operation of the pro- MA LA Jf " was unexpected. A large number of hice © ta pet "cau 
| followers and others are gathered at dages. He would not allow i f 

versation with the manager, and made] fye said that im aa interview with May posed law.. It reads as follows: TEA RS TO FALL 
dh Shiloh House to pay thelr respects. children of others, but hé ¢ 

= ~ 


a few rapid strides and disappeared in Hairiggton, when she was a_ prisoner “\When the State Excise Commissioner 

the dressing room. Manaver Conley an-., . he time of the graft investiga-{., 
nounced that the fight would go on in eit nigfthganc age hos ae rannied ih del shall be informed or have reason t@ be- > Mrs. Dowie, Judge Dowle, the pro~ | be to see his own daw 
r few minutes. He told the crowd that ,. s ‘s a ©» nailivann in’ —thet i lic¢ve that the dramshep laws are being puet S father, and his son, W ho ro Mon agon : 
. ; 4 ie : ° " ’ TY "> » 4 r ° r 
, In Other Words, It Will Rain, Ben McD’Hu, Mich, have Deen nt Once Zton was firmly es 

: ‘anything, on any sae ge 2h ase y 
tle unknown. fighter had a desperate Btn, ee given no meuey to any of them. violated in any county of this State, t Zi ‘ity today.) 
and are expected ai Zion City y4 general overseer prosecuted 

attack of “coli feet” and had refused to Vital W. Garesche. attornes, and Paui he shall, either in person or by deputy. ‘ i cata fe ; the bedside “res. 

go on, but that his hacker, who had Dillon, also an attorney, testified 10 proceed to such county and examine Sa 9 Forecaster Judge Barnes, —, wee, slag Area doubled vigor his missionary ig ut 

some knowledge of the fistic game, had Dillon volun-}| ¥itesses as to the violations of the j ay! ‘S ail “hat emi im 1 111 ndly ‘0 Dowie Gricrous ip toany pasinaeae really” 
cil, but remained ‘endl ‘ ’ | dricrous in many particulars, Was rea 

Keely s good character. Vol zone ; 
consented to take a licking at the hands! tered to tell oF conversation ‘wth |@ramshoy laws, For this purpose he ay : e- 
The March | believing him to be insane and not I a remarkable emonstra Ther 

of the Collinsville champion. ‘ormer Detective Williams 12 which ,iS hereby given. .the power to subpena on ie’ 
ait ‘Rah for Tibbets,” velled the crowd canth were made against Keely City ]|and_ examine witnesses. r meas ion Na geaiad ps THE YEAR lamb will weep sponsible for his actions. Dowiles shen were eight enecial trains to 
Heli make mincemedt out of thet! Counselor Bates, conducting the prose-|. ““The State Excise Commissioner sia]! : ; - my pe: 5s mtens | ether aaa s0n held the same view + ee Zionites from their own | ity 
guy. cution, objected and President Stewart|hAve power to revoke any dramshop} Had His Name an Hour After Crime Was Discovered, and General] } MAY BE NEW, | Saturday night | it is therefore believed, though te} | Gotham. There were more than #00 
Feughi to Save His S10. sustained the obiection. o icense by him granted to any dram- ; : ; ‘ r - J and Sunday. The | were estranged, that they Wi a them—men, women and cht 7 = 
in) & few minutes the tall youth re-] ,, Other chavacter witnesses were: W'll- | © lupkceper in all counties of this State Order to Inquire for Him in Saloons Could |BUTUNOTICET tion is passive | the funeral. E SC ot eee th tiedaod iota 
turned, ready for the battle. : liam Met onkin, wholesale hatter?. N. dD. o oo at y 100,000 inhabitants or more, THE WEATHER ahd inert but Bora in Edinburgh. up of day coaches, is waa a 
“Gentlenjen,”’ yelled the announcer, “| Mitchell, special agent of the Terminal OY in a | counties adjoining cities of | Have Caught Him mi Pictures of John Alexander Dowie, | tibuled train of a luxurance unexcela 
introduce/to ‘you Mr. Jack Tibbets of Railway Association; Tyler J*. ilauk, JOU, 000 inhabitants or over, for any vio- g : i$ THE SAME the poor lamb is which begin at Chicago, are only pro- by any train in the world. He taok uy 
Collinsville: the greatest living boxer in with a piano company, and Attorney lation of the dramshop law, and in all ; \ at : ‘ sorrowful. In | files. To. get an adequate conception horses and his carriage and his it 3 
the coal regions of Lilinois He will William Baer. counties of this State containing less OVW that Bergmann, accused of killing his rich aunt, Mrs, Kate Quern- NASTY OLD the prediction {of the man it is necessary to begin at servants with him and leased di 
TER nae hole with aa: on nae Crittenden Clark, an attorney, said than 100,000 inhabitants (or more) or in ; avon Niont avenue: isc fadttic alll ah Biase ag ey the beginning, which was in Edinburgh, Square Garden. 
Randall of St. Lous. Mr. Randall frh:s Keely’s reputation was that of a vigor- ‘eorhope eorts not adjoining cities or 300,009 heim of 3720 est avenue, 18 a Tugitive, the poice cepartment is con- relative to what Sant las. ae o; 1847 He lived there Fallere tn Engiand. 
to save his forfeit of $10. Gentlemen,}0US and harsh prosecutor ot! thieves. | eat oe a ere the State Excise fronted with the humiliating thought that a simple bit of police work might be expect- | until he was 13 years old. Even as a} In his attempt to convert England i 
Mr. Tibbets in this corner, and Mr_! He said that among the criminal classes roceedi ard ae aye 8 pgs: aig . . Nich. 3 SE GaE ave } ic ed of the lamb | child he was opinionated, self-satisfied] did not'take his army with him. 2 
Randall in this." Keely had the reputation of being “on | Proceedings to be instituted, either by! on the night of the crime—which, it appears, should have been obvious at the , and the lion, the ;#nd stubbornly determined. His par- declared himself a loyal subject of ti 
‘ am en aye ents were. straight-laced church people} King, although he had virtual 

: | : -|the Prosecuting A xy, or by hi 
So saying, the announcer gave wav the square not to be reached by! “e frosecuting Attorney, or by him- : 
Perce. are ey 0) ne aa tt ~ | 8el the. C a a ane —W ave caught the man. ; RAS EES Peete . 
the referce, and after a brief confer-! bribes, and that he would insist on |#C 0. in the County Court, in any such} time arn Be oe "a Weather Bureau | and Dowle was bern religious. When| forced to leave Australia because 

“seyi, >) 79 ¥ ‘oO ; F Pre { : < : 2 “ “ r ° - r+ . ‘Oc ; » ede de j a } 7 , 
ence and a handshake the men returned] Prisoners arrested on suspicion — beines mag HB bs oo ep ge ogee cram Che police had his name, without his address, and suspected him at 7:: ith said Saturday |the family moved to Adelaide, Aus-| his thrades against the im 
to their corners and squared off for|held for a period of 20 hours before of A es PE og reported, for the purpose 3 r ie te ; re . : Se" norning: tralia, in 186), John Alexander Dowle! and, although in his. Zion tform 
battle, . being udmitted to bail. He gave the hi Prints a. he guano nee Rasy p. m., an hour after the crime was discovered, Phe knew his habits as re- es ee was 123 vears old. The boy became a| had unqualifiedly indorsed the laws an 
+. . . ryt i ’ > . ' , “lr ar < . 7 cC i S I , 4 . i . . es ‘4 nd ° ee £ j ig * P “* lt ’ 7 Eat 
The contrast between Tibbets and|names of several panel workers and fore aah atire’ Giant Bagh Sypsocomecs, WB co vards drinking and saloon loafing. If all the patrolmen in town had been 1n- \ Rain tonight | werk in a store and supported himself | Government of the United States, a2 
Rania!) was remarkable, Tibbets was ; thieves whom he had heard express this preserved sip i a “i a Sp sth a . © 3 é ; f ‘ ’ Ahi and . Sunday; | for seven years. His British country men did > : 
ee to the hour, and he was a giant ) opinion of Keely. nd senwided ne - hr tgs +3 a boty hy structed to inquire for Bergmann s address and haunts in the saloons on their “f slightly © warmer Thrifty and canny, he saved money! come him warmly and he had diffies jt 
h comparison with the St. Louis bov.: Mr. Bates uestioned the witness in+. wn. : ' aoe 7 5 ° 2 a : il ’ 4. ir “iy : Rit . enough to go to a theological school in} tn getting hotel accommodationa, 
He tipped the beam at 158 pounds, ring. closely as to the 20-hour custom of the fost Le pth ony ht Te =< : nine several beats as they called up their stations by telephone, or at 11 o'clock « tonight; easterly | iginburg whe he was 20. At that time! of his efforts to, get an audience wi 
" oh a: ~ ee ee «Sia , ) icense, nA eas e ays ( . : 1 etry . re , . ; 7 Aw . * 
side, while Randa’ weirhed about 130, | police Pe suspicion cases. shall be given to sald dr: ta keeper when the night platoon went out from the stations, Bergmann could have been winds; mini- |} he was orthodox to the bone. hiis be- King Edward proved abortive, Yet ne 
Randall's muscles were soft and flabby. 1 i . of the int re ape S ee ; geet TIA baal } mum tempera- | lief in eternal damnation was firm. made some converts, among : 
He had just eaten 4 hearty dinner, with $ Keely in His Own Defense. aie op Betas wre action Rg he ltt gaye isco found in one of the two saloons he Visited or in the “club” on St. Louis ave- ane - on ht tie studied voraciously, read and re-;| Swiss hetress, Mise Ruth Hofer, w 
ice cream dessert, and appeared to be soe Kveciy was then sworn. He said’ he |i), peener stunt aay on oo Po denen nae awnnie. wits We eat diinkine from 10 nm. to 8 6) m be aa | ture tomigat. |read all the theological wogks of the} returned with him to America, and | 
no condition to fight. In Randall's facajadd been on the force 12 years, since tunity to meet the By a ny om Pai sl nue, near Jeiferson a ’ gage Moved secwer7 , pe eee pic Fas te ' ‘3 about 38 de-|day, domineered and bullies is fellow-| has become famous as “Do ‘se la 
inebeiiaes Bp aegermined ‘T've-got-to-} March 20, 1895. He was now assistant | him of violation of the dramshop law: The Information as to Bergmannsy)— i grees.”’ ; l<tudents and went back to Australia in | of Gold.” 
e-tat-ten et-my-block-k ’ -;chief of ‘tectives, suspended. Judge | yeny; : | ye : ‘ ) . ‘h *olice hi O- | , y , . 1ISi2 ready to be ordained. Almosi im- Zlot ! nuncs e 
a? eeaéension. he oo auiatae on a2  Siitaee Fh 1 emoy +e sr as read oe is oni Meat r Bcoeaipoy sa bt Mls olga movements Thursday afternoon and are to the Chief of Sanne oo si | . The minimum | etien mate Regen rete gee = 92 caabhe eo PR ay: EN ele aS oe a Die ate 
- > “we Te 3s ’ ” : ’ 7 P 3 gs . "le s a “ 2 av " b ; ; > ( > _ — ~ : : . . ~— , . 6 / 4 Peg 
he had palpitation of the heart. jtracts of the specification regarding |jaw jin conn tio wit? hi ‘ ffice be | night was given to the police Friday, tified Chief Smith and teleph mest ‘Pp ti Ss temperature lithe Manly Congregational Church, at| whom he proclaimed to the . 
“Aw, dis ain't goin’ to be no fi ht,’ | May Harrington—that Keely had taken ) ee ee Se eee S t voluntarily Pickel of the North Market Stréet Sta , luri the 24!Sydney. His magnetism and his brusque | ‘unki a 
Sieutel bk rooter “Dat a " ove WE, Freche rm . nm lat IK b ‘ ‘ made public and parties interested be;and was for the most par ~~ |tlon. Men from headquarters reached ot during ‘ wink 3 ne wavs of preachi: Ps drew from thé UnZ See sae t this ¢ Dowte’ 
whip a flea. Kill him, Tibbets.” hee wT "that chares true?’ asked Moore allowed counsel; provided, further, noth-| aontributed by men who had seen him. /the scene almost simultaneously with |° hours’ preceeding first He could quéte authorities on Pie ten. Bao ‘heneune rg : or | 
he tight started. as all fights do, with! “Not a word of it,” said Keely. int cee — Say 3 Pe ~ we $8 The man who ioaned him money on the; men from the station, at 7:15 p. m. the forecast was |yny subject, and reveled in argument. | pig life. His frienda aay that ft 
ae ey hddling for an opening. Ran-{ Keely described the method of assign- ! of this Btate to fasue ‘and ps a oo county articles stolen from the  Quernheim Vuern her told them gg magni eg “4 degrees at 4 and 5 a. m., Satur-/In a short time he was placed in chargelan indication of approaching ineat ree 
ay Made it a point at the start to keep !ing detectives and said former Chief | license as now provided by law.” ' thome, who had his Ss ih seiggenc a couustnde denieine af tecuneeunt. alle day. It is expected that the lamb's | of oo ne nen ay pm ee Church, | 1+ js said that he planned to 
the crime from . the riday ee ) #4 rvi , & : jat Newtown, hear o7uney. his faithful wife, Mrs. Jane 
- Was afer ; “yr sol- | Crying spell. Will last for 36 hours and | , . =~ : 
1e was a saloon loafer and fortier So °| When he resigned from the Collegiate | pag always been bis first Heuten 


: sm 
1 FEB ENA He APU API i 8 ee 


MRO reg stig OE 

Out of the reach of his adversary's | < : , 
y 8; Desmond had usually assigned him to Bead Measure. Members Say. Smanieats or he owt accord told the 3 
; about it and dier, and told where the man's family | that it will be accompanied by a rise! (Church, fn 1878. he was one of the rell- the faith-healing cult. and te 

that narrowly missed Randall's he P reg j j 
: i : ad | He was never on the ‘‘morality squad,”"| The foregoing section, it will be] qetectives and police ~ 
cn AA ed <9 his ear. Presently the | he said, noted, is badly worded and that part turned over the pistols and kodak to 1 lived. : 7 of a few degrees in the temperature. gious powers of Australia, and his ad- seven ather “lumps of gold.” 
. on the on caught) Randall] “Did you ever accept one cent from} relating to St, Louis County under! them Although in possession of these facts} ’ aioe were tw teq;vancement in position and salary] jt was alleged thet he was 
ete lig epina and the little for-| May Harrington or any other thief? | ‘he provision that the law shall apply From him they got their first infor- at 7:15 p. m. Thursday, the men on the G Bis WO. SOE). ATORS AeNee | csaniel corteln. established polygamy in his an 
floor. The Sahara In a heap on the | asked Judge Moore. : to counties adjoining cities having | mation as to where Bergemann boarded. | Scene made no effort to spread the in- Saturday, one central over the Texas] The only reasons for his withdrawal colony, and Voliva even inti alll 
yaw e stood over him and! “Neyer.” replied Keely haticall $00,000 population or more is easily few 1 ‘, North St. Louis | formation until 10:15, three hours later,| Panhandle and the other off the Pa-|from the church and the denomination it was the intention of the : 
ean + fatal count. Before he got] «pn, ne Prag ee a ace es Susceptible to a dual interpretation. ne ae, en eres oa “this tmportant| When a description of Bergmann was] wae Coast were that he had become convinced that mac wage turn over one “4 
i. pg al pe | to his feet with! «pia you ever in your whole life ac-|“5 the bill now stands, it is scarcely mag the hight ne the killing, and Berg- telephoned to ‘'the tracer’ at the Four neal ss it was wrong for a minister to accept fia uonee- to the Mormon Church: - 
for the big man. and made a rush i cept from May Harrington, ‘Bud’ Faw- edna a paper it is written on, the; wenn was known in them. He had pa eng Mod ce gee Soe rls CAN'T HAVE NEW WIFE wear for Rae ogy = 7 sige wee His wife became suspicious of 
j , . Cgisiators suy. in gene - as his wife. y o send out such de- + ecome Aa believer in av ae : assed beca ndignant; 
Down Again. Up Again. wearkng ‘apparel or any other ‘articles It was designed to apply only to St. she a ee merte cat his habit of scriptions to the district stations. From Newton he went to Melbourne, bee and acoeten Gennes un 
“Biff! wndé Randall got another in} “Never.” said Keely. Louis, Kansas City and St. Joseph, and doing this and giving her address as his given te Oaks ene © Rame Ven, Be Henry Frank Will Have to pis geen “! a ene ‘began to Investigate the financial 
‘ , ; A av * , ecause it practically excluded the — “ : . and bu & tadvernnrcie. as 8 are y den veil & 
the same place. While he was admir- He denied ever giving any thief or lined | home greatly annoyed her. No mention was made of the fact that bi ” ; | bourrie that he began to be immoderate — pe bee res se — ly the eon 
ow’ first spouse. 

oi ae counties the country members 
) ‘ A 
ing the beautiful spectacle of millions of -aeagenisoar sg oe gyi (Ae pt up for it solidly. Section 1 of the bill President Stewart's Idea. the: suspected man was a relative of in his speech. He drew crowds, but it And Zion City. which 
stars he again heard the ominous count. pressing sdge oO ens oF | provides that the Excise Commission- Sees st t of the Police Board nolice, and Dowle was! 4 AY, 
ile resident Stewart o 

blo - 
lows. The wind from one of the blows /murder cases and other special matters. 

Titik os aalaeaaetenamaiton 

php ; 

Mrs. Quernheim. ‘‘The, tracer’? had only Henry Frank will t take unto-him-j|also drew the 

ing. Again he arose, but almost as ormee. er shall i such info f iv } ’ gr asad - nently ble. Thi ra OW ) 
: : ssue licenses in St. Louis, |, mnt to rmation to give out as might | ..1¢ a first if frequently in trouble, hings grew so " 
s th lice were careless, bu fit a thou: . sé a second wife if his first wife, ‘ rift 

thinks . thousand men in St. Louls—weight, warm for him In Australia that he left orbit. Schi und tna ' , 

vickly went down again from another Alibi in Pierce Story Kansas City as Ww Sa 
: ¥. “ity St. Joseph, but his : h 7 per- | S87 
ge-hammer blow. one ; a carelessness Was SHOWN | og, } . “Y Katie Frank, c , t. fter per- . ; ‘ ie 
ed ‘ this ¢ ge, height. color of hair and eyes. at wan preven st. # the ‘country in 187 and landed 2 Bal op i pee a8 oe ae unanimity. ~~ 
Recetvership in 1908, — 

; | He said that at the time he was |POWer to revoke them in St. Louis is| his mind 
ep eandal * breath was nearly gone, but !charged with visiting the Pierce acne destroyed by the Oliver amendment. | by. the fact that the patrompan . The general description was. sent to/ mitting a default in his suit for divorce | Francisco almost penniless 
A some means he scrambied to his !Co. in the company of his former walk- Representative Botsford says if|didn't hear Mrs. Quernhe a - Fri. the districts. It was given to the night! she has changed her mind and is go- He hung around California for several 
eet and managed to get in a lick that ling partner and “Bud” Fawcett. he was | ‘ete is any defect in the bill it can{|At the meeting of the Police at a platoons when they went on duty at ing to contest. | yveara. but the people there didn't seem In December, 19%, Zion C 
eres Tibbets. This caused the fight; detailed for duty at the Pan-American | 0* &Mended when the Senate takes it|dav President Stewart. wr ne “)} 11. p.m. They were not told Borg- Through her attorneys, in having the|to take to Doweiam, and in 1890 he| piaced under control of a 
nena sit up and take notice. he | Exposition, and was in Buffalo. N. Y up for consideration. He thinks the| careless policeman, said, severe! a mann’s name nor his habits and none | default set aside, she tells Judge Taylor | cheerfully and honefully damned them | ceivership. which was 
et hind oe — kong ended the round: He dened ever receiving any portion provision “all counties” in the Oliver ee. dare say that brutal ge of the police had learned then where! she does it partly because she tunder-/all and went to Chicago later on Dowte's 
When i. ts got on his feet. | of the proceeds from the sale of a dia-;2™endment will apply to the city of | North St. Louis Thursda. — FR dasa he lived. stands he has laid his plans to marry The Creea of Zien. 
ath: wen gp Rong ond — started Ran- | mond alleged to have been given to his St. Louis. Others contend that this/nmot have been committed “ apvink- . was not until 2:30 a. m. Friday.| another woman. The. defendant has Along about 1892 the bud of Dowte- 
> orc naa . ‘urd ightning and suc- walking partner by Fawcett. He ar- Omission is calculated to nullify the] ficer on the beat been atten ” hele si when most saloons were closed, that | been given ten days in which to plead. lem was opening into bloom. The tithe 
tent erere str the knockout punches } rested 20 thieves in Buffalo, he said. bill in so far as it pertains to St.jly_ to duty. I cannot imagine ae ww oe tracer learned Bergmann’'s name. Frank alleges desertion. She says itj|«vetem was ettablished and enforced 
ake henna — at his jaw. Before) Judge Moore read each ‘charge, | in | U's. crime such as that could be itian ane ie was given at that time a more’) was the other way, and that for 14} poet religiously. , 
antagonist i“ Ys again had his big} part. When that relating to May Ar-|,,)%¢, State excise bill was passed by |the murderer escape and no of ers . comacere description and was told that | years he has not contributed to her sup-| The Restorer built a t hospital at 
the cae ae tn ON his back ON | nold was reached, Keely said: the House this afternoon, receiving 73 {tracted by the woman's screams. : ergmann was a saloon frequenter. He/| port or that of their child. ‘Michigan avenue and Twelfth aT 
canvas and had the pleasure of ; “I did not know that woman ke , Votes, police officers are not as careful @8S/ was not told what articles were miss- Mrs. Frank was 17 and Frank was college for the training of mi onartes. 
pt & ing from the Quernheim home. 24 when they were married. She now/ , printing house, & , 

keeing the referce n the count that When the bi f sy 
ig > e bill can r final g-ithey should be. ° 
had sounded og Ph oll ike a death knell | 20U8e:, I did not know her at all unti sage, Minority : Saemke ps Hill rand The killing occurred about the supper; At 9 a.m. Frederick Marcus, to whom | lives at 511 North Theresa avenue. women and founded the Zion 

a few minutes after I was made Assistant Chief. ro, od Pt - | : og 

enc ‘ceed its from the Post-Dispatch re-{hour. At that time the patrolman ¢ gmann pawned the stolen articles, P & 1 eee, eee ae 

In h succeeding round Randall Judge Moore then asked bim ao karding the proposed law. Represen - duty for 4the Quernheim home was called at Chief Smith's office. He had Shoe House D oyed MP aw Bs sg A = was iInde- 
4, th tt : 9090 students on “‘Deetora, Devile a 

on e south 

grew stronger. He worked on Tibbets’ various cases on whicd he had | tative Rotsfor , who | “eay beats, extending fromj|read a description of the articles in 
mabe —_— there was not a single round Cr an ae roti: og — the break- has fathered Nag Empey a fm Me $tagar four to Bremen|the morning papers or would even then| CUMBERLAND, + March 9.—The! Hrugs,”’ and he finished the lecture, al- 
the Collin nish of the fight in which rest of “t) ¥ Ne Thi y &, the ar.) Hill if he though the Post-Dispatch] avenue on the north, a mile and a half, | have been unaware of their importance. | four-story brick Mullding of the MATY- | though every student brought with him 
Hinsville pugilist was not knocked si <a oi Aad y kha yf oe e Catch iis a» reputable newspaper. and from Fourteenth street on the east From him the police learned where} land Shoe Co. here was burned today. some particularly offensive drug, the 
wn the slender youth from St. |‘). Sakae ae two weeks: a. o|, Hill replied emphatically that_he be-|to Jefferson avenue, a mile. Bergmann boarded. They found the|The loss is $100,000; insurance, 990.000. wombined smell of which made the 
> egg 2 a six-round af- Bela lindy ete wn mystery + og BR, a lieved it was. sayine the paper was! The Quernheim home is near the heart | Place at 10 a. m. Friday. The Queen City Hotel and the whole- 
on the a ibbets was hang- a body was buried in a cella K ch one of the greatest journals in thelof this district and the patrolman may Bergmann Visited His Haunts. sale grocery house of J. C. Orrick & 
ug, - ropes, tout. - asia jae el r. eely/ United States, the kind of a news-| have been three-quarters of a mil€/ yroanwhile B Son. caught fire, but were saved. 
~ Randall's hand  Srrestee Snares Meyer, whol parer that the people need , was siain . ergmann, possibly un- : 
; a. 4 away when the woman aware that Mrs. Quernheim was dead ; | ab 
Smallpox in Texas. | Hammond, tnd. 
[ ch 

and call was 
non Mag rg BA Seer ame Aiton a. and afterwards con-| pr Botsford made a long talk in| Even had the patrolman been walk-| or that he was sdught, un uestionably 
Hetie Gahter. He was = 0 a “The McVain poison candy case” was pehats of the bill. He was followed jing along Vest avenue, he mieht not! jearned these facts from the morning ie end : were 
shoulders of the admiring Bema next asked about. ; C Representative Frank Farris of|have heard screams. Persons lifting in papers. Until Friday merning he did - 5) . as T soe a ii is is ¢ Manafield. 0.. 
to his dressing room. the|. “A Prominent doctor was suppored to 7 ewtore County, who intimated that/the flat above didn't hear any. Persons hesitate to show himseif in his qo ps Fmd ioe wnatinene aes ‘yStematically set-upon by the 
. plicated in sending soned candy |, a State excise law was not passed living on eacHyside of the house—the | accustomed. haunts. After Mrs. Quern- -° v y A ; vast peo pe s populace that Dowtle nicknamed the 
rs. MceVain on Cook avenue.”’ prohibition amendment would prob-| ate there are built contiguous. so that | heim was dead he went to the board-1° a a - “d — Wietne place “Deviiafield. 
they present an unbroken front—heard | ing house and spent two hours there. ounty: Oe ee ita PP a ee ee ee ees ta 

feely. “I worked three weeks anq | *¥!¥, be considered. 
found the woman herself had elle Prohibition is knocking at our door), sound. awe! — “oo _ at ean two saloons and was Do 'g exchequer at 
. an na “club” where he was well wie ‘xe was fa 
. : Dallas aps and bou yo me 

. declared Farri ; 
ye aald he had | roken ‘up "the ee. Both Chiefs tm the Case. 
fic we i be given the pro- Quernheim found his wife at 6: p. | : 
hibition alternative’ ° Jor Jmmadioiaix a) mansase was tele: | CONTINUED QR RAGE & COLUMN: 6 

2 gree 




pases | 


oy Fallia : Kae SATURDAY-- ST. LOUIS POSt-DISPATCH—MARCH 9, 1907” 


SON THE WANE | (BSS Fy-"-7Z ‘SUPES Hus FT suspect |/F eam | FIGHT TODAY TO: 


A 1 | 7 tt | ee Seizes Revolver Dropped by eg 2 al |. aT 4 
i. , i i C f : ee ee ee ee ge eae 
= Z ye : ~ | ; Him and Locks Herself <i Soe . ae eS " ) om 
S Police Board Restricts Power THA ji dj S Ltrs. ebiteinateaiigil tig 


in Room, i ‘ a! 
ee eet é # ‘ ee FI — 7.” 4 = O'Brien, Gaszzolo, Heffernan, D 
to Limits of Property | Vy ty 6 \ GBB. MECESE- } |HER LIFE ENDANGERED | xnown gna where he spent the entire . i | Conran and Williams Have » 


_- Superintendent. mee Pa . oe: 
| ; :, , ok | mA “ Uei0y, WON | After finding this information as to en eee Oe % : Fe 
s : ) Sa | \/ te  , Ses Opposition. ... .,. 

| Bergmann’s movements was rapidly 

_ 1 | . yy, FL fy : a \e ’ sent in to tl lice, Dy d, COR eee 
Logs | A] / vi y John Brady Fined $500 and | too late, where he had been all ‘Thurs: iS . FS manne 
A \Y 3 day evening and Thursday night. He ° Se ' a 

oy SMOKE PREVENTION FINE. lp. ng : WY. % . Ye ho. ae : | My Sent to Workhouse on had made no efforts to screen his af , s& | FIERCE FIGHT ON COALE. 

es Her Complaint. Bergmanna’s Movements. 
, Wr, | a a Mi gate" os ee eet At 5:40 p. m. an excited man called for | & te 4 te oa 

O’Connor Sentenced Amid a Wy | ry Ma LEE SHEO-for life froth an init hes hue la wesas of Genet Cae : fe) ) : 

ihr’? . Z ie Te band had inflicted, Mrs. John Brady |..° —  » the saloon of Conrad ete 7 one Democratic Voters in Twenty- 

Thick Cloud From Numer- nee) TTR 7 Tarbes Sl egeheee Friday seized a revolver he dropped Albrecht, Twenty-second and Mallinck- BIR eed re eS _— 
| Nat! ; ’ YS : | gene 7 while threatening her life in their home |roat streets. He leaned over the bar, a x fe Eighth Receive Facetious | ee 
at 310 North Eighteenth street and , snapped open a hunting knife, and asked : Vo Ee “Er; ‘a * 2 
ieee a istory- 

ous Havanas. | mK Xl hy | Ma dtusibted cut of tha Tool. gown & |\withee sce coe 
. ~ Bh flight of stairs to a room’ below, where bapsegn would you like to go 
she locked herself into safety from |®8@inst that?” Fred Gerling, the bar- 

= _— - : 5 fe. Fy AY 7 >> ~.00 
ty [h » : / him. tender, was frightened by his manner. 

NERVOUSOFFICER O'BRIEN FAA NYS PGC { Judge Pollard in the Dayton Street Po- | Tigo Tan, plaved @ revolver. The} Mies Louse. A. | HOWE WILL NOT RESIGN. 
—— ta ’ “{ ‘ . . 

lice Court, Brady was fined $500. He }5#!00n was in semi-darkness, but Ger- Comuey 
couldn't pay and was sent to the ling saw what looked like a black box —a 

; | ’ ¥ LSS ger: | 4: pa ni + ca = six months, ~ tne Bay ay! pocket of the man’s i ony Ba Sa aged an rte Reel . 
ww ZB nN se . Zfy' rady was liberated recently from the | coat. 8 description of the man coin- - John’s Methodis pisco- eae 
Refusal to Renew Watchman 8 | We , : ; : ce 4 \ eS Penitentiary, where he served four | cides with thé description of Bergmann. pal Church, will be married to Fred- Sta at Re ublican Helm With 
Li Re ted hy Wash ws} WS S57 EE at rn On it Mean! ye 2 years of a seven-year sentence for} Just before 6 p. m. Mrs. Guntly re- eric William Bott in the rose parlor of ys P : 24 
sICEDSE eques e y asi- SN > Z P y as shooting his wife through the head. | ceived a note, delivered by a iittle boy. the Buckingham Hotel, Thursday after- Fi Kr d 
Pa. SIDA \ +f 2 SY ! The wound blinded her. After his re- ,It said: ‘Tell Otto not to worry abou’ | noon, March 21, at 5:30 o'clock. Pledge to ight atz and . Pe: 3 
ington Avenue Men. way NZ ' My Ly, WA ; - lease she consented to live with him that $10. I'll be at home at 8 o'clock.” | Mr. Bott is connected with the Mer- vite ot SE a 
: Wg = a | thf f ' tity ) ¢ again and she told Judge Pollard that |The boy said the note was sent from a senthaler Linotype Co., with headquar- Wurzburger. 
he had beaten her often, but that she Saloon on Destrehan street. It was ters at New Orleans. Mrs. Corley, one 
; aN . | t never had caused his arrest because she | Signed “Eddie.” : - i entar tie aaaelank ani deanna 

That the star of Dr. William R. \ a ee had no witnesses. A fow minutes later Bergmann ap: | Se ane aie wil fualae iar ae | 
0 peared. He displayed two revolvers, s. coupie W reside im NE Twenty-eight candidates for the House 

» “ 

er behind the throne’ in police depart- “THE DEFENDANT. WITNESS pi ° dy's story of her treatment Friday | 2 4 accra SNe Ts Mii ute se, we mnt ae 
ment affairs, is on the wane, was re- ° ag night. She said tnat,when her husband Kill her. When her husband came, : f tt . 
posted ~ > sgn. daar od meeting of accidentally dropped his weapon she iggy ane mgr ag og ipa dart from: side to side and then to the | direct vote . Sago ee i, tate at 
the >» Boar 0 Olice Commissioners , stooped quickly, groped for it, and made | *#'*. V y notice a is face wat round. His mouth is large, but well rimaries which opened at 1 p. m. tur-: 
when President Stewart, in ordering a THE BOARD OF POLICE COMMISSIONERS FINING A POLICEMAN $10 FOR SMOKING WHILE ON DUTY nar ay ee n 7 gs cree Sag 8 ‘1t in ae 2 Yager mut savs she did not question (te me His ears nr Be te Delegations will tS Se electdéd 
" a Pie Sta —— ——= f band. um abou . Bergmann was a huckster and knows é gig ‘noms: 

Brady said he didn’t want to take an to sit, in 6 See ee eee 7 

AR MR OH ood in RL ON * 0 ORL ae rains ee 

A short time later Mr. and Mrs. Gunt-} porses. He does not love them, how- 

tion. 8! 
There are contests in only ~wel > 

-) aptain to teach the telephone opera- = ‘ — 
‘tors of his district good manners, de-* z 
aaared: nor seldom ever smoked. appeal from the sentence. His wife 1s ly left the house. Bergmann went tO 4! ever, and John Klaus, by whom he was | inate six candidates for the’ City’ Coun-?< 
. “There has been a lot of talk about “I carry cigars around in hei helmet 24 vears old. neighbor, borrowed an afternoon pape! employed for a long time, says he was /c¢j] and two candidates for the Bobrd “T 
| e telephone boys being under the |8e long» they dry up and break,” said A : and scanned it hurriedly. He was heard| cruel in his treatment of them. He ergpersstAes espa 
mand of ‘somebody else.’ This ts O'Connor. “I never smoke while on : about the Guntly flat as late as 8 p. M.;and Klaus fought last July on this "The sy will he ¢ ri ‘4 Eee 
mot so. They are under the command |duty. I never smoke on the streét at {| When Mr. and Mrs. Guntly returned | account and Klaus used a pitchfork, in- 4 P apr 3 W open — —_ >. Oh = 
 f the captains of the districts the same | all. I might smoke at home on an av- ! they found that Bergmann had gone. | flicting several scalp wounds and {Um - m. +: bedaeenee a dg be 
as other members of the police depart- |erage Of about one cigar a month, but U The coat and vest he had worn that day | thrusting the sharp prongs into Berg- | »e!d Monday at L ecdererang all, Thit- 
om st no more. I hate witnesses who will were on a chair. Guntly’s coat and/mann’s arms and chest. teenth street and Chouteau avenue. “ie 
“somebody else’ referred to by |testify that I am not an_ inveterate vest were missing. The wardrobe, in It was just after this that Bergmann William Getty, aged 34, te at Wis. 
Pregident Stewart is Dr. Faulkner, the |8moker. As a matter of fact I don't . which Guntly had placed the revolvers, | went to the Guntly home to live. A ;Q Fallon Sout ae ie at nogn 
fofmer recognized ‘‘boss’’ of the tele- jlike to smoke. It: hurts my throat.” ° was broken open. little later he was arrested by Patrol- at the bg napa ar por ne. ie we 
phone boys, and known among the oper- While mak!ng his statement O’Connor Mrs. Guntly then told her husband | man Mueller of the North Market Street | 1948 O'Fa ton atreet. ied was y : 
ators as ‘‘Whiskers.”’ was continually fanning smoke from J i ] d ¢ PF di f that she had given Bergmann $10 that} Station for slapping a little boy, but with carrying Aa ng “ beans a a 
As Superintendent of Police Proper- |his face. He frequently coughed when ang e ourt - rocee Ings 0 morning to take to a butcher shop, and | was released after he apologized to the | Was taken to the Fourt strict Sta-. 
ty, Dr. Faulkner had charge, by virtue | the —" from the other men’s cigars Brvauts Final] Adiusted + a he hadn’t returned the choses. oe sn age Pi al Ese hg BE oemagparrn 
f a power vested in him by a fo or | Bot into his throat. he said she thought that was why he; an e was arrested on other occa- 
board and a" provided for in’ the po- Hour Over Smoke Case. oa ’ Attorney John H., Boogher gave Guntly the revolvers. She told the | sions for quarrels and fights with his Spee of Daleenthe ak ae ae ted s 
ee, menael, Pe - swoanargand ee At least an hour was consumed, and . In Happy Manner. : E g Whi a Pigg gy tr ge agen gg mae be in vaapdis oluue anil ky ft 1 med tnd Bi onoceitial In the . Third. 
© police Gepartment except the ap- | not less than ten cigars, in trying the s \ cde de> es 2. x ath ran sky Heavily. Ward Daniel F. Heffernan. a n 
Pointment of policemen. Annual reports ! case of O'Connor. The charge against CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE Marital affairs of two falwilies, in- Weds Mrs. b. 8. st  ippoes i he 2 Ranges. xg foes hehe a Bergmann usually drinks beer, but |man, who is now a member of thas 
showed that he had the handling of | him was that he had committed a grave | ——----— ninestenel - one Pvolved through- divoree-- proceedings, U iti T H t ls . Soares. ee ewes pancho git », | When he is somewhat under the in- | House, will be opposed by James J.- 
«Ppp aalcee Ne oe gee breach of discipline by puffing at a ci- | dangerously wounded in arresting me!n- {were apparently adjusted Saturday by = ins re — Neagge ema aan ine pro Boag eos Ppa’ Pa sp tea sce en ee Gallagher who is supported ‘by thes: 
appropriations, Not a clerk nor/gar one nigh eek 3 : bers of ‘‘the ice-box ‘gang.”’ the mutual appearance in the St. Louts me : oe © é ; POR discriminately anc recklessly. His ' o ‘ we 
.. aeroons oven ta to say nothing | of pecan og pers ip Boe ve tana Didn't Arrest Street’ Walkers. County Circuit Court of Mr. and Mrs. as hho ss aggro apart steed o ag and vest were stained, as planet 3 he — oink a great oe Soe ee eit tacae: Cae = 
e other miscellaneous help of the | Sergeant Costello was ositive eget He didn’t know Madge Kiely at all te e rg as iemissal | of Mrs. Elizabeth S. White, s associ- | W slood. quantity before coming helpless. He ; : - . .. 
se ste § e he sa Madge Wiely at all,|George L. Bryant, to ask a dismissa ' incumbent, will have to beat : 
department, has recognized any one as | O'Connor smoking, or when ne slin- but had known May Kavanaugh ‘‘as|of Mrs. Bryant's suit for divorce. The| ate in the hotel business, John  H. Called on a Friend. has been known to drink half a pint | yooney to ain the 0 ere I e 
their superior officer but Dr. Faulkner. ped up behind the officer and grabbed |aVing the reputation of a street] request was granted. te atl - L244 Ts —re ghee bt Sth cs we: eden tohed an: eee = ery — a eS and a Bo is a master plumber and Mooney ones ; 
falker’’ for four or five years. The reconciled husb; and wife will | Carleton Bullding, tormed a e part- 4 30 Pp. Mm. BE o have done this iursday nig n 7 
Reducing Faulkner's Power his hand, the one the sergeant thought ; ¥4!* : . ihe reconciled husband and wife W , i M: of 202A ‘University street, a Seas Ge pe He : saloonkeeper. a ae cee 
: he . claee. ; ll Whs didn't you’ arrest: her when} be witnesses next Tuesday } wnry (), | nership by making her his bride. Marcus 0 y2 ee. , a club o. St. Louis avenue, between an * 
‘ps a year ago the board took from cp dg Mi. ond Pg osalleigg p <li er ve vou saw her on the street?” asked Thomas’ gone Plaga © apna lis ens Age The ceremony was performed Friday florist acquainted with him and Betis Parnell street and Jefferson avenue, Baw pert ot Yar Bote gees B+ — 
iSrdering that all patreincs mePOrer: |smoking. The sergeant was equally | Bate aud on more important |B,,Thomas.. Bryant says that Thomas’ | night at, the pesldence of eu. sh: lankodal, wateh chain and charm to| was found dead- ' 2UCFANCIM |xeoper, and John B. Williams pressae= 
. en ac s ae j . ; ras alec non e Importan rusio? ‘Hr affairs th } is ay, r . ’ . seate Pau. m a 
clerks, carpenters, painters. and ane positive he did smoke. ithe" "ne ‘lied ety Minn ; thrgstn intrusion upon their affairs through his nounced: immediately afterwards. Marcus for $15. The articles, it was Bergmanns cheeks are sunken and delegate. Boggiano is said to’ have the? 
kinds of laborers on oe ag ms ge tab ete rnenete . had testified |that the patroinen. could ‘attend to oa ae hme Pgh d (hore acoso Mrs. Boogher is the owner of the {found later, .were taken from. thejhis features are coarse. His nose is Ane al i of Bhan gf O and his po- © 
coe: ; d Commissioner Jones had blown nu- 6 Are eR ae kes gr ! er of Mrs. Bryant, was the precipitat- | ).7"™: : tal eet ee ’ onelvery or nent. , . cal associates. ams has oo - 
_ ee one oe . cs lg ag eae rings of smoke into the air, “—< Seer no ue ue the exposition in ing cause of his trouble with Mrs. Bry- oa Pr gy om in sasay rite — i egg dh acc Pig. gba the deer hen a Fraud pray ct hE been identified with the old Butler fac- * 
‘ a 3S >? 6 , f: , ~~ . ao é JF & ‘ : - - /-* ° - . : r . . ie 4 . . 
occupied at decreased salaries. Before tohvetotrl weal grb wb php ee aoe 4! Buffalo 60 days, for which he regeived a Graham was present at the legal Boogher has been president of the cor- | missing piece was found in the Quern- the mouth with scars resembling small- eg a its mg th has been switched 
this order was issued Dr. Faulkner had t together and ‘disc ssed t. crecees. avid BT ial ili “a opal ga SF pre 6 2a : ss _.} poration operating the Monticello Ho- |heim home. The revolver was stained | pox Scars. He is 5 feet 10 Inches tall, gelano, everal other candidates - 
authority to employ all miscellaneous! mcrits of the c Scussed with them the) «q¢ you had undertaken to arrest ev- |'econcuiation of her daughter ae on” | tel, King’s highway and West Pine | with blood, and appeared to have seen| The little fingers of each hand are originally entered, but withdrew, rs 
h . ee ee uy ep : wap Commis - ery woman of the Bad Lands you saw,” in-law, to testify that she and avrg ws boulevards rough usage Marcus noticed that slightly crooked, bending inward—a fam- +e the Ffteenth, Andrew Gazzolo Jf. é‘ 
Stoners “1e :.@ ae ee , “? - s re . are . arrie just as §s as e cs ’ ™ ; : Ne nharacter . eer. 
@ removal of the telephone operat-| sembled & tosh sities oy Mt the scene re-.| a opeg Judge Moore, ‘‘would you have | 2" to be married pier a a a Jan. 1 last Mrs. White acquired an in- | Bergmann’s face bore deep scratches. ily charac teristic, who has held the office for many yea Pai 
rs from his Jurisdiction. now ‘leaves latter. an eruption. he Cecimcaaees | had time to attend ta any of your du: [SeUres his divorce, which. It is gem | crest formerly held by L. C. Irvine, |About 10 p.m. Bergmann walked into| | Bergmann, was discharged from | tho |! opposed by James J. McFadden, Botits 
4 ulkner in char > ow : : ‘ Pialaie : coe e itiex as a. detective, or (later as -Ag- | {'SUy Uncerstood, ie ee | who had also acted aS manager of the [the clubroom on St. Louis avenue, or- | army July 16, 19Z, a ort Leavenworth, ; rs. 1 contes “the * 
his title implies, nolice ar el aE 14 aie rer Lege ae each with a mislant Chief?” by his wife, who is now living at liar- Monticello. toe half a pint of whisky in a bottle before his term of enlistment was end- Sixteenth is between **Bootas”’ Brennan © 
is, he is ‘tn charge of the horses and talked aiout the ‘teatl Gnd. while. they “No,” said -Heely. , ) risburg, Neb., with-her own fanaily. oe Their mutual business interests threw /andg drank it without taking it) from }ed. Army surgeons found that he was and Michael J. Whalen, a commigsion 
patrol wagons and the repair work | which went up from. heir ct the smoke} phe witness said he hadnothing more|_,/hovas is now residing at the home| ian, much together and liking grew | his lips. He spent the night at the|suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, |merchant. Speaker John J, O'Brigg,, 
p from thelr cigars looked -tof Mrs. Graham, who lives just across into love. Quietly they arranged for tne penn and: was seen leaving it at 6 a. mM. He coughs almost constantly. The dis- having to fight for renomin — 2 
charge papers speak of his character | Twentieth.,. His opponent . vod erry. 
' se & 

nm the various stations, but thi ‘ - to say, but President Stewart remarked sae 
in’ Charge Of the mem who do the wok Wis sboctetre teettents awaiting that he desired to ask a few questions. | Manhattan avenue | tram the Bryant | wedding. Friday. From. that time the police have : Hay 
e’ formerly did most of the buying | the Board's verdict, puffed netv Ins i Keely’s examination was: suspended to |Tesidence in Greenwood. a “Mrs. White made such an excellent !}een unable to get any trace of him. | a8 very good, and of his service as hon- | Hayes, a grocer. 
( e department. At present that , A Ste ore ee omeey aut yermit Circuit Judge Daniel.G. Tayjor|..0" presentation of these conditions. | phusiness partner.’ said her husband 7} oat and vest taken from the|{est and faithful. Soon after leaving John P. Wallet, paymaster. . 
” #8 attended to by the purchasing Ss sy ome “apg og —_ —s the Board room r testify. RES “fq the Court dismissed the Bryant suit, On | o¢ter the ceremony, ‘‘that we agreed to énearubeaien home were left at the Gunt-|the army, Bergmann’s picture was tak- Wellman-Dwyer Tobacco Co.,.- 
3 of the hoard. Turkish bath. _ Te ee AT he Judge said he considered’ Keely's| the understanding that Bryant should/},. partners in everything.” They will /}1\, pome, and Mrs. Guntly sent them to/en in uniform, and this is the only one} Frank P, Wiley, a feed merchant, am - 
A rs. Joseph Brumieave of 2310 Russel! Finally the Board decided to fina, rerutation as a man and officer to, be |? all the costs accrued. ; live for the present at the Monticello. |)... brother, William Manska of 3013|the police have of him. His mother |the opposing candidates in the Twenty+- 
| ed rm Sy ae when she and her O'Connor guilty of the crime of ‘oinok hoy “ammaual characte? and ability.” Mrs. sad crea ee is so af Mi Mrs. White was divorced from Afton North Jefferson avenue. They have says he bee snene ene in the five yap ah i ree 
oa eturne ome fr , ‘ hi : ’ ow “awe ‘ oree, Guring the apsence 0 ec S- |i. Wooten, a newspaper reporter. in the }<: | , , e years sinc é .Monnell, a tea . 
Bunday night they iene thee te i Sree Seek fle peniaheent y Recoay say etetnathn sare Aileen ico tee band, on Feb. 23, and was awarded the St Louis Circuit Soert Now. 22, 1902. a get set. 2 a ede kept Bergmann left the Ninth street house | Waters-Pierce Oil Co., tee ponent 
been ransacked. Mrs. Brumleave 1S salary.! woman on a charge of stealing a ciaak|Custody of their infant daughter, | gne was a widow when she was mar- » elie of paper in a box in his drawer, |@arly Thursday, and told Mrs. Guntly |ber from the Twenty-fifth, is being: op-~ 
tf a search of 10. minutes, found Po- Ryan Re-Licensing Refused. and Fawcett as her proffered bondsman Munice. ried to him Jan. 27, 1897, and they sep- Row Ale the address 3720 Vest avenue. he was not going to work. His time | posed by Fred B. Murphy, a real estate 
O'Brien at the corner of Jeffer- . —Keely and Détective Cremins both @e-| .A few days afterwards Bryant ar-| arated two years later. In her petition Wh en she noticed it in cleaning his from 2 o'clock that afternoon until 6/dealer. J. J. Nash, the member from the 
Son and Geyer avenues, just coming! A delegation of Washington avenue} nounced Fawcett bitterly, so bitterly, }rived in Greenwood and proceeded tO] gne alleged that he drank, came home ? ~ month ago, she says he told} ™. the following day is almost com- | Twenty-sixth, is opposed by James T 
ut of the street car barns. She told business men called on the board in an} the Judge said. it seemed unfair to him.|make himself at home. .Mr8. Bryant} jate, absented himself for long periods her it was the place where a “rich |letely accounted for by the police. Brennan, a blacksmith, i 
effort to have the revocation of Private He valunteered this Statement, saving objected and obtained a peace warrant and interfered with her in the manage- he = ¢ hie i "0d a: Met “Pal” ond Soldiers. There is a three-cornered 
aunt” of his lived, At 2 p. m. Bergmann met his “pal.” | Twenty-seventh The cand 

of the burglary and asked him t 
o 4 Martin Ryan's li > with- | + ses wrt against Bry: after jer- : . 
ny Watchman yans license with ‘rstand these parties are involved jagainst Bryant, but after an under ‘nt of her house. She was then in 2 
—— on. She rele Rng that he drawn. President Stewart told them be ageke eg rf ; | standing had the warrant dismissed. eolaiee on Locust street just west of Deets CF Hea: , Harry Muessemeyer, near Twenty-first | James Horan, contractor; Vincent Me- 
>. sorry, but as her home was not Ho that under the statutes such action The Judge said his only knowledge jaf Bryant next aske@ the ,Clayton Cir- | fourteenth. A man With reddish sandy hair, |and Bremen avenue, and took him into | Shane, lawyer, and Edgar Smythe, the a 
his beat he could not k m could not be taken. Ryan was convict- the woman was gleaned during the trial | cuit Court to set aside the divorce de- The former Mrs. White is the mother . . a saloon where they had a quantity | present: member “ 
eh make an investiga- 6] of a felony 14 year P r _ sd | spas © if pa es nen ; : ‘o Whi ; scarred nose and furtive blue eyes, is rith two regular army men : ‘ . 
tion, and that she would have t ihe y ’ S ago, President | of her case and that he rather resented | cree. Technical errors tnduced the} of Attorney Frank M. White, manager - of drinks wit wo te : a. chai 
“the burglary to the nll Oo report Stewart said, and therefore could not what he considered unfair interference |Court to accede to this and the case] of the Usona Hotel, and of Lieut. Rus- | Edward Bergmann, known also as Eddie} @ne of these was Maurice Guy of Com- Blank “History” lIasued, | 
beat she livea Mra. Br : on —_ whose qualify as a watchman. The business of the detectives. They said Fawcett | was réplaced on the trial docket. sell White of the United States navy. |McGuire and Eddie Meyer, her nephew.|pany fF, Thirtieth Infantry, whom Tke most int 5 
os th i . . umleave did not - men left, saying they would employ ao we burglar and th n worst ‘ in Saturday the couple appeared and Mr B her is a member of the St ial f7j Bergmann told he was going to re-en- Tw ae n poste fight is In the 
tthe e policeman on the beat. until Ryan privately to look after their prop- was “‘a burg é e worst man Saturda; é pre oP ee a ang r. Boogher Pt +i eal he “ Patrolmen and special officers were ist Recruiting stations all over the wer:ty-eighth, where Harry Garneay,. 
be following night, 24 hours after the ren 3 ; St. Louis. F Mrs. ryant asked for a cismisss a Louis family Oo ne Sa e name, 18s alert all Friday night near the home nate nae being watched by the DO- club man, has locked horns with . 
burglary had been committed. The cases of Sergts. David Fields and “The impression made on me‘by the }told the Court they were sure nothing father having been in the wholesale hat | of Otto Guntly, 3523 North ree : ! ; : Coale, the present member. Each ‘is — 
. eman Craig, to whom Mrs. A einige “eas ti, tag ei tas a detectives was that | was dealing with }could again break their renewed affec- | phusiness and an uncle in the firm of Ninth street, where Bergmann : — . -. | Supported by a strong del io 

Brumleave reported the ry, was | i, - ad w 
: _ burglary, was | is-charged with insulting a citizen and they wanted to be my guardian,”’ Dry Goods Co. Otto Guntly’s wife, believed that just when Bergmann left the saloon, | the ward, some of it of an amusing k 
ii Bergmann would write to Ber OF at: but he thinks it was before 4 and 5 | Booklets bearing the title, “Two ¥ 

_ questioned closely by President Stew- a Beart lps enim 
a igatio how he had conducted his in- os ool ner ast ae eel tral Tht Hite P Nee’ Oount’ “ a a t to see her, and the house was 

i es n of the burglary. The resignation of Special Offic aq. | tral District Police Court, was the next |) anys te ° ‘8S | o'clock. In leaving he said he was gzo- |!n the House, a Complete Histor ne 
“Did you fina any clew?” Mr. Stew- & ) p cer Ed witness. watched in oy gprs 0 a ent do des to keep an engagement on Vest what Ralph Coale did for the T went fn 
art ask | the latter unde | ent. eighth Ward and the City of St. ty 

ward Brennan, who is going to join the , , 7 
: United States Secret Service, was ac- Judge Tracy on Stand, — ites . , ve eee avenue. 
I didn t have time to look for any,” | cepted. | ac Judge ‘Tracy testified that Keely's ee Gunde eae Breet be o while a member of the House of | 
Hee ™ yy, sare. nc Se , gates,”” have been sen “ 
with a soda bottle several months ago POLICEMEN RELATE booklet’ contains Bree net oe oan 

meri ae ; ‘haracter was good. He said he knew 
be? ala Citls. Policeman Patrick Whalen was fined | 5 ba: “e ove a . 
ge’ nat investigation did you make?" | ¢95 for slapping Robert E. Lee of Chan- May Harrington and “Bud” Faweett. I atened, in ; used 
took rs. Brumleave's sta sent.”’ | os ae : peste sees, “Would you believe them on oath if when he threatened, in a quarrel, to Automobiles will | 
M ru eave's staten ning and Lawton’ avenues. they had any interest at stake?” asked kill her. The scar a from a point HUNT AT IN UEST. ty-fitth and Pwenty ae ‘nels a 
just between the eyebrows across the! ‘phe inquest began in the Coroner's |carry the voters to the polls. ome 

"eid you look for any marks on the] patrolmen Killoran and Collins were ~ 

irs and windows?” reprimanded for spending 10 minutes Judge Moore. | east agai ; : . x left af a 
ie sir.” a printing office when they should ion e Onject, sald Bates. These people ae ‘ a ge Rn = mont, WOE Ot office at 9 o'clock Saturday. The de- The fight for the Democratic nomin 

"mid you satisfy yourself as to the} been patrolling their beats a oe Sag Judge Tracy again ° “—* “elling of this incident by Mrs. | tails of the crime as printed in Friday’s | tion for the House of Delegates io ee 

@nner in which the burglar entered | and he may feel a delicacy about put- 3 or The t aren : @ characte 1¥ MUS. | Post-Dispatch were told by the witness- | Twenty-eighth ward has narrowed down 

e | 5 aie ) ting himself on record in that way.” G: | rk ana Former Officials Guntly brought out a characteristic of] 0. and no new developments in the case |to a battle for political supremac 24 

use’ Per wi it f ie oral @rk < ales ; P ¥y b 

fe. Brumleave said she thought the ngs ee as oors, side Judge Tracy sald, however, that he Tempors ry Injunction Re- the missing man—his viol@t and ap- were brought out. tween Senator Jeff Prendergast and : 

ar had gotten i through = back walks and in the cars are spreading | would’ not believe either of them under Accused of Em bez- parently sayy rede gy ee a Ri rage At 11:30 o'clock Dr. Henry Lloyd, who! Lavin-Hawes-Wells contingent. é 

disease. Are you one? oath. strains Postmaster From ae renee 2 Meath, ee 84¥® Lig conducting the examination abruptly, M ebeinmens wee er woes when he 

oO S . ‘ P , * 

that the hearing would he | Giscoverer iat the avin orces,. Ww 

or. I took her word for it.” : i ie 
B Charles W. Nugent took the stand as 
t Pot telephoned Police He ted ors 1 13 oq rg: , announced 
a Bergmann is 29 years old. When he adjourned until Monday morning. Just favor the nomination of Delegate 

A ‘ se a character witness and then Keely zlement. ‘ ; 

ac gy sae FE gg nage petit ; himself Epeunted. he fae pat He said Stopping Publications. was mast — - a ag . —_— techy before making the announcement. he| Ralph W. Coale, had named three city 

'B | : ‘ ne first heard that Fawcett was talk-| special to the Post-Diapetch hat, a biack coat and ve-t with a faint], eld a whispered colloquy with two |e@™mployes as judges of election, whe 

replied tna a hind "received. 90, iti NM GRATH SALOON oney. “Maron te Commissioner Ma-| PEORIA, Ill., March 9.—Four ex-coun- A temporary injunction restraining , light oe eT i a a, r ppl lg . , baka — he says, the nominators belleved wo 
* | é ‘oney. Maroney. he said, i - officials . City Clerk é ‘om- ees re ae » flannel army 8 . He is five fee eel “Hr hee 

Be : rageiient at the hands of the of- ste fans claineae 1 igs gay ight eg t} offi igus, the , +ty eet oe. a ckocel Postmaster Wyman from interfering a inches tall and weighs about 16) Dr. Lioyd de lined to st..te why the he disqualified = oor coy ene hree 

leer that she did not feel inclined to hi ’ Ke ly) the “gum of ae mG Bryer Inert attorney sa shee ? s sa , , wes e Pe with the mailing at second-class rates | ds : adjournment nad been taken or to make ! Persons more — is ° — ® nle 

1im (Keely) $100, ing by the February grand jury of Pe- | wil PoUncs. public the names of other witnesses to |@¢legation sworn in instead. - ae 
Prendergast Friday had a conference 

further to the police. [ “IT see the motive of this whole thin . ‘ thie ade its repor oT > WwW an's | 
: : ie 4 ora { ounty, whic h made its report to | of the March number of the VW oman 8s Cc rries the “Makin aad moned 
now,’’ said Keely. “It i@ because 1 in-} Judge T N Green of the Circuit Court | we 9 a . &%. be sum : with Chairman Maroney of the Election 
’ ° « : ‘ ae. : 4 Wi a f ft ‘ ewis 7 ; ra) of he rit PRse * ’ y 
g Farm Journal, an E. G s publica At least one t witnesses who will Board. who, he found, had already co 
p— _, 

4 << ea 9 ne a Se 
ere * SS Ce a . ape Ss Beata 
att tobi og ae age visite’ y oN * * Ree Sec k 
p Es | eee cl, ty, Eien ae Or Ws "s# 
Papa oe. 3): : sors Saray + SE? ag ke 


ite i 

es 3 

fee re 

me a 

Aone | Pies 
Stayt oo a Nps N 
NOC te, 

O'Brien's Nervous Collapse. tikated f Detecti Murpl ight ix i t cl tt k 
i4 , kin vestigate ormer etective Murphy l/after being in session eight weeks, ad » Be . | An almost Incessant cigarette smoker, : r is 3 ir 
While Policeman O'Brien was making that they framed this up. Geist is Mur- sighty indictments in all were re-| tion, was issued by Judge Jacob Trieber P 1. | be called Monday iS ii nired girl. Her! covered the names of the three cit 
tement to the board he suffered ig l irat two fingers of Bergmann’'s} name could not be given, and Patrol- 
et eolianes ana had to be aseist- phys friend, and from the day that I turned, a majority of them being based | of the United States Circuit Court Sat- eo . i ig at O'Connor was instructed to obtain Dloyes and had notified them @ha 
“to a chair. When asked by Presi- << - started out to look for Virgie McDon-| on charges of embezziement. The urday. The case was set down for aj right hand are deeply stained with nico- a subdpena for a person described as “the must appear at the serve, or. 
ht Stewart what ailed him, O’Brien ald, a Bad-Lands woman whom Murphy| amount of money of which the county | hearing on its merits March 26, Lewis! tine. He smokes a popular brand of |}. SU)POCT Qorcing for tlenry Bohle of| take thelr chances with Circult Attor-" 
= was troubled with chills and Ex ’ C : : Cl iad been friendly with, this talk started. and city WAS defrauded is estimated at ; being required to give bond for $5000 to: Vi -ginia tobacco and habitually ners Vest avenue § ney Sa er and the grand jury. ro 
Cc1seé ommissioner oses Geist Bot theae people to come and testi-| from $75.000 to $100,000, which is about! pay the excess postage over second- pant : ste ae rei seeebinn . 3j15 vost @ a - tM renee ag at Frimenn A 
es , n?”? . y as they have. se evenly divided between the ouice of City | ejass rates in the event the permanent ; carries materic ’ scat- e juages are rran een si 8 
er ateeart sened Capt Youn : Place Where George Wil- f bs ots secretary Of Use Pine) at eee eee Meee Teer Oe TORY ere injunction is denied. tered through his clothing, every outside FAILS TO SAVE HER BABE. joun W> King of én og. at the Clty J “ 
Ac ; / - 3 : Rew erred, is se ary le lerce Loan] potter. Lewis ‘a lied to the courts for relief, i . ‘ j atches - er ae whee and. 
i aiaave wet ques him ~ liams Shot Killian. Co., Eighth and Pine streets, He testi-! The entire Board of Supervisors of ' roliowing he ruling of former Post- | pocket containing m ~ hoe B din Atte ployed in the Health Department, and- 
ed recently ” e fied that 2 ad ie ey former partner) Peoria County was severely censured ' master-General Cortelyou that he was, pers or tobacco. He uses the papers Mother urne in mpt t a a. on ro _ 
ca ° x e ; ‘ were npresen a is pawnshop when bv the rand jury and citv officials, x . od to send his yublications | giv wa with smoking tobacco. ; : piace. neer © genet election 7 
Does he, es enough to keep oo gree arr et i ried af ake ca tn a getpona to male auty it was to check up the City a ta sania as Fe ein Pe mat- | gg teed is a “ragger.” He swings Rescue Child. ere Se ‘Tot te Roane 
on ’ waire a minteinen  Sinaiiine: ts Grat ve to eely’s partner. gap tore te TR Rabe bigs ha 4B 4 ‘ ; ‘ a: a : . d , , » . . as election officers, bu 
the sa eGra give I le testified, } clerk’s books, came in for the same cen ‘ter. Judge Shevard Barclay, counsel! his compact shoulders In a slight swag- Zatha Wilburn, the 2-year-old child does not exempt them, Chairman *s 

hat’s about it.” aa too, that Fawcett had given Keely se Re > sg i 
. & McMahon, 724 Olive street, Satur-/| ‘9°, rat awe a Ziven Keely|/ sure. Immediately after the indictments | - Lewis, contended that the publ sher raiks. He sa ‘dis’ Wilburn of 1216A . 
ee O'Brien President Stew- day hei . money in the pawnshop. were presented, State's Attorney Scholes | wnt ; er "heen given a eéaring on the | ger when, Be. ~~ Bg ah. forjof Mrs. Alfred , 3 St roney says. i - toe 
lared himself in regerd to the; day. In their saloon Lee Killian, for- Heard Threats Against Keely. announced that he would vigorously | 04 ion of his right to sena his maga- Mord ah slurs the final 1» "ig | Ange avenue. Fe ee eee appointees 98 Se . 
essness of policemen in general. mer detective, was killed a few days oes ge * poe peti —— prosecute ever) man named in the re- ra through the mails at second-class Bw oA participles, as “naw, jak ott from burns. The mother, fn a vain at- oy on veo BF. re | 
Prevention on the “Force.” |[ag0 by George Williams, another ex-| ™4n, Who lollow cory on the stand, | port. g, : uy’s eatin’ his dinner.” Hi: save the baby, had her hands /|,"* ores chooses 
; ad lar by the oe ego May Har est ae che th Pancett and) The officials indicted are Robert Joos, District Attorney Dyer contended that | sein hel Sreshly cut Thursday vac vaniial Ch rman Maroney told a Post-Dis- 
om eatas mace "y <olnn P sind eee f oo oye a oon gaged > sandage the Raciy pardculeriy Patweett whe’ ena. City gg oe oy ag eee 13 ie. Lewis has been thing re hey 5 tO | noon and ts reed Sees on the neck. nee ee the screama of the child sole reporter that two of the men. 
Jt a ~ acts of the ng to e Excise Com- = - ’ . ‘iments: Vanie + FO er, former eritl. | the legitimacy 0O the subdscript.on stsiy all probabi ity. e as not been ] { th house M - : 
. at get a drink,” might be para-j| missioner and recommended th according to the witness, that he would wzzliement: William EK. Pet for- | -> ° + oye (an , oe which was aione in e nouse, rs. im they did not ex : 
at the . embezzlement; WV ‘ C. ers, for- | of the ew wis publication, but not on the gpaved since Thursday. e parts his hed in from the yard and | th h Lavin-Ha wea- Wells 
y to the case of Patrol- | jicense of McGrath & McMahon be r either have to get out of town, get) mer Deputy Sheriff, confidence game and stion of the publisher's right to mail in the center of his head anq| Wilburn rus 4 Soe Or at th nt “3 
nnor of the Manchester | yoked. Mulvihill gave the hearing | Reely’s Job, or go to the penitentiary. | raisitying public records; R. M. McCon- | QUCSHOn O08 oe a ol | ee nm W libe found it enveloped in flames, caught | were to swear in just the men that they 
ry ; " ’ ; oe BM. J . t second-class r.tes. Judge stes it down with a ral applica- te. She t ff th kno that the Board 
fined $10 Friday by the several da 8 : His ecision bare | Lnese remarks were made, he said, at/ yey former Deputy Sheriff. embezzle- arg > "ne in Little Rock, and is sit- io f water. from an open gra’. ’ ore of the | wanted to servs 
ard for amoking while on duty. The | giner of ke eranbhetnes 0 organ da May Harrington s house following 4} ment; Sherman Hunt, former Deputy en ino pate of Judge Finkeinburg, | Sexcept for his slight swagger, Berg- | child's clothing and put it to bed, re-| would not appoint ¢ men f 
ines to sult O'Connor's case wou.d have taining another saloon license in the ge a isk ie anal ced lied by Bates Sheriff, extortion; Dan Raum, attorney,| y,4 will retire April 1. Judge Trieber’ mann carries himself well. His bearing hild was cared for 
: -, to “Cigars all around me | state. sil ‘aaiied ahout being Setanhh to the forgery. told the attorneys that, ier | eould be, js erect, and he has = plone ateige | URtl the Ce eeniaan 
vana. Mulvihill stated that it had been c +f ' , to the 2a eR ERS aI Jesronrainy heard on the case earile. than March taught in the army. e nas & smatter- 
Tne room was 20 full of cigar! iy shown that the saloon was a disor-| Finan to be questioned by ‘Keels ‘The HOMERIC CITY FOUND 26 if they would go to Little Rock. ing of Cuba and the Philippines, and oc-] MINISTER NOT DRIVEN OUT. | Dalrs ca 
noke when “ case ~ Connor was y Mom house, six fights and one murder said that Keely asked him to “‘stand : . Business Men to Help Lewis, casionally interpolates it into his con- od Maal } day pata y, re 
n that it was ; ' After the proceedings in the United| yersation. He knows many German D ; Ni Tort for the legal 
phrases, too. \ State Department Denies Nica- | ter the state statute 


fusing to have her own burns treated 

most impossi- havin - 
ing : g occurred there in the last year t,” but that he replied that he ; ° 
ro’ nor to distinguish the forms He said that before another _ license — - tage + ger ‘s Lewis went to the rooms \ 
<n . r license | * et awa rf it, c V - | States Court Lé room . , 
SO with th wr baton’ ot would be issued for this place it would would nave to tell the truth or io the Professor Belie Ho Has Die of the & Lees Rane rere Save) Bereeee > wh “node a6 fo to oe Pole 
TB Shey Biand nd gig a =. have to be shown conclusively that| penitentiary for?perjury. | covered Historic Place. ciation to er hgh rat nay Those A eae’ tae parm aap bao BA r ry. the Wella adm 
id . ery co neither yeh age aad McMahon had any Commissioner Bland remarked that BERLIN, March 9—The announce-| Wh!ch is 2 Cte eaetreuner is ehateunans pion ME og at the toe, and needed lish- WASHINGTON, March 3—The State 

, mi 
was smoking 4 big, fat, black ‘ x : ; : 
“MeGrath yet a ne Gonsthered bint a taaterial wit,| ment. that Wilhelm Dorpfeld, head of og F. Hafner and P. M. Hanson|{ng. His hands are muscular, the fin- 
| r tips blunt, and are hard and rough. tration ticket. ' > , 




ted a: 

a ie nistering the fine President | was tt gM. “yamiog aan and ‘that he ‘considered him a material wit-/] the German Aeenoeneg sca) Institute at members of the committee. 
art A Athens, has scovered in the island Mr. Lewis reviewed his controversy or several months wat he has been accredited to both Nicaragua and Costa 



ad to brush a veil of smoke ave : led h but Chief : 
a n order to Ve have tr to get him but efi of Ithaca what he believes to be the}! _; aborer b ._ = 
. t peed a aor : Omega Of} Is Geed for Any Pata | Smith reports that he ts at home sick.” | remains of a Homeric city, has greatly | W't? the Pe cad Aanaiane employed Sa os sewer being Rica and thet he left Nicaragua for Piles Cured ta 6 te 14 Daya... oe | 
ee vestion as to wheth- That can be reached externally, Trial bottie | remark — Moore, We would be} interested archeologists. that the caleatioda senderemn struc wertn Gt, Loula Costa Rica three weeks ago. ere W858) paz OINTMENT fe guaranteed oo enen aus ~ 
guilty of smoking, the |" ier mate wen else who} Remnants of the walls and of mon- om ccna ncertaxe | built iue shirt Bergmann wore when | 5° yp me ned i-feeling whatever, it] 0. of itching, Bltnd, Bleeding or Protre | 
iss , ag can throw oe oS ochrome decorated earthenware, as wel! ee . .. e ne | Was declared. soem 
Miteggnech the case betore arcivine | Leaps Forty Feet to Death. | jstowar' inrurocteg Smith to send {or Ga mumiver of more elaboratsiy Orta: | aps Sy" mercantile and, industrial aats-| {rout wh motter-ot pean button, a — ee eee ee ee ee 
ec DES MOINES, Jo.. March 9.—Crased| Sole "to come the thal, would be sus: | ented, vases, have been discovered Cistions for 1 p.m. Tuesday atthe |i, fond of bright red ties and knots] Crosses Burning Trestle. Pioneer Editor Is Dead. — 
Sc Manufacturers’ Association rooms. The them carelessiy in «a (four-in-hand. Special to the Post-Dispa teh. se 
Been tet ta the ee A . : a ia 

the | 

The board members were not the only | by liquor, Roy Beck, a police court char- . il his deposition could be ob-| aity w “av Pa 
who smoked during’ the trial. The] acter, leaped over the. raill of the nar copaodame see egs 7 Se pune COveEn Comtalming - il of the associations willl ywpen Mra. Guntly last saw him he Tenn., March %—~A pes- . 
also specta-] Court Avenue Bridge today, shattering} ” nee SS eee paeee, Os : blujsh-black overcoat «that| MEMPHIS. Leni Cotton Belt rail-| ~ NEVADA. Moe. 
oa wee apres SS ocom, corr Dore: pets to hiss knees. She thinks he | *°" Blo so “here this morn! from old, 

n oked, as did ; 

“g ehind O'Connor. In fact | his brains out on an abutment 40 feet be- : : 

{who sat behind board room was low’ Shel wae 82 Yours Of ne can oa-| court by Auto Near Theater. —. — temple with Doric and pba ser reel this some time Thursday, asi+..94 was. forced to cross a blazing 

“ennor was enveloped in| married. The dramatic ending to his| An automobile in which R. B. Bulloch, ED she had never seen him with it before. trease! 15 miles west of Memph 

on @ red aoaiee Of mete. = a ae witnessed by a hundred spec-j| the owner, and be ceeutteus, ae bo Only One “Brome Quinine.” . gineer W. E. L 

: i) ugh oe * x * * were r ng, ra own yc , { ati Bromo i 1 . ?, aithe e) 43 

es from the | : % Fears, of 2 Aubert | Thst js Lesetive Bromo Quinine. f- A mere. ae the struetu 
| fe the campaign. 

. in — The l So a Tablet a white pec 
| y gy, Oumar, pave. for & |Site “Meek and gd evieriag, tad eh x 

> ad . = . ¥ ”~ 5 
y . Go a ee ee, 4 at a ee ae 
= ee, t 2 e > ry ( pot 
a beats i See ss Wad * 
So heh Sak roe les i 



Fate : | 



“He fied fis sult in the Cire 
that promises to be national in its scope 
Italian Tenors. cas 

) : 9 | -—: ° -— | 
C0 TICENSE. WAS THEATI GIR L Uf lJ TRICK “GOLD EN NOT JEWS DON'T WANT SHYLOCK. | "2 ngnnet te “atessnant of Yoni” | Prigis aiersoon. hase they 
Ihe ; ‘ 2 has passed’resalu-! marred St. 2%, 1 ie hin zt 
: tions calling the Schoo! . Board ’ Cou | 
LICENSE WAS THEATER TICKET Ohioans Would Bar. Shakee (ann ens fatce ehew Bone: to! County, Siteourh and lived Loader Be 
NTO MARRIA studics. At the next meeting of the; left him, taking all the household ef~ 
f the distastef : : — 
speare's Shylock out of ‘he public acho Quit After 32 Years. “write MP. Terese @ Ga. ae 
Special to the Post-Dispatch, 
NEW YORK, March 9.—That Italian 

’ ; 
ares Pla Fro Cleveland lodge there will t e li fects | : 
Al $00 NIGHTLY oP Eons nn | ican tthe tobet TUR | Snagit hr ant ed Bae 
. ns ha : PAS: 
| CLEVELAND, O., March 9.—The Jews | committee to protest to “the ‘Board of ning ‘te = van him. pas 7 Be 2 
Kathleen Mitchell Tells How !Hammerstein’s Suit Against | studies. The Independent Order B'Mai|. Nathan and Fannie Bradley lived t 
ee B'Rith, the foremost international Jew-|gether as husband and wife 32 years, | R¥» Dallas, Tex. for descriptive titer- 
Edward Allen Made Her His a 3 r y for tence | : 
t ! é 
JUDGE ANNULS THE UNION | {exers ze, tuxurtes men have long sus- 
90 a seat to hear one sing, but thescourt 

of Cleveland have begun a campaign | Education. 
Bonci Reveals Costliness of ish organization here, has taken up the but he is now suing her for divorce. * ature. 
Chilc-Wife. . 
pane records today gave forth new evidence 

MM = 

Hayman of Sedalia Is Only gh LY Od i 
; ° fj aS Wf, j ha / iy 
Member to See Good in Ys as i _ Lh / 

‘We have just purchased, at 50c on 

, wi . . 6 
= om ore AN beads see. S 
i ay 
: MOIR ican 



mm ae eee ee 


Some Say Professional Lobby- 
ists Can Claim Exemption 
Under Fill. 


. Gould Agent Declares La 
Tells Him Law Dozsn} 

gislative agent in 
railroad inter- 

me or my com- 
is passed or defeated. 
it does not apply to 

Because the bill does not reach Col. 
Phelps and other professional lobbyists, 
Democratic Senators, among them Mc- 
David of Springfic!d, Humphrey of Ma- 
con and Mayer of St. Joseph, declared 
that they would vote for it simply as 
a@ matter of accommodation to its ad- 

By a vote of 21 to 8 the Senate adopt- 
ed the bill yesterday, with two amend- 
ments. The first amendment provides 

passage of bills or resolutions by either 
House or to promote or oppose execu- 
tive approval of such bills shall, in each 
and every year, before any service is 
entered upon in promoting such legisla- 


Kept Prisoner Until Rescued by 
Mother Four Days After 


Kathleen Mitchell, 13-year-old child- 
wife, thought theater tickets were being 
purchased when a license was being iS- 
sued for her marriage to Edward Allen, 
31 years old, ‘according to the story she 
told Circuit Judge Taylor on the wit- 
ness stand Friday. 

She cenvinced him that she did not 

know what she was doing when she 
married the man and the marriage was 

As Kathleen sat in the witness chair, 
in short skirts and mortar-board cap, 
she looked much more child than wife. 
Judge Taylor questioned her closely, and 
her artless answers won the relief she 
sought through her mother, Mrs. Ella 
Johnston, of 1524 Olive street, as her 
next friend. 

Allen lives at 314 Chestnut street. 
Kathleen formerly lived in the same 
neighborhood with her mother. She and 
Allen’s sister, Grace, were chums. Al- 
len’s wife died a year ago. 

Allen Pursued Her. 

In June Kathleen went to work for a 
Mrs. Brown at 3012 Olive street. Allen 
called there to see her. The third time 
he came he told her Mrs. Johnston had 
given her permission to go with him to 
a theater in East St. Louis, 

She went with him, ani, on the way 
he suggested that on account of her 
short skirts she might be denied ad- 
mittance, and bought her a long skirt, 
which she put on over her other gar- 

They went to a large building in East 
St. Louis, she said, and he told her that 
was the place where they would get 
the theater tickets. He warned her that 
unless she said she was 19 they would 
not let her in. They went to an office, 
she said, and a woman asked her how 
old she was and she said she was 19. 
The woman filled out a paper and they 
went across the street to another office, 
and she stood up with Allen and a man 

of this painful truth. 

Oscar Hammersiein sued to prevent 
Bonci, the tenur, from singing at the 
Metropoiitan next year and made public 
the terms of his contract with the Italian. 
He accuses the tdnor of having de- 
manded, contrary td agreement, an ad- 
vance of $10,000 before he had sung a 
note. In gonsideration of the advance. 
Says the~bill of complaint, Bonci agreed 
to the annulment of a ciause in the con- 
tract which prov .ed that all disputes 
should be settied in the Italian courts. 

The contract was maue in Milan in 
the early co of last year. Bonci was 
to receive $800 in . xd immediately after 
each performance in which he sang. 
He was guaranteed 50 ~erformances in 
a season of 20 weeks, but was not to be 
called upon to sing at two successive 
perlormances, to rehearse and sing 
within the same day, or to sing any day 
wnen his doctor said he was unfit. 

live thousand dohars was to be de- 
posited in a bank in Milan to guarantee 
ponci’s salary. He was to receive all 
uis traveling expenses, including the 
trip from Milan to New York and re- 
iurn. On the ocean he was to have 
“cabines de luxe’’ for two persons and 
passage for a servant. On the railroads 
he was to have a separate compartment 
id two in the sleepers and sleeping car 
ccommodations for the servant. Ail the 
costumes furnished for his use were to 
be new and satisfactory to Bonci. He 
was to sing only in the opéras that 
were part of his repertory at the time 
the contract was made. 

The stipulation about settling differ- 
ences in the Italian courts was con- 
tained in a clause of the contract. The 
complaint asserts that Bonci demanded 
not only the immediate release from 
the bank in Milan of the $5000 depos- 
ited there, but demanded also that Mr. 
Hammerstein advance to him the fur- 
ther sum of $6000 

Spooner’s Plans Unknown. 

NEW YOPK. March 9.—Senator 
Spooner of Wisconsin, according to a 
friend in this city, has not yet made 
any plans for associating himself with 
a law firm in this city. It is under- 
stood that the Senator, who has an- 
nounced his intention to come to New 
York to practice law, proposes to 
form such an alliance, although he 
has not yet taken any steps in this 

the Dollar, the Entire Stock of 


Who has for many years conducted one of the Best 
Known Dry Goods Stores in the West End 

This stock will be on sale in Barr’s Basement, next week, 
the exact date to be announced later $2; 

Wa marr dis 




Seen ee 

Coreen eer er ee eeeenesser snes sees eee eeeme 2 ¢ 


that attorneys sent here to appear at : 
ots eg tion, file in the office of the Secretary 
corporation oo gee, gg oor Bee f of State a writing subscribed by such asked her some questions and she an- © 
Speciai in +. | counsel or agent, stating the name or swered them the way Allen told her to, 
shall not be required to register at the . , 
tary: of State’s office Modifica- | M@ines of the person or persons, firm or | Kept Prisoner Four Days. 
tion No. 2 gives. unlimited privilege to soir ed nig eons Finca aggee Nene ye a He brought her back to St. Louis and re 
eee ae oe i uaaeen Cate md on whose behalf he is retained or em- ie for four days she was kept a prisoner, Of Li I B T id b T d It | F | ae 
business pertaining to his interests. Un- | Ployed, together with a brief descrip: |7) 4.4 Tre noduced in Hearing of | S8etold the Judge, at 1506 Washington quoZone Ss Best Io y a ftest—an S rree. tg 
der this amendment {i is contended that | tlon of the legislation in reference to 2 avenue, except when he took her_with ' : : ; 
a regularly employed legislative agent | Which such service is to be rendered. Suit for D D him to call on his sisters on Nortn Millions who were ill—like you,]internally. They are impossible, for] Such conditions call for a germicide, 
may assert his exemption from the law | N° notice so ‘filed shall be valid for ult lor Damage Vone a A : i. on they destroy the tissues as well as|not for common drugs. uozone — 
on the theory that he resides within|™0re than thirty days after the ad- Judge Taylor asked her why she did perhaps—have sent us this coupon y y : . 
a certain senatoriai or representative | Journment of the seSsion of the Legis- to Books. not appeal to somebody on the street, during the past five years. For each the cerms. That 18 why medicine does what other means cannot accom eo 
* district that ds affected by legislation on ge oP gm the year in which the and = wala ory’ bad told her yor if ne ne rae iL : aD proves so helpiess in dealing with/|plish. And it is wrong to cling to old — 
at Jefferson: City. me , a she 1e@ wou il her on e § ° we a eo lauozone, 1us : : - ili know - 
All the Republican members, with “It shall be the duty of the Secretary In the sult for $412 damages brought In giving his decision, annulling the O U h Vv e a n ug q ’ J germ diseases. Liquozone, on t 1e con ways — Peg of people a S| 
the exception of Senator Curry of Oz- as State to Age on a By sme a cee be; by Karl Kimmel against the Hamilton marriage, eudige noon ements a a as we offer you. They used it and told | trary, acts as a remarkable tonic. a way that is . oy 
ark County. opposed the measure. Sen-| known as the docket of legislative ap-| Hotel Co., to cover damages said to! verely on the law which makes it diffi- Bo ree. : Ag. 
ator Grimes echoed the sentiments of | pearances, with appropriate blanks and/ }.,.6 peen done his books, wale storei| CUlt to protect children of 12 and 13 biti t O eS cas ‘08 _ We Paid $100 000 50c ttle F yee ai 
several of his Democratic colleagues, | indices, and to forthwith gore: there- SPT by oictiiiines bible winless oro ict =. i ae en amp1tion O g of the product spread until there is 9 If you wish to know what Liquozone : 
sé : t é . 4 =) 4 Mrs. st ; " * . Be 
Semaine set the) bill te “a delusion /in the names of the counsel and agents | fondness for good Micratare; a7 attermpe | aaeen renee cotta of HE, BEE | , scarcely part of the earth where the |For the rights to Liquozone, after | doen please send us this coupon. We” 
lief from the operations of the corrupt|sons, firms, corporations or associa-; W4S made by the defense to introduce} gays after the marriage and taking her in busine SS for sroduct is not employed t waenen Se Veer Se gr edinceryy will then mail you an order on & se 
obby. tions retaining or employing them, to- dt cockroach as evidence. ae home. ee I 4 poy. it, after its power had been demon- druggist for a full-size bottle, and wil. :. 
“It simply legalizes lobbying,’ he de-| gether with a brief description of the Pod pt oan 4 pi Fe agile mart A warrant was sworn out against Al- You who still cling to the old ways | strated for more than two years in pay the d t ourselves for it. This . 
lared. “It will not touch the boodler, j| legislation in reference to which the - & “Tent, and the matter was called to the ourself Some da « |-—we ask you to prove the wonderful | th t difficult germ diseases. Con- PS 
for thé boodler is usually the paid em-| service is to be rendered, which docket | 9m 4 water bug. attention of the grand jury, but no in- ‘ P ; ee ee he i is our free gift, made to convince yous 
ploye of & corporation. It will, how- shall be open to public inspection. Up- PM a yes are! a poral OS eee (| dictment was returned because it was power of the new. Don’t you realize} ditions which had resisted medicine | to Jet the product itself show you whaas 
ever, affect the officers of our State|on the termination of such employment | ‘t Was set at large, rushed gery te- concluded that ne conviction could be rae this — Sig nyt he made | for years Sam at once to it, and one it can do. In justice to yours€yp a 
2 utions who must visit Jefferson|the fact of such termination, with the . 3 4 : , | Obtained without the testimony of the ) ° 1 e results were no und to sur- | eases considered incurable were cure laces un 
City for the purpose of seruring ap- ante thaveel) may be entered by: direc- erreeetty, cnaeres and ejected by order child-wife, and she could wot testify You ll need capital, and prise you? That was five years age Slee then a it today, for it P you: : 
propriations from the Legislature. tition of either such counsel] or agent or The suit was tried Friday afternoun against her husband. h f l iain f th - Bin 5 ye —— h er no obliga n whatever. eee: 
will brand these men with all the odium | of the employer. No person, firm, cor-| jn Justice O’Hallaron’s court. The _- et the successittLl mam oO e millions of people in every part of the Liquozone costs 50¢ and §1. 
that attaches to the word lobby. But poration or association shall retain or | jury found for the plaintiff, and award- Woolen. Blankets Cleaned f t is the oun? man What Liquozone Is. world have shared in the nefits of —— 
as for the men who were responsible |employ any person to promote or op-'ed him $25 damages Manager Wil- F . uture ae * : «af this invention. Nearly every hamlet tut Out This Cou . 
for corruption in this State, they wil legislation for compensation con-j; ]j; f the Hamil an ic — cour wy? . ' Liquozone is a tonic-germicide, the ; ; yar 1 Cu ul 7 pon 
met be feauired t “. pose legislation compe amson of the Hamilton said he would Our ‘“Woolery’’ makes blankets look| who now keeps a avings ; : eveny neighborhood has living exam- fs 
ee equlre oO register under this tingent in whole or in part upon the] appeal. iin new: teed Nee A ri v virtues of which are erived solely f it ' N k to Fill it out and maf? tt to The sy 
bac | passage or defeat of any legislative ee ee? aon’. 4. te from oxide gases. No alcohol, no nar- | Pes Of its power. Now we ask you Company, 458-464 Wabash av., C | 
Gordner Pckes Fun at BUI. measure or measures. tal ypc oo Best. for rheumatism, Eimer a } Laundry Co., Twenty-first and Morgan. cotic nothing but gas enters into it let it‘do for you what it did for them. ane: alias a Pins can 22 
Senator Gardner of St. Louis County | f°F Compensation engage in promoluing! amend’s Prescription No. 2851.  Cele- 1 Th f ki i have never tried the new Liquosone, | 
poked fun at the bil. and Senator Gii.|0°? Opposing legislation except upon ap- : e process of making requires large \ 
more of Kansas City pnaracteriaed ii pearance entered in accordance with re brated on its merits for many effectual BUELTERMAN LOSES. M til a ru st apparatus, and consumes 14 days’ Germ Diseases. will ‘ake it. Fata ta 
as the most farcial piece of legislation | foregoing 1g tehe~ zynweion Piggna gy sem ~ puree. aes ercant1ie time. The object is to so combine the Most of our sickness has, in late 
that nae Ween consisered. i a eR stavinonh ee panier aay nok service fer A Excise Commissioner Refuses to gases with a liquid as to carry their/ years, been traced to germ attacks 
asserted that le fuvered the bill oleae compensation contingent upon the pass- Tgentine Loan Confirmed. Renew His License. Company virtues into the system. ; ; some germs-—as in skin troubles—di- 
because of the sentiment back of it, |4ge or defeat of any legislative meas- BUENOS AYRES, March~ 9.—Argen- Residents of Washington terrace The result is a germicide so certain rectly attack the tissues, Some create 
and for the further reason that his|Ure or measures. tine Minister of Finance De La Boso] ,. md : that we publish with every bottle an | toxins, causing such troubles as Rheu- 0 00 00 e en ae Oa ee 
Democratic associates had agreed in}. The bill in its amended form will now} confirms the report of negotiations in) Kingsbury place, Union and Delmar offer of $1000 f di th ism, Blond Poi Kid Di STs Cre SS ee eee 
caucus to support it. be sent back to the House for concur-; London for a loan of .$35,000,000. He | boulevards won the first round in the Be ready for your opportu- | ;; or a disease germ that | matism, Blo« olson, Nidney Lisease . 
while he believed the bill would not |the bill yesterday attention was srcheint = Be tno ae gg The loan will bear 5 per cent | when Excise Commissioner Mulvihill nity, Open a Savings Account them because germs are of vegetable | vital organs, as in Consumption. Some | sone, ee comme . ro oe 
powerful ! interest. Friday afternoon refused to issue a / , _| origin. But to the body Liquozone is | —like the germs of Catarrh — create how much better the new product i 
a —— of Arthur gy a ance yrs to-day, Delays pay no interest exhilarating, vitalizing purifying | ioe onder the new Pure 
icense at 6656 Delmar boulevard, hold- oN , “ eger : ‘ 
islation under an amendment offered by | fessional lobbyist, it would brand as ing that’ it would be too near the new | —Wwe pay 3%. Open Monday That 18 ts main distinction. Com-j]|In one of these ways, nearly every se- 
5 mon germicides are poisons when taken] rions ailment jiaea germ result. 

ve effective, yet, as it excluded the|to the point that the most 
egitimate representatives of corpora- | agency in suppressing the lobby is puD-j om 
tions and other interests affected by leg- | licity. While a law might reach a pro- 

inflammation; some cause indigestion. Ligpensee, guaranteed u 
sician or bospital not yet using * 
FB. ng he eladiv runnite+ wee eS 


him, he would not offer further objec- | such under a law men who merely come WHOLE FAMILY Central Presbyterian Church, to be con- ; ° ’ 
tions to it. Senator Humphrey spoke here to address committee meetings. Mother Finds a Food for Grown-ups Structed at Clara avenue and Delmar evenings until 8 o'clock. ® fe eer eee ieee gi ORL re ee ae 

along the same lines. Senators contended. and Children as Well. boulevard. 
including the pastor, the Rev. J. Lay- " Tue POPULAR Sommeasion GA R rat ~— K —TONIGHT —— — 

tor Hayman of Sedalia was the Publicity Is Effective. Central Presbyterian Church members, 

only member of the Senate who pro-| The work of the Post-Dispatch in ? : 
feased to see any merit in the bill. He printing a list of all the legislative Food that can be eaten with relish} ton Mauze, fought against the renewal. 
Mayor Wells is one of the church’s. at- 
| te es 2 % 
TODAY, Southern Skies aempsagpteelapieg tn “CAPTAL Phccrag 

pleaded for its passage in an impas-j agents in Jefferson City was cited a8/ and benefit by the children as well as 
: ctive way to deal ra ns udants 
sioned address, punctuated by many Ht- | Showing the most effective way t the older members of the _ family, Residents of that section intend re- 
A 7 . t. ‘4 
JAS. W. BELL, Mgr. Savings Dep Next Sunday Matinee—“‘TILLY OLSON.” NANCE OLDFIELD” and “THE GOOD 
? —— HOPE.” 

' In 


yaad d . 

“What Dian was that?’ asked Senator} invariably for the people and against| dren, but older persons who, from bad } Therefore consum any 
: 7 . SOUS ’ ‘ re ption and many other 
tte cote ne Te | he corporations. habits of eating, have become dyspep- | diseases ravage St. Louis. 
gpm ling}to be very careful about eating, as Night Prices—25e, 85c, 50c, 7Be and $1.00 
. v gn 1 082 Of & S-cont fare dill, the enabins ~ avpour eating, “| half tons of documentary evidence that ’ , , Be and $1.00. 
raed. et * Diane act and other important measures) nearly every kind of food then known the Government “has introduced at the | ROSE Mi E LVILLE 
h an express'on of exasperation on . 
Co. of Indiana, charged with accepting oe ee UNG DAY ONLY : ny i 
. al elision had made the name Grape-Nuts tl ovew. at = gers: railroad rebates. —_——— ——— Neat Santen: Wit ees wae MONDAY VESUVIUS NAPLES. OLYMPI ach 10, Mot. “4 ‘ent, 
na appear at “D'an” and he was al-|Shorthand School, Century Building, re , grew stronger and ve He was excused from the stand Friday | a on ee Seats at Holiman‘s, 1120 Olive st. | 
ter and from that time I seldom amin order that he might verify person- | Ss". a N DAR = |YMAN a HOWE . 
a : 

“ron 7 *aurts t] f hi oy this grt ti it i inted t}makes a pleasant household l of 
ce durin 1e course oO s remarks n 8 connection s pointed ou San ouseno cOm- | monstrating against the renewal of the 
: : : : hey sonny Booee Bog » ne | FESTUS J. WADE, President 
"s lip” to illustrate the purity wich | lobby has failed thus far to pass the ear, ~ When they expire. “~ 
people aheula demand of their legislat- |General Assembly. The Senate partic- sag " food. is Grape-Nuts. It not es 
ors. only agrees with and builds up chil-} ‘The antispitting iaw is NOT enforced! ate 3x B : Serer oe vote 
The Theater Whers me 
ae j You SEE the Best | S@at$ Now, Starting Tomorrow Night, The Distinguished English Artiste, 
owed the interrogatory. but Senator| Several senators who shot Gov. Folk’s| ;; Plays for the Losst That Veariess Political Play 
ayrean saw no humor in the question. | anti-lobby bill full of holes have been| ‘CS: aan Money. 150 to 50c. ’ a : SEATS 
> Senator mean?” he] among those whoge votes indicate they} A Philadelphia lady, after being ben- EVIDENCE SHOWN BY TON. } a 
retorted. Is he searching for informa- pave not been ~ the sane of oo pend efited herself, persuaded her husband Ss : 
n any matter before the present Legis-/|¢, try G N j " : —. ‘po: : : 
. to try Grape-Nuts for stomach trouble. St. Louis Witness Identifies Tatks from See the Landseer Acting Dogs. With Media Procter cada Greet Geet: 
ner with a cynical smile on his! Senators McDavid, Dowell and Hum- | S%¢ alks Mext—‘‘The Great Wall Street Mystery.” ser : mao enema toi sstoaetce 
who Dian was and whether she rey. for he gery seg were the strongest About eight years ago I had a se- ——— 4 THE ODEON . i 
rocates in the Senate two years 48°} vere attack of o . : ’ ‘] a saa ere San . t 
“IT am simrly quoting from Shak- " ® nd t . OF congestion of stomach Walter “. Ayiesbury,.car accountant : need TURDA = & 
of anti-gambling legislation, a “. {and bowels. From that time on, I had,for the Terminal Raliroad: Asgociation, Eighth and Locust Sts. $be and Bde. ne cae ae Wed. ona 
2 in Gardner again. : RS v ; ues 
fought by the lobby. to me seemed to cause pain. trial in Chicago of the Standard Oil : 
his face, Sen>tor Hayman tns’sted that Bryant & Stratton’s Business and “Four years ago I commenced to use ————— Is the Characteristic Play SIS HOPKINS 
to proceed without further inter- ‘ night. Graduates are . 
on. The speaker had not continued | °P°™ ~ —_ he ti to | Without it; have gained in health andjally the abstracts of evidence, with 
sure of positions. Now is the time original files and records of his_ office, ————— neonate 
began filing out o fthe chamber and| begin. | sap THE HOME OF FOLLY. : + tabblos 
e seat was vacant. eRe wae oe ud —- when he went there to resume his tes- TWO FROLICS DAILY. Oo a U ivi 8B | SUPERB LIFEORAMA | o Hora 
| ; . ; “My husband was also in a bad con- | timony. ctor 
any law directed eea'nst lobby influ- Kills Self While Hunting. dition—his stomach bdcame so weak! On his direct examination, he said A Company of Rare Merit. Mat. 2c. to $1.00. Night Se ro 91.98, 
: 4}, |} the original documents were contained Next—WILLIAMS’ IDFAL RURLESOTERS. 

I te not a sound one its defects may! LINCOLN, Ill, March 9.—While hunt- ; \ HIGH-CLASS VAUDEVILLE > 
be remedied two vears from now. There ing ducks Thursday, Fred Brock, 18 comfort. I got him to try Grape-Nuts | number of cars delivered to the Term!- oo Matinee . ee 
were other speeches. but all of them, y : and he soon found his stomach trouble | nal Association, the railroads delivering 1S YOUR 4—-The Lukers-—4. Fanny Mice. > 

‘them and their disposition. The Gov- BOARDING HOUSE §) Lewis Mecord & Co. &—The Leightons—2. 5 
ee Mae che mat wale Wt seers gun and shot himself, the powder firing | «yr, 937) and boy, 3 19¥ id TOO NOISY? Clift Gordon. 4--Musical Avolloe—4, lt 
at , r eally | his clothing, burning it from his body. ae 4 y. 3 and 9 vears ou ‘ bearing on the trial. se aS in MARIA ROSA. es, 
i ek a but its beauty is and his naked body was found in a} fast but Grape-Nuts aint more health? neonvenient’ , lbc-—Tie-—ie. Oreheatra Chairs. Reserved, TBe. 
corn field with the right side of his| children cannot he found.” Name giv- Shortest Line—Quickest Time. bes - 
The. ‘first — 9 a.m., 11:50 noon, 9:29 p.m., 1:45 a.m, rough the) 
ee UiiGees merenn|” vetatned. oo Open Tonight Until 0:30 O'Clock. Read the little booklet “The Road to Ptivate land owners whose object it POST-DISPATCH WANT COLUMNS TWO STIOWS PA‘'LY. 
ate : will be to bring general agriculture * Louisville—Columbus. IRWIN'S MAJESTICS HIGHT STROKG!) 
Ticketa—Olive and Sixth Sts. Your Druggist Our Want Ad Agent. }/ in STP AR 
P Rt 
¥ , 

referred to the “Consecrated snow on | that not a bill strongly opposed by any| modity. thrce other saloon licenses in that blo 
ularly, the records show, has lined up 
at does thie 25c Matinees Tuesday, Thursday. Seturday T o R A 
ed. 25¢ MAT.{ THE WAY of fe TAIN SGHE8S02 E FELLING 
‘I simply wanted to know,” resumed * - 
sacure. She writes: M 0 AY 
; NS 3 : meaesre ees 
fone. Epo D ass of Documents Mercantile Trust Company R A N yn range 
swe > @ 
answered the Pettis County) this session they worked for the pass was called on to identity * and « 
MRA. “* 
hig oration far when the other Senators ; je 
strength and am now heavier than I tick hea teak with hier to Chios 
soon every 
Senator Favran made the point that JOLLY GRASS. WIDOWS a 
Sixth and St. Charles. 9rd 
wasa good law and ifthe present ! Special to the Post-Dispatch. ; ; ’ ke 
P go pene het ate that he could eat hardly‘ anything with|;,° 500 books... The records show’ the tN UR one" 
the exception of Senator Hav~an's| years old, accidentally fell on his shot- : 
had disappeared. ernment has 49.000 other documents 
, . Too let Ge. tis | >The RKRochire.2 Line Paentzer, 
not, levisiators sav. & beaut'ful) He left his home early in the morning | do not want anything else for break- Sar Lee . CONN. 
Stop-over Wes ? french Li The “W ¢ 
Provi head sh f : Line—Quicke ee rev lath and | cust Sts. nron 
ides Registration. ead shot away, late in the afternoon. "7 16 a 
en by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.! fostering the formation of a society of | : GAYETY 
Sleepers, Parlor Cars, Dining Cars. ‘ | 
ployed for compensation as counsel or Call_and select a diamond or a_ high- | W ellville,” in qkgs. “There's a rea- } jn Spain under more modern methods. a ee we pour. eek tj 

agent by any person, firm or corpora- > ry | son.” | 
i? ’ wy di! on easy terms. Loftis Bros. & Co. floor ° Improved machinery of the latest pat- 
_ * Hon te onpoes directiy or indirectly the ¢Corieton Ridg.. 6th and Olive ate. tern is to be impo~ted. 

— — ee 



Political Uplift for St. Louis. 
Why People Are Going Crazy. 
Queer New Disguises in St. Louis. 

The St. Louis Man With Bailey Letters. 
A St. Louisan’s “Journey Into Valley of Insanity.’’ 
Threatening a Quaint Old St. Louis Institution. 

* D * 
° 9 
? poe Abe cahiy F 5 EA é 4 P Y 
rs ae etek a is, : e 7 5 * ; sg . 
¥ “ . Or ne - ee ee . ~ ——— moe ~ “ 
Ne Od cy CRO NEE, ORO? Sah 
Ay eA = : ES 
* i. a on a ‘ 
a ee 4 ar : is ; oot < 
oy - See : Soy al 
- wie % 

cnopmste bale ne Rte em ol freer 


‘gaeuapad EVENING, MAROH 9, 



|) sseios 


 eietin by JOSEPH PULITZER. Published by 
The Pulitzer Publishing Co., 210-212 N. Broadway. 



Sunday .. 269,179 
Daily 179,003 

Largest Circilation 
West of the Mississippi River. 



Harriman as a “living justification” may now bet- 
ter understand his-own rating. 

bs bp fe 
rr erelUc!!e 

The Republican convention was enthusiastic over 
dad nominations and the-Democrats may do worse. 
a > 

— os 

_ = 

| The noise of chewing popcorn has greatly dis- 
tracted tle Oklahoma Constitutional Convention. 

Has the Peanut Trust no grip in the new State? 

_— hh hi 
“ a a 

The people of Missouri are now-to have the oppor- 
? tunity to express their choice of candidates for the 
United States Senate, and a much bigger machine 
will be necessary to make Senators from bad ma- 



The Republican party made a dismal failure as the 
party of salvation in the City of St. Louis at its 
Thursday Convention. 

Jeptha D. Howe, the self-advertised -boss of the 
. party, who was going to rescue it from the hands of 
the corrupt elements and who had announced his 
intention to have nominated only good mem for the 

uncil and the House, confesses that he has failed. 

is unnecessary to say more than Mr. Howe him- 
self has said with regard to the work. of the Con- 
» The nominations the Convention has made, 

- mys Mr. Howe, are the worst we have ever had. 

With this brand put on the Republican Conven- 
tion by its own boss—the man who has been telling 
' the people of St. Louis for months past that he in- 
- tended to rescue the Municipal Assembly—few voters 
will seek further for information as to the general 
eppreeter of the ticket. 

We do not defend Mr. Howe's methods. The 

means by which he expected to redeem the Repub- 
een Se eomnibiibion represented the worst kind of 
hossism—a bossism which, in the end, would inevit- 
ably, lead to the worst kind of corruption. Mr. Howe 
assumed the task of selecting for St. Louis the men 
who should conduct its government. He assumed a 
superiority to his own party and to the people of 
St. Louis. He practically announced that he alone 
was the “wise man” of the City—that he alone knew 
— sort of men the people of St. Louis needed in 
‘their Legislature. He has reaped his reward. He has 
, Mw s..0d ‘that no one can absolutely dictate the 
' action of a party. He has uncovered the real nature 

of the organization which asks to be placed in power. 

‘has exhibited by his own assumption of the role 

f dictator, the actual character of the elements in 

of the party. He has diselosed té the citi- 
ms of St. Louis that the real owners of the Repub- 
organization are not the eminéntly respectable 
Committee of Two Hundred supporting Mr. Howe, 
~ but Mr. Charles Kratz—recently a refugee from jus- 
in Mexico, Mr. Julius Wurzburger and Mr. Louis 
—leaders of the Ziegenhein gang of unsavory 

ig , Teputation and record. 

_ Mr. Howe found that these men represented the 
real strength of organized Republicanism in the City 
of St. Louis. They were the men who controlled the 
| ward organizations, and when the actual test of 
_* strength came in the Convention, they were the men 
_ who cast the votes. 

It fs to the credit of Mr. Howe and his associates 
that they publicly denounced the action of the Con- 
vention, designating the unfit candidates and pledg- 

; ing themselves to accomplish the defeat of these 
men. It is to their credit that they are willing to 
| join with the better element of the citizens to defeat 
_ their own party organization. It vindicates at least 
their motives, if not their methods, 

The Post-Dispatch, whieh is pledged to inform the 
¥oters concerning the character of the nominees, is 

saved some trouble by the frank declaration of Mr. 
_ Howe and his associates that the following men 

- Rominated for the House of Delegates ought not to 
ne receive the support of good citizens: F. W. PRIES- 
_ Mr. Howe and his friends kindly inform the people 
t two nominees for the Council are not of the 
1 who ought to receive the support of good citi- 
zens These two are CHARLES KLUDAS of the 
Ninth Ward, ARNOLD J, HELLMICH of the Twen- 
$y h Ward. 
There is a lesson for all politicians in the experi- 
_jence of Mr. Howe and his supporters. They ex- 
of to accomplish their ends—the ends, as they 
bade public service, with the aid of the bad 
elements in their party. They made a bargain with 
the men whose influence they wanted to use but 
whose aid they would not publicly acknowledge. 
They expected to compromise by slipping into the 
— a few men whose a vere please the 

. But the leaders of the old corrupt elements, 
caught the new reform bosses on the hip by 
ucing them to enter into a bargain, made use to 

two elements which had been put into their 
s. They got into the saddle. 

‘The Democratic party of St. Louis, which lost the 
through the same sort of compromise with its 
: t elements as that which has brought shame and 
to the so-called reform Republican organi- 
i nm n, now has a magnificent unity to recover 

s lo ce. ze Se Sole meet the ¢ 

<i wee lous led wend to borrow money, hasn't fared owl | 



a = 

the Council and the House in order to accomplish 
the rehabilitation of the party organization and 
again to win control of the Municipal Government. 
| A word to the wise is sufficient. 

le i 
, ge Mie 

The gall of life insurance officers in “acting for the 

| best interests of the policy holders” by confributing 

campaign corruption funds without the policy hold- 
ers’ consent is again recalléd by the Perkins restitu- 
tion of $54,019.19 and the interest. 

- — 


According’ to the record published this week after 
a fire on South Sixth street, the three-story brick 
factory building in which the fire occurred was with- 
out fire escapes and with only one stairway provided 
as an outlet for 125 boys and girls in case of fire. 

It appears further that this state of affairs was 
reported to the Commissioner of Public Buildings on 
February’ Ist and that the owner of the building 
“promised™to comply with the law. 

More than a month later, when the building was 
actually on fire, the promise was still protecting the 
‘owner of the building from the enforcement of the 
law, but the protection of the children employed in 
the burning factory was left entirely to Provi- 
dence, with everything carelessness and shiftlesaness 
could do or leave undone, working to make their 
escape impossible, 

That thev did escape is partly miraculous, 
doubt, and in part d result’ of the providential dis- 
pensation which ‘often operates through the Fire De- 
partment, as it does not seem to do with any sort 
of certainty through the Building Department, when 
it trusts everything to the miracle of having prom- 
ises kept after it has forgotten they were made. 

When the nafural and logical results followed in 
the fire at the Salvation Army Barracks, we had a 
very good illustration of how logic operates finally 
when the Building Department tempts Providence by 
relying on miracles. for protection against the results 
of carelessness. 

Hfow many other buildings with no fire escape 
and only one stairway are now preparing the next 
holocaust? Does the Building Department know ? 


ees re 


Kansas has abolished fraternities in high schools. 

Other States may follow theexample. ‘The fraternity 
privilege has been abused. 



The wilespread allegation that the Elks are ex- 
terminating the animul of that name to make watch 
charms of its teeth suggests alarming possibilities. 

We shall probably hear next that the Eagles. are 
chasing the eagle in airships for its tail feathers, 
and that there are only a few left. Also, following 
‘he example of the Elks, the Maccabees might go 
out after the wishbones of bees and thus exterminate 
this useful insect. Or, with equal relentlessness, the 
Woodmen might go out after the woods and thus 
set at naught the deep laid plans of all our for- 
esters. Or the Redmen might go out after the few 
remaining Indians, to catch them and mount them to 
grace their lodge halls, Naturally, all this would 
create industries such as that created by the demand 
for elk teeth. These latter are now said to sel] for 
as much as $150 for a finely colored set. The quest 
of the Eagles, if they should follow the example of 
the Elks, would entail even greater hardships and 
disappointments than those attendant upon the pur- 
suit of the elk. Already a high- flyer, the eagle 
would go even higher, and wealthy members of the 
order, following in the path of. rich Elks paying 
huge sums for elk teeth, may put up smartly for a 
rare feather. Bees, upon the other hand, are neither 
seurce nor wary, and it would probably be a great 
many years before a bee’s wishbone commanded 
anything like the price asked today for even a sec- 
end hand set of elk teeth. 

But what a hubbub all this would cause—what a 
scurrying on earth and in air! Let us hope the Elks 
will not continue to set this bad alte 

With Foraker scattering his presidential boom 
photographs, Secretary Taft will be under the neces- 
sity of getting out some pictures that will show who 
is the biggest man. 

— a a 

The defense Mr. Aposto] Glastris makes through 

the Post-Dispatch, for the Greeks of St. Louis, seems 

to have been called for by the fact that a certain 
kind of people are just beginning to try to become 
more neighborly. 

When people of a certain kind first try to become 
more neighborly, the first thing they may find out 
is that they have neighbors who do some familiar 
things differently and some unfamiliar things they 
never even heard of before. This alarms them and 
makes, them anxious to have those things stopped, 
so that all their neighbors will be as virtuous and 
happy as they are themselves by doing just as 
they do. 

Sometimes this seems humorous. It ought always 
to end in being recognized as a joke by all con. 
cerned, but in the meantime the new neighbors who 
have been discovered by neighhoflitiess of this kind 
have to explain that they do not really eat sausage 
without cutting the strings or live wholly on ver. 

Mr. Glastris makes this explanation for St. Louis 
Greeks so clearly and forcibly that it ought to settle 
the matter as far as that kind of neighborliness is 

But on the other hand, suppose St. Louis Greeks 
did live largely on vermicelli and sausage, prepared 
according to ideas not approved by some of their 
neighbors ? 

Would there be anything in that diet calculated 
to prevent them from redeveloping in St. Louis the 
genius of Phidias? Is St, Louis sausage fatal to 
Hellenism and the Hellenic spirit? Does vermice!i 

affect morality and mind? Whose business is it, at 
any rate? 


There is time for the Legislature to provide that 
the six men to be hanged in Missouri on April 18 
shall be killed at the Penitentiary, There might 
not be less bungling in the State prison than in 
the county jaiis. 

From the New York World. 

Congress has passed a bill to make it easier for | 
Filipinos to mortgage their farms, which is all very 
well; but the tariff act to which the country’s honor 
fs pledged, ‘which would make It lese ‘petessary far 

seiestaihie of uniformly honest, reputable men for | 

ee at the Ap AP — 


joadside Sketch by a Post. Dispatch Artist. 




Se RGtE 







~ [2 SSrecsae 

“=? ™ — 

nd ao ~_o = 
= ~~ - 


With the Post-Dispatch 
Poets and Humorists. 

(After Stevenson.) 

Sing me a song of a man that is gone, 
O, but that man were I! 
Merry of soul, he went ona 
Taking a\ bottle of rye. 


Work was behind, ducks were ahead, 
Over his shoulder a gun; 

Back in the depths.down in his coat, 
A pair of hard-boiled and a bun. 

Eves were a-flash, heart sang a song, 
Strangely enough was he dressed; 

Louse fustian coat and corduroy pants, 
And shells stuck around in his vest. 

Sing me a song, where is he gone 
‘Vahing his bottle of rye? 
Merry of soul, he went on a day, 
, but that man were I! 

Give me again all there was theese, 
Give me the sport at dawn; 

Give me the zest, give me the soul, 
Give me the days that are gone. 

Water and ice, though there were death 
There in the buffeting blast, 
Give me a day in my old rubber boois, 
Give me the day that is past. 

Sing me a song of a man that is gone, 
O, but that man were IL! 

Hle shall not perish, however the 
For he took a bottle of, rye. 


The new St. Louis has ceased to be 4 
hollow boast. It is a fact. The old St. 
Louls is dead. The long sleep is ended. 
The east colors with the coming of! 
dawn, the sun of the new day is mount- 
ing the hill, and the scattered minions 
of night hit the dim trail going west. 
No more shall more modern :ommun!- 
ties laugh at us and make quip 124 
joke at our expense. No more shall the 
Eastern investo:1 drop into town, lool 
around a bit, and then titpto2 out fest 
he wake us. No more shall the man 
who believes ir letting good enough 
alone be big mitt in the vineyard. We 
are done with all tha... We, too, can 
laugh now—laugh at our dead self. 
iow amusing it must have been, What 
a place to have nad Rip Van Winkle 
for its patron saint. Wat a fitting 
place to have built finally the monu- 
went which Sancho Panza desired 10 
raise to the man who invented sleep. 
Lud, lud, those were dandy old days for 
mossbacks, for dry rot, for Chicago, for 
cobwebs, and for sonambulism on 

But that is all, ended—not that we 
gave a World's Fair. Bless you, ho. 
Not that the Civic Improvement League 
has issued its handsomely-printed pros- 
pectus showing the grand river arive 
we are going to have to Jefferson Bar- 
racks. Not that we are to have an art 
museum maintained by taxation. Not 
that we have a balloon club and are to 
have an international balloon race. Not 
that we have an up-to-date subtreasury 
shortage. Dear no, the proof of the 
new St. Louis is in none of these things, 
but in a single significant fact— 

The Custom House is to have an vle- 



A banquet without meat will be given 
cor Mr. Bryah in Wisconsin. TRe Ne- 
braskan won't object at all to cutting 
»ut the roast. 

Now that the Army is to bulld the 
Canal, President Roosevelt's official du- 
‘ies will become much less arduous. 
The Army will do its own firing. 


Why is the man upon the car 
So given to a grin? 

O, that’s because, the chances 
He has his grass seed in. 
The doverninity haturally learns to 

suspect the disposition of a woman 

jwhoe can keep neither houaehelp nor 

husbands. . 



“@vQared hams: Higher. 
. oe 


Niha % 







HE calends of March are behind us, Caesar has but a few more days to live, 
the lid is off for sapsuckers, and the spring schism of the local Republican 
, ; : 
large bunches of the spring styles in dudes and Grand avenue Mollycoddles 


has set 

in with the usual 

Geese fly north, 

migrate upon that thoroughfare in brief respite from their mammas on Sunday 


fights are beginning to fall off at the skating rinks, and the young 

onion is teething. The suburbanite. goes home at night witb his hair full 

of seed, 

a rake 

stuck down one leg of his trousers, 

a bottle of 


Mixture in his gun pocket, and a new scour for old spades, Flat dwellers begin 
to pine in their narrow cells, office men commence pacing back and forth be- 
hind their bars like captive animals, and husband and wife go into conference 
to determine which gets the new spring garment this time. The Street De- 
partment emerges from hibernation and begins to tear up what streets have 
escaped the gas company and the Water Department, a few dirty robins fly 
around in the smoke looking for a lawn to light on, 

matrimonial transfer pick up a 

Courthouse and get it. 


and people desiring a 

lawyer on the street and go over 

to the 


Grip retires before the banners of lassitude induced by the sarsaparilla 

the haberdasheries 

moult, the sporting writer puts the blower on, and 

people who made the great mistake of yielding to the blandishments of the 


hang out 

of their 
fever becomes epidemic, 

windows and yearn for the 

hollow-eyed crowds infest the Back-to-the-Country 

The heyrube 

offices of the railroads, the reformed suburbanite begins to act like an oyster 

plant, and the real estate man out in St. 

Louis County crouches low in his 

blind, cocks his mertgage, and makes a noise like a nice little country place 
not too far from town on easy installments. Town life begins to seem color- 




the imagination pictures pleasant 

fields and growing 

things, the stomach cries for sassafras tea, the ears long to hear the bells 
of home-coming kine at evening, the soul yearns for. the country, the nose 
sniffs for a whiff of clover, the right ventricle of the heart beats for wild 

flowers and the left for fresh vegetables, 

sighs for plain country food. 

Only the ‘Spirit will return ; 


the exile of the flesh is permanent. 

and the whole digestive apparatus 


From the Chicago Tribune. 

YO ONE ever 
A mand 
The foo! 



There never 
The ignorant 

They make but little 
You cannot c 
Little deeds tell more 

If this wertd 
your life 

It is fatth mixed with facts and not 

regretted burying a slander. 
oes not pick up sand by licking the 4d 
is much good in “good enough.” 

be foolhardly, but only the wise 
mark on time who are on!” 
a donkey by degrees by calling 
than the largest, 
is none the better for your living the 


5 | 


with fancies 

tion in a sermon. 

The men who is drowning in drink 

usually hopes 

catching a@ a straw. 

Some folks t 

hink they are generous because they 

up their weed intentions. 

not he 

“ea. happy ‘ 

wappy ti 

‘hristian so advertises his religion 

ll he gets it. 




plainest bumps of character, 

always greases his track on the up grade. 


marking time 


next will have none 



are willing 

that the 


A RN AI em 

(rrr eee 

holds the convic- 

save himself by 
to give 

other man will 




ee a ee ee el ee i tl el al 



HE POST-DISPATCH will pay $10 for every practical and meritori- 

rious idea, suggestion or criticism. The criticism or suggestion 

should be as brief as possible. The names and addresses of those re- 
warded will be published on Saturdays. Address letters to the “Idea 



Suggestions by the following persons have been accepted and the au- 

thora have each been awarded $10: 

Perey Stone, 606 Century Bufld- 

ing; Mrs. Claude Dudley Halls, 5920 Plymouth avenue; Chas. E, Dubbs, 
Western Union Telegraph Co. 

especially “ane 


t t t a 
of buble et = See fs onan tor 4 p . 

of wri 

geations sebuah 
oat-Dispatch are 


Here’s an Idea. 

To the Editor of the Post-Dispatch. 
I have an idea that. the St. Louis 
Browns will win the American League 

pennant this year. 

House of De Delegates. 

To the Editor of the Post-Dispatch. 
As it is the stern duty of every citizen 

of St. Louis to look well Into the record 
of every candidate of whatever party, 
and as the two parties have shown a 
record of which no citizen can boast, 
allow me to suggest that we go to a 
third party and select at least one or 
two candidates for the House of Dele- 
ates as watch dogs. Milwaukee has 
one likéwise and no one has any rea- 
son to regret it. SOCIALIST. 

The Mother-in-Law, 
To the Editor of the Post-Dispatch. 
I desire to answer “Experienced’’ in 

regard to mothers-tn-law. I have one 
who could be rightfully called “an 
angel from heaven.’’ In sickness or 
trouble of any sort, she has come to my 
help, notwithstanding I have parents of 
my own. She sews for baby and myself, 
besides attending to the wants:of her 
own family. We live a short distance 
apart and when I was ill she left her 
home to care for me. 

It takes two to make a quarrel and I 
Want to say right here that I am far 
from amiable, being a spoiled daughter, 
but as my mother-in-law once said. 

she would be willing to lay her head on 
a block if it would make my husband 
and me happy Could write volumes 

on her goodness. 

Waste of Food. 
To the Editor of the Post-Dispatch. 

“It costs a billion a month to feed 
hungry Americans. Are we eating too 
much or are prices too high?'’-—Post- 

Were it not for the ignorance and the 
waste from prejudice, the cost would be 
hardivy more than one-half what it is 
at present. One-half the production of 
the American nation is now wasted, 
The fertility of the soi] is washed away 
to the ocean. One-half the energy is 
lost Onve-half the heating capacity 
is sent out at the open chimney. One- 
half the nourishment of the foods pro- 
duced is thrown away. 

In a hundred pounds of beef, some 
twenty-five pounds are sold at % cents, 
and nearly one-half wasted in the cook- 
ing. Fifty nounds are sold at some 1% 
cents ‘per pound, and here again it 
serves but about one-half its value as 
food. Twenty-five pounds more are sold 
to the rendering establishments at 1! 
cent per pound, while its real food value 
ix at least five times that. 

To illustrate: The bones and parings 
of the porterhouse, sirloin and roasts, 
amounting to nearly one-fourth, are 
thrown away by most housekeepers. 
The ™ ponnds of chean meats are mich 
better utilized. but here not more than 
one-half the real food value is saved. 
The bad cooking. the want of knowledge 
of how to use the odds and ends, with 
the want.of knowledge of economical 
cooking, loses a very !arge part. The 
hones, scraps and trimmings, sold to 
the rendering establishments, is really 
the grandest waste of all. 

Vegetables. cereals and fruits are very 
much cheaper than meats, while if 
properly utilized. are of equal value. In 
vegetables nearly one-half their value is 

ee ee we 

Old and Young. 
Te the Editor of the Poat-Diapartes. 

to he'd 

Hle Wanted to See the New Repeblicele 

Boss Given a Show to Make Good ” 


Written for the Post-Dispatch 
By Hiram W. Hayes. 
a | M right ‘sorry they 
: wouldn't let the new 
boss run that Re- 

publican convention,’ said 
the Optimist as he folded his 
paper and settled back in his 
seat. “I'm sure if he had 
been let alone, we'd have had 
a clean City Government.” 

“What makes you think 
that?” asked the man beside 
him, who thinks he’s wise. . 

“Why, didn’t he say so?” 

“Say what?” 

“If they'd iet him run things as he wanted 
give the city a clean government.” 

“Well, you don’t think he meant what he said, 
do you?” 

“Why shouldn't I?” asked the Optimist. “I have 
no reason to disbelieve him.” 

“You must be joshing or else you need a guart- 
dian,” said the wise one. “None of these politicians 
are to be believed.” * es 

“Now what right have you to say that,” said the 
Optimist. “Why shouldn’t we believea man is telling 
the truth till it has been proven otherwise. How do. 
you know that this man hasn’t as much of a desire — 
for a clean government as you or I? Because 

are no honest ones. Because one coal dealer sells 
you a load of limestone for coal, is that any Treason 
that all dealers are thieves? Because one man goes 
out and gets drunk and beats his wife, is that any 
reason why every man who drinks a glass of beer 
should be called an inebriate? I’m disposed to look 
on the bright side and to give every man credit for 
being honest till he’s proven otherwise; but its 
pretty hard to see the good side of men like you who 
are continually attributing dishonest motives to 
their neighbors.” 

“Oh, come now, I-don’t think I’m as bad as that,” 
said the wise one. “But there’s so much crooked 
work in politics these days that a man can’t help 
being suspicious, This new boss may be all right for 
all I know. Let's hope so, anyway.” 

“That’s the way to talk,” said the Optimist as his 
face broadened. “That's the way to talk. Let’s give 
the man credit for good intentions even if the con- 
vention has nominated some men whom you'd hate 
to meet alone after dark. Men who——” | 

“Look out,” said the wise one. “Remember that 
every man is entitled to fair judgment, Don’t break 
your rule.” 

“Oh, well,” said the Optimist, “we must use some 



Look in Sunday edition a answers 
ing more than a:few lines. Write but one 
tion. Sign but one initial. 
must be simple. No aan dec 
addresses not given. 

Dispatch; postal pon gs if convenient. 

S. G.—Page car, or Hodiamont. asi 1 

C.—Forth Worth, Twelfth District. wilt ee 

L.—See Answers Feb. 6—chile con carne, 

MINNIB.—California diverce residence, one Year. 

BOY.—School for children of retarded mental- 
ity, 3809 Flad avenue, 

WM. G. O.—Cleveland and Thurman were nominat- 
ed in St. Louis in June, 1888. 

A. F.--Seattle cold is not severe and there is little 
snow. Summers are temperate. 

B. —Physician may examine for traces of consump- 
tion, or may refer you to a specialist. 

READER.—For information as to homestead claim. 
write General Land Office, Washington, 

M. M. S.—fome renter may be hins kind enough to tell 
you what will make asbestos stick to tin. 

poe wall, give it re-. 
until it shows no ary 

James Thomas Smith, widow, may 
her name that way or she may 

I would like to know what is to be- 
come of the middle-aged men who ap- 
ply for situations? The answer is. I 
prefer a young man. [| am a middie. | 
aged man out of employment for some 
time; steady, honest, sober and willing to 
work, but cannot get it. J. H. 

St. Louis Schools. 

To the Fdjtor of the Post-Disnateh. . 

I have recently become a resident o 
St. Louis. and was attracted here prin- 
cip7ily because of the exceptionally 
oree educational faculities and the good 
work done in the public schools. Whil 
hére on a visit I made the rounds of 
many of the sehools and invariably 
found good work being done. I was ad- 
vised against one «choo! because it Was 
said the work there was not well con- | 
ducted. After a number of visite to) 
the srhools 1 hecame convinced nee 
there was no ground for such a cha 
and am now locat 

their work. 

. Business Thoughts. 
oe oe re 


| powdered resin. 

E. M. O.~Wm. J. Stone, present United States 
phy Bank. 
to destroy the roots of the hair it would 
were fresh last year, most of them would come up 
or sweet milk; if that fails use lemon and 
bride-to-be the style of coat she desires him to wear 
papers after living here three years may get his sec- 
to an entertainment, but on entering the theater or 
peated coats of linseed ol 
Louls winter es Ee 
years, 33.3. Average last five winters, 22. ASaninns 
any intelligent girl. No sensible young woman would 
(Fourth and Spruce) was |! in 
~If one in the employ of the Government 
Mre. Mary Ann Smith. 
1 gill Mtharge, 1 gill fine white sand, 1-3 gilj 

H. H.—Write Commissioner of er Washing- 
Senator, was made receiver of Mullan y 
this year. 
salt ond 
t and 
put in the sun. 
at the wedding. 
ond papers in two years. 
hall it should be removed. 
spots. Then apply the paint. 
for ten winters ending with winter of 1991-2, 23.4, 
like to appear entirely ignorant of its chief events. 
the hospital was removed to Montgomery and 
te pay a just debt owed to the 
The first form ts 
to some extent. 
ix well, When wanted for use 

ton, to learn if any machine has 
SILLY GIRL.—If the burni were a a 
TOPSY.—If your left-over radish and beet seeds 
IRENE.—To clean white brillilantine dress 
CAPTAIN.—There would be no harm itn asking the 
W. P.—Foreigner in this country getting his first 
L. G. P.—If so desired, one can wear a vell in going 
CORGON.—To paint your 
A. T. G.—Average &t. 
EDW. K.—The study of history ts beneficial 
w. 8& H.—Firet Mullanphy H tal la Jar ee 
er and ‘acon 
head of the department or office ‘1a hich ‘a is em- 
erly write 
FISH.—Aquarium cement: One gill yiaet , 
bolied linseed off + 

srpall quantities with 
until thick as putty. 

READER.-You are perfectly safe Rg a! the verbal 
notice until April 277. Noticé must 
worded so as to terminate your conetny ale 
sponding day of the month next following. when 
your rent is again due. 

UNAPPRECIATED WIFE. me good wife, 
is self-sacrificing and saving, sho know how 
her husband earns. He owe | be ie! to Pag» 
and shoanald co-operate with 
g something for a “rainy tay” 

G. W.—Deep breathing of pure air, 

o.8. that gives “an moseraiel to ol the’ 

eS nS 
vegetables Btive oll] taken ve oiea ih 

oe Expenses Bm yeene Dae pe round 
og e $74; in” Dutitn or at $1, # ‘ao dee 

= dare 1 and return, etc.,. first-class, Ha. at. 


If a greater number o 

would read and fi > os ido Pon 
rofit y a ” 
dray-Watren's thoughts” on, business: 

men are rascals, is that any reason to believe there q 

if I’m to relish it at all. 
‘Kansas’ struck me as being utterly preposterous. 


ie. 4 

ss te 
gl OS 

# Par ce sg ox 
53 Se s i Meare ea Fs 2 
L genes $ ; By aes 
r ya % Py ° 

or - < 
dy Tne ab geo Se Pee FPF 
Deva S43 a 4 258 ¥ Go Sae WEL oe tny 
eh eS ps ota Vea Bs Paar ee. dee > 
te “SPY oer 

ee * 
* 7 



Other Book Reviews Written for the Post-Dispatch. 

problem novels, and business-life novels and the like, but this new | 
assembled, “you've all had your innings with political novels andy 

| bé We now,” began the Old Playgoer, as the Once-a-Week Book Club 

story, “Ihe Captain of the Kansas,’ by Louis Tracy, hits me right where ! 

“Same here,” agreed the Literary 

Grain Broker. 

romance I've read since they used to wallop me when I was a boy for read- 

ing dime novels. 

A story that begins with a shipwreck otf the Terra del 

Fuegan coast, that throws its people into the hands of ape-like cannibals, that 

gives us a ripping fight between the 

two, in which dynamite bombs play 4 

part, that has a he-villain and a she-villain of the blackest dye, and that ends 

happily with the hero and heroine in 

one another’s arms after sharing 4a 

thousand perils, is a story worth reading!” 

“It certainly thrills all right,” coincided the Artist. 

that the author’s knowledge of the sea 

Russell touch--I always did relish an exciting sea-yarn—but there’s a little 

too much blood-and-thunder in it for 

tain Courtenay of the ‘Kansas’—well, he was just a bit too heroic, it seems 
‘Johnny-on-the-Spot’ is almost too mild a characterization of him— 

to me. 

“And I must say 
gives him a good deal of the W. Clark 

my taste. And that redoubtable Cap- 

he comes near making the spot as well as being on it.” 

“Pretty good hero, all the same,”. protested the former Congressman. “And 
he knew how to sail his ship and fight it and make love to his sweetheart, 
You’ve got to 
allow these sailormen heroes a good deal of latitude—and longditude, as well, 

all at one and the same time, just as 

you must remember.” 

a nautical hero should. 

“That’s a pretty measly joke,” laughed the High School Teacher. “As 

for me, I enjoy reading a story such as this—but [ always feel that I’ve 
wasted the time given up to it. The adventures of these people on the ‘Kan- 

‘sas’ are simply incredible and preposterous.” 

“I’m not so sure of that,” objected the Old Playgoer. 
_ ‘there could be such a ship as the ‘Kansas,’ don’t we? 
for that ship to be wrecked off the coast of Tierra del Fuego, isn’t it? 

“We know 
And that it is possible 

that there are cannibal savages known to be in that neck of the woods, 

aren’t there? 
“Good for you!” cried The Girl. 

Well, then, why couldn’t it all happen as here set down?” 

“IT enjoyed the story immensely—and 

if there’s anything I hate, it is to have a story dissected and shown to be 
impossible, after I’ve followed it, breathlessly, from start to finish, as if 

it were actually happening before my 


“T’d give anything if I could get that much enjoyment out of any story,” 

sighed the Kindergarten Director. 


nhappily, however, I’ve a very prosaic 

sort of mind, and there must be a strong appearance of reality in a story 

These terrific adventures of the people aboard the 

I wouldn’t have finished 

its reading, but for the fact that I knew we were going to discuss it.” 

“Goodness me!” exclaimed The Girl. 
I was just wild to see what was going to happen to that 

I bad begun it. 

“I couldn’t put the book down once 

brave Captain Courtenay and the equally brave Elsie Maxwell, his sweet- 
heart, and how they were going to escape from all their perils in the end.” 
“You knew they were going to escape from them, didn’t you?” chuckled 

the Artist. 

“Well—yes—I suppose I knew that,” hesitated The Girl. 
Of course, it wouldn’t have been any story if the 

——that was the question. 
cannibals had eaten them—just fancy 

“But how? 

a novel of romantic adventure ending 

in a pot-stew of the hero and heroine by cannibals!” 

“Its very novelty might make it 

“But I must say that I wouldn’t care for such a story. 

a hit,” suggested the Literary Grain 
I enjoy 

seeing two sweethearts get into all sorts of trouble, but I insist on their 

being got out again before the story ends. 

at their being eaten by cannibals, as 

And I'd certainly draw the line 
seemed likely more than once in this 

“That’s where the story-tellers have us at their mercy,” said the Old 

Playgoer. “And the playwrights as 

as old as the world—that is, 99 out of every 100 of them do. 
Second, give them all the trouble you can. 
dis that we resent it whenever this ancient and time-honored recipe 

your hero and heroine. 

wir te out of. it. That’s 
cold, t 


well. They work by a recipe that’s 
First, catch 
nutshell—and the 

thing in a 

isn’t followed out strictly to the letter.” 
“There can be no objection to ‘The Captain of the Kansas,’ then,” com- 

mented the Kindergarten Director. 

“There isn’t,” responded the former Congressman. 

“And you mark my 

words—it’s going to be one of the big ‘sellers’ of the spring season.” 
“And that’ fulfills its mission,” said the Artist. 

(Edward J. Clode, New York. $1.50.) 


Those who desire to become closely 
acquainted with the men and women 
who, undaunted by knout, bayonets, 
prison walis, dreary Siberia and the 
hangman's rope, carry on the work’ of 
freeing Russia from autocratic rule, 
should read “‘On the Eve,” a three-act 
play by Dr. Leopold Kampf, in ‘‘Trans- 
atlantic Tales” for March. The author 
not only shows close acquaintance with 
the revolutionary movement, but exhibits 
ability to make persons live and act in 
his play. He reminds the reader of 
Stepniak, who wrote ‘Underground 
Russia” and the “Career of a Nihilist.” 
Dr. Kampf, however, is a good deal 
younger; he is twenty-six. . 

The play was written under the in- 
spiration of that eventful date in Rus- 
sian history known as the ‘“‘bloody Sun- 
Gay.” It was presented in Ger- 
Many, but the police prohibited the pre- 
sentation a few minutes before the in- 
ftial performance. The translators have 
@one good work, the play reading 
smoother than many translations of this 


The publication of plays in addition 
to its usual features, is a new departure 
in “Tales’’ as is also the - publication 
ef poems, translated from other tongues. 

A atory of the province of Louisiana, 
based upon that well-known decree 
which prohibited intermarriage of the 

‘white and colored races, is “The Law 

and the Letter,’ by Mary Polk Winn 
and Margaret Hannis. It is a tale of 
love based upon a fact In the early his- 
tory of New Orleans, and is written tn 
an intensely interesting vein and in 
the most charming style. It ts inter- 
esting from the brief foreword to the 

elosing ehapter, when the fair de- 
scendant of ai siave grandmaster 
watched the ship disappear in the 

darkness, bearing the lover from whom 
she Was separated by the letter of the 

There is a bit of real romance in the 
story connected with the days of Gcn 
Jackson, and there is just cnougn of 

flavor of war to interest male rvoad- 

as well as those of the gentler sex. 

; t 


become one of the 

-much-read publications of the day, es- 

territory with which it 
Neale Publishing Co ) 

t. Its introductory editorial clearty 


ee ee 

ee ne ee ee a a a ee ee 


re ee 

to its several departments of the trade 
represented, there are a number of ar- 
ticles whose nature shows that. the 
publication will cover a wider field than 
that of specialized trade. Among these 
Aare a paper on “The Commercial Hra 
of St. Louis,’’ by Breckenridge Jones, 
president of the Mississippi Valley Trust 
Co.; ‘‘Municipal Ownership Stops Cor- 
ruption,”’ by William Preston Hill, Ph. 
D.; “The Growth of Immorality,’’ by 
Harry D. Hill, and an editorial on ‘‘Di- 
rect Legislation.”’ 


With the title of “Under the Sun” 
Percival Landon, the well-known En- 
glish war correspondent, has collected 
twenty-five chapters, “written in the 
course of annual wanderings over India 
during the last five years,” which will 
be brought out in the spring in_ the 
United States by Doubleday, Page & 
Co. The idea of the book is to indicate 
the widely different local color that dis- 
tinguishes one Indian city from andther. 
Among the chapters are Delhi, Bombay, 
Lahore, Calcutta, Rangoon, Mandelay, 
Madras, Cawnpore, Benares, Khaibar 
Pass, Jammu, the wintgr-home of the 
Maharajas of Kashmire, Bikanir in the 
desert, the nursery of riding camels, 
and Buddh Gaya, the Holiest of Hollies. 
One of the most fhteresting chapters, 
however, is entitled, “The Later Days 
of Nana Sahib,” In which some hitherto 
unwritten information is presented, 
concerning the leader of the famous up- 
rising in 1857. ‘‘Under the Sun’’ will be 
profusely illustrated with -photographs 
and a number of colored plates. Mr. 
Landon is the author of ‘““The Opening 
of Tibet.” He is a_ close _ personal 
friend of Col. Younghusband and ac- 
companied him on his famous expedi- 
tion to Lhasa. 

Another newspaper woman has joined 
the ranks of successful authors, Hattie 
Hiorner Louthan, whose “This Was a 
Man,” has just been published by The 
C. M. Clark Publishing Co. of Boston. 
It is a really great story and the author 
has given to literature the most power- 
ful study of heredity and environment 
ever written. With a master stroke she 
describes the triumph of character over 
clroumstance. The scenes of the book 
are iaid in Colorade and the plot is 
original in every detail. The title, 
which is from a famfiftar Shakspearian 
quotation, well describes the hero, Pau! 
Menendez, one of the strongest and 
most consistent characters of modern 

While preaching in Pueblo, Colo., » 
few years ago, Rev. Edward J. Wilcox 
found himself unable to pay his debts. 
He therefore quit preaching and went 
into the mining business. Today he 
owns mines in Colorado worth $3,000,. 

p- 1000, besides a great deal of other val- 

“It’s the mest thrilling 

‘her artist-author-husband, 

t . eat ss ad 5 2 
“ ed a * f * ; + tf a i+ owt fon y Me 5 
Cee cakeain ey ‘ fy er: nls = ni Pies ee . “ ap ¥. ¥ viet. ft, % re, Sap 
= e oo th 3. OTe Fi * Fo : te 3 Tee gO eet tt, Tae be ha ees ae - 3 bar gk Po es ee ee ote 2 TEN v i a iP 
ee Sh feo WES eee RO RI Bx BRS Fs rae Wy at rae a 268 er ee See ess 2 Ye 2 Ss ah AEs Se 1 > O55 Be Mee Cee Awe ro; ie ¥ +5 ie - Share in: 

> ga Rae he a ake PSM Ne cet ains Tarak | St : fois = : Pie AS ‘i : : ‘ pe Mek sade | A eek ee a Pe, > aa Sohne ts S33 Bary Xe oo ing < ees os 
ao Ree y Pre a | » 2 of eee ; 
- | y : > " J i : . ; 

C$ r 4 — SS ‘ EF 
’ —_— r - ti et bial : presets). pot 

a. ia : wee Pes > 
52h Sry 3 FNg ; Pe 43 
Pere age a Roark Ree Ta Le asd sie 
ee St Stance 4 en Soe Agi 

a coe ae 

ose gp @e@ourertes's: 
cee caw ee@ereelyrs 
aT en -e8@urre* ‘ 
ene wr cemeseitees is 
oem ke wee a ten@@tt yt 
. pee uae! Hae es eB’ 

ae eT 

‘Tree - | 




rvE GOT 


AT 1lOcCLock! 


ane ee 
oe. 2 

- “ma 

‘ t‘a«ae* 

= 4 

seer meaeenerrer* 


t M50 
: a\r EARLY! “aly 


™ ws 



Boo Kk! 










N early spring publication will be 
A ‘“Nimrod’s Wife,”’ by Grace Galla- 

tin Thompson Seton. It is in a 
sense a companion book to thé author's 
successful book, ‘‘A Woman Tender- 
foot.”” It is an account of her trips with 
and is a 
practical and suggestive guide to thou- 
sands of women who find pleasure in 
out-or-door expeditions. The ‘various 
parts are ag follows. In the Sierras, In 
the Rockies, On the Ottawa, and in 
Norway, the new hunting. ‘‘Nimrod's 
Wife’ will be profusely illustrated by 
Walter King Stone. 

In his new novel, “The Castle of 
Doubt,”’ John H. Whitson, the author of 
the “Rainbow Chasers” and “Justin 
Wingate, Ranchman,” has forsaken the 
cowboy of the West for the so-called 
effete East. It is the story of a man 
who finds himself identified as the hus- 
band of a beautiful woman whom he 
has never before seen. Social position, 
wealth and the woman he loves are 
three of the temptations which his 
strange predicament holds out to him. 
It is a fascinating tale in which adven- 
ture and romance crowd quickly. 

After & Co. had 
printed and sold a first edition of -“‘The 
Issue,’”’ by Edward Noble, it was dis- 
covered that a book of the s....2 title 
by George Morgan had been brought out 
10 years ago. The next edition of the 
novel will bear the name, ‘Fisherman's 
Gat,” under which it. was published in 
England. Noble is regarded as a sec- 
ond Joseph Conrad. His stories are of 
strong, virile men and of the sea. ‘The 
scenes of “Fisherman's Gat” are laid 
along the Thames. 

Doubleday, Page 

One of the most tmportant publishing 
events of this spring will be the ap- 
pearance about the end of March of the 
new novel by Norman Duncan. The 
publishers will be the Harpers. Al- 
though nothing in regard to the plot 
of the forthcoming story has yet been 
announced, it is known that it is a tale 
of the impressive region which the au- 
thor so powerfully set forth in tus “Dr. 
| Luke of the Lab: dor’ and “Dr. Gren- 
fell's Parish.” 

“A story of Arizona life during the 
period of Apache troubles, without war- 
whoops, gun-plays, picturesque sgam- 
blers, theatrical cowboys, impossible 
cavalrymen and Frederick Remington 
Indians,” is the way one Western critic 
describes Frances Charles’ new novel, 
“Pardner of Blossom Range.”’ The title 
of this book, by the way. refers to a 
horse, ‘“‘Pardner,” the property of win- 
some Holly Blossom, who lived with 
her grandfather on Blossom Range. 

The author of the Practical European 
Guide, published by Messrs. Herbert B. 
Turner & Co., is Mrs. M. D. Frazar, 
who is well known as a successful tour- 
ist's agent. During a score of years 
} Mrs. Frazar has arranged or pefsonally 
conducted the European trips of several 
thousand ‘people. Her experiences have 


Persons will never know 
what a delicious breakfast 
food is until they have eaten 




ee ye 

the ideal food for all classes, | 

the result of years of inves- 
tigation. ws 

10 cents a package © 
__For sale by all Grocers. _ 
of pm, and 

and Improves 
beneficial reaults 


are guaranteed or Money Te 

Madison Pines. Philadelphia, Pa. 

: FMV A Bets gg Site MaRS oars Peg eh 8 : Bt Te 
eye eels a: opr Mgr eee ae Wie WOtg se. ee a Spe ae 
RE 6 ae SOE Ea) igs eee Th ame Spy Mewes | Pate a8 
; Se is (a fais | eat Sy. AS 


given her exceptional ability to prepare 
a book which will contain, in brief com- 
pass, just the information most needed 
by the traveler preparing to visit Eu- 
rope. o 

Doubleday, Page & Co. have set 
March the 26th as the date of publica- 
tion for Commander Robert E. Peary’s 
book, “Nearest the Pole,’’ which is the 
first complete story of the expedition 
that carried the stars and stripes 
“farthest North.” The publication of 
this book will be an event of interna- 
tional importance. It will be the first 
complete account of one of the most 
notable of all Arctic successes. Special 
interest attaches to the volume in the 
fact that the introduction has 
written by President Roosevelt. 


E. P. Dutton & Co. announce for {m- 
mediate publication The Battle of Tsu- 
Shima, by Captain Vladimir Semenoff 
(one of the survivors), translated by A. 
B. Lindsay, with a preface by Sir George 
Sydenham Clarke; Before Port Arthur 
in a Destroyer, the Personal Dairy ofa 
Japanese Naval Officer, translated from 
the Spanish edition by Capt. R. Grant, 
Rifle Brigade; Sicily the New Winter 
Resort, ar Encyclopaedia of Sicily, by 
Douglas Sladen; The Pyernees, by Bar- 
ing-Gould; Submarine Warfare, by Her- 
bert C. Fyfe with Introduction by <Ad- 
miral Sir E. R. Freemantle; and Three 
Vagabonds in Friesland with a Yacht 
and Camera, by H. F. Tomalin, with 99 
illustrative plates. 

a dominant factor in 
a book's success, ‘‘The Ministry of 
David Baldwin,’”’ now in press by 
Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., should attract 
wide attention. This novel is based upon 
real experience and deals with “‘heresy’’ 
in the modern pulpit—a theme closely 
paralleled by the celebrated ‘“‘Crapsey”’ 
case and also, still more recently, by 
the confessions of an ‘undistinguished 
heretic’’ which have appeared in a prom- 
inent religioys paper. These confessions 
are arousing a storm of criticism, in 
which epithets range from ‘‘coward’’ 
and “hypocrite” to ‘“‘brave man” and 
“lover of truth.”’ 

,lf timeliness is 

The Harpers are publishing this week 

a new novel by Margaret Potter. It 
is entitled “The Princess,” and is a 
brilliant romance of Russian life. The 

Princess, Catharine, high in power and 
influence, is the figure about which the 


Baker's Cocoa 
and Chocolate 


ne ~ Awards 
: in 

p Beieiersd PURE 

Made by a scientific blend- 
ing of the best Cocoa beans 
grown in the tropics —the 
result of 126 years of suc- 
cessful endeavor. 

A new and handsomely tilustrated 
Rectpe Book sent free 

det ae eee , 

: 6o Be ae ae Is 

A ee a eae ge Veit eT 
epee Ch eas COLT 



OLYMPIC—Elien Terry in “The 

“Nance Oldfield.”’ 
CENTURY—Florence Roberts in 

Miss Roberts. 

) The second volume of the J. B. Lippin- 

‘ GARRICK—Camille D’Arville tn “The Belle of Lendon Tewn,.”— 
Bright and tuneful musical play, in “School for Scandal” atmosphere. 

Well produced by a capable company. 

GRAND—Rose Melville in “Sis 

story revolves. She is a beautiful and 
charming woman, of the loftiest char- 
acter and ideals. Her husband, how- 
ever, Dmitri, has ceased to care for 
her, and she lavishes the wealth. of her 
affection upon her son, Constantine. 
This son falls madly in love with Vit- 
toria Lodi, a. woman of marvelous fas- 
cination, and the dramatic complica- 
tions which ensue make a powerful 

It is currently believed that Socialism 
is possible only in a community of an- 
gels: and all nove!s that have attempted 
to describe the life of a Socialistic com- 
rounity have, accordingly, been unutter- 
poly dull. Even Zola could not make 
“Travail” interesting, and Morris 
lost his accustomed charm in his ef- 
fort to give us ‘‘News from Nowhewp.”’ 
A book entitled “The Demetrian,’” 
which Brentanos have in_ press, will 
make a new departure, for it recognizes 
that even if Socialists were to abolish 

the struggle for daily bread it would 
not abolish rivaly in the field of Ro- 
mance. Equality of wealth will not 

make men less jealous or women equal- 
ly attractive. 

The publication of a new novel by E. 
Temple Thurston will be an event of 
interest from two different standpoints. 
It will be of interest, first, because Mr. 
Thurston—Ernest Temple Thurston is 
his name in full—is a writer of real 
strength and of masterly literary abil- 
ity; he is both a novelist and a dram- 
atist. He is an Englishman, and has 
already attracted great attention on 
his own side of the Atlantic by what he 
has written. He has also attracted the 
attention of the most discerning Amer- 
ican critics, and it is prophesied that 
his new novei, which the Harpers are 
to publish about the middle of March, 
will win him fame and popularity, and 
make his position in America an as- 
sured one. The other reason why the 
announcement of his forthcoming novel 
is of interest is that he is the husband 
of Katherine Cecil Thurston. author of 
“The Masqerader,” and aleo of ‘The 
Gambler’ ana other stories. 

cott Company’s French Men of Letters 
Series, ‘Francois Rabelais,”’ by Arthur 
Tilley, M. A., which was announced for 
publication during February, will prob- 
ably have to be postponed. The neces- 
sity of having all proofs and queries 
submitted to the author. who is a Fel- 
low and Lecturer of King’s College, 
Cambridge, England, has caused various 
uniform delays that may hold the 
book back for a month or two. 

Mary Hall Leonard, who was (for 
many years teacher of English in the 
Normal School at Bridgewater, Mass., 
and later in the Winthrop Normal Col- 
lege, North Carolina, is writing a his- 
tory of English grammar in which she 
records the early and later uses of 
grammar in the educational scheme of 
English speaking schools. Her work 
may be counted upon for its 
tiality and comprehensiveness. She has 
submitted her MS. to leading teachers 
of English, who have freely given her 
the benefit of their experience. 



fisher life. Simple, strong, true and exquisitely 

Spanish peasant life, well presented. Tyrone Power divides honors with 

well presented: Good character work by star. Company weak at some 

A tragedy of Dutch 
played. Preceded by 

Good Hope.” 

“Maria Rosa.” Powerful drama of 

Hopkins.”—Familiar play fairly 


a flying express; the passengers. one 
and all, are drawn into the resulting 
complications; the railroad officials form 
an accusing background; the sleeping 
car first furnishes the clue and finally 
the proofs that convict the murderer. 

One fancies Major Griffiths weaving all 

sorts of uncanny fancies from the click 
of the railway wheels, which seem to be 
his inspiration. Messrs. L. C. Page & 
will publish the book about Feb. 25. 



One of the most stirring stories of 
several years is promised for immediate 
publication under the title of ‘The 

pee RE eh: ie ay 
oe a Sue Be oa ota: 
ie . 


PES ct ETM ge gee ene oe re eee a, ae 
B an ait ae Sighs ae te Me aes <a a 2 vee oe Biss me ip i Tate wae st 
ee Poe Rd es Mk a eB eg 
, oe: “s as age bax t 5 raat © ey BER OS ee SEs eee 
5 $ 4 4 ' 3 : . e- * ss 
8A Y : aes 
: ' . - ; . : — ‘ > amas — 
, : " eh BE 
SS : SR — | 
; ; | oe “ee 
. By Alerander \N. De Menil. - 
HE public Mbraries. so far as ther; ready to pay for. Bvidentiy, af 

supply the latest novels. are pubil- 
enemies; no fiction lees than « reer 
old should leave thelr shelves. after which 
most Gctiéng would bave Gropred from thew 
into the d@ust.”"——-William Dean Howells in 
Harper's Magazise. 

HAVE a positive recoliection of 
having read—», 3 years ago—a 
sentence of a similar import as 

Mr. Howells’ tn a paper by Thoreau 

in some old-time magazine, probably 

in some issue of Graham's American 

Magazine in the #s or 3s. And again, 

Emerson puts the same ideal, more 

sweepingly in one of his essays: “The 

three practical rules, then, which I have 
to offer are: 1. Never read any book 
that is not a year old,” etc. 

Mr. Howells might have written more 

broadly and said that no novel should | 

be read until it has stood one year's | 
trial at the bar of public opinion—which | 

was Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes’ judg- 
ment, enunciated many years ago. 
These specifications are meant 
as another. way of saving that 
Howells’ complaint is not a new one. | 
There is no intention whatsoever of 
even hinting that there is a lack of 
originality in his dictu. 

If our public libraries attempted to | 
held back from public circulation all 
novels untii they had been published ! 
one year, they would inevitably be 
forced to close their doors and go out 
of existence before the end of the year, 
for the simple reason that there are 
more novels taken out of every public 
library in the land than works of all 
other\Classes combined, and of the nov- 
els so taken out, or called for, three- 
fourths—if not a larger proportion—are 
of the trash fiction of the day. 

The trouble does not really lie with 
the public Hbrary which, in Its desire 
to exist, supplies simply what its read- 
ers demand. By the same force of 
logic the author writes and the pub- 

Mr. ; 

lisher issues in book form what the 
reading public wants or demands, or is 

reot of the evil, ties the reading 
ite that exacts. and will patronize. 

trash. This ig an evil which hes ale — 

ways existed In the past. that exists 
in the present. and thet will continue to” 

exist In the future. The maspes have 

not been, are not, and judging the fu~ a . 

ture by the past and the present, wll 
not be educated to the height of ree- 
ognizing what is trash, and why they 
should not read it. 
Tennyson's “Brook: 

“Men may come. 

And men may go,” 
but the trash novel 

“Goes on forever!” 
This state of affairs is not peculiar ™ 
the United States: it exista In England, 
in France, in Geramny, in Jtaly—in fact, 
all over the world. 

tx $2 

If the public libraries are “public en@- 

mies,” so likewtse are the printers, the 
binders, the authors, the publishers and 
the booksellers. But let us not dally 
with the question any further: Mr 
Howells should not lay the blame at 
the doors of the public librartes, but 
to the ignorance and perversity of hu- 
manity itself. And let us gay bluntly, 
but truthfully—humanity is 
worst enemy, public and private. 

There only remains then to recen. 

struct humanity—there can be so other — 

solution to the vexed preblem. Mr. 
Howells is quite welcome to undertake 
the reformation, If it so please him— 
but he and Mr. James will have te 

use more effective and alluring weag- — 
miniature etchings Any- 

ons than the 
one who is conscious of iarge posses- 
sion of the genius of persuasion than 

its own 

In the words of ee 

; Riou oe 

BAF by 
is tt got 


has failen to my eartniy tot, mav hare — 

i my share of the task without remuner- 


and with Dampier’s dedication 
ace, in two &vo volumes. The 

from the sixth edition, 1717, and from 
the edition of 1729. 


Ce ee ee ee ee Ce ee ee a 


{ mix LIEBIG 



Stolen Throne.”’ It is the joint work 
of Herbert Kaufman and May Isabel 

Fisk: the publishers are Moffat, Yard ¢ 

any Mothers 

| Extract of Beef : 

& Co. 

& = +4 


= amma a ae ee a 


—_ - — - >» 

ee — Kee 


a ee RE een cere 


~ — 

ULL ait 

ww etree 


~ = 





There are a dozen novels and plays to 
the credit of Alfred Edward Woodley 
Mason, best known through his “The | 
Four Feathers.” ‘‘Miranda of the RBal- 
cony,”’ and, now, ‘‘Running Water,’ to 
be issued in book form March 3. He 
is of English birth, educatton, and resi- 
dence, a member of Parilament for Cov- 
entry since 19096; and his chief recreation 
is Alpine climbing—the latter passion 
clearly evidenced in almost every page 
of his new novel, “Running Water.” 

Major Arthur Griffiths is the apostle 
of the railway in modern fiction. In 
his ““Passenger From Calais’ he utilises 
the rallway almost as though it were 
a sentient creature, so adroltiy does it 
dominate the incidenta in that clever 
game of hide-and-seek. In his new 

book, “The Nome Express,‘ it is the} 

¢ Ps 

E. P. Dutton. & Co. are | aa 
‘Dampler’s Voyages.’ 1679-1 ae 
and with a life, by Mr. John M - 

is . 

Fae ey RST eart 
ea aE Ot ame 

a - 

‘ rt 

te ae 
hehe, Hae 

Bh ae ANE Sao Late 
pea ee eaaet Se vy 
e Dat Bab os ih co 
Ae? ats Wd, ; 

ise dt ce hie 
Aly eek 

Pr WAPa RG aS 
Avge Rattnes, aes 

aby? aetna’ 


Big Four j 

Trains Leave St. Louis The Service 7 

8.17 a. m. Through Sleeping Cars 3 

12.00 noon Through, Dining Care = 

9.30 p. m. Through Parlor Cars a 

11.25 p. in. - + Through Coaches 3 

Ticket Office, Broadway and Chestnut a 

E. E. COWLES, City Ticket Agent W. C, CONE, City Passenger Agent ‘4 


pi : 



ee “ Bais 52 y 





FE EOLA TIE NP: ere 8g 
ue ¥ sg eh aor 

i « en - 
- a a Page, ah, Bie ess VP tno: Way " 
on ae a5 Bee . ed ox BOM n LT aE ne — a — - ~ - . 
ee — _— * 3 a ade we ¥ L 5 nL te eR ee , = = ; ‘ 
~ - ers, x Uy oie se eel Mea iia: , : ; ee . 
4 . Oe NE — — . - 4 “ a ee. * 
«z eee ee sre «3 , Dies a - 
Ses 44 POLLEN 2s - ae - " . Sob. tes I RE tr, 
. INE Ne aa vs : PE Pas Oe ett, Be tana . ea Men : : 
» oh a. Se tw . i i ‘ CROPT 4 > R ‘ re Ppa. 
4 Ps ‘s ‘s a as 3 y . 4 : “ 6 Do GEE Ws zat hy vy bits “esi ‘ be nat Ce. ? 
Me ee Pate re ee a 4 aa ‘ > phe Bad ig pont “ry . 4 a _ iy oth ” ‘s ore, AGRARIAN & a ae aT Sp cgebete <3 Bia F 
fe I ae CET Aol ae = Sar i Tae x ae us aes = ees net Pe aa 4 me 1“ 4 rh ae F-* 7 OP ie J) inlet’, a 6g 7 2 a ae 
5 Brie F) ne we st ne ome a oe oh j is ee we ye r 3 I 
Res : St ae ou Se ee CA kT Aes tas ee 
fe va flee ‘ + ey Mose at 7% — 
Fr 3 
me iy . 


_ ‘The games today and tomorrow, by the way, 


Barred Permanently 

Grounds at San Antonio 



1907 GAME 



Veterans’ Names Show That Usual Order of 
Spring Practice Teams Has Been 
Reversed by McAleer. 


Niles, second base, 
Pickering, center field. 
Jones, first base. 
Hemphill, right field. 
Wallace. shortstop. 
Delehanty, third base. 
Frisk, left field. 

Buelow and Stevens. catchers. 

Morgan, Farris, Compton and Stephenson, 




another game tomorrow. 
rest of the team will be practicing on 


first line-up ofethe Browns for the season of 1907. 

BOVE is given the very 
This afternoon here in Austin 

_.ting madder every minute, tries to get 

it is, too, will get into action with 

While the game is going on 
; is, the players will do some batting and running while McAleer, 
a ball ground where the men can play. 

NT a a a ti iit °° 




oS ee ee ae oe a al fe 

AUSTIN,. Tex., March 9 


practically the regular 
iad, ‘and there will 
here McAleer and the 

is get- 

the Austin sq) 
hotel grounds in San Antonio. 

Through a quibble the owners of the San Antonio ball park have succeéded in 

barring the Browns from playing at all there this spring. 
Block, the owner of the San Antonio Cl ub. 

owners, the contract stipulating tbat it 

Now the owners of the grounds claim t hat 

It seems that Morris 
ball grounds from the 
for League games. 
practice with the St. 



was fo 
the proposed 


Loutsans are ‘not Texas League games, and: that the park cannot be used. 

The courts: here have upheld the contention. 
a } 

course, back of it all is supposed to be 
of the Hedges brand of cash for rent fo: 
- been made. The man-who maké#s 

and MeAleer cannot play. Of 
lay to come sooner or later for some 
the park, but the proposition has not 
it had better telephone it in to Mc- 

Aleer, for if he ever makes it in person the manager of the Browns ts like/ 

ly to be arrested for assault and battery. 

just while on the subjeat of assault and 

White Sox, while in San Antonio yesterday, 

@ gun on the proprietor. Somebody hit 
. before he could do any damage, and he 

apropos of nothing at all, but 
Frank Owen of the champion 
saloon fight and drew 
a bung start 


got into a 
on the head with 
up as well. 

was locked 

bailed him out and got permission to take him out of the station, but he will 

have to stand trial when the Chicagos 

But, to get back to the trouble of McAleer. 

distance telephone to get hotel accommodations here in 
and it 

party of 32, but could not arrange it, 
have to stay in San Antonio and do the 
not make the trip today, 
park, on some vacant lot. 
is not Improbable that he will throw up 
‘get ready for.the two games, with the 
of money to both clubs,-as this town is 

but stayed In the 
He has the « 

get back on the 2th of this month. 

Yesterday he tried by long- 
Austin for his entire 
as though he will 
best hé can. For that reason he did 
Alamo® City trying to build a ball 
y-Operation of the hotel people, and it 
a fence and a small grandstand and 
New York Giants, which mean a lot 

looks now 

baseball ‘mad. 

An effort has been made to bring the Browns and the White Sox together in 

San Antonio, but that of course cannot 
League do not allow exhibition games 

be arranged, as‘the laws of American 
between teams in the same league. 


In yesterday's workouts, which were 
sprung. Little Stevens, the boy, 

to be playing ball‘in a major league by 
catching and throwing that made McAleer sit up and take notice. 

who does not léok big enough or 

has a 

one surprise 


lang and strenuous, 

many inches, or years, 

“whip” that is a wonder, and is very likely to develop into a splendid back- 
7 stop. 

Of the others there is little to be said so far. 

The pitchers were not al- 

lowed to do any fast work, and it is impossible to tell what they may have 

in reserve, but the game this afternoon 

and tomorrow may show something. 
mark a big change in spring 

training as the regulars are being given the work that always falls to the lot 

of the newcomers. 

means to stand pat with his last vear’s team, 

There is but one corclusion 

Delehanty at 


to come 
unless he 

third. Yeager will be kept for utility man and Buelow will fill Rickey’s place. 
_ So far the trip has been productive of nothing but trouble and McAleer agrees 
_ thoroughly with “Sunset’’ Cox, who said that if he owned h—|] and Texas he 

would rent Texas and live in h--l. The 

Browns are out several tho’ isand dol- 

lars by the mix-up and are losing some. very valuable time through the fail- 

|. ure to get a real diamond on which to 

work, but every one is hoping for the 

best and the men are willing to workout on the hotel veranda if it becomes 
necessary, because they all realize how essential it will be for them to get 

: into the best possible condition before 
St. Louis on April HU. 

they line up with the White Sox in 

At that, unless the champions change some of their tac- 

ties they will be far from being in first-class shape by that time, or for many 

a weeks later. 


HE first traini:.¢ stunt of the Cardinals was had 

ever started training under better 
Louis athleies. 

For an hour the men were put through 

Beebe and Karger, took turns in tossing 

_ Warmed up. 
|The atickwork of the suad was not a huge 

a ven will probably be farmed .to Houston 

Jeather to the fielders. 
| for when the juice began aozing out of 
as if it was midseason. 

HOUSTON, Tex.. Mareh 9. 
yesterday and no team 

conditions than were vouchsafed the St. 

The sun was shining brightly and as warm as if it were 

light batting exercise. McGlynn, 
the ball to the batters, who clouted the 

McCloskey had the youngsters constantly under a pull, 

their systems they wanted to cut loose: 

Beebe and Karger used their smoke ball after they got 
McGlynn was more foxy and used nothing but a rainbow curve. 

success and they demonstrated 

fact that their lamps needed trimming after their long lav off and but few 

410 istance wallops were :nade. 
handled himself very gracefully. 

Arndt is in better health than ne has 

Sik that he Is McCloskey's choice for the third sack. Holly, 

Zimmerman starred at third. 

a good wing and knocked down several seemingly impossible hits. 

the hickory and 
He is fast. has 
However, he 

worked behind 

been for a eohele of vears and it is 
Bryne and Craw- 

ford are fighting for the shortstop's position, with the chances all in favor of 

Holly. Bennett did some f 
gala feature of the afternoon. 
_ feems to be in good condition now. 


| Holly biew in from New Orleans. Dru hot, 
are the only absentees and they are expected at any time, 

work around second base and his fielding was the 

has been sick the past winter. but 
Marshall arrived from Chicago and Ed 
the southpaw, and Jake Beckley 

After the batting practice, the men were given short sprints of about fifty 

oe yards. Brown led his pals over the finish mark in each race. 

When the ex- 

- ercises at the ballyard were over the men trotted to the Rice Hotel bathrooms, 

where they were given a hot bath and a 

: conditions. The Cardinals will have no field captain this year. 

put on a uniform and direct the men 
any disputes arise Holly will act 

®a5 McCloskey’s representative. 

rubdown. Stanley Robison witnessed 
from the coachers’ box and the bench. 

this season. McCloskey likes the way 

he handies himself, but thinks he needs more experience before breaking into 
the big leagues. McCloskey gave the men to understand that they were not 

“here for the purpose of sightseeing and 
to take for the ball park by some of the 

amusement. He was asked what car 


“Car, nothing,’ said Mack, “It's a hike to the ballyard and a fast sprint 

to the hotel. 

and not for pleasure. 
--. Games will be piayed today and to 

You are here to get in condition for a summer's campaign 

morrow between the Cardinals and Colts 

a MeGiynn and ie and Beebe and Marshall will be the batteries. 

A $5000 SALARY}: 

Peg | ihe. not said that I would give 

- George Stone $1900 or $25,000 this season,” 
aid President Hedges yesterday as he 
elated the facts of the.supposed salary 
now on between the manage- 

of a te a and the premier 

come bb has never vation 

‘that “t now in a _— on 
to play _ a 

case. He oon e — 

. ~ ite” on the probability 

* nor. s 

and Sime car | 

Stone has demanded $5000 to play with 
the Browns this season. He is now 
wes at Coleridge, Neb., at a salary 

not ond month, according to reports 
Can that town. The population of the 
town was 472 three weeks ago. Since 
=e Stone left the burg it is Rae nay nd 
and if Stone finally yields his po- 
sicloa the population will without doubt 
be reduced to 470. This ree the fans 
an idea of the liveness of Stone's pres- 
ent sampling ground. 
hen he was sending out contracts to: 
hed players Mr. -He s sent Stone a 
contract calling for a goodly tncrease 
on last year’s salary. ne hl 
and said he would come for $5000. 
Hedges’ reply to that ft ticescer Mth ak 
was, to come to 8t,. Louls and talk the 
matter over. He guaranteed Stone his 
tite | expenses and a salary to cover 
any such time he might lose in making 
the trip. And there the wire of com. 
munication melted. Mr. Hedges nas not 
received one word in reply from Stone, 
does not know whether 
intentions of complying | 

ork eS 


William Ryan, a St., Louis ballplayer, 
has been signed to manage the Taylor- 
ville team of the Eastern Illinois Base- 
ball League. The league 
of Pana, Taylorville, 
ton, Paris and Centralia, 
far from St. Louis. 
play only Sunday 
tendance generally 


The league teams 
games, but the -at- 
totals up to close to 
3000) at each of the parks. Each of the 
clubs have a. good baseball park and 
grandstand. Danville, which team may 
enter the league, and Mattoon were 1n 
ce: oa. 3. Be League last season. 

It is expecied that at least lLwenty St. 
Louis ball players will line up with the 
new league redo 8 €aC h Sunday. tt will 
be possible for .Louisans to play 
the league ind sai work at their posi- 
tions all the remaining days of the 
week in St. Louis. Last season some ot 
the St. Louis plavers in the h. be &s 
eague turned out to be first-class nen. 

—— —~»}-—_---—* 

*. —~— Ne eee e 


This is untenable, almost, but 
it’s true. 

There is a St. 
bred in the 
Mound City, 
he—no not 
never heard of 
Of course it’s a 
couldn’t be otherwise, 
it seems extraordinary. 

President Hedges wanted to talk 
to Jimmie yesterday. He called 
for McAleer at the Mineral Hot 

Wells Hotel, San 

Antonio, Tex- 
’ girl had heard of 
San Antonio, also of Texas. She 
the Mineral 

born and 
of the 

who confesses that 
much—that she las 
Jimmie McAleer. 
woman, it 
but at that 

The ‘hello’ iy] 
even had heard of 
kKiot Springs Hotel—but—she an- 
gswered somewhat on this wise 
when McAleer was asked for: 

‘Who is McAleer?” 

‘‘Manager of the Browns,” 
tered Mr. Hedges after he 
ered sufficiently to answer. 

“Is that a tailoring firm?’ 
sweetly inquired the dimpled dar- 
ling who wears an ear mask in 
the telephone battery, 

Mr. Hedges does not use profan- 
itv. He didn’t on this occasion, 
but gazed about at the scribe who 
was’ present and rolled his eves 
like’ a bovine about to kick the 

“Neo, it fs the American League 
baseball team,’’ responded Mr. 

“Is the American League locat- 
ed at San Antonio,"’ was the next 
query of the demure damsel and 
the same being translated caused 
the scribe to fan himself with a 
lead pencil for some minutes. 

Mr. Hedges finally succeeded in 
making it clear that the Browns 
wasa bona fide baseball team lo- 
cated during the playing season 
in St. Louis and that twenty-five 
members of that organization 
were staying at the Mineral Hot 
Wells Hotel ‘and that he 
desired very much—if central 
would be so kind as to allow him 
—to communicate with James 
McAleer, manager of the organi- 


Ne sfe 

is composed | 
Battoon, Charies- } 
Iilinois | 

close to each_other and not very | 

‘ , 

i crs, 


‘and $1500, 



Manager in Redland Will 
Have to Show Goods 
This Season. 



coming baseball season prove 
once called 

Will the 
the undoing of Ned Hanlon, 
the prince baseball managers? Time 
was when Hanlon was a narne to con- 
jure with. When the Baltimores won 
the National League pennant, in 1894, 
Hianlon, who sat on the bench, had 
Star play: John McGraw, Joe 
lev, Wiilie Hugh Jennings, 
brouthers, Steve Brodie, Wiitbert Rob 
inson, Henry Reitz, John McMahon, Kid 
Gleason, Jerry Nops, George Hemming 
and others. The boss manager had de- 
veloped this team from practically noth- 

When he left the 
which had been a failure 
fianlon received absolute 
to handle the Baltimore team as he 
might see fit. So he went ahead with 
several deals, trading Shindle and Tread- 
way to Brooklyn for Keeler and Brouth- 
at the same time handing Van Hal- 
over to Pittsburg for Joe Kelley 
while Tim O’Rourke and a 
bonus went to Louisville for Hugh Jen- 
nings and Harry Taylor. McGraw was 
already a member of the Baltimores 
when Hanlon took hold of them, but he 
was onlv a green voungster, and to 
Hanlon belonged the entire credit for 
nis develonrment. 

Under Hanlon’s ideas of team work 
the Baltimores became famous. In 
fact, they were pronounced by many 
to be one of the grearest ball teams 
that ever won a pennant. When the 
team was consolidated with the 
Brooklyns Hanlon had another series 
of successes at Washington Park, 
where two more pennants were won. 
But after that the American League 
stepped in and wrecked the Brook- 
Ivyn team, taking away from Hanlon 
such players as Keeler. Jones, Sheck- 
ard, Daly, MceGinnity, Farrell and oth- 





rs as 


Pittsburg team, 
under his con- 


Ned Goes to the Reds. 

no money behind him, Hanlon 
experienced a hard time after that. He 
gradually lost his ambitjon because 
of friction with the other officials of 
the Brooklyn Club, who did not be- 
lieve that he was worth a salary of 
$12,000 a year, and finally got a 
chance to manage the decrepit Cin- 
cinnati club, which was’ worrying 
Garry Herrmann almost to death. Han- 
lon took hold of the Porkville team 
last year at a time when he had no 
say as to its makeup. The season was 
a failure, therefore, and Hanlon then 
asked permission from Herrmann to 
adopt the methods which enabled him 
to get together a champion team in 
Baltimore 13 years ago. 

‘‘Let me get rid of all these old play- 
ers who have worn out their welcome 
{n Cincinnati,”’ said Hanton to Herr- 
mann, ‘‘and thén allow me to gather an 
entirely new bunch of youngsters who 
are ambitious and will hustle for all 
they are worth to make good.” 


FRED GLADE has come across with 
his contract for the approaching sea- 
son. We don't know what he gets, but 
the Nebraska papers say its a ‘‘round 
sum,’’ it must be a lot. 

ere yeore 




Attempt Made to Bar M. V. 
Thompson From the West- 

ern Tourney. 

DENVER, March 9.—At a meeting of 
the executive committee of the Western 
Bowling Congress, now holding its sec- 
ond annual tournament her, a strong 
feeling developed against the enrries in 
the present tournament of Eastern men 
whose sympathies are said to be en- 
tirely with the American Bowling Con- 
gress. It is claimed by several of the 
Western delegates, notably M. J. Shee- 
han of Butte, second vice president of 
the Western, that W. V. hompson of 
Chicago, who is here with a two-men 
team of which he is a member, is at 
heart unfriendly to the Western. . It 
was pointed by Denver members of the 
committee that Thompson came _ to 
Denver last fall and did his best to 
force the Western Bowling Congress 
to change its name to the Western 
Bowling “Association in order, so it was 
claimed, that the American Bowling 
Congress should not be injured. It was 
also presented by a committeeman that 
the fact that he is sending several five- 
men teams to the St. Louls meeting of 
the American, while bringing but a 
two-men team here, is an indication 
that he is working for the American. 

After a lengthy and exciting discus- 
sion it was finally decided to permit 
Thompson to bowl in the Denver tour- 
ney, but a resolution was adopted urg- 
ing the Congress to appoint a commit- 
tee to confer with like committees from 
the American and National Congress 
with a view to dividing up the terri- 
tory for the purpose of dividing up the 

The Western lays claim to al] the ter- 
ritory west of the Missouri river, al- 
though the American officials, it is 
claimed, have been busy itn Omaha, 
Kansas City, Chicago and St. Louls in 
attempting to held its clubs in line 

The sentiment prevails among the ad- 
herents of the Western Bowling Con- 
gress that in order to strengthen itself 
in its chosen territory the Western 
should hold its next tournament either 
in Omaha or Kansas City, for by so do- 
heimer of Belleville. TFlossie is addicted jing it would draw teams from all the 
to literary habits. She was a delegate | Missouri river towns. 
to some literary club meeting or other | —————— —— 
and wrote six tightly worded pages to 
Butler enroute. 

ban PAFOAT Ug 



The players on the training trip South 
are always the. victims of mash notes, 
not to mention the sidelong glances cast 
upon them. But, strange to say, the 
youngest player with the St. Louis 
teams this vear is the first victim. The 
frank, pleasing face of Willis Butler 
made a decided impfession upon one 
of the feminine gender at the Union 
Depot Tuesday evening, and the 
mash note winged its way South and 
landed upon the young infielder. He 
went down for 


the count. 
It was composed by Flossie Dielspeg- 

. ee ee 

He thanked her kindly for her interest 
in him, but his closing bit must have 
jarred Flossie somewhat. It read: 
“Owing to the unsettled state of my 
athletic future just at present I can- 
not send you a comb set with brilliants. 
beard ‘Yea Diamonds are too tall for me. However, 
Pe es I send you by this mail a fine-toeeth 
comb, with each tooth well set. Tr ust- 
ing that the teeth and your friendship 
will never be broken, I remain your 
sincere admirer, 
(Append.—The comb with 
cost Butler 15 cents.) ine teeth 

Shining Mark for Flossie. 

poured out her 
defining her 

is how Flossie 
girlish heart after 

you at the 
to get 


| saw 

"ed Mr. 
the newsboy 
and in ite sporting 

depot aml] 
On the train I 
me.a St. Louis paper 
section J] found the 
name Willis Butler. It said you were a 
minor league player last vear, but was u 
promising big league recruit. No 

vou realize what that Means, you 
a shining mark in baseball. and that is al! 
I live for. Don't you think if I were very, 
very good to you. you would be mv shin- 
ing mark?  (Ouch!—Comment by the 
Sporting Exittor.) 
I am a young 

ACCORDING TO the New York dis- 
atches the “‘prominent Eastern turf- 
man who has just returned from a 
visit to New Orleans” has been talking 

THE INDIANA Legislature hae 
squirrels on the immune list for three 
years. And squirrels were the only 
living things to shoot down there ex- 
cept authors. 

lady. baseba}!] craze. 
While at school | wished ai §thonsand 
times that it were the grandstand and 
that I conld see some hie league came 
played with the score 1 to 1 in 15 in- 
nines. I am asking vou only one favor. 
Please send me a pretty comb set with 
brilliants and I will return you my _ pho. 
tograph if vou can stand for it in low- 
necked attire. Wishing you Bay ware PaK 
in your basebal! career, I hee to be. rours 

Butler's Reply Conservative. 

Butler's letter in an- 
intended to discourage 
who is basebi ill batty. 


Would You Wear a Diamond? 

Then make a small deposit and w 
deliver fue Fas you on credit. Loftis Bros. 
& Co., Jewelers, 2d floor, Carleto eh 
and Olive. n Bidg., 6th 


The tone 
swer was 
the young 

et cece. 


a Re cee —oemennane 
oe eer ern 
ace a ae 

TEE ee 


rHE SOUTH SIDE Y. M. C. A. basket- 
ball teani was returned a winner over 
the Alton (Ill.) five in a game at the 
South Side Y. M. C. A. last night OY 
a score of 3 to ll. The North Side 
Y. M. C. A. won frem the South Side 
Turners, 37 to 27. 
Cc. CROSSMAN and oO. R. Van 
Kleeck were in great form in the St. 
Louis Revolver Club shoot on the 
Chestnut Street Police Station range 
last night and each scored 93 out oT 
a possible 100. A match shoot by tele- 
graph with the Willow Revolver Ciub 
oi Chicago has “been arranged — for 
next Tuesday evening. Each ciud 
will be represented ton by eight men. 

IN THE PRACTICE s shoot of the Third 
Police District men yesterday Kreid- 
ler, with a 43 score out of a possibile 
50, was high man. Today the Fourth 
District then will have their inning on: 
the Chestnut Street Police Station 


CALVIN DEMAREST. the young Chi- 
cago billiard expert, competing in the 
national amateur championship tour- 
nament, yesterday established a tour- 
er record. In the afternoon J. 

ran 300 in M 


néw record. If 

Demarest defeated Dr. 

running 300 pointa in 11 innings. 
stave Tolle this afternoon, Gardiner 
and Poggenburg clash this ev ening. 

ANDY BEZENAH knocked out’ Tou 
ninth —— 

wan to tome ‘pean > 

3% cat * 



fight at the Whittington Park A. C. 
at Hot Springs, Ark., last night. 

straight left to the stomach w 
punen that put Farmer down and out. 

in the Navarra French pool tourna- 
ment match this evening. Last 
Brockman took three games out 
five from Killiam. 

FRANK BROWN has been appointed 
boxing instructor of the Crescent A. 
C. to take the place of Eddie Herman. 
The club will bring off an amateur 
boxing tournament on March 19, at 
which seven bouts will be put on, 

form for the two match games of 
billiards at Hauser'’s tast night. Pe- 
terson defeated Joe Capron in a game 
of 182 balk line by a score of 2 to 
97. In a red-ball billiard match Pe- 
terson defeated Capron, 40 to L.. 

SALT LAKE. Utah, March $.—A spe- 
cial to the Herald from Reno, Nev., 
says Tod Rickard has just made the 
announcement that he had signed 
Joe Gans and Battling Nelson for a 
fight at Ely, Nev. A $30,000 purse 
wil! be given and the articies call 
for a esplit of 75 and 25 per . cent. 
Rickard has posted a forfeit of $19.- 
000 In a Rena bank. 

EDDIE HERR. the well known St. 
Louis ball pare, hae has signed as pitch- 

, gage pee o “Innipeg, 

: b ee Nonthera I 

as the | 

AFTER having been in doubt for some 

night | 

night at the Spring Garden Athlette 
Club. Jackson used his usual t¢; ictics 
of covering up his pref and this, 
with the clinching and wrestling 
that he did during the bout dis- 
gusted the Spectators and spoiled 
what otherwise should have been a 
g00d boxing show. Although Jack- 
son did not at any time attempt to 
force the fighting, Jeannette seemed 
rennet aro He take arty chances 
; R it the 3altimore ne 
all Wednesgay ril lt. and after i: a ll 
“se BL omanieyn on Cag they will tour the! ISAL BSVe NES & Ceciaive victory to 

British links. ' his credit. 

will im- 

April 15 at Minneapolis. He 
n in line | 

mediately start to get his tea 
for the 19°97 pennant race, 

time Eben M. Byers, the national golf 
champion, has cecided. to enter the 
British amateur championship in Mav 
at St. Andrews, Scotland. He will be 
accompanied by F. Oden Horstman of 
fhe Chevy Chase and Merion clubs, 
who will aiso ee + The two will 


AS THE SEASON approaches, players’ 
contracts are arriving in larger batch- 
es. Some of them fear to hesitate 

THE AUTOMOBILE club wants 
sign posts along the roadways. The 
members don't seem to be satistied 
with climbing the telegraph poles, 

JIMMY WALSH bumped up against a 
tartar in Eddie Menney at Los An- 
geles, Cal., last night, and although 
Walsh gained the decision after ten 
rounds of fast fighting the decision did 
not prove any too popular with the 
crowd. Walsh claims the bantam 

weight championship. 

WE WISH TO acknowledge recéipt of} 
ihe annual report of - the National | 
Baseball Commission. It is a valuable 
and interesting brochure. For inet canes | 
we. notice that the expenses for the 
recent meeting were about $17. There 
are four members of the commission. 
including the secretary, but this is a 
time of high prices 


LOS ANGELES, Cal., March 9$.—Man- 
ager McCarey has offered Jack Pa}- 
mer, claimant to the Engi sh heavy- 
weight championship title, and Jack 
(Twin) Sullivan @ match for 695 per 
cent of the gross gate receipts, the 
battle to take place in Los Angeles, 
March 26. almer and Sullivan 
fought a terrific 15-round draw in 
England three years ago. McCarey 
also wired O’Brien, who appears to 
be his representative tn the East, to 
offer Metiody, who fs in the Quaker 
City and Mike (Twin) Bullivan. « 
mateh at 142 quake Tr Palmer doa 

accept cCurey's me sae Fs ' 2 
neph Sullivan, McCa 

tie clever! 

THE Washington eC niversity basketball 
squad will hold its election this after- 
noon.; It is almost certain that Bar! 
Morgan, footbali, baseball and 
mian will be elected captain of ihe 
team on which poses: was a guard. 

; pote ges a itlag Sea ee 






Opener of the April Show Will 
Be Procession of Decor- 
ated Cars. 

Dave Strauss, promoter of the auto- 
mobile show to be held in the Jal Alali 
building April 1 to 6, has decided on 
the route for the big automobile pa- 
rade the opening morning of the show. 
Already over 50 chauffeurs have, signi- 
fied their intention of trying to gain 
for their owners one of the nine cups 
which will be offered for the best dec- } 
orated automobiles. 

Twenty-four owners of machines had 
sent in requests for entry -blanks for 
the parade up to last night. Besides 

the cups cash prizes will be awarded to 
the chauffeurs driving the most hand- 
somely decorated machines. It is ex- 
pected that there will be fully 150 ma- 
chines in the parade. 

The machines will form in line on 
Lindell boulevard, between Grand and 
Vandeventer. The parade will move 
south on Grand avenue to Lawton, east 
on Lawton to Broadway, south on 
Broadway to Elm, east on Elm to 
Fourth, north on Fourth to Chestnut, 
west on Chestnut to Broadway, north 
on Broadway to Washington avenue, 
west on Washington avenue to Ejight- 
eenth street, south on Eighteenth street 
to Park, west on Park to Jefferson, 
south on Jefferson to Russell avenue, to 
Hawthorne boulevard, west on Haw- 
thorne boulevard to Grand, north on 
Grand to Lindell and west on Lindell 
to Forest’ Park, where the parade 
will disband. Five bands of music are 
to be transported over the route in big’ 
trucks, police automobiles and a num- 
ey of other features will be provid- 

°Cwhile the machines will keep inside 
the speed limit of eight miles an hour 
they will go over the route as fast 
as the law allows, as the promoters de- 
clare that they do not want any 6-day 
go as you please parade and nothing is 
more tiresome in an automobile parade 
than to have to tock the machines ey- 
ery couple of blocks because of de- 
lays. 3 


Where is Ed Spencer and why hasn't 
he sent in his contract? 

Amid all the seething comment on the 
George Stone delay, it seems to have 
been torgotten that Catcher Spencer is 

atill on the “hold out’’ list. President 
Hedges said Friday that he had receiv- 
ed no word from him and the contract 

from the Milwaukee A. C. 

nasium this evening. 

cago in a tournament at the M. 

»than thirty battles, winning : 



iieiteNes Are in the City 

Ready for the Con- 


Six bouts between amateur boxers 
of Milwae- 

The Milwaukee men come 
with quite a reputation. §& 
A. C. boxers defeated the pick 

pr k 


they are confident that th 
able to trim the men from 
City also. 

All of the M. A. CG. men are 
lent boxers, hard hitters and have beew 


in the city, starting with little a 
Hennessy, who has been knocking eut 
all the boys of his weight about 6t. 
Louls {n hurry-up fashion to 

Joe Lydon, who has in 


or five. Frank Haller, the ss A. 
Cc. featherweight, is said to a 
hard man to beat in Louts Sch 
Schultz is sald to be 
hard puncher. Haller is shifty 
feet and can jolt hard with either 
President Liginger r the Mil 
Cc. is ig eatly i 
chances of Gus Chris 
Hennessy. Fred Jones y “Olty: 
both first-class amateur 
will also go on this evening. 
special bouts should be hotly con 
pecially = bout ton Man 
sents the M. A. C. while 
in the colors of the Crescent A. 
ry Sharpe will act as referee. The 
nament will be started at 8:30 
Harry Sharpe will referee. The 







to National B. B. Com 
mission. he 

Has the National Baseball Cemmis- 
sion any control over a circus? 

This is not precisely the questien 
adapted to the subject, but it wae the 

President Hedges ef the Brewns, Fri- 
day afterneon, as he conned over for 
the forty-fifth time a contract that was 

one week ago considered gilt- but 
which now is more worthiess the 
paper upon which it is inecribed. 

If the National Baseball 
has any control over the Texas league 
then the manager of the San Antonie 
Baseball Club can be held te fulfill 
the contract made with Mr. 
to allow the Browns and athletes all 
of the open dates of the A ~ Antonio 
club during March, this being consid- 
ered equivalent to an ment te 
allow the Browns to play in the bDase- 
ball grounds of the league ‘club in the 
Texas city 

It is netieved: by Mr i.edges t the 
San Antonio manager wrote in 
faith at the time. e was willing, even 
anxious, to secure the Ame 
great advertisement for n- 
tonio club and it meant a collection 
of the tron simoleons which minor 
league club managers can always use 
in their business. 

But then came the circus. Pawnee 
Bill tn all his glory; fringed bue 
red Indians, etc. The public « 
San Aritonio was and is hase 
ball looney in the loft, but a Wild Weat 
show will answer the pu ot @ 
asing this early spring oie ne SN 
money-spending sap 
ball magnate has plenty a nee 
but a circus manager has 


sent was still ‘‘on its way’ for all he 
knew to the contrary. 

“McAleer is worried much abont not 
having Spencer,” said Mr. Hedges. 
‘““‘MicAleer has a trio of good catchers 
and with geod reports coming (from 
Stephens, there is little need for him 
to lay awake of nights over the Spen- 
cer deal. Spencer may sign, and again 
he may not. He has been spending the 
winter at Scranton, Pa., but he may 
now. be in some other place.”’ 

eee en mee ee 

Something Good for You. 

Our collar and cuff work is made very 
pliable, edges do not crack, no cause for 
irritation on the neck caused by rough 
edges: no breaking of points on standing 
shirts are not troned, but 
impossible to scorch by this. 
method. Finer grade work produced. 
Give us a trial, we will please you. New 
American Laundry Co., Twenty-first and 


San Antonio manager leased his park 
to the circus, and there you are. It 
was the management of the circus 
which enjotned the Browns from 
ing in the baseball park. The man- 
ager of the club stood by and saw a 
nned wo 
Little weer Jimmie Mc 

4. 8e 
through—and he will probably 
into the power of the Nations corn 
mission in such cases. r. 

the park 

imperative that immediate 

be made for the convenience 
team. and he sald yesterday the Br 
would probably be playing in the 
by the first o eo w 

THE ANCIENT # atee re 
hitherto constaacen eer, wie 
cony, broken into 

New fnetand bani 

fell for it to the extent 

Morgan streets. 


awe ees 


have buttonholes that are 
ceed at the ends fe ce tate 

rhe: Lit 


boxing for years. They are the best men 




Hedges Is Mad and May Appeal 


interrogation humorously voiced by — 

club to play against his team. It meant 
the San A 

pects it to cost a tidy sum te secure | ‘ 
now, but the date makes it — 





NEW YORK STOCKS _ |WHFIT CLOSE] |ST. LOUIS ; STOCKS Asx Est Ooh Jem, | ate fae he 


RESIST BEAR RAID; — cuane 1 awe _ EASIER AND DULL|EXSEE 5.5 pairs eeseea 

A fn, 


3 | id : name, M 
Supporting Orders Develop a Strength to the Market Which Commission : mee Further Decline Is Recorded in the Sale Price of United Railways / as QP pee Peo aadlh fen a oe 

Houses Believed Did Not Exist—Raid Resulted in Heavy Prices Advanced Fractionally Preferred Stock and Preferred Receipts—Traction 4 Per ; tallowing” ae was 
Transactions, but No Serious Breaks. Early in Session, but Cents Sell Unchanged at 8314—Close Unsteady. 

m Hotel and she says 
: made oo, # to =e Gey vom his m. 
ary and tips -—~ mostly tips. @ was a 
al email Garo The close of the market Saturd Sold Off Later. Nothing but Traction securities were for sale at the steady declining prices oer wouldn't suppert' ber. ie ad not 
NE . . — . saturday was more : 
, e , ‘ | of. the Saturday session of the Stock Exchange until the close of 
nearly irregular than generally lower because the majority of the leading when 45 shares of common stock of tae Central Coal & pombe ts — contest the suit. 
trading stocks, including rail and industrial issues, closed above their {point advan t 66 | | - St ee ae et oe 
ry , + 4 ©. — . ra Ce, &@ ). 
raided te ee aace tose apne gine cog Pacific high. CASH MARKETS FIRM There was a good inquiry on many of the miscellaneous and industrial | . 
Paul and Atehtone high. ple la Copper and Rasqodas Copper high issues, but the bid and and ask showed an almost horizontal decline in prices, twine ser pmeagy Mbeowar 3 
sometimes fractional and sometimes as much as 1 point. McKinley-Darrah 
ty low and ge A high. The close was steady. a The rule of activity in transactions on a declining market was ignored Nevada Consolidated Cop.. 
EW YORK, March 9.—Support from the inside of Harriman and Steel issues Corn and Oats Inactive—Move- Pat Ne Scuahsyi> ne aie’ ’ voveds ‘tah 
headed off a determined onslaught in the market which was started by the . ree and the transactions becam¢ extrema y light. The quotations, how- her iB 
bear crowd one-half hour after the opening. The plan was to hammer the ment Fair—Further Crop ever, will no doubt attract traders an@ make a better market next week, or Old Hundred 

market down 5 per cent on Hill and Harriman rail issues and repeat the per- D R for the opening days of that period at least. The traction issues are looked 
formance of Friday of 1% drop in Steel common. amage eports. upon as splendid investment or speculation buying at the low figures prevall- 
ete lind i E ‘ . ing. 
For an hour the battle was furious, waged principally against Union Pacific Local wheat, alfter being very. strong and 4 
to. get the ball started. Bull supporting orders won and after the stock had | fractionally higher in price mn the early. part 
reached 1 point degline from the opening several times the bear crowd rested fof Saturday's session, sold off near the end 
and Union again went to 156%, which is % above the opening. This was 50 |and the close was gc lower for the day. Corn 
minutes before the close and the sure was the highest to that time for the jclosed ‘sc higher and oats steady. months and holders will not market them at lower . prices. 




bably spread 
Property Owners Heard. and further trouble 
Circuit Judges McDonald, Taylor. 

Kinsey and Reynolds, sitting en banc 
Friday afternoon, heard arguments of 
dissenting property owners in the suits 
Seonant & by the city to secanee benefit 
assessments for the widening of 
Twelfth street. The first suit was 
brought in 1901 and this was the sec- 
end series, in which and es- 
tates are involved. As the cases, 
involve the same iesues in -many 

1. | spects, are docketed in four divisions, 

rhere was a fair line of inquiry Out for bank stocks, but here again the lo ferred’ the judges preaidin heard argumpats | 
inclination toward cheaper stock acjed -as a bar to trading for the reason Many of the above quotationa ate neceesarily 1 common to facilitate their disposi- 
that St. Louis bank stocks are notor‘ously cheap at their levels of recent | peeeee | ~ tion. 


-s:tclialias be a 

ee rere en ee ee -- 


sepg53 - 

~~  ee - e 


Hy, “Baty tag p58 Bor 

day. May. wheat opened unchanged at 76%c, went Full Session : 
3 ar ¢ ij ‘Or , " side as low as TO6%c, advanced to c and sagged : Ay. c, 
The operations of the bear crowd on Steel common were no more successful ot plete” ts TOR c 8 By “4 July wheat | FINANCI 

The List of Applications will be Clesed on or before 14th MARCH, 1907 

ot phnagegy t the ‘gpa ea was a decline in Steel common to 37',. opened unchanged at 76%c, declined to 76%°- | amer., Cent. ia tt ew ” i 
¥ er") was under the opening With heavy selling and strong oneal the advanced to 774@%ec and declined at the close a me & St. L. Trac. 5a Ot, ; age st the Big og system for the 

oO > nk #2 ‘Out way ae month o ‘ebruary, $1,8 : increase 

stock radiated further raiding and 140 minutes before the close was at 21%, and j/to 76%c_ sellers. Brown Bros. Subs. 1% a1 of $77.188. From J . . we 653. — ip- IMPE ESE GOVE 

the beiief then was that it was the low point of the day. The result of the May corn sold ‘ec higher at 454c, and | Consolidated Coal . ; crease of $643,356. 

raid—its failure—showed a strength that many believed did not exist closed with offerings at that price. July corn — Belg ner a Coke com .., > teenie Ginn = bos oe 
i ; rs. ¥ ~ 
Aimong the big industrials Sugar see ned to be the Sire losing 2% poinis, | *** SO Se eanae rom 

inactive and Was offered ‘yc higher &° | Chicago Kauipment Q 0214 | paper brokers, 304-5-9 Security Baliding, report 

| ‘ . ee : ; 4514¢. Ely-Walker common oS a aa l 

and Amalgamated Copper ruled around 103, which is % above the opening. « soi fe Seema, Per The price of | Granite-Bimetallic .. 25 onthe wat oto ” cc highearaae S te’ 

Atchison and 8t. Paul ruled 1 point over thcii openings. ee ee ee ee eee Hard. McK. D, G. 2 | & gle-uame paper, 4 to 6 mon o 6 £23, ooo, 0 O. 
NEW YORK. March 9.—The Stock Market May option was uncbanged at 415c nominal en HG Press Brick . 
i ong . amy “ —— ; = ~ 2. ~ ye Te mm ($100). «XS PR 2 

opened lower Saturday for nearly all tssues. Ne ay July option was bid for 1-16c higher at het iyeeny Savings ener. ; | 17% | Market easier sae say demand tor Created under the authority of Law No. 1 of 1904 and Law No. 12 of 1905 and of Imperial Ordinance No. 33 

awed ——, bepers abe poe sarod mene = ew York Stock iste, si acesel Inteatleaiiink cloned Sik te 44 ble : aa pti. eben a } A oney continues good of His Majesty the Emperor, promulgated 8th Mareh, 1907. This ordinance cancels the unissued Balance of £25,- 

2 ‘ac ow : > : iz ‘ , es es 
opening. ° , r : (Francis, Bro. * Siew YORK. Merve 9. er. Antwerp wheat closed unchanged. Berlin St. J. Portland ames SR... ‘ Tfcal bank clearings and balances: Clear- 000,000 of the Four Per t Loan of £50,000,000 which was authorized by Imperial Ordinance No. 241, ca 
The exceptions among the leaders on the RES a wees eet i= | wheat, %c higher apd Budapest, tye higher. | do 2d_pfd. "} 9 a et aed hae eee “seed caer “eee $65--| 25th November, 1905, and creates the present loan in lieu thereof. Proceeds to be applied to the 
L. STOCKS. fee oman Low|clove At the opening of the local market there was |” 40° 4. Railways vfd. .... 3% >) 38, SYS, 46 ae Balances ‘he today. 9 3081. 398; Imperial Japanese Government 6% Sterling Leans iasued in London and New York on rith May and 14th N 
‘ o.% | ; week O70 710: : © 40> “oe 
and Rock Island common. On the in- Allis-Cbal some realizing sales and pricas, after starting | wa; Vien. | on last year. $3.34400 baat week. | OG/EEe.08Fs 1904, for £10,000,000 and £12 ,000 ,000, respectively. 

dustrial” a Smelter and Steel preferred. . com. On ere et steady all around, suffered a slight dip. There fj ©! . Ry. pfd. Repts. iT, | : 73 euiiitinatesieiin 

Pacific opened parity at 72. Steel} do pfd 3: x d a The Ne 

ae parit at 38. ~ ings was a good demand. at the recession an “ SALES. ae ew York bank statement: ves. 

7 | Amal. Copper ..| 74,800) 102% 102%) 10175108 | prices recovered and made a fractional advance 5 0 ; get 3 States. a ee 506.925; _ reserves les r Su BSCRIPTION PR ICE 994% 
j Amal. Copne ...! 74.800! 10222! 103% | 101%! 10344 over Friday's close. The good response of y p $12.228.700- ee { $1,775, 3, 608, 500 : te 

Short-Time isis oration Notes rene dey ee OO st... A y 4 > ad ay f e ‘aused € zi dec Te: oan $2.85 S00. ds i decre ave 

lee, 08 om , “eons A. C. &! 4,400! 30 ! : gfowe eo geiage sod gen = gsr Me 0 ( ll 7 4 $18,542,700: circulation, decrease, $55.900. The tepavable at par on 12th March, 1947; but the Imperial Japanase Government reserves Tight to redeem at 

D, ” ° af td yr 1 ° Ss ; 7 "a - y > ’ » oo ‘ : z 

man mmonwealth ron ) some g00 4 . é only thing encouraging about the bank state par all or part of the whole loan of £23, 000 000 on or at any time after 12th March, 1922, on giving 8ix months ey | 

pfd 20010014. veel 2\there was a good aemand from the commis- 50 United Rvs. pfd Repts. at (7 Sa. ment is the decrease in loans. 
50 United Rys. pfd Repts. at 67%. vious notice by advertisement. 

Price and ield, > ae GR kt ‘ ‘ : . 

interest y , : , 2 00 os a * as sion houges, apparently from the country. Crop $1000 United Rys. 4a at 83.,. : e 

Bid. Asked : a ' A 6! 6714! BF damage reports again formed the chief factor 1000 United Rys. 4s at 83% LIVESTOCK. The Loan will be in Bonds to bearer of £20, £100 and £200, divided into 46 series of £500 each, distin. 

Name. : . ce 
American Cigar Co 4s. v2 ww 5.49 ! . $1000 United Rrs. 4s at 831. 
Am. Tel & Fr 5 8. : for bullish operations, green bug seagieasieh be a $1000 United Rys, 4a at 8314 oo , guished by consecutive numbers, with half-yearly coupons attached, payable 12th March and 12th mber. 
reported from Oklahoma and the Southwest. 10 Central Coal and Coke at 65. Receipts—800 cattle, 3600 hogs, 100 horses 
aus The bonds and coupons will be payable as follows: In London at the office of the Yokohama Specie Bank, Lim- 

pfd ‘ 15.30 a ‘aaa iia ts These reports come from the best experts in . Gane ont _ Coke at 65. 2 ag ial ‘ale F s 

o, c 4 16112 . 2 : _ ’ ntra ‘foal and Coke at 65 ost -of the 2 native cattie re- exchange 

Am. Sugar ' 10,5001125 1195 a fone those sections loci. emg 10 Central Coal and Coke at 65. ceived were through consignments, leaving only| ited, 120 Bishopsgate Street, Within, E-~ C., in sterling; in Paris, at ae ee Rothschild utr . antag the or 

, | ‘ingore ‘f<9'$S Trains were repo 0 ctions entral Coal and Coke at 65, some odds and end b m etty 

Am. Wool. com.! 1,400| 28%] 29 | 28%! 2814] bearishly construed, but offerings were very] 10 United Rvs. pfd at 74. ro pag fe ll go Be hey ing the eo0 Sonthern | Of Fes. 25.25 per pound sterling; and in New York at the agency of the Yokohama Specie Ban m 

GO Dfd one. eee lace ceins sss] OOM | MCRBEr and there was good buying from the ——_--— cattle supply and they sold read!ly at full} rent rate of exchange on London on due dates. 

°A. BH. & L. com’ ' , 5 ema Py ~ama hy 2 ha oot = St. Louis Banks. steady prices. | h to the Scrip Certificates. 

4s » ee tion auring the eariv par t e eessinon i VOPR Se ah e , d ai ‘ i : ‘ ; 
wie hanes ARS. Te MELS alae sialichign “oak om" toed SALES—NATIVE BEEF STEERS, A full half-yearly coupon, payable on the 12th Se ptember next, will be attached to the Serip 

PPE Ras. ‘ec : 
gs ea: = fa 

NOt ees ERT, NTE OY — ~ 
ET ae, 
Seale ae OR 

ae side were Pennsylvavia, Reading, 


Swe we At were Be 
~ ee hat - ty a 
ise Seas 


pe aes SL 


B k A . 4 ° ~ * 
Arm. Tob, fd. oat! onl aug omg | whee! team te mens ana although prices | ____pawms, ___| nia lastealvatue | i:...88... 0 . 
' > ne ¢ I P ; w + 
aa Gi | 6B) 6514) 65%) late t.ading was auite ac tive. —_— heavy of. Boatmen’ Dawes rt rte ase% watt NA SUE HEIFERS. 
43.500! gi Fisted 90%,' 93 teringa, and prices receded steadily m the g 
enn) , tn 4 high levels and closed ‘ec lower for the day. anes Avenue Bank 50 ‘| It NATIVE “ue ‘ 
300) 98 tr National ee ca Se 
The cash demand was — with prices quite | Chippewa J * . : = . Boo 7 
1310 108% 108% | firm. Creer. . Wheat and flour for the Cite. we ¢ ii, fe > 4 EN 38. EAL CALVES. 
. - were JSU. yu. K « : aN } cS. 
Southern hy. 5 5 WH 6.30 | Sooo tere ag ee eet | Com was inuctive and nominally about greed pee | ate | 8 5 12 56 00 sre vee CIE BANK, LIMITED, AND MESSRS. N. M. ROTHSCHILD & SONS 
Westinghouse El. 68... 1. poe map abineehe 8 gh dil steady. except for some sinall business in May | 458 36: 0 : 4 are authorized by the Imperial Japanese Government to receive subscriptions for 211,500,000 of the above eer pay 
. 100! 17246!17314!17214:1731, | option a ¢ higher prices e re igi S a eee ae oe mee eer SS 
5 epee | = coy es 80 . Sales and a, interest in the Dlarket Was 4 9s i ta: OO... . ies ‘ -+- -@21.,.. a able as follows: 

) ‘ ) +1 @eas) one) practically nil. The close was ‘sec higher for | Jefferson Bank .....| ao | 18 oa ae Es 
BUTTER, EGGS AND POULTRY. Phy ++) 1,600) 3114! 3144! 305%.) SOK [the day. Cables on corn closed Y%d to %a | Lowell ... te iv0s | 7 (OP ee EX. £ 5.— Per Cent. on Application. 
4 | 16,200/141 1142144: 140%) 1424 J lower. The cash demand for corn wes ar eeeey otto Pc oO 7}... fe one @ “at, "108, . i5s.— Per Cent on Allotment. 

. " , » ‘ vle nha - rh S . ; . . abe be % 3 12% Smee 8 . 

BUTTER—Creamery. extra, in smal) way, at Chicago x. W...|  2,000/154164)154%)10549/15415 | Gay vere 602.000 DU. quaemumtree oy American Nat... 320 | 2.27.) gaz | 25+ ~~. 108: 15 20.— Per Cent. om 20th April, 
S3c; Lirsi, Soqdove; secouus, LZoaZoc ;, cOuBLTS, mm @ GO. Wis. 3.200: 1344) 13%) 13%) 13, Oats was also neglected, there being tio sales | Merchants-Laclede i ae Pea) oa ARK ane AS - eee 20.— Per Cent, on 28th May, 1 
DAL . faney, 2c. _« wc: dadie pac ic : ee i thd prices closed steady for the day. The cash; Sorthwestern Savings .... 2 ge AANSAS € 2s 19.10 Per Cent. on 7 . piocess, Saergsc; roli, lsc: grease, age he con... 300) ho Aaa ens er Sh bn market was firm, with a yates go agg oa . eee " > re 4) 6 OW , OS 3 25 deci . 
ac. ee oe : oe Oats clearances for the day were 9000 bu. S. Side Rank ... ig: alae ae | HiGs-—The run was of sheet the usual Sat- 

KnuolSG—Un orders, per pound. Northern *do ; pairs) <i om Minneapolis stocks increased UYS¥.O10— bu ‘| State Nation ral Bank resenst Beets 100 | 14 urday proportion, and the genera) quality £99.10 
pn ag pounds), 156; “daisies, eta ——— Ai ¢ : ie haa seseeiesesel OZBM LT the week aed now aynoumt hs 7.902.520 g at. ; cm Sa A 1 4a pretty good. and the market opened 3c higher 

Tica, 4 . ‘ o | -ON, wa: a 25 (126 1125 |125% against an fnerease of 15.4 vw. with 3. ire utiona ‘ewer a caw noah. ee and trading was eti at ti ivance, the 
Line; | Wuaburger, cavice at L5G 1919: No. Z1C. P. Ref. com..j- 200! 20%) 2014" al sa 054.587 bu im store at the same time last | Washington, Xations Re Epica: 5 | tap Metear GUE BGR thr Some Gatiee ebtine of Subscriptions must be for £100 nominal, or any multiple thereof. 

+4 imeWe, Swiss, cavice al ni a a js @Ve"): 679 rea, Minneapolis stocks were 125.000 bu or Ss" CO. \NIES. | STU0. onde 
st 17@18e: poor, 12@l4e; brick, choice, 1i8s@ Pet gery: | is! S&: 8244) AZty ong day this week. Following are the Nos th. pumhere ot | EER RGEISS See: Reem a: so Ss Payment in full in cash may be made on allot ment under discount at the rate of 3% ai annum r in 

, 1 os n ear ase z, 298, agains Adwav Sav ee 2 oj 'N : : 

eee Bees eee were cases and 359) 4, Reh a Soe ooh ladle 204 "last rears. Duluth, ion, ‘against SO last cceresith me one BLE% veh an "3... oo Os. 64 65. 03 | of the Imperial Japanese Government 6% loans referred to above. 
thre 2 ee ; Shipments, 1719 cases; extras, tise wacwelerccelcmcvets sooo] HY ; total, 406, against rear, ssissippi Valley Trust..|...... ¢ 20) a3... 978 oy ae 21, EN BONDS WH ssakiter: 
i " ed, ise; strictly fresh firsts, casve | C. & O. ......./ 3,600! 42%! 42%) 42 | 45% F shunteatian sbipinents for Week =“ a ie Se tle | ee hee nowy . SUNSCRIPTIONS FROM HOLDERS OF THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE GOVERNM T 6% N VORABLE CON | 
neludead, ec; current receipts, case count, 4 906 : ' : §48.000 bu. against 1.960.000 ast week, ereantile en Me Se ee 32 cee oe «aes Lm. oes ee ; . Vv FA 
ca = Hw og ag vel} D. & H. sareleee ol $.400/ 192 ‘192 1190 '190 and 936,000 bu a year ago. Indian ship oe ‘ssourl-Lincoln Trnsi ..._) 12013)... ...) 137 HO. a WO... sees : THEIR INTENTION TO PAY IN FULL ON ALLOTMENT IN SUCH BONDS WILL RECEIVE 7 

PUULTRY~—-Live—Chicwens, fowls, lic; Dis. Sec. Cor. . | 72M). ..../.....1 71% | ments for the week were 328,000 bu. against | St. Louis Union Trust ../......) 3: 225 =" com SS as oo Ce an a SIDERATION, 
roosters, Sc; spring chickens (stags out), | Duluth S.S& A. 15 {| 13 | 14%! 24% | 202 gor bu rh “om and pc ad ae . Pe. Gui arautee ........./.00.31 7 Addins LB ae ae dideke ° tadetaln ) ith 
+ eed . : J P t Mf t e worl: ~ nte : Soh ie ene ! Sr f eee ‘ ‘ ° - ps ea eeee o , 
eg gg ee re noise, 136: D. & R. G. com.) 1.900) 314) 21%) 31 | 81% | shipments, Monday Will, be. about 10,000,000{ West. St. Louis Bt Spree ") $1... 188.... 6 8 $....202.... If payment in full is made in bonds, the bonds must bear all unmatured ‘coupons except the coupon apr 
: " 20c. ‘Turkeys do preferred ..| 70 1 72 bu. <A cable from Indin states tit the crop tLast official quotation ' . is 6... OY April, 1907, which should be retained by the holder for payment at due date. 3: 

less, Ducks, | Erie com oy | wo, outlook in the United Provinces of India fs | sii 1 '~ No hike ee , was gyi Mgr £6 4 
. > " . ; : : J | o fine. with uo signs of rust. This province and as the receipts during the week have : 
ileloes chickens. sue Bo gece pgm do Ist pfd. ...! 1,500) 64 | 64%) 63%! 64% | last rear had an acreage under wheat of 6.- COTTON MARKETS STEADY. age ight. strong prices have been paid for Allottees who pay in full in 6% bonds will receive for each £100 of 6% Bonds: 
J ” . . - : 367.500 acres, and a vield of 2,428,700 tons. all desirable Kinda received. r¢ ‘ 
See eeren, eee een, 62. -Wesesed aha} =do 2d: pid. ...! 1..idi 40%) 50 | 40%! 40% | Enary movement: Recelpte—Wheat. 563.- 1. £100 fully paid scrip of this 5% loan with coupon for £2.10.0 payable 12th September, 1907, attached, 

vd—Caoice scalued and undrawn, with beas Geueral Electric | 2.900! ; , a . 
and feet on; hickens, fowls, eC | of 150 |160 [149% 14944 | S77 bu against 422.4528 bu last vear: corn, * re) 
— 3 “pov atgemee eg teed a “| do preferred ..!  8,100/150%4'15114'14914/ 149%, | 608.880 fu. arainet 362,300 bu last year: oats. Light Trading and Few Fea- Chicago Stocks, 2. A cash payment of £1.10.0 representing 
Py . ’ at . A my . on ej 9 3 

ad A. og ge if tae | do Ore .......! &, 100) 67%) esi! bee: 68 | Shipments: Wheat—264.947 bu. against 174.- tures— Weather Favorable, hen eins ons CHICAGO: ‘March. (4) £0.10.0. The difference between the issue price of the present loan and the redemption of the 0% 
a po Kouzb. nominally lees; ducks eS: ee ere Camas c Pye 1147 Ow bu last vear: corn. 683.745 bu, against NEW YORK. Mare A : ; : nal 
ize; capous, 7 Ibs, aud over, 13@14e; slips Int; Met. com. ..! 1,700! 26 | 28 | 25 394.0 bu last year; oats, 472.674 bu, against) ee Bae Mearhet duping — | at par. ~s 
higmiwemat and mixed, 1loq@ite. do rf oe foe Ma! 25% | 454 000 bn inst, vear the week continued to show an upward tend- | American Can bom. .......] I ibe | b 

OTATYU _ preferred ..' 2,900) 63 1 63 | 61 | 621; St. Louis receipts and shinments: Receipts ency and values made new high records fori do preferre : (B) £1.0.0. Being the equiv alent to the advantage obtained by the cash subscribers who pays y 

olce Nortuern sacked, white ! . , d 
Bic on track and common to fair oa|/t. Paper com. .! 4,400! ~ 115 | 14%] 14% ‘Wheat 30.000 ba: corn, 118,800 bu: oats.| the present movement. While the bull party | American Shipbuliding” com. | ‘ : ments 

- one abd em ee 

oR CO eng s « 

ee BO ey eye w 2 
- tas ore oe 
Fe : ey 
PREECE ee oe 
y ne ae = is’ 

* Cae cent 

lowa Centra) £1 20 20%, 64.000 bu. Shipments—Wheat. 58.740 bus} recently organized has been ready to support ite preferred BSP a RS oe 
red ’ eskag “* | eorn. 155.175 bu: oats, 68,115 bu. the market over weak pla ‘es.* the principal ' Chicagé j ae se ed rie ‘ . . ° 
per bushel, selinemedls *K.C.F.S.& M. p. 77% FLOU R—Receipts. 9060 barrels: shipments. sustaining feature was the strenath in the Caicase Edison. ee eared 40 The eash deposit made on application will also be returned. 
white globes onions at $1 per bu delivered. » . corm. 1.200! 25 25 | 24u! 24% . anent b+ ages Set Wine Poet be, If the in; , The market today opened a | Chicago. Subway 2 
P u. B—-Ai Sa.60 per cr 7 . Oa : . ower, prices heing two to three poirts | Diamon | ‘ ‘ ; 
Aha BBAGE Texas ty ee 7 Ag ln ~- bulk, . r 1,400) 53 53%| 5214) 53% | and extra fancy at $2.20673.35 In wood: | below the previous close and later was weak, by ee be yeni - 3 The loan is repay able at par on the 12th Marcb, 10947. but the Imperial Ja se Goverument + aye ves the oe 
ered; new Kenner, cholee, $1.60@1.75 per] beseeens 111944/120 (118%j1191, | to medium grades at 82.2002. AO ‘n inte: value sagging off under liquidation on the!” qo’ preferred | to redeem at r all or any of the series of the bonds on or at any time after 12th Mareh, 1922, 
cee: old cabbage, $20 to §23 per ton, delly- Manhattan 500] 13714/187%)137 1122 fin jute sacks, patents at $3.40@3.50: straight art of local longs and hammered by bears. | National Carbon com. gy m pa a oe ep 
ered. On order, poms, lige at old and 2%c| Mex. Cen 6.400! 20%) 201: 19%! 197 IE aa ry 9; cleat . at $2.05@2.85: 93°53 8) eee Stvion a — disappointing. | | do preferred | ‘months’ previous notice by advertisement, partial redemption to be effeeted by drawings of com 
. i.) *- | j **, é 4‘ » } ; 4 
ponte igh wale 4 “ selling ‘an both the old ant nce ; Quaker Oats com. @ Aes usual manner at the office of the Yokohama Specie Bank, Limited, London, and notice of the distinctive ne ee 

for new in @acks or es, M..K.@ T | BOM! 3 7 @4 in bulk. und hea e 4 . i ew he the bie. 
. ~—K.& T, : %| 3914! 38%) 38% n bu er heavy selling in both the old and n poe 08 
490 tons local and 180 tons} crop for gr ptian account. Weatber = con 20 preferred .. tastier numbers of series drawn will be given hy advertisement in two newspapers in each place where coupons are peya 

mG ae New, city ma ade $1.35 . > HAY—Receints, 
u oh Ping te and § 25 for . 68 | 66 | 86 thiough: stineents. 515 fous Onate wre ditions were generally favorable; fae ae com, eoee on | Oey 
. " a ’ . | T2 {| 68%! 70%, ay. choice, $18.50: No. 1 50817: No. 2. EW 1.OKN Cobion CLOSE. ‘ ‘ 3 > a 
tht tL ikey—Faivey Pes end ine mg S.T.P.&@ & M.. 42 1211 2 Bid sot wo. J. 81 Baas. 4). Clover bay ‘lose. gh. low. | fo AS : ei Pa Scrip Certificates to bearer, with coupon attached for a full half year's interest pa able ow the 12th Se ptember, ee 
oe ot ."on te bea ee yore 4... t....1 9. eres. $1 ar: Pe LE gad Fe sn. en peek DSOGSN 9) gt | wid, breterred ©. 3 Gage 1907, will be delivered as soon as possible in exchange for the allotment letters and bankers’ receipts, and Socal will 
we STRIN BEANS—Mexican. G-basket crat rat, . com...!| 1,600) | 78%! TOM . sere Prairie hay. choice Ma, veeeee. 9. 95@96 >. Of 9.91 estern stone i j . exchange fo e ertificates. 
rl be te SL lorids, hampers and coo . com ; 7 a is 7 ia 12.50 ea’ 4) 1.50@12: No. 2. $10.35 ee Loran 0: Rap | Sauoas « ig J eo gate : in due course be delivered in g for th scrip Cc fi 
pel Ned ° eee es ee es ‘ YY 10.04a06 06 oOo. me > S ©OM..... = 
green, $3 fe Hiowaigrn Be Of) ee 2 aR ie a lo it gE 4 40 preferred 2... es) GS | All applications must be made on one of the enclosed forms, accompanied by a deposit of 5% in cash, pe it 
ae er at | Nat. Lead com 2,500! G8! 44 6314) 6a | The Liverpool future market | was oats. tare re we lee c tee ee is stipulated that any applicant, having elected to pay either in cash or in bonds, cannot alter his engagement as to - 

Queen Le low Nat. “ >! a s Me 
te ger, by bos. Orleans, 90¢ to $1 per do pfd. .......1 100! 98 } | 99 FUTURE PRICES. rm Br yy O80" May and June, 661d; West Chicago St. BR. RR...) _\_ 6 ___ | the mode of payment. 

North Pac. | 15,500!1871% |137%1135% |136%4 [dune and July, and Aug.. 
ALE. and Sept., If no allotment be made, the deposit will be returned in full, and if only a portion of a amount @ 

ancy Florida in 6-basket crat r ¥ ‘ 5.7414d; Sept. and Oct., 5.73d; 
¥ a ge N x. Alt nome oe cg nf ante ST. LOUIS. Oct. and Nov. "anual: Nov. and sa 5-4. Coffee a . i ah oe 
LANT—Florida. $3 to $6 per 1%-be;*- *- © _ gine : Close | Highest) Lowest | Close | Dec. and Jan., 5.684; Jan. Som anon (Francie. Bro. & Oo.. 214 N. Feerth st.) for be allotted, the balance of the deposit will in the case of subscriptions for paymen pprepers 

600! | 46%! ’ | . Liverpool spot market steady 
INACH—Home-grown, 40@75c_ per bu 2.300! fs rat Tis lho, | <a | Today. | Today. | cote uplands, 628d; sales. 10,000 bales; sales ST. ‘18, March 9. | wards payment of the amount due on allotment. 
- xr Orleans at 50000¢ per dozen large|*' *""_*” pT. . Beebo . Wht. May Lb i aR ¢ - T6% be hi, of American, 83500 bales. Receipts, 24,0000 en. . 
, ‘3 : Mey | 46% | aB4 yt) 4Siga | Dales, Nock spot market’ steady; Wmchanged: y ae ce ate « Failure to pay any of the installments when due by cash subscribers will render all previous payments inate le 

enner. 45c per dozen bunches; Ala- N 
Pan ; ng i a. | ew 7% . ‘ be bo pa 
Pa . ! Jul eu 4 | ‘ quote middlings. 11.464. Sales, 70 bales S eee MAS ; 5. R to forfeiture, and failur. , by subscri Tre in bonds to Jeliy er the nds w il] render the deposit id on a 

‘ S—Home-xrown globe 14 = bed, at SQ Penn. Oats-May ‘| 41%_ | 41 i ; Lac > et s dy: unchanged: quote ‘ : 705 

leans and r  Retooe “per donee peopte’s Gas i .ifhi.ciss. BO14! 90% | 69% | 90% | July .... a of Sah ‘a ie _ wn middling, tier ordinary” 15-lfe: good ord } 6. ne cee 3 6.05 6.06 _ 6.00% liable to forfeiture. : 
RADISH—Home-growa on orders at oe 2 lea qo" : NEW y YORK. Se ding. ne 11- tcp Jow inl idting,  O6¢ — er in St. Louis 1is Elevators. An issue for cash only will be made simultaneously of £11,500,000 in Paris, by Messrs. de Rothschild Freres. . 
oF SC htce New Orleans at $33.50) ao pea. 98 93 Wh't-May |” Sib oye 4 | 8h% | >! Receipts at principal points | Today. |Yest'day! Year ago. 3 
Feith te ur barre *Reading Ist pfd.|.......)....cjeee+! Rept. oi Baty Pe) SP a yea matt cet, healings, Tikes tL oett 2.508, 9082, 500. 830/2, 062.774 
auf on a, New: Orleans ia Kenner | do 2d pfd. ....'.......) 38 vasiel Corn-May | 4 ytd ' New Orleans—S888 bales, against 6519 Totes : rts] Te ees) 18420! 

+7: hey Teton BAe 23421.50 for choice to} Rep. I. & 8S. com! 1,500) 26 1 261; 25 | 26 suly st 3am Bl Eon. bast. year; Barnet weeey fib baler & rer No. { red "athe 1. mit i, 1,615,620) 
’ ” ? rate: ‘ v) G-—-14 aie ; No. 2 hard wheat. ( 
Hag Oo vet G-vawtet crate, | gecaine om.) ae moortal  f1eaml190 (1138 ___ MINNEAPOLIS. ___| market steady. aiote middlingn, 1. sag, | Noo 2 mined” corn.| 108.020) 108.970) 58s 
ah —Kew Orleans curly, 10@15c per iam Sesion 8. 800 2214) 22%, | 21%) 21% Wh't-May Lis Y + odie rig i a year: market sieady ‘middlings, Ome. es |: white corn, 74.15 ‘907 = 38. GOVER NT RECEIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE ABOVE LOAN. 
‘UCKNew Orleans, sugar age od Ra “700! 51 | 51 | BO | BO, ae Qs | TO%, Yharleston—104 bales, against 3 bales _las ° : . 
. eet | 7a Be ates! year, market firn rote middlings, 10. ‘ 
and tency at $4; Chica rt: ee — Norfolk—1806 bales. against 525 bates last Oil Quotations. Subscriptions, which must state whether they are to be payable in cash or in bonds of either of the six ‘Per i, 
to the terms of the London prospectus, as above set forth, which has bean 

and fancy at $4; Chicago leat. let- . : ..| 1,700! 48%! 48% | 47%) 1% —_—_—- 
“ year: market quiet; middlings. 11% LINSEED VIL—In Iots of from 1 to 5 bbis 
r box; home-grown, 40@@80c per pfd. } _KANSAS CITY. emehte 400 bales ameinat 206 bales last let dic per gallon foe raw end 42¢ for polled, | Cent Loans, will be received sub 
. Vice-Governor of the Bank of —_ and Special Financial Comaieieeers 

AP ISHES New Driegns ig ti 49| Sloss-Bheffield ../....... 1 ST | ST! 74 Whit. May | 7O%a' 71% \705ar T0%G@*;"2 | year; market steady; middlings. 11% CASTOR OIL—-In lots of 200 gallons of proved by Korekiyo Takahashi, 
f long a ig te ; July T2 a! 72% | 71% Ter Memphis—1929 bales, against 1:62 baies last | over, 12¢ pe 4 f jo. 1 and 11%c for 
x: ce white ‘tipped. omise. per : n eg tte, 1 ta te 22.700) niche Seni ‘ “Say ‘Maj oe aga’ eit ina year; market steady; mi dlings, 10%. No, 3 in Darrele;, amelie; geentition = per Imperial Japanese Government. 
u. fe oo df | . a) aw pound more 
EENS—New Ovioane and Ken-{ 4, . a ee os LOCAL WAREHOUSE STATE oy . COTTONSEED OIL—Winter white. 54¢; yel- All subscriptions, which should be made on the form which can be obtained from the undersigned, 
This vr. wast yt. | low, 63¢: summer--white, SOc: yellow, 49; accompanied by a de t of $24.30 in New York funds (which is the poh cae of £5—at the rate Se nate'ef 6 

t #40c eae dozen b and $3 pe cot 
rT unch 
TT est. — ‘eee OL ti_ininm—ens weed Sept. 1..:....6 18.501 = 10, 76 salad, S4c: cooking—white at 54c. yellow at f the ts due in 
“es te BOc $4.86 per pound sterling) pet aaa Bond applied for. Due notice will be given of the amoun 

ETS —O16 home grow ih nated per do Wh 't-Cash Net receipta ince Sept. 1 GO, 42 
box: 30c. n e ® . ie j Z Z « t Paes y . ee ee ee ramen 
aie z." bunches. . weet, GOR, 15 *St.L.&8. F. Bat pel... c nc nfeccccterosstecoss; FOI hs Reerns og ' vi SO, Net re nda sinc ‘e Sent. | — ‘ A Rats ty Bi FIN \NCIAL._ later payments on bond 

: ome-grown, washed, G5@T0c do 24 pfd. ....! cee eee’ cumeneees = ses nati #t shipments today .. ..» de 30s A 
Ca OTS —Old b washed, at 40c | *"t Las com! veveleveseterseel f : pote ou hand DES A pated “. 2 mage st seeonemnn Allotment letters of the undersigned will be issued exchangeable for temporary certificates when isned. 
" . . . jee tee e sie ; a a o~ Es ; AS: , 4s 
; New ns, 134200 ‘per dos.| ;, . ON | Wht 7 Saar 1 Tia | Grose receipts since Ment. 1... 690,245 302.5; 3 Bonds will be delivered in exchange for temporary certificates as soon as practicable. 

¢. ; Soo Julr_ £% a! 79% | 'TRweP™. Gross shipments today .. x ow BOF 7 ; 
4 PLaNt—New Ren PIES pet 1g Mae Gee yi Sept... T8eea! 1% Ktab| Gross shipments since Sept. 1. .608,000 363. The right is reserved to close the subscription list at any time without notice and to reject any 

Dial 198 a econ este wnt vc) SB Su oa” ee tT ‘AGED 113, SHE USES PIPE. tions and tovallot smaller amounts than applied for. 
iat for small sacks and 2 naa aaah 1700! 96 1 96 | 95%F Mita ateMay |, Seb /42vrds | 4 omen | Subscriptions will also be received by the Old Colony Trust Company, Messrs. Kidder, Peabody & oss 
Kenner at ‘Ie ir saa te te fee hanks 2 + -|206,2001186 12864105 [155% | Sent. SB zi sz2 aan} Saw Administration of All U. Messrs. Lee, Higginson & Co., Boston; by the Fidelity Trist Company, the Girard Trust Company and Mesera, 
; & Stevenson, Philadelphia; by the Uinels Trust & Savings Bask and the Menhante’ Lees: & Trt Ce 

EMSAM per pound. loose i 46% 47 | 40/47 | = CHICAGO PROVISIONS. S. Presidents. —s ——— 
7 fornia, 82.73) Cgcrp. @ Fi 1. Pork-May | $16.50e $16.62 ‘816.47 $15.50 Special to the Post-Dispateh. : . cage; and by Messrs. Francis Bro. & Co. and Messrs. A. G. Edwards & Sons, St. Louis. 
Choice Florida, $6 per 6-basket/ U.S.R.& KR. Co.'.....-.! oso) | 18% Tat Mey’ 9.4m i o: ptitt BURG. March 9.—Mrs. Elisabeth ‘ § 
', &. Steel com/180,900/ 38 | 38%! 37 ~*~ Sea . aan .? ' reeman celebrated her one hundre¢ eee ae 
New Orleans ati We J 2 : 9.65 a. and thirteenth birthday. at her home in! ©. 
spare 2 sang 90% —. 045,100", thank . es Ss) 6G Lat a a County today. haviwg lived in| KU HN, LOEB & CO , 

SPROUTS—815 per 100-1b. drum. ++ +01 OB ee f.! | ®. the administration of every one of the Our safe deposit vaults are “a3 , 
ee 1.900! 201;), 20%! 28 1 28 ; ot. | 9.825 | 8.40 | 9.27 | 8s presid “nts of the United States. ‘Aunt as secure as ee! ingenuity William and Pine Streets, 

: ) 1000124 1 16 | By! I8u Betty,’ as she is sine «| A scam Be her add kil] con ‘maha’ them 
wzamens me 27 3T | 204) 26% n Cc MARKET. seven children, 55 grandchildren great . ° - 
U. 8. Gov Bonds. eh : —SP_& o. = ~ | grandchildren, has been addicted to the Located on ground floor. No NATIONAL CITY BANK, 

D. A. Bowmen, 308 ' ve Fain nn tobacco smokin 9 
’ gx habit for the last 9% steps ; 
‘ ity pt .. beneesteeeeeleee ce! a EES _ Today. _l¥eaterdar. | | Year ao. years. On her birthday she called at- ps to climb nor sills over | 52 Wall Street. 

tention to her habit of smoking the pipe, which to stumble. Inspection 

' : .** . *** seeee : " 
030 ' , tah age Wea Vase ee No. 3 red Sgt , saying that ! tly re sible f invited 
! paeenene : ‘estinghouse |... Ne. 4 ory , , g that It was partly respons or 
se eR Oe eae 4 . soaks 6 Goetaanes eee ae? . XN ‘ - Ta , her lon life. MMER 
SES] ie | eeveld ABETRG. Fed BSE EMR [Met hie, won tore near Count [Benen $5 and upwards pr NATIONAL BANK OF CO CE IN N 
Ds ule bibina al gh : “o. . . 6 : ao _j vine in 1794. She is a member of the m 
doveccacl SON ; os ' ' So: eee oh nT mie Presbyterian Church and has memorised 31 Nassau Street. 
, Rapa Dame ees b° i eer So, ‘ ' , nearly the entire Bible. 2 
ioie-be: p.1 Tee Oa eee es | ae TP Se ee We NEW YORK, March 9, 1907. 
“th Oa = oie Bs SHE | joy | Rich Missourian Kills Self. : —--T — > ° ; 
o.. ; ne < 47 ) . ; MEXICO, Mo.., March poe eph i | : 4 ; . fé 1 ' . subscriptions ‘ 
Se in ae eae | No. 3 white.| 4615 46 @40ry %. | Chrisman of Martinaburs. a smali town 73 7 Referring to the above, the undersigned will receive for the above lean 

+e eeetee on | . i him if this morn- ?, riic oT ’ ) i | 
) ond - mae gaa’ Ssehneor ‘age | A | PRANCIS BRO. & CO. 

Chrisman was one of the most prom- } | . | 
. eo RR ge. eg BR nk SOCOM SSM ng ta ae aa ae 


¥ bd 
i ph at et See Om Oe ie ee A 
ees IA ws ra 4 ’ . ‘ 

a ae ae eae 

SUNDAY SERVICES. <& / fre " . . 
soc acrescrirte pg haan > Ory Hn 3 oad Orme KHd--Results Jf most Certain tor Anything My Generis 

ion Pneoed” school at 2 ® P. : ee Binds 
etu Ollow V chic phe- . —. Y 
and C. W. Stewart. Admission =— 5 - : —— 


Finney avenue. Services and mes- 
aiven every Sunday at 2:30 p. m. SEWING—Charles O. Sewing, sudden: 2. LOST. es 
8 p.m. Friday at 8 p. m., by Rev. ly, March 7, at New Orleans, husband DOG—Lost, small black Yorkshire terrier, half 
ne Graham. All welcome. of Jennie Sewing (nee Turner), fathet shaved; name “‘Sheep.’’ Liberal reward. Re- 
’ eA of Richard ¥. and Florence L. Sewing. turn to 4950 McPherson. H,. Woods. 
 S8BCOND BAPTIST—Locust and Beau- : : Wt be given.° I yet nag AO TOTO 
Due notice of funeral w gz KF. re 7 cena ts ig woe ao OG 
: mont streets. Dr. Bitting preaches at Chent st, bunch of keys. Return to of 
21 @. m., “The Personal Things Eternal;” | THOMSON—After a brief illness, on ene as  SOWENE. 
8p. m., “The Pers Rell f Je Friday, Marctn 8, 1:10 p, ™, gt Si. | KEYS—Eost, small bundle keys on ring, Thurs- 
a4 es e@ Personal Religion o esus > se ade Waceyri’ lay. Bet P k bh §l 
| lis Faith in His Father.” Luke’s Hospital, Lucile Clar« Tiron- da etyrn to K 193, Post-Dispatch, 
son, dearly beloved daughter of Mrs. reward. < : 
1 THIRD BAPTIST C Ht RC H patie Grand Jessie q. and the late «col. J. M. MONEY Lost. Friday afternoon, in or around 
_ and Washington. Rev. Dr. William J. Thomson, aged 17 years 3 montis aid McKinley Higit School, $10 bill; liberal re- 
- Williamson, pastor. 1 a. m., “Puttingy x days. _Wa.d If returned to officer of sechovi. vis 
| God First; 8 p. im. “The Soul's Hun- Funeral from family residence,| PURSE—Lost. purse. at Derr Bros.. contain- 
_ ger and Its Satisfaction.’ Baptisms at 6564 Maple avenue, Monday, Maroh inz $11: reward if returned’ to Derr Bros., 
5 _ the evening service. 11, 8:30 a. m., thence to St. Rose's; .* Washington. mee 
_ | _ FIRST PRESPYTERIAN CHURCH—| Church. Friends invited. ra mage onl purse contalrting Seoesta: = 
A 4 3 < id 4 - 
, _ Morning lies & so dh Tt. Brank, | yyoHe—Entered into rest, suddenly, on} ward. Ad. R 198. Post-Dispatch. (i) 
| pastor Brank Memorial Chure hy topic, March 7, 1907, at 3:30 a. m., Thomas] pipge pe. st 
“The Call of the Burning Bugh:” even- . Benton Tre, beloved husband of Mary | © jen; Los TR sand and black pveaded pat ‘pa 
pe at 8 Rev. W. i. Evans, assistant L. Tice (mee Boren), dear father ot lor; please totes: ina colts reert ill 
= gee Second Pre sbyterian Church; top- John, Benton, Lulu, Mabel and Dew- |) N. Compton. € 
Christ's Life a ..ght Unto Men.” * ella Tice, aged 55 years 7 months and | RIN(;—Lost, solitaire giamont ring, Sunday, be- 
|  eEMPLE ISRAEL—Sunday morning 19 days, | tween Belt and Prairie: ‘reward if returned 
at 10:30 the service begins with an or- _Funeral will take place Sunday, to 4248 Prairie av. ae 
@8an preiude or 15 minutes, at the con- March 10, at 1:30 p. m., from the fam- | RING—Lost. gold bani] ring. on Kansas &t. 
clusion of which, at 10:45, it is exnect- ily residence, 4146 Manchester avenue, Retuinte 6424 Verion av. and receive re- 
ed that the entire congregation will be to Bellefontaine Cemetery. Friends | _Ward. . ; j } 
Beat - Rabbi Leon Uarrison will speak.| ‘invited to attend. S?PHCTACLES—Lost, pair of gold epectacies, 

Subject: “Can a Man Without a Re-} . Deceased was a member of B. of L. ie Tost Dispany: in case; reward, Ad. 
* * 7) os Spr ch 

gion Be Religious?’ E., diyjsion No. 48. | ‘ai : 
THE PILGRIM CONGREGATIONAL Denver (Colo.) papers please copy. * | SVECTACLES—Lost, gold-rimmed Spec tactes, 
Erker case. in or near Famous... Friday. Re- 
CHURCH, Washington and kwing ave-|TRUMP—Entered into rest Thursday, turn to 4471 Evans av., Meward. 

nues, Rev. Dr. Charles 8. Mills. pastor. March 7, 1907, at 7:15 p. m. > @) WATCH, ETC.—Lost_ indy’ s watch and fob, . 
d a. m., fourth in the Lenten series, lingering illness, George T p Sr., in neighborhood of address below. or on Park 
é Son of God vaaiting dhe Sons of beloved husband of Elizabeth Trump ear; iberal reward, 3664 Blaine. ‘6 HE number of bites from 
Men.” “Night at a] (nee Becker), and father of Lottie | WATCH—Lost. between 14th and 2!st. on Mar- 2 this sanguinary insect 
Dis Sp. m., “The | Koenig (nee Trump), Elizabeth Wel- | ket car. March 8, about ® or 9:30 p. may be greatly decreased by 
‘Cleansing of a Soul.’ *| mering (mee Trump), Mary Stephan | lady's gold watch,’ No. 2,929,157, mé aEY. oe aan of light-colored cloth- 
dell 4 AVENUE M. E. CHURCH,| (nee Trump), John Trump, Entma| F. ot h-ag cee cee Cones Aone: 28 ing, aS it is stated by an emi- 
Lin ll bouleyard and Newstead ave- Weis (nee Trump), George Trump Jr., —_ SI BE tno Mh no, nent German scientist that the 
ue, L. H. Dorchester. pastor. Preach- and Katie Trump, and our fatYrer-in- >» FOUND mosquitoes are strongly in- 
oe aig pees (11 eee? ok a, on law, grandfather and great-grand- UE in wee Wiens oo Secuiel os fluenced oe gga 4 their vic- 
er. esper sigvices 30 to 5.30, father. sea wo Syl tinlaitgsemah Mi 2 gh gdacais. ne . stims by the color of their eee : 

Kenducted’ by Rev. A. _ Ball. Svery- - , ‘ “~~ near llth: ow ner can have same at Lost and im”: on ft ‘ CASTERS Wtd.—Automatic band and steam - 
body Srdiodne: A. D. Ball. Every oeune pol my yresidence, By goa’ BRAID. ee baer ppsoogam — (1) gg sa bieaderad os "4 tna se Inland Type Foundry, 12th and _ WAGON MAKERS, ETC. Wtd.. GIRL Wd. Tepe eeneral bs housework; 1 wes 

: —Found, black braid, Sth an Ive. » : : . = ) 
! Vost-Ls.(1) fabric of white threads kept GHEF Wtd.—Allround chef for popularprice | Freight car builders and GIRL Wtd.—For general housework. azz ff Eee yyexy 

_8T. PETER'S CHU RCH, Lindell and | ZRELLER—Entered into rest on Fri- Call Lost and Found Sureay 
rin Rev. D. C. Garre ee } . . haw ES mosquitoes away much more taurant t ° . 
tee n "Phe Right acy | @a¥> March 8, 1907, at 9 p. m., Lena | FOB—-Found, gold fob. bearing three Initials. effectively than one of black kitchen ‘manager: yo sy Sonar no olnere coach builders. St. Louis Car Gini Wid. ie we cook and general Lenard .© SKIRT HANDS Wtd.—Ex- 

. , ! 

BOY Wtd.—About 15 years of a . “ nda eee: LEP 
experience in bindery. Greeley Retars oth PORTER Wtd.—To help tn kitchen Ogos S87 Mev esan toed cook for ix boarding house. 
08 S. Vth st. COOK. ea. + proman cook. Call at Il at once Ar 

: closed 
and Pine atg. gas eens short Administration “Cafe, 
gen Moony —" ~ atts . 18 years old;  ETC., Wtd—t | porter and 1 dish- 1 Easton; bring ref 
ost-Dispateh. . colored. Granville Hotel, Grand and cooK ‘Wea. Tomall sami; gud was wages: ref. 
(15) Franklin, required. 10 Windermere. (8) 

‘S$ Wtd.—To learn to make —— 
"ork ‘ni waiting: "heed oe: a PRESSFEEDERS Wtd.—Cvlinder presstecders; COOK Wtd. = Woman Sook in boarding house ; 

with son as a ae ae preferred. tT. L. Hore oo = ; $12. 54 hours. Greeley "eo wages $7 per week eps Broadway. 
Mein 2 h GOOK Wtd.—Good cook: wages. Apply 


eli ti tie te a a 

and "Pine ste. 
a ee eRui (6) 
BOYS WTD. Ov a 14, FOR” GRINDING PRINTER Wtd.—A No. . se case man. in. who is 4155 > Lindell Hu bi., ., first a east. 
OOM. APPLY HYDRAULIC “ reliable, don't booze nor COOK Wu 
_PRISCO * ag heaped HIGHW AY ASD “anion: sasloting | Broadw i For boarding bouse. 8120 N. 
. a nthe itera 
(4) at once. Repeblican Era, * erahaabere ry. 3 wee boarding house. 2037 Bou- 

29S OOOOH DSOS Wtd.—A good 
e eS oO 9D SALFSMAN Wtd.—Experienced retail 9 eewing COOK _ Wtd.—A good cook . St. Louis Alten- 

& ? 
nines . machine salesman sel im. Phone Vict 
oo Wtd.—14 to 18 years old. machines retail] and wheieente: "inast be , S wis. $400 8. wer: 
pply bottling department. caetartie, ae ig Character. 8 ility , .—Good, 
, v quire andard Sew %., é work ; 
: sagem Pestaoc, Olive st.. St. Louis. ee o (7) Apply rot} fembiy: no 
es —. SHOVELERS Wtd.—50. teady = 7) pe w 
work: Broadway and ne were, ote & cesae ae {surance _ akin cutters; 
STENOGRAPHER wea. —Good, steady male DISHWASHER Wi meee: at onee, Na- 

BRIOK *" WHEELERS Wtd.—Un-| stenographer for work in advertising a gel's, 6th end St ” Charles 

parUnens: reasonable 
> ly 1 DISHWASHP intend 
ion Branch of Hydraulic Press Foat:Dingetean” ows handwriting. EY OF | wanes. Sbse od” Experienced: good 

Brick Co., 5000 Natural Bridge | TAILORS Wtd.—Good coat. pa d vest | DISHWASHER W 
? td.— 
: dg makers. Apply C. H. ae I * in cooking. 1235 8 ponee.. with ne “Wwalatmauerts helper, “om 
gry AKERS Wits —twe 

till li i 

Road. P 
(7) GIRLS Wta.— —Apply Southern Hotel. —_ (6) 

BUSHELMAN Wid aa meg TAILOR | Wtd.—Coat. pants and vest td. — 
arty. Aves ie Pee —. — ers. Call at Henry Bromschwig & Co., Toth ORS Wid 0 hag A. binders. work. "Greeley 

_Printery, 15th 

SE SEAT neaE and Oliy (6) = a with enod good pa 
CARINET MAKER Wtd.—First-clase, on show- GIRL Wd. —For ouse am mes 
Peay”? 1EAMS W = —At 224 and Angslica sts. Bam. ‘ general b work; f ad of 

Te Apply W. D. Ellinger, 418 5. brick Brosfi Construction Cc. (6) aia wed —F (6) SKIRTMARERS W 
CARPENTERS Wil. capegtens “onc | TFAMS, Wel — wo or three. to ag Beary haut: | TRE Mig 0 fara! bowsewore: ao wags, | action Br 

t t , 

“struction 4 steady work for 6 La Ad. K 185, Post-Dispatch. (7) aim, Wid. About 18. 18. to ) ceaiet with general SKIRTMAKERS wee 

naar Cabanne on skirts; ae 

oa, Alia Sita 
TFEAMSTERS Wtd.—At Chain of Rocks: tak c; . & : 
Waterworks car at Baden. at! & Cotnon. GIRL Wid ni foee proitotey housework: Webster | Es at once, 

CAR WORKERS We wtd.—1 —Railro Ad. 

Se ee ne enmat” | PRCEGRAPHRRS_Wur—aremt aS aS wae vet, OPERONS Se ER 
A “ _— era r 4 

CARRIAGE WOODWORKERS Wid. _—First- legraphers for suhéideee onek. ‘Ad. K 04 200 Elm s bag . “a | iy Bt. Leute Co 

be-Powers Carriage ©»., 1215 N.- 
Broad wey. 4 " (6) | —Cost-Dispat 3 Sid For soa cooking and housework, 200 wa F GPRRA TORS. Wa Wed. rete 8 elke 
ekirts: 2 to 

at i i tall i i i 


sede 2 

t 11 a. m. service on “Lhe Right and Zeller (nee Henckler), beloved wife of Call at the Lost and Found Bureau of the 
Use of Sorrow.” At 8 p. m..| Joseph Zeller and mother of Joseph | Post-Dispatch. | (7) careads. __soly observed in wanted. Ad. K 80. Post-Dispatch. 6), ~Co., 8000 N. Broadway 7) | family of two. 5565 Caban 
ay. (7) ee perienced hands on skirts; 
good prices; steady work. 

rong * ¢ « 7 
‘The Divine Christ.” *! C. and William H. Zeller, aged 51 | KEYS—Found, bunch of keys. Wednesday _ooeeeerer, coat the insects COACHMAN Wtd.—white: to make himself GIRL Wta. =; White 

Apply at once, 

The natives of Madagascar COMPOSITORS—Strike on in St. Louls. Typo- mill. Builders’ Mfg. and Supply Co., 4833 ders. The eo An pitches te the "S129. or- 

2 t 

prefer to alight on black soil generally useful about place on South Side: ras aoe Fo Nok Ose _2011 Sid 

a yg Prone on pf —e ‘Eoeet on required; wages $30. Apply i ‘ WAITER Wtd. —1527 ’ Market. GIRL W ee a 
soil, and rather on black shoes 8 a ar — . Witd.—Or woman; small family; no 
WOODTURNER wea —Thorough, experienced . ee 
and clothes than on white ones. ye woodturner and molder se in planing “om tae home. 10284 Page. 

* “RGE'S—In addition to the regular I‘uneral from residence, 218 East Da- 
ces, announced elsew here, Rey. vis street, Monday, March 1, at 2 Pp. WKicy—bound. key, on Locust st.. becweel 4th 
tephen F. Sherman Jr. - St. John’s| m™., to Evangelist Lutheran Cemetery. and 1th: Wednesiay mornine. Call Lost 
urch, will preach at 8 o'clock'p. m. * Relatives and friends invited to at- |. %24 Found Bureau. a 
GRAND AVENUE PRESBYTERIAN | tend. Wee Tim aoectecea ie ibes: cant st tect naa 
ert TRCH, Grand and Washington; Rey. ; In Memoriam. Found Bureau of the Post-Dispatch, (1) 
ohn F. Cannon, D. D., pustor. ~Serv- In loving membrance of our dear 

ces, 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. *; sister, Mrs. Nellie Gerardi, who ‘de- E W 
TRINITY CHURCH, Franklin parted this Hfe one year ago, March mployment anted 

EVENING PRAYER AT ST. years 3 months and 16 days. hight, 6th and Olive. Call Lost and Found 
accabee C W M. BARR D. G. CO., 

Burean, Post-Dispatch. (G6) | 
ay en say par ease of black ecient. Union No. 8. Joseph A. Jackson, _ Easton ar. 
abric from the ceilings of esiden (S) | ——_ : ee oRh Wis. —Or © r 

am C. 8C17 “‘~e~ “al wages, more 4th Floor. (T) ® 

their huts in order to attract SHOE wo ; 
the mosquitoes to it.” COMPOUNDER Wid. —Experienced ‘eompound- _SHOE WORKERS WANTED. GIRL Wtd. —Good; to help in restaurant. 1022} © © @@©@@@ ®@ ee e. 

ee a eae ited prominent wholesale liquor house: give ASSEMBLERS YWvtd.—In ‘Security factofy, Ham- __Hodiamont. _ 
a m u 2ist and Olive. — (5) | GIRL Lolo —For ¢ "room. 101% STENOGRAPHE twill. Day, pent om 



particulars about yourself, experience ilton-Brown Shoe Co.. dising  foom Ty 
te : will 

had. references and ver : Broa 
box’ 502. Kansas City. Mo y expected. “< BOYS Wtd.—To clean nails in finishing rc room. dwa wars Re alty Co Pa at 
Brown Shoe Co... 18th and Wash. @ GIRL oar 2a competent. ~ for ibn may Bi es 

Therefore. COOK Wtd.—First-class, allzound, to cook for ral house- 
If you have a fond regard for the about 50 people. 374i all-ound, to cook (7) CU on ETC., Ww td. sg gpg cutters ane | aia, ria of two; flat. 127 *; “oumiatioer, arveuin anim ners | 

. wee roys to learn. Peters Shoe Co., factory No 1 Wtd.—Young girl t learners on “ 

COOK Wtd.—First-class Parisian cafe. BIG N.} 1, st. Louls and Jefferson. work and care “of child. : S000 Geyer” or ee y bets. si 

feelings of Mr. Skeet you will Vandeventer. 8 Chere an ae 
WEAR HIS COLOR =~ | CUTTERS, ETC. Wtd.—Lining cutters, trim-| GIRL. Wtd.— For house and dining room VhaTMAKER Wid. —Firet-clam. ames 

COOK Wtd.—Good white cook: plain cooking. ming cutters and boys to learn; edge-| work; good wages. 3111 Lucas. Kolar. 117 N. 

Next Summer Martha Parsons Hospital. Channing anl trimmers on wom 
: ” pe o ‘n’s fine shoes. Hamilton- ee aR 
School: Suburban car. _ te) Brown Shoe Co., American Lady facto.y, 21ist GIRL Wid.—For general housework, 2 in fam- WAIST MAKERS. <n 

and DRUG CLERK Wtd. —First-class: German] and Locust st. 

preferred. Taylor and Gartield. DRESSERS/ Wea. —First-class. on men’s and gy og ek, “oe in bakery &nd ccffee 


Channing avenues. The Rev. Father Sill |7, 1906. eeu 
of the Order of the Holy Cross wil] 
reach Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. ‘Tis. hard to break the tender cord nen 

rhe public cord cordially — invited. VYhen love has bound the heart; BAKER—Position by first-class cake, weed 

"Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words: and pastry baker: city or country. 
é p the word Washington av. J. T. Harrison, (6) 

Must we forever part? , : 
~ DEATHS. D BAKE 7R-—First-class, reliable baker wants po- 
s sition in country town, south or west of cit 
BIEBER entered into rest on Fri- weoteet eee Id Nef are’ “—— eee married man. “Ad. K 12u, Post- -Dispateh. Ch 
pei ul & Se embdrac BOOKKEEPER-Sit. wanted; expert in fig- 

(3)| HY; @o0d pay. 4508 Easton. coat makers: ale helpers a 
steady work. Miss Howorth. 

oh as- : Olive, st. (1} | EDGESETTERS Wtd.—Firat-class edges t:rs, pply at Peckham factory. 7th | WAITRESS — | Wid.—Good. “ Call_5 _N. 8th st. 
et oe wee bY ENAMELODWARE FOREMAN Wtd,—A larg>| on men's McKay and welt shoes. Apply at| _4and Spruce sts (@) | WAITRESS Wtd.—Experienced. Regent Oaf?, 
hy & manufacturing company wants a practical; _Brown Shoe Co., 17th and Lacas. ()| GIRLS Wid.—To work on vests. 1112 Ars- 104 N. 14th et. 
. waregpusiness, — ar — the — PULLEROVER Wtd.—On women’s McKay] enal st. WOMAN Wtd. —To do family washing. — Bla 
usineéss, as foreman of enamelin~ ° work. Brown Shoe Co., Blue Ribbon Plant. GIRI, wia. —w reer av. 
ai Ske et aa eand house: LV OMAN  Wid--Night watch, at’ Missourt 

SOME OTHER NEWSPAPER! shoe ges oe, af cle nak eet ae Jefferson and -Mullanphy. (7) work; people. Ap ly 194 N, School for Blind, 3815 M le. 

, Sia’ ahh tania deci charge of the depart-| SHUEMAKERS Wtd/—Experienced <ampers | <7 
But, for ment, Ad. with full particulars as to ex- and stitcbers, ee ag temale.| Ad., at ne "et tie. 1d For "Grand av bouse wor k = —s WOMAN Wtd. —Germen: or ogok 4 gen- 
woe lal gt ry expec ted, re! ferencea, etc.. E 62, Post- -Dispateb GIRIL Wid. —By Pa emai — ips veer rt cat eral housework; in fami y. ‘ 

Mosquito-Proof H 

osauito- roo ouses etc., Enameler, in care Lord & Thoma: | SHOKWORKERS—Sb acgiters | —s _ strik 

sq Chicago, Ml. ; )|° Milwaukee. Wis.- ge cut {. inhive, home for good girl. 4707A Vernon. | (7) | WOMAN Wtd.Good kitchen woman; ood 
Business Agcnt. GIRL Wtd.—Fo: general housework: 2 in fam- wages. 3223 Franklin, 

advertise fn ENGINEER W o 
r J td.—At ‘Chain of ‘Rocks, to run ‘ieialies ane . 
° Huber traction engine, in grading work;| SHOKWDORKERS Wtd.—Outside catters, ove ily; references required. 5168 McPherson. (4) WOMAN Wtd.--German woman work 
OS - ispatc ants take Water Works car at Baden. Fruin & side leather. Roberts. Johnson & Rand, Mis- GtRee no children, 408 West Bellens fam-" husband's room and board. "2520. N. Grand. 
a eae 7 ¥: children a) est lie. (7) 
or read the FIREMAN Wtd.—First-class_ boiler fireman SHOB WORKERS Wtd.—Male: vampers and | GIKL Wtd.—Or woman, for g neral. WOMAN Wis. re Ss Fes ¥ tuts 
: : alles * spetch.. in large plant. Ad. R 46. fancy attichers.. Roberts, Johnson & Kana _ work, _ 638 §. 7th s st. ei (i) ery Co... Sth ( Fags 801 ienlertene ar. 
S pi mes Shoe Co.. 13th and Mullanphy. — (5) GIRL Wtd.—Ww "hite Or colored. for ‘general °~ d.—Competent, to “all a 
ment; of even: 

day, March 8, 1907, at 11:45 p. m., aft- 

ber. beloved husband of Ida Bieber Till we see thy heavenly face. evening, $1.. Ambrose, 901 N. 8th st. (7) 
(mee Luther), dear son of Frank Bie- Sadly missed by her BOY—Sit. by boy of 18. with-3 years’ exper|- 

ber and brother of Mrs. Rosa Frisch SISTER AND — | ence in brokerage Office: good at figures, Ad. 
| ties areal K 107, Post-Dispatch. (7) 

(nee Bieber), aged 27 years. apoamenen tomes 
Funeral will take place on Monday, LEGAL. BOY--Sit. wanted by bey of 17 as machinist's 
‘3 007 at ? f esi Be ee appre atice. ith refereuces. Ad. Leo Kern, 
H March 1], 1907. ar = p. In., rom res TRU ST ry 1228 S lif} r. 
| ‘4006 . on Mar- STEE’S SALE--Whereas. Catherine A. ». 18 (7) 
dence, 2614 Thogaas street, to St. } Gerlts, nO more than nine months "dead. and | C. ARPE NTER—Allrot | 
cus Cemetery. Relatives and friends | Louis Gerlts. her husband, by C36. palround carpenter wants work. 
-are respectfully invited. deed of trust, a 
" . the offic “in i bine MW NGiKR--Sit. by carpentér; can do wo | 
SL N-Hie tored into rest on Fri- | ¢ s for the City of __kind of work. 1746 Cho:teau. (7 
y. March &, 1907, at 12:15 o’clock a. | State of Missouri, in book 1700. page 291. con- | CARPENTER--Sit. as carpenter, -tuck “pointer, | 

m., Margaret Chawlk, beloved daugn- } veyed to the undersigned trustee, the follow- painter and roofer. L. Gladding. 111 E. Stein. 
‘een of Mary Cheawlk (nee Mooney) and ing aac pay et qatate, situ: ated oS SS ae mre 
of the late Thumas Chawlk, * 7 nt Louis. State o issourl.. to-wit: CA RPENTER, AND BUILDER—New and re 
_ Funeral will take place from the late gt No, twenty-eight py - Spork ae: two pe! r work: cet mates furnished. Joseph B. 
‘residence, 3631 Lucky street, on Mon- | jrundsed (5200) of the City of St. Louis. havine jeg, «100% =. Jefferson. ~ Phone Grand 
day, March li, at 8:30 o'clock a. m., to | & front of twenty-five feet on the north side of | so.) esceeeee—=s aA (8) 

CHAUFFEUR--Younz German. 24 years. 

Theresa’s Church, thence to Cal- | Spalding avenue. by a depth of one hundrei] * 
. | and five (105) feet, more or less. to an all Wants sit. as chauffeur; had experience 
vary Cemetery. Fr iends are respect- | 15 feet wide, in trust, to secure the caarubeet _ and knows city well. Ad. R 48,, Post-Dis, 

Tully invited. (7) of certain notes in said deed specified: and. CHAUFFEUR- Married man wishes position 

Colnon. (7) siswitrd and Hickorr. (1) 

R a Estate Ag Nis FOREMAN’ Wtd.-—Intelligent. “energetic car: SHOEWORKERS Wtd.—Cutters ou women’s housework ;family of two. 5175 Delmar. 
penter foreman; high wages. 2833 8. King’s fine sboes, trimming cutters and = # GIRL Wt!.—Comretent. for wenerel bhoune. 
»0 R. 

Announcements highway. (6) learn cutting trade, heel scourers, 

eee et J. Bie- a os ey Gee svening. Bie’ kas ony ig "a oe ! Live in a Screenless House ERRAND _ BOY Wtd.—Good. Plow's, _ ladies’ sl Werthe imer-Swarts Shoe Co.(1) 
7 , 00 "low’s, S52 i . e . 
: ] GIRLS Wtd.—A 

- ‘ Union bi. 
,ANIEL—On Friday, March 8, 1907, | Whereas. two of said notes are now past due| as chauffuer; has bad experience on Pierce- el F ; _—e ' .° it work; 2 in family. 3320 Halliday Sa -——— a, 
‘at residence, 6651 Clemens avenue, | "4 remain unpaid: now. therefore. at ‘the awe. Mornan and Autocars. W. F. John. ee er oe for you, but 6 ac a ee Seapeaa ot ace miso pay yiwork and “vod. bay. Priea- GIRLS etd.—For fac cay wants steady em. | WOMEN Wed. —_ heen ae , ges | 2, ever’ the Uae ae fe. 
N Funeral service and interment on | said decd ~ 2 suance of the conditions in GOACHMAN-Sit. watted by first-class coach: rac SseitmulD asiteeatedteadtaeditoetibatinatinnstertin sober men who can produce results need Locust st oe SE. ae @) d pleasa si cieestigtin 
‘Sunday, March 10, at Wentzville, Mo.* | will sell the pronetiy above described at pub.| Wa", fitst-class city references. M. Dooley, Tf. 6 Ve oe. oo oe STITCHERS Wtd.—-Foxing stitcher and top an Wtd.—Good home awaits gooi gir, ori to those having Niet a 8 
lie vendue. to the highest bidder, for cash. | 02: [eanard ay. (8) SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE. + hapa rig stiteher Robert-Johnson-Rand. 23d and| “man. general housework; 3 aduitr. 6.30! some practical experience in the tele- 
MAWKINS—Enterod into rest Fri- . Louis Real Estate Exchange. in |} COLLECTOR-—Sit. wanted by experienced col- ao RY GEAR FINISHERS Wtd.—First-class, on Ms 0° ‘Fall My . ae (7) Clifton av, phones: must have ‘the use be ahi* 
day, March 8, 1907, at 1:40 a. m., Wil- St. Louis. on Tuesday, April 2. lector, monthly acgounts of 2 0. 3 newnjon? LA ADY. ~Now holding posit! ee ae cashier. 7S. Oe. Sees Set Dispatch. raha ¥ ———— "| GIRL Wtd.—Girl or woman for general house- ~ write rapid. legible band: “none other ts 
am Hawkins, member of the Fire | 1907. hetwcen the ar wg = a. m. and § Dp. m. firms, Ad. K a Post-Dispatch. (7 would ke clerical work pe ger lly aa ik GEAR BUILDE RS, ETC., Wtd.—Ex perienced STITCHER Wd. -— Experienced Goodyear work; good wages; no children. 2623 S&S. i poly. Address in own habdw ritiog. K a 
ent, at the age of 61 years. ie the OT INC ro said st. esis COOK—Sit. wanted BY first-class colored cook 45. Post-Dispatch. ; oe aa Kear color arnishere — "ar ravid wiiener - meg mee. ef og son 13th st. a ost-Dispatch. eae 
ral from residence, 2326 dams rustee. in restaurant o; hotel. Call phone 98271 tripers anner Buggy Co ain an ut- rown ant, Brown snce ©OO., 1ith and batt- | ie kes catch on * 
. 1 : LAUNDRESS—sit. by experienced. colored lau. , a) | GIRL Wtd.—Neat white girl to assist wilh 
ant Sunday, March 10, at 1:30 p. m. 907. ——- Central. D. H. Cook. My cress, to go out by _the day, 2737 Morgan, aro @) Seen AY 4.—-Firet-clase insole tacke,r pe general housework: good home. 3942 Lin- SHOE WORKERS WANTEO. 
(7) ~ STOCKHOLDERS? MEETINGS... COOK—Sit. bv Japanese as cook or butler in | -———--———-—— tia = GRADING FOREMAN Wtd.—At Chain o*|/ TACKER Wt4.—First-class insole A’ dell. (4) 
. : bright family; experienced. Ad. R 9. Poat-| LAUNDRESS- Wants rovzi: iry washing at Rocks: familiar with traction engine and American Gentleman Factory, Mamilton- GIRL Wta rk lonced,” fee ae SHORMAKERS. wra. —-Linine makers, , 
SPR—On Thursday, March 7, ] THE annual meeting of the stockholders of the Dispatch, (1) home; call or write. Mrs. A. D., 6% 3S. graders. Take Water Works car dt Baden Brown Shoe Co., 2lst and Locust. —s_ (6) — ~ Has Tat: ence y pee —— strappers, foxing atitchers, 7 itchers, as 
, Emma 8. Hesser, relict of Capt. | Harney Heights Investment Co. of St. Lonis CORRESPONDENT —Sit. wanted by commeretal | “C0. Mruin & Colnon, TREFRS Wtd.—On men's welts. Factory No. Weil, 4343 “Matyiand av. nn eee ae fiam! on.Brown Shoe Ge, at and tee 
. T. Hesser. will be held at the office of the company. No.| writer. age 3.. mechanical, electrical ana Lat NDRESS—sit. by good laundress for tne] HELPERS Wtd.—First-class cartiaze “Sia: °, Peters Shoe Co., St. Louis and Jeff rs 7)| GIRL, ETC.. Wtd.—One kitchen girl and one pains Bo MRR 
first of the week, or housecleaning by the smith helpers. McCabe-Powers Carriage Co., sipeikiliitilinaniaiaiiibii - ~—--- == dishwasher; cone prepare’ to ework; bring SHOR WORKERS bedi ~ Tatitchers “on Hanes 

0., on Sunday, March 10, at tne iy anl fur the tre in executive capacity. ; SEs Ns 

nsaction of such 7 ; Hy Hem Ne - — 
Pp. m.,. to Bellefontaine Cemetery. ether business as may be brought before said av s (7) | LACNDRESS—-Wante bundle washing to bring | HOSTLERS Wtd.—1917 S. Jefferson mrmanrans | GIRT : 
. . * r Sint dua ihe + wre nee ome 8s: la- a0 2 8 bye ~| GIRLS Wtd.—To learn tailoring: par while Friedman-Bhelb Bt.ce Co, 
; interment a 95:00 kG STRELE. Sect cae Ssesident. een mee : GS aerniien fate ac tte dies ‘eae eltken” Sie Wet Kea ee (7) | HOSTLER Wtd.—First-class hostler. 2801 La- | PARTNER Wtd.—For electric and bicyele learning. Joseph Schwimmer, 10% a. OB, taba 4417 auet st. : (ay 
ee Li On prhureday, March 7, 1907, SR ce. sE ‘3 cretary. oo. socket ng. cP raat fm Stason yh be 7 ihewien.. pes by emptied _ rer clede ay. _ (Te business; 300 required; call at once. 20903 ed goor. ene y Wtd_T aa ir 
Re 62. DERS’ MEETING- : mS , “ - s Sane cr oe HOUSPMAN Wtd.—4216 Westminster vl.; rei- Olive st. ue? GIRL Wtd.—For general housework: wash- | - BEER: eT, t of -~ n welt . 
| and ironing; small family; $20 month; | &** Rober nson-Raod, 234 and rt 

¥F ea from Emanuel Church, Old tt oni z oy ee "Gr. die tc cae: > — manufacturing experieace. both practical and vor 9644 Finne 
une ro Hal sip ‘ ct- G. L. W., 2019 Ann ( of nney, 1215 N. Broadway. (6) PARTNERS WANTED references. Windermere Hotel, 5401 Delma 
TEE SAMNT, . : . : fine shoes; steady work good =: 
and vette 

—A meeting of tolar sonable 0 oa 

t t e ‘ — ~ Salary reasonable. Ad. Geo. A, Moulder, De- laundress to bring bundles home; reliable. , 7 

R. Lupton Under- On wih be eee pol a Nl Mas Bored a yi ‘troft, Mich. (3) Rachael Smith, reaf, 3320 Washington. (7) }.erences. = yi ge Md yg age, § a rt ten ae ce Bon, es reguired. 6063 Horton pl. 

9 Any rooms, vie Olive street, | said company, on Tuesday, the 12th day of | DRUGGIST-—-sii. br graduate fn pharmacy, | LAUNDRESS—Sit. by colored laundress 1 for} LODGING HOUSE CLERK Wtd.—Ad. R30, yee’: Medic i 1608 Beenktie aa. eh an Bay - - — 

March, 1907. at 10 o'clock a. m.. at its gen- registered both city and country: experi- Monday and Tuesday. Bessie Goss, 2303 St. Post-Dispatch, Vincent, Me cine Co., 1423 Franklin av., (7) |- GIRL Wtd.—Rellable, willing girl for. ‘cook- TREERS gid. euperivared, oe pales yee. 

eral office. of tances Mo.. for| enced. V.N. Townley, lock box 1022. (8) | Charles, ’ MACHINISTS Wtd.—Railroad machinists, tor | —2U'S:™°- —————— | IR, Se Senerat bouseworn. Se Waek- | Tee eee 
ve r r vr | e i as Sunenenr Sueeneeee C » aaa sh rae win ‘ ale m7 nee 

LED zr R—Eentered into dese on Friday, roe pore for the DRUGGIS' Relief work “by revistered drag- | LAUNDR cSS—Small washing, lace curtains sectaies town, Ad. _K_ 100, Post- Dispatch. (6) AGENTS: WANTED. GIRL Wtd.-—-For zen‘ral housework tn small | VAMPERS Wtd.—On ladles’ fine shoes. 

h 1907, 2-9 a. m., Sebastine “be ne gist: has Monday and W ednesday Open, Ad, and ladies’ suits: nice place and £00d ret- MAC {INISTS : td. —Locomotive machinists: PPP PAPA Oernernm family: steam-heated flat: no outside work _ Courtney § Shoe 0@ CO., 2ist 
: oi gfe BE of Minnie i JOHN NUTE, ide: _R 171, Post-Dispateh, ee (7)| erences. E, Brown, 4316 St. Ferdinand av.(7) outside city. Ad. %, Post-Dispatch. ‘6)| AGENTS Wtd.—-Men or women. to xe!) photo- | or laundry. 6150 McPherson av. : —= ees an new a 
A (test: J. J. MORSE. ry DRUGGIST— Registered druggist wishes a few} LAUNDRESS-—-Sit.. wanted by colored iaun- | MACHINE HANDS Wtd.—Wood- working ma- tickets, uew preposition. Genefil, 217 N. Girt wra.— —Competent, Protestant white girl LAUNDRY HELP WANTED. 

nee Leudecke a wesc eames an . 
( e r), fter a short ————— bite more encagemelts at relief work; best of dress for Monday and T uesday. Call or write chine hands. Ameriran Car Co., 1525 Old 6th st. Pa Ie ds AP Smninneoamguinenceyuiiibibias: timate elena (3) fi: OF general house w ork, w ithout washing or pte oT gti 
; (6) 1918 Wash st. Manchester rd. (6) | AGENTS Wtd.—Several agents: good sellers: ironing. Forest 6529. SO008A Morgan st. (1) GIRLS Wed. ~—Marker and aed am 

’ funeral wili take plac _ refs. Phone Benton. 698R. a Sh esinees est BE BE. setae 
rch 10, at 1:30 p. = an walanenes . ENGINEER—Sit. by experienced engineer and| LAUNDRESS—Wants washing to bring home: | MACHINISTS Wtd.—Several first-class ruti- $i a day and 25 cominission; call Sunday | GinL Wid ——For gen-ral housework: no wash-| _Leeder Laundry Co., 2316-21 Te 
N th Ninth at t Rel : - andC, Marshall, 8215 c anne ate, Mectrician;: plan and superintend- construe- can -~fve references. Cora»Henderson, 614 read machinists for out of town. Ad. K or Monday before 9 p. m.. Voelkel, 1720 ing or ironing; small family; big wages LAU NDRY HE ‘wed. ie 
ede are” Mee nal nig pepe and . and A, Op , 1927 cmerens: girl. __tlon of power plants. Ad. K 31. Post-Dis.(7) Beaumont: phone Bomont 1164. a 0S. Post-Dispatch. > (6) Menard. ee : (7) Apoly 1313 Chemical Bldg. y% ea ‘Colonial Be Co... Marker and aseorer Py 
. and E, 8. 2d: girl FARMHAND—Sit. by expertenced farmhand, | LAUNDRESS—Wantea, washing and ironing |] MACHINIST Wtd.—First-class, accustomed | AGENTS Wtd.--We pay $80 a month salary GIRL Wtd.—Or middle-arved woman. white.| MAN Wtd.—Experien ) 
2 state experience. Ad. E and zurvraniyed and all expenses to introduce for general housework in family of 2: no _ Empire gym Levnard aod Bolt. 00 

SUMMEL—Entered into rest Sun- | P. > Januck 'si07 aA “banning: girl. having 25 years’ experience. Ad. W. D.. to take’ home; good references. 4242 San to small work; 
March 3, 1907, at 7:30 p. m., after . araithe rel nei girl, _ Washington Hotel, 1703 Wash! n2ton, (3) Francisco av. ie Se (7) _ Post- Dispste mir guara d poultry and stock remedies. wauduing. Apply 1823 N. Taslcr. 
@ short iliness, Emma Krummel, be- ; . Stein, city: irl. minster; girl, FIREMAN, ETC.—Sit. wanted as fireman, oil- | LAUNDRESS—Sit. wanted: first-class laun | MA“ (\dINIs1'5 ‘td. Nomanion, exnerien. ed Bigler_ Co ie Sea, Bier ‘') ) GIRL Wtd.—German girl for general house. 
Bice daughter of Henry and Henri- | J. ani FE. Pe elt. ‘ assistant to engineer; can give refer-| dress will go out Mondays and Tues inva: floor and “oundirmise nachinists, for loco-] AGENTS Wtd.—$40 week. new line ladies’ P Saek: 3439 Longfellow bi., one block east of ocms and 
’ ; 811A Short motive repair work: position in Southwest: high-grade toilet goods, $1 worth of premium Grand ay. : (7) 

etta Krummel (nee Gainer), and dear | C. N. : boy Ad. K 8, Post-Dispateb. (ti) sna) id bundles to bring bome. wpe bs 
of Annie Kanuffer (nee* Krum- | J; 4nd ' 4 1 Russell; hoy N—Sit. by man: willing. to do any kind | _ Mark ae aS | ; eB yi a positions: tesasportstion fur. pce ie Ss 4 oa Bradley Mtld?,, [GIRL Wd. —White, for general housework tn CITY ; 
bi =. William, Amelia, Luli and : I. -- : Gell. 2008 4 "gs i bor. Ve “wr one ail Disbatcee ek; steady job. SE RStRE? 5 “Colored _ seamstress desires Market st. (1) oy Paul . om ily (3) sina] family: good wages. Mrs. McAuliffe. ROOMS FOR RENT. ' . 
Frank Krummel, Alvina Block (nee 8° and i. 1119 Vandeventer: boy ae er Pade bet | sewing te do at home; first-class work: | MACHINISTS Wtd.—Transmission repair tin- | —— 1265 Hamilton. — smear sca’) 5 maw eum, wena. Meee 
mimel), and our sister-in-luw and | M. dt. . City: boy. i sag PO ti “anieea wParam ane ones ae ~ ” — = ners, filers and vise testers, lathe, screw. SALESMEN WANTED. GIRI, Wtd.—To assist with general house- ARD. - 
aged 33 years 1 month and 18 |T ape E. Ott, 1709 8. 10th; ‘boy. chemist. Ad, H 40, Post-Dispateh. 7) ipromises good work. wp g te oa oat: drill, gas engine, frame and final assem- | .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ es work: about 16 or 17 years old. Apply 50861 
eee ae ‘ a one r . ’ xt 3 , a . SS OOD "SO i, ot ; . > vby < vo tA RO , air » ” = = « *.% 

e funeral will take place from MARRIAGE LICENSES. ieee hgh any artex! ches “ge Ske; eas ee | pn NR egy i ror ay AO ng oe eae eet gs » ng alse © pouaeat Paige Mee os to apsist in howework in SIDDLE 360 Pere ished rooms, with or with- 
family residence, 5969 Old Manches- | Sam Tkach 1315 N. &th «: ive refe.ence. A. D.J 5904. ictlaen ae. 17} STENOGRAPHER—Wants work at home even- electricians; on. Sage wages, transportation agents to travel. $2) ner week and exvenses. family of 2: bo washing or ironing. 755 Au one ha bt housekeeping, bath and e eat 
road, to new Pickers Cemetery, HebUSeduecinh 1315 N. Sth: wt MAN. iWeune Gerninn, “Gaeend Staittied ee Te ee eee meee fT) | eavnneed. ro liv ot Same -Movenente’ | Coll ot art SA eee Seen ee : it wits (7) 

ee ae rieigale sinh 5 ung G an, sp s knelish, sohe ; AN. : ; IIotel, 12th and Olive. eer —High-clas cial 

nday, ‘at 1:30 p. . : . O47 Mer Y : we om WOMAN--Would Hke to clean offices. Mrs. } _” VN Wtd.—High-class specialty sales- GIRI, Wtd.—Young: ‘to assist with care of 
n  Wratciace ‘ ahd Ios Angeles Carolina Cc. Z oan po Ad a "Ad. ny would like to drive arene wié) _ Neumann, 1916 Cherokee (7) MAN Wed. To, work oad “house” and wash man: address itn .crereaces, 2018 Market. 2 little girls: S a. m. until 6 pp. m. —_ eet tae a ins (45 as, service, ak 

apers please copy William E. B + 0 y mat ' WOMAN—Sit. by Hungarian woman, to-sew: | dishes. +116 N. 12th st SALESMEN Wtd.—To handle e well-known | Hailider st. : 
ce soeers eb Bertha B. Smith” ‘ eth ee ay MAN. —Sit. fi jadine coatraiiiee ant _ must be cut: for factory or store, at homs. | MAN Wid.—-A competent  houseman. 5173 | and advertised line o” knee and youths’ | GERI Wtd.—Good housegir! for upstairs and | CASS, 3041—Large, nicely farn 
RNHEIWM—tlKntered into rest Sun- iii pin st rstands viding oustruction and mate Wm. L.. 21 8S. 10th. (3 Lindell. pants as a side line for all States of te help in dining recom. otel Victoria, heii Ea ex! room, also room for gentlemen 
am 8, mt at (7a) cpemsunasiees 

denly on Thursday, March 7. at 6:30 Kati Recon rials; fair draftsman. Ad. K 7. Post-Dis. (6) : ; 2 nn sah os 4 MACS “ a SER EuEr ‘ene “99 I nion. Remnant Pants Co., $5-37 West 31 _ Delmar bl. at Att ies 
. ™. Katherine Quernheim (nee 

WOMAN—Wants sit. as housekeeper for un- | AN Wtd.Who understands steam beat. ial ae ee 
hr) aged S4 years, dearly boloved a at.. New Tors City: (7) NECKWEAR operators, turners and finishers - CHAMBERS, 1203.-Rooma for lemen and 
: . 

st MAN -Young Inan wants carpenter work. Ad. he | , luis ’ 
Henry Robinson ............ 2161 Benjamin a F. B. Robbins, Evergreen and Wells av. Pen hei ee Some. |“ Woabington. @ ; fore 
_ ome , ‘ae L Ay s:} Ad. K 32. Post-D ere 4 ee r asians SALESMEN Wtd.--An excellent opportunity ateady work: good pay: at Korrgold’s, Ca. light housekeeping; up 
wife of William Quernheim and de ar i ie om 2161 Benfamin ay W ellston, Mo, $4) WOM 4%. Reliable woinan wishes situation in M AN o oe _— fenced, “to “assist w ith house- for men of push and abilitr: | sales made lumbla Theater Bldg, (7) ao 7) 
; sister of Fred W., Charles, Henry and +. 928 N. 18th st MAN—Sit. wanted as housecieaner or «work by Iynehroom kitcben; no Sunday work. Ad. R rege Ma aad ae - fiom leads; reply immediately. American! GIRLS Wtd.—About 14 years of age. Ap-|¢ ‘HOUT. SAU. O11 ~—Larae. , lent unfurnished 
= E ma Drehr. fi . esr 128 ~~ 13th st Pine ay. by experienced man Of woman, 2119 12 Post-Dispatch. MAN Ww ptt! «gage ented na hepical: Py 1 opgapaga Association, 708 Merm fier” iy Holman Paper Box Co., 8th and} room by week or 
e neral will take place on S'inday, . Pine ~ ~~ — — | WOMAN-—Sit. wanted by ‘reliable. young woman a a Aas ne : is big. (3) “*houteau. i — ished 
March 10, at 1:30 p. m., from the resi- 2001 Chestnut st MAN —Sit. wanted by tho: oughis experienced to do general housework by the day. Mra sowes inn >eanee XA? _ ie CORNET jo ALESMEN Wtd.—4 high-class salesmen for | GIRL Wtd.— —German. for general housework: C — KJ nnd! 1146—Nleely aa recms, tf 
. brickvard man und engineer, as superintend- nea 4001 Carfie v 7 MAN AND WIFE Wtd.--Old darkey couple | 54 She f : aes 
e 8720 + oka ay enue. Relatives and ent yr foreinan;: voung sober and See “vwetic Jonen, 1061 Garf! id at Saree, to take care of country home: rood aiaae specialty work; road positions; Arkansas, must oe 2006 eyes: smuly of four. 169 pg bly ro ag furnished a 
ds are invited to attend. (7) Wedding Rings, $3.00 to 820.00. best references. Ad. R80, Post-Dispatch. zr) WOMAN—Sit. wanted by reli ty eoreres Wom for right parties. Ad. R_ 190, Post-Dis. (1) indian Territory. N&th Texas. Kansas ant 8. are SF rt eter | light housekeeping; 
oy og ere mtered {nto rest on Finest quality, solid 18k gold, 4 MAN-—Young. 19 years!) cld. Hungarian. can — og © paom scrubbing. 722 N. 16th st., MAN Wtd.—Young. in tablet department. Ap- on eave waslaaek Ad. replies E 6 Post: GIRL, Wtd.—For | cenerai house work : ama ee 
«- March 8, 197, at 10:20 p. m., MERMOD, JACCARD & KING, speak a little English, wishes employment sete iy ara i gener mee em ply 4th floor, southwest corner Main and Prispateh. : . (3) pet: no outside work: good wages. 5222A CHOUTEAY, 1319—Roome. newly me 
belove ai ound the house. Steve SZ avo, li Ss. tru. { A Nest, wv A &. 9 : ( ‘edar. ‘ (7) ry . poe . tote : item: - are ” ad. oF ouse een os 4 gent mes; 
‘ d eee free. B'way, Cor, *Locust.| deny st. Hes (1) | Woman, experienced gerne Ad Lenn | MAN Wtd.—Who understands the making of | SAL ESMEN “Wa THRE Ee PInsT. CLASS | GIRL Wid.—For meneral bon: e work and cook-| basement: reasonable. : 
ere ‘es, d. AG, > iy N.- , at wring re rence. ; im war wr . 
ROOK 0, 8 {A ine? mu 2 nz CHOUTEAU, 1106-12—Large front. 

(nee ; 
companion or chaperon; 4 
aprvtee;| Wee ee ee en, UK AND UNU SU- ironing; good wsees. 2223 Ree (S) f — 
GIRLS Wtd.—Experienced girts to operate b 3 ry: pectable povole: "other 
is for housekeepnga: 

ee Se 

. a "AINTER—Sit. wanted by first-clas se ‘osteDispate : 
beloved father of PAINTER—Si TE soy hs t a8s hous Post-Dispatch. co (4) ed. Ad. L 18. Tost- Dispatch. (1) okt, : TR ne , U X OPOSITION 

rang (nee Richards), he id Fe ‘2 painter, elderly unan. 4218 Cottage. (5) va i get . — TT SS ( 
io WOMAN--Young widow would like position as : 
> nasil’ « * OF whe Re : " .[ntelliceut roun OD ‘ ‘cet “1 . > — i 
and foi dea Cemethet, Patherie tay | Los an ou und Fe ee a itenestnr tt ot ee Sitters 44. gh ener Mectioate: of young man ims MAN ad $s youre of age, for tive aspeticn | DES, SUaTICEE RNISHING INDIVIDUAL, | Brwer machines: food wages: sends, euplay 
peaneeatner, after a short illness, enamel PLUMBEK—Sit. by plumber: can do repair: &2 ‘Taylor ay. wholesale house. Ad. hk 100, Post- iota 3 RTOS INDORSEMENT. aoe woh RL | Gina =e = pT pg make . Sa oe CLARK. Bg age onal cones, rooms, 62 
at the age of 69 years. __{ng and _pIDe- fitting. Ad. I i67. P..D. mm) * . 7 : IE TRIED AND IT WiLt | : ri 
family Feetlence, 938 Buchanan street. | Pome te, eae! Alelpy W anted MAS wil gashime an sandy mega Mas; | REL USmEEAS FOR 2OU RO tat tenes | Sd % Tree ee CURR “Taree roome. foria 
x ' ishi - hot RT ma ‘ rn0: t! ARE OF ; 12 8. silishaiinasiti : 
a” ily resklence, 928 Buchanan street, . ougiuing: ‘in, finishing on hoth. ad R 187 p ‘tne an Ad. Pesne’s Woodworking Cy. Y Rie ae CCRSSECTON. fi % Ae C. | Gints Wid Over “Ti Feats. ta oleh pete: totem 
: ; eteady ne and good pay. Appiy at 4 COMPTON. 223 5 — Rosa “and raf 

on Sunday, March 10, 1907, at 1:30 p. find _ Post- Dispatch. (7) Ta 1 4 
Friedens Cemeter , Spare, CAR ‘apes ueracac ie : ee ee OS. 3. 4: _— _— se Pr ROPOSITION < 840 wR, 
is ‘hela ves and friends are invited to ad wiet " w Poe ay ABORER- ee rene, Bee. Ee Ce ae MAN AND WIFE 2 td. —White or colored, ts E XTENSE GU teed Cc att GIRL Bas —Neat white girl: familr of two:' 

Posh Dispaten at ett le Ads for learn the trade and language. Ad. I, Veras. } APPRENTICE Wtd.--17 or_18 years old, to teke, Meramec or Wirtwood cat ou Sark: Tw BEX 0A. MM. AND RR BS ee ‘waakian on troning: small steam-heated ge gE “s—Neatly ‘Nrothed “haat room, 
1221 Market ef. ua? learn’ good trade: wages $5 to start. Inland et to Webster Park. E. D. _Garrett. iT) DAY. i 807 HOLLAND BLDG. (Ty flat: tanitor eervice Call toler, 4010 Lin- gas Gh 
1) a. t0_) z. a : 1 UL. 47) COOK. 3782 — Wie Ntee . singe som ern “ 

ir; ell 

_ person. 

gos Siniekcot ate gota > a FIND ANYTHING bring it STF NOGRAI HER I sith , a Trove Foundry, 12ta and Locust. ( " . ~ 
. +RAP “ on hy mr « a * 3 HS deren eraseanieneaten meant - - ; . 

stenoxrapher or general office TOINE man as RBARBER Wtd.-—At once. S23 Market et. a ag a Wtd.—At once. Cal at “158 CANVASSERS ‘AND SOLICITORS ; td. a Gilee ches Beton ok — 

& >. 7 a PPP PPP LL el el LL LAL Le LL LLL La PO Myr ap ' } y 4 go * he Sou - 

- r 
Fr da March 11, at ¥]- erences, Ad. K 155, Post-Dispatch. (6) } BLAQKSMITH. ETC Witd.—Good = wagon | =. ee ET Ey “Serre 
. a or Tesid nce, 4727 Cook | ° STENOGRAPHPR--Beginner of ability destres blacksmith and helpers, 215 West Stein, (7) | MEN Wtd.—For wholesale -house; abie-bodied |Lapy  CANVASSERS — Wtd.—Experienced; i cilia i D LMAS BL. hag ge 
* eile from the 'r wes rad - Post-Dispatch situation; willing to Start at smal] #al- | BLACKSMITH HELPERS Wtd.—Appl young men, about 20. years old. for stock splendid seller; best pro ition in the city; “ ; CECA ENS gage ee 
' Lost nad Found Burean ary. Ad. K 2}, Post-Dispatct 6) * at 1 Fd Apply to -_- department. Ad. H 158, Post- Dispatch. (15) year's work; call until Monday. M. EF. Wray, ; Witd.—-Experienced tent ‘and awning 
bh 7, 1967, at 9 a. m. : d peer = an chinist. American Stee ty. Co., Granite | ; 5 California. ; Di _— pply 8t. Louls DE MA 
aa, tal 7 mand of 210-212 North Broadway. WASHF.R—Sit. wanted ag washer in automo- City, U1. (7) | MEN Wt1.—Saddile hands and saddle machine Bc age pt cig a, (8) ‘eo i mt 4 N. Mal feet 
‘ ehindie:  etuntan ; ad ¥ overators: good wages; stqidy work. SOLICITORS Wtd.—Two good solicitors: ean ; . pote ap 
mH aaa BL.  es--anea sesituieg aah 
Story front rooms, terms rees.; modern 

. ? 

SRT ater 

ee a agg, Mey ze 
lel 5 

‘ a? Ro de, beloved husband o paged cy « a Tne eet pwenens : ip ° : 
knnie Rohde (nee cpm and gow greed — ROT ogg Rictor 448. ere OSE: ‘wrest oe AiG tone other bv apels. Burns Saddlery (2 a moke $10 per week. Ferris. 411 Olive at.. —————— 
| ohde and father-in-law of An- meher Forge | toll MEN WTD.--ST re py | moon 411 SS ‘| GIRL Wtd.—Experienced girl for general ’ ‘ : 
febry Ro (nee Kckert), aged S years vertised.  Heclaiin le it the owner does SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE. . +o yi = pee Holling Milling “e.. Net ae. Chit he MEN 7 TO > WORK evi SOLIC ITORS — Wtd.—Good solicitors: ladles | “housework = oe: Pe. . py RB... 9 (7) 
a 4 days. ' nnn mo | BOOKKEEPER Wtd.--Experienced  bock- GLASS ©O., 4100 N, BROADW AY, and gentiemen. to fenresent iarce furniture | ne ad av. DELMAR Tilley yp 
. unday, .AS s eper shi ell rec. | soo - house; men now earning 86 a day. Mr. Cou- 41S Fia na .- 
meres wiil — oo vai On neicl tite ny AE he page find Yort ar- C ASHIER— Sit. wanted by “lady — i pay eae coal ve Ad. kK 43. PosteDie en a MPN Wetd.- _Young, from 16 to 18 years old, on room 319, S21 Cheatnut st.. between | ¢ GIRL Wtd.—Fxperienced, for geners] ge — seven ba in se Feaiizs" toy two 
ooghbeg e, '} iendy res = the Btate fae nas "8 ea ing that Ad. 25. Post-Dispatch. ! : mi. on to serve an apprenticesbip of three rears. 8 and 5. (3) wok {pn emall family, take Meramec own 
areus avenu ren pec Re ate (section S475. to S480, . ong BOOKKEEPER Wtd.—At; ergmeren. e will ty Joarn the trade of saw making; fo; par- off at Mason ay. 413 Lockwood ar bo 
invited to attend, strict fo requiring Missourt, 1880); , COMI in well 3 ws aoe to yady. A J gi ven, to Gsrmse married : must ticulars apply to Curtle & Co. Mfz" Co.. ‘one TRADE SCHOOLS “AND AGENCIES aoe. 
a em) to Beek ‘the oman rel! ac nd eapable of giving experience in liquor or brewing line. biock north of Suburban Gai ‘den. YS WANTEN t bh you the millinery Ph 
ANN-—Entered into rest Fri- owners through naviirtlausene and orh- instructions in china painting; references. 162, _Post- Dispatch ~ ae GIRLS Wté.- We ear 
| day, March 8, at 4:15 p. m., John Hen- erwise, and that a failure to do Aang if Ad, K 1S, Post-Dispaten, (9 | BOYS Wtd.—To drive teams. 20558 ae MILK BR ie ™ Frat iat best wages for] MEN - AND BOYS WANTE Death. fteln ‘a iets. Co. roy cet eeari | 
oe sundsy ee eae t 2 nv venat Sn me SPOT EN, Sewelees: & severe COOK—Sit. by good colored cook; boarding | BOY Wid. Youna. colored. to assist with ~ tg papbaved ewood Dairy. S122 Big Beod! we teach you plumbing or bricklaying cab Sth foo stint lac sh 
n 1 Sunday, aMre at c Pp. penaity. . _house. Mrs. Moore, 30 S Leonard. (7) porter work, Maserang, Taylor and Olive. | g- NTERS Wtd.— Experienced cattiams neias” by ectual practice in three months; graduates Gini ead or “~okine, weshing gh — 
vin _ PAI td.-— th age am) guaranteed a position; our schon in oldest ond ine: family of a wire been anether girl. + 
per 5520 

from residence, 214A Allen ave- COOK Sit: be co 8 agp 7 
Funeral private. Please omit — feek | ne teunécs “ot oataide. work: “wases OF ugh hey a. 7and. oo t cnien ad Den A gl — ah mort reilable in St. Lovls; call and see our; pioyel: wages 
2 Sh a the week. 27°S Morgan BOY Wtd.- ~Boy about 16 to work fn rocery; PAINTER | Wid. rad ‘gdalnters N. pag A rEBIne — Rh pages bean tae Nat aged. 
: ¢ - — mee £ a 4th _ 
| mn Ea sae age gt yen , Su SMSO Dod : - - = Gi Neat cobeued wataae Wantsa work; with _experienced preferred. S000 Park, | a st.. Hannibal, Mo. S| eae. _AOTS. Easton. Night, en A ‘school. (3) HOUSPREEPER Wee Mi MiAéle- gall att 
| ° a. ty Ww “owe od — On| FOUSEKEPER _S Box Wtd.—-To work in tinebop.: Apply 2017 PAPER HANGER—Sit. by paper _banger; ‘frst. | <= a - wee. —Twe ; ‘e boarding  bouse. 
~ ae Shee ea if Onder Fin Fin’ wp Viet: tes sea Amit. by Toung widow — houne- Bradway, class: have tools. 3004 Lacled HELP WAN’ ED- —FEMALE. nor $05 Bros 
On Friday, Mare 4 . beral wie 4 7 nt Ph nepal machetes in Wtd.—Good bey for d ' $01 | PICTURE MEN Wtd.- Siavatiensck: 0 en 
m., Joseph G. Schmitt, dear Geek ee iy] Call at once, 50144 bs i con IE, AS. Cc Soci av. raz store. a. 2 Saturday and Sunday. Hotel ld tit | APPRENTICE Wtd.—Apprentice girl for wil wil. HOUSEKEEPER wa. 14—-Geed, sete rel‘able tady : 
1 of Albertina Schmitt (nee wit oer hana ieee ‘rian bon ¥, cane HOU SEKEEPER- Sit. by experienced house- | Boys Wtd.-14 yeara old. ~ Inland Type Foun- | room 15. (T)) Mnery. 2104 8. Broadway. home: low wages. 
a and our dear brother, aged Wwe hn on handle. oy Reeper, 10 ye ; out of city, dry, 12th and Locus 1) | PLOWHOLDER Wtd.—for New Era grader, cKTPO RR Wid.—Youns lady” antral TSzil. ~ 
urn to 1 N. Broad- Yea fd of references ii Chal Hocks, t ke Waterwor | BOOKK y with | some ri to 
ae 24 ‘floor. corner Market st: Mberal re. Post-Dispatch “dG; | BOY Wta—To run made “St. Louis Ma- Dadee Prat "& Colnon ° at ke car at experience. for office: state, own handwrit. | HOUORGIRL Wwod.—Lowng girl | cs 
rat private, Sunda toh 10, | _ ward. nae (7) Hoe aikecnieen one ebinists S. Co.. 1118 Pine. sf rare See (6) ] ing. _ experience my capnees. A4.| west iu tmoodt 
m., from Louls Milenty un- CAT—Laoat or strayed, female | all black vat.| for widower or ba: take saunaee lair, | BOYS Wtd.— Must be a ears old. ~ Cotambia PORTER Wtd.—For restaurant. it. 2200 Pine. fe WS Re — he ‘market st. ents. 
room, 2206 South Jeffer-| some time Thursday, from 1104 Pine. Return}| with goot references. Call or address 903 | Box Co. 10th and North Market (8) PORTER’ Wid.—Saloon porter: white man pre. CASHIER Wid.—Lady. tot, te artes ees ; 
karbet. ferred. 1928 Geyer ay, erences: salary $10." Mébler's. Sal jet. im ts 

| ng 

m avenue, to the Missour! Crema- to manager and receive liberal reward. Hodiament. 1 ROY we ta. a0 en gg 6 ay . 
omit flowers, (7)" DOG—-Lost, black a marked with white, | Hod SEK ERY ERR: , ‘e- ie yin store: one PORTER Wtd.—Firet-class er. Cer ey 

aa ease ~g ke iM PVEK--Sit, as boosexceper br re pare preferred. Dodier. (7) 115 NX. 6th et. port ca ie Giiuntakals~ Wtd.—Colred: Yor” private m7: By re 


male, rewa _Ad 5S, Post-Dispatch, 1, reepec tab! had ti idow 
. ora © Bch into dearly be. 560—Wset mais dee: ; back at tae Sees _Setmecka = jeune ay. Rg - = BOYS “wed ‘Jeern trade; Set pes white PORTER WidGerman 3 orter: call thie | Doarding house; pice, clean place. " Apple . s+ In” 
t,t aunt er Marth Bonet reward. 926 Tyler s 1g North Market. wo lysis gaia we | av. ro} evening or Sunday morning. 1113 nore teau. | _2042 Locust. PEERS — Wid —Espericowng : a 
‘Be o'clook. i—Lowt, brown dog, light "breatt, eter - ior ‘Sek ERPKR—to 4 al| PORTER Witd.—Colored . . “ered ntreee” 
short abewers ‘nincambéred lads Lhe” . a " ; 
8 ok | = A168 : — eae! goign ne ie paneer a wer or a be oe ee ig ee *S Seed o'clock siete, "08 

SATURDAY— 8T. LOUIS het ae TCH—MARCH 9, 1907 

| Seventh and St. Charles. 

lectric elevators: steam heat: sprinkler 
srsteim; floor area (each) 70x55. 
on three sides. Convenient to Washington 
A very wsiperior location for salesmen 
representing out-of-town firme, where 
it is necessary to carry stock. 


For space apply to 

Mercantile Trust Co., Agent, 


Concerts and s of the 
Week and Those Comie 
—News Flom Studies. 

“The object of this club shall be 
the careful personal study of great 
composers, and the development of the 
ability to appreciate and gracefully in- 
terpret all good music.’’ 

This object has resulted in the flour- 
ishing condition of the “Ten O'Clock 


‘x irthiin, contralto; Ferdinand Jaeger 
basso, and Geo. H. Hi. Sheffield, omer” f 

“The aged and Vio Violin Music” will be 
the subject of Mr. Victor Lichtenstein’s 
lecture-recital, with which the second 
series. Of concerts in the music educa- 
tional department of the Y. M. C. 
wil ae a einen ey night. Mrs. 

"a e s dir - 
ictterMca’ OU 

Mme. Olga Samaroff will give a piano 
recital at the St. Louis Wamseer club 
Monday afternoon, March 1% at 2 
o'clock, for the benefit of the Char- 
ity Board of the Baptist Hospital. 

The coming concert of the Knights 
of Columbus Choral Club, which wil. be 
given during Easter week, promises on 
rank with the best efforts of similar 
choruses of St. Louls. The club num- 
bers %) voices, holds weekly rehears- 
als,-and is under the direction of Lu- 
cien Becker. 

Mr. Joseph Sheehan of the Savage 
Opera company will be the soloist of 



Majority Vote Will Decide, 
Then All Must Conform. 

City Forester Meyer has sent out lIet- 
ters to residents on Westminster place, 
Washington boulevard, Delmar pboule- 
vard, Vernon avenue and Fountain ave- 
nue, between Grand avenue and King’s 
highway, asking an expression as to 
the kind of shade tree they prefer to 
have planted in front of their homes. 

It is the intention of the City For- 
ester to have all trees planted hence- 
forth of one certain class, and a de- 
cision of tthe majority of property own- 

— Qual |All this is 

by i 

Finest Flavor 
Absolute 7 

unc in [al 

TEA AND marae ONLY. 

Biack, Mixed 

cos ana You our ae E 

Highest Anard St. Louis, 1804. 

the Easter concert and P. G. Anton ——<—— ee 



VikAe VIAEROOR NES Hp a . z a, 7 ad 
2 eter, _ {tee k “+o reat ad = _ 7 
> Tate te Paes Ye 5 geelli! ~ s : in) Sh! rN ms. sy . 
she ~ iat > x a7 rt SA H “= ey oa. a ad Te a np —_— . * 
—— de XG KS 
- oats ea P e 
Sete 5 noe ath a ’ 2 
- oan . 2 . ‘ wp st Soe 
~ ee soe Py - 
4 A. wa. ; a ee — - — 
es * Ps ie Lo he te 5 ~ ™ Te. Po ee Teen Pa So unt P ™" 
fo weer. * a ee hs Ss Rk nie, fn gt & 2 Pa iy RPDF Rae Se Pee he 
B : 
‘ * 
se ye) ‘a 

SS, si. Y 
Musicale,””’ which was organized in the SKRAINKA | ma: ° + - : . a 
—-—- | Winter of 1900 by a small coterie from STRAUSS Prove ff’ F | p | cellist. ro a ggpons his action. wer egies 
eee _— y qn then pliant a tree unless con- 

Es ee en 

Per tt 

SBR O Saale co H8D 
ae = 


Large, light stogercom, suitable for any retail 

NICHOLLS. MOTTER, | 713 Chestnut st. (6) 


I bave a good Jocation for 

_ Both phones, 816 Pme st. (6) 


In the West End: merchants looking for a 
g00d location. phone me. 

__ Both phones. _ 816 Pine st. (6) 

og ene mee eS 


AGE—For sale, 5400 Willams pi., two 
rooms and attic, water inside, shel and chick. 
en house; price $750: owner at Louse. qs) 

the present Union Musical Club. The 
24 active members were divided into 
three sections each to present a pro- 
gram in keeping with the subject of the 
day. A plan of the vear’s work was 
drafted and the sections assigned its 
part. ) 

Mrs. Watson was elkcted president, 
and Mrs. Lucie Bevis Douglas, vice- 
president. Among the charter mem- 
bers were Mrs. Rosalie Balmer Cole, 
Miss Lois Page, Miss Roberta Newell, 
all well-known pianists; Mrs. E. &. 
Froman, Mrs. Ray Douglas, Mrs. Tay- 
lor Bernard, Mrs. George Carrie, whose 
names are among our best vocalists; 
Miss Ellen Brooks Johnson, violin; Mrs. 

Lhevinne, the celebrated pianist, will forms with the standard 

give a concert Friday night and Sat- 
urday matinee, March 23 and 24, at the 
Odeon for. the benefit of the Children’ s 
Hospital. The list of box-holders for 
the recital are: Mmes. J. G. Chapman, 
Hudson KE. Bridge, Louis Chauvenet. J. 
T. Drummond, Eugene Cuendet, Simeon 
Ray, M. W. McKittrick, Saunders Nor- 
vell, Norris Gregg, Selwyn Edgar, T. H. 
McKittrick, William Cc. Stribling, John 
D. Filley, R. McK. Jones, John. T. 
Davis, E. J. Glasgow Jr., Daniel Cat- 
lin, D. R. Francis, C. A. Pierc e, Edward 

An interesting artists’ concert has 
been arranged by Belleville music ’lov- 
ers to take place at the Lyric Theater 
Wednesday, March 20. Those to appear 
are Miss’ louise Meyers, violiniste; 

The February report of City Forester 
Meyer shows that 1009 permits were is- 
sued, which cover the pruning of 357% 
trees, the planting of 365 trees by pri- 
vate persons and trimming of 736 trees 
by wire companies. 

ta enemeemeatell 

ee ee ee deans 


For Infants and Children. 

ne ee a OD 

The Kind You Have Always Bought 

EIGHT 3-kuomM reaTs $i440 PER YEA. je putien 

PpRiIc $23 800. Anna Cone Barwick. 2, oe eam ig. ts . a es 4% Charles Gallow 

3824 to 3820 eeann avi. lot 775x168: eight At the close of the first year & Mrs. ‘ ok , “Sa ma ' gs ‘ be: . Bae Pee ‘y catie: @ aluioway, piano; P. G. Anton, Bears the 
fakes ubout $5000 casb| Watson was re-elected to the presi- 6 Tae: mi ) YY “se i enn eorge Ravold, vocal, and the 

to buy this; rents aiways gt $120 per monta; | dency, and the program for the coming a ; ., are. : emple. Male Quartet, composed of Signature of 
call for card of admission. year’ including the great musicians be- , ecm: a ae ss Messrs. .Buse Rohan, Cash and Ravold. 

SIDNEY SCHIELE. # N. Sth st. (S| ginning with the early music of Bach. ae: eee * 

RLLING—For sale; 7 rooms, bath, furnace:| Handel and Hayden, and _ following mae eg ¥ . ee A lecture and musical program will 

t 25x160: on Cook av., near Pendleton: a down through the works of Wagner, Ss RE : a 2 it eae be given for the benefit ef 8t. John’s eee nn a ana 

‘ Ret : : Cems.” M. E, Church, W ashington boulevard 

en for $4000: card of admission at of- Brahms and vorak. —~ 
: | “y > M Watso!: was elected tv a third and King's highway, for the benefit of | / 
Jon McMENAWY INN EST. AND R. E. rs. atso , Cloan Missi ion. Rey. Dr. loca Bote RELIABLE lt. TENTISTRY 

was 1308 N. Grand Gijterm. “But, owing to il-health. re- > ) a Bradl Nl gi 

IPERTY—For sa —.{signed, and Mrs. Anna Cone Barwic =x ———— adley will give the lecture and the 

ROPER or sale, =o now ‘when every- Barwick served - choir will Supply the program. Among AT THE CROWN DENTAL PARLORS 
the members interested are: Mmes. M. 800 OLIVE ST. Opp. Post Office, 

body is trying to buy is the best time. as | became president. Mrs. 
property is getting higher every day; send|a second term. The club work during : . 
Me your address, as, we have ren! bargains, | this period covering the dev nent of (Mrs. EDWIN V Me INTYRE. MRS. BENZ. ¢ 3 CAASE S : 3 Dillon, Paul Brown, W. E. Graves, FREE Consultation, Examiaati): ay ; 
; “| Ray Carter, R. H. Bostick, T. P. Horns- Advice . th [ 
Full Set Teeth $3 7, is the man who has tried to get the same service 

and state what you'want. B.A. Building | musical form and opening with a pro- 
Bids. by, E. M. Senseney. 
(upper and ap ‘ 
out of some other machine. 

Co., 419 Chemical @ivram o rork- ) ’ 

\HOUSE—¥or sale; 5043 Maple: an monomer A ee eae Seeente. Mme. Samaroff Will Play at the Woman’s Club for the Baptist Hospital Senser 

» home of 0 roomea and peceptian hall: front musicale and cantatas Benefit BUSINESS NOTICES. Amalgam Fillings... 25c 
ragrant floral blooms, plant-milk, vegetable emen ng ......40c A 

man may know the Remington or he may 

know some other typewnter, but the man who really 

knows typewriters is the man who knows the differ- 

ence between the Remington and others. 

Mrs. Edwin V. McIntyre, Contralto Singer at a Hannibal Concert 
essences compose Satin skin eream. Only 25c. Platina Fillings 75c to $i 
sk stete building: store -on * floor. flat 
above: New York with her|to the greatest orchestral tone master = Remington Typewriter ys 

for 7 agp lot 226x145: owner asks $3000: : . : 
wake an offer , Ten O'Clock Musicale was represented | roucertos, any one of which she can perform 
HU GH H. ST RWART. 1002 Chestnut st. at the National Federation of Musical | exodus amongst the members, Mrs. Car-. Orchestra cyclus. Mr. Stock inclineS/in public at a: our’s notice. Her memory Ww ae give 
: HOUSK—For sale. 4740 Delmar; wee 3-storv coo by Miss eg atl genie ae rie, Mrs. Froman. Mrs. Dobyne and Miss] more to George Schumann and Richard 3 ie ne. Suc can present a great variety ni oan canred 
: ¢) Violin; Miss Rose eiffer, piano, an : in abr for study. Mrs. |Strauss among the moderns than he does; VF recital programs made up of sterling works, , oe 
] ; Johnson going abroad for J a representing classic and modern composers. for 15 years with ail our 

ing: arter. recantion haf] and dining 
Miss Hild, Soprano, Recently Heard at Hannibal. fs Gold Fillings SSe to $1.25 
lot 253x145: rents 5340" rane vear;{ Mrs. E. E. Froman, soprano. Carrie remained in work, [adv attendants. | \' 
New York and Everywhere 

room finished in oak and have ahrdwood |“tn instrumental recital consisting of 
: Home Comfort farnace: lot 30x137:] concerted and solo numbers, which 
, , Miss Germaine Schnitzer of Boston will give We extrac 
ocr H. STHWART, 1002 Chestnut et. | Gescriptive music, on which many in- Mrs, Morris Skrainka, Soloist at the “Pop Concert Sunday. a recttal at the Garrick Theater Tuesday’ at. teeth absolutely 
a teresting selections appeare ) 
Mrs. Chase, Soprano Soloist. i es Miss Schnitzer holds a secure no pay. We make 
wriee $7250. In 1905-6 Miss Ellen Johnson was elect- {tajented husband. Mrs. E. E. Froman|oaf all time, but Wagner numbers on 
: - a wel 2 ¢ ; : eats tan gone alae Pee Sband. Mrs, ty. 2. yan ae. ns The sixth monthly concert the seas HOURS: 8A. M. te 8 P.M. 
HUGH I. STHWART. 1002 Cheetnut st. ed to the office of president. The yearS [nas peen styled ‘‘emergency soprano. a Theodore Thomas program are a tYa-lo¢ the Roeddec ker Conservatory ~* Music took Sendays, 8A. M. te | P.M. | ‘ays 
710 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo. aX 

this house is well built and very nicely | proved most delightful. The club also 
! ternoon under the direction of Sam S. and without ain or 
COTTAGE For sale: 28%2 Walnut:  6-room During World’s Fair vear Mrs. E. E. 3 
among the foremost women pianists of eoeth without 

HOUSE Fer sale, 4114 Cook: neat “2-storv! program included epoch-making music She has been given this name becausej| dition which Mr. Stock must i Sunday, March 4, and was well attend- 

artanven: price $7500. Admixsion by card] presented a program of children’s and 
cottare, Ww bath; also br ble : rs ; 
fort ores x ‘ks $3000 Froman held the office of president. The } _ the world. Her repertory holds 16 of the big 
§ rooms. reception hall. wath: oot! in Gernuainy, women composers (AmeTr- [one has so many songs at her finger|in deference io the memory ot the A well-selected program was iven, Those Competent and Registered 

P . granitoid cellar. cabinet my pred ica f ~4. sic of all nations. church “wi Sipe abe € this 
252142 to alley; price reduced to $425 a), ‘s-imnusi ne ime “ {tips and can accompany herself SO beau- founder of this, t Le pe 
MiiGGH mt StHW ART. 10od Chestnut at” | ANd ors wry music May 22, rms, |titully on the piano, that we instine- | body in theniied States. ‘The indica- | yivnee, Lalu Male. Hrieda Mais Caroline || THE CROWN DENTAL CO., 
PLAT—For sale: 2618 St. Vincent: 5B and 6 Mere a, Aon iness meeting le eae t) . tively turn ‘to her in any eme rgency tions i. Prades much increased at- Lillian Bach, Christine Walter. Mamie Spoert, No. 800 Olive St.. Cor. 8th and Olive. 
room single flat; oath lanudries, etc.;: low] “ATS. aisun was again elected to the | Wiss Anne Ewing Hobbs is now abroad|tendance at the two cc mcerts, and 1 | Nellie Klein, Bertha Wuest. Lilli Sehmidt. 
sg OT gg presidency. The other members holding | ct udying. this event the regular visits to St. Louis| Augusta Boeke, Florence Bloemker and Mr. — 
Theodore Thomas | George Pfaff. Sits 

__ HUGH © STEW ART. 1002 Chestnut st. office this year are Miss Ellen Johnson, Two prominent members of the club,| every season of the 
HOUSE oy saje; 4231 Kvans; 6-21v0m 2-story; Vice-president; Miss Rose Pfeiffer, sec- (irs. Nora Hughes Morse and Mrs.; concerts is, assured. » 1. ;' PNET 
briek, with bath: arranged for 1 or 2 fam-| retary; Mrs. Oliver Barwick, treasurer; Evans. now make their home in Chi- ---~ Three St. Louis musicians were heard in a 
wVans, ake Ton C. Wegman’s pupils gave most enjoyable organ and song recital at Han- 

Mies: ant 25,165: price $2500 Mrs. Lilian Sutter Blackmore, Mrs. Lola | : ntowe: ap} , Mr. - 
7 | cago. Among the musicians W110 have Mr. <Albe rt nibal Thursday evening and received unstinted 

{ if, STPW ART. 1002 Chestnut et. | McCreery B: in one ice BR , : wate Co a a 
as we Re . , . McCree ry Baldw in and Miss Elsa Lang, aken nart in the ¢lub Ss work during é _ musical Phursday afte rnoeon 2. om praise i press of that city. bey 
(*hariles Allen cital Hall. of the Music al Art UM j yee re: Edw! D Vaile Mcintyre, organist: 

chairman of the sections. ite existence are Mrs 
The program of th ie ai * ss ; its existence are Sirs. “ali rhere Mr \ ree h 1i : 
§ j e al, ere e year’s work re- Cale, Mrs. James Quarles, Mrs. Paul! ing, where Mr. Wegman has a studio. |] Miss Mabelle Hild, soprano, and Mrs. Kdwin 
maining is as follows: March 20, Swed- Davis Mrs. Irene Crutchtield-Dobyne, From a musical standpoint it was |]Vaile Melntyre, contralto. The program: cev- 
i B. a 8, ‘ . : pect ; ered wide range of musical ] verature— 

ish, ooo" and Danish; April, En-j yjes Olga Zopt Mrs William MeCand- artistic and faultlessly presented, and at 
+ oe re * . + 

2 21. b a : , cng re 

C , . And ALL URIC ACID troubles. An entire DEPARTURE from the OLD REM- 
priate, nei sing, acranged, fy fa ‘enjovable. Mr. Wegman (@. being represented by some of their choicest 1 c E EDIES. Does not contain SALICYLATES, IODIDE POTASSIUM or COLCHIs 

having three large rooms on first floor, 4 rooms ness mee ting, April ly, evening meet-}y7)<' Carl J. Luyties ray gmreyeni informal and : aie 
‘ - ' 4 >. < ese ata. . : a s a inion aoe ee me : < positions. 
the third. my rental value $300 ty ay otis last. meeting was held at th me Sule: Collet, Mrat Latcte Gooner ¢ D ae mony coined Bad oy be Ogg cose CUM. 
‘ ie 8 ne N eld €} Barton. sng igh a ptte Lesser, ! The Morning Wtnde will hold their first open Vi Mj 2s F + 
ons lot 252185 to an alley: eewer. water and home of Mrs. Erskine’s, 4137 West{ ‘phe present active membership in-]@ pupil of Mme. Vetta-Karst, and Mr.|meeting Friday evening, March 15. “ an edicine ree Contains NO ALCOHOL, OPIATES or other SEDATIVES to relieve pain, 
‘ ‘ ‘| Belle place, and was a reciprocity meet- cludes Miss Grace Wedman, Miss Eliz-| Lesie Hodgins, baritone, a pupil of Mr. } home of’ Miss Cora Robison, 4174 West "Belle Cures RADICALLY by dissolving and removing the URIC ACID from the 
5 Miss & . George Sheifield. place. You can now obtain a large doliar-size free system. 

fini est ore! hestral parti ‘\pating were: Misses Elsie Baur, Adele Dentists always in charre. 

-Class he : one block east of Jef 
PROMOTES the GENERAL HEALTH and does not, like the old ao 

pas ate ay. geome “at line; <a ag “wer ing. Miss Hedwig Fritsch, a most at-!apeth Parks. -Miss Barradal, Miss pT) i] t] : 0 ee ee - : 
® ane churcees. walls 13 and iS; tractive young singer, who studied in a toer Th ‘Creery Bald- he pupils presenting 1i@ progran . me R package of Man Medicine—free on sequest. 
% ey ui Mary Dill, Mos. Lola McCreery Bald-|. 0° ihe juniors of Mr. Wegman's| The Powérs Shoe Co., 822 Olive St. 
Man Medicine bas cured thousands ujon | act injuriously on stomach or heart, 
Ce ee ee Call for booklet on —— and diet at 

Sate. everything in first-class condition: this Rerlin opened the program witk o > ‘ Mires 93, 
’ . - . « 2 ‘ , ie rer »ii T° , / “SP I's ° Lilik n 
win, Mrs, Oliver Barwick, Mrs , | classes and displayed remarkable tech-| Buster Brown Blue Ribbon shoes for 
cure you; restore you to full strength. 

] rga e price offered, ‘ oak oy : hn cola >» : : 
" —— Bee . * & + _— Sn beautiful aria from Praviata.”” MisS{sSutter Blackmore, Mrs. John Martin, | © ees een. See oe spe 
sition, would he pleased to Wave you call andj #ritsch has a voice of fine range andj Mrs. Froman, Mrs. J. A. Hooke, Miss | Pique and style. “he pong a 9 aa Yan) | boys: 
property, as I will be on the | auality and her songs were greeted with! wjjen Johnson. Miss Elsa Lang, Mrs. Miss Margaret Ball, Miss Philippa Ball, Slee aie 
ay 4 aren Je, from 1 o'clock | enthusiasm. She was followed by Miss! Grace Alexander Leland, Mrs- E. J. Miss Josephine it rradine, ere MaJjorie Alexander Hennenian gave his illustrated lec- Man Medicine cures vital weakness, nervous 
. o show the property. Now.} Laura Boette of the Union Musicale Miller. Miss Rose Pfeiffer, Miss Julia Cole, Miss Virg taba Kelly, itiss Dorothy | ture, “When Music Was Young,’ al Henne- | debility, early decay, blood polsen, brain fag, 
Spencer, Miss Heatrice White, Missiman Hall, Friday evening. backache. kidvey and bladder treuble and Ur write to Uricsol. Chemical Oo., Los Angee, Cal. Price $1.00 mad 

iin hunters. come and see me and see if | Club, who rendered four violin) num- | Sjjneer and Mrs. Watson. ; 
“0 Clara Wuellner; Masters Claud Alvord }- -——---- nervousness, ~~ - ——_———— 

haven't got what you want. . ; 
JOHN &. KING. bers, With excellent tone and feeling. ——-— : + ggg ete ed —_-- 
Corridor, lincoln Trust Bidg., 706 Chestnut at. Mrs. Huatty Kly Menteer sang two The famous Theodore Thomas Orches- and Laurence oer ba ME ~- sie latter Mr. Clarence Faldy will give au organ recital You can cure yourself ac home by Man Medl- 
beautiful songs. The French number byjtra of Chic azo will come to the Odeon, Snaps, it and ‘ le FORTS ad aS€.}at the *Second Presbyterian Ohurch Monday cine, and the full-size dollar package will be DR. FRENCH’ § SCIENTIFIC, CERTAIN AND COMPLETE 
aye give promise of bright musical futures. evening. at 8:30 o'clock. Admission will be delivered to you free, plain wrapper, with 
Weak, Nervous, Restless Poor Memory, Hollow- 

Chaminade was well interpreted. Miss} Apri] 1 and 2, for two concerts for which Orig . 
Madeline Louis (a daughter of ray Pistia aa Em Stoc yr woe irector. has Laurence Doering is a great grandson |by card. The invitations are issued by Wm. full directions how to use it. The full-size 

COMPTON HILL HOME adeine (a daughter of one of| Mr. Frederick Stock. the director, has of the late Judge Wilson Primm, whose Me Jenkins. organist of the churca. dollar package free, no paywents of any kind; 4 z 
Eyed, Face Pimples and 

at Night and Weak, Ach- 
ing Back, Diseased Kid- 

neys, Inflamed, Despond- 

3515 Lafayette av. a really comfortable home | Clever little scene entitled “Old Gowns.’’) ehestral merit This time he presents ‘ee = 
inves e ss Loui: sical « ~ = EE cane roche Me t le ’ Jav oa »}dusical and_ professiona! life of St. qi it is free. 
er ro: southern expo | Miss Louls has @ musical and sympa-!no soloists, but Jets his men play as a Louis. Mr. Wegman was uassisted by ( All we wont to know Is that you are not 
ashful, Varicose Trou- 
to. . basement; ‘hot-water hes r; Po ae Be ; 
a > © " . € >» " ’ ~3+? 2e fe) nae wd pcbcie ‘4 ; ¥ j . . , ¥: 
songs and responded to an encore with cal tnte re st comes from the presence ct ie VW caleamn a advanced pupils will what you wart it to do—make yow a rea) 
house was not built to seil/ and is now | Charles Allen Cale closed the progra) 4 pl- : r . 
_/Petier than many new; owner having no fur- h five Godard program | from Mr. Ernest Richard Kroeger's Lil} Canty June. Some of the guests Thurs-]] Rheumatism, take a teaspoonful J]! nave to do it to send and get ft. We send it Ambition and Strength, Worry. 
wit five Godard compositions. lah Rookh suite, the local composer's , ; ; A 
day were: Mmes. wiaward S. Lewis, free to every sick man. interstate Remedy 
it An endless number of men have one or more of the above symptoms, and drag 
facing this beautiful ark, the brighest spot : inn Pp ; ony” s: 
in Str. Louie 7 street car facilities, | T¢ tary, MISS ose feiffer, is to be mar- interpretation. Another point in fayor ley, Ball, F. N. Spe ncer; Misses Marian 

t Ten O'Clock members) ‘ese arranger OT: sf @ izghes ° - 
he I embers) presented alarranged programs of th highest or family are closely identified with the] =--"--— Ch A RUN EP sat che Bae aun aiden . mo receipts; uo promises; pe papers to eign, 
, Jark Circles under Eyes 
® large rooms, reception ball, front and | thetic voic and an attrac , onal- : ve a ee ‘to hear . : ] a ae | 
tear staircases, inside aud outside entrances ity, ee ee. peroneal The ‘first rate onan ts Yn classic. form. Miss. Ruth Finkenbiner and Miss Flor- HOME-MADE REMEDY nage, Bay iy Blips a eee ~~ chat 
program Ssic Pence Spenc er pupils, and Miss Hope you want to be well, and become your strony, 
granitoid basement, laundry: cald-storage roolp. ner : 
! Rasta. - : . , ‘k of Energ : 
etc.; street, walks, alley and everything made. | 4 sprightiv french selection. Mrs. among the selections of two movements | oi. a recital in April and another in To relieve the worst forms of oo name and address will bring it; «f) yoo agetonieg or posure, : Oa and 
use for same will sucrifice it for $8500: , . A tno 2 
i gies the enly | sésidenee now ty sate | _ =ac B year hae had its little touch of} work never before having had the dis-| ity uipiner, Everett 9. Brooks, Boelin- of the following mixture after Ce., 980 Luck Bldg.. Detroit, Mich. 
romance—this year a wedding. The sec-} tinction of the best possible American ken Honsack. Aniadee Cole, I. N. Kel- each eal and at bedti - _| from day to day in despair of a prosperous, happy future, and well they may, 
at., Grand. Compton. Heights lin ried March 21, and there are rum f r botl grams is that. the honored : “a a eae Rie tees al ewer. |) SB to be wrecked ty 3 Cl ae 
k, vs. March <1, re ee ors Oo of oth program ¢ e honore carla ; : . ; : ical and menta ower ; 
ath for inspection. R KE. NIESEN, _ |another victim of Cupid in the club. name of Richard Wagner appears for Lewis, Olga Hot nner, Bue Soent pen, Fluid Extract Dandelion, one Dr. sc LW PE " N ER ; 
om hucite. ieelley, Virginia Foster, Mills, |{ Ralf ounce; Compound Kargon FREE CONSULTATION, EXAMINATION AND ADVICE TO ALL 
816 Chestaut St., St. Louis, Mo. 

OR oe ee me 

bh and Chestnut sts. (7) _ One year y there was Suite a auropean the first. time in this The leodore Thomas [7 ile Kelley, Virginia Foster, Mills, 
ee Si OreRt pag eee eee 3 ; Sore tke, Pettit, Clark, Kirk. : one ounce; Compound Syrup 
rsapars.ta, noes. Shake res ull diseases of men. . REVIVES POWER AFTER “CURE-ALL” tt ado a 

R-room brick house, reception hall. coinbina - PR LOLOL LOLOL POD ODP POP LOPANI BOLL ee ~~ ALPACA APA MOON OOOO er 
fixt res, good furnace, cemented cellac, x The concert rive aturday hrouic Diseases, Nervous De-~ J “QUICK-CURE” SPEC 3s 
ie merch wie XC A eee q Wility, Poor Memory, Lack of | RENEFTT. My sclentific evarcumatic course of treathent 

» roo : price —e Nee 
—, otk WILLIAMS, BP as i mievening, March ¥, at the YX. mam. C. A. 

B) Hall, Grand and Frankiin avenues, tor | These, harmless ingredients -. cee weak, nervous, broken-down youths and men, who have 

unfitted themselves for work, is a system that has heen 

: , —_ me ’ the benefit of the kresn Alr MISSION, ; ine r , A) ; a4 = nat 
n A016 DELMAR. an U Vi bo ia! FR EY bok OUS ES is expected to be a musical pone a Joan | can be obta d from Any good Soa Po f fn £2 tested many times over and proven eptirely satisfactory. 
B. Miller, tenor, of Chicago, will be the | pharmacy. Ke . <4 ' It is totally different from the many“sickening pills and 
A , tablets and the stimulating. stomach-ruining drugs given © 

aa, stone front memes, lot 33x145, new 
_ furnace, price asked sell on easy , soloist. ‘he following weil-Known ss This prescription stat 
: ° program, Mrs , es a a am Aches, by would-be specialists. My specific treatment for all the 
aa st cs lp 9296 Westminster Place Cart i ‘Luyties, Miss Adan “A. Black, |f wen.nown authority, forces the }| Seemann aristee, “mistetted jteinn | oo eitective as to Tamers This petenastt an 
° 3 ). R. Kroeger, Tyrie » a8 . , " BB so effective _as to remove them perman ntly. It is consti- 
A Fine Single Flat Lovely, new 13-room house. eorner Union boulevard; hot-. § M Morris Krainka, who will be the | clogged-up, inactive kidneys to Rupture, Piles, Rectal Disenses and ell other + BN A ' tutional: tntrefore. by purifying the blood, strengthening 
y : : ; ? Mrs. Mo ' Q 
. water heat; stable; choice lot: just the place for a doctor. soloist at the next popular — mt - filter and strain from the blood cured. Out-of-town patients treated by mail. B. F. French, M. D. becomes strong and healthy, all signs of the trouble 
a 2-story brick gat of 4 and ° hi Mjbe given Sunday, 1; a pupil 0 on the poisonous waste matter and $1 PER WEEK FOR TREATMENT Pelvic Specialist. forever gonc. ‘This treatment is to the human syste 
hot and col watt, cabinet 4534 Washin t B | vard ‘Taussig. * ambition and confidence that 
laundries, marble sinks, gton ouie voice, Which has been carefully trained. uric acid, which causes Rheuma- Yeu can buy no better for $10 a.week. into a prime, healthy, manly feeling of new life 
msultation free. Call or write. Houre: 9 . N » » E 
hla fo" SEBASTIAN JR., 816 Chestnut st. (7) Beautiful 9-room house. hot-water -heat. miis awaited with much ll COND TO OEE ee et Gt ah YOu Ae ment pene 
mi her numerous friends. One of her se- first few doses. —— = ' |oax RE BENEFITED BY THE RIGHT KIND OF TREATMENT. 
4558 Washington Boulevard cavalla, whose “Pagilacet” is so popu- It is said that a person who PoE My methods of CURING BLOOD POISON, SKIN DISEASES, VARICOS® © 
e flat 8 ‘ : : . , lar and who composed the music to e take this or ; VOUS DECLINE, and diseases of the KIDNEYS AND BLADDER | 
2 sing! Choice 11-room house ; hot-water heat. would take prescription reg en every effectual, and are recommended by those I have cured of these | 
1 sewer made; lexs wrote the libretto. diseases. 
, OMMANN, 802 Chestnut st. { Every available seat was taken this even a few times a week, would i: MONEY BACK IF NOT CURED-NO CHANCE TO LOSE. 
a 7 “ B ick 7 ita $300 , attended the recital given by the pu- ' every dollar they pay me for services, if they are not completely ana | 
ce m i 0 8 | NICHOLLS-RITTER REALTY & FINANCIAL G0, pils of the Beethoven Conservatory of | Urinary disorders or Rheuma- | permanently cared, and ft ta beenuse my well-tried, elective metneas 
3 _— $20 a month buys 4330 Penrose st.; mi Music at Beethoven Hall. The program all such a large per cent of cases that I am able to give this tants tt 
itoia ’ 30 ° consisted of 15 interesting numbers. tism. t 
t meement; lot feet front: price 
— for inspection : salesman on prem- T13 CHESTN UT st. egree, displaying the excellent training Cut this o and preserve it. BENJ. F. FRENCH, M. D., 810 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. f 
ee hey receive, and also evincing muc Good Rheumatism prescriptions SOUTHERN RAILWAY Office hours: 8 to 8. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings till 6 only: Sunday 9 5 
6 2a Fico Floor Holbrook- Blackwelder Bldg., Directly opp. south side of Poatofticé 
~ SOUTHERN BEAUT BEAUTY  . by amateurs. Those participating from 
the piano department were: Misses B. indeed, and when you need it x 
ged 808 R08 Filmore st.. donble brick cot- OR T 7 Kohl, P. Whvte. L. Hermeling. D. Prete. vou want it badly. 9:04A.M. 10:10 P.M. 
; | a; 1, Yaeger, uernheim:; essrs - : 
ih 84000; see v as mae on offer; F SALE— LO S IN ; es ey a Ts Violin department: a 2~O .- 2 2 — na ao SO Oe Ticket Office, 719 Olive Street URE ME 
G E N EC + O bj E : G buf S Jannsen, Vocal department, Mrs. Wat- mese Mssr Es ; hicice 
“$9300 Easy Terms L T oat COCKROACHES. EAP EE ee PES Under an Absolute Guera 
A subdivision one block north and three blocks west of recital (fifteenth 
- Arlington tv. 303190: o ee rban Ga n ? rt The fifth pianoforte recita 5 A TREATMENT AND | 
; owner on prem-/ per foo erms 0 cash; $5.00 per month. Agent on . Art buildi Friday ’ ‘ 
rticnlars | ger at Musical Ar ee : tearns’ Electric Paste. > cera is 
: 6. "S. culars se grounds Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5 P. M. evening. The program included selec- Put Ponce Electric Rat ed —— We cure Bleod and Skin Diseases, agg Md me 3 
in ut Stearns’ Hiectric Sore Throat, Bladder and Stomach Troubles, » te 
oS Pris es Cash $500 Clayton Vio Godard. Delibes. Debussy, Chaminade, | Paste in sinks and on the shelves, an.l Rheuma-: — 
ey: 5 . Saint Saens, Chonin. The latter four are | jn the morning you can sweep up a pan- tis Chronic and Nervous ue Dee nit get"alewe 
to give you better treatment t will get 
: 6-room story brick school. The next program will consist Thi . arkable extermi P Ln th 
re romain is rem xterminator is the Hours, $ to §; Bunday, oa res 
Alu ESTAT in, 
E WANTED. Thefifth - ibseription concert of the money is returned if it fails to give For Jonsiliti ize Olive st. Oppestte Hetel Rester, 
_SIX- ROOM HOUSE WANTED. Choral-Svmphony Soctety, which will be satisfaction. Much better than pow: ls — 
Y-FOR-YOU ; See eae oh __ 617 Chestnut. (1) teed to kill off rats d 
= ——- =-"}fn that. at this concert, the chorus will | guaran ' Ss, mice an 
~STEAM-HEATED. _FARMS S FOR RENT appear for the last time under its aus- | other vermin. R. KING CU! Cc 
er ae Stearns’ Electric Paste ie rnold by ar druggists or — oa . . awe . — Cor. 6 & 

: see RO: ERT $. WILLLA AMS, siclans will give the 
ane Sees oe of men speedily the nervous system, nourishing the tissues, the tient 
She has ua excellent soprano what sap is to the tree—it budae energy, 
lot oxi: price . Let me show : tay se ) 
This. her first professional appearance, ti ze. 
sm. Relief is felt fro z 
nas of see m the j/e. m. to 8 p.m. Sundays, 104. m. to8 p,m. | | COMM SOD SPECIALIST WILL TREAT YOU AND HOW SOON you. % 
lections will’ be a new song, by Leon-. 
tts vb; gtanitoid base. opera for whieh the German. Emperor 
| oat ‘ ; ularly, a dose or:-two daily, or 
"he best houses in the city for the money. 
afternoon by the large audience which © never have serious Kidney or I protect my patients against loss by giving them a written contract toe 
water, cabinet fnantels, gas grates, lists do mot offer. 
Their rendition was artistic to a marked other specialints ¢ on 
FROMMANN, gare ANN, 882 Chestnut st. st. eourage and daring, 80 seldom shown” which really’ relieve are nos 
sca ’ 
tyenther, L. Pearson, B. Greenblatt, W. Double Daily Trains “DRS Vi i] i ER & FAYN, 
each side, on a &)-foot lot; ” 
802 Chestnot st. Miss V. Levy, Masters Freimuth and 
Suburban Garden on Hamberger avenue. Price $10 to $12 season) was given by Mr. E. R. Kroe- Easy to Get Rid of These Pests With MEDICINE FURNISHED. 
_FPROMMANN, 802 Chestnut 
c STEVENS tions from Chopin. also von Peethoven, a4 “3 
B. « | . es and Fistula cured without 
sentative of the modern French 
beth cabinet mantels. saient. ful of dead roaches. where. Call and be exam 
+ entirely of compositions by TWi{szt. 
only one on the market where your 
OO NO AOL LAL LLL rain isin fn dP dds 
‘c. rene ie 802 Chestnut st. ~ 4045 M Ph 4 T- want.@ well: _ wn yn 
(ge RENAN ATE RURAL erie ME eee a maS huang aes bw jit modern house in St. iven Thursday, March 14. marks an in- . 2 f f ee er 
. C arson venue Barbara's —— }. B, KRIEGER. Souomtiiner epoch In the society's history ders, as it does not blow Bini also Price 350 &?* 100 
Pine Sts. =F a 
OR. KING'S 8 ePEciaLrr: i? * oe 2 


fon 2743 Accomac St. (2200 South) | Six-room apartments: newly detorated: jant- p 
a, | tor aervies all conveniences: reasonable rent. horus. many vears ago. under / sent prepaid on receipt of price. x 2ie St. Louls has more ost- 
7 FOR ‘LEASE FARM. The c y Seiten’ Mince ene a ‘ Post-Dispatch 

HN J. LANF, 802 Chestaont st. (35x) - 116 oz. box $1.00. rns 
a the indomitable leadership of Prof. Ot _ 
NEW S-ROOM FLATS | oct cist wit cmaltti Tolar crest *™ 11s, “organized, and carried. forth. the | Buffae, S.'¥."ttormeriy nletee, Hates Sey ae Se eee 
M ee & SCHMITZ, great work o introducing to t uls At A 
IBAULT, | TO1 1 Chestnat. 6) With bath. hot gig atte granitoid cel- 418 5. Broadway. Ml audiences the great oratorios of the = — 

pA caren . ix > 3 , 
: aon ieubahanie “ Ke rly : re peg ——————=I masters. It succeeded under (lm fim fm fle fam fm fim laa 
ROP TY OUT r OF CITY FOR SALE 41a GH . : *s¢* ie ~~ STOVE | REPAIRS. hardships to make thelr work of such ee °e fr t } e i) i ® a » * 9 .") ir) * oo 9 @ eee 2 o 
rion naY, % “m (rom ~ 200 comamnding influence that in 189 the 
a oO at ENE ends m, Mo. 3) STOVE REPAIRS maintenance of ah orchestra of such D ff t bs 
-—s : 316 5 3d St, proficiency as to enable the giving of oes not aifec us; 
a FOR RENT FLAT. ' these great works of art became a ne- - 
cessity. Our Chocolates, Nadja Caramels ¢ 
and Cocoas are and 

ciTY, REAL ESTATE | FOR SALE. 2e22 Rarrett st.. 5 fooms, tile bath. com. REPAIRS tor” any old store, Forshaw. rh A number of our public sptrited, 
always were pure. 


bore 6... Of. | ary front and rear porch: new and modern: 

PLLA gs Pees, > ; 

ek and river aed Ad. % , Commer- ce ee 
3 Memphia, Tenn. derorate to nt; $27.50, pthc ainsi tata the work, and today we have the Chor- 
23 ee, HOURMOOK-} BLACK WELDER REAL ES. al-Svymphonv Heokeaten as ae result, of 

ee ee E TRUST ©OO., 812 oe te Gea Good Luck which all St. Loulsans are proud. 

a. ESTATE, FOR | EXCHANGE. ~ 1182 Ss }. King’ 8 The work chosen to commemorate the 

por te mode | ~ last appearance of the choruc wnder 
a ea ity in ~ ‘PO, — axtures - at the aa present auepices ia the great oratorio, 

ae iotts aeede 713 Chestnut st. (6) Judgment.” and the latter ) usury Magdelen,” by Maseanet. The 
3 appeal to 
“3 peliong Wn al av... 5 Pa aga ete 
oe , Hon = t andi 7m ita of ints 
a (BS — eae ' ~~. 

iv @ regular patron and reader of }/ work will all Christian and 
Vv . 
@ | Five Boing Rooms, West End, $22, ' Pee -Divesh religions peo te in that, it of , crating and