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Full text of "St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1948-09-12: Vol 101 Iss 7"

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YING, SEPTEMBER 12, 1948 PAGES 1—24A Trrt 

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=o e N COLLECTION OF AS BOND ISSUE’ 947 eppeaarccy 
roam ae TATE. ULES TAX CAMPAN open)» 9H LING 

bs C ' : F uneral Today. . y = ee a - ~S D ® 
Even Children Reported sere SP SF He Will Decide Whether|Ford Tells City’s Leaders| seh ss BUSINESS GROUP 

\ SN 

a ai Page 104) eS ee '™ | Prosecution al WSS ‘ \ SAS : 
‘ IOS. “ SS fs 2 . Sy S % < 8 , SS Ss 
Demonstra- ere , oy ee N f Buildi e 1S N x “Ss 
KARACHI, Pakistan, (Sunday)! . RASS SSS Started — None of Em- uliciIng, New St. Louis SS SS SS 
. ak % Pass “ \ SSS 

. . “i 
: << 4 . . A Ms NaN SY . 
- ay 12 (AP)—Mohamed Ali 7 SS “Se = . \\ 
| of < es yi. loyes Suspended Ad-| U us, Housing| | AWW T ASSES ~\ 
4 ‘3 a * ~ ~~ oe . SS \ SS 
om =a SS Se ae ce . a in ‘ = S SS San ; WS 
: a Ra Soe 2 : : ae =. it . | arity. j p ct “ : S Ss Si PS S * SS . SY 
J > eS Ns ’ Ss S ‘oe : Sr _ > = m . ‘ NS 
. nos {NE ~ « bon . 
wet ey a 

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3S < SS x . s S a> . — ~ SS x LS 

. “\ ~ NS ~ AAD SS , n> Sa . . ‘ ae <e 

3 a os = S SERS ; . SEN SNS Ss 

‘g % \ SRS 2 “os Sk . ~~ . “ ‘ 

JK SSS Sw — . : SS SS ~~ . SAY 
SENS SOs NS Ss ° SS = : SS 
. Ba VES =“ . . — . WN : Sas 
: ‘ SY SAY . : .. SEN 

‘* ¥ o Tr . ~ x Se . = We . SS SS 4 

ae ae T he I esuits an on ra ‘ SS 7 ~ _ Ss oN LX 
4 ~ hs i . rN ‘ Sata ‘ : a SI . . ~~ 

, Ss ~ SAY \. ‘ . ~~ » “ys . 

a ene Oy Ss ‘ . St SSSA ~— a Ny ~ . . 

OSS an a public Ss GES WSK gs WER WS . 
Sy eee Be. = ~ 5 Sy ~ SSA Stes SO ae ~*~ x = : 
~— roe nok Le SS Se SWI — . ~ 
SS aN SN . XS 
Ss mS > . ~ 
a eee ee 

ee ee ee collection building and a new campus for/\ ~~ f° 
MOHAMED ALI JINNAH |.) Gov. Phil . @e-| St. Louis University—all within} Oe \ QQ < . \ 
: termine if criminal p the projected $16,000,000 slum/\ Gen. ESSN . SS } 
e Pakistan capital unexpect-| yesterday. The g . SS . RS SS 8 NA . NY 
wee edly Saturday from the Hill Sta-| pected to return tonight from a yesterday by James L. Ford Jr., RA SG & 3 SS QA Qa ment League Accom- 
dren to turn out for a rally to- : Was unexpected because his doc-| Col. Hugh enpeones, chief — Clearance Commission. S “oe “ MACS pantie y her 
morrow against the western pow- tors had advised him to stay at|the Missouri State Highway Pe-| He disclosed the proposals: Fri-|} > as S MOU Ga E q 
: wi unfaltering de —_—aaa for -at least an- day at the official opening of the ; Ss SS YL SR Ws Resolutions—City’s Un. 
- ‘ : SSE SA VF 3 AS 
officials frankly : ne (The Karachi dispatch said Jin-| offs to state empl he | ca paign oma ery ee the = ey Re Cs derworld a Tough One. 
nah immediately conferred with | 2mounts of $300, ares slum bond issue, to be voted on wy Ma WE 
the Pakistan Premier, and sched-| He was unable — Nov, 2 Headquarters for the |S gees SPA AS CRSER 
aoa uled cabinet ministers’ meeting | "C,0" Sctimated that more than|C@mpeign to eradicate the city’s!’ MURLIN BANNISTER JOHN McPHERSON JR. By ROY J. HARRIS 
to d te against another (ibtinin a th tis ene aie $1,000,000 may have been with- No, 1 eyesore will be opened to- BR Si a . meee Serer A Staff Correspondent of the 
— last February that Jinnah might held from the Pssty Hg ll a sales ae aan F at Seryery tn Build- | © | << Se “SESS Post-Dispatch. 
t for the path A tax collections due e irregu-/| ing, ve street, at the south-/ © AS Ss RS , ™m., . 1i— 
The ea ome a % dispatch from Karachi to! Gontinued on Page 12, Column 8 |), vities east corner of Broadway and| (fg Ree ee So meerame ty ie’ Sept, “ti 

about a half mile inside the Soviet a 
sector'of Berlin. It was called to REFUSES TO PAY | | plained, through ments or hotels north of Chestnut} OY 
34 PCT. OF TAX USED : with a firm whereby it would re-| street to Olive, between Four-| a WS | 

; port, with the knowledge of Bo teenth and Eighteenth streets, is/ CRC XW AS . 

PREPARING FOR WAR state employe, lower gross sales| “getting close to development,”| |) RS MOQAY KK CAA j which was filed in circuit court 

than the correct total, thus re-| Ford said. The buildings would/ “s° Se R&KG S S WS 
. ducing the sales tax payment. The; not occupy that whole area, he; ‘em 2S \ RR SSS today by nine leading citizens 
state employe would then receive | emphasized. MAAS’ Go Qa s 38 BARS Sa... under the auspices of the Good 

SS . SY Sa Se ~ Sao - 
SS —— 

=, . a ." » . 
, ah ~S > 

” SS S SES N Ny SS ~~ ~~ Soe — ~ SS. NSS SOR RES : 
D. Clay, United States his “kickback. Park Area Pianned. RAS’ MASSES Sess & S SSS RRR AAA Government League. 
\ SN . ah Se. > . SS Sa SSN : . ~ Re 
Se Judge Dewitt S. Crow, who re- 

: Und earan SS SESS SS 
Mass demonstrations gram ‘Semlnea weloeun Market reas * Ga REE CSREES RK ceived the petition from Charles 
; and Chestnut streets from Fif-| (oS SSSR" SAR ee NN | H. Northrup, attorney and presi- 
| ? poco e teanth to Eighteenth streets and /* Wi Wrrcc ae | dent of the league, explained that 

highway patrolmen, none of the é SS Ss SX SS Sass. |} other court business made it im- 
four men under suspension ad- cies “Geula be oat ee . & Bo : ae | possible for him to hear arguments 

> t com ci in i & SAT : , VT SAN * 
Spy Hunter Discloses|iii,, OUT ™ OY NTE | area would be used for park pur-| Mh aaa | Accompanied by Affidavits, 
* Fre Th are: .. Se et . s s eR 

High Officer Testified Reayenent S. Webbe, assistant > é RES : SS SS aan aa aa petition was accom 
fuse to pay 34.6 per cent of their supervisor and acting head of rer ks | | panied by affidavits attesting the 
1947 income tax which “was used) He Reported to Both) ine ortice, 2637 St. Vincent ave- garding the suggestion that Ss ~ Se @ccuracy of recent Post-Dispatch 
Bea omg ’ St. Louis University create a new | BE Ss SS SSS ton oe te eam + og oe collec- 
ee F.D.R. and Truman Ral campus east of Grand boulevard, RG RRS tion of $10,000 weekly by a gam- 
ok | PWR, : ph Pepoon, an auditor, | 5) <¢? 7 es SAS RTGS] Hy dicate for “protection”; 
The couple — Walter C. Long- 1422 St. Andrew drive, Warson [Ford sald: “Tt would give them|" ““roMMY RAY SCHMITT ERALD McPHERSON by clippings of the Post-Dispatch 

stretch and his wife, Emily—wrote | Woods Village. seeet fic aa terendeeie by. resolutions by other 

hi “true patriotism requires a citizen | w GTON; sept. 11 (AP)—| William IL Savage, senior au~ /|,,, bon d igsue p ee , which joined with the 
‘Congressional spy investigators| Eugene —— : Good -Governmen League in the 
ania RE Cr sn) ruction of classroom build- ant for : 
demonstrators y —— N be ings and athletic fields for the tion, besides 
."|atomic energy is “certain” Rus- university, eastward from G N W. Buan Jr., 
sian agents stole some wartime : between Lindell V . | . 
atom bomb ee. ti thn each terra “would. gi | 
Parthert presentative ; : ve 
(Rep.), Tilinois, said in a state- area,” Ford continued. ) : P. Grasbel, pasto 
ment, “this ah ative ‘was sO 54-block | ’ First Presbyterian Church; 
concerned over “the intense ac- a , r ] W | f | 
ee a ot a 
rm . 3 

ae | ¢ : > ae a ' : : So -2 ri Walbaum) ; : , 
Today. | -new buildi ‘ rts 2 ; A ent broker, 
, ie wx A bye ae | West Pine ent Tint | patently Were Crossing} ported to. Have Slot)... ue te Penis ‘Cunt: secretary 
Ford emphasized that the pro.| Street on. Way to-Car-| Machines on Hand,/“ ™* 5°? gf ene 
cam “depends h . : : indorsing th 
whole thing Saks out.” a nival. Ready for ‘Word to Go. the eptcial’ ie Seay 
, that the ground would have ' inquiry wag.adopted unanimously 

be purchased from the city by meme ! later today by the board of direc- 
Three small boys were killed , wg Mice os J gine ste Chamber 

yesterday when they. were struck Corresponde , 
by an automobile as they were Bee ge ee i cae an 3 
ee oe. — — coo pgs not ignore the current situation in 
They were John McPherson Jr lin county, which was a iich boot- 3 gree ne en a 
* 0 re n etween 
the untveratiy ts intertsted in the |% years old and his brother, Ger-|!ssing prise: in the Birger-Sheb of eapropee releiouchipe between 
project but not much can be said ald,-6, sons of Mr. and Mrs. John/| ton warfare of the roaring twen-|;,.4 gambling and vice, damaging 
about it at this time because the McPherson, 2906 Jefferson avenue, ties, is being invaded again, this |to the good name of the cify and 
program is “to far in the future.” | ©@5t St. + ouis, and their cousin,/+i4. by the powerful Capone-|to public officials of the city and 
for the proposed public Tommy Ray Schmitt, 7, son of Mr. Guzik syndicate of Chicago. county, are made in the press 
and Mrs. Raymond Schmitt, 2617/ rhe “muscle man” of the inva-| here and elsewhere. 
Ridge avenue, East St. Louis. sion, as in Alexander and Pulaski| “The board of directors of the 
Witnesses said the boys appar-/| wunties, is Roy (Tony) Armes, a|Springfield Chamber of Com- 
A. ently were oi their way to a car- lieutenant of Frank (Buster) |™erce, believing that certain al- 
0 a ta ee be! a. nival held by the East St. Louis) Woon the syndicate’s East |Jeged conditions publicized in the 
Seavaae Sendiend. ane es- investigation by two city| “The state has space in build-|Junior Chamber of Commerce @ sia. representative. press relating to alleged gambling, 
” ge The inquizy is continu- sad ee a yet pd y- Armes’s efforts, it was learned, —— cone sib oma _ 
An effort is being made has come up whether the state . feasance and nonfeasance in of- 
: shouldn’t put up a building of its nal ster $F pope! fice of certain public officials, as 
1 Indiana avenue, Belleville. 


> F3 

F pe 





was current two months ugo that 
ox “into the ceanty: for|zea 
point of impact said they were. be . 

: the tavern trade. Gamblers are 

INNESOTA GIRL : told them he was traveling not | 4 4 be : 
NAMED NEW Be | SEnates crete naan stl 

} | bulance had been cal _sepetes by Witiam, Vostner. 
MISS AMERICA| For’: Lge ge : Shlicemen reported one of the Me. Bree. } ne Se an are legal p 



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the drive is 


Air Force Plane in Record Flight! 
Photographs Coast-to-Coast Strip|: 


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dite .y % ‘ 4 a . » 
ROS ee ee , ¥ 5 thy sok ak 
Sees a We a eet y 
ee pf ee tS 
tes Pe oe i en ; = 
cs aby, a ie Belt, Saag atye: xs 


. Pe Se Ree A BS 
we = a wa yw 


‘= Ww 

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2 Se ee a tS 'F 4a pe ¢ y en he a * % na = ee mS. a 3 ¥ gas. “e 7 ee “ am © “> hy yr ye . BaF ~*~ 4 
ae ’ . ¥ ’ 


Truman Expected to Re- 
_ quest Record Peacetime} © <3 
in0 ‘Outlay for Year Start-| *. . 
ing July 1 Because of| 

~ Cold War. 



” ag ra 3 : , Sb 
, @ ; : ie 
7 » . 

ois : Pare haa +  ipinitinse 

cs é 
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a ~ y 
od . P 

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: : ¥ ‘ tien “ es % ‘iow 5% 
Md eo We :  * i a 
m ! ; : 
sce <- amaaaes? 3 ee >a ey BS Rix : ae = a ee 
onl x we os Se Pe nas e 

1) cH 


nounced — Vandenberg 
Says U.S. Is. ‘United’ 
Against Aggression. 

PAWLING, N. Y., Sept. 11 (AP) 

1|—Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New 

York will swing through six west- 

Pi “ a ern states after opening his cam- 
i 2 | paign for the presidency at Des 
iaeeee | Moines, Ia. Sept. 20. 


S68 )\Campaign Tour An- 



Next Move in 

With. Russia. 

ry Also Confers With Vandenberg on 


the Deadlock 


WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP)— | 
Top American and British leaders 
met today in an unusual series 
of conferences which may lead to 
a decisive new turn in the crisis 
with Rugsia over Berlin. - 
Senator Vandenberg  (Rep.), 
Michigan, was among a group con- 
sulted by Secretary of State 
George C. Marshall on the next 
move by the Western powers in 
the deadlock over the Soviet 
blockade. Vandenberg is a lead- 
ing Republican figure in all 
major matters of foreign policy. 
Amid indications that the long 
effort to reach a firm agreement 

Seiad | tii abile Leck 

Relations Committee and a lead-|f Ol 

Planes and Guns for 
talks a bipartisan status. Whether 
he was consulted in advance = 

Vandenberg came publicly un-| Sept. 11 (AP)—Two American 

announced to the capital from generals told officers of the 

ing adviser on foreign affairs to 
Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, added to 
Real Punch, Generals 
Tell Staff, 
the next move or was informed of| 
a decision already made by Presi-| 
New York where last night he put 
potential aggressor nations on no-| United States First Infantry Divi- 
sion today to expect the worst if 

the gravity of the State Depart- 
ment conference. It also gave the 

dent Truman and Marshall was] aa: 

left unanswered. GRAFENWOEBR, Germany. 
tice that America is united against 

ae WASHINGTON, ‘Sept. 11 (AP)— 
“The biggest Government spending 
‘program in peacetime history will 
be laid before the next Congress 
by President Truman, authorita- 
tive sources predicted today. 
. Wext January’s budget, they 
forecast, will call for expenditure 
of at least 45 billion dollars—the 
estimated minimum cost of carry- 

partisanship of the presidential 

He talked for more than two 
hours with Marshall, Under Secre- 
tary Robert A. Lovett and Charles 
E. Bohlen, State Department coun- 
selor. Vandenberg declined com- 
ment to reporters but responsible 
officials said the Berlin crisis 
was the main topic. 

The British Ambassador talked 
first with Bohlen, Marshall's prin- 

with Moscow on lifting the Ber- 
lin siege faces a breakdown, 
Marshall‘ talked with Oliver 
Franks, the British Ambassador. 
Meanwhile in Moscow, the 
American, British and French en- 
voys were standing by, dispatches 
said, apparently for final instruc- 
tions before making the fateful 
next move—possibly a demand for 
a showdown session with Prime 
Minister Joseph Stalin. (London 

American soldiers lack the planes 
and guns that make up a real 

The speakers were Maj. Gen. 
Frank W. Milburn, division com- 
mander, and Brig. Gen. John Mc- 
Kee, former commander of the 
Eighty-seventh. Infantry Division. 

The opinions came out of a sur- 
vey of the First Division’s con- 
duct in a th mock-war in 
which it got kicked around by an 

ea! The Republican nominee’s Sep- 
eee i tember campaign tour, as an- 
: “= :| nounced today, will take him into 
eames «| Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, 
—.%  .| California, Cregon and Washing- 
: #2. | ton. 

me | The itinerary will keep Déwey 
Ge: hot on the trail of President Tru- 
. aoe! man as the Democratic candidate 
%i carries his campaign through the 

, | Same area. 

' — represented as .determined to 

ing the United States through an- 
Other year of an increasingly grim 

“cold war.” 

That is four billions above in- 

come as estimated by the Adminis- 

tration. If its estimates are cor- 

rect, the newly elected Congress 
would have to cut spending or 
boost taxes to prevent a record 
size peacetime deficit. 

Officials, willing to discuss the 
subject provided they were not 
quoted by name, said this outlook 
holds true regardless of the out- 
come of the November election. 
They said the election has noth- 
ing to do with it. 

For Year Beginning July 1. 

The budget they spoke of con- 
cerns fiscal] 1950, which begins 
next July 1, eight months after 
the presidential and congressional 
elections. Not a cent will be spent 
on it before then. 

President Truman would stil! 
have the duty of sending it to 
Congress some two weeks before 
the next presidential term begins 
Jan. 20 even if he lost the election 
to G.O.P. candidate Thomas E. 

‘Final decisions will not be made 
on the 1950 budget until Decem- 
ber, after the Budget Bureau has 
gone over with individual agen- 
cies the budget program each sub- 
mits for itself next week. 

Nevertheless, reliable officials 
say preliminary work on the 
budget clinches 45 billions, as the 
minimum 1950 spending total— 
many figure it will have to be a 
billion or two higher despite “hold- 
down” efforts. 

blame the cold war, eay- | 

ing only the disappearance of in- 

ternational tensions—not now-fore- | 

seeable—could change the picture. 

The final clineher ‘of the 45 bil- 
lion figure as they see it is in- 
creased military spending, a partly- 
automatic result of contract au- 
thority given the armed forces by 
the last Congress under a grow- 
ing strain in relations with Russia. 

Payments for planes contracted 
for this year will become budget 
expenditures in 1950 ag the planes 
are delivered. So will the added 
costs of fueling, manning and 
maintaining them. Costs also will 
rise as draftees swell the num- 
bers in uniform. 

Truman Sets Limit. 
Right now, President Truman 

hold down government spendin 
for fear of its impatt_on an 
ready inflated economy—has di- 
rected the military to trim their 
1950 program down to a top limit 
of 15 billions. 

But this figure is three billion 
more than the military cost item 
in this year’s $42,200,000,000 budget 
—and seemingly enough by itself 
to push the 1950 budget above 45 
billion dollars unless other costs 

go down. 

Actually, the 15 billion limit 
takes into account further con- 
tract authority, and it’s a fair bet 
that spending itself—which is all 

at a peak fiscal 
was told when it consid- 

Informed officials discount 
chances of other costs, taken alto- 
gether, going eas eae 
ory and 

Government support prices for 
crops may well jump in 1950 if 

bring a price 
it’s being predicted in 

a reco ssance 
large island at 

ght center is Governor's. 

shown takes in 130 square miles. 

This is the heart of New York’s metropolitan area photographed on one negative from an alti- 
tude of eight miles by an Air Force crew at the end of a cross-countr 
ane. Manhattan (upper left) is shown from the 
Across the East river are large sections of Queens 
and Brooklyn (upper right) on Long Island. At lower left is a big slice of New Jersey's indus- 
trial area stretching down from the Hudson to Kearney and Staten Island (lower right). Area 
The Air Force photographers filmed a‘strip of the United 
States from coast to coast in the single flight. 

Meanwhile Dewey 
ledged their campaign would not 
permitted to jeopardize “the 
basic fact that America is united 
against aggression and . against 
the foes of freedom.” 

Senator Arthur H.. Vandenburg 
(Rep.), Michigan, chairman of the 
Senate Foreign Relations Commit- 
tee, voiced the pledge last night 
after conferring with Dewey and 
John Foster Dulles. 

Vandenberg and Dulles 
Dewey's principal advisers on for- 
eign affairs. 

In a pointed reference to the 
situation in Berlin and relations 
with Russia, Vandenberg said: 

—Associated Press Wirephoto. 

aerial photo mission in 
attery to Central Park; 

Democrats Shy 
Of Top - Notch 

Few Effective Speak- 
ers Available to 

Back Up Truman. 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11. 
Truman and Margaret will 
start west next’ week, présent- 
ing a united, determined and 
cheerful front. But the problem of 
backstopping the President with 
spokesmen of proved political ap- 

peal remains. 

The Administration has not de- 
veloped its own national figures of 
special interest to the public. The 
list of Senators free to go outside 
their own states to do national 
chores has been sharply curtailed 
by the Southern revolt. 

Within the states ‘many party 

their time, Mrs. Roosevelt is going 
to Europe on United Nations busi- 

One of the few volunteers of 

ray, who will stump | 
Truman wherever he can do the 


Continued From Page One. 

day and carried off in chains 19 | 
Western German policemen ref- 


On the next night the Russians 
clamped a h blockade on 
the City Hall to starve out a score 
thore policemen still cornered in 
the British and French offices. 
They lifted this and guaranteed 
safe passage to the policemen but 
only a few blocks away Russians 
and Germans seized the fplice 
and carried them off. 

These events burst into the cul- 
minating anti-Russian flareup in 
Thursday’s demonstration. 

The Soviet-licensed news agency 
said a Soviet military court. will 
try on Monday four men seized 
after Thursday riot. They will be 
charged with attacking “Soviet 
citizens” and police. 

Eight railroad mail cars from 
Berlin arrived in the British zone 
of Germany by a northern route 
yesterday. The chief of the Brit- 
ish transport section in Berlin 
said some railway mail cars have 
been moving back and forth all 
summer between eastern and 
western zones of Germany on 


routes other than the blockaded 
Berlin-Helmstedt line. 

This movement, he said, has “‘no 
significance” as far as the Soviet 
blockade of Berlin is’ concerned. 

the same,” he said. 


“It is of the greatest importance 

understand our political system 
should not be misled by our 
political campaign at home.” 

Dulles is scheduled to leave next 
week for the United Nations Gen- 
eral Assembly in Paris. 

Dewey will make major speeches 
in Denver, Sept. 21; Albuquerque, 


HOUSTON, Tex., Sept. 11 (AP) | 

—Farm Editor Leon Hale of the | Wash. 

N.M., Sept, 22; Phoenix, Ariz., Sept. 
23; Los Angeles, Sept. 24; and 
San Francisco, Sept. 25. 

After a Sunday layoff, Dewey 
will make three speeches on Sept. 
27: At noon before the Republican 
state convention in Portland, Ore., 
in the afternoon at Tacoma, 
and that evening in 

Houston Post today declined Gov. | Seattle. 

Thomas E. Dewey’s invitation to | 
come to Pawling, N.Y¥., to discuss | 
farm problems. | 

Answering what he said was 
the longest telegram he had ever | 
received—and the first from a Re-. 
publican—Hale wrote Dewey: 

“Sorry, I can’t make the meet- | 
ing up at your place. There’s a 
county sheep-dipping scheduled 
out at Tomball on the eighteenth 
and I couldn’t miss that. Then on 
the nineteenth I’ve got to inter- 
view the old lady who raises red 
hogs up at Dime Box in Lee 
county. : 

“I don’t have to come to Pawling 
to tell you how the farmers down 
here fee] about the sovernment’s 
agricultural program. Most of 
them I've heard talk figure it’s 
about as messed up as it can get. 

“So don’t worry too much about 
making the farmers mad if you’re 
elected. They don’t figure a Re- 

The New Yorker also will make 
platform appearances 

Gov. Robert F. Bradford of 
Massachusetts after conferring 
with Dewey today predicted the 
Republican candidate would win 
“a sweeping victory” in Massachu- 

Bradford discussed with Dewey 
what the Republican nominee de- 
scribed as “a means for bringing 
closer co-operation between the 
federal and state government.” 

Dewey said the matter was “of 
greatest importance in the next 

Truman Indorsed, Dewey Attacked 
By New York CIO. 
SYRACUSE, N.Y.., Sept, 11 — 
(UP)—Amid bitter denunciations 
of Republican presidential candi- 
date Thomas E. Dewey, the Po- 
litical Action Committee of the 

publican President could make it 
rain any more than a Democrat. 

“You might think about trying 
to do something about these bull 
calves. All the dairy cows down 

here have taken to having bull 

calves, and, if the Government 

“The blockade situation remains {20¢5@t do something about it, js 

where is the milk coming from 
four or five years from now! Have 
you had this trouble 

Dr. L. R. Main, dean ey St. 


New York State CIO today in- 

are , 
‘time to issue an appeal to world 

that other nations which do not | tal 

gether on the Berlin issue. 

at other | Of any official report. 

chairman of the 

sources said the three diplomats 
had been instructed to séek an 
immediate meeting with Stalin.) 

If direct negotiations with the 
Kremlin collapse, the west is pre- 
pared to turn over the whole dis- 
pute to the United Nations, Mar- 
shall is making ready to leave 
eight days hence for the opening 
Sept. 21 of the U. N. Genera] As- 
sembly in Paris. 

The United States also is be- 
lieved ready at the appropriate 

public opinion, in the form of an 
official report detailing the efforts 
in progress since July 30 to settle 
the quarrel over the German capi- 

In some Washington quarters, 
there was talk of a possible pro- 
posal to Stalin that the Foreign 
Ministers of Russia, France, Brit- 
ain and the United States get to- 
would mark a change in United: 
States tactics as contrasted with 
the idea of direct talks with Stalin 
and Foreign Minister V. M. Molo- 

Should a meeting with Stalin 
produce results, or should the For- | 
eign Ministers take over after 
such a meeting, any reference of 
the FEerlin matter to the U.N. 
would be delayed, said the officials 
who discussed such tactics. It 
likewise would delay the issuance 

of Vandenberg, 
Senate Foreign 

The presence 

leounselor Foy Kohler to answer | 

cipal adviset on relations with 
Russia. Later he returned to the 
State Department for a brief 
meeting with Marshall. He made 
no secret of the principal subject 
matter ~ his cai liad 
Russia is solely responsible for, * 
the breakdown of the week-long, 1" the next war, if we get 
negotiations among the military | hopped on, we will not have air 
governors at Berlin, in the view of | and artillery superiority, so every- 
American diplomatic authorities. ©" must go on on the assumption 
Marshall himself has said the | ‘at we have no air support at 
Communist-led disorders during | and we must dig in, camou- 
the talks were inspired from out-/ poles a action. 
side of Germany as well as within care y ones . 69: 
: perated in these 
the Gunite over the Dlockade  BRCUvers apparently the same 

wes referred to the military gov- | oa dar ny yd at eae yo 
ernors in Berlin to work out de- have air superiority: Th at will 
tails after the western envoys had | not be true in the next png 
reached a general agreement with | war, 

tainly not in the initial phases.” 
Stalin Gnd Molotov. ‘The failure of|  seitkune ance auea wae cated 

the military governors to settle to explain down to the last G.I. 
their differences over detail had | just why the division is practic- 
the effect of returning the dispute jing to fali back. 
to Moscow. ' The problem, he asserted, pits 
In Moscow, dispatches sail. Am-- —or will pit next week—a sup- 
bassador Walter Bedell Smith was posed force too strong for one di- 
awakened at 3:00 a.m. by minister | vision to handle. 
Therefore, the general said, the 
messages from Washington. 'men must understand how to hide 
Smith and the special British |and skulk, how to infiltrate and 
envoy, Frank Roberts, and French | to retreat to gain time. 
Ambassador .Yves Chataigneau|; The maneuver probleme assumed 
were reported to be exchanging|a striking force of great power 
urgent messages with their respec- | from the east, with the United 
tive capitals on the next move.|States infantry trying to delay 
Indications were that the situa-|the sweep toward the Rhine. 
tion in Moscow would not change| Except for a somewhat “‘com- 
materially over the weekend unless | placent” attitude on the air phase. 
new developments took place. nye ttaggan little criticism of 

“aggressor” force. The maneuvers 
resume Monday, when a mythical 
six divisions will not only attack, 
but according to plans, win. 

Standing on a hillside, Gen. Mil- 
burn, said to his staff: 

dorsed President Truman by ac- , 

The indorsement, and adoption! 
of a statement criticizing Dewey, 
were the*final business of its 
two-day convention here. The 
meeting was attended by some 700 
delegates, claiming to represent 
850,000 of the state’s 1,000,000 CIO 

The statement took Dewey to 
task for sponsoring the Condon-/; 

Assistant to Gen. Hershey. | From lesser commanders came’ : 
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP) | specific pomcrtanat ae 
: | The communications 
— Selective Service headquarters tated too much on field tele 
said tonight that Maj. Gen. Ray- phones. 
mond Fleming, former Louisiana The radio contact men were 
adjutant general and wartime 

too careless, and could not — 
“gabbing.” which made the code 
Louisiana draft director, had been ga s 
named assistant to Maj. Gen. 

easily breakable. 

| Night discipline was lax. Camp 
Lewis B. Hershey, selective ser-| tree burned when security was 
vice chief. supposed to be the watch word. | 


Wadlin anti-strike law, which for- | 

bids teachers and other public 
employes in the state to strike. 
It charged that the Governor 
“again and again refused to grant 
our schoo! teachers essential cost- 
of-living salary increases” and that 
he “consistently” opposed meas- 
ures designed to improve our edu- 
cational system.” 





3630 $. Grand PR. 3000 

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17,1948 = 


PL gh SO ny ho et. ill 

* P AS — : 2 Pd 
‘ iy ; of: €T »! 

b/ .* ¥ +e . 
eo" oe x “ge *f£< "Ss * 


Action at Clayton Is Move | 

Towards Consolidation 
— Nominees Recom- 
mended by Committee 
in May Elected. 

The first St, Louis County 
Board of Education was elected 

yesterday at a convention of 4di-. 

rectors of 86 county school dis- 
tricts in the Clayton High School 

The meeting was held pursuant 
to a law enacted by the last Legis- 
lature, the purpose of which was 
to provide a more effective pro- 
cedure for ‘consolidation of dis- 
tricts. : 

The meeting was attended by 
133 of the 363 directors of county 
districts who accepted the six 
candidates chosen by “recom- 
mending” committee appointed 
last May 30 at a meeting called 
to discuss the pending bill. 

The members were elected to 
staggered terms, ending in April 
of 1950. 1951 and 1952. Those 
elected to the long term were J. 
H. Lindner, living on Ballas road 
south of Olive street road. an ac- 
countant and member of 
Weber School district board. and 
Robert T. Geggie, a farmer of 
Eurcka and a member of that 
echool board. 

Elected to the term ending in 
1951 were Louis P¥itzel. 8050 Cat- 

skill drive, Lemay, an accountant) 

and member of the Mehlvill 
board and Fred A. Gossom, 7046 
Plymouth avenue, attorney for the 
Wellston school district. 
Short-Term Members. 

The short-term members will! be 
Dr. H, T. Kemper, 2626 Oakview 
terrace, Maplewood, a 

the | 

Yet Final. 



‘fortune in New York City, will be 
married next week to Francis 

of Heir Reported Not 

(UP)—Stephana Saja, who fled | 
the dismal slag heaps of Pennsyl- 
_vania’s coal regions to seek her) 



Hitchcock, polo-playing son of one. 

of America’s wealthy families, if 
_iplans work out. 

Miss Saja, 23 years old, arrived z 

_by plane last night for a Fiorida 
marriage to the 39-year-old Hitch- 
cock heir. 
‘airport by Hitchcock and they 
‘went into seclusion at the home 
of a friend. | 

Julian Peabody, who told report- 
‘ers he was a distant cousin of 

‘Hitchock’s, said Hitchcock's di-! 

/vorce decree from his second wife 

i|had not yet been made final. 
Peabody, who accompanied Miss 

| Saja here from New York, said 

|Hitchcock was out of the city try- | 

‘ing to conclude necessary arrange- 
| ments and probably would return 
‘to Daytona Beach Monday. 
If all goes well, "Peabody said, 
the marriage will be next week. 
Decree Not Final, Cousin Says. 
Hitchcock was divorced from his 

first wife in 1934 and later mar-- 

ried a model, Mary Grammer. This 
|marriage also resulted in divorce. 
‘The decree has not been made 
‘final, Peabody said. 

There were reports that the 
Hitchdck-Saja wedding had been 
‘planned for tomorrow, then post- 

It will be Florida’s second rich 
man-poor gir! marriage this year 

She was met at thet 


Se Ss 4 7 
~— Associated Press Wirephoto. 
; Sa 

} =a 

| Sok 
| 5 
; ee Oo 



P % 
; - SS. “ 
ay > 



: : 

involving a coal miner’s daughter. 

Fabulously wealthy Winthrop 
bara (Bobo) Sears of Noblestown, 
Pa., coal mining community, a 
few months ago. 

Miss Saja, of Rutherian-Russian 
descent, was accompanied here by 
her sister, Nancy, who will be her 

‘maid of honor. The whole wed- 

Rockefeller wed the former Bar-. 



dentist,/ding party was quartered in the | 

member of the Maplewood-Rich-! “white castle” estate of Col. Archie | 

mond Heights district, and Lester 
C. Geil, 8014 Colleen avenue, a 
paper salesman and member of 
the Affton board. 

Under the terms of the bill, the 
members are required to meet four 
days after election in the office 
of the St. Louis County Superin- 
tendent of Schools, 7927 Forsythe 
boulevard, Clayton, and organize 
by electing one of their members 
president. County Superintendent 
Feufus G. Russell is ex-officio sec- 

The hoard must meet at least 
orce every three months and 
must. within six months, complete 
A comprehensive study of each 
seehoo! district and prepare a plan 
of reorganization. The study must 
include the assessed tax valuation 
of the district, the differences in 
=ich valuation under the proposed 
reorganization, its size, geographi- 
esl. features, number of ‘students 
and average daily attendance at 
its schools, 

The report of the board is then 
gent to the State Boerd of Educa- 
tion. If it is approved by that de- 
partment, it is sent back for a 
vote by the people of the districts 
desiring consolidation. 

The Future Program. 

Members subsequently elected 
to the board will serve for three 
years and the board is designed 
as a permanent body. It is re- 
quired to make a continuing study 
of the county school system and 
propose ‘subsequent rcorganiza- 
tions. as the circumstances war- 
rant, and cooperate with boards 
of adjoining counties on common 
problems, It also must approve 
the budget prepared by the coun- 


-C. Wall and his daughter, Mrs. C. 
_F. Rideout, friends of Hitchcock. 

The bride’s desire for a cere- 
mony in the Greek Orthodox faith 
of her parents was dashed by her 
'own hometown priest and a Jack- 
'sonville priest, both of whom re- 
‘fused to officiate because Hitch- 
cock had been divorced and Miss 
Saja had renounced the family re- 

Father John Loya, pastor of St. 
Marvy’s Greek Orthodox Church in 
Winder, Pa., refused a “special 
dispensation” requested by Miss 
Saja in Jacksonville, Father An- 
asasius Bandy also declined on the 
ground that Miss Saja became a 
Catholic ten years ago, 

“In any case,” Father Bandy 
said, “I would be powerless with- 
out the permission of her Arch- 

It was new 

not known what 

eae. Na ata . 
oe y! 


7 vk , a 
Ley : - 
(tp A 
ehthlieninee tte ee ernest eatin aens - tallies, 

‘San nominating certificate 

a hbeseiiional wawe Padie. 

sa NR Sey 
+4 a «ORAS % ¥»- N 
x w Nw ke Be 
\ mew Sei a > : $ > 


SS aS 
SS os 



Available for Court 
Fight on Nelson Ruling. 


By the Jefferson City Correspond- 
ent of the Post-Dispatch. 
H. P. Lauf, Democratic politician 
who challenged the validity of the 
| filed by 
the Progressive (Wallace) party, 
last night announced he was drop- 
ping the fight to bar the Progres- 
'sives from the Missouri ballot in 
| November. 
 Lauf denounced the decision of 

“se. Secretary of State Edgar, Nelson, | 
<< Ys | Democrat, who found the Progres- 
~& sive nominating petitions 


SS cient in nearly all cases, but said 
it would prove too acostly to at- 
* tempt an appeal. 

| Lauf’s challenge was filed in 

.|jthe name of Bert W. Koester of 

|Jefferson City, a Democrat, who 
‘ts Cole County @ollector. Nelson, 
‘who three weeks ago refused to 
‘accept the Progressive nominat- 
ing certificate, and who required 
the filing of petitions by the new 
|party, rufed Fviday that the peti- 

tions carried a sufficient number | 

“nee of signatures, and announced that 

e wa he would certify all but two of 
Mates the 

Progressive candidates for 

, S Me places on the official ballot. 

: inor 

Thinks Opinion ‘Communistic". 

“I think Nelson’s opinion is a 
cowardly, justice -of - the - peace, 
‘Communistic opinion,” Lauf as- 
iserted, but he added, “Neither I 
my client are financially 
‘able to carry on this fight, with 

S the investigation that would have 

to be made. Nothing further will 
be done as far as we are con- 


Céntinuation of the fight to bar 
the Progressive ticket would have 
entailed either an appeal direct to 

= the State Supreme Court or in- 

Sa junctive 

—~International News Photo. 

Frame house in which Miss Saja was born and where her 

mother still lives, on Railroad str 

eet In W 

mndber, Pa. 

cause the atmosphere made her 
“sad.” Her four brothers and sis- 
ter Nanty also left the home 
where Mrs. Turk has lived for 27 

Mrs. Turk. who was remarried 
last vear to Steve Turk, 60, also 
a coal miner, said her daughter 
visited her over the Labor day 

She said “Steffie"” became angry 
when the mother proudly showed 
neighbors photographs of her 
daughter and the wealthy Hitch- 

“She mad when I 

got very 

said she had a “responsible posi- 

There was no indication how she 
became acquainted with ~Hitch- 

Background of Hitchcock. 

Hitchcock is descended frum sev- 
erel social and wealthy American 
families. His paternal grandfath- 
er, Thomas Hitchcock. was a large 
stockholder in the New York Sun. 
His mother, the former Louise M. 
Eustis, was a granddaughter of 
W. W. Corcoran, millionaire conor 
of Washington’s Corcoran Art 

His parents developed polo play- 

plans had been made by the cou- showed the pictures and grabbed ing in America. Hitchcock senior, 

ple in view of the _ religious 


Miss Saja’s father was a coal. 

miner who brought his family to 
the grimy coal town of Windber, 
Pa. He died a few years ago. | 

Miss Saja 
high school where she was gradu- 
ated in 1945. ev 

Her home was a_ two-story 
frame structure grimy from the 
coal dust blowing off nearby 
heaps of slag. She was born and 
played in the shadow of a mine 

‘tipple 300 feet from her home. 

Home Tewn Madc Her “Sad.” 

Her mother. now Mrs. Marv 
Saja Turk, said “Steffie” was a 
spirited girl with “lots of boy 
friends” and liked by everyone. 
She said her daughter eft 

attended Windber | 

them off-me and tore up some of 
them and kept some of them,” 
she said. 
“im very glad Steffie 
tiny married,” she said. 
New York friends of Miss Saja 
‘said she had been engaged to 
Hitchcock for “about a year.” 
Mrs. Mary Anderson, wife of the 
superiniendent of the building 
where Miss Saja shared a $125 a 
‘month apariment with four other 
girls, said she had been wearing 
‘Hitchcock's ring “and some more 
jewelry from him” for a year. 
Miss Saja was employed at the 
huge brokerage firm of Dominick 
and Dominick, where firm mem- 
‘bers were vague about her job. 
/One said he believed she was one 

is get- 

was known as the greatest steeple- 
chase trainer in the histery of 
American turf. 

Francis Hitchcock was divorced 
in 1934 from Mary Atwell Fiitch- 
cock. At that time he 

action in the lower 
‘courts. An investigation of the 
‘validity of the nominating peti- 

jtions probably would cost $10,000 | 

or more, Lauf said. 

Pending before the Supreme 
Court is a mandamus suit filed by 
the Progressive party officials 
after Nelson ruled against the 
nominating certificate. As _ the 
Secretary, of State now has held 
‘that the petitions are sufficient 
to place the third parity ticket on 
the ballot, a ruling in the man- 
damus action will not affect the 
place won on the ballot. 

Nelson held that petitions nom- 
inating Progressive candidates 
were sufficient for all but 
ence E. Bingaman, 4717 South 
Compton avenue, St. Louis, candi- 
date for Representative in Con- 
gress from the Twelfth District. 
and Bruce Watkins of Centralia, 
for Representative from the Sec- 
ond District. 

Message from Wallace. 

Henry Wallece, who heads the 
third party ticket, last night sent 

‘old the | 

court he was making $25 a week | 

in a Wall Street brokerare firm 
but he agreed to pay $8 a week 
toward the support of nis son, 
Francis Jr. 

He reportedly 
heritance of 
from his father and an undisclosed 
Shere of his mother’s $500,000 

His brother, Tommy Hitchcock 
Jr.. great American polo rlayver. 
was killed in an airplane crash in 
{England in 1944. Francis~- also 
‘played polo but never achieved 
the same distinction ‘n that field. 

received an in- 


Says Funds Are Not (AP 

lgress cflations against more than 
‘20 local union members who re- 
ifused to testify at a hearing he 
| Landis : 
thearing for the House Labor Com- | 

shad been 




Landis Says More 

Unionists Refused to Testify — 
Calls Hearing ‘Revealing.’ | 

Than 20 Evansville 

‘George A. Campbell Injured 
_ on Maneuvers Near West- 
Point Academy. 

)—Representative Gerald Lan- 
dig (Rep.), Indiana, said tonight 

would file contempt of Con- 

wound up a 

;mittee on allegations that Local 
:813, CIO United Electrical Work- 
‘ers, is Communist-dominated. 
The union members whom Lan- 
Gis said he would cite refused to 

‘testify yesterday and said they 

ito advise them on their constitu- 
,tional rights. The local’s attorney 
has been in New York this week 
‘for the union’s convention. 

Landis said htat the hearing 
and had “uncovered more 

; ing” 

‘evidence of Communism in Evans- 

ville than had been expected.” 
He said that the investigation 

was not closed and that he want-. 
,ed to hear from several Iocal 813) 
irepresentatives who were out of| 
itown this week. 

He said further 
hearings may be held here or in 

Witness Tells of Threats. 

Clar- | 


a firing squad to threaten party 
The local said 
“Today the 
ville have witnessed a sample of 

re ae 

the kind of treatment that can be | : 
expected under the rule of those | Cadet George A. Campbell a 

wtih Fascist ideology . -member of the second year class 

Mrs. Bell, an employe f th 
Faultless Castor Co, gets 29 | of the United States Military 

persons she said have Communist | Academy at West Point, died yes- 


ly a 
' vill 

cording secretary; James Payne, | 
wanted their legal counsel present }7ocal 813 business representative, 

‘Snyder Berger of Evansville, the 

‘was at one time head of the Com- 
“successful and reveal-. 

' St. Louis, district UEW president, | % 
‘at a Communist meeting nor had /dition to hi 

Mrs. Kathryn Bell, who said she | 
once belonged to the Communist; 
told the Congressmen to-'| 
|day that the members tatked of 

in a statement: , 
people of Evans-. 

membership cards or who regular- lterday of  in- 
ttend party meetings in Evans-/jyries suffered 
e. iwhen he dived 
Persons Listed by Witness. into a swimming 
_ Some of those she named are pool .when of 
|members of the UEW, The list in- maneuvers near 
‘cluded Ernest Upton, Faultless the academy in 
union shop chairman; Charles E.'New York. He 
Wright, former Local 813 presi- wa, 19 years. 
dent ‘and now district UEW re- oq 
Cadet . | 
jand Mrs, Sadella Berger, wife of Yr ¥ he’ Ld a a 
‘local’s attorney Jeneenee al 

Mrs. Bell testified that Wright | pl oon 
Shoe Co., and Mrs. Campbell, He 
lived at 6325 McPherson avenue. 

He suffered injuries to his neck 
a week ago and was taken to the 
hospital at the académy where 
he died. 

Cam pP- ~~ SS 

munist party in Evansville, “but | 
there was some jealousy over his’ 
power and the city party finally 
was controlled by a three man sec- 
' retariat.” 

Mrs, Bell, mother of a Marine a 
in service overseas, said she had| A military funeral will be hel 

never seen William Sentner of| tomorrow and he will be buried 
‘at West Point. Surviving in ad- 
s mother are two og 
she ever talked Communism with| ters, Mrs. Paul H. Murphy Jr. 
him. ,But she testified that party and Miss Jane Campbell, both of 
leaders told her Sentner was a the McPherson avenue address. 

has admitted he is a Communist.) BABIES ARRIVING 
She stated that before most of AT RATE OF 118 A 

the local’s mectings there had been 

a caucus by Communist members. 
“Communists who controlled the 
local met first and laid the strat- 
egy,” she said. 


An average of more than 118 

A A RN ek ee —~ 

the Progressive party of Missouri 
the following telegram from New 

“The righteous wrath of millions 

of progressive Americans at the. 

attempted ballot steal in Missouri 
has now been vindicated by the 
decision to restore the Progressive 
party to the abliot. I congratulate 
'Missouri’s citizens for their victory 
in upholding a free ballot. The 
‘complete national and local slate 
‘of Missouri’s Progressive party 
istands pledged to a program of 
j}peace, abundance and’ security. 

' “In winning a place for this 

islate on the ballot, the people of | 

| his own state have shown Mr. 
‘Truman they will no longer stand 
i\for the machine rule which sup- 
|ports his bipartisan policies of 
i\war and depression. Their victory 
jis an important milestone in the 
|people’s march for a democratic 
and free America.” 


Miss Henrietta Musil, 3005 Sa- 
lena street, was in serious condi- 
tion last night at City Hospital 
from a spinal injury suffered in a 
‘fall vesterday afternoon from a 
‘second floor window of her home, 
police reported. 
| The 23-year-old woman lost her 
‘halance while, washing windows, 
‘police said, falling a distance of 
}20 feet to a brick sidewalk. 

Re ne 


more than $100.000. 


from the cash register. 

babies were born each day in St. 

WATCHDOG YELPS shies were 
uis since Sept. 1. Jesse B. Lagsa- 
WAY INTO AND OUT ter, head of the city’s bureau of 
OF POLICE STATION statistics, announced yester- 

This is 63 per cent more 
Patches, a 220-round St. Ber- than the average daily birth rate 
nard, barked and howled his way during 1947, when a record num- 
into a police cell at Magnolia sta-|».. of births was recorded. 
Hen.arty yeaterday, only to hark Births recorded during the last 
ey wey out & few. hours later 11 days have totaled 1300, Lasater 
without benefit of a bondsman. said, more than nalf the record 
William Rothaus, the dogs mas-| number reported during any one 
jter, told police Patches was | month, which was established in 
\watchdog and was left at night | so ntember 1947. when 2308 births 
to guard a filling station at 3920 | vere listed 
Gravois avenue operated by Roth-| ¢, far this year, a total of 16, 
aus. The dog broke some boards | 4x4 pirths has been recorded as 
to escape from the filling station | .ompared to 18,270 during the cor- 
and created such a vocal furore | responding period last year. How- 
‘near the gas pumps that police/eyer i¢ the current acceleration 
were called to take Patches in 0n | ;, the birth rate is maintained, 
grounds of peace disturbance. ‘the total number of babies born 
Once in the Magnolia station, |jn the city this year probably will 
the din created by the dog became exceed the record number of 27 
so disturbing that even the prison- 116 recorded during 1947, Lasater 
ers complained and demanded | said. 
that ejther they or Patches be re- 
As a watchdog, Patches has in 
the past indicated that he is more 
of a sleeper. Recently two men 
entered the filling station and held 
up a Negro attendant who also) 
was spending the night in the sta- 
tion. The attendant woke up, but | 
Patches snoozed happily on as the | 
men fled with about $50 taken 

1408 S. Broadway 
Grand and Gravois 7319 Manchester 

— 7 

Well-Dressed College Man? 

‘Winder after her graduation be- of “about 275 clerks” and another 


ty superintendent of schools. 
i iaien shined “Wt tsk itbdaas at those eventful proms and formals... 
the State Board of Education 

must forward to the county board 

driver of the automobile, told | 
highway patrolmen- he and the | 
motorcycle both were northbound. | 
He said he started to pass the | 

c'erk its approval or disapproval | 
of the plan of reorganization with- | 

in 60 days after receiving it from 
tc county board. In the event the 
plan is found insufficient, it must 
ho: returned with a full explana- 
tion to the county board. The lat- 
ter then has 60 days in which to 
review the plan and the objections 
end make such changes and re- 
viv ons aS may seem desirable. 

If the revised plan is disapproved 
the second time, the county board 
is required to submit its plan to 
t'-- voters on the first Tuesday in 
November 1949, notwithstanding 
lerk of state board approval but 
oriyvy in the event the enlarged dis- 
trict has an assessed valuation of 
at least $500,000 or 100 pupils in 
average daily attendance for the 
preceding year. 

‘ All qualified voters living in the 
enlarged. district may vote and a 
simple majority is enough to es- 
tablish the district. Directors of 
the. new district must be elected 
within 30 days after it is estab- 
lished, the election being conducted 
by the county board. 

State Aid for Buildings. 

State aid is provided for the 


one-half e cost of the build- 
ing and equipment with the state 
¢oniribution being limited to $25,- 
@00 for anv one en | 

* In all school 


wnder this law. the county® board 
Js authorized to provide for free 
| portation of all children liv- 
¢ more than one mile 
central school building s 

romenta! Research In. 
a survey 

* ' 
‘e& : ee 
" TT T : E* 43 ¥ 
g ? a rs sb os 4 
— . . 
= : e 

‘he: ret ar 

Sara Ag ye ES 
gs gene ER ae EERE 0 

mor the | 

ff FE, ti , 
a =e 
* + 


Humane Society Agent Is 
Arrested for Non-Support 
of Son. 

-_ — Sa 

John Robert Sidmor, an agent 
for the Humane Society whose 
‘mame and picture were published 
in newspapers Friday after he 
helped capture a 175-pound Great 
‘Dane dog which was running 
about South St. Louis, is no longer 
jsold on the value of publicity. His 
iformer wife saw the stories and 
| pictures and had him arrested yes- 
,terday for failure to support their 
| fon, Donald, 9 years old. 

The former wife, Mrs. Dorothy 
‘Sidmon, 1447 Union Ddoulevard, 

made a ‘complaint to Assistant ; 

Prosecuting Attorney Thomas 
Krauska. With Detective Cpl. 
William Kiessling, who is assigned 
to the Prosecuting Attorney's of- 
fice, Krauska went to the Humane 

‘Society shelter and requested that | 
.a radio call be sent to Sidmon to } 
When he j 

come to the shelter. 

P&aY isidmon told police he had been 

working for the Humane Society 

Kenneth Helenschmidt, 19 years 
old, of Pevely, Mo., died Friday 
night at St. Anthony’s Hospital! of 
head injuries suffered Thursday 
when a motorcycle on which he 
was a passenger collided with an 
automobile and then hit a parked 
truck on Highway 61 near Pevely, 

The driver of the motorcycle. 
Willard G. Dickemann of Barn- 
hart, Mo., suffered head and back 
injuries and was taken to St. 
‘Anthony's Hospital. 

Ernest J. Ramey of Fertus, Mo.. 

ar tw 

a ee 



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lived at 3726A Aldine avenue, but | 

received his mail at his mother's 
‘home to avoid being traced by po- j 

lice. Police said he and. his for- 
wife were divorced several 

‘$8 a week ordered by the court. 
hearing in the Court of 
\Correction Sept. 27. . 

1879 ~«=—s« 55816 EASTON 

vw * - 
A ccceense esta anE NORE Se 


He was released @n bond for a | 

we do. All work by experienced 

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Square or pointed end ties with adjustable 
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Realistic looking carnation. 



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~~ *s6F Se SF Ae ~ -. s ‘ , : iil a 

ae» * Sw &@S « &@=S & & SF S&S = = 4 7. | 


~ a 

Mrs. lL. H. Niebling, Mrs. Carl 

DISCUSSION OF MORAL [SSUES 2°.” cnimittee chairman, will 

Sark aiiaohidiins Best aes ails > ACRE POL 3 5 Ai ie | : and metal were made to 
ee ee eee < — Russia during the war. dee 
ah & IED “FRC M PA GE ) ONE ae : pater : as rong Rane “0 eae | Current moral issues will be dis-/be_ moderator. 
+) ORR Ty OY Wipers 8B Ee | as - — en {¥ When a pt the|. Vall was asked whether eee the Y.W.C.A., 1411 Locust street. 
9 e Oe eK, ee se i * i ae Coy et Two trials have resulted in hung. The public affairs committee of 
+it er ‘ and J ud | ‘| Juries. * ae Sek Cee Se the Y.W.C.A. wilt sponsor the’ 
seit 7...» || {gi te, Gambling in Benjen. |* Soot, «| “Well,” he answered, can | meeting. 
ies) Benton has been free of gam-| )o° Called to him. “Ni She ke the. st Speakers will include Mrs. Ev- 
bling since the indictment “of the he wees ten 0 G erett Colbert, Miss Marie Russ and 
mayor and police chief, but at | , 7 

| West Frankf + es > ah still . ak . Peg ean 
ibeing operated by . “Peggy” nmiict : ot | 2 
i} Henderson on Hast Main street, WHITE HOUSE TOLD ® LEATHERCRAFT ( 
directly across from the postoffice’| BY ARMY REDS GOT | work began before the Manhattan 
Henderson, a gambling veteran of | | atomic project was organized to | See Us for Complete Line of ~ J 
jsome 35 years, is the father off A TOQMIC SECRETS |carry through with the develop-|\ LEATHERS FOR’ HANDICRAFT ( 
| Harold Henderson, operator of the} Fe, , ment of the bomb. . He said there Hobby. or Profit | 
Irecently closed Lake Club just{ Continued From Page One. {was an- interval of several months | 

joutside Springfield. \atomic scientists leaked informa-|between the start of the work and|) TANDY LEATHER CO. 

| The Benton gamblers were Ce-\tion to the Russians and that creation of the Manhattan project € 1530 OLIVE a7. LOUIS, MQ, MAin 4220 
ici! Pemberton, better known to|some shipments of uranium com- headed by Groves. 

ithe gambling trade as “Skeezer : wee 

| Hall,” and Randall Burke, both of 

iwhom were indicted last year on 

igambling charges. They formerly 
}operated a handbook at 109A East 


tivities were i rogress prior to 
his becoming ated with this 
project.” . 4 

Vail said that the atom bomb 

6:36-—-7;15-—8:00 A. M. 
3:00-—5:40-—-8:00 P. M. 


ho held up the River- | 
te S.R. 

of Spri id, and| 
in Holiday Inn, an- 


moter gunman who} 
id into the Springfield un-| 
derworld years ago was Frank | 

-@ member of the noto- 

‘rious “ 
ished here until] several years ago, 
when he sought to extend his in- 
fluence into Hot Springs, Ark., 
“then a wide-open gambling town. 
He was waylaid and murdered in 
a woods outside Hot Springs. 

The movement of Italian gang- 
sters into on county was 
followed by the murder of Charles 
Dawson, former St. Louis bar- 
tender, who opened a dice game 
and racing handbook in down- 
town Sp Id in the late 1920s. 
Dawson, who resisted encroach- 
ment by the Italians, was shot 
to déath at Seventh and Washing- 
ton streets Dec, 28, 1931. The gun- 
man escaped, but the weapon with 
which he was killed was found 
three years later on the body of 
Frank Shire, extortionist killer in 
Christian county. Ballistics tests 
showed that the bullet which 
killed Dawson had been fired 
from the revolver found on Shire’s 

St. Louis Connections. 

Baptiste Bommarito, still active 
here, has St. Louis connections 
and is known there. Frank Cam- 
po, associated with Zito in the 
gambling rackets, also has St. 
Louis connections. The operators 
of the Lake Club, Hugo Giovanelli 
and Harold Henderson, are listed 
among the associates of East Side 
and St. Louis gamblers. 

Matt Donnelly, operator of a 
club at Springfield Lake, is a for- 
mer Hogan gangster who left St. 
Louis in the 1920s and settled in 
Springfield. Donnelly, who was 
sentenced to five years in the Mis- 
souri penitentiary for robbery, left 
St. Louis after he was shot and 
wounded by Mike Cutter, former 
professional bondsman. 

Angelo Lodato, former St. Louis- 
an, runs the 2600 Club on U. S8. 
Highway 66. It was not far from 
the 2600 Club that Leonard Gior- 
dano, dice table man at the Pad, 
another gambling house, was found 
mupdered Aug. 9. Lodato, who 
was visiting in St. Louis when 
authorities wanted to talk to him, 
showed up here later and was 

Zito, a native of Italy, was na- 
turalized in St. Louis several years 
ago, and frequently visits asso- 
ciates there, Although a man of 

gang.” Agruso flour- 

_ ‘ 


Main street, a half block off the 

. en] square. 
=| Most Franklin county gambling 
jplaces are unpretentious concrete 
block or frame buildings, the only 
jon a ‘scale comparable to the 
Alamo are the. Rate Hole, operated 
by brothers Gerald and Herman 
West at 


the leader of an underworld gang. 
His interests are many and include 
the Otiz Oil Co. an oil well de- 
velopment company of Centralia, 
Il; the Modern Distributing Co.. 
a juke box concern at 225 North 
Fifth street, and the Paddock, a 
gambling house. 

The citizens’ petition filed today 
asked the court “in the interest 
of public justice to order immedi- 
ately a special grand jury to con- 
vene and diligently inquire into 
alleged widespread violations of 
the laws dey gen | gambling and 
lotteries, and the alleged unlawful 
combinations of persons, reported 
to include some public officials of 

the city and county, who are re- 

| ported to accept money and other 

ichange for permitting such illegal 

items of remuneration in ex- 
activities to continue.” 
Violations Listed. 

State gambling Jaws were vio- 
lated, the petition stated, “through 
the operation of gambling devices 
and games known as punchboards, 
crap tables, dice games, card 
games, bingo games, horse racing 
handbooks, lotteries, raffles, foot- 
ball pools, baseball pools, tip 
boards and other devices.” Gaming 
devices were “installed in drug 
stores, restaurants, hotels, taverns 
and night clubs to the extent that 
the gambling law violations be- 
came common knowledge to the 
public generally,” the petitioners 

The petition added that on Aug. 
11 the Post-Dispatch printed an 
interview with Sheriff Rhule in 
which the sheriff was quoted as 
saying he “was well aware that 
illegal gambling activities were be- 
ing conducted in Sangamon 
county, and that he did not intend 
to prohibit such activities.” The 

mystery to the average citizen, 
Zito is known to authorities as 

petition quoted Rhule further as 
“intimating he might accept gifts 
from night club operators Known 
to be conducting gambling opera- 
The petition also. mentioned 
publication last Tuesday by the 

Post-Dispatch of revelations that 



tice Department officials had ap- 



the sum of $10,000 was collected 
by the Springfield gambling syn- 
dicate weekly for distribution to 
leaders of the syndicate and to 
state, county and city officials. 

A special prosecutor is sought, 
the petition stated, “to conduct 
and. control the investigation and 
to prosecute all indictments and 
informations returned by the 
grand jury, with all powers and 
authority of a state’s attorney.” 

The decision to request a spe- 
cial grand jury and special prose- | 
cutor was voted last Thursday by 
the Good Government League, 
which has a membership of young- 
er business men and attorneys of 
the: city. Previously the league 
adopted a resolution calling for 
a thorough inquiry, and sent the 
resolution to the Ministerial Asso- 
ciation, The ministers sought the | 
advice of the Sangamon County | 
Bar Association on the resolution | 
and the following committee of | 
past bar association presidents | 
was named to advise them: Roger | 
E. Chapin, former. probate judge; | 
George C. Hoffman,. master in. 
chancery of circuit court, and L.. 
G. Pefferle. | 


operated by “Goat” Hogan at West 
City; Loman’s place, operated by 
Roy Loman and Ralph Davis at 
West City; 
West City. 

days, the Shelton gang fought off 
Charlie Birger’s attempt to take 
over Franklin coynty. They con- 
trolled gamblin 
when gambling supplanted bootleg 
whisky as a profitable business 
, until gang 
/was shot down in ambush. near 
Fairfield last October. | 

It is believed here that Fortner 
had Sfelton’s blessing when he 
time of Carl’s death. After Shel-| 
ton’s murder, Guy Pennington and 
his wife, 
hurriedly sold their West City tav- | 
ern and moved to friendlier sur- | 
roundings of Fairfield. : 


one being Fortner’s 
Others which do business 

Buckner; Goat’s Cozy, 

and Bruce’s place, | 

the lush prohibition, 

activities. heré 

leader Carl Shelton 

but that he. 

came here ; 
about the | 


Lulu, Shelton’s sister, | 

—— ee ee 



Continued From Page One. 

Ministers to See Green. 
Twenty-iive Springfield minis- | 
ters, in a separate action, wrote 
Gov. Dwight H. Green that there 
were “alarming indications of 
gang activity and mounting evi- 
dence of widespread political cor- 
ruption and involvement of public 
officials.” The ministers, who 
asked that state highway police 
be turned loose on the gamblers, 
have an appointment with Gov. 
Green for 4 p.m. Monday for a dis- 
cussion of the situation. The 
ministers’ group will be headed by 
the Rev, E. E. Bollinger, pastor of 
Harvard Park Baptist Church. 
In addition to the 
| county grand jury inquiry 



la full-scale inquiry by the Fed- 

Illinois state highway contracts : 
will begin here next week. 

The inquiry was announced 
Thursday by Howard Doyle, Unit- 
ed States attorney, who said Jus- 

proved his request for an investi- 
gation of “alleged irregularities od 
the use of Federal road funds in 
Ilinois.” | 

Any evidence that the Govern-| 
Ment Was defrauded as a result of 
the reported kickbacks and politi- 
cal “lugs” will be presented to a 
federal grand jury to be impan- 
eled here Sept. 27. 


Continued From Page One. 

April primary, but has been under 
wraps in recent weeks. 

When Fortner first came into 
Franklin county in about May 
1945, he sought to persuade State’s 
Attorney J. Max Mitchell to throw 
the county open to gambling. Ac- 
cording to Mitchell, a Democrat, 
who has fought gambling unceas- 
ingly during his term in office, 
Fortner offered to hire him as at- 
torney for the gambler’s other 
activities in the Illinois oil fields. 
He promised high “fees,” Mitchell 
told the Post-Dispatch. 

Tries Private Clubs. 

Failing in this, Mitchell related 
today, Fortner sought to extend 
operation -of an established fra- 
ternal organization into every 
town and hamlet in the county in 

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£ 5 ee - o4 
. ’ ie 2, J 3 : . : 
ah Math" Soe a SUF ee oc,’ yaaa alates 
: > * . 
oS > 
ty t r 
ry z 
be] ~ 

order to set up slot machines 
funder existing conditions. Slot 
|machines have been allowed in 
|private clubs in Franklin county 
| for years, There were 59 regis-i# 
| tered in such places last August. 
| Mitchell put his foot down, 
| threatening to prosecute all clubs 
which had gambling devices. ~ 

The state’s attorney has had no 
further contacts with Fortner, but 
in January and February 1947, he 
was approached on a number of 
occasions by a man who described 
himself as Jack Morgan, a slot 
machine salesman from Grayville, 
lil. Morgan made more than half 
a dozen trips to see him about 
allowing slot machines to operate 
in Franklin county, Mitchell re- 
calls. He told Mitchell that fort- 
ner would be the man to “handle” 
slots here. 

“We've got everybody else taken 
care of,” Morgan was quoted asi 
saying. “Damn it, why don’t you 
get in there and clean up? You 
can make a fortune.” | 

Lesson in St. Clair County. 

Mitchell related that the asles- 
man proposed first to place slot 
machines in taverns at Royalton, 
Coella, West City, Buckner and 

These communities have 

d. “He replied that the St. 

r indictments didn’t mean a 
thing. He said they had been 
m care of, and would be dis- 

es . 

‘she said. 
coming at a moderate rate of 
speed and 
front of it.” 
Driver Stopped, Stayed in Auto. 

stopped at once but he did not get 
out of his automobile. 

peared to be suffering from shock. 

Bannister told police the boys 
were crossing the street from the 
south curb as he was driving west | 

front of his machine as he ap-| 
proposed Proached Twenty-ninth, he said, | 
into | and he could not stop-in time to 
gamblifig and its attendant graft, #Vvold hitting them. 

Bannister, a credit manager for | 
eral Bureau of Investigation into a finance company, had no atate 
reports of systematic kickbacks on drivers’ 

a ~ cata eaiaa echt detain ea 
eee ' Sen Sat — ‘ 
ey : ss AR A 

“The automobile was 

the children ran in. 

Mrs. Siebert said, 
He pulled 
the curb and sat in his auto- 

Mrs. Siebert said he ap- 

State street. They stepped in | 

license and he was held 




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Age f li © fINr 
D CROSS a emeciy sae Pring ida and 2 YOUNG BROTHERS FIND BOX f 
ROM GERM RELATIVES ~ oon aohasiti: 08 Schmidt: OF GRENADES ; HURT IN BLAST right hand. His brother was ~ ) 

A number of inquiries about §| burned on the face and hands. ae 
| lents former residents of 

6A. _ Sun. Sept. 12, 1948 «THE 
Fifth Army headquarters said A 
the grenades were part of 150 ‘~ 
stolen from Fort Sheridan in 

7 jects 
MSGR. DOOLEY TO BE HONORED! cy. "°°" “oo * x. Sinclair pulled! warch 1947, The Army and Lake 
Many te pin from one and it explodes. Forest police are investigating. 

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° emn benediction of the most 
of Talks on Italian) jauer: Robert G. Fiedler, who for-|blessed sacrament, starting at 7 
Colonies merly lived at 6314A Michigan | 0’clock, will precede the reception. 
° avenue; Erna Gruendler: Mar- Guests will include Archbishop 

garete Heller or her aunt, Mrs.| Joseph E: Ritter. 
Ida Gallenbeck; George Hemayer: | ~~ 

__ {the descendants of Paul H. Hoff- 
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP) mann; Theodore Hovelmann;: 

The Big Four powers will discuss George Knill; Heinrich Kraft p 
the fate of Italy's pre-war colonies who formerly lived at Eighth 

in Paris Monday although Russia | street and Park avenue; the chil- | a d JUKE BOXES 
; ian? ; dren of Mrs. August Lamprecht, | n | 
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said that would make it some-'|Mathlage: Albert Wésaabaaar: ENTRAL DISTRIBUTORS 
thing less than a Council of For- William Ottersbach: Hans Pec. 2224 OLIVE CH. 6096 
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ministers conference. 

In that note, and in later por- | 
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else if Britain and France con- 



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Soviet Charge Rejected. 

The Wnited States note also re- 

jected a Soviet charge that by de- 

' ‘clining to send ag ay 

treaty of peace with y. e 

805 LOCUST (DOWNTOWN) American note cited a section of 


ithe 1945 Potsdam agreement stat- 
‘ing explicitly the foreign ministers 
of the Big Four powers could send 
“high-ranking” deputies to repre- 
sent them at sessions of the Big 
Four Council. | 

The United States note was de- 

Pp livered late today to the Soviet 
| Embassy. 

The wartime allies have been 

three 9 
~ — ° unable to agree whether to turn 
) - the colonies back to Italy, or to’ 
Gwe | UNDITIONALLY GUARANTEED ‘ dispose of them in some other 
“are | prov The Italian peace treaty 

fea . - = AD WACUIN 
Si te R FET, FOR Wasain provides that if no decision is 


€ » 

reached within one year from the 
‘date the treaty went into effect 
Sept. 15, 1947, the United Nations 
should get the dispute. 
i Just .why Moscow insisted on 
: calling the meeting continued to 
puzzle American diplomatic au- 
thorities, Their guesses ranged 
from the idea Moscow wanted to 
make new.prepaganda approaches 
to Italy, sought to delay Moscow 
| talks ‘on the Berlin crisis by send- 
ing Foreign Minister Molotov to- 
Paris, or merely wanted to make 
sure Russia carried out the exact 
letter of the peace treaty stripu- 
| lation. 


,; f 


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Krack, 46 years old, widow of a iia. 

Moline policeman, and her four fit] 

gons, Ralph, 18, Samuel, 14, 81% 

Thomas, 13, and Robert, 9, labored 

to excavate a basement under #} 

their four-room frame residence. Jf 

«= Finally came time to jack the 

| house up with piling while cement 

blocks were fitted into place. Fri- 

day the family finished supper at 

an early hour and went back to 

} their toil. 
Sam squeezed under the house 

‘and put the last piece of piling on 

which the structure res into 3 ; 
place. : | — Z 

Then before the horrified eyes 
of mother and three other sons, 

the north end of the house col- 

lapsed into the basement as the #5 . 3 tt ae ee 2 
piling gave away. —— 1 OS ee en BED $ 
“Don’t worry, Mother, I'm all §f <a oe a 
right,” Sam called from the cellar. § — a CHEST 
Wind | i fe DRESSER. __ Ss 
> Ya ¥ Se nae 

Pr hittin iit tat 

Ss i 




a * « 


to rebuild her home over 
the basement. 

_ 16 PGT. MEXICO ; Matehing ah Ra Be $5 gee 
4-Drawer Night 

No a snes ns ‘aie 22°* 

We Give and Tain Mik Balen 
Redes a, es ae 
Eagle Stamps Bed. Full or 300 






i Re 


Chest ee —_>> es -_— tiie ~-~-- meee —— ~<- 

E S , | n we ‘ A i ty p 4 i ai g he t ‘ 4 e Z es Ly 4 . | 
for real pre " ~aF. 
or pre-war quality : 
Wer ¢ “ ” 
, - , ‘ F alt eo 4 7 . 4 - nt , "i % ie ee) i 

Uisciliiiststlitis tigi rer tien 

TOSS EA 6 6 SOE SE. Ad 6 0@ 0% 6 6 eK 

. ae ab 


Sealy’s Miracle Mesh Protector eliminates “spring feel”. . . 

* : 
 % Re an dia 3 
: 3 ; : _ ery : - % ’ 
oer ’ “ Mee ¢ a ; . " P q J 3 
4 7 : $ ¥ 2 : . . 
‘i : 7 , ? j - i : , D 
. % . ~ } Pra P % Ee . : Ps ' 5" vs 3 % ge » ¥ Ss P ‘ 4 “ * 
De - > % ? Sa sh eae ey 3. ih ‘ — é J ' - : 4 * 7 ae + ey a - 
~ rg a Se ee ee ae i, Suet ome ; : 3 Pak» aes ls pn Apa. ae ‘ a a 5 oy A 3) a és 
y Re as ° “ea = > = 4 7 — % S Sager . pte ’ * 7" re we - ~ & * + be 7 - “i es 
Saat c “e oF St sc » hp ete AN eee 3 ab ; wr 2h . , g 7 : 
~— > % j : . a . ob» y , b : ee BE 7 , aie 4 ” . - ee ay 2 ’ 
rey ae “ty 2 SRS es a 4 é Ca giao", eee pis E ag ; a J ou ‘ ° sae , fe , a 
3 F . Aig et * Nee BEE 7 ee. - 74 ae . - wy al Aig 3s » Bor. ait ” F _ . a 
: <e — & i . s 4 : . s re ay ca “g t, * “ + shy ‘ ver 
. 2 , 1d § a bined as ae a é 3 1 ed & we. ; a bs calles ais 4 . . é ‘ 
Pee ; é te dail ¥ —s ¥ arn asen paws om PB: -6, ee ‘ ; 78 Cee f rs ‘ F 
5 Peg : Sets a o ee 
Facing spat Reo —) — , ’ ay p - SF 4 gy  . ad ais agent 

¥ OM = a ; . a . A Ag ¥ ie - s Aste es See * é 

Pe ate be 3 “4 : “3 4 . . a - 4 % os eo ot ° R & 

nah ae idle SNE aie Sr RE 2 2 . ‘Me te a ‘ ‘ F . ak WZ - + ° 

ie all ae ae a Pe . po Ree Gr a / y : 

‘ ’ re 
en , 

i “a4 
> < > Pui 
ee o 2 het ee 1 
t atte Tae. Fes “ae 4 
gains Sa Bo Re ‘ os | . 
* ais | ne 4 i > 
Bae x Pad 

j a ‘ Ri ‘ , aa : 7 

we? ‘ 3 me 5 < | iabibened LOLOL ELLE TEEN tie te ste Ce 
- me ° PO REN AB eens or EN ee 

oe ine yn bn PF, rs . 
7 a ‘ : F ae ie : : 
ad " , ; ‘ ' oe Pee ” dé tee i aeeneenttiemmtieaneieieied . Sateen eas 
a i mat 7 . » a 2 Ps , ‘<a # er ¥ ; . = _ - — . - - " " 
ca r . ‘ae y ” 
: “) ag ote Fs : ee Eke = #3 “ - : : - , , . 
, ‘ Fi : P e, Chpeee x ‘ €.4 a re : = Sete ee! I 
’ iis wr ee 
‘ ; . ¥ of 
j é ome tee be i ae ; Re. te 3 os , 
et oe 



oN OO NIEI © oKes. co tenant 2t0h eo oe eet. AMO ee en 

bee a 

6 BS ee 
tC BS. 


a ag . Kiet 5 i 
2 NORE RIE CRN Sosa then mat 

st ee Va ba 

a 4 K pf 
A . » Z i 4 r: P & s¢ 
me “ “ iB : ¥ 
. —* es , ’ > - 4 : 
x? ee e a0 : Sante ema Oe, - bY ra : aes 4 : ~ F 5 P. : ’ s i: wet +s 
¥ a. rae. chs. 5 4 " J 2 y Sy att ~_ fore J :" ae f ? & a - 4 od < - cr “ 
¥ se rs Af 2 2 i : i ‘ *. Baty * ? ‘ o . sS . - “3 i 230 ; ss e 8 , Oe ‘ F 
’ Be bee Sx. . 4 Pak rare " 5 ; , ; 
; i _ 4 ; e Oe ey : a ‘ s . oe ; | 7 
j pa ., = 3 a “ey ; ; . . + ; 
. eit P > J P a Whe Jie ni, . ; , f - , ; * Z . “4, 
ES Bae - a . _ a 4% = = x ie =¥4 d 4 2 » 
ate ee ie a “ae 4 oon fc a ete ¢ i ‘ ene a a ¥ . mt . 3 2 « . 
ed | es SE — oan te? , a i So At be “ > ve 3 Pac ’ ; pa a w | be q Ps é mee wo A % 
3 " pay ¥ oy f . rag if . ~ . - é is 2 ; wey 4 rey ; a “ x cel 
\ » Seas LO FOTO . r Ge MOT Re,” a ty Se ln Nab - - ; > Fetes 26 Fea a a es 
‘ : : er. Bn ee ¥ : Poe: : . ae ee >s * . 
© ah € . U te ES AR aes Ag % é ia wes 
"4 a . . , Be . . 
Pi Steps a ee ip Ae SOR F , ee ERE hea “ has " 
: ‘ ~xs c 
i > : 

a J, uf + Lot ete = ake 

: ;, " ’ : , 2 -, P 
gt as ay ¥ : gy: , i ; 7 p Wa hy 4, ? We #. gee 
ES Tat oS x“ rig oye a PPS SPL LE OF ale ae Sg? et M2 87 agte ce ae 28 BEE 

: ™ "Sate Kook tarts from Chi and Frank-;ner and Vashon Sy Pehees. which the nation’s flag will bef “Sun. Sept. 12, 1948 
reds model wet rw (a Au er eT TT TE TON Stet’. We’ eeaaans| wsuesmen, Wit be cred | eve by ember of the Amer “"}stuous POst- DISPATCH 
1949 models or other new cars, : h — ley | — resi THON) frum’ and bagle corge from Bons | speeches will follow a ceremony in . 

a a 

For 1938-48 model cars the. 

down payment must be either |gon and Wisconsin North- | , versary 
one thir the clit peige, or ene set Bert Ces ater erne| Hame te 58 BUY YOUR Bat at the FACTORY | ae Your paoreery 

, - + : | 3 ' 
ves Reserve Board Regu-| <. full ws 2 Car Market| ; | | | 3 
vard. Het Be Bodies | 

emetece Sege 20.” | the tance lar dhan ito, ema Nadonal Automobile Dee aches and cine “oeataions | E] ff TAKE UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY 

. Effect Sept. 20. ‘. a . : I 
‘Average retail value” is deter-| Be omen . PHONE FOR ESTIMATE—NO OBLIGATION. 
| , 3 , = cin : We Are Equipped te De Any and Everything to our Property 
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP)— t! Price Guide ‘edition). | | Gartie Id 4128—NIGHT and SUNDAY, CA. 1757 

These new Federal Reserve Board If the guides list overdrives or end ° ep Bo a oo Soe aes $2. a6 ALL WORK GUARANTEED ' 

ith slight defects 
rules for buying automobiles on|!° ™ake up for price differences |aytématic transmissions as extra ‘Sea s " ee STRUCTI 
the installment plan will go into | 7. Y2ti0us Parts of the country, / equipment, that is to be included Opportunity te jen new SEE LEVINE HAT MANUFACTURING CO. DENNIS CON ON CO. 
effect S ‘0: the board specified these areas for|as part of the car’s value, but that wT Secial Clabh _ ne games oe be 923 WASHINGTON AVE.—4TH FLOOR SUITE 414—705 CHESTNUT ST. 
ect Sept. {each guide: does not apply to radios or heat- CH. . FO. 6201 gold at no extra charge.. OPEN 8 TILL 5:30 EVERY DAY INCLUDING SATURDAY | 

A down payment of one third States east of the Mississippi }ers. | , ee) 


SEMEN at Ee MB I i mak Me eee a s00 
OO RT RNC Oe . 2 
a ON LL LTE NE Te ENTE EL LO Ce ee ae i ee ee « 


ia ee ee ete Sey Oe On 



aia eet a ee oe ee ee 

BILLFOLD Hostess Set Tieen mene: 

Widéen currency com Four ioc i ‘ 
closing — uA £ or onthe bottom to fit “ane 
a. "940 tS 89 89 

ee ee 



AS APPLIANCES |} Fa me |e. | GLOVES ¥ io 

TUMS ae a BE) i sriotions te katz 
? | oo men creer tga for filling by reg 
Styled by Mollie Lewis as Silered pherunciete 

YOU ASK 00 Value . 7 
: ag ELECTHIC TSP ished | Glamorous Gauntiet style gloves that can be » —using only the 
F OR AT : So” Hs tes —, paige or tag an worn with the wide cuff up for dress ,@ finest and freshest 
. Z Black jwsr dg 8-exposure roll de- RHINESTONE = agp n oe ® i —, be fre. ; a drugs and chemi- 
3 wn s $ riple sittche rows , P 
K ATZ ' e welone \ ge € EARRINGS seerre the backs. peer styled cats evelladie. 
LADY DOVER "One of ee Fastest | Colorful, dazzling jewel ener arn _ Black, 
IRON Service in Town" earrings that add that im- . 
in at 9—Out at 5! portant sparkle to your 
new fall clothes. 

7 Ae ig et, re ie is Lh tee i 
2 vo 7 

finn "te resist ° . . R. ; 
scratching. 20 . 328¢ Just 


Plus Federal Tax 


i , j s > — 3 eoneeee . : : E 1.00 
lg | 7 E A Di Bixg G Ad 3 BRILLIANCE 
ene - Sela nee | as y? « ae cutis ZONITE 
MAI Se FI A ol ue. " y . a ig 
0 “Sthhnaagl b, 3° a ey! . | 7 ( ARD TABL é 4& if gs ». @ New luxury-bottle! ANTISEPTIC 
Ne. 1, 2 or 3 Rar Z WS ) ! ? . 4): @ New artist-type brush! 

@ New glamour colors! 
@ New stay-perfect wear! 

Rich! Creamy! — a | . 4 erfoct 
eman. WOT. eA , ALL STEEL cite ue eee 
" j | | ' rice 

Smooth running, qoieg Large, square topped table—made Sheer 45-Gauge PURE SILK Miracle 

FUDGE electric ata j , : 
coe sonoma tt SOCIETY S| ij of all tough, strong steel! 2 et NYLON SCARFS 
a . . 

Pure chocolate fudge to awaken ye tly. STATIONERY | . wobbling or buckling | 
ssidiuiaden knees"! Each leg is also metal STOCKINGS Colors for fall, age 

stm large chunks : Time-tested dependable les il 
fresh, chewy Braz movement. Smooth linen tike fin- braced. You can store this card Perfect-Fitting Flatter- nega Np and - DENTIFRICE 

ee ee ish, white, Club style table in the back of a closet—for ing. Selected imperfects coats. SPECIAL .. + 

Pound sheets and envelopes. | compact sterage with the legs of a $1.50-a-pair stock- 
folded, A rich asset to card players “ae ‘ ke>\ 2° 
and entertainers alike! 99 
: , 2 Pies Tax 

| iste LYLE ONLY > ¢*Traveler” 

2 PAIRS $1.95 


Give yourself -a « Lis- i 3 “ . Zipper closin 
terine seoaip treat- — 7 $1.50 Value @ | rate cole. | pocket. 

Antiseptic | (a a madaal ie Ae: AMITY 

be — ment tonight—to cém- © identifica? 
DR. WEST R bat nasty dandroff | Super Speed — and eam ion window 
TOOTH . = flaking. G i Ny | — — stitched 
) . } ; nylon 
PASTE : illette Razer “hee 
2 for _ Coimplete with 10 speed : BLD CReaMs } A a 4 ae 00 
GQ | Bec szeo an Zz $ 

cleaner, coher" " shaves. 


Dorothy Gray = $1.00 Plus Federal Tax 
Salon 94¢ Value ae, Dorothy 
Reg. 69c Special Offer Perkins 

Cold Cream : 
A complete com- Pond’s Cold a Skin Deodorant | T’s KATZ 
ae Cream Forvempmen ff ion’ dines: I FOR RECORDS 
Reg. 25¢ |“ Hall essa! 
‘Dry Skin | 
_— ctribes of one. 6 Be prepared Kors 
Dent's on hand Follow direchons 


“has My Baby” TOcIMARAKA 
“Tree in the LAXATIVE 

of ; , air 3 \ N , 4 2 = % "7 i xativel 

Set tee Wh COTO og ay ee ee 
a : arrie r — araka. gentie and pure, so 

The Hair Lightener With CO ' § SHASTA >| Odo-Ro-No | Ayers Luxuria Few. moxie” Tel wren veer pegee_ Uaaly 

atural looking golden hair ‘re - Cleansing Cream Vic Demone __ __ orks ht, it’s tasteless! 
hoe a nen! peas so Mestls Lite. This new, Beauty (ream jf as on Blended by Hand - Conteh ae Ayo 
Se ceneha iene with CONDITIONING OIL actual- SHAMPOO | pai kr AP gpoll 8 “Thanks fer You” — a OF; Rane ape 
revolutionary f the hair as it care wl beet up to 3 ee ey Season Frenkie Laine _ __ qe 
and makes it soft and lustrous. — —— *s For ait — > ccxigeaaleng ell gg hes fection growl successfully 
for making dark hairs on arms, legs and face prac 3 ways—easier to manage, copied! With lasting and "Say Semething Sweet te 

Lace today. i ~ more lustrous, and softer! ‘romantic fragrance. Your Sweetheart” 
visible. Get your package 2 a a V. Domone-Patti Page hi he 


ly seems to improve the condition o 


s Perspiration and Odor 9 ANS", | oe ’ 
ectively ... Yet So Safely! : Se Regular $1.00 Size 

ARRID ’ JS Lucky Tiger 


ay , More effective in stopping 
Eoviched with Lanse. Grooms the ha peapication than any. ether 

neatly, conditions the satin. Hearne : =" Tos oot: t cream 
egg ee Wy eo eee 

new MENNEN ' x. =, ; a 
cae te HAIR AS S Ze me, not rof clothes or irritate 


, . ao eT: a x ge ort Raat Bt” ae a aes 9 . , Hey, of 4 , , te a So eo eh a sere ae or fe — ; ee " <a om , rs ‘a k ; . : — — ‘ we ‘ — as ., , ee =" ; i a ” i ' oe ge ae s.*% , gt we 
ee ae ae ; . Pe RAR ns BE EOS A oR Sea : : ae Bi sis On, ee, ee “i ee ae ae ae OR oe PH I Me efi. ie ee ae... <2 pit SNe eS ter CD ; oe. ; Pipi il ce 7 : . ie } ae a & ‘Fi a ot . y - SS: pp es 
ae RO Se WA Ve = “4 we & Tape ee. a le nee GS a ge es Sit "Bien, aly, sas ee, Me ee ke, as es se Oe We Nae ae *. hah SO ae Ot bs Fe Mh GN GME he ON 
: a ¥ 7 P . =< . . ies se ‘ id w ” - “ .* ¥ ** ¥< . ’ . \* dl “oF " » ” . > : 4 . : > . z . a r ‘ x ® - . 7 % * i. | =" , Ao 4 * ® be " > . 4 ¢ ”, ‘ _ # ‘ . . a a? hg . tt? . . x 7 
ei ’ dhol? Sati ish A — . awe ew Ww ee WE 8 Se et oh eri brs 

: , <- if atl 
as ea ~ ss GS 48 47 NF OY ~~ . oe ee ee a a J 

7 Se SS 2 ew  % 


P.) ; Fe * s 
| Sun, Sept. 12, 1948 | 
a a ne P F 
ah + { iy t Pt 5 oe ke ee 
a oe as ms 7.7 = 
mee. He 

ie ee 
nid ae i “> : 

Gravois at Merganford @ HUdson 2626 

‘LNEW i949 TR 
“FWe Have Resolved We) NEWLOWPRICE [RBIZudbT — 

Can’t Do Business With at /3 LESS than you 
Communism.’ : Expect to Pay 

: 7s Entirely 
| aap Me 21 ¢ — Rew 
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11 Grice a | ce. ean 
J (AP)—The West. Coast sipping Our Fines# Be ease wo 506 ont Se 
—— 4 a nee CIO longshoremen Hearing Aid BEFORE - ’ for comfortable fitting qualities, all dressed up in # ‘lyxuri- 
cous ov gy eee! q to break the log jam of inilitary While-you-welt Service | ous Suede and in a wide choice of itresistible new Styles! 
—— iy |careo in Pacific Coast ports. og TOU BUY FEET HURT? Take advantage of our foot Helief Facilities: 
, Shipowners and waterfront em- DT & MS see heat Rental applies on . - Puss Trained Attendants, Private Fitting Rooms, Dr. Scholl’s Foot 
PRON, 5, & ae tapocOe OE PTO TE ss ist Sertelidd Gelry | hoe _ Comfort’ Remedies, Arch Supports, Surgical Hosiery. 
| posals for handling army supplies |; body. Small, light, power: ay tert | 

with union labor, said “we have/® ful, in @ beautiful silver and gold 1A oe Ee ; Bd 
long at Fsied we cant Goff ih, agbr ies Aids | gtama'acpeom — $ . DD. SCHOILS root comroRT SHOP 
yg egg gee ey sooets eae than what vow'd expect | OTARION OF ST. LOUIS $ Rie? 
in th © pay. Enjoy clear hearing at new . 
struggle which hasi@ [0%,ce8t Come, phone or write for 1709 Chemical Bidg. 741 Otive g| C17 LOCUST wage sit 

“showdown” struggle which has ERE 
locked the West Coast maritime . rearennsanntean Phone CE. 1327 “Trade Mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off 

industry in a strike paralysis for 00000000000000 
10 days. ” 

“Harry Bridges (CIO longshore- C 
men’s leader) and his Communist |, 

are now on the Rede pt epee | OPEN NITES ‘Ths DOUBLE EAGLE STAMPS MONDAY 

function, either for the army or 

, | its thousands of commercial ship- js 
F pers,” a joint industry ratement 
| said. 
| “Because of his 14 years of sabo- 
tage to this industry, and his last ‘ : , 
| act in calling a strike without aj, | 
LO N Gap LAY! N G R C U RD A | resolved that we cannot do bust | 
eee tn | 

resolved that we cannot do busi- 

ness with Communism.” : 
The indu offered its full car- | , , t 

s  nebiiice tiomiies tortie Arapd Teo Custemers Who Buy Norge Heaters Now! 

for moving its own seaborne sup- 

BEETHOVEN: Piano Concert No. 5 {Emperor} Rudolf Sertin (Piano) with plies. 
Bruno ‘Walter and ‘the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York. 7 Army’s Position Neutral. 
One 12-inch record ML 4004 $4 It likewise made clear the Army | 
. [had adopted a neutral position in 

: | the matter, and that the indus-i@ 
CARMENSNCERPTS: “Whsit—Be, ‘Stergee with the "Metropeton Oper Se er ee GUARANTEE . 
We Guarantee to Supply Fuel Oil for the 

One 12-inch record ML 4013 that pressure was being exerted | 
eas | on it to reach an agreement on 

: 1948-9 Heating Season to Anyone Who Pur. 

chases Oil Heating Equipment From Us Now. 

GRIEG: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. Oscar Levant, Piano with New Army cargo handling. 

York Philharmonic Orchestra Immediately, the longshoremen’s 

union replied that its position con- 

One 12-inch record ML 4028 ’  |tinued to be one of readiness to 
: Because we are in the fuel oil business and main- 
One [0-inch record CL 6006 | | decide whether it will require per- 

“interim” agreement 
GERSHWIN: Rhapsody in Blue. Oscar Levant, Piene with the Philadelphia ae yg mentee aeons age 
| tain our own oil storage plant and fleet of fuel 
| formance of contract between it- ° . 
self and the steamship companies, | oil trucks... we are able to back-up this quaran- 

'  “Orehestre, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor. An American in Paris—Philhatmonic any firm having @ contract with 
(if MUSIC FROW , | or @evelop other Means to move | ° ‘ 
| | |" eargo,” the statement added. tee. All our customers received fuel oil last year 

ne ee 


» ‘A> * ssw ~ we Nes ~ on~ — Le ~— 
5 of wee Seren beer bree Sele \vie é\u A be e\.fe\"e 


i, Va av” 


WA ry 




AWOL \@) 

~~ - 



“Tt is now up to the Army to 


- Orchestra of New York, Artur Rodzinti, Conductor. the Army. 
One i2-inch record ML 4026... . .. . . —  — — $4.85 2 It fharged that the employers’ 
offer to supply cargo-handling 
gear to the Army was made for 
| The ind . . 
| | by the 152 members firms of the & @t reasonable prices. We furnish the heater and 
ONE 12-INCH RECORD... Waierttont mpirere Anociation B supply the oil, There is no division of responsi ae 
— — shipping companies of the Pacific & bility. : 
American Shipowners Association. 

STRAUSS WALTZES: By Andre Kostelanetz. 
One 10-inch record ML 201] .. —. .. .. . 1. . —. —. $3.85 “strike breaking purposes, and 
characterized the shipowners’ at- 
nonbreakabdle Vinytite , at far lower cost! Bridges, and the CIO Interna- 

ti = ' cate tional Longshoremen’s and Ware- = 
housemen’s Union, agreed earlier 

titude as one of ‘to hell with the 
> | ae ee i. 
@ i - this week to work Army cargo : 
a [e| n : under pre-strike pay rates and | : | , -_— 
7 . © “working conditions.” eog 
1 Tage ee ee af ..} Mmpleyers Iqsist on Affidavits. |, 
ae as Se - ’ 

CONTINENTAL TANGOS: Eight tengos played by Marek Weber and his | : 
Orchestra. _ : Army. 
, 716 © 7 ST. 4370 “| “Eapployers, however,» have re- (6 

WS il ian fused to Gonsider pre-strike work- § c—— . 

he ¢ a ing Wanaiils as other than con-f * Heat Exchanger Porcelain Lined Inside and Out Priced 
| , 1 <i : ! ditions meaning JBridges and . : e Vi : 

unio officials” Sik: BOt have to Triple-air Oil..Burner. Visible Oil Gauge From 


‘sign non-Communist affidavits 

5 i oes junder Taft-Hartley act provisions. ; 

by, eee | : Until such affidavits are signed, 

ewe ——_—_——_- - oo - — employers oes 

— ‘s ate ; ere can be no further negotia- 
es LANE BRYANT FASHION BASEMENT om tions with the union, 

; ah } “The industry said a study of 

; Pag Army needs showed the Army was 
a. . ofn cargo both in relation to stev- 

E edoring contracts and to space 

charter contracts with steamship 

? companies. 

Employers said they were ready > 3 
to lend their “know how” and gear |, FREE | r. 
to the Army. in moving supplies . 
to the aFr East and advance-base | PARKING 


‘Only a few hours before the em- 
ployers’ statement was issued, 
Bridges sent a telegram to Presi- 

® Transparent Fire Door * Downdraft Whirlator Tube 

BUY NOW before Regulation W restricts credit. This offer is subject OR GE 
_ to withdrawal without notice at any time. Don't wait! N 

gEFORE you BU: 


2 a ee a a ee oe os . 4 
+ 1h aR Ee ges Mo mse 


sere ef &@ @ © 

Operated by Seidel Coal & Coke Co. 


At Bh BAe Mealrendl ale LLAAAL ABSA ASS 

[eo oe oe oe 

sign contracts meeting the union’s 

modified demands. » 
John B. Birong, president of js 
381 carriers, employing ( 
the local’s 9400 members, js 

to th 



. eo ~~ 
yee eo ee we ey we ek ee ee eee 6 ow 




‘se @eagcunweperrewwscrne 


‘ id Ry 4 FS 

- ; #4 *, : : wt: Oy Pi ‘ 
. e - & . “os > s ™ - o* a -* , , = 
s } a heey Wie ONT ey Bie my oS er oe P : = s <n ‘a , ee Phas . ; ee 

; ay ei Si a alla ine ok ore ae eS a vor “ote rity < - Pus a -* e. ee 2 
ea eae Le z . 2 Lon oe . 

>. aaa 

< 7 ae a * 5 ss 4 i - 
eee af ’ ‘ , . * . ‘ ae 
. atte ae , 
“ t Pe Ee; P * <8 “ i aes x ie ay 4. tee Be ’ tre PRT, eee oe eK wet a 
Ge aged Oe te Ba? ERD EY He aes = eM, Be ‘ ; Z Rs ct al : é i: ey 
dat et aS Peg 5 aM ens a io ft ae é ' ae 
4 ; . on ‘ . 
IDE - F + ° a & bs 4 tb 
> ee ed x % ee a : 3 pg ‘ 
P « . i ? : te ; 
% # é 5 es cons ek sy: ae » . ae a - ae ee wih ae as 
ks TBS) ae ie SOR LPR se Ww Tai “s 
ign Pa Es oe 2 R Pd i: ON ee ate we a re 
Mt ies 3 Fiat pes 5 ae ee a ee sae. : rts Sek 9 Ra a wie 
H ¢ See ‘i emtt. Wes te se ae ee : ti Ws : Ti. ee ae os 
en a 


- gio? Dae es 
- ag r ole hee 

sees sg 

“3 ee Le ee ae f ae 

. ; 3 se = 3 x ports » ee 
; $ v 5 M 1 tr : 
%, ~~ ee £ * 
; a 4 & a? 2 = 
me < ¢ ate 
tes gant.) 3s Dei. ok % a ge oak on Oe 
Bes Sy ; at . pg 2 es 4 tae 3 z - 
S 2 “4 * a eu > vai < i 
fi et i - om ; soa! mr) "= . eee 4 ay Se A 
* Se : = ae eRe re ; SEP ot Mee a ea” 
- : ; ; . F ; - y ; 
2 p » 
" ki. oo ee re 

) * 

s e 

. a . —— aoe 4 a ae Be Ps are? a pe fe Ps sats a 3 i " a Pee Fig | ts cach aaah ects ae CLR, tg wag stat 2 i ik ll lle YY ci aR ms. rates. ieee: , wir ae = — Ps gp ’ ‘ fei ‘rapes iM “4 : a a: * ( «! ; y P 3 a $ A 
ae ae en ae Se ES ee oe a a Be 5: wii le ee e ~~ 2 a aS ie ae a i Pe, 9 Ss res Tink cabana Mah ah ORS NG et: . oe : xf al TA SS ry d Wa: we es “* PSF re Py, ae <- i wi a a ‘ t. 
~~ od . oF WV oe ON cer Nw le ORE ON a ey ye a % : ~~ hw Me ve et ore > = GS: vw p cs 4 w ¢ - bal . 2 ‘: ; .'* x) . ¥ 4 at. “ a oo” 33 # Py “ ve we “We 4 o ¥ ws tet Ns ’ ca 4% 


im for’ thé classes” ‘would expect a success- ‘powerful men within the Répub- minimum wages and fet the} Sun, Sept. Vg: 
ful administration to|lcen Party” were to prevent | Federal Government io 
Reig ao nett a Stine c rene of further tax {Passage of legislation. to raise|the tideland oil lands. ST.LOUIS Post -Dispart 
‘\a! tal ¢ here tat night. ____|reductions for the corporations, 

s before the Twen-|and a federal sales tax prograin 
Plea degen Ox enuh une Spy te src co For é Prid 
ae Sa a ~ xeculive ride 

privilege Karsten go “objectives of eons perp a rer | ages ne 
Stoic iteiinemet=s he COLONIAL s suite 


fice for Highest Bid oman coat : 
The COLONIAL SUITE is built of selected woods | 
in sizes to fit every commercial or. professional ; 

CALL ROsedale 4043 : need . , . turned legs with center legs set back 

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FLAT-TOP DESKS Most items are in stock for immediate delivery. 

(Basement Offices and Basement Store-Room) ES eee We Take Your Old Furniture on Trade 


PARIS, Sept. 11 (AP)—Premier 

bes Queuille f d | 
[coalition French cabinet tonight. 4653 Maryland Avenue (near Euclid) 
Queuille, a radical Socialist (con- ‘ 

ibrvalive) Wein: MAG ke Pilipnie ‘Now Occupied by Rodney Hat Shop 

aS 7 “Minister ‘as well as Premier. Rob- 
StL A cKs | leet Sctruman se oa neat Susi This shop is lavishly furnished and decorated — beautiful lighting — air con- 
eniieuniet “he Selection ‘ular Republican Movement was ditioned first floor—newly carpeted—mirrored from floor to ceiling—suitable 

taasum  SB50 $44°° | named Foreign Minister. for many lines of business. Excellent location on St. Louis’ Fifth Avenue. : . 3 : 
| Socialists dominate th ailing list ‘and customer list available to lessee. 60x34 PEDESTAL TELEPHONE 69x36, 8 DRAWER 72", 69", 60", 48 & 36" 

STORE coalition with five of the 15 min- | 
istries. They were given the key Following .for Sale to Highest Bidder in one lot or individually: 

posts of Interior, which controls ) | 
the police, and National ‘Defense, York 2'2 ton air-conditioning unit Vacuum Cleaner, large Hoover, 3 

which: directs the army, navy and and blower. Antique bleached Victo- months old 

air forces. rian furniture. Collectors Items; sofa Steam Iron 

The Ministries of Labor, Indus- . . , 
thial Producti uaa Bobiic Works loveseat, chairs. Safe, modern, ex- 70 yards carved green carpeting and 
also went to Boctalizta i cellent condition pad, like new ss | 

Queuille succeeded in forming a Pair Chinese teakwood tabourettes if 42x32 36x26 
cabinet after Gen. Charles de Desk, File, Office Equipment —inarble topped = BOOKCASE.” TYPEWRITER TYPEWRITER SALESMANS 

Gaulle had ted his call for < 
ame Sad er rom 2-Way Communication System Cold Cathode lighting installation , [me 6 FLOORS OF NEW AND USED 

-|national election. 

| De Gaulle spoke in Toulon, and \ oF 
‘there were indications he was Power Sewing Machine 6 round occasional tables, glass tops (1 AR K feces 
making ‘his pressure felt In Paris. Singer Sewing Machine 131 ladies initial handkerchiefs e Bu J 
e said he was s Rally o is , ) 

Ele sala ‘bean Sats be Pally of 1112 OLIVE CH. 9291 usiness urnilure 
party, would emerge the winner in RR ee 

an election, and that he and those —— 
‘who want to follow him “cauld 

‘Open A | rebuild France.” 
Budget Account | “It is reported almost every- 
| where that I have, the intention og 
rs setting up a_ dictatorship,” 
Gaulle said. “I am presented 4 
Jewelers a Bonaparte, a Gen. Boulanger (a | OLIVE STREET 
‘war minister in 1886 who was conw! 
Y UNTIL 8:30 P. M. | sidered a potential dictator). se 

“714 WASHINGTON AVE. “%s"%* Zotats de Guus wo 


Sabdrtat, <Siibe Moch, Socialist; 

ES National Defense—Paul Rammadier, | 
" Socialist; Industrial Production  cialeaieememae comssthabumlaneattis + Goldman Bros. will. 

[Robert Lacoste ‘Socialist; Public 
| Works—Christian Pineau, Sociat- H 
A L U Mi | N U Mi is Labor—Daniel Mayer, Social-’ present a written con- 
tract guaranteeing 

COtA 8 INATION ie "Democratic and, Bocialist 
| your fuel oil delivery 

Union of Resistance (a rightist 

party); Veterans’ Affairs—Robert 
throughout the entire 
winter with every oil 

Betolaud, Republican Party ot 
§|Liberty (a rightist party); Over- 
heater sold. | 

seas Affairs—Paul Coste Floret, 
| Popular Republican; Agriculture | 


ger eeweveves 

PT a ee et ne row, 
we +o ~~ —— ot 

eae a 
os - 
i} 4 -« G 

aR eRe wReRae ee 

“~ “> we 

—Pierre Pflimlin, Popular Repub- 
‘lican; Education—Yvon° Delbos, 
‘Radical Socialist; Health—Pierre 
Schneither, Popular Republican; 
Merchant Marige—-Andre Colin, | 
| Popular Republican. : 

err oe STITT Y rrr rwrrr ennai BE ee eee 
te rir me 
7 oe 


He Bought Storm Windows 
Before He Saw Se- Lite! 

| cess OR ee CUE EE od | 

“Mec cro] REEL : 


SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Sept. 11 | 

(AP)—Other persons may think , FAMED 

it’s “cute” to see 22-months-old i This ‘celebrated GUIBERSON $ 95 
aj Lawrence Phillips, Jr. smoking a and ‘‘greatest OIL MEATER AN ' i$ 

'Cigar—but his mother doesn’t. in demand” Duo- 
Mrs. Phillips said last night she Therm Oil Heater mie 
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habit “bute’it’s worth a year of | 
my life to put up with the; IN 
i i. screaming” when she tries to take | 
. os 
uid . 

a cigar away from him. THIS 

She said he acquired the habit | : 
from others—not from members @ Sis = oo . 
of the family—who thought it a ah SN i, GREAT 

— to see him puff on a 

a Opn Monday—Tuesday—Wednesday OFFER 

Compere! Comparison proves .. 
buy So-Lite and you ‘buy the “AS long as he doesn’t see a 

fines. No drafts. Easy to change. cigar,” “~ said, “He has no de-| . _ ati ' ‘idee See | “> a: —_— 
sire for one. But he comes into B >. i ae “ d L G 
|the restaurant where I work and fs Ne 3 i G S A L r e 22 Mo ern iving-Room roup 

Self-storing. Everlasting. Rust- 
proof. Beautiful. Fast delivery. ‘other ——— , 
people give them to him. | BR Sg " e ae y Pet living! “3 
|. “I think he'll outgrow it: He's il a gay ~~ 4. - GEN UINE SUPREME cade: 0 2 Smart Neder te . Dee Prt en 
@ Nationally . o @ Two Throw’ Rugs 

| just a little fresh right now. He’s ee atl 2 
| really a normal boy.” sR : : mt ie 4 INNERSPRING MATTRESSES PIECES @ Two Pictures @ Metal Smoking Stend @ Lamp 

The Phillips home was flooded’ Vie c-" P: Pde This ‘event was plemned te’ Table @ Coffee Table @ Table Lamp @ Wine Set, 

5,; with letters of advice—some criti-@ | 
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For Information Today \ 4 Child psychologist, who re 9 f= Maa. \ : low-level price, We've ex- : 
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" ; '/ 
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BOONSBORO, Md. Sept. 11. 
® (AP)—The remains of a baby a \y Ps et a 
hwhich the Washington county : ; 4 OOP RF AR i %& 
| *}medical examiner said “apparent- x AY NDA IN * eats 2 MATTRESS 
City — $e — — 3 wily was baked in an oven either oe ie bas si nie os i 
: * before or after death” were found — 
p last night by State police in the . , , eo 
s home of a 33-year-old woman, Po- COMPLETE . Be cs Pra & 4 m | , | — 
gilice said they were holding the wesn8 ai E> | cere 1G - 
‘©.woman for questioning. ‘ ; : A gt Re RK Sy ee - 
. Detective Sgt. J. J. Cassidy and ~~ me x x > Ay LS | oT Of 
State Police Sgt W. W. Corbin = Roy Fy xX ¥ A ae Sx Se weet ee Be : 
found the infant’s body in a bed- : 

. : ; — . . 
; : Be r @ . : on ee BQO Oo . 
: fy z ; ¥ Sab pane ks nots . 
ey wen e on : i ey ge —— 
x . XS _ 
$ : * . «= we. s . 
. - “= n . a = , - ’ ™ ax Pees 4 ? 
. : 7 & . . . : oR ce | N , 
“ . « “ “ee .. rns : 1" Rr 
eS. 3 r c; " : } A a ; Se 
: - Fee ;.Z eat . 5 ; ’ “Goi eg ' 
4 ¢ , : > gu A . -~— : - > Ais ae 
b. meas : : : 4 A yy . ‘ oa 
. J f . 3 ‘ oe Bees . : 
. ; . } on ' ’ ae: 
‘ ' / : , 

“i her 10-year-old daughter were i . 
in the three-room apartment. The- fe orsin, S ees : | 

“A Shoe ond Last for Every Foot —= fm "OOk LAM sides | | INTEREST 
- each one ae _ tg we occ - | seer ag 7 WEEKLY OR 

fort at all five points where most foot i ‘a a DELIVERS CARRYING. 
forehand One of Wilbur Coon's, bi 

=== eS ® | 

s ane 

—— Se 5 tiie aaa J ae 

psaviwwae at = eS @ fe Se we YC a om 

‘—the Hindus. | 
he was a social re- 
former who had little to do, at 
first, with religion. Indeed, ex- 
cept at Moslem meetings,-he was 
a cosmopolitan 

involved, he had his firm friends 
and powerful enemies. Some of 
his foes dubbed him a “little Hit- 
ler,” but his followers—and they 
were legion — called him “the 
Savior of Islam.” 

He ‘advocated a program for 
Pakistan (a wholly independent 
Moslem state) during the anxious 
days of the second world war, 
hoping to pave the way for a 
general settlement of the age-old 
political problem in the. post-war /o 

A shrewd, resourceful leader, 
he once indicated a willingness to 
compromise .by offering to join 
with the Hindus “in a govern- 
ment for the duration of the war, 
for the purpose of supporting the 
war effort.” But there was a pro- 
viso that Britain and the Hindus 
must agree to the principle of 

There was a strange contrast 
between Jinnah and Mohandas 
K. Gandhi, “the Mahatma,” leader 
of the Hindus. Where Gandhi 
appeafed to the masses by living 
an ascetic life of poverty, Jirfnah 
appealed to his followers as a 
man of great wealth, a brilliant 
lawyer ,and_ religious figure. 
Gandhi lived in a mud ‘hut at 
Sevagram but Jinnah lived in an 
ornate house 
many servants. He 
tained a home at New Delhi. 

He was born on Dec. 25, 1876 
tn Karachi, India. 
of moderate means. After attend- 

His father was } 

Disagreeing with Gandhi over 
the methods to obtain independ- 
ence, he dropped out of the 
Co He led the independent 


:"the reform inquiry committee, 
a al two years. 

Soon after Gandhi started his 
famous “civil disobedience” move- 
ment, Jinnah went to Europe, 
where he stayed for two years. 
Although the Moslem League was 
not officially represented at the 
London round table conference in 
1930-31, he attended the sessions. 
There he demanded separate elec- 
torates for the Hindu and Moslem 
communities, as well as equal 
places in the central and provi- 
sional governments. 

He helped to pring about the 
Lucknow Pact between Congress 
and the League and was hailed at’ 
the time as the ambassador of 
unity between the Hindus and 

He led a b succosatttl public dem- 


in Bombay, with | 
also “main- j 


ing the schools in his province, he } 

studied for the law in England, 

returning to Bombay in 1896 a | al 



| fa UN \ A A p 7 

tee Em ae 


a7 we 


S s 
Be’ at: 
~ g < 
: ; 
ee we 
. > 

‘tre (eve ve Ye" 

c hice $4 Made ATT 

ee a 

37,000 B.T. . Triple-Air Burner ... Giant Verticle Heat Exchanger thet 
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1948, This 
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= - ~ _— = a. —— 

ye ‘ 




Model DRH-37-8 

via ‘a 

a .. ‘ 
A nl pet - ‘’ a Oe 
s2 ” a + v 

“ ‘. . ‘i: 7 

Ba eee ry Se ee NO POY wo 

— & — * = ss we ww SF te FY \e Sp *¢ > ~~ te *% 

. rd 

onstration, in 1918, against a meet- NOx Sun; Sept. 12, 1948 

> ¥ \ 


were imprisoned—Jinnah consoli- I, ) Cs 44h Wi 4 4 an 

dated his position and'grew in 



MONDAY SPECIAL—in our New Air-Conditioned 
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a yy i es) > . ee —- — —_ 7 ed 
Pr ae a hi ek aa ioe el TS we A zi ? i ‘Tare 
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jow modern science reveals sohat Sloan’ 5 

s “the greate#t name in paimrelicving lini~ 
Jnents” 2 ae 

mazing relief 

algia, stiff-neck and sore muscles, with 
Pither Sloan’s Liniment or Balm. Working 
with infra-red ied have photo- 
graphed the blood vessels béefow the skin 

urface. These photos show that after the 
application of Sloan’s on the skin, there is 
5 noticeable _expansion of the sub-surface 
Sere o + Vi that an ¢ztra supply of 

lood has been brought to the pain area. 
This extra blood revitalizes the painful tis- 
gues and also carries away waste matter 
and poisons. (See drawings above, made 

y,a physician, based on photos.) 
* Scientists have proved further that this 

‘neficial action penetrates deep down be- 

NEW DELHI, Sept. 11 (AP)— 
The “dominion of India appears to- 
day to be on the verge of launch- 
ing its second undeclared war in 
an effort to forge a ‘unified na- 

Indian troops and tanks are 
Poised to march into the realm 
of jthe opulent and obdurate Ni- 
zam of Hyderabad in the south. 

(A dispatch tonight from Kara- 
chi, pa of Pakistan, said a 
dian troops were marching 
into Hyderabad. The alice of Hy- 
derabad’s agent general lenge the 

5 staat y 
captured a village on the India- 
Hyderabad hordes) | 
In the north there is no sign 
of abatement in India’s struggle 

last October, A United Na- 
tions commission appointed to 
seek a settlement has failed to 
gain adherence to a _ cease-fire 

During the last week India’s 
pressure on the Nizam of Hy- 
derabad to abandon his claim to 
independence and join the Indian 
union reached a climax with the 
statement from Prime Minister 
Jawaharal Nehru that Indian 
troops would march into Hydera- 
bad, regardless of opposition. 

Nizam Orders Mobilization. 

The Nizam told India’s governor 
general he has ordered mobiliza- 
tion of the forces of his princely 
state to meet any eventuality, of- 
ficial sources in Madras said to- 
day. They quoted the Nizam as 

would be responsible for any 
“erave. consequences” of the Hy- 
'derabad situation, 

| The evacuation of Britons and 
Americans from Hyderabad was 
ordered with the steady deterio- 
ration of relations between India 
and the Nizam. 

India appeared to have rhea oS 

rheumatic) ‘he point where its troops will 
moet goon wed i. on Tooe og the new| Pave to: fight their way into Hy- 
Sloan’s Balm regularly, every morning and derabad or back down with ter- 

sé test in rific loss of face. 
evening. Ask for “the greatest name The Kashmir and Hyderabad 

pain-relieving liniments”, Sroan’s Lin1-| | 
MENT or Bata. Send your name and ad-| problems have been plaguing In- 
dia almost from the day Britain 

dress to Dept. A, for a generous trial tube 
of wonderful new Sloan’s Balm. granted the huge subcontinent in- 

Both problems are outgrowths 
STANDARD LABORATORIES, INC. of the partition on Aug. 14, 1947, 
113 WEST 18th ST., NEW YORK 11, WN. Y. 

low the surface and lasts fer Bours. You 
not only feel the welcome comfort, you also 
know that the all-important increased flow 
of blood is getting at the spot where ‘the 
pain is. 

Always see your doctor about rheuma- 

into the dominions of India and 
Pakistan, one Hindu and the oth- 

: 7 
. oti 

os eednocceouesesoes 

ler Moslem. They are continua- 
‘tion of the old tragedy of conflict 

‘between Moslem and Hindu. 
Conflicting Claims. 
Kashmir’s people are predom- 
inantly Moslem, but its Hindu 
ruler has acceded to India. 



Al Crencer Redio & Applience Ceo. 
3414 South Grand 'of its people are Hindu. 
Oe Ce. | Pakistan claims that the Ma- 
a haraja of Kashmir joined India 
CENTRAL against the wishes of his people. 

saying the government of India| 

| ffi 

have cited reer Se incidents. as 
proof and demanded disbanding 
of the Razarkars, a Moslem vol- 
unteer military group opposing ac- 
cession to India, 

Reports here indicate that the 
Razarkars are in effective control 
of Hyderabad. 

(Ranganath Ramachanor Dika- 
war, a member of the Indian Par- 
liament from a province adjoin- 
ing Hyderabad, said in Rome Sat- 
urday that the Razakar forces to- 
tal 100,000 crudely armed men. He 
said the regular troops of the 
Nizam total 30,000.) 

The Nizam and India have been 
arguing for more than a year. 

Hyderabad is the only princely 
state which has refused to accede 
to one dominion or the other. The 
prime concern of India is that the 
situation might flare into com- 
munal warfare. 

Indian officials fear that hostili- 
ties would’ lead to the massacre 
of Hyderabad’s Hindus by Raza- 
kars, and that India’s "Hindus 
might then attack India’s Mos- 
lems, has asked: newspaper 
men to avoid the communal angle 
in reporting Hyderabad develop- 

(A London. Daily. Telegraph dis- 
patch from Simla quoted Premitr 
Ali Khan of Pakistan as warning 
India that any invasion of Hyder- 
abad. will precipitate a general 

'Hindu-Moslem war.) 

eget ener “4 9 Tag Doe ee thet hee ty bie 
PY iste ONO OL 
al w~ F + @"e Vf So 

ot RENE, B65 CUP) Athen 

ter of the quake egw ot 
center was 

fy in: the, Gulf of Cortath cheat 80 
ee The gulf cuts 

Greece almost in n half, se separating 

a a Pas Aa j “oe. af = SF We 7 oa ¥ 
Fe a ee we eM Ps ae 

, a 4, 

- Seott has been active in affairs 
of the Ciietien, he ge Be mew 
operates the 

years, and is 

ut wr, , 
te We Men, ay ea 
ee wy + 


versity, Fort Worth, Tex, at the 
ons university's seventy-fifth anniver- 
sary convocation Sept. 20. 

ff Fs i A of of 
ad ee SAF, 

sae AV Fo ha at 

oe * ‘= s 4 +7 

Sun., Sept. 12; 1948 IIA 


sig ra 

Drake Uni- 
Ia., also op- 

’ ate tg Se 
1 "a iw. tie 


“And oh, what a biessi it 3s! E miss nothing at church 
the movies. Never bed cabs the radio on loud: Never ak 

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eeeereeeer eeeee oe 

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Poole Washer Co. India claims that the Nizam of 
on oe Hyderabad’s refusal to accede is 
flouting the will of his people. 

Pakistan says that the govern- 
ment of Kashmir, re-established 
under the sponsorship of New Del- 
hi, is completely pro-India. india 
says Hyderabad'’s yovernment is 
under domination of a Moslem 
minority which controls the 
army and police. 

Pakistan admitted last month 
what India has long charged— 
that Pakistan troops were fighting 
in Kashmir. The admission changed 
the complexion of the struggle 
from a mere battle against forces 
of the so-called Free Kashmir Gov- 
ernment to an undeclared war be- 
tween the dominions. 

India says its aim is to clear 
Kashmir of Moslem “raiders” and 
maintain order while a plebiscite 
is held on whether Kashmir should 
join India or Pakistan. 
| Pakistan says there is no chance 
of a free expression at the polis 
while Indian troops are present. 
The Moslem dominion asks also 
| that the Free Kashmir Govern- 
| ment be given representation in 
‘the administration of Kashmir. 

Tough Problem for U.N. 

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Thus the United Nations com- 

mission for India and Pakistan 
faces a tough problem. India 
agreed .to the commission’s terms 
for a cease-fire order but. Pakistan 
suggested conditions for its appli- 
* "The result was that the commis- 
sion decided it could not see the 
way clear to placing the cease-fire 
order into immediate effect. 

The commission has decided to. 
leave for Geneva on Sept. 22 go 
-complete’ an interim report.” It is 
now .in Kashmir. 

J. aK. Huddle of the United 


SA. M. te 10 P.M. 

A spokesman said 
commission might return to India 
later, or another commission might 
be appointed. 



Hyderabad has asked the United 
Nations to look into its. dispute 
‘with india, but there is little like- 
‘lihood of ee ee 
‘Gerabad -gets a sponsoring mem- 
ber nation to make such a request. 

Pakistan could make such a 
request, but has made no Move 
as age in that direction. The Pakis- 

tan Foreign -Minister, Sir Mo- 
dammed Zafrullah Khan, has 
charged that India is threatening 



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Hyderabad with open aggression. 
Border Incidents Cited. 

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Sa so seme Rata BE He “ 

India is taking the line that the . 

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1 ~ “2-2 + «© ss ws Sy. Se : : se Ss 4% ie” SG PO Ne 

Sun, Sept. 12, 1948 




(>) FY 
U ix 

Won. Jucr.—Wed. 





LB. un within the department he said a | 
|former employe of the Office of 


0 j iH OLA’ 



= Every one is the direct or indirect | 
| product of congressional neglect. a 


ae we coe Ae ES eM ho al “s 

, as V2 Bs Se ee 

OY a IE ees 

ae oe GE SOOO OE CEN x fi og Ww oii “nl 
y ‘— 2 . ’ ee . ee : 
ne * oo” ae * . di Ae ~ 3, ee ae et, a = wk y s 

ew te .* @ @**e 

7s 6 OS Oe CIPO. y we ea ye Se a ee a ee OF 

‘, rs Nase Vy oS FORM on 

~~ é (Ved ad Oe! ud 
a << Sie. vs & ye te we ‘ wee we LNA ne si , is 

eee Seeker. riwwvwes< 

‘day blamed congressional neglect | 

' Hill. 
(tee has been looking inté reports 

'documents used by some shippers 
to get scarce good out of this 

‘controls fully tight and effective. | 

ment staff of the Office of Inter- 
‘national Trade consisted of one 

funds available, 
‘control staff has been 

‘tended the trade office's life for 
15 days while debating whether 

nuendo is‘ called for.” 


last May 6 this year, no instance 
of irregularity in connection with 

| favoritism in granting two export | 

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<° PAY THE STONE BROS. eee ar oes | 


' partment found out about the sit- | 

“mittee knew of it and failed to in- | 

‘had been Governor Genera! e 

DRRWAD EOEERDEASASAAANS 8 0600000000000000 46 

irroralaciies Were 
Due to Congressional 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 1 (AP) — | 
Secretary of Corfimerce Sawyer to- : 

of his department in 1946 and | 
1947 for export control trregulari- 
ties now under fire on Capito! 

A Senate investigating commit- 

of forged export papers and other 


Sawyer, labeling the committee’s 
inquiry “another show” for A os 
sible election year apo : 

“In 1946 and 1947 Congress 
slashed the éxport control approp- 
riation to a starvation level, so 
that it was physically impossible 
either to employ the people or 
buy the equipment needed to make 

Beggar’s Rations. 

“The Office of International 
Trade, for two years and more, | 
}existed on a beggar’s rations and, 
occupied a death cell. 

“All of the irregularities com- 
plained of occurred in those years. 

During most of the period in | 
which the export “mistakes” were 
Sawyer said, the éenforce- | 


“Since we have had adequate 
‘the OIT export! 
to 690 persons and a complete new 
enforcement program has been put 
into effect.” 

Sawyer’s reference to the OIT | 
‘having occupied a “death cell” 
‘was apparently based on the fact | 
‘that at ene time Congress ex- 

to discontinue its functions. 
Impressions ‘Misleading.’ 
Sawyer said the impressions 
given the public by the current 
Senate hearings “are so mislead- 
ing and false that some statement. 
of fact as distinguished from in- | 

Sawyer added that since he | 
became secretary of commerce 

the issuarice of export licenses has | 
been brought to his attention by 
any Senate committee members. 

In connection with one irregu-<« 
larity about which he learned 

| International Trade had admitted 


Sawyer said this employer was 
promptly suspended when the de- | 

uation ,althouch he said the com- 

form the department. 

Meanwhile the Commerce De- 
partment announced that its ex- 
port, regulations will be tightened 
up effective Sept. 16. 

The department said that begin- 
ning that day, collectors of cus- 
toms will not authenticate export 
declarations prosented by a for- 
warding agent unless the forward- 
er establishes that he is acting 
as a bona fide ts of the ex- 

Continued From Page One. - 

be forced to retire as Pakistan’s | 
Governor-General because of poor 
health, Jinneah’s secretary later 
denied he reports.) 

The frail former lawyer, who 
long headed the powerful Moslem | 
League, died at a time when rela- 
tions between India and Pakistan 
were strained over the/ contro- 
versial issues of Kashmir and 

Jinnah headed the Moslem 
League although he himself was 
considered an unorthodox Moslem. 
An attorney of great wealth, he 

Pakistan since it was created as | 
a British dominion Aug. 15, 1947. | 

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ail i i a a 

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_ = = at " = 

| = oo 
vy ’ é “ - a i 
ee seene sear Bek. F 7" a: is i , 
y * a % ; ' oe ee ey 


fi ' “ - Ss J. ¥ o SK, oe wn te - et oid. . ie. > 
ety ae % SIEM ¢ 2 Ma - 7 Saad a as A ey ag " 
: M v ete Sf Poe 4 Fee Fig ps oz y Ses ie 4 
- ~ 

~ SNE a ay Pe EES Rene i ca + * sh mi a * ; : aie? “ge res he fs Cag wis gs ts # Hyg Pe ae et r x : : ms Heats 3 : rinse ve ing axa ees 1 , ow ‘ i wh es ss Tomei a pa eh *) ‘. ae oe a ag glee aor ee PS. ae | ‘ pe ve 5 to ars Wate fad iat 5 : “’ : ate = : ya 2 ae ¢.. Fig ' ; ’s “- of ¥ Pe f $ Lae fons a? ae £ P : 
PT CREE OR nt ee ye eee See aS | ; ee ot 6 . oe ae es OS ae ee ee ee a ae eee ee ae ee eee ee ae . *. oa ee = 3 . 

: ; " -_-~« 2 ws yunw we @PA CSQA Sexy egeguwwuwe © Hee eS Geese ee EK ewaSeer eee veeaee eaten 7~Vyeowo0VM @Qepetveuwewvene were Fras ewa Se 4 ; 




for residence tn the United States 
under immigration laws. They 
must also have been in this coun- 
try before April 1, 1948. 

manent residence as displaced 

The mew regulations provide 
that the persons must be qualified 

+ ~ 

~.@ “ : r : ‘. 
a , + ? | 9 8 ats : = } " bs oa ; 
} BS - Ae tae 8 1 4 Ma . ' & ; . ; é a4, fers a seek: 3 ~ i ie 
" ’ - Ss 2 4 ef . : 74 i & * : i a hen ‘ ; =. vi 
~ a j 2 ce . : + t % : 4 ;. by Be 7 ; = tie © ag - : / . re ‘ : " Poteet . * . 
Jit at. Pe rtc) = ee : / Ba oa ae Ro Sn ee 
i eee # 2 ‘ r A : | Stes ty SEBS. rl 4 . ec * 
vo eet A Sey , hirer : d : : “ : “ ‘ - 3 eRe Sa ea age f 
ovaren - —— .* * . ey P) i : wk § v ; 
j oe ae oa ; # Peat oe oH ; . ‘ wh. TT : — 
; a fai Bethe Se a aes ; , . —— 5 AS 5. 3 
. PF -_—" * I a OO np a. Ie as a net EB want 2% ps 


: ¥ _ ¢ A : : 
¢ - ae pt af - of gat _— Pa iste we . 
(er > tet ate a ee ®, * Vie Pitts a s os ee ‘ 4 : 
W; , i = ‘ é 
irs - 7 » i — t <4) a Ly ee a oe ja 4 ’ 3 4 
. ‘ . * + = - 4 7 - ° > 4 ie ! ig ‘ \e » ~ 
2 ae a ae » r, ‘Gaya aa. ‘ ; Y , p. ad. 
_ * 4 Re _ ov 4 R \* x ° a ” 7 é 
, Sp AZ Te ‘ 4 Fi . ‘ad 5 x 
i 5, 4 » ¥ ' “4 ee SA a ee fa ee iy Wess Le ; eee 4 8 te roe fre) Y 7 pitas . 9 ot “fa ie 
" y mee gs a Me oe ee uae ; i : 
ra 5 q “ # 
‘4 * 


| SONS tease Seay ae thes, a} 
. SEC SSS es bx 
eee x Sty AS: yy 
Greater Imports Will ce 
Be Key to Trade Vol-| 

ume After 1951, 

eee eevee ee ene eae 


Burn the fuel that’s 

The St. Louis Federal Reserve | 
. available . . . Coal, 

District, as a major producer of | 
\ goods in demand in Europe, has a 

‘LOUIS (5) § definite and special interest in 
Ys | European recovery, it was stated 

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“A oo cpa: gg es: of the dis- 
ct’s onthly Review, release 


It is estimated that in the 1948- 
49 fiscal year a total of $6,503,000,- . 

Saves Time — Washes twice as 

000 will be spent in the United 
States by western European na- 
tions, the article said. A large 
part of this, it continued, consists much ‘n one load — over [8 
‘of argicultural commodities, fer- pounds. | - 
tilizer, timber, agricultural _ma- Saves Work — Automatic Optra- 
chinery, electrica] equipment, tion does the wash.. 
chemicals, metals and miscellane- rts crea BE orgy Sty 
ous commodities produced in the | isc der Wer alates. 
Easy on your pretty hands, too. 
See this economy washer in 

bank’s area. 

More Imports Necessary. | 
“During. the recovery _ phase, | 


through 1951, the foreign demand 
for United States goods will be 
effective to the extent that for- 
Lo. 1778 
See Norge before you buy! 

Sal, of Rebuilt cae 

Burroughs from $57.50 U 
Sundstrand .: ae 
Remington 77.50 " 

Dalton 45.00 
Victor | 65.00 
fional Electric" 95.00 
in Soosten & Co. 

d Floor, 804 Pine St. 
GArfield 2343 


For Free Inspection 
—No Obligation 

a Delmar Bivd. 


eign nations earn dollar balances, 
Plus the foreign aid we éxtend 
under the Marshall plan,” the re- 
port stated. “After 1951, mainte- 
nance of a high volume of exports | 
will require a much higher volume | — 
of imports than at present, unless | 
we are willing to continue to ex- 
tend credit or give away our ex- 
cess exports. 

“Recovery in Europe and else- 
where will mean that foreign na- 
|. tions will have more goods to sell 
abroad. But we must permit a 
larger volume of imports if we 
are to reap the full benefits of our 
actions. Our stated aims, stressed 
at recent international trade con- 
| ferences at Geneva and Havana, 
are to eliminate trade barriers and 
| to promote a large volume of for- 
}eign trade. If we carry through 
| these purposes, the district should | 
| Share in the benefits of expanding 
| foreign markets.” | 

The: St. Louis district sends a 
substantial amount of goods into 
foreign trade and buys appreciable 
quantities of goods produced 
abroad, it continued. Raw ma- 
terials make up the major part of 
exports, it-said, but manufactures 
of various kinds also have import- 
ant foreign markets. 

$100,000,000 in Exports. 

It is estimated that exports in 
the immediate St. Louis area 
alone total about $100,000,000 a 
year at present, the report said, 
and in the Memphis area com- 
bined annual exports and imports 
total about $50,000,000. 

Among the district’s more im- 
portant commodities in foreign 
trade are listed cotton, tobacco, | 
lumber, chemicals, cars and equip- | 
ment, and foodstuffs, in addition | 
to others which are handled on a. 
smaller scale, Indirectly, it was 
pointed out, other products arc 
affected to a substantial degree. 
For example, the report said, little 
coal from the district is shipped to’ 
Europe, but the domestic demand | 
is intensified by the shipment of 

r regions to Europe. 

From the special standpoint of 
the district,the report stated, the 
interests*are primarily economic, 
since Burope, particularly western 
Europe, has for years been: a good 
market for many of the region’s 
products. In common with the re- 
mainder of the United States the 
region has also political and hu- 
manitarian interests in the recov- 
ery of Europe, it said, but the 
most immediate factor here is in 
the production of goods for ex- 


Zenobias Chaplyvy, the first dis- 
placed person to be brought from 
Europe the National Catholic 
Welfare ference in a drive to 
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Dr. Chaplyvy, a Polish Ukrain- 
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on he was brought here a few weeks. 
ago. Other new instructors at 
the university are Charles P. Pat- 
terson, instructor in speech, and 
John A. Gillett, -instructor in 


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| Bae . t = 

These Are From Sixi\One Man Arrested, An- 
States, ‘and Dixiecrats| other Sought in Shoot- 
Will Be on the Ballot in| ing Following Victory’ 
: as Four Others. — | of Talmadge. | 

the whole veteran frand.” - : ‘sh rare taco 
“As a memiber of the Committee 
ATLANTA, Ga, Sept. 11 (AP). MT. VERNON, Ga. Sept, 11. 




States Rights Democrats today 
jubilantly claimed 45 électoral 
votes from six states and, in ad- 
dition, had a place on the general 

week by Herman dge 
“white supremacy” victory for the 

governorship Georgia. 
In the face of the new party’s 
| Truman gave 

spots for one-night 

The States Rights ticket of Gov. 
J.° Strom Thurmond of South 
Carolina, and Fielding. L. Wright 
of Mississippi won 10 more elec- 
toral votez in Louisiana when 
Democrats re removed Trv-| 
man’s name from the presidegtial 
i ballot yesterday, 
|. The action, in effect, gives the 
state’s 10 unpledged electors to 
'Thurmond. However, court ac- 

Save Money» 
tion in behalf of Truman is ex- 

(UP)—The killing of a Negro who | 

insisted on his right to vote in a} 
Georgia Democratic primary was 
disclosed today as an aftermath 
of Herman Talmadge’s nomination 
as Governor of the state. 

The racial issue was a feature 
of Talmadge’s campaign which 
culminated in his victory in 
Wednesday’s primary. 

Montgomery County Sheriff R. 
M. McCrimmon said Isaiah Nixon, } 
28-year-old Negro, of Alston, Ga., 
died at a Dublin, Ga., hoSpital, He 
suffered three bullet wounds. 

The sheriff said he arrested 
John Johnson, 22, of Alston on 
charges of being an accessory to 
the killing. He was later released 
under bond. 

A search was underway for 
Johnson’s brother, M. A.. McCrim- 
mon reported, for whom a murder 
warrant was issued. 

McCrimmon said he was told 
that Nixon went to the polling 
place at Alston and asked to vote. 
The Negro was told, he said, that 
he had the right to vote but was 
advised not to exercise it. The | 
sheriff. said Nixon insisted, but it 


~~ ¢ 


ANY pected. There are 531 votes in the = . 
merase tgeenety cna, act Se Ret mr SBUBLIGHERG TO BE COMMENDED” || PRESIDENT OF 
—Says Noted Radio Commentator | 

* Black genuine Be assured of low-cost financing by | ¢oy president were 11 electors | V° 
* Steel arch construc- 
tion | 
* Metatarsal support ; RAYMOND GRAM SWING 
erchans: 4to0 10. AA to EEE. iss 
Add 15c for postage. SEVENTH 


making arrangements with us weve. from Alabama inine from Missis- The Johnson brothers went to 
Ics sigaple...quick! __|sippl, eight from South Carolina, the Newro's house that night, the 
Payments after d ‘four out-of eight from Florida |. _ | 

‘and three out of 12 from Ten- | 
; itold him he and his brother went 
Court Decision. ' to Nixon’s house to see the Negro 
_ A court action in North Carolina | about doing some work and that 
Vie oe MeO ee Lee dee finally was won by the States’ | pis brother “fired at Nixon in self 
Rights party. Originally denied | gefense.” 
a place-on the November ballot | 

Durty appealed ‘to the state su. (CLYDE H, SNIDER RESIGNS 

preme court. 
The court rejected the board's | 
jcontention that the States’ Right- 
‘ ers had not complied with laws| Clyde H. Snider, first assiStant 
DWAPDS governing the creation of rew/ circuit attorney, has resigned his 
parties and awarded them equal | position to enter the private prac- 

aug) Dilling with the regular Demo-|tice of law, Circuit Attorney James 
W. Griffin announced yesterday. 

Snider and his family have moved 

} crats. 

i} Thurmond and Wright wil! ap- 
to Nyssa, Ore., Griffin said. He 
has not yet chosen anyone to re- 

also on tke ballots of Vir- 
place Snider. 

| pear 
iginia, Kentucky and Texas. 
}Arkansas States’ Righters have 

Snider prosecuted Sheriff John 

F. Dougherty on a charge of 




McCrimmon said John Johnson | 

“It is difficult to think of a more 
important single contribution by a 
publisher than the production of 
an encyclopedia within the reach 
of the ‘ordinary’ person. In the past 
the encyclopedia has been a re- 
stricted privilege. So the New 
Standard Racyeloptdia has a great 
service to perform. Its publishers 
are to be commended for achiev- 
ing the paradox of a work of refer- 
ence, printed decently, and selling 
at a remarkably low price, which is 
a genuine encyclopedia.” 


who has used 
this work in the 
past knows 
that it is a very 
handy and ex- 
tremely de- 
pendable work 
ofreference. | 
Under your | : 
editorship GEORGEN. 
much has been SHUSTER 
done to bring it up-to-date, so that 
I imagine that the handy little vol- 
umes will have many friends 
among the public.” 



. / ‘ 
a5 ¥ A 
ee ae eee 




funtil Oct. 13 to name electors. 
i In Georgia the picture was con- 

fused. Herman Talmadge cam- 
} paigned for governor and won, on 
a platform of vigorous opposition 

leaving the scene of an accident 
and obtained a cogyiction before 
a jury in St. Charles, June }., 


'1947. Dougherty was sentenced | 

esx 8 - e _- 
*s. AS Rat : ito a federal civil rights program 
RAE Pak to one year in jail. He has ap- 

jand in favor of gtates’ rights. 

| His Democratic party organiza- 
ition is generally acknowledged to 
ibe anti-Truman, but thus far no 


In 1937, Snider was appointed | Sil Saat: 
,effort has been made to include 

by Circuit Attorney Franklin Mil- | SSS al | , 
7 } ‘ler as a prosecutor in Division 11, | [4 ) Sac] Over the volumes | | NnOROTHY CANFIELD FISHER 
Thurmond and Wright in the gen- fe remained in the circuit at-||#e Some. | of the New 

“Living in the country, as I do, and 
aware as I am of the fact that the hich 
price of the standard-size encyclo- 
pedia is prohibitive for most rural 
families and small-town libraries, I am 
struck by the special usefulness of the 
smaller volumes and smaller price of 
the Funk & Wagnalls edition. They 
are within the reach of schools, li- 
braries and families who never could 
have afforded the more expensive sets, 
and provide a most useful reference 
work for situations where it is espe- 
cially needed.” 


CLOPEDIA exactly fills my need for 
ready reference on a variety of sub- 
ject at home and has indeed enabled 
me to stay home in comfort and do 
some odd jobs of work—on an evening 
or a Sunday afternoon—when other- 
wise I would have had to betake my- 
self to the office. So I have already a 
very definite reason for kindly feel- 
ings toward you and your excellent 
Encyclopedia.” | 

SPE a $< 

aitbibienibaiemme CTS election voting. torney’s office and in 1941. was | Standard Encv- 
| _ The State Der-ocratic Executive} appointed as first assistant to pis Mie aol 

; Committee is namé 12/ acting Circuit Attorney Henry G. oe dig 
| unpledged electors, who will ap-| Morris. Two years later, he re- they seem to me 
| pear on the ballot under Truman’s| signed to enter the private prac- to be very handy 
m name . The clectors, then, will be | tice of law here. He was then re- reference books. 
governed by the outcome of the appointed as first assistant by I look forward 
to getting a 

November presidential race. iGriffin in 1945. 
' # great deal of 

way 2 BE = os ola | | BB) actensecs they can cast their votes| HUNGARY REJECTS YUGOSLAV | une 
[time otne the arty. Mowe| CHARGE ITINCTES REVOLT| O° SUPRAN roe 'apper 
ita. | - ead tos aime toh ct bx Gates 
In Texas Thurmond Democrats) BUDAPEST, Sept. 11 (AP) yal eae Ue Wee allt much bulkier and 
organized a States’ Rights party; Hungary rejected today as Ramnng Pe fot native editions of other 



BRON? i 




‘Mak hing 

“I have received 

the first eighteen 

volumes of the 

New Standard 


and I am deep 

impressed wi 
er the workman- 

—— ship, the edi- 

E. GEORGE PAYNE = torial achieve- 

ment and the price of this immensely 


i’ BAS 

z | 
E ¢ 





~Amazed At The Valve... The Set For Which He Was Waiting 

and prepared to name a presiden-| friendly, untrue and malevolent” | o 
tial ticket. Thurmond himself/a Yugoslav note protesting that | standard reference works. 
attended the meeting. (this country has attempted to [_ — 
Petition | 
His supporters were busy, as/ similar Yugoslav charge has been | 
‘well, in the border state of Mary-| rejected by Romania. | it-dees 
land where they started a petition | The Hungarian reply said Yuco- 
; slavia’s note was aimed “to dis- 
2000 mames are needed but ordi- obs 
narily they must be filed with the! present leaders of the Yugoslav ee 
Communist party.” Yugoslavia's #ae: 
Premier, Marshal Josip (Tito) 
for | 
pected to turn down the petition, 
,/@ court case may follow or the|tion Bureau, which said he de-j 
ALL | States’ Righters 1 serted the Marxist-Leninist line. } 
paign. | The Hungarian note said “the 
while, came out for President Tru- which it did not before, and the 
man. The states electors are ‘fact that Yugoslavia acknowledged 
: pledged to Thurmond but the mi-' America’s claims, which it did not 
| rival electors pledged to Truman. nists joined the imperialists.” | you are rendering one of the most im- 
Ie decodstasenien ae tant educational services that can 
S nadeed to the American public in 

in Maryland. | cite a revolution in Yugoslavia. A 
to get his name on the ballot. Only 
quise the anti-Soviet policy of the this helo 
Broz, has been denounced by the § 
A group of “minority” Dem-/fact that the United States re-f 
nority members of the party's ex- | before, either, proved that the 
bringing out this valuable encyclo- 

—  — - 


Moscow-led Communist Informa- jf 
ocrats in South Carolina, mean-|turned Yugoslavia’s gold assets, | 
A Week! |ecutive committee want to name /|leaders of Yugoslavia’s Commu-| valuable standard work. In my opinion 
pedia within the range of everyone.” 

; 2 

WitttisMTEO GAS‘ 





I am very much amazed at the valuc 

'of this volume for such a low price 

and can’t wait for the others. I think 
every home should have this Ency- 
clopedia.— WILLIE ©. MCELVAINE, 

Very convenient size which doesn’t 
have to be laid on a table to be read, 
Isn’t boring ... Clear type which 
can be read under practically any 
condition of lighting. Very complete, 

The set for which I have been wait- 
ing.—Davip E. BuTier, 212 McGar- 
rity St., Greenville, S.C. 

284 Fulton St., S:E. Warren, Ohio, 

~An All Around Money Saver ... 
. . « After comparing this volume 
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pedia, I am convinced that this is 
not only the best value but an all 
around money saver and value.— 
nae sear E. 126th St., N. Y. 

Werth Far More ~ 
I am not an expert on encyclopedias, 
but after locking over Number One 
of the Funk and Wagnalls New 
Standard, the binding, covers, pic- 
tures, maps, the paper and printing, 
I can only say that they are well 
worth far more than your price.— 
Artruur LARicec, Route 12, 57, 
Kirkwood 22, Mo. 

A Great Addition To Any Library 
.. + A wonderful set like this is a 
great addition to any library and 
ene which can reasonably be efford- 


i “T have had 
a good look 
into this 
rich refer- 
ence work 
and am con- 
vinced it 
will prove a 
and helpful 


s*eww ee @ 
as ee * «@ ’ . 

Cannot Afford To Be Without lt 
... These books are a necessity, not 
only in the homes where there are 
school children, but for adults as 
well. For the price of this set, a per- 
son cannot afford to be without the 
set, and we appreciate it very much. 
— Mrs. Ricuarp O. WAGNER, 50 
Riverside Ave., Quincy, Mass. 


aE I a 
F; a 

Takes Pride in Possession 
I am so pleased with the first vole 
ume that I have to curb my impa- 
tienct to have the full set on my 
shelves. I am surprised that sucha 
superior book—in aljl respects—can 
be sold so reasonably. | shall take 
eat pride in its possession.—_WiLL 
TieeetTs, P.O. Box 1144, Mon- 


re . 

© “ 4% 
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\ . : 
> ¥ a y “e 3 ' 
P) s 3 2 
- "I 4 0% ‘ > d a 
. ~ os oe Re ’ Es 4 a. tA te 7 Ae one mr as 4 % rt =p vag at rt . : 
. > : te tee . ~ eee ee, 
a 4 ty a ee 3 ‘4 : ” ro _ Bassa sa 
<a x 7 ‘af . P NGMM Re ~ mya, oe Y csleaReN P © . . a 
‘ ¥ ee % rs ‘ } 
¥ tte * S . $ " ‘ rd ‘ 

AS SHOWN! $95.00 eta 

terey, Calif., 

- Made A. Wise investment 
From what I have paon and My rome 
parison with another set of ency- 
clopedigs my parents have, I have 

: books to be much more 

; pion. and sub- 

ang a 

worked on three 
encyclopedias eG if medias will 

SESE Aiea RnR ene mim tis te get 

Pe a Sie it iy he ot raha i. ee Figs sk oe 44 saciigis 
wo ee meet ee) 5 aR ew : YS ae NR Sales aa RE 
boi es me Steady SM RES oe Fg ce AN 
bod a : 
sod 3 - FE 
bd ‘ 
¥, or , ‘ % , 


‘yt RR ee ee WS YE Ge Qe ge eh ey i a a 


+ ee ‘* i i i qe SNe eee 

Then -Only If Desired-26 More Volumes To 

Complete the Set, Sent To You-A Book a Week- 
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ES, we make you an OUTRIGHT GIFT of Volume 1 of one of the world’s greatest 
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MILLION WORDS! That is the equivalent of more than THREE ORDINARY BOOKS. 

It is yours practically for the asking. 

Why should we make so unprecedented an offer? 
Because we want newspaper readers to SEE and READ the magnificent Funk 

& Wagnalls New Standard Encyclopedi 


igs} 7 J P 
y “iy IFIP: TS; if YS, 
7 ees Oe. wy 
5 7 \ 7 

i iis 
He MME Nip Wilf OM LE) hey 
tad ff thdid th Mf iy ; 4 5 id, ie i EF IF LSS S 
9 , f 4 pipe if, if iy Jf FLIES TIY 
s ATI ELS Ad bade ISI ST IE She 4 : f, / 
“hy ty if igtitis f a] ; / be ay 
"ty, ig ? f iy fh 



Wii pep, 
ri (s4 ty; 
f YY LW) 

a. We want you to KNOW that everything 

you have heard about it is trae—that it is the finest encyclopedia ever written or 

sold at any price for American home use. | 
We want you to COMPARE your free volume with those of sets selling at $100 and 
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Ts E Funk & Wagnalls New Standard En- 
cyclopedia is by all odds one of the great- 
est educational works of its size and scope 
ever done in America. It is a work of genius s0 
vast that it staggers the imagination. It com- 
prises man’s knowledge from the very begin- 
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NLY a genius of the first order could con- 
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bring it from dream into reality. That 

man was the late Dr. Frank Vizetelly, Litt.D., 
LL.D., America’s foremost lexicographer, 
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abridged Funk & Wagnalls New Standard 
Dictionary—the beloved “Viz” of radio fame— 
the man who did so much to better the quality 
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Surrounded by a host of scholars, authori- 

ties in each field, Dr. Viz@telly brought this | 

stupendous work into being. Here it is today, 
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analysis of what to look for in an encyclopedia. 

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The Library Edition has al] the above fea- 

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Jeaf-making in all an extremely 


Mere is the expensively 
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The World’s 

~At Your Fingertips! 
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oe a rs ge Gs , ee Sh a % le . ae” oo oe Pe i et T'¢+ & . re : e a a ee Me nas — 
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ff ’ ¢ . # . 3 ‘ ; ‘ e* 2% 




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Moh Fe Bei ze A ROE Po nai din ie a I ISR ag ORI ga 
-. ba De ene ee RS te, Tee ee SR pam ls 8 ea. 
Be ic A er 5 BP MD eS aeRO Ee. a 

oe eee ee ey eS EEE’ YR VW we ER ES SS | i~=eewee ¥Y ¢V UCR TeV ee Coes aa 
wt GS we Ie wt te we ee Owe & Ww We AS Yif@wwe © € Swe eS SY ewewree#eweewreenee ese |e ’ 

_-NRA__Sun, Sept. 12, 1948 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH (MAJ. GEN, ©. H. BRIDES DIES s 75 yea RIES STII 

¥ ; 7 > 
ir. ah 
' ag 
Ade a 
3 ote Cie a Sop = 
* eS ‘¥ Y a3 ea 33 ‘ we > : - 

; meu. a} 
. Was eid Au; 
, +” ° . . oi >i 
» oe. 5 

¥ . 
i a ee 

wenamee wirer® Forest Products| an kt ad satan ane 
STREET @ Edge Into Competitive se | © 

os YOUR . , | ee * “: 

_... . @ Fields — Metals Still) tan ! s 11170 Mmmeewti 
on Tin Metals Tine) FUEL OL 
- 7 - : GUARANTEE to a Limifed Number 

‘Production is beginning to catch | ed onsy some thonths ago, appéar | 
up with consumers’ demands all | Scheduled for price increases now. Phone PArkview 6807 or Hiland 3713 

; Pulp, which was very scarce, is 
over the world, but don’t expect reported now in good sunol ’ 

to drop into the nearest store and| In the cotton “tenitie ieaiake STANLEY OIL CO. 1490 Kingsland 
walk out with just the item you've; there are reports of an over- — 

Mi been wanting. And don’t be lulled 
into thinking lower prices are 

right around the corner. | : We ae 
p=ess-2| ONLY 3 WEEKS LEFT TO 
a Association of Purchasing Agents , 
‘reported bituminous coal easier to : | : 
DISHES ‘obtain, The De ent of 
miimerce has just reported “the , 
: acute shortage of lumber in this 
fers . 96 moon . ition 7 Y h ARM ON T 
4 Competition Grows Keen. : 



ane At the same time farm and for- 

. est products, textiles and some : | 
SPECIAL dite? heavy chemicals and building ma- 
terials began edging into a buy- 

ers’ market after a long hey-day e 

during which th seller had it all 
his own way. Competition in 
many lines began building up. 
Prices are still at high levels 
but, despite that, the consumer, 

hile turni littl ch ee 
im making is purchases, sett s| = BUPHS Low-Priced Coal Efficiently 
spending his dollars pretty freely. 

The real shortages are in the 

metals fields. ca AYS FOR 
That includes steel, an industry 

that is Sasic to almost every other. 

It appears it may be some time | ELF IN WOE . 
before supply and demand get S 
close in that sector. 

It is quite natural that farm and | 
forest products should be the first WS 

a a ee 



to meet the demand, for they are 
common to most countries. 

A much smaller number of coun- 
tries, however, are big industrial 
producers. The burden of turn- FHA Terms 
ing vout such things as metals 
ayo ne an on a few and by as long as 

e same token it takes longer to 
bring supplies to the point where 3 years to poy 
they meet the demands of con- 

Rearmament Factor. AR N 
In the United States the rearma- 

ment program and stockpiling has 

added to the problems of the pro- 2, 

ducer of such items as steel. A aXE 
Continuing reports of increases 

in the dollar rate of retail sales AUTOMATIC 

indicates that buying is holdin 

up in some lines. ts . COAL STOKER 
The National Industrial Confer- 

ence Board reports retail sales 

reached an annual rate of 127 bil- 

lion dollars the first six months Installation by Armoon Heating Specialists Con 

of this year. At least part of that 
figure, however, represents higher . 
Serr wiles g be arranged at a Special Summer Installation Price: 

In 1929, the prewar peak, only 

about $48,500,000,000 moved across @ Includes complete Brush-Vac cleaning of fire-box, LIFETIME GUARANTEED 
retail counters. : ; : 
The sales increases at the mo- smoke thei and chimnéy base. TRANSMISSION eee PLUS 

ment are principall centrated ‘ ; : 
in the durable goods categories,|  _ @ Plus complete furnace inspection and cementing of ALL THESE EXTRA 
ee age ene ye ee furnace joints to Insure proper stoker performance. ~ VALUE FEATURES 
s. The weakest sector, the . 
3 ‘Tier Solon ott @ Complete front or side installation of stoker, includ- @ No Shear Pins to Replace 
Consumers are buying fewer ing all materials, wiring and all permits. e Offset Hopper (Not in Wey of Fire 
nondurable articles, excepting ONLY 99 50 Door) 
Such items as food, gasoline, fuel $ ‘ oor 
and ice. Liquor and men’s cloth- e Automatic Air-Flow Reaulator 
ing are falling behind previous eg 
heights. : ACT NOW —this outstanding offer is for afimited | # Delco Motor—Assures Long, Trouble- 
e National Industrial Confer- fon Gareicn 
ence apna pan — cn! gar time —to enable you to get your ARMCON stoker 400 Ib. K 
groups, shoes, drug stores and eat- * ° : “ : 
ing and drinking places, although Installed before furnace-firing timel panes pper— Requires Little At- 
doing an increased dollar busi- 
/ness, are probably behind in unit 
volume. ‘ 
The consumer is finding it a 
'iittle easier to buy a house, but| COME IN AND SEE THIS FINE STOKER ON DISPLAY... OR CALL FRANKLIN 3533 
ithe price he pays remains high. 

Livestock is in tight supply. 7 
Grains are more plentiful and Vj $ | t v ur Sho wrooms 
prices are down but it will be next | 
year before those conditions are, 3 | 0) () W AS 4 MJ GTO N 
reflected in livestock prices. 

ee ; Coal supply has improved as 
ELEPHONE STAND | ; OUTFIT at export has fallen off. The Brit- : 


> CRA $ J , | $s 7. ‘a . ~~ “=oelte fy ing many European needs and as 

well ballt — rich “ UNBEAT- ps Me S Aug. 1 stocks of anthracite and Uj 4 D A y $ 
finish. = — ~ bituminous in the gw Sa | q n | 
and Canada amounted to 65,000,- : 

708 FRANKLIN PSRRREEE AMERICAN Pt i iy tt fl 3301 M oir 000 tons, an increase of 1,000,000 2 

SN 8 SAS ME oy a = RE 

YY ae . as . ‘ a" . x" \ . “ ° . ne ee, a en “ Sas “Ot ane ‘ 8 S 

< ves Sk Ss * . ~~ aa ke keh et, ‘ ' ~~ wet ate “ : me RAS oy a ON POS ~ aS nee e bee, re > SN . ~ 

es. - . A“ 7 - 7 ina ~ * * - 7 
CS Ga GE Ahh —OCLELLEZ, : : 
7 a Ay - . a Cy 
ie ae d 
5 gy J iP 
‘ tA 
, y 




pUO-THERM | ae 






SUV WR ee cee" RS 




« . » - a 
. er be } : 
, - 

‘ . 
. " 
& > 
+ * * 
A = > 
a . al . 
a Ss * ~ 7 
x . : 
7 - a 
ok . 
> Ne. 
‘ ae 
= : 
Ah. 3 
> ¥ » a 
+ . Yo 
4 - 
. ’ , 
” 7 
ri ‘ - ex 
. =e 
Se * 
~ ~. : 
> >» ie 
ee s? 
ee ’ 
= x 4 - 
~N * 
, Se 
yy > a . 
| a 
we 3 
a . 
’ ~ 
® . 
—_ * ; . 
Se | —_ 
S ’ 
~ . 
To. ~ - 
a ‘ 


©1172 BATHS! 


School; Recreation; Character; Reputation; improvements 

Sem Fame eM ce NIT EIN ANT CONT I: OES RN ARMS MMAR EO 6s Aethrna  a 

Sample House 800 Gakbrook Lane at. Stanford Ave. 



rT SOV eV ee OR EY ee ee ETE EE EER YY ee ee Re de, oe a ee ee Sit ere eS ee ee ee eee i ee ie oe ie ; SESW COE LIDS Li iite ah lal (lalla i Nin Sia Mia te Hak de 



4c OF SF oer ee 


10% DOWN Hundreds of St. Louis people have discovered that Hill-Behan is defi- 

| livi 
UP TO 3 YEARS ao everything they need to make room for living 


TO PAY! if you heave any plans for remodeli ing or ee er for makin 
g playroom or rathskeller in your basement . . . plans for MORE LIVI 6 

For Home Improvements | in your home .. . see Hill-Behen! 




—~ —— - rm Sen eA an 


1c Siw 21° Provide convenient passage between Up Now For As Little As THE BASEMENT WALLS FOR 

floors. Can be installed to basement | 
camute 0th ee fk intalled fo basemen PLAYROOM OR RATHSKELLER 
pencn saw °4) Re. Seve stays, weve, fine TILE FLOORS 

Shopmaster 10" swing $ Can be yours at ftle cost, : 
BALL-BEARING LATHE 3 ~~. gig | ~ s 4 75 Let us give you a free esti- | 
in, oF 


Both Ji nd bench sew , : —n mate on asphalt or rubber 
heave ‘hing tables. “Ao | ne _— —— tile. Compare our low . A waterproofing paint that 

matter tools. heve ae : , a mp stam be prices and you will find | seals and brightens in one 
simplicity and pe rmance c f OUR NEW Hill-Behan leading the way application. 

ra r’ and fessional ' STALL A ONE . 
cals 3= NONSEE, Ner't yehow Spun ee WALL TILE BOARD Sb. Pig $905 
. yellow White, Only 

“ei CA EE : : : 9x9-In. 
tories hobbyists cabinet pine, fin, fh. 0 : Ze 8°. For basement rathskeller walls, at 

ho te. 5/4x10 clear fir for ASPHALT TILE : 
sadeieiees Below and Ask fer STEP TREADS. lin. #. 31° : prices you can afford, Beautiful col- 4 

FREE Seoklet on Shepmaster ~ txB-in. clear fir for c 9x9-In. c ors in 4x4, 4x6, 35° : 5.Lb. Pkg. 
Teols. <S —— STAIR RISERS, lin. #. 26'/2 RUBBER TILE __ 28 Ea. 4x8 ft. sheets. So. Be, * & Colors, Only _ __. 

3 Years to Pay pega Paya beep AT ALL TIMES! 

be all cckfer teeubletres com- We have the materials you need! For new fl te Sil ie have sigh 
: : partitions... for coal bins, . . for utility Per , : 
ort ination mon sie vs BO om ater» «oe Hutto HH Ital a Hot Water Heater wun sachs dings, Maaioa oo tae 
! ; | lumber and herdw need; 
| | ‘4 mage Yellow Pine. 64° Electric, Gas, Oil or Coal Hot-Water Heaters—Hill-Behan | : ee 
20-inch ... BOILER PLATE .o Seem me errr ee has them all at prices that you can afford to pay. =) Elbow Gaitches ... (Se. 
| fT FIBRE WALLBOARD. $7 7% , ) 
STEEL FURNACE vA ~ «0s: @xB-Ft. sheets, 3/16" thick 30-Gal. Range Boiler. $@ 969 &- 2 Ue. 
welded construction for super 1x6 Tongue and Grooved $§ 6? mong — ges 37 ‘it ot) | , | : : 
—— 1 20 Yellow Pine. Per 100 lin, ft. Cia 
a I Pg Gg Gg gag ™ Same tank with coal $ 69 
ZY CORNER... All YourOwn! .) f--" ~~ ‘39 

and relaxation! Soft warmth of knotty pine plus R DINE BOARDS 
w . | 
a tone. Yes, in your basement Mactcte Met Water $425" | Ne. 2 Grade and Better. 
per month Hi bers from 1 | Per 100 Lin. FH, inant lle “omen umm tom 

thakehoko kok Lk tt ee LLL. Lee 

= ~ 


4x12-Ft. Sheets 

Gas Automatic 30-gal. 5 rt FIR PLYWOOD 
Heaters from _. .. — Sended 2 Sides. Per Sq. Ft. . — 


Complete with shower curtain, faucets, 
shower head and strainer-type drain. 

Your KITCHEN ben bot white +41" | | : FOR WINTER 
TH With sure te 106 Ss I Be 
* coche TILE 4 Me i SA 
Aleminem Tile instalied— 
Free Estimetes— 


Baa 18s Be eee 
BR BR AS ee aR 

ee ABC 
A New Shingle Roof on Your Home § | ———- eee Tt conceare |! wasune 
of locked.on shingles applied to a howe, BB pap mel paren = LAUNDRY TUBS MACHINES 

Guaranteed roof 
24 ft. x 30 ft. (Ne dormer sides | oO | : | 
ecm ae | me | (eee a) 

a=. Ce ad gees 

4 ; OF , . 

sf yh 

. te 

oe Se YOM UT eV Yn yl Ce ee EEE Fr etV EE FEC ACE LIV ST 

ape, et 7 RRS ay x eS ¥ © shi : , iy! ; ‘ ; » : og ‘ - .¥ - > < ats rae - . ; “a” ‘es : 7 3 ‘ ' ms o 7% 6 ; "4 ; ‘ yy < ‘ ¥s ad k "ea rs 1 a = ‘ ; . ‘ ; ; ; ; % 4 : ‘ » ¢ 2 7 > 
, Fda ass aos ek ae vy yt ee at Sp et Se WG eg Wee Lhe ee PP Oe ‘ ve Ww pie te sd cw AY ; e @ ee & Seo. SP NV SEA Se a ge ee ee ee Oe we Ye Ns oe * ‘e sil , Cw ee: eee ee a ee, Se 
> a 4 roy t+ re, 6y ; Lang Si ai, ae We . a i oe : \ 4 eu j . ) © > F * 

; é 7 be ‘474 Lt ol i Wy Gee Soke Se FS Wow SPO a OS wr A ew VO ee ‘ 



| (RET es * 
¥. af : pe : ma ‘ ee ae age , 
‘ +. i Z. : mee Tat gi aj 
nts It 

ficer, to hang the name on. The 
charge was disorderly conduct. 

BER PEO OE tn. ch sale PTO aS Sie a 9 

‘one m —Winner of $1200 Had 
To install Aluminum Storm Windows in St. Louis and Told of Being Forced’ 
area. . . must have transportation and tools. Excellent H i, Leave It. : 
opportunity. | z | 

BOX GS-41 6. POST-DISPATCH A Fenton resident’s compiaint 

;that he won $1200 in a dice game 
lin a former boathouse at Valley 
Beach, Valley Park, Friday night | 
and was forced at pistol point to. 
leave without taking it with him | 
resulted in a raid on the place. 
| yesterday by deputy = sheriffs. | 

7 WORTH LOOKING INTO mAmong 12 men who were arrested : 
MANTEL AND BUFFET MIRRORS > a Valley Park deputy mar- | 

Made to Deputy sheriffs said when they: 
Orde so 95 U entered a women’s dressing room 
: 2 P Min the building at the beach they 

;found 12 men around a table. A 
A LARGE SELECTION TO CHOOSE FROM leather cup, four dice and a $1 bill 

, % i 
RAINBOW GLASS CO. Jee Gunes ce vn cec| Welaie a hae) 
5652 PAGE BLYD. MU, 6630 jghastily picked up by the men as : oe : 
the officers entered. ~ S: AA i | e 
Bayer, described by deputies, as Ss a Yes, DOWN—Our Entire Kenmore Electric 

co-owner of the place. Boyer had 
m2 pistol and a deputy marshal’s 

* A a + 'K et 7 e 
RETIRED SALESMAN deck et Seporters Bogert Line! Made Possible by Sears Know-Fiow in 
if you ere retired . . . f you ere now partially employed . 9s . _ t etobes we a | | “ Di t ib rr . 

e+ + Hf you wish te cugment your income . . . ' lbs ecvailah aia Gies ware | Large Volume Production and is ri uu iOn. 
“ m Fred C. Mound, co-owner of the | 

THEN | ee ts 

Put your experience te work selling So-Lite Combination Rosalie avenue, Brentwood; Anton | Te egomtraelon pi ibe etaprincI eS, . Kenmor e Ma ster De Luxe eee 

Storm Windows. In pleasant surroundings and at your con- “| Sprock, Berger V. Medlock, Virgil | 
venience. For details call Mr. Tayler, FRanklin 6800. 3 C. Chadd and John A. Mueller, all | 

¢ yf Valley Pa rk: Raymond 3 | -asied anes ee oe Bs me € sc SS me | a 
Sunday Phene Number: EVerereen 7581 m Richardson of Safe, Mo.; George oe as ee ii a ™ 
$e J. Hutchins of Waynesville, Mo., — | ee | ene seepenemaniaaiainn i 
"and Robert H. Jones and Carl W. | : = _. Ris 
SEIDEL COMPANY : Daniels, both of St. James. Mo. ! 4 : poet ned ——— — BE , Ts ‘ ; Sax = 5 
2914 Washington Ave. When they were taken to Clay-— a a hi ) iy —_ 

ITER-CONTRACTOR Posty Marsha! in Grose 

eo@bueOGpdbne dain an wv 


iton to be booked at the sheriff's | 

FR. 6800 office, they were found to have BS a me act an 
more than $3500 in their posses- = Sa ric ae Se ahs a am 
sion. They were released on $500 a 3 He he 1 = # oe KEES . = Bh 
bond each, without charge, to ap- & ae, SY pe NS siaghieenee ea se Be 

—_—— | : a «pear Sept. 27 at the sheriff's office. is Sie es, ————— see gees ; ES 
oa | = | ‘| Deputies refused to disclose the a oe | . 
I oe se name of the Fenton resident who e Be oe Sam ? = 

» oR aR ew 

made the complaint, He told them, 
they said, that when he started to 
sileave with his winnings a man 

ss aa See eee ee —_ j | . = 
mamiplaced a pistol against his side|  @ —..  _ i ee s 
and told him to place the money a ee oS » = : 3 
: on the table. ie % ss Oey RSE Se TS = ; * ~ Ms Se ; St ° 
% ew Bee BN , Se - << ; es | 
He did so, and then was per- 3 Bh sere Sar Sees ‘ Cae Be With 
mitted to leave. a Sees oe HS & : ) 
~~ mi Deputies sdid none of the group § See = ses : 3 Visa-Bake Oven 
iee}arrested in the raid had heen iden-; | Ds SI a ‘ 

Sei tified as the man who threatened, & Bc eS af Bx: 
- {the complainant. | ee ee BS $28 Down, Balence Monthly 
: | oa ee eae : poo tte 3 Usual Carrying Charge 


) Pag q ae cee . wn ) f : a — it's the Kenmore Master 
| ae SEER Eee ees vA af For cool, clean, fast cooking at its best—it's 6 
CHAMINADE PARK RESTATED: is satel FOUND a Pee Os £ wl . De Luxe! ‘7-speed top units give you just the heat you want. . . 

SEH | oe eo : . nai ies bake! The deep 
' oo SEO Ps ¢ 5 H a+ U watch our astries a - 

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 11 (AP) | |. r.. P & -— a window in the oven le ' yo bb Y poe the automatic Himner 

47 NOTRE DAME DR. —Jefferson County officials rein- | WA er a SF & a a well cooker converts 0 . ow? a ee ached d ience there's 
| stated x cueree of murder somes | etree ©: * x eo =3a>r nr cooks a whole meal while . te rite, 2 hw . eres euniee stenasitti 

e against George Aufenkamp Jr., oo BS Fr 3 —— : ; justabie broiler ana roomy $ 

Open Daily 2 to 9 years old, after a lapse of 12) Nets . | @ minute reminder, adjus y 

years, although the body of the | 

THIS BEAUTIFUL RANCH HOUSE HAS supposedly murdered man never 

& ROOMS. 2 BATHS. UNFINISHED 2ND FLOOR, has been found. 

FULL BASEMENT. 2-CAR GARAGE. ULTRA- Te Sebrones 7008 When Auton. 
MODERN KITCHEN, ON LOT 96'x165', kame: awned” and : operetel 
, | | Louisville drug store, William 
WEST ON 4SADUE RD. TO) SPOEDE, TURN SOUTH | Detchen, a clerk in the store dis- 
appeared. A few days later Aufen- | 
_ ’ JR kamp was arrested in Miami, Fia., | 
EDWARD M. ROSS, JR. for questioning. He told authorities| as eae (De 
4b NOTRE: he bE eg on of poisoning and Fe ke he ee ; | 
. DA ME . that he dumped the body in Salt Ce ee ee 4 Ls age eee +s 18-INCH OVEN— 
‘river, near here. Salt river was (oo Se ae 3 KENTIMER for timing pogo aoa Kenmore 
BUILDER 2 dragged but the body was not, atte ROBOTIMER fer auto- eqqs. leyer cakes, ete. hese 
discovered. ES ie Se ae = pS e Sse matic oven cooking eg 
| The grand jury indicted Aufen- SS SUN ao Sao ee 
-kamp on a charge of murder. 
|While the commonwealth was try- 
‘ing to find the body, a jury in: 
criminal court adjudged Aufen- | 
kamp igsane and he was sent to bs ae 
Central State Hospital at Lake- Set eae . 
land, That was 12 years ago. TOP-OR-WELL UNIT— ADJUSTABLE BROILER 
Dr. A. M. Lyon, hospital super- | KENMORE WARMER an economy cocker of moves to 7 positions. 
intendent, recently informed Judge | keeps food het . ‘ fourth top burner Smokeless; convenient. 
Loraine Mix that Aufenkamp is | Steve Department, warms leftovers 
sane now. Today Assistant Com- | Besement 
monwealth’s Attorney Carl Ousley | 
filed a motion for reinstatement . 
of the murder charge. 

ihe Exceptional Values Yesterday—Outstanding at Today's New Low Prices 

re ew S| 

New Quinian Dance Budget Plan BREMEN, Ind., Sept. 11 (AP)— 

The cannon roared and smoke 
rolled but the “human cannon-) 
REGARDLESS OF AGE ball,” Capt. Hugo Zacchini, failed | 
to come out of the barrel last | 
The gunner peered in and the| 
captain was still there — uncton- | 
scious from powder fumes but! 

‘ 4 . 7 “ 4 Tinh awe : — 
otherwise unhurt. nso Phas ‘ a eoameres Prac a ©) & ; oy S 
eu ; N bn ney EE VPS me A RIO i . : \) wf Me at Dell 

He was revived by firemen and}. 
announced that tonight he will be. 
shot out of the cannon twice for | 
ne visitors at the Bremen carni-| 
SON The veteran performer was wn- | 
disturbed by the incident, which. 

. he said really was fortunate be-| 
Gen ; cause if the mechanism had ‘not! 
Air ditioned Studies ‘failed and he had been hurled out | 
Heuers 10 A.M.-10 P.M. Daily of the barrel he would have land-' 
! ed on a ferris wheel instead of’ 

A Se over it in a net. 
| “The cannon was aimed at the! 

wrong angle,” he explained. 


ee A pe ame 


EXECUTIVE P OSHIONS | OMAHA, Sept. 11 (AP) -- Ne- | 

braska Progressives will not place | 

NOW -OPEN WITH PROGRESSIVE a ticket on the ballot this year. 

Their hopes of qualifying the | ‘ 
Ol LR EFINING COMPANY Wallace party for the Nov. 2 elec- | 

_tions,drowned in a sea of empty 

seats. Ten delegates were on hand | 

for today's 10cminutelong conven-| beautitully Styled epee Kenmore Kenmore Deluxe Electric Deluxe Electric q 

tion session. Last night only 283 \ rv" : Twi T K iss ad 
SSse"Stkiar‘tor's pace on me 4QeIn, Model United Top Model. _ Twin-Top Kenmore 

‘ballot. Under Nebraska law 750 

signatures must be obtained at a. | } 
single agers os session in order : : be < ae 
. to qualify a party. i; - 7 ae 
, The Wallace group indicated it 3 Units, ] eas = 18-inch Oven 
'may attempt a write-in campaign | : “ My 2 a de 


| for Henry Wallace. 

t * : 4 
; " : A 
. . 
: ; 
+ ' ? ’ 7 4 
1 > s . . = 3 by 
es ‘ > & , : 
TS OR ee eR oe Y a iataeweey 1c a 
y a ? ° ‘+ . - + 

+ ee =: ‘shed me i 
< “oe Oe ei ONES Se ee Ree ri 
ig ee Sok oe ae A Bg a od . 
A ae es rape be ase Ys a 
Lae tS Oe wll Oh sa 
al Mee rhs a ee 
Pew eel a“ 
+ wae ae : ai 
; By Rey tee? btie® 
<-> pe : ae we 
oe? Moa: 
% - as 5; 

me Re we . © a ‘ . * 

iiaed | | 
He has now left a hospital. 

721 OLIVE ST. a GA, 3655 
Bie. a oe 
ST, Louis, “Mo 

Yel Send oad PREF 

eweweS SUSY HEY 

__' The Chicago Dafty News-Post-Dispaten lye 

SOE as ati 




pieces. of iron, 
Cut, Cites Suppiicting| 

MN I le 


tether stations 

| Special Dispatch. Copyright. 1848. ‘those circles he has only a few 
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11—Why | triangular patches 
'@oesn’t the price of bread come / hand 
Gown? Secretary of 
“ Brannan would like to shade tree and watches. 
probably would like to know, also. Engtish “Princess to Visit Lille. 
The prices of almost all foods! LILLE, France, Sept. 11 (UP) 
have been up for two years. |—Princess Margaret of Great ead | 
The idea that the price of bread /ain will visit Lille Oct. 18 for the 
could come down now is ey | ‘anniversary of the city’s libera- 
novel. | tion by Britich troops, it was re 

to mow by | 
re; Hansell mostly sits beneath a. 

Several million housewives 1 

ee ee eee ee 

(AP) — Mré Hannah Lane, 

years old, and unhappy cont sub. 
urban Woolstoh, was ecenaed, 

‘Gay of using fiery means to move, 

She was ordered held for trial 
for mn eal her house ablaze, 
husband won't get out of 

ae hag a _ detective testified 

2 eile Re 

Complete Selections 
Ladies’ and Men's . 

yard. When he is finished | with J 


But Brannan says that “wheat | ported today. 
prices have come down almost a 7 
| dollar a bushel in recent months, 
but Bread prices have not come 
| down.” 

Recently he wrote to Ralph D. 
| Ward. chairman of the national 

affairs committee of the American 


Baker Association: 

“Cash wheat has been about 75 
cents below the peak of last win-' 
ter, which should justify a corres- 
‘ponding decrease in the price of 
bread and bakery products... . 

“If it were possible to reduce 
the price of bread I believe § it 
would help your campaign to in- 

(erease consumption and, at the 
same time, would make an impor- 
tant contribution to the nation’s 
effort to stem the inflationary rise 
in the cost of living.” 

A “corresponding decrease,” de- 
partment spokesmen say, would 
be one cent a pound on bread for 
each SO cents a Bushell drop in 
the wheat price, . 


The American Bakers ASsotiation 
doesn’t go along with Brannan’s 

ideas. A spokesman says that 
bread prices didn’t rise as sharply 
as other food prices; that compe- 
tition—-not Duyer resistance—keeps 
them down, and that.a reduction 
in the price would not increase 
bread buying. in his opinion. 

Bakers buy flour, not wheat, 
the spokesman says, and flour 
prices haven't followed wheat 

| prices up or down so sharply. 
Other bread costs have not come 
down—lard, powdered milk, labor, 

But the Department of Agricul- 
ture keeps*a set of “bread basket” 
figures which help to explain why 
Secretary Srannan is raising the 
question: “Why don't bread prices 
come down?” 

The figures show the retail prie 
of bread, the cost of the wheat in 
a pound of bread, and the differ- 

Two years ago. in July 1946, a 
pound of bread sold in the stores 
for 11.1 cents. (Leaves of bread 
are of varying sizes, and sell for 
varying prices. This 11.1 cents is 
the average retail price.) The dif- 
ference between that and the cast 
of the wheat was $ cents. 

Price Raties This Year. 
| In January 1947, the price had 
| risen to 12 cents, the wheat cost) 
ito 251 cents, and the difference 
to 9.5 centa. 
» In July 1947. the retail price had 
gone up to 13.1 cents. the wheat 
| cost 2.64 cents, and the difference 
was up to 105 cents. 

In July of this year. the pound 
of bread was still selling for 14.5 
cents, while the wheat cost had 
dropped to 252 cents. The differ- 
ence had risen to 12 cents. 

The tae for this year shows 
what Brannan is talking about. 

Retail Wheat 

Price Cost in , 
1.ef 1h of Differ- 
Bread. Bread. ence. 

14.4 11.0 
14.5 113 
14.5 118 
14.5 118 
14.5 iLS 
14.5 12 



Complete 6930 o. 
Shown With 

Purchese of 

See = at 

All Steel 

aN D ; 



president of the Mutua! Life In- 
surance Co. of New York. col- 
‘lapsed and died of a heart ail- 
iment last night while visiting in 
a hospital here. He was 61 years 






9 lh all 

™ ts ' . i, " 7 ‘ 7 . 
sly , 4 re i a a7 
F, ea ¥ 4 pa b i a 
Wt, 4 > » 7 * ; 
5 - : f Sf I oe ye ae 4S #4 
; - s 2 be r ET ee, Pik ge! , 
tas o > 5 go n 3 a4 ae 4 
: i i A "s “df Pe “ 4 ‘ey ot : 3 < fi, 
a - « . a*. « ge dl 7 &. i0s 
a 3 ara aah , : 
Y SA - ff s ae i ee : . a 
7 vv re rp, Aol Spr Abele 3 kc tz Aart) 
es 5 & Cee <a. 

vs “S . ea ~ ae, |" 

ia >S 

< tit 


e £ 



ieeeewe 66. Paw ee of ite rere 7 ‘et Ce TER 



A ign I 

<8 a os ent 
erst tees febrero 

ay Tanah tis Interest or Carrying Charges 

CARS OW onive 



Fu R WILL nos Down 
COATS iim: 

fer such 

Sweetheart Combination 
An ter Gre 

. Re 

QWedcing Duette 

asa ” ER she: eae: Med . Ti + 
: 4s} z > spel” 
i ¥ ay 
7 % 
‘4 » 

LORD wWetches 39g 





RUGS ‘{6" 

4 ee RUGS ‘29" 
is won. race CARPETING *4 


“Ww 3 
est © ir. 
~ SS ae 
Englends ) ee ey 
” ) 3 a 5 
¢ _ j . 
+ “ \ 

ond Many 


Cry Pie Ei Ai as OO 



GES x, 

Dress Up 
fer Fell end 

Bey eitesasatasie! 
On One 
Easy Pey Account 

By Large Oil Co. SEE LETTER 






fs er . or =t j pr * - . % ie i ~— f a 
ot , . — . ? ' Pr 7 ‘ . — we , . i : ————— - we ie, - , . _ ' ; . ™ , ” ; * mae a P ? vom ¥ ne ay . # # - ~* we J “ F * R g? Pi > Pre e a. 7 ‘s 24 
r s " : 7 * , “7. : * ¥ > % Y . ah, ae ¥ ~ ae % 4 7 SF: cy . ee "ot + ye? hie 5 a ? a oie - , ey F A ae “~~ Fis > : 2 i : ah = aN Pee pre yy gs is oe > sa op Oe ya a a ‘a tat in ts \F —r ~ ywrus i v0 Gin ‘ ee . ; ‘ 4 : . ‘ vA we ‘gs ® as - : Pi ee ew" , id ae ¥- is 7 oo ¢ Pa f 4 7 y , * oa if Da as 4 4 
, Py tg ¥ 8 ¥ . ‘ ¥ i f “7 x ¢ - = * ‘ € . a4 : us ; * ‘ Vx Wage ** . : a * a Ne 2 ; ‘ : > ‘s fi a . ; eam 
“Sti Vv Se @ OS SF te OW WT we ‘ie + ww ww © Ww MY MS tr Nr ae a a WER A a ee 9 Oe . a ed . se e€eeevevwWwV WN Yue vw ww Ow Ow Ow Y wt =e *s oO . i ec Ww} , . —“wFtvwvwtrTreetewpmeme wee @ SC 


ie ™ 
§ Ce, 
ex $ 
4 ; 


in gage 

As a a Le hy eS oe % nad; gh oe % a. ery 
. ikl tile Aaa Ct Cale Sap Bos toe pret RE em ohh ears Rad “iia ae 
feet. me sip ake Ses ke aaa (Spa TAR SRS Say bY A ae as ae" > 
, mE ies oi 

vy: wry 
ose. OR’ ge 

yar yeg 
- 7 
+ Ye-— 



war unant 


| | 

see eeesael 




* SF RE 

Gov ae ee he 
rament wi 
Seaintain the long-term 2% per cent in- 
terest- rate. 
devel . Dealings 
No seming rush de gg ee 




5" Baty 
25 22a aBSISIVSRE 


et ttt 
- FF 



ce AR AG Fie 
» j ath, “ 1 a: 
™ WO yw rp 9 Mia 

Cw ‘ ete 



YORK, Sept. 11 (AP) — 
Prices .of stocks were weighed 
: ‘this week by adverse polit- 
ical developments in Europe and 
‘Rrowing interruptiens of industrial | 
activity at home. . 
» Brokers took their long Labor 
lay weekend in a happy frame of 
mind because of the fine way the 
| market was @ A 
‘ But they went hdme this week- 
and er some misgivings over; 

we Of 
RS tocry conse woote 
Ortinw wi et bt 
SS er unbereebanes ? 
ue ww le 
wiWu ~] 
pat oe 


¢ oF oF 
Soh esves 
we + 
4-4 pars 


et ye aL att 
ee eo 

Teh ne 




LoS ukBOSeot ee 

3 33yt 3 GARR 
ce DOD 


33% -—1 


er OF RSE 



SP 380. 

S  BRofuRsSaa vee 

Sem whew 

Fu BSELes 

2 ae 
RA art 

obit dele 

Sonaaets Span retse eer 

~sten lS 



SSE 8S a5 




Cots abobo me new ey ata Laks Bae DAVID 

prio iat ees 


tet st 

new regulations not 
til nn. for country banks and 
tor ers. 
nine week shded Sent. 8 brought» con- 
y bonds by bank and non-bank 
Federal re «il 


nae out, ome Sew 

PE eeeareerrice 

BERENS acuise Se nce 

See ’ ma onbeb* Gstece are 

ne > Stet aN 


GS cobars hs camm ononh DM ists | 074g _ maser 



Bis Ru aRow ae oe 


Ba GSeuSae 

SSA os eS 


e to arouse black gloom by any } 
eans, but some of the things | 
at occurred were unexDerlee. OF 
ke the sudden slamming of aise... 
oor. E 

; The stock market on the week 
Pontracted by something ‘under’ 
two billion dollars of quoted value. 
e Associated Press average of 

BO stocks declined 1.8 points. In- 
tials were down 2.1, rails 2.0 
utilities .6 of a point. ; 
"The Dow-Jones average of 65 |; 
icks declined 1.73 points to 67.78. |} 



a= Beem mes 


we a 
oF FF Sal re 

Fitotaod He Banks 
y eae rt aa 

SON ~Ae » mt fe OO 

He Rous 

Ooa- _ 
Boia ladon 
SDD DP prtic «) 

eee + 
ner ee 

Q0O0 reported in the 4 
Zaiiroad lens in the corporate bo 
list on the — ee on oo 
with co 
ao ee day income obliga- 


Cad bet Cot Dat et 0 pt 

, te POLS 
xeeeer FF FE 



BEE aeBSSS8-~ 
AR bal ue at 
. a > ara 4 Py ac2o.%4 Fe a2 
C2 + op te 


: 4668 

Se 41 

do pf 3 #70 107% 107 i 


Pe wpe 1.80 2°31. 30 

Peot ae 3 98% 97 97 i 

Ame? we ase 300 12% 12” —. " 171 172% 171% 
a GS 101 mt 7. i U lll 11 11 




ake) “eee 



ee ee PeRTTE es: 

2% : 





1 a 


: of bonds traded in 
Stock Exchange follow: 

a . —-- 


rt sit) 


Rane 5 

pelt tt 





ett t4 to 


rope ree} ee 

oe ate) 

' /9s52-50Mch 100.31 : 
24%4872-76Dec. 100.8 2 


AT&aT2%s57 112 
do2%s61 105 

industrials were off 3.74 

: GenBtkiss48 91% MiUGL4%e67 1 
Cities83s77 aa QBorG5 % 352 ar 

CancaVi7s48* 32%4 ChilMtgB6és31 25 : 
ng in the nature : 

hope tha me n 
of a settlement of 
sian-Western nation differences might 
Reith Sis devetpmert on te nees- ||91 » LOUIS 91 OCKO 
e side. Another was t wing po- . 
11 “toe sales last week “ n 

y hans ink BELA ES SSE LSES ES. PRSEEER. 88 



Beane ats 


do aj 5867 



b3<3 ng tm tO wes MEoRS 
ass 9 
| ol Ili ol | 
Frere £ - & 
Sots oors 

pf3: 40 86 86 9 7 Ou ACL 1st4852 
Sete 3 Ai | do pt 7 i8 1 &Ocv4 les 
hilipMitea 113 7 ~ { 
19%-— Ropts “350 % % 
I PhillipsPet3 66 a4 
: PhoenixHos%e 1 13 3, 13... | do2d piise 
‘. i 




SS Se Aone 



fed ped jh 
* + Fs 

BethSt!2 %s 




eb 00 pa 

» BSuor a 


do - 43s 75 
Mor@ékE 46855 
NOTM5s54 f 

y. . 

¢ UnWallpa 
- yy¥Univ-CBtlla 
19%-— % | UnivLab 
ist vay] ~3 ‘ be “ee gir“ : 
Z d n a 
16114161 %-—-2% | wnivPtett 
Pg Se do pt 4 

_ os) 
“1% OOwmonhy 

Shu pues 


Pt 20S ONS BOIOD Srmoeonee 


local exchange amount 3236 
‘. shares, compared with 5116 the preced- 

ccompanied b essness 
workers and within the many for tour days follows: 

stick of the trouble, easy 
men to see and read. 


C&O03 ys s96E 
Cc 314885 
C&Lé 4482003 



reek FHSS FS 

Ae OD -i* 
wa oe SO 

le ea) 






BuKa-aNw ~ —-O ri D 



tar ysns ts 
po ah es 






tes a lot of en- 
finanical trends 
a wave of strikes 
00,000 workers into 
kes were across the 
ion— Coast shipping, western | H 
States oil. Detroit automobiles and East- 

In the st of that came the an- 
ent that the Federal! 



FAW Oe rt Pt = FI OI I BS 

— — 
Aww WrHH KK WDiveies Uw Die —~ amit S i~ 
Dis mH O0~1hd as bh MOOT ~141 OO On O-3S=1 

18 Wt St OO 

MaAWIHwW 49000 
—<~W- Ch DODD 
wring Ww 


fe) 4 on 



Waitwnww 0 
bm pt oon “OD 

Re ae ne 


mit MOVE0L0 
ON let led) 

ae FE 

: tivirere 2% 
do pt 1 
ab RRot4%% 

LSF4 4320 



DoH BH “I DAN & BOW ~) 

S133 Hue 
SReS 3 

OAD OW Hep wae PO 

31 .30% 30%-—- } 
105 104 104 —1 

: 1 
1C4 % 86 | 
241%, 22%. 22% Ve : ¢ T 04 
it” 10% 10%4— -s IN 2 Thavedeeo 73 
15 14% 14%-- do5s56 62 Pac2i4s91 &8i4' 
6 9 9. KCSou4s75 Vi bash4s81 8044) 
as63 110 WMd4s52 100%. 
WestU414550 101% 

West Elev 

Lig&M5s51 - 2.65873. 1071 

MaCen4i4s60 9754 WisC4 es8N30 39 

os —— oe 

Australia5s55 93 DenMaS%s55 7% 
risbane6s50 102 [taln7s51 27 
an3 14 861 103% Milan6%s52 25 

: hile6s61a 25%, Norway4s€3 aa 
17% 17% .... | Chile6sFebG1a 255, Urj414-8s79 84 
109% 109% —-1% Copenh414s53 66 


NEW YORK, Sept. 11-~The Associate 
Press weighted wholesale price index of 
35 commodities (1996 average equals 
100): Friday. 188.36. 

Commodity prices Friday with previous 


Hi hie eRo Goto 





i) SO > 

beet | oh tl tll 



a> * 
> S 





ad Th let leds) 


“ wo oa CH ng nam Hs — 
S8erRese os Shoe O arenes Oa 



DOM pOowosm coe 

Co Wis 


oo Ow 
ato Dm 43 Wate en Da 

“Tid Te | 


bs L 
$0 ee aR es esecetess 

195 . 100 
a or deciared in current 
the | year. : kPlus stock. 

E. e-~ Le niared - ivi dend of arabGd1.60 30 
ts share a pay- 


54 ons 
do 101 1 ii 
950 104 102%1 2 
doz Psat - i 48 




PS toH 

16% 47% °* 

6% 27%— 

28% 26% 27%— 


> = 


Pe akeessee asyuss 3 


ner Ss 


. BEAR o FO By se Br ie | 

Heb Pee fe] 

348 148 146 
cen on ! 
A Sole Sept. 30, to record Se 6 24 Sain 23 

s chan . 
habit of contracting met 
’s habit of contracting 
lume On a decline and expanding on a WEEK’S SPOTLIGHT STOCKS 

+ It was not until a late rally Friday | ee A 
versed the lowering trend that volume) NEW YORK. Sept. 11 (AP)—Saies. AtiG&éW 
nally — up in the familiar manner | high, low, cl t e 

e rise 

ak oie 

. 2 
do 2 pf 2 
re at 3 rr 20 'e— RealSiikh.60a 
MacAnd&F2e 3 3 Re 


ae ee 
fed bo eee ed pet 





a rE any Mss Boge 

A. , sis gina : of the 20 active s for the 

oad news trom ni) "points" General | — Steck Sales High Low Close Oh're, 

ee news al) ts. eral |. : ge 
ectric declared a dividend of SOQ cents |Cemé&So 183,600 : 
share as against the usyal 40-cent F .. 65,000 

arterly payment. eel 47, 



Soa jh jt 

| WestMarviand : 
| WestPac3 : 

»|. do pt 5 6: 
'WestUnTelle 52 tee 6 8 Oe es 
|‘WestAirBr2 51 3 | BUTTER, Nov. (Chi) 


70 ' COFFEE. 4s 
xxCOTTON, mid. spot 
_**COTTON, 10-mkt. 


bo te 






| @ 
. el abi 


trdo_ pf 

do 5% 
Rexal 78 
er Me a 

do B 1.8 

> Hone 

afFe FF 


Tre + 

teW -bewi-d RG 
Dis mica Wisse hs DIOR De 




| WestonElin2 
| Westvens. 49 28 
do pf8% 73 
Mere 41 
do : 0 


| +7WhiMot!.60 
WhiteSewMa =: 

' do pf 4 ’ 





SD -)bS OO 



1 ' 
aoe Cet Fi 



= th 



Br ext me 2 DD 



CO bad ns bet “8 
BAK pt HS en 

MasoniteC2a 16 
MasterE! 2.40 7 
MathiesC] %e 25 
wernens 18° 
do 3% +70 
do pf n3 % 1240 

mht Co WS a) -3 NO DOW OH 


tS Det mt OD 
mt GOS 

Review for the Week | 2%‘, 
| GenMot 
: | Para Pict 
*| NEW YORK, Sept, 21 (AP)—A_ va-|Bic! 

ety of unfavorable conditions AAt 
and industry off balance 
full day’s production 
observance of | 


‘lakes 8S FERKESK ER 









Wale = me DBO OS 



bo (O19 OO te @ CORO 
- oo wt iw 


te be 

mig + 
inn @ 
a « 



' (For), ! 

do pr pf 2 
WiilcoxOil. 40a 
Lyi Sag 


ie see. 





OWN Hie @eDwmuUnb 
wee OW ou 

ee ae se 

to bo 

at ee 

; TALLOW, p.b. 
. *BRAN 
"FLOUR, ; hrd. pat. 
o hb 


*SOYBEANS, 2 yel 


*ZINC ’ 
*“*Potatoes (lonal) No. 1 Ida. rus R, 

$4.28 © <.50. 

' os es iincal) No 1 Ma.-Til. ion 
$2.75 03 25. : 

we he 


Pr id hit LD Sh AD at eB Ot 


of Ry 


GenElee . 26.10 
& ‘st Sea Dow-Jones. } 
om Vv w- i 
In the W’'k’s wrk's Wrk's eee 
total High. Ww. 
ee ee. pee _, 185.36 180.33 180.61 —3.74 
’ Labor troubles at Briggs Manufactur- 3.12 60.28 50.25 — > a8 Be 20 
, a -_ > builder of les, were an — ldHem 
mt factor in the showing and ma- Mod hes,” 
als shortages at General Motors plants | ‘ae ~ Baa 
ept assembly lines idle unti) Wednesday. W'k °e fh > Ma 
A trucking strike at New York City w. ‘ 
ed for settlement. The sit- 30 indust. ; 
was becoming serious on the Pa- |15- ratiresa 
eific coast, however. 15 utilities 
*. Steel mills operated this week at 94.5 65 stock 
ty, a sligM decline due 
t but considerably 


's FPS 


WOWW SH IDWEH CD mw eH Oe Neti be 

oe aa a —_ _— 



ome OS 



rein noo mt ute <= Oe 

os bd 

Deol ae 

i) , 
| do ppf4\s 7 
|WriglievWir3a 6 
| WyandW 49a 5 
Vale&Townel 15 
YorkCor ™“™ £20 

YounseoaWis ; 2 } 
oung&&T4a “3 R4 : as | 


RES ere 

2 ee ee ee ee ee, ee, ete, 

* } te 
—_ Ww = NW - 


; 7 





ste SES 

eer Fr 
w — 


We ahd mm Os pa bdo #1909 00 tS ® 



Loe LH | 

NEW YORK. Sept. 11 (AP)-——-The cot« 
totn market was firm today with trading, 
quiet. A carryover of day's textile 
mill buying and some commission house 
replacement demand encountered only lim- 
ited hedge selling. 

Dealers reported that a considerable 



SeabFin1.80 3 

SeaboOil1.60 17 
agCorp 4 

Fh ad 

1 s ho te 
> - 



year ago. 
were far ahead 
loadings pone 


mT Oh. WH 



last vear. h- 2 rtion of the 1948 patton crop was mov. 
dividend or split-up. ng into Government’ loans am as a re-' 
i , an accumuletive | sult selling from the South was held to 
a minimum. 

Expectation of increased buying against 
future-export sales and predictions for a 
r- are eggs 4 in textile business contributed to 
y-Liauidating , he upward movement. 

‘*k, exact cash value undetermined oF | Futures closed unchanged to 60 cents 

trActnel «ales. a bale higher than, the previous close. 
Stock sales last week were 3%. 
shares. compared with %,775,9! the | Dee. 
. and 3,718,360 the cor- u 

July ; 
Middlinz spot 32.10n, up 5. 
n—~ Nominal. 


fo BS et pe 

AR SSS rst 

me mt OD CO Ge “3 panting 
NOUNSMHWetah ae eee eT Ss 

pet 190 OD > Qo} 

A abhi Ss 

Were 210» GO - 
A WSOVN Of wpe 

tCorp.40 18 
KCoalit 22 


| from cou banks, 
Ssharp contrast to ions that selling 
, be heavy in order to meet the 
Money in circulation rose to the high- 
est since last senuery 98 a result 
heavy turnover during Labor day 






ni i 
a) ~ 

12 pas 
ed a) 
at pee 


eaeeee -~ - oe senses tach 
eclines --- - _ Memphis Spot Cotton, 
Total Tesuea —. —. 1987 1269 1263 |.mbaniing tne Senn. soph. 11 Mempbie 
Bee . s otton clos AV.55e¢; + 
We-kly stocks new hig 12, Weekly | steady, “enles. 6611. ee vita 
stocks new. lows, 82. _e-- —_—— 


NEW YORK. ‘Sept. 11 (AP) — The | | ; 
Assoc ed Press composi ' of * @- * 

IF commodity pres made ia Stet Pri- | COMMON 8 rOcKS 

stood at 186.36. against | (Dealt it on N. ¥. Curb Exchs.) 

185. OFS week earlier ane 194.35 9, Sear | 
“2 t is based On t year as Which 

STOCKS & BONDS have paid dividends 

BOUGHT 10 tw 96 years 


’ . ; 


nL eel iT a Lo 
OOhS > Oe Sn wm Og to¢ 

bated cha tt on 



Om Mesh worom torn amen) 
Sass enbosharstoasnoe 


er we 
Wo Wa, W 




iby the 
| Dealers, 

ED = 



no et 




ey got eet 


43 wth 

Neu & 

— - 
AS mt tO et 

23 OCCA F890 a 
HB bho > OOOO mw 


S women tts 



a K- 


Fa SSFoon~ 


ety tet) 
es FF 

~~ ho 
N= Ts 

voy she nee 



#* 7 
pt. 20% 20. 
64 -- 
1 ay) - , 
fly 6%— 
4 44 -—- 





eer FF FS F F 

hr D 

yFundl 24.37 WellingtonF 



haw. fe D2 a Me 
Pas tea So" 



: : Lip i} 
7 JRA ar: aoe 
L224 Z 224 A222 
secee ez 
oom wo 


ypecr gee 


o Ii el. 


et LI ne 






~* eee A WE 
9. . 
O82 whe 




KAUFFMANN CO. = vot BEE actors 

Member St. Louis Stock Giicare shock Cogs 
Exchange New by v4 trate 
304 N. 4th $#. 
511 Lecust Street. CEntral 5679 St. Lewis, Me. (2) CE, 7400 

Write for booklet 



IA a BRAD Ba Phoonk 



i ] 

Terr OE 
BNE aaBaRse 


$ Baueze 

Ne Does 


wets ie 
lL] wel 
M5 0 
Dui aernos 


ree EE 






tts he 

eo Ar 2a 

eet € 



a ee eT ee 

BS oo scsBiio 
SuS Rar asna 3s 



Foe RRS 


Gngton? In New York? In London? 


~ P 

Rr. “ 

SUy weye ath one IARSES 

suns 3 

ee Fe REESE 
2Bease 3 

eS aE 

SSI IQ=SS8aNse B88 


cata 5 RT: 


SoltktstaSe AUECAS Nanney 

ge £2 


OWN . 

e FFF 

Lis! * 
$ eg 

= we 

: J : 
‘ ae 
re ee , 
~ : ip ee ad ‘ 
7 a, “% J 

* 2 

SeRase wettzT 



> feb tie 

TP 199 5F 
: ui 

i. 2.2” a | 
i "-s 
_ | 
: St. 
. a 
; ie 
: we =, 
: | 
. - a . « 
— a 
‘a. we. . arn 

et eae n er, Seo 

eeyt Tt 
-~_a% we 
eer. terteces 

er FF RE 

iweuhe wahoo sss 

Ow iuan 


° = 


- yt ter 
o ay * é 

: . &> ’ : , 
. . age * ‘4 wes 
‘Bide ienaaeee Wen 
: eet : . < 

Roe eames 
& . 
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tor the Sun., Sept. 12,1948 . 234 

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eat ga rsons 5 Ka Pa 4mebilhikc ea Uicwoa vr" 
4 . z ; a is m = SP’ *ty. aie ‘ase ey a q D 
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displaced persons to the United , The movement 

eetgte aan 

faoomting to 

-w sy n all refugee immigrants in the next 10} The es provide for re- | 22,000. 
| jooks lke XZYERTDWE| ~ en naaseaadnaA 

a! . Doctor.” 
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i If a device developed at the|" 

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=f ie a 
CAP)—The International Rafuane |S Erte Sok Pay See 

‘s a bird, or is it a cow? No, \Or ‘ion plans to move 75,000 § = se. te Bex F384, P,-8 

Dr. Carl Shepard. director of the ‘ 

college's res earch partment | 

developed the instrument, said: 


"| WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP)/ter than the corner policeman— 
Rival phone unions getting set | so why should they take the same 
™ tatke with the Bell examination?” vas 

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A aD in 4 
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> 2 ms, - 1 ¢ fl Ne Be m re a. ae , 
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Live happier and longer doing the things | 

Own a Business of Your Own j 
Associate with a long established manufacturer . .. a leader a 

in its line since 190! . . . National and co-operative adver- 
fiser . . . fascinating and profitable life-time business . 5. , 

BAYS ARE 20 FOOT WIDTHS AND CAN BE direct factory-to-dealer outlets. 

ERECTED IN ANY MULTIPLE OF 20 FEET Exclusive franchises to handle a complete line of home ap- - 

train you. Several franchises available in St. Louis, Eastern 
Missouri and Central Illinois area. 


on sea objects, a truck driver on 
CIO Tele-| road scen a aa ahaa de- 
phone Workers Organizing Com-/vice uses photographic es. 
mittee, the Independent Communi-}_ Dr. said the machine 
cations Workers of America ahd|had a two-fold purpose. To re- 

COVERS ‘ ste: Lb Bim — whines o erg 

FOR ALL CARS © Hi land 6448 STerling 6622 

ITE =z 

3420 N. Kingshighwey 



12-13-14 gauge H.R.P.O. 
3/16" Bands: 1%"x16 ft. 



A eo 


Pe ee ee 

ae AONE: A A ELI LEE LEA LD ENG EAE IEA, ee eO8 alone moa a 

What shall we use 
to paint our house ? 

Te teeft @ question of SPEALL we paint, for the necessity of 
peinting is inevitable. Thrifty home owners, proud of their 
homes and anxious te preserve their beanty and value, long 
.ago discovered that R costs less to paint than NOT te paint. 

Years ago, COOK'S asked themselves a question 
or two about House Painting .. . 

ready has set Sept. I7 for 

a@ cross- 

country walkout by 25,000 Western 

Electric Co, installation men. 
union—which | 

The CIO phone 
split away from the independent 
CWA group after a long, costly 
strike in the spring of 1947—has 

pledged “the maximum support 
| consistent with the law” to the 

Western Electric walkout. Law- 
yers are studying the Taft-Hartley 
Act to determine just how far 
the CIO phone workers can go in 
extending that rt. 

The big is whether it) 
would violate their contract to} 
refuse to cross ACEW picket lines. 

To make the threatened walkout | 
most effective, the other tele- 
phone unions would have to co- 

The CWA is the largest single 
‘union in the A. T, & T. system. | 
sed | As a standing practice, its 230,000 

| members do not cross picket lines | 
|in a “bona fide” strike. But CWA. 




Just as we have fire insurance to protect against loss of oti? 
property through fire, so should the cost of painting be re- 
garded ... it is insurance against DEPRECIATED VALUE 
. . msurance against destructive forces that are inevitable, 
not merely possible. 


St. Louls Cash Grain. 
t. — grain: 

Here is photographic proof of how perfectly Cook’s 
SUPERWHITE PRIMER prepares all types of exterior 
house surfacesfor the finishing coat of house paint. 

**) * ‘ 

officers have not yet ruled on the 
dispute between Western Electric 
fand the ACE W—which was one 
of the unions which pulled out 
of the CWA about 15 months ago. 
13-Cent Demand Indicated 

The rivals unions planned joint 
action for the same general ware 
|demands without disclosing the 
exact amount they are seeking. 
‘But a spokesman for the joint 
y action committee, pointing out 
that third round of wage increases | 

type salesmen, financially able to 
had averaged about 13 cents an. 
hour, indicated a similar amount 

operate direct factory-to-user | , 
tne in. La. 02m om HY AGSODIATED FUND TRUST || ssa seston 

| workers. 
' The joint action committee said | 
| the purpose of its program is “to | 


SS aa 
% y SS oad. 
Ways SN 


Hinson Mig. Ge., Bex 
Waterlee, lowa. 

Air Conditioners wants executive 

Then another question wes asked .. . 
Why expect a House Paint to serve equally well os 

Pebtec? oor | Announces payment of its 3st 

aalengt~ . 




Washingtes Ave. st St. Chartes 
and Sth Sts. 
ST. tours 




iB) St. Leeis 

Re a enn cyte re a eS Nee em a me 

rent fiscal year will emount to 8.3 
a cents per part. Parts price Sepi. 
10 $1.075. Prospectus on request. 


506 Olive S#. 
1, Me. CHestest 2889 


Te represent established Detroit manufacturing 
concern making Special Machines, Welding Machines 

end Preduction Assemblies. 

Write Box C-282, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 




| mS 

Judicial, Legal and Voluntary 

le and industrial Sales 




Furniture Offering includes: Attractive 
gore, Se, ot eee ces ee Pes, 
Desks. ‘Cais Mirrors, 

Laundry Steves, 


and Sweepers, 
ting Heaters, Coal OF Stoves, Chinaware, 

Weed Filieg Cabinets, Dictaphones, 


eee * 

Te Satisfy Werehouseman's Lies 



105 North 18th St. 

_of @ certain contract of Agency, we will 


BEGINNING 10:30 A. M. 

following property: 

nthe Ahr Ahr ay, ircrtler i, Astle. hile... little 

A Mim AM, cle, Sr Mn, om Ahem, thr th dir ladlimalling 

| Mmereases at least equal to the 
' mational wage pattern.” 

iday’s meeting pledged all of the 
unions “to use any and all meth- 
| ods available to the trade union- 

| the 1948 wage battle.” 
| was learned that all units of the 

, CWA have been put on notice to 
prepare for possible strike action. 


1' quarterly dividend at the rate of i for telcphone workers wage | 
2 cents per part on Sept. 30th next 
to holders of record Sept. 24th. To- | 
tal dividends paid during the cur- 

| A resolution adopted at vester- 

lists of this country in winning | 

From local branch officers, it | 


oentan ; 

BUDAPEST, Sept. 11 (AP)— 

|} Hungary established today a na- | 
) tional committee of the intelli- | 

'gentsia, under Prof. Gyorgy Lu- 
| kacs, who headed the Hungarian 

| delegation to the recent Wroclaw,. 

Poland, conference of Intellectuals. 
| Taking over his post, Lukacs said 




set e 
ae Bee 




he & 

2 bee de. A Ane 2 Ah te Martin Moelle 

@ primer ond finish coat over house surfaces 
vary so greatly in porosity? 

oe es genes apa. pas 
ty ete 

hi oy 

same house ..« 

S SQ ~ 
SO Ses SA 
. ‘ s SAAS 

Dee ae 
s = VE 
we . 5 

‘formly and provide an even 
foundation for the finish 
coat. Each surface differs 

Howse surfaces cannot be 
Chemists began a search for a new point od .. . 
one that would not soak into the wood! 


int, reduced as 

PRIMER hav be 
D... making 

As illustrated above, Cook’s SUPERWHITE 
PRIMER provides a perfect foundation for 
the finish coat: 

end speaking of « finishing coat... 


is @ definitely superior product 
that possesses many outstanding 
characteristics not usually found 

in other house paints! 

To Have a Good House Paint, 
You MUST have good oils... 

Here is how COOK'S Specially Processed Oil 
compares with ordinary linseed oi! used in most paint: 

ORDINARY Cook’s Specially 
Raw linseed oil, 
used in the manu- 
facture of many 
first quality paints, 
hae a dark, yellew- 
ish natural color 
which in turn dark- 
ens the peint. : brighter colors. 
The pigments wed in COOK’S HOUSE PAINT ore 

definitely superior, too, making it incomparably fine. 

* film cleans | ¢ Whites whiter eChailks at an 
iteall. with rainfall because of pale oils. even and CON- 
oP an ideal 
surface for ree 

with an’ exclusive 
COOK refining 

process, permits the 
manufacture of 

whiter white, 

@ Continues to hide = @ Gives 3-coat value 
as film wears oif, at only 2-coat cost. 



mpares t 
hiding Geter “at Caok’s 
Paint and any ord- 


Chicago's loss is St. Louis’ gain! And now the "Gold 
Rush" is on at Union-May-Stern! Chicago's new Boston 
\ Store closes its doors forever after seventy-five 
‘years. All their stocks of fine Furniture and Home 
rnishings come to you at SAVINGS TO 75%! These 
gigantic bargains have been augmented by our own 
vast stocks, bringing thrifty St. Louisans one of the 
grandest Bargain Carnivals in the history of Union- 
~Stern. BUY NOW if your home needs furniture. 

We will hold for later delivery if desired. Trade in 

your old furniture. 

Buy Now While. Terms Are Still Low 

Originally $195 to $269 

ee ee ee eS 



A qreup of fine 3 end 4-pe. suites—in weal- 
nut, teasted mahogany, suntan ocak, Prima 
Vera. THE sensation of this great Sale! 

bone Store of Chic 

Bs | 7 $ 79.95 3-Pe, Maple Colonial Suites _$ 57.88 

-Pe. Dining Room S 139.00 3-Pc, Maple Colonial Suites __. 67.88 

$295 Value 129.00 3-Pe.Walnut Wardrobe Suites 87.44 

BEDS 169.00 3-Pc, Mahogany Period Sultes 98.84 

idee: — 195.00 to 269.00 8 & 4-Pe, Suites. 100.00 

iba | — 249.00 3-Pc, Maple Early Amer. Suite 139.00 

make.Covered § 50 225,00 3-Pe. Modern Chestrobe Suite 147.77 

mneae’ Set 0 aad 5 LTE ee 295.00 3-Pe. Mod. one Beech Suites 149.00 

innate a . 269,00 3-Pe. Toasted fiber Suite 189.00 

VANITY $295.00 9-Pe.Walnut Dining Suite $147.50 260.00 SEC. Blah! Manogany eae ile 228-00 
295.00 7-Pe.Mahogany Junior Suite 189.00 eee : 

BENCHES 289.00 9-Pe Modera Walnut Suite 225.00 249-00 4-Pe.Mahog. Twin-Bed Suite 249.00 

395.00 4-Pc. Toasted Mahogany Suite 295.00 

0% Off an ao Seedadenaie be. a — no 450,00 3-Pe.Mahogany Period Suite 369.00 

oEDD te, Mahogany bee es 297.88 
y 08D C. y 295.00 ' . 
£ 450.00 9-Pc. Mahogany Period Suite 349.00 “Pe. Br eaktast Sets 
~ 695,00 9-Pe, y Period Suite 397.00 el ainsi iain ses 
~~ 95.00 9-Pc.Mahogany Period Suite 497.88 orcelain - chrome sets, white § 
MIRRORS 149,00 Six Chairs (5 side, { arm) _. 87.00 ee 
PICTURES 199,00 Six Chairs (5 side, { arm) _._-_- 97.64 cid pata adiabatic 
250.00 Mahogany 18th Century Buffet 127.88 
149,00 Mahogany 8-Ft. Dining Table 87.88 ee ee a - 
$ 69,95 5-Pe. Porcelain-Chrome Sets__$ 39.00 

AXMINSTER CARPET _" §9,95 5-Pe. Wheat and Chrome Sets 39.00 
$8.95 Value 69.00 5-Pe.Frosted Oak Dinette Set 39.00 
“100Ne weal mitaster cor. 95 79,95 5-Pc.Porcelain-Chrome Sets 48.88 
BOUD OIR peting—9 ft. wide and 12 #t. 89,00 5-Pc. Harvest Oak Dinette Sets 49.95 
CHAIRS : 89.00 5-Pe. Porcelain-Ghrome Sets 54.50 
99,00 5-Pc. Heavy Solid Oak Sets_. 58.88 
99.00 5-Pe. Solid Maple Dinette Sets 59.95 
02.00 5-Pc, Blond Mahogany Dinette 69.95 
: eayv ' et ae ° 
$ 59.50 6x12 Modern Floral Axminster $ 29.50 99.50 mest and Chrome Buffets ____- 19.95 
79.95 7.6x9 Plain Beige Velvet Rug 39.50 89.00 Heavy Oak China Gabinet __ 59.95 
99.00 9xi2 Green & Beige Drugget 49.50 49.95 Maple Corner Hutch Cabinets 39.95 
99,95 9xi3.6 Taupe Colonial Axmin. 49.50 
-119,50 9x0.6 Tan Plain Velvet Rug 49.50 } | 
99.00 9x2 Red Persian Pattern _——- 49.50 INLAID LINOLEUM $4 89 
139.00 Oxt2 18th Contry Axminster 69.50 

198.95 12xi0A4 | Axmia. ae Felt-hase Yara Goods 69° 

169.00 9xt2 

169,00 f2xi2 Fon Leaf Axmin. 

149.00 Oxi2 Cedar Twistweave Rug 

169,00 ‘exis Piain Rese Broadioom = 

“ms ~— . 
$ 19.95 to 29.95 Tables, All Kinds _$ 9.95 

269.00 12x16.2 Rese Twistweave g 189.00 95 Blond Lamp; 11.95 

ve 7 , | ae meee 7 ae 

2-Pc. Living-Room Suites 
Regular $169 Values 

Lovely modern 2-pe. suites, 
endidly built and tailored. 
vered in rich Government 

standard mohair. 

$ 69,95 2-Pc, Maple Sunroom Suite __$ 34.95 
169,00 2-Pc. Mohair Living Rm. Suites. 84.49 
179,00 2-Pe, Modern Velour Suites 88:44 
225,00 2«Pe, Mod, Wine Mohair Suite 99.00 
225.00 2-Pe. Aqua Mohair Suite __ 129.00 
259,00 2-Pé, Velour Sefa-Bed . Suifes 139.00 
269.00 2-Pc. Rose Tapestry Suites ___ 149.95 
269.00 2-Pc. Wine Color Mohair Suite 149.00 
325.00 2-Pe. Beige Frieze Suite ___. 169.00 
295.00 2-Pc, Fine Brocatelle Suites __.. 189.00 
295.00 2-Pc. Beige Frieze Suite. __.. 169.00 
349.00 2-Pc, Blue Loompoint Suite _ 199.00 
350.00 2-Pe, Brocatelle French Suite 225.00 
475.00 2-Pe. Sw’d’sh Mod. Frieze Suite 249.00 

Large chests, twin dressers, | 0 

night stands, beds, twin beds. 

Se ee 

$ 14,95 svelaing “es Chairs ___$ 7.77 

22.50 to 29.50 Chintz Boudoir Chairs 13.88 
29.95 Green Tapestry Barrel Chair __ 17.88 
39.50 Blue Velour iosngs Bake 27.88 
89.00 Rose Ta Wing Chair___ 29.00 
69.00 Blue Velour Chair ___ _~ 29.95 
69.00 Duran Wing Chairs, Many Colors 34.88 
129.00 Chartreuse Decorator __ 39.00 
69.95 Blue T Barrel Chair __ - 39.00 
142.00 Green Guest Chair 9.00 
69.50 Blue Velour Barrel Chair _____ 49.00 
166.00 Swedish Modern Barrel Chairs 49.00 
210.00 pac pase a 01 0 Gholr _ 49.00 
119,00 Gre Chair 69.95 
99,00 Curly. Mohair Lounge Chair _ 69.95 
125.00 Blue Loompelat Le lomeeted 69.95 

27. 50 Walnut Enamel Metal Wardrobes $16. 95 
24,95 4-Drawer 



ee ee cepearetbeoe 




Oria. $19.95 






Wail Case: 


Orig. 39.50, 

makes. Sam- 
ples. Full or 

$9.50, 59.50 

of gg 

9x 12 Felt 



BARS and 

ard Tables 







mj os te hs 
a Fg . Cr a => 


ee as 
“LOSS 2 





Si OT eS a aS 
a as. tlt 

PE GN te tse 


; ere? é 
ela tae ee it A ee RIS © ly Re Mpa RO Hage ee a Bs 
i : : ‘ ae 

ot cae et ee cee 
; . ae i tin K 

A A *f m : ts: Oya ; 
Faia ae “4 ; rr ae igus ee ee : : , | ‘ 







Sun., Sept. 12, '1948 

time of 

« ‘ g q . . : ay 
“~ P ES ‘ 


¢ z 


Auditorium by a torchlight |their views may be. 

porereed ® 

parents on his mother’s side have 
. remarried 

: % hs 7 Pee BWV VU yw VN we & YWweweW¥wwvyvwe ww evry dives = 

confused study of the family tree 
last night. 
Furthermore the babys’ grand- 

ee ae a ae ay ee 
was *ve¥ 

Op, SA 


x ad 


The annual sale of “Forget-Me- 
Not” flowers made by disabled 

and; veterans will be held for three 

fifth generation on either side of 
with members still liv- 
ing, the father said. 
Grandparents on Ivan's father’s 

in| side are Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Stroh, 

2206 Madison. Mrs. Stroh’s ae 
ents, who are the baby’s great- 

A. Smith, 85 years old, Salina, 
Kan., is the baby’s great-great- 

On the baby’s mother’s side, 

by John J. 

The money collected by the sale 
of the artificial flowers is used to 
aid handicapped former service 
men who need immediate assis- 
tance and also is spent to help 
defray the expenses of their de- 
pendent... ) 

So far this year, Griffin said, 
$268,000 in G.vernment benefits 
for 3000 disabled veterans has 
been obtained by the St. Louis 
chapter, which is second largest 
in the nation in membership. 


of First $600 Raised 

been started by Miss Sina Belle 

‘Davidson, a patient at the Bethes- 
da-Dilworth Home for the Aged,. 
1001 East Big Bend road, Oakland. 

who has been an invalid for 49 a pasesicesey ' 
of her €2 years and who for ser| 2a Pempbel containing. 1¢ gone 
‘years has been unable to 
pg gp e Community Chest and the an- 
Miss Davidson has deposited | ye 
about $600 in a bank Sinauen chee 

up easily once the answers have 
been made known. 
The pamphlet later will be given 
to each of the 18,000 volunteer 
“As she is unable to speak or use| solicitors being enrolled now for 
her hands, Miss Davidson commu-|the chest campaign 
nicates with her visitors by point-|next Nov. &. 

‘jdiscovery of hidden gambling 

-|ing up, he saw a flue vent stuffed 

pewyvyuvyv& «ow & @ SP PV wisi witeit we ow 2H & vwewrwtwvwv & eee © vey vie "vv ew «Ss 


Betting Sheets and Form/|Indulges 

Charts Found in Flue; 
4 Men Arrested. 
‘A heel print on a fable, spotted 
by an observant detective of the 
police gambling squad, led to the 

Then one of the detectives saw 
the heel print on the table. Look- 

with paper. When the paper was 
removed, the officers found the 


1882 South Twelfth street; 


g if 

: til 

procession in which party leaders ford is a deaf mute. 

I: Millerfrevives 
steelicut; beads 

Stepping outof thetorrid twenties . .. 

beads as coldly glittering asa gambler’s eyes... 
the most subtle of all shoe jewelry, especially when 

strung by I. Miller against black suede. The 

anklet, $28.95; the pump also in navy, taupe or 

grey, $25.95; handbag, $26.95 plus Federal tax. 
Shoe and Bag Salon—Second Floor 

Be. - 


—% ie WA is 72 

g fr 
ioe bh, + 


- Persian...-. so pliant in DeLeo’s hand 

The master furrier, De Leo, fulfills the 

promise of this sought-after fur . . . folds, 

drapes, ripples, even belts it into shapely 

coat forms. He uses only prime pelts of lustrous, 

silky, tight curls, dyed jet. Our De Leo’s 

are the ultimate in Persian lamb, climax of 

an exceptional collection. Exclusive 

at SBF Fur Salon—Fashion Floor, Third. 

df t 

7 VND, 


A rack 
er Lh 
. *@ ¥ : 


pate. The 

ae See 







Kiel Auditorium by a torchlight|their views may be. Robert Bel- 

ra aS ee © ywewy wwwvy vw ws ° VV} 


7 - 
ents, who are the baby’s leas. 
grandparents, are Mr. and Mrs. 
Hubert A. Smith, 2309A Cass ave- 
nue. Smith’s mother, Mrs. Martha 
A. Smith, 85 years old, Salina, 

» is the baby’s great-great- 
On the baby’s mother’s side, 

re ¥vew 

The annual sale of “Forget-Me- 
Not” flowers made by disabled 
veterans will be held for three 

The money collected by the sale 
of the artificial flowers is used to 
aid handicapped former service 
men who need immediate assis- 
tance and also is spent to help 
defray the expensés of their de- 
pendent.. | 

So far this year, Griffin said, 
$268,000 in G.vernment benefits 
for 3000 disabled veterans has 
been obtained by the St. Louis 
chapter, which is second largest 
in the nation in membership. 

Pv vuvVUYwe see 

Most of First $600 Raised 
“by Woman Ill for 

Davidson, a patient at the Bethes- 

da-Dilworth Home for the Aged, 
1001 East Big Bend road, Oakland, 
who has been an invalid for 49 
of her 62 years and who for sev 

Miss Davidson has deposited 
since #0 te & ten ehsoeee te 

~As she is unable to speak or use 
her hands, Miss Davidson commu- 
nicates with her visitors by point- 

the most common 
complaints met by solicitors in 
past campaigns, said Robert P. 
Ferguson, campaign director. 
These, he said, arise mostly from 
misunderstandings and are cleared 
up easily once the answers have 
been made known. 

The pamphlet later will be given 
to each of the 18,000 volunteer 
solicitors being enrolled now for 
the chest campaign 
next Nov. &. 

beginning | ing h 

ol i ih he a ee a er ke a a ~@eeewrvy vit we oe es VS 


‘A heel print on a table, spotted 
by an observant detective of the 

ing up, he saw a flue vent stuffed 

with paper. When the paper was 
removed, the officers found the 

procession in which party leaders ford is a deaf mute. 

> *o«.” 
F ee 

: 24 cS 

P-, es) x 

— “@e 

I: Millerfrevives 
steelicut; beads 

Stepping oulof thettorrid twenties . .. 
beads as'coldly glittering as a gambler’s eyes... 

the most subtle of all shoe jewelry, especially when 

strung by I. Miller against black suede. The 

anklet, $28.95; the pump also in navy, taupe or 

grey, $25.95; handbag, $26.95 plus Federal tax. 

Shoe and Bag Salon—Second Floor 








Persian -.=-. SO. pliant in DeLeo’s hand 

The master furrier, De Leo, fulfills the 

promise of this sought-after fur . . . folds, 

drapes, ripples, even belts it into shapely 

silky, tight curls, dyed jet. Our De Leo’s 

coat forms. He uses only prime pelts of lustrous, 


are the ultimate in Persian lamb, climax of 

an exceptional collection. Exclusive 

at SBF Fur Salon—Fashion Floor, Third. 

Pa ea 
- lla ae ite OMe het, glia, ay / 

‘ s : wa nthe ee ANS} 
Ls ae ime ae +i, * eo * * 
3 s : © <3 S . 
3 ( G.O P | * ; id " 
tm . F 
Both ¥ [om ©. an 
Ft. ite watch ‘ rte i RE ¥ se 
fh ¥ Hee fa. a ere ks 

It is not nearly so clear-cut and 

simple a question as it may seem 

ally all labor union leaders de- 

mand re They differ widely 
among tuaiaioes (though they 
aren’t emphasizing these differ- 
ences at present) as to what they 
mean when they say “repeal it.” 
The Republican party and most 
of industry say in effect, “Let's 
not repeal it. It’s a sound 
nwo tame Study comstantly ‘to 

minding labor ons | 
jority of the Democrats in Congress 
oted for the law. 



The annual Missour! Fall Saddle 
Horse Sale, originally scheduled 

for out-of-town consignors and 

The auction is to be held at the 
Missouri Stables Arena, 5200 Ber- 
thold avenue, under the direction 
of Clyde H. Sims of St. Louis and 
W. J. Cunningham of Mexico, Mo. 

Several hundred horses are ex- 

in ‘pected to be placed on sale. 

Exhibitors Held Not Liable 
for Performance Payments 
to Copyright Owners. 

—A United States District Judge 
yesterday ruled illegal the “per- 
formance fee” owners of music 
copyrights collected from theaters 
exhibiting movies containing such 

The decision By Judge Gunnar 
H. Nordbye came in a suit brought 
by the American Society of Com- 
posers, authors and publishers 
against four Minnesota theater 
companies which have refused to 
pay the fee. 

In his. 17-page memorandum, 
Judge Nordbye refused the re- 
quest of five music publishing 

firms for damages and injunctions 
to prevent further violations of 
the copyrights they hold. 

Under the ASCAP system, in ef- 
fect since sound was added to mo- 
tion pictures in 1927, the society 


sells producétrs the right to in-, 
) t music into 
pay ASCAP for the 

music is performed, 

“This. method of doing business, 
by plaintiffs and other ASCAP 
members,” Judge Nordbye de- 

they have carried on over 
the yéars a monopolistic control 
over the copyrighted films in 
which their music ig integrated.” 

Judge Nordbyeé held further that 
to grant the damages and in- 
junctions “would tend to serve the 
plaintiffs in their plan and scheme 
with other owners of ASCAP to 
extend their copylrights in ~@ 
monopoly beyond proper scope.” 

The suits were brought by M., 
Witmark & Sons; Stanley-Joy, 
Inc.; Harms, Inc., and Witmark 
and Mills Music, Ince., all New 
York music firms and ASCAP 

Defendants were Mrs. Jessie Il. 
Jensen, White Bear’ Lake thea- 
ter owner; the Hastings (Minn.) 
Theater Corp., owner of the Rivi- 
era Theater there; tke Grand 
Theater Corp., and Berger Amuse- 
ment Co., the latter two opera- 
tors of theaters In several Min- 


fn Gy St. t bee ee FPS Re 



926,000 Employed in April 

With. $171,000,000 Earn- 
ings, Census Bureau Says. 

The number of persons employed 

r state governments reached a 
bard high in April and so did 
state payrolls. | 

The Census Bureau reported yes- 
terday there were 926,000 state job- 
holders. They were paid’ $171,000,- 
000 for the Month, making their 
average earnings $185 a month. 
State employment gained 66,000 
and payrolls $31,000,000 over the 
preceding 12 months, 

Wages were up more than the 
number employed, The pay in- 
crease over the previous year was 
22 per cent while number em- 
ployed was up & per cent. 

The biggest increases were em- 
ployes for schools and institutions 
for the handicapped, the bureau 

Hight state governments alone 
accounted for 44 per cent of the 

nesota communities. 

number employed by all 48 states 

Surt., Sepf. 12, 1948 38 

, 2 
* ¥& . : " " e 4 5 

WASHINGTON, Sept, 11 (AP)—| workers. 

BATAVIA, Sept. 11 (UP)—The 
news agency Antara reported to- 
day that fighting had broken out 
at several places in East Java. 

Four days ago Dutch authorities 
sent the Indonesian Government 
an ultimatum to cease fighting in 
East Java. It gave the Indones- 

ians 48 hours to restore order or 
territorial commanders would 
“take the necesSary measures.” 

Antara said fighting was go 
on in Dutch eccupied areas, 
the Dutch had “closed” several 
towns and put them under streng 
guard after proclaiming emergen- 
cy regulations through the area. . 



SBF Cosmetics, Street Floor—Antoine Salon, Ninth Floor 

ai rang A 


Florence Gainor makes the blouse a showpiece... 
proves that opposites attract by coupling shiny satin with 

dull tissue faille . , . both fine rayons. And she does it just for us; 
in the bib-front shirt in white, pink or blue . . . the jewel-inviting: 

scroll-yoke blouse in grey, black or white. Sizes 30-38, $95 

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why, here, you'll find the one meant for you, alone. $2 and $3 

SBF Antoine Salon—Ninth Floor 

% Bes i ae oy 
eae Sa: 
oy wate “4 



~——Trery ~ 


aac * 
? ; * : 



—_ - 



Og me 









Antoine’ takes youTalone™as the subject . .<‘custom* blends 
face powder as individually as an artist doing’ 
a is just one of many cosmetic attentions 

bed ee lh - as , * 4 
> believes .beauty,.is:a: personal. affair) 
: e A ; : i : 



F a 

pei i gli . eg, eae ™ hi Cy, Oe a Lt pee My 44 Ry ey Pn 
pape a Meet gree atta an eet feats Ww eae 
' ag ee ee 

ee ade | 
; a3 
. 4 ¢ . ~ - 

epee OFeR he pe" ag ROG 

a ae a . Led 

Paha Tet aa # Cae =, 


_ ; . 
2 30 vp. ss 

7 rs 
. . ‘ ae 

¥2 noon or 
» 2 * 
a seo bn 

| and advanced course, $10 
4 ny hrs onsale ed sae tere gm 10-€lass course in tailoring, $15 oe 
aeapeing Sachile { spactall y en in from if Ask about our ‘two-hour sites divi clinic? 
auoanimianate ro 

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Informal modeling of fabric: fashions - : — . : 
during Forecast Week; 11 a.m. Fabrie Foreeast: 

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Lush wools, colorfal warmth to inspire the 
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‘Cerey bonfire tweeds, SBF exclusives, yard 

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BEST : L selected hardwoods 

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A all a a i tI ai: PAT ie Feet ha site Mien 

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select your own suif 

all these pieces avail 
Soe! on. SER apr sr 
Full ok. twm- B66 2.0.2: . . . sail 
3:Drawer Crest... . = 
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4-Drawer Chest .  _. —__. —— 

Desk Vanity With Mirror __ . 

4-Drawer Vanity With Mirror _. 
Dresser With Mirror _. _. _.. __ 

Mr. and Mrs. Dresser With Mirror 

Twin Dresser With Mirror 

Vanity Derbi cnn iru: 

Night Stand _. _. _. — 


— , 3 - J, ‘ . : “> : °B. $5.2 £ . : J . 
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pa : ee FR Ee ’ yee a . 
a ‘ o> 

filled with latex flakes 
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makers of 

This. is a rolled edge mattress 
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eye S 

Complete nine Pi 
il chair, a Oe hd 

; : “a a ae ae = te kn ee Si OME) ie GEG ILA eo 8 
: = : eden oe calla ros . oA tee Teg Pe J ee $ ey SCPE LE OEE TALI 

4 . ” * Pe, , Doe ee “o 7 a nS ‘ AP? 3 4), Se, like IGE Sl ke DLE 7, Rte hie Tg ea ee GLE hag 
OO i a ARN ; ; A A ro , CPS ee - uy 6 Ms, + 
, : ; > 7S Pe . Ria way Sy fe CK es ‘% oe be the ip neg UO, a MSR) 

: % eT. Ra's ye, hy 47s i P, A OL LG S AUS ay, c% ae : 

: fe ae Pale Oe és ; SAR : 4 ee oe dy 
& : 4 4 ”, ys BF), ae ; 




- 100-CAR LOT 

‘We made « special purchase of close- 
out covers—ohd you get the benefit pay 

i, v. % "Sg 
Fd. pee,” Ne é 
; Do hiee Sei een . 
BOS > Ae j 
r : Doe Ig Re 
} 4 (oon Ml fy ~ % ye ar 
ee oan Aa SK be ° . 4 


i Sius, wine 

Bin, : Pe Racing Rg te Rais A eA 

ii —s Pee ew YY Vr bee ey ty we 8 es & we ee & » * 




election, it 

"7 officials of the |at 

LoL  bosr-prsparcn Meat-Cutting ing Expert Eyes Prices, | 
~~... \Former Adviser to OPA Calculates Charges)  ——- | 
Are 10 to 25 Pet.'Too High Due -|Oliver J. Lloyd's. pee the 

Former ty 

to Improper Trimming. . Commissions ‘8 

A romance at the Federal. Tana |! 

tndar te the tacietane ee - ae gear Professor o 3 ee ’ ee Ss St “ , 
Stephens Tilinois at Champaign, said he - YOU DON'T KNOW how itt] e i? * osts : 

Approximately 8000 names were 
Cahokia | added to the lists of qualified A, | ration. 
Louis county voters yesterday in 2 The last 


day. to register for the!: 

a net 
asd a a 

. i 

: LOS ANGELES, Sept. 11 (UP)— ,as the ones in vitamins, 
_The trouble with meat is that | Minerals and proteins.” SNe 
nobody cuts it right, according to Trimming off cheaper meats, 

Letter Says It Is Absurd] te man who cut up a cow for}1#t..2nd bones would give the 
the OPA. 

housewife 25 cents more meat for 
i | iher dollar, Balsom said. He as- 
to Say Such a With. Thete’s one kind of meat that serted the butcher wouldn’t lose 
| | the animal walks with and there’s money, either, because pleased 
drawal Would Lead to! another kind that holds him to-| customers would keep coming 
ot gether, Walter Balsom said. They | back. 
Civil] War. 

tary to James M. Huston, deputy a 

WES Shodan tha Oaks Ave- senfield, reached at his home [2 M 

are both fine as long as they're - “Most butchers trim the meat ‘nue Christian * higreh was per- ig mong ec gee eg ee RS 

as Kept on the same piece of after weighing,” he said, “If | formed by the Rev. Clark Walker er poe sat het Gib. peafect ould . 

inti eef~ When they are, a lot of/ they'd trim it before they weigh Cummings. Attendants were!) aj within the next two [= 

SEOUL, Se meat gets wasted. it, people could get meat for 10} Lloyd's. daughter, Miss Elizabeth ween pS 

s pt. 11 (AP)—-The So- weeks with McGregor. 

viet-sponsored North Korean Gov- 
ernment demanded today that the 

J. Lloyd and Mrs. Elmer 
Stradal. He is vice president-secre- 
kinds of or Hoag in ae pe ae ‘eb Weiees Rika vit | Hi ‘Steadat ee : iia Teena, week. ah. Se OR EXP E RT RE -UP H OLSTE RI NG 
United States and Russia with- 
draw tieir troops from Korea. 

tary of the bank, and until her 
done and the other doesn’t and roast, hacked off the extra At | Mrs. Lloyd, who’ made her home ‘said thére is a museum in. the Le 'Tl L YOU S ET 3 JED e a Mw AN PRIC ES! 
The demand was made in a let- x : : s , = 

recent resignation she was secre 
goes into the garbage. _and bones and ealculated that, for | at 5058 Lindenwood avenue, is the|state park now but it does not 
ter to the United States which was | 

tell the whole story. He said he 
is convineed that if the state 
undertakes an excevation project oe 
it can learn the complete story [me , 

“The butcher should have the usable meat the buyer got, the widow of a World War I veteran 
trimmed the cheaper meat off and | roast cost $1.24 a pound. iwho died in 1931. Lioyd’s first 
sold it that way,” he said. | He took a 95-cent porterhouse wife, who was president of the 

Cheaper meat, says the man/ steak, at $1.07 a pound. Minus ‘Board of Religiotis Organizatioris, 

oe eteeentatinetiiiiee 


pitti _ 


broadcast over ahe Pyongyang ra- 
dio. The letter decried the divi- 
sion of the country into Russian 
and American zones and scouted 

who used to tell the OPA how 
meat should be cut and now tells 
Safeway Stores the same, is more 
work to cook. 

extras, it was 73 cents worth, a 
/price that included 22 cents of 

A leg of lamb with a long bone 

died in 1946. 

| Immediately after the ceremony 
ithe Lloyds departed for a honey- 
moon in Chicago. Later they plan 

of Indian life there. 
He said the park is the site 

of a village of middlo Mississipi |e 

reached f 

ss 4 

ONT ms SI |e ARR ateeh 




Indians which was extinct by the fg 
time European settlers 
that area. 

> ™ = ay 

the possibility of civil war in the 
divided nation. |tant place in the diet,” he said. 
The letter was drafted at a “Inexpensive cuts are just as rich 
meet of the new North Korean -* 
Peoples’ Council which last night 
heard Premier Kim I] Sung, a 
fugitive from South Korea where 
he is wanted for murder and 

shank cost $4.04. If he hadn’t 
paid for the bone, it would have 
been $3.61. 7 

meme ee 

out aes Se ee ito drive with Miss Lloyd to New 
|York, where she is to enter Co- 
tumbia University. They will make 
‘their home at the Lloyd residence, 
17270 Stanford .avenue, University 



- | y/ 
a’... * 



CHICAGO, Sept. 11 (AP)—Two 
Tilinois women landed their light, 
two-seater plane at Chicagoland 
Airport last night after a 1050- 
mile fligtt from Columbia Falls, 

a ee e - ee - 

South Korea, where the United Na-{subsequent deaths and injury to 
tions-sponsored Government rules; hundreds. 

de cnenad is Bout, Reon in| gcTie,Puzslane,Propongd inthe ¢ 

| u ' 
arson, scorned his ate "on ’ So oe “— ten toy, oh Serta We bib cousttten be with ‘MAN SAID TO ADMIT SENDING 
Kim threatened “fierce fights to | Sou orean election Was Neild.) grawn. M 

re-establish and consolidate” the!North Korean Communists were ro ee koe ee | EXTORTION NOTES T0 WOMAN 
North Korean Government in blamed for the rioting and the ‘they were ready to leave when ? 

. UT E DEBT | the Americans pulled out. 

The United States and the new 
THE BUDGET PLAN wil! arrance to pay ALL your 

| republic of Korea, which is the 
| southern half of the country, have 
agreed that withdrawal of Amer- 

debts—starting now. YOU can get out of debt 

with payments you can afford. NOT A LOAN 


ican troops will be made gradu- | 
ally as the republic increases the 
ceived a letter Sept. 8 threatening | 
QUIRED. CALL MAin 2434 to arrange a personal 
interview, Strictly confidential. 

strength of its army. The repub- 
elapsed-time race as part of the 

lic’s army is now believed to be 98 e., | 
| to vilify her to her friends and three-day World Air Show. which 
315 Ne. 7th St. Over Katz Drug, 7th & Locust 

“4 3. -4¢ 

'o @. Weer Ww « 
: BOY * iG es See mee a. 

Threats mailed to a St. Louis 
woman in an extortion attempt 
have led to the arrest of Leslie | Me. 7 
Joseph Portell, 20 years old, a They were Miss Helen Greinke, aay 
‘truck driver, who is being held for’! 34 years old, of Bloomington, pilot, | 
postal authorities. and Miss Evelyn Staedeli, 22, of |% 

Mrs. Jessie Hollman: 3133 St. | Peoria, “Miss Illinois Aviation of 

‘Vincent avenue, told police she re- Cage gage mes getnalh ngy Sane 

ae a F 7 
‘> eer - - 

numerically weaker than the army | 
of the northern government. agi lg kacod pievtlensy iret, — ,opened here yesterday. Their 
The United States today turned this was followed Friday ‘by , | clapsed time (time spent in the 
over property and credits worth poctcard giving her three days to air) was 29 hours and 20 minutes. 
millions of dollars to South Korea. | -nise the money and directing her; The Iltnoisans’s plane was one 
Some $250,000,000 worth of re-|to call a certain telephone number | of four which left-Columbia Falls / 
habilitation supplies was written at 7 o’clock that night. | > Rye one ctr ukaea the vate ta 
off as a gift to the new republic | roved to be ¢ ‘ 
/and distributed in South Korea as sd cee Guia calaaine 3 tin, | On an elapsed time basis, officials 
one part of the agreement. |ton-Peabody: Terrace, Special of- a sa 

RT a Greinke and Miss Staedeli were 
oe eee ees ficers Harry Adler and Robert /ine winners. 

iat ee Freihaut set a trap and arrested — - 
set Portell at the telephone booth. HICCUPS OF ALTON MAN STOP : 

wm, Lhey said he admitted mailing the 
oe threats to Mrs. Hollman, who had 
me employed him about a year ago to 

The hiccups which have racked 

C. J. Jacoby, secretary-treasurer 

of the C. J. Jacoby Furniture Co., 

. in 
ee ee oe ee en ee ee i oe ee. ee EIR, 
s ‘ , . " < <a" ten ey 
. 4 <p “* Fuld ~«3 at x 

“ Ba . afi 

wee a 

ee hee rer reer 


across the street from the main store ae cl 
ae att 1% 
SO Bs 



Se” Se ae 



+39 to *99 

Harmony-planned fabrics that are guaranteed te go 
together! Cut and fitted in your home! Zipper fastened, 
cord or brush welt! Expert workmanship guaranteed! 


*29 to *89 

Cornice of top-quality plywood covered in the fabrie 
of your choice . . . contrasting or harmonizing effects! 
We can fit any size window no matter how difficulll 

vm ae { >. we can re-style your 
old suite like néew! 

You can save up te ‘4! Your old 
site made like new . . . fre 
eae re-built, restyled as 
you ow Cheese from ilocom- 
points, mohairs, velours, damasks, 
matelasses, brocatelies and others. 

$79 to *198 

yes! add to your account, pay on easy budget terms 

They're brand new factory seconds and 
at this low Anniversary sale price they're 

Choice of patterns and colors. 

gates will enxchange experiences 
and listen to addresses. The 

boss, J. C. Grant, 236-pound pulp- 
wood dealer. 

agenda includes such questions as 
how to project on a world scale an 
answer to warring ideologies; how Grant carried a sign which ex- 
to increase coal production in| plained it all. The sign said: 
Great Britain; how to find a basis| “Forsyth to Macon—25 miles— 
for European and world unity; the | T bet on Thompson.” 
future of the great socialist par- Abercrombie bet on Herman 

Talmadge who overwhelmed Gov. | 

M. E. Thompson in Wednesday’s , 

ties of Europe and new incentives 
European coal fields. | Democratic primary. 



athe store with a 
i million friends" 

efor his wife, who is expecting a 
Jacoby began hiccuping about 24 
sembly of Dr. Frank N. D. Buch- morial Hospital when he could | 
| ment. ‘said he responded to treatment 
States and Canada, including Sen- | travenously. 
from the Scandinavian countries : | 
See our large selection of styles. Each and™ 25-MiLE WHEELBARROW TRIP 
ae 7 9 5 will arrive tomorrow to join Ger- | wg 
versary price. ; ° ' 
, it ht in a wheelbarrow — the | 
For the next 10 days, the dele- | si r 
trip from Forsyth, Ga. was his 
and ‘ettractive tapestry. Buy on easy credit terms. An outstanding buy! 
A typical Biederman Anniversary special! oT 
ticking. Full or twin size. / 00 — a 
finish. Take advantage of ovr low Anni- 

i haul coal. Portell told police he 
}meeded money to pay doctor bills 
Alton, for the last eight days 
: ! stopped Friday night. | 
BARGAINS IN GOOD USED FURNITURE Ppp rgenegeertan hole in the Mississippi Tiver and 
Seal Af \' i ob: 
WIAD 'The accident happened as he was 
NEW FLOOR AND FACTORY SAMPLES | ' | aati Gin’ die wee reuraed 
| of delegates have arrived at this|py a friend. 
) |small Swiss town for a world as-| “Jacoby was taken to Alton Me-| 
—== 9x12 RUGS-SECONDS! == 
| | man's moral rearmament move-| not stop hiccuping. A _ brother 
| A special plane brought 40 rep-| which consisted of complete rest, 
resentatives from the United drugs and nourishment taken in- 
bargains! ® . 
; ned Cain (Rep.), Washington. | iene 
ther planes b | : 
NEW FLOOR LAMPS! Scandinavian countecs | HE BET ON TALMADGE, WINS 
France, Great Britain and Hol- 
land, Fifty British coal minérs | cet 
every one worth many times this low Anni- MACON, Ga. Sept. 11 (AP)-- 
re — rn the pie: oF the | E. D. Abercrombie arrived here 
TP , fs ‘winner of an election bet. | 
“ Pushing’ him.on a dawn-to-dusk 
Sturdily constructed with full innerspring construction. Covered in durable 
| mir} 
Quality cotton mattress with durable =.) ee 
~ ; 
Full or twin size coil spring in aluminum 7 | . “thi 
versary price. y Ss 5 
Well built suites of selected hardwoods and beautifully finished. Full-size bed, 
roomy chest of drawers and choice of large dresser or vanity. 

# , _ 
ee ne se a 
7? 3% - > i > ; 
ote eh Saab AN 
Loe ee SS ee 
, r+ % 9 pee 9 aN ~pour 


SS ae 
£ , 2 s'. 

Innerspring construction. Heavy tap- 

4 95 

New factory seconds. Com- 
plete 32 piece dinner sets. ~— 


Of quality cotton yarns. Come in 
lovely pastel shades. ; 



hardwood eoeionetion and vga 
; ours, white enamel. Large table an 
4 comfortable chairs. They are brand new, 
specially priced for our Anniversary sale. 


Sturdy pers frames plated with chrome. 

this year is being spent 

MANY NEW DEVICES | under contracts witn civilian or- 

aa Fee : ee department 
FOR SAFE FLYING} s2nounced that it now ‘has 228 

anivereitics and non-profit organ- 
he's aed ns, Jt combines the funda- 

Department Making Basic) mental scientific facts learned | 
. . exe rough these basic studies with | 
Studies Through Universities frat ee tere by its own technical 
and Research Groups. experts. Many of the projects 
are worked out with other gov: | 

———_—» lermment agencies, including the | 

|Army, Navy and National Ad- | 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP)— | Visory Committee for Aeronautics. 

Season Two Years Ago 
P The Air Force reported today; One of the results of recent | 

* - ornia, 1877 (18.5); Texas, 1256 
Worst Since 1916 Peak (17.4); Idaho, 81 (15.5); Minnesota, | p,,, that it has come up with a whole | research is a plastic paint to re- 

W. Fitzerman 
. 12.6); th 
367 (12.6); Iowa, 328 (12.6); Sou . ; wnt batch of new gadgets to make oe te gpl yy sea a 

—151 Dakota, 72. (120). S214 . 

1512 More Last Week South Carolina, 233 (11.8): Okla- A. Mahoy —— i? "sr. military flying safer and better. | conceal a night-flying warplane 
Is Annual Record homa, 220 (9.2); Arigoda. G. (5.9); BIRTHS RECORDED. Eighty per cent of the $225,- ‘from attacking fighters, 

7 ’ Virginia, 261 (86); New Mexico, Important to parents ef children ? ~_— 

45 (8.0); Florida, 164 (68); Obio, ;, Greater st. Louis: If your mames . | — 
474 (6.1); Tennessee, 182 (5.8); | no: appear in the birth column e the store with 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP) | Montana. 28 (5.7); Kansas, 110) two weeks after the birth of. your illi rn 
qa mitto 

~The current outbreak of polio- | a y am hy. Shkatvan oe the physician or midwife and Minnesota. (~ Y/ é : ~ 

> ew Jersey, 6); stric at a record be sent to Board / 

myelitis could turn out to be the’ of Columbia, 49 (5.6); Utah, 34/ Vital Statistics, Room 10, city Mal. | 3 'Z eC 7 QG {Cu CO J friends 
nation’s worst In more than 30 (5.2); North Dakota, 27 (5.0): Wis- ' = 

years, _consin, 151 (4.6); Arkansas, 386 331 Tulane. — 

\ Already more cases of the dis-| (4.5); Georgia, 138 (4.4); Washing-| = : Baden ne : - 
ease, popularly called polic or Be Psd angg ngs & ream vm vents < urdoch. O F S ER V i C E T O 
fantile paralysis, have been re-| Indiana. 157 (4.0); Colorado, 44. 
Ported than by the same date in| ¢39)- Kentucky, 108 (3.8); Missis-/ L: 
1946, and 1946 saw the worst epi-/ sippi, 79 (3.7); Michigan, 221 (3.6): 
demic since the 1916 peak of| Oregon, 58 (3.5); New York, 500; W. 
nearly 30,000 cases. ) (3.5); West Virginia, 66 (3.5): Ver-| v’ 

Public Health Service officials’ mont, 13 (3.4); ‘Louisiana, 75 (2.9). | 8. 
won't try to guess this year's to-, Missouri, 106 (2.7); Connecticut, | 

. (53 (2.6); Pennsylvania, 260 (2.4); 

The service’s latest summary} Massachusetts, 86 (1.8): Maine, 15 
says: “A prediction at this time) (1.8); Nevada, 2 (1.4): New Hamp- 
. - « would be hazardous, as the | shire. 7 (1.3); Maryland, 29 (1.3), 
rate of decline following the peak and Rhode Island, none (0). 
week is not constant.” ~ : 

There is not statistical confir-| MARRIAGE LICENSES. 
mation that the peak for this |/eoree tT. Mehan Jr. -— — SOOTA. Pace 
year has yet been reached, but); . Witietee .. 
new cases of the disease cus- tee Fitueumente a — enxecRisc ites 

f -|Obert W. Ray Jr. — — j 
tomarily begin to fall off by mid Se ee ee 238A ayers 

September or a little later. | 
. Sidney Schrier ——- -- ——- 5715A Minerva 
In the week ended a week ago |Leona L. Zemlick — —- — 1319 Temple 
today, the last tabulated, 1514 new | vincent P. Wyrsen -—- —- 3953 DeTonty 
the largest weekly total of the fo '. Bar: — — —- — 78614 Han 
year to date. Leo Cannito — — — — — 4989 Odell 
Through the same date, 12,666 Doris M. Swengros — -——- — 4980 Plover t 1 * et | 
cases had been reported for the | James R. Needham — — 1404 Cleveland | y. ators,.inc., Will serve as chairman ‘ 
| Seas de Oodley, 4214 N. G ver ate 
vear. That compares with 3834 rts ip a. a Recs se sap et : . Yaeger’ 6245A revue of a meeting of the Western Riv- y easy terms ) ff 
w ; or the e c year Lawrence B. Withers — — : iL. ' * es se. 1 § : 
Sag Larrence, B, Withers — — 3100 Thomas |[- and J. Banks, "3323 La Bele, sume! Statier, FULL 12 MONTHS 
' Stave Eade eae te tein a eee a ee De Bote. Mo. Coast Guard officials ad repre- 
Low Point in Winter. io ae We + ie > ogee af fi26 Beethoven, sentatives of private river inter- TO PAY 
Recent experience gives no tip- | .4on w. zirnheld —< — $851 Sherman |W pests will discuss navigation prob- 
off — course he og oom hy Patricia A. Coyle —- —- 1920 E. Grand | lems, Adm, Joseph F. Farley, com- 
ron after the peak of an Out- (Marlin G. Ochterbeck — 2219 Angelica | R’ mandant of the Coast Guard, will 
break is réached. Officials know Sirley 1. Rothe ~- —- —- 2508 Angelica | Jj ttend with be f his staff longer terms of ) YF, ‘ ee res : 
it h low i in | Norman E. Wright -—- 1109 Vandeventer | H. —— Sr neers © A gyre | ay Rug A’ sR POO SS pare val BS ae . 
only that it hits a tow point Ini pinces L. August os -— 44114 Evan iR. and Thompson, a past president of | very slight charge Bs Sf - Rae Sb ee a SERRA 
R. and the Propeller Club, Port of St. , Ye or AS. “Oa. Se a » os ae SS a3 Ss , seamless ail spreods 
Louis, will address a meeting of / gs ae oP OS Se Pe Pe © 0 SE Oe ee... with a thick 3-inch » fring’! 

January, February and March. Philip M. Goale — -—- Churchville, Md | & 3% 
The peak came early in 1946-- | Genevieve Mottin -—- — 5955 Plymouth | 5 mee 
that group tomorrow evening at = SOG AS 8 : } - ase SS SR a ae =: x 

ot x . BS : Ss Sg Rane 8 ; 4 ¢ ; . = re 

Mad the Mark Twain Hotel. Panel 9 ga . : iP’ RN “.. * S cg ae 2) eer eo “You'll reall y lov ey 


1816 cases reported in the week | ranes P. Teter —— —~ 4452 McPherson 'W. and 
i ; tley -- —- -— Clayton |J. and 

ended Aug. 17. But the decline | **'"is ete : Nene 

; , ’ Elmer W. Lindo —- — -~- ~~ Jennings |J. 20d J. Hutchinson. 4537 North Market. : : ese | . eK . ge 

was slow, and almost twice AS / vary «4. Jablonski — -- — Jennings D. and F. Kiaft, 1556 Moore. imembers will attend the gathering. Y by SS < fo Fa @ nD 

wy Vay es ee r < y a} . « a. : 7 eas > ee ¥ e ; y : q = - - ' ) nid . . » ; ee 2 


AIR FORCE OBTAINS i the Air Fores has for | ST LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Sun., Sept. 12, 1948 










E, Bornmuelier, 71, 3221 North f r Vy, » ? Ve aa a if 3 
, Lae 4 x = ' x F 
4318 Nebraska. 927 - t C oe Y a QOMNECMUE C72 EAs oe — 
. N : | i y ry; ; o a 

thee ge 




6311 Lalite. 


urus, 61, 5018 Robin. | ~ ee ernie ee: A ‘ : 
n, 33, 3968 Weat- | be BARSO IES Oe AYN EPS TR TRIBE CLO 

Raymond A. Vau sae ” my? 
rant cums came xe (TREMENDOUS SAVINGS IN OUR ‘peers ee 
vem. pews ek EXCITING ANNIVERSARY SALE imeem pee 

ind aoeete 
deaths reported in St. Louis last — 
week. Three persons died of pneu- 
monia, one of tuberculosis and 14 
of violent causes. 


ge iquanin co : THRIFT-TIME eae . 

chuermann, 4909A San Fran- | cies Oe oe “i 

walm,. 713 ester C, ompson, president | Pees © 

Scrutehfield, ‘S032 Victoria. ‘of the American Waterways Oper- | CREDIT PLAN fee * oc ¥, a 

> Weitama *Tbs0 Grok : SA 
w ¥: rob 

a a 

Eee FO oy 







<i ps typ OR 


ri ser> 







ORt 9 

5 of i ais 
ae ST, SP ° Big? 
y ~ Ly 
wr y 
of Me ; y 
a Ae we 
a : 
. ey oa 
eth ar 
¢ , 2 rs 
7 7 v, 


BOM OP pep 

eee meme 

ii i i i eh ee > 

many cases were reported after | Kenneth B. Hinkley — Rdarrrrrave® 
Banquet Tables D 1 d G 

~- 2909 Greer 
the peak than before. The 1946 Mary E. Jones —~ «~ 45534 Ashland 
Al F. ee ee 
total ‘was 20,698 cases. og A an Larsen -~ 4209 ‘Linden 
aoa 6 CHAIRS 

however. when there 
Last year, eve | Alonzo E. Wallace -~ -—- — 722 Aubert 

was a total of 10,854 cases, the | Rosetta Mitchell _- —- —- —- 722 Aubert 

disease fell off more rapidly after | conraa H. Schulte — — 2624 University 
the peak week in mid-September. | Elazabeth Velasco — — —- 1439 Wright 
0 e total deaths | Richard EF. Kelly -- —- -- —- 3405 Osage 
No figures on th “30s, Onage 
7 per cent of the total number of | Qoty LDressier —- -— — 5649 Rhodes 
cases, : Joseph P. Rak — CS sew SO1LSA California rTTewTrftTTtT' ss." ih neh hb hhh bh i he Be SOCK BOOS OSH OOOOOS SOOO es. 

, d Katherine M. Keim ——- ~~ 
in the nation have been compile Gus August Pasgsafiume, 4643 Tower Grove 
— —— «. =~ 4568 Arco 
As in the past, polio has struck | Irene E. Sirota —- -— ——- -—— 4345 Oleatha |* Pate paler Pann A 
‘hardest in about a dozen states, | Robert G. Tracy — —~- — 5855 Theodosia 

thus : far, but Health Service offi- Helen E. Boker ws 
®@ measures 48 ihehes 
NITE-LITE long, 22 inches high, 18 
| Dolly D. Knee -— 1IS13A Clinton 

cials say that polio this year is | Joseph J. Baudendistel —- 3917A Keokuk 
relatively mild and that deaths | Audrey lL. Felder -—- -- -- 4023 Walsh 

oa eae ake 2 

SG RABE FLOOR LAMP inches wide 

: ode | SIRO RTS | ROSES 
although every state except Rhode | 9.11, ‘wisthuenter — — 8515'S. 37th SIRS SSCS | 
Island reported some Cases by the Vera T. Lang - ~~ —- §5042A Chippewa a MAN BS Sk VES Se 1 AS 
end of August. The largest nuM- Lee Holston -—— —~ 2903 Dix iy REREAD SR ® ivery er bronze finish 
s RE RRR Se | RA 
WR EAS SE ae | soa © individual step-on switch in 


, a _— &. Rule 
ws . 2 : ri ‘ 7 - 2 
‘ * ee x“ e s * ‘ we ar So a 
2 . 3 : 

x > - a 
ae ’ a ~ _ : . . 

’ Sa OR aw > Ca e . _ td 
aes oS a a’ a ae , . . re \ 

ie Say ee SAY RARER SRS eh RO «SR 
; ' onan —- > 2s = 
: — « Pee 
Bats oe NNR ed a _ XN (AMSA a> odode . Shea 2% + & t 


® $200 moth insurance ead Ard TIACECECOI rT re 
policy included i ai il i hb iad Shahi dda i 

A ee ee ee 

7 wvwrvTvVTwTywyTyTYVTeywwT YS 

- ike aa 2 
sn 4 


ll i i 
fy ™ 

ALD Dee i i ni ih i bh bh LDL DL DED 

hi hp he he hh hi i i i i i i i i i 

In 1946, the disease was blamed Pamees Fh, Smasictoe selils* vitamin 1602 N. 17th 
maths, or approximatel ern ameon -- -- -—— ; 
for 1845 deaths, or app y poi et. ee 



hbhh»hhbbhbia aia narnrnnananaa sa bees eA 


4 3 ae oat y Gof 
- mn » “OO 2 ry Ait Ad — _ - 
Ce tet atti in, at - - 
4. y, CL 
Og i oa 

will probably run no higher than | Leroy C. Miller 
rn" enna: a on 
Luella Davis —- —- ——- —- 1017A N. 29th 

| Shirley M. Moss 
5 to 6 per cent of the number of | _. Kansas 
her were reported from California, scr i ities aol satin thud | Se ~~ 
, ul J. Me erty -—- —- ~ Ke Fae Res Se | Se 
North, Caroling Texas, New York GuiMtiaie’” ——=-a Baten] ADVERTISING DIRECTOR [f° 2 ff \ (| %. 

ae tm —_— — 
cases. j ua e A. Singleton —- —- —- 2502 N 
and Ohio. Thomas B. . 2738 Stoddard © beeutiful reyes shade 

: Ousiey -- — 
12 States Hardest Hit. Mrs. Fannie Baker -—- — 2831A Stoddard 

f lation, the Roger'W. Geisz . —- ~——- Muscoda, Wis , naps . , ie SS.) Sass 
Hare: Meuondleasich ag this year Gene lieve B. Bracher -—— University City For company operating millinery departments in women's spe- eS RA | S AY 
States MOS Se va " | Branton L. Houser —~ ——- —- 3936 Virginia cialty and department store nationally. Must be capable taking Re SSS Hit A A e 2 

have been North Carolina, Dela- | 7.) get on marianne ‘ - iu , 
waie, Seine, Weemink, Gell- lees tens .. ..  .. means eee complete charge of preparation and direction, lave copy write 
fornia, Texas, Idaho, Minnesota, | Mrs. Geraldine Jameson — 4466, Bircher ing, art work for mat service and direct mail fas ion advertising, 
Iowa, South Dakota, South Caro- | Jowell, Watace —— —~- ~~ =~ 34134 Cam Unusual opportunity for capable experienced advertising woman. 
ne ane Onianome. cary. peenaee —- — "= 45511 Delmar ie GN Sa Sel ae. 

Said -- n, 

Through Aug. 28, the ratio in | Haze) R: Lohnes — — . kin, 1) . Ve Oe) ERS For style, quality and efficient 
North rolina was 47.3 cases for  Jonnny L. H . -— —- 2611 Glasgow | A-308 . t-D tch aes BES + abt; 3 
No * 2a erat i tetione jeune 1, Moura — 5 — Giaseow | Box 3 . St. Lewis Pos ispa oN RSE lighting, you ve never seen a lamp | tI : BI GS ME AL 

; | Chester R. Griffin —- —— 16th and Market Kos ae | ae . 

100,000 persons. A A poopie a ag eS %: | < sa) , 7 
Por the country ns» whole the Rssimui'Roaa — =“ 2 A WHITE HEATING COMPANY | a4 4 WARDROBES 
number of cases on the same date | prank M. Rutkowski De} . . ai ae ef lh 
: 4 = - 

~~ - 

5045 Mar 
was 7.6 for cach 100,000 persons. | Mrs. Lorraine L. Harris —- 5045A Delmar 

This figure can be expected to in- | Kenneth Mathews ~~ — —— Jennings FORMERLY | | gt oe ) , , 
crease, possibly double. if the ex-| Serine  Messr — = sida, Adelie HOHLT HEATING COMPANY | | hi 1 6 4 y 
perience of recent years is Te€-' anna Marie Littlepage — 5543A Etzel : . eS bi , 
peated Charles D. Faith — — East St. Louis @STOKERS INSTALLED OIL BURNERS ‘OIL FURNACES , } ee 4 e 
Large reinforced double 

The outbreak in 1946 struck 18.3| Betty Townsend — — St. Louis, 
persons out of every 100,000. The | Graces X: wuss’ “ida Xilsn Menke @ Warm-Air Heating Systems @ Air-Conditioning Systems ff ) +i 
incidence in other recent years ae To en oat es: 
has been 10.5 cases per 100,000 in| Ganary’ Prescott —--— 2913" Lucas n a ‘ inte fer gl gn me rare - EIGHTH AND FRANKLIN i doors, convenient shelf, Wal. 
1943; 14.7 in 1944, and 7.6 in 1947.) arthur A. Ratajczyk -- —- 5801 Julian BLOW ALLED | Heating System Remodel | ‘ | 18 nut finish over steel : 
Rote era ee on James ft. o> Jr —_ pe yo aco WE GUARANTEE YOUR OIL SUPPLY Come down and see the 60-year-old bedroom suite in our window! , erm eS , i ures 64" high Roepe Phi 
Joyce L. remeier —- -— £531 Greer It's really worth the trip it's solid walnut and ne deuka ie d — a | ’ ’ 
ats grand- — deep. Buy on easy terms. 

virulent or concentrated as that} ojver J. Bohn —— — —- 4114 Clara 4619 NATURAL BRIDGE AVE. 
of 1916, when there were 29,06] } Dixie L. Hooker — -— -- 4607 Labadie ' 7 , , : 
eases. Of that number, New York | Herschel 4, Wilke — — — — Chicaxo EY. 4393 MU. 8761 Bi. 4747 | P2's pride! You'll be glad we have such clean-lined, graceful furniture 
had more than 13,000, including |) *t" “Me cor | today—this elephant would probably saq your floors. 

Joseph Renda —— —- — 380] Sullivan ST. LOUIS 18, MO ,* Pp P y seg y 
over 5000 in the month of August Olivia M. R. Giarafia —— 2608 Madison » MO. 


ES ee 3 Sa 
af Pr. of 4 
aé J 9 Be 4 
pat. gre re 




. full 12 months to pay 

‘ ° Kod ; * : x _ : 4 % 
37,000 BTU | Seek, SaaS kt lenger terms at slight cherge. Bue 35 he A 
. “— “J tay Ot 


7 5 Ede: "* i , 4 Whe . ai fo a ie 

' Te bs I . 4 s 

4 ’ ; * a ; é "t 7 Ri; a gil i% pag! m . Bf - 

* = >. ~~ / 
' Ors ER Oe Ee 
: : oO? aa & 44% eax PE 
x: ae | $ eL Ps= Sn . | 4 orem 5 i _ 
} : , ee 





*this 3-room heater gives more heat for less money 
* single dial heat selector, giant vertical heat exchanger 

a lower cost to you! Sv ee 


> : a >. ’ # 

a | ; ~*~. * . . 
aed es ~ es « ~ alia ae 3 ; sty Tray i, - i —— wae ™ . ‘ a 
* 3 . EOL S SRC Cede PE 9 at Be i ag Re See seg 5 RS ee Re. ee ee 
wv ; i " ast Se) Besa a z a Me Ry eG ee ee 2 

the tn eae among the. 20. persons who | ok Ta Showing Sol il Manag gethent 

Faitip Love : 
— a = aoe wae as sms Ta 2 — 18, 000 Persons Watch Demonairation by 

200 Experts on 197-Acre Farm 

Old: Singer Sewing Machine ba a Near ebay i, 

. (For Medel Reund Bobbin Drophesd 15-30) 
“$30 CASH for MODEL be » FULTON, Mo., Sept. 11 (AP)—| which you can adopt a lifetime RR _ 
‘SHUTTL About 18,000 persons watched a/ soil. conservation plan.” { a pitas cS & ORE Bis. Sen 
$15 FOR LONG E crew of 200. soil experts install : og ) - BS ae ¥ : 
perts “We are showing here today ee By : Tire : 4 
SINGER DROPHEADS a system of modern soil, manage- ‘what should be done on every a 2 a i. , Bae § eS) ae 
$10 fer White Retary oe fer Wheeler Wilson scant on a 197-acre farm today. | acre in. the United States,” gaid/” = Se a > = : Si ew : ’ haa | eh F SID) TINY bts 

$5 and $8 Ser Singer Box 1 Extra it if You Bring ia Friends of the Land officials, Representative Clarence Cannon . ' “eR 

directing the program, estimated | (Dem.), Missouri. “All of A - 
Pick HEAD ONLY. meri-| 
WE-ALSO BUY, FACTORY echt aSa EQUIPMENT. @ that the day's work added $10,000 ¢a’s power stems from. the land |’ 
| to the value of the farm, and com-:and we must rebuild our soil if 

SINCERE SEWING MACHINE Co. pleted a soil. conservation pro-| we are to maintain our strength 
531i EASTON— RO. 7910 4528 Toes, gram that ordinarily would re-' and standard of living.” 

quire five to eight years. Monsignor George Hildner, Villa Se — % : a - SS . : ; a . “sf So 

gj Using more than 100 pieces of | Ridge, Mo., chairman of the Frank-|f, | 4 oo — | a. 

| : | ag } machinery, the experts built ter /tin County soil district and-a lead-|F © **9 Teo “ST Va | . FG 7 
fences, cleared more than a mile ‘praised the work being done by @°' << 3 iS oa | | 

of hedge fence, filled in an -old | Canaway and St. Louis Friends | 

BULBLESS—BELTLESS—STRAPLESS @ pond = built a new one, installed | of the Land chapters. & - aos ] . RS : . ms : 
if need for a omer is greater this than last your truss is not giving — a septic tank and erected a new... eee , ae : s | 
pou! the proper the DOBBS TRUSS is different from comventions| | machinery “aap Farm woodlapd We'are the type - ORS who _ oS ON S . 
we are to remain. great we must)“ —— 4 eae : | © 

hand gor the muscles to relax against it. Does not spread the a 
Shela with cliseot gee fot Str , were Sensei valed. pa 
with utmost security and comfor © Belts or Stra os Co he prelect wea oe the A:T. reclaim our farm land. 

bind or chafe. Sanitary, wear when bathing. It only presses the Y : bs ‘ Bs ae S23 ch 
two places. West Jr, farm seven miles north . One of the main features of the}! gm Se } = See ; 
da was a ‘conto lowin contest ae Sa SS “ we % Be ; ei 

meat Mase, abdanine oppor Sere tts Wears Il Sromade' tne yard nbd congucies #8 whch, county champions |, Wh MSS a FOR THREE DAYS ONLY 

s an ccessories. Lady Attendant. a farin home demonstration. from Missouri and five from THi- | | SR : : . 7 ) 
to celebrate our annniversary 

Daily, 9 te 5, Except Saturday, 4 P. M. . ~The men and machinery started nois i Dotew ine yes wee 
| work early this morning and con- Won wight Rogier, 50-year-old 
Dobbs Truss Co., 705 Olive, Room 301, Tel. CE. 4896 @ tinued without a break until the| Madison county, Ill, farmer. He}: 

_job was done late this afternoon. received $100 and a trip for him- RES : ey BS 
The big crowd, estimated by/| self and his wife to the national COLORS AND SSS SSS SS 8 

State Highway Patrol and parking/ convention of the Friends of the’! Ss = ee WE aS eS : "ho whee 

ground officials, came in about! Land, to be held this fall in Okla- | PATTERNS! | | x [SES SSS as | COME : , . , 

6000 automobiles. The program-was  homa City. a. ae See ee SSS < SEE THE WASHER 

planned so that the visitors could Second place and a $100 prize! goss eS : Le SSE SN : na ter eters 
follow all parts of the project. and plaque went to B. S.. West, y i ao. S a See | WITH A "BRAIN' 

of gasoline and 200 gallons of die- 5. Cecil Rd haart Smitkboro, | s . | bs a Sse eS a ee as SSS oS _.. = : 
sel fuel, contributed by an oil com- Ill; fourth place an d $50 to Rav-| ce eee es RS <a. SR 0 DEM ON STR ATED 

i n | 
a "ae Longwell, dean of the col- mond Grote, Bowling Green, Mo. | 
lege of agriculture, University of mg ah >: Kothe, Ferry, ond 
Hs not the practical way of putting | Safety division of the plowing con- eo ae SS — ane | 
soil conservation to work, but it. test. Rogier was second and Clif- Tees we eS ES Sass : ial — IT CAN EVEN PUT 

ris a demonstration that hangs the | ford Pemberton Halisville, Mo.,' = S aS 3 aa SREY =e sks 

OPUS ila) Gran + 

whole picture before tab. cents from was third, 

j. a a om a Sy 

i ee ee ee et ee = gn ae 

en ee ee ee ee 

WELL, SAVES HIM | - ae - . : | ; It's worth seeing .. . because the Bendix 

sige Ssipmmamaceasconet ots yt Opening of the grammar school | 3 Sas : = 

Fix up your lawn soon. Nature provides ideal tack at Cottage Hills, Alton. suburb, a ms es 3 fe A , | does an extra job no other washer can do! 
weather in late summer to give you the | GIBSON, Ga,, Sept. 11 (UP)— which was delayed because of the’ Pe. lal ae ss : f : us Only the Bendix has that newest step-saver, 
Se ee =, . —- the amazing Automatic Soap Injector. 

greatest benefit’ from feeding and seeding, Protection of her Soncton bew large number of infantile paralysis | 
Come and see how it. measures. and pyts 

new lawns or old. First a meal of TURF land not heroism by Mrs. Taylor cases there, will be next Wednes- | a 3 ey = # ; 
BUILDER to assure good health and color. Logue. day, provided no new cases are F ACTORY - TRAINED See a — ms if in the exact amount of soap at exactly 
Then sow SCOTTS SEED for a thick carpet of Mts. Logue neglected to men- reported, it was announced today. ee my — : the right tiene. Came watch ow fone 
luxurious turf. tion to “anyous outside the ‘amily | R. Ny. File, superintendent of a : ees | stration and take homie 4° beautiful Cannon 
what happened Thursday. She onsolidated school district’ to Scr ae 
ee ee bath towel . . . absolutely free! 

TURF BUILDER—Complete lawnfood. missed her two-year-old gon On) Wiich the Cottage Hills grammar 

Just what your lawn needs for deep the Logus farm and tracked him school belongs, made the announce- : Se 
vm, ate. hard feed i j i 0 deep | M4 3 Boe. Oe » : 
LAWN SEED ccf -s395 100% - 9750. in wet soil to the brink of a deeP \ rent. He pointed out that Wood Several factory-trained demonstrators {| 9 ge ene first come first served, get your 
sq Th - 90. > OS - . sinh ete 7, River High School began accept- will be in our stor i3d +6 show ed Sra . ee 
firmed when she saw her child’s in ; tof Cott Hil) ur srore 4 eys To sno ; 2 pene | Cc el while the last! 
Fi a ve LAWN FOOD plus WEED CONTROL— hands thrashing’ above the surface oe eee acy ena one we vou the advante et Bendix! ° Wee ‘ ed annon Tow y 
Me ey tine beens i, Double action compound. Kills weeds of the Water, 35 feet below. her, | OCemi= yeuterday, ané the Be- /You rie Savenreges a1 Owning 6. beni: Noe | 
grasses for building lawns in os it feeds grass. Box treats 2500 sq Without a thought she plunged thalto (Ill.). High School will ac- Baris: E nn No CARRYING CHARGE 

full sun or light shade. 1 Ib 95c he 16-foot CePt them beginning tomorrow. eee : 
#t + $2.50. Drum, 11,090 sq ft - $52.75. a ee aa Of 15 cases, including five NOW! A BENDIX FOR ’ ON OUR 'THRIFT- TIME’ 

S tbs - $4.65 10 bbs - $8.95 waters and held the boy above 

25 tbs - $21.25. SCOTTS Spreaders—For easy, quick the surface while she clung to deaths, in the Alton area since 
>. | Aug. 23, seven cases and two ' CREDIT PLAN 

Scotts for Dense Shade ot same lawn treatments. Rubber tired. $9.95 the slippery sides of the well. | 
prices. - and $16.50. Her husband, attracteg@ by her eens have agin at NS Hills. | 
) screams, thréw down a rope, He NO new cases have been reported | i : 
Come in or phone for quick delivery of oll SCOTTS LAWN pulled his wife and son almost to at Cottage Hills since last Sunday. Gas iow as c easy terms, full (2-months-to pay 
the surface and the rope broke, Funeral services for the fifth Al- longer terms at slight charge 

| plunging them into the water ton area resident to die of polio, 

, again. On the second try, with ‘Mary Jo Rice, 13, daughter of Mr, ! | 
‘a strong length of clothesline, they and Mrs. Harvey L. Rice of Rox- | : : | 
: were rescued, They were unin-. ana, will be held today at 2 p.m. E IGHTH AND 
NURS jured but suffered from shock. at the Streeper undertaking estab- | 
$00 IVE ERY Co. — Only @ chance remark brought | lishment, Wood River. Burial will | c R A N K L: 1 N 
; 7 OL ST. ROAD WY. 0202 the incident t to ‘Hight. lbe at Jerseyville. | A | ad a | 

— & 

CARE Products. 

—— eee 


Oefens yagi JUST OUT! NEW ‘49 “MAJESTIC” 


~ —— ae aaa * beautifully styled cabinets 


1a aca 

MAYBE YOU.DON'T KNOW IT ea aie a. & , a. FRR ios Stemi 
| ee ee Bais _* automatic record players 
but we're the largest home furnishings store ae bag Be” Pt ae ¥ rt ey 

: from here to California... and that means | a | : | sie i a : : | | 4 7 J : a | P E R | Oo D 5 T ¥ t E 

something important to you! lt means we can ec] | 
di : ehou i . 4 . ; . 3 ae — : ne 
iy ere tn, MER Pont eM ie 'MAJESTIC’ FM® AM. 
lower prices RAI Eg te a oe 

‘MAJESTIC ‘ ‘ . f | ° solid top, ample record storage space 
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RIE ame 
ey 5 eS 
 ecencettipataiainsiliictan aaa fe 

ee OO ALL AD ewer 
—— * — 
~ - oa oe 

— —_ —— ORN 
. LOU. DUIS, -SUND ny Mi {0} in 1G; SEPTEMBER 1 12, 1948 




matter how bea loss, 
‘No matter how arent our de- 

t heaven seem nearer and 
To know that my daughter is 
there. * 

lim tei. 

Rint ee ceeeeaae 

Fae AO = 

ix Sipes sgave em 

pertys tor tN ~ . = : — ——— : A t. «a t tear, 
3 . w our k memory ever dear. 


: “te and t. - 

4 ee er hak EC iy | sept. 11, ae 
. . AMILY. furniture, Wabash 1oseW. 8977 

perages ——— ee ee ee le _—_ . 
alls —— <—— «ae — —<—_ =m — 9 l, Rind! Ual wf + : aunt = JOHN Srehknon 
lotels ——s itt — —— ee : JF ~ - . Lo A ND ® : 
) randtaS. See Sack. : . yo , good condition, for ; a slectri 
: mn a . 7 ; 7 A REWARD instalied, chimneys 
B- nig | or. ae, 2201 & a cy gt cutting torch, oF eet or Sinder. 4051 Cali- 
— ; 5 a: TINOVI i for return, of ls "8 diamond dati ‘ 
ton. . ™ w e| N. Seven st.; — workman- 
1047 Pierce bidg. ou Box we i teed. estimates. 
me or SI. 7364. 

“a wa 
rd.; re- chimneys rebuilt; ab eet: 
ey “4 ee: svete Sh "Etzel, 

tan and oe reward. GR. ter . ty 
un a 
wn; + ei for late model 
__ mar- 4 identities Anita Vis; |AMriQyYav young wi 
SATS PO. 2512. | change | services, | for" efficiency 
‘s: of 10246 rd., s,| apartment, or what'd has be have 
nae , n, from AR 3. DON- to offer. D. 
eons tion: re Se : 064. 

coseeciamed~ ~~ paalmaeeren | w ee, deat mother et’ Willan en 

Additional ‘Classified Advertising 

- Funeral Mon. oe a 10 a.m., 9. 
™. Interment New| female; vicinity Harrison and Mon- |C 5 : 
thiehem ‘Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.,| roe, Kirkwood; reward. Kirkwood eeks 700 miles;" at ) , ey relald, 
219. 1948 Buiek super at list. ~) ag S free estimates, 
8212. Warder, 2 626 St. Vincent, GR | 

‘DEATHS of “urs. Anna late aon | WHITE, JOSEPA Wi, of St. Charies mE SS AS ee HOPE OSES 
BARDON, RICHARD M.. 20 Alr- and August rink, our | brot Ths pet. 0, 1948, beloved line residence key; , Gravois rooms, west, needed; what do you water- 
port ra.. “Fri. Sept. 10. "1948, be- | ae dear in-1a husban Sadie White and Stone Dorothy Strebl- | f RO. '2683 reasonable, Melrose, MU. 
eaten’ See wat YX Services Tuse., 10 a.m. at reat- | BLUE TICK HOUND. lost) Vein? nthe ete arm va Se nee ett fal tor ev faence 
: : rumerel | ence, 1073 Madison, St. Ch — ams 5 ee ene Ore or_irade. HI 1970 | Ca roofing: general repai pi is a al in- 
Mo, Int 7-5-8 room ¥.. 6587, 7025 Idlewild ferview; 10 weal “or 

erment Oak Grov 
Ronnmterse ate Ab et On ring; SSO TING. saint. 

wigow of Robert Wilscn. 0” = reward WIL 155 eee eeeee, b LS. 8130, | "me a ——o ad seo - uc ENSED: Satie 
BRUSTER Mortuary, Cla or a L ‘ = POIN 6 § A TME A. 77 
Seven er ta | DIAMOND RING eA aaa oe ACE SECRET SERVICE ; 
imney work . 
me; ¢@ 

ag As AS : and tostaltin furnace ace and 3 3- pecs We handle all 
Lost; white gold: 2 stones, bath. Box | he Post-Dis waterproofing: __ingured. 

ery. ( John 
ee da P 
FRED G.. 613 N. Twenty- 7 ge eg rie” O'De oor dues’ tater. CARDS OF THANKS Evening September 7 WAP my equity Ks oy Con Pes 0916 evidence” obtatne 
Thurs. mander house trai con- proceed! 
~' : LIBERAL REWARD | stricted tot in county "1415, Bissell. erete blocks. Call aH 7990. en v 
ferbe duis Bree uel) ‘e* — at y = loss SI. 8876 ry Ric ; ae Te c 
: : BIC : " 
: elle Herbel of = . PR 13, 1948, - ti urch.| dear husband, dea? son and ° eran ct Che ese) il in uraae ES wes mercial and residential: fireplaces. 
Funeral from BRICHLER Funeral | Mo.” © graveaice, 3 deans 2 apse TS tues wadicane) = anh V, | DIAMOND —ETICKPIN; fost;_fleur- | SwAr; for swa : aoe Rinne TepaTr at 
Home, 2218 State st.. Mon. 8:30 MEGGERS, OLA W. (nee Kellems), ¢ . -| de-lis design; reward. 3660 Biaine, ving rooms; w you? ; ~ | Does shadowing, ipvestigating lo- 
, HEEGE, MAY >») 44 av., or . ‘ in B » 1631A 8. Jefferson. t 
. to St. Elizabeth's Church. In- E, AMY (nee Hambley : Sak. eget M loved werée. the oie anh snemhere 1... SOUT, CHIPrEWA BALES G owes mates ges people. alize 

terment Mount Carmel Cemetery. x. Of the Interustional Brotherhood of | DIRMOND--Wests from setting For rriet 
OUR SPECIALTY BOETIGER, OTTO H., 5746 Chip- Fr bln Died” Seek tke El ey Ca Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehouse- pete aee toward. GO. 4960. Kk; reward. GO. apartment. esWhat do you want? caulking, wa Meisner, | gation; yeonauugation ed. Maty sus 
wa. Sat.. Sept. 11, 1948. beloved | Amy E. ’ dear sister of and Helpers Local No. 600 male, Shepherd, redd 56, aad "| Bueter: Mer. Olive: days FR 

and : 
Martha’ Boe f e brown, white lost about 1 hee -room 
ttger Samuel and Hambley, Grace daughter of ears, oa a et ioe x children grieving: $50 re-| or county preferred. What do yo you 

Visit ONL BAR | husband of 
/ ” Knorr), dear father of Mrs. Elsa : Schieifstein and er- -law, grandmother s ‘4 
LS BR IX FLORIST, (NC. | coz atze Sears Besteger and ene | law, “motier-tn-iaw, “grandmother, | suer, ‘sister-in-law, ant : the palibearers| ward” LU. 9071 or MU "| enetee he ss cg: | taretiaar xt a 
e er. from ' or down 
t-srand a tives and incpnenved from mouth | ment on brick b low: S rooms, |. Mason e. nise_.e..8 Md i 

BRIDGE thon eter aeieiete Heege at the BOPP Chapel. | Di'"Sidn. Sept. 13 11 am Inter: | floral off organist and so-| 2 Box G-334 
1308 . “2 seourl river bank Labor day: Post~ = 
an9 rat siege b385 = : 131 V Argopne dr “jp Rare woad, | Un- | Sant baolorinl am, ist for services, eqhd,, the << "\ccoees Shen ales tome 1Gr mar | CARPENTERS AND &8U DRESSMAKING—TAILORING 
Funera nthe e MYERSOOUGH, RUTH (nce Ever- ous 6 p.m. on 2 Ee ae “uo. _ WAN tatloring. alterations. LaFaivre. 
Te Colantal i rigary,, 6464 ‘toolemaet Heege was of Kir =n. MRS. WILLIA ; TINE reward, Box W- "189 *'Post-Di tch, ke 80. A: 7 5467 _Deimar. nnd 89. 
NE] rE S —— : No. O. ° un a ee. as i or DE. 6897. ca lathe. allen, | 4428 ‘Gibson (rear), | We build and finance under FHA. 
- a 8, e Rev. Wa ATHILDA BAR: rp Pee & ‘Alien, If you own property, you can trade ELECTRICAL REPAIRING 
a gg : CISA. ‘ GN the | inseri in on the pure: se svating or coun-;| it on & new or e 
‘FLOWER GARDEN wife ‘of the: oritz Bronemeier. | 1 dearly beloved "h sem 3, — -f . ~~ aod] ware Con “ATKview 6 try property or what have yout} sel! it for you. ™. 
aeraye $2.80 un: bask ==: | Se 5 : P kley-Hub 
— dics Gant w. Ord Hefner" of - Indianapolis . t and. relat : : ge ey ee pare wil, trade for anything: 1883 '8-| | CTElS-DUCKIEY-rUDET, 
3801 S. Grand GR. 9600 | in-law and uncle’ in his | Urrection Ce : a eellency ‘The M a: named | 4- apartment, tag tis "3548 Sidn Paes Wat rd 
year. NO WILLIAM Y. .. 2621 W. ph . : please return: ae nila griev- month. What have yout BoxG-273, SI. 3200. g 
Due notice of funeral from the A . ; Rev. . Steck. : * reward. MO. 3502. $.18 |_ Post-Dis wh. . 

— — i Ch M : 
7" ma. ‘BB | one Chapel. Bat. ii,” be - pifonsignort ee eee Ee P 
4 , A ' ‘ Nonn : the Rev. Father E. J. : conc nikeine : : 
SPRAYS, 2.9 UD LL. CADET GEORGE N S APRA : Metzlock of St. ~ Leo “ Rev. Tee rata . saw. oF nerete. bide amber ae porches or garages; easily fi- 
; 3rd and. Public Service : T. Suren for his” ing x ate SHOTGUN; Remin ce nenced through FHA loans. 

Detective Agency 

| ae 4.95 up States Acade , So Unk "Le No. : . . Re z on; A gauge, for portable D typrwritas, 4 
Bie Pigg en See ee ames a nthe dered opi | Ueaa, neem, Ab ari ee oe Chesterfield Garage Co. 
? ‘Pact it urphy 3 og aaa . sage eae . . mre - DE. 0243 

niee home; income } 3. tavern. ST. LOUIS: Co. 

ee eed ee Eo 


RST, ALMA A. Tacka- ral from CALVIN F. Fpurz| Milla MRS. H. FLACKMEIER, | plastic band 
berry). 2327 Hilton ntwood. . Mon., Sept. 13, 1: m. ae tS GREGORY and MRS. ay; keepsake; reward. 
Thurs.. Sept. 9. 1948; jens with St. Peter's Ce F _ALBRECE after 6 p.m, 
the member T - “our relatives. A 

friends ae “neighbors ‘tor their kind 

<< cod ions of sym au- 
, Karst, dear mothe bir express 
ay . unele, cousi Tackaberry. sis- 
ther. ter of Sree er, Rev. 

PO aay Me a us 
ig Re age = OF 
“THE FINEST" - tis’ 7 C. GoPiston, "sister _kimior! esi = fala e ray A nc; | DOOR: vari BRIE BR oe ae >PE FURNACE REPAIRING 
ae as MAUSOLEUM First Pentecostal Church. | J. DON- | iather-of ‘Nancy, and Father John Jaerich famil home badly. ; overhead garage ‘| Boilers, Furnaces, Stokers — 
Sark as, Nae es ss DE 2 alg 

pt, a SY 10: :30 p.m, HU 
St. | ‘out, first $795 takes it; will swap. 
: 47020 land. 

-room a en > ni 
W 15 - t 

dor what 

irs. elm iar. in: and : | , bs : a8 the pallbearers and thé oadition, smal) 
Funeral from Dationenn’ “hashand of Day posters Union. Local Number 5. F Board ma Ro: out- 

© eee DK WEE : eal LITCE L. : 5. rat burners and boi RS, ae 
4-doot sedan "46 0 or "bathe: cash aif- mR .. ; AGN R HEATING CO. 

: ' ; : 
1 1746 Wa 
Pes yh eT 

? : A TO iE: ws : 7 PP “ps : 7% > set 
sr Be orp amet g 00 lig week 
3; ~ Melne - areas 1: & eta y 

; ot % be 
or > x.” 
¢ ort, | e , 
* Sae* i 



—- fe i . ad 
“ES ORO Say 
b es} 
i ‘ 
- 2° 
j 4 . s 
+” =! 

Ti vehé SITU Q TET Eee Te ' ry-ST 7 YANTED— " BC 
dis’ aS eta RRR —MEN, BOYS ‘ : Ons—'\ WW Pm > a Sua wh bed aoa Ad. _— me GiRi! : = . - 1 ee LP ; 

: = 
- *~ - if ve x \ 4 
’ > “ _ ae . cre z ~ ye a. a. cei ~~ “Paw _— ~ _ ° “~~ vy vw - 
" " ae 5 : : | > 3 : ‘ 
z - d P : ie 64 : —_ = | es 3 zs iy ‘ o- . . § | & 4'.* ¢ . - 5 ‘ 1 
+ + ‘ a . ° ’ 4 ‘ . B..tte Aradlinasendiet i cams Dh has * ‘ &. é ss | . oe “ - - ' * 3 ’ . F ’ % * 
— is ciate dni , > - ~ wo ~~ me « ° . omen gpge~ a _ * P p t ' 1 ‘ . ‘ i“ . 2 fa ee wr" ~ - » , 
: : > . on M : ne ‘ =) ‘ r “gy ‘ ‘. - a 4 — ft - . -  & on : . . . : ‘ : 
’ v ai a [hh ; — % ' » < r = p ‘ ee ; rh ~~ : . ead hie ee Wine, OER tee rv: 4 + : 4 ‘ " is +? . » é 7 : : : : s ; 
PP> cam lp. wee ‘ « ’ . =— = , =" - ~ ; - 4 . . € . oP ie Se ' oe ts : _ ay ‘J he it a, . = aw ‘ _ aS . wet . : . . ' . a ; : . 3 : 
= : : ws : , ey ’ ‘ , 4 ‘. : ea Psi » ’ oe ee / ae 4 ~ 5 4, 
— _— ——_ sone . 4 al *i : i “a in TES Phe =. 4 i * du == ‘ 4 Zz ~~. ay ate. " a ‘ “ ‘ ._ ° ~ ; . a ie : ey 4 a j . : - Se 
yg 7 e wer’ Bi. Bul % Bede 299 > ey ae ele “ : - ; ‘ oo . 4 . “ “yy ’ ° - ’ . . ‘ 
* « ix : . ™s aes ce a . ro U i vi FAR “i [= a ae 7 ; - ae q . ; d ‘ , ‘ } ’ fe mi 9 x OF ; bs ; 
: — ~ 7 ? ey SB - . > U a : ¥ oe i ‘3 ae ~ , : 
‘ —s ; ‘ © " « ; 9 , : E ; 4 . = . 
%, ey Se : ~ ~ r ) q ‘ + 3 ‘5 
, Ori-iine We ee a. Rg Be a : : Exp prienced; no helpe 
>| . of $ “s 7 ‘ q a8 q 7 ‘ f & ? ‘ 
i ae we G 7 : ~ ~~ . _ . : e Om © ewe : ; 
Nh, ‘i : ¥ 4 * ‘ < ’ bad Se. 4 

2819 Olive JE. 7453 
413 N.S EENTH ST. 

ameatnglinnts - 7 » ’ . sad 4 - 
— —~ 4 .» > < F ° = x 
.. * . . A. all Z ; é n s x iz t IF 4 2 . . ; 
« i= = - ae o- . ~ " aurea — . " : " ; ok a Th ; “~~ rw * a ¢ ’ , * ; -, ; ‘ ~~ ‘ 4 
: ———e —~ * . 7 F ‘ ‘ ‘ . : si ; 7 : . soas By : 
ow. SOs, | Pie Be peers fy Before 32 am. : a, | : . ng. EB _ SEPTEMBER 13 13, 14 and IS 
; ‘ Vv ; : : rvs) b od , >. ; FR Ae. ry 
tur: j i ; Sytees _— ~~~ aN Sam Os’ f : ee : ¥DII ‘On: x a ne. | 3 ; ; ng 
_ ee » “ 7 . eof > | . . — a * - ~~» =>. ne : : a MN 4 > 
77 3)" TTTy 7 i 7 : * 1 — ~~» — 2 . 
AND’ Al ' : _* . ei es ins - : wn 2h: ' ™ iMa 9 : IC . ’ ; abe ‘ ; wi ‘ 2n' : ~ re e os Ae pe oP ee 
4 eer | ee ’ 2 > *s9"s \ : eo : és : mo _— . —— f - . 2 amen Antu ue 5 ~ = ° > : oen 
; * +) —_ . ; : on - . er © . ‘ a oe . - ~ ee ene = a ae Y > . i 
. a i reney 33. , ‘ 6. _—— “me So. ‘ ings ~olorec Te child TT anal | : 
a . 
. ’ P j . ® > rience : , " : , ' : r 4% - s: ‘ 
: - =, Sper. see! years; limited enroll- £ : rye | wry Ee te, iw : ~ a S : mernings. LU. 4025 Ford, Lincoin and Mercury experi- 
en ia 
he ‘ ‘ . . >. ae) > 
ve ; se. At é : ; ; ears Fae ¥enerier _* - -- _ - i es | £,° 
° ad rae ‘ , . . . : > orec »lae 1 iP = . Fer? “rr ant . 
e . } . * “ . ‘ ; . ’ 
FULL time DAY course. Yr ts pa ork fror L Si7: . | 
s+ - = ‘4 . . s+ 4 ‘ ‘ . enn -- - ‘ ’ 
7. " ~_ “ ad = - = ; aArnr ste on ? +* ‘ ’ y 
: , " ae , : e 

Three sessions a week WLISING MAN; part Ux RINTER, general fob expertenc RL: colored; da a cle | 
NIGHT course for men |_ Welds, "Post-Dispaten. | 962, Some, peme,  Ladiow. RE, high school; we F | WORKIN: colered: sleqning, TOUSary, | * fERPILLAR™ 0 4870 NATURAL BRIDGE 
Subsistence allowed. This- |—parlence: journals. Box W-185.. TST a eda OF | at ees raterences._ CH ¢een Learn and Advance 

Employees’ Retirement Plan 

[eH nN ss a ; . ee ee ae 7 | : 
sa ty 19 Mare Bie ee 995.) school is _ exclusively nelp You, » sredua ENGINEER eek; experienced. JE, 3108. | ‘reterences. Hemlock 3825 Ci a } 
' ALEANT en tlenee, hae WaT, Post Te tp Fe | a, oe MAN; oc m: $5.20; oluntary Group insurance 
fom See ae se DIESEL. 4 RTIET. [Te experience = = — =. ~ (4a boa ‘ and Su “o) and SPECIALIST . 
ec : se} 6You are cordially invited rr =” lawou ~ desires pre tne Shae . ~ rence. LU. 6786 os , : : 
; “ete. Lt ! choo Stan tome erences ROSEN oot aad Hospitalization Benetits shop. Cone 

so uneal. Full iefermation | See RTIOR, sumumecoers, IF re ai cH. 4444 sun. ait for Self and Family. 
ti , : ~~ > | + = 43 =" < —~ tt ‘ nc "y * 561% , , or an ami 
pe you with no obligation. aati productior NE. _6355 _ : | days. JE. 9 aE : mapa os cong hs lackb mn Motor Co. 
halt Shi fr Roofs G.). Approved. C jeld expediting, ea capers aden oe nc , ironing. _ JH, 7222. vag AB Ta ag & ay acations With Pay 
Ae ) + - 3 <b. | BBS, case 253 vile, references, IE. 2030. | WOMAN White; cleaning by GY} Hot Lunches at Low Cost cae 

arta [mes ner Pear areal erie ee gee eles t=|CLTAPLUIN ccasweee 
own pa Men Needed |. . SALESMAN, young man, excelent | GIRL, colaree a] Housework: | WOMAN, colored; gay work $5.2 
ped Men Needed | esis. SS ee Pen ee Mere] TRACTOR CO. | ace 

to pay. Call for free esti- 
sis P bI DE. f1)1 | sat uae Box _W-120, Post-Dispatch: ; in: |-GrRE a s | wrevrsn 4 
HILL-BEHAN LUMBER CO. o bed wit fox rabbi is ft , ay NIGH BCHOOL GRADUATE, colored, | WO! x colored: - ndresa, waab PEORIA, ILLINOIS. 

y + ; house fo! TL psc wa St yO TY 

Practicel “Diesel Ene ooh cen Ma x > 240, Post-Dispatch: or lawke shilérer 255 

a J 

ten SI ETENDEE cos ak onion the, , oo years re L S. 3 A . 
ir Conditioning oughly experienced: d hange : : 4) Wr < plored; ¢ ; 0. tt + 
| for kiddies’ shop for eur new 
Now selling to retall and wholesale experienced, wants full or part time / Leading manutacturer of cas- ing conditions, good quaran- 
a1 5 
Cee: ae ch ans SCHENBERG : tes; 40-hour 5-day week. 
ays’ service; ref- Appiy Employment Office. 
or em, 7 3 P.M, 
through A . 
9 a.m.-l1 p.m. Satu*days. 4a whole- me laundry. y Work for ‘ a i 
eames appliance; 18 me or chek ew lor } with executive ability for FAMOUS. BARR C0. 
IZED train in refrigeration and experienc 
school; national ‘leaders int n in- pt Post-Dis ences. : N » CO ; 
highly approve o : tT SUNDRESS; cok -| Vegetable Men; Experienced CLERK 
; cover- 
SEE FOR YOURSELF TUCK POINTER experienced on |y SW RTIRERE- good Teast Mon be ed. All replies held “aoe Pret rman so 
ate se chimneys and waterproofing. © | Rnuaaey #5 fod carters ESE Apply 6660 Delmar arranged. A\ll replies held | BLOw ET 
one my necessary. ‘317 4 8:30 te 9:30 
zw and = 
after Ss 5 pms drug atone preferable. pt oo Lucas 0842. 
t . : b 
- gvatial sonsSioes : es of- ladies’ loung - Ade that requires clear i KKEEPER 
eet 7-160_Post-Disp — fice expetrience; B.B. Bb yo 4 week; steady. . |. Must be capable of designing oat pe Bg A e - eee oetice good opportuni 
es TO eg ture. i? ia wee ene tour smal and creating forceful layouts rience with good cmatneie to sretp are ba 
AIL TY elasses now wee oe : +t, part-time ST and writing hard-selling copy. move into Aci0s, Fi accounting Bs. PF A) with x 
merchandising s 
Catered; “tam for preston school; des art-time work; vet- | one fding ant working conditions. &x- 
ful and fastest-growing organi- 
to A ising M . with 2 
o Advertising Manager man developing” company. wae > learn “muititith hes sta 
Supply Company | Bet sas nae pest 
Offers plenty of jobs at big 

SALESMAN 1 HELP WANTED—MEN, BOYS : Clayton store; excellent work- 
r a ae : LU. ane; as uals and slippers using pat- 
w ? ’ : : , ry ‘ . 
|g, Reenter PE Bagge AED . mop | Car: Bt, "Fouls territory "ony. erences. FO FO. 7860. __ Oth Century SUPERS ented process is desirous of | Downtown store. [ith flor, ; 
MEN WANTE[) | tevvemsttved""tea qe eS Apply 3722 So. Gratid -| psx 
my, line, nv Box desires experience fo ey Ace sentua | gto do at home seh CASHIERS FULL TIME District Sales Manager fo: 
alr condi men who know Ree aes Se ‘available after A ¥: : . 
how and re aim t. Ist. Pigase give feu details. | years’ ex mee: excellent refer- 3.9 ; GROCERY STOCK MEN proposition for highly rec- 
Santty ; > F ‘ 
rienced ‘all Y ts kik experier 
2 $0. LU, i907, $50.00 5-Day Week ommended man. Write Box Schaal: Whine en 
“or bust 7 om ss of a well paying job | estate, 1 child. Box E-343,_P-D.| ‘ing southern Titinots, sou Mis. | LAUNDRESE, bachelor Bundles, x- Part-Time Sign Work 
Hd, tor e698 ee. material aoe ' Y bs, 4342 . me- | “tore tion t VEGETABLE SALESMEN contidential. 
arantesd since 19 5976 266 Fist. ATLAS. CH. 373! not f ce. Box W- LAUN n ey @; 
5 chime ea ‘stopped. ‘s) ’ service: aiso curtains, SI 4942. Good Pay—5-Day Week for Seale ement: ane were 20-85 
GR : eo alia 
: | 3 YOUNG —calegs maar —araaate UND a byt “ADVERTISING LAYOUT 
$6. | student, draft exempt, with 4 years | 28 5.20. ro 383 sete! ale ADV RI | IN AY | TR. ACCOUNTANT, start in billing frais. Oday worl eae a will 
. > : grat, ¥ idweat “ait upply Co, 
udying accoun 
with room, board. Box : 7} table clothin 
ACTS NEEDED Prefer men with basic knowl ACCOUNTANT nt a viliine teady,’ have eae 
eater for local retat 
cellent opportunity with one of newspaper printing and publishing 
School of Practical Nursing Box =104, Post : patch. _ ork, G.I. bil oRi OF aU Bs a Post teh. zations. Apply by letter only, . ee Bop aioe ng . and | educatio tonal 
Oklahoma Tire and | anvet 
8 North Cheyenne, ADVERTISING 
Tulsa 3, Oklahoma 
cent eR eae =| POSITIONS 
de tool a a fay’ nuretn 
; 4 Rs ™ middile-agex 1 1-3 ttn —* a eT An 

Roofing and Siding Co. Commercial Electricity eee, , ell ~ . , TOUSES 2 alte ec Ox aN 
“ray tec 
| calling 6 on eoaere a and chains. or! “done at home, re y type of bundles 
Without Obligation. a. f and ¢ , “ 
M eOL: - | Bttice hours 9 s.m.-8/p.m.. Mondays BOY, | colored; 1G years; wishes —— Fy We're Good People to engaging top flight man 
Indust-y needs men with SPECIAL- , oe vate sab meee ne fi Box W262. Post-Dispatch s DRESS od; experienced: GOOD PAY 10 Central States. Excellent BILL 
een age 33: ‘desires change. Box 194, re ~Te 
ai ractical Shop Training SETAE aperionoed En ispatch Bee sckesame, DET a SHO-CARD MAN —|_j.140, Post-Dispatch, giving] BONIFIELD BROS 
- . ed: FO ‘ , , 
Ge see rn Yoke wisi | RNR Manetemee teee| PR. 6606 (Sam) | full details so interview can] 14) TRAC NE 6675 
word chanical trade with fae some Some Experience SILER ROOM matEMaRT man 
roning, days; refer- G-80, Post-Dis 
ag sales experience, would : | work. GH. 998 | 
a o_ and i no hts. Post-Dis. MAID, colored, ¢ ghts, AND COPY MAN 00 middle-aged apie 
cas tch. Pie le heated wi willtas to 
Se Pees P| et “vicre merchoiane | feeBaidekn Om On| Sen Nh a 
FOR TELEVISION Cnlored OLLEGE STUDENT, seni iy eoa8. ~ needs, Sone ani pee ADVERTISING MAN | 38 
_ AMATEUR SHOW CARVER Re Seats | eet 3 * et, apld dictates the Southwest's most success- | Sut, eoprentting and followup We | Sem: oppordinity tp learn business 
, rvice ; », GOS: 2485 bie r " . i i himself to ¥; axe 
work Box 
stating age, qualifications, ex- tion 
perience, and expected salary, one ent opporcunity for , gh BOY 
firms. Gust have know 
sw. ——s . . ,echar SOC . 
a ra : . iv. “ —F ~ - ‘da0-3- a : Xt need: 
AUTO BODY aren ee gS a ene aba pione OF 
General Trade School, Inc. 

1936 S. Vandeventer, PR. 0448 

Piaget Charlot School 
of Photography 

3923 West Pine LU. 196! 
Study under 



ate eteS ie Sendnotienien chindhtiaanaale - aiaameaeatee 


To operate Bear front-end and 
Atwater 2590 
Wabash 5278-M 

bet RBAN bes TORS 

rine a es: 
| a ee 
; . se 800s 

Select Foods, Inc. 

a PF ey Sano 

Tr .yyY 

eso Ps 75a te “q ae 

be - oo 
+ r 7. j a. $ | a3 oe ' ——- 
“ARD ef sr) 0% Zz =. | AN. coloted; house, Sesning. 
mo age a i . TT ——“areeeee a te 

‘ ‘ eT ee a - Nad ; * 
z hg Bo oy ; } « > 
ule as ¥ pe ee es o ee . 
- oe - - 2 ae eng eens ahs eu? ce? Bae 
iS a = ¥ : srr . J ; ae 
4 1G 7 —— re 9 : @ att rt a 
a ~4 oie -_ ’ a * =e - : * - * 
. sy x x se Ss : Bat . > 
i aay SOE i ee aa er ee ead D 
ee 7 . Bie nee 7, { af - ye, ver’s . bg 
é ier it yee Sa RES Cay 
TRS aie) me an ? 
ieee d aS . 2 
» a ~ ? b8 ’ +e SF a Se ~é : - 
it, Bs Se 7 i adit eX ig 
Pan, a a a 
+ rz. 
# “Ps = . . e a rt. 
dy ae tabi ee a * 4 Re 
7 : Re i RN sy OR, aOR Ta <2 eh 
fs # 
4 P © 
3 Ms , ; 
2 & ig 

—— - ‘Geta. Ma 
- ee ~~ fed bie —_—_—— . 
F ie ia ae sae. abel 5 
be ab 
. < m3 

aa ee a a who 

fe . * WS: 

ee OWE ee OR Se cee: itty = cote oF Be fer se eit Sak AP ree i ee , Ee RA 

oa: ‘ eo cath. ae a ; te 4 5 8 Gk Bits i; is : ' , ar Le ee Oe oe or eee te " ike Alles q ex : wes 
aa. i demiend tht, . - - ’ . . . — es - _ wr ; 7") . 
Ar thine Arcee —ee a im, BC rY' aK. iP Ww bea NT EOE. me welts vs : z di hemes iP WA he ttt ~— = ameneneea oN ~ o 4 : mes ee Panett ~ . — . WANTED— APOE ens cs d rs 
re? fom ’ »t Ss "= : ee —- 

aainke: gooa | MAN 4 a: small oi Mee 4 eter en : 
i ren SALESMAN. 
pase = NAN eerste 
= Must Be Able to | Siete, 2a ee ee 
: tas Se =, a - ay —— = : — | ' pias tn : ning ae i Work a 6-Day es pas 160: c " . a esman Strausser $ Restaurant } ; 
wes ‘poly 5 2. rket ' : 7 ry, Mr. Shaw, 308 _Chestnu % ir Monday, 35 man to work 3 
CARETAKER, GARDENER 7204 Oakland. ~ a milia. 3 ; Week : ng Pe . necessary; | “anc natal SR Some knowledge of typing, 
- : . rtunity ure. yS At avr . 

* #) yas a » Wan 
addressoqraph experiance help- 

"Tay Soa? Hong “at Meal for} stoker: living gua ct Bave ont : 4. . : 7 pportunity an = | nien, 
aed. rate Tseine 175 mouth. Box G-283, Post-Dis. | FLOOR MAN, layer. « n TN her alae ee: Aq 25.40; St Q , CALESMEN, Immediate openings th | STOCK CLERK, 15-05; pack ful but not essential: fine op- 
at > and farm we sher. 1 2 Webater_ 399 k signal C f ron si Bs her wee g NpBE with , . portunity fer young men te 

‘Box G-201, sorpaiety : — 2 : ‘i | i hysical examination, furniat A F 10 () cae AR PHO . stert out with a large indus 
i , FEN oh ous or middle-ak | t. Or ver Ta at TOCR CLE 33; packings trial organization; S-day week, 

"food. place to, live: . 3 3 mi | SeePatermater: S-sar we $:30-5, Call LO, 3980, Em 

: | in at etter, ox A-3! d . >. Maik t's Ae 3 Mevmreccy pierce P ant. man ; ! 
CARPENTER MESSE SE) Necded —(gucaeee tack Gee en Se Pe eee | ———_—— 

Palen; ‘Sf aspha and. resilient 30.40 preferred; whole. . alien’ . ‘or lumber ° . | YOUNG MAN 
tie : r etenay employment. ' ‘ om he business of Tum 7 aa We Train You Ta BW CIS on -  Post-] on : <> Ne Fa work in antique 
rer A RCLIFE Co. INC, Sale; oppor unity; fee, KATE RUG : aS1D Page, HUll-B yg oe bac. Hospital, 175% alt | “experienced, neat ‘appearence: work | Youre wen 2 do io was work in| RELLY S, 4314 OLIVE 
emanate good pay. State ex 7” RO mgt ae PPI Y HOTS FINISHER, experienced | aU yetts ate oN 
3 De man 7 pe ee : APPL echo weak’ Bex 2 5 | SORE MACHINE SETUP “WAN. et SF, supervisory, Bos Se ae 
‘ence. dest at. | atch alee Scruggs-Vandervoort-Barney | Apply rer weg aay 
flat Cen 3 BS | a. ai een CHASE _ ian, excel | “Nospital: 3 p.m to 21 Dm; typing 8TOC a8 to 36: wesk:, meen Bak o. ram 
Box £-416, Post-Dispatch E pinoesa, t letter. Box A-57, F —- ae working ecensary., 5 . 
. | _eane, Wroming. | aa ence. Ra ave, ple. etn Corp. ae ane eee : ; excel- ne floor. STIX, BAE - mace siust ‘for 
EOL ORVERS | St Si es & AN DY Ready. Bie We, Christer "Yr, ‘Aco: | Ot, Funure:, ca Sua steht aee Noe Sem cage ses 
| Rxpertencad aly; steady werk, Sak reno {= ees 7 See netted Tea eat | aa Pes Sapa 

e vm 22 3-3 p.m. pera Pp nst-Dispate 
&_K-S88,_Foss-Diepats (Regn) ou 

year-around contract: must a | om 
: AN, ler Jr. wark wie 
’ ia ble com- tian Dlinds; know of cuttin Z seidegedesin Gos, H004‘Oie Mopportunity pany, eee Caen 
. 1 palattng aS _ i state sal- . | ‘ eager o Fad % detatiis. ; 

t- Dispatch. 

TLERS ; fs must. he = | — . " : 
~aarsmads a | SBguhanitin” sa ca = PERSONNEL RTER. 7 géea | SERVICE WANS fora and as Sg: nga tggpen de contrel Mires 
: mr mg ae DEPT. fess magvon, | sot ria eam gee ieee) | INIITLIDE BY ke pe 
oo wx we ae Lt 4230 GRAVOIS—DALY ieee ete eee OUTLET STORE es 


rount tr : to 
driver; $125 2 month; stay; refer- i preter. 

: : a 
| SERN S ehRe SO-SOr te ae painting | — $< —$_$—$_—_-—— RTER; co erly; single; | Ferguson, _Mo.;, good pay an NTRAL H 
in office building. Apply superin- | ue water 
e _| tendent, Boatmen’s nk Bidg., te . er m. » a /In a thriving small city. A mar | YOUNG MAN to pack bake pends; 
Moy-miere ae opening opening fer exper! : ; work. A 1801 _ Locust. | yelous opportunity for the right able to work any hours iA Sun- 
Rell 5 white, about 50. for day a SEWING MACHINE man to join a progressive retatl pl necessary. Kroger, 3685 
URRGN-Ma YAP mNN re <e ex- MECHANIC organization, Please write, giving 
Bi —— . =D. te. take charae of 78 to 100 age and complete detatls of expe- oom he ana filing orders; 5- 
quired saiary. Box 662, Rea a ~~ = By SES | ” wience. Our employes know of a iN Mr, Hermann 
oh age Pg W. 34th sat.. New * stock os experienced ASSEM BLERS _ ADE ait ern Aust “be , at to as this ad. BUXTON & 8 ee NA 
Q _P.-D. ecessary. | ad ad_and_ Washington. older wor : fue 
TT ade ST Ne | k~ capertenced: . partment; permanent: : 
CU ER experienced: steady al | , a te $75 0 hn | HELPERS ‘Tr 3 Send. ee " i — c Box G-| 50, Post Dispatch ment, T. &. perms anent 0k VaR 
; ; cleat mE an awe wa mont : . DAT Ch — ; Modern plant ‘oe r on. 
= endig- Ops die ore m, board, laundry. Kirkwood | ° r <a YUL : 
oppartun! unity te richi | —Olive, Miss Hatfield. | LABORERS 4 ea an Me young boys in private home in st 

high | ) PRESSERS. ladies” Goats: good op commensurate : 

~~ | MAN; + filling and checkin ae &:3 a OP- State experience, age references Louis County; private quarters and 
perience a te Girecti sta ‘ics. GR. 9807. | rs: Senurtanent: tate | a O 3.m. pag ai a.m. gortuntty; steady year-round wo red salar t , 
ton operating FE <a MARQUILES BROS. ia c; apply Falkamp, d experience, Box. A-189, | wovrdiaclin Son a oe Soren R63, REALSERVICE Rox G:142  Post- Dispaten, singe 
iS, P.-D. : N. x. 

cLB m: Post - Dis | " 34th. st., | YOUN N, 
1498 — _—. NE. ae SN experi ye aa  mapnuractaring; = HUSSMANN experience net butt not t heces. | SCREW MACHINE CHECKER: | take charge of sewing depart: | ing t 0 travel i Naccouhting’. ‘s wit 
after, experience necessary. hours & to 4:30. white, 25-40: » 2 to 12:30 a.m.. in leather goods factory. | auditing oe 


UTTER. for s ding and bun- | e 123 5. Broadway, — ages posstbiy . 
a in good © ort ome i . | Week days. ae ROVE *0., 4i Vat = sow S nights: ‘hour. Jasper- experience and salary ¢X- | a t 

“tine: steady aad _~ sabe GROCER ae SO iso “Robin. BAN, wait on Mo gage ee and sell in RFFRIGERATOR (0) on one. . ¥ 2 Blackburn products Corporation, 35 | pected. oon edoa. Paton" ng thats 
RN | Box A- 

holidays and vacation, | good y, steady. General PRESSER: colored: steady. experl- Madison. YOUNG MAN, age 2 x . 
. ot | Yereckote, S804 ‘Chouteau. " ‘ enced only, MULTACK CLEAN-| SERVICE STATION attendant; «x- BOX £.47, POST- DISPATCH | perience in ape 25-38 vacuum cl n- 
ea ategesinoe atel H, sateegwee ERS Kirkwood 2000. rienced; gouth side. HL.__6286, dea live. 4 

an em- | Fi 

| CH. 1935. enced. 4400 Evans yi AN. all around work, in grocery 
DELIVERY CLERK: taide, good | ; experi- | and’ meat market, Jimmie’s Mar- | i exper on es, > | SUPERINTENDENT lor plant om: 
handwriting handie heavy mer- e 8 sander, edger, finish-| ket. 2318 S. Third. men's coats. Relia Clothing Co., ply 9 a.m. to noon Sto noon, 6669 Baste -: : ; b- | ¥O 
| chandis rs 10; 4g em, to i A. | MAN: for-”6—l afternoon  hewspaper 408 Re floor. un ploying 300 ? gt A "a6 aes , at home; ae, station Sxparienee. 
MEN diaei veantial previous expe | 
State age: furnish reference. 30 p.m., 5-day week. 40 hours. ; route; experience necessary. A. ; experien on es On BOX rintendent in light manufactur- | be per hour to start, y 9-11 
Mezzanine TX, atch Are you fed up with losin Pinan coats. Re 4 Clothing SET-UP PAPER ing: ‘oy B e _ © ames Box 3 a Ki 
floor. 36, igpatc yy 

Good salary. | R LLER. Sees AN; hardware store, Southwest Si. time because of materia | 
margin wenare steady | Fmananit, woot exportemmed, on | MANUFACTURER | 7sditr byanelies. os wary 

2 Weeks vacation. ' : = i. be 2° pir | Louis: ie age and ccred 
AN: 44 : Needs an experienced man, capable 

Located im north &t. Louis. _ : r: hy oe ge go Tose. | vox K- Pest 
- to machine “Tork cellent ¥. | are . wil . : 

Pe eee oe Sin Sea Heel Co., 3307 N oe | borers. | Mo. ret suiteing, and cutting, ance Op- | ence not necessary; earn while you aM 
pertennes : F eng d job; estab- AN, te; to wor ear ” "tak : : .| portunity with better than average | learn 19 N. 7th Room 108. hag 
— ; PR. 2833. Mr. J. L. Stama,| Sone sits S Gren. | Broad 4 , earnings assured for right party. PE MPC ry mm: ALCULATING = 7 ‘ 

ratory, SSOOA Easton. FO. : ne, transfer to experienc . ¢ c. : age ¢ em- | YOUNG MA ; 18 to > with inven- 
poo a ad educat =! bee Se Se Se Co. | Riverview bus. | expe pace SHEET METAL WORKERS | Rig gt B-. with tua for WeniGan's STOVE SoM "3001 8 
sta oo Saeatien Liguned a petentient Pine _st. ' M L in _ _mathemathics. Kingshighway. 

opportunity Op- | 1108 
Sy and hours: ey <4 advancement | WAN wanted for warehouse work: —— Shear operators. AMERICAN LIFE INS. CO., 1501 eFal atore WOrke 
| Bpot welders. Locust, 9th fl. opportunity for 7S ch retet 

clerk sea’ mail c ° . x conditions pleasant; would Apply 7-9:30 a.m./ steady, chance for advancement. | 
tunity. GENERAL AMERICA? inte ant in’ offices | anty. fsoo Palm Paim (3100 north). Box A-340, Post-Dispatch. Poke pt ttt: ssemblers. TEND ‘ER AND FORNACE_ MAN; | ris Variety Store, 
, INS. CO., 1501 Locust, 9th | to right man. Box J-132, P.-D. | — | arr unity 3 ra inters. | also tinner’s helper. JE. 4373. Ap- 
, COOK: day Work, no Sun-/ chine > parts: See ard | — na deli re ay eck, Gk to learn operating automatic presses. iu 2412 S. 7th ply: 3616_N Grand wer em i 
: no Sun-/ ¢ S$; state sa cery and deliver y w | : : ; 
in person. Mapes | on ~ fo ery Reference and age. Box G.413, | d | eastk As ae ee orist. ‘apply 9. 1 2 a.m., 2745 

CLERK TYPIST. must be accurate. day. =. 7 ted. x K-1 P.-D 6202 Columbia. WINNERS. y THE 
es in Louisiana, -- or viein- |_ Hf ollow cart and Olive UTRONERT cise ae SS “tarm work. house 25-40; factory work: days; 40- | BSS STW ake ae SHEET METAL WORKER |_PULLMAN C “CO., _§100 1] Bircher | bd). - | SONG EN coal a 
“AISTWASHFRO cee aed week. | department of wholesale house 

it . hour : 
1é0°to << start. Reply BK Reom gs oy A . encex a... electronic instruments; a rnished : ome vd A se Aue Ne Box E- perienced: steady > tee fo for right man | Expertenced on furnace and gutter 

dishwashing machine. Peligan's | ledge of chemistry de- | . —~tes! >Dispatc A- 
Grill. 32256 3 Grand FE : Pag seh a graduate min- | rand patch. cutter. must be | AMERICAN FIXTURE 7 cD Ne scemremg oun ty Apply 6411 Hampton, PL. Tractor-I railer Drivers > ¢ a ve, 
i need. NE. 9519 color, Work; | ' a for in de artment. m. * Perry 

aepart : tien; 6-day lit. RRERS > 7 
~~ t describe sell. . — train- ee — ees AND MFG. C0). for 
; AN. experienced: variety store t : Leundry Co ide 
pert > | — rea BeefSch wages. Box) ae oe gutter work. Kirk- |) p.perienced, furniture vans: 30-40. | gine 

me aarancens | a full 
DR ana expe ve fu > 
a ERK. Box Eat ee work. Morris Variety Store, 273 2500 Locust. | cod character: must be free wrap packages 
some ccou ' room. 
week; phone 

a _ Box R-250. st-Dis te | 
NSURA CE ~“aajuster wera Cherokee st. i expe ae =| x. a eviin- | SEE h | x 1 i and help aroun shippin 
S-day 1) | | AY MAN FE gon Ee - - white: fill orders. Apply | (7EN over U8, with wakery exper. | der printing Presses, folding paper | reer en lightin Gesawea: ‘toner: Save: Gee salary, ——- BUXTON KINNER, 306 N. 4th 
Rppointment. R. A. Urian, St. beets | for man with automobile, mechan- is. A-253 -Dispaten. | | 


fe renee. 

Oe ee we nee al ONE ARR. wer 

Louis area, Excellent Mee, ots oon T18_N. Garrison. ence; pay, National Biscuit | boxes, x ences. Box ¢ man oF own 
background: with national | for “Yandscape “work. ax €1S_Cass. oe verti ca 7 .& . Steady Mmalde | NITED VAN LIN ves service station: 5 -day week. Ap- 
and collision white; night: cleaning: | medium Poet Dis 7M plant. Box work; light port Apply at once. | 884 Hodtamont 4600 | _ ply 1416 I 

ES. i8 to 35; Promotion-minded maa experienced | theft organisa- = ; 
| N al Su days; K-33 t- ¢ ene: 
> al —— Satna | in window and fotertor display for, Sena “appiitation’ to ‘Service Fire | ES par ag Baeagate, : | “rea. «Sistah 1108K™ Locust oon | YOUNG MAN, lacquer manufactur. 
_rRust co. | retail home furnishing store out of | > ie Co, of New erty 360 MAK, general store er stock work. | 


seme: | <a oe set up. | SHEET METAL WAN, experienced | xenon sia ew | or no experience necessary ’ 
. age furnace and gutter man. 1159 | 1741, a 

“experienced: costa. Ya- | town; familiar with complete field | St. Paul i. Be io exiete _Apply 621 ferred. Apply "11am. Mo ay. me Walton. ‘ 

‘voices; age 50 preferabdie; refer- ef store display eapabie of arrang- ai 2 oth i- | 4 MAN: experienced | in “ja packing and . K. oi T t T | room; 40@- presih. Glaser Sree. 

ences. GO. 8676. | emeed: 1: y apartmen shi E. 2744. CHS: Se ractor- raver co Ww , 
s ing fleor setup and acting es super- . op- SHIPPING CLERK 

experience; exe Saas visor responsible for appearance |_“ : +h. "2712. 0S osts. work conditions” éady. Box : 25 to 35; high schoo! Drivers tian blind installation. Box G-115, 

and order of entire etére. Our em- | “Doo. a | wanted. ‘Trimming factory, | 18 “to ° 1" as << Savanee ‘to’ general mortice, “after | Gaiaog ™* cpetlanced. stats DUN 

pioyes know of this ad so ve. : | Brown Co. sund man ir unless 
gi | 1 Post- | a ts learning stock. 615 &. at. qualifications. 

complete record of experience. : : | acto , ston 2 : eee we” 
- t= 4038 Gravois, - r SSOGE READEE— 7 SHIPPING HELPER "| Box A-70, Post-Dispatch 

4 Box A-9! P.-D. ot = ae MAN A GER = =. Marion "Mananey, fore. | 18-30: ; "Gays, 40 hours § FRXTNISWHIRECTOR ER “YOUN M : 
on | | e . i > vag It . | | 
clocks | t | : Washington WYONS HAN ac 0 or aavane nent P.-D. | trade training in “vogational |in hardware and lumber sales 
ail makes spring and and weight sad - C ; e “See eer a |S school; must possess execu Shi) work: must be willing to work 

40-hour a pay at 
work. Box W-2 teh. | DOUGRNUT “CUTTER. must “a | 7 nd He | enced in SHIPPING DEPARTMENT; white; | ity and able to. supervise: training 

| perienced, night work NE. es a ony soa o75._ Bodiamont. 25-40; a loan and finance company | d ty a Ba sy Ph yay ogy Pr stadt, hard and stick on job to prove 
— petieness pemee, oS for 8. | Era b ag Box 74 ’ perience cours , x 

TRAVELING A AUDITORS — worthiness for advancement, $150 

oe the day en Saturday su ia e: y 
at” aehen uarters. ’ Box . ° ~ . ¥ . ; ' 
previous men's Post- iving, a and percentage of net warnings; a=. >) = 5 or more ence. ; steady work. Apply at once, SHIPP ING CLERK and maintenance We uire month, 45-hour week at start, with 
Sree, "WETIA. Sth and Washington. DRAFTSMAN heat ee cellent furore te capending. 20, |. oe ree” eens, i stb nerd water anit fee 2 semanenty inthe | ‘07° lar coatin 8 See Mr. Hune 
| Experienced draftsman | on Boe AcT4 "Post: -Dispatch. needs : ; : Vv icker at 
Coal Yard Man | ssn Ry ode “WANAGER terse commerce | _Slovment cH gia man, 18-90. Tucker Millinery. 963 shite uate de = nperiences and | 4/1 | BEAN LUMBER CO, 
ations: ‘steady ext trailer swith expense Salary. car ai-/ « ieiiene: enema 4 ; SHOE BUYER: \ well qualified | | ue Y., 16. 
| one steady (eapersenced == + ener oe vaind com : ~ th and | TOOL AND DYE" MARKER? Jobbing (> MEN 
mupestanneé = peatmes . oo — — g—-s~,. | MOULDER HAND moed. Secu * imar. ‘ ; shop experience. United Tool and 
veyors riving KNAPP-MONARCH Cx. / 24-28. selling construction material | desirable but not — Box | iS TNCo  PHbae HANDS: a é ional par ‘= area 16-27 years ras meee appearance for 
SEIDEL CO. 3915 Duncan , Beat and Potomac ain aoe BE say ne A-262, Fost. or" callanall | ood Pay. Steady Work, - for p : seag 5 aidan i seus hee tol qrators. (5); excellent workis schoo! nece = ye taste te 
FR. 6800 ) a os : ence al peg ol! filter - Union Shop. 2 Py , ; — as to age, heme gown lines ps future, ADaiy es 
| . ment. Louis territory. Salary. expenses} RELIABLE SCREEN CO. | Radio R M | Of ‘experience: enclose ‘picture if ERs MATCH C International Shoe Co. 
COAL YARD MANAGER AS eS BOX A-165, POST-DISPATCH. | {m4 bonus ag age. make 11504 Woodson Rd. WY. 1547! one t aaio dio Repair h snl possible. Box G-149, Post-Dis. | a a rere esperiensed: Employment Oftice 
: snitieind ; ' , steacy work. WI. 1812, 5248. 
tr of ery gees Bye ee repair department. eeey... ste wht a gareee og om- 
ity: 329-648 per week while 
TRU K lea : ted opportunity 

meld. | RELLY PRESSMAN, job_pressman background | 
AND WEIGHER | ant xing: ateady. Box A-22., ment - .~D. pa agg ag nem me mn MENDENHALL 
pramesion, on { if 

Jae einie age wn A —— Ee or: Get ger ser es, -— : and oe a : MOTOR EC). 
ey ; k on j bonus. free life insurance, 
perience” pest qualified, "Adequate “RADIO SERVICE MAN | LASTERS | [) RIVER | ste “Apply yoime oes 4 
T abteteciire nm, + ee p TFR | Sieheay 
§ QT E § | Ourahent toe oukatanain p oppertinity | 
= COVER TURNERS | mecPaseseme mg 
= Ee. Apel Aiton “Tele: RE. 0055. hare iad + : LINCOLN CARPET C co. ee 
a a | for slip-lasted shoes. Apply | NE. 7378. 
, ents “Tis acted, FonDierateh 2 e re soba = 2018 aadia’ ite ites dive ie 

a nly steady, men “with: ref- | z 
to_work hard, Box _A-: . , or PAL e248 Tbetireen 6:30 and ® NON-UNION -CARPENWER wanted: RATE CLERK : a 2 NGS. 

“ensigns Cor i ee ee ese 
: 3 | : conde bak ans ; Oi te ex : MEN 1). 5 stributin i, ‘operativn of | Box A-184, Post-Dispatch 


Experience Not Necessary. old. . | - |Spleridid opportunity for right per- 

Sunshine Biscuit Co. | S,0y%t02 Sanson Bere Hh Ant OLIVE | 
#: ee ATIVE 

ee MEN Biages ened “Appiy ‘Personae | 72:28 fine suer eS 

Flevator Operator’ canal ieee te Pees re ee ems | A = oe 

evator Opera Sparieoced. | 260 Ibe. or more: a, Baye boeumercial Ratt HOUSEHOLD FINANCE 

Sea | | Se fae 

| mi International Shoe Co. | 

Sali Severe} young for hedithy. vigorous | 
; door work : 



ella ; oe eee 

ey Pied eR 





$4.75 to $6.75 

Ww type Salesman with 
an catia thse of sales 

aMppecialty pacman and 

40 N. &th St., Phila., Pa. 


we all, on business ang 





Full or Part Tine 

: $758 I25 Weekly 

It's 5 Worth 

“Bak. "TS, Bp only we eehet 


If you have aold insurance or in- 

are betweer 30-50 years of age, 
we have a tested 5-day plan which 
will show you in § days whether 
you can make a good income in 
this business or not. It takes 30 
minutes to go over the defails. Call 
>, Harris, The Kemper Thomas 

Co., GA. 2466, Monday for ap- 


*tral outhern Missour 

permanent with 

of from $7 



work is on 
with a $75 weekly 


, Chicago 3, 
ing sales experience. 

The Procter & Gamble: 

Distributing Company | 

Has exceilent opportunities for young | 
college trained men, 21-27, for de- | 
velopment into sales executive work. 

and participation in profit sharing 
pian, car furnished; no ‘tales ex- 
perience necessary as thorough 
training is given. Apply recom 904, 
407 WN. 8th, Monday, & a.m. to 
4 p.m. 

Excellent Opportunity 

To stert your own business, selling 
nationally advertised Celotex Rock 
Wool insulation, siding, roofing 
end allied lines direct to the con- 
sumer. We guarentee installation 
and furnish free of charge sales 
equipment and will train your 
salesmen. For appointment call | 
Fireside 2238. 

reais cog Opportuni sit 

54 e We 



Distributor of nationally-advertised * 


proense, ny ~ exclusive permanent 
in Missouri, Kansa;, 
Men selected must be sincere exe- 
eg type with extensive follow- 
operating under our franch 
gram is p proven and su 1. 
e meee the same kind of per- 
Give full lars and 
erie ietier,” “nt arnings 
P.O. Box 2203, 

R. L. Hedenkam 
. eden 
St. Louis 9, Mo.” 


protected. Territory 

Customer lists 

of ba "art Calendar: 




We can take any ye 

mn Sess 

Consolidated Home 
~~ Furnishing Co. 




A . 

| Sere is the best dea) in the —, 
with fast selling line 

a top 
walue policies, plus ee Al 
mission available. 


Plenty of terri en chance of a 
Mfetlme vo make’ rea i money now 

AG G 8. CO., 


A-65, P.-D. 


Free to travel California and re- 

tenigertin “farabed ° ima 


ee - : 

uine Qpportunity 








for retail 

Thope in aaa 
uality line 
~ “novelty 
me ne 

59 Ni. 27th. 

Winnie Wearabies, 3 3059 

; now 
Binal to “sell popua! 
of table on 

Bottle Co., 3144 

OSPITALIZATION: no experience 
ee we will train you: plenty 
of qualified leads. JE. 9330. Mr. 

h car, to travel, 
complete line men's wear; 
ommphete | proposition 
for — acquainte with merchan- 
dise and omers. Pyramid, Inc., 


7 oa ; 
on td advance- 
room 505, M erchants 

oy ng; 

: r) 
doll : n. 
E. ts 4 258 N.W, Sth Terrace, 


ween ’ 
; must have car. 
r Bewing. Machine Co., 5713 

ay apd BR Ting ‘cal ont cuntomer oS 

passer; : must be bond- 

able. sor ty 4377, 

go ee with ag, 


r CES 

If u have sold insurance or inveat- 
mints. automobiles, educationa! 
courses, business services, or other 

a d et ae demonstration in 
that our 





CT ee a oe 

5931 _5931 Baston. CO, 8466. 

_Salesmen Exec utives | 

te. give age. persena 


Outside work; if you are et 
enced in 

outfit. National on Sak Dept. N-1, 
North Chicago. l. 


We can use 2 capable young 
men; 25 to 40; business season 
just starting; accounts pro- 
tected; leads furnished. Phone 
FR. 5922 Monday a.m. for ap- 

“tian new, sensationa! si &- 
play sells all businesses. Eineral 
bre. Exclusive opritory allotted. 
State experience. L.D. eee 
w ¥ 18. 
A car; 
and southern territories 
open, knowledge of automobile help- 
ful, mission basis with draw- 
ing accounts, work with 

accounts. rite for apr ntment, 
Box A-277, Post-Dispa 

wra : < assortments; bi 
profi attee outfit. lenge ting 

earnings? ag? comtnet "Real 

™ a 418 Title 

™. only; excel- 

e renew- 
-" selling low cost iife insurance, 

and : 
308 Good- 
Blue bnoe. 25, Arizona. 
tive line. Midwest Prod. Co., 

With wife to travel assist in 
advertised leader 
x leading sto 

selling a 
in field tacting stores. 
Full time a side lines. Very 
ger a account. ly high- 
experienced salesman 
ust have a, oone ear. 

nati known cushioned 


direct from a ae establianea 

ee. “Bull time 
, ae rous monthly 
es and, a 
t ucers A 
CHESTER SHO nae 112 Chester 


+ age etary ph tu mong 

Durever, mC Path Aad" av.. ~~ 

ne ae ae oy eee ent 
15 N. 

— car; Ps install- 
ive prop and commis- 

Suites aiuiinenn Sake 

i an 

ag a maa BOW covering 8t. 
Iiinois, on 

furniture — ~ 

ee and 

$75 to $1 sansa as 
sold items; 

every home; “co ; 

free outfit. Personoveities, Dept. D, 

900 5. . y. Tl. 

pany de 5 eee week 
ea week: 

nity for a 2 Mt 

ean. av- 

fin oh 

or Ar - 

sas, Kentucky, ; can carry 
ys; new in- 

vention anon 4 n 
jiffy: no eee: ye like Ra 

advanced; - ad 
ee. Campbell Co iver. : ree sam sample 

next wee 8 ng 
merchants new sensational dea 
that make customers buy mere; B 
waiuea: “free —- e offer. Btates 

Trading, 380 3 Weue 

MAN, to work with crew manager. 
bie tte, Sea Be 
; w oom 


—_— between 


previous i 

5 Sp rsonalized rvision d “art? 
"Rourke, experienced realtor sales 

proner for = eg applicant must 

P ly Mond rast 10 Pores 
“ART een ae 3160 Mor- 

$5000 and Bg ty 
proved eee: 

™ is a good, solid and permanent 
sales on: average earnings | 
$150 per week. Call on interested 
prospects; experience not necessary) 
to qualify to become an enrollment 
representative with this better 

and . 
feats al interview Reg “Those ‘gu gua - 

MEN" eke) Hit 

Nationally known pula price manutae- 
turer “ 


ment a eutla ma nt the 

an two Coo 
town, ee, rg Those 
with — be 

sured -_" 
oy replies Se a Box 
or new custom- 

ers; “experienced oe Deane only; = 
ary and transport 

tion furnished d. ABpIy af ry a, a. o.. 


co. ¢ana Oy ave st, 

household item 

duced ; > Sg 

coins fast, 

sample offer." 

“ A me 
selling: to 8 daily. Apply 1 
to 4 Monday, i ik oom 416 

NATIONAL concern has exclusive 
,. St. Louis and varity, for 

man with gg elling 
3, institutions, 

mission; must 

popular priced —" ; we * in 
Plastic a t 

ri, Kan 
a high commission basis, No ob- 
jection to non-conflicting line: full 
co-0) tion and territorfal rights. 
Ww in first letter. ‘arte 
Prod me.. 1106 St. Charies ~ 3d 

money, | 


> Work, 

Bren Biatng — 48 Pau 
varmaceutical Salesman 

EXPERIENCED: entire ate Jili- 
‘ceutical - 

aed WiC Weuien 

after ¢ rain 

= very two 
. e . 


state of Indiar 
rare ves f 

ta Wilt 
re et Ba hea 

for ‘*Your 
sal Glass 
ty. Pa. 
to ur present income; part tim 
Rawi . now open: alse 

full time: write at once for full 
wieigh’'s. Dept. 

OT-622.- __ Freeport. I. 


.* $60 - week interests K te and 
gz to work 
ae Sie! 8 

—. © oe | 


(2) LOA 



(1) SER 

t., room 

resent fast wing 
menenly 3 Ae pay furnished when 

gg gH Melbourst” Mr ; fe in 




Machine Parts 
Final Assembly 


out, form and fabricater de- 
tall parts to close tolerances for 
steel weld assemblies. 

Jig and Fixture Builders 
2-5 years good todl department 


machine, drill press 
planer, shaper. 
be able to make own setups 



(3) rh 


fut Pe 2 gs 
ina CLERK, 21 - 30 

otha duties nk. 

on Ye BE Ta 
® mt eS ee AJ —" 

1003 CE, 2394 
721 Olive St. 

(1) SENIO 

hag ge 


- $178 


clerical; typing; 

ys; to -——"—— —— == §150 



satarentineal t rav and 

» 25-40; some sev- 

food: some 

po eben : 


26 « 32: 

some college: drive and 


ear furnished; 

to _ 
(8) BEGINNER | SALE 8 - . 
MAN -28; 

Les TRAINEE, 22- 

(9) SA 




and work from biueprints. 

Assemblers, Riveters 
and Sheet Metal Workers 

over’18, high school or equivalent 
trade training; some mechanical 
experience desirable, to attend 
Company school to learn aircraft 
assembly work. 

Electric and Radio Mechanics 

3-5 years experience 


na ph. 

ee Til¢en g hn. 1927 _— 

rn cash, collect $9.95; pene: it; 
every merchant 8 & prospect; sen 

nothing; experience unnecessary; 
st vias: free outfit. “Merritt. 


~ | 25-30; able to assume responsibility 

IBM Tabulator Operator 

Able to do own wiring 


executive secretarial future 


Experienced or good typist, capabie 
of doing pen and ink layout work. 


2-3 years’ yey apy nee mat apes 
for master and 


9 Ra to 5 p.m, 

4 of you if 

eapprmeces: men or women: 

6149 PAGE 
ese, int ie 

¢ : ‘ 
« 4 acento 

’ ref- 



721 OLIVE &T. 



Nfo'Se; 06. a7. 

ASHRAF oe = nm ce Ne $2800 


hawt IR opper- 

ees oe expenses and 

MAN, some 

26 - 36; 
sel} to retail 

Mondays Till 7 P.M. 



RVICE, Inc. 




search laboratory; must be 

Ph.D, ; oe to —- — — -- $450 
no experience ; ro. 
tating shifts: dra ; 

exempt -— —- $1.08 to $1.14 hour 


ores. reed wa ak 
good, es cavancement -— - $125 
ge > ay 
= 8 
 B , experience ; ybusiness 


plant layont ee tp- 
prego 2 design of "piping. in- 

as incentives 

_- r) 
eftcrnieaL “ENGI INEER 
raduate with some | 
Xpertance for Se 
experimental la 
chanical aptitude and owl- 
edge of electricity and ph 


bn terested in oelting eeeree 
pment work with iar 

industrial concern In mid- este 

to 28: conege; 

rod ction r planning. IF you 
phe u nn 

Scion ‘ont - 



rea prom 
no OF rumine tees it 
Aa service: graduate 
— nm engineer: transpor- 
ion, ine quartere. auto- 
mobile furnished; two-year 
contract with three months’ 
vacation with full 


tions; — positions ie 



ER; foreign service; at 
five rience 


CE. 2394 | 

K — —— $2400 

AGER -— -— $2600 


le experience: “fun 
—— —— $8000 

‘4: ding materials. 

—_—_— eo 







; industrial 
e side refrigeration tees | . 
at Np ee — 5200 






315 N. 7th St. Room 701 MAin 5410 


t @R- 

E.E. eit a in 
to $4,500 




large users a to proper 
installation rvi and 

. ee eee earn 


HEAD; . 

cont Vv 
ing matters automobil 
fu Saitned: neal mogths ae 
cation with. full pay at com- 
pletion of exe 

dling major surgery; 

eign service: transportation, 

living rters, automobile 

furnish two-year contract 

with these months vacation 

with full pay on completion: 
__ few —a. a: 


; ; sharp olbes 
graduates: sinecle. Outstate 
“22; 1 odatnes college; me- 

Kay Williams Personnel 

oon" Olive at Sreng in 
338 Missouri av. in Bast mn — 

“Audit” . 


gg OE nth Site, Sob 
: = “Bee see | 

5 to 10 Years 

Graduate for 

anand ~~ crnics Bo 

. MPLOYM'T AG vy aint 

5 oa 
AT; \y 2 KR 1 me 

065 ecb 8 Olive 



ae ear furnished ; 


SUITE 1420, 721 OLIVE 
ACCOUNTANT: 5, years 

soot firm, 
At 27-35: assist = 


ani department, East 

cree Daginner oN $174. 
1sa0. r bank transit 
ye A 
a IT 240. National firm, & 
a 4 
° Y;.S days, 

TRAINEE, 22-24: read blueprints, 
sales future, $175. 

Mr. Hasselbring or Miss Wempe 

CHEMIST; Degree; some experience, 

perienced electri- 

aNGINRER: M.E. sre lead to 
ENGL “ new Gee 
ENGINEER: ‘and designs §280°3300 > oa 

ENGI ; Structural; water dis- 
: layout and 

evgitneaitd nx, 23-27: 

ars mechanical engineering 
tl ; gome rience, 0. 
ENGINE R: M , diesel ex- 

INEE; Bend dlue- 

rn ; 
prints; lead to sales, $17 


_ sult ITE 14 721 OLIVE 


1825 Arcade Bldg. GA. 6025 
Salesman; no experienes; good per- 
sonality; time and motion study 
= supervisory background; 



air - condition - ri- 

ence — <a om _— 
veteran -——- —~ — -——- —- $175-$200 

Se pen 
| "Teller-clerk: 

Office manager; 2 need; 2 years 

accounting; to — —=— $400 
Salesman; auto experience 


520-90 — Start $160 

| Clerk; use addi pet 0 

| Mafl "clerk; com 18 up — $160 

| Pile, order a 
} — $130-$180 

t Manager; Alton; 

2-30 — ——- —— $175+$200 


gp 32-40, Corpor- 
os 27-35, 

~—- $250 
TRAINEE, 21-25, 4.1. 

brie nated 

ee ; 4 
a. 7 we ru Si*Dik SPATCH 


REE CERN 4 100 saleslaies and 

“women exclusively" |. ih Ma TW Can you spare a little time department —s 

Pat Parker does't give women : ot Pa 

HIGH half er time «but ALL OF To Both Men Women || torte contd dey} NeW Kresge Store | uaitive for advancement 

USUALLY tinge" ae ek us, Meet cur MAPCO — | chasm. g bea ne ge SE en hy Sg 2 Rey el Tal hone Co 
SFF agg and capable counselors. M—en eresting ‘nd seohthe le, “ to open S00n. rk: NER * ~w, ‘ x she Pe ener ey | 

KAY will : as he of the smart St. | : bee ' . | 
veg | Vance janet Ortice, | COUNTER —AX PH 
_ ea A—gree! : OR Experience Not Necessary. = AL: sohie AEE Ckpariene bas ae . aH 4 OWE WOMEN | 
Short hour arrangements. Seaenbathe Sree wit; | COUNTER WORK” -a: “aahh To learn shoe making. Apply 

|p. Hours Monday 3 to 8 p.m.| We Will Train You, sar, state age, experience aye: Bo, | 
KRERAGS cua P—lacements — jiu ret Pa Sith Site —copamar | OOREER AO EK aeery at | YOUNSON STELIENS & 

should have Kne wen BT 
a.m. to 4 p.m, Apply Mr. Wade. Bnce” OUNTER ef Fels ; 4256 Forest Park Bi, 

: — a 4 CLERK ~~ 23-30: future: 5 onsidered Libera Apcesen privileges, ocean Gri, SIS West Florissant, 

ADVERTISING 25- alary and commission, 2 “|e RL; experienced. wim 

net = ag shcREr RY- 1-32 7 () utstanding : Nails Mezzanine Floor S. S. KRESGE C0, arrice rat : ' ; Sek ; : GIRL 
ing samp > : : nk rane Pr days. g10 

ack Cat Cafeteria, General expeth 

Roshi oo 7 STIX, BAER & FULLER 24 Hamoton Village Plaza. TER oT ; ae Fn | . aR aR pn pF etenowraphy 

Box A-378, Post-Dispatch 

ng tn. Louisiana, . or 
| ity: - position 
Hours Monday lio to te nd alt company 

9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m, : paste 
Sn pee ae melee at GIRLS 
r week, 

fain: S-day. to — S150. * | "821 Locust or Sb64 Pastor Doubleday Bool 31 ERK: a : woman yore ga furnges, Se 
0m BITS | ee ee MAnaKineg & nop: have wood | "aa ga tite ch sorters. RS y: 3 vecatigaundey. HE. B08 

| ; : : SSR anen’ Pr FU ce). i. cnaltiane, A am Abply 9. to. i Tam | omnes pance wor “ ome . NECKWEAR Co. 

(1) CLERK-TYPIST -—15-30; : ; bata, PA. S230 ‘WRDLE ‘ies ate | «Work alent dietapnone ; ~day | ' 
- - ' rit a) 3k : So te. : 1 wie Sates ag Johne- dian. UU or e 513 Olive Sf, 4th floor 

(2) —— 19-28; : oe. time: $s Crap Agata Ata 
good at rea; to -—- -~ “ sis. 6221 Kastor ty so > A4 gal | . oe Market were eHlens ANT. alert and ; 
tg +) , ; + . ~ - ettte > sf KRE: 
: SS MISSISSIPPI BPL VALLEY beginner: pilonal funtt rong balled | $= ory racin" desired: pnone co ection 
SRCRETART—21-50; op. - TRUST CO ap Heant. “Forest a, caper eee necessary, Apply. R. White; learn a irade; speemane 
to ; B-day ), 1641 Ly. d i 

spc en ad né_ Oli aod ne non gr RM 
‘ - : E ~n nt: way & ve c : Wash, €xper 
7 E B40; =- g152 ELUTE DPERO TGR, wast bave| BURROUGHS POSTING MACHINE | Will tain; modern attractive of enced; steady. Good working condi. ie WEISSE 
ntiong $0 following: 7 ; OPERATOR} accounts receivable, | fie; pleasant working conditions; Os ye waxes oan. Bt ge a Eié6l3 Locust Room 
Le ANT: routine | fo r ss. will train beginner, rn En-| S-day, 40-hour week; permanent. iste = ANING CO.. 4225 W. Easton. | 
igh school chemistry ; bs a - ‘etx . Co.. 2411 Pine. Pt RO oOo. 801 Locust. On: “th i or peri Sinn 
‘peri “oe ieee —kineering ———— am tine A for tempi ing ,tunen meats | A a nice home; 
- ; i. : n ots’ finest stores; experi- aus ‘K; own poom: : 
HELP WANTED—WOMEN | ns 20% TOR" 1. § BUYER tice: Reneral office work; must be ence preferred ; good starting sal baby; experienced : bo SR 
future; | wa mapmans oe ERR ' * : atart S135. Ritiott Addressing Ma-/ "= noon CENTER | 
5 Y . ‘ UTY oF OR. Steady. Drancries and home furnish- ine, JH. 045 8i4 N. SIXTH. | 
8145 | pRECTIONL . Semen 8250 | mights._ 4942, Maryian¢ ings department; good salary, aa: STENOGRAT mele ay DENTAL. SECRE : 
. . v) ~ " - * ence ece wi) . 
STRNOGRAPHER-TYPIST | “ S08 nace ag “e Ro Olive, ee | ee State gual fications, To pack Goes 
_ A 237. .__ Post- -Dispat ch Cal! getere 1) 4 

- — $180) 
IN OFFICE” WIACHINGS 18-30; se mE depart - (Offers many opportunities te young | SF CARY : 
20 TYP : : v1 ~ S188; n ace anent er tem- 2 : EPT. STORE tidna ; = 
£20 | i women aceking permanent or t | 2 _ rhea ale , BUSY BEE DEPT. STORE ar ban a bine ih “DESIGNER A (+f HAASE (0. 

‘ 1 FAS : 
Was a “Bert ne for experienced (is exnand 

A Tw Aaa A AE Sal eshte, MELEE IPS 

Pt gine | porary Gales ‘work, Belay, 40-hour 

—-25-28: 8- | week: discount privileges, Tf vou are | gu park saps. | ERT et 
| day. crn ys ski to-—- $1! between the ames of 18 and 50, “Nat > "Co? CRLSULETOR, OFEk: roe machines: | ment, ute insurance riot Sed i et Rg a ah. 
Se ca eh oe FAST att | able to meet and serve the public, ) discount. on all. pur- a one, 
: api : . ¥ lary, Ses 16 
n nr mt) . . : qrani " wworks wee 
Open Mondays Untii 6:30 (2) INVENTORY CLERK - augreasive “ent Gulemy of gee 7 RaRR & Ful 2 x .| hm NERS ie ae atch eect seed work: a0chour week: Rm tp 
; aac ; enced on junier S p.m.: steady employment. Start- 

RR 4th _Pioor . 9 6: 40 hours; PER. SITS | earnings, apply Mexzanine fieor. | 4 DD ) ni 
S a bs WER GROVE este ‘ Tesses ; “must be R e to cut first ing wa 
"RUS pattern. Box A-77, P.-D. mate ge 00. per hour and atte 

SET ASTRAL Sebi teemeas 00? HHERE wEPS wm Ty ure FULLER, Memeeegteenmeeee| CAMERA GIRL |aaee Picea ee] Dictaphone rue-nteaere 

needed for eis Mondays Till 7 P. M. expe 

Bite CHINE OPERA- Experienced. or wilt train night MONOGRAM FOO 
s-aay - at HOURS MONDAY BILLING MACHINE I ats kere area 
TN’ MERCHANDISE " o AM. to 8:30 P.M. 0. ) | Wards, 4pm Mr, Moore) Ss ae ie as Operator 


- : . a en C ew sere; Be 
phy eg tet west 18 to 35; white. experience necessary tM > Pr 

. gra te; e ' 
45 nright, 3 
a rker BERS: Woe tansir wast ee : fifi tied ee ah RED CROSS biatroone WOMEN 
p Job Evaluation ; Cashier or Checker Spree nent mt DIOTRPHONE OPERATORS a chirtished 

te ° ihe ninth fi to y; 
women exclusively : ‘ ale fea: perma day week; air-conditioned office; ed; : permanant: a 
00S Che Bid MA. 6343 | Na yS Evening work in cocktail nent post tet ‘advancement perme. vacation, bon Bo ae P.- a) hour start 5 138? Fe Li 5-day 
i mical Sidaq. lounge. Give ace. polidated Forwarding Oo, 1313 N. | “oortenced — atatiatical typing: | tse ar 1327, Ferguson, Wellston. 
Exmerienced: $'/p-day week, CLERK- : ne depart Nolan CR baa0. ee ae Lae 1? a atoc 7 

and $420 | 

LINGERD TIONS 3 7 re . : | na 

—_— ecel | PLE CL ar NIFIELD BROS. BOX G-180, P.-D, it For. HOCTOR's : ASSISTANT > thterestt i. iia owe 
experience. or ont = experienced job evaluation ex- BONIFIELD BRO wardin tion “ag ongolle idaied For ot rk he Br mi bee he or. LOUIS’ NEWS res 

stat S000 | advance WA LIK! 
COSMETICS. buyers; Jooa! | pert with administrative end TRUCK LINES CLERK TYPIST beinnes consider |-a- ost-D GIRL, woman, stay, care of chil: 

— 100°. | 88 ick, 72 ! | 1412 S Bt A. 3) ed; neatness and accuracy essen ESS to alter dresses dren; gcenral housework: 
: . rT = . - mye 5 Ay 
oe; 3 shar ~m| Re kar ‘Las ~ tg ™ * ‘ < 46 AP cRS a na Bang steady position; r 
; train Gietaphene; tak e be ee . oe | Aca 3}. Post-Dis te n 2 adic wis wi salarian The Emporium, fe 3a Sosa washer and dryer, © 

} «| 

SONIBT. attractive. Ag TO APPLICANTS | ferred but not essential, Please 23, Fost wishatch. ative Faston av | Se 
. ve: . 
—— $120 — rn, eS ee | Accurate typist: train for PBK; ex- 9 state age, education and ex 
work conditions ; $130. 

attractive: per- 
wom MEN ' rene 3 3) 
_ ee oe | ART NEEDLEWORK — IN- 5B <3 perience, Box A355, P. | 



RS years Railwar Exchange Bidg. posinkes SERVICE, 

Cc . 
Aeet im- | circulars, po Pay envelope er e Upstairs work and 
rienced ; refers 

) S day. 40-hour week : 
Bilin Clerk . Typist sm Personnel Office = 7 e, achooting, eats s, ences * 3150. Ban x 243. P.. D. 
| Box A- t-Dispate < - ‘ 
. S days: | Str Uggs -Vandervoort-Barney 'CCERK: TYPIst, Sapeitonced: in iD one peral on ceri women s wea? 
modern etice | charge of organization registration man oe me order and sqmole ae- 
equipment; experience necessary. CASHIBA-STENOGRAPHER: Insur-| Must meet people well, perma nent, | ent {| bermanent: 5 days; 
anaes capable of handiing office} 36% hour week. Box A-119. P. -P. | Whelesale firm, &day week, per | ficemes .. bin 
JE.4610 MR. POWELL} 0: | 

to SS: experienced or will train 

utine and detail; 28-40: | SLERK: S-day week; must be cing apart 
single: starting salary 5 WwW | at figures: salar leagant ’ r+ ’ ment ; _srenoa increases: expe 
ow for advancement. working ea; Food ma pO ce ram manent, Artophone Co p., 4200 1427 Clark Sunshine Sie 

Over Famous- Ba ARY: (tight —short- . 
! F 2 Mod eurtam factory needs Foot wear, > Clark. Forest Park, 
Bt after S pm. by Ei ease mand): 25-32: must be at- mntere Sy ~~ c | CASHIER: .7 ne Oe LER eaten at try Stes SF Fare 

_ 11 0 | . Pleasant working condi- Bi ae t+ 3 Apply daleony. SONNEN- | ‘accurate; 35-hour week; alck leave | BOIPH: 
IN SECRETARIAL os | e ae ypl S FEL B 10 Washin = and vacation pay; permanent post- enced or typiat willing to learn eal. 

salary up to} won. A Sth f 1134 Locust. hone may apply S-gay week. | GiRT. 
$2 ct : 

RB SARBA ARA A \ HUTTON | RRS TARE to executive; sses | : pe ern SY | CAS a 
S-day --- | Sirs. Be Air-conditioned bookkeeping office. | +3 bs * nag v’ Sede s Dept. Store, now 
| TECHNICAL dictation: “Fas up i | Midwest Curtain Co. | S-day week. At say of shorthand helpful “put not es ee ee beginner typist erred 
1 d@y | sential. Midland Products, Inc., oa e, exper Seog and SSe Missouri Theater Bide. aay. 

tarial; south: > unlwersity —_- 
EXCLUSIVE JO8s FOR WOMEN | Set t | 1232 Washington, 8th Floor | MERMOD-JACCARD- aad Saturday: must must De quick and expe- _2200_ Gravois, Apply. La Dor. Nokty Ste oe 1% — TERI 
ETARY-office a And ARE YOU THE LADY WE! Teas BE Bee res super, market. 3843° Wilmington. Cather CLERK—TYPIST ELEVATOR OPERATOR — ants = ky ‘S¥4-day 

. tholic, single; S-day wee | : . ay 
ety: 5-day week $175 ~_ i town: . ARE LOOKING FOR? office CASHIER-CHECKER:; experienced; |_1200. y pemneres aft 12-14. atk week, CH, oi4. — 

IN SMALL OFFICES ._ 3201 Morganford.' | CLERK: order department; general housework ' assist 

experien aay 3 Be 5 LEVATOR OPERATOR. — white: children’ voter he! Bi $20 to start; 

A SS a LO A TID... cpap < eeiCeaMRB RS te 

; need | in 
flair -—— -— -— - _ none 
SSIST z : ' - e : 

: rnegie minded: EMPLOYM'T SER lence, ———e : : e CAC dry cesning copercgsed 
nouse . — - > 25-38: aoenieae ing. has ’ . or will train: S-day Wee Wm. cLERE-T S Be: rei 

SECRET ‘ shorthand : : some knowledge : : : erences, CA. . 

sona die: apice-of-tife duites. cowatown : 1 reel and sees M. Perry Laundry, 4838 Natura] | © : necessary. Soe. MISSOURI cn white or a colored, In 
aa : | AR GA, 6173 Box A CHECHEN AND WORKER — ape 0 ae a en eee 
LAB. TECHNICI : bad N. 9 

GA. 6172 Mon expe- PERATOR, whte- 
rienced a : » | office building: . Room ae in Gookina "solle “heuer” 
. 91 ive, Gd wor: plain Ouse 

poy ea “AE wens soot tae 

: i General M tile and H 
t tee: ALL POSITIONS | ' BOOKKEEPER MULTACK ¢ AN o, seas Park. MSE 2158. atthe Siiced ea jimlot rk; adujts; excellent’ we wages. PA, 
| Wilmington Cleaners, 6143 ‘Mich)- enced | erred. Broadway “Laun- Britt & Co, 1906 Pine.” AES and Housework; stay: reference. 

a Kay Williams Personnel 100% eg, es ams | sea mies aces are [aR ae | cic Eabcbot hee ree | beatae Se cara 

q : : 17S. and } ) : -" . White: experi need in 
ph Ey Be Gee, =| cartier sales: | Sey, cleaning plant: top salary. RE. | ins, ang clerical work: S-day week. LP; white, 20-30 
he MB nn a - ——- fy y- piecework 

Sn Fricsy: sopewotan axitis 225 | aan M | ei, Bodh 
PRX: office trainee -- 155 , CLERK. enera n- - weak 7 : : 
Te ys ADVANCE ACCOUNTING FOOD CENTER | CHOCOLATE DIPPERS | Ger alll ity tiie go |_Setfeat em bom soe ee yg 
Ayamut. except 7. Gal Vt heli taun:| File Clerk- es | Rftet school; age 46 or over. 1018 

ular work; 
. to 10,000) Suite 1065 | FEMALE APPLICANTS ; | Apply immediately, personnel office a 
ter | ee -Vandervoort-Barne 526 . sa; |Bexinner. acceptable; starting sal | 


. apartment; good salary, E 


Bex a ss fista’ Pe . 2 4632 West Florissant 


General; state age: on —_ refer- | 
2 weeks vacation; located in north | “ree; small typing. sce Sool - ante High school graduate; 25-50: 
. St. Louis. Box A-281, Post-Dis. | Louis, department’ and rene econ 
: ; DICTAPHONE TOR: sapab. ‘ a iK-TVE jnale. down rtment : ar 
: ; RAPH operator: agency. week, : or vance- ‘ i : . 
705 Olive. Rm.310, MA.4675 : rieneed: midtown location, ot ble office, excellent ce cs a General Electric Supply Cin 
. : operator ; s - gonvenient : Bo: 2. Pe is) writing, . Call Ralston 

* ¢doctar) : 
oe excellent opportunity 

s UPERVISOR of files: <iguye: S3N0 
| SUPERY ARY: emall office; 
| TYPIST; some 




| Fee 

ILE C ; hewly remodeled of- | GIRL, to mabage “laindry branch, 
Sine: gin verman opportunit Apply st. Louis Bachelor” Laundry, 

4115 Olive. 

A . 
gh E-417, P.-D. : 
eae ae mr ae oe aoe letters for the ‘col. OPHONE Co | CURIS to workin caeraving shopt 
Bookkeeper-Stenographer | lectin ef suen sari ts clean, light work. | Southwest 
grencrmm re | CURCTYPISTS | seeetateeceur air lias alba 
: tay: 

figures: 80U 
contractor's fice; 5-day ‘BS : car; new deal; 
week. 5-day. S25<hour week; home of- | sailary. car allowance: Flue rer wi ao, aay vk and 
AN | fice @ife insurance company; | _Lab.. Inc. 4005 W jon; a een van or cooking: for employed indy and 
pom -Ob, Post-Dispatch |  parmesset samee | O 3248. Some age moog 
Call Mr. Gerlita, GA, 2126. | learn VINTERER-OPERATOR ava 

94 machine and, light” work in in. plant. 

THAT'S ALL tion: 8 Gare S160 | For service complains: suet fon tase a 
: for experienced po Be we “BOOKKEEPER E A j TA * a rmanent nee ai . 415 Lueas. 24 fi 
_ é ; for 

— $150. There is nh em- . . . 
Yes, ft's true. “y een : : distributor: permanent: white 
" . for , sta Floor, 8STIX, 

ee aes wit 3 ARTOPHONE CORP Sty, etc. S-day, 20-hour | references,” fon A-S37 . 
office 230 ene e : CLERKS |. ie ~ R HAND WEI 

$10 | ; | 
$150 : - Offic 
i have a ‘arge number of imme- : : a oy | COMPTOMETER OPERA Apply De Drese Co., 1134 

: : se : 
| , . assembly ; B-day 40- hin ; ‘ 
ae beginner ; : $325 : me ‘ . , gn Se ieee ae 2 3 1s. : ) EWERS; | housekee : 

=| Persone ervices Lo. tina: ns | veg, zperience ond sSvancement in salar? and position Se Me tees a ae 

— experience including ; Room 1752 Pierce bids. "Penny. Pest, inc... 41410 OMAN: scnaral Boul 

sergio mcm THE Se Needles LENS TPSTS_ 

ONLY ONE 100% oot fee “ MONTGOMERY-WAR! 12 tees om iadlttt Wiest | 

international Shoe Co. 

FREE SERVICEMSisPeer se immedi ye «| CRS 
(Privately Owned] ee , ay tea 
leet be! fs Wes eA ee "ees| (ERK. TYPIST 

17-22; to t factory orders; perm- 
anent position on; S-day week. 

105 &. 9th. 

"aren? WiSeasaut ‘working conditions; 

2626 CHEROKEE | 

> (io 9 on 
2 z y , : . ee 
#s ; A € a 4 es t sm 
is j <2 > 4 
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Be or x Pay 
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ag sik 2 

sy a 9 Cae —_. * = os aes alten ne 

Rape Sy hee 


wwe ye € st 2 aS Oe SS 



te 37-hour week, $208 month ae: 
zi. . + Schwander Appliance C 
aay Good working conditions, must be 3920 Oli 

good stenographer and eble to 

do some statistical typing end TYPIST 
clerical work, Tpremate:”” 
LEVER BROS, CO. — sot ue a Fs ot 

art - Pe UC . J y * wa ‘~i , | 3 > a ‘ 4, ena ~ alle & THIRD THE ARTOPHONE CORP. 
; 10 sthinghon ar . sa , ' IX. *4 ) oa ‘ ; . . m ts a “eri — ary: : 4200 FOREST PARK Counter-grill work. week, 
rom i‘ a. —* . _ . Gar eK o on 2 POSt = LiSpa A: ‘ deste Te : 

Si Arcade Bidg. S-day week: ex- 
cellent hours and working condi- 
tions; good salary: opportunity 
for advancement. Box A-344, P..D. 


Shoe factory tickets; will esas 
beginner; fiture, MA, 6238 


18-25; &-S pm.: S days: will take 
good beginner. 

~__ 3914 N. Union 

, . . of i q ’ eh} 
y . . 
a_i. 4.4 : . ‘ ~~ 3 7¢ & bie bs —- 
: “ en Se . : " a 
r z : > | ; ~ i See 8 “ ane oe > oe « ? 
- ———— ~ —— ~Te : ie teas ; ' wet Bele for ol & "es * 
ry sie’ “ n 
’ bel ts 
. . tw ‘ " ‘ “ : : } » ; : ecu- 
‘ | .. ’ ’ P ™ 
-* Ae Mere a he . — ear * : ; " ; ? ; ‘ ° 
; ~~ wl ve, ~~ . . 
- aS a. ‘4 A . . te et a ’ i* ‘ « cy" 
a —' vs : dena - arate - ~ > s > ; . 
: ; 7 . sy 4 
: . : ee.’ th : 

Tyetes and office work; . 

Geko Serna 

ee : : SISHERS white: per ' nent: 5-day week. 
Se aE rae mart at ace: 2] ANGELICA JACKET 

at once; up to 

eo aa ’ “~ ~~ = - ar + . « 
te . ; e«'* e 4 ‘ * . a . , te 

- 35 W. Easton. | firs 1421 OLIVE 

SOLC rn 

TEN OG ARHER ; xe hced; 20- | -—— ¥ oMAr . i Sen we hi 
feeder | IYPISRECORD CLERK) see Sos etic aeeer| re 
suereun pox Ay pst~ I . Te -- =" 
see: dnight a 
3 Pleasant surroundings: opportunity aot! fo time or full, in ‘ ne ear 
Mil, 2 — you, hiale lh 

SALESGIRL He FINTERER ARENA To | Pour week Bemis ro. 
general work In antique eR EE aren —| $F Whoaei PH r CER a, for advancement; see assistant . A m oa ae Pan cla x. ores, 
hale: . good office, cen-| manager. Mayfair Hotel. . oy s4 ; puss 

S, 4314 OLIVE : . tra ted; BAS with advance- WAITRESS. wita; cotfee 4n0p ¢x: _Ki 

“ A ty 
isch “feor “after T pm. on- sa 
. Gariand’s, 410 N. : Lt nis Box B-111, Post-Dispatch bi eras ase uM H 
. rma- 3 enced ; rience, rs. arris, 
py A Se: en dvance- ns : xe 
=] ment gioortettn. : ) Je’) < ¥; r penmanship; F week. TYPIST 7 . a 
: : . | rk if qualified. JE. 2166. | eineette, NESS . Static i 

In billing department: S-day week: a : ah 7; ataFy 
must be fast and accurate; north | eye 2omer. _ aii Orr Chr 3 . doaten 1 ent all 3 embceeea 
Kingshighway. a; am ae ah tants AAT BReGE DE OK. white: for 1, name oarapies? 
cleaning : vaitterent t, simpatioeat 

Silk and wool; pleasant | BTENOGRAPHER: tasurance expert . 
V. 3000 WAT SS white: " soy rm sup All-Oceasion statione xes} 
: not ove: : : up to A100 %. profit; + 

for ~ 9g . eae 
OPER ATORS Ly working conditions. :§ TESS, wh : , 
| >. eS _ rg Reg ES a; Th dele) MD Da cl SRT, ark. box on feature 
TREE ty Ne ; 

ALE. = one 584 bSiauan dla STEN “a pe: 
PINKERS | Sierra (ee | ree evete| TYPIST | arenas sve a 
Experienced on Ladies Slips. 4 ning department: permanent : ; enced work: 36 38 RI interesting General office work: see Miss | 
Steady, High Piece Rate, SST TT enerioneel women’s re Osbourn Sis 7 SSLS, experience rtment 
ma; experianced: Welsch : “Restaurant, 619 Gravois. "| & FU ! Special outfit offers, 
ee “STENOGRAPHER aay Shame geer nw | UNION-MAY-STERN | WAITRESS; FL, 5207 sonm| Sap fehl 
1021 Washington. gon mnt ere . goo Easton. peane Ue. 12th & Olive WAITRESSES: 3; whites good pay- RAST bcs moderately 
a mal —eedytewear| ¢ atentigent me besinger: Ee Seen ran I aigconditionsd"gftice, 8 TYPIST. CLERK " AITRESS was YOUNG LADIES : timer experience 
OPERATORS RLESGIRES: drysoods apc | air gt ar STENOGRAPHER | : 16-95: S-day week. t t nd Re ur t Sakis nd. young men, » aEe, a"$s, ae 
Special machines; experienced hem | ' — ey, Oe mF farke 0 become ‘interviewers 
machine; excellent working | __1i34 Locust |" manent. 221900 _% pful. WAITRESS. Wid1_ Murphy" portunity” fo be A : e ee 
Seivseen staves ae] SALESLADIES | STENOGRAPHERS |‘er'gtamesemcnegr| cr! CHOUTEAU WANN Pllthnr| eames rane 
PAUL SACHS ORIGINALS | "pusesmala ‘dresses; top aulary: full | ment st oe Shour | STENOSRAPHER.  experteaeed_—aIe a; emediiant working | “teainak Bie ii Ieee Fi) ty make dar : cohiere LADIES 
master yo HAS Ea Wow co. "‘Coakenra.  Claytor 0503 Sal keale te peren i0 Gee i. iti i 
10 . ! n : p.m. an on. to qualify for positions with 
National Organization 

1205 Washington 4th Fieor' or part time. , x; ffices 
aown own. Apply Bax -Dis 
PHONE FIL, 1773 for appointment. 

ee : - ; : 

ORs | Box 54, Post-Dispatch _| "international Shoe Co. Dispatch 3 080; 
OPERAT | ee oe ee | pias interesting contract work: 5- [YP " | only, 4055_ S 
, ; motion ¢ i bad ok ‘ ‘ . 
a aay EXPERIENCED "en top ; comm ! try, National Screen, 3318 Ouve. | | @ingie; steady position: ‘ia 20) §. GA 37. Arthur Murray Studios 
e . , ; > géod = 2 st . “t> wy - » : 
—- SINGLE-DOUBLE NEEDLE aEtO aA | STENO-CLERK: ee ertence | Sry. Bt Louis Children's Hogpital ; 7 316 N. SIXTH—Fourth Floor | 
PAY AND NIGHT SHIFT | or 3 ao | STENOGRAPHER: bank experience | day K: ya! § —| Wa Ls Se 

idea : r- | working conditions: | Box _A-27 ispatch. , TYPIST CLERK eat SF wee “YOUNG LADY to learn addresses. et ata 
Fond ‘opportunity for ambitious ner, for | Must be experienced and fast; light "Mins ‘nak’ Pibelaane ' operation ; Our 26th 
cation ood = oppor- | ne ; & pe who i OSIERY, CO., Wil- 

Go rk round em- | working c : 
LAUNDRY HELP | cerermenent ort; year iround « ecrines Sion aie " Ber | or | Mus enced 
; ’ ces and salary ex E-11 te . _ tunity; interesting work: 


Shirt press operators: 5-day B. & J. 21 3. FM > ed. N INES, 
; eliston. 6209 Bast e Fo U At a LIN INC, ' 25S ; a ; 
Personal’ xmas, tt wra 

ween) —. | ORCS see cone 
MIDWEST LAUNDRIES | mach * underwear: high : Se maui ‘ golored; under 30; Shs ny TYPIST--OPPORTUNITY 1. KOOS pa oat Virgin ; oll company. tionery, notes, etc, 
To handle WIL. + TOU TAKE $30 & week while oe ted. vette ay nd. 

S45 N. Skinker © piece work ’ > Va- | drapery t 
with y. Se M oF Mooney. ER “ : room ; com 
one . ig dANS, Sth anc . and board if desired. Call Miss S cout ; a ~ a . as you Oe This is om ; - . 
City’ la ; : = ne xperienced lady ee —s = : for eral poasety Were precision work -_* % | nel 
to s furnis : ent. experience helpful; must be — vee given 
; Give details and 3 . s bonus ur own 
Dept. 8-1208, Cin- 

gage a. inexperienced: serv-) o¢ : E anor aM nog 
office hone CE. ‘ answer, Box -23 ford. Frocks, 
aE}: Post-Dispatch * : : =} cinn 
A ma —e 

: UNION-MAY-STERN | [APHER, small office, TYPIST-BILL ter clade “people: 
I ini aA. ea a ; considered. 2, inco Ap ; 
Ee Diamond Clo ing Co, Fost: Dlspatch es 12th and Olive coe : Fendi sncellent oppoctanty Ste Rvciery ile, 48 ik ge MB . Steady work, good pay for 
Co 0500. Ym right persons; downtown and 
neighborhood locations. Ap- 

OPERATORS : ne Se STENOGRAPHER . et ice AS REE he as | a dae ae : 209 
manes 17 . . B= ply Levitt Bros., Inc, | 

Catered : “sag; ‘must . —— | An: 
dies’ : . Neat appearing young lady with TRIs mt for Bic Stead Fe oe raneee t. 
enced stips and . -;| . heavy experience; downtown of- SENSE. BE “good working fa. COMM RATING Co, AN; ales 
fice: 5-day week. Answers must ~t . ciaL nt }A. 10; Weshin ton, Sth floor, 
contain pee | background soiy ‘Se , a Pp enee pre- 
and salary desired. AP . ferred; full or part a 
week =a ee. ee —— ‘can oy made, state expert. 
wanted. Box 

G.- ; P -Di 4 . ponc , an ~ : - ae opper ranit on 

SALESWOMEN _|_Sox 168. Pee-Ditch_| Sat etsggi Ease eee | oe ee ae ee 
work ; rd.* Call BU HU. i2 or at 4942 


EXCELLENT STARTING | Stenographer & Typist | “srs: gesciz see eo wan milla bwewors seit ct | Become a Skilled 
RY | ? r Tele fie were Sate 


Fer General office work; " 
| permanent. See G. O. gee" 

920 Olive 

acindiiice—Candy you learn. 

Hlosery—Sundry (ee ee mg, cou trope 
Tobacco—Records BY aha the rete ape 10. 4000 | APART EN — sons —cxperaner | WOMAN. propER ne ss iar ing 

KATZ DRUG CO. tas Se, Ter blots |_MATen cont then Lame S36 30, whitey Tara -cmn| 4, MOST, usu, ovpertunie for | ment: “suary gpd 
700 Locust rE G ply Morgenth TYPIST ate |e 4 
igi nce! | Neen 068 Oe Fone ere | 28:29 : Fig Seti | B's Est 2a SALESLADIES 
. and uniforn | — — position 

en ete ee |e : a Tw 
_* STENOGRAPHER  Boeckhas ow | €5°S0:"will accept bright estuner: | WOMAN: General Rousework:7"c NEAT, ATTR 
a ee AGAIN WE EXPAND! _S:tay, 40-hour week: small oie er ich chem neg, ty | GPE eee cma nee |Site he arene La YOUNG LADIES 
TIRRARIAN Bis, needle: "steady" werk. er o clarenihne 9 entgin seg conde, m™LEE'S SHOE STORES : “ uesday. “aun 922 initiative: bows 26° te 4: bereunal | Sree te travel California andé return 
— Washington 
GPRATONE—cowsreay—ezsereasea | Deisre and timers commissions sia al Work for the Bell S 
experience to | Singer power machine: Indies Band 3 ce i vf ee 
ding. Wineary:, pleasant | ‘Apply Lisbon Shops | month} while you learn, y 

in nnding tm ao jeas : 
Of- | WASHINGTON, 4th floor : : 
Apply Employment | 1200 | need : year : for olan : 2 TAN, experienced peneral 7 rywanvie-ertee: 
. . PIsT. with ork: 2 yeu, & wear: Clayton: te 


Ser Spans We See gee | Mn See her an, PS | a QL “Bega pees | EAE a nab | Ra a he Ladies, Specialty Shop 

Clayton store; apply r budast. 3 : working conditions tag. et ~- ts op Conclole 
teh? zo ic , “") 6 a orks Ca Hy : r . 30 -4e car 

ie . 7 Call Hi, 9957. 

. } A b€ - : 4 ) a . ry ; ne cook. 


wy a a 
2918 Easton 

| Seer ap 3: eos 
cp Sap y week: | 

. Ba? 4c ths agra ae 7 tyre ping 3 a te hex; vas mg As ae S he A xi ; fo vn ar bag 
fn 7 SS OCCT oT T _ — — —— 
ms bs a Tm: se “ 4 ‘ i . - , ths S_ OPPORTUNITIE AhvctieentinalaDecbweninn ed ahd TUNIT ee —— oar ‘ FUN Pats Al anche - . 
’ Be Et e ~ ¥ me & : 5 ; : ; y . 7 ¥ Ad rf + Te) oa i A Fs ‘ . é if . ; ; 
TUGH | Tuseday, sept 24. at 10:30 0.3 ie Sh ey ee CLEANIN > BRANCHES | : ‘ LES PTION DILY per. k-in Yubric falls. pat . 
‘ * ~' Fr . ‘ ‘em ae © 2 “Sy : SPE Gt BS 2 ¢ ae 8 2 ‘ eg ae . 5 ? * a. : : , } P 4 | *T ~ ” ee breal > " , , Cit :" : ; T° = 3 oma z x 


‘ bon ’ 
. e._ Ate... ~~ S whass FAl oie 

Distributor Franchise 
A New York Corporation | gs 
In considering applications for 

Distributorship Franchise 

a necesstty ‘need. to 



ca Broad: 
beset IN- Sere Box G-285, 
ao emsaclor 
~ $2000 Cash Required for 

aan ae Ceres ee ener Se =e EP | EN 

Address Defails to President,| 22 PL, 4291, PL. 282 Se . 

| ape SCHED 2 SALES | rooms; rer rent $45; 10 “display cane; Spolat 
Box K-325, Post-Dispatch at; over 28 years; equip. FC). 668 8 | 
wr epee | Senceetae pera | BUSINESS SALES | gm mpcraes| BACH 




ss ar | amo om eR! 570 DE BALVIERE | asae*auie “a 
FO. 0688 sot sao a 2S ee Pe aes ag here 

OPEN SUN. AND EVENINGS to retire; has o operated business con- 

0/0 DE BALIVIERE sores | ‘central 
pen GARAGE: 

| Sp | Serge ee ae ce te | pe Ph | tere ee (pac eee reer amme| BUSINESS SALES 
‘2 11,600 Sanilac | : Jaynes 
: es | NE 5 Be ime eee ee BUSINESS SALES | oe ae 

ag steck; will . 
re Machine $10, De, BALIVIBRE PO. 0888 | geiivecr Dubos ea its, Cui | Ser*Aiogos,uaneee: wea 

ent . > car, 
ved. Massage mow. © : Le — a aetion: 
a. a aaa =e $ — ty. atunie jovelioniion. sionth- | Oty ving quarters; $5500 plus 
horo Florissant; nets $300 month; mod- . beers loca well BIISINESS eal were Realtor vestigation. 7100-7101 |_Srio. im 

t: wants, equi across schoo! "$4500. 

A. BARES ae 1061 : near zB FO. 6688 - : ; Jeav 
sehool; § rooms; low rent; bar- | $200 wari wee ae community sales $115,000 CONTINENTAL INV. 

axing, co “the body; 0 
Doletan os nd ‘comp Bt 33 options ie NE, arrs caLEs selling at inventory and “fixture ; w-4 ‘aT 9 ae 
tional material supplied to capable. REAL ESTATE. BUSINESS SALES A RO. 106) value; owner leaviig town. lectric gas ogg OR S-room akoceny x8 5 win Bom LEA 
| qualified persons; extremely pro 230 PR. 6274 location. Call Monday, 6726 electric: (5 A Post- teh. Call Sunday 9 to 7 EV, "io23. Chicken and steak 
able. S2AGE2O-MAT CORP. 7491. quarters, rent 3; ideal to LS OSE ERAT STOR emlock 5 
LAVIDE | 02 ge Maoth Sey New York 16. N, Y. — a 2 gabe Scares, Shee tourist court. apt Ee Esra. | Doing well over $100,000 per year, GROCERY AND Meet WARRET. cae roe: sents 

HICKEN, FELLOW shop . = Da MORE —veIees about | established "40 years; wealthy iil: | modern good | eluded. © New 

. : ume a = nols oll J 
vi Cal GA. Lindbergh. nn ¢ 

semuiies an te eee area: over business 
clean : 

Rg By & week aif Will handle "50 sets’ sets. 
TOU . $45, - : 6365, Victor 1ar ‘ oevt dive’ elderly owners retiring: will : psa ts — 
000 YEAR; beautiful bufidings; 12 neighborhood; good vs clean _ business; x oe DOUMONT SCHUESSLER handle. will lease $80,000 000. yearly: rent’ $85; 
does ess | acres; on 61- going location, more more spaces for ai for a stock: 2 rooms, bath: lease. Ca Box A-27, Post-Dispatch. PL. 333 GA ‘ 6 price 5000 plus inventory. 
a year —— mart of several ane food lines we CHIPPEWA SALES _ ‘ 4 _ DRUG STORE, 4067 8. Grand Sunda ; sr 605. : ROBERTS SALES CO. 

570 DE 
needed business. CHICKEN DINNERS : picaias 
t towns HIGHWAY; LL . Located on South 12th at. riect, modern setu votes 
Located in one of hee $1500 week income; about 40 mlles Old esta Sees shop with |“iving quarters furnished: ‘rent $30; e350 for lady; '1 room, bath; and building or ‘Owner, are _— A TPOROUORTARE fe $3000 ’ wee week; priced to sell fast. CH. 0750 
— 7 price $2250; tefms to good opers: m  OSE SBS Serntture is Business Sales, NE._3775 HAASE REALTY ANE ide 5959 yo Se SOO TE 

yin id, rth gto 
on. MA S834. &. package 
ON 66; DINE AND DANCE: 3.2: DOUMONT - SCHUESSLER OF bene ged Zab ; ving | owner leaving cit See owner 
WELL - ae SPOT; PL, 3330 a derful, 9 doing good. 6 mm, 4405. Olive 



usiness ; . room with furniture, " near park, 
rom 40 year eri nest Moe | Guba for’ Hue 7208: 7101 LOCKER PLANT 

anne Ti rs same location: good neigh- ck 
rhood; well established | business ; stock and fixtures: ail for. $4500. ; st: ures; well estabi ILLINOIS; -kers 
exontent income; owner is retiring; CHIPPEWA LES th. - S.. Disp pen. WEST month: ished; $6800; 6 hs OP aan 
BUSINESS, SALES ous to sell. stamps; $12, ni . mp nF oe party. x modern wi and proe- 

NTINENTAL INY. mae i 28 

-- KRATZ-FISCHER _GR._4072.| CONTINENTAL 1 ~M.. -3 business, 
BEAUTY “SHOP: “downtown loce- | CONPROTIONERY: “North @rand;| room =. 
Ean | AUTOMOBILE AGENCIES | ex por ei | | Se roe | er —— Z as SALES 
te a BILE A IES - only $2 $2100." verythi ;| Fooms, bath; near school. i320] Rutt tor, HU. 7100-7101 

BRA HU._5330 ron fron Tamm. 

GROCERY A) ' RY ; tering 
FRAN NCHIS om quarters under | 520. De Baliviere Open Sun. FO. 6688 | modern; 4 living rooms  ¢> draw frome 
to hospital, sae egg og *.. two fixt . shelving; confectionery. 3107 N. Vandeven- 7 a; ee er " te y. $68, xX " . 
bey peepee gae. whe ae | > = $500" week ; CONFECTIONERY. etupped to 40 ys GR. " 301 GIFT ARTSHOP pa 
we abn in on, Highway 61; good, business. weiker Wool-| Roberts Sales Co. CH.0750 a giana best_o RO. 9581. | DROS, SMetonal; must be ‘eclds = ished 11 gears: aplendld toe foce- | 2g, quarters; owner * CA. 
comptan: 00 re Wet ES epee QERICE SEEN TODAS UNTIL PM| “stock; 1 room; iliness. 2202 Vir-| GaieHose pig, finance. | on; fine merchandie, Ows- oa dieny eres farses SINC EA EIIERE __FO._ 6688 
> ™ oO s e - e LUNCH concession for rem In down” 
Bi SINESS S ALES | sieereptesiie eee ree al a flow rent. DE. 76 mee: CONFECTIONERY in LEE-SC HERMEN Bue. saime | = *Stirine: : clencies and ivi living rooms fur | “toge toca eae Federal Bide. 
3.2 BEER family apartment; ‘one ava DRUG STORE: established. 30 Box E-83, Post-Dis atc GROCERY MEAT MARKET amar Civil. Courts; good 
Y STORES. tion: nieaving es, eee "Box. 4-343, ar lease, $45 .|_ soon; same owner ar pa Sat lly i Yquor license; good excel: |» Feasonable; living quarters 'm back pt é 
COUNT com. tele . per mo.; xtures: invoice merchandise: real 1 of sto 1006 a nice 
st. —— 570 DE BALIVIERE FO. 6688 poesia cS ES electri — ment ; — deco- |C cludes bargain: investigate. EV $225. | lent loca poor volume; lease; ore. Ge ii. 
ivi aviaee. ys 2826. rated ; seen to be ap-| ing, 3 flats: good South Side joc. Box A-317 tech busy seanen ‘ahea west ; : : 
: BEAUTY aHOP. Call PL a58T preciated; " doing’ $900 per "week; CON RE OM et aI RW: DRUG BTORES.-3 old eetabliabed GR ACE week: al electric” lense: ;| equipment in excellent condition; 
event : MODERN B ittier ; stands: will stand investigation; re- ~ Sales. NE. $6 Box W- B a 
USINESS SALES, rooming | house district rent $15 . - - MEA 
A : esta ; PL. 2132. month, iat B, ee Ps gles ef aa ears da week: me quarters; other ars jn reduction of ; 
‘| carry. vin ear? x = lovely rooms and full fy -| without tiv quarters; "2 “rooms, net, 8 rea! al buy; ae GIFT CAT : nines A 7330, gt tion material; "paten 
can De. teased; lots of, vs appointment. tri cheap. PR. esi or GR, 3898 ing $1500 per month; business bath. O87% South; big gmonk: rent $45; gas town St. Louis; good business: liv. | 2.42 Chevrolet. truck oasobe 
22,500; ter box, Vegetable and dee increased by staying open | CONFECTIONERY-GROCERY,ao0T oz ome | recaah Cah ahiasey, HU. Goss. warters, FR. 91 Ma 
*napect counter box, vege & P | BEAUTY shop $1200; worth $3000;| hipnts and Suntec: Dlished business: home|. records. HU, 6083. nee 
mp ey: freeze. & ays; rent. $ 0, business; room for expansion; liv- % 
it don’t lie. o* rhis 579! Theki FV. 9354 BEAUTY EHOP norihecty— pom iinese, Box _A-242, _P.-D. ean and hot-water furnished; | ing quarters. -4 Hodiamont. ei 18 DI SU gS Rap a AA location: living quarters: mist sell: 
gure 30,000 annually. — : business, GO. 9750, Fireside 1663.| MERCANTILE INVESTMENT Co. ehurehes, 2707 Matshall Ge ita, | BRANCH; NG wer one teh, |. owners el $100 weekly: 2 
tak BEAUTY SHOP; west: established £08 Olive CH. _9944 1) od steady’ business: in| ice. living rome: low ' $397 | 1723 Biddle; opposite & pros: 
room breath a ATTENTION 10 RO 1. GONFECTIONERY:; near Jennings a growing town: neighborhood; only $3300. 327 | 272 ;_ OPP of. 
Do you want «well paying business and Lillian; with living Ss: ood fixtures; Rigg BH oes soe ; ' eecenate GROCENY-MEAT-MARRET: Nation 
of your own? you ; 3 maree rooms; corner locat , wri Zeph 
$10,000 you can invest? If the an- |_ business, NE. : good b real b fio. 97 5 eaners, 113, Mo. B A Eo an , Pe edes. Hi oer ness; illness; lease. | 409) TIENT AL oi 

‘"9795.00. with dons is. yes’ and | BEAUTY SHOP? 8000; established: Fooms | 
udes. all real are . aon — west end. CO. 131. 27 i — 9031 ; 3.3 o 
00 down: : . om CON ERS ORE Te eee crease 3714 JE gE 5¢00 | GROCERY; market; modern; 
warehouse t Sasint, | BICYCLE SHOP: | INCOME S800 la ring in qin (wee SS know every phase of @ high t 
2-car garage, habits write giving name rooms ; wl prese r $125,000 - yearly business; jong | ple wedines a oe Hath 
adequate proof to. - 

Louis, well 

Sess Bee =| BUSINESS SALES [Soaare acerca | Sete etry pe aces ee nae 
sabitaneg im Franklin cour = . CONFECTIONERY, - ell cash “baa {Bc a cl 

: zi 
rge salable stock, and many fix- ; MONTH: rent $42. includes paint | 3714 JENN lease; southwest. PL. 3891. ually. rice f business located in 
be to 714 JENNINGS _FIRESIDE 5000 - , ap oe ly —_ P mane acturing 

t; lea 
| Modern 18-unit cottage court tocated | 579 DE BALIVIERE FO. 6688 CH. 0750 pig good equipment; owner leaving clearing $300 

Edison Bridge month; man and wife can 
, tile floors, | BIKE SHOP: living quarters, cheap | OFFICE WILL BE OPEN TODAY : mon me available. Orville’s, 
enettes and oOver- | rent. S. Broadway. UNTIL 4 Ss business: full time keeping books for smal 

yusiness, grossing |~ BOWLING ALLEY : firme: etmplitied "syeter. 
issolution of part- & COCKTAIL LOUNGE wonderful” wa Ww Tex. 
—— a $40,000 INCOME FOR 9-MONTH| t »b : 

nership; far uilding ‘same’ block. RR: : Pri 
Ww investigating. | “SEASON: BRUNSWICK : ‘ orthiand R : 

Write or plone O'Mahony, Realtor, |s LEys: Sanahiaieadl b ASC; in| rooms > Trent. $55 all; = LECT La D O LA N e ©. 
Fie. - ce half, po ~ 

pin A” ee —182900- DOWN, FINANCED — | jease ae. | _ : —= ¢ wore, PR. 2546. aged 
A BUYER OR SELLER | ‘ttes"*"asai, Serie, i CORPRCHTONENY: ot pet Se Se | oe eee, ea ey | EPR BUSINESS 6 SALES 
SHOULD ALWAYS CALL — Se ae Gti BUSINESS SALES BipER rin Beslinre NE BT D.R. 8. Realtors ST_1314 | ne DowsTOWN. A AIR-CONDITIONED he ae FO. mats 

FO. 668 Qsreeere eee | BOWLING ALLY |S es ae aes | BUSINESS SALES|  Scaxce 

ge investigation : es Brunswick | alleys; modern 3740 LIN 0 
for appointment, to discuss details Bail’ above alleys se Z 570 DE BALIVIERE FO. 668s | REAL ESTATE. BUSINESS SALES 
. aiver, 

fully air-conditioned he i aa jease, $38 .5¢ 50,” “ont a ihod down = in” Mississippi ‘elty of 1 
formed needed : 7} 120,- 
dfn ng i Post-l st-Di FEE: iol” PL. 2 ly lease. Gross ; beau 7 . "1G d Meat Market : RO competition: food ex old’and pearl; ft free rons, Kik- 
ISED CALL U “on om house on Sony street te Box. F- 99 Post- ISP. Hi sell with ys without a naa Mises " ' with, low, er vate "party. — Angeles i , Wet — 
NEW LISTIN ive "BROILER PLANT; 1000 per week; ~e © : priv : Los ; 
WATS BATE 5 . : od 4 rooms: tile bath; lease;’ sales | ST TRADING COMPANY. , and stock; | sales $100,000 year, 100% cash} _E- -Dispat 5ilea 

; NOFtn, 
FILE. COMmen TaN REP- : avera P.O. Bow 0. s ‘ an + to $23,000 month; 
Ww LADLY ro .; lease | ern 5-room $4000. $1000 weekly; stock amont esos wale and carey qrenney, SENS GRE We | "lees: reonenahie, P 7. ey: - plumbing 
built in; long 

com ; machinery, 
== everal items 

government a 

TAKE You a RAND HELE Boat labile; pri w. : -| real buy: p rice 50 J. : operating Ik tes, phone ec lines, | duce; rent $125 month; thickly nena, 
FIN : : ; ypes. in in St. Louis: doing a good , populated location; 9-year lease! dance hall contin court and ic : ; 

rite _ my big 0 Gardai! Al e Roberts at Re Co. CH. 0750 : hawe other, interest that — 8000: 10 acres, ce for | tixtures, $12,500 inventory, stock. large soathepes for open inspection; good 
OFFICE OPEN TODAY IL. 4 PM aaae construction of Seotal cae court,| LO. 6128, Kirkwood 3530 W. and rentin A. ling. 

B 9 Bn i oa ig Tog business; good 

sell fixtures. PL. 0032: eall before | “$49 daily: modern: SS ae 2° Highway 66, $4250. B A €: LY 

2 p.m. or after 6 three ji Pee ol es ae block building, elec- oe and ee south; good - "FLY DAVIS 

~s : $1200 at ear. old; retiring own. | business: clean low’ rent; CH. 2782, RE. 0402 3714 JENNINGS __ FIRESIDE 

TA. JOHNEON THATCHER mbuy ai, $7260, 4850 | vine carters; “$8500, “Including HEAT MARKEE $1800 weekiy 
business no selling; you “geal only 2435 N. Grand JE. 641 Z down. rite or weal for details | stock H T | M N a business, hm sell ~ Ay sity” hom 
eredit to extend:'we puryou i's} NEW LISTING coor ERT aor sCONTINENTAL INV. SY ITED FAR weieredinnts on natin inaeet to. ene 
Sak Gaeioaear a a Ry erm eq — pe TP small; ideal ‘for rae ene 1684-A_Arcade pide CE. 8607. $125; INCOME S50 month; com- a ae 

uart : / : ; am plete; 

OPEN SUN. AND EVENINGS ; investment secured ; CAFETERIA AND TAVERN; big! Gouna. 00; terms; $500 5500. _ Be Emo: investment. Box R- 
an . LU. 3936. me tors; * bui fixtures Py rts Sales Co. CH.0750 ar ee . ft pace: 10- 

: ; doi ot have : 
570 DE BALIVIERE |e sachet tank's] seth iss Rta ce 8 eat | iano op Eons rm NE. I | BSrass Fe SUPE ie |Site! ae RUHANT 

~ A WONDERFUL BUSINESS e only and sales commercial Two gas heat. A ti doing y rooms, full arene bathe month go going. bu business cnet nite TATLORIN 
; 1 Darr. PL pr ape fully valine P eenhand i 
LEE-SC Gis sate =o ye 
cores EES | co 3740 LIND rete 0 raurant, 2 wale INE E 
: | Gat Ss | Ea Cl aa 7 518 
: Roberts Sales Co. CH. 0750| Rodern: price 50 Bulding on the main sirect; | 
ag SRRRERT woot Soontenton — 4 tn "he 


O1| ae ita me | setts beams oo se 
eg cecal caer a ree ee es BUSINESS SHLES | Banner -e= 
Meat Stromreen:| Gee |e ae ar | TR Pe Bal Peveae| BA EO 6688 ae 
‘Tease: Tatg aL roel vest a * Sepeaiass: | Faszies, Eaveen Beaney Co., Retes ROOERY: per _market; “complete | OPEN SUN. AND EVENINGS | 3 
a ge ees vege fa ities : pte lar , S| 0 me | SSS SALES 
Es rssh | BUSINESS SALES SHUR PRE Ste li Pars ra me PCy |... RAY ni 
= : INSOR os tS ED wus. B2 B CATESAET safectionery FA Stony Tce AR EXT or to expe 7 Gk SE ore ms 

STR LUE BOOK {570 _DE NN FIRES | Tht ae : 
rune | cess tpete Galirr Open Bv>. & Sum : | "Fe OR. REALTORS ST. 1314 

GOING: BUSINESSES ome. 3.2 —W 00 tile ee 

Or het ‘ROUND 


_ a ; Ss 
sire & 
j sory: tar me 22 
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veeeews Ty bi i. 
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! P Bante sa otal ans. 
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NE — - ae aes a eeeews ee Sey “tT ane gy —o — > sane = - a = er eye ew y 5 OF oe ee 7 4 “TIT TTT . - - a 4 , BOR . SOU'WE! ROOMS FOR RE ey. de 
at ‘ 36 ¢ ; .~ p & > J > >> : bd * ; mpage — 

a4 aS OPPO A... Aku Ada TT - = ‘ : hee + hn : 2 See bree tenn - PPC RTUNITH 4 rn OU | - : ‘ 
wes 7 here’ ae ; : . ‘ ee | ITHY A ST 
" & . A 4 wr 

3 7 aan 3 ¥ ® ' . : | 4 Al ~) . 
peel py a a AU i) MI NG fC  |SUPER FILtina STATION AVERN; 
% . ' * ' S P RO W) _ % ' z > » 3 i. . _ < eer Pde 
be UIE A ashes i =i Penis eae : es 
7 y oe : * e 3 Thee awe Be: 2 5 a Sie a ' . “~ - a : © 
sf , , ~ Q e yg : : . : ae ‘ aX 

rave ae 1 

™ mi * 3820 

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o~ Tse rs 

: - — DOU. ‘ nae UESS 4 nt te 
eae —_ so rom Paes 78. Grand _P 
Ci < Wi LSet i 3 ‘ . . 

5.5 378 
~ 1 ER TA. Aan By peautitu Som. 

F me : ’ 
PS Magehy 

Tn tavern of other suitable spot, by 


ation: man; 
have reference. 

si rae ? tvin . closes CEST; ta mass: ap eB, S09 CHEE 2 mal Pastnae r yt crt, re . 19, pest, AUCs; Be | "el n : Lad 2 5 a "Church and Bt. ' 
: Po Sa ia memedeast| BUICINEC Ea BUSINES SALES af ra Be ora | | EE ae Tate | i ae 
BUSINESS SALES| cabin eae 6 0.6 cape Sr mer er gt ar ow 
fe FO.6688 0.‘ O88 él 

oil town; well-knc OPEN SUN. AND EVENINGS Teepi B- SSxx: double 
PACKAGE LIQUOR STORE 5 fOr, belt tee month . [OPEN SUN..AND EVENINGS. 570 DE BALIVIERE BALIVIE! 3 cre $ | CABADIE, 770; geatlerina, amare Bway, sae m “ HOU i a 

SOME WITH PROPERTY: TERMS r nwa Tee e home, SS he, OE 
BUSINESS SALES LES est DE BALIVIERE je rents F and ofeasine: ree price S| est booth ee room; near dental School; employ 

CALIFORNIA, S431; foom and 
; private home; young lady, 

: e 
. . e 4 ; =z : ; ; 4\. eats ‘ : : 
, ; pas . 2 . := : . e 
. | non tr , : 5 : te , ; . L o, nice ne ntleman, private 
EP PRY IR “er eCr ier Louis. M art. ar ’ nsportation. Bos eat D 
a e - ‘ . wi n or 

"S70 DE BALMIERE | test" as AOSSPSRAMin) TREBATTERY SHOP [Seats ts. are Ta =| OE fot a 
RESTAURANT - aay Seana cet Sate S007! Sving wat table ore Pt oe sat business; ‘Gowntows | WYOMING, | SE2EKFoom, Soar en. emplo DE Te a ee 

Colored trade; gy poy ¥: — ee and : arge n 
good od location. gor Gotane 2 [5 rooms tents: bir’ income. 7 ly. ot. 52) aple. , oor east, 
: KIN REA R. SOS. CAPITOL TIRE SHOP A >} FLAD, 3839; front sleeping; em- ; —— 
bs Ni > . J 316 N. Sth. x Ti. ' lo ed lad “” 5. Pp ng; E . 0: q comfortable large 
a ne a ge hegre raem +0 U : ey _ \F AG 5 he ; gentie- 
; a : -| front room in refined home, con- | ©: ok S: 
L¥os. Cail ay Obi afte after 4 p.m. , an =» % 3 : : optional. st Soai 
cs; : ist south; young man: oe, Sits, SleMAs TOM, gels 
tor exclusive territory. % . Tool} twin beds; excellent meals. FO. ; le or double; breakfast 
or tay era ‘sales prise from save = Cc oe 4063 ette. 71 optional, . ane oft unga 

eon ones : Be . lock west Grand, n oor 
N J 7:3 “st oR * a nig AND, ; jarge room east; oa to share, sl sleeping room ; 
; : : venien 
) past Brace: eeorners and gitts_welcome, ond _grls_welceme, aperek Staple or tue & eration, ORES tak ae 
PLETE CABING: ‘Rook HOUSE 3 COM: ’ , ene weak. ~ ws . en; wee nath.: Sra floor 
front; $16: employed. 

SALES-SERVICE tere: Pies ne water in room. Coord for 2: lRRT FORD, 3405; large. sleeping 
CLEARS ohit0 MONTH; _ central ENRIGHT Sui5; double room; em-| tv newly furnished: By Ee . room for one. _ NE, 8657. 

ORGANIZATION Ease oe iowns Rat; sewers; S580) plied pop: 4. b bat the oe twin beds; peh fom for cee, NB, BEST 
| e00- HUMPHREY 388% twin bedi bath partment: ~ : 
r TORERVICE STATION, rated residence; office gi Y oghamn : ; twin : apart couple onl 

lease ; » nicely 
om in one of the plan for meais: fi k RO. 1365 share with man. ie Pie es to business woman. CA. 2443. 
ogy SR MODERN ppg OF ge Rt ILLINOIS, 3138; 1 ingle room, 1 | foom, adjoinin —" tot 

te sew te ample seen maker; | MINERVA, 5050; men; & le; with trance rivate tamits Pag e and 
Tebed and 2 i a meti-catab: | oa of; 83 9000 , water; double; win beds: ger large double. | St tudia bia Eh do“ ladies. RO. 7349. . 
accounts. on cos o1s; INCOME Kg Oo -2 gentlemen. PR. 5561. , AREAS Ne panos bats ng room, gmen or students. 3716. 

»* of <a 000 year: 14 modern one ny : 
a a : well feet me, Sper $31.7 beds; good | meals Tad oat te A, eeping for eN- AHIAMONT 611744. evel os OOM; ae et 
54. FF 

Roberts Sales Co. Sd 0750 “SANDWICH 1 SHOPS newly furnlahed ‘a ser Ts i | RPGR ie, pepe, a a ge | oun epee 

OFFICE OPEN TODAY UNTIL will ; om, A reak A, 
a emg a > a age EN $2006 month 18 income; $i7. 7500 dow twin wee. y eR: 8 vate home; all conveniences; gen- | twin bedroom with adjoining bath; 

eco : tleman. kitchen privile 
a nL BAR beds; “famil st le men. mee REORUKR, 2t25; turnished house KRENSINGTON 25 q87S. nice | ront slee 
ae zie equipped; club, no ; WAEHTNETOS = en. . ap OE » : . decorate 

mrss ie com. | S&ccommoda ; dancin put Bt n 3: | keeping room; sink: quiet. 5, adults ae ont ot. a4. CO. 6 

lete ay nights; homelike; suitable for >. ; ; LLL, ‘ed NICE, light, clean é t f 
a | Hert ay ie . WHY NOt-EAt Wrtl (sy —rine entlemen. JOLIE Sb0T late ;_ with water. ceten | RO th 1485. 
home cooked meals. S065 Keue | LAFAYETTE, S0xx; sleepl | SULIAN, SOOT: Ite, Soin DSSS: | meni. tranbartation. SO 20th 


SECT : : . pment: owner in waval te. re- ’ n nri- 

Troy nm : i jess, tha: inka S088" Sin es ah . : serves. - face. should ” seen to ap- ., INS; TEXACO FILL. RO. 9816. vate home; employed lady. aRest an single. near a Wireine 
niture ,oN JU , ; 7 

urn ‘xt ires and stock. Y neome $2400 i wane d tor at studen LAFAYETTE, 3140: large DE. 7687 

OOLS: steel cred 7687, 
_—— : Bar-B-Q pit: ae month; 11 a vas 22.500. es A front; sleeping; employed pr ates KINGEEIGHWAY WOE Na aha , 
RESTAURANT 00. ING ASTATION: UNITS: Fuk oe Fo LOUISIANA, 1930; baliroers: ing; lovely large double; 2 
R ok UG . one of best mon- fo his. loyed ntleman; references. $ twin beds; bath; 3 gentlemen 
randie. ouulpped: c * r Bundays; could eyinakre: 14, down. A. 9: A. i 3 ¢ : . ea s di FO, 1790; RO. 1654. 
Aue ris. Ty. iL3PoT, a4 e Rreatly. by sears r longer ON 61 aX 67: sree 8 STA- room ; vate, home. 22. ’ - house ; “jingle or do 
17 sediere nour, a we 950 co see A TION, HO CAB RESTAU- c eS ; eduple or men; | room; no children. ble, 0. 5923. 
“sto ~o ey CLID AV.; $450 ; mod- 740 LIN PAR IN R RANT: net profit after ail salaries -Or e@iderly or inva convenient. 81. 3573. LAKE, a3: apartment for 3 ém- UBURBAN ee 

peer; RANT: & 
: care 
tional bidg.; 7 a.m. m. = ern; closes 7 pm.: no ndays: $15,000 year; cease of, sell sell. .  B. in my home; references ex- ul single, ris. 
6 AND 5-ROOM SW d041 ' 
: ob B modern ; 3% acres; Robertson O. . 
TO SS MID LE SREBIIGBNSS Tact TPM Grammeracea MINNESOTA. 8500: ideal for new- , paplewees ; references. Box W-278. 

lof best. kagwn im city: f 
cia Beer a Del: Oxxx W ABHIN ’ ; ,peau 
BUSINESS SALES 1 isso BY dPeanctctundomsa neni bath, shower, phofie. 
G meat Pps ' neome; in exchange z 
Realtor 200-7104 ¥ by } lyweds or couple; don’t miss seeing bails Dis 

M 1xm; t 

— rehip vie. housekeepin services and ba men Ry IE. 

E BALIVIERE FO. 6688 Ae CO OTT sngr, 3g Tava sitting: modest salary. Box A-100, | {his beautiful room and kitchen. |  E" Nspsy. clean, comfortable} housekeeping, rooms: Feniiemien vies 
r“"Ofise with Nving room: priced reasonable, | 4 ane bath: $1300 mpnth “ROOMS FOR RENT —— NEBRASKA, | 4835A; small sleep- afch gentleman, = ferred. a ae 
no — MA. 2666 weekdays ; 2% acres; nicely equipped ; ROOMS FOR RENT ing; across from bath; good trans- A 52, housekeeping 

with property: $11,500 apartments; refined couples; girls | 3 Ci ARGE ROOME unfurnished ; 

, OOM for reliable business woman. | portation; ciate home. suitable fo 
cost RESTAURANT: doing — god bart: ConTiNaarT At INY, SYSTEM “kitenen privileges, Box W-286, |Ox  S168A; large ffont sleep. | pumbioveds no chien no itt of, sempnared 
ness: estabitsned R _ years; selling _3740 LIND DELI PARK IN RE Post-Dispa ing: quiet, a ¢ single or cPH NSU! . 41% i, large house- opel ge kitenen facilities. Web- 
27 nN. va nd 3 : | Srey SERTRAL oubl 4. keeping room: Sunday after 9 a.m. = 
5 a eventer, after § p.m. TAVERN RESTAURANT . PARR ecping. lady om- M IRERVA, SOSSA; sleeping. large PL tASANT, modern sleeping room: 
— K, j , ; creened porch; semi-private bath: 
RESTAURANT AND Ta‘ TAVERN: air- rooms, Bes breakfast optional. GR. aon gas or 2 girls; kitchen meals laundry spehnal “wateni 

room h: 75. CHESTNUT, S21; remodeled rooms, 
ey ee Cs, location got wo ditighea: * ores : OPEN SUN. AND EVENINGS aaa rates. Orpheum Hotel. , 
business; cash or terms. 1403 pe hy beautiful new dini room ‘ arge, clean, com- | PESTALOZZI, LYLE Sleeping room, | MINEKYVA, 5045; large front sleep- 
, private fami! 
has a 5-5 year lease ~~ reason- fortable roo newly decorated, near Grand and Arsenal; gentleman. ing room suitable 2 men: private near University ite ar epamaly : : 
RESTAURANT “and tavern, “33, . able wet at you ar & big opera- $10 PER WEEK double; large, clean ALO 3429; sleeping room; | Rome era meena Riedtrie WL sot good transpor- 
7 B anc — iv 66 =| roo t OPEN SUN. AND EVENINGS “ RN SALES, TOURIST | ery wel with end with- NORTH e. . —~“w-rooMm apart. | 2partment with girl. RO. 8855. employed “Wkay 7 private 
ae taventory: (ann A S._No_age an investment. Cail ~ , ment: private shower and toilet; MINERY 4. 5225; bri ~ clean, for nome: 1 block m bus. reside 
part payment. |" plete: new : sell 5/0 DE BALIVIERE 1 | Grace” 3 employed RUssubL, 3080, —Targe—aieaotag | WEWSTEAD. 252 —8.. aIeopInE 

om “f sitchen, washer; employed couple. ry t large sleeping HAZEL, 7421; 3 connecting sleep> 
; voy ; + : ing on, ac ee penta 7 : TT . room; jady employed; tchen priv- sober, ikaw agentie- in rooms; bus, car line; p Bm 

iris. nished, 2nd floor; private heme: 

ON 6 
ise. yood weekend Business: BUNG tha cn 

PACKAGE HOUOR GRACE , : Same a | _flege. an ora rivate tamily. ladies, 

SANDWI “Rents an eee cauiprent “a ATE. B LES pores atta ee ; gentleman; private ip ceneleman, MARIETTA, 738%; Taree sleeping 
CH SHOP on a tric eq ty. ; this SI. 0 Saya .; nouse eep- om employed couple. oa Bund ay a.m. for 2 employed people: > eet 

is the best bu 
3.2 beer Heense includ new Bev- MODERN no near | Greer ce sleeping roo or after LU eoLL Ash? vate hom 

a-dor refrigerator with revolving 3212; housekeeping; waters on_ bus line. E, in: sleepin 
she G. tor single: 

tition: 6 acres wooded; 10 or 
west ; port suitable for 2 gentlemen. eal sleeping | men; double or sin floor bedroom: board or o : 
oo Selling due > — aad nsion sexcelien Pan id tor ex: | GREER, 4438; sleeping rooms; gen- |~~00™. sober ntleman. SS4iA; sleeping room ior anette rd wn "ktteh 
pene” teat wil sell tat. urry. - SCHUESSLER tiemen only. GO. BO47. : sleeping; man;| 1 or 2 adults, NE. 6984 sloplan: Tak —- 
: 30 

° single 
> Grand ave. block: ood trans ortation. OLIVE. ois: housekeepin hg and “home: west; | employed gentleman. 
4067 8. Grand nm Sunda twin beds, innersprings; ladies, BHENANDOA <0xx; sleeping | sleeping rooms: hot and cold water. |_ ST. 0201. 
——-~| room, twin beds: next bath; rea- PAGE. 3744A; seeping room. large ront be gentleman, 

ung: > t; CLA ; 
Modern bungalow; parki to 6902 - YTON AVENUE KOSSUTH, 3751; 2nd cast; large! sonable: men only: erivate family, front: gentiemah, employed; rea- private Oe also omer Maple- 
wood 204 

ane: money maker; $7000. : RES 5 ee Os nes ling. station. st MO; ; : m: kitchen privileges: MO. 3848. connkin’ afin 
; aah ae See Photo lery. Open Eve. & Sun. | » acrea 8; So week, A. ur- | PAGE, 8960, sleeping room, men bedroom, gent) 
owner oe STet : ping ; géentieman; 

a. “Tl will net poncw —. ge; taking in about S5o8. er 'm.. Sun. any time. ished : twin beds: 2 ed. GR. , rivate hi 

serpin. | potitien exira nice living rooms, good ite Secthes “nels oe Bon ad . BUSH : $1000 per mon ag Tn a rwerien eS Front ade 728. win 8; employ po sry — soo OTS Fa “Dp 3 e cane: also marae: Maple- 

sake phonograph records; | spot on pusy winss Roberts Sales Co. CH. 0750 sai ae aston, ay. ter PL. 3330 goine bath. —s TORSO AIO, S040; private | “tieman: private family. FO. 0516. 

“attrac : OFFICE OPEN TODAY UNTIL 4 PM be ene ee mis; hot-x ant. of | wetonriiros Sunday. a home: employed lady; single or ebm 2 ret ined employed 

NIE. 5 Toe late "is = SANDWICH SHOP; 8. Kingshigh- vate batha: automatic heat: ‘living | 1 ) SHENANDOAH 3086; 2 housekeep- | pe tprinp PLO g:- Wice_sleeping 
. is) 

change FEINBERG RANT 556 : : 
Real i 2 ‘4 quarters: fur r - By 3 Call Sun. 1-3 only; room, also share, $4.50 week 
: | : co DE. 7924. 

neuen ane BUILDING | north, wi , Taree Gea Tear ell 
en ‘ - : : tlemen; newly decorated: next to 

$20. LINDEL ey, oN REAR ; area: : t you can take over : er rd. a : eep- : 
2740 LIN hag come : over $4500; pment; ete oe real money, may | east of : i room: employed couple. sé room ; lo le: lleges. bath; Christian family. F p . Webster 00 
RECO role Fee APPLIANCE r: D. mtd ae ) le trad flat residence. ors rs CHEAR S17 > sieeeing Toon Bry ¢: 1 or 2| PERSHING, S3xx; rivate apart- 2Spiek_ rian _Wakster_ 0068. 
STORE: volute record a By Be eetiaee a-yeer Tease ; asad —>+ ae TOELLE EALTORS , units; YE *REALT wees 3 vate home. _ i empl Pe, ment: 5, Rentieman only; references. | CLAYTON: room, home: ene 
oeege DE. : pall; weekly. ping" district extra fine ec Una E LTO ER. “3s RAUSCHENBACH. 2007; large —s : attr Box A-146 Post: Dispatch, tleman: soderendon meh. . 
+ ga a owner si ? TOURIST COURT. & new: m - - ' PERSHING. 55xx, room, south, em- 
it doing $110 daily; sense next | “must sacrifice, health, “Box'J-147,| venlences: 1 or 2 ‘gentioman, | gTONEV Geer cbenlng -FSGmE Tor | ployed Christian woman. FO. 0865. | "ployed. 7238 West Park. HI. 2277, 

RESTAURANT. rir lease « Rood CHIPPEW SALES Sunday only 
REDUCI NG eempanseanvere: samen EARDWICH AND TON CiteAar “week; full liquor 3 bath transportation men A. 3886. "| BUSINESS WOMAN: quiet; room 
rooms 7 | | SIDNEY. 314; lange trowtr 2 mes: | 1206 privileges 
RESTAURANT. first-class. Appl? See, wth wo E >; @\ go00d = + ‘oy ay ees sell franchise, al rents Pe protected; we aeiawt BN Se ees S - - nea rege fron men Apartimen with kitehen vil ST. 5702. 
Ferg taba ois \ : or Son wg ixtures and | SaueUny cose, Seypng, ore seping foom;| nicely furnished; ' good transporta- |POQMS BOR RENT--COLORED 

ee ing Cate. Call Darr PL. 4291, PL. 2821. ; 

- : : ; *| teach you the 

STUDIO ; us “Fa30 ions; first-class equipment. HBE-SCHERMEN BUR SALES _ SALES own wae kere &@ small capital. | SULLIVAN. 3219; _ahice sleeping ee SOT COOK, S747; Beat Turnlsned and 
ouseke peng: bath: newly and painted, 

; other 30. r pert CO. 9466 : welser; fe-| Box ch. modern convenien 
; oe , —e ’ : : : ; . ce % ’ : leman; good transporta- 
Large. and beauty shop combined; ; ice créam parior | ceipts — weekly; rent —s: oer she 3 Ahi ema gle: gent First class ‘condition. inf - 
: a ; h poe agg oe emo stock tacinded in souvenir store, livi quarers. only or 3. gentlemen. aieep ae %: | ; septng , a | Case EAT > Heatly Tarnished | won Appl etme 

established; downtown. 6 
3646 Shenandoah; 11 rooms, : OUNSON- THATCHER . Lester Dil, qrames. Ge verns, Nina tr rites Eetene ane _ os elterrea.” WO. 6884. "| gee electric. and a h ed. 

Box 6-231, Post-Dispatch baths, $400 month income, good ; ransien : anton, Mo. ¥-F .; sleeping Neges transportation. U 13 N.; Gontrenle, Son, XK. anes: neatly : or 
- ; . 2 datas, ; ra TAVERN RESTAURANT Bape 66 (Chippewa) and Lind- UNIVERSITY. 2018: lovely room : — : aOm. urnishe 

good money-maker: owner occu- | 41 ann 14 rooms, 2 “=~ % ~ + a Toom oom, emer |_rooms, colored. 2432. (*) 
pied; will sell for stock inventory ay Downtown near commission row; all 6 for 2 men; cooking optional. JE. a tl man, DELMAR oot Taeaebe Witeoe- 
and” S16 5D. | Soot forsale or trate | electric equipment; doing $1000 per a ta TE. 30557 | -739 Lous U (Yriaant, lates, bedroom, veered tlt ome nouseKeoping; | nette with refrigeration, C 
bus; meals 0 optional; “nO Ry room- g m; 

REFRIGERA ARTS AND Bax estminster pl.: . ae - 
SE! : % they ST00 come. CA. mcm 3 MMs 2 SALES. Sak : Like home. Available Tuesday. Cail rs. SI. 2743. a ; “neatly fur 
. Fine re - iector; rooms, . ° : week day 8.7 to 9 a.m. FR. 6156. - ~ ‘ 
ae gage oP n ‘ gwmer al: | Y 1937 i¢ Sh seta UPHOL? TERING SHOP: # gy WES. “g @ 5 om in ; meaty turniabe Dae 9 ym 5, 

$400 month income. : : : . beds; in nic ~ 
HAROLD 16 year a S238 Ee ee $500 2129. | San; with Mitchen privileges. CO. | ployed: transportation.» Box * $7, La : is a 
‘Also some with contents on : | sd Roberts Sel Sales a Ge CH. 0750 good cowed location: high or : you 
met aecens: 2ee, reeurne. “I RaAw 2 : OFFICE OPEN TODAY UNTIL 4 PM ; ; 1 ‘vile 1. beautiful room, ‘ki eben “priviveges: 
st 3. NEWBERRY TER. 4604; 2 on 
; convenient 

GRACE good ‘machinery ; ear construction Pranklin t-aneportation 3: 0153 na. Ceoaardlbematenstic en;_ver : ar 
. . »'« y nis 
. it yo -— Se + & en or employed oqamie: good trans- “pouse ke seeping rooms “for couple em- oo e_enaren. modern 

lease REAL ATE BUSINESS i amar ‘ee . and cash in with more workers ng | REAL ESTATE. BUSINESS SALES | }) é. i 
Image agate musings ee 1380 r ge Pf me in every day. MODERN BUSINESS he tgp peep | ik SLEEPING ROOM for 9 FFT ys; — WASHINGTON. S187 aeepne 
—: priced Feat pa desired. |- = 5 133 PER twin beds. 1642 _N th , $10 | room ist floor front, newly dec- 

entrance: cuminetvade arated 

| MOTORVILLE 2 LARGE Turn pe chil: | HU. 5820. were eS 

. | 4100 Lindell. one of the outstandj : light Housekeeping rooms; WASHINGTON, 6186; gentleman: 

in this part ot the country. pis m; ed adults only. Bos G-195, eet eer adults; good trans 
entiema;n NE. Ue! Post-Disg b - 



ING ZOOM! couple oF girls. 

doub. : men. 
“F ha - rs f - a 
*>? 7? ~S F * ~,* y 
—— me r , < 
jh aw A ‘si fP j . ‘ wf : ; 
igh. ws + ——— : " ou nr } man. 4 TY 
- “fet - a 
: ’ be . Zecc " 2846 is 
he > — = = 
of 1380 im flat; suitable 2 si : FO “re 
7s . 
: “ . Her - 
i 5 * , ’ = a 5 
* Par > ‘ . 
* ** ; * atte . 
es Pay 

Mirror, Mirror 

On the Wall... 

just the thing to fill that 
dull blank space over 
the sideboard. to re 
flect candlelight, spar- 
kling crystal and the fes- 
tivity of autumn and 
winter dinner parties. 

in the Want Ad columns 
may have at the thing + 
“you an, we 

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“beep an eye on the - 
et ome © the a 


a wife and 
es aie ie 

407; houre 6 te S Monday thru 


+ | GIRALBIN' BRC BROS. Realtors *2 Ee a eh 

= General Motors 
silt |0. B Realtors ST. 1314 Executive 

Desires 12 or 2 bedroom modern 
apartment; no children, no pets. 

soot iste ge vere business, oye} taste Box G-345, Post-Dispatch | sider any reatonabie oi Oh i? yt ~- Rp peta| 
See AO RDIENER CO. uggs a RE 

“ros aim Denutifin ottice able for most any eet ns : $11 Chestnut WOMAN EXECUTIVE Py ek at evited ba. rplaned, adults; Sok ‘ 
rv Wel XA BaVIN' 4077A 3 SRAND SINGLE: FURNISHED OR ARTHENT, 2-5 rooms, | Ur pnighes =e ¥ nooMs couple to Lake Food 
} “ness location KOHNER, CH. 5052 =! 3 OUR oF § anfuaNed room: ME wind ems 

“dentiat, or "ealearoom: wil” “oie: UNFURNISHED 

SUNDAY: LO. 8718 
igs ‘STUDENT attending > at tens 

HEROR! (ear ee rs — +h ‘oun no chile Sag Santa versity, and need etticien- | “yur pyc up to $125 mont 
| SS SBS hace "RS Soak | Manufacturer's Agents ee Rearing oane “amaaieidy beri | Sap 9k Ogun 

4 8 CHIPPEWA ay ont ) : married college students leh Ta tite adults; . references, oa 4120 after 
4 280 .6- ring fa tee mee il xe spliced. OUeke ©) “hit practi co 2 R&S Bete ae «Box W308 . edie. am . reliable, n “ 

| 200% store location: will rent be ; APARTS e . busiz GOVERNMENT engineer and wite 
lady, : mane nice 4-5-room apartm - 
| WLY A ro paten. | furnished, southwest pr ferred; “y : 

one or all stores; modern ext north Lind ter; 
front, steam heated, 3 Teor: tae Sixbo. whl 1 BAKER CORP. EXECUTIVE TS 

hy mmeaiately mo% r 7 . . 

i Soskis, Raho ‘Riattor | wisnes to brin daugh- : 
ge ye S mone tere; 1 in college, one tgh ‘schoo , Ore A — : yates 11 we 
= heat; a LO. 2990) 7603 YTH [Cle ton) are, to &t. hs: x ENT © rnished aces in Toute or thin 

real ‘fa ue le; also ‘la a ioe ic ~ hg... ee . | ARAR ; unfurn ; 
. > Fy ”* " 

Tuding shrubs, flowe * ~| employed quiet couple; excellent 

> eo) GA. 6454. ferred ;_ Miss ces, 1785. 


AGENTS OR OWNERS : t_reterences. ' [Sreferen PAL OTS. 

WESTMINSTER. 39xx; peautiful Box G-33 Dispatch. | Bert, Nandeventer gad Shoutess OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT | executive, no children or peta, needs RIM tag - cotem | able eouple for a reapectable S or | er Unfurnished 
Pests : Aten. | able ES. ty : 

py fm th garage _ngettinent rT 5 
thi t of the idea : ey - ’ . On . te rtment with livi . al C. 
“; ntlemen. . “gate : e to Three Room Suites Redroom, kitchenette and bath, PARTME : ma. See om 

2S cook stor, al ) — petory, ing, 854200; 38.. Carleton Bida., 308 N. 6th S¢.| mr must be mod 

re c Oo swit ; ™m heat : ng. ; »o. n + + ok ae 4 Aa ‘Our Si : x - a ° 
bath: reasonable uare : and : ‘| kept building: rental secondary : : ° a4;}| Good references; @ . +} dence: 7 ‘ 

4 evenings in exchange for = a : , : = Stir ~ BROCK DILDI Pron e LU. 1248 Sunday: CR. 0146 | xing “WY. 181! years present place, PR. 

_reom, _Box_W-159, Post-Dispatch ; - HENRY KR. WE 3 Week days. ACTIVE 5-6 room wid. ; RIDDCE-ATES _— “rape : a ant oF 6 

property ; or sale; . W . 
PERMANENT ROOm. Ss tired + 7 cals. ARTHUR E. FULDNER. we) ie — Mice | 4541A Delmar; . od F naphend RS | needs hs rooms ; will co-operate. 
t. , yo decorated; i Md 

; is Bugs west. LOVELY residential —apartnenty 2 : -| Snow jon “other mediate possession PLANT EXECUTIVE Catholic chureh and school: | am 
room : : ~ | Beat. sass . F : Requires manent ‘ s; ; reliable. 61. 
: xt wa bedrooms, “one smalie room ; : or's TEETNUT., S08: fine ft Tees 1-hedroom periqurnished ea aa Caen aa ateaniasteaeataee! oe want or 
fon nh. U 0, 2944. 

, kitchenette, : SS ; 
eye kite and + IR . ENTRA P ; LT} : gy ree in city or nearby | “Piymouth): more un 

res 4-5-6-Toom 
apartment, flat or home; prefer : PLE: 3-4 un-| Veteran, wife, baby; urgent, LA. 
y ote A-280, Post: Dispatch ti 2 adults. CA. 4307 Murnteheds “iat, cottage, iat i511. 

* piltiard arranged 
= oo oo family — a * adults, 
basement for liv- 4a R and © gg Bn sem nee a P. ni Gel S 

RY . ~. . a> 
mon whi Snetuaes ‘all aenttles. northwest ; a. Lease ¢ 
menth. Cleetrt “ity, hot water, gg tO and Lucas RTE OES ing quarters, piser, 1521 N_ Jet- Sa, aa 
on B "4 mtg -st bul : . ‘ - eormer era A lh R h F . 
<5 n egg Mt ann SF ‘Ros , :. § feers, 6900 | business or store, 25x50; room in nheuser usc oe oscar and toilet. 
teh, . ft. pe , rear. and oe n p 2 ot 2. . nial ve src aa ranarinesn. ey north se, "be by elderly couple; good 

“THURMAN, S011, clean, modern Choice 1 room, idea) 
+ at rental, 5 or | store, 18x24, suitable for small : t 
ROOM; lady employed: quiet with | ities oY seetric tit rent a S125 "roth Sa, will ban, pues eo OR. 9011 nS —- Lae: Extension, 43 a house, lower flat, 4- ee. eoRT wun- and employed son, 3 oF 
vate family: =, wee BdX| month; will give rent free to cou floors : eg ; : (Saum furnished ; au 8: ‘wil decorate. | 4 yefurnished— rooms. .. OSs. 
be Post-Dis ——— whose Wife will take regular sh ft HENRY 1 R. +o oy £0, CH. 4800. 39% . garage Tracing or : F R F T OR HI ~~ ouse, at, Un 4 
WA? (2 OF 4s es as desk ~ PRX eS ee business _~ TaO8- PINE, S000 se | $12 per month GA GA. 6 e6z7,. repair, TOxte ly 1200 sg. ft.; will d 3-4 ROOM LA s veteran, wi . er ed fiat ay apartment Immediately; a: adeat — meee age couple; 
TOoOmS |e] ne : 3000 | a . Ys . and : 
PENSIONED LADY. ED LADY ary rodms: Post-Dispateh 21xx Wash ngton, eation for barber shop: peauty par- | G or; Unfurnished: reasonable: quiet, re- o1. - coup expecting unfurnished : prefer pene or southe 
— rrniet cecenda 4430k Gete..| ¥- z APART: Bh Fam: 62.000 os. ft: aul ser etc, Reasonable. Call after | = kina of “business or protes- fined couple; late twenties; no HOY 3. — a oy Y babs: oo ey $70: or unfurnished. _ for adult 557. 
gt MENT, for 6 months, weil - ~ a ~~ 8 ng rooms i aeeren or pets, FL. 7785 Fi. | cottage or flat: prefer south, HU. | RE. 8483. OR 5 ROOMS; references; no 
TH 3052. NUNEE aed - “children will lease; ored. FO. 

66 “— ; mished, bath and Frididaire, 3 . > low 5. A > oe —— 
VETERAN Rea oe enturtismed | kitehen: ‘bachelor preferred — a ee Box _ IEW 2 SERSTER ree ee UP TO $120 BRIDE AND GROOM-TO-BE, 73, r 2 room effelency: no 
| Yentent' te Chase Hotel. Box K- _ MULLIN. WALTERS RLTY co. | SHOP, about an : (at bus 4 unte MU. ?780.' enitd ren mF, EV. 1350, 4 to 
— 126. Post-Dispatch. ap. ‘GR. 6500 - TL; will | Army officer, wife, two daughters; Sr ee : “pe 4- unfurn at or 
FARTLY FURNISHED ; , SOUTHWEST ane mann house; 2 bedrooms; north- > Gesperacte, or : 

mi@die-aged' couple: he pets Bos 
-207, Post: Dispat = ” 

~—“hasemen : FOR LEASE. | Realtor. - STB. “preferred: nt. Box | reoms, wu 1776, and Wite need 5-5 rooms, un adults, 

; =| ‘oo0x350: FENCED aLL- FOR CEASE NEW §-ROOM FLATS CEE : Dhyaiclan’s office. weirs. Post-Dispatch, [ x gee & SCIONS aT 

- 4% x > - ein) = : >| Rorthwest; immediate ta REE PTO $9 ONTH n smal a ment. Box W- an e apart: | 2- ; Hild, 

neq or By  peteote a tding . x ROUND, D COAL eon Re: open . se. tn location ais years U OM 3 AY ment or vicinity of o. narh, - e e call JE 9. 
HAASE rea overhead, “265, | For 3-4 room furnished apartment; | CA on child | 3 ROOMS, bath; veteran; desperate 

CO. 4394. x G-349. P.-D. ‘MRE OR METAL 
a . CH. 0 law student; wits employed: email 
SONSON  C A x\_M cellent personal references urgently need 3-5 Seems, unfur- 

chen privileges or email APARTMENT BEDROOM. kitchen- e% : dog: exce 
aan ate 847 | ette. 3rd floor: share bath: own | CO. CH. A AN.: mar: very Gestrable éttiess: ‘acai et wae less child on account 

=! mens; 2 aduits ongemevet, $S each | VD. . : “ee R eres, ae , 
Wants 2 of week. S820 Julian: transpor- aa BLVD. £7 rene location. = & ATT NTi A. L ASE - is ob as os nar. please consi 
‘Gees on ee Railroad clerk’s family, 4 adults; — Tips - 

nt jawa: veteran. wife baby; 3 

Linden. | sout corner owne and 
rea: | 4-6 wn ; 15 years 
address: a $60; @ocerere: no 

ern i-«stery building for early affice on ° OR. 
cupancy overhead sha 

“Dis erything fu . 0. 
spat’. : < 
. at se for aaie. fo perean having mf es ee DOLAN Bas ae payee Walnat adi PR f y teases oy eee 

Box A- “86. | ve 
me HI. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Manghester | build _ =. or 3 rooms, unfurnished renting 

: ‘a with 3 
~~ = 4-5 ? m, to make living quarter 
Laren _bunding: heat a. os OUTSID ; ate occu- TAAA RESEARCH DOCTOR from ° vari and samtectionesy tore, 
“3 ete ee th hoe oo ployed t CITY FIREWAN nests S0_—GRF 
DOWNTOWN modern office bull cires to pent 8 2 ho i Mt addr eee alee: | eneatneooene OF _MOFe ) 
| 218x100" in__new, | atiractive store ' “| ig. approximately 14x18. _ avail- Ha cpanel ences. by  eeeaan owner. CH. 5117. 

| shan I Oo Fa2 Chestnut CE. 563 BARNGRON cane Go. MA. 3185 oy One en Ee POLICEMAN and bride- 
_ BROADWAY, 1331 N.: 4500 sq. ft. Two registered nurses need kitch- vicinity of Clayton. 

and drive- 

L . ) tte apartment or efficiency; 
Stine ee rea cette gay He | CONTENT ROLE Te 283 ~~ vs - 
1 a = a > i town ra s}west or northwest, Box A-270,| Page Betta, place Oct. 1. PL. 

“CORNET été EB | DO! LAN ee Sea ie Soa ot id coe-ina sabes an “i ta 

a . INED . 
own commercial location: E2028, Restos, Se east gion?—recraey —aeor yea room” and. kitchenette: | "wish 3-4 unfurnished rooms 
proximately 13,000 sq. f.; ne poe rem Semen . ae - bo ld Maplewood desired. LU./ 54 = 
CORNET & . wa. 4560] Al BUSINESS LOCATION | Stncgrepner services. 333 272. COUPLE both ompare Teale ST Kattt an 
— rooms ; retin quiet, NE. 

CASS, 800. first floor, clear space. VANDEVENTER s- vnist 
bea? machinery. storage Gx abort | 2000 Hg) ja * yg ei b: St wiSiitemecy-yoox_seae—san 
ao 4 — x ond or : en or references a - - ished: 3-4 rooms, unfurnished, ee as! or 
CHOUTEAU HIGHWAY Florissant. In modern : moderate rent; excellent references . 2 oF or un 

|. STORES NOW AVAILABLE aiceloos Ritv_ Co. 820 Ideal for ‘doctor. "CHAUNCEY P. Veteran, bride, both employed; clean Mn GA = ge nished; couple with small child. FR. 

ty-second; mow ely 
penawated; available for rent or eat N. Skink x. Skinker at gg aha eee wahed; private 1296. 

LA > 
- sythe. Clayton : : on school 
f --= Rity. Co. S20 Chestnut St. : -- ROSSI. Inc... 608 N. Skinker. : | ana eee hae Sg flat or 
. B) 4 t . 

lil o 
5 ROOMS Gulley —turalahed som 
w store 40X55; | GETMAR SSB storey Weal coe 
Se Ce a ee | ae 4 Re eer 
: fon | mbolaaaie and retall‘digrict | pSteri ayia Ses ata ss Ba 

or an; 6 

jease; rent $200 month. 
MECKEL. Realtor CA.31!50 

smal Sg a 50. TS: ) ‘ 
RN: _dertul_jocation. — 
SOUTHAMPTON: ~~ S-rocm —maodera 2 
for me Be pees tee: ap bet 3942 LINDELL 

Modern all 
> ha ee: one-story Wil 
ev oat pane see ae | Meee 


“a EMMER, Realtor CH. 9616 





: a . ‘ wn ~- ‘ad _ > 
Si, i ia Bi see aot A ‘, a ec ; i ha ites ad ee Bn toe a s J ” i ; : ‘ si 1 : 
+ 1 if cEymapeapenagtt .- oe ~~ y pompano omnes . a — ge Ee a . , 2 ‘ - ’ * ne - —— ~a-wa peg g —7 -— oh 5 on 4 . - yy" ® . ry ¥ 
4 , : ’ oo ’ , ee . _ ; ; ‘ . . iP , 5? 
1 oe . anew’ ™ aoe a 2 ae ‘ 7 = % tl —-* a a4 a é . ; . =e." Ba Du tt o " | Arcelie ~ e 
q ‘ : ; ry 43 i ~ ; ses bs . B: deni aaaieees = 7 oe z 5 . 7. - x - — mj aoe s EL a. ya a! , 
: A ; : % ; ‘ : Wet a : ’ am 7 2 _ . af i’ — Toa aw ed - 
. = . 7 ’ , . ‘?' + oe : ’ 
bs * \ a = . po 

‘ . : “ ‘ 
Sia x a‘ . . * - 
a P 4 “Thy 7 . > 7 we = Y 
« * , ‘ on an “< - ae — . *s ‘ i rt ae ts ’ ‘ : ‘ ; 
« . ' ¢ «et “ s : ee er , +4 ‘ r 
“ he — , ie ‘ ‘ a} 4 
as ; : c e 
$ foe ‘ , . ets . 4 ) ' ‘ ‘i . Arne 2 £ bo baat : q 
: . bag ‘ ‘ sy ; : beed : 
> ie a ‘ 4 - ‘ ‘ . é ioctl . * - — . ~ » oie | 
_ 4 Pe : : é iS i 1 
: : ; ‘ ° . ) , - ~~ 
" ia : . . ? At, 
‘ . | ‘ : 

Moweer. Kir — wood 

yes HOUSE 

OK, An GAIN! | sist Peele a! 
“ONLY $7000 |. |-gRgRRE Haine 00, EA asoo | 9200 Brown pa. wi. 233 AE ay 
af etn’ es | 2x, Betatow: bait 5; | “iw; tle behen daa batn: ‘und ce wand, 8 acies ‘os besa sic in DR. 2a Fe ST oe ST. 1314 

FRED SCHWALLER | stiawe FRANCE, nc aad cane, ap TE Sins eae ees| Ss Soaps 

/ 1 
Oe , 
;] RE 0308, RE. 1581. 
me at | va ! : storm 

Vey Ginfoae | orneas,, |tTetaaness| eevee ers etre | eR eT | ees re 
Home for Sale : | toon saftey rf, it parben ee Eig et ee 

euroad Lac ; oo Ay mage ogg clean anc it : 500 “ash. balance ENNIN + “ tra ane 15 miles. 
ck Large fot, uy landscaped; fruit oMconveniéat. to schoola: ren , ag OF aaa wait; lot 68 ft, OX, 03 T; new S-robm bun- | SMILEY RD.-ESS B15: ter ~ # ; 

trees, grapes, flowers, evergreens; EDW house, wash house and co 
00, atest | >, ange rooms, big screened porch, Shaw | & Francis, Inc. (BLASE & DONALDSON tion, laity, Malles north 
VEST- | stoker, gy eg _ water mn. . CA. 1922 . Florissan ty ' : 2 - 
er, attic fan cooler; insulated; RITEWINN NG open aotkey 10 : -18 ; On beeen. MECSSOWAT; _ g-Oar  Garese: . 200A. Easton. 
near bus and school, 10 minutes NEW ENGLAND COLONIAL PeELEANOR V. *BLASE cious > , ; te] BRINK PR & ' yee 
Se city int ‘ ngal heat 2 = : wav 
© City limits; custom-built kitch- _REALTOR DE. 4100 aiden _ modern con : GRAPH RD. & ake Sales; a oe a 
en, abundant storage space, at-} ¢ off M ster); 7 SEE ae 0840 | WOOK fe for our sign. w omeee, ' males “room frome on "3% acres; 

te a i ge OFF,_Reanare__ Gif, Peale. Fle s0fs, st. LOUIS COU | 
won Bat gee cs More| ees rata ements | Oakbrook Forest | eae seer mae stair | VERS ey Seana se HA. O'ROURKE eS 
CHAUCER. S017] at Weadoworook 

west on Page to Korando {10300 | nice Mer . 2 SE Pr RTBS HBene a ” 
west). Price $12,750. : sun. AD on Page 18, Part | ont ee ak . ‘back bane: Por a oe rd., vetween and “Diamond taine; | 5-room mg azge it fr pega Fes 

RANCH | : Buy irom owner | Oi) ‘heat. to achool. Priced SHAW i + FRINGS, Inc. Superb view of Missouri 

HOUSE 3 bas River Valley. 
3-BEDROOMS ve Y-room ae ae ae Abundant wild flower 

THO a 

room home on 4 

24x48; ideal p for horses, cows oF growth: lively stream. and 
ri q cisterns; electric i ee 
on B. Realtors ST. 1314 Roar: cate eS eee | spn: + ecroomm 3 

WEST GUYER CANE, fist lane frult pes; reasonable, baths and maids’ quarters; 

north of Olive st. ra; new 5-room eat side Geyer rd.. south of Clay- : et for wale: | living room; dining room; 

Pagers a| eas oe oe a large * routs, "compleialy moder wae Sa ie i ict Bete eraes 7 f eous s "eonvenfentiy™ locate, cK | kitchen; library and game 
to “IN BEAUTIFUL ; > ele ee Suny 2k 5. 4: W. WOOD; | Creve caer. na Ree Peto Sve. pen gunday, | room; 2 groups of farm 

LOANS ON REAL ESTATE . 2500. a CA. 8 WWaY RD, id: we - at trom : GROWE-HAMMACK buildings. 


Holzer Park); clean, year-around | stoker: $4200, Also 3 rooms, 3 3 ROONE, Soo RORE e] f t 
Comfort ee cely n ‘ dh . lisvi 00, terms: ms—- 
oe tooo" Big Liggett or Diversey, anged rooms, ine batt bath ane rice ) era. 5f, Fron nord ‘ Nt Reavios, rt. “a. acre n: 2! page hy at Jedbure, 1 EDWARD L “BAKEWELL 



ay | 






oe Bs 


any ; 7 t 1186 . won oa: t, near school, vacant 
can arrange = Webs x at: . i -room brick, A ou , 
or part at an period, we ranch . , lendid location; price reduced; ; Acres—Nice rooms, Exclusive Agent 
would Be plea ona "evan 3.BEDROOM NEW full basement” forced-air heat, elec: | Way ung Ballas ra, today This G Swner will show’ homie ‘and stable, streets, sewers: . shade, Manchester} CA 5555 7720 Forsythe 
would to thy you; be ‘D STI Lindhorst- Fitzwilliam, a 3800 adjoining Reo ford Oaks, ripe for . Pon te . 

. a een; we alee refinance HOLC BRICK ~ ANCH HOUSE able; open ior ‘inspecion. Buy di- ive 2- Fn bungalow: m LANE; just east = Lindbergh. At- DORSETT” AND McKELVEY, 4 Cc E: attractively furnished 

rect. e pertect for couple or small family: tractive 3-3 brick duplex: ultra/ acres with ‘almost new 4-room home ax 3 ih overlooking Meramec CW eve opment 

Edward K. Love Rea lty Co. ? Full Baths, Sennen LUDWIG. FL. 1768 eens are fal base glazed living | modern; uantwood floors: combina and barn; tile kitchen, bath, fire- | ©)... and yailey: widow anxious to 

} ession; few 4 ‘edoma house with ement ; Gan aluminum atores sash. ge picture window; want action. ren by 
"CONSULT. TERRY. | Cer Garage: V,-Acre Lot | LOW wn AaYonent | Rateicts ol ets, RE REE B PARSONS | iio’ wrt, oe MOY | REA AE a earth cat | Eabnaromecanma® keateon | ~~» PARK W()()[) 

We bave mosey to Joan in any STONELFIGH TOWERS “gene Eltwine | Drive: 2 years old; A 0, (per, month. OORRESIDOR ey aaa B A C H ae pe basa os fem na “Take ee ap sae BEAUTIFUL 3 ACRES 

WHITELAW T. TERRY | 200. Pice ts Snes 

gas brick, tile bath stoker ncret TN 5000 loc Cr Coeur bus, schools ne 
large lot; in beautiful Ridgeview |_DE. 4261. Cx, , Stoker, concrete; 3714 JENNINGS FIRE3IDE block to Creve ur ’ . erately priced. our 
atreets. } See Photo Gallery Open Eve. & Sun.| churc at foot of Weter Hill just past $7750 EACH 

t. AMPBELL, WI. 2449 in: t- TE. 4-2001 McENERY PA. 6090 
MA over foeass MONTGOMERY , Tarkwey;, Ogoum ranch howe Bun, ~~ | SSurctlow “composition “rien a: | EMBO. Maori venagee;_reha. | BAGBY Ota Spey Ietey AS 

r 50 Years in Business i ing; Rin “decorat iittated, features of | colonial age All having nice frontage on county 

ANS; reasonable THE LEA Ne; screened 4-room asbestos ahtaats, ecw t..4 a: ph: A nek large lot; vatainn pedroo ash- enton 60. nignyey : — a marked and sur- 

rates; monthly or semi-annual] re- CH AS. a THON; AS 0500 dition t: ,, bath an q heat; modern; in- | priced ar “$5500. Weber. G ‘ foned. ey ie with fail, len waler 44 Pi ie eeraee om PR mma’ A wi Inspection. 

payments up to 10 years; prompt Sund : this: off ld 100°. Possession ; windows Je, water yun rra ten . arles and Mc- 

service. e Denay rds. DE. 0440. $8500. Owner oe 9321 Mee BONHOMME ROAD . re * sslnnd Mo. © n fine yond. right at, Pe evely Old 
DUBINGEY REALTY CO... REALTY CO.., Inc. LO. Open Sunday 2 to 5 a iia xltehens rm and on 

> 6 rooms "I 
100 N86 rSt, |s white country house, de- al fire — ©. fae oY aa 

. CRESCENT Br 18: o 25 G3 

. 9343, Eve FO. Su APACIOOE COUNTY HOME west Highway 61 off > | "sign well-known archi 
LOANS WA ED S roe mT : Lind : - 2.5 acres| CRAIG RD.: 6 rooms; 2 eh). See This excellent 6-room | #sned by ge Bey ~y 
On apartments, business property, A ; baths on ist floor; 2/ bungal with 2 baths, large lot.| Over an Saaaner 
flats, residences. holly and| Jerse rooms 2nd floor; nicely land- posses. sriced right. ‘ 

HIEMENZ REALTY CO. CH. 8452 | : ; s-car garage; barn and |_ BOOK eos ee... | Th vely place 
PR yy Din Mecan Reet carefully restrict-| other | buil ESS; Sth house north of St. ¢ " = 

loan on aa . . side: m a mast 
low # rates, STRODTMA South of on road ur home; wonderful ranch | a vatiable. ‘teas att teat: 5 ed ted three miles west 
STRODTMAN, “3607 N EC TY ; : 2 ther exceptional t Lindbergh : 
— Te ACRES Ra BL. egal Co. ES “I roina | Habe n * “ELEANOR V. BLASE Lambert 1 b Wi Seas es Chambers; §-room modern 
DE, 4100 ; : : : excellent condition; 
3, st doors; chutomatic water 

Any rates; aeiton also Modern ranch house, 2 years old; win} PA n. . 1824.| REALTOR _, 

Dutid shat ia ite tate build! id contractor: large Iwisg CREVE COEUR miles from ee Ford Eom gO be cant . = i —< a : ove 

KOP R. seni s Brin: room: fireplace: dining basement and 3 acres of ground; oS TC. : Neca ¢-rocm Daem, pe LIVE STR ; ig built on high grou ay = m 

LA. 8040. ¥; Kitchen: 3 bedrooms; 2| Modern wrihs, ane with ood bath, Redman Acres, on Highway 66 reh; . CORNER MOSLEY stuns tna ee pecans ve | cueae’ a ge 0S ‘Vatterott, Ritr. 
Hie Pieces oe. security ; | hardwood near 99; owner leaving city; will FHA joan arranged. Briscoe, | Bulldings and business: 4 rooms 2nd) Tocidieg py a famous architect, has baths Pag ee FR. : 

. to S years straight loans or pay. | screened porch: doors, cedar lined closets tiveplace, give immediate possession. PA, 2211, if be anewer DE. floor with bath and heat; also) modeled by a famous trae ccond 10253 St. Charles R. Rrd. WI. 3350 

y, semi- — or an-| tire building: Q-ear garage; oe CA. 8924 “DRIVE 19 = >, store = ver must . first floor; "ROBERT i S ARGENT Open Sun. 12 to 5, Mon. Till o 

$70,000: inspection by pS oy y ond ‘garage; oot 3-BED ROOM Plant nearby) ; en AS 2 ~ Seen to be appreciated; “jesx20 . modern, electric 
. 950: 

wean ot E2940. Rodemeyer-Christel & Co. oa sera. anasial extras, including AGNER CO. pam _ attractive | Realtor Chere-| OAKVILLE FARMERS’ CLUB 

fone and sa ry; 2 bd finished basement roo 0 5 MILES Wet OF LINDEERGY: 720 ft. x 350 ft: bi k 

LOW tree . HOMES Dorsey Allen Realtor. “MU. 0125. a wae : »| 8O sainutes from downtown. — he frontage: 7 trees: Catholic oF The or 

Real estate loans: city or county: “2 y Coeur | Pleasant surroundings im County: see t au- M + Caradi Wriaht 2% baths, hot-water oil MOT on 

ABTORSPAYLOR "TRUST C0. “TODAY | GacuRDE "BOND 's MORTOAGE | (sata taste, ands, | pcinke he tad saecerae ree ou sain | beak siete aoe | Spel weter and, lactic 
- be roo er, r lot; sc j or ings; leavi own; must zell; * . a 

4915 Delmar. Mr. ‘Falkenhainer. OPEN TODAY PA. 3300 —— = owner, 3-car garage ‘ Series ngs; leaving $ all or part; priced to sell. 

FO 4 Cranes eet th Santis transportation. a Lot n Sunday 11 to an 500; owner. Box A-53, P.-D. _ PL. 7710. 
4 re s r B- o es uy - L under construc “ATTRACTIVE corner lot, 5 rooms, 
tows. Large } 100225 0. in beau- | 601 1 Rochester, Modern 5 ae E THIS URE, LK KEENEY TOELLE, REALTORS KEENEY- TOELLE REALTORS iodernistin b-teamn beta bunsa- aaa ne kidnes ane | 

For Apartment and Fiat loans. fu A : 4 Iv’s NEW—IT’s VACANT 5506 Natural Bridre ate at lows; large pieture windows: tile . See nie beautiful. home to- | ACRES, LOTS, WEST 

EDW A. POLLACK & SON 000 “at M eeds. Just Lovely 4-room bungalow with | = Natural @, MU. 7370. | kitehen and tile bath with shower: Dees a sow | Ballas. pina Se he 

Oe bison Iil., on screened furnace, elec-| believe that reat wood cyilians your | hardwood floors; full basement; 3? x... Theresa Lane son, Conway, 
— : a miles ot ‘jn High Ridge, onl buy is "way | BELOW style. See this 2-bedroom new bun- not-air heat; pon BB water heat - Wm onahan & Co. CA. 8908 oe ieniter, 23 
MONTGOMERY! 3 out iecares nn with | bedroo ool Siplenty of paleeh, Wik Lytetetan Ged ctlaned | er; a8 GEition, 1 Bach south at] puvtcrtattt mature ucte tenens | ter Ween Se We aaa Bahoat > 
ates : ine’ electric | garage; wired for ~" s stove; | Natural Bridge rd. off Brown rd.| iow; 2 fireplaces; automatic oil | Valley, Strecker, Katherton. Sun r 
THE ER G 1. 1455 nd in  laree vacant and open 2 to 5. on. tage 3 aise office open heat: garage: 1 acre in Rivermont gttigh way » Supe 


Realtors. SW. 0500 tilit : ed : ranch, 21 miles out on Highwa Singer. TE. 4-8534. PA, 7521 

3 S280 % | Rardwood floors, plastered | walls, | _Of ind Bvenings | 99 peautiful actes: specious lawn: HENLEY CO., Realtors TE $0806 D O LA N ( ca JOHN. " ARMBRUSTER 30; Sunday call Osage 5191, 7-3 suapear penn ‘ 
v ee tile bath and beautiful steel kitchen shrub ‘ orchard. da well, .. 6-room e ae 

on 2-to-1 real watt pe reg A p N NDAY 2 T 'e) bery Pep agtractive . HI. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Manchester OWNER LEAVING for California, | Fronting about 800 feet on Cham- 

t «| eadinets. Home we. built under 

lege 2a J." ve ful oer FHA. specifications” Price $9750. - perch wm fro See Dolan’s Photo iaetin Toda & CO., Whe y 66: 5 rooms first bers rd.; priced low to settle estate, 
hey Box « Down payment $1750 north of ot Clayton ra.) rd.); on’ attaci & garage; ‘ , . ARDEE Fi § Fora get a 8940 St. Charles rd. wi 0 42 2 finished on second : —- HAUSCHULT TE 

5 small cou with 1 Manchest miles ; . : - rame i ge- - . - | 2407 N. Broadwa 

‘ 1 Mr Bhella- H q 1) | D j heat low and 2 9-10 acres near ¢ nell oer: v. CH. 6516 
boreet, ght B. Roagere, ine, 10 ee om ae on Cig i, matey Si" caeean? eae | NEW! DIFFERENT! Fe frm op om atthe nga pes | Tota ne! Paeugee™esetn: | ace apt om :| BELLEFONTAINE & PARKER 
w r Oitice Tri-City 117 oan. tie Sule teday. OF Chilton lane; beautiful hillside 3- KRA ;| fireplace; deep well; chicken house; | hopsc’ “Aporoximetely 3 “asran - 

Rea . ad of 
i, eaten 3658 8. Grand si. SEE “THESE BARGAINS ELEANOR V_ V. BLASE gpoede i. B00 ti. costs of Ladue’ | heat: 4 parse; large barn: stroes| Yee" garden; fruit trees. call, our office open evenings and Pouse B "OTTO “TIETJENS 

*Hae:_ city water, tollet. sink, "oll | EALTOR —_______DE._41¢0 Sa anee “a sat | RCETON, HONE BURL 
ea | EI TONES Lee DONALISON,,| SR 8. aN oS JOHN H. ARMBRUSTER mig pa | Gare ma Per 

po eg Ml ge mile 6 dows. Best Overlooking Meadow Brook “RUN AL W mite a. of Fee Fee and Awe & CO. Inc. 

ork: See our -nagene Lake a er Midland fro NEW, ULTRA MODERN ee ee oo 2 2 Oot ¥ » 2 oS Su Wet or : at location eed 
rd, to “AShDY : south peat FO, electric; nice i & 
"business dis- Ashby ‘to FHA built; |S-room brick: garage; large _ lot: me, atl Dest, ker... see the 4th house... . POSSESSION ; ick "aod ba tog Liat Highway: 16 acres, 2 
7 - . e 7; t > OF , > ° * 
FS ‘mt t. sOnN . builder. 
om am 3 Ae o184. ——— ready. — oy — let and eid, fu ink 24 foe floor nied 

zi "y ie DUD, sink; otherwise not med-| J, Ww. WOOD, REALTOR ‘- aif co toxer:' tuft fi ee 
PLE funds ae : : i aN | D'OENCH "CO. WI. 3900 venetian “pitnds; fireplace, ios pape as, rar: riseM arn,’ good outbuildings: 
: ja chester; $4000. — Ranch Hom ; : Sfooms, ranch i acre Owner leaving | & Oak trees, ber- house; 30 . bath and sunporch ED.: 3 of more acres 
Eesk Betacteg aus "| "Manchester Reclty’ Cor |*987 Seams $ ceeLgt| a SEERA ate mete] Slr cr Yom fate as a] Bie He tanonn Ghar | te “pti sd, 
370. ; 2 on big RE Bre gpa ; tures, we ast that” you please cal DOLAN Co). see today. Ane 
OPEN of Clayton rd; REX CARLETON, REALTOR | str. 2610 Realtors, 6401 Manchester | automa fs : 2-room r east © i 
FOR INSPECTION | : | Sa, ee sc send | Gusta? “Waceby BRC “tasay | PAREWAY —Y"auaset™ cry | ene andes ee OO TRUST CO. OF KIRKWOOD 
r on large ee aon rivets rane weeder? = JOHN ‘7 ARMBRUSTER Rai bath, modern throughout: BEAN eee 
: 7262. oton |. lavatory. d room and tile | dream home. Tile bath and. coun to "be “a Tey omuet Sun- O., Inc. paymenta, Bttice «3 D today 1-8 | trade,for house He 24780. wil 
ee TiONEY WANTED oot ES. | S,roome:serensed ona hot wnter | namics fa f Aeogt gman ee mt anes| Be game BoMe REALE) POA 1 LLC 
COCAL MANUFACTURING] ‘active. tile baths on 2nd | floor; zi fen new eee) Sone aeons Santen gg EF MARY POTTER LOVE urious ; built j WE ACREN with Tontage_on CRy- . 
COMPANY |. th pot St. Louis barns, is and. chu . : fruit “tr 5: Pose “pushes: screens: PARTRIDGE. 1895 st 7900" Fags ful saartoe : 1 tehen WHiteLaw “tod 5 RRR — Toe e 
es emai annual sales. de- Chippewa t 20 minutes 4 glows. Roses ~~ GRAVOIS AT GRANTWOOD ~ barbecue at: sopnak a white cottage n window indow boxes a} panty Sat . T. for ra fier Yeourt ae, iggat site site 

to $20 . This 7 Open 2-6 ay raze. Reduced to $10.-| available now: oben Sunday ba maids’ Wonderfu ; > room 
recei ) b , aaa Pom “ P al office open DOUGHERTY, ‘Realtors ce 0330. opportunity at a "eaaiion of re- house 4 * near __ BIZELL 
cost. merson : jot. 75x125; 7 Jere 

sctive raw ma is and J. MILLER RLTY. Co. : scaped. Sunday 

detail Liberal 5 avaliable rate or al HIP oe Oran oe eed i ein SACRIFICE hiving | Cc EW. 1130 oF NE. JOHN i ARMBRISTER a beth Petes ce Margare ret Caradine Wright aries 866 
iat f 10 new ranch- room 18x30 with fireplace, 5 - | storm sash, low jones, stoker, 8025 rere DE. - : 
BAe ee poe DREN bestos shingle bu . eget = iyetion, “uecar INDEPENDENT | oO. lnc FRANKL PA. 3390 y : = & = vod jis —_ ome ot t Fora 

many i to in ad; og a ativee ee mat | 2940 St. charles Ta WI. 0242 | “4. 4-room du ais “kittnen aad u i my 7 | Fak 
reduced to #5000. cash bal- ‘ ; rooms, SunFOom. th; : wi this ple su se ree 

pom gE. wag ul y agi igh he ov ‘open | “basement, new’ furnace, nice ho ated: Pans yg : Soule <= ; and | we : ok: 
“WASLE CoO.. Realtors ASON. Realtor. Wr. for children, may trade for country S eetiake eM one churches near 

, gpa AY REALTORS a 

eral is first a GL. Be... 
fore you 

Nota Post-Dispatch. "| Fees south 60 Gpen 40:00 a 

ISTER| 22 es te ay 

sine % mile perth ‘ta: 
“eR WE SOANY. ~ 


acd ae Mercantile Commerce (2 
et yt B & Trust Co. 

“No. | PA “ass A Deen 2 Sew Sans" Porgy. nearly ‘new’ 3 Tooma 

E sunset Clu si neon te pe tes OME AND CO} : Sore 2, 


ae — of Your 

30 Boy Al gre anes gl 
ears’ ere 

% f br 4 Poni “8 — aC . D> Ee ia ry es "4 ; . 
2 ieee val aw “u. 



- wn 

‘ ’ gece 


2 i : my , ——. 3 ut 
mile north of Clayton rd. 
. = r ; reason- 

100 “ACRES, “Manchester and nels | 

at Ballwin, Mo. Owner will 


Ty ACRES, fronting on Gravois, 
40 miles from cit 

Theo. J. Brecht Rity., 10. 

ft. Clayton 
acre. ee Aas PD 

TIRE REKG ce beau tiful view i 
south anchester on Hy 141 
j GRIVER—Waimut 5264. 
rN sites; 

D 4. 



ontaine rd.. corner | 

Te lane. GO. 0678. 
way 21; near 






cee ee a | 
re tettersonia Weber GR F321 




Rare Opportunity 
Tdeal setup for newlyweds, | 

This brick ranch home beinc offered | 
furnished or unfurnis The 
furnishings include wali to wall rug 
in living and dining rooms; living 
room set: dining room set; stove, 
electric refrigerator aS ge oy 
set in kitchen: one set; 
also breezeway furnishings. 

excellent condition and ike 

Call for appointment to see 
levely 5-room home, ener | 
with garage attached, oll air con- 
ditioned heat; jot 772x120, 

“aN in 




ty decorated 5-room brick ranch 
amie with enclosed heated breeze- 
way: garage attached: “oll air con- 
ditioned heat. Open daily 2-7. 


Ranch homes 

FLGIN, Stax Soom modern 

i 3-2891. 
iA. J. MEYER .CO.. PR. sane 


the west side of Tesson | 
— (Highway 31), 

south of Gravois. 
starts at 10000 Gravois.) 

5.6 ROOMS 


ey A ek ptm ranch 
type home; corner 


ious. ‘well- built raneh- | 4553 
Sere our ae Th aif. 

bus line. 

A. J. Meyer & to. 

$612 Gravois PR. 5322 

See Display House 
= National Home 

OPEN 2 to ¢ P.M. 

| ‘Berkley Constr. Co. 

DE. 4050 " Bildor, 8015 Forsythe 

Ge..cut Chippewa, continue west 
an Watson to McKenzie road 700 
iget west of River De Pere then 
turn south 3 blécks to subdivision. 


oe et under 

yy ye mi one 4 Se, near Aft. 
Nn Jaen 
clean as a pin. 0 


utomatic unroorn 
forge lot: in 






wm Pd 

soee ies sh Sis se 

Borat co, 

POWELL & STEIN, Realtors 

i eet 



OPEN Ne 2 TO | 


3x stoker, garage. 
-§ Wanstrath Jr., Inc. 


; gioker-steam heat. 


«1 D 

them rd.; open Sun. 
seat, 6 000; Py fi- 

Oakbrook Forest. 

tile Kitchen and bath. bath. | 
‘ashe ty cake : Possession: near 

eee at ee 
“house: “Jatge screened “ang 

Fig gas 



5-room, well’ Dut 

sc ls, churches 

must be seen to oe ates: 

oven Sunday afternoon. 
across from Schobers’ ry: = 

p. . ta ang as re Too 
lot; city bus 
fine. Yo oon to 

Haag R. F. Co SI. 6220 

* HU._5800. 

ory east 

modern, brick. Can assume. 
R or 

2-bedroom ranch only 
few months old; oil furnace; 
utility room: » lot. Must se 

Priced * 
| J. BEN MI R RLTY. CO. LO. * State 
a sun- 

A, 79 rooms 
sistomatic beat, modern: 
= 2-5 aa a : 




sun bungalow 
looks — 
U. 4898 

‘0 rooms, sun 
‘porch, brick : also epttane in rear; 
rent S35. 

FL. 4025. 

RUMER, Realtor, 
6421 JUDSON 

9700 onesie: 
brick bun 




% aeres: ove “aaa 
nae bargain. must 



rooms, unfinished 

imately 2 acres: 
RUMER Realto 

EULALIE, 8530: New 6-room 

rooms: tile bath: automatic 

rooms with 3 large bed- 

rooms on 

heat. OPEN 2 to 6. Brent- 
wood bivd. to Eulalie, turn 


HI. 2610 Realtors 640 
Dolan’s Photo a ay 

SUPER vate 





Developer and Agent. GA. 3100 
OPEN 2705 


2369. CA. 0400 3054 
room brick th knott ne ‘sun 
ae Be hy ey By _ 

place; oll heat: 9 years oid; 


0Chce One, Sundays Fiennes | 
. 2 a 


Five-room modern bungalow with 
tile kitchen and bath, automatic 
a hats oo: immediate 

Jos. H. ‘Vatterott, Ritr. 

10253 8&t. ee ys R, os WI. 3350 
Sun. 12 t Mon. Till 9. 


:| AD on Page 18, Part 1 


Charm interior gzrengemen nt of 6 
nen | i e baths: one of 
the finest kitchens in St. Louis 
oe gas heat; price reduced to 


a Alamo; one vacancy; 4 gas 
furnaces; 4-car _ brick garage; 
nots —— but cold water. 


Broadview: new 
eM 000; 


3 lovely bed- 


heat: all on one floor. 

ALIE, 8534; New 6 

30 listing ; 
corner lot: ediate bedrooms, 
tor hot-water auto- of 

2nd floor; gas off heat, venetian ST. 

den: ° 

c 713 

[l/ /> blocks. 

3M. . 2462 

ee ns pRrics 511 

Kenilworth ; Aig modern 
bungalow, only 6 years old; 

ba hard - 

floors; beautiful lot: built-in 

owner moving out ‘of town, 

sell, completely furnished, un- 

‘000. Another Schwaller 
tter hurry. 


5506 Natural Bridge, MU. 7370. 

i ; 4-room cot- 
tage; hot-air furnace; large jot; 

od path, furnace, combination 
ok toe sash, ee oo 

_ciose to Oty Limite bus. 4 EV. 162 

Southwest corner Crestwood and 
Hilivate; 2 ee rice: own- 
er wants offer. Call DE. 0679. 

Attractive 12-family apartment 
One of finest 

> -room 

the apartment build- 
SLONTaM the Moorlands. 
R. CO., 722 Chestnut, CE. 


— frame modern, Al condition ; 
sulation Rg 50x126: 

a mae oR as 

rick bungalow; barge ot. Wabesh 

ridge: 4 rooms, suranee. oil — 


tion. Consult 
oday or call 


3-5 1 

LT, t . ra 
: eller; school. LAURA 

Ri MeRaay ALTOR. DE. 5100. 



3 N. Grand. JE. 2 



Down on either of these two frame 
bungalows, 5206 

1314 auth, 


| MERENDIE. S100 t Staley; if you 
want a home on the outskirts’ of 
sure investigate this | 

lot; 2- | 

SpEethy S70 O'TOOLE, "Realtor 

diat aati ote better hurry. 
| CREE 4910 Gra HUd.3010 i 

>. SS tet See A 



es WEST FINE: for comfortable 



Powe!l High 
Laclede Bond & Mita. Co. 

8730 Bridgeport: 

an 2- RE. 
noe oe gee rl 
HAROLD” 7. J. “JORDAN, Realtor 



Fireside ‘ Bank 
Oftice Eveni 

Vi 14: 4-room frame, white 
FLAVIA, 89 oi 

in * master bedroom and 
bath ist floor; 2 bedrooms and 
; ground les level — 



8165 Stratford; = 2 
‘brick; 3 bedrooms 

re 3300 the ‘California-ete 
N peatene ¥ this} Laon 0 

| "BRUCE, 4920 Pai ase: | today 
3 SHAW | W & FRANCIS, nc, 


2502 5506 Natural MU. 7370 
N F 7 Tooms 
- basement, st 

gl in- 


this attractive 6-room — 

CA. 1922 

G.l. financing; 

School drive. 


second sors of] heat; 


8730: 5-room brick. or 
floor; 30 

oi] heat; ex- 

pone): have = t 
' you ee or 
Ladue to o for 

years ‘ol: 

HI. 2610, Real 
e, : sate. 6401 Manchester 

wond po 
Not , Sremnts for pret Mh until 
Honk B. he INC, 

s beS29z PA. 7330 
WATEINE DR Fas Ta fe dupler oi 
sale; west Sper ah-styie dup) nod 

Boor,» 2 PRANCL 


Ralph F. F. Piper, Inc. 

block to school 
Community Park; 
MERAMEC, 320 N.;: close to Mary- 
land =, owner oe, town. 


WYDOWN BL. T4xx; lot for resi- | 


for immediate 
taalara call J — 

eations call 

$325 ‘ane $350 enemas. CA. 
2195. “<4 

NEW @-fam milly > rooms each ‘unit; 
income $10, . 
|_GLAD NIO CA. 4755 
A 1 

ae Park District. a aoe Madison 

Si 1577. 

decorated ; 

8-room house, bath, 

st. Louis. 

A Madison. MA. 2117. 





——T rr 
Gus . POR SAL | 


aut rms 
ae gan-fin mp Oe  -— heat, 

closet ¥ 2-car . 

or “a. 
Pa. 3 

334 Wesley 

Evenings call Vi. T0ST8. 

7 rooms, 


(Clayton — 
ast Lovee 

eae oe . only 8 
in ‘cnaelnaa” 


of other 

930 Ai rd, 
VI. _ 7-250 



VI, 7-1816 


59 N. Harvey; a 



must ot ‘have e 
room apartment, — rent, 

V *FRINCIS 400. 

automatic ‘heat, 
Su av. at 

ye room, “sunroor Oona 
ey 1922 

5 large 



; tile kitchen, 
These anes just south 

Clayton NERY PA. 6090 
6: new list- 
English brick with lots of 
designed and in 


and powder room on 
and 9 maids’ Foon ping porch, 

" eartine; on 
1 for chil- 

i 4 Estates ct. (2 d 
issant off Robert), 

desirable location 


Good ood Buy—Good Terms 

a new low price 
liberal terms will likely sell this 
neat 5-room this week; 

West from Ferguson 
to er 5 at 

lot 62x150; 


334 Wesley. Vi. 77-0264. 

down, one left out of 22, 


nt rd 

pen Sunday. 

Fireside 4300. Pine Lawn Bank Bldg. &* 

Office n Eveni and Sunda 
4: } .: this la house on 


334 Wesley, VI, 7-0264. 
™m e 

Office O nd Sundays 
ONTSULLLY —mintatle and de- 
rer . and "Cae 
spool. ae ne barhosk be con- 
ro ition nsulated 


room brick, semi-ranch type Dbun- 
galow, prewar construction; 


ERHOLD- FREY. DE. 1200, 

PA. 8150 New 


a’, house available 


Cape Cod at. $9825: 
| hte rd. to January, left on 
reelman Reality Co. Atwater 

right to our 

5-room modern ranc 
ear old; lot 100x1' 
vary to 


4420 Fo. mat 

Clark. yr 2 we 
1315 Weleba; 
b low; 50x1 


wood floors: 
at $8950 and § 
with small down 

few left: must see 

& CO., 

4-room house; new 
- 2 blocks 
< for q 

er leavin town; 

h4 att * | 

room — eh home 


223 N. 

VI. 7-11 


Fireside 4300 

same: will sell cheap for cash 
. for acreage within 
siniles Ri ut we reduaed on this 



Hi. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Manchester 
See Dolan’s Photo Today 


3% baths PA. 38. 
‘ne 8729 ANTLER DR IVE 
kas old: 1253 


Sa eT Ce 
Completed by Owner 

To Very Last Detail 
with breakfast room and den 


we le a 

ORI : Engels 

Quick possess 
fine Ss floors. 
and kitchens, 


jon, 4 large rooms, 
modern baths 

3324 Wesley. VI 

hot-air heat. 
i High 

in; terms. i yecast: 
NN. 4910 ravois. HU. 3010. 

feet ‘front. may G.I. 


lee = “4 
? open ev 

om; $8500, 
Weiss 4527 Gravois HU Cocks HU. 233! 

paneled in weldtex wood, 
ponte Aan 

ae re 

‘sign with all the special t 
rt: SP Rorgeous 

with house. 
aaa te bawie. 

“Cer Moving to 




3 i “a 
payment: only 


—. eg office open even 


Realtors, 6401 
Ps "s Bote s ng 


for children. 

or |— 

New Homes 

Just Completed 



Bay cr or ae 


kitchen; va- 

A : H 
3714 ne ag hy gy $000 
Nessing Mi 


SUE : 



a meet "acre; " 
tor, Florissant. 


Mn “basement: Not 80 150; 



6-room brick 1 

watery “bungalow: 
of toner bet, Priced Ky 

GRA PNER, CO. 8888 

-room bunga- 
asphalt. tile ‘ner. = 

storm sash; netian 
Gaston wall kitchen: built. 
in pe nop €',, heats only iM 
years old; att 


HI. 2610, Realtors, 6401 nt 
Doilan’s Photo List 


A mme = 
session; new "Ave-recma modern 
low; full basement; yellow pine 
oors; hot-air heat: ere tile 
bath and kitchen; near r- 

i large lot; call a ‘ee nt- 


this attractive p brick, sun- 
large lot with fruit trees. 

Fireside 4300. Pine Lawn Bank Bidg. 

appointment, Miss Dudley, J 

want to buy a half com- 
pleted house and finish it up 
ourself under FHA specifications 
y working week ends. Must be 
seen to be appreciated, First man 

aranteed roof over 

a basement thrown 

measure, — 900 

' Flo ssant, Fergu 

548 Sidney, LA. 9938. 

ge At mal 
tion and gen 
a on. 424 South 

furnaces: Saleweed aie wt 

70: 0277 


goo St. ET tron oat oe — 
are © VI. 7-0277 
: “4% baths: more 
SHEET" co 
8 rooms, 
lot lot 275x134; taxes 

Pine Lawn Bank Bldg. 
Otfice Looe ‘Evenings and Sund ndays 
123 N. CLAY 

$58: excep- 

Caeom brick ; 




3714 JENNINGS IRESIDE 5000 |: 
See Photo Gall Eve. & Sun. 
open ay 

evar - — 

HY. ee Realt 
See Dolan’s Photo pret Manchester 


1155 N. 

south ote Zchestst en Wome ied). ne 
attractive Jie “eget 
ba im au- 

bs gg “geet acres stu ce 

ay satate ete c tose In. 4 

__ Bayer-Rickhoff Realtors 

1209 W. Lockwood 

This fine ho . 
clusive nelgnoorh “s~ ie “ochoot 
and M ne, = 

teat eae 

5 , mberiane a Bethe: Tat 
Kelle. a yo gt , athe. 


om, fi ait MA. 4 
a. 560 

OPEN. SUN. 2- : 



very reasonably priced and excel- 
lent loan available. this is excelent 
oe IRAE onl nh few ears old. 
es RRY, Realtors Realtors 

6 ‘Receon New 
mee ads. 

Pi lovely pinatc 

Florissant av. to 

Suburban av. on an a nd G 

haee t; 1, 0800: ¥. 

all 25-ye lo 

DAY 2-5 5 

in a lovely 

good ne 

con structed bungalow: 
schools, transporta- 

tion. Admission by card onty. 
N. Berkeley City, Airport 

rd. 7- 


HU. 1350 

Natural — MU. 7 

$2500 down 06 mon : 
VORKIOWN vi "97-0277 
_32500. FLOYD DAVIS. CH. 2782. 


Raa bale pei hat 
LU. LU. 4330; CONOMY 
at ee HU. 7100. 

ern;. ak ae shade trees: 1 : 
to new 



New bricks, 5 and utility, 
tile kitchen and a bat h, ——a 


ST. 6241, 

2 blocks north of gg 66 on 
cane eee rd.; 5-roo homes; ga- 

: breezeway: tile sehen. kitchen, 
eaetste wate > haedan, copper vlumb- 
ing, adewalk. large jots; 

loyees: th warrants your 
care ~_ inspection $13,500. Owner 

IRA. E “BERRY, ti 

TE. 3-3030 163 

ties, ic, 

plant; $12, 800. co. 

$0 ; r. 7- 
Seca mS §175-8200 month. 

pit, “145 

Fras Forest | s= 




RE. 4437 


Office one Sunda ang 

ANDREW “DR., THs wan 
Woods, 980u west Manche 
rd.); an eyeful! Rane 1 


carpe air-conditioned, 
qluminusm window sash 
2-car garage; lot 710x125: oo pen 2 


HI, 2610, Realtors, 6401 
See Dolan’s rhoto Listings 

home in beautifu w . 
aa tile ba ths, arson Woods; 
oowner “egy 

wa waRLEN eee 



rooms, 3% baths, break 
library; vacant; open fast 

ED. i. Se 

Marg 3 ret 

Caradine on rae 

oe; lope lot; a a reat 
B. Realtors 

4 eta 
Ra aw ae Tee: - ss + R oe = ts w 4 tip Mt ie 
ow Mi zs a 7 . - ia <r 

nelle ieee aa ee 



month. a e ds 


oy | 
{SF “immediat 
ries 'N ATIONALR. 

e 5 

Ranch Type Bun galow . 
New, Vacant . Open 2to 

ay Br DRIVE , 7 ; : ! 3 L : 
. 3; § ° 
+ : ° 7 a . 1 * sha} ; tle , DOr 
445 S ANNON RIVE ‘ vs ; s = : , 7 ‘ ; . : ce : Tt ia: . ‘ . - : ; J ‘ ~ e ets > 5 -y gy Be hg and ) 
30: 433 way; e 71D ‘ bat ¥ TR OARS ee tan, | Of closets; venetian bil 


breeseway and | 2-car 


RA E. BERRY, REALTORS ) a ORO, 6; 7 A noo! Kent sae | 70xx Lorine, 3-3, modern. 
> ure iso Be 3 = ona bath; \2-car edi 

Cc soe | “Be Matchen and a Seth: "new: imamse: BEE | DE. 6166 7 
, : Mn wa? the house are TAF p* 
New Roo B | ; LR oe a5 a Te aneciol sane oi W.; 3 rooms 555! » te | WA L O., Realt 
) m UngalOWs |= te rien ge ratce he oe 200 ; gene nped pont ep - sony Ag living ~ e~ tne, dra the ORBOnS Ss; : froon : As EC Bagh 
ment. , es 

Immediate Possession |*352drwsei. zee tvetten: | feria vio | Treacher fe vaseaent; | CHOMEAU & ENGELLAND 

and public schoo 
; | xx Pitman pl.; 4-fanilly fiat: om 3-0210 ist Geer: conven: ; mest, this house 
excellent iz +e . : y he IE iy ~ an appoint- 

Zpartinent avaliable: now. | int eat % ENGELLAND me only. 

Ba 56 uatreg_ any, mb a | Senta ae | eit RE PE | 
her carpeted: resin tale ne bathe: spacious rage; unumually Blea. Card et sa: | gees d * Aeskes 3 Engelland Marion Clark Ruthman sve * by Spertatment ; 

T ei 
Sunday. sHOB6, Shane. $22,500, TR - , ig r . . Fs aa , 
Mh —— | “Scenes zg} | 1090 Argoung crm S-0210| ated. Grgagealswaean Ase Sitter | REALTOR = * DElmar 1732 SL BANOR y BASE ee ED ERER 
‘ Pp ra 

year old; stoue fireplace: tie klieh 
2 Hildred; ‘naan brick bun- oo INCOME PROPERTY | IRA E. BERRY, REALTORS on m down- CLAYTON. TEREACE, §: | Ramb- ; AR aS 1 oe DOWN ee | 
; pre-war construction; com- Highway 66 (Chippewa): 4. miles | 418 N. Taylor: S-apartment build- ; garage in basement; stoker: | ling country heme: 2b z scenic | view; ‘beautiful Bhd 9924 Linn; 3-room } 
&. "pedroomm. 0 Mt Mille kitchen  dichen x , ttle baths: et Ceanevortatin and churches | , Sms Se 5 late sagt rete 2 bathe a RG ie oie ment, Wits "Price A nae = 
= ae to pee rs eehoots churches. ete t easy Te to Clayton acres; 300 feet from Cuyion. x a 
717 ’ 

Wye agag : 
beau tifully p immediate 2.000: 0 sho enter west ul . : 
stricted neighborhood 103W ogee r* TE. * eapaahed weir eahineine: “iter. hi Ls DRIVE. 29; haar rt , oe 22 7 A. Attr ~_ 
4 bedrooms, 6166, 4 Tent 
brick, residence; eg tcondition 

ee een <4 # - 
mi pent. Office open Sunday "9, adie outeis « ‘aaliate $9650 TO $11 2507 possession colonial; 
ecke; 6-room frame modern, 9650 1] aid’s quarters; 2% e.. . ~~ e; 
W. H. ae eT. 6400 stoker; corner lot, 78x100. » coe 8 hed T ati 290 P tely 2 acres well | eee pores “awimming pool and rec- A unusually ta nha — room ee 
138 W. Madison; 4-room_atteco: frame, full 7 . oll : Som : room condi-| reation ‘house. and heated sunroom automatic SHAW 2 F "FRANCIS, ‘| 
modern, gas heat; lot 45% 45x150. ‘| 60-ft, lots. 00 INE ; 941; tile ap sie a ras heat MAPLE HILL FA 78 Colonial | heat; > ear garage. gg utpmatic co Grand. nc: 
, AV., 4 blocks west of Li <3 . ted ; attached tire pasement r. til 23 country home a 82 acres; 6 rooms; : ; REALTORS 
de 4 7 Seer aati sa “Cuthate schools | Baillna “ave © | irGRNDRLA DR,” glove er: | rageRNRR, TAgS200, PA. 6448. i com i ste 
bath alot ‘75x145; immediate pos- | r . 7263 hopplr rmcant. 7 4 bedreoms, ths, li; |” Clayton new ‘colonial house > automatic. heat Ena. het “funroom” en on tee hot-water 
: itor. ' a : large po ; just com feted on approximately a2 ‘ lace. ete, convenient location ; qui 

© } : > & : AC ‘ DIT cottage 
$ > bat . ie schools HF at automatic ‘peat; 2-car garage. Open R N: LAL Rs | is ‘ ROWE-HAMMACK 
ingalow im | 77 

ae Ms er: me bungalow: 2 : Aenc 
old; “ ee nape ; WASHINGTON, 8716; New gunday 3-4 
be E. WITLIAM erie & CO. 

ea an two "faaniiles. house; 3 bedrooms, 

Gre Meee CO ess |. ee a mau 
.M. 42 ; Lindbergh, Bi. . just north Maret ar, ; ; 2 sro er: | a a L. BT. 96 adition; two-car 8-| kitchen: attractivel ; oe | 
Beautiful 5-Room Home| S:3imacs" “= “ttiet] "CREENE & PARSONS "| atatoneapeniaeemes tr | errant o Mr tn st ‘tat leat bg eS S| oie ar DB. REALTORS. ST. 1918) tap eer eT ot 
‘nome; | — OPEN 3-8 SUNDAY | GEYERI-MONROM: southeast corner; SUNDAY Go's Owner ‘wants offer... | i eae gcentures: One | just ott Telegraph : As heat, tle root: dear a: 

vacant; est: actifice. _ : GILPIN CO. a AURA McCARTHY - ae ra ted: | a3 — L alow “laively 3 GROWE HAMMACK 

302 W. Manchester: 6-room' home 
READY ee MOVE | IN bas modern: corner lot, 120x163; $i? 1134 Ruth Drive; new, 3-bedroom “ 
e814 et ofan: ;: fireplace, uti ee ~ a Your children will én ving. Tt 
es for ‘only $13, 350: hertest DOERING REAL Tone. a 535. 1019 ig Be T. 77 

rag McCready (2000 south an’ ®ig 

Sil 1.950. : 

oe TOR REATTORS (Paul Collopy, Realtors | a weal, Ween | BGS tte La, BENT settin™* | see” ox egtractore, nner barbreve pt mi | meee Hire " 
Sid tee ee i 38 pi tote 1019 N. Ki esa! Sa | GHOMEAU'S PRCETAND tb Te cana Ga ites: som wo sa Margaret Caredine W Wright | ERE RB Reason) Bae 2 opr in te 
-4 un - r 8 - 

AVERY tae sine ALOW.. corer it 9 ons, sew 2 Aah U Yaxurious _ co- race Pig a dh ited aorere ws er irks er arene, ,somms 

Recroem t ’ 
5 rooms plus breakfast room, all on | gonne Dr., new 5-room; tile kitchen | “9 including fruit orchard and ; 
and arage; — Call lonial house on 4-acre site. signed tits ex uisite t taste and in- 
large chicken shed; oe ag sewers, ae Vista r ly 4-bed- the "best in Colonial ee of room brik, or ‘ant, and 5: r- Rickhoff Realtors 

a plaster. 1 floor: no repairs to gmake; just 
rage: COURT 3,500. 4 a “sa 4 electric, = dei transpor- Ri iar lovely 4 pared ode 
Son of e houses; ek crete r eet: g. ; 
-5 , % e. E : 
basemen Se financing es cigar | We Co al : recreation room in basement, ) $ 70} ime blocks rr of Me Bend. 

$10,075 3 an Diock west of ge TOOKT LOOK | aan i | Faoe0 mY , 4 mec ks west 01 
Block: Blog an: fine, “Jere beta aoe Real buy. bungalow épen 2 Estates, » Con Conway a. Ralph F Piper, ln ii ta id my bulder houses, $9800 

Sey TEty Te.: Way 8 Sem: 

almost -room frame WAR} ouses. 

G.I, rs | ae full basement: hot-atr fur- ype; Cot pomsas old; {tte ‘kitchen and OX futy. St ark’ Offi ha . oS. erty each pros 

‘ wie: 2 full acres; 65 fruit trees; MS hold 3 Bea acres; r egra 
* gmmediate pos- a RIO VISTA. 3: your 1 tion is |. rd.; 2 homés; . _\ea0 é, , 

sess Farlous. werising sites adjacent| invited any time; imm late ‘pos py barn, ¥ bean Aso gr = 

Aly PR, payment. + ag low 
; $18, 30. Foon, porches 
M McDON NOUG CONST (0) AS. HALEY RE eT. 9602 ee : eat; conventent te oft to Ladue rd. session; definitely the best. bargain ; ie) cense will show 
. © en uction on . - i. ae ‘ 
| Possession on Closing ——Ti6: Webster x Ok td LYNCH 7500 16 Wy sawn” Tecraee market Bet b wy. 0812. tee bungalow: srieed for | ee! CA. 89 
k an e TOT berenin; _BSRTET BOO Dlpok 4 Haddingto n Ct., 3-! ROBERT B. RODGERS, INC. . Re Su 
P > . : Bae doomeaked nice 

1141 Hampton Park Dr. } 

Co. 38660 ST. 5620 716& Manchester 
, : ‘ i a 
Reduced; 903 Simmons room 1193137, 500 Clayton ) 10 For A. ee LTORS, LA. 4000 ¢@ to over a — Sun- 
A : ' 
for bdividing : finest “10- modern > nappenanatel Girfha; "$9250. | —— 

t terior of th | 
" AL AMILY H M6 7 some, bath, garage; lot 98x148; |. a ne bie Norton TM $800; 
RSON, Realtor. property; 3 bedrooms, sb paths:| Fo. 1362, "Defors noon sunday; acreage Ine, 
M A A cation; redue price. Office open 

6-room bungalow, bath, furnace: EDW. DO 
-_ 4 oe tees Owner ‘will sell or 771] Olive bi. CA. 0281 only 8 years old; let us <M it to} asx for Ben. 
Sunday, off Ringe r boosh 2 

see 7226 Harney. NIEW HOME — you; you'll find it good |——— 
KEENEY- TOELLE, REALTORS f OPEN 9 A. M. TO t PM. |" value and a delightful “home. 5-ROOM brick home, 2 years old; cg 
SACRIFICE Bogey Jane, 427;" ranch IRA E. BERRY, REALTORS +p attractive; near high schoo CARADINE “ELEANOR V. BLASE | ie oh, r te w have 

brick on beautiful 70x _DE. 6166 TE, 3-3030 HELEN FLETCHER 

) 115 lot in old Woodla Count 0. 
*vood floors, tile “fitenen and bath; 141 PEEKe inh eroundy. wrieet te nasil | fot ra. (Lindbergh); 3 ROOM Ts: Jie WR IGHT 4'‘acres: complete nessa ai AC sanction cond 
j Admission card. KORTE, Studio living room, | indi- Manchester; new > pri es OPaN SUNDAY. PL 5 bedrooms, 3% Baths, eth 6 
4 by lighting, gove ‘ceiling NEW 2-BEDROOM | RANCH ; excellent construction; al GILPIN CO REALTORS S025 Sarertbe ene te 2771 winrenaW' 7, 1 102... ‘ANN I EY FL, 0128, _ 
oT 38 NW rentwoc CA. 2430 tage, ewner will show 

olR. ol other ten “| BEAUTIFUL 11/>-A 

$912 AMP, on % acre; 7- 2 Bag By : o mov: res: tion pl. 
“residence; Al condition ; yee. down ‘payment. GANGLOFF, GR.| ‘ bedroom type home 
: 4 Bing Bee owner 2 to * at hig ae G extra shower room and COUNTY ESTATE 
basement, lot 75x200; Improved with ultra-modern ranch- 
500. type 144-stod brick and frame 

VO ££ EE , i 
see North Taylor; 5- brick neh- heat: ; 
veal terebinan i tee, floors, TE. ; sie ten 
rs. ‘ 
, convenient to and transpo SEE THESE 3-3099 or Cree SW. 1130, tet ~Th,_ 3.236 
t ong Rt Aggy 1H owner will sacri- | 420-426 W. Argonne dr.: new 3-/| Office o 8 aa . 3-20 = 
fice for quick —- = floor, 6 rooms; ready m ae: RE WING ORE ae a 2400. br ies = ‘ . : — 
A “ma 1219 Missouri; new 2 bed- | = : ow; fine ub: make oe.” bed ' io AE  agaa me 2 
. room: 50x P cm? : screened loor. m hot-water heat 
B 5026 Re age 5 vesmne, Nowe ra ai aeity on’ aes meen bull ay a fi ft OSSEN FORT HU. 2270 poo ed carase: ase Aw he Sy ee cing mrd: shad ; 
NNINGS ony tay boy er, oO heat; fireplace; @ beau 2 Geyer rd., turn right. ~ iI) ‘ TF, YOU want an apartment that ; ‘ i Sa 
3714 75 yard; possession. Weber. G eo return 10%, tevestignt ne this REAL nae 

. , you 7” 
ate voy and can pay $50 per brick and frame in perfect ‘condi- 6495. can Fe down-paymen 
can buy th — 5- tion: lot, 60x130 or 120x130; price my AL c ‘Trame stsarer home, be Ao t aheme _ p ind —— = 

2 Sop HOM this house: on acre © LEO Hy BECKER cr ce al, concrete fe sab first floor. ° er than |. 
bungalow. Daly: 88° $11 Tae 0308. LU. 4 i, fe jon ; HELEN 2 Poe & CO. NEW RANCH HOMES First floor: large livin Te. Veber. “GH 73 1 Kloppenberg. | BLENT a gavo: brick resi; 

UNIQUE R RF (0 EMIL A. FUSZNER, Realtor | Homme inc, HU, 5 "L block south 
134 efferson 3- +d : ATHS po hern exposure 
ee ees) My | ee ee Eline tat a a toga se] 3 P30 DAY | pbs Wsceeeen sae cote ; 
mn frame I ti with Nati al MISSISSIPPI VALLEY TR. CO. a co ay a. ss: rooms; large lot: jnaieding rugs;|3 and 15 ge er Lane: % kitchen with stainless ste | Seas oe b 
rnace, Macho s, etc. | In_ connection on ome CE. 7830 ae 8468 rd. an, Pe 4 floc : iden Qelreme, br tea. heat A ofan: 

bath, ne fu ; loan. 
$860." Beat’ otter. basy, | “Weak Oaks, the “most | |, BEST BUY WE RNOW OF. Gravois Realtors HU. 1350 [3 Priced to sell 

4-room bt alow; bath; 

p< ons ds. im BIG BENE Zs rooms, baths 
~ wer tad ar confectionery with living &¢ © 2 families; oil heat! 

bun 7: tile eiteh- e* can ° m- 

ath ot 26; beautifully . 6, 7- room ranch homes f ¥ $6 : ’ ; : %. Paine ee ect nl = 
of M er. .) ; u and ; . Todd. . §950. a e Sea a, lot 1fox1 

beautifuily decorated. Don’t miss 

g these. 

county; study Lis aren brubved 
tec uipped with : 

ptitoee ceetka: joan design . . 7, v o: tor. particu | ; 8 WARSON WOODS DR., 297 one} he 
0 . 5 8 co , of the finest Bogees Mg. yg AL, car beau 
rome, 2. beths a a coninped with eiec- 

hav mn, have ' 7 
a SERRI 3  autamatic “water poetceaton. LAURA Se- _ 

“CORNET & ae eee a ae perenen, AP ‘lien ticatny 
ee a ale al std ee 7 sopra | OPEN TODAY 3-5 | Be aie athe |e tell considerable esow to 
aeced ree =) Skt titully _ Jandecaped ter bit * | ARBOR ROA ; ersten Poss ed’ porehes ag *- at 4 
Sey eninge ES bg of ae | rooms, - upopuah ‘dentures; | fice iF J and ‘utility roo 
FOO “Adams” at Hohmes). ry tant heme | it; oom for extra bedroom OTTE OVE year Sold: ald: “oes mouse’ excellent | U Lick REALTY, LO. 0078. 
7 Rexam wed; | ic present, thie quailty de ze Be Sarat Soares ssw esos | MARV POTTER L ssupachoog. Gttce ‘open “Sunday | MEADOW, Olax (Leniay) © raou 
1 Le it Se a 143 5; lot 50x180; garage: 8) 5 epgpeony Scones “ETT” DI ELEANOR V. BLASE house _ fruit green and’ grapes; % 
: ; mas nd: oma ; gas 9123 (ott ||NVITATION TO SPLENDI sPAOTPOT ew poms eh 4100 

and. tran on. maak: | o, Barbecue it. b owner. aoe : Ist’ floor ec . mod: LIVING serene (1% block _loeaiot 16 EDW. y KUHS ron 
CAEERER PARSONS | SHMLESn . No.8 MARYLAND LANE | s°ssama"uittat® pelt state at | Realtors KEENEY 1 et 

Geanos SALEs INC. This ranch home planned a floor, space rou . JABBIA At: 

871 JENNINGS FIRESIDE 5°00 RE. 4580 ffice 0 nda 11-5 | 7% 7 - x, ] _— . Mod . 
ibis. Sdern;| OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P.M. fret; stairway | HU Gogson Se 328 aa pel ar ct, ead dieriminating m SOST, eben 2 t0 8. 
ee ; > vr H ME IN LADUE beet cozy breakfast nck; x A 

, perfect in every os7 WN. Meadowridge: 9 on] convenient. v7a)°if ec 
wey: til eed location. Manchester, turn south on ~Dickson eo :  aty ; 3 bedrooms; 2% }: everything for 
for “appointme 2 blocks: type: 5 rooms, : : paths; maid’s room with bath. For l “ own by a 

breeseway: attached a : as LI al WY. 0 
H ia, sue: ; a = . HAHN, ee $13 Chestnut 

mers heat: pace only 
e, | "Glick in Clay 

upemaaies Bateznee HA. O'ROURKE Sg | asa pa tes ee 
PESCHE -” N2 705 

; stoker "neat: direct Dus | 5471 #P AwOTS REAL 50 AN unusual 5-roorr } 
: med on. pric neh: rece: decorated; ex- : lot, All in 
Bing uty 60. BENFOR| OS att bensinl land | cettet deewtee, Sr arasiour Bri eonation, et |NO. 7 WARSON TERRACE 
=EBOH yo0_ will be brows ar Yeon ane An F. RENJE, Resitors. RE. 8190. : Ca, Since taal of Warsen 
"scepek ve 

DE. 7100 

“otne Nin» the "moat attractive sub- | Bay : gerrecs, dupes on ra. | “tive. LOPPRECHT 110+ o rose and sun |_ fOr HAUEMAM 
“See. Sur Beplay Fi a unday | : “, Eractive breakfast TE aduck i} & a; reason i. ice bc 0 stor | OP coe 
Zuni, 10, Rim, on. Geyer AT screen pegne. Maud bay camindeat™ See UTBLAND. DN. S37 “Cars | Siti 20. Re LTORS | 
eee Jae itr rn oa yee came Msi, es Tendon: gais, Ber ae 


Ly, or call 

HAAS & Ait Realtors 

2 to 5. nes 

w vo eo lovely 3-bed- 
2 h ome: es ahane 

ceseibie t tae: and seer beens | e 
level entrance, to aor yare: ag . . te a : M. Hammel, for over 80 yrs. 
GREENE & PARSONS ) cinn's Photo Listings ‘Today - ry desirable lc : 
| wnday_11-t OSE MIG SAY W.; CrowgeaT| LY 7 L/\IN Ag i| 2 BEDROOM HOME 

$550 down; total monthly payment io 
$66.44. car's 

Victor 2-56! 3 

Sn ee ee ae 
sila ee sates 

; ee ta oe 

| 1 yURIAR PEP FOR rain TT ~ ae @ * TTT ery NTN T —— ¥ 

WOR | ANDY. eer eae? aie +¥ Fy "ateas bet “aes aaa ° A 17 : > ° ogcy a | § puri AN n Pat FO > ALE 

"re or ie : he i , =. NS AY uy $s “FOO! Y taoder . SUONTRY po hy 7 3 : > ey 57 : ; ~ a0) roe . pan * ; . oe - ba ee ded = | 

_ GREENDALE DR. ss | i Math modern itches BW. DORON, Realtor, aoe 

a — — : e P ; ne = 

1 bedroom and 1 bath on ist fleor; | wd gy "yaod- | ar sch TET, bi 4 | re, 6401 Mar ate 

: * . iret in .| . , | 

_2 bedrooms 2n4 fleor; lot 50x180. | : ) 
See today. Just east of Normandy : oms: bul "1943 est terms. AC} 25; Yarge <-roor 
Golf Club; 75xx west between Nat-| | a awh ade, fruit trees; immediate pos 

yi Jeon FTRESIDE 60 era in soo Canta Sin DOLAN CO. 

HAYWOOD, | S5ux: lovely 4-rocm | 1 1ptna-Lochmoel CY : bh; no 6401 Manchester 

732 L 

5-Room Bungalow 
Very attractive; 

: | COMET 2G 

6700 west on Natural | oe aoe 4 | ARN ay . TOI : owner 
1d ™ erm: * | c T . ; | ¢ home; Clayto Offic: 
and screens. : } oe. ds te? 
Call, Sek ane cltile tque eve. . = 

| (OFN A. ARMBRUSTER "Seen re Ati 
A 0308 uu aU. 7160, : » ; ht mm: of 4 . 

& CO. Inc. 

aan oe : oe cea con- | Stoker. BHOCKatAn, Fat_284 "Ber ins tow a ae te 5. | : | atant omer Os ae STRATFORD 
Haa RE. Co. eS) 6000) Be . ee : 1 ee ‘ pore; perfect ; 7 flan Ee ‘nee cana wae ot with 
ful Bel-Nor; a colonial type home, to ae, On = aie. eg solo 20 St MARGERITA ae 7116 LINDELL 
the interior of which is exquisitely ~3 brick 5 tile Lourdes parish, 
Sabah, thins re oe Gas ete er oe |” ins feet| ieee sr HENRY LANE |=" eee 
. ment erase, possession. In St. Joseph Hills; owner offers). wel O00 WILSON, 

186; VACANT Sunday 2 : 12° come 9 
1 hicken - | o. ak. a : . C e : oS 4 immediate possession of this five- 
Goon “B : room excellent financ- uy “Tie tle baths. gus alr- 

f Son, Realtors | ; : jog uinpes Giimemesnint hited a es loan. 
to : : 3 oe, 228 reo) ponent eet. PAYHCN| en, Et , nttig CANNON 

Fora plant; cal Half block to Delmar and Jackso 

DCAD Per maaaTe Poon | ssesea cr egoem Danmar ar ‘ ; lost #1. *Vatteroit ‘Ritr SE ES 

Santislaer: Jot Mer Ox1 28: Tar : - cant; open 
: 19253 gt. Charles R. Ra, WI 3350) “* SE VECTCATE 

possession 3 3 weeks. eereened 
hitchen a: heawlaae 4527G HU. 2331 
landscaped ‘ot _stoker: blower; in Wei ie eves n 38 | 70- ° ms, ; Ba Hae Lh ott Re r K TBerahing: ‘very ‘well built. modern- 

+ ceaventend. tranepe ; newly decorated ; ; SonEY CONNORS F dra aM adda asis Sty Ber E16 monthe old: Coa tor family with chile 
a w ny appeintment. 3 "6217; well 7337 ETHEL—OREN | gpm. brik. Lat $8338, davums | dren. "PRINCETON 
loan. 6957 

: we 
. . r WY - 2 G. 
Here Is Your Dream Home. HI. 2610. Realtors, 6401 Manchester | PVT: ; tie ‘bath kiteben . heat, basement ly decora air ° 3606 BAN TORS; 5- ok — © University Helghts; bea eolo- 
bungalow; whit , >; mew 5-room . and ene ay KATHERINE -room room, D paths: 
Te and untin. brick wyagslow, es nm ons ol ca buy with low down Eopen |8 OPEN 2 TO 5 P.M. Pp ions bungalow, with wi ot 125x1 OPEN TODAY 
autifully yo hood; close to ools, hae > “ : st rg 5 ay trees and mand shrubbery KA 5 m mL. CORNELL 
neing; immediate! tion,’ tile kitchen and bath, es ty of tr Dery: : brick bungalow; lot x146, 8023 STANFORD 
owner will ahow any| porch and attached garage, 78 Edmundson; turn north to Bataan. "ane as ; : L 3481 8ST. -room 
evening. © Taylor, p tmnt 25.0 Bu. o618 open Sun- RUST ONAL RLTY. (0). tian binds , 5. hae bee bungalow with tile hae and 
garage; ced ; 
© 1 > 8; on bu - 
a. FEN SUNDAY 2:5" |MimcrSyagtow, exebest sagt | sri 5000 | 516 chest 50 | za nd: “sctetted "porch ace Tal | Sgniow' ol! enti and’ plaster walls ' th 
close to | hood; close to schools, or gg 3714 JENNINGS _FIRESIDE 5000 | 555 ; @pen today; Foo! ‘ o 19330 ST. HENRY; 7511 DELMAR __ EB, 0440 aclick in Caen ac on” DE. 780 
utiful ; t wrge SECEER. 10742; 4-room 1Q403; | Shen lot: E F tos shingle; only one year old; as- . 

hardwood fioo furnace ; fenced sume G.I. loan. * . 
SHA Gis | Ga tee Sbod"Bnaw-rrety. BP EY TOFLLE REALTORS | srigsmswiwas sreeeipe oe ay ee 1 ‘| Immediate Possession ” THIS IS S th 

Eve. 4. ‘Sone reakfast gg immediate possession on both sides. 6933 “amscapea 5 pee penton 2 

Mary sunroom; 1% 
fireplace; ‘automatic |_ West on Filo 
eo SANTA MONICA. 7629: very nice 
wood; ofl heat. 

si3# Rasural Brlage MU 6915 | KEENEY-TOELLE REALTORS| Patties Mati antii,, teen Li ok ; “ANN'S 
EN SUNDAY 2-5 5506 Natural Bridge MU-_7370. “ow. ym = suttable fo tp. gehools — et “michools: fale, REALTY CO. wr. 4003} CHOICE BOCATOIN 
ee are ce | A ERE | agg MER | UGE cx we | Opera per S| ig nani “™| Nomracon 70m | “COMET CIRC 
: ; hardwood. . fireplace, | “asbestos shingle, completely 10327 = at "charles Sages tee a | 7041 NORTHMOOR DR. Pepys x. MA. «nee 

sunroom ; xitchen apd bath: x go'toot front; | Bil beat. bese ssas0" galow  .2-car basement, 4 one ANE CT. 10320° here is 
re ce: auto- esque FHA NDOFE. Y% an. Sako price KEENEY. TORE RE Roar, $9350. : T's a - sual’ thee floors, large lot, side drive, aaa 9 a o os. transports. - ideal place for children; 5-room Clayton Office © Sun. 
EB Lin , co, : aoe eg se ice garage; possession; admission by . Must be seen to be ap-| bungalow; tile kitchen and bath; NEW BRIG BUNGALOW 
5137 Natural Bridge 6915 | ‘session, MUELLER, ‘Real- |_5506_ Natural Bridge, MU. 7370. Schreimann Realty Co., FR. 4040 | Preciat oe et 3-bedroom brick: ei! hot- NEW BRICK BUNSAL 
"BLASE & DONALDSON heat: large living pet ar tata 

N AY ?2- 5 tre 602 aavols, EL 3374. _ | BRISTOW AV., 2401; 6-room brick; ae Ga CO 
OP E TOD bath; full base ment ; i. 5 nice rooms, large porch; Realtors ST. 5006 B A an — , ; Py Be tile in ki 
room with fireplace; 2-car close to fb 

‘ immediate * sonpeaaie n of this cozy , steam heat, storm gash; 
~A Ty little iy a brick bungalow ; agg og wails; wine) sid : Bs, ae 45x160; nice loca- 8711 HOOVER 3714 JENNINGS FIRESIDE 5000 
e, ve moos: “hot-air heat; TE ka corner jot; Sadety om a. Call, PAGE, 85 57, 5 rooms; 3 a bath ms od right i {mm caaeee Mammy 5 Rs ty > Door: oll heat, dish Bee Photo Gallery Open Eve. & Sun. brick garage: storm sash; 
ideal io- > vail office open evenings and Sun- : Rr. 4602 768. washer, paras: vacant. ST. GREGORY, 3548; ape house insulated; | block to Lady SHAW. ¢ FI FRAN IS, Inc. 
i tile _ kitchen ‘path; “painted of Lourdes, Fontbonne and REALTO 

FHA balance. Harmon Sh 
Rea blind two-car 
sors MA 0288. CA, 168i, cation’ to schools and moppins : ER CO. 
IN VELDA VILLAGE district, near Lucas and Hunt rd. OHN H. ARMBRUSTER county 40-ft. Jot, 4 rooms, bath; walls, oil heat: “savene: owner leav- 
6906 Normandale dr: See this today, won't. last lobs, i with” of” burner: fe FBrbie seem neo hd Ing. town. Wanna 47 64W, Syeda Wadnied 
brick et eee rooms ; Call for appointment. e: pms and ° all day. CO. 6888. c family PE WILLIAMS LANE, i737 ashington University. 
planting; LH & >. Inc. : ment; furna : at poe i ne ae loca ocated bod - ane PP room asbestos sh oe ae aly con- 
‘SHAW V FRANCIS, Inc. $940 St. Charles rd. 0242 | Seren | ag best: giaened-tn poreh: emulated: RA 3 BERRY. REALTORS i for Calltorsias open gan Owner Transferred 
REALTO CA. 1922; 3714 TENMENGS FIRESIDE 5000 -room : WwW, D Reatsor WI. _| finished basement; conveniently lo- SHAW & PRUNTY, wi 4877 Will C id Off 
See Photo Gall Eve. & oun. . baths: hot-air heat: water heat- ey : pee S350 owner occupied. TE. 3-3030 —— 3616 SAN JOSE | onsiacer er 
IMMEDIATE POSSESSION -room hardwood floors; plaster walls; 2-bedroom ‘bungalow 6 open 1 to na - S O a y) S 
venetign blinds; sarage: near trans- p.m reom A bungalow; room modern bungalow ; automatic 5- room modern brick; aluminum pen ounaay to 
ile “bath and kitchen: heat large : gutomatic heat: 

5-room modern; brick bung alow; file “kitchen and ' : 
ae 9 condition. bath; lovely lot. Open 2-5. 1 block alee oma nea ~, te office open si will show. possession. oe 
7500 ie en, Realtor, MU. 0125.| PHELIM O'TOOLE, Reaitor | 2°k=& SARloxson, Pr. o17s + owner leaving elty; priced |1K}COME INVESTMENT CO. 

5 east Glen ~~ HU. 0500 sepsis 
KEENEY-TOELLE, REALTORS | serps Soa tc JOHN H. ARMBRUSTER bungalows tip panty ga oll heat; | SOBA gaggle 2204 | 7660 LINDBERGH | OPEN | D'CENCH CO. WI. 3900 CA. 8700 

-b : F residence; 6 rooms and sunroom;| decorated: plus 2 fi td 
for comfortable living | in- & CA, Inc. ;| hardwood floors, venetian blinds, | on second: P attic ton, teamotaen, oT. CHARLES 

OPEN SU DAY 2 5 ti dish- 8940 st. rl 242 . ern; tile bath, hot ate at: i lind 30; ow wil a p 
NGTON: new bungalow Q Charlies rd. wWI.0 ° : : -water he ary venetian blinds, oil héat, large yard, owner m. 
6928 LEXI of bre acne lot 60x143. Open Sunday, 2 to fenced; owner moving; price, re. | sacrifice 6-room brick bungalow for OFFICE O EN L1-2 b} 
quick sale. AMHERST, 8309; Lovely 6-room rches, basement garage, 

5 well arranged rooms; tile Kitchen ;| BURNS, 2303; 4-room frame; ful! 
Sent: Novel ani *over™ “at: ably en pus a ‘aeur? i basement oe ge = $0700. owner ne STOCK 8 SON, Realtors 588 Ae’ HUEFORD RYAN R. E. CO. FO.II466 ranch; attractively decorated; im- 60x140; 7800 west on 
rd 2213 IM AVENU : @RE a to Warder er, 3 blocks north 

t arage: lot 60x145. 
y shed OLD-FREY. DE. 1200 3913 Ppermuda ‘dr. raAtwater 22 D243 PR — OWNER LEAVING CITY 4712 Natural Bridge 4990 |_REALTOR HI. 1556 4 ee A ¢-room ; | 
wekreReeLy- W ROSEWOOD a7 Bros toe room LINDBERGH DR., 7673; see this | fu) section: year round Ena Wena: ¢ ford as bath; best t loca WN AY 

"S REA ESTATE BEC- Bargain Overland . Bungalow ew in unusual —— a) et brick with heat- at | acres of good ground: a real’ buy. 
imm , room; blocks 

sTaNwooD DR., 7648; ‘our best| TODAY’S REAL 
4 lovely rooms; insulat storm Call for information. ail rick | | Ue — 

bath and kitchen: meas | 

ultra-modern ; rooms, ‘ : 
: a “yard possession: —LU, 5 emp 4330. N- sash; tiled bath: side drive to ga- : Hy R A ( 4 pe 
2 baths; rtect condi- 
Today. DAVID a P. LEA Y ion, Pri to s it. borhood; schools; t ransportatton. 

corner lot; | ; IAMS & CA t CE Fireside 4300. Pi Bank Bid _charmt Ope 
Dorse ‘Alen. Ritr.. MU, 0125 ranch type home; on Clearview ar. tion new orm beg Dake AMES Te sang g Office Open venings "and~ Sundays ye | 3714 JENNINGS FIRESIDE 5000 * gy ot = Ry Open 10 am. till dark. 6905- 
landscaped ; GEO. A. HUBER 

- be 
t 5-room. L 7.2902 t: conve : home; unusual interior, fine loca- ST. JOHN'S VILLAGE 1 bath cond, 
man ay galt onmree) : —— 4 -~y. im wennents. ¥ oe nie mt location bargain ; ‘ a tL, : yee x tion as ool or trade for ranch home BROWN RD.. 3532; 6 rooms; 1% a im : 5s /_BI. 3100 LA. 9933 
ee eee: eel Svan. Orr LMAN RUTY, _SW. 1130. | °CKER @ GRAUP %. 5; n dec- 2-5. ar3452. BURTON-MURPHY, Realtors : °. preeseway: tion. SEE 
ted; y DE. 2450 TE, 3-2360 —— : | 
“4 anch: 2 penneemat bath () kh ; 
en. seeont:| UOKDOOK Fores 

en ND °BUNDSCH NORTHWOODS BURNS ; new 5-room ; * te 5 L £ ATE skEC an a rooms, 
. smc. selling account of death, T. P. 
BOEHMER PA MeNUL/TY, Realtor . 3800. first: 2 bed 

2248 Colfax (2 blocks east of Nor- A r 

ol] heat, real fireplace; will try 

own . ry OME - 
ang nt smcossgewaad NEW LOOK Sitaw* Batnity W467. re _ ne One Oa08. LU. “4330, ECON: sched garage; ea n rooms WASHINGTON, "6301: - 
eS, INC.-—HU. and kitchen: stoker heat: sto Parkview: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths; AD on Page 18, Part | 

Hilisdale : 
i heat, mod- 
6922 Alberici: ranch-type bungalow; : r) t ar ward: | 58. ; immediate occupancy; con- > 
with enn enced “4 re te Sa Stes ———— - RICHMOND HEIGHTS venient location. sash; insulated; qutématic water servants quarters. 
Hv ’ ti El F heater. WATERMAN, 6633; Red brick: 

ern; priced 00 roo finished attic; air- Soom 
D'OENCH CO. ea conditioned i ; gcombination | Sut"*Ganter Way ts, ay ge he SB ge ES ‘ JE _Resttor RE__8190 | ee SNC 30367 S-room trek? hall’ plan: 4 bedrooms: OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 
aluminum screens, Count ‘. : aT brick: , . 

OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 appointment only. Club from ashy 4. Open _ mont ne aie games, bo ATTENTION , kitchen and wets’ ‘large tots price rm ye ge freee: owner teking room; attractively deco- PEN AY 2-5 
yo reduced; possession. MeNULTY Realtor, WI. 3500, WESTMORELAND, Me a A Red “8300 “Olive a at. rd, : Almost mews 

— Village): sulated: storm ‘ 
0716 memodern rock, DungAIOW: pre- Fe JOHN MORES| (0. | D O £ A N ( . eB Lot 553200, Call our office open ; new! ated. H. M. Fine. 807 Chontayt, CH. 2151 oe it. Td. Alt 
Ayes x evenings and Sundays. , rooms : room ern . rooms ; : en; price 

WESTE ee ate Be 1200 | rR. 4242 2700 N. Grand briek ‘ranch-type home; | first floor; very large bungalow: automatic heat; | Paths: breakfast room; gas heat; greatly reduced, 
s A HI. 2610, Realtors, Listin ig nnd | HN H A real fireplace; attached ga- ond floor: very large closed-in rear ssion: open. P N -» Realtors 
Woodrow, 6523; tows, modern | 5- 40x110; corner 7“ on 8 newly con See Dolan’s Photo L a ° rts eaiaeen we iitiaae porch; tile kitchen end be ath; 2- ey | AUR A McC ARTHY 4028 N 

owner > woods u : 0 re 
room, stone Bunge wi oe home, 2 baths: hae everything tee & CO., Inc. or 5-bedroom brick; beautiful. . 

4 a: bathe: HAHN-LIPPELMANN, LO. 7670 ; °4 $8. Central. DE. 5100 | 

ing state: price red guced. 5 se55 | $1500 this one. vr ; : : blocks to 6&t. ; 
Pinte te eit | BACH ae ee ae era Gee eke | erat | DOLAN CO. OPEN TODAY 

“aulty here; 4 beautiful rooms down, ; 
and -_ Ba Bagge & 3714 JE? GS FIRE Stipe SO" room. bungalc ated icture T room - @ veal © veome, 1% baths; | as “TH style , i P p M 

raeene 3 Si hance ‘secu Ww, On corner car | HI. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Manchester : 

aie have & “to, tay ve upecaire, brick garage; fine condition; call | See Dolan’s Photo Listings Toda o g 

waaay trees 
matel 3 4 of ground adjoin- | “prick rest in gorgeous — ‘ 
ing Bellerive Country Club. setting yen trees: "78100 WISMER. bath: fur- me, Sve Sepeirn, Mr. Kastenhuber at 
lot; ultra-modern kitchen : hardwoe ors: 7445 Dale: 7 rooms FEDERER NORTE, 8677; 7 rooms, bath, play- 
Do LAN ( OE plenty Fae. ror megs ot large uving . -- : rms up 2 down; con- oar hardwood floors, See heat, ? NEW RANCH wones| 
r bedrooms. NGS FIRES! 2 KE | z.. . a cal to everything: WY. 0130 PR. 1519 - ieee tt — x175; own- 

HI. 2610, Realtors, (eer es Tosay. . asem ‘spot; ; ea }| arch. Terras t lot, 4 brick residence; '3 bedrooms; bin- |, eam 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 

See Dolan o, Listings Toce D DO L/ N € ;| arranged partaly fed stoker: vapor steam heat; 2-| 8646 OLDEN—5 ROOMS all-purpose room 7437 TULANE: LOVELY BLY EIGHT. : 

g° mer : on ¢ : These ; close to schoo stores, Brick bungalow; automatic heat; with lI 
today ;” 4 lovely rooms down | 57. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Ma E iY. 500. Oct. van ieee mn ot 
0 Goat | HI. ealtors, 64 . CKER & CAMPBELL, WI. land: $13,500 oa 1580. GR. 4 os aan with bose een Oe, ee Laces kitchen, basement and | matic gas feat, with a fine knotty - . 
including “2 Dolan’ ' : 5 | 7 oaties. Charles Rock rd. - Onin eo 
from ies Rock WEHREE 61. 6717 ar garage. Large lot, just behind house. Ideal for * chile * 

vith th ful fall te pate enor- riot 5 sdroom | Brick | DRIVER, 10021; | vacant; 5-room AT'S 4 ? 3 ; ie Mg TE = oar’ ante family of 4 rooms each, separate ml 
e or NS. ED #0 5 INC. eats POR S,enF women. See ‘OEDEN, NO5R.§-room, —F-bedroom 8309 BALSON AVE. IORB. REALTORS ‘ST. 1314: 


ery v ike i c ing aes dta- 
brick bungalow; 

es_ ine} t. ee Pe op 080) 330. 
DOLAN CO. BYE KUMMOR, Realtors “BV,8157 uy noes, ine —av. 1700 | Blase & Donaldson TR eT eee ne BoeHMeR pa. e200 wr. 3700/8315 BAISON AVE tg Tae ae 

Realtors. 01 Manchester beautiful’ stairwal finished decorated y 
HI. 2610, = : * transportation. and : ideal cienies ; modern: reasonable. &T. ed . = he 6 
rs n;: f hoe is now 
Off Bonhomme Rd. 

See Doian’s Photo Listings Today second floo t 0 airport . . 
Beer] Bishan, bat fee, ia gecaas, | ome es, Sa-gallon ‘automatic | Sion: see owner. 9433 Baltima $2950. DOWN 5 ROOM BRIN ats Fst; “Son= = ,, Al condition; “owner 
erete foundationg modern; peter. MOCK. PHILLIPS North of Delmar 

DAVID P. LEAHY warage: 53 ‘month th $2 meoge oA 
. $100 PER MONTH penal it tranape'c tat 8 2003 $904 St. Charles, WI, 4404 Near New U. City School 

ired: insu rontde e ner : ene 0: 
riiSaen: | ieteeee ering "ant Sanaats| Jog HY. “Vatterott Rite. | scsi some SEAaRe GE "asts" | 1087 Prancis PL; immediate noses. | Bllevse! Open" |" 9028 WINDOM and Golf Course, 

KENWOOD. 6710; bce this roomy ak6~ CR ROO ——r e ie tion on this new 1%%-story brick - : : 
PEN | ‘worstory, Bome it 10253 St. Charies R. Ra. WI. Waba } : bungalow; 2 tS living room BINDBEUTEL 5-room brick, almost new, unfinished Borie ea 

‘ ; living room” wit n Su to . BACANE th shower, kitchen and second floor; tle kitehen and bath, oo gga reation’ 1% ba ‘ 

“antematic water ght , Bearsom ana“ at any y time into 1 1 | 5713 UT) =~ — ai — te pos Cocke n, x. co eregies weened, ts 

jot; mear car an : 4 ap WILL TRY $1 resi- ; 

2-6. e += op, | BEAUTIFUL Insulated weather-stripped, | dence; 7-roam Brick: south of Clay- |_ 2560 Woodso Win. 1824 ren Maryland PA. 7330 ees, Me, fae, taser: Vat 


PASADENA forced air heat, full: conerete N Sheet car, sleres, ate. You can't! g. aieneak fin OPEN EVERY DAY 

3714 N IDE 5000 ; garage: 
Be Rpt ad F ae | Sun. ‘ ' 2% ‘ HILLS Clayton school dis- |\ beat this. You be the jude. Settle) second h, 
"| NELSON DR. 4418; white colonial; | 10 4 panne rest of Lucas | ‘itp, pen, Sunda: ¢ Berth |) autre ethuttbach GO. 7795, niece EDWARD YOUR DREAM HOME 
- e 1 0 see. ‘ e 4 4 
e lot; and | DokRyLINGgE RLTY. oF. 2400 R. E. CO. 

es Ae 

Towers just 
Hunt rd: (7200) on Natural Bridge 80 ~ 
NEW ENGLISH HOME o. . kitchen, h: ZT ROO " 7024 “Corbete t ng 
hed “ . nished ,regvenene lo 5 large y t hab ey on is: 

7236 Canterbury Dr. 

full basement with 
arr off. Only 10 


CO. 5700 

‘oat LA and 

7132: 6 . 

pt Bg SO Ny 
6-room briek resi- 

; 2 to &. 
Os ans 

Se Sy DUPLEX : i oS 0. soe On Sergi tt wat 
,* ~ ; OS tii, pov Fh * ae , 1 rooms; stoker; 
Onn H, AHO TER pe i ee a babar Mt | CORBET Foti Goth wich. bow 



Walton Rd. 
ae ee ee ‘stares. : 


rrr rrrareriy 

. Fhe 
a A ie 
= % % ‘ae 4 
» 3 i "4 
aan > 


{ v 

>t . = ae SS ata. ae mere a . “ye . — < 
Bs. ” “ a - 4 % 7 . c . 
‘ + hy is . ' . o 4 s = x > > , ae | 
ao Pm : 1 ues ' . . —— Bad : : ; Pi =) By oS ees «7 hari 4 = a po ee eee . i PRO INRA AE + hal peemaget g ee ee 

* we ae. * x 
“ om iP 3 a ib ain Ee ate F es > : is we BE + _ es 2 ; oF a eee "Ne oe a ao i E a pee oe ine sy : eS eS Oe Cate a ae ke ecg eal ee Ih boas > 
. : . ew : ae tye Pa a PRG gy remeireagen ys » . Ra PN py “Ya te ay a ges igen = _— ; wees, 
a : * ; 7 a . TTT ry ; . - 30 at 7 +r 
i ss ua ae a dit a Bang 

Sel 3 329 

Sa. ieee living room; wall-to-wall ear 

— 3 | Michael J. Macken Realtor ~ oF 53 = EVENING peting im living room, m, dining room | ~T : MU: 
7 ee El GaN TO She, \eaberisatatt’ “at sus} DOLAN CO. | Riiaimnettin tins at 
PAR 3- residence ; a < 

ae i ss oe | HI. 2610. Realtors, 6401 Manchester ae HAUSCHULTE 
aed ¥ Xa al room: lot Bf — “and 

3714 JENNINGS Aten ly | 

N » Bee Eve. & Sun. 
HARDITH HILLS CT. 42 (Private 24 e =. 

Lane); Beautifully b built red brick OPEN 2 To 5 TODAY E z rors . : NEY. 
and bedrooms, ; . §-room : 
baths; 2 screened 8; attic ee dence; 144 baths; automatic heat; | _ 2: ‘m. Owner, MU. 7872. 

ffice open Penrose, f453: 3; _5-room a elem the 

eld; Posseasion. LAURA pa ; | GILPIN CO. REALTORS. 
~ WANT RIV ee a co Pee EDW. L. KUHS 

quick sale. Immediate | Realtors JE. 3500 
A. F. RENIE Booler,_ RE. 3190. 

“S ; bb Ww; is gas heat: year | 333 we oo — oe 4-foom 
a bctgtengarieges Open for Gaeeean unday 1-4 aan st 
yle home; beautiful park-| »™- | 

. TEF . ys ell ia like surround possession... TREAT 
oh "REALTORS ST. 1314 | , i cee 1 cane aie eee " se 8 
‘ ‘ bungalow; optional heating house busi DM 

-— Te) re — —- aot ah , - er 4018 CH. 
furnace with athe. b gor ssidence with bedrooms =e ore $ SCHUE floor, and 3 ue om ‘on, fire 2 schools, ¢ 
us cpe_epe ; . ar ‘ = LOW Vv Cc 


further particulars. TENE e: everything; large lot. 2 bed co *. . Ae » aecd 0 
sas ares SE 7) TT rar rooms; gas heat big _ fireplace; 
BON, R. CO. Pa. © vm Si; bran ting ; ST. 1314] tile bath, = Ra surround! 2} Dut nt — » | 6522 Clavton rd.. Realtors, ST.6400 Tenuate & WANFT Row. CO. ol 
~ ° n - => Seg TA t at, 

ovely sin : a 
med wage: Hy ~~ é ng plan ~ ! un- : ay ne of 2: 
. bath; stoker rubbed and sha ed/ in excellent t location: only 10 years 
ped jot, oH old; attractive large “roams and yg gag erpetual Help Parish; 
modern brick bungalow; bungalow, 

ag ENEY. TOELLE, REALTORS D O | N as O PA. 7500 Bend. pointment nye . ere . new furnace: immediate aaemon. nace, 1% eStha. some furniture in 

A 1 nort A NI 2 bath ‘2nd: , cluded: perfect con- 
$obs Heatarel Bridge, MU. 7370. *| Page off ; for discriminat- sLINGER. Te 3-185 NS ion ID e L & O. conditioned at; 2 e; OPEN TODAY — Pt yes t l 
large room ing buyer; ie 3 k th beau. | 4475 Penrose: st. Engelbert's par-| buy. 'V reduced to) $7800; Fea 

storm sash Insulation : all in beau- 

er bedroom brick Owner leaving town, says sell ~ 
2610 ~ ay 2 ae home: hot-water heat; nicely ap- this charming Cape i Be HI. 2610, Realtors. 6401 Manchester | tiful condition: near Country Club. ; 3 bag cottage, bath, furnace; Bosier-Lind. Bundschuh FL. 6470 
pointed: convenient location; excel- | rooms: 5 beautitully — ‘decorated: Sce_ Dolan’s Photo ees Today | M School and ssio Cait. 3488 E> ee ae 
LANE, 7324 t gas heat: wooded Be GRAY rick recent. s immediate occu- - FISCHER. GR. 4972 | CERAM, 1iae Ee vane 7. 
(Riverview Gardens); | bath; really clean; owner-occupied: 

. ndix J 
Booker-Lind- uh FL. 6470/ washer and : y ear old: i r owner: finished AT N, 
NEW FLAT BUILDING Wier. 316: open Sun.,/ _1093 Trelane Dr e317. “és rathskeller:; other desirable fea- _F._RENJE, Realtor. RE. £190.; 3 ftooms; bath; furnace; garage; immediate Possession, 
WESTBOROUGH. S78. with l- 73; n, 
inct BE. W. co 

5 and 5 room flat; ofl burner; tile lHveable je 13- | JACK DANIELS, Realtors. HI. 8113 tures. So you may see livable and ; th a fee lot 500x173: possessio 
baths and tile kitchens; 2nd floor brick home, perfect for family | ef ACING Se “| gpactous arra ment house will be | ing of solid construction. this well- 
leased tag Ry a. Immediate | with children: wonderful living pen tod 2- Mrs. C. B. Todd, kept 4-bedroom residence has ED\W E: KUHS A ; 
ce; losets ; : E. 5950. carat eane on — —— . . “ burner, ha 
HAY a tokar, || stall shower, and a powder - 
ieppant Tae s today: the space. wit eee Unexpensive Re Realtors JE. 3500 REAL EST re “Go 
“Todd, RE. bly Sond T7024. ; LICE, 2025: i-famlly brick, 6 Chestnut, MA. 4182. 
ROBERT B. RODGERS, INC. bath, hot-water heat, Pp -Foom residence, 

Priced FO. 4032. R 
CHAUNCEY. >. HEATH Ga. 3164 | ! , tae’ keteger Toom | 10 Forsythe Walk PA. 1700 A residential neighborhood ; baths, 4 nodreauna. sunroom, Gounts 
e kitchen and arage; exceptionally well built, 

: s; |_CHAUNCEY P. HEATH Ga. 3164 wegererayine Wak 
£W W. FRANC 3 2 (0 | 3 BEDROOMS—2 BATHS Teptabe gas hea ‘Cine . reane pase house on nw room bokgnorr_ nity. CH. 1478. cupant, or_NE. 0944 

Bedroom. and bath on first floor: Bungay aft fe i ye’ om a ON | lot. tile kitchen and bath, oi! heat; * farses. ae DR ‘ rooms, ath, iur- 
: possession ca 

8107 MORE. PA. 7330 PEN TC lus 2 Bedrooms and bath up. La e immediate possession; by appoint- CH ce 

nch; 3 a9; new, ye beautiful cor-| TO 3 . a a ving baste "eanced ter) ae INNISFA 7 a ae modern S-room, | Book ony. €-Bondechuh : aa IRRRETE Rew ter, A. ar _Luctite nt 722 _Chestnut, 

ner lot: new igus mB. Meith “GREENE g PARSO S . Ph i. Gas heat. Possession. re. : rooms, large reettan hall, 2% | PARTRIDGE. 8722 large rooms 

ESPENSCHIED. Realtor. HI. 1704 ~id : om with tren al soe sah yeh N i, Realtors. PA. 7500. 625 WEST KIRKHAM baths; furnace and eneker Pe and | beg B.! lichen and "bath, 

. ares RE. Sunday 11-5 roo Imost c stoker: garage; come 0 per e 

UNIVERSITY PLACE, 843; ram- = ‘ ~ ah ~— | a. Se. ae eres month: pri hud furnish-| porch, automatic heat, new floor 
: ar ot-wate heat: insu- A! ho a4 . Soir 900: garage: two | screened | “ price includes all furn : 

bling ranch-house; 7 large h r MOVING TO CALIFORNIA first rches: open. Call FO. 4032 | ings; real money maker. Rear a wavely eee 

HILMER- DUTTON el ee make ¢ appointment, 

master to sell at $20,000. . oor ; ; 
ag _ HONS. SOREN TODAY 3 to | Owner will show 419 E. Swon Sun- kitch 2 _CHAUNCEY P. HEATH, GA. 3164, 

PR 6982, LA 3513 , 

: : . : ™ jay ; ced 3; 5 TB aye : 

4 bedrooms : paths; ‘ hot-water : aix washer 3 : rame on 50 foot pe nd _ 2 bed-| YALE, 757; Priced below the mar- , 

heat; ate as tired: a garage; pos- NA. Under ‘ss000- sing! x garage plus lot” floor: 1 and bath dition. Briced to” to ‘sei co Offic rooms, bath and storage room; ad- ket. | Brick bungalow of 5 and Realtors JE, 7460 |-sR 4 -room, Vacant, 
— and 5 up: in good Condition: | space; 2 full tile baths: many other Sieor: 2 wares roam os igh open Sunday 106 to 2. ce ene en PES "Sak s° breakfast room; tile bath; automa- | BECLEFONTAINE ROAD, no brick bungalow; newly decorat 

——a. ° nn gy Bg nF aaa athe day, “ So Saat: Se mmtipal | Open Say See ee oo see 

&! hot-air heat. No lease up; 30 days ; ; : 
RALDIN "BROS., Realtors entneston @ down “ - dlocKs north. screened . . | 6522 Clayton Ra. Realtors ST. 6400 WiELiatis McREE & CO wd : mes oP) Te 
si prick A N ‘an targe tot See : CH. 7943. 7 D '@) ea VN & © tate neat; dig bein ‘seclud- | PENROSE, 904-08; 8-family bar- 
type: om Beat =| DO g AN ( i). ; ear 724 Marshall by card only. IRCKRON RD. 338 ares 1% * | Gd area; large fot: immediate pos | Sin; $5950; $750 down. CH. 5533. 
; vag nie sisi el ti G. Dutch Cc .. Lag agent a it i tm tip: te ‘be sunroom; | HI. 2610. Realtors, 6401 Manchester | sion; bus at door; see this today, | pope, 4549: modern brick siding 
BI. I. 2610. Realtors, 6401 ace Photo jonial in ad neighborhood: 1%] top shape. Can be used <"s. 5 Seats ¢ tile th; large |__See Dolan’s Photo Listings Today | open 2 to 5. bungalow, 4 rooms, Al condition, 
fot Open B A ‘® HH arage, near O'Fallon, Lagi terms. 

Soe poe Photo Listi Toda family with a $40 income from 6200 PA. 6448, | YOU would search months for such a, 
re wner will show, 

UNIVERSITY PL... 834; new ranch —— ; D the beauty; immediate 
units; beau-| house; 3 bedrooms, 2 baths; large . KIRKHAM: G-room 2-stcty | WM. M- BINIG, Realtors. HI. 8113 over \¢ ‘acre of ground. Priced .;_Rngtiah $714 JENNINGS FIREsIpE 5000 |KEENEY- TOELLE, "REALTORS 

“ecpratea fing uni unit vacant; | corner jot. frame acres ground; | : ndition: b 
ecm tfaly doce under $11,000. BOBHMER Pa. 6200 Pa. 6448/| -533° ostion, PF comfortable s.{.4 BRICK; ONE FLOOR right. ssion. See Photo Gallery. Open Eve. & Sun. |_5506 Natural Bridge, MU, 7370, 
: & oR ‘3 bedroom 2-storv frame on rege | Oversized 5-room with expansion to : bed ’ ELLE ; ; 1-fam frame : 
Sey 5 rutomatic Fy site a B A ih am mre lot: nicely decorated and in good {| 2nd possible. Its ee. construction iL A N c' O , ; | Shingled, 4 rooms, bath, furnace; "F pee Rn “4 ia 
day. CA, 395. ‘ : condition will impress you: . : all in seston shape; owner anx- HP’ WY se RE ALTORS 
; ; 2116 East Grand 5884 

oO rguson . betw ’ : 
° eh : | ce open Sunday 1 =~" N.; @- AL ‘. 1828-1900 E.; 
a THEA oe 7356 oar a —— a larker COMPANY 5 TACLEDR STATION RD.. 711. N.; D O A Ni > O. erick, reiiones ‘with m furnace, il unit; 1 3-roo 

10nx Tooea: ae ee 8 3 rooms, — Realtors Republic 2400 REAL LOT BUY rooms, bath, hardwood floors. for fooming house: only 


LO. 7670. : ’ = will sacrifice for asian, insulated, apes painted, includes some furnitu 
wen nice I niversity ity, D () LA N ( €% beautiful lot in the chews at OF oe: basement garage, large jot: _— HI. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Manchester | EQURGHOFF P'.TY, * OH 1478. ; . GO. 1050. Office open 
e living room: “S-room brick ‘bungalow a land, adjoining Westborough Coun-| ‘ate possession; price $9750. See Dolan’s Photo Listings Today | ; way, 4027 N.; $1000 ces. ae" to _2. 
ft. front. Call | tile wall bath; large corner lot. = 2610 Realtors 6401 Manchester ee * ey with beau- 1570, LOVELY WHITE BUNGALOW with/| 10 rooms for 1 or 2 families; co 3 pte 2s ¥ brick | cottage; 
es ; eal for ranch home. | LACLEDE STATION RD. 15 5. for roomers; bath, hot-water heat; asemen 
See. Se, ness balance monthly, DITTMEIER, H. PB. WYATT, REALTOR 

e Dolean’s Photo Listings Today 
DOLAN -CO. |*Seengtt, Ee, nace Approximately 1.4 Acre ae TODAY Pee | See aes ene | HME eta te pet hgataut CH gy16 tia east Grand, Chass. RANDATL PL 

2610, Realtors, 6401 Manchester | bath ‘and kitchen: fire- | Park-like esting with benmtizul 
Toda bal ns Ost Possession. es cen : : h, ba t: 
2 weeks one 840 LANVALE replace included sunporch; bat stion: open a ee 6 pane hath fuaretehens 

Ww; HI. 
floor; tile , t : pancy : 
> hantereod |_See Doian’s Photo Listings Today Dolan’s Photo this now. WY —— attractive ——_ homes: 4 bedrooms, sunroom; gas heat: Srsein teenie. Wilke. dsbentes - ras ge price. Owners leaving owner caniens o sell; for price 
Vv . . Y rs ’ 
peter ag ot ge t OF here: va | . ‘ ation. Own . shingle, modern " throughout : at- D. R. 8 REALTORS ST. 1314 - - 9 mn gg OR and terms, 
Sent: “Seer meen Gee steam en; aluminum sash, weathe : sssion. | LAURA tached garage, automatic heat. ‘Im- HAUSCHULTE 
stripped, - il | : BEAUTIFUL 6-room. 3-bedroqm es: ee ©' | 2407 N. Broadway CH. 6518 

. a oe room, TE 
6251 i eaeh 3 & t, balance 
ngs ; er ao lonial; I immediate 
BOTH FLATS VACANT store. | |) € LA N Cc O. r FHA. 846-850 H : DL enat of Betty ra» south of | LONDOFF, GO, 9356. ST LOUIS. 4131; dandy, large 8- 
each. Open Sun - — 7 Lockwood: "Mary ‘Quee COLEMAN, 1922-44: corner 1-dam-| Toom, brick residence; owner will 
' :| ily, 

3, rooms; inside plumbing; only : HACKER & GRAUPNER. CO. 8888 

fo SF “ HI. 2610, eeeeee, 6401 Manchester Berry . home pa 
SAMUEL = INE R. E. CO. alah ~ Piper, | nc. reece er apy " GEO, A. HUBER good ood, We roves | 9304 ‘Delmar _CA._6000 So iam Tepe Bre A. DUERBECK REALTY CO SAN FRANCISCO, 4489; 6-room 
WALDRON. ais _SL 3100 Lat th a HRES BEDROOM residence ; argce 1813 rand. JE. 2838. residence, brick: 2-car garace: 
is bath: stoker: large lovely corner 

immediate posses- 
‘LINDELL. env: 5-room brick: also} sion: 5-room ag roof, tile ‘OPE A 
vers: : “ : N CONoRY 2 TO = beautiful }a screened porch. : ; schoo d COLLEGE S335: open Sunday 2-5 
portunity for builder room! and ‘sleeping poreh, tile | Kitchen and bath; closets. ol OPEN SUN. TE DO TT t aah Wes tracts Ie Gee | te eee ~ 
EWACTERS REALTY PY, REALTORS 3 to 1110-16 S. ELM 8-reom_ brick, 3-car garage, 142-foot ; re fentiai se | il quick sale; | in sinks; Bendix washer. Call 

PAUL COLLO : . Owns HARO RRB sorts A 
apie: COLLOFT, || Woe qe Se —z g_3 | Brand-new beautiful trame colonials lot. Owner building new home—| lot, 98x199. LACLEL E BOND 'MEHTER REALTORS. LA. 4000. L C, DE. 7626 D O | N S ty 
. * nN . 4) ie i Al a 

: _—— 
noah screened porch: Xxx; 4-bedroom wooaet 
A el reasonably ie : my Be ‘$1 ated; spacious sunroom, 2-car EEN C. FINKE, Realtor, CH. 0703 NEW a ! . Me? r on cae Bee page cy atteuatic 4 
ae cO.. PA. 4400! 2% ; ; ; . * transporta- “NEW WEBSTER GARDENS and artistic 2-story ebster, automa es ae be. Theresa parish; ; | HT. 2610. Realtors, 6401 Manchester 
CA. 5877. . B-27981 dence wtih sten-down liv room. ogg? Dena ifn yard — = 
CANTON, 1633: possession of this - = HARRY HERRING CO.. PA. 4400 Bf as must ‘be seen to All electric ranch house, 6 rooms un-/| den and breakfast nook on tet; will lease for 5 | Teally a cozy home cheap. See_Dolan’s Photo Listings Today _ 
bedrooms and 2nd years § p30 SHAW MANAGE. R e a SAN FRANCISCO, 4269; 

5 rooms, sunroom a sion. Vv . - house. ae a 
ee Olive. bis Ober. oor DOENC ~: ?. i ae in nice ae its you ORPORA TION, CA. 1922. brick | bungalow: | rs, 
: e usua bed eee ea o ce, A 
R- yy sTUCRENBERG Co ealtor room and . 71 19 WATERMAN Michael he Macken, Realtor anne asonable bers WEAS? out Highwae fag oy Bog 3714 JENNINGS FIRESIDE 2000 a .~ . eee family’ f flat in 
rand Two large dedrooms 2901 4142 ‘ D 911; 5-room brick, bath, Mo r. 
wo 3 Bas: Shee tt “PREFERRED PROPERTIES" : F. RENJE. Rea _8190.| 19° Rose: lot 70x205.. tice lawn, : 3 i766 or KORTE. Realtors, MA. 

: hy By ’ ca. +E residence is an 0 - - GA. oe com aan Wes 3 nch si mediate vogeeeign N Hit MER. DUTTON SULLIVAN, 2572 W.; ne sting: 
ideal home verlooking Algonquin | ae a house; bath; jot 50x10 



_— ial — 2 family soning: ry KLAND. 1Xxx° Hoe od immediate possession. oven 2to5 5. | ° diate possess 
Realtor. q 2704: boat ng garde rt- dsca grounds. | 
aoe Large 5 reer t VACANS. 7 restae, paeteued Serr | Reslors JE. 7460 condition; reasona: 

ments ents. Bie Bend and Laclede. Roy Beautiful knotty | Stoker ‘block to. sehool; | $12,- HARTWIG DISCHINGER FR, 2943 
oe ne pine rathekeller, {Only 8 years old;| 500: liberal terms; transpor- I ““§-room brick, bath, | 
om cation, 670 Marshall. furnace, stokep fired: income $75 4016 N. TAYLOR AV. 

low; modern; gas oe gs , east 
ast room home. Hurry! Park and from 
poe ser poe balance B genth. ZIDEN - CO. ear. It has If ; 
4500 FL. 61 Gem ; se bo Ourse 

-*Foom a“. '$19.750: 2 blocks t: each ; rooms 
“west of Hanley, 1 block south of ’ oe heat and 

maculate cond 

i 9. Real Cc 8015. r week: re uy. 
seat VIATE POSSESSION |D.R.8. REALTORS ST. 1314 7-ROOM FRAME. fesasne hen i 5 rooms, bath, hot-water heat with 

deemer Parish: 6-room brick, 405 PEL LS RO Bristel sehecl Gettin: 2 bineke 
E. Swon: open genaar- evenings | 5-room bungalow; large lot 60x170:| from car line. Askin $8900. Realtors c RUST & SONS RI TY. (0. 
by_ appointment. 5312 stoker heat; mew roof: tile bath; | Make offer. VACANT. Call today. ; 

plendid location. | Weber. GR. 7321. . 


"eo : sar teshe: ; oppor: BEN MI TODAY'S REAL ESTATE SEC 
rooms, : @ real oppor- /~- VENING ‘ = ere ; ' . — alow, rooms “ups tairs fin- 
amart buyer TIONS. ape 8 4330, ECON: | in, furnace. | ished: can be used for 2 families: 



stoker; large ; newly 
. Ley: CARTAN & CO. ated. ST. e geees: 
oh {Te; | MELROSE,” YOxx. S-room Dunes 
. . : s appeintment. cash will 
PRANKI = ME ’ and 7100 ¥ e. stoker heat: tile gable 
se attractiv ome, automatic hot- : a roof; large A. J, MEY venetian pings: 

Sao Norh apd Suh Rod : sheer Acres: 6 ome on i| Sf tons Wr napssineneat’ cor | fn, porgn brenktaat rovin "i'% | TM *EAgO™ kt atanen phe Beas | Fa | Fs : 
. ve.- en, > + ; = 
BY OWNER 0 wn. appointment eve rage: best. offer ac-| ° bath, , - posses- |_ealtors, PR 
O._FR. eh cancies; no ceilings; invoati Mr 
3-5 Su nce 7113, 



and Sunday call SI. 8029, Ss: 2-car > fim attached 
weekdays CE. 3500. ; > priced! cented. rkwood 4131 fer ap- 

‘gent ‘condition; appointmen room ; s Immediate possession. yet le 
"session. : : rooms, den, : ntment. 
no —— aie P . | we . : airs Mercantile-Commerce ANN NOONAN RA Lane and Talons me: “prick, newly decorated, b bath, base- v - +; 6-FOO 
7450 LL make ¢ me RE._ 6728 suitable for 1% or 2 story Loma. —_ Ss furnace, attractively et bath and | furnace; - fur- 
2 | Bank & Ir ust Co. ; : house ‘on Be se PEAS REALTY. EV. 3820. |*' !TWNBERGER & SON, MA. 2046 
to buy suburban property. 218 FERRY ST. residence: modern: * owner leaving 

AM 1X 666 “south of session 5. ene co. 
-DElmar 1733 | RY, REALTORS AQ — 4 A —~ evenines ny 3¢° 3778. nay (and ar zt | 6-reom brick: bath. furnace, stoker; | city: 800 make offer. HAR R- 
‘ | DE. 6166 3500. price $3500; N & SHELTON, Rea MA 

~~ & Room Residence 
Must be sold Bogen 

ster, Crestwood, “Kock "Hil, C. B. Mat HAUSCHULTE | & 0268. M 

pen Sunday 2-7 | h. NACE ; Todd. RE. 5950___ cs) 
1325 S. ROCKHILL OR. | er ten e open Mercantile Commerce eT ys ee eed oe ee s510 gain: good | Sarna hot-water 

=C ) T TIE {a u , northeast corner; ° WATERMAN 7129 | | 10-3 | L 
pmeaN, g n 6 sunroom, oi! heat: poamee me FLOPISSANT, 4308-0877 N” | 
mercial : sion: swimming pool, garace, sum- ne ul _5-room Webster Ridge dis- | rs ha Bank R Trust Co. i 7 mine 3851 1, 2, W, Wetiom. | Beating plant, sober 
FES NORTE ANE ROUTE RE | oer ome Neat Piste’ Berk scbos as Sas ea_waes eee RENIE. ‘gs JOHN MORES| C0. FRO! 
CA. 6000 é D. R. B., Realtors, ST. 1314 DO EN ES | | PARK RD. 307 | eke RENJE. Realtor, RE. 8196 | 
> owners se WATERMAN, 7105; "2 bedrooms, — one la . 4 ; 2700 N. Grand | 5-room brick; bath, furnace, 
their lovely a-Seieeem. aarvaee {gh : ; screened gas heat: | aoe a. ee bee le ea oa te veater and -_ NT 3830 W.; F-room rage. Call for particulars, — 
Pest, to party who nas ad or'3: | FA hy My Bs . 3 Ba Bee oF ee aT Sd20 a W.;, 4 pearoome: | Etiatlfl sot “SoadtO: acing pase: | WELL BU 1 aE rcloal ee Fg hesor 
& to tease. floors. | bbaths; | way in {his choice Jocation. Weil] ares dressing room bath by oil a oe quick 
trict ; wn Mio ol ane ‘| worth price. Vacant. Open trans tion. ssicn 
yw LANGE & CO.. FR. 4262 

heater: dlinds: ype : Sunda , > and compare. 4- 
i. 4232 | R. P. A ANDERSON co. CA. 0121! tion; onl pane Sam AN, 
| Be. wil ASHLAND, "3022: immediate pos- 
reasonably priced. } hd session < ae of these 7 reeme | 

; Immediate Pe bess ly corner ineation. * SI. a a". th. pa. ots| 
combination screen and storm sash) Sewwy—Tans “i+ o-story TaWe OF : WELLSTON 
eee te eis as | BERRY THOS 6: iW: Fo ern eee caer —wrk | KEENEY- otter EEA TORS| & 
: bunvalow. bath, oil heat; priced for | 5506 Natural Bridge. MU. 7370. £ 
| eo _werkie 1130 Tooma, batil, farm ce: 1. Blo bioek | 

Office O 

: San Offi ib: modern oli-fired URT : ee & and 
r-R thes oS. ll RE 43) | ? leenéints cebtnon rear, $6000. 
6-re 3 “Bayer ickhoff Rea TENRY R. WEISELS CO., CH.480 POM / A mimesis —. RE, 8190. -bedroom colonial Cotta CELE See, 
Bras eRe on. LAUE : SINGEEURY S821. S-room BYG BEND. i acres and | must be seen to be appreciated; : EDW. | KUI HS 
SE Ee vere ie in Clayton” DE. 7100 + Retcale of Soe sees pas Sarat fee wooded hye x 
“a” bed ) id's | $125%4 Maryland Office Open Sun ' goo ment only. er. ed ee | the “<n Gone basement. Cali for" appoint- Realtors JE. 3500 


Realtors, 6401 Manchester 
Photo a 
PROPERTIES” ri pe : 
ai sv 5539 or cre 4710 " on . EP age 
PORTLAND bd * 7. wood 
teors: ps : plenty kiteh 

varTWiG-DIn ; SCHING " Geh FR, 
~ —_ 

Sy & Photo Listings Toda 
= > yt _botwater bg on tur: 


Realtors * JE. 3500 | 
_ 1042 _GIMBLIN Si. 

Six furnace. f'ro'-clasea 

condition: oti. ‘ot; pide drive: | 

OREON E & RG. SCOTT EN MILLER RLTY. CO. 10. bedroom "colcnial: | excel res screened | and mal bent 
Ts M Ss a — Soe ok... : 7 : . —- ; N. >. m. +o tia. po. a pe : ~ 4 k Pd St. ‘ : 7 N. CH. 4516 


room now nearing comple 
ie this desfrab’e i we 

Si HA OROURKE Set Tinth nen o. 

Ti ~: O4 - 
ae pare 

; \ ae . 
,.. : SS : a  s : 
of. J : ih aap 
, (ea: : ¢ » 

“3 ‘ 
: ' 

Ur ry ae See a 5 

ba es eo aS ie se ae 


% S 
SOFES ne rece zes 
‘ , x ee oS 
ee AS < 


2505 GROVER PLACE MOVE RIGHT IN | clei: hardwood floors; hot-air] | N' VY | UNA IVIL | at 
re ci le Ca, | aie Seer Seat dee | READY 10 MOVE IN [Seeitiecee Pres] Spe cee, td re 
8 ue Ei] Serene | eee a=] RICE $50 _ | Secs Ear |i, SF Paes | id EPO TOCLE. Role | ee keaton: prt ahh 

at edge of city limits. Weil 
Ave., Wein Drive, Glennon 


eens tie Pparete Tans | DALTON. 
5 ihe ooss a Ss | C Realtors HU. 1350 brie | | 
istrict. ‘Te ms: 81560 dows, one : ey Wills; of : sor ae tas Sgn STERNBERG, INC. 
»SHOSS. REALTORS:  guiiroom: hot-water alt beat | from Carcndelet, Park: | DESIGNERS & BUILDERS 
ce Say ES Pa AEB omg ae | Eee gttiglaos = | CLARA | HEMPELMANN aa ee —— 
POSSESSION or. Hendy, 5814 8. HUMPHREY. Soi: vacant, deal 6 | ee —zx = = 6804 SUTHERLAND 

. ali ee Acar or = Price Reduced to $17,250 thas oo eae, bath a F :. W. tedaen Sete mod a 7 G AX 3 a aT aoa a | & = ‘ 
EDW. L. KUHS |e ree ea er |, sacar ee ig gee [H. A. O ROURKE| sees! Fe | at ee ar bg? 
TST Ere traime wir | $_roome, erkain. rooms and ful! bath 3nd hes: DOENGES D OLAI LAN CO. 0. 

Realto ; jovely ya ne poo 4 - Baths ar 
ealtors JE. 3500 , : AYPTELD CT. 5904 | aver Kitchen has tile wainscot TE BURGEN — ; E: BI. 2610 Re 
car ' ; ED | PROPERTIES 

ofits Bie : “ees = pe CO... 6121 S. GRAND “bungalow 3 ates mate | Maat Rubee | 
i AT. Price EW. PRANGE & Co. FR. 4262, ° Bt. oh rish and tUs ; ct . © SAW’ 7 OWNERS LRA 
tials 2, Adminstration ‘at mnodsei truction; big screened [JULIUS HALLER RLTY. CO. ZSCHURPFER, Reaitors Fi. 3000 ; ‘heat, Dathy gaa stove NEW RANCH HOUSES 

VONTCOMERY : “vreamr—3| RE CARLETON, REALTOR | Een Se rive on ER Oi ran| Batedodh hur, on, one | Set ert ste 
alters BW. OS basement Office open evenings and Sunday #142 astieman—-8635 Chariton |-GRA P REAL, —— SL ae ficiency" apart ce o* fen B oves saaae, ee: 

tors, 05 fle kitchen and 8 , : 
_Office O BEN 5 _ Evenings ce nt modern: lot ruta | 5005 eee ae 1% baths; n apie. oe wee agg Ae, institution gees income pi ; ‘to bo ~ Fy MS tchen pat bath e809 P prin built; 
‘o F er syok Sy PEN SO rage, excellent is 2: 3245 Copelin—-2930 KRELL,. REALTORS. ‘ ; 3 REALTOR. LA. 9543. oor ; automatic mr close to a near bus, a By ni 
vermnent , & 0 me 

321 Carson rd., south of Natural . 9 car garage; er & ~ 
ge; brick,’ modern, ce 3165 28 Bent tached; bath, f ; "priced | owe oe, Ser WILLMORE 

: P on pl 
rtation,_immedt- | "roc ; GREULICH - ; path, furnace SEK. salesmen on prem: 
erobeiniad et. tae Tee ne Ee Ret iherar r meae |store SiS POE | on Een 
wl ae: Se CE 8aIT- S| ei, Selle, Bay as “erg ee “a. cx ts eae PT eT gee | Ae SUNDAY 
bedroom oy pel hardwood : rs 08segsic sen for instr or ' 
rE Fos TTE. HI. 6260 floors; automatic ofl heat; base-| sie fla DEV CORP "faraaee; I's, 6 <-rosme ap a OF N, 219; eines ¢ Punga- RENG REALTOR, LA A DREAM HOME 

ment garage; owner wants quick P. D. HUFFORD it’s in 2 it 
11 Sunday. 5 fer 

LOPE AGe Ine. Realtors. = ~Hi_1558 705 Chestnut, Suite 316. CH. 1969 Bah eriNs Ste Be » A. 38 ark ams 2 ~ 5822 Kingwood, beautiful modern 5 

—— » gas Peat. ne wise 


wood floors; ; ; 

porth of Nat years old; 3 blocks . HARG Ty | A LARGE HOME, By) Sot, front = . | 

EDW. (. KUHS | Saari |e tt meer ae| ete eee |. AO) rou Renee poet Sae| MONTGOMERY 

cae JE, 3500 Ne eee Et old 5-room 3 bungalow;'$i0,- | ton: churches, trnas ew furnace | 2 ra | reartron APE sw. os00 
ae ae financing. 39000. Mr Messex, Or 3926 $14; be 

Calvin; modern 5- room rooms m3 : 03: : : . = 
eve furnace and Open Today—Gas H Wy “garage. Weber. GR. rick; tile ey DEN M 4 and breakfast room bun- 
n today as Meat 7321 bain gas a FL. exe 564 Favois 6999 ew i poured Gonerate foundation: 

+ aR. ie pent Sautated: ares ~ a. = MR . Open. 
ny “|. KUHS |DOLAN C ©, KEecIont Tiron "ab Bi doom fle ty, tan | CaeVN oeTg: arecene = 1 _ Seti see.| VERNON LAUX (ae 
owner ieaving C€ mu room house now used as rooming b LA 
porate ito | i This is » best buy m house; complete with furnishings; fortable S-room rick ay: -room : 1 566 

‘Realt JE. 3500] “see Dolan’s Photo Listin wood foors; mle’ tet GRAND REALTORS SI. 1455 heater: transportation and school. |}4545.Gravols. _-—S»_—s—s HU. 2828 

eames: a— OD at a IMONTGOMERY COLOGNE. S136; vacant composl- BRINKOP gener erage Pog 

: ” 
i ie Bath; PIPER f ‘7 RINK 6710 Arsenal; Re - brick ; 

EDGEWOOD. 4410: puneslow’ 2 | $t° cttt spose 
GE & CO. FR, 4262. 
bedrooms ist not water oil tion covered; 5 
FIRST TIME OFFERED beat: perfect condition ; 132 month Spisetin. beans 5942: in beautiful North THE LEADER stoker; attic; garage. Make offer 4 Pot =a soe a ee 
gs ’$, yen Stomac ER. 7800-01 3711 TAFT AVENUE a foepee rm 2060 Knox; 

4924 Lotus; 3 bedrooms, 14% baths. / income plus owner's Point; 5-room brick bungalow; Rea alors SW. 0500 for quic a 

- tiled roof; bases = pana 7 Poe peed | BEN C. FINKE. Realtor. CH. ‘0703 * lassed in: 2 aie on | Office O Sundays and Evenings Office open Sundays. ? L 4 netek cot : Hnolewm 1 Soe 

specious. Evade Sp intment | ELMBANK, S849; 3-room frame; | 2nd floor; ultra modern with gas 1 SMITA NEON re hea " BAHN-LIPPELMANN, in. kitehen rg Fires . ndi le bath} ‘come 

condition. Shown by appo heat: a quality home in. secluded DON'T FAIL TO VISIT 6485 Chippewa. Realtors. PL. 7912. |__LO. GABBERE, «700d ecora , abbery oe 
. .. 

only. WESTEREOLD. FREY. DE. 1200 : _immediate possession, open brick are ix: 
SAM BROWN & SONS : ’ aS34 ge Bh this afternoon be- best bul S-reom bo “ the ; 33x200: VACANT 
-| 2 tween 2 and 5; this fine 12-room| housé in excellent condition: sor | Bolly. Hi Pan Ms mes a i furniice, stoker;, Bt. rnishings may be | 4235 Childress; beautiful ¢-reom 

PA. 0564. DE. 7150. A 
: RO, el & home and investment: priced right.: : urchased 
OPEN SUNDAY 12-5 A | y one L. BAKEWELL tsi noo eo NESLAG PU FRED R. DONLEY, Realtor conditioned gas heat r per 
ice Open 10 to 1 '750. _5207 Chippewa FL. 9565 _|  GILLICK RL Lo, 0978-— 

SEE THIS distinctively fine home; 5-room 'trame,’ close. to schools, bus. . 
today. G42 fg foom: 2 cory” sun| below $6000. Office oe ay. its oto Gallery. . Open Eve, & Sun. | iany features that will please tne | CONNECTICUT, 3411; H.A ty ROURKE z Desiqned-For Perfect Living | s10 a8 
gad Abe KEENEY.1C TOELLE. REALTORS 8809 PARK LANE . D.R.B: REALTORS ST. 1314 POSSESSION rit Graves Ca reek HU. 4310 3 63xx DEVONSHIRE er 40 ft esata Bh sat 

2 lg vely landscaped. 5506 Natural Brid e, MU. 7370. V ; Park OPEN 2-5 GH, 43 owner will ‘hom tio 
; ( eronica rar Modern 6-room and sunroom bun-| show a. well built 5-room and ante VACANT Fhe finest in J ei 
. 2 

aa in your home. KORTE, ern a tt Two new, unusually fine 5-room i My . Ola Ne Neighborhood alow; automatic heat: % block] bungalow; wall to wall carpetin 

4258. ainted, S-room’ trame npungal neigh. | ranch type punmnlowe just_com- | 3124 Allen. Wonderful colonial| from.’ Roosevelt. high “school.| 4 rooms and many other nice fea- Brick coMege. ditioned nt, Beer 
borhood: | : pleted; very convenient | home in excellent neighborhood, 1| GRAND, Realtors I. 1455} tur hie seaiidceath oe eave OPEN 3 ans oned roughout. 
er- sc 

acnsaton 4600; 4-room brick: mmediate possession; i h i Bool 
h d floors;| owner will show he ghbor ood.” Immediate possession. | block from Russell bus. Ideal for : 7 rooms, 
hot air heat: ardwoo ay large ; 10 minutes shingle covered, 1% mathe, hot-air |__Kitchens. PR. 7596. BIST 8 "SONS RITY. CO.) : 

ED WL "K UH C W. PRANGE eae m8 S | b b F ee downtown. n by appoint- heat, arranged for 2 families. cry z. : AF -room a BRIG? Osean 
rooms, hardwood floors fle floor ; LIVE . q ; ern, - 
. . bath," insulated and’ | weather- | WILLMORE 4379 Laclede. Realtors, NE. 2758 See VT VF \cico) 5) aaa MAGNOLIA $16 Chestnut st Realtors ASSL | On ' DE.7 100 sruStins ruil 4 

¢ ipped, hot-air eB Stoker. fired; 723 Dono 9) L. 8100 | COPELIN, 3245; 3% and recreation j ‘eg : 
Realtors JE. 3500] gare lenty of cl 6394 De \ 4 he F bedr Here’s a lovely 9-room home with| low; like néw; hardwood floors; : 
| Speke; plenty of eet spate. 5 : Realtors, Developers of St. Louis Hills/ pall. WR ae stoker: good condition and with| hot-water heat; A PRETTY HOME ur, 7 rooms, hot-air 

pp BEAL O0, 2k S140. | Pax room. brick;' immaculate condition: a a ar quick. ty as ge on. Owner el Gl sant yard) Soo 2170. heat. "See this; Ptr. 
by a ging . SB. Rintops, Bt Siig let io ie Se tien wad > al ou | et rohan gt THIRTY-BIGHTH, 4300 8. ; : Owner m NEY Fiso0 ; 3.8 ar itso : 

r OER. n this sihis_spleriaid ‘location 2 TILL 5 " : 4 4 DR, 
502 DOVER | : - full base- | MAE 808 W.. ; -5; and rt tt 2} 2 bedrooms, lving room, tile d 6306 ence ale every modern cone 
: vat; ; icely land ; sacri- 

8426 : : 

matt. brick with roo ; rooms ; Baroy BR ht CO. 4404. 

PERI MOTTER ner, 7743 | Saas: Saas smreers | eg 8 pound a ee He Meson on Bibtio. hee eaites ; 
: 7.: new a. ' Hot ot-water heat—oll. SeSeate toe tne oF gta é ‘3 | =i. tag wanoe 4 nett , irkmediate 8. heat: 

— ao SU aap: 
IMMEDIATE POSSESSION BACH aod ase het See Bhar Fn hy gd Bt an ce See eatin ngni| Resch & me. gn thos SIH. A. O ROURKE 
: er D 

th, fur- 
bio , 52- | 3714 JENNINGS 
‘stoker rand bi ower possession + SCHMID. 
471 Grav 

ate sn 7RO, {e200 OTT War: 3 ‘ 
open 5-7 p.m. daily. Se roome, bath, la rage room brick: $9750 sho sgTEN N, ; room 
MAURER-BEFFA RLTY. : oazesnion. | Orrmer Moving, from city: imme. DOLAN "CO. SAT WERIN rT | ret eee Es : Stabs tie one 
acl bed 


3 Ss. oe highwav. PR. 3616. KEENEY. “TOELLE, | REALTORS TLA EV. 382 roperty in fine condition; stoker | py 9610, Realtors. 6401 Manchester TOENGES, 4067: Holiv sale: $77 

5506 Natural Bridge, MU. 7370.; g7 a en ‘PARISH: + eat; open today; here’s a clean , N 4-b .| rooms, room, D ast nook; 
i eae  deeneeee ee ae Dolan’s Photo Listings Today | “eit “Aecorated: assed * aun. tile and ‘noleum, walle bath and 

O82 Lillian. new 5-room modern -| hom 
.| GENEVIEVE AND LILLIAN DIs-; room brick; gas heat; sutomati . = 
er ie relemen eantn Wan Sash. By Lari vee ge: oan beat. dun ne Beast. Pest’ bispat ot owner. Box ren ee po ee. $35 mont cave one oa it moa the a ee home; ced to sell; 
pdaong SN cope ga . ora baths; linowail Slestnam: hardwood A N FRAN C0, * LE a { "MANN MA. 4111 pat “coon duplex, GAN LOFF, 9 Wey 
; oors: bric ara very clean rick shingle, ba an urnace ; ROOMS WITH FURNITURE IDaVis 5x — SOS “Grist LH “A R IIRKE - R “ If ; 
or MU._7709 transportation ; ‘ adition: for details ; ut Missouri; 12 rooms, bath, ex- ° "ai condition: first tim PERLMUTTER CH, tice *7 Cd ors GE E Realtor ar HU, 1100-71 
i a BERAN Ree OO. LA. 7700. R. E. ROSE R. KC tra sinks, furnace, stoker, blower. |, Offered; only $6950, Don’t delay. | MERAMEC, re ponbeven: bean S411 GravolsREALTOR _ Gravois HU, 4310 | Cor. Grané-Fotomac _ PR,_7800-0} ooo j Priced fo "RUMER Heal. 
s Ww. e 
5 rooms, 1g hn My RPSSELL. tile | cattractive, large, 4 nt Open aH = a_ Eves. oy admission, Call RO. 5603 or ‘S8il DEWEY (HOLLY HILLS) | inte conalderation ; wants quick ae a heat, fur 
bath 1 reh; ; ; pee tion; look t one ca ¢ > @ in rear 
mo gy - Fg tgp po second floor: ag kitchen and ba heat; a floors ; “Glick On the Corner” eines os ae -5 a yy ely | for appoint ment. MORLLENHOFF. for contractor; 2 wealts possesiion. 6434 Alabama ay.; 5-room, 13-inch 
MU oil burner; o ; porta redecorated; 2-car gatfage: nice | Owner will show 2 to 5. rick bungalow; bath, hardwood : 
—————— | la rE 1 oy 0c | ffe uilt 5 an eunroom brick —- 
NORTHLAND, 4815: open 2 to 6. : ); 4 ro new section; . pm oe bivd.: substantially built 4331 (corner “Saceola) : 5. $15,000; Cc L ; : 
Modern kitchen and mh. newly | - . ranch-| 3714 JENNINGS FIRESIDE 5000| residence; 9 rooms, 2 baths, oil room brick: something: different; | Weiss 4527 Gravois HU. 233! "jurnace, hard a ry bath, ime "1OHN MORES! C0. gee siete + alk 
- ‘ kitchen; owner has put in gt of : . home offered at interestin ra 
ROBERT J. SARGENT extras:' beautiful yard and ors: stoker. very| Brice; for appointment call . oo roe possession; first“ time aes See: ateete pee | CAE JOHNS FR._4242 2700, N. GRAND al ee ty bh me ro 
Realtor CA._1800 ieee very _eonvententiy _ io- igptice home and| JRA E, BERRY. REALTORS. Booker-Lind-Bundschah_FL.._6470 water heat, stoker¢ open. PAUSCH, hk wate deen TAH ag OPEN 9 4 0 5 ) rf : re eircnen, Ben a af z 
2 baths; new roof, new A ’ : K on o “car garage; snown. y 
’ : . =o. 40 NEY. i REALTOR ~~ OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 sunroom brick * residence; gas heat. | MIAMY, 010; modern 
new insulation: fur bing a so: | KEE TOEL E RE ORS OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 ZIDEN R. E. CO 5- at Hage prick ‘bunga-| ‘irst oy 2 “cuDB Aine 5214 Schollmeyer: 0, a tile | appointment only. See yoer 
session: 47xx Tame: Cc chen . 
9 ° 3015 Alle 4 bedrooms; excellent A : st time: ; In 
Northiand. f, CREELIAN, oo “Tot 25x120: hot-air heat: fine lo- conan immediate. possession. | good condition; 5 roogs, breakfast newly ; 
condition : t, 
OPEN 2 “TO 5 TODAY sA6 month, includes interest, We J. SH HEA ly. REALT a : Ww PA. 7038 as furnace, attic, double garage. : pence, = imm Lis Realtors U. 58 
; NEW,  5-room . 5959. 5220. | ; : ~ : : 
got age bt ah hate and Riteben: CHAS” A, JOHNSON. Inc. PR. 2668 | ———_——— ae yy O EN T AY 1110 Dover Place sty ‘ 4 ; pat aa DESIGNERS & BUILDERS. 
ditioned heat: brick garage; GREER, 5712; this 2 aasold brlek HRUE coke hee anata: |3707 BLOW: Gece beek dense. Vacant, Open 2 to 5 5 Today E00: | ke tsar lead than ab000. 3 PL. 2319 
g di Ary an brick cottage, 4! HAHN , FIREMAN. a Sunday 2-8; 
@ basement room; good 5-roo bungalow 

NG. Mr. Bianchard, GO, 3050, first-class con close to; deep lot; moderately priced. Call G BARGAIN PRICE $6950 cottage: Ai condition: first time 
kK. 0. 
NE ARING COMPLETION. ist PBEBAN HE, 00. La. 7700. 6378 Clayton rd. HI. 0625.| Big income. Give-away price. Card |Weiss 4527 Gravois HU. 2331| wltrs work; owner will take this S.; 7-room resi- lmme dj 3 t Pp S565 $j 0 cor wh. 
, 0534. aily and evenin s.| neighborhood; 
OPEN 2-5. HACKER & RAUPNER a tion; this property is priced right.! 801 Chestnut Realtors MA, 4182 | neighborhood ; see today and make WERAMEC—<0xx ; modern, well tert iy CH 0288 tral hot-air heat. with stoker; 2- 
tion, large lot; One of the most modern 
. @Gecorated, stoker, See this sure. bungalow: tile bath and t n Eve. & Sun.| heat; beautiful lot; this lovely hot-water heat; large rooms: im. | —— 4 f oe 
uiek ssession. 
RPRISES DE. 6166 TE. _3-3030 5 acant; 6 rooms, _ convenient location; 3. rooms 
owner; $3500 _ to Ast at. eas e at 7370 FL. 6166 4564 Gravois LO. 6999 low: rooms 
OMPTON HEIGHTS HOME MEHLBR REALTORS LA. 4000. | _RE. 8100 N. Gore _/ finished in basement; er, 2- eas | ON or contact . 
or SW. 113 | 55xx GREER: . . . . . nae DOGTOCHS ; rooms: modern: . ts) ls, churches; 
. balance AGNER CO room, tile @ath and kkehen, new | sixietly ’ hot-water te : GEO. a fon- fern er ne: 
: A. HUBER r 
See this sure rn a water >| low, good condition; pet 

Re Vv. 7067| fou datio i Noeated near transpor-{| heat and ; 1 

ealto a : oun n; ‘ . : location, near Carondelet Park; . rooms, iarg ; 

tation and stores; call today. 2 baths; 6- house in rear; has - gg Oy bien: ap ndi > ° « 4425 cunt, fi ne block ; top pane 
UFDACE, call Mr. Potts a 

- ENGEI _ hot-air heat anc n-| price ° daily ; ~~ 
pee pe al BACH leaded Fey ag SOR =I HOLLY HILLS Realtors | Sse 2sse = a Fg oe OP ERER 

alow; a 

Fener ous gets; near age, $714 JENNINGS IDE 3000 B A Cc LH | YES, VACANT Davai TS 6 rene ora: aa i ee a 2 ate a to sell oe 1519 Zerg Sravois Dy, 

-Toom ’ , 
age. 3714 JENNINGS FIRESIDE 5000 a0 floors; — excellent 5: ¢ bri $11,000; 

2729 Semple is 2 6-room bunga- Agate Foch LAW 7825 oto Calle Eve. & Sun._| 3921 Humphrey, 6 modern rooms: capiition; Veena atl by aP-| come: $7600. WE HI. $666.) Nor 0. OPEN eens 
fine condition; stoker;| HAMMETT PL., 4829; fine home; a rooms, cot open; deco ; fine buy; $11. mae me s0T : ES 100 id 4- 
10 rooms, stoker, spacious lot; sale 4 wanted, owner will show, PERLMUTTER CH. 7 rooms, sunroom: ath, tile J ee “. saad ; 

LEDE 708 Chestnut MA. 2312 Wanted to clo close ao me e100 EV. 6159. — TPM kitchen. P RROT, tie | & 
Sie Eee Penis | HAMMETT thar drome haus ees age ce Site HORER URDAY Te cP 4 clea Pra - oR “Cy ROURKE Bg ee htt R's "La. aone |\'f fetes OMERY 

abis “Bircher: 6- igs ~ nangalew on| bath, furnace, stoker; very clean. _DE. 50a Cali 2 red an Estate Lad furnished: large 
0 - coment owner’ ' THE LEADER 

one sor, © R a rrivy PL. 6873. : 3-room 0500 
or, CE. it. 
ANE r home; furnace, large “jot. ~ 480 WAGADA- Weiss, 4527 Gravois HU.2331| $28. Beatin’ mr Ee 6: 3 | _ottice Open ‘Sundays and Rvenings 

oom?, letel ———"\ so Bru Rs ‘Realt 2264. | 6 and heat “NEW LISTING dows, venet linds, garage, , 
“new root; ; it must f Sew in: | tile kitenen and bath; 2-car garage: 3029 EADS, POSSESSION culated roof; close to busses and| “room residence and S-room it. 
priced 6139 Newport—Open 2-5 Broadway car: 79 0. : 
bungalow ; well-constructed : tile D' OENCH CO. WI. 3900 Holly Hills section; vitrolite bath a. water as heat, combination sash, at 
2406 Euclid: 6-room brick bunga-| bath: tile kitehen; 2 bedrooms; kitchen: hot-water heat; very 5 on 7 
$140 sates, 0°88 Me E GER RLTY. 

low; stoker: hot-water heat; 2-car glassed a nd screened porch; shrub- Ww 5aa0: 5 brick * th. 
R 21. bery; Race yard; i-car garage. WAP As bath; possession; own- pnp NDSCHU 3868 or Gk. 3 iA bathe ; §-rooms, es. ro 4 duplex: tile lis: , 
men osré garage. Open finest houses in 8t. Louls Hills Market; 1 vacant. "Open 2- 

~ POSSESSION AND INCOME or wil) iow. Tien Ww ms 
: : >| modern brick ‘du lex; ; 

wre io woer.2| DOLAN CO, ES. purad, monner: JF | *Stireatiee Speaeeil matt sete: ier built’ in oll heat, Open Su ee z to 5... | ROOMING HOURET in axceptionally Ley ‘ 

m <¢o i us | inets: really a cozy home. uoRoe HU. 5 fine south side location; nicely fur- ra) VENINGS Pas pra: 

lonial bungal 
5203 Theodosia. | py 2610, Realtors. 6401 Manchester kitchen and ; PRI 
ee Bia itt EV. 0671) gee Dolan’s Photo Li Today and bath: all r bh: . late wsion.| ONLY $9750. Open 2-5 daily until new 5-room | nighed, always -- RA... an- 
_aeetings soeay : ; sold. brick ‘bungalow; builder: open Sun. ving A earoeee ast 
to 5. LEE-SCHERMEN R. E. CO. LO. 0652. vey ane over . ere’s ai. cam modern, dette 

IMMEDIATE ESSI w nga- ; . 9.5. 4 : . 
UE POSSESSION “lows; ready for geeupancy. Owner | PSSbo¥'p, Go, Bao. n | = WRCANT HERTDERCE | prurenr—y sb oes | ~~ NEOSHO, 3605 D.R.B. REALTORS ST. 1314 

8217 Theodosia; 6 rooms, bath; oil 1 Posponr ; 
on prem Sunda 6 i a ussell): clean 
Mas eat small down perenen" Fine location for doctor a dentist ; 5-room brick co pat i Beer: 4 rooms, baths, furnace: side drive, a : 

HAFENEL R. CA. 2996.| Ki ot-water heat.| 3634 Morganford; 7 rooms: 4 bed. 
TY OO ; tors district; 5° rooms lerge poreh: ARTHUR G age OB EK arnt rooms; wonderful een apne: hot- |<. : Fo. 2170.| li-car garage. 45 5 Teoma, path; $73 
CANT BUNGALOW got “condition Stet ope ~ A 3 rn MAURER-BEFFA 

5 626. water Zs imspect phane a 
2937 gerepia, open today 2-5; mod- | RST S6B0 7 6 robes Sekek Ue rn ars aa all epavenienees; “families cas p PIP 
danas: brick: os ABA ; ; y va “Ore Realtor. 418 Olive. use: '. tment pos- 2311 8S. Ki way. PR. 3616. IP ER g C0) Re Hors 

heat: like tioned; vacant; 
R. Realtors, PR. 3535 riced to sell; owner as city; hamaxion <b new ofl-burning ato A : - hard r 
ALBIA TERRACE, | 5742: room| f° to a aan meme eS A: AAT S  PAEN: | ons’ Denies Lk’ automatic water heater, venetian 
jock south Ww MASON ° open : ahlia in brick, “7 condition. b storm . n. oot 
brick % »D , : Realtor : HA & GRAUPNER, -CO. 8888 | Nice room eggnog 3-car ga- . j good condition {t in and out; 2-car 

r ; ideal for 
“doctor and BOUSE eg los. for rar al CREE N ow 1130. 

| income. : 3" bedrooms, "large bay” win- ii. “Ean AN ow 86 Open 2 to 5. HU. ie bungalow, sound | thioughout : | pen Sunday 1-5; no ager OF: tile «cited 
EDW. iY KUHS AURA. SUa2-44; Tn Walnut Park: SHAW @ FR 18 FRANCIS, Inc 1 1608 ak 2-5: Sh bout , 4065. 2 4 “s Gre toe Rey zedge a 
Realtors JE. 3500 io ee NC. | patie Meadors * Sit “oome,hg ee Mea sat] ta Nesta sas ae | aa MAURER-BEFFA RLTY. 
3 chs possession : | vs. | ries y | CIETLE BROADWAY, tax; T-Toom |_2314 8 Kingshighway, PR 3616 
mapegiat _ BA blinds, | re © 3 = zie 5 bm. MO epee casy tergi; @ te OPEN 3 TO 6 SUNDAY 
3621 S. 3 

i ba c pteges seas eee WANTS _ OFFER 

as a RF! ores 

LEDUC, 4757: 5-room eat | Open di ied DB por; oll hot-water heat: : oad ND-1 
tage; aatomatic ee Ay one: urday 1 to m.: 2 . Cali *4 : os GF : ; * . . et. . ni ec - 

Hag R E.Co. 9. 6220 

LEXINGTON, 4605; 5-room ae 
brick oll heat..| ~moger 
right. Shown Dy appoint- |. ; 


$67 buys 
bungalow 50 ~ etely 


of Gms aE aes 


JE. 3500 

[Pe a 

cent cao oer, a "2 are ee . a > 
0 EEO RR ree A. ln RRA RIG 

= - , ge ~ ee a s : Py. 
. 4 . “s ‘4 - ‘ee «4#t. ; PVE me 99 
% : “ey storm Tt, : ’ ; ; : . — wir: r os 4 i | eee Jt ; ‘ es 
; stmamvasttle £5 ake - . PX 4: “ . , : ’ “se . : > . i ad Tae " —_— 5 Dao P . . ’ = ' _ - a 
‘ “Ys er : , = — gi : ae _ ‘ , SF ‘ oe ‘ , " ele hk ‘ ‘ 2 ‘ * . , yy 
’ ; : _ : : ; 2 ts ny z “gps . we : - +}! : > ; 2 ul 
. ’ ‘ s . >: . 2 tig . 4 3 , 7 " by . + ° . r . » 5 2 ™ aed . 
. ~~ f - . . ; ; Sa thee : 8 t i © ~ ee 4 - } 4 ; i‘ 

phi SLA 1 CO. ~ — : : — —“ a fi 7 ¥ 7 MUU) \¥6 <3 in cA _ & . : SAT { St CI im 1G: 2. FI . 29 
> e J " . -' : mg J ; , 4 + , : ~ - # ‘ ’ . _ - a - . 

. 4t v4 2. vs ae ; : . ite , Ri f 5 mnG . ric pe an : ™ : ’ fl? ‘ +: ; '’ ‘ ¢ ) con- as q 
: ‘eee a2 ween: Tit : erry we Pee on i oric a ROT _ 
a M < , bi } " i ; * : ; “<i° “~~ = i : 
ms Kagh, . eo? S . : j —_, - 7 ‘ = " . 4 ‘ + 4 ce és ; 
: — . - - . | ‘ }} ? 1 bt _ . “Tes j aaa . eT ; . + ! 
uperior ieibectlbe irive, 1-car garage; priced FF ee b Open 1 Ny. PRANC R_ 4263 erm 
+ ~ =~ aS - > _ y 
~% > - . 

pO, Beaker. Listin ‘ 
% Open From 2 to 5 P. M. 
BRAND NEW brick 


+t eggee Benge mea 
2x54 in rear; price 
;  mear 

.* hale salamadthtion. Bg 4152. HARGRA i Yease: RANI a stash sasc0 

5437 Nese, HU. "8877, open Sun- | BLACKSTONE, — Sex; 7 oom = (Hoag R F " SI. 620 ae or b 8458 5 rooms; clean; flat; steam heat; stoker; posses- 

a : i mm blinds, storm sash; imm WERTHINSTER. soe: a on flat; 4-4 room eftielancy ; wall| BOEHMER PA. 6200 PA. 6448 
i T4mmnediate possession’ “BRANNER, F it; 5-room m. brigk bunsa house: low ‘price: low ae ne | gio MU. 7205 | bath; automatic heat ‘hardwood HIGHLAND. 4833; 5-8 plug sun - lug sun- 

commplaie baths e_ money. BRANNER, HU. 53% me closets: ‘built 1942; 
- Ay A - ' be ; +} e ttle, ne a: 77 . , y * , screened 
%: ; mily will t for b iw west. | duced; owner 
Causland bus at corser. Call NE. ‘3766 or KORTE, Realtors, PRIGHLAND, S805; yaaa: 

DOLAN CO. = og ne — ag adit 3 
wrote tune 1. A. O ROURKE teres eee 6) DO LAN CO. Fgeraar| toda Bar eee Ter at | Re een 
5: TaN NE <a Photo List “oar, exclusi location. B A | 2nd floor.| #5 furnaces; trade for larger. 

i re touts. EV, 6762, P. OD. HUFFORD 

$714 JENNINGS MU. 6915. alter 1558 
wt Fhote = = rooms and ; 
' o . nee ; modern ; water heat: 
- & bed- |) : : , . | each; card. bath; rents $87 quick 
room, 2 baths. ton : ; 6-room home; Lucile Hackman. 23rd at. Barge ee) wen Call Paridy.|} Onis. pk by a intme Se dios 
‘HARRIS, @216-12; card  -—S : 

*REANOR V3 Y. "LASE gg Rig Ret WERERT (out S-3 eek tolls Grove. and, 4307-09 'N,” Florissant; TORUS. SET: 

ates Fis rooms 2 

oe imma wel te heh aes he S| ED eee NRE Ry 
brick ence * eet overhes ble Sevenie EDW. BE: KUHS BERT: © ly: UNIQUE R CE. (0. 

rooms; : 
fully decorated; oil P roves -1| water oil heat; 2-ear brick ;1 men b . Realers GA. sere 
ate possession. 2-car ~ cen eat priced right. Call i Behaefier, CH. or in Ca 4 3. 5 r ST.’ 7624, | Realtors JE. 3500 
We peti. , GR 24¢ lot; hardwood fig"tat gli ™ | go 

want offer; 0-room residence; ex- brick cottage; furns bath, 3 rooms each; 2 with baths and 4 
cellent income. 6558 Pl YMOUTH woed egttage: 50 ft. lot: ns: with th toilets: 3 garages, png Sarah at Greer. 

immediate possession may trade: | McCAWLEY MA. 28i3 Einy"s RLTY. MU. 6915 

_ Cone Ta da, EBERT, (20s 33, Ciamiy. Tt ae an rooms. 

New 5-room brick, complete- oles iat an TA ” ; iS i a ar teh 3 har x a $e lomrawasT j vacancy, 453 

ly modern; ready for occu- Nokia #1." LOUIS TRUST wants quick sale on this 3-room, 
PaincalntS pessestiol ice “Sai: | CEE STOR WIE Sons ata VACANT—OPEN aay Lents & ! 

pancy Oct. Ist. Call for ap- und Park; well built single; tile 
EDWARD L. BAKEWELL hardwood floors; 


t t ths; hotwater | Newly reconditioned 6-room 
of ye . . . il 

t; # oker; close ence; eat; extra toilet; 
4553 vols. HU. 2254. poinrmenr, CA. 55 Office O hens; a gee ond stok 4 h t xt : 

converted in 
4584; PA. 3728 with 

. 47 i : 
g CALL PHELIM O'TOOLE for Tit ond. 2 aths; reside ds; 
Parish 3 oes f cottages and flats. ba verted into apartm nts ‘{ an m 
6200 Nottinebann: y appointment. o Se Gravots : kiteh ns); wonderful incom iced EDW 8 a 3 LE apartment . 
4553 BU. 2284 EDWARD KEWELL R RR C) S b Sen om) Wo by_appointmeat” ony e ° NEW Ul TING schools vents transportation = 

. buy. 
pe ON ( ) ( ji. Toom ‘ 10 to 1 
ors, Flo? D LAN C ao ay ed at_ 8520 Philo av. on CaAMBERUAIN 5640; a — e ° gee S987 EERIG ’  peartor | Realtors JE. 3500 | sexx Terry, 5-5, large rooms, 8 A C 
pM spat Don D PA. 5220 “family brick: 3 ery ‘yee gas heat; possession 

terms from owner. 5959 

> or ce 

: . Manchester decorated ; $33. 400. 

| “rooms; brick; plaster walls, bath, | 41. 2610 Se pk gs Today ERI HU : CE rooms; bath each: good_ buy 27 
‘MELVIN JOHN THOMAS. Pr. svel aCe PRATHER OP See Ee pa ae NOPEN or: Pm day WILDE eansay | 6378 Clayton Rd. HI. 0625 eye SS a RUMER, REALTOR, FL. 4028 | BA BAYER. RICKHOFF, Realtors | sce Photo Gaticre Span vs. & Sun 

= ME R REALTO LA no” te $100 per month income? : i y brick NORTHLA 4 ~4 

be as iow; all on one floor; large living Omner save ae surzgundings. pend WEST 6 rooms, brick: automatic heat; 2 Office Open Sun. and Eves. | rach; 2 parties can buy 2-family ane 33 patna, "new furnace. dows, 2 -tavait 9750 DOWN bethias | teeta bath and kitchen: good 

scar mye dace, Gorm, sash. | athe can heat; price ri —TOWN HOUSER . efficiency apartments. Call : brick; 3 Rn 4 to ry Rn ne like | -DURGHOFF RLTY.. oF. 4c. very ‘clean: ‘good transportation. HAI N-LIPPEEMANI 

>. ee insulation: beau x ~~ $945 PLYMOUTH  — e entrances, etc, ; ance e ~ 

Jot; this js a real buy at “house ‘available { in thle established D © 4 A N ae ©, , p'gingle ‘modern; just re- rom regmater, with us if you don’t | "ond 5’ room single fe fa perfect Soe, Gos4, Famer. pi ane = gg gag 

in arrangement: modeled; possession immediately ; rR condition: see it Sunday from 2 FELBERBAUM I PA. 1875 Yor. 1334 WEAVER R. E. ‘og 

socation: Compact LBERBAUM 
b autiful ‘large living room; high a. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Manchester; 1 lot low interest loan can to 5. - 
: s Photo Listings Today be bad: Sunday. _PA. 1875. _ _CE. 1334. ROBERT B. RODGERS, INC. VACANT—$9500 be aR a i. eplendid con- 

. ? - erms, 
‘ PREFERRED PROPERTIES ee ime. Reason ce Dos i + y S-room brick | J. BEN tint EE ery ¥. CO. LO. 0800 rg sg A gl T 1700 | Here’s the best buy in town; 5604] dition: priced right. 
Also call tor information on home; " ideal for rooming house; OFFICE OFEN _EVENIN 4553 Gravois, HU. 4254, "—CO FIT. ig flats Tand| “Lotus; 4 and 5 single; beautifully PROTZMANN CO., Realtors. 
Pg i Re : : 5 rooms, baths, furnaces, s, garage; decorated throughout; owner ist penne N. Kingshi sas 4 o 4494 
— will show. DE, 3547, CA. Office oan Dank 

K 0: rooms 
ern pan sieannt gpen, drundey 5117 Waterman IRA £. BERRY, REALTORS oe a “brick residence; CENTRAL __. no admittance without ard. Se: 
2-! .m. ms a 568. 
10. 6211 Westminster . DE._6166 : ~ ONLY $750 CASH ck. 3946 ‘745. Chestnut__Reaitors | ouble 
ul olly $ | 150 DOWN ; 4-room efficiency, hardwood 
ls 3-bedroom ieslneane. complete- LE Ss, . 3am ck ea ; + | For 2 vacant flats (when you _ close A room ;. mo leases; excellent neigh- 
furnished, including endix, dence; 3 baths; hardwood floors; Rot . deal). 1309 N. 19th st, GO IN.| brick; baths; furnace; garage: im- | 4852 Labadie; fine single flat; 3-3 : $15,000, | terms. Call 
t 1519 610 Gravois Av. iy ep freeze, all porcelain refrigera- oil heat; excellent location; ad- & Co. : 4| OWNER WILL mgt mediate possession of flats, baths; full concrete Dbase- GLIC 
. PHD ENWOOrY OLE brick bunga- jor vara i farn ‘ture: vitrolite kitch- mittance Fn card only. Weber. , Oo oF 5 efficiencies, : ard; many attractive| REAL ESTATE Oo ‘801 Chestnut, 
low of 6 rooms, stoker heat; 2-car)| en and bath: a ok closet s 1. oe. i sleeping rooms and lovely ey | W. B KUH . ce like rent. Call; MA. 41§2 
and corner lot. Shown by rathskeller, gas eat, etriciency in large > tile ba familiés "HE eounten MA ‘rg ON ST. : LOUIS. Sixx: two 4-family 
JE. 3500 : «ih. SE ____ a_- ats; top-top shape: 4-room effi- 

ra eled K ~_ A rame; as 
a eet only. Penatituity shrubbed yard Bn fish rooms and bath: th: very ¢ ean $1000 and kitchen; income $355 month: NGE R | 
d-Bundschuh FL. 6470 nd and barbecue WRIGHT with $1 price. oni 500, subject to offer. ealtors ciencies: hardwood fi tile-fl 
te Pe’ 750 ; RANCH- TYPE D UP LEX right ‘separate furnaces: “priced 

-room ri f eas MARGARETTA, Tixx; single fat; 
slow, vitrolite ‘beth’ and kitchen: | gun,'2's. Havel Bo A. S011, | ges ‘worcven 3 MEIER, eo ] flats; clear; will finanee * fgg tg eS, each new 6104-06 Lexington av., at Kienlen; 
- FR exéellent condition; a good loca-| if no answer, DE. 1234. orton af oe 3 "nm iC n f e orner ot rs; 1 vacant now: 3 large rooms, tile bath and kitch- 
a . a°Bun cin FL_6470 Wheets,  Sititita bate ase Wet oC Meck bloe $01 Chestnut _ Realtors MA. 4182 flats, clear; wil finance. MOLLIN: | [HENRY R. WEISELS CO. GA. 1800 heat. “2. ant. eo BINDBEUTEL 
= i oors, Vitro 2 schoo lock cant WALTERS REALTY. co. c. | MONROE, 1203; 424 room flat; 
$ 9 / 5 L baths R. Hi. Kilgen (owner), TE. 3-2860. | 5713 RAVOTS 6000 

Dm. 5 "rooms 14 860° eS Ag DSON in every way: ot, 90140 0; ‘a fine | 8495,.0A 3-family | "roomie each | HARTWIG Dis SER a VACANT FLAT ncrean © e 
"BLASE. & ‘DONALDS eeu ession CH. ison MULLIN-W ALTERS: iy Co. hot-water beni rie 

ne : a Price | ¢10: ea = Ht eae POTOLSKY. LA. 3040 ig Shevtt LEA a ; is 
A NIT hag 2 a : NORTH piiesi.3 roome; stove heat. | eae ON Ree on aay | KEENEY-TOELLE, REALTORS 

° > mm 
3° 4 A. @) ROURKE aren “anaes 1 ae DALE, 7037; 10 rooms, 2 baths 2 brick "home ‘plus thie partment ; 
. m os ; a c. r en FS BEAUTIFUL DO! 
ed ished. $2506 See e813 Kentucky (ust south of residence. bac pine sale. $750 DOWN 1412-14 MONROE NEAR McBRIDE HIGH SCHOOL St LOUIE eee OTe te ae a ee 

furnish or unfurn 
. p10 | oul Pape, Seng pe 70 fiat torchow'ai ive’ poveation 36 | pW B-WOO afi | epee igne Bunaecnun FL. s470 ONE VACANT gy eg Os SS ated ~ ™ eal Boe > 
\ +§-room bun pen sun. > ' or- rilliante KE, Fireside 4600 
; ays after closing 2 . e 
eM A modern hou a arawood floors,| frame, , Brick; 1-story cottage with 5 units; é 4-famil rooms, and bath; hard- 
E Sree aes S08 bungalow; Eas heat; ‘perfect cond!- ae ann advertised. Bh eons yo oi heat, Po anne . : all inside Pins: total rents ough ugnfy overhauled ane and Pu pat in in, fet ti heating plants. | SHREVE, wo move in 
sees Se | 28 STANLEY EPSTEIN & ARBOC Grand ER. 2070. | Saree family: $1900 cash asa’ s60| Kista, Sunésy, "G0, S6bi. HAUSCHULTE Brice $17.00. These are "worth | pow: Matt, Bich (6-6 roome, 
ea frame residence in con- CE hts me Holida ov. iii anal newly decorated a stoker, an: r may buy. and $60) yw FEIGENBAUM CO. CE. 6572 p97 N. Broadwa CH. onus FEINBERG & HANFT R. E. CO.| lite bath, venetian blinds;’ posses- 
=~ nual income approximate! . 000, AAS & ALT. Real ors GA. 3100. OPEN ? TO 5 PM. 2914 N. Union. Realtors. EV, 4900; sion second floor. Call 
noe $3 se 

‘unfinishe ned “ de’ ~ v % ‘ pediooma na be A A A A i 2 teens each; * $4500. ag 
‘unfinis shade rees; , vi y; r ee A 50—2-FAMILY—V 
rathakeller, “splendid for No. | HARMON. & ’ SHELTON, Realtors, ame Bag $9500; $3000 down, $65 4429 Fioriss pl.; 5-5 single fiat; Green, GA a ae NORTH ST. 4848 et Louie: bargain OSs blocks D O 5 A N * c). 

one unit 
rooms: 2 

brick wi 

attic: vitro ite path and kitchen; | baths; : 

automatic heat; many fine extras;! large fam newly decorated: corner lot; hot-water heat, gas Toune TRUST : 848 Gt. Louis; bargain (1% blocks 
B =N MILLE RLTY. CO. LO, 0800/6 acres. ultra-modern brick 28x42 | “good-looking resi- | water heat; 1% go to franspa wed eatnee baths; modern; 3-car 7 single bric ist mar & beautifully Ganttahene ek nee Wentene G00t Winssnener 

flat, 4-4; toilet, bath, furnace;| 4-5 rooms, bath, furnaces; terms. 

bring check pack J. R 
5OKER D-BUNDSCHUH OFFICE OPEN EVENINGS | new 5-room and breakfast noo k: . -room fur- Le plent Mt 7 : . _ See Dolan’s Photo L ¢ 
AUBE -room cot-| SCANLAN, 6010, new 5-room, gas | full basement. Owner says sacrifice nished Ce M reer, 1 PHELIM “O' TOOLE, Realtor | priced to sell; , ineludin has BURIAN CO., Realtors, NE. 0593. ~aatioge Today _ 
tage; new! decorated : “unos yard;| heat: a real buy. Open daily 1 to for $16.000. (Go north on Lindberg, ment third floor: aaivme: 5-room efficiency, mtile bath rooms of iture; possess THEODOSIA, 5377-79; nice 4-fam- 
od 4 5950. Own-| 5- ession. JOE A. MUELLE turn west on old St. Charles rd.| One 2 eee fl ew |__and t hen. Weber 7321. 4353 GRAVOIS HU. 2254| take car in trade, See after 4:30 “7 * ily; 3 rooms, furnaces, baths, ga- 
mediate ager Ok ; ; poss 6942 G : 53 ong then south on Smiley half mile: quick possessio Bg oor; nm ee WELL OG TE 5647-49 Hebert; 4-4 brick double; | rages: immediate possession: #1 4,- 
Call HI. Realtor, 69 ravois, FL. =| building located west of | stoker; 2-car DE. 0440. ane residence Li: 4 ATED -™. hardwood floors: furnaces: $1644 700. CH. 4519. 

.| SMILEY. 6373: 5 rooms, bath;| smiley and Ter “just south of Wydown; 10 Jjarge il tai " ; 4-fam Vy. 3} annual rent; price $15,750 
glassed reh; enreent location ; Creve Coeur car “ine. € BAYER- RiCKHOFE, Reaitors room \% tiled atha:’ 3-ear ga- ee y apartments; lant tome ; NLAGE & SCHMID.| LUND RLTY. MU, 6915 baths, ne Moone ernment” eibed 

ern 5-re m Do 
gas heat: ee priced under $13,000; open 2-5./ spection Sunday and Monday | ENRIG ra hown by appointment. faree tet. NINETEE ve * G 
” swe . 4-tamily “brick _ flat. NATURAL BRIDGE, 4851-53; 5-5| "SBt tt. $8500. idiegs 

. oe td will show. RO. 74 10 a.m. til dark G. HUBER, baths; B., i. BY ayy attrac 8 roo 
: a. un e , “yg 
' H. C): ROURKE 3548 Sidney ate “SI. 3106: LA. 9938 — price; immediate possession; DE. 5959 PA. S320 | G3 _Mahan & Co. GA. 0250 Angelrest; 3-room frame fiat;| room, 4-family: 5-car brick ga- 
a ;: A. - 7 ww ye . : y. 48-ft, fronta card needed. UNTON, “216: single 4 and 4; 
rage; ge; 4600 income; hot-air heat. OPE 

a . SULPHUR. 1414; nice clean ho be 
2-5 Sunday. 5471 Gravois REALTOR HU. 4310 V a 8950 pee Rupp Realty Co., CA. 3980.| 3 rooms and bath: new ofl furnace: $1500 DOWN Strodtman & Strodtgan R, E. Co. HAAKE. Flresi 
HU oat ; “SOUTHWEST, 6914; good location, acan cNRIGHT Si7i; 9 rooms, I base- 4, bloeks south ¥ won’ k on 4284 Lee; 2-family; 3 and 3 rooms; | .3607 N, Broadw CE. ——-VACANCY TO ee FREEMAN & CO. 
fn ee ellent ment room; stoxker. 4 tile floor baths: full concrete r} és <i: oe w N UNION, 2716: single 4 i 
room: prick bungalow ; stoker heat conditign’ 5 rooms, bath and base- 8 ROOMS—|!/, BATHS KRELL REAL RS. Si’ 5112. day 2 to 5. floor in basement; a t2al snes preety possession of 1 fiat. aT 5815 rr insta: 4 oad gin-| income; hot ‘air. eat. — 
pienty arg of automatic hot water ment. Only be Sear § a den fe tt intr =x; : ™m : A. A. oO ROURKE ipa4 Act quick, Suaday, 5508 NORTH ARKET CT e. CA. 55 DE. 3547. yREEMAN & HU. 0500. 
convenient loca on is oor are ot-water at; 1968-70 UB 4. steam heat, 
immediate pose Bi decorated: 2nd and 3rd floors now | windows; newly decorated; see by af ane CO., Realtors ' 2 | =. : : excellen _| best ditio 
BOO -LIND Spe r LIN QUE R Fe (0. | Feta ag ee a — on, 8100. INVEST- it HV A310 706 _ Chestn CE. 6572 | 2-story brick; 3 rooms each floor. gf gh ig tise Ww. vr. BA ‘on: "card MAY 107 75. 
a brick (furnace, garages) with good MENT. 8700. —_——aa | SWAP ghVi. teed: vacant cottage SACRED TEART PARISH HAUSCHULTE FELBERBAUM. PA. 1875. CF.1334 WARWICK. 4947; splendid 2-family 
wood. s true! Home 2333 Sullivan; 3-3 room brick flat; | 2407 _N. eee CH. 6516 YES, ONLY 31000 DOWN 5 and 6: large rooms; hardw 

Z3 ood 

¢ @ jet 75x155; 32. oan, -a be na room room card needed. 

tiny enclosed hea ted co. $700 Sunday: 56 vy CH. ‘air stoker ; ot lia am 

and s heating _ plant, SOUTHWEST. 65xx; Gay T- PERL UTTER 7743, immediate - se 4 ea and income: 4-bedtoom and less nent — yh Bg ype, b ick: bath ths; farkems: of age: co co ‘han bath soy ‘jalnted right? = athe sit Tae as 
. . i . , 

room “ possess “ | er 2 eving 6 city. r a gar = st. 4205._ E. W. PRANGE & CO.. FR. 4262 

tro room; completely sober in ms: 000. t atic heat and 

m. n: owner wants re) A than $10, Automatic heat 7 terms. 

nh gs Oe ora ideal for gash. Com-| § ad i place; prefer south ‘¥ 750 —Vaca nt good Go eae: "| hot-water hardwood floors; posses- |_KOR a ee venient location; very low Soule Sa auelieaee anne, 43 

or ee ho Ma, mee | eye ote KEENEY. TOELLE., REALTORS 1131 FOREST (1 block east of Mc- ty, Box . a rs ae Salisbury; 8- famil 2 EDW. |. KUHS Er. PR : price reduced WEAV- 164, brick flat. 4-4 rooms, baths, 

—_ ceanael fareisnin Sunday | 5506 Natural Bridge. MU. _7370. ausian blocks south of FOR- |__ Post-Dispatch. D OL A N ( GH baths and toilets; completely re- a. furnace: i, Potential bas poss D SUTURI 
rene EST PARK): 6 rooms and sun- eee ae (orm Sending: | Realtors JE. 3500 5 rooms, bath, up and ‘down; agBO. J, WAN 

med Brod possession. neu Te 
and “weekdays 3 act pP.m., OF ; 5-Foom floo hot- on Real! RATH 
RE. 34 cellent ines: nice water  Pjecorated rai garage, OPEN x acre; ae —_ fon. ib hee See Dolan 8 Phote Tastings Today : | NoxiH MARKET, 3815-17-19; 6 cy a tres as station Chestnut fie tors 
- rooms 1 Toor ; tile ‘path, Booker-Lind d-Bundschuh L. PERLMUTTER. "CH. 7743 Orhee, Oe i EE ; TEMPLE 1373; immediate “LARNER. DIENER C0. tamily; 3 rooms and bath each. reve, room Bs with baths. and and fu nace; 
: on; 7-r0om, prick, 2 baths; | 911 Chestnut Realtors CE. 2965 McCAWLEY MA. 2813 rooms, newly nted, | decorat ~F oniv $4950. CH. 2581. 
- sy ~ A a A owner iw 

wanted: 6 
sulated 2nd; air- ‘ 6 
cect ee ve “pitt: furnace, garaze. RUBIN St. 8801 NEW BUNGALOWS GREGG, i464: Expandable 4-room —} and gad income; Le down pay y- OBEAR. 2011. open 2. i . 
: on: “wan : SOUTHWEST Sixx; a-room ‘irame. = . 7. men or se usi._.._.. PRICE REDUCED . 
—s't 0 HI. 6263 : ca enhanc nora — bun mec ae kitchen and income for owner. autifully ce ELLIOT, 2614; 4-5 room brick; woes pg = = district a Rs +e aeeCrne SHAT CO. real 5 GA 4872 
AO ‘ROURKE STERLING PL., 9305. (i block se age Pilg ge ggg Ee bests stoker; with finished | Rewly decorated. Fireside 1421. a. decorated 2 and painted in- = "ag : xGTON 7412. | 7-5 WEises” a 
south of Gravois): brick, 5 rooms -. Fe., Over NO nd floor: fenced-t ard; : EDW. e KUHS , ; rage: low price Firesid 6091. 
° and enclosed poren. tile kitchen and | amd South rd. to Wayne av., 1 garage VANDEVENTER PL. 76; my own EDW. & KU] IS . 2 
and ; lock eas Sunda A.’ =. home. now. 5 single: oil-fired ; 
ee ae Se ic enviig oat.Of WOON. ainias MOELLENHOFF "FL, 4300 house in” block west ~ posed Realtors JE. 3500] feet condition: oo ny rors — 
bedroo! “s >| and evenin oon Sidney 8029. D OL, LA "N ( Veterans’ tal Leavy ing cty. Realt JE a Wit FINANCE 
pisst! garege’ 7 nook; glass| weekdays 3500. VA ANT PFN feo ie IRMA PATTERSON, JE. 8055. earors __ 3500 pong Fn atin ce Ba 
porch; : : ced ; 1 2 ealtors, 601 patentee VANDEVENTER, 1308 6. erect Maaiton:, single 3-3 os "_ OFFI 'VENING 4022 W 
be open. “es _FL._ 6470. Mercantile. Commerce Reconditioned | 6-room residence: 2 lan’s Photo Toda. 3-3 SONEE, RAL TO 4025 we 40 nica), 915 DeMun. 
arge baths; furnace, Can used re Xx: 5 nes B. i ee well-con- | ASHLAND, 5565; modern flat; 4-| 490 , 
HAHN STOL * Real Call A. L, structed 3-3-room 4-family flat;| family: 3 rooms each; 4 garages. M 

A 1 ~ 2 families, Lot 333 ft. | furn -LIP- TMAN, . . y 

rooms and bath; hot-water B k 4 ] SI C By . . ace, G very conveniently located and in| Price $15,000. 

heat: lot iooxiso. Vacant an ru 0. eep. PELMANN. LO. “roots : t : ae aes 4 condi ndition; possession; a0 | ga malcn ioe cata co, 
lient buy 

gam. MITLEIDER CE 458s 6 kiteh z= 
‘SULPHUR, Serr. S-room completely permaioy GE et . —s ws hardwood , fers CA. 5968, DE. ; hard 4-FAMILY, $10,500 
bungalow a orgeous tudio iving oom 3547. ' floors; ei casage: name i. | 3853-55 Astiona:: 3 rooms, bath HA ie IM N ment style 4-fainily 5 room efti- 
ban; fear extras. WxDOWN. 7146: this is a home tion; ; each ; R with furnace; 4-car ga- ciency; garages; possession 1 unit, Texas; 3331 Caroline. 
HEL 1926. 1 1725 Dolman. 
; Rutger: 816 ot 
ulia; 3302 8. 

Open for in- 

uilt for comfort for the most LEAVING TOWN; 9 rooms, bath, | 708. SPERR ate SONS. ra LE Realtors. CH. 8651. . 4800 Realtors “ EV. 5830 

Booker-Lind-Bundsch Tncateaition family ; 4 bedrooms neome: 
, i ome plus neome ; 
5 and sitting roo 3 baths : 3114- " “patha; hot 4306; 3-3 room fiat; 
matt brick,  5- beautifully “shrubbed lot. seen’ by ee egg 10-room ‘rick Fesidence; 2% batha; 134. 20 ore og samily flat, resi-| “paths; hot-air heat; ist floor, ga- 
vitrolite bath and kitchen. appointment only ’ E MPANY, 801 Chestnut, eet EES DE. rine Gabbert. eo Hatapts og FL. 7650 ade 3016-20 N.: 6 fam- 

os > i ; 
|» peat. ae on] Cae fee ns Glick In Ciayton" DE. 7100 | ma. 4182. | rooms; ori rooms. 
kitchen floor; storm — 81254 Ride Leeds San KENSINGTON. S040; 9 rooms, 2% income in addition to ownel’s liv- <-tomily bs bric rick, 3 h; $5,- | TWENTY-THIRD. 3511 N.: 3-fam-| *hingle covered. modest home 
8140 | 6485 Chippewa, Realtors. PL. 7912. baths ents; weekly ren FRANKLYN Ey MEYER, necess 612-14 N. Eleventh, ‘St. Call| ily; 4- Ay rooms; baths; garnge — REAIT 
ered SUTHERLAND 6651; open 2s 6.| WOME AND INC ME $43.50 with 3 rooms and bath 1st MEYER, PA. 3390| Baber MESTEMACHER. EV 0671 | ELEVENTH. ae2h we oo teenily: reasonable ; . 
5742 MARQUETTE reom brick colonial, Mo ‘glassed 6069, Maple: S-room brick. 2 nished: “po owner; completely .fur- : Sco al ig erg ADELAIDE, (21297, erek Tet: 4-5; @.*., ane two ef 3 rooms;| Call far DEV CORP 
A Yrand-new S-room, t-floor, bun- baths. kitchen facilities, 2 families, REALTY CO. CH. 8452 stoker. FO. “oe 6 Sunday. CO. 335 a , 3-3 room brick Tonal LY. : 

ready: tile kitchen, | bat 2-car garage: s he exceptionally fine condition through- at? beleet a xx: 
= Bat air-con og Ny oe a eon beautiful home 9 years pee aa ink pong duane’ Benen ly . we 28 KIN SBURY PLACE a new 5-room <asbenton shingle: ve. ate k:; clean. brick single; immedi- | *- roan: 805_N.: 2-car iy: modern oy flat for t the 28 Chestnut, Suits 33S. oS. 1989 
scree : OOKER-LIND-BUNDSCHUH IK EENFY TOELLE, REALTORS “Finest city location; large living | “pr age g ‘DONALDSON ee tote a = i e. es ae sia: aaa CO.. Realtors. | haw Subdivision 
5506 Natural Bridge. _MU._7370.| room, powder room; 4 bedrooms on “5 room 
m home. buffet ae and ; 2d; rooms and bath on 34d; tors * GROWE- HAMMACK Need gnaat stoker 2a Office oper. y_1-5. pa. fomty, Bal flat, . [rcom — 

omy room, tile bath and kitchen. ee “ a eee elle Realtors 1019 2750 Ecieney: 
automatic, heat, aluminum, sash. BUNGALOW consider "your offer today. buses: . 8210. | A 43; 4-5 100m, ‘Brick: H ART WIG. DISCHINGER 3-4 rdome: bathe furnaces? out-of-| Sitchens: ‘no Teasca: . Tmmediate 
YECKEL-EARICKSON, PR._0175 | Matt brick. rm, 5 rooms: excel-/ Robert E. Lynch DE. 7500 | Expres L cor. TOs; Bains, Suranee; owner Walls quick town owner. AIN. under $25,000; call’ for’ appoint 
room . - ; : : NDREW PECH 
brick ranch house: 2 baths; pos- sewbes Eee dae an nae: 6158 KINGSBURY room residence: 4 bedrooms; steam AND aN, Reatior. ES. 2943 ; 
SACKMANN REALTY CO.. SI. 2550 ; OPEN 2 TO 5 TODAY May for 5-room t, S525; See t | $7000, 3067 de_O485. 
o . 4 " fond Rich waryg, Mg "Proom cottage mre T; 3-3 frame; 

: vacant, clean 
5-room brick: gas heat. RO. 3054. i price Te- 

a z, ithe Real Hstate_La — room: G vane on . saris #280 

bath end kitchen : onl E-- 
Realtors : Realtors 

oc ——<£— . assed an. ARS eee 
Robert E. Lynch DE. 7500 
is 3 EDW. » ULIS ne 
ire aa; story Realtors JE. 3500 istimun” 
rie 1 & Co. ng < DE SOTO, iaix; Steom double; KEENEY TOR TE REALTORS 
PINGS ; mare are : 
wrote St. ST. FERDINAND 

28; idea) business and livi 4 baths on 
4922 Washington, 11 rooms, | 1% aie . 705 2 —— ert Te gy Mw M 3 McDONOUGH |: peg Bi 
na Serie pac (MER meted oo seeker co | ay 00 

bw | te 

For Sick Elms 

is no feat if you happen 
to be a tree surgeon. 
: og hakelie HENS | Nor if pruning, topping, 
a. TOxx: - eos eh oke a 73 e team eat. wi r} : unde DODIER. ? brick. % , > - 

ar a foe | SeCAUBLAND. 12 : tH. HAFENER. e heat; bai or removing dangerous 

= )PPER & (0. B ile aa sen | gy Ra PRR RE, SE a (oe ee er |S EE EY) wendy pans ica 

tate possess ion: 
|_Stinday or fter 6 p.m 

for men in this profes- 
sion. A slight twist of 
the wrist, patience and 
fortitude and the job is 
: Le wi : nfo ties | 

for those in need of this 

JIE | cellent 
CA LAs - 

4 hd 



family Tat hie buildin a alae ine 
a uick 1441 < oLick REAL 
t av le,{ COMPANY, 5601 estnut, ie 
o ponee rons. cottages ant ate. 418 

aa 4 ~ - 4 
and 6-room: apartments; call for 

all bedrocm units; priced ri t : 
B ER PA ont Aestoche ta or Trade 

FERMICY hare 3 fst T} seti CLEMENS, ait. ooee |] A, fe) ROURKE Soe R 

a Realtors. LO. 1710. ric GR, 7321. | 6623 gr $1400, 4-8 200 12-f3 -family, in- + 

IPTON, a> tc " ally, : . 4310 » $23,500. 
5 rooms, stri modern: & amily, flat; paths; owner-gecupled 1] BARGAIN. i7i5-i9 8. 10th, 14-| come over $6500 year. 5471 Gra L 
6-famil tat buiitinn. in perfect matic heat: ideal "Glick im a - ive 5386 PERSH 
ick in 

G 4 ; part 
$4950. fami) cs annual ‘rents ING: °19-family, fire- iit. 

condition; excellent location; ‘a real income 24. floor. oe. 9 Ferma Whyman, 722 Chestnut, make offér. MA. 4551._ | Proof, income $12,000 year, low price, | ment bath i uN 
"“iRICHELSON REALTY CO EARuon SHELTON, Realtors, i on BT ANGE TTT 17a Tar TALL PHELIT o°roork for tat | ‘om ER. C CA. EW se ‘Glick bn the Corner’ 

‘ s * ‘ iw V\ 

320 St ee ee eae Safle | : righ areveis_ Hu. aod” Gravois. Hu Base “Glick On the Corner’ 6055 CA WESTORTET0 Innediate poset posses: 
. . M —} h income. Consider trade ei sunrooms dition. Call bedrooms ; : : In- | ern bath. 3427 Wisconsin. LA. estnut Realtors MA. 4182 “oll, steam nee ghee ome room. is 6 3 

2 : at Estar eet essa 

r Butt f farm, le, ‘flat; of 2nd 8343. 
on. MO. Pes IETJENS. 722 Chestnut 

2636 Tennessee; 4- : furnaces ipek te aan owner n TAT: - 
PERLMUTTER CH. 7743 | pooRneLINGER RUPY. oR a\ PIPER %& CO., Realtors! 2 em sc sas Oe lite Pate Suid ARLINGTON | Geese secede 

A ng es, ( : 6-family; 5-6 | © "oa 
AT | brick single; 1 vacancy; ‘$8 tomac [) O 4 A N C: C2: attractive Box W-180, P.-D. | Here is a very clean two-family flat; |_GREBE & CO. FL. 3350. ; eall for state- 96-f site. on festway near Jamie- 
this fine clean! also 3-3 single modern; __.Grand-Po _PR. 7800-01 five rooms down, aix rooms ub; has | CLARA YSa5- commer WMinetvar g09 wre ; 

ay PY ana. See fooms 
iepas bath, 3 rooms u Wei Katy "2331 e Grand, $16 506. Wei0s, P-D.| ¢ m erva | : 
ty furtishes Good ced eiss 4527 Gravois | rooms; furnaces, baths, 2. | HI. 2610, Rooters. 40), Siatenenter rand, $1 _ Box W-103, P.-D. po ong neetiee —— with oil burn-| family flat, 4 and 7 rooms and . : must sell. Korte, MA. 
. 5594. eogeae See Dola 5 Phot nosey A : -family, _ clean — B _ — oO — eag sy aee sunrooms, tile bath, sas heat; one > cantenen: completely eS ‘ 

R TY. GR. 2400 SINGLE FLAT ement; roperty. Box wale? Post-Dis. - | So see, floor vacant; no first < _—s +4 ta 
: A Call Brinkman, ¢ GR. 9472 ools, churches, transportation. | hot-water heat: stoker; immediate F in selling FRANCIS & RUTH, Realtors |_PA. 644 Boehmer ERE. CE, 6200, kitenen een ayn pi Me coven Soe ORE eA. 40 
$ Real GR. 8812} Do not disturb tenants for details; ssion; 0 Sunday 2-4. | WEH Gra vols si. “61it we . | CLAYT 4 in, oor gat Ms re ty of closets. Display a 
NINTH. Call Bea 8. E. Corner, 7th and Chestnut ment; pi en c Gpen ; ow 55 
3212-14 &.; two buildings, all HI. 0716. PR. 2020. Today bs and_Chestnut_| “Vacant and decorated; |. fouee 6624 Wise av. x 4 ot 
families; near Busch “ipa investment. A. — MEYER & 2: PR. family | _©n fila 216 8. Grand. "LA. One A artment _ month. He 7 6. a 3 Sunday . . 270 —_— 
7272. 1907 8. Jeff £CI a. pet ee FL. 3000 ; ne brick: 236. Want otter v, very m p xx; D AVID P LEAHY "e 

% DE TONTY, 4045-47; 4-family; + furnaces: very clean: x $ ALLER, Realtors “705 Chestnut | ern; Dunnica-Gustine. HU, 4898. Vacan + bash: no. leas a; Le gy a Dare «bd TB nas ial : . . B. é 
4 * , - j » . ° e 
ev ig agi each: excellent condition-| wars. PR.°2020. "3000-02 ~iP VINCENT PraLtons. Le 00. ix: ee Seee, eae aad Sunda : 

OFFICE OPEN For buyer; 7 rooms, 2 baths; ideal od 

s immaculate. 2 y Brick Tier; | 4-family; 5 and. 6 steam > Mat ae Sf i 
HI. 3528, GILPIN. CO. Rekitars 4 rooiis: tis floor ag t, new! ditioned: terme. ; on re £1 ~~ xe CH. | Uinent: S8xx Cabanne;  6-family 
TY. GR 400 car garage; Sabena OF ice low seuss. an W ub. 7 ETE room _# : 6214. wae . roe 2-bedroom ; excellent. Sullding and 

Srooms, neatly new, tr VERNON |AUX and Suburban tracks); location 6 garages; large yard; by 

singie ; open : ; 
oe 5 Bag. Be rage Why ny ebany. 173; no lease. 8 . 
3248 Henrietta ; lovely . apartment D A today; 3- pre o= 1m B.S room frame ly deco-| a 
le Rae shot OmGR AVOIS. RERITOR ona. Vacancy. ‘Bath. ae wear we SOUTHWEST | 4545 Gravois. HU. 2828. rated: dak disae? na SP OSKIN E. JE, 3450 
e. e - 
: eases, ee MT. 2610, Hésitors, 6401 Manchester | in, hee Molar EV’ asbee Tartine REALTY EVs y* soeage; 

Office > , ; OWNER LEAVING TOWN ENRIGHT, Sixx; § apartm 7 ts. in- | efficiency; 4-cat brick 
HI. 7240. > ng oF a nee Dolan’s Fhoto Listings a OERFLINGER a. Gr. 0; PER PE CT 2 c: FA M LY 1407 Tower Grove: brick; excellent cluding all furnis ae ennnnt own- heat: 7 ei 

N 4 lg s, condition; move into all or part of sa ment: Ail condition; good | burner. 456 tePherson ave. 4 © NO. 

Single at: hwy good south ldca- iy so 0’ TOOLE R Fr furnsees: AL cond $7500; dandy '3-3-3 wy 3 - family Arrangement in these modern ist floor, 4 rooms, bath; 2nd floor, Saas Philip N. Luedde SST. ly. Call paeeey. Willmore rd.; choice i 

tion. tchens and baths. In eairor "Glick In Cia ton” "DE. 7100 flat; ‘baths; .fine income. Cai! two-bedroom duplex homes; two 2-room furnished apartments,| 4771. H. $525, or St 3020 oven WEST 

excellent t condition, Call to see. Mr. | 4553 GRAVOIS HU. 2254 8125 y Mabel Eaton, PR. oe. each unit completely private bath; a home plus $138 per month SN ss a x 

Hoe 3 ‘ DUNNICA, 3443: open 2- ay: \% Maryland Office open Sunda WUeRFLINGER RLTY., GR. 2400 with separate basements; , income; with new automatic water | er upstairs: down is vacant. i] and. - 3. ae app Ee “pents 42xx Lindell: th sid ° ate t. 

_DOERFLINGER RLTY. GR. 2400 | 4.4 ‘single: modern, nice home: in- | MAGNO A, -tamily; § room an mat * XX: Mice single aienens ae peater and 4 rooms furniture; $123.5 er month ; a Prine invest- just at ae Weiter yn K. ang 
3 ; sum porch; one vacant; good loca- at, 4-5 rooms; remodeled inter- ° ished): fine con- riced. 

3853 Shaw: 5-6 modern single flat;| PR 404 ssesston, See Mabel Aton, tion; bungalow or flat as ‘part down | ior; hot-air furnaces; bargain. | $24,000 to $25,000: BURIAN CO., Realtors, NE. 0593. gon A ehrubs; large rooms; 2 sun- | Witio ‘only See eoTT Grati location. Splendid 

PR. . yard Fn dition, ossession ; 3971 Gratiot st 
LT erative purchase plan may : 
pewly fecorated: hot water heat, | DORRFLINGER RLTY, GR._2400 | Payment. ARS arranged” providing for pa SOUND INVESTMENTS FELBERBAUM. PA. 5. CE.1334 | BURIAN CO., Realtors, NE. Obes LARNER. DI NER C0. 

2-car garage; ananaion ; two 4-fam aN At A ; Sst , 
-21, : y bric (> , , single, ment low 7 FOREST PARK. ist 6-family, 5 | ONE rom Forest Fark, 
ah Ht. 15 cE 7 flats; 3 rooms and bath each; RACE — per anit, Taention: ) et con 5 cam: Soneney. and bath units; central steam heat ean, modern 3-3 double; only} 911 onestnut F 
$65 A ATH R. E. CO ie Pt tg a 6274 HAHN-LIP rz A> LO. _7670. west of Watson at Lindenvrood 5-room: 6-family: University City. ane > ga vacancy; under 7 a SPPone LAS | 
z . : . A " room ; per wunit. . 
OPS 2s. Carron: Cine s-fatally. Get: | CE. 715 Chestnut __ Realtors “family; 6 furnaces, baths, garages; bar ain oat hexiers 5 Ee te tren 6-room: 6-family: Clayton; 2 tile HAROLD REALTY._INC,_DE. 7626 | 4000. each, ‘adjoinin ng 5646 Ban- 
rar S. FIGHTEENTH rooms; vacancy: open; facing Sark: for quick sale. RUBIN. ae 880 onl uate schools and public @ tts: no leanne: A s ngle 0 H -room apartments an Ra on is ta a 
no leases; small down payment: Also good bu siness property. aie per month income, See b rooms ae oa. or owner; income : desirable, loca 

-1 ay pa 
4 and 5 rooms; large lot; posses-| see ra ry Edwa art rn ; T UEPFER, Rea — 3000 | $2160 stoker heat: priced ‘ 
sion 2nd floor on closing; new 3781, arnde.:, Sur a Hn rly furnished. over $2509 an: “SEE ODAY C.J. FINN, 2sS. | a only 360. Creelman, +1130 aoe highly developed; priced to 

ow a ARTHUR A. SCHNEIDER | giana RD. 1605-07; ONLY $050 | SHENANDOAR 38x 1-Tamally—T Th Rent $4200; Price $28,000 n floor partment building; : : 
" -07; Oo: A ~fam , ents ; Price ' eondition: stove heat Slain floors. LARGE ne apartmen SiR FP. 
oe. T. CECILIA PARISH & CO, MA._0780. “sa. | buys @ brick double and single ‘an & baths. furnaces. Owner. PR.5990 JOS. DARST BEST BUY IN WEST END] eAMES NAHN mo) 51 B08. a is “net income; long-term eh Sees <5 0121 
8 Louisiana; POSSESSI of three rooms ant BIDNEY, 2225-27, 4-4 double; all M. A mily apart- “T cB , his be tui 
2-car. ana; 3-3 Fes e, b parece. buildings ; cuoettion® ‘Repeater: bath: ‘ modern Gaveaiebia: Game: 4 ee y 6-family apartment; 4 rooms, sun- ment of 4 ‘rooms each. A sont in- G DYS MANOS CA. £755 -— 150; sce th hom gage 

garage. painted $3500. hide GR. 2236. . Lee or 
decorat “ ‘ to . room, glassed sleeping porch: 5938} vestment. Near ransportation, 4-fam 
ed; sein condition. Call Mon- | — Fo FIVE ea Ls SW—4528W AL ESTATE tion and shopping district. a7 & ASSOCIATES Kingsbury: 4-car gara Call churches and cake. Newsrsal. 3 and 4 rooms, income DAVID P. LEAHY 

“ no CH. 
T a sin-| Ch MA. Os gy Wood, Realtor. PL. 1220 CHAUNCEY P. HEATH, GA. 3164. SO per year; leases. Flreside » 4300, Pine Lawn Bank Bidg. 
12-family brick consisting of 4, 5- gr Sgt for Feed. sean tad MERAMEC, 3909-11; Fea SIDNEY, 408-10; 3-3° fo -family Gal a 3707 $9850 [) OC | A N . CF. Sm TY apartment; newly deco- wre ~ Evenin 2 am undaye 
- JA " 

room units an . units; double flat of 3 rooms each; mod ! Wy me 

beautiful Gestion ng leases, Cail OD, 2 amity |. ern; Resurrection parish. “SEE REN GEL REALTY Com Pe 3543. HI. 2610. Realt 6401 Manchest rated am and out; 1 vacancy. 5856 | “a7 size; all 

tor operating statement apartments; ' just off Gravois,| US. TOUTE $200; 6-fain GAS-HEATED Buys 5370 Wells av.: an exception- | “see "een a roday lee F a -approved: 
ERING ealtors ” -#HU. 3535. near Granada theater; sell sep- ated flat 4-Family Apartment aily fine 2-familv of 4 and 5 fooms See Dolan’s Photo Listings Tod Sx Tate SOS" ETE VACANT aS pp . 

; arately. R 5 N K 0 P bargain price: loc . $7. LOUIS HILLS Sy Sean ete he ten | HA, A NETO LOTS FOR SALE—VACANT ayshine Ridge, 

WANT. GOOD INCOME FEDERER FF ad? ge on; 4515 Jamieson. 4-room efficiencies.| shane: it should gell quickly at 12- family; excellent income; low - si feng Iara 

each unit; : car e 
foyer Grove and DeTonty district; 1519 2610 Gravois Av. |2621_8. GRAND LA. 3040 7 IPFR R (0). Rea tors oh ag gg ‘old. Close % PANTRY OP Pace. Tain “i In Clayt DE. 7100 PRRNOD, can Pm: - s Taylor and eam unrestricted 
4-4 double; hardwood fico } "AD. Vacant next wee 15-20; W uilt 4- fam- e7 to bus: walking distance to school. E. S01. Realtors. 70 “Ehestiut ic n ay on: 50xx ler: 37%%x120: corner. og Fy ae a manufac- 
without leases. Weber. GR. 7421, hatha. steam heat: ‘aa ; ONE VA-/ Cor. Grand- Potomac ..7800-01; Seen by appointment. Nights a Holidays, PA. §125% Maryland Office Open Toda dsdowne novan;: 60x128; ah VEISELS CO 
4341-43, Tholozan; modern 3-3 dou 0543. casio armenian Call Marcus, RO. hot oom © COM: WILLMORE 6 S 2 t 5p i, ily, 4-room flats; vacancy; 10 ga- | Tw Kirkwood; all imi Trae eae “alte 
ble flat; come and see a bargain. . ON THE CO NER, 801 ia pean 2 car Svacant: no | 4723 Donovan (9) i t- 8100 pen oun. 0 AMT es; income $3500: ”* nargain. ments; also 3 acres in town of dwelling East of Sadler Offer. 
4-family flat: 3 rooms, baths and uis Hills | 5626 Maple; 5 and S single; solic we Ww BROWN. CH. 9693. 

SI. 3719. — MA. 4182. eases, Fraltons Developers of St. reka; "for further information call D Cave p EAL Y 
DOE ING RLTY.. GR. 24 e : s l modern: close to schools and ROTTA MONT ee ae e H 
4332 Oregon; 4-4 matt brick sin-| Fi TW CITE bat . ‘Rood’ basem hot water; | SP oes AND McREE, southwest 6454 Devonshire, | spacious 4-bed- srner; priced tO} dari sion. Priced right. || 6500 Ma HL 6360 | Otte 0 pat 2 
hardwood r) -4 room frame good income: price _ ee - $11,000. y gine ri 32. -farmaily apartment; 5 and 1 bath home; this home L. TERE possesion. | FF CH. 4447. Office. Oni Sunday 

floors, best of con-| “ha boeeert eee ' — 
aranct; open 2t05.| BRANNER. HU. 5350 H. A. O' ROURKE St. Louis "Dev, Corp. CH. 1969 hey wl tial, Sppotntment only. : GEO. A. HUBER 5620. JULIAN [OTS LOTS—LOTS “just me of Hampton av. 180. 

, ; modern ty - SAM BROWN & SONS SI. 3100 LA. 9938 : 
single fiat; Holly Hilts; " flat and © leases; nditi ; lat - kin bg a set a 
La Ag vacant, Open 2-5. HU. 4898. Mice RHA 4310 | clos ay wdeaset: g00d gond 83 PA. 0564... ——sidDB. 7150, | 24-Family Court Buildin . oi Family Apartment nett, | loth wie, noe es about Bend); T0192; bargain: $70 f 
BRUCKNER, Realtors, GR. 8812 , SUXX; 6-family; 3 rooms | rooms up, '2- Samet flat: t hot-water |Stl-_GREBE & CO., FL. 3350. |ougLE FLAT JUST REDUCED | Roms: excellent condition; north-| “” unit: fireplace; completely have in St. Louis Hills, Kirk: HENRY ISELS CO. CH.4800 
A — bath; good condition; reason-| heat: 2-ear garage in rear. St. | TENTH, 25xx §.; 4-family brick] Soxx Mardel: 4 and 4 efficiency; beret min Tent tacouna 818.000. ‘redecorated and gone over; new | 0% University, for Sua aie Ron np Soo 
oy. corner Flad and Maury. Lovely| *”* Anthony's Parish ; ; extra clean; outside eget hardwood floors, 4 separate heat- an 1D. Samuel Wise. «|: «ss StORer:; pened te sell quickly. Pos- w like to tell you about uth of Delmar, KOHNER 
arge rooms: good rental; can se ing plants, 3-car Brick garage; no MICHELSON session of 2 units. hem. 59 

ood clean apartment. | 41xx De Tonty: 3-room modern IRA E, BERRY, Realt : LE st mg: 
a AL rn. ors for $750 cash down, balance like es: a real buv. all ot STANLEY SKINNER. UL 7240. 
ue rORS aA. 4000. Owner will vacate. TE. 3-3030, DE. 6166 _rent. Call GA. 6627. OFFICE. 6 OPEN lings 9:30 TO 5| ~R_E._CO. CH. 2177 | | Me have from $25,000 to Hak pend): age tpt 31; : $50 oot. 
247-49 RUSSELL 1707-09 8. Eleventh; 3-room. MICHIGAN, 5305; dandy 4-tamily | TENNESSED, 44xx; brick; 7 rooms ART’ Realty Co. $10,500 | $50,000 or more in cash that you nas ETS on cH ig00 
» : R. 1753. wish to invest in large pieces of | A, » 30x11 rs: 

1 Lange, GR. 4987 family: 1 vacant: $1000 we op flat, 3 rooms, tile floor baths, fur- first floor; 3-4 second floor; tile | . xX 30; 

R. Realtors. GR. 8812! Owner can finance. | Maces, etc. “SEE US.’ floor bath: -l-car garage; ART O'Rourke's Office ) '3122 Page; 6 and 7-room single business properties, that take in $600. HI Sana 

“~y INKOP water heat; churches: schools; CLEA N 4-FAMILY FLAT NEAR} fiat; newly painted and steamed: | 6394 Delmar CA. 6000| $20,000 and more net returns per | [Ot 440x198; 67 Ere Ram 

. ees 3548 S. Grand | 3621 _8. Gran LA. _3040./| transportation. W pees R. 7321. KINGSHIGHWAY Al _ condition; easy terms GTON, 5250; vacant; ear, call Mr. : 
a hh te spenschied ; m2 waite, 3 1864 S 0193 MICHIGAN, 29xx; 3-3 single; bath r a 4 KENSIN wright to. 470° or evenin HU 5120. : 8 nie ote 

8 wit, . or_PR. ; : 4941 MAGNOLIA GALLOP REALTY CO., CH. 2581 ‘ 

P v1 Don’t gaiss this. Call Kay till noon. vacant: rice : 132; 
tile floor bath: ‘hot air heat; vene Kay n unit; good investment : priced right, bungalow: 1 aca Ly 4-tamily | flat, 2 vacant, first fo nme fully ra tenant: finest "et. Pin East >a i busline. PA. 7790. 

4027- tian blinds; possession. Open 2-5. 96. 00; will submit an offer. 5589 Bartmer: rooming: : lot 50x18 ——_— 
eae es een eh eo! BRINKOP pe DOERTLINGER RLTY. GR, 2400 H. A. 5 ROURKE ERG @ HANFT RE. CO. | “fiat: hardwood floors, stoker heat; nished, $4950 putlding and furnish-| Ninth “and minols adjacent to SUBURBAN 

1 nteda ; 2000 dow ST. 4205. A. . oe aa EV. 4900 | ood Fr qa Sears, 8S. S. Kre and P. 
LA. 3040 3621 S. Grand| Nice 4-5 single flat. Get card toda : E CA. 2996 . . ATELL) RE ALORS 
SINGLE PLAT 813 750 FOLSOM, 36267—%-family: —baths SCHUEPFER REALTORS. FL. ae, | 71 Gravois_RE 4310 eatb a; FOREST A vH, HAFFNER eg F i st. he ca 5154 Delmar 
Louts on 

36xx Connecticut; 4 down sand 5 up am s, , 4 ern, PRICE REDUCED TO $59, 500 | ‘ 
with 2 on 3rd floor Oise hee -_ mn; excelient eT coe ae AE fot: $1900 en | 3-8 eingle: actematic “oll heat; 1 gph momen: k. Pg op Southeast corner Oakland and Ble 7 ne Sue 1. Khe ge A all: toda . = Me down’ | Fifteen minutes from St. 
WERMEIER, Reaitors LO. 1710 vacant now; this flat must be sold: FEINBERG & HAN R. don; 16-famil tment; 4 rooma bath, and furnace each floor; hard- hone Binck Rock Babs“ Lo yweite paved 

" peg gee | E. Co. z n 
Glick In layton" DE. 7100 re — wants offer. | a ns 2914 N. Union Realtors EV.4900 each eon eelit’ modern 2 floors; ‘inside; | Chas. 

he : 
MINNESOTA, 3341; 4 beautiful oors; e; way 
ES ae Maryland Office open. Sun. | single flat: bathe * este open | FL. 400. OELMENSOF®’ |g. LOUIS HILLS DOUBLE | “ Hii.750, at nted. Arnold, Mo. : 
4- sn00" 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday. HARGRA RAVES. A aa 4-room efficiency; one co. 4012 Chouteau. aie aE : 
3 rooms ¢ each unit 4, 568 6102 8, Grand. PL. 3344 or Brine, 4-5 room 2-fam flat: ne a beautiful buildings in this section ; 6 2 +: Ds ge ng en ‘oll Sonora 8 mm. hone owner, GO. rea dy p ullt 
s il age (inex cant -eteanc see well-Kept interior; first-floor vacant | SOT 2 Oe Cae | 811 Chestnut Realtors CE. 2965 lants: stokers: ine weit” kept. (sre a . 
A 873 

" A or SH .can | ; 
GR 8812 ily flat, 3-3 rooms: hardwood floors, vagy rent , ceiling. We will fi mentone: for list of cottages, bunga- rA LBERBAUM, 13 4 1969, 3 TT OUIS RL * DEV. eee’ det y 414i, t a left on on 1 Us one 

large corner 3 condition: rate furnaces; ssession. See 4 LO. 6999 nright——1227 Segoe open 
LEA = fallen in ood eg md ; con; Posse yw Y fe oN PR. 0175 “at ¢ or flats. FL. oe 143 s ‘a Lilian an. amily; 7 rooms; ‘tile. baths; rents NORTH Blackhawic ee oie : 
Wok i. Hot-air oat. 3543. MINNESOTA, 7028: corner lot. 3-3 ern 4-4 -4 single: first fioor vacant; i flat; d-tamily, 3 ae e. $5702. SHELP CH. 1238. seen at ane 4 ax337, wer 

Son -| sonable. no a LO. Pathe; foo50: cenewmanle | MEMLER REALTORS, “batt PPEWA- 5616-11 415 ndie—14 | and sunroom. PO SESSION FUR- HA fs oatee| aippl ri Bus ering, ments; 


: A. 5 “family; 4/4 ver; 
8-3 with tollets: 41xx California. |. L REALTOR, LA. 9543. A AN, 40xx; large rooms each unit: beautifully NTS TMENT, in- corner n- j servi 
ALTMA REALTORS PR. 3535 . at; | WfISSOURT, 2813-17. clean 6-tan@ly> y: ae: ve lanned and well constructed z —_ 0 LOUIS R. D y GLICK ON THE COR 433. fret: best jocati on in, trucking. dis- ee, to schools. At River. 
LTY. 1 NT. BLEASAN 4898. and bath each; price low vears old, Hag excellent in e | 705 Chestnut, Suite 316. oI é; 4969 801 Chestnut. Realtors. MA. 4182. ve "at sites, ete. owner may view on For 

home and income. ‘CREELMAN, FL. 6128. ABER, ~ S897: tmme- H. A One vacancy. Owner transferred. _ | OQUTSTANDING INVESTMENT  |fcSHEREON 4580; extelieat’ In: |b ia, details 
aE W. i 4 ; oe on; 3 ana 3 sunroom: ad R ARIE D © [ A N €. ‘ee 535-39 Clara: 18- neo ly; $12,006 reer apartmen Le "Sad dinate ER -aridy: We, feb 
flat rooms and bath Ae «. orice excei- = - Open Sunday, 2 to 5. PL. HU. 43 year; in very bath righ pon water heat; evenings 

: Seleed BPA H area; 3 adjoin 

inal . US. lent 12-family; consisting of 4 6401 Manchester “ee : : 

CHRIS? BRINKOP and 5-room units: wary modern wet peg Clean; | 5 ‘and 4 rooms down Hee 2G clans Photo Listi tings "Toda y 1 ARN F R iF NF R (0. ORNET. a JEIBIG ertible. 3o24. Vi = ~~ it 
: | Sn dan priced t. Weber. | "4.4 rooms: gas furnace; immediate |. tile bath, hot-air heat; look at this 

; EWA, $515-17; 4-family; a ry 6394 Delmar 
me; A Senn bar pas saa CShe-bedroom flats, with tile bath | 811 Chestnut Realtors CE. A. 4560 719 Ch drick: 200x200; bargain: 

GRAND-ARSENAT, 6-6 single: con- | KRELL REALTORS. 81, 5112. Mr. “STRICTLY MODERW @PAMILY Mullin re esity Co., 
i a | : and kitchen: gas furnaces; on bus Presta at -Wal t : 
ren — per home or a Zot pro- NEBRASKA MERAMEC district; 10 qitos, RTGHNGON Go_HU- 2600 SO. Sti eoe | tne, near’ shoppin ; 6602 San Bonita, on corner; out-4¢ porch; income g3736: a NORTH T BARGAIN 60. F i OT 

00. GRAN LTO t 3 tile floor €-5 Tooms; Hex! re Realtors $2, 1519 standing matt brick building; in- wan 
ths: 14 » SORS, al. wood rs; — = —S kitchen; new ‘GR, 7321. come $4 500 year; splendid price. | ie Ents ate ote ascet bid £480. 

ba will : 
" make offer; |--> income Ait 13 ‘ sol 47xx rae and Lexington: ||, beautiful tricted G Briae 
T 7604, G : xx 5.: utiful corner : . i 3 a possession — both fiats. a an n Beautiful restric reen or 
le flat: rooms; modern; pe. today. "Weber block from bus. 2-5. Price “with 2 basement rooine; excellent | 120% x120. 28 , . 
TY..GR_2400.| MOEN can ittes Beckmann: LO aroi 732 ceoare- O-TOOLE HU. 2254| $9500. MEHLER ‘REALTORS, La. Income: pe at| BARTWIG- DISCHINGER R._2943 Country Club; $10 per “ne ~ 
SCHUEPFER REALTORS. FL. 3000 KA fe TR a ve Den Sto B p.m: | t008: - 811 Chestnut Realtors CE. 2965 A. ALEY R.£. ST. 960 TBOniSO) : pw yu . aeeanl parece > er ae tm sale; lot ha 
“Be -, modern 5-5; : i vert | DALE AV., 6441; 5-0 single hrick; r sepa A ; eatherbroo net see sign for 
handy location; lot 40x180; reai handle; G.I, loan, only $55.60 per 4 saeco hot air air ‘heat; moe od stoker heat; 2, owners leaving city. PN fag +5. Sega moa vt hig Arrenged in 6 apartments with 3] ..‘ DISCHINGER FR. 2943 | |o¢ d ipti CA. 1465 . 
4 month. Immediate possession of hoth. Very ae ne mily apart- | ‘baths; furnished complete; modern; | HAR G- ot description. ° 
furnace; garage; excellent condition KAMP. Realtors. HU. 8111. _Brinkmann, 4910 Gravois, HU.3010 PHE ELIM ey TOOLE, Realtor clean. Priced to sell. 1 block rcrth mee ol — fo ag garages. excellent income: "Bir wa sit ft 
down pay- “GRAND, 4250 5.; G-room finzle: -foom fingie. | NEBRASKA, 47xx; 3 and 4 single, | 4553 GRAVOIS HU. 2254; of Menchester. OSsession 3 1 artment;: no ee O és tt. 

ughout; reasonable ae 
ment. balance like rent. Call Mr.| sunrooms; idea! for professional hot-water | he heat, » marewood , eors. VIRGINIA” S0aT 12 rooms, | LARNER. DIEN FN FR ((). ease GAINES. P pass, agT| Bircher OAKVILLE FARMERS’ CLUB; 
— aeekee, Seen: See ae a RTM, ;, 00d income from 4 flats; D © LA N eB C MARYLAND, 4373; brick “bulldtag; GEO. J. WANSTRATH R, CO. 720 ft. x 350 fts biq oak 
GR ACE -| NAERT Lo. 3814 HARTMANN. HEINRICH, nia 0200 $500; can finance: open 2-6 to- ° | 831 Chestnut Realters CE, 2068 | ee eee: :| CE. 2040.-715 Chestnut. Realtors) 0 Catholic pr le cea 

' apartment style NE BRASKA, 42xx; 5-4 modern sin- HI. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Manchester ' 
REAL ESTATE, BUSINESS SALES condi 5-Foom, efficiency : excellent |* gie: automatic heat; St. Anthony's ; 5 | “See Doian’s Photo Listing rg Tocry an tg eninge ot close 125. Good location for flats or| school; water and electric; 

‘ 30 PR. 6274 org mers ge eRe Ef oT tish; possession, HU. 4898. A, Sethe, iealienaetan DEVONSEIRE. S0T?: ° af ag Bg y. GR 7321. apartments. DP | EAHY all or part; priced “right. 

» GORX; e 3 ; LE REALTORS, LA. 4000 NINTH, 2700-02 8.; noes : all Mr. Beile 7 % na SREP AS DOT AAS AIO 4 DAVI 

tion’: ; = : + | with glassed sun porch: hardwood | 5381 Wells: modern ‘ 4: hardwood PL. 7710. 

excelient condi bath heat. Call r rooms; inside toilets; c H rs and plenty closets. floors; decorated. See toda e.. on" heat. a Fireside 4300, Pine Lawn Bank Bldg. 

xx; ngie at; - 
“convenie He te ment rent $631; bargain at ; J. MEYER & CO. PR. 5322 d Sundays ; ; 
icon | Call Marcus, (RO. orf oy a H. A. O' ROURKE PERLMUTTER CH. 7743 | FINKE. Realtor, CH. 0703 | Office Open Evenings an — Greenstelder lane; lot 50x143; low 

~~ Sturt be E COMP wien et 3 rooms, bath each; one has , s rooms idential section. 
Chestnut, MA. 4182 G race; rents $75; $10,500. POOL YOUR RESOURCES end bath ‘each. beautiful CE. ast or MU. O64. “Slick bin Clay at Bn Mio 
; Two 4-family flats: large income; RAMP eo S362, RE. _3422. a S-room and bath unit in| dows, close to schools and church; : . 

yawe dl ook mg ond oy “ “Reg ors St. Sceanin’ Page Fo ; alate LF e; rooms. sunroom, bath each, red brick a eae at 938) owner will show: priced ior quick| W. Ferguson; lot 100x165. Laces Minos ae 
TOWER, GROVE eye & TRUST THIGRORY, Whar" room bath, Grand-Potomac PR. 7800-01 | ,uepbert 4708 Bamoion. F175. ; hardwood ist floor; $10,750. DOLAN C O. Vesta Greer, ‘The Real Estate Lady’ | WINERVA- SB4i- 4 and TOdeE, DOLA Ni ¢ t) Miivide: asking tt will 
£0... #3 3 é. grand Fe 5500. we rooms, ern, JAMES NAHN pity. HU. 5100 GROEBL-SENNIGER co... ‘ QO. 3133 026 weenin 8 RO. 3054 | “heautifully decorated: excellent con. ° consider ofter. ik Sduct- 
furnace floor: rooms, toilet, dition: close to school: owner will ter MAN. 

HI. 2610 Realtors 6401 Manches 

68, Dolan’s Photo Listings Toda 

: rame ; 8 
epee borhood and. shopping qe pt " possession in 2 months. - living quarters for 2 families: con- | HI. 2610, Realtors, 6401 Manchester | 2.rami! Ait: “ and rooms for| show 2nd floor. CA. 55 DE. 
nelgn furnace; on 2nd fi cor. See lan’s Photo Listings Today See i) 4 
ict. KORTE, MA. 4258, ane SaaS iatiaees ter: pond Laree &: venient locetion. ot oe pre Of & single home. 5214 | 3547, “located in Ballas Acres. 

das peomee SHEEP oe Se 2725 JANUARY Mi. cntVX, S188; 4 and 5 rooms, Sea’ 41200 HP 
family t, : Whe ler. ” fu rnaces: oaeats 5 ean 3 and 3 single a oe up and | 5, GROWE. HAMMACK | “Bathe and rarnaees, stoker 2nd | McArthur, $1200__E , “Glick: in Clayton’ DE. 7100 
Vv : 
rage BUR La. ‘Taso. Glick On the Corner’ |_Sseessi. rsaet Bowar ‘good condition Reon “A048 ic Beef. t700 | ffetind REM coon. ssg g125%4 Maryiand __Otfee Open Sun 

; Mice ern 2- - 
Laas : — ; J. BEN iL LER RLTY. CO. LO. 080n am f : ré. 
GR. 7321, ee oe floor. 5-5 single gs 00 wt a2 Reahors MA. ‘ae Hs bath: HS a ion of 2 | RNa OPEN Aes 52/5217 indy eg he gee | and bath 1 biter’ ealaee: 14 *. Meaeeae pen pa Mo jot m 60xi52;. Ironting ra. % Ks 
ee ee BATES phone Thomas. ce, te ; ly 3-3 single flat in excellent ro room amy wail beth, au all smal] wnits: oS matic hea ssession both units: e000: — = , ori By te NDAY ee to 5. rd. ; ‘ ; Re 
each: _pear ye Thom & CO. R. 2] als © oes peat; fiat: at + this €~ paren er ths, . Seen a ane pe. or ceiling upstairs; only | quick ‘possession. wd oe appointment 0 ie ty Co (Realtors) 
ps own A < . urry, call prope $ owner occupied ; immed ; 2 0 1 : Cveni a call 
wees: ‘make offer ¢ on sai floor baths: furnaces. SACKMANN |: gpnre a #883 ‘ i. well located; call; Will net. splendid return. v aa oe | Es 798 si. "g029: wee s CE. p 3500. (“ART"’ ‘s ce 

MONTGOMERY ay" to, schools. churches; and $ Fooms, baths — Oo ROURKE brick Ret 5 and: tile bath; we drive, Star, 6 ed. , Consider cot- Mercantile. Commerce cain wanted. Cail Mosiienhotf, FL, 
3 Sear aemen_m | tet ie est AR EMRE Bate 5 sonnsow co uv. 2000|_""" Halt "eats «soo | Bank & Trust Co. - Sa ane 
IDAHO. 4723; open alae! third floor; i vacant. PR 200. and » 64 :% | ae (ae GRE 20. Suburban: “3. toon Hat: ee oe |e re F sma 

a price $13,000. | “ba aces: $9500 4 yoome each uni 

‘ ‘ ; . e eteat VC OK eC. ; furnace, 
heat souie _ vet , HRISTIA BRINE IN ae > CH. 3434 | nice ‘. ar wh e. COU 
te’ poss $21 §. Grand (Realtors) LA. 3 e sary |= “IMMEDIATE PORSERSYON pes ef 
H. A. 0" ROURKE | 3 “SEBAGO, 3487: 4-8 bri Y. about | S854 Maple: 66 room fat’ will #- | OAR 

281 A e location. furnaces; good sea des JERRY EO raemal Areade Bide. 2 to 8730 iat 
Food| ‘family fiat; 2 unit vacant: priced | MABE ep — oes ref PHELIM “O'TOOLE, Reaitor 
muble; (8 Lt. = Ac BU. 398 5853 M vai ah light 
MONTGOMERY | sis | anant [sega MRE cs Moe, eh 
a PF reg I, construction; B :. H. 5300 
excellent appointment. 

HUGHES RLTRS. ES att be 3 

+ floor, 
4028 ah Rin enlgens wae 
“08 <= seer 1s $ 
5-6 single; s insulated ; and 
be be 
= | a er y Mentors 
Office 5 i: 7 8 2 

5760 Hi 

ca eee 

Fa faageuae et 
"Glick On the Corner” 

ess 4527 C Graver HU. 2331 | 


. bd » ee e? ~ +9 ae. 7 . as ia ' . a S a 7 ve WS ‘és wy ie ges AS ‘+ i “a wt pit Ag x . 

a dhe =. 


: 3 : i . Py ‘ in a i a ene — a: 
BB+ ;- j € 4 e ¥ - ; ; j . 7 Dell - 
Fae ania. ee 104 ee a 7 : : 4 | 4 ’ ‘.* a 
oan ROSE Ed Sa Ao, ep . r - " : : 
e gm y. ms ‘G . ; , ; ea j 5 . 
iM bid. tk ie . ‘: Wwe ; —  0lt(‘<‘<Cs*é‘CR NT JET RIA! ately ; » stores ~~ "hh = ‘e% : : + 
> 7 . lane be R Te 4 _ , ro | ae : F , oY F a y : - . : . : | 
— —-~ Neel com. | 93.2008. f wi “’ Rg iE. hans ne A siliiant . : oe . BL ILDI IGS 
Tt ny vane alae E : , . Tare nf’ ta a ; + » yr’ 4 =" —— . a 


Bank & Trust Co. . 
ealdustrial Builders 

ar re ud “Glick on the Corner” 

5-6; hardwood floors, 
ay garage, stoker heat: tile 1 Chestnut Realtors 4182" 

a4 brick: oil ‘heat: 
SCOTT rete 

WSTED a ; , 0, 45,06 2-16; 
RoR cated : ) a “Adel PTS PAE ee See | reo Tain rea eT, Bs aa DIENER iR CO. 
2 as : oom ny for 2 oe ry Teduced residence, all newly decorated, tle =| Ul 
22 E. at Water Tower; sy rg 8 Gunaiahed: KAMP kitchen and bath, forced heat 
fetes FOWLER GROVILTSax~ store bull deal. : gmail down nothing sem right oH with stoker Open 2 to 5 “Sunday. coscZk aMIEY IN CLAYTON Chestnut _ Realtors CE. 2965 
above; stoker| = fer 4 NORTHLAND. 4738.G-yoom_Fest- 

eene 3000 
oe Southwood; 3 to 5 rooms; 
Fg | my gpoey 2 $14, - 

2 Rae “Glick On the Corner’ l-aa mike = 
: men 5 ge ee poe te Ge sah chistes eee ads ery LARNER. RDIENER C0. VETERAN has $1000 avert 

i and 
2409-11 North 23rd; 2 stores and 811 Chestn Realtors A OOF or flat, What have 
12 3-room y aT. § a 

patent: room priced SORTH MARKET S10SAT <cfan~| --_, BEAUTIFUL 30-FAMILY SRIVATE F ay saa 
= rgaene. tie i | SeeBoStatg™s! ashi "= | "ra hetursincome 417 96" | oP poets aa 
t value a $3 down a et "LARNER | DIENER (0. = $20,000; must hye eo 

sagt fees to. Uquida: dat A for : cha tao hardwood floors; ap 
. 161 mately $120 monthly income. Call| $11 Chestnut Realtors CE. 2965 flat, northwest, prefer near 

A rooms, 
A Aaah Ns. tag: ADE NA 448i hase alee oe | DOLAN CO. |szahttreeet BSE, TOUE ing Gatholle” church, “GEO.” a 
(- : oe Ben f ae . “ and awatngs: F ; > 
ie gs 15,000 es " a PRICE $13,500 4347 DELMAR | “Bee Dolan's Photo Listin = Today") “GkOwer AMMA w | Fat gout  preterred, og = a . 
pees 2 stores and 7 flats; inside ptumb- | 10 [00 iced feo Mw RED! Two _-Toom | brick res- ACK ents Oct 5 Bow R-281, PD “EP 

oben bl, Pf , 
ery a _ "mille “south of a 8 ree value. Sunday, ST. UNCEY P. HEATH GR. 3164. Schaller, 
or “GLICK. ON 4503-07 Forest Park and 23-27 Ss. 

Hirt SRAM US Se EIGEN BAT Coe rea ree ait se oe “uaa 
006 +, 50,000 £0,000, Ber stores and 5 flats; ah $1494 oe thes: ‘new : ne ‘AGE y rooms; fe ny i, a ee aes Shee fe 
a fit will 4067A Easton JE. 6849 (* 

ROVES 7265 
improvements; near r _ MeLeansboro, Guiting: feu ‘deatin — soon. | “Anos bath’ tee ence, ed 811 Chestnut Realtors CE. 2965 

SW. CORNER Morganford-Gravols, ng: p-| Til; 325, acres white oak tim BRIGGS BY, CH. 7372. ARCADIA | VALLEY -HO a fa “Teen at 
Deior, 93x122. Box J-377, P.-D.| proximately 09,000 24. ft; excel-| balance roductive; 2 ee for rooming house; Bbs0 “HOME; oi | cash. atatte 150, 
ucing of] wells on property; 140 rms. rooms, ist bath, 2 reened ruckne 
r cores” of corn; 3 + of 80 baths and toilets: a all bal- “; ehh ore tree shaded ot 126x174: Brecker, 

UTHWEST downtows. ginict 2 ae property, | city 
st 1455 so downto Bist poe Deans: owner says ier 6 Call ance monthly. MA 2-car gar age; large lot. (* (*) a ~~ age j oF 
55 47, a : aaa 93 pm. rR =“ Eloou pealdenna ; ioe Geatrset and bus/| county; ck n; or 

5-room flats; rents $170." FL. SE SEEN SU Call 2 St. .— 3877. 3 Gran Bite Bi St. Louis2/ bath, furnace, hardwood floors, McCAWLEY MA, _2813 i HENLEY wie mA CH 6128. - 

2252. OFF 316’x210': fenced; id, 000 Re Y ce; 3-car le drive; excellent condition; price ST RDINAND ; LEY, | Ear 
and 13 rooms, own,| GILPIN CO., "REALTORS - concrete foundation, 5 ft. hi brick steam-heated garage. with| $6450: terms. A. W. BARKAU,| 3919 ST. FE A i fate aoa 
Lig Be cnta, ives You tres =| Wabash tracks. apartment above: 5 min from 2 Chestnut. GA. 6627. (*) 15 rooms, bath, furnace; immediate ge, 5 rooms | dale; breezeway; or oil heat; 
uarters. ‘Fireside 0485, eS, ae shop; 1891. Own: possession. *) foom; ath, ‘hot-air ‘heat. | neat’ trangportaiion, Box’ R29 
a ere ea a odo rg A 25,000 SQ. FT., 3 we heel ouse R ;| rooms, bath, toilet; $2950. CH. DICKMANN . for ‘single fiat, in | Post-Dispatch. 
with tee 4-cadh flats RR. ant es "ined a ~- pon Pha 65x128. building; front and rear a 3 ‘stores and 11 flats: income 533. (*) ” * ee 
ying variety store and stock: no| ee vires 4600 siding, concrete 3 2406; reduced “ENRIGHT. d5xx: 7-room house. CA. 9077 CHRISTA AN BRINKOP. 5 ms: northwest: good n 
rear, Call owner, GA o54. tate MEN AL Y s0., CH. 452 m : possession. Can make a | 5 FERD 3940; 5- “room OT - borhood; ‘have all cash. P. 0. 
BOEHME PA. 6200, es 6448 MANCHESTER eons patele and j_ sell. .E. 1 and 3 on this brick home, | brick _ bun ee: th; furnace; S. Grand LA: 30 40 |_42, Normandy 21, —Mo. 
ae | used lot, black top covered. |KTRKWOOD RD. In Kirkwood: 175: | stores, and hotel, reat furnished by Cal (*} | price $5950. terms. WHYMAN, 722 IS-FAMILY ‘APART. a Sereats Sener: 
JE. 3500); floral shop; 5 gre eenhouses: : Includes new building and $4500; 200 ft. frontage; adjoining Frisco | hotel to entire building; prominent . SEL zER & CO., CH. 6525 hestnut 730822 (*) | MENT: 4-5-6 room units; 7532-36! 4 or 5-room bungalow or a single 
- ! ne ding business: nents a a soca wnat _ PAUL COLLOFY, REALTORS under ee an ine on . — aie 3 a : h it * a's 1 mae duplex ye Clayte “or | Gat; pave all cash. Box R-156, 
, under lease; clean investmen arge robanie all do arge n Clayton or | Post- 
so frame; bath; garage; cara needed. gl up; can convert; small down as re oe Glick, 724 Chest- a we 
eee 81. (*) 285. City, C1 Clayton or “Richmond Hei 


ity; price and fur- 3-0557 DUBINSKY REALTY Co. 

1019 N. Kir 
tars see A eS DO LAN ( 12 . L 109 North 8th St. MA. 2757 ayment.’CH. 37 
SOUTHWEST "CO NER BUCHAN. | WASHINGTON 36177 Gand stots EDW. a KUHS DUIS 4604; 2-famlly Brick +2 | WILL EXCHANGE—Srand EW a .000;" private party. 
up and 3 down: hot- water heat. gy vacant bungalow for a double a oen.* 

; 300x278; 80,000} and flat: leased: will net "43 par 
or your interest, 2 new | HI.:2610, Realtors, et gg ine weg ait HARMON “& SHELTON aD. aces amie at Cee f a a atch. —— 
JE. 3500 | _ Louis. -Go. 2925. (*) TS ag & HANFT R. E. 60.| cash: 4 or 5 room brick b bungalow 

: ; - ft; ent. 
FEDERER | Ree 15 stores; leased; in-| See Dolan’s Photo Listings Toda REALTORS MA. 0268. MU. 3721. | Realtors 2914 N unten. ec is nS 
altors 4900 or sett 

come ear; new location : 
ae: AL and ft. man ood investment : “room ST. LOUIS. 4255; modern 5-6 fat, 
, $13, 500. mmercia Box R-2 

FR. 1519 2610 Gravois Ave. | put srowias. Or information call 34. y 
_ Jeffers Ts00- | RO. 1800 | store with living quarters: & seC- | “rico, covered loading properties for sale. Call as for . : FR Ad A upper vacant; garage; 
— fiom rapidly developing: ie track for dead storage; central | information on our 8. a Ay ridente: ir. Howell, FO. GA. 1926. in “fast growing district for im- -+, for, invest: 
roved p eBARNGR Will ad cash dif-| ment; private buye 

eee ; sabe ¢; doing. ood “good H. A. OC’ ROURKE location. WEINHAUS REALT sero. 

: =) -family, 3 rooms; r has all cash 
flat fiat above averD <--> will, sell A RF Al BUY SS BER R mC. isa ae 722 petnus St. ENTA. baths; | mew furnace. BONFA R. E. co., CO., MA. REALTY must ave inst “sf Peres 
business and fixtures separately. 5471 Gravois REALTOR om Ean building: 10,000 sq. ft.; fine lo-| Priced under $40, 4 stores and 2 —_ balance eae gett: BS = 7 — - a SS s oi 

,.on Lans- ; ao aia ’ or : ‘SEMPLE. 3023, | 3-room "| shing ; 
I catics; moving crane; Sa 6| 4 flats; fine location and ae BRUNE RE ALITY CO., 808 Chest. ottage: inside fe. plumbing jarge lot trade hay or eetier Py ae roses: Bagg A any location i. need 

onths. SCHRIEBER R CO.,| nothing furnished; no leas ) : 
Fireside 3085. SHATZ CO., Realtors, GA. 4872| nut. CH. 8 (* 50x127, $3500; $1000, com Ts) | time; tell us eed. AL-| Post-Dispatch 
EU GENT at — epee Boy house; aon |_LEN- CHRISTINE RLTY, ST. 3222 Ty wa 

Call for appointme 
ay far FL. Seto. VACANT STORE 
} ee and 5 rooms an a Possession of five-room flat sbove: 
on nent of tay-| strictly modern building in excel- He A. e ROL IRKE MODERN 1-story building, 4500 sq. STORE AND FLAT with bathe: 3- UGENIA, 2321; Bro aie = = 
family in rear, * ps roo 75-ft. lot; suitable for contractor or| OWNER will trade his nic cash 4- or 5- room modern y *» 

floor consisting 
lent eg Dua of Pennsyl- 
eaten Hf 41xx N. Broadway. Can trucker. A Metin at $3450; “3 ; ee aes woeth ot ler, Pog, a4 Dis 
. x Pos s 

vania and Keok h st. E ; 
ALTOR HU. 4310 089. bou i “cheap. fall Faridy, ‘CH. newly ' papered and painted; fur: terms. 

5471 Gravois 
FOR LEASE; vacant ground for stor- | 952 or BT. 3020 naces; home and ip 
OP EN 10 5 P. M. modern fixtures; 3. Bo a x down; terms. GA. 6770. seg ™m M.M._BINIG Reattors. = 1, © srooeass re er sou 
GEO A HUBER noe Be oS aS. B i . 2 b ~ a 0£8 bunga ow on 5.500. sf, ost: Disp ats h. 
e f\ month; priced for uick tale. . Fireside 3085. rooms, aths; extra lot. 36xx fie ° ° 
00 Office rene : LO. 0800 “gio. MAYER, R.E. vA 3706 famil sing} Want ener e; 
8 ON nice office on 23,00 ound OFFIC OPE EN FeNINGS 35 nal tek, oss2 ath and toilet; ‘new roof; price RENG EL_REA TO at, LA. 9543.| 22Y good location, “considered; a: 
Two Flats Va ant 6485 Ch wa Realtors PL. 7912] with MO. PAC. hae f og. ngle $3750." $450 down "te : ;| session des x R-301 - 
Cc ; cel R. E. GO.. Fireside 23085. Olive "st. x ond 3014-18 Olive st.; | baths; AK: down: easy terms. CA. - WEINER. 7 a Sesthwesk, 224-acre a a bores ve A a acre; 
1 Mo. a buyer; no OPA restrictions: one southwest location: , = : - or culars. |_ 3370. (* Us poss house. electric Satbiliie an: 3 county water; electric; faa fama 
S. Wits N, Hillsboro f 7 rooms, bath; one of 4 rooms, lights and running 000 - central pr ong EDWARD L. 9r rooms: inside ¢ Aumbing: enen , gs. 452 tion. 64 
; ape bath: ideal for offices, roomi lease or trade for a t. SCHRIEBER "hk " co Fireside ice z 49 te | 4595-97 GARFIEL AVE. toad will be papered "I30-ACRE FARM forsale or trade 
front on’U'S, 66; suitable business | house: good business corner wit FRED R. DONLEY, Pe hikes nd 2 flats of 5 rooms| $490 cash, Si ye t0r78' mline secat | {OF frame construction. ” ca bes 
use; may "a ae: BE ain. first-clans tenant on ground floor. | 5907 Pe “Farag Fucks; | room thage. and “d-room modern | and month gs large attic; rents $120 Eero ae CH sete | of St. Louis) no dealers. MU. 4609, | tween 6_and 7 p.m. tees: 
8500 tt. with lot S500 ft. res ence; for all. HOSEK, good Duy and terms; 0 ; ; ; owner. more acres southwest . 
2610 Gravois Ave. VERNON |AUX oAvtores and flat; priced right.| good losation. SCHRIEBER ft. E.|_GR._2236 , balance ‘monthly 4 ts CLARA AND ARBUANDY southwest Louis county; private party. RE. 
~ NNER, HU. 5330, O.. Fireside 3085. FIRST “CLASS 4 owntown eee HAUSCHULTE — 1520. 
y t 07 N. Broadway. a. wes (*) St. Louis. R. ngles Cory ; SH, 1968, 7a00, PIPE “REA TY CO. PR. 

furnace; | _£545_ Gravois. HU. 2828. EST A 
Ww ‘ Industrial, commercial or vacant} Ret on entire rehase ; price SPRUCE ST. ie 1 oe uml -s- 
seep ee gem hey jy 3712 Franklin,’ (*) | 246A vacan 

priced nt. Can't last, Call Wed- lj hi M f ; 
. d; lar or small. SCHRIE- 

it tie GR. 2400 id anufaciurers Entire Block on Easton BER. R. B00, Fireside 3065 — | Min aaa Sone the fe tol; Spee one Se een SUB e213; T-room ffame;| Station and Rock Hill: wonderful — 
way. across | See this ideal location on Gravois, | Northeast corner Easton and_ Lucas; 5 corner 143x jm Oe “from owner; please ; SS sean | bath: v= og 2k yard; price | future possibilities. Sell or trade. house in Clayton, Ladue or Kirk- 
; 27: ai ter crack ter-) 2 A, _154 : ; ' Ander ‘ wood: owner. ylense call CA. 1543. 
nem Brive Theater: "000. N . 2 : . f Hu nt rd. ; 2856 ft. on Easton, 12 ® vans: “ae k toilets wo A, in rear: $4750 real bu } *) erson- ae ihe LA.8 989 
| eer TE, 3-05" : | #7 gon. taueas and Hunt: 304 | minal: variing: industriel wir aeo0 | “ai tate; income $2166 year $4500; ‘terms '|Shaw-Prunty Win, 4677 way 30; furn- | 5, OF dO Walter jones Soar Nate 
Kirkwood rd . lot adjoining: possession can ft. on Salzman. Check and satis- R EAST ALT ’ - ‘ ished cottage: dees weil: for coun- alter mente, at- 

A ullding | arranged. Call MOELLENHOFF, | fy yourself about this very promi- | 7s 000 sq. ft.; 2-story modern bulld- RUBIN, st 8801" ER. oast ON REALTY a r seca En Ate “KL 10043 ural Bridge. Newstead 4370. 
erguson. Sell or lease. FL. 4300. nent, outstanding property: never “jing with s rinklers: iy parent. 1315-19; 10 tenements; 1; 7 rooms: vacant: 2916 N. TAYLOR CAS ots at 851 i "etna property, any Kind, 

tch. BUSINESS CORNER SS i GRIFF iH & CH. 7265 | rent $119.50; bargain. will fina . : wood rd. Kirkwood, ‘for bunesinw| aay condition: "white or colored: 
CENTRAL ‘ service and ‘sales. S10 Salona “sl 4~ | JOHN GRETHER & CO., GA.3126(*) NORBER, GA. 6114, FO. 8209 (+) or flat, Wabash _4 4i63M. 4 
z COMPTON AND MERAMEC : s. “sto steam, "Speat, etc — a ie -fa NE rent "aa r 4-fam Lovely 4-4 brick doubje; full base- | SZ ot; Evans at a “noth OF. 30 oe © banshee 

duty brick garage 3 Stores—3 Apartments | O'Lou a R. _E. Bas a GRIFFITH & a GROVES CHT i 500, flat. Offer wanted. Box W-171,P- ment; individual furnaces and| {aylor. Ji, "8372, 3617 Grandel 3 

ft. caceane $4300 vearly; nothing fur- fireproof sales- elevator and yard 8 Will lease. 
space. aot ane space. 

G ROVES CH. 7265 


PR. 1519 

ood): baths: building in excellent e¢ondi- A rooms, t ard} arnaation se 
5 (Srentw ) 4 eoaee . Overland, for 3-4 ret city; oss of TRO, 

building; ne 2500 
8-inch nch concrete floor; Al! nished: no | leases: enhancing fu- ‘seeinen: parkin GRACE, 561 R 
— tank: pent a $100,000; |, cacelient EUGENE, Wiener Realtor, rner, 1x366; price AAA Realty & Inv. Soe oA ya basement, OS genes tion and priced very low. Call for; witli selj. Wabash EG z o x 
action: he will sell or buy, 

8; steam heat; | condition; bar ain at $47,500, AY co 
arn papel LA RIFA INV. "CO. 15° Act now | reduced. Fie 2ahs. 4800 west: 4-4 single flat: separ-| TEGETHOFF, Realjors, CA. 1931.| appointment.* A 
200,000 ¥FT.; vacant; north side ate , Paenecee and stokers; tile (*) miles out: OP  ~ v 4-tomie. HE 
MA. 2771 t ‘splendid 2848. G a said fo ~ 
erty: answer same da IMEN? 

Will lease. G Call PA. 3264 to see ; “future: © Yooms with 
to_sce.____ | ‘to better your future: 9 Too Wabash; $20,000 2-car garage; perfec SROVE, 41xx, sin 
Bakers - Grocers - Butchers beauty shop on ist floor; business, ST oer) 17 te saat vy é 1é xx, single flat; 
; ‘Call ° ‘wes 3 4 single flat; furnace;| home and income; 4 rooms, bath; FACTORY LOT. 140 ft. 2700 5S. : , 
fixtures; all furniture. Ca INVESTMENT PROPE | bath; reasonable. stoker heat, fuel in for “winter: : Third; what have you? FO, 3573. . 52. 
we "CTPADLC AW 00 we ; improv A. A. GE? buyers 

ja ave. (8.W. corner | 
MA. 4560 INC. 719 Chestnut meat & 47 st: 7-room residence: new-| hardwood floors 2-car ara 
vestment y . : D O : A N [). STORES AND HOTEL ly decorated; stoker; 2-car garage; 6 , et {my : KAGG 
ssoceye Washington: consists of , 3961-65 Olive (at Culver Way); ultra modern. SRE EE Boe W108 ra-m a) Ci + . irade for income. Box #-396, PD. to buy. AR ri 8 
b ar ae70, Realtors, 6401 og 4 stores; 26-room hotel; posses-/ 5-room bungalow; furnace; bath; a le. owner wants offer: has all vertible. TE 4-8534. 1] P A 513 “I WILT a your pro onary direct, 
on - resard! lorat “408, or -Dispaten: 

sae me $43 4380 car no thing ished ; k i 
, R CH. aoa See lan’s Photo Listi sion of hotel ge tg furnis e stoker; bargain. ° 
ws 12 % ee + price $63.- 522 Pine CH. 9424 ~ ern cbnveniences; must be sold 6378 Clayton Rd. HI. 0625 a5 “sasenamere at: ‘sacrifice, 

rooms; ideal business and Living lo- : oA Nights. “and aC Sens JE. 6228* ae R. x R — R. E. at 0625 {2. apartmen z tor 8 A vetera pay 
ayton r : , cash for bungalow or flat; sout 
Office Open Sun, and Eves. |} .ist or farm. 1415 Cass. or southwest. Box_H-237,_P.-D. 

oz, including equip-|. cation, at Page av.; open Sunday 
| ment: especially low price, ready to| 2-4. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION and Eves.) : ‘ 
LARNER DI tors_CE. 2065 aoe = DE. 00 | SE ARrrae-Spestest ca. errs “Glick On the Corner” PRETTY HOME SAMMETY PL. 4816; 9-room FICK: raper. Rerehnes. Wiseade’ gov | PLA “amily: 
$11 Chestnut __Realtors ‘Glick In Clayton" 7100 | MA , Joos; brick store, ; -|° 3 full baths, 4 apartments, a all fin- ere Ireside :| “modern; client will pay cash. Box 
tment y idence, $6750 net. White, HI. | sof Chestnut Realtors MA. 4182) j : a *) | FXYLOR 2008 Nt new atrleaty rade 

ot reas year: |98125%4, Maryland. Office open Sun. uy Bag | SOF Chestnut Realtors MA. 4152 tod ished; large’ lot; 2-car garage (*) | FXYEO 5 i Br Aan | for rest ga Cherokee %, Wil, Wade | 2-330, Post-D ed 
— O20. 18-99 “name: 2S ee t in; t 280 Salle anne rsenal rae 0582 | bath, hardwood t; 1] REAL ESTATE—WTD. TO BUY ebster Groves, up to "520,000. 
flats with baths above; 1 : -room | of finest flats in ot fae cash : | Box R-13 Fost 
nd be CASH BUY 

ft.; Boge, re- OLIVE, “4014; 500 (sq. Tt. Leased” 
AND PENNSY Se bggeates 3 stores web. 1950, at $2100 r a room th ths 
and a Si fine condition; good A reduced to 316,500; te central heating plant; excellent re- 225, , brick cottage; beautiful. me, stok-| a monthly. D 
nt. er, etc.; also 4-5 flat, 12-room es Chestnu Cc ee client. will Bay cash. Box 

invest Vv , 
- TARNER DIENER C0. | Eee wan TARNER-DIENER CO. | 322 a roa Bytylaehk | Seiekiepcat, tomes |TADR AEN goot"vamar| | FOR YOUR PROPERTY | But, Sat “ 
SUBURBAN Pa stn, apartments, tote, “ CO.. 

811 nae Realtors CE. 2968 VA CANT ‘A uous! nted; 4700 
$01 Arsenal; store and flat: ideal | oe) VENTER ios =. ol ea ya : Seent: pow Foot: partes esi homes: each 3 rooms and. bath 40674 n eae pn lw gga 
a ‘Ouve;. 1 ate. 3 hon :eplen- or business and ths; BURGHOFF RLTY. CH. 1478 | Ment: 5950, ogo "cash, ) | county oe small farms, large 
ned ‘or LEDER ER, SREAL- stores, flats and Garage in ’ he x 5: modern only. ot $208 clien pay 
of business 

and one §8-room, 4-tamily: all new- Ovely farms wi miles &t. is. 
TORS, 706 Chestnut, MA 2 heart rict:; has com- camsite fiat: ted; down on lent 
"LARNER. DIENER r o ibilities. matt brick. front 4: sl tints Gndee y 
VA ANT BRICK BOKERN CO, 122 N. 7th. GA. 1755 — tile wall bath; $475 ve ASH IER, 70 A CECIL SCOTT CH. 7485 (*) eat DORSON, Real ltor 
3s HitkOne OSS Se SO WALTON. 1245-47: 2 stores, 2 | a easonable condition; “alty or county; 
: $2640 per year; er FTG H | 0D AY Eads. 

brick: 8 ‘down, @ ups exce Office Open til 9 Evenings | west HAAR, Fisedde 3600, 
i sou sou 

$1t' Chestnut Realtors CE. 2965 3934 manufacturing - © . ¢ ‘ i 
building. ewetn  Ses2. PR. 2181, e n each -f t; : ; : ineome 
: ’ - - -| stores, 1 fiat. Mullin-Walters Real Mercantile. ommerce “7 pery, wave 2 comny fis baths: no leases. CH. 1566. (*) sn ot TR na 5 eO0. Bg 
OTEL AND 9 STORES. | ARSENAL. , Seeees soe GT WEST PINE 3127 BELL AVE. (GO IN) (*) | © , 320-22; 4-family;| gain. ACME LTORS, . “nave oy ~* 
St nia ret rn. "| BROADWAY" and Ey and | 10 bath, hot-air stoker heat; Bank 4 Trust Co. MITLEIDER, CE. 4584, PA. 264 ~ JErFERson, 418-20: 4-tamily: WARREN 33-7 Kinlochy 7-7 houses We wil give you what your, prop- postr: e " GR, 4072 
$950 CASH Sad ath cache | Wefeg UDY Phone for dclala CO | Settnieginort® yand bay cash.” Ho | CONTRACTOR pare Ore: ny 7 
. 0266 

10 rooms. 
stores and office | 4-car gara e; wacan riced to se 
good | tion d 
corner focation and | “sIssissi — Co. McCAWLEY MA. 2813 6888. >| hours. Call 
NNOR E. Harold. Hi Penedy 
et ag it — right. Box 

investment. ‘CO. -| “filling stati ‘ot, 61x INT NTH | JEFFERSON AV. north of Filth. 
WILL BUTL: ng station on a corner 
A. A. O' ROURKE ears to substantial tenant: 1-story acs -y- Pyt — “pealtanae ‘RECONDITIONED. 3-FAMILY Kinloch; near Ford lot 50x | "house; bath, ‘furnace.’ Th 
3,000 sq. ft.; or 2-story | pany; shows good ret 4-6-4-6 COTTAGE AVE (*) 115; city water, good roads, trans- can be bought right! HIEMENZ RLTY CO. R-190 

(corner HU. 4310 ng. 000 sq. ft. 8.E. eor- E. 4584, PA. 3728 portation, terms. Phone cseer Seltzer. . Establishe 1 county 
" industrial or commer- Suoatnar. 26xx 8.: 2 stores, 5 EDW 6 et EE WELL D 4 A N cree a bul wate ch ae after 3. WM. 8. SELTZER & CO., CH. 6 oa. bam Gee automatic heal; cash. 
730. dan; possession; 2 Bier 1422-24 N. WHITTIER: ST. flats, residences, apartments. busi- ; 
brick; = “tixed: 6 roo = spe &-family brick of 4 rooms each: ess and conditi on; pay all cash; priv= 


io) ; 0x40: AR BAK 
pone eer “g-atory building 4 flats above, good business location: > ~ 10 to 1 
or storage Tacilities: . : Office Open 4 HI. 2610 Realtors 6401 scadisimiias rooms; 
gs roOnt0: offer wanted. eet See NS eRe Mer a ¥T" fire NE; | “See Dolan’s Photo Listings Toda : soumaas annual 
. uty on plumbing: 130, P.-D 

r R. E. ROSE HI. 0625 one ateanttian<teaaabers MISSISSIPPI VALLEY TR. co, R & WEINER. CH. 50. ve) | bath; income $1200 year. Mercantile. Commerce Ste investor . 
Mercantile. Comme ce Office aa ae and ee ‘ ; = t. Cc ror 387, pine ea pores Foe oy . = sii re - oF DOWN BUYS pea ing beaches CO. Ban k g Trust Co. | ieee City oa 5 oe 

sythe, Clayton 5, Mo., CA. 1772 . iciencies at present, but 
fraternity | 3112 Rutger; 3-3 room brick fiat; 85. *) “room in Pereupon geek pesseceeen. Box 

A A ft., 
for retail or pent 1 comiaeten ne: 
Bank & Trust Co. 6 os a ae; ¢ on 3rd; may trade. | _OF TE. 3-1667. Pp —— Ne $4560 year; - large rooms ENNERLY and Lambdin; =n an lent 
HU ’ , an ; north- “. 
Appointment call . rice feau’ west corner; beng property. fition cw k’ residence sexee yon AAA —ACTION ee 

stores, OADWAY 9010 Only $15. tg transportation. Will 
pre‘ manufacturing building: in- — : SB, store and 6! ade or oe E.. ST. 9602. 750 cash down, A.W. BARKAU j 
modern, 100-ft. lot. rs Offer wanted. Ww , Post niture included; 24-HOUR ACTION. 
Me above tile-( LISTER, REALTORS HU. 5800/D RB REALTORS ST. 1314 RI — $8500— 0O0—RENT $2020 7 7 ome 2 Baths “$750 Cosh RENNERLY 0x3; Tove ye family | BET nee Beott. oe veash aulek closing. Call today. a can fies ct CH. 28 i285. 
ADWAY, os. 2 eee SUTABL= for small hotel; 22 1701-09 Biddle and 1207-09 Ny. OMS, brick; 4 down S$ up: early pos-| iow a 4: 8 
Ir Co GR. 7321, GIRALDIN “BROS. Rentot 2361. : fox: fee | merit 
, ir. , . ‘| 3 down, 5 u ; exce few  oaadiiion . 500. 
Bank g rust 0. HERORRE 9890; o-stors : ~ SUBURBAN 813 Chestnut st. cu. 4314 |$1000 CR HD BUYS| ivr. Van Hendricks, FR. 1978. *) tam Mr. Lineback, GO. ae er Ae 
B00: fore: 3 Po SY LOCATION” mery; 6- YS | inant tee S~jeable 8 . 2 
ot; | Bath on at S" rooms." bath, “on 11_N, from bank: BUY LOCATION 2920 Mentase fit at ae com: | Mands# feome: ean. eaaily’be. con = a LIST WITH GLI 
business ~ oe Big avg At wrtead for 10 families; good in- ronmin 2 baths, END 
CHRISTIAN BRINKOP mad ‘with bath, 2xx Li ; commercial district; We vestment. come; see 524 
uarters on amily either mere t . PELLOM R. E. CO. | owner will show. 
3040 562) 8. Grand Hardwood floors: ; 3 ID Laclede, Real NE. Wm. ¢_ Menahan & Ce, CA. 
ae Bide. he market : take some trade. : - vacant Too is coming a 125% Maryland DE. 7100 
peng gt nome ts above: pster Groves. RE. 0308. cash oan G14 FO. 8200 (*) | deeds of true SS Oe OFFICE OPEN SUNDAY 
ee E hace ee bs -ocgees| Bata! cist" Seer"vacasi Som : “age ae SELL NOW 

GEORG) = } 4us 
ATIPROKEE: tc : ae bh roads, Price new 
: - exchar bor, 6-room spot section on East : } | - = cottage wi : 
Grand; built 900 DOW Tsar a ve Must Ht Buy 


D Ae | Sire" ks ) ee 38 a ; all y 
SOLORADO, S601 (corner ¥ immediate possession; call s“wonderful investment. ght ini 6 large room ene ta Toe Cheatan eae 
: ) | SHAUNCEY P. HEATE z 3 ’ . a XLUS ALLE: \ ’ AN east ‘og MICHELSON” 

; ; e ; or sllow § 
10, OC . ft; with . : . 
might : ; . 
RANDELL S. DODD, Realtor. building neame’ $8206.40; neh mss ig : : po 
JE . as : : te oc- brick es dition refinance, a real property; at to 
st. =§ ! 130. Offi room it b bun- ; 
LI ored) twe Open Sunday. ae C) ‘Se ns a Se air 122 N : p iy. wa Conqeet 
’ City up 
agner. Weber. 

oN Pear ee 
erin gB._Dev. Corp. | ae 

; aa a aaa 

.eT Ss ie 



. 7 . = 
44 . 
4 3 . _ "a 
ee Sapa Re oye gee . 5 = 
a er a “ ~ 3 
, * 7 > 
y é 4 SR - 
eestor ” 
—— m 7 9 
y wp aimnahin dae 4 

VT" os, FO} UNDAY, 
gpa aie Grace gms ‘ 

ay sf 
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tried tm te Sem ne ~ os 

: $ ae 



Sioux Ok Is for Sale 


Selling A Account _ 
Of Illness 

= ERS Ee oe 
: ope B & AUTO SALES 


Terms to set Em your 

road and only 
0: will inance. KORTE, Ma. 
647 3. 

“4 om  elty: 
stock equipped: trade for fiat or : . 
bangalow or sell. 1385 after : | << —BINDBEUTE L. 600¢ blinds and a igh nt: 
1) a2) AGERE 3 eee Sore mong the beautiful abundance of ; Louis; | 123 gy: Third st. Dial 3-71 ° other _makes of cars—Come in 

"Es oils = STUDEBAKER A 

miles from the n 

| Beicmyens_ce7iey| 1 WEEK ONLY | North Side Motors. 

° = re): wT ; ~ ; ; . : ’ 
: s dvottom ; e 
ville : . all in Al ; al owner te bath Soom, schoo ores: |g In 

m1 ‘oe | Sind 2-car garage; other build- Poultry ~ houses, “Sard | on « and es team tools ana “4 rooms | YATRA Lon worth seeing $36 BEGINNING MONDAY 
1 aoe n arm nd ¢ rooms | TAiae wait w—-| ROO rs . 4242 Natural 
Sea eae | ee Se ae |e eee ogee EE | me ea | cee ge te | era ce | ALL OLDER MODELS |” values GALORE 
EDWARD 7 - |GABBEWT. 4706 Hampton FL. 7650 | “electri ieee deme . two vated. sreek watered pas: | GHOOM, house, farnact., BER, STR: | FEN EY-TOELLE : oo 
HK, Wetee | SQ ACRER Em cotati, Eerie | tne ct orn om Bae | fgg Slate bende “gen vacant REALTORS! UNHEARD OF PRICES | _ Tor Price on Trade-Ins 
Be sits By iase oe Mga E ROR OL rere | note, deep a as i Sacre farm atm be ma pougs, | Berries: | 4- ples chau | FARMER: ata ee SR ake All In Running Order “oD a oe 
basement, furna rage, fats teen ATE, Her- ok eg — . Phone 866. . Y fers tank eat. Hupp ean ee fe 1 oo gh sedan Sa ae ee, 
‘44 Bemmeuth sedan leon 

d ;, $20,000; vel road, daily h 
A elec Frank Pike corn of th uys ~acre Usars, ; lated; screens and venetian 
unty: tr 3350. Howard, ee e, hg bare at $3900 complete; spring, yy ay eee hunting tract. blinds; insured for $10,000: imme- 
have client with cash and piece of a: a0 ee rn, 40 ACHES. 35 woven wire, timber, ixed land: 6 mil mmediate S thee FALL i Owner ttage. oe Ene diate ae pre $s 
business 74 ee, so acres, house, electric | “garden, 2 houses, 2 spring; 3 rooms, Sikeston | on ; pare = Se =~ 
ing. furnished: r 10 years | lights.” barn. a W. | Sevens, & Doweee, 2 series 3 terms; other UNITED FARM | cabins; Highway 40, near Wents 
at"$250 per month with $1000 cash | WN, 216 Main st., . : win bi Bidg. |__ville. Hulin, 1510A. 8. 1 
t on lease. Nii. chicken PEALTY CO.. Sikeston, Mo. CEntrai 1 8607. farm , g families: near 
ESTy CA. 8924 | aber of ~ ¥e : } a ARM. Ww A-1 Broperty. wees yric .. es, sclpol and bus ~ 6 wae .— 
~Foom c : A &. ter. stock and equipment. Box G-117,| 133 acres with top-notch buildings, Real Estate, La egeie Mo ; 506; immediate possession; price ord : Cadillac pertee 
gy St. Louis : i! route, tel ice : Post-D : electricity, entire farm tillable ex- | BEVEL. mv..: ~acté e and z Hopi, Water eerie homes, Al- 7 se tale le rs $1150) 
real buy| poultry ‘ranch: ‘fully equipped. SI. ne Ui_Phene 9 J gen eal : * dan, ,t0p Satie 

or more in} P . ne ; house; | 40 ” eaitiva: ere ne stoc . , 
: shed; : : rt 4 ; $11,- ’ J 
pp ey ~ All buildings good condition, ot | owner: strictly modern 7-room briek ekard —— '39 Chevrolet coach, -— $625," 

, within 25 “ailes. St. Louis| Darn, shed: iisha: out- farm 
: $12.750: also 2 lots. 4-room house k pond. deep , ' 
= » ©. Sch ~~ 8730 Gravots. | are lar, elect rie, gar- bull a a] all fence all * cross fences, 80 inted white. S-room home, elec- veneer, tall basement; double brick 3 Peckase + cio ai ‘4 
* hense i ean pla ro es; Bitee Own “ ed, room . , 3 3 ‘ ra . s cco arn nd ch a . “4 ant t 
Mo. poultry house, well, cistern, elec- sas heat, pores, cae | zs en house, $16, 000. A '32 Fearond T |!/> -ton $100 3 uth coupe; good motory> . 

you have a or sale, not Tilden 45 miles : A. Gri 
. write me. “ ric, 3 miles east, Write about . . UN 11575 of tarmg for sale, e 
over 7 — mg crom ony. A, ones St. Louis: "$3200. Nerite. phone 230 im "bare BK... 2 |. this and ask for fist. W. 8. WIL fed A 20x24 | “cASSMAN & 60. ensville, Mo. Mo.’ Rt. 8, Box 464, Springfield, '34 Ford {17 -ton $125 "37 ~_ card "Tedan cepemtetts, 45 
a tion, valley, SON, Hillsboro, Mo, rood aRASSHAN & C0. Owensville, Mo. Silon coun and vi- — EVGRAL OTHERS ‘FBS P: snd to sedan apo | aK 
3 sedan, $1 

W. Shaver, 5432 Gravois, St. 796-4 ~} fruit: 1650; terms: nice 
o. : , led STEEL- | I30-ACRE FARM, all Yenced and >| cinit ce 0. F. PACIFIC, MO.: 120 High st. 
t with excellent house apd erena-fenced: 40 eon A ty ae - Shame Gieet mie e Bot Mo. pies S-room, white asbestos shingie _lastaliment Auto Sales ~ 
nes, 10 minutes depot village, % |" $¥. LOUIS COU MS it; hatdweed floors, bot-alr T I | e cy: 


- - 

raw in gece biucgrast pariare and | RESORT-RANCH-FARM _ | Peat. ftrpiaces- want, tek dea 

farming. Inquire Tru ; dings; creek wate balance timbe , : 
pad fe. til. First Phone ‘Bellevilie 20. 2 x oy ar ) ane Pare a ei er renee: owner can't handle, qual. or Institution B A H HERE YOU APE, FOLE Onur FLITE SALES 00. ia 

ity Duy at terms. See 
ietures tree | “Seautitul views, woods; partly ua. | 3714 JENNINGS _ FIRES EEN LOOKING FO NED.| {230 N. Grand at Seed’: 

‘pase. | ae Ry & beautiful views, woods: partly un- 

acres: m- 
aoe $125 an, acre 50 acres; 

PER FR. 2221. Open evenings. 

IT- ti roo ch A rame, 
ED FARM AGE sa eeeA Ar- | Oct cultivation: new S-room ranch | © olVeadition:’ § feears, kare rf BUMPER 

spring: send complete description : t. 1, oF : | cade Bldg. CEntral = : : + porch, en- R roe wi 
and price to Box 2203, St. and timber, at ihe “gown, C. ne =a ™ = water. FARM AND BUSINE — house and barn; all in fine shape: tan ineeae tne oy BQ Y u, YOUR LOSS tf OW 
0. x ha 7) . Carteel ‘ ‘ miles from Wappapelio” iake and 4 saat — oy a hg — reese: ine arses v1 PY D042, eee | Ess ¥ A Come. to if R ¥ N W 
86. ’ 40x1 . 7 
Rae iiekl for ‘country ‘estate. Wili| outbuildings: water: all level. A.| SCHMITT, 42 Clark av., Sullivan, St, , Francis SHAW. & FRANCIS, inc. | $37 fez Mumobrer. OR |d7 MERCURE convertible coupe BEFORE FINANCE 
furnish details if interested. C. B. ¥., VL 2- Mo. Real Gh. 1932 GEER : ‘ 
rerdon, ‘Noro, “La. 3 3 = ‘Pounded by drain- |_Realtors, Clayton, Mo. se I OPeat: BaIaRe Tk cholee lowe ail | "42 CHRYSLER royal club cou RESTRICTIONS 
>: ner, 4655 Cc : . WE LEAD ST LOUIS CO. enced. This bea utiful home has a : You Can Still Get Up to 
12,500: a | 139 BUI | y 

of concrete hy cabine and air market value 
ore-station enbine: ia ~/ Ry ee * rg Mag A Spee. = vas 8750. Own n 
room ins; ideal location; . ’ 
yy ~ oe oe Bienmuell . Call Osage 2 BUY 

Mosern 3 residence > tee ‘ nuret a ment,| farm is 200 a 

SBR Ew cof eee eee town, $5 month. 4655 Cott farm-to-market 00 cultiva 36 acres timber, first, ret try ity to please you, Plenty Eure OUNTRY—HOME—79 Castles- Wilson Buick AT BANK RATES 

m tend tenes: | SW noe" Balt’ Meikle | Ae Meteny son w co, | Some: hittiy BFemnc mane ee bjuer Tadlo tng hea 
Poplar Bluff: Former! 

JOHNSON & CO. house; Highwa 
GRAND ‘REabrons, 3651 8. Grand WEST SIDE BUICK 

RAND NEW! milk vo ence iS. dh nk ni pal fair suproversonta, oont fence: | with : 
STROUT "G FALL-WINTER cribs; wal) barns, | 2-car smoke cow sma ns for b rn wi stamina rood also ; 4540 Gravois 3600 | of Black river, near 
x pond. $37 uildings; 2 wells an . 

FARM CATALOG i REESE, Real Estate, a Be under fence: priced to sell 1} Sere, ae vee nia St. No Change in Ownership or Policies 
JUST OUT: FREE! Your Red-Cover | ” LEO, A. BECKER Mo. [55 ACRES, on good road, Close to| per acre. Contact E. R. Kit ings: 3 miles east of Pacific. ay houses | 4530 Deten erms 
Saving guide, de- | 3618 8. Jefigrson GR._2342 |g5-4 “hear Meramec nes. ; good house and) RF.D. No. 2, Puxico, Mo PEELAN, Pecitic, s, 3-room and FORD: 1946 super de juxe sedan: * Champion 2-door: 

ris FRONTAGE 2 houses, 2 wells, barn on paved an s WELL improved S85-acre central } ty: with bath: both have deep well | “iow B+ & radio, heater, seat eage. 3 
cest HIGHWAY 66 : will divide.’ Route 2. Box - n Missouri ; good land; By ME _, with automatic pump. peout ies saree spotiiant ; terms. Nash super ‘‘600” 4-door; ver#.. 
- @airy.| Approximately 1500 ft. corner | 512. Clayton, Mo.. WI. 2396. tees a iam & A. Dewi, . : ainte ee Pr $5500. Call SI.|; * .. rees wy Pag ery s EBA : ) mpion clean. ; 
truck, itr altel a irie Dell cure ‘miles east of : es from St. : : 4133 ‘2 mile south of Arcadia on Hwy. w motor, new ; @ real bar- Pontiac gene like new; 
beet, fru Mi Ag ekeed wi yi h stock | St. Clair. Mo.; acres, 5-room Highway 30; 5-reom house; gas, : ; barn 40. old barn, SACRER beantitul S-room home: 21; price $7200. : : 8000 miles; eee nette. 
—, equip frame house. a chicken houses, 1 tele . equ new Missouri-type poultry house: Ah ; -: 7) : ub coupe; new Plymouth 4-doo radio anda 
: house, .| plenty of other good buildi has tile bath and kitchen, pene rooms each, with porches; fur- 0, heater; runs ao meter: a re buy: $1695. 
nice | im breakfast room, ra et; | nished complete: on large plot of ti ei 1 may, / Aden. ike dsmobile tudor; radio, heaters.’ 

Lake and Mt. Faeat i 3 cisterns and electric. . 

rite, phone or deal for farm and commercial. 4 i cattle shed, ‘hog shed, . electricity in all updings: large concrete basement: au omatiec 
hous coal shed, shade trees and fruit trees: ci und; beautiful shade reek elec- 95, 

1. f stoker heat; deep well: frie, fenced, chicken house. Posses- | "¢W: low nitlege: rages. heater 43. By month Po not heater: $945 

‘RAY D. Te Lt E, se 8 . equipment: tes team aa ree corn; ty penne farm b 00 A wheat, healt P ott bea RE 
4104 ALMA, H COrn; O:: croas- = ighway 66; es from| Son. Clara Ste or, Pa- AKER; aps 4- 
iIOALS 0,000. An 6. CARDWELL, N wire: 80 acres tillable: only 28 in ; or cur sign; one of. the nie: Mo, clean: oe 
NEAR BULL SHO . vueoes a Son calunmeity ab Ag finest hom x = ‘creat | Mo.; 3-room cottage; inside water bine radio, heater: WEST. END MOTORS. 

DAM PR miles a, on Little St. Francis | 16 b Toor A Po Se hele “eee oot y will be so gr ge b: radi 
: ntzvill aT. 2R4s and toilet; separate souvenir shop; color black. 4111 
river; will - or trade for &t. 2 years old; some terms. antique an 4 P = 4: D; “io iallente: coupe; seat covers; Ww. nurs ae F 8826. 

ORTE, Realtors, MA. 

house porch, lar, elec : 
tricity. pad iON = 6: 530 ved Gravois; aloe 5-r0 5-room frame ar : 3 f ACRES. county one th; pitts 1258 
; or er = 
EC good : x ternea? Sot es R: 2600: | WILLTAMEVILLR, WO. Closing os- Chorney Motor Co. 

Are you one nt those perased peo tern; 2 beau- : st , THOS J. JO 
in ys ; A . ' m e or- 

Bo-acre farm “hidden. a valley 0,500° S Oemee . , 
seen ee RET RIVER RO. $060, ___| rHOs J. JOHNSON O0., HU. 2600. | = reduesd price for ‘| Rea “peed & Sa ae a 6.0m me 7680, = Beg Anta Sehrempp. ee O "ha v Da 
| ; [70 ACRES: Polls: acres bot- COLLARD. Troy, Mo. ting land. & . Fg CM * aetTOOM | St. Louis. MA $124. weed pn Bin se a 003 th 
10 acres reas. ; : Spring, Mo., cheap; eet : ample water; for for irallen court, t, wubdivision o7| “aaa effective; t 
. room 

nme Smee 106 | Louis PR. 8646, Monday. REE ss 0.; , Mr. 
. part . & DD t: $ . 
ALTY CO., 20 N. 9th, Col THOS. 5. JOHNSON CO. HU. 2600) ge 2%. OTe operated. NE. Fi Eine and moe- 

P papello dam: 3723 3 GOODFELLOW 

priee a. jeanne: can caareald 


a -A on quiet 
bath. stoker, venetian blinds, acep 4 ’ Mo. - near Festus O° res used : 
well, electric water ™, cosi c a. mM sale price of rhe 3 a renuine . - 7 ROOMS. bath, furnace, Sarepe Bz? 
; outa » more veer 

ca many : 
8. 40, near; aF ;, On in. Co a les from St. 
bus stop and stores; ail material ert 7 aeoems Mt, Hope School 20 ACRES ¢-room house. 2 sf #0 ol 8F31 
of the very best; full basement; in | KORTE. Ma. to a +6 and | District 1OR 4 calles ne rage: electric and large cistern; ey. 3807, Bt. GLASS BROS. AUTOS 
the ies. iG at . Be : ; barn, chicken house; 14 acr ul- ? ‘ yn : ALES: 
small town: worth 312.000. throom: screened and Oy o ae east St. —> tivated. rich . ARS 15, miles Bu 4015 EA STON 

a many states UN D ' 8500: . oem : : r 
FAnGe GENCY, 16 188 4A Arcade rice we - J - INDBEUTE : blinds. Mt to a P4 iy in. lespedes a, 7: OE es ee ee wih poultry house and fen 37 Chevrolet sedan— 
Siig Cena oem __— . riee $1700; terms. Hajisvifle. ! ‘ot| and ‘smokehouse has :: ectric, phone oi S J. JOHNSON CO., HU. 2600. 2nd some fruit trees, In good lo- | *36 Chevro y 
a oe re, 2-room, house; .| Centralia. and brooder| + Meramec with 2 Wt; ACRES. Becker Hi B&B Test ae SS ae eee CADET MO’ MOTOR | TO § CAR 
TOUNTAIN. Hom! Rees | 5 Sete. a houses Ss terms house; granary: — S . farm on Becker: 1309 feet deep; 8-room Heary Ww. i r a _x , 405._| «With a 
REA : is) , $ : house, a te furnace, comme oy - ang gnvenient monthly 
. ee eee 
of fi ™ i\ CLOSE QUT SPECIALS papell 
t and rries: good balance : 

== gn * Ye F . ° al te y n + 5. pe 
for all . . arms, ranches, ° 
Mexico and Columbia senant ‘eeetts ts. Fl. : ltor eee Buy now on convenient terms be- 

To be 1 10,000. can produce: several aay. gro esses, h ; ng 
Eder Bide. cra@ual lees wath 3 yes Ad ckens oes 5 = as on ane ot: Oe eae yond - | fore credit curbs teke effect. 
® "41 Stuaebaker 

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acres. ° ; . s 
land, roan + | home ll, | peat Oa; gate wy est. bargains. .1587 we le. Call ae 
~ . . 77 0 ‘ . for free 4 al a 2, 5 . j 4 

; - UNITED 68 

y : , ° ut 

home. porch. une. lea. : Arcade Bl CEntral rooms, th, ity room; large 139 

car garage. electric, t, . FOREN. ME Sgt et a only om Chevrolet 

Smiles south, $10,500. , ; * bea ¢ location ; ae YATES, L . y 5000, T Steelville Rity. Co., Yur ae 
ao" Bell- creek in ver frontage on ‘Bis Iville . - 

‘act ey Ne bie le. ge $3000. sain Price : pric ; . shes Grive frems ony tits. . 0 rs ES on Fee vee ra. , & mien Ae Forest: geone "at the FERGUSON SALES CO. 

as home. a hn: '$2890. ; wT Mae? : ranch house: combination ‘barn and cott :$ SY santas we ot 32 N. Florissant rd. 

acres. is : : 
ef vour atten- rooms: electric: Farber; near sede hes Sa’ ee ;. RB rN ( LH ; 
ite school: $2250. 5h #8 it i 0 , sons a i ge oo aS 
TIN. Owner rooms: many out : , barn oe oe ch land to 0 
TRG. VA . ear C. poe on *aieh- itry : . ores PETES FIRESIDE £5000 deal to subdivide: no bigger fu. Sullivan, ret: 
PON. J ) way 40 Jonecbure. . EB. Troy : See Photo 2) en Eve. £ Eup. age on property. r. Es- Service, No, 82 ot tre M5 - te 
° 3-1 t . , 

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ern . 
home. full ae ne > fireplace, J. J BN N CO. mitt , . ; ©) Sept. 20th fs the deadline to 

4 A : ree 
electric: lovely home ig ° : 
. : -~ -« -room ’ 
man Malance + . ~ et : $5000 — 3 - en nat: olate Mt: : or per rn; orchard; =e view: 25 large e ~ very low .| buy on your terms. We urge 
- at yp PS tage TR ae + guttering: wn, out on All lenton rd (between High- tier. Sakae ; you to come in now and make O All emg P| 
ho rm flowers; @ res! heme; cther| way 68 and Man chester ). : . MOL; * Your. 4 pen Day uncay 
~ 4 guile Sit Highs ara says; ati fencec sttractive "iistings inelacrig _small . 6/ house; also your selection, Your tirst paey- CA. 826! 929 Hodi 
eae : " farms. LEO H. ge gy ae 75 ACRES. ood 2 : _ment will come due in 30 devs. ah 

th of St. , t > te. . 4 7-room hom 
3 a7 1, ba noderr ~- geet, Crews Bicg. Sloctris. water 1. house: good dairy ; new. TOO th Warranty of 30 days on al! cers. aut Special Today $1695 . 

SS gets: Fo be arranged"? “tami ROCK | XRKIN S| —-2306_8._Jeiterpon, PR._OG04__ pani a Be i 
UNDIUS-KUHN, NC | Pee ae age a CARS, CARS! th eat a 
a eae ‘Sag, Be Mee | : Osliey Motor Co... 

wood floors. tgs furnace, 
232 electric. outbuildings, fully eanip. ; modern; garage and oS eae les. ie vat 
pruitable sy ttle dairy. : . we have it. 

flee weat_oF WIRHWRy 3200 Brown Ra,__WI._3232 
. , . —— Mr. . , ‘Tise. af 
miles sire” avalinle te sored ga 8 miles Gilléy 


SPSS \Gnaver, wit Seodaine  paen” aie bank room, ‘improved: miod-| in 
Highway’ 50. 1 ey OD: . nr ER MEN _BEALTY OO. a; and modern residence, 2 barns; ae Naan esc DRIVE ONE. HOME TODAY 
PHELIM O'TOOLE, Realtor Ses, _Cobenest 3 re ~~ 8 ia “, . 

wed pti 

Located in middie Georgie; mild | 4553 GRAVOIS te _HU, 22: SEF HOOERN HO" : 
sia Ee Soe nla] pee gee de | ae eee se palo a Fig aa 
. sion: SOC »* t . 4 e ; PA OTF 3 dairy oF #tc afr ~~ mm road. nackiett. Dur a al 2. a Pee Te 
me | cepa oe | See = “Bea oe ciara Pas | an Ro Mtiy te tet Wis 
oma Ler Se 
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NBIUS. bie ge 

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tl tes with black + top. 
lots of extras: cannot be to 

_ re from new. sar acne, 50 Natur sees 
of water: LO. 2345 hester, original paint mmecats 
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| : A.B: APA: 
p< fe = te > Se us or ae At x TE We ir ts gy el ey we vcs _ 
eo te Ce ey ee ee es EN eS ; 

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rE GAT SV Sp td SP ae ee NT | _~"r www ewww ee }> gd Oy gti ee a ; yegiwy eee Kh wewy = yu as ‘Cal . o es sea SO SS 

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; restrictio 
go into Pose Only 8 days left 
apie ee bene the apt 

“OLDEST OLDS DEALER | Want.e Good Clean a Seba ae 
“bce | SWINEY 
IN ST. LOUIS" OUR, tht Pre py | . : 
| | De Soto-Plymouth |carvarek ae 
S ALE 1 | | a DIRECT FACTORY DEALER ate owner fires; very clean; priv. 
IS NOW ON | 3435 S. Kingshighway ce 
heater, seat cov : in ° mon 
SEE-RIDEBUY | "7 "Pym Seco — _ = sins Stee avai ne oe" eur i parte 
ad Com ) ymouth Coach _. a ta 
Seal | | ets Sabe —— Fie —— mite ake Motor Co, 
' : ‘46 Ford Tudor _. — — $§/ ory 
“heater, ex 5 '42 Plymouth Coach _. — $1095 * + on ae pei a than 5000 miles: fully 

tras; o: tke new — — — $2195 40 Buick Super Sedan —. $1095 |CHRISLER: 15 nds01 HES, a like mew car. See 

M '48 Hudson Commodore (6) 4-door | ‘4 7 ‘40 Buick Club Coupe — $1075 | make offer. Box E-239, Post-Di 

"West a 46 sedan; like n ses ‘ie See i ‘ at Mercory Cub Coupe poe HRYSLEP :: 1s ' . Albrecht- Burke, Inc, 
eacomontie 4-door sedan; Sedan ” — son 40GOr 1k. ae north. 

Bank Terms oie omtete Pirmouth Beater, Hydre-matie, radio, heater, Mereury’ Cha Sedan TIMES A WASTIN 41 Chev ia Club Coupe CHRYSTEC eae pen veriane TAS an Rs pm 

—- —- — $194 . l ; 
24 Mo. to Pa RD. ; **@aere - Stock No, 422 icity tails teats $1095 : , : 7 Ss. Kin neh im 06 
Y - ood | og By s2i7. aia alee ™ perfect” ooten ‘tek Windsor | 

motor good: ‘as is. 

40 Chrysler Coach _ — $925 ndso’ -doo ‘agg apy le 

| : tom = oe E19 40 Olds Séden _. _. — $925 ~ 0281. ealy $275 down. 

"48 Tg Egg ~ West End : “STIVERS "40 Pontiac Coach "soi ys “town aed Country celise Mat wine ; R F 1) F V N Si 
an. adie eater. : . : ‘89 Chevrolet Coach — — ry , : 

: at DeBaliviere | 2 Large Locations Authorized Mercury-Lincoln Dedler ‘39 Plymouth Coach —. — $795 $. AM. FORD PRODUCTS. 9 _ Cait Sune ville 34213 

‘47 Ford — Super De Luxe}, Dt Ramey 7 aoe ® Locati 
let Coach —. — $625 e300 
Tudor. Heater; | owner. | powrrac ar | — 6320 Delmar PA. 1000 | at had Sd 6 FORD CONVERTIBLE "ang. ba at gt 

‘46 Chevrolet, 5 passenger! y newest addition ; 610! Olive St. d. Ay 3440 ‘41 Chrysler Royal Sedan $1195 | sedan; wi ‘tell jaan gray, original, spotlight, 
Coupe. Black. P , to go, because I'm it's Zee fone Many Others to Select From a te '42 Chev. Town Sedan — $1150 ra sae’ Comma: aderaie te sot |r 

< and 

‘ S SEs Lone unti Dodge Sedan —. _ « $995 ; payment, can 

46 Chevrolet —' 2 - Door Sut. As Ask for : A | i Pd: © Sedan .. $1150 m. 763 A. ; peceswary. Mi r. Busch, 4719 471 Delmar. 
Black, Radio, Heater. a Grate tor Themseives. | 3400 S. Kingshighway D YS LEF '38 yeeoulk. Séilan —_ —. $650 | door sedar fine condition. RE.7683 | black body with black top: 1 

‘46 Nash (600) Club Cou | | Most of the Above Cars | CHRYsta sy ee ed Bert Frio Sa der: excellen epee 
See ee ow West Ene FL. 0800 Heed. emake | FOR PRESENT TIME | Have Redio and Hester [tf : | MEMATON FONTAC™ —— 
ao a2 Plymouth Tudor, Special Direct De foto-Piymouth Dealer and ) . Tf x OPEN UNTIL 10 P. ee — t ER a1 f-doo M ¢ “2 - ure sonek— Masten oe Bo r= ideale $925. 900 

de luxe. Radio; heater. | 0" *veninss POCKETBOOK TO FINANCE A | GUARANTEED |S3ee*inae dal | pas ontes 

‘41 Chevrolet 5 Passenger Mection’ out here in sedans, coaches 3620S. Kingshighway FER UP TO 24 MONTHS. PAYMENT PLAN CARS qRYSLER 1940 sedan, §. seit oat he ; ane oe 

: , con . ac- u oth } con 
Coupe. Radio, heater. ea $995 to $1095; %% down. HU. 247] BANK FINANCING CROSLEY. "28 convertible Tots ac: are-proof tubes: $1995 or take ate e Fee naition a7 

jac — - 2. : ' SUPER 8 : bi coupe; good con- 
si one Pager ete Ee st nd and_you pay “ Conve ith $500 Under List| “Kirkwood ‘2669, “322 ‘Caroline 46 FORD SEDAN fiat Cas be sel Bander 

Tone, Radio and Heater. | ? new: (FOREST 
Pershing at DeBaliviere nee NO PREMIIIM ‘48 CHEVROLET Aero Kirkwood. mist : Dark blue, looks and runs like new: | Fee uper de luxe coach: Ta: 

‘#0 Chevrolet — Maroon 2- on chee eT S : Ff Sedan $2495 bi = aa RE ORE § $800. Osage andea ear: wilt eeariten saa WAT heater i on me ORS Suan t. 


Door, Radio, Heater 3492. consider older clear car part pay- | FORD, 1057 couch ase oa 
? ? custom GROSLEY. a7 sedan? like new? nt. See today, 4710 Delmar. ires, $275, ” 
‘40 Plymouth Sedan; original) @ a aver: _ he, of young Monty's 2 f+ De Luxe 4-Door cats terms, cheap, 7758 Olive Street rd FORD. "35 cabriolet: ‘radio, heater; trude. 10-4 Sun., 4316 
; © and er and. all ‘AR MERCURY Sedan CROSLEY. Py sedan; perfect; pri. | "00% _. FORD, 38 coupe; motor recently 
° w Ford features, ’ condition; a real puy for $725. overhauled: 
black; | owner. é before "Sept. 20. Still 24 months to HOFEHN ‘47 CHRYSLER Club Cp, $2695 | vate. 2512 N. 13th. JOHN W. VINCEL 2 p.m. 4366 St. Lau call after 
ese Cats Speak for Themeelves. 

m '4e BUICK Super Sedan $2295 | PE SOTO, 1947 de luxe 4-door se- | 4309 Kin ighway__FL._9574 
ALSO MANY OTHERS | West End | wat tyes 

aster conve beautiful 
. ea oggoty 2548 | CHAMBERS MOTOR CO, | Bick finish: [radio and "neater Titer: ler oo Beet aT 
'47 CHEVROLET Coupe $1795 | 3863.8 Grand ___PR._7400_| " Chris Christen Pontiac | Station, _838 ue matte, sector 
ot Grates oe i pe 
PRIC -[) CHRYSLER, 1941 Wi Windsor. Fag By is Chevrolets Pag ee 
bain motor. Tikes , | "41 Packard convertible sedan; new 

| '47 NASH Sedan $1745 | DE SOTO. °46 custom club coupe; | 6171 Natural Bridge EV. 5000 sportsman convert 
‘AT HUDSON Sedan $1795 radio, heater and seat covers coach. motor «ec comp) etely maroon: ie exce! lent 
runs and Jooks Mke a ‘48. | ‘41 Chevrolet sedans and club whit 1 
Only $375 down. ‘itl = © wall tires; rebuilt. mo- 

'48 PLYMOUTH Spec. 


12 000 mited “spotless. private, aris 

ve r 
low mileage: car is exceptionally orettiuind= 12 months to pay oatition. 

‘46 LINCOLN Sedan $1995 | Mo: 0697. Call between Sand? pm} McMAHON PONTIAC 

‘44h FORD Convertible $1795 DE soTo. °4 3501 Gravoi t Potomac 

46 HUDSON Club Coupe $1675 radio, heater and se seat covers: var MOhawk 4100. Open Evenin 

, . w eage; - FORD, * - 

42 CHEVROLET Special De clean, 3862A Meramec, MO. 0097, sedan: souls and veater! : tooks and 
Luxe Town Sedan $1195 |_Call between 5 and 7 p.m runs like new. a7 we Toe 

'42 STUDEBAKER Coupe $1045 | DE SOTO, nett custom: condition: Chris Christen Pontiac maroon ; ; aio, heater, loaded with 

'42 BUICK Sedan $1295 ™m wow. 5729 Westminster, | 617; Natural Bridge BV. sooo | wextzas. 3612 Mera 

'4t CADILLAC (62) Sedan $1545 [DE SOTO; 1941 sedan; radic, heat- we SPDAN, cleat | radio, heater. Webster” ‘sé93w’ 

‘40 CADILLAC (62) Sedan $1295) $0:, "SD. Pao ecoameall —- oan A. me at Washington Univer: 9702 oa wood. 

39 STUDEBAKER Sedan $750 |DE SOTO, "a1 “convertible: alse. | Forest Park, Contact Harold As- | sheSB trans meporiatiea "under $900. 
MANY OTHERS Gaon Gar? radio, 2 heaters HI. | kew, room 2. a8 Bidne 

Convenient Terms If Desired Je couvertible 6-passenger 

6 inal 
. & coupe; well ‘ke t little car in per- special, "$695. 
condition: Good. tires:” $350. Ca fec pes mechanical condition, -really | AJOR mice Easton. 

G'S {228 inroughe 
DESO Te classy; has radio and heater; $595, 

LINDBUR pain a seat] trade, long easy terms on balance. 5h ; aL shape 
covers; excellent body and motor. House foes Bargains, 5460 Natural A - 

3534-3556 Lindell at Grand | _4136A Shenandoah. GR. 0. Bridge 

p Chevrolet sedan; new motor 
Jf ~ d 39 Chevrolets and paint. 
es N ‘40 Chevrolet sedans Packard convertible. 

Pe 2 Bhs ppt ltvlere '39 Oldsmobile sedan equi > all 
oun — ” BP 44 40 Nash ‘club coupe buy or sell a TOP GRADE used 
39 Dodge sedan car, visit 
| PLYMOUTH, 1937 a et see ‘40 Buick club coupe 
. 46 Dodge sedan ‘ 

of ee 80S I’m in. Clean interior, 
Al motor. I’m >; orig- 

y to serve you." TRUCKS 
priced to sell. 

| ‘47 Chevrolet '/o-ton pickup 5040 Nat. Bridge GO. 1829 
AUTHORIZED est Nn ‘41 Chevrolet '/s-ton pickup 
CHEVROLET, 37, new paint, good | DE Be 
— will trade or sell. WI. |" real buy. 8614 Gravee ear; runs and look real good; $79 MAJOR, 4454 Easton Open eves, 

46 Dodge 2-ton, LWB, 2-speed 
Dire ne right nese Ng ow Dealer rear axle, 8.25 dual fear tires, Stock 
Qpen Evenings FO. 0844 | very clean, 
* J. C, AUFFENBERG | See our prices before you buy. R A ° 
43S wee — = HOEHN | Reducing Sale 
$265 down, trade jong, easy terms FORD, "37 a8 clase 

coach — 
CHEVROLET C0 ton ced to. nel. $825; 30-day oa, es coe”. SOEs won rivate. ie, 2933 Vest, JE.5840 3.5840 HOUSE OF BARGAINS | 3931 M Rood body, tires, ton, 
; 410 ma et, “itreside 0831. 4-door custom, 5460 Natural Bridce. eta 
OLDSMOBILE 6; Hydra the Bik ge ¢ ya. equipped, $2400. wi 5093. FORD, 1947 sup Seas S-cyl., clean, 


4 i over, has miles: private: saied "kt 
tion, oe heater. GR, 8926. °2663 au Pm radia, "2 tone. S1M. : 4 rkwood 
CHEVROLET 1931 vcach, runs good, = . poet ke grill j| heater, seat covers” sean: | Ba 
eo stom c fea 
$115. VI. 77-0207 Sunday. after fully al Be fh fat eat: maf 26 $300.° 5298 338 Thee Tu holstered. 
10 a.m. km se ‘0250. 2 FORD "4 conc coach; Hig net ee 
FORD, “35” new; 

e new; 41 coupe; real a 

Be GLDSMOBILE ‘se sedanett "40 tage 48 tud 
DEALER a3 BILE ane . f u et y, transporta- 
e — * =. tet, ‘] rn, | P 1 uper $175. do , 
ea anil tence, P sovacht at 31080 “radio, Seer, cheap; trade, terms. ‘46 DODGE FORDOR gray. 5-pass. coupe, 9000 miles, | 0253. "4309 Easton, JF. 

38 BUICK seda $ clea 
‘ ? riced to sell at 
PEN EVENINGS Open Evenings and Saturday! uarante. ” * $1050; 30-day 0 McNair. With heater; good tires, body sound, | ¢xcéllent condition, radio, heater. | FORD, "40 tudor: excel 
J.C. AUFFENBERG =| 3949 Lindell FR. 0808 | "40 MBRCURT  2-door; | original 

electric clock, purehased new and _ 
$20. = |CHEVROLET, 1946 Fleetmaster, 2- | »59° Sd riced to sell: | $1095. 

CADILLAC, 48, almost n 62 se- | door; radio and heater; very low | ‘,ow meat radio, heater, 
M dan; equi h ramtic;, 150. | mileage: cannot be told from new: |+ covers; a real buy; $675. 
QTORS . 1617 ipped - 24 months to pay: $4 per hundred. Se yonm tmaer; very clean: low 

: con 
"4 leetiine 4-door | nice paint finish, as mechanically; | driven only by present. owner, HU. | aval +. BT a3" Week rebuilt t motor new 

‘touring sedan, practically new. TE. buy before the 15th: oniv $600 1726 0811. 

1941 Super de fuxe = ORD ‘ey conven ack 

CHEVROLET "20 town sedan 7 eal 

40 town sedan; i — u d with heater and month old; ru 
owner ; body, nis 3260.” in teat Oakley Motor (0 radio.’ See tins one. It’s a beauty. ese? Mere ee 
ee * : CHAMBERS MOTOR CO. | like new: rivate; acteal tatloees 
neater, spotlight: Sark, 5, $125 down. Z, Oliv LU__1616 | 3863 8S. Grand a iéo0 | 9141; nae -_ 3670, a 

DODGE, 1941 de luxe 2-door se-| this car has always been aor in | fully ” rls 
SEVROLET 3 941 todor special de | “dan; new paint: good tires and| new condition, low. mileage. radio, x ffer, guipped $2500 or beri 

cuechewt condition. 5590) motor: looks and runs like n 45W 

ty luxe, ‘. 10. * et * nae ee ee Wabash 4545 | 
co ile Terms Are Liveral FORD: 36-85 coupe: 7 see a 


down, 18 monthe at bank roe, FORD. 

41,000 miles: CYRUS MOTOR + Dargnin at “Ste bey eee: 

2323 S. KINGSHIGHWAY auled. Ro & H.. “RO. a3i7, after | S32 -|'46 CHEVROLET Fleetmaster; 4- 

: : door; radio, heater: ve low mnile- 
coach; new tires. s @ ] a 
, 7 : : ge; one ages ca 1775; 30- 
mousine ; chaufieur driven: pri- | seams car, S675 today; trade; day guaran it 

ge a ed i tephen Burns Inc. 
CADILLAC: TAR 4TORr-EE, We | ea CHEVROLET, 1941; nav Authorized Mercury and Lincoln 
new. Del Garage, 6131'Del-| (noose from; most have radios and DEALERS 

’ ‘ 7701 Manchester . HI. 2032 
reawameeme =| MURRAY'S | cgerag areca: 
cial; e W 8677 low mileag 
con an; ; : 
‘e ; _ Jefferson, PR. 059 like new: 1. 
sha 25. RE. 6065. eetmaster oe coupe. 

40 mes — 
| ar © oxErae | reduced to gest, 
dition: very "elena; $550; private. Better Buys Here 213, 8. 

SI. 4053. oz | E. B. JONES MOTOR CO. : erms on reduced to. +s $390, "$100 down; trade 

balance. House of Bargains, 5460 
good conditio 3007 a takes; | 5165 Natural Bridge Open Eves.| Noetural Bridge. ca 

rivate. Wabash 3 -| FORD. 37 sata Wagon, top 

custom club cou mechanical condition; only $25) FF ’ uxe coupe; new 

" paint; perfect: $1075. 3612 1 DODG nt: 

E, 1947 
down ment, drive as you pay 
ry . radio, heater, fluid drive: beautif $13 weekly seit y or pecan rp iebater 416]. 
GHEVROLET "Si coach; new mo- a finish : low salimeme: Genel rrr 4 a) running 
d tires; cheap. CA. 3746. | Priced to sell. Guaranteed. | Beast By new condition, $295. 5891 
mands ott PY | Rov Seah wank eat ene | Gy neat sven ey ch SAR, | er wie RES un |TORD LTT ah aN ne tr: |S eis alll 
. “s e Emerson. A : ‘ a 
HEVROLET ‘41 Town Se- MURRAY’ S IV am . , 41 4-door special de E. B. JONES MOTOR CO. CITY MO FORD 192 on 
. ae ‘Studebaker “a 4634 : . §903 Cabanne, PA. 2122. 5220 Natural Bridge Open Eves. 4761 Faston. | radio, heater, 50 ensington. 
dan: price cut to $795, only 2506 8. Jefferson, PR. 059 CHEVROLET, 1940, 4-door sedan; FORD 1540  2-door, fine Tovar, ex- Bain —— condition: 
» 35 2-door; $750. 5762 Cote Brilliante. DODGE, “ti F-door Luxury Giner; 5131. 

$250 down. Small payments T 1942 sedan, very fine weet cov- eu te, ury 
. t ers, heater: runs 3 ; ] radio, heate ali sacrifice 
P Y appearance and condition, new sea runs good, looks good T °35, master sedan, : 0, r; a re Ran vag: 7 ony = ogg ag 

‘ | 3423 Manhattan. ST. CHEVROLET, 
on balance. 095: Consider «older clean’ cat | CHEVROLET 40 de“Inse coach condition. 4042_N__Tayit. DUFAUX MOTOR CO, y.4714_ Delmar. 
t yment, See today, 4714) radio, heater; like new throughout. ‘Ov HB pesca , 46 sed radio, neater: 
CHE ROD ee ne mptn : S284 Capcom 3647 8 ‘Kingsni ~* Roary HU. 1600! new m3i505. tra 
Clondition, &S “pet rubber, ‘new . » Al,| + new: : 
: new tires. n. MO. 1979. Ask f > oar Closed ae terms aon 
Open Eveninas Until 9 | 8%, Pest otter. 2507 6 | Sed iia’ siuand Spm CHEVROLET. 34; sk isiana. | perfect: perfect for couple or busi 
re 9 PR. 8296. excellent - condition. 4519 San Wh, MFR. little * car; 

‘AT GHEVROLET 2:DOOR [apes ear Dah tre ne | ea veretienee CHEVROLET. 'S1 seach. rans 050, MURRAY’ > Ba Seo oe oe ep i aa 

lemaster; radio, master and seat ood con Carson bargain 3. “AS oe : hia 
ge mpg Cle ro waeat| Chris Christen ae good condition, $350, 5005 SET Sad clean, 2c ttereen._F FORD: 758 85— cones —oripinar: | FORD. "38-733; 

oe tht at “outy "s633 | CHEVROLET, “3 condition a rg 2h —-- | dae price RE. $618. —__y-| OD de 1 ore gh Sag § "S195 40 Se: eer cen 
@ mon es. | ; pure, com 4 own, trade: long easy 
in is months at ew tires; > must poll 5420 Jennings 14, miles 4 aor i imme- | terms House Bar- 

ane fowns tong, eas AINE. e "De. 4277. 5460 Natural Bridge. 

Best cash offer. 

Oakley Motor Co. Ser erentG wx | fon 'emmar | . ent a be | ROB Ay ae OT ago aw 
te "ON LINDELL |& : IST, LOUIS' LARGEST) “cleans $545; terms 3125 cravols.| feat" covers, goahe “812i, Whittier 
U 1616 4035 LINDELL NE. 2500 ce, zo sell; good co : 4 SY ditic NE. 6895. ee hes A mre <telient 
r clu NE. 1466 after 5:30 p.m. ee ee = | SOR BEET a0 iodosr good solid | DODGE coupe, "37, “mileage 23,000; FORD 194i tudor anaes aaT A at 
: . A ood. Phone Poet 72 Forest 

look. ‘ at runs “ike 3 new. liberal fully equipped; coemnadiate aelnvery, oe 795. 3 ; : 
R 7 unvroc | CHEVROLET coach ; ; j very. clean. : ; ° ; | FORD, 738 "85" coach, 600 Gra? 
“Aibrecht. Burke, Inc. am Sore Tewoor- ma: : “4 ee and heat ° 4 font WEBER. xtras: reall a s. itt] ‘ 1 Bereuron. 
pen Evenings “et KARD DEALER ; nice car; runs song VROLE . ; , eet , WORD, "41 siation wagon” new Pa $235. 3612 2" Meramec. wid 
"til %. cam "til Fog ve ; : wafon, new pin- FORD 4 

ta F s. i tnaaeieirers: way TE. 300 | /° ea: ($695 on parece. House Chieti Bh ate : LOCATIONS 7 ; ot asa ey ie rubber, ‘San radiator. batter.” $5. Dal nt, AE ren. $8664 Ashland 

GA N 4 coach 
s "5460 ta Wagon overhauled. 436 

CHEVROLET, 1947 4-door sedan; | (HE! “4 7 air 
$7,000 malles; $18 Sta CHEVE tes : cushions, fully equipped. low mile- miles; gasoline heater, white wall 

beautiful 2-tone finish; ‘ 
~ seat aaee, $ie5: Sinclair Ptay CHEVROLET; 1933 roadster Sate; ane: ene new; original owner. Coes perfect condition. NE. 2182 

for quick sale. G a. tion, 3420 W like new; 2947 motor. 11 N 1 cone aS SoS 
: Buy ‘low rei Terme Are Liberal HEVROLET, | 740” coach: — fully'| Market wee 3220 nae Bridge | ner; DODGE tats T078 a Cases Pgh FORD. "46" convertibles Tow alle 
"41 sod. ti ‘4-door sedan; Buys ‘ to sell. 7 coupe; ec : vs = er, seat covers; first o : oped. 
ae a E. B. JONES MOTOR CO. beautiful pews oO a condition on. really, clean; terms or 5165 Natura Bridge e. er; = new; perfect condition, un tee adh oa 4g18 
¢ i: ike, Inc: nie Serene, | sum, fly , equipped, “reasonable: Walter Jones, 2537 Natural Bridge. Kingshighway & Southwest | CREYEOWate’ party’ pease soe = ak: anaten.” \eoe” heeiane co 
will sell or take smail trace; pri- an, e. page ; —— a Sew meee. 
prec Ur e, radio, mebtie’ anak anete, (wate. 38th .| penne 4370. HEVR 1936 coupe +! DE 2 beatite: | ol cheap. 1015 Shenandoah. 
| fully oe : | coach; eater; . HEVROLE "38, heater, $500. | radio 
Shearer Motor Co. | 2 un. after 12. $051 Arsenal. :| Sona look’ a 
. . food. € 20 Weller 4 i): - F 7 2C ‘ 1OO: : : - : radio. r. HI 8: 0304. 
HI. 3400 Open Eves Till 8 pm. ac CHEVROL! : sor: lean HERE'S A FEW r 50. 2532 C2 — — new, overha motor: $400. | FORD ee A. #008 shape 35194. 
HEVROL! S; tudor, clean. | - [850, 3863 Russell. ‘ : 

N. 11 



‘41 Pontiac Club Coupe : att 
‘46 Chevrolet 4-Door | sean tiaS ete A St | “oe eae oy ce dy re oe : ae eee ier “a 

‘47 Pontiac Club Coupe HEVROLET. 736 4-door: $8 iition:' good’ tires, radie.” 1022| "ony aime Sos ala 
|'47 Buick Sedanette HEVROLET "di converd plow. ppartment € 3628. 

'46 Buick Sedan 

'46 Chrysler Sedan 

"48 Ford Sedan | 

i se ~ er TEVROLET es a3 : date Private, 2350. _ | When the Days amas RO. 4028. 

46 Plymouth 4-Door | eae RED Ghaensntesh.| hit supra ie wee BABU | ORD, EL con 

mir | 48 Olds 98 Secon ERE TOR | bale aaa 1 and twilights fall early, | 126m «gfe ge Eom 
ee Od 0 Sedee gg eR MOTOR [SR gage meee | 

“ =a ‘47 aera Town Som 

. > . 2 ; 
fee ie Br Ry a < i Wea SA 
a a Rees ‘ a 
ER py pe . . 
» ™; ve + 
gigi frown ety Mee gen Peete > : 
fect;” pri le 
¥ er a 
: : 
i “ Bets “ ‘ 
’ # 

Ss; private party, $55 
Se eh aE Ss 
Ye +" e 

* Red r 
™ bo 

—- es vY. — _ ate — were yi SUNDAY, = azid 
. ges es “wTT a ~— ~ i ins T) - . , : ry 
mS, TRA‘ -% ~~ ™ Le i nih TT LA $s. T = ‘ mid ’ 4) te ‘ As - | *) — : nied 3 22, 4 
RFS MORRIS | Chewslet Chee ond Cab | SEM Se Ent candi” 20° | ST.LOUIS POST-DIS 

42 : meet = 

: anal é bd ; —* “ a ; , a - SS “xq 

'42 International Sprinkler Body | SRESANATIONEES, Tete moter Von | 1S AND Te v7 
ernations ee jon call | AUTE RAI 

. ; ; a —_——s ee 2 ee, 3; ee 5 ARG 


wee ee 

10 TRUCKS 3501 and 4120 Gravois 

aaa ' pelea Po . Including 35 
See oe eee eae SS ee ETE picryps & PANELS | FORD TRUCKS |ieummtetete i | soon ante 
ee a Sie Pretre| NEW 1948 MODELS | st: ericaeeen © lens 

aay ‘alt at $795, Only $250 FET. ssoros gt tag a, vate. =a a E| ee RS ee ete ‘PBnsHey TRAILER SALES 
ae 3 ; "UST 7 oe 4 2 dadie > 37 yg Ain te : : . 
ud down. Saal payments on| “beautiful mansin. tow moter, 1947 | anim Habs Se A con, | tioning: ex COMMUNITY MOTOR a “Chip 

balance. a tery. bu Ima seN ean eRe | , NIGHT’ SERVICE 

is. radio, underseat “eylind: tt hp poxilect: ; 7000 mil haulec : 5244 Natural Bridge . 2353 
LASKER MOTORS es ales, 43: Wes Pine. prast pol. 2219 Hadise pein “Market : pe pg pas 83 ——— seni aiie 
GO. 4408 4900 Nat. Bridge . 

SE eer roR | Open Evenings Unt 9 | Se * : : Seeger Yaa) eae = > S| Fishel Auto Sales 
Serta S| Satire Cree] Gemma mam om | exe emai | spe 4169 Manchester 

: rin: Oe 
® ¢ z. ww A Se . Dan streamiimer; rac 
Buy Now While perme, At Are liberal | =f iC al "3 PLY a, *32 4-doc fan: all; seat covers, heater; low mileage; ‘ aS 
Oakley Motor Co. Better Buys “heater, oneitit tect caaiition: pitvaisly owned, [aw -——anD SUNDAYS. _ : SWING 

E. B. JONES Me MOTOR co. Per susaay | = ci oS pm. eet eos 
5220 Natural Bridge Open Eves. . z i ; ST : | : hed cars, 
7 ' . 7 , mo aie tr eek 5. OP & OP i. = 8, x «s mic 3 ; 

or fishing and hun trips; air 
frawber mattresses, yi, ice Re = 

como weight @ real bargain; $495. DE. 

door > radie and iter; 

ce "sovie:| Shearer Motor Co. onaiien ful, equines: | PETS rl seta B85, "6035" Ad i 
ae —Sers:| 7256 MANCHESTER OD. ibal clippers pad PMOOTH 10th —csapes radia, | eee aed Dew, runner: 
Bsont™isi5"tautei | HI. 3400 Open Eves Till erect beater, "or pew ead (PONTIAC: = mae ree) BILL FISHEL'S 

Develo owner, 1188 Olive Street BIG DISCOUNT Sea ees |G fice, $id. J. Wr aases Sule 

’ i , the ° 
a | eee to Se ee 2 a ures all 
. ss sere irae Set Gwerand.—_| dani : PONTIAC —"S8>—couch; exceptional | On all makes of trucks. We carry | att ik Mo fer. HOUSE THER — Fee sea 
Lincoln Cosmopolitan . owner. “yo e: ex. . oo “kh ay mw) te 10 10-ton-—pickups to van bodies GE LW.S., gore TOO se ezce silent ~eanditions on equipped ; 

_ $1 East gc| Fam “Auto “suice “osas'1c Pee 
drive Ma: dan: . at eM AE — | Va ’ walls; a8, 717 $. VANDEVENTER RAG 
1949, 4-door: radio, heater,| gray % <-door sedan. Tadic or: 3, | Manchester. condition: terms. Mat trailer 

seat covers, white-wall tires 3 : tel cellent condition. Sid's Moaris dr. 6532. ee 614 East A rr. ne Whit otc Le 14204, 8513. 
t “ . —— - ~~ ahi ne - : . “ : = - . 
with life-quard tubes: private aie ah a0 Ey Eee PEYMOOTE, *ST | ¥-door—ahate: eee: Sette * House of be Motor Co, 8813. 
g SC : ; : |  eondition: : 2A : condition. 3908 7 1 P “ta aie . with re erences $1575. ‘See any- | 
owner; driven only 3400 : eien after 11 a.m. PLYMOUTH *43—specal de taxs | Feceacond ton Pecer | opx 1 HOUEE TRAE Ney Moah Tr 
‘“ . : nr - ~ coreg . . . a 4 Ww in. - 
miles. A car of distinctron . ann | “7a00r sedan; clean; only $900 : —T73 Te quire i we rvice Station, Tele- 
ti new tires. 7 Benton, ot aid phage Ra. 

Call et By restate, 7 | ROR st ae rer er | Veda ee sae dae $8508 |“ sagen Peamaes “ee | SCHOOL BUSSES 

| . | ana battery; $150. 4742 — pos. , aluminum; private. Gall Fenton 
: ' : ‘ after radio, heater; clean. _ |. tractor eac 5 gegen ; noel by 7T1R4. 
MILT BAUER'S 4 : | "4 SES GIT | Ninth st. ictal Be FORD, re taped on than 2000 miles; private. 6401 TRUCKS—All Models HOUSE TRAILER; —3-700n a" 
A : ers ts ; EV. 4364. 
ION P ag clean. 3935 Westminster, oe ‘Gar cod win ee saiy Mr: ped; ka for quick 
SERVICE STAT two-tone, hydrama | 8k22. tires, radio, heater; one owner. R22 og a P| > ane IMMEDIATE. DELIVERY 5 
e and out; p condition - | motor and paint. PA. 5, MC. 6x6 dump— — $1 must sell, $395. 2819 Gravois, 
64680 Delmar. Sunday, Sept. “ low mileage; consider cakes matter coverhaules st | ene uled white wall tires, ‘saalo, PONTIAC 3 1940, Ai a tice: Pri O tractor with = 2 g2590 al *e oo? wp Call, Wire or Write 6001 8. Broadway. 

vais owner. EV, 0838 , hen Rati HOUSE TRATLEN; 25-70 — p04 
Peyreuinaen. Pa st:~ 2 Pm. | Une ai de Tae seuan? Soe a ee eee FEINOYTE, “9? coach Taare 5. 3aTT One, | 42 Int : : ANDY BURGER condition. 10184 Natural Bridge. 
| . less than 3000 miles ‘on motor | $195. $50 down; trade. 2213 8.| Apt. a2. sprinkler $1500 | 0 sleeps 4 BV. 1264" 

LINCOLN ZEPHYR 1939) itgtts, "roe lights: ‘practically new; | _ 3550. route "43 2 INTERNATIONAL dump $1250 Fd eeps 4. EV, 1264. 

a | cheap ; trade: terms today | PACKARD "S? sedan; new tires and . be xe 2 MACK 5 be a 950 screen Ro se, De- Authorized Ford Deslor > ~ 
Sedan; fully equipped; excel-| CITY MOTORS MUL east heater; $500. Call! or es, ee aM 0 DERARER. Get 2 S4400 livery Departtiens FAMOUS- BARK| ses, 8. ‘ 7600 
j . ; : DGE 350 

lent condition. See this carto. = con. ng car 

: ULDENORTEE. "47 converB 60; ; : party. 42 INTERNATI 
appreciate; $585, only $195 radio, 1 odramatier” toes radio, heater. After 5:30 p.m. SI. Vi “eatteay 4 7 a 36 dump -— $ 350 1948 “EOR inne t 
TAN ideal for student. 

down. Small payments on| trae mileage; see today; ‘iberal 3 tion: Opell: beautiful. aah TRUCKS Sus oe ng il 
balance. Simms Oldsmobile | clean? new | 30088 Lexington, BRAND-NEW eh 


SER Sree ee Bp Fela gee | oe a ara wr| eee galanin be | "Eis ot eee ee [RENT OR LEASE 
er, overdrive. Only $665 down | = petevue, Hd. 20: = , mot 6 r : -— a os ; a : cimt ic 
FRED EVENS sag este tee SP era as Bpe 8 mpkins, Inc.| pagan | 

p ger coupe, - 
F sede; Washingtno.. | PONTIAC, "36 tudor. S891 Oak- MAKES AND MODELS. Center of the N : 
Saas Bop? PRooveTE tL | eee, me ea See te aor tam gyfbet Ane Lone Waar ase. | 6251 Bexisn Om", Ugo 8888! COAL TRUCKS WA haar ante 
< ok ‘ong, = = on balance. : : : : to sell. DE. 5238. ene ME "aT ¢ club 5 ae 2615 rave work; must be reliable and | - Atwater i 
ibargates, 5 atura sondition: $95 sedan: . umberland dr 
Liti 35 PICKUPS AND PANELS PICKUPS A ANEL vORD, 1941 ¥-ton Jerk soot | GRA od gunmen OAL CO. LO. Aute and Traller Coaches Wid. 

tppea; titul 
eotan; | tully equipped: ~ beautiful -) jan: ; $5 i} fanc. , , ; Qo; tires 
chocolate brown perf dition 8 Hodiamc Ee; ZOUTE rupie: = 40. DE. 1791. to in value, O $888. FS stak A rune 
ce, will take trade “or sell oe. heater; ¢ condition PACKARD 1935 selien rific e ply. 666. PONTIAC late 277 low “malloagy: Mabie oat ALES. Euy Now Wht hile te Terme. As Are Liberal FORD 25 coisa gars oa = condition: suitable to to ~ 

: ean arrange bank finmanc- throughout; spew or a. . tee: — : wancunat oc - 
4. Hoop, private: wi painted: dition. oes arace.__ = : . like ar Cu AL omger ao x 4169 E B JONES MOTOR Co. AUTOS EXCHANGE nto wor 

> 47 e 
- ;: very goes a : luxe 4-door sedan: heater tom Bay $3200 pune and ge coupe 
original paint: fully = notol R Kenr ay. Seat de croranive: alom mile: our price | 2220 Natural Bridge Open Eves. ckup. 1468 Hod 
. . . ‘ : P FOO of Ba . ’ + 4 ia- 
lew mileage; n0 dealers. | dan; radio and heater; Uke new “ais, 244 , -| age: liberal terms. See th ae me oe % ton oon 

pee Rhema oa ~ > Reason “hibrecht. Burke, ‘Inc. wheelbase, stake body, setae’ Se sczi (AUTO ANS TRANLER COACH 

: Cowes" ' tons, 4x4s, wheels; if 
. ilo, heater you want @ good truc 
tionally clean, a, aw Coens a AUTHORIZED PACKARD, DEALER | trail see this one today, only 
hauled: owned b by automotive RD convertible; good 1429 N. 13th. ota a eee ~ a emaet s ah o trade; s58; 

ice’ manager, shape: $360, PA. S63. 7 es ifgwey JB" B800 compare, our quail CITY MOTORS 

, war prices; 

OLDUNORIEE savers “77 ad. Be motor, poay, $275. Pa. 1278. S188. De Luxe: has everything. | ing ALDRICH AUTO, siete Seal I ae ‘4h ilable in: Your 
screPiuay, seuiped: 0000 men PS mv. ai Bea on, ae, Beet | AvallaDIe IN 10 ; 

SHORE SY RE aec | Ses, gneve” eee =| MURRAY S Mee es | oo sareteretes | Brand New Home, | <—— 

Sat SELL TODAY. RE. 7464. e s +% may . "4 nh; : ° 64 stak pe ge omy 
OLDSMOBILE, 1947 model 66, 4-| make offer. 34 N. Bogie oa | ROTOCAR: Sth -ton tractor: 88" | FORD 46 ON WHERLS: Anthem , linderbody horets. 
radio, heate-, : PLYMOUTH "39 coach de , coach: i: wheelbase: tires; u truck; buy y. y.5 995, $335 line trailers are t te ‘last e- mi may 
3 vy condition. CO, 7322,. 4712 W. rior: terms. | clean; ir brakes éows: lon forme 90 Kane ; 
: 538 joor; radio; ; ACKARD DEALER |_ Ficrissant. : : . tga Song of Bargains. 60 , , - 
r: it’s original: 1947 motor, ravois . 3254. open Evenings ‘til ae A "tf! 5 p.m. : McMAHON PONTIAC BABVOR ) KO. Nat "n00) . 
ees 1168 8. Kingshighwa LU. 8612 MOhawk 4100 Open Event 7 shataral Blas cor G 
MURRAY’ S Sas radio’ and. heater. ik. : | STUDEBARER 1020 Champion to-| C Al Panel; ex-| Rauled motor: c - “only | 2, 204 rooms. 8 : 
c atte trade, terms. - anei; ©x ! you buy any trailer, ask an 
MeN , \ 2860 gg, + Met eivnatine= ox . dor, radio heater, fender 4 $795. A 8 ow about these. old cata blished 
EEC Oe ceptionally clean throughout; | *> : ; | shields, "ete.; “clean. 8043 Wash-| cellent condition. Price cut|_4%32_ Nat 2 & ~~ " easels 
2-door rfect condition; | $1725. : Sar ee to $795, only $250 down: FORD; a — panel; an at AME ICAN 

beautiful metallic green finish: very must sell. FL. 3 ; | R = : I ’ 
fully "equipped = gem eee: St Sunday more-) Shearer Motor Co. ae im a -| ton; priced right. liberal ;t only $250 down; smail pay- down. House of Bargains, VAGABOND 

Paniper guards and. white side wali | OLDS 7256 MANCHESTER  —|_cash. 4534 Qabedie, Go. 3559. lance. 
$1860, GR. 7067, Sunday. tb Food Totor! priva axes ee soe at: |. 3400 Eves Till 8 pm. | “ate party. wv oe ee sy pb 8281 mT ASKER MOTORS 
feather grey white sidewalls, fully OTE MORILE, nap, Muturamic con- : : — , ' 
cts miles. “Will ‘accept | vertible, practically new; will sac- : ih Fg SEYMOUTH, "41 sedan cheep; will =~ i or 99. | GO. 4408 4900 Nat. Bridge 
dio, heater;” good ‘transportation. ~— Cny. MOTORS Thust sell ¢ 904 Allen. 

; ae ;| WATSON MOTORS. 3264 Hamoton 2 masten. : 1650. fully by one owner: sesing is pees ~ ah. cf oo will ke ‘te gee 
jong, ; , CEE ges ctveromatic; fully PLYMOUTH, "40 Floor. —paaio- teu : “ ga $295 down; 24 months to RD aT sedan. sliver lke noe Pioneer Trailer oathes 

Fiuibirsereso oc | Ray McC aes oreo teh Saez] MURRAY'S saa tess 
es: ieee + ra am ck yy McLarthy Packard private, S615 Fhover. '| SRODEBAL mR "104 aD, coupe: ron obese peng Ste: aT ow: x. oi sun. | a ete An rene Se Pe, a SelB Soi 
 aaeelieat |-preMrOumTH Tat conch" good ae: TOSS Ste Baniarke.” | -chatlach. Overland, Wabash irst-class condition; priced to sell, | FORDE, model A; : CATE WODED Car, truck and trac 
| eect ia ta eerie eee [PCO ak ene | Cure ee sem ati | Simms Oldsmobile | eames =| ART INVITES YOU | aati =e 
sete fae Stara in wees | MCMAHON PONTIAC |FEEMOURE T806, g° 1s sf ODRERRER SRE SRT I | SPS pea St fin” sale aie c| TQVISITHIMAT 

speeds forward, overload springs, ~ ; can. everpa ; $150, installed; ed: 
wheels, tires and tubes for , 
winter " driving; low mileage. CH. | ington. HIS NEW LOCATION $75, achange. 3 tr 
=| CHEVROLET, "46 %4-ton plekup: ; Wh He H .- jet@ | MOTOR, Buick 1947, for sale. Le. 
pert condition: sh $1295. ' ere He Has a Compie : 
N = “3 Nea 5. | hehe Pe Line of Modern Trailers r 

a ‘ «}, ‘ - e te LU. 0 
E “ PR 400 a ‘ . . OC : iti . . On 6 una wae hk! aN RAll ER SALES 
t. i Fincent. ‘ Grenie p truck: acne, i. Or : ‘: most sizes. Cpen “dl 8. A 
work: aie yeh 2569W. 2726 y. « sougn; buy : | PLY. yt : comecn; Al shape, 4- he bo vn. fi ; zat oeik 3892. CO., 1422 Salisbu $403 
ee LASS es FE Sve ee. $42 ar ry ° . at, ; DIC. ; RArehle : 
Sims. —— | terms on : SEYMOUTH 1942 dcdoor. $075 | —8!;_ 3825; mo dealers. MA. 1850. , - mon 2 ie AT Ty ba sebed built. 3937 140, com 

con ° . t . a 7 vett | “yal y: ‘ah: ; Pregider 4 coupe. , ah , a 
en ake eat | eg eee EB ATES. | Mel ae HOUTE, "40 coath- radio, Weat-| Schctioin Wabash” SoTeE fe” eckdays PR. | $475 8, Brosdway._ {NE TRAILER THAT 
See of, good condition. EV. 4276. $250; : SUITS YOUR NEEDS 


Ie ng oy 
ise Call PR. 3683. 1715 


10¢ ARS W 

x emake hee ph 
, «i gt ents ; 

“ey oe 

Oe we ase. eos, “i 66s 4 ee glee Es teu ‘ Berg Da A OM ee Pag ~~ a4 ye oer , e Wee 
ei ¥ ey NS Mw NOW SL ST Ba Oe NE ESO YE eR Se eS ewes aw a pWWepveuuvwueeyy €% SCG CCW eee TIE POOLE CECT Ce eee Pee AA Bugia Kat eee i a ane 

mm Be ee aa oe ee Te Gears oF ALL: KINDS VENILE FURNITUE es I\ I | : rryi. AN UNUSUAL 

re at ac HRCI (ay FURR Teg) (BE HIGHER - w Giths. Geyear ios : wes bo CO. | 50 Lh ) gn OPPORTUNITY 

TELEPHONE US OR WRI 5 Tio & Sam a | Lick ; ote | RODUCT YOUR OWN 48 ‘i | 3h : oY ae : B pple. AINS PROJECTORS: a Sf chtnin the tiga pater 
: AND. ACCESSORIES «| Tals ate sobstontial seving 

4919 S. Ki ighway a o to rap oe spies: ) , Samples sent upon request, 


_< See asad BE 7 = 
cM LOST: get_an Sdentitica- pat rae oe 2 shy CHICKS: any < REY CHIE chest a A [ARCE H 
7 Jone Son i HE] SY mo m blond woc = . $1.25 and up. 
ours are Ts | danger ode ait [AY BUGGY. Thayer de Yoxe. col- | Of Shell Lake and Aero Craft ck, siding. $13.95 oa. | Ampro Pren 
; | wen re Rag a came den primed cleated: | any radio; complete D LADIES CLOTHING 
and large op . aen,_second house east ah, De * . a ceeteet oe ne ee ge gts — = he : Brinch r. weighs | “dresses; very reasonable, Contact 
and ‘ses : tered, Sire Casso of Mi-Noah, Dat : | . Se BVER Jennings Boats and Motors r -| NATIONAL CLOTHING 
uch Hi toher Our Price i ! ee let _ot Long Worth. WI. 3065. | | ‘contin stween 9 and 2 6514 W, Florissant "ube, 95.85-Si7 and, SENS cont FURNITURE CO 
: ie gt ~ ~ por Nateo toy cae | «AND FURNITURE CO, 
Or a ; ; aot SaaS 2 SABY BU ay, HO ondition . _ Areside 3900 | OTe '29, odiuie ates accessories, 4457 Easton. 
' rat : RABY BUGGY Stovhline-zoc . je ft. | tension cords, ete. in stock. ATTENTION, STOUT MEN 
ition, 1288" 8. I8th CHRIS-CRAFT en new and used. aa SOUND ) FILMS 2 ets sn, ak pa UE EN 
hayer, - ca R; 4 

‘nh pad: scale, LO 
B : ‘ COMPLETE LINE 16-46 FT. lection: all new; regular 
ge: ad CLEARANCE SALE Se Bh con ee and_up. = | to $7.50; while they 4.95 APPAREL men’s r cueaon 

La arine a ae 
i  Jovalsted : t | with mattress; 6-year size: $15. cs Middle West Ath & D TOUTEAU NEW FILMS 946 Goodfellow. R ‘Sel Shop. 
= a black s, sable: | tac efferson (city,” Mo. | RIB, waxed birch; Tenerspeing at | WE HAVE EVERYTHING CH. 2500 Worary.” Castle's ge ew | lmined, “beige sport cout sults 
J MAY reed. iy dogs and cats, Join the Burma | Re SEF ce — oe NOE iecte—arter| Stay tm a , < : 
lose, | meeramirenrya | eMie Seranvems| EMeon Gees and: ghOUS BOAT | SS aS | ie 
a HORSE } im Se rest the we are. off > see “ erie hysboro "Tron and ereena ‘itetal | t 

MONEY coud Bhs i jade aac 
COLLIE SHEPHERDS: males urishmer .. bine Bar : 24-hour renta 

and females; & and 10 weeks; |. : jane For immediate delivery; the BARGAINS sg op limited quanthy. Smith Lam- 100-£t. Mickey Mc Donald Due 
IF YOU perfect mar : DS. 3s | ‘ ber Sales i PA 3661 available for the first time; 
ev Diy new Indian Arrow now on|srmeucRAFT. ‘48 demosstrator. : $6.50. 

" _ CHOWS: females, red; 10 RMAN SHEPHERD puppies, RTIN TTERIES : RUNABOUT: mahogany, 26-ft. hull. 205x368. . 16 EDITORS 
DON T SEE weeks and uties. bie. Ki Aailiion 1 display at Osborn Motor shape. sizes 35x80 to, 20 Sedat aia west Craig Motion Viewer! shows large, 
sharp image 

858W. brand 5 CHRIS-C + B1-ft, . oe 3 
COLLIE; female, 10 months; TEPHERD PUP BOO es metal. Cycle Co., 690! Easton. cate Jefferson rp " You've always wanted | ©Y piece sult an 
7) AEND EN HALL | Frome iy a. Oe aan oe red, wormed, chet = tric; the finest. starting battery Be 0093 HA BOR POINT “ama ho Sfiry houses, farm, | We ante poet eight of. these it on | = iat = heoat; liks new 
; ; a 5 RE | : . . us farm, te : ; 
enistered pups. made. “YACHT CLUB mercial One, Apex Co., 4532/ brand new; for aT oi 16-16. . 4201. 

‘ ‘ complete with : 
Me. ted rewinds and de 

re | ;: sroughbred Redbor 

: Ne BA TSS Bie: 0 94, West. Alt 
Any Make or Model COCKER SPANIELS; _ really J , Mention ‘Dollar Hens. HERE NOW! OATS. ft. Old Town a 

and without ° 
for > decks, & Indian Arro * boat; bar- oy, »rice 
“feeders ate Peae |? a sapmeniats delivery — 75 ach. -A._ 6635. PLAS WRECKING, 4058 Eastor B&H EDITOR 


Sous, with 
papers; blacks, reds, buffs, 
and white and black and w ae crs; 200 2 a ato capacity; im- i ‘NERS for rent; sand. 
0 z. -5. 
SD nes and 0 vel, ce other b For those who want the finest. 
GENUINE COLLIE; ; trial . ; oe tract Bell 16mm _ Motion Editor outfit, : 
males and formates, on re oa F.. . LO. Cail an "| with film defect indicator; master | CLOTHES; don’t throw 
preees perfect h and mark- quest, Frank 3 thermo yng y Cycle Co., 3322 8. AT, mpson, . rer Ma 2000-ft. rewinds; film cleaner: i dias: old clothes; we are expe 
oe x ee : stat controlled poo ther- TET ast Sad ee fe 7666. |__Manchester, ST. 1573. onal ns | war NS 2 orignal 
Park Our Two Lots in Rear FOX TERRIERS; black and se. @hamrock Kenr dition ; * 3. are Sa, oe bike. apolar - bck. gravel and sand. | | 
Ere se Sor Two f. white, short tails; perfect mark- ya - = and metal ¢ f 4 Sutherland. T Mi 1600-ft. reel and can $4. 1200- 
31 hry ings; males and females. Ss, t* it” - , ) . $4.50: 800-ft. $3. 50: * 400-tt. 

,2315_ Locust , ey a. 3: a 3 c. 
MANCHESTERS; two_ regular eggs, carton ’ ‘ 

males; 6 months ; "peautiful black eed; ae re ther rs; | Bee. Yacht Club, : . 1000-WATT LAMPS po, I ag Fe avely—& ote 

t. 184) : bate ;| Regular $6.00 1000-watt 1-12 F 

like new; size 16: black caracu 

anything in poultry supplies. ‘CONCRETE BLOCKS, save S3S335: 
SYST. : — 5 ae : . , ALUMINUM Ww 8. Radiant - —_— $4.95 
- ith children. } . n, ; BA ae -% nae paint; casement or double-hung, fit Liberal Trade in Allowance waist length cape; like, n  jeoving 
7 : ¢: war LE together with blocks for main-| Time tte as and Layaway Plans.| to Florida. VI. 3-4155. 
MA. 632 tenance-free, yee ge build- as ttle By 10% Down, Balance in | lady's tuxedo, "white Tox fur, 

— ———— VAT, 
6180 Delmar PE SES: . 6180 DELMAR PA. 7600 20; day-bed. GO. . . beany Century ing. Send for free price list with 18 Monthly Waar os se 14: cost 29 in January: 
- WILL BUY YOUR CAR | BEAGLES "at stad Champion rae tore BICYCLE. 20" Colson tricycle | sbout; new $500, Marine 2.) oe must it ‘nly Sut ‘Lo *BEGS" 

beautiful litter by Rowdy} iny psuint ei Aadliaina 1 re ; 
: a r Neer rare bargain; $795./ and ca lans COATS (3): size 14; good len 
TOP MARKFT PRICES a Sail by Ghampion | "stud — cna ; SEP TONE increases 4105 Washington SI. lane (wi h or wi without basement). hand-embroidered lining, all- woal 
iso a 6 980 Bont 504s "| Lowers, chick mortalystion: helps | SICTEEE. i “Peale CHAMPION 12 S0U30— brand | Bo sec “nem at our office: open | Snterlining, LO. 1062. 
col r fe ion; $1 ¥ Beod” condi- | “new, 7,8. $149.00. 3322 8. Grand. . until 5. Burkham COAT, black dcélot collared, winter, 

a v7; 
. - “4° _ : - ,% ¥ rt 
BRING TITLE—GET CASH oe fraid oa ee eee P gk pe ; oe 3 - t PR. 68 Inc., Marshall ave. at 9th, Valley Size 12 or 14 silver fox choker. 

2 Park Phone 2355. 2818 SUTTON MAPLEWOOD |. eyes. PR. 1278. 
~ft, e tuxe run ae Oo en Nights Til 10 Sun. 10-1 3- winter: wart 1e- 16: few 

sf Sh ? Union. a ' |} PERINESE FUFS; 4 as; pec the year-round; breeds, 0 : : _.| about; Gelivered last : perfect ous Fo 
carer Motor Co : ed; registerec 1920. vie, ab Wve delivery’ xuar S; 28, pe Shape: will sacrifice for quick sale.| Riggan Quarries, 4° to $6 per 100. ab Snag ir A wow any | dreams; xivte. MU, 
. 7256 MANCHESTER : PERS s >, Redigreec sade. et Clad, Naty sae de} Ozark and Service, 52 N. Riock Hest of “Big Rend, | COA and TT ty clothes; 
Hi. 3400. Open Eves Till 8 pm. |r (inp auomes. ioe Memingy, | | OW" EARS 3 Bre Berks. eullvan. "ie thor 7400 Ma ac ate pant 14 CA 0332, 
7 : nid ' DRESSES. size 18, = ; 
: . Ia. CONCRETE SLABS Maplewcod Toop shoes. 716 B, $2 pair. EV. 1662. 

. | PERS D: Te ; : see at 
tor your Car; mon ; ue: be 3¢ pAL . Atias W one Me B: : : ‘Morgan's, dep, Arade: ea st. GA. | FOR WALKS, STEPPING STONES. on_Manchester Car | EV NG AP; ia ck velvet, 
6 WALLS AND | white satifii lined: very elegant; 
| floor length, size 12: reasonable. 
PA. 6243. 
| KW ENING DRESS: size 18: $5. 

‘ oar 

at fu. e o = c: _ ROODE : m * . > wide * é 
2 : ERE | CHRIS-CHAPT,"90-Fe190 Bp fe, | SM 3s Thick: “we 
O' NEIL MOTORS i i _broke. W. _WY.0669 Holly ; oe ie dan cabin cruiser, 1940 model; fine t te S34: ‘hi . wight ie BIG § Al F | 
sre Sete, Shay axteas FL. | ORECAST SLAB & TILE CO. 

FO. 6026 > mon 4 ’ 
7 ro: os “148 Fillmore. 

ABE & MC a MC ‘IS ' digi : A 
1350 canthe: &- ;, boy's: ie Tew; CHRIS GRAFT, 18 ft.; Chrysler en- 1367.8, Kingshizhway SUIT: tall skirts, dresses, 

A A . 
* “Buys new and . 7 en- : — a aietn: 5 . 4 “ 
nessee, 0. 1362W sau ‘aghtine stock. "HU. 7670, | BOWE balloon re pon tire, S15; racer, $25. gne: ones h. DP.’ ain 38 condition. CONTR: ACTOR W fe 16-18 lo a oe. 52a Park, 

— FISHEL AUTO™ cALES Shor a tes r, Atwater 1282. 4 cu. ft.: 16” rubber tires; $28.29.| IN DEALING WITH NEW AND cross lose er season 
94169 MAN moat oN DOUs: complete bra POMER : ue mates, a uM Sh 1946 Hat Ry. aa 16. FR a STORES. 2239 8. Varde-| USED CAMERAS AND | old ; sine 14: $50. Young ladies’ 
- § wicking ° - Tr, 2 co ts t a ¥ siz 

a's WAN ED + | BU PE ) selection, many ¢ chi _ 51 e treet Pg oe Oleh | ttO®: ‘NE. 9483° 9 ‘to 5. ORS. new, interior, alab; beautl- pa lie oo gua A bo sant a. a oe 

before ~e RY, 5 decks,, fin- ful, all sizes. Closing out, $10 . , asmeey Ss /FUR GOAT. Krimmer. si 18; 

bear’ aaiy to 6 P ishing 4 decks; good condition: $30| °;'sinal ie: canvbn Read nt, taii | sale. No h Shore Yacht Club, Sto} abn, 6300 N. Broadway OLD AND SLOW-MOVING MER-| dressés, hats, good condition. Ga’ 
ho aa tof eding. each. San isco. ear shift. lever; | charles. FIR PLYWOOD: overstocked on %-| CHANDISE. | 0696. 

Cla | FUR GOAT. Persian amb. size 
; : n. -| Cush oor mat; condi- he aT 12 ft.; 7\¥-b.p. mo-/| in in.x48x96, and % -in.x36x96; 2: ; Persian 
gape 317 eek: Gare, best offer. over "sas? ‘Must | Dougias fir, interior grade, 80, 18. WE HAVE REDUCED THE pRicE| 38; “groom condition; valued at 
oc e : _ Glen- sell today. oe Paze. S28, 30c sq. ft., f.0.b, warehouse. | _.., : . | $2 a0 Uke 
Villa a ie “CUSHMAN SCOOTERS AN SC S | old; reasonable: also shotgun. FR. con-| IN THIS BIG SALE. WE KNOW excellent condition : bargain. PA, 
roven; due soon. 1438. dition; sizes 14x 18. 14x29, 14%X| THAT MOST OF IT IS JUST ODDS 

: ; reason- | ete.: rything for yo New, used; parts, accessor! : , . . 33, 7% feet long; $12 each. Call Ox, 2 skins: perfectly 
model car: prefer Buick or or Dodge: BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES; also 2 eny and sve Wr. 4 nn AND ENDS. BUT WE ALSO KNow | FURS. per 
; bird or £ fjonal, 3101 C ell 4059 Linden : , \THAT MOST PHOTOGRAPHIC matched: Worn one stason; $75, 

‘ei will pay top r clean “ar - : : 
— : , + . . ». . ete eed ‘ u , G . piate, 
‘= John 3B. Mechan a B Co., HA." 1853, — LSS; ers, conditioned h borne: | good condition; 2 | peats. Lycoming motor. fully equipped 6 in, lone,’ HL. 2732. HOBBYISTS LIKE TO LOOK| FUR GOAT: full lenath> good con- 
. : .m. = See after p.m. Sun. 1207 8. inquire & t Long Beach on Meramec, x nm. $1. 3 THROUGH SUCH EQUIPMENT TO ee 3508 t. Louis. 
7 i p10: ire 14 G “34a. mile above Sylvan “Beach, RE. | sheet. Anton Beffa Sons, 1240 N. od conditio 518,18: 
“De in condition. 3402 Wil- “atered. RE ae, Canary. feed. 7 $40 tiiaheke PICK UP A STRAY ITEM HERE | * > ty FOOE % AE 
lidms . 2338 : new tires, new nr 3 AND THERE WHICH IS JUST | os 3 sh 
= Se 

*s 33 bed 4 . ehe . - . 

: ; BC = uo; 0 A.K.C. paint; runs ma must sell, cheap. : ft. A cinder n FE 
aT cit conn. GO Basa. : : 4605 Ray. tory built; mahogany; 100-hp. at i3c. GR. 4017. THE THING NEEDED FOR THAT UR COA’ LU. ahen iMenah 
sy’ r : 5 : shes Al cimdition 3 reasonable. CO. a PERSONAL CAMERA. 

344 l * OA on 
: : : . 2217 Yale " ors, ; ' U. hone CE. 7194 for new lower ' 
; extras, $215 3409 Semple “ JOHREON: motor. Dunphy southern pine | tion: ae i4; "$100. FO. 5785. 

aon Gai seeamas | Me™ ane ene ras SOME OF THE ITEMS ON SALE) sheared beaver, 5-stripe, 

ee LIN G'S USE CARS Play Boy. § ST. 7055. 530 and 2d: DH rahi cee undreds on 4d . Visit or CUSHMAN 46. Al condition. bud- boat and ‘trailer. 
_ : Br5S-3080 SP Bao meer Fenton. ’ Gravois; Mounts, ‘ie aie abe: Fh 8180. | Fe, 2633. COMER ee NSE selow—pine| ARE: CAMERAS, PROJECTORS, | 804 condition, good bey ess 
s ky . °F. JOHNSON MOTO RS 2 32 hp sheathing, $9 per 100; d| FILTERS, WASHERS. REFLEC- 4 akine: ‘sbalakin jacket. 

2 even 

if 7 on shew Halls Ferry rd 
CAR BADLY. NO DEALERS. perfect condition, ; 
5027_ FAIRVIEW LO. _9288 ki —— mene ane aT ee for MEN: Sabination Want. noon. National. S101-$113_ Ontve accessories. PA. 0252. SP ag a uiek —_ 1 ; Vastuwinten, a eee 2339 . | TORS. ALBUMS, PLATE AND » $10, good condit! ion, MU, 
00d home. "LA. 5160. eelebbit and fox hounds; rea-|CANARTES, several for mating: ote gag pg ls ag Bh ae OToR: 16-hp. COUMBER 3x6. Tc. yellow cine CUT-FILM HOLDERS, DEVELOP- |_8414. 
> 2900 a FR. rs. eida. . 7. 4734. 6302 Chatham $1. $3.02 ened, ax. 12-ft. 70c each. | ING TANKS. SPLICERS. SCALES. H.. mh ga ne 

wear. PAUL SCHULTE, doroRs, ee SSA Treen 
sonable; list frée. Ramsey Creek CUSHMAN 46 mot aig 
ee BST grown toy black and tan dogs: rea-| Kennels, Ramsey 6. Til 1527. ee ee nace * N, 10-hp motor; late model, 3954 days, Wabash 1833M AND MANY OTHER PIECES OF ‘ and coats. 
x" el E. 3-5080 ovenin s. : suit, size 12. 

sonable. Goersch, Sappington Bar- | SPRINGER SF A NEL puppies; | CANARIES, young, singers war ENGLISH 7a “condition. |..Used once: owner. =: OEE, yellow pines shesting 1s wees — 
4 9574 | eecks rd.. Box sf eha sired; field or pench blood aan reasonable. 4637. RSO7 V Facer; good condition. A 40. 194 “like new: | LUMBER; yellow @; sheeting in on do i x ee 2 aft 
57 4 wT Aa sacrifice; going into the Navy. FL.| all kinds of dimensions. 1049 8. | ME . 

AHUA, ding ¥ ed); 
A : . pay to o~ fawn, excellent pedigree gree; } pups and : | gg 8c. Atlas. 2651 Choutean— A -DA "42 motor; Boyle. we DES 
hl peas, BT. 7135.” car. | matron: aiso stud service. 3602 . ; excellent running MERCURY, 10 fh 12-foot alum- 1x6 t. and ¢. a ales S 

222 Childre N. 23rd : - 0 - peasonable. 28144 St. P.. 6 
. also younger pirds ~~ talking. Try ae inum boat and trailer: almost new; 2x6; lar “ “quantity; cheap. | RLS’ wi 
- BERS Sny make; any model. : ‘| our Special Parakeet Seed; 3 1 ent. Wabash _1813N. SACHS, Ei 518, be winter conse, creasen, Swemk- 
See now. Kirk, | COCKER PUPPIES. bewutiful) | . : } (LEY-DAVIDSON, 19: i.e must sell. . sh “OMBER. new, | ers, ete. 0352 after 2 
1, Get_ our 80 book on the HAR A 1936, 80; low % -y; nan 0; new, 1x6 t. and g. and | | TRCRET—exaulaite Tens dyed “white 

blondes; champion sired; also cham- ; ; pe : $1. pate 
re Feeding and Breedine of; mileage on overhaul; reasonable. uaatit . eheap. 8. 
peee an RE Tg LS eee Service: | Parakeets. $1. 50. atan. FARMS, | 234 Tiffin, Ferguson, Mo. Snot N.4 ‘ 2 3 aA cia, was. Y * ” oR practically new; 14-16. ST, 
tm ra, “ oda . "3 -lb, sires. -GO. —— be ah gt HAR 2 Mite ot 8000" miles. yt 3i&y , hp mM stor UA. 2860 OAK Tumber. direct ce 550 10, iy mil. TA CR 7 skunk; ungertip; Blae 14; 
aught to talk and do{| ¢ . GO. 9512. INE MOTOR: 10 . o. Sheer anaten 
Don't mis = Rast St. Louls greed; cheap. Dog Mart, Lindbergh tricks: re: - ie eS aE 1935-74; new saddlebags oo. hp; used | Oclivery. This ia ‘white ook.” A | WACRINAW JE, reasonable; 
pemtaee Th and grown |<. et Sonw A e er for buddy ‘seat;’ good condition; | 1, time: reasonable. 6425" Hobart manufactured. Roberson Lumbe Uke ue ree Aus tria 
Sock kt stud, “Ch. Allard’s’ Gold | a ee it “ Improves and restores and, buddy Ca ie Wesson. OR : Pupply Co., Hillsboro. Mo. L | WAN “3 
Chie Also “‘Allari’s Treasure | steed, different ‘ages. 1861 Madi- So pre mo afertect for" perfec Z: excellent condl- a Ed AX D.. ’ new, never | ATTRACTION — for _siudent: 3horts, jacket 
on. c . 3 € s ui 
rimm pe ee anes ie. Caen: $450 or best 30 betore | OGM Oe PO 3984 rained, SLOAN’ gTORES. 3 2239 | as aoe re a pants 

Gold. ’* ‘Trimming and pathing Pro- ) 
“7 KC.; th: ‘S-ibs. $1.20: 8. 
fessional handler all breeds. “Fred. a0, LU 3130 sav health; | 50 SPRY FARMS. noon Sunday. SI 12 ; n IR. Johnson, 2% SUE VORA) he Tor bulld- | 40% off on Comet, Comet Flash, | MISSES § r ) 
J3. 6180 Delmar. PA. condition ail or trade for care Si.| MP» 1948 model; like new, Ex-| “ post; will deliver.| Uniflash, Colonial, and size 11; like new, CA, 0969. 
7 Ad 

ER =: Penton 182 ng co 
‘HIGH PRICES ¢ eed ed ars Fenton 14833. REE excellent young _ pedisreed wera eoanee, | press_1552. Gall GA, ‘0430 woekiaaye. Cameras, brand new. “T BOUTON COAT apd ralncoai,— sive 

coats, watts, sizes 11- 18; sell cheap. 
PA. 1579. 

clean used care, nted; 
peste, Call PR. 9793. 

Sound Projectors on sale. Bell & 14: Ike new. 

PRED ORT a petty any Brid $20 COCKER PUPS $20 : OUTBOARD MOTOR. Baden Baulp. 
an dogs; tarm raised, gun broken | sp "HARLEY-DAVIDSON, 1946. ies): ‘| Ma emrtile 2 
-iqimake, 8618 Gravois, FL. 204 y | DaCosta, ROBERTSVILLE. and ready to go. One cwo-yoar-oid | CROE visit our shop 1800 miles: spill bars, etc. and const. Co.._3303 fellow | v4'x4’, and. Cal te a. th Howell, $165: and Movie-Mite. ONE” palr of matched silver fox 
i MO. PHO 57. broken. See these ‘dogs to PIT 3137, 4000 Burzen E GEAR; pumps, manifolds | stores, 2239 S. Vandeventer. furs, reasonable. ST. 2379. 
HOSPITAL. ; i V-8: excellent. G — : A PURSE: ae tor, genuine. new, 

TAKE temale 
' ap te. Reasonably ge ‘ < 
cash. GO. 6008 5157 Kensington. ROUTE F AT. Spcarsc. appreciate. | Troy. Ill. . Gran LO. 9292 HARVEY "G5-48; AT condition: : PLASTER BOARD; %-in., Sc sq. ft. |,, i , ; 
COCKE PUPS bionde a Tt: $325. GR. hie: 351 4A Juniata. equipned with trailer and at bw LO. ae STEP EERTTER eae EL WE - 1000 i MS eres “ ze gekin lined: real value. 
h or 

n ; _genui a 
Lu. S739 FA_4223 a Beas apy fom - ai £500 ag 95 Maa shoe ig a a é y_ motor: extras, ho. 7371. poh ge aa ert see te =: suitable for oe on cc TOL x CORT 3 ce: all kinds, 
co on. : 

6 party. nings Pine Mo. ETC EY S774: Al condition. : anch house. Good 

To pataux COCKER PUPFIES— tad sont p Le ; ARIUMS. = HAY 't Lackland. "Overland. os hesed sels spite neice, $1500, 10. 0873. nrice. $1500. 87 ft VEERSUCKER, 12-35. 3177 Fats, 
ence " . batte un, : ev gs. 

1800. "me! cer souls ye 10-zal.. $4.50: or INDIAN: er. just overhauled: | ‘and Scott-atwater. Sal tities. Banjo Iron, 20 Choutenn ae ee 


ood rubber; make offcr.| and parts. marine sapetion all ae 
eee -Motors "renten #2 oy was a4 hung and comme : sizes. Sale starts Monday. September 15th. 

| SILVER FOR SCARF. black. cos- 
tume suit. formal, ee dresces, 

reial; all | 
$10 ne § week, Prater, Sanfiel 7 tea ; .| So come early and get first choice. __ Suits, 14-16. 

a MR WHITE aabesion shingles 97574" SILVER FOX FOUR; reasonable, 
cruiser. Ca as Go right up to our 2nd floor. Stay | “4% ; reasonadie, 
CH.’ 0800 or see Leroy at — 12.75 sq. Sloan Stores, 2239 & as long as you like. i Fe. gens, 


andeventer. 6 {T- ail's; cotton dresses, 
. : yur ition: : ; red corduroy jumper, chenille po 
SIE; AT condition, $500. WHRe é' sash open ing 38 4; slightly used; CAMERA robe. all size 6: Uke pew. CA. 0968 
ins 7 7 7 . : mehorany "ball. wheel WINDOWS. frames and ri 24x oP: pants, fine wool, $3 up. 2610 
aR Yolevey 0) :¥ “Gushman: and throttle; full cover and ex-| 24. $11.50 complete, 6300 —sN.. = 
chrome, trim, with all accessories | 17s So C0. ano Lem | SER DOW -EARH and aT naw EX ( H+ ANGE gilts A at tat ane 
i cod concn, oust 3696. A fo BOOKS & PERIOD! , plywood, harébeara. ANTON BEE E 1 LU. 3108. 
; Barbs. Tetras, service a pe oeeeg Pan NS, CE. 3320. 1240 N, Jeffersun. Busy, ayy (12), Whe new; cheap. 
parenee | "agi Washington (reat). 2650:PARK GR. 1767-69 | 

oo : AK.C. = =e = . 5e . k of [5 garage oz ; 
ta er ‘Oro8 50c_ doz.; ‘Anacharis, Se k& 5 tions hi: Wk ive a, W 
e : AH een 12-6 bd - gbout a . . . ’ 
months, house ; -gaecrifice. | BOARDING: fall rates. Mosel Ken- el SCOOTER, Cashman, 1977 ,F  end-te-fiad tithee wg naed. 8 .b 7 : 
4761. Forman. Affton. aul S former pr ices. O our plant, ch. MO, 4 jémm, 11.9, with projector, | *),>* new. 2724 i. 

PA. 5473. : | cuiaien “plants fil- 

COCKERS; pretty, ter and 2 air lights. MOTOR “BOOOTER, "48; $200. rinh Urner, | Sehrenbere Mfe, Co.. 2736 Vic en Sen a men § 
weeks isi , . FL. ?- 936A 3260. , 900 FO 7-room aA, 1.2, A sell all at ‘$3.50 each 
ore ’ t? : ; «tt? —_— | , : 5 * 

ethane 1 « north). also wee furniture. John Karst. 
: : : BGs. ist Whirt. 

snails. LA. 57 & case, 
mest Louis U.: eet ightiv ; . WY. 0245. 
“0 . at reasonable. RO. 5932 after : of nd 2 7. me iD beams. Ma . - 

heaters. Dale’s. 6137 Page. ; : : : used 1 23° 1 *ddle. 
: ' - oe a gy ffer. OER a Re Jeon, ell, 76 DA turret. l-in, 11.9 27 | ae 

. y, , $ 

en . 3993 

preedirx asor KIF NCH, trade, terms. eae Co., 332 A a wt , 25¢ a pair: can be bought in 

fresh soon. nag milk- ; > a aT Steen Gravois rand tion: $120, Box G-115, | wood sash with wasn; 2 low- | scopic in. small ints. Monday. <A. Zimmer- 
feeders. A - —? : = : 4063 aise tch. . a winhows. CO. 5676. pod; real bargain.' man, 1918 Park av. 

Neu- KER-CE ne ‘A A . . 
of Lind : ; and for rent. | built Sept. 1947. 279 hours total ng , (ates area DE. 4581. . an. See 
; sa KS e er uphol trend ; : LUMBER (used) a Tare. for 36ST 25: 2.7 lens: case; ike new. Wa- | emanaaou : 

ee ee ee | shat Shoe CLOTHING WANTED 
od. ft., 86. CAMERAS unt; meee | CALL MR. NOTOWITZ 

random width, 4 5. | a 

. ft. $6. | Shop | or your Camera ae -| ah men's “ed suits badl alse 
ees Ina Camera Shop | "aze5. CARE catia HOUSE 0. 514 

sash, . 5066 ALL. BI 
WALLBOARD "thee Bar Fea ce Man's. USED FALL sUrre 
a x48" -8", asphalt coated —.$2.3° | For the larkest selection -— pater SHOES 
reer : a : 

'x48""-8 bendy poard — #1.45 | new and used cameras 
3/16"'x48’’-6' fiber board —— $1.32 

STORM SASH | See St. Louis Photo Supply 
The House of Wedding Albums. 

given prompt attention. 
ANDREW SCHAEFER Cor. 17th and Marke 

on rd. Walnut 2593. CES lee tee TE a 3aen | ment: Dalmatiar 7 , ; 4300 Natural Bridge NE. 6868 
Fes Se ey nen) Pathe cay A eae | Berens abst as | Wheel” pee seestad ant (AMY Hutment 10 x16 
COLLIES Nr Rin aa GR | Bitte Sicec cecmey ane par | HE Ba hea oes came | omagane aoa, at | Quick Delivery, only $225 
” GeO. R. MARTIN | a SRE AP Rainn Lp | SL eR GRSSST TAOS Fane: |r WANTED | _a2ii 8 Vanaeventer RE ~ TRUSCON STEEL SASH | Pesicsis, cleeranes x poote | BAT ee regia, hs Dogars Own Terms 
Mouse Suringa: 3. County : sem aot DDI. eg a E ‘ot ship. H Franz. ris 8 “$id "to $00; Biging 26, to 5M scomoet od Beale verra 1g, mm. cound cai aocthed = enlarge, 6.3 ‘| BY-PRODUCT COKE 
SON HOUND PUPS: 9 onthe old. | Revaame ‘Gattis Brawles ATED. “fllznt instructor, stead |All sizes; Immediate Delivery | SMOKELESS COAL 

Shenfield Steel Products. Co. 
2017 Chouteau GA. 2683 

a ae ee 
xe . me $a% + 

ems oo ee 
i TF 

3 ae 
? ey 

* Ray ey 
ty nee 


FOR rH tyes 

; - D Ae e. ~ 
MOULDER |gagepemeret SERRE: 
eae ane, eaten res . ty; prices low, 
complete with belie and reasonad mcition : SALE! GARDEN HOSE 
3 inase motor, ode rs, to 22-FT. LENGTHS, Be 

and equipment, 
ment surplus and bank 

Lawn mowers renaned. sharpened, 


White, tvory, colors. 
tS — 98S GAL. 

50. Paint | . £ A. wo. ‘ ; ; #.3 " 
20-ft. to 40-ft, lengths ~— 79e ft. special, $12.90. and r . w * balance IP LE: teu hia? 
cylinder hones, $12.50 net. a ap 

+ SEES SERRE Rin] EAE, Th Mele | peak —orea pe vas ee rah "es 


FRBORN'E DOZEI Delmar. CH Stea See | Test ee truck. "complete, wert, Fuk apber te ve aad, ae a A 
A . MP . 3-H. m.. stoc r ey ‘ ’ : 7842, 11 
. | LA. 5485. teow ; uf 8:30. Briege Stratton ; x ery 7 —— mn 

; mew and used. CO. 
x IR, Foley, retoothing ma-| 300-Gallon Size — — ~- $67.50 
Cc ~ > MACHINERY ethan Seaainn: ofte SS | ORNAMENTAL YARD’ GATES 

SALE—HEATERS! WALLACH. 6860 Ense, Pa.r0ss | GOL¥ BAG: Note, « Woods AND SUPPLY CO. 
FIREPLACE Radiant Heaters $16.95 | AN STUNG = polet Tips | aoe CLOME: 3 woods § reasana | 2109 N. Broadway. CE.'7518 

oo $16.95 

See our —— Ime 3 to 5-room 
size gas, oil, coal heaters. Prices low. 
on Qur -Away 

Heater Will Be Paid For SHPTTS: atecl durab Og Wolt ~ 
Before Winter Comes. . : One-day service on tunin 
ishing n 

sizes -’ 1 a tT. 10 DB. ery, y 35: RIVER social 3 Hf cr S—XLY PRICES. " Be Fa es 
ems ates : OOFING & SIDING MATERIA : : : a guaranteed. 

and trim LS 
A - = We " ; P 
, $8; » $12, spra 6. HU e carry a complete line of TOOLS, -ine yb. i = automa . r 5. Broadws | .. 6s 
| thes 7 UNION i SPECIAL: PAINTS. GLASS. HARDWARE. | Oniy size left, yA ee a ice: 29 ‘ + go sizes; Hke new. - a 7 wt 
y 89 after + eee tA ew 4 + 

BED, POST and motor; regular only 
vecatient condition: reasowable. Box| ELECTRI ICAL. | HEATING. | 
1. post ATCH. | 


’ 9 a. ‘ 

AND LAWN SUPPLIES | Arn } ds BROE “repairing | equipment ments yew | AL : | maT 
a ET : RESSON, 1 large shaper. r ; . | Atlas Su oply Co. Abbie gRfOmexta asst pear + + ne , bx : "Union. Se . a iat 798 owe 2 MUSIC 3 HOUS 

plows cultivator; like new; Riel TUR A " : +} 2651 CHOUTEAU PP’) PR. 3311 | condition, reasonable; 

73. | Aaa cs {EF ©: : : ) | Ww ‘ theirs A Chair C OE! OD + 7 - x 1? He +44) 

le cable power control unit: ys teed. , WE DELIVER AND SHIP —<, cme F Ca, FLERS all aut one, 836 LA. 3688 ] GEM 78 ayy at 

__ HEATING EQUIPMENT | ca sterpaliar. grader; reasonable pox _H-#s SES | ESS OVER 25 YEARS XOTOMAMC water heater Wrant| BERG wt) 2910 Olive, JE. CENTRAL PIPE ACCORDIONS, 120 BARE hn x a 6: 

GET OUR or GC. : ee se oe new. 1947 model, only used 60 RAILROAD | ate = Fogg a tane; from [a AND SUPPLY CO. Fevtory v representative , = Italo. | wat $ 

prices on an 119 = KOPMAN BROS. 2109 N. Broadway CE.7518| ana Italian hand: nee case ae ewberr ae * = 

‘ = a 2014 in CE. 4505 urplu 56 ; } > a ne. 3 : 2 “TRV” LA PIENO SUBS) AS BV) 

Frank! ie Room 102 " PELELA, ’ if). 

rf | 
oil tired boilers and fur-| : V x any calor. any car] BOEPUTAL BED: fjostable;| and %": 3- 
| | dritt elements : ; aia aAbE DE DUGAN. 1415 ~~ AAA JOBBE irough 4°"; “angles: aes, 
Segal, 907 . 8 , a ad *) and rt 

naces; free estimates. | a Sunday 
; eS ie ew atic - »roacwa: only. c 
| 2° * Hen SURFACE CRINDER_N -| AAA values in new merchan- slealty uew. “Mi 3230 Washington. FR 570¢ tex 83 | _HU. iia ren ht 
CH 0100 ‘ with maser chuck and ; i ind boots, size 6B; oat new, Fa) ee we — mi. - qr Te) 7) AW ; $50: yi) 
, | Ba “CHA dius dresser. ei dise, cancelled, refused or eS ome e- “earpet sweeper 20-tt. ean thick; P 15¢ ; a _28e 
; new . : xT KEat — FTES EN ESB . . aw i rimenta} "sei a : indell. 
ALLISON R HEATING a: . 3h” . . egies. aoe e damaged is shipment, = pe ry, “ete. $250 786. -vaniae@ "sh A : "s 40) ONE: mt. lo 
$70." jigsaw = motor | mixer, fil machine, tabs beling ' : > : PX BORD IC bass; perte OMBIN Salo; Tor 
d, $60; motor Ding & seth : : Ow Ss; new: +; : oa) Dir - omnes ah TT ¥ we MOGs JY). bo. 
12 Mur 3 ; ye anran > kos sOnsol Oc 

“bp, gai 2-50. 
Goodman & Co... icy Senconde 
New divided top. and |_G - 
standard all “. al ~Et., 

You must see them a porcelain * as ‘ Di nd earring. racti tres oF | PAE ‘Fu good condition; |-- ) 
SALVAGE WhwcgiNe ‘&V a0 oot ' ) EL ont “clothes lockers: | -must_sell,_ Wabash 1021 O24 Opa te 5A Fae 
rge comp eieie. } ° BtY . . Ris 
J NCHes. i A sroacway. ai ve B ’, ny 01 new 
p23 Lil} 

BIG SAVINGS sins eee ig SES 

ni aft, eee SEED ORR Cae 110 tea’ 

? ‘ or 

terna 3 anindle, 

with S95 hi-lift and bull- i N we , ' 
oe = ae ty hallo , jcamom imate | Soe aA a eo tt 

' ‘ . - sell. 7430. yt , A. ox : W AN aio 
Rory, TD , vy 4 gauge. city; now in ope ation : | FLOOR LAMPS | t be i i gm most ’ comp! 3 Che A. 9482 calent condition ba large bench ina 
: ; . ful rav hades. ' ° . > > s 5S 

away, CH. dition; now working. 36"; Davis Ke; | aLe——<«2 SS tollets, sinks, Wash-| fron, cbrnice hooks, rope , sealtold »proxir tons. (CR, 7518" aker, 11244 ‘|. wae i year old. 

man, Kirkwood 16. §750. | bowls, urinals, ladder jacks. ‘‘A*’ ladders. BROD- _ - violin ete at 

tors, steam or not " . fate e . trum . tion; ¢ ode}; 
tested and fuar- | sauce: 1650 hours, with LP-Chte " $| | 95 | ; ele DUGAN, 1415 oo STERILIZERS Geteen, new. guaran ae tut | i years seahaabee’ GE TEST" oe 
ydraulic angle tit dozer : : new LADDER: 32-tt.; ension tYP@: | pagestal type: or Other $35 and up,| day. ° 
arms; good condit ; =.= -¥ ee ee —~Se, SSa - we sonees. trol; 24x16 i at rustproct, ew; | ome at on Music Co., ; 
HA. Gri ‘model 42A: excellent for gravel | ERT TOR Saeed Stoo CH ay 3 aes peimar, CA, _j94! ful console, excellent tone. HU, 
464. Springfield. Missouri. mode stock pile . = A ; ; oot. . : _ iF re =e : . nd «Case; om Master, : : ce 
motor and eumatic tires: srt | . 8 ° ; at jow } vy ae : re etTh oy: ir 
itera, 2, used 3 | Cemete 1 : - | Living Room Suite ; com- 61 Easton, I er noi | | eee 2 oa 
: : - Pa ’ ' Ts ri Te ” rs OF on . “Ty . , - . J 3g é a 
. . |Beautiful new blue tapestry cover; ors. a Pee = 3 son's . : i ~ 229. Piacnt, ane - Vike new; leaving city GR. 
5445. 2-piece; a $149.50 value, only : : : are, pe ; \aL —— atti: - white; mother ¢ : : 
IC aoe " . if + ; ~ ? evaahe ; ack a 

de juxe, 
. See oF perfect; sacri- 

> . ™ 4 J : aU 
ack automatic A u Ty ; nm: 20 
BTU. | output; a3 : Hobart. ¥ bash. 753 $02 50 SOCULARS: | ANTS. Gxt - gurplus; lot. nodel 
, ’ . x ‘4 : aU . : ; . : R ric u. . 
fOW TORCHES. throw vo ‘Teil Me ys 000- - ro te! 
0-GAS; no works : 300. ——- % aa Goodt . 76 ‘ 

drums: stove in excellent |_ , ' : ; a 

TONCRETE MIXERS. new, 5 cubic puttite. 2 | 
business building ; eagle rage wheels, | ¥ used, i er R i 
. ar Sweet CO.. 5466 Gravois. - _ D nx Sa condition; 
ga ¥ tires; new, in MS ene Te 
SALVAGE | gaistinse"h6 ss | Secaraniese 
hodies and wi ri G — 

(Missouri Sales) 

4522 EASTON 

experienced rand. woalt de ~ -® th out 
see 4 at your 

, > 7 
BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. trat Pi pe, 2169 N. Broadway. CE Tbe: Bal 


IRY. CO. 1936 N. Broad- aN; : ‘eS an 
Preventati ; load binde i 
ntative, log a rs, chain 

ATatomstive wating: generator plants | SEGAL 90r Market, Ga, 4706, | *2 SS-eel. ares : CASH AND CARRY 


Biot! rine 20 eal | eas ye yy ES 3200 WHOLESALE ONLY 
ARC WELDERS; clectric or €85 : 5 TCAK 
: tabie ry or POrteBART: tanks. apenyine fee ge ae | aw fe eesti a tata : 
: be ye IR poy Blige es Te EEDA : by “GENERAL WRECKING | quaNTITY OF IMPORTED Ge aND 125 Pine st St Lows Mo. i A fe come. need: 
Hemple. 1419 S Broadway. = | 3304 CHOUTEAU, La. 0190 | ©, 74 REPLACEMENT LAMPS. TANKS: sie hk ant LUDWIG'S 
| ; 1 . ALUMINUM PAINT, $3 ; - 

Gal. finest 
white and colors; gal. 
Pe a 100 9 PAINT, = EAE: 
| Rod Sith et OPE CF  shoteur - ated rat te eg pry gy 
i ware es. UELL one. @ . soon a ~ S .. r? and 
Chrysler industrial, 67, 72, 102 Bp; | | SAINT SPRAY © 2606 8. BROADWAY. __ OPEN 9-9 
aireouied, 13g--2 bee | Si ee : 50. 5. 0529. | wR UCK TANK. —TOUUgal stam: | PANO, upriant, Saldwin-Wamlfon: | "ETE ci pn ripe CO. 
Star Pump & Cooler Gorp. | Sash. lee aia _- ” ed, 4 em imar 200 miles tree 
1218 N. 1Sth St. ' ; SEV ce 

INT, $3.59 GAL. 

Aircraft Aluminum Paint | SONCRE = 7" x wa NE = ra Himited 

"peas Side og oS gg | BASE ES mbt seo | ao | 
Dunkel Paint & Mig. ws 

| 4314 Na teal Te 

New—Less Than + Cost 
oe rh : 



Immediate Delivery 
Atlas Lawn Equipment Co. 
9761 Olive Street Road 
WY. 1479 WY. 1479 

: : eR et yi Sa 
‘- . % ee ets is 3 ee ee 
he ~ 2 , ,s Fa " a EN Py: 
= . ¢ ’ j & 4 ». . { q Y . ~ 
" ae - a. ‘ 
. -_ & ot ga ity 
. Ci ‘ aS \* Soave = J 
es “ _ , mee tes 
7 : rF 

ebtat okt ee 




700 DELMAR = CCE, _ 55444 


CE. 4250 

$25-27-31 WN. 



‘Also Used. Equipment 


- Convenient Terms 
a 3 

; = aCe, 5762 

2841 OLIVE 


Reach-in Refrigerators 
Stainless or Porcelain 


NE, 2937 

Walk-in style. 

Oth and 
Cia ‘bax ho ios 
etej, Papel 
ap pn én burn- 
oe e size; 1 wooden fruit ong 
: -" EV.3370 
or -clad; collg and cot 
& H, Equipment, 911 N. 
sh *< e7,! 57 3" 
COUN : helves; plywooc rOOC 
conG: 645 SIT): ~¥ ti 5. 
osleac 4: 1¢ rOOC rOndit: on. 
5213 Daggett. PR 0 : 

‘ : er; r, 
engine. other equipment. CE. 7879, 
NE. 8929. 

Pee see te eT 

for good at 
2 carioads of ow. 
t surplus. new and used; 



For els, restaurantes. taverns: 

36"'x36"" composition to 

p ec e: walnut finish, wood 
A autiful table at about 

CH. 4040 

' All Kitchen 



a ul 

uipment a at 




sean” Sa 


“Churches, schools on Institutions, 
resta nd hotels. 

2841-43 Olive 815-17 N. 8th 
‘3 Hussmar Dis ses 
Ses ry ussman Self-Service ry Case 
niman Steel sy Shelving 

National Cash = 
Bee t Grinter Siteor 
Practically new: Al Condition 
Sequire 7701 &. roadway 

Z Bang jewelers, mea 
Ȣ taurants, 



Restaurant Equipment. 

2841 OLIVE 


of new stvrie 
| ‘ane back» bars mace “ 

be sinks, 

_ beveraze 

Refrigerated Gases 
Castle Show Cases 
Bakery Counters 


NE. 2937 




and | 
: m up- 
ae ee: tee 


. a) 

Uh, 4040 


ou My. regular price, while they Bast | SCOT netiase Sie, 

_.1007 Market St. 









Pax and wow Botagset finish, flat top and 
—. eee Ss ana 

sates; real 


. * straight | chairs 

ERE “60 wal abe EP ne _ 

bies, chairs, 
robes, t 

= ; 

single ‘ana Stree: also allies 

ractured iy’ Ge General Pecnrectils ; 

tely. Phone Belleville 1152. 

condition ; cabinet used 
freezers; ‘itferent_sizes. CH. 4362. 

heater. fue) =e T; gate: moving to 

and supplies .for 
eries, meat-markets. 
a offices, New and 


-18 N. Seventh CE. 9669-70 

rants a 

Oe SO, — ta < 
BPS Ee ere AES 
7 eee eS 


counters’ and back ‘bars Distribu- 
tor of Fischman 


nee rs ie ay $n, 43 - td as FS 
Se. i eS a ae 

Teg a ia: gee, aes 
a q oe yy vey a 

with Seis 


wa us Gale) ab ee ke ho 
rest of the winter. All stend- 
ard makes priced from 


& floors of all kinds of furni- 
ture to select from. 



Terms; Yeries, weneeaay. 
Fritey p.m 

2th m9 


112 N. 12th St. 

% 4040 
T loi: ‘Yr “ob: Jic tating machi 
. e3: 9845 

ty CAE TN feel all 

Se $282 
INO . aye 
new, — 2 GO, 0124 Sin or 
week 8 

VACHE sate Sand stance 
home study course; 
al. Ee 

~* ba 

." ry 


E,_ 8068 

Complete Installations 

vernment surplus; pyees 
office tables. chairs 


CH. 4040 
$30: swivel chair.) $17.5 

cabinets, ward- 
eateries fi 

’ tw ca or- 
— es; pe cheap. 
Lae4 N, Broadway 

Biburbut owrtler and fl 

abst: Olve. 

ASS 2 Dewar. 

, new, mia oe ibediate de- 
;- also chairs. CE 

register, 2 counters, shelving: 
must imme- 

POE. nny pe... Kardex poe ned 

tree. air 

\o Tei es 

CE. 0829. : 

Sas OL" 
» i 


ment. 3441 Pine. 

Easy Terms oy eo and 12 records, $109 
KELLER S bag top, inguiated. oven reguia- 
$100: trade in on your old piano 
284] OLE NE. 9937 complete line of used pianos; $69 
gh os “St aes i *"ealtable pone 3008 models, bil sacrificed. 

Federal, 1120 

live. oon 6464 

Rented—Royals, Others 

t 69: sewing 
Phone HI. 7750; city-county deliv- — : rebuilt binet, S emote 
ery; low mpiatis _ appliés on | type, e198 value, inv gab 
oy “eacehdanedl Ye Oil HEATERS 
ty porta 3-room stag ine Cane he $69. 
Covens table, .50; 
Fentele’ at low pereny 3322 S58. Apa ries to as anges 
Grand. PR. 4568. value. 

—— g poeaten : reasonable; os 
new le Royal auiet de luxe 
el atk 

; and a 
condition, Z, fine-a- time copy 

“fast "eet pa room set. break- 

$129 vaine, $8 

an@ record player, console model. 

oy pen with ape and mattress, 


House of Bargains 




2 lamps; 



2 end tables, 


23 pieces, $69 value, $52.50. 
Portable Sewing Machines 

589] EASTON 

Tona, portable, 
standard key board, case, $35. 
FO, 2277. 

7} : erwood. 
0469, 3631 8. Spring. Sun. 
after 12. 

n, 11” 
excellent 7“: tion. RO. 


“Walnut 2-851]. 
Co * 2409. 

PA. 0843. 
ar DES 5302 

= tg "16. RE” 053 ‘ 
ure 2 equip- 


: 3 dresses. 


To Be Sold 

Square feet of floor space 





te a ke o FH, oath, sens 
Nt ° fa By ate) v fe A aden ia es 
. a oe Cs = ay a ; 

ie ae 
> £ 

room set; 
chairs and covers: 360. Call 
enany, Flreside 0193. 

ogany ; ught 

from Craig's "1946; includes 4- 
poster bed, dresse pedi- 
ment mirror: Caeeen night table. 
Kir 4083. 

> a eces; wainu nisn; 
ew Trade-in and come. Dept, 
Six oor 




: ma oom 
le bed, complete: ant, ani) 

bench: "Saale table: ee 

fo chair: Ser condition ; 


and dra: match; . and 

ray furniture: me Oe white, wool 
most new. TH. ee 

aig hg E site Bis 

modern blond oak: Forsythe ana | 
1 kwood penew. 

cheap; refri rator 40. 
41 ‘Washing : ga 

beds complete; 2 heats: “‘boudoit 
chair: 7 143 Ahern 

pieces; also single bed hogany dresser ; 
walnut. Reasona ae FR. 

ne reel $125; upholst upholstered a, $25; 

Sa ete 
$39 to $169. SLOAN’ $. be19 Del- 


on conal ment; 

out of storage s furniture 
and bedding; must ; $215. 

an 2201. pesear. 

wain ul. 

walnut spinet desk with Seiki, like 

rye white enamel dinette set with 

chairs. 6524 Per 
3 larze pieces: 

Piechasia walnut. $200; mahogany 
Eeetee. $100. 5558A Page, EV. 


with spring and’ ped ly 764 
Westminister i east. 
—- piece, $75. 

501 West Dr. U, ‘Cit 
-~gomplete: pieces, 

etc.: P 4507. 
wa . 

BEDROOM SET, beautiful Inut, 6 
oS Stee. ‘CA. 8457. 
: or part -piece ; 
e We iW. 

, t-prece; se 
1803 58. Jefterscn. 
; gas stove; 0; 
twin beds. Mae 2821-W. 
TU. 54 
room tables; n. MU, 
on chest and dresser. gan, 5466. 

ric con- 

"BEDROOM SET: 3-pc.; electric con- 
sole Victrola. 3893 PUiah L. 
BEDSTEADS, ¢t win, dark ekogany. 

5251 tt ane ed 

automatic washer. used 2 

Me ng condition. GO. 3082, 


to the walls. 

With a Fine Selection of 

Used Furniture 


0070 DELMAR 

8, N. Kirkwood Rd. pane A oy “f 
F ae hk : seet enti 1:30 FR. 352 PO. 3712 
= S churches es els; stee -P.. 
edge, "30x72 inches only girs Prigiaaize bush b blower call thor- S A E: E 
BENSINGER’ S Anarias °C Glen Carbon, Il OIL HEATERS 
| 1007 Market (1) ing cabinets. ‘National Equipment | Rap rere - Piscean. Duotherm 
‘ferve, yourselt” %-in. plywood: °8- WIRE CHAI LIVING-ROOM SUITES 
Ranting Seah rere excell con: | 200 entre frame, trom General! esing, Out A, Sale 
q124W i ra Bridge. FR. 8747. BENSINGER'S Priced Originally From $129.50 
GROCERY fixtures and stock; Tease | ~ Sr ont, Market CH. 4040 $65 00 TO $229. 50 
ee a Roosevelt | “325. Mason, 4105 Washington. 
, {%-HP. GAE MOTOR: electric soda | BEDROOM ™SUITES 
After 11 2- 2% boxes: rd ame com 93 Suites. 
4-Pe. eine wae 



Siedere Walnut Suite 
with Plate Glass Mirror 


‘TIL 9:00 P.M, 

ove, e + 

“ tchen ca , 
yaaa abies, age | Mound City Furniture utility cabinet, 2729 XN. Union. 
SAFE WTD. MA. 2500; = 2000 DELMAR coftee stable, mirror ‘top: all ai 
‘SALE HOLLYWOOD BEDS | CHIPFOROBE: cedar “lined. 5303 

® anc Hamilton 4275. 
Now tak noel +p gin lnm alg gg Aa console radio: 
tress and A } a t > * ° 
Oma | ee ee gee ot SOS 
) 90) ful, im Se mL 

Goldberg Furniture Co. 
1 3 Nights 

ee ee 
a Ws? ie : aR ee ae te! MEEPS Ee 
Se Pe Bee OR TE Ie Poe oe eee 

7A . ° « Nn. 
42 in. wide; walnut finish; 3 
adjustable shelves below, half, 

ble door a, b $95. 5016 



BREA a Noo bachelor’s 
wardrobe, twin Hollywood beds, li- 
brarv table. kitchen tables. 2 dovw- 
ble bed springs, rugs with ads: 
many other items: private party. 
9322 MS ra. 

A table ana 4 
chairs: $12.7 te 
New Tngein and Sample na ohive 
s sofa ueh pen; 
nisceliancous aebitten of furniture. 
9 Del (2nd west). RO. one 

A ° 
new: table — ot Se so electric 

refri| tor. ue 
Delmar selection. SLOAN'S. 5619 
piece, Dieac 

“oy coffee table. wainut;: drapes, 
etc.: private. WY. 0816. 

- Solid oak, $10. 
ee Ae ae 

Ouse eeming: must 
sell: 18th Century dinette: match- 

ras. 9x7 and pads; 
nf living pe chairs: love seat. 
47 Berkshire. 0517 

T. magohany, Baker, excel- 
lent condition ; _ top antique cof- 
fee table. mz 8571. 7717 Gannon. 

Bt ndsor 
chairs; all maple. 82i5 Madison, 
WI. 2529. 

& wey go vi : é& 

Oo BS Nights | 


. « <= oe <~ ~~ 





Bedroom Suites 
Used. As Low as 



Used. As Low As 



Used. As Low As 


Used. As Low As 


Used. As Low As 



Used. As Low As 



Used. As Low As 


ew - - 







CH. ry 
Winfield 2529. 

Ethen Allen make. 

8; condition; $a5. 
a 1866, between 4-8 p.m. 

: meta 
alsin 4 
Reg. $29.7 75: . 24x33"’: 
Slightie prgnted Ag new. 


roadioom remnan 
12 and Tt hat ag , ‘fairly 

large Page mt 

bert onl iggy 4 vat'y Washinzton 
oo rose cover; single 
bedspreads, draneries, dressing ta- 
ble skirt with dressing table. vere 
Ss. Hanley rd.. Apt. 7: 1-5 p 



saatelaase with Ottomans: never 
used: sell sepaantely. meal after 
Ss v : 7 

Chi ndale asta: 

aa table 8 and y Bone 
son: Tee se ty set nd OE 7250. 

lo; box springs, $7 
each. 79 ° 

A. 8018 

~ 9; &. needle 
ictorian; good condition. 





Used. As Low As 


Used. As Low As 


Used, As Low As 



Used: As Low As 


9x12 RUGS 

Used. As Low As 


Used. As Low As 



Used. As Low As 


% RS. 2 RRS = 

+1 Delivers 

Bunk Beds, with Springs, $9.90 

= a . 
re “re 7 Ty" r _—— 
ik & 
bb a era J eae on 

om twist, 15x13, rae 

vg ta bie’ 
any. 8 2 arm chairs, new: 
' pieces: 2 2 

1803 8. "Jefferson. LA. 

extension 3 leaves and pad; 
8-inch racer bicycle es, 

irkwood 37 
$100; girl’s RL, bike. oat. 

-plece ; 

Chef ran :: 
bed anit S75. 

nut; Westinghouse’ retrigerator. 
EV. 5753. 

— like new. Also stal 
ge A sage guns 

0; ‘no dealers: y oF 



hogany, extension 6 chairs, exce) 
lent condition. RE. 8337. 

condition, 7532 ¢ Crom- 

ate: good 
st fl. PA. 



sal rug; vacuum sweeper. LA. 

nut; rn Me 1 1137 

gman. : 

G , i10-piece, 

mahogany. true Sheraton atyle. 

Walnut 4552. 

rr, 5-plece mod - 
walnut; ~ leather seats; 

GR. 7765 

Duncan Phyfe, 
2312R. ‘ 


> ogany, 
$150. Atwater 
DINING-ROOM SET; 9-pe., modern. 
FL. 0211. 

blond, 5-piece, with 
leather seats. hbor 

4138 Lo ough. 
sofa. DE. 4546. 
NG SET, 9-piece, 
1235. EV. 7579, EV. 
4 chairs; 

A e an 
cheap: moving. PA. 6602. 
DINTNE-ROOM SET, 9-plece walnut, 


walnut; newly u ; . 
fect shape. Re anas 

» bot ; 
Al a Aftton, Box 1643, Union 

even; Quick Meal. 3734 Lo 
bo Quick) ge7s. ugh: 

A urant; - 
er; Robert rt Shaw Ir. includes grill 
2 ovens. O770. 

GAS 51 c 
god condition $30. Fireside 3256. 
+ iste model, slight 
used. A. Bem ad 

table top, : 
dition. see at ete esa 
ta “top; £ co - 

tion. 63 9. 
e OveD; reasonable. 


Lorain ator. 1 S74. 

$100. PA. 3037. 
D table, buffet. 8 
- $225. RE“ 6598 

5890A Lotus. 

a spent 
oak; new. HI. 4952. 

’ -p e 
RO. 5696 before 5 
> ove maple, 
hutch and buffe webster 5499-J. 
buffet; r 
oak; excellent Ot 

condition, PL, 

like new: $60. PI. 9009, - 

pote 6 chairs. m8, ce pat 

Tpacestved, 3800" Liberty 
: 0. 7s. 

n ns LLB. 

iptreside ” 4219. 

-piece; walnut. 

nut: 90. 
CE. 8665. 
° gany; aid; 
leaf: console ends. LU. 2987. 
- ; -piece; 
reasonable. EV. 4341 

seus ghd like new. HI. 3876. 

-piece, walnut, 
reasonable. FL. 6946. 




old; ce. 
3018. A intment necessar 
DRAPES, ; sale flowered iailie rire 

valance; 4 vars. TE. 3- 460°. 
3-burner sas a sete '50- . oe — 

-Ib ice fluorescent 
light, oil wg ig 2213 8. | 

RESSER, anti 
solid oe P vot mirror: 8 vet 
bed with s epee 

‘ Tae auti- erms 
ful mahogany Duncan Phyte drop- a ern Co. 
meas ag pedestal iy oe ot 4311 Olive. n Mon., Fri. "til 9 

exten ft) Pane 
tail $64.75; our price — a4 5 Lyre rug; 2 small tables: dresser: single 
back chairs to rate nN ag match, | D@d. and innerspring mattress; 
$79.95. ‘Terms. d ‘chairs: table top stove, like new: 
4311 Olive. n Mon., Wed., Fri. rik 9 = ta o : 

A table, 6 rs, ow “ 
yg Peer f os Tene Sun., lighting fixtures, a berber ‘ clectrie 
EL EC etal y te a ey ‘1307 8. Bis 
conditioned on en, “d; $39.50 & 

ned and Sots 
New Tra e-in and e Dent. 
1101 Olive 
A as new, 
ipa! bbe z city. 6544 Clayton 
ft. 3229A Minnesota av. 


tab ete. 95 value. 
fables. 18 Piss a pay 


- reasonable. 2 
new; 6 
3 days only fine innerspring raat 

tion; reasonable. 


5 % 
: l porce » very 

$19.75 up. 

ew Tinse-te ame Sample a tre 

oe aie Cc; 

ion; good 

os ‘working 

“TT? mane ¥ 

4 - 4 * 

- wv IE bodintom homing me Fe tw 
Pm oF ies 

ed, single 
ecorator’s piece 

Pa a 
; very 
mussed, . Langan 
’ $ 1 Delmar. 
riANU an -piece an @ pario 
suite. East 6151J. 
; grand ange, other 
Sata back; circulator heater, 
elsh bu .. Stroller, awning. 

. electric, Ho : 
condition; $50. 8I. 9203. 

, electric, e top: 
pont: $75: excellent comiition. CA. 
ecu. ft., good condition 

side oven, round. dining ey A 
complete or sell separately. re- 

side 0787. 
persone condition, ~ $150: s 
re oe like ne . 88; alvanized 
vy i. Pe Cornell, é 
slightly da tn shipinent, Caz 
m an 
be imaged in oth Sunda ; 
fro “er Sh Bes oats - and Fuel. : 
cu. ft.; excellent condition: $10 
4 Sun. 410 

‘Holly Pitts 

nt eee Vote 
ect cons 

« Btey ws cu, 
150. 24 8. Elm, 

ft., perfect order, 
Webster 74 

inghouse and table A 
in t coudition. 



luxe model; ft.: $295. Must ; 
sell. CA, ‘3678. 783" Delmar, 
Electric; § cubic ft.; latest. model: : 
—s used; sacrifice, HI. 4954, $ ; 
i] .m. 

Crosley, Hot-Point; ‘te Doy, 

¥ nt; orms. 
GO. 7933, 4023 W. Florissant.” ) 

orge, £ 
dition ; " stove, 3 month 
both cheap. SOSA * 

; cu. ft. - 
aire; good condition. 3669 Shenan- 

REFRIGERATOR, 615 cu. fl.. 22 
rifle and table WF $150. 
aia a tae all for $150 
" ey 0 
Ee g00d condition: appa: 

eae RATOR, 

net: ironer, 

G.E.: testa 
electric vaeuum. PA, 
: estin Be 
Hollywood twin beds, Sealy made: 
Winkler oj! stove. 661 

R A. orge cu, ft.; 
good condition throughout; $70, 

. 10 es, 

) ece; watlnut; 
like new. 5710 st tford. 
to 49. 
DIVAN and matchi _ newly 
u holstered, beautiful matlasse bie. N 1 
also lounge and leather chair love 2 . _- 
Sis 422. = . .iakia Gr aman tebe 
a ee , | reasonable. 4 
posse 2 years old, $75. 4626 os 
sa enamel, 
like new: mi glass, china, 
“makes bed: mohair; ood , , 
condition: =sesmoaanle s as. pictures, end tables, lamps, 7330 
erfect condition. ana. 9606. ; er. 
Ree ‘auton 
rollaway; like i 3224A Barrett 
UB te nut » complete ; 
ep ie 3 pair, matching, eentie ‘old: " sutomatic Launderall 
lined, néver used ; gy ir for pic-| WwW ng machine, like new. 4525 
ture window: made for home in| Tennessee. LO. 774 
Hanley Hills + Samieoarnan: reason- r white ename!. 
able. MU. 2864 good condition; Sunday a.m. or 
a beaut u ng, din- after p.m. oe 
ing room, bedroom and den, 

lain top: almost 

3 in 5 apart 

excellent running conditien: 7 cu 

ft. Hi 7861. 

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got condition. 6216 Hoffman, HI, 
, . éestingnouse 
Al condition. $72 FR, 

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Hoover ewerpee,.. 9 Gheet of drawers, 
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coe ft. 

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fort; choice of colors; 

Hise RIGERATORS, partment size, 
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Stewart Warner. tt 002 r. 

3-year guarantee: "$128. muir 

ee ag MU. 5616, 12 noon F 
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mi eH condition; bare” 

teed: easy Conus $75 up. 
Broa 3548 


come: , best offer takes. 




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$275; model; 


and; 4a 
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covers and - 350: 
ry &, radio, 
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4 aN . yee 
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>  « ae . a 44 
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feta 2 Wis 4 % A a ae . 
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feet cam er ors. ’ vo Ree 
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J Shee gar 

tl i ee ee ee eee eee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee he ee ee Me 


_ PAGES 1—4E 

es a : i , , . me 
wv ss rand st th . in Py | , | § : | | 
The Misses Pennant of 1948 LLILY, LU 
“OGuaaamppormaggmmm WCE, PITTSBURGH 

NEW YORK, Sept. 11 (AP)—Both’ Boston clubs—the Red” Sax 
and Braves—solidified their grips on first place in the tight major 
league pennant races today. 



st « ee 
Pe Ag 


13 : | > mr : 
 Litwhiler Batting Star 

By Bob Broeg : | 
Comic-opera baseball, the kind-that used to keep the National 
League laughing during the days of Brooklyn's daffy Dodgers, cost 
the Cardinals a precious ball game last night at Sportsman's Park, 
where the Redbirds suffered their twentieth defeat by one run ‘be- 
cause two players wound up where only one belonged—on third 
base. The Cincinnati Reds were 3-2 victors. 

The Red Sox increased their 

| ’ { lead over the runner-up New York 
How They Stand Y Yankees by defeating the fourth 
scnata: aaiaanre: place Athietics in an afternoon 

night doubleheader, 9-1 and 2-1. 

The Yankees handed the Wash- 
ington Senators their eleventh 
straight defeat, 6-3, but saw their 
second-place margin over Cleve 
— breeds of ; es ' —- , = shrink to half a game whén 
ast inning ing by t : Who’ Third? 4. ANS; fe ; , | = oe : the Indians swept a twin bill with 
run because Daniel Webster Lit- : ee AX ¢ b Act I o”0COat SS. | the Browns. 
beg Bins nt ee aatate ’ : , 52 Cubs Go Down, 13-12. 

oO e e Cardin The B . 
often, had belted a timely two- tional Laven pies pod pa 
run double as a pinch-hitter in second place Pirates to three and 
tn hataaber third pibes, the Sst: op in thelt dayenight twin Dil, 
birds raised the hopes of a 15,577 Yesterday s Results amd 13-2. The "Puates outsell 
ctowd. Cincinnati 3, Cardinals 2 (aight). |the Cubs in a 1-12 slugfest. 

- ee Ie (ee Double Kayo of Bums. 

' Stan Musial, whose thirty-fifth 
‘hom i et , 
er had kept the Cardinals in 2 2. Brookiyn 1-4 (first; The third-place Dodgers, howe 
ever, were handed a double knocke 

out punch by the Giants, whe 
(day- | Whipped them, 2-1 and 64. The 
first game went 13 innings and 
a aig on was called after two 
out in the last of the sixth be- 
Today’s Schedule cause of darkness. 

With Probable Pitchers The Red Sox whipped up five 
Records in rprentheses ) | double plays to help Denny Gale 

ee 4. | house gain his eighth triumph in 

rey vs. (15- |the opener. Mel- Parnell allowed 

1), rtteld only five hits to register his sixth 

(4-3) we binekercen (B18). straight and his 14th triumph: of 

Philadetphia Boston—Scheib - 
| J <a ane 3-8) Boston——Sehelh (13-7) |the season in the nightcap. 


ul eceee--s-200, 

+1 enn s2us~2n0, 
S| -owomwsou~wuZ 
a | eeesense~nno? 
~| esc00000~-s0 0% 


ul csoseesssenne, 

the game earlier, singled off vet- 
eran Cincinnati relief pitcher 
Harry Gumbert for St. Louis's 




Slaughter swing 
away instead of bunt, the second 
successive safety sent Musial to 

Don Lang had left two mates , —7he* 
in scoring position in e sixth, | Jobusen p 
popping out, and this time he 
grounded sharply to shortstop 
Claude Corbitt. Musial broke for 
the plate to break up a double 
play, but enroute Stan hesitated, 
it seemed, as the shortstop jug- 
gied the hall. Corbitt’s throw 
home then trapped the leading; 

Stride er Two From Bag. 

Catcher Ray Lamanno charged 
up the base line and although 
there’s a base ball rule of thumb 
about making *em run you down 
at. the base ahead, the tag was 



| ewnouuserseou 
| sosousce~sonn” 


»| 202009999-u~6 
S| cossns0-aum-Z 
o| sxees206es000" 




Sox tally once in the openi 

| : 2 . =" | : ) ; ec ss! at Louis Peterson (2- |inning, then climb all over 
a | hk a ae i bd Sy (11-14), 33 McCahan for four more in the 


. ‘ 



1} ! (9) ve.| <A crowd of 21,415 saw the Red 

e h 
= at New ¥ (9-7) vs. 

. thi > 
Hartung ( 8) Jones 14-7). rd to clinch the opener. 

(%-7 Bickford (8-5) vs. Dennelly| J0e Coleman of the A’s allowed 
(5-8) Leonard (10.16). ase only six hits but dropped his 
twelfth decision in the nightcap. 

| . SS ivs. Hamner (5-9). 
Browns Lose | be | x | 2 A e \ Dom Di Magsic’s two-run triple 

J in the fifth accounted for all 

madé just a stride of two from Twice; Lemon ] TN | N T I NN, G | S : A ehhnrn Nomed gre eg mat seaneinel ania 

third base. But, wait, that’s not | S Washington hits for his sixteenth 

. ; . . ; Ye SS 

all. | ’ : .& mi ¢ e victory against six defeats, Tom 

Slaughter, who had rounded sec- Wins N Oo. 20 y : X ~ a S R Ik Y | i, ag. % i 
ond, tried for third ot the ret 2:30 game, the last of the season r anever (Jordés by LR ro SZ OCs LOPL . ay of 00 le 0 ear che. Fuaheoe! ‘Tehit atteck. — 
And Lamanno’s momentum, after/with the Reds. Southpaw Kent . - a 7OR 7-DISPATCH SAS - : , 
putting Musial out so close to; Peterson probably will work for SPORTS CO" dae ime ree rig Sie sgl Mh 
third, carried the catcher — Cincinnati. 
into Slaughter’s path. “The seco ee 
tan completed waren ne let’s say| Brazile complained of consider- 
“unusual”"—double play. And when /jable pain in his injured right shin 
Ron gr He wh the | was taken to St. John’s Hos- 
zZame was - . & 
fact, the secon vision yawnec, After today’s game the Cardi- 
only a half-length behind. inals will be away until the Jast 

Lamanno’s right hand WA&Siweek of the season, returning 
jammed during his brisk short-| Sept. 28 for three games with 
order business at thrid base. And) pittsburgh and three with Chi- 
in addition to Manager Dyers cago. The final swing through 
wounded feelings, there also W&S/thne East begins Tuesday night at 
an injury on the Cardinals side. Philadelphia. 

Alpha Brazile, the Redbirds ijn 
starting pitcher stopped a line’ The Reds found no perceniage 







, The Sporting News has named |‘hirty-eighth double. DiMaggio 
Pennant Races Are Hot, All-Star Team Picker stintite pect Siicnall eal a his ngs ag hone run and 
CLEVELAND — Th Swear . 

ners ty ronan Wage nell ©; Even if Teams Are Not. Sees Too Many Shortstops. os re Sa 

e winning streak fielder of the Philadelphia Phil-|games. Forrest Thompson was 
rame eee ee y ' 

+ a ag al tape mt pg ASEBALL is proving this | Dear Extra Innings: _ lies, as the major league rookie of | wom Sain gained his nine- 
season, just as it did during | ¢¢ T'S all-star picking time the year, teenth triumph for the Braves in 

doubleheader to the third-place ‘ 
Cleveland Indians, 41 a" 9-1. the war years, that it's the again—that is, the time of | Ashburn was cited for his 32|)the opener,’ and Warren Spahn 
Steve Gromek yielded only four| Competition that counts, rather the year to select one SU~ / stolen bases, his .333 hitting, some|won No, 13 in the nightcap, 

than the caliber of the teams | per-duper team from BOTH fast thinking |Schoolboy Rowe allowed the 

hits in his first-game duel with : “+ hrilli tch 
Ciitf Fannin, and Bob Lemon| Participating, We're inclined to | leagues. It's not difficult to | oo ie th wing” Braves only six hits in the first 

agree with an opinion eX- | come up with a first-class. out- 3 7 cee 

a a ne pressed recently by J. G. Taylor | field when you lead off with | Ashburn led the National’ on Mwentiite sa he ~— 
crowd of 32248| Spink, publisher of The Sport- | Musial and Williams, But who's |League in stolen bases and. was ‘game in the tha dining with two 
ing News .. . Discussing the | your shortstop? There are about |‘#itd in batting when a DEOneS nen en for all ‘itieton’s rune °K 

Cardinals’ chances to overcome | five pretty good ones this year |Dand recently put him out for they en inning put the 
the steep hill ahead of them, | at this position, where age page bell weekly said Asie skids under Robin Roberts in the 
someone recalled Gashouse | formerly was sacrificed for fiel | tees Eames ee cy ig might. game. -Spahn helped his 

age. It said the blond outfielder °@¥%e_ With a. two-run homer. It 

| Ry & Special Coerespendent of the 

3 EL 



ees FF $3: 


ES ; 
Russ f §: 



drive with his right shin in thejin testing the throwing arm 
second inning and was forced|Del Rice, who has pegged out 
to leave the game. Young. south- | of 23 runners this season. 
paw Ken ee taking a— s :eneamneelilgionneialed 

after Grady tton’s bank-sho . 

base hit, eventually became — eon 28th 
losing pitcher, though again he omer for Louis 4 
hurled ereditably. vil e 


TOLEDO, O., Sept. 11 (AP)— 

: missed 

a double play on Ray Lamanno's 
force-out grounder over second, | 
Hatton. scoring. 
Johnny Vander Meer, ultimately 
credited with his fourteenth vic-, 
tory and third over the Redbirds, 




a aah he 


Dillinger, the Browns’ speedy third 
baseman, hit safely in each con- 














Gang Days, and the Cardinals’ | ing prowess. 

to overcome obstacles. 

“Yes, but that was the Gas- 
house Gang team of Cardinals,” 
Spink said, “I believe that the 
Cardinals of 1934 could play in 
this year’s American League in 
the afternoons and in the Nat- 
ional League at night and win 
both pennants by 20 games.” 

That's high praise for Frankie 
Frisch's 1934 team and a rough 
indiotment of 1948 baseball... 
But consider a point or two... 
The Athietics, with a rather 
shabby looking rester, made a 
strong bid for the flag this year, 
leading for a goodly stretch... 
Without taking anything away 
from the great Connie Mack, 
that indicates that American 
League clubs are far below pre- 
war standards. 

“There's Lou Boudreau, can- 
didate for most valuable honors, 
one of the top hitters in the 
American League and one of the 
classiest and most dependable 
fielders. But that crowds out 
Vern Stephens, the former 
Brownie enjoying a bang-up sea- 
son with the Red Sox. Likewise, 
the Braves have a top-flight 
shortstop in Alvin Dark, who 
has been among the National 
League’s top batters all year 
and leaves little to be desired 
while handling grounders, liners 
and pop flies. Also. appearing 
in Who's Who frequently is 
ancient Luke Appling, still bat- 
ting about <320 the last time we 
looked. And add to these Pee- 
wee Reese, until recently a .290 
hitter and a player any team 
would like to have at short. 

“We just had to pick Boud- 
reau on-allround performance, 

+broke his hand sliding into second 

and disclosed the nature of the 


base for his thirty-first theft, did 
not disclose the injury for four 
more innings, and stole his thirty- 
second base before a low liner 
knocked the giove off his. hand 

injury to Manager Eddie Sawyer. 

Other rookies winning mention 
include Hal Jeffcoat of the Chi- 
cago Cubs, Bob Chesnes of the 
Pittsburgh Pirates, Robin Roberts 
of the Phillies, Satchel Paige of 
the Cleveland Indians, Lou Brissie 
of the Philadelphia Athletics, 
Gene Bearden and Joe Tipton of 
the Indians, George Vico of the 
Detroit Tigers, Bob. Porterfied of 
the New York Yankees and Dick 

was Roberts seventh loss against 
six wins. . . 
Grand Siam. Homer by Kiner, 

Ralph Kiner hit a grand slam 
homer as a pinch hitter to high+ 
light a five-run eighth inning and 
enable the tes to make up a 
10-8 deficit: Andy Pafko’s two- 
run homer in the bottom of the 
eighth brought the Cubs to within 
one run of a tie, but Elmer Rid- 
dle, fifth Buc hurler, held them 
at bay. 

Larry Jansen gained his severi+ 
teenth triumph for the Giants in 
outlasting Joe Hatten in their 
13-inning duel. Hatten lost his own. 
game when he walked Buddy Kerr 
with the bases loaded and two out 

Kokos of the Browns. 

in the last of the thirteenth te 
force in Willard Marshall with the 
winning run. A crowd of 48,583 
watched in semi-darkness as sub- 
stitute shortstop Bobby Rhawn 
poled a home run with two on to 

You'll find baseball men who'll | so we shifted Stephens to third, climax a winning four-run. sixth 
argue jwith you if you call the | then named Jve Gordon over n and final inning for the Giants 
Pirates a team of discards ... | Bobby Doerr at second and de- ; gam , 
Still, Bill Meyer has a pitching | cided to use Musial at-first base, : 
leaving the outfield open for 
Williams, Joe DiMaggio and 
Enos Slaughter. And that leaves 
Ralph Kiner off oo and 
also* omits Johnny 

“Maybe Bob Scheffing as a |: Vie Raschi or Johnny Sain, too, 
catcher, and how'd you like We if ay want a third? es 
Lemon and Harry Brecheen “Happy picking. Layton, 
be two pitchers, and throw in | “FLAX.” first pitch for the 

One Frenchman to Another 

rp wm 

whacked .a “3-1” pitch onto the ! 
pavilion roof, So the veteran left | [Shs 
hander trailed by the time he left | 
the game for a pinch-hitter. 
Johnson, a five-hit pitcher in 
his seven-Inning relief perform- 









? In Shortstoap’s 

Baltimore Orioles, it was announced yesterday by Vice President Bill | Tene a am ; 

- * 
z én i-. 
i eae : 3 
Fa 7 & ; 

4 ve : <2 
wy Ap : i , as i “s 
4 mt 2 Pi ‘ wey ; $ 2 x 
« : s Q ; 
uit . “ - 
Z te 4 y Y 
aunt rf Bhs . ft * : Nae : a ; $ * », 
i — st 4 . ’ i A 398 : as nc a ee ‘ ae : . : : 
: ==> 
’ . ’ . 7 ’ ™ 
Fee Rap " 7 & . mig : ’ 
. " ber vs 2 . ' ‘ . 4 . ® GS ss * SAY» <5 . x 4 : : ” : a > 5 Ay ‘oes ’ 6 7 j . 4 
,7 ‘ 4 ; Figties ae ‘ all Bg Ch gi padivig see ay Sa te My Fiteake te: Bikes ce 5 saat Pe ~ e eo Sg ob he ME NA ESO pee ee ‘ $e e 5 RY an See ce : * va t * n i 
. Bs bey 4 -~ . s ¢ as ve 4 , ‘ 
P ind , r " 4 § : : 
iz ae : > nae is ‘ ». . a . - 
les : = " 4 y s : 
ba ‘ “ : - we Si ; : ees “i eae ~ aes PF BEST; . Me) se : 
| pr 2 | : ae CE Aga 5 3 rR : ee a ae ' J 
, . “ 4 - he 6 a ey 
: . . ; > : + + - 
: “ # e : 
s . pve 4 o % _- 
9 4 4 adi . ¥ . ; . 
yet + r . r , j : aos a phi jae OPA Aer 4 . ~ #5 
| 7 YA fs , . , ba : , . ' ny | eat | , | 
; i ’ Ee : : ? ! IE NLA LES VUES, 7 : ‘ 
J 4 ’ * 
‘ ; : 
? - 
Pe ‘ * - 


‘FOREST HILLS, N. Y., ITH both Boston clubs up 
7 i's hn obteeth eee robability y thst | oe bn the ‘first Found of the .Aationa! the Bravis aad hed Sox will be| Said Homer Smack: “Tt will 
‘3 an od r) 3 = . 3 e Braves an 3 . 
BPs sro sion, Bag vf dg Se eae a Billy Southworth will turn out | = Ee] wich: tennis championships today, None|the happy fall guys? . leave * or in the brow of eS olted ae 
q rback, quit be-/ to be the Moses who will lead | © Pet. ) of the seeded stars received even e | ¥.,. 9 — * : his squad closely. as it went 

cause of personal problems, Coach | the Braves out of their 34 years’ | | cs Anyhow, the Black Bay no This is starting ‘out like ajith h its longest scrimmage of 
Joe Maniaci of St. Louis Univer- ne in the wilderness of | © x mous Baugh a be agp fright. longer is in the dark horse cate- |, Kchiod s socthall Pn eae ee bs Cuil pin on il vesterdar on 
5 . y Talbert of New York City.! gory, Hardly a team in the country will| Liggett Field, and afterward 

sity’s Billikens announced yester-| defeat into that Utopla of mi ee gibi , 
day during a gloomy appraisal of | 2nd honey—Pennantland. Bin Sore ©] Looks lke Eddie Dyer may |the second seeded star, dropped a. ee win a game, if you care to believe | named 40 men who will receive 
his manpower situation, Since leaving St. Louis, : x “ need a few more face Cards to jone set before he knocked out; And speaking of fall guys it the greatest attention hereafter. 

The loss of Broeg, a senior who} h8S made good progress... . | 94 Barney Welsh of Rockville, Md.,|was quite.a fall the Pirates and “I'm not splitting the squad now 
ld for | hae j 
—_— me two years with ao in eg a yn wl x . > 6-2, 6-1, 4-6, 6-1, but the few who ay ane Schmitz took out of : . npn A hed ge rg ~~ 
ut the brunt of signal-calling and | needed or could get, arid here | © >| ficials’ watched the match on an outside |*"® “St ies will receive the most con- 
th on Flovd Lahay poente- he is again knocking at the door. Re ars ope court figured that Billy was being 2. =. 2 tees mai between now and the 
ing but untested, and Bob A . «« The dividends are now in | aaa. ® | the charitable. When Stan Musial hit into | ware... . Sunita of the ciamae 
No. 2 at the position in 1947 sight for the men who had con- | Gage CG Jaroslav Drobny of Czechoslo-| that triple play against the Pi- At the fullback position, Ew- 
Broeg, a married war veteran | ‘idence in Southworth and paid | Ge | i: Nertsery Rhyme. wien thrent tothe Stub civen vio that ‘The Man killed three Birds vie es @ bank named Hank Christman, 
expecting to tage an 8 ag for it in a big wey. Ves | Some people pray for all the luck,|py jack Kramer, looked the part| (Redbirds). with one shot. Burl Charity of Youngstown, O., — "Charis gg —— Bevo 
a od an wal “ry On tO! x been & rough journey for | @ ; | ut; pal, make no mistake— | in smashing Tony Vincent of New Ok a AS was knocked out by Jake LaMotta | 25Et: “ir atelter, who for- 
orego “ory wee ae a few the battered Boston caravan that: | © ea | The guy who drives a tretter » |xork City, a student at the Uni-| Branch Rickey has taken the|in New York. . . . Charity will merly played for the Un iversity of 
sues en Goad a cnt has followed the desert trail to- | ~ a Isn't mening a6 a break. vey ee tak 5 first step toward curtailing ‘have to begin all over at home. iineeuri. 
< oN . . ankie er es, : 
b Varn ie Se. eee ee |e ee Madison Meeting the top-seeded favorite, drew a Half Dozen Letter Halfbacks. 

able. is La 
First Game Friday. century with only one halt at | § 94) 1 ow U F e * : ed 
th e tville oasis. .. . In 47 ek BR eS ae arms Vp Slowly. first round bye, as did also Gard-) P t hin R The halfbacks named includ 
nina Bing An Fags a ae ae club failed 46 times, | =k unmuure cu HE Madison Raceway (Fair- |nar Mulloy of Miami, and Bob ItC g ecoras returning lettermen Don Belt, Bob 
Dubuque and an I. one squad of | ©f which 38 saw it wind up in N ? M 5 mount) fall harness meet is | Falkenburg of Los Angeles, ~ ge Buhrmaster, Bill Gerstung, Gayle 
49 players reduced td 39 for one| Second division. . , . It finished 0. £—IViaybe making haste slowly. \- 5 |‘in perhaps ihe ‘day's most| NATIONAL LEAGUE | AMERICAN L 
reason or another, Maniaci re-| Seventh 14 times and last nine BILL OUTHWORTH Midweek crowds of around 4000 In perhaps the day’s Mos Ww. 1 H. BB Ww. 
marked: ag times during that stretch. Lf . “he pat and mutuel handles above |Closely-fought pe Laerige ree Shoun. 
. ee ae ee apn avored to —. $80,000 appear to be a little {fans in the — jum, wad pny c 
tnd “tie tba “echetule time > e a pean 7 to e : above the first week last spring. of San b hag Fee a fi . . < 
We'll be outmanned, but not out- oston Natt weague clu . . . Betting average per capita [img ser » Ea M vlad 6-4. 6-3, 46, 
n aroun e , Brg ettg 
fought.” the Boston backers from the sea | {0 & pennant victory, this ow ranges d the $12 |toWneey y esived Cochell’s | 
As a further scare the coach| of red ink. ... Pilots who had century. George Stallings, mark,-also slightly up. ont “te dong never solved Vocnels 2 
learned that Dick Gabrys, 201-| Wom flags for other teams tried | 1914, was «No. 1. Sixteen An we have been Sivas 10 UD- |" civenth séetied Vietir detxak of 
pound probable starter st right| 2d failed. ... Only one, George other leaders failed. derstand, it takes an average | seventh seeded Victor Seixas of | Jones, NY 
end, had suffered a slight attack | Stallings in 1914, pulling out of mutuel handle of more than'| (oth of New York City, 62 63,|° 
;,.| last place to lead the proces- | under possibly the least $90,000 to break even on the 7s Oe 7 
of appendicitis. A later report in y aggres- 6-1, and Tom Brown Jr., of San 
dicated, however, that Gabrys sion, made good during this cen- | sive moniker in major |! e | heavy expenses of trotting and whine: whi. @ih & Stabtiet Branca. 
would be available for the season’s tury. r history—the “Doves.” .. . t | pacing programs at night... . against Kramer two years ago, | Schmitz, Chi 
opener | Several refinancing episodes | was around 1907-1910 when | Later, Fairmount officials expect outalurged Jim Brink, tall Ame 
Lack of depth in the line ap Were needed to keep the club | George B. and John B. Dovey the breaks to improve. . . . Espe- paw from Seattle, 6-3, 6-8, 6-3, 6-2. 
peate the Particular problem at| solvent... . But reward is now | jn turn acted as president and | cially the breakage, all of which Bont Afridan Wine, 
the Parks Air College camp of the! +>. sight—thanks to Billy the | owned the team. goes to the track. Eric Sturgess, South African 
Billikens, but a bright spot is the| '4--.- The rainbow’s end and * * * ane Se Davis Cupper who is seeded fifth 
versatility of Sophomore Harry the pot of gold is just around The Bostonians from time to ‘on the foreign list, gave a smooth 
Jenkins, a 169-pound athlete who| ‘%® corner—maybe! time have borne other names t display in ousting Clark Taylor 
that fitted indifferently. . . of Hamden, Conn., 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, and 

has learned the signals for end ot Plead 
guard and center. And speaking |Despite a Nickname, When Bob Quinn (1936-45) took | with the trotters and pacers. | C°lin Long, the Australian round Barne 
of centers, the experienced Pete| . You Can Be Knicked. over as club president a news- |... When a harness horse | ™#n, trimmed Diehl Mateer Jr., of 
Wismann, who had been working HE Braves may be consid- | Paper poll decided that the club | breaks his stride, that is, goes Ardmore, Pa., 6-3, 8-6, 6-4. 
out part time, laid down his brick- T ered a fighting name... . It | Should be called the “Bees.” ..-. | into a gallop, the only break is ‘ Parker is scheduled to open up 
laying trowel in favor of full foot- was bestowed on the club the | But they Jacked the sting to de | likely to be a driver’s arm or eT chee a Gilbert Bogley 
ball activity. year after their brave fight that | Serve the name and fans turned | Jeg, . . . Ask Driver Ken Carte | oo vant tak = at ona it 
Wisman, captain last year when| won them the only Boston Na- | >@ck to Braves. nal of Fairmount. . . . He’s in iene to seal the third. nese Hartun 
he was shifted to fullback in a/ tional League pennant this cen- Probably the most popular <cnd | the hospital as the result of an |, il Quist cA e . sie in ee a5 
move that never paid off because; tury. ... But once they bad an- | persistent nickname given the | accident resulting when a pacer seaded fore! rerlbenggete “. a hla 
of an early leg injury, will divide| other name not so warlike. club by fans throughout the | “broke” and threw five sulkies | _ i ‘ - aha r tna Pal 
the offensive center and defensive In fact, once they performed | country was “Bean Eaters.” So, into a tangle last week. Davis Gian ‘eaahebas aah a S. 4. 
line-backing time with Mike San- ; ‘| meets the hee Frank Shields 

ahem, Phil 
sone. Another letterman center, { . inner, Br 
; f New York for a starter Y 
Joe Campbell, still is sidelined : M Bo Sc 3 . 
with a knee injury. ajyor League x or es : ‘me Bruen of tee ie ae 
y, Oar 

Brominski added a cheerful, “The GIANTS 2-6, DODGERS 1-4. CUBS 12. th 
be are doing a great job of (First Game) Afternoon , Game. CHICAGO a pe lihoney A ‘ae. Oth 5 tae ; 
- ng.” tar een, t : 
P Maniaci nodded. “Yes,” he said, roo it mor ee jebnoon, Oe yg 
and the quarterbacks are really Miss Brough Eas 
y y Victor. 
learning what the T is all about. Miss Brough, playing the first 
Shortal Reports. match in the stadium, edsilyex- 
Ed Shortal; a two-time letter-| Reiser lr pelled Charlotte Decker of Wash= 

man and leading pass catcher a . ington, D.C., 6-1, 6-1. The blonde 5 
bomber had her drives whistling, K 

for the Bills last year will report | bVaughan 
to practice Monday. The an-|¢®™? as usual. 

nouncement Was an encouraging Mrs. Margaret Osborne DuPont, 
note to Maniaci, who has only one of Wilmington, Del., a former 
“SL” man back at end. champion now seeded third, ousted 
me Nina Irwin of New York, 6-2, 6-3. won antmgge 
Pellagrini to Barnstorm Mrs. Patricia Canning Todd of| Burkhart, SL-Cim apish, Chi PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 11 (APY 
fi . ree : La Jolla, Calif.. who rounds out | Bicknell, Phil Ferrick, Wash ~—Shortstop Eddie Joost of the 
With Tebbetts’s Team) Srnec 001 for West in elgh the “big four” of the women’s 7 tf hia’ t 
: game, chased Sylvia Knowles of Fl “J. SL: Wi | : penn at “ean hanabetl 
BOSTON, Sept. 11 (AP)—George Newport, RI, €1, 6-0. a ee Te NV s player, a poll of Philadelphia Bul- 

“Birdie” Tebbetts, Boston Red Sox .| i ahr * ai i i 1g 2) \s) 4]? 1 letin readers showed today. 

cateher, sald teday.dbe had nett ; Pe man.” sactifices—Cooamen 3|Association Playoffs Sailboat Championship AME Ag Joost won the Bulletin’s $1000 

eer "a [ae ‘toull : ange tcholso a Series Start Tuesday} POINT ABINO, Ont, Sept. 11! J Mba P| Metionsl’ Lengua Phillies ster 
; Pe as (AP) — Dick Bertrom of Miami VEAL Uae lv. rookie outfielder, by 2854 votes. 

through New England and Canada} } 
after the close of the season. COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 11 (UP)— | Beach, Fla., came from behind to- dame ae Se ee - cate Geos os : he tygnn tes 

If R win th nant : : Keliner ome The Ameri 
e e . ’ = 
th ed Sox pen n onistemes Stolen . ble e erican Association's thir-/ day to take the 1948 International votes cast. Ashburn had 75,035 

the Nashua, N. H., catcher and his it os & 2. teenth playoff series will open 
team will begin the post-season ; ‘ = 4 jek, M on. + co Tossded” night with third wleee Lightning Sailboat championship with the A’s Hank Majeski third 
tour two days after the last world | - Um 3, Rush 2.|/St. Paul playing with first place from Walt Swindeman of Toledo, with 8409. a 
See ee | eed Be bo, Serine ot Genuiven Redutras oh sevoceees. Y mestidis tinet tes “Tillie Red Head Genuine 
rabbetis weld the Saietting play- | st wan pamoenced # aukee, | ophy” in third in today’s finel Vapanese Sets World Leather Gun Case 
ers have agreed to make the barn- Indianapolis was an odds-on fav-|0f the three-race title series as 800-Meter Swim Mark $22.50 
storming trip: Johnny Pesky and orite to go through the playoff for | Swindeman faded to eighth. The 
Vern Stephens, Red Sox; Jim He- ;|the championship and a berth in|winner of today’s race was Bob 
gan and Dale Mitchell, Cleveland the little world series against the |Graf of Buffalo. TOKYO, Sept. 11 (AP)—Hirono- 
Indians: Joe Coleman. Bob Sav- International League’s best. Bertrom’s point total was 92, shin Furuhashi, Japan’s 22-year- 
1 Philadel All playoff series will be the best |three better than Swindeman’s./old swimming star, broke the 
age and Carl Scheib, phia four games out of seven. President | Swindeman, represening the Mau-|world’s record for the 800 meters 
Athletics; Frank Shea, New York Frank Lane said the first three|mee Bay Yacht Club of Toledo, /freestyle event again today by 
Yankees; Eddie Waitkus, Chicago games of each series would be|won the first two races. splashing the distance in nine 

Cubs, and Eddie Pellagrini, played at Indianapolis and Mil- > minutes and four seconds. 
Browns. . waukee. 2 Cubs Buy 16-Game Winner. The new mark was set during STUDEBAKER 

Umpires assigned were John the all-Japan intercollegiate swim- | 
N.B.A. Report Shows Mullen, Jim Tobin and Joe Sera-| cuicaGo, Sept. 11 (AP)—The|™ing meet at Osaka. | Direct Factory Dealer 
Increase in Business 

fin to the Indianapolis games and Furuhashi previously swam the 

Charley Moore, Pat Padden and |o°O0 nase of Warren, Hacker, {distance in nine minutes 46 sec i PARTS—SERVICE 
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP)— 
The National Boxing Assoviation 

Harry King to the Milwaukee onds, The world’s record of 9:50.5 
series. year-old rigni-handes  phener, was set by Bill Smith of Hawaii. SOUTH SIDE MOTORS 
a really meant it when 

wees from the Shreveport ciub of the 
pparen ae Texas League, The price was not}. Shiro Hashizume of Nippon PL. 3200 
it said “y planned to clamp dewn Horse Bought for $252 revealed. Hacker has won 16 sig sity, ‘ a = Furu- #3300 3. Kisgshighwey 
on wornout boxers who should on J e Wi 11.082 S |games and lost 11, a a Cc ar og esane ss . —— 
quit the sport. . | La ins $11, take aie o - oe fhe we Ha tee — ‘i " DOUGLASS, ine, 
For Harvey L. Miller, executive by Farell ¢ Vols Win Southern Pennant, | 

mnt report today gave this break . POGMED. Raveet Sek 3) MAMIVELS, Tee, Ont 6 || am 
nual report t ve this break- ald). erts, , —Five-year-old Aur -|(AP)—The Nashville Vo ) 
m rb L. > — ; chased at auction for $252 was|clinched the 198 Southern As Cotter Buick — 
hailed yesterday as one ©isociation pennant by ng 

re. 2337 BIG BEND BLVD. 

luckiest bargain buys in recent | bile’s Bears, 7-2, for their eleventh 

racing history. straight victory. 
The gray horse won the 2%-mile The powerful Vols, in and out Complete Service on 

Doncaster cup yesterday, worth jof first place all year, captured *” Buick AUTOMOBILES 

AGUE Hausmann, Bill Swick and Charley 
sO H BB SO Winner. The first-year men were 
19 22| Gray, ; 

a 2 lO: Jere Clamp, Charley Stephens 


43 ‘ and Joe Votava. Belt still is un- 
oS 3s able to practice because of his 
weakened condition due to a re- 
cent illness. 

Lu Rawlings and Ralph Stock- 
4/ er remain the top men at quarter~ 
back but Ewbank will continue to 
pay a lot of attention to Art Heb- 
berger, Earl Samel and Jim 
Sprick. Sprick, who will replace 
Hank Schoknecht as the team’s 
extra-point kicker, didn’t miss an 
attempt during the two-hour 

Three returning monogramers 
will take most of the duties at 
the ends as Bob Bennett, Jim 
Greig and Rudy Stinnett resume 
their old positions. However, Lee 
ge "on Lyng, * ge ie 
an u ederholdt will 
aaur’ Oe around to back them up. 

$7 J. Coleman, Phil 13 11 Experience at Tackle. 

=|. At left tackle, Ewbank should 
feel sure of himself with Norm 
33 Halliday, Jim Jeans and Clarence 
Turley on the job. Merrill Rey- 
nolds and Dick Steenrod were the 
only men named for right tackle. 

Leroy Vogts, on the right side 
of the line, and Guy Wood, on 
the left, makes the guard situation 
look nigh impregnable, But for 
insurance Ewbank still will keep 
a sharp eye on Charley Danna, 
4 | 208 Glik, Bill Hedley and con- 

verted fullback Jim Jones. 

Bob Nischwitz, broken finger 
and all, continues to lead the cen- 
ters. Close behind are Henry 
4 Prokop, Bernard McGroarty and 
275-pound Clarence Soule. 

The team will continue its two- 
a-day practice sessions this week. 
Next <aturday the coaches will 
travel to Rolla, Mo., to watch the 
opening of the Missouri! Miners’ 
season against Memphis State. 
Sy Bears play the Miners Sept. 

bt pe 
) WoO 
BORO he 
- be wi 




bo it 

Fowler, Phil 

: n, Bos 
Parnell, Bos 
Porterfield, NY 
Candini, Wash 
Welteroth, Wash 

eH at 


br Ww O10 


~ st 


bt net ps 


bt pt 

wreyeyere rete! 

Pht bt pt Cem OID OD 



re bps 


McCahan Phil 

eed j 



DOS Det A BDI DD “WICC UG) O29 Gyo ~3 he DCA “ABIES CIM CAM M~20000 00 
Sl. Mlcetetan 

+ Dee 

hi - 




& | mae enamcorren 

t| CoHOSSHHewH HW wOnwl 


a2 © 


4 i>) 


ttz c 
5 Bisele « 
e-Fitzger’d ¢ 



Wight, Chi 
| Wynn, Wash 
Caldwell, Chi-Bos 


wo! noomeenne 
4 at 

ba pe 


COCA~3~1D00 op 

| aoe 
wl onsoconweseose 

al owricconccoosu 


| 14S HaWUPe aoe 

+ | cose 22000" 50005 
| SoD Oo SHH OM Hye 
te kN ot ep 


Joost Wins in Philly. 

l comesoescmwem xa cent 

Sl ooHoHownoune 
51 wono+ eo s0~onwnnwoe! 
S| mMoccswosco ssh wun 



"el se sw r 
Si Scssososk S359 — SNH Hees 

S| mowuwwaonwwoe 
UUOr®A am 


S| comocweHHocn 


| otra m re 
ml coosconcoow~ 



es 2 


wl rokoococe 
ol Ho onmonme 

al Honpmmoomoce 

$ lawl 
3 | cocsrorsesm mes 

or sosoorsescorersrosor 

| prea mcomercrons 
«| comecoeooe 



8 | OHH Opn perrmrrrervoeseseres 
a | oHescoHocoHHOHoKes 



331 omessees 

ml eoooecosoens 
a! eoe~esoueru 


Re ot) a 

al ecoecco 


£3 | @astemerse@nccer® 

Ar Ss 
al onoommoue 

$11,082 to his owner, Mrs. Alec ithe flag, their eighth, with only. ST. 
Johnston, It was his tenth vie-|one day of regular season play 8400 
tory. She bought the horse as & |} remaini 


which opens in Philadelphia to- 
The statistics cover the year end- 


pearing <0 SOF) as & companies ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY 3 
for a colt at her small stud farm. | STUDEBAKER 
Auralia (by The Satrap out of) * ELMER TRUTCH TRIO * 7 | CARS — TRUCKS 

Aura) beat an old rival, No Or- . 
chids, by a short. head in a photo ; ; ey Ae 

Jack Garden of 7484 Stratford UNION AT NATURAL BRIDGE | ? 's where to get 

drive, Clayton, hit a hole-in-one |\——————-“”" | 
yesterday on the 125-yard twelfth mage & 
The phot wes witnemed by Henryl masewen | 

e was 
|_Hess and Chester Laycob. ae 

Sales and Service on 
«ais “5. GinGSMOHWAY PL. 9900 


‘: oa ? , co 
| ming mim nico ptoco wes 

wl cooookmnoe 

El cocomeocom 



al eocown~+noo” 
S| coomrerwnnen ll 


wal S90000wso00500 



“ ° iy 

a. po) Sinn han A 



SUIT OR F y a 
‘4 «©TOPCOAT $5 ad 
% Extra Pants $15 to $20 



i ees meh eee = ies we 2 gt 
i dant omadl tas aiclent saedten | 
: J . 
a eS eee Caer 

‘ a = RS RR. “ 
Eg” aia. * 3 ‘Saar “ES 


i tas e- 


vs ” 
. 3 2 
a A 
4 4 
* = , 
wt ¢ 

io 4 
A wD 

mage OA HERS 
é % 
ite ZTE ae ae a 


* Ss pert ATP. 24 oye | Cie 3) oy 5 
‘ 4: Sen ee SR a te Ce 
we ey 5 me oY eS 
+ Va = ie wh. ; < 
; iy Ce OF ey gg eg BF Mago gene ow rege 



Sp grate et ee PROP A ASE 93, 

Muny Tourneys. 



Foukes Own! 
For Third! 
City Crown 

Baseball practice and law prac- 

tice soon will be the double-duty| 

of Jack Rooney, who recently 
passed the state bar examination. 

The former St, Louis University: 

quarterback may be pleading with 
court judges soon just as he plead- 
ed with the field judges at Walsh 

The more baseball practice Jack 
is able to squeeze in, the more he 
will be able to help the Pelli- 
Zreens through the four-team 
round-robin series which will open 
this afternoon, barring rain that 
prevented play last Sunday. 

With “Mr. Attorney,” as he is 
— to by his teammates, at 

apd brother Bob Rooney 
leading off and playing third, the 
Pelligreens have a “Little Poison- 
Big Poison” combination because 
Jack bats right after Bob. They 
collaborated in a 16-inning Pelli. 
green playoff victory by connect- 
ing for a home run apiece to send 
the game into extra innings. Bob 
Rooney, the former St. Louis Uni- 
versity High star, will be in the 
next Billiken freshman class. 

The Pelligreens, whose closest 
approach to a city title was their 
2-1 defeat in a semi-final game 
two years ago, will take a 15-3 
record into their game with Mon- 
santo today. Manager Ed Stel- 
mach has picked Harold Reitz, 
righthander drafted from the 
Shearers, to start. Monsanto, with 
ay imposing 18-1 record compiled 
by a veteran team whose average 
age is close to 30, will counter 
with righthander John Lonsberg or 
southpaw Les Mitkos. 

The Pelligreen-Monsanto game 
will follow the Fouke-Carondelet 
Sunday Morning Club contest, 

oat oe Baseball Title Opens Today 

Boccie—Ht s Rolling Along o on 1 the Hill. 

ht players ick” four-man sides by rolling ae boccie balls 
taf a four whose balls stop closest to small ball c 
the other team. This picture shows action at B 

Ancient Italian Bowling Game - 
Gaining Large Following Here 

By Neal Russo 

If you have bowled on an outdoor alley without having to wear 

bowling shoes, carry along a large 
noise of falling tenpins, or even 

played béccie. 

However, most St. Louisans 
know little about this game whose 
2000 birthdays make it one of the 
oldest of all sports. Boccie (bo- 
chee) came to America and St. 

which begins at 1:15 at Fair- 
ground No. 1 diamond. Howard 
Blaisdell or Bob Bergin will pitch 
for the Foukes, who can equal the| 
reccrd of Keller Drugs if they can 
win the city title for the third 
time, Carondelet is likely to carry 
over Warren Stecher, also a right- 
Two defeats eliminate a team. 

C.Y.C, Finals Open. 

St. Francis de Sales, who upset 
the 1947 champions, St. Engelbert 
nine, meets St. Margaret today in 
the opener of the three-game se- 
ries for the C.Y.C. seniar title at 
Cherokee No. 1 diamond. 

The defending intermediate 
champion, St. Philip, opens a simi- 
lar series against St. Rita at Sher- 
man Park No. 1. St. Stephens, also 
a 1947 winner, opens the final ju- 

Louis along with ravioli and meat 
played it. 

But you don’t have to be in 
'Rome to do as the Romans do. A 
trip to The Hill and one of more 
than a dozen boccie alleys is 
enough. These alleys vary in size, 
one of the largest and oldest (35 
years), the Big Club at Shaw and 
Marconi, measuring 81 feet long, 
13 feet wide. Fraternal organiza- 
tions and taverns provide the al- 
leys, often called courts, free of 
charge to patrons and non-patrons. 
Nearly all the alleys here are on 
The Hill. 

Don’t Forget the Pallino. 

Two sizes of balls are use, one 
resembling a tennis ball, the other 
a softball. The balls used in boccie | 
are heavier, though. Players use | 
one small ball, the pallino, and 

venile series with Sacred Heart at 
Cherokee No, 2, All games start | 

at 2 p.m. 

(First reund of doubie-elimination 

hee ote yy Sant te, i— — Mt 
Carondelet Sunday Morning . ae 
vs. pnanite, JO meaates after 

2:30 pe a ee lead, 1-0, 
in best-of-three series). : 


No. I—Kennedys vs. Com- 
2:30 (Commandoes lead, 1-0, in 

C.Y.C. Tourvers 

games of series finals) 



eight large, or boccie balls. They 
are Made from Quebracho wood 
from Argentina. 

Object of the game is to bowl 

‘or toss the boccie balls closest to 

the pallino ball. A player may 
knock an opponent’s ball away 
from the pallino, hit a teammate’s 
ball closer to the pallino, or hit 
the pallino. Banking is permitted. 

The pallino is tossed first, about 
three fourths of the way down 
the alley. After the first large ball 
is rolled, the opposing team must 
bowl until it puts one of its balls 
closer. When this happens the 
first team tries again until one 
of its balls rests closest. to the 
pallino, and so it goes until all 
eight balls are bowled. 

On four-player teams, each man 

st. | (it’s not a woman's bowling game) 

gets one ball to bowl, On three- 
ad , one bowls two balls, 

the. ers one; in doubles each 

Pe ti bowls one ball. 

One point goes to the team hav- 

ing a ball nearest to the pallino. 

Bellerive Gets 

If a team has the two or three 

The Romans under Caesar | 

personal bowling ball, listen to the 
pay to play, then maybe you've 

balls nearest the pallino, it gets 
that many points. A team earns 
eight points (or double) if all four 
of its balls wind up closer than 
the opponents’ four. A team needs 
24 points to win. 
The teams bowl toward one end 
of the alley, then the other, etc., 
instead of having to walk back 
and forth. The team that gained 
the points in the previous “in- 
ning” tosses out the pallino ball 
to start the next “inning.” 
Leagues Under Consideration. 
With more of these “chat”- 
surfaced alleys in the offing, there 
is talk of organizing leagues here. 
In some Eastern cities boccie 
standings are published weekly 
alongside major league standings 
But the game here is hardly 
likely to approach the popularity 
it holds in Italy. There, it is re- 
ported, men play boccie along the 
roads and across fields, to pass 
the time in walking from one 
‘town to another. In both the 
United States and Italy boccte is 
often played on dirt roads and 
back alleys in place of surfaced 
courts or alleys. 
Among the leading boccie stars 

lis Johnny Galimberti, whose suc- 

cess as a soccer player (Simpkins) 
and as a third-baseman (Foukes) 
make him a sort of triple-threater. 

rise one si 
g Club alley, Shaw and Marconi. 

ther toward small pallino 
; the other four make up 

After all eight large, or boccie balls, are bowled or tossed, penser 
ball or balls came nearest the small pallino ball. Measuring to determine the 
frequently. This picture was also taken at the Big Club alley. Expansion of the game is expecte 

Clarence Nor 

- Quaint Bowling Sport Dates From Caesar Frank Moore 

| To Defend Title 

Frank Moore of Meadow Brook 
will defend his golf title in the 

4 Sn Missouri P.G.A. champion- 
ship tournament scheduled to he 
played tomorrow over a 36-hole 
route at the St. Louis Country 
Club. <A field of 18 golfers has 
entered the event and additional 
lentries will be accepted at the 

first tee. 

a pa Christman, Bob Morse, 

a 70 im Fogertey, Frank Moore, Ray 
:16—Walter Ane. Beny Richter, 

9 2e— Tt O'Connell, Frank Fogerty, 
aS 2——Dave Sutherland, Don Clarkson, 
9: 40—Homer Herpel, Fred age 

| Ray A 

try to nigure which team’s 
“lie” is peer! | 

_|A total of 170,832 more fans, at- 

New Attendance] sg 
Mark Likely in 3 

: ——- x, 
ee — UTD 

With three weeks still to go in the bt 

1948 season, major league baseball 
looks like a sure thing to set an 
all-time attendance record, an in- 
quiry disclosed today. 

Four clubs, the Cleveland In- 
dians, Philadelphia Athletics, Bos- 
ton Braves and Pittsburgh Pi- 
rates, already have set individual 
all-time attendance marks, while 
seven teams have drawn more pa- 
trons this year than they did last 
year at a corresponding date. 

The majors set an all-time at- 
tendance record in 1947 by attract- 
ing a total of 10,954,832 fans. 
Whereas the 16 big league clubs 
drew 18,608,661 spectators up to 
Sept. 11, 1947, a total of 18,778,993 
had paid their way into the parks 
prior to that date this season. 


In the chief pheasant counties 
the daily bag limit this year has 
been increased to four from three 
and the possession limit to 12 
from nine, Non-residents may ship 
20 pheasants, an increase of five 
over last year. 

The new limit of four daily 
and 12 in possession applies to 
36 counties, where visitors may 
hunt for 35 days starting Oct. 
19 and ending Nov. 22. The Oct. 
19 starting date is in effect for 
non-residents in all counties in 
which pheasant shooting is al- 
| In 26 other counties in South 
Dakota, the nofi-resident may kill 
three ringnecks daily and have 
‘nine in possession, as last year. 
| Seven of these counties will have 

tended games to date this season 
than had up to last year’s corre- 
sponding date. 

This season’s tota] already sur- 
passes the 1946 total of 18,612,704— 
which up to now had been the 
majors’ second largest year at the 
box office. 

Following is a comparison be- 
tween the attendances up to Sept. 
11, 1948, and A 4s 11, 1947: 

Billiken Coaches to Be 
Guests of Quarterbacks 

The kickoff luncheon of the 
Quarterbacks Club Wednesday 
noon in the ballroom of De Soto 
Hotel will have a St. Louis U. 
Billiken atmosphere. 

With the Billikens opening their 

season against the Dubuque eleven |. 

Friday, Joe Maniaci, new coach of 
the Blue and White, with his as- 
sistants will be special guests. 
Bill Durney, the Bills mane lg of 
athletics, will serve as guest mas- 
ter of ceremonies. 

Eddie Hickey, St. Louis U. bas- 
ketball coach, will also be a guest. 

The club will outline its 1048 
program at the meeting. | 

‘a 20-day season (Oct. 19-Nov. 7), 
15 a 10-day season (Oct. 19-Oct. 
9/28) and four a five-day season 
(Oct. 19-Oct. 23). 

There will be 62 counties in the 
state where pheasants may be 
shot, compared with 57 last sea- 
son. The restriction against kill- 
ing hens remains in effect. 

Counties with the 35-day season 
and the increased limit are: 
Brown, McPherson, Campbell, 
Walworth, Edmunds, Potter 
3! Faulk, Spink, Clark, Sully, Hughes, 
Hyde, Hand, Beadle, Kingsbury, 
Buffalo, Jerauld, Sanborn, Miner, 
Lake, Brule, Aurora Davison, 
Charles Mix, Douglas, Gregory, 
Trip, Mellette, Lyman, Washa- 
baugh, Bennett, Todd, Stanley, 
Corson, Perkins north of Highway 
8, and Harding north of Highway 
8 and east of Highway 85. — 

And Bankers’ Hours. 

The cost of a non-resident 
license. ig $20. Visitors who in- 
tend to ship their birds must pay 
an additional $3 for a transporta- 

mtn “a 

Pittubuegh 1,464,730 1 
Boston 40.78: 

Rew Fork 13ar'sit 
NOw 3; 
Brooklyn 1,195,583 100,583 


cuionee 1, a8 p18 sag 

St. Louls 1 

Cincinnati 14 
Philadelphia $00" 


AN sits 


oe we 
. = 2 _ 

Total 8,951,467 

9,827,526 9,027,572 *799,054 

St. Leuis 

Correction on Fight Result. 

MILWAUKEE, Wis., Sept. 11 
(AP)—Artie Towne, New York, 
outpointed Eddie O'Neill, Milwau- 
kee, welterweights (10), Wednes- 
night. It previously had been re- 
ported erroneously that O'Neill 
defeated Towne. 

Major League Batting Averages __ 



1949 Western 

Amateur Meet =. 

The 1949 Western Amateur golf | Chic® 

championship will be contested at 
Bellerive Country Club, it was 
announced Fred R. Dowd, 
president of the St. Louis District 
Golf Association. The dates are 
Sept. 19-25. 

tt will be the fourth major golf 
event in an many years for St. 
Louis, which was host to the Na- 
tional P.G.A. tournament last 
May, the National Open a year 
ago and the Western Open at 
Sunset in 1946. 

Next year’s Western Amateur 


Fessenden, pointing out that St. 
Louis in recent years has become 
one of the most prominent golf 

did in eryies newt to the Western 
“Western amateur 

Cleveland ‘4633 7 

4460 501 1084 175 



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oh ead ond ocd aloe 








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Sweeo . oor ee o 



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Seeesestees Seee8c 
SeBttubeeeraceshss ashes... 

| ates. wesessergzes Base Bs ld 

eveutetuuttittiwinwe§aulte puoenesSeet BHSEB o.oo SHEE. E Lf NBME. pe OOS Ee 

Pet. Boston 

New York 

eooc et Ne oOo 
4 . " = 
A Shsee Ht 
BaLGacIn NSB sseeuyenwns ss vans sueNee ee ema Te ee no og 





bt eb 

gh: s 
i a det | Db ae ee 
BIBS SBeeseeshovonvonh aboot metic 

eee bpe SYR ERLE 

ra Fi QBOs nH 


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| : 5 
f, ; 
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oNUsb eM usssuestinaee SeBbsou .LeseRscAes..Br sees. .eeveys 

OSU SHOW KE-HolmbOKUNHEKesHERucumdls uunucosd BSS ouecookmetitorcos 

4598 638 1256 234 

2855 $39 1197 206 
5 1188 188 

SES ee 

S23 aapazst 

SS Suez 

tion stamp. 

In North Dakota, pheasants 
may be taken from noon Oct. 8 
—aeenmemens | until sunset Nov. 20 in all coun- 
ties and parts of counties of the 
state bordered on the east the 
Missouri river, on the south by 
*‘|'the South Dakota line, on the 
3 | west by U.S. Highway 85 and on 
the north by the Little Missouri 

The limit in this area is four 
cock pheasants daily and — in 

A shorter season, from “noon 
Oct. 8 to sunset Nov. 7, will be in 
effect in the counties and parts of 
counties bordered b 
kota on the soutt, Minnesota on 
the east to Wahpeton, then west 
on State Highway 13 to Highway 
1, north to Highway 46, west to 
Highway 30, north to U.S. 10, west 
.| to State 14, north to State 7, west 
to U.S. 83, south to the Missouri 
river at Washburn. The western 
boundary is the Missouri river 
from Washburn to the South Da- 
kota line. 

In this area, the limit is three 
cock pheasants with six in pos- 

Pheasants in North Dakota may 

R. a up. 3B. i 




me Swe: 


Cot Cre arHo- 


+f Ts 





Better Pheasant Outlook in Dakotas 

T, LOUISANS who enjoy going to South Dakota for pheasant 
§ srooting will find the hunting regulations relaxed somewhat this 

By a forfeit. 

Prof. George H. Lowery Jr. 
curator of the Museum of Zoology 
at Louisiana State University, is 
looking for persons to help him in 
his project of studying night mi- 
gration of birds. 

He is attempting to line up ob- | 

servation stations from Michigan 
to Yucatan, at the southern end 
of Mexico, and from Fiorida to 
Mexico: Observers must have ac- 
cess to a spotting scope. 

Heretofore little research was 

imade on the subject of night mi- 

gration because of restricted visi- 

| bility but Prof. Lowery solved the 

be shot from one-half hour before 

sunrise (except opening day) sex 

til sunset. 

Non-resident hunters may ship | Trout (except lake) — — Sept. 30 
limit of birds! Squirrels (southern zone) Oct. 15 
— Sept. 30 

their possession 
from this state. 
a7 * ? 

A. C. Schneider, 

problem by focusing a spotting 

scope, or low-power astronomical 
telescope, on the moon. 

By noting the angle and direc- 
tion of the birds’ flight through 
the measurable, illuminated por- 
tion of the sky, he found he could 
compute the number of migrating 
birds, their direction and altitude 
of flight. 

* * 7 

Missouri. Dates. 
Fish Dec. 31 
Trout (in state parks) — — Oct. 31 
Rabbits —- — — -—- — — Oct. 31 

8229 John's 

place, Wellston, writes that he can 

top the catches of bass, one 4% 

and the other 5 pounds, reported 
in Outdoors last Sunday. Schneider 
said he caught a 6-pound large- 
mouth bass Aug. 31 at Foley, Mo. 

The catches reported previously, 


were smallmouth bass. 

They, too, were taken by St. Louis 

= * +. 

Quail Hunters to Meet. 

A demonstration in the adoption 
of pen-raised baby quail by two 
adult birds that had never seen | 
the chicks before will be given /| 
the Missouri Quail Hunters meet- | 

ing at 8 
Kingsway siotel. 

The St. Louis County 
hunters Association will 

p.m. Tuesday at the; 

have a 

field trial today, starting at 1 p.m., 

on Ladue road, four miles west of | 

Lindbergh boulevard. 

Leonard Stock, chairman of the | 
event, has extended an invitation | 

to all interested persons to bring | 
their dogs. 




Balls Bags 
Shoes Shirts 

’ 4) 
a, 2 

South Da- | 


Sts aoatins 






meng som aD eA 






be tee 


~_ tp». ii, 




iA» ie 



be aad 


=. 7 

bad we “oe mA eee 



Tt ae ae il 
Be ee ee a 
7 ~~ 7a ws er le iD Le ? 

~~ 4 J ’ ' . J ; ; * * * DO h em 
4 : be , * : er?**r4ar4 4 ~~ 4 : 
i~* Oy . ee oe 2 (min. SS 4 1 = 
. oF d a on <* ~ > od : 
air aa ’ 
rt - a : — 
- * Sey : oe , ; . 
£5 3 
oe - + . 
a gs » > 4 ‘ + athe 
- ee ® * . 
. Be ¢ 
3 * * 4 ap 4 ’ : 
‘ P ’ , 
a % > 




\ eee To 24-56) Oe Réel boteHgowants mone Beams 

ESS ae Bok ath sh Seam sone SSo ete ot ae TOURER E SREB LB Bank 


ee a 
‘ ee a a 

————e a ae 
< — ow 

—— ee ree 7 
i Be ie 

a ee ee di ae 
—n lhc — Sl 

eC a a ee © 


P . 
Se. ee ad c 
4 oi in ‘ 
Ce 6 ot be eh 

The New 



Will also fit Cadillac, Pontiac and 
Chevrolet. Drive in today and have 
yours installed, 

“St. Levis’ Lergest Olde Bester” 
2491 Weshingtes NB. 0900 



Mame aeesenteebs ageneee eneeteere osees 

AGdress odetassegtonte eeneee seeaneaeys 

schcthtedaghatatieiacinded oe eeewees * 

rmperies CZECH 



| Doves —- -~ —- — -~ 

Doves — — — — Through Oct. 30 

Dec, 31 



Nationally Advertised 
“Stadium, Boots” 

Alt Yea ‘Sip 

Dept Stores 
Shoe Chains 

$5000—$15,000 RANGE 

WANTED . . . Territorial sales- 
men with satisfactory selling 
experience to cover the retail 
trade. A successful record in 
selling footwear is desirable 
but not absolutely essential, 
Outstanding sales ability in 
related or allied lines is a 
definite requirement ; . . You 
must have car—travel on state- 
wide basis—using your own 
home city as headquarters. 
Splendid opportunity for right 

4? | | 
U SLE (A107) 


men. liberal drawing account 

. Rush resume of business 
experience to Mr. Jerry Palter; 
Hotel Statler, St. Louis, Missouri. 


Manufacturers of world fameus 
“STADIUM BOOTS” including “SUN 
VALLEY” and “LAKE PLACID” lines. 

Baked Enamel 

Depending on condition ef car. 
> he 


AUTOMOBILE _ rcextrtmsnne 
8-HOUR Service 

New Car 


3508 Lindell, Melbourne Gerage, NE. 8246 

ahh bch £2 fa .i] 

Se A OS a ER 
SE ee ne ee 





MADE OF 100% WO 

a le 
Tee ; 

ee! eee 





NOW! *] f° 





PINE yay oe nt 



bd dia INTO 





| -$ 



zi ie 


Suggs, straight 
girl, will be there but not 
defend the title she won last 


| Pung of Honolulu 

should rate as about equa! choices. be 

the 116 entries, Kirby 

come closest to hitting the 

Was runner-up in 

Jast year. She 

to M in 

IMT while being tote’, Unk : Flyers to Sta rt 

. girt was defeated | 
of the western 
amateur last week in San Fran-| 
cisco. Kielty won that title. 
She also holds the California state 
'Ont.. tomorrow for the season's 

Valley Takes No 
Action on Denver ian ‘ereub, ere Veuliie “apink a 

‘tryout agreements by Fiver scouts, 
‘and others are members of the 

Faculty representatives of mem- ewer (Calif.). farm club thy ob- 
bers of the Missouri Valley Con-|taincd by the Figen in dene wich 
ference, meeting at Hotel Sheraton |National or American League 

yesterday, took no action on the teams, are expected along with 

Sixty players have been ordered 
‘to report to the St. Louis Flyers’ 

holdovers from last year’s Flyer | 

application of Denver University | 
for admission to the group. jteam which finished last In A.L. 
Commissioner A. E. Eilers is-_ 
sued the following statement: 
“Missouri Valley Conference an-/and Henry Backor; Left Wings | 
mnounces it is studying the pos-| Paul Gladu, Steve Black, Hec/ 
sible admission of Denver Univer. Pozzo and Norman Tustin; Right 
sity into the conference. The fac- | Wings Eddie Olson and John Ray- | 
ulty representatives met with the nak, and Defensemen Vic Grigg | 
representatives of Denver and dis- and George Milligan. 
cussd mutual problems. No action Newcomers are John Martucci, 
on the expansion of the Missouri /Leo Lamoureux and Thain Simon, 
Valley Conference was taken at /defensemen; Center Liod Doran; 

i “a : ; 
2 re) 
ty : . 
‘ ’ } 4 
7 s > 4 ; 
“ye 4 
. a : are a 2 
x ‘ ae Y 
a, Pe te 
P a ‘oe ; 
2 “ vA " 
- dos : ‘ 
2 - amt by. 4 
*e , 
‘ a ¥ re 
= 3 ~ . 125 wn ps q 
* - S- 

a7 f 


Drills Tomorrow |="«- 


‘hockey training base at Midland, foye- 

one of four states outside the solid 

Democratic South in which Sen-/ 
ate seats held by Democrats are 
at stake in the November election. 


University, ‘holds 

— ey nited 

| Western Division. 
Holdovers include Centers Don | 
Grosso, Ernie Trigg, Billy McComb | 


; ite . ; 7 
\ > F | 
: 4 : rd x a Oy ». Aor sd ; >t A 
; 5 i 3 7 eet tity ae . ee ‘ ’ x 
* 6 . D : 
. G 4, ; x : 
x 4 / 
- ¥ A & f ; aa ‘ < iy . n 
& Y t S « 5 » 8 , i 7 r 
es: @ ed ee eee peers Py tae Om ri b , , Boe hag, “& a ia 3 tie st SENG ae ye Oe eee ee 
* : ic? A aaa . é " 4 
y : J ae 


Press Wire | 
i ont of Columite 
ch he received, along 

end spear whi ed 
sword, from RAS IMRU, Ethiopian misister to 
j States, in-a ceremony in New York, 

The other is Earl Miller 
of Aitkin. 

Rival candidates for the Demo- 
eratic senatorial nomination are 
Mayor Hubert Humphrey of Min- 
neapolis and James Shields, for- 
mer regional director of the Na- 
tional Labor Relations -Board. 
Humphrey has the backing of 
CIO President Phil Murray. 

In the Colorado oe 


in the Republican primary are 




5 Cases Said to Contain 
Machinery, Electrical Goods 
Halted at Docks. 

_—— —_— 



y 3 a ee Beas * 
% ;itan 
. a : : 
e a 

ate Re & 
q de <7 
. : 4 
. + b 5 
‘' & ? r * 
. F Ay 
3 %< 

of Showdown. With 

Oe nie 


LONDON, Sept. 11 (AP)—A bold 
Russian program of “calculated 
risk” lies behind the noisy Com- 
munist housecleaning in eastern 
Europe, in the view of experienced 
western diplomats and Communist 
sympathizers here. 

Most western-minded observers 
think the pressure is on because 
Russia needs immediate, unques- 
tioning Cominform contro! of its 
border buffers in case of a show- 
down with the West. The BEuro- 
pean Recovery Program and moves 
for western unity, slow. though 
they may seem, have presefited an 
inescapable challenge. 
‘There is no tendency toward 
to conclusions that the 
propaganda mean the 
satellite governments are totter- 
ing. But the new evidences of 
ingrained nationalism of eastern 
Europe's peoples seem to be a seri- 
ous barrier to complete Russian 
. Communists argue, on the other 
hand, that the party purges sim- 
ly follow the Lenin-Stalin. tradi- 
on and demonstrate that the 
Cominform supporters are firmly 
in the saddle —except in Yugo 

Some Risk Conceded. 

They concede there is somé risk 
of arousing the peasants by push- 
ing farm  collectivization even 
faster than it was done in Russia, 
But they discount any funda- 
mental threat to the new ftegimes, 

If Russian leaders expected. the 
Cominform denunciation of Mar- 

Ishall Tito to bring the Yugoslav 

Commurtists running back to the 
Moscow party Hine, they appar- 
ently misjudged the Marshal's 
power in ihs own country. 

On the other hand, they demon- 
strated the strength of party dis- 
cipline in pushing Premier Wladys- 
law Gomulka out as secretary gen- 
eral of the Polish Communist 

Gomulka followed the classic 
party formula by confessing he 

es, cha 

+. & + wei. ab 
iruishings of 5 apa 
- . ss) 

: aN . 
eject 1 x 
tye ©) 

; Cheap 

we ' ‘ 

; a3: ; CA, S¥SL, 

oom | 
. 9210 

UstY rose, twist 
_ ST. 3466 

a sculptur 
| 7417 

antique eee 
op tables an 

cloget: 2 


; >» © 
contole, almost new. 

. WR mower 

lide oS OSA 
: . amoma 

disposal, cabimets, 

heret. Mon. a. oniy. 
EWING MACHINES — new. Freq s- 
Westinchouse. anenkamp, 010 N., 
invehiah way 


broa - 

s aby * “pp 
set, Weatinghouse  refricer- 
nn lots af other good furni : 


iteme, 3130 

. Singer 
1 A™@- 

, porch 

GO. 0851. 

SOFA, wee Conppendate ges: 


© Et 

rR che pogo 
and dining AR, nlture. Ca 
PA. 4849. 


niture, PA, 


tele) te. 
\ Ta. 


ror, PURNITUR _ ™ 


FO. 1897 

CALL ST, 1649 

need bedroom, dinin 
kitehen furnishings of 4a 
electrio refrigera@tors, sewing ma- 
chines, ruge: cash ptices for 
all household goods, pianos, any 
size or make: office ae 
tools, metors, Call WEBER. «aT. 
1449. Prompt, courteous service 
and true value. 

Used Furniture Wtd. 
_—_— We need hedroam. “chittes 
robes, chests, springs and mat« 

CE, 2315 



DE. 1604, Badly need bedroom. 
living room, kitchen furniture, ta- 
die-top gas ranges, oll heaters and 
stoves. sewing machines and ciec- 
trie refrigerators, e buy 

ing house furnishings of al) 
What have you for gale? Pro 
an courteou service and 
as 04 

sh for all househo 

Spot ca 
ture, Iinens. washers, frimerators, 
groves qne office furnitare; we pay 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (UP)— 

this time.” Right wings Tony Licari and ¢ormer Governor John C. Vivian 
The United States has blocked 

was guilty of deviating from party 
principles and promising to obey 

Conference schools were repre- ‘Barry Sullivan and Goalie Ralph | and Will F. Nicholson of Denver. 

sented 100 per cent by faculty men | Almas. 

. : The Fiyers will train at Mid- 

and ‘athlotic directors, Silere said. |... until Oct. ¢ or 7. They Will 

. ° ijcame to St. Louis for an exhibi- 

Conniver Wins ition game with the Chicago Black- 

hawks Oct. 10 and league play) 

starts here Oct. 12, against Buf- | 

fale. | 

The Beldame Fiver Coach Ebbie Goodfellow | 

he nae jarrived at Midland yesterday, and | 

—— Alex (Shrimp) McPherson | 

NEW YORK. Sept. 11 (AP)— Das mn on the scene several 

c nba ge omen age Also assisting Goodfellow 

a ame iin giving rookies the once-over 

Handicap for fillies and mares /will be Bob Gracie, Fresno coach. 

today before 31,283 fans at the Promising young players are like- 

final meeting of the Aqueduct |'Y to be assigned to Gracie's team. 
season. ' 

gay een to her July form, Two Bantams, One | 

e + Discovery filly | ° , 

owned by Harry Ta Montagne and Heavyweight Enter 

ridden by ug Dodson charged | : . | 

down the stretch to defeat Har-f"”’ Sept. 21 Boxing Event, 

monica by three lengths, with | 

she | Matchmaker Bob Mohler has an- 

the winner's share of 

Teddy Welch, St. Leo's C.C., 
cC.¥.C. champion, and James 
Thomas, Sports Gymnasium, Gold- 
en Gloves novice titleholder, are 

| West Virginia, Kentucky and Wy- 






From a mathematical stand- 
point, Democratic prospects ap- 
pear better than they will be for 
some years. The Republicans 
now have a 5i-to-45 edge in the 
Senate. A net gain of four seats 
by the Democrats would give 
them a majority, 49 to 47. 

Eighteen Republican seats are 
involved in gp erg bee Ry HENRY S&S. SHAPIRO 
year, compared with the four! WOSCOW, Sept. 11 (UP)—Po- 
seats now held by Democrats out-!,. 1a. president Bolesiaw Bierut 

lid South. 
go tention occupied by Demo-j has declared that relations with 
the Soviet Union are more. than 

erats outside the Solid South will 
ever before the “touchstone” of 

be on the election block . 
- 1952 there will be contes sincere international. Socialism, 
Moscow newspapers said today. 

uthern 4 Democratic 

The Democrats say their pros-} They published Bierut’s speech 
pects. are t in Oklahoma,/.t the recent conference of the 
Polish Workers (Communist) par- 
ty, which fired Vice Premier 
Wiadysiaw Gomulka as party sec- 
retary generai for straying from 
the Communist path laid out by 

Might Have Resulted in 
Wide-Open Rift in 

Ow wee eee OO 

oming. also say they have 

hopes of gaining a seat or two in 
Minois or Idaho as well as Minne- 

Republican big guns will resist 
the Democratic drive for Senate 

ing aid to Republican sena 
candidates involved in tough con- 

where Democratic hopes lie: 
Okishoma—In this usually 

cratic opponent is former Senator 
Matthew M. Neely. West 












J tay “ ec 
. Wii A is i. 5 . ' 
=é is es - ’ s : : ad Og dt 
oy 4 ate i Yee : ef ses a oe SS aie a “g —— * 
ee Ce ne ee ee 
pe EE + az Ba pe "4 " Z 
n o Es e = - : 

Says He ‘Obviated What 

shipment to Czechoslovakia of 
five packing cases of “diplomatic 
baggage” entrusted by the Cech 
Embassy to a courier holding the 

| learned today. 
| ‘The proposed 
istopped at a New York pier On | 

| Czech 

‘State Department, but the cases 
still have not been cleared for‘ 

: made available to the State De- 

‘rank of brigadier general, it Was 

shipments Was 
Aug. 31 by customs officers. The 
Embassy objected to the! 

transfer to Prague. 

Reliahje informants. who de- 
clined to be identified, said the 
shipment included: machinery and 
electrical goods which presumably 
would require Government license 
for export. 

In mid-August, these sources 
said, Brig. Gen. Josef Schejbal, 
military and air attache at the 
Cxech Embassy, notified this Gov- 
ernment he had been recalled to 
Prague for a new assignment. On 
Aug. 31 he arrived at a New York 
pier with five sealed packing 
cases labeled “diplomatic mail.” 
He carried courier credentials is- 

shipment froth the United States 
to Czechoslovakia, 

Schejbal refused to disclose con- 
tents of the cases. When permis- 
sion to ship the cases was with- 

orders had been. revoked. To 
Czech requests that the 
cases be released for shipment, 
the State Department replied they 
could not 

the cominform in the future. He 
had been accused of “nationalism” 
—apparently for heeding the tra- 
ditional distrust of the average 
pole for both Russia and Germany 

,ani counselling delay in collectiviz- 
ing the peasants. 

In the other satellite countries, 
party leaders rushed to toe the 
party line. 

Hungarian Vice Premier Matyas 
Rakosi switched his previous line 
and advocated a speedup in estab- 
lishing co-operative farms--a fore- 
runner of collective farms. A 
convenient opportunity was found 
to drop President Zoltan Tildy, a 
smallholders party leader who long 
had co-operated with the Commu- 
nists, and 56 officials in the agri- 
cultural ministry were arrested. 

Purge in Eastern Reich. 

In the Soviet zone of Germany, 
Communists are purging them- 
selves of “unreliable elements.” 
Elections there have been post- 
poned, apparently because of wan- 
ing Communist influence. 

In Romania, Minister of Justice 

e | Lucretiu Patrescanu was dropped 

for “chauvinism” and “national- 
ism” shortly before the Tito dis- 
agreement became public. 
Communist control was tight- 
ened in Bulgaria with the arrest 
of seven opposition deputies led by 
Kosta Lulchev, leader of the oppo- 
sition wing of the Socialists. 
Czech Communists, consolidating 
their bloodless February revolu- 
tion, tightened the ranks of the 

All this has brought rejoicing to 
some anti-Communists, but most 

This information has not yet been 


experienced diplomats here cau- 
tion against too. much wishful 
thinking. They remember how 
Stalin st ened his power 
through the “starvation period” of 
ruthless farm collectivization and 
the wholesale party purge trials of 
the 1930's, despite predictions that 
the Communist regime in Russia 
was cracking up.. 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (AP)— 
United Air Lines announced yes- 
terday it will the 10 per cent 








Pearl Harbor’s ‘problem of re- 
tiring $110,000 




Re —- —~ deg 

i & 





—— wa 
B i 
i % 7h 





if a 
PS baa ‘~ . f - 
? e $4 
4 en ion aN eae, Se : 
oe wary A 
- oa 

Cae ies, }. th. py Ke 9 
x Saas “We A Serie geagtie 4 ( i gee ay 



ef, new; rve 
achine : cedar 
: maple bed; 


VE; White ater? almost new; 

f tabdie, 

eak, wo 
sofa: no dealers. RO. 8822. 



STOVE, coal; magazine type; heats 
ft eee 

5 roome or less, . 

STOVE, Warm Morn 
reagona bie: te. 

i > _tadie top, 
heap. PA. 9488. 

ne: lke new; 
co. 1479 



We have been fortunate in 
up this discontinued and o 

buy meg 

n compartment, 
valeur. choice tap- 

sk89.50: our low price while 
supplies jast. $39 : f 





STUDIO COUCH, rug and 
ke rocker, ro ~ 

ferobe, Pp 


li-awa bed. 
ull-up char 
St. 7530, 


New Trade- 

= with arms; 

ng room Je ete: A 

TABLE-TOP gas range, all 
will sell e 



URNITURE, & nas ; Hed bad- 
ly; Dought or taken in exchange 
for moving. rniture & 
oving Co., F 

a nds: homes, 
rooming houses, bedding, dishes, 
utensils. CH. O788. MU. 5171. 
G or sou used fir 
niture from PROSSER’S: 
lished 43 yea Call FO, 1807 


REF : 
electric. MU. a) 4. 
+: .& 

mture a 

needs fur 
ing machine. 8I. 3550. 

. £0 mad carops 
top bedroom set consisting of bed, 
dresser, Wwashstand and wardrobe; 
bed and wardrobe 84 feet high; 
mosa rose, a washstand set. 

te Dr. Pauline D. Knobbs, 604 
., die, Kirksville 
¥ : no 

Ae > 

; i 4 
. walnut burl 
condition; price 

a ff : 

x 7 * 
e ; es 
? "i toa 
Ne be: di 
ee xy “fan &. >: a A NN IS pape 
0 L \ ES 

é. ‘ ee 4 3. 
Oe Se o” nue < Sera 

— ; = 







Lindbergh Says We Must Control Science 

— a 

Higher Moral Force Is the 
Only Hope for Our Civiliza- 
tion, Pioneer Flyer Declares 
in His New Book. 

Foilowing, i abbreviated form, is the 
firat book by Charles A. Lindbergh since 
the publication of “We” in 1927, after his 
famous trans-Allantic flight, made ith 
hacking by St. Lowisans. In the yeers 
just preceding that flight he had lived 
in S8t. Lowis, flying the moil between 
here aud Chicago. In his new book 
Lindbergh turns from purely technical 
protiems to the more bdbasic problem 
of survival in the face of machines which 
he believes are capable of man’s destruc- 
tion. The spiritual import of his con- 
clusions distinguishes a book ichich fs 
bound to be widely discussed, 

Or Materialistic Values Will Destroy Us 



‘There Is No Materialistic So- 
lution, .. Science Alone 
Lacks the Wisdom Needed 
to Survive.”’ 

ae tne oo 

on me ee 

my plane. it was the last few hundred 
horsépower, translated into seconds, that 
brought three P-38's to me in time. 

Such advantages we had achieved through 
years. of scientific effort, throvgh devotion 
to the machine. 
had been able to raid Palau against a re- 
ported strength of 200 enemy fighters. That 
was why our American forces were winning 

in the Pacific at the same time we were | 

fighting our major wart in Europe. 
The South Pacific taught me that with- 
out a highly developed science, modern 

man lacks the power to survive. 

a « 

... And Religion. 

Germany 1945) 

the tire of a 
" i 
Navy jeep and the window of an Army | 

WAS wedged iv between 
transport plane, on a mission to study 
enemy jet and rocket aircraft, We were ap- 
proaching Munich. It was May of 1945. The 
last of Hitler’: armies had surrendered. 
As we drew closer, the features of death 
emerged—trubbled streets, gutted buildings, 
ragged walls. This had been a city inhabit- 
ed-by men! Street after street lined with 
blasted factories,:offices and homes—open 
roofs and fallen .‘oors smudged by fire, de- 
serted by life. And this was only one of 
the bombed cities of Europe: there were 
scores of them. Here in these ruins one 
saw the true significance of nodern war. 

That was why four of us | 

‘Adlai Stevenson 




cumbent to Defensive—Calls Public Attention to ‘““Lug”’ 
System for Raising Campaign Contributions and Indicts 
‘The Statehouse System of Shakedowns.”’ 

- —_— —-- 


| In his first race for public office, at the 
iage of °48, Adlai Stevenson (Adlai is an old 
| Biblical name, pronounced ‘‘Adly’’ to rhyme 
with “gladly’) is the Democratic nominee 
‘for Governor of Illinois. Opposed to him is 
the Republican incumbent, Dwight Herbert 
jreen, who is seeking a third four-year 
term, although he once declared he detested 
and despised third-termers. 

Definitely ‘‘Pete’’ Green is a profession- 
al politician, master of all the arts and 
wiles of the trade, and it would seem that 
all the advantages would be with him in 
this gubernatorial contest. But it has not 
turned out quite that wa,. 

Already Stevenson has toured the whole 
state, from the Ohio river to the Wisconsin 
border, making about 300 speeches in each 
of which he has called attention to Green’s 
shortcomings. From the start Stevenson 
placed Green on the defensive and kept him 
record, Green and his sponsor, the Chicago 
Tribune, could only reply that Stevenson 
was an aristocratic cookie pusher, a stuffed 
shirt and a member of the “striped pants 
brigade’’ who had worked for the 
| Department and had assisted in the organi- 

Unable or unwilling to defend his. 

State | 

Of the Post-Dispatch Staff. 

DLAI EWING STEVENSON calls himself an amateur in polities: and he is 
in the sense that he has never triéd to make a living out of a political 
Definitely he is not one of the payroll bovs who attach themselves 
to public office and hang on like leeches. 

house system of shakedowns,” vietimising 
‘businessmen who sell goods to the state— 
notably for highways—he points to alleged 
practices now the subject of inquiry by the 
Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Stevenson also tells the voters: 

“The honest, hardworking employes. of 
‘the State plead for you to save them from 
the savage stick-up men who colleet-for the 
}reen machine, the stick-up men Who say 
‘your money or your job.’ 

“Everywhere you go people are “tom- 
_plaining about the fungus that is smother- 
ing Illinois——the Green fungus.” 

Realizing that Gov. Green has. hls pay- 
rollers and party regulars sewed up, Steven- 
son is making a special appeal for the 
independent vote, particularly among the 
downstate farmers. 

In addition to damning him as a striped 
pantywaist, Gov. Green and the Cliitago 
Tribune have sought to “expose” Stevénson 
as a New Dealer. 

From Farm Program 
To State Departmenht. 

A farmer, newspaper editor and lawyer, 
| Stevenson first got into government service 


“The improvement of our way of life is more importent . . ." 

| One Saw more deeply than war, to the in- 

‘vation of the United Nations. 
| seeurily of man, the temptation of science, | 
} the values of God. 

Down on the surface of the earth, be- 
tween mounds of shattered brick and mor- 
tar, looking up to the sky through gaping 
roofs, seeing old women and young children 
hunting food in piles of army refuse, I 

in 1933. He was asked by George Peek. of 
Moline, a RepubHcan and the first admin- 
istrator of the AAA, to go to Washington 
_and help Peek help the farmers. 

“If that makes me a New Dealer I am 
proud of it,’ says Stevenson. 

His next tour of duty in the Government 
was in 1941, at the request of Frank Knox, 

Stevenson readily pleaded guilty to 
serving under Presidents Roosevelt and 
Truman at home and in both the Pacific 
and Kuropean war theaters. He said he 
would be glad to put on striped pants, a 
morning coat, spats and a black Homburg 
hat and, thus suitably attired, debate in- 



‘airplane roll outside: while in reality the | 

walis of a cathedral fell and children died. 
This altitude flight at Willow Run 
taught me that in worshiping science man 
gains power but loses the quality of life. 

(Copyright, 1948.) 
Tes to others, to band together with 
déstiny in the air—that planes would some 
lieved that America should lead the world | 
The second time was in Europe, when 1 | 
lieved that a conflict between English and |50 pounds.@ Then something must be wrong 
the Soviet Government's strength. I was con- 
The third time is at this moment—1948. 
regimentation and weapons which will 

check hoses and connections. 

miles, beneath me. 

I shove the atick forward. The earth 
'slants upward and the dive begins ... 35.- 

15 seconds of consciousness left at this alti- 
tude—neither time nor clearness of mind to | 
Life demands | 
oxygen and the only sure supply lies four . 


... Modern Man Needs | 
Both Science ... 

South Pacific 1944 
OW much of that stuff did von pick 

up? The voice in my earphones 
was full of econeern. Our four P-88 

realized that a civilization had collapsed, 
one which was basically our own. How 
fragile civilization had become, viewed 
through the lens’ of modern science: how 
vulnerable to the eve of the bombardier. 
A formation of aircraft passes high over- 

| head; a button is pressed: blaecl dots tumble 

ternational questions with Gov. Green in 
Miami Beach or any of Green's other 
hangouts. Stevenson added that he would 
have to rent the: equipment unless Green 
would lend it to him, 

Rut in Illinois Stevenson sticks to Illinois 
issues, and he has asked Gov. Green to do 
the same. He has asked Gov. Green to 

who had been Republican vice presidential 
candidate with Alf Landon. | 

“Was he a New Dealer?” Stevenson in- 
quires. . .; 

Later; Stevenson was assoriated with See- 
retary of State By¥rues and Secretary of 
State Marshall. 

“tf these men were New Dealers,” 

(As condensed by The Reader's Digest from 
the recent book, “Of Flight and Vife.**) 
HERE are times in life when one feels 
an overwhelming desire to communicate 
one’s fellow men in support «. a common 
eause. I have felt such a desire on three 
The first was as a young pilot, when I 
hecame convinced that man bad a great 
day cross continents and oceans with their 
cargos of people, mail and freight. I be- 
in the development of flight, and devoted | 
my life to planes and engines. 
: /band——-noo, tight against my face. Out of 
F i their re- | ; 
otis Saeiteds ohanen "Sor war. ; be- | vxysen? No. (A glance at the gauge shows 
ith the oxygen system. I know from alti- 
r d leave | ~* 
scien no oman i tude-chamber experience that I have about | 
vinced that it was best for America to keep 
out of Europe's interwal wars. 
We are today caught in a vicious cycle 
where our security seems to depend on 
rnin ua tomorrow. 1 believe that, if we do 
not control our science by a higher moral 

. . | through the air; a pin point on earth erupts, 
fighters were headed southward frem the | ang civilization is rubble, smoke and flame. 
\Japanese-isiands of Palau. I glanced again | 

‘at the wings, booms and tail—-no_ holes. | 1, 

(000 feet . . . 34,000 .. . my cockpit roars 
‘through the air . ‘the earth fades out 
. breath's 

Stevenson comments, “then count me in, 

‘Justify the first billion-dollar budget in 
I felt rising apprehension for the future. | tjnois history, and to reveal how many 
this had happened in Europe, why could 

force, it will destroy us with its material- \- . , the instrument diais darken .. 

istie values, its rocket aircraft and its 
atom bombs—as it has already destroyed 
large parts of Europe. 

Im attacking scientific materialism 1 fully 
realize that science has become the victim 
of its technologists, as religion became the 

~~ — 

lungs, empty-—I'm hiacking* out 
... 1 push the nose down far- 

losing sight. 
Cher. 2s. Seber « 

tle were blowing near my ears 
blind . . . I can’t see the dials .. 

Was it possible I had not been hit af all-— 

that I could get back safely, over 700 miles 
I am dimly aware of; 
a great shriek, as though « steam whis- 

I'm | 
. it’s aj spread out lazily toward all horizons. The 

of ocean, to our Biak air strip off the New 
Guinea coasi? 

The Pacific, sun-mottied and smooth, 

victim of its fanatics. Hiroshima was as far | razor edge-—-a race between decreasing con-| beauty and solitude, the brotherly anxiety 
i sciousness and increasing density of air... . 

from the intention of the pure scientist as 
the Inquisition was from the Sermon on the 

The scientist is no more guilty of the 
situation we are in today than those of 





17,000 . . 16,000 . 15,00¢ 
white needle moves over white figures ... 
it’s the altimeter——I can see—I'm reading 
its dial again— I’m aware of ihe cockpit, 

us who have made improper use of his dis- | the plane, the earth and sky—li’ve already 
' begun to pull out of the dive——the stick is 

eoveries. Our problem: are muiual. We 
must work them out together. Our survival 
depends upon it. I am writing this in an 

concern to search for a solution. 

To Live... 
Willow Run 1943 

ORTY thousand feet and atill climbing. 
b I am running an ignition breakdown 


Under’ one wing, an off-shaded paich on 
the great quilt of earth, is the city of De- 
troit. Under the other, slightly hazed by 
emoke, lies Toledo. .The thumb of Michigan 
presses flat against the gray waters of Lake 
Huron. Almost lost in the expanse of land 
and water, requiring a careful search of 
the eyes to locate them, fine parallel and 
intersecting lines on a postage-stamp-size 
field are mctually the mile-long runways 
of Willow Run. ; 

At 41,000 feet I level off, set the trim 
tabs and adjust the turbo. I must hold five 
minutes of level flight while plane and en- 
gine settle down to normal readings. Shall 
I try radio contact with the tower’? Not 
much use at this altitude—reception'’s bad 
and, with the thinness of atmosphere, the 
best you can do is a word to a breath. Stiil, 
they'd probably like to hear from me. I 
preas the “mike” button: 

"rates. . ww SOU ts « BOWER... 
aren <4, Wee 4 tt Oe ss ss ee 
~~ « eee... BIGET ... OVER.” 

(You don't speak, you pant out words 
at high altitude.) I turn up the volume 
control to maximum. A voice replies, in 
my earphones, but the words don't come 

“**COMY - *“AZERO - ;&EIGHT - *(*ca- 

That's for me, all right. 

Maybe ‘they 


‘I don’t know how much of the message 

they received, but I'm not going to send it. 

free: the nose, rising: the seat pressing 

, against me. 
attempt to clarify the crisis we face, to com- | 
municate with men and women of similar | 


test on the engine of a Thunderbolt | planet, sun and space? 




The air in my lungs has substance. Per- 

eeption fioods through nerve and ti ; 
s ‘ . . sip ome was considered out of range of land- 

based fighters. 

How clear the sky is above me, how wonder- 
ful the earth below, its villages end farms. 
its forests, lakes and fields! 

being them, as well as seeing them through 

my eyes. What more could be desired than | 
beauty of | 

of existence, the 
How trivial are the 
material accomplishments of man! 

Returning from the border of death 
always makes one more aware of iife. 
Relationships take on a higher value and 
the senses penetrate to new depths with 

the pure joy 

The mechanic who told me tuat my pres- 
sure gauge read 50 pounds too high carried 
dull news. Then the oxygen tank had simply 
run empty at 36,000 feet. That had caused 
all my trouble—a quarter-inch error of a 
needie. I felt a sudden revulsion for such 
details, an impatience with needles, instru- 
ments and eadings. What fools men were 
to impress their minds, enslave. their bedies 
with figures and machines when life lay 
everywhere around them, free for the tak- 
ing, unperceived. : . 

My office was at the opposite end of the 
factory from the airfield. As I drove back, 
the great door of an assembly line opened 
and a four-engined bomber rolled ont onto 
the concrete apron. Behind it. stretching 
as far as the eye could see, were dozens 
of uncompleted bombers. A few hours be- 
fore I would have viewed . this production 
line as a marvelous feat of engineering. 





Once more I | 

become part of all things, feeling cpem. | os a patrol ship with our fire 

| toward open ocean. 
‘a Zero dived from a cloud to attack 
/ wingman. 

are frozen; time, eternal. 
hurtling speed seems motionless in space. 

of the question, made reality stranger than 
any nightmare. Could it be that, less than 
ten minutes before, the air had been 
streaked with tracers and planes milling 
about in combat? 

Our raid had been successful. By the 
careful setting of engine controls we had 
develdped a method of fuel economy which 

| stretched the usual range of our P-38's by 
i close to 506 miles. 

Slipping in at 15,000 
feet we caught the Japanese by surprise, for 

Diving down, we crossed 
the main islanc at almost treetop level, and, 
off the eastern coast, shattered the decks 
swiftiv southward toward a major airdrome, 

/ val and material forces. 

we shot down three enemy planes. Then. 
our fnel reserves lowering. we 
At the same 

I turn back to his defense five seconds 
too soon. I should have climbed and made 
a wide -eeircle. Seeing a better target, the 
Jap pilot whips around in a bank and half 
rolis onto my tail. There's no use dog- 
fighting with a ero. I jam the throttles 
into war-emergency power and bank 
toward the other unit of. our flight. I have 
speed and I have friends, but~both are sec- 
onds away—hundreds of bullets away. I 
can see the cylinders of the Zero’s engine, 

it not also happen in America? In another 
generation, might New York, Detroit, Chica- 
g0, look like this? What quality had we 
to save us that Germany hed not? 

The Germans, too, had been an educated 
people. Few nations had contributed more 
to our civilization in the past—in art, music, 
religion, philosophy, science in science 
above all in modern times. They had wor- 
shiped science. To it they had sacrificed 
the quality of life—yet they had not gained 
the power to survive. Perhaps here was 
a key to my question. Perhaps survival, in 
the last analysis, was fully as dependent on 
the quality of life as on the power of arms 
—dependent on a perpetual balance of spirit- 
The Germans had 
lost this balance. The temptation of scien- 
tific power had been too much. With 
science, they felt, they could be supermen; 
they could rule the earth. They had turned 
their backs.on the deeper human values 
of their heritage. In their search for ma- 
terialistie power they had set up science as 

their god, and science had destroyed them. | 
headed | 

moment | 
my , 

Was there a warning in these Ger- 
man cities which we in America should 
heed? Was there something inherently 
self-destroying in the worship ‘of science, 
as I had sugpected at Willow Run? Was 
science’s. power of survival only tem- 
porary, capabl. of winning battles but not 
of saving man? Ii was true that modern 
civilization could not live without science; 
as I discovered in the South Pacific. But 
it was also true that science alone lacked 

the wisdom to survive. 

In Germany I learned that, if his civili- 
zation is to continue, modern man must 

feel its machine guns rising into line behind 
me. It is too close to miss. I pull my 
elbows inside the armor plate and brace for 
the impact of the sheils——the rip of wing- 
covering—-the torch of a fuel tank—the 
jerky clatter of a falling engine. Seconds 
Like comets, our 

Home-—-death —- Oriental capture — I see 
them all in the blinding light of a fierce, 
unhurried moment. : 
Why don't the bullets strike? There 
is no thud, no shattering of glass. The 
twin tails of a P-38 flash by, almost 
vertical in bank. A Zero climbs steeply 

build up the Green machine. He has called 
attention to the “‘lug’’ system whereby state 
employes and state contractors reportedly 
are compelled to kick back part of their 
earnings to fatten the Green machine. 

The Verb “To Keeble” 
Has Meaning in Illinois. 

Illinois was once noted for its road sys- 
tem which has been allowed to deteriorate 
even while taxes increased. Stevenson 
questions the present system of road repairs 
by making “what have been ‘Keebler 
patches’ without competitive bids—named 
im honor of a dubious gentleman who once 
occupied such a prominent position in Gov. 
Green's administration before he found it 
convenient, to use a diplomatic word, to be- 
come somewhat more obscure. 

Stevenson made it piain he was referring 
to Guy Keebler, “Gov. Green's 
dispenser who doled out state contracts from 
ian office adjoining the Governor's.” 

of the, legends of Springfield that should 
| figure prominently in the concluding days 
\of the gubernatorial campaign. A business 
man turned politician. Keebler was 4a 
protege and trusted confidante of Gov. 
Green until the latter was informed by one 
of his owh cabinet members that he was 
being double-crossed in matters not con- 
nected with state business. This precipitated 
a rupture of the beautiful friendship that 
had existed up until then, and Keebler was 
replaced by certain others. 

(The verb “to keeble” may yet become 
part of the Illinois politica] lexicon.) 

When Stevenson speaks of the “State- 

Continged on Page 3, Cqlumn 1. 

deadheads -have been. put on the payroll to }. 

patronage | 

This Keebler person, by the way, is one| he was at various times city editei tianag 

asked him what the Gis were thinking abou 
‘}those questions. He looked at 
jlously, then said: ‘No, Stevenson; 

| to put his wet bottom om, so 

Stevenson carries on a family tradition 
of public service. He is named after his 
grandfather, the first Adiai E. Stevenson, 
who married Letitia Green, descendant of 
George Washington's grandmother, and was 
Vice President of the United States during 
Grover Cleveland's second administration: 

Father of the present candidate was Lewis 
Green Stevenson, who served Illinois-as 
retary of State under Gov. Edward PF. 
Dunne. This Democrat married the daugh- 
ter of a prominent Republican—Helen 
Davis, whose father, W. O. Daxtis.. was 
publisher of the Bloomington (II) Palta- 
graph and one of the founders of the Assd- 
ciated Press. Her grandfather, Jesse Fell, 
was noted as a philanthropist, abolitionist 
and intimate of Abraham Lincol”, being first 
_to propose Lineoln for the White House.’ 
| Brought up in Bloomington, young Ste- 
_venson spent his vacations and his hours 
after grade school and high schoo’ working 

in the editorial department of the” Panta- 
|Sraph. At Princeton University hewon ths 
editorship of the college daily and at home 

i-z editor and editorial writer. ‘He-might 
still be editing and writing in Bleémington 
today if control of the paper had not shifted 
} momentarily at one period of his youth, and 
influenced him to turn to his second love, 
the law. we , 
Graduating from Northwesteri Law 
School, Stevenson worked his way up from 
clerk to partner in one of Chicago's fore- 
most -aw firms. .He has been vice presi- 
dent of the Pantagrarh for 20 years. 
Stevenson served as an apprentice seaman 
in the first World War and wanted to dén 
a uniform aga’ when the second war 
came. Instead, he was persuaded to be- 
come special assistant to Secretary Knox. 

President Roosevelt sent him overseas 
twice to collé. information—once to edti- 
mate Italian needs behind the advancing 
lines, and again t~> evaluate the resiilis of 
our strategie bombing. On the Italian trip 
he was much with Ernie Pyle, the war-cor- 
respondent. : “4 

“We were riding together up to the 

: front, in the mountains, throvgh rain and 
Ernie asked me about things back. home. 

Stevenson recalls. ‘lt 

was cold. 
I told him about rationing, war td 
soldiers’ vote-—all the broad general. ques 
tions that were so vital at home. Thes J 

eagle here 4 

— == & . -.. 
- acd 



is interested in only one 

PR AME BRR iy “t 

Nye toa oa Wg 
. pt 44 ip Paes 

Sic ie Np ARI UI et cistern 
Re aT ak See eee 
DEA: fa: aR 
= . e . ) wy 
~ . at i ’ —_ ¥ . 
oa i 4 ¢ n s e 
; ne a " 
Ap oe A h m 
pang mo Se d - ee 
ie ; 4 & TA , 
~ : n “ + 
< _ ee, 
« “ a e- x ke 
re ' # RD, “9 at 
es <. 2 “ Died 
rin Pg : 4 
¥ - 
K? - ae 7. 
% “or 

Ay Kee eh Fase A. 

*; 5 r 
¥ gerne yee A oe A f ere. ¥ a rie 
~— . ” at —_ , ee Fhitiex Re SME in OME VF ales «hy, ep alle ged ee CD game oe ie, a abet Loe ee oP 
- . . < Aes - >. ee >. ee: in Re se i Per. Seer Sars ¥ ‘ 2 ae fs Pec rns bc i ib oie Spe Ry. "Pe Si are. A eee ts ae a a ¢ 
ee Ea ee ne . Re es a ot By RRS PIR Ss ae Tee MEL eat ae SRE Urge o°% Be ae os a Re UT Ry se Ne yk x et 
‘ dpe ane Bake ar 0% Era ; ee ees RE IF Sak ys 5s SE hace te ca Mrs. tas a Ra : - : Z “ . 43% 
OSB? . OA . as ok > hs ew Sap a 5 . ° a ab es, ae = ad z x bs. a " x mi e. S G ny 
é x rs % % as ye a ee agar Sas" x oe tae Wa “> : me : ~ 
oe ee ee Ne ae ee eg ee . « € * ¥ * . Ww Vw 7 ~ ¥ 

we He a es ea ee. Px? We 
Poe ee Sy eyes ‘ee Ss eS eS = YS 

2 age Pablished by 
* ‘The Pubtser Publishing Co. 
MAm 1112 — 1111 Olive St. (2) 

ae ect ee toe ete ne 


I know that my retirement will 
make ne difference im its cardinal 
sag 00. thet it will always fight 
or Otoat and reform, never tol- 
erate injustice or corruption, 

demagogucs of. a) 

voted to t 
he satisfied 

Judge Williams on Gambling 
To the Editor ef the Post-Dispatch: 

As a student of the moral, social, eco- 
nomic and other aspects of gambling, I 
am clipping from your editorial page 
of Sept. 9 that very remarkable letter 
by Frank Ledbetter of Carterville, Ml. 
on “Gambling, Officials and John Q.” 
(Mr. Ledbetter pointed out that organ- 
ized gambling and the attendant politi- 
eal corruption would not exist if “re 
spectable” citizens did not patronize 
gambling games and devices.-—Editor’s 
note.) : 

Mr. Ledbetter is to he congratniated 
and commended for taking the time and 
trouble to write something on second- 
line gambling that should be read by 
every good citizen in connection with 
your excellent exposures of the evils of 
first-line gambling. 


Sin at Home 
Te the Editor of the Post-Dispatch: 

You have been very busy lately at- 
tacking gambling and political corrup 
tion in Tilinois. You can find plenty of 
corruption right here at home. 

Have you made peace with the Ioan 
sharks, salary buyers and other grafters 
protected by our own politicians? Why 
not clean your own house before at- 
tacking others? 


News for Illinois 
To the Editor of the Pest-Dispated: 

How grateful fhe peonle of Illinois 
should be for the way your paper is 
enlightening and “educating them re- 
garding the way state officials are in- 
volved in the gambling racket here in 
this state! Our papers don't give us 
this news. Keep up the good work. 


Springfield, I. 

Not a Catholic Crusade 
Te the Beiter of the Post-Dispatch: 

In a letter pertaining to the barring 
of the Progressive party from the Mie 
souri ballot. Robert W. Van Pelt. edi- 
tor of the Salem (Mo.)>-Post; wrote: “T 
alse was told that the Catholic Church 
ts leading the fight against the Pro- 
gressive party.” 

For the information of Mr. Van Pelt 
and other misinformed readers of your 

qualified to hold office, but it indorses 
no specific candidates as 







not upon their religious affiliation. 


British Haccent 

To the Beiter of the Post-Dispaten: 
Coo. matey. and biimey,. but I see on a 
Post-Dispatch front page where two 
“trams” were hit by lightning. "Ere now, 

- Housing Act for Whom?” 

the Bditor of the Post-Dispatch 

few scenes for portrayal: 

Candidate Green on the stump in 1940. Ad- 
vértised as prosecuter of Al Capone, he attacks 
corruption, promises clean government, pledges 
he will never build up a political machine. He 
particularily guarantees to enforce mine safety 
laws “to the letter.” 


Meeting of gamblers with representative of 
state officiaidom in East St. Louis in 194). 
Judge Joyce's state-wide anti-gambling injunc- 
tion held invalid. The system of payoffs to state 
officials from gambling syndicates is set up. 


How highway contracts are made. Political 
kickbacks arranged on a percentage basis rang- 
ing from 1% te 3 per cent: Cut for state graft- 
ers is estimated at from $500,000 to $750,000 in 
a period of 20 months. 


A state official goes out on the highway 
from Springfield to meet the emissary from 
the Peoria county gambling ring for the monthly 
bribe. Two grand forked over each time. 


State highway police, acting as chauffeurs for 
gambling operators on payoffs and other trips. 

Dwight Green being entertained bv O. D. 
Jennings, manufacturer of slot machines, at 
the Jennings home at Palatine, Til., and on the 
Jennings plantation at Port Gibson, Miss. 


Commereialized gambling operators in six 
counties alone kick $100,000 into Green's 1944 
campaign fund. Map of Illinois shows how gam- 
bling county majorities cause Green's return to 
office. His majority falls from 256,000 in 1940 
to 72.000 in 1944. 


State mine inspectors ordered by Green's 
mine director, “Dear Bob” Medill, to shake 
down coal mine operators for campaign funds. 
Centralia Coal Co. ignores repeated warnings. 
Its Mine No. 5 explodes and kills 111 men. 


State Finance Director Mark A. Saunders, 
appointee of Green, writes $6,000,000 check for 
state purchase of the Burnham building in Chi- 
eago. Former Illinois Supreme Court Justice 
Orr says the state had the building under op- 
tion for $4,850,000 and permitted option to lapse. 

SCENE 10. 

The lug is put on poorly-paid emploves such 
as nurses in state hospitals and other state in- 
stitutions. A stalking horse candidacy is set up 
and Green has no primary opposition. Slush 
fund is available to build him up nationally. 

SCENE i1. 

Gov. Green makes the keynote address at 
the Republican national convention in Philade!- 
phia. He denounces Democratic “bosses, boodle, 
buncombe and blarney.” He is one of those con- 
sidered for the vice-presidential nomination, 
but his chances are killed when he follows anti- 
Dewev marching orders from Robert R. McCor- 
mick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune. 

SCENE 12. 

The attempted shakedown of Bernie Shelton 
for $25,000 by Roy Gatewood. Subsequent dis- 
closures bring about the indictment of State's 
Attorney Hull, of Peoria county, Sheriff Spair- 
hower and Hull’s investigator. This is accom- 
panied by dialogue recorded secretly by Shel- 
ton and put in safekeeping before his murder. 

SCENE 153. 

Grabbing by many official hands—city, county 
and state—for graft from protected lawbreaking 
in Springfield and Sangamon county. Ten theu- 
sand dollars a week. Nearly $50,000 a month. 
More than a half-million a year. State capital 
revealed as capital of corruption as well. 

SCENE 14. 

Meetings of ministers, civic groups and bar 
associations in Peoria, Springfield and other 
communities. Citizens call on their Governor 
to clean up the scandals on every hand. 

SCENE i5. 

Gov. Green appears at Illinois state fair. He 
comes out for “American freedom,” “American 
way of life.” “sound government” and “effective 
public service.” He negiects to mention graft, 
bribery, crime and murders which grow out of 
his administration's relations with the under- 
world. Referring to a labor situation at East 

Those Were the Happy Days! 
Now the American Psychological Association 






g passed youth. And 
Pr to the human 

only time any of us have te spend. 

= = " 

For a Wiser Generation 

Amidst the current pessimism, it is refresh- 
ing to hear the school teachers, speaking through 
the National Education Association, say that 
they believe something really can be gone to 
keep the world at peace. They do not have 
much faith in adults, but they have worked 
out a program for bringing up children as 
“world-minded Americans,” aware that the in- 
dividual can be really free and happy only in 
a warless world, 

The NEA calls it a program for education in 
international understanding. That phrase evokes 
memories of folk-costume pageants and a whole 
series of rather infantile books about “Our Lit- 
tle Dutch Cousin,” “Our Little Russian Cousin” 
and so on all the way from the Bantu to the 
Zulu. But the new program is described as 
“realistic.” It is aimed at a lot of old wives’ 
notions such as the idea that war is inevitable, 
or the assumption that power politics are hy 
definition. evil. 

Apparently, many of the teachers believe with 
Malcolm Sharp of the University of Chicago that 
now “all the lunatic characteristics of mankind 
are permtited free expression in the solemn 
forms of international affairs: suspicion, fear, 
the bad faith that goes with suspicion and fear, 
the lust for power, paranoid hatred, cruelty.” 
Against all this, they want to set the solid facts 
of history, geography, science and psychology. 

There is no place in the program for a pusil- 
lanimous pacifism. It upholds a vigorous pa- 
triotism: but it insists that this is not incompat- 
ible with a co-operative international outlook. 
Tt does not gloss over military and economic 
factors, but it does insist on the efficacy of 
democratic aspirations. Much thought is to be 
given to the potentialities of the United Nations. 

The NEA argues that attitudes can be changed 
because “when a person is born he has no fixed 
pattern of behavior, attitudes, or culture.” The 
influence of the individual is to be the kev- 
stone of its educational venture. “Our youth 
must acquire the conviction,” we are told, “that 
what they do and can do will actually affect the 
course of world affairs; they must be disabused 
of the widely-held notion that the individual 
doesn't count.” 

It would be a little difficakt to impress such 
ideas on Russia just now. Nevertheless, they re- 
main true. So, all power to the teachers in their 
effort to make the next Feneration wiser than 
this one seems to be. 

enensanene I 

-~ = = 

Sound Decision by the Churches 

The St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee has 
found the right solution to the problem af “re- 
leased time” religious education classes in the 
city’s publhe schools. It takes its classes out 
of the school system altogether. Not only will 
the classes be held in church school centers, 
but they will be held after regular school hours 
and without any relation to public school attend- 
ance lists or records. 

This arrangement puts religious instruction 
on its own, which is where it should be. It 
should make its own appeal and obtain its stu- 
dents on a wholly voluntary basis. This keeps 
church and state—in the form of municipally- 
provided education—separate, as our democratic 
system requires. 

The St. Louis churches have set an example 
fer other communities. The sooner the wise 
counsel of the Supreme Court's decision in the 
Champaign case is gencrally applied, the better 

bond issue has been 
officially opened under the direction of Rich- 
mond C. Coburn. The object is to persuade twe- 
thirds of the voters that the city ought te in- 
vest that much in its improvement, beginning 
with the area between Fourteenth and Grand, 
and Olive and Market. That strip would be 
made available for a park-like apartment-build- 
ing area comparable to the most modern urban 
residential sections anywhere in the world. 
Its residential nature would be protected ait 
one end by the combined Memorial and Aloe 
plazas. The adjacent public buildings are te be 
rounded out by a new governmental structure 
on Market street just east of the Postoffice, ac- 
cording to James L. Ford Jr., chairman of the 

Bh. SE 

: SO IES Oo. 
ae ae ee” Ne cs “Sf 

ee BS x 

~_ « ex 

> eae 
ie he 
weeeise Saket: 
* WON ‘< > 

. » » | > » 

-** x ~? ’ 
>» * . > 
* x be. eae ° 
ou “ce , 
~s = 
~~ ; 
“4 »" 2. _ 

~* ~ _* , ieee 

ome ee, . : 4 7 eh 
rs oa oe “gle ed ~ :” ~~ 
atte Sy he Ne Weg 
wey” ae ™~ os .% °* e . 
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. “ mi *e& 
ae “AS ’ be = ~ oS Son a - we 4% A. Fed > . 

, - 
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al c ae) . ~ - 
= es ke 
eR pe Ne pe hag 
Ne . 4 m 

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sy A we ¥ 
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oy Le ’ 

nage . 
ASA. ‘ . 
hae \wewy? on 

. + 

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. ~* 

RS 4 

“— * 


= “ ~ a - 

One Touch of Paradise in the Atomic Age 

Then sing, ye Rirds, sing «@ joyous 
And let the young Lambs bound 
As te the tebor’s sound! 
We in thought will join yowr throng, 
Ye that pipe and ye that play... . 

Until a century or so ago, writers about 
nature wrote very largely in this mood. 
Nature was seen as all goodness and giad- 
ness, the birds and beasts as happy inno 
eents frolicking forever in a perpetuated 
Garden of Eden where every prospect was 
pleasing and only man was vile. 

Since the scientific theories of Charles 
Darwin burst into the public canscious- 
ness, this view has been steadily dwindling 
and yielding place to another. In the cele- 
brated verbal] duel; 88 years ago, between 
Professor T. H. Huxley and Bishop Wilber- 
foree of Oxford, the reverend defender of 

Christian orthodoxy unmistakably made a 

considerable fool of himself. The public 
faith in the book of Genesis, and presently 
in the whole scheme of religious tradi- 
tienalism, being thereby badly shaken, it 
was natural enough that a kind ef catch- 
werd Darwinism should become the new 
popular philosophy. — 

Retreat From the Remantics 

What more natural, therefore, than to 
reject the whole vision of a primal para- 
dise and espouse instead a new “scientific” 
view, easily sioganized in the Darwinian 
phrases “struggie for survival” and “sur- 
vival of the fittest.” 

So it has happened. The Romantics and 
the Victorians have dwindled and died 

purposeless and idiot. It is all turmoil 
and blood and death. 

The lamb is not leaping as to a tabor. 
is af- 

peradisal vision must recommend itself to 
s naturalist as a great deal truer, a great 

jects). But he was not fallacious when he 
held that the spirit of his birds and beasts 
was the spirit of joy and play. For it is 

look te be a 

Alan Devoe in The Ameriecap Mereury 

an animal's mind that he is going to die. 
Animals contract diseases and undergo 
injuries, but so animal experiences what 
we mean by suffering; for the experience 
of pain is im ratio to the quality of atten- 
tiveness and high consciousness in the 
mind, (A sick man, lying quiveringly alert 
in bed, may faint from the pain of some 
trivial manipulation by his docter. The 
same man, fleeing a burning building and 
intent only on that engrossing rsecessity, 
may “break his arm and gash his skull 
open and never notice any pain at all.) 

An animal cannot recall the past in 
anguish and regret; an animal cannot peer 
imaginatively inte the future, and dread 
what it may hold. An animal lives in 

Living continually in Now, feeling the 
biddings of the senses and acting with 
sublime confidence upon them as they 
come ,.,. this is the quality of animal life. 
It is strange we can ever have lost sight 
of it; for we have all been children; and a 
small child, in the limitation of its under- 

standing and the robust joy it takes in the 
sensory excellences of Now, is very much 
an animal. | 

Life for an animal is now the good 

E é 
: : 

mentedly over one another's hacks, daft 
with the delirious business of being able te 
smell the scent of the dew-wet grass and 
being able to feel the strength of lithe 
muscles and being alive in the splendor of 

Lambs, as in the accurate hosanna-seng 
of Wiliam Wordsworth, skip and run and 
leap for no other reason than the axuber 
ant outburst of lambness; nor can the 
presence of sheep-bots, which no lambish 
mind is equipped to understand or pay at- 
tention to, damp these high ardors. 

Piay is in all the weeds and ali the 
meadows and al) the prairies, everywhere. 

No naturalist can think of denying 
Charles Darwin's findings about the com- 
petitions and adaptations that occur in 
the world of nature, or can regard with 
anything but solemn respect Darwin's pa- 
tient investigation of the modes and 
methods by which these processes go for- 
ward. But whaf requires to be understood 
is that the use fn this connection of the 
word “struggie”—with ail its implications 
of distress, fear, worry and grim effort-~ 
is at least as anthropomorphic as any of 
the theological conceptions of the much 
derided Bishop Wilberforce. It is a projec. 
tion into animal life of the quality of our 
own consciousness. 

The Boy and the Beast 

Tt is an affair of mueh effort and 
sweaty terror for a middle-aged philoso 
pher to walk along the top rail of a spike- 
topped picket fence. 
in serious error if we imagine that it is a 
thing of difficulty and alarm for a small 
boy to do so. For the boy, it is all confi- 
dent high spirits and good fun. 

Learned university persons, holding in- 
mumerable degrees to prove that they are 
philosophers, may find it an &nausting 
and terrifying busincss to sleep on the 
ground in the wilderness and listen in the 
black night to the hoot of owls and the 
squall of foxes. A boy on a camping trip 
finds it delightful. 

If a boy's consciousness has not yet 
taken on the load of faithless misgiving 
and imaginative anxiety that can come 
with adult mind, a fox's consciousness is 
further still below that threshold, and «4 
bird's still further, and a turtie’s still fur- 
ther than that. 

Perilous Fruit of Knowledge 

Animal life requires consideration on 
two levels. There is the matter of what 
animals do; and in this field a Darwin is 
not to be contradicted. There is also the 
matter of what animals «zpcricace; and in 

this area the empathic boyhood-remembern 

ing understanding of a poet like Words- 

worth, or of the author of Genesis or of 

the singers of the earliest Vedic songs, 
may achieve a profoundly accurate insight 

that is as casentia) a part of total truth 

as any of the chartings of science. 

Up im the icy Arctic waters, the polar — 
bears splash and cavort in high giles, 

But we are obviously— 


r : «] Me ,° = a 2 
4 a se oD. 
S. . x f p 1 
Siew 4 " 3 ' Mi 
ae ; 4 , 
- 4 é i . - : \ 
id 4 ; ‘ : 
4 H i q 
; ct ‘ 
, 4 % 
y vf 




- of the tree of knowledge is « perilous fruit 



which none but we have eaten. 





Europe Now Is Too Weak te Protect Itself— 

but Flyer Warns 

Alone Will Not Be Enough—Calls for Bal- 

That Physical Powe 

ance Between Spirit and Force. 


ths od From Page One. 

one of these elements be ed 

direct the material.power of 
his science — spiritual 
truths of his 

we: a 

HIS is 1948. World War II is 
-§ over. Otr soldiers have been 

victorious’ on every  battle- 
front. But we have stamped out 
the menace of Nazi Germany only 
to find the still greater menace 
of Soviet Russia’ behind whose 
Tron Curtain lies a record of blood- 
shed and oppressién never equaled. 

European peoples are now too 
weak to protect even their own 
borders. America is the only 
Western country in which great 
strength remains. The fate of 
Western civilization now rests on 
our shoulders. 

“They that take the sword shal! 
perish with the sword.” In order 
to defeat our enemies, we have 
developed weapons which threaten 
all that remains of civilization, 
and the very existence of man- 
kind. Within the next decade it 
will be technically possible to as- 
semble weapons which can destroy 
every city in the world within 
hours after the start of war. We 
have developed new lethal gases, 
new methods of spreading disease, 
new ways of killing with radic- 
activity. Atomic bombs could be 
concealed by enemy saboteurs. 
Rocket missiles launched abroad 
would reach this country in less 
time than we could evacuate our 
cities, and we have no effective 

and we would be a different. people 
today in body, mind and spirit. 
| Scfence now threatens our bal- 

mind and its neglect of spirit and 
body. Its bombs are only a war- 
time manifestation of the mater- 
jalism with which it attacks all 
life. We are becoming slaves of 

factories, its offices and balance 
sheets, its bureaucracy and regu- 
lations. . Living in rented apart- 
ments, jamming roads and sub- 
ways, punching time clocks, sit- 
ing desks, cramming 
the minds of his children with 
technical knowledge, modern man 
sacrifices health of body and free- 
dom of spirit toe the scientific 
idol of his_time. Onto its altar 
go the smefi of earth, the feel of 
wind and weather, vision of fields 
and rivers, warmth of friendship, 
understanding of children, even 
the contemplation of God: al] 
these are given over to a metallic, 
intellectual existence. 

In turning his back on the gifts 
of nature he was born with in re- 
|placing grass with concrete and 
| sun with artificial sunlight, in 
|making himself a superman of 
earth, scientific man loses con- 
tact with both the qualities of 
life and the truths essential to his 
Own survival. Neglecting body, 

'enthroning mind over spirit, dab- | 

bling with superhuman powers, 
Striving to compete with God, the 
| ruins of Europe and the new spec- 

ance with its overemphasis of 

its war machines, its mines, its 

-Self-Idolatry of Stalin Revealed 
By Portraits Exhibited in Paris, 
By Peter the Great Film He Ordered 





The decisive factor of World 
War II was the attitude of Hit- 
ler’s allies. If the Japanese had 
not attacked Pearl Harbor, the 
United States might never have 
entered the war. 

If Stalin had refrained from ‘oc- 
cupying Bessarabia, Hitler would 
not have felt threatened in the 
East; he would—so he said him- 
self have attacked En ; 
never have started the R n 
war, and probably would have 
gained victory. 

many was always wavering be- 
tween sympathy and dislike. 
| Though I hadn't asked him 
‘about it, he said, as a kind of 
istatement during our interview: 
“The Rudsian people like the Ger- 

way of stopping them in flight. te Of the atomic rocket at last |™an people.” 

There are alarming indications 
that the possessor of modern sci- 
entific knowledge may be able to 

destroy all life over large areas | 

of the earth’s surface. 

The devastation that could be 
wrought by an Atomic Age war 
is too appalling to be fully real- 
ized. The vision stuns our 
imagination. But if present 
trends continue, it ix only a 
question of time before such a 
war will come. 

Let us imagine ourselves a few 
years from now, poised for war 
as Europe was in 1939. Our radars 
eearch the northern skies. We 
know that over the top of the 
earth hundreds of atomic rockets 
Ne aimed at American cities. In 
our military emplacements hun- 
dreds more lie ready for instant 
counterattack. We do not know 
how many of our cities contain 
the hidden bombs of enemy sabo- 
teurs, or what deadly diseases for 
Plants, animals and humans may 
be spread among us. From day 
to day, from hour to hour, we, our 
families, our civilization, exist at 
the mercy of a dictator's whim, 
depend on some fanatic’s finger 
not closing an electric switch. 

It is an intolerable concept, but 
it is a picture of the future to- 
ward which we are now heading. 

This is technically possible with |create a new dawn of spiritual | 

bombs we have already tested, | 
with biological warfare we know 
how to wage and with rockets we 
can soon design. 

Can we turn these trends? Can 
we succeed where Men before us 
have always failed”? 

Since the United States emerged 
from the war as the strongest 
power on earth, and since only 
we now possess atomic 
many people argue that we should 

bombs, | 

bring him face to face with his 
‘own frailty. 

It should now be branded on 
our consciousness that, wuniess 
science is controlled by a great- 
er moral force it will become 
the Antichrist prophesied by 
early Christians. If we are to 

keep it from destroying that 
| part of our civilization which 

is left, we ‘must contro! it by a 
philosophy reoted in the char- 
acter of man and nourished by 
the eternal truths ef God. 

7 . = 

OW can such a philosophy be 
| created, be translated into ac- 
/ tion? What effect can a single 
individual have tn these cataclys- 
mic times—one man or one woman 
among hundreds of millions, seem- 


‘ingly helpless as a sparrow in the _ 

path of a tornado? 

The answer lies in that quality ° 
with which man only, of all earth- 

ly life, is gifted. In each man is 
a spark able to kindle new fires 
of human progress, new light for 
the .human spirit. This ember 
may lie dormant through cen- 

turies of darkness or it may be, 

‘fanned to flames by the winds of 
a ¢crisis, sweeping over the earth, 
bringing others to life with its 
light and warmth. When enough 
of these fires are burning, they 

understanding; the flame of a 

‘great people is formed. 

It is from man, the individual, 
not from governments or churches, 
that these sparks must come. If 
we truly believe in values above 
material things, all that is 

marriages, our laws, our methods 
of thinking and living, our rela- 
‘tionship with others. 

act as leader, judge and police, | 

and use force, if necessary, to or-— 
» ganize for peace and Keep the 

world disarmed. 
But sooner (as in the case of 

modern Germany) or later (as in 
the case of a:cient Rome) na- 

income. No standard of living is 
| high when jobs become drudgery 
and hours dreary, when young 
men and women cannot afford a 
family, when children are walled 

| And when I asked him why, he 
‘simply replied: “It’s a fact.” 

It seems that, in the early thir- 
‘ties, some of Stalin's comrades 
ithought of using that popular sen- 
‘timent for concluding an alliance 
with the Germans. 

Chance to Purge Opponents. 

Together with about 16 other 
|Bolshevik leaders, Trotsky and 
\Radek were suspected of trying 
to negotiate such a pact, or at 
any rate Stalin could make them 
loak like suspects. 

This was his great chance, for, 
as it happened, those men had 
more or less always sided with 


proofs, nor had he any 
nesses. But, as a result of Rus- 
sian psychological reaction and 

‘Biographer Tells How} 
Plotters Lost Lives) 
for Trying to Make) 
German Pact Dicta-) 
tor Later Concluded. 

attitude toward. Ger-| 





iS ” 
. + ae . 
PO a — 
en ae ee ae 

ght) concluded , 
tude of the Russian dictator toward Germany 
always has wavered between sympathy and dislike, Ludwig writes. 


| STALIN (center) when he and MOLOTOV (ri 

| stom” pact of 1939 with Von Ribbentrop. Atti 

St So OR ~ 


| | On Reich Viewed as Just 
| A Starting Point for Negotiations 


Military Governors 

«| Shifting of 4-Power Talks to Berlin Regarded 
| as Necessary Step to Determine Whether 

Actually Could Work 

Out ‘Practical Details.’ 



Chief Washington Correspondent of the Post-Dispatoh. 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11. 

OP Administration officials say that events in Berlin this week 
have demonstrated the wisdom of transferring the four-power 
conferences on Germany currency from the diplomatic or policy 

| level in Moscow to the military or practical working level in the 

‘eceupied capital. 
The controversy over the use 

Kies CO Beg 

6 cpt adele age 
tee: LEI 

not the disease itself. 

Even if the Berlin currency 
crisis is settled to the satisfac- 
tion of all the powers, together 
with the lifting of the land, rail 
and water blockade of Berlin and 
with the Soviet-controlled Eastern 

Zone again getting coal, steel and 
imanufactured goods from _ the 

‘Western zones, there would still 
iremain the basic problem of es- 
tablishing some sort of working 
‘arrangement with the Russians, 

of Russian-produced currency for 

‘all Berlin is regarded by these officials as a symptam of the disease 
that is wearing down normal relations between Russia and the three 
Western powers—the United States, Great Britain and France—and 

while evolving around German 
currency, apparently concern other 
related elements, such as trans 
portation routes into Berlin, in- 
spection of persons and cargoes, 
prevention of black market opera- 
tions, and the exchange of goods 
in the Berlin sectors as well as 
between the German zones. 
Question of Control. 

Since our experience with orig 
inal unlimited printing of occupe- 
tion currency by the Russians 
from American-made plates, one 

| Some critics of the Truman- 
|Marshall foreign policy have ar- 
'gued that this country would suf- 
‘fer a major diplomatic defeat if 
jthe Western powers agreed to the 
use of Russian-made currency in 
| Berlin and all of Germany. 

These arguments disregard the 

-—International News Photo. 

the Soviet-Nazi “Non-Aggres- 

= en meen i 



‘Stalin had voted into existence by | 
the Soviet Congress goes far Sd 
yond the first 

drafted by Lenin. 

Roosevelt took a great interest | 
in that document, and even said 
| that the new Russian constitution 
‘was the best one in existence. 

| In fact, it compares favorably 
'with the French Rights of Man, 
its originators having been able, 
to be sure, to make use of the 
intervening hundred and fifty 
years of enlightenment. 

equality for all non-Russian mi- 
norities in Russia. 
On the other hand, Stalin's 
on for Russia was the in- 
atuation of a foreigner—just as 
it was Hitler's wish to become a 


constitution as | 

great desire to be accepted as a 
| Frenchman. 

In Stalin’s case, one has to add 
tive province even educated Cau- 

hands of the “genuine Russians,” 
and which he must have witnessed. 

As Socialists everywhere main- 
tain that their spirit of inter- 

| Prussian, and Napoleon’s initial | 

the humiliations which in his na- | 

ecasians had been exposed to at the 


| both . ; bist kid's ‘single currency policy that was 
s great ne ors, for he) ‘Tallies 
| was nwads: of the  Gatticene apirit | SSTeCt upon, wisely or unwisely, 
of both Germany and Japan. _ by the Allies before the defeat 
Time and again Stalin changed of Germany. 
the five-year plan to accommo- Was Costly for U. S§. 
j}date it to military needs. The West : . 
Hitler, surely half a Commu- ee eee ee eee 
nist himself, kept on railing/‘tying to prevent the Kremlin 
against Communism, and prepar-'from reneging on a ourrency 
ing for its destruction. ‘agreement by issuing unlimited 
In 1939, when Hitler was ready | qunatition of German earrenes, as 
for his world war, a diplomatic |the Russians did when we turned 
chess game started between him | over to them the plates we had 
and Stalin, with both partners| made in anticipation of Adolf 
trying to cheat, and with every- | Hitler's defeat. That earlier ex- 
body knowing they did. |perience cost the United States 

The documents published in ‘hundreds of millions of dollars. 

of the principal items of. contre 
versy has been what the diplomats 
call “effective quadripartite con- 
trol.” which in plain language 
\means that the Russians should 
| not be allowed to have a printing 
‘plant to turn out as much paper 
money as they themselves deter- 
' mine. 

| Apparently there was an agree 
‘ment “in principle” on ‘his —_— 
by the envoys of the three Weat- 
‘ern powers in Moscow with Molo- 
‘tov and Premier Joseph Stalin. 
Some Administration crities have 
‘contended that this was enough-—- 
that, the diplomats having reached 
a decision on policy, instructions 
should have been sent to the mill- 
tary governors to carry it out, or 
las the diplomats say, to “imple 
iment” it. 
| The Berlin conferences degan: at. 
that point. Some realistic officials 
in Washington—it cannot be as 
certained who they were—obvious- 
‘ly thought it would be wiser to 
;send the tentative agreement to 

his own tactics, he got all the | 

_ out giving them equality, the 
| Russian revolution gave them 
| equality without giving them 
| freedom, 

confessions he wanted. Twelve 
er 18 top conspirators were e¢x- 
ecuted. , 

This was Stalin's vengeance. | 
Tt also was an act of personal 

| But within that decade 
1940) Russia not only developed 
her Communism, but also her Na- 
tionalism, and with it her Im- 
| perialism. 

In taking back from Finland 

(1930- | 

ma- | 
terial must sooner or later adapt | 
itself to them—our customs, our) 

years later he concluded with 

the Germans the same pact with 

the planning ef which he had 
his comrades. 

He had them killed, accusing 

them of “high treason.” But 

every abortive revolutionary ac- 

tien is high treason: Only suc- | 
‘under Lenin—Stalin himself was | 

cess turns it into law. 

If what Stalin did do can still 
‘go under the name of justice, it 
was the justice of revolutionaries. 
The new constitution which 

Polities it was not, for two | 

‘and Poland certain territories 
‘which once belonged to 
| Russia, Stalin and the 
|proved that their 
‘munist did not interfere with 
i‘their remaining, or becoming, im- 
perialist Russians. 

For many years—and 



,at the head of the Department of 

Nationalities. . 

RR to a racial minority 

Czarist | 
being Com-_ 

terfere with their patriotism, so|that neither of them trusted the 
Stalin, by embarking on an ex- | other. 
pansionist Russian nationalism, ' According to one of those 
wanted to show to the people that! documents, Hitler declared that 
his own ambitions for Russia were’ he couldn't stand the “horrible 
second to none. face” ‘of Stalin's new  right- 
When I mentioned Peter the hand man, Molotov. 
Great in our talk, he evaded any We don't know how Molotov 
comparison; but some years later| felt about Hitler’s face. 
he had a movie made about Peter, 
‘in whose figure he wanted the 
|people to find something of his 
/own person. 
| Six Portraits and Statues. 
|. Stalin carried that self-idolatry 
so far as to agree-for he must 
‘have agreed—to. having no less 
‘than six portraits and statues of 
jhimself exhibited in the French 
pavilion at the Paris World Expo 
sition of 1938. 
_ That is the kind of megalomania 
which seizes almost all powerful | 
‘men after some time. 
In the 1930-40 decade Stalin had 

on the brilliant mind of Litvinov, 
Stalin had now picked a man of 
his own pallid iciness and his 
own taciturnity. 

Only in reading Molotov’s 

ing effect—characteristics which 
also mark the speeches of Stalin. 

(NENT SUNDAY: In conclu- 
sien, Ludwig tells of Stalin’s ob- 
session with science and hew 
he has industrialized Russia, 
perhaps more than the world 


mself, he was striving to gain: 

— dnreneeibe ee ren 


to keep his eyes continuously on' generally believes.) 

'man derives from his machines— 
‘the strength of a thousand horses 
at one’s fingertips; the conquest of 
distance through mercurial speed; 
the immortal viewpoint of the 
higher air. To me in youth, 
science was more important than 
either Man or God. The one I 
took for granted; the other was 
too intangible for me to under- 

makes robots out of men and 
blinds their eyes to God? 

I now realize that. while God 
cannot be seen as tangibly as |! 
had demanded as a child, His 
presence can he sensed in every 
sight and act and incident. I now 
understand that spiritual truth is 
more essential to a nation than the 

‘mortar in its cities’ walls. When 

- oe em a ee) ere ee 

ISUPERSONIC FLIGHT | attce is that Derry took. a jet- 

| propelled aircraft off the ground 

ngs ocd ie ells (glen phan pwr ym 
BY BRITISH PILOT |tor » normal landing. 

for a normal landing. 
| Derry said he is convinced there 

‘is nothing about the _ so-called 
‘Like Turning Tricky Corner | “sonic barrier” that—has any ex- 
: . i'traordinary effect on the human 
| in Swift Auto, Only ‘body, if it is properly protected, 
nor did he notice any faintness. 

national brotherhood does not in-| Washington early In 1948 prove | 

As told to this writer, negotia- | the military governors in Berlin— 
tions with the Russians for estab- | Gens. Lucius D. Clay of the United 
lishment of a single currency for States, Sir Brian Robertson of 
‘Germany almost a year ago were!/Great Britain and Joseph-Pterre 
blocked by an unfortunately pre-/| Koenig of France—to see how the 
mature disclosure that the United | practical details of the currency 
States had taken steps for issu-| and other related problems could 

After having for 10 years relied : 

ance of its own German currency 
should efforts for agreement fail. 

This occurred late in 1947 dur- 
\ing the Foreign Ministers’ Con- 
ference in London. While the ne- 
'gotiations were still going on, an 

be worked out with Marshall Se 
kolovsky of Ruasia. 

One Administration critic has 
written that this transferring of 
‘the negotiations from Moscow to 
Berlin was a trick Stalin picked 

speeches in full does one realize | 
their full coldness and their bor- | 

‘the actions of a people are un-| 


More So.’ 

| “What I noticed especially was 

American reporter learned that up from Roosevelt and Churchih 
large quantities of German cur-| When these two Western leaders 
rency were being printed in this | occasionally dodged personal re- 
country. When he sought official | Sponsibility for immediate settie- 
i verification of his information,| ment of a problem by referring 
‘the State Department conceded it to subordinates. 
that it was true but requested Doesn't Fit Facta. 
'that no stery be written about_i a t does not seem 
| Publication, officials explaine ‘ite fit the faéts: First, because it 
/might cause a breakdown of the was announced that the final de 
) currency discussions in London. cisions would be made by the Am- 
| Columnist Got Data. ee conference in Moscow, 
The reporter agreed to withhold |@nd second, because the Berlin 
the story on the condition that }comferences have been long and 
the. department would not allow} detailed and at times looked as 
him to be “scooped.” Departmental | though they might succeed. 
officials agreed. Some time later,| Maj. Gen. John R. Deane, head of 
a columnist obtained the same in-| the American military mission to 
formation and let it be known that | Moscow during the war, writes in 
he intended to publish it. The Alliance, 
department released the reporter “in principle” 
from his silence and the publica- 
tion of his story enabled Russian 
Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov | In Deane’s opinion, the words “in 
in London to charge that the | Principle” mean precisely nothing 
Americans, while negotiating for | to the Russians and that any 

off by brick from sod and sky. 
_ We must find ways of spread- 
'ing the ownership of homes and 

‘land. We must consider the de- 
other men the desire to destroy centralization of industry on 
us; we shall build hatred and | standards of human character and 
fanaticism which wait only for (the satisfaction of living, rather 
the opportunity to hurl back at |than on those of dollar costs and 
us the very weapons with which (units of production. If industrial 
we govern. ‘efficiency is essential to our wel- 

Realizing the danger of exces-| fare and survival at present, the 
Bi use of force, other people @Uality of a workman's life is still 
advocate rule by a world govern- | more important to our welfare 
ment in which all nations are | #"d_survival in’ the future. 
equally represented. But the fail-- _ We must measure our educa- 
ure of the League of Nations and tion less by the amount of know!- 
the difficulties encountered by the ¢4se it instills in youthful minds 

tions which place too much em- | 
phasis on force meet with dis- 
aster. If we attempt to rule by 
force alone, we shall create in 

' But I have livec to experience 
|the early results of scientific ma- ‘a matter of time before their walls 

Senger I have watched “ant collapse, as they did at Berlin, 

turn into human cogs in the fac- | Munich, Nuremberg. 

‘tories they believed would enrich | a. 
ous truth with scientific prog- 

'their lives. I have watched pride | 

of workmanship leave and human H 

character decline as efficiency of | ress’ To progress, even to 
production lines increased. I have survive, we must learn to apply 
seen the lifesaving miracles of | the truth of God to the actions and 
medicine perverted toward the relationships of men, to the direc- 
murderous ends of. biological war- | tion of our science. We must learn 
‘fare. I have seen the science I|from the sermons of Christ, the 
‘worshiped, and the aircraft I, wisdom of Lao-tse, the teachings 
‘loved, destroying the civilization I 
‘expected them to serve. In mem- 
ory, the vision of my mailplane 

of the Hebrews, in the philosophy 
of Greece, in the Indian Vedas, in 

guided by this truth, # is only | 

OW are we to combine religi- | 

of Buddha. In these, in the Bible | 

LONDON, Sept. 11 (AP)—Pilot |the controls became heavy, and 
John Derry told newspaper men that there were subtle changes in 
‘how it feels to ride an airplane the behavior of the aircraft which 
‘faster than sound: ,haven’t been completely analyzed,” 
“Like turning a tricky corner | he said. “It’s still tricky to pre- 

yin a swift automobile—only more |dict what happens on the other 
so.” side of the barrier, but we have 

Derry, 26-year-old veteran of |been through it now and know 
the Royal Air Force, put a tailless |that men can fly around it.” 

foot dive over Windsor Monday U.S, TRIBUNAL FOR APPEALS 

and for a few terrific seconds 

traveled at a speed which ap- 
NUERNBERG, Germany, Sept. 
ll (AP)—An American Military 

proached 700 miles an hour.” 
Government court of appeal was 

: At hig altitude—between 30,000 
‘and 40,000 feet—-the speed of sound 

a single currency, had secretly 
been printing its own for use in 

The Americans replied that of 
course they had taken steps to 
protect themselves should the Lon- 
don negotiations break down and 
that they assumed the Russians 
had been doing the same thing. 
Apparently they had, for soon 
after American-Made currency 
was circulating 
zones, Russian-made currency ap- 
peared in the eastern zone. 

The Western powers continued 
to negotiate with the Russians for 
a single currency for Berlin. The 

in the western | 

United Nations show that rule by | 

vote also has its limitatiens. 

What do we mean by equal rep- 
resentation’ Certainly We can- 
not give one vote to Costa Rica 
and. only one vote to the United 
States with nearly 200 times the 
population. Yet if we apportion 
votes according to the number of 
inhabitants a country has, then 
leadership ‘would pass to the great 
masses of Asia. With representa- 
tion based on the literal equality 
of man, Japan, China and India 
would have nearly four times the 
influence of the United States. 
Great Britain and France. Voting 
strength and fighting strength 
would be torn apart with the in- 
‘ evitable result of revolution and 

It is clear that the answer is 
not to be found either im rule by 
force alone or by equality alone. 
Our leadership, to be successful, 
must contain elements of force; 
it must contain elements of equal- 
ity; but it must also contain ele- 
. ments which reach far beyond the 
materialism of force and equality. 
We must strive to achieve a civil- 
ization so satisfactory to men that 
its force can remain unused in 
the background, while the ques- 
tion of equality becomes akin to 
the relationship of head and hand. 

If we succeed it will be less by 
forcing our system of democracy 
on others than by setting an ex- 
ample others wish to follow; less 
by using arms than by avoiding 
them: lees by pointing out the 
mote in another's eye than by re- 
moval .of the beam in our own. 

_ than by the wisdom of living it 
| Creates. The amassment of 
| demeowledge is of negative value 
when it places business above 
family in the interests of men, 
and makes women consider ca- 

= = . 
GREW up as a disciple of 
science. I know its fascination. 
T have felt the godlike power 


‘boring northward ever moonlit 
'clouds (from St. Louis to Chicago, 
in 1926) is now mingled with the 
streaks of tracers from my fight- 
‘er, flaming comets of warplanes 
‘and bombs falling irretrievably 
| through air. 

| Why, I ask myself, should I 
spend my life helping to develop 
aviation if aircraft are to ruin 
the nations which produce them? 
| Why work for the idol of science 
jwhen it demands the sacrifice of 
cities full of children, when it 


not been widely publicized. 

cluded 50 combat missions flown 

_ shot down—a record probably unequaled by any other civilian. 
; Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Lindbergh 
| volunteered. ‘The Army high command welcomed him, but Presi- 
- gent Roosevelt said no. Thereupon Lindbergh applied for a job 
industry successively with Pan American, United 
 Aireraft and Wright, but advised each company that it would be 
- wise to clear his employment through the White House. In each 

| im the aviation 

ah’s 50 Combat Missions 

HE author’s mention of his “thirty-sixth combat mission” may 
mystify some readers, for Lindbergh's unusual war record has 

His services to his country in- 
in the Pacific and a Jap plane 

Foc tn por pain RE ins 


is 675 miles an hour. Derry thus 
was outrunning the screaming 
whistie of the bat-shaped, ewept- 

the writings of saints and mystics, 
we have a record of the great re- 
ligious and mora! truths discov- 
ered by man throughout the ages 
at his moments of highest inspira- 
, tion. ) 

“Later TI realized there had been 

Our mission is to understand 'a queer feeling in the pit of my. 

stomach,” he said at his press con- 

these truths, to separate them “But I have had that 

whistling past because I was wear- 
ing an oxygen helmet: wired to 
the radio receiver, and what I 
heard was the gabbling of a cou- 
ple of pilots flying a few miles 

The distinction of the perform- 

contemplation, prayer. 
|a dedication beyond science, be- 
yond self; but the rewards are 

back little plane by 25 miles an 

established here yesterday as the 
highests judicial authority in the 
United States zone of Germany. 

Chief Judge William Clark of 
Princeton, N.J., emphasized in 
opening ceremonies that the court 
did not grow out of a distrust of 
German courts, but he declared: 
“The inevitable aftermath of war 
renders it unfair to impose on 
the German courts the task of 
deciding cases where their im- 
partiality might be questioned.” 

Clark swore in three associate 
justices: Juan A. Sedillo of Sante 
Fe, N.M.; Carl F. Fulgham of 
Denver, and Mare J. Robinson of 

Russians, however, introduced 
their own brand in their sector in 
the capital in June, demanding 
that it be the sole currency. The 
Americans countered by issuing 
their own—it was the Western 
mark overstamped “B” to denote 
Berlin. The Russians retaliated 
with the blockade of the land, rail 
and water routes from the West- 
ern zones into Berlin. The Amer- 
ican and British met this with the 
now famous air lift. 

So far as the heavy fog of offi- 
cial secrecy about the Moscow and 
Berlin conferences can be pene- 
trated, it appears that the talks, 

American policy based on such 
loose ila would inevitably 
encounter ussian opposition 
based on differences of interpreta- 

As explained here, the Berlin 
talks by the military governors 
were necessary to work out the 
“practical detaila” of the tentative 
Moscow agreement. Not only was 
an attempt made to come to agree- 
ment as to what certain words 
| meant in Russian, American, Eng- 
| lish and French, but also whether 
Marshal Sokolovsky and his sub 
ordinates would interpret Russian 
| words used in Moscow to the sate 
| isfaction of the American, British 
_and French generals. Experience 
has taught the American and Brit- 
ish negotiators that a Communist 
dialectician can find more loop 
holes in an international agree 
ment than a ghrewd tax lawyer 
can find in a revenue law. 
| Whether or not the German 
| currency negotiations break down, 
| the temporary tranafer of the con- 
ferenceg from Moscow to Berlin 
indicated that, ha been burned 
so many times by Russians, 


We atill have the possibility, 

oe ON SORE A aN api Le 




ps oA. eT 

ae e OF Cee ee or ee 

All Give and No Go---Low's View of Berlin Deadlock 

% . ee i y » & Bi ia ale 
, *, oe << - aul 4 > ee » a 
st oy aes oe ee a =o ; 

‘ a ~ —— a ate: ¢ ae ra oar. ih ¥ ar . o 5 - - 
— Pg ee ee ee te she te ae pee a a t =i te ai A sit na " a, & . 
5 RS a PR Sea Ter ee eas es one See as! : 5S: “ ao ee se, ne 
ae o% Ee ire oy Sy - ate a 
A F : 
~ r ? 
PE > es og, = 
Big Sey BY * 



sah Maia je nis na akan 

atics," Frederick 
evoked the East with an ex- 
travagance of invention that im- 
mediately set him apart from all 
other American ‘writers, Sights, 
#ounds and smelis—and such a 
yariety of smelis—were the sub- 
giance as well as the coloring of 
‘his story. Without them his nar- 
yative would have been little 
more than a travelogue of — 
ful authenticity. 

- “Storm and Echo” (Double- 
day), his newest novel, is ‘the 
game thing doubled and re 
deubled. In addition he pro- 
vides an evanescent thematic line 
which is supposed to justify the 
actions of his picturesque assort- 
ment of characters. But here 
again it is ‘the interminable series 
of sense impressions that gives 
the book its special character. 

On the-surface his‘story is con- 
cerned with a. party of white 
men, Europeans and Americans, 
who have plunged into the heart 
of equatorial Africa in the: hope 
of réaching ‘the inaccessible 
mountain of Nagala. ‘The’moun- 
tain, one gathers, has a different 
siznificance for each member of 
the party. The narrator is seek- 
fhe a lost friend, a fabulous per- 
gonage named Speght who has 
disappeared in the wilderness 
after impressing all who have 
known him asa creature strange- 
ly possessed. Just what it will 
mean to him to find this almost 
mythical Speght is never made 
wholly clear and a similar vague- 
ness clouds the obsessive pur- 
posefulness of Allesandro, Marius 
and Joshua, the narrator’s com- 
panions. That they are in a state 
of tension is made abundantly 
clear and it is implied from time 
to time that they are driven by 
the desire for some sort of mys- 
tical completion of their spiritual 

S in many novels of far dif- 
Aer: quality and texture, 

the reader is inferentially 
rebuked for being too literal. 
Theirs not to reason why. The 
only certain thing about this 
strange safari ts that its .mem- 
bers are not interested in raw 
adventure as such. But that’s 
what they get and thai, in fact, 
is what makes the book. 

In their progress from village 
to village, from festering swamps 
to blinding’ plaids, from ‘craggy 
uplands to mysterious savannahs, 
the party is exposed to every 
known, imagined and imagipable 
equatorial phenomenon. Flora 
and. fauna are 
— of 


N an éaflier novel, “The Asi-. 



quivers, the scarlet -birds dart 
like meteors among: the great 
trees, the jackals wail, the croco- 
diles flash their malignant eyes, 
the winds howl, the earth is in- 
undated with, rains and when the 
sun comes out it strikes at the 
eyes like a flaming sword. And 
this on practically every page. 
Let’s turn to’Chapter 15. 

“Tight filled the world” says 
Mr. Prokosch in one of his quiet- 
er moments. “Everything was 
ablaze. A cataract of light 
sprang from the sky, poured 
through the mangroves, filtered 
across the swamps, spread 
through the palmettos, flashed 
in the wings of a locust, rose 
from the glittering sand and 
sank its fangs into the red mud. 
It hovered among the endless 
festoons of moss. It lit on the 
wings of a diving kingfisher, 
danced on the rippled inlets and 
finally. died among the myriads 
of rushes.”’ 

As for the natives, practically 
all are wsuffertue both the 
peculiar torpor of a degenerated 
tribal theology. plus the special 
affiictions of all the white man’s 
diseases. Here a note of social 
significance is sounded. The 
white Man's maligaadnce* tas ir- 
radiated the whdle of fhe eqta- 
torial darkness, one is téld. He 
has. corrupted the simplicity of 
the natives, tainted the well- 
springs of their tribal rites and 

st ll them nothing in- re- 
=f conven te : 

a en EEK NLT HY 

AT Ax} : 
rt Ye ala Wi 

Creates the 

te " ra 5 ‘ 
cata . 4 ~~ - bs 4 ‘s = to et ee —e o = 
TN RAR TY RCS eR gat mom 
— — : — — 
zm te 54 
. ee 
& Jos 4, 

LY . 
ee Pere, Tee : PS Oe Te 
a Eee wn a Ne, eRe di oe > 
2 Reet =. 2 rae one ~> 
ete etait tte ee ee ae a - 
f 3 
4 ae 
4 P 

‘Ferm, by 
Bf: Guide 



O the native life we pass in 
S our progress through the 
’ jungle is an enless chain of 
mortified, Pg whee — all 
except the chic doans. Ah 
those Xassandoan girls with their 
skins “like jet-black taffeta’ and 
their “feet turned out at the 
ankles like ballet dancers!” I 
wish we could have stayed there 

But the pilgrimage to Nagala 
cannot halt though when the 
journey ends one knows no more 
about why it was undertaken 
than at the beginning. It is the 
passage that counts. 

The Prokosch virtuosity with 
words and images is something 
special without a doubt. After 
the fourth or fifth chapter the 
nervous system is close to paral- 

ysis under the ceaseless punish- 
ment inflicted by exploding parts 

of speech. Yet one goes on and 
on—-if only to see whether he 
can possibly keep it up. 

Best Selling Books 

(FICTION)—Shennon's Way, by A. 
J. Cronin, 
SG e.'s. 


reported by 50 out of « 

bookselier:: The 

, %, 
Pon Neg _ to Step 
be ng = Stert Living, was Dale 

Carneg Peace of 

pea ‘Toth td 48: The bon 

e by. Winston Churchill, 

4\- | vier in Human 

Male, by A. Kinsey and Stefi 2?: 

Me by Louis Brombield, 
1 We 

ee ene = Rm oe 

by Redes y Peale, 2 


, at 


hy Pakington. . WwW. 
Nerfton and Co. New York, 
‘pages, $3.) 
Ho the outward characters 
istics ‘of a ‘modern Trollope. 
He writes of the same England, 
with the same pen, he sees life 
with the same compassionate un- 
derstanding, and he paints his 
characters with something of 
the same irony. And yet he is 
not an imitator—far from it. His 
own observation and wit stamp 
the story with an individual 

brand of civilization which can- . 

not: be mistaken, His use of our 
common language is a genuine 

Civilization 1s the keynote to 
Mr. Pakington’s writing. He sees 
the most minute details of the 
whole  self-winding, top-heavy 
machinery that we have created. 
He understands the making and 

the running of the affair, and he 
looks on it with leve. But there 
is the perspective of irony in his 
observation; you feel the bare 
bones of>truth showing through 
all ‘the comfortable frills and 
tassels of the nineteenth cen- 

He places his story in the days 
when its creators still believed 
their machine to be non-mag- 
netic, water-resistant, and shock- 
proof. The Washbournes of Ot- 
terley. had their troubles, to be 
sure. There were: wars, dis- 
appointments in politics, elder 
sons with no heirs, 13 at table. 
But somehow the wars were far 
away, the Tories always swung 
back into power, second sons 
provided satisfactory heirs, and 

13 was awkward certainly, but 
one might ask over Grand- 
mamma and the Aunts — that 

would even things property. Se- 
curity was there, even in a world 
which saw ‘the acceptance of 
manufacturers in county society, 
and bare elbows exposed in (that 
new lawn tennis game. 
So this is escapist - literature 
its very best. It tickles, 
calnis, heals the tensions of our 
jet-plane century in the most de- 
lightful manner. It is not of the 
cream puff, historical, lending- 
library variety. It is rather a 
beguiling original, leisurely, 
ironic story of 50 years in the 
life of an English county family. 

I hope you will meet them-— 
the Washbpurnes of Otterley are 
a fascinating tribe. 


ls Mankind Destroying. 
Its Means of Survival?| 



Vegt. [(Williem Sloane Associates, 
288 pgs., $4.) 

UR forefathers — whom 
some of us still pay 
homage to in D.A.R. 
meetings and on the Fourth of 
July—were one of the nivst de- 
structive groups of humana beings 

‘that have ever raped the earth.” 

With the foregoing assertion aa 
his text, William Vogt, an orni- 

'thologist and conservation chief 
-of the Pan-American Union, pre- 
‘sents mankind with a bailefuily 

fascinating account of what it 
has done to the resources of our 

|planet and interprets the record 

with a righteous wrath that 
makes exciting reading. 

Mr. Vogt is dealing with a 
general segment of fact and opin- 

‘jon that has been treated before 

in such books as Paul B. Sears's 
“Deserts on the March” and 
Fairchild: Osborn’s “Our Plua- 
dered Planet,” but he makes it 
peculiarly his own. He possesses 
a rich background of knowledge, 
and he popularizes it with great 
skill, selecting facts that are not 
only important -but entertaining, 
presenting them at a pace. that 
keeps the reader absorbed, and 
infusing it all with the urgency 
of his evangelistic zeal. 

What this book tells us human 

beings is that we are managing 
to survive on our planet by de- 
stroying the means of survival, 

Ways we are going to find our- 

and that.if we do not mend our 

that while measures to restore 
and preserve natural resources 
can help toward solving the 
probiem, the solution also re- 
quires birth control to bring 
population in balance with the 
means of subsistence. 

Mr.. Vogt brings particularly 
bitter indictments against the 
doctors, who he says: have ig- 
nored their responsibility to en- 
able peoplé to live better at the 
same time as they are living 
jonger; the industrialists, who 
have overpopulated the land 
without contributing to the phys- 
ical subsistence of the people; 
and to that most modern of the 

Muses, Advertisia, who, he says, 
has high-pressured farmers into : 
“American. standard of liv- | 

ing,” principally gadgetry, which 
théy can sustain only at the cost 
of destroying their soil. 

‘Bernard M. Baruch says 

© Survival,” one may. not | 

agree with all Mr. Vogt’s: 

occur to this. reviewer: 

This is. the real Otterley,. scene of Humphrey Pakington's novel. The house 
is still standing. 

Science of the Unconscious 

by Theodor Reit. (Farrar, Straus, 
New York, 514 pgs., $6.) 

HE stage, screen, novels, 
TT povmer magazines, all have 

given treméndous publicity 
to psychoanalysis. What the 
average citizen lacks is direct 
contact with its practitioners, for 
their number is small.and prices 
high. ‘To fill the, gap practicing 
psychiatrists have written pop- 
ular texts, as for example, 
“Psychiatry for the Curious’ by 
Dr. George H. Preston. Dr. Reik 
in his book goes further, explain- 
ing what manner of man -a 
psychoanalyst (or psychologist, 
as he prefers to call him) is, 
how his thought processes oper- 
ate and how he arrives at ¢con- 

Dr. Reik was one of Freud's 
earliest pupils, and received his 
Ph.D. at the University of Vienna 
by writing the first. dissertation 
oh psycho-analysis. He has prac- 
ticed in Vienna, Berlin and The 
Hague, and ‘for the past 10 years 
in New York. His ability is gen- 
erally recognized, even though 
amongst his colleagues he is often 

accused of not being a true 
Freudian. His answer to that is 
the statement Freud made to 

him when they met for the last 
time: ““Me, lam not a Freudian.” 
What does attest to Reik’s ability 
to carry on where Freud left of* 
is the great sweep.of his im- 
maginative. powers. and cambina- 
tion of arrogance and humility 
which were long the trademark 
of Freud. Lacking these quali- 
ties of intellect and sensibility 



offset ‘to the sheer population 
expect reservoirs to serve mul- 
tiple purposes, and chides those 

far too many psychoanalyists end 
up muttering unintelligible code 
words in what he terms “psycho- 

His crucial argument with his 
colleague centers around 
whether the analyst is to be a 
simple, well trained vessel 
through which the patient's 
troubles flow, or whether he is 
to identify himself so completely 
with his: patient that he projects 
himself into his condition. “I 
praise the exclusion of order and 
compulsion in technique, the. ab- 
sence of a consistent system, the 
lack of all conscious and rigid 
arrangement,” he says. “The 
employment of the untonsctious 
as a vital organ of apprehension 
constitutes a peculiarity of the 
analytic method, which differs inh 
that. particular form from other 
scientific methods.” 

Dr. Reik compares himself and 
Freud (favorably and again 
with illustrations) to the great 
creative writers, showing they 
all had this “third ear” of 
the unconscious which enabled 
them to get out of ordinary 
events something the rest of us 

Dr. Reik makes a good case 
for himself but it would take a 
trained professional adversary 
to dispute the validity of some 
of his arguments. But, bearing 
this in mind, the average reades 
should find this a revealing and 
rewarding book from whith he 
may gain much understanding of 
himself as well’as of the work- 
ings of the unconscious mind in 



Paris in 1929. 


Depression Era: From Black} 
Thursday to Pearl Harbor 

SION: 1929-1941; by Dizen Wecter. 
(The Macmillan Co... 362 pgs. $5.) 

down is comin’ loose.” 
These words of the 
Angel Gabriel in Mare Connelly's 
“The Green Pastures,’ which be- 
gan to delight theater audiences 
in 1930, characterized the decade 

on whith it ran up the curtain. 

Pretty nearly everything nailed 
down did ¢ome loose in that 10- 
year span and things that 
weren't nailed tight loosened up 
in a hurry. Hdw much they 
loosened and with what conse- 
quences Dixon Wecter recounts 
in his* highly successful flash- 
back to day before yesterday. 
This is history that everyone 
can. check on, at least in part. 
That, together with ihe narrative 
style, makes it truly fascinating 
reading. It commences in mid- 
October, 1929, when, Prof. 
Irving Fisher, the Yale econo- 

mist, complacently assured the 
country. that Americans were 
dwelling upon “a a a 
high plateau” of prosperity. 
fore the month was out “ b> et 
Thursday” had come. Manhy 
things helped bring on the er@sh 
— installment buying, overvex- 
pansion of credit, financial prod 
motions, increased concentration 
of wealth, a faulty banking sys- 
tem. Thée anthor. tells about 
them all in a stage-setting chap- 
ter which he irreverently calls 
“From Riches to Rags.”’ 

Much of this chronicle reads 

like a warning for our own day. ~ 
Going on from the fact of the | 
its effects on | 

erash to show 

everyday life, Mr. Wecter tells 

how domestic help was dropped. | 
the spate of home gadgets was | 
slackened, telephones were taken | 

out and jewelry stores lost &5 
per cent of their dollar business. 

The author's interest in how 
life was lived through this period 
takes in literally everything. For 
the sake of economy and con- 
veniencé, men began to abandon 
hats, garters, undershirts, vé@sta 
and the tops of bathing suits. 
Women, taking their cues from 

the informality of Florida and | 

California, introduced beach pa- 
jamas, slacks and shorts, ‘‘under 
protest in many staid communi- 

ties.” And “bravado at small 
cost” found expression in 
painted fingernails, begun in 

ITH the “change in 
W ane from Hoover 
Roosevelt, the pace of 

Wecter'’s narrative greatly aceel- 
erates. His reports on “the hun- 
dred days,” the new relations of 
“the citizen and his govern- 
ment,”’ “unions on the march” 
and “‘youth in search of a change” 
are concise, accurate historical 
writing of a very high order. 
These are followed by equally 
good accounts of the coming of 
social security, the masé enter- 
tainments of the period, the 
reading preferences and ‘the sery- 
ice which science performed. 

But in the end there are in- 
fluences greater than any at 
home and the last events in the 
author’s span are the sinking of 
the Robin Moor, the signing of 
thé Atlantic Charter, the embar- 
zo on materiel to Japan and 
finally Pearl Harbor itself. “This 
is it,” Harry Hopkins’ told the 
New Deal President — and, as 
Dixon Wecter says, “once more 
the quest for social justice had 
been engulfed in the urgency of | 
another great war.” 

This really first-rate book will 
be compared with Frederick 
Lewis Alien’s “Only Yesterday,” 
which so engagingly retownted 
the 1920s. Actually, though not 

"Announced as such, it has every 

appearance of being a new thir 
teenth volume in the pioneering 
Sechiesinger - Fox History of 
sAmerican Life Series. The typog- 
rapliy is almost identical and 
the pictures are handled in the 
same manner. Ant the _ tIast 
chapter Ik a valuable ‘critical 
essay on authorities,” a feature 
of the Schlesinger series, 


Have you consulted 
a copy lately? 


He ridicules those who | 

A: ap introduction to “Road ; 

con- | 
clusions but what he has to Say 
“requires careful thought dad | 
evaluation.” Here are such care- | 
ful thoughts and evaluations as | 
Mr. } 
Vogt is looking at his facts from j 

’ . . # *“ 
ae 4 ie mn - . 
4 ~ ees Sos 2th 
‘ . > : o ¢ : 
; . M . 
“ 4 o 2 * 4 <> 
baad 5 Fs % F, S am! ws . 
- aa 2 
4 i P ; : q #4 
it » eo ‘i 
4 «tes tine: ee - ii bs % 7 . , 5 aed 
« 3 - : 4 
’ : ’ “4 “4 : ’ bei 
u o * Z « 
f * 

who do not expect land to do the 
same, though neither view is 
consistent with the other and 
the former view is not consistent 
with the facts. He despairs. of 
the world’s food supply for the 
present population without first 
considering thoroughly a more “ P 
sensible distribution of the food. 

These imperfections, however, ; 
are all such as a critical reader 
can correct for himself as he ; 
goes along, and are minor in-an . 
assessment of Mr... Vogt's book. 
Pre-eminentiy ‘Road. to Surviv- ‘ 
al,”’ which was the August se- 
lection of the’ Book-of-the-Month ‘ 
Club, is a visit with an exceed- . | 
ingly well-informed and provoc- + 
ative personality. It. is evidently 
fun being William Vogt,: and; . 3 . 
consequently it’s fun. to read him. 


~ my, 







in the classified ads for a 

~ ~2 “ 
<* ee fee = 4 ar ca 4 
be * eae > ae be 7 » | 
. ” 
~ wey ——— — « 
bi . 4 - - 
; - + 
4 ba z ae: ¢. 
bg ~* + 4 eo * z 
‘. ™ 
‘ ‘i ae =f * 
bn - 
- on * 
- «2 7 
4 a a : 
< > > ve - 


. There you will find: many =. 
3 attractive listings neatly classified e3 
according to St. Louis’ ies 
; many delightful communities. ) “te 


e's tt 

, 7 , 
rts » 


ee ee a 

Pete ee 


i i One 
as - be a kes NT Shi tie: vu . Ae +e fe oad se veer 4 : “ oe . re ra " Sg he 
Se ee ee pe RS ee lee SEP er tiny: ate ae 
: %. 


CO ae eee ee a ee a a Pe ee ae ee eee 
Ce EE Ce ES ee 

Rnd “+? “ft ‘ew ws + —- -? 

*. + 

r oe ae y r FI ity 

> ge i 
©. , 

“ —_ 7 . < ss to & 
NP akin PP a ge cas Foes, Gath ee TPR ie 8 ed, ey oY a ae 
oe ae ee oe ee oe ea ~y 

fa r = , et 3 ° eke a i ae eee © - or ++ % “ a «* ae. rs 
* OS Or a at ee er ee a ee oe oe oe oe 

Publirhed Every. Day— Week-dayr and /undayy 

e *s * pen Sid: eS t * vs eS * + 
- a Ve ’ i “4 te - : ~ ¢ . 

w 2 ~ * - ~ - - - _ co 

, ra 7 4 - : _ . - - 
' Tee A *% ¢ 4 ’ % 
. ‘ - , 

. - 4 
; ,' 2 : 4 
. - =e * o +e i! 

os . : -~ _ = a s oe a - 


pg ei FD Eg ih Nat . Wig hk 4 Mig BAG 5 db es oe i 
—— eM PO EN OD PE ET oe? Ar FT ey ao . 
o . , 

, 7+? 

.: * - ae we 
ATS 7 ; 


PAGES 1—16G. 

The. Challenge 
It's Time to Talk 
Language of Soil 

By Leonard Hell 

(> upon a time and long ago, the people of America 

spoke a common language. And since we were then, as we 
are today, a people of many origins, the common tongue 
had many accents. There was the twang of the Down-Easter, 
salty as the sea wind which 
blew across his rocky acres; 
the drawl of the cotton 
planter, slow az the bayou 
drifting past his pillared 
gallery; the soft Elizabethan 
speech of the mountaineer, 
quiet as the purple haze 
across the timbered hills. 
Time moved and other peo- 
ple came and other accents 
were added—rich Irish 
brogue and guttural Ger-— 
man, the burr of the Scot 
and picturesque patois of 
‘the French and: half ‘a hun- 
dred others. Ye’ in that 
early day they spoke a com- 
mon tongue and it was the 
language of the soil. 

Those were days when a 
great majority of our peo- 
ple lived on the land—and 

whether their holdings were great plantations or homesteads 
of a few acres, cleared from the virgin forest, their main con- 
cern was with the essentials of living. The problem was how 
to exist in this great new land—ana often as not, in the heart 
of what was to them an unfriendly and hostile wilderness. 
Toward this end men used every skill brought from the coun- 
tries where they had begun life—and learned many new ones, 
as well. The site for a homestead must be judged by the qual- 
ity of the timber growing there and of the soil beneath it; 
by the flow of streams and springs; and by the variety of 
plants and animals which it supported. | 

x oo 

With the crude tools at their command and with a 
minimum of seed for crops and of domestic animals, 
our pioneer forefathers made a start at taming this 
vast wilderness and wresting from it a livelihood for 
their families. Timbers hewn with the broad-axe suf- 
fieed to build their first crude homes. Wool from their 
own sheep was carded and spun and woven into cloth, 
while the skins of wild animals furnished furs and 
leather for clothing and footgear. 

, et, Mie 

@ YET EVEN AT THAT EARLY DATE there existed a great 
difference between the pioneers and their predecessors, the 
Indians, whom they superseded and destroyed. These latter 
lived in harmony svith natite, taking the game as they needed 
{it and moving on when the supply ran low for any reason. De- 
pending on the wildnerneas for féod and shelter, they lived in 
accordance with its laws. So game was no‘ killed wantonly; 
nor was the forest, which provided them with shelter, wantonly 

The very terms “taming the wilderness,” “wresting a live- 
lihood from the land” and “conquering nature” are all a part 
of the language of the white man. They ar; the very opposite 
of the philosophy of the Indian—and very typical of the ex- 
ploitive ‘attitude which we have held from that far-off day 
until now. 


bryo. But the citizens of those towns were themselves close 
to the soil. From forest and field came those articles of com- 
merce which made their very existence possible—corn and cot- 
ton and tobacco; .kins of beaver and hides of buffalo; tall 
timbers for the masts of clipper ships to range the séven seas. 
As the years passed, the city and town grew stronger, until at 
last commerce and industry became the dominant factors in 
the economy of the nation. 

Now the processed ‘product became more jmportant than 
the basic commodity—the screened and DSolted white flour, 
rather than the wheat; the furniture of Grand Rapids 
rather than the growing tree in the forest. Finally came the 
“gadget” in endless quantity and variety—and non-productive 
services of a hundred different kinds. 

a ee 

much they contributed to the luxury of living, had nothing to 
do with its basic essentials. Now money became the force— 
and not the land and its resources from which al] wealth must 
come, when the final reckoning is made. Now the language 
of the city dweller was no longer part of his brother on the 
land—so that the bond between them weakened. 

‘But the economy became ever more exploitive and this 
poison grew until it affected every basic resource. The timber 
was stripped from the forest and that part of the forest was 
abandoned as not worth the effort of rehabilitation. Old and 
sound ways of agriculture were forgotten and the land mined 
to the last ounce of its productive food element if by such 
methods another single dollar could be wrung from the eroding 


xk mm. & 

Now at long last, we are beginning to count the 
cost of the wasteful course we have followed. Alternate 
floods and drouths on our great river systems-—streams 
choked with silt and gravel—lowered watertables which 
threaten to starve crops and make ghost towns of now 
thriving communities—millions of cropland acres 
fare but a few of the. ms results of our having 

x Kx «* 


people, of low health rates and intelligence quotients; these are 
je the result of the exploitation and waste of our land 

I think it is high time—indeed, past time—for 


% 7 < : 
; ys eee ie 3 aes 
es ~~ —— oo oOo - . ; 
Mate ee 2 Se eee 8 ERE Ae eae - eke Ne 


songs at the electorate. 

Indic ate 

Roy Acuff, Republican Nominee in Tennessee, Has | 
Earned Up to $200,000 a Year With His Mountain Music - 
—Sad Songs Have Made Him Best Known Man in State 




Way 'back in the hills, 

When a boy I once wandered, 

Buried deep in her grave, 
Lies the girl that I love. 

She was called from this earth, 
A jewel for heaven, 

More precious than diamonds, 
More precious than gold, 

A jewel here on earth, 

And a jewel in heaven, 

She will brighten the kingdom, 
Around God's great throne. 

May the angels have peace, 
God bless her in heaven, 
They've broken my heart, 
And they left me to roam. 

HERE will be no mud-slinging 
in. the campaign for Governor 
of the sovereign state of Ten- 
nessee, to be décided at the polls 
next Nov. 2. Instead, Roy Acuff, 
the Republican no e, will sling 
sweet and sentimental, but mostly 
sad, for the good people of Ten- 
nessee take their podtics seriously 
and their pleasures sadly. 
Acuff enters the campaign with 
one handicap in that his opponent, 
Gordon Browning, is & Democrat 

and Tennestee normally goes 
Democratic. But this will be no 
normal campaign since Acuff is 
the most popular man in Teénnes- 
see and better known even than 
Boss Ed Crump of Memphis. Acuff 
carrfes a special appeal for the 
hillbillies and there are a lot of 
hilibillies in Tennessee, just as 
surely as there’s a lot of coffee in 

In case you ‘haven't heard 
him, or heard of him, it 
should be mentioned that Roy 
is the No. One hillbilly singer of 
America and the world. Acuff and 
his manager, Joe Frank, agree on 
that, and Acuff’s record sales 
would seem to confirm it. Acuff is 
to mountain music what Gene 
Autry and Roy Rogers are to cow- 
boy 5. 

And thar’s gold in them hill- 
billies. Acuff has earned up to 
$200,000 a year. He has sold over 
10,000,000 recordings of his folk 
songs. He has made 10 movies and 
thousands of personal appearances. 
And he is the star of the radio 
show, “Grand Ole Opry.” 

Moving into the Governor's man- 
sion, if the voters give him the 
green light, will involve a financial 
sacrifice for the sweet singer of 
the Smoky Mountains: The two- 
year term of office pays $7500 


By Joseph Driscoll 

National Correspondent 
of the Post-Dispatch 

annually, plus $2500 expenses, plus 
a place of residence rent-free. 

“Just about enough for a week's 
work in Hollywood,” Acuff re- 
marks casually. 

Being Governor would be a full- 
time job for Acuff except to hop 
out to Hollywood now and then to 
make another flicker. He has just 
signed a new contract with Colum- 
bia pictures. “Home in San An- 
tone” is to be his next production. 
San Antonio is a long way from 
the hills of East Tennessee and 
the title does not seem as appro- 
priate as “Smoky Mountain Melo- 
dy,” lately finished. 

Incidentally, the villain in 
“Smoky Mountain Melody” was 
named Crump. Acuff had nothing 
to do with that. In fact, he asked 
that the name be changed lest 
Boss Crump think he Was carry- 
ing politics too far, all the way to 
the West Coast. However, Acuff 
dropped his protest when the pro- 
ducer pointed out that Crump, the 
meanest man in the play, got re- 
ligion in the final reel. 

Acuff’s Democratic opponent, 
Gordon Browning, was nominated 
over Boss Crump’s opposition. 
Whether Browning will be able to 
down Acuff is something else. 
Browning is a fair barbershop har- 
mony singer, but if the people say 
“Let’s look at the record,” he can’t 
compete with Acuff. 

x... 2: 

CUFF has sold close to $5,000,- 

000 worth of “The Wabash 

Cannonball,” at 79 cents per 
record. His “Precious Jewel,” from 
which the opening verses were 
quoted, has grossed $4,000,000. In 
third place is “The Great 
Speckled Bird,” which started his 
reputation. Of late “Sweeter Than 
the. Flowers” has been drawing 
the most requests. 

There’s hardly a happy song in 
Acuff's whole repertoire. “Low 
and Lonely” is a typical title. 
.However, the songs he favors do 
carry a spiritual note and a 
preachment (he is a preacher's 
son, by the way) that happiness is 
not to be found on earth but only 
above. The song “Pins and Needles 
(In My Heart)” starts out: “I 
know. not where on earth to find 
you.” And the theme is picked up 
by another spiritual: “T’'ll Reap My 
Harvest in Heaven.” 

Acuff is author and co-author of 

Traveler in Kashmir 

A Visit From the Merchants of the River 

SRINAGAR, Kashmir. 
F you think the Fuller brush 
man is the last word in per- 
sistency and a master of gaining 
entrance to a house to show his 
wares, then you should live on a 
houseboat in Srinagar and watch 
the merchants of this ancient capi- 


At ome time yesterday we 
counted upwards of a h 
half Were all bu 



By Henry McLemore 

150 to 200 songs; he lost count a 
‘ Jong time ago. He piles up more — 

royalties when he sings his own 
songs, but he also sings other 
pieces. Nor is he averse to render- 
ing numbers in the public domain; 
that is, oldies or anonymous items 
which are free of royalties. 

When Roy and his Smoky Moun- 
tain Boys (all of them atrictly 
union, by the way) take to the 
stump the voters are going to get 
an earful of The Wabash Cannon 

_Bhe came down from Birming- 

One cold December day. 
As she pulled into the station 
You could hear all the people say, 
There's the gal from Tennesser. 
She is long and she is tall, 
She comes from Birmingham 
On the Wabash Cannon Ball. 

That is about the nearest ap- 
proach to jollity in the Acuff 
repertoire. It is atoned for by 
The Grave on the Green Hillside: 
There's a little grave on the 
green hillside that lies to the 
morning sun, 

And the way. warm feet often 
wander there when cares of 
the day are done, 

We sometimes sit in the twilight 
fait and talk of a far off land, 

And we sometimes feel in the 
twilight there the touch of a ~ 
vanished hand. 

(These two songs, credited to A. 
P. Carter, are copyrighted by Peer 
International Corp.) 

Naturally, with Heaven and the 
hereafter on his mind, Roy will 
conduct a clean campaign for the 

“There will be no mud-slinging,” 
he promises. “I den’t know how 
it’s done and don’t intend to learn 
between now and the Novemher 

“T’m going to travel from Bristol 
to Memphis and from Nashville to 
Chattanooga and ask the man on 
the street—and also the women— 
to vote for me. I'm going to tell 
the people I’m going to surround 
myself with business men of prov- 
en ability, if elected, and will give 
the citizens an honest, fair and 
courteous administration. 

“T’m in this fight to a finish. 
With the help of the good people 
of our fine state, I can win.” 

Acuff won the Republican nom- 
ination without making a speech 
or asking anyone to vote for him. 
At two. previous elections his 
friends had qualified him to run 
for Governor on both the Repub- 
lican and Democratic tickets, by 
filing the required number of 

pernnns, arnnsmen ene. © ae 


friend back home is Abdul Satar. 
Abdul is another who took the 
English taught him by the C.B.I. 
theater G.I. to heart. : 5 

At their — e nam 
his shop the “World’s Worst Em- 
broidery Shop,” and a monster 
sign over his store so informs the 
world. He is as proud of the 
name and sign as a peacock with 
two tails. 

As I write this the living room 
is littered with the wares of heav- 
en knows how many merchants, 
and my wife, Jean, is re gan in 
pidgin Tibetan for a weird-looking 

+ which the owner says is 

on ed" 
eer ae Z: 
Sorte : 
™ . * ae 
ee a“ ea 

Se as SO 
; LP PE 

oon PM 
Po? eas 
af , : es aid; 3 me 
~~ a eee 
GLE RCE, ey 

or Governor 


Signatures, but Acuff refused to 
run. Persuaded to throw his hat 
into the ring this year, he says: 

“It appears they want me. 

Acuff comes by his politics in- 
stinctively. His father, a Baptist 
preacher, was a General Séssion 
judge in Knox county for many 
years and took the boy on the 
stump with him. 

Roy was born in the East Ten-. 


nessee hills near Maynardsvillé and ~ 

was educated at Central High in 

Knoxville. A short, wiry fellow, 

he was cut out to be an atiietse = 

and actually starred in the first 

_football game he ever saw. A good 

baseball pitcher, he. attracted the 

_ attention of a talent scout for the 

New York Yankee farm system. 
Unfortunately, or so it seemed 
at the time; he suffered a sun- 

stroke. .Recurring attacks kept 
ther bought: him a fiddle for com- 
pany and he learned to imitate 
ily victrola. One of three children, 
he never took a music Jesson in 

“But mother and dad played this 
type of music in front of us,” he 

Acuff isn’t quite sure whether 
he denies he’s a crooner: 

“T have no nasal expression, as 
music from my. chest, not my 
nose. People have written me that 
on the air.” 

Qe: >? 

fF struck folk singer. After some 

experience with medicine shows 
tion, Acuii moved up. to Nashville 
to join the Grand Ole Opry show 
a tough time making ‘good. He 
was afraid of the microphone, 
at churches and barn dances back 
heme. Besides, he had slipped so 
decided to quit and go up to St. 
Louis and seek other work. How- 
tion with Harry Stone, manager 
of WSM, and was advised to be 
Sons of the Pioneers and- other 
radio favorites. 
Grand Ole Opry, Acuff ‘ignored 
the microphone, breathed deeply 
sang the Great Speckled Bird with 
all his lung-power. “Be yourself” 
mail and money began rolling in 
with the speed of the Wabash 

Since 1941 Acuff has been the 
star of the Grand Old. Opry, 
hookups and heard in St. Louis 
over KSD at 9:30 p.m. Saturdays. 
seating 5000, is not large enough 
to accommodate all the Acuff fans 
money to see as well as hear his 
performance. Acuff also goes on 

him in bed for two-years, His fa- 
folk melodies played on the fam- 
his life, 
recalls, “and all five of us: would 
he’s a tenor or a. baritone,” but 
some writer said. I bring out the 
I have one of the plainest voices 
AME came slowly to the sun- 
and with a Knoxville radio sta- 
at WSM. For four years he had 
afraid to sing out as he had done 
low as to imitate crooners. He 
ever, he talked over his frustra- 
himself and cease imitating the 
At the next performance of 
and sang out from the chest. He 
has been his motto ever since. Fan 
Cannon Bail. 
broadcast over nationa) and local 
The Ryman theater in Nashville, 
who are willing to pay good 
tour with his Smoky Mountain 

rs of music appreciation. 
Acuff appeals to the masses with 
a $1.50 top and he packs them in. 
Making rst appearance in 
St. Louis in 1946, Acuff drew 22,- 
000 music lovers for two shows in 
auditorium. lie G 



. 4 



1 RGB ES AEE ge 9 ceed ce 


touch, the most down-to-earth 
quality,” he explains. “A lot of 
people think it’s a true story, that 
I actually lost a girl friend, ‘buried 
deep in her grave. But it was 
only a vision I had. 

“It was different when I wrote 
Sad Memories. Tears would come 
in my eyes and I would break 
down. It was a year or two be- 
fore I could sing it without chok- 

About Sad Memories, Acuff will 

say no more. Incidentally, he is. 

happily married to a mountain 
girl. To get away from his auto- 
graph seekers, the Acuffs live in 
a secluded log cabin on the Cum- 

‘berland river. 

An interviewer gathers the im- 
pression that Acuff is running for 
Governor for three reasons: 

1, He wants to help the moun- 
tain folk and the city dwellers. 

2. He wants to spend more time 
at home. 

3. He regards the Governor's 
job as easier to handle, less irk- 

gome and dangerous, than what: 

he's been doing. 
“2 & 

HAT does Acuff's family 
W ois: about his venture into 
* politics? 
“Well,” he answers, “they were 
not in the highest favor of it, but 
they figured I might as well go 

ahead and do it. Anyway. I'll be 

hours off: I may have to hide out 
at times to get in a little coon 





% m V8 

= x ‘ 
4 Fl 

a + ee 


4 x a Mat 7 pests te x » 3 

4 wt bien J ah 9 Pe Se s ‘a i= aa " 
Ri) ie SA BEY i as" et 3% baka Lane es Peres oye Fi 

* Seat et <— at TS Matis «ck oy: eee ENS a Se F I ee ee See ee ‘G 
we ae Bios Stes) 0s VF epee) Re Pee eal dS bis * fo 

ee Sage 


(ee ee S 
Ee a a ae 

from Texas: And Senator. Glen 

Taylor of Idaho, an 
yodeler, is oe 

dent of the United States, nothing 
less, on the Wallace ticket. 

“My people were mixed up in 
polities as far back as I can re- 
member,” says Acuff. “Personally, 
I wae never interested in politics, 
but I was asked so many 
to make the race. Twice I was 
qualified and threw it aside. I f 

~ * 
e es 


it was becoming an issue—that I — 

the race than I was a few years 
“I’m not making the race to 
fatten any certain group of people. 
I will be governor for all the peo- 
ple. I’m not going to promise the 
people one thing and then do an- 
other. You, can get into office on 
a jot of promises, but I'm going 
to make mighty few promisés. 
There's no use to disillusion. the 

“The people have confidence in 

.y ; 


15 ; at 
- 7 7 
; : 




= ie | 
A. ©: 


> aD > 9 im 
on -_ " 
Me 2 

tani: "44 4 —< ed r) - : : ‘i ?**s iaeh ore Ore. 4, -* » ie itt: - 7 4 4 _ a ¢ *, -— & "> 
-— Ss ee Pe ha i cand ae is _ - = se” eee wer oF SP ea ee ero er a ar ar ee ae 
: > ibaa athens ee cy RD ORG Eee Ee me i Demet! a ‘3% ae ee ee . ea aA. tf a a Se - 
he Bee ee ee ie TT es Tt ig er te fe ws ee tere eg b Pty Se PR eS t. Ha 4} 
is i he “ s eae ‘ .s “ Bee \ . » . — . _ ’ ° 

. ’ ng ; oS se Sa oe aie > sft~¢>. not WA + oo : }. ; : : ——— Bake 
. ~ § a _* | ‘ ‘ 5 % By te oo '. we . P 7 2 = “ls a ~~ - hi . ~~ wine or we ~~"  * : ‘e pres — ‘ -_ we, Cee at ar : 5 a * WE ~~ ‘i % Ape ee 
; , ; ; ae ; , Se lint tt , to Ae; br ae eee eee er i gg Sh O* Be 72 : tL ay eo a 1 BR AE, MT, 
. : » . a ge og a a oe Sas Se ae es, ae Wee Se GP yk yD Pane eee 24 We Se ha aie ee LaF 5 aes “e et Be # - } : 
4° & *° ¥ . 5 - ih ae +e € * a *? 4 be 4 & * va" * a i} wy € ih. SS . ee — : § ee . : ‘ * a2 < é - 
a a* es o » ra ) rd Pe oS my = . > 3 = = 3 3 “ , ® ¥ & ' 


eer : 4 si sili wilt tl ‘ 
ad Rg gs OG aw ee a eee" ae 

“What New Yorkers 
Are Talking About 
By Walter Winchell | 

EW YORKERS are talking about: Joe DiMaggio's biggest 



- o md paibiadis . i 
Se ova pte we: Es a 

_ By Dickson Terry 
Of the Post-Dispatch Staff 

OWN in the Shepherd of the 
Hills : 

: ex-Army great Glenn Davis. . . . Tennistar John How- 

. « Vietor 

MecLagien's daughter Sheila 

planting a merger with 

Morley Horder of City Col- 

lege. . . . Champ Joe Louis's 

“oath” that he'd never fight 

again, regardless, etc... . 

Carol Lynne, the ice atar, 

who got her annulment last 

week. . . Deb Alice Ga- 

‘hagan, who is wearing Ted 

Bassett's betrothal ring... . 

The whereabouts of Nancy 

Choremi's Egyptian groom, 

who is hiding from report- 

ers. ... The new scene of 

the recent Park avenue 

gambling swindle—very ex- 

clusive Tuxedo Park—at one 

agit 0 . of the exclusive homes. . . . 
re —_ If Time mag will dump 
% >. =e senior ed Whittaker Cham- 
bere “after the Red spy 

hearings cool.” .. . Robert 
Re St A ROOTEAL. Mitchum bein