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Full text of "St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1960-03-14: Vol 82 Iss 73"

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— ee. ee 


Mirror of Public Opinion. 

On the Hound's Tooth: Editorial. 
Dr. Adenauer's Position: Editorial. 
Britain Reviews a Missile Miscal- 


aes. UV 6. PAT. OFF. 


Closing New York Stock Prices 


_ Vol. 82. No. 73. 

(82nd Year) 




33 More Patrolmen, a 

Lieutenant and Two 

Sergeants to Be! | 

Transferred to Page 

2 Reassignment of 107 police of.- 
ficers and three major changes 


In Police 


in the St. Louis Police Depart-| 7°”! 

ment’s administrative structure | 

were announced today. 

The transfers will result in 33. 
additional patrolmen, a lieuten-| &. 
ant and two sergeants going to | Be 

the Twelfth district station at) . 

Union and Page 
bringing the sstation’s total 
strength to 190 men. Four addi- 
tional police cars also will be 
assigned to the district, which 
now has 10 patrol vehicles. 

Major Changes. 

Major administrative changes, 
which were reported last Friday 
by the Post-Dispatch, included: 

Police Capt. Joseph Gallagher, 
former personnel director, was 
named to newly created post of 
chief of staff in Chief Curtis 
Brostron’s office. 

Maj. Ola P. McCallister and 
Maj. Troy Ferber, working under 
Assistant Chief James E. Chap- 
man, will be field operation of- 
ficers, overseeing the police 
work performed in the 12 police 

Brostron announced today that 
the First, Second, Third, Seventh 
and Twelfth districts will be 
called the south area command, 
headed by Ferber. The Central, 
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth, 
Tenth and Eleventh districts 
will be the north area command, 
under McCallister. 

As reported earlier, the Bureau 
of Inspection headed by Lt. Col. 
James E. Thompson, Inspector 
of Police, will become the Bu- 
reau of Inspections and Person- 
nel. The bureau will have four 
divi8ions: Internal affairs, per- 
sonnel, training and medical. 

The internal affairs division 
will be responsible for inspection 
duties and will be manned by 

boulevards, | 

six captains. 
In addition to Capts. 

are Joseph Flynn and William 
Cibulka, formerly of the Bureau 
of Field Operations; 
Joyce of the Second district, and 
Roy White of the Fourth-Central 

However, Joyce, 68 years old, 
has been asked by the Police 
Board to retire, and White has 
béen ill in a hospital for about 
two months. 

In the reassignments § an- 
nounced today, Lt. Leonard Mur- 

y, who was chief of detectives | 
m 1947, was transferred from the | 
Police Chief’s office to the Fifth | 
Murphy, 63, also has | 
been asked by the board to re-— 


tire. He has been in ill health. 
Intelligence Unit Change. 

A second major change places 
the intelligence unit directly 
under the command of Chief 
Brostron. The unit formerly had 

William | 
Pleitner and Edmund Doherty, | 
who have been in the Bureau | 
of Inspection, the captains trans- | 
ferred to the enlarged bureau | 

Joseph | 

uae | wee 











Teamsters’ chit sends WAY IS CLEARED! 


Memorandum to His 
Lieutenants Urging 
Defeat of Foes 


—_— ee 

The New York Herald Tribune- Post-Dispatch 
Special Dispatch. 

WASHINGTON, March 15 — 
James R. Hoffa, international 
president of the Teamsters Union 
has sent a confidential memoran- 
dum to trusted lieutenants calling 
for the political demise not only 
of Senator. John F. Kennedy of 
Massachusetts but also of con- 
gressional figures actively sup- 
porting Senator Kennedy’s bid 
for the Democratic presidential 

Mrs. Edith Green, a _ well- 
known pro-labor Representative | 

#|/from Oregon and the Massachu- 
f| setts Senator’s campaign man- 

me \ager in that state, is high on 

23 this Hoffa purge list, 
@ | learned yesterday. 




EAVY snow is expected 

in the St. Louis area to- 

night with the snow con- 
tinuing through tomorrow 
and ending Wednesday. More 
snow is expected Friday. 
Temperatures during the 
next five days will remain 
about the same, the Weather 
Bureau said today in its ex- 
tended forecast. * 

The five-day forecast: Most- 
ly cloudy skies tomorrow 
through Saturday with snow 
tonight and tomorrow and 
again Friday; continued cold | 
with only minor day to day | 
changes; temperatures for 
the period will average 15 to 
20 degrees below the seasonal 
normals; normal highs are in 
the mid 50s and normal lows 
in the mid 30s. 

been in the Bureau of Investiga- | 

tion, under Lt. Frank Burns. 


Brostron announced that Burns | 

will be reassigned to the Lucas 

avenue station, with Lt. Joseph | 

ing him in the in-| ij 
Kuda succeeding him i toward St. Louis from the west, | Prove a 26-cent increase in the 

school operating tax at a special | and urging his associates in her | 
| state to sign “a strong candi- | 
If a majority of those voting | date” to bring that about—Hoffa | 

telligence unit. 

Capt. John Doherty, a super-| 
vising captain in the Bureau of | 
close | 

Investigation who kept 


watch on hoodlums, was named 

“Continued on Page 4, Col. 5. 

Heavy Snow ree 

Official forecast for St. Louis 

and vicinity: 
late this 

Snow beginning 
afternoon becoming 
heavy tonight with an accumula- 

tion of 6 to 12 inches by morn- 

ing; low tonight 25 to 30; 

to- |ed the storm would reach here 

morrow snow with little change 

in temperature; high 30 to 35. 

(Airport Readings) 
1 a.m. 26 
2 a.m, 24 
3 a.m. 22 
4 a.m. 22 
5 a.m, 22 
6 a.m. 22 
7 a.m. 22 
8 a.m. 24 
9 a.m. 27 
10 a.m. 29 
11 a.m. 30 
12 noon 31 
1 p.m. 32 
2 p.m. 31 
3 p.m. 32 
4pm. *%32 


Wormal maxi- Ff 
mum this date 53; 

Yesterday's high 
35 at 3 p.m.; low 
2@ at 4 a.m. 
Precipitation this 


year, 3.48 inch 

normal 4.80 inches. Lote Se 




A heavy snowstorm, sweeping | 

was expected to create hazardous 
driving conditions by late today. 

The Weather Bureau predicted | 
that six to 12 inches of snow will | 

' accumulate by morning. A late | 

warming trend developed as the | 
storm neared St. Louis, however, | 
and the snow may change to 
rain sometime early tomorrow, | 
the forecaster said. | 

A special forecast said the 
new storm, fourth of the month 
in this area, would decrease 
visibility sharply and cause 
streets to become slick. 

The bureau earlier had predict- 

yesterday afternoon. It was 
stalled temporarily, however, 
and yesterday’s bright sun and) 
above - freezing temperatures | 

| melted much of the heavy snow | 
-accumulation of the last two. 

Henry S. Miller, director of 
streets, announced at noon that 

the city had 150 tons of salt and. 
300 tons of cinders ready for the : 

new emergency. 


Schlafly Says $6,782,- 

580 Proposed by Des- 
sau Is Careful, Eco- 
nomical Estimate. 

The $6,782,580 budget proposed | 
for the Board of Education’s | 

. tor Kennedy dates to the McCel- 
& |lan rackets committee hearings, | 
me also has urged numerous politi- 


it was 

Hoffa, whose distate for Sena- 


cal alliances to defeat anti-Hoffa | 
Senators and Representatives | 
that appear strange for a labor 

In Tennessee, for instance, he 
proposes that the Teamsters get 
behind Judge Andrew (Pit) Tay- 
lor to beat Senator Estes Kefau- 
ver. Judge Taylor is considered 
the No. 1 segregation extermist 
of the leading Tennessee poli- 
ticians. Kefauver, a _ ranking 

hand regarded as one of labor’s 
best friends in Dixie. 
Blueprint by Zagri. 

The memorandum, in effect 
Hoffa’s state-by-state prelimi- 
nary election blueprint, is under- 
stood to have been prepared for 
the Teamsters president by Sid- 
néy Zagri of St. Louis, chief of 

the Teamsters ‘“‘department of 
legisiation and political educa- 

tion,””’ a new political action 
agency of the union. 

Hoffa created the department 
in the wake of his troubles with 
the McClellan Committee, of 
which Senator Kennedy was a 
member and his brother, Robert 
Kennedy, was chief counsel. 

The term “pro labor’ is 
equated in the Hoffa memo- 
randum with pro Hoffa and pro 
Teamster organization interests. 
The Teamsters’ yardsticks vary 
for various Congressmen. One 
is the individual’s vote on final 
passage of the compromise la- 
bor bill last year. In the Senate 
the vote was 95 to 2 for the 


Post Office to Surren- 
| der Site for 1000-Car 
| Garage and _ Build 
| Mail Terminal Else- 
_ where. 

The way was cleared today for 

the city to build a 1000-car park- | 
Kiel Audito- | 
rium, with the announcement in | 

ing garage near 

Washington that the Post Office 

| Department has selected an al- 
| ternate site for construction of a 

major mail handling facility. 
Both the city and the Post Of- 

site bounded by Walnut, Clark, 

| Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets, 
| just west of Kiel Auditorium. 

The Post Office now has ter- 
| minal facilities in a garage at 
| Fifteenth and Walnut and inter- 
| est in the entire block. 

| Postmaster General Arthur E. 

Summerfield said in Washington 


May Proceed With Plan. 

“By the Government’s action 
at this time, the City of St. Lou- 
is may proceed with its planning | 
for the future use of the area be- 
tween Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Wal- 

nut and Clark,” 

terminal is completed.” 
Mayor Raymond R. Tucke 
said: “I am 

the city’s postal services are be- 
| ing taken, and because it means 
we can now go head with our 
plans to provide a parking struc- 
ture for the relief for pressing 
Kiel Auditorium needs. 

“Since the Post Office Depart- 
ment learned of our interest in 
the site it had previously been 
considering, the department's co- 
operation extended through As- 

compromise. The only ‘‘no” 
votes were by Senator Wayne 
Morse (Dem.), Oregon, and the 
late Senator William Langer 
(Rep.), North Dakota. The 
House vote was 335 to 52 with | 
most of the Congressmen who | 
are regarded by the AFL-CIO as 
‘“labor’s friends” voting for. 

sistant Postmaster General Rol- 
lin D. Barnard has been exemp- 
lary. This result which satisfied 
the needs of the city and Post 

| Office Department has been the, 
result of long, hard study and | 
| work by the department.” 

To Begin Planning. 
Tucker indicated that the city 

building department is ‘‘an eco-| Mrs. Green was among them. | intended to proceed immediately 

nomical, business-like budget 
which represents what is needed 
to keep our schools properly 
maintained,” Daniel L. Schlafly, 
chairman of the School Board’s 
budget committee, said today. 
The budget would finance 
building department operations 
in the 1960-61 fiscal year, which 
begins July 1, if the voters ap- 

election March 22. 

approves the tax proposition, the 
new rate will be $1.77 on each 
$100 of assessed property valua- 
tion. This rate, plus state as- 
sistance, would finance a total 
school budget of $38,790,212 in 
the com'ng fiscal year. 
Most for Instruction. 

Of the 26 cents being sought, 
4% cents would be allocated to 
the building department. Vir- 
tually all of the remaining 214 

cents would go to the instruc- 

tion department. 

Schlafly pointed out that the 
proposed budget is almost $200,- 
000 less than the building depart- 
ment budget of two years ago. 
He cited this as evidence that 
Acting School Buildings Com- 
_ missioner Harold E. Dessau had 
prepared “a careful, economical 
_ budget.” 

The proposed budget includes 
| an ambitious program of repairs 

Continued on Page 4, Col. 5. 

‘ali weather data, including lores 

and temperatures, supplied by ¢ 
Weather Bureau. 

Missouri-Illinois forecasts, Page 3A, 
Cel. 1, 

- Sunset, 6:08 p.m.; sunrise (to- 

morrow), 6:14 a.m. 

Stage of the Mississippi at St. 
Louis, 3.0 feet, a rise of 0.2; the 
Missouri at St. Charles, 10.4 fget, 

a fall of G2. 


One-in-Million Chance: Weather 

Instruments Land on Airport 

Weather Bureau workers at 
the Lambert-St. Louis Field sta- 

east | tion were astonished early to- 

‘them weather-observing instru- 

parachute on a runway at the 

_aloft by balloon about two hours 

weather “2ivp 



| “Tts falling here was a one- 

_in-a-million chance,’’ Meteorolog- 

ist George N. Brancato said. 

| : | “Usually the ‘xstruments drop in | @ 
_day when airport police brought | some remote area. Tags on the | 
it be. 
| ments which had dropped by mailed collect back to the send- 

equipment request that 

ing station.” 

| The balloons rise up to 15 Everyday 
The equipment had been sent miles and the equipment radios 
observation back to 
earlier from the Colugabig (¥49.) | earth. The balloons finally burst | 

| weather 

422 Se equipment fists dover 


She helped bring about the com- 
promise, actually a watered- 
down version of a tougher labor 
measure known as the Landrum- 
Griffin bill, which probably 
would have been enacted except 

for the compromise by the | be made preliminary to the sale 

“Her Ugly Role.” 
In calling for Mrs. Green’s de- 
feat for re-election this year— 

~ Continued on Page 4, Col. 1. 

- with plans to construct the park- 
ing facility in the south half of 
the block which is vacant at 
present. | 

“We have been negotiating for | 
| the necessary studies which must | 

Continued on Page 5, Col. 3. 

|a major new mail handling facil- 
|ity and truck terminal now will | 
be located on a two-block site | 

bounded by Market, k. Six- 
| southern liberal, is on the other | teenth an eo Six 

stated that the 
department “is willing to assign 
its option to purchase this prop- 
erty to the city when the new 

gratified that this important site| . 
decision has been made because | Since had seta new distance 

it means a major needed step | record for radio communications pl 
forward in the development of | !"_space. 



emier Before IIIness 

| Roe 

| —UPI Telephoto. 
fice Department had sought the | PREMIER NIKITA KHRUSHCHEYV (right) chatting 

cisco in the Kremlin last Tuesday. 



UPHELD 157-6 

Administration Also 
Suffers Setback in 
Senate on Provision 
to Bar Flight From 
Bombings, Arson. 


WASHINGTON, March 14 (AP) 
~The House killed today Presi- 
dent Eisenhower's proposal for a 
commission to safeguard employ- 
ment rights of Negroes and other 
minorities on Government con- 

At almost the same time, the 
Administration also suffered a 
setback in the Senate which 
adopted by a vote of 85 to l a 
civil rights bill amendment mak- 
ing it a federal crime to flee 




Five-Watt Transmitter Premier to Remain in 

for Space Communi- 

cation. Two Days. 


r| mark today on its sweep into Khrushchev to visit 

Its five-watt transmitter long | will continue until April 3. 

The National Aeronautics and| pone it over the weekend be- 
| Space Administration said the | cause of an attack of influenza. 
| three days ago at Cape Canav-| visit to 12 days. He originally 
eral, Fla., was 504,099 miles | had planned to stay 14 days, but 

from the earth at noon. NASA some adjustment had been ex- 
calculated that it would be 553,- | pected in. view of 

| 552 miles away at 7 p.m. | schedule of French President | 
Pioneer V has two voices—a| De Gaulle this spring. | 
five-watt and a 150-watt trans-| De Gaulle will begin a four-| 
mitter. Its trackers intend to let | day state visit to Britain April 
the little voice do all the talking | 5 only two days after Khrush- 
as long as possible. They expect | chev leaves. De Gaulle will go 
it to bridge distances of 1,000,000 | to the United States April 19. 
to 10,000,000 miles in the next | The prompt announcement of 
several weeks. 'a new date dissolved specula- 
When the little transmitter’s | tion that Khrushchev might be 
signal can no longer be detected, | suffering from a “diplomatic ill- 
the big one—30 times more pow- | ness." Diplomats here _ had/| 
erful than any before sent aloft | scoffed at this speculation ll | 
| by the United States—will be | along, saying the Soviet Pre- | 
|turned on by radio command| mier was eager for the pre-| 
| /summit talks with De Gaulle. 
Jolt to Russians. 

| from Earth. 
The nation was shocked when 

| Scientists hope to get clear 

| signals from the 150-watt trans- 
a Moscow radio announcer 
broke into a routine Sunday 

| mitter at distances up to 50,000,- 

000 miles. Pioneer V will reach 
musical program to announce 
that Khrushchev had_ the 


15 DAYS, 14 HOURS 

© New York Times News Service 

LONDON, March 144—Jim 
Musgrave, a 38-year-old glass 
worker from Doncaster, York- 
shire, has won the 891-mile foot 
race from John O’Groats in 
Scotland to Lands End at the 
southwest tip of England. It 
took him 15 days, 14 hours and 
32 minutes to cover this dis- 
tance and claim the first prize 
of $2800. 

Musgrave, whose 
athletic career had been limited 

or five-mile merchant seaman’s 

less hours to finish yesterday 

| field, Yorkshire. 
_ second prize of $1400. 

| The race began Feb. 26. At | 
the start 715 men and women 
had entered. By yesterday only 

few contestants remained. 

to what he described as ‘‘a four- 

race in Africa,” ran and walked 
the last 100 miles in 27 sleep- 

Ninety minutes behind him 
came John Grundy, 26, a trained 
marathon runner from Wake- 
He won the 

said yesterday. 


| Britain. 

clear, said the Dispatch, “‘that | ed 
trained photograph interpreters new satellite’s communications 
can even pick out and count victory, some doubt was raised 
ships at sea or missile sites on that the United States will meet 


the east coast.” 

'Dispatch said British aircraf 


“amazing results.” 

BASES IN BRITAIN magnetic fields, micrometeors, | 

| LONDON, March 14 (AP)—/ held by Pioneer IV, which sent 
‘High-flying Soviet aircraft are back its last signal from 407,000 | 
| keeping a photographic watch miles out March 3, 1959. Rus- 
on Britain’s missile sites and in-| sia’s Lunik I stopped transmit- | 
stallations, a London newsparer | ting after it had traveled 395,000 

The Sunday Dispatch said the | 
Russian planes, patrolling high! onstrated the feasibility of long- | 
‘above the North sea, are using | range space communications, a 
infra-red cameras! feat that will be invaluable on 
‘which can photograph all of| the day man himself first ven- | 
The pictures are so| tures into space. 

The newspaper gave no source | Space next year. 
for its information and the Air 

previous | Ministry declined comment. — Art Expert Thinks Red Photos 

carrying out similar photo re 

| five months from now. | 
Scientists said the satellite’s 
he grippe, or influenza. 
Illnesses of top Soviet offi- 

| that distance from earth about 
“‘khrip’’—the Russian version of 


Sets Distance Recerd| France Until April 3, 
Cutting Schedule by 

the tight | 

across a State line to escape pun- 

ishment for any bombing, or 

The lone opposition vote was 
cast by Senator Everett M. Dirk- 
sen (eRp.), Illinois, Republican 
leader and floor manager for the 
Administration’s package civil 
rights bill. Dirksen argued that 
this was getting too far outside 
the civil rights realm. 

| In reply to Dirksen, some 
members of the Senate Rackets 
Investigating Committee argued 
that bombings in labor disputes 
outnumbered many times those 
arising from racial or religious 
The Administration bill’s pro- 
vision as to interstate flight had 

MOSCOW, March 14 (AP) —j\ applied only to bombings of 
(UP!I)—America’s Pioneer V sun March 23 has been agreed upon | churches nnd schools. : 

satellite passed the 500,000-mile, as the new date for Premier 
space between Earth and Venus. | Tass announced today. The visit 

In the first major House test, 
supporters of civil rights legisla- 
tion tried to write a provision 
for an equal job opportunities 

Khrushchev originally .hadj|commission into the stri 
anned to start his visit to-| down civil rights bill now under 
morrow, but was forced to post- | consideration. 

It was ruled out of order. On 
appeal from the ruling, the 
House. voted 157 to 67 to sustain 
the presiding officer, Representa- 

| tive Frances E. Walter (Dem.), 
| Pennsylvania. 

Also blocked on a point of 
order was an Administration- 
backed proposal for financial aid 
to desegregating schools. There 
was no appeal from this ruling. 

This brought up the adminis- 
tration proposal for federal vot- 
ing referees where state and 
local authorities deny Negroes 
their voting rights. 

The House expects to deal with 
other amendments and get to a 
final vote probably some time 



A Washington Correspondent of 
the Post-Dispatch. 

WASHINGTON, March 14—At- 
torney General William P. Rog- 

instruments are working beauti- | 
cials are rarely disclosed. In = 

| fully, They are transmitting on_ 

_command information on radi- | 
this case the postponement of 
Khrushchev’s French trip made 
the announcement necessary. 

Although the Soviet premier 
wil! be 66 years old next month, 
there was no anxiety about his 
condition. Tass reported his re- 
covery is expected within seven 

to 10 days. Thousands of Mus- 
_¢ovites have been felled by the 
capital’s usual March flu out- 

Khrushchev is understood to be 
resting at his country home out- 
side Moscow with the nation’s 

top doctors in attendance. His 

wife and family are with him. 

If Soviet tradition is followed, 
there will be no regular bulletins 
or other information for the 

' Continued on Page 4, Col. 2. 

ation, charged particle clouds, 

_and internal temperature. 
The old distance record was 

| miles. 
Signals from Pioneer V dem- 

As scientists celebrated the 

its goal of placing a man in 




NEWS INDEX | $30 250 | _moon. pinned up and then _photo- 
Page Page . William J. Young, director of graphed. 
A adi Be > ~dppgiaeinel ‘the museum's research labora-| ‘Although there is no way to 
itor Se ee 4 eS 

yeryaay ee i | mi [IW hai * , $0 CASH PRIZE CONTEST ‘tory, said last night the photo- prove it, the photos could have 
Ann Landers , . 2D Food. . . . 1.2.36 PUZZLE No 56 ‘graphs have the same character- been drawings made with char- 
on 70 Phillipe ore 1 "7 istics as charcoal drawings. | coal, crayons and watercolors. 
Or. Moiner. . . 3 rr “10.3 | . ‘eo is th ame as art 
Martha Carr. | 5D Sports  . | 4-5-68 SECTION D. PAGE 5 } Young reproduced 8-by-10-inch | Their texture is the same 1 
i eo. obi a he wa”. 4c : | foveeier as slides, projected paper we use for drawing.” 

SGmuzing teats” \QfMoon’s Far Side Are Drawings 

| BOSTON, March 14 (AP)—Aj;on a screen 8 by 10 feet for 

Boston Museum of Fine Arts re- | 7: ” aa 
| $ | ‘“T could see definite brus 
| searcher says Soviet photographs stinhen” oo anid. “ond tha Gate 
(of the far side of the moon look | position and character of the 
to him like charcoal drawings. | photos were the same as those 
| The Russians said the pictures on charcoal drawings when I 
they released were taken by the compared them. 

Pie Nite Lunik III last “In fact, the Russian photos 
| Soviet sate me = ast showed markings on the corners 
October as it swung past the which look like drawings were 



ers yesterday urged the House 

| to retain in its civil rights bill 

‘imposition of criminal penalties 
on persons using force or threats 
to block school desegregation 

The provision, known as title 
I of the Administration’s civil 
rights ‘“‘package,”’ was killed last 
Friday by the Senate. Senate 
Democratic liberals voted to kill 
the entire section rather than 
encumber it with an amendment 
extending its provisions to all 
cases of forcible resistance to 
federal court injunctions, partic- 
ularly labor disputes. 
| The penalty provision, apply- 
| ing to school desegregation cases 
‘only, is still in the House bill. 
However, Representative Edwin 
E. Willis (Dem.), Louisiana, 
plans to introduce an amend- 
ment to extend it to cover all 
types of cases, as the Senate had 
voted to do before finally scuttl- 
ing the section in its entirety. 

Opponents Confident. 

The House is going about its 
work without the filibuster which 
held up Senate action for four 
weeks. Opponents of the Willis 
amendment expressed confidence 
the House would retain the pen- 
alties provision in its present 
form, despite the encourage- 
ment Southerners said they re- 
ceived from the Senate action. 

(United Press International 
said Senator Richard B. Russell 
| of Georgia served blunt warning 
' today the Southern bloc will 
wage an all-out fight against any 
Senate move to accept the 
House bill without change. ‘le 
took sharp issue with reports 
that the Senate leadership might 
try to win quick approval of a 

| Continued on Page 4, Col. 3. 




MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1960 . 



Group Concludes 
Underground Tests 
Can Be Monitored 
Adequately Even if 
Muffled in Caverns. 


A Washington Correspondent of 
the Post-Dispatch. 
WASHINGTON, March 14 — 
Seventeen scientists, members 
of the Democratic Advisory 
Council’s committee on science 
and technology, asserted today 
that an enforceable bar on nu- 
clear tests is both possible and 


The group concluded that un- 
derground tests can be monitored 
adequately down to a level of 
three kilotons, the equivalent of 
3000 tons of TNT, even if the’ 
explosions are muffled by being | 
detonated in huge caverns. | 

The scientists proposed a net- | 
work of seismic stations 250 
miles apart to monitor illicit | 
tests. They said this network 
would enable suspicious events | 
to be located within three square 
miles, thus facilitating on-site | 
inspection. | 

Their conclusions were re- | 
leased in a 17-page report, ‘‘Nu- 
clear Tests. and National Se- 
curity.” Chairman of the com-. 
mittee i> Dr. Ernest C. Pollard, 
chairman of the biophysics de- 
partment of Yale University. 

More Stations. 

Monitoring stations would be 
620 miles apart in a network 
proposed by an East-West con- 
ference of experts in 1958. The 
Democratic committee would re- | 
duce this spacing to 250 miles. 
by adding more manned stations | 
or by filling the gaps with un- 
manned, or robot, stations. 

With this improvement, and 
with extended aerial inspection, | 

the committee suggested that | ere 
only about 30 on-site inspections | Were being treated “unkindly’ | Canaan, Conn., home that he 

would be required per year. It | 
predicted the improvements 
would be acceptable to the Rus- 

The scientists said a test bar 
need not be 100 per cent capable 
of detecting the smallest explo- 
sion. The important thing, they 
said, is that any significant test 
series would 
tected! 8 

“There is a penalty ‘attached | 
to a test bar violator in the form | 
of ;world:,opinion whieh “would 
tura, against any nation «found | 
guilty of breaking the sauclear 
agreement,” they said. “The 
latter will be no ordinary agréé- 
ment: It will symbolize a véri- 
table turning point in history— 
an attempt to make a small but 
firm. step on the road to dis- 
armament. A nation which vio- 
lates such an agreement auto- 
matically sets into motion an 
arms race from which there 
may never be an end.” 

No Quick Gain. 

The group rejected the notion | 
that a nation could gain some 
supreme momentary advantage 
in the arms race by a quick | 
series of tests, pointing out that | 
“it takes years to convert test 
data on weapon innovations into 
the stockpiled weapons of war.” 

The committee relied on data 
in‘ the specialized field of ex- 
plesion seismology. It said a| 

‘campaign today against the! South American tour. 

deliberately bumping into a Cu- 
ban union official. 

be likely to 'besde: | 

Royal Fiance in the Rain 

— Associated Press Wirephoto. 
PRINCESS MARGARET, taking careful step and carry- 
ing umbrella for protection from drizzling rain, is accom- 
panied at prescribed distance by her fiance, ANTONY 
ARMSTRONG-JONES, on leaving church near Wid- 
combe, England, yesterday. Partly hidden in background 
is JEREMY FRY, who is expected to be best man at 
their wedding in May. He and his wife were weekend 

hosts for the princess and Armstrong-]ones. 

CASTRO'S PAPER Sevgaeesctas 

NEW YORK, March 14 (AP)— 
HAVANA, March 14 (UPI)— 

Signs mounted today that Adlai 
E. Stevenson intends to wage an 
active but soft-sell campaign for 

Revolucion, semi-official news-| deliver a series of five or six | 
paper of the Fidel Castro gov-| major addresses on his return | 
ernment, opened a propaganda next. month from a two-month 


a third Democratic presidential | 

United States Navy base at; William Carter Attwood, on 

Guantanamo Bay. leave as foreign editor cof Look 
Revolucion said workers there magazine, said at his New 

and accused 4 base official of! pac heen engaged to write some 

speeches for Stevenson. The 

Instead of | speeches, the first of which will | 

country in the worst paraaes 
imaginable.” | \. a 

It said some Cuban workers at | ne Ge Seem: ud 
the Guantanamo base were re-| The Wall Street Journal said | 
taliating by rousing i “well-heeled Eastern Demo- | 

x ave 4 ICL Rit ; r ire in ; 4}; ‘ ; 
American cigarettes at the base! cratic ‘liberals’ .\v’. ‘stand ready | 

commissary. However, it did not, to finance this off-beat cam-| 

explain the hoped-for effect ‘of | Paign.””” 
the boycott since American cig-| In Chicago, Stevenson associ- 

only on the black market and- at|implications in. his speeches. 
$1 a pack. sereth: jerkeduled for months. 
Haraague by Castro. 

multi-million dollar naval base, mission to return to the United 
were considered significant be-/ States. 
cause earlier today Castro de-| Taylor and Sharp both had 
livered a bitter harangue against | been arrested previously on Fri- 
the United States and told Cu-| day and later released. In each 
bans they faced “‘aggression| incident, the arrests occurred 
from abroad.” He warned the after they were discovered tak- 

nation it would have to prepare | ing photographs in the govern- 
for a long. struggle against | : 

b d 'ment’s Agrarian Reform Insti- 
economic subversion and aggres-| +4. and on the street. 
sion threats. 

.S. Not Specifically Named. 

gas sys tae “8 country | es each sanine many 
men they must tighten their | 
belts and get used to the idea of bath arm 9 hae —_ 
wees “. prone Hd — a United States officials of plot- 
i aaliewaliigmed oo oe 
ing it. > ‘ 

Comparing Cuba with the Al- He ory glare to “powerful 
gerian nationalists in their five- | Interests, ut there was no 

'she_ said. 


Tells How Man Shout- House Member Notes 
‘I’m Going to, City Dwellers’ Lack 


Throw You Out the| 



of Voice in Govern- 

| ment. 

LOS ANGELES, March 14; WASHINGTON, March 14 (AP) 
(AP)—Wrangling by jurors in| Representative John V. Lind- 

the Finch murder trial almost | 
into violence as the 


say (Rep.), New York, called 
| today for creation of an urban 
affairs department in the Presi- 

seven women and five men de-| dent’s Cabinet to meet the grow- 
liberated to a bitter, exhausting | ing needs of the nation’s cities. 


That was the report today of | 
two members of the panel—one 
a woman who said that at one 
point of the deliberations a male 
juror threatened to throw her 
out a window of the locked jury 


The jury was dismissed Satur- 
day after failing to agree wheth- 
Dr. R. Bernard Finch and 
his mistress, Carole Tregoff, had 
plotted and killed the doctor's 
estranged wife, Barbara Jean 



The wealthy surgeon and his 
one-time receptionist both broke 
into sobs when the jurors an- 
nounced the deadlock. They face 
A date will be set 

another trial. 

While all 

and Mrs. Genevieve Lang. 

Mrs. Lang, 34 years old, a sec- 
retary, said a male juror turned 
the locked jury room into a 
panic Friday when he shouted 

at her: 

“T’m going to pick you up and 
throw you out the window.” 
| She said the juror, whom she 
Stevenson, who hes stood ca did not identify, started ‘‘to pick 
the sidelines so far, intends to | “P the jury table—he started to 
, ake off his coat—I was scared.” 
“One woman ran for the buz- 
zer and buzzed for the bailiffs,” 
“Another screamed 
hysterically at the door. It was 
terrifying to realize we were 

locked in that way.” 

After bailiffs quieted the dis- 

seem outwardly 
serene during the eight days of | 
deliberations, reports of shouts, 
insults and near-violence came 
| from. two jurors—Louis. Werner 

In a talk to the twenty-ninth 
annual meeting of the National 
Housing Conference, Lindsay 
said two thirds of all Americans 
soon will be living in 174 metro- 
politan areas. 

Unless Congress acts, how- 
ever, these people will have no 
Cabinet-level voice in govern- 
ment, Lindsay said. 

“Exclusion of cities from the 
highest councils of government 
is one reason why conflicting 
policies abound or no over-all 
policies exist at all,’’ he added. 

ing legislation to set up a de- 
partment of urban affairs. He 
said he will present a somewhat 
different approach from past 
proposals in this area, but did 
not say what it would be. 

| Backed by Kansas City Mayor. 

Mayor H. Roe Bartle of Kan- 
sas City, Mo., also urged estab- 
lishment of a department of ur- 
ban affairs. Bartle supported 
the recommendation of the 
American - Municipal Association 
that Congress should re-examine 
the housing laws to see whether 
they meet the needs. 

Bartle said ‘new fields should 
be explored — housing for the 
elderly—middle income housing. 
Studies should be made of the 
additional needs of public hous- 
ing and urban renewal—and the 
ability of cities to finance a real 
urban renewal program under 
the present formula.” 

Economist Leon H. Keyserling 
Said in a speech at yesterday’s 
session that America still marks 
| time two and a half years after 
| the warning sounded by the first 
| sputnik, while Russia adds each 

pute, Mrs. Lang said: “I want | day to its scientific and eco- 

off the jury.” 

Werner, 66, a 

jurors standing 
and’ 'd | fiveVvear- 

sentence as Dolores 


However, she 
| : stayed on the panel and the next 
qoasing ae Fone wars —— the | be delivered April 12 at the Uni- | day they announced the dead- 
merican “‘insulted him and Our | versity of Virginia, are expected | lock—10. to 2 to convict the sur- 
to put Stevenson’s name back | 8°00 of second-degree murder 
| and 8-4 to acquit his mistress. 
retired sales 
manager, identified the:two male 
tween Finch | 
“ife prison | 
| Jaimez, 33,| maximum 
frac vogp Lindsay, 28, both Los ance.” 
| ; , , | angeles, postal. employes. | 
arettes' are aveilableelsewhere|'ates said they) saw: ho polities! )—————____— opt on 


i} - ydteieanatamene 

The accusations against the) fore being released with per- | 

nomic achievements. 
Economist Speaks. 

Keyserling, chairman of for- 
mer President Truman’s council 
of economic advisors, said that 
despite a poor growth rate in 
the: general economy and high 
unemployment in recent years 
there has been- no effort to 
“build a’ program fdr ‘stistained 
economic perform- 

J *:. 3. Weare now speculating 

Lindsay said he is now draft- 

Calls for Tax 

78-Point Transportiliion Plan 
on Barge Lines 

couraging Rail 

U.S. Report Also Urges Legislation En- 

End ‘to Subsidies. 


-WASHINGTON, March 14 (AP) 
—Secretary of Commerce Fred- 
erick H. Mueller laid down to- 
day a 78-point program aimed to 
‘tmeet the pressing need for 
Major improvements 
transportation system.” 
He said it contemplates ‘‘the 
best possible service at the low- 
get reasonable cost to the pub- 

' President Eisenhower accept- 
ed the report, a year in prepara- 
tion, and sent it to Congress for 

cific indorsement at this time. 

The report calls for expanded 
taxes on users of publicly pro- 
vided facilities. The levy would 
apply for the first time to those 
who use inland waterways and 
the application to airlines would 
be expanded. Mueller told re- 
porters he recognizes this is a 
controversial proposal. 

But the report contended: 
“Users who benefit directly from 
federal faciilties should, in the 
long run, pay their full fair 
share of the cost of building and 
operating them.” 

Other recommendations 

Subsidies to various forms 
of transportation should be 
reduced and ultimately elimin- 

Reduced regulation should 
be possible once the transpot- 
tation industries get better 
market and cost’ information 
and put themselves -on a 
healthier basis. With reduced 
regulation should come ‘“‘re- 
duced exemption from the anti- 
trust laws.” 

The problem of city traffic 
jams, lack of parking, and 
losses on cOmmuter and rapid- 
transit system is “‘primarily a 
local problem.” Ways and 
means must be found to en- 
| courage local and state tax re- 
lief to help solve the ‘commu- 
| ter deficit issue. 

| Trucks should be relieved of 
| unnecessary restrictions and 
| not be required to travel ‘‘on 
| certain highways, haul only 
| very specialized commodities, 
_ or omit loads in intermediate 
| places on their normal routes.” 
| Legislation should be passed 
| to enable airlines to explore 
_ the possibilities of obtaining a 
| “mass air transportation mar- 


in. our} 

study. He did not give it his spe- 

ket through no-frill, low-flare 
flights in high traffic-density 

Airlines should have greater 
freedom to set their own rates, 
with the Civil Aeronautics 
Board to establish only maxi- 
mum and minimum rates, and 
these only in exceptional 

The remaining federal excise 
tax on commercial passenger 
travel should be repealed 
“when the budget require- 
ments allow.” 

For railroads, described as 
the *“‘outstanding unsubsidized 
‘sick man’ of transportation,” 
considerable freedom should 
be allowed in adjusting fares 
to try to retain traffic and cut 

Railroads should continue to 
drop unprofitable intercity 
passenger services, legislation 
should be put on the books 
establishing an official policy 
that railroad consolidations in 
general should be encouraged. 

Mueller told reporters that 
these and other recommenda- 
tiong propose a gradual ap- 
proach, involving first steps 
only, toward solving the nation’s 
transportation problems. For a 
report that was a year in the 
making, under Mr. Eisenhower’s 
suggestion, something of a rec- 
ord was established in compress- 
ing it into 32 pages. 

“It is a very condensed ver- 
sion}”’ Mueller said, ‘but it’s all 
meat and very little fat in here.” 
He said the transportation in- 
dustry has grown like Topsy and 
should be freed of unnecessary 
shackles so that the free com- 
petitive system can operate. 
This, he said, is the alternative, 
and a better one, to increased 
federal participation in solving 
the transportation problem. 

Where legislation is proposed, 
he said, specific bills will be sub- 
mitted to Congress later. 

Asked whether what he said 


ei i) ~~ 





Permits. Which West * 

Wouldn’t Use Are 
Withdrawn After Re-« 
taliatory Action. 

BERLIN, March 14 (UPI)—The 

Soviet Union backed down today 

in the.facé of Allied opposition 
and withdrew. the unacceptable 
passes it had issued to United 
States, British and French mili- 
tary missions in Potsdom. ... 
The allies had refused to use 
the passes because they entailed . 
a tacit recognition of the East, 
German Communist government, 
as the issuing agent. : 
The Western powers retaliated 
last week by imposing severe re-. 
strictions on the travel of the 
Russian military missions in the. 

American, French and British... 

zones. of Germany. 
Lt. Gen. G. F. Voronzov, Soviet. 
Army Chief of Staff in Germany, 

informed the heads of the West- . 

ern Allied missions of the move 
today, the East German news, 
service A.D.N. reported. : 

He said the Russians were 

only to the Soviet zone of 

Germany, . 

Voronzov told the Western mis- 

sion chiefs the decision to with- 
draw the new passes issued Feb. 
1 was taken by the Soviet gov- 
ernment in Moscow as result of 
Wéstern Allied protests. 7 


© New York Times News Service ~— 
WASHINGTON, March 4 — 
One method of getting around a. 
Senate rule against committee 
meetings when the Senate is in 
session was turned up last week . 
in the Southern .filibuster against.. 

‘added up to'an exceptation that 
‘Congress would not act on the 
recommendations this year, the 

o such great urgency I’d urge 
the President to send a special 

done right now.” 

| Southerners’ 
Fulbright of Arkansas. 
Cabinet officer replied indirectly. | 
He noted that it is mid-March | without objection to have a meet-: 

and added that “there is nothing | jing of his Foreign Relations: . 

| Norstad, 
message saying this must be! mander in Europe. His method: 

' whether the next recession will 
| start in late 1960 or providential- 
‘ly be deferred until some time 
| in 1961,” Keyserling said. _ 

| Keyserling said’ there ‘ wete 
‘about 12,500,000 . substandard 
homes on farms and in sities. To 
‘eliminate’ substagdard * housing 

and boost the general economy, 
he called for starting construc- 
tion of 1,700,000 new houses in 
1960, increasing it to about 2,- 
+ 000,000 statts each year there- 
after’ through 1964. ‘Housing 
starts in 1959 totalled 1,400,000, 
he*said. - 

‘civil rights by one from. the... 
own ranks—J. W.-. 

Senator Fulbright 

Committee to hear Gen. Lauris — 
supreme allied com- 

Don’t announce the meeting. 

Dress right in 
GGG | 
clothes «+ from r 
Werner-Hilton *” 

aaa =] -| CENTRAL HARDWARE crocs 

EV. 3-207 

Toll Phones Call 4: 
Enterprise 811 “f 
Toll Free 

‘ Y 4 ? stony 
Fy > enue 
4 : ¢ ™ : 
YA, > 1 & 2. 
os “yy Wp 
eZ: UW Ve 
O® gee F 
WY WA _ | 
4 . 7] 

cohventional explosion of one | year-old war against the French, 
ton of TNT generally yields an | the Premier declared: 
ample seismic signal out to a| ‘For those interested in know- 
digtance of 250 miles. An ex-| ing, we can say we have more 
plosion of 10 tons is detectable | arms than the Algerian patriots.” 
with high reliability within this| The national symbol of Cuba 
distance. j at this moment, he said, should 
These figures led to the con-| be “a man working with a 
cljsion that the so-called decou- | rifle at his side. We can neither 
pling or muffling technique, in| abandon the rifle nor our work.” 
which nuclear explosions theo-|' Three Oklahomans Jailed. 

retically can be detonated in| Castro spoke over television 
huge caverns, ‘“‘does not seem | 

doubt he meant the United States. 

In one of his few direct ref- 
erences to the United States by 
hame in today’s speech, he ac- 
cused the “United States exec- 
utive’’ of using the sugar quota 
as a means of reprisal — one 
Cuba would have a difficult 
time defending against at a 
time when its economy is ‘“‘be- 
ing mended.”’ 

Swivel in 


a a ee 

This One 
Even Has a 


to be a practical method of evad- 
ing test detection.” With maxi- 
mum decoupling, a theoretical 
300-fold reduction of seismic ef- 
fect, a three-kiloton nuclear 

blast could be reliably detected 

for two hours and 15 minutes in | 
the early morning following a | 
day-long patriotic rally marked | 
by new denunciations of the | 
United States and the arrest of | 
three Oklahomans who had been 

St Patricks Day 

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visiting Havana. 
John Taylor, a legislative can- 
didate from Stillwater; Roger 
Sharp, news director of television 
station KOTV in Tulsa, and Ralph 
Sanders, also of Tulsa, were 
seized by revolutionary authori- 
ties and questioned briefly be- 


250 miles away, the group said. 

, Seismic Signature. 

Repeated explosions in the 
game earth cavity, moreover, 
would cause identical seismic 
records, that is, a ‘seismic sig- 
nature.” The group also pointed 
out that seismic and gravity 
surveys could detect the cavity 
and a trace of escaping radioac- 
tive gas might also disclose a 
nuclear explosion. 

The committee presented this 
pitture of future developments 
if.there is no agreement on a 
cdntrolled nuclear test cessa- 

“Most surely, both sides will 
resume limited nuclear testing, 
probably on an underground 
basis. Self-imposed limits on the 
power of weapons tested will be 
disregarded as the nuclear com- 

ition increases in tempo. 

“Above-surface testing of 
megaton-class weapons is like- 
ly to follow and radioactive con- 
tamination of the atmosphere 
will be resumed. The arms race 
would intensify and within a 
relatively short time other na- 
tions would test nuclear weap- 
ons of their own design and 

number of nuclear powers 
would multiply. 

“The problems of turning 
back the clock and reattempt- 
ing an arms contro] agreement 
vi then be ‘vastly more diffi- 
cult. The prospects for human- 
ity disentangling itself from this 
nuclear mess seem bleak, in- 



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the controversial _ 
passes until further. notice and . 
that the Western Allies would _ 
continue to use passes referring . 



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ore -* 


f (R FIRE CAF ETY GER } RK : 7 + tt e She Avetele Former| Sonik ‘tind “ite Woman Hunted on 

Friend Waiting for Implement Drive to 

Young Woman He_ Remove James Cross 
Had Been Dating. as President. 

East Side After Man’s 
Beaten Body Is. 
Found in Motel.. 

Points to Possible Re- 
action From Public 
Relations Standpoint 
— Inspection Force 


Co-operation of the city’s real 
estate organizations will be 
sought as part of a campaign 
to’cut down on an alarmingly | 

Harold S. Schreiber, an Alton By EDWARD F. WOODS 
“an A » | steamfitter, was shot and seri-. A Washington Correspondent charged with beating her hus- 
[eee §@««ously ~wounded early yesterday of the Post-Dispatch band to death with a hammer 
ae 7 es by Mrs. Helen Marie Duncan, | WASHINGTON, March 14—Re. | in Springfield, Ill., was the ob- 
with whom he formerly had been form leaders of the Bakery and MRS. BEVERLY JOAN ject of widespread search by 
friendly. She then ended her Confectione ry Workers Interna. | SVSMPER police today on the East Side. : 
as tional Union will meet in St. |— : 

Mrs. Beverly Joan Kuemper, 

Louis March 31 to implement | ,abor Relations Board against| ‘he body of Staff Sgt. Garrit 
high fire fatality rate, Public teen sn Sage = a rae their drive get rid of the | the new AFL-CIO affiliate. Kuemper, 3 years old, a mili- 
Safety Director Joseph P. Ses- ofa shooting in the ocK unions president, James. G. 
tric said today. 

of North Grand boulevard, found| Cross. They hope to head off. In addition, the reformers ges seem at the University ' 
Mrs. Duncan sitting in the front} the threat of the organization |C@"8ed, Cross “spent death | of Illinois in Urbana, was dis- , 
seat of an automobile. She had| being handed over to Teamsters | °°?efit reserves of about $2,800,- | covered yesterday in a motel.” 
been shot in the mouth. president James R. Hoffa in a| 0% in this fight to protect his | near Springfield. ‘ 

Mrs. Duncan had both hands| possible merger. H Neetivede ofa oy Ries bs nee Mrs. Kuemper, 27 years old,, | 
around a .22-caliber revolver; The call for the conference tpt ond. Kida nr | ee, recently has been in a. 

“I have some ideas to take 
up with real estate operators,”’ 
Sestric said. “I want to try to 
impress upon them that these 
fires could react against them 
from a public relations stand- 

| oi... made by widows and kids of | menta Ry 
a os - | which was pointed toward her. | was sent out today by the same dicheaed sandibecs are not being | ey. Pg gal a a 
point.” i Statist gli re | . | Schreiber, 50 years old, of | five local leaders who last Tues- paid on time.” ‘the motel saying that she in-2* 
Twenty-two pérsons have died - —By a Post-Dispatch Photographer." | 2205 Humbert street, said Mrs. | day filed suit in federal court Ques: channes: fate relorm | tended @ drown hereail ttc? 
in fires here since Jan. -1, in- FRED SEMPLE at the controls of his steam-powered snowplow. Automobile, airplane | Duncan approached his car | for an accounting of funds of the “bill of ee lars” th | Hlinois River lice said , 
cluding 19 in residential blazes. and tractor parts went into the homemade contraption. | about 1:45 a.m. with the revolver | international union. They alleged P wars” were that » po 
Major hazards existing in al- 

| drawn. She ordered him to drive | that Cross has systematically | Cross dominates the union’s ex-| “We feel she should be appre- 

E | ; ; | i int- | hended quickly,” Willi - Tel- 
leged illegal rooming houses H M d St Pl d ‘to Alton, he said, after getting | plundered the union’s treasury. ecutive board through appoint- | hended quickly,” William C. Tel 
were contributing factors in 11 ome- a e eam OW S WOMAN K BE ATEN in the front seat. 

They idee: ated. .te& coe ment by him of 10 of the 14 vice | ford, Sangamon county coroner,-” 
we . | presidents, paid $11,500 to $15,000 | said. “She is emotionally upset 
of the deaths. The owners of five ; m * Schreiber “sang ra parked | ordered union election if misuse | year sad-aalions ee | endl Goalie to herecit . or 
buildings where the 11 persons Snow Worries In Ladue Area waiting for Miss Shirley Merritt, | of funds by Cross is established. : 
died face charges of operating | 

. | by Cross; that he “has misused | others.” 
28, a waitress, who was em- | Sponsors of the St. Louis meet- | union funds to maintain personal | Kuemper had been struck on 
illegal rooming houses. ; | ployed in a nearby restaurant. | ing said they would “consider 
“If the rooming house law Residents of the Danfield road up, Semple shovels coal into the | 

0 | , residences in Palm Beach, Fla., | the head repeatedly with a ham- 

mE 2 : : [ told Mrs. Duncan I would steps to gain new and clean and at the Woodner Hotel, Wash- | mer, apparently while he slept, 

were complied with, there would | Subdivision in Ladue are prob-| boiler and starts a fire. It takes take her to Alton as ‘soon as | Jeadership for the international ington, and that he illegally | Telford said. 

have been fewer of these fatali- | ably the area's only household-|half an hour to get up full Re LE Le ene Shirley got off work, police union and reaffiliate with the changed the terms of his union} A woman fitting Mrs. Kuem-: 

ties,” Sestric said. ers who didn’t face each new | steam. Then the snowplow can “9 . Club “st nce the | quoted Schreiber as saying. | AFL-CIO.” The union was ex- retirement plan to eliminate pos-| per’s description was seen early 

Seldom Saw Property. recent snowstorm with increas-|run all day on three bushels of Fan 6h a a are <§ yee “Mrs. Duncan said she was go- | pelled from the federation Dec. sible forleltute of bts ‘pension | yesterday im a truck este ses: 

Only one of the buildings | ing dread. The reason is Fred | coal. The vehicle is steered by oak ihbad et day morning | 128 '° kill me. I thought the gun | 12, 1957, on grounds of corrupt | rights if he is found guilty of | 6401 Collinsville road. » short 

Where a fire death occurred | Semple and his home-made con- | applying brakes to the wheels hin’ obs dai alee age a was a toy. I told her to grow up.” | domination by ‘its leaders. The | ouling -tgnient: the walen’s inter. |. Getamen-daat af es city Nimite of 

this year was owner-occupied. | ‘raption. ; on one side or the other. The intiaent “te Winasitwer end Mrs. Duncan, a 50-year -Old| AFL-CIO established another af- | est, and to permit him to retire | Fairmont City. 

In most of the other cases, build-| Semple has rigged up @ snow- , scraper blade which moves the St. Clair r Bovey ~ ee ce ~a0 widow, fired two shots at Schrei- filiate in its place. pop sebubibiaiins ac 0:|:. ‘Yale Mame inlbesiiials talta 2 

ings were owned by real estate {Plow out of automobile, air- snow is raised and. lowered me- Fast S. Louis city limits. red he homer gry yokes The expelled union now has an | cost to the union of $200,000. | found abandoned in a snowdrift 

: speculators who seldom saw the | Plane and tractor _Derts. His | chanically, : Miss Hawtherone, 22 years old, si h : Rabon . aa of the Tace | estimated membership of 60,000.| Those filing the court suit and | at the junction of Illinois Route 

the property. These owners gen- | Steam-powered vehicle is not} Semple, who lives at 11 Dan- lives at 5578 Clemens avenue but |” Sekine cab ae i | ee being ousted by the fed- sponsoring the St. Louis meeting | 157 and United States By-pass 

erally received income from | V°ry graceful, but it works. fie ad road, said he worked on stays at the tavern on weekends ey og ine a eration it had 140,000 members. | are president Walter Friese, | 49 about four miles west of the - 

rental agencies which maintained | Chugging up hill and down dale, | his machine for the better part The Gatastnens win cloned et he said, he heard a third shot. The new AFL-CIO Bakers Union | Local 2, Chicago: secretary truck stop. 

the buildings and collected rents. | it bulldozes through snowdrifts of a year, spending about $800 4 ign. yeaterduy and the owser Miss Merritt, who was told of| ,,. 80,000 members. | Chatios ik: dae, Ret Kuemper had taken his wife 
Investigations following fatal | @nd clears paths for the entire | on the odd assortment of parts. wes Jostphiins Cieteail tal ae the shooting by a witness, called la Masartntes te Jeno. Sey. ie | Beueden: sreshdeek <Bthersy- Hivcoy | from the private mental hospital 

fires have disclosed such haz- neighborhood. He is a consulting engineer, and i om , police. Schreiber was taken to : 

ards in the buildings as no fire| The engine is a 10-horsepower | steam power is his hobby. Pen | 

Homer G. Phillips Hospital and| Senate Labor Rackets Investi- | Local 3, Long Island City, N. Y.; | at Jacksonville, Ill., Friday so. 
separations between floors, | relic from a 1905 steam automo-| Twenty neighbors are thank-| “Short time later, someone | y4/. 

Duncan was pronounced | 8@ting Committee charged that | president Ermin Moschetta, Lo- | She could spend the weekend and 

in by forcing a rear window, | Cross had borrowed more than/cal 12, Pittsburgh, and Secre- | her birthday yesterday with him, 

: tecui bile. It turns four big rubber- | ful for his hobby. While other | 8° dead on arrival there. Ry | poli id 
camel, etn | on aw cooler ah te Wr | eben Sneha |, erg hd| HO om ums of Ekin ry Tier eC Maj, Pie al 
adequate exists. A fire separa- off a surplus World War II forecast and dread the thought as efiein-dnd tbblen ‘ween: tad been dating Schreiber for about | 8 
tion is a door, wall or screen | bomber. Power is supplied from | of still more shoveling, they sit 

| | —__—__— motel at noon Saturday. Russell, 
a year. Police said he is mar. | Companies preferential contract y 

slain | me 
°. — ith etian blind cords and | *. treatment. ‘FOUND HAN TEL| Miller, the motel owner, found . 
of fire-resistant material design- 4 ng which Semple built — ag vg Rage snow. Mr. ws ab nS <n remeved. the ee diel void al Sh Ae aie Weak) 0 ANGED IN HO EL Kuemper's body an te bed ies 
: : mseil. empie a is steam engine ' ees : : a fs ; e went to clean oom, 
‘ati pape i ay age When the snow begins to pile | will ‘ae care of svetitiine ” a nore -9e Rumen mg Pherenn: shooting occurred belongs to | #8rement, it was charged by A man in whose possession | . pr teat 
period of time. 

after noticing that the Kuemper .. 
itt. id she lent | COmmittee counsel Robert F. lice ¢ hear; | 
iid: “Widnes -eatlhe:-hin oo go ae Mga bewee! hg as Kennedy, went to Martin-L. Phil. | police found papers bearing the| car had been driven away. 

Building -Inspector Robert | buildings in the area are tene- | alone in a condemned building and told him to pick her up| iPSborn Jr., a baking company ‘og of James J. Wiles, 52 years Maj. John Stuper of the Illinois... 

Grizzell back to the tavern at 
Streator, who conducted many | ments. The area is bounded by | where three children had di 

ed/| 6:15 a.m. The owner reported atta: dali official, whose father had lent beng of Detroit, was found hanged | State police hsteg sa —— 
of the investigations, proposed | Jefferson and Cass avenues, only. a Tew weeks earlier,” Ses-| that $70 in bills and change had Mrs. Duncan lived at 212 | Cross $97,000. Cross testified he|in a room at the Melbourne pal ig A gg hee rigs :. “gipetong . 
that real estate organizations | Grand boulevard, Easton ave-|tric said. ‘How are you going | been taken. ._.| Brentwood boulevard, Alton. was able to get the loan because | Hote] yesterday, onatiie 
set up their own regulation sys-| nue and Cole street. to cope with a situation like| ‘The sheriff’s office said Miss 7 Philipsborn Sr. “had a paternal| A note indicating suicide was Mrs ; Kuemper, at one time a 
=<. as | Seat when she was taken, to-the hos- |!9-VEAR-OLD YOUTH SHOT "| fondness forme”... | -|in. the room. The body. was| goncucioter et’ the mein met 
rty. 2; ; prog : ; Aye ; wan sat, oii BY COUNTY PATROLMAN la, theix .¢ or the St. uis| found. by. a. main enance man |. . the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. 
“Real estate operators are as | some time, Sestric said. Six in-/ C] QUDS ECLIPSE pital, where her condition today meeting, the reform leaders | who was sent to the room when 
, ( familiar with’ the laws -as in-| spectors recently were.| —_—_——__ 


; ; C. W. Osborne of Cissna Park 
was reported as good. said that since the expulsion of | telephone calls were unanswered. , 
spectors are,” Streator said. | the staff of the fire marshal, he MOST OF MOON The tavern’s. last customer,| David Moore, 19 years old, | 

Ill. Dr. Osborne is a dentist. 
; their union from the AFL-CIO | The man had registered at the , 
“Inspectors doh’t have to tell | said, and a seventh man is .be- nit ECLIPSE HERE | whose automobile was> stuck in| was shot by St.Louis county’ Pas more ‘than: $2,500,000 of uniom|-hotél,Thursday.umder the name |. The. Kuemper’s 22-month-old 
them what to do. They know | ing considered. 0 “ial 

snow when Mrs. Grizzell went | trolman Charles Gilbert yester- | tinds had been spent by Cross./ of Carl Gray of Detroit. He was con gga living - with. the 
what is required, and there Firemen in the districts now : ; home, was being held for inves- | day after Moore threw a whisky in unsuccessful fights in. the| last seen Saturday. QU 
should be some regulation | are making inspections of resi-|° Clouds over the St: Louis area | tigation in the St. Clair county | bottle at the policeman. The courts aad. before the National 
among themselves. to meet min- | dences, too. In the past, inspec-| obscured: the moon during the 

. , “SAVE 25 te 509°"; . 
jail at Belleville. , bullet broke a bone in Moore’s FUNERAL $ "00 efers 
irbum standards.” tions by firemen were limited to | greater part of the total eclipse left leg. I ~ JEWELERS 
i Prosecution of owners in re- | commercial property. early yesterday, but astronomy FROM S AFE Gilbert reported that he went | : | FLOWERS up pws a 
‘— cases probably will! Inspections either have been | fans who stayed up were re- $1800 STOLEN 0 | to Meacham Park and found 10 “ i = | sae FLOWERS DIAMOND 
move other owners to correct | completed or arg in progress for | warded by seeing part of the! AT EAST ST. LOUIS STORE ak tees of Wandin: iets | Se -BARYTS «cir: aa 
en eee . ven neighborhood rehabilita- | spectacle. at | ock o eacham street. |; ex wit ith | a af 
pe ge ry . pt tion "projects, Sestric said. He| The eclipse began at 12:38 Theft of $1800 to $2000 from a | They were shoving each other | ¢, par ~ a meio “2 fine $204 Gravois Ave. HU. 1-3240,. 
| ag Bist Meet With Mayor. | called neighborhood rehabilita-| a.m., when the full moon began F pe the J & R Motor Supply | around. ont ee Cel csctadierts Stores” 38 Hampton Village PL. 2-1414 * 
arate a three - member tion “the best tool we have for | to enter the earth’s shadow. To- Co P “sa . Calitaivilie - avenue. | When the policeman began | :“™s **="e se aoanuaiabeds 
ignotian of fire experts ap-| eliminating fire hazards.” In| tal eclipse lasted from 1:41 to ‘ 

questioning members of the |—— | = 

i rted to 
pointed by Mayor Raymond R. | these programs, all property in | 3:15 a.m., and the last of the East St. Louis, was repor | group, he said, Moore hurled the 

East St. Louis police today. | ; 
invest . rs | shadow was gone at 4:18. | bottle and ran. Gilbert fired two 
Lay hi h three fi don a sectichidud. = belen toh ome oh break in the clouds gave ob-| The safe was broken open if | shots in the air and one at the 
22 in which three eee ed erty up to minimumi standards. | servers a chance to glimpse | a storeroom. behind the display fleeing man. Moore, who lives niaene 
with ne Mayor a d Sestic Sestric said 16,885 dwelling | the reddish glow assumed by the room of the ree | at 320 Meacham, was taken to ES | Y/ 
‘ with the Mayor an hi . en ineer | units have been inspected in this| moon in the period of total| Police said entry was eo County Hospital. : <» y, 
John Barman, Ms ie poor Bu- | program and 29,710 violations of | eclipse. The moon took on a | through a hole cut in the roof, | OY 
. p Shey pray persone oe the ex-| housing laws were found. Of | dusky rose hue as rays of sun-| Some wrist watches also were 
; re 

: ittee’ sai these, 23,794 or 80 per cent have | light were projected into the | taken. 
; oe agen Boag ovate been abated, Sestric said. shadow by the earth’s atmos- Kenneth H. Purcell, manager, 
aca d "The oaisiithes will| Sestric placed part of the/| phere. : discovered the theft when he 

. \ An 

Fre - tested "4 Guaranteed 

‘lv to hear interested | blame for the outbreak of fire} Three St. Louisans who set up| opened for business this mor- FOR LOCATION OF PHONE CE. 1-0865 | 
nieet daily to bmit a writ- | fatalities on the community as a| equipment to photograph the | ning. YOUR NEAREST STORE 1823 WASHINGTON 
piroms sat ws 8 to the | whole, which, he said, “‘has | eclipse at the Central College ob- ; 
ten report of its ~ eg failed to carry out an educational | servatory in Fayette, Mo., re- 
Mayet, Sarmen ee said their | Program” on fire safety among | ported 90 minutes of clear obser- || PRAPERIES DRY CLEANED : 
Conqnaities mem losed to the | tenement dwellers. vation. About 70 photographs || pgcoraTor'’s FOLD OR PLAIN ‘ 
ry ee padre with the | “It takes constant surveillance | were made by Russell Bunting Courteous Pick-Up & Delivery 
public. ; 

and contact to convince these | and J. R. Hereford, members of 
Mayor, . they Loy Aad 4 ae people that they.must take care| McDonnell Aircraft Corp. re- |} 5180 
) _ Fae street, ® of their children;” he asserted. [search staff; and Edward M. |} Delmar 
=. Advice to Parents. Brooks, St. Louis University 
: di- 
a greg ey gee ys Twelve of the fire victims were | meteorologist. wre as b a5 
Heidinger of the National Board | Children and seven of them were 
f Fire Underwriters and W. left unattended by their parents. . C 
Thad Fife, Missouri director of | City fire officials repeatedly have | 7m ( | 
health and welfare. urged parents never to leave | Wegans ( ryan ae ; 
The committee was appointed | Yourkstre alone, even ot, + a Be SD. oT a Bathroom 
at the suggestion of a circuit | Short period of time, LOWER STOR: 2 % £9 | oe oc — | 
court grand jury which investi-| Wo years, Sestric has asked ; . , a 3 — : : "a 

- gated complaints about the way clergymen to deliver that mes- 

9% FO. 


the quick, easy way with = os 

‘the fire was fought. The jury | $48e from the pulpit during Fire : . rose 

the fire v dil e to pass Prevention Week: r . 

reported it was und) «nical a| Sestric told of an incident B and C cups eo} 4 

: age oS which occurred last pcg 99 U/pe anitads <—— 
‘Building sy 8 pager : 9804-6 Thomas avenue, scene of C COATED FABRIC WALL COVERING PS es eae o 

: crash program today in a 42-|@ fire on Feb. 11 im which three | oe we 7 ts e § Thi derful fabri ) 
’ one 08 peecmesnrte. he oes children who were left alone 3.50 ie 0hUg 4~™ ~ : is wonderful fabric wall cover- 

i half this year’s fatal fires have red he to psn Shee oo 
7 eet - pasts peng A ordered vacated. Sestric stopped 

th to see if anything was be- 
about three weeks. Most of the ogy tek ee — - Mt 

° ‘ — the second floor, he said, 
. Missouri-IIlinois || he found a 6-year-old boy alone. 
2 t Asked what he was doing, the 
; Orecasts boy said he was waiting = a 
"Missouri: Rain, snow or sleet | mother. He said his family 

in extreme south with snow | continued to live in the building, 

ing can be hung in no time at all. 
It will give you many years of 
beauty, moisture resistance, wash- 
ability and plaster crack protec- 
tion at low cost. 

We have the complete new 
SuperSanitas line, including 
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with heavy-gauge vinyl shower 
and cafe window curtains to « 
match. Come in soon! ee 


' north and central| ‘There was a little boy left a7 | Ara here in person tuesday t 
Ie this afternoon and continuing | amass i . AS BA 3 FOR LOCATION OF 
ing w 8 t0 1 inches ior PEDERAL ‘SAVINGS —————_ * . Pastor Martin Niemoeller and his YOUR NEAREST STORE 

and central by tomorrow morn- | 

tog: showers e98 Gundersiorens Sizes: B cup, 36 to 46 
me southeas 

sna cuathora border tonight; . C and D cup, 36 to 50 

riot so cold in east and north ‘to- 

night, turning colder in southeast 

tomorrow; low tonight 20. in 

sc nto haath ded] LONGLINE BRA b, | Biflex | 

24 width; éyd.rolt ff 

biographer, Clarissa Start Davidson 


Phone CE. 1-0865 

Book Department, 6th floor, Downtown 1823 WASHINGTON } , 
2:00 till 3:00 p.m. ) 

Come meet the world-famed minister and 

bject of Mrs. Davidson’s inspirational 

30s in south. . : EACH ACCOUNT | su Y- , ve a 
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ee ae ee ™ Sars SEVENTH end WASHINGTON | 
high tomorrow 28 to 34. . 

. a 

| : “a 

4A Mon, Mer. 14, 1960 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH looked in fine shape then and 


Continued From Page One. 

described her part in the coni- 
promise as “her ugly role.” 
While discussing the West Vir- 
finia situation, Hoffa notes that 
Senator Jennings Randolph, a 
Democrat marked for his purge, 

probably will be supported by | 

COPE, the AFL-CIO political ac- 
tion arm. 

Therefore, said Hoffa, “it may 
be easier to defeat him by sup- 
porting Gov. Cecil Underwood, 
who is the Republican nominee.” 

Hoffa recommended “a pre- 
liminary survey to determine 
Underwood’s views and his will- 
ingness to buy our program.” 

Hoffa’s long memorandum, se- 
cretly distributed to his princi- 
pal lieutenants several 
ago, emphasizes activities 
“marginal” congressional 


by 5 per cent of the vote or 
‘Hate’ Phrase. 

The new labor law, though a 
compromise version of several 
bills, is proclaimed to be the 
“Kennedy - Landrum - Griffin 
Act.” This is done obviously to 
make that a “hate” phrase in 
labor circles, as ‘“Taft-Hartley”’ 
has been—and thus to harm 
Senator Kennedy among labor 

Also listed by the memoran- 



Chicago (Special) —New prin- 
ciple that contradicts every idea 
you’ve ever had about pipe 
smoking. E. A. Carey, a business 
man, who discovered it, guar. 
antees it to smoke cool and mild 
hour after hour, day after day, 

without rest, without bite, bit-| 

terness or goo. 

To prove it to readers, he’ll 
send you a pipe to smoke at his 
risk. Just send postal for com- 
plete trial offer. Write to: E. A. 
Carey, 1920 Sunnyside Ave., 
Dept. 84-C, Chicago 40, IIl. 
Se ee 


_ing position on the original Lan- 
_drum-Griffin bil and the final 

_number of Teamster union mem- 
bers in each Congressman’s dis- 

South Carolina, which the Team- 

weeks | 

dis- | 
tricts which the incumbents won | 

McClellan, chairman of the Mc- 

| Douglas (Dem.), Illinois, “is be- 
/coming more conservative and, 

_toward labor.” 

also, that Democratic Gov. Her- 
ported for the presently Repub- 

lowa. But he warned, however, 

— last IB = ll said he 

oe Sey AAO 

dum «re primary dates of the 
states, each Cong an’s vot- 

substitute that was enacted, the 

trict, and the percentage by 
which each House member won 
in 1958 

In only one of the 50 states 
does Hoffa admit things to be 
hopeless for his cause. It is 

ster chief listed as having ‘‘no 
possibilities — solid Dixiecrat 
bloc ? 

The Hoffa memorandum found 
potential backing in other Dixie 
states, however, and urged an 
all-out effort to re-elect Dale Al- 
ford of Little Rock, Ark., a po- 
litical disciple of Gov. Orval 

Urges MeClellan’s Defeat. 

In his memorandum on Arkan- 
sas, Hoffa calls for a vigorous 
effort te unseat Senator John 

Clellan rackets committee. 

Another Representative Hoffa 
singled out for super-special sup- 
port is G. A. Kasem, a Democrat 
from the Twenty-fifth Congres 
sional District of California, 
from which Vice President Nixon 
was originally elected to Con- 

Among other things Hoffa 
stated was that Senator Paul 

at best, neutral in his attitude 
He told Midwestern teamsters, 

Loveless should be sup- 

lican-held Senate seat from 
“any commitment from 

Loveless cannot be relied upon.” 


Continued From Page One. 
press on the progress of the ill- 

The Premier apparently was 
stricken suddenly, possibly Fri- 

Mayor Christopher’s Comment. 

San Francisco Mayor George 
Christopher, who spent eight 
hours with Khrushchev in the 

| topher said on his arrival back 

| gress should not shy away from 

aa | 





talked eagerly about his French 

Learning that Khrushchev had 
fallen ill with influenza, Chris- 

in San Francisco: “I hope I 
didn’t give it to him. I had a 
cold the day I talked with him.” 

still whipping up enthusiasm | ‘ 
about Khrushchev’s visit to 
France.’ Pravda'’s correspondent | 
in Paris reported: ‘Together | 
with the president of the French | 
Republic everyone here wishes 
Khrushchev to recover soon, The | 
Parisians are impatiently await- 
ing his arrival in the French 
capital.” | 

De Gaulle sent his best wishes | 
for a speedy recovery, 

In Paris, doubt was expressed | 
that Khrushchev would want to 
undertake such an extensive tour | 
of France as originally planned 
after recovering from influenza. 
He was to have visited a dozen 
cities, the Loire valley chateaux, 
factories, schools, ports and bat- 

That a new date for the visit 
would be set had been certain. 
De Gaulle had made talks with 
Khrushchev a condition for go- 
ing to the summit conference 
opening in Paris May 16. 

Civil Rights 

Continued From Page One. 

ae ee eee 

House bill when it arrived in the 

Attorney General Rogers’s 
call for support in the House 
of the provision relating to 
school integration .cdses was 
contained in a letter to Repre- 
sentative William M. McCulloch 
of Ohio, Republican manager 
for the Administration bill. 

Rogers described enactment 
of the section as of “‘utmost im- 
portance” and warned that Con- 

legislation implementing Su- 
preme Court school desegrega- 
tion orders because it ‘‘would 
prefer not to give any express 
or implied approval of the Su 
preme Court in the school 

He said both the executive 
and the legislative branches of 
the Government ‘‘should make 
it clear that they give their full 
support to enforcing the orders 
of the federal courts in school 

'the Senate; 
‘heart of the problem is a law | 
“that will really permit Negroes | 

by the use of federal troops, ' ing that he had had to settle for posed maintenance staff would 

Rogers said. 

Before, Rogers’s appea! to the and he was not sure he would 
House was made public, Senater | not have to do so in this case. 

Thomas C, Hennings (Dem. ), | 

Missouri, urged all civil rights | 
advocates to concentrate their 

efforts on an effective voting | leck, Republican minority leader 
rights bill and not dissipate their in the House; Speaker Sam Ray- 
Soviet newspapers today were strength on what he termed | | burn of Texas, afd two South- 
in the rights | erners who are . 

‘fringe benefits” 

Hennings said that he is in| any form, Howard W. Smith of 
‘favor of most of the proposals | Virginia, and Willis. 

to strengthen guarantees of con- | 
stitutional rights to Negroes | 
which have been ‘advanced in| 
but he added th 

who meet state qualifications to 
register and vote.’ 

“A lot of these other dis- 
criminations will disappear with- 

in a short time’ once Negroes | 
. _hoodlums in St. Louis.” 

start voting in adequate num- 
bers, Hennings said. 
First Shot in Drive. 

The statement by Hennings 
was the opening shot of a sus- 
tained campaign he will carry 
out this week to win support 
of his own rights bill, which 
he regards as superior to the 
one in the administrative “‘pack- 
age.’’ He described his own bill 

'as one that would be effective 

“and need not be offensive to 
the south” by bringing down on 
the region ‘‘a whole horde of 
lawsuits and United States mar- 

| shals.”’ 

The Hennings voting plan calls 
for presidential appointment of 
federal enrollment officers in 
any area where a federal court 
or the Civil Rights Commission 
finds that qualified voters are 
denied the right to register and 
vote because of race or color. 

The enrollment officers would 
be named from among federal 
officials or federal employes in 
the locality. They would issue 
voting certificates to those found 
qualified and follow up to insure 
that the votes were counted. The 
Hennings plan _ provides 

the polls and the validity of the 
challenges will be determined by 
the federal courts. 
Critical of G.O.P, Plan. 

Hennings said that his pro- 
posal is superior to that sub- 
mitted by the Administration, un- 
der which federal courts would 
appoint ‘“‘referees’’ to protect 

Extremists’ Attiude Cited. 
To do otherwise, Rogers said 
would ‘“‘give encouragement to 
‘| the extremists who constantly | 
| chant that the orders of the | 

“=| court are not the law of the | 

voting rights. He described the 
Republican proposal as ‘“‘cum- 
bersome and ineffective” in that 

power of judges 
States marshals will be neces- 

that | 
such votes can be challenged at | 



1956, aunounced: 

*! it assumes that the force and | 
and United! ments, 
three districts will be served by 

less than the best in the past 

McCulloch’s statement came 
after a meeting yesterday at- 
tended by him, Charles A. Hal- 

vigorous oppo- 
ents of civil rights legislation in 

Police Changes 

‘commander of the newly rein- 
| forced, Twelfth District. 

Doherty, on becoming head of 
the hoodlum squad io Pebreat’, 
“As long as I 
ead the squad, there will be no 
months later, almost all of the 
known hoodlums had moved 
from St. Louis to St. Louis 

H. Sam Priest, president of the 
Board of Police Commissioners, 
said today that Doherty’s ap- 
pointment as commander of the 
Page avenue station constituted 
“recognition of his ability.” 

“It’s a pretty rough district, 
requiring an able man to direct 
its police service,”’ Priest said. 
Doherty succeeds Lt. Col. James|~ 
Shea, who recently was pro- 
moted and named chief of de- 

he district is bounded by 
Lindell and Union boulevards, 
Natural Bridge avenue and the 
west city limits. 

Police Lt. Thomas Hale was 
transferred from the Bureau of 
Inspection to the Twelfth dis- 
trict. The two additional ser- 

‘at. least $25,000. 

709 to finance a cost-of-living in- 

total only 186. crease for all salaried building | Shop and Si 
Some of the other items in the | department employes. This P — Save 
budget are: would amount to about $200 a 

Low Overhead Wa 

Baker's Best for 

1. An office staff of 39 persons, | year. for each employe and 
$205,000. | would be granted > if a study 

2 fn erating galt. ot 00:1 rae ae 
inclu custodians, matrons 
firemen, oilers and stationary en- — it was research ageney ind 
gineers, $2,858,921. 

3. An architectural and engi- 
neering staff of 26, $157,426. 

In all three cases, the expendi- 
tures proposed are less than 
those of two years ago, it was 




Yo Carat sunoro 
ZALE-Selle 2 | 19° 

In the high schools, where 808 OLIVE Team up with Baker’s Heir Tonié, 
there are many late-afternoon | gg, j.944g No MONEY DOWN || C/@e” #P dandruff and itchy sealp. 
and evening events, custodians Baker’s will do it or money —— 

will work staggered hours to re- 
duce overtime payments, Dessau 
said. This is expected to save 

a -—— 

=> Pe we re 

However, this saving will be 
absorbed by an increase in the 
rate of Union Electric Co, The 
rate increase will total $125,000, 
annually, but the utility plans to 
apply it over a five-year period 
to ease the burden. 

The hiring of 24 summer labor- 
ers at a cost of $22,932 is in- 
cluded in the proposed budget. 
These laborers would be used to 
reseal play yards, which went 
untended last summer because of 
the shortage of funds. 

_ The budget also includes $155,- 


People 60 to 80} 

++ and write today to find out . 

Treat yourself to 
a new experience in 
fine things for the 
home . 



Walk into our Galleries and walk into a wondrous 

geants sent to the district will 
fill vacancies existing under its 
present personnel allotment. 

Prior to consolidation last 
week of records of the Carr 
street and Central district sta- 
tions, the Page avenue district’s 
major crime rate was the high- 
est in the city. 

Lt. Robert Matteson, who set 
up and headed the mobile re- 
serve division, was transferred 
to the Tenth District station as 

a world of beauty for the home! More than twenty 
how you can still apply for a se 

$1,000 life insurance policy toa. 
help take care of final expenses = 

model rooms finished in every decorating mood ,,. 
Two galleries displaying exquisite antiques, 

ae fine reproductions, accessories, lamps . . . museumrvrich : 

without burdening your family. |e : 
gy y: bE in elegance but with the atmosphere of a gracious home. i 

Mail a postcard or letter, giving Come in often, we love to have you “just looking!” ja 
your name, address and age tor | ist 
Old American Ins, Co, = | LAMMERTS DOWNTOWN os 
4900 Oak, Dept. LF316 - 911 Washington Avenue : 

Kansas City, Missouri 
No obligation. No one will call. 3 

MRS Se pen saSaetataeata nates «osteo ae aetna co eaepertet ece 
ee ET 
— vv s ~ 

me ee ee 

a shift commander, a post re- 
garded as having less responsi- 
bility. The mobile reserve op- 
erations have been a factor jin 
holding down crime. Matteson 
will be succeeded by Lt. Walter 


CE. 1-9440 

Mail and Phone Orders Filled on 
Orders. Write Lock Box 1002 or 
Phone CEntral 11-9440 or Toll-Free 

As a result of the reassign- | 
Brostron said, all but 

| sary to assure voting rights for | three lieutenants as shift com- 

Enterprise 800. Phone Order Switch- 
boords Open at 8:30 A.M. 

Negroes. 'manders under the captain com- 
The St. Louisan said that his | manding the district. Formerly, 
plan is based on the assump-/ the district captain had only 
tion that state and local officials | two lieutenants, and had to take 
will comply with the law once | over one eight-hour shift in ad- 
| fede al enrollment officers, who | dition to handling administrative 
| are Nheir neighbors and fellow- | duties. | 
| voters, have done their job. Hen-| Brostron said the First, Second 
|nings pointed out that his bill) and Sixth districts are the least | 

*| land and thus may be flouted.” | 
Attend the World Famous : Rogers told McCulloch that 

_ WALTER BENSER LECTURE = the problem of compliance with | 

* school desegregation was a spe- 
"35mm Color Magic’ 

*: cial case and should be handled 
a ery from legislation deal- 
at St. Louis House Auditorium 

| ing with attempts to frustrate 
| court orders in other matters. 

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3424 MARKET - 

He said that for one thing lo- 
4 | cal authorities might be sages” | 
|to desegregation decrees and 
‘| therefore “mi not maintain | the 
law and order® with the same 

'| dedication as in other. cases.’ 

“rioting over. desegregation 
1957 at Little’ Rock, Ark., and 
said that ‘‘the lives of children 
who seek to exercise their con- 
stitutional rights” are at stake | 
in the proposed curb on violence 
in school cases. 
Only Effective Way. 

At present, when state officials | 
fail to maintain law and order | 
in situations such as that at Lit- | 
tle Rock, the federal government 


as a practical matter has no- 




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certain or very effective way to. 
deal with mob violence except | 



WINKIE . .. 





5067 DELMAR 
FO. 7-8180 


The Attorney General cited the | 

‘provides remedies for any of- | 

busy, and therefore do not re- 

er hye. fail to comply with | quire an additional lieutenant to. 
| relieve the captains of a watch. 

Mentetihas with the House al- 

| most Certain 6" act “On voting 
| rights before the matter comes | abandoned last Friday, night pa- 

some | trols hereafter will be made by 
liberals | five-two-man police cruisers and | 

up on the Senate floor, 
northern Democratic 


In the Fourth district, where 
the Carr street station house was 

were expressing apprehension | eight one-man cars, it was an-— 
‘that the Republican House lead- | nounced today. Formerly there 
ership is preparing to bow to | were nine one-man cars and four 

Southern demands for amend- 

| ments to the Administration bill | 

| | which would, 
| “wreck the bill.” 
Limit on Guarantees. 

| voting guarantees 

' elections; the other would re- 

in Rogers’s view, | 

two-men cruisers. 
Crews in the two-men cars can 
complete arrests without requir- 

| ing the assistance of another | 

| cruising patrol, it was explained. 

One amendment favored by By adding the fifth two-man car, | 
the Dixie forces would limit the | | the other cruisers will not be > 
to federal | called on as often as now to 

'leave patrol duties to assist in” 

quire each Negro to prove that | arrests.. 

he had been barred from regis- | 
tering and voting because of 
race before a federal ‘“‘referee” 
could put his name on the rolls. | 

The broad basis of the referee | 
plan is to enroll Negroes en 
masse in areas where a pattern 
of racial discrimination is estab- 
lished, not one by one through 
endless litigation. 

Fears that a ‘‘deal” was in 
the making were substantiated 
somewhat by a statement yes- 
terday by Representative Mc- 
Culloch that he would be ready 
to compromise on the adminis- 
tration ‘‘referee’’ plan. 

McCulloch was quoted as say- 



| and 



School Budget | 

Continued From Page One. 

improvements to school 
property amounting to $625,000. | 
This is some $451,000 larger | 
than the current repairs pro-| 
gram. | 
Principal reason for the sub-| 
stantial increase, Dessau said, | 
is that a large amount of pre-| 
ventive maintenance was elim- 
inated from the current budget 
after voters turned down the 13- 
cent tax increase proposal last 
Private Contractors. 

Almost all of the repairs and 
improvements will be done by 
private contractors on bids, 
Dessau said. Painting, tuck- 
pointing waterproofing and yard 
resurfacing are planned, as well 
as plumbing, electrical and heat- 
ing repairs. 

The painting of the exteriors 

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Package of 14 Empire pins, 70c 96x63" size, pair $8 

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hearing person must 
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how it works, what can 

be done about it. Also 
CENTERS © There's one near you! || (“True Facts About 

Please, only those who 
are hard of hearing in- 
quire, as supply is 
greatly limited. Write 
for your free copies to- 
day, to: Southwestern 

Hearing Aid Co., Suite 
329, 705 Olive St., St. 

of 30 schools and the interiors 
of 20 at a total cost of $235,000 
is one of the largest items in the 
repairs and improvements pro- 
gram, Dessau said. 

Of the 50 buildings scheduled 
for painting in the coming fiscal 
year, none has had a coat of 
paint in less than five years and 
some have not been painted in 
as many as 12 years, he noted. 


PL. 2-5500 
for store near you! 




Hearing Aids.” ' 

Louis 1, Mo. 






ST. LOUIS 20, MO. 





EV. 2-5336 

Maintenance Staff. 

Dessau said he will need a 
maintenance staff of 201 men at 
an annual cost of about $1,500,- 
000. In the budget of two years 
ago, 259 maintenance workers 
were authorized. 

The figure of 201 includes 15 | 
workers who in the past had | 
been included in other categories | 
of the budget. Thus, if the old 
categories were used, the pro- 

ST. LOUIS er eet 

MAin Lit te vm offer. T. (ey 

pa nd "netter, 
office - 7 

duly if, 1 wk 
1), Mo. 

under the ose 

ana AubIY Y bu ng ag 
cy ie PS masho 

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a | 

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’ ¥ 

WA - 

PB ROBERTSON JR. Ex-Otticial Killed | mn visdvertise tor bids, The | children’ were David, 4 years | > -COUIS POST-DISPATCH Mor. Mer. 4.1960 5 A 


new facility will be built under | old, and Diana, 3. The Janssens | 
the lease-purchase program au- are from Fairmont, Okla. 
thorized by Congress in 1958. 

Under this arrangement, a pri- ores 


6401 Clayton Ave. at Tamm 
Mi. 7-5917 

vate contractor will put up the 

building, then lease it to the)’. NEW = ao | as Tv oa ceehe 
| CINCINNATI, March 14 (UPI) ee ee | 2 en © DIVIDEND | — SPECIAL—2 weeks only 
| —Former Deputy Secretary of certain period, with the depart- PER ANNUM 4. MILLION onuscations | 15°% discount off list price « 

Defense Reuben B. Robertson Jr. 
was killed yesterday when a 
third auto struck him after a per 
collision between Robertson’s Two Children Suffocated. 

Across the Pacific tema sapescsiorse NAHA, Okinawa,. March 14 

noverteon, wae standing in the ~*~ ©, MB| (AP)—The two children of Lt. 
street talking with the driver of , a a 

ment having an option to buy a DIVIDEND © | 
the structure at the expiration| ; RATE < on sure savines | 
of the lease period. Se 


and Mrs. Larry D. Janssen, AND LOAN 
the auto he had struck when a were asphyxiated today in a foot | ASSOCIATION 
car driven by Willie Lee Griffin locker. Apparently they had been | ee 
hit Robertson and then caromed playing in the locker and the lid ‘6944 ST. CHARLES RD., HArrison. 7-7400 | DOWNTOWN and WESTROADS 

into Robertson’s car in which 

his wife was sitting. 
Robertson, 51 years old, ‘was 

dead on arrival at Cincinnati 

General Hospital. His wife was +5 $ 0 0 ‘one. $ 9 9 L 
not injured. —Associated Press Wirephoto, | ee : 
weer i REUBEN B. ee | 
Police filed charges of driving ROBERTSON JR. DRY : 

while intoxicated and reckless | 
driving against Griffin. | 

Mrs. Robertson told police ‘will a portion of Walnut between CLE ANING Cash & 

that ske and her husband were: Sixteenth and Seventeenth. With This Coupon Only — 


on their way home when Robert- | Summerfield said the Govern- | 

son struck a car stalled on the | ™* already owns one of the | CORRENTI CLEANERS & SHIRT LAUNDRY 

street. She said her husband | Plocks in question, that bounded | 

: 6088 ARSENAL 4704 SHREWSBURY 8370 HYWAY 66 
parked his car and then went | by Clark, = Sixteenth and | AT WATSON AT MURDOCH {WATSON RD.) 
back to talk to the driver of the | **venteenth. va | Offer Expires March 28, 1960 Phone ST. 1-1515 
disabled auto. | Where property owners cou | . Be 
Robertson, was president of a bgp Tay sna ae ra fee - t j . 
"te . | sur of the Government’s in- | eae 
the sean vagag dpe & F ty Co. | tent to purchase the property at | SHOP 9? TO 9 SPECIAL SALE PRICE! e 
at nearby Hamilton, O. He ,¢,; ’ field oe . a s ; 
served as deputy secretary of | rar ay vee,” ee | No-rub Caddy Cleaner easily 

FULL SIZE Gas Range 

defense under Charles Wilson | After working drawings and 
from August 1955 to April 1957. | specifications for the new build- | 
In addition to serving with the | saaenetty | 
Defense Department, Robertson |f="""4 STORES IN ST. LOUIS™="—"q 
was vice chairman of the Hoover | 
Commission’s Committee on 

Business Organization, a mem- 
ber of the Wage Stabilization 
3 3 Board, vice chairman of the 58th ANNIVERSARY 
Business Advisory Council for SHOWBOAT OF VALUES! 
x the Department of Commerce, : 
= Be don | 7 and in 1953 he led a team evalu- | spppesnuzssssssaseseeecssrssscssssne 

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ating the Mutual Security pro- Bite es Sse Bis ae Seaport Ra a a Re too. Housewares — Fifth Floor, Down- 
gram in Germany, He had re-| #2 

ceived a number of honorary 
awards, including being named 
Man of the Year in 1953 by the 
National Association of Manu- 


Continued From Page One. 

of revenue bonds,” Tucker| #4 
stated. A severe shortage of on-| #2 
street and off-street parking | #3 
space near the auditorium has | #%: 
concerned the city administra- | 
| tion for some time. 

* Tucker said the matter of rev- | 
enue bonds would be taken up 
: ae ee at a meeting of the Board of 
vs ee neers cee Se pei: Bese tte ;| Estimate and Apportionment to- 

Sp aes ee oe MR ch | morrow. He said he will ask 
the board to appropriate enough 
to pay for studies by financial 
experts. | 

The Mayor said the architec- 
tural firm of Murphy and): 
Mackey has been making pre- | #% 
liminary architectural studies | 
which have been aimed at a | # 
design which could be double in | # 
size if the whole block area was | %™ 
made available. This was done | 2 
today with the Post Office’s an- | 

A condemnation suit for the : 
area of the proposed mail han- 
dling facility was filed today in 
(| United States District Court | : 
‘| here. The Government asked the | 
}}court to determine the value | #@ 
and compensation for the proper- | : 
ty. The suit was assigned to) : 
United States District Judge | ; 
| Randolph H. Weber. : 

City officials think construc- | 3 
tion of a 100-car garage would | ; 
alleviate the acute parking prob- |: 
lem in the vicinity of the audi- | g&: 
torium. Preliminary plans call | # 
for an open, four-level garage | : 
of the ramp type. It would be 
constructed so it could be ex- 

town; Fourth, Westroads. 

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ly | Mail your order or phone CE. 1-9440 



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te a 

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&A Mon. Mar. 14, 1960 



Some 1800 postal and other 
federal employes turned out 
yesterday to rally behind pro- 
posed legislation that would in- 
crease the wages of letter car- 
riers by 12 per cent. 

James C. Stocker, St. Louis 
regional director of the National 
Association of Letter Carriers, 
told the group at Kiel Auditorium 
that letter carriers always have 
deserved a good salary. ‘Now 
is time to pay them one." Cheers 
from the audience, most of 
whom were in the uniform of 
letter carriers, expressed full 

They had gathered at 2 p.m. 
in front of the Main Post Office 
at Seventeenth and Market 
streets and had marched behind 
the letter carriers band to the 

The demonstration was part of 
a nation-wide ‘‘Crusade for Eco- 
nomic Equality’’ on the part of 
mail carriers. Four delegates 
from St. Louis will attend a rally 
on April 4 in Washington which 
will climax the campaign. 


A Cover 

Every $3.99 Gave 

omer. ENE 

12th STREET 



DINNERS nos $3.00 


Jefferson Hotel 

12th and Lecust-St. « Main 1-4600) 



Franklin avenue merchants to- 
day withdrew their protest 
against last week’s closing of the 
Carr street police station. 

In a prepared statement, the 

Downtown F ranklin Businegs | 

Men’s Association said it had 
been ‘‘completely reassured that 
the same high level of police 
service will not only be main- 
tained but even further im- 

Police Chief Curtis Brostron’s 
invitation to the association to 
examine police records daily for 
a month to check on crime in 
the Carr district will be declined 
“because of our full confidence”’ 
in the police action. the state- 
ment said. 

The merchants had announced 
Saturday that they would inspect 
the records to make suré they 
were getting adequate protection. 
| The statement was made pub- 
| lie followign a meeting of as- 
| sociation officers with Broston 
| and other police officials. 
| Glen Murphy, director of the 
| police planning and research di- 
| vision, told the merchants that 

police patroling is being in- 
creased along Franklin avenue 

even though there has been a 

17.9 per cent decrease in major 

crimes in the Carr district in 

the last year. 

Uniformed officers in the ad- 
joining Central and Carr districts 
now total 278, Murphy said. This 

is 18.7 per cent of the total uni- 
formed strength, although the 

two districts account for only 14 
| per cent of the city’s crime. It 
was decided to maintain this 
disproportionate police strength 
in the area because of the large 
number of commercial establish- 
ments there, Murphy said. 

Bruce Schwartz, vice president 
of the business men’s associa- 
tion, said he appreciated the de- 

partment’s ‘‘business-like ap- 

proach to the problem” and that 
the merchants had been unaware 



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Actual policy will be mailed you direct 
from Home Office. You be the judge. 
Mail to: 8S. B. Hunt, President 
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@ NOAY Ne 

of the reasoning behind the sta- 
| tion house closing. 
“The police can expect our 100 
per cent co-operation,’ Schwartz 


St. Louis county policemen 
last night saw three men drive 
away from a filling station at 
| 9855 Halls Ferry road shortly 
_after the safe had been robbed. 
They gave chase and captured 
| one man about two miles from 
| the station. ~ The othérs got 
| away. 
| Chief of Detectives F. J. 
| (Pete)*Vase} fired three shots 
has the eutom skidded 
| along icy streets at high speed. 
|The pursued car stopped at one 
point and a man got out and 
began driving a second auto- 

The original quarry got away, 
| but the officers caught up with 
| the second car. The driver, who 
identified himself as William E. 
Kniker, 29 years old, Grandin, 
Mo., was booked suspected of 
burglary and larceny. He denied 
the charge. An undetermined 
‘amount of money was taken 
'from the safe, which had been 
‘forced open. 

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St. Louis 

‘ A f 

ate . 



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PUMPING AIR INTO TELEPHONE CABLES protects telephone lines WARBLING TONE is being used in a growing number of towns to ELECTRONIC “VOICE BOOSTERS,” attached to trunk lines that run - 
from moisture that could disrupt service for you, hUndreds of others. alert people when their telephone receiver is accidentally off the between telephone central offices, keep voice volume at a strong, 
Air gauges (like those being inspected) identify punctured cable hook. Tone starts automatically in about 30 seconds, followed by re- clear conversational level, prevent fade-out caused by distance. Lat- - 
quickly, thus save repair time, hold costs down. Force of air escap- corded message asking customer to hang up. A receiver off the hook est “boosters” use transistors, permit you to hear even better on your 
ing from puncture keeps out moisture until repairs are made. disrupts service for you, and, if you're on a party line, for others. calls. They also take less space, electricity, achieve major economies, 



As you talk on the phone, you don’t see the 
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here. But they are doing their part in provid- 
ing you telephone service that grows better 
year after -year. 

These and many other improvements result 
from ideas suggested by telephone people on 
the job and from research by telephone 

Keeping the quality of your service high 
demands a restless dissatisfaction with the 
present. That’s why we have a continuing 
program of improvements...and the one for 
1960 is the largest in our history. 

NEW MICROWAVE TOWER supports “cornucopia” antennas that 
beam television programs, Long Distance messages across Southe - 
west. Capacity of many present microwave antennas is also being 
expanded. Biggest units can transmit either 15,000 telephone 
conversations at the same time or 28 simultaneous television pro- 
grams (14 in each direction), 


Ca/i by number...i/t’s twice as fast 

MORE DIAL EQUIPMENT is being installed and additional poles AUTOMATIC TROUBLE-DETECTING DEVICE checks each customer's 
and cables are being placed in order to make modern one- and telephone line at the rate of more than one a second (or some 5,000 
two-party telephone service available to more people. The short- an hour), then types findings on teletypewriter so workmen can 
ages that had made four-party service necessary have just about start repairs. Because the machine can spot the smallest of flaws, 

been eliminated in towns served by Southwestern Bell. trouble often is found and fixed before you are even aware of it. 






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James Wynn, an unemployed 
porter, was captured early today 
within minutes after re! hag Be 
display window and s 
valued at $2468 from Al .. Reo | | 
mann Jewelry Store, 123 West | 
Jefferson avenue, Kirkwood, 4 
lice reported. 

Wynn, 30 years old, Ss, 
to Kirkwood police that he threw | 

a brick through the window and |—Prime Minister Ben-Gurion of 

took the rings. When the window 
was broken, a burglar alarm | 
was sounded at the Kirkwood 
police station. Police saw an au- 
tomobile speeding away when 
they arrived at the scene and 

radioed a description of the car. 

The car was intercepted five 

_blocks away at Dixon and East 

Adams avenue, Kirkwood. Police 
| found the rings in a box on the 
floor of the car. Wynn, who gave 

an address in the 5100 block of | Embassy Minister Yaacov Her- 

| Kensington avenue, was booked 
suspected of burglary and lar- | 

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on’s home yesterday. Later he 
conferred with Secretary of State 

| but she did not join in the lunch- 

ing with Herter was to be his) 

| Jones, 

| “I am glad he 
Ben-Gurion said. Herter | 

| Herter 


| braska avenue, and Miss Pearl | _ walking. The purse contained | 

Earney, 1837 North Sixty-first, $10. Miss Earney said she was| § 
| street, 
|ported they were robbed by | $6 by a youth who ran up to 

purse snatchers Saturday night., her as she waited for a bus at down by a man and, robbed u 
youth got out of an auto- Newstead and Chouteau avenues. | $35 yesterday in the 3100 h'o-k 

ey. in the 3600 block of Shaw Both youths were Negroes. | of Park avenue. The robber, a 
| Seuloverd and grabbed Miss James Taylor, 4235 Laclede| Negro, leaped at him from be- 
_Hudececk’s purse as she was avenue, _ reported he was knocked | tween parked cars, Taylor said. 

m i 4 


Miss Stella Hudecek, 4106 Ne- 

Washington Park, re-| robbed of her purse containing 


WASHINGTON, March 14 (AP) | 

Israel had lunch with Vice Pres- 
ident Richard M. Nixon at Nix- 

Christian A. Herter at Herter’s 

The Nixon luncheon was de- 
scribed as an informal stag af- 
fair with only three other men 
present: Under Secretary of | 
State Douglas Dillon, Israeli Am- | 
bassador Avraham Harman, and 

Nixon’s wife Pat welcomed the 
' Israeli leader when he arrived, 

Ben-Gurion’s afternoon meet- 

last conference with United | 

‘States officials before ~— 

for New York. 

| The Israeli leader spent 45 | 
|minutes in Herter’s Georgetown | 
———| residence. He was accompanied | 


by Harman and Hertzog. Lewis | 

the Near East, 

the talks. 
Ben-Gurion, obviously in good 


cold weather reporters 

usual things” with Herter. 

is healthy | 
‘had to cancel an appointment 

of illness. 

issued a 

oe a State Department ajd 

'saying he was glad to talk with 

assistant secretary for’ 
was sitting on 

mood, exchanged jokes about the | 

when he left, but refused to say 
more than that he discussed ‘‘the | 


with him last Thursday because | 

statement | 

‘the Prime Minister of Israel. It | 
| was their first meeting. | 

“It was a friendly courtesy 
call and we discussed world | 
'problems in general,’ Herter’s 


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210 WN. Kirkwood (Lindbergh) Rd. 



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Hes aan 


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statement said. 



BONN, March 14 (UPI)—Sekou | 
Toure, president of the African 

| state of Guinea, denied in a mag- 

azine interview today that his 
country has taken up diplomatic 
relations with Communist East 



|magazine Der Spiegel that he 

He told the West German news 

would ‘‘greatly regret’’ any 
breaking off in relations between 
Guinea and West Germany. The 

Bonn government has said it is | 

considering breaking relations 

with Guinea if reports of diplo- | 
matic relations between Guinea) 

| and East Germany prove true. 
' Bonn has asked Toure for a'| 

formal explanation but as yet! 

has received no word from him. | 

Bonn government sources said 

they found it difficult to believe | 

Toure’s denial. 


| Police centucet 
_who were looting a coin box in 
_an outdoor telephone booth at 






vie 19°) > 10°F 50 miLuon Tons 


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two youths | 

| Virginia avenue and Holly Hills | 
| boulevard early yesterday. 

One of the youths identified | 

The other was 16. 
mitted obtaining $20 in change 
from the coin box and $110 from 
other telephone booths. The 
money was recovered, 

Thompson was booked sus- 
pected of malicious destruction 
of property and stealing. The 
16-year-old boy was. charged 
with violation of the juvenile 
code. They used a screwdriver 
and crowbar to open the coin 
boxes, police said. 


(AP)—The Federal Trade Com- 

=| mission charged the distributor 

of ‘‘Cel-ate tablets’’ today with 

®\false advertising. 

The FTC said the distributor, 

5! Donald C. Sussman, had falsely 

claimed that the tablets treated 

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man pharmacy and the Water- 
man Drug Co., Detroit. 

The tablets’ use was limited 
to relieving excess gastric acid- 
ity temporarily, the FTC said. 

temporarily relieve pain in cer- 
tain cases of peptic ulcers, the 
commission added. 


Henry Murphy, 28: 2826 Chouteau 
avenue, was stabbed and seri- 
ously injured by one of four 
youths who tried to rob him last 
night, police reported. 

Murphy said he was walking 
east on Chouteau a short dis- 
tance from his home when the 
four youths approached him and 
demanded his money. A struggle 
ensued during which one of the 
youths stabbed Murphy in the 
left side of his chest. The four 
then ran west on Chouteau. 

Murphy walked to his home 

taken to City Hospital. 

Boston Lawyer Named to ICC. 

J. Murphy, 50-year-old Demo- 
| crat, was nominated by Presi- 

This meant it might lessen or 


and called police. He was later. 

14 | 
(AP)—Boston attorney Timothy | 


himself as Benjamin J. Thomp- | 
son, 19 years old, of Arnold, Mo. | 
They ad-| 


dent Eisenhower today to be a | 
_member of the Interstate Com- | 

merce Commission. The nomi- | 
nation is for the remainder of 
_the term expiring Dec. 31, 1964, 
'of Anthony F. Arpaia, who re- | 
| signed, 



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| against segregated lunch count- uninfured, called the incident an terday when their car went out 
ers in Charlotte, N.C., asked for | attempt at intimidation over’ of control and overturned, . 
RAC! Al \ LEN rr N.A.A.C.P 20 Ahn ‘des would 14 (UPI)—Mrs. Alfred Schmitt- & DELIVERY 
at @ variety store. 
um 99419 
Aakeimandhe teihiki 0 sebert that two pistol bullets were fired : Each 
“fficials of two large organiza- Complete Twin Siz —— ——. Not Laxative or Carbonated 

pen neal wk the Negro rd lunch counter demonstrations | — 
during a rally “there. 
continue their fight, They were | gall, wife of a German consular ALL PHONES 
ATLANTA. Ga. March 1M In Tampa, the Florida presi- 
dah: White men, beat... Nense into his home early today. The 
trons vo urge President Eisen- || Hollywood Bed $3 QF No Chiorine — Low Salt —Tosty — Pure || 

canted. ry 700 persons, | 
10 | ALABAM A Three eae « one students Wife of Official Killed. FREE P ICK-UP 

at Little Rock, Ark., told an| SAN RAFAE*, Calif., March 

among five students arrested in | official, was killed and her hus- 

connection with a sitdown strike | band was seriously injured yes- HU. 1-1 100 
(i Gatorecks of Viclénce in dent of the N.A.A.C.P. reported 

Insured, Gueranteed, Cleen! 

family with iron pipes—have led —— Mowry, “We whe — Mountain elley Water om " 
hower to step into the race sit- || Meadboerd, inner- From Hot Springs, Arkansos 

uation in that state. spring mattress, box 

Roy Wilkins, executive secre- mete Pty 
tary of the National Association wir —— > ate 
for the Advancement of Colored vv ee: id 
People, telegraphed the Presi- MK Ih. ee 214, Nike. 2 
dent urging action by federal FREE 
agencies to protect constitu- 7 
tional rights of Negro citizens 
in Alabama. 

“Inaction of the Federal Gov- 
ernment . . . could result in 
massacre on a scale that will 
dishonor the United States be- 
fore.the world,’ Wilkins said. I: AMOL ¢. B In 

Walter Reuther, president of 
the United Auto Workers union, | MODERN . Jf 
wired Mr. Eisenhower asking Wier over 


him “to instruct the Attorney Rr , ’ f 
9:30 A.M. te 5:30 P.M. 

General to take immediate- ac- | ‘ a 4 
tion in your name to restore va 2 : : 
ECONOMY STORE Branches: eo 4 

BErmeTrH DAY 9:30 A.M. te 9:39 P.M. a ? ae 

Established 1890 


FL. 15605 was orev stv wee | WANT THINGS? WATCH THE WANT ADS! L 

cee ee ee 

Member Federal Deposit insurance Corporation 

Store Hours Tuesday: 

law and order in Montgomery, 
Ala.,”” scene of frequent stu- 
dent demohstrations and nu- opt be Relate hata 
merous arrests. sehen Nida 
The requests came during a | 
weekend marked by the use of 
tear gas to break up a march of 
Florida A, & M. University stu- 
dents in Tallahassee, and rallies, 
prayer services and _ sitdown 
demonstrations at other places 
in the South. 
Picketing in support of the | 
Negro stand for integrated 
Southern eating facilities oc- 
curred in New Jersey, New 
York, Massachusetts, Michigan, | 
Kansas and Colorado. | 
Family Beaten by Raiders. | 
Wilkins originally asked for | 
presidential action March 10. He | 
said yesterday he was renewing | 
the request because of a report | 
a Negro family was attacked | 
in their Bessemer (Ala.) home | 
by white men wielding pipes. | 
Robert Jones, a 20-year-old | 
coljege student, told police nine 
or 10 white men broke into his | 
house Saturday night and beat | 
him, his mother, Mrs. Mattie | 
Mae Jones, 45, and his sister, | 
Luvina, 18. The mother was 
hospitalized with a broken leg | 

| Permanent Aluminum 
Door Hoods and 

Window Awnings 


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13.98 Value Hood, 48-in. 12°? 
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16.98 Value Hood, 60-in. 15” 
wide, 45-in. projection __ 

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Young Homemakers” magazine! Art- &§ 

ted yg cell pe cr his wg "B b KA ih : f ¢ craft Aluminum door hoods and win- _ 

ere treated for bruises an , alegiits hit ¢ 

abrasions and released. qd y qe n qn swear dow awnings have a baked-on white * 
George W. Barron, Bessemer | 

enamel finish that won’t. chip, peel 
or flake. Black enamel side braces. 
Protect your home from snow and 
rain the year ‘round, 

police chief, said he was inves- | 

tigating the beating report but 1. GOWNS OR KIMONOS, soft cotton 19 
had made no arrests. Jones was | knit, white or pastels 

6. WRAPPING BLANKETS, 30x40-in. cot- 69 
ton in stripes or pastels. Border stripe. 

J / 


in a group of Negroes arrested | 
at Birmingham several weeks | 
ago while distributing anti- | 
segregation literature. © Ay, 
gave them a lecture and re- 
leased them. 

At Raleigh, 300 Negroes held 
&@ prayer service on the steps of 
the North Carolina Capitol and 
then marched down the city’s 
main street. The service oc-| 
curred on the eve of the trial | 
of 43 Negro college students | 
charged with trespassing in con- 
nection with a lunch counter 

The Rev. Martin Luther King 
Jr., of Atlanta, a Negro integra- 
tion leader, told 3500 persons at- 
tending Sunday services at the 
Princeton University chapel that 
some white people show more 
concern for their economic status 
than for their fellow men. 

Other Negro Rallies. 

Negro rallies in four states at- 
tracted nearly 4000 persons. | 

At San Antonio, Tex., os 



Negroes met with N.A.A.C.P. of 
ficials to plan possible protests. 
The N.A.A.C.P. has asked six | 
déwntown stores to desegregate | 
lunch counters by Thursday and | 
a spokesman said if answers are | 
not received demonstrations will 
be held. 

About 1500 Negroes attending | 
an N.A.A.C.P.-sponsored meeting | 
at Hampton, Va., were urged to 

“use economic pressure and pas- 
sive resistance in the campaign. 

Leaders of a student movement 



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10,A Mon. Mar. 4, 1960 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH ins « 


| who turned 60 last month. 

Federal Aviation Agency order ; sociation for an injunction seek- 

set aside the FAA order. 
also refused a stay of his 

The FAA order makes it com- 

, grounding all pilots 60 years old order pending an appeal. 
FAA FD * older, effective tomorrow. | 

Federal District Judge Luther pulsory for an airlines pilot to 

The A.L.P.A. had sought to 

. W. Youngdahl, in a ruling here, retire when he reaches his sixty 
PUL ATS (If tI LIPHELD upheld the FAA order. His ac- birthday, 
| tion came in a suit filed by, 

Elwood R. Quesada, administra- 
WASHINGTON, March 14| In New York, Federal Judge tor of the Federal 
(UPI)—Two ‘federal judges re-| Alexander Bicks denied an ap-| Agency. 


Last December Quesada had 

inserted a paragraphe into the 


Miami pilot Robert G. Chew, vacate the order promulgated by| their application was denied, | 

civil air regulations which order goes into effect tomorrow. tation because of illness could with influenza Saturday, me ADVERTISEMENT 
reads: ° The union has denied the FAA' strike pilots of any age. canceled his engagements for |—— 

tie, contention that a 60-year-old the next three days. | 
No individual who has y Philip Cancels Engagements. | ys How To Hold 
LONDON, March 14 (UPI)— 

pilot constitutes a safety hazard. | 
reached his sixtieth birthday The A.L.P.A, said in asking the =e TATiTT DENTAL PLATES 
shall be utilized or serve as a injunction that sudden incapaci-| Prince Philip, who came down >] DOWN i 
pilot on any aircraft while en- — Delivers Your More Firmly in Place 
gaged in air carrier operations.” | See Your Eye Physician | dave on “Do your false teeth annoy anid em- 
The pilots had said that if 0 CURRENT parrass by slipping, dropping or wob- 
REGULARLY @ savines 
Sefety 10, 
before the United States Court W ASHINGTON FEDERAL 
of Appeals. SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. 

h ou eat, laugh or talk? 
Fast vrinkle a little FASTEETH on 
About 40 veteran airline pilots HRM me) Sh] @mE ot McA: Pine ST. (1 Ret S 
will be grounded when the FAA! 700 (1) 

. o i 

ro ay aes 9 ere sag 12 Easy} yourp ates. Thisalkaline (non-acid) 
| powder holds false — =e poe 
iis | and more comforta y. Oo pas y 

> ey gi20" Olive Bt. Reed af! taste or feeling. Checks ate odor 
FARM & HOME Ey 30. Me. || (denture breath). Get FASTEETH 
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| fused today to interfere with a | plication by the Airline Pilot As- | 

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Hrs aiitt # 
peSeserers tees. eee 4 
SHS tesnetettt He 


aR ais 


Incentives for Surprise 
Attack Said to Be at Peak 

Eisenhower and Administration Are 
Viewed as Having Failed to Recog- 
nize Revolution in Warfare. 


Citizens, Government to Join 
In Assault on Delinquency, 
Other Problems of Youth 

Sixth White House Conference to 
Convene March 27 in Capital — 
About 7000 Persons Representing 
Every State to Participate. 

Big U.S. Issue: 
Or Innovation 

Continuation of 
Present Policies 
or Adoption of 
Bold New Ones. 


@© New York Times News Service 

By Brig. Gen. THOMAS R. PHILLIPS, U.S.A. (Ret.) 
Military Analyst of the Post-Dispatch. 
WASHINGTON, March 14. 

“WITH TRULY COSMIC FORCES harnessed to the machines 
of war, we have a situation for the first time in history where the 
opening event by which a great nation enters a war—an event 
WASHINGTON. vier must reflect the preparations it has made or failed to make 
THE GRIDIRON CLUB sang arly eyee gry decide irretrievably whether or not it will con- 
the first farewell to President} The words are from “Strategy , been completed before the shoot- 
Eisenhower Saturday night. His|In the Missile Age,” by Dr. | ing starts in this age, not after 

A Washington Correspondent of the Post-Dispatch. 

WASHINGTON, March 14. 
ing hands for a massive assault on juvenile delinquency and |: 
other problems facing American young people and their parents. 

On March 27 the sixth decen-, and to raise our sights for the oe 

pial “‘White House Conference 
on Children and Youth” will 
meet here to appraise the needs 
of the nation’s youngsters and to 
chart a course of action for the 
next 10 years. About 7000 per- 
gons, representing every state in 
the Union and its territories, as 
well as a number of other coun- 
tries, are expected to take part. 

Among the problems with 
which the conference will come 

future development of American 

A great volume of work has 
been done in preparation for the 
conference. Committees have 
been appointed in each state and 
the District of Columbia as well 
as Puerto Rico and three other 
island territories, Several mil- 
lion people have participated in 
town meetings, workshops and 
studies conducted by the com- 

years of Democratic experiment 
and innovation, is coming to an | 
end. This raises the major un- | 
derlying question of the 1960' 
presidential campaign. | 

What do the 60s require: More | 
consolidation—a _ continuation of | 

—Associated Press Wirephoto 

roughly the same foreign, de- 
PRIME MINISTER DAVID BEN-GURION (left) of Israel enjoying joke with West _ ; a 
Germany's CHANCELLOR KONRAD ADENAUER in course of their conference in 
New York today. 

fense and domestic programs— 
or more innovation—to meet the 
social, political, industrial and 

job of consolidation, after 20| Bernard Brodie of the Rand | war has started, as in the past. 

orp. | Strategy in the past was the 

Thomas G. Lanphier Jr., who | 2rt of putting troops into a favor- 
recently resigned as vice presi- able position for combat. Tactics 
dent of the Convair Division of | was the art of conducting the 
the General Dynamics Corp., | battle. 

makers of the Atlas interconti-| Today, strategy for the deci- 
nental missile, so he could speak | sive phase of a full-scale nu- 
freely about defense, said much | clear war consists of emplacing 
the same thing to the House | and protecting missiles and air 
Committee on Science and As- | bases and determining the target 
tronautics, with emphasis on the | system to be attacked, 

preparations we have failed to | 

This strategy must be carried 
to grips are these: 

Juvenile delinquency and how 
best to prevent, correct and 
treat it. 

Problems of minority youth 
groups, like the Puerto Ricans 
in New York and Spanish- 
Americans in the Southwest. 

Causes of emotional dis- 
turbances in children. 

Improved education, especi- 
ally for the gifted child, who 
often is bored by the slow pace 
of his classes. 

Family life, with increasing 
recognition that many parents 
have tried to pass their re- 
sponsibilities on to churches, 
schools and other agencies. 

Constructive use of leisure 
time by children. 

The effects of books, maga- 
zines, movies, radio and tele- 
vision on the young. 

Development of ethical val- 
ues, moral ideals and religious 

ye a revolutions of the day? | make. lout before @ war starts, Noth 

| is question divides the re-| «We are engaged, in fact, in| ing can be done afterw rd. The 

| flective men and women of both | ¢h li +t re 

| parties much more than has yet the only military phase of World | decisive phases of a full-scale 

fre cconitr preg gyre yet War III we have a chance to | nuclear war can hardly last more 
ppeare € suriace, for it| win—the deterrent phase,” Lan-| than a few days 

| raises in an acute form that old- r 

High Hope for Arms Talks : 
| & phier declared. “And we are| This is what Lanphier meant 
| SS eee empen con- | losing it. Losing it to the extent | when he said: “I believe we are 
GENEVA, Harch 14 (AP). | the Federal ether the power of | that I believe we could now| losing World War III for 
BRITAIN’S MINISTER OF STATE said last night he believes | weg sx ccera B ptyysescnt should | jogically assume ourselves to be | above all, lack of recognition 
the 10-nation disarmament talks opening heer tomorrow “have a | anitee of ral ‘fecations pallie in jeopardy of physical destruc- | that we are, and have been for 

hee tion and likely to remain so for | a long ti ll i 
dé bibl te * g time, actually engaged in 
poy oh rae acta to assure | the next three years.” World War III.” 

mittees to learn what each state’s 
critical problems and needs are. 
A VARIETY of public agencies, 
both state and federal, have par- 
ticipated in the preparatory work 
as has the Council of National 
Organizations. This group repre- 
sents 500 lay and professional 
organizations with a primary; NEW YORK, March 14 (UPI). 
concern for the physical, mental} THE LEADERS of West Ger- i 
end spiritual well-being of Mvaiie-|tenay aad Yeraal mat today ia very real prospect of reaching agreement.” 
= . historic first confrontation aimed| te cca a Resabong a ies — this Gr LAINE THE STRA 
xperts in many fields have| at erasing the hate that Hitler | ™€M the three-stage Western dis-| “anada will negotiate with the anette : 
prepared papers cod. addrecces | platted Tete eis ne itle™ | armament plan will be intro-| Soviet Union, Poland,  Czecho- _THERE ARE DIFFERENCES Sher secre ule ee Fe get re total war 
for wee by conference partic: duced in the opening days of the | slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. | ,; parties On this ques: the “Meet the Press” isi A. 8 
Chancellor Adenauer and Pre- , i nag cay nobly 3 nd = night, He said that, | which determine its occurrence 
pants. Already published are! mier Ben-Cfirion talked for two conference. He said he expects} COMMUNIST CHINA is not D ti did ahccigpelge ty, cohen « y heaped Bterge perimeter se 
be sige » sca yl a three-| hours. Adenauer said he was oo — Soviet og also to be | ee ney Peiping radio | scuiabehey tok habia teenie baped on, the degree. of Soviet |and its character have been 
© conection Of essays On| «deeply moved” by the meeting rought in promptly. | Said last night that Red China |i, imperative and overdue, and| Prostess in Pee See | ee ea ene ee 
rete Tan yun Prone “deeply moved” by the meeting. "Ta. Western plan agreed on would not consider itself bound Vice abe eae Sin. te caesaee demonstrated by the Sputniks | almost all the factors which de- 

oh n ! his judgment ‘‘that the German in consultations in Washington by any agreement reached in its | the Eisenhower line th F two years ago, the Russians | termine how it runs its course.” 
bea ett Se = data | of toda y is not the Germany a and Paris represents an elabora- absence. Secntion of tame Bw Fe rhein could have now from 250 to 450 In the past it has been possi- 
sat Guar . tes ro anges | yesterday.” tion of proposals first voiced by} The Western plan, not yet | must be left primarily to the pri- intercontinental missiles ready | ble to blunder into a war without 
Adiiilonal bes "a Cc oye The two men posed together British Foreign Secretary Selwyn made public, is believed to take | vate choice, with Government a — This estimate was based | adequate preparation and to win, 
scheduled f b and papers|for photographers and shook |Lioyd at the United Nations into account the fact that ulti-| direction held to a minimum on his own experience as a mis- | or at least not to sacrifice the 
uled for publication Rte! ends warmly on. parting. General Assembly last fall. mately all powers, including ° sile manufacturer. existence of the nation. Such 
expected to result in the largest) Their statements were read to| THE DISARMAMENT talks, | Communist China, would be 

Two-Hour Talk 
By Ben-Gurion 
And Adenauer 

British Minister Voices 

“Our federal money will never 

' j ‘aig “ee be spent so intelligently,” Presi-| Placing this estimate beside | Tecoveries are out of the ques- 
_ -¢ Bice seal ea lgde ce anes newsment by press attaches. | Organized this time with equal | brought into the system. _ dent Eisenhower ae said, “and | the calculations of Gen. Thomas | tion today. 
wate ne Pe pighity oH A” White H produce “T was glad to meet Chancellor | Tepresentation for East and West, Ormsby-Gore indicated the dis-| in so useful a fashion for the| 5: POWer, commander of the| One of the strategic factors of 
recreational facilities for fre A ite House conference. Adenauer,” Ben-Gurion said. | Will tackle the toughest diplo- | 4™™ament talks would be drawn economy as will the expenditures Strategic Air Command, that 150 | Missile warfare is the possibility 
| youngsters. pro essional staff, now num- “Mi ople cannot forget their | matic problem of all. out. Some diplomats predicted . | intercontinental missiles could| and enormous advantage of a 
Broad sion be bo y peop 2 el ratay that would be made by the pri- 
roader opportunities for Soak about 60 persons, has past. Bumt we remember the Basically, an attempt will be the negotiations in Geneva’s Pal- vate taxpayers.” wipe out 95 per cent of the SAC | surprise first strike. There is no 
young people to participate in n preparing for the confer- past not in order to brood upon | Made to reduce the arms. burden | 4C¢e of Nations might last two Raymond 5 Qiubide tein bases in the United States in a | defense against missiles and, as 
civic life. ence since May 1958. In addi-| i+ tut in order that it shall | Weighing on the taxpayers of all | years. man of the President’s Council | SUPrise attack, the reason for of today, no warning of a missile 
THE WHITE HOUSE confer- a 1 number of workers have! never recur, . . . major powers without disturbing| The British minister said he | of Economic Advisors, has put Lanphier’s concern is evident. | strike. 
ence from March 27 to April 2 ; ae to the project by fed-| «7 wich the Chancellor every | the balance of strength between | expected the negotiations to re-|the same point more bluntly: He does not trust the intelli-| Theoretically such a surprise 
was called by President Eisen- a. and some state agencies.) success in his effort to guide | the Communist and non-Commu-| cess during the East-West sum-|‘‘As I undérstand the economy gence estimates that allow the attack can destroy the military 
hower, following a tradition un- vs al costs are expected to be Germany in its path of democ- | 2iSt worlds. mit conference in Paris in May. | its ultimate is to produce Soviet Union only 35: 1.C.B.M.s| power of a nation and its in- 
der which Presidents have sum-| 220Ut $1,100,000. Congress ap-| racy and international co-opera-| The ultimate aim in both the | He said he did not expect: the eke pened: 2 spatter This is| Om, launchers by June 30 this and political-administra- 
moned the meetings every 10 propriated $350,000. The remain-| 434, » Western plan and the Soviet pro- | disarmament pro- the object. in 2 we ate year... It should. be added that | tlom-centers , sage 
years. President Theodore| 2 is being met by contribu-| anENAUER SAID he had for | P°S@l, originally enunciated by | duce a comprehensive treaty by | working at: to produce things sentir ry Officials do not} Wherevone side has missifes in 
Roosevelt summoned the first in| ons from a number of sources | , long time been an admirer of | S°viet Premier Khrushchev, is | then, but he said some prelim-|for consumers.” trust them either, but they have adequate numbers, it easily is 
1909. The last was convened by ned 4 Pr ee ps fee that) pon-Gurion’s “statesmanship and | C°™plete disarmament. ___|inary agreements might be! ft is impossible-to exaggerate been ordered., og use..them in| Continued on Page %Col. 3. 
— Harry S. Truman in Th lh ad aaa a: nr as - ~ ye Representatives of the United reached. the intensity of the opposition to ae Sone oe - Congress for | —— “ba Fi | 
, / : ect of modern Israel and its wil pi this theory among most of the Ee he vy DI , 
rection of a 92-member national to the civil rights debate. had a busy Sunday. He had |. ry 8 THE REAL ISSUE, however, EARLY BIRD SHOPPERS 
: Although they have no authori- committee appointed by Presi- remarkable development. “I might, therefore, ask your | preakfast with Cardi , intellectuals who support the! i. not the acc uracy of the intelli: Y | 
ty beyond making recommenda- | 4.7 Fisenh on Nov. 7, 1958 The German people draw a | tolerance and understanding for inal Francis | Democratic party, and increas-| ence estimates. It is, rathe SHOP WEIL 
: tions, the conferences have been rd wed lara ae deep satisfaction from the fact the German parliament and at Spellman after mass, and visited | ingly among most of the Demo- that the Administration does oat , 
: highly successful. Their propos-| ;. education, health, social work that through restitution to vic-| times our Federal Government,” | the Metropolitan Museum of Art. / cratic candidates, notably, Adlai| 2¢m to realize that ballistic mis- ee ee 
i als frequently have been put into | . 0 ation gg oak way tims of Nazism a contribution | he said. Later he attended a private din- | E- Stevenson and Senators Hum-| siles have revolutionized strate- Ry § a.m. Downtown 
= ponent — Sa other fields related to young oss eat mggranaie. apa of : The 84-year-old German leader ' ner. Continued on Page 7, Col. 4. ‘gy. Strategic dispositions have pen 9:30 a.m. Northiand 
, xample, the . 

le. Among them is Miss|_,, 
larzaret Hickey of St. Louis. I am sure that the German | 
The conference is expected to people as well as my govern- | 

1909 conference is credited with 
helping bring about the first child 

labor laws and establishment of 
the United States Children’s Bu- 

reau in 1912. 

This year’s conference is likely 
to devote unprecedented atten- 

tion to the role parents play, or 
should play, in developing the 
nation’s youth. Experts feel 
many families have shirked their 

Ephraim R. Gomberg, execu- 
tive director of the conference, 
said he has found more concern 
about this point than any other 
in conversations with persons 
who have participated in studies 
undertaken as part of the confer- 

“They feel there has been in- 
adequate parental concern with 
values for themselves and their 
children,” he remarked. “Instead 
there has been a preoccupation 
with external and material con- 
siderations to the disadvantage 
of basic concepts. 

“There seems to be a feeling 
that neighborhood and commu- 
nity factors which affect the de- 
velopment of children come into 
play only after family life has 
begun to establish what may be 
lasting patterns. 

“This fact is not too well un- 
derstood by parents, who all too 
often look to the neighborhood 
and community to alter processes 
that had their genesis in the 

“What this means,” he ex- 
plained, “‘is that a child’s sense 
of values gets its start in its 
parents’ values. These stay with 
him long after the neighborhood 
and community have begun to 
influence him.” 

AS A RESULT of concern over 
these factors, the conference will 
probe deeply into family life. It 
will seek to learn what is hap- 
pening within the family circle. 
What influences are at work? 
What factors guide the child’s 

Gomberg, a highly articulate 
and dynamic organizer, f-els 
the conference will produce sev- 
eral results beyond the specific 
recommendations it will make. 

“It will provide much that |~ 

is new in sociologica: tech- 
niques, methodology and ob- 
jectives in every area of life 
affecting young people,” he 
predicted. ‘Furthermore, it will 
serve as a stimulating spark 
for continuing improvements on 
the community, county and 
state level in fulfilling the un- 
met needs of our children and 
expanding their creative po- 

“It will be a success if it 
does nothing more than awaken 
us to the need to co-ordinate 
our efforts, to consider parents 

as well as children in our plans | 


f its| ment are convinced that our 
a play rig tens mutual co-operation. with and 
groups meeting simultaneously, support for Israel will continue 
it will be necessary to hold to bear fruit in the future. 
sessions in about 80 buildings. The unannounced meeting took 

place in Adenauer’s suite in the 
Waldorf-Astoria hotel, where 

REPORTS OF BIG both statesmen were staying. 
RED SH AKEUP . No. previous announcement 
IN KAZAKHSTAN was made of plans for the ses- 
irked in Macs sion, which was all the more 

MOSCOW, March 14 (AP)—A unusual because the two nations 
sweeping shake-up of the Com- do not maintain diplomatic rela- 
munist party’s high command in | “ons. 

Kazakhstan has been completed, 
Izvestia indicated yesterday. 

The republic’s tenth party 
congress confirmed 
ments to the party secretariat, 
some of which had been report- 
ed previously. 

Dinamukhamed A. Kunayev 
was confirmed as first secretary 
of party boss. He was moved 
into the job after Premier 
Khrushchev denounced crop fail- 
ures in Kazakhstan last Novem- 
ber and blamed Nikolai I. Bel- 
yaev, then the first secretary. 
Of the remainder of the Kazakh- 
stan committee secretariat, only 
one appeared to be a holdover. 

Complaints of mismanagement 
in Kazakhstan have recurred 
since Khrushchev’s denunciation 
of Belyaev. Kazakhstan Pravda 
reported recently that 140,000 
skilled operators of agricultural 
machinery quit because Belyaev 
failed to provide adequate hous- 
ing and consumer goods. 

By the Assoctated Press. 

many is a practicing democracy 

‘‘a minute minority of neo- 

‘‘Be convinced,” Adenauer told 
a luncheon sponsored by the 
American Council on Germany, 
yesterday, ‘‘that this Germany 
is a democratic Germany and 
that none of its Jewish cittizens 
will suffer any harm or dam- 

Adenauer said: 

“Behind everything that is be- 
ing said here and there against 
Germany, there is the concerted 
will of the Soviet Union. The 
Soviet Union wants to drive a 
wedge between the German and 
American people in order to shift 
the political balance of the world 
in favor of the Soviet Union. 

“I assure you that the spirit 
of Germany today is far from 
being anti-Semitic or Nazi.” 

Practicing democracy, Aden- 
auer said, ‘“‘seems to be a diffi- 
cult thing, as you can see from 
the debate in the United States 
Senate.” He apparently alluded 

1609 N. BROADWAY GA. 1-5133 

WHO rsinnTs OnLy! | 

for RET Domestics & Imports, 
Salle St. PR. 2-4107 


zx eaekekek ek 

._ -. +» 4» » 2 i eee 

As a financial 
service — 
We invite your 
On all Government 

Call Our Consultant 

{| OMY | 

batteries, chem - 

5<,¢104 $. Bayle oGJE 1-2200;6¢¢ 

PA, 6-5566 | 

For Appointment 




: Clayton Bank 

Central at Bonhomme 
Clayten 5, Mo. 

ADENAUER says West Ger-| 

appoint | and places the blame for recent | 
anti-Semitic incidents there on | 




An Important Announcement 
About Investment Research 

are pleased to announce that Mr. Carl L. A. Beckers, 

Vice President in charge of investment research, will 

leave shortly on a six weeks’ trip to Japan, Hong Kong, Bang- 
kok, India, Lebanon, Athens and Istanbul. This will be Mr. 
Beckers’ second trip to Japan and Hong Kong, his first trip 
having taken place in the Fall of 1958. The purpose of these 
trips is to survey economic developments abroad with partic- 
ular reference to their impact upon the American economy 
and the companies whose securities we buy for trust funds. 

For many years the St. Louis Union Trust Company has 
viewed investment research as being essential to good invest- 
ment management, and has followed the practice of supple- 
menting published information by its own research, Our 
investment officers call periodically upon corporations jin 
which our trusts have substantial holdings to discuss com- 
pany affairs and prospects with the top management of those 

In the last few years we have expanded our research to 
include trips abroad because it has become more and more 
evident that what happens abroad has a substantial effect 
upon our own economy. In addition many of the corporations 
in which we invest trust funds have foreign subsidiaries and 
affiliates abroad. We no longer live in a largely self-sufficient 
country insulated from events abroad. We can no longer 
offset the difference between low foreign wage scales and 
our own high wages by more efficient factories and produc- 

tion methods. Foreign plants, machinery and production 
methods are modern and efficient and are becoming progres- 
sively more so. American companies are meeting ever stiffer 
competition not only in world markets but in our own do- 
mestic market. The rebuilding of the industrial plants of 
Western Europe, Japan and other countries largely through 
American aid is in large part responsible for this stiffer com- 
petition. Even more important is the continuing cost-price 
spiral in the United States caused largely by wages being 
increased more rapidly than productivity with the result that 
costs and prices are forced up placing American business in 
a less favorable competitive situation. 

Mr. Beckers’ trip to Japan and Hong Kong in 1958 was 
followed last year by a trip which Mr, Behrens, our Senior 
Vice President, and Mr. Williams, our Secretary, made to 
Western Europe and a trip which Mr. Boswell, Assistant Vice 
President, made to Canada. Next Fall Messrs. Behrens and 
Williams will make another trip to Europe, It is our intention 
to make such trips a permanent part of our investment re- 
search. We believe that this research will help us provide 
better investment service. 

If you leave your estate in trust and name St. Louis Union 
Trust Company as your executor and trustee you can provide 
experienced and competent investment management to safe- 
guard the financial future of your dependents, 

Experienced Estate Administration is an Economy 

St. Louis Union Trust Company 

Trust Service Exclusively 

ao” IN MISSOURI © Ay, 


Chartered 1889 


December 12, 1878 
Published by 
The Pulitzer Publishing Co. 
4121 Olive Se, (1) — MAin 1-1111 





April 10, 1907 . 


Monday, March 14, 1960 

Letters from the People 
Unladylike Lady Astor 

Your story on “Lady Astor 
at 80" recalls an evening the late 
Senator James A. Reed and I spent 
with Lady Astor in 1930 when she 
was 50. She received us in her 

~ mansion on St. James Place, Lon- 

- don. A fire blazed in the large liv- 
ing room hearth. Whiskey and soda 
were served as we sat before the 
fire. Lady Astor’s son, handsome 
and silent, did not join in the con- 
versation; he contented himself with 
watching his mother and Reed and 
me. Presently Lady Astor inquired 
suddenly: ‘Senator, why do you 
hate England?” 

Reed, surprised, replied: ‘I do 
not dislike England. Why do you 
think I do?” 

“I. have read some of «your 
speeches about England and Ire- 

Reed laughed: “It is true that I 
do not like the way England has 

. treated Ireland. But that is a thing 
of the past. I believe England is 

.now more just to Ireland than it 
used to be.” 

. “Then,” said Lady Astor, ‘We 
are friends and I'll show you some 
of our portraits and paintings.” 

. As we looked at the paintings 
Lady Astor did the most unladylike 
thing I ever witnessed—she sudden- 

dy, without any warning, lifted her 

- silk-clad knee and bumped Reed 

- soundly in the rear. Reed looked 

> over his shoulder, a stern look in 

=his eyes, but when he saw Lady 
= Astor’s smile and dancing eyes, he 
= laughed and the rest of the evening 
~ was real fun. I thought Lady As- 
~tor’s untsual act was the résult of 

_ a sudden impulse but many. years 

‘ later I learned “posterior bumping” 
was almost a habit with Lady Astor. 

After we-had seen Ahe paintings 

: we'WeFe Served a simple but deli- 

. Cious dinner. Lee Meriwether 

: me 1" Tt 
» Right on the Button 

: Bye March 9 edition you fér- 

ti @rafhs were activing in, St. 
+ Lot Sem one to. two hobrs ‘late 
. ‘of the heavy. snow.. This 
- migh halve been true for other rail- 
. roads, but Missouri Pacific trains 
’ arrived right on time. 

Thomas J. Hayes 

The Giants Say No 
' J watched the TV debate between 
~ Dr. Teller and Lord Bertrand Rus- 
sell regarding future testing of hy- 
* drogen bombs and the fate of man 
- and civilization. 

The majority of people around 
> the world, including the most re- 
’ gpected scientists in physics, chem- 

istry and biology, have no doubt 
- of the unimaginable catastrophe a 
‘nuclear war would mean. Among 
_ those adverse to test continuation 
‘ gre the giants of mankind in in- 
‘ tellect, knowledge, ethics and re- 
. ligion, who urge the world thatthe 
; road has to be changed. n- 

- In the past, the alternative to 
- peace was. war, which could be 
«won, lost, or a stalemate created. 
» This is no longer true today. 

- Dr. Teller seems to be blinded 
* by his brilliant success in ‘his, 

- cial scientific field, and | 
‘ therefore like to continue buil 
*grmaments, which is a drain 

~ the age id Rad grees: world. 

It is to at policy 
-of our Government will be influ- 
“enced by people with a more sane 
* outlook on the dangers of nuclear 
> testing. Oscar Steiner 
: Fayette, Mo. 

- We Can and Should 

* You ask editorially, “Can we 
=< trump the Russian ace?” (Univer- 
= gity of the Friendship of Peoples) 
> Nothing easier! 

: For years Congress has had bur- 
“fed in committee somewhere the 
~ exciting bill of Rep. Harald Oster- 
“tag to establish in this country a 
=“Department of Peace and, I be- 

= lieve, a peace university, where the | 

= basic problems (economic, social, 
* philosophical, semantic, legal, etc.) 
“that cause international conflict 
- ean be studied in the same unpre- 
~fudiced manner in which we ap- 
*proach the problem of building 
* bigger and better weapons. 

: This is not a utopian scheme, Its 
- propaganda value alone would be 
“well worth the few million dollars 
= {t might cost. Who knows? It might 
“gave us some of those billions we 
“Jose every time a “‘super weapon” 
‘ becomes obsolete. Pax 

Arms Without Trouble 

no more trouble than 
takes to buy a bottle of beer? 

minor, it is 





. nieve) a 

On the Hound’s Tooth 

The quick replacement of John C. Doerfer 
by Frederick W. Ford as FCC chairman indi- 
cates that the Administration was not unhap- 
py to see Mr. Doerfer go. A Federal Commu- 
nications Commissioner who accepted favors 
from interests subject to FCC regulation was 
hardly a good advertisement for the Republi- 
can party in a campaign year. 

Still the Doerfer case remains an unavoid- 
able reminder that this Administration came 
to power promising to clean up the “mess” 
in Washington and improve official ethics. It 
is not the first such reminder, as the record 

C. Wesley Roberts resigned under fire as 
chairman of the Republican National Com- 
mittee in 1953. It was disclosed that not long 
after Mr. Roberts had been Kansas G.O.P. 
chairman, he had accepted a fee in the sale 
to the state of a hospital which the state al- 
ready owned, 

Hugh W. Cross resigned as chairman of the 
Interstate Commerce Commission in 1955. Mr. 
Cross, a Republican appointee of the Truman 
Administration, had talked to heads of rail- 
roads subject to ICC regulation about giving 
a Chicago transfer contract to an old Republi- 
can friend. 

Adolphe H. Wenzell in 1954 served as con- 
sultant to the Bureau of the Budget on the 
Dixon-Yates power deal. As an officer of the 
financial agent for the Dixon-Yates power 
combine, Mr. Wenzel was exposed as trying 
to advise both sides, 

Harold E. Talbott quit as Secretary of the 

Air Force in 1955. A congressional inquiry’ 

showed that he had retained his partnership 
in an engineering firm and had used Air 
Force letters to try to promote his company’s 

Peter A. Strobel departed in 1955 as Com- 
missioner of Public Buildings for the General 
Services Administration. Mr. Strobel had held 
on to a 90 per cent interest in a firm which 
had a claim on the Army Engineers, and he 
negotiated privately with the Army for. his 

Edmund F. Mansure resigned as Admin-. 
istrator of the GSA in 1956. Explaining why 
political favoritism had affected insurance 
brokerage awards subject to GSA jurisdic- 
tion, he said “practical politics” dictated that 
such awards should not go to firms which “did 
not help this Administration get into office.” 

Murray Chotiner was dropped by the Re- 
publican National Committee in 1956 as di- 
rector of its campaign school. The former 
campaign manager for Vice President Nixon 
had interceded at the White House and with 
the Civil Aeronautics Board in behalf of his 
private clients. 

Robert Tripp Ross resigned as Assistant 
Defense Secretary in 1957. Congress learned 
the Army had given an $834,000 ‘clothing con- 
tract to a firm headed by his.wife and brother- 

Sherman Adams quit in 1958 as President 
Eisenhower’s chief administrative assistant. 
Mr. Adams,,it was found, had accepted ex- 
pensive: gifts a spitality from Bernard 
Goldfine whose atlies: had cases. before: 
the Fedéral Trade"Commission and Securities 

and Exchange Cguim 
Richard @- fe ‘tthe. FCC in 1958;,..He 

later vas fs “with Thurman A. White< 

sidé.of Migmi. 

influenee the.F@C award of a Miami televi- 

sion license. in which Whiteside was inter- 

ested. Their first trial ended in a hung jury. 

John C. Doerfer, to bring the record up to 
date, resigned from the FCC last week after 
it was shown he had twice accepted favors 
and hospitality from the owner of 12 stations 
subject to FCC regulation. 

Other Administrations, of course, have suf- 
fered from conflicts of interest. But these 
11 cases occurred in an Administration which 
was specifically pledged to better the record 
of the past and was committed to the cleanli- 
ness of the hound’s tooth, 

That tooth is showing cavities. 

Pensions far City Workers 
Unanimous approval by the Board of Alder- 
men of a pension plan for city employes 
should make such workersJess worried about 
their future, and it should make municipal 
personnel problems somewhat less difficult. 

Similar pension systems—to which employers 
and employes make “stated. contributions— 
have. sso ‘common in private enterprise 

that it has become ‘increasingly difficult’ to 
Sea t- competent pyblic. employes without 
this ; to theif regular compensation. 
As thé appeal of‘eity. employes for 2 Wage 
increase’ indivates, theré”is a tendency’ to 
under-pay such workers. Granted that ‘they 
have such advantages as tenure under civil 
service, it is’ nevertheless unrealistic to ex- 
pect first class applicants for public jobs if 
there is too great a spread between public 
pay and private pay. for comparable work. 
There are, of course, limits on how much the 
city can pay, but fairness demands that those 
limits be re-examined from time to time. 
Even taxpayers cannot expect much more 
than they pay for. So the new pension plan 
is not a giveaway, but a realistic step to 
maintain adequate standards in municipal 
services. , 

Black Days for Turkey 

Suppression of the Turkish press by the 
Government of Premier Adnan Menderes 
serves notice to the. world that liberty is in 
desperate plight at Ankara. Since three 

mroapegere and two magazines reprinted 

parts of:a series of critical articles from the 
Indianapolis Star, their editors have all been 
charged with violating national press laws 
and put in prison for 16 months. 

Freedom is being dearly and continuously 
bought in Turkey, as is amply shown by the 
career of the last of the editors to be im- 
prisoned, Ahmet Emin Yalman, chief editor 
of the Istanbul daily Vatan. Mr. Yalman had 
been arrested and exiled at various times by 
the Sultan and by Britigh occupation forces, 
Ataturk, founder of the Turkish republic, 
first wanted to make him ambassador to the 

United States, but wound up by exiling him 

and closing down his pa 
this Md 
simplicity,” whenever freedoms -were ¢n- 
croached upon “I never hesitated to warn 
the Government, thinking it my duty te do 
 begy ‘ ' 
We trust that the Government of the Unit- 


, Owe it to ourselves 

ed States is expressitig its deep disapproval — 
“Of these totaltearian Seorures 0s the Men 
deres Government, Our ‘Government is em- . 

barrassed before thé community of nations 
whenever one with which it is allied 

presses freedom. And even if it were not, we ~ 
speak out with all the 
whenever political ¢f- . 

vigor at our comma 
slavement occurs. 

Dr. Adenauer’s Position 

. West German Chancellor Adenauer is in 
the United States on his eighth visit—with 
the prestige of his country perhaps as low as 
it has been since. he became the head of its 
post-war government. Right or wrong, the 
outburst of anti-Semitism. which began on 
Christmas Eve has somewhat weakened con- 
fidence in Germany’s regeneration. And the 
clumsy approach to Franco in connection with 
German military bases in Spain deepened 
this new distrust—and more so in Europe 
than in the United States. 

There probably are few if any doubts in 
Washington about Dr. Adenauer himself, Self- 
interest, quite aside from other considera- 
tions, is reason enough for his strong adher- 
ence to the Western alliance. So the shadow 
over his pre-summit conversations with Presi- 
dent Eisenhower and.other officials may not 
be too serious. 

Above all, the Chancellor wants no change 
in the status of Berlin. He believes that only 
the policy followed so rigorously by former 
Secretary of State Dulles can fully safeguard 
German claims on territory now under Com- 
munist rule. Any compromise with the Rus- 
sians, he feels, would weaken Bonn’s position. 
Recent Washington discussions of the right 
to fly planes into Berlin at any altitude again 
suggest that American diplomacy does not 
contemplate abandonment of West Berlin. 
Yet it may be time to put the Western pres- 
ence in the city on a new basis. 

Since Khrushchev has backed away from 
his Berlin “ultimatum,” the summit meetings 
may present an opportunity for a more nearly 
normal arrangement than the present one 
which—15 years after the war’s end—still 
rests on the right of military conquest. If a 
new Berlin “statute” becomes a possibility, 
it should not be harmful to Bonn, After all, 
anything that eases tensions between Russia 
and the West should help ease tensioris . be- 
tween Russia and.Germany, 3 

In St. Louie, Louie 

A great many St. Louisans must have got 
their first truly comprehensive impression of 
the 1904 World’s Fair from the remarkable 
pictures brought together by Charles Guggen- 
heim and Associates for the Laclede Gas Co, 
show on KSD-TV Sunday night. Time and 
familiarity have obscured the staggering scope 
and sweep of the great exposition. Watching 
it come alive on the screen, one enviously 
wondered whether the St. Louis of today 
could muster the civic energy needed to carry 
through a comparable enterprise. The com- 
munity would electrify itself by proving that 
it can, Mi Sy 

Sizing Up Unct Sane P sildus 
incent Lutz,.the St. Louis:super- 

SO far, : 
se of the national census-taking which 

,,. Statts April d,.haghired only 450 of the 800: 
enumerators he needs. It is hard to Geliéve, « 

however;>that he will not find the other 350 

a charge of conspiring to« since, aside from the pay of $12 a day, it is 

fascinating’ to’ have a hand in measuring 
Uncle Sam’s growth.” 

The 1960 census is expected to be the 
most revealing since 1790 when. Secretary of 
State Thomas Jefferson sent the head-count- 
ers out for the first time and they reported 
that the 18 states and three territories had a 
population of 3,929,214. This time the total 
is expected to be close to 180,000,600. 

Most interesting may be the shifts in popu- 
lation. In general, growth has slowed down 
or declined in central cities and the rural 
areas while the suburbs have been growing 
like the green bay tree. There probably will 
be a realignment ‘of the states, according to 
population. » And that will have political im- 
plications. _New York, for example, is ex- 
petted to lose two to three seats in the House 
of Representativés because of the slow-down 

in the growth of,New York City. Missouri, 

which lost one Representative a decade ago, 
may be in for a further cut in Congress. - - 

But the census-takers-probably will be most .. 

personal aspects of 

interested in the more 

wy ad 

on will be Ted info the mechanical 
s and will come out as statistics to 

. ; 

ied by politicians, sales managers and. 

ters... The Census Bureau's door 
ood of the living nation. 

ee gt her Be Nas OL eB cr 
FAA’s First Year. 

Tie need for the Federal Aviation Agency 
and. the enterprise with:which FAA met that 
need are clearly shown in its first annual re- 
port. ° FAA filed 3000 enforcement actions 
against individuals and organizations last year 
as compared with 2138 filed’ in 1958 by its 
predecessor, the Civil: Aeromautics Admin- 
istration: — Te 

What this means is that there was a need 
for safety enforcement on'the airways and 
it required an able organization which would 
show neither fear nor favor to take over. The 
vigor with which the FAA waged its safety 
campaign during 1959 was felt by scheduled 
and supplemental airlines, air taxi operators, 
repair stations, mechanics, private and com- 
mercial pilots, flight engineers, dispatchers 
and the military. 

Revocation and suspension of licenses, rep- 
rimands and fines: proved: that the inspectors 


and other FAA men. meant business. The ~ 

real test came when certain groups in the avi- 
ation: field made ‘unproved charges of un- 
fairness against FAA and, in some instances, 
retaliated with pressure tactics... If Elwood 
R. Quesada, the FAA chief, had not held 
firm, as he told his critics and a Congression- 
al inquiry he would do, the new air traffic 

contro] agency would have failed miserably, 
As matters now stand, FAA has gotten a. 

good start on its task. But the task is one 
that is growing even more rapidly than the 

for 10 years. As, giant aviation industry. New problems arise 
fighting freeman says. with eloquent 

‘almost daily. Powerful’ opponents are con- 

tinuing their campaign against FAA. But if 

FAA's second year is as good as its first, 
that will rank FAA. as just about the most 
successful of the Government’s independent 
agenciés, 1 

° - 


he..recording: of births and’ 

ll not.see mere figures, but the _ 

<. toe ek 

a al ee) 

ee tien ¢ 
Pe awh? 

ae iad 

” | > . ~ 
“ ax .* ts oa 
. Ss . a fe” 
i yu : * 
. ." > " = 
_ 1% - . . oi " ’ . ve 
te SS oS *}\ ~ a i - x Z » 
a 4 “s ~ r~ < ? 
Sal, co a * ~ 4  § ga 
» eh A,* = ‘ ‘ ad +> 
— = “st no _ ~ - ot ie * - . 
~~ > . --* >"? ‘i, * . > 
*. > . : x rs . = Be 
- . e = ~ A 
: _ aS af in eo “ ‘A > 
- - ~ . — ae 
me i eA ~ ice. - als 
* J 

a = 
ay es 
ta eX, 



+ ae * * —S 
‘ae. mt Pgs 
‘e ~* . ee 


Britain Reviews a Missile Miscalculation 

London Concedes ‘Missile 

Joseph C, Harsch in 

The Christian Science Monitor 

» Some helpful -clarification is shed on 
the ‘so-called-“missile gap” problem in 

the United States-by recent disclosurés ” 

in Britain. 

so The’ biggest single item of news in 
the 1960 British; White Paper on de- ~ 
° fense. was the statement that while 

development of the British ballistic 
missile Blue Streak is continuing ‘“‘it 
may be decided not to rely exclusively 
on fixed-site missiles as the successor 

to the medium 
bomber armed 
. with the stand-off 
The Mirror powered bomb.” 
of This statement 

took Blue Streak 
out of the cate- 
gory. of missiles 
definitely wanted 
into the category of missiles which 
may be abandoned. The reason why 
it may be abandoned is crucial to the 
controversy over the “missile gap.’’ 
Blue Streak is a long-range missile 
now in the development stage. It is 
designed to be launched from under- 
ground. It was until very recently 
assumed that Blue Streak would come 
into operation along with Titan and 
‘Atlas in time to take over the “‘deter- 
rent role” now carried for the West 

Public Opinion 

’ by high-altitude bombers, and by in- 

termediate range missiles. 
‘Last October Duncan Sandys handed 
over the Ministry of Defense to his: 

c A . guccegsor Harold Watkinson in confi- 
Hgin_ of families. Their — 

dence that. with Blue. Streak Britain 
would possess an independent and ef- 
fective detefrent weapon. It was ex- 

Sitdowns vs, Uprights 

Negro’ students in a dozen cities of 

‘North Carolina and Virginia have come 

into the snack bar area of the dime 

; stores.and asked to be served. What 

to do?. The first thing they did was 

-@lose down the snack bar. Then they 

set to work on composing legends for 
new signs—‘‘Closed for Repairs,’’ ‘‘No 
Trespassing,” and there is a reason 
for this lack of imagination,.: For the 
first time the dime store manager is 

ie wo 2 ao ae Se Ata tee rene 
ee 7 a) ee ee pe ee Se 
me Ig Sa aie ee 
—— Z “- ~ La 2 : 
ee wee. greg 

—The Christian Science Monitor. 

pected to be effective because Blue 
Streak, based underground, is safe 
against hostile missiles unless or until 
such hostile missiles develop an ac- 
curacy of 1000 yards. 

But last October ‘was the month in 
which a Soviet satellite circled the 
moon, Since then the Soviets have 
conducted their missile tests in mid- 
Pacific. These tests exposed a high 

‘level of target accuraey, : It may not 

be entirely certain that long-range So- 

; Viet missiles are already accurate to 

a thousand yards, but the accuracy 
necessary to put a satellite in orbit 
around the moon Could very easily 
mean the ability ‘to come within ‘a 
thousand yards of ap earth .target. 

_.If the. Soviets have reached the 


Gap’ by Finding Fixed-Site Weapon Obsolete 

thousand-yard accuracy stage then 
not only is Blue Streak already obso- 
lete, but also all other missiles on 
Western drawing boards which de 
pend on being launched from under- 
ground,: The existing generation of 
Western -missiles is launched from 
above ground. .These are, of course, ~- 
even more obsolescent. 

The present generation consists of 
missiles launched from above ground. 
If the next or underground generation, 
not yet nearly ready for operation, is 
already obsolete, then we must reach 
as fast and as hard as possible for the 
following generation of mobile missiles. 

The mobile generation will consist 
of missiles which can be kept in mo- 
tion on the ground, in the air, or under 
water. The deterrent will be ‘‘secure’”’ 
with mobile missiles because, being 
potentially in motion at all times, theif 
location at any given time is unknown 
to an attacker. Target accuracy is 
valueless against a missile in a sub- 
marine at unknown location or in a 
piloted plane moving at high speed 
and high altitude. 

The British may keep on with Blue 
Streak, but for a non-military reason. 
It is the only missile they have in de- 
velopment which could lift a satellite 
out of the earth's pull of gravity. With 
it, they could have a space program 
of their own. But Blue Streak is al- 
ready obsolete as a vehicle for the de- 
terrent. , 

Washington may not be. ready to 
concede that there-is yet:a “missile 
gap,” but London has conceded it by 
the mere act of shifting’ Blue Streak 
over from the needed to the uncertain 

H arry.Golden in The Carolina Israelite 

not only hobnobbing with the news- 
paper reporters and the chief of police 
but he has been called upon to make a 
speedy decision and on his own. For 

- years he has been told what to sell, 

and at what prices; when to open the 
store and when to declare a holiday; 
he is told what salaries to pay and 
what goods to demonstrate and sud- 

- denly he is called upon to make the 

decision of the century, and he doesn’t 

even have time to call Chicago. 
Meanwhile the orange - juice stan 
which put in my Vertical Negro Plan 
years ago is getting all the business. 
They have hired three new clerks as 
the banker, the Chamber of Commerce 
fellows and the dime store manager 
himself stand shoulder to shoulder with 
hundreds: of Negroes, all eating and 
drinking like mad without the slightest 

iB et WwW ee n Book Ends Optimistic Business Forecast 

NESS, by Dexter M, Keezer & Asso- 
ciates. (McGraw-Hill, 278 pgs., $4.75.) 
Can the American economy success- 

fully continue its remarkable record 

of sustained growth and exceptional 
stability that began with the end of 

World War II? Can the post-war an- 

nual growth rate of 3.4 per cent be 

maintained? What ig the economic 
outlook for the 1960s? Answer to these 
questions can be most helpful to Amer- 
icans and to foreigners alike, Thus, 

. this book deserves a yery wide reader- 

ship, not only becauge of the topic 
and the craftsmanship that went into 
it, but also because of its readability. 

Most professional economists, after 

‘areful research, would want to give 

the pros and cons of such diffic 
questions as the future 
stability of the United States. Keezer 

as no patience with such detached 

expressions. He agrees to provide 
unequivocal answers based on his best 
judgment. He considers it is his re- 

’ sponsibility ‘to weigh these pros and 

cons and come up with a clear-cut 
result. Should events prove him wrong, 
he hopes to be forgiven by his readers. 

Here then is Keezer's pivaenend 

. Ruling out some such 

event as Atomic War, relative steady 


growth and | 

growth and prosperity will be:the gen- 
eral rule of the 60s. While the Ameri- 
can economy remains preponderantly 
a business economy, the . post-war 
period has seen institutional changes 
of great scope and magnitude. The 
changed economy has new driving 
forces that did not exist earlier, 
Among the changes leading to the 
author’s optimistic conclusions (five 
major ones are mentioned), he de- 
tects a strong and steady wave of 
business investment. in new. plant and 
equipment. It would cost about 95 
billion dollars to replace all the obso- 
lete facilities in existence in 1988. Fur- 

thermore, heavy tal spending will 
be needed to Ano some key raw 

- materials, i.e., steel, water and even 

clean air. ¥ 
Then there are growing research 

-and development programs in pany 

‘businesses. Industry has been expa 

ing its research and development pro- 
grams at a tremendous pace to de- 
velop new products and processes. 
Keezer, unlike other economists, con- 
ceives of innovation as @ stabilizing 
element. Since the process of innova- 

' tion ‘has become so large and continu- 

ous—research funds alone last year 
amounted to 9 billion dollars—the dis- 

_ turbances loge their isolated character 



and are reduced to a steady surge of 
economic growth. . 

In addition, he points te-the steady 
increase in middle-income families 
blessed by a growing appetite for du- 
rable consumer goods; the highly 
skilled marketing techniques to whet 
consumer appetites; the government's 
new role, broadly accepted by both 
parties, in insuring relative stability 
and high employment and in safe- 
guarding business competition, Be 
cause both parties are committed to 
the maintenance of full employment, 
Keezer cannot visualize recessions ex- 

a 5 per cent drop in gross 
national product or more than a 7 
per cent increase-in unemployment. 

Keezer has shown great courage in 
his optimistic prediction, Many econo- 
mists will tend to agree with the high- 
lights of his prognosis. Many. others 
will be reminded of a speech former 
President Herbert Hooyer made in 
which he cautioned, “Secretary 
Humphrey (then Secretary of the 
Treasury) says. that unless we change 
our ways, We are going to have a de- 
legge that will curl your hair. Mine 

already been curled once—and | 
think that I-can detect the signs.” 
Reading the tea leaves is a hazardous 
unde . Werner Z. Hirsch 


Expanding Trade With Russia Of ASSOUIATION AIMS 






nd ~ PARIS. oe . . | ee . 
EW UNITED STATES POLICY toward the Soviet Union |Individual Practice Pattern Speaker at Liberal Forum Modern Politicians Fail to © Musical Version of Elmer 
N favors expanded trade with that country. While we are not Should Be Preserved, Says Americans Have Be- 

Make Ideas Exciting, 
John Ciardi Asserts. 

Politica? leaders today lack | 
the linguistic ability to excite | 
citizens about the great ideas 
with which government deals, 
the poetry editor of the Satur- 
day Review said here yesterday. | 

John Ciardi, who is also pro- 
fessor of English at Rutgers Uni-| 
| versity, New Brunswick, N.J., | 
said modern government holds | 
great sway over human des- 
yesterday. | tiny, but that politicians lack the 

‘“‘We have become a status quo toe . compel pon doce | 
people trying to hold onto some- | "0", {0 Me Issues involved. 
thing that won't stand still,”’ the | Addressing a meeting at the 

recy. ~~ | Ethical Society. of &. Louis, | 
former Governor of Connecticut | Ciardi declared: “Great ideas 


Rice Play at Kiel Audi- 

prepared to sell strategic materials to our adversary, we do torium Tonight. 

hope to encourage greater Russian commerce. We are even pre- 
pared to risk selling machinery to the Soviet Union which could 
manufacture goods conceivably useful to Moscow’s cold war. 
economic program, which seeks to rival the West in airing under- | Medical practice in the United 
developed lands. States is being threatened by 

The decision to increase Russo- | value. Washington likewise feels | 40ctors who co-operate in insti- 
American exchanges is based on | that cable equipment has such | tutional programs, Dr. Raymond 
an assumption that it can ulti- | value but textile equipment does | 9. Muether, incoming president 
mately benefit not. The distinction, however, is | °f the Missouri State Medical i, Seas 
both countries. not made sufficiently clear. | Association, said yesterday. i) 
For the present, Post-Dulles policy is. founded | we. Musther addresses We 
its scope is @° ms the belied that tee sank teal. | state group’s House of Delegates 
limited by the @ . ance the removal of trade bar- | *%, Se sssociation opened its 
restricted cata- 3 riers against hopes of bettering ee, eee en. Ae 
logue of what oe ¥%4| the world political situation. Con- Pr ya pp gel ory: 
we wish to buy sequently we have decided to as- ee : nar 4 
from the U.S.S, "7 sist Russia in raising its con- ee ee 
R. Neverthe- 44 sumption levels. an en 

Says New President. 

come Status Qufd People. 

The United States is going to 
‘have to give ‘‘absolute top 
priority to achieving faster eco- 
nomic growth without inflation, 
| if we are to met the revolu- | 
tionary challenges of the Twen- 
| tieth Century,” United States 
Representative Chester Bowles 
(Dem.;, Connecticut, said here 

The character of individual “Street Scene,’’ an American 

_. | Opera based on Elmer Rice’s 
p | 1929 Pulitzer prize-winning play 
of the same name, will be pre- 
sented by the New York City 
Opera Company at 8:30 p.m. to- 
day in the Kiel Auditorium 
Opera House. 

The opera, with music by the 
late Kurt Weill and lyrics by 
Langston Hughes, depicts the 
_humor and bitterness of life on 
| a tenement street in New York. 
JOHN CIARDI | The production is under the 
direction of Julius Rudel. Sing- 

—By a Post-Dispatch Photographer, | —By a Post-Dispatch Photographer. 


| ; ith leading roles are Nor- 
: One of the things the state and former ambassador to India must be made resonant. That is, ors Wha, 

mae Ein a 3 ae — oe ae 7 medical seoealadiens te trying to ae -- declared. | they re “pry bees. with po- bowery A ; - My - ay oH io —. fy eng 
: , i n can export whatever i ide, Dr. Muether, St. : 'etic rhythm or the ize.” “04 , 
oe 2 et wants for diplomatic reasons, re- ent cb shld. tie oh nave He spoke at the Liberal y , wow yee oe ia Howard Fried, Maurice Stern, 

the long run help political rela- 

tions. Unfortunately this policy | 

is complicated by several fac- 

tors. Some Americans fear that, | g 

if we help Soviet ability to man- 
ufacture goods, such goods can 
compete against us in Africa 
and Asia. 

And firms in allied nations 
complain that our embargo on 
the sale to Communist markets 
of so-called strategic materials, 
sometimes places them at an un- 
fair disadvantage. 

Red Trade Offensive. 

As an example for the first 



‘Weak Diplomatic Tool. 



economic subversion in under- 

complaint, a letter to this writ-_ 

er says it was announced recent- 
ly that a United States syndicate 

was selling, for cash, $17,000,- | 

000 of textile machinery to the 
Soviets and says this will ‘equip 
the finest integrated textile plant 

gardless of domestic demand, | set of definitions to guide us in 
Khrushchev has put his personal | determining what kinds of de- 
prestige behind a program prom- | velopments in institutional prac- 
ising his people more consumer | tice may be desirable in the in- 
oods. terests of patients, and what 
Washington calculates that a | kinds are to be resisted as in- 
significant improvement in So- | compatible with the integrity of 
viet living standards is in our | the medical profession.” 

Enrollment in all divisions of 
Washington University for the 

er than for the spring semester | City 
last year, it was announced to- ; 

day. Enrollment in the day always misunderstood the poor’s 
divisions is higher and in Uni- 

Own interest because it might Report on Problem. 
help restrain Moscow’s expan-| pr, Muether said a report of 
sionist ambitions. the association’s Special Com- | 
mittee on Corporate Practice 
will be offered during the meet- | 
We do not believe that Soviet | ing here. He said the report 
political strategy could make | might help curb “a dangerous | 
consumer goods a major tool of | drift away from the established | 
-and traditional pattern of indi- 
developed nations. We regard | vidual medical practice.” 
Russia as having a distinctly lim- | 
ited capacity in this field. |to the temptation of certain 
For example, in 1958, cotton | types of institutional programs | 
cloth comprised less than 1 per indicates that physicians them- | 
cent of all Soviet exports and 
two-thirds of that amount went 

| versity College, for a total of 
The trend for doctors to yield | 11,663 

selves are not immune to the | 4@y divisions and 7197 in Uni- | 
“virus of security’? now affect: | versity College. 

versity College slightly lower 
than last year. 

This year’s enrollment is 5666 
in the day divisions and 6061 
in the University College, for a 
total of 11.727. Last year there 
were 5497 students in the day 
divisions and 6166 in the Uni- 

the past,”’ Bowles asserted. 

going to have to help the coun- 

needs for education, slum clear- 

000. | home. 
In the fall semester last year. 

there were 13,088 students en- 
rolled, of whom 5891 were in 

ministration is going to have 

The founding fathers possessed 

Forum, which was sponsored by | the capacity to make ideas come 
the Jewish Community Centers | alive, 
spring semester is slightly high- | Association at the Heman Park | made use of poetic rhythm, dic- 
Community Center in University tion, imagery and form to rally 
the people in building a great 
“The rich and powerful have nation, he said. 

Ciardi asserted, They 

As an illustration, he quoted 

desire for change, and that has from the Declaration of Inde- 
been the mighty’s downfall in| pendence: ‘We hold these truths 

to be self-evident: that all men 

The United States is not only are created me..." 

In modern 

times, Franklin 

tries of Asia and Africa achieve Roosevelt and Winston Churchill 
political liberty and economic | have exhibited this ability, Ciardi 
growth, Bowles continued, but told a Post-Dispatch reporter 
also is going to have to meet the | after the meeting. 

“Roosevelt could arouse a 

ance, highways and housing at sense of excitement about gov- 

_ | ernment,” Ciardi explained. ‘“‘He | 
| Bowles, who is one of presi- could make an idea important, 
dential candidate John Kennedy's | even to the people who thought 
chief advisers, said the next ad- he was wrong.” 

“Stevenson has come close to 

to make every effort to achieve this capacity at times,” he added, | 


Beatrice Krems, Ruth Kobart, 
Kieth Kaldenberg, Arnold Voke- 
taitis, Chester Ludgin and John 

Weill’s music ranges from the 
genuinely operatic to jazz. 

The opera company is on a 
tour of 20 cities with the pro- 
duction. This will be the com- 
pany’s first visit to St. Louis. 

The five-week tour is being 
financed to a large extent by a 
$350,000 grant from the Ford 
Foundation. The grant was made 
Olympia Constantin; his moth- to help produce four American 
er, Mrs. Stephanie Constantin; CP'S and to help finance tak- 
three sons, Angelo, John and | '™8 three of them on tour. 
Andrew Constantin; a daughter, |. Tonight's performance is be- 
Mrs. Howard Jenkins, two sis- "8 sponsored by the Friends of 
ters and a brother, all of St. | Music at Washington Univer- 
heade sity. Part of the proceeds will 
_go to the society’s scholarship 
| fund. 

' Tickets, ranging from $2 to $5, 
are on sale at the Aeolian box 

Funeral services for Alex 
Constantin, a St. Louis barber 
for about 35 years, will be at 
2 p.m. Wednesday at Assump- 
tion Creek Orthodox Church, 
6906 Delmar boulevard. Burial 
will be in St. Matthew’s Ceme- 

Mr. Constantin, who was 64 
years old, died of a heart ail- 
ment yesterday at his home, 
3511 Dodier street. He retired 
in 1958. 

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. 

— — — J all 

SS ee ee ee ee ee 


Funeral services for Frank P. 
McDonald, a former St. Louisan 
and the owner of a Mobile, Ala. | 
| trucking firm for 18 years, were | 

held in Mobile today. Burial | 

also was there. 

Mr. McDonald, who was 54 
years old, died of cancer in a 
Mobile hospital last Thursday. 
He was a director of the Ala- 

ing America, he said. 

| ‘an economic growth rate of | “but neither Truma Eisen- | 
Dr. Muether urged doctors to LIBRARY QUARTERLY - EDITOR | about 5 per cent a year. hower nor anyone ‘os dake’ ok, | 
take part in work of the Mis- | ssibdescoelii 

| He said the Soviet Union has | ministrations have shown the 
souri Task Force that is now | ee Sachtleben, supervisor Of | 3 economic growth of about 7 ability.” 
preparing for the 1961 White |‘ mc er ghey —_ ee or 8 per cent a year. Ciardi said modern-day gov- 
House Conference on Aging. He | tieue . Sage 2 sided aster “There is nothing wrong with ernment officials ‘‘piddle”’ with 
der-developed countries in direct | verse diplomatic impact. Seeeueae ta ac cal oa | of the “Missouri Library Associa- se cist . epi os beng : a a ‘oe, 7 
competition with th . | ‘ Fé | . | os ‘ Capitalism wont cure, owles | impor ant issues Dy taiking in a 
caer -_ ith the United | wate te dee ee ic he | Turning to state problems, Dr. | He hil it was announced | 4 ciared. _kind of a bureaucratic jargon. 
The second complaint is typi- | Soviet orbit to: Aanididon firms, cern gene aoe te tee | Wrayton Gardner, assistant di-| , Our business men greg - z' PP oe. pi i q we : 
fied by the following instance. | causing them to lose opportuni- | rector of St. Louis University li] D@V¢_to return to “the time- AR Mines ~seaes 0 

office, 1004 Olive street, and at 

in the world to be built in Rus- | to the Communist bloc. Fur- ‘the Kiel Auditorium box office. 

Sia. | thermore, Russian textile sales 

“Surely the products of such | elsewhere might well compete 
a plant will be just another tool | With the manufacturers of those 
for the Soviets in their economic | newly developing lands Moscow 
and trade offensive with the un- | NOW courts, thus having an ad- 

Divinity School President. 

ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 14 
(AP)—The Rev. Gene E. Bart- 
lett of Los Angeles will become 
president of the Colgate-Roches- 
ter Divinity School ¢fective 
Jan. 1, it was announced yester- 
day. He will succeed the Rev. 

: Ge next session of the Missouri Leg- | : 3 . f one will say anything straight bama State Trucking Associa- wijbour Eddy. Saunders, who 
While we approved the sale of | ties to foreign competitors. |islature to replace coroners braries, has been appointed busi- | no ccorg Ey IF cages ae r out. They » Bora tenn, Pond ~ tion, will retire r 
er yg pp — | Washington now sees the heart with “adequately qualified medi- he ven 2 of bes ee | ogg pea . sa nal’ ahe. with complicated sail” Maa tae Surviving are his wife, Mrs. ~~ ve 
, e partment of the problem i . Ti, 7 . ” ' She quarterly will be edited an : :; 
blacklisted a French electrical ¢-aqe Bais * ers wd . eee _cal-legal examiners. published at the Pius XII Library. | 2°™ics that lower prices and a | guage from overdrawn regula- ggg eccmrasage een ce we ares 
equipment company for selling ing under-developed aca Talk by Dr. Perry. smaller profit margin result in | tion manuals. iss Frances K. cDonald, 

_ both of Mobile: four brothers, 
Clarence P. McDonald, Narvel 

BILLY GRAHAM ON FIRST Clarence P. McDonalé, Nerv 
Bowles said American busi- | . McDonald an alter P. Mc- 
nese is going to have to foiow | CON TO THE HOLY LAND ponsid, ait of St. Louis, and | 

| __ Book Review: “America, the this formula, not only to avoid; AMMAN. March 14 (AP) —| Howard P. McDonald of Hot |B 4445. srentwood Bivd., Clayton § Me. 
| Vincible by Emmet John) 5 pat; h b 1 os , é; | Springs, Ark. 
|intlation at home, but to com- | Billy Graham arrived in the Jor- ; 

| Hughes; reviewed by Virgil Bor- : 
Where Anyone Can Save! 

‘der, regional director of the Na- pete successfully with countries |danian sector of Jerusalem to- | 

expanded sales and increased 
over-all profits,” he continued. 

Ralph Perry of Kansas | 
retiring president, told the 
| House of Delegates yesterday | 
that election-year pressures | 
might result in adoption by Con- 
Some questions, however, re-| gress of a law providing medical 
Post-Dulles Policy. main. Who classifies exports as | care at government expense for 
Washington feels that for the | “strategic” and “non-stra-| persons receiving Social Secur- 

cable wire to Moscow, The rea- 
sons behind approval of the first 
deal and disapproval of the sec- 

ond are sound. But they are not On Tricky Ground. 
commonly understood. | 

. Dr. 
and economic | City 


Avoid Spring Rush 

Call PArkview 5-8310 
The Lawrence J. Meisel Ce. 

our own political 

Tomorrow’s Events 

we. | the foreign market. |Holy Land. “ | 
sake of security the Soviet Union | Me haa ée: eebectition thes! and Jews; Central Public Li- g oly Land. “I have always had 

tions are revised, aré the rea- , Bowles also called for lower| the desire to visit the holy 
should be refused access to ma- | 2 : er ‘ . brary, 1301 Olive street, 12:15 p.m. ‘ interest t onit | ° 
terials of potential military sons adequaley Saeewma? joisied Organized medical groups | Fits Program: “The Chinese | ocermpsce neck elite i Places,” he said. 

wo Furthermore, -how is foreign elsewhere in opposing the so- | ‘Theimbeling”. of q | changes in anti-monopoly laws,| The Jordanian government. 

: Village,” hich “inadvertently have been | 
ublic opinion informed of these | Called Forand bill, sponsored by | ,, , °. Vas. ave ee blacklisted Graham last Novem- | 
+ sword What is being done to | Representative Aime Foran d|.sea Shell recap MO a ‘keeping prices high. \ber and barred his visit to the | 
° ® . He was critical of the present country, accusing him of raising | 
Illustrated Lecture: ‘‘Excava- 
| YOU CAN SAVE ages ee, hari. wile Amer | Poe on storing wheat than on eco- |b lif | 
: ~ a0 |Miss Lucy T. Shoe of the Insti- | g | bar was lifted on recommenda- | 
YOUR HEARING! | /compulsory, tax-paid system of | a inna. Bot Sag y a | “We are going to look back | Graham wound up a two- | 
Bare : Ur | Federal medical care, without | : .? oo /on this policy some day and | month African tour Saturday by | 
attitude and the logic on which | any regard for individual eco- | | 
The United States Public Health | it is based. Some allied business | | ti 
ae the Oak Ridge | because of the so-called iron There were 2000 decisions for 110 N. 18th 
medicine for all persons eligible | 
about their hearing. This book- | C°mes naturally to their Amer- | to receive Social Security bene- | 
nie /point in easing relationships ton, 8 p.m. 
Your Hearing,” tells what can | with Risesia eh daw cick of ec 

a which are under-selling us On| day for his first visit to the’ 
_tegic?’”’” When such classifica-| ity benefits. tional Conference of Christians | 
Save or withdraw any amount by mall Savings deposited by 10th ef the 

—we'll pay pestage both ways. month earn dividends trom the 1st. 


“in the heert ef progress” 

°* Phone CH. 1-0073 z 


4 Broadway, 4 p.m.; for children. 
fact : ian | Vide medical care for elderly | 
apiece | gar BF arses | the Government to spend ‘‘more | Israel in the United States. The | 
000 to 16,000,000 citizens into a | | combined.” ‘the United States. 
must be taken to elucidate our | 
| Radiation,” by D. L. Russell, | i people should go starving | a jammed tent meeting in Cairo. 
eae : : : “Tt would, flatly, be socialize 
of vital interest to all who care | Unjustly penalized in doing what | rat 
|Fontbonne College Auditorium, 
let, entitled “How to Protect | 6700 Wydown boulevard, Clay- | 

Dr. Perry urged Missouri doc- | 
tors to help the drive against | 
| Federal legislation and to co- | 
operate, on the other hand, in| 

‘Branch Library, 
show French electrical manu-| (Dem.) of Rhode Island, to pro- | ‘i | 
agricultural policy which causes | money and propagandizing for | 
a. hee are tions at Morgantina, Sicily,” by 
can textile machinery sales are| ‘Such legislation,” Dr. Perry . segs . y Pres }. a- | 
said, ‘‘would bring some 15,000,- | | te for Advanced Study of | nomic aid to Asia and Africa tion of Jordan’s ambassador in| 
This is tricky ground. Pains 
Lecture: “Genetic Effects of | think it is perfectly ridiculous | preaching to 10,000 Egyptians at | 
~"* | nomic status or need. 
. Service has published a booklet | ™en seem to feel they are being | + Pra 
| (Tenn.) National ‘Laboratory; | 14... of economics,” he said. _| Christ. ST. SOUIS 3. MO. 
' ican competitors. There is no | ts. 
cause a loss of hearing, and how | ening relationships with our 


to guard against losing your | friends. 
hearing. It offers valuable sug- 

gestions to those who have suf- apy nye Na > ea || The ven Gheaies Faire Offers “8 y : 
: ; , cal care to all who need_it. scrutinizes a advertising n 
fered a hearing loss. It explains |pa» WORLD'S LARGEST The association’s annual ban- | submitted for publication. Outstanding 

the problems of hearing difficul- 
ties in children. To obtain a free 
copy of this reliable, authorita- | 
tive booklet, simply fill out the | 
coupon below. 




During This 


‘quet will be tomorrow night. oon & psaigeedtd ” 
| . . . ' 
ete De Louis M. Orr of ||| modified er reiected. Ade | 
. _ ails vertising is accepted on the | 
Orlando, Fla., president of the premise that the merchan- | 

| American Medical Association. | dise and services offered are 

roperly described and are 

available to the customer et 
Sue pues Oe coast Mone Freee. @ BY 1500 AT PARK RIDGE, ILL. 

the advertiser's address and 
| =) eee ‘age ag the 
, publis price in the man- 
ture on Zenith Hearing Aids, just write: —— | d hod ta th p en 
Zenith Hearing Aid Division, Dept.néco Ul “Chap ap Kolb ig yout Roof SPARK RIDGE, Ill, March 14| =a 
or aWhote New Roof’ 

6501 W. Grand Ave., Chicago 35, Ill. tisement. 
—The St. Louis Symphony Or- | 

chestra appeared before an audi- | 

FREDERIC | ence of 1500 persons here Satur- | 

‘day night at Maine Township | 

OL. 2-1000 High School. | 

There was warm enthusiasm | 

for Conductor Edouard Van Re- | 

moortel and the orchestra. Sev- | 

eral encores were played. The | 

orchestra was making its first | 

appearance here. The next con-| 



Clearance Sale! 



lf any reader encounters 
anything less than faithful 
compliance with these con- | 
ditions, we at this newspeper | 
want to hear about it and || | 
suggest that you call the 

911 Locust Street 
St. Louis 1, Me. 
Telephone CEntral 1-2834 


| city ZONE = STATE 

HERTZ Rent a car. 

cert will be in Toledo, O. 


FLY 6 1 



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Key riguees in Transfer of Football Franchisé 

Griesedieck Assures 
Team s Owners Sale of B 

25,000 Season Tickets 

By Robert Morrison 
The Chicago Cordendlé oldest club in the National Football 
League, were on their way to St. Louis today with only a few 

; Mon. Mer. 4 1960 

- Hemus Names White 


minor conditions remaining to be fulfilled. ou 
Joseph Griesedieck, president of the Falstaff Brewing Corpora- the 
tion and purchaser of a minority interest in the pro Cards, said 0 7 ta rt eason as off 
these conditions must be met before an April 2 meeting of the Th 
league in Chicago. fl 

Transfer of the club will de- . 

4 aad “His Center Fielder : 
lease arrangement so that the : 
team may play at Busch Stadi- To Have Football B B b B da 
um. Another problem to be Cards in St. Louis Y ° roeg bu 
worked out relates to the tele- Post-Dispatch Sports Editor br 
vision territory. ST. PETERSBURG, Fila, ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 14—If Solly Hemus doesn’t hu 

“We don’t really anticipate any | March 14—August Busch, Cardi- change his mind—he had trouble making up his lineup yesterday ! 
trouble in either direction,” nal baseball president, was de- —Bill White will be the Cardinals’ center fielder, The National yo 
Griesedieck told the Post-Dis- lighted with the transfer of the League season opens four weeks from tomorrow. sa 
patch by telephone from Los Chicago football Cardinals to St. Quicker on the trigger than a | it’ 
Angeles. Louis. : TV cowboy, Hemus came out | Today’ s Game yo 

25,000 Tickets Promised. This is good news for St. unequivocably for White as mid- a ; 4 , 

The St. Louisan added that ong Louis,” he said. ‘We are de- die man in his outfield after only | 12345673289 R. HE. hi 
of the promises he had made to lighted to have major league two of 30 games in the Grape- CARDINALS Di 
Walter Wolfner, managing direc- football back home. The fans of fruit League. 0 0 3 0 0 ] 0 0 0 4 7 ? fa 
tor of the Chicago Cardinals, st. Louis are the best anywhere. — By a Post-Dispatch Photographer. Watching White hit hard fn | WHITE SOX in 
was to assure him of the sale The football Cardinals will ii , Squad games, and Curt Flood ni: 
of 25.000 season tickets for six give our city a year-round pro- e fail to hit, the Redbirds’ sopho- 31 20 1 01 0 X 8 10 0 ou 
Cardinal home games to be gram of high quality sports. RB || V L M more manager said he felt that 0 
played in St. Louis in the 1960 “We anticipate no difficulty in | eec ercurys the ball club would be best | Bridges (3), In MeDaniel (7s amd vy. 
sane. working out an arrangement to . served by playing the converted | ™ wri Sawetyyt (65 ca, cl 

“We think that it will be a Play. pro football at Busch Sta- W ants AFL Win From first baseman in an offensive  “#rcia (7) and Battey. Di 
good thing for the city and a ium. In fact, preliminary engi- aeaehe ‘thet wit, ieslude Jee spilling liiiesichiiinDiniial 7s 
stimulus to the riverfront stadi- neering studies already have | P ( hi | ° itl | Cunningham and either Bob Nie- sial would make a _ successful | Di 
um to have the football team in een made.” n ICago OUISVI S | man or Leon Wagner. | Oreos Ge ‘ties 

-. 9 ee | Pe oe — i “Wit t ite a ; 
mented. attracted to St. Louis by the| p ; , White is my center fielder,’’ | in re, ng wi unning- A 
; ; rofessional football: fans_ in (AP)—The Toledo-St. Louis Mer- ham, Ken Boyer, Daryl S$ 
ional Football League prospect of a new riverfr - : , was the way Hemus put it, prop- | ham, Ken boyer, Varyl spencer 

The Natio gue prosp front sta- | Chicago viewed th built up a 7-2 margin and P 
gave Wolfner unanimous per-. dium here ee et ee a se oe ping his feet on a conference and Nieman or Wagner, I think th 

484 / i gps | ment of the transfer of the Chi- then coasted to a 7-5 Internation- ' peer 
mission to move in concluding, Until this stadium, with a seat- | : KEser table in the clubhouse at Al | we've got a team that can R 
its second winter meeting last ing capacity of 55,000, is built | cago Cardinals to St. Louis, wie al Hockey nae May Mi bo Lang Field just after the Cardi- | score,” said Hemus. ‘We're fis 

. . * y Cay Ae, *, mixed emotions. Louisville yesterday. , | . ; u 
night at Los Angeles. The action however, use of the park of the Naturally, Cardinal.’ enthust- Five Mercury goals came in nals, 5-1 winners Saturday, | om ve ger No. 1 through D 
reduced Chicago to a one-team. baseball Cardinals has been of- : blown a one-run lead in the nint 0. 6 in the batting order. 

Hicag , = 'asts were bitter. Especiall the second period. | | i oa 

t the more successful Chi-, fered by Anheuser-Busch, | P y ‘and lost Sunday to the New| The batting order, as men- of 
st Be. rh ; the Busch St di : “a seating ca. | since Walter Wolfner only Sat- Tom Wilson and Eddie Busch | | York Yankees, their St. Peters- | tioned, caused Hemus even more 

Windy Stow ait to thieandicne pantie of 72.000 as @ seating ©2" | urday emphatically denied the scored twice “tog! for o Pech burg spring neighbors, 3-2. | trouble than the umpires in yes- a 

$500,000 for Wolfner. As the major sponsor of pro ome veer we errr are sty A -_— ee ie... lly said, in reply to ques-— ‘terday’s game, which was fea- w 

Because the move will open up football telecasts through the ia wate te ti ryers were goals for Louisville | tions, that White didn’t haye a | tured by brilliant Redbird field- . 
the previously blacked-out Chi- Falstaff Brewing Co., Griese- | overjoyed with the possibility of f | good throwing arm, but that he | “Continued on Page 6, Col. 7. th 
cago. television market, the dieck was expected to work out being able to view their favor- ‘Great : Dick Me er | was confident the 26-year-old ee ee _ P 
] : e has a reed to com en- the lalavieien cadets ts that ites on television when the club } . Y Hiram College alumnus would | 4s 
aay tae Cardinals with $500,000 are part of the sander cond: | is on the road. Neither. the Says of Cardinals prove satisfactory as a fly- 7 

: ye miele: Bears nor the Cardinals was al- . C; chaser. He implied, too, there- sy 
for expenses involved in. the tions. Coming te ity ied, ’ we 
transfer. In addition to six regular sea- meer, te Seve =the. reed fore, that he believed Stan Mu- 5 

As the major beneficiary in son games here next fall, the oval gg, the other was play- Richard (Dick) Meyer, vice fiat & FRONT END—— of 
this instance, George Halas, Cards also plan to play perhaps | 7h babl Wo president of Anheuser - Busch SPE CENUINE SOUR MASH / th 
owner of the Bears, has agreed two pre-season exhibition con- | ‘A pepo Se —e be “64 Brewery, and _ executive vice pA ied _ oe 88 | KENTUCKY as 
to contribute a large share of tests. In recent years the Car- | os ‘* a Ms ep bytes re si president of the baseball Cardi- Correct ‘Camper, aes $ | pb ome od ic 
the sum voted to compensate the dinals had made an annual ex- | pee or ee ee nals, said, enthusiastically, | URBON 
Cardinals. hibition appearance here in a | eT a these nai at “That's great, are they really | Suara Yives 100 Pe SREY | - te 

The Cardinal team, which was Cardinal Glennon Hospital bene- | rt ~ gong ss a OR, ee < coming?’’ when asked about the | BADEN TIRE CENTER, INC. 6 YEAR OLD 90-PROOF a SI 
founded 64 years ago and pre- fit game that attracted crowds | u n en a fe e ” : transfer of the football Cardinals 8305 Halle Ferry at Broadway ALLSTATE DISTRIBUTORS. INC. Mime 1] 
dated the National Football of about 30,000. The latter game | Prevailed. , Negofietion lending to the Seana of the Chicago Cardi- to SE Loale. — amen EV. 5-9250 sie 
League by, almost 25 yédfa; evn ds expected to be continued. |. Most Cardinal fans live on the nals football franchise to St. Louis were handled chiefly Meyer was told that there! 

| | South Side where the Cardinals by the four men shown here. Top picture, left to right: were only two obstacles in the | r 

| t t ° p G ' | os og = years im ees WALTER WOLFNER, managing direétor of the club; way of the football club, one of | 4 t! 

nTreresT If. rO ame phew . — poring to Soldier, PETE. ROZELLE, National Football’League commissioner, them being the obtaining of a | ~ AG a 
Oo 3% Hii ty? The ce 6 ggrongy AE Field © and WILLIAM BIDWILL, son of Mrs. Violet Bidwell ‘Wolf- satisfactory lease-on Buseli Sta- | fi 
} lere VW/ etted by a: was not greeted. warmly by chief stock holder. Below, JOSEPH GRIESEDIECK, dium. The other has to do with | ic 
NNnE.? ‘South Side fatis*'¥Ho' “insisted ems" of the Folbtett Brewing Cong: | television. 8 

An #aditional factor that fsex=""w total of 666 yards. Hill aod Comiskey Park was a Petter |- a that at D a r 
pected to provide a ready-made’ iaeh im p . Conrad, who! place in which to watch a rae r gla seg Aye ot sta | 5 
welcome for the football team is! kicked 30.%xtta poirits, was tied | ball game. wig Me “i ee os sae en es, NU PROCESS 7 8 
that St. Louis fan interest has / for third in’ N.F.L. scoring with; Now that the Cardinals mr ner wners ree Pin light way i $ : 
been whetted over the years by | 84 points. The scoring champion | decided to move, South Siders rm ote Paes renhorg — Ke BRAKE RELINES 85 s 
regular Sunday television of pro was Green Bay’s Paul Hornung | | feel they again will have a foot- e 8 8 Coarraiate Pr 
football here. with 94. Veteran End Lewis was. ball team. Bill Veeck, president ove 0) ar S$ 

Pete Rozelle. new commis-| 18th in league pass receiving| of the Chicago White Sox, is al VORN re) | SS ONLY NU PROCESS OFFERS t 
; tatist d d AD | ® Highest quality linings—tailored to each © 
sioner of the league, observed ; Statistics. etermined to get a team to | AUTO AIR CONDITIONERS | i i = Y ’ 
in his Los Angeles statements  /® one department the Cards | play in Comiskey Park. — ELECTRIC CLUTCH THERMOSTAT || Lintees oversise ‘tn thickness — precision , 
that the transferring team would Jed the league. That was in | Currently he is negotiating to | S$: 0 Ca ue COLORS TO MATCH CAR | canes a > ee pte 
continue to be called the Card- Punt returns. The chief return-| get a team from the newly- | MOST § senaibnet commets, bellies, : 
inals. ers were the rookie, Stacy, and| formed American Football| CARS 3 INSTALLED @ Installation with the most modern special- 

A Falstaff representative said, Conrad. Stacy was high for 1959 | League. His chances of bring- | By a Special Correspondent of the Post-Dispatch | BRADLEY Specialized Service ized equipment in the Midwest. 
Sccouar that oa elost would be | both number of returns (39) | ing a team from the new league | LOS ANGELES, March 14—Owners of the National Football | 4023 EASTON JE. 5-4900 @ All work done by brake specialists using \ 
made nie deeaen the same <t0 and total yards for punts re-| into Chicago are greater with | League clubs, who voted unanimously to permit the Chicago | meee ST. LOUIS 13, M0. commen Nu-Process techniques developed by ap- } 
avoid ng the Cardinal turned (281). Twice he scored | the Cardinals out of the way. | Cardinals to move to St. Louis, congratulated themselves on their i N EW : plication of over 30 years’ experience. t 

touchdowns by this means. | astide. | Cc lete Brake Tune-U * 
baseball club. y | | | | omplete Brake p $400 

The switch of the pro team eee the coming season the Mayor pee Cheers Their feeling was expressed by | ~ — nig reget wd TREADS Including Adjustment 
from Chicago follows months of ardinals have drafted, among | ' . | Commissioner Pete Rozelle, scagin | OI or gy ' ols sound tire od *Includes adjustment foot & emergency brakes 
negotiations between Griese- others, = ce Notre Dame! Cards’ Move to City | said the move will ‘‘strengthen | Prunes segs transferred to lee or on addition of fluid if necessary ; 

passer, George Izo. | inneapolis WHEEL ALIGNMENT 
ee and he =. —— Pa In moving, Wolfner said oe ppt gr ngs s Tucker | the league tremendously.” | The league club owners have 9 cai, UR A ee a, $5.75* 

“gree Area Bes oe his family would retain control | said t oe at the oe tO; The league, which has acti-| been pressuring Cardinal Presi- for Dah afl pel ES We sos ws 
° ae 4 onal ag te ot the club. He noted that the| Poy pga Cardinal pro-| yated. a new Dallas franchise | dent Walter Wolfner to move to $ 76 pen 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sat. to 12. 
Gary Te WEES OWNET Me <O8 CHP * Cérdinale Mi gone to consid- seonloniely: Suatnen- team. to Sk. | and plans to have a fourteenth | St. Louis for the last several Y pd No alignment er adjustments before 8 a.m. 
history. Louis symbolizes the rebirth of | li he 1961 | tax : 

B S ted Bett erable expense before last sea- oe L ‘club in Minneapolis in the years, Ppt... 1 : 
ears Suppor etter. son in switthitic its’ Chicheo | t. Louis . . . a great sports| season, had consisted of two| The reaction by Dan Reeves, ati Zoxtk NU-PROCESS 

Except on occasions, the rival | ‘home games from Comiskey | _city. Mr. Joseph Griesedieck} ix team divisions prior to ex- president of the Los Angeles | be } 
better support in that city, How. P&"k 0 Soldier Field. Commit-| hole community for his tireless | P&S Rams, was typical : Firestone BRAKE ENGINEERS INC. 
Se nal Pea i A ments in a lease of Soldier Field efforts.” y Grouped in the eastern divi- | L.A. Likes Move. | STORE 2910 OLIVE ST. 3. JE. 3-5500 | 

: 1S'Y | posed a financial problem in ate io SSH 7 sion; in the order of the 1959 | ow | $901 DELMAR 
had been rumors of a Cardinal —~— Said Reeves: e all see a 
making a move to. St. Louis. Case Pin Leader finish; “were the New York | 

shift, Mrs. Wolfner often said 
simply that her team was in 
Chicago first and would stay 

The late Chartes Bidwill 
bought the pioneer Chicago team 

Wolfner said the club had to 

have aid in meeting these obli- 
gations before it could leave Chi- 

| cago. 

Wolfner Changed Mind. 

Thomas Case, aided by a 27 
pin handicap, totaled 688 to take 
first place in the singles of the 
Federal Employees Bowling 

Cleveland Browns, 
Steelers, Washington Redskins, 
and the Cardinals. 

In the western division were 

great future for professional | 

Giants, Philadelphia Eag|es, | football in St. Louis. The Rams 
Pittsburgh | yre looking forward enthusias- 

| tically to their first game there.” | 
Jack Mara, president of the 

tourney at Bevo Lanes. Don} . © | New York Giants, said: ‘‘This is 
in 1933. The Cards had begun| One day earlier at the league | Kirk, ase took second. the oe tebe ty Aen a decision which will benefit the 
= . namroodsot a. xc! Re aes PRs res oe roggow | CYC hil B, ethan ! Sears . mA " praiiciacé rn . league over-all. s NDC HE M ' s t $ 
uth side before eir | ad said he didnt expect the | .I.L. Basketba | ‘ : "|: The president of the Pittsburgh 
founder, Chris 0’ Brien, put them | move to be made. TOURNEY Green Bay Packers, Detroit Cc H M | Cc A L t N G | N E E R S A 

in Jim Thorpe’s league in 1920. 
and in the N.F.L. as a charter. 
member in 1921. 

Through the years the pro. 
Cards had many notable players 
from the days of Paddy Driscoll | 
and then Ernie Nevers. But the 
team’s impact on the standings 
was not unusual except for the 
1947-48 seasons when St. Louis’s 
own Jim Conzelman was coach 
of a team that won the western 

“It would cost too much money 
to move and I don’t think it is 
necessary,” he had said. Later, 
however, the club owner an- 
nounced that the league had un- 
expectedly agreed to meet cer- 
tain conditions which he had 
requested. The main condition 
'was the payment of $500,000 for 
vacating the television. and fan 
market in Chicago. 

An eventual change in owner- 


JUNIOR BOYS Lions and Los Angeles Rams. 
Holy Family 54, 8t. Augustine 53. 
Perpetual Help 36, Holy Innocents 

St. Augustine 42, Immaculate Heart 


al club. 

Holy Rosary 51, 0. on Home games of the Cardinals 
aaa ae eee Sta last yea® at. Chicago included 
beta Mary Magdalen 32, St. Engel- | contests with Washington, Cleve- 

Epiphany 18, St. Roch 12. land, Pittsburgh and the Chi- 

Football Cards’ Roster 

St. Kevin 48. St. Margaret 27. 

Good Coun- 

Steelers, Art Rooney, called at- 

The 1960 schedule must be | 
revised to inelude the addition- | 

tention to one of the main ad- 
vantages of the move—namely 
the fact the Chicago market will 
now be opened to N.F.L. tele- 

Up until this year, either the 
Cardinals or the Bears have 
played in Chicago every Sunday, 

with the city blacked out to tele- | 

casts of out-of-town games. 
‘‘The league never enjoyed any 


B. S. or M, S. Degrees 
2 to 7 years experience im 
Industrial Assignments in Process 
Design or Production 

~~ television revenue from Chicago | Location: Pampa, Texas, a community 
division twice and the N.F.L. | ‘ship of the transferred club was | ENDS ’ 

title in 1947. re (Rebreska) Your Meiees, Wacet. Ano. games,”’ Rooney — —— | of 30,000 situated in the heart of the 

The team wader Cheol predicted today by Pat Harmon | Woody Lewis (Uresens : + 2 144 9 | the years the Cardinals play Texas Panhandle and only 200 miles from 
itera a 4d b said ma&n | of the Cincinnati Post and Times- | Sonny } ‘Schleicher (Penn State) i 190 24 there. From now on, the Chi- | the Rocky Mountains. Pleasant climate 
: te _ ackfield” of | star. The United Press Interna- iro Sugar (Pardue) fi 6-1 210 30 | cago situation will be the same | and desirable living conditi 
ny orkgro he hoe Fi tional quoted a Harmon story as Perry Richards (Detruit) 6-3 318 38 | as it is elsewhere in the league.” | | ons. 
and Charley Trippi. x ee | saying: | Ed Cook (Notre Dame) Pacers... 6-2 one »7| Frank McNamee, president of | 3 

Bidwill was survived by Mrs. “The next move by the Nation- lua Culpepper alan 3 $1 358 38 | the Philadelphia Eagles, pointed | | Ph. D. Chemists for industrial 
Bidwill and their two sons, Char-| #!. Football League will be to) WimCnaries Lewis (lows) Agee 368 30 | out that St. Louis will give pro- | ™ Organic Research and Development 
lie J nd Bill. Sh award a franchise to George B. | Luke Owens (Kent State) 3 6-2 255 26 fessional football outstanding | ree 
— . r. a I. e married Storer, Miami, Fla., for 1961. Ken Panfil (Purdue) seatinaii 4 6-6 2 29 | support. . Location: Corpus Christi, Texas, 6 city ' 
aging director of the club, | When Storer takes. over in Mi-| ex, Gin, Me3tzd, 2"S)ay9 $ 2p 5 BB. - Bg], “There ts no question that St. of 180,000 located on the fabulous Gulf 
Charles Bidwill Jr. is the presi-| 2mi, he will invite Walter Wolf-| Date Memmelsar (Wyoming) = gg 6-2 230 23 | Louis is a major league city,” Coast, with an appealing semi-tropical 

I: Wolfner ils (Rice) : ay | he said. “The baseball Cardinals nt 
dent of the club, and Mrs. Wolf- | net to become a partner. Wo enh ice ee MIDDLE GUARDS = one ed that f ee 
ner is chairman of the board of | can do this by selling his re- Jack Patera (Uregon) . 4 6-1 225 26 have prov i tas 15. Lou! 
directors. : maining Cardinal stock to Griese-| ...., mrestschnciéer (lowa State ts me hei ‘. ‘As a matter of fact Duis Ssieciiatin 
Ivy Is Coach 'dieck.” Marion Hushing (8.1. U.) Pa, am. a on toed os rt se oan Merch 15 and 16 
: ' ee , : *2 | that it could suppor se- 

Frank (Pop) Ivy, All-America Sr QUARTERBACK e i ng - | 
at Oklahoma U., will be going Tatlock Elected Py a4 (In...) , 8 if a3 peti odin, Fos, Ba al | 
into his third season as Cardinal| i) Tatlock was elected presi- | Silty Stecy (Minstosippt state) HALFBACKS = we o **| tive move in every respect and inet ¥. Quniens 
coach. The team won only tw! tent of the Missouri Cricket As- | Bobby Joe Conrad (Texas A, and. M.) 2. 6-0 i 34 | | don’t know of a single Eastern Tel CEntral 1-5267 
games and lost 10 last fall and’ -ciation at its annual meeting | | gene Ravi Crow (Texas A. and M.) e+ &2 aah 4 Division team that won’t be hap- clephone : 
pemnen test in the Eastern Con at the Congress Hotel. Barry | prea Glick (Colerade State), i 6-1 85 23 pier traveling to St. Louis in- | 
eel — a rags - Bennett was named vice presi- | diary tilt (Seettabiaft de Go 5 s2 120 i stead of Chicago.” | | 

° ° dent: John Patterson, secretary | Jerry Norton (8S, M. U, i -2 7 2 the GA Sewell Prem ee sa ile “Soon eee 
season over .500 a pA 10 and George Wallace, treasurer. = es (Idaho ant ae * d a | No Soccer Games | | 
process they hve hopes of mov- nes tars — ‘avter) pads ier 1 ORF | | For the third straight: ween, CHEMICAL COMPANY 
ing upward | International Soccer | | crorge too, Nowe Dame quartertark! Hartt ten, Clemson tacie. tke | there was no Sunday soccer in “gor 

Present " standouts on the, DUBLIN, Ireland, March 14 ces Salen ceter Willie West, Oregon I halfback: § tins ; > Mare St. Louis. Fields im the public | , | 

m inelude Bobby Joe Con-| (AP)—Englandedefeated Ireland, back vad Macurek, Xavier (Ohio) tackle; Jack Lee, Cincinnati quaterback; | >. 1. were still snow-covered : | 
tea Wilson, Utah back; yne Crow, California back; DeWitt Hoopes, p | 
rad, King Hill, John Crow, Pill | 31, in a soccer match yester- | Xr. western ‘tnckles Charles + New Mexiep State dua k: Paul | uit the High iii ment 
Stacy and Woodley Lewis. |day and enhanced its prospects Oglesby, UCLA tackle; Rapert Sowns: Goon A ag Bo ve — omy saved today 

Crow ranked tenth in rushing | of qualifying for the Rome Olym- | Mestnik, te back; Jim Hunt, P View ‘doe Davis, Citadel SEM! ina playec 
in the league last season with | pic games this summer. tackle: Bob Haas, Missour! Sock; Merman Alesaater, © indiay ( + at Forest Park, at 4 o'clock. 

Tom Day, North Carolina A& 

4) Ay fy é A A ; 4 

New Yorker Stenson Skates 
Ace Falls 
In Mile 

Past Disney, Ends West Monopoly 

ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Mon., Mar. 14, 1960 


To Sunday’s 
Sportsword Puzzle 

Nats Win 

Steve be yee first Easterner conse x | SIE EILIMIE\iR 
to win the Southwest Open title 
outright in the 35-year history of MINNEAPOLIS, meres ot EIN PIRI IETS A 
the St. Louis Silver Skates, today (UPI) — The pesky Minneapolis, |2 HB A|S MS|K|/ IN 
offered an excellent training tip. Lakers strutted in their playoff LIEIG 
There’s a catch. A rough ocean best Sunday and earned the <A IY INTE: 
at teen a cmt right to meet St. Louis while 
ome in College int, Philadelphi | 
just 12 miles from Times Square, it a mg ae re age _— Pro Basketball 
Stenson heads for Jones Beach iT & deciding playoff 
daily during the summer. He berth tonight. 2 SYRACUSE (125) PHILADELPHIA 
buries his legs in sand, then Frank Selvy hit for 30 points parnete *%*T-; “FG.FT.F 
braces himself for the lash of _ a Baylor scored 25 fer 6% 3 ¢ Aris lo; 93 
huge ocean waves. troit, 11499, to win thebestof. a" 3 4 Redeem 8 4 8 
“After about three waves hit es ke hee Cst-Ol- | Coble 1 1 4 Seulieb'ry 5 1 & 
you, you can’t take much mere,” ree series in two straight ; eke prabeskt o ° L 
said the husky 21-year-old. ‘‘But go lis again showed the | 'U°M! 4433 26 oe oe 
it’s great conditioning. Makes i OE ee pO A gel “ t : Beers by Fertegs; “MM 60 87 98 
peek ee Seay Se t it into the final ate wa pie Philad'iphis ya ae 34-119 
Stenson’s tough legs carried .. h W, Ih T hi S if Sk ' gy ters 3 aes: ” 
him to victory over favored Bill w; cape pions / rop les in / ver ates vi tae ih ‘is Fae ot ee asap one FLF 
Disney esterday before 8100 : _ . 7 e a Skates Carnival pose with P trophies at The Arena. From. left, front row: JOHN ZUCKERMAN, Missouri bantam; BOB FENN. Co. at St. Loule Wednesday in |\POw s ties 238 
ans at The Arena. A collision ushing, outhwest intermediate; BILL DISNEY, Pasadena, Calif., winner of H Kemper two-mile cup; CAROL JOHNSON, West Alllis, Wis., the best-of-seven series for the Keir” % 4 guKee = 610 g 
in the mile event cost Califor- Southwest senior; STEVE STENSON, College Poirlt, N.Y., Southwest senior; PAUL HUGHES, Champaign, Southwest juvenile; DANNY CARROLL, Mis- Western Division playoff cham-|teonari 3 3 } ole 39 3 
pos oon dearly. He was shut _—souri midget; DIANE WHITE, St. Paul, Minn., Southwest intermediate; JACQUELINE MUELLER, West Allis, Wis., Southwest junior; back row: RAY __ Pionships. — ae 2 McGuire 3 1 
out in that race, won by Stenson, ZUCKERMAN, Silver Skates chairman: JIM KLEIN, junior novice; DENNIS STANFORD, St. Louis Southwest junior: JOAN KRISTOF, Missouri senior; ther contributors in the Laker Krebs 3 8 § Comin. 3 8 3 
Sasi te “4 Bast woe ROY EBRECHT, Class B Men; HARRY MONTEITH. Missouri senior; BARBARA MUELLER, West Allis, Wis., Southwest junior; MARY BLAIR, Cham- ‘‘iumph were Hot Rod Hundley ma . 88 % felts Siaeee 
climax wasn't enough te give paign, Southwest junior (tie); TOM HUTCHISON, Missouri juvenile; SISSIE CARROLL, Missouri midget. and Rudy La Russo with 19| ‘Totals 43 2a 30 
Disney a record third Southwest ‘ ; , ' te oer wk kg age _ Minneapolis tee 35 23114 
| re Lo NORE in the Post- Point Standings ce In Philadelphia cates Syra- “/ Avorr Sraxpixos— ° 
\ Dispatch-sponsored meet. 7 r IVISION 
mimi .. a duplicate Sun- Ww. L. 
California Monopoly Ended. SOUTHWEST SS ae P d th H ame wi try to p Philadelphia, agi STEER 
/ Stenson, who won the North Bill Disney 43. Don Prather 5, James O q e OFs e S berlin to p gored = ae 10 meth otis ESTERN DIVISION | | 
pent Indoor meet at Lake teith 2, ‘Keith Meyer 2,'Kent Trimble  balow par for cea Sabinaal Wain wae iv = oe ae 
acid last week and will defend Syracuse 126, Philadsnee ; 
che ‘hilideeh Sielaes ebeiae’ ct 10 oan Kast 8. ‘ Gato}, Johnson R ut Ba rba ra Cho S e et Association’s record-, Minneapolis 114. Deteot Bone 
; : rol Jac older SAT iz 
Rockport, Ill., starting Friday, INTERMEDIATE BOYS: Bob Fenn Minneapolis 113, Detroit 112. 

finished with 16 points to 13 for 10, Dallas Peters 4, Jerry Van Mill 3, By keeping the Warriors’ 7-2 | 

Don Reno 3, Philip Gagnoni T * | rookie in tow, the Nats evened 
Disney. Thus the New Yorker | 9.070%, 8028; Dennis py ) Re d e yn Skate . biti 
the | 7 vane 6. bob | the best-of-three series at one- Exhibition Baseball 
N inni 
cracked a California monopoly | Norberg 2. Neil Platchford 1. es 6. S all by winning, 125-119. 

of five Southwest titles in the | al Sanger 5, Brad Lutehine 4. er 

By the Associated Press 
: : Passarella 3, Pete Cefalo 2, Loui : Dolph Schayes, Syracuse’s old T 
last wo 9 including a 1959 *fERMEDIATE GIRLS: Diana , page .o Roles 5 one horse trainer’s daughter who doesn’t | 'pro, rose to the occasion and | Cardinals, RDAY's RESULTS 
; ans 
phe We 4 Sage _ who White 8 . Karen K aper 6 jf Bev Gorton ot Ag ride horses. e reason is simple: too busy with ice | | tossed in 40 points besides grab- | Philadephia . py ey i: 
, anne e n a uUulos <4. . 
So — : J GIRLS: Mary Bair’ 5, | bing 22 rebounds in the Nats’. | Boston 8, Enicacen yt i 
me observers were surprised | Barbara Ssuatior 5, Katty ReneS. Pausing between her brilliant | got 

| victory. Johnny Kerr with 25 

Cincinnati 3 (15 
: Cindy Bartels 3, Judy Kostal 2, Ca- " innin 
bss ™ 27-year-old Disney, from mille smith 3, Lila McBride 1, Bever- te a ee at the | o k th | points and Hal Greer with 23 an ‘Sratietens 11, Cleveland & 
ee scnuize i. ‘ ; troit &. 
asadena, Calif., raced as well as | *,SENILE . GIRLS: Jacqueline ver Skates Carniva mentersey, | asKeTba also aided the Nat cause in the e SUNDAYS Renuirs 
he did, in view of his. sudden | Mueller 10, Karen Leary 6, Susan the attractive 18-year-old told @& ked New York 3, Cardinals 2 
; Campbell 2, Diane Anderson 2, Mar : | pressure-packed contest. Paul Ral 
switches. Dis h 40.3- : '. traveli summers with her | ae ) ; altimore 1, Pittsburgh 4 
ee? ene a A MIssou Leg aay A MPIONSHIPS h ng ' ycores Arizin was high for Philly with | Boston 11. Chicago (N) 9 
P | . ; r n r 
second timing in the Olympic | yen: Monteith 17, Til 13, Chapin mother and father because Pop | a | 29 points. Guy Rodgers chipped Milwaukee M1, "Piiledetphin 
. a De * Ps 4 ° s n 
off the world mark, had to make Jona Buchel 3 Ronald Kirk 2, Rob- New York and other cities to| c..c. 61, St. Louis U. High 49) — hieago arte me 0 
. . ° . rs ° on = 
the quick shift from Olympic r NOVICE JUVENILE BOYS: Tom 9 horses. She grew up near | “West pisins 63, .Crystal ‘City 68. No. 38 for Midgets Cardinals vs. Chieago (A) at Sara 
j m . ; tchi ; ne uliano 3, ‘ ‘ 
pes 8 “ty sent canaas | Muender 2, beward BSOYS: James ; “ ger penith aaanp rae pee aeeoet AL INVITATIONAL With two players scoring more "Cineinnat ie tase e fe: 
hye 7 er : , | Klein 5, Dennis D’ Aquila 3, Paul Har- Dad had Terrang, Solidarity, (At New York City) | than 30 points, the Southwest | burg. ee cee en eee 
In addition, Disney, trimmed | mon 2, David, Rees ars Gold Capitol and a lot of other First Round | | Kiwanis Midgets ran their sea- eiwanines vs. Kansas City at West 
to 135 pounds, had changed from | ath |, “Riek Simon 4 ood but I didn’ Providence 64, St. Louis U | Palm Bea 
, £ rom | 5. segeeh Baur 3, Rick Simon 2, 4 ones, Dut 1dn t even care a. Semewentnne 4" "Holy ‘ ine a1. son’s basketball record to 38-2 , “ae ow vs. Washington at Or- 
- | Kent Baue < ioe . : . j a 
strenous outdoor training on a | MIDGET BOYS: Danny Carroll 5, to go horseback riding,” Miss | Dayton 72, Temple 51 | yesterday afternoon at Indian "Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh at Ft. 
large course to an indoor meet | Kevin Moran 3, David Anderson 2, Roles said, ‘‘Just didn’t have the a ee egy eee is Creek, Mo. Lonny Mathews Myers. 
on a short, tight course. MIDGET GIRLS: Sissie Carroll 5, time.” a nova (o’time) 

Linda Hamil 3, Linda Boyer 2, Jamie EASTERN NCAA Bi REGIONAL | rimmed 32 points and Joe Rob- 

Determined to take another 

| ke ¢ Rosenblatt 1. A Pasadena City College soph- yy At Chan inson 30 as Coach Paul Fultz’s 
shot at the Olympics in 1964 ‘. omore majoring in English, Miss | re “Chniga” pice) 7 douenh 10° | 13-yeat-olds whipped the Little FIRESTONE NYLONS 
though he’ll be crowding 32 by | Fenn of Flushing, ran with 14, Duke 659 (first | Fight Conference All-Stars, 89-67. 6.7Qx15, Plus Tax 

the Southwest Int 
Equally fast indoot or 
thé cocky Easterner impressed 

Roles said she wasn’t interested’| piace) . 
in pro skating “troupes, even | N.O.A.A. MIDWEST REGIONAL | In the second game \of \thevbas- 
though. her specialty is the-free- | , 82, Kansas 71 (first | ketball doubleheader, the Soyth- | 
style. She wants to become a Seren 67. Texas 61 (third place). | west Kiwanis Juniors, led by Bill | 

then, Disney plans to develop 
form by borréwing. a train 

idea from thé. Rugsians+roller 
skates with one «Tow of dive 

_) and) Exehange +1 ae 



—By a Post-Dispatch Photographer. 

‘Lamar Ottsen, U.S, Olympic figure-skatin N.C.4.4 MID- EAST | Mar R ; » 6 
rollers down the center of eaeh'| speed-skating chairman, so°much , > Stan saevial een chen | Ohio § Sa ae ars Stephen's "High ‘School, 78. 225. N. Kirkwood Rd v0. 5.3000 
skate. that he rated Bob a good bet for O ] m ic Sta r job as an umpire. | Wes ester 3 each OT. Ohio 0, att + ——— 
Jinx Strikes Again. the 500 meters in the next Olym- y p Barbara wowed the crow@ as we peel EST NCAA 
Disney, winner of the South- pics. Jerry Van Mill, St. Louis BARBARA ANN ROLES, who finished third in Olympic she did spectacular jumps and Calitoneie 700 sk or 

west Open in 1957-58, had set his 
sights on retiring the huge three- 

intermediate champ, settled for 
a third and a fourth. 

and world figure-skating, rests between exhibition perform- 

spins and in red and green cos- 

Oregon 49, (title). 
(At Ka 


ances during the Silver Skates Carnival at The Arena. tumes. Third in the recent Olym-| southw yp Peay 
time trophy. But he fell victim | Joan Kristof, St. Louisan who : pics, she plans to take pte Tennes: Fa) tient nee) ent | f 
A the jinx that hit the only | was forced to race with a A “ shot at the big prize in four; % tg th yas me coil 
other two-time outright cham- | seniors because her. birthday S | Sk + S years. Barbara was accompani N.1.B.L. 
, ; ed 
pions, Lamar Ottsen, Sonny Rup- | came the day before, tumbled in liver aTes ummaries here by her mother and “ long- | San Fraacisco D7, Senttle 00. | 
precht, Frank Jelich and Jim | the 440, figishing third, but gave tim SUNDAY'S SOORES | 
" e SOUTHWEST CHAMPIONSHIPS Lombard, Ill; 3——Juay “Kostal, |Chi- e teacher, Nancy Rush. | Seattle 119, San Francisco 110, | 
Campbell. Jelich of West Allis, | champion Carol Johnson of Min- ENIOR MEN cag Re UP nti BS Wickiee ISI" A Denver 93. | 
Wis., shared the crown with two | neapolis a. good run in the %-) . S66 Janos: see pee. Pam. | 50.8. snweeeei were Serving Uncle Sam _ in the | oo | 
others one year in addition to | mile. Miss Kristof finished with | lege Point, N.Y.: 3—Don Prather, Ur- 220-YARDS: 1—-Al Sanger, West | Olympics has drawbacks to go : 
y ana, Ill.; 4—Frank Till. Time 44.98. | Allis, Wis.; 2--Brad Luchins, West . Rams ee Morr WwW 
winning two titles—but no one i five points and second place. 880-YARDS: 1—Stenson, 2—Dis. | Allis, Wis.; 3—Pete Cefain, West with glory. Bill Disney spent 80 | 12) | 
has gained three clear cham-| In the Missouri senior men’s | ti)’ 36 3—James Chapin, 4—Till. Time paigh a ‘i-—Paul Hughes, AN much time preparing for the! For Browns' Hunter —_ LIN 
: ve ; c re i ‘ . aw | 
pionships. oe Frank Till, the for ay ke eres. oY een Champaign, Iil.;. 9—Micheel Passa Squaw Valley event that his| LOS ANGELES, March 14 | 
An opening victory in the 440- | mer perennial champion, made a| 3m. 22 fella Chicago; '3—Louis Fehr Jr.; | job could wait for him no long- | (AP)—The Los Angeles Rams af 
bid to regain his title, but} , 79. ‘MILE: 1—nisney, 2—Stenson, | 4—Brad Luchins, West Allis, Wis er. Disney, who managed “| : 
yard dash gave Disney high | strong bi g $—Keith Meyer, Wheaton, Tll.; 4 Time im. 43.6s. y» ged rug- the National Football League 
hopes. Stenson pressed his cross- of Hasry Montelth, 17 to 1. = a ae ee oe oy 220-YARDS: 1-excaueline Mueller Femme pomeengs 7 en ied and | today traded centers with the 
est s fis. ; aren eary, | ‘ss 
country rival, but couldn’t quite | be hd Se Some Chasin, teak ie VASENIOR WOMEN ison. Northbrook, Til:’ Susan’ Campbel, Picnee Cleveland Browns, giving up 
make up the gap. Stenson, who | ied ery , , Minneapolis 3 telen _Lutsch, _Chi- Gien Ellyn. Dl.; 4—Masy Ann Smith. Only Easterner before Steve 'John Morrow for Art Hunter, | 
passed up the Olympic trials be- | “F¢ W ‘MILE. 1 Carol Johnson. 2— |, 440—YARDS: 1—Jacqueline Muel- | cy . The Philadelphia Eagles) 
! : 3 449-7 ARDS: coantin enson to win a share of the 8 | 
cause he’s essentially an indoor ek a — yaaa Ellyn ill 4 3 {Gerel Jackson, Glee derson, z s—Juay Alfred, “Ghieage. | Southwest Men’s Open tile was | SWapped Lee Riley, defensive | 
skater, squared the battle at | 2m. 54s me 5 y ~~ | halfback. to the Washi e 
eight points apiece by beating | Tiding bicycles frequently, pre-| | ETEPEPIARE BOTS. a erp || Roy Exickeen, New York Cy | sins tor ews Ae oem ST. LOUIS’ OLDEST & LARGEST PONTIAC DEALER 
ented an out-of- town sweep in N.Y: —— 680 enn, £ — ee tae’ ; 1— Harry Monteith, | racer, Ww Oo snare e on- 
Disney-in ther , the open division. He won. the pelgn, tit; *"3—Philip Gagnon, x IL oy Sree $ yee with’ Bed Miadiog of St, |. = OCs, ARe Ee: Tene & 32975 S. KINGSHIGHWAY FL. 2-8900 
Then in the mile race, with 440, we and in @ Ghied te Fado Springs. fle; 4—Jerry Van| 880 YARDS: 1—Monteith, 2—Till, | J quis. | 8 guard, 
plenty of time to go, Disney un- the mile to - & out beth 94 ILE 1 — Bop Fenn, Frushing, a see eee. eee | basco | Halfback Dick Moegle was) 
s : : mpa . ¢° - —_ — . 
cat teegree Nei make. +" b al | Heintz Wittje of Glen Ellyn, Ill., 4-—derty Van Mil: 5_Da gS ne: 1 Monteith, 2-—Chap-| Zuckerman, pleased with the | feet ten f to the Pitt 
cu egree turn in a bid to) 4 Seta . way the meet was run off also | ere © Fhe 
and Terry Evans of Champaign, INTERMEDIATE GIRLS. TW O-MILE: | 3 Tu. 2—Chapin, | , nenesoennee Ge RRR DET 
ao gpl EE ease nanpas game Repeat | STak non, Hee | as Proud the ancam chan | EOE Sores Wr 8 fare Meh r 
y “© oS Minn. ; et) + Es neg MIDGET ‘BOYS | cerron, | Pion. He is Johnny Sideream | | 
seldom falls, let his elt eg re Elk B li Th. ; 4——Bev Gorton, St. Paul, Minn. | 2—Kevin Moran. 3—David Anderson, son of the chairman. ee 
: .. 4 f d hed into $ ow ing Time 60.3 4—Laurence Baur. Time 55.48. |. ,. | 2 LL -M—/Z_ es «ee. im, = 5 Wee 
out too far and crasned in ; 880- YARDS: 1—Diana White, St. _~— World's L . 
‘Meyer. Both tumbled and failed EAN EVENS Paul, Minn.; 2—Bev Gorton, St. Paul,| 220-YARDS8: 1—-John Zuckerman,| Other Missouri champions who s Largest Liquor Chain 
: Elks No, 3, Centr 3183. Minn.; 3—Joanne Petty, Urbana, : N 2---Joseph Baur, 3—Rick Simon 4— | 1 . , oF WHERE 
to score So Stenson put on one | Gano Plywood, | Eikhari, ind. 308 3084. 4——Karen Kaper, Chicago. Time Kent Baue. Time 30.75. will receive trophies are: Lila A 
of his big sprints to outlast | Gardner's Tie Bhop, yg Re Fags ce, JUNIOR BOYS || | 220-¥ARDS: I Sissie Carroll, 2— |McBride and Beverlee Schulze, ON LL BRANDS ARE [RB +} #=#=<«84 
game Don Prather of Cham- | 3064 | Jacksonville Food, dackson-| . tier re iije. Glen bilyn, il; &| Jamie ‘Rosenblatt, ‘time aovs, ~~ | tied in junior; Diane Anderson, SALE EVERY DAY 
paign, Ill Carlinville, ill. 3034 _— See Brees. ea Silva, tae LASS EN juvenile; Alice Van Vleet, inter- |S Jai) Ja as 9-0-5 STORES 
, , r vans, ampaign m Tt ,_ — ks ’ «Ue 
Disney, who beat Stenson in DOUBLES 47.95. Ave * | sone puttteit, 3 Ronald Kirk, 4—| mediate, and Louis Fehr juve- All Over G 
: ’ , : D. Westerfield-J, Schmitt Waite, %-MILE: 1—Terry Evans, Cham- | Robert Robinson. Time 1m. 43.8s. : . ver Greater St. Louis + 
their only previous meeting, North, 1358; G. Fowler-K. olfe, ign, Il. j 2p dieints, Wittie, Glen El. 140. PONICE JUNIOR BOYS: nile.—N.R. oes sy 
joined the’New Yorker in setting Meyers, ‘South Bend, tnd, ‘1330 on Blatehtord, Northbrook, Ill. Time Dennis D'Aquita, 3——-Paul Waruce, LS: va 
: . " > — eeg. 3s. 
a moet oe ae the. Seats. & 1530: - sty Celtis 220 YARDS. Mary Blair, Cham- aN QXiCe, SOVENIE 4 BO} hison ; 
They quickly lapped the field, Hasta m., 1386. s ign, Ill.; 2—-Kathy Reno,’ Cham-| 2—-Vince Guliano;_3- William Maen. | ISCHM 
‘but Stenson failed to come up|_ G. Ojva tard Ohio, 723 aign, Ill.; 3—Camille Smith, Ur- | der; 4— Edward Bauer Bauer. Time 56.4s. | e pat 
with a late spurt this time. | Heirns Baris, f ti. ee ‘mitehel bana, I1l.; 4—Lila McBride. | Time , Eensva, 
% Another New Yorker, little Bob Jacksonville, In in. "104: H. Guthrie, wr atO-SARDS: 1—Barbara Mueller, All Sports ports Show 
rd, ’ = 

2—Cindy _ Bartels, 

| The Neighborhood Association 
will hold an ‘‘gll sports show” 
for the members of the organiza- 
tion’s board, committees, mem- 
bers and friends Thursday night, 
March 24, at 7:30 o'clock. Ap- 
proximately 100 members will 

Golf Meeting 

A meeting of the Public 
Links Golf Association of Great- 
er St. Louis will be held at the 

Field House in Forest Park 

$10.40 ALL § 6*° 


Reguler $6.90 Value 

Reguler $1.00 Value 


Requler $2.50 Value 

ALL FOR ONLY $6.40! 

“ r729 LOCUST THRU TO ell ~ anal 
PR. 6-2010 



MI crea ns 

Wednesday night, starting at 8 


(Two-thirds grown) 

Mini shipment 
F ifty Quail 

(White Hybrid) 
$200.00 per Hundred 
$112.50 per Fifty 
$ 30.00 per Dozen 

Minimum shipment one dozen Pheasants 

All birds dressea young te insure tender- 
you didnt get. your quota of 

Saniedied.: » papell |My ey sae 
Four Skaters but a Two-Man Race se tet aes NORTH: WEST: 


2009 Tinsley Place 
Chattanooga, Tennessee 
Day or Night Telephone 
MADISON 9-3441 

Me 4 ‘ 



BILL DISNEY, shown in front, and STEVE STENSON, third in this picture, already have 
lapped the entire field in the two-mile feature of the Silver Skates Carnival. Disney and 
Stenson finished 1-2. St. Louisan JIM MOORE is second and another St. Louisan, JIM 
CHAPIN, fourth in above photo. 



4 ‘4 ” 


: set by Easy Ed Macauley. 

: leads best -of-nine series, 

BB Mon., Mar. 14, 1980 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 

ably was not as tough defen- 



By obeit Morrison 

Man on Bench 

Jim Dailey, the little guard | 
who had been the St. Louis | 
University Billikens’ best floor 
boss, sat on the bench all the 
way in what turned out to be 
his last chance to play. 

His knee wrapped tight in 

Air Force, 

Illinois U. 
Seek Redd 

By Bob Posen 

Garry Garrison, the 6-foot-7 
center who scored 29 points and 
grabbed 29 rebounds Saturday 
a bandage because of a liga- night to lead Christian Brothers 
ment injury suffered a day ear- to the Missouri high school bas- 
lier in a work out at the Ford- ,etball championship, already 
ham Gym, has received ‘‘letters of inquiry” 
could: not go from 35 colleges, Coach D. C. 
and he knew it. | Wilcutt said yesterday. 

But when it | Jim Redd, another senior 
came down to starter, has received an appoint- 
the finish here ment to the Air Force Academy 
Saturday night me because of his football ability, 
against Provi- 7 | but also is considering Illinois 
dence. and the * | University, Wilcutt said. And 
Friars’ victory | Jerry Strange, the third senior 

starter, is thinking about St. 

per a Louis U. or St. Benedict’s, Kan. 
“ete Yo Morrison | That will leave 6-444 Bart 
Hast a Sa Freihaut, husky 6-2 Mike Mc- 

turned to Dailey and asked if 
he wanted to go in for some- 

‘“‘No, coach,” he said, ‘‘let 
those that are out there play. 

Cotter and the Cadets’ No. 6 
man, Guard Jim Prow, 5-1], as 
a nucleus to build around next 

But they will have to go some 
They'll be back next year.” to match the record of the Ca- 

That was how the little dets while they had Garrison. 
senior from Joplin, Mo., a 160- During the four seasons in which 

pounder with great heart, he played in the state tourna- 
made his last contribution to ment C.B.C. won 87 games and 
the team as the Billikens lost 25, including two Class L 
bowed out of the National In- championships and one third- 
vitation Tournament at Madi- _ place finish. 

Saturday night they whipped 
St: Louis U. High, 61-49, as Gar- 
rison grabbed nine more re- 
bounds than the whole St. Louis 
team. His offensive rebounding 
was especially impressive 
throuzhout the tourney. He re- 
bounded or tipred in six of his | 

son Square Garden. 

‘If he had been able to play, 
it might have turned out dif- 
ferently,”” said Benington. 

Dailey, who gets his big- 
ger teammates organized and 
moving right, might have 
enabled the Bills to go ahead 

G arrison, 


. = 


Elbow Injury Worries Sievers 7 

Sober-faced ROY SIEVERS gets ice-pack treatment for his left elbow injured when he was 
hit by a B geagee ball in the Senators’ spring training game with Detroit at Orlando, Fla. 

Extent of the injur 

ators’ most valuable hitters. 

RTs of State Tourney, Has 35 College Bids 


Sunday’s Game 

ar ina § os mista 4 0 2 Hunt,cf 


In A.B.C. 

TOLEDO, O., March 14 (UPI) | 
—The Detroit Pfeiffers defend 
their American Bowling Con- 
gress championship tonight. The 
Pfeiffers are almost. certain to 
take over the open teams lead-. 
ership. Their 3243 last year in 
St. Louis is 284 pins better than 
the 2959 rolled by the current 
ledders here, the Bellevue Bank 
team of Bellevue, Ky. 
Crossing lanes with the Pfeif- 
fers will be the Bowlerama 
Lanes of Detroit, led by Lee 
Jouglard, 1951 singles champion. 
In Saturday night action, the | 
Kaeppler Memorials of Philadel- | 
phia took over second place by | 
rolling 1001-941-1003—2945. Ralph 
Stewart led off for the Memo- 
rials with a 667 seties that in- 
cluded a 252 opening game. 
Roncaros of St. Louis grabbed 
fourth place with 2937, including 
a high team game of 1074. | 
Yesterday, George Hartwig of | 
Decatur, Ill., rolled games of | 
196, 233 and 248 to take over | 

2 third place in singles with 677. | 

ae Hartwig’s nine-game total 

— UPI Telephoto. 

has not been determined. Sievers, a St. Louisan, is one of the Sen- 

1825 put him in a three- “way tie | 
for ninth in all-events Standings. 

To Battle 

12 goals in the final. | 
Strange also might have been 
in the tourney four years, Wil- 
cutt said. ‘‘We brought Garrison 
| and Strange up from the B team 
| for the state tournament when 
| they were freshmen, but Strange 
had to get a job and didn’t 

| play.” 

at that point where, with more 
than five minutes left, they 
had cut what had been a 14- 
point deficit to just two points. 

Lot of Mileage 

Even though the Billikens 
just missed a second 20-vic- 
tory season under “oach Ben- 
ington, their 19 and 8 record Wilcutt advariced the idea that | 

for an unusually tough sched- | ¢ BC's success in state tourna- | 
ule was better than should | ments is connected with its 
have been expected. status as an independent. 

There were a few minor dis- “We don’t have a league to 
appointments. The team prob- get up for. We’re not battling 
for first or second place, and we 

Independent Status. | 

sively as  Benington’s first can get up to a high pitch when 
squad a year ago. tournament time arrives. League 
“That’s true.’ the coach teams like Webster and Kirk- 

wood have to get up for sO many 
games during the season.’ 

Wilcutt said the Cadets had 
‘surprising speed for the big 

, at | team that they were. He ex- 
+r wre dll a mg | Plained their success, after a 

“Another thing was that Bob mediocre 4-won, 3-lost start to 
Ferry was a good defensive | the season, this way: 
center for us last season.” | “When we started Freihaut 
This year Bob was with the | was a fill-in for Garrison, and | 

Bob Nordmann, the 6-10 cen- 
ter who was not consistent in 
his play this season, missed 
topping Ferry’s school record 
for a Junior point total. When 
Nordmann counted only 10 in 
the 63-54 loss to Providence, 
he reached a total of 439 points | 
for a 16.26 average. 

Ferry’s production in his | 
Junior year, which saw him 
develop fast in the last half of 
the season, was 447 points. | eat ‘Mean ‘Wnbeed: 

° . Pp 
Jack Mimlitz was another “McCotter progresse ao aed | 

oy Mi cag scorer — Redd, after rejoining the team, 
Bills three seasons ago “hit about eight points a game. | 

443 total. If not for illness w 
; ; e considered him our best de- 
which prevented his playing fensive player, and he got the | 

or tg a ley of job of covering the other team’s | 
these. players, for he had a top man. And Strange was a| 
| great ball handler. 

21.4 average for 18 games in | The Cadets’ fast break was 
his Junior year of 1954. _ | an impressive part of their at- 

Nordmann put one mark in | tack as they swept through re- 
the Billiken book. His 598 gional and state play with little 
hitting percentage in — trouble. “To run, you have to 
goals topped the mark of . have command of the boards,” 
| Wilcutt said. ‘“Ours*was based 
| on Garrison getting the ball, and 
that he did.” 

“Early in the year we tried 
to sell Strange on the idea that 
we couldn’t win with our outside 
shooting, even if it was 40 per 
cent—that he should try to get 
the ball inside to Garry and to 
Bart, who, even on a bad day, 
might hit 55 per cent. Jerry be- 
came an excellent team man, 
and had to sacrifice some of his 
own scoring to do it.” 

Garrison averaged about 20) 
points a game for the season, 
Freihaut 14, Strange 8 and Mc- 
Cotter 9. Redd, out with illness, 
rejoined the team as they lost 
to St. Louis Jan. 10. He started 
the next game, which began a 
string of 15 victories in the last 
16 games for C.B.C. As one man 
close to the C.B.C. picture put it, 
“Redd doesn’t show up in the 
box score, but he has made the 
intangible difference.” 

Picked for state tourney all- 
star team were Garrison, Bill 
Bradley of Crystal City, George 
Fitzsimmons of St. Louis U. 
High, Gary Garner of West 
Plains and Jerry Parrish of Chil- 

said. ‘‘Part of the difficulty, 
I think, was that Glen Man- 
kowski, who played fine de- 
fense with ease the previous 

| We began realizing that he had 
‘ability inside, and changed our 
offense to a double post quite a | 
' bit, and to a high and low post. 
“It took a little pressure off | 
our outside shooting, which | 
| hadn’t been good. and it took a 
‘little pressure off Garrison in- 
side. As you know, it’s pretty 
fe" to find two boys in high | 
| school as big as Garry and Bart. | 
We tried to capitalize on their | 
| height advantage. 

But Bevo hasn’t yet ac- 
quired the knack of taking a 
quick jump shot at medium 
range. Most of his scoring is 
inside on layups or rebounds. 
If he adds the jumper next sea- 
son, his average may boom. 

Tough Bracket 

Bradley U., St. Louis's fel- 
low member of the Missouri 
Valley Conference, starts its 
role as the top-seeded team in 
the National Invitation Tourna- 
ment tomorrow night against 

The Braves, who have a 24-2 
season record, may measure their rating as tourna- 
ment favorite, but they will 
have to earn it. They are in 
what appears to be the tough- 
er half of the draw. Dayton 
(21-6) is big and mobile. If 
the Braves get past Dayton, 
they’ll encounter in the semi- 
finals either classy, quick- 
moving St. Bonaventure (20-3) 
or the Garden-wise St. John’s 
team of Joe Lapchick (17-7). 
Utah State and Providence are 
set for the other Thursday 


semifinal game. licothe. The second five was 
Bradley already has had one | Freihaut, John Bruere of St. 
minor setback. Frosh Coach | Charles, Jim Good of West 
Jae Stowell reported that the | Plains, Willie Pontello of St. 

husky Ed Wodka had sprained 
an ankle in a work out at 

Peoria, was named most valuable player. | ». jai. 
> Tourney attendance of 14,162 
Hockey ata Glance een a record for the 
SATURD y's RESULTS inal eight games. i 
Ron ore «ots No Foolin’. vee 
As TRINA HONAI. LEAGUE Happy C.B.C. students, trying 
facaeee | Saterday night's excitement, to 
aH arid fal estas day learned in advance of their 
Benton 3, Montreal 2 shed dotad one, howd 1 
Springfield 3. B. fe ip r holid my) 4 l b v Adp-ry : 
r Eieveland : a holiday in celebration of the 

basketball team’s 
straight state championship. 
Actually, the school had left 

rov ‘ ’ 
Rochester 4, Hershey :‘ 
inneapolis 1. 
Toledo 7. Louisville 5. 
G P tor FS 
Clinton 1 (Jobustown 

johnatown 5, endar in anticipation of a re- 

peat victory, but the students 
didn’t learn of it until today. 

H a en 3, Philadelphia 1 ( * ty 
-0 e 
ayen wine | reensboro 1 (Char- 
lotte leads best-al-five. five series, 2-0). 

is A, 


| not strong as an outside shooter. | 

‘the Herrin tournament.”’ 

| real strong team from the South 

Louis and Strange. For the sec- | Arnot 
ond consecutive year Garrison | pou 

second jab 

April 1 open on the school cal- |. 

‘We Win the Close Ones,’ 

St. Louis A.B.C. 

W. Frankfort Coach Warns .., 

By Bob Ruhl 

The tendency is to arch an eyebrow at the West Frankfort | {°%,7¢ 

High basketball team, forced to go into double overtime in both | 
games of the Herrin sectional tournament before clinching the | 

Remembering the sparkling we won 
play of Granite City at East St. | record. 
Louis, it is hard to believe that | Four Seniors on Team. 
West Frankfort (21-9) can give | “Another reason for the repu- | 
the racing Warriors (26-5) a stiff tation of the league this winter 
battle when they meet in the is that our teams “had a bad time 
first round of state tournament against those in the Southwest- | 
competition—the super-sectional ern Egyptian Conference. But 
—tomorrow night at 8 on the that league included some real 
East St. Louis High court. tough competition, including | 

But, when you talk to Coach Chester and Pinckneyville. We 
Ed Green, a football man who | lost to Pinckneyville, 69-67.” 
is coaching a varsity basketball, ‘The Redbirds have a veteran | 
team for the first time, you get team, four seniors and a sopho- | 
the impression that West Frank- | More on the starting five. “We | 
fort is hardly a pushover. ‘‘We’re Play a deliberate game,” Green | 
capable of winning,” he said Said. ‘We were holding the op-— 
with conviction. | position to about 55 points f 

“We've got good over-all bal- game and scoring an average 0 
ance,’’ he continued, ‘‘and we’ve gg ay, See ogee t 
won several games this season | ;. oe Fee : : ehgarine ° 
in situations similar to these in) Cre or six straight 
West | Green said, and 
Frankfort, which made its last | 
trip to the state tourney in 1957, | 
has won five or six by a close 
margin, Green noted, and lost 
only one. 

Talk on the sidelines at the’ 
East St. Louis sectional had it 
that Granite City will be a 
long-odds favorite tomorrow 
night because the teams in the | 
Herrin meet weren’t up to par. 
'But Green had an answer for 
| the amateur odds-makers. 

“In the past five to seven 
years, we've always had one 

the title with a 9-3) 

injuries ac- | 

Weaver Averages 20. 
Ken Weaver, 6-344 center, is | 

individual scoring record for a. 
single season at West Frankfort. 
Other starters are 6-1 Bryan 
Wilkinson, 5-11. John Burton, 6-3 | 
Dave Pike and Sophomore Bob | 
Brown, 6-3. 

the last six games has been 5-11 | 
senior Bill Manis, whom Green 
calls his fireman. Manis scored | 

Seven Conference. This year the | 

beat Metropolis, 71-69, 
conference was more balanced— | 

| overtimes in the final at Herrin. | 

| : 

| relis 
| 762 

counted for at least two of the | 

A very important Redbird in | Keipe 547: 

13 points when West Frankfort | 
in two) 

| tonight, with two games. In the 
Long Putt dalle: at 7:15, the McDonnell 
PENSACOLA, Fla., March 14 seniors play Mallinckrodt, with 

(UPI)—Arnold Palmer, giving @ Boys’ Club meeting Alco in the 
sparkling display of pressure | 

golf, sank a 35-foot clutch putt | second, am 
yesterday to beat Doug Sanders nile 
for the Pensacola open golf title. Weekend F ights 

The Ligonier, Pa., golfer ve krone. 7. RF Thailand 
picked up $2000 for his first-| Kazuo Marayama. —* 
place finish to boost his earn- enarn S138. “Tamaica — mmy Bee- 
ings for the year to $24,266, | Rudolph Bent. 154. Fis. "gutpointed 

Rudolph Bent, 154, British Honduras, 
| highest of the touring profes- | 1° 


roweny Scores 

Ro cae 

1 862, G Gus Engelland 520, 

Norman Kelpe 573. 


obby Vien 663, 
| Baa: -923— 

04—2 oe 
Ronc ros No. 2——Robert Oliver 513, 
Re mst. Ivany 546, Al Saffa 480, 
Vonde rhaar 530, Charles Ens 493. 
| Totals es4- 852-847—2563. 


b Reenbex 569, Jack Winkler 547, 
5 é, Jack Dubro 534 

Keg, Wasser 502. Totals 927-872- 935 

Steffens Bowling Lanes, St. Joh 
Harry Steffen 494, 
Robert Spangenberg 542, Ja 

516, ax Sioffner 
-879- 847—2 488. 
Kutis—Victor Bliss 522, John Van- 
hoogstraat 613. aymond Pick 568, 
Ernie Maass wl Rh 
Totals 958-999-9 2860. 

Brockus, poco City—Walter aoe 
ett 525, John Palcheff 530, 

raham 594, oseph Stroyoff 537, 
| Robert Ppeneter 586. Totals 863-930- 
| 969— 2762 

ence Electric, St. 

ames Sor- 
483. Totals 

Singer 557. 

Johns—Edgar | 

Charles Sogsa 407, or 4 Duepner 
ernon ot ie en 519 Totals 
73 -829- 816—244 
Werner's rt pre ust Van 
Damme 502, arry Mahon 472, Paul 
Dierkes 539. Russ Gable 528, monet t 
oF 473. Totals 927-793-794— 


| Ernie Maass 578. Joe Singer 599-—— 

| 1177; 

Palcheff 563. ~ ae oy 611— 

Will 546, Taff 610—1156; 
raham 596, Lucido od 545—1141; 

games, < Steffen 556, V. Steffen 582—1138: 

| Mefford 603, Lucido 502—1105; Al 
Saffa 556, Ens 544—1100; Berry 
556, Wolfe 537—1093;: Engelland 550, 

| St, Ivany 543—1093; Bliss 553, Von 
Hoogstraat 534—-10 087; Vien 530 
awe 553—1083; Van Damme 544, 

. Dierkes 531-1075: veoh Fe 
IP se 511—-1075; Mahon 

the leading Redbird scorer with | Dierkes 570—1052; Sorrells 501, “Hop: 
a 20-point average. He broke the | 

pér 546—1047; 480, yeees- 

ts ma Pee 2 Oliver 511, 
@ar 511—1022, Bill Ra sate r 

| Pick, 484—954 - 70, 



Berry 624: Paicheff 617: Vien ois 
iecide 611: P. Dierkes 598: 

a 5:* H. 
| 559: Bliss 555: Taff 

: Dierkes 528: Van | 
ares 527: Mefford 523: 


Vien 1808: Taff 1781; Graham 

lefford 1678: 
65s: Engellana 163%; pwaite 
; ries ~~ ; ‘ erkes 
| Basket Meet Opens || 1637: ‘Bilt: “"fes0;" ‘brown 162 
a mer | Spengler Je2e. Saffa ett Ven 
| ° mm 4 opper . 
x , The Downtown Kiwanis bas- | Steffen | 1610: cido 1607; ouiver 
onder naar 4 > 
Wins With | ketball tourney opens at the | RB. , Dierkes 16937 V. Stetfer Gale 
. a e 
Boys’ Club, 2524 South Eleventh, | Eng 1 Padgett 1519: Mahon 1501: 
Sorrells 1429, 


St. Louisans Win 
DES MOINES, Ia., March 14 
—The Downtown YMCA volley- 
ball team of St. Louis, won the 
annual Shortcorn tourney here 
by defeating 10 rivals. Members 

of the squad were Al Hayes, 
Dave Fischer, John Garrett, 
John Smith, Sam Baltimore and 
Leonard Kleinhenz. 

(UPI) — Cincinnati and Oscar 
Robertson, the country’s No. 1 | 
player, looked forward today to | 
a revenge meeting with Cali-| ; 
fornia in the semifinals of the | 
N.C.A.A. basketball tournament 
, | Next Friday night at San Fran- | 

Ohio State and New York Uni- 
versity, missing from the tourney | 
competition for many years, | 


’ | Louisville. 
y | 

rreils 416. | 

meet in the other half of the 
doublebill in the Cow Palace. 

| The winners play for the cham- 
Calvert Hogan 453, 'pionship Saturday night. | 

| All-America Oscar qualified his 
| Bearcats for a shot at defending 
champion California by beating 
| Kansas, 82-71, in the Midwest. 
| regional final at Manhattan, 
| Kan., Saturday night. Cincinnati | 
lost to the Golden Bears in last _ 
year’s semifinals. 

Coach Pete Newell’s defensive- | 

minded Bears copped the Far 
West regional final with a 70-49 

| victory over Oregon at Seattle, | 

Wash. California won the 1959 
tourney by edging West Virginia, 
71-70, in the title game. 

Ohio State, appearing for the 

right to meet New York Univer- 
sity by walloping Georgia Tech, 
86-69, in the Mid-East final at 
The Violets, who 
bre played an N.C.A.A. tourney 
game in 1946, beat Duke, 74-59, 
lat Charlotte, N.C., 
‘ern sectional berth 

‘ =? 

BSR ee 

tansntenenbeinenen yeas. 3 0 ° arpin.p o 0 2 
Continued From rage 4B. Nieman it 3 0 0 ‘Stafford. 0 ° 0 
‘Musial, ib 2 0 O Marisif 4 1 2 

ing and the batting of the team’s 1 9 @ Lopense 4 4 2 
two top hitters a year ago, Cun- ‘Grams. 2b 4 0 0 C.Boyer.9s 30 0 
ningham and Boyer. The right Mikes 2 $ 0 Gentes 18 0 
fielder had a single and double |“!™so"-p =} © Oddamesp 1 0 0 


first time since 1950, won the 

for the East- | 

and the third baseman walloped | in SS ce ted 8 
a single, double and long homer | odien fer Nieman in 6th; b-ran for 
in a. perfect “3 for 3” perform- | | pin in Sth; d-singied for ©. Boyer in 

St. Louis pitching also wes Senet 0.0 9 0 00 3 
above average, particularly from | Blanchard, Maris. PO-A—New York 
Bob Miller, the 21-year-old iia et pera 
hometown righthander who im- | 2%,.; 
presses more and more with his 
know-how. He worked four in- Se 
nings of one-hit ball. Miller uy oie Get 
benefited, however, from the de- | fae (™) 2 9 9? 
fensive play highlighted by | Miler , fuk 
Boyer’s hot stops at the hot * Slytler eos): 
corner, Charley James’s diving — 

catch in left field and his own 
nimbleness on the mound. The | 
kid, conditioned and determined, 
leaped high to spear a grounder | 
and take away a potential base- 
hit that could have caused him | 

BB 80 

° 60099-—— 
| swenwas 



Hurley, mith, "Be 
29. y me 

fourth, took second on Roger 
Maris’s fumble, third on Musial’s 

out and scored on Nieman’s 
pee a 

If, after Musial had advanced 
Boyer to third, the Yanks had 
| called the violation to Hurley’s 
_attention, Nieman would have 

and away, the classic pattern, | been declared out, Boyer would 
but he groaned on at least one ‘have returned to g@cond and 

low delivery called a ball by Ed | y4...:.) would have batted again. 
Hurley, veteran American | ang even after Nieman scored 
League umpire. And when Hur- | | Boyer with his grounder, an ap- 
ley snapped at the kid, telling | 56a) by New York would have 

him, in effect, ta mind his ener | secnlied in an automatic out that 
ners, Hemus and the Cardinals’ | .ouiq have returned the runner 
bench sounded off at the arbiter. | 4, inirg base and brought up the 
Hurley, in rebuttal, singled out | seventh batter, Hal Smith. 
big George Crowe and when the; Casey Stengel wasn’t as 
umpire told the benchwarmer to f..+ on the mental draw this 
knock off the conversation, the time as quick-on-the-trigger He- 
Judge won an early trip to the us, who makes up his mind 
b eye How? by retorting: | rel and, it’s hoped, better 
“Is it all right to breathe on the | ,4, he makes up his batting 
| bench?” order. 

Foul-up in Lineup. Redbird Notes. 

A batting-out-of-turn foul-up,) After Boyer’s homer in the 
which Hemus volunteered was eighth off Notre Dame south- 
his mistake, resulted indirectly; paw Frank Carpin gave the 
from his decision to play White | Cards a 2-1 lead, Redbird right- 
in center field and to bat him) hander Bob Gibson lost the lead 
third ih the lineup, dropping| and game in the ninth. Maris 
Musial. Solly intended to put | homered with one out and suc- 
Musial fifth, and Nieman sixth | cessive singles by Hector Lopez, 
against’ righthanded Jim Coates| Andy Carey and Pinch-hitter 

Miller can pitch, too, down | 

'and posted that order in the| John Blanchard produced the 

clubhouse. However, the offi-| 
cial batting order handed the. 
umpires and Yankees had Nie- | 
man No. 5 and Musial No. 6. 

The third time around, just 
after Boyer doubled in the sixth Bae: 
inning, the Cardinals caught St. Louisans Gets Letters. 
their own mistake and Nieman GRINNELL, Ia., March 14 — 
batted in turn for the first time. Two St. Louis swimmers, Paul 
Earlier, though, the Yanks could  Torno of the varsity squad and 
have deprived the Redbirds of Dick Baer, freshman, received 
a run. _ For Boyer singled in the letters at Grinnell College. 







* 5225 DELMAR FO. 1-4800 

winning run. 

The Yanks’ first run off Ernie 
_Broglio came in the first inning 
on Ken Munt’s double and Bill 
Skowron’s single. 






Palmer put together a five 
under par 36-31—67 to finish the 
72-hole grind with 273. | 

Sanders of Miami, Fla., had 
an even better round—a 34-3]— | 
65—but started further down the | 

hy 4 thru- - plane service 

list going into the final 18. 

Palmer was on the seven- 
teenth tee when word came that 
Sanders had sunk a 35-foot putt 
on the eighteenth to finish in a 
blazing seven-under par 65 for a 
274 total. 

This meant Palmer had to s 
birdie one of the final two holes q 
to tie Sanders. He got his birdie 
on the seventeenth with a 15-foot 
putt. Then he duplicated Sand- 
er’s 35-foot feat on the par-four, 
400-yard eighteenth green for 
his fourth win in a string of 10 

tournaments this year. 
4d Paimer, Ligonier, Pa. 68-65- 
73-67—273 $2,000. 
rs, Miami Beach, Filia. 70- 
72-67-65-—274 $1,500. 
aas, New Orleans 69-69-70- 

n ale Alte, Cant. 68-70- 
69-72—279 ree. 
Campbell, New York City 68-70- 
66-76—280 $700 
Bayer, Gleneagies, Ii. 68-68- 
71-73-—280 8700 

Amateur Boxing 

(At Berkeley) 
os R. 1 ee : Ninattached, outa 


ets Brown. Tand Mid- 
— hts. Billy Cole, Pal A.C a 
— Ken Rerot St. Creries, i 
rweights. on Rexot, 's t. ha 
ted . AC, Ban. 
vee Ww 







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— <= -_ 

ee Planing of Freight Cars _HYDRAULICBRICK 59 Leo Wieck Resigns as May Co. 
, Speeds Up Terminal Switching) cuir’ pagers pcr: * Vice President and Tréasurer 
Grouped for Specific Rail Connections ira Press Brick Co. ~ tee to 3 bt a 
At Lower Cost—Handling Time ‘ported net income for, 1959 was; ane ee wm il 

“Woness wong! Business Outlook 

eb hw YORK: Marc STOCK 



‘ ” 
. | $621,469, equivalent to $2.08 a| gy > ‘ Vhs ee ye | pacity wil) be. ‘needed in By J. A. Livingston 
Reduced Substantially. common share. Net for 1958 was |. eee | United States; possibly cdl The letters ; 
oo $488,225, but with the restoration re that is realized, L. P. Favorite, are coming in—letters from the small investors 

who suddenly have discovered that Wall Street isn’t Easy Street. 

vice president of Aluminum Co.| « . 
of America, said Monday. I started buying an oil stock | quashes it. Similarly, sales of 

just prior to President Eisen- | new cars and 
Btn an canton: such 4S | hower’s heart attack. All oil, seek. tn fe a wo 
very gs eek or cans | stocks have declined lately; I | profits or losses in Wall Stree 
ge the supply situ- n Wall Street. 

By William H. Kester of excess tax reserve of $135,930 
tech Business Co the total was $624,155, or $2.09 a 

P a rrespondent 
The efficiency of the St. Louis rail gateway has been increased | chare 

substantially since the first of the year by @ program of pre- 

S730! Sco-cHuw-soco~r™ jf 

classification of the freight cars to be handled by the T Operating profit was $068,868, | od am | 
Railroad Association. ” erminal | against $679,880, an increase of (4% panes in @ Barty. Be See Of ibe whether the of "Be = hae ecm oat ae 
By having freight cars in an | industries located on its tracks. | 42, Per cent. he xn meeting of the National | industry is still Ome | “teched” by Wall : Saeeute “ 
“2 in-bound train grouped: into seca | It has about 4000 employes. ‘aia : oped Pt faeces Me aia tat adie Ee |regarded as a i ‘@ @ | ries. Businessmen a6 ela 
x : —— against 96,756,537, a Pee ta a. : /~ Ape 
* tions, with each section intended | The Baltimore & Ohio Rail-|8 per cent. Baer eves hat the days of ot Neste” | ca een sonecs, te. eaniins 
nd for © specific sigeoes road is preparing to establish | One parcel of real » was | — Fy < m enpugh: Unites States primary) « , Kemeeen| eee they. feel aggressively 
MS railroad connec- freight service using demount- | sold PA seve the your, Cast ‘' | ‘ae Faluminumi capecity to meet. de- |; abt oes ae | ce Os Conmesives “They've 
: year, Cash re- \stock I own - ~ | been right! But if the market 

tion, interme- 
sO diate switching 
° by Terminal 
: crews is elim- 

mand are over—*‘and we want it | 
"Most ‘of the significant new 

. : ployees’ stock 
product applications going on at | ju rchasing 

able traile~ bodies on flat cars | alized from this sale and pay- 

between New York-New Jersey, | ments on notes for sales in ‘st | Boes down, they may become 

| timid, cautious. This could af- 

Philadelphia and th : is | 
p nd the St. Louis | years amounted to $111,840, | fect decisions to expand. 

area, it was announced today.|' L. S. Meyer, president, said the 

inated, As a re- e ay The same service will be extend- company is addin 4 bapiees p. the moment are largely a result | | ) _- Busjnessmen know that the 
ror wre’ tangy Ab faa takes te ader amine pore orld ws en. sw Naailites LEO J. WIECK JAMES C. WALSH of an assured supply of metal — a Isee J, A. Livingston | Stock market often has called 
spent by the || The demountable bodies will |at its Heege Road plant in $t. | | ee ae ae {which hag given designers in-| ines shrinking steadily.” Ey aatdasinee a often ote 
Terminal |move in rail service without | Louis county for the manufacture), 7M Tesignation of Leo J.|the post .@f secretary to his creased freedom to choose | "1 will retire later. thi Be: tw Sue Tine Cut of 'eye tet 
er switchinga f|chassis or wheels. When the | of a new line of stiff-mud face| Wieck as vice president and duties. Béfote “joining the com- alunpaum,” he said. | rg — wrote ted: aes 3 
I’s freight car is | m|\body is placed on the wheeled | brick with completion scheduled | treasurer of the May Depart: | Pany last. October he was a|, NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., jon Social Security. All the| If business doesn’t turn down, 
1's reduced to w py Kester |Underframe, the unit becomes | for early spring. | ment Stores Co. was announced | Member Gf the law firm of | Match 14 (AP)—Johnson & | Stocks I own are dropping—even | it won’t be too many months 
about one-third the equivalent of a highway _today by Morton D. M ' Lewis, Rice; Tucker, Allen and Johnson today sold its Lepage’s | mutual funds. Should I now put | before the stock market turns 
ed the average 12 to 14 hours pre- | trailer. | . | omay oy MOOR M. May, Pres" Chubb, légal counsel to the May | division to the Papercraft Corp.|™¥ money in government | Up. Bear markets need bad 
ad | viously required for through! Specially-built cranes, equipped Incentives ident of the. company. | company,. - ¥) of Pittsburgh. The price was | y news. They don’t last long un- 
y’s traffic. |with rubber-tired wheels to in- 7 : | Wieck, who willconclude his! Wieck, whoJigs been with the not diselosed but Philip B. Hof-| A falling stock market saps less production falls and unem- 
ve To encourage the hauling rail- | °T@@8¢ their mobility, have been _ Continued From Page One. | duties June 4, will Organize and| May company since 1930, was | ™@®, chairman of the Johnson | Confidence and destroys the ori- ployment rises. 
bd g a y ne silences pve Era " % ‘i p y ’ oF i : | . T 
ld roads to perform the grouping, obtained to speed up transfer of possible to attain complete tacti- direct his own investment com- given credit by May for the | & Johnson executive committee, | ginal prospective that went into he 1953 bear market lasted 
nd or ‘‘pre-blocking,”’ as it is called, the demountable bodies between | £4! surprise. The result of a suc- | pany with offices in the. Rail-| strong financial position of the | said it was a multimillion doflar | the purchase of stocks. Sudden- | only nine months. Industrial 
in. . the Terminal Association has railroad flat cars and the trailer cessful surprise attack will, at | way Exchange. 1 14 i: /company and for its ability to transaction. Lepage makes cel- | ly, 13,000,000 stockholders—or at stocks fell only 16 per cent, rail- 
ed reduced the switching charge chassis for street movement. | 2 Minimum,. reduce the oppo- | He. will remsitt ‘onthe ‘board borrow money at very favorable lophane tape ahd adhesives for | least some of them—discover ‘8d stocks 22 per cent. The 
ip- of an in-bound train if so ar-|.¢*™inal facilities in East St. | nent's war-making power by 50. of directors of , the department | rates during its recent expansion | home and office use and was they can be wrong. poyes decline lasted 20 months; 
ve ranged. The saving in time is | Louis have been modified to | '° % per cent,. thereby guaran- |store firm and will cont ug*to | and building programs. per gm by Johnson & John- In a bull market, the now |. sree was 21 per cent for the 
vat more important than the cost handle the new equipment. teeing, in one move, the victory. | advise the ‘company on finane ; “Mr. Wieck naagle 2 great rec- | 50@) 1956. Division manufac-| veau investor is full of der- ss — ls and 45 per cent in 
er saving, according to Gregory! Hubbell Metals | THE MILITARY EFFECT of | matters, including. thé company’s | 0'd with us-an@the. fs certai fo | turing pang <b at Glouces- do. He pridefully agrees |...” ails, Some stock-market 
he W. Maxwell, president of the based — Inc., St. Louis- such a possibility is to.. provide | employe retiremént plans wik | be equally @uccesful a his new ; ter. Mass. ‘Pa raft manufac-| with the mutual fund sales- analysts argue that these were 
Terminal. po ies te saa he A an incentive for a. surprise first ikenn assets of more than | rae od whee Saya Pe able >| tures gift wrappings. man or broker’s representa- poo g Mlle a oo Ss 
' | € | strike such as has never existed OU 000. | devote full time to His “major? “poc7 tive who says, “Yo af- | “pee S Me: ng 
as : | | ’ u can i 
his ig pty 7 ve bona oe eee ee of the country. | pofore. 2a James C. Walsh, secretary and | business interest, the field of in- | apo gre 14 (AP)—/ ford to take a moderate risk. oan eer that began in 1949. 
Te- possible, a new automatic. classi- | purchase the prc sof te ar. This becomes especially dan- assistant treasurer of the. com | venice and: Fintan chad develop. | Ot : madi Cc seis calle tad seare well off. If stocks go | Thi Penge meaggpeT 
v fication yard for the Terminal board Brass and nl Co af gerous in a situation, perhaps dans: Pir reapers alee at Me 4 eng oe said. Ragin ac earnings oon rest pinata ve down ; few gry ty _ er Se Sar gncieet oh ee 
er : ee ee eee Psicent and treasurer ‘ remia mem . your E-t and your job to | 
= may ae neta, Nan Noh Cire” ie™"Cae | wot a taiwan" Be a tt eu tard rc anche ent Dr | apc aa) |e, a, ne 
. To! ning time, | quired facilities will be | e is taking pre- | of ireetors ‘in: May. He joined ’| will continue to advisethe board |: Luke told the Boston security | 7, tion. Bonds have been selling to 
the — ye erage the | Operated as a new branch of the | — ang petting ready for| the company early last year, on financial matters.” analysts that earnings totaled Pb nF ge yg ads a been | return 5 per cent and better. In- 
construction of a new classifica- | Company. e possibility ‘of Thi-scale war. : ¥ | , ye | : S S tluctuate. | i 
the tion yard at a possible cost of | . Hubbell also is construct: ', Each is pe af the-other | upon its -merger with the-Hecht _ Wieck has been active in char- bree se a ee |.Nevertheless, when week after a gm My Se 
th- $40,000,600 : a 500-square-foot siete a ey and-each wants to gain the ad- | vs " Sade, ead hiner. ere ag oe receivea 8 equal to i Gaiadiy par sha “ week his capital shrinks, he's’ aint. os ‘oe os od 
th ae: : ty: ; . ton. He. ‘teen vice president number. of Catholic ©. Hel-# «ni re, in| ' nvestors were 
ht. Pre-blocked freight makes up | /@nta, Ga., to increase service in vantage of the first strike.,-The | and treasurer of.the Hecht firm. | is a Knight of Trey brit” q | the first third of the company’s | ly ep ‘a at ack | bound to sell stocks to buy 
| about one-half of the through-| that area, said Howard H. Hub-| chances of staring an unwanted) [yje M. Allen S i Knight of S , fiscal year. Sales amounted to | savings enks bonds. 
~ about oneal of he ‘Nou Pet predident, 784M: Hub rund such coniuons ar | ec‘ general couse af Mayet Bt elfen Youd, Bele |$77S8000R, vp from ¥7285000 | pox mirtae perpler pote: [nna ss sheath a 
. i is j 7 ae | real and exceedingly dangerous. | . | J a es ear markets perplex profes- heaiee ' 
— qucin baccnll ana tesa | American Soda Water Co, is| Is such a mate soaaihie? | ee swotes Ce. Wis’ 90s | Fontan’ Neguners. ighaed = sional beholders as well as now ~y ya ie egg 
“ is handled more expeditiously in ithe corporate name resulting | Both President Eisenhower and | sg |NATION’S OUTPUT stockholders. William McChes- | zling, golden, etc. A b a 
ter 'from the ; Marti | , ete. urp was 
te the new arrangement than it) 44 merger of the B-1 Bot- | Gen. Nathan F. Twining, chair- R t | ney Martin Jr., chairman of the | overdue. Incidentally, flatulent 
the would'if & gutomatic classifica- ren Be 8. St. P ec and the | man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, es on | OF STEEL TO BE renamaed ce anes one-|and inflation have the same 
| rican a Water Co. Op-/ are inclined to di t it. The ‘time president of the New York | Lat 
aint ce gers erations have been colinclidensa | President, in res ana to : neg. | —_Comianed From Page One. | | DOWN 2 POINTS Stock’ Exchange hog Rae fear ng 
nie The Terminal in 1959 handled | and the offi = ee eee h Keaned h | NEW YORK, March 14 (AP) | ' er) Once stocks started down, 
e offices will be located | tion as to whether the idea that |PoTey, ennedy, Johnson and | , Mare (AP) | stockbroker, answered a report- | 
—; 1,077,209 revenue freight cars, (at 1328 Ann avenue. James | our retaliatory capacity could | Symington. | —Steel production will decline | er’s question at a Philadelphia | set aie eee inter- 
: pir “ dled Sane asda, | Myles has been named president | be destroyed in a surprise attack| THEY ARE SAYING that we | ; 7 to: 2,587,000 tons as mills operate | press conference in this fashion: | much better ‘on: - ' Ph pos 
ati sy, 8 page ie of the new firm. had any substance, at his’ press | @re in a war, and that the first’ CHICAGO, March 14 (AP)—A | at 91.1 per cent of capacity this | “Insofar as people might at-| didn’t make a big li 
t less th tt 5 1947 ~d The Mayta Co. h | conference Feb. 4, 1959, said: priority in the allocation of the brisk demand boosted March) — 2 Iron and | tach more importance to it, eco-| dent in inventories to prevent 
~ fleeting hog Prine ygh - St Louis Aeodbrag Pores ra its «Well. we don’t believe it has.” | resources of the nation must be wheat more than two cents a| gr gory gg ted Shree ge than it really de- curtailment in output. The 
. : ana ware- | iV wee milis operate atis a , . 
wi | pia sete ht arr et aR yee es ne etn Ta! day om the Bod fi ge cnt and ued oma | permet ee 

trend, the average loading per ‘ish, branch manager, announced | ‘tiga | Sires of its citizens for more eral weeks. duction totaled 2,674,000 tons and | Lucullan restaurants, th -| ag 
sae tateamatl ak OA eee fo ‘today. The building contain over the world to immobilize ne Pett: re | ) a year ago” 2,631,000 tons. pengr pe ae ren , the For | ago, and recently have fallen 
548 la 8000 feet of floor S| us. goods ang services. . . | Buying appeared to have| The institut the foll elve Caesars, | behind..The bad weather and 
dal to 4. —" 7 utes, 95 The numbers required are not| If ‘‘the object of everything started with expdrt’interests ‘and | ing list: of sichoduled soscaling sitet Bh sang ero Peery mane yeseilivcarhdhar may aan 
The Terminal Railroad Asso- | The St. Louis chapter. D hit, | € |sized:; menu, told. Martin that | tioned.. Inventories in Decem- 
Ug. National Office Manage 

‘the large., If Lanphier’s.estimate of | we are working at is. to produce | 

Soviet. .1.C.BM.s .is .within, the ‘things for’ Consumers?” they -ar- | spread to general short cdvering | rates»im various districts com-|tips >in late December“ and: the | ber -and. Jopusty rece. Sewer 

Biion is owned by 16-ralt re Oitie 64 GAY a ada rae 
Mr a ty 4G : ny after the runt ared with ithe: actwal rat ‘4 . be 
"provides ~initerchandestadt so¢iation is spon bail park, the,number, ig,already | gue, there wilk+not -be ‘enough ‘through tne! ini yer" hare Tamed lbat Yivesti noie: ae ae mkt three>‘weeks::of Zenuary | theless, inventories axe , nat 
ipment sufficient, to, eliminate the re- left to-dé what mist he tiah# to apparently ‘was. eet eter 4: NBttheast ‘coast 87' and 87. Buf- | homey ae ae ‘theraaighest | srigh:.elative to sabes, ,1.47 
ition, Mare 17 in the $ aliatory as in-the. United | provide, the expensive, mintietn | ment, too,:of Jong. Positions... | flo 99 (103); Pittsburgh 0-0), etcbal ted” Paet acade tc) ete ee 
2.400 ' som Hotel. i tates: andsto have. reagopable | weapons, to provide the edué&-|" Orher commodities also, were | Youngstown "85 486); Clevelanid | eit1ethant | 67 two years; age, 
a el tte Sa _ 5h § 3 | number of missilesleft for a| tion, the schodls,’the hospitals 5 - COROT | $0, were 8 ght ig \iewasm’t osdmé = Wall | ss ‘livhawe 
, ers ee i 4 ’ PY fe, OY ee ’| well cs J ae , i previoushy nose, 
POPE BRAVES RAIN | PERRY MA second strike, ; 5) © | the doctors, the teachers — in bt Baggs sh ! pi lager ace + Som Bey g7 he Seeetaahpeend eloasoss January and February are éeol- 
" | | SON SHOW ACTO *| TWINING’S TENDENCY is to. short, the public services td se- j CHICAGO, Marck 1k (AP) <2draim | St.Louis 96>(400), | Southern 86 sectie feel Pr erat er:months, Statistics ,arg, er- 
TOVISIT CHURCHES | SEIZED IN VICE RAID ‘emphasize the difficulty .of  pre- | cure the nation, develop its | Sturee range 8nd’ closét___ ____..__ | (87) atid Western 80 (82) feel poorer: "They’re not | ratic,.It's too early to copclude 
IN ROME RED ARE A re ‘paring for such a ‘‘one volley’’ | youth and its cities, and prevent | _—__™s»- Low. | Close. . Frey: Oise | 1 goal Steel Area Rate Mie ra free-handed: with $5 bills in| that an old-fashioned 
Ma 2 _ HOLLYWOOD, March 14 (AP) | strike at the widely dispersed _the underdeveloped nations from opm book sie | a ‘ rete geod ~ ome checks at / with depression 
ROME, March 14 (UPI)—Pope_ ~Actor William Talman, who as bases of the United States...In | turning to totalitarian methods | May 208% 202 20312 % 20178 % Steel mills in the St. Louis Sraketenth oe r t pn SEEDS: | WES SY! SSO 
John XXIII went out in a pour- District Attorney Hamilton Berg- | the Pentagon this objection: is | WHR FOr POEARNNCS. Sept 1873 186% 18714 ise” | area will produce an estimated |.ith substantial pratt or tpsesed be wantin get casera 
ino rain yesterday f + qi e always loses to Perry Mason considered to be without merit.| Thus, it is wrong to say that, Be ER i, Id Tg I gi 34.192 tons of steel this week, hat tales 0 estments say | of rising stock prices. Reality 
va to carte Sig Pumas in the television series, faces| it is far simpler to set a time | because the candidates of both May Fos aS 20S sos the equivalent of 87.3 per cent Of | creeps y agg ot pte had to ‘come home. % roost, 
— nist-dominated tenement an oe narcotics and morals charges | for launch of the missiles and to parties now agree on the prin- July 185 ¥% 185 185. 188” rated capacity, the Federal Re- snarkat be Ps Pega , ull | though it’s hard on inexpert in- 
hie with seven others arrested at a| Start them off at the prescribed ciples of social security at home |~ DINNER eo % 187% __| serve Bank reported. Last week | . reid rine or a rub 4 Pong |vestors who persuaded them- 
m4 Thousands of ceed Hollywood party. ‘time than it ever was to have | and collective security overseas, r= 7% see _ awe tonnage amounted to 36,791, the; jong soieinen A nad an ~a | selves that Wall Street was a 
prhousands of persons braved “Raiders said they found Tal-| 1,000,000 or 2,000,000 men ready | there is no real issue in this os So5i2 Sogib fogig agit | Perceniage Tat Tt Bcc itmamseir a tones 
) to j ime in | election. jes al lt. Mi ggh. Tdi ge. 2. | 
and cheer the Pontiff. He went men Ane Mere nude of partly | to Jump oo ™ . ceo le COLLINS RADIO NETS $2 16 
sn tin, decals af Reeth Stnele dat | undressed and said ‘all were conventional war. There is a basic philosophical, ar iia 113% 114. 113% ? Unlisted Local Stocks Others 
ph aaa age * aeetion Geet high on marijuana.” 3 The dispersion of bases to be | economic and political issue nay 116% 118% HSH % 118% % IN HALF YEAR AGAINST ABC ’ 
gael | Among those arrested yester- | struck is no problem at all. It/| here. It is even a moral issue, | Sept tin 116% 117 117 fonowins, National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., has compiled the 
fe tl votes at least 80 per day were television producer | is just as easy to set the guid | for some men are arguing that a wean 4  110%% | CEDARRAPIDS, Iowa, March tions aie “unettivien pig ye - appvanaetion of te “tohas 
oat anager Se seco James H. Baker and Richard | ance of a missile to go east a& | there is even a kind of material- iar Feu thee Te Vie a 14 (AP)—Collins Radio Co. re- | -“™Str_mic and asked price’. | : 
Soe isit was to the simi- | Reibold, 31 years old, in whose to go west, or to set its range | istic subversion of the American |Ti¥ {3 Goa to 75% | ported its ‘profits climbed to |—p=-asucs— pia aca. Ocominiieg wee tain 1 
s iggy ong district. He apartment ‘the arrests were | for 3500 miles or 5000 miles. character. in this doctrine of the | Bent 10 See ante7e Ba $4,211,447, or $2.16 a share,. in |Zeimarin Sena CPM a eenpeee eee 
ae way Moe Rov gpa made, " | The questions are real ones in| priority of producing “things.” es om eh % 70 aa six yo — Jan. 31. | ambsdroi 3% 4 |EIStGNNR 40% wR ago SEM <7 = 
Baker, 39, sai e the new strategy of the missil | seine: SE i ET cari year earlier, the company |AmExpress 43 465% | Frankl vee 74 | NatUNFire 384 383% 
in the 40-day Lenten period. —_— even _smok oe pedi er Th | -f th bl le| WHETHER the Democratic |iay 6s 67% 68 67% | cleared $986,227, or 45 cents a |Amigmurance 25% 27 3s punsten 17 | 18a loceanDris 42% 265 
b | smoke cigarettes, Bight af, age-‘Those close to the problems | candidates. will press it in public, | CHICAGO RYE h Sal AmMarietta 34% 3714 |-GassBervice 32% 34% | Olin0&G 1812 185 
MISSOURI CAPTAIN PLEADS ‘os arrested—four m@p, four) Consimer wider understanding of | as the ‘Ate: agitating’ ft. in “pel- | war iar an oo a5 : are. Sales rose to $91,779,750 Ange vech 26 Fs GenContpf 1944 21% | QzarkAlr “peli fe 
| women — denied the Gharges.| Uieipossibilities a matter of life | vate, ‘however, is another. thing. Tuy tess ieee teak © ieee Th $48,159,426, DEES SAT SO emer 48 91 | BepsiCala 136% Sse 
NOT GUILTY IN PARTY KILLING They were booked!.on suspicion ath for the nation. The | They séentto believe that the | Dec id?% 427°: tor te Brita a compe alive’ Oe Bankolam. 43% 46% | Honegsers 12 * 15 |RalstonPur : 4099 44% 
oiniuidanialan Of possession of mariju@ha ead ent, unfortunately, does } nation is approaching a crisis in | AOR one ae nia ed to ledermman . 41. 4344 cherhes 16% 18° |Reckoh a8 > #36 
' WUERZBURG. Germany, lewd vagrancy, a ‘morals coupt.| "0t@aderstand them and the n4-| its foreign policy and domestic | Mar 213% "211" “2io% 4 2i0%i1 : poser Asie wie rhe yon lines | Bontmen's ‘rot TathiKeattora §©22% 23th |pcccNa, 460 #8 
March 14 (AP)—An American, The eight were later ‘on | tion, trusting his military judg- | develo © h “the | May 216 ie 214% 216-15% 21¢ipa | OF eduipment Meveloped in pre-|Broad&Basc 16 ....|LacGaspt 24 26 | StL insur . 17. 49 
' can | 8 reed On & elopment compara le to the | 3uiy 217 's 236 4 17% 161 ceding yemrs,’"*. ClaytonB 5% 834 250 250 stLStiCet os 
Army captain pleaded not guilty | $1050 bail each. Among thdse ment, |has not realized that mil- | econonsic crisis.of the early '30s. Ben, 3108 200 bp 105% 3 200: % sya, * Cosa -CatL ois 13% LibLoan "30. "Re StL selCet 54 54 
today to a charge of premed.- | arrested was actress Lola! De-, itary ; position of the Unite; That is to say, they Believe ——“GHIGAGO "LARD Brome’. R |GonsDeatbn, 27) 39 Long MR 25.6 38,, | aoreee, oS 
itated murder of another cap-| witt, who refused to give her States versus the Soviet Union | that ‘giving’ priority’ to private | Mar 70, 847 B70 265. —*«O orporate eports Cope rig - 381, 30 44 cestee $2 tp 40 | gecMutual 33 ge! 
tain at a New Year’s party. | home address, She gave, instead, | has been reversed. ‘ | rather ‘than to public expendi- yay Bor Hs 44 830 Ps) 4 sks aire lasch 14, (AP)——Only tel 104111 thee, seu Sy, | Soak e Shaka 514 gi 
On trial by a United States| the address of her attorney in |, Whereas only two, three or >ture,:to consolidation of the past | Dic ++ ili + + Se $44 950° * | tion is given in following table. Bibitcs sen 792 48 law Rube 23 25 | 7 armiiee ao 3512 
Army general court-martial, a downtown office building. four _ ago we would truly rather than, to innovation for. the CHICAGO SOYBEAN OJL Gedipg "yearn iy ag Py 5B 4 uadorian 43 33 *|MoNatGas, 15° 18 * fi) sontanateer 58% F 3 
Capt. Harold J. Maxson, 32 years | ———— ., © |#ayAbat our retaliatory eer future, will, result in a, break-| Mar 7-60 °7.57 7.64" “Y.58b_ if capesnof logs ot Intaely reduced 1D- 2 ee 26 GB Ne ocean 
old, Pilot Knob, Mo., snapped TELLS POLICE HE WAS HIT ‘cowldidestroy everything of mil | down of our authority overseas May 7-70 7-20 7:28 7. Te-68 | some to 'uctee ouventating of substan- < slice “ 
“not guilty, sir,” when the pro- | AND ROB OF $ " | itatyg significance in the Soviet | just as the’ Rands-off policy of Sept 8.08 5.98 8.03 <P aBBi influences of 10 vases of non-recurring Mutual Fund Quotations 
secution asked him whether he} BED OF $166;.CAR he the Soviets can proclaim | the Hoover Administration en-| ~~" “CHICAGO SOYBEAN MEAL | Sould be bought fh’ detailed “reports | NEW TORK, March 24 (AP)—The National | 
had premeditatedly shot and ae —_——~ ‘now their capability of doing the | couraged’ the economic collapse | iter $6.55 85.55 56. 00-05 “ae P._ A_h________ aa FT rniahed the tollowing quotations apd tates they do ron neces. 
killed Capt. Roy A, Gist, 30,:of| ,, Edward Shackelford was hit on | saygp thing to. us. (30 years agar \May Be aR Sr 42 Sr AO” Br Bhag | "1968; “A908. | Soproximate rises and) anlengoiherwine naicnte. ‘are ‘as auoted. by th 
Chaffee, Mo “s ee | : | Yet this is not an easy or pop |Aug 87.58 57.30 57.35 87-30b” | Maremont Auto Prod. 'T.78") 1.70 |rocresrneeee meets sean meen 11 closing prices. ? 
Betta ; of $160 a rrvy | - | Sept 55.80 55.50 55.55-50 55.65 io 2 3 TS ga ng yng mn ig OO 
The shooting of Gist, occurred | bbe bo re ay encagiigeet MAN WHO FORCED HIS WAY, ular issue to take to the people. | Se “se ee | La) cane Cae . se es Beats ce ae | eee eee | vi, OU Achet. 
Jan. 2 in the bedroom of Max-| Going st : ‘It implies, or can certainly be | cii@hap. "March 12 CAPS Grain | Grownzellerbach —~ —— 2°76 2.99 |All Fa. 7-08 742, Fia Cap 11:88 12-91, Inv CoAm $4510.38} Income 6.01 G3? 
son’s apartment at Schweinfurt, | Caroline street, he reported to | INTO HOME SHOT BY FATHER | made by the Republica s4 im. | futures tenniee” resected Mendes | Gosaamee o> ati [ae Am Bus 4,02 $30 Fidelity 14-65 18.84 faves Ber 10.67 i146] Steck” 813 827 
. | , icans to im- | (000 omitted): Falstaff{Brew-- —- — 2.63 ‘54 |Am Inv 13.12 13.12 Fid Mut 16.68 18.03 Inv Resch 11.24 12.22) G 17 8.43 
; ~ | ’ f e- ; he * k Year 5 i 71 .60 AL PLP: 4.08 4.47 Istel Fd 31.02 31.64| New En 9,96 10.77 
chest with a .45 caliber pistol, | Bb aginst F nape pores : Pe ges fara! ster Bobb pews | dom, Ané anite the tenth: that | af sevsdon *Agod on, a Newpor.Newsship&Drvd $32 293 |Also Ba 1.50 Los\Fla Mut 2.24 2.45 KEYSTONE: 23.10 NY, Capl 12.49 13.65 
the personal property of Max- | ae okey eee a Oee Sow ye* | makes men free is often the | Sa nk, te S538 «4988 BIBSD | Padhandieiaet PipeLin Ae. SRS Dv 5,01 5.47)Fnd Mut 10.01 10.88, Cus B1 . 23,85 24.89 Oppen Fd 10.36 10.62 
car and directed him to drive | terday after he forced his way mm ar ParihandieKast. PipeLine «3.30 80 |Axe H A 6.19 5.64;Fnk Com 5,48 6.03, Cus B2 21.72 23.69 One W St 12.13 13.11 
son. : 4 | | . | truth they do not like to hear, | a bho | Pett Le Yt PeoplesDrugStrs —-- — 3.61 3.00 | Axe 8.15 8.86, Frank Pf 2.75 3.04 Cus B3 15.33 16.95'Penn Sq 13.38 13.3 
into a nearby alley, A second into his father’s home at 4353 | 4, :. ; ? | Sout 1? ares 7,265 | Interlakelron — —- -- 9.25 1.26 | Axe H Stk 3.90 4.26| Fund Inv. 8.67 9.50 Cus B "95 17.38 
Witnesses described the party) jan joined them and slugged | Garfield avenue * | this is not the kind of platform | S°ypean* — 30185 39788 4B'70 | tame a Wil eu — 2-318 98 | Axe Belen ita 1285|Gen Cap 16.00 1730 “Cus Ki 6.80 9.71 Phrha Pa “8.71 10.39 
at Maxson’s house as One where | Shackelf | oT , ‘ \a politician jikés té& stand ont Open interest in whsal’ tutures’ the |Meekee eee oe a Tap, gap ane tee TA $.10|Gen-Inves 6.66 7.24 Cus K2 13.50 14.74| Pine St 11.28 11.34 
*‘everybod having a good | hackelford, Then the pair, both | The father, 46, admitted the | ion he is seaki ; previous. session totaled: 46,108,000 | Stewart Warner —- — 2.40 1.60 | Blue Rid 10.89 11,94, GROUP SEC: | Cus Si 17.81 19.44|Pioneer 8,429.15 
ide sate 4 oy Feton cod” his Negroes, took hi swallet, pushed shooting and was booked sus- a agli ing the preqi-: 480 000: COrM 9 280,000 p+ MR | nea To ge Oe ER ton Fd 16.23 17.55| hme 0 8 Ce Ba 12.19| Price TR 12.61 12.74 
le wicks Sanelas attended the ~_ out and —— ty pected of assault with intent to nes dl pe 141,346,000, | Tokhieim-— —— - "2.67 1.34 a Pla On is'30 Bldg 6.10 6.69 cus Ss 12.42 13:53 Putnam - 19601478 
: | wo men riding in Shackel- | kill, Id police h 7 , si ST, LOUIS CASH GRAIN 262.3 S3e6..””1606. |cams Pe 0.08 9.97 Se sacl el ee ae eee Lae te 
ae ee ee Ee i | ed to eave tonne ne; |ALPHA PORTLAND SBEMENT £), nS Si ST tase | Re ST oo RP, itil coe HE EE ieee oA ee Be Bae 
“ey : ; ; , = | . ; s Radio ~- — -. 3.1 88 17. Food 6.23 6.83 Lazard 14.25 15.125)Scud SC ‘87 17. 
Bomb Tossed in Paris. station at 3210 Nort hFlorissant | year beeause of his heavy drink- NETS $4, 14 AS HARE png ae ter le gg ag sold; | Commontte mins, to fam Bt. an Can 1 Ges 604 9.08) Ful Ad 8.90 9.75 Lexingt 11.08 12,06 Seud Stk a9 8.9 
PARI 14 (UPI) avenue a short time later. The | ing, none sold, - eee eee sen ai. pepe A rae 43) Gen Bd 6.79 7.45 Lex Vent 12.89 14.09 Selec Am 8.71" 9.42 
RIS, March 14 (Uo) ~~ attendant, Homer Jones, re Th to the h EASTON, Pa., March 14 (AP) |. Dra, was 30, a ton higher at Gould-Nat Bate ~~ 3.24 2.24 [Chem Fd 10451130) Inst Ba 7.75 8.08 Lite Stk 6.30 6-87 Smith Ed 15.33 16.0 
Someone threw @ gasoline bom ted on inted a shot- Ce ae onded to bead. | ~~Alpha Portland Cement Co. re- | 66 Oat laieablbardie aah Rng he BE Merch” 12.75 19.96 LoomSCn 24.10 24.10 Sw inves, 126% 13.89 
‘through the display window of ported one man pointed a shot- terday and demanded to be ad “oat igli erga . Boybean priced were 2c higher Mon- |. Treas Bonds Colon Fd 9.9 10-21, Mining 5.99 6.14 ‘Say 14.21 14.21 Sover Inv 13.54 14.82 
® ‘bodkatore specializing In Com~ | un st him and the other: took; mitted, the father said. When | Fret come foncIAgh sae hehe ens sate mttne st | ury Com dev. $1 $30, RR'ba St gas eleer Com. |aien Re sae at 
: rom him, ( oo | net income fOr. be bh CRE, y olen ; A . k 14.58 15.65 4 . 2.93 ,,.,| Stein 46 34.46 
munist literature yesterday. en the won ‘kicked the front door | "she ge old compa Siig’ ¢f 0-26 tomtom | NEM ORK. aterm 34 ar Boag Be HE Ws) RULEg Se? Gaz) Gon tod Sk <"\gursik 3694 m3 
Firemen put gut the blaze be STRAYING MATADOR MISSILE| eine cctutecr oad. tired wong  c27Rings. of $7,379 ny listed 144 "percent ‘protein, $86-90°8 ton | Noon over-the-counter United States |EOme ES 088 55] heel, $4305 Paper 3.40 |. Telev Oe aa 
q foré there was extensive dam- § ; | gallher revolver sc. OG ONE | 4 14 en 19,000, qu tO ee ee Government Treasury bond bid, asked. |Cone fav 16-7318-23|. Hone’ yaiee has, Felrot 1.99 ....| Texas Fa 9.17 10.03 
| : a ate J ull Aya * the i com on § rh ¢ net_change’ and yield: ae Corp la 35 22. 'Grth ’ 00 | pec 3.00 .. ownrsnd 6.39 7.22 
. age. | LANDED IN SEA OFF FORMOSA baa Bit oA ml chest. Bone | Net income in 1958 vas $4,906,- GROWN ZELLERBACH CORP, | Beveription ~ mia.” astied. ‘Ch’ge Yield. |Crown W 291 736\ Guarda”: 1890 theo Mase tr 1220 1358 ONRED FURDES 
ay ere rene Ee EAL aa ~ Pe Maran ti 000, equal to $2,75.a-share 214560. 08.28 98.90... g.75|Dele Bd 11.0112 11) Ham he 7 4.86 18.80 Mass Gth 13.3514.43) Accu 11.72 12.74 
, | TAIPEI, Formosa, March 14 Pot lives at 4245 Delmar . , NET $2.76 LAST YEAR ¥as60. 5 28-28 35-20 --- BTR | Dela Inc 9.66 10.62, Ham he 7 4,86 §.32 Mass Life 20.44 22.10, Cont - 6,96 7.61 
. GS Aa a : -~—.«, | Boulevard, walked to Homer G Record net sales of $39,410,000 ' 2h aot « BT-30 pT-24 +R $B deVegh In 15.28 15.43 Ham hda 4.79 .....Minn Fd 7.66 8.37, Incom 10.18 11.08 
River Stages | car)—a matador guided missile | Prinins Hospital + | wore i pet Bene above IHBR, aoe {-CWRtW Zellerbach, Corp: re-|.iigate-se Sheer #8 S18 aerate oe ae ine Pound “Ear tat Met" caer Gatun ie i? 
dei | fi , - ° ment abe 1088 “ahhh thee Vnorted net i ' : * "Tone 95.14 (95.18... 4.34|Diver Inv 8.44 8.25| Inc 7.45 8.14 Mut fi 13. 10.03|Val Line” 599 6. 
fired from Formosa in a test last ————— 11 pét cent\above 1956, when she aie t income for of 214382-59 of | Div Tr E 20.19 22.00 Incorp Ine 9.05 9:89 Mut Sbrs’ 13-10 1319 Val LIne $22 8.70 
tage Janua went off course ba” previous h “Wels blishsd, $39,329,000, Squivalent: $2.76 ec 94.16 94.21 +.2. 4.36 | Divid Shr 2.81 3,09 v 8.26 6.93 Mut Trust 3.14 3.42 Val L Spl 2.99 3.27 
3} | . a.m, 24 | ry | ‘BOT W | the giages 83.28 94 +-2 $49 | Dreytus 13.48 14.65, INSTIT SHRS: Nat WSec 18.97 20.52 Wall site T7843 
STATIONS In feet. Today. In landed in the sea, the United: H EDDING ANNIVERSARY e company said. a’ common share, compared | $s0¢... » PRE. AB Fy Eatze Bal 2.609010; Bank 12.49 ....(Nat Inves 12:79 1889 Wash 9.58 10.47 
3! Keokuk 16 2.2 3'States Taiwan (Formosa) de’| «6% =e: The’ eight: Alpha plants are ‘in | with $33,234,000 or”$2.32:a Share co a 99.4 03.8 + 2 4:22 hon, Stk 33-77 94.34 Found 10.3) 11.22 NAT SEC SER: |, Well Eg. 123 18.27 
‘ ) “% “ To. oO re. : we ‘ 2lae - ' 2 . . id uC . . . : ; 6! 
Esrnib, = 828.8 BB i fense command said today. | Mr.sand Mra Loui Holied, | Martine Creek: | Glamgotnn. and | for 0%, Es0-83 Gh.20' Shoe T.. C51 |eeergy gents Hecome Epp 6) Bond S56 Cap when 8 1h 
el Vicia 23. cs +103). There was no injury to per 8128 Cologne avénit, calabrated|romton, 0.2 Si. Lou.” Mo. | US:,TREASURY STATEMENT 4.) S238 S81 7.! $3) oy gues nae aca. = Ee 
a infield okt 8 | sonnel or property damage, the | their fiftieth Wedding anniver- | Birmingham, “Ala. per | "ty WASHINGTON, March 14 (AP) | 24869-64 : i wt * ye AMERICAN SMELTING 1959 ; share, down from $17,280,000 or 
Gret ig at - $8.) 30 | command said in response to in- ) sary Saturday with a thanksgiv- Kiln. Md. : —The cash position of the Treas- | 2 ve aT 0-65 an 4” e519 *... 4.31 | $2.53 a share in. 1958. Sales also 
line: Mah» lll Pee ing Mass at St. John the Baptist ~ vg, | ury Marth 9: Balance $3,869,-| 3/9tr‘p9 S874 8S sre 88 NET AFFECTED BY STRIKES) declined, ‘tailing to $390,383,000 
sr “Loti! fo 3,6 “8 | The command gave no further | Catholic Church) * 54 44, Odd Lot Transactions.” “’> | 980,320; deposits fiscal year July| .,/¥9§4, *2* °° » 407! NEW YORK, March 14 (AP) | from $417,148,000 the year be- 
Morris 13 See | details. It was understood, how-| Their grandson, the Rev. NEW YORK, March 14 (AP)—!1, $56,991,074,353; withdrawals. ‘ Bep ~ $4.16 84.24 ... 6.07|—American Smelting and Re-| fore. The ¢arnings, disclosed 
Is . is Ans | ever, the Matador landed some- Robert Louis Smith, said the The New York, Stock Ex e fiscal yéar “$65,437 ,659;829; total |. geieBT oe og 85... 401 | fining Co. reported a sharp dro in the annual report, did not 
avan 14 | aes h F “9 M | * these | Wha ROG. as? 94.5 96.16 Ins P AP 
catdstown is a oh |W sapgeay ormosa strait fer; Mass. retired steel- | reported today these odd lot | debt, (x) 14,279,625; gold | 4440" " 020-5, 20°38 tt: O98 in 1959 earnings because of include a non-recurring gain of 
| Pace pool 8053.4 0.3 from the Red Chinese coast. The | worker. Mr, ‘and Mrs. Conrad | transactions by:principal dealers | assets,, $49,409,372,524, . > ba” + BOs -BE-99 +0: 4 strikes that closed its copper | $15,801,000 realized from the 
1 Yefterson City 3] ae Matador, with a 600-mile range, re five children,, 10 grand- | for March 11; Purchases of 327,-| (x) Includes  $409,603,755.08 i 980. 360 $9.8 .++ $48 and lead plants for 113 days. | sale of the company’s Garfield, 
ae §i., Charles aie 8 alles ; amon of carrying an atomic be eee and one ' great-grand- | 597 shares, sales of 238,373 shares | debt not subject to statutory |" Prices quoted in dollars and thitty-| Net income came to $12,980,-, Utah, smelter and. of common 
Meramec Park 11 is ' . | ip lige ee: ttt ; 

including 3695 shares sold short. | limit. sereExempt from federal taxes. | 000, equal to $1.74 a common, stock of Cerro de Pasco Corp. 

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RAIL «ssa Day’ 
" LEA in Dollars. Sal Co 
A High Low 
: Ind 2 1b ll 4% ge in Dollars. Div. , 
50 4 
/ Wrig 53% Sales 
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Acre Si 1. 48 . | Comp Ed 1008 
+ ey a pt High 
Adams Mil "ISe 1 oe Te “au % 4.64 2 th Low Close Net 
. | Adareseog ah 4 2% 26% Ta i Mills 00 es a ~ ono 
EW YORK ea: tee. 7. a wd 
—Railroa M a mm 11 maa Con a a Ms w-Jones 
consec ad leaue arch 14 AJ uc 4 E 34% a a Con Ease B 25! VY 9% Rig Stock : 
pric utive s led (UPI) Ala — 1 1™% 1 % 3%) i,|Con Foods ion 3 62% +44 25% + is! Stocks 
es toda advan a sec Alco neat 61 71 7 % lon © 1b 10 100% 99% 6244 — i MOND 
The y. ce in ond | Allee 1 : ame % Nilo Gas is 36 asst 20 Ra , AY eA | 
ca rail stock —S 1 5 = ie |Consain Ce = 3 6h 6 +19 20 ustri Open , MAR | 
caused th avera Alleg ie Ln mM + 4 |e Coal 1405 3 2 sal Rail als . High CH 4, ) 
in the e most ge, which Alles Lad 3 si 10% 10 7 + %I¢ Pw pe is ie a 44 + | 15 Uti roads 606.17 . 1960 Ana. 
the mark recen ch h leg &W 6 a i4\Con Bw is ue —~ i tiliti 61 Low in Dollars . 
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7 oe session in higher for |Site siz de ae ats =r i. im ue ti eae ope "37.08 me mn Change oe pan lee 10 ah a 
a . a rs) lied _ % Cont + ** : n 
Sone s a ‘goed paced | Allied Lab 1,200 fe SYA "Ala can mB Bie +S 1 M73 WO. 422 $1.05 Rang shatck too ut He a a Ch'ge| tm Doar n S STOC A.T.&T 
vill ern and Ohio, N point i Ao i 2 ; oo. oe 515 — ¥* Cont Cones ase fon 3 ae ai 2 30 13 200.1 86.84 +16 1,100 | Shell Olt i.10 ie dose oe . *. ae KHO = ii ' 
e. Lenleet orfol n | Al la et 16% + 4 Cont Mot .6 pAy Be am an 959-60 Industri 12 20 +", 64,7 Shell Tran 5 a. a 9% 94] Un LD 
he e&N yh eH , on a 60 27 13% 12 +6 See 9-60 R + 42.400 ow mr lly 35 i 32 6% P&L High Low INO A 
accom general ri ash- |Alum Ltd ie on a 4 it: i4| Controls ae 33 its a yl. 1958 Cl ; 585.47 ails. U 15 75 388, ‘Simmons rite ; 179% 17 i988 %4| Van 1 3s 10 ChE NEW Fil f 
trading. indi Bigeor iy aoe Sd 2 3m TA ¥ Soop ‘Bess 1. 18 a ion ne 7464 138.18 tities. Stoc 200 | Simonds 8 0 3 me i 16+ | Van Nor 1 Tes 4 38 4 “| —Am YORK 4,975 
nical indicatin only mod was Amerace - 227 0% ae Sete M4 ee as 1.0% 3 36% a). 2 583.00 138.18 94.70 Stocks mp Pat 1.20 3 50M 40% ag 2 Ms asl '3 23 12M +™% erican Te March 14 
nical_mavement another erate poe Ae Ch 18 Hy ae 30 ” % Corn Pa : 0 16 A244 sae aaa Bee LEADE 157.65 85.02 224.35 Skelly on ‘ . 3 eins 82 50%. % Vanad °: 2 = a 12%4+ % grap Co elephone (UF I) 
Elec the main — Bere pom IR es 39 66% 47 a5 + 14 D ot 3 2 16M 344 — 4 C h Val Ind Sales.C RS IN 91.00 198.00 Smith’ Cor yA 4 a +m Varian As i 2 39 a % eo the mest which & Tele 
eithe tronics uyers gain Am Baker 2.40 55 % 6514 G¥e— Cosdens 2, 0 2 a = i esena Ai 62.100 lose. SESSION’ 202.43 | me Sad 2 40% ae So Ny Rag a wa a oar G| Sa stockholders boasts 
Mot r side of get wh =e ay = -_ 20 a"? ‘“ ae tb 5 a a aain— M4 Natus re po 3 — S TRAD we * og m2 1M BYa+ Ma a 29 44% 454 26% — V4 its ort in the wo of by 
yr ap ; " ernie | a Brk Sh 2.0 13 264 au asf Crm 0.2 5 21% 138% Bn Ye Std ty : see = ¥ — E So ony 2 on ee ue vgs |G, Ch =i 8 ae ii 975 to eholding — any 
Zenith around 1p ite i a foes: ie BEES uC) 3m 4 3 Elector Sales Cl aot areca: eon, | ot § Bh: | sour New xy by Ie 
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Be , ae , whi n 2 and Cha pfi.75 78 10% 10% 29% + %/C con am 14 “%e 33 57% Ve Ge it 44 1% 24.000 Chge. So Jer’ pf2 9 6% m= Vulcan 26 21 % ha ew early "ad 
ckm as I ile Am Gann 2: 40% a a "aceliy Iggg Be, es a nM 32 3, Alum us I , ; oo pian Ya| V a. %— nge York this 
an nst Collins |A Chicle Lee 7: & a. alo Cork a foe + 5 otor ,200 +% n 23 34% [i ewe « = Pl yeiee a se. .. e Se Th reported Stock 
mor In rum on laee 2 el 1 38 MI 97 hs A, ¢s| Bald Li s 2 ll Auer Ltd 600 _ jo PR a 37% | Vulcan pf6 ae ae” ot % e 
e th strum ents pop bay -"t 46% 38 %4|Crownz. pt 4 >; on x om. Lim 6,500 4— e . : 7 % | See >: gat Ho an pf.o 39 11% ‘il m1 |? Bell today Ex 
Th an | ents and |4™ Cryst gel 4 48% 46% + Crue pf 0 39 9 61 %....|D a H : 447 % r Moto 23,000 wy Cal pt2 5 17% +1 -80 2150 10 % 11% 101 ,000,000 Sys . é 
The A ’ all rents S ise 4 ou ane %\ Cube “Bl 4.20 44 a+ % ay’ 25,800 A— Ampex rs 21. 30 % eee "te i e sone aoe 23% 4. talw Hc ~ pul ™ Gens mo tem 
" Ssoci f an 1 -80a 20 agha + % .80xd z10 Ve 35% % s Sale . \/, 21 ou Co 60 1 16 A ag 16 00 y%. re has 
in th iated ell |Am Distill 16 ; o-oo . ie RR pr we = oe + 3% 2,530 s. Pr 161% 4 Gul Corp ,000 : a et Bw + a 4 Waldort El —Ww i is phe neral sscchiiabihie th 
the e wid Pres i El ey 62 48% 38% 19\%4— 4 Geaahy Ph an 22% 87% sts 5 ,530,000 ev 4+% f Oil 19.1 23% :. (Seu Pac s2 50 42 28% 4+ ¥, Walk S 1.20 Sail “a % with Motors ’ rly 
way f et T ving that a Europ 25e 58 50% 45 48% — %| Cunn Press 4 14% 6% 22%. Ann. D 2,770 n. Y Sta U 17,400 nad ou Ry .80 128 20 34% 42 — oan Tiern 1.40a 3 16% 38% sha second compan 
ell exas & sectio m 3.98e 12 49% 45 Ms oun, Beas 80 10 11% 14% 61 i =. ,000 ear til ; 28 Y, Swest A 28 4 % 19% 34% Ww worth 1.50b 7 37 16 39% + its reown largest 
Of gl.” Pacifi n Am “3 B : 4 OM SOK 1 1. 1 i 14% — Ms a Dollars. Sa Ago. 17 y%— west 1 8 dd | ware 75 1 36 % stockho ers 8g y 
1,210 /2- acific R of Am =. * a 35 25 ae i, a whe 1 12 + 1% 1, | Hersh — 4,428,040 Year ,300 291 yy tay Mg ny : 17% 47. 47% ¥ Ward Bak _, 21 42% aa 37 | 442 ld . GM. numbe 
vanced issues ail- |4m4 —s 4 30% 20% 30 t1*/ Curtiss A ae 17 10m 10% 12 Ml Hew Choc 2.400 High Low 1 to Dat th Sota Co ey ais 1M 1 Wam BJ 9 12% ri “2% ' ers by incteased 
high and traded Am Hospit * eee. TM mee Ser nie is 37 18 is | Ray Robin 40a 3 70% Close Ch'g 56,221 e. 1959 a |e cp i 3 24 47¥4— %| Wask ron ; we set In th 35,600 te 
peng a le vse h 8-08 —_ 2 3% a Th te Weal 3 is 7 ia Hey N. mis Wes mh Ana. Div a ae Spen Chem 2.40 3 Zim 2M 3 = Ys| Wank Lam 1.508 2 a a” 1a... Otd.) a place to 760,- 
ow -’60 n _ |Am Intl | _ = Dan 2 i % 22% vy | Hilt event ie 3 22" abe Be Stee 680,361 Sperry Ra 2 69. 69 14+ ¥4| Wy : 3 52% 52 ota th was Standard 
Th s 36 totaled . New m Inv l0e 21 36 Supple o Riv 835% 4. CUM ee | Hires, Hot 4.37 4 17% +1 |Nat A . 361 80 7 1 69 R well Kni 2a 3 52 98%4+ % p 67 569.600 
eA . 1 Am M& 1 5 9% 6% i na M — 83 B es 1.50 2200 16% 2 + “4s N viat 100s Spieg pf4 133 54% 69 -1% elbilt t 2 3 52% % ,038, u stockho Oil 
of 60 ssoci 1 and |am 4 5 o Dayetten a 3M. %| Het ‘tes 33 ae at Disc 3.600 High Low Spiegel — 3 2 ~i4| W Cp si a+ 4 ported th ide 
with stocks Pre An Se 16nd °2 % 18 18s M4 | Day Pat 24 $ 35% ashe .-| ioe ian > =a 33M +1 lien an oe - = pH piss0 2m) 79 84% 2256+ Ys wre nae’ 44 5 % 68 41 + ¥ Oth change re, 
the i ros ss av Am M oot : = 19 md ry A 9 a = zs 2 a? sr Nat Cashin a ine 26¥4 ) Ch’ge| Sta Br . coe ae ieee Age oh a Ya) j ers i re 
rails indu e .60 erage M Cl 4 49 7% 4 a4. ly ] pew 14 m 38 4 35 + Ie | ME , 1 40 7 1 ™% 255% 15% Xs N CashR 149% 53% 27 + : D lb b 79 ~ 32% sewers enP 1,70 54y 1 6 ir % ng Ww n 
up strial to 2 Am a 50 720 21% Be xe Y Decca bi z10 472 4 % 38% — y, | Honol 1.60 13 i” ll 2614 + ¥% ae Dairy 1.20b 14 1 149 be! ¥y | Std 1 34 34 - M% WPenP pf4 81 14% 45 + %| 31 ere: Gen er of 
Vol 1.00 su 11.60 |AM he i 21% - ti. all aad eo *~ ¥4 Hooker ‘; a 25% a+ %) at Distill ss sem 5 149 ‘2 Sta Coll ~ 3 30K =t ian Des. 36 3504 ike share e thei 
um and p .40 Oe 1A N Gas 2 3 23 215% — wwe ~ 1 ™ = - H or Ch 1 1am 3 a 1 .- = % 1 -% eS Mas = oe oe 30% — enP a 35% 14% — 268 hol ral E r rank- 
com e wa the utilitie th —- 2.600 16 % 23% 23% 34|Del L&W a aon Rae aa cp An oa a 3 IN Fuel G12 ee 7” 4 \Sta on a see a1 % 37% 30% - vo) WV cue ane 4 ome %| 268,24 d lectri 
s utiliti e |Am as 24 . a. ius moe © Oe | Cp A so sai 18 wf hwo Sy 14 a. = .. | Std Nees 72¥4 Mel West. pip 1.20 a ea +s »247; F ers, c, 404 
da pared wi 2,530 ities Am Optic 2 . oa ae + gt) W an a” “4+ i4| 8 el Cp pfl.t ™~“ a va sd Vane a = 30% pe 2 Oil C S ae 374+ i Se RR Fone ; Ford ; US - 
shitres Am h at Bae Sa agg 2 a % 43% — » Houd nd ib 3 tile. ot ia 15 a 134 | Sta Ind ion aa 3 Geto » , 31 | Po il or, 234 teel 
Upsi 770,000 ares a Se io 8 # a ite ir L 4 lg ~ |B Ind . = oe f 4.50 230 80% . 2 ee oh ae an a + V4 Fall v0 7 26% 26 i nt Oil, 21,4 360: So. 
side Ww on net Ee ae ca tt saw 6 lg + _Househ 2.3 1 3 — ‘a Lead pia 9 eh “+ td Ol Oh 250 > 30 Val Weat ry. dSexd 2 2% 28% 1 | 20 202,06 1,413; } ; So- 
roid feat Fri Am P 60 37% % 45 + % DeSoto 1 14 4 691% 7Y, y, | Houst Fin . 1 9% 18 -~ % at Mal pfA 33 901% 55 1% | Stand Oh 348 % 41%~ % West Pack xd 30% octet % 1,638 ’ l ’ 3: E ’ 
ures i l- |Am It ok 37% %—- wg Ay 30 22 21% 7 a+ ill L&P 1.20b 36% 19 -%\% Na 2 7 2230 954% 4 90 + %| Sta Pk 2.50 44% 39% %- w Un I 2 31 30% Va + . and , Bethi eS | 
both and C s incl A Smelt 1 0 37% — | Det 2 164% 20% + % oward S 1.60 13 28 36% 19% + Nat 14744 4 pe Pk x 10 49 44% 39% + 34) weste Tel 1 I % 31% 30% %| tem Co ehem . du- 
u hock uded - att pf 7 a 29%, — %| De Stl C 1 8% 16% 21%+ % ay % 72 275% 36% 5% 1N Sug an 3 34 147 954 +114 Std Ry 1.20pf1 34 48% 44% y,| West A Bk 40 36 19% 1 31%, , 182,545 lumb St 
tack p mo F Pol ‘ont ot 2220 69 Vilbiss’ 1.20 Aaa 1644 yy | HudB 7 . a 2 + ili at Te 1 ae Pag Y| Stan ba ee 0 28% 49 + 8\ Wheel Stl in 3 8 % 19%— ? Of these ia Gas eel | 
ed re th ull O’ a. |AmSoAfric. Sy = | Diam “Al, 1.00 0 ism BA Bh i HudBay'M 3 = we % 72%4— Nat Thea&t = 2 Blame, fe og rs tlWnee St he at doit So 3 these S [ 
Yo on abo an 4 Note (A=  * § Re iy - >, = mm ime gas i; | Hunt as 50 i hs gar | = me Sth &T ER ae "| See ch 12 +4 Ae oe + S| Whirl os = on ae -% with f only ys- 
ung ut 3 . Am ’ = Fa 0 119 555% os. — 1. 3 2442 % 1 a+ ¥ H t Fds 0b 3 49% 17% 12%a— } we Hh Fib -25t i 23 +1 — B 1.20b ll 32% 15 3242 + Cc pf 5 7 5 49% 27% + thi ewe Ford 
jum stown . erace A Fd 28 27% 118 56% + Dine Str — 551% 2412 9% + ha upp C pfs 8 24 4 48% 17% — “a iN as la 41 8% 17% Ye. 4 rl Bead 1 2% 58 32% me a Whirl p 1.40 z10 l 50 4914 “ is y r stockh wound 
ped and Si m Sto 1.60 109 27% 119 Ap rs Cl 9 4 54% 2444 — 4,| Huss p .37t z10 % 4 48% % atus Cp 5 2 gy 1T¥ea th Stevens g 1 1 5 32% 54, Whi pt 3 9 94% ly 50 + %| sai ear th ol 
steel aro Si a: ca 20 14% Ray 3 Cub 1 1 54% | Refr 86%, nun a | ota A va + Vii - 80a 15% 7a + %|W Rg 29 4% a aid an ders Up 
s und mond jm Scene 2b a an 4g? | eS —— 18% HM— 34) i o.oo" a ie gr r a's ! i om a 1%. hie Mot ab oe om Me . Ith in 1959 ear 
mixed Moto 3 ea is Sa Sug , ae 31% ids Me a Sees : 18% ; oie Ss 2 oe alte ptune 84 20 21 + %4| Stok BaF F 2834 ce: aus y,| WhiteM ar a a = = | 1999 ad , the ly 
= nog Piper” were . in a AmSur ae ae zr 71% 3194 + vag Bey 20a 4 34 33% 23 %— Mab ge Fy ive _ vane 19% + 2 Lah 1.40 “— _ 18% M- . Stone van c ee . 2544 28% arA + 4 White Fiera = one =" © i [ and aie a ow gr 
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maith airer Beech mo creel ie 22. "Be By By * ee od at 3 ae oS 4 Newmont Pans ub HSB a Sere t Se ie a: a Wiese 3 st 118 Men ONG-RANGE U : r 
Ith crafts mor Ame Viscose 6 R. 104% 85% 13%. i a : 12% aM... 4'Ind El P&L 5 39% 4—- % a N 2.40 — 15 20% 75% om Stu - . ; ae s5% 14% + eo ; 16 Me 23 1134 +1% § 
Mit ough , e tha WWks 2 120 104 86% + %| Dew Cp 1 2 17% 21% 2 :i.. Indust Mex 1.70 8 471% 47 . %|NY Cent Sh 1.60 20% 754% + 9 | d hop wi 93 15 2714 - | Winn Ind 1 Ae ite 23% ae STEA tug BOND 
chell Secr n 2 |am -— 2a = 4 | ll oe “oo 17 1%+ % — > el gy ai” os : oo oe mine & fe ro oe Ye Lo @ 26 Spal DY $ 
ee eta ian Eine a 62 a. a - @ hy lied y 1 2 Yq | NY Be % 24 (~ Slee hem aa 1 = Wise P e 1.20 im if a. NE SH : 
unus said th ry AM ine .37 19% 34% > Ind 1.6 62 21% 30 s+ % nland 34 1 + 14|NY NH& 2 24 35% 6414 ‘ Oil .60 355 11% 5 isc P Pw 33 % 13 a wy , DE 
ual” er of La > in a” wee 4 a 60 oie Ste Stl Pa 7% - ny ¢ % 2 , Yt| Sunbeam 10 sl e— % pa iso a3. sone “% ie La ORK, uP 
ment d e wo bo Ameen € 80 4 25% 19% % a 60 29 25 u 21M — 40e 75 19%, My — y% | NY &H . 31% % 2% Sundst 1 10 14% 348 ~ %|W wardl 1.30 3834 44% 3%. ng-ran M T 
re rop i uld r |Am Cc 14% +% duPont 8 4 87+ 4 rche 50e 37 74% 19% | NY pf 5 30% 4 4m rand 40a 52 14% -1 rae tte gf 1. 7 26Y 38 sa er ge ; arch E | 
general ve rted fc in un be an Amph Bors = ae 145 aie duPont -_— = 25% 25% i 34 Interlal mie 3 be, 3  i|Nia a eee je aus % Sunray 1.32 = + se, : 2a, - Worthing a” 262 25% wae % nment Fe eyge $ 14 (AP) 
general economic as ery a ee gaits Ee ayy TRA gee Biot a See ea fe eee TB BP: the _ Stance | 
clusi ac c and i ry pee Clay 52 37% a Duq 1.10 99 Wy SS t Ha ch 3 9 3914 + % M 5.25 40 24 24% — ar h 1.65 8 21% 22% Va Wor 54% Vs o0% 4 MY te er st ° 
lusive kground nd indus the |Are r Cayt f 0 44 (ate %4\Duq 410 pt | A a2t— % ~ Harv ie ane <> ll Nia M Ae 240 103 cas 3 | ounen Bee “2 a ae wrl ve oe 1 BA sone 5444 4 %| I today. in light eady to . 
_ my Argo Oil” ag 7 3% 37% s1%+ %) Dug <p 205, 230 225 26 20% +154 Int Miner " 7 a2i0 46 45% oe Nia aSkr 3.40 wi0 71 =" ae 6 Swift&eCo ie 28 ete 12% 32% ‘| Young SAW — 008+ M4 Pn mediate bover 3 
ncon Armco 1.20b .s 37 3 - z30 oat ai % | Int ing 60 142% 4544 N Tage iy 71% sym 1 270 6% ie 8654 %| ee Ww 50 7 32 8a SW tr : 
LO - |Arm Stl ; OE a M+ ‘TSpt 1 44 4it4 a. %\I Nick 7 2 142 45% i opco Ch yal me 78 +14 War FP sg PO vy + ye Yas Sh& SEIS ran ere unch easury | 
our 3 2 6 31%— A 87 3 41% e— nt P 3 1 a— orf&W 1 7 +1% 2 48 11 644— Yel st T 5 4 4 32) : } 
_ LONDON, STOCK Armat‘Cx 1.400 ai hie. Go se of] Baat Ale 200 20 30 ali Paper iS &. So i cane zz. 8 mo. |femee 2 i Ba ED = i st Ba” 3 The corp en this tone. 
s Pada * IND A ont ie ary least GA way i4| Im Be 18 cal Notw gmt ya? Som 3 it seat 109 a t6x6— a a Bu %/ V8 ae = 
inanci arch EX Agi Oil 40, 37% Ve + G&aF 1b 5 24 AR Rys Am 20 1 18 9914 — Va Am pt 1 97 37 4.13 Te Air - z—Unit 1.60a 1 “+3 need i rat d : 
of Lo ncial T 14 So 3 om 3934 37% 1, | Bast 1.60 43 23 _| Int Sal pf 7 M 1 ¥,| No py Fa 21% +1% nn C -15e 1 4 %| in of 23 21 t 1 e m 2-32 
; ASR Sel 4 22 40 +1 East G s “% 24 Int t le 250 13 B%e+ N Am C le 15 12 21% 98% + " Tenn Pp 1.25a 7 514% 49% full. tra 101 tees radi n mod arke e ; 
311.5 ndon imes d (AP) —|AS°t 10 4 3 + nS a 1s 255% 25h + yi Shoe 13 12% oe. | Hy i ie tng a 31% 1% | Tex ie le 12 49 __ Rates has tm were _| trading... Ott er t ad- 
stoc aily i “i Oe Gt a. on 2244 ak sae 210 a os Aa i: 2 a. 2 ay ‘Nor N Gas 0 2 3 eg itex G ? a  — tes of dividends a. oe investn tiliti ately | 
d tod ex Asser pf 2.50 14 32% + Eke Mf .80a 4 15\ Vy + «tT el&T b 3 34 118 60 = oNG as 1.40 280 % 38 34%. i Te Tr 05 34% 35 - % qu d in or abr, ri ent > ustrials ive 
‘ ay 5.25 4 13% 34 Ve 0 ig 1.80a 129 4 15M 4 | nt Uti el 1 1 % 34 118 y, | Nor as pf5 6614 ‘_ 38%— \, adh Prod 1.40 73 34% — %/ Vale arterl isbur the es se. Rai quali ; i 
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14, 1960 






dod A . 

Centuries ago, according to legend, Ireland’s elves, pixies and leprechauns went from 

house to house once each year to sip cups of a heavenly brew and nibble upon delectable 

fare. Visitors to your home on March 17 will be delighted with a shamrock-shaped cake or 

such cookies as Irish Raspberry Buns and O’Reilly’s Dream Bars. The brew is the famous 
Irish coffee, sipped through cool whipped cream. 

Food and Drink Important 
In St. Patrick’s Day Observance 

Post-Dispatch Food Editor. 

IF THERE IS one “‘fun day’”’ 

of the year, surely it is March 

17. Just when we are weary of winter and casting about for any- 

thing that will give a lift to sagging spirits, 

along comes this 

occasion dedicated to whimsey. So, even if there isn’t one drop 
of Irish blood in your veins, you may want to take advantage 
of this opportunity to give a party or just boost the morale of 

your family. 

Food and drink play almost as 
important a part in the tradition 
of St. Patrick’s day as do the 
tales of leprechauns and pixies. 
This is the time for corned beef 
and cabbage, Irish stew and soda 
bread, salads and desserts that 
bring a bit of the green to din- 
ner tables. 

In many homes, it just 
wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s day 
without corned beef and cab- 
bage. Because it is a less-tender 
cut which necessitates long, slow 
moist cookery, corned beef is 
simmered (not boiled) in liquid, 
allowing about one hour per 
pound, If water is used for the 
liquid, a number of interesting 
seasonings may be added—for 
instance, oregano, rosemary, bay 
leaf or garlic. 

‘If you haven’t experimented 
with the trend toward beer cook- 
ery, this is.a good time to start 
by using it as part of the liquid. 
It adds a certain subtle flavor. 

Corned Beef. 

One four-pound corned beef 

One 12-ounce bottle or can 

One small onion, sliced. 

One bay leaf, 

One-half teaspoon whole cloves. 

Four peppercorns. 

Two stalks celery, with leaves. 

Put brisket in deep kettle; add 
cold water just to cover. Add 
beer. Add onion slices, bay leaf, 
cloves, peppercorns and celery. 
Cover; bring to a boil. Reduce 
heat and simmer (do not boil) 
four to five hours, or until ten- 


» Serve with sweet-sour red cab- 


“In Ireland a round, deliciously 
moist loaf of soda bread is a 
special treat reserved for such 
Happy occasions as St. Patrick’s 
day. Filled with raisins and 

caraway seeds, and spiked with 
just the right touch of vinegar, 
Irish soda bread has a tang all 
its own. It is delicious served 
with cups of fragrantly steaming 
coffee and generous amounts of 
Irish Soda Bread. 

Two cups sifted all-purpose 

Three-fourths teaspoon baking 

One-half teaspoon salt. 

One tablespoon sugar. 

Six tablespoons shortening. 

One-half cup light seedless 

One tablespoon caraway seeds, 

One-fourth cup vinegar, 

One-half cup milk. 

Mix and sift flour, baking 
soda, salt and sugar. Cut in 
shortening with two knives or 
pastry blender. Stir in raisins 
and caraway seeds, 

Combine vinegar and _ milk. 
Add to flour mixture and blend 
with a fork. 

Turn into greased: eight-inch 
layer cake pan one and one-half 
inches deep and pat smooth. 
Bake in moderate oven (375 de- 
grees) 30 minutes or until done. 

This recipe may be doubled 
and baked in a greased one and 
one-half quart casserole for a 
longer time—about one hour. 

A delightfully flavored 
‘“‘preen” rice that can, if de- 
sired, be molded in the shape of 
a shamrock is a natural for a 
St. Patrick’s day menu. 

It’s delicious with almost 
any entree—in the Irish tradi- 
tion, it might be served with 
braised beef in a rich sauce, 
carrots, onions and peas, with 
a lime chiffon pie for dessert. 

The fresh color of green pep- 
per, green onion and parsley 
contrast with the white rice. If 
time is important, the dish can 
be cooked quickly on the top 
of the range, or it can be baked 

BS SD na A” eS Sn RR tes a 
Re OEE» Re RI Ra SE De a 

beset sees, 

In many homes, it just wouldn't be St. Patrick’s day without corned heef served with cabbage 
and cold beer or ale. Here is a meal to delight the men in the family, 

~ .* 


in the oven in a casserole or 

one-quart shamrock mold. 

St. Patrick’s 
Green Rice, 

Three-fourths cup 
green onions. 

Three tablespoons olive oil. 

One-half cup minced green 

One cup uncooked rice. 

Two cups chicken broth. 

One teaspoon salt. 

One-fourth teaspoon pepper. 

One-fourth cup minced parsley. 

Cook onions in olive oil until 
soft but not brown (use tops as 
well as bottoms). Add remaining 
ingredients, cover and cook 
about 15 minutes. Fluff with 
fork, then press into shamrock 
mold and let stand one minute. 

Unmold and garnish with pars- 
ley in shamrock design. 

The green rice also may be. 

baked in a covered casserole or 
one-quart shamrock mold, cov- 
ered, for about 45 minutes or 
until set. 

Yield: six servings. 
Note: To color rice, add two 

drops of green vegetable color- 
ing to the chicken stock. 

The lambs that feed on the 
verdant Irish hillsides are 
world-famous, so this meat is 
served traditionally as a tribute 
to the Irish. 

The thrifty housewife may 
choose this stew; the woman 
seeking an elegant entree for a 
dinner party may serve a roast 
crown of spring lamb. 

Lamb Stew. 

Two to three pounds lamb 
stew meat or boned shoulder 
cut in one and one-half inch 

Salt and pepper. 

Three tablespoons flour. 

One and one-half cups water 
or stock made from lamb bones. 

One and one-fourth cups red 
wine (or more stock or water). 

One bay leaf. 

One clove garlic,»minced or 

One medium onion, chopped. 

One coarse stalk celery, diced. 

One carrot, diced fine. 

One cup tomatoes, canned or | 
juicy fresh. 

Peeled vegetables, to add to | 
stew later. 

Brown lamb carefully in but- 

ene. ay 
ie nat 





ter or margarine, adding a light 
sprinkle of sugar. Stir in salt, 
pepper, flour. Reduce heat; 
cook for a few minutes. 

Stir in the liquid and bring 
to the boiling point. Reduce 
heat to simmer. Add a bay leaf, 
garlic, the onion, one stalk cel- 
ery, One carrot and tomatoes. 
Cover tightly and simmer for 
about one and one-half hours, 
or until the meat is almost 

Prepare additional vegetables 
(small carrots, onions, potatoes 
cut fairly small). Put in a fry- 
ing pan with fat and cook until 
vegetables are a pale golden 

Add to the lamb and gravy 
and continue cooking until lamb 
and vegetables are fork-tender. 

If desired, add drop dumpling 
mixture and cook as directed, 
using your favorite dumpling 

A crackling brown roast crown 
of spring lamb, each rib-end 
capped with a firm, green baby 
brussels sprout and the center 
filled with more of the sprouts, 
makes a most impressive party 

To save time and effort, use 
quick-frozen vegetables to carry 
out the “green” theme of the 
day. Petite peas, tight-budded 
dark green broccoli florets and 
jumbo asparagus spears would 
make a most attractive platter. 

Serve with a sour cream sauce 
made by combining one cup sour 
cream and one-fourth cup may- 
onnaise. Blend thoroughly, then 
stir in one-half teaspoon salt, one- 
fourth teaspoon dried basil and 
two teaspoons minced capers, 
drained. Chill well before serv- 

A small crown of lamb would 
weigh about three to four pounds. 
If the meat dealer sews two sec- 
tions together to make a double 
crown, it will weigh between 
four and six pounds. (Do be 

nr eies 750 

In Ireland a round, deliciously moist loaf of Soda Bread 
served with cups of fragrantly steaming coffee is a special 


Bread is filled with raisins and caraway seed; a 

small amount of vinegar gives it a distinctive tang. 

sure that the backbone is cut off, 
or it will be impossible to carve.) 

Season the meat with salt, 
freshly ground pepper and a bit 
of powdered rosemary. Wrap the 
exposed rib bones with alum- 
inum foil to prevent charring. 

Place the crown, rib bones up, 
on a rack in an open pan and 
roast in a slow oven (325 de- 
grees) until done (roast-meat 
thermometer will indicate in- 
ternal temperature of 182 de- 
grees). A four-pound crown will 
require about three hours. 

When done, add about three 
tablespoons dry white wine or 
beef bouillon to pan, turn off 
heat, close oven door and allow 
to stand for 10 minutes to make 
pan gravy. 

Remove foil from bones .and 
top each rib with a cooked baby 
brussels sprout. A food pick in- 
serted half-way through the 
sprout will slip easily into the 

If desired, fill center with baby 

brussels sprouts prepared as fol- 

Two packages quick-frozen 
baby brussels sprouts, cooked 
according to package directions. 

Three tablespoons melted but- 
ter or margarine. 

Two green onions, minced. 
Salt and pepper to taste. 
One-fourth teaspoon nutmeg. 

Saute onions lightly in melted 
butter. Add seasonings and com- 
bine with sprouts. 

Even pizza goes Irish for the 
occasion when baked in the form 
of a shamrock and topped with 

green pepper, stuffed olives, an- 

chovies and cheese (note that 
this also is a Lenten dish). 

Prepare pizza mix according to 
directions on package. Let rise 
for five minutes: Divide dough 
into three large sections and one 
small section, 

Roll each of the large pieces 

This “green” 
poultry and seafoods, 

rice is good with almost any kind of meat, 
The fresh green of green pepper, 

green onion and parsley contrast effectively with the white 

rice to carry out the St. 
broth adds flavor. 

Patrick's day theme; 
If preferred, the rice itself may be 


colored green by adding a few drops of food coloring to 
the broth. 

into circles seven and. one-half 
inches in diameter on a floured 
board. Arrange in the shape of a 
shamrock on. a large baking 
sheet or double thickness of 
greased aluminum foil or on a 

cardboard shamrock form (six- 
teen by fifteen inches) which 
has been covered with aluminum 
foil and greased. 

Roll the small piece of dough 
into a rectangle approximately 
six by two inches for the stem, 

Make sure that the four sec- 
tions meet so that there is no 
hole in the bottom crust. 

Cut away dough that overlaps 
and moisten edges to seal. Form 
a small rim around the outer 

Continued on Page 3, Col. 1. 

minced | 


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| 2C Mon., Mar. 14, 1960 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 

| Smothered 
~ Chicken 

Ever count the number of 
chicken recipes in that kitchen 
file? It is fascinating to think 
of all the different ways chicken 
can be prepared. It can be 
baked, broiled or barbecued: 
simmered, smothered or stewed. 
It may be served southern-fried, 
Maryland style, as chicken cac- 

have made. chicken @ leading |iad 
candidate for the entree, so no 
matter how many recipes may 
be on file there is still room for’ 
another. This one makes use of 
a package of chicken noodle |) % 
soup mix in an ingenious way. 
The enriched noodles from the 
soup mix form the base of the |" 
casserole, the soup stocks is |**) 
used to make the sauce. Result: 
additional chicken flavor as well 
as nutrition, 

t . 

a a | pound chicken, cut into serving 

=| pieces, 
One-half cup flour. 

One teaspoon salt. 
One-eighth teaspoon pepper. 
One-half cup butter or mar- 

One-fourth cup minced onion. 
One-fourth-ounce can sliced 

One cup milk. 
Three to four tablespoons sher- 
| ry (optional). 

Stir chicken noodle soup mix 
into boiling water and simmer 
seven minutes. Strain, reserve 

.pepper; coat chicken pieces. In 

skillet, heat half of butter or 
margarine and brown chicken 
pieces. Arrange in casserole, 

Heat remaining butter or mar- 
garine in skillet; saute onion and 
mushrooms about five minutes. 
Blend. in the two tablespoons 
flour, then the soup stock and 
milk. Simmer, stirring, until 
thickened. Add sherry. 

Pour sauce over the chicken. 
Cover and bake at 325 degrees 
for one hour. 

Yield: six servings. 

New Flavor 

ciatore, the famous French coq Smothered wi waa >. <#| broth. : | Sprinkle caraway . seed overt 
au vin, or that good old favorite, Chicken. One and one-half cups boiling} Place noodles in bottom of | cream of tomato soup to give 
chicken hash with hot biscuits.| One package chicken noodle | water. large shallow casserole. Com-| this old favorite a delightful 
Prices during recent months! soup mix. One two-and-one-half to three- | bine one-half cup flour, salt and | new flavor. . 
Information About Kroger Meat Departments 
In the 35 Stores in St. Louis and St. Louis County there will be a fresh 
Right to Limit supply of jn meat merchandise normally sold in Kroger Stores. It will 
be priced and displayed on the premises by supervisory personnel only. 

We will continue to have a full line of fresh meat items including famous 


Salad Bowl 

Meat won’t be missed at dinner 
when this whole-meal salad is 
on the menu. It’s a combination 
of shrump, cheese, ripe olives 
and crisp salad greens garnished 
with tomato wedges and quarters 
of hard-cooked egg. 

One cup ripe olives. 

Two quarts crisp salad greens. 

One cup cleaned fresh or 
canned shrimp. 

One-half cup cheese slivers. 

or cup French dressing. 



Tomato wedges. 

Quartered hard-cooked eggs. 
Cut olives in large pieces; 
Break salad greens into bite-size 
pieces in salad bowl. Sprinkle 
w:th olives, shrimp and cheese. 
Toss lightly with French dress- 
ing; add salt and pepper to taste. 
Garnish with tomato wedges and 
hard-cooked eggs. 

Yield: Four to six servings 

(whole-meal salads). 
Serve with bowls of hot soup 
ed crusty bread, and fruit cob- 

Onion Spoon Bread 
Fine With Fish 

Spoon this onion-flavored bread 
from its baking dish just the min- 
ute it comes from the oven. It’s 
somewhat like a souffle, and 
makes a welcome change from 
potatoes and the usual types of 
bread, Especially good with fish, 
it also may be used as a deli- 
cfous base for creamed mixtures. 

Onion Spoon 

Two cups milk. : 

One-half cup uncooked corn- 

One-half teaspoon salt. 

One tablespoon instant minced 

Two tablespoons butter or 

Two eggs. 

Scald milk and slowly stir in 

cornmeal. Add salt, onion ana 
butter and cook, stirring, un#* 
thick. Set over hot water, cover 
and cook about 15 minutes long- 

Separate eggs and beat yolks 
lightly. Stir hot cornmeal into 

yolks. Beat egg whites stiff and 
fold into hot mixture. Turn into 

shallow buttered baking dish. 

Bake in moderate oven (350 
degrees) 25 to 30 minutes, Serve ~ 
at once, spooning from baking 

dish onto individual plates. 
Yield: Four to five servings. - 

Delicious: Topping 

This crusty almond-topped cof«: 
fee cake will be a quick seller at. 

a bake sale. Prepare your easi- 
est coffee cake recipe and spread 

batter with topping made by 

beating together one egg, one-.- 
fourth cup chopped almonds and — 

two tablespoons chopped candied 
cherries. Bake cake in hot oven - 

about 20 to 30 minutes. 

NE ee 

TENRERAY BRAND BEEF, in addition to the prepackaged line, at these six 
KROGER Stores: 

4312 N. Grand Westroads Shopping Center 

os center 136 Remain he NATIONAL OWES IT TO YOU 

10505 St Charles Road. "Hells Ferry & Jennings Ras nee 
National thanks you — our many loyal and faithful customers — for your 
patience and continual patronage during the past eight weeks. We deeply regret 
the extra planning and inconvenience you have experienced during this” period, 

caused by circumstances beyond our control. 


Prices Good thru 
Wednesday, Mar. 16 

» 69° 

Sandwich Bread cme um 2 Loaves 45° 

Country Club 

Comed Beef Hash _ — 3 °c: 



64 Count—Pkg. of 48s plus 16 Free 

Kroger Tea Bags _ _ _ prs. 59° 

Lemon, Cocoanut, Sugar, Spice, 
Oatmeal or Marshmalow Sandwich 

Old Fashioned Cookies 3° 29° 

50 Extra Top Value Stamps 

pa cked right in the cake. Your demands “to do all possible to supply meat"—together with the sincere 

and continuing efforts of all companies—to resolve the situation with the union 
have required that we again have meat products available for your selection. 

German Chocolate | 
Each 719° Today, all National Food Stores have available, a full selection of frozen fish 

Layer Cake- -- -- 

and poultry. In addition, the following stores have a full selection of fresh meats— 
This Kroger offer expires, Wed. nite, March 16, 1960 

(Supervisory employees will be on duty to serve you) all at National's customary 
and every day low prices. 

Country Club 

Beef Stew 89° 
Chili with Beans... i 33° 


_*& 190 N. Florissant Rd. 
* 1024 Big Bend 

* 770 Lindbergh 
*& 8319 Jennings Rd. 

* 8925 Riverview 
* 4331 Natural Bridge 

Kroger Chili Con Carne, 154-0. Can, 37e te aa 
to Limit 
U.S. No. |—Fresh, green. Texas Quantities 
~ = & i / A St. Patric 
3), »» | Cabbage *3 NATIONAL Paces 
Gite {0 OS EB 9 Se eee ee a FOOD STORES 
ip Life U.S. No. 1—Northern. Dry brushed U.S. No. 1—Texas. Purple Topped ee a : 
F Red Potatoes ‘= ‘" ny Lb. § eg th Poly OR c < 
me ws “Areal budget dbianer”™ 30 Bag 1.49 Turnips ete Ge aks 4 2 

“Feed your feathered friends” 
Wildlife Bird Seed — _5 3:, §9° 

Clip Coupon Below for Extra Stamps 

Florida Duncan Variety. Sweet, juicy 


Ob Mesh Qe 
“Nature's aid to fight Winter colds” Q Bag 

Top Value Stamps 

New Controlled Atmosphere, _E Lo OUM ON gyiie bs. TITre cw _aiticts wacenvt NATIONAL'S . 
~ JIVE Pa Extra Top ea ret . ~Exiva Top 2 MARCH’ Ag ’ 
Jonathan Apples 50 Value Stamps fg 0 Value Stamps vie at : TOP TASTE. : 
Kroger apples are all "Tip o’ meats with the purchase: of | % 

they get the full benefit of | endten $ at 3 
shine—picked at their peak yr tie and held. Ae 
in sealed C.A. (controlled ath ) storage’ 
rooms to preserve their flavor and eating qualities. “\— 
—the ‘ogs with that "last Falb flavor.” C 
Clip coupon for extra stamps! 

Marshmallow Creme _ __ ». 27 

Quick Elastic 

Liquid Starch 

Ocean Spray—"The Natural Mate for any Meat” 

Cranberry Sauce _ _ _ 

Star-Kist. Chunk Light 

“Michigan "Controlled Atmosphere" : | 

Jonathan Apples 69° 

This Kroger coupon expires Wed. nite, Mar. 16, 1960 

=> With the Purchase of 

Bird Seed. __«_—— > 69 

This Kroger coupon expires Wed. nite, Mar. 16, 1960 


Whole Bean, Fresh Ground While You Wait 



"A ROYAL TREAT" wee | a. 





Sliced Potatoes 

Mountain Grown 

Folger Coffee 

Birds Eye. Frozen 

French Fried Potatoes _2>.« 39° 

Birds Eye. Frozen 


NST ee eee oe 



ee ee 

oe Oe ASE | Apel chin, mon Fite, Choe | Potato Patties  _ _ _ 2 bigs. 39° 
5c off Label Cake Cake Box. reve | 
Minute Mashed Potatoes >... 28° | mixes ris. 99° | “Buttermilk Rolls _ — — 2 mia: 45° 

Soft, Strong Pop-Up tool . 
Facial Tissues 

Terry. Frozen Gravy with 

. Pkg. Pa 
Sliced Beef sn DO ae 
Blue Label vali a 59° , 
ar 0 Syru sided, dikiteaiis tata: Sonate: nl sib Bil. yh Flavor Kist. P : 
a I Sugar Cookies___ _ _ ‘he OF 
| a Oil ees GS fey 35° Planters Salted is : 
Mazo Quart 63¢ : Mixed RS ae 
“Pure Corn Oil” Sawyer Club 
Mazola Oil i a is cae ll a Gal. 2.09 Crackers SE a seg 39° 
With amplifier Simple Simon. Frozen 
12-0z. Cc <¥ 
y--—------- Jar 3g ; ‘ c Fruit bowl quality, 
ca lea 24-O2. 59¢ — There's a Definite Difference in Green Apple Pie —_——— — Each 69 seckidly prlaed at Matieael 



Nusoft Rinse == ». A9° sue? SS) a 

: issue ReneS MONARCH THE Lo ops 

: _ ein ir 90° noe ege = Reallemon Juice —____ 99°] ke kK mar malty taste cool KOK 
4 ma Fae Ideal Topping! 


» cap cenee’ quan Gapuy’ Gouen “enbai Mihai — 39° Sunshine. Always fresh and crisp ~ Dream Whip — ome oe Pip APPLE SAUCE — j Be 
ey CLANS ee ee eee 

) | 14+ OF E- 44 : MONARCH "LOW CALORIE" 




Nabisco, Crisp 

REGULAR Price og ~«—- Premium 

| YOU PAY 8 ¢ Saltines with PEPSODENT 

| ONLY | % eg c oe 63: 6o' 6S Ser 30 40: Gor 


AO ee ON ARGO te > 

>) -«% & ee we & 


St. Patrick 
Party Fare 

Continued From Page One. 
he to hold the sauce. Top 

One can pizza sauce. 

Four ounces sliced Provolone 
Cheese, cut into wedges. 

Two tablespoons chopped green 

One two-ounce can anchovies, 
cut in quarters. 

One-fourth cup sliced stuffed 

Bake at 425 degrees for 18 

Long, long ago, according to 
legend, Ireland’s elves, pixies 
and leprechauns went from 
house to house once each year 
to sip cups of a most heavenly 
ren and nibble upon delectable 

The “heavenly brew” no 
doubt was Irish coffee; a mod- 
ern. version of the “delectable 
fare’ might be a shamrock- 
shaped cake or cookies such as 
these Irish Raspberry Buns. and 
O’Reilly’s Dream Bars. 

To make the Irish coffee, pre- 
warm heavy glass goblets. Mix 
sugar and Irish whisky in the 
bottom of each goblet, then fill 
about three-fourths full with 
very strong, hot coffee and top 
with whipped cream. 

The cream floats on top of 
the coffee (don’t stir), so that 
the hot brew is sipped through 
the cool cream. 

Experiment a bit to determine 
the amount of sugar and whisky 
needed for the size goblet you 
are using. For a standard size 
cup about two teaspoons of 
sugar and a jigger of whisky 
would be right, but the sweet- 
ness and amount of whisky can 
of course be varied to suit in- 
dividual tastes. 

Here’s how to make the sham- 
rock cake: 

_ Use one package prepared 


een QUALITY | Is Why! 

white or yellow cake mix (or 
your favorite cake recipe). 
Bake the cake according to 
directions on package in two 
nine-inch round layer cake pans. 
Cool cakes on racks 10 to 15 

minutes. Turn out onto cake 
racks, turn topsides up and 

Make a shamrock pattern 

from a nine-inch circle cut from 
double thickness of heavy-duty 
aluminum foil. 

Place shamrock pattern on 
top of cake; cut around pattern 
with sharp knife, removing four 
small wedges to make desired 

Place shamrock pattern on 
top of second layer, repeat pro- 

Spread Butter Cream Icing 
between layer and generously 
over top and sides of cake. 
Butter Cream Icing: 

Five tablespoons butter, melt- 

Three tablespoons cream or 
undiluted evaporated milk. 
One and one-half teaspoons | 

Three cups confectioners’ su- 

Few drops green food color- 

re butter, cream and 
vanilla. Add sugar gradually, 
beat until’ smooth. Add green 
food coloring; blend well. 
Irish Raspberry Buns. 
One-half cup butter or mar- 

Three-fourths cup sugar. 


_2 Oth. 


SAVE 10c Schettbers ’ Quality Roasted 

COFFEE : 56 

t Limit with this coupon and $1.50 or more other food purchase. 
including coupon items. Expires 3-16-60. 

“Avalon”? Brand Tastes &. 

TUNA FISH 5°%1"° 

aiiee Than 

. Cypress Gardens yf a ES 
. 2 
‘Orange Juice 3 «: 

46-0z. § 00 

| Roya f 10 Pare pia Yt a 
GELATINE 15° ~ ig ay 

3 aa 25 HIGHER 

OT SL, Callen Rig 


. U. S. hale Cintas vil cul 
. Cut Thick 
Club Steaks ::» 


; Fresh Srv 2-35 Gi Aa: me 
‘Large Shrimp 5;:.3 


Drugs Supplied by MG. Ce. 

Strictly Fresh .. . Never Frozen 
U.S. Govt. Grade "A" 


» 3T 

Pan-Ready. Whole at 
Service Counter 

eneral Gree, Assoc tte TT. 


The lambs that feed on the verdant Irish hillsides are 
world-famous, so a roast crown of lamb is a fitting entree 
for a St. Patrick’s day dinner. Each rib-end is capped with 

a firm green baby brussels sprout. 
able for the occasion are quick-frozen petite peas, broccoli 
florets and jumbo asparagus. 

ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Mon., Mar. 14, 1960 3C 

You doa t | eae to go ishing 

O OOOO x ++. 
aoe ogee eta oi ON * % 
SO #05 %o ato 8s. i OK OD ROO 


@* 4a%ee"' e 
*,* ° W ‘e*e . 


The celebration of St. Patrick's day isn’t limited to those 
of Irish descent—everyone wants to get in on the fun. 
Even a pizza can take on an Irish touch when baked in the 
form of a shamrock, with olives and green peppers adding |2% 

a touch of the traditional green. 


+ @,%, 2. 
+ #,%.4.* 


* aratanetet ete 


Cut in butter with two knives or | salt together; blend with coconut | 
pastry blender until crumbly. and nuts. Add to egg mixture |» 
Spread evenly in greased 15 by | and mix well. | 
ten by one inch pan; press down | 
firmly. Bake 10 minutes,at 375 

Remove from oven; spread | 
mixture from “Part Two” over! Cool slightly; cut into bars two | 
top. _and one-half by one inches. Ke 

Part Two: Yield: 48 bars. | 

Spread evenly over baked 
|“Part One” mixture. Return to | 
| oven and bake 20 minutes. 


Direct to Bettendorf-Rapp from the world's finest fishing grounds! 

Other vegetables suit- One cup — brown sugar, |e oe ee 
firmly packed. Da 
One teaspoon vanilla. 
Two tablespoons sifted cake | 
One egg yolk. flour. 
Onefourth cup milk. One-half teaspoon bakin 
Three cups sifted cake flour. der. 9 wl file f: 
One teaspoon baking powder. ’ a 
One-half cup raspberry jam. “One fourth eeepoeh: SR. As 
One egg white, slightly beat- One and one-half cups shredded | 
en. coconut, 

Cream butter and sugar to-| One cup nuts, chopped. 
gether until light and fluffy. Beat eggs; add sugar and va- 
Add egg yolk and milk; mix | nilla; mix. 

well, Sift flour, baking powder and 

Sift together flour, baking |: = , 
powder; add in two additions, ORR BERND ROR ROR RBs *s OID : OPEN NIGHTLY TIL 9 FRI. TIL 9 30 
beating well after each additiion. aoe BE see RESO 4 | é : es 
Make one and one-half inch |3% ie eupiiies c annS SR: 
balls from dough; flatten each (x5 Pe REE bi is ge ies Shee ce ee 

ball to one-fourth inch thickness. |\<5% 
Drop one-fourth teaspoon jam |S 
in center of each; fold in half 
and pinch edges to seal. Brush 
with slightly beaten egg white. 
Place on cookie sheet covered 
with aluminum foil. Bake 15 to 
20 minutes at 400 degrees. 
Yield: two dozen. 

O’Reilly’s Dream Bars 

| Part One: 

One and one-half cups sifted 
cake flour. 

One-half cup light brown sugar, 
firmly packed. 
| One-half cup butter, well 

Blend flour and sugar together. 

Menu Based 
On Values 

Home Economist, St. Louis Food 
Marketing Program. : 
; In Our Personalized 
THE FOLLOWING menu is an 
example of the way in which [2% Meat Dept. 
“best buys” may be used in our | 3& 
daily meals, thus taking advan- | 
tage of the opportunity to save 
money by means of careful mar- 

Guacomole Dip With Corn Chips 
(Mashed Avacado, Lemon 
Juice and Seasonings) 
*Tuna Tacos 
Fresh Fruit Platter 

a) . + @ "se 
RRC oe 
OOO 2%, 


os *e*e*,*.* 



* “en 



PRP orang", * 

* totes 
* ” 


- ym 
¢ e° ¢, PO Oe 
°°. ¢ *,* 2 ¢,°% [ A 


‘ e's o,%, 

U. S. GOVE INSPECTED, of course! 

B33: - 

cevepraTe -S4 Patrick's Day WITH 



o%s° 4, 

0a" 5% "00° e 
*e°.*.%9* 0”, 
ar. *s*etere 






"BIG VALUE" in Our Grade A Dept. 

Fresh Ground Beefu. 49° 

In Our Grade A Dept. 
we TY 

Rib Steaks =“ 

VOU + ¢.% @ 
soetasnesectateanetenaeeg terete 
* SOR 2, *,° 

ate @, 

From Bettendorf-Rapp 

(Wedges of Fresh. Pineapple, Bs | a 
Nutted Banana Chunks, and | 3 In Our Grade A Dept. ; e a 
Marinated Grapefruit Sec- (3 p L Ch inst 3 9 u 
ti we Cut Rib Lb. 
gn ie wasn, de Sliced Corn Beef ___u. 69° 
Poor, th ~2 ee . We have all the popular brands of Boneless Brisket ; 


“Tuna Tacos Be PRICES ARE DOWN! 

05 Will Docter's and Max Gérman's. | 

resh Red Snapper » 69° 
resh Channel Catfish. (9° 

quesesseeseeee _ Cx) = 
Two eggs. : ‘ ‘. 

and Boneless Round Corned Beef—Rath's Blackhawk, 

ibe aimats canned or 2 PRICES ARE DOW WIS 3 Sn ee No. | 3° 
packaged. = Campbell Tomato Soup Cans 3 BETTENDORF-RAPP 
hird ane : 
Poot Abe. cb po sae os PRICES ARE DOWN! WAS 2 FOR 53c “Elna” Yellow Cling ees : $9. 50 Bag ial S&H Green Stamps 
kidney beans. eehapbe: ie Calif. Peaches Halves or Slices 2 2!/>-Cans 4Y With Purchase of 2 Gallon Carton 
ar cheese. een e . Food Club 3 Pkgs. | 9s Limit 1 Costello's Stamp Coupon Per Family 
Two tablespoons chili sauce. : Biscu ITS “ae of 10's Expires Wed. Night, March 16 (25) 
a wl S PRICES ARE et WAS $1.05 G.W 0 Pound Qc BETT E NDORF-RAPP 
ug r Br, d Bag a UPON GOOD FOR 
Pure DOWN! * FOR 99¢ $5. 00 aoe | S&H Gr Green Stamps 
| . Peach 12-Or. h purchase of any 
| «=> Win You Preserves — orPim mit VOGUE ALUMINUM’ COOKWARE 
OE 1 Be PRICES ARE DOWN! WAS 34c Limit | Vogue Stamp Coupon Per Family 
abs Pj Jumb xpir _ Night, Mar. 16 (50) 
a |B Del Monte Drink — crpetui 46.02Can 29° neon 
Three-fourths cup finely |x Right to Limit 
chopped onion. re pra ana amiuntune wae ae Macs Oa na oa OR 
Two tomatoes, peeled and |S §q§-§ §§§.§§= #  +§& °c vvtutiqmgili  SeMSESERR Meee eer, 
diced. sees 



| One teaspoon chopped green 


chili (optional). = KR AFT’ S 
One-half medium head lettuce, | 3% 

shredded. : So 
Three cups shredded brick | 

cheese. sen 
In skillet add sufficient fat or |3 

> Ox 
«2 ,° 

“ote @ 

oil to measure one-half inch; 
heat until very hot. Brown tor- 
tillas until slightly crisp. Re- 
move from skillet, fold and 
place on absorbent paper to 
drain. This may be done in 

Combine tuna, kidney beans, 
Cheddar cheese, chili sauce and 
chili powder and heat. 

Combine chopped onions, to- | 

| matoes and green chili, in a | Xx 
bowl. rete 

Combine shredded lettuce and | gx 
brick cheese. Re 

Fill inside of folded tortilla | 

_with generous portion of tuna- | %% 
_cheese mixture. Spoon onions 
_and tomatoes over filling in 
tacos and top with lettuce and 
brick cheese. Pile tacos on plat- 
ter and serve hot. 

NOTE: Tacos may be kept 
warm in oven before adding let- 

_ tuce and cheese. 
| Yield: 12 tacos will serve four 
people. s 

OKO +e *.° 
,%%* afer ar etetele © 



2 i oO" 


Limit 1 with additional $1.50 or more purchase of any 
meats, produce or groceries, not including coupon items. 

Expires Wed. Night, March 16 


oe * 
e - 

Sate tate a “eS 
Caretetets foe 




*.* @ 

e,¢ 'e” o x 


oy *) 


Price Last Week 
2 Ibs. 29c 

9. @ 4 6 «6 s*e%s 
. ° .*° > seeaetess ‘ “ 


* 2+ @ 

.*° «*.", 



Fresh Cut sig Carnations—each | 5c 


o s . 
. a) 
se*gh at ) 

‘fe So 2 ee 2 aw © 

+ ere & & oy * 


ST.LOUIS post. tt iogo, CEATH 
a . 
oW an Dine 
re ABBATTE. Glee iho avi 
A . Gla ko. “be Sota dr. i] 
AD N, Murad Ro er Bun apa THS 
A AMS, Jack B "Byrne, = of ~g 13. | Kin 
LMANG octamen M uneral ,* r mother = arch ay 14 DEA 
VAI iT AMICK ao R, uson, Wa from WHITE 3 ot Cherie sudden 3 MS 
ARTIS. C Anna = Wed, N. Flori ULLE hill) otte 1960. beloved y Sat, 
IS, James A 7. sant, Fer- aro). ‘See ther of Ree Th ERTHA | (eee | Gessel- 
BACON Alan Ber kele Holy arch 16.— Fer- . { . 
Rate per | BALL Al Bianche A Heart ey, Mo me... Ch 9:30 wie ot, of Joyce A. Mar. 
ime eee ily. aan | Theodora LA ey. 5 a, | 48 1prother ¥ Jon nd- ae. 
6 T _— , RNES RK, cred | A yes of Ro n Wiffiame 
eee hee ge Mert oo nee Wa ot Gratton” Loretto : 
2, (gonsecutive ye =o Ane iniate, ent YL. SR uncle 4 "Coe dear ton,” Til, vane ; ia . | 
ioe ne ot, 20 ' 67¢ > gay ge ~-+y RY 1960, Bch eB, 2620 | a. Fonenal War rothe iii., ,and . 2, 196C 
hook rice imes Sines (Mac) WwW. Mcc See :40_ Dd. Bat., worst ‘Hime 4 ed., aw, | : 7 
3 ge Soak AN ee ce, Nappa dr. and Pat ina ciark, (nes | m oy Redis i ‘ } TRAVEL A 
6 Ti DB BRETS a ther of L Patric! of Ha ment iiip “Neri ND TO ee 
e NIDE ean D - fhack. deat Ca e URS : 
Te at yg Be aay R, Bessie and Meera pat’, Ma sett, Mrs, a "\ ridge, TWARD __29 HEA 
fell meen Te Beis! fiat | mene, — aa oRARLORS ee HEATING, Shee Mea 
sts nsecutive) RIDWE . uncle WR. Re March ny FE Met 
Vato moeeetive? LL, Oo. an w, r- Fe Cali A al W 
an Ne x BROWN Dr, Robert BEIDERY a Wot wae Bagh B , Syd eats ; cone ae “Paseo L HEA ork 
for th 10 Tim — See BY RT pling va was a nity Cem ee —~ ena hear Edward, the (la saviag| pp a a 
re) e orice mes (¢ “ed YRNE . A Loc No etery. wa, t nd a. iilia 4 dy onl P 37 rnaces gz on 
n all Fes Times, (conseeutt .M , }& pnembar of F Dece 0 sin. — 2 ye | PR } GRAVO! all 
csonwes wit be berm see CLARK. Harry L CON winters Union, Home, law, unele TO DEL sT -6439 O18 Nigh 
n obtal ge Which Fest only” DINA TIN, Alex — 1 ALEX, 35 late Co :30 vette. ay ral | at w and ISHED. M Baie mate oR EARTS; all -1160 
ee navermarment . atts Bave DOOLEY. Jar A husband “of nto rest suddenly, ate conception Churn. “Tinmatc: mnie. ral Homme.’ G0 2 PaseE | Botta ice Tepairs;, "Tree sextte 
Fan Re. gy eaten anise ) ey ~~ Olytpia -Conats Deloved | etery. Interment Cemetery. Seranont Wat | ou , a | Rights MO til ee esti. 
sour! and ted ee, Appi only to adv ot| DRURY, Raiph B c tin, deat son of. Virginia Yenkine, ) aie Perkden Pramas beloved 'h ose eae, tel car as : HEATING: . R'6-6194. 
Louis nine Stat tet EN bn: ‘Say Sote"beatae Jenkin: [Maroy i ond a “Painaate, Mon. Ma moe haste of a em Fee. R's Saad 
eyond "eee ar eas, Of Tilin st. FREEMAN, A L. uncle 8 onl oven age je Constan- ~ a Holshause be Wee a. a ee dear wife of mE Se Tonny Guaewits Gear = Fos, ead = 10 ite FL 3-7393. By fetal Eo 
unday a and . rates ols IRAR , na E Gra ral sin. grandt -in- | Alfr a Fe —s dea other rt L. ather nnema a th . i RAL -6468 
pe RS $1.15 are $1 GL pi, ° nd ~ yt TOC ather. |C ed C. ph W. ra — r mothe °o Na. wit ef Joyce nn, p| e 23 the RI NEL LIGH HAU 
please ers using per line ADER, Conjoe 16, 1 nd Flo K » |Calif., olzha It : zabe e ey ney te he and R ~ Im e T ha LING 
— 115 rissant Mo law dea usen e & : th rT, w Oo oa ther- ic - ar re) Dy nds. ulin 
swers” on for BF pom sumbe GOGEL, Alo erman Church b Pm. to a, , Wed. g rrts law. “imothet-in. sister. of Alma ae pam the jate Fre > M in-law Fe "prother, = ite eee to Los Ange Gra Berens PR evening 56 
a en inquiring abou An- GOLATKA sft Cometes fine, Ass dreek Orthodox : at-grandmother” ant anister-in- | "Ret pellman Tamme fs Cathe ay it H ag - u of flowers mmeti | 4228 fue NT = = IGHT WAU 235010 1133'S. 
ne 1 e n _uner. an er \ a ath- 1 ‘ se urn 
right, toi snEguragion S| mABER ates Ika “es iat Sedna Sori 4228 6 rpotnAve. Mee ate tha rest 2 Bons nad: |e Contidal Le firing oS Dalives tere Beane ce. A 
propri moh an HART ce A, LOU jhew's|a.m. to st mB AUS- fe, aap, 1708 NN-HA oy a sean LLAAMS, LE ° d ive RUT Re ia’! 
The Pe ~~ Algae borves the age get iy Ms Rayb ISE (neo . | fotermnone “Bc 6, neshih- moral came day 1:30 nion. bi., un- Markus Lutheran’ 18 1130 ame | Fe r4 NA vy ry Servic Att, 3901" ronal 
ri Post- ngs. er AYES, Lie te C, arch i urn Abral ent 8t. arggre R: ma day 1: arch -» UN- uther 1:30 p. a.m. ’ erland.. your © e 01 R fu 
me ht to revise ‘or el reserves ot HO NNESSY ’ i of Fr tel 1960," “widow oun. rj — — : - a ee Ing vyerian p.m. at Nor. New | paket t Twenty. Miia the ns Mars reh e me ee gon Lie WNEY, service PR 1-23 el 
. > retain snswers the Sanat én m ances B of the ne) F, Teantters. ie fen. ;|M ~ eg sterenata | dake lau oved aries GHT 1334. onthiy | 
Skis tiene Ba My pee LZHAUSE A. nother of snatinla, “den the | St., ente on AR, BY a Deaco tery, M ont letaetta) en's C ae te | dear alee r and mt: Paul, hauli Belt. F rates. 
ht adv ers t - HUEHN N, Georgia ie Be Ga d, d mothe 12 ntered rly of RY teria néss Ts. M orial u —, M “a atist of Vv Th 4-f 770 ng- -mo 1- 
id fo is exe ertisem o an NERH ° nefi ry, Do ear gr r . 1960 into 2007 F, n Ch of Norm iller reh a of ‘Met me r, er of an N ~=| r 7 % G ving. d 0726 
r th rcised ent. (Hein OFF of Will eld, d nald a and- | Evel de rest 8 Fe may urch, andy re was Union, Local rkus mb r of vesi Sadi uys : SAN A #7893 inCOM annon, ay, Li 
refu e€ advert! the 4 HUN e) » Har M coe C ematial nd Bon- | W yn B ar f at., M ey jo contri Those resb Operating the ve de e Lowel Calif FRAN ET ht 
It { nded to vertise ambunt UNT ry F. rs. D Bene other -t n- | Wilmsm royles other ‘af fies urch Fu ribute y- ng En ran ‘Seme services enbers. paoure CIsco- B Ax— 1606 
The 4 agreed t the ~~ will JEN , dohn H DE COLA i will h-law ter and ejer dear Mrs Fl rs. | MO nd. to +e. gCmAr gineers putes er at K. OCTOR BA Car A ET SOOKKEEP 
in the litzer phat the ii ! KA KINS Frank) Grand, C Funer ing _% st fathe Robert brothe orence ( ELLENB oria) tle FER, co Akiba: A ay Tues. 3 ount AL s Your 1p. 4 COME ING $ 
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A SANNEM m (Fred) Wal ling, a r-in-law li ar 3 Telegr ce Luthe me ay, P.P. s. pastor M uich, A of Greiner, r), ear eanore Schm e late *DONN neral t t-grand- t y Or onday t y 8&8 a. IT’ | BRIGH . Othe 
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MA SCHNEIDI Edward C a 8:30 JENKIN trie Veter- | ° con ay A Marl yl ge - aan Obert Behmitt: St. Yee cen, ‘Re MAIL Ye Sa oie Ninth, c: Pua te 
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rypts Avai ASTIAN ‘Monday. ur Lord rch of the Sun of Hol with the STE- va a.m urs., M ON'S rom MAT! M re arch 13, ARA T., ent | bui L TRAD es IN! | BX’ Quine mess. Bo rs spra 
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LAKE d, PA TH » Nort beather-in tae af Wieie Deon Pag Hh on gp ee nees Je p= aa fn partece ee Whar aaah No. 1. | 2292 al from sist o5, sere rear; for HU 1-8309° 4) eee Co. 
CH 1-7260 OMPSON na cous r-in-law, dear sie Drury | Fun e and aw, br m parlor St. ar ine), 6 LVIN to Lafa McLA er- S04es. or Coll age ne for 5399. sand ° 
lots 194 ARLES BUI VAUGH: N, Chart pein. unaié, “a tren |W ral eral fro cousin. other« | MUNN, G s Mon., | © ch 13, ‘1 18 res (Goldie =| Mase’ an Vincent's Wed. UGHL "ask. for nM ville. Ce East | } © vane a 9, 4644 Hol — 
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WITT , Sarah A DW 5 PM IN P emorial gz), dea phia Kari , husband of acura from K ather a St. A ent Mt. d Joseph © a. er, broth son-in Womb! ara ication | ound | E INTER ING CL 7 
ITT, Clara . ¥ Pa “one Jr., ag Oe ae ee ~ of | Ti oe uncle. |® \nn’s Sod ope. Church. uncle. or. brother. Bert nico 44-E. n Cla pain prices: EANING 
FLOWER GA ZEPART. 3 - EHRHAR at: father-- iw. or, brother PRaril M2 a ee § irae ill meet “Mon., | W mauneral from EDW. "in-law &nd pi YEAR OLD, ieee ee, ey : ‘taste aia. 
ZIMMERMANN, Rose tetter). 365 gra er-in-law. | + TSGH PR za oth), » B , | Wed. 1.30 pom FE FOR 8M D OFF vgs aay Fy ere ex- 
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FUNERAL | PR 5498 D. Theod and f in-law n Shaf- 2615 CH. MI Peter 5, 9 a. e Sis- neral Ho from arch t. aeeiteagiee, Hees eas nt. Phon 86 aut electri r, | t, ULPAP 
AL DIRECTO | 1-9600 gun., meg magaag (nee otek "asenke ee 13 Be UOnARS cr one oS Aah Pg guy JAY B. 15, at | ZI : inrinita yy gat San heusuhpabares omotive equip. | method. FREE’ [R REMOVIN 
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KRIEG ECTORS ‘Max ch 13, 19 Crestw i,t hia aunt and sister-i of Jo| perinks fe} loved Sun. ead _ of C Smet Co etery. Mem- etery. nt New anches ) N, Cemete bed TRAD 4 Ghppalibeags INT AMMER qr is ‘3 stea 
WEST: SHAU _8' bevid aaa Muar, i were | Funeral | H from SC a ther ef eae we me 5 ae | . meters, am. | in ge eater Ss 5726 ¢ eel afecrae ry. | smaller brick, equity - | SATERIOR Rt. rs 
ST: 9450 SER' S of Thel Gayle mothe of | t ed., M ome, 3 HUMACH Milanko Danilo Kekich of | st ED, FR . 742 | MA 1960 Goener Alverne A (nee| tt ller hom home ye in new a 4OR papering. W 3-173 
sO Pa @live Ward, ma allen Ballard r of | Sermen arch 1 013 ER brother- Kekich. Chedomi dear | the Bellevil ANK, LIND = | hiner beloved Sun., 3 forme ailer. e, late or old 3- B ster: proof, “aand 6 
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LOVIS 1859 G CO. — Bo ag emation Mareh anna | FREEM. sephine G ce Tue Mt. H 2110 M stern 5; to the rmington and Hild her of great-gr of LaVerne de bert and Fune — aunt. — Mar ry $85; for p BV OROLA, TY. 4 PAPER | farine ork gua ral 
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Misstast CH1 Pribute Those d service W 190 | 1960, a ANN ‘ainer, WwW. ‘KE emeter Inte ox other Louis P dear son mothe Le grand- ~ te NHome, th er- MATY ke ne and eanin NG.) 3563. 
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and Al na. be Seance Bal | soenae other © March indell SEPH ey Kort ry acek, P ane aaa scheaa ana (ce 6322 UTHER Re cash 0 aot ae pa ng, pa- 
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RON FUNERAL AGE men er) tgrtified with re /uneral aw ee trude . Church, husband be 1960, amy inn rand uncle father-in-law 8:15 a.m. to. Tues. Me chapel 1 _chureh. * 0 fiek ni She’ c os tag Necehi: 0796. ok c myself. painting, yea = able 
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R FUN Grant s.| ae ells TR ag hurch Rl I — = Ls ge pag RA, te | errenuon Ge avs. Missi neis and Lesiol n Cemetery. aceal 7 iti creme wan! 2-4747, | 20% 13 Mic free estimate 
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ALBERT OME | Mart ee: h. | With the Sac CONS mn? ieee rom ARTH eMahon. ge fe’ ame Aggy rese) ER, 801 ary nd Ad miles N pan A 7-5382. a sateeaene CASH ihe 
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MOPRE H. HOPPE in-la n Flotron. Jack. Tom er of at Det reh, Wed., nts of Hol ortified St. a . 3840 Li DON. Sutehers™ Viton, “Ba ve Min of me, asi utheran (nee LL or? office lent for > a servi patch repairs ng, stea 
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. 8:30 a oh We Funer Cee, auarer al Ry ete on oe ar " E, 4 a ie he la .m., MA R ulpm baby FIT MAI | immediately: Pat PR2 5247 
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with Parish, ur Lady e patel te frat and father- aad rand m Fo an nt of orem grandm ther-in- tzer, nd the me oF o : hous alance te i, Blond | She ing, Pl 
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MONUM ° Tees ner BELL, MARGARET, | lS om ts 9 Halls te wus | Renee sigh mre ng agg SH oy EG Bod agen reat-grandmother. EPT § Te ei, anch home in Ell APERING © nting; lov 2006 
ENTS BA 7-3630 phn gy belov oe + gf uss. . Ferry Kenned husband 5 0m | coe La 8. Kin ’ A, » in her 8 mother, UNDA ADE « 1$*. me in Ell vl 19 SRING- Payne. low rat 
ng mtg a + Mareh 1 aree. pt agg us | wane aioe the of Louise i960 Gur aay Gt sorrows + r Bot Sat 2nd yea Y yg A = A is- | Sorte ne painting; 'JA"2-8318, 
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RNAL | t. EV 5-7’ andmother, grandm our dear March 14, 8 p.n v2 kee nephew ai Bhp at >| ak’ Bowne Gate ané ‘ert Pee | tiem RD unk, i rian TERIN —t 
NOTIC 7766 | 2unt. er, sister- other, grea GLA , 8 p.m Ww. na | wea ew and w, broth 1960, JOHN D., ry ge 12 20 ond wut. REW , basco NITURE PATCH G 
, t- DER » Mon., HAR al fr cousi - | tur dear t 2 246 Oliv game" aad mons Saturday en AR Bs) 3309. aulin H 
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ntbony ‘of Nick, Josep wot | tah 1 from B Lady P ag ahen i ane ecmeee.” aaee eo ee K N., 9 Sie te nt ye nd white; { + 7 Ck WORK blocks concrete | ca 14-7075" GERSHON 
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Fyaere’ rom MIC of |.7:30 p.m shel’ G Setanta Ree ral ws grandfather ndiek, dear. omer come, | Y Laurel Hi 142. area; y bree, none types PECTIO 7-119 
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ene Ape Abia B. Bat. March | i eee. YE 8 FENDLER mand eu. So | Union a rection, Geane- "a ey ek + Aampeae tp, acl ward, MI ¢ n, CHILLIN S & BUIL 4280 Na er we te aT oF e 4160, 
Marth ather of J (nee M of the any Picker. 2 p.m Gran a.m., — ed , sister-ine al 187. Beer Bo me- “dapriel ingshighw 8 pose “ ack 1 M1 5.7299. t. | Carpent G AND DERS 44/|N 0 eats hgh whol 
Michae Bizelli Brey pahicod ) d of Railro Member ke SON'S Ch aru ie 16. ttlers Interm fel the A BY. \¢ y's ebater G Garde white: Create wall ak paintin WALL GC - EW I i Bridge. . Frede 
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COCHA rment_Friedens. ernity, Beta ‘Bam. Social etric| {nee N aglareh 12.19 gota ie A, Jone, . gold, WE Fo | VEN soon OS tr 
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§:15 2 R te . settee BROS papers aha Kansas Bociety, to ne mert hs i = 1905 HMANN- g Gajawell et fon ot" ea, CALL GIBBON & —- Co. N 75 
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member of rot “oes Deceased w sunset 1960. Jane PATRICK J rowne —— FORECAS everywhere. Ren Lilt ne. ne Bs E4450 
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view uneral m JOHN ATY Church. Tntermen verland. | T 8 s f . Fairly were A pereby sive not edbers of 14184 | E oSaa0.o” Classes Now— 
a) Home, 5541 GAR & \and st} Sectaent Maine ues; now be ef \fell in hea tr ive notice that } Mo. LECTRI — ree March 
a yt Ca Souls’ m : vy act ef t i will do Cc | 6 8. prove 
Sit lp tae ab: | See Louls Wane Barats W yi began falling early eaters “arom sections of | Sema ew man || gas ~ oe Lae | eet bets Tc. 50) | Vila Po oe 
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7960. Maxnolla dene wife of Arthur Be A, 73 ALL e stat remainder The Sipe . eo 7 give notie mouth, City =| Babs Park. PR ‘3- 1563 
oe 7. Sapen. Sot nds ster of. Acne p Rurkart. dent ‘111 into Illi ng th peratu s highe rn» camiage co onlae , petice Seat ft wi 0 nds. Mi TA 
ear n ere f r sister of Cannor Dorethy Perrot dear A to linois t e day ure yesterda st tem- C nati — 31 20 29 “ pt A this any debts i not FIRE E ler, BULATI 
Sees tou. anus ond Connor. Grace | Pan Ruch sk fo 12 inch night. Eigh Presidi yw ee as wee be — by anyon SCAPE om G&W 
: , aunt ear xe a Eaton. Ru r an es of ‘ t o, T as 88 De » Mo. 14 : ) anyon s plete IRI 
from and sister- nd R ton, th) . re] t were ind ne w , Tex., wh at| Denver — —r 4 ... | Bu ERNEST a Train 
WEI in-law. obert P Edith axer icated w snow as 19 be fg ile th D — 2 25 . SINES Cc d; Ld | wiring o in 
" au ar low e lo etroit — — 2 eee $s P Rg ring od, n 0 
5, 908 re ara Ore & from pllberealyrendon end charge it ‘ —_— Missc Gs north ona| Philips, sp. at rc Et Paso — — aso sak 34 aie, F* "DRIVE me Lice and seat ng, Mach Basic t ‘a ere tion, 
er * " . — Tr oe SsS—- 
ment | Catherine 18 8: Kin HAUSER'S Te th ies cleared o Snow is . pansas a. oe 4 34 -02 No shows ys N 1S aa Pees FAL, | 
1 go: 15 8.m. e eastern ver most of over th expected : oe meas. A ae | $ ooo | Gawest Bond: clue to aceld erected. A cement Bon apart 3 
chureh, ” In today, but half of the nati Plain e northern and tonight Memphis — 3 ‘Oa | wan MENTS 4929. Piro. | 5 Hales a. 0 mo 7 “ FLO EN CE TT Division 
ne ’ - ** . -- . 
wos bona: break from the > sag Rain bo cabgowre Mines —_— = ae zine ae “painted ; cleaned. Delmar. 46 poem a to pay. in- | 1842 Arca Figg 
lappeared ae cold wea A eo for Powe sleet is fo with Now or eans -_ 26 Be Hes EV" 2-5250, Ed, deing, “pian Grumpke,4418¢ seca pea yeTnod Laclede. Bldg. CH 1-6255 
t mine r e recast | Prine — a tee Gran reve, Choutea el he MOR 
ures were nt. Tempera- valley middle Miss st Philadeipt City — $2 “pe x ee icce FLOORIN ¥: je, homes, IS 
about . issippi | Ee a aC Goulds. 2806 N- | ar, RIN 1-5122 
10 d Hea nix, A : r PR G Se 
egrees | Louis ting degree Pittsbur; eo 1 - 05 -S17t. FLOOR C ' 
month are days in Portland: Me. —_ Eas 1 eine | ( 
. "580; dhe seaee st,” the ST. Louis .o—,, “tf To Place a Ws $2" Vietoria BM special RADIO 
“401. —— cme | ie a Want r , sanded . MI 7-00 TEL 
~~ BS PSs Ad $32 rein! ee LOW_ MONTH ISION 
>7% 8 °° Phone MA 1-1111 79 H VE 2-1666 sapen ow Porn 
Cc 35 24 ht: see Charg | G lodiamont, Fusrantes 320 veers iporey g 
| oe: annet poors. a Evening (at 
TEEN, “Se20 A ee Study at home spa aha? 
Avie, EV 3 ‘Gall on ‘| attend ed. If pare eam Classes 
3.2655 ‘he. catalog. & school, ou are iplo- 
Dearbo! we ay write not now | 
J 219. Pos ne athens, ae | 
ed teago 5 419 . 
5D , DL Box 

7 7 
| a 




19 0 trl gs of fl - 
a“ as 
_ la me! 
—_ oo lama ale 
> yh a-le t-te l 
| salsa! 
=“ t- Te ks) ’ 
Clot Lilet 7 Let 
ys el 4! 
én tlm 
. bf co le 
c+ >|»! ea loo 
em ce 
~a=ow ! 
‘apie ‘com 
7 eal ntt 

Shad. oo 
an aa OO & 1 c, | et Ol 
tm elm tuleg ee 
tn ee 

Ee ea 
tr a aaa 
——— itis ae alll 

i ee 

hase eae 

ae. ee 

* #5 " eo ae” 6 6 S = wee 


+O yt eee im we 

-er7 ™ 

Spanish, English. 

. se Sani 
oe yi Sa 
bahar = 



Accountants ACCOU 

Florence Ut School 

1832 Arcade Bidg. CH 32-6255 



ROW’'S 8 
Shorthand, typing, | a ~ 8 du- 

ties and nunc ions, eeneral office 
y aaa ve. Gamee——Aprit <a 
ee Assistance 

Florence Utt Schools 

1832 Arcade Bldg CH 1-6255 


Complete training in this eee 
Sapending field of communications 

Day and Evenin 
cement ssistance 

Florence ut Schools 






ing and maintenance of production machinery, —o 

or equipment. 

McQuay-Norris Mfgr. Co. 

Personnel Dept. 



Day full time, da 
ning instructions. 

3 | 
write DAVI RANKEN ‘ 

Approved for pong Trainin 

IBM Keypunch 

024 Keypunch 056 Verifier 
026 Keypunch Print O82 Sorter 
Day carps 4 rt J. ave. ae 4) 


1832 Arcade Bidg. ox 6255 

for big pay-off opportunities. iw. 
practical spare-time training in- 
cludes installation, . maintenance 
and overhauling. Write for FREE 
“ATs — ies omy. Inst. 
Whig rbo Chicago 5, 

fi J-202, Post-Dispatch. _ 

Syemation training, 6341 Easton. 
EV 3-811 
STUDY the. ‘trade of 
at a 

our choice 
Write Educa Peg! Rs 

4249 GRAVOIS MO 4-9997 

(ee ee | 
gm ey system; proven school 
. Call or write City Col- 
lege of gpeeuty Ss Culture, 203 N. 

LEARN beauty rT opportuni- 
ties everywhere for Moler gradu- 
ates; attend day pd — classes. 
Call or write free bookiet 

BOL sY STEM ‘OF CouiEces 



WHITE, ~ years experience experience desirable. Will consi 

23 | 1 
shipping: re-geiving: conser! Are You An | 

jerk, typing. wen-| ngurance Underwriter? 

eral office work, 
Box K- 
An excellent opening available for | 

for advancement: 5 day week. 

perience. _ 
BABY-SITTING or light howas- 
work; experience. WO 1-6998. 
‘BABY-SITTING in your Bow 

915 Olive 

experienced, references. TO 5-0618 

BEAUTY SHOP, shampoo, li- : es 
BEAUTY atOT: orang” | underwriter with _ NATIONAL GYPSUM CO. | 
= . Re 

Be KRKEEPER-girl Friday, can Mo pan Be Fog: engage 3 Faye rem grow- Bo : «| 
handle all office routine, manual ne stock companies. ie a 
or machine PR 2-5573.. °° | (Look ut up in BEST) MAJOR CHEMICAL CO. | —= 55+ Cyr Rd. Bellefontaine Neighbors > 
BOOKKEEPING, eves. or > at home, | Excelle # " | 

cal] after 6 p.m. HA 7-6946. rowth. POutstanding: Pan amo = et oe rae 20 teem at : 
BUS GIRL, colored, or dishwasher, | benefits, Age 25-35. College desir- |] Men. age 21-35; High School graduates; background in electrom> = 9) 2. a 
experienced. JE 1- 0579. ble. Call Canull, E * ics, gained through work experience, Military training or techni- | See cere 
CLEANING, day, white, experi- | °F pone resume and recent snap- | ©! ag To work as production technicians in new electronic nane ; 

enced, honest, reliable, thorough, on 3750 Lindell. St. Louis 8. materals Pant. 

art 4 light, references. Call after C , CONTACT 

CLEANING and ironing. experi- eneral America > 


COLORED girl, reliable, need : 

work, any kind; 5 days. JE 5- 0234 companies j St. Ann, Mo. Office—10472 St. Charlies Rock Rd. 

‘COLORED l i : . Pri ; ‘ 
Mondays ahd Tuesdays, FO 1 Tae GENERAL—8AFECO—LIFECO ee ee Men, 21 to 32, .5-f, 8-in., 150-Ibs. to .6-ft.. 4-in, 
COLORED; cleaning; day work: 210-Ibs.; Missouri residents; high school graduates or 

ex satanaad: references. . FR 1-2535 3 

AGE 21 to 40 \e Work for 
Unusual opportunities have developed in our cost ac- le ws vy ; ad 
counting department for qualified individuals who possess | Q inoet In The jold | 
a degree or certificate. Prefer | t6 2 years experience [R) ai 
in accounting. Advancement is based on merit and ability. | is position offers an unusual a ges for a recent 
Liberal employee benefits. Apply Employment Office. le dustrial Accounting. “Duties it" involve soeBin hth 
EMERSON ELECTRIC | ® accounting procedures ut “tee fatest electronic equip 
8100 West Florissant St. Louis 36, Mo. | ” ey in a sound fringe benefit and salar 
tration program and working in the seeeey atmosphere 
f a modern office. Phone estnut 1-29 or farward 
oo A. resume. 
Must be fully qualified to a all the me- fd! 706 N. Jetterson 
chanical operations connected with the overhaul- ° ee 07 ee 8 8 © © @ @ 8 @ @ 


Openings for gradute engineers in St. Louis office of Con- 
sulting and design engineering firm. One or more years 

ment on permanent basis. Many fringe benefits; 


mine; Ferguson area. 4-0 31. i the right = a 
ag. ait, care Jt iavalld. “Slat | 

nights - | a ae 

BABY SITTER, house cleaning; liability 


der recent graduates. Employ- 

St. Louis 1, Mo. 

K, RESTAURANT. home or 
institution, experienced. EV | 2-175 
‘COOK, po Perlenced. a d; 5 
day week; no Sund 


808 3581 

: construction of- 
fice; thoroughly openness Box 
-274. Fos t- Dis a 

ASSEM cal 
| hf Racking.” ‘mailing, distribut. 
mn Doh 6152. 

arried; degree; 
OVE 2-411 5. 
per or porter, or ‘dish- 

washer. EV 2-5466. 
00 ING, part time, 20 
a experience: PL 2-7255.  _ 
19, perter or grocery store. 

4 driving. EV 5-7877. 
eenstruction foreman 

or material eompasy; years 

experience. Box __ -247, P.-D. 
U boy. poster, waiter, any | 

ind; age 18. JE 5-9434 

ion fully ex- 

perienced in rem eling, repairs | 
and additions. ST 1-7602. 
“CARPENTER, maintenance eg 
er, all types, repair. PR 6-9671. 
GARPENTER, first-class; dt 
dential. ST sd 
CHAUFFEUR, any ne. ‘ot | 
work; caierenees. "eV 1-8 tS 
FFEUR. aeecnced: 2 
hints school _gradusie, O 7-7294. 

: os coat- 
ence. Box K-280, P.-D. 

EGE Phi on nape. 26. 
: busin sone 
position = me 

ing experience. Box 

LLEGE ‘student? env inv type of 
orks after schoo O 717-6366. 

ter eal: eel 

FO Py 616. 

OUPLE: chauffeur, maid; desires | 

foo with private family; stay: re- 

fable, experienced, Al; city refer- 

ences. JE 3-0114. 

OPLE, colored office cleaning. 
reference. FO 1 1-640 
Cook, colbied 
rience. OL 2 

experienced, _ 
My FO T7A. 
"DRUG MANAGER, clerk; 
> acanenatt all phases. 

2-4! 4861 


foreign ex 
Ma type | 
40 | 
PA | 

full or part time job. PA 1-2050. 
FAMILY man, colored, wants night | 

with drums; 

work. Reference. FO 1-217 
“FRY COOK, punch press. laborer, 

OUSEMAN, eT clenced ‘in and | 
outside, willing worker, can do 
most t anything. OL . 


. ta 
project problems or _ long - range 

operation. -355, Post-Disp. 

| and general cook. 

ek; no Sundays. CO 1-9708 
COOK: restaurant: Kosher, plain, SERVICE SALES 
reference. JE 1-18 ° “Sa 
COOKING, baby sit cleaning - €x- 
perienced. MO 4-1621, PR 2- -6385, COORDINATOR 
COOKING, laundry; “experienced: 
3-4 days week. CE 1-0765. 


To supervise installation, troubleshoot, and maintain 

‘COOK, white — caltetig experi- 

pa around eee ae Excellent epeestuntiy | to pend electrical and electronic equipment. Must have ability 

Cc ite; sta lady for machi 
gg vete A, man work. else- county. Pian ll. IF t. Louis to work with little supervision and maintain good cus- 4 

angle ustrial customers and nation- ival ~ 

DAY a week Waek: references,| Wide staff of Field Service tomer relations. BSEE degree or equivalent desired. a 
Teliable. EV 2-4318. Engineers. To provide tech- Send full resume and salary requirements to ; 
“DAY WORK: cleaning. washing. nical assistants. — edakion ox 
ironing: reference. Upton 5-1950. Salary open. Will train = 
DAY WORK: dependable: refer- > BOX K . i POST. DISPATCH ¢ 
ences. OL 2-0433 after 5 p.m._ metalworking: aes er | 
DAY WORK: Wed., Thurs., Sat., quire = 
references. FO _7-1902. ay t. 72  & P 

DAY WORK: cleaning; Tues., Replies keep confidential. 7 AAS A SAS f am aa 4G 

Wed., Thurs. FO 1-7280. | Send outline of personal data, vx ; a) Aad el dl 

| DOCTOK's assistant; colored: 24. | ont song a experience and (— COLLECTION MANAGER DRIVER; established route; 

. A ae Fa i ‘ | lanteed sal: 

‘FINISHER; silk and wool; maid;; Box K-265, Post-Dispatch | ty RS man. Classi 
experienced. CO 1-6077. | BANK Cleaner, P 98 

GIRL; experienced waitress. foun- | ee : | DRIVER; dry cleaners; capable of 
tain or grill work. EV 3-7287. ACCOUNTANT—JR. NOS Ae eee soliciting, store and truck avail- 

housework by day or week: Accounting background with col- | £0. 

| Sxporienced. WY 3-5716. on growing department of south 

lege or equivalent education: stand- vis Bank 

3 / excell 
GIRL. colored: kitchen help. wait-| ard cost experience desirable; | tunity for sabemnenaat. "Wear ome 
‘ress, dishwasher. PR 3-8042. _ wey SS ty, gp tercen Co. | ployee benefits; state full qualifi- 
GIRL, soolored dishwasher or fry|7 PA 7-1170 | cations and sflary expected in 
cook 1-0 0173. ADVER asta — assistant; oppor-| answer 
“colored: hrousework. reli-| tunity for experienced copy and 

able, ‘aa night. JE 3-6859. production man in expanding Ad-| (Our og te. know of this ad) | 
GIRL, colored: dishwasher, nurses” | Vertising Department. Arel Inc. c-143, Post-Dispatch. ___| 
aid, waitress. PR 2-4556. Be 3g 3-0600 for ap- 


Age 30 to 45: srpenienee in 
manufacturing costs 

GIRT, - housework, , Saturday only. 
EV 2-6845. 

GIRL, colored ; wenlan or clean-| To ve a working knowledge of a 
e fer Good - 
ing, Mon.; experienced. JE 1-4635 | key iine Black 4 Whites. Sast ory Romig tg as ater. 
GIRL; colored, day work Thurs., experience in industrial desi its. Call Mr. Borage, PR 
bayy sit 1 eve V 3-2854. | helpful. Box K-287, Post-Dispatch. mee * 1520 0 for appointmen t 3 
GIRL, colored: high school grad- grad- | ARTIST assistant; _Deginner or 
toy FR 1-2673. man for cleaning, unting 


aaa final preparation of ‘aavertn 
small a artment: 

ing art work; mu neat and 
_E-148, _Post-Dispatch. Ex 

white : stay, 
prefer Lindell- | 


Kingshighway area; top references. fast. Box ced in installment credit 
Box K-109, Post- Dispatch. ASSEMBLER an po field. ave | 
‘IRONING. Tuesday and Thurs- car. Top salary, permanent: 

day. TRemont. 2-9217. Heavy machinery and fabri- allowance; good future for capable, 

LAUNDRY; my home: experienced cated sheet-metal units. Work good, conscientious worker. 

on shirts. etc. CO 12-2383. to blueprints, Must have pane 


tools years’ local 

LAUNDRY, in my home, wer, 3B perience. Brockelint rate. Call 12th and Olive. CH 1-6349 
| delivery; reference. PAS 093 Mr. Knibb. CH 1-8874. 
LAUNDRY done in my home; ex- 


_perienced ; small bundles. af 3-0872 | 

LIGHT clerical duties, no typing, Assistant must be able to type iC { t| E 

| part or full time. MA 1-0609. | and pre imi. noweneoes “ah oT Ons ruc lon n ineer | 
no a ¥ + E-1 

Lo Sore references: hears Post-Di: i rare Mane | Experienced construction super- 

NIGHT | | ihendant: estimating experience 

NURSE, practical, licensea, white: Jobber has opening for 
8 to 20 hours. -1-5326. need automotive machinist. 

| required. East side location. 

| mee ea and general qualifi- 

1" “ pervene | serait weary K age. capable of ic 

duty, <peeee oe w an outside oring sha 

older people. Call FO 1-2860. | grinding, and. all phases of ‘ma, BOX K-38 POST-DISPATCH 
PRACTICAL = e. perience Z 

on Tovatids: reference: 5-day | P.m. daily, M. Kravitz for inter- COOK, “fine county reesaurant; 
wee V 5-1285. view. FO 7-2773. must be experienced. King Bros. 
PRACTICAL NURSE, hospital or | (AUT TO MECHANIC i, betmanent Lindbergh just north of Clayton. 
private duty. CO 1-1949. _| Rena f er equi te ‘ Hiegmeyer 

SECRETARY; good t pist; “short- = | pera a Wane n Nobel. 

year experie 
K- "398, Post- Dispaten. AUTO “BODY | MAN 
TYPING . my home; pick up, de- 

liver; 9-11 a.m.; 6-10 p.m, ST) | win lease space, established bus- 
1-3422. reasonable 

hand; 1 
250. Box 


_| enced. Give phone 

| quarters. Box K 
| FRY 

able. TO 5-0200 

Drug Salesman 

Nationally- Bn Toiletries manu- | 
es heavily advertised rod- | 

has vacancy, St. Louis head- 
pte Arms for field sales represent- 



opportunity e 


Rn es SN 


Experienced tn the development of bread boards. 

wirin Se printed and transistorized ci 
manu acturin 


uits for 

Establish manufacturing and machining sequence, including 
fee eds — speeds, stress relieving of metals, etc., from 

Prior spachining background plus high mechanical aptitude 



Openings on all 3. shifts. 
operate from blueprints 


5 years diversified experience operating and maintaining 
metal] cutting, forming, and assembly machines and tools. 






Must be. able to set-up and 


Leading nation-wide manufacturer seeking stable, 
mature men, experienced inal! phases of production 
machinery maintenance; north St. Louis plant; pro- 
longed economic strike in progress and plant is 
reopening its operations. $2.44 per hour starting 
rate plus liberal employe benefits. Permanent posi- 
tions with long-range opportunity for qualified 
applicants. Apply 8:30 a.m.--12 noon. 




Ao a i RAR 

i? Pa. 

equivalent, to become professional police officers. Start: 
ing salary $4400, periodic increases to $5200 during 
first 5 years. For more information visit: 


Personne! Division 
&th Floor 

1200 Clark 


Large national consumer finance corporation is interested in 
employing several young men in a training position which will 
lead to above average future and remuneration: 
employe benefits, 

all modern 
good working conditions and pleasant fel- 
low employes. Desire to advance and aptitude for dealing with 
people necessary. Straight salary and no selling. Ages 19-30. 


3655 S. Grand 6201A Saiton 

ative with knowledge or contacts 


__ MARCH 14, 1960. 



Discover a Limitless Frontier 
for Personal Growth with 


Atlas Missile Program 

With Electronics Experience 

Collect, evaluate and convert engineering data into technically 
accurate and concise manuals on Atlas ICBM launch control 
and automatic test checkout equipment. 

10 $12,000 

Experienced in supervision of publications group including writers 

TO $11,000 

Capable of assuming responsibility for format and technical] 
validity of manuals 

TO $10,000 

Technical degree and gree electronics writing experience, 
with little supervisio 

10 $9500 

Well-rounded or highly specialized electronics and writing back- 
ground. Must be familiar with military specifications, 


To Plan Support Requirements 
for Atlas ICBM Sites 

Technical degree with military background fn the maintenance 
. Also former military personnel With exten- 
and_ overall planning concepts for 
logistics functions. Personnel with to 4 years 
related electronics provisioning and spares support planning. 

TO $10,000 

Analyze comple? missile controls and sub-system to plan oper- 
ations, manning, provisioning and maintenance procedures, in- 
cluding test equipment and spares for missile sites. Technical 
dektes preferred. with military electronics design engineering, 
systems engineering, or electronic logistics experience. 

Your Potential Growth Is Unlimited 
With This Rapidly Expanding Program 

In six months RCA Aves has expanded its number of personnel 
five times! Continued d ne emte owt means unusual pro- 
motional) Spenthitian ane tes from within. Act now. 



for ag through ats os | 
aes Pye > ao ae y, 

=e aid. *co » =. 
o oS sth fringe benefits. ox 5. oii. 

3625 Kienlen 7490 Manchester | 

HOUSEMAN. age 30 to 45.\— 

——— reliable; —r — ex- 

rience. Apply hou ee 
mandy Osteopathie Hospital. 




Opening for Graduate Enginee 
| Setwees the ages of 25-30 with 
sales personality. rience de- 
sirable in. the aircraft industry. 
Must be willing to travel during | 
the week and relocate if required. 
ba gee position with stable com- 


Local momupctuces hee has Pao ~ AGE NOT IMPORTANT. 


grow with a fae my onary 

x: | be 

concern, | Degree.” preverre Apply GILBERT 
Oo - 

imum experience years min- BRASS FOUNDRY 
group +2 a gen 5036 Farlin Ave. 


one. Sabes a resume and pegens | | 
| $e368" Kati Box | Lathe operators, 

| Renstoner Fin aay salary). 
|FO 7-713 7-0692. 

Knowledge of blue prints. and 
drafting; car allowance; 
plies; _ age nag ag salary, 
a hy p to 35. Apply 2 

Rainbow Giass Co. 6104 Page | 
‘FARMER, white, must be experi- 

$300 month, vacation, 
K-67, Post-Dispat 
COOK, white; steam Sy 

ret ae: table experience. | 


milling machine 

operators, Ist or 2nd 


| Achieve your future goals with : ea electronics leader. 


For You and Your..Family 

Free Life Inguéahce 
Free Hospital, Medical and Surgical Insurance 
Major Medical Insurance 
Paid Vacations and Holidays 
Tuition Refund Program 
Retirement Plan 


| Call Mr. Bob Coghill 


Married preferred (23 to 50). 1313 W. Essex av. Kirkwood 
for ambitious men of good ; ACA. — h0Ot~—“‘CS 
character. Paid while \earn- First-clase zo ree. with at 
ing. Unlimited earnings with least 5 years’ ex ence on all | 
bt ayy A Re a Rn masmnes. Establis = north side | 
cal benefits. A Many com- union shop. EV_1-4822. 
pany nefits. wey n per- 
son 9 to 12 no MACHINISTS 

All- may see Mr. Gendec - 
WHITE BAKING CO. |= is =~ 

4015 PAPIN 


FR 1-1810 

Varied line of machine tools. 
Apply in person or by letter 

© Machinist t Journeyman 

FO 1-2500 

2-9 p. m. 
Tuesday, March 15; Wednesday, March 16 


Employment Manager 


employment office Dept. S-158 
desires local eunpney mess. “TYPING IN MY HOME: “PICKUP | ae | 
© 5/5592 ‘after 3:30 p.m AND DELIVER. TW a-c0ee, 4 “ OOND ST. “GARAGE |Fast-growing retail chain doing escclliniy- iiieaiiien aibmbateld | inspections. on precision parts Wagner Electric Corp. | 6100 Sepulveda Blvd. 
INDUSTRIAL sewing ‘machine | WOMAN, colored days! laund ry. | |2201 LOCUST __MA_1-9712 heavy volume of installment credit| Cotnpany needs several. out- AREY WEEMILLER CO. | 6400 ELYMOUTH Van Nuys, California 
TORS Bor 5 a enced. “EV 2 2 2438. ‘ AUTO Bn ge aed nmailier with | saies will train 2 men for credit standing men te aid ber ori eT 66C W. FLORISSANT. — ¢- 
ANITOR, watc , ' —7— ant ne c transmissions: -man i rototype design, printe -m.°* I. 
steady, reliable. OL 2-0958. WOMAN; —experieneeds— ‘care for! Sh Gat ‘be able to take com. | executives; no previous experience; in prototype design, printed INSPECTOR | Monday through’ Fiday 
ITOR, night, white, expei- elderly person oF couple be ca Biete charge; areterences. Thomson required; minimum of high school tion liaison. Beginners and av- MACHINIST; journeyman: expert- 
fact office. MA 1 5645. | home; FEM sman town otor Co., ST 1-1960. _ |education: must be sales type, good erage technicians not consid- Inspection of metal stampings | enced for job shop work. K- & 
enced anal A ; west of St. Louis. VE _2-0856 AUSONOTIVE r- | ered. Must be experienced in and fabrications. Must have 2649 Festalozzi. PR 6 060 
JANITOR. colored, experienced. OMAN; colored, housework, ex- ae Oe tiser: “experienced ener | with figures and industrious: paid | mauatriat or lab work ban supervisory experience and be | MACHINISTS, ed > 9. eae 
FO 1-249 a a perienced, day or week... FO Inquire 3200 ust. vacations, company paid insurance, selected must be able to work capable of establishing and | future, 904 8, 4th, ‘gome age | A Division of 
7eN 1S exegaive,_ phe home WOMAN, day work, P days, Bat, | BA j ONLY, | hospttalization and other benefits. | oe AE gg BR ws Bs ne Sandinis tat Geeta | MACHINIST; eon me enpeit: | 
ow! er, 5 yeale teaching adults, Monee $6.50. FO 1-44 pag pian, ald vacation, 194, Reply in own handwriting giving | ply themselves toward an eX- ence, 2842 8. i ‘ RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA 
rs ia tangible anes f; . man: AW a. cg COREE day ee | Post-Dispatch. age, education, past experience if. vino + @ — future. Send General Metal Products Co 
samin stration yea Tues., e r - bee 9, Post-Dispatch. . 
agement; presently employed; “WoMAN. colored “baby-sit. light | BANK LOAN OFFICER any. Box E- ) Pp 3883 DELOR MAINTENANCE 
Sire position with wider responsi- work. JE 5-3573. “TriS1TID BRIDE AA Ieee — OnTE ————e 
bilities and future; ts og  - WOMAN. 1 iro pie excellent. on | Small loan department; age open — BOX K-344. PQST- DISPATCH | INSURANCE ADJUSTER ELECTRICIAN MECHANIC qnaed. Lata. 71-8608, experi. 
gas oh eae shirts: care for child. EV 5-7930. Prefer trainee with collec fon (ex: CURB BOYS matte. sacepescent pean wee an- RESSM / "Gam 
E-68, Post-Dfspatch. _ WOMAN; co jored: waitress vie man ny bene- Se ualty experience who wants posi- for eoal and oi) truck fleet. Com- PRESSMAN—OFF FSET 
R EXECUTIVE OMA id; colored; | Pa re. 4727 | its including profit “shar ng. Full Or Part Time tion with bright future. State bination welder. Top rate. Seidel 
JUNIO | nurse’ 8 ald, expe BADEN BA Must be neat, age 16 or over. PROMOTION age, educational background, ad- | Must be thoroughly experienced — Co,, 3935 Duncan. OL _2-1111. TWO. COLOR 
Single. 35, college graces: 10 | a a esti eer ' justing experience, and expected | electronic welders Bend »,esume. | MECH Experienced on 22x34 
years’ business experience in per- | reference. Ree V5-1100 Mr. Swanson STEAK 'N SHAKE salary. Replies will held in | Box K-273, Post. -Dispate Experienced. Must know Ferguson | grade color work: comm ere “4 
Sonne, "eenetal saminmtsatop tng | WOMAN: colored. 49) day, wesk BARTENDER 1525 S. Lindbergh MINDED siatitenee; 2gan ctiee sxpand: | and Ford tractors and implements: | Biate age, qualitications, ete, Bok 
intangible sales; w re erence; _s <3 OI : es sed so overtime, -14, Post- Dis tch. 
permanent position with stable. WoOoMA housework, days; ref- Experienced in mixed drinks; M. 85. Post- Dis atch. aT 
Frowin Ara ctor 7 We at erence. cE 1-2163__ uw Apply PoORSELE COMPANY = ENGINEER sailt pigeon mye seater. lh eee apes ty) artent alg: zu a Fests pon oe rw PRESS Heidelberg, * Kiu er eee 
LIN AUL driver; age 29; Al. | “WOMAN, general house e SSOROCE Mh BeKNBOE- um Mo.; man must dra-Matic transmission. | hour week; state experience and 
steady of part time. PA_1-2050._ week or babs ait oven boTrb18. Ne Sheraton Jefferson Hotel alert, active fast Pern fis: Our man will be a graduate ¢ bent | este Wo fiaae eeewee sectrleat eblumbing. | be os and | R d | Repl y to at Fredericktown, Mo. Donis Expected. we 
” ore nage “wa + > VY) Se - 3 - a engineer, architectural engineer ; - ee clence on substanti G: pi ey ne., i a. 
ly electrical and motors; 28 years) hotel; experienced. GE 6-2705. _ BILL CLERKS writing: state. Box E- naeT, architect. He’s probably been work: | size puildings: wife to show apart. | 3 CRANIG: f 34 juke e he IT 
experience. PR 272. YOUNG LADY. colored, ambdi- | yust p h Post-Dispe “tate ane ing for a few years performing the! JANI R COU PLE | ments and collect rents; ve la ast | Sxpesienced._ PRINT RS 
MAINTENANCE; experienced; elec-| tious. re nsible: assistant to li- billing: “Tagt “and accurate ‘typing ey duties of his profession, bet feels | Sxporienned cleaners: age 40-50;| 10 years’ experienc 7) Men for monotype make-up: also 
pica plumbin air-conditioning. | brarian; 2 years’ experience; col- | required Sat. an Rae DIE SETTER that his talents can best be as maid: apartment and. $175. | mum plus attractive Living quar- Milli Machine 0) erators experienced proof reader. uperior 
M-12, Pos ‘Dispate as _| lege. Box C-129, Post- Dispatch. day week: startin aheae S372 utilized in engineering promotion.| FO 7-5342, FO 7-0692. are must wand references, eat g D Typesetting Go. 1709 Washington 
MAN. white; photo lab Be | monthly, "Box K-281. Post-Disp. ubmit your written resume, weed ig stoker experience, Post-Dispatch om 
copy. processing, B. and we and HELP WANTED—MEN, BOYS 82 BOILER INSPECTOR PU NCH PRESS ke -89 Post-Dispatch. leind. whet. ern ets fees. | Start MAINTENANCE” MAN L — Turret Lathe Operators PRINTERS: hand ‘cOmpositors; 
eolor e ga ‘ ; ~—-—wer . ecnan aon or | e p an exper ence hel ful: 
MAN, | carpenter, plumbing, ete | CHANCE OFA “LIFETIME. Mest have national board Denesbenind eit tadenetie ereanes. FINANCE MAN | SANITOR: apartment experience, | Doiler experience helpful. ral ood working conditions; 7-hour 
co 1-4 Atlas Sewing Center needs 3 commission or blanking. forming "and draw die fo take over Colleétion Depart maintenance ; i codpronces 3 bay Steady? and cle clea oy lp = wail i CH 1 1-8297 
in is, x- ia | To -| rooms; ste x E- , ea e ona etti 
taurant «3 Soster oe FO 1 rots = oe Pa neo gy om age oe ge ly ren b3 y Ba it and to assist Loan Manager LAUNDRY— DRIVER SALES- > | qualification, address and phone Radial Drill Operators 1 hie 914 Pine st. Rs | es 7 ns 
MECHANIC: 2 yrs. eB Rael OF| limit. free training, expense vals. Mo.. KNAPP-MONARCH C0. in General Administration of Auto| MAN, for established route, numer. Box M-341, Post-Dispatch. | 2,20. ee 
kind of work; white, young and calare paid while abe 1-8600. a — & Dir . 2aan Co. Some Must have chauffeur’s license MAINTENANCE man; white: 40-| Must be able to read biue prints, PRINTING ESTIMATOR 
ao BB FL 3- 4742. “ : ng, canvassing, all leads BORING MILL; ge? 5 years and_POTO nce necessa Local com-| and be able to furnish $100 50; hotel or apt. experience: must | set-up and operate the above For Mendle Printing Co., the most 
CHANICAL ENGINEER; ex- furnished: hospitalization in- experience setu operate, work DRAFTSMEN-ENCINEERS *"Good starting Salary: e€X-| cash bond. ly between /| have tools. Good salary and fur-| chines, To . 2nd_ shift pro ressive web and sheet lithog- 
“MECHANICAL , k surance, nsurance, profit- from blueprints. P04 4th. cellent coters: pleasant working; 3-4 p.m. 2323 UTGER R 8 | ‘nished apartment. FR_ 1-6990. Ad ag ee co hes Terrific opportunity for 
pecsenees tw?.ny desires wor art lan; paid vacation a i Box M-104. Post-D. ; ag 2 "Flori ‘ - Conta ST 1.6670, 
eves fat Call Sun. afterioon shar sot P OY, white, 16-18; oo around | 47- ~year- old growing St. Louis com- |- AWYER: experienced in the trial 0 W. Fiorissan ent act 
or eves after rt EV 1-0361. 530.00. = a oe as ae } in armature shop; some) pan with progressive plans “Fireman and Sores ae | of personal injury eases: plaintiff MAN, age 25 to 40, ilip ‘Tsserman 
"MECHANICS (3), gasoline, diesel, est growing company in Am- yey Se all necessary. operating new plant; no seasonal boiler and repair. laundry K 319. Post, Dist Ro 4 firm. ox disuticgs and stock os Or ‘PRINTER, capable of setting own 
trucks, construction equip arith erica with stores coast to “SO elites, clevtanl, parasite ! ty ay aa Ra ea not presses; 514 days P | contro wee Rey | running small pana, job 
ie " ro eac n engi- ? ‘ to master, Inc., 
BIS FFICE MANAG RO eae == apn center, 1348 5-day B je TM > be one to oye [neerin« challenge; | Lim en —_2s K-58, FetrDiegetoh. oo a & erk. 5 day week, advance- 2533. sullivan. Sull var . 
Part-time, 8-12 a.m., all phases) N. Kingshighway. ——| Kage 6670. eng lily iment, special benefits RADIO SERVICE MAN 
y Clayton or er rd. ST I 1-6670. ear-end bonus. Would A men : 
wrege Ocohege, 48. VO 3-853 BRAKE MECHANIC _ between 20 30 but will con- FOLDING MACHINE Experienced in layout makeup for | State age, experienc x To maintain base transmitter, in- 
OP OR. patternmaker. Experienced, 514-d K, with |ary commensurate with ability: PERATOR snapout forme and general ‘com: ae ph | mall and services cat radios and 
xperience -day week, w ary commensurate w y; a PC : é om - . 
aresees, 8 O71 36. age 64, seeks erewinn national | company. Top our sneere pnow of t this ad. Box | 0 | moreie) | Petaling. Opportunity for be Fhe onan Box M-392, BLADES MFG CORP aeasetehes Seeman. Se eases ear 
wages. . .) . Se 7, Post-Dispa | tt a . | FOST-Uispatc ° * | willingness to get license. Can use 
ER - paperhanger, work Apply in person, 10 a.m. - a N P cu RRAN PRINTING CO. |_ p . , 
‘eli some one with oor MI 5- 8278 5 Renn esp BUYER- TRAINEE “DRAFTISM EN | | Cleveland and Baum; must have 02 8S. Eighth St. | MAN; retired, single, light work: bes 1366 N Kingsland Farnings $75 to S145 ee 
ARKING LOT service man, por- 3 Young man to learn Luying pro- | experience; to 4 prefer man from fa . Cal! CH 1-1377 for appiication. 
ivate fam- b Pp pay. 1 farm or sm: al ee puication. _ 
fer op chauffeur for pri $325 TO $800 MONTHLY | sativa MGS le"ht|Rapannon, a. creating need for x. Box E409, Post Dispatch MACHINISTS - ein, San gman depart | — _ RATE CLERK 
PART time, 3 7 vee Men 21 to 35, married, ambitious, py J on alary, K-285. and. submission draftsmen, for | os rage Skinker and Olive St. rd. NAME TAKERS Railroad quotation desk; experi- 
houseman,_ drive vr 6 i012 p.m. |must be willing to work 3 even- | —08t-Dispa‘e large alumin manufacturing | JOURNEYMAN 5t. Louis, Mo “ House-to-house canvassing, to “ence melarcea Gall Mic. White 
_ PA IME O y 98989 ‘™ \ings a week, free life insurance, CAB DRIVERS corporation ; ~~ employe bene- MAN; allround helper in chil-| gather information for new 8t., CH 1-9400 for a intment . 
PHARMACT 11 to 7 Peres E - “Sun- hospital benefits and retirement) 25-60, neat. co * gome fit program; excellent opportunity. MACHINISTS dren's home, some maintenance,| Louis City Directory (south and REPRIGERAT Se ervice wan? 
“ - Ay a ue" | plan, with company 69 years old. | (now wledge of eounty strests; will Cupples Products Corp. 60. Wein y TRAM me reny Bos .” | one ree | aoe. handwriting with ice machine experience. JB 
days. GA_ 1-2 ef. |JE 5-8104. PRR eA train an y you while you learn. : » appointment. FOREMAN MILL OPERATORS Farmington. * endent. Box 31, | eas spelling essential; salary an -9636. 
an 1 busboy, disgwasner, _ref- erage ge Rs aw pl et A. oe Ca 3417 Call ST_1-6729 fo ppoint ’ ngton, Mo nus. pply in person, 4030 aa y bal soiiitiiatia lide 
erence, OF 2-0626 Fem *| ACCOUNTANT | Bie bens 3, oe oe MA ‘enced with leminated | 1VOROTEL OPERATORS | MAN. , 21-51; , gouthelder, “hard | Chouteas, Rog, 202. oo, ROUTE SALESMAN 
$320,- “colored, experience, ref- 5-40 national dis day through saturday. Experienced with laminated | KELLER OPERATORS _|ly inclined: ai eset nial | ee Re upany has e car 
- ° . ) x- 
erence. MA 1-1468. Awe oe of a. R materials. CABINET MAKER Must be experiences in draw- cases, cabinets and sink | Opportunity to work for a x 300. Post-Dispate ch, _| cellent sales sppenualt i anna | Permanent Employment 
"PORTER, 5 ecoaen. . Laborer; will Finished education in Experienced on assembling of case ing electr ematics. tops. Krowledge ot wood- | fast- “growing company paying ek between ages of 20-25. for | man 21 to , With college educa- 1. Goon earnings, no layoffs. 
stay. PR 6 2. or busin administration. work, paneling, etc., for schools Printed ireull background f . | top ages, with excellent office clerical work in motion pic- | tion; travel required; car furnished | 2. ales experience necessary, 
‘PORTER; f Stary. , any. were, col- Opperman? tt en ge hospitals and churehe hes. Box K-19, pote. ¥ Willing - wo wars WOFEING Eva uIP pine ae working conditions, pension ae Box 184° Post Dt ered | ‘and all Sipenses paid ; straight pal- hoe salary while learning. 
4 } to official status. Provide de- war very lucrative ° r F j ift, . os ispatc ary an any employe benefits. ween ages ears an 
gored; experienced. d; 7-250 etc. tails of training and experi- ost=Dis Five ture with local expanding elec- quired . Dist _ Ox and wt we ONCE MAN with retail hardware “expe: | Submit resume and phone number  marriec . 4 
FO 7. Gael. alot po ' ence with salary requirements ipped ca must be aad aaa tronics firm K-123, Post- ispatcn, Openings on ist, 2nd and rience, modern nardware store, to Box M-248. Post-Dispatch. ‘= Truck and operating expenses 
SALES, family man nh, 31: present- = gm of eran people foo A cabs) m CAB CO., 1835 B E Alé Post Di t h | 3rd shifts. — on tk Pee Bees, | Oo 8 “& D ‘CLERK, truck ny B.. -« oe a route with 400 to 
; Washi - - ox K- ch. | perience preferred; typing | 5. 
ly employed. 11 yrs. successful) pox 5.266 DISPATCH _ bOXx 1 FOST-UISparc ea ee aay oe eee MAFFIT TOOL MAN: out cessary. GA 1-0833. Mr. Lehman. 500 trading accounts. 
sales ee ae SS | Casualty Claims Adjuster | RNITURE SALESMAN, anin \yA O and pursery toch. teed: rhes | Mneneaty. GA 2-088 6. Retirement plan, life, medical, 
sition with future. Box K-351, 5 MEN—AT ONCE Experienced or legal education. Thoroughly experienced and able | CHINE CO. qualifications. Box E-58, Post-Dis. OFFICE MANAGER | major medical, hospital and salary 
oe ena cL ERK: 4 years’ ex- | Must be neat, alert, ambitious, be-| To age 44. America Fore In- a, 7° phone ealls Phillips ¥ Fur. 4356 MAFFITT AVE. JE 5-4833 ‘i pt gg ete onal a oy 
; -35,. To | surance Group, 3960 Lindell, Nationally known steel manufac- 
perience in wrapping. mailing. Daa eg gy Md: oe niture Co., 904 Franklin | turer wants man to manage local 
* De: dependant *o eiceur m connection “with “new "pr be — SatorrE re 25—— | GRILL “MAN; N white. 4 “a RG MACHINIST _ MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT f-— prriee., ae pve max. | Phone PA 1-7150, or write Mr. 
reon ; . Grand, between | Business or ad t tate ucation, ex- | 
ND DELIVER. TW | a Sh A on oad Stigns eonters, to 55, alert, neat, Titelligent Heavy macht nery manufacturer, her p.m. _ preferred, to. reertlt train ban perience. Box. £ ‘386, Post-Dis.|W. C. Wright, 7607 Page bi., St. 
A ILE YOUNG ; pe Come to 832 Olive st sate fe in steady wor Opportunit for ad- GROCERY clerk, white. experi- / _direct personnel for an established Be pe ES a Pee Lo ouis, Mo., for interview appoint- 
25, wants ition of sennaaslbility bo agen ng. cate tonight (hee — o a 4 owe yr ae vancement, excellent employee _—- enced. references: ood pay; organization. Include references. PART.  Ciammcamapes ment. ee Bre et 
ith growin os a E10 madiviguel: day) ‘ror interview. Appl: "Gail 9 to 12 noon. pre ave Fe ie Sty ae and salary steady; vicinity Tower Grove. Bo Box E-394, Post-Dispatch > ROUTE salesman; age 25-39 
? years college. P.-D, day ply LA D B ges Post-Dispatch, 592 Post-Dispatch. MANAGER T Man with station wagon for de-| married, home deliveries, 
RaRmeooss SUPERVISOR, ws $75 A Wax 600 6. Vandeventer DRAFT rIN “SUPERVISOR : GUARDS U ATH RAINEE a 4 cellent P working conditions. 
vears’ ay Plus commission; canvasser must | . redeenrus : mM, » Dut | 
WHIT ears; shipping: have auto; 9 to 11 a.m. 1831 8. CHEMIST Supervise drafting, detailing. Ful) time and part time, age manager trainee: ae-Sbe Poser Bt, more then 10-8 p.m... $38; Ss an — 
ceiving: onan er foreman job. Box Kingshighwa Prefer coliege Sra duate for water Railway freight car experi- 45 to 55. minimum 6 ft. 8 | A PR 6. 7 "hen ee. —_ i nd Do ping 4 ®t Averees “ROUTE Sil FSMAN 
.E-233, Post- Dispatens. _ | KCCOUN A establis quality con ial assign- ence desired. For appaintment | Varied assignments to those employes know of thi : time 4 hee. Ca FL 1-46 
“YOUNG MAN, 21; 1 year tolte C.P.A. firm; excellent training | ments, sandne to a arelar Gaetan, for _ interview, one PR who Ser ey" a= Steet peal at least 3 years expe- maNac t ad. ern BB ag a day. Call 1-4616 SALARY COMMISSION 
military obligation fuifilled. de: program, with salary increases de- | plant design and operation; reply 3-8870, Station 4 pveatigated. - c yin nell in completely air- NAGER trainee; (white); with PENSIONER couple to run small and 
sires starting in field of photo- pendent on individual y le o Purification ort IVERS pooper TE bb, ~ 45 conditioned “factory. Excellent em. | national restaurant firm; young hotel. 407 Lucas after 10 a.m 
FouNG MAN. 21 iratt_ exempt, $10,000, based on past experience | Detma een Lente 44) —_—" ” age 25 number. Box K-206, ploye benefits including family in- | ferred: ood starting a fany | PHARMACIST: registered: _ pre- Car Furnished 
th 4 years experi- : ] “AA TLIIK -FLIGH AIR STYLIST, with P iitaing surance plan, liberal vacation cape fringe benefits. Reply giving full scriptions on ours; average To operate established route; all 
full or part tim y pe education, and ability to assume SMAN | AIR T CAB CO. u 3 weeks per year. Openi $140. 
HG 2: in lectronics or clerical work. . Box K-45, P-D. CLOTHING — SALE MAN | ___ 3460 Nort Lindbergh & : Euclid Ry salary or rent on both day and night shifts. 10% | | Poste Dt of pacnerouns. Box K-5 | pax over, S2 Lee Drugs. Cen- — nn Mg re ate 10 
topeoa vivied-¥ vv, nents os spat | average ear 
OUNG MAN. draft-exempt; any A AN! nies y te —— ~~ DRIVER White HOTEL desk clerk; pensioner ; Aw bonus on RIS shi MANIFEST GLERK PHARMACIST, registered. Tower. +m. Allied sates ‘Home a 
xing OUNG M. 5-3746. Ful e, furni on P & L state- opportunity to make progress: Over 25 with own late model car eer 407 paces after 10 RRIS MFC. C0. Part time: experienced ; average Oe EST anes alght | §A oe eet AN Hodiam zs 
; part and full. me ley, e 25-4 or ca ce in northw - LE S weekly, 2 nights, D . one. 
see. ay aan "uae 1617 Ps cleat a WEIL 801 WASHINGTON ee Box ToT. Post i oe were oo © A Rtts. with ARR Litzsinger nate Saturdavy Box K-186, P.-D. Drug, 4500 Olive. y abricating. Tape eB 
+ + 



a Jil 

and benefits. nd a full resume 

ws " a Ue aT AN 7 
MAAK v.09 ¥.0,".4,"."," - "0.00.05." a 
~ - we - & - ” os * ” ‘ S AAAAA rf", 9,%' Nii cen® aceettit sts pOQO DSSS! , (GC: RD AXx XANAX: OTtitetstototstotetetels aroad Kine xX Se" ; WANK? HN s Ni ; | 
ma area asf be (her TEI F PH O NE |) EMPLOYERS HIRING NOW! | Young lomen 
RUBBER DIE "SteWaAN OXZe 0 e Ca ‘0 an $$$$$ THE FINEST ANYWHERE FOR MEN AND WOMEN $$353$ =u ERs 4 , 
ne =e*) 8 exciu- 
box printing dies. Also engraving | oi me Re MEN and BOYS WOMEN and GIRLS Bo Foss, tailored for ea ia 
and molding. Located roximate- AS = 
we oof snagPcomeany. BA NATIONAL DRUG AND COSMETIC FIRM S A t- S BL scupuninm = “pects pagina: one — pags Ba fate 
Ixcellent future, Please state ¢ BS ‘er’ i cones, aa gh gh cogent ot offers, special satis ar a 
Fee ARE atatete Bes ED wants experienced, igh caliber selesmen te. heed- I Fe) Geriatant Ervine — ree $00 gatas Clarag = = = Bree S40 [Oy ee sera, inner, nom ae 
BW : 7 quarter in St. Louis, Missouri, to cover Missouri, lows if . | leph : b = Management; train ~ — — Free $40 : Dictaphone pists — — Free $300 + =e r young be dg and ai cap- 
. om oand Arkansas. Only men who have background in se|l- : : , Be Engineers: tr ge tlpratnge = © $850 + * E erp Do]| Bales, edical usic, Fashion, 
X erience 0 esmen. 1 stantial weekly income in this established seles program. | Be Ing ; tra re xecutive Secretary — Free + Boll Travel Modeling Personnel, Cler- 
ing to retail chain and wholesale drug, plus chain head- Py) i Chemists; train — — — Free $500 + BM Girls— — Free $275 + B>|| ical, Reception, Radio- Secre- 
] SB quarter and wholesale grocery will be considered. Must | Its easy to learn and pleasant work. No experience necessary, fe Re Bjy ~ ooRomsina - pot, 7 ee eerie a sonia, | neo + = pn Aa ae, aoer ping. : 
or junior Fyecuti tives | . be high school graduate—college preferred, Age 25 @ 1 We train you while you earn at full rate. Must be over 21 i High School Boys — — Free $250 + High Sehool Girls — — Free 4 = “The t Reiss PR tt ny Aa nd 
to 36. 1 and neat appearance. Pleasant downtown office, Call for wS. MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MORE FREE JOBS Os ae a attractive 
ill furnish company car if necessary or pe x # he > 
\ e We will furnish company ry pey Ee interview. CH 1-2785 kg D & SONS for Young Men MARY LEE, Public Contact Jobs - 
Whe Wnts 10 e | excellent mileage rate on personal car. BS EMIL ZARN, Engineering Jobs PATI WIN, Secretarial Job Sait NO PERI NCE E NECESSARY 
t+ = ————a77 —— 24> SHIRLE ROTH. Bales Jo SOHN WAYNE, Receptionist Jobs Si woune Bici 
Exceptional starting sa! lary plus generous bonus. All Bo a Re BETTY GARDNER, Office Jobs PAT PRBS, Diversified J =a e FOR irl's new Ag" 
ie business expenses plus excellent company paid retire- Rs RANDY KANE. Southtown Jove VICKIE LANE, Southtown Jobs i, Da ‘Hct R 
Nationally known corporation, |i ment plan. a oe RS DOT Day. frainee Jobs CATHIE PARK, | he ung Women iy 
he L > we N vs All replies strictly confidential, Reply by airmail le cy el, Sacer R ICH, General Office <4 YOUNG WOMEN EXCLUSIVELY 
in St. Louis area. o. travel. |i) ' h ne é e ¥ Be) 705 Olive H 1-8000 
Age 23-30. Average income with photo and complete [0-year business resume to: | TELEPHONE < OPEN SAT. TIL 5 Employers Downtown 705 Olive, Suite 510 CH 1-8000 = f issu Hin, 26 ‘oot 2, Bout 
over $8500 per year, Repeat BR) MR. DON J. KOHLS rs | Bs ON SUN. CALL Employers Southtown 3615 S. Grand, Rm. 203 PR 6-4144 3 —_ 
business. Protected, well estab- | REGIONAL SALES MANAGER BS CH. 1-8000 Employers Clayton West 7814A Forsyth, Rm. 201 PA 6-2200 =; ( onta ct 
lished territory. Secure future. | e de | SALES BS AND OTHER LOCATIONS! You may apply office nearest you = 
sae tease sive om ie | - NOXZEMA CHEMICAL CO. . | = Employers Are Not Members of the locai employment board . ho IMANY LOCA — 
pital insurance, retirement pian. | BD re : : = 
A proven sales record or office 963 Eee ff hozane | Whether your needs are temporary or permanent you can ie Bs DK AAAL PORN WRIA Para RRR RRR SUA RERKKRRR UME DAR A EY y THESE REE 
mnurs ° : . . : : " 
ee Etc ° ' earn extra income with established sales program. No ex- || SALESMEN WANTED 83 Employment Agencie: MEN Employment Agencies—Male 85 | suckTaARY —- — — — 350 
' ' . ° . . On em sr gaa fe 
2:8 0:00 0.0 @ © 0 .0.@. 0.8 perience necessary, we train you while you earn at full rate. SALES REPRESENTATIVE | Management Trainees | CLERK-TYPIST $250-3300 
aS — pn Age no barrier if over 2!, have neat appearance and pleas- TECHNICAL OFFICE OR SALBES| FIGURE Clerks — — $275-$300 
F . ‘ Leading local distributor of me Srosressive companies offer jobs COMP. re) ERAT iat aati 315 
or appointment phone ant telephone voice. Attractive downtown office. Call fj furniture GS Commercial SUPP with a present and future and 50 0 
CH 1-2785 for interview administrator f Og ey acts execu development to top level Pox RECEPTIONIST — —_— — 218 
CH |-6005 Mr. Van : politan territory. pp mshi trod selling ip ve suites fecetghet a | gibt 
—— perience lesa in eran, are moet important to aya) ONTAC 
—<ALES ENGINEER | LOCAL FIRM AUTOMOBILE SALESMEN fice equipment, absolutely essential, F H Wise,” ‘no With ne BERD net Eat, 
a has opening for 2 high-type PATTER SON FORD earnings. COLLEGE GRADUATES! cord , 3 Oa, Suinorere for Youn 906 | Olive Room 4 201 
o represent national basic chem- | NEED M A | men to train for permanent B FE. 13, p + Di } ¥% : 8. G 5 ve, Buite 0. 361 
icais manufacturer in servicin | | gales positions; must be neat 3600 S. KINGSHIGHWAY Ox Os spare Jr. College Graduates! Rad Suite 203 ; For- BOOKKEEPERS CENTER 
industrial accounts tn the field of | . . ee appearing, Have oer and good SPECIALTY MEN High School Graduates! L i 
dry cleaning, aerosols and othe eT | Reliable, sound, successful, national organization ee teed while training. a har. | tiie PARTS | LEADS 05 Oliv €, GA 1- 631 315 ht ~~ ie BALARISG 
uses. Provide technical assistance | Gittu 1 2 p.m. Tues $6 wn, $6 month rig ht Youn Men | "ORGANIC Za Fc yA _ Worenens ‘te ‘ 
and serve as liaison between plant, | To interview qualified applicants for our Educational Program. Missouri Employment Service, SALESMAN $36 PER DBAL MIST . ba open, ghe, 
field salesmen, and distributors. | No layoffs, year round work, tremendous income immediately. est Florissant. 396, 9 a.m. to 1 brig or without experience in spore a gt > | Youn sit typi . anes ; x 
Extensive travel. Must have chem- Car necessary. | Experienced preferred; to call he ACCOUNTIN G ope “tutu and © | Boo Es. Sa ~~ ay = 
ical background and some know!1- ATTENTION on service stations and ga- "TELEPHONE SALES | MANAGEMENT 500. Call Yehling, OMA i isis F/C typing 10 key — — 339 
eige of machinery. Age -35. For Personal interview see t am interviewing men to sell and; rases. Guaranteed salary plus ENGINEERING Rit Olive. Snelling Agcy. Showroom N.C.R. -- — — $300 
Give background, military status “service Singer Sewing Machines and | commission and car allow- | Prefer et, experience; $119.25 | ADMINISTRATION meres ookkeeper LB.M. — Open 
work history and references. s. peer. MR M MOSS or MR | FEIGIN acuum Cleaners in the St. Louis| *"°: | & $17 week. 705 Olive: KETING harp, attractive — — — n 
oee epost: Dispateh. ' ' » be area. Salary plus . commatssion, | SITE- PANN ELL Ga T6656, cit ate As tancatea | Nr OETATLING PUBLIC RELATIONS vely 0 G. pues job — 5400 + 
| Sheraton-Jefferson Hotel, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M, — |lcations and ‘group insukance: ex: | PA ___| in Biring ' salesman ‘accustomed CLERICAL, = | department; ‘must “have press, te- eg ae oe — ee 
an average in- CRC ' a e : 
SALES TRAIN | Monday and Tuesday only We will train m4 Roply to Br. | (65) AUTO SAI ESMEN |eome in protected territory on an FINANCE lease experience, creative “writing Ee oy Tee ane om 3.8008 
“11 am. | excellent commission arrangement, SALES and ane ae mer 000. 705 Olive, Rm. 
Career opportunity for a man O5- Pes apageamunenet goesersuaconsnesccesr aaa sheen o EWING MACHINE co. best. deat A or will train. Get the | Phone PR 6-0702. Mr. Carter. _ are invited to register at R Ng -78 T814A, Forsyth, im, nm. 293, © aunty 
30, college degree preferred; mus re 5 ge ; = 2 Marocmaonadllniretet : F 5 : ote ie mute we ae | YOUNG MEN | FORD & SONS EMPLOYERS ree Employers 705 Olive Rm. Sadie Bout 
have mechanical science ability; |% District Salesmanager 5 q | Fords. i used cars for volume | 19 FO 26, INTERESTED IN | Susive! dedicated to the objective Ltaaser ia (0s aval 
a thorough, well-balanced training | i§ | Ford denies, at ee fur- | PROMOTIONAL WO | Se pe egieates Rh © pbiect ve AL RAIN 475 
Bales Engineering: | to is a salary be Opportunity | | pisned, no _ n earnings. See | ten $100 PER WEEK ed ambitious if RiGHT : YOUNG | : | 24-30; some electrica) a ATS 
position with food advancement |¢ ayuA. ry At Williamg rh become connected with. & MEN for growth Pi in | lea age to industrial sales; 

of background and 

experience to = 

a 6 We are interested in talking with men sincere, ambitious 

and. with executive ability, betweeen the ages of 25 to 

car. Call PA Geo. Pappas Ford Cénter | 


at makes possible 


dynamic com 

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mmercial enterprises. | 40 509 Olive GA 

ORD & SONS offer special cee 

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"Of St. Louis” Employers, says... 

e . Dept. ee 3700, van UN 69 rane 6116 Natural Brid rapid adv ancement. For in- seling and guidante toward highe Young Management ‘hen “ 00's of f 
the Personne sl os 50. Our nationa!! operated company can be the an- | aren TRA MONEY? ge fa i terview call GA 1-2120. ‘income levels, for young men rod Ivy Leagues Standards, for well- ie a “without a  ooes se me Facts. 
PRESSTITE DIVISION : swer to your financial problems immediately. We feel # AUTO SALESMEN (2) YOUNG MEN pate of, amturrative, “Accounting. | Young men for senlor-executive ‘they age, DAE IITELY. 

we offer the finest opportunity in America today. If %| Earn regularly and pleaspnrly H | 18-25; free to travel California | Engineering & Management lead- | res onsibilities.. $500 up, . sown aut “Boat 1X VEL 
AMERICAN MARIETTA 00. , b ' f f d Be in your spare time. Phone Mr. igh pressure outside solicitors | 4nd return. Earn $300 monthly | ership posit ions in American busi. oe PCO, 705 Olive, Rm. 22% 8. ABSO itt LY, Bost, 
I you can qua fy you will be proud to intorm your riends ee West, HU 1-1254 after 1 need for automebile agency; must, Plus bonus. Trangportation fur-| ness firm onus salaries for) gees _ ===!" RED CARP REA A Pia 
3738 Chouteau es, of your type of business. No investment. Di gnified, = p.m. daily. ve eee a, H ey Eerock. | ; Tennis 10. —"ate k — cote s| honor. erecuates a /or suc- | Empl. Agencies Male Female 86 . RPET FRIENDS 
Bo ; S| “ , - # D.M., o . essful past business experie . . oY 
~ OALESMANAGER = g_axcellent, caias managorort. 4200 0 $300 per week. COLORED — |. CLAYTON MOTORS | |-Dont phon (So azrange'a content toies-| 14 |MPORTANT 11 | Py viaced im the ame, ote qn 
‘tically certain to be between $200 to $300 per week. # 8455 Maryiand PA 7- 2200 | NEEDED IMMEDIATELY | Mist, {enains. to, sreater, Corer or . 7 f you wn 
king for that golden oppor-|%: We will introduce to you men who have left $10,000 to i Neat experienced salesmen; must ~~~ ITA AATFPOLLALL CO Real estate company for bi aa, | Sithouh ai rite, come in oe I.can help you tro milerise voursel 
tunity? If you are an experienced | S| have car. FO 7-3241. AUTO SALESMAN division develo ds full-ti NOM ete mowever - URE YOU CAN? with St. Louis, find rs. a place 
salesman, here is!!! Call $20,000 per year positions and are happy to be ma a”. | experienced salesperson for subdi- | alt gy best thas sgure. your: Probably you can get a job -| 0 do ne a job nea 
7-5143 for BOP must. counenns- i us today. Is that enough? ey SALESMEN | We need an agressive high : power; | vision and for outside sales. Give land salaries bi out a successful oR he Boy as till 5 oF ‘call sun, 
pearing and 3 car ne‘should ee director cA See $500 i Big opportunity with solid future ty oe - 2 ae oe | 207, Post: Dispate h. ae a MISS Louise Em ay see 
ma $10,000 “tine year.  \8 Se . ccomtt| presenting recognized nationally ad-| tke 4 705 Olive Rm, 510 -8 
make ba. eae ee enaes cs aS | vertices Daag pee qe Son eee s CLAYTON MOTORS  oaming. ra wl aye aR, E()RI) b as i BUT T : BETTER h | 38 ee ATi ‘em 2 78 a 
yrs ANALYS me in ouis, Southern [linois| $3 layton Rd. PA 7-2200 \* "AN wiser r less painful to have the | 
e a ata ee ns and Eastern Missouri; drawing ac- BO = ra white, ieee the” rit tale aa. Rirake ar | — érain “y eg nS rN TALKED B ? 
experience, RARE count —, substantial commis- | $2. 10° hours agter short training | auto trips to contact customers. EM YERS on be AIN- 
i. sion; leads pointments fur- Ss. e ASHED' — the Lerner agencies 
ood oR ortun me ving period. Ap a.m. p.m. | Write D. $. Crawford, Vice Pr NOT A LOCAL ead ! 
OOM ERODU Ts co. ished, write LM ull personal) only. 706 PR stnut room 201" Texas Refinery Corp., Box i.| MENT “BOARD MEM have broader coverage and are I'LL SAY WE ARE! 
MUST BE HANDICAPPED. TE ley Road OPPORTUNITY histor to ne., 40 N. able to afford better professional 
GOODWILL INDUSTRIES 7 ee ea Kingshigh way cae nis) So Mo, |B IVER-salesman; "drive a Ro? 7 ee Wr aH | 705 Olive Rm. 8 BH 48000 | © | pesatance ta’ falve sou Job Bio EVERYWHERE 
D—Men, Women 84. th | ems immediately. A counse ors 
4140 FOREST eis BL. Tool oom achinists $ 10,000 Free t 0 trav eee leads | o- 2S On Wad zoe. WONT | KIO “THACHER Ls |3638 8. Grand ‘Rim, 203 “Bouth are CPC.’ s Certifie en reornel And fo, reasons, we have 
4 A on alary an mmission, e bes a est serv- 
Single, willing < tae on re- | FIRST CLASS ONLY PER YEAR PLUS Up. Box 230, Post-Dispatch. Lier’ __Part <3 7 HA 9-5855. _ | LOCAL RPS sou abe Naturally ~~ Gv A, 
pooese exoutiect Opportuns y Excellent — conditions and ; AD E ISING BOYS iene YOUNG MEN People are our . an pee ge ge corviee 
become associated with nationally Due to expansion, national ni- SALESMEN $340 salary per month, plus 1 P we F ppiicants 
advertised footwear manufacturer; | !nsurance lan zation has opened age! orga | Sentive increaees. ce aia | HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE EMPLOYERS. “OFFICES talk about the top jobs wey 
retail shoe experience helpful; sal- s oD new sales divi: | I ALA KA jh . . WITH OR WITHOUT 705. Olive, Roem 510. CH 1-8000 have secured throu; 
sty while in training. Box £-100, | NGMCO 00 achine Uo. sion in Bt. Louis yi BA sopttalzarion, paid vacations, | EXPERIENCE ees s “Grand. Room 203 South| Louis’. most individual and 
Post-Dispatch. _ (Jefferson Barracks) following categories for nee alities YOU CAN'T MISS | SALESM EN | | Baufications: as Trainees — Earn &® Learn | T814A Forsyth, a 201 west perennaees job securing busi- 
me school gra } 
SALESMAN _ t 1251 GROVER RD. | om mare 2. Able to converse intelligently. an fae | other offices s_opening | al! “SEE JUNIE NOW! 
—— —SALE N m | 3. Neat in appearance Ls— 
ie pee eres eke E48: | TOOL and DIE : (potential, in income $10,000) WITH THIS ONE! i OL 2-3650 -| Seay person. Hotel Pe, Moto. |S sterieal rem | A 705 uve fm. 22 229 oA 1- ‘6318 _ 
Y : ily raftic ir ae —= ‘ 
must have car; established route. MAKERS 2.—ASSOCIATE MANAGER FOOD SALESMAN Seo Mir. LaMares. ” P- ™- | Shipping beste | Certified Personnel Counsellor SLEEPING PILLS OK 
Box K-50, Post-Dispatch. O " (Potential Income $14,500) iit $100 to $150 week looks 500d | |NATIONALLY advertised dairy BOOKKE p “| Missiles Figures| NO CHARGE FOR TRAINING 
SALESMAN: distributing | ere Toe 3, STATE MANAGERS. 4.) |1¢ you Right from ine start st ambitious Gnergetle ‘young man. pres ag | Banking Auditing | Guaranteeing you, maximum, Pay.) YOU) WON'T YAWN 
hardw s, west coast lumber and | Richard Philip Co. in A. J Hhaen us at once. nates | 'splendid opportunity, Box E-393, With general bookkeeping. Draftin Finance | merous other fringe benefits. For| pxciriInG PUBLIC CONTACT 
fir abo Box net ABO. Post-D. |— 5007 FYLER QUALIFICATIONS jing big money and how you can n | Post- eae tch, 5 spate’ ot seqxeround: } Res, pr tad Apventae: | tase qualities. you Fn -- 4 f | bh ree Jobs Free 
experience 0 is not. a cold canv pas} INSURANCE ROKER: see Mr. also accounts Pays e experi- Ss eency nagers and-or owner me — 
SAUSAGE MAKER and stuffer; | TOOL & DIE MAKERS 25 to 45 years of age; must have’ deal . . « We furnish leads. LaQuet, Missouri State Emp., 505 ence on NCR 3100 or 3200 | ee ee Marketing | with stock participation programs. | ree 0 S 
exer Siopati * sage a Box E-15, | earned minimum of $7,500 previ- | reason Ry . men ge so muc | Was ington - eG hee en ne; 5-day, | had ergy qoreenee | noe Director. “employers. oot: poaptioniete talk oo buyers +44 
Post is atc }, dle | ou ear or ave been in own! money is because The hite Cross ) tee astie recto - | Receptionists, ° ts — 
A al cE RVICE VAAN —w | Buperionce BE png mM — and businass, bondable Plan otfered by Bankers Life d | Investigators Insurance | SENACK SHOES 506 N. ath | Laboratory rournete™ | tee & an BOR Aososialey: Receptionist ; aitanuaiinne = 260 
E | die makers who want to specialize Casualty Co. is the fastest Ee | Permanent opening for young man COUPLE; married: no children at @ieetranies Bookkeeping 705 0 oes "1 al iv GA _1-3600 Receptionist; real estate — $250 
for heating and cooling units,| on high precision tools and dies. APPLY IN PERSON lan in America, The demand for | who has own car and type over home; position as co\tage parents | Qi ervisory Advertising (S | ) Receptionists; learn 4 75 
experienced, steady work, good pay | Ehrhardt Tool & Machine Co., Ine. his Health, Accident, an nd Hospi- | 50 w. p.m guarantee wanile in a be 4 s Home; must have car and | Fu. Asst estme Be vance aver ied — if 
for Tight man, “prefer older man 914 Montoe ||$129, Delmar, suite 204, 9 a.m.| tal pla is 0 great Jn thie tert; training: “liberal fee, Basie, ABDYY are in heat lever: Box R-267, PD. | SLE eernah Timekeeping Saat "Faye on all Above Jobe" 
’ . tf) } * 
BoRVICD” MS iT AGER; | | TOOL ‘and DIE MAKERS | M d dT d O | oo” aie ‘pass this up. Te . eis i pereee com 300, 6617 Clay: ‘COUPLE; stay; chauffeur, house- | peperement, ao aadising PAT ‘DARKER MA xi eT FOR opie 29 
major dil company; metropolitan Mold makers; new shop onaay an uescay ny | rity t et the ~ | MEN 21 40. to manage small sales | man, yardman; wife to ook, and Export-lmpc dy dministration m. 229. 
St. Louis; full company benefits; BACHMAN, 4321 N. Broadway | —prp 5 u a nothing to 6 | groups “Reputable pre eee: | downstairs wor HE 2-890 “alr Gonditic . ae ery yTe 5 
" - i l , 8 r Condi on 
gee dees det salars of aual-|" TOOL & DIE MAKERS EOTARRIED MAN” wnene WO 2.0611 Sut. or fulltime, Gar and bond | DOUPLE-Fanssoet:, mane, smal SerERANS-ALL FIELDS |_8EE_OUR PREARUAT OFFICE JOBS—TOP SALARIES 
ments. ox K-86, Post-Dispatch. OVERTIME with car, to train for sales necessary. Some average $250 We haven't Pern Po you! JOBS ALWAY OPEN Key ~R sorters, ete. 
‘i MAN. heating and air: 6 and service: will start_man week 5-8403. SALESM EN many fl our cosnesrere are C t t eaters) <= 
Sidon " exper rie need; mn | sutaors. 5s wir _ accepted at $90 week. Phone | Ask for Mr. Douthit I EN; 5, not afraid to work; to | ans them Male, Female, White, Colored weolineapers 2 = 
con 0 ot 8 ‘ “ | ’ ‘ ‘ one 
now controls ; call PA 5- 1900; |~ TOOLROOM machinists and to § pm. MIS. rt ae help on food route; $2.50 hour; : SALESWOM EN FORD % SONS. EMPLOYERS | _ sanitgta ‘Porter "Bus Boys Varitypists, teletypists — 
after p.m. call HA 7-7126. ig and fixture builders; at _ P white. eeie Ww. F in rear only. | aids, Waitresses, Counter Giris Dictaphone operators —- - 
SERVICE station mechanic; white, ie a 10 years experience; job CHALLENGING ORISSANT _|In the sales field? Want to get) up) ly For Younag Men” Bic AGENCY, ‘308 N. SIXTH | Adding, calculating — — 
top caliber man, sharp; benefits shop experience necessary. Sa les sman\ Nan anted WEN earn aa. 50 per hour; in the sales field? Wereniche train- | xclusive a as EMPLOYMENT | COUPLE. a ‘ + ; IBM machines — — — — 
Eatare iy ot ions, "8 | eehtie LANHEOPERAT Pe m Bay guares gmmediately QAP | Gat have case Commer’ | WOR GARD, sieht UPR ME cao Rts | Uaienaans = = = 
est _Florissan RRET LA “OPERATOR; | ' | ~~ 
BERVICE MAN; heating | and air| must have at Re <y st 3 years job OPPORTUNITY Personable man, any age, who E an ensioners; av- | $120 Per Week to Start | 798 Obxe RM ar 18000 | ae OR tas + eorenes a oo Labora tery technict e tn t =| 
conditioning; experienced only: | shop experience; able $2 read biue- t earn big money and | fase $1.80 hour, For estab- Cc 9 dR 203. Sou . 1973 alaries Quoted at Inter i 
‘ wants to & y | ALL MI 7-2574 3615 8. Gran m. out wy 3-6415 Kieffer ‘WY 3-1 EMPLOYERS Office Machines 
“white: permanent WO. Se Bees Pranic MANAGER t fo S ident ~. THE ALEXANDER be his own boss at the same aiitehietbot hatte day ALES CLERK for expanding 29 N. Meram '?705 Olive, Rm. 5 1-8000 
- 7 r (es : ™ 
automatic screw machines; will | manufacturer; experience with rail HAMILTON INSTITUTE time. No investment required must be able to talk. Not afraid d| raminent feta po, en ges | Rite rer ee 261" pun 
ie to eo top salary. pan | ber desired ; La mr poe peewee. except time. Great future, job oe doors By Ry ore Sti a nd educ 1 background. Box tt Executives, to $25, 000 mploy. Agencies—Female Lu oe 
ob experience: top end resume including age, educa , hain . n. i 
© 2-4053 anytime. _____| tion and experience. All’ replies | A lender ip the field of manage. security, salary unlimited. | mangers also needed. 620 Olive. C18t, Post-Dispaten. CQ HAS DEPARTMENTS | \'re sb HUTTON 
confidential. Box J-224, Post-Dis. | years as Rinlimited opportunity Actual auto selling experience | PART time: § months per year, | “EXCLUSIVELY FOR EXECU- LUCKIE + THESE 
Shoe Fact Foreman pele, Soyjonpntatg ip ang | preferred. Apply in person on- | FR MAE MEtig™ county. phone TIVES IN BALES. ENGINEES. OV 
ise * Louis area, a. of sell-| ly to 3 Al At 
0 Facrory TRAVEL COUNSELOR sic ersturedeosce satel | Adama 4-141, eves BpOMy MBB cfg. | JOIN BARBARA'S FREE, |More Free Jobs—My Oh My! 
oH . r a =| | , vie 
Position open for a packing 4 ytatt has al’) NANCY RAGSDALE PHILCO | FOR UPHOLSTERERS \NTEED HIGHER SALARIES | 2.9325 UF You the Bi NO DUES" | Public Contact — — — — 
20-28, permanent opening re | | fo COLLEGE GRADS Di OR | arbara gets you . est s Lenker 
WwW ‘ brackets “and ‘enjoys the distinction | | Must be experienced; handicapped | R ¢ | 1 t .| For wealthy —_ i 
room foreman. e are man quiring personal contact in of- | ° I sa pond & av es 0 ur ona 
Sant f hj h fice with mem mbers of service of a — oN we at their eee | Custom Food Service preferred. ENCE PAST E nings wy B.. 325 |. eneve Receptionist — to $250 
rers of womens hi and places siness uality | r 
; ak hi h Must be crpearance important. inter. leads are x Of RY ed from } ‘al. and | AUFFENBERG BUICK | q (| rs | ads N | © arrange a confidential inter- month * 63" free. a. arpare Interesting Positions “tart 60 
grade fashion § we : saien weet. ° 37 national a havertising immediate | bads OSe e ODWILL | DUSTRI | Ze Witness ouer pon, Ba i Recep to 25 xz gene out “heeaks 
fully enperiancns, Acs 9 £ hour week, employes benefits sions, iberal monthfy bonuses. plus 3346 S KINGSHIGHWAY We need avons closers; = pave 4140 Forest Park BI. | tal -611, |Pravel phone i sini — gy Re Take calls: ice e. : 325 
quality end production. Ex. | | Sur, smpleyger eee ctatene _|ppowuniten ao Stymie 8 gy. | SHIGHWAY' ran? cttes"ane ‘aeuvery werwce: forsoutits "othr "igs Sre0, | MAPCO (World-Wide) __ Medica oifice-typing to $390 FREE UST TOR GIRLS 
cellent opportunity tor rig hg organ are Oo Pe a scho i R Train dictaphone — to $330 F 
ected t lly qualify because -8863. | Lipase E BqUTIVES p ‘ 
sc the cats ful aunty r ad SALESMEN |__APPLY 12 15 TAMM | TUTOR, for” English language; | 705 Olive Suite 229 GA 15 Re ee eepine to $350 ee| LOADED ) WITH 
TRUCK DRIVERS complete prainieg ia give m ape ore | 2 hours day. Private, JE 3-93 | COLLEGE LEVEL YOUNG MEN Poetataniat bowel g 350 FR MORE FREE ‘JOBS MORE 
Box K-103, Post-Dispatch With tractors wanted to 1] Sims hy actively s art wi us. e are | Experience Unnecessary PHILCO WANT middle- aged couple as oS | We represent various outstan ing 



| tions who are willing to| prerutive trainees— to 3330 F pRee 
Motor Transpor ailers; | bi : « | taker of centrally located apart- | Corpora | Desi to $350 8 tary-Bookk . bene- 
cmmenere YER steady hauling Iinois, Indiana, fled and Permanent. yo WOR con ANCHOR FENCE Unexperienced—Experienced =| Ments; live on. property : prefer | | pre AR OuNR men anagement posi | | Editorial trainee — to $350 PREE ite ae 350 
SHOE BU Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan. We | will be selected Che basis of | The country’s leading manu- Have you ever wanted to ke - couple Ww ory, hus ond pas | tions: production, research, engi- | genera office — to $350 F Assistant Bookkeepers — to $200 
Basement-type shoes for chain also need high side, open tops and | experience, ability. Wand character.| facturer of residential chain | be a salesman? . 7. ecu are og «# 3 >) purchases, accounting, | Mevertising — =e a8 FRE EF igure Cler 295 
store: must be familiar with flats. Apply L. Garrison, Sims | A car is necessar Call Mr, Don-| link fen desires several | Here is your chance! een A.m. p.m. __ pp ation Sing and sales, high start- Recep. -se — FREE Ty ist weneral “office “jobs 560 
Eastern shoe market, good paneas BS ese ort, ee City i, | nellan, Weane Ld a , Monday, Tues- | meme are ng ati. Leute veg 4 | ai] bye you “earn Employment Agencies—Male je 88 ing salaries, Ford & Sons. Em- er bookkeeper to $400 caee | | n R Bookkee Se 325 
background in buying and wardsville ‘d., rant Y ’ ay or Wednesday a 4 try for young men exclusively. ag ecretary——-hat a job -—- to 
-4140. lected will have year-round Many company benefits in life 2: | Legal stenographer to $400 FRE mS 425 
7 ee ee BL poy } oe eam or_call_ GLenview 2-4 PERVISOR employment must ‘have car, | surance, hospitalization. Call MI te | TSi4A Forsyth, Rm. 201, County. | Merchandisin —— to » $480 ‘TREE | Secretaries, Girl Fridays 4 $375 
0 PATCH . go appearance, leasing | 7-6220 for appointment.  _ JOB Witt La. FUTURE’ Demonstrator — — to $400 FREE | 109 Key Add. nai a 8325 
BHOE B-400. POBT-DISPAT ex- Hospitalization, A &H personality and be Ay lin ATTENT tON PHOTO VE or sales \gaj and oe. awd = o7o0 FREE | j 4 gUNIES Just "TOR G LS 
, wor we train with a sa ary ales corfesponden oO 
perience aL at Dis} Y, wore. Experienced only, bondable, mar-)| Opening for two top men with| and furn ish leads in tra ee. wgome “college preferred. | xusic studio —- — to $425 FRE 5 Olive m. 229 
= 2 oat -128P* ried, top wages for top service-|proven Managerial and sales | tected territory. For appoint- We need men with specialty sales be noe PECTS this; SEF SES Or | Recseterns Wrens to 338 REE es GIRLS—FREE : 
‘SHOE store manager for new high en, must know cit and county, | ability to be put in charge of two | pent. call Mr. Keller, WO 2- hi pen 9-4:30-—Type —- -~ to 483 
oe ee. ghee — _keet Teferences. FO 7-533 "Inew out of town offices to be |__835 ro ney MAD, El a he ae Bo | 3c PROGRESSIVE PERSON Ba9 | Secretary, sno steno to $450 EEE E Needed for receptionists, afersi, al 
opened immediately in this state. test ; ocial worker ——- -——~ office, office machines, 
“t. <ot TV SERVICE MEN | eaisse"aivetontent’ot'ag6s Sct Tag ig F —9  lee ypoa ie gf, OUI ONLY FOR’ funlor Teoouvant 12 $438 BREE |S atiany eres page stash 
Sh S ing and development of agents. for advancement, Car necessar Growing Companies Technical and Scientists A he Sag harareinne to 450 by FREE JOBS ae FREE JOBS 
oe a esmen Top pay for top outside men; QUALIFICATIONS: Hospitaliza- PUD Dumpty, Inc., 1123 Wash-| arr, EDUCATIONAL LEVELS To $7500 to Unlimited Salaries |X-ray technician — 0 FRE 
P y 
pee we” lida * rede tion and A & H sales experience. ington. aia ae LEARY oh EApecina, Coos 9 ex: Personnel Counselor 4 2 0 FREE 2 Oftice Girls — 278 
y : E. - 17 4 t ce Detective — — 
Bapertonees ore to a high: “grade Sfauidin By Y-4009 1k nae caged LUs Would you like to make ~ PHOTOGRAPHERS ~ PARTIAL List Y - ite S, Ales irae EM- gon cars yn wend be 500 eRe Messengers, PBX, de luxe ” me 
an nera ice -~ NO ngineering Service. ‘Ho me Economist — to $5 essengers, 
sistant a manager Give ifi- outsid vacation with Gay OF OVERW t | Young men with an interest in| Jr. Accountants No Fee $475 | 705 Olive, Suite 510, CH 1-8000 | ule UNE UT Fo FOR GIRLS 
sores 4 church, 8 cif iat outsice recat son with way: sy os GOMMISSION AND OVERWRITE| $200 or better weekly. If photography an i end nes we at. Ageounamns oe 3673 OB A Wy fc TURE uminigtzatirs — to 530 PREE ee: E J Sone 
tne orate Aspnes ey a autres hed acicty contdental| you are neat, age 21. to [Barn Wo fiboand wp pene cis] Sialmegeraens Nepte gags | ALERT ITH A FUTURE" MSGS Be, Holter MEL |"'A JOB WITH A FUTURE™ 
n; ’ ° e QO. , ' rokerage fr ees LERT yo m to train in 
fide sk: abo perienc ced need eed Apply: ~only | ew toll & ieee Bana on necessary. Humpty Dumpty, Inc.,| Gustomer Service No Fee 439 Senerat attice. work oF rirlines: a. “i sae ABLE, beginner to train on PBX; 
HOE enc P: ‘ Lou an, Vice-President can tollow instructions, we 11 Washington. Sales Correspo’nt No pee 4 8 high school graduates; $300+. is ms w . 7 receptionist or 1 clerk with 
SH E PATTERMAN . week; | Missour Wathonal fat ans. Co. bs mew he _— Apply I G Salesman; offset, ex- Management — No 45 ROGRESSIVE PERSONNEL some filing; See: 
solanenaaa ' %. o's . rienced. Bardgett Printing & Industria! Rel'ns No yee 00 308N. 6th Rm. 706 CH 1- 1-0820 J G duat N F 
Experienced in ) lasing, out and of- Set Nae (eee Rie daily. ublishing Co. Purch ng — No Fe 80 R ere R > UP une raquaTes, o ree 
Geping 8 a ee 98 ome | Y UNG MAN rATIVE Rey 201 ‘City a hi Bid PROOF PAUBERS Comlsalon, To Predit trainees No Fee $400 EA N $20, 000 YEA Sages now if you are planning 
a RT. nid en ‘ come Large mid-town tnqusance ettiee. SALES” 3 63 g Oli 9: a Humpty umpty Inc., 1123 Shipping Boys rte: to ee ++ | COME TELL YOU, Dus “SECRET | & business iM pure after sT% meron, 
HA PERN, OE CO. nee an to assigt execu ves in ah ae | Washington. M’ ‘Trainees No 330 tCRY IL n 
jome, at 92-6792 | tails, in. eogreapon ages skeround et | Moka: ee nan oa ri we. Cost Clerks — No Fee o75 an 8 ALTIA 705: Olive, Rm. 324, CH 1-1354 | ‘PROGRESS! VE PERSON Dae 
and embosser, | accounting oF statistical work | earnings between $500 ” $8000 | S ALESMEN REAL ESTATE Male, Bteno ners No ies 390 ~ ACCOUNTING & OFFICE a FOR GIRLS WHO THINK IN 3 N, 06. CH 1-0820, 
overs, top onlay, to ex- nelpeui. 2 reply Give ORs. ote: First dat depending on your abil- | Salesmen list - sell GOLD KEY| Finance Trainees No Fee $450 000 to Unlimited Salaries No. TYPING 
ox .-D, pectea’ ox | of ei Pos Dispatch. ity. Complete retirement program. would Be consider Ly gajes. career | AWAR RD HOM NS Ey oe come gtition. Sales qrainees— ie Fee a. SPPo aks “Acc counting: F 
= uaran oodwill men’ — 1- 
STéEt L RULE. DIE MAKERS YOUNG MAN For persona interview /teed income 5200, plus earn Chemical Techs. No Fee 438 708 5 olive Lute. aa “80 000 pont Poy sil cite diatee thane 
AKE READY he rienced Phone PA 6-3136 hee .— tha Heal easthing | LTORS pecs aftsmen = No gee $50 degree: Mall levels: ay sto" ur, alee ie cont, Girl figure clerks, 
wa es, mug Jr, Dra ee : ‘ : : 
Rizs, Snr pIREATER plant "work with er Sat. 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. | fully for Suttire from pyran Hine Biudy nce, Noes $009 | ADVERTISING “TRAINEES. 800 a fres. See June . ral ee 
earn ys Rs ygu app ourself, . eae 6. 705° Oliv ‘ 18 rr 
wiedge of buying and ie Cl A. 4 Design Trainees No : wae 
bg a M 9 A.M. to 8 P.M Mlinois Division, has openings. in| eres aan floor time an _~- —— NO Fee $49 KKEEPERS, $400 . “free. YO TRE DIFFERENT 
"yeetatrant food ‘Supplies hel on., -M. TO .M, pe i Produc ‘BOO P; 
a's nm person. after SUE ofa Y  arlver ers, Fa.. 3 Ask re MR YODER ww a if or Us mes wees eal estate , aia ME. mare — Ko ee 34 Raw 705 Olive oom 228 FREY Wane, Manager We rive _individval aieention: ¥o- 
L. Eraser. e; we need men to display our | ’ “ See : 200! tee =e toe Gan HEMISTS, ah phases ; tops fret, ivate secretar cause every applicant 
Eibeking rate" bulla produc Por PL PIT IZATI( . App! ants ™ rr ealdent 0 Physicists — No ce R09 Mapeo, 705 * 1-6315 | Peceptionist: Fwd one eek has diffe t qualifications and 
H S pplicants must den h ee $80 eceptionist: sports enthusiast. a eren q 
ALBERT PICK MOTEL ae Biggs, wo 33102 or PL () AL (ON ae Bving ue geegee a = ates he 3535 gop ; ee $79 a tea 50 UP tee i- eltie pecs Crew nif pee Banpoens a + ar gat: 4 teak you a8 tn 
-6! iaeaate , air coun r gan wee ro o Fee om 22 ece ptionist, ) 
4625 N. LINDBERGH RD, YOUNG MAN? for for small down- Accident—Health sales ote La ule indell al, 6 CHIPPEWA — Quality "Con CR ee 850 Gee 705. Olive tree 6315. eceptionis ‘ reservationist aide if you ae Ack Barbara ‘Hutton, 
BRIDGETON, MO. os town office; good typist; accurac No Experience Neces St. Louis, 8, stati ng ae ications. — LEARN REAL ESTATE. En ineer Aids — 4 3 5 apeo, live eceptionist; child guidance LLING ALL 
maporta than speed: mill- | We need mer ‘for the HAST BIDE |.Applications held confidential, __ | xy ime the season is i No Fee int Cost Accountant, $475 | gece ptionist ro eel rg FAIR LADIES 
Toure. tn , Industral enkinetr Aine | vious exper sete ei PD. We oa me She eC SALEOMED ee %, Hecellen aulction of existing Sat Diversified | 25:ionntgtcaleRiy “RK Bi ceptions: public relation.” S/S. | Ax you know, Job finding x very 
YO d for the EAST SIDE) ? challengin | ag unKty w we eceptionist; work with gzures. compe ve uggest yo 
incenti erates nd vanalizin nating sonality needed tor aun and T LO mee f areas to cali on our | Over 25 with car; married men ab Mr dexter. F WORLD-WIDE ENTERPRISES “setabishe da He , Oli GA 1-1688 | Rece: ionist; keypunch oo phone me immedi iately for an ap- 
od improvements. cecal manu. | ary cleaning department, n sales ey which are plentiful. This is | hel me operate a ‘year-around bu :| Norman George FL 1-6333) ¥ J BR SER | LO 5 ve ‘eceptionist; key 1-gai office. pointment to receive my compli- 
capaci Apply in person, Wm rtunit _iness; no investment; ful] time; far ad 9 Imitated But Never Fqu ve CORRESPONDEN clerks, "$300 | Receptionist; alert beginner mentary po analysis. I’m sure it 
HE 2.87 SE tel et ves Per y Laun ty. 33 Ni TP pridge |7°U VERION LYFE INS. CO above average earnings proven first | LET GEORGE DO I?” _iE ENTS The BART SIDE 2N OOR | 4 Mapco Personnel eceptionist; all variety duties will be to your benefit as a sure 
10 appointme YO to sell’ men’s 634 N. Grand, ie. 401 week, You'll be trained and pro- ~~ REAL ESATE SALES. 5 ae . 228. GA1- 6318 | ¢ 765 bits ive, Room 228. GA 1- 6315 Receptionist ; en. utility gal, lye, fire metho to find your job 
were EDL NE BOOK furnishings, nm company East side residents call JE 1-4002 | Moted to rat at once if 4 MEN OR WOMEN | In St. Louis OF The Nation it's | HESIGN engineers, $750, up; free. | Receptionist; train accou untin mediately. See me, Junie. 
benefits. ational shirt Shops. .-12 noon, ___ | fied, With | income | potenti! mir | Experienced or beginner; we havé apeo, 705 Oliv GA 1-6318 | Receptionist take the O7e one. Te Olive _ Rm. 229 - 
ae HELP Ui reat ene Boisal, ‘FO 7- 60,°9-2. Mon.-Tues.| an attractive proposition whieh DRAFTSMEN, ‘veRininers, ~ juniors | Receptionist; travel bureau What Jobs, W What Salaries! 
YOUNG: MAN. Fabien, | 7 ‘gaslat ais y 4R ME wey ARN “RE AL EST ATE | Wesco your investigation im- | oo? Piso Olive ah’ 16315 Rece ptionist; train private. eye. and the Best.” 
Me Mop ont Women with ae 5981 Ea “ee elt A very good deal | for agares- Now is the time the season is | SURKAMP CO | ELECTRONIC PERSONNEL, de- Resebeioniot: engineer background 48 interviewers. ee on nenes 
telephone books in St’ Louis sive men with here. Excellent selection of ae | 6333 EASTON EV 1-3355 | gree or non-degree; research: de-| Receptionist; confidential assign. ou. INTERESTING one hs HIGH 
St Pouls county, St. Charles, so-meues sales Sanartene e; Deore pro erties lus new home to| REAL ESTATE salesmen looking sign, operate, marsten nance, — Receptionist; ke p Dr. poste 
ate i Pallevila. at, Bt. is Tr YOU AR "T siiee Th mr NG SAL/ a sell. 'C all M res ety RF “growing 0 ps Ron all, wh 105. Olive, R i ‘908. +, MER ) eceptionist; ape * phychiatriat. “JUNIE JUST FOR GIRLS” 
an ranite y, . reas. A NI | A N rman eor e L | -6333 receptionist; clothes norse, tag APCO 705 Oliv Rm. 22 is 
oF pe Delivery E Ut EST orm Bt. Louie county. “subdivision and eceptionist; wonderful people. —] —; 
about Marc . Plea And liberal eoramitaien wie “LET GEOR po IT’ used perty real ge ortunity. teceptioniat; Vo k counts. Administrative ‘Assistant 
a MAN, OR WANT TO BE|  day'tweek se i |—SALES OPPORTUNITY. [28 rapenen can Boe Move CADILLAC captlonist : Urain sasretary, 
Company e Child Labor SALES ’ ; get details UN_7-6902. AL OPPOR __FREE | Receptionist; pood-will ambassador. | EXECUTIVE SECRE ARY; 35- 
w prohibits anyone Gager ve GB, RSrittth.. a + fee ra Smencial future in tatepogt- ‘AM a finn = Prestige Jobs—Prestige Firms Relocate conga Tl filial, beautiful eception at; fearn 0, SEeriew. 0; pay a o $ 
P the large . “s ess rn excess of $12 wome ts ition ae COLLEGE OR HIGH teu city of estab- | Recep ion a4 ac ‘ b Re Kay ee ersonne) _ “818 Olive 
Er” automo res ine =| leads from our national a odd rst one = mith anna fey Pireniaris gn. wi p oe? is 5 ee ee 750 + om lished eres pays your fe "ee, mi ving ception st; mes} Coleone, | CA "Yu pita’ dle money’ $83 
work is bein . No help: ern e ree aes, ‘pias’ the batt by HOME IMPROVEMENT minimum Oxarnings of $7000 need | know of this ad. Send in Accountants — = to 600 + Bree | expenses, and, as slat in "Joc 34 ; ponderou au bith tive TON es 
years age, Y perinltted: < f many” policy ts pg A. . S ALESM EN mes PA ___ PA _6-5444, 9-4 DAILY Louis "12, | vx cxauEn | Advertising er os +4 { + Fees ole, 3, EE yt 4, P ae BAe MON 3 tr ra mets. a e9; a 
BS name, Ba. he St. Louis area, se- S MA REAL Ef r% SALESM Sees — w £a8 + 02, 407, 077, 519 machines, Pre- 7" carn Wesen 
pei orem, PoE ard. 2/0 8 f a fimployed: “ages, 27-40... Fou ike Wor pe able, tonal” 2 | young ser me for 5 euvure : eer seaaioty cise for gr |Sinebsaphart, — 1 $48 1 Bite | [St atic’ ees ce aes as Set Rin. 20 Bis 708 ouve Ri 
-10 1. wi ive thorough train- min dea ng condi- | Correspen +5 this week. fa f) 
ing in our national ; | £000, plan. fresser ‘business. com iberal draw if ou uall we tions. eh ot fige Boys elds— to PRO + ree C4 915 Olive a hat BEGINNER ORR FRE 
ink school at company expense Ola te our |e ae bok alt -3231 — {8 $250 + Free | LBM. OPERAT ape 
including. init *| ments. RE YQuy | brandt. ING | ® | $7" up Tyee 35 w.p.m.; varied duties; 
Bn rite ned. tool 2, $400 to $800 per month in Bete r. Birner, VE | eA ERMAN? St. Loula area, In- | CO ARTIN rane 15 Applied Research— fo oo ire Fa5 Olive, Bure 228. GA spepeanre fa datews: sect 208. MA 
. * ~ ° . . . | Ww . 
and die mole a ayaa come. | accesso - apd rau Ne SR aes nour Plcees «=| gacnaiciane — — fo INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER * aaa Suite 303, 122 N. 7th, 
area. Apps eants mus ‘have | rel pt or gr arts equipment, Submi Maar R RLTY, CO, | prenicists = to $900 t a a local nondefense, top com- Gerke | Quel Se. . 
saci = "Eonvenient -_ 14. Field | sapervieios. gincluding « WANTED ALIVE! experience coe w. Bassche Air- | $206 aoe Portessnt BV ES ‘5.6988 | rafter n = = to $500 + Bree any experienced, | $7200. aca q ompe Machine oot uality Service, a 
: sts—- — — to ree | / raph 
th NER AL “MET AL 5. an te) portunity tc to build a se- |. cago OutkR: od. | 28 age 24 or over; Lid train: it will an ete Om — Np 50+ Free Snelling Agcy. pu one ovr. CLERK 
GE ure future, Full time telephone solicitors who SALE brick, masonry pro oy to Invest PL 2-4407 | | MAIL, ROOM CLERKS, S275 aa gtepnone 
6. Retire in 20 v 93.8 3}. 971 iii work for to earnin s to ucts; ex rienced — acting ae if M 705,0 oive Room 4 228. Inventory, > dute 4 
PRODUCTS CO r 30 years on pod vs s con ntractors, narehitec and o Fee. oat So e Stenographers CAREER ae campund 581 
DELOR : r "appointment and 5 al in- peplace Chess who won't, neers. expenses furnished, | south, top copalay SALES: an” one ee aor rear “Accountants COLORED clevator 0 on 
TOOL & MOLD MAKER terview aR KNOCH MR. LA FLAUR GA 1-549 [salaries *confidenttal Box E-130 | ROUTE SAL CLL hard for o-6 hours . day na 8 | je and om ions iia a other 
4 ~ NEED 2 SALESMEN pall on ” Want Willing Workers’ Gaye rte a ecint epperten 7. ule | rh ie NE $315 
AN ony of Omaha To sell furniture and app lances. = = waswese "North Bt, | i es. S AL ARY UNLIMITED for advancement for ppariunity t Wor the largest selection of high 
| ATHE OP TOR PA 6.3133 rmanent - positions. te dra wing Soc urity. | men. Call en, MA | time ng and interesting full or part Young, some experience; west. Call 
URNISHED. Liberal aa a earn max tch _ euler. x) GU AR ANTEED $90 Snellin liv positions in Louis’ oh Cc -0935, iss Mike for ap- 
rut clase with b some, mold, o ton. Exce lent earning possibili- K-315 . Post- | ness a and me sine centers % ons ¥4 Fite Fi 
» 5. r. Enge R - vis r. au E FILLY; consider whe 
Soturday, 9 AM. to 4 FW |'4 MEN, $60, EVE SALESMAN OR TRAINEE NEE i “W's Easy To Place A Want Ad— eee as ni wil'go and atiek to roe Wesatuce 
: . “ w ; nt an a r 
NEERING C0. ve M. to 4 P.M. 21-35, white with car, Ree “0470. COAST TO COAST Phone Main 1-1111 708, Olive. $000 | thinkin uire red, Snel Snelling 428 
iy M = 8 P M vesere inte eall outside —And Charge It it! 78 44 nak FA County | Ol Olive, MA 1-1 $435,500 
. “Mie 3 , aite, 705 OLIVE Suite 608 ce 1-2 2600 3615 8S. Grand a. 203, 6:30 0; free; 25. é 

ST The World's Your Oyster With 

Barbara Hutton 

iptihiate Call or See Me Sat. 
a Call Me Sunday 

10 to 4 
I have many FREE JOBS 2 
otell U about, 

so Hurry In 2 

jence. No appointment needed, 
Open every Eve. till 6. 

Permanent and Part-Time Jobe” 

. Louis AllGirl Job Center 
#705 Olive, Suite 324, CH 1-1354 


giris with some minks discount. oe « Free 

C me at your earliest conven- E 

¢ 81 Employ, Agent Agencles—Female 87 \Hi 87 | HELP WANTED— D—WOMEN 68 | 

nance com any _exerien ~ | 
, ood steady. ms | 

stating experience 
wi t. 
rena of optics S wae gta Contr. | 


of 20 

eneral office work, 

Bookkeeper Assistant 
ting, accounts receivable, 

etc, g : 
04-0268 7 P* out 


60. ’ 

an ne 
handle cash and ty 

for a position that is challenging” 


Permanent position. Hours 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m, 
Vacation, retirement and sick leave. 



GIRL, ~ white, . 

. Louis bank. Must be qualified 


nt position. 40-hour week. 

Apply Employment Office 

International Shoe Co. 

717. N, 15th St, in Off di enviar Av. 

Dictaphone Operators and Typists 

le We have openings for experienced or beainners. 
aie: age |7 or over with minimum 4 years high school, 


earn extra 

for interview. 


Whether your needs are temporary or permanent you cen 
income with established 
perience necessary, we train you while*you earn at full rate. 
Age no barrier if over 21, have neat.appearance and pleasant 
telephone voice. Attractive downtown office, Call CH 1-2785 


sales program. No ex- 

SECRETARY — 20 - 0 

rest - t. ' 2 . ~eee . . rene ckcbhhickadd a — — a . - 
, Offices Opening All Major Cities 45" w.p.m.: Tit aie liver | CLERK- set heme ting | parignce unnecessary tauran pet: | OFFICE CASHIER | “SECRETA RY / 
com b its, ] Or inven ory contro nteresting area’ S esaurant, 4 m.-12 m. } 
3 YOUNG GIRLS NEEDE Dd. ROVE WORKIN YOU'LL _Bergon, ‘Ataceiaten Loun Orebeny, | | Work. BV 3- 736 Goodfellow - a | Real aan ba dopa tement of 
We about the nicest jo * E WORKING 4 this Fabu- 88 CLERK-TYPIST; age 18-25; ~mid= i High school graduate; age 25 to) igrge established builder. Per- 
. . One w/learn 4 lous 0. That va 8 moving rt 7 ae wn location, ‘37 %-hour week. irl; Stay; Good Wages 40: t be experienced and &¢- | manent position; good shorthand, 
will & gree tionist into a new bul \din ne- Highschool graduate, typing, (All large company benefits. Call Housework, cook; references: ranch | urate in handling cash and keep- real eatate experience preferred, 
/Yeare fits Galore. $300, "Pre NCR billing machine experi- |Mr. Gordon, OL 2-4560, |home, own TV. HE 2-8582. a oltne a: sy ete Nate oes 22-40; 5-day $350 plus 
fun at $4 Hees ea D ¥ NO ence preferred, liberal employe | CLERK-TYPIST GIRL for sandwich shop. Ed's Writing. 5-day week: lrberal oom. | bepetits. Cal! sales "thane er. 1 
= —_ RECEPTIONIST . AH! How | benefits, 5 days, 40 hours. | e nowledwe of * Eookueopine: Grill, 3557 Chouteau. — pany Bematite” e co FISCHER @& FRICTHEL. iNC. 
OSTES8—TRAINE cis nice You will B Greseee to | PR 1466 Retion “Bi? | «908 Delmar Room 232 a — oo oh call Bt teane telephone J mm PENNY CO iene CECRE Pay eee 
a dull. moment here cay Sewn meleel areas — re rea) 1. oppor- ee CHECKER | Basle bookkesping. Al ‘Price | BRILL, short order: xperieniced |__50 Hampton Village Plata | permanent eee! Any corpord 
ee ad sina tilled with tunity. . . Murry. ree Colored: experienced: full time;|_. Tobacco, HA F3Ko 00, gl 060 © aie o Pite's zie good a, dean ar mn ny pint tion: Cewnawe St. Leue; S-oay | j 
heat. 918 Jefferson. fo alee Soe ae ge ee AN go Plain —| ting, 7145 Fg stri week ; excellent employe benefits: lf you have a pleasant telephone voice you can earn a sub- 
, men : ; . , es ey ) 
PBX GIRLS ... These jobs RECEPTIONIST... LUC | dormit wry gy no “very igh oe ae | ONE-GIRL OFFICE 4 ball or write Mr. Henry for stantial weekly income in this established sales program. 
are with one of the finest firms You... If vou like people ork ‘a laundry: of =" stay iBrerviow, 220 N. 4th, Room 1010 , 
n pt. Louis. Lots | pgoept ion this co. with train you their on place: $120 to wm... § 4517 For- | 5-day week; must be able to type gous, Mo., telephone CE Its easy to learn and pleasant work. No experience necessary. 
work, typing. . . $275 recepyion joy, OER with var- 4 | Park, FO 1-4483 | newer phone. Experienced est. a We train h + full rat Must b 2\ 
lety. Type: e. |. _ Post-l-ispatch epee g ™ m you while you earn aT Tull rate. us e over 
CASHIERS. mi girls wit OMPANION for middieage. ani ‘OPERATORS; — experienced on | 
little or no " an, nice apartment. PA | dresses, all secti f Werb and neat appearance. Pleasant downtown office. Call for 
cashiers 4 Meer hey a Te GIRL FRIDAY . “Ga” Lean FOR LARGE Varied. dutien, 1 OPERATOR 25-45, white; experienced 808 To Bg We erber, To | SECRETARY -_ et . C 
, wh Burry, Hurry. Free. hardly walt te you about aried 9 duties: location postal dress coat, factory hand fin- -O6PER interview. CH 1|-2785 
ep mB a secretary PROGRESSIVE COMPANY ph 0, starting salary $265. isher. Steady. Good health. im) ‘eter set net Futties on Ability to use dictating machine, 
Tue GIRLS... NEVER BRE- OUT of Tice give ag a Y of experience Right handed, Good working | rae enirts Frager Bros os ome shorthand; pleasant condi- Ss — 
FORE: dave I seen jobs phone contact w / eats mers } An reply. Box K-37, Most-Die. wi atten {ORDER DEPT: alert, capable | lent locetinn in Brentwioog $8; | HELP WANTED—WOMEN 88 MONDAY, 
Watneae, on as *, Ty nd ob with real interest! Free. OFFERING EXCELLENT COOK ; . : | tala. high s cRomt: Mis?" son typist: hour week; neat typist. If you ‘ ARCH 14, 7 cc 
BS RT le dae : | National Tailoring Co. | 5335%s0¢Rt" a A ee TENO-CLERK (St LOUIS POST- DISPATCH 
ean.” Fr va"Seet Winks bean BENEFIT PROGRAM w BANK CAFETERIA | aia ae ele FA i — | 75788. ¥ 
PAYROLL GIRLS . These Work in Personnel of Terrific oman Wh experiences to man: | 6p nes )PERAT | 5 days, 40 hours 1 start. | HELP hae 
are excellent opportunities. 4 t your clothes and |, How long have you been looking | a e employe lunchroom in south | ns ve. a pours, good start. | WANTED—\ WOMEN 88 


payroll experi- One that completely absorbs your to order and prepare food for HOUSEKEPPER i Experienced only; ? work on i! or apply after 9 a.m, TYPIST 
ence, co, w/train on bookkeep- p--®- offerte laity and a cafeteria serving aporeximately & 80 enced. Answer between 9-3 p.m special ag = —- sgperators Diversified, interesting work in — 
ing machine... Sop. Free. PBX TRAI EE a WHAT | promising future? Stop ‘looking— people, 5 days. 350 King Bros. Motel, 1335 8. Lind- dy ' | large sales office. Experience re- 
B” ne B than 2 this is it JE 5-300 ask for Mr. Qhl. just north of Clayton rd. emplo ment quired, Excellent benefits; 37\%- | Must have speed and accuracy. 
Ape oy A CLERKS... hav the P Rh kirk Tot this lovely COOK: ,, and “housekeeper: C Catholic HOUSE OTHER or couple for AR hour week. Above-average start- | Downtown office, 5-day, 37% 
our * can't “FIGURE Ma train you... a | rectory; laundry ; own room | children's home, Protestant, pees ine Clavie, at art _ bate work * | hour week. Sal 
iom srnich one 2 aad piel Typing. ant Bath ws eite meets Frhy | eo oe yD "Mo." intend 1136 WASHINGTON REY = —t15 Fapin 2 : ee 
4 a n coo ng; only those definitely | Box 31. Fa rmington o _ YNOLDS META F 
out your own. Free > 4 : vir LS ‘CO. IREMA 
EXEGUTIVE , SECRETARIES salary a cise open "at datas: |HOUSEKERERI "wpe: cooe:|~ OERATONS, 48.40) Wie, | ui Locust ~ STENOGRAPHER N's FUND 
peg Kd pala © tate OH . i ; at least you can sion ox C-336, Post. Dispatch general housework; 2 in family. ng machine operation: GA 12458 vor »pusy department head in old INSURANCE CO. 
ow exciting eet f from. ” what you are . ‘aired re * i" summer | ean saith: must be steady; estadlished company. Good short- N 552 ." 
all over the world, Real FUN 3 jobs open that w/start a _ | HOU om amend SN white, under 35; - ine SECRETARY—P ts hand. accurate typing, age 21-40, ~° °°* Pierce Bidg., GE 6-1600 
 - ae. c W/trala. '$400 Lots more at $325- |. , Sollege stu- | SY te = ho chil Box | ne dy rking conditions. AY, ART TIME | ety of interesting duties; down- TYPISTS 
dente 3 fo Hy gf a rs; salary “ > ance bene EE iecasionat office vicin 
$275. Fre $450, Free. 104, __Post- “Dispatch, ; ity | town, ideal k diti 
ree Downtown Savings and Loan | room, board. laundry, trans orta- HOUSEKEEPER: by the h TAILORING 410 N. Jef- Chippew atson; machine startin salary for avi ified ire | An exceptional job opportun- 
705 OLIVE SUITE 324 CH 1-1354 ° 9 | tion. CAMP WYMAN, Inter room and board; white. *c oh foe “yn Seremm, mS floor. transcribing experience de- | fully, “pox K K 24>" p ~ ‘-5.. ity for leading insurance com- 
i has opening, many benefits, | Office. TW 2-4935 one. 4646 S. rand. 00 or OPERATORS apeny Under 40 preferred. Re ; rs} + rR ara roe aiilos pan) } are a high 
BARBARA HUTTON | eaed sterting. wwlery, Sdey (COUNTER GIRL: must +, experl- HOUSEKEEPER, white; general: Blouse makers, joiners. pink and Krehitects- hun work; downtown. must be capable ee between the 

, | ' : . ‘ neat; stay on place. 2-0 d. Apply | Of taking and transoribin lieta “ bad and are in- 

10 New Offices Also Opening All Over Town | : COUNTER - GRILL, days: fast; HOUSEKEEPER. white, a ess | BN: Tee Original, 1283 Was hing-| #227 Watson (at Chippewa) | tion accurately and rapidly. Ex-| ‘erested in permanent work 
week. - | top references; white. Mr. Mike's | go reference. Box 9 **S Rr ton, 5th floor. 1 | cellent opportunity (or ambitious cowntown ocation 5-da 

_. + - : 4 Drive-In. 6665 Olive. e ; aon _ 7 conscientious employe anxious to 37 ¥@-hour week, pilus addi- 
Employ. Agencles—Female 87 | HELP WANTED—WOMEN 88 | | COUNTER and arill ad girl; experi- IBM Key ‘oan 9g Beri: OPERATORS — | SECRETARY hy connection with company "Call CHL | benefits 

ows ence Sa ch recognizes ability ang de 
eS ae ica free; $265. \Addressograph- Graphot pe | BOX £-390, POST-DISPATCH | COUPLE; paaslontt ." run emall | bn Mg Ba ae ee | Experienced tuckers on Wilcox ma- | L AJ & f° 90d job. Box E-365 $ . 1-8620 ai 
705 Oiive 729 GA 1-6315 |Full: time position tn our modern, | ______ ————| hotel. 407 Lucas tier 10 Call Mr. Tanner, OL 2-4700 | See waslienios ie Tuas, Co., | To ‘conditions, mang excellent work. TEN CR HER. CLERK TYPISTS 
% ; air-conditione mailin vision; | | CREDIT interviewer, light t ie rom : to .m. for a ing conditions 7 b f AR’ 
FILE INDE! no typing ; & | + pl P ; be y denefits, ~e 0 AP PART TIME 
pm on gy at AR experience on both machines re- | 40-hour week, no Saturdays, tele- complete lnformation. OPERATORS; ae ly © Mr. | > ;' 
free $200 uD | quired end accurate filing; apply CLERK - TYPIST | hone MI 7-0787 for appointment. IBM KEY PUNCH OPERATO skirt Wa blouses ene ARRY we ILLER CO. tyne se yen nignly qualified 
E Mapco immediate Biederman Furniture Oo (South- E R R BL OCK INC _ 4660 Ww F) i | Experienced shorthand and ty fmapy! I ts have pleasant, g00d- “paying, 
705 Olive Wim. 220° GA 1-6315 | LIFF KELLEY DIRECT MAIL 5-day week; age 25 to 40; | west” sto oa ae ners merece 808 Washington, 4th Floor _|- pagemimaeineaee sities Edna week, fhecaast Genk, | suber et Geis ae Pca 
) y 
Pushin” om. Y otiaiks,, pho- 1007 Wasp ngron CE 1-6750' alco some dictaphone CURB Fite eS 005 Wy. students. CH 1-6735. SECRETARY iy conditions ai i Sartnen Call our Personnel de- 
re ally nterspersed’ with oy oe os | work: special benefits. Flores i ae ; 4 | | For interesting work as Girl Fri- | WEIL SHOE CO. apply immediately — 
ties; nigh aying, exciting jobs. ) | | ildre amp director: _ CLIFF KELLEY, Inc. 
atop De ey Hutton 705 | Woman. executive experience, cap- | State age, previous experi- DICTAPH NE-EDIPHONE | INSURANCE CLERK | Experienced, for junior sporte- Previous “experience: Tight. « 4 ji2t | 5 Washington CE | -4898 1007 Washi ington Ch 1-6750 
ve e ° : | wear ; specialize ‘ rap gene ig 
EAP EG SAC Pne heaay Beep, atte ron me |G, SOY gnected. OPERATOR Seer Teeth ak das] cn page geanngl ert | Ns marin iene Gath oat| ~— STENOGRAPHER | wonder overcome 
ew positions no ng cre | be ’ ortun or a 
by die Gaak’ bastneee Seana alan. | She "orean Bations and. pubite of- oo -393, _Post- -Dispatc! | 5-DAY WEEK. High school | tions: Rk, ay m Working. | condie | WO 1-2345. Mr. Negrin, F ¥O q- "4050 weet, eas F ro en a, h South 
ake thig your year to earn. 80 ficijais: supervising and naging | | graduate; experienced; mod- | State age, qualifications and sal- —— wi person 
c. Ae Ucar 3 pa Ring YOU small office: public t Dealt tele ern office. Apply in person. Fox eal Ponte otter. sce | PRX OPERATOR Secretary- Receptionist | yor south St. Louls. manu who can’ type. Ro 
: | ful time: count : A cturing concern. ictation air- 
AG TH ay JO 8 NOW! full eduabtionnt See wre Prefer previous experience in United Shoe Machinery | One- ra office; an ay ood | and related duties, assistin | oar wake Pe il, P Q hour 
een :, aa | > sa Eg ‘perience rior gonnect wns. salary bh A ng department. Must : | PART TIME | aces now shorthand, willing . | ana ‘opportunity. Convenient yee enfant sinned eal 
retail and wholesale personnel, etc. APARTMENT MA -1 -D, ve. goed : ae + ee: oat. CSieh Corp. | INSU RANCE CLERK ; —_— | fice downtown; excellent working | location. 5-day, 40-hour week. |. GA 1-2 Mr. 
fe, oettes arm trea ired sinh ate APARTMENT MANAGER school or better. uth Cen- bs 2200 WASHINGTON . |New bank fesires employee with | VARIED HOU poeta day “shiny onler | Box K-155, Post-Dispaten. TYPIST - CLERK 
| Sin le, unencumbered wo tral location “LT: perience in @ small agency to Experienced busy board. ' 
walk to BAR para HY “HUTT N 705 0-80. with business and mans: | PLY Fs: Dictaphone Operators Deed inotrance Veouisecounty, be wecelient working conditions. | detailed resume, Box K-79, F.-P. | sigh efhool | Sraduate, typing 
HAT AND GLOV Ub bedinnar | Etre! Pack “ge ae ane a _knowl- SHAMPAINE CO, ‘Ha » PAS te uy qualified ‘ween ages 25-35. Salary com- | \ STENQ RAPHER , Someone able to take light 
teno; in IE Ma ee. ee MARY RW. PF, R. fe. Mgmnt 1920 S$ Jefferson __| dietaptions "operators have pleas- Mocown "Pa a. apaity, Call Mrs. Missouri Baptist Hospita SECRETARY | oF levee’ outh nae ti anonsiel 
at 5457 DELM ‘FO #- pa ~ nati good- "payin part-time posi- “cCown, 2A 66 for appoint college or business school | ge 25 or over; high school | _ sice industria 
705 Olive Rm. 229 GA 1-6315 A rn ber of open- | ment. 919 N. TAYLOR aining preferred; light dletation, h | plant. For appointment for 
HOTEL ‘helpersy” train: Open. ARTIST CLERK-TYPIST, 5-day ee con oak be ilied at once. Call Clayton Bank 7820 Bonhomme Sag Public Relations; Eas Ra electric type Geee Fe eee Interview weal, PR 70, 
; Bae ' our personnel department for f - ~ _ *% ~ rience preferre “day | : 
TBM: tral trees fits Ga 1-6515 | Exmerence helpful but rot veces, will consider High School imoratinaL SPER: | waperences’ co uate lorecay on| Reeaeheer Bas MT Ra De | Washington” Ceivetaty “Geass: | ALCO VALUE CO, | acPexenotsthufee peng °Un- 
} train free; wide en, sar excellent o tu C 4 : ( , o | a u- 
NIE Ma m | learn all phases of ornmercial art radguate $195 month to 1007 Washington CE 1-6750 better dresses; must understand | pHARMAGIST; registered. 7-4700 Sta. 277. Reet tles, eink skills essential, pleas- 
705 Olive Rm. 229" “GA 1- 6315 and production. Bring samples g ' ; DICTAPHONE OPERATOR particulars. cohstruction. Give P Ne Knight Drug, 3201 rand, ___| skorbTaRY, ave 38, for buainess | 845 Ki land portunity. “hon te career 4 
* - 8 Ag j S e- 
OHIGHEST. SALARIES PREE Yost’ 8. Brentwood PAY 621 061.” start. Pleasant working Superienced: good  typiet E- 251, Post-Dispatch. Ph p Solicit rors dictation; ‘panera! fae oe | gener "ences. experience and Casame 
IE Mapco - conditions special benefits. southwest: local nufac- KITCHEN HELP; waste; age 35- on | Shorthand desirable but nec- | -— eee ree P Ba 2 pa now open. Boz 
705 Olive Rm. 229 GA 1-6315| ART DEPARTMENT | , | turer: good working condi- (50; able to live on place; experi- ess ood opportunity, Bee .. STENOGRAPHER tb nga ‘ 
5 Olive m. 229 St } experience tions. -3 enced plain cooking, TR. all- Good starting salary plus bonus, ; sland The Cc. V. TYPIST; 20 to 30, general of- 
ORDER iHiere: train free $225 | Beginner considered: pasteup, lay- are age, p ‘ —“DICTAPHONE OPERATOR round kitchen work; good hours: | nice working conditions. 4236 in- Co.. 3207 Washington bi.. RR. seins A A 25 to 40: d |. fice work, must have previous 
NIE is tag an | SSS lettering, some typin Beene Box M.288 Post-Dispatch. Electric typewriter. dictaphone, salary plus full maintenance, Ma- | ell, room lower leve | 9-11 or 2-4, or write. ge 1°) : §- SY WEEK, experience, good working condi- 
Olive "tae 22 ary; state ue ben erience an ; _ light shorthand: Bientwood loca- | sonic ome, 5351 Delmar, FO , PHOTO FINISHING; would prefer pleasant surroundinas: spe- tions. Apply 9 to 12 noon 704 
tio on. Box K-368, Post- “Disp tion; salary open. Mr. Owings, ‘ some photograpatc experience, but SECRETARY- GIRL FRIDAY | = Peat — & » mF 1 mile east of 
WO '2-8100. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN? | NOt, nece i Te a at | cial benefits; good Oppor- | —SEvR ih Biss 
| Photo, 8037 itesinger rd., Brent -girl sales office: shorthand PIst: ~ 90-36: 
| Medical school research laboratory 1-8 part time; 
21-50; light typing, DIETITIAN in Division of Infectious Diseases, | “°° “binatio and es Phone Mr. Peter- tunity. State age, experi- Beneral office work; must be 
No Fee, $275 Ruse tionally creative reon | Barnes Hospital] Group; experienced PR RESSER: ‘com ination 1 wool, ah sen, No. 2 Oli | } d. g£00d at figuring. Apply 9-12 
eile for junior tswear cco Accounts payable department: ex- | ‘in bacteriology or virology desired: on. amon Cleaner, 814 Was Yoo DIEBO OLD, INC. 3 aa 8 ee | ence, salary expecte noon, 7 East Big Bend, 1 
Ka Williams must have Ideas. for young, | perienced preferred; will consider | S004 opportunity for the right Per, | Pleasant working con dit ons with ingt SECRETAR |B M-394, - t-Di ' h mile east of Lindbergh. 
will's gor abe a comans that reget i } euhes raduate a | = ~ AB A... “Extension '783 to learn. FO 17-6400, | "RECEPTIONIST SECRETARY ‘OX Os isparc hints ten kiceeper “a ait 
sell in volume; drape and aptitude or wures: a ‘ent ) ,. alr condition- 
AV RTIONIET er agen- pattern; womarm | working conditions: 5-day week. | cellent working conditions, ADY aha honest, neat, active, | hee ible handwriting, quick at  Eittenetine velan Genie casential: | | STEN ‘esegeratasta nor ox 
cy a8 attractive, | ryel bene® ohh Mira, Bergmanis, WO Edison Bros, Stores, Inc. SALARY OPEN | rust Mike country not over’ 4 43; figures, meat appearance. | willing | |  weaatarer's agents; midtown, JE’ O -_ Spee copy, TBM elec: 
rain; trave ne- tor acvane 1 20-32; d i diat | tel 
(400 Washingt MA 1-73 pe childre retere it Age need immediately; ex-| tric typewriter: 
i rayahgele Jit bt PeRETAN, © Cepon, eles tar Se Missouri Baptist Hos ital Hf. Presiey,’ wintietd, Siro." * ‘be high Ee KE Bins SECRETARY | eitaserd tig iaee eure fately: ok | Sik, Opareicers: ebfest. speigting 
OGR stv) z, WEE: 25 NEL elude being ‘ ona ° atige a CLERK, inventory control | wanted mn ae into “a ‘dium dictation; IBM electric type- | version 4. Pub, és. ae 
a all lines as. ® ESBS, ‘Post: Dispatch. dq 4 k. A 25 | 919_ TAYE ‘DY 9-month-old child whil a paorthand . required 4 Rood oppor: | Writer; ca/l Personnel, OL 2-3500 | T-CLERK, type at least 60 
BA QOUISTANT housekeeper, white: (O"? Tecora wor ge A exp eaneet| mother works days nquire in RECEPTIONIST. Ls “iGo, 9301 Olive Street | *°° ‘Bterview. | W. p.m. electric, varied 
05 ee es gene GA 1-6 315 | Catholic rectory. oe Louis county | Ito 45, 5- day week, $225  Seseeeete dt rae h ee | Aig p: | perron esa. Russell, a: GENERAL OFFICE vevor sy .5 e |—— _PRINCE GARDNER CO. ee | Guettes . cpermancnts of 3693" 
20: A : eferences ox -44. Post . colored ; experience -day wee 9693 
SECRETARIES’ CENTER ATTENDANT for nursing Rona: “month to start. Advance- | | Rly St. Louis state. Hompital. 5400 a through Thurs.; private fam- | Light dictation, some bookkeep- CARE em Iovala E59 106. * | gman mdinl Sihe tneditan. | TYPIST-SECRETA RY can enera a cq 
Say. VE 2-4885, 9000 Gravois. St t 9 a.m. to 3d _ . | Do of 2a ults; 56xx B cay pear ing Knowledge desirable, person- SECRETARY nd Lindell area: y fg fice work. Jay Realty, Avs 
superior selection of fin c- Automotive- -Biller- Switchboard |ment. ate age, experi- | mar, permanent position, high | anje age 25-35; near Page and _ [ie {ranseribing machine and gen-| TYPIST - -” 
Re 5, positions with or without Mus accurate typist; DISHWASHER: experienced; also wages: state city references, i Lindbergh ood ‘salary and bene- | shorthand ui me or eral office work ; 5-hour week: CLERK 
oH for beginner or experienced. | familiar with all phases of 7h to. | ence. Box M-39 3 P.-D. | waitress white; gooc Mf hada leas- and telephone number. Box K-21 ts. HZ 9 a O0. | tunity caay be St Ivey Pleasant surroundings; sala $34 General office work, also girl 
EE Su LOVE RS SOfie ee My 9 Sst-end Sealer, eae SH a yyisw_ Cafe, Arno lewood drug  TieeaeD ea nurse, 8 hour REC EPTION ST ~typist; PR go SE veyor Mfg. Co., 9301 Olive Street eager with Poet: Sispateh. acceptab arth yf arinnet 
n reply state age, experience, , tation, experienced; 5-day week ¥3"4700 | able. Apply Potter Elec- 
MRP ue Ri pa hag - gio Fhe eS K-387, P 2D. Bi oa Box | day. 5 days week. stat | ss brokerage sorties, | Park | * SECRETARY, PART TIME STENOGRAPHER trie, 1211 Pine, CE 1-7332, 
' skeep- St Le Te ote 
733 t4. Forsyth, Rm. ot, Count ight housekeep AC AL N =... ana Experienced, age 25-40; 5-day/ 
615 8. Grand, Rm. 203, Sou uth f si3r8 references; Maplewood [to work in nursing home; must | SALESLADY downtown tel thes elaine = week; permanent. | WAITRF 
SECRETARY "BABY SITTER, experienced: i High school Beacuates: | must a | have license. V_3-3353. | Experienced in selling draperies: fice CH 1-8070. Casualty indemnity Co. | 
tnilas Berkeley ares. _JA 1-8801. ee oe | | MA . Stay, must be ex-| 5.da .. See Victor Lunte. SECRETARY Dining Room Tray § 
NO Oo F eee hal BABY SI eC or | perienced, permanent good, reser: | Lammert’s. 911 Washington ~| Buperience preferted fay Service 
CARE R. sth itt public contest... |p rienced: vTeferences ‘wo -7393 | ALCO VALVE CO. b f imo rd Het a MF nice room bath, enced top tla a civ 2 atittoet eee ghd advancement —STENOGRAPHER” ri beral discount for employe pur- 
; white; stay; pri- | , Attractive jo or girl in Order ood salary. Box E-153 P-D. , i . © work for Bocial Welfare _neeien | Chases 
“SECRETARY, FREE; $425 vate room, vt i 6515. | 865 Kingsland 45 oer. DRESS BHOF. 2664 Cherokee, _| Apply 10 to 6, Mr. Brooks, 1301 | tive; excellent working co Apply Employment Office 
ling Department 8A new OMEN. 25-45 ‘| Ambassador Biag CH 1-9333 co 
PROGRESSIVE PERSON BA KERY SALE and Billing ae pleasant downtown oites: “eal | 
pA RE SS eG he pee eR WR. TER TYPIST ah ths, sort tee: “MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST jPam="8ylt Seki iNe'Wons|“SECRETARY.CLAYTON Si AMOUS-BARR CO. 
"SERVE people: g00d. tips. sales girl. 2903 8. | LERK -TYPIST | must like to work with tigu S| Opening in large bacteriology Northland Shopping Center 1 girl office, varied duties, light | ~ STENOGRAPHER 
705 Olive? Rm. 329° GA 1-6315 | N b +ard details; good salary ad | department of hospital for NO FHONE CALLS 308. T7380 Seen Seay: Hee | Decorating Dept.. 5-day __ Clayton 
‘SEW & STITCH: train, free $385 > ANI “BOOKKEFPER : in clerical’ work: ‘small’ office, | employee pehalite work in mod-| 1” vidual with a ee SAMPLE MAKER 208, 77 SECRETARY | Wek: Pleasant surroundings, ff omnes 
, ee or A.S.C, - ammert's 
worm ee weheckare: wen is Burroughs machi ience commas a : gaey A ye iedar | bry air-conditioned ‘office. Call} nee preferred. 40-hour week; aS Yes casio on all 1-girl office; must have short. |’#shington. $Waitresses$ | 
mar xt Magee. att Burroughs ac gt a oral | week ; INTERNATIONAL SHOE 1CH 1-2900 or apply in person. | dopritigned Iaboratgry. air- ora machin xs includ hand: call 3 appointment ii | STENOGRAPHER , : 
705, nig Rm. 229° GA 1- sharing insurance program | F Box K-88. Post-Dispatch, ZIg-Za , ra Experience preferred, but wil tie ull time for day curb; 
and other benefits. Bee | me 4 __ Mrs. Products, Inc., 291 Washington. sider beg! 4 6-30, must be attractive. 
Be « is , 8 up > $275; Free Wahilbrink or C. F ‘“WEDICAL” BECRETARY for sur: | SECRETARY; shorthand, typing, | oe shopping Located HE ae | courteous and dependable. 
wpm; hn at phone; th — MULLANPHY h dictati t and record keeping and varied duties; | Salary, meals and good tips; 
A $15 Olive, cr '1-7306__' BADEN BANK OF ST “LOUIS | e | goon; heavy dictation. typing and Say wee immediate opening. | Stenographer; General | ary ert 
TYPIST, ~ $23 ‘CLERK TYPIST | p.m. for erview, I -9933. CH 1 1-6000. | Office. prefer real estate expert | A N SHAKE 
' ‘ 8217 N. Broadway | 706 N. NEFFERSON MODELS WANTED | ene ce. Good Future : ; 
Varig dug Tt PB Miss Pee cs SOC EN Wits 1-35. 5 d ‘ AOL Ey Miss Sullivan, OL 2-4665 «SECRETARY ‘BOOKKEEPER | W. H. LERCH RLTR. ST 1-5727 | 9009 Riverviey 
Mikes for appointment. ‘ BANK TELLER ~ Ry TB og y ae tae. “FIGURE CLERK noon-@ p.m, daily ___| 1.) work for official:. short- | fice: must be competent: 5-day Oppo tt eaite ae = emer: WAITRESS ; oe bet and grill ex 
WRAPPERS and checkers; tops. ing and other benefits. E ienced, @ to 30: sala — NAME TAKERS | hand. dictaphone: high school week; salary open; call PA 6-2575. sniall BBS hip light die: | perience. Apply between 8 
NIE Mapco H. Walbring or C. F. Fick Spee ene ee : ' P dae, | tation. EV 1-2887. and 2 p.m. Itv's Drivesln, Vandep 
_705 Olive Rm, 229 GA 1-6315 experienced pretecept or will commensurate wip abil bility. Call Bouseto-bouse  CAnvaseng, x aranduate; modern air-condi- SENG PRE” ryprat: venter and Shaw. free 
“FRESH as ai daisy; PBX; b nes d for © or. Ususual BADEN BANK OF ST LOUIS Mrs, OMI 6-3 0. pony City’ Directory ate end | tioned offices; 5 deys. Call | Secretary: experienced in process- | era] office: shorthand and =. 18-25: GIRLS -—- WOMEN 
SG tae ae He $225 op wages. Near Public Serv- ° WOHL SHOE C and southwest); good handwriting | 14, J. Altadonne , penne and Spenne foe iad | FRes . oe experienced. waitresses, ont can on, waite 
apco te and County Bus t inals, y . an & elling essential; salary and . ; ae ref , a 
705 Olive Rm. 229 GA 1-6315 Ar PPly from 10, to 2. gianna pees” A N. Broadway Tee el ake et bonus. Apply in person, 4030 SUPERIOR FORWARDING CO. “BECRETARY, part time. atter| STRNOGRAPHER; “IE-357 Wife Tn: | reenee’ starting wages $52.80 per 
"NOTHING could be finer; type: ? . ———""| fast with figures; good opportunity Chouteau, “Room 709. noons only, gictaphone ap nd typ surance; downtown; 5 days; good | pius tips: very liberal frites beast 
Free “"INIB Mapes —— — $260 Sta € ban in QStOn CLERK-TYPIST for right girl; salar sri Phone | Sh POLE @6o.. MO. 4.6600 rol. a BOE M40, Fest: ote 4 .| starting salary. CH 1-8477, | fits Apply iéam m. Mon. ad Sat, 
705 Olive Rm. 229° GA 1-615 6313 Easton Ave. 38-90: eerie Satis, 5-day for » oe." B-2562, 99x | SECRETARY hours daily, midtown, Box © see SEN QORAPHER. || law 1 of one ; Whit te Cast tle S em 
LEARN office machines; free Open erous employe benefits inc = ax egal Ay. a Post-Dispate y 
JUNIE Mape BANK TELLER ing free insurance and profit- RE ISTERE PURCHASING 8 due Board of TELEPHONE. “BOOK Y 
° E : efficient, ood 3118 8. KINGSHIGHWAY 
6 ove Aim 2a OA 1 oy Paying and receiving, bank ex- offices ee. APG permaned FILE CLERK Excellent opening, diversified, in- A rte Fag TR, 8:30 0 4. DE ‘WAITRESS, white: no phone calls: 
sees MAPCO rience desired; west end loca- NK OF ST. LOUIS High School graduate; sg oe aad ehprenagd, alee 23 Gall wy 5-2851- weekdays.  _ LIVERY HELP weply tol NB Greyhound Post 
PRETTY. Rm. 29 GA eee Hon. Box H-23 Post-Dispate a ig Se F901 ashington Av. 18°95: experience heipful but median ote progressive manufac- Building: cehiume edica}; Beaumont Women and ten with, auto- WAITRESS, white ea srtancea? 
ecessary; excellent start- urer working conditions; . | ‘ . ive 
“a E—JUNE. MAPCO as 4 1:30; experienced. 3223 racks | CLERK-TYPIST not necessary liberal benefits welfare, inaurance, sick leave. va~ os oy a PA 1-0258 be tele hone books in, St, Loul camng 6300 weet letlomante’ pan- 
5 ati ve 229 7 es 1 . : ) c ; must hav i . : nty, St. Charles, : 
OR young one. mail room; BEAUTY OPERATOR Hidey Apply Monday through anes a Needed in our well-equipped partment euperience helprut to nC Y to attorney: ~~ Mo.; Belleville, East St. WAITRESSES, white. Afply in 
$200—JUNIE MAPCO | Bxperionced, full time. yerantee. . lant hospital; good salary,: | metal manufacturer. Other ex. | ence, dictation. CH 1-6336 Louis and Granite City, Til. | Berson 331 Grand between 
705 Olive Rm. 229 A 1-6315 ay aA commission. iy 8-2198 CHROMCRAFT P j piren ° perience preferable. Applications areas. Full or part days, De- 1-4 p.m. 

N_ 7-9649 614 CORPORATIO MALLINCKRODT CHEMICAL excellent benefit programs; confidential but must include com- SHOE WORKER livery starts about March 22. WAITRESS, white, erienced, 
bit 275 OAs MAPCO | BEAUTY Operator, est or part 4321 SEMPL T S.d ek oper- | plete. resume and salary — views. Please do not call the Tele- | 800d wages and tips. A Apply in per- 
ae # $2 baggy GA 1-6315 | time, $72 week, 50% commission. | | : normay & Seay. Yorn °F Box K-400, Post-Dispatch. Experienced repair girl; capable hone Co. The Child Labor |_son, 3541 8. Grand. 

ey a xP free $240 5058 enee aoee a oa hee: | CLERK-TYPIST WORKS ation. Apply SECRETARY to Dist. Mgr. of | retouchin and refinis ink; 18 years of age from felping WATTRESS, Tull time, neat, white, 
atural Bridge, steady year round wor man n i 
JU i Ma pco ural quid e, 5890 Easton, 2532 Age 18- 25; high school graduate; d 'Some colle ill consid i efits in the work or being in your Ww ~ 
70 ont scepiranist “a $315.) w Ww odo “bare 7 i must type 40 hae b wilt ‘rain be- 3600 N. 2n FISHER BODY DIVISION | school ‘graduate’ with ee aaah high | ben SPIELBERG —t, while the work is WATTRESS. White” apply in per- 
EA ¥ 0 A ‘OR. wee eve- ginner; various duties in own- ing experience; must : WAITRESS: week 
250—JUNIE oe we mis- |town savings and loan association; | ——-~ -~ CORNER ve good shorthand, some dicta- whet under or over 18 714 Wash Sen eEye. Sth: Locust, 
5 nv Rm, 229 GA 1- i sdoa Natural “Bridge. e, "5890 | gr hour week; free lunch, other | phone and interesting clerical as- ears “of age, are permitted, eshingto eutenberg’s. 
se move; payroll; free. . benefits. Mr, Davis, CE 1-52°0 | | NATURAL BRIDGE & UNION | § nments. Pleasant Working con- 1306 WASHINGTON Bend name, nacente. torepnone WAITRESS-Bar Maid; experience 
$300—JUNIE UT RATOR, experi. Weekdays 10 a.m.-4 p.m. K 4 ions, 5-day week. Salary open. | —————— —— abie et, Oe BG Royse Stas WAITR c — 4818 Lafayette. 
70 Rm . gat 1- 318, i ful] time. PR 6-7476, PR |, CLERK—BILLING |  ioohegaee Man ville Gope Corp. sheas __K-102, Post. -Diapateh. ‘y _ ~% apply Nesler’s. 
xperience helpful, od typist, — A DORLEY, PA 1-4000. for | WAITRE rss, barmaid; ood 
bei Olive Mapee GA 1-6315 | | BEAUTY ‘Upereter, Meenanced. iy ‘electric Uypewrter: Sele ae:| This is a good opportunity |apnoinitment Pes te Work beossl pay. 4055 Olive, FR ing 
a in ist; PR 6-7627. portunity: 85-hour week, coun . | Opening for R.N. on evening gnii ti; 
BAURY oN UNIE Ma Po Briure TPERA TOR: Saturday [Beny, benefits: conditions ; oT for a career-minded girl who industrial experience pre | SECRETARY EXECUTIVE NEEDED BY c ey iu" a.dbee ca MATURE WOMAN - 
705 Olive Rm. 315 PR 2-8674, YL an nefits; permanent. is interested in @ position (| qualified person to start $375 Private secretary to _ presi- Wwe RED on fUsic entrally located insurance office 
A TE WOMEN 68 gna $12 day. * Lz 5798. ie “th fu E od th om /reguiar salary reviews, or D = a ane, 21-3) Preferred: . RLD-O-M needs one to yan oe personnel 
we @ tuture. Cx m4 t ¢; -160 Private office: -day w : r general office duties. 
TERE Wan = [BEAUTY si ee a a oF | Must be ote ae 5 al | benefit includin eee Pectin broeit” ehatinn TANDARD QIL C0 TELEPHONE SOLICITORS | in “aan id salary expected” Bom 
USH CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE part time; ys com- | 40-45 m, plus interesting cleri- proyee = veneers "9 COMBUSTION and benefits, profit sharing ° A pe rience and salary expected, Box 
r may be one or twee firms of mission. 6159 atural ‘Bridge | cal duties; attractive salary; age | merit increases and profit plan, group inaurance; cafe- a ee ee etn oe en G9. poat-Dispa 
dividuals to you do not wish BEAUTY operator, steady or p rt to 35 ’ ‘ lesiness ol t of fi — ENGINEERING, INC. teria, air-conditioning; con- us, from the privacy of our | “"WOMEN for Pa ctteal— nurse 
meer rely to go. If ewok te the some | SUG ag recat Edison Bros. Stores, Inc. on Uak Ges Geo | 9319 GRREVE AVE: Venient location: Siscretery | Age 2! to 35, should have [inthe industry, Call Mr. Lump-| ‘aiming, 1 year in-service 
. | |. venient location; S-cayweek, (—---- ; es ; of y ~~ | program, years high school, 
jeg Am os the af and re the AUTICIAN, with. ary or rent 400 WASHINGTON _—_—~ MA 11-7300 g to 4:15. JE 5-3000. aor eudiainis Con tO | to 3 years dictation and TE EPHOND: ler experi- | eS a avery. a tuition, 
‘ uc aie : 4 hy at | 
separate Ky much Rage one space 3-38 40. , | CLERK- TYPIST — Nurses SECRETARIES, transcription experience. This 1005 ‘Choutesu. salary. Apply i a $000 _D Kingshigh- 
thes your chould be destroyed perator; enced | | S000 | i a 
addressed te any of the names indl- following referred. Ja’ “hr 4 or Accurate: neat: variety; interest- f nal | . iob can lead to a secretarial THERAPIST— TIVI WOMAN, to stay in home. care 
oy both in an envelope ead- f z ‘i - ico hearing enter, 709 | FILE cit oyna Pro essiona | PAS Tie lifted | +9 E IS AC TY for elderly invalid: private room 
Leuls ee Ty érienced. | Olive. Staff nurses in new modern | Happy, capable, highly qua position. PROFESSIONAL or ASSISTANTS meals, $25 week. 6 vs. Cali 
dressed 0 enfidensial Service, St. BEAUTY 0 operator; | ¢ experienc LIGHT TYPING erating ro . Desir- | secretaries ; have pleasant good- | For such jobs as; Occupational, gyn. or after 6 p.m. w ek’ y 
Post- Dispereh Classified Dops., St. Louis, | PA 6-4570, PA 1-033 a ~ CLERK-TYPIST Must have experience; encetions | able perbonnel policies include | Paying, part-time positions with | S ; Cal recreational, music therapist and | yo P ee ays. 
Mo, Ne auch answers con be returned, BEGINNER STENO | pay, paid hospitalization; a real 40-hour. week, 3 weeks paid number of Openings must | Good Starting Salary /academic teachers. Qualifies tions WOMAN: 
di | ae pat | Gemeres office wove ond fe ay opportunity | for qualified persons. | vacation. top starting salary be filled at once. Call our per- | 5.D 40-Hour Week : Professional levels require | ¢igan 35, 9 45, stay, 4 day 
Medical Researc Gene" diciatons Scan werk, | nt, ue saleuletg: must Mave O¥a pice Winiivaudon” gieame insite | Siber encfaGah eo’ t2e086, | mall SeMapHi Moelle. Sient Working tdteaclonat™™tratning: assistants GleMnune, cooking. ‘éssiat gniudren; 
g ictation, rs ' - ft lete qualifications, ease include; other benefits. Call FO 7- ; ma on ' “7 ap! I LEY a veh i+) evels require high schoo radu- | & ' , 
Laboratory Assistants senere employe i ae SD ert Industrial Ct. snap ‘Shot. Box C- 365. Post- | ext. 221 for appointment, ‘ Lire eel LE INC Excellent st. Conditions | ates , aytuire experience | WOMAN — pA et Diapa teh, 5 
Colleg graduates refer 2 cluding profit-sharin ee ee ae ah as and benefit plans ply give personal data, e ucation 4 white); neat and ate 
ears ‘cabeatial Chemical bsg 'Bio- Apply -personnel office. . CR "and work experience. Box tractive, as companion to 16-year- 
Kickers i stent | "obi Washington av _| CCOLERK-TYPIST  onemn Service Hostess | NURSES SECRETARY. STENOGRAPHER apply to Bost-Dispateh old isis hare new anch’ Rome 
with training opportunity dE ia BINDERY GIRLS tive, white women wanted to Graduate, registered for operating | 0 tes See aitt Personnel Department TYPISTS | WOMAN wanted to help expectant 
00 5 desirabie, | ij ; mM w s 
S Pig Mt og ‘mont th "vacation, "sal Ex ences ciagen shop Box-) | Seek Cae PR i $400" By Appl in paragon, Mereonnel | ‘excellent vialary, “liberal “fringe | srananer - a ame } ned 9 am. to 3 p.m, woveret Statistical, | Forms | stay goat Soard” and” salary: 
ry de nOHAT raining and ex-/| 15 ost- ital enefits, “hour week. pply in : writing an geht t n 08i- -7953. 
Fi tence HARMACOLOGY DE- BILLER | view cr ice Barnes: ND" BOARD IN person or call the Nursin Sftice, and fringe benefits elary tions ore now VT vanlabie. WOMAN, live in, references re- 
A MENT ASHINGTON | CLERK ere a ake sitting evenin s: pri- PR 1-0500, Missouri-Pacific Em- commensurate with a oo g M | These are permanent positions quired, general housework, baby 
"SCHOOL. FO 17-6400, mxperienced Underwood - Elliott - General duties, including splitting vate room, bath, own T sehool | ployee Hospital, 1755 8. Grand. and ability, Hampton Indus- ary an ayton and mature applicants | are jcare, own room. WY 3-4506. 
ta. 86. an he Steady work, Gal r, ; re oe trial Par Miss Schlueter acceptable Iso asant , 
og Saw ice Bhirt Co.. CH 2 sh ickets, stripping, etc. children ; convenient. igeation: | - MI 5.7958 Bcatglli gt aie sendittane: Ph oy no WOMAN, White. stay. light house” 
Posen . 1 Permanent; Beinn ‘ Shinkle “ white; ref references - NURSE-SUPERVISORS stiaiiiiiiiiesse : a —) STENOGRAPHERS congenial associates, modern wae, 7098. 2 girls, 2 days off. 
" ~~ : air-conditione e. — 
. : 4242 Laclede GENERAL CLERK Medical and surgical. St. SECRETARY music and employee's res- | WOMAN; colored; general holisee 
Louis University edical % 
ccoun In . erica CLERK - TYPIST e 19-25: high school graduate:| School teaching hospital. Ex- | © credit executive of large retail TRANSCRIBERS taurant. Periodic merit salary | Work; not over 40. PA 1-0138 oF 
MACHINE OPERATOR M Mike figure work & ‘An. clerical experience required; | perience in S supervision re- hea} eoweyown. “fe ht Mag mergases an olan eetive 1 et £038 tem housekeeper ma 
For Accounting Department adding machine; man mead ae will work rder s000.0 uired; B.S, degree essential. statistical reports. thy ‘Friday, ¥ 8:15 to 4:30, 5 day. companion, drive car, y; 
EXPERIENCED: ALSO TRAINEE | benefits. United Van ‘Lines ne. ;, | Call Personne! a okra ER ¢ irmin Desloge Hospital, 1325 joyer out of town. one we e. rive 
pauper rienced on calculator comput- | -"i 1 week: air conditioned office; MI _7-1400, Station GENE —8._ Grand, PR 1-7609. — want a *top-noteh mature girl inter- Sinnral insurors. Inc. WOMAN, white, eneral Rouse- 
accounting. procedures ‘it you tke ty sharing and other benefits. lerk teno arapher G NERAL OFFICE NURSE-REGISTERED omee a cuyare - . newn 4144 Lindell work, wili train. $P3 it 
rkin fw Neurs Light oration; et a 40-hour een ae single; eta: | | Full time and part time staff ny benefits, Write giving age. : WORK TYPISTS —!, a ela for homs pare of ehlldren soa, 
Write legible figures, | ~NORTHNESTER BANK Ott Dee start. Box E-19 | Write iving full detalis. -Box| positions open on medicsl, sur, | marital state ant ne you" CAN CALL SUN, TRANSCRIBER o Shan weeee 
Apply Employment Office 11th Fi. Post-D isp -292, ‘Post-Dispatch. ical and operating room, all | Box K-44. Fost-Dispaten 10, AM. TIL 4 PM. * YOUNG WOMEN: 
1500 ST, LouIs ‘CLERK-TYPIST” GENERAL OFFICE: sage 18-35; | $nifts; liberal employe bene- 5 EVENINGS ‘TIL 8 PM. TEMPORARY 
p R ~~ my detail wh by zo mar salary fits. active in- serv’ ce training Premium pay-—up to $1.65 hr.— R | White. 18-35: for counter 
~ BOOKKEEPE Some knowledge in bookkeeping } ogell tment JES 1541. Program. LUTHERAN HOS- |for legal, medical and _  senjor DAY, WORK ONLY | work; 40-hour week; must. | 
Sa, eo 1% la. ni : a- . . 
‘Up to trial balance: typing: 1-gir] preferred; steady work. ~~ yy gg 8 oo ® PITAL, PR 2-1456, Sta. 217 | stenos.., city and county. Merit . YOU CAN CALL BUN, | work’ en Sundays and hoeli- 
fice in Overland: good opportu- | HARLES EYERS & Co. as w mE. 2S? ——, NURSE anesthetist; OB de- boat om . eases, bonus, paid vacation, 1-5 nveninas nth, Pat daye: eXperience not neces- 
state quali‘ications os eB | eames, § ashington = GIRL or WOMAN | partment: 40-hour week; 6:30 to actory manager, yping, days A s . 'Premium pay for IBM Tati atten) | ary; we win train; prefer 
“Accounts Payable “Clerk — ary ‘expected, CLERK-TYPIST We are looking for a reliable per: | -3 p.m. Monday through Four work, snorthand required. Reserve OFFICE FORCE a |and speed typists. Merit increases girls’ 5 ft. or taller. No 
Modern office, pleasant working to live with us and help with Friday Apply Administrator : fi}: 705 Olive 3615A 8. Gran Sonus and pane a So mae hone calls, ‘Apply in_ person. 
see te in hg conditions: eet BOOKKEEPER | conditions. Contact Mr. Kimutis, housework, cae’ ¢ are of children: | —Peaconess Hospita wer phone and some filing. | T814A Forsyt 112A Easton GA ' # 24: pane verEen. “ays. Interviews between 7 a.M.« 
Call, Mr. Trefney, | We need experienced bookkeeper: | Simpson Oi} Co. Room 202, Mer | she must love children and be ca-| Nurses Licensed Practicel | “KNAPP. MONARCH . RESERVE OFFICE FORCE | 
re ast "| permanent, position: age 25-30;|¢hants | Exchange Bidg., 5100 pabie of handling them; pleasant attractive, well-groomed, 20-40; | | STENOGRAPHERS 705 Olive 36154 8 Grand | "FORUM CAFETERIA 
" Addre: h eo tor | location, 7745 Carondelet, Clay- Oa a _— ty a conditions and a £004 | Missouri license essential. Apply ‘YT & POTOMAC TSi4A Forsyth 6112A Easton 
aaalen peraror (ton, Mo. Call PA 5-3180. | CLERK-TYPIST; age 18-25; home for the ieee perege:; nic€ in person only, Personnel Office, “| Position in engineering office, ex- BECR ARY and office work for 307 N. 7th 
For publishing company in will train beginner; S-day | private room with If this 18 Barnes Hospital. ~ SECRETARY | perience preferred, accurate typing, hotel; ha. reference. Box — , — 
| ween. oss RR. Tie what you have been looking for, KA . 9 Like to Work With iidren* 
stwood; typing essential; f NURSE. registered. white: stand- | , Medium dictation, neat work M-228 a ~Dispste ch. i , 
onperie ence preferred: 35-hour 700 Security Bidg., 4th | Brease are and Bye — —— | ard salar institutional work; full | ALES MANA AGER its. 5- pom | week; interesting work, secre experienced; sales ote ae =a Meusemtotae 
| r . . y/ 
Mona > = ie P by Pye It’s Easy To Place A Want Ad— | CLERK TYPIST ti fwork — i fer 4 desired’ to Box K-397, PD. or Mae time. Lafayette 7-2305. | tarial 25-46; previous mg downt | office. 8336  Outy WY 3-2216. for right woman, married or sin- 
many fringe benefits, atari Phone Main 1-111 tereated in hospital worl: 40- | GIRL. oF woman, 20-40; | stay. |NURAR: BoM ot medical comer: | ¢a¥, Week Attractive compen SVERDRUP & PARCEL SHIN ayaratora to 'wgrk on Uni ge jai "se oua’9 
$21 month, probation- | help with children, coo ing, mouse. : ene its. A Ns t i ’ , 
de yi | "Personnel ie work; private room: oth Mer help; |11 p.m. to 7 a.m. TE 717-0170. NG & MFG. ¢C 10725 ENGINEERING CO. ampton Cleaner, 6614 Deimar._ 3: “0196 
. = SE apr Se Sere “98 —And Charge It! a LUKE'S Hi ITAL, |e ‘rience, references, Call SES AIDS, Hospital expe Bauer bl. WY 41-1820, Mr. 15 OLIVE | TYPIST and, Tig: experi- | 2 DAY ite; general cleaning 
~ 6- 4801 for interview. — 645459. Box E-143, Post- ispatch rience. WO ' -Vieth. a | ence. CE gi and pS sine 1-2763. 
) % 

MONDAY, emiaiinitin 
ot fous one ane te eae | PE OPPORTUNITIES _ 94 | /APARTMENTSUnturnished “(11 APARTHAATS Unfurnished (11 | APARTMENTS Unfurnished “111 APA vail 
wuputriietor of 111 | APARTMENTS—Unturnished pani mae | ving 
| prigmpathe Coin 1 urpares at M1 | APARTMENTS rUeipiie 114 / FLAS FOR cHt—UNFUR, 113 
SALESWOMEN | WANTED 89 89? —_ = i= -_ operated aun Reserve Your Apartment Now at 0? VIDOR ¢ and © toom ett UMAR, § te | SOUTH 
PART TIME Sepetablo #t. Lous firm. everal ie’ emmy] services; § xt oor |; ‘adults. ) 
SAI ESWOMEN oe reece Pee Frigid: St. Louis’ Newest Prestige Address services: $65-15. "He 2. ee Ee ated, 
y Apex are suc- ~ ment, kitcher i id pir 
cessful. Let show SOQ eau d. EN a6) - 
eighbo: hood reprenentatives or, WY 3- 6055; nights. Saturdays ona PLAZA UARE APARTMENTS a 4-94 &. PA oon et 
gusewives in St. Louis, Southern|-Sunday, CO 1-4921 15th to 17th—Olive to Chestnut ie Ay IR | vag 
Iilinois or Eastern Missouri to r Fin ; Th Mivo'Se3 utilities furnished, :: a : 
work part time presenting a new e apartments, ideal for those who appreciate 30st, G. GA 1-8341. private bath; a tth PA 162,’ | 2000 . beautii 
and wonderful, nationally adver- the best. Easy walk from b » 5; JB 3- | FAIRFIELD APTS., 5561 Ent rated; near ev mM. PA 48% 
tised, facial exerciser. This prod- TK usiness-shopping district, JECM ON A 7-7 4 rooms ait fu , $62 Ba . OLD- everything “ae 
uct a natural for any woman in| 3 e! auditorium, church, library, Union Station. ‘Sr SUBURBAN ities. FO 713 "PA 5- $00. | 718- oa "PENSIONERS 
the qoemetie fk field. cat WY 3-6065 take aver die ake » wun en = Uniformed D ® Land ot FOREST ae et ae aeons rs-tha. nt mm 
or t int ' all new e oormen nd: 7. ae ; et 4-409 
ing SaB5Clayecn ra Be Louts| Machine feat FuRiGG S| Efficiency ones 4 sap cecingttamn tony amma Fi oF SE IS APAR FOREET’°P Arex —asor—y-agm | fat sete arma, Bt 1298 
a 1c! one-, two ’ ; 2-room 8 - 
Ete OR PART TIME eee eee | __ includes heat, ges, pot whet, ove, satngbebhan | pets 600 S. BRENTWOOD | $uuBF'isaRk-astor sulle ite enidres, “co s-798i" 
| Sara Lee Bakery Route | re | oh \ Bs goad . “195%; nice 
Regular weekly paycheck and still | Y uTe Monthly Rentals $95 ." of WEST RK for 3 adults; private bath; bus. ARSENAL. 953; nice 6 fooms, 
Bes your impale fob ‘un wile | etette ee auf area Aut | Maid Se 995 09. F16SFe Ff Oceupney Stowe Seay tet.) il WEEN REOCe Ana | RINGHBURY, Sethe: 9. foamy Ain 00 ot oe 8 45600, 
ying, no invest- " | rvice, Air-Con . k nt. er 3 p.m. VO 3-29 
i or A, ae helpful: | See to , oo. ven | Model Apartments on lati po ah Optional Apply Now for Immediate or Near Future Occupancy—Hurry! 2 BEDROOMS, | BATHS | Sificleney, bath” Boo N,, 8:r00m LA sei scuns, ae ‘f:0100." 
Pl 2-9195, 1a 2- 16 o1 ad quired. For details call Jack Good. | weekdays and Sattirdays; 'til 4 P.M Sean oo P.M. | ON 2, AND 3-BEDROOM INCL DES. ua V, BA evator. i atihtien: 1 Bs 
639, TW 2-4721 man, PA 7-2651, : DOLAN CO. REALTORS ays FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED REFRIGERATOR 1-4654. FO 7 dupderette: "$85. tin, furnace: 3 ape pen’ eel month, 
“1 rigidaire coin, u . { BUILT- * a BLAINE 39 os 
y PR ay coin, unattended, | neitia Clee 00 Puss Seuca ith oe Beautiful ad tt iN Ge E OVEN Lackabe. 4 4440: 3 large rooms, 30A 4 newly 
SATEEN Tron CALL EVENINGS BUSINESS ine, GArfield 1-5511 | LAUNDRY PACILITTES ~ be a. Be wily decorated; also Bocorated heat, hot ‘hot ‘w. ter 
inv $91.8 OPPORTUNITIE | G.-E. DISPOSAL and 
fewest Avon to start on S$ 94\R anf A E, 4490A; 3 rooms, bath, | ba 2 
<a a PSS small fortune. te 1-7829. __| SHOE | STORE; women’s high | win FOR bas cou bOLORED 91 8 il on al al men $ OF NITOR veaVick utilities; $20 week. wr 1- 2646. oy thd oe PA Seas. ace 
taenion store; tremendous poten- | veniences; kitchen privile the NOW LEASING! MARYLAND. “4333; apartment | heaters: basement; garage; $50 
CALL TODAY b 0 AIR- CONDITIONING. K-255 Post-Dispatch. wae, OS | “ ok 108 acres of wooded, rolling landscape, in a beautiful i rla,_everything furnished | oe ANICe 74 5-7450, 
STANDARD Pp 2 AND 3 ROOMS: furnished residential community. Excellent faci ities tar aaaren. AIR CONDITIO NED 4 newly dec-| BOTANICAL, 42 rooms, all 
. Manufacturer wants volume in- | Colored OIL Station for lease. unfurnished. PA '6-0642. 554 Nursery and grade school on premises. Brentw wood Square Agent 73 ra as Daily. orated and flirnished : very modern | Utilities furnianed a he 
tart earning tomorrow nee and distribution outlets | Cokated Gealer.. Raters r 2-bay. ia Miner ove and Westroads Shopping Center adjacent 'R ed o-foom, soe ‘separate bed- 'y OTB A Benson 
uis and s or applica- | 2- OPEN ; ation ; nens | efficienc 
JE | me | 37 towns on firm- protected trade area | p | a me Pe :. perth: 2 After 6:30 2-ROOM unfurnished apartment. i DAILY TO 5:30 P.M.—SAT. 11- 5, SUN. 1-5 P.M, BURTON & LEE EALTY | Met ly;_parkin sonia o. onl , Ma 1-824 j bath, . S324 heat; $65. 
ct bac by years = vi Teva)’ nutes to everywher 0 ‘ ROA ah Bn 3 TOO 
~ Opportunity inlentied | eet Dene your wap gene — TAILOR Store ladies" wear, ready working  coupis, itenen ae f crossroads of the oom Pag Daniel Boone Expressway, the Te WHITEHALL FL 1-8 S00 | eee”, adu ood furniture. ut v Set ba hot eae s $40, MA M1 7516. 
s a as ow ateriais, gar- ~wwy~ ee 15070. (*) FHALL MANOR CA MA as 
SELL LADUE AREA ra, ® ~a, ne in on this lucra- pam ee, sewing ma- CONVALESCENT HOMES 101 PRESIDENTIAL MANA F McPHERSON. IN, 4203; 4 rooms, heat, LEMAN, 4213; 6 1.5531 — 
OE, yh it tion is available. Box K-198, PD. TAVERN. es SS a $135 MONTH AND UP | MENT CORP. 2- Bedroom A ts. Available heat UN 9- ey ee = CHEROKEE — district, » modern, 3, 
Commtenion prs Denes: otter -D. | i550 wroskin” (op park r equip: Fully licensed, fully staffed. Com- 1401 THRUSH Pl. WO 2-4661 BRENTWOOD, MO. ONL 9116 YER McPHERSON, 45xx;: "S lovely 3 rms. OmIPPEW $57.5 FL_3-5300, 
rd listings; interviews confiden- Beauty Salon—Modern TaVERG g 5'3 1950. | lids. PA _ oo ee aged and inva- 2 miles at of Pape p. Land Cail before 8 p.m. ‘FO 1-7801. hot water Pe “OBA. sion 
144¢ 4 operators, well established. | !0W arackeed, ad sonesy. sOro. ti and invalids, ‘senile, bed E. F. HYAMS R.E. CO. oa be ik goed EISENBERG” eae LTY. CH 17372 
STIFEL Rea tors 4140, Chambers rd. TAVERN scnthwak: tema; ot patients, 24-hour registered nurses PE A oe5T. PA x: $90 re) Its a ae 640; 3 rooms and 
9218 peters, Ge mat location; ' sacri TAVE others, Mardis; VO 3-1950. visiting physicians, XGA T treatment, M O D = R N Li V | N G i dining. oy v- | floor; couple; near. VO "3-253, wa PEE CO ogi 
1 Chay ron RD. WY 1-2700| fice account tion: ‘sacri.| TAVERN, full liquor. merchant's | 5 “9116. | eee ng, ning. itehen, ‘bath: ey ee A A; 4 nice, large 
r 11-2700 Iness. HA 7-949 lunch. @ erchant’s | ROOM : beautiful 14 — rooms; bath; hot water. FO 1 oat 
MONSTRATORS BEAUTY | e. ch, downtown. MA _1-9701 S WANTED 102 — warm,  kitchenett s; 
Y SALON. sh TAVERN + 02 | 1, 2 or 3 bedro Apartmen anes *t Co, OL 2-2070 chenette, adults CHIPPEWA, 2746 (34: aac 
Quéen’s- Way it i — pportun- | orig Barking lot. air conditioned ; | owner. vo 3-43.82. ¥ | room wants room or poy Sroces= Tooms, toilet, $25. HU 1-5100.’ 
showin ¢ othing. for ent earning. EAUTY GHOP. erisoi icaFax: | aeaees Fel full eaiiipped.. tall We Se a BA (perma | ue - haat inurvery schoo! APARTMENTS FURNISHED 112 room INC RON, 3D “bo. 1- 91d. gta $45. hia Tetsi. 
/ entire family, z ablished; rea- |.cense: room GA 1-9594. =| venient snopping oft-street kj ‘WASHINGTO pr : - : 
including nal Mix sonable. JE ROOM street parking and NEW — AT N.. 59xx “COMP ‘ 
Match’”  co-0 rdinated eam aa BOWLING. *LLEY . "en “al "TAVERN ; south; owner in. 2300 | NeEp $, BOARD WANTED 103 center garages 9 Newly- furnished hy liv- a eRLANS $715. meade rooms, decorated, 4 TO j sclezo. . 
eee a collectini in B® ode: toned, some gino r fire da ae epg gg working mother. Box E-28, q, and excellent bus service convenient to schools dinette, bath. full or bs beautiful ultra modern 3 a ‘DE ms, <3 062: modern 
weekly. Many advantages if KART'S Qua Caf 45794 ine eee living quarters in| Roommates and Api, Share Model A vate parking. 8852 Inkel; open, | Dt'vate bath, laundry, 2- 3-4 radults ope here automatic heat; 
start now. rite Queen’s-Way, | ton, Ill fy A fe, Blooming-|T % - Ford panel truck.| FORSYTH. and Api. Shared 104 el Apartment Open 8:30 to 6:00 Weekdays» 10:00 to 5:00 Weekends PA 1-8924 "Eve, PA 5 ATERMAN, 5567; 3 rooms. | DE TON 
Evanston, ce 70. aa room 80 rt Ay p A: By. 8 2118 Cherokee au aust. with 2. gi oe 2 girls to share ——_-—- CENTRA! |. 8513 ve a nicely furnissed. em- bath; AE gg IR modern rooms 
L Wo — seats. P , ACHINES, win bedrooms, ployed couple or giris. aye .... = 
‘Fill “in 7 i costume | 2a8ed_on earrent ane. sale'ic. Marjay Vending Co., oy livin room, kitchen, bath, $39 ett AL : WATERMAN, 5542; 2 rooms; perueere. . 3852; 6-room; hot Wa- 
jewelry; 70% profit; aluminum) CA E seating 125, groc Mosley, St. Louis 41. HE 2-4870. | YOUNG -1-4654, VO _3-3397. ments availabie; redecor ated; rea- | Kitchenette. PA 7.9408. JOsT._CH 1-8085. 
aires” art aie Re lee ab armen ant MARRY eer ioe | mane aeoatis| WOME ED UE AES eee Ee ab Sata TEs Sa Oe 
; A ———$—$—$$$$ a ath: - “3 
AMBITIOUS WOMAN ce present | Kashfi nder, Wichita gle “y. | 90 or more needed. sures: 7018, bedrooms. TR lady ; separate WORT 8 SINSTE —F ; SS oa DOLMAN, 1733A; 3 rooms, path, 
BEAUTY COUNSELORS; estab- ICAFETERTAS BAR; 100 % SPOT. | ose MAN ¢ peeengle 6-607 BENTON, 23124, 3, rooms, tollet: | private bath, ‘newly | furnished, water heater, $45. FR 1-2943 
lished, unique cosmetic ieivice > | | Moneymaker; we ag BUSINESS fom o share S-bbdroom “apart- as t+ ¥ $15. ahve 30. decorated, utilities : adults. ET 
Saree MAR ASE™ PO- |7 1-oees. ¥O | ALL CASH POR BUSI 95 | near Westronte: “call veskae? = WYbvown 1-564 BROADWAY, iat We: modemn| WEST PINE, 4414; newly deco-| month. building; 4 roomis; $38 
CA week-day - 2. . ¥ ’ , ’ 
AMBITIOUS women or men; $30 5 days; Eek Mera ie as A MANUFACTURING. 0 7868s. Lqrotnings. WO 1-6136. ’ DELMAR BOULEVARD AT MCKNIGHT ROAD dita “wthintie Gk Sin” petiny a eamitel [og 7 aa SILVERBLATT R. CO. CE 1- 8884 
© $100 week; car helpful. Write | CAR WASH; 3 mi 19 TO GET in or out_ ra ‘business | share college graduate wants to TUS. ; 2-room efficiency, INE, 4449; 2 efficier cle HHTEENTH, 1754A 8 
for ag ent, 18 Roberts, ] ggutpenent, well go ge 7 VEUSINE 3 wo -SCHER- Soteiegal meee te _ a town i. bites $10, Fo 3. 15451 or PA 1-2711. "| nice; adults, $45 and $50 ea bath, hot water: adults. $45. GA 
rth os ns | NIN o* ee - “RO OM a - : : 
AMBITIOUS woman: work —eve:|Ing. Box E-410, Post-Dispateh | GeQe oe fiatraks, Mardware, - ete. | ELDERLY lade eee ae — e635 Slavica cfOCATION NINETEEN He “Prins. °| butiding: newly. urn in apartment | FOLSOM. 3853A; 3 rooms, bath; 
nin 6:30 to 9:30; $60 up; by|C EANING bre spatch. _ stock or "astunes. PA 53-4155. shi RLY lady wants lady >| NEOS: 4246; 3-room = effi- | bedroom kiteh av.; living room,|~ 5 th._TE_7-1406.______ has. rivate bath. > 03-29 gograts hot water; newly decorated: $45. 
tet 00 oT BTM gl" hg | CLEANING brinch pte Du [2S tatu Bh ELiSB she parent GF fomparin | Stent BAe vacant, Pa Seid |GRS'"Tasnuty “etaee™ | BURP, ahha od BAcHBLOR: 2 rooms; apartment GALLE: 1808.3 rooms 
| 5 . Maplewood basemen vaca 1 5: r corner:| BURD, 2812; 3 rooms; near ° apa 5 GA 80 not water 
iia 3 GIRLS | CUPANING branch: 5 yooms, 2200 ROOMS WITH BOARD 96 | BUSINESS Woman: share atirac: |P POTOMAC, 4103; modern -3-room $85; laundiy _ facitities 3 | rolet; couple, baby. sdcembeoost building: reasonable, "VO" 3 + a 298. furnished ; $30.° CH Test — 
, part time, to work in! ¢ : : shed apartment with | efficiency newly decorated; stove, | 5629 ¥ GAMBLETON, 6167; urnshe < -|GEYER, 1016; 
Call Gai 8i6T, | bows grranmed.| tele: Besad”” Gen LAUNDRY for | ELDERLY eee i bus line. Fo 1-4130. | refrigerator, disposal; open, $75. utilities and appliances. i with all| like new private bath, AB ciency. FO 7-9 eg _PA 5-5004. __|ter furnished. $22.5 g sol tn not, ae 
ask for Mr. Har-| miles of St. ouis: ‘ae 85 warm home, TV br “2S: ete fraternity-style graduate to share | FO 7-7670 LIPTON HE _ 2-6043 | floo MA _ 1-6898. 8. ist or 2nd jadults; $16, PA 1-9159, PA 5-0270 r a YA tes egy Ath ye a roaster: GIBSON, 4311 ; 4 rooms, bath, 
miles of St. Louis; doing ‘good |RoARTy and ecard of 7. "| fraternity-style ‘living in county. | RUSSELL. 3314 (manager No.7): APART WAGNER, 6232; 2 rooms, like efrigerator: clean. J 3-458. | 2nd floor; aduita; only $45 ‘month, 
Box 3-201 Pei i health. Write, my home, reasonable. “ER P0553" YOUNG lady to share nice apart as Boag unit, $115: cae meat: F MENT RENTALS - aduits, M516 wee aN S0270." PA Poors, eae OA eg | Sanemeatin s0s3A; ceean 3 rooms, 
: ost- Dispatch. near b rt- | 2 ; : | urnished or Unfurnish es 60 — .| automatic stove heat, $52. : 
pes wane SOUTHWEST ee | —— er bus. shopping, Fefer- ounces saeiitios. on 9-0843 | 5457 Dex WOLFF, Management MOBIL h Bong furnished, 5 also smaller | ARMBRUSTER . Ritrs. PL 2-4410° 
BINATION MOTEL: and | CAXVIEW Rest Home: pleasant | ARSENAL, 2808; 2 SHENANDOAH, 4171; 3 — 7-0692 E home for rent near Mc-| >" FURNISHED _ ro INDIANA, 3616; new ranchette, 
WOM erm —* ~ neem Prager +0 built aut me ae newly dec- | Modern apartment es refrigerator, range, breakfast set, | FIRST FLOOR | Donnell: aaults. 199. bath; bas" s at « Fy ow? 35° A ge ee nest, 3600 south, i 
plete facilities for nice dining | COUPLE utilities furnished; ki bus. 49 4 — ast of Jefferson. OPEN 
N 50 guests. Locatei on Federal | com: for elderly men and women. a to share man’s 5-room s furnished; parking, DUs- 14 Argyle; sublet, ouTH § $67.50. CE 1- P 
rtment i ; 4 bedroom — detneteiiiataie UBURBAN : 1-8525, PA 17-4077. 
BOXET, YL NS CORE Mexico? swimming pool tandtes renames sale ae Semen ‘aie to. ine Os eribekt eit 5 room. efficiency. heat furnished. ber ia Ion REST “Ae : SAUM HOTEL LEETON 3 580 (Riverview | Gar- hh Y ng Lg fate +one path 
s SI 8. - i 7 ’ rge r oe 
YOU FILL ORDERS RY ident Goucrete tennis court, - ete. WEST REFINED BGSREES-Wouun—| AR AR RMBRUSTER Ritrs. PL 2- 0630 oe RARITAN DR.; new . <t5 PP wf Phe ah Monthy, Rni3034 | apartment. UN 9-1651. pant vg 37184 8.; 3 room Ss 
a days we delivers no experience | 15. Kingsb ailable “April ist, °No. | Tolls nice sieck, shocker sia |i-2 GIRLS. + SINESS WOMAN |SpRING, 1853 8.; 5. unroom, [garage WOT vi2g gpaitonea: ARSENAL-GRAND area; S-room| hupe’ “ncargome near bus line. Bea es» dbeemen 548 
° _ rience ngsbury Pl.. FO 7-1 eae Tolls, pie. steak, chicken; $14. " 1-2 GIRLS, a decorated; heat, hot water; adults I ~~ CHT > _| apartment; ha . arge >; near us line. |e ma 
needed. CH 1- eee $3 laund apartment with girls, |1st_fl 9442. CHILDREN WELCOME partment: Gyre bath; sent, | PA’ 5-384 5-3848, PA 5-7541. JULES, 2235; . newi 
needed. CH 1.0245, | CONCRETE PRODUCTS manu- laundromat. $8._PR_6-8314. st_floor.. CO _1- | West Pine; 7 rooms de clean. PR 3-7476. _PA_5-7541.____.|3%4-room ranch ig 
Over 21; easy sing fight work: |oscaet, £08 _ specialised manu ROOMS FOR RENT 97 | EE ome, 4-room apartment, ev ey AREA: nee | ott | | CH 1-6833, wy 1- Rep ermeorsann BENT, 3109; efficiency ’~apart- FLATS ATS FOR RENT—UNFUR, {13 | tile bath, Sak Wadimments, end 
iece work, no experience needed ; cts. Sales outlets established ; CENTRA 1-8906, FO 71-4429. d: 4915 A ment tor 2 ladies. PR 1-5825. apartments schools, churehes, ¢ t 4 
09 Washington. 4th floor. See 78°, S000 investment, nets ~ L cereal share apartment with furninhe in & Inquire 4654 | 3rd floo RGYLE BLAINE, 3662; “2-room apart- | an ny Grain. Vv 2-6511. for rent; $70 » transportation. 
cae J . Apply after 10:20, arkland, 8t. Toole 22, 4S. e2sr artis DOWNTOWN LADY ASL tS. FA. rns. ae Ww. WOOD Rity. HA 7-4232 | available April a oro” sp pains: BOTANICAL 4168: 2 rooms; em- NORTH FO 71-1670 _ LIPTON HE 2-6043 
u ‘ wit —— : - | apn ence 
A 10 AW ver z beare CONFECTIONERY ; o u tstanding adn tedeed a 407 Lucas; |.couple; Maplewood. MI_5-2755. |_ ____ SOUTHWEST | geagpenniign | 5824 CABANNE  _—- ployed; cleani quiet; bosses. | ALL NEWLY DECORATED bath, ings 1031; 3 rooms, 
Pleasin telephone voice mh ess; this corner has been a/| double: weekl single; $5. “30 LADY to share lady’s home: 0 \verloo kj D Pp p L | (at BROADWAY. 2619A S.; 2 large 1917 Blair; 3 rooms, bath 30 |LAFAYETTE $ . CH 1-3667. 
train. 620 Olive. ; oe. big money maker for | double, $16 50, Be 13,50; | Claytom; bus line. PA 5-7166. NEW ied n es reres Far | 2nd pn = 4-5 rooms, ist- | rooms; adults; $2. 50, FR 1-8595. 3317A Klein; 3 rooms, bath, $35 | modern E, 3956; 6 | rooms, 
FAIR JINTERS to sell and in-j| of ealth: “store, fae extra; free TV. CE 17018." $1.50 | HOTELS 110. $70 up. ‘Backs Rok. warner. P1640. CASTLEMAN. 4057; i or 2. C... g 3936 N Gans sProcmnte bath, $38 ‘LYNCH, 1 ee oe 
struc air color to beauty shops stock and livin ar ” . ee - | > , 0. y turnisne garage, good h eat. ; r 8, ’ $34 MA » _private path, 
om the Gh. Gowle aren Drawing se-| ree & Quarters: 3 be NORTH | 573 EADS, 2618; 3 rooms; a 2232A Dodier; 3 rms., bath, $45 | 47-5 1-1195, FR 1-4537 
count, expenses, cominission. Write heat. call” R 7-63 ar gas ag S961: 2-room | furnished ; at: HOTEL FAIR R pnosliont 30 CABANNE from a een zoe 2- 1250. cross | 826 Buchanan; 3 rooms, bath, $30 8 sp 049; 3 large rooms, 
statin experience and | Agen ney. 88. Lueders rs | SLATE ensioner. UN 7-4914. pA inaians 13 ooms re gg 4 FLAD. 4260A:; 3; front; employed y ROOMS _Ritrs., MA 1-9575 | 4999 automatic ina $57. PR 1- 
si , POST- DIS SATCH CONFE > é , 3961: 2 rooms f pate en 0. | adults: utilities. rh . 3-825 SOF 
lot siwives AND MOfERS | REABONABLE BR Dobra HOF | PEbeicEewt" ae W! ages) adedeapowe AM weEely | 1 AND 2 BEDROOMS — | free ane SHANEE Rvs -4000 | GRY 2011 2nd, pra w| deROOMS, DECORATED, | SRR, 270, Seo 
ours, days or) CONFECTIONERY ~ 1x 2 house- | Natural Bridge FR 1.3560 room a -| bath, above average adults _ oaly. 1716A N. 20th; ‘— $: ME? 0. GA 1-61 
eves. ; 4 iease, | ke | partment: SRAND- 2 : th; bath $3730 NARD, 1524A 
= oi no investment, | eoteeeans | remal compensates all ox eaue Keeping, sleeping adults: V2. -0290 LIVE DOWNTOWN | G-E Stove and Refrigerator Move. retuigerator garage. resi: |¢ GR oF RSENAL area. 3 rooms; | 2525A Benton: bath — $42.50 | Water heater, 24h; ae 
Phone CH 1-4351 for appointment. _ CONFEC *TIONERY, oy FD.) nished room; private. 3934A; fur- BELCHER HOTEL. 407 Lucas; | Ample Closets | CABANNE, S803 84 iss GE | SRAND- CAFAYET TE; 3% large; =| CH 1-915! PA 5-9193 be deena ea mnetarn, Baw 
* DART- TIME OFFICE Ve 9.3890. 6931 8. Broadway, | a ae agi cubis: Sear 50 single: $ $5. 50 | Garbage Disposal i? coin tile, baths; lovely bahia: employed adults; $105. TW 2- 5713. | Free Rent Till April | | individual ‘ie | Fy ray geticlency : 
DAYS OR EVENINGS CON eet NORTHWEST | double $16.50: eff gle $13.50; Hy 46" —— spect CATES. 5657. 1471 IDAHO, 5418; efficiency; “private | (1527 D p ARMBRUSTER Ritrs. Eu 2- 44 
White, girls ladies, students, | and FECTIONERY by hospital E8378; lace ‘extra; free TV. CE 17015. $1. 56 | cieney "3053: = or 5-room effi- | Path, entrance, utilities; $16.50. yee just ere Feneed | bathe aan 6904A 1° 
housewives, we will IR ge eng on an Poss cheap. 1809 8S. 14th, housekeeping, nee rent, ign RAN ELAGH WIL ’ | $72. 50 up.” FR 1.2943. utilities, | private ath, Sad o4 1- 7749. Yara. PA “1 anit 7 iy vr o heat, convenient oo 
a at ‘s 
phone’ work. pen EE pieaser Hi | ieee CTIONERY; 7% block oF | SOUTH | Living roo ‘ MAR | READY FOR “OCCIIPANCY he 5803: 3 rooms, heat : NTUCKY,. 1124: 2-room apari- | ANGBLICA at Twenty-second; 2) MISSOURI~ 3700. 
1-0840: Fer erguson. TA essa. | neat frasonadie: Seema: be | BLAINE. 3644: ery nice front | imadoor bed: maid, linen se rice 1 BLOCK NORTH OF CHIPPEWA LARNEL. furntened : $ and | | sah, newly decorated. JE 5-5308. | eT a —, garbage dis- | toilet; $35; Fag PR 6- 3 a 
eget lag Call 16 | nterests Beaty | Wright st i" rope feptleman: $7. PR 3-7578 | a7 foe hs $80. at Pha Ahan ice ON DES PERES DRIVE CATES, S579. com CE 1- 2965 | | LAFAYETTE. no o. y rooms. month. VE 2- papamaatih $90 | MISSOURI. 3514: pr b-s6i6 
-H_1- ctor; * 30; e s, all chi : _ & ; 
REAL ESTATE _| DRIVE-IN SELF SERVICE sleeping. Victor; | nice ist | floor | McPherson, VO 3-1: pulang. 5707 ‘07 | Agent on Premises Daily 2-5 | oe $85. Fo 18278: ‘Apartment 1. | pPIY | BENTON, 15394; 4 rooms, toilet. ee 
a. none 8 pivigion. et on Hamburger Operation Guahaed: aan tae nmmall sleeping. | THE SATIM HOTEL -/ CALL ST 1-9354 AFTER 6 or: yincorated. i) PR 3-54 88. mod WP ae ie aan — ge ey F a ee NINTH nea: ( Fi — 
Y AWA L : 7: r co) a soTA . rear 2 r 
orenwe time, EV 2-430, | Modern equipment, food loc room, nicely” tarnished. $6 ping| ail "Weekly. Son pperd  Fnod BU RTON & LEE} decorated © $65. b. Open” PA 5. Open. PA 5- roeen 3 rooms, Sines heat, $27 BREMEN, 22158—3 = NINTH mi81 8A ~- so 
ton, You can be your a ake a ee ea $3: al PR 1 2034 |7020 CHIPPEWA FL 1-8500 | ated. A Be +8 and 5, roth aoe atoms. dec- CHAS. HORN Ritrs. PL 2.0948 | adults $25. rxepgms, bath; | let, $36. MA 1- E Rie? GeaH OF 
8s for only $5000, No foy- Lat : meh Only; private family. | DELL. L YLAZA- HOT __ "OFFICE OPE ay ap Sa MT. PLE BREMEN,  SSTTAS 4. bath” hor| OSAGE, 2624; 3 bi 
ot ge a, Step ack. Box b- oh _ peratad room, nicely furr | & Lindell: 1- and 2- ea Lala AS sg a | E OPEN Wai. | cabk. CLEMENS ay it Hg TEABANT, S000; 3 come water heater $54 ‘cH a a6? hot pried _847.60. MA ere deto- 
REA] tia a nisne 963. moe E also lar MTs “me ee 0318. |ATARENCE. 4530A: 5 1 . ARK. SSTOIA: & banana” ~ 6a 
60 % ssameaiasion SALESWOMEN : | colo Pn wd rade. Baw M i O annual | poy oan ie sleeping | room ; by r ; $12: week up; hovel seeping 2- BEDROOM APT. | Oben; rent eludes faa ‘range, Te a agg Spath. a0 1- e302. furnace, hot gaint busses, "adults nURE '590. Whyman, “Ga 1- dear. 
ar; teach | > mpl ays O 4-9163. elev ~— oe ome 5201 Jamieson, 2nd | frigerator, hea e, re- |p 59: 3- L 
onenoee. nf eel working “ond | ‘ME -084 STORE; 1900 McCausland. | 4021 McREE $14 Len & MONTH, bome ; atmo osphere ih nest, he garbage fi dis |HAUSCHULTE C CH’ ( 6516 eR gy MO i 7771. weaeat 3 | 1305 Clinton; ie Serone b" ehildien, BR g-e73i." 
tions. Call Mr. Frycki Po CLEA NING pia 7 Hoffma | 2 furnished, utilitie Cc | Bartmer, 0 1-9 w 338 dul ~ ¥ close ge: | CL S. “DLICes bath; , 404 §.; 
WEAVER RE: om o.hets| ree piant; Ho s. CE 1-1334. fo 21-9987. | adults only, no pets; 1 year lea EMENS, 5653; new! >| 3306 RUSSELL, APT. C N. 14 rooms, bath, low rent. je 38 
proposition” established, souiberen ESR, Say ota iy)| 1526 MISSISSIPPI, $15 | Swath, bath 610, ote sree: [22a pis 2Stis 16r ave: | Ta aie hed nT «Store: | Aronns MATER RS, “SRS te Baer ROUND BENG «CH A S06r | Room conver MS 4 gga 
on; established southwest |— urnished; utilities. CE 1-1334. | free TV. CH 11. + "BANGROFT, 5341; 2nd floor, 4-| T2g¢- $85 Apt. ater; Ka- rooms, toil R a pwns, Cs 4-6552. 
office. Call Mr. Sexauer for inter- | en Tenens | PARK, 2326; 2c ROS ELT HOTE _— room efficienc a r tile | WY 4-7350. pt. B, 1st floor, open. | SACKS _R. E. CO PA 1-1650 |- s, toilet, $30. FR 1-2943. _ SHENANDOAKH, : 3 room 
view | heat: children; 2 connecting; 885 | stead. Central 9 456 N. New-| bath, ‘kitchen.’ nBae furnace, tile | Cr ms RUSSELL, 3901; : [Fooms:— con- 2542 rw reasonable. “vO. $1717, P 
NORMAN GEORGE __FL 1-6333 FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP | NEBRASKA, 4820: < housekeep- up week. ipralty located. onal $7 | rated: $75; vacant; aduits. | ba ventas theunie {at Goodfellow); venient, gentleman. "PR 1-2322. |g rooms. 2 DODIER, $50 G | RES a: Maa Pi 
“FELEPHONE SOLICITOR iw ell son ig just ahead: clean, | ing, private, $10. FL 3-2833. || 80N-DEL HOTEL, DELMAR- CHIPPEWA, 6948; 2 bedrooms; | Units for large tami soni |RUSSELL, 2118; 2 rooms, utill-|6-0045 or PA 11650. wey 
: stocked going business; § RU Dap PES _ | $9 9TH | ra d lead amily; all rooms |ties Turnished, private bath. bir ST ae SOULARD, 7004; 3 
wenestensed. work frdm home cat Box Ge38 Post Dis south | a pa a +B H rooms, clean, | +5 INGELAND up; free parking. floor; $100. fetrintsetes', tag Sevens CH 13085" heat and janitor. RUSSELL, 3619, at Grand; 2 re-| $35. MA 4 1, 1538 N.j 3, toilet; | decorated, $25. "MA'i-7516. 
mates. PR. 2°8' 4 Mr La ad ty. ite 5 seams. "S701 Leona. | HOUSEKEEPING: =? % “floor; |_mar, $12 12.50 Nn ly i Hampton Gardens Apt. | ae 5820; shee “ae SENATE r019307 call ane. bal FOU RTEENTH, a i 3 | name attineesy, hs 2nd -fl0or, 4- 
; 3-2573. a ; middleaged. PR 2-9453. | P51 e TeamieyT eaaere 1 ipae , heat, hot water, gas, : rr i08 rooms, bath: $35. MA 1-8246. janit ¢ Meat furnished, 
LOVELY | MOT 1-2 bedroo $90 up; includes 4nd refri stove| children; $20. PR_1-1108. ears 246. itor, $72. 
Needs TUPPERWARE jee the berg aNOF i clears $250 © aweekly; | a. home DR a ubak oll heat: |-G ath ee awe W 110M heat, hot ‘water, kitchen ‘furnished. DELCREST Di. 510. 7 1-2943.| SHAW, 4029; 2 rcoms; quiet. | bath hot oe Colt) eeisT “| Aiaintstion my Ritrs. PL _2-4410_ 
Needs Geer birthday month: | FOODS ardis, VO 50. “SLEEPING room employed k= ie_weekly rates: atson; OSD ae son, VE 2-1562. ‘rooms; refrigerator wd 2 bed- | lady preferred. PR_ 3-0018. 1428. Bon MA 1-7516. tas SBURY, 2124A, 3 rooms; 
t time—$50 per Daa! 2 full Bal gg tHe blshea ‘g48o | | tleman, private home. F PR 2-9 r63. —— aa ceatielht inmeaet oad a garage. _$130._Open. WY 1-0482. primaire yo . oe at RN Bey: $35. UN 8-4525 TENTH, ae ve 2- on 
e—$100 per’ we ommis- | GIF SHOP. small: A-1 location: SLEEPING roo! % i eee : ults; before noon. _ A ° ' S.. rear 
sion. WY 1-1843, TE 7-0416.__ : | small favestuent, JA 4a8hR nished. rR 1.8939, PR’. rh ais | APARTMENTS—Unfurnishe iit SurTOR 308i: ; 3 rooms, bath 6358 DELMAR | ge a tg 'p 1.7622. water heater, "338 ; 1-29 ah ee 20. ant818 
3239. : e. - ; 
TUPPERWARE been heat, hot water; $75. BEE oRB | 2.00 eftictency, $75, all utilities, SHEN ANDOAH, 3909; 3 ROOMS: ENAPP, 3216; near Twentieth; 3/2 kitchen and’ path — co 
has openings 4: art-time, GRAVOTS, 6219; real chance for | SOUTHWEST “BOULEVARD APARTMENTS tL rag tt , 4400; 3 rooms; tile | See eae na ei elevator. LTS; ON BUS LINE. LEXINGTO water heater. $60. OPEN. CE sos. at, 
$50 week; fai. time 2, 00; com: | one in dry goods business estab. | MAGNOLIA. 6026; large. c at heat: electric furnished; no | 4 1-6554, VO 3- O84 03; call PA| TWO ROOMS, newly decorated, N, 4155 and , 41554; “|\TEXAS, 2868B: 3 Rt sn 
mission; car necessary. MA 1-7672 | 2.6251 40 years, now retiring. TW } Sleeping : i man. MI sist _ 4001 WASHINGTON Gripkiing. BT 1-9208.. cf a 3323: s. _— utilities furnished. FL 1-0220. <2 ODE N SB. ks Sa ee on ire heater, $37 : Sosa 
Kea ___ | SLEEPING room fo i | MODERN--NEWLY C st floor; 2) livin rooms, |3 ROOMS; private , toilet, AN, 4347A; ; < 
WOMEN H ARDWARE: ar pe ana | m my tl Senanioe business man. FIREPROOF E FES Ewes ened Some ; adults; no sete $130. strate, “Foom- -dining area: refrig- | bath; cou le employe sazance, and ot water, $27.50. MA 1-7516. bath, _furnace; $60. | pa? 4- 4046." 
—_. oF part time: $30, to $60 eRe gy 5; new shopping dis- | Service. MI 5-5369. ‘STOVE SREPRIGHE ELECTRIC, TAMIESON— peaty L_1-8300| wy 1-0492.' Sones: $135: open. | sue oto ye Beg 50. “MA 1-75: th, UTAH, | 3972-74: 3 modern, newly 
st have car a r er inter E 4 , rooms, g8@- | , wae er ; 50. . , |decorat 1 
Bee ea Mhan We Saab.” | $28,000" Box R349, Bost-una. WEST se MREERIGHRATORS. GX: | 70 MEO™ so ahuicy BR BaofS, | DELMAR -SKINKER: _ettclney|a/RoowS; baug! grgne: TV: AW MONTGOMERY. 1274, "9. bain, | VANDEVENTER, “Aiba 59 
ARD WARE and Variety; owner | ASHLEY ¥ LODGE—5149 DELMAR | “$57. 50 PER MONT McKENZIE, 6918; bedrooms, |erator. § 5” ont ge and etn woe ris;| hot water; $40. GA 1-6627. hoo sing pd ee a mt 
WANTED ALIVE! et Ae 32 years; small in- | yyy R LADIES—COMMUNITY | H 2nd So., gas heat, $90. TA 2- 0282 Skinker. ossi Inc, ey . ROOM es 9038 MONTGOMERY, 2217 A-19 A; | VICTOR- rp % BR CO 10d? 
HES MING $137 = OR. é CATES, 5540; HOME trom home. Michelson, FR 1-1236, CH 1-2177 ‘LOUGHBOROUGH. 5 5932; 4 ro at | ae 5815: 4 PR 2-496 3-4 rooms, toilets, FR_1-2943. * |hot water; $45. Ma T7516. 8 
svn tens wupnane aneyera wng | aegeianse tosaess PATE GB. | te bau $36 month SE out eae a Me Se ne el lia RONTCOMGEE OPAL '98TE.| etn testgee tS, “se RD 
) oO LAUNDROMAT. clears, $650 mo., | 5 CLARA. So 2505 N.; efficienc t- ODELL, 700; 90m ‘ h IGHT. 5745 ( NIN r * 8 ulis, "$05 H 
will work top earnings to | sresvin clears $650 mo., | 5 7; 2nd fi. north, | ments from $35 month. H y par 3 rooms, oath, modern 4-r at Goodfellow): | 3 Spe ist i = ETEENTH, 2417A 1-5100. 
replace eas” ‘who won't. g. Mardis, VO 3-19 sleeping, use refrigerator. water, etc. F onth. Heat, hot | 2nd _ floor, 347. 50. MI 7-1940. living oom efficiencies (large | bath. washer. M 4. 264 private | rooms, bath; hot water. $40. MA a | WYOMING. 9735A; 5 rooms: ii 
Se a ee apgeren cheek th package; nets, $1500; CLAYTON RD: private home, “PENROSES ag oe fi | 5 rooms: ga “ ieee: tees Cant “references: $76. MA 1-6030, | GIRLS, 3 or 4, are floor all to |GBRAR FA 6-547, __ — $20 an Cull PR Boa 4670 aferbpae 
MR. -5433 | Tiere food store ae tar ose s, laundry, | ciency: automatic heat: $75. “CE | posal; $11 available: open. HU RIGHT, 5616; bedroom effi- yourself, washer, dryer. MO 4-6116 | 3rd_fioo ‘ew ath; ONT rooms, with toi 
WORK EROM HOME $500 fu “price. og FOREST PARK oor. Ml 5-837. | 48 ce “4249; 3 rooms, bath, |5:8588_ peters © pm : eTZee 75000; ne PA T8267, SCHO SOUTHWEST ty RIE, 41534 S as : ana | d 4838 8S. 13th. = ‘month. Seé 
AN, tractive i : a cetteohe ; : ea; | Bs Ms. 
$2 Bos SPARE CME wholesale manufacturing Ho afoine LAC CLEDE. 4121" clean’ ateracive| | PRAIRIE Secorated ry oh, H 7 | 3508 | WATSON roe A fab, sectele included, 160" HOFF LD ods 285° Sun. ae RAU SCHENBACH, 28i5:3 ‘Soma | ZaBon RONDBERG” Cit TP aée7 
; e or no investment; opportunity | DouseKeeping; $8 st floor First floor, . 4; 4-room effi- ; efficiency apart- BLENDON: 9037: 2 rooms; pri-|tollet. $30. MA 1-7516. (3 ROOM 67 
SUARANTEED NYLONS py & 4 write Box K-383 ‘PD: 1 ee ee F vag ae room, _nished: A Sil Cee. VO 1 sit por: ’ G-e teh, open: $87. GIBSON, 42164; 3) room “bath, GARNER “6 asehe._ Sadia bmg 416; . rewill deco: neat hot water, sto: P Roosse. 
- 3 PAIRS FOR $1. MEAT MARKET for lease: littic | Mrs. Reyno ; ,maid. service. | ST. se OUIs, ~ 9529: “3-roam ffic| PA 1-6 ‘| $40. YO 5-119 ma, bath, | GARNER, 6680; 2 room MI urnace, ist floor; will deco- | aes eae 
ease; little | ji Reynolds. FR 1-8822._ effi 1-6554, Wy 1- oS 59. eS 4. ’ rate; excellent 
ngron EPR be buts ore| Mik athe got lr ls | ARDEE gg Nady pve |f04, nak PS ater: $80, FR) EER ‘pet ufos Rous | {UR Ataty hae eee ged, 70: fn. he 7-Brb9 or| Hick Wel Wuate‘CoMAvi-fies| SOUTHWEST 
. . |“ ear amous uth- 4 On houtea yer ,OUI 
GA 1|-2393 aa WARwke with produce | OAKLEY PL., 1234: 2-room | Or pes O38: RT bath. | town; knotty pine interior; gas KINGSBURY, 5749: 7 ~Foom, haat Ae 00m | bath; sauis; | oo, one | BOARDMAN x a 
and liquor department and sm apartment; $12. VO 3- 46 ‘heat; 12 windows; tile bath; walk- janitors; $75 , pie Pre- | STR a couple, eee employed. 
YOUNG small i$ '3-1732.__| RANCHETTE APAR li ‘KINGSLAND ferred, trenepertation. _F2..2-080%. ODTMAN, 43254; 5 | fae 
LADIES line groceries; 40 years same lo- 'PERSHING. 5349: jar e, clean; | 3955 N. T i ARTMENT. new. | in clothes closet; bus at corner; NGSL AND—530--3 be droo ‘SWAN, 4370: 2 ri -| automatic heat: $65: adu — | nished, air- conditionia he Ts. cure 
18-25; free to travel Couterais a gg nag rch to retire. | maid service. FO 1-9 32 ’ | he AR ees: ‘adults: At yg ey cae Fa appreci- | newly _Secorated, convenient: wid litle 5: _ ot cas pom ate ne oe 
and ee Bs gh gh = UP- | 8:39 a.m. to 7 pm. wo 41-0086. Coe ak “B315;: Seiak: use of | peta, EV 2-6700, _ e Sorry, no children or npets. . I LIMIT. 729; 4 rooms: open: heat; | a adults. SE §-2086._ apennane pT 7- 186._ | GHIPPEW A 5051; 4-room— 
tN wy Fig AD nus. chen, private entrance, phone. | RANCH-STYLE Apartment: “new; |.2-2120. Janitor; $75. $72.50. WO 1-4566. -| tWENTIETH, 4412A N.; near! 2-1877.. *** heat; after 5 PL 
Huscher. Hotel De Soto io'a tgs ‘ROOM, good transportation; man. | 1901 Bremen; 2 room with pri- LINDELL, 4615: 3- -room ef fi- WEST Grand, 3 rooms, toilet. $30. CH A 
2'p.m., 5-8 p.m. Parents welcome MOTEL TAU 1-274, eo _T-5283. vate bath, GE 6- 1047. WEST ciency; $90. FO 1-3328. TWENTY-SECOND, 1712; 3 large h IPPEWA_ 50xx: 3 rooms; ga® 
at interview, immediate decision Modern One of the Best SEMPLE, i610; 9 biocks from NORTHWEST ae GRACIO LINDELL, 7355 (300) THE MONTICELLO rooms, tollet, $29. FR 1-2943 EVONSHIRG tec 13. 
Rs “Reeattuse Tams BRON. ‘Lindbergh Bl. on |Fisher Body; 3 large rooms: $15. US LIVING floor; 5 rooms, $115. PA 7- yan TWENTY -SECOND, 2613. N 3, EVONSHIRE, 5811 : 5 -room effi 
Member AAA. diners club, fran- |to cme THE VILLAGE SQUARE In the Heart of St. Louis McPHE 723 St. Louis's most fashionable | bath. hot water; $30. UN 9-1495. ra S007 $100. HU 1-8138, 
PaR NERS WANTED 90 | chise 91.4 occupancy for 1959. ‘WATERMAN, 5666; warm _ room, “ eieucy, heat, hot A address ; beautifully appointed TV ENTY-FIFTH, 3¥32A N.: 3 ‘GRAVOIS, ¢ 227A 4 rooma, bath: 
N rated firm, big returns,| Dik income and net; grosses g | large closet; $7.50 and $9. vo 1 and 2 Bedroom Ranchettes THE GREYSTONE frigerator, utilities. $60. FR os efficiencies; also bachelor ooms, bath, hot water, $40. CH gas heat. TW 2-6251. : 
nae Box £. bo any figures, I A AE nn 8 5561. Completely furnished kitchens; ail 7 rooms, 3 baths (retiled), remod-| 2943. _ ents suitable for 1 or 2 peo- 1- °3667 PA 5-1 pase WY 4-3382 LOUISVILLE, Ties ; 5-roo 
YOUNG MAN Sy $5000 to invest | Cctails, discussed in person with WATERMAN; small sleeping: $7. |m firet floor units; basements. Swim- ng kitchen, decorates refrigera- McPHERSON. 4511, Srd floor. 3 | pie; nae hotel service; NI 10AW: 3 rooms. fiency 2nd_ floor, Hs ete 
in going business; active; ive BORe qualified persons. Shown by ap- |PA_6-1447, vo 3-8370. , S oom. New shopping center 416 stove, op gas heat: janitor nside arking. toilet; $30. FR? . 2043. | Tage, automatic hot water Pa 
aa fn ‘reply. Box K-206, P.-D.| Seaenent WATERMAN. 5521; gentleman. dail Sighway: 1 0. “anil ort | 416 N'NEWSTEAD im 1-876 | gas stove: ‘adults: 57. 0 se eaae 335 etndell minty oc Leese, | WARREN, 200A: St TOG oA 823426. m 
———— oe indel Cr = 
USINESS Stunt “94 STIFEL Realt ieee ed large, maid, VO 3-8705 ? Lin eoin-i oor THE HAMPDEN HALL, | | bath RSON, 4155: 4 rooms. no furnace; hot water. * a n2116" Bd ag sre we 3 4 rooms, dec 
Th OFS | eine $8.50 FR Tse "HARDESTY PGHNSON | 8 Toms: 2 baths. garage, $1881" 7-F 000k WEEKLY OR MONTHLY | WARREN; 22108 & toome. bath or LR 2 Saas 
ESTABLISHED SUCCESSFUL. 2-498 housekeeping. $8.50. FR 1-1314. N | 6 rooms, 2 baths, garage. 3200: | AT 7200 | MAN children under 5 accepted: $50. aa” AC, 4938A rooms, dec- 
MUSIC THA Eves PA 1-6000,) WEST PINE, 4241; clean, at- TE JA 2-892) | 24-hour garage, elevator service. CHESTER 1-6 room luxury apartment with 3 ROOMS, bath, $25 4, $35; 6, automatic heat, t. adults. 
L 1S B bedr samt’ atae oe and home (j| tractive, warm; 2-room house- “RINGAHIGHWAY. 2301. 4rd: | 4402 McPHERSON FR 1-6990 7209 Lanham, Apt. C.; 4- ‘room television; newly furnished, Dun- | ath, $50: UN 7-2 5 Ra OLOZAN, 4947A:;, 5 rooms, gas 
ocal Service Business tablished eee recital room, es- Keeping. ath: heat, hot water, bie: | bye eg neat, hot’ wate er, ook- | tho Hines; — sepeerens coffee NORTHWEST at, sun. porch, adults only. 
Ope enin branches: St. Charlies, | month a <a over $500 PINE, 4556; iarke ater | eiator stove furnished; janitor; | THE PARK ROYAL ired’ $° stove, refrigerator if “| hop and dinin GERALD! WEST PARK, 6924; 5 rooms; 
GS aaenn. Jefferson City, 5.4212. excellent buy. YO te convenient. Whyman, GA 1-6627. 5 rooms, 2 baths, porch. $225. "© S75. PA 1-6554, MI 5 13972 | FOREST PARK. HOTEL h INE. 5400; adults: as arge yard; near schools, park. 
Fomin, Beden, Kirkwood, Affton, MITORIES for students. work- APARTMENTS: 2-3 roome;pric| #605 LINDELL FO 7-0518 5 MARYLAND | OPA D pes koe churches and transportation, $85 
Midtown and Downtown St Louis, ohn R, Greene, Realtor — ing men; also singles: delicious | ¥4*¢ baths, | oi ee co -1-3409. Bedroom apartment Sa build. | 4910 West Pine FO 1-3500 HIGHLAND, 5957A; 3 (oe WATSON KD., 3257; ultra | node - 
aplewood, Wellston, Ferguson, |~ a cooking if desired; 14 block THE RANDOLPH t desirable location; utili- ~ CHOICE LOCATION pest, garage. FA 5-8418. choice 3-room unit, individual ern 
etc. ILLINOIS: East St. ony NATIONAL CHAIN off Taylor pus, 1 block from 6 rooms, 2 baths, garage, $235, beat furnished ; roid 5. FO 7-535 | ODIAN i272: 4 rooms, | Dt, $92.5v. =e ge 
Belleville. Cairo, Springfield; Peo-| High in volu 15¢ ham Kingshighway bus. Everything 900° So ROOMS. "BAT ——~| remodeled and newly decorated, oon OT 7-8105 evenings Newly, furnished bachelor apert- $55. FO 1-8888 PA 1- 5812 (white ARMBRUSTER Ritrs. Fie £4410 
ria, Moline, Rockford, Danville. | operations; seat ME oe Bony coy oS pe Proeryet Recreation room and TV H |5510 WATERMAN FO 7-5342' PERSHING, 5540: “9-4 efficien-| ments: all_utilities furnished. | in- KENNERLY, 5834: “4 rooms, fur- |}, aplewood; 4 
Decatur, Chicago, Waukegan and| in St. Pee eakat aaa ae pease ver reasonable. 4517 Forest Park. cies; decorated; elevator, car line. cluding air genet t:, private | nace, $55. GAl 164. ’ floor, new! decorated, ‘cleaee h 
pesatur, Crlenge, Wevketan S00 | thon nets $46,000 plas wknager's| Sater cote, See eens te 3764 CHIPPEWA MARY B. WOLFF MANAGEMENT) VO 3-8186. VO 3-8077. parking; $100 an month. | KOSSUTH. + 4462A: 3 rooms, b furnlabed $16 75. ST. 5278. stints 
Minimum $3000 and up investment | salary of $7500; pi Be me B tleman, references. PA 5-0634. | HEAT, HOT WATER, JANITOR | PLYMOUTH, 5885; 4-room effi- MRS. ARBUTTI hot water. $45. CH 1°3667. mcs efficiency; 
required de nee on population, | necessary, we train. Call fo not | "MEN; $9 week; Kerpan Finnish | SERVICE, EXCELLENT LOCA- ciency; beautiful; newly redeco- | PA 1-8 : case ot wt + | St. Louis Hills” $95. Vi 38 
which will ure and return- | pointment. r @P-| Baths free. “Maple and Hodiamont,. | TION; GOOD TRANSPORTATION 4 FR MONTH rated; stove, refrigerator: fas. A 1-8924_ Eves. PA 1-8513 5752 | ABADIE eee 34 $: 
able. Will finance if necessar . Only GORMAN REALTY Co. NICE front sleeping; good heat: | WILL PECORATE sul electric; heat; parking free; $65. THE EMBASSY At Goodfellow; 4 west 
eianinded weals oF per. | YO 5.6220 oo EV 2-7830 cping: good heat; TENA T| INCLUDING WESTINGHOUSE | See Manager, VO 3-7156. ° decorated : 65. dee, mama newly |BURD, 2844A; 
Re considered. “Potential XISSOURTL GOLDEN POINT co | ROOM; employed woman: conven- |G ean Al PREEZER AND FULL Atize | PLYMOUTH, 5874; ‘— Tred} 530 Ne one tO 1 7135 LEAR _ 1-1650. o {CREST Sax rn i 2648 Bd 
ane on 000 and more. |PAPER ROUTE; a.m. 500 daily, | emt location. VO 3-1 é room apartment) sutiliti : ; AH ra 67x 
This is on full time basis where | 350 § dail | ae LIC ie 4 C0. MA. 14199 refrigerator, oe es; stove; ———— and Unfurnished VE 2-1443. rooms, bath. | garage.’ PA. 7798 i rooms, 
you actually control the b h unday, supplement your ‘a 2. LIGHT housekeeping: ~ Clea ecorated; also 2 1 2-bedroom apartments (WATITRAL 1} lie EASTON, 58 £ 0, PA 5-4398. 
offices. Box K- 264. Post-D ‘Di ispatch. RESTAURANT hens we ee Rope Tone Peanhers rat k | PAMELA APARTMENTS FAIR GH DOWNS APTS. : 338 SOUTH WOOT ____| MARY Yh. WOLFF anagement yooms RAY $30. 508? C: 1 608s furnlehed: S70 Cb Cong; welllts al 
e e, ro Sane ome, | : nn ° ——? VV i-U807.~ 
ing; seats 35; stainless equipment; | dy employed. _ 0 7-52 | 4515 GRAVOIS 9100 OLIVE ST. RD. | ana fioor. 6 rooms, 2 b me RANELAGH-WILMAR ‘PRAIRIE, “3508 N.;" 5 rooms. PYZEL, 6032; 3° rooms 
MODERN: ONE OF THE BEST a ce business: pevecs right. Box euetenAi ee BR . hot oll A. ded. “ s, heat, | Attractive 3-4 rooms, modern fur- a furnace, decorated. FR GIBSON 5. FR 1-2943. 
ON LINDBERGH BL.; mem mber 391, Post-Dispa GKREO ; New, air-conditioned, 1-bedroom AND-NEW, Spacious Sacks R. E., PA cies n.| niture: newly decorated, wired sor 1-2943. b ON, 4331A; 3 rooms, toilet? 
AAA, Diners Club; franchise; 91.4 - BOSS Water- SON RD., 2838; Hemplo ed | apartment, stove, .efrigerator, dis- Mod A ‘SOUTHWOOD, air conditioning, elevator buildi “RIDGE. S8xx: 3” rooms. bath, |ROt Water; $35. MA _1-7516 
eoeupenty for 1959: big income man, 11 apartments, 18, 000. man, references, bus 6024 | posal, heat, hot water and cooking oagern partments \ | ef O 6241; ote " $pe mae service available: $87. furnace, white. EV 5-6731 : ERDIAMONT, eA ¥ : 
grosses sietires: 4089 WESTMINSTER: $10,500 JENNINGS, lovely ue AS see | B28: off- street, ster and coo ne| 2 Bedrooms; Full Basements Gone, 2 pea roe, stove. refrig- | $110. 5707 McPherson, VO 3- 1550 ST. LOUIS, 5446: 3 modern, bath. | D&B: $45 Fooms and 
tential for peer ft ene uhig "$750 RUSSELL: licensed eo ew OSD. ne BY 3-2936. ito’ wn Sunday 3-4. DECORATED TO SUIT UNION. 700-N. (at Delmar iE offi- APARTMENT, MODERN SACRAMENTO, $2833, KINGSHIGHWAY, 1003 
: nsed; gas |e , ; 29; 3 rooms; 
persons: shown by appointment. at big income. . nice room, man. AMT 7 ee | NEW 1-BEDRO Digner. 4k Apt. Furnished by cieney utilities furnished; room 5855 WASHING decorated; gas Kg 50: rooms; | nished; $45. beat RryeN ater fur- 
TIF “BRINE REALTY _PR1-4139 | LOVELY room; must see to ap- OM AND? LED. <lean building, JB 3-640, ated and furnished: util newly deco 124A; 4 ane sunroom: _ F pai2A: 5 rooms, bath, 
ealtors peeciate; meg. UN _7-9964 - | posal arcing: “on as heat; dis- | Open Sots Son, 10 a.m.-5 | ette: air conditioned; $115 month; machine; Seni Sonat wash UNIO pistes $55. GA 18627 | Pine wana aE een 285 
WO 2-4988 eves. PA 1-6000 days” SERVICE STA. & TAVER és CH1-9151| Open Daily 10 it Ke 208 hath; ako FR “3S rooms, | LOTUS soate NT 4-038 
~ 000 days ROOMS FOR RENT—COLORED 90 |, NEW HAZEL APARTMENTS —|\4:-Helcon Rity. CH 12177 orate: heats amitors $16 WEEKLY : a ee Curnace; $62.56. Fie Ts 
A BUSINESS Highway 66 northeast; $87,000 in| GABA ‘om TU) Yan 8 4170 M ENTS /Mi hel R! CH “orated: * t: newly dec- L "AND UP |WYLEYAMS” 3443A; 3 rooms, SRYLAN $62.50. FR 1- ioas. 
1958; 2 buildings, corner 175x cA ANNE, 5670; ln living-bedroom od ME yg nee at Chippewa; 1- ichelson Rity. 1-2177 | tl janitor; garage; hot 2-3 ROUMS—TILE BATH space heat; $45. BARBARA, PA MAR ND, 4145: st 
OF YOUR OWN 190; '7 modern air-conditioned | nished, utilities es pape tur-| and Sun. 1-6 pm. 7 Holiday Garden Apartments © OUPPE GA_1-6719| w 4118 McPHERSO 5-7 450. Linden: Foome; 1 block north of 
on A foome: Ssoce gay BY see VO 3-71 acune. ay ALFRED, 2031: 4 rooms, bath, BRAND A. | WESTIN STER, 4211; 3 rooms, nished; moon, cunerosee  Sh4, Se Rhy Y we el bri- E ONT Og et 5430. 
Ambitious, Live Wire Wanted employs 3 and self; iT Texnce gas: GATES, 5108; ; 2 furnished, ‘Tehil- Re i Se 2 bed ar air conditioned, gpe|2a8t,uelltion: $55. JE 3-5798. : $97 WEEKLY emcees ae ERR EAS heat. PA 1-5053 dai PA 6 PA 61241) 
om for mote 1000-gal, tanks *) . room effi- range, "re rigerator, disposal, wash- | nfurnished, $65; 2 MAPLE, 6048; 5 vines gee fart 
Manutactarer of wage anpenive| E's, Sos: se ¥40'008 | GOH: 280) 2 PRT mn | Bae Ag ean wea TATTHAGy gortonty **™- | Foams: "unfurnished, $60; all uu | | RAR HOSPITAL CENTER | waRiON, nose — —. bath $45 | SEMPLE wats BB. o8 Re 
- 5 Ait Forest Park, 3-roo ° bath $45 ; 
ito ih By Eur Very enable | ALLSTATE BUSINESS EX, |#iaBANK-—azse:-3- pooner Set PE beage ee ree Bi fon tENaNts Growe-Hammack ST 1-750, Sfgagemser: JE 1-604 'or| Second. Seat se — g: bath $35 | $55 monin. EV s-b046 . 
- cities. Produces security in 338 Av. H, Affton 25 PL 2-5700 nished apartment, 8) 2.5494. rida ONNECTICUT, 3400: 4-room ef- Fase. block north on pene cer. ~1 8 CATEEDS ORAL: “ist floor; efti- + ROOM 3125A'8.1 — s. bath $30 3 Pe 
steady repeat supplies bus)arss. |-" , Affton 25 _ ENRIGHT, 4604; large room: 2 ficiency 1800; gas heat; 2nd floor; avin y "RANG 4 HA rs ciency ; decorated: ga s heat; elec- Bisa BATH | $2234 s. Broadway— 4: ba bath $40 HOUSES FOR RENT—UNFUR, 115 : 
Can carn in excess of $1000 SERVICE STATION, — neighbor- ; 1-5723. | FAMO 1803 a ET] $80. FO 7-6688. — TAL CENTER  |MAYORWITZ, Ri NORTHWEST ; 
ma, he t Ee nion; beauti trs. A ehh 
Kuve Goods rearenct Wile aie | a, dman, Rodan, ue oe | EUCLID, TART NC 7 Wont Ton GAsCOWADE Bo, THU'i.S100""| 5740 CABANNE __| oop. <anatment: asian fom ote Mer llama toning gaiager YG gbs me 
tion, B* g ey. A | Cal. Shor 2 7298 rooms; ‘ adults. Mgr. Apt. Honing, garage. EV 3-1352. 
irling, New Jerse : ngelse, Cal. Write C. fomachee. EVANS, i ma, eat, Fea heated; $60. MO 4- 5972. ‘ AS eoener of Cyedtiew ‘i $45 _ ume: 6295, , 
SOFT CREAM Ci ee Mente, | sonable. JE 3-8820. | cake" GILES. 4004: vacant. first floor: 1-bedroom units: Y oe at: 3 A i Adss ‘with pri Fé 5-500 $11 AND. UP. x OUTH 
wn 4-room efficiency, h :|hot water; full tile bath: re vate bath, range, | 4300 "HALLIDAY. 3542; 8 rooms, 3 
- y, heat, ; ath; refriger- Mar : 6308 
ou a MACHINES SERVICE ata stion for Tease, south itventory nished hone Lae, decorated f 37% Adults: $82.50. 't ” 644 anitor: aior, tan c io gbe furnished : i 5, refrigerator 8 — furnished. titiclency apartments is ant uultes route os heat. PR 3-6328." e 
REAM TRUCKS | ane” Prefer someone mec (*} | GUSTINE, : 303; efficiency: |~ 1 er, FO 7-2697. — : amilities. JE brick bungalow, Kas : 
call LAB: E,3842; "k 4 \elctric kitchen; $65. PA 1- ’ ‘(Sger, FO 7 OR oe are interested tx a soft ae oe a it eo ae eis (ey KINGETON DF pe aaa N'ORLEANS APARTMENTS - APA rg RENTALS ways Sia Meg His. 7362,-weekda $125. Risch: 
‘ c a.| SERVICE STATION for lease; 9 sleepin sposal,. . 
cream drive-in ‘or adding a| Mobilgas; 34 , Po 4. FO 7-pbr3 By “sleeping Fo rooms. | bage disposal. 7 pearenet. er) ew 2 oak 2 Recep Yate TO PLACE AN AD 5457_Delmar | ata MO 8 -0692 LOUIS ae bedrooms Danae: 
continuous. custard. or. malt. ma- | modern. 2-bay: (dea) Tocation: PAGE 4010 — rooms — tor single | LaVAYETTR. cb os and $9) ~~ BACHELOR APARTMENT low; 4. Years ‘old; gas heat; near 
chi pe ont, type of business. |low rent. Call Mr. ocat wh rson JE 3-5774 m for ‘single LAFAYETTE, 3618; 3rd east: 5 for one man; everything furnished Sat kan gS 3-4219. 
BP. Mayer Pea cw S-T97T. ‘evenings WY S-6368. | RAYMOND. 50x: "3-room Bache | OTTO. TIETIENS $85; adults | pa cee A 9 79K CALL ineniding, linens , ules paid: For the Things You Want aha 
rson, % :‘ or apartment. FO 7-0471. ’ 1-2694 FV TY WE 3618-— Tage; adu 
erson, St. Louis sS: ate., PR PR 3 BAY SERVICE Station tor joe _epartment. FO T-08T). each LOUISVILLE, | 1116; A_1-2004 oS HA 9- 7989 ST.LOUIS POST- pS le ot large rooms. rly rage adults: “$85. “PR ete 
ECON-O-WASH | $2, large. parking fia Hire mod- | We, rates, pelume Lieteh 165 | Louleville, apply “1916, PARKEDGE APT. HOTEL ¥! DISPATCH | nisely turnishea: aiso 1 room ef: Keep an Eye on the Want | totisstranspastation Ras “heat; 
tural Bri all ” | Washin, AGNOLIA, 41 : 4907 WEST PINE CABANNE. 57xx , transportation; $110 
Coin Operated Laundries nights. Dickens 4-4 2 “ 1680, ONCUR a = 7: c 2. no children: EY — “ore | Furnished or unfurnished. Daily, e farage; ist, §$ 5320, ‘O T- ress wal Ads in the RUTC bias 
Speen Queep Agitator conn yd Te ta tandard. tor i | Pant, . second front; "$10. 10.50. FO MANCHESTER. 4 3 246A; 3 rooms, "AMBASSADOR APTS. a | ca tlie Spath. PR Par hiatal UTGER, 928 4 Rooms 
. ; rooms, : Hh 3-0: TAYLOR 
: ‘$2 Sine fabs tall. JE 3-5070 after 6, Walnut FURNISHED ¥-ro0m apartment ile’ path, PA "5: (elit eats: 5340 Delmar; attractive efficiency | Semel wee OE 3.8114. a Stoker; _§ $65; Vid: -0683. Fooms, bath, 
95% Financing SERVICE STATION. S-bay—atock SigHeD joyed. JE 5-3758 (*) | MERAMEC, 4166: $e78-|apartment, excellent location, | ¥4 - PFTMAR 5450-2 ana 3 rooms 51. LOUIS POST-DISPA F SOUTHWEST ia 
ECON-O-WASH, and uipment ; major pn a UN CORNY 1-775 [=D rooms; no chil aren, room unit, air conaitioned, ie) ENT GARDEN-TPT -1969. newly decorated, utilties furnished : T DELOR, 56 8 rooms; 2-car 
9830 Manchester Ha 30197 | BE r ETAL SHOP. fully NEAT furnished Ev. room, 1.9644. VE 24507 FR Lt 4 ning: a apartment tue: | Ber OmtON Ts love — ey ss: ~ my near ' school, 
6. single person, $6.50. arge {! rooms, 3rd Neon FO 7.0404, 4. BV 43-1543. THS-2 133. . 
LMAR. 4640; rooms: smal! “ey 
child welcome; ane rent, sell, lease. wi 


WO 2-6380 ul VI | 5 gine 
3- 789 3-4945. MER AMEC, 3761A;: an meee, or 
Mi a a . (s\ gas heat, $60; clean. FL 3-2 2833. Fat a poree ion And na EAR. 6 rooms; pens 
’ fu SS line. ‘ 
| Bay “ . t 7” tion to. buy; $130. VE 2-37 ot. 
| , 4 

as — > - | @ = 
—_ . a " 

é In an Apartm > hE ly “LOANS ON REAL ESTATE 142 
When Y. rat Gat "oS | ‘wontY Sa Peron ea yh bana, AN PROP. FoR SALE 148) SUBURA 
ou RP COTE BRILL ons SQ. FT. wi NTING to 143 | and pict basement, with do ‘eens . i Paap F 
rk th n borrow ure wind th door L VALUE — » FOR 
ent a bath, furnace. SBD S835, parking space, can yA ities “and | Ing to nay 6 to 7 Ph thon d will- rare ‘ot! 9 ee nen baat. tne Soot $395 D GEDA » edhe 145 | MONDAY 
MA i ‘16 ft.: avatia reed to Br usiness and a 1 Soe. 0 a insulated: own: Va MARCH 1 1960 
(*) 5 Gayton ay. 14800. 1. to expand, ree s.. = feed 2 at te 3 Pee | bey Wilborn; 4 ain 8450 1353 350 "DOWN FHA ST LOU 9 
y sy 35, adults, JH '3-B906, coms. | toilet ‘SuBURBA 7 _..| URGENTL 300, a money « CAHOKIA - — CE A_1-5923 | t lll ap ee Speareyes coon, | ieee KINGSLAND; IS ‘POST: DIS 
ome - ON, S aF10: > Ie 3, weekdays. CLA $2 i interes . ¥ need $1000, pay 25 % Vets. Just $9 NTERVILLE AREA MA Poee8 i “snoppin a schools, large shade. {hey Soom | stittis'bdst-oisPafcH 
rooms, bath. FR ones "pier iay, P Ladwet | 232 ag Oe Sere Box ust $99 Cle HARN PA trans e trees; arage 
i- er plent t rice ghoe ng Ce e; 35 ispatch. | Bridged : osing Cos + EY. 7319; dand 1-6972 | ope ayn: gas hn block to| HO 
Figod dispose bath DELMAR. 383i; °4 29. | Cit 1-7310. parking; ent: poutheast  Missou hal) -we pet ree ete | OOMS: gas heat, top sb 3 bed- |} \ «1 ck, to | HOUSES FOR 
a ‘month god iaposer: ose C0 utile ; rooms "Ye Pahl Hox 'K9 nrogood. in ng67 moi ws % top spot ce sat 7 
to ille and r: sp eeenhatie wiee > & BRe ange eg Post Diggate are | ineuran vad monthly : nothing | LOTT. HUNT. EVs otter. ys W. ‘WOOD HA 7- NORT 4 146 
a ) yh, ¢ an ater heat Bo00 ag Fetail drive-in locat cs BECOND DE DF: Post-Dispatch. iN y plus taxes a | ae *Si 4s mod 55450 -8787 Lackland (at Midland 4232) $495 DOWN: 6 R 
is lot; wi and 15-ca Box - & is-< months; 10% 4 ms, full basem ern 3 bed- P ind) Ritrs. | 425 r 
2254 or HA 7-0242 #3 ot “ 1-45 th. CLAY givide. JA, ar, parking “REAL ESTATE 288 Fost Dis. “ILLINOIS HOMES, INC. one mont, gas beat, tile | -, UALIT rn PU UAT furnace, eek eee OOMS 
pe J stche! ; 6 rooms . TOR OSA; 4-room 144 OME JANE JA erbrook Ty VACAN nice gar 
5-9171. § n, gas heat; . WNATU A) parking FO Sass: | FOR SALES i ARE YOU 6: ED 7-5200 |CO1 T 5220: 3° 1-5923 rooms, 2 7 M T. Off Cart age an 
ES re RENT—FURN, un, and Eves, (*) ey oo i BRIDGE ma eS che APPRAISAL f your incom 6z OR OLDER 1-7896 THOM roo $5500. Ww oy A omry A 1.38468 H rter av. 
: 4 , < . . List a month e As oe low } Af meV 3. m. W.B bg B arris "PA 5. 
M 116 SUB 1900 leo) za ing lot. H ware feet; large mod- | J or Make Cash Off home you as $358 KIRKW (325 | 79 rown PA6- ISSELL, 2 5682 
ed: room URB al NEAR HO “WOODSON 8-6004. wash os. C. Re l er e in beautif our ow ooD 1905 Forsyth 0500 | oil he , 2021; 3-room 
ts: home: te: are } M ILLI OODBON RD.. ae nge PR 2.95 ul st 3 n) MOV] 3 _ plus 2 t m cottage> 
17 \3 A Ps 100% retail 2554: ALL C 43 rent. Ju payme ® Gar | S FTOUIS? O'FA Realtor loa emit ‘, r 
0 locatio Qui . CASH SOUTH . just $50 less than | ©ou'l LOU! LLON, MO. to coms; 
CALVERT HT nines rooms, heat, hot w 56-2665, PA, 7-00: BOGt: ES: | Sane FR sIDE | eas cow 1 fing fust UIs of 
COR J af ‘A cot bungalc n, plus| PA f wha p MMEDI LOCH 
ve ‘ 14; <3 nd up. Pa ages. FRA ws, flats, E or in HA u’re | AT M 
P floor, 53 rooms; very Flee. pagetien: ae oo bata! Da pRigganady, | 200" south of Be, on apd Baer, nance. Se idler pital: ‘ate. 4018 ED 7 4ayg | pationally a BUNTON BB ULES. | Sine hashes IE POSSESSION | f ata etre 
rooms, ) -story off od-| B subdivide ; details, | RE builder m as chen, att family- apartme 
“NEW S-bedroom house. month; coal f “path 36x62, | ice and uilders R : experienced. | ALTY_ | a master . a ached gar y- F ath, ap 3 yee 
Yy mile 80 “bedroo } urnace. BV | Mont Tier. parking are garage, WILL ealty, Inc. WO. A need, | U In Kiarwood Hil JA snere. assume | age, Gas. ane. Hariwig- steam 
Pa rae out of Ladue and {AMILTON, — m .. OR a. TRe-| cash BUY your o555 PL. / furnished displa is, visit our man oan. Agent, 2943. &- “pircnnwen ©. 
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Fanch; 7S. “bedrodma; 6-room $180. BA RA? _ 8-room ouse, STE toe og mAST SIDE —| fi, Din 2 icky; prem \ ED 7- 414) —- 2. “8 “DAILY. Sat. oe OVERLAND “ | room ‘rick gy MEL FR rs be 
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NORTHWEST 98. dishwasher ; a eae age WL. ater, $67.50 PA?- a0 man, UP 4- Sears "peetucks fe dern, s. This vont. last x. ool 2 | SIDE B | PARK BURT TON ALSO VISIT SIT | range Hamee ~ Groom, 2% -bath payment. — with ,small, down 
‘I 2, | AND 3 BEDROOMS HA Tats. Cau after 5 p.m. eels, “HIGHLAND: $70 OFFICE | SPACE — 1 V¥ A dj | Sodeoumn 5 N FLORISSANT; “oem ge ga ah aciayton ra 1300 Wm. W Sewn yw “ee 634 “Chest BAIN gonna vs 
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a $70, DIAL REALTY, Zi, 3,roome. ICHMOND H ank Realty PA BOKERN and Offices N-JEN 44 Airport _rd. oy vane aaa SOUTH 
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ay “LEONA 25. UN § rooms, base- 550; 2-be y *) venth & Pine | 9544 Air Liat ESTWOO aes. ooded lot, 9- ; "hillside me A tome. or abe 
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: fate ajeclat Ga mo PAT Sette asset ga, Sabe TE tataes Fh bed [OOP AREA s-vearoot*aneh, Fa ry RI oe Rn, st | Vacant—Pay $84.08 Mo. Sot Bi abd os, om 
; 0. PAl attractiv 4- s- - Oe | imar; acre full b ave buye | __by owner. TA 2-1 _ For sale | T0689 \ — 
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osta, HA 7- ms, screen sloof, vacant; 5 | |ADIE, 11334(° Orr 5-5255. ssion, FL 2-33 o HAR D BASEMEN ; Lad brick; 
re eae far ym ag og 5 |ment 3052; Croom apart ICE SPACE GWALLER REALTO! K OF S Mt gg RORM CRETE DRIVEL y of Sorrow close to bus, 
~) REN WES erated 8 tb0. WO ‘a: ey TCPHERSON 4181 O836. 121. NORTH BALTOR | R T.LOUIS fine f Neat, full basement, E DRIVE. Sheahan arish; make of 
. —- E.8 or erowini asement, 8425 offer, 
116 RENT WITH OPTION ———| m , 721 ‘WO 2-0575. and | bath RSON, 416 ne 36. — {o RTH , ALES DEPT to everythin family, clos |. 6 ravois FL I-| 
1 ear old, att Bulpmur” Springs sors fa; tle’ path and Ritehes: Mine hest” We e-adea Ea | OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE. [ARIMORE ESTATES faat"hoses ae Feantletst | KEEVEN mn eased pend inte Bese iw 
opport hl on M ated. rigerator; chen; ise sehider-oreien cit S bedroom evel home m ranch an | | 8112 St. vaca -room brick; 
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" + ; » ; sq. yer mi n. F ; ~ : z= r 5 bedrooms; 0 ) 
OCK A.1-3868 0. CE 1-88g4| Com “ | on one floor. | : HA | SEW, © 2.13 vi 5-188. 2 NEW BRICK RANCH NK 6404 | TV aw = “gas | fata wr 2-166 F LT 
° OCH IML YORECT AP 588 ( pletely air #H. VAT en, base tile bath a 57. | bedrooms, t A dow old. FL 2-6166. an alows, 
room house; bus RARITAN DR.; APTS; TOIT Modern Ke MAFFITT, $60 )| tluorescent — lighti conditioned,.| 4531 N, 4 TEROTT | MERC Taree  CAEDOES, wf avd cabinets; oa kitehen with bireh R 3 r | A eee HE LBERGER, er 3-699 | 
BTA ay 13-2837 apartments; Pali-eoditioned, | MAPFIPT. 5810" SB A131 “1334 (*) ceiling, tiled Roce che met ¢| Beauty ag ot ge PE 1-6900 | TAT CooL WALLY. 0 2: $204 MONNIG EPs. 950. excellent N ie Fl MoeLt | MORLLENHOFE 4-room ae bunga- 
Box ag hea ate Pe ‘a sins ere; Cine. bork Those, wobateo nee ‘ arking Sheesigyes eek Robins oy rd. d Stone! | cat gardge, g38,% ‘4-room brick: 2- bedroom. 2-P MOST TT RACTIN E> “Si Charles and 3 . Charles County | © aan ve a — rae 
WE DR . FIT - athskell heat, new AYGEN a ranches: eeeerer eames , Charlie ent: below artment | 
3-bedroom ran 609; modern pERAND N Db T, 4710A; 4 re (*) | furth g included in rental. F kitchen, 2° apene, ease joxis tiled | rounibalses 2056! kitchen, TS CO. $22.500 | s County | after 6. elow $9000. a 
Tope pecan ea ; ms, built- UPLEXES A $54. CO _1-0457. rooms and|R. Bor information or | vided for arenes ' basem jh 20308. CENTRAL PL. 541; 9.0898 | CHARW 00 PR 1-381 
PLEX. 9 bed: one block , $110. Cypress - Siahed "$65 le rooms, fu ette, VO 3-28 e see ecreation; schools. as hea . New 3-b | FY 
co , coms n > . 50 QUIC ; , O) Call Vv t nea : edroom 
10849 "Reason mee droga, 55 a PA 6- wee e Charles. ee onl “Es | sr PIPE LINE he 6 1 ec ~ UN 7-1000 rEMPO “TEMP “TEMPO” ee Pleveiand: 1 3-8019. $1450, | — rp ayy BH tun“ 38 " . MEYER & 00. 
rry Rd ; = : =) 438 anor S lw Ine. 1-7837 
P . Open fence, quiet ome, gas furn water, gas: $05. CH 1-202. ( pis aia) th or ubd’ n inner of hee I 7-3980 M HOLLY 7 
senna op cai Sia I i:geen. (*) | gay Ww th__Clayton 5. Mo.) Ea ai HOM ay tes |B Se Ee 2 ok Magazine Award. | Buy 920, Oa a geemees ock-Philli ee 
CLAY, 401; apartments PAS reer NES be: hg Pe 
lot, full Dasem rooms: ; apartm a, PA 5-7546 after 4 vin. round Washingto n: 41 pew | STER Ec 2 coals ee eri BR, 2-bedroom wae e-purehase | t this cozy 8821 ST. CHARLE DS | MARY Boren echools breakfaat 
tity 7+ Sa Se ath yp Eee, PS 3 1-8953 Morera TE Se j |e Meloni parking; low. ent! | 9-Scaeme “ane Ll | TH OLIVE BL LD PA 530 farge lot witn trees; $14,500. an $790 DOWN gage ae oF A mee 
v Be WT—-CHERL J L-8953.) 7. t ist Plt aa _ or, JE 3-8087 rent. | cond room brick, 2. b: INUSUAL 09 | { N eat. low do good income, 
Hiefontaiee Ne bors | wusitien, RLEE. § miosk aR AULLASPHY, dieses FO DENTAL “OFFICE SUITE ‘| farwes Wot, Daseiment, "gas. noir: AR WILLOW BROOK HOMES © x ra ‘ Be rry. 1. UINDEIN TERRACE | MIAMI. A. arees. Se hee nt 64 
fireplace; ‘gr y EW DUPLEX: 0. HA 7-3500 * clean: across 3 =som. condit Compton; mod enter OE rca $25,000: irkwood Office O be pemaemenh or weeke | what caval ms 7th bungalows. 
TRemont car at; ra itioned; | Ment, ; 2 hedroo school; $4 from ioned ; establ ernized air G ‘Olive Street air cond 5-6166 pen_Evenih _ nds 12-5.| MISSOUR Y. HU_1- 
BEL-NOR- ae san gtay | segs staat Oe EA i-3§07 EISENBERG nd” ever. | 2919! 4. and 2 ced“ Ba’7 bot | fenced War clone, to. evgrvthig |— EAST SIDE” pEindostes er AE Aw ae ran er ath family Pong AR RE OP nfs 3 
— wey C room $2000 ciose to ' baths, _. HA T- |PEN} TH ; $6250 
GAINSBORO CT. GRIVE Ress vee UNIVERSITY TY WONTCLATR-T3IT Tat Toor atti WO 1-Saa7, _ e avail. | £108 it leek.” eee an GLENVIEW 8U IFOOMA, 0), Peines fo grade end | | -4344 | PENNSYLVAN: 17-0280 
bedroom Rar Hy ak 3 —DISPL. Cl rooms; heat TE oling. WO 1-5637. ric, parkin ia GLA ing cost. an, Save ng | O DOWN P + BDIVIsI high schools. close to grade and | ST. arranged raha TA. 5800: 6 Fr 
basement. sunpo a ‘Bete ; OPEN “een “APART furnished ; ane janitor se ‘BRENTWOOP SGOW RLTY. alter G 43M a ko f 4 Vere Malas monn! EN] © families; m rooms; 
conditioner gare oo a ae « gee Poi i Cher To 4:30 ~~ M month. m 00 sq. ft.. 2 4 ce, ligh Oe UN O. ' tion SA Sa all n || q brick: 5 . xXx; eae story TILLER. L 2-4300 
appointment. P Staped, trees. By - 3 bedroo! lane; 4-fami 4808 iat MA 1-4182 ( (2) rin narking: heat Mrs, i. Weal b EMPORARY, “7-6580, Southern ang eatist 0 getlan sent; garage. es hea tary | 500. B 4100; 2 houses ; 
nt. PA 1-24 401 es. By | % aa rooms, 1 ly, |bath; h it north: 3 ley, PA 7-3675 eat. Mrs. E. vaths, fireplac 3 bedrooms, ens 4-2840 Homes Inc ac- 12 en § a. m. to ; Garage. base- | SHEN y_ card. Rumer, F es; $10.- 
CITY OF BI ; specs. See Se. i baths; | Pi eat’ furnished: room 71-3675 weekdays ba eee were te 4 ADE RITLTS: me Diek- | 221_W. ADAM dl 2 Sar ee Bm esad | te ee r, FL 2-402 
ERKELEY | 2 : gas beat: 5 ale conai-| Management open, $70 |450 sq. $0 CARONDELE $1600 d eee, Serres |e Comet . | | 8 ‘0 5-077 | roo “ee 3918: c . 
~~ VACANG of DS an coe blocks north Inc. CE 1-0018 i ft., $132. ET | taxes own, $92 per terms; [Route &, Columbia ths | 1024 SIMMO o| AN reece ee ths; newly ele an 
e Devel h and South PALM. 5232A;: 5 roor neluding pa ki 50 per mo and insur month, plus la, Il up. | 2-be NS rEAV n; small d ecorated; 
2-bed Y $100 AMHER elopments. rd, 939A: 5 5.8697 rking. PA 7- nth, | possession ance: immed droem bri ER VE ° 
ished oF unfurn! Ray A apartment, Lee Be 50: lem saat Ps BE a0: CLAYTON RD, 6630: 4972, YO) War ANUARP OO CR red’ate | TODAY'S Lid | eae UL abwagpeened BA. A 6440 UTAH ist "2:2381, _PR_3-3239 
ison. JA 2- ee A 6038, fk: water, will ist floor FE age PALY. a a a 9005. ‘Sioned room: 205. es : ALKER 1116: CA 77-5383 rooms, 1% bath Y—Three bed 11019 N. COLLOPY REALT - rooms. oil heat. 
TERWOOD, 8868: $-foom ri cee, on Sedan gas beak EV s—Fooma- | $70: eae PAT $800. rooms plus uti: wea house: 6 | oven; Pe tin electric. Fan wad | $01 Bice 10 5. Bo ONLY $14,000 Sse ers he tnt 
ath, b room ranch- eat. EV 3- 87 single roo oom suite, | week @ an; price $12. eplace ; panel round-level b ange and|bath bri %-bedroom, 2-| 900 s flats. © or list o 
Leeeate ght one stov rage; be . “PENDLETOS TT. tioned ; m,' $40: air-condi- |-! ays after 6, 500; call s pereentt asement with | ar ck ranch on ‘ter PR ae 8ST. LOUI all HU 1-2253, 
: 50. EV ‘5.8479. sheite: et hot water f &4- | bath; ETON—TIS9A7—3 Pops, D OF or bi elevator. en RL Mt Sunday any | NIERMAt on room: sewers. ive; expandable quiet circle fect 2-bedroo S—OPEN 2-5 SOUTHWEST ——__ 
BRENTWOO CA by April 1st. P urnished; | an equipped fo A; Sain - DaNTI ST utilities; | ASSUM_ 4% 2009. d NIERMAN R ; ers. | $30,000, PA 5- second; under | with knotty pine 1 brick bungalow | “FULL T 
D f BANNE, 6217; A _5- -5757. and hot water r automatic heat Ph s, DESK SPACE SUITE; 4 Lake area % G.I. loan § COMMER EALTORS YO ARGARET CA —_ modern pine family room, ow 27xx BRA PRICE $7500 
wow 2030 .EAG jurnace; : $75. Robe 4 rooms, as GLIC R. E. $60. Fors answer oO 1-4 1654. month. must a out of —¥ Road, 3 CIAL frontage oe -1252 WESTCHESTE DINE | WRIGHT | bas eres 5 iiled df gas hardwood a 3-room 
New mod ER ‘CLEMENS, 6250; rte "PA 5.6868 TON. MA 1-4182 Ag SYTH, 8021: 3- ‘. a . 8861 etore March 25. Cali kitchen, win ms, ifvin larkson | OUI! dtl 665; 3 bed 7 loor | sash. loors, aluminum nee, 
J ae , 1 ° torn 
euthen fu 9-bedroom apart decorated; heat; 6 rooms; newly |B bath; te5 2. 50: Fe rooms 08-09; $125 room suite; | °-BE ROOM brick: all| garage, i-a ity, den, clos room, TRMAN RLT ISCHER re FRI s 
heated ‘urnished. air condi ment, DARTMOUTH janitor; adults, wiy OKERN REAL - ie nie. RS i4- 5 PA 7-5800 | 5ume DR % * ric : owner. LAFA 7535x600 ft. rch, RN Y, CA 77-5662. \HA sUTEL be 
arage; $140. PA wat ‘room flat; v ~FO16A: ne —_ TORS GA 1-17 offices. PA 1 18; 4 individ FORE 2 $15,700. S Jr 93485. : FA YETTE. 7. By | close t home, hot-wat 77-8640 N 
0876, | DELMA ; vacant; all w 3-bed- | PENR 55 | _ 338 “1831. ual | Go SPO e os bedtoome: 16 7-2869. | ab o sehools, bus or heat, JA_1-9 
Sa CLAYTON ELMAR. 8227; i all schools. h OSE, 4491: (*) | 385 HAMP’ own: FHA, bedrooms, $4 | Snail able for 2 fam at door, suit- ats 9387 
cvar apart ; lovel 2 __| heat, ga 3.f | 300 to TON AV. Speckin 96 VN apprai ilies, bein — HU 1 
“AVAILABLE APRIL 1ST PRS Ge ai Sti te et gral: | ae ena Vevees,| BOND Bide biggerty ent Pa y CHRYaLeR, Trane |i cata seid 2 | Ghaaning Dutch -.., BROMPT. POSSESSION —— 
itra moder floor; neat; Ae bedroo ~~. 58 (* able. 317 N oice space . rage. LACEY Ww rden, 2-car rmina Dutch McCausla L PL.: 1 b 
ment, 2nd fh 2-bedroom apart- | rooms < ; janitor, PA 60829. | 54 PLYMOUT MAPLEWOOD 1ith. MA 1-0952 0 Tha. N FORES’ 2-0850. conditioned, ston room,  a-bath, alr-| $1,720 8 AS — Colonial wagaiews av.; 2-bedroo . be 
water, ‘eniter @ rear, heat not one SF gs “tna fi B25 ry Re, 47: H chester, abo 7323A M NORTHWE 10% down. ROT Ti. new ame custom-built oe Fe and redwood| TACKS PINGTON ber be clean’ and neatly rick 
varage. 165 Westwood peat Bot | ORT ‘"$50__mo. PA 1-80 2 and 7| ¢ cooma, it f chester. above Senne 2 3.6 an’ |ON st a Seer hts Eat 20285, a. | laree ; terrific view,| ime coat fees R- | mine on 
> 28) 6. LE estwood, $150. f H DR., 6245 aa Séae, 3237. CH , 0 re; 3 “Le $99 FERGUSO BLASE »| imm 8, wt i acr ms, ar ee FRANK E. 
: _6-2870 PA urnished, $70. 4 rooms, h ne a 8500. Ke 6251. __ DOWN ||M N Bee Oe Oe. tres, aculate, ¢ of Rround: | 
Must $ ta NORTH So 10487 |b OUTH, 5979; all KAM M cr ppeala eattaa| 8 All vacant. O MEDIATE Bt 1-0" = Shaw, 6 | Z Y KA 
ee to A 5 “KND SOUTH RD., 112 ath, ay A; 4% foo MAL [A 1-4221. \a4 by LINK AV pen—go in.) 9 POSSESSIO COMP ves. richler & Col N 
reciate ms, gas ope RD., 1126, service p ot-water. ms, t L Office s . MUE (CARSONV . ESTATES C N a. A. SCH a 80 Mi M oleman | REALTY 
1739 KING ' by. Aprit_4 oak, gereee. § urnished, $7 jan tioned 4625 pace; air-c ‘5 SLLER AV ILLE) | Prick; T.; spaci Ao ULENBURG lary:and 
125, 5. PA 5- ry: oned._ 4625 Hampto ondi- | 63 MOUNT . (FERGUSON gas hme ous 5- i MIL rus G Vo °. az _ PA 1- 192 HA 9- 1114 
a a “RD. “721 GE, 5052; €$ FOR RENT aaeaae-= | HE CIDER _R.B. C DALE) | estate. and seb age; | a0 county pro or Kirkwoo = “bath, a y. 3: nea. E OMS 
orate Rae pe a partment ; bra 5; 2-bedroom and bath; cou ; beautiful 3— GARAGE or sti TW 12 | HE 2-2224 UN 0. PA 5-825 Agent JA 2- eg eel | | TS Bt pertv. YO 5-387 5, '2- ear. VI 3-10 piphany P 
sefrigerator. water, ec- | from Heman ind =new; acros ROMAI el pa PA 5-73 yom f GE or stora : 2 'GLEN OW 8-3956 PA 5-12: 0 | \V ¥ OR Sell. IN KIRE 5. large room arish; very 
 sasaae. VO rig Hove, | HARRIS Park; OPEN Biy NE, 5.08) or vending ge space wanted; | '° WEN DR., 1234 | HOF- Cc. PERR IRKWOOD SH ‘eng s, hot wat clean: 
2792 RLTRS. ; ate > > r? ng od ipment om ranch, 9817: 3-bed- Se WO 2- REW to all s er heat; 
AVAILABLE APRIL IST OLIVE, BF. a TS _gses | 1-851 ath: $503 2 ome. 69 1 ES eae Mic, BY seer ‘1% va VO 3- -DUENKE Leaman LADUE a wai) wan beet BREDECORATED — Tl echaola ang bus:. Gee 
, ee Tro 4 
erie Wr ERE Perna a6. mare Ese Sica XB wll 899, | YOUNG ER eat ae | ¥ saat ies at Sine —>| ok Sere SRL Raw (ee caer al’ Neat pene ey” and D OLAN C 
1349; B-bedroo, aa me MUT, 1 CH 1-5716 (* NG EN _ Kent, JA es, nothing | pay colonial ; ‘room, 2-st screened po re Seem {s. FL 3-8054. and | M 
4 Wasitmx ist floor. room apart automati 355A: 4-room fia )_| 3-bedroom NEER ANT 4-1717. i assume la ory | rooms, 2 bat! ren 1st; CREELMIA 15-2610 Rit 
° bath, INGTO A_T- “A338. é 1994. c hot water; ™m fat, river a furnished house § 2- mo only $104, va rge loan, | 26 FRONTE 18 2nd; 9A N CO. FL B S ts. 6401 Manch 
roo 3 bed i an ened livin dint room N, 3126; $60. aft rea. HO 2-064 Wood- sO ve right now. cant, trade | rose L NAC FOREST (\ —_—— | 130| ma||—D chester. 
a ng Ss, decor t floor: er 6 p.m 2, Mr. Sin UTH ane); - bea by born pomniainenentapeeanant own 
ge Ay me ia feftiaSiae [ov tanind vecanc EV Soa = OR, -bedfoom. house. ave is. | NEW _HOMES—B | KEEVEN JENKINS rurround this'new epleniat, Brick eee ee | 4505 Rubi maa 
oh ae No at gas iG gas neat: 25 Plymouth; ery EV 5-088 port; 1S ritnin 10 miles available eo. ~ oe DESIGN, sel “ig rt rd IA. sonatas LAURA ‘akbra, 2. brick rane eat EES— ted N. re RR pone es 
Ultra-mode IMMEDIATELY . lease,_Fl._1-4 4307. oe Sere "$150, modern, furnace -room efficiency, |= wore ;, willing to Close te public ichens, Di mes 650. 14 500 A 1-G466 A Sie By ERO reduced stom built | 3315— SHEN OTA CRED - ) 
hot ‘water fi efficiency; heat , WEBSTER | THEODOSIA e8._hot Water. (3 onth. Box  K3b6 Le isp. —, Hee ee Dis GE | 228, pene Lt BUY LOCAT ON OWE- HAM Came 2 DQ UCED) 
BRIGHTON __PA 5-2866, LE 6-2 S| tne. dining.’ 456: 2 bedrooms - VO 3-1111, VO 3 ae oy zen 5 cernmase referred baths, gla Lage the LD AT Sn payments $2090 est bicons tre a ig Bend ST 1: HE 2-2 DER Km. Oi ex 
N WAY, 870 . dining. kitch rooms, liv- -8125. child; e; one ma ss sliding d tiled $1 ; & blocks f Lae Bohoote: UNIV 7780 | teen eeet d 
1 a be en, 80; year- rble oors can rom Lad t 3-03 
be antl Rare 4 Relate dubled: | water and. fan; reasonable. brie [ty Exes | fa, song Mitac "oe GRAPE CASE REALTORS | ° S00; rubieet to offer. W eg : RSITY GIy Gance, aes 
NV 7EIGI-S Tooms, garage; SUBURBA o. OL 2-2070 FO 1-5 id asonable G ome, vic orth of Lindber veways; = r 3 TIC. den Kk; 9-room 
heat; ooms Ba oi ms THEOL 46 after 4 price. rand 1% ba ths; nit y South gra aph rd. to dbergh on T } 7 LA ‘ 1 N |e a tile baths, ki resi 
pet otc, eee a Seaatt | en had ayer 2 re tne Rae mip ADULTS, ER ar Po AP ete aie, wrens Ter a cota HILLS ~~ ae ROWLAND: brick te Fen ine garage’ on ht 
4 2 lew ; - N 8 *) Soitage: 10° $60 mo. PR 2-8947. e om nia os 
i PARKDALE, $135 Piatiuse ene thle w * apart: floor ; tavtnte TA, ‘Foomss (*) cottage; to’ $60 m a partment or Doertlinger Re alt HOCOTT. own FH acre Verious a tonlal wpuite plete bul iste bite carpeting ony 3 | I WOOD, In C. PR 3.1979 
sabi ogre CE AaSS4. Ing, bath $19.78. J kitchen. drew 7-4715. | BUSINESS PROPERTY PL, 2.3140 sne® 1008 ig T CO. HA 8-8080 | TRI C0. gas Theat, oe Benodl | PA AE tt te ok Bus 
yg wY a hed 3 10485. | welllet ied oe Business PROPLATY WTB | OPEN D TW PHOTO LISTINGS TR INC. | ITA; m 
: 6329 N.; fur plex, adults. ay at | Soot 126 | DAILY 1 TIL 563i Va B 2-27 5-ro ust vacant 
er coors ea-mod- nished 2 bed new, nicel A ali | county ] _1 TILL Ds DARK n ty. LA 4 TC 2-car om brick} 
ae NS AES. wurns PL2-4430 Goh Stee Wei hag bo wee: Wo Saiy rare gh esa. snot OV NER WANTED 12,3 Zant Rity. Co. JA T1713 nesta ra | | Realtor_ST JRELIAD Shae 
ROSEBU R RLTRS PL 2-4410 | 3.3% Age EP Rca 7a yr ht : ft. Ha| With you t; 5-room hom 2 Elizabe Ss, i% BAT attractive setting | n the most or 1-2122 4 At 
RY. 6329 410 OOM ho 5 rt }: RES SS | room in mind; e, built | air-c th Ct; 2% alu n town; an out- Bildor | 
new 4-room N.; 2nd floor; modern appl use; 1% baths; utilities fu room apart ‘RESORTS F mmm | toe Many © heat: fu nice large onditioned; va years old; e; under $40,00 
raced garanghagies sce PUN atu Mace ME: | Haat SNE goo i Bake cor QQkee oy ft ts man datas tat gn | Fcc | amie Ts ale ‘ HOLERCH ST 1-5727 | 20? iy ya | SEA ae 
R Ritrs. PL 2 imm month plus utili : ecorated ; ath new |"D sites; terms. Willm ron Call EV ome; onl 6-room ON LANE, 626; AOST oo OR: 2b plus livab 
-4410 ediate possessi plus utilities; sleeping ro £3°S atio DE ms. Willmore, PR 2-0! 0400. | K 2-5880. $12,-| i brick with ; new T UNUSUAL : Lourdes locks to | Baths. ga le basement; sang 
baths ist fl ms required. Box sion; references | 2-3 NEA nat a; EDS OF TRUST ROEGER & Oe, aaa ieee: tae = built- | 3. Stoneysid ney air-conditioned 3 bed- | paths. pas bes welet 2 3 
wa oor west APARTMENT A-316, Po ATLY f FOR SAL WES e, full bas : bat e; lovely 4-b mer comfort: oned for " on. FL eat, garage 
e140. janitor west: heat. hot straight wt Ei lines a fea furnished? sleeping, pL furnished, PEt aman E Own AND. oe 140 | | ROSE SPE TuROCE | with faintly B. . T-xoombrek | Ee h ranch; family roo edroom. Shaw, Brichler & on sum ae ara 
| Bun ae aie +-URFORNTEHED Gana phate our leeds of jo 4 ‘ ! - 
HH. Feigenbaum Co._CE SORTAGE. adultes 1 at door’ | Satn (8208; | $1750." $2000, sod guste | 2 family room zea Ty REALTY c ths: | Harry Herring ee 440 | 3007 OME <oleman | faz toon ‘walk ts-wall aarp 
e° J HWOOD, 6324, Apt = 1-6572_ McDonnell. > adults; 1 ca Tron and entrance, $55: E — i 4000. s8009° and 250 33000 acre. Below Cos -Car garage; | room “G08 1 Patiicla~ MI 7-0062 | 3-» WOODCREST D 0: 8122 etd ir 4% % LOA . -1922 ossession. gree lot; immedi 
op a... % bath, heat sg Ef dersnet OND: ee ntl How- | 395 month. oo 4: wees EY Se to $20,c 000; 5 3 $7500 dpward McNeary HU | 40 Bs ge ha el 5:  scegeet eer Pas m. Ras, nt conditioned. ‘residence. 1%-bath | cea R 2- WF ees rented). 
rine koe: gases Ee basement apart: BUSINESS AND INDUSTR an Coens a! bere ee re re —— ROBERT ©. LY iguana D L. APPEL, INC. good. e, reasonable, room brick Tale 
7570 WELLINGTON WAY 1 Ssasorlb samen Hid | PROPERTY FOR RENT me elp 797 FIRST. Bt BEDROOM ranch baths: try tow down payment: s Lwon._Pa 8-750 /-200 aet emt At MEYER | ote 
heat, not Ry a; nished. wilities: adults ely gO ane FTE: 20 | Dec of Oo charge. for. ger $13,950, $5 oe “homed “Chasen. 0 BRI % af serene ALL BIZES—~ S—ALL PR __| For eas ‘ $-1050 C0 
ee es a AG edn oo yr Ee al BY Fis. So dwv ka O | MEW EN REARS CO 1.2706 Ssh a rey cP TTT, enamel SSR Si ri 
TON SBBTT 2h 4_1-16 ne oor, sprink . Jenn IN rav bed ura pret ee. 2916 eps, extr ETTE, 1-7337 
4 rooms, b tay i: 2nd fi ar McDonnell G d bath; 2.000 00) ET. F er, heat, ings rd. EV. NEW dup! ois FL I. 1005. conorete rooms (en, many extra DIE kitch- | D. as.| ING; , 6644; . NE we 
heat ath, refrigerat oor | TIMES A_1-3195 One f RAIL! fe) _EV_1-3050 | Tess plexes; 2-bed JA street; $12 baths; | 61 Lema closets. R.B. rick : vely 3 LIST- 
April ist. $11 sbarare. ‘Available rooms, gREACH: Gh SNE | x frock manufacturing. — my INTEREST | a on carey rd.. PL Bish At ee ta.080, 8 one gas Henn oe aa toan. brick, ORS, Deuter ST 11-1314 brick 144 baths, nas ¢-bedssces 
-52 09, 2-3574, JE HANLEY) 2415 N. UF. 2-35 — a’ 1 floors, 6 eprinklsr, ‘vac a trust, a1 1"ist and 2nd deeds of MEHLER E LOTS $500 } DOWN | ca cheat LS -room v3 126 W. oR: 3 rooms, oan : ae 5-5, 98 eee eit? P CS eee gle flat: paneled Basement; Epiphan ilichen, 
ri ath. JA 2- y m cot- BAL ERS, ' for our NDOL y, $-11 50 rated. Vv ’ 6 rnace, $74 LU KOC ’ any arish. 
me heat, gatage FOR RENT TEDRCOLOMIDTIG | B Sprinkler, heat, low =f FIRST BERR tt HE 2- T0304 | $14,990. Miers Bches shpat ered tee ZINGER RLTY. wes ¥ "6 own, $78 mo toe oe | eed 1305 AIRVIEW | ose. 4 O19 PERNOD new 6- S777 
I SCHIED RETR. ENT FOR COLORED A count; short te of trust at dis- cheer, PR 6 -440 0 Airport rd. co. OEKE R ment, i-car gar ms, full base: galow, 3 bed 1 iis be 
WHITBURN. a SMS: *Si04 O en oe ee a LOUIS 6%; no charge f rms; to $8000 at SOUTH 40 0|PA K JA_1- -7800 5624 8, GRAND RS bitter $12 gh Rood tr A. L LIND, INC. FL 
oor; ; 5-room ist | 59 —Vodern ALES WIT ections. ——_— WE rick, 6 1 2 By i6; GR L 3-7 or $12,00 , -ft. “lot; 
WinvEN BCR _$135. PA 1- 91 RIDGE eee G 70 INV — ST rooms; f AND. 8627 §.; 117} 8-82 0. After ;| After 5, 2. 6470 
’ NBURG DR. 841 0121. | deco 4% roo OA A 1- 1850 | 9 Pine » CO. {> $750 call TE 7-3 , or. Bik. room. f a eiised 47 INCO E call HA JOE BOA 
up and down du R. 8412; new|, 42 rated, hardwood; ms, bath, | House, 2 ee ola Cc \ CH 1-2269 ley Realtors. B down Wea. |\GIV on LEM rame, ,.50-ft, lot. 5- COMPANY vO 3-33 HN ob4 STMENT | | WEST, 5358; 7 Z, FL 1-1207 
UD ttt Goins, aif-sondi 125 one | pain, dec harawogd:, $69: tauranit: also. Wve By Ist Deeds of Trus | rochure, VI 3-6000._ ENS & ROLW as HU 1- KS WEST, 5358; ¥ rooma; bath: ¢ 
pT 4 gy” * ‘air-conditioned — ath, decorated, pasOSs. seus ura st MA 60 Walnut Frege | GOUTHEID rust, 6% AFFTON 10. | WHEN 1 ES, INC. | AGREAGE, VICI 71001 each oF ¥6 SFFICIENT—— GROBSWILER ossession. ™ 
ROOM efile 5. FL 2-277. £ decorat CLARA: 3 ~B y 1? $78. | MA 14300) eves DISCOUNT NEAT | Betmuon eal Gras 3 est _ BEYER RLTY ye 21 YOUR. PROPERTY LTY. FL _1-6020 
Concordia. $85. 255 MIR 5. ed; !ow re TF heat econds ; “3 26 | Beoehost “tpi since 1898. ase. \NCHESTER ’ () Ww 
—_ 04. OWITZ HE 2-8 EUCLID, 6 nt. CH 1-6384 count, $50 ears; 3500 shape; la JA 0646. | WINSTON” — KEN _ WEST 
2. 064 S-: redecorated 2.223 monthly. Ww dis- | F at: schoo rRe tite kitchen,  FLORISS ee RK — FI AN i ee 
‘WA FERGUSON FIVE RO “ 12x36; perfect $c ecorated sh 1. eaver, VE| [eht: “93 1 2 block ANT New .3-bedroom REPROOF |__ VE 2- 
WORD, ens: & roms Naw" leering. 9862. Cabanne i) | cicenee, Sroetten cet f eee Weaver nv. ve2.2201| ay) fggey oe Hosne 4] FLORLAND 90 SDIVISION | ae ae 5408. | CA rath aht a P -10%2 substantia. arsect 2 
ne : — CA aed Lar : ° 
ae 2 bedrooms, 2-car bay bath and —— apuriunenk: ve oon (eos HCO. JE 3-3780 pooened 7% Uta: hy 6-room | 2Utomatic coors “~“k-o0m moder op Market Value for yo FHA “$450 D . — priced to sell, 2-bed om. See | erick, 5 pedtoome, & © 2 m+ Li i 
. ant rigerator, | di dis a “Gan fur wh 000 LOCUST MA 1-1 no oe 7 discount; | scnau's. bus; as ehurehes, er home on a trade sage prey. GIN fe aoe aaa aed lots of. extras: finished possession. | Owner will ott’ a Quick 
JA_1- ; race. , ie fire un-Eves, » trade, FL ed a j- of fe) ST iDe ng. PA ; close to me nance, 
OOM> fine loca 1-171 7.7670 Li erences needed. ered Puildin reproof, sprink- HE 2-8064 CYRUS CANE AVIS? nice Taam room, I'/>- | 73 own 7-104 
ee atone eaera| heat ) LIPTON HE 2-6043(+) 107 Soh Mea exh ts Be per enon STRUCT “WANTED 141 |hew kitchen cab BIS; nice T-room in SL ORUAND. “Sie iferont baths A Da upey y trade, Bibs wanisk 2 bedroom? atbabe aan eaty 
‘BRIC uving, Ft ites bede| . 4237 : rooms, stove MA i- oan chen cabinet ot 97x200 yles to ch itterent x NION : | DeGIVERV 1-5555 
1-9485. _ | heat. A Aubert, 3 rooms 7.50 CEVENTH and | 2142 | A ng $13,7 s, new furnace K oose fro JEROME: 4-be PA'S: "2119 935 8 fa 1-4755| room iLLE. ame ee 
, at an + ga :| KE droom b 4 HAF TSBU 8. gas f x; 4 5 
FLOR MARNICE, 3020: “S45. Newly modernized, LOCUST |ana ‘Frat St. Charles SNELL REALTY ENEY-TOELLE EVS- 737 wate ated, gas heat, 2 b brick. Sone | ‘dearooms, 144 baths, i =A § Open. Aut tile aba 
ISSANT 1927 Belt: 3 roo 3 rooms, 315 N. 7th st. 3000 feet at ranklin counties. St. Louts| GRAVOIS AT CO. 3 O| KN crEN kitchen: fenced. base gara as heat, |. jonal. PA 7-3399. ii furniture op- 
CLOVER, | i710; open: S399 1937 It 3 rgome. eas Peat. $20" | 20 RANGIS and RUTH, Mortgage Synd Vi RST Se T HIGHWAY 1416, | No, 8,8 BEDROOMS einai YO 5-2920 ickhoff Ritrs. P | MARYLAND. "4212; 
PE 1- ee $125. | 380, Cote ‘Brilliante: 8 rooms: | TN TTA ST MA ALTOR icate, inc. | Pane 35h be owing -0060 | tion; 2- Spring Drive; choice joc NORMANDY _ he A5-0440 | » brick we naw: Ae 
eke ta se aronin:| <ARO EA. Bir aula Oo ms,| 506 MARKET — PA. 5-844r [for quick sale BPs oy gener, S| eg Ripee: paneled vase “PRICE $14,700; TERMS | 3% a ee | EMAN: mur PAS 
mo. he fei pee Call Barbare at ¥4 at 8; 6 re rooms, H+ Store aren oust NT ate ConaPa ae BANK RE |GENERAL | SHERIDAN ST ig. fireplace; only $18, M250. 2 baths. =e 6-room matt brick, ohn OARAG 1” BATHS FLATS, A FAR 
ALL NEWLY ORAT ©; | warehouse, loading. PA 5-4667. Days FA 1107 | Fanch: eneemtiogsty S | wANE, A ‘ Scar garagt ireplace, side ari 8235 | WASHI E—$400 DOWN PTS. FOR 
avrartgent, bath clea Ag 801;  2-room | 4 FICK OR 314 DEC ouse, loading. P office, LOANS ON oat Hy rt. 6957 | MO attach gara ean §-room ° N N H rage: 60-foot lo rive, pro wyTON: vac SALE 147 
801i y 3.5408 | 20424 BN: 2a R.; 8 toilet $40 A_5-4667 ON REAL ESTATE | MOELLE ENHOFFS -1920 KUHS Realt O FHA, gpproved: toate heat sant |- NORTH 
duplex: ex? basement large 5-r DBGSA Bent 14th; 3, bath— 4 GR. RDI? Ne Hee wa ATE 142 | DDER. 8941; 2- FL 2-4300 NEW, ors 2-1 ba lot: ‘across | autom le. heat: | | ~“YNGOME $440 PER Mi 
t. ‘Temple oom | 709 R. on; 3, 5 A i? No eee 2 bath: bedroom ALL BR and s from Cath arge| Water T ER MONTA™ 
ROOMS, ple 7-3216. |MAY Broadway; 3 S | ed: Lae nice stor FINELY L s._ EWERS, ranch, | 455 ICK sume 444% G 7} 6\% church olic school | ™ ower district: 

: ; 3, ; YDELL, -R 6-2020. Castello; M% loa ents, corn rict: 7 aparte 
en. air-conditt baths, electri kitch- rset Rind he t heat, clean e, 750| ALL KIN 9529; 5- — conditio 3 pedrosss to pay; $14, oa "No poi rental 4 er location pe 
J. BEN naftioned, $160 z 1-9575( } ed; Rood tra traffic and parkin ecorat- |4 DS OF FINAN reduced. Gravois. $.r00m, bungalow: ned; $17,950 HAY’ air-| 1-4184. 500. By owner nts down istrict: bus at d excel 
Dp et itbed? _ ae 41-1271 5637A Labadie; 5 (a) Tome TTC yes: nd Deeds B L cinac:| NEW 2-3 be ity., HU 1-1350. 1150 2 Deano aae bat earmnen éasy t oor; sma 

° 9115 S. J 2838 Oug t or M d down. F rooms; FHA, ‘1 St. Catherine; L KEENE TOELLE erms. 
garage full ice attached nace; hardwood ; thie bath as fur- | restaurant store: ideal lst D age LORI, VE $1500 air-conditio ne, h. bedroo IVE 559° LI EV 
on UN’ 4-6084. 4739 Ashia e bath: $67.50. remaupant! ‘across from factory. eeds—L VACANT: Ai | 2-2378. r arage oned, 1 ath ms. | BARGAIN IN D 8112 St. 5-6 NTON A ere 
it. UN 4-608¢4. | bath; MB ev 5 rooms; til hyman, GA factory. ong Term 4le % Al condita — $20,950 F nanan 2-car IND ISPLAY HOMES! Charles rd. room brick, AV . 
; ° 6627 Improvem ¢ loan, $95 on, assume J. & L. Devel IAN MEADOW HA 7-6300| ~.S8! ck, baths, fu 
JENNIN PA 5-1999 363. 0. SALE : City-Co ent Loans | Bernadine, a month: 108 elopment TE 7- Road: s (9500 Ol WARSON == =" ge. Admiss rnaces, 
uy Y or unty-White- ! MA '-0067 One ive t wo intm ion 
alow, 2 833" vs ten brick bun 1305 Hamilton ANOR cL ssdtat aaa ebatae or Ps 000 wean NO RED TA PE ‘Best’ buy. in eae fare : 7 roo wnt Rit, DELIVE VER Bioneer wi asers sold at BiG RE- PENS EIGHTS. Open dally HILMER spUETON JE a _. 
; s from - | modern at 59 f ermi acto 8 ND anc ves PA 1-% a tt KAIS ~ | levels, ranch ; K 8 -7460 
churches, Tense $10 n Northland, | central ‘STrooms: “janitor service: Broadway’, block Pan peated DART ETRST NQHTGAGES Ann Noonan WO 2-8¢ $18 sgegnione einen garage: | THREE Sashoows-2 BATHS |° sooo enureney, Os Mod: atee 2028 Malural Beliee: 9 
atta ak ties ow eo Mortgage Syndicate, | Ane mea anten nawen «| T=! Nry gin tte BE Brea lng: ce ce a Por gens in 
8ST ; ) De A nc. | extra | 5 ere mages TE 7 TRADE- i , air; 3- 4 i 
eA ee 355 5556-62 Cr ? CLEME NS: 4 wks office ab Baath aE, ot ene. MAK BA 5-8447 extra large tot, walkout LO | ES ndy SONY ai 100 7m. | CHARLIRER, erick Vo § $-8600 | 5-room bri NEW Seen ee concrete ‘bagement; Only Fw 
KWOOD ment . rated: Part- econd f elaborate off 4: E 2nd omy: vem nice cond with full es, split -level - Villa rds., | dition; riek ranch in perf —nemnme —" "CH 1-1478 
bat th: S70. private mitch 2533 Bulli oor, Ring Mast ice nd DEED TRU wn ndition. Conside Kandel: ‘Iken-Ri s, trade-ins. plac n; lovely livin perfect con- 1478 
baths, a Apartment Man en |"DOCTO vain. E GA1-1600._ Inc.| Immediate Cas oT 3 “option Sa ‘ “ Wir s-4740 | to. everytni rath room; fire-| TOP INC 
athe, eng umes, Me teat ) h in 48 purchase with | ov £58 | e e¥9 skeller; conv OME—. 
baths, F3ease, Si7h. TA 1 choo az't Co, OL 2-2070 | Medic A'S oF dentist: White, Colored— Hours H al ERLAND to everything: ar AIL enient | 1812 OH ASSUME LOAN 
TA i1- 84 BRAN (* ) a ul Bide. 7-20 office ir in Also ay and City, County enti U 1-2554 BRANCH RFAL | ASHBY ME ADOW 7 NISFAIL ate posses- in hand 10; clean 4-famil 
D-NEW P N aos a Ay Ay Refinance BAD TY |2 OR 3 BEDR : $13. as te pits Lauren DR. years y, area, Fe oe 
2-BEDROO DUE ° 5842 Roosevelt; 3 cw pee | “095 VO 3-6639 6 “oH I: ema | ERMAN GLICK “Re alt sl mast towel T aN wae ot: 7603 _ FORSYTH |, TIRED OF STEPS 0) arene Davis W im WO 1|-2200 vetlolc Ry 4-FAM 50h 
aya 8 f Beams; pice, 78 sand: a vain, 5840. Pe a Bee Mrs. teep heat Yurnianed’” al oN jox120 1-1283 Eves. 1 Realtor rl sar turnase:: Bi brick bunga- From ADDOCK HILLS | 10540 Canterway: EPS? | Pigee NAT SAL ug n 2 ENTALS | fect candition, worm reBnICX,, 
198 EJ UIs Rity., P basem furnished ; xi -4364 yments:; asement; ir-Con yedrooms, fa ’ rooms, A NA TA venient loc , storm sash a ot 
AT, HO A 7-0818_¢° econ next to T NO et 7 eves. and Sun. Nit RAISHER. ditioned thoy \ mily room, ei. on Ward O 2 CO. ation, see and bu; r 
S524A' Yt' WA & one JE 5-7088, ower , FED RMIN L PA | ne R-MAYE , A astered walls, house one von R WEB EBS aft J. Byenom. d buy now. 
fag hall ee rss hs A MeMtinn: "2 ROOMS: * rE NORTHWEST IMMEDIATE 4 eUneathut sh MAT-3138 ; rawoed *TETOITE UN 7-6902, bs ce aan TRUST co. nae ves a pad N- -JENKINS 
daily, apartment, Open 10 to MaYoRWitZ R. By MA" $ any type S004; store; sultable ty-County; white or AWN catvaae” ahd $13,895; la 2 | ; dot E ealtor, WO 1-2400 ae JA 1-6464 
A'1-9575 | Leng ies _waaineee, EV 1-17 MA 1-751 ite ee BIRCHWOOD; | garbage disposal, wood ree neied |R 2-5; LARGE SPan| 2x2" Ru 
s. EV 1-: 6 EV R ranch: ba clean 2-be “s 8; ful basem anch H locati rooms RS te ona ssel ; brick, 
*) 12,000 sq. ft. ¢ yards, approxi ES. PA 5-3 years, ment, droom DUCHEAN ents. ome—2 Yea Old = feature | th S aroerve p down plus single; ift 
—- EV RT tay an 547) years: oo gas heat brick E, 18 97.20 Guthri rs brick ranch hom is 2-be rooms up; bi nd 5 
I 5- 26t0 ty. 3931 McPherson, A | BUSINESS AND NDd £ T . OF “RATES Rha ’ " Bialve eh, | sey rt cathote, ube, Bieh. utilit oy rooms plus lar ner lot with SS A. n 90- eee oan and rentals. “or Mb ag oo 4S 
rit pt. STA PRI GHV vO" Is; agpublt igh, Ki droom rge | quick 8 ees; Winn alld 
=* $4u1 Manchester bot ne enn heat ; » Si 2 FOr PROPERTY FOR VATE FUNDS ‘$1 000 Tew. bed -2920 |. AA ath | as itehen, RR ge family uick, sete. ; priced for etails ca 
ea ea VG tts P| oxxvom— Some ey titand 2nd DEEDS Aras anime atone: |i ghwatet, ‘ie oe ant, Sonia tor es | ScaPRsnicKy Bot 8b" AE = ARAMILY. 812,500 — 
HESTER Vv a TER. . m 204: - = M. Haffne iNefontait cious closets, A eposal, spa- car nd doors, large att od HO ] . attached gar -bed- | KLASKA, » AY E. SMIT 
R. CO. CE onth, $130 fixtur Store: $50 | MON r PA 5-6486 | ?TRY $2000 ne Neighbors. | Wm. W. 1 co li port, extra nice | ached £35 ore. ' PH appr age; i 7 A, 4642, wo H_ Rity. 
furnish Furmlaned. y acto. , baths, partly ai9 roc a: 888 cures, 1- EY TO 00 dow Brow ent location. ot; conven- aised. Call | gent: Bende iy £-344 fiat P 
x: 9. y | bath; $40 ye 2 rom: tile w Esato oe ee, Fat Prompt LOAN rain, U 6-roum asbest terrific 7905 F n *PA b- 0500 | “RATES, 3 r, , 
aT res E 2-2800. wholesale. PR ft., | trust on action on ist Le a | ey ARMBR tO. ¢. alex." separe : 
280% " res dee 0. 8. Re 8 uplex. w 3-room 
MAPLEWOOD neat ‘rurnished. ee OF ; and roa seer laund romat, b . a falter nea je Set we —ry oe — gg ee Ac paltor | Pay STER RE ALT DOERING, Inc. frvestinedt snd nom Tso 
BELLEVUE, 25 8 Footie, Ba 1:0593 100’: he , beauty sh REALTY, ELIGHTFUL F a $49 TENA t. Charles L BRICK 1-3535) ’.’; 
Feat furnished, $hb.” BA 528808. mod 2823 BURD big nvestment 60., OL, ished. G.B.B. CHEAPER RATES. Four rooms. 2 53 $40,500, Gall owner TR. 3-7050. | § “IMMEDIATE Pa ebarone2| in: eeeaT CKPE-COD: 5 pa: | After AS INDJINC FL: -6470 
brick hot > Ist floor, 5-room ern 3, gas yt 12 hour ee y On good 2nd deed | close to public wand Gat e lot 50x205; grounes: 2% baths: Florian room bedrooms, yt carport, 3 lot’ 100x293; and 2-car Gaenaes | ae “1836-38 8. ; L 1-1207 
100. 5- iyater. gas heat: . CE 1-1334 | 84 th echo on ae EV 9.4939" Be Ro hy gy 134 4 AY ‘atholic schools. —_ ae pus room aride room, | 2 Senet oned ere dive’, disposal, | — _ ME. et eee a | me ea ass dow TO 5- nd 
. ’ 4, 5- ° R 1-6319._ AM ‘gant | basement. oth . all car- 04 : 13 4 
S-hedroom apartment, sunfoom, apartment HV. 3.0848. =}| __SOUTHWasT | SECOND res. 34-9822 BEN RAMORY on gulttind Bia Tom WILLIAMS "PA mee aap pekttany only ¥42,780; | Assume “NEW — Eats eis {brick single? 
’ 14 58) . 
a utttes $100. ae unFOOM, | Foor | ‘apartment; tities 97 oo Sho Cc side ae DRTGAGES | | ; ~~ CITY OF BERKELEY ™ GLENDALE t. Johns Co. HA 7-8200 es acs “conditioned this S-bed- Agent, 7 re 2187 Avi investment, 
Ltomage heats harawoot leu ah | 'eBBflet couths sonia warp ogee & oti toca" BELEY ——| sun gUEEN ANNE, ins CALL FOR CO-OP |g Siemon HObERY te —roog 7 family 
PA 5- 1999. hes clean ; | re) e ERT; 4-roo AA, ANNE; lo | MAIL! ~ 438 GLEN ROAD Ll aor BIERMAN, 
‘ rtuniti ss-E rs wereened m fram me; or vely brick NG LI Bric 4-FAMILY. 3 PR 2- 
3 newly decorat is; ; : | specialties, es stn yn soft goods, |22** s-Esslinger & ee wpnent: sb’ 50 at; ais yy asnily; SHAUGHNES LISTS full. baths Cod; 4 bedrooms, 2 ke offer. Age heat, tile wall 
Me Saker fee gat gu | 4lays Fev'sa0) SRBlhiaN wo 1-228 AMORTIZED 2nd DEEDS. 350, DOWN SiR sd") Bobby: "eline farnelayaseaae | 5 ROOMS Sy HA 1378 ueett fe oy Bg ournwest. 
E: as Reeds s, heat and Ww AY 33] Pa nd DE EDGEW s. shopping A rathskeller; 2 ey ONLY 7 ¥' 
es fir. $60. See eee woe ie ~~ ~ghanandosh | CH 123082" EDS | frame: 5 OOD; 1% - RF * | 240 S HEAT | At pepe, 2ee ere iM NLY 7 YEARS OLD 
» : siness: i ’ parkin oah | C a eee per month f second : rooms | first, story CHMI . Walton; nic ars 020-33 Fyler; 8 
ph, "MANCHI w rent. OK iat, any ;GALL 2 JOSEPH or $1000. | nd; gas heat; : unfinished | V| 3 1-4448 's e let) oars es. F REN til r; 3 and 4 bri 
x . STER. 7177: 1 372 A Us F CH 1-2992 | 11°, Open "t ” years old. AL m ITT 1762 WO eat e baths, kitch du- 
‘ MORTHW ° For the Thinas Y ee 4 . 177: 1250 sa. LOAN OR REAL E 2). il 9 ot- EXANDRA, 8 ~ACEUME A"F. RENIE "Wo 1.8190 tie furnaces; 2- — autos 
JOR ODS gs Tou Wa ? basement; sa. S ON APA ST TATE | frame ran 25; 2 - bedroo LARG > S-COr 
rach, Tease, $29 i sae rest Keep an Eye the W . orate REALTOR loop. DICKMANN” RESIDENCES | S787 1 w. WOOD HAT. -4232 | | By “own crane. Anouie i oF _ attached | PaS-8400 By ead $105, DOWN — Lk WOOD, Inc. P 3- 31929 
NICE 4164. on The ocation, 6000 _UN 7-1477 “OND D Arkview 5-9077 | diand) Ritrs. | 1-9945 an. TE 7.0832 | 0429 St. WN | BIG BEND, 
DIAL oi price pouse; $i : ant |o* lease. Mr 7-1890, “* th sell | reo COM DEEDS OF T REFRESHING HAZE soxx AR NEED ROOM? 2) with meme, | marcia 7522; 2 tamil 
EV '5-0850 Ads in BS Pcs ed BP RUST | Frostwood H TYE [LWOOD S9xx ARGYLE; 3 bedroom <n, ee weiain e, | MI 5-15 nily; saned 
satel TT a ST “y ronaya—aMtt! gs —60 a0 Bp 7300, or g Lonwa | ditionine. 3 bedroome. 2 bathe: | WHITECLIFFE Sh an ome; shor | Ba igern "Bin tha ve hoe ia 
: ft., air-con ae 108 heat. fel wall carpeti aths, ew R L. BA 2 -fami 
Ee OTE LOUIS POST-DISPATCH | 2: SLL FA1-1881.| FOR At oe 15200 beni? yard fox": iA and 59, e Vapet EL uf ANC VACANT: dHITT 1, Yahi 8007 fatally f= 
ot water furnished. at ful wholesale; 300 re- AL, EST ME 4!/,° e) praisal sell und Sener; Scr ees a il 
ier furnished. WY 3-69 Bt bees al o tt. wn RE ATE LOANS | 4!/,%, G.I. , Conventional 9-6 $500 cash yea LY -TORLL want ellent "ine! 
ing. PA_6-1600. ‘stbre: TEA yO tne tk and 34 dects, REDWOOD” LOAN | $!3.450—0 DOW SBEDROOM brick: SH 2733 eH moves you in| MODERN 4 * BV 
ODIAMO? x : ay, ;| FRIMEL n ist “and 24° d 8319 Ww WOOD RANC N G. l. kitchen; “prick: tile bat 11-27 33. OM re) N 4 fam 
J HODIAMONT. 3184; sto ,| MONEY to Toan: first HU 1- Sth | bath, and kitchen, ea goms aut HA 7-6300 BV 2-198 FED 300 Sn Pe GHT ‘neMASE ay 2-008 | — bute : 
’ r an gar s heat PE 7-1582 | ©! 
BURIAN CO. Ritts 3B 1-¢ on | Wm. W. wl “DA 6. te APRICOT, a8 NINGS $562 PAGEDALE . c. - beautiful acres on Carn aon | MCPHERSON ust er tats 
as y ney yee u anc 4 ; _a? . 
q- 503 | 7008 Forsyth A 6-0500 | location, it at, carpon f re 6604 ees io L PRICE art app cent, ow gown fation:. shopping. schoo ae 
ealtor ‘090.8 nient | and bath; N 3 nice ROW w possessio sc si P ced 
a: 4 Fn ge - hen dheon letra E-HAMMACK att 
’ LED ve ealtors 1019 Bi } 
| RER, REALTOR PA 1-0863 = ig Ben} ST 1-7730- 6629 ENRY H. HAFFNER 
oY ; road me ‘water. | HE 2- more | WPHERSON” Realtors PA 1- ! 
23 | ily, net Sosah year Laurel; 
3 PA T- " 

MONDAY, REAL ESTATE—Wid, to Buy 153° 


10 aancn te. i060 
Seeeme | PAY CASH 


DOT, 406x130; Richmond Heights; REGARDLESS OF CONDITION. 
very desirable location, 7411 Ru- | Receive hi hest offer with EARN- 
pert av.; owner will sell for cash, | EST MON same day you call. 
make offer. Box P.-D. Quick closing or 90 days rent free. 

5730 Natural 

RSET RD. and Garden lane A Commission to 
¥ pore tte, Jon, Zeseinott, BE) 1 OTS “OR ACREAGE 
____ SUBURBAN Phone PA 5-5255 Days 

——TOTS FOR SALE _——s(| MR_LEE_(evenings) _WY 1-2624 
For medium ranch nt yPeei we xe| WANT ACTION? | 
your | 




care: homes, flats, apartments, 
arenes: large or small; highest 

A vas CLICK R. E. CO. MA 1-4182. 

ENTY - SECON 2625 N.: 
g00 a, ft ecumrp cui-ssos) WE PAY TOP CASH 

Crees building, eparoximeser | 
; ample parking. 280 

Any and Ath Types Propert 
mer Oy Pirin R 
Ssareun Ev '5-9225, 

Days PA T4913 ives PA 1-6235 

SOUTH —~|_ Contractor Pays Cash 
ORGANFOR: Bell | operty needing repairs; 
mm lease; 6 a RE MO 4-3738 ‘prompt action; no commer’. 930 
LIGHT ndustrial ‘building, mason- | ~*"" ett_& Schneider 44-3592 
ry, 4000 sq. ft., perfect; . 000 an 
W “2-6442 or ‘TW 2-1605 SEE US 
“Jease, new mode ROPERTY — RR 

Christian Brinkop R.E. Co. | 

$612 8. GRAND PR 2-3040 
Large Converted Apts. 

sale or 
— 1-floor 
6.0 eq. ft. fireproof, equi 
with fluorescent lights, Heat pia 
rest rooms, office rooms; a 
for operation at once. Also 3 acres 


12-24-48 families; must have 
of ane a expansion. Located : 
gt Highland Ti. Contact Fred | Contin. Harris Sun, & Eves. 

Morlence “Collinsville, Til. 

storage, warehouse. yx | FO_1-1800. 


We have cash er ho homes. 

flats, investment, farm 
ij CO 1-9696 

~~ §070-72 DELMAR 

_£ }- artments, double store, 

Lake Forest Rity. PA6-3113 

All Cash—Fast Closing 


2145 Geyer, 4-5’s, income $260 YO ANT TO SELL FOR 
4064 Castleman, 6-3’ 340 > 
b 16-4’ $12 3 CASH?’ Call Realtor, 48 years 

1903 —— 38" <b wld Sales, loans, sale valuations with- 
1813 Papp, s, Inco yg 2, 4 out obligation. GA 1-3164 

Be oate R-J “JA 1-6464 |Chauncey P. Heath GA 1-3164 
GRAVOIS, G8xx; 2 stores, 2 flats, | SELL IT TO US 

in | 

yy $320 mo 


4 hg interested in trading | L EASY TO DEAL WITH PL 2-1140 
for acreage or farm. WY 3-5499. QuIC SERVICE 

__ FOR C 1 


5937-39 BARTMER; 2 4 
pay like rent; automatic heat; 9° 

VERNON; 7 rooms newly | 
decorated; convenient to schools; _* 

try s % 
5701 GREER; beautiful 2-bed- 

WE CAN ante Yo et i ROPERTY 

PA 5-9077 PR 2-5960 e| 
| 6518 Chippewa Riltrs. 

; Will give to» price for flats, apart- 
nell Lng po lat arenes 
Hum t& Konr MO 4- 9050 | 
os ‘lI wr ‘LL assume your ‘loan on bun- 
: alow or flat and pa 
Own; move rignt o flat, $750) ference. Mr. Joseph. M 
CASH for your’ pro ae gran 
yoy | Richtnond Heights give it back to the ndians. Call 
$490 down A. us, McGRAW_RLTY 
3. beauti- 

, FL 2-6128. 
: HAVE BUYERS for 2- and 3- 

decorated: auto-| bedroom 

down FHA. 

bungalows, south or 
5-room comfort- 

Selene PR 2-9999. 
home, gas "heat, garage; only 

5093 M 
me a * heat; 

GO. INC., JE_1-2722. 
uyers ers for 

an rice. Call toda 
ATED VE 2.53 


ho eee 
SELL ME your property, Se ae 
any condition; white or color ed. 
CE 1- “8886. 

7 nted in South St. Louis; 
5340-44 NORTHLAND, 2536 
EMPLE 4264 MARGARETTA pu ay fa “fair on tog Marvin 
FR ages on A —- oven and | GasH tea property Sere ete of 
. condition. SHAP ‘ 
st. Louis Co. Rity. PA 7- 0818 ~ FOUR- FAMILY: clean; “south. 
| KRELL BALTO HU 1-4600 

1-3626 | 

4274 MARGARETTA: 4-fFr 
matt brick; enclosed porch; newiy | call Mr. Bush, 
decorated; mo |'WANT FLATS, apartments, lots, 
4 AN FRANCISCO; 4-room | acreage. gouth. Box C-137. P.-D. 
ern matt brick; garage; newly | soU/TH SIDE. cottage or flat: pav 
rs egy ponvenient location. “ | cash Sandner, HU 1-4334 
: 7-room brick rest- -woe< 
: WE BUY a Rind of PROPERTY 
newly decorated; close _ to St. Louis Rity. D. Corp CH 1-1969 
and transportation; hard- |FOR A QUICK SALE list. with | 
HAMILTON; 7 -room brick Ww. RANCIS PA 7-7330 
y orated; 2 KUL CASH: 

rade, Harper, EV 2 
used for NEED J Fear ERT =-— PAY. CASH 
family. EV 
3924 CORA: 4-5 brick flat; newly 

dence; pce, 


F hae & OWES FOR SALE 159 

pamee Ae ideally situated; 4 
ard; rnaces, 2 automatic 
water heaters. Free Strout Catalog! 
1368 GOODFELLO 5-6 fiat;| farms, Hom Businesses, Re- 
2 auto. furnaces; newly decorated; | sorts, Retirement Properties . . . 
pone ta ag to schools and -| Over 3000 Values in 36 States. 
partatio WORLD’S LARGEST! Tears 
4°) | 611-BEY diive, Bt Louis 1, Mie- 
ri hone: C u 1-6509. _ 
4218 FENROSE; 4-5 brick flat; | buys trom coast to coast: ranches, 
ey rm. a. .| farms, retirement homes, recrea- 
automatic heat. onal acreage usines 
Shawmut: 6-roo 35th year! Send for FREE opy! 
residence; 1% bath, ofl furnace. | UNIT - JARS a ted _ ot 
5756 MAFFITT a rick ese ae fae Pa ee 
residence; gas furn u oO mn i-1 

5356 US; 5-1 room brick cot- ~ MISSOURI FAAS AND b WOMES 
13 CAMELIA; 4-room brick 10. ACRE room 


outbuilaing ; 
4956 MARGARETTA: 5- well. 
bungalow; F.H.A., $10,500, $350 

4214 W. FARLIN; 5-room resi- 
dence; double lot; $250 down. 

Hienway 32 : 

for quick results. List yours with 


ti _newl decorated; (REALTORS) 
es properties | cc 4 anwar, ~ . a se Sy 
entzville, o., rview 7- a 
PA 5-7450 SANDER WY | oe Elmer iE oe.” See” Seek 
unday. ve 
$350 DOWN 8 ROOMS, bath, furnace; suitable 
MOVE RIGHT IN for milies; small factory 
3617 Harris; 5-room brick bunge- building; spacious grounds: bar- 
ow. ust decorat Tile wall | §2in_for home-ooerated business 
bath. Full basement. Balance ton one. 108 E. South Main, 
term loan. Sun. &. e. 1-580 entzville. 
ARMIN L. E co. core R olla; 75 Sere 5- 
824 Chestnut Realtor MA 1-3138 hou e, ch chen hous 9 

drilled well, storm collar, Pry sedi 

Phone, hard roads. Box C-2 


9 ae bath, 

r ase ait. | 



|IF .T’S for sale or rent to colored. | 
JE 3-4234. 

slectric de 3. 
HAVE large ast of active buyers | ’ 

"58 BUICK 


4- door station 
wagon, radio, 
heater, stick 

shift, like new. 

'S9 Rambler 

American. A real 




Station wagon, 4 
door. Like new. 

57 FORD 

automatie, . 



heater Bel Air 4 


AS $Q 00 DOWN 



'56 DODGE 

heater, autom 


c . 
Beautiful lig 



— Ww = Ss = a i i ee a a ll a ee 



_ 1955 Buicks—2 doors, 4 doors, hardtops, sedans 

We will sell all of these from 

56's $795 to $1195 

heater, automati 


. automat. 







"56 T. BIRD 

stick shift. 






k shift, 





2-door “6,"’ stick 

4 door hardtop. 



dio, beater, 








99 | '55 Buick Hardtop $ 695 | 
|'57 Pontiac H' “ing $1145 | 

‘53 Buick Hardtop $ 295 brace manages 9 
58 FORD 4.d _-"-—- =— = 2.40 
'57 Chev. Wagon $1295 | +57 PLYMOUTH -2-dr. ~ $18.30 

'56 Ford V-8 _ _ _$ 695 
‘54 Pontiac H'top $ 445 

EV 3-0300 


_Union at Natural Bridge — 



| We do our own Sypncing. BD Small 
down payees nt. Easy 
‘58 Plymouth v8 ¢-door— “S1igs 
58 Fora t 3 _ — 090 
’57 Buick HT cou i343 
"56 rysier Windsor pada 995 
*56 Plymouth 8 —— 1045 
"57 Ford cose © edan— 1475 
Re anaes H a 1075 
'56 Pon HT 94 
'56 ule “special 3 2dr. a 895 
"5 38 2-doo 995 
"Ss Port airlane Victoria 1050 
'56 Ford 9-pass. wagon 1145 
’'55 Ford V8 2-door — 95 
’55 Mercury 2-door, equipd 25 
’55 Mercury Sun Valley — oo | 
"55 Plymouth 6 4-door — ote 
*55 Plymouth 2-door — $43 
e| 55 Chrysler coupe — 25 | 
*|'55 Ford ranch wegen — bet 
'54 Olds 88 sedan — — 85 | 
54 Pontiac Cata, ‘aoube —— B80 
’54 Pontiac 2-door — — 445 
"54 Fa sy we - guacogy _ 34 
"52 Nash 4- ——_—_ — 245 
’52 Chev. sedan delivery— 250 
67 Cars To Choose From— 
Most Are Fully equipped 
LL CO. 1-9933 






Even if you have no credit 

ks CHEV 

heater and 
tive rose 



dtop __& Power glide; radio, 
powér stoorl ring; attrac- 

and white finish. 


Poe pore CA® ARENA 




FL 1-5666 




or 1040 N. KIRKWOOD RD. 

+ Se 
Se - 
e Sates hee ea ena aap 

Belvedere 4-door: 

srempter 5 

Country Squire 4-door 
station wagon equ ae 
like you would want i 

oer tes % 



ooo Peer rrr rr 



he S 





. Kade 


SF ree ae 

eres Satta See 


Payments Transferred 

x Trade your present car and 
mn} trade-in. allowance or the ba 
your unpaid balance. NO PAYMENTS ‘TIL 
6 MAY 30, 1960. If you are employed and of Bam 
SMlegal age your credit will be approved in 30 

minutes. Call NOW. 100 cars to choose from. 

For Information Call MR. SCOTT, the Bank 
_ Representative, at YO 52599 

Satalatnta*etathtatalatetate tata’ vYrvreers 


te Payments 

: SRN Whkchaea 

4 eae me 

3 Pasarehen 






et a generous 
will take over 


oath eeerreeys eet 

57 FORD “500” 

4-door; economy car; 
beige finish. 

Transfer i 
Per Mo.) 

wT TY mahal Stat na illite TTT 


as eee eres 


Impala hardtop: rich 
black with red interior; 
fully equipped; like new, 

43°. Pe Ma 

p aratetetats ata hate atatatste s atgiatets” ates ate 


¥0. 9-1204 

a repossession 

NO. —red tape 
NO —side note 
NO — salary loans 
NO— credit needed 
We handle our own 


FORD 4dr. 2 ok “i 
Crear, Ceara = 
PONTIAC 2-dr. — o 
PLYMOUTH 2-dr.  . $! 
MERCURY 2-dr. . —$ 

BE SOTO 4-dr. 
30 Months, Payments 
Include Finance ¢ coat 4 
150 CARS OM 


| 820 N. Kingshighway FO 1-0 


8 PONT. SAFARI, $1779, 

Hydramatic; ici Be te heater; 

'57 MERC, “COMM, $1579) 

marines" | oo oe steering 

‘57 FORD. 9. PASS., 1 $1569 

Goustr; power steering; 
es; rm , eeoditoning Ss 

'55 FORD CTY. SED., $981 

Power neering; soot brakes: : 

JE 5-1616 

2807 OLIVE 



3949 Lindell OL 2-5210) 



: 70. 
7.70 | 
‘53 6.50 


4850 Nat. Bridge 4850 


m |.20 Years In Automobile Business 


‘55 Ford Wagon — 


57 Plym. Automatic _ — $ 99 
56 Ford Country Squire 
‘57 Buick Hardto 


900 ordiand West of Northiand 


07 CHEVROLET “210” 

“6”; standard lege 




3508 3508 LINDELL JE 5- 5979 

St. Louis’ 


Take Ove 

"53 Chevrolet sedan; 

Olds Dealer 


‘aaving., State 
r Their Payments 

moving, can’t take car: take 

over payments of $28. 

mo.; nex 

series ies 

65 per 

wi radio, 

heater, seatcovers and white- 

wall tires! 


ch "Estee, 

It’s clean!! 

Inc., 2410 Big 



| oe 

equipped 6s and 8s, strai 

and automatic; 

p Rater —~ anaes regard 

12,18 a 



40 GRAV 

4130 GRAVE 




R 3-4100 
O 474104 



glide, V8, 

ust ke 


~ $ 795 7629 Manchester 

white walis: 


‘656 Chevrolet stati | dio, 
= ae: 8 900 miles, save 

Dr.. UN 9-1669 


MI_ 7-2305 | 

PA ica Pe 

Hammet ar 3 ACRES wooded hillside, $750. 24 Mos. Includes wine nein SUPER 88 HOLIDAY . 

4719 Hammet lar ae yard; Ray M. Henley, Hillsboro, Mo. | , : ;| WE FINANCE ANYONE ~ NO MON EY DOWN — Insurance Extr ' ‘ Full power; radio, heater; Hydra- d/ PONTIAC CONY, 
a, » Pe satis REAL ESTATE OUT OF ST.L. TH 26 Cadillac a $1785 We're Overstocked door radian Rl J a:| 3 OUTDOOR USED-CAR ARENA ST. ANN MOTORS. INC, | Matic; white walls; tu-tone paint, nt ag poorer, Byere-Matie, white 
WITTELS INVESTMENT C RETIRE TO FLORIDA SUN- |») aL eve No cpiegonable Offer Refused | 1 own like new. Payments as w.: ne ‘ ODGE-DUDGE DART TRUCKS | by’ investment company. Will ar- NcM 

CH 1-2269 709 Pine PA ea207(*)_ SHINE. Exceptional investment in 5] Buick 15 ia ate $1695 NES _ in_Now. "a8. "$17 L. Insurance in| 4643 GRAVOIS FL 1-5666 | 10808 ST. CHARLES ROCK RD./| range financing for you. Phone cMAHON 

$500 DOWN tropical homesites, new hes ’ NO M Y DOWN iluded only. > a anyon FO "52 V8 2-Door, $225 | FL 3-7393, ask for credit man- 4120 GRAVOI 
qo44W. EVANS Sey cbage arete aii | 07 FOrd Wag. — — $1465 ‘EV f? 0302 ORR Ceto4 estat delve | FORD MSS as Porieaant Ee Gone | Set W PONTIACS 
" ee ome - Z ‘ orissan A 1-1 

7 large rooms. Just decorated; oe of Palm Beach, south of Se- |, . . Motors, 2100 N. Floris helene ee A-DOOR WAGONS FORD sa" Fairline $007, 4-dooF | _ Thomas Investment Co. NEW PONT 

gas furnace; beautiful floors; ga- ing. Borders on natural bass- 5 Buick Riv. $1095 heater; sana hardtop; fuily equipped: $1595. | OLDS, 1957 Super 4-door sedan: TR ND 

Tage long term ond Sunday and tlle i came. PRee renee pew Se. . i ea g0 od; $95 full g 7%, . Cc '56- ‘57 Ch } Nh '] CHEVROLETS SUB BURBAN | FORD Yo 5-2580 | Jetca-Way” Hyd rs ae avid EME OUS SAVINGS 
ARM . BAIN hae rete CO. | struction. Warranty deed. FREE 55 Pontiac 870 re $795 BUICK. 58 Spec Florissant, — erbhe CTs | ii | BORD. i £ ‘Custom. 4300: 2-door; | dio, heater; white walis, power IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 

SF Ce ENTS aia A Baas | AvruouanD ation Dus | MiRuigy Cte FRAME |RAISY sfttStortltn a: GS SAD SESS, SORTA Bla vo sane eres Gelatin *-"™| CARSON PONTIAC 

° omes a ° , ’ a rade; 
“$590 SOWNCVACANT- with full waterfront | privileges, 550 8 oriesant ara Fionn | maculste cars mm" ‘trades, ready t 0. ‘Best “otter. G&A’ spre BWAY. a P 
SOSLORING, CORT og, | Wile forthe brosur, Nar eT cups ena NicMAHON | CMAHON Se aan "NOLTING OLDS 102d) MANCHESTER 76 e780 

4012 estminster; 9-room Cc LAKES, 1198 almetto Par : ~i1. : PONTIAC, °57 8 Chi -d 

Fe waar automatic heat. E-2 Ba. _ Boca Raton. se Coen Se OSs. “ & beautiful ; Fa elder’ car” °t 4130 GRAVOIS Mo. . $398 | § 43 130 GRAVIS MO 4:41 41 Of # Feawig tow take 33783. ‘decoemcia Oldest in Olds. First in Satisfaction pare atop; |” Hydra. fate, as edie, 
eS, Somes eee | 490 N. Kingshighway, FO | -6900 '57 CHEVROLET stat 4 iQ? Manch ater u et blac 

ded fl AUTOMOBILE LOANS 169 gsnignway, ee offer. EV _5-3345. ROLET station wagon, Tord RD, ’58; Cus 
TTS TV RIMEET UG, | AUTO PANOING, AT T® PICK. AB. Ffoor Suber aH eater’ white waibe tartSlad “a 57°38°99 Ford Hardtops | Fea 5 ss88 Fa PoE 59 OLDSMOBILES > | TUCKER-BROCK OLD 
1 ne C ey, SP ng an aturai ' , FO 53; clean, runs : 
(*) | HAMPTON BANK ____©1. 2.2800 CLEARANCE be. a Cae: a eee ee 500’s tires Sacrifice. PA kaa Dewvonstrarore= Traders —_| 4946 Natural Bridge Ev 8.7457 
4-FAMILY FLAT AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 170 extras; o an $585, te oa pe KRIBS FORD, INC, | Eat power, automatic, new-car | wilco, att tae al 8H — w aes Lg wot selection of of low ta 3 Se 00: Bonneville Vista ri 
Will Trad MUST MAKE ROOM Klink, 221 §. Grand. 3205 N | trade-ins; powers inide and out. 55: matic; Stu: | mileage, well-cared-for "59 Old 4 door top: all" wry ful 

$2500 Down—Wi race For trade-ins on our terrific ‘BUICK. 83 Sup og hard- CHEVR te Byes a5 Ac78t Priced to sell dent needs i vs pecs ° demonstrators and trade-ins. All| 2°“S" air cc conditioned 1-5733 

a automatic heating plants; "clean: 53 selling 1960 FERS ars wet FL 2-1346 after 6. hardtop, radio, heater. white se | McMAHON ‘FORD, "58 Wagon; V-8, with ex- ‘ee al Soin tele coletaneel aoe stick hift,» 58 Cara na Jira 
, ev -door — . - ter ( | 2 P 

may trade "55 Chevrolet 2-door V-8 — $695| must sell. BV S316. ha | SuCgmatic, , power steering GRAVOIS PR 3-4100 {reS. Private. 4050. ar! Brown, FO 17-4983, MI_7-5661. 

CLARNER- DIENER RUT... $57 1907 GUPFSARSR SILVER 54 e cpe. automatic — $550 ‘ST: fall aa brakes. 2a WAY MOTORS. ae GRAVOIS ____ MO 4-4100 | FORD, 58 = door, gxira-nier “EVENS OLDSMOBILE PONTIAC, | 56 mS “door h ardtop 
ve. & Sun ‘55 Stude. 4-dr., V-8, stick $595 ; . owes Reese: “ou mlieege) 2 owner. 
1958 PLYMOUTH 2-DR. '57 Buick 8 HT. sh i ROONEY Grand and Easton | 7001 Page Av. erms. Klink, 2217 §. Grand. __| 7733 FORSY VO _ 3-7163 Greendebe, 75 ost. _ Charis Rd. 
$650 DOWN — 2 FAMILY 1957 FORD V_8 2:DR ‘51 Pontiac, 4-door’ — »-*s}95| BUICK, 1959 Invicta, 4-door, all CHEVROLET, to Im ia ‘V.8: JEEP, °48; 4-wheel drive, new |-6r pg 1956 oa “G-door sedan. | PONTIAC, °55 ¢ rtible, 
956 FORD vV.R 3-DR ’'56 Lincoln Capri ‘hardtop $12 5 | Power, private. EV 1-7597. | S-Seee hardto Pi. spor paint, transmission rebuilt, metal | I need a hom I’m real sharp | equipped ee “$985, trade, 

NQ CLOSING COST ios? RAMBLER V-8 '54 Dodge Royal 4-doo CADILLAC, '54 air - conditioned turquoise- white; Turbogiide, "radia, cab. PE 1°5344. | and have auomatic transmission, | terms. a. agit nd. 
BOS? Score like new. baths, com: | 1954 PONTIAC. ‘39 Studebeker Leck 2-4 = , $350 Sete tae Fue pres S58e te" | mileage: "szses" ON Tires, "| Sev! canteed Tenquianion. | LOS wane tae Dewa PR O-s240| % radio. heater, cuqone finish, white PONTIAC, Bs atule: AT 

a « ° ; r rx 2-ar - ; rice oe ranm hippewa , $495. ROONEY 3603 “Easton. 

letely redecorated, EZ terms. VA-|1953 FORD 6 4-DR. FORDO 55 Chevrolet 2-dr. ‘‘6” 69 KLINK 2217 8. Grand 1953 CHEVROLE’ HARDTOP as little down as $100. 

CAN MATIC. ‘52 Chev. sedan delivery — $4 LLAC. 59 Coupe DeVille: | $10 DOWN EK 305 TON MOTORS FONTIAC, "51; equipped. $150. 
WITTE LS INVESTMEN @ 4° Dh a. gpk. "55 Hudson Wasp a-ar, Act 550 nad tome 59 TB gi = ae uti Includes fi by singdrance / | sans Maryland _— A 77-2200 ROONEY" “Grand snd Easton 
CH 1-2269 709 Pine PA 1- 4207. ? See ED ERARER REGAL 53 DeSoto 4-door only — ti a it 5 att ae finest | GLOBE AUTO 4158 GRAVO = L fon + Hol k tay hard- DiS A LVO' S 

ni equipmen ’ e new; eetli op; shiny original two-tone green 

EO ee cuoine coat” var Kaentval| Morphy Yons "Ramble io mane shary gaan 00 EO een bP a 

ca - ™s. ’ n on ‘ - 

aaetie 5 og Shugo I’Tloors. ga- Ec. B, Jones ar arniva 639 ‘Meaneie a he A 62626): “MOTORVILIE USED CARS cH 1.4812 2518 ‘8 _N._ Florissant. nt L685 MODEL FORDS CONTINENTAL | walle: oxeshent condition “in and Remmner [leadquarters. 

* g. 6 leek black beaut . Lar 

rage. completely decorated,” 2-2, 5049 NATURAL BRIDGE | 7864 Manchester ___MI_7 <$545.| CHEVROLET, '56 Air V-8| LOW MILEAGE LEASING Co. | This, peat. Immaculate match- out; one owner: $995... | 7701 Manchester MI 5.4441 

WITTELS INVESTMENT CO. CO |-5759 dan: immaculate Olympic white | Sedan, “kink” 28 md fa! trade, — ing “red, white’ nd black all-| saran at Forest Park OL 2-6902 
H 1-2269 709 Pine PA'1-4207 (°) | : with de luxe trim: full de luxe terms. Grend.— ete equipped ong ety leather interior, full bower equi; OLDS, "57 Supe re 
uipme -door, ment, air co : 
LARGE FAMILY? ae HARD TOP \\ i axe: om I aerviee “secora available. es Leer yi et ROLER | 8 ee sume poe, all at po oe ee. ane te ‘ at Only poe tyeins, Way "transinission, 544 Nat Br idge FV 5-6556 
° : niv ender . 
home. now! "nothing down, ONLY $35 DOWN THE HOT CARS CADILLAC, '59 Sedan De Ville: 5616 GR aes P4880 JOE UHPRINS LEAS C0. | 3 TUCKER-BROCK ( IDS ~ 
'57 Plymouth Belvedere: push-but- roy, ' . , h | ’ 
Behymer R.E.Co. HA 8- 7377 ton transmission radio heater, etc. immaculate wood rose finish with |g" standard shitt, $1095. 7820 MANCHESTER MI 7-6030 5O RAMBLER 4-DOOR 
1 OWNER; ORIGIN AL 18, 006 MI. rior: full de luxe equipment. in- | Saige’ Gnavntee HU 1°8030 | E. M. E 4946 Natural Bridge EV 5-7457 
LOOK! =| ¢ aL INSURANCE FREE cluding, air-conditioning. full bow CHEVROLET, "so plekup, extra| ‘SQ FORDS-CHEVS ° | szo0 wancunsrix ’ wo 2-o800 OLDS. ,’86:, sures 85 ful] CUSTOM 6—-$1895 
6053 MAPLE: 10-room residence; | Large, selection o° pees hardto e. Only $4595 today. nice; ny, ed terms, trade. | LINCOLN, '55 convertible, loaded | tires * Only | @peny Binal ath ena heater 
zone. CA cei ‘| Can finance 24 months. Dealer KLINK, 2217 8. Grand. $1895 terms. "Klink, 2217 8. Grand. trade, | METRO MOTORS __YO_5-5230/ Hydra-Matic,’ white. walls, Like 
Chai Brichler % Coleman ilngenighway “hs a Sag Os a 8. aes? “, your local entporines Depara i988 convertible. vs's automatic transmtsstons. noo — | OLDE, 35 Bu os sou Ho gliday. ue | erand ey. A torritie buy. Come 
: ters, W ., . 
800T Maryland _PA 1-1922 (*) TT? Heated Used Car Showroom | | eet “of iretting & Ceames — OLET, "57, 2-door_hard- | 1/05. Dea 'h] MERCURY 830 8. Florissant A_1-1134 
— — You'll pine 58 "Sombie Ameri- | | chased and serviced locally top, customized 1, $1295. WA. 1-0854 JOS. INESSER MOTORS | OLDSMOBILE, '55” 2-aoor hard- ;° 
“$195 DOWN—VACANT can club sedan. low mile- 5200 DELMAR | FO -4808 c seiet ah Yaa pt Clayto CHEVROLET, “759 4-door Impala, < : 1-630 top; red-white; new tires; very 

6217 Sacramento; 4-room bunga- | age, radio, heater, reclining seats, |————_-—-_—____-_~____——" Sronceres 8) _Taps7__ ayton | equipped. 1-2 $1495 clean; $875. WO 2-7392. CHEVROLET, IN 
hwy fu decorated. striking red and waite, matching CADILLAC, =F - aerer ; like c ; VS: D-door: TICOUNTRY SOUIRE | iesta Wagon. All pow-| 2244 §. Kingshighway. PR 2- aco 
CE!1 5320 R ROSEN PA *5 4494 ( [o> interior, white walls NEW CAR TRADE new; private. EB 1-427 stick shift sacrifice. UN 8-: 18 my) -door station wagon; black, | Monterey hardtop coupe: Merco- er, air, etc. $1895. a. 7- 8711. At Vandeventer rand 80 Southw 

4 FAMILY—4 HEAT UNITS SFE pee eae ee 1D ae — FIRS] CHEVRO 750 tudor: radio,| with red and white interior; a mare: radio, heater and white- OLDSMOBILE oT q ioliaay coupe: | RAMBLER, 517 ¥ uth west 

ATE RACTIVE: £18,000 bea rid 0 Or S, Wu 6 CHEVROLET, 1095 . heater, $100.” HA 7-4461. mileage OBERT MOT ORS $1495. UN .$ Pa RUIN pelt, pecritice sony $1 4 

8) 1; stick shift, . 8 
WILL Hampton at Southwest MI 5-4046 $ _ CHEVROLETS IN STOCK | CHEV., ‘58. HA 8 3-41 20 | R | Sead “aeeaiien. “FG. ri eee, MBI on wx 
J aan ; SOM, 31, 6 
MR ‘JACOBS, vo 3- 3-2600 (*) LSS i S-Geck, tully automatic; | n Wagons, '55.'54.'58.'59 oan “ana fers owerrlide: 4215 E. Natural Bridge JE 1- 0073 | OLDS, =, wees 3 eel 5:30 week- after 6:30 p.m JA 's Rite hice 
7 ve V . irl “500” 4-d days. sate A + ‘veda ; omy 
» iN BUCLID (2 BA BO IN) af 0 OLS HARDTOP, $1395 | Convribies "55-'56- "57- ‘58 ROONEY A Rae ett con feaan” L¥ omatic, “power steering A $is5. Leis Son 2217 8. a rand, 
es, | . AAs E. . 
PA 5-8250 HE 2-2224 PA 5- ais sey automatic w cy Hardtops, ‘53 thru ‘59 ‘57 "57 D SOTO 4- DR. HARDTOP. walls, tu: tone. My very meee ouTpoos yo CAR ARE ; Zz co onvertible; po e: w.|ROONE ee Easton 
+ Power) 4 Dr. Sedans, 'S! thru ‘59 . on eull a air cont terms to , ut FOU $1595, St. Louis’ rgest Olds oe top: Al. Cotrell & Pas. STUDEBA 55 Speedster, 
~~ 4620 ANDERSON ies eDee f HARDTOP. a A ‘yataiee or Your Own tioned i bekeie te 8455 Maryiand one af -2200 4643 GRAV IS FL 1-5666 gett, "3610 Nat. Bridge. FR 1-88 823 | hardtop, 3-door e new. 5 
3-4 es “a roy modern. Call $ appreciated : priced FORD 7 Station Waso me M “i ; SHOW “ROOM NEW | -Krisch, FL 1-4815, 8909 Gravois 
MAY TY CO, PA 5-9980 n Fairlane 4-door, fully Ah Sesn 9 OLEAR McCLINTOCK cane tomatic, V-8, air "conditioning, Au} ‘58 ercury Montclair | ios¢ p TH SAVOY 2-DR, rabies: anes _ 
(*) V8. blue an hy ' Authorized Soto-Ply "PE 1 fi =e 2-door hardtop; Mercomatic, ra-| ECONOMICAL Standard Shift 6 steering and ; exceptional iy 
EL S27; 5 full rooms, + + 10306 St. Charles F ra. dio, heater, power steering, power | Radio, heater, 5 almost-new white| SS0SA St Chasing oA, ss 
ment, storm sash, extra- ities MEMBERS 1957 eer a CHEVA Olt brakes, wht e walls, air condi- ‘walls, lastic covers since new; 8808A St. Charles Rock rd. 
large 350 ‘ind atio; down pay- ,uotie: beautiful coral and white PA 5-3 real low mileage; must ver we 045. ELS 
mer 6062 (*) . body set off by perfect, coral a os FOND 5-3600| See to’ apprecia | nee § y ms 
MI 7- in t r=) U BUICK black interior; smooth Torqueflite | FO) 1 2-door; runs good, JAY’ Y'S "AU O VILLAGE 
tome A Be. owe 3345 8. Kingshighway j automatic bows: full - time ral $125 and what yout 7629 Manchester mi 7-2305| As Low as $136 Down 
BOYER, PR 3-1929. r . Sk F Ti : 7725 oy age 5.4357 heater sport 10 e paint t ST. OuIs” PLYMOUTH, '56 4-door hardtop, IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 
(*) - t ade. JEEP OF L loaded with extras; $745, trade, 

LOTUS, 5921; 3S gad =f brick ave, evening 6 *59 “AS Lt U 195 6951 Manchester MI 5-5782. priced fer sai al om | $970 Southwest ST 1-7903 terme, Wisk S217 & Grand | CLAYTON MOTORS 
$ EF a S ae Pore S-doce wagons 31588 CHEVROLETS—FORDS Saran at Fores Park OL 2-69 DAMAGED Authorized Mercury Taunus Dealer S455 Maryland FA 17-2200 
yoond ANDER RLTY. newspapers 2 22 Elymeuth Bavo 995 | 1960 Ford country sédan, front | 4900 Natural Bridge CO 1-2737 
ee oe. PA 5-5768. 1 ae Chevrolet Biscayne $1145 "A HH By 'h] | end damaged; make offer. 55 MERCURY STA. WAGON TO PLACE AN AD | 

Seventies xox mee with circulations i: teehee = = fis 1S 50S—Sbs—STS | = DODGES _ | BievitiS 3228 Wisann se. | SS MERCURY, STA, WAGON | 2 Ota, Iare, selections. of 
fiat; heat, at 5 Maico _ rs _2-doors, 4-doors and hardtops, 6s | "55 Victoria; fully equipt. | Mercomatic, radio, heater, extra | 
only $11 $1500 down, $115 py Bn and Ss; automatic, and mtaight Buy Your Dodges From Your | Eonsomatic, white-wall tires. Only | clean, $945, sates | "viM KEEHN ioe 

month includi principal, in- Automatic, eae ly: transmiss ons. shifts; 12, 18 and 24 months fi- $795. Y 5 5230 *"LEARY-McCLINTOCK MOTORS | 

Porest tax and insurance Cal arger Nothin gown ane financing. ‘mancing, regardless of down pay- R METRO MOTORS. 12] Authorized DeSoto-Plymouth-Val. ST LOUIS POST- Imperia I-Chryaler- Pl 
Mrs, Wisdom, FO 7-9904. trades, ment DODGE DEALE agon fully 10906 St. Charles rdd. PE 1-4 Ac$42d DISPATCH | 720 Bi wow 1100 
. €. Robinson R.E. FO 1- 1976 th th ‘3228 wh, G. Ghipvin CO. 957. McMAHON tg sage ti: I pred, ast tike brand’ et TRY, 1957 -door se VALIANT PLYMOUTH. DeSOT 

Pia an A so. Rd. HA 9-5 ssociation sit ss autom wer. steering. ‘radio. Ww eSOTO 

BSHAWMUT, 1323 and 1325; _ 4050 GRAVOIS PR 3-4100 -__—" “Greater st. Louls MoTORS Yo 5-5230 heater. ‘white. walls, tu-tone paint; 4 E gee Us Betere Yee eOLD 
veawses. speculators; two 3-3 brick Pp OS + by spa + ch Fed ‘ee 1 hardtop; low | 4120 GRAVOIS MO 4-4104 ND-NEW $6 WEEK, 18 MOS. Pies Se SS Gree | CLAYTON MOTORS” 

" p er; Dynaflow; excelient tires. "MO |'59 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR and, in LAYTON MOTORS ~ ? | 8455 Maryland PA 7- 

ALPHA C0. EV 5-6330 — York, Chicago, Philadelphia, ‘6300. — Standard al raqemiesion, 350 »- 1960. DODGE: DARTS A 4158 GRAVON. 94 ss weer <i FA. wae. Sd oy and can you 8 ear. 

“ 25 CLEAN, GUARANTEED | white walls;’ 6000 infles?’ new-cat Immediate Delivery ore rare fasion, clean, ‘priced i: Mercomatie: “radi TS'000" aétial mi vS3-Kaleery 
er es lot $6500, Assume ‘53's THROUGH 59's nde-tn £1206. BEN STEPMAN MOTOR C0. Sal at tier VE Vas ite oe ee veal iui equipped; only $495. MO. 
joan pay cash, difference, 8 LOW As §50 DOWN OENIG CHEVROLET matict radio, heater, white-walle; | METRO More TORS YO _5-5230 Charge [;! , | 421632 ; 

Sat. and Bun., 5332 Labadie. After CLAYTON MOTO Authorized DODGE Caze-Trucks clean ; owner; $1300. PA ull price GOING “ut of business; 20 used 

6 p.m. weekdays. 9-5836. (*) A 8455 Maryland PAY 7-2200 220 W. LOCKWOOD WO 2-3333 ‘6915 PAGE 4 A 6-5850 1- 2076. > $190. Klink, 3217 8. Grand. ‘ cars; 5323 8. Kingshighway. 

at | K —— — - —~ 

Q West Florissant. UN 9-8005 | | rere my my | Association of | 
_ Louis 

ater St. 


es ee 

eS Sy 

~ med me 


9 . 



Complete Stock of 6’s & V-8’s 


Missouri's Largest Dodge 
Dodge Dart-Simca Dealer 

Service and Parts Dept. Open 7:30 A.M. 


ee a es a Oe OS 

to12 Midnight 

"Manchester YQ 9-230 





$170, private. HA 

‘LCON, ‘60: de 

heater, automatic, white walls: 
0. 983 

*52 ohare. A-1. $245. 
and and Easton 
IMPALA SPORT COUPE | Bobo, sx 4-door station war 
on, os linder, standard, 
Power equipped radio. | heater, tu-| Nar 1- 4814, _s909 ravols | 
tone paint: 6000 must be : ellow and | 
dis posse of by investment Co.; | black; $56 5. “Botreh &°P 5" 
will arrange financing for you. 3610 ‘Natural Bridgé. FR 7 
omy oS 93, ask for credit | DODGE. ” 47. 2-door; clean; $125 | 
| Bob aed Spring and Natural 
Thomas Investment Co. ‘Bot 

Ss *52 4-door, radio, — heat: | 

juxe 4-door, ra- 

~ Mon- | 


| Fomtcmntee 
pete “= 



ite: cannot be told 



_whitewall ti 


AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 170 Avrowosttas' mac — 170 

e* 2 2@ @ 



® @-e-.206 @ @&-+2e* #&#¢ @ @ 






% Highest Trades In Our History 
% Immediate Delivery 
% Sincere Service 


20 YEARS '\s save tocation! 
7916 North BROADWAY 


After The Sale 






1150 S. BIG BEND New Ca 




$149 DOWN 
$11.90 WEEK 


r Dealer 33 Years ST 1-5575 | 
OF CLAYTON RO. =———y¥& 

Fee arts drives 
nice, $485. P “S-0814. osis. 
: wi 

1) F ; 
motor: real nice car. MA =. DP aoe 
: onterey hard- 

to very clean. oo 7-664°2. 
NASH *50 

Cotrell en Pemets * sso’ 3 Naturai 

ood, real 

and Kastor maston | 

=e OS 

2-tone blue and ht nin matching | 
interior; full wer; Hydra- 
c 0; heater; like new; 



3400 § Kingshishway_, _ PL 2-@104 | 


Radio, heater, agree steering and 
brakes; Hydra- Matic and S nite- 
wall tires 


Louis’ Largest Olds Dealers 


Drastically Reduced Prices 

Per bet +: 

’58 Goliath 2-door _— 1.60 
*56 Ford station wagon — $10. 00 
’58 Se moutd. automatic — $11.22 
'S7 I Plymouth hardtop V-8— sto. 10 
’56 Pontiac } Benny — -s 18 | 
5 Dodge 4-doo ? RO | 
'55 Olds “88"’ 4 door— _ aa te 8.60 | 
57 Plymouth 4-door — — 8.87 
’56 Plymouth 2- door V-8 —$ 7.15 
'54 Dodge 4-door V-8 — —$ 4.97 
’53 De to 2-door — —§$ 4.21) 

20 Other Cars to Choose From 

V8; radio: heater: 
transmission and 
beautiful tur- | 

Call in Your Statement 
PE. 1-1233 

‘07 OLDS “98” 

Holiday coupe; full La he 
heater, G14 45 whit 


Louis’ Largest Olds Dealer 

/3508 LINDELL JE 5-5979 



4643 GRAVOIS FL 1-5666 | 

radio, | 

56 PLYMOUTH $795 

| Exce Teylinder All Ori fs inal, 
cal se 
'Custom 2-tone 

| NEW. Full paaeesy equipmen 
Custom Push tton Radio. 

lent "Pl NEF R 

2323 8. oben Mie or 1-5050 


t, even 


tegen an 1957 4-door custom 
fect white and 

Powerflite viny int shift: 

very jleage, one - owner 

| new Cadillac trade-in; just $1595. 

Sarah at Forest Park OL 2-6903 

'56 PLYM. CONV. 


Radio, heater, automatic, ore 
brakes, white walls, like n 
4120 GRAVOIS MO 4-4104 
TMOUTE. 58 voy 

5: 58g4 gon. 


dition. 66 Station a 
at tin ley 
MOUTRO 60; tudor: 17 

equipped, like brand new. 

PLYMOUTH, '58 Reed v8; 
atom Rae: uip 
3616 GRAVOIS  __HU_ 1-8030 
PLYMOUTH, '51: Club pe ie: 
dio, heater; full Ry ees, I's 

Auto, CH 1-4812, 2518 N. Fier. 

PLYMOUTH, 1957; automatic 6, 
new. tires, perfect, reasonable. UN 

PLYMOUTH. 57; 6, standard shité 

4-door; radio, heater, white-wallis, 
clean; $950; rivate. TH 5-7569. 
PLYMOUT ’53 4-door; radio, 
erin; 90% tires: BY. 5 958. 

good re 3 FL o PEYY. [nek 



“GK BT convertibles ta 
er, 4 "Michelin Xt X tires. JA 2-94 


ErIVLE ~~." a)* 243 



tet | CHAIRS \ as tow as TABLES \ as tow as 

iit. 1 aM 

170A | TRUCKS, T HO 

» + 1959 ENGLISH FORD 

3B ANGLIAS. | 79 fe 

ex. transmission 

< Designed i in Detroit 
“Built in England 

torneyg,” Den: * PROOF chuc. 
ne in St. Louis Lous tata, $519. Frankiin 
Dining Room, Kitchen, Summer Cot ; a] iv, uCO 
By RE spew Spartan _ : Farm , Many just_one-of-a-kind stroke. Midw: 
Spartan — Make up Your Own Set — Limi 
ws t Come First Se enw Morgan 



1605 BRENTWOOD BLVD. (In Brentwood Sq. 
23 minutes from all ae Market 
— Turn south at Brentwood a. 1 block. 

3300 _N. ‘Broad’ "BV 5-5350. | be dedi 
¢ to U , trie re rator Liat: te 

YAj MHOARD xs ,; over ee take SINCE RESS, % ton oR: 
Pirie ae m2 Ea vom eerie » [are 
ning, ,sanded cléar, 1 829 Fray 9 9. 

old, FL 2-9764. 
- Lineo 
Gravois. -19 

WO 2.0243 
t. and Highway 

iAbskae 6-4 

Eat ei 

VOCKBWAGEN, "60; ss. 
ge ree 
of Them 





w. Met 8 New 19° Wides tr 
85 to $100 WORE 6927 oLive st ce 340 

left in stock—reduced 


A conditior 
steve, wringer 
tre chairs 


SPRAG te Fok. tis ar motorized. GA 1-6844. ssh 
carry. te case , | MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 25 251 | To 

steam boilers, com 
poe Gee seen 


Eestboctst Fused" 6x Fad00™ 

2 TB G87 way 66, Crestwood” TO 8- 
nai B-as-a.\  SPINET PIANOS 
tit | Hberal terms 

nouns LEFT a tee ae a ae la! ; 
rooms rs 

ot Pera a 

opopaition: MUSICAL WANTED 254 



finish selection 2» all styles and 
inishes ; low RA $245; 


GA 1-4370 

} la <= ay > 
right; $195: others from $125; 

6172 Delmar PA 5-1016 


UMPH TR-10 SED. $1575 ~ Rockwool Insulation ' Cal Weber JE 5. T460 
1 SEERA PSV". s1605| 0, FOR YOUR CAR | ByeRiy TRAILER SALES 1 rans ne goptal, de, Ba. Anton wereces® | Gaus igeer clan reopeeeera: | AIRFOAM, 1001 of ses wh qlt| greta, sudian voprigits, Toe 
1G RUBE sav. coent oer | Culm, mgm totes actos com $9310" "60; full 3 bedrooms $4495| BOATS AND MOTORS 223 | S,AurRiGcgiezien ans, Nemstand.”| $43, Repelauty. “$20 tspiecs | °° peed at, Mi creguiar price. |B 24403 UN. AND eves.) — PUBLIC FINANCE 
; ot —_ 1998 kc MAN'S TRAVE TR ————" | ing; 427; $4.98. Fesco. UN 9-2500 for storage charges. Bra tor- e313 Ts on Ee 5" 7496 Open eves. URGENT +i 
” 5 L TRAILERS a ~3314. UM st WE NEED USED PIANOS Corpora lOns 
"59 E : CAMERAS—Supplies for sale 229 storm windows: odd 
"59 & 4301 | CASH 2-6752 | | 4 FOOT, SLEEPS 4, $895 —Supplies _ Mg d . double dresser flo MINU out. ideal for porches. PRICE NO OBJECT 
‘Be BD nt Conv ASH FOR BROWNIE box and flash camera; chest. Call after 4 p.m. PA 5-2717 each. 3438 PA 5-881) Eve PA 7-6354| COMPARE THESE PAYMENTS 
am ’ 17' Self-Contained, $1495 TRADE - INS ORVENUE CAMERA BHOP stoves Mut Retin, racked ow 3- ts, angiea, Bhan J 4 PANO CAMWEONE Wise $183 39 $ is 1013 
an CAR 11601 O03 Manchester_Y0 6-121 1221 PR_ 2-6401 high, “low we ¥ — feld. 2017 Cho te st 1-943 nee i A wan any s 400 — + 7 359 5.75 °  s 
, . 9 CHRIS-CRA ; en N. Kingsbig ca 5, | Call EV 3-4515. 5.47 
D DEBRECHT | oo 38 py te Route’ [CAMERAS WANTED 230 |r 12603 a Sara 00 Ibe 818 95-|Cal_ RV Sasi | 9100 — — 4.38 
1959 Jet Boat (Demonstrators; t Your .come sets 8. aL war xO eee N | 50 Ibs. $8.2 28. 616 8. Second st. APH HI-FI", Southtown. Acceptence 
Pa SOLXO A C A A l ok CHRI SA ft 130 a, or trade, nkRPER'S nim Setten. Teas ' ANGLE TRON NG IPMENT 256 4201 8. Kingshighway at Chippewa 
, ; — MAGE par FO 1S rat * J or opm: t 
8510 ai 9-4661 |__3530 8. _KINGSHIGHWAY © etome elke sok ul ot sets; FOR WD, erg 4832 ; 
4 JOHN SAYS Kitchen; 1960 'Richardsas ‘am OP and taller. = LOANS 
dy, how on a and BOA RE x . uctt mee yew eN 
We Need 200 Used Cars | 9:9. “aun CRAVING tee iia weasonanio; | Dlond dreascrs, $50 each; “2 blond | U4ed “Oth, “Cm - 
GN. ton +4 BRING YOUR ATELE: OB CARR AT CU TO TTT COG ST LOUIS BOAT & MOTORS | gr erties ea a Ei amo, ramwron__s/ Neo Money: 
: ¢ : ron & P : 100-$5000 OR MORE 
OPEL-MAGNETTE  |22%gSeKinssgnway ex. 1.2001 GRASK 1 TRAILERS ane ieBeatavand Motgre wil eek Se SE ey rae a 588.50, Laberty, Be Pe SAL E State Bank in Wellston 
pt, nokta Oars Ry New Models—Louisville 5600 DELMAR VO_3-9590 | cise 14: ve a Be + Seerron ‘Roo wurees 1-062 ' 6313 Easton m3 2-111 
MAD Cc Ieee y 8 LARGEST CAR C we Byts CHOUTEA’ ag Generai egal. , 9-piece; walnut and AE BATTERIES, 7 OPEN TODAY 'TIL 9 Lon jer hours; i, Pe r root 
ON- IN-MARUBIC y BUICK 7205 St Charles ps 2 AS rt 3701 &. o) Po _mnode fs, "3907 Every Night This Week "TH 9 | etc., size 73. CO 1-24 405. SPRAGUE FURN from bore i in SAME DAY DELIVERY _ot Merchants Lot, 1820 Kienlen,_ 
Granite City, Th rite: Atl AUTOS BOUGHT __.% mile'gouth of 46 Overpass "| “**™48Y and Gunday ‘TH 8 | COAL, WOOD, PUEL OL 233 | DINING Set: a Wiese Provincial DELIVER FO 7-5252| hive “hundreds, “Prices start ‘at| FINANCIAL 282 
“Wr ei @ need them. Klink, 2217 8.Grana NEW 0 OR THE BRIQUETTES ® bag - {Open peepee reasonable. PA 5-1585. ” 5308 EASTON 29:50. (Bree deuvery. and instal-| GET OU] OF DEBT 
aL MAKES W A, / nt, it Shs 2- “BEDROOM JOHNSON Tiki UERHINERY dep a6 eee Kienien ston 14100. | geous hs cap ‘s love, getriser- <—— Stoo sets Ay complete. bay ai any amount, one place to” 
phe Used Norman Bovis. .£0 S28 Motors. | NEW SKYLINE '55:-3-BEDROOM ALL FAMILY "EAW. 5 ae a8 an at thio of “aciuat Yai va "| R b ilt 2 tferies $5 fy ‘rebuilt Relic Tube: Portabion, | bate) Zour pilles cath see Or 
ene i ge AG-| FORD; "47 to ‘Si waned Gant EL Kh ot ae CHAIN §A 3 6”, $89; Call today. 8 lye C Ul d er ta nodel and consoles. Stop Sw ia . 
UA a A ROMEO. private party. WO _2-8947. padused. also insurance. ame BOAT SHOW rep. 20 + et ee ogee rw bars, chains, oe SALE. G r “Hamdios $49 Not just old ones recharged. | in or phone for immediate ‘delivery. Mis ies BEN Bupo MA eEny, 
Headquarters br "lopotted ge ll ee — ey -2642 Node” SCHMITT nar, PA’ 7-38 6. hers. Putnam. $176 Easton, | shur-8t art 6767 Easton CO 1+1798 | Evenings until ? We need, trade- WHY BORROW MORE?” 
Used Cars, Parts and Service : a ALDER RSON TRAILER’ SALES : and joa : ARLY. AMERICAN and colonial DU wihiasG used, men's | !ns, : F omar. 
OLIVER C. JOSEPH, INC. scrap iron, EV 1-6706. TR RAT | WWeaewd ALES, MARINE, INC Sieu8! Be Fagmall plow ana cuit: | ‘wralture:, Rebruaty aaleg os arn pre letiee R Rinwood nt K OB: FAMILY 
mk | MR ‘ ° 4 ; . , * ‘ ‘ 
Ee, 3014. Ditovine ns $-8140 0) AUTO REPAIRING, PANTING 7 TR Al |F RS Se 0665 tans 6 Ven ee yator, $47 475 Erb, £1714 Gravois, MOUND ciTy a TURE, 2730 INET | $41.95: water | die -button 5910 Lillian L BUDGET’ SERVICE, INC. 
RY El Co t P 3 ae < WN ayiie. ters 30-nal $48.95; toilet you 503 ea 4390 _N. First _CE_1-8735> 
ae ICE ENTER FRE aoe Or tune-up On. bee Route 3 by J.B. brid F.HW. ° i me, br rands. | sets, $15 4%-ft. bathtubs, | US SAV $3 Easton. ___ 
with any motor. or —— er BS y ge WHOOO! 169.95. ordes. 4 1732 9.95: double bo aR. 9.95: os; i-year guar- LES 
Bt. idest Authorized overhaul or exchange; ¢ abut) 19 get ow B10, kitchen Has the worlds Most powerful N = ELECTRIC console, Iike a $35. 3 fits i .|antee, $44.95. PA’ 7-8262. 
lies 5872 | ROL be PLEAT— rae Ha see, “gent nana roomie, $4 4695" M ERCURY Tn sED evige TE 7-3371._ 40 | from tae st make offer, HU 1 8856. 
3525 SpeoTe oan ane ee | 

USED Farm and Industrial adh ta Fy bs 1t82 Pine. ‘Carload 
tractors; 15 used garden tractors; -pRppz Open eves. 



80 H.P. 6 IN LINE 

nsively or need| pirRT, 

G un = oiler, niTVs 1 
and board, ¥ ek board, 1/12”, 17", 21” 
3 AS os 

reco onditjones, 

ie nd og ‘consol 

ER; Re Havoeet’ Queen, 11 ft.,| form finisher. - models; 
CAR FURNISHED ee 5-560 ied Vacation Travel Trailers, Campers WHAT AN OUTBOARD ' wy So ceva Couer, HE |A-1 eonditio on. PR 2 CLOSING OUT general merchan- SWE. ty rive Deimar 

Ai“ Puspension, pamnousine Lux- ‘ONS overhaul — Por FAs 5; rapa new mod- “9420. FRIG ERDAI rk E AuIomRUS dise, wool, corduroys, cottons, 95- reasonable. JE 

SPOR. New Yok "| TRANG. ‘and: Motos pica, ‘Wolverine, “Central, ‘Salle! 9 Loui Sport 5 leS |RARM SUPPLIES WTB, 236 J,"suogne_ Te": _retsonabe.| 20, macuiaey, agg machines |, Best exam 
$2596. FOR. New Tork. exchanged. and. ocory. over ed. Eales, 6511 State st. rst. S p OF d es ACTOR; pl itivat ri FURNTTUR f you have an ex  Oprtn. a twin 54 = EOOn” reconditioned. 

: ‘ - an ex- 

5836 Delmar PA 6-5868 TRUCKS, “Tractors, Trailers 113 Louis. Eves and 5un. 2904 oer * Thurs. a. - T2100) va: Poet ‘e, no o dealers. UN 42689" * tra room apartment, a roomin iyo reconaitioned, fas. fiea ol om i ae ara 7 had Oder; r 
; Span sue TvT Ty o furnis ne. 


Beautiful black ‘finish; whitewalls 10 Travel units, 30 Mobile homes. 15’ an WERS—ALL ee ee te ee SORGee, 
; : , ng. 

| BLO 

grand, Fibreglias Boats 

T, used lumber. bricks. d 
plumbing. refrigerator, gas eve. 

Wire wheels, radio, heater, sharp; 



; Liberal financin , ; 1-4980 | washing machine, rugs, etc., we ading. etc. Wo. 4-84 PRICED FROM Mi $29.9 95 
radio, heater; like new. ES 21’ CRUISERS "” . | have two large floors o omy 1; time, 

CONTINENTAL CARS LTD NEW 1960 DODGE LOBMASTER SALES, INC. 6303 J. H. se ER ty SON. 2 RACH: ghee. hot air ‘with cae Gamayed waged Tow- ormee furniture, BIRT, genuine Paco: “any CARLOAD CORDES 
oN aLIgH’ toe re aw anes. FULL PRICE : - BEN’ S TRAILER» SALES | Ray ITA q OTA TROLLERS fe Some crate-marred. oid stock. selection Seret pean ae ike ace § 6 OBB eimeae mae __| 1732 MA_1-1307 | INGA 

NG or onsula - - 3 
door sedan, 4-1 shape, low mile- | ve a Poe ‘Koay. | nay aa FEE a 7000 t> ve quantity Oe tOO. | PR rice. Sods; you cannet | tae. cart, head covers. $44 com- | REBUILT TV'S” 

e. black, ‘white walls, radio 1699 pass 40, one mile, west ~ 3 ‘st ‘ St 2 as 56 “PR. 1-25 2340 FAIR PAULL FURNITURE plete; Uk olds in W 8800 _ $2 an inch 16 to 27°’ all models, 
hoster, $1960; private. VO 3-8553 | Charies, “Mt 4-0707. LARSON-ALUMA CRAFT | aas-FURNAC immediate| © APPLIANCE OUTLETS = | Gor gtURE new. $90; 12-610 | Pontay acount’ Corp” $37 Hee: | ap 
ENG H . onsu!, 90% 5300 SHA ' ~ 
ries GS rial |, , WiLL, FINANCE v RIPLE 8 SALES Tara Smah en sort tac wet™"ASEE, gen np | cACRORR FH RATER PRON sua 248, Aviram EAE: | EY iV Bl 
he ae vO! a —,—g | See Bill Spvick—Bernie Feuerstein| 20 display models, 1 12x60-ft, ; conversion b A, | ere a ae gI ie - ‘ $ 
SATE dine ative ower | RAY RIXMAN INC. todd; a miles west ew origgs | Sut une a9 Pete We Sige go ey saat cut aoe FIMISHINGS anor’ free’ tt: | HOSPITAL “Ba etc tre,| THRIFTY TV BUYS, ‘SAVE 
TE 71-1855 40-61 Gumbo, Mo. RA 48811, -"| ford. Trade—E-Z te "HP. Low presmure. | Mates. Simpkins Piano, J 3-1080 |holst, adjustable. JE $-1296.__|47'; Tye 820.95) 330 TV $30 85. 

i MG, ROADSTER 7916 Nx proadway HP. ‘High. guar-| LATEX WALL PAINT TR RMS. HOURS 9-9 
eateed. ay Specialty, 820 Frank- TAPE OE 6 

~ SPRING SPECIAL HUB TRAILER 00. | Pe BOAT CO (2 Rogen elie ie fee 

Dries in ; 
t itt, 11434 St. Charles Rock Road Killian’ an Bide. 4 Materia - parking. CH auton 
BRA RY. -MeCLINTOCK MOTORS | Warehouse vans and platforms; to 85 ey 6: 10508, tany S 1-3555. waite and os 
Sto-Fivtacsts- Yat, — ‘ ane. tances axles, many Ee Bey hy | | p. e Be; tor | 
0008 "Bt. Chagles r WE TRADE AND FINANCE creel, Me To. can #2% pee oe. i “burners and setting Qin .3 
‘he LL LOYD, 104 Andrew Industries Inc. 221 . Belle mi. Sta. 38, 3S T2442, aaa eect. 
N_ 50’. 10 WIDE “BOK TS——MOr pee oa 

7901 Alabama FL, 1-101 SPRCIALS ON. . 
STATION WAGON: |" SPRING SPECIAL | =F ho"¢HbadaP5 ol a ae ee fs 
$100 CASH OR TRADE DOWN |49. 5 Andrews neaiee ae ails. tier tratler Sales*~~ * MU . 3 

maak 38, ABC ben 
cabin cruiser, 30 

* Dixieliner-M-System chero 

1 YEAR WRITTEN GUARANTEE | Um. Therm-King, meat, Dixteliner-s Weatzvile Mo, | Mette tanks, $799. r. 
Passenger tation Wagon, Ger- 

i Hi agg, hw 10 rly. 
i 6140 W. 2 SSANT OSPITAL BED. Simmons, Vari- 
Praag’ umber n Wagon. Ger-| Andrews Industries Inc. mons, 

x GOOD Trade for your coal v1 te. complete. FL 2- 
hour, $¢ "3 $5 State. Tsapoas, Buy _ TRUCKST TRUCKS! 2020. ‘ni TRACER SALES 7 miles nortne Ry a Lake © oat ler oll it Somatiations, cies air: “LIVING ROOM } SOFAS, sofa beds, 
o years a 

\ ' 
ss peorater’ ive 

Availabie for ment 
hauling charges. oH 1 *T100 



ora, $2.48 te ao NEW AND USED = TV's 



~ 307: ston E 4 a 
a ba: 

corder, wu 4 mon 

4 IB conditioning. Days PR 6-6194, some matching chairs: $14.95 UP. | wow, | Authorized Brunswick Deal- 
Ford, GMC. Inte ti ’ a4| Midway Trailer Saies 8-U0285 | 1-0550, WY 3. 1117. —rmtmenw~e90~! 3950 Olive 1-0624 | @. 8 i 5: any 
vies Studebakers; walk-in and van| 8322 State st., BE, St. Louis, lil.| GORONET outboard and inboard HOUSEHOLD GOODS | 243 | LIVING room S-piece. $757 apari- 1 gee aw Si Ail 5-406 atuted CALL A Pat 6-555 
pt ae Parts And r bodie PECIAL 50’, 10° WIDE, $3795 | cruisers; Mercu motors. a may optional, at 5715, 8. “POOL TABLE. 42 HT 5-4080 “FOP GASH FO 
BILL, ERICAN TRAVELO GROSSMA w UATS a tp oeot after 7 pm ae | 5100, good condition. "CO. 1-8953, | Electronics Disco t 
_ JOE “SIMPKING C0. GREAT il —— il ah ‘Y > at 4 aobalsenes -1-8618. EIVING 'Re ges = sain 2-plece PUMP JACKS: 2 sets with braces| WE BUY TV TS that need re- 
Tadeo ralier oacnes n , - 
DISTRIBUTORS rs oa xo 6030 |4500.'N. Lindbergh PH 1-1192| Shenandoah (rear) PR. 2-4259. AGIC- CHEF 36° range? new: cost $65. $40. pair. new | front | Paves PRIG FOR SLD TVE— 
2323 8. Jetferson | PR 21-5050 i INC SP WILL TRADE eauity ip home or FIBER GLASS LONE STA: I5- 3-ROOM OUTFIT tect; sacrifice, $2 week. 1892. Call MO 4-6681 
PEN ‘TIL 9 P ECIAL models to x x a ai fe lakeotsin aueter,” Gator iler. Mi New Danish Floor Samples 

e¢; radio, ger from; suerty. pectrig motor, 

rien - FO 7 

. Reefer, ail alum- | Supre Hart, inal, ST 1-3654, ST 1-36 nag 
a; aot aonvertibie: om am : Pang 7 Rw Windsor and Hed-W Hf GRUMMAN ALUMINUM canoes. RANGE, TV, washer, refrizera-| go” Bate Co. ert ti Baston. Oe 33524 324 
MG. owner 7-6083, , Tru-Cooler. RIE le Manchester Trailer Sales yeuaings Boat, 6140 W. Florissant. coe. podroom, etc. Pa 6123. he SCREW J ACKS | 
. . a > a ° - Sad 
aa ee ee Andrews Industries Inc Manchester So. @ ™E, *rise62| With starter and generator, con-|7-pe. living room. S-pe._ dining | ers $39. Golden, 1260 N. Kings-| Low style, for raising ot, shoring; 
TA 2- 0046, . AN Taged|{r0l8, bronze prop, new, $395. | group, = : ins yr box | highw + fl last. Aalco peers: 
Neate age Gob es wataes Menway 65) | lancome wank ailtrons | REP GERATOR, ie cctadee| Sasi wrens teary 
UN 7- - 30 outboard ric rownin 
r; 46 tee CONTE PORARY AN 
ase, as " Curtis, 1204 ‘aft oh +o SPRING SPECIAL bedrooms, OF 4000; wo x§ fee motor; all controle. HA 8- 1163. TRADITIONAL WRT PRIDRS TH 5-7349 after 5 p.m. used once, " $100. F 1995. 

ae. RE — cru E -8300 “REFRIGERATORS; new, used; 
=| aluminum. sliding tandem." | MOBILE HOMES, TRAVEL ful ses must’ sell, Open 3 
TRAILERS WANTED 181 $2850, will take _smaller boat in 

—RaaNelod Feu 
145 N. Lin ndbergh,. are eton. Mo. 

on Tues. ai Teen wrt eae save. Carload Cordes, 1732 Pine. 

ng in rear of store. | REFRIGERATORS, $29.50 UP 



7901 Alabama 

Air-flow Chrysler 
Cornet, Bolex 16mm. 

up. Cordes, 5253 Natural Br ige. 


x, machine PRICES — TERMS 
SPRING SPECIAL | “vaprmrerreee Recess! on oan _ i SACRIFICED $5 month, 825 Locunt CH i-i17T | 6342 Basion BV 91408 Open evan | stern Eistury Co, Tad Delma 
Under $500. Cali PA 1-5044 | 1959 model om letely equipped. | Take over payments; will sepa-| RUG; large cotton with pad: ful ~ TOILET SETS and chairs: fob dk. table; factory 
34 ft Andrews Reefer; all alumi- |~"ijgep TRAILERS WANTED BR 1- 1777 te: some repossessed. some in | size bed; weed haw of drawers; Stews oi uae ink, white,|cost. Mr. Waite, CH 1- 7700. 
num K-30 Thermo King meat LL PA 64 Zi bout, 30 hip. | Will-eall: a 3-room outfit left in| small bookca A.B.C. yes ing | Oe bn“ cieeranes Ly ring BUTCHER-Re Fon nt aad 
’ roo 77 oo eee ; er wu “ 
Aacon tehitie eee aed Serene oe i gee culty equipped. hon for $275; at similar 9x15, iggheVer, used: othe vacuum | $7.50 : serv oO 

BoA = other ay 
TIRES, four 670x15 white wails, 22” TROJAN ; Deluxe, savin s, $25 down delivers: easy FL 2-8805. | ce, 3456 8. Grand. 
ood, use A-1; Venetian Harbor, VO 3-3266 terms: free delivery up to 200 foe, ceca mi ae : lum ATER HEATER 

ll Bob, EV 5-9250. 
‘55 Chev. 12-Ft. ‘Step Van | FIRES. used Ins nspected; most |-1 evs. like new, Various sizes with pads, 

7901 Alabama FL 1-1010 sed, $8.50 each or $30 s 

2-Door Sedans 

STANLEY Steamer eae “antique 
camp trailer 

: ae 
Boa t be_ financed BARR, 1421 Salisbury. CH 1-7960 | 3-1936, evenings UN  8-2767. 
through bank. $20 N. 87th st., E. = ROM IM OUTFITS REFRIGERATORS; perfect; $20 | TARPAULINS: all sizes in stock 
St, Louis waterproof new heavy. 1. 98 up. 



estinghouse zig zag sew- 
ing machine console, bal. $109. 
Kerlick 2903 Cherokee PR 2-4747 

Lard) AND UP—coME IN’ 
..| Largest selection of meat, dairy, 
3 verstable ff snenets food, beer cases, 

) Franklin 

——sEST B LwaYe 
;| Globe bixture Co. 

ee Xm. JE 1-73 
#103 & PROPOSALS ato. 286 

Sealed p is will 
by the Curators of ths Creme 
of Misso at 
ea Ree 
s80uU , . 
Missouri . “e aT) 

ri, until .0:00 A . 
April 5 1960, for ihe edaok 
listed below. a received or the 

project es vubifely 
_ aloud. z ids Peeueeted, <. 



be installed in the Uni versity 
Sg Piant, Columbia, Misso 
for a acurators of 
University of 
Plans and specifications ma 

DS ae Curators, or a tt 
sell at eo TR 2-7761 : a ven to all firms, corporations, . 
al DIO 1S WTD. _259/5 tviduals doing business 

Missourt firms, corporations of 

right’ ey 

tr reserves the 
Y SIZE. | waive informalities in bids ie 
ay oos16 resect 287 of all ds. os E 


Date: March 10, 1960. 

ool Board, ’ 
District R-1, Bonne Terre, Mis- 
souri, at the ‘Office of Dr. "Howard 

e 8:00. p.m AD of - 
April 8 

follows Bis 
General Contract moe 
Pienbing, Heating & Electrie’ 
in accordance with Drawings anit. 
Specifications pre by Hay- 
wood Sni 

AY ae nat: Sige dlbenaey "SPECIALTY FURN. CO. 4379 Laclede. Glass-lined, new, $44.95 and up; } gi9 N. time will be retu 
: sizes $4.95. Firestone, ST 1-5450 $68.7 1, 2-262 5 Warehouse sale. 3124 _ “chouteat CHE c &E-; rea- | 
High Trades, 3 Years to Pay| '55 Chev. Ton Stake | ALWAYS A CHOICH SELECTION GOATS & MOTORS WTD. 224 mid in Rea reversible foam "rubber cushions. || BR T0520, PL bos UI. windows, CHECK OU T agiepisters, —electrio: esipt of Big, foe at feast = 
BILL TAME. “CHEVROLET 6 Oe pees sh PRHIN G BOAT; small. Will A, ge LEARING Boll KNOST-BOCKWINKEL FURN 15. Don Biggs. WO 2-310 Re qUIPWERT Tar 366 | rvs the right to reject any ar 
MAL SPRY FA ae clean up now; out, venetian ae: 4801 Delmar Mon. Wed Fy i 8 | WiSCELLANE Us | WANTED Ras | SoS ee eee nee | tality. in” Bids. eceive 
3721 8. GRAND __ PR _2-5110/ VISIT Us e180" DELMAR BUILDING MATERIA 7|5 years, steel, 60” long, 38” G is new, sal- ThA bathtub lets ~“rufhiuees: — 
CHEVROLET, 58 dump; 2-speed. x UP wide: sizes 25" wide, 68” wide,|vage; big selection.” Also ' open Ser Bee ee of Drawi 4 
St. Louis’ Largest Opel Dealer | 2 hevrolet. LWB, “speed. "| Large selection: many bre po 56” wide; rollaway bed with inner Srovi - terms, , Ben 5 <a. sinks, _iF0e ; prox ifleations from the © ee of 
There Must Be a Reason | "58 D Dodge, 228 W.’ B. ee arrivals ars kittens, "onkesn. gg Son 8 spring mattress, ke news wits 1 thal g & storage Co., 8201 De '3-5826. “o0lg | Da oS Gaston. OMELMAN Pres nipes, AIA, Architect. 
up, . a 8, . , timbers, ring, 4 “ Appli- ; “the: roadwa 
5 gue-and-groove deck- hold scale; small ladder; rby $30, A-Appli- | NEWSPAPERS; 18S, a 100 Ibs.; y. 
9730 NEV 5.845 hipaa v Bees STE BH AUTO & SALES eng — PP 8 on hoe ing. ‘plumbing fixtures doors, win- men's "clothing ight whe’ athe ances, 21 tees, 2102 Bellevue — 71-0830 delivered; 4001 N. Broadway. ro upon, deposit ot 
n ’ , i 8 Pp —— shed 
Se & os FR 7 8 VANDEV ae All, Thorousnbres _% @ In- , eg 2 y & perngces? = J ot aeiriat beautiful high class (WA, ’ 3 c ny guaran- E BUY MOST ANY KIND tual cost of arlalen Pi 
"55 ‘Chev. |2-Ft. "Step Van AT STU look around, save money! ! . gee oa _— . Leer Bs -4 eerie Av RIC PR 68182 4504, Delmar FO 1-9234 tures: terms. | at such set. of 
—— , ACUUM aran TY Ye Uw ry 
oe P| 58 Ford or -Ton Pickup Bache A, vd S060 Aalco Wrecking & Su ply and mattress on low ‘No a ie ECONOMY, ¥ (001-03 Pine. | MUSICAL FOR SALE 253 ICE CREA! M. FREE: 2B ER; Taylor. condition within “ten C10s days 
Be ne ae tke | $80 Minathaiundar $b0.80) guar: | CLAYTON, & NEWSTEAD | cits, ‘Hours 1 to 3 5.m. only. |WAStupeir' an uate Abking | PRE-SPRING SALE. | Steg Q'ecisona, Adame 4-in03~"| futled hit ance’ 
ED ‘’59-'60 . 4120 ZV 1-7722 Orxanes Spinet EA -ft. tom _stor- The Prevailing Rate 
NEMA RUE. SELECTION BILL JAMES CHEVROLET wna hale 1a: ae pase ase Ov Thead Garage Doors | lake Over Payments ‘WASHERS. Muytac. ABC. 817.50 NTTAL BAVINGS, | age, $198 with unit. PR T-TTTL. | ax heterteinen ky ake. Teanetaet 
WwW DOWN ray 3721 S. Grand PR 2-5110 9. to " $6; oe eerie $35; e ag Barr, 1421 Salisbury. _CH 1-7960_ Piano FFICE JUIPMENT; used 1 | Commission ~* souri 
THS wire Dachshunds, nauser, New and used 
; le, $ 



ite Cit y, Ml. red bon walt, Corp. 
DODGE. °S6-15- vanT new mo- _— 1 registered Sine Pe At 23-6500. 

6 MON PAY nal t 3 rooms of furniture left {n will- WASHE ZLLEN ping machi 
pood ° AYM 8 6812 Gravois 6 assorted desks and chairs; rea- 
' poll gg to i Beading. LE i} * tu Ory Lost ond eee DUE. wit 34.95 _u ye OTN ont. 85 IDD ; uality | sonable; i CE 1- 3850 "for in- 
1946 to ‘57 models, all body type » BP Y poodie, ng EA 8 ACATE: | an atic, mar- i a. dang? | sonevie: 
BARNEY'S S415 Manchester fons, cha is ai Me Shop PRICES A D: All sizes 83 red, new. Putnam #3176 Easton. aa TE 134 ANS - AUR - i 
fy nate. experience! peat Be 8. rand, cas iit BA rel OVER b $496 month, GE hep , ae 45 oo Ser ay TF 1007 PE ee Ge 1.4040 
’ A bb a . 4 - a w ; — s . 
‘CHEVROLET, “ga ee cont nike? ice: | hounds; mR Act Fe 4-73 |. heeed 707 Manchester ST 1-8616 _ | + ivi, bedroom and kitchen ace Goaayees: Service Stare, Model 5 rch Organ with H , gas, fully auto- 
BUICK COMPANY $550 PA 5-0814 ony Bites | BEAGLE _ pupa een ary REDWOOD SALE M deliv kK for will | 24d —~a—e—=r| 80 watts power, $1095; Or- | matic; also a Bevco beer an a 
2337 Big Bend ST 1:8400| DIAMOND 7, "90; 18,000 Tb van; | cheap. Ole 3-31 — 18¢ per board foot: Ixte: 1x6: 2 Miche 'NSEs oP sate: | MOUSENOLD GOODS WTD. 244] gener reas: 01779, Ai real tables cnks chair. 
1959 OPELS pycraulie it Eats: $800: Al. month, PA 7-125 after a Ue eaeiti, SOn 2x80: Woodson Specialty Furniture RF AD DY CASH Ban OND QRGAN STU" | tables, booths, stoves, fryers; up 
; ’ ° per cent savings. 
1-1470 eves. ‘til 9. 
2-door ,and station wagons; 1952 wee TON 3 pu pples) free for female mtb buy: Zour eng on other ve “Open "Mon. Thurs. ait htt For begroeme, inten yoom furni- Call Wo "ti a Fixture wort, 4516 Easton 
cones te Cee te oe a. eve $34 ee penis] female 18, - door usée now at this closeout) 260 MILES FREE DELIVERY _| ture, : weedy | CHURCH ORC suitable G| SWEDEN” sof 7 pete 
ings; u . e J e ° . 
nines AIX BUICK Good boty: Lag Perfect, tires | house broken. after 6 FO |Louls, Mo. FL "3-360. a ROOMS FURNITURE hi FO 7-1897 a REMPER. 3756 8. Brosdway__| for demon erat : ome 
1910 a gt. __BR 1-6646 | oS er er broadway COLLIE puppies Feglstered -ahow| Overhead Garage oors LEFT IN WILL-CALL ! SLABS Hammond 
12 a te aa RN Stree a= Log stock; tris oF sables; child’s fine Used, and new overh pin ENTS p brgan studios vot of Bt , Louis + 6018 "4516 ON 
RENAUL Scag POUT eds Sie, Bak | RAR ak tse | Mahaat oa ‘| $5 WEEKLY PAYM cicheste 7 


-» 1617 Lafayette, "PR IMMEDIATE FREE DELIVERY 4706 © EASTON ST. 1904 AMMOND ORGANS. used 


s ‘: — FL _ 2-8729 8 

+3 i up for —— a Paiye i “pir 
8: ° 
aad j $30 up in Poe y 

6-O0V All used Hammonds carry 1- rien 
tor; good tires. G & A Speedway, | Laclede, JE 5-6035. j # WAGNER FURNITURE antee, most styles %;, > ae 
Also one of the largest selec- | 2160 Locust, CH 1-5307. Dac e ¢ : anples Used Wedge a = Sash FOR TOP CASH available, t ne en ding AGO, Gon: Delmar eWRIn Sle i 1 
: cert m : —_ EZER: ; 
tions of used imports in the mid- RB a += ORD D TRUCKS standards sass, PL 2°2009, Toilet - aaa ten a vod saad" aan " CALL JE 5-1460, WEBER model. $1595; Spinet model. = a a ee 5 
die west. SUTTON FORD, ING weeks old: LE; ache mas pare 8 ANDREW SCHAEFE te Ei 6868 $5 Dt DOWN, $6 A. WEEK ALL TYPES SURNITURE 5 priced right and $25 down gutomatic defrost; like new. PR 
MAJOR RENAULT MORD Mar and “ 8092 1-4110. e300 Broadway, Ae re. 4 fir 3 36c. Rt RooM, ‘epINING ROOM delivers Jour choles. HAM: WT _— 
heide ‘bed and, rack ho hoist, hs DACHEHUND | pup ARC; ~a7| Delivers 3 Rooms Furniture | "Sse $45 REFRIGERATORS S018 Manchester ra. call WG | FOUR, office, ‘store, restaurant, bar, 
5474 Nat'l Bridge EV 2-8585_ Phone. Drake 4-5554. DALMATIAN coach pups, real | $1.75 sheet; 2x4" 8’ ah 2 mplete! Brand-new Furniture! nee a-STe, Fee, "OD. "$99 N CTOK ADDING MA- 
ie: Renault Dauphine x bean, AE staee, "Yat | ALOMINUN Oidine Sree AaB: | Boe ease andere |_HE 24493 Sun. or Eves. MINUS. Victor MALS 
rack ; trell 4 Pa alter p.m. ussell, . : > : agic Che rs or ew -del 4800 with 40- ayer 
= Ie gg Ww AS $ 195 At Be ~—™ ee 5 -5915. © antininn ston 119; a2 50 "'un: a 5 Spe Fane. Co. ACTIVE PA 5. 1604 watt speaker, 1 month old, STORE, OFFICE EQUIP. W ta 
: low mon INTERN ATIONAT mi BERMAN PINCHER pups; 6 shower and tu enclosures Grand-Park Furniture regular price $4200, now only ERVICE frozen food case 
ce RIVIERA RENAULT truck 's Weaver hoist. $175. ad weeks a JE_5-2765. 1000 GRAND MO $-2110 | fa hy gees _prteee, Be May- $2595; Chora Organ, 1 month wanted. TR 6-9455. 
im . e ; ; . = , on ; c 
ee R80 | tt eet gree ROL Sa 2200c4| | LAUAN Mari ANY | Unclaimed Furniture ned Furnitures | teas rntN 8:1604| Siu" anans agai Ae Ts OR La 2 
pL. YT oas88" lJ q ——REMFMBE : : Fok 
root, waite Ls ag fully equipped; EMA Bie han oe ial. nc aime urn ure: Ches nye oo gs oy guick sale. GAN STUDIO. buy, sell, trade. CA 7-5 ae 
WY 1-0228. payne te nerd pubs: AEC. ; 3 ROOMS oO FUR TURE , Washers (wringer), furniture| $91 Manchester rd. Call W TOYS & TRAINS "WANTED We 
A Be Sure te r _ Ask- for 243; balance | wanted ~ ba diy; for cash or eX-| 41-1470 eves. 'till 9. SUNDAY TRAINS wanted. old and ne 
1959 SIMC re te _— e a+ § 3-1 don" due $361.34 35 do — delivers; | change Loa OL, 2-7390. Ki 1 ’til 5. kind, anv it, £04 303" egndition 4 
fightst, whitewall tres: can't be) USE BOTH oms, SPECIALTY FURN, CO. les tats in, eachange tor local or ORGANS 

eid from 



chihuahua. Feces. PE 1- 0531. mies > portable He $439 


and id up, ea RoPD. 9 Fr 43 #20 delivery 200 m = es. 

LETTER AND PY sees (Harare, Moving Bg Co" _FR 1-7420| tasty 

; all carry new w 

all furniture, cl , pans, ete. free lesson course included; liberal 
; 5661, vera ting A0-T iete, $199.50 ning foom, “kitchen| terms. 
2649 Hampton MI_T58 ‘ PA ete i. 3 Rooms ee, ning room, kitchen 
NEW 1960 SKODAS NUMBER servi if ; ‘al lors; _ stu Abin oe 300 xian ne away. EW nplete, $1 furniture wanted. cash. MO 4-1000 BALDWIN PIANO CO. 
45 DOWN oe. ae S.__bm 6-85900 whit ‘e h. aia BBE dway E-Z MS, FREE GI BONDED; experiencea, — honest Open Mon. and Thurs, Evenin s 
Er ore . ocak loaded with ; POODLES; outstanding toys and Re 750 008 xa Mon.. ae are. Fri. ighte ices, furniture, stoves, refrigera-| of¢ OLIVE GA 4370 | 
uipment and extras; only when you answer miniatures. UN 7-41 ors, etc. Golde 1-3 L234 

3.90 per month, includes fi- white 350. biack | 42-10. xi1- “gauge. 25c ft. 


8, 4 
miniature ax 

ear’s models, reduced $200 


A schedule 
ourly rates wit be included - 
the sbecitic ation 

OF THE ACITY: OF 8T. 7 > taal 
March 10, 1960 

Sealed proposals will be received 
at the office of the Commissioner 
of School Buildings. The Board of 
Education Building, 1 Locust 
ae 7th oor, until 4 p.m, 

C.8.T.) March 24, 1960 

vate No.: 7229. 

Description: Fan Drive Replace- 
ments (Combination of Lettings 
No, 7221 through 7228). 

Deposit with Bid: $1,631.00. 

Attention to bidders is directed to 
the fact that the bidder to whom 
the contract is awarded and aul 
ma] Shpormttacters under this letting 
1 be ulred to pay the work- 
aed employed in the cuscution a 

prevailing hourly rate of 
ed by 


Bids will te public 0 ' 
read at the abov- time C ae 

| where all informat tion 

and Te- 
feng for Bidding may be ob- 
Commissioner of 
School Buildings reserves the right * 
to reject any or all bi 

asphaltic concrete 
tain bid blanks an 
Office of the President. Room 306° 
City Hall upon three days’ noticé 

> Minimum wage Fr 
this project. 

and “ees of $25.00. All labor: 

shall ubject to provisions, of . 

eee rleee 290 °10 to 290.310, inel., 

R. 8S. Mo., 1957. Letting No. 5882. . 

BF hb Sy School District Na, 

Missouri will 

e) res 
addres$! ceive bids for a New Buildin 
or ‘box num signature | 

tead of the advertiser's D until 8:00 p.m. March 24, weit 

The Prevailing W 

e Act Let requites 

Contract, Documents may be ob- 
tained from Drew & eng 

Architects, 120 E. High Street, 
Jefferson City, Missouri. 

B. n. FO 37 
mance charges, insurance extra, a JA 1 , ee by cy s 4 250. Lin eel Bo will | All Sizes. All Reconditioned. | : R 
36 m " “” FOODL iver male. ft. coll, $6.75. Price good with ad atta it tDees | i340; immedias cee Missouri qpiusical, 6921 Gravois. | when enswering 
Guarantee Motor Co. BOX NUMBER HE 2-424. mall colors, ~wormea-| B&B Material Co., 9 _ eae OC TATy: rural: |—° en Thurs., Fri. "tl 9 p.m. | ‘ 
6250 AD inoculated. mF : Charles wee, val Kinds. $5 = ture; all kinds: antiques, etc. SPECIAL SALE | BOX NUMBER ads 
a , 4 r vw, a . ’ . va top cas prices; quic service. 
50 TRIUMPH SEDAN | gee ne da, Tay, te, Post,| 2 tree tena. t ee voor | $800" Boadway. Ox" 1-8138,~ reesei dz | STOP: need bedrooms, wots peds.| | NO MONEY DOWN. »- | ime: nen“ cans da oe 
Used very little, published with a ‘blind’ address Me DI 4 £2407, 7,” Caseyvite sue ht | ELOORING and stair treads: new no MONEY DOWN "WE WILL PAY $3 for your old | stalled $425: Dave Campbell, 9408 Dispatch, Classtieg ny Beytenee 1 
1495 send "of umber” ag a signature roots, miniature » males, Bi proegwar._ EV 5-5850. A ORT Cee wringer weaber. mas F ran ne co bal, | FE 085 Oo NOW LS, 
JONES-BISCHOFF TRIUMPH Ht gl pumber, Bit | A g15. } -20 Franklin 4101 Manchester old electric Hc refrigerator. 1-3555. | BUY YOUR PIAN meee ap naan” ee a 
SURE u use both LETTER 4_.___________________Y, @{ ' nae The Sagw Hep Puy Us RE use bot E 
5 s BV 5-2222| NU in eddressing your en- : eeEeEeEeE———— LEE... "Go mein and NUMBER in add 
> aT, 82095: | Tork? ARG peiiet Czemole ei clipping." 1V_ 17-4524 | As Many As 36 Ad-Takers ora Pie yatta iat VE-s4"). The mums 
Aga A one ts incomplete; letter must IDLE PUPs; nt; black? | 63 Broadway, EV 5-535¢ ne} To Place a Want Ad WIG MUSIC alone. is tncompl ; le of 
nals. ‘windshild “washers, outside Used with number to be eure ‘KC. ; go. WwW | MOVABLE office ——“f Available Te Serve You! Phone MA 1-111. . Charge It! | roo LUD at used. with Ry Aj 
pe — olive 25. Phone Main 1-1111 7805 Forsyth 3535 8. Grand reply a delivered: property. 

oe e ae ee | & 


‘ a 

| 2C Mon. Mer. 14, 1940 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 



TWA ww W offers the fastest 

and the only Jet non ‘Hop to 


and a ‘second Jet flight to 

TWA now offers the fastest and the only Jet non-stop to_ 
Detroit...anda second non- -stop to Los Angeles. No other 8 
airline offers anything approaching the speed, comfort, _ a 
convenience and luxury of these flights. Leave St. Louis 
every day at 2:10 PM, arrive Detroit 1 hr. and 20 mins. later. 

_ Leave St. Louis every day at 7:10 PM, arrive Los Angeles 
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faster than any other airline service. Be one of the first 
to fly these brand-new daily TWA Jet non-stop flights. 

AVAILABLE NOW! Make reservations for tomorrow 

or any day thereafter. Choose either First Class or Coach. 

See your travel agent or call TWA GEneva 6-4800 



ee ito) _—_—— 

*TWA THE SUPERJET AIRLINE is a service mark owned exclusively by Trans World Airlines, inc, 


Published Every Day—Weekdays and Sundays in the ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 

Monday, March 14, 1960 SECTION Ds Pages I—8D 

nfant Prince Goes Home 

Crown Princess Michiko cradles her infant son in her arms residence. The child, son of Crown Prince Akihito and sec- 

on leaving hospital in Tokyo Saturday to return to her official ond in line to the Japanese throne, was born Feb. 23. 
—Associated Press Radiophote. 

i aot ce au a : f Yielding 

; ; sai ee Be Reporters maintain 
a 9 ace as Ia 4 a, priser cS oe : ae a tant interest in nah 
| _ Reeves uncoils 12 
nda in highlight of 
conference in. ter 
suite in New York 
Friday. Miss Reeves, @ 
Philadelphia socialite, 
brought the big snake 
from Brazil where she 
went last June to hunt 
jaguar with spears. She 
found the snake on the 
jungle expedition and 
smuggled it out of Brazil 
in the false bottom of a 
—Assoclated Press Wirephoto. 

Ri nO ROR A? 

Out of 

Moon emerges from its 
total eclipse in series of 
exposures made on one 
negative early yesterday 
at Levittown, Pa. Expo- 
sures (downward from left} 
were made at 10-minute 

House of Snow qa i tae — “rte gpg pews 
| : te eo Pe a moved away from earth's 
James Glover puts finishing touches to igloo he and his . *% |... ees ii heavy shadow which had 
children built in the back yard of their apartment at MMe "Me = oe a blanketed it for 95 min- 
3274 January avenue yesterday. Trying the temporary ow one : | bt utes. 
house for size are Claire Ann and James Jr. House was oe 2 a Be ae oo | . idichiesd tien lteiaiiacias 
made of "bricks formed by packing snow into a dish pan. ee 
—By a Post-Dispatch Photographer. 

: : 4 

» bs ~ 

Lively self.assurance marks the Dog of the Week at 
the Humane Society Shelter. A Boston, terrier, 
with the typically alert air of his breed, he is about 
@ year and a half old and has a brindle and white 

coat. He was named Tiny and is available for : . ° 

adoption on application in person at the shelter, ; Renovation in Prospect ) 

(210: Macklind avenue. However, he is not recom Still in use more than a century after being built, suspension bridge remains in service when they roll over the swaying span. New concrete retainers are to be installed for the 
main cables and guard rails built along each side, 

mended for a home in which there ah mall enhaton. | while awaiting repairs authorized at recent town meeting at New Portland, Me. Unusual 
~-By Lester Linck, @ Post-Dispatch Photographer, = design leads travelers with uncertain stomachs to suffer something akin to seasickness 

i | 4 

—Associated Press Wirephote, 

Jim Bishop 
High Price Tag on 
Fight With Nature 

A HUNDRED YEARS AGO, the clipper Lightning slipped 
to Hobson’s Bay, Australia, under light sail. She was heavy 
th molasses, hemp, dried frults, and a box marked “‘Thomas 

Austin, Barwon Park, near Geelong.” In the box were 24 
ee wild rabbits. The crew of 
= the Lightning had fed them 

well on the long voyage. 
Mr. Austin was an Eng- 
lishman. He loved Aus- 
tralia, but he missed the 
hunting of small game. It 
cost a considerable sum 
to ship the little rabbits, 
but Mr. Austin thought of 
it as a good investment. 
The rabbits would have 
more rabbits, and, in 
about a year, there should 
be enough of them to hunt. 
He accepted delivery, 
opened the box, and the 
24 rabbits scampered off, 
hopping wildly through 
the brush. Thomas Austin 
had pretty good hunting 
next year.. And the next. 
Three, years later, the au- 

gan to refer to rabbits as a pest. 
Austin and his friends worked to exterminate them. 

first six years, he killed 20,000, but the Jittle bobé 
miles ahead of him. He wrote to the govérnm 

m Ge 

At Glen Alvie, John Robertson chargéd: hunter 
shooting a rabbit on his property, and had him: & 
The prisoner was fined 10 pounds. Within. two 3 ars 
Robertson’s ranch was ruined by foraging? 

Robertson’s rabbits. There were mors, They were™: 
now in Queensland and South Australia. — | 

burden to the citizens for the eradication of rabbits, The 
pests skirted the great natural desert in the center of Aus- 
tralia, and chewed their way through farms and pasture 
land, The cost of control ran into the hundreds of millions of 

The ranchers found that sheep grow bigger and fatter in 
Australia, so they began to raise sheep. To find grazing land, 
the ranchers tried to cut the forests down, but found that this 
, was too expensive. So they burned the forests, not realizing 
that only 5 per cent of the great sub-continent had, trees. 

Today, Australia imports almost halt of all its lumber, 
and pays heavily to have it shipped in. The sheep turned out 
, to be close-cropping eaters, and they ate not only the grass, 
but, all the plants they could find, including the roots. In a 
short time, great areas ‘of finé Australian soil were being 

blows .to.sea in dust storms... . 
4 turn of th tang bon 
his ig rance of nature 

provin 5 westents 
t Built 

that the governmen 


- -_- 

The more the rabbits multiplied, the more frantically. . 

were "¥ 
fessed that there must be about 10,000 still at large. “They * 
were moving north and west out of the ptovinee of Victoria. . 



thorities of Australia be--.daaam 

ot: ; es tek 4:3 
($7,500,000) in six years killing scores of millions @. * 

‘outh Parade--Party Pointers 

<a sae 

o ~ me ae ~ North-South dealer, 
ce Re NORTH 

*° @AITOS 
os 31043 
eqns laa 


. 473 



+ The bidding: 
West North East South 
x a Pass 19 Pass 2h 
Pass 2@ Pass S& 

THIS HAND comes from a 
team match played in Paris. 
Participating were many of the 
top players in France, though 
the results obtained at the two 
"3 tables would seem to belie the 
=° statement, 

: At the first table the bidding 
went as shown. West led a dia- 
mond and East overtook with 
the ace and returned a diamond. 
West shifted to a spade and the 
defense grabbed two more tricks 
to set the contract. 200 points. 

It was an unfortunate hand 
for North-South. Declarer took 
nine club tricks, but the A-K-Q 
of hearts and king of spades 
turned out to be utterly worth- 

At the second table the bid- 
ding was even more enthusias 
tic. Here is how it went: 

West North East South 
Pass 29 Pass 3h 
Pass 39 Pass 4h 

Ba CAS “ - Pass 5m Pass 6h 

oO SAS we x Pass Pass Double 
3 Soe le = — The two heart bid, as played 
by the second North-South pair, 
Was not forcing but merely 

< Se rs eS a ESR st | 

A Se e: 
» “eS Ske BOS 

‘: rte ory SS REE, SES smilie inate identified a very good hand. The 

: Plots, illustrated by two of Hollywood’ s ye tet pin it on the left shoulder, a — oes ciate Ne be 

B Set Charchill , lar teen-agers, recording~ star ~ down, or in hair, or on purse. ‘might have had a hand which 
one Uurciit RANKIE AVALON sand 

Those provincial governments were forced to add a tax PARTY AHOY! Whether you're salut- 
ing St. Patrick's day, a birthday, or 
spring, here are some party sugges- 

Happy Ending for 

By Jack Rutledge 

MEXICO CITY, March 14 @®. 

THERE WERE big headlines 
in Mexico when some priceless 
Mayan relics were brought to 
this country recently. History 
shows that Mayan relics almost 
always used to travel the other 

retufn of a controversiahtreasure 

by Harvard University’s Peas! cle 
body: Museum.:Jnu return for si; 
Harvard’s courtesy)° Mexico: 48°: 


. * EN S = 


Sone « 

way. rok 
‘The headlined*incident was the » "355 

daughter of film star 
Ladd. Whether hostess or guest, be or- 
ganized. If you are wit 

corsage, don't waste time experiment- 

Mayan Relic Controversy 

ALANA you know the Bop, Cha-cha-cha and . would make 12 tricks a laydown 

Alan Stroll, you'll be “in step" at most par- but he didn’t. 
ewe = these Siclede rene Bre Declater made 13 tricks! 
h a don't leave your partner stran e = 
you show-off some intricate footwork. SAVE 20°/.-—— 

RUG © Cleaning § © Altering 
© Binding © Repairing 

WOODARD wo. |-9102 

~ eet 

When studies have been com- 

pleted on the other objects from as 


Contract Bridge 

By B. Jay Becker 

West understood the double 
by East to call for an abnormal 
lead. He therefore opened the 
nine of hearts, the suit dummy 
had bid first. Declarer ruffed, 
entered dummy with a club, and 
discarded his four losers on the 
hearts to score 1740 points, giv- 
ing his team a net gain on the 
deal of 1940 points. | 

West's heart lead, despite the 
result, is quite understandable. 
Most players reserve the double 
of a slam contract by a defend- 
er who is not on lead as a 
— bid calling for a special 

On the basis, therefore, the 
heart lead Can condoned. 
While East had reason to think 
the slam would be defeated in 
the ordinary course of events, 
it is very doubtful that he 
should have confused the issue 
by doubling. 

Tobe Says 

FOR NEARLY a year now, the 
fitted coat has been making a 
tentative reappearance in the 
fashion scene. It has gained a 
real foothold this spring and al- 
though there are not very many, 
fitted coats are finding real ac- 

There are two types—the prin- 
cess coat and the belted coat. 
The princess coat is newer and 
smarter because of the sponsor- 
ship of the princess silhouette 
by the great Paris dressmakers. 
The belted coat—buttoned down 
the front, with a pretty flared 
skirt and a big standaway collar 
—looks like a smart coat-dress, 
and indeed may be worn as a 
dress as well as a coat. 

At All 


2 Temperstares 120. 

wr WY. 3-6065 xem 


—_—— --- -— _ ———_ 

the cenote, another similar-type 
collection will go to Mexico. 

The gesture drew happy head- 

Dr. Eusebio Davalos Hurtade, 
director of Mexico National In-: 
stitute of Anthropology and 



It cost $2,500,000, but’ thé Gfficials felt thar itwad' worth it. 

nature's, qgatrols. — The a@geat 
feared ie Ont nev 
a mile fence to keep them out. 

making available ‘to:'the Peas: 
body Museum certain’ study cole: fF" 


ever experienced. ere 
Alma Réed, now widely known. 

“4ill pay day 

lections essential for the teach» ° §, 

Then they found out that‘some of the rabbits were-on the 
other. side of the fence, .. ) sw oo 
aed * ste 

-c tt Rabbits. and sheep have cost the continent a 
treasure, and will continue to exact a heavy toll from 
all taxpayers, This is the price for not understanding 
that, when man arrived on this earth, all living things 
had already been laid out for him so that one species 

could not dominate the others. He tries to improve 
on nature. : . ‘ 

In the United States, there were 500,000 buffalo roaming 
the prairie; when the white man stepped on Plymouth Rock 
in 1620. The Indians hunted buffalo for food and clothing, but 
did not kill indiscriminately. The white man decided to kill 
these buffalo. If'he could not eat them, he could skin them 
and sell the pelts. There were another half million antelope 
and elk and wild horses on the ranges, They would have to 
go, too. 

Later, he decided tp import a little..bird called the 
Starling. Millions xf dojlaps have been spént trying’ té iget 
_ them outtof the eaves of the Capitol in Washington and the 

, Supreme Court building. They are now mnousiliered in the 
, millions, beyond ‘control, A te | 


| se (Copyright, 1960) PX oy 
& ig Th ear 
Ann Lariders ny r 

_ In Wonderful Shapé. 

| Dear Ann: 4. ’ eer 

I JUST RETURNED from a thréeay, 

medical center. For my fital: consultation..the’ doctor dis- 
played the X-rays, charts and my previtus history for 15 

years. He had the nerve to tell me ‘thete’s nothing““wrong 
and I’m in wonderful condition for a woman of Ske 
How can I be in wonderful condition when ¥ haven’t 
felt good in the past six months? I have a traveling pain 
that goes from my back to my shouldet bladés. Every 
few days I have dizzy speels and headaches. I know there 
is something wrong with my heart. It pounds like a hammer 
He gave me some pills and told me to go, home and 
get busy. Why did he give me pills if I’m in wonderful 
wy ote how can I “get busy” when I feel so poorly? 
aren’t doctors honest any more? When can’t 
locate the trouble, why don’t they send the he to a 
doctor who knows something? FED UP. 

Upset: Tell your sister what you know and 
insist that she confess and start paying Mom back. 
out of her baby-sitting money. 

And please tell Mom pickle jars are for’ pickles. 
Money belongs in banks. 

2D Mon. Mer. 14,1960 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 
¢ , 

ing of Mexican Archaeology. 
The current developments cli- 
max this fascinating story, dat- 

ing “back three-quarters of a iil 

- century: 

An American archeologist 
named Edward: H. Thompson 
was named United States consul 
in tropical Merida, Yucatan, in 
the early 1880s."Shortly after he 
arrived he bought an old hacien- 
da. It cost about $75. 

ing back centuries. An old cere- 
monial water hole called a ce- 

note was on ‘the land, but hé 
didn’ .pay..much attention to- it 


His studies convinced him that. 
the cenote, about 165 feet in. dig- 

meter, might be the sac 

He decided to inWeetigate, 

brought a sponge*diver from 
Greece and diving. Then 
he began his*explorations. He 
was rewarded almost immedi- 
ately by rare finds. 

And he ‘sent his discoveries to 

the Peabody Museum in his dip- 

lomati¢: pouch. 
He discovered cut jade, 
carved obsidian knives, hand- 

worked copper and gold, tur- . 




| quoise-embellished weapons, 

ed ebony, scores of other 
items,..including stone orna- 

Wane sted te fice to the 

- mus§pm> weighed about a half 

a . And they were a well- 
kepfssecret -for. years.. . 

years ‘after his experi- 
_ence,- Thompson told the story 
‘to @& Yeung worhan reporter, 
Alma Reed of the New York 
Times. Her story and Thomp- 

uf signed statement touched 

- ad tice row which 
brought United : States-Mexican 
relations to a touchy jow. 

Mexico sued for twa: million 
pesos—about $500,000. at that 
time. When the case went to 
trial, the suit was for 82,500 
pesos or a little more than $25,- 
000 because the value of the ob- 
jects was artistic, rather than 

intrinsic. The case was finally. 

appealed to the Mexican Su- 
preme Court. 

The court reluctantly ruled 

EDWARD H. THOMPSON in Yucatan in 1920s. 

as a writer and loved:by Mexi- 
cans for her devotion to the |: 
country and. its history, ‘herself 
wrote what she called a “happy - 
ending” to the story. The first 
to “break” the story, she was | 
“one of ‘the first to tell about the 
return of the relics. 

“A satisfying outcome,” she 

That first shipment is néw be- 
ing prepared for public display. 
And Mexico is eagerly awaiting 

the next installment. 


3-2240 * WO 2- 

mS 4 

that: (1) At the time of Thomp- 
son’s discovery no law existed |, 
against sending such relics out |® 
of the country, and (2) They |> 
were, after all, found on his |» 
own ‘land. The “legal wrangle | > 
ended but resentment persisted, 
even though Peabody offered to 

2331 Hempton Ave, Mi 7-2544 
3641 Grevois Avenve, PR 2-1732 

6112 Eesten Avenve, Kresge 
Building, EV 2-8482 

eseeeeee eee 

take 2 weeks to pay! 




| Associates offices in Alton and Wood River, Mlinols make loans to $800. 


7346A Manchester Ave., Mi 5-4832 

9319 Midlaad Bivd., Room #2, 
HA 9-3838 

return part of the treasure+a 

compromise which was rejected. 


Then, recently, the museum 
decided to return a carefully 
selected collection with good 
examples of the various types 
of metal objects. The first batch, 
consisting of 94 gold and copper 
pieces of art from the Chichen 
Itza collection, was brought here 
in December by museum difec- 
tor J. O. Brew. A detailed mono- 
graph on the metals from the 


cenote has been published by the 
Peabody Museum. And since the |f = The TRIPLE-SOFT TISSUE 
museum believed that part of that caresses as 

the collection should return to 
Mexico for display in the nation- 
al museum, | 

it cleanses! 

For real elegance in a fa- 
cial tissue, try new Vanity 
Fair Imperials. Three lay- 
ers of luxury instead of 
two and they are lanolin 
treated for even greater 
softness, Their cloth-like 
strength allows you to ‘dab 
off’ makeup rather than 
scrub—extra absorbent. 





1#'s NEW, So Naturally—it's at WALGREENS! 

Aqua or White... . 
BOX Ce er 4 


At last a disposable dinner napkin 
to do a hostess proud. Cloth-like in 
body, with the feel of luxury. Just 
enough weight in their triple-depth 
to stay on the most restless knee. 

Generous 16”x17” size in decorator 
colors of pink, yellow, aqua, white. 

pack OF 75____ _ __ 49° 




— 3 4 

a ae eS a | 

Stan Delaplane 
Cat’s Loyalty : 
~ To Can Opener 


OUR DAUGHTER is stil] baby-sitting for 50 cents an hour. 
That is an intermediate wage. Full-blown baby-sitters get $1 
an hour in our neighborhood—sometimes $1.25 after midnight. 

However, half a hog per hour is aot bad for a teen-age 
sitter. Considering that she 
can do her homework 
after putting the moppets 
to bed. 

« Would you like to 
kno-v how to be a favorite 
client for your baby-sitter? 
I quote you from my 
house authority: ° 

“They should have 
children about 3 or 4 years 
old. And a TV set.” 

I gather 3- and 4-year- 
olds are preferable be- 
cause you put them to bed 

I have been doing some kitten-sitting. Purely a labor of 
love, a neighborly gesture. 

We have been cat-sitting the neighbors’ cat while 
they are out of town. That is, we open the can of cat 
food and feed the cat, The cat has now decided it 
lives with us. That is the curious thing about cats. 
They are loyal to the can opener rather than to the 
hand that wields it. 

People are always leaving money to cats. But | 
find no record of any cat ever leaving a crying dime 
to a person, 

Saving cats is a hobby of Mr. Matthew McBride of 
Liverpool, England. 

I don’t know how Mac got on this idea. But he made a 
hobby of it. Every night after he got off work, he prowled 
around Liverpool, listening for meowing. Preety soon, by 
George, he would hear—‘‘meow, meow.” 

McBride would then trace it to the source and rescue a 
cat up a tree. Or a cat locked in a restaurant. Or a cat 
down a sewer. 

In three years, McBride rescued 500 cats! And 
remember, this was after work. Part time. Imagine 
what he could have done if he had made it a 

The city of Liverpool heard of McBride. They called him 
in. And the Lord Mayor said: 

“Mr. McBride, you are a credit to our growing com- 


The Lord Mayor hung a medal on McBride for ‘Devotion, 
Courage, Kindness and Action.” 

If you have nothing better to do tonight, lift a glass of ° 
cooking sherry to Matthew McBride. Pour a little in the 
saucer for your cat. 

me pink, Guv’nor it wasn’t nothing,” said 

Joseph G. Molner, M.D. 

Swollen Feet, Ankles 

“Dear Dr. Molner: 

“WILL YOU PLEASE discuss swollen feet and ankles? 
Two doctors have examined me and found my heart, blood 
pressure and kidneys all right. They only suggest that I use 
less salt. I do use less, but-my feet and ankles still swell. 
They are almost normal in the morning but by night are 
really swollen. I am 73, A. R.” 

This swelling means that fluid is accumulating in the tis- 
sues. It can occur in one ankle or both. It can result from 
one cause or another, or from a combination of causes. 

Generally, lack of adequate circulation is the principal 
cause, but there are many causes of faulty circulation. Weak- 
ness of the heart can be the basic cause. Or perhaps the 
kidneys are not removing sufficient poisonous waste matter 
from the bloodstream. That’s another. 

But if both kidneys and heart are satisfactory, 
then what? Varicos: veins (which no longer can 
carry blood back to the heart and lungs efficiently 
enough) are a common cause. That is one of several 
things which might result in trouble in one leg but 
not the other. 

Tumors in the pelvis may press on the blood vessels, 
impeding circulation. Obesity is another possibility, since 
with excess weight we have that much more flesh through 
which we must circulate the blood, and we can’t always keep 
circulation up to par everywhere. 

At the age of 73, some fault in circulation in the veins of 
the legs is a likely suspicion. This is fairly common in older 
persons. But as is the usual situation in medicine, you don’t 
dare assume that the commonest cause is necessarily the one 
in the particular case you are considering. Flat feet can be a 
very real factor. So can anemia, or an underactive thyroid. 

Still another possibility, in a one-sided problem of swelling, 
is a defective Vein due to an injury, or phlebitis, etc. 

Ankle-swelling is not unusual among women, 
especially in hot weather and particularly if they 
are on their feet a great deal. In any case, regard- 
less of the cause, the swelling is likely to be less 
severe if you change from being a heavy eater of salt 
to a light eater of it. Salt tends to keep water in the 
tissues. : 

But if you can’t find any definite cause, or can’t find one 
that adequately explains the trouble, then you have reason 
to suspect that it is some general weakening of the leg cir- 
culation without any particular defect being responsible. 

In such cases, and this may be the best possible advice 
to many readers who are of reasonably good health, wearing 
elastic supportive hosiery may be helpful enough to prevent, 
or at least minimize, swelling late in the day. 

(Copyright, 1960) 

Dr. Molner welcomes reader mail but, due to the vol- 
ume received, he is unable to answer individual letters. 
Readers’ questions are incorporated in his column when- 
ever possible. 

Walter Winchell 
Broadway Beacon 

LUCILLE BALL (Mrs. Desilu) has put up the “go away” 
sign to marriage-proposers on both coasts. . . . Mamie Van 
Doren just signed the property settlement with Ray Anthony, 
who will marry Nina Clark, a designer of Las Vegas. .. . 
Esther Williams’ ex-groom, Ben Gage, has lost his head and 
heart to Allison McKay, a lark. . . . Betty Clooney (Rose- 
mary’s sister) isn’t singing ‘“‘C’Monna My House” to husband 
Pup Camo iately. . . . Sterling Hayden’s recent wife, Betty, 
has a néw steady-date, Luke Anthony. . . . Dinah Washington 
(who shed her 7th in Mexico) has a new woo-pitcher. He is 
Count Basie tooter Ernest Pitcher of The Birdland Set. 

GAMBLE BENEDIvT showed up at the swank Bachelor’s 
Dance (to aid wayward girls). . . . Red Skelton will lose his 
star gagwriter, Sherwood Schwartz, next season. CBS execs 
or. the coast are worried because he won't reconsider. 
“Enough,” he said, “is enough.” . .. It’s not apple pie 
between Marilyn and director Cukor. because of her consistent 
truancy. . . . The Little Club crowd expect Tom Bosley of 
“Fiorello!” to wed actress Ellen Madison next month. 

3D Mon. Mer. 14, 1960 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 

Birthday for World’s Most Famous Building 

Work on Empire State Started 30 Years Ago This Week—Structure to Welcome 20,000,000th Visitor in A pril 

By Virginia Irwin 
A Staff Correspondent of the 

THE WORLD’S most famous 
building is having a birthday. 
Just 30 years ago next Thurs- 
day the first steel was set in 
place for the 102-story Empire 
State building. Since then - this 
man-made wonder has attracted 
sightseers from ail parts of t‘e 
globe. Sometime shortly after 
Easter, the building will receive 
its 20,000,000th visitor and the 
lucky person will receive an all- 
expense tour of the United States 
for two persons. 

The millions who have visited 
the observatories on the 86th and 
102nd floors have been rewarded 
with one of the most spectacular 
of all views—the great canyons 
and skyscrapers of Manhattan, 
combined with a panoramic view 
of five states stretching 80 miles 
on clear days. 

Vital statistics of the Empire 
State building, considered by 
many the eighth wonder of the 
world, stagger the imagination. 
The metal skeleton of the build- 
ing was completed in 23 weeks, 
masonry in eight months. Con- 
struction raced at a pace never 
since equaled; in one 10-day pe- 
riod the building climbed 14 
stories and work crews labored 
so fast that architects were 
pressed to meet their speed. In 
just one year and 45 days, includ- 
ing Sundays and holidays, the 
building was finished at a cost 
of $24,718,000. 

Some 60,000 tons of steel went 
into the skeleton of the building 
—enough to build a double-track 
railroad from New York to Bal- 
timore. Workers used 10,000,000 
bricks, 20,000 cubic feet of stone. 
There are 6500 windows to be 
washed twice a month, and the 
building holds 3500 miles of tele- 
phone and telegraph wires. More 
than 2,000,000 kilowatt hours of 
electricity are used every month 
to light the building and furnish 
power for electrical equipment. 
There are 74 elevators, traveling 
up to 1200 feet per minute in 
seven miles of shafts. 

The world’s most famous 
building is erected on what was 
once part of the John Thompson 
farm. In 1799 Thompson sold his 
farm for about $7000, and in the 
early 1800s the land came into 
possession of the Astor family. 
Two Astor mansions were built 
there, and stood until torn down 
to make room for the old Wal- 
dorf Astoria Hotel. The present 
office building is on the site of 
the original Waldorf. 

Conceived and built by New 
York financier John J. Ras- 
kob, who owned the huge struc- 
ture until his death in 1950, the 
Empire State was bought in 
1954 by a Chicago industrialist, 
Henry Crown. The son of Lat- 
vian immigrants, Crown start- 
ed life in this country as a 

door-to-door match salesman 
and wound up rich enough to 
pay $49,500,000 for the Empire 
State Building. 

Original plans called for 86 
floors, but Raskob felt that his 
“monument to the bull market 
of 1929’ needed ‘‘a hat,” so a 
200-foot tower was added, mak- 
ing the builing 1250 feet from 
street level to top. 

In° 1951, a 222-foot television 
tower was added. This tower, 
which serves all seven metro- 
politan New York TV stations, 
raised the height of the building 
to 1472 feet. 

Perched atop the skyscraper, 
the $3,000,000 TV tower has a 
base only seven feet square, con- 
siderably smaller than the aver- 

age living room rug. From here © 

all seven Manhattan TV stations 
send their programs to a four- 
state area in which live more 
than 15,000,000 persons. The 22- 
story, mast-like structure 
stretches upward into the 
clouds beaming TV programs 
over a circle approximately 140 

Scholarship Test 

(Terry Ferrer, education 
writer for the New York Herald 
Tribune, was graduated trom 
Bryn Mawr college with honors). 

By Terry Ferrer 

The New York Herald Tribune- Post -UVispatch 
Special Dispatch 

NEW YORK, March 14. 

SOME 775,000 high-school jun- 
iors have begun competing for 
800 college scholarships in the 
nation’s largest private scholar- 
ship bonanza, the National Merit 
Scholarship program. 

I wish them luck. I took the 
three-hour national merit tests 
last week. Although I scored in 
the ninty-ninth percentile—rank- 
ing with the top 1 per cent of all 
those who took the test—I didn’t 
win a scholarship. 

I didn’t even become one of 
10,000 semifinalists. The best I 
could do was to earn a “letter 
of commendation,” along with 
24,999 high-school juniors. — 

For reasons of test security, I 
took last year’s national merit 
scholarship qualifying test—all 
306 items of it, although I didn’t 
have time to finish all 306 items. 
Had I done better, I would have 
been asked with the other semi- 
finalists to take the three-hour 
scholastic aptitude test of the 
college entrance examination 
board. The final choice of win- 
ning a scholarship would then be 
determined by the school record 
and recommendations, test 
scores, and extracurricular in- 
terests and accomplishments. 

The winners of this grueling 
contest will be announced next 
month. Last year, 750 scholars 
won more than $3,500,000 in 
stipends ranging from $100 to 
$1500 a college year, depend- 
ing on need. 

Since it was assumed that I 
would not cheat—even though 
sorely tempted — the National 
Merit Scholarship Corp. and its 
test administrator, Science Re- 
search Associates, Inc., let me 
take the test at home. National 
Merit tests come in five parts, 
each as hard as the other. There 
are fixed working times for each 
section, ranging from 40 to 20 

At a test center, a supervisor 
would cry, “Stop! Time is up! 
Everyone stop working!”’ at the 
end of each part. I used an 
electric alarm clock. The re- 
sult was just as shattering. 

Armed with two soft pencils, 
an eraser (you can change your 
mind on the multiple-choice an- 
swers), my 42-page test book 
and my answer sheet, I started. 

The first test was in English 
usage, 40 minutes of correcting 
grammar, punctuation and ex- 
pressions. Aside from a mental 
struggle on whether to start a 
letter ‘‘My Dear Mr. Rusk,” or 
“Dear Mr. Rusk:” or ‘Dear 
Sir:—”, I got through the 76 
items with one minute to spare 
before the bell. I scored in the 
99th percentile. 

In mathematics usage, the. sec- 
ond round of 40 minutes, the fun 
really began. I couldn’t seem 
to remember how to take the 
quartic root of 144—if I ever 
knew. I couldn’t recall what a 
positive integer was. Then there 
were those two old friends John 

and Tim, who were picking cher- |. 

ries at different rates of speed: 
“If John was able to pick three 
quarts for every two of Tim’s, 
how should they divide the 
money?’’—which turned out to 
be only $2.70. I left it for them 
to figure out. 

The results were depressing. 
The alarm went off when I still 
had seven questions to answer 
aut of 40, and I had skipped 12 
questions altogether. Score: 88th 

Next came a 35-minute, 51- 
item test in social studies read- 
ing, Which meant answering 
questions on a passage of his- 
tory or economics. Aside from 
getting bogged down in the an- 
nual rainfall of the Soviet Un- 
ion, I got through on time. Score: 
98th percentile. 

The natural-sciences reading 
test, also 35 minutes and 51 
items, threw me into a situa- 
tion involving pine and birch 
woods and light- and dark-col- 
ored moths that lived there, 
as well as owls and bats that 
might eat the moths and wheth- 
er they would eat light moths 
in dark pines or vice versa. 

Just as I was beginning to 
figure it out, there was a ques- 
tion involving the fact that bats 
are blind and how could they 
tell, anyway? Score: 98th per- 

With trembling hand I under- 
took the last test on word usage 
—20 minutes for 88 items. Ev- 
erything went along smoothly, 
which was just as well, since I 


Water Heater Coils 

The coils on oil-burning water 
heaters should be cleaned from 
time to time to remove heavy 
accumulations of soot which will 
act as insulation and prevent 
some of the heat from doing 
any good. 

The Empire State building dominates the New York City skyline. 

miles in diamneter and contain- 
ing 15,400 square miles. 

The Empire State building is 
always in the news. Few famous 
persons visit New York without 
requesting a trip ‘‘to the top.” 
When Queen Elizabeth and 
Prince Philip came to the United 
States in 1957 they asked that a 
visit to the building be included 
in their schedule. Premier 
Khrushchev also. visited the 
building and found it impressive. 

In 1945, the building itself 
made news when the pilot of 
a 10-ton B-25 Mitchell bomber 
became lost in a heavy fog and 
crashed into the Empire State 
building at the seventy-ninth 
floor. The plane ripped an 18- 
by-20-foot hole in the Thirty- 
fourth street wall of the sky- 
the building, flame and burn- 
ing gasoline streaked down its 
sides. The glare was so in- 
tense that it burned away the 
fog and then came an explo- 
sion which shot a huge ball of 
flame 100 feet into the air. 


was so tired by then I couldn’t 
think at all. There were a few 
little naggers like ‘‘confabula- 
tion” and “anomalous.” Score: 
99th percentile. . 

In looking through the super- 
visor’s manual, | 
that after the test, the test book- 
let must be 

I shredded mine—in the small- 
est pieces possible. 

After the plane hit. 

discovered | 

“completely de- | 
stroyed (either by shredding or 



Open Mon., Thurs. & Fri. Till 9 
ves., Wed. & Sat. te 5 

1114 NM, MARKET 

on the floor. /t's that simple! 

use Bruce Floor Cleaner. 

... for floors use Bruce 

a _— 

® It’s simply not true that you have 
to work yourself silly to keep wood 
floors looking beautiful. Not when 
you use clean-as-you-wax Bruce! 
Here’s how it works: Just pour this 
combination cleaner and paste wax 
on your floor. As you wipe up marks 
and dirt, Bruce leaves a clean, new 
coat of honest-to-goodness paste wax 

For a heavy coat of wax, use Bruce 
Cleaning Wax. For a lighter coat, 


Inside the building, office 
workers were terrified. Some 
50 sightseers were on the eighty- 
sixth floor level when the plane 
shook the building. Flames and 
clouds of dust shot up elevator 
shafts and metal fragments of 
the plane showered on the open 
balcony. The visitors were led 
by a guard down 86 flights of 
fireproof stairs to safety. 

One elevator fell 75 floors with 
tons of broken cable ripping 
down the shaft after it, but auto- 
matic devices finally slowed the 

One piece of the plane wing | 

was found on the roof of a build- 
ing four blocks away. One 
motor ripped through 

system has been installed to 
warn pilots of their approach to 
the building. 

In 1956, the building acquired 
an electronic tiara. Known as 
‘‘Freedom Lights,”’ the revolving 

BRING IN OLD = $4.95 



3215 MERAMEC FL 3-7155 


Prompt results 

in hair and 
scalp disorders 

lt a.m. to 7 p.m. 
Sat 10 a.m. te 
12 noon 
Ciosed Wed. 

GH. 1-0738 

54 Paul Brown Bidg. Sagi 

walls, tore through the opposite 
side of the building and fell 
through the roof of a 12-story 
office building on Thirty - third 
Since then a radio signal 


tiara is composed of the world’s 
most powerful beacons. The 
lights can be seen from 300 miles 
away in the air and 80 miles on 
the ground. The two-billion 
candlepower beams are said to 
be the brightest continuous 
source of man-made light in 
the world. 

About 16,000 persons work in 
offices in the building. Sight- 
seers and office visitors average 
about 35,000 a day. Observatory 
employes speak eight languages. 

The most-asked question is: 

“Does the Empire State build- 
ing really sway?” Tests have 
shown that the building leans 
a bit when an unusually heavy 
wind is blowing. 

In 1956, aeronautical engineers 
installed a new gyroscope on the 
eighty-fifth floor, Their tests 
showea that the Empire State 
building’s movement off center 
was never greater than approxi- 
mately one-quarier inch at any 
time. Thus, the meagurabie 
movement was only one-half 
inch—one-quarter inch each way 
from the center. 

This, according to engineers, 
supports the building’s reputa- 
tion as a true engineering mas- 
terpiece. No building has ever 
been constructed that is per- 
fectly rigid, although the Em- 
Pire State has. achieved what 
engineers regard as maximum 
stability. If the building were 
absolutely rigid, vibration ef.- 
fects would be so evident to oc 
cupants as to be uncomfortable. 
Structural engineers explain that 
the 365,000-ton skyscraper is sup- 
ported by an elastic steel skele- 
ton, which enables the building 
to “‘give” before high winds and 
yet minimize their effect. How- 
ever, the movement at the top 
of the TV mast is approximately 
two inches under a wind of 100 
miles an hour. 

The Empire State building is 
also famous for its “pink 
snakes,”’ red rain, snow which 
“falls” up and shocking kisses, 
Capricious wind currents are re- 
sponsible for many of the phe- 
nomena. Red rain is attributed 
to particles of red clay sucked 
up by the city’s swirling winds. 
Snow falls up, rather than down, 
because of perverse air currents 
around the world’s tallest build- 
ing. Under certain atmospheric 
conditions, strong winds produce 
a mirage which, with a little 
imaginaton, can be seen to re- 
semble a pink python writhing 
about. The static electricity, or 
“St. Elmd’s Fire,” is dramatic 
at the building’s 1472-foot height. 
If you scrape your feet a bit and 
exchange kisses with a com. 
panion, you’re apt to get an 
electric buss you'll remember 
the rest of your life. 


Bridesmaids’ gowns you'll wear 
after the wedding at prices 
your budget will appreciate! 

olyndon 5, Ltd. 

| Eighth at Olive 

in Just 15 Days You Will See How Wondertully 

“Ice’ Helps Improve Touchy 

Skins That Break Out’ 

—without costly facials, hormone creams, 
complicated skin treatments or “lights” 

New York, N.Y. (Special report) 
—Skin scientists have developed 
an invisible pharmaceutical ice— 
Ice-O-Derm—that promises mi- 
raculous new-lpoking complex- 
ions. Ice-O-Derm actually gives 
timetable results you can see. 

Ist 5 days: Ingredient number 
one helps free pores of blackheads, 
pasty fat and impurities not re- 
moved by soap and water—helps 
prevent pimple infection from 
spreading. Result: Clearer, fresher 

2nd 5 days: Ingredient number 
two holds moisture in, shields it 
from sun, winds and steam heat 
that dry out and wrinkle skin. 
Result: Softer, moister skin! 

3rd 5 days: Ingredient number 
three stimulates and improves skin 
circulation, tightens pores and 

®Due to overactive oil glands. 

builds up resistance against sur- 
face infection. Result: Firmer, 
healthier looking skin! 

Fortified by proper nutrition, 

ood circulation and cleanliness, 

ce-O-Derm will give you positive 
timetable results or money back. 
Get Ice-O-Derm at any drug or 
department store. $1.00 plus tax. 

: ad Bes 

Ba J ee as. 


n 3 

ed . 
es Sy , “ 
. we Oo . 

? . 6 >» 






Per Week 

This coupon will definitely ex- 
fre at 9:00 P.M. Wednesdey, 
arch 16, 1960. 

ei 9 Divine! “ . oe : 


Aliya Wy i 




If you fail to get the foliow- 
ing results in 60 days: 

Lose |5 ibs.. 3'' off hips and 
waist, take |" off arms or 

Underweight, Average 

Add 2" to bust. Improve 

posture and Re-Proportion 
Body Measurements. 

Call Now and Save! 


10050 W. Florissant UN 9-(313 
Delwood Shopping Center 
Corner Florissant & Chambers Rd. 

3515 Hampton VE, 2-4466 


By, for and about 

St. Louis Visitors 
To Be Entertained 

By Karin Hayward 

Mass., the former Miss Georgia Simmons of St. Louis, is 
expected here March 24, accompanied by her daughter, Miss 
Georgia Wright Pierpont, to visit her brother-in-law and 
sister, Mr. and Mrs. John 
H. Crago, 21 Westmoreland 
place. Miss Pierpont, 
whose engagement to Tor- 
rey Norton Foster was an- 
nounced last November, 
will make part of her wed- 
ding arrangements while 
here and will look for an 
apartment, The ceremony 
will take place Saturday, 
June 11, in an Episcopal 
Church, Worcester. 

Miss Pierpont, a junior 
at Smith College, will be 
on her spring recess during her visit. Her fiance is the son 
of Mr. and Mrs. H. Torrey Foster, 32 Oakleigh lane, Ladue. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moon, 7 Beverly place, have as their 
guests Dr. and Mrs. Frejvid Borg whose home is near Hel- 
sinki. The visitors were guests of honor last night at a small 
party at the Moon home. They will be entertained informally 
in their week’s stay. Dr. Borg and the Moons are friends 
of long standing. He has visited here previously and they 
once made a tour of France with him. He and his wife arrived 
here Saturday after visiting Boston, Jamaica and Chattanooga, 
Tenn. Interested in orchids, he will spend some time at Shaw’s 
Garden before flying to California. 

Mrs.’ Moon will be hostess Friday at a luncheon for 
Miss Kathleen Ring, debutante daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Paul Fusz Ring. The party will be given at the University 
Club. Miss Ring will be home from Georgetown Visitation 
Junior College, Washington, for spring vacation. 

Arriving in St. Louis March 27 will be Miss Elizabeth 
Jamison Folk, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Jamison Folk, 501 
Clara avenue. Miss Folk, who will be on spring vacation from 
Briarcliff College where she is president of the freshman 
class, will spend a few days in New York before coming 
here. She will be a debutante next year. Her grandfather, 
Paul Bailey Jamison, who has been visiting Florida resorts, 
will return to St. Louis before she departs to resume classes 
April 5. 

Hospital. Volunteers 

MRS. JOHN F. SHANER, left, president of the DePaul 

Hospital Women's Auxiliary, and MRS. CHARLES JOST, 

shown with the service cart which is operated in the hos- 

pital in conjunction with the new Paulette Gift Shop there. 
_ Mrs. Jost is chairman of the cart service. 

Kighth District 
Fine Arts Group 
To Give Tea 

By Fay Profilet 

THE FINE ARTS department 
of the Eighth District, Missouri 
Federation of Women’s Clubs, 
will have a benefit tea Thursday 
at 1 p.m. at Grace Methodist 
Church, Waterman avenué and 
Skinker boulevard. Proceeds will 
be used for prizes and scholar- 
ships for students in the fields 
of art, music and literature. 

The program to be presented 
by the fine arts department, of 
which Mrs. Thomas P. Halley is 
chairman, is titled, “Patterns in 
Music and Art.”” The program 
will feature Mrs. Carlotta Kraus 
Galvan, concert pianist, and 
Arthur L. Kanak, artist in resi- 
dence at Lindenwood College. 
Mrs. Galvan, a_ native _ St. 
Louisan, studied here with Leo 
Miller and with Isidor Phillipp 
in Paris. She has given con- 
certs in New York and in 

Mr. Kanak, a graduate of 
Iowa State University, is a mem- 
ber of the Artists Guild and has 
exhibited nationally and region- 
ally for the past 10 years. He 
will speak on ‘‘One Artist’s Ap- 
proach to the Beginning of 
Painting.”’ After the program tea 
will be served in Fellowship 

Entries in the Eighth District 
crafts contest will be displayed 
in the Williamsburg room and 
winners will be introduced at 

Webster Groves 
Activities in 

SONTAG, 13 Algonquin Woods, 
and their son, Robert Jr., a stu- 
dent at the Priory School, de- 
parted by plane Saturday for a 
holiday at Mexico City and 

After their son returns home, 
in about a week, Mr. and Mrs. 
Sontag will spend another ten 
days at a third Mexican resort, 
Las Bresas. 

Word was received here last 
week that three frieffds, fresh- 
men at the University of Kansas, 
Lawrence, have been pledged to 

Mr. and Mrs. Welsch visited 
their daughter en route home a 
week ago today after a month’s 
holiday in the Hawaiian Islands. 
The travelers went to Honolulu 
aboard the Lurline and flew back 
to California. 

the tea. Also during the tea hour 
club women will model their 
entries in the Vogue Sewing 
Contest, a nationwide project 

sponsored by the General Feder- 
ation of Women’s Clubs. 
Mrs. Fred Steinkuhle is pres- 


3323 $. Kingshighway FL. 2-8610 




m Embers 


on ‘% 

FOrest , 

19500  . 

% ge £ 



ident of the Eighth mS 


To Be Guest Here 


MISS GENEVA OLSON, nathocal proud of Executives’ 

Secretaries, Inc. 

IES, INC., St. Louis Chapter, 
will entertain the national presi- 
dent, Miss Geneva Olson of: San 
Francisco, tomorrow. Miss: Ol- 
son will meet with officers and 
board members to discuss the 
progress made in 1959 and to 
help formulate plans for this 
year for the organization. 

Tomorrow evening Miss Olson 
will address the St. Louis Chap- 
ter at a dinner at the Statler- 
Hilton Hotel at which time she 
will report on plans for the na- 

tional annual convention to be 

“held in New Orleans in May. 

Miss Mildred Joeskel, president 
of the St. Louis Chapter, will 
preside at tomorrow’s meeting. 

speak on ‘‘The Home in Japan,” 
at a meeting of the Tuesday Lit- 
erary Club tomorrow at _ the 
Artists Guild at 12:30 p.m. Mrs. 

Suits is chairman of the Ameri- | 
can home department and: con- | 

sumers division of the Eighth 
District, Missouri Federation of 


Temple Club to Mark 
Anniversary at Party 

THE TEMPLE CLUB will cel- 
ebrate its forty-fourth anniver- 
sary with a luncheon at the 
Starlight Roof of the Chase Ho- 
tel Wednesday at noon. The 
president, Mrs. Hubert W. Fos- 
ter, will preside at the luncheon. 
Special guests will be Illustrious 
Potentate of Moolah Temple El- 
mer E. Kempf and Mrs. Kempf; 
Miss Hulda Gunther, superin- 
tendent of the Shriner’s Hospital 
for Crippled Children, and Louis 
Robinson, superintendent of the 
Masonic Home. 

St. Patrick’s day will be the 
theme of the party. Mrs. Frank 
A. Neun, hospitality chairman, 
and her committee, are in charge 
of decorations, After luncheon, 
Miss Eleanor Anderson; enter- 
tainment chairman, will present 
a program of Irish songs and 
music with Mrs. Edward Strecker 
as pianist. The remainder of 
the afternoon will be spent in 
playing cards: under the direc- 
tion of Mrs. G. Glenn Wilson. 

Women’s Clubs. The program 
chairman, Mrs. Fairfield Elliott, 
will introduce the speaker. 

Preceding the meeting there 
will be a dessert luncheon at 
which Mrs. Harry T. Powell and 
Miss Johanna Denhart will be 
hostesses. Mrs. Oliver W. Dun- 
bar, club president, will conduct 
a short business meeting at 
1:30 p.m. 

RUGS os, 57° 

Members Certified & National 
institute of Rug Cleaners 

mpire Carpet Clg. Co. 
3029 S$. JEFFERSON, PR. 2-4840 

— - —_  ——— °° 

Delta Delta Delta sorority. They 
are Miss Mary Elizabeth Dough- 
erty, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. 
Eugene E. Dougherty, 536 Bacon 
avenue; Miss Marilyn Zumwalt, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wal- 
ter L. Zumwalt, 815 Blossom 
lane, Rock Hill and Miss Vir- 
tion either at their home, ginia Ann Welsch, daughter of 
8 Wydown terrace, Clay- Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. | 
ton, or at the Missouri Welsch, Wood Dearborn drive, | 
Athletic Club. tdeaieelhicee 

Miss White has asked |: 

Miss Jane Dewar Scha- | 7. 
berg ta)strve as her tinor | 

KODAK, Fo a 


1915 S. Jefferson PR 

. 3-8539 
Open FRI. ‘tit 9 p.m. ash 

C L U B March 2. ie e 
mw Se 

| of TV'S and Specialize in 
ro... MUNTZ 
Used TV ‘2938 

Behan-White Wedding July 2. 

MISS SALLY ALLEN WHITE and William Lambert 
Behan III have completed plans for their wedding which will 
take place July 2 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church at 11 o’clock. 

The prospective bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Howard 
White, will give the recep- 


all day... every day 

over K§D—dial 550 


"SPRING APPAREL Euclid and McPherson 



attendant. Bridesmaid€-will 
be Miss, Margaret Lieanna | ; 
Rabenau, Miss Judith Lee | & 
Feinberg, Miss Sandra 
Mae Spence of Saginaw, 
Mich., and Miss Louise 
Bolt Goodridge, New Ca- 
naan, Conn. Miss Spence and Miss Goodridge were class- 
mates of Miss White at Duchesne Residence School, New 
York. Mary Barbara Behan, the bridegroom’s young sister, 
and Mary Pamela White, the prospective bride’s niece, will 
be flower girls. 

Mr. Behan, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Lambert Behan 
Jr., 10 Carrswold, Clayton, will have his brother, Dennis 
Wilkins Behan, as best man. Ushers will be Patrick Joseph 
Behan, another brother; Aderton P. Samuel, John Edler 
White, brother of the bride-elect; Charles W. DeWitt Jr., 
and James E. Darst Jr. 

Mr. Behan’s two younger brothers, Thomas and John, 

So sisengeeapes op onmtan 


i BF 

K R ESG E me Wacbianten 


at 1:04, 3:46, 6:28, 9:10 


“THE 400 BLOWS,” at 7:00, 


Delta DC-7 

Kyl (Service flights 

Complimentary champagne with meals, 
plus choice of entrée, head a host of luxury features on Delta. 
Enjoy charcoal-broiled steak to order... Rock Cornish Hen... 
or Seafood on appropriate days. Three alert stewardesses 
assure leisurely dining and beverage service is available. 

Plus Royal Scot service featuring complimentary 

“At-home” manicures 
—In minutes! 

Mani Magie’cream cuticle remover by ) 2 



will serve as acolytes. Mr. and Mrs. Behan will give the | | 12:55, 3:09, 5°23, 7:37, 9:51. 

rehearsal dinner the evening before the wedding at a place ST. Louis ae It's new! Saves time! Saves work! The secret? Mani Magic’s 
to be decided later. 4:30, 7:06, 9:41. 7 

7: marvelous “‘cream-away” action! In just five minutes, excess 
cuticle disappears — nail tips are beautifully clean and 
white — fingertips are smooth, soft, perfectly ot Get 

Mani Magic today! Keep your nails looking professionally 

7s sis WALGREEN 32 

“PORGY AND BESS,” at 5:00, 
Skidmore President to Visit Here. be ys 

THE PRESIDENT of Skidmore College, Dr. Val H. Wil- | | ,,"SUDDENLY LAST oo 
son, and Mrs. Wilson, will arrive in St. Louis Thursday. That | | #nd 9:35. 
morning he will speak at the Mary Institute chapel service ORPH 
on the resources a young girl needs to see her through four GIRL,” at 2: 40, 3:40, 6:40, 
years of college. - o Ricg Bae Cae CETTE. 6: 

Later in the morning Dr. Wilson will speak at John PAGEANT ' 
Burroughs and Horton Watkins High Schools. Gn avese we 


FACES,” at 7:00, 9:00. hot meal and beverage service. Fare only $42.90 
Mrs. Wilson will be entertained by the Skidmore Alumnae SHADY OAK — — <= 
Club at a luncheon at the University Club and in the evening | | ,.;THE COUSINS,” at 7:00, —= ——— —— 

she and her husband will be guests of honor at a dinner at 
Old Warson Country Club. Guests will be Skidmore alumnae, 
applicants and their parents and college counselors. 

Dr. and Mrs. Wilson will leave St. Louis Friday. 


$14.28 ON A 
‘51.89 Food Purchase 

Just One of This Week's Specials: 

= FOLGER'S 95<* 



ot RIE. 2-3900 

= R m ln Mat Coren 

Olive & Emerson Rds., Creve Coeur, Mo. 

IJ a A tan S 

Book Review and Tea at St. John’s Church. 

@ © MEMBERS AND FRIENDS of St. John’s Methodist | f* 
Church, Washington and Kingshighway, have been invited to a | == 
book review and tea, sponsored by the Woman’s Society of 
Christian Service. The review will be in the church auditorium 
Friday, April 8, at 2 
o’clock. Miss Georgia Gam- 
brill, chief of the Refer- 
ence Room of St. Louis 
Public Library, will review 
*‘Luke—The Dear and Glo- 
rious Physician,”’ by Tay- 
lor Caldwell. 

Mrs. Benjamin F. Frick 
Jr., society president, will | 
preside at the special Len- 
ten program. Assisting 
hostesses will be Mrs. Emil 
Brill, Mrs. Robert Brooks, 
Mrs. George R. Dobler, 
‘Mrs. Victor B. Harris, Mrs. Frank M. See, Mrs. William - 
Sharpe and Mrs. Norman Swearengen. 

Presiding at the tea tables will be Mrs. Eugene M. 
Frank, whose husband is the Methodist Bishop of Missouri; 
Mrs. Herman Luetzow, Mrs. Albea Godbold and Mrs. Brad- 
ford Powell. The Rev. Dr Powell is pastor of St. John’s 
Church. They will be assisted by former presidents of the 
society: Mrs. Rom G. Church, Mrs. Scott R. DeKins, Mrs. 
Claude M. Gray, Mrs. William B. Kountz, Mrs. William E. 
Liggett, Mrs. Howard L. May and Mrs. S. Carl Robinson. 

Mrs. E. L. Papin and Mrs. Paul E. Hale, co-chairmen in 
charge of food, will be assisted by Mrs. Hugh B, Baird, Mrs. 
Tyree C. Derrick, Mrs. William E. Patterson, Mrs. William 
H. Petring, Mrs. Warren A. Smith and young women of the 
Long Circle. Tea tables will be placed in the shape of a Mal- 
tese Cross, and will be centered with a three-tiered silver 
epergne holding pink blossoms. 

Mrs. Kenneth L. Shaffer is ticket chairman. The public 
may attend. 

4D Men. Mer. 14, 1960 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 
, é ’ ‘ ; | . ! eb ‘ 

Plus 9:05am DC-7 to 
Only one stop. Also other convenient services, including 

non-stop afternoon DC-6 daycoach 
only $33.65, plus night coaches $30.15. 


Leave in the afterneon for New Orleans, where you make 
convenient connections with DC-7 Royal Service Flight to the 
Islands and Caracas. Thru plane DC-7 return service. 



a 10-minute report 

12:05 p.m. 
Every Weekday 

Other fast Delta flights serve 
Birmingham: Memphis: Chicago 
Atlanta: Little Rock: hace 

fores plus tax 


Monday and Thursday in the 


Phone MAin 1-7580 
or see your Travel Agent 

Martha Carr S Year-Round Wardrobe 


She's b Married, and Sorry 

~- I USED TO BE ENGAGED to a wonderful fellow. I guess 

I didn’t realize how wonderful he was. An old college friend 
of his’ came to town and we started double dating and I fell 
in love with this other boy, or thought I did. We started 
meeting on the sly and 
and then finally we ran 
off and got married. 

I know it broke the first 
boy’s heart but I was so 
crazy about Dick that I 
couldn’t think straight. 
Now, I know better. I’m 
miserable at the thought 
of spending a lifetime with 
Dick. He is a good hus- 
band but I’m not sure he 
loves me as much as he 
thought he did. 

Would it be terrible to 
break up and go back to 
Bob? If he will have me, that is. He isn’t dating any other 
girl steady. UNHAPPY WIFE, 

Maybe he isn’t dating steady, but you’re married. 
Remember? You may have chosen the wrong boy but 
you can’t toss him back and grab another one. There’s 
no use in dwelling on old mistakes at this point. Spend 
that thought and energy on trying to make something 
of your marriage. You may discover that spending 
a lifetime with Dick won’t be so bad after all, 

Dear Martha: 

MY WIFE is one of those women who feels she has to 
join about a dozen clubs in order to be happy and have 
friends. My dinner is either late because she just got home 
from an afternoon meeting, or it’s stoné cold because she 
fixed it early (before I got home) so she can leave for an 
evening meeting. If I complain she just laughs and says I’m 
jealous and leaves me at home to wash the dishes. I’m 
certainly not against her having friends or belonging to a club 
or two. But I'd say this was overdoing a good thing. What 
can I do? JUST A HUSBAND. 

You can tell her the meeting’s adjourned. Women’s 
clubs were organized to enrich the lives of their 
members, not rob their families of companionship and 
a well-organized home life. Tell her from now on you 
want food on the table—not parliamentary motions. 
Rise like a man to a point of order. 

IN ANSWER TO JANE: The agency to which you refer 
fs the Lawyers Reference Service, sponsored by the Bar 
Association of St. Louis. Here, for a nominal fee, you can 
register and have a preliminary conference with a lawyer 
who will then advise you of what costs would be involved in 
further legal action. Apply in person between 9 a.m. and 4 
p.m. Monday through Friday, room 1015, 418 Olive street. 

Write today for Martha Carr’s free leaflet of 
prayers, which includes grace to be said at the table 
as well as children’s prayers. You may have one for 
each child in your family or each pupil in your Sunday 
School class if you wish. Please inclose a stamped, 
self- addressed envelope with your request. 

Myles Standish ¥ 

At the Movies 

sudden beauty in a heretofore plain-looking woman has been 
fashioned by director-co-author Andre Cayette in the French 

In this case, a school teacher (Bouvril) 
married the womaft through a “lonely 
hearts” ad, 
plain, so that he wouldn’t have to worry 
about another man taking her away from 
him. So when the wife (Michele Morgan) 
does have an operation by a noted plastic 
surgeon and emerges as a radiant beauty, the husband blows 
his top. He is horrified and resentful, becomes immediately 
jealous and before long is unjustifiably accusing her of carry- 
ing on with other men. 

The wife undergoes a remarkable personality change. 
Wien she finds she is the object of admiration, her timidity 
vanishes and she becomes a person of infinite sweetness, 
charm and self-possession. It is inevitable that she is repelled 
by her vile-tempered husband and finds sympathy with her 
brother-in-law (Ivan Desny), whose wife (her sister), is con- 
ducting all sorts of affairs. 

The thing builds up into a tragedy. The story develops 
in compelling fashion, ironic, candid, gripping, and uncompro- 
misingly realistic in the best Gallic style. Miss Morgan is 
an excellent actress of sensitivity and deep insight, and Bouv- 
ri] gives a powerful portrayal of the moody, brooding boor of 
e husband. 

Eleanor Roosevelt 

Capital Punishment 

SARASOTA, Fla., March 14. 

NOT FOR A LONG TIME has there been as much interest 
focused on the death penalty as there has been since Gov. 
Brown of California granted a last-minute reprieve to Caryl 
Chessman, who has managed to postpone his execution for 

This man and this case is perhaps a good one to have 
to consider, because there can be no particular sympathy 
for the man as an individual. He has made a fight for his 
life and in doing so, has educated himself and probably be- 
come a very different person from the one who committed 
the crimes for which he is under sentence. Nevertheless, the 
crimes were of such a nature that they cannot stir much 
sympathy for Chessman as an individual. It is therefore pos- 
sible to focus on the question of whether one believes in 
capital punishment or not. 

From earliest days the death penalty, same as 
lesser punishment, was intended to keep people from 
committing whatever the crime might be. The first 
question you ask, therefore, is: “Has capital punish- 
ment actually deterred people from committing the 
crimes which incur the death penalty?” 

The answer is no. Some people commit such crimes in 
a@ moment of passion when there is no reflection as to the 
results that will ensue. In other cases it is almost always 
fear which brings about this type of crime; and when there 
is fear, there is no thought of possible consequence. 
And so we come to the question of justice. Capital punish- 
ment has been justified on the ground that if one takes life, 
one’s own life should pay the price. 

For the protection of society, if a human being 
_ seems dangerous we have a right to limit his contacts 
and thus protect others from the danger. But I doubt 

if we have a right to take away a gift which we alone 

cannot give. For that reason I believe the movement 

against capital punishment is growing stronger in our 

It is a good thing to have people think about the problem 
at this time. I hope many people will give it serious reflec- 
tion and come to the conclusion that I have—that human 
beings have no right to take each other’s lives. 

By Sylvia Stiles 
Post-Dispatch Fashion Writer 

TODAY’S well-dressed woman 

is learning to build a wardrobe 

over a period of time rather 
than buying for a specific sea- 

She no longer buys a “spring 
coat” because it is spring or a 
“winter coat’ when a _ winter 
season is approaching. Descrip- 
tive terms such as these are dis- 

Miss Genevieve Huss of New 
York City, an authority on 
fabrics and a recent St. Louis 
visitor, offers some interesting 
explanations. As a vice president 
of Forstmann, Inc., makers of 
well-known woolens, she spends 
much time traveling around the 
country, visiting retail stores 
and meeting their customers. 

According to Miss Huss, 
weight means less than it ever 
did in choosing material for 
a new costume. Most women 
like to have a lightweight coat 
to be worn any time of year 
when the weather is mild, but 
they do not think of it as 
being suitable only for spring 
or early autumn. They add to 
their wardrobe another coat 
for cold weather and wear it 
whenever the temperature 
drops sufficiently to make it 

“Consequently women are in- 
terested more in quality than 
they ever have been before,”’ 
Miss Huss said, ‘‘because they 
use these coats as well as other 
major items in their wardrobe 
on a long-term basis.” 

The way we live today is 
responsible for a trend toward 
more casual fabrics, and more 
of these showing pretty mixtures 
of colors in tweed and plaid 
patterns are planned for the 
coming seasons. The increased 
amount of traveling, home enter- 
taining, suburban living, and a 
host of other faetors increase 

perme eR ik i SOIR iS ea is 



fabrics are merely following the 
dictates of shoppers. 

“Any fashion change can be 
traced directly to the consumer 
rather than to any other source,” 
Miss Huss said. ‘“Take the vogue 
of color, for example. The mills 
are making many more colorful 
fabrics because of the increasing 
demand for them. Women realize 
that they look much prettier in 
colors than in black or drab 
shades. Also, after a few seasons 
of neutral tones, the cycle moves 
on and we are certain to get a 
request for more color.” 

Asked about this spring’s wave 
of pale hues, including soft beige 
tones, off-white tints, and a gen- 
eral ‘‘whitewashed”’ effect in the 
color charts, she said there were 
several reasons for this. The 
amount of travel and the need 
for lightweight, casual clothes 
to wear any season and any 
place are partly responsible. 
Perhaps more significant, how- 
ever, is the general increase in 
popularity of furs. Women like 
fur trimmings and separate ‘“‘lit- 
tle furs’”’ so they invest in these 
as part of their long-range ward- 

AN INTRIGUING study of the psychological effects of} 

specifically because she wad | 

robe planning. Woolen fabrics 
that are in shades blending well 
with fur tones contribute to a 
co-ordinated effect. 

the popularity of the materials 
which have a casual look. 

In providing more of these 
lightweight, informal materials 

for women’s clothes, designers of 

New Color Motion Piciures 

Presented by ANDRE de la VARRE in person 

aupirorium WED, "%::35° 

Tickets: $1.85, $1.60. Incl. Tax 
Ticket Office. Aeolian Ce. <4 ore St. 
and Auditorium Box Offi 




Forest Park 
talk by 
Lucy T. Shoe 
with color slides 
Tomorrow at 8 p.m. 
Featured on Tuesday 

Visit the new Museum Restaurant? 

Will be repeated at 6:45 Wed.. Mar. 1 
before the ee os of VENICE’ 

_—— = 

— aoenennee-anaie 

NOW! . 
, _ 
MBASSADOR i its Hat” “, ne. 
OPENS 12 NOON hewr 1:00, 3:45, 6:25 nb p.m. 
a rita 1 S. 2 ~sounen Anog “Children 2 
putt ‘ oo or siee Packing ee Rigg en Be 

err OPEN 

12 NOON 








OPEN 10:30 A.M. 


4 DAYS! 



} soe eng deg A with David Ladd—'Oild 
Yeller' Dog. Shown 12:55, 3:05, 5:20, 7:35, 9:50 
Extra! Big Color Carteon Carnival! 
Shown et 12:30, 2:40, 4:55, 7:10, 9:25 
. 75e ‘til 5,_90¢ thereafter. Teenavers 60c._ Children FREE with parents 






OPENS 4:1 M. T ma—Shown 4:30, 7:05, 9:40 

‘ xp Extra! Loff-Filled Daffy Duck Cartoon 

A Adults 900. Teenagers 600, Children FREE with parents 


7 nowt Decidedly Fascinating! 

7 Provocative French Drama! 


- Pee ecg yay ‘THE MIRROR HAS 2 FACES’ 

. Performances at 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. 


- Now! ee interesting example of the candid 

» ew School of French Film oeieom 

PAESHADY OAK “Cloade Chabrol's Shocking Hit! 


Performances at 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. 
wee a ARK FREE at at_Vandervoort’s exceot Monday, Thursday and Friday 





1 iK FREE 


OPENS 6:30 P.M. 



. é 


7 PARK FREE with Barry Sullivan %& Shown 6:45, 10:15 p.m. 
wot AND 
saplanilin * ay osroe 4 0 

in CinemaScepe *& Shewn only 8:15 p.m. 

:20 P.M. and ‘4-D MAN’ Shown 6:45-10:30 
in ColorScope—Shown 1:00 and (0:15 
Gary COOPER * Chariton HESTON 
and Victor Mature ‘ESCORT WEST’ 
2 Top Technicolor Hits Together! 
Laff-Filled Musical ‘LI'L ABNER’ 

and Fess Parker-Jeff Chandler 


Steve Reeves ‘GOLIATH and BARBARIANS’ 
1:20 & 9:30, Cartoon Revue—3 St 

2 Action-Packed War Hits Together 

PENS 6:30 P.M. 

' Park Free—Opens 6:30 

OPENS 6:30 P.M. 
STARTS 7:00 P.M. 
STARTS 6:35 P.M. 
.t INDELL Bits 

OPENS 6:30 P.M, 





The fur vogue also has prompt- 
ed the woolen designers to in- 
clude some fur in many of their 
finest woolens. The addition of 
fur makes the fabric more lux- 
urious to the touch and contrib- 
utes a soft look blending with fur 
pieces with which the garment is 
worn. Silk fibers also are being 
added to some’of the woolens for 
a decorative effect. 

Although she feels that it is too 
early for women to be concerned 
very much about next fall’s fab- 
rics, Miss Huss has samples with 
her which she is showing to re- 
tailers to aid them in their pro- 
motional plans. 

Good news for St. Louis wom- 
en who like shades of blue and 
purple tones is the featuring of 
these shades for the latter part 
of 1960 as well as the current 
season. As a further hint of 
fabrics to come, there is an 
intermingling of subtle colors 
to give a smoldering effect, 
and a trend toward brown 
tones that follow the deep fur 

Miss Huss finds that today’s 
woolens are as easy to sejl in 
warm weather as they are in 
cold weather because of their 
lightness of weight and the new 
demand, because of air condi- 
tioning and traveling—for fash- 
ions with the go-anywhere-at- 
anytime quality. 

Miss Huss, who has been as- 
sociated with the woolen com- 
pany for 20 years, said members 
of the Forstmann family have 
been weavers for 400 years, 
starting first in Germany and 
then migrating to the United 

An ardent participant in ac- 
tivities of the New York Fashion 
Group, Miss Huss timed her St. 
Louis visit to attend the opening 
session of the St. Louis group’s 
new career course. This course, 
geared to fashion shows with an 
emphasis upon TV presentations, 
is being held each Tuesday eve- 
ning in the studios of Station 
KPLR-TV in Chase Hotel and 
will culminate with a fashion 
show presented for television 


TONIGHT, 8: 30. 




Music by KURT WEILL—Book 2 
ELMER RICE—tLyrics by LAN 
STON HUGHES — Based on a 
Play by ELMER RICE. 
Conductor: wouve RUDEL 




and Kiel Auditerium up 
to performance 4. 

Tickets: $2, $3, $4 


GA. 1-9915 

6th & MARKET 






Nominated for Academy Award 
Best Story and Screen Play 

“e400 Blows 

APOLLO ART ef Waterss 

Ivanhoe & Bradley Av -144 
(Please phone for any information) 



Stars in the most enelting motion picture 
of her sensational car ¢ frank- 
st, the Frenehiest, “the funniest! Co- 
starring CHARLES BOYER. 


(in Lecteteater 

At 5 
PAULETTE | Pusost : 

thet meitt he cei "id spellbound! 


At 7 P.M., 10:20 
Starts Tues.: Exclusive En agement! 







7 P.M 

Ce a ee we 

. s > =| 
"Gq net Vie 3 Le 
yf v. pit: wy. 


Bly: “Ay 

* )\ 
| re 


If you've never known the thrill of 
being a winner .. . if you’ 
had your hands on a big cash prize, 

Tangle Towns is for you! 

accuracy are what count in this 
game, but you must make up your 
mind to get into the game NOW 
and stay in it day by day until that 
big Tangle Towns pay day rolls 
around. And it won't be long now 

—so start today! 

Just mail in the back pumle coupon 

for any of the preceding puzzles 
need—then you'll be even with 
other players. 

and list are free—but be sure to 

clude with your request a stamped, 

self-addressed return envelope, 



Missouri Tangle Towns is open to 
almost everyone in the states of 
Missouri, Arkansas, or Illinois (ex- 
cept Illinois residents who live in 
the area north of the following 
Illinois counties: Adams, 
Cass, Menard, Logan, 

Piatt, Champaign and Vermilion). 
See the Official Rules for full de- 


HOW TO PLAY: In each of 
the 72 Official Puzzles, there are 
exactly enough letters tangled in 
the square to spell correctly the 
name of a certain place in the 
State of Missouri. The object of 
the game is to untangle the let- 
ters and, using the clue ase 
guide, detefmifie and spell out 
the name. © = * 

Co ht Bh Marry H. Hollister. 
wee angle Towns® 

Reprints of the rules 
and a long list of Missouri place 
names containing the answers to all 72 
puzzles, are also available: The rules 


ve never 

Skill and 


tte veeeeie ieee 


tt ti Ce copeant 
Perret: | 



UVETEr in! 

=/—" = 




$5 INEZ 


10 PRIZES OF 5100.00 = $1,000.00 

ieee nn bbadash ad a! - 

Sa eS RS es 


a a a a aa Fr ee ere a ee a -——_-_ — 

ame am me me ee ae mee ae 

7000 PRIZES OF 55.00 ~3508 

CH MAE EE FE ME LB fa nS, spit 

TOTAL ~ $30,250.00 





Missouri Tangle Towns Editor 
Box 611, Central Station 
St. Louis 88, Missouri 

. Enclose 5¢ for each puzzle ordered. 

VELOPE, folded in THIRDS. 
3. DO NOT tape your coins. Enclose them in 
your stamped, self-addressed envelope. Fold 
the envelope in thirds, but do not seal. 
4. To order, simply list the NUMBERS of the 
puzzles you wish—for example: |, 5, 9; or 
| through 55. 
CLUE: Case. 6 heoning ay of 5285 parame S Pt ee een te ee ee ee ee eee eee 
the peak lead and zinc mining days, this plecenowis fo, 
greatly reduced in population. Some mining continues 
in reworking the veins. ae pa 
(list puzzle NUMBERS only) 
ANSWER | Name —— — — - -—- - - 
(Please print or type in CAPITAL LETTERS) 
PGGIOU cue cae tein tals Sle tne th, tm ce Gens a 
PO IIO ee ae ae ae ce a ee ee ee mee me ee me mee me ON a a i i a ae ll 
a a el DOI ain sates tcien, celle Amt. enclosed $. —. — 
(Back puzzies. also may be purchased on 
Ce ae ES See ea the first floor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
~ De NOT send in until ol 72 puzzles ore completed. Building, 1111 Olive Street.) | 


FREE i in-car 
2 ora CARLOAD SI.20 *“ 


7 P.M. 










OPENS 4:30 P.M. 



OSAGE papears yo. 

James GARNE Natalie WOOD 
"ASH AN oso bee Moca.” at a8 

ie" Cur Ms 

woe atwaeoae OZARK 


pee Complete on Searh 7:15 
Alan LADD 

DeBaliviere at Waterman WEBSTER GROVES. MO, 

6 Major Transportations Open 6:30—Starts 7:15 
‘BRILLIANT © N.Y. Crities Award *% One Complete Show *& 
‘400 BLOWS' 

Steve REEVES in 

Sa a te ; ie en " Siromates see Soe, a Me 15 Only 
‘ One Complete Sho In ___@ Teshnlester 
“1001, ARABIAN NIGHTS" 7:15 
EVER SO FEW’ 8:50 

3147 8S. GRAND 
OPEN 6:30 



BRENTWOOD 2529 BRENTWOOD No Children, Admitted Uniess 
PARK FREE on Acsoe bee anied Ras W , 

t a © Sot 7 Da She out-strips gitte Bardo 
‘one bomolets Show at 7:18 ‘LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS’ 

Richard EGAN Dorothy TWeGUIRE 

Jack WEBB & William CONRAD 
—30—' 7:20 

Fiamin net. ot 708 and 10:10 

ROXY ART 500 Laxspowwe 

» = 


| "BATTLE OF THE CORAL SEA’ 7 & 10:20) 



‘TIME OF DESIRE’ 7:00 & 10:20 



Stow MOVIE PA are Jeff CHANDLER w Fess 
costing ‘THE HAWKERS’ 6:30 ’ ‘Yoo 


2912 ee BROADWAY — 

May BRITT * Curt J Reens S 6100 DELMAR 
—_—_—_—— STARTS 7:10 
OPEN 6: ae-pane FREE ee oe MeLAINE MARTIN 
He Walks Thru Watis ef Solid Stene ‘SOME GA ME RUNN 9: 36 
ay: the Ba) war ih color: ‘shes 

(in Cine. & Color at 7:45 only) 

FOUR FAST GUNS" ples cartoon 

: 4 








KSD-TV (6) 

KMOX-TV (4) 

KTVI (2) 

KPLR-TV (11) 

KETC-TV (9) 

ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Mon., Mer. 14,1960 6D 

550 630 690 770 850 1010 1120 1320 1380 1430 1460 1490 1600 
Monday Afternoon 

2 Pr 
BSD News: Bill Crab . 
OX—News: Happiness 

- Jim Bradley 

Bevine s 

N—Mid Day 

bum Time 


Mkts News 

wee News 

z:30 P 

ESD x >) aphandes Bill Crabte 
Kk MOX—Grant Williame 
¥ W—News: gz. Gordon 

ews: Jim Bradley 
Your tnformatior 
Musical Showcase 
KXLW—News; .Montague 


* Bonner 

KXEN—Showcase; News 
3:00 P.M. 

KSD—News: Ed Wilison 

KM OX—News: Your Service 

WEW—Dwight Gordon 

KXOK—Jack i 

FUQ—Bread 0 4 te 

sreteiecudiesient Showcase 

3:15 P.M. 
WIL—News: Bonner 
WAMV—Pieasant Musie 
KXEN—BShowcase: News 

6:00 P.M 
ox—s. R 
eat gy 3 Elliott 
rw i Rio Richard 
KFUO-—Evening onset 
KATZ—Gospe! Train 




6:15 P.M. 
KSD Man on the Go; Alex 

neat” pan News: 

wh i Musie 

ssp hems” of the World: 
aE Ne 



Burnes, Sports 

745 P.M. 
KSD—Edward P. Morgas 
KMOX—Bob and Ray 

M. wight Music, 

KXOK—Art Rice 

BUSES ss, wy Sh.; 

L— ty Tenkine 

ei wo He Lap bth ap a 

KA Y—Sunrise serenad 
ee ake, Pcaven 

br in Wildwood 
fee ~* Show; News 

Bey Williams 


. Pi ; t Muste 
ween Melodies; News 
K8STL—Johnny Rion 


wa: Rerena 
$DX—Piway of Melodies 

whe Roedel, News 
EXOK— (6: —.- Weather: Butler 
KXEN Melodies; 
K ATES eee News 
KSUD—Dreier : ‘Bint Ora 

Davis, News 
s: Bill Morgan 

M, on 
STL—G reat Commission 
A TZ—Rhythm Express 

: Roundup 

Mu ; 

Ksrigao Ai, ‘Gennes 

KMOX—J im 

Ks?! dB mony Rion 

Classical Music Monday 

KADY—Sports;: Moving 
KXEN—— Musica! 


Classical music on St. Louis radio stint Monday. re ee E. R. Jones 
over: (L) live; (R) recordings; (T) transcriptions. 45 5. 

KFUO (AM AND FM): 1:00 p.m. —Music Appreci 5s ay oar FP a) fs < 
ation CR): Beethoven's Concerto No. 1 6:00 Wrwii4:8s) News 
-m.—Evening Concert (R): Bach's Passacagiia and KXUOK (4.58) i a 
ugue in C Minor: Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 rT... deee Naan to 
ae nore erture rnev 

KCFM (FM) 10:00 p.m.—Baldwin Hour (R): [ALO —The Bible: Informa’s 
Brapene’g | wens ‘bearers’ 's “Slavic Dances’ Schu- rr ,. pase ws 
ert’s ‘'Marche taire.’ p.m.—Elevent : 

Hour Symphony (R): Dvorak’s Symphony No. 5 in KSD—News; | Sporta; Potnt 
nor. : 

KSLH (FM): 3:15 p.m Masterworks From ow amet: a 
France (R): Francois's Excerpt from ‘‘Black Magic KX Ko +7 De ome . 
gue i ay ogg ‘Concerto Pastoral’; Saint-Saens’s wil. wo ye Rm tt 
ympruny No " 

KADI (FM): 10:05 p.m.—Starlight Symphony Sf th cd King Richaré 
(R): , Turinia’ s ‘‘Sintonia Sevillana’; Cha r’s ‘‘Es KFUO wt eon 
pana”; Dvorak’s Symphonie Variations; Giasounoff's KADY —Newa: Weath Alone 
Spanish Serenade.’ TURADAY KXEN—Musical Showe 

KEUO (AM AND FM): 10:00 a.m.—Music of the 4 “selon poy, cence 
Masters (R): Mendelssohn's ‘'Capriccio Brilliant”: K TZ De a ten s 
ach's ott 4 5 in G Major: Techatkowki's A Sno Pi x05 
8 y o. 4 in inor; ndy's a ym- 
oma Variations.” 1:00 p.m.—Mu sic Appreciation KSD—Business; LW 
TR): Smetana’s Overtures and Dances; “The Bartered Wi. to whey PRs, Carney 
Bride’; Beethoven's Concerto No. 2 in Fla ates Piceamen Music 
Blackwood’s ie | No. ‘ :0 p.m. —Evening Familv Worship 
Concert (R): imsky-Korsakov's “Scheherazade” : KXEN Beawease ewe 
Brahms’e ‘‘Academic Festival’ Overture 6:30 P.M ’ 

3:30 P.M. WEW—Dwignt Gordon rata tee yi & 
KSD—Kmphasis: Ed Witson KXOK-—Jack Elliott IS aly; p a 
WEW—News: Dwe. Gordon prurient, Camey KXOK—News: Hiliott 

EW—News; Dwe. Gordon WK—News;: Jim Bradley KwWK—News: K. Richard 
BEG prowess Sanets al jAMV-—News; Music KFUO—Artist Recital 

A s; Jim Bradley KFUO—Rhythm Patterns KADY—Bus’n’ss:; Moving 
KF ADY—News; Moving Along Al 
RXEN— Musical Showcase KXE N—Musical Showcase ong 
KXLW—News: E. R. Jones KXEN—Musical Showcase 

XLW-—-E. Rodney Jones ikxLW—News; E. R. Jones 

3:46 P.M. ReTL Spider Burk KSTL—Johnny Rion 
ver (ay 55) News a aS PM Dixon 6:45 YM 
KFUO—C ‘nildren’ . Album ‘AMV — jeasan usie ’ 

Abe weather! matings RSRENSghoazane: News ugx— El Thomas, se 
RNEN—Showease: News wal 4:30 P.M. . Gore | RXOR— (5: aS) ft . 

4:00 P.M. E aa Cores; oe WIL—News: Jack “Carney 

KSD—News, Ed W KXOK~_Kews: Ell KADY—(5:55) New 

KMOX—News; .Your Service 

wK—News; King “Richaré KXEN—Showcase.; News 

Monday Night ' 

‘IL—Jack C anpev 
Wk News: ing Richard 
TZ—Rocking with “Gg” 

7:15 P.M. 
WIL-—News: Ca 
WAMV—Pleasant- “Muste 

__ 7330 P.M 
KSD—E mphasis; Night 
KMOX-=Fieweury: 4 Gestenas 
KW K—News; "King Richard 

7:46 P.M. 
KMOX—H. egg 2 Baseball 

8:00 P.M 
KSD—_News: Night Musie 
KMOX—Cards vs. White Sox 
mee ap 8 Rice 

IL—Bob O 

WK—News: we i Richard 
WAMV—News: Musie 
KATZ—Rocking With “‘G” 

8:15 P.M. 
WIL News Osborn 
enabler eS Musie 

KWK—News; leteare Shop 
TZ—Night Beat 


WAMV—Weatner;: Musie 

KXEN—Melodies; News 
8:00 A.M. 

BsD—World News: Peter 


K MOX— Rex Davis. News 

WEW w Bill Morgan 

KXOK—Peter prarte 

WIL—Bill Jenkins 

W K—New Gil Newsome 

Qu u 
KA DY—News: Moving Alone 
KXEN—Hi-way’ of Melodies 
KXLW—M. Montague 
STL—Weather: Revival 
KATZ—Rhvthm Express 

8:15 M 
. J * 
y ils@n 

D Sports; us 
KXEN—Melodies; News 
Chapel of the Air 

—News; Musi 
KXEN—Hi-way of Melodies 
KXLW—News; Montague 
KSTL—Gospe! Revivas 

RXEN— Mende: News 
KSTL—Faith and Hove 

9: A.M. 
KSD—News: Ed Wilson 
KMOX—News:; Jim Butler 
Wit. lv —Exercise Class 
KXOK—Peter Martin 
WIL—Dick Cla 
KW New 

7 ee, 
9:15 A.M, 

WEW—Viewpoint: aye 
WIiL—News: "7 —y 
WAMV— Pleasant a 

KXEN—Melodies; "ean 

9:30 A.M. 
KSD—Emphasis: Ed Wilson 
KMOX—Easter Seals: Butler 
WEW—Gradv Cantreli 
KXOK—News; i 

News; Gil Newsome 

O— Varieties ; Devotions 
{i-way ‘of Melodies 

LW—News: E. R. Jones 

KSTL—Christian- Jew Hour 
9:45 A.M. 

WIL—News: Osborn 
wan a Muste 

KMOX— Roars s: 

8:45 P.M. 
KRXOK— (8:55) News 
Wi News: Osborne 

KATZ— (8:55) News Steve Rowan 

9:00 P.M. _ 
KSD—News; Image-St. Louis wee Ee Record Shop 
KMOX—Baskebtall (cont’d.) pywox- Jack Bi 
KXOR— Art ‘Ric Z. KXUK—(10:55) News 
KWK-——News: Recoré Shop ™! ey et Osborn 
WAMV—News; Mus Mewes 
KATZ—Night Beat KMOX—Jack Buck 
9:15 P.M. KXOK—aArt Rice 
WIL— News; Osborne WIL—Bob Osborre 
WAMV—Plieasant Musie KW K—News: Record Shop 
9:30 WAMV—Pleasant Musie 
KSD—Met KATZ—Night Heat 
WIiL—Bobd Ospburne tl:l 
KXOK—News: Rice WIL--- News: “Usborn 
KWK—News: Record Shop shat y— Pleasant ‘Musie 
RXUOR (9:85) News KXOK~—News: Rice 

bale yt Gsborae K—hecord Shop 
10 we: 

KSD- -A.P Ww 

Rew KXOK—(11:55) News 
sok fants (cont’d.) ewe: Osborn 
WIL—Bobd Osborn 12:00 Midnight 
-KWK—News: Record Shop KMOX—John McCormick 
WAMV—News: Music KXOK—Art Rice 

10:16 P.M. Wil Reed. Farrel) 
eet” ~ ~ womans "Til Miéd- KWK—News: Night Watcb 

WAMV—Pleasant Music 

KMOX—Garagiola; Score KATZ—The Countdown 


KADY—Weather: Listen WIL—Ed Bonne 

KXEN—Melodies; News KW K—News:;: Gene. Davis 
KSTL—Markets won ene: Mu 

10:00 A.M. Sa pn for Today 
GSD—News:, Ea wil KA DY—New 
KMOX—News; A: Godfrey KXEN— Mid-Day Varieties 
WEW—Breakfast Club KXLW—Rick parece 

— Ken 

KATZ— Chico” = 

K' 12:16 ?.M. 

WAMV—News: o> — Ctayhouse Party 

KF UU— Music ¢ Masters KMOX— ~ Headlines: McCor- 

KADY—News: en 

KXEN—Music i avteeses WIL Ne vol Bonner 

KXLW—Rodney ones WAMV—Pleasant Musie 

KSTL—Gospel Ho KADY—Luncheon Melodies 

KATZ—Marching to Zion KXEN—Varieties: News 
10:15 A.M. wanes OY Véeather 

WIiIL—-News: Clayton 

WAMV—Pleasant Muste KSD—Enmphasis: Playhouse 

KMuUX—Helen Trent 

ane: vere wore ymeeree 


10:30 A.M. 

OK—New R 
KSD—Emphasis; = Wilson KWK-—News Gene L aaa 
KXOK—News; Ree U On the 


KXEN—Mid-Day ‘Varieties 

KXLW—News; Darnell 

KSTL—Johnny Rion 
12:45 P.M. 

KMOX—Couple Next 

Wir ates: 355) 

mos: Listen 
k Px — temo Adventures 
KXLW—News; E. R. Jones 
KSTL—Frankie Yankovie 
nen TO a Break 

A se 
Wrek., (10; 55) N 

ews: D. Clayton KXENOS Fletion News 
KXEN—Music; New 1:00 P.M. 

11:00 A.M, 9 rte ty Ad Bill Crable 
KSD—News; Ruse David's KMUxX— my News: Whisvering 
KMOX—News: “Siouse Patty yey News ee * ove 

jf mas pag bs ag Dailey 
KXOK—Ken Reed 
W iL—Dick Clayton 
KFUO——Music J. -- aR 
KADY—Stereo Album Time 
KXEN—Mid-Day Varieties 

KXEN—wMusic Adventures W—M. Momanue Mkts. 

KXLW—Rick Darnell 

minh ll 
Joffee Br 

11:15 A.M. EMox— Ma. Perking. 
WIL—-News: D. Clayton WAMV—Pleasant. Music 

WAMV—Pieasant Music KXEN—Varieties: News 
KFUUO—(11:25) Bible KSTL—Skeets Yaney 
KXEN—Music;: News 1:30 P.M. 

11:30 A.M. KSD—Emphasis: B —y Crable 
KSD—Emphasis: Playhouse ‘> as : 
KMO XK Moc pore: rosby. dR mat ek D ‘Gordon 
wEW—News! 7m Daly KXEN- Mid-Day "Varieties 

pa ews: ee r “ 
KWK—News; Gene Davis EALW—-Newe: Montague 
RXR Monte a lventures Age 
KXLW—News; ell WHEW (1:55) News 
KSTL—Farm Hour KXOK—(1:55) News 
KATZ—Chico Show IL—News: Bonner 

11:45 A.M. KXEN—Varieties: News 

D—Tell est; Playhou 2:00 P.M. 

WeWeee Cit pone KSD—News:. Bill Crable 
KXOK—(11:55) pee KM —News; Happiness 
WIL—News: D. Clayton WEW—Dwight Gordon 
KFUO—News; Markets KXOK—Ken 
KXEN—Music; News rwk— mrs 

s Jim Bradley 
BeTi— (12: :55) Markets WAMV—News: M 

KFUO—Music Apprec ptien 

7:45 A.M. KMOX—Jim Butler 12:00 Neen DY—News: Album Time 
KSD—News: John Roede) WEW—Voice of China SD—News; Frank Eschen KXEN—Mid-Day Varieties 
KMOX—Sport KXOK—(9:55) News KMOX—Rex Davis. News. —M Montague 

XOK—- (7: 35) News L-—News: D. Clayton WEW—News; Farm Show KSTL—Skeets Yaney 
IL—News; Jenkins KFUO— (9:50) Markets KXOK—Ken Reed KATZ—George Logan 


++.» but you can't 





get MORE 


4” GIANT rv 



OL. 2-0700 




0064. GOR ¥ 




3630 N. Grand 







ee ee 
, ~ oe 

be a 


4005 Chouteau 

DALY ¢ TO 9 R 

Sas § Charlotte Peters Show. 
4 News, Weather. 
2 Restless Gun: 

11 The Women’s Touch. 

9 Speech. 

John Payne. 

7:00 4 The Texan: Longley prevents the ambush 
and murder of agent carrying report 


on cattlemen guilty of tax evasion. 

§ Tax Quiz: 

11 Official Detective: 

‘‘Man With a Goatee.”’ 
Herb Freer, Art Tabbert. 

7:30 5 Tales of Wells Fargo: “Black Trail.” 

TWO SPECIAL programs 
covering the marriage of Prin- 
cess Margaret and Antony 
Armstrong-Jones in London on 
May 6 are being planned. by 
NBC-TV. The news coverage 
will include scenes of the cere- 
monies that will be transmitted 

12:05 41 Married Joan. Hardie pursues killer’s girl friend hoping Y trans-Atlantic cable for 
12:30 4 As the World Turns. she will lead him to outlaw’s hideout. showing on the network within 
2 Love That Bob: Bob Cummings. 4 Father Knows Best: Bud borrows money two hours of the event. 

12:45 $ Music for Young People. — . he abe of apparently promis- SULLIVAN is carrying a 
1:00 5 Queen for a Day: Jack Bailey, m.c. 5 ~ rere , err. ‘Beet: “The Missin triple load these days—doing 

4 For Better or Worse. ‘ om 8 three shows a week He is 
2 About Faces: Ben Alexander, m.c. Queen.’ Cal seeks missing beauty con- ame | 
- 11 Movie: Rod Cameron, Hillary Brooke in agg who disappeared after a homi- ete Gesoenee tad A hee 
a Loam thartabteelli aida 11 Movie: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, ©@" take time off for surgery 
1:20 9 What’s the News—Walter Ross. Clifton Webb in “Laura” (1944). and a prolonged convalescense. 
1:30 & Loretta Young Theater. 45 9A Hist His old ulcer has been kicking 
4 House Party. rey Fy: up again. 
®° Susie: Ann Sothern. 8:00 §& Peter Gunn: ‘The Long, Long Ride.” 
1:45 9 French. Former public enemy seeks Gunn's pro- CLIFF ARQUETTE (Charley 
2:00 5 Young Dr. Malone. tection upon release from prison. Weaver), whose ABC-TV show 
4 The Millionaire. 4 Danny Thomas Show: Danny attempts will be dropped at the end of 
2 Day in Court. to thwart Pat’s plans to call of his wed- this month, will be on CBS- 
11 Movie: Dick Powell, Stephen McNally ding to Terry. TV’s “Person to Person” Fri- 
in Rogue’s Regiment”’ (1948). 8:30 5 Goodyear Theater: Dick Shannon, Wil- day night. The other guest on 
2:30: 5 From These Roots liam Campbell in ‘Squeeze Play.” Truck the program will be fashion 
4 The Verdict Is Youre driver tries to prove companion trucker designer Elsa Schiaparelli. 
2 Gale Storm Show. innocent of reckless driving charges. 
® Lines and Shapes. 4 Ann Sothern Show: Oscar passes off his © THE ROLE of “China Mary” 
2:50 9A Look at Missouri. panhandling cousin as a wealthy South on Hugh O’Brian’s ‘Wyatt 
3:00 6 Racket Squad. American cattle baron. Earp” show on KTVI tomor- 

4 Brighter Day. 

2 Beat the Clock: Bud Collyer, m.c. 

2 Adventures in Paradise: Herbert Marsh- 
all in ‘‘There Is an Island.”’ 

Group of 
poetic historians charters the Tiki to 

row night will be played by 
the veteran actress Anna May 

TV Notes and Gossip 


over as host of “Be Our 
Guest" on KMOX-TV 
"Wednesday night. 

was the radio “daddy” on the 
old Fanny Brice “Baby 
Snooks” series, will turn up on 
“Sugarfoot” on KTVI tomor- 
row night. 

NIGHT: Steve Allen Show 
(KSD-TV, 9 p.m.), guests Tony 
Martin, Mort Sahl and Juliet 
Prowse; June Allyson Show: 
(KMOX-TV, 9:30 p.m.), an off- 
beat story of a nun who 
coaches a school baseball. 

ae fate eget search for island allegedly once inhab | be A Bh Ia A = ———_——— - 
Hemmanesd : ited by Francois Villion. | 
3:30 5 Adventure Time. 8 Feserite | S AVE 20 « N OW 
4 Edge of Night. : : | more 
2 Who Do You Trust? 9:00 5 ya ao Show: Guests, Mort Sahl, 
9 English Literature. ony Martin, Juliet Prowse (color). a 
3:45 11 Captain 11’s Showboat 4 Hennesey: Chick seeks reason for senior | RE. UPHOLSTER 
4: 00 5 ao Mies Brooke. ; nurse’s exceptionally stiff disciplinary 
; the C action. — 
4S.S. Popeye With Cooky and the Cap- 9 Ghsclee Preeremn tor ts Weal bedi | Restyle Your Living Room Furniture 
tain. 9:30 4 June Allyson Show: June Allyson. Sean | CARPETING Wide selection of fabrics. Expert 
2 American Bandstand: Dick Clark, m.c. McClor i. “Sister Slugper ~ Ste f DRAPERIES union workmanship. Open Wed. end 
4:15 9 Audio Visual Methods. y ser. =< SLIPCOVERS Fri. Evenings. Easy Terms. 
4:30 5 Quick Draw McGraw. a nun who coaches a school baseball RING 
‘ * 
A Movie: Humphrey Bogart, Gale Page 2 ed" Meck's "Amateur our | WM. B. APPELL “é8veanr 
in ‘You Can’t Get Away With Murder’’ 11 Paul Coates: ‘Beatnik Spy.” ones 
(1939). 9 Social Problems. 4524 DELMAR, Phone FO. 7-8976 ESTIMATE 
5: 00 reine og! yr spa Club. 10:00 & This Man Dawson: Keith Andes. 
in 4 News — Spencer Allen; Weather — Pat 
5:15 11 Sgt. Preston of the Yukon. Fontaine. 
5:30 2 News, ae ig ag 2 Manhunt: “Misguided Mother.” 
| § What’s the es alter ay! 11 Movie: Jeanne Crain, Cornel Wilde, 
5: 45 - as tae — eport. Linda Darnell in ‘Centennial Summer” 
' ye (1946). 
11 Three Stooges. _ 10:15 4 Eye on St. Louis. 
6:00 5 News—John Roedel; Weather—Ed Wil- 10:30 5 News — Bob Hille; Weather — Clif St. 
son. James. 
4 News—Max Roby; Weather—Pat Fon- 4 Movie: Margaret O’Brien, Cyd Charisse 
taine. in “The Unfinished Dance” (1947). 
2 Jim Bowie: Scott Forbes. 2 Movie: Zachary Scott, Faith Domergue 
$ Around the Corner. in “Violent Stranger’ (1958). 
6:15 5 Sports Roundup—Bob Ingham. Tony Martin, Juliet Prowse (color), 
4 News—Doug Edwards. 10:45 3 Jack Paar Show: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dody 
:25 ‘5 Spotlight. Goodman, Arthur Treacher, © Lester 
6:30 5 Riverboat: Beverly Garland in ‘‘Three James. | 
Graves.” Captain Holden makes port in 11:30 11 Bedtime Stories: Teresa Wright, Phil 
a town completely emptied by the cry of rai Carey in ‘Stars Don’t Shine.” 
plague. > 5 News. 
4 Kate Smith Show: Guests, pianist Sey- 2 News—Home Digest. 
mour Bernstein and the Fort Dix Chorus. ___ II Final Edition News. 
2 Cheyenne: ‘Home Is the Brave.” Chey- 12:05 5 Night Court. 
enne brings the body of a war hero back 12:10 21 Spy: “Abbe and the Nymph.” 
we his home town where it is refused 12:15 4 wy 8 Penang Rogers, ‘Stuart Erwin in | 
urial. ong Came Youth’’ (1931), 
11 Bengal Lancers. 12:35 5 Weather. The BEST 
2 Operation Explore: ‘‘The Universe.” 1:45 4 Late News Roundup. in view 
Tuesday Daytime 
A.M. . 11:30 5 It Could Be You (color). 9 Storyteller. 
5:45 4 News. 4 Search for Tomorrow. 2:50 9 Geography. 
6:00 5 Continental Classroom: 2 Coffee Break. 3:00 5 Racket Squad. 
Physics. 11 Short Story. 4 Brighter Day. 
4 Town and Country. 11:40 9 Learn to Spell. 2 Beat the Clock. 
6:30 5 Continental Classroom: 11:45 4 Guiding Light. 3:15 4 Secret Storm. 
Chemistry (color), $9 A Number of Things. 
4 PS 4. P.M. . 3:30 5 Adventure Time. 
7:00 5 Today (News at 7:25), 12:00 5 Charlotte Peters. 4 Edge of Night. 
4 Sane tere (News at 4 News, Weather. 2 Who Do You Trust? 
7:15, 7°30 and 7:45: 2 Restless Gun. 3:45 11 Captain 11’s Showboat. 
* Westtine vet’ 9-08 and 11 The Women’s Touch. 4:00 5 Our Miss Brooks. 
9:25). 9 Social Problems. 45S.S. Popeye. 
7:30 2 The New Mathematics, 12:05 41 Married Joan. 2 American Bandstand. 
8:00 5 Today (News at 8:25), 12:30 4 As the World Turns.” 4:30 5 Abbott and Costello. 
4 News, Weather. 2 Love That Bob. 4 Movie: ‘Always in My | = ‘ 
2 Cartoon Classics. 12:45 9 Seashore Animals. Heart” (1942). % turns against its 
8 Genetics. 1:00 5 Queen for a Day. 5:00 5 Wrangler’s Club. ed | : 
i 58 & Cuntaia Beteirce 4 For Better or Worse. 2 kKocky and His Friends. s wer here when his 
8:30 4 yr are Tw . j 2 About Faces. 7 5:15 11 William Tell. a body is returned 
. abn 11 Movie: ‘Loves o - 5:30 2 News, Weather. 
8:45 2 Cartoon Time. gar Allen Poe” (1942). 9 What’s the News? 2 for mae 
9 Beginning Spelling. 1:20 9 What’s the News? vee — cum 
9: 00 : Spe rowan 1:30 5 Loretta Young. ~ FM Programs 2 
owe ow. 4 House Party. .. equency modulation orograms are| >: 
2 Romper Room. 2 “at d Station. KSLH. 91°97 .. B:b0 a. ‘ 
9:10 9 A Look at Missouri. 1:45 9 Friendly Giant. p-m.; KC iM, 93.7 neg. 8200 cm | 
9:30 5 Play Your Hunch. 2:00 5 Young Dr. Malone. ‘om. to 7:00 P, m. “WADI 965 oan. a 
4 On the Go. 4 The Millionaire. 5°40 _a.m. to 12:08 a . 
$:35 9 A Number of Things. 2 Day in Court. WIRING trouble: . 
9:55 9 French. ll Movie: “Centennial = repairs.. s? .. 
A Summer” (1946). additions. . “ee 
et ; emt cogs (color). 9-05 9 State Constitution. alterations a 
2 Way of Life. 2:30 5 From These Roots. oe 
10:30 5 Concentration. S fae ae : 
Hf = meg ae —Phone FL 2-6540 
Sgr GALL THE OLDEST RADIO & BD ccceemesomans 
10:55 9 Beginning Spelling. DAY OR TV R 
11:00 5 Truth or Consequences. NIGHT SE VICE 

4 Love of Life. | 
2 Mr. and Mrs, North. 

11:15 11 Chapel; News. 

11:20 9 Learning Adventures. 

Earl Nightingale's 




411 N. 7th ST. LOUIS 1, MO. 
$4.95 Each—Mail Order $5.25 

Budget Terms 

4933 DELMAR —_—FO. 7-1885 


RCA, Admiral, DuMont, Phiice 

and Emerson Authorized TY Service 

eee eal LA 

TERMS DOWN  5-4000 
BC-TV Inc. 5723 Delmar 

5217 Gravois FL. 3-1028 | 

—~— —- EE — | 

by Bill Bailey 
$280,000 is what graduates of 
technical instit 

report by the National 

tion of Education, — 

Write, phone 

Booklet and Free Aptitude Test. 
No obligation, PRospect 6-7860. 


1626 S. Grand St. Louis 4. Mo 

at 6:15 p.m. 



ST. 1-6677 

3425 WATSON RD. 

reported by 


Daily te 5:30 p.m.; Tues. ‘til 9 p.m. 


Ex healetioncscd 

James Michener’s 


Herbert Marshall guests © 
os the leader of a group © 
of slightly wild, poetic ey 
historians. | 


at ~~ 

HENRY—By Carl Anderson 

HERMAN—By Clyde Lamb 




i el 


Fred Dick 
es 2 RS 


eh ee! Y..1 SHOT HIM! | 


> aay OBLIVION, 

"But don't let Hallie know we're planning, a birthda f 
for her—she wants it to be a surprise.” ite | 



vt | 
MRS. S. Seen 
Ei Monte, Calif, 

STEVE ROPER—By Saunders and Overgard 
; f wr —T a eT HIS WOUND WILL wr: 

py THE q 
| a 
? é , J j 
rite Set = THE JACKSON TWINS—By Dick Brooks 
| - ACROSS 45 Savory pee : —— 
: 1 Emphasize 47 Came - = = : a" : 3 = . : i 
: 7 Fuel together 
It Tie 48 Of the =e ara 
} 2 Father nerves « SIA . 
* superior 50 Forceful MIE IN|D E s E N T 
WAmerican 52 Perfume NIAIN/|A BBD IRIE |S/S BBAIR 
: “patriot 53 Pressing ViTMEOlEAILIT ME: RII 
| 15 Renting ‘machine NEBHIEINITIY BBAINIE|T 
agreements 54 Whirlpool LIE |A|SIE BAIN] 1 (S/E "4 
¥? Friend: Fr. 55Money =~ Ali jR UINTI VAS 
| 16 Procrasti- owed RIE|S|EINITMM DIAL IF /| ~ : 
: ; DOWN 94 BROWE ODOR pe YS skal 
. LET lY|R/O|s Bt je ir , VM Ss ask we oan [Sh 
| 1 Predica- Hip ‘Beever’ | “Leu 
| ment — Solution of Saturday's Puzzle | [fF { a fee ES . \ Sopa 
pg 13Salty drops 34 ae gc Se Bees ee 
| 16 Wild plum 35 Submerge ra 
) ri 19 Northern 37 Seaport on KERRY DRAKE—By Alfred Andriola 
: peninsula: the Adriatic = : 
| poor ™ abbr. 38 Egg dish Rk. 4 
: horse 22 Splendor 39 Rivers, Tus Lapeer. You Wane 
, 7. Kind of 24 Desert lakes, etc. IT ISN'T THE LITTLE BOOK- 
: hean rd ica and blue eo 
: apor 
: | yO taal ce | Fireplace Fixtures Flexscreens 
|x orders thas FOR ANY FIREPLACE 
| 2 plotting Aschinn a Deir 46 Dreadful | CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE 
| apita garmen af: | 
Sot'Pera —10Btle = S0Munical—-(9Colon | “FORSHAW” 
44 Moreover expenditure sounds 51 Plunder +E ; “OB $f, LOUIS 
has ; 828 ° 
7 ; | : “< 
Og Be: 3 SS ) Free Galtenates 
@ES ee 15 | s — ae WY 3-6501 
AHR Ci Es ——— ie . |] HAL-MAR 333, 'ct 
f 15 : Eee. ie Open Thurs. Nights Till 9 
* | ’ - ee | 4%. f G ad’ LAUGH IT OFF ek aaa : 
a 1 Uncle Ray’s Column. ‘Seven Cities of Gol nd and covers CRACKED PLASTER 
! , : — i ~ friends, Francisco Coronado, to te er oun ee oe is | cook PHINTS 
“ SS ; tee, ’ ’ > . 
ua 3 By Ramon Coffman command an a: With Ww ; | 
~ | SOME EXPLORERS of the a es Ee a Ss \ Wee 
‘ | New World spoiled their records mounted, Coronado left Mexieo WA ef WROD 
mae o with cruel deeds. Cortez, for ex- City. At that time he was about SIS * ‘ye A | ey ees ang FREEZER 
7 ample, left a trail of harsh and 8 yeh a > at HEE meee |i) Ens TOR 
inhuman treatment in his deal- Much of northward trip a A mys 1 ae Latae i , ie plus REFRIGERATO 
5 36 ings with the Aztec Indians of was made across desert areas. ef ZZ, N ake oe eee tem) |1) "© 32" wide Freaner kingsized 
; Mexico, Weeks and months went by, and re 11 ones — | . Retrige ator $3 cu. ft. ~ 
3 Far different were the ad- then the Spaniards reached a “My wife would uke & =. WITH ANY 
| 4 ventures of Coronado, This @s¢..% country known as Cibola. words with you about my _ SAVE POST-WAR 
fat -——T—] | Spanish leader had soldiers with Coronado leading expedition | CATCHING SIGHT of the vil- —— ==? i= REFRIGERATOR 
*Y muskets (as against Indian ar- across Mexican desert. lage, and observing sunshine re- there. © ee li W, H, STANLEY 00. 
— 5D p—apony | rows), but he treated the natives flected from the flat roofs, some One good thing did come to Llanes |4 mhpveseal’ annie 
: in a decent manner. to him: of the soldiers cried out in de- the white men. The Indian resi- | uy 5069 DELMAR FO. 7-0225 
‘ - THE TRIP came after reports ‘I have traveled to the north, light. To their excited eyes, the dents provided them with food, | OPEN EVENINGS ‘TIL 9—SATURDAY 10 to 6 
| y were made about “seven golden and learned about seven rich roofs seemed to be made of and the Spaniards sat down to Open an Account. EASY TERMS 
Y cities” to the north of Mexico. cities. I was told that they are silver. a hearty feast. | FREE PARKING 
' aa s Friar Marco, a_ churchman, filled with gold and silver.”’ The village was disappointing. For HISTORY section of your 

called on Gov. Mendoza a 9 

The governor asked one of his Neither silver nor gold was found 


(ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Mon. Mar. 14, 960 7D 




POGO—By Walt Kelly BLONDIE—By Chic Young 7 GRIN AND BEAR IT—By Lichty ie 
——— _y- — — : . eg AND WHAT IF ITOLO You }!i!”’ SS A 4 

Ss i " 
sa yf 
i fs 

; i 

, HAVE TO 00 yey G 
. we Pp & ANO MATCHIN 

Ms en +e*4 




<i OID 

“Since Roscoe was interviewed in a political poll, he’s switched 
from a ‘don't know’ to a ‘know-it-all’ in just a few days! . . 

TIZZY—By Kate Osann 
STEVE CANYON—By Milton Caniff “yaaa 

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BUNION—By Martin 

“Mother, have you seen my work gloves? 
We're going in Herbie’s car! 

“T just love it here. There are more things to com- 

plain about!” LI'L ABNER—By Al Capp 


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in So bey 3 eons pein in — 2 a — LOIS—By navi Walker and Dik Browne a 
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