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Full text of "Sears, Roebuck and Co. : Fall 1902 : Catalog No. 112T [Tools]"

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embrace the opportunity of thanking all those who have dealt 
with us for the liberal patronage they have given us, and we 

specially desire to express our appreciation of the interest you have 
aken in calling the attention of your friends and neighbors to the 
ow prices quoted in our catalogue, for, from the thousands of orders 
v3 ei every day, orders coming from every section of every 
tate drum people who have never before dealt with us, it is plainly 
vident that our customers are taking an active interest in our 


ne that they are calling the attention of their friends to the money | 
It is evident that | 

hey can save on purchases they make from us. 
hey are causing their neighbors who have not as yet sent to us for 
-oods, to see the kind of goods we furnish, and how low our prices 
ire as compared to the prices at which the goods can be bought 
rom thuir storekeepers at home. They are also having an oppor- 
unity to learn from the experience of their neighbors who are al- 
eady dealing with us, that the freight or express charges, when 
idded to our extremely low selling prices, amount to next to noth- 
ng as compared with the money saved on goods bought from us. 



RONAGE WE ARE RECEIVING, as much as we value 
every order sent us, we appreciate even more, if possible, 

the interest our customers everywhere are showing in the way of 
assisting us in introducing our low price making method of selling. 


that almost every catalogue we sen 1 customer of ours, the 
same catalogue is used by one or families in the sar 
neighborhood. It is evident that this:catal...- is used b 
of our customer calling his neighbor’s attentici the cz 
We wish to assure our customers that if 

consistent with honest goods and honest representations 
with the greatest possible care in the handling and filling of 
if this will merit your continued interest in our factory to co 
method of furnishing goods, if you will continue to allow youn 
and neighbors to use your catalogue for reference and for « 
from us, and will continue to call the attention of your frie 
neighbors to our catalogue and to our low prices, we 
will do our part. We will leave nothing undone to give _ 
values and such service as can be had from no other b 

FP Wey 


ses the goods), and the prices quoted in this book, quality for quality, are 
9wer than the prices quoted in any other catalogue printed, whether the 
‘ouse printing the catalogue sells to the consumer or to the dealer, as every 
hrice quotation plainly shows, and we frequently speak of how much money 
‘Ju Can save on an article as against the price you would be compelled to 
‘ay your storekeeper at home; many merchants (storekeepers) and even 
nany of our customers might think that our purpose was to antagonize the 
2tail dealers of the country. 

eSpect for the retail merchant. He fills an important place in commerce, in 
act, is a necessary agent for the distributing of all kinds of merchandise to 
aé convenience of the consumer everywhere. Very rarely the country 
nerchant who sells you dry goods, shoes, hardware and other merchandise, 
vercharges you. As a rule, the merchant from whom you buy, adds as 
ittle profit to the cost of the goods to him as he can possibly afford to add. 
‘orexample: If a certain article in our catalogue is quoted at $1.00 and 
‘our hardware merchant asks you $1.50 for the same article, we wish to 
ay in behalf of your hardware dealer that this difference of 50 cents does 
‘ot represent an excessive profithe is charging you; for by reason of his 
ing compelled to buy from wholesale houses in small quantities, he is 
ompélled to pay more for this article than we would pay, for we buy in 

ry rge quantities direct from the manufacturers; his sales are necessarily 
mall his expenses necessarily large in proportion to the amount of busi- 
258 0¢ does, and he must get his cost, his expenses and a fair profit out of 
_= goods he sells. 
r to use today or tomorrow, and you have not time to send to us 
id certainly it is a great convenience to you to have different stores in 
avy town where the goods are carried in stock and where your wants can 
*& S.pplied on a moment’s notice), we believe when you patronize your 
“orekeeper at home, as you must for your many wants, especially when your 
ants have not been anticipated, and you have not time to send to us, that 
ou should expect to pay this merchant a fair profit, We feel like again 
“peating in his behalf, if the goods you buy from him for $1.00 would cost 
om us, freight charges added, 75 cents, he is not overcharging you; he is 

not taking more profit from you than he is entitled to, and whe 
sider the price he must pay for goods, buying in small quantities, h < 
of selling (for his sales are not large), and the fact that he must 
enough to make at least a living, with very few exceptions the 
merchant in every line sells to you for as little money as he can 3 
afford to sell. 

THE MERCHANTS In all lines in every state: thousands of merct.ants : cll 
lines are constantly buying from us. We feel there is ample rcon “> * 
big, rich, growing ccuntry for all the country merchants who are fe ¢ d 
in honest merchandising, and there is also room for us. 

IT IS NOT OUR DESIRE to build up our business (now a'r .dv < ery 

large) by attempting to tear down any retail business already ir. osteieu. 
We know all of our two miilion customers buy more or less from t' ¥ 3! 9r'- 
keepers at home. We know they will continue doing so, and we 4 .S 

greatly to their convenience that they can do this. and their p- 

continue to support and strengthen the retail -dealers of the ~ 

when anyone of our two million customers, their friends or their: sc 4- 
wish to buy anything in our line (and we handle almost everything ct. ce." 
able in merchandise), and they can anticipate their wants fora ' w oA 
long enough for their order to reach us and the goods to reach them.;a% 
by sending to us they can save a liberal percentage as against th> ¢ 
they would be compelled to pay their storekeeper at home, it ispe> 2} 
proper that our customers and their friends and neighbors should senu sig} 
orders to us and save as much money as they possibly can. 

CATALOGUE HOUSE really antagonizes his own customers, he realiy qus- 
tions the right of his customers to spend their money where they lixe, a 4 
we believe the wise merchant will treat his customers the best he possib): 
can, will give his customers as good value for their money as is possible 
notcriticise his customers for spending their money where they iixe~- 
tainly not assail them for sending their money toa catalogue hou: 
doing this he is criticising his customers for saving money, ar” 
injuring the catalogue house he is injuring his own brsiness and 
the business of the catalogue house. 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. 

Standard Navy Plug Tobacco. 

No. 772281 Standard Navy Plug Tobacco. 725- 
pound butts, per pound..... eee feeds. ...05C 
14-pound butts, per pound......6. .6. cece eee SEC 
Less quantity, 14-ounce plug ...... eee ......d2C 

Battie Ax Plug Tobacco. 

No. 7T2283 Battle Ax Plug. 2s-pound butts. 
Mee mound...... .2.95------;---- eee. 6... 0 oe 
14-pound butts, per pound..... cans oe 34¢ 
Less quantity. WAM... ccs ee5.-.0--...55. 33e 


No. 7T2290 S.,R.& Co.’s Bed Rock. Our special 
price, ia 10-pound pails, per POWUUG,..-..- ee 
No. TT2291 S.,. RK. & Co.'s Manila Girl. Our gue is] 
pire in 10-pound as per TiC 35e 
1 id eee A &§ Bents All. ha spec inl 


price. per pound, in 10-ponnd pails: - ate 
No. 37T2293 S.. R. & Co.'s Maytlow <a ‘Our spc - 
cial price, ver pound, in Jo-pound Balls... : 2¢ 
oO. PT 2294 S.; ae 0.'s eae Dee see: 
special price, per pound, in 10- aun ja51S . ...440e 
No. Anes $2 oe . & Co.'s Maple Leaf. Price, 
per pound, inge-pound pails... _ ......... ae . 400 
No. 772296 Sweet Burley Fine Cut. Price, ie 
pound. in 5-pound pails or 1- -pound drunis........ de 
No. 772298 = ate al Fine Cut. Our ee: 10- 
pound pails. per pound.. sak Bb: 40¢ 


3772307 Big Havana. Brice full case of 10 
pounds. per pound... eee a (- 
Price. less quantity (six pac kages), per Hib: =... 28e 
No. 7T2308 llard Times Smoking. Price. in full 
case of 20 pounds. per ponnd...... icc cs ess 26¢ 
Mrice, less quantity, per pound......... .-..-. 27 
No. 772309 Valley Smoker. iat: in pe cise, 
29 ends, per ao: [ee Bed 25 
rice, less quantit per pound. De Ms ea 26¢ 

No. 7T2310 Beck? ‘s Ikunting Smoking 1 Tohacco. 

Price, per pound, any pone y ey ae Poue 
No. 7T2312 Seroco Cigar Hpplags. 
Price, per pound, any queny Bee as 32¢ 
No. 7T2313 Sweet Clippings. Price, per pound. 
an quantity. PPE ce dais ccciccas cs 1s -cedere- aay 
No. 7T2314 Sweet “Kentucky “Smoking Price. 
pet mound, any quantity............- . ..25e 
No. 772316 Plow Boy Smoklog. Price, pcr 
pagnd, any quantity... , . 36¢e 
No. 772317 Duke's Mixture. Price, ‘19g-ounce 
pagrages. ja) 0) 0 (0 | A 35e€ 

No. 7T2318 Briar Pipe Smoking. Per pound, SAL 

No. 772319 Corn Cake Smoking. Price, per 
peed | (including pipe).........+.eeees essere pees 23e 
No. 7T2320 Yum Yum Smoking. Per pound, 36¢ 
No.7T2323 Fashion Cut Plug Smoking. Price, 
CE EREO ae a 3i¢ 
No. 7T2330 Genuine Durham Bull. 
Price, I-pound cloth bags, per pound...........%¢ 
Price. %4-pound cloth bags, per pound. ... .... ...56C 
Price, 3%-ounce cloth bags, per pound........ maoac 
Price, 124-ounce cloth bags, * pound.. nes 8e 
Price, smal) 5-cent trial packages, each.......-- 4¢ 

No. 772335 Seal of Narth Carolina, Granulated. 

Price, 12f-ounce cloth hags, per pound.. 57¢ 
Price, 344-ounce cloth bigs, per pound.......... bbe 
Price, &-ounce cloth bags, per pound...... ....46¢ 
Price, 1-pound wond drum,........ ......-. a. S40 
No. 77T2339 Mail Hauck Smoking, Price, per 
(ORNS ASSCS conan een nnene anne er re eer 36¢e 
No. TT2341 Sweet Tip Tap Smoking. Ler lb., 36¢ 

No. 772342 Old Tip TopSmoking. Per ponnd, 34¢ 
No. 7T2345 Badger Smoking. Per pound (& or 
ee 2 eS Se 20¢ 
No. pre346 Peerless “Smaking. It is put up in 
packages e either 1-lb., %-lb. or 343-02z., as desired. 

Per pe ..,.. ot@Qe-/ 538 Se 33 
No. 2348 Seal of North Carollaa Cut “Plug. 
Beoucce Sams DET POUN......... 0.0000. 5G6e 
8 onnce wood drums, per pound.............666. 61e 
1% or 31g ounce pouches, per pound .............65¢ 
No. 7T2349 Myrtle Navy Cut Plug. 3%4-ounce 
nae hes. PEMA ee ee tes e es see cone -41¢c 
7T2350 Golden Sceptre Smoking. 1l-pound 
r ‘per pound... Meese ecsccsse «ROS 
%-pound tins, per pound. Meee ice eee scectecicsse ® LO 
Se-OUNCEMINS. HET POUN ... ......cccccccssese 1610 

1% - ouuce tins. per pound.. aneeeceeeeseeteoreetese 1.20 

Per |b. 

No. {T2352 mecompoy: = 2,5 and 10-)b. jars.. 80.50 
1-pound jars. . 55 


No. 712353 Ra ppee, 2 S "5 aud 10-lb. jars .. 50 
Bepound jars........-.- .---- 2 veces greet es 55 
No. 772354 Norrkopiug, 2,5 and 10-lb.jars .50 
ARATE | 9), 0 Serre 65 
No. 7T2355 Garrett's Scotch Snuff, 1-02. 

tins. Ter dozen, 7Oc: cach 
W., R. & Co.’s Improved Butter Color. 

No. 7T2155 Large, $1.00 size, per bottle... . 80¢ 
Medium, 50-cent size, per bottle............- 0 38¢ 
Small, 25-cent size, per bottle. ..... 4 Jo hee 

Butter Paper. 
No. 7T2157 Manila Waxed Butter Paper, grease 
proof. 12x18 inches. Per ream of 480 sheets...39¢ 
mols inepGse per ream of 450 sheets... ..........06- lic 

Parchment Dairy Paper. 
Cut In the sizes as quoted and put up in packages 
oe 4 000 sheets. 

.7T2159 Price, Price, 
Sine 1.000 sheets 5,000 sheets 
eee Mn dsisocicicn ee gen me OD $1.40 
jee eee 58 Ce 
gx 9 50 5 OC eee 8 ar | 
tt Eee . ..aeeeeee 8) 3.92 
. a Se aes) « 5 «SS 4.25 
1 re Boe aanevaee ee 4) 4.30 
LS re os eae 1.38 5.60 

Kerosene Oils. 
We sell Kerosene Oi] in barre)s or cans aa quoted 
below. Garrels coninin about 52 gallons. 

S., R. & Co.’s Special Family 

Kerosene Oil. 

A barrel of this oll containing 
52 gallons will cost you but 
“5.72 and the barrel is free. 
We ship the oil in either full 
barrels of 52 gallons or 10 galion 
cans; when we ship the 10 gailon 
cans the ean is extra, aad while 
Ane ean jis a very desirable article 
to have, canvenient in many 
respects abont the farm and 
house, stil] it is far more evconom- 
ical to buy the oil in full barrels. 
Our special prices are as follows: 
-ae ee 490 Tn full barrels of 
rullons: price, per gallon. Lie 
Se 8OT2Z491 rice for 10 gal- 
lon can, in¢luding lg can free (can alone costs us 
aw) cents) . Meee 
S., R. & Co.’s Family Safety Kerosene 

rerwe at Wi Gr eriosth cece cpr bt tc) Ce Lc oe i ee MT Ct Ye aL 

Guaranteed Inany state; gives beautiful white 

light. YWinest oi) made. 
No. 30T2492 Price for barrel, per gallon....11 Ae 
No. 3072493 Price for 10- -gallon Cin, incinding 
the can free (can alone costs us Scents). . RI. 80 

Stove Gasoline. 
No. 3072512 Steve gasoline, 74 degrees, deodor- 
ized, burrelsonly. Price, per gullon........-...0«. 12¢ 
Engine Casoline. 

Noa. 30T2513 Engine Gasoline. Barrels only. 

PricespemsenlitaiigMe «oc sceeais. . . «+ «cues l2c 
awa? 4, peeing oe oSere  e 
w SPECIAL NOTICE, No. 3072524 m 
* Wesellany quantity aver one gallon, but a 
‘ nathing Jess than one gallon. Ah 
vy Barrels contalu 52 gallons. ay 
7 No charge for barrels when ordered in or- mM 
iy iginal barrels. m 
w On orders for less than barrel, we make mp 
w the following charges far packages: m 
ny No. 30T2524 -Darrel...<.csssce: + aes 81.00 mp 
wy 10-gallon jacket cans.. 55 ie 
NY 5-gallou jacketcans.. 30 mm 
ui 3-gallon Jacket cans.. -25 m@ 
NY) 2-gallon jacket cans... .25  m 
as J-gallon tin cans . 10 my 
4323332 >=2 333233323233223 33 322¢ 

Lard Oils. 

Cans and Half Barrcis Extra. Vlease 
read special notice No. 3072524 
= No. 3072525 Extra Winter Strained 
| 7] Lard Oil, used extensively by plumbers, 
| Se brass spinners, etc. For alt kinds of lnb- 
A ricating and for miners’ lamps, railroad 
4 lanterns. etc. Per gallon... .......:.. $0c¢ 
| No. 3072526 No. 1 Lard Oil, used for 
lubricating and mixing. a very good oil, 
but nat so white and clear as the winter 
[nthe <ceol\ey cee tek nnne eaeee gar are ee Ble 
Neatsfoot Oiis. 
Cans and Half iarrelsExstra. Please Read Special 
Notice No. 30T2524 
No. 30T2530 Pure Nenatsfout Oil, 
iog leather, oiling guns, ete. 

used iu dress- 
We are headquarters 

and sell at right prees. Per gallon. @.......3 78e 
Na. 5072531 Extra Neatsfoot 01, commonly 
sold for pine sbee OMe ln) @....<s econ ee we ee: 58e 
No. 30T2532 No.1 Neatsfoot Oil, commonly sold 
LOR CNC ce te ee ie io woe eee ee ws ee es 50c 

Cylinder Oils. 
Cans and Half Barrels Extra. Please Read Speclal 
Notice No. 30T2 Siscke 
No. 3072540 Extra Valuc Cylinder, 
the very best. cylinder oil; the jobhing 
price ot this kind of oil in ‘single barret ¢ 
is 75 cents per allon, and often times 
mare money. Per gallon....2°..... 3S5e 
No. 3072541 Eclipse Cylinder O]1. 
690 degrecs tire test, gravity 22. 
Per fa lone. eee ere. «soe .obe 
No, 3072542 Enreka Cylinder. 
used for cylinders and heavy m:- 
clunery, -Cue price Oe: . ce ee 32¢ 
No. 30T25 Pure Natural W. Va. 


Lubrieating Oil; the best below zero, will tow in 

Ciel Vater er PON cco cciss ce nccee eee see: 26¢ 
s Engine Oils. 

et Cansand Half Barrels Extra. Please 

Read Special Notice No. 30T2524. 
Now. 380T25560 Dynamo Engine Otl. 

Per gallon... 35¢ 

Na. 3OT23551— No. 1 Re d ‘Engine il. 

Pere lOMh. < -..2 ese ee 2 ae ote 

NO, “30T2352 Na. 2 “Engine Oil. 

Mee NO aces ie See ee, Stee 20¢ 
Separator Oil. 

Cans and Half Barrels Extra. Vilease 

Read Special Notice No, 3OT2524. 

No. 3072553 BestSeparator Oll, Pergaliun.? te 

No, SO0TS570 Pint cans, per 
dozen, $1.25: euch... .... P20 
No. 30T2572 Quart cans, per 
dozen, 2.253 ac h.. : alr 
No. 30T25% Gallon cans, per 
dozen, 84.00; eae iets: cae De 

CATALOCUE No.fi2. _ a5 

Perfect Harness Qil. 
Cans and Half Barrels Extra. 
Please read speelal notice. No. 30T252 b. 
Perfect Harness OL Ne. PE, contains 
lt preserves the leather and kee ie it ye 

No. 30T2554 
no acid. 

able. Priee, per gallon..... _ os 

S.,R.& Co.'s Harness Oil. 
In guaranie ‘eal qual to anything 
in the pnarket for rofltening and 
preserving the leather, harness, 
ete. thengeh ft is soldat a lower 
price than any other make, 

No. 3072573 d-gzallon cans, agi 
No. 30T257 

eeoeaeeeoreraaeaarwrs ones 

l0-gallon ec ans. pe rean. . a 

Harness Oressing. 
NO. 3072582 Frank Miller's lharnesns 
Dressing, for lharness, saddles. fly 
nets, ¢te, Gives a beautlfn) tinish, 
does not lose its luster. Directions 
for use on every pac kage, 
Price, quarts. $40: pint cans. cach.19¢ 
Weight uboat, pints, 1 poannd; 
quarts, 214 poonds. 

Carrlage Top Dressing. 

Na. 30T2584 Frank Miller’ Dress- 
ing forbuggy and carrlage tops. Gives 
an elastic, durable, jet black water- 
proof gloss. Can be easily used on 
the finest stock. Directions on cach can. 

Price, % pints, cach.... 2.2 oeeeeee be 

Price, plats. CWell....0.-)2 227 30¢ 

Welght, about 1 pound. 
Acme Red Seal Carriage Top Dressing. 

Noa, 380T2586 The best ever used for 
Weeecas preserving tops of buggies and carriages. 

Rae Gives an elegant gloss and makes the 
leather waterproof. '%4-pint cuns.....17¢ 
Weight. Pout aj poand. 
q Price. periepint Can--.c2 eee ...25C€ 
HCARRSACLT Weight, about 114 pounds. 
West 86 Price. per l-quart can .... 42e 

Weight, about 24 pounds. 

West’s Carriage Top Dressing. 

A top dressing that Ils second to nose. 
An article that willdr ry in a few hours and 
or the top a soft and glossy appearaner 

"ill not crack or harden the finest leather 
orrubbertop. If you have atop thatlook-~ 
rusty acan of No. 1 will malkze it look like 

No. 30T2588 Price, No. 1,4 pint.. 

No. 30T2589 Price, No. 3.1 pin#......: 

No. 30T2590 Pric#iyo.2es pitt... ....2e 

No. 3072591 Price, No. 4.1 Quant... anes 

Nlachine Olis. 

Cansand Half Barrels Extra. pe 
read special notice No. 30T252 

Per eum 
No. 30T2580 Excelsior 
Machine 4)il . anon. OL 
No. 30T? 681. Summer Black 
Oil... Mai sak = ates 13 
No. 30T2 B82 15 degrees ane 14 
No. 30T2583 Zero... 1d 
Na, 3072585 Castor, No. 3. 
for 1noricating. cic... 1.10 
No. 30T2586 Castor, iubricating............ 2a 
no. 3072587 Castar, miuchine ©... < me 
No. 30T?588 Castor, machine No. I ...... 0% 

Spirits Turpentine. 
Cans and Half Varrels Extra. 
Please read special natice No. 30T2524, 
No, 3072589 Spirlts Turpentine..... Niarket price. 

Cup Grease. Per Pail. 

No. 30T2590 10-Ib. pails. ......:-)--ge oe &1.00 
95-lb. pail, hard or Soft...) eee 

50-1b. pail, hard or soft.. 2.18 

Sewing Machine Oil, Benzine, Turpen- 
tine, Etc.—In Bottles. 

Per Doz. 

No. 30T2603 Sewing Machiae Ou. 

f-oz. DOMMES. ...... 606s eecees se eee 

MEO. IMDCLIG 2 cca cede is os aed s seas ee 50 .0S 

Na. 30T2602 Siweet Oil, 4-01. bottle. 1.20 -10 

a2. HOt. cass aes es ee «ei os OF 
No. 3072608 Walrus Sewing ka- 
chine Oi], 4-oz. tincius, with Oiler spout: 

best quality oil. 

=0.85 £0.09 

uate Gree 99 .10 

Harvester O}!, 
Cans and Half Barreis Extra. 
Please read speclal uotice No. 3072524. 
For thrashing machines. windmills, harveszvers. 
mowers, ind heavy farm muehinery of ail kinds, is 

| hixluly recommended by those who hare used it. 

No. 30T2621 Bbis.. 5% gals.. per gal. 26¢ 

We wiso furnish Harvester Oi tin one quan tin 

cansaV er cuNes- sees Pe eee ad 0. 
Per dozen cins.. .. re 

NWlather Thousand Mile Axle Oil. 

A pure lubricaat. free from ro-in or 



grit, especiaily prepurec for carringe 
and wi avon axies. Espee See iy adapted 
to our Mather 1.000 Mile Axle. Guar- 

anteed ta run tongerthaa me y cther oi] 
or crease made. 
No. S50T7T26°75 
No. 30T' oe =e 
Xa. SOT2627 

Price. per pint. $0.20 
Price. per quart 30 
Price. pe: gallon 1.00 



Coach Oll. 
No.30T2630 Quart cans, doz., $2.80; each. 80.26 
Gallon cans, dozen, 7.50; each............... 65 
5-gahlon Jacket Can, percan. ................ 2.60 
Half barrel, 30 gallons, per gallon............ 41 
Barrels, 52 gallons, per gallon................. «39 

Linseed Oil. 

We wilt give our cus- 
tomers the benefit of the 
lowest market price. 

Cans and Half Barrels 
Please read special notice 
No. 3072524. 

No. 30T2643 Strictiy 
Pure Boiled Llaseed Oil. 

Per gallon...Market Price 

Barrels contain 52 gallons; ¥%-barrels, 30 gallons, 
and cans as wanted. 



you can get the rate of 
frelght and express to a 
polnt near you In your 

PAGES 1 TO if State, which will bealmuost, 
~~ «If ont exactly, the same 

rate as to your nearest raiiroad station. From 
this you can calculate almost exactly what the 
freight or express wlll amount to on any ship- 
ment to your town, and you will find it willl 
amount to next to nothing as compared to what 
you willl save In price. 

Boiled Java Oil. 
Cans and Haif Barrels Extra. 
Please Read Special Notice No. 3072524. 

No. 30T2650 Use exactly the same as boiled lln- 
seed oli. Needs nodrier. Dries in 24 hours. 

Bete er PallOV............-ceccecccccees ici: 35e 

This ol! will not mix with white Jead or zinc, only 
minera) paints for rongh work. such as_ barns, 

fences, etc. 
Raw Java Oil. 
Cans and Half Barrels Extra. 
Please Read Speciai Notice No. 3072524, 

Z 30T2651 Raw Java Ol. Use same as raw 
nsec. Requires 25 per cent good drier. 

RMR aE TANT UUPENED ook sec cect cen cens ccccecseces 2c 

This o}] will not mix with white lead or zinc, only 
mineral palnts for rough work, such as barns. 

fences, etc. ; 
Baltic Oil. 
Cansand Half Barrels Extra. 
Please Read Speclal Notice No. 3072524. 
No. 3072652 Baltic Oii. Use same as boiled 
Java. Adapted for all colors except white; gives 
white acreamy tint. Used by car and bridge palut- 
SPE TCE ICY PALION ... 2... ccc ck eee cece ac cues 29¢ 
This oil will not mix with white lead or zinc. only 
mineral paints for rough work, such as barns, 
fences, ete. 
Sperm Oil. 

No. 30T2653 Sperm Oll. Quart can.......... 26c 
PAT Call) ccc cece cee ae eaters 45c 
|e oa ‘eee eG 

Signal Oil. 

No. 30T2654 Signai Oil. Expressly for lantern 
use. No charge for ean. Per gallon can, 69: per 
¥%-gallon can, 32¢; per 44-gallon cau............ 18¢ 

Pine Tar. 

No. 3072684 Genulne North 

= Carolina Pine Tar. We furnish pine 

jf Row aR 

itty a 

tar in barrels of 50-gallous each and 

son CAnirmaai\ in sealed tins as quoted below. We 

mt — ie} =6obuy this tar direct, and you will find 
t il our prices the lowest. 

; } 60-gallon barrel. per barre]. 86.00 

Li ty Quart cans, per dozen.... ... 3.00 

, i y Cart ecans, CAcCh...... wees... -10 

= NNR mewn aR Half galions, per dozen...... 2.00 

WET td Half gaHonse, each............ -20 

a AVE Wy GaHons, per dozen........ wee. 3.00 

vive 68 oa Gallons, each.......... essen 28 

Coal Tar. 
No. 30T2685 Per barrel.............0........ 85.50 
REM SEL CADE, PCT CAD... ....0..cocesisincciecs> cle 27 

Elastic Waterproof Cement. 

No. 30T2690 For repalring 
leaks on ali kinds of rvofs, gut- 
ters, eave troughs,ete. You canB 
apply it yourself with a putty BRE 
knife or paddle: no tinner or 
roofer required. Where once 
applied lt willstay The weatherE 
does not affect it and it will last 
for years. 

Price, 5-pound cans.......... 55¢ 

P-pOund cans..... .... .... : 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No. 112. 2 


Bol BtO06 DUTIONS OC cOtsObG BOE - Teel Ed abate 
wT Me PPT re ti mena) Mea i Lae es 

i SEARS. ROEBUCK & £0.48 

SCOT0 COE beter C9ek COG FhOek Heer beh eS cae 

$. (0-6 t : f 
Weldel’ FCeOhd .SO"ONOST SIbRtObE: COetal “sone 

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reer reir) 

t at 

BOOK, the most complete palot book ever 
issued, toany one who is interested, by mall, post- 
pald on application. Our paint sample book, as 
illustrated, contains samples showing the actual 
color of every shade of paint and also full Informa- 
tion regarding paint, how to calculate the quantlt 
needed, what colors to select, trimmings, ete., will 
post you thoroughly on paint and painters’ supplies, 
and will enable yon to buy paint at the lowest pos- 

sible prices. 
if in sending 


order selected from thelist below, we know there 
are many who prefer tosee the actual colors before 
ordering, and for those we issue our complete paint 
sample book in colors, and will send it free to any 
address on upplication. 

It ls the 


it Is possible to manufacture. Our prices of 45 

cents and apwards tor the best grade of palnts are lower than you can get from any other concern. 
The freighi rate on palnts is very low, and yeu will find that after you have paid the freight, the saving 

will be encrmous over regular retall prices. 

fail to send to us forthis FREE PAINT COLO 

BEAR iN MIND a smallexpense for paint will 
double the life of your bulld- 

ings, vehlcles, implements, ete. Good paint Is a 
profitable invesimenat. 

Ready Mixed Paints. 

Send for Hilustrated Color Book and Illnts on 
Selecting Colurs of our Seroco brand mixed paicis. 

We fully guarantee our prepared paint to give 
better satisfaction us to durabllity and appearance 
than any paint mixed by hand. 

We guaraniee every gallon to be full weightaad 
measure, and to give perfect satisfuction if proper] 
used, ind any failnre te de so will be made geod. 
eee be afrald of these paints because the price 

8 low. 

One gallonof this paint will cover (two coats) 

2265 square feet of surface. 

Always order by color 
aumber as well as cata- 
logue aoumher. 

No. 30T2692 
#01 French Gray 

202 Lavender 

203 Straw 

204 Pea Green PA ' NTS 
2056 Light Drab s p! 
gas Canary ' EABY MTX EU; 
207 Lemont Stone 
208 Pearl PA ! NT> 
209 Leaver ———=_ 
210 Pink 227 Drab 

211 Milwaukee Brick 228 Olive 

212 Quaker Drab 229 Red 

213 Nile Green 230 Brown 

2142 Oilve Drab 231 French Yellow 
215 Cream 233 Lead 

216 Fawn 235 Light Stone 
217 Pure Blue 237 Dark Gray 
218 Buff 240 Yelluw Stone 
219 Terra Cotta 241 Green Tint 

Apple Green 
Leather Brown 
2 Pure Gray 
Light Blue 

242 Light Slate 

244 Sky Blue 

216 Colonlal Yelhow 
250 Azure Blue 

224 Maroon IW Inside White 
225 llronze OW Outside White 
226 Willow Green Bik Black 
Prices for above colors. Each Gallon 
Doh cau Gree: We | ro a Lee #0.238 
-GUATE CANS 2... .a.. 5. cso 0 ee 53 
1a 1G) GANR.......... 20 seeeeeeeee 98 
D-Bamon buckets .....0.. eee eee een 80.95 
LOS OMELIS .... oo 5s vane es cueee ens e 93 
25-gallion half barrels ........-.0000cceees 8338 
DU=SHMOMEDMITCIS ......c20..ode ensue 0835 
Special Colors. jigal. 2qts. 14t. 
232 Myrtle Green.......... 005. $1.80 80.95 $0.50 
234 Wermliion ... .............. 2.36 £.20 .65 
236 Emerald Green,............ 1.80 965 50 
ei aye il a ee ee 1.80 95 60 

Send for complete Paint Color Book. 

Ready Mixed Floor Paints. 
Sa = Made from the very best pig- 
7) ments. by the latest and most 
-& improved muchinery. <Abso- 
}iutely the best floor paint 
made; gnaranteed to please or 
can be returned at Ourexpense. 
Paint wiil dry ln one aignt. 

No. 30T2700 

530 Leather 

530 Lead 

550 Maroon 

500 Oxide Ked 

510 Yellow 5670 Freach Gray 
620 Terra Cotta 5680 Floor Yellow 
I gallon, 98e; half gallon, 53c; |] quart......... 28c 

Price for larger quaatlties same as Ligald House 

Roof, Fence and Barn Paint. 

Very durable miceral paints, finely ground and 
thianed with linseed oll. Colors: 

700 Oxide Red 730 Yellow 

710 Lead Color 4340 Brown 

720 Drab 760 Maroon Gallon 
No. 30T2710 1t-callome@ans..2.-...-...6.s-. 60c 

S-gallomiits.... 2.008 cect ereneee 55c 
29-pallon barrels... 10-22... 
5S0-gallon barrels 
send fur complete Palnt Sainple Book. 

If you wish to see the actual samples of the paints, do not 

Seroco Craphite-Creosote Paint. 
For Barns, Roofs, Iron Work, Ete. 

This paiat lsa new article on the market and we 
belleve it to be the best barn paint obtainable. As 
a preservative it cannot be excelled and we recom- 
mend itin every way for shingles, tin or iron-rools 
structural iren work, bridges, barns, elevators and 
posts or timbers to be put under ground. Oreosote 
is acknewledged the best preserver of wood and 
graphite has Yong been known te be the most dur- 
able pigment fora paint either above or under water, 
whether salt or fresh. It ls spark proof and will 
resist tire, which makes it a valuable paint; also 
water and rust proof. Will stopleaks, prevent cor- 
rosion and is free from acids. One gallon covers 
abont 300 square feet of tln. iron or any smooth sur- 
face, or 100 square feet of shingles and 150 square feet 
of canvas or telt. Put upin 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon 
kits, one-half barrels containing 30galtlons, and bar- 
rels containing 50 gallons. Made in five sbades. 
Color card malied on application. 

360 Dark Red 363 Dark Lead 
361 Brown 364 Black 
362 Willow Green 

No. 39T2720 1-gallon cans, per gallon.........70¢ 
5-gallon kits. per gallon...) (2ee.. ame. - ee 5e 
%-barrel, 30 rallous, per gallows... we. ..2 ose - = 58c 
l-barrel, 50 gallons, per gallon.......... .. |. ORE 53¢ 

Bu Paints. 
No. 30T2770 erste in the best 

coach varnish. Ready for use. Pre- | 
pared expressly for painting buggles, f 
coaches, carriages, garden chairs, set- 
tees, benches, etc. One coat will make 
a beautiful and durable Holsh. No 
varnishing required. 

Glve nampber of color. 

600 Yellow 

610 Vermilloa 
620 Light Wine 
630 Coach Green 

640 Brewster Greco 
Wine Cnior 

Coach Black 

White Each 
Quart Cases cc ieivcccccccuenet e@eese @ete eteteoeeees 80.50 
Pint. Gelmee. . 225. 2.55 PP oO 
Half-pint cans... ........6.00-+ gee on 

Wagon Paint. 

No. 30T2772 For waguos and farm machinery. 
Ready for use. Red, green, biue, black or yelluw. 
Gallon CANS 2... 0 er. S1.50 Quart cans ..... 80.45 

.80 Sead for color card. 
Enamel Paint. 

No. 30T2780 In tweive beautifnl and deheate 
shades adapted for general decoratlve purposes. 
Especially desirable for picture frames, chairs, 
tables, flower pots, wicker work and bric-a-brac. 
Dries hard in forty-elght honrs wltha very bigh 
luster. These goods are especially adapted for bi- 
cycles and come in the following shades: White, 
uitra blue, vermilion, rose, ivory, terra cotta, dark 
rreen, maroon, azure blue, deep blue, yellow or 

black, Dozen Each 
¥%-pint CANS. ...cccccs-2 ee seen .. 82.00 $0.20 
¥-pint Cans ~eooeee eoeetreeerese SOeeeeeersseeesece ry 20 
l-quart CANS. .oc cee cc es cneeieee seats 75 
l-gallon CaMsS... ........ see i 2.50 

Aluminum Enamel. 
No. 30T2781 Aluminum Enumel, finished with a 

beautiful aluminum silver white. Is very durabie. 

The best on the market. Dozen Each 
A-piNnt CANS, . o0sssccces ses Se ee ee 81.75 80,16 
4{-pint cans..... asa; stares ate o diec cle ee . 240 23 
4e-pDint CANS. scccccenss eeeeceeeeeeesece . 4.50 10 
l=pint Cans... 42... 00 o sed.caeeee oscce aimean 65 

Seroco Gloss Enamel for Interior Use. 
No. 3072782 This enamel produces a beautifal 

loster on walls, plastered or wood, and 1s a desir- 
able article for kitchens, dining rooms, bed roums 
and hospltal wards, as it is easlly cleaned. This 
enimel will preduce good results when applied by 
any careful, intelligent person. Interior enamel 
paints have always been held at a Pa price and 
only a few could 2fford to nse this paint; but we bring 
it before the public at a slight advance over the price 
of ordinary house palats and guarantee the enamel 
to be the best. We furnish it in twelve sbades, as 
follows: Pearl, light slate. cream, apple green, pea 
green, nile green, light blue. dark blne, lavender, 
pink, lilac, carmine, also white ivory and Hlechy 

144-plnt CansS...25 .....ce.0 eee ocoscsnteanne 2 «i 
lepint Cans..... ...-. «-+--2 = ese on 
1l-quarticans.......:00cscas- os 5 eee © 35 

Y-galion CanS..........--0. os. «seers 78 
I-zallon cansS.....-.....:.2.<. ee 1.48 

Wire Screen Enamel. , 

No, 30T2783 Green Wire Screen f 
Enamel. Ready fer use und easily ff 
applied; does not clog meshes of J 
screens, and one coat gives to old, Wi 
rusty screens a rich, brilliant und last- J 

ing nish. 
rice, #4-pint cans, e2clie..... : 
Brice, 1-pint cans, each.......... 30e 

Black Clant Iron and Roof Paint. 

Neo. 30T2785 

hard, glossy black finish, and 1s absolute 
acid proof. 

Black Glant Yren aad Reof Palat 
eannet be excelled for general durabillty aed pre- 
servatlve qualitles. 1t is made especlally for cover- 
ing all kinds of metal work, dries Rapidly with a 

y water and 
This is a paint universally used by rail- 

roads and steamboat companies for smoke stacks, 
bridges, etc., and should not be confounded with 

cheap mineral or black paints. The best paiat fer 
Will cover 

iren work, all purposes. In black only. 

from 900 to 1,000 square feet of surface, smooth metal, 
per gallon, making it an economical paint to use. 

Price, 1-galloncans....... ae ae 7 eee &1.00 
Price, 5-gallon jacket cans, per gallon....... 85 
Price, 10-zallon jacket caus, per gallon....... 80 
Price, 50-gallon barrell, per gallon... 15 


C Stove Pipe Enamel. 


Price, %-pint cans. 

Price, l-pint cans. 
Oe Ue 6 
Price, 1-gallon cans. Weight, 4% pounds. Each, 

Bonnell’s Nubian fron Enamel. 

No. 3072787 Bonnell'’s Nubian Jren 
Enamel. When the enamel ca iron 
mantels, fenders, fire frents, regis- 
ters, lecks, ete., has wern eff and the 
bare Iren begius te shew and to rust, 
aceat of this enamel will make it 
leek likenew. Steam and gas pipes, 
radiators, fire iron st:nds, coal buckets, 

No. 30T2786 G Stove Pipe En- 
Especially prepared for use 
on stove pipes, stoves, furnaces, 
grates, steam and water pipes, boil- 
ers. smoke stacks, garden tools, iron 
fences, brackets,etc. One enat pro- 
ducesa brilliant black Bnish; very 
elastic. Will not crack, chip, peel or 
burn off. Ready for instant use. 

Bet GetectClie.........--.. aa 



pipes, sinks. rauges and any Other iron ware 

which is liable to decay by rusting, may be beautified 
and made to last very niuch longer by a coating ot 

_Bennell’s Neabian Iren Enamel). 

Pure French Ochre in Qil. 

! Weight, 5s-pound. 
Price, per can, with brush..... ae I 


Ne, 3072792 Pare French Ochre in eil fer prim- 

ing. Price, 100-pound keys, per pound...... 
Price, 25-pound kegs, per pound . ..... 



Pee 6: 

Price, 12%.-pound kegs, per pound...... .. éceeeecke 

English Venetian Red in Qil. 

Ne. 30T2793 Eaglish Venetiaa Red, especially 

adapted tor painting briek buildiags. 
Price, 100-pound kegs, per pound...... 
Price, 25-pound kegs, per pound.. 
Price, 1234-pound kegs, per pound... .. 

Zinc and Putty. 

No. 30T2795 Pure Green Seal French Zine, in 
oi), 12% and 2o-pound cans. Price, per pound...12%ec 

Ne. 30 

oil, 1 to 5 pound cans. Price, per pound. 

2796 [ure Greeu Seal French Zinc, in 

No. 30T2797 Zinc in Oil, Ameriean Seow White, 

12% and 25-pound pails. 

Price, per pound... .... 


Ne. 30T2798 Putty in bladders, 10 to 25 pounds. 

White Lead. 
Ne, 30T2800 Staedard White Leail 
kegs 12%, 25, 50 or 100 pounds. 




We «dle net recem- 

mend the use of this lead for other than inside 

fee. Tive, per pound. ........__..... Pe er 

Ne. 30T2802 
a special grade of surprising quality. 
12%, 25, 50 or 100 pounds, 

Price, per pound...... 4 


Great Western White Lead ieaQH; 

Seroco Brand Painter’s White lead in 

Ne. 30T2804 Guarantecd. 
100 pounds. 
No. 30T2806 Ked Seal, Shipiman, 
Collier er Eekstein pure lead in eil. 

Price, per pound...... Mee rc ap 
Kxegs of 124, 

25,50 or 100 pounds, Price, per pound.............. 6c 
. = Pure Colors in Oil. 1-)b.  5-Ib. 
cans cans 
B No. 30T2810 Drep 
SPCC SE. ss ove da weeeceee $0.15 %0.70 
Ne. 30T2812 Ceach 
lo ee 2 5 eS 270 
) NO. 3O0T2Z813 Prussian 
ro Blue...... Sees. cee ... &6 1.65 
Ne. 30T2834 Ultramarine Blue,...  .17 -80 
No. 30T2Z815 Italian Sienna, raw or 
burned Ee SE One Ce aah Ao oS GO Ooo iis =, +s ® ee 65 
No. 30T2816G Turkey Umber,raw or 
burned ..... a ne yok ese, ae 12 65 
No. 30T2817 Vae Dyke Brown...., .32 055 
Ne. 30T2818 Clireme Green ........ 14 .65 
No. 30T7T2819 Scarlet Vermilion .... ,.18 85 
Ne. 30T2820 Tuscan Red ........... 16 Ags 
No. 30T282L Venetian Red,......... .08 35 
No. 30T2822 Indian Red .........6 34 65 
Ne. 3072823 Chreme Yellew ...... 18 85 
No. 30T2824 Yellow Ochre ,,...... . 08 05 
No. 30T2825 Gralning Colers (an- 
tique. mahogany, cherry walnut........ «1144 .56 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.!I2. 

Oil Stains. 

No. 3072840 Perfect iimitathons of mataral 
weod-—cherry, rosewood, muhogany, walrmest, Cbg let 
eak, antique oak or dark oak. Speclally intended 
for refinishing wood work In the interlor of louses. 
Cuu be appiled to uny surface, Finishes without 
iu gzioss. 

Price, %-pints Cans, percan.. .c.ccccecesece £0.07 

rigs, 1-pinteans. pcr can: ....c.. «. Rees «ae “2° 

Price, 1-QUuaERCaiis per Can een aces. es “A 043 

Price, 4-gallon cans, per Cali ....--. 2.0.50. 77 

Price, I-gallog Gans, per Catii.c... «. secs ee) 
Varnish Stains. 

No. 3072841 Varnish Stalas. Perfect Imlta- 

tlons ef natural waods—cherry, rosewood, Iinahog- 
any, walnut, light oak, antique ouwk, ar dark ash, 
specially intended for refinishing wood work and 
adapted for either houses or furniture. Finishes 
with a gloss. 

Price, %-pint cans, per can..... ..... *0.17 
Price, 1-pint eans, per can........ PE oe 4 
Prleepi-uarteine pen can .......-csse cee 2A 
Price, %4-gallon cans, per CaM..... occ. eseee , ott 
Price, 1-gallon cans, per can...... éaecene sees «240 
No. 30T2847 Belted, Barrels ef 300 pouads. 
Price, per pound ........--.005 -saee ee ee 

Price, in less quuntities, per pound 

Dry Golors. 

eevee eter reve 

We handle only best qualities. Bhi. Per 
No. 3072850 Rochelle Ochre, per lb, lb. 

400 pounds . 5.5 eee ee. #O.01'4 S0.0%8 
Na, 30T2851 Yellow Ochre, 

100 NOs...) eee: © re ee .. Gt O2 
No. $0T2852 Italian Bet (light) 

300 PoHds....-2.0... ante so oae ae UE} OZ 
Ne. 3072854 Iinperlal English 

Venetlain Red, 338 pounds............ O14 0% 
Ne. 3072855 Snew White Wood 

Filler, 550 pounds..29.-:.-:seacccsss O11 .02 
Nao. 3072857 White Ochre, 550 

PONS 2 = 55, eee eee eee OES SOR 
Ne. 30T2858 Lampblack, Ger- 

mMAntavwen, Shim wiiles o.oo Meee cen 09 10 
Ne. 30T2859 Burat Umber, 350 

pounds: ee. - seers OD 06 
Ne. 30T2860 Raw Unnber, 350 

POUT Gee eee (ok SO Candee ee 05 .06 
Ne. 3072861 Buret Slenna, 350 

DOUNGS . eS Sic ccrerkaa seas 08 .09 
No. 30T2862 Hed Lead,.......... 064, .10 
No. 30T2863 Kaw Sienna .. ..... 209 
No. 80T2864 Chrome Green, best 10 
Ne. 3072865 Chrome Vellew.... 01S 
Ne. 3072866 French Gray or 

Slate, 400 pounds to barrel... . ...... +01 02 
Ne. 3072867 Ultramarine Blue,. .06 O77 

Aqua-Resco Washable Paint. 

Ne. 3072869 Only requires mixing with celd 
water. Weatherproef, saeitary. fircpreef. A dry 
powder, fn white and various colors. 

A washable cold water paint for the interior paint- 
ing of residences, and on aecount of its sanitary na- 
ture and fireproof qualities, it is admirably adapted 
for the exterior und interior painting of factories, 
warehouses, docks, public buildings, breweries, sta- 
bles, air shafts und court yards, and can he applied 
on sand finished walls, stone, brick or any solid 

Aqua-Resece as a weatherproof paint is nearly 
equa] to oil paint at a fraction of the cost for all ex- 
terior painting where oil paint has heretofore been 
used, When Aqua-Resee is applied toa solid surface 
it wil] not rub off or peel away, but forms a perma- 
nent finish which ean be recoated from time to time 
when necessary. If applied as a primer for oil paint, 
one cont of Aqua-Reseo will be found to cover 
equal to two couts of oil paint. Lime in walls will 
not destroy the Aqua-Resce celors, therefore to 
sizing of the surface is necessary. Aqua-Resco is a 
substitute for oil paint, and should thus be used, and 
not usacalcimine. The average covering power of 
Aqua-Resco Paint Js frem 20 to 80 square feet, ac- 
cording to the surface to be painted, Full directions 
with each package. 

Rist: doulas pe bteemee cere cca. ces eecs os hciciee . 80.06 
FeSO S., DEE [Ecsite ss -ce5.- 0 oseu we eeees 07 
ges, 00 1 DSS Pema icc ce oe tke ewes ees oes OT 
Iems.. 25 (DS, emesis ccc neces, ca ve eresse 08 
ices. 10 WDS., Dems cs. ccee weeereeis s- esas se 08% 
AIL Colors Except 4212 and 415. 
Ol seho0 1bS. Pen Ui sce. ccep eek ees @ 6 o's OT, 
Nees 100 1S Sete eee ie rece es nee vec nie 08 
caer 0 NS, Peiallneeecc cess cece s ese scenes es 09 
[eres Das eT eee ccc ccns ss bees acteecies ony, 
Wee s., 10 VDS., PED Wee cc ccccs 2s sanccns seer -10 
Nes, lltand 415. 
[Rae eee epee) ee |e eee eSerenacic 10% 
lames. 100 }hs., per UD... 3. -. c= 5 es cc ee eee e ee ses 114 
Tame meliS:, erie se .6e ois 3s ese ee eee Le 
aii ees 10S... PCT Ve. csc. . sees a Set enes ZY 
Rote is, DEP Mi, cee. snes cece esse ee yess 23 

Niexican Craphite Pipe Cement. 
Pipe Joiat Compeand. 

No. 30T2871 Fer use in joints of radlators, 
steam and hot water apparatus, gas pipes in streets 
and buildings, fer bolts er screws. and for general 
use of gas fitters, plumbers, engineers aud ma- 
chinists. Mexican Pipe Joint Compennd dees net 
“set,” and joints can remain for months and years 
and can then be easily removed, rendering unneces- 
sary the bracing of joints, couplings or tools. 

1 -poundcans. Price, each...... ..........-80.22 
5 -phund cans. Price, each...............+-- 95 
1@%-pound cans. Price, each ........ ee 2.15 
23 e-pould caus, Price, Gach... 1. .....0-.00 4.70 



Pure Moxican Graphite Paint Paste. 

No. 3072873 Toi2’4 pounds (1 gallon) paste,add 
3 vultons bolled oll, inaking 4 gallons Pure Mex- 
ican Graphite Paint, ready for nse. W))l cover 1,000 
emule fect smooth metal per gallon. Will not crack, 
Ditster or peel off; Is not affected by heat or cold, 
sinoke, steam, molsture, awesids, alkalior brine, or by 
elimatie changes. For use on roofs, stacks, bollers, 
bridges, structural fron work of any kind. Tiijs 
malntis manufactured from pure graphite and abso- 
utely pure Hnseecd all. Isa dark slate color. 

5 -ponnd cans, Prlec, cach. .........-.e0eee: RO.95 
2y4-poundeuns, Mriec, eneh .........¢csceam 2.15 
25 -pounde¢uns. Price, cuch...........2eee 4,20 

Dry Graphite Plumbago. 
No. 30T28765 Forlabricatlag and palnting pur- 
poses. Alr floated plumhaygo, per pound....... oes 

Mexican Craphite Plumbago. 
Ne. 30T2877 For foundries, stove polish and 
palnts. Per pound... 7s ee 


Our prices ve varnishes, the same as on all kinds 
of palots, are the very lowest consistent with good 

Acme Furniture Varnish. 

No. 30T2900 No.) Acme Fnrnultere Varnish. 
You can use this varnish to brighten up any kind of 
old furniture; will dry hard over night and gives a 
fine luster. 

5 gallons 1 gallon Quart 



% gullon 

44.00 90¢ 50e 

Extra Acme Furniture Varnish. 
Ne. 80T2901 Extra Acme Fernitere Varnish. 
This is used for the same purposes as onr No. 1 Acme 
Furniture Varnish, but is a better quality. 

5 gallons 1 gallon M% gallon Qnart Pint 
5.00 m1.L0 60¢ 35e 25c 
Acme Interior Varnish. 

No. 3078902 Aeme Interior Varnish. An ex- 

cellent varnish, suitable for use on all kinds of fur- 
niture or any inside work; has a very heavy body,is 
light in color and dries in from ten to twelve hours. 
5 gallons 1 gallon 4 gullon Quart Pint 

&5.00 1.10 6O0e 35c 25e 

Extra Light Acme Interior Varnish. 
No. 3072903 Extra Light Acme Interior Var- 
nish. Same us our Acme Interior, only a better 
que of goods, and especially used where a fine, 
deep luster is desired. 
5 gallons 

1 gallon % gallon Quart 

S1.40 76c 45c¢ 
Acme Durable Fleer Varnish. 
No. 3672904 Acme Durable Floer Varnish. Is 
especially adapted for finishing floors, either hard- 
wood or painted; is very tough and elastic; will 
stand repeared washing and will not turn white. We 

elalm it 1s the best floor varnish on the market. 


5 gallons i gallon us galion Quart Pint 
10.00 &2.10 S1E.15 65c 40e 
Acme Hard Oil Finish. 

No. 30T2905 Acme flard Ol Finish. This var- 

nish is intended for general interior work; is easy 

working, light in color, will dry quickly and can be 

ruhbed in forty-eight hours. 

5 gallons 1 gallon %-gallon Quart Pint 
85.50 $1.20 65ce 10c 30¢ 

Acme Extra Light Hard Oil Finish. 
Ne. 30T2906 Acme Extra Light Hard i) Fin- 
ish. Same asour Acme Hard Oil Finish, only a bet- 
ter quality of goods. 
5 gallons 1 galion 14-gallon 
&G6.50 s1,.40 75c 

White Varnish. 
Ne, 3072907 Acme Pure Imperted Damar Var- 
nish. This varnish is used on any article having a 

white ename! finish; is made from a fine quality of 
Damar gum; is heavy hodied and will dry well. 



5 gallons 1 gallon 14-rallon Quart Pint 

a7 50 =1.60 S5e 90c¢ soc 
Acme Liquid Wood Filler. 

No. 30T2008 Acme Liquid Wood Filler. A filler 

for close fiber woods; is transparent and does not 
need to be rubbed off; is equal to one coat of varnish.: 

> gallons 1 gallon 16-gallon Quart Pint 

&6.00 &1.30 70¢ 40e 2uc 
Acme Black Asphaltum. 

Ne. 3072909 Acme Black Asphaltam. Can be 

used on castings of every description where a bright. 

quick drying black varnish is required; is heavy 

bodied and dries very quickly. 

5 gallons 1 gallon %-callon Quart Pint 
83.50 80c 45 30c 20c 

Acme Extra Turpentine Japan Dryer. 
No. 3072910 Acme Extra Turpeatine Japan 

Dryer. Is especially adapted for house puinter’s 
use: is a strong, elastic dryer. 

4 gallons 1 gallon 16-gallon Quart Pint 
#4.00 IDC S50¢ 30¢ 20c 

Acme House Painters’ Japan. 

No. 30T2911 Acme YWeuse Painters’ Japan <A 
Japan used for drying and bardening paint. 
5 gallons 1 gallon 4-enllon Quart 

%3.00 70e 10¢ 25¢ 

Acme Oil Shellac. 

No. 30T2912 Acme Oil Shellac. 


For a first coat 

on new work; has good body and can be sandp2- 

pered in six to seven hours. ; 

a gallons 1 gallon 14-72}]0n Quart Pint 
6.50 81.40 Ts¢ 45ic 30¢ 


ee EE 



Acme Wearing Body. 

No. 39@T2913 Aeme Wearing Body. An elastic 
varnish, very durable and has a high luster; pale in 
color. it is rellable and safe to use in the warmest 
and coldest weathers; sets slowly enough ta accom- 

lish satisfactory results on the largest surfaces: 
pies dust free in from 12 to 16 bours; will harden 
well in two to three diys. 

1 gallon % gullon Quart Pint 

3.00 $1.60 90¢ 55e 
Acme Medium Drying Body. 

No. 3072914 Acme Medium Drying Bedy. For 

finishiug when time will not permit the use of our 
best wearing body; wtso for under coats; it dries 
hard in from 36 to 48 hours. ; 

1 gallon % vallon Quart Pint 
R2.75 81.50 S5e 50c 
Acme Elastic Gear. 

No. 3072915 Acme Elastle Gear, Osedin finish- 
ing under purts and wheels: uniform in its working 
qualities; it sets in 6 to 8 hours and dries hard in 48 


1 gallon 
*2.85 5Ve 

% gallon Quart 

$1.55 85iec 
Acme Heavy Gear. 

No. 30T2916 Acme Ileavy Gear. Is a heavy 
hodied varnish; very durable and will dry over 
night; is for one coat work. 

1 gallon ¥% gallon Quart Pint 
$2.65 RI.45 80e 45e 

Acme Hard Rubbing Body. 

No. 3072917 Aecwe Hard Rubbing Body. This 
varnish is mide from the best material, is light in 
color und used for under coats for bodies and geur- 
ing: dries ont of the way of dust in from & to [7 hours 
and will rub !n four days without sweating. ; 

1 gallon % gallon Quart Pint 
2.20 1.50 8&5e 560¢e 

Acme Niedium Rubbing Body. 
No, 30T2918 Acme Medium Rubbiog Body. For 
under cowts of gearings and bodies; of a very fine 
uality. Dries quicker than our hard rubbing body. 
ailon 4-gallon Quart Pint 
52.60 2.45 S0e¢ 6U0c 

Acme Quick Black Rubbing. 
No. 30T2919 Aeme Quick Black Rubbing. 
Made from our Medium Rubbing Varnish and drop 


Black. Will rub in two or three days without 


1 gallon % gallon Quart Pint 
K#3.25 #1.75 95e 60c 

Acme One-Coat Coach. 

No. SOT2920 Acme One-Coat Coach. Whben one 
coat is practicable, can he used for general carriage 
ovk, Willdry cutof the way of dust in about 12 
Is hight colored and mates a very fine finish, 

and is very durable. 
1 gallon % gullou Pint 

2.50 $1.45 
Acme Wagon and impiement Varnish. 
No. 30T2921 Wagen and Implement Varnish. 

For agricultural Implements, wagons and generiul 

outside work. Light in color, heavy Bodied. bis a 

aoe luster, wears well, and will dry in from 10 to Ll” 


1 gallon 44 gallon Quart Ping 
1.05 pVe 50e 30¢ 
Acme Japan Cold Size. 

No. 3072922 Acme Japan Gold Size. A very 

superior dryer for binding, drying and hardening 
colors; is strong and light in eolor. We recommend 
its use In place of Japan for ail good work, as it Is 
far betterin every respect. 
1 gallon \% gnilon Quart Pint 
W2.25 1.20 G5e 35e 

Acme Extra Coach Japan. 
No. 3072923 Aeme Extra Coach Jupan. For 
drying and hardening paint. This Japan mixes with 
oil and is in every respect 2 Superior dryer. 

1 gallon W% wnllon Quiurt Pint 
$1.75 95¢e GOe 10¢ 

Class Cutters. 
No.30T6527 Revoiving Steel 
Wheel Glass Cutter, metal 
handle polished and bronzed, extra quality cutting 
TSS) Ge tk 3 eee ee 4c 
No. 30T6528 £Revoiving 
Bes Stecl Wheel Giass Cutter, 
= bronzed, with knife sharp- 
ener, corksurew and can opencr combined. 
Bee... ee eee 
No. 3076532 A fine dur- 
able Giass Cutter, with putty 
knife on end. 

Price, eucb..... eee. Re ae ae ie 
No. 3076533 Glass Cut- 
CH=) ter, Damascus Coal Carbou 

Dise Wheel Glass Cutter. 
The finest revolving wheel glass cutter mace, rose- 
wood handle. solid stee! head. Price, euceh........ 15¢ 

No. 30TG5E3 4 
Goodell’s Im- 
proved Giass Cut- 
ters with turret head. The cutters are carefully 
hardened and ground by special proeess. Polished 
and nickel plated frarne; turret head, six cutter 
wheels, which cnn be instantly revolved to place. 
Nickel plated ferrule, rosewood finisli handle. 

Prioe, each... cas Ae 

eaeraraeate CSE Teale eels aac ly Yr Bisex ta um fee fare ee 

i = — C—O 

Glaziers’ Diamonds. 
Our Giazlers’ Diamonds are made of the best 
quality genulne diamends. The mountings are 
— made In the very 
best possible inanuer, 
highly tinished and 
heavliy nlckei plated. We guarantee our diainonds 
to reset not less thao fourtimes and glve goud sat- 
isfauctlon, provided they are sent to us to reset. 
No. 30T6535 Ebony Handle Keyed Diamond, 
for single thick glass. Price, each.............. $2.65 
No. 30T6538 The Standard Ebony ilandie Keyeu 
Dlamond, for single thick glass. A good diamond 
for ordimarvume spice, cach ©...2. 22.25. .... 82.90 
No. 30T6541 Cocoa Handie Keyed Diamond, for 
single thick glass. A very cheap diamond when 
quality is considered. Price, each ....... ..... 83.25 
No. 3076543 Superior Cocoa Hiandie Keyed 
Diamond. <A very fine diamond for general use. 
Will cut double strength glass. Price, each. ..$4.34 
No. 3076546 Snakewood Haudle Extta Superlo1 
Keyed Diamond. Cuts anything except plate glass. 
Price cages ...7.7. 5. + foes et ae . . $5.95 
No. 30T6549 Superior Cocoa Handle Keyed 
Plate Glass Diamond. A _ very superior eutter for 
general use, and will eut plate glass. Euch....89.00 
No. 3076552 Snakewood Iiaudle, Extra Superior 
Kieyed Plate Giass Dlamond. Cuts any kind of 
rough or polished plate glass. Dealers have aiways 
charged an exorhitnot profit on this ciass of dla- 
monds, selling them as high as $20.00. Ry con- 
tracting fora large number and selling them at our 
usual one small profit, we are able to make the priee 
One eee ee is ct, eee eee $10.95 
Any one ean cut glass with thls 
tool suceessfully. Genulne = dia- 
mood, finished Jn the best manner 
and metal parts niekel plated. Hold 
the diamond, as shown in illustra- 
tion, against the ruler. Place it per- 
pendiculmrly on the glass, so it rests . 
on the diamond and guide wheel, the 
wheel towurds you. Press on it 
gradually, untilit makes a singing 
sound, not a harsh noise. Drawover 
the glass slowly and uniformly. 
Never eut twice in the same pinee, 
No. 30T65535 Ebony handle. Will 
cut single strength glass. Price, each.......... 82.95 
No. $U0T6556 Caocon haodie, Superlor Dlamond 
A very fine diamond for general use, willcut double 
strengtingbiss. Price, each........... PP ae 84.35 
No. 3076557 Snakewood handle,extra Superlor 
Diamond. Wil cut anything excepting plate glass 
erigmecich......mge...-....- «seer : 85.95 


Putt nives. 
No. 30T661 poicdal ienife 
with stir blade, square 
point, cocobolo handle, lap bolster, strongly riveted. 
A superior tool. Weight, 4 ounces. Price, each....15e 
No. 3076513 Putty Koife with spring blade, 
square point, cacabolo handle, lap bolster. Strongly 
riveted. Weight. 4 ounces. Price, each. lie 
No. 30T6516 Putty Kalfe. gm — 
with sthY¥ Dlade, bevel point, ‘lh Lise) ete 
coeobolo handle, lap holster. A 
high grade knife. Weight, 4 ounces. Price, each..18e 
No. 3076520 Putty Knife with spring biade, bevel 
polnt, cocobolo handle, lip bolster. Weight, 4ournces. 
TV'biee, Clmell Ge %&.. 00 ee cn eee eee. ... oe 
Scraping Knife. 
No. 3076523 Seraping 
Knlfe. Rest steel blade, cocn- 
bolo handle. lup bolster. 



Weight, 5 to 7 ounces exch. 

3% 4 
diSe b54¢ 


Width of blade, lnehes...... 
; 3He 42¢ 

Price, each wees 
No. 3076524 
SerapiIng Kulfe, 
binude, 3-inch 
ae beech 
Shipping weilght. 
ounees. FEach......12¢ 

squire ¢ 

No. 30T6525 Spatulas or Palnoters’ LPallette 
Knives, lap bolstered cocoa haadles. 
Length of biade,inehes.. 4 6 8 10 
Price Manel... as «4... 18¢e 23c 38¢ 63e¢ 

No. 30T6526 Perfee- 
tlon Knunlfe Grip. The 
Invention of a practical 
paper haager strength- 
Patent Pending. Sane ens the blade. Easy on 
hand, will cut elght thicknesses of paper or shude 
Cloth easicr than a knife without the grip will cut 
one. Itis made of aluminum. can never wear out, 
get out of orderorbreak. Fits any kalfe. 

Price, each, without knife. ...... ....... .02.-.,. 25 
No, 30T6529 Paper Hangers’ Square Polnt But- 

ting Kolfe, same as illustrated above, without 
grip, extra quality steel. wood handle. Shipping 
weight. 3 ounces. Price, each........ ... 2 20e 

No. 30T6530 Paper Hangers’ Round Point But- 
tlag Knife, best of steel, blade 3 inches long. 
POWCeggaC sss ans te eee es ee ee 

No. 30T6531 Paper Hangers’ Straight Edge, 
walnut and maple, made of a number of pieces to 
prevent warping, 7 feet long. Shipping =m 
weight. 4nounds. Price, each........ $1.00 \ 

“<TH : 
ee Say 

No. 28T770 Paper Mangers’ Shears, \ y. 
with black japanned handles. Warranted. "= 

Whole lengtb, inches ..... Oe ceca Ie 14 

Lenthof cut, Inches... <.14...-..4 ; BS 

Pride, 5223.2 eee seat zac cseeeee OTE B1L.LO 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 112. 


Ip our line of brushes listed below, we aim t 

quote such as are more commonly used. 
goous are all of durable quality. 

Camel’s Hair Brushes. 
NoO.SOTG560 Camel's — 
Mair Lettering Pen- 
ceils, rose bound, fine = 
yuality. Hair, Linchlon . 

IZGB.c..5 ... 1. ee 1 2 3 4 a 7) ae 

Price, euel.... sce ~c Re Se B3e B3e B8e de 4e 

Price, per dozen....16¢ 19¢ 21« 23¢ 25e¢ 28e 34¢ 38e 

Na. 30T6563 Superfine Quality Camel's Nair 

Lettering Pencils, red and green silk and silver 

binding. Hair, lincb long. 
1 ay 

fo ba are 2 3 4 4 
PE nw oe nc ee ze 3e 3e de Bp Be Ge 2 
Price, perdozen.19¢e 22e 28e 34e 446 5Oe 56e 63¢e 
nae No. 30T6566 
peat wee —4¥Camel’s Wale 
= Striping Pencils. 
tose bonnd, fine quality ; hair, 2 inches long. 
i 1 i 3s — | = 
Price, each....... 2e Se 3e 3e 4e 4e Se 6 

Price, per dozen.19¢e 22e 26¢ 3le 38e 4d4e 50c 56e 
No. 30T6569 Camel's Hair Striping Penciis. Red 
and green silk and silver binding, superfine quallty; 
hair, 2% inches long. 
ee os ee 2 3 4 5a F558 
Price, each..... 220 3e 3¢e de Se Ge Te Be Ye 
Price, per dozen.... 24¢ 30¢ 38¢ 48¢ 59e 69c Ble Ile 
No. 30T6572 Camel's 
HMalr Swan Quiii Pencils S— 
for lettering and strip- 


Size, inches..... % x I Iya 14% Ie 2 Ba 
Price, euch...... Ge 8e Ge 6Ce Ge Je Te Se 

Price, per dozen.41¢ 44¢ 50e 56¢ 63e G9e Te Ble 
. No. 30T6575 Camel's 
Ualr Flutor Sword Strip- 
ers, Square ends, tin fer- 
rules without handle, for 
14% to 244 inches long. 
‘ 3 

earriage work. Hair, 

SIZC cae coclseece een I 2 4 
Price, each .......... aa rr Se 9¢e 
Price, per dozen......... b3e j5e 90c 98¢ 
No. S3OTG5T78 

Camel's Iiair Dace , 
Ker Stripers. 7 
Diagonalends, copper wire bonnd. sinall cedar hian- 
dles, for carriage work, Hair, 1% to ai inches long. 

miZ@e cc. . bas seer. oes eee Me 3 4 

Price, each......... ......80.11 80.12 $0.13 $0.14 

Priee, per dozen..... w.. 1.13 1.356 1.45 1.50 

Camet's Ilair Murk- 

Ing Brushes. Polished bundles. 

PAULO. ees a 4 6 © © elelslelaleteraye 1 ro g 4 
Price, @ath... < 2.ceeeee. . 4c be Se 
Price, per dozen....... . 38e 40c¢ 44c £50¢ 
No. 3UT6582 Cumel’s Halt 
Lacquering Brushes, Pol- 3——Lieaiaao 
ished handles, fine quallty, round. 
SIZC@UMMBB. 0.25 s05 o Ueto ee es 485 Fe 
Pri@e, "GM... ..:< woe 40 4e 4e Be Fe Ve 

. ste 38e 44c 5Ge T5e Ste 
No. 30T6SS5 Camel's 
fair Lacquering Brushes. 
quality, flat. 
14 4 

Price, per dozen........ 

Pollshed handles, fine 

MIRC... Meet ee. «at 3 (3% By ! 
Price, each....... 6e Te Ke $0.10 80.12 SO.15 

Price, per dozen... 600e 72e S5e 1.40 1.32 21.40 
Motiling Brushes. 
No. 30T6590 Pure Camel's | 
Ialr Mortling (rushes or 
Spalters. Short cedur han-g 
dies, tin ferrules, fine quality. 
Size, inches ee 
Priee, exnch.. . 

——_ rat) 
, Wigs ign tt Bal 

1% Hs 

No. 3076593 Color 

28e 38c 50c 


Brush, same as No 
30T6G90, lirnss bound, 
a thieker brusi. 

Rize, ing@lies........ ot 1 1% Ps 24% 3 
Price, each... 7 eee 19ce 28e 38e Se T5e 

No. 3O0T6596 Round 
Badger Wair Blenders or el x 
Softeners for gralning anil <*> 
ail painting, polished handles. 

PLZ wag. Ke eee I 5 3 4 5 5 
Price, caeh....... ...16¢e t9e 25e Ble Ale Ac 
Te ca eee q 8 9 10 11 iZ 
Brice, smh. ....... 59ec G6e F5e 94e 81.13 S1L.33 

No. 30T6507 rlat 
Knotted Badger 
Mute Blenders, pol- 
ished handles, set 

in b , 
Size,in. 2 2% 3 3% 3 456 00ieee BG 
nach ..80.63 .81.94 1.13 1.25 1.38 1.501.775 1.88 

Flowing Varnish Brushes. 

No. 3076599 Badger 
Hair Flowing Varnish EF 
Brushes, for fine var- # 
nishing, curriages, § 
plaunos, ete. Single thick. @ 

Chiseled. Tin ferrules. ° . P x , 
Sige, inches. .......sdeeeume 1% 2 2 3 
Trice, each ....... ... ...#3e sde 5c &56c 68ec 

No. 30T6603 Flleh 

: Fiowlng Varnish 
lage Brushes, superfine 
quality, single thick. 
Yin ferrules. { 
Size. InCHES:..cesc-: «csmpueme ee = 3 

ne 4 4 ~ ‘, 
Price, each..... luce 23c 3le 39e 470 

Varnish Brushes. 

“" No. 50Te Bat 
Wiaws> Varnish Brushes, 
biuek haudles, tiu 
es 3 ferrules. 
size, iuehes........ 1 14% ~ 2% 3 
priee. encll.. ..... 3e be Ge Re 10 
No. 30T6610 

iatra Flat Dristie 
Narnish Brushes, 
double thiek, Chinese == 
bristles, stnined=—= 
handles, tin ferrules. 

= m ie bie 
Riera nets ae 

as 3 
lle lde 
No. 3076614 
sristle Flowing 
Varnish Brushes, 
stuzined handles. 
with tin ferrules, 

Size, inches........ 1 
each. 5 

(4 2 

Price, c te 


inl Chinese Daa SDE 
Size, inches.. eee J 
Price, GUGM. .c.cs5 <- 6c 
No. S0TGO1LD Anex- ¢ 
tra fine, extra thiek, 
soft efastie Chinese 
bristle tlowiug var- 

re Du A 3 

fee ice ete 

nish brush. Some- 4 
thing forthe painter w ho does good work. 
mee, inehes......... 1% 2 = a 
Price, each.. ‘Be 19¢ @he 38c 50c 
Davis Patent Wood Grainers. 
$1) No. 30766232 The Davis 
Patent Wood Grainers, sre 

composed of two rolts, 5% 
inches in length and 1% inches 
initiameter. The one which is 
corrugated can be used to imitate 
any known growth of wood. The 
other is used to reproduce 
growthsof quartered oak. They 

are very easily handled, and re- 
quire but very little practice to 
make one fully proficient in 
their use, and with proper care, 
such as all tools require. they 
will last for years, as there Is 
nothing to get outof order. Plain. 
simple directions pavked with each set. Weight. 15 
ounces. VPrire, per pair... : $2.00 

Steel Grainers. 

No. 30T6625 Taytors*® English 
Graining Combs. Best qnatits 
steel, in sets of 12 assorted.! to 4 
Inches. in tin compartment case. 
BeePCe gcr SCL.......... ..... 81.00 

Miarking Brushes. 
Cp ne ee 
No, 30T6630 Bristie Marking 
Brushes, round polished handles. 
Bg... --. 1 3 4 5 6 
fepceneach.......... 3e Sc 3c 3ce 4c te 
Price, per dozen. .. 20c 22c 25u 26e 28e Bic 

Sash Tools. 

No. 30T6631 Ex. ix. c= 

French Sash ‘foois. All 
fine white bristles, wire bound. 

seceoe erate nr wn oe 

cae. s... f. 3 3 4 yo 6 Pi 8 9 10 
Price, ea. 3c 4c Se Ge Te Se Be 30.10 $0.12 30.14 
Per doz... o0¢ 37¢ 50e 60c T5e 90c OSe 1.05 F.28 1.50 

No. 30T6634 Extra 
oo eer ee Qslity Flat Bristle 
Artists’ Brushes or 

Fitch Tools, white bristles. black bandles. tin ferrules. 

Size.inches. .... % 4 1 1‘ 1% 
Price, each... .... be ie 60.10 SO0.14 80.17 
Per dozen....... 45e Piste 1.05 1.50 1.87 

Paint Brushes. 
Length Given is Length of Bristles Clear of Isind- 
ing or Ferrule. 

No. 30T6637 
Round Paint 
Brushes, wire 
bound, white bris- 
tles outside, mixed 

mize. ... me. 1-0 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 f-0 

Length, inches... 3 ay 344. 3% 4 dhy 

feo, Gach....... 220 25 28e Sie 38e Ale 

No. 30766410 

Round Paint 
Brushes, wire 
bound. Alihbest se- 
fected Russian 

- ee 1-0 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 6-0 

Length, inches. 35, 3% 4% 434 454 4% 

Vfmee, each..... 78¢ 81.06 81.31 R50 

boc os 
No, 3OT6b43 Oval = 
Paint rushes, all 
white Russia bris- 

tles. Wire bound. , 

A brush that willdoa fect 7ob and wear wel). 

Se. j]-0 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 6-0 
Length, inches. $55 374 4}, 43; $54 4% 
Price, each. B3e O9¢ B1e $1.13 82.32 $1.50 

Oval Varnish Brushes. 
Length Given is Length: of Bristites Clear of Bioidl- 
ing or Ferrule,. 
No. SOT6647 Chiseled 
=—, Oval Varnish Brushes, 

very elastic; hest select- 
ed black Chinese hris- 
tles; nickel plated rings. 

Pigee, ...... 1-0 2-4 3-0 4-() 5-0 6-0 
Length, ine hes.e. 2% 23; 3 = 3'4 3M% 
Price eech....... 30¢ 2 he 37° G380¢«° GSe We 

SEA..5, ROEGUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, C pis leas CATALOCUE No. li2. 


Length given is 
longthot bristlesclear 
of binding or lerrule. 
No. 30T6650 Wall 


Birush., A good work- 

lug brush, all Chinese 4 

bristles, lin ferrules. 

Length, inehes.... 2 Rae | 2 “ 
Width, inches >see 4 3 3% 4 14 
Price, cugh...g22 lOc “TIGR ie ~ ehe ees 


No. 30T6654 Wall 
Brash. <All black 
Ohinese bristles, 
solld ecnter. This 
brush will do good 
work, inetal bound. 


Wil yi 



Size,inches 4) ..aeuee 34 4 4% 5 
Length, inehes.... 234 3 3h 3% mee 
Price, eich...232 28e 38ec 50c 63¢ Te 

No. 3076658 Extension Wall Brush, brass bound, 

White Ohutka bristles, full, stiff, springy stock. Our 
stande rd brush for painters’ Use. 

Size. ... 6 rae | a! 4) 
Width. inches...... 3 344 4 4% 
Length, bristles... 93% 4% 445 4% 
Price, eseh-....- 59e¢ Bic R1.13 &1.60 
Mi7i. eo cee Fe ticiiy met 20 30 40 
Width, inches..... a 34% 4 4 
Leurth, bristles... 3% 43, 454 4% 
Prices cic. $1.68 80.94 1.32 81.50 

Na. 30T6661 Stuc- - 
co ff'aint Brushes, —-— 
Full stock, no plug, = 
very full and stiff, = 
exl raglones. and 3 
very best seleeted = 
white Russian =— a 

bristles, leather bound. Used mostly by frescoers 
and forstueco work. 

Sizes. inches....... A 4 444 5 
Length. inches..... 41, 443 45% 41, 
Price, i@iche- a... 51.00 $1.25 St 50 81.75 
Calcimine Brushcs. 
Length given is 

length of bristies 
clear of hindlnog 
or ferrule. 

No, 30T6668 Cal- 
cimine Brush for 
common work, white 
casing, wheel eray 
center. Metal bound. 

Width, dines De a SE < 

6 7 8 
Length - = ee ae 3% 33, 4ty 
Price, eneche oc, Zoe 3lie 38e 
No. 30T6672 Calcimive Brush. White bristles. 
Metal bound. Excellent quality. 
Siz6, inth@se.......... G 7 8 
Lenvthaeeee ee. - 333 356 375 
Price) 2acine eee 68c Sic 1.00 

No. 3SOT6675 Selec ted Russlan White Bristles 
Calcimine Brushes, Brass bound. 

size, inches, 7; length, 45g. Price, each.. 

Size, inches, $; length, 453. Price, euch.. 

No, 30T66S80 
New York Style 
Beushes. Extra == 
heavy. Specially 2 
selected Russinn = 
Nristles, tinest = 
workmanship. = 
Metallound. Will >= 



Size, inches, 7; length, 553. Price, each.. . $3.00 
Size. inches, 8; length, 575. Price. each........ 205 

Véhitewash Brushes. 
No. allehealeNd ela ash Brash, 
white tampic ovk (nota bristle in 
ta it), The Pease is soft and white. 
Metal bound. Used for whitewash- 
ing fences, out buildings, etc. 


“5 : 



Width inches eee. O ic 8 
Leneth, inc ieee me 3 33 
[Pr Teme Oe ee 10e 13¢ 

Na. SuLouss Wiitewash Brush, al] Ameriean 
bristle. white outside. A fuir qnality brush for com- 
mon work. Leather bound, Width, 744 inches; length 
of bristle, 254 inehes. 

Price, each . 

No. 30 T6692 Whitewash Brush, all white bris- 

tles: looks well and works well. Metal bound. 
Ww idth, in@nes........5%.. fi 8 9 
Le nzth hs CR earner ee O55 3 336 
Price @each.... .. Ge... 3le ATec 63e 

No. 36T6695 Lxteusion Whitewash Brush, all 
white bristle. Metal bound. Exceedingly good value 
at the price. 

Width, inches, §; length, inches, 353. Fach...80.94 

Width. inches, 9: length. inches, 3%. Eaeh... 1.13 

No. 30T6699 Whitewash Prush, al) white Russia 
hristles; extension style. Metal bound. A brush 
that’s used by many Calciminers and whitewashers. 

Beerienas LING TiC ye ee on cc. seo fas § Rly 

Mere ATMS ee ce es cs ss secu 414 434 

Price, a eee ee oe ow ee caee $1.69 82.07 
Stucce Whitewash Brush. 

No. 30T6704 Stucco Whitewash Brush. Wide 

and heavy for whitewashers’ and plasterers’ use. 
Aer of the finest white Okatka bristles. Leather 
pon ne 

Oger Tes Tell ts ih 9 9 9 
Pees... cess ee Ss 443 Aly 52, 
PN etn cseresn Le On Sao. S4.50 


Brush. All eray 
WHI hold lots of water, 

Stuf? bristles, 

wear well and give satisfaetion. 
=) Leather bound. 
i ia ae ow etetets j 2 
W lath, Inches eve weave arene: © «a Skene ee a Piste 
Length, Inehes..... .., 4 
Price, GucHye: ..\27ae See: - S1.75 S2.25 

Painters’ D usters. ; 
No. 3OT6ES 

Paluters’ Dusters. 

Gray bristle, black Bets 

outside. Raised fie 

dl 4 Co a oo No ois ee e 4 
Length, incless.... eee] «cee ee 4 1% 
l’rice, each.. E earre 3V0e 

Paperhangers’ Brushos. 

. No. 30T67124 Payer. 
hangers’ Sanagotint . - 
Brush. Two rows st 
Chinese bristles, 2 
Inehes long Wire bound. 

Width. inehes 16 {2 
Price, cach...60e 94e 

SE a Knotted Paste Brushes. 
No, 3076725 The Best Hrushes Manufactured: 

L.nGUsme. oceee ee oe nee x bf) 10 
wWidti; inches: 445-2 Thy 74 +34 
Length of bristles, inches. 4%, 4%, 4% 
Price. exch... ce eee .... 81,60 1.80 82.00 

Brick Liners. 

NO. JSOTE6T29 Brick 
Liners, white bristles. 

size.inches....2 2% 3 

Price. each..... Ge Te 8e 


No, 30T2565 High Grade Flake Cabinet Glue. 
Especially adapted for all the requirements of the 
woodworking trade. Will join oak and all other 
hurd woods as well as soft wood, AlIso used for 
printers’ rollers, emery wheels and sand belts us » 2 
a first class glue for cabinet mukers. 

Price, per pound 2 o.5. 35 eo, <1 .. ee ee 
No. 30T2566 Flake Carpenters’ Gtue. A good 

glue for all around work aud for general use by cur- 
peaters and others desiring a tirst class wedinm 
priced glue. Can be used for hook binding, veneer- 
ing sand on sand belts. Price, per pound.. .18e¢ 

No. 30T2567 Culciminers’ Glue is a white flake 
gine intended for caleimine only and is the very 
best glue made for that purpose, Price, per th....15¢ 

No, 3072568 Special Glue, a fluke glue suitable 
for use on soft wood and for bcok binding, paper 
boxes, venecring, sizing, calcimining and for all 
purposes where a strictly high grade glue is not re- 
quired. Price, per pound. Me 

No, 3072569 GroundG Hue, isthe sme strength as 
No, #072 68 hut being ground is prepared for use or 

quickly. Price, per pound. ...... 000s eatin. en 
LePage’s Liquid Gin> 
No. 24T085 Leg (8 Ae 
ways ready tor nse. 
Size, %4 gill. Price, each... 12e 
Size, 1 gill. VPriee, cach ... loc 
Size, % pint. Price, cach. Me 
M1ZC, J pint. Price. «ay erry 
size, 1 qnart. Price, each. rte 

Roefing Brushes. 
35T3038 Rooling Grosh, 
griy stock, 4 inches long . at 

Wire bound. 

Knots... a 2 3 

Price: each Rte Cn 38e 56e 
Noa. 35TS059 Roofing Brush 
of superior quality. Gray mixed 
center, cused with black ‘Chinese 
bristles. Wire pound. A brusb 
that will do lots of work. 
NOTIOUSs2— 2225. a 4 
Price, each..... ’ 63e 94¢81,.19 
Clue Brushes. 

Se No. 3076735 Glue Brushes. 
Made entirety of isetal ane 

oristle and will stand the conStant shrinkive and 
swelling that glue brushes are subjected to. Tron 
handle, brass ferrule and ull white bristie. 
POIZO. os van sa ease aces +s een rhs 4 6 
Length, inehes... ......... Jia ee Le IS 3 3% 
Price, each oa en we ole ale eee 22%e Sle 292 
Furniture Polish. 

No. 3072925 “Furniture Poflkh. For cleaning 
nnd We ociiae all finished wood surfaces. furniture, 
piilnos, stare and office fixtures. carriages. bicyeles, 
ete. Thisis not a varnish, but a liquid for ¢ leaning 
and polishing varnished surfaces. We guarantee 
it to please you for this purpose. 

Per dozen Fach 
Priee, f-nunee bottles........... ... S2.00 80.22 
Price, 16-ouncembotiles.... .........- a 20 
Price, 4-ratlon Cae. ..... ....- 1.2% 
Price, rallonjesnsee.- 20-5 os co a 

Oranse Shellac. 

No, 80T292514 Orange Shellac. 
Price per pint cin ee... . 2c ee £0.41 
Price. DET Quart (liye. ....-22 2.1 oe) 
Price, per ts-2lien enn 1.25 
Price, pvr vallomesn . 225 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.112. 2 



WE CALL SPECIAL ATTENTION toour very complete Hnes ef Watches, 
eee Diamonds aod Jewelry, goGds that 
will appeal te the most refined taste. Thereis perhaps nocther merchandise 
in which so much reliance must be placed upon the dealer. Confidence must 
be had when buying watches and jewelry, and to inspire that degree of con- 
fidence in us 


InN WATCHES ESPECIALLY we ackaowledge no cempetttion. Our 
eee §=6WWAECh dlepartment isthe largest aad mest 
complete In the world, and our prices by reason cf our purchasing pewer 
are the lowest of any, quality considered. 
SEARS ROEBUCK & co § Special Watch Movements are the perfec- 
: tion of mechanical skill, made especially for 
us after our own original design and in such large quantities that we get them 
ata price which enables us to sell themtc you at what other dealers very 
often ask for cheap and unreliable watches. 

With every gold tilled, silver or solid 

OUR GUARANTEE. geld wateh we give a ecertiticate of 

goarantee. Wlih gold filled watches the certificate guarantees the case to wear 
and Roepe its color for two, five, ten, twenty or twenty-five years, and the move- 
ment to be an accurate timekeeper for five years. This guarantee is given in 
additlon to the guarantee which is fitted in the back of the watch case. As to 
the value of our guaranty, we will refer you to the first puge of this book under 

the head of OUR RELIABILITY. 
TERMS While vearly all of our customers send cash in full with 
* their erders and we recommead sending cash in fall with 
your order, for in this way you will save the small charge of 25 to 50 cents that 
the express companies ask on CO. O. D. shipments, for these who prefer this meth- 
od _ of shipping we make this special C, O. D. offer: On revelpt of 50 eents we 
will send any watch to any address by express C. 0. D., subject to examina- 
tiow. You can examine the watch at your express office and if found perfectly 
satisfactory, exactly as represented, then pay theexpress agent our price and 
collection and express charges, less the 50 cents sent with the order. If the 
watch is unsatisfactory, return it to us and your 50 cents will be refunded. 
While we are perfectly willing tosend any watch to anyone by express C. O. D., 
subject toexamination, on receipt cf only 50 cents deposit, we urge our custem- 
ers te send cash Jn full with thelr orders, always with the understanding and 
agreement that if the watch is not found perfectly satisfactory, it can be im- 
mediately returned to us and we will refund the money. 

QUR PRICES. [2 Watches aad Jewelry we buy EVERYTHING 

direct from the manufacturers in large quaatl- 
tles for spet cash. As we sell for cash, having no bad debts, we are satisfied 
to sell ut prices which the retailer pays, and, on a large per vent of goods, for 

much less money. 
MAI L Ss te IPM ENTS We recommend seading Jewelry, 
*® Watches, ete., by mail, as It Is per- 
fectly safeand farthecheapest. Postageislcent per ounce. A watch packed 
for shipment weighs from 6 to 8 ounces; chains, rings and other small articles 
of jewelry about 2 cunces. Puckages amounting to $1.00 or over should he 
registered, which costs 8 cents extra, as this isthe safest method. Be sure to 
send enough fer postage, and if any halance remains we will return it to you. 

2“& eents will carry aay watch 

to any part of the United 
NOTICE We sell our watches oaly In the eombinatlons quoted In 
‘ a 

Stutes by express. 
our catalogue and will ealy sapply the case and moyve- 

ments as queted under each watch, 

ENCRAVING Cash Jn full must accompany all orders when 
* goods are marked with engraving. We charge 
for engraving in script on jewelry, watches, etc..2% cents per letter; in old 

English, small,5 cents perletter; small script monograms on jewelry, etc., from 
25to 75 cents. In writing orders when goods are to be engraved,write or draw 

plain letters, so as to avoid mistakes. We cannot exchange goods after they \ 

have heen engraved. 
It sometimes happens 
that we nre oat of the 

ON WATCH CASES. Gerch, Guiiwe wim to carry oxnet des 

signs. When the exact engraving cannet be had, we always have a very simi- 
lar one, which we will take the liberty of sending rather than delay your order. 
it being uaderstoed, you cau return same If net perfectly satistied. 
WATC - REPAI Ri N Cc We huve a thoroughly equipped 
* mechanical department, which Is 
fitted withallof the latest teo)ls und appliances for the rep of all kinds 
of watches. We havea large forve of thorcughly skilled watchmakers under the 
supervision of a very competent foreman, and any watch sent to us for repairs 
will receive very careful and prompt attention. Our charges are about cne- 
half what is usually charged by the retail dealers, but the work will be done in 
a very superior manner. We cannct give an accurate estimate of the cost of 
repairs without a thorough examination. Ourcharges are merely enough to 
cover cost of material and labor. None but a thoroughly competent watch- 
maker shouldevertakea watch to pieces, for the chances are that he will ruin It, 
In sending a watch for repairing be sure to send it by registered mall; mark on 
the outside of the package your vame and address, and write us atthe sametime 
that you have done su. giving full explanation regarding trouble with watch. 
REMEMBER that yoar watch should net rua lenger thaue ene and one- 
eee )6Chhalf years without having the old oll eleaned off aud fresh 
oil applled. This must be done at the expense 
; of the purchaser. Our charge for cleaning nnd 
oliing a watch is 75 cents. The regular retail 
price is $1.50. 


a)" No. 4T1470 This pleture, mnude from a phote- 
graph, shows ove of our fine silk plush lined and 
covered watch hexes that we ad ee for 25 cents 
extra with any wateh puchascd ofus. This price 
is uctual cost. We carry them to xccommedate 
customers only. 

No. 2714270 Price@zenen... ae ...25€ 

for when you cnn bay them fer the same or less money thao the dealer who sells on 
from 30 te 100 per cent profit nad has large cxpenses In the way of rent, clerk hire, fuel, 

light, etc., you cnn readily see that you could undersell him and still make « handsome profit for yourself. 





and we wlll ship yeu by express our entire Wire Werkers’ Outfit, exactly as illus- 

SEND US $1.98 trated. 

1 pair Snipe Nose Piiers. 
1 File with Handle. 
¥4-Gross Plated Washers, assorted. 

This outfit cousists of the fellewing Items: 
1 palr Reuod Nose Villers. 

1 Lot Assorted Shells. 

1 Drill (net shown in Illustration). 

No. 4T1400 Price... .... 
Order by Nomber. 


1 palr Side Cutting Piers. 
1 ounre Gold Plated Wire, (4-ounce round and %-ource square). 
~ Sample Names, 
Fellow the priociple used In making these numes and you wlll Know the eatire art. 

...... Shipping weight abeut 4 to 5 pounds)......... 

No. 471402 Ist quallty rovad wire, Sizes, 16 to 21 gauge. Price, perounce........ ‘ne eee .-.-65¢e 
No. 471404 2a quality round wire. Slzes, 16 to 2k gauge. Price, per ounce..... ........... eee AGU 
No.4T1406 3d quallty reund wire. Sizes, 16 tu 21 pauuge. Price, per cunce............cccceceee 20¢ 
No. 4T1408 Ist quality square wire. Sizes, 18% to 22 gauge. Price, per ounce............. eee 65¢ 
Ne. 4T1410 2d quality square wire. Sizes, 18 to 22 gauge. Price, per ounce..............0.0 cee. 45¢ 
No. 4T1412 Sd quality square wire. Sizes, 18to 22 gauge. Price, perounce.......... 2c. cee ceee 20¢ 
No. 4T1414 Solid Sliver wire. Sizes, 16 to 21 gauge. Price, DEO U DCE Fe... o-oo S0e 
No. £T1416 Solid Gold wire, 8-karat. Sizes, 16 to No. 4T1448 Gold Plated Button Backs. Perdozen ...35¢€ 
eioeauge. Price, per pennv WeigiWe ..-..c..cccescec--2 o-oo 50¢ No. 4T1449 Gold Filled Batton Backs. Price, per 
No. 4Ti418 Solid Gold Wire, L0-kKarat. Sizes, 16 to dozen. cin ct cece et stress ce ce mmnam anes cesses. «nan 50c 
feeesuee. Price, per penny<--- 0nd ook 60c No. T1450 Gold Plated Stad Backs. Price, pur dozen,,20c 
No. 4T1420 Solid Gold Wire, l4-Karat. Sizes, 16 to No. 4T1451 Gold Filled Stud Backs. Price, per dozen,.35¢ 
pupae. Pricefper Pentry Welgib..........sicee..s sccm eeee &80e No. 4T1452 Gold Plated Scarf Pin Backs. Price, 
No. 4T1422 Jump Risgs. 1 gress asserted sizes. | per dovzen............ . ees =. - 0 =e ao ssectsece SOC 
Peewee TOSS..... eee eens. sess. cece BRas ne oe 13e No. 474453 Gold Filled Scarf Pin Backs. Price, per 
No. 4Tt424 Scarf Pio Backs, fer mouatipg quartz, dozen. . aaa... ee eee ..... PI ES 
ges Erice-aper UOzen . Seema, -scmes .cesiiass.+scueese- cae tee 45e; No. 4T1454 Geld Solder. Price, per peanywelght.......20¢ 
Noe. 4T1426 Pin Tongs, fer repalring breoches, nas- | No. 4T'456 Silver Solder. Jn ‘4-cunce sheets. Price, 
Sorted.) Price, Per Bras... sees oa) os ook cece ss cote GOc | per OU NGRRREE .... cee ---- 50. ee ee eee es ae. OG 
No. T1428 Gold luted Swivels. Geats’ size. Price, No. 471457 Seft Solder. Price, per pundle.............. ..b€ 
POY GG7 en etoG. CaCl. See. «oe ee ee hoc csc cc eect aeces ccs Be No. 4T1458 Catches for Broeches. Price, per gross....45¢ 
No. 4Ti430 Gok! Filled Swivels. Gents’ size. Price, No. 4T1459 Joints fer Brooches. Price, per gross..... Abe 
Det, COZerne eo OCA Clio s. cee iis sve cece ceaaceecoeus 15c No. 4TL460 Ear Wire Drops. Price, per dozen..........25¢ 
No. 4TIi432 Gold Plated Swivels. Ladies‘ slze. Price, No. 471461 Ear Wire Screws. Price, per dozen......,.50¢ 
Wire. per dozen, 45ce;3 each,........... See lobes dt ee sce Sc No. 4T1462 Brass Riveting Whre, ussorted sizes. 
No. 4T1402 to No. 4T1420. No. 4T1434 Gold Filled Swivels. Ladies’ slze. Price, Price, per bude ..:..-....... ~ aie « ei eee 5 ee 
per dozen, $1.50; each......... epee ly cies 0 er No. 4T1463 Brass Blow Pipe. Price, each... .......... 10¢€ 
No. 471436 Gold Filled Bars. Gents' size. Price, per dozen, $1.00; each...... waa eee No. 4T1464 Soldering Coppers. Price, eacligeue..<...0.280 
No. 4T1438 Gold Fliied Bars. Ladies’ size. Price, per dozen. «35 CAC 6 occc see eee No. 471465 Seldering Fluld. Price, per bottle..........1%¢€ 
Ne. 4T1440 Geld Plated Bars. Geats’ size. Price, per dozen, 035; each...... .........5¢| No. 4T1466 Solderlug Tweezers. Price, each.......... 15c 
No. 4T1442 Gold Plated Bars. Ladies’ slze. Price, per dozen, 35; each...... cae oe Noe. 4T1467 Blnding Wire. Price, per spool.............10¢€ 
No. 4T1444 Gold Plated Toggles. Ladies’ or Gents’ size. Price, per dozen, 30c; each.... be No. 4T1468 Gold Plated Jebbiag Plate. Per ounce...76¢ 
No. 4T1446 Gold Filled Teggles. Ladies’ or Gents’ size. Price, per dozen, $1.00; each..10c| No.4T1469 Jobbing Stones, asserted. Contaiuing all 
Ne. 4T1447 Gold Filled Dumbbell Patterns Button Backs. Price, per dozen..............75e | colors and sizes in imitation of genuine. Price, per gross..76¢ 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 1/2. 33 
ee ee eee kee Ply mouse Onieartn, Snicago. CATAEC 

For want of space wecan Illustrate only the most nseful and desirable, and we have been compelled 
ATCHMAKERS’ TOOLS to reduce the illustrations In order to Miustrate what we do. The goods, however, are all of standard 

make and size, and of the best quallty. We wlll be glad to quote prices on watchmakers’ lathes, 
chueks, ete. If there isanythIng you want thit you do not find Iustrated, send us your order, en= 
closing market price for sume, an give an accurate description. If you do not know what the cost 
Is, be sure to enclose enough, and we will return what is left. We wlll be erage cve, to quote prices, 
=a | 
13 14 15 16 17 18 
10 12 

if you desire, before orderlng. When ordering material for repairy, always send a samp 
possible. If not, fully describe the size apd make of watch or clock for which parts are lotended. 

cn dj 

wt ww 
a? s™5 

o + 


me be eh btVAIs 4% 

—S = 


The Celebraled 
“Electro Silicon.” 


). No, No. 
f Alcohol cups..............4. tereereeess €ACH60.35 | 139° Lamps, Alcohol, faceted glass,medium, ea.$0.60 | 23 Screwdriver, Watchijlapgemee... 225s each&O. 18 
p Anvil (jewelers’).......... oreo tee ee eee each a5 140 Mainsprings, Watch..... each, 8c; perdoz. .96/ 22 Screwdriver, Watch, medium......... each .15 
}) Blow Pipes, common brass............ each =-251/14; Mainsprings, Olock, a each .15! 21 Screwdriver, Watch, small.......... . each .16 
) Blow Pipes, with balls................. each = -30/ 149 Mainsprings, Clock, eae each .45/ 24 Screwdriver, Watch, adjustable, 4sizes, set  .25 
Blow Pipes, nickel plated, with ball....each .50 | 155 Mainspring Punch, Improved......... each 1.2 | 8 Second Hand Holder, nickel plated..each .40 
; Bench knife (jeweters’)................ each 560 34 Mainspring Winder.................... each 1.50/170 Silverware Polish, the celebrated *‘Elev- 
Buffs, Leather Flat..............2. 00s. each =-05 1/169 Mainspring Winder, Swiss make... each .35 tro Sillcon,” per dozen boxes, 80.96; each .08 
ABuffs, Felt Flat...........0--..0-.0eeee- each .10/ 5 Mallet, Jewelers’....................... each .20/153 Stake, Riveting, hard steel...._...... each @25 
Brushes, watch or clock................ each .30] 47 Movement Holder...................., each .75]| 43 Saw Frame, Swiss, extra quality, nickel 
Burnishers, jewel.............. each, 25eto -75/ 143 Oil, Watch or Clock.......... per bottle .20 plated ... ... .::0saene each .85 
Broaches, Euglish, best quality, assorted 9 Oller@hVet@imee....... eo cee tenes each .15/ 154 Saws for above.........--.- samen. perdozen .10 
sizes from No. 75 to No. 40....per dozen 75 | 444 Oil Stone, best Arkansas, in box...... each 1.00! 7 Soldering copper........ ae 2: each .20 
Broach Wandle, adjustable............ each §=-251/145 Pin Slide, common medium.......... each .35/157 Soldering fluid, per bottle............. each .15 
Broaches, Pivot, Swiss make..... perdozen -15 1/145 Pin Vise, hollow handle,.....// 2707/2 each .76)158 Solder, silvers... ee per oz. .80 
Oaliper, pinion, plain.... ...............each  .25 151 Punch, Mainspring, English..... .... each .45/ 159 Solder, golddic.-.---1)e)e.- cee perdwt. .75 
Caliper, regular. .............. en asees each =.30/ "1 Punch, Mainspring. (3 punehes)..... perset 1.00| 4 Screw Stock and Dies...............- per set 2.00 
Caliper, nickel plated, with bar and 40 Puuches, set of 24, with hollaw stake, in 0 Tweezers, fii€......... .......:seene each .35 
SCFGW ...+. ttre eet ee ene noes beeen es each = «35 hardwood box............ complete set 1.25 | 50% Tweezers, hand removing............. each. ..25 
Bic smeerewOriver,... .... ... ..--.06. each .28/ 36 Pliers, round....... ................e... each .35/ 51 Tweezers, medium...... .. .........--. each .35 
Petuemeetamender...... oo... ee each =-20] 33 Pliers, flat...................... - «each _.35/) 52 Tweezers and hand ralsercomblned..each -.45 
Countersinks, per sect of three ........... 45 31 Pliers, Stubb’s best side cutting........each 1.15] 46 Vise, Bench.........-...ccecocceceeeee.. each = .70 
Countersinks, adjustable handle, perset.. .60| 39 Pliers, cutting, regular Swiss.......... each .G60/ 53 Vise, Migqeeee...cse es eoles eee each .75 
Crucibles, per set of four............-....+.. NO) 38 (RGMOMEMEGOL......--.. ...cccceecsces ese, each = .85) 45 Watch Cover Glass?...1.........00.000+ each .35 
| Oups, OU, for watch or clock....... .. each .% 28 Roller Remover.............cccceeceees- each .75/161 Wateh Glasses, hunting style. fitted,each.. _.10 
Drills, Common... ..... otters eeees perdozen -36/ 39 Ruby Pin Sctter.....0000 each =.25 | 163 Watch Glasses, assorted aoa pergross 2.75 
Drills, Stock, cammon............. .... each .351/ 57 ScrewHolder and Drivercombined.. each .50! 164 Watch Glasses,thick,open face, fitted,each . 
Drill Bow, to use with above stock....each .20] 37 Screw Ilolder ........ ....... ......... each .15)/165 Watch Glasses, thick open face, per dozen .50 
Drill Stock, patent spiral, smallsize..each .25] “3 Screw Pate. 36 NOOR... ......:.0-6.--.-- _ +461166 Watch Keys, Birch’s........ ......-.-. each .20 
Drill Stock, patent guard........ ..... CC en EY So ETE Sees es sens ne oo ss CR 

byoslass, Watenmakerscoiinion. "each “tp A BIG CUT IN WATCHMAKERS’ TOOL SETS PRICES. 

Eyeglass, Watchmakers’, with coil spring.. .35 

| Ftehiclan’ oF smare soa" 8 QUR COMPLETE WATCH TOOL SET, PRICE $7.50. 

Fi SeOrmerea.......... LS : 

hee Ste bee eae ae eo 1S THE TOOLS AND IMPLEMENTS we herewith illustrate are the most necessary In the equipment 
Fites, needle, oblong........... J iuleach = 15 sofia watch maker's kit. Every one of them performs important 
Files, needle, one-halfround . ....... each .165 work, making it absolutely necessary to have at 
| Files, needle, square........ ee euch 15{[ —a—{ least as great a selection as we illustrate in our 
Belles, ncediepround..................-. each «15 _ ae complete set. The material of our tools is made 
f Files, three-cornered, 34g-Inch........ each r 31 ef the very finest procurable; the most expert 
Files, flat, regular...... —— each toolmakers, skilled in their art, the only cas 
MOR SCTOWNNGCAG...........0.0c.-e0c0:: each + P employed inthe productionof this merchandise. 
4 ple ne aun Tae Tint ce a ais EACH TOOL cvention beroaieae iit dur 
3 Bimmer Hindies ae aa kay establishment, so that we are assured of them 
@ Hammer Handles, maple.............. each being received hy our custemers in perfect 
Hammers Swiss nso euch Ue {9 work use our ova mauataclone oF tools tad 

merlammers, Swiss.............0.; a oO : 
4 Hands, Watch, per dozen pair..... 8 the work done by us is excelled by none. This 
Hands, second, perdozen............ © cee set for &7.50 consists of 36 separate and 
4 Hands, Clock, per dozen.................... distinet pieces. Any man of average mechan- 
4 Handles, adjustable, for graver or small ical skillcan learn to rectify the majerity of 
a ee each causes that make a watch step. The set nat 

alone Includes tools necessary for watch re- 

Ifandles, adjustable, for medium files,each ols, 
pairing, but likewise includes a complete set af 

Jeweling Tool, bezel opener and closer, ea 

Jewelers’ Cement, per bottle..... .... each tools for silverware, jewelry and clock repalr- 

Jewel Pin Setter...........: oe... each ing. We know that yon would not fail to 
HJeweling Tool, Crosby’s patent, complete.. be pleased with your purchase If you con- 

mc eyS, Werte site c ee ees per dozen clude to favor us with an order for one at 

Keys, Watch, wind any watch.........each these wonderful watchmakers’ and jewelers 

Keys, Watch, for bench use............ each sets. 

ceys, Iron or brass, forclacks........ each No. 4T1 Price for complete sect, 
Lamps, Alcohol, pitented, large... ..each 1.00 No. 4T1 Complete Tool Set, $7.50. Tucluding text’ bookscge..--.. scene $7.50 


Our No. |! Victor Blasting Machine. 

fn respouse toa great 
muny Inquirles for 
blasting machines, we 
have investigated the 
matier, and coneluded 
to handJe the No. t Vie- 
tor lasting Maehine. 

This machine Is titted 
with two posts from 
whieh to make the con- 
nection of electric fuze 
for blasting purposes. 

The No. 1 Vietor Blasting Machine has a capac- 
ity of firlng five to elght holes in one instant. 

To operate this machine place the eleetrical fuzes 
in the dynamite cartridge, the same as you would an 
ordinary cap and fuse. 1f blasting two or more holes 
connect the fuzes with connecting wire, and after the 
various holes are connected (like illustration above). 
attach one of the leading wires from one post to first 
fuze, then attach the other leading wire from the 
post to the last fuze wire, as shown in illustration,then 
pull up the handle of the blasting maehine to the 
arrow polnt, after it is up press the handle down 
quickly with alj the force you can, and this action 
will discharge all the cartridges in one instant. One- 
halfaturn of the crank handle shonld produce a 
discharge of all the cartridges. The No. 1 Victor 
Blasting Machine is a dynamo etectric machine 
and doesnot need to be recharged with eleetricity. 

No. 61356614 No.1 Victor Blasting Maehiue, Ca- 
pacity, five to eight boles. Onr special price, $15.00 

Electric Fuzes to be Used in Connection 
with the Victor Blasting Machine. 

When using these fuzes [t Is not necessary to 
have blasting 
eaps. The fuses 
are tnserted in the 
dynamite car- 
trldge the same as a blasting cap. The above litns- 
tratlon showsa fuze ina dyoamite cartridge. 

Always use the fuze 2 feet longer than the hole 
in which you put the dynamite cartridge ;for instance, 
if you wish to blast at the bottom oft a 4-foot hole, use 
a, 6-foot fuze. These fuzes eome 50 in a box, and we 
cannot sell less than a box of asize. Order by num- 
ber and length. 

No. 6T3568 Prices of Electrical Fuzcs. 

tee yaiges, Price, per 100. .....- ccc gecscces .. 82.70 
6 feet. Fuzes. Price, per 100..........-. Foe... -20 
8 feet Fuzes. Price, per 100 ......-ee-.see0- 3.68 
iO feet Puzes.) Price, per loo ..... -.2.s-ss-.000. 4.16 
2feet Fuzes. Price, per 100..... Dee cress 5.242 4.65 

Leading and Connecting Wire. 

No. 673569 Leading Wire comes iu eoils of 500 
feet tothe coll. We cannot sell less than a coil. 
Our special price per coil of 500 feet........... $4.00 
«No. 67356914 Conuecting Wire. Where you wish 
to blast more than one hole the fuzes are connected 
by this connecting wire. We do not sell less than one 
ponnd. Priee, per pound........ co. one 


Dynamite ts, In our 
opinion, an excellent 
agent for removing 
stuin ps. 

When a stump is In 
hard clay soll, place thie 
dynamite under the 
stump If possible. 
When the stump is in 
sandy sull use an auger 
asshown iulllustration, 
a 2-iuch wood auger is 
preferable. When the 
ground is frozea Is the best time to blow out 
stamps with dynamite. Please note that dynanilte 
freezes at 42 degrees Fahrenheit. 

To those who are not fainHiar with haudlng 
dyuamite, we will, on application, mail a buuklet 
giving full Inforimatiun. 

Dynamite rumes In cartridge shape 8 Inehes 
jong by 114 Inches dlameter, and a 25-pound ease 
contaius 48 tu 5S! cartridges. A 50-pound case 
contains 98 to 102 cartridges. Order by catalogue 
number and per cent nuinber. 

Dynamite is put ap vuty 25 aud 50 poands inn 
case. Wecan onty sellone kind in acase and not less 
thana case of akind. tt must be shipped alone from 
the factory by freight. Cannet be shipped with 
other goods. 

No. 6T3570 
Noa. 3x 30 per cent nitroglycerine, per pound....13 ¢ 
No. 2b 35 per cent nitroslycerine, per ponnd,...r34e 
No.2 40 per cent oitroglycerine, per pound....14 ¢ 


No. 2x 45 per cent nitroglycerine. per pound.... !444c 
No. 2xx50 per cent nitroglycerine, per pound....154e 
No.l 60 per cent nitroglycerine. per pound....17 ¢ 
No. ixx75 per cent nitroglyeerine per pound....19%4e 

Nos. 3x, 2b and 2 for ores, stumps, ice and 

moderately hard work. 
Nos. 2x and 2xx for hard rock, etc. 

Nugs, 1 and 1ixx for very hard rock, ores, iron and 
submarine blasting. : 


We cannot sell less than a box of 100, 
Abe 6T3590 Blasting Caps, quadruple force, per 
ec apes eee sialclems « « -. BO.85 
No. 673592 Biastlag Caps, quintriple,per t00, 1.00 
Caps cannot be shipped with dynamite. Must go 
separately by freight. 
Store your caps away from the dynamite, and do 
not carry them with dynamite. keep them in sepa- 
rate places. 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. — 

CATALOCUE No.![2. 315 

ACME COMBINATION FUSE CUTTER /|Winchester Model IB94 Reloading Tools. 


No. 6T3504 Fase Cutter 

and Crimper combined, for 

crimping cap to fise, and the 

legis intended to make a hole 

in the cartridge to Insert the 

lS | 1) lg CU Cae eo eS oo ae a50e 
Safoty Fuze. 

Order by number and state klod wanted. 

No. 6T35696 Safety fuse in 50 foot coils. We 
cannot sell less than 50 fect of a kind. 
Cotton fuze, for dry work, per 1000 feet... 20... &2.90 

Slagle tape faze. for diuiap ground, per 1000 feet, 3.50 

Double tape faze. for wet work, per 000 feet.. 4.70 

Triplo tape faze, for under water, per 1000 feet, 5.70 
Miners’ Squibs. 

No. 6T3597 Squibs nbout 6 luches long, 100 1]1n a 
box and 100 boxes in a case, (we cannot sell less than 
acase.) Price, per case of 100 boxes........... 810.00 


Subject to market changes without notice. 

Buek Shot_ Chilled and dropped shot la 

_— Drop sucks of 5 pounds and 25 
8 Slop pounds at lowest market 

_ rates. We do not sell tess 

Vhan ai sack. The price of 

o {2 shot fiuctuates so much that 

Wwe euuuot quote permanent 
prices. Prices are subject to 
wchange without notice. 

No, 6T3601 Drop shut, all 
Sizes, | to 12. Mention size 
wanted. Per 25-lb. sack.. 31.50 

No. 6T3603 Druop shot, all 
sizes, 1 to 12. Mention size 
wanted. Per 5-lb. sack.....40€ 

No. 673605 Chilted shot,al] 
sizes, 2 to 10. Mention = size 
wanted. Ver 25-lb. sack.. 81.90 

No. 6T3607 Chilled shot,all 
sizes, 2 to 10. Mention size 
wanted. Ver 5-lb.sack.....45e 

No. 673609 Buckshot, sizes 
B to Ne. & Mention size 
wanted. Per #5-lb. sack... $1.90 

No. 673611 Bnekshot, sizes 
BtoNo.s. Mention size wanted. 
Pe@pi-=1)h.saeke.--.. Gina 44c 






In case of fluctuation chilled 
shot is ulways 40 cents higher 
in 25-pound sacks, and 5 cents 
lhigherin 5-pound sacks than 
drop shot. We will always 
bill shot at the lowest market 

Nu. 673613 #£Bar tead for 
rnoniog bullets at market 
price; average price abont 7 

woo- yah BNO 

oo w 
wm ww 


WE CANNOT 00 cents 
per pound. 
eed No. 613615 BB Shot in 1-1b. 
SACKS AT vackageés for alt rifles. 
5-LB qo Pers eee. 10¢ 
SACK RATE we We always bill at lowest 

i inarket prices. 

We guarantee lowest market price on cartridges, 
shells, primers, powder, shot, ete. Prices are subjeet 
to chauge without autice. 


ding Bullet Mold-Com- 
___vlete Set. 

A setof 

No. 6GT£280 loading 
mold, decapper plug andy tool, a 
charge cup. The reloading § bullet 
tool removes the exploded primer, recaps the shell, 
and fasteas ballin the shell, at the same time swag- 
ing the entire cartridge tothe exact form and with 
absolute safety. Bullet molds have wood handles. 
Blued, finished and polished. Perfcetin every re- 
spect. Mention size wanted. 

No. 6742380 Per set 
-caliber, center fire, Winchester Single Shot. $1.75 

25-9) caliber,center fire. WinchesterSingle shot 1.75 
95-20 caliber,center fire, Winchester Repeater 1.75 
32.29 euliber, center fire, Winehester M. 73&92 1.75 
9 .ealiber, Smith & Wesson revolver......... 15 
38 caliber, Smith & Wesson revolver... ..... 1.76 
38-40 caliber, Winchester Models 1873 and ts92.. 1.75 
38-90 caliber, Winchester Express .............: "2.40 
44 caliber, center fire, Webley............... 1.75 
44-40 caliber, Winchester Models 1873 and I892.. 1.76 
40-90 caliber, Shurp’s puteched straight. ...... 2.40 
40-70 caliber, Ballard putehed ball.............. 2.40 
40-110 caliber, Winchester Express .............. 2.40 
44 caliber, Smith & Wesson, Russian ........ 1.75 
44 caliber, Smith & Wesson, American... .. 1.75 
50-95 caliber, Winchester Express...........0- 2.40 
No. 6T4281 Reloaders, only 22 to 44-caliber 1.05 
No. 6T4282 Reloaders, only from _ 40-90 to 
45-60 caliber. Mention size wanted. Each..... 1.35 
No.6T4283 Bullet Molds.anycaliber,each  .82 
No. 6T42834%4 Bullet Molds for Express 
re GMEriCe (@NGI), ... ieee ~ dee ss espe cass 28 
No. 674284 Brass charge cups, cach....... -10 
No. 6T42844% Decapper plugs, cach........ 2ar 

No. 6T428544 Remington's Make Reloading Tools | 

for 32 caliber Smith & Wesson cartridges only. 
Price, per Set.... : 81.00 
Order by number and mention caliber and name 

of rifie when ordering tools. 

tf by mall, postage extra, per Bet, 42 to 45 rents. 

eacecraceee CeO FBO eter en oe etoaoats 


A complete set consists of bullet mold, cha. 76 cag 
extractor plug and luader, 

Winchester 1894. 

Model Tool, in- 

eluding buliet 
mold with wood 
handics. A com- 
plete set. Lelonds 
and reslas the 
shell. Weight, 3% 
pounds. Polished, 

blued finish. Perfect 
in every respect. 
Order by number and give callber 

No. 6T41286 

«nd name of rite, Per set 
m5e85 Winchester, withont bullet mold.......... 81.65 
30-30 Winchester, without bullet mold.......... . 1.55 
20-40 U.S. Army, without bullet mold....... wee. 1.55 
408 eallber Savage, without bullet mold...... 1.55 
f by mall, postage extra, 40 cents. 
$2-40 ealiber Winchester, complete... ........6.- 2.090 
38-55 caliber Winehester, completeé........eeeeees 2.09 
38-56 cul ber Winelmster, complete... oo... .. eee. 2.09 
3s-7O enliber Winchester, complete.........66. . 2.09 
38.79 culiber Winchester, complete ... 2... 6.0... 2.09 
40-60 callber Winchester, complete........ octet 2.09 
40-65 caliber Winchester, complete.....-..eeeee- 2.09 
40-70 ealiber Winchester, complete..... 2... ooo. See 
40-72 cnliber Winchester, coinplete............6.. 4.09 
40-82 caliber Winehester, Complete ......ceeeeees 2.09 
45-60 callber Winchester, complete........ecee 2.09 
45-70 caliber Government, 405 complcte........ 2.09 
45-70 callher Government, 50complete......... 2.09 
45-75 culiber Winchester, complete..........eee- 2.09 
45-90 caliber Winchester, complete.......-.. eee. 2°09 
45-70-330 follow Ball, complete..........--+ cece 235 
50-70 Government, complete........-cseeees eet | 
50-95 Winchester Express, complete............ 2.435 
50-§10 Winchester Express, complete...........- 2.45 

If by mail, postage extra, per set, 56 cents. 

always wash them 
TO PRESERVE SHELLS, (ot Nin hot soap 
suds or hot suda water as svon after shooting 
as possibte. 

IDEAL Combin- 
ed Reloading 
Tool, No. {. 

All parts necessars 
to load the cartridge 
and make bullets are 
combined In this one 

No. 674288 Any caliber. State eallber wanted 
and glve name of rifie or revolver. Per set 
22-caliber, center tire, Winchester Single Shot..81.47 

32-caliber, short, center fire, Colt's Revolver... 1.47 
*39-caliber, long. center fire, Colt’s Revolver.... 1-47 
32-caliber, Smith & Wesson Revolver........... 1-47 
32-caliber, extra long. center fire. -.--.... eee 1.47 
38-caliber, short. center fire, Colt's Revolyver., 1.47 
38-caliber, long, Colt's Revolver, outside lubri- 

CatOr ccc .22. oc eecnawaee deme = oon . LAT 
38-caliber, extra long, center fire............--: . 147 
38-culiber, Smith & Wesson center fire... ...... 1.417 
$t-caliber, short, Colt’s D. A. pistol, center fire 1.47% 
41-caliber, long, Colt‘s outside lubricant, een- 

ter flr@.....cccses dineccc Siecle screen aaa 1.473 

If by mail, postage extra, per set, 23 ceuts. 
Nute—tf you want to load S. & W. cartridges 
buy S.& No other tool will load them. 

IDEAL Tool, No. 3. 

No. 674290 Ths 
No. 3 is a reloader 
only, and has na 
bullet mold, This 
tool is intended to 
go with the Perfec- 
tion or cylindrical 
mold forthose who 
wish to cast special 
bullets. Itis made 
in all the popniar 
sizes, including 30-30 Winchester and Marlin, 30- 
caliber Army, und furnished to special order only 
Send eash with order and state size wanted. 


Price for reloader without mold.............. &2.00 
Price in caliber 303 Savage ... . Diech 

If by mail, postage extra, per set, 25 cents. 
IDEAL Tool, No. 4. 

All parts neces- 
sary tuload theear- 
tridgeaud cast bul- 
lets are combined 
ln this one tool. 
State which ealiber 
is wanted and give 
name of ritle or re- 

No. 674291 Ideal Tool, No. 4. 
95-9 caliber, Winehester Single shot........... 81.70 

95-90 caliber Winchester or Marlin Repeater... 1.7 
32-caliber, Smith & Wesson, long Hand Ejector. 1.70 
39.99 caliber, Winchester or Marlin Repeater... 2.70 
39.99 cgliber, Colt’s Lightning Rifle.............. 70 
28-40 caliber, Winchester or Marlin Repeater.. 1-70 
39-49 caliher, Colt’s Rifles.....2oeee- =e saan Fi 
44-40 caliber, Winchester or Marliu Repeater.. 1.70 
44-40 caliber, Colt's Rifles and Frontier Revoly’s 1-70 

i 44 ealiber, §. & W. Russian Modetl............ i 

| 44 caliber, S. & W: American model........ . 1-70 
{5 ealiber, Colt’s Reveolver..... 1.70 


If by mail, postage extra, per set, about 2g eenta. 

NOTICE For Information on casting bullets, ete., 
eV EME cen 3 rents to pay the postage on oar 
handbook of useful information. 


IDEAL Tool No. 6 

a Ne. 64:2494 Ideal 
Es = Reieading Teol 
= No. 6,cemplete with 
bullet meld. This 
toe] contains all the 
necessary appliances 
to make bullets, de- 
cap ana recap shells. 
sast. load and seat the bullets, and is 
vithout doubt the best tool made. 
State caliber wanted. 

25-36 caliber, Marlin. Perset...  ....6 cece 82.05 
25-35 Winchester. Per Set........... wcccocece 2.05 
30-30 caliber, Marlin. Per set...... 2.05 
30-30 Winchester. Per set ... 1... ccccccess -0cs 2.06 
32-40 Ballard and Marlin. Perset.. ............ 210 
38-55 Marlin and Winchester. Perset...... .. 2-10 
38-56 Winchester and Colts. Perset... ....... 210 
40-60 Winchester. Per set..... 2.0.0... cee ceeces 2.10 
40-60 Oolt and Marlin. Per set... ...... ...eeeee 2.10 
40-65 Winchester. Per set.........cccccceee coeees 2.10 
40-82 Winchester. Per set..........ccccee eceeceee 210 

Evans’ new model. Per set.............---- 2.10 

If by mall, postage extra, per set, 32 cents. 

45-60 Winchester. Per set... 2 2... ccceeee eee. Bel O 
45-70 405 Government. Per set..... Pea cranes 2.10 
45-70 500 Gevernment. Per set............ -. -- 210 
45-85 285 Marlin. Per set......... ... cece Be Oe 2.10 
45-90 Winchester. Per Set..........00 2+ cece cere 7-10 
50-70 Government. Per set.... ....... ce ceee cease 2.10 

If by mail, postage extra, per set, about 39 cents, 

We can furnish any ether eallber in the Ideai 
Tools that is made, and tools not quoted in 
this catalogue w' have te be made specially, 
and cannet ber ued if sentas erdered. We 
ship them from tue factery. 

IDEAL Tool No. 8. 

Ne, 674295 his 
tooi is practically 
the same as Ne. 6, 
batis made to ioad 
the new Inside lu- 
bricant cartridges, 
which have a V 
shaped cavity at 
the base. This teol —— 
will not lead eld style eutside tubricant cartridges. 
a2-caliber, lonz, Oolts, inside lubricant. Per set.S2.60 
88-caliber, long, Colts, inside lubricant. Per set. 2.60 
41-caliber, long, Colts, insidelubrieant. Per set. 2.60 

If by mail, pestage extra, 36 cents. 

Shell Reducer and Resizer. 
TONE, Neo.6T41296 Shell Reducer 
and Resizer for any size 
from 32-40, aud larger, to re- 
size shells which have be- 
come bulged. Shipped front 

New llaven, Conn. 
Sie Here oeere as ae - leo 
wanted. If by mail, pestage extra, 15c. 

TQ LUBRICATE BULLETS. Dip the bullets in 

lubricant and set 
them on a board till lubricant is hard in the 
greeves. Good lubricant can be made from beef 
tallow witb enough vaseline to soften it, or pure 




OX + Gey 

vaseline with enough paraffin to harden it. Never 
lt. is liable to 

use fat which bas salt or acid init. 
rust or pit the barrel. 


Be sure and give 
the size wanted, also 
give the name of 
rifle or revelver. 

For all sperting 
and military size cartridges, ef regniar welght 
bullets. For special] bullets see Nos. 6T4304 and 6T4305. 
I part tin (or solder) and 40 parts of lead makesa 
good bullet. If bullet is too soft add more tln. These 
molds are all made specially and we require eash 
withorder, Shipped from New Haven, Conn. 

No. 6T4300 To make grooved bullets, each, $0.75 
No. 6T4301 To makeexpress bullets,each, 1.70 
Give caliber of meld when erdering. 

Ne. 6T14304 The Perfection 
Mobld. This mold is intended 
for making greoved bullets of 
different weights in the same 
mold For instance, the 25-20 
o™ mold will east 25-20, 25-36, 25-35, 
7 etc. It is not made for sharp 
= pointed nor hollow base bullets. 
State caliber wanted. Price, each 

If hy mall, postage extra, 15 cents. 

Wo. 6T4305 The Cylindrical Meld will do the 
same work as the Perfection, but for patched bullets 
instead of grooved bullets. Made in 25, 32, 38, 40 and 
4S calibers. Statecaliber wanted. Price. each..82.40 

When erdering buliet melds give the exact size 
wanted or send sampie ballet or empty sheil by 
mall. Fer postage rate see page 4. 

a: “eal Ideal 
pper for running re 
bullets. Each...36¢ (ge ar 
If by mail, pestage extra, 7 cents. 
Weight, packed, 25 oz. E) 
, Fer pestage rate see 

’ P page 4. 
Melting No.6T1309 Adjastable Cover. Cover 
Pot. te fit any steve for Ideal Melting Pot. 
Cut % size. Weight, packed, 24 ounces. Price....36ce 
For postage rate see page 4. 

eeo@aceeeees aan “ae 




No. 6Ti308 Ideal 
Melting Pet for melting 
lead. Price. ........ 36c¢ 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.1I2. 

Melting Ladles. 

If by mail, postage extra, per ounce, 1 cent. 
Cast Steel Wad Cutters. 
Be sure and give gauge wanted. 

Ne. 674317 6-gauge.. ... 76e 
No. 674318 
No. 6T4319 9or8-gauge..16c 
No. 6T4320 10 to 20-zauge, 12¢ 
Ne. 6T4321 
ber. Mentien caliber wanted. Price, each.... 

If by mail, pastage extra, 5 cents. 



Rammer, Alli , 
32 Cents for Complete al In: Cie 

The Ideal Shell Pocket Leader, including funnel 
and base, bronze finish, compact and handy to carry 
in the poeket. recaps and decaps and seat wads. 

Weight. 4ounces. See above illustration. 

Ne. 6T4322 i6-gauge. Eaeh...... sacQoi iam 

No. 6T4323 I%-gauge. Each......32¢ = 

No. 6T4324 10-gauge. FEach...... 32c } 

If by mail, pestage extra, 6 cents. 

Ideal. Hand Closer. 
Our Special Price, 19 Cents. 

The ldeal Nand Shell Closcr for pa- 
per sbells; handy to carry in pecket; 
always ready for use. eget. 6 Ounces, 


No. 6T4325 1l6-gauge. Each...... 19¢ 
No. 6T4326 12-gauze, 
No. GT4327 10-gauge. Each...... isc 
Weight, packed, 6 ounces. If by 
mail, pestage extra, 6 cents. 

Shell Loaders. 

yored Loader. 
nickel spun tube. 

© Oe gauge wanted, 

10 or 12-gauge. 
14, 16 or 20-gange. 
If by mall, postage extra, 4 cents. 
NOT E—The decapper, er expelling pin, will be 
fonnd In all leaders by taking the koob otY the 
rammer—see illustratlon, 

Ne.6T4335 Bar- 
clay Leader, with 
inside spring wad 
starter, 10 or 12- 
gauge. Each...35e 

(f by mall, postage extra, 5 cents. 


These tools are of the very best qnality and 
are the unly style made for this gauge. 

No. 6T4338 Cocohele Leader, with tube and 
extracting pin; 8-caugeonly. Price, cachb....45e 
fhy mall, postage extra, 5 cents. 

No. 6T4339 Shell Crimper, best quality. »- 
gauge Only. see ice, Caen mess o-oo e. $1.45 
If by mall, pestage extra, 28 cents. 

The Paragon Recappers. 

Ne. 6741350 
neat wnd 
bandy, 10 or 

Weight, 2 oz. 

f Price, cach.7c 
No. 6GT4361 |G or 20-gauge. Each............ ..8e 
No. 6T4352 8-Gange Recapper. Each....... 36c¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, 3 cents. 

Remington Recapper and Decapper. 
No. 6T1353 - 
Recapper. 10 
i2 or 16-gauge. 
Be sure and 
give pauge 
wanted when 
ordering decappers and recappers or implement 

sets. If by mail, postage extra, 10 cents, 

The Common_ Sense Decapper and 

Ne. 6T4355 The Cem- 
men Sense Decapper aud 
Recapper is first class In 
every respect, nickel 
ylated shell post, cocebolo 

andle. A simple, canve- 
oient and cffective Im- 
plement, decappingand 
reeapping the cartridge 
shell,dolngits work easily, 
rapidly and _ perfectly. 
Misfires will be avoided by 

- itsuse. If yon haven’ta 
Common Sense Deand Kecapper, don’t find fault 
if your gun misfires. 

Price, 10 or 12-gauge.each.... ...... -. ..... 9&8¢ 

If hy mall, postage extra, 17 cents. 

Welght, 1 te 2% pounds. 
Ladles, for melting J eae 
Ne, 6T4311 3-iuch diameter howl, weight, 120z.20e 
Ne. 674312 4-inch diameter bowl, weight, 246z.30c 
No. 674313 5-ineh diameter bowl, weight, 36 0z.40c 
Na. 6T4314_ 6-inch diameter bowl, weight, 420z,60c 

Any size pistol or rifle, 22 to 50-cali- 

, A Recapper and Decap- 
Javea per, Shell Extractor and 

wae ee No. 6T4330 Wine Col- 
ee Polished 


Priceaedch aac... ee Tlic 

Eureka Paper 42> 
Shell Crimper. 
Ne. 6T4356 Paper Shell Crim- 
per, dark japanned, 10 or [2-gauge 
only. State gauge wanted. Acrimp- 
er will crimp only one gauge. 
Price, “eae ger. . 5 ae ee 2-25 
Welght, packed, 16 eunces. 
by mall, pestage extra, 18 cents. 

Paragon Paper 
Shell Crimper. 
No. 6T4357 Paper Shell Crimper, 
dark japanned, with expelling pin, 
j0oriz-gauge. State gauge wanted. | 

Price, each, l0 or [2-gauge....29¢ | 

Price, each, 10 or 20-gauge....30c¢ 

Welght, packed, 17 ounces. For 
postage rate see page 4. 

Bronze Paper 
Shell Closer. 

Ne. 6T4358 Our Acme Paper 
Shell Closer, gold bronzed, coecebele 
handle, expelling pin; a good, strong 
closer. Ider 12-gauge. Each....50¢ 

Always mention gauge wanted. 

No.6T4358% Paper Shell Crimp- 
er, best quality, for 14, 16 or 20-gauge 
only. Price, each 

If by mail, postage extra, 18 cents, 
To produce perfeet crimp turn fast and feed slowiy. 
The New ideal Diamorns amanc or Round 
Oo e 
No. 6T4360 The mab ¥ 
New Im provedQ  SXtr=s77s 
Ideai Diamend 
Square er Reuod Crimp Cleser. 
To change the crimp from square 
to round unserew the erimping 
eup and reverse the pins which 
are fastened by small seews. It 
hasa new straight feed lever, with & 
steel grip. The only tool that will crimp every snett 
alike, no matter what variations of load may be. The 
enly tool having an antomatle plonger that pre- 
vents the end of the shell from spreading over the 

ar at wad, All wearlng parts and 
| chiar, 

eacoece aeeoaersreaeeeot #eeeeaae wpaess aate 

cups areof steel. The best 
erimper ¢cver made; 10, 12 or 

a : pe only. State gauge 
Showing style ef Wanted. Order by number. 
Price, G200,,... 2-9. &1.50 

square erlmp. 
If by mail, postage extra, 32 cents. 
Shell Loading Block. 

Oar deep 
New Model of 
1900 block. 
Made of white 
wood, holes 
bored with 
shoulder te fit 
the entire 
length of shell. 
The topef hole 
is reamed out 
to aet asa wad Starter; shell docs not come within 
ene-half Inch ef top of bieck: shells canvoet bulge 
or break down. Just the thing to lead shells for the 
Smith or Parker guns, or where wads larger than 
the shell are required. Weight, 3 pounds. 

No. GTASER olding 50 12-gauge shells...... 90c 

No. 6T43624% Wolding 50 10-gauge shells..... 90c 

2 If by maii, postage extra, 60 cents. 

No. 6T4363 Loading Bleck, helding 20 shells; 
depth ot block, J inch; 10 or {2-gauge. State gauge 
wanted. Price, each : 10¢ 

"“@@ e@ef8£ et eoeceoeeeeractceseteoerenreoeeeae 

f by mail, postage extra, 16 cents. 
Cun Cleaning Implements 

Ne. 6T4365 
brass joints, and tbree Implements, swab, scratch 
brush and wiper. 10, 12 or i6-gauge. Weight, packed, 

Cleaning Reds, applewood, patent 

13 ounces. Price, per sct:........ 722 :e eee 25c 
If by mail, postage extra, 10 cents. 
Our Cocobolo Cleaning Rod. 

No. 6T4366 Our Fancy Cecobele Jointed Clean- 
ing Rod is made in three joints as shown in the 
abeve illustration. Itis made of cocebolo wood, with 
niekel plated jointsand trimmings. universal thread 
for implements which takes any of the standard 
swabs, slots, or wire scrateh brushes. The red when 
joined is 37 inches long, and when disconnected, each 
age isiZineheslong. It is a very handseme clean- 

ng rod, and each red is accompanied bya wire 
scratch brush, woe] swab and anda sletted wiper. 
Our speclal price for this handsome cleaning rod, 55c 
by mall, pestage extra, 13 cents. 
Folding Pocket Screwdrivers. 

No. 6T43714% Oar Felding Peck- 
et Screwdriver, with square sbape 
nipple wreneh for musket nipples. 

rIC@; CACHE sy xe sss.) eee eee ic 
If by mall, postage extra, 2 cents. 

Ne. 6T4371% Oar Foldiog Pocket 
Screwdriver, with U shape nipple 
wreneh for musket nipples. 

Price, ea@b......, . 25 eee 
If by mall, pestage extra, 2 cents. 

Our Ploneer Gun Cleaner. 

No. 674373 Made of See CS orien 
springy wood, with uni- = idle EE 

_ versal thread to fit any jolnted cleaning rod, and it 

comes with brass sereen wire cloth, which Is one of 

tbe hest lead removers known. It is alyo sletted so 

it may be used for olling guns. 10 or 12-gauge. 

Price, each, with screen clothh......0---60) > 

If by mall, postage cxtra, # cents. 

Cleaning Attachments to fit Jointed Rod. 

No. 674377 
Wool Swab, to fit jointed rod; brass 
sbank, universal thread, 10 or 12-gauge. Each..... 5e 
lf by mall, postage extra, icents. 
No. 6T4376 Flannel Wiper to fit jolnted rod; 
made of brass, double sletted, universal thread, 

No. 671376 

No. 674375 
No. 674375 

for 16-eanece. Price. CAch..................02cceere 9c 
If by mall, postage extra, 4 cents, 

No. 674377 Whre Scratch tGrush; brass shank, 
steel wire, unlversal thread, to fit jninted rod; 10, 
meerie-eauge. Price, each............snes-sscoceese> 4c 

y mall, postage extra, 4 cents. 


The Hartness Brass Cleaner. 

No. 67437814 tlartness 
Brass Cleaner for remevin 
lead from inside of barrel. 
Cuts heth ways for choke 
pored guns. Fits jointed 
cleaning rod, 1l0oer 12 eauee 


-seeeeew eae cwreveervreenne seer ee 

Price, each. ..:... 
If by mall, postage extra, 3 cents. 

The Tomlinson Cun Cieaner. 

No. 674379 The Tomlia- 
son Gun Cleaner for Shot- 
guns; wire gauze cleaner; 

this is the best cleaner on = A TAT IN Q 
the market; fits any stand- on eee eee ye 
ard jointed cleaning rod, 100rl2-gauge. Each...65c¢ 

If by mall, postage extra, 5 cents. 

The ABC Shotgun Cleaner. 

No. 674380 This 
Ils the latest and 

Shotgun cleaners 
made. It has hroad, 
sharp blades cov- 
- ering the entlre 

circumference of 
ee . barrel, which instantly cuts out ali lead and 
urnt powder. 1s made of brass, nickeled, will not 

harm the finest barrel. When used for holding cloth | 

for wiping, and brass strainer cleth for burnishing, 
it isthe finest burnisher made, Constant use only 
makes lt sharper. Turning thumb nut adjusts it to 
10 or 12-gauge. 
Price, cacn, nickel plated............-s.+...-++-> 
If by mall, postage extra, 4 cents. 

Shell Extractor. 

No. 674383 
The Unlversai 
Shell Extractor ~—— 
will extract any = 
shell from 8 to J 
22-caliber. 5 
Nickel plated. 
Each le 

If by mail, postage extra, | cent. 

No. 674384 Wormers 
to fit LTC ee rod, any 
auge. Weight, 1 ounce. 
Universal thread..... 5e 
No. 674385 Ring Shell 
Extractor, 10 or 12- 
gauge, nickel finish. No. 674384 
6T4385 Weight, 1 ounce. Price, each........ qe 
No. 6T43854% Ring Shell Extractor, for 14,16 or 
20-caugeonly. State gauge wanted. Price....... 8e 
If by mail, postage extra, I cent. 

~ Powder and Shot Measure. 

No. 6GT1i388 Pow- 
der and Shot Meas- 
ure combined; upple 
wood handle, pelished 
nickel finish; the 
same measure will answer for powder or shot. 

Price, ace 

peneeoenaeoanreorer en eaese 

No. 6T1389 
May he ad-f—22 
jasted to the Basi 
part ofa graln 
of powder. 

ay be used 
either for black or nitro powder, from 2% to 435i drams 
dry powder, and 1 to 2% ounces shot. 

achb.. (if by mall, postage extra, 3 cents).. ..3Ge 

Revolver Cleaner Brush. 
No. 674390 Twisted 
Wire and Bristle Revolver 
Brushes. State caliber when ordering. Comes in 

22,32, 38 or 44-caliber. Price, eachb............-- oe OC 
if by mai), postage extra, I cent. 

Se TT be | 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. !!2. 

Rifle Cleaning Rods. 

Coser s5 
_— i tN NS 

No- 6T4301 Twisted wire, bristle brush on end, 
2-culiber, 2ineches long. Price, each............ Ge 
If by anall, postuge extra, 56 cents, 

Brass Wire Brush. 
IO, 12, 16 or 206 Gauge. 

No. 6714395 Hrase 
PB Dp: Wire Iirash for remov- 

wee ing lead caking and rust 
fh spots; cau be attached 
to any jolnted rod; 106, 
12, 16 or 20-gauge. Order by guuge, as one brush 
will fit but one gauge. Vrice, cach............. 10 40€ 

If by mail, postage extra, + cents. 

Brass Rifie Brush. 
22 to 50 Callher. 
No. 671396 Hrass Wire P - 
Brush tofit No. 671398 Ug YZ 
Cleaning Rod. Brass shank ~ 
especially made for cleaning rust and burnt powder 
out of rifles. 22, 25, 30, 32, 38, 40, 44, 45 and 50-calibers. 
State caliber wanted. Price, Gacli.:....--.......+- 1Se 
lf by mall, postage extra, each, 2 cents. 

Brass Cleaning Rods, 4f Cents. 
———— a No. 6T4398 Four-jointed€ 
——<——— Brass Cleaning Rods; can 
eee «CD Carried in the pocket. 

This red has a revelving 
handle so the brush or cleaning rag follows the rifling 

grooves. State caliber wanted. 22-caliber........-. 41e 

B-CANDEI:s: wceeeeee dlc 30-caliber. ........41]¢ 
45-CalibeYr . ..<se8 -. 4 Fe 38-callber.........- ile 
44-caliber ...........- 4le 50-caliber.........- ile 

If by mail, postage extra, each, 10 cents. 
uU. S. Government Cleaner. 

OT ee ee eee Pte Teer 

No. 674100 Conslsts of a bristle brushand slot- 
ted wiper, with detachable cord and weight for 
dropping through barrel; a separate sletted wiper 
for drawing through a dry cleth and for oe e 
No. 674396 brush in 32%, 38, 44 and 50 caliber may be used 
with this cleaner. Made in 22, 32, 38, 45 or 50-caliber. 
State caliber wanted. 

rice. Gach... .25caee. ee dee = eae ae er eee Oe 

if by mail, postage extra, each, 4 cents. 


Nos6T41401 Our 7-plece Set. The Complete Gun 
Implement Set contains7 articles, embracing loader, 
paper shelicrimper, recapper and decapper, shell 
extractor, powder and shot measure, a cleaning 
rod with implements, and a Inading block which 
holds 20 shells. This set comes in a strong paste- 
beard box, neatly divided into compartments fer 
each article, and each implement is madeof good ma- 
teria] and recommends itself to every Owner of a 
breech loading shotgun. The best ever offered for 
the money. Size of box, 5x13 inches. Price, per set, 
best gale 10, 12, 16 6r 20-gauge. Weight about 24 
pounds. State gauge wanted. Price, perset..$1.46 

No. 674402 Our 6-piece Set, price, per set, me- 
dium quality, but with fine covobolo, jointed rod, 
10, 12, 16 or 20-gauge, without loading block Weight, 
2pounds. State gauge wanted. Price, per set...95c¢ 

No. 674103 Our 6-plece Set; good everyday 
quality, 10, 12, 16 or 20-gauge; consists of loader, 
closer, recapper, extractor, powder and shot meas- 
ure, applewood jointed rod with implements: 
Weight, 2 pounds. State gauge wanted. Prive.. Tic 

NOTE—Don’t say there is no decapper In these 
sets. Remove the kuob from the rammer and you 
will find It. Wad cutters do not come with sets. 

No. 674406, Our5b- 
plece Reloading Set, 
consisting of rammer 
and decapper with 
base block, naickeled 
leading tube and recap- 
per, ring extractor and 
patent paper_ shell 
crimper. graduated 
pewder andshot meas- 

Yate Pian 
eee, 7 
Lara 3) 

© Tyhaul\hes 
‘ ha , ‘ 
— Lipa \ 

ure, all inclesed in ¢ 

strong paper box, 

making a neat and 

convenient set of tools; 16 or 20-gauge. State gauge 

Pan GGe SECM nGr SOL... ..c..0 255 serene essence: 10¢ 
No. 6GT1406 lO or 12-gauge. State gauge wanted. 
Mates, ele No. 2g Gee Cl ee 40c 

1f by mail, postage extra, 24 cents. 

No, 674407 Our 4-piece Set; for brass shells 
only, consists of loader, powder and shot measure, 
ring extractor and recapper, in 10 or 12-gauge ply. 


State gauge wanted. Price, per Set.............+6. I 
No. GT1407% 16 or 20-gange. State gauge wanted. 
Mle We SGU cc cee es on nw cee ee ek eee 2c 

by mail, postage extra, 10 cents. 
NOTE —Reloading sets do not Include wad cut- 
ters. They cost extra when wanted. 

Powder Flasks. 

No. 671416 Wolding 8% ounces 
black powder, with cord, commoa top. 

Price, each... “24ae 

No. 6TAIS17 
black powder, with cord, comimnon top. 

aState 70) Ae a eo 0 
If by mull, postage extra,é to ¥ cvots. 

Leather Shot Pouches. 

No. 674420 Plaln leather with 
lever chargerfor holding 2% tog 
pounds shot. Price,each. ... ... tbe 

No. 6OTII2) Fancy combossedu 
leatber wlth lever charger for holding 
2% to 3 pounds shot. Price, cach, G0e 

If by matl, postage extra, Scents. No.6T1416 

Our New J.C. Pistol Hand Trap. 


-_see peer earn ore 

This 38 the latest and most novel 
contrivaoce ever Invented for trap 
shooters. It weighs but 6 pounds and 
will throw any standard target such us blue rocks, 

, white tlyers, ete., as faras any stationary trap. 

The trap when sprung is 39 inches long, aod when 
it is set for shooting js 24 inches long. Vhe carrier ls 
made adjnstahle and the main spring is made 5» 
that it can he tightened or loosened for fast or slow 
hirds asthe shooter may desire. 

This J.C. Visto) Trap ls nade of malleable Iron, 
the carrier Is made from steel stampings, and the 
entire trap resemhles a pistol, as you will netice b 
the abeve illustration, and the maln feature of this 
trap is that vou can do trap shooting anywhere with 
lt and it will throw targets at any and allangles. A., 
you have to do is te point the trap the way you want 
the target to fly. 

No. 674423 Our special price on this J. C. Pistoi 
Trap ee ee a Fer ee 

Welght, packed for shlpment about 9 pounds. 
Our White Fiyer Expert Trap, $5.50. 

For Expert Shootiog. 

This trap will be found 
more substantial and 
more con pact than oth- 
ers now ia use; al] the 
working parts being large. 
strong and hearings well 
fitted, assuring positive 
action inevery detalj. The ¢ 
White Flyer Expert Trap 
is constructed with a cen- 
tra) trigger pull, which al- 
lows the trap te hechanged , 
to any desired angle without iaterfering with the 
pulling device, and the ropes always have the same 
length and tenslonofthe pull. These traps will throw 

peer eee ee ee he ee = 

‘any standard target such as the blue rock, white 
| flyer, black bird and others at allangles. 

Non. 674424 Oar White Flyer Expert Trap, weizht 
packed for shipment, 40 pounds. Onur price.... $5.56 
Our White Flyer Amateur Trap, $4.25. 

Our White Flyer Amateur 
Trap has been constructed 
to meet the demands of 
amateur sportsmen, and {s 
a streng and serviceable 
trap but somewhat lighter 
than the White Flyer Expert 
Trap. lt is made of best ma- 
terials, carefully fitted and 
interchangeable in its parts. 
and is especially recom- 
mended fer amateur sports- 
men or private sbeoting grounds, and will throw 
birds at varions angles. 

No. 674425 Our White Flyer Amateur Trap, 
weight packed for shipment about 20 pounds. Our 
special price.. . S4.25 

The Latest and Best Target Miade-Our 
Special White Flyer. 

EY and you will observe oar price Is 
below alkbothers. Our terms are cash with order 
on these gnods. 

No. 674426 Thisls no doubt the 
comiog target, and will tly from any 
trap taking the Empire or Bine Rock 
pigeon. We believe them to be superior 
in quality te all other targets,and have made arrange- 
ments witb the manufacturer for an enormous 
quantity. They having a white rim, make a lighter 
colored target than the others, which will be a great 
advantage on dark days. Try a barrel of White 
Flyers and you will surely want more. Weight, per 
barrel (500 targets), 148 pounds. 

Price, per barre] (500), $2.00; per 1000. ..2.9% $4.00 
Our terms are cash with order on these goods. 

= Roand Steel Face Plainand Fig- 
ure Targets. May be reset wlth 
rope from the shooting stand. 
No. 674431 12-inch diam- 
eter, heavy, for 2-caliber 
cartridges. Steel face without 
the bird figure, but a bell rings 
when bulls eyeisbit. Welght. 
12 pounds. Each........82.00 
No. 671433 12-inch diam- 
eter.steel face, 4-inch thick. 
Bird is tbrown up and bell 
rings wheu_ bull’s eye Is hit. 
lotended far cartridges not 
larger than 22-leng. Weight. 
12% lbs. Each..... .... 3-59 

~eep epee eevee nr res wr OP es ee Peer ee . 

No. 672433 


Expert Blue Rock Trap. 

$6.00 lor the Expert Blue Rock Trap © “Gane. 

tion ia price, made possible by a very large pur- 

chase we recently made. 

AIt$6.00 YOu will be owning this trap for less 

——_—_— money than any dealer can vere ie it 
we guarantee the best all- 

Our $6.00 Expert around trav on the market. 

One thatis used generally by clubs and trapshooters. 

No. 674438 ‘The 
New Expert Blue 
Rock Trap, so well 
known by all trap 
shooters and consid- 
ered the best trap 
on the market. These 
traps will throw 
either the Blue Rock 
or White Flyer 
targets. Weight,35,1bs. 

Price, each...&6.00 

We have these Blne Rock Tar- a 
gets specially made sotnat if = 
only two or three pellets strike 
them they will break. Send cash 
with order on these gouds. 
Weight, per barrel, 130 pounds. 

No. 6741440 | Price, per barre] (500) 

Ase CT aie 5 « sicnele 


t is constructed of 
brass with 

three arm rests for 
holding utensils, etc., as shown in 
the illustrution,and is filled by un- 
serewing the wick capon the top 
of the aleohol fount. 

To operate the stove; first put 

‘og the alba 2 ane Se i ke light 
a By -S the alcohol wick which in turn 
‘ & heats the burner, this generates an 
alcohol gas which protrudes througb the little holes 
on top of the burner, after the small holes become 
ignited yon then cover ay the wiek capand the stove 
will continue to burn as long as desired, and when 
you wish to extioguish the flame it ean be done very 
easily by simply blowing ont. It burns wood or 
grain alcohol. 

It is invaluable for camping, sick room, kitchen, 
etc., for temporary boiling of eoffee and other pur- 
poses, and weighs packed in a paper box ready for 
shipment about i5 onnces. 

No. 674448 Our special price.......... 00.008 90¢ 

yoo If by mail, postago extra, 16 cents. 

Is a great 


epee eee 


No. 674450 

— Chaln Twister, 

tinished with locking 

nicel ] 
magaie, Price, each....... 90c¢ 
If by mall, postage extra, 5 
Phillip’s Nipper No. 3. 
No. 6T4451 VPhillip'’s Nip- 
per, nicely tinished and niekel 
plated, locks with a spring 
f/f catchon the handle. 

Price, Cage... «.-..- ...90¢ 
If by mall, pastage extra, 6 

Thomas’ Nipper No. 4. 
Na. 6T4452 Thomas® Nippecs. 
nicely finished and niekel plated. 
This nipper locks automatically when 

it is put on the prisoner's wrist. 

Peeredcl........ ...4 ...+...81oed 
If by mall, postage extra, 8 cents. 

Detective’s Double Lock Handcuffs. 
, These hundcuffs are ad- 
justable to any size wrist 

they cannot be unlocked 
without a key. They are 
made of forged stcel, strong 
and durable. 

No. 10. Nicely polished and finished. 

No. 674455 

ee emeteO A eeee. --- «2 ---+--+-- ....--, SSO 
No. 6744564 No. it. Nicely polished and niekel 
meet rice, per puir.......-.-..... ...-......84.00 

It by mali, postage extru, 20 eents. 
Tower’s Permanent Lock Handcuffs. 
These haadcuffs tock with 

akeyand are adjustable to 
any size wrist. They are 
mnadeof forged steel, are liglit, 
and used generally by detect- 
ives and other officers of the 

aw, : 
No. 674455 No. 60. Nicely polished and fini 

) shed. 
BCG, POWILIT 0. eee eee es vee eevee setae bO 
Nn. 6T4456 No. 61. Nicely polished and niekel 

plated. Price, per pair...... .. teen 2 M400 

If by mail, postage extca, 16 cents. 

| and lock antomatically, buat | 

Police Slung Shots and Billies. 

No. 674472 Braided Leather Sluag 
Sbot, made of the best material, can- 
not be equalled for the priee. 

Price, GCa¢hage- A: Mn ie 20c¢ 

1f by mail, postage extra, 8 cents. 

No. 6T4472 

No. 6T4473 Plaited Billy, leather covered head. 
Weight, about 7 ounces, hand made. Each.......19¢ 

ee No. 6T4476 
Leather Biliy, 
sewed downtheside, 
loaded with shot, 
made of the best material and cannot be equaled 
for the price. Length, Vinches. 
ounces. Price, exch 

pee e> eer esr ee =~ ver emer eeerneeeseetere 

No. 6744457 Rus- 
set Leuther Bllly, 2 
x4 inches long, withg 
sliding leather 
handle, filled with 
shot, sewed down the side and well made. 
about 12 ounces. 

é eet 
PTig@neacli:. a. mestese..2.< .. 460 
1f by mall, postage extra, 14 cents. 

Nioney Belts. 


No. 674495 



Money Belts. Made of soft chamois 

CU skin; ae worn 
PU a | aroun 18 Waist, 
LE iis under the eloth- 
ing; the safest 
\ way to kcepmon- 

ey. ltis soft and 
comfortable, and 




made with three compartments. 
gg TO ee eee 
It by mail, postage extra, 3 cents. 

No. 674496 Money Belts. Made of soft tanned 
hocsehlde; same style as above. Strong and durna- 
ble. eh Cc eet, 58c¢ 

No. 6T4497 Money Belts, mude of soft drillin 
eloth, which is tough und strong and not*affecte 
by perspiration in warm weather. 

Pricegeighi2--..- -: cg. ae, SE. sacs. 

If hy mail 

No. 6T4498 
Money and Gold 
Dust Belts. Four 
inches wide; made f 
of the very tinest 
oil tanned ealfskin; — ~ + aia ate 
hot soft and pliable; will never get stiff and Is 
just the thing te carry money or gold dust In; it ts 
double stitched all around; made with three com- 
partments; the eenter poeket is & inches long; 
the two end pockets are 5 inches long, each; the 
outside cover folds over very closely and is fastened 
by snap buttons. This is the finest bett on the 
market for the purpose. Price, each........... .85c 

If by mail, postage extra, 8 cents. 

Recoil Pads. 

Give length of butt ead plate. 

No. 6T4503 8S.,R.& Co.'s Popu- 
lar RKReeoll Pad. Solid leather, with 
lacing; will not beconie loosg; with 
padded butt to protect the shoul- 
der. Give length of butt plate 
when ordering. Price, each....4£0c 
If by mall, postage extra, LO ceuts. 

Nn. 674504 The Cli- 
max Rubber ReeoliPad, 
Made entirely of rnbber; 

well padded and will fit any gun, its elas- 

ticity keeping it tn position and prevent- 

ing the shoek of the recoil doing injury to 

to the shoulder. They come in three sizes. 

| No. 2isSinches long; No.3 is 544 inehes 

‘long and No, 4 is 5% inches long. Give 

length of butt plate whenordering. Price, each..25c 
f by mail, postage extra, 5 cents, 

No. 674505 The Acme Pare Red Rub- 
\her Recoil Pad. The best pad in the mar- 
»eiket. Lined with elastic cloth soit will not 
Paajstick to the varnish on the gun stoek. 
faaiGive length of heel plate on gun for which 

you want the pad. hey come in three 

sizes: No.2 1s5 inches long; No.3 is 524 
inches lonz and No, 4 is 5% inches long. 
length of butt plate. Price. each... .. 6Uc 
if by mail, postage extra, 7 cents. 

Heike’s Hand Protecto 
No. 674510 lleike’s 
Hand Proteetor, for 
shotgun harrels; a 
protection from cold 
barrels or hot bar- 
rels, madeof spring 
steel, moroceoleath‘r 
covered, A necessity to trap shooters. It sips over 
the harrels. and comes for 10, i2 or 16-gauge guns. 
State gunge wanted. Price, each 60e 

If by mail, postage extra, 3 eents. 

Leather Cheek Pad. 
No. 6T4512 The 

= e 


a>. aaroernen rn nn eane 

No. 6T4459 Extra Keys for Handcuffs. 
ee enoh ..... 
If by mall, postage extra, 1 eent. 

Patrolman’s Rosewood Club. 

man's Rosewood 
Day Club, 14 inches 
long. Priee, each, 46c 
if by mail, postage extra, 13 to 16 cents. 

Daas Oa ee... . aera 28e | 

No.674457 Patrol- 

Unlversai Leather 
Cheek Pad, tolace 
on gun stoek for 
| protection of the 
eheek. Will fit any 
gup stock. Madcof 
soft russet leather, 
If by mail, postage oil tanned, making 
extra, 4 cents. it soft and pliaole, 
and is chamois lined. Price, each 50c¢ 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.1(2. 2 

i A ys gy 

ei GS 

Our Arkansaw Bowie Knife. 

> = e 
orn handle, 6. 
inch steel] clip blade. leather sheath, with loop to at- 
tach to belt; entire length, Ii inches. Price....... rit 

No. 6T4516 Bowle Knife, with 7-inch blade. 

Price. €ach, with leathcr sheath......... 9 

No. 6T4517 Bowle Knife, with 8-inch blade. 

Price, each, with leather sheath................ 

If hy mall, postage extra, 10 cents. 

Our Mo nting K 



na Hu nife. 

Wo. 6T4618 

3 Our Montana 
. ——— Hunting 

eh handle, 6%-inch blade, 

with loops to attach to a helt. The 


leather sheat 

best hunting knife on the market for the money. 
Price, each.. (If by mail, postage extra, 9e),. 650 
Deer Foot Hunting Knives. 


No. 6T4519 Hunting Knife, deer foot handle, 
6-inch clip blade, leather sheath, nickel bolster an 
hilt. “Price, each.......... 0... see ee $1.25 

No. 6T4520 Ilunting Knife, deer foot handle, 7- 
inch clip blade, best steel, leather sheaths, with loop 
to attach to belt. nickel bolster and hilt.........81.60 

If by mail, postage extra, 12 cents. 
Sportsmen's Folding Lock Blade Knife. 

No. GT4521 icy 
S., R. & Co.'s a 
Folding Lock 
Biade Kalte, 
with 38-inch 
blade of finest 
steel, and 4%-ineh gennine deer foot handle makiug 
the entire length, when open, 81g inches. It has 
dagger hilt, with German silver bolster, patent 
Jock, which holds the blade either open or closed, 
and acorkserew in the handle. Just the knife for 


WHA ,.7 

eampiog. Price etch. . .. ot nee « 0s Oe $1.45 
If by mail, postage extra, 12 cents. 
Pearl and Stag Handle Daggers. 

No. 674523 Our 
Finest Quality 
Ladies' Dagger, This 
is a little beauty with 

the very finest qualit 
th of blade, 4 inches, bot 


of steel in blade. 


edges sharp, with beu iil pearl haadle and dag~_ 
ger hilt, furnished with fancy leather sheath. This _ 
is the finest quality of a dirk knlte, and the metal is 

warranted. Ours 

»7clal price, onlyaee. .... eee 
If by Berl : 4 

1, postage extra, 8 eeats. 
No, 674524 Onur 
Stag Ilandle Dag- i ' 
ger, 4-Inch blade Of aqeemeneeerrert {i 
good quality steel 
with leather sheath. Our special priee...... 
If by mull, postage extra, 8 cents. 
Hunting Knife Sheath. 
- =———= No. 6T1530 Leather 
633 lluntingHKnife Sheaths. 
==) 6-inch,..20c S-inch..280 
—,i-ineh,..24e 9-inch..320 
f If by mail, postage extra, 4 cents. 
_ No. 6T4534 Leather Belts, for knife sheaths, ly 
inches wide. Pricc...(Postage extra, 8 cents)... 2606 ; 

Hunters’ Axes. 


No. 674533 Hunters’ Axc, with handle, extra cast 
steel blade, weight, 13g pounds; with heavy russet 
leather sheath, as per illustration. A very conven=- 
lent tool; makes u light axe or a heavy hatchet for . 
putting up tents, etc., when camping. 

Price, each, with carrying sheath............ ....850 

Pocket Oilers. 



No, 6T4540 The C. & D. Perfection Gun Olier, 
the best and handiest gun and revolver oiler on ths 
market. Each (Postage extra, 2 ceuts) Te 
Winchester Breech Loading Cannon. 

* No. 674541 This cannoo 
Is nade by the Winchestec 
Repeating Arms Co., with 
~12-joeh blned decarbon- 
ized steel barrel, 
mounted on a two- 
- wheel cast iron 
carriage, weighs 
about 14 Ibs. and 13 
intended toshoot a 10-gange brass or paper shell. 

The barrel is smooth bored and nleely tapered and 
it makes an excellent cannon for 4th of July cele- 
brations. The carriage and wheels are nicely 
japanned, and the entlre length including the barrel 
and earriage js 17 inches long, stands 734 inches ee 
is 7 inches wide. Our special price...........06. &5.50 

eee ee eM Ree TC WADA Ry Mw RTC MEER Fea a 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.II2. 

Our 12-Cent Bell. 
Electric atroke, large gong, 2 inches In 
liameter. Madeof pure bell metal. Strong 
tee] base and relia ble double screw fasten- 
ng. 1tis handsemely nickel plated and 
’ Beautiful bell ata very low price. 
me, 19T287 Well. Price, each................ 
If by mail, postage extra, each, $ cents. 

Fancy Bell. 

A handsemely nickel plated bell, 
Phaving 13g-inch gong, made of pure 
f bell metal. The gong has beaded edge, 
with rlbbon border and rotary electric 

No. 19T490 Ribhben Border Bell. 

Serteey GA! ,...0 ~~ ccc cuties «scot. « « 150 

If by mall, pestage extra, 8 cepts. 

Beil with Enameled Flag Top. 

This bell ls handsomely designed, 
laving a 2-inch gong, made of pure 
jell metal, with the national emblem 
anameled thereon. The entire bell is 
iandsomely nickel plated and has the 
sotary electric movement. 

No. 197194 Flag Beil, electric 
Mememnemt, PTICG, CACH........-.000.-cecnee oe wee 

If by mail, postage extra, 8 cents. 

Decorated Bell for 18 Cents. 
_ A beantlifial bell, with gong made 
fg rata from pure metal. Base and all move- 
" tHE ment parts made of brass, every part 
LA being elegantly nickel pluted. This bell 

has that celebrated rotary electric 
movement, so pleasant 10 the ear, and 

is a beanty. 
No. 197497 Decorated Bell. Price, each...18e 
If by mail, pestage extra, each, 8 cents, 
Anchor and Shield Beil. GoEEe, 

A very pretty design,1% inch gong, ipa erent ah 
vith the shield handsomely enameled 
n colors, ali other parts being finely 
iickel plated. This bell has rotary 
slectric movement. 

Ne. 197499 Anchor and Shleld 
fee FP fice, O@@l,-:..-.......... ... z4¢ 
if by mail, postage extra, 8 cents, , 

The Continuous Ringing Beli 
‘This bell works Ilkea watch; by turn- 
rE Ing the gong to the right, you wind up the 
.——__ ow’ continuous ringing mechanism; by simply 
pressing the lever, the bell will ring for 
any desired length of time. Gongis of the 
beaded pattern, 2%-inch dlameter, made 
of pure bell metal, base of steel fastened 
# handle bar by a double screw clamp. All parts 
elegantly nickel plated, and an ornament to any 


- 197502 Continuous Ringing Bell. 

BIE GEMGGEI.. «2... cc0cs ccee so see Mos es ceees oe 33¢ 
lf by mail, pestage extra, each, 12 cents, 

Continuous Ringing Beli, with Flag Top. 
In appearance this bell resembles - a 

our No. 19T502, shewn above, on! 
that it is larger, having a 2%-inc 
zong, and the top is also handsomely 
anameled, showing the national em- 
Slem in natural colors. The 
nechanism is ratchet electric, con- 
sInuens ringing, and makes 2 
eautiful bell. 

| No.19T506 Continuous Ringing 
ieee Freils Price, CACH....... .......00-sceecseoess: 

. If by mall, postago extra, 12 cents. 

Double Chimes Bell. 
One bell, double gong, 2 inches ln 
diameter, different tones, making 4 


ee strikingly musical alarm. A very fine 
ai large bell. 
: Ne. 1976515 Chime Bell. Price, each......... 39c 

If by mail, pestage extra, eacb, 14 cents. 

Our Winner Electric Chimes. 
The best handle bar bell ever 
offered. The two fine large bell 
netal gongs combined with rotary 
slectric movement produce the 
nost musical alarm ever heard. , 
Strictly high grade and just the 
del] for particular riders. = 
No.197T520 Our Winner Ejcc- 
rie Chimes. Price, each, 59e. (if 
»y mail, postage extra, 12 cents.) 
\e Tire Chimes. 


| n J , 

A leud, musical double alarm, con- 

attached to any front furk, as per 
directions packed with 
each bell. 

No. 19T517 Tire 
pom \ i Chimes. Price,each.b9e 
If by mail, pcstage extra, each, 10¢ 

Tire Gong. 
SimHar te the chimes in censtrac- 
tlen, hut gives a single stroke alarm, 
attached to front fork and worked by a 
sord from handle bar. Full directions 
With each bell. 
No. 197618 Tlre Gong. Price, each, 39e¢ 

@\ by mail, pestage extra, each, 9 cents. 

Solid Brass Bicycle Lock. 

The cheapest geed brass lock ever seld 
f at this lew price, thoroughly well made, of 
new design. 
wa No. 197560 Brass Bicycle Leck. Each,7¢ 
- ee Lf by mail, postage extra, 3 cents. 

tinuing as long as rider wishes—simply 
3 pull a string, belldoes the rest. Easily 





Our 27-Cent Glant Foot Pump. 

The Glant Foot Pump, wil not rust or cor- 
rode. Positively the best foot pump ever sold 
at this price. Sold la many retail stores at 
double our price. Finely nickel plated. Barrel 
14x12 inches, with a pewerful plunger, large 
wood handie, a purap that will luflate a tfreina 
slity. Hose has a swivel connection that will 
fit 21] modern valves having a universal Inside 
thread. You make no mistake in buylng thls 

pump. ; 
No. 19T652 Giant Foot Pump. Price, 
UT ee ee ES RRS 3 ee 2%c 
lf by mail, postage extra, each, 27 cents. 
Our Marvel Foot Pump. 
--Thisls an extra heavy pump, has a cast 
iron base, wide enough to stand aione; in- 
tended for those requiring a heavy pump; has 
a 12-inch barrel, with regular hose, having 
universal connection that wlli fit ali standard 

Sprocket Lock. 

A very handsome uppearing lock, 
steel case, black finish, shackle of 
brass. Well madeand a most remark- 
ahle bargain at our price. 

No. 19T563 Sprocket Lock. 

Ppice, GHG. . cae 100 eee lle 

If by mall, postage extra, each, 3c. 

Yale Sprocket Lock. 

Jirass spring shackio steel case, 
finishedivory black. Actual slze, 2% 
inches, two keys. 

No. 19T567 Yale Sprecket Lack. 

Pric@@enchigcceses ese ess ass tee l5ec 
If by mall, pestage extra, cach, 4 cts. 

A Newly Designed Sprocket Lock. 

Every rider needs a lock. This one Is 

intended to be attached to front sprocket. valves. Pump is well plated and nicely 
thereby locking same securely, which finished. 

makes it impossible for anyone to ride the Na. 197654 Marvel Pump. Price, 
bicycle in the owner’s absence. This style each. .c...0... eee 390 

is new, lock Is neat and elegantly finished, 
madeof real bronze. 

No. 19T5S70 Sprocket Leck. Each..17e 
If by mall, postage extra, each, 4 cents. 

New Modei Sprocket Lock. 

lf by mall, postage extra, 34 cents. 
The Ciant Pocket Pump. 

A combination haed or foot pump, 
very powerful. Dllustratlon shows 
pump extended for use usa foot pu rap» 
also when telescoped ready to earry in 

A new design. Very bandsomely fin- cket. Made ofseam! ruse diel 
ished, black body with brass shackle. A Peel Siaied Giza wee "ElOhed,. ei 
lock that will recommend itself. inches; extended, 15% Inches. ae 

No, 193A 12 New Movel sited oO back universal valve connection to fit any 

Price, each sea caetee esse cress eces =leleilies © 12¢ standard tire. 
If by mail, postage extra, 4 cents. eLeat No, 197660 Giant Packet Foot 
bs : Pump. Price,each...... 38c¢ 
ot a pile oat with Chain. | If by mail, pestage extra, 
chain leck Is dcsired by many =. MB EXTENDED 10 cents. 

— Large Foot Pump. 
This pump Is adapted for heavy work, 
has 18-inch berrel, hose with universal 
thread connection. Is strong enough to 
inflate carriage or vehicle tires. 

No. 19T664 Vump. Price, each....49¢ 

If by mall, pestage extra, 39 cents. 
Handy Strap Carrier. 

Consisting of tworus- 
set leather straps, each 
25 inches in leogth, pro- 
vided with adjustable 
leather lined spring clips. The 
straps can be used to attach pack- 
ages to handle bars or on bicycle 
frame. Being light and small, 
theycan be easily rolled up and 
carried in the pocket, if desired. 

No.198T700 Handy Siray Carrier. Per pxir..1Se 

if by mail, postage extra, per pair & cents. 
Canvas Parcel Carrier. 

A favorite bag, made of canvas, 
wlth double tbickness In flap, 
which fastens with patent clasps. 
The bag !s attached to handle bar 
with two leather lined spring 
clasps. As the bag has ample width 
it has a large capacity and will be 
found very useful. Size, 12x9x3 2 
inches, = 
No. 19T703 Canvas Parcel Carrier. Each...24e 

lf by mail, postage extra, 10 cents. 

Pocket Parcel Carrier. 

Pesitively the neates; and 
lightest carrier made. It con- 
sists of a black netted bag. extra 
wide at bottom, with a double 
elastic band at top, which fas- 
tens securely to any shape han- 

riders, and we herewlth offer} 
ene that fills the bill, and fs not Yr¢@ 
too heavy for the pocket when not i { | a 
in use. Has steel case, black fin- Wy gaily >\ 
ish, brass shackle and chain, with WIC Gay 
one key. A fl Neb 

Ne. 19T577 Lockand Chain. as 

Price, each:.-32s -e-1LVe 
If by mail, postage extra,5 cents. SS 
Cyclists’ Watch 

Emblematic of the wheel, 
being made of bicycle chain links and_to which is at- 




tached a miniature sprocket. Handsomely nickel 
plated and a useful novelty. 
No. 19T580 Cyclists’ Watch Chain. Price.. 13¢ 

if by mail, pestage extra, 3 cents, 
Bicycle Whistles. 
The Gem Whistle gives a soft, loud 
alarm, a favorite whistle. 
No. 19T608 The Gem Whistle. 

Price:.ith chatn...-2-.-seseee = aaa en ee 
lf by mail, postage extra, each, 5 cents, 

Single Tube Whistles. 

Single Tube Whistle; the strongest 
ca and shrillest whistle in use, he 
slightest effort is allthat is required to use It. 

No. 197611 Single Tube Whistle, 
Price, each... weesee cee ee eee ee secede 
1f by mail, postage extra, each, 4 cents, 

The Security Cyciometer. 
The Security Cyclemeter for . 
28-ineh wheels. Positively the 
most durable cyclometer_ ever 
presented to the rider. It fifs 
around the barrel of front bub 
between the fianges and cannot 
be knocked or broken off in falls. 

The interference pin is placed on <i dle bar, by means of two spring 
inside of fork, out of danger. Its ; N clasps. ce there is no frame 
mechanism is perfect, witha total « used in its construction, it can 

Fax ba 
register Of 10.000 miles. It is finely nlckel plated and 
thoroughly first class In every way. 

Ne. 19T614 The Security Cyclometer, 
PriGetee ee nw iret Meieiesic os ss oeieee sacle 640 
f by mail, pestage extra, each, 3 cents. 

The Veeder Cyclometer. 

The Veeder Cyclemcter registers 10,000 
mites and repeats. So well known tothe 
riding public as to require no special intro- 
duction. It is the original barrel cyclo- 
meter, very neat and compact, as well us 
being thoroughly reliable. Weighs but 1 
ounce. It is both dust and waterproof, finely 
nickel plated, every instrument being carefully 
tested at factory. Furnished for 28-ineh wheels. 

No. 19TG617% The Veeder Cyclometer. 

Pricemese hcp ee Be ee tists Coe. oe coc see ee 60c 

If by mail, postage extra, each, 3 cents, 
Veeder Double Barre! Cyclometer. 

The Veeder Double Barrel Cyclometer 
is practically two cyclometers set side by 
side. One registers to 10,000 miles and re- 
peats. The other is a trip cyclometer, and 
registers 100 miles; but at any moment may 
be set back to “0.” enabling the rider to 
ascertain his mileage forany tripor hour. 
Furnished for 28-inch wheels. 

No. 19T620 Veeder Double Barrel Cyclometer. 

be Instantly adjusted toany width and it wiliaccomo- 
date any reasonably sized package. When not in use, it 
can be rolled up and carried inthe pocket or tool bag. 
No, 19T706 Pecket Parcel Carrier, Price..21¢ 
If by mall, pestage extra, 5 cents. 
Camera Carrier. 
Made of heavy steel] wlre, 
japanned, with extra long 
straps. _This makes an ideai 
carrier for cameras, valises or 
heavy packages. It can be in- 
stantly attached to handle bars 
or removed at will. 
No. 19T710 Camera Carrier. 
Price, Cachet ...4224 oe eee 
If by mail, pestage extra, 16 cents. 

—==~9 The Fairy Child’s Seat. 
Adapted for nse on either ladies’ 
er gents’ bicyeles, extremely light 
and does not interfere with the adult 
rider. The suppon ee wire rods follow 
the shape of handle bar and steering 
head, and securely fastened with but 
one buckle. Perfectly safe for chil- 
dren of ordinary weight. 
Price, each..93¢ 

No. 19T718 Fairy Child's Seat. 
Our Triumph Oiler. 

cen cle) ae, ne a ,$1.20| In this eHer we present one ef 
1f by mail, postage extra, each, 5 centa. theneatest patterns outhe inar- 
Pumps, ket, well made, nicely nickel 

plated and just the right size to go in tool bag. 
Ne. 198T742 Trinmph Oiler. Price, each...... de 
If by mail, pestage extra, each, 2 cents. 

Perfect Pocket Oller. 

The cleanest and handsomest 
pee pecket oiler In the world. 
Now19T746 Perfect Pecket Oiler. Price....156 

if by mall, postage extra, each, 2 cents. 

‘6A very windy Pomp,” made of 
eit zood, strong materlal. and will last 
{ef sotwoor three seasuns. The favorite 

style and size. Single actlen, in- 
cluding hose connection which wiil fit all modern 
valves, having a universal inside thread. 

Ne. 19T648 Pump. Price, each................9€ 
If by mail, postage extra, each, 5 cents. 


Adjustabie Coasters. 

Adjustable Foot Rests or Coast- 
ers; very light, but strong and 
neat in design. When not in use 
can be folded against the side of 
the fork, out of your way. 

No. 19T760 Adjustable Coast- 
Semmemce, PCr DAlmee. -.. coc ccc sis acaba weet ecas 

If by mali, postage extra, per pair, 6 cents. 

Cork Grips. 

ay Oarlocky purchase is your galn. Only 
: BY igs 49) 7 cents per pair while they jast. Made 
= Of the best material that can be secured, 
with nickel plated ferrule tips. You can afford to 
secure a new pair of grips while these last, for they 

are excellent value for the money. 
No. 19T790 CorkGrips. Price, per pair....... 
if by mall, postage extra, per pair, 4 cents. 

Leather Crips. 
These grips are made from geonuine 
sole leatber and are certainly the most 
gemeeie grips made. Madein %-inch size 

o- 19T798 Leather Grips. Price, per pair....7¢ 
If hy mail, postage extra, per pair, 5 cents. 

Fancy End Cork Crips. 

With enameled ends nicely inlaid, as 

3 per our illustration, made for%-inch size 
~ only, and with maroon or black tips. 

No. LyyTsoo Fancy Cork Grips. Price, per pair, l4c 
If by mali, postage extra, per pair, 7 cents. 

Aiuminum Chain Cuards. 

be confonoded with the many. 
cheap makeshifts now on the 
market. They are au ornament to any bicycle, and 
are sure toaccomplish their purpose, to prevent lady 
riders falling on account of skirts becoming caught 
inchain. Alwaysstate for what size front sprocket. 
No. 19T840 Aiomlnum Guard, medium size, for 
19-tooth sprockets. Price, each................ ? 
if by mali, postage extra, 32 cents. 
No. 197841 Aluminam Gaard, for 23-tooth front 
@egoemets. Priee, each ..........00.sceuecosceas: $1.55 
If by mall, postage extra, 32 cents. 

The Automatic Chain Brush. 

Overcomes all troabie arising 
from dirty chain. 1t consists of a 
pair of first quality bristle brushes, 
clamped in a nickeled steel] frame 
and so adjusted that bristles are in 
‘constaut contact with chain. Al- 
ways with you. Fitsal] makes of bi- 
pee No friction. Bristies willlast 
: the average rider from one to two 

years and may be readily replaced. 
No. 19T860 Automatic Chain Brush. Price, 
keri, Cut ClG<........ccsececie 0% PO ee Pee SOC 
If hy mail, postage extra, each, 6 cents, 
No. 19T861 Extra Mristies. Price, per set.....8¢ 
If by mail, postage extra, per set, 2 cents. 

Buriington Mud Cuard. 

Improved for 1902, the 
Ilghtest, most durable mad 
guard made. Made of rub- 
ber cloth, rolls up small 
enough to gointo tool bag. 
Just thethiug to protect the 
enamel of your bicycle. It 
saves many times its cost, 
in that you don't have to 
clean your bicycle so often, 
and it saves the enamel. 

No. 19T884 Mud Guard. Price, each......... 20c 

if by mail, postage extra, 3 cents. 

Automatic Rear Wheei Brake. 

= This brake Is attached to the 
alt lower rear forks as iadicated in 
1 ¢ iliustration. Any rider can place it 
yA | ¢ in ae It acts as 4 positive 
brake us soon as the rider back 
pedals. as that action straightens 
the lower reach of the chain, which 
in turn operates on the brake 
roller, and thus the spoon is applied to the tire. 
This brake is perfect, nicely finished, remov- 
able at will, and ought to be on every bicycle. Don't 
fail to send for one. 
No.19T900 Automatic Brake. Price, each..85c 
If by mail, postage extra, 18 ceats. 

Handie Bar Buffer. 

The Rabber Handle Bar Buffer goes 
on over frame and prevents your handle 
bar from knocking off theenamel. Every 
eyclistshould have one. 

o 19T910 Ilandie Bar Baffer. “snaans 
cipeerecial Price, .-.6€ 
If by mail, postage extra, 3 ceats. 

Patent Trouser Cuard. 

Pateat Trouser Guard, a neat and 
handy device for saving the trousers 
from dirt and grease; can be carried 
in the vest pocket or worn around the 
legs under the trousers when notin use. 
No.197T916 Patent Trouser Guard. Per pair..2¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, per palr, 3 ceuts. 

Bicycie Screwdriver, 
Made of steel, twisted in ser- 
pentine shape, useful for many RK UN) 
purposes; has a 2-inch blade. 
No. 19T936 Steel Screwdriver. Price, each...2¢ 
If by mall, postage extra, 2 cents. 

S., R. & Co.’s Bicycie Wrench. 
Every rider needs a good wrench = 
for his tool bag. This wrench is == 
made of best quality steel, hard- YU / 
ened ries handsomely nickel plated. 
No. 19T940 Bleycle Wrench. Price, each..... 9c 
1f by mail, postage extra, 6 cents. 
Drop Forged Bicycie Wrench. 
Made heavlerthan oar cheaper wrench. Drop 
forged, with hardened jaws; suitable for all pur- 

poses possihle for a small wrench. Finely nickek 
Bicycie Tire Brush. 
at same time. A most useful ar- 

Brash ean be readily cleaned with hot or cold 

If by mall, postage extra, 10 cents. 
aod sprockets, made of pure bris- 

If by mali, postage extra, 8 cents. 

only tool that will budge obsti 

plated. Will fitin any regular size tool bag. 
Made of Rossian bristies. Will 
as ticle for the rider, as it prevents 
water and is then as good as new. 
Chain Brush. 
tles. The very thing for muddy cia 
The Perfect Nippie Grip. 
nate uipples; will-:last indefinite- 


No. 19T950 Bicycle Wrench. Price, each....14¢ 
if by mail, postage extra, 8 cents. 
clean both tireand edges of rim 


Baw the soiling of hands or clothes. 
No. 197954 Bilcycie Tire Brash. Each.......19¢ 
Chain Brush for cleaning chain 

chains and sprockets. 
No. 19T960 Chaio Wrash. Price, each.......10¢ 
Made of the best drop forged 
steei, jaws case hardeoed, Vhe 

ly and will not wear off the square edge of nipples. 

No. 19T980 Perfect Nipple Grip. Each...... 33c 
If hy mali, postage extra, 6 ceuts. 

Handy Nippie Crip. 

Fits the pocket and tooi bag, is nicely 
nickel plated aud a very haady littie 
article, ceeded hy every rider, 

No. 19T984 Illaudy Nippie Grip. 

TAGICC, Games. pore as. oie te occ cnenes 8c 

IR by mail, postage extra, 2 cents. 

Adjustable Stirrup Toe Clips. 
Adjustabie Stirrap Toe Ciips. Lat- 
est 1902 model. The one-picceleaih- 
er cover can be quickly adjusted to fit 

a large or smal] toot 

No. 19T988 Adjustable Stlrrap 
Toe Cpe... Price, per Piip...c «eee es eee... 27¢ 
If by mail, postage extra, per pair, 10 cents. 

Thiem's Toe Clips. 
Thlem’s Toe Ciilps, are mide ot 

crucible wire. The foot cannot slip 
from the pedal with this ciip, and noth- 
ing but a severe accident will put it 
out of shape. Use only screwdriver 
to apply to pedal. 
No.19T992 Theim's Toe Clips. Per palr.....13¢ 
If by mail, postage extra, per pair, 10 ceuts. 
ideai Toe Clips. 
These Toe Clips are made of the 
hest spring steel, of handsome design, 
nicket plated in the best manner. They 


are easy to get into and afford great 
purchase in hill climbing. 
No. 19T994 Ideal Toe Cilps. 
Prieweé. yiiriieir 2.5. sc. een ee ee: 1 
If by mail, postage extra, per pair, 10 cents. 
The Standard Toe Cilps are made of 
tempered stcel and are a very popular 
clip. Fit any pedal. No fast riding 
without them. 
No. 19T996 Standard Toe Clips. 

Pri@e: pemieie. 228.3. . od Race. & 9c ‘ 
10 cents, 4 
Bicycie Frames for Repair Orders. 

al Weare fre- 
quentiy  calied 

upon to assist our 

ecastomers in ob- 

hicycies made by 

defunct concerns, 

and as such calls 

will constantly in- 

crease, we have 

made arrangements 

frame and fork of 

modern design to 

fill such orders, that our customers may purchase 
such frame and fork and with assistance of his old 
wheels, tires, saddle and handle bar may have prac- 
tleally a new and good bicycle tnstead of beiug com- 
seen instances where repairs on a frame or hanger 
have cost our customers as much as our price for 
frame, and at that rate they still had nothing buta 
second hand frame. In such cases it would be 
economy to buy one of the frames we quote below. 
We can only supply 22 and 24-inch men's frames and 
tations we include the muin frame, front fork, head, 
cups and cones, hauger cups aud cones, crank and 
sprocket, also seat post. On the ladies’ frames we 
include the dress and chain guards. The usual 
bright parts are highly nickel plated, while the 
frames properare nicely enameled either in black or 

The Standard Toe Clips. 
by mail, postage extra, per palr, 
taining repairs for 
tosupply astripped 
pelled to buy an entirely new machine. We have 
only the regular 22-inch ladies’ frames. At our quo- 

No. 19T1020 Gents’ 22-loch frame and 

il ia ee ee 5.45 
No. 1971021 Gents’ 24-inch frame and 

fOrk 3.05 ies es Cee RT CE 5.45 
No. 19T1022 Ladies’ 22-inch frame and 

LOCK Vee bus cacees ot Oi aueceeee can Weccec... SOS 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.}/2. 

Built Up Wheeis for Repair Purposes, 
Without Tires. 

«e frequently find that we havea 
surplus of front and rear wheels 
which are just what the rlder or 
dealer may require to put some other- 
wise good bicycle into riding shape. 
The greater portion of these wheels 
are for 28x15¢-inch tires and are nearly 
all with wuatural finish rims. The 
litter, however, we canuot regulate as 
surplus wheels my be of various 
colors or finishes, governed by the stock on hand. 
llowever, itt receiving an order for a pair of wheels 
we will “Iuays send mates. It is Important in or- 
derin, cear wheels or pairs to give us the size and 
uumber of teeth desired on the rear sproeket. We 
wish particularly to state that we cannot build odd 
sizes of wheels ut these prices, but on auything ex- 
cept 26-inch there will be au extra charge of 25 cents 
per wheel or 50 cents per pair. 

No. 19T1040 Pairof Wheels. Price.......82.90 

No. 19T1041 Rear Wheel only. Price. ... 1.75 

No. 1971042 Front Wheelonly. Prive... 1.15 

Weean furnish Wood Rim Wheels for 28-inch G. 
& J. tires as follows: 

No. 19T1052 G.& J. Wheels. Per pair.... 83.50 

No. 19T1053 Kear Wheel only. Price.... 2.15 

No. 19T1064 Front Wheelonly. Price... 1.36 

For price on G. & J. tires see page 353. 
Wood Rim Wheeis for 28-inch Dunlop tires sup= 

plied at Ring Die 
No.19T1055 Danoiop Wheels. Per pair...&3.50 
No. 1971056 Rear Wheel ooly. Price..... 2.15 
No. 19T1067 Front Wheelonty. Price. .. 1.35 
For price oa Duniop tires ste page 353. 

Bicycie Hubs. 

We have made a most advaota- 
geous parchase aad olfer our cus- 
tomers a palr of thoroughly reliable 

hubs, faily guaranteed, at a very 
low price. The hubs are very light and flanges very 
tough. Bearings of 3-point contact. Sprockets, 7,& 
9 or 10-tooth for either », or 44-inch chain, 5-inch 
tread. Always specify size aud width of sprocket. 
All hubs have ball retaining device. Drilled with 
32 holes in front hub and 36 holes in rear hub. 
No.19T1048 Olubs. Per pair, complete.... 81.30 
If by maii, postage extra, per palr, 25 cents. 

No. 19T1049 Rear lluboniy. Price,each....85¢ 
If by mail, postage extra, 15 cents. 
No.I9TI0O50 Front liub oniy. Price, each...46e¢ 
If by mall, postage extra, 10 cents. 

Wood Rims. 

Our Rimsare madeof seiected stock, thoroughly 
seasoned, and are natural linish, The rim manu- 
facturers huve adopted a standard width, viz.: So 
that a rim to fita28&x1%4-inch tire will also fit a 28x1%- 
inch tire and vice versa. We furnish our riow 
drilléd ready for ase, the front rim being drilled 
with 2 holes, the rear rim for 36 holes, these bein 
standard drili. We cannot supply rims of specia 
color, or drilled other than 32 front and 36 rear. 

No. 19T1060 Front Rim, 28x1% or 1%, 32 holes. 

Rosle Get!) eee ee 30¢ 

If by mall, postage extra, each, 21 cents. 

No. 19T1061 Rear Rim, 28x1% or 15%, 36 holes. 

PYUGRy GRID... 6 oo ne cle eos + co ele 30¢c 

if by mall, postage extra, each, 21 cents. 

No. 19T1062 Pair of Rims, 28x1% or 1%, d2 and 3 
holes. Pri¢e, per pair.......). eee GOc 

If by mali, postage extra, per palr, 42 cents. 


Wiil find it to their advantage 
to buy their suppiies from us. 

Spokes, Nipples and Washers. 

Oar spokes are made of the best steel wire, finel 
nickel plated, standurd gauge. We only furnis 
them 12% inches long for 283 iuch wheels (measuring 
diameter of wheel including tire). 

No. 19Ti100 Spokes and Nippies. Per dozen..9c¢ 

If by mali, postage extra, per dozen, 8 cents. 

No. 19T1101 Sawtooth Washers, sold only by 

the 100. Price, per 100 .....0.....000 9s -++ «20s bc 
If by mail, postage extra, per 100, 5 cents. 

Seat Posts. 
Our Seat Posts are made of the hest 
seamless steel tublog, handsomely 
nicke) plated on copper. The pre- 
vailiug style now iu use js the front L. 
Owing to the many different sizes of 
posts now inuse, it ls positively neces- 
sary that eustomegs specify the exact 
diameter of the down post. 

The regular length of our posts is about 5 inches, 
though we can furnish any length desired, by having 
same made to order; always stute diameter when 
ordering seat posts, also, whether plain or expander. 

No. 19T1110 Ragoiat jeacth, plain posts, either 
%.8.1,1¢, or 144-inch diameter. 

Price, tC | Oe 24c 

1f by mail, postage extra, 12 cents. 

No.197T1111 Regularleogth, same asabove, 
with expander. Price, eaeh.......2-2...0:....e 

1f by mail, postage extra, 12 cents, 

No. 19T1112 Specialleagth, seat posts to order. 
either plain or expander. Price,each............. 7&€ 

If by mail, postage extra, about 13 cents. 


’ SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 112. 

Detachable Chain. 

—————e——eee Never before contd such a 
eer We cen FO chain be bought far such a 

Jow price. They are made by 
a large chain factory of national reputation, and are 
accurate as to gauge and pitch. We furnish these 
chains in 60 link lengths, suitable for almost any com- 
blnation of sprockets,and as every linkis detachable 
they can be readily shortened, if necessury. Separate 
links caa be bad at any time,aud we advise the pur- 
chase of a few extra lioks, foremergency use, as they 
can be carried in the tool bag and may come handy. 
No. 19T1150 Detachabie Chain, 60 links, erinele 
Ee ys ais scale oda sic s « cc-oaleeiggge Ogwie css ewes 55c 
If by mail, postage extra, 23 cents, 
No. 19TI151 Extra Lioks for same. Price, 
each....(If by mail, postage exira, 2 cents)..... Ze 
No. 19T1152 Detachable Chain, (0 links, 4-lnoch. 
Price, eacb.(if by mail, postage extra, 28 cents).55c 
No. 19T1153 Extra Links for same, %-lnoch. 
Price, each..(If by mail, postage extra, 2 cents)...2c¢ 

Chain Adjuster. 
Don’t wait vatil you break your 
chain adjuster before ordering new ones. Or 

Order now, and when your adjuster 
breaks, as the best of them will do, you 
will not be occasioned any unnecessary delay. Our 
adjusters are made from select material, and are 
the strongest kind made. Heavily nickeled. 

No. 19T1154 Chain Adjuster. Our special price, 
per pair (If by mail, postage extra, per pair, &c)..5c 

Detachable Chain Repair Link. 
—— Invaiuabie to every rider. No tool 



Ph: bag complete without one. Don't wait 
one, it costs but 2 trifle and its presence 
in your tool bag will relieve your mind 

cbain should break. 

No.19T1160 Repalr Link. Price, each........ 5c 
Bicycle Balls. 
Steel Balls, highest 

to gauge. Made of the OC. 8 

finest case hardened tool is i B 

They are worse than worthless, for they ruin your 


No. 19T1170 ‘'4-inch balis. Price, per dozen..... 3c 

No. 19TIA71i ¥,-inch balls. Price, per dozeu......4¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, per dezen, 2 cents. 

If by mail, postage extra, per dezen, 3 cents. 
No. 19TIL173 = %4-inch balls. Price, per dozen.....7e¢ 
No.19T1174 ¢,-inch balls. Price, per dozen....9¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, per dozen, 4 cents. 

If by mail, postage extra, per dozen, 4 cents. 


for yourchaioto break before buying 
of any worry as to how you will reach home if your 
If by mail, postage extra, each, 2 cents. 
grade, guaranteed true 
steel. Beware of cheap bails, made of poor material. 
If by mail, postage extra, per dozen, 2 cents. 
No. 19Ti172 ¥,-inch balls. Price, per dozen....6c¢ 
If by mall, postage extra, per dozen, 4 cents. 
No. 19T1175 %-iuch balls. Price, per dozen....12¢ 
Mi. & W. Double Tube Repair Kit. 

. For Double Tobe Tires. Contain- 
PONLTS AAR ‘ting cement, rubber patch, needle 
ve AS pen lacing. in neat tint oa Dont 
= i Ge e e ou e 
Teer LAT Oe Kit, 
ml ith Prtee, OACU).......-- rs tacos outs 10c¢ 


if mall, postage extra, each, 

Single Tube Outfit. 
Oneof the bestrepairkits made, 
Used for injecting a puncture beal- 

ing cement through the puncture e a 

which, drying on inside, clases the mG eeccecal 
ce wei eel 
No. 19T1i190 Single Tube Kit. See 

2D Ree. jo5sdce. 456.00 nr 
If by mail, postage extra, each, 3 cents. 
No. 19T1191 Extra Tubes Cemeat. FEach.....4c 
If by mall, postage and tube extra, each, 2 cents. 

c.& J. Tire Repair Outfit. 
Complete Outfit, containing tube af cement, 
patching rubber, emery cloth, etc., in neat tin box. 
No. 19T1192 G.& J. Kit. Price, each .......106¢ 
If by maii, postage extra, 4 ceaots. 

Dunlop Repair Kit. 
Same as supplied with Dnoniop tires, very com- 
plete outtit, containing rubber putching, cement, ete. 
No. 19T1193 Doniop Hit. iprice, each. 2443 10c 
If by mall, postage extra, 5 cents. 

Goodrich Jiffy Repair Outfit. 

— Le Consisting of a very fine teel and 
i: oa) a a tubed Jiffy soiution, for quickly re- 
| ER) PPRTES 8: 

pairing punctures in siugle tube tires. 

full directions accompany outfit. 
No. 19T119& Tool and tube sotution. Price, 
dest 6.455 | | \ i neerrr Tic 

if by mail, postage and tube extra, each 7 cents. 
No. 19T1t96 Extra tube solution. Price, each 4e 
If by mail, pestage and tubc cxtra, each 6 cents. 

Vim Tire Repair Kit. 

Same as soppifed with Vim tires. It is suitable 
for any single tube tire. The Vimo’d cement cou- 
tained in this kit can be bad separately. 

No. 19T1198 Vim Kit. Price, each.. .. . 20c 


If by mail, postage extra, 5 cents. 
No. 19T1199 Extra Tubes Vimvid. Price, eacb, 6c 
ff by mail, postage and tube extra, 5 cents. 



Sureshot Solution. 
For repairing punctures in single 
tube tires this cement Is very satisfac-! 

tory. Tubes, x4 inches. 
net 19T1194 Sureshot Soiution. Price, pcr 
TRESS ss eee a - , CRTs Gee tee - aes. We 

If ity mali, postage and tube extra, each, 5 cents. 

Vaives for Single and Double Tube Tires. 

No. ipTI33 Metai Valve and 

Stem compicte. Price, each... ie 

If by mati, postage cxtra, each, 
2 cents, 

a NOI9TISA Metai Vaive oniy. 

Mey rice, GiGi... . cee. cs éc 

3 1f by mail, postage extra, each, 
2 cents. 

No. 19T135 RubberStem oniy. Pricc,each...4¢ 

If hy mall, postage extra, each, 2 cents. 

see Oe 

No. 19T136 Shoe Valve for singie tube tire. 
If by mail. postage extra, each, 3 cents. 

No. 19T8O G.& J. Valve. Price, each......... 14c 
Tube Horn. 

Every rider using M. & W. orsimiluar tires, 
should have one, 
1f by maii, postage extra, 3 cents. 
Tire Miouse. 
C3 inaer tubes in M. & W. or similar 
double tuba tires. 
if by maii, postage extra, 4 cents. 
tube from sticking. T’ut up in smul) tin 
If by mail, postage extra, 1 cents. 
Lacing Thread. 
tabe tires. Put upin small skeias, also 
in #4-pound balls. 
If by mali, postage extra, 2 cents. 
Noe. 19T1216 Lacing Thread. Per 14-]b. ball.22c¢ 
Acme Patching Rubber. 
Acme Patching Rubber, made fram 
(o.19T1197 Acme Patching Rub- 
ber. ee Per packise-...- ame. e. Wee 

Price, each..... oe Ae 
§{f by maii, postage extra, exch, 3 cenin, 
Very useful for inserting inner tubes. 
No. 19T1205 Tube Worn. Price, each.... 
A very handy tevi fer inserting 
No. L9TIZ0G Tire Mouse. Price, each........ 22e¢ 
In repiaciag inner tubes, it prevents the 
No. 1971207 Soapstone. Price, can..7e¢ 
Vsed in lacing casings far doubie 
Na. 19T1215 Lacing Thread. Price, perskein.bc 
1f by mail, pustage extra, 7 cents. 
pure Para rubber, | dozen sheets in pack- 
f by mail, pustage extra, each, 3 cents. 

Patching Plugs. 

: Patelhing Piugs for 
mending single tube 
tires, made of the finest 
quality rubber. Put up 
1 dozen assorted in a 

No. 19T1200 Patching llogs. Per package..10c 
If by mail, postage extra, per package, 3 cents. 

Pincers for Inserting Plugs. 

These piiers are mace for in- =< 

serting piugs ia singie tube tires, 

but are also found useful for 
Inany other purposes. 
‘No. 19T964 Plug Piiers. Price, each........ 
lf by mail, postage extra, 5 ceats. 

NMiorgan & Wright Puncture Band. 

Tatended for tempornry repairs when 
erm rider is away freoi home. [tis 10 inches 
=~ long, 1% inches wide, made of vulean- 
ized rubber; will go around tire two or 
three times and bute on under side 
of rim, thus enabling rider to inflate 
damaged tire aud ride home. 
No. 19TI204 Puncture Baod. Price, each....8e 
4{f by mail, postage extra, each, 3 cents. 

Acme Tire Tape. 
Acme Tire Tape will mend those pin 
puncturesthatyou get so often. You 
can't afford to be without it. Na 
cyclist shonld be without this very use- 
a part pe repair una, Webave put 

the price where it is aslowas itis possible to put it. 

No. £9T1210 Acme Tire Tape. Price, Beproll sae 

If by mait, postage extra, per roil, 3 cents. 

Lacing Cord. 
Gus Lacing Cord for guard on ladies’ 
wheels. Comesin blue, black, maroou 
and green: enough tin a buach to lace one wheel. 

No. 19T1220 Lacing Cord. Price, per bunch, 8e¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, per bunch, 3 cents. 
Neverleak Tire Fluid. 

This is a compuand invented for the RZ 
purpose of making porous tires air tight, | 
and js also a self healing puncture ftuid. fe 
By injecting this fluid iato tires you de not = 
jmpair its Fg De oor will it injure the : 
rubber or fabric. It is considered a very satis- 
factery article by those who have usedit. This is 
the genuine article, put up lo %-pint cans ouly. 

No. I19T1222 Neverleak Tire Fiaid. 

Pree; ner 4-vint.. .......05 0" «. e 
Not mailable. 

. . - 4 

Pure Rubber Cement. 

Pure Rubber Cement; the best that can 
be made. 

No. 19T1226 Robber Cement, %x4-{nch 
babe, WPniGejeacti:.....caeele... . Otec sc «cs 
If by mail, postage aad tube extra, 

9 cents. 

No. LOTI227 RNuobber Cement. |Ixé-inch 
PU WeeeePrice, GMC. |. 1. eee cw ences cee SO 
If by mall, postage and tube extra, 10 ets. 

No. T9T1I232 Acmne Rabber Cement. In 
4-ounce cans. Price, euch............ ... .. 2 

{fby ail, postage and tube extra, i5 cents. 

No. 10TI233 Actwe Robber Cement, In %-pint 

cans, Price, each...... eee I2c 
Not ninilable. 

No. 1971234 Acme Rubber Cement, In 1-pint 
cans. Price, each.....(Not mathabley ool. oll... I%ec 
Wood Rim Liquid Cement. 
we No.rgeTilad Acme Wood Rim Liquid 

ge Cement. In ixé-iInch tubes. It sticks. 

| ee ... be 
Dif by anail, postage and tabe extra, L0c, 
No. 19T1243 Acme Wood Kim Liquld 
}Cementind-onnee caus. Enueh........ ic 
If by mali, postage and tube «xtra, bbe. 
E NO.190T1 242 Acme Wood Rim Liquid 
b Cement in %-pint cans. Exuch........}2¢ 

Not mailabte. 
No. 971243 Aeme Wood Rim Liquid Cement in 
I-pint caus. Eache.2.-.--- (Not malilable)......... isc 
Hard Tire Cement. : 
- ACM 2 

Acme Tire Cement. Hard, 



{ae 3-ouncecaukes, Convenient 
for cementing grips on bars, 
etc. Best made. a 
No. I19T1I247 Acme Tire Cement. Each...... &c 
If by mall, postage extra, each, 56 cents. 
No. 19T1248 Acme Hard Tire Cement. Beeston 
the market, guaranteed pure, I-Jb. cakes. Each.180 
If by mail, postage extra, each, 18 cents. 

Three in One Bicycle Oil. 
Espectaily prepared for bicycle oge, as {t 
prevents rust, cleans all metul and enameled 
parts, and also lubricates the bearings and 
chain. Supplied in 3-oz. bottles, pet maiiable. 
No. 19T1260 Three in Ooe Bicycie Oil. 
Price, per bottle. 2.22. ..... 2-2 14co 

Nickel Plating Liquid. 

For retoaching rusty or’ doli spokes or 
Other nickei piated parts of bilcycie. |]ndis- 
pensable to the rider who appreciates a fresh 
appearing wheel. Easily aDpHeEl rusb free 
with every hottle. 

No. 19T1270 Nickei Plating Ligqaid. 

Price, per bottle, with brush 

If by mall, pestage aad tabe extra, 12 cents, 
Enamel Brush. 

For applying either enamei or varnish. Madeof 
camel's hair. with polished haudle. 

No. i9Ti273 Enamel Brush. Price, each....8¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, each, 2 cents. 
Enamei Varnish. 

To be appiied cover enamel to preserve 
it and ta brighten old enamel. 

No. L9T1276 Enamel Varnish, in 4-pint 
can: Price, per can.........:...5)eeeee Llc 
{f by mall, postage and tube extra, 15 ceats. 

Bicycle Enamel. 

This enamel is air drying aud does not 
require baking, but can be applied by any- 
one. Put upin4-ouncecans in the fallowing 
colors: Blue, black, green, maroon, ver- 
milion and yellow. 

No. I9Ti280 Bicycle Enamel Per 4-ounce can, 
specify COlOTsei.... $224.7 ee 3s 10c 

4{f by mall, postage and tube extra, 15 cents. 

Chain Lubricant. 

All chains require frequent cleaning #nd 
lubricating. -]ln our lubricant is found an ac- 
ceptable substitute for ail, in that it is more 
cleanly and, will not catch dust as readily asoil. 

No. 19T1284 Chain Lubricant. Each... 3c 
If by nraii, postage extra, eaci, 3 cents. 

Bicycle Lubricating Oil. 

A very necessary article in taking preper 
care of a bicycle aad its bearings. Put up 
in 4{ and %-pint cans. The larger size 
is not mailable. 

No. I9TI288 Lubricatiag Oll. +44-pint can....6¢ 

If by maii, postage aad tube extra, 17 cents. 

No. 19T1292 Labricating Oil. %-pintcan..I2¢ 

Not maiiable. 

The High Water Pants Cuffs. 

These coffs are madeof cood, sabstaa- 
tlai cioth, with eiastic insertion, to ac- 
commedate the knee action. By their 
> use a pair of ordinary trousers are qnickly 
trausformed inte bicycle, goli or riding 
breeches, and still they are separate, soas 
to be carried in pocket if so desired. 

No. 19TS8O Price, per puir.... .....2%7¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, per pair 6c. 



On request we send a handsume Sample Book of 
Men's Costom Taiioriag Geeds, containing samples 
ef a full line of materials for sults, pants, overcoats 
and ulsters, which we make to measure at the lowest 
prices, abeut one-balf the prices charged by 
tailers generally. 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. !!2. 

Cenuine Bickmore Call Cure. 
The genuine gall cure, fer all 
kinds of galls, wire cuts,all kinds 
ef sores on horses and cattle. 
Furnished .n three sizes. 
No. 10T4696 Price. per 
doz. $1.75; 2-02. box, each..15e : 
Nou. LOT4607 Price, per doz. $3.50; 6-0z, bua, eu. s0€ 
No. LOT4698 Price, perdoz. 7.00; 16-02. box.ea.59e 
No. 10T4700 Acme Gall Cure, guarunteed to 
cure saddle gall, collar gull, cellar bunches, 
seratches, cuts, crutks. bruised heel, spced cracks. 
quarter cracks, contracted feet, old sores of all 
kinds on horses or cattle, and sure cure for sore 
teats on cows. No onecan afford to he withouta 
box of Acme Gall Cure. 
Price, per doz., &1.56; 3-ounce boxes, each.....13¢ 
Price, perdoz., %.76; &-eunce hoxes, each..... 23e 

A Leader at 60 Cents. 

No. 1074800 The Herald. 
lt is a new clipper and a 
leader. The plates are de- 
tuchable and interchange- 
able; has two thumb nuts 
and tensiou springs, 2O wrench needed to adjust 
this clipper. Ittakes the place of the cheap clip- 
pers which we formerly imported. Weight, 14 ounces. 

Price, each 60e 

The Lenox Clipper for 85 Cents 
No, 1UT4805 The Lenox. - 
This is wa standard clipper 
aud a great favorite with 
horsemen; has bright red 
handles: it 1s weli tinished 
and attractive. Cutting 
plates are detachable and interchangeable, Weight, 
20 Ounces. 
0 EL Se 
TCE LO]) filalGMh GACH ... ..c. cc. ee cece nceccsccacs 
Memeo toi plates, Gach... .. ..ccccscascs coves 46e 

The Leader Clipper for 75 Cents. 

No. 10T4815 
Leader Fetiock or Deg Clipper, 
made of extra fine too) steel 
plates, well ground and pol- 
ished, wide mill teeth. hand- 
somely nickel plated, fine piano 
steel spring. <A strictly first 
Dealers sell for 31.50. 

see eat teem eee eo eee «te HOw FCO et awe news 

class clipper. T 
Our special pricy each 
Veight, about 8 ounees. 

Our $1.00 Newmarket Clipper. 

rr ee ee eo ee eo 

No.1 0T4820 The Newmar- 

ket Clipper. It is carefully « -_———— 
constructed, hand eke at 

appenranee, has bright red #54 , 
hundles; there is no clipper aif < | eanen tins 

made so well known toprofes-__ 
sional horse clippers us the Newmarket pattern: 
the name selis it. All parts are detachable and 

interchangeable. Weight,1s ounces. Price,cach. $1.00 | 

Top plates, 72e;3 bottom plates......... eee 80 

$1.50 Buys the O.K. Horse Clipper. 
NO, 10T4825 Theo. ik. NO. 
62. Our old reliable; nickel 
lated; aa exeellent cutter, 
bright poustied handles, and 
has had the lead of all ether 
ellppers for several seasons, 
Cutting plates detachable and interchangeable. 
Weight 20 ounces, Price, each 
op plaieeesOcs buttom plates...........-...- 
No. 1074830 The B.B.(Ball 
Bearing). New this seasen. 
tlas anti-frietion hal] hear- 
ings, finest nickel finish, 
bright polished handles, and 
by ail odds, the easiest cut- 
ting and the best clipper ¢cver offered to the pubiie. 
Cutting plates detachable and interche eee. 

Bent, fl ee - Re 4 35 

To ates, 80e; hot LCS. Fees coeds : 

ee “he ae: 10T4835 One-Ianad- 

Horse er Dog Clip- 
per. For trimming about 
the ears and fetlocks 
requires a keen cutting one- 
handed clipper_with stron 

pi aaes BDFIDE. Ba wie Hat 

thisis the one that is sought after. Platesdetachable 
and interchangeable. Weight, Ieunces. Each, $1.00 

 _f# @ ea oaeeaeoteotr were ee ° 



Fxtra, Springs, CACH . .....ce cece eens cere recs 10 
Top plates, CACH....- cee ee cece cece cence eae cs eees 45 
Rottom plates, cach.........-.... se eeee sees eens 55 

The parts of all our Clippers are interchange- 
able and can be promptly duplicated, 

NOTE—When ordering clipper plates for an 
eld clipper, state the name of your elipper that is 
stamped in plate and the number that Is stamped 
on plate. Then we ean tell if the ones we send 
you will fit er nut; er send your eld ene with your 

Eecler- Singeing Lamp. 
No.10T4840 Sears, Roebuck & Ce.’s 
Special Singelng Lamp. By the use of 
this lamp you will give new life to the 
hair of horses and cat- 
tle. The lamp is ulso 
used for removing huir 
from horses’ ears or 
ather places where you 
cunnot use clippers. 
Every farmer an pee yen should have one of 
these, our special lamps. Used with kerosene oil, and 
wide wick furnished complete with each Jame 

farm or stable is complete without asingeing lamp. 

fleece CAC... . aie ies ees ++ ee ss 1.00 
Welght, 7 ounces. 

Our 75-eent | 

|furnish vibrating cutters with 

Our WNlontana 
Sheep Shearing 
Improved 1902 

aH " 


IMPORTANT NOTICE. Clipper plates are packed in 
«200d order when leaving the 

factory. Wedonot furnish new plates for plates 
that teeth are breken eut of. Be careful when 
nsing clippers. 1f you break the teeth you will 
have te bay new plates,as we do not guarantee the 
teeth not to break. 

This machlne will save timeand save any Injury 
te the sheep la shearing. lt does not require a 
practical mun torun this Special Montana Clipping 
Machine. A book of fullinstructions is shipped with 
every machine which shews the position that the 
sheep will bein. 

The machine censists ef a large wheel which is 
perfectly true and gear is enciosed in a statioaary 
frame and drives a hardened steel cut picaion. 
Improved sheep head and shurpener, so you can 
sharpen the knives without sendingthemuway. The 
pinion shalt is even with a small turn balance wheel, 
which. running at a high speed, makes the machine 
run perfectly steady at all times. The cutters are 
of an improved pattern and are so made that they 
will eae penetrate in any kind of weol that grows, 
no matter how dense or fine. The number of sheep 
this machine will cut without sharpening the knives 
depends much on the condition the sheep are in and 
how much grit or sand there may he in the fleece. 

Ali farmers whe raise sheep and shear them 
should net be without one of the Imprered Moa- 
tana Machiaes, or some other ron sheep shearing 
machine, as you get longer wool and foun sneep will 
never be injured in shearing. You will save the price 
of the machineintwoweeks. Weight, boxed,70 Ibs. 

No. 10T4846 Price of the machine, with 
four pair of sheep kulves.......2...- 2... cae ees $18.75 

No.10T4847 Price of machine with three 
pair of sheep knives, and one pair horse 

NDS ae aM aces aie g ola as se oe eae 8.75 
Add for extra cuttiag handle,....... =i eee 7.00 
Add for extra knives, per pair............... 1.00 

Add extra for belt wheel, which you can attach to 
the machine on the crank bar and run the machine 
by power. The &§-inch pulley ls substituted for the 
crank handle. Youcan run the machine with any 
kind of power with a l-inch flat belt to transmit the 
power to the machine. 

Pric@ of helt. wheel) xtra... scs2. cose eee $1.50 

py, mn 

very latest and best 
Lf 3 ceiling by rope which 
. = 
“inns” £88 = rope. 

impreved machtne eon 
v4 Spasses through a screw 
journaled in the frame, 
wheel, fiexlble shait, good cutting Knives, 

Our New Illinois Swing Clipper. 

No. 1074863 The 

the market. The ma- 

a { chiae saspended frem 

*3 Seye, free end is passed 

é under eccentric pulley 

o& 4 which locks at any point 

ware a &2 desired by letting go the 

ee arge balance 

very easy, any one can work this machine. Complete 
with one cutting head. 

Price, CRC! ieeee. hoses ces cane pe eeeae = 32a 87.85 
"POD: DlAteSHea@e, << lisse cc < oe nds cove teers ace ee 90 
Bottom plates, CAC. 25 .cceren ee eee ee ae 1.45 
Extra cutters, to attach to machine.......... 2.25 

Extra hend and handle, te attnchto machine 4.50 
Weight, about 36 pounds. 

The Acme Hand Power Clippers. 

This miuchine is eomplete with ball bear- 
ing cutters. It is the only machine in the 
market that has un allsteel terupered fiexi- 
blestaff with riveted joints and is ball bear- 
ing. Very light running, easily 
handled, takes up little room and per- 
forms every service required ofit. We 

eneh maehine. I[t is complete 
und ready for use. We furnish 
one extra cutting head with this 

No. 1074865 Our special 


Weight, packed for ship- 
meat, 75 pounds. 

Extra cutters, $3.00; top 
plates, $1.00; bottom 
plates, $1.50 each for above 
clipping machine, Al] ma- 
ehines should have two ex- 
tra setef cutters. 

Our Dakota Horse Clipper, $1G.75. 
_— The picture represents one of 
N the latest and mest perfect Horse 

Clipping Maehines on the market. 

This is a new pattern. strictly up 

to date, with all thelatest improve- 

ments that are used in high priced 
machines, lt has many advant- 
ages over others which will readily 
recommend themselves to the user. 

First, it has apositive driving 

mechanism,and the operator 

kpews that when he turns the 
handle of the drive wheel that the 
knife will cut, because there ismo 
belt to slip, and no extra motions 
required to dothe work. The neat 
special feature is the knives, which 
are held together by one set screw, 
so that it is impossible to tighten 
one end of the blades tighter than the other, as the 
set screw works in the center and tightens the full 
blade evenly. The large drive wheel is machined alk 
over, thé teeth are milled from solid metal, and en- 
gaged in a hard steel pinion, the smal} balance wheel 
revolving at a great speed conple equalizes the 
motion, completely closed and dust proof; this ma- 
chine is equipped with fiexible shaft attached to the 
machine and cutting head. We helieve in prcsent- 
ing this our latest improyed Dakota Clipping Machine 
to ourcustemers that we are offering them a ma- 
chine that will be hard to duplicate any where. ‘ 

No. 10T4881 Our price ef this machine with 
one set of knives complete. .............. +. $10. 

No. 10T4883 For extra knives to attach to the 
clipping head, price per pair. ._... eee S225 

NOTICE—Te sharpen sheep shearing knives or 
horse clipping plates: Take a very tine piece of 
emery cloth, stretch securely over @ smooth sur- 
faced board, and tack it down. Place your sheep 
shearing knives or clipper plates face down perfect- 
ly flat, and rub them eight or ten good quick rubs 
and you will sharpen the teeth very quickly. This 
will save you sending your plates uway to be sharp- 
ened as you ¢an repeat this process very often dur- 
ing the day. Weight, bexed, 75 pounds. 

Curry Combs. 

A horse well curried not enly loeks sleek and 
attractive, but his health is greatiy impreved by 
keeping his skin cleaa and pliable. Careful groom- 
Ing saves much feed. 

Weight ef Carry Comb, from 4 to 15 eunces. 

No.10T4900 6-Bar 
Open Back Curry 
Comb. vsapanned 
iron, wood handle. 

Weight, about 4 
6 7S ee 3¢ 
Per dozen ... 


No.10T4905 8-Bar 

oo} JapannedOpen Back 

¥Curry Comb. Wood 

handle with double 

brace running over 

top of comb. Weight, 
about 10 ounces. 

Wego. ...cce ee eee 

Per dozen....... 


No. 10T4910 6-Bar 
Lacquered Steel] Curry 
Comb. Blaek enoam- 
eled handie, strongiy 
riveted on. Tleavy 
knockers. Best cheap 
comb on the market. 

Weight, about 10 ozs. 
Price, per dozen. 90e3: each... case eee 80 
Ne. 1OT4913 Barnes Soeiid Brass Closed Back 
Curry Comb. 6 bars, sotid shank, riveted through 
handle. <A finesolid brass curry comb. Same style 
assNo. 10T1910. Price, each: ....jsemaeee. eee l5e 
No. 1074915 6-LDar 
Open Back Steel Curry 
Comb. ouely rivet- 
ed, wood handle, well 
made aad a bargain. 
Weight,ahout 10 ounces 

Per dozen. ee-...- 

Niane and Curry Comb Combined. 
No. 10T4920 Mane 
and Curry Comb cem- 
bined. Lacquered 
steel, 6 bars, with comb 
on top for earding the 
horse's mane. Enam- 
eled handle. Extra 
vaiue fer the meney, ~~ om 
Weight, about ll ounces, Per dozen, 99e; each...9e 
No. 10T4925 S., R. & Co.'s Special 
Improved Wire Grasp Open Baek 
Carry Comb. Made of 
roll steel, solid end pieces 
with wire handles and 
steel shank riveted 
through handle. Six bars. 
Fine lacquered finish. 
Each. . ¢.\: gages. 2 
Per doz@iiae-..-.-. 

special 10-Cent Open Back Curry Comb. 

No. 1074935 8. Re& 
Cows LTiuproved Extra 
Fine Wire Grasp Open 
Haek Curry Comb. Made 
of fine rolled steel, extra 
fine lacquered finish. 
Eixht bars with riveted 
end pieces. wire gras 
and steel shunk rivete 

pepousn handle. ae 
zee Libs Gach... cen cces acces een Oe 

Ta ae Solld Brass Open Back Curry Conib. 
Wire shank riveted through handle. The hest open 
yack brass curry comb made, Same style as No. 
0T4935. Our special price, each......... ene « 

Fine Forged Steel Curry Combs. 

No.107T19410 Fine 
Forged Steet Curry 
Combs. 8 bars. 
solid blued backs, 
snamel wood han- 
Zie, wrought shank 
running through 
handiec, and extra 
strong brace aad 
nockers. This is 


beyond a doubt the hest curry 

sunces. Price, per dozen, $1.75; each........-.. l5¢ 

Self Cleaning Curry 

No. 1074945 The Self 
Cleaning Curry Comb. A 
reat favorite with all who 
ave used it, 8 bars, ja- 
panned iron, wood handle, 
strongly riveted, Will give 
mM satisfactlon. Weight, about 
15 ounces. 

Price, each.......... 80.14 
[af:) citer f. 1 re 1.59 

No. 1074950 Oar 
Perfection Black 
Grasp 6-har Jap- 
AnnedSteel Curry 
Comb, with mane 
omb riveted 
through handle. 
Veight, about 12 
ounces. © 

Price,each $0.10 
Per doz.... 1.10 

Fancy Brass Curry Comb. 
No. 1074953 Kittle Fancy Brass Curry Comb, 
Same style as No. 10T4950. 6 bars, solid brass, wire 
shank riveted through handle; manecomb, A very 
fine solid brass curry comb, Weight. about 12 ounces. 
ier oo 05) ae 15¢ 

The Humane Curry Comb. 
. - No. 10T1955 The 
<4 Humace Curry Comb. 
This is the only comb 
fit to use on horses’ 
Jegs or on clipped or short haired 
horses. It is impossible to harta 
horse with it. It is also the best 
thing ever prodaced tor a cattle 

cleaner. Weight, each, 6 ounces. 

Price, per dozen, $1.20; each......--.--. scene. 10¢ 

Circular Spring Stee! Curry Combs. 
No.10T4960 Clr- oes 
colar Steel Spring £ ‘ 
Carry Combs. Three 
complete circles of # 
steel, working inde- 4 
pendent of each 
other, attached to an 
iron back by a hinged Pe 
joint, wood handles; a goo ‘omb. 
Price, per dozen, S1.14; each........-...6---6- 
Weight, each, 10 ounces, 

Horse Curry Cards. 

No. 1074965 Large,3% 
xS'¥4 inches, first quality. 
Kach. 272 tee; - = 7c 
Per dozen... -- S4e 
No. 10T4970 Small,3% 
x5% inches. Each.....6c 
Per dozen...........472¢ 
Weight, each, 8 ounces. 


We gaarantee oor line of Palmetto, Kice Root 
aod leather back Vlorse Brushes strictly high 
grade, our bristle brashes, the finest and the very 
best that labor aod qnality of matcrial can pro- 
dace, Our bristle brushes are of the very best. 

No. 10T5000 Mexican Rice Root 
Horse Brushes, wood back ; 
Strap, 3 inches wide and 7 inches | 
Jong. Weight, § ounces. PTTTTTT TTT ri 
_ Price, per dozen, $1.00; each .9e Wz : 
No. 1L0T5010 Onur Special Palmetto Horse Brush, 
2% Inches wide by 7 iuches Jong. Leather strap. 
Three rows of heavy Palmetto, 1% iaches long. Same 
‘style as No. 10T5000. Weight of brush, 8 ow 
Price, per dozen, $1.70; each..... 

lle No.10T5015 Se 
inn’ Co.’s }adla Vib 
TY, Tht lected end 

ECTS 1% inches long 
by 10 inches. Weight of brus 
first class. j 
Price, per dozen, $1.72; each 




omb ever otrered for the money. Weight, about 15 | { 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.ti2. 


No, 1OT5020  Oae special Mexican Rice Ract 
Volnted Ends ttorse brnsh. A good quatity of rice 

root 2 inches long; outside row consists of 42 bunches | 

of rice reot, heavy wood back pointed ends, 24% by 
Winches. Weightot brush, 9 ounces, Same styleas 
No. 1OTSOIS, Price, per dozen, ®1.84: ench..... 66 
No OT5S025 Sears, Roebuck & Co.'s special mixed 
Klee Root and India Fiber, whlch prevents the root 
from breaking off, thick heavy body of brush 2 
inches long. sume style as No. 1OTSOIS. Double back, 
screw top, 3 inches wlde and 10 fuches long. Ilghly 
polished. Weight, 12 ounces. 
Price, per dozen; 62.20; S1ch. Aon... ceeee ee - 19¢ 
No. 10T5040 Sears, Koe- 
buck & Co.'s Special Wood 
Back Palmetto Horse Irosh, 
Sinches long, 2% inches wide,, 
with five raws of strictly purel GEREN aN 
palmetto fiber 14% inane lonm A strictly first class 
brush Inevery respect. Without strap. Weight of 
brush, 9 ounces, 
Price, per,dozen, Wiss 53 egen. vee. as oaks 15c 
‘ No.10T5050 Our Ileavy 
— i ___ Wood Back India Fiber 
; Herse Urush, same style as 
the ‘“‘Ruf and Redy,” 2 inches 
long India fiber. Size of brush, 
8% inches long and 3% inches 
wide, with leather strap. 
Weight of brush, 12 ounces. 

Price, per dozen, ®1.80; each....... 0 .........- 18¢ 
No. LUT5060 Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s Special Salid 

Palmetto, 1% inches long, heavy solid wide back, & 
incheslong by 3 inches wide, with a heavy Jeather 
strap. This brush is equal to,if not superior to any 
almetto brush we list. Same style as “Ruf and 
tedy’’ and No. 10T5050. Weight of brush, 10 ounces. 
~ Price, per dozen, $1.50; each............ ecu. 15c 

Na. 10T50%70 Sears, hoe- 
buck & Co.’s Special Grade 

er vers nat MIAHTTU IH 


APEATOT0 pares crs 

of India Flber IJorse B rush, rue pan erieapieTeTeU LALIT 197911 gaol 7 

1344 inches long, double wood 
back, screw rep highly pol- 
ished, 10% inches long by 3 
inches wide; pointed ends; the best grade of India 
fiber brush. Weight of brush, 14 ounces. 

i id } { 

Price, per dozen, #2.30; each 
Our High Crade Horse Brushes. 
No. LOT5075 Sears,Roeback & Co.’s Double Wood 
ack Rice Root Brnsh, rice root 2inches tong. Size 
of brush, 10 inches long and 2% inches wide, polished 
top, pointedends. Extra quality and extra grade of 
rice root throughout. Same style as No, JOTS070. 
wveigbior brush. 10 ounces, Price, 400 ...7.....2 25c 
No. 10T5090 Sears, Roe- 
= buck & Ca.’sspeclal qaality 
——— extra high grade Rice Ront 
Le ey uA \ llorse Brush. Sizeof brush, 
IK \ \N 10 inches loug and 2% inches 
ALE mM" wide; double polished top, 
pointed ends, leather thumb aud finger gnards. A 
strictly high grade brush. Weight of brush, i2 ounces. 
Price, per Gozen, $4.20; each..,.......-02...698 35c¢ 
No.10T5095 Ourextra fine quality of Rice Root 
Horse rush. Pointed ends, double polished hack; 
size of brush, 10%x23% inches; thumb and finger 
leather guards, highest grade of strictly first class 
rice root. This is a highly finished horse brush. 
Weight of brush, 120unces. Same style as No. 10T3090. 
Price, per dozen, €5.30; each........---- 0m... 45c 
No. 10T0096 Onr Crawford 
Leather Back Horse Brush. This. , 
brush is made with dark mixed 
tampico center, with two rows of @).==_= 
white tampico on the outside, “Seda 
making a tifteen-row brush. The brush is made 
about 9 inches long and 4% inches wide, with good 
leather strap. Weight, 9 ounces. A good feather 
back horse brush. Price, each. .....5 « eee. -- 30c 
No. 10TS5097 Onr Evansville Leather 
Horse Brosh. One row of white tampico outside 
and nine rowsof good mixed tampico center; a good 
eleven-row on ae horse brush; good, solid leather 
back; 9 inches long and 4% inches wide, with good 
heavy strap; stitched all around with good heavy 
thread, Weight, 10onnces. Price,each........... 35c 

No.10T5098 Our Syracase Leather Back Horse 
Brush. Madeof fifteen rows of extra quality mixed 
gray tampico, solid leather back, extra wide band, 
shaped leather strap, well stitched with a heavy 
thread, fiexible back; 9inches long and 5 inches wide. 
The best 45-cent leather back horse brush made. A 
big Seller, Price, @AcD i.) ......-...seeese eseas 26 45c 

Lincoin Army Brush. 

No. 10T5099 Leather Back Ilorse Brush. Made 
with flexible leather back. The back is stitched with 
wire. Fifteen rows of mixed tampico and bristle. 
Outside row of gray bristle; body of brush extra fine 
quality of gray tampico. Looks like an all bristle 
brush. <A good flexible leather back army brush. 

Weight, 10 ounces; size, 9 inches long and 444 inches_ 

Price, Cache. ks sc cee wae 

Leather Back Horse Brush. 
- No. 1075109 Leather back, 
~ oval shape, Tampico center, Size 
By of hrush 9inches long, 4% inches 
wide, with leather strap, length of 
Tampico.linch. Extra good cheap 
brush. Weight of brush, 12 ounces. 
I ewe c ce eeen  eencce: 60c 
No. 1075110 Oval Shape Ilorse Brash, warranted 
all bristles. oval face, 15 rows of sewed stub bristles. 
Size of brush, 9 inches, 4 inches wide, Jeather strap. 
me styleas No. 10T5109. Weight of brush, 10ounces. 
err S pheeatoe 
.o.10T5115 Special extra quality all black brlis- 
3, oval face, heavy leather strap. Sizeof brush, 9 
hes Joug. 444 inches wide, heavy leather back. 
xtra good cheap brush. Weight of brush, 12 ounces. 
same style as No. 10T5109. Price, each........... 80c 

wide. G5c 





Na. 1075120 Oar Fine Quality of Mixed Dristle 
Brush, tial face, fine quailty of miacd black and 
brown bristles, flexible back, leather strap and 
leather back. Size of brush, 9 by 4%. Weight of 
brush, 10 ounces. Same style as No. 1OTS109. 

rice, each...... bea Tea rene 

No, 1075125 Our Special . ee Re 
Gray Bristle Oval Pace TPorse <a it, 
Brash. Leather back, Jeather Wie oe 
strap. Slze of brush, #4 by 9 “SOUUTUMR 
inches. Welghtof brush, f2ounces. Price, each... 81.26 

No. 1OTS5130 Sears, Koebuck & Co.'s Special All 
Miack Jirlstle llorse Ibrash. 39 rows of bluck Lristies. 
Flat face, Slze of brush, 9 Inches long, 4% Inches 
wide, Saurnme style as No. 1075125. Welght of brash, 
10.omeue EP TiGe CHCh. go>... -...0.coeee eee M135 

No. 10T5135 Sears, Roebuck & Cows special ware 
ranted aJjl black bristle, leather back and leather 
handle. 19 rows of bristles. Flat face. Size of 
brush, 9 inches long and 4% inches wide. Same style 
as No. 107312. Weight of brush, ]2 ounces, packed In 
single box. Price, egch ............005..008: > samme ee 

= No.10T5140 Sears, Roebuck & 

Co’s Special Warranted All 
White Bristle Oval Faced Irnsh. 
way Srows of bristle, adjustable strap, 
VG es leather back, size of brush, 9 by 
$% inches. Extra fine horse brush. Welght of brush, 
12 ounces, packed Insingle box. Price..........82.00 
Extra Quality Leather Back Horse Brush. 

The Finest on the Market. 

No. 1075145 Qur Special All 
White Russia Bristle Mrosh; 21 
rows of bristles, oval face, heavy ¢ 
leather strap, Jeather back, 9 QM 
inches long and 4% inches wide. @% 
Strictly first class white bristle : 
horse brush. Weight of brush, 12 ounces, packed In 
single box. Price, each &2 

S., R. & Co.’s Horse Brushes. 

No. L0T5150 Sears, Roehack 
& Ca.’sheavy sole leather flexl- 
\ ble top, fiat face, strictly all 
7h wee pu white bristles. 1 inch 

7 i long, heavy leather strap, large 
AAARARA\R hand room, solid Jeather back, 
8% inches long, 434 inches wide, and 21 rows of white 
bristles. Weight of brush12o0unces. packed in single 
box. One of ourhigh grade horse brushes. Price.$%.70 

No, 10T51655 Sears, Roehuck Op 
& Co.’s special solid leather, ee SE 
flexible back, heavy leather 
strap, fine quality of yellow Rus- 
sia bristlé. Lengthof bristlesite- —_ 
iuch,19 rows, flat face. Weight eee PUY bike 
of brush, 12 ounces. Size, &4xi*Z{inches. A strict] 
first class brush. Packedin single hox. Price.&3.0 

No. 1075160 Sears, Roe- 
buck & Co.'s Extra, cxtra fine 
warranted all white, pnre 

> Kussia bristle. 21 rows, solid 

at leather, fiexible back, leather 

hand joop. The best horse 

BARA brush on the market, flat face, 

l-inch bristles. Size of brush, & inches long, 44 

inches wide. Best brush we can offerto our trade. 
Weight, 12 ounces, packed in single box. 

Price, each -.....-- oe 

Stable or Street 

This is made with 14-inch 
wood back, fonr rows rattan 
splints. Should be used in 
every stable. Furnished with 
or without handle. 

No, 1075165 Price of ease 


= —" 
Oe rere 

Oe ea 


== ee 


See © > be ee be ee Oe ee ee 

No.10T5170 Priceof handle, 
each de 

Our Acme Bass Broom. 
Made with heavy wood 
of fa brush part made 
of ass tiber. The brush 

st for years. The 
price of broom is without 

; handle. 
No. 1075175 Price of broom. each........... .o0¢ 

Sec ary coir et St) Cat eo Cater Sats Cat eral OO tot 

No. 1OT5165 

No.10T5180 Price of handle. each........ - =f 
Our Common Ankle Boot. 

No. 10T5300 Onr Common 
Ankle Boot, made of heavy leath- 
er cup shaped pad in top, with oae 
strap. Weight per pair, 6 ounces. 

PRICGSC AC Meese us sei ene eens 9c 

P@r ye ee scree os oo aoe 18¢ 
If hy mail, postage extra, 6 cents. 

Our Fine Two-Strap Ankle Boot. 

No. 10TS5305 Onr 
Fioe Two-Strap An- 
kle Boot, made of 
fine leather, cup 
shaped, kersey cloth, 
leatherbound. Weight 
per pair, s ounces. 

Price.euch. . 2@4e 

Per pair.. .... ..480 

If by mail, postage extra, $ cents. 
Our Fine Calfskin Ankie Boot. 

No,10T5310 OarFine Feg _ — 
Calfskin Ankle Boot. = | 
made with heavy cupped = 
body, lined with hud 
calfskin, two straps, 
Weight, per pair, 10 oz. 

Price;@ach..-. .... 30e 

Per paliee.e--.- - 60c 

If by mail, postage extra, 10 cents. 


Our Fine Calfskin Ankle 

No. 1LOTS3t1 Our 
Fine Calfskin Ankle 

Boot. Made of the 
very finest quality of Gaga “Sie 
buff calfskin; heavy 


cupped boot, J 

body; two straps witb a 

rolier buckles. High grade calfskin ankle boot. 
Price, nS: Os Se a ee a $1.35 

sare eneeee 

S., R. & Co.’s Fine Scalpet 

No. 1075315 S., R. & Co.'s Fine 
Sealper Boot. Made of fine boot 
j, Jeather, calfskin pad top, one strap, 

| Weight, per pair, 12 ounces. 
Beico wer Dail. wae. sence. oe 81.35 
If by mall, postage extra, 12 cents. 

S., R. & Co.’s Front and 

Side Scalper Boot. 

No. 10T6320 S., R. & Co.’s 
Froatand Side Scalper. This boot 
is made of fine boot ieather, one 
strap, with buckle spur strap, 
Kersey lined top and side. The 
best front and side scalper ijn the 
market. Weight, per pair,i3 ounces. 
Our specias price, per pair..$1.70 

f by mall, postage extra, 13 cents. 

No. 10T6321 Our Speclal White Felt Seal per 
Boot. The scalper is made with an extra qaality of 
white wool felt, full front and side protectioa. 
One strap and buckie spur Strap. This isa ver 
fine, light, neat scalping boot. A big seller. Weight, 
per pair,3 ounces. Price, per pair._............ $1.97 

te / by mail, postage extra, 15 cents. 

S., R. & Co.’e Russet 

Coronet Boot. 

No. 10T5325 S., R. « Co.'s 
Rasset Coronet Boot. This 
boot is made of fine boot 
leather, felt liued, one strap, 
an extra fine coronet boot for 

pacing hoerse;: weight, per pair, 3 ounces. 
Price, ner ORBIT). ees « See eincesigescine ss eee. St.55 
f by mail], postage extra, 10 cents. 

S., R. & Co.’s Cross Firlng Pacers’ 
uarter Boot. 

No. 10T5330 8., R. & Co.'s 
Cross Firing Pacers’ Quarter 
Boot. Made high on inside, two 
Strap, caifskin lined, rubber 
brace ln back. The finest cross f 
firing pacer quarter boot made, | 
meat and good. Try a pair. | 
Weight, per pair, 14 ounces. BY 

Erice, per pair.. ...... $2.35 Ny 

If by mail, postage extra, 

20 cents. 

Our Special Draw Strap, Cross Firing 
Pacing Boot. 

No. 10T5331 Oor Speclal 
Draw Strap, Cross Firing, 
Pacing Boot. [his boot is 
Toade of the very best of russet 
boot leather. Protection top: 
fine calfskin tined, with the 
lower strap to draw, which 
tightens arcund the hoof of the 
borse and does net bind on the 
quarter. Thisis a strictly new 

Opuiar. Weight, per pair, 10 ounces. 
by mall, postage extra,150).%3.00 

boot and is very 
Price, per palr { 

S.,R. & Co.’s Low Cut 

Quarter Boot. 

No. 10T5335 S.,R.&Co.’s 
Low Cnt Quarter Boot. One 
ee with spur strap, feit 
hined; one of the best boots 
made. Thisis a special with 
as. Weight, 12 ounces. 

Ea” per AIT iis 81.35 

f by mall, postage extra, 14 cents. 

No. 10T6336 Our Special White Felt Low Cut 
‘One-Strap Quarter Boot. This boot is made of a 
very fine quality of all weel white felt, well cupped 
aud shaped, and oneof tie nicest iight, low, one 
strapped quarter boots we make. Leather lhoed heel, 
which makes it strong. Weight, per pair, about 3 
ounces. Price, per pair $1.70 

by mail, postage extra, 15 cents, 

S., R. & Co.’s Bell Quarter Boot. 
: No. 10T5340 S., R. & Co.'s 
<a Fine Catfskin Roll Bell Qnarter 
Boot, made of fine rasset boet 
ieather, ilned with catfskin, with 
roll top billet and loop fasten- 
a ers. Made in threesizes: sinall, 
mediam and large. Weight, per 
50 air, 10 ounces. 
d : Price, HEC Palle: cece. ese $2.55 
If by :nail postage extra, 12% cents. 

S.. R. & Co.’s Bell Quarter Boot. 

No. 10T5345 S.,R.& Co.’s Bell 
Quarter Boot. This boot is made 
ef the best of russet boot leather, 
billet and loop fasteners, half 
fined, with wooltop. Thisis oneof 
the best bell quarters on the mar- 
ket. Weight, per pair, 16 ounces. 

Price, er pa eoresceveoseeteoce 2.85 
Efby , postage extra, 16 cents. 

4 rubber lined, spur strap to buckle. 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No. 112. 

Three-Strap Quarter Boot. 

No. 1075350 S., R. & Co.'s 
Three-Strap Quarter Boot. 
This quarter boct is made of fine 
boot leather, calfskin lined 
UAteer ays weil braced and 
shaped at bottom; this boot can 
be washed with soap. Weight, 
per pair, 12 ounces. 

Price, per pair............ $2.25 

If by mall, postage extra, 12 cents. 
Our One-Strap Pacing Quarter Boot. 
ro No. 1075351 This boot Is 
made out of the very best of 
rasset tan boot leather and lined 
with an extra quality of calf lin- 
ing, with high inside protection 
or pacing attachment. This boot 
is a big seiler and for.a One-strap, 
. low, close fitting quarter, with 
inside protection, is one of the best ots on the 
market. Madein large, medium and small sizes. 
Weight, per pair, about 8 ounces. 
Price, per palr........... ie... ee ee oo. 82.35 
1f by mail, postage extra, 15 cents. 
Our Special White Compressed Felt 
Quarter Boot. 

No. 10T5352 Made the same style of boot as 
No. 10T5361, low cupped quarter, with high inside 
protection. This heet is made with ene pulley strap 
reinforced leather heel which gives it extra strength. 
This white felt, low, fitting quarter, with inside pre- 
tection, is a very desirable hoot and one that is used 
a reat deal. Weight per pair, about 4 ounces. 

OF PAWvcscisesce sc2sneeeee eee ae 
1f by mal], postage extra, 16 cents. 

Two-Strap Quarter Boot. 

No. 10T6355 S., R. & Co.'s 
Two-Strap Quarter Boot, made | 
of fine boot stoek, calfskin lined, 
lower draw strap, top buekie 
strap, an extra fine low quarter 
boot. Weight, per pair, 8ounces. 

Price, per pair $2.10 
If by mall, postage extra, 14 


Our Specia! One-Strap Quarter Soot. 

No. 10T5356 This ls a low 
cat square,madeof fine russet 
stock with one draw strap, 
which binds around the hoof 
and does not bind over the 
horse’s quarter. This is a prac- 
ele wee a very popes t. 

ight, per pair, 8 ounces. 

oe aes $2.35 

7rra eee ef eo @ 


part Nou 

7 ee er eeeeaeraroe ear eeee 

Yr pare... 
by mall, postage extra, 12 cents. 

Riveted Hinge Quarter Boot. 

No. 10T5360 S., R. & Co.'s 
Riveted Hinge Quarter Boot. 
This boot is made of tine beot 
leather, elksiin lined, one of our 
best quarter boots, made in three 
sizes, two straps, lower draw 
Strap. Weight per pair, 10 ounces. 
Price, per pairs...... ..% 82.35 
If by mall, postage extra, 5c. 

Back Hinge Quarter Boot. 
. No. 10T5365 S., R. & Co.'s 
: Back Hinge Quarter Boot, two- 
strap, lower draw strap, mude of 
the latest style elk skin lined. 
You can net buy better than we 
will send tes Weight, per pair, 10 
ounces. Price, per pair.... 82. 

If by mail, postage extra, 15 


S. R. & Co.’s Plain Shin Boot. 
No. 1OT5370 S., R.& 
Co.’8 Piala SbiIn Boot. 
Full padded shin, calf- 
skin fneee three strap. 
Ap extra fine shin hoot. 
Weight, per pair, 6 oz. 
Price, per pair..... $1.00 
lf by mall, postage 
extra, 10 ceats,. 

S., R. & Co.’s Shin 


and Ankle Boot. 
No. :OT5S380 S.,R.& 
Co.’8 Shin and Ankle 

i Boot. Made of fine rnas- 

} set leather, capped 
1 bottom, padded = shin, 
; calfskin Jined, three 
i strap, This boot can be 

A wushed with seap and 
water. Weight, per pair, 
8 ounces. 

Our special price, per 
= pair ee ee ee ee a) 1.35 
If by mail, postage extra, 10 cents, 

Shin, Ankie and Tendon Boot. 
No. 10T5385 S., R. & ™, 
Co.’s Shia, Ankie nad 
Tendoa Boot. This 1s 
our fine shin, ankle 
and tendon boot, made 
of iine ruasset boot 
leatber, calfskin lined, 
extra fine tendon, 
elastie satrap. There 
is no hetter boot made 
thanthis one. If not ca 
satisfactory returo at 
our expense. Weight, per pair, 8 onnces. 
Per pair.... @eoueeoaegreeevred 83.50, 
If by mail, postage extra, 14 cents. 


S., R. & Co.’s Knee Boot. 
S., R. & Co. °g 
Knee Boot, 
made of fine 
btack hoot 
leather, felt Jined, with pad in 
top, two-strap. Thisis an exe 
tra good knee boot, and one we 
know you will be pleased with. 
Weigiit, per pair, 8 ounces. 

Price, POP Oslin... 4 ce ses $1.35 
If by mall, postage extra, 10 

Our Special White Felt Knee Boot. 

No. 10T5391 # £=Made tho same style as No, 
10T5390, only made out of white felt, which mak ; 
it a very easy and jight knee beet. This boot is u 
largely on horses who are not extra hard hitters, a 
whe waut a light easy protection. This white tu 
knee beot filis that want. Strictly first class wit 
one buckle and strap and one arm Strap. Wey 
per palr, about 6 ounces. Price, per Pair..... $1. 

If by mail, postage extra, 12 cents, 

Our Double Strap Knee Boot. 
Rasset leath- 
er cap, fine 
calf, lined 
with felt, 
double strap 
with roller 
buckle. This 
jis the oan 
strongest an 
well made 
deuble Stren 
knee boot, and 
very light. 
per pair...82.00 
12 cents, 

Weight, per pair, 10 ounces. Price, 
If by mail, postage extra, 

* SS. R. & Co.’s Fine Knee Boot. 

No. 10T5395 a ee 
S.. R. & Co.'s in F 
Fine Knee ol alee 

Boot, made In 
russet boot leather, calfskin 
lined, small pad In top, one 
strap top and long arin 
straps. This Is the best knee 
boot that can be made. If 
you order this boot and are 
not satisfied that It Is what 
we Bay It Is, return at our ex- 
pense. Weight, per pair, 9 ounces. 

Per pair... 82.75 
If by mail, postage extra, 

14 cents. 

Poultice Boots. 
‘No. (0T5100 Made of heavy har- 
Wj mess leather, extra heavy leather 
Wiig bottom, riveted on. Small, medium 
iid Orlarge sizes. 
iui Each, 81.47 

vat , Balls. 
No. f0T5405 Robber 
Trotting Balls. Weight, per 

String, 7 ounces. 
Per dozen strings.. 1.32 

Roy Wilkes Speciai Quarter Boot. 
AKAs No. 10T65410 Mudeef fine 
ze russet boot teather, calf- 
skin Naed, high inside, extra 
pad, very close fitting, one 
puliey strap; considered by 
al) horsemen one of the fin- 
est one-strap Pacing Quar- 
ter Boots on the market 
This boot has, without a 
doubt, had the largest sale 
of any quarter bect ever 
made; made in three sizes, 
smail, medium aod large. 
Weight, per pair, 8 ounces. 
Price, per pair.... . o cece ee e+ oe ee . $3.00 

If by mall, postage extra, 12 cents. 

Be sure to state the size boot wanted. We shall 
always send mediam size where size is omltted. 


Our Improved Quarter Boot. 
No. 1075415 Culfskin 
lined, double strap, and has 
au independent purchase 
strap encircling the hoof, 
which holds the boot in the 
reper position without bind- 
og or resting on the horse's 
quarter. This is pronounced 
by all horsemen to be one of 
the best and lightest of close 
fitting quarter boots; an excellent boot for trotters 
and pacers. Weight, per pair, 8 ounces. 
i tj Si 

If by mail, postage extra, 12 cents. 

Niane Combs. 

. No.10T65420 Brown Horn 
fane Combs, extra ae 

ze, 2%x4% = inches. 
Price, per dozen, $1.32; each,lic 


ach.2 ounces. 

Derby Bandages, Fine Double and Single 
Cotton and Red and White Fiannel 

No, 1075437 S., R.& Co.'s 
Fine White Cotton Derby 
tSaodage, with long tle. This 
anal is the finest cotton bandage, 

re é madein three lengths. 
a Zyards 2%yards 3 yurds 

Weight, ounces.......... 8 10 14 

Price, per set............. ®0e 29e¢ 350 

Heavy Cotton Derby Bandage. This bandage is 
madeof extraquality fine knitting yarn, 45 Inches 
wide, two bandages2% yards long for the forelegs, and 
two bandages3 yards long for the hind legs, put up in 
sets in nice puckage. Thisis a double knitted bandage, 
well made. Weight, persct, packed in box, 200unces. 

No. 10T54338 Price, per set...... Beis ws 66a sie 7Oc 


Oar Spectal Singte Web Cotten Bandage. This 
bandage is made of a fine quality of knitting yarn. 
woven single, which binds closely and never slips. 
They do not stretch or string out, and are very clas- 
tic in width, allowlng plenty of play and give at 
the joints. This bandage is considered one of the 
best that can be used on trotting or running horses. 
Put up in sets of four handages, and in two colors, 
white and natural gold. Two bandages for the fore 
legs 2% yards long, and two bandages for the hind 
legs, 3 yards sa Width of bandage, 4 inches. 
Horsemen generally favor this style of sets, as the 
hind leg requires a longer bandage than the fore leg. 

No. 10T5139 hae awn or browa color. Weight, 

med, ounces. Price, per sct..........-...... --80C¢ 
er 10T5441 Plain Pethite bandage. Welght, 
Doemeaneoounces. Price, perset ..........-....+.. 65e¢ 

Our Special Flannel Bandage. Made of a very 
fine quality of flannel, single widtk, 4% inches wide, 
used by veterinary surgeons and also on running 
horses, where they want a strictly high grade extra 
fine bandage. Our flannel bandages are put up in 
sets, two bandages 2% yards long, and two bandages 
3 yards long, for front and hind legs. These 
bandages are furnished in all whiteor all red flannel. 

No. 10T5442 All white flannel bandage. Weight, 
d2anpcesmeoxed. Price, per set....2...92....--..... 90e 

No. 1075443 Fine red flannel bandage, Weight, 
Paxed 1 ceamuces. ePrice, per s€t..........+cccee.s- 950 

Our Speeial Raw Silk Rebblag Cloths. Madeofa 
good quality of raw silk toweling, stock, loosely 
woven, and well made. Size of cloth,27 inches wide, 
3lincheslong. Weight, 6 ounces. 

No. 1075444 Price,euch..... occ, J : 45e 

Rubbing Ciotns. ) 

No. 1075445 Genoine Imported 
Ashton's Salt Sacks forrubblugcloths, 
fullsize, best quality. Weight, 1% Ibs. 
Price, per dozen, $3.00; each....25c¢ 

Interfering Device. 
No. 10T5450 This de- 
vice has heen used for 
some time, hus never 
failed to stop the most ae 
obstinate ease of interfering, and in 
most cases can be dispensed withafter 
ten days to two weeks. They will 
spread the colt's gaitand make hima 
wide traveler. Every horseman will 
understand the merits of them when 
seen. Weight, each, 4 Ounces. 
Price, per BoeOCGs GACH. 2.5. |. - -ninct. codecs 25e 
f by mail, postage extra, S cents. 
Anderson’s Quarter Boot. 
_ No. 10T5455 Anderson's 
Speelal Back iIHlnge Quarter 
Boot. The body of the boot 
is made with a low shaped, 
well cupped quarter, withthe 
upper part attached in back, 
with wide rawhide hinge. 
The opper part of quarter ls 
lined with tine calfskin with 
rolled top. Rawhide pulley sd 
strap on the lower quarter, and rawhide single strap 
with rubber tubing on the upper quarter. _ This 
narter boot Is pronounced by leading horsemen 
throughout the couutry to be absolutely the best 
hinge quarter boot for protecting hard hitters and 
upper cuts of any boot made. Made of the very 
best solid boet leather and very light. Weight, per 
pair, 9 ounces. Made small, medium and large. Be 
sure to state the size wanted. Price, per pair, $2.35 
No. 10T5456 Anderson’s Pacing Boot. Same 
style of boot as listed aboveand shown by illustration, 
made only for pacers,with high inside to protectcross 
firlng; otherwise the same style of boot as above. 
Weight, per pair, 10 ounces. Price. per pair....$2.40 
Pacing Quarter Boot. 
No. 10T6460 Oar Pacing 
narter Boot made elose 
itting, double strap, high 
insideto protect cross fir- 
ing, lined with French calt- 
skin, easy to keep clean and 
givesthe bestof satisfaction 
as a pacing boot. Made with 
alominuim heel ptate which 
protects the inside and out- 
side of the boot. Molsture 
willnotaffectit. These heel plates dan’t rustor make 
the bootany heavier. Itgivesthe boot no chance to 
wearout at the heel where they alwaysgiveoutaftera 
tew weeks’ wear. All horsemen prefer this boot. 
Welght, about l2 ounces. Our price, per pair....$3.45 
No. 10T5461 Aluminom heel plates extra, soas 
to putoo any quarter boot, sold in pairs only. 
Welght, abont 3 ounces. 
We do not break pairs. Price, 
No. 10T5462 Close Fitting Quarter Boot, with 
feel plate, same as No. 10 0, without pacing 
attachment. Weight,about 10 oz. Price, per pair.$3.40 

,; boot leather, rawhide hillets. A 

Feit Soaking Boot. 
No. 1075465 Madecot extra 
heavy double felt with 
\ Spoupge Krog Pud, buckic toc 
and buckle and billet, round 
Apad. This isthe finest soaking 
boot we handle; you can make 
Wa horse's foot very sult and tuke 
ey all sorencss out by using this | 
Sar ee boot. Weight, 8ozs. Price. 81.40 
Shoe Boil Roll. 
No. 10T6170 Shoe Both Itolt, 

Our Spocial 


made of heavy web, composite 
stuffing, buckle and billet. The best 
shoe boil rollwe handle. 

mcico, Cich.. 3: 7Ve 
Caliking Roll. 
No. 1075175 
Made witha soft 
Inner roll, with huckle and billet. 
Vhisroli will prevent the horse from | 
calking himself with hls shoes. 
Weight,2%oz. Price, cach. .$1.50 | 

Kneo and Arm 

No. 10T5480 RusstaCalf Kneeand 4 
Arm Boot. Arm padded. soft and § 
etose fitting. Thisstyleof boot hasa 
large sale, and we highly recom- 
mend it as the best knee and arm 
boot on the market. Complete, 
withsuspenders made of fine qual- x 
ity russet boot leather, fine finish, hand- Bim 
somely made, light and strong. eight, @@ 
12 ounces. Price, per pair..... .... 25.75 

Star Pointer Knee and 
Arm Boot. 

No. 1075495 Ruaset leath- 

ec body,. padded arm, wool 

feit llned, with suspender. 

Ss Protects the knee on hard 

4'O) hitters. Weight, about 10 

2 onuces, Per pair....$3.00 
We do not break pairs, 

No. 10T6496 Our Special 
Star Polnter Whito Felt 
: K Bee sod Arm Koot. piace 
f 2 zood aquatity of cormpressed felt, compressed top, 
mip pen iacas eh close tht. This knee aad arm Mot is 
made with suspenderattachment doublestrap, makes 
avery finelught knee and arm boat. This style of 
bootis used and recommended by the very best driv- 
ers throughout thecountry. Weight, per palr, about 
9ounces. Price, per pair.......... $3.65 

Our Safety Skelper and speens (a: 
, Ki . 3 


No. 10T5500 For hard. hitters, 
wlth full protectlon. Made of russet 
boot leather, rawhide leather straps, 
padded speedycut. A high grade boot. 
Weight,liounces. Price, per pair.83.20 ¢ 

We do not break pairs. 

Elastic Stocking. < 
No. 1075505 Our Specla] Black Elastle 
Stocklog, made to lace. For runnin 
horses. It strengthens and supports wea 
» ankles. Thisisa strictly 
& first class article. 
Weight, 8 ounces. 
Price, per pair. ..$3.35 

yY SJ Running Boots. 
No. 10T5510 Tock, Shin, Ankle 
and Speed Cut. Caifskin leather 
wrapper with rawhide billets. A 
strictly first class, high grade 
article. Weight, 15 ounces. 

Price, Per paly......c.- eee $6.00 

We do not break pairs. 

ima tmproved pattern runaning 
Sasi heel,calfskin rapeees elastic 

= buckle piece, rawhide bijlets. 
A smooth and well finished 
hoot. Weight, 6 ounces. 

Price, per pair $3.00 


7s -@ Sree 

No.10T5520 Ruaning Boot. 
Cat dowa and heet hoot com- 
bination. Calfskin wrapper, 
rawhide billets, rubber buckle 
piece. Russet boot leuther, 
well made and finely finished. 
Weight, 11 ounces. x 

Price, per pair. .... +e. $6.00 

No, 1075525 Rananing Boot, 
==) Shin and ankle, with calfskin 
“4 wrapper. Ankle extension, 
sretecting the back of ankle. 
iz Rawhide billets. Rubber 
Nii) buckle piece. Russet boot 
* leather. Weil made and hand- 

j somely finished boot. Weight, 
$oz , Price, per pair....$3.35 

No.10T5530 Ranning Boot. 
Shlo ana aukle, with calfskin 
wrapper, Elastic side, russe 

strietly first class running boot. 
Weight, 6 ounces. 
Price, per pair. ......-- + $3.00 

CATALOGUE No. Il2. 417 

No. 1076535 Running Boot, 
Shin, Ankte and Speedy Cut 
fttnd Leg Hoeot,calfskin leather 
wrapper with rawhide billets 
russet leather body. A strictly 
first class boot. Welght, 12 oz. 

rice, per palr...2. eee 84.00 

We do not break pairs. 

Extra Heavy Horn Mano 

No. 10T5540 
Hlorn Slane 
Comb,made of the finestqualityof J] i] 
hern,heavy thick back,ovalshape, © Yi 
The tecth In thls comb are perfectly stiung aod will 
not break with ordinary care. ThisIs a much bet- 
ter, lirmerand more solid comb than any made out 
of rubber. Imported. Price. ¢ach.......°........ 20Cc 
Bit Burnisher. 

No. 1075515 Square Bit Burnisher, 
tnade of double link fine polished steel 
wire, used for burnishing bits or any 
other metal goods, made 4x4 Inches 
only, with elkskin back. Welght, 15 02 
df Price, per dozen, $4.44; each....370 

Long Strap End Bit Burnisher. 
No. 10T5550 Long Round == 
Strap End Bit thurolsher, 
leather handle on each end, 
with 11-loch chain, finestee} 
chain. double linked, with 
elkskin leatherends. Weight, 6 ounces. 
Price, per dozen, $5.40; each 
Brass Sweat Scraper. 
No. 1075555 
=. = iLL ane) ~ Fine lrassSweat 
Scraper, made 
with leather ends or handles, brass, 1% inches wide 

by 22 lunches long, Welght, 9 ounces. 

Price, per dozen, $9.48; each .... .790 

e-Hand Brass Sweat Scraper. 

- .Qn 

brass ptate, 12 inches 
loog, with round jroen J 
hrace, riveted wood 
handle. The hest oue- 
hand scraper on the 

market, Pery prac- 

tical. Price, per dozen, Welght, 

87.08; each......... 69c 10 ounces. 
Weight, No. 10T5561 Onor new 

11 ounces. Blaed Steel Sweat Scraper, 

made smooth on one e 

and saw teeth onthe other, 
nice round wood handle, iron 
frame. This is one of the 

best sweat pete oil made. A 
b Plaln Wood Sweat Scraper. 
No. 10T5600 Fiat lip 
screw eye,a fine wood Oe ee 
sweat Scraper. Weight, 
Our New York Toe Weight. 
No. LOT5610 Our New York Toe 

big seller. - Price,each 600 

and roand handle with 
4ounces. Price, per dozen, $1.68; each.......-.. 140 
Welght has been on the market 

7 three or four years and has out- 

sold all others. This welght will 

c/ predace twelve different lever- 
ages. For instance, a 2-ounce 

weight can be placed at the bottom of the spur, the 

center or top of spur; the 4-onnce can be placed at 

the top or bottom of spur, and so on. Weight, per 

Set, about 15 ounces. Our price, per pair...... $1.15 
- ,fommon Sense Toe Welghts. 

No. 10TS5612 The demand 
for a toe weight, that Is 
easlly and quiekly adjusted 
from one ounee to six, ls 
so great, we have had made 
for us this speelal toe 
welght set, eonsistlng of a 
pair of spurs and five welghts, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 
5-onnee. The spur itself weighs 1 ounce. Yon 
will be able, therefore, to weight your horse 
with 1, 2,3,24 and 5 ounces; 6 pair welghts and 1 
pairspurs. The Common Sense Toe Welght is the 
best. We furnish as many pair spurs as you want at 
i0cents per pair. This set of weights you can use on 
five horses at one time, with extra spurs. The most 
complete set of toe weights on the market. If not 
satisfactory, you can returnthem. Weight, 2 pounds. 

ri an | 
= AF rd 
ate = a 

Price. per set.............) ee 50c 
Common Seuse Spurs, extra per 
PAIL. .....eccees ss -- en ee 10c 

Our Speclal Hoof Hook. 
Abonat 6 Inches long, hammer shop 
made in japaoned and nickeled. The 
best hoof hook on the market. 
No. 10T5626 Japanned......... live 
No. 10T5631 Nickeled..........85¢€ 
Shipping weight, 16 ounces, 

Stallion Shields. 

No. 1075635 Oor FineSpring 
Steel Stalllon Shield. This 
shield is made of the best 
quality of leather; it can be 
readily understood by observa- 
tion; lt will preveaot young stal- 
llons from the habit of mas- 
turhatlon and willcareold stallions of self abuse:you 
will find your stallion better conditlon on two- 
thirds the usual quantity of feed; you will find it a 
at success, and one you would not be without for 
ouble the money. Weight, 14 pounds. 
CUE OWeMGICOM LCE 6° occ tc cc canes sees ... 84.58 


Pacing and Trotting Hopples. 

No. 10T7T5640 
Sears, Koeback & 
Co.'s Special ttan- 
hide Hopple. A gen- 
niae Sears, Roeback 
& Co.'s Hopple made 
with lace straps, 
vxtra strong loops, 
Acovered with very 
gine calfskin sO as 
: not to wrinkle, made 
for trotting or pacing horses, strong and light weight, 
Finely finished with snup udjustment madeto pnt 
on and take off of the horse very guickly. This is 
positively the fiaest hoppie made. Neck, hip and 
quarter straps Complete ready for use. Medium 
weight bopple. Weight, about 3% pounds. 

Price, per pair, for oue horse 

No. LOTS5S645 
Williams’ special 
Rawhide  lloppie. 
Kuwhide body sirup, 
fine calf lined loops, 
rawhide neek and 
crotch strap. These 3 ===saerl= 
hopples will make a 
pacer to trot by 
crossing connection 
Strap and hy reversing will make a trotter pace. 
Medium weight hopple and censidered by horsemen 
to be equal to any high priced hopple on the 

a ee 

- # 

niarket. Well made, strong and light aed qaickly 
adjusted. Weight of hopple, 3 pounds. 
MIE, DOT [JAITs.. oo 0ccccc cess cvcevees sore &6.00 

Horse Tail Holder. 

a ae eee > No. 10T5 665 Forelasping 
a i. ‘a lie and holding together the 
a Jacl Lee hair of the horse's tail, pro- 

i te] tecting it from the mud, - 


Ma nally 
i i" 

Pere espe. Seatac. 8 
Weight, 2 ounees. 

Common Sense 
Horse Tail Clasp. 

No. LOT5670 This isa 
simple device for hoidiag 
the hair of a horse's tuil. 
It is made of one piece of 
Spring brass, without 
buckles or other contriv- 
Weight, each, 2 



ounces, Price, euch, $0.10 
Per dozen 


ae Peer enon 

Horse Slanket Pins. 
No. LOTS675 
Blanket Pias, pro- 
Jjtected points. Size, 
344 inches. Each.2e¢ 
a > Per dozen w4c 
Welght, per «dozen, 3 cunees, 

Cribbing WNiuzzles. 

No, 10T5680 Wire Crib- 
bing Buxzle, counplete with 
head stall. FEuch.... 81.30 

Noa. LOTS685 Wire lloerse 
Muzzle. is made of woven 
wire and bound with svooll 
sheepskin, having 14-inch 
halter attuchment ard %%-~- 
inch throut lntch. Weight, 
each, 36 ounces. 

ree each.......... 

When ordecriag always 
give number of article re- 

No, FOTS690 
black leather, 
throat latch. 
® thing for vicious 
~yhorses, also prevents 

Vibem from eating the 
corn, ete., when work- Fp 
ing, Weight, about 20 ¥/77748 
eunces. Price, each, 80c¢ | scrze 

se eee 

Ylorse Muzzle, made of 

with head piece and 
Just the 

Ce Canvas 
LoTS690 Feed Bags. 

No. 10T5695 Canvas Fees Bags. 
Leather bottom, pertorated side. 
with strap running over hese. 

Price, each 0.36 

OO ndew 

Weight, 11 ounces, 

esse weer eee reer eee 

No. 10T6695 

Stallion Supports. 
No. 16T5700 These sup- 
ports are made from pure 
@ rubber, and have met with 
universal suecess with all 
horsemen. They are con- 
structed on the most scien- 
tific principles and have 
given universal and perfect 
Our speCclal price, each $1.55 

Weight, ibout tO ounees, 

No, 1675705 ThisStallion Support is the same as 
iilustrated and described above, except that the 
pouch is made of the best quality chamois skln in- 
stend of rubber. These supports have metwith a 
very lar&e sale,and we cun recommend them very 
highty to every horse awner. 

OUP Spec ia lige WON co xo eee eee ek on 

Weight,about 10 ounces, 


ee ee Peres 

| ounces, 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 112. 

| Stallion Supports. 

| = No, 1UT5710 SILK Stallion 
el Support, made of heavy silk, 

und leather billet. A silk stal- 
ilou support is the best for the 
horse and the best wearing 
support made, 

Price, each eo 
nee No. 1LOTS7IS Made ot Extra 
| Heavy Suan. oach, the best und strongest silk sup- 

port weceuo make; strictly first class. Prive...$2.65 
Horse Tooth Rasps. 

No. £0T5720 Tne llorse Tooth Raspshown in this 
illustration is made of finely polisbed steel, with stiff? 
handle: has removable file. This is one of the most 
desirable rasps of the kind on the market. Guaran- 
teed first class in every respect. Our price....... 65c 

Weight, about L peund. 

Our 88-Cent Jointed Handle Rasp. 
————— a= SRC 

No. 1075725" The Wlustration above is that of 
l¥ouse's Patent Ilerse Tooth Rasp. As shown in 
the illustration, it hasa jointed handle, a very desir- 
able feature. Itis finely polished, complete with file 
and ready foruse, Our special price, each SS8e 

Weight, about 1 ponnd. 

A $2.50 Horse Tooth Rasp for $1.23. 

No. 1OT5730 The illustration shows the Sears, 
Roebuck & Co.'s Special Horse Tooth Rasp. Jt has 
finely polished handle and float. Itisadjustable and 
is about the Hiaest flout made. The file can be re- 
moved and replaced almost instantly. Complete and 
ready for use. Our special price, each......... 2 

J Weight, about 1144 pouads. 

No. 1OTS735 Extra Steel Files, 344 inches long, 
forauny of the ahove horse tooth rasps. 

Our speciulyprreameach ......... eee ee 1c 

Weight, about 4 ounces, 
English Clipping Shears. 
No. 10T5740 With leather — 
wee a 
Bs sa et rete 2 5e -_ 
Welght. 6 ounces, 

covered bows, 7% inches long. 
German Silver Clipping Combs. 

Ss ane 

Price, each 
—_ No. 1OT6745 German Silver 
iain Clipping Combs, 73; inches long. 
| Weight, 2 ounees. Price, each lie 
Bridle Plumes. 
Curled Horse Hair Plumes or Tas 
sels, for teain harness. 
Neoe.10TS750 Bridle Plumes, colors 
red or yellow. 9 inches long. 

> ere eee er eee eee 

[plc ei), (1g) si 0} ere eee 23Cc 
No.lLOPTS755 Bridle Plames, colors 
red or blue, 1) inches long. 

Prieeaper DAIl.. .. sc ees pa vee 27¢ 

No. 10T5760 Bridle Plames, colors 
red or green, 13 inches long. 

Price, per pair 33c 

Mention color wanted. Weight, per 
pair, 3, 4 and 5 ounces, 

We do not break palrs. Pairsarealways one col- 
oc Weonly furnish Bridle Plames as Usted. No 
other color or size. 

Boys’ Saddle Blankets. 
Pics i No. 1075805 Our Boys’ Felt 
Fe Saddle Blaakets, fancy pinked 
edge, one row of stitched braid, 
dark colored plain felt. Size of 
blanket, 24 inches long and 16 
inebes wide from center, 
Weight of blanket, 9 ounces. 
mate pte Price of blanket 30c 

Cents’ Saddle Blanket. 

No. LOTS6SIO Onur Gents’ fet 
Felt Saddle Blanket, fancy p% 
scalloped border with star cor- 
ner, plain colored body with as- 
sorted fancy braid scalloped 
edge. Size of blanket, 24 inches 
long and 16 inches wide trom 
center. Weight of blanket, 12 
Price, each 
Cents’ Fine Saddle Blanket. 


No.10T75815 Our Extra Fine 
Gents’ Saddle Blanket, made 
of a good ee of plain felt 
* with bound and braided edge, 
) One of the best gents’ lightsad- 
s dle blankets we handle. Size 
fof blanket, 24 inches long and 

Seas 16 inches wide from center. 
Weight of blanket, ounces. Price, each........90c 

Our Roosevelt Saddle Blanket. 

No. 10TS31I6 This is one are 
of our speelals, having been 
recommendet by some of the 
best rough riders in the 
country as being the only sad- 
dle blanket to be used with 
heavy stock saddles; is made 
of a double blanket 56x72 
inches; this blanket can be used for a saddle blanket 
cunt the day, and, after careful airing, can be 
used for bed blanket on the ranch at night. Tbls 
blanket, when folded for use under the saddle, 
measures 30 Inches; soft and easy on a horse’s back. 
Welght, about 2% pounds, Price, each........, $0.85 
Heavy 4-pound blanket. Price, eacb........, 1.00 


= = 

an nce ae 

very strong, withrubber tubes , 

| Cents’ Graduated Felt Saddle Blanket. 

No, 1UT5335 Uer Gray 
Graduated Felt saddle 
Blanket, made of extra 
quality of graduated gray 
lelt. heavy in the center, 
with shaped back, and ta- 
ee to tine edge, Size of 
Manket, 24 inches long and 

16 inches wide from center, a 
One ot the largest sellers of al — 
cheap saddle blanketsin our line. Welgbt of blanket, 
1% pounds, Price, each...........5----.-:)——— 900 
Ladies’ Fine Felt Saddle Blanket. 

No. 10T5836 Our Fine 
Ladies’ Felt Side Saddle 
Blanket. Mado of an extra 
quality of felt, bound and 
braided, trimmededge. Long 
on the near side and short on 
the off side. The off side is 27 
inches long and the near side 
is 32 inches long; IS inches 
This saddle blanket is one of our 
Weight of blanket, 

wide from center. 
largest sellers for side saddles. 
18 ounces. ‘Price, each............2 +> >see 89 
California Craduated Felt Sad 
No. 10T5837 Our Califor- 
nla Cowboy Graduated Felt 
Saddle Blanket. Madeofex- 
tra heavy graduated felt, boot ff 
web bound edge, bound all Ff 
around, with cut back front. 
Size of blanket, 30 inches long 
and 16% inches wide fr om Sel= STILT 
ter. This is one of the best gray graduated felt eow- 
boy saddle blankets on the market; an extra large 
seller throughout the western country. Weight of 
blanket, 34 ounces. Price, each,... ..... Bee SILES 

Cowboy Fine Woven Hair Saddle Blanket. 
he arte ye rf No.1 075845 Our fine, heavy 
TH i 
vets tate 
peur ptyetel 

die Blanket. 

woven hair saddle blanket, 
bound ends, pure white An- 
gora hair, with light stripes 
on ends. This is an extra 
large saddle blanket, 30x40 
inches. This blanket when 
used under a heavy stock 
saddle leaves plenty of alr 
to circulate between the saddle and horse’s baek, 
preveatiIng any galls or sere back. It is used 
ualversally thronghout the Westera country, and 
has given the very best of satisfactlon. Weicht of — 
this blanket is 3% pounds. Price, each......... $1.50 

Our Special Feltless Saddle Blanket. 

No. LOTS850 Madeof 
heavy, old gold drill, 
fancy felt pinked edge, 
nine rows of quliting,the 
center being made with- 
out stuffing, the pad be- 
ing stutfed witban extra 
heavy guility of com- 
positestufling, Very soft 
on the horse's back. A 
very handsome saddle blanket. Size of saddle 
blanket, 26 inches long, 34 inches wide. Weight. 3 
pounds, Price, each...... .....,,00me)s... 600 

Fine Felt English Saddle Blanket. 

No. FOTS5S851 Our Special 
Felt English Saddle Blanket. 
This saddle blanket is cut and : 
shaped for English pad sad- , 
dles, and is also used on raco 
saddles, tlas a bound edge, 
with leather strap for pad of 
saddle to go through to hold 
the blanket inits place. Only 
made in the onesize and style. 
>. Length of blanket, 21 Inches: 
width of skirt trom center, 18 inches. Weight of 
blanket, 14 ounces. Price. each.............-....+-80¢ 

Fine Ferruled Wagon or Express Whip. 
No. LOT5894 Rawhide Wagon Whlp, thread 

covered handle, with five nickel ferrules. 3 foot { 
braided point. Weight, about ]00z. Price, each..680 

Fine Ferruled Rawhide Whip Stalk. 

Cae SE 2 ee gy 

No. 10T5895 Our Special Rawhide Whip 
Stalk, ten nickel ferrules, leather loop, used largel 
in the West and Northwest. with our finest buc 
lasher. Price, 4 feet, without lash,each......... aT) 

Price, 4% feet, wlthout lash, each.............. ike 

Plain Rattan Buggy 
) a ee ee 

E diet teed ~ —_ 

No. 10T5900 A plain black thread covered, ebony 
polished head,6 ft. Weight, about 4 oz. Priee, ea..10¢ 
Nickel Mounted Rattan Buggy Whip. 

Secad Pe ee 14 at "4 

No. 10T5905 Black Star Finish, German braided 
cover. linen lined, 244-inch fine engraved nickel fer- 
rule, I-Inch head to match, English snap, 6 feet long. 
Weight, about 5 ounces. Price, each............ -- 196 

Nickel Mounted Java Whip. 

No. LOT59¥O Black Star Finlsh, metalloid and 
fiber lined, 2*4-inch fine engraved, beaded and raised 
niekel ferrule, I-tnch head to match, English snap, 6 
feet long. Weight, about 4 ounces. Price, eacb..23e 


Nlounted Java Whip 

Black or Imitation Gut, star finish, 

No. 1LOTS915 
finen and metallic Hned, 24-inch nickel beaded 
ferrule, l-inch head to match, rubber cushion cap, 

English snap, 6 feet long. A wonder of value. 

Weight. about 9ounces. Price, each....,..6666- 39¢ 
Leather Handle Java Whip. 
e a hades Say rr 

Wy v 
No. 1075923 Our Special Stock Java Linen 
Lined Buggy Whip, leather stitched handle, two 
fancy four-stiteh braided buttons, rubher cushion 
jcap and cotion English snap, imitation gut color, 
with fine star finish. This is astrictly new whip and 
very handsome. Length of whip. 6 feet. 

Weight, about 8 ounces. Price, each ...........- 30c 

improved Java Whip. 
9 WD) YS 

No. 10T5925 Black or Seal Brown, star finish, 
buck and metullic lived, three English buttons, rub- 
ber cushion cap, English snap, 6% reet long. This is 
avery beautiful and substantial whip. 

Weight, about 9 ounces. Price, euch............ 45c 

Improved Buck Lined Buggy Whip. 

No. 10T5930 Black Star Finish, buck lined. 2%,- 
inch faney engraved nickel head and ferrule, half 
silk English suap, 6 feet long. A retailer’s 95¢ whip. 

Weight, about 8ounces, Our price, each........ 50c 
Improved Stock Java Whip. 


PAT te he heed TS ea et 

+ ea at sa A AM MAM 

Yee ted 

No. 1075933 Our Special Improved Stock Java 
Buggy Whip, linen and metallic lined, double thread 
covered, assorted diamond thread center, three four- 
stlich braid buttons to match, rnbber cushion gap 
and braided cotton snap, extra fine star finish, wit 
black body of whip; 6 feet long. Weight, about 6 
BCS ICO BACH... csc. ssc ee cece Rie seinen cers « 36e 

Half-Length Rawhide Buggy Whip. 

Oar Special Mounted Half Length 
Rawhide Buggy Whip, black colored body, star fin- 
ish, 244-lnch chased nickel ferrules head and twelve 
nickel chased bauds, 254-inch nickel chased head, 
rubber cushion cap and half silk English snap. The 
¢call fora nice mounted buggy whip at a reasonable 
price caused us to make this special whip in half 
Jengtb rawhide. Weight, about 9 ounces. 

Price, each, 6 feet, 75c; 6% feet, 89ce; Tfeet..91.00 

Peerless Rawhide Buggy Whip. 

No. 1075940 Black Star Finish, waterproof cov- 
er, two six-stitch keeper braided buttons, japanned 
cap, half silk English snap. One of the bee raw- 
hide whips made, freezing will not aifect this whip. 
Weight, abouts oz. Price, each, 6ft, 69¢; 6% ft.. 74e 

Our Best Full 

) : 5 a 


a } Ss 
‘ se’ 4 we a ——s ~ —_~ 
Vi db dats 2S a Le a Ar. © z- 

No. 16T5923 S., R. & Co.’s Best Value Rawhide 
Whip, full length rawhide from point to handle, 
rubber lined and Abr proor cover, extra quality of 
heavy rawhide throughout, fine black star finish, 
24-inch beaded nickel head and ferrule with nice 
English snap. A handsomely tinished whip, mude 
in the one length only, 6 fect. Weight, about 6 
OUNCeS. mmieeneaChiy........2s0.---.- -a5o Ge qoae 95e 
Princess Rawhide Whip. 
ap oitnheninrievotensd HI) i) )) meme 
ho. 10T545 Black Star Finish, waterproof cov- 
er, 24-inch panel and beaded, black nickel head and 
ferrule, rubber cushion cap, half silk English snap. 
The finest rawhide whip made, freezing will not atf- 
fect it. Weight about 10 ounces. 

emer. TECE. << yes. ceseae 6 644 ‘ 
Pie, CAG cs tc cs odes 69e Tie 85c 
Half Length Whalebone Buck Lined 

No. 10T6953 Our Finest Half-Length Whalebone 
Whip Made, black body, fine star finish. and buck 
lined; a very handsome whip, with a 244-inch_ nickel 
chased ferrule and tweaty-eight smal! chased bands 
and 253-inch head to match, rubher cushion cap and 
a half silk English Snap This is a very Hine, hand- 
somely mounted, half-length whalebone whip. 

Weight, about 9 ounces. 

Price, 6 feet. $1.55; 6% feet, 61.60; 7 feet... 91.65 
Rawhide Sulky Whip. 
No. 10T5960 tWGlack Star Finish, two raised En- 
@lish buttons, rubber cushion cap, half silk English 
snap. Weight, about4oz. Price, each. 445 feet..30c 
Our Best No. i Quality Whalebone Whip. 

Hl Sn et reer 

No. 10T5963 The Sears’ Extra Qaality of the 
Best Whalebone Whip, full buck lined throughout, 
bluck. star finish, three English braided buttons, 
rubber cushion cap and an all silk snap. This posi- 
tively is the best full length whalebone whip we can 
make. Double thread covered and buck lined. If 

ou Want an extra fine buggy whip, order this. 

ealers sell this whip for $3.50 to $4.00, Weight, about 
Mounces. Our price, 6% feet, 82.20; ¢ feet.... 82.390 


“it ‘ 

Progress Rawhide Sulky Whip. 

No. 10TS965 Black Star Vinish, waterproof an- 
der cover, through rawhide raised English button 
or nickel head and ferrules, rubber cushion cap, 
halfsilk buplish suep. Fhe besttrack whip in ihe 
world. Weight, sbout5oz. Price, each, 4% feet..60c 

Java Express Whip, Drop Top. 

No. 10TS970 Mine Java Express Whip, black 
thread covered, with ferrule, braided drop top, same 
style as No. 1OTSS3t. Welght, about 4oz. Price, ea.,20¢e 

Rawhide Stock Express Whip. 

No. 10T5971 Our Rawhide Express or Spring 
Wagon Whip. russet, braided horschair cover. 
waterproof, under cover calf braided top, 3 feet 
drop and six plaid brown and black mixed bralded 
handle, two six-stiteh brown braided buttons. This 
isone of the best braided leather eoverced team or 
express Whips on the market. Weight, about 10 
ounces? “Price, 4 fect, 95c; "5 Teel... .. iste es 81.05 

English Holly and Cart Whip, Knotted 

No. 10TS59732 Madeof solid nak stock, finely pol- 
lished, leather handles. Plain head and furrule, 
braided top. 5'4-foot stock and 3-foot lash. Weight, 
Aone A mumees. Price, CAC... ccc.s1.. eee ese ee 4ac 

Our English Holly. 

No. 10T5980 Made of fine Fagiish holly stock, 
fancy knotted, leather handles, plain head and 
ferrule, 6-plait. Fnglish quill top. 5%«-foot stock and 
3-foot lash. Weight. 2nbout 5 oz. Price, each..81.75 

Our Extra Engtiish Holly Whip. 

No. 10TS5985 Leather handle, German silver head 
and ferrule, tine 6-plait English quill top, 3 feet long 
and 6 feet, pure llolly stock. Weight, about 6 
ounces. : eed 

Price, each .... 
Whip Lashes, 

prPprrkriii it - 

No. 10T6000 Our 6-Plalt Genulne Buck Brdided 
Whip Lash. All bund made, well tapered, extra 
6 fi : 

quality. Length, feet..... = 7 g 
Price, Cacii.....2... 220.8 26ce 32ce 39ce &E8e G6Te 
No. 1OT6GOOL Our Special 6-Plailt California 

Style Buck Stage Lash, with silk snap, made in two 
lengths. Price, euch, 16 feet. 65 
free, Cach, 12. LOG ee re ee evince T5e 
No. 10T680U5 Our 4-Plalt Genalne Buck Bralded 
Whip Lash. All hand braided, best quality. 
WOH TCCb. oo. seeks esses 5 6 7 8 
feeiee, Cach 2. ...52 22s 19cec 22c 26c 50c 
No. 10T60O07 Our Speelal 8-Plait Ca.lfornia 
Style Buck Lash, with silk snap. Made in two 
leis. . Price, each, 10 feet.......ccce cece essa _. 85¢ 
Price, amch, 12 leete 4... Me eee 9%e 
No. 1OT6OLL Our Special 12-Plalt Genuine 
Bralded Buck Stage Lush. All hand braided, plain 

tapered lash from loops, extra quulity lash. Wosell 
the best. Length, feet.... ..... . 10 12 16 
Price Cacho. ceneeeen s. sane cc $1.37 81.64 &2,40 

No. 1OT60L2 Our Special! 16-Plait Genuiae 
Braided Buck Stage Lash. The best all haad 
braided, well tapered. The best quailty buckskin 
used in our high grade buck lashes. 

Kenerth, fegte........2.. re, © 10 12 16 

erie. WLCl. o. voces co reeeee meee &1.85 &2.20 $3.10 

No. 10T6015 Oar 4-Plait Calf Braided Whip 
Lash. All hand made, best quality calf leather, well 
tapered from loop to point. 

Leveth, Fee asec ee ) 6 & 9 

ferice. CCl 2c. 2 ere eel oan: lle 3c 28ce 32¢ 

No. 10T6020 Our 6-Plait Calf Braided Whip 
Lash. Ilund made. This is our special cheap long 
stage lash, the very finest quality calf leather. Spe- 
cial pains taken to make. No. 1 whip lash. 

Length, feet. 10 12 16 18 a 


' 26 2 
Price, each, 63c 7le $1.00 $1.25 81.35 61.75 

__ Hickory Whip Stocks. 
SS ree 

_— | 
No. 10T6120 White Hickory Whip Stock. 
Length: fecet....2. 3M% 4 5 
Price, each .... 8e Ve 10c llc 

Our Special Cowles Whip Stock. 

No. 10T6125 Made of fine hand shaved hick- 
ory, With eight nickelferrulesapd 10-inchleather 
covered handle, with leather loop. These stocks 
when mounted with nickel ferrules produce one 
of the handsomest artivlesin the whip stock line. 
Tastefully and carefully selected. Buckskin keeper, 
tightly wound with black thread. Made 4,-inch at 
the butt and tapersto point. Plain wood color. 

Leneth of stock... 4ft. 4%ft. 5ft. 5%ft. 6ft. 

JO ed as” See 44c 4d5c 46c 47c 60¢c 

Whip Crackers. 

- = No. 10T6133 Whip 
See Crackers, half silk and 
half cotton. 

7 Inches long. Price, per dozen....13¢ 

No. 10T6135 Whip Crackers, all silk, best 
quality. 7inches long. Per dOzen...eccceseeeee + @SO 
We do not break dozens, 

No. 10T6140 Cotton Whip Crackers, 7 tncbes 
long. Price, per dozen....... ..-ssecccorae eaccovees 5e 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.1!2. 

Rawhide Riding Whip. 

a a ee | 

No. 10TG145 Onur Varnish Kawhide, wound 
leather handle, leather button and loop, 3 feet long. 
PriGG, GC ecc cece cc ee eeell 4 vices eee 180 

Fancy Rawhide 

No. 10T6150 Our Rawhide black German brald- 
ed cover, faacy basket handle, two braided buttons, 
ae capped, fancy plaited wrist loop, English 

oyp. Price, each. . ..d5C 

No. LOT6IS55 Our Extra Jeavy Whalebone 
Riding Whip, imitation gut. extra eee lalted 
through, six-stlteh head button, bral Joop, 

japanned cap, half silk snap. One of the best riding 
whips wade. #rice, each.......... 30 

Fino Bone Riding Whip. 
CRI 9 a EE 

No. }0T6160 Our line Bone Ridlng Whip, black 
star finish, two six-stitch buttons, japanned cap, 
half silk English snap, é feet long. 

Price, each 

Imitation Cut Riding Whip. 

No.10T6165 Our Fine Imiltatlon Gat, carved 

-e@ eee eos erence ot 

bone handle, funcy pattern, nickel ferrule, half 
English snap, silk tassel. A very bandsome riding 
whip. Price, each.. oc eewes= «seem 

Welght, about 3 ounces. 

Solid Leather Team Whip. 

Stee... —- > _— 

No. L1OT6170 Our XX olled leather body, calf 
point, out seamed. The cheapest leather team whip 
made. Length, feet...32- 5 6 7 

Price, eac 37c aic Sic 

No.10T6175 Our Olled, Taaned, Covered XXAX 
Team Whip, buck stitched cover, fine braided buck 
point, two braided buttons and hand loop. _ 

Length: tecus- cae 4 4% 5 544 6 
Price. each... ...--0ee 45c 650c 6&4c 59c 630 

Boys’ Drovers’ Whip. 
ix) No. 1076180 Our 

Boys’ Drover Whip, 
6-plait, oiled kip. made 
witb wood handle, 9 
ae REET IEEE EIEIO EAE Incheslong, lasb strongly 
wired on, California style. 

Welght, 16 ounces. 
Length, feet. cee -.. «2 6 iz 
Price, each cass... 36¢c 43e 50¢ 

No. 10T6185 Oar fiae 8-plalt Oiled Kip, leathér 
with ealf point and handsome laced fastener, with 
revolving handle. Welght,20 ounces. 

Length, feet... .: 5.) o.aeeeeeeee 9 10 

Price, CACH. ..0....csc2eeeeeeeree 80c 8ic 

Jacksonville Drovere’ Whip. 

Fine Drovers’ Whip. 
Jacksonville knot, 8- 
plait, oiled kip leatber Q = = = 
body with buck point. ; 

One of our leaders. One of the best whips made- 
Length, feet...... 9 16 4 4 
Price, each....%.. 94c $1.05 §1.15 81.29 

Welght, 21 ounces. 

No.10T6195 A Fine Drovers’ Whip, Jacksonville 
knot, shot loaded, heavy 5-plait, oiled kip body, with 
extra fine buck point. This whip wlll prove very 
satisfactory. Notice price. Welght, 22 ounces. 

Length, 100v.-...seess >= 0 a 14 

Price OC 4elk. .ceses sence @ §1.40 


eae <5 fd 

81,15 $1.27 

Improved Rotary Jacksonville Drovers’ 

This Whip Js the 
most perfect dro- 
ver whip on the 
FY market, light and 
easily bandled, 
wrought iron bolt 
center, with maple 
. , eae revolving 
handle, made in three styles, as follows: ; 

No. 10T6201 Oalifornia style, fine yee latigo 


pody, with buck point. Not shot loade 
Leurth. feet.......0.<0csecceme 10 phe 
Price, each .......:.....300me $1.00 81.25 $1.50 
No. 10T6202 Shot loaded, California style, $- 
plait latigo body, buck point. 
Length, feet. ..<s. . 10 12 14 
Price, @ach .....:-<s.2e ... $1.25 81.40 81.60 
No. 10T6203 Shot loaded, California style, 10- 
plait body, buck point. 
Length. TOOLE.« cccceccicicectteieteiere 10 12 = 14 
Price, eachiii-o. eee ee ec eee 81.50 $1.67 §1.90 

Our Drover and Quirt whips are made of the 
finest whip leather. 




S., R. & Co.’s Australian Cattle Whip. 

Made witb adjustable doubleloop fastener, revolv- 
ing handle, shet loaded, warranted not to break 
down at bandle orbreak the shot sack, can be easily 
repaired when wern out, orif you break the handle, 
you can put it in yourself. This is the best eattle 
whip made. Madein calfskin, buckskin, rawhide. 
Leather tanned expressly fer fine cattie whips. 
@rder by number and state number of feet long. 

aa 1076210 8-plait Calf Australian Cattle 
Length, feet..... OE eraesiceat 10 12 14 
MICE, GACH ....ccccacccce .... $1.56 81.72 81.90 
man: 10T6215 12-plait Calf Australian Cattle 

Length, Moe eg eckGae << 8 « 10 12 14 
MIG, GACH. .......00cc0e0s .. $1.75 $1.95 82.06 
Ne. 10T6220 8§-plait Genufve Buekskin Austra- 
lian Cattie Whip. 
USN GL ee 10 12 14 
mice, cach.................. $1.67 $1.85 82.00 
Moe. 10T6225 12-plait Gennine Buckskin Aus- 
tralian Cattle Whip, 
Beereeen, TECb.. 0.2.06 secceee 10 12 14 
BE GACH 2. oc sees ccsecsce $1.86 $2.05 82.17 
No. 10T6230 8-plait Oiled Rawhide Australian 
Cattle Whip. 
BP PEC. ccc cc es ce cccces 10 12 14 
Pete GACH... ....cccccrcceccs $1.87 $1.99 $2.20 
No. 1076235 12-piait Oiled Rawhide Australian 
Cattle Whip. 
Length. feet....... .2....0e- 

1 10 12 14 
i oe) Sc 82.05 $2.23 &2.35 

Weight, about 24 ounces, 
Nebraska Quirt. 

No. 10T6240 Madeof of] leather, buck stitehed 
slid leather body, 15 Inches long. ‘Total length of 
quirt, 30inehes. Weight, $ ounees. 

IC IACH «oo ccceincis sc csceccvecstecces ets ste .. 27e 

Texas Quirt. 

No.10T6250 Made with bralded body, fron spike 
iandle,leather hand loep, two-braided knets. Length 
Bhody, 16 inches; total length of quirt, 30 inches. 

eight, 814 ounees. 

0 rr sesccssmeeso OG 

San Antonio Qulrt. 

=p F eh neem, = - 
SSR ang ea EET 

No. 1076255 Faney braided bady, four plaits fine 
calfskin, twe braided knots and frill. encth of 
b v: 18 inches: tetul length of quirt, 33 inehes. 
Weight, about 6 ounces. Price, each....... .....35€ 

Oklahoma Quirt. 

a 2 

No. 10T6260 Made of 8-plait calf, shot loaded 
body, faney braided quirt, three braided knets and 
frills. Length ef body, 20 inches; total length of 
quirt, 33inches. Welght, about 16 ounees. 

Ree CACH. « ..6....-c-seee-cacccee -aeee 


No. 10T6265 Madeof 8-plait calf lace leather, 
solld braided body, two bralded knots, shot loaded. 

Len gtb of eis ey inches; total length of quirt, 3! 
inches. With leather loop. Welght of quirt about 
10 ounees, Price, each........ a erent ae cee ceienennerene 65c 
Niexican Qulirt. 

No. 10T6270 Made of 8-plait calf lace leather. 
Iron spike, heavy braided knots, leather hand loop. 
Length ef body, 19 inches; total length of quirt, 34 
inches. Welght, about 12 ounces. 

es) GEC ees: .i5e 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. (12. 

Elko Quirt. 

Pyar; Mera: ae de dae 

_o =i 

No. 10T6275 Mxude of faney checkered 12-piait 
braided calfskin,two-braided knetsand frills,leath- 
er hand loop. Length ef body, 18 inches; total length 
of quirt. 3l inches. Welght, about 12 ounces. 

Price, (Gachwe... merase... ..ceeee eee Mhdes oe 

No. 1076280 Made of 12-plait buckskin, shot 
loaded body, fancy braided corded handle, 3-braid- 
ed knots and frills. Length of body, 20 inches; total 
length ef quirt, 33inches. Weight, about 16 onnces. 

Price each....: 2.2 21.5.0 .8er + eee eee .-- 81,00 

Milford Quirt. 

No. 1076285 Madeof 8-plait genuine rawhide 
body, braided handle, braided hand loop, shot loaded 
body. Length ef body, 19 inches; tetal length of quirt, 
36inches. Weight,about 14 ounees., 

Price; each:...... 2-soae eee ere ee $1.58 

Our Western Mule 

! Skinner. 

No. 1076290 Made of fine 
latigo leather body, buck 
stitched, braided  buekskin 
point, heavy hraided knot, 
shot loaded. The best mule 
skinner on the market. 

Price, eaeh, as follows: A 
6 feet..81.15 7 feet..81.30 ®% 
6% feet.. 1.20 7% feet.. 1.35 

Weight, about 25 ounces. 

Saddle Strings and Lacing for Heading. 
No. 1077500 No. 1 Rawhide Lace or Whang 
Leather, oiled and tanned. One side measures from 
7 to 8 sqnare feet. Versquare foot................ 2%e 
No. 1077505 elt Lacing orSaddle Strings, cut 
from No.1] oak tanned rawhide or whang leather, 
put up in bunches of 50 feet each. 

Per bunch, *,-incb » eS Have ar tao aliita: a sid chee eae 53e 
Perabune is, So2itt li. . 2 Gomes eons occ wee citeereat 68e 
Per bunch, %-ich.......... PR. i Sa oa eee 90c 


No. 10T7510 A 
very handy tool 
for mending 
harness and re- 
pairing beltsand heavy strap work ofany kind. Made 
very strong, with round handles. Length of awl, 7 
inebes. Pricé, Ca@l.s..cagicse-. +: cates. scan .e2le 

Weighi, 8 uunces, 

No. 10T7515 Sears, Koeback 
& Co.’s Special Nine Hole 
Ronnder, used nor reunding up 3 
winker braces, bridle fronts, : 
bridle reins oer reund lines, er any other kind of 
reund Jeather werk. These rounders are used in 
bench vise, with thumb belt. 

Our special price, each........ «cideees att aed 

Harness Makers’ Collar Awls. 

No. 10T7520 

Drawing Awls 

e=2 or Coliar Awls 

as they are called,are made with large eye for sewing 

horse collars with leather thongs or pea The 

awi is made of the best tool steel, highly tem- 
pered. Length, from 8 to 9 inebes. 

Price, CACH.. .. ae eee cess cccees cacecee- PE eee 30e 

Weight, 4 ounces. 

No.10T77525 Williams’ Single- @ = ——— 
llanded Spoke Shave, used for “a =aeiine 
trimming traces, round reins and all kinds of 
leather work. Strictly first class. Ne leather 
Extra quality 
Our specie) price... .91e 

‘0. 1O0T7530 Wood 
Creaser, used fer creasing 
SSeS the edge of straps,and put- 
ting a smocth edge on them. Weight, 3 ounces. 

Price, each, douhle, 35; single...................%5e 

Single Edge Creaser. 

No. 1077535 Sears, Roebnck » 
& Co.'s Speeial Steel Sin- % 
gle Edge Creaser, made ef fine 
toel steel; round bandle. Sizes Nos. 1, 2, 3,4 and 5. 
Be sure and state size wanted. Price, each....80.37 

worker’s kit cemplete without it. 
fine tool steel knife. 

Price, perset, five creasers........ jad ca ener 1.75 
- i No. 1077540 

I Oar Flne Hollow 


O Carriage, with 

serew cap, or top 

One that youcan 

change the wheels by removing the thumbscrew 
and putin any size wheel yeu wish to use, frem 5 to 
12-inch. Price of carriage without wheels, each, 79e 
No. 10T7545 Wheels for the above, extra. Be 
sure and state tho number of stitches yon want 
to the Ineh when ordering wheels. We carry in 
stock sizes from5tol2totheinch. Each......... 29ce 

Leather Gauge Knife. 

No. 1077550 This is the best 
hollow tron handle gauge 
knife in the market. Will cut m< 
from % to4inebes in width. It © 
is the same knife used by all 
practical harness makers, 
Price, cach. fy... eee ....95¢ 

No. 10T7555 Our Improved Draw Gauge, made 
with iron frame, rosewoed handie with three rivets 
witb impreved finger guard. Set-screw at knife and 
bar. All harness makers want this one. Each, $1.25 
If by mail, postage extra, 18 eents, 

No. 10T7560 Osborne's Fine Strap 

Ua ween End Punches, used by all harness 
Re nakers in cutting the ends of straps 
Made in sizes from % ineh to 1% inches. e 
Price each.... 80.74 
, arte 


sure and state the size wanted. 
Price, per set, %, %, %, %,1,1%, 134,1% Inches 

No. 10T7565 Our Fine 
Osborne Straight Chan- ft 
nelers, used forehannel- 6 
ing any leather work where you wlsh to cover up the 

stitching such as hame tug, traces, bridle ehecks, 
etc., made with sliding blade. Price, each...... 86¢e 
= No. T7570 Our 

| 24 Fine Osborne Round 

Channeler, used _ for 

channeling ali kinds of 

round werk, such aS round lines, bridle ehecks 

winker brace, grip handles, etc. Price, each, 81.26 
elght, 4 ouneeés, 

No. 10T7575_—=sOS.., R. & Co.’s 
French Edger used fer raising 
leather laps, such as back strap 
Dee layers, or points on traces for breast 
collar. ery fine Osborne tool, made in sizes 0, 1, 2, 
3, 4,5,6,7 and 8. Besure and state size wanted. 

Our special price, each.....-22.2 see ...- 80.3 

Furnished in sets (8) tools. Price, per set... 2.75 
Harness Makers’ Edging Tool. 

ie No. 10T7580 A 
very handy tool for 
q emoving the sharp 

: cerners of any new 
strap werk. Made 5 inches long, nicely polished. 

Price, each 

eeeerer steerer aeeaccaca eee eaaert CH Fe enpeoueeeee eee 3e 

Weight, 3 ounees. 

No. 1077585 Stationary Finishing or Overstiteh 
Whecls. Fine octagon earriage nsed for eae up 
stitches or finishing werk after it ls stitched. Sizes 
from5to10 inches. Price, each i272... .63e 

No. 1077590 Stationary Pricking Wheels in fine 
ectagen carriage, used for tracing leather werk for 

stitching. Sizes from 5 to 10 inches. Weight, 7 
ounces. Price. ecach..........cscecees ects. en. 49e¢ 
Harness Makers’ Round 

No, 1077595 Made of the best 
tool steel, elegantly tempered to 
take avery sharpedge. Rosewood 

Handles. Every one is guaran- 
teed. Biades measure 5, 6, 6% 
§ Inches. Price, each........60¢e 
6 inches. Price,each........65¢ 
6% inches. Price, each,....... 750 

Weight, 5 
Te No 10T7600 Our Fine 
Head Knife, a knife 
that everyone workin 
in leather goods shew} 
have; made of the finest. 
tool steel with reseweed 
handle. Woight, 4 ounces. Price, each........ 45¢ 

Square Point Trimming Knife. 

No. 1077605 Our Fine "TING Oe - 
Square Polnt Trimming 2t!/Miin™ diaaiee 
Knife. Round handle with a fine blade made from 
fine tool steel. Weight, 3 ounees. Price, each, 10¢ 

= No. 10T7610 Osborne's Fine 

7h) Tool Steel Bag Punches, used 
Ali for punching buckle holes of all 
aa descriptions. By the use of this 

puneh, you will never have a 

bad buekle hole. ATI harness makers sheuld have 

them. Made insizes from % tolinch. Price, each..68e 

From 1% to 1%. price each. ..... cae awe =. 95e 

Furnished insetsof7 punches. Priee, perset.. 85.00 

No. 1LOTT615 Ss. Kh. & C 
Speelal Scratch Compass made cf ae 
extra fine too] steeland with set | . 
serew, used for scratcbing work to sink dhe stitches, 
such as trace hame tug, blinds or pads. Welga 
4ounces. Bach... ......s99e oa. eens ceperees ...44€ 
Osborne’s Patent Awi Handles. 

No. 10T7620 This 
handy little tool 
f#has a Inrge sale, 

yenient articles to have aheut the 
premises. The awls are held se- 
curely in place by a metal cap, 
which serews tightly on the socket 
Oinae of the awl. You can change the 
the. awls at any time withont break- 
vl ing them. The prices quoted be- 
“73 low do not include the awls, simply 
the handles and wreneh. A small iron wrench, 
nicely adjusted, fits the cap and goes with each 
bandie. Welght, 4 aunces. 
Price, per dozen, $1.92; each............. ee 16e 
Write for prices on Creasing Maehine and Crzas- 
ing Rolls. Prices on all kinds pf Saddlery Toois 
quoted pn application. 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCU 

Trace End Punch. 

No. 1077635 Osborne's 
Trace End Punch,made of ex- 
tra fine quality of tool steel. 
\d be used with mallet and 
ead. Made itn three sizes 

oly, 1, 134 and 1% _ inches. 

ed for punehing holes in the back end of traces. 
| Weight, 2i ounces. Price, each RO.G5 

Bertee, per set of 3 Sizes. ........c.ceeeeee eres 2 O 
Speciai Biind Irons. 

No. 1077645 Sears,Roebuck & Co.'s 
Special Square Btind Irons, to be used 
with the square dies, made of extra 
fine rolled iron. Size 4x4 jnches, and 

Harnoss Thread. 

No. 10T7695 Warness Thread, best No. 10 TE. B. 
thread, natural Unen color, 2-0z. bails. Per ball...8¢ 

No. 10TT7IOO No. 10 TP, 28. Saper 
Thread, wound on tnbes; waste by 
snarling or tangling prevented, Nat- 
ural linen color, 2-ounce bulis. 

Per Ih. (8 balls), 96¢3 per ball... 12e 

No. 1OT77065 No.12 11. 3B. Devon- 
shire Thread, wound on tubes, nat- 
tural linen color, 2-ounce balls. 

Perth. (8 balls), &t.12;3 per ball ide 

ee eee rw 
No. 10T77310 Harness Awl 

Blades, to be used in extra 

fae eccecre oe ee aeons 


weightabout 3 pounds per set. : : Ry 
Price, per set of fonr......--..--- Ge > ae haodles. Per dozen....... 

PeerOZeN SCtS....<.00c<..08ees 0 ee 
aan No.10T7715 Common Wood 

» Awt UWandies, with ferrule, 

Per dozen lic 

No. 10T7655 Sears, Roebuck & Co,’s 
Special Coocord Btind Irons, made of 

ee ee ied 

fine rolled iron, common size, 3% eS ‘ ~ 70 
pounds, to be nsed with blind dies. i fee Necdlen cee 
Bee. per a SDE eee ss since «is - i oa repair old collars,to be used 
Yr dozen SEUS......+-- ereceeowccres “ E with ecollarpalm. Priee....15¢ 
, No. 10T7721 Sacking Needites, Each woe 
@sborne’s Speclal Improved Splitting | No.10T7725 Collar Paims, 

used to repair old eollars or 
make new ones, and some- 
thing every farmer should 

Nos 1077656 This machine 

is made with a lever handle 

ee oand!) towers tho) lave. Price, each,......-. C5e 
roller and regulates the aplit- No. 10T7730 S.,R. & 
iP ting of the strap. There is an Co.'s Suwa Sallor 

extra brass rud ubove the blade 
which does not let the strap split 
only as raised by the roller, and 
it {s very hard to cut a strap in two when splitting. 
This is considered by all harness makers the best 
bench splitting knife made. This knife is sold only 

Palm, made of fine kip 
leather body, palin cov- 
ered with rawhide and 
thimble attached, used 
for making Sails or other 
canvas work. Each...25¢ 

Stitching Horse. This is some- 
thing every horse owner should 
have. Any man can do hisown 
repairing and save _ his time, as 
well as his money. ‘Made of good 
sound wooed. 

ta the onesize,6inch. Weight, 7 pounds, 
BO. c sca coceceadeccocecesscssceeeceeMG,00 Harness Horse. 
A Leather Splitting Machine. NO: POT? (20 Warne Makers’ 

No. 10T7660 The Gen- @ 
uime Osborne Splitting Knife, ¢ 
whicb has a_wide reputation 
and is considered the best 
article in the market for 

the parpose intended. They © , =. : 
are made with iron frames, latest pattern. Canbe| Price for stitching horse with 
set to any gauge you desire, and can be fastened | Jaw strap ................... 82.60 
te any table or work bench with the utmost ease. Without jaw strap... ... 2,35 
aE (MN, OMT die cc sist as os 5-inch 6-inch f-inch Weight, 18 pounds. 
meveight, cach. .........- 6 lbs. 7 lbs. 8 lbs. 
BrICeveACD..5. 5. ++ anes . 83.95 84,25 $4.45 Stitching Horse 
We can make you prices on larger machines, Attachment 

from 8 to 12 Inches, upon application. 

Our Fine Chase Splitting Knife. 

No. 10177665 Made for harness, 
» suddle and belt makers; the only 
machine that wlll split a strap 
without cutting the strap In 

No. 10T7745 Coopers’ Moline, 
rn to be used in making round lines, 
around bridle fronts, or around 
reins on bridle or any other class 

of round leather work. By the use of this attach- 
ment you are able to held your round in the proper 

ie ca a = cage of ae sition to stitch, fastened to the jaws on the stitch- 
and bottom, The gauge is set| 6 horse Dy Mary see). lenis ounces: 
by the twowbeels at top. Weight, MY SDeG Nb DECC Gee) Mee Soe a pete ceverees 65c 
30 pounds, LEATHER. 
8-inch 10-inch 12-inch ; 
Price, each............. 7.50 &9.00 &10.50| NOTE—Owing to the uncertainty of the leather 

and hide market, tbe prices on these goods are 
subject to change without notice. 

No. 10T7750 Ifemlock 
Tanned LBtack Harness 
Leather, Bgrade, whole side 

No. 10T7670 Our Fine Lignum Vite == 
Slickers, made in one solid piece and \xee= : 
pronounced by all harness and saddle Fa222 ass 
makers much better than glass slickers 
hecause they will not get broken. 

: 42¢ | only; sides weighing from 17 
Migight,9ounees. Price, each..........-.e00-+-- Eee enous: 
Price, per pound:,.-.2----... Sroretere: . samen 

S., R. & Co.’s Special Harness Repair Kit, 
" No. 10T7755 No. 1 Hemlock Biack Iflarness 
Leather, extra quality; weight, per side, from 17 to 22 
ponnds. Price; per POWOC ts: ... ccs. 255+ scm ae: <: 35e¢ 
No. 1037760 Pure Oak Harness Leather, good B 
grade, wLole sides only; sides weigh from 17 to 2 
pounds. Price, per pound 36e 
No. 10T7765 Extra Quality No. 1 Oak Tanned 
Leather, black; weight, per side, from 17 to & 
pounds. Price; per pound... ..... Pie 38e 
No. LOT7770 Russet Leather Sheep Skins, good, 
lurge size, for blacksmiths’ and lumbermen’s aprons, 
etc. Priee, each Si 
Ne. LOT7775 Sheep Skins, tanned with the wool 
oa,used for lining saddles, harness breeching ana 
breast collars, extra large. Price, each........81.35 
NOTE—AII of our different grades cf tarness 
Leather are selected from packers’ steer hides. 

Ladies’ Stirrups. 
No. LOTT7T80 Ladies’ 
Metal Shoe Stirrups 
for side saddie, XO 

plated. Weight, 8 

eooace -_@e8oeocetoneceoeocaceoeeandl 

eeeraccoerer een oe OO ereeeaer aaa teeee ° 

Neo. 1077671 This repair kit is made up so that 
anyone can repair his old harness or make «a 
new set. The following items are in this set: 

One woodelampforhold- | One ball of wax, 
iIngtheleathertostitch, | Three awls and handles, 

One reund knife, One edging tool, 

One gauge knife, One double wood ereaser, 

One 4-tube punch, One collar awl, 

Gne square point trim- | One rivet set. 

ming knife, One box of assorted 
Une paper of needles, rivets, : 

One ballot thread, One pair of pliers. | 

This 1s a very complete set and only sold as listed, 

no parts being omitted, in @ nice box so that the tools Wachee. ck lic 

a ee be in the box when you want to pecthem. No. 10T7785 Ladies’ 
Se S aus: << eee Soe Metal Stirr 1 

Neo. LOT76S80 Our Flae Stee! Nein Trimmer, with pattern) ae late. 

fine roued handle, used = 
by all workers in leather 
when m2king all kinds 
of rounds, such asround 
lines, winker braces. grip handles and cruppers. 

Weight, about 2ounces. Price, each... 6%c 

No. 10T7685 Harness 
Needies, 25 in paper, assort- 
ed sizes, from 0 to 4. 

= Weight, 5 onnces. a 
No. 1077780 Each..............¢@ No. LUT7790 
No. 1077790 Same, XC plate, men’s size. Weight, 
6ounces. Price, each 10c 
¥ No. 1077795 Ladies’ Slipper 
j Stirrup for side suddle, sole or 
sbank, is of steel, covered 
with leather stitcbed on, 
heavy hog skin vamp, strong 

eoee et erm eet eeee eee tae oeese £88 

Per Paper... .........- eC lron§ svwin : 
g, comfort and 
No. 10T7690 Wax. vex security combiaed. Weihgt, 
te eerceeeeeeee bee eeccereee c Pemmmces. Price, C4GN ......cccseccoe cocnccse +2... 66¢ 



E No.1tf2. 421 

NWien’s Wood Stirrups. 

No. 1077800 Boys’ slze, common 
wood, two rivets. Per pair..... ..... $c 
No. tOT7H05 Men's sive, 2%-lnch, 

Corinon wood, two 
rivets. Perpair ...9ec 

No. 10T78410 Men’s 
size, common, 3-inch, 
wood, two rivets 

ler pair ........10¢ 

No, 10T7415 Our» 
Weavy Texas Wood ~ 
stirrup, made of extra quality of 
wood with bolted center, suitatde 
for all kinds of saddles. Made ia 
=: O-1NC)... cee .20¢ 

oo. 10T7S00 

No. 1OT7T815 
sizes, 4-tnch, 14e¢: 5-inch, 16 
Welght, about 2 pounds, 

No. 1077820 S., Kk. & Co.’s Speciat 
Ox-bow Stirrup, mude of best quelle 
of cholee white ash timber, making one 
of the most durable and desirable stir- 
rups on the market. Made for 2 and 
3-inch stirrup straps. Per pair..... Z3c 

No. 1077825 Same style as No. ¥ 
iGT7*20 of ox-bow stirrups, heavy, brass 
bound, madé to take 2% and 3-inch stir- 
rup leathers. Made of white ash, extra No.1O0T7820 
quality. Priee, per pall. ..-.--._..-- sn ae..-. ee TSe 

Weight, per pair, 3 pounda. 

No. 10T7830 Our Special Heavy 
Cowboys’ Metal Stlrrup,madeofextra 
dare of gray iron with bar Jar 
enough to take 2% and gé-Inch st 
rup jeuthers; a stirrup that is In great 
demand throughout the Western couns 
ny XO plate. 

rlee, per pair é 
= EY Weight, per pair, 214 pounds. 

No. 10T7830 Nietal Stirrups. 

No. 10T7835 S., R.& Co.'s Special 
Brass Bouod Stirrup, has au extra 
fine sbape allowing the foot to set flat 
in the bottom ofthe stirrup, with stir- 
rup rollet large enough to take 2% 
and 3-inch stirrup leathers. A stir- 
rup that will give nniversa] satisfac- 
tion. Made in sizes 2% and 3% inches 
a width. Jed. 

rice, per pair © .. 

Welght, per pair, 344 pounds. No. 1077835 

No. 10T7840 Our FineStee) Leather 
Covered Stirrups, with extra heavy 
leather bottom and leather covered 
roller, making one of the best stirrups 
S\ thatcan be used on heavy stock sad- 
Pm dles. Price, per palr .. ... ..... 2 
=A Weight, about 214 pounds 

No. 10778435 §&., 
R. & Co.'s Special 
Ladies’ tiooded 
lal ne 3 witb 
2 24-inch wood stir- 
No.10T7840 rnp, leatber bot- 
tom, fancy top,wool lined. oiled 
leather, fancy rosette. Strong 
and durable. Price, each ..70 

AS Weight, about 12 0z. 

Fine Common 24- 
inch Wood Stirrup, 
with common rus- 
set leather tap, suitas 
ble for any kindof & 
boys’ or men’s saddle. 
= - riee, per pair..48¢ 
No. 7855 S.,R. & Co.’s Heavy 
Covered Wood Stirrup, made of 
tine russet oi) tanned leather. Extra 

»-e@eeeetr sr eoeeeeroa 6s 


heavy, suitable for any kind of 
saddle. Bar will take Stirrup 
strap from | to 2 inches. 

Price, pCrgmeair..---. .-«--2ee 84c 

Weight; per pair, about 3lbs. = No. LOT7855 

No. 1077860 Our Common Eagie BiB 
Tapldero, made of oi! tanned leather, 
edge creasing, seamed front witk 
Nlayer and nickel rosette with lace 
string, on a good heavy wide stirrup. 
Price, per pair Ss 

Weight, per pair. about 3¥ Ibs. 
No. 10T7865 S., R. & Co.'s Special 
Eagle Bill Tapideros, made of fine Or- 
egon oil tanned leather with5-ineh wide 
Texas stirrup, faney edge stamping. 
reinforced front with two rosettes and 
tie strings. making one of the very best 
10T78€0 tapideros inourline. Welght, per pair, 
about 4 pounds. Price, per pair $1.95 

No. 10T7867 Oar Special Cow- 
boy Eagie ill Tapideros. This 
special tapideros is made pug 
nose, with layer doubled and 
stitehed, and long pointed eagle 
bill peints. Three sizes. 6 double 
scalloped faney leather rosettes, 
made on 3-ioch Oalifornia pattern 
stirrup, Leather botton and bar. 
This is one of the best Eagle Bill 
taps made. Strictly first class. 
Suitable for any of onr high grade \ 
saddles. Made in three sizes, 12, 14 and 16-inch. 
12-inch Tap. Weight, 3% lbs. Price, per pair $2.* 
i4-inch Tap. Weight,4 Ibs. Price, per palr 7.47 
16-inch Tap. Weight, 44 1)bs. Price, per pair _%.75 

The tap wil] match our large heavy stock saddles. 
State size wanted. 

eeeevonens se et eonaneee 

bt e 

eetocseerreowreeoer ees 

<" J 



Electric Battery Plasters. 

Actnai electric cur- ERS eS 
rent, not mere plates. ; 
Positive relief to 
women from the cnom- 
men and distressing 
backache incident to 
the, sex at perlnds; 
aiso, for rheumatic, 
kidney and muscntar [peed : 

ains in back. These ora 

attery Plasters are for local application only, and 
should be worn over the region of the pain. They 
will relieve all pains and weakness that can be 
reached by an external applieation of an electric 
current.: If used aceording to instrnctions, the bat- 
tery on this plaster will generate a strong galvanic 
current, which makes the plaster effective. Besides 
the tonic effect ot the electric current, it stimulates 
theabsorption of the medicament contained in the 
plaster. ; 

No. 8T1580 Price, each ..... - Se fee Nile 

If by mal), postage extra, 3 cents. 

Electric Insoles. 

A boon to those tropvbled with poor circniation 
and coid feet. Ifthe feet are kept warm the body 
will be less subject to the various complaints arising 
from colds. These Electric Insoles contain the pure 
polished metals arranged in such a manner that a 
mild pleasant currentis produced aloug the soles of 
the feet, which stimulates the blood and keeps it 
circulating constantly. They are worn with good 
resalts for coid feet,and to keep the feet dry, 

hoe rios2 Prieeipenr pair..........@ee......::; G6Oc 

If by mail, postage extra, 10 cents, 

Electric Ring for Rheumatism. 

These are the 
first rings intro- 
duced into the 
United States, ai] 
others being imi- 
tutions. TVheir 
popularity bas 
cuusedmany rings 
to be placed on 
sule thatare with- 
out any curative 

No. 8T1585 

Gray metal, pol- 

Price, each,,50c 
Go. 8T1588 Gray metal, gold plated ou vutside, 
Price, enchi...... eee ck cess sce. ae - Ss 3% 95c 
© If by mail, postage extra, each, 2 cents. 

Gypodermic Syringe, 
nickel plated, with two 
needles, two vials and extra 
wire, in neat morocco case. 
No, 8T1591 Each.. $1.00 

If by mail, postage extra, 
8 cents. 




GK" es, 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. 

Hypodermic Syringes. 

Hypodermic Syringe, nickel plated, more com- 

piete instrument than above, with two needies, 
four vials, extra wire, etc., in moroceo ease. 

No. ST1o09 4h rice, each. ...7-2.....2 25 ee $1.50 
{f by mail, postage extra, 8 cents. 

Hypodermic Syringe, best grade, four vials, two 
needles, extra wire, and washers, in closed end, 
aluminum pocket case. 

No. 8T¥a27 Price, icha-.:.2 2... $2.09 
If by mail, postage extra, 8 cents, 

Needies reinforced for hypodcrmic 
syringes. Assorted sizes. 
No. 8T1I600 Price, each.......... 23e 
Needies, reguiar, for Hy- 
podermic Syringes. 
No. 8T1602 Each.......13¢ 
Hypodermic Syringe 
With Giass Barrel. WVro- 
tected by 4» metat cytinder, 
open botb sides, with gradua- 
‘yy tionson (ee rod, finger rests 
| same as illustration andcapon 
} end to prevent wearing outof 
piunge. In fine nickel case with 
spring cover, 
No. 8T1603 Each....82.00 

Ith | ie 

| vi | 
IN fhe Bae pee postage extra, 
@# Cents, 

Veterinary Hypodermic Syringe 
and Aspirator. 




Veterinary Hy- 
podermic Syringe 
and Aspirator, in 
pocket case, fitted 
With three finger 
rings, adjustable 
cock, three sizes 
of needles, trocar 
and canula, 
No.8T1606 Price, 

if by mail, postage extra, 16 cents. 

Improved Antitoxin Syringe. 

Improved Anti- 
toxin Syringe. The 
Bea Syringe is carefully 

jimade according to 
the latest improve- 
ments, every pirt 
can be sterilized, 
the packing is of 
specially prepared 
: rubber and wili not 

= — wear out, the plun- 
Is fitted witn two needies and 

ger is adjustable, 

If by mail, postage extra, 16 cents. 
For Clinieal and Fever Thermometers, refer to 

page 232 General Catalogue or send for Special De- 
| purtment 20 Catalogue. 





E PRESENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS a most vatuabte and compiete line of internal and external 
remedies aud health foods for horses, cattie, sheep, hogs, ponitry, dogs, and ali domestic animals. 
These have been carefully selected by our Veterinary Surgeon, and we guarantee them to be the best prepa- 

rations of this kind ever otfYered to the farmerand ralser of stock. Y: f ! 
When your animals are sick and ont of condition give these remedies 

we say concerning each of them. 
a trial. You wiil 
in better condition than ever. 

be surprised with the good resuits. 
You will find enclosed with each package, complete Instructions how to 

You ¢an thoroughly rely on what 

Your animals will soon become well again and feel 

nse these remedies, and also valuabie information how to treat sick anImals. 



they have approved of It, and are 




A Guod Biister for Animats is a 
We have spent much time and made many experiments in preparing a really prac- 
tieat and thoronghly reliable blister that can be apptied easily, and good resuits 
We have suhmitted samples to the best veterinary snrgeons in the country and 

Rare and Vainabie Articte. 

using it daily in their practice. [tis unexcelled for 

bone spavin, ring bone, splint, curb, bog spavin, blood spavin, thoroaghpin, etc. Re- 
moves wind pull's, callouses, ete., from kicks and bruises, thickening of tendons, ete. 
Fuli information how to useit and a description of bone spavin, etc., with each package, 

No. 8T1700 Price, per hox........-.-...: ee a rt eM 40c 
If by mail, postage extra, per box, 8 eents, 


Veterinary Fever Remedy. 

Give tn atl diseases that are accom- 
panted by fever. Giveearly in lung fever, 
pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, laryn- 
gitis, sore throat, distemper, cold, ete. tis 
a positive cure, lf given promptly, in an 
attaek of tuiminitis, or fonnder, and ae- 
companied by hot poultices to the horse's 
feet, it will remove the congestion and ef- 
fect a permanent cnre in a few honrs. 
In case of inflammation of the boaweis, 

iven with Star Crescent Colic Cure, and 

applications to the belly, gives reiief 
to the patient and cures the disease ina few buurs. 

No, 8T1703 Price, per bottle .......... se .e-e- 40c¢ 

it Onmaiiable on account of weight. 

| Veterinary Wire Cut Remedy. 

| This isa remedy which should always 

Eo4) be within reach, lt is worth many times 

| ifs cost when wanted. 

It will heal cuts and wounds in all parts 
of the body without leaving ascar, It is 
the best remedy for cuts from barbed 
wire; it heals them the qnickest. In using 
this remedy itis not necessary tosew any 
cuts: if you havea flap that hangs down, © 
| fasten it in place by a bandage, but don’t 

clnse the sore—give it a free chance to 
dischiurge, ee applying this remedy it 
will soon heal. It isan antiseptic, des- 
troying ali germs and font odors. It also 4 
preserves the sores from flies and insects. 
No. 8T1706 Price, per hottie........ 400 
Unmaliabie op acconnt of weight. 

Brown’s Hoof Ointment, 

preventing dry and enntracted feet, 
cures cuts, wounds, sores, bruises, pre- 
vents eracks and shelly linofs, and keeps 
the hoof smootii, tough and biack, oF 
also makes the hoof heaithy and polished, 
A can should always be kepton hand in 
case of emergency. It saves doctors’ bills, 

No. 8T1715 Price, I-pintcan..8 0.60 


pt I-guart Canes cee eee cnccee |= LQ 
ANAS l-eallon can...esseoee «o> eee wien 3.50 
preter’ 5-gallon CAin......,.0s ome. came 13.50 

= F Unmailabie on aceount of weight. 
Milk Oil Sheep Dip. 
Altsheep shonid be dipped. 
Why? Because it pays. In 
these free wool days un- 
dipped sheep won’t pay. A | q 
good dip improves the wool. { | SHEE APD GATT ¥ 
strengthens the sheep, pre- i ee a 
vents attacks of inseets. Reg- ih ANAS : 
ular dipping with a good } RAN 
dip improves sucecceding AA 
clips. Dipping pays if sheep 
are free from parasites, anc 
when they are suffering from 
ticks or seab it pays doubly 
and more noticeably. Cana 
man, tortured with itch, 
thrive? No more can a sheep J ~ Set 
with the lightest touch of [RE// MSXiiaiky 
Saal or if een by a Try 1 : PMA yh) 
onr Mitk Oit Shee » Jt ti 
never falls to eure cane or i il - 
mange,and it isxnre death to lice, ticks and fleas. 
It is not poisonous. Directions for use on every can. 
One gallon makes 50 gallons of wash. 
oO. STI718 Price, per gallon. eee $1.20 
Sew TGS. 3-5. e eee ee eee eee ss See ee 
10 Ballons, ........... 200 aimee enn 
Unmailable on aceount of weight. 

We aiso Sell Cooper’s Dip. 

Which almost every sheep grower knows. The gen- 
uine, imported by ourselves. 


3 inna 



» } 


No. 8T1721 
Packet to make.............9gal. 100 gal. 1,000 28m 
Peeaener packet... ce... 606 $2.00 $16.00 

We wilt sell you any dip that is on the market 
andat the lowest possible prices. 
Unmailable on acconnt of weight. 

Improved Condition Powder. 

A Valnable Tonre Condition Powder 
carefully prepared by our veterin- 
jjary surgeon trom health giving, nun- 
} tritious herbs, seeds, barks and roots. 
| It thercfore can be fed to the must del- 
leate animal with periect safety asa 
tonic. We cannpttoo strongly eau- 
tion kecpers of stock tou bewareof a 
noynber of stc *>k and condition pow- 
ders that nro much advertised to 
work wonders. They are for the 
most part somposed of Injuvious min- 
erals, such us arsenic, antimony, 
ete., which have a temporary bracing effect on the 
animal, but the after results are very injurious to 
iis general health. This Tonic Condition Powder 
has vuluuble medicinal effects, and may be 
riven with great advantage in alicases of loss of 
appetite, roughness ot the hair or coat, stoppage 
of water anc bowels, coughs, cotds, inflamma-« 
tion of the lungs and bowels, recent founders, 
swellingsof the glands of the throat, horse dls- 
temper, hidebnnnd, and will aiso backen’ the 
heaves,and inrecent cuseseffeeta cnre. For cattie 
it ought to be fed once a day, for horses twice a day 
for two or threo weeks ata time; the cost will only 
amount tc one or twovrents per day. It will cleanse 
and cool the blood, sweeten the stomach and hring 
the animal to a strong and healthy condition. 

No. 8T1728 Putupin § 1-pound packages,..$0.15 
Putupin 3-pound packages..,. .40 

Putupin 5-pound packages.. 
Put upin 1t0-pound packages.... 
Putupin 25-pound packages..., 
Put up in 50-pound packages..,, 
Put up in 100-pound packages.... 

Veterinary Eye Water. 

Apply tothe eye three times a day by dropping 
three or four or several drops In the ball of the 
eye. Ifthe eye is red or swollen on the inside of the 
lids, foment it several times a duy with hot water, 
and keepthe animal in a darkened and weil ventl- 
lated stable. Feed on light and easily digested 
food, such as brian mash, carrots, etc. 

No. 8T1730 Price, per bottle......... Me cee 25c 

If by mall, postage and tube extra, 12 cents, 

Veterinary Carbolic Salve 

This is nsed with great - 
snecess by horsemen q 
wherever known for galls, 
no mutter what they are 
eaused from; for burns 
cuts, wounds, scratches, old 
sores, abscesses, ulcers, 
speed cracks, hoof diseases, 
tetter, ringworm, itch, chap- 

ed and cracked skin, S& 

oils, sult riicum, eczema =3 
and skin diseases peng ys =~ 
It destroys the life of all those little parasites which 
cause ail skin troubles. It Isthe best, most reliable 
and most economical salive ever offered to the 
farmer. One ounce of it is stronger and more effec- 
tual than a pound of most of the ointments generally 
sold for the same purpose, 

No. 8T1733 %{-pound boxes. Price, only..... 250 






1f by mail, postage extra, 6 cents. J 

For dressing horses’ feet, coring and 

Chemical Dehorner. 
Farmers and Stock Kalsers!] Vay attention and 
learn how you ean save dollars and dollars every 
year bya simple investment of 85c. The question 
of dehorning has been decided in the affirmative by 
most of the stock raisers of the United States in the 
past eight years. Mliorns were necessary 
to cattle in the wild state as a meaus of 
defense, and the giurvival of the strongest; 
‘in the domestic state cattle have no more 
use for horns than a horse has. 1t costs 
‘the farmer at least one dollar to grow each & 
horn, over ono hundred million dollars for § 
the horns grown inthe United States. Other ff 
reasons may be mentioned in favor of de- i= 
horning. Without horns, human and 
aunlmal life is safer, only one-half shed & 
room is required, less food Is wasted, the 
most vieious become gentle, one-half the 
time at the water tank, fivo to seven 
more head ead be shipped in a ear, fifieen 
to twenty cents more paid by packers per 
handred, because hides are not torn ofr 

bruised, besides the nutrition wasted necessary to 

grow five pounds of horns on each animal. We have 
2 Painless, simple, inexpensive remedy to prevent 
horns growing, which, if used for about two gen- 
erations of cattle, a breed will be raised without 
‘horns. One bottle contains sufficient for one hun- 
dred horns, and it is soeasily applied that a child 
may use it. Itcan he applted to calves, sheep, 
goats, ete., soon after birth, and no further care 
is necessary. Westand ready to guarantee that all 
trials made according to directions wl be success- 
ful, and also that no harm will result to the calves 
from its use. It never spoils, so can be ye ready 
for use for years. If you have many cattle it will 
save you lots of money to useit. Inerease the value 
of your stock. In neat glass stoppered bottles; with 
very simple and clear directions, 
— No. 8T1i736 Price, per bottle. ....05€ 
Unmaiiable on aceount of weight. 

Cholera Cure. 

Vhis is nade from the reelpe 
as receonmended by tne 
Gureau of Animal Industry of 
the United States Agrienltural 
Department. Our vetcrinary 
surgeon carefully prepares this 
remedy and we have sold it for 
years to our customers in the 
country who raise hogs. They 
say it has saved them many 
thousands of dollars. We put 
it up in packages as follows: 

No. 8Tt739 5 pounds.....50e 

fo pounds. .... ie Saeee 95e 

25 to 50 pounds, per pound... 8e 
100 pounds orover, per pound...............-.+--: we 

Veterinary Liniment. 
Very penetrating, coating and heal- 
ing. An artiele of great merit. Can- 
not be exeelled as anapplieation for 
sprains, bruises, cuts, seratehes, 
spavln, grease heel, eorns,thrush and 
other diseases of the foot, ete., also 
effective as an application in sore 
throat, distemper, pneumonia, bron- 
ehitis, lung fever, sweeney, ete. We 
are selling an immense number of 
bottles of this liniment every month, 
therefore we can afford to give our 
customers the henefit of a very low f 
No. 8T1742 Perbottle,only... 25e 
If by mall, postage and tabe 4 
extra, 16 eents. 

Veterinary Colic Cure. : ' 
This remedy is unexeelled for all 
stomaeh and bowel troubles accom- 
panied with eolie pains, wind eolie, 
spasmodic eolic, cramp colie, engorge- 
ment of stomaeh, botts, stoppage of 
water, indigestion, ete. It relieves the 
pain and relaxes the muscular cout of 
stomach, bowels and bladder, causing u 
normal action and free evacuation of the 
organs. Colie is the most distressing of 
alf troubles that animals are subject to; 
the attacks are sudden and it is well to 
have a reliable remedy near at hand to 
save the animal much suffering and per- 
haps serious injury. You will find full 
direetions on the bottle how to give the 
medicine, also the best treatment to_ use in order to 
relieve the anima! quickly from the severe pain 
and distress. 
No. 8T1745 Price, per bottle............ wn 
Unmailable on aceount of weight. 

Veterinary Worm Powders. 
The standard English remedy ¢ s 
for worms in horses, eattle, sheep, 

cw fC aGo x) 

ie EST 


awime, dogs, ete. Guaranteed a \ 
sure eure, a8 many farmers and }¥ WoORMPOWDER 
breeders who have used it can PB shischomnd 

testify. 4 

Nearly all lambs, calves, colts Ns ; 
and pigs have worms. When thcy begin to losein 
condition, become hidebound, bloodless, or show 
great thirst and changeable appetite, or diarrhaa, 
you can depend on it—they have worms. Treat 
them at once; delay is dangerous and might canse 
you to losc your stock. Worms cause Indigestion, 
eolie, constipation, loss of flesh and general de- 
bility. Give one powder a day with the feed at the 
first symptoms. You will destroy the worms, and 
by giving a powder occasionaily you will keep your 
animals free and healthy. For a physic give one 
pint of raw iinseed oil. 

No. 8T1 Price, per package of powders....25¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, per package, 5 cents. 



SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicage. CATALOCUE No. I!2. 

The ldeal Geriniehie, Inseeticlde, Deodorlzer and Antiseptic. 
to man und the larger forms of animal life, but deadly to germs and insects. Oreozone Is 
the cheapest disinfeetant to use on account of its strength, as one part toone hundred parts 
of water makes a solution which is death to all forms of é Veli plo eee 
ease is the most important feature of successful live stock 
solute necessity, to prevent disease, that farmers should use a disinfectant on thelr prem- 

| in recommending Creazone to you, we know 

ises, Which ean atall times be relied upon. 

that we are recommending the best thero is, and we 
turer to stato that if you order Creozone, and you do not find it better than an 

infectunt of similar nature, you can write us to that 

your money. CATTLE: Mange, serew worm, scratehes, lice, inflamed udders, 
teats, galls, sores and wire cuts will heal quicker under Creozone treatment than any other 
treatment known. Try it and if youdo not find it so, we will cheerfully refund your money. 
Lice will be entirely unknown on eattie if Creozone is used. 
sheep atrected witii scab, foot rot, grubs in the head, anthrax, tleks, etc. 
us a preventive, your flock will not be affected with any of these diseascs. HORSES: 

UCreozone is the best remedy to use for bad hoofs, nail 

ete. It will keep files off from affected parts, and willcure with remarkable ee 
CHOLERA: Do not wait and allow hog cholcra to get into your herd, and 
but use Creozone in time, and prevent the disease 

of the hogs beforo you can effect a cure, 


Perfectly harmless 

The prevention of dis- 

and poultry raising. Itlsanab- 

have Instruectlons from the manufac- 

other dis- 
effect, and we will cheer ay refund THE jOrAL 4 

stl . ee 

LEP: Creozone will cure 

If properly used 

inthe foot, scratches, galls. wire cuts, 

{ill ‘off most 

from even getting astart. The expense Od ies issminail,and it ls a positive fuuarantee against ho 

cholera, CIIICKi&NS: Oan easily be cure 

of leukemia, pip, scaly legs, canker, cholera, iimber neck an 

ehieken pox if the Creozone treatment is used. Creozone is also the best lice destroyer and preventive. 

Where it is used lice will be unknown. DOGS: 

Creozone is positively guaranteed to cure mange, 


cannot live on dogs that are occasionally washed in water to which a small quantity of Creozone has been 
added, Dog fanciers will appreciate Creozone, as it gives the coat of animals a fine gloss, besides destroying 

allvermin. RABOGITS: 


such a thing as insects on them will be entirely unknown. 

3: Snuffles, the common rabbit disease,is positively cures 
INSECT PESTS ON PLANTS: 1]f plantsare occasionally sprayed with a weak solution of Creozone 

by the Creozone treat- 

the best disinfectant and deodorizer, as it destroys all disease germs, and kills any bad odors which may 
be present. Full dlreetions sent with each paekage. Order a bottle of Creozone, and if it does not-do 
exactly as weclaim for it, write us and we will send back your moncy. 

No, 871747 Price, gallons, $1.50; one-half gallon, $1.00; quarts,55c; pints, 490¢; one-half pint bottles, 20¢ 

hice Killer and Insect 

These pests so torment ; 
young animals that they 
lose tlesh and sometimes die 
from the annoyance. This 
powder is @ combination 
harmless to animals, but sure 
destruction to lice, ticks, tleas J 
and flies, One thoreugh application is sufhcient 
und will save your animals much torment and allow 
them to grow healthy and strong. 

No. 8TI748 Price, per package.............--. 1Ge 

If by mall, postage extra, per package, 8 cents. 

Veterinary Black Leg Remedy. 
SSS We guarantee this remedy to be 
a) a sure and positive eure for Black 
Leg in young calves or stock, and 
a positive preventive aguinst the 
disease. Blaek Leg, black quar- 
ters, bloody urlne, extensive en- 
gorgement of shoulder, quarter, 
neek, side or breast. Jtis most frequent in young 
or rapidly growing and thriving stock, attacking first 
the best of the herd, and rapidly running its wa 
pe a The first symptom is dallness, qaiekly fol- 
lowed by lameness, and a swelllng In some part 
of the bedy or limbs, sore and painful and crackling 
like paper or dry leaves, with a yellow or bloody 



mined. th aa 
sagt @iace Oats 



Thane rrr} 



substance oozing through the skin. Geta package of 
this remedy at the firstsymptom und stop the disease. 
No. 871754 Price, per package...... . saa De 

Dr. Helier’s Stock 

An improved vegetable stock 
tonie, which has no equal] for 
growling and fattening horses, 
eattle, sheep and hogs. It is the 
best food known for unthrifty, hide 
bound horses, cures worms and dis- 
temper, and should be fed to all 
brood mares and track horses. It 
fattens beef cattle, and is eee for 
calves and dairy cows. t cures 
garget, swelled bag, milk fever, 
ete. For fattening hogs and brood 
sows it is the hest food known. It 
helps unthrifty and stunted pigs, 
eures coughing hogs, constipation, 
thumps, worms, ete., and prevents 
hog cholera and swine fever. 

No. 8TI760 Price, 5-pound tln cans......... $0.80 

Price, 25-pound tin CansSso.-----0 ..--.---.- =- 66 
Price, 50-pound drums eoeeee Setyereeteteoeetete 5.00 
Price, 100-pound drums....... ee oe je.. a 9-00 

Dr. Heller’s Poultry Food. 
Guaranteed to Produce Eggs. 

Dr. Helier’s 
Poultry Food is 
used by the lead- 
ing poultry fanel- 
ers of the United 
States, Canada 
and Europe. It 
is the only poul- 
try food manufac- 
tured that can be 
at all times relied 
upon, as it never 
fails when prop- 
aay used. Dr. 
Heller’s Poultry 
Food is a wonder- 
ful egg producer, 
and makes large 
and healthy 
fowls. It will pos- 
itively prevent 
and also cure chicken cholera, roup, gapes, and all 
diseases of the flock. It makes young chickens grow 
quickly and keeps them free from disease. It pre- 
vents having sickly broods of young chickens or 
droopy old ones, and it is positively guaranteed to 
increase the numberof eggs at all seasonsof the year. 

No. 8T1766 i1-pound packages, 1,800 feeds. 

Price (per DACKS EG... Piven svccscusiesece sas: + ye Opes 

6-pound packages, 10,800 feeds. Per package 1.20 

25-pound kegs, 45,000 feeds, Per keg........., 4-00 


a ————— 

Dr. Heller’s Cerm Killer. 

A powerful dry pows 
der, germleide and dls- 
Infeetant. Anantisep- 
| tie of the widest range 

of usefulness and the 
| only disinfeetant that 

has been endorsed by 
the leading Boards o” 
veterinary surgeons. 

ae | 





i | It is the most efficient 
KILLER | disinfectant, deodori- 
‘| zer, antiseptic and posi- 
YAY ieehd Besa ina - 

erful form obtainable. 


. . 

TO HANDLE: bee} 
Ny a Germ Killer, belng in 
Ba) SEARS ROEBUCK &C0) || a powder form-]s very 

TM SAY tO vee. A four 
ing powder can with plenty of small holes imthe bot- 
tom are all very good with which to sprinkle the 
the disinfectant. Dr. UWeller's Germ Killer ig 
highly recommended to swine breeders to pre- 
vent all kinds of disease. For mange or skin dis- 
ease on horses, cattle and hogs, it has no equal. 
It also destroys mites, jiggers, bed bugs, roaches, 
fleas, etc. For garbage boxes, cesspools, sinks, waste 
water basins, ete., it is highly recommended by all 
boards of health. Dr. Heller’s Germ Killer is a very 
valuable article in asick room, and also for disin- 
fecting patentclosets. Forstable use, Heller’sGerm 
Killer acts instantly, destroying foul odors as soon 
as applied. It eradicates disease germs, insures pure 
air, keeps the stock bright and full of life,and when 
used in a stable, causes the ammonia to be absorbed 
from the manure and thereby protects the harness 
from decay. 

=> ——___._— 


No. 8T1763 1-pound trial package........ 80.20 
6-pound. C208. 25. .i5.04--- 4s ssn eee .. 60 
85-pound GYUiMs: <2... sees... . LW 
59=pound drums. 22-220 2 ce eee oo0* BRE 
100-pound kegs....-- eee Rs ne ve., 8.00 
aQ0-npound barrels.2.-2--seer- sss ee eee we. 21.06 

Homeopathic Remedies for Farm 
and Stable. 

These remedies eure ali diseases 
of horses, cows, dogs, sheep, poul- 
try and other animals. Many a 
valuable animal has been saved by 
the timely use of these specifics. 
They are easy to give. quick to act, 
and harmless, always leave the an- 
imal in good condition. Full in- 
structions to give the medicine and 
how to treat the case are inclosed 
with every bottle. 

Single bottle, coutaining over 30 
doses, usual price 50 cents. 

No, 871772 For fevers, ehills, congestion, ete. 
OG it Wisc oe Aree eee sdise secs ce Geena as aan 40e 

No. 8T1775 For strangies. glanders, dlstemper, 
influenza, quinsy, nasal eatarrh, sore throat, ete. 
Each 410e 

No. 871778 For bronochitls, eoughs, pleuro-pneu- 
monia, inflammatlon of lungs, ete. Each,.......40¢ 
No. 8T1781 For indigestion, constipation, il 
condition, overfed, staggers. Each.. ...........40e 
No. 8T1784 For rhenmatism, strains, spavin, 
lameness, etc. Euch..... os dee eae Come oe « eee 406 
No. 8TI787 For urinary and kidney diffeultles, 
diseases of the bladder, diffieult and palnfal urin- 

Poet eeeeret tease eree Seeseteeratreerereseete aeeowees 

ation,etc. E&ch........ cee eee soe 2005 eee ..-. 400 
No. 8T1790 For worms, botts, grabbs, debility. 
Baghe..... 22: a  - eee ee ee ... 40€ 
No. 8T1793 Forcolic, dlarrhea, dysentery, stom- 
ach ache. Each...... sc Roe cee ae i oss «acu: 
No. 871796 For mange, grease and skin diseases. 
Each e@eetee reve *eeeeoetetoeeee ere! Were 


Pouliry Foods and Medicines. 

We would recommend our customers to buy their 
poultry remedies only from a firin in whom they 
have confidence,and who guarautee every articte 
they ollfer to be exactly as represented. We know 
eur remedies will give satisfaction, they have been 
used by poultry raisers for years past with the best 
results. A well fed animal is one that pays. We 
recommend the following fer keeping the fowts 
healthy, great egg producers, and fatteners for 
the market. We will enctose with each order for 
any of eur Penitry Foods, a smati book calted 
ENG,” or will send one by maittoanyone who will 
send a one cent stamp to pay the postage. 

wrown’s Lice Killer. 

No disease known to the 
poultry fratornity can com- 
pare in its ravages to that 
wrought by the numerous 
family of insects known as 
“Chicken Lice.” From the 
beginning to the end of the 
poultryman‘s career it is a 
continueus fight against ver- 
min. We here present to our 
customers a lice killer which 
we guarantee to eradicate 
thoroughiy not oaly the 
mites and chiggers, but the 
body tice on fowls, by appli- 
cation to the roosts and nest 
boxes, this being the simplest 
and best method of treating a 
large number of fowls. All 
that is necessary is to paint 
with our lice killer the reosts, 
roost supporis, nest bexes 
and al) cracks er Creviees that forma lodging place 
for the vermin. It is easily applied and dees tiie 
work thoroughly, killing not only the lice but also 
the mites and eggs. Fer a sealy teg it is invalu- 
abie to the poultryman, as fewls that roost on poles 
that are oecasionally painted with our lice killer 
will never have a sign of that unsightly disease. 

No. 8T1799 Price, 1-gallon cans, 75¢; %-gallon 
RIMM cc asc. salncile tose aecesccecs isd euielemreeits 40c 

Paris Green and London Purple. 
In Liguid Form, 

For apraying ali kinds of fruit trees, vines and 
plaots. Sure death te potato bugs, chineh bugs, 
enrcultio, canker and cotton worms, etc. 

Prompt and pleasing results. Only one trial nec- 
essary teconvince yeu. Are much better to hundle 
than the powder and equally effectual when tlic 
directious are fellowed as given on each enn. Be 
sure and use the liquid and avoid the dunger of get- 
ae poisoned. Ite¢mingies freely when put with water 
and never settles. [It being a liquid it discharges 
freely from the nozzle of sprinkler. 

&iquid Paris Creen. 

For spraying all kinds of fruit trees, 
Vinesand piants. Is sure death tu potato 
bugs, chinech bugs, curculio, tanker 
worms, ete. One can is suMfleient for 180 
gations of water. [ull iustructiens how 
to use it on every can. 

No. 8T1802 Price, per can.......... 25c 

Liquid London Purple. 

for apraying at) kinds of fruit trees, 
vines and plants. Is suredeath to potato 
bugs, chineh bugs, curenulio, canker 
worms, ete. Sufficient for 100 gallons of water. 
Directions how to use It to the best advantage. 

No. STESO4 Price, per can........... eres... ane 

Purple Jack. 
Sure death to the worm that eats the head of the 
cabbage or the fruit of the temato., 
No. 8T1805 Price, per can... ...... Bere <viat 25e 

Fleming’s Lump Jaw Cure. 
ing’s Lump Jaw Cure is a 
liquld that Is applied ex- 
ternally. It has remarkable . 
pe netrating qualities. 
hrough the local absorb- 
ents and minor blucd vessels 
it reaches and destroys 
every germ. When the germs 
are destroyed the tumor is 
dead, and uature proceeds 
to throw it off as it would 
any Other foreign body. Seme may judge that a 
remedy that will act as quickly as thisis apt to be 
harmful, but instead ef this it is absolutely benefi- 
cial. It protecis the animal, for if a Ag were 
removed by ordinary methods there would be danger 
of blood poisoning, but Fteming’s Lump Jaw Cure 
is a powerful antiseptic and disinfectant. It kills 
all poison, it stimulates a healthy growth of tissue, 
and @ large tumer is often removed with net evena 
scar remaining. Many animals have been cured 
with our remedy; have passed the most rigid in- 
spection and then been exported. Only one or two 
applications are usually required to eure when the 
disease first starts, and two or three applications 
are needed for cases moderately ad vaneed. 
No. 8T1806 Price, per bottle... ........... $1.65 
If by mali, postage aad tube extra, per bottle, 12c. 

\ SSS 

dl aetie ni 

qeeeeaa esaae 



| doses, and is complete and 

Kerosene Emulsion. 

For spraying and washing frnit trees, vines, 
plaaots, eld cropsand domestic avimats. Destroys 
plant tice, red spiders, scaies, mealy bugs, lice on 
cattle and hogs, tick on sheep. One can is suffivient 
for 50 gallons. 

No. ST1IS08 Price, per can.... ......0.--s-s:- 35e 

Bordeaux Mixture. 

Compounded from the oid fermula, but by an 
entirely new process. Prevents blight, rot, mildew 
and rust. Destroys ail fungus growth oo vegeta- 
tion. One can js sufficient to dilute with 35 to 50 gal- 
lens of water. 

No. 8T1811 Price, per can......... ee ee 

Blackleg Vaccine Ouifit. 
re Complete and con- 
taining a mortar, pes- 
tle, funnel, graduate 
giass and filter paper 
to preparethe vaccine, 
alse a fine hypedernic 
syringe, with needles, 
etc., to injeetsame. This 
outfit will answer ali re- 
quirements for the use 
of the vaccine distribu- 


pewder form. : 
= syringe is graduated for 
furnished alune or with 

extra needles if desired. The outfit is put up 

in a neat polished hardwood case. Size, 7x6x4 
inches. Weight, 4 pounds. 
No. 8T1817 Complete vaccine outfit....... $3.75 

No. 8T1820 Syringe only... ...........- aes 2.50 
Pasteur Blackleg Vaccine. 

We fnrnish the genuine Blackteg Vaccine, for 
protecting cattleagainst biackteg, either in pow- 
der form or in cord form. This Blackleg Vaculne 
has been used on over three million culves, which 
have thereby been successfully protectcd 
against biackleg. Beth vaccines are supplied for 
Single and deuble treatment. 

No. 8T1821 Pasteur Singte Blackieg Vaccine 
(powder form), per packet sufficient for from ten te 
twelvehend. Price” .......,.....).. $1.45 

No. 8T1822 Pasteur Doubie Blackieg Vaccine 
(powder ferm), per double packet (first lymph and 
second lymph), sufficient fer from ten to twenty head, 
according to uge. Pric@.. 2222) ue. ee ee 

No. 8T1823 Pasteur Btackieg Vaccinating Out- 
fit (Ne. 2 syringe complete, und pestie, mortar, fun- 
nel, graduate and filters for preparing and using 
powder ferm of vaccine), complete in case. 

eg eee 5. ie TL 

No. 8T1824 Singte Blacktegine, (cord ferm of 
vaccine ready for use.) No. 1, 10 doses. Price..#%1.45 

Wier ZO AO UIOMGS. he cee oe ce ein a on cee 2.45 

Nese SiretnOeises. oc ee Cae. ae san, oe 5.90 

No. 8T1825 Doubte Biacktegine (cord form of 
Vaceine reudy for use). Per packet of 10 doses Uirst 
lymph and second lymph inclusively). Price. 81:95 

No. 8T1i826 Bilacklegive Outfit fer using Black- 
legine. The outfit consistsof handleand twe needles. 

BiCe.. Me: cae. « ees ee ee ee 5Vc 

No. §8Ti827 Extra Biacklegine needles separ- 
ately. Price..... oo ee ae Se ee 20c 

Biacklegine is apptied with a pveedie, which is 
oe eS much impreved and is provided with a 
“Blacklegine Outfit,” and the accompanying illus- 
tration shows this outtit with the dase attached to 
the needie and ready te be undministered. Vuccina- 
tion with Blackiegine is as simple as tuking a stitch. 

A booklet containing full purticulars regarding 
Biackleg und its preventien with Pasteur Blackle 
Vaccines, together with a large number of officia 
and individual endorsements recelved since 1895, will 
be mailed upon application. 

Blackleg Cord Vaccine. 

This vaecloe cord is ready foruse and is adminis- 
tered in one appticatioo, requiring nosyringe, only 
a needle being necessary. Complete instructions 
with eavh package. 

No. 8Ti829 Btack Leg Cord Vaccine, sufficient for 

ten head. Price, per packfge....................%1.50 
No. 8T1832 Biack Leg Cord Vaccioe, sufficient 
fortwenty head. Prjce, per paekage.......... $2.50 

No. 8T1835 Mlacn Leg Cord Vaceine, sufficient 
for fifty head. Price. per piekage..”........20 86.00 
The above prices include one bluckieg cord needle 
free of charge. Extra needles supplied at 25c each. 

Veterinary Cough Powder. 

A sure cnre forall eoughs, colds, 
distemper, laryngitis, pneumonia, 
pleurisy, ete. ull instructions for 
use With description of the symp- 

toms of distemper oneuch package. 
No. 8T1836 Price. per box..25c¢ 
If by mail, postage extra, 12 cents, 

Call Cure. 

A gali cure that can he de- 
pended upon. Ft witl heal cot- 
lar gails, bit galls, saddle gatts, 
boot gatis, and abrasions of 
= the skin, while the animal is at 

4: TAS MAT MENT 6Oyvork. Toughens the skia, 

RY} SEARS ROEBUCK AGO Of 6=6gtains the parts and makes 2 
galleu nerse 100K respectable. Quickest cure, most 
ecenomical and bumane treatment. 

No, STIS3i Price) perye w= -o.............2- .26¢ 

If by mail, postage extra, 4 cents. 



meg | A ha CA CAS Oe Oe 
wa SOMERS Tal iy want 
Ae ted dma, (4 AT Woe 

‘‘dnagular with two separate Liles. 

The handle with two needles is called’ the.|. 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.1I2. 

Veterinary Instruments. 

In veterinary goods’ we illustrate only a few tn- 
struinents that are commoniy used by everyone 
owning a horse, but we are ina position to supply 
aoything made in this tine. aod witi quote prices 
on application, 

Wol€ Tooth 
ee Forceps, bay- 
7 onet attern, 
q =) Tare Wass Length, 13 in 
eri Nickel plated. 
No. 8JT1838 Prive, each... .......... wree ete 

Woif Toeth 
Forceps, curved, 
nickel plated. 
Length, 9 inches. 

No. STILS41 
Price, ca...$2.2 

Smali Molar 
Spliuter For- 
ceps, nickel 


Straight In- 
cisor Cutlers. 

No. ST1847 

Motar Ex- 
tracting For- 
ceps. llandle 

> extra. 
No. STTS50_ Price, each...---.2aeee 

Closed Molar 
Catters. Han- 
dles extra. 
When erdering 
mention the kind wanted. 

No. 8TLSS3 Price, each......... ; ee 

Handles for 

cutters and 
» extractors. 

Price, per .DRlt-. aiteeate ee 2. ce 

No. 8T1856 

Danna's Combined Ftoat 
cousists of one straight 
float fer use on the upper and lower molars, and one 
wngulaur tloat for use on the first molur teeth, ne 
screws to rust and files cannet drep out. 

No. 8T1859 Price, per set........ \S2.76 
Combination Horse Mouth Float. 

Jointed, copper piated, tine nickel finish and 
adjustable. Consisis ef three pieces straight and 
Can be used fer 
upper and lower moliurs, alse for first molar teeth. 
No STISG2 Price, Mer &et........cs00s ee 

Ty 7 ye : 


wee e Be 

* Palmer’s Dentat 
a File. 

No. STIS8GS Price, each.......e. cece ee ee eeee 

Plain Double File. 10 Inches. yy) 

No. STI868 Price,euch.50c 

Separating Saw. 

No. 8ST1I871 Brice, ench... «ae cee eegnenaeta eccssepe 

Simmon's Pas Scoops. 

No. 8T1874 Price, cach.$1.75 

Balling fron. Weight, 14 lbs; 

- No. 871877 Price, 

GAED. 0624 cee e BUTE 

Nickel plated, 1.25 


No. 871880 Spring 

back. Eaeh...... 75¢ 

Postage extra, 2e 

Pee ee 

S.R.BCO.inC ) 

No. S8T1880U 



No. 871883 Ea 81.25 
If by maii, postage ex- 
tra, 4 cents. 

Horse Fiems. Brass 

No. 8T1886 Price, ea.. 
one blade.............d5e 

Two blades... ...... 45e 

Three blades.......65e¢ 
If by mall, postage ex- 
tra, 5 ceuts. 

Spring Lancet. 
No. ST1889 Guarded. 
Price, each.... . 82.25 

Seton Needles. 
No. 8T1892 Plain. 
Price, 1s-inch. $1.00; 12- 
inch, 90c; 6-inch....600¢ 
if by mall, postage extra, 10 cents. 
Setoo Needles, jointed, 
No. 8T1395 Price, 12-inch, 1 joint........... 
18-inch, 2. joints. ....9. sa 
If by mail, postage extra, 5 ceuts. 

Fetlock Shears. 
No. 8T1398 Price.. Lencer as sceesceeecers SEOD 
Braided Silk. 
No. 8T190) Feur sizes on card; white. 

Price, per ry Pe 

i eee ee, Cee eee ee 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, 

Twisted Silk. 
No. 8T1904 One size on ecard; white. 
a ESRC ig Sev ecsecsseOe 
aur sizes ON CArd............ ee eae eile ie rtie ce 7 OU 
Half Curve Needles. 
Ne. 8ST1L905 In sizes from 2 to 4 inches. 
Price, per dozen, $1.00; each........ 66. usec LOE 
. Full Curve Needles. 
No. 8T1906 In sizes 2 to4 inches. Price, each, 15e 
Straight Needles. 
No. 8T1907 Sizes2todinehes. Price, each...15€ 
Operating Knives. 
No. 8TL90O8 Operating” Knives, to folding, 
bard rubber bundles, any style of blade. 
pe eS ee ee ee ee . oe Tie 
No. ST1IV09 Spring hack folding, hard rubber 
bandles, any style of blade. Priee, each....... %1.00 
No. STLIOLO Slide catch, folding, German silver 
handles, any style of blade, Price, each....... %1.50 
No. 8STIVIL Stil Operating Knives,small, plain. 
mepce westch.......... 6GO0«e 
No. $ST1I912 Stiff Operating Knives, small asep- 
TGs. sa oe es 6 eo as wet one eae oe $1.00 
No. STI9123 Sti’ Operating Jinives, large asep- 
tic. Price, each..... SR ee ee .. B1L.95 
If by mail, pestage extra, 4 cents. 

Operating Scissors. 
No. 8T1914 Sclssers, Operating, straight small. 

seen neae eaeeaoee eee 

a) om Aaa aaa e) a) @ 67e os 61m) 6 C8 € 6 a 6 cial = = 

oo cobs a Sa ....65€ 
No. 8$T1915 Scissors, Operating, straight large. 
I ec lee scsi. cee c cee e eM $1.00 
No. 8T1916 Sclssors, Operating, curved small. 
EMEC TEN ccc ace. cece eee eoencesner RUZ 
No. 8T1I0O17 Scissors, Operating, curved large. 
cor 22) 2 |e eee. eee. $1.35 
Artery Forceps. 
No. 8T1918 Artery Foreeps, plain, 4% inches. 
Piicepoach ......2. ee; «eee sae A Se ee 70¢ 
No. 8T1919 Artery Forceps, plain, 6 inches. 
Priee, each..... os By = 1.10 

If by mail, postage extra, 4 cents. 

Baker’s Hopples for Casting 

‘ orses, 
No. 8T1920 Made of the best harness leather, 
with pitent self locking buckles. Per set.... 810.00 

Injection or Suction Pump. 

No. 8T1921 Por horses or cattle; for use for rec- 
mulmorstonidcn, lL rice, each.... ..... .....cees 3.00 

Hoof Knives. 
Double edge, stiff. 
hogeer ose. Price, cach..............8.......-81.25 
If by mall, postage extra, 5 cents. 
Single edge, folding spring back. 
meet) 95 Price, encl....-.---... sce - 0cee l25 
lf by mail, postage extri, 5 cents. 
Dunn’s Improved Ecraseur. 
This Is one of ses 
the latest im- a 
proved instrn- 
ments. Itcanbe 
held in the band 

~~ = fas 

and the slack of 
the ehain can be taken up at onee by a simple move- 
out the serew or lengthening the instrument. 
Pipe eo OP TICE... 1... wes wesscccececr-« 821t.50 
No. 8T1925 Price, each......... 6: SRT ciao &6.90 
Na. 8TI926 Price, euch...... a te eee, 4.50 
Cattle Trocar‘and 
; For opening and 
draining absces- 
No. ST192%7 Price.....(Postuge extra, Sc)..... 75e 
_ Veterinary Thermometers. 
_Five inch, sensi- 
tive,self register- @ ———+ 
No. STI223 MOT ICeMMEM 6. « adislenc se es ee te es 90c 
Veterinary Theriwemeter, 6-inch, sensitive, self 
No. ST1L9O2Y Price ececeeeoee @eertreeeeearacoee eeu &).50 
-~ = — Veterinary 
Ca eee ae fenestrated. 
ease and chain. 
If by mall, postage extra, 8 ceats. 
Perfection Calf Dehorner. : 
cheap itis within reach of all. ; 
meas Li9s? l'rise, nickel............ ea 3.50 
preved and most powerfnl instrument for dehorn- 
ing eattle mainafaetured. 
leader and rope, extra blades and screws. 
ote = ee Soe... ee 
Dehorning Saw. 
No. 8T1936 Deborning Saw. Price....... $1.00 
Puco.... 222... 53 0 ee et ree $1.50 
Drenching Horn. 

ment with the thumb and finger without drawing 
Farmer Miles’ Contractiag Eerasenr. Weight, 1 
Smith's Ecraseur. 
<i mrn (OaeD drainin 
ing;in pocket case. te sah 
registering: in pocket case. 
IY thermometer 
No. 8T1930 Price............ wooo L.SO 
Sosimple thatiteaun be eperated by anyone. 
Keystone Dehoraing Clippers. The latest im- 
No. 8T19323 The Keystone Deherner Clipper, 
No. 8T1934 Clipperalone. Price......... 10.00 
No. 8T1937 Deherning Saw, nickel plated. 
For adnmilnisteriog medicine to horses, 


oe pounee 
mo. STR SSy Price, Cae .....ceccesccccesces eee ee 
Burton’s Drenchiag Bit. No longer any trouble to 
give your horse medicine. One mancan do it; used 
by horsemen throughout the country. Weight, 
144 pounds. 
No. 3T1940 Price, each....... -22.2 


Haussmann’s Mouth Speculum. 

The only specnlum made by which the pressure 

of the lorse’s jaws Is broughtupos the front teeth 
Instenrd of tho soft tissues of the gums.- Itls very 
easily applied, and a special feature of whieh can be 

found in no other speculum ls the curved side bars, | 
which expose the front molar teeth and afford an 
unobstructed view of the mouth from either side and 
the greatest possible space to operate in. 

No. ST 19.0 | Pple@ gee, ee ee «ew es 

Folding Mouth Speculum. 

This speculum is Bim 
a new invention 
and has many ad- 
vantages over all 
others. Itissimple 
inconstructionand § 
easily applied, and 
does NOt annoy or 
frighten the «ani- § 
mal. lt being a BB 
lever in itself, it 
does not require 
wny mechanical ap- 7 
pliance for opening oh 
the horse’s month, and has no extra levers or other 
"We et Mala: the operator if the animal is fractious. 

t is the only speculum of its kind ever invented, ana 
Iissmel!l and convenient for the pocket or lnstrument 
ease. It isso constructed as to allow aceess to the 
mouth from the front or elther side without tnterfer- 
ing with the nse of any instrument that may be re- 
quired. itis madeof the best material and is more 
compact than any otheron the market,and weighs 
less than two pounds. The cperator is absolutely 
sufe when using this speculum. 

No. 871942 Price, full nickel plated, with russet | 
Pen GGT Straps. s<)) 5 vee ee gee eee $4.50 
Haussmann’s Spaying Emascu- 

Haussmann’s Spaying Emuaseulater. This is the 
simplest, safest and quickest instrument made for 
castrating. Neither clamps, medicine nor eording are 
required. By means of this instrument the spermatic 
eord is severed by tortion, completely preventing the 

loss of blood. 

ING noes ETiCGy, ..:.-onewdsse esos sore eee 89.50 

Eelipse Emascuiator. A simple, strong, safe and 
quiek instrunmicnt. No fear of hemorrhage after op- 
erations, as the hlood vessels are completely closed. 

Mees TUS sd Price..ccc...-. meee wesc - ace ees 
Boss Pig Extractor Forceps. 



_o meer ne ee a | 



The Boss Pig Extractor and Tevth | 
with a treatise on the raising of the pig. 
instrument Was gives first preenium at Iowa State 
Fair, 1895, and isthe newest invention of the kind. 

and complete 

The euttit is put up neatly in abox 
always used, 

weighs only [8 ounces. Ooce tried 
Is the general prediction. 
No. 8T1946 Price of ontfit. eomplete.......... 

improved Pig Forceps. 

The Impreved Pig Forceps has points of excel- 
leoee which muke it 2 most practical instrument, 
and may be used npon either small or large sows 
with equal satisfaction. The Iustrument is made 
of mallenble iron, tinned to prevent rusting: will not 
tear the sow or otherwise injure the animal in op- 
eration. . 

No. 8T1948 Price, d@ach..... ..- GOO 

Horse Trocar. ee 

* lLorse Tro- 
= enr, revers- 

Price.....(1f by mail, postage extra, 8¢).....-. oo 

Horse Catheter. 

No. 871951 Best quality. Price........... 

Horse Catheter, domestic made. 

No. ST1962 Prie€:.-: ..-..- ee a See 
If by mall, postage extra, 4 cents. 

Metal Mare Catheter. 


. LS 

No. 8T19563 Price... 0.20.0... cee teen coccecss 1,50 
Metal Mare Catheter, jointed. E 
No. SPVOBS Dricemee. ...28 0) yee... BS 
If by mail, postage extra, 8 cents. 
injection Syringes. 

Iajeetion Syr- 

luges; metal; 14 

Weight, 1% Ibs. 
No. STI966 rice: - aes es 2... 81.50 
No. 8TI957 24 ounces, weight, 2% ibs. Price 1.95 

No. $T1958 36 ounees, weight, 344 lbs. Priee 2.75 
Maussmann's Ball Gua, stiff. 

Nowell OSD” Pirie. «sack kdaeec cee ewes vas $2.50 
Hanssmann's Ball Gan, jointed. 

NO. Ss DAO O SD rien... seed eee dcewe cans: $3.00 
Ne. ST1I96G1 Plain Ball Gun. Priee........ ~~ 

Syringes, for administering medicine to horses and 
Otheranimals. Quittor hard rubber, two pipes. 
No. ¥T1963  Priee, each 81.50 
Syrluges, same as preeeding, but of metal, niekel 
plated. quittar, two pipes. 

No. 8T1964 Price, each.. ...-. —.......... 82.00 
Veterinary Hard Rubber Horse 

Veterisar. [lard Rubber Horse Syringes, capac- 

ity, 24 ounces. 
No. 8T1965 

re ee ee ee 

Priee, each...... oeeee ae eee ee se 

Chicago. CATALOCUE No. II2. 

ble thelr protits 


l'will be able to perform the operation 


Haussmann’s Trephine. 
No. 871967 ilanussmnann’s Trephine, with one 

head.. ie ee Rego 6. ee cee 63.00 
No. STIV68 Iaussmana's Trephine, with two 
ee 2S echt oo ce ss oe eee old ies) eee $5.00 

Made eltber conleal or cylindrical. A mostuseful 
instrument and thoroughly rellable. 

Itis wellunder- —ae —=- — 

stood that ponl- 
trymen can don- 




cCrHIcaaeo »' £244. 

by caponlzing 
their chicks. The 
operation Is very 
simple, the in- 
so explicit that 
anyone after a 
careful reading 

with proper 
Instruments. The demand for ecapons far exceeds 
the =upply. even atan advaneed priee. The Phil- 
adelphia Caponlzing Set contalas the best lnstra- 
mentson the market, and at the price at which they 
are offered no one who keeps chiekens can afford to 
neglect the opportunity of increasing thelr profits. 

No. ST1I970 Price, per set,-in veivet lined ease, 
with book. “Complete Guide for Capon- 
izing”’.....(If by mail, postage extra, 10c).. $2.50 

French Poultry Killing Knife. 
Every Peultry 
SRaiser should 
: - have ope. The 

are made of finely tempered instrument steel, wit 
nickeled bhandie; will last a lifetime. 

No. 8STINT2 Price, ench........s.eseasleeees 3 +-- =e 

if by mail, postage extra, 5 eeats. 

The Philadelphia Poultry Marker. 

Do you keepa record of ehlickens? 
The different breeds, hatches, etc., 
shonld be kept. There is no better or 
quieker way than by this marker, as 
over two hundred ditferent marks can 
be made by punching between toes; 
for instunee between first and seeond 
toes of right foot can mean Wyandotte 
or Plymouth Rock; between second 
and third toes, White Leghorn or Lang- 
shan;so that bundredsof private marks 
can be made, not only to keep records. 
hut by your private marks you Can 

seeure yourself from the chieken thief. They are 
well made with steel spring and cutter, nicely nickel 
plated. : 

No. 8T1974 Prices. 2. eee 150 

if by mall, postage extra, 4 cents. 

Cape Worm Extractors. 

The disease com- 
gape is caused by a small worm in the windpipe of 
the fow!s. When the ehick seems to gasp frequently 
it is a sure sign of gapes and it should reeeive at- 
tention at onee. The only sure cure is to remove 
the worms by mechanical means. You willl save 
time and money by having os hand a Gape Worm 
Extractor. The extractor quickly removes, with- 
out injury to the chick, the worms and the matter 
from the windpipe and effects an instant eure. The 
illustration shows the manner of using the instrue 
ment. One chiek saved pays price of instrument. 

Wo. STiStG Price... .. @ 2s.cccesee es ee 
1f by mall, postage extra, 2 cents. 

Coin Silver Milking Tubes, Etc. 

Coin Sliver Milk. SOLID COIN SILVER. 
lng Tubes for sore 

and obstructed wr eA aii 
teats and hard 
milking cows; 
made of pure coin Silver, and ean be used with ab- 
solute safety. Setof four tubes, 2 inches jong, in a 
neat box, with full direetions for use. 

Ne. STIOTS Prices wer set.......220..--s+00™ $1.25 
Single tubes, each............e-+-c5 35 
Plain tubes, special lengths, inches........ 24 3 

Price, each 
If by mall, postage extra, 2 cents. 

Lead Probes. 

Lead Probes, for treatmentof 
strieture and obstructed teats, 
also for enlarging the opening 
in eows' teats; made in three 
sizes, sniall,medium and large; 
full direetions for using with 
each probe. 

No. 8ST1980 Price, each... .. 6... 2c ee eee eeees ..2006 
If by mall, postage extra, 3 cents. 

Cow Teat Slit- Cow Teat Slitter. 

ter. best impie- = ( 
— 1 

eeececeeeceoaer eee eo FPO raereaortopeeeteee 

ment steel, nicek- 

eled sheath, 5- 
ineh length. ; 
No. ST1LOHS2 Priee, each eee eers eeeeore eet e Scocctenoue 

If by mall, postage extra, 3 cents. 
Stricture Cutter. 




Stricture Cutter. for cow’s 
teats, 7-inch jlength, made of 
best implement steel. 

No. 8T1984 Price, each...... ee $1.25 
If by mall, postage extra, 3 cents. 

eoeres esoeeoert 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. [{2. 475 

gricuitural Implement 


are made for rs under special contracts and In very large quantitics, 
) OUR IMPLEMENTS hy several of the largest and most reliable manufacturers in the country, 

concerns who have devoted their life’s work to the manufacture of this class of goods, and who 

by their long experience, unexcelled facilities and special knowledge, are enabled to turn out the REPA IR 
highest grade of work that can be produced, and at fess cust than inferior goods can be pro- 

duced by most other makers. 

OUR PRICES 2¢° bated on the actual cost of material and labor, with but our one small per- ——— 

weet aw centage of profit added. We dispense with the long line of expenses which are 
Incidentwl to the ordinary method of selling goods, and through the medium of our extensive con- For ail Implemente which we sell can 

tracts the cost of producing our goods Is reduced to the lowest pussible figure. This, in connection and will be fu rnished promptly and at 
with the fact that we are satisfied with a very small margin of profit, depending on a large volume very low prices, but we cannot / 
of business for final results, enables us to make the astonishingiy low prices at which we sell { Ish [ ’ 
attempt to furnis renairs 
our implements. , : P Pa 
ALL AGRIGULTURAL IMPLEMENTS which we sell are guaranteed to be made of good for implements wh.-¢h 
4 '% matcriais aod Ina workmanlike manner, and are we do not sell. 

warranted to do good work when correctly adjusted and properly operated. Any defect in ima- ; 
terlai or wo Piscwnehie appearing whining eho year, will be made hod, by oor furnishing free, E KEEP A CAREFUL RECORD of ail implements 
new parts to take the place of the defective parts. If our implements are not found tobe - Sold by us, and will be glad to give prompt 
NN ae Se eRe ajbattaebtehd cot sotletacti ee ce nr eee eee reply to all letters asking for prices of repairs. Inv 
are not satisfactory, andif we cannot make adjustment to your satisfaction, we will give you ply z : : : 
instructions about ae the goods and wll refuud yoar money or send you other goods, as wriling about repairs or in ordering repairs, be sure 
you may d*sire, and we willalso pay the transportation charges, but no guods can be returned to give a carelul description of the part wanted and 
which have been aitered, or damaged by the purchaser. the letlers, figures or marks 

that we can fre- . wie 
OWING TO THE FACT quently save | WE GUARANTEE the safe delivery of every er ve on Ne Ou ouae Always give 
money for our customers and furnish them | —————————_ implement which we ship piece, Or, A name, size and 
goods at lower prices by shipping from the | 29d will furnish free, transportation prepald, marks on the old piece, tell | ping of machine 

: : t either broken or lost in transit, onl 
factory,manyofourimplementsarcshipped | 22Y par , y us what numbers appear on : : 
direct fromthe factory, from which point | Teauiring the purchaser to examine the gouds hy raeni uy ts of for which repair 
customers pay the freight. This however is | When recelved, cause the agent of the trans- other prominent parts Of) ig wanted. 
done only when we can save you money by | Portation company ta note shortage or break- the machine. 
go doing, and we will ship from our main age on the receipt for the freight charges you 

' : pay, aod send the receipt to us when reporting 
oe ° Naeney er wwe belleve it would;,be best a Ae ate a a 

WEIGHTS given are as nearly correct as it is possible to give, but are not guaranteed, because on heavy goods the weights may vary elther way owing 
———~. tothe variatton inthe weight of the materials without detriment to the goods. 

ABOUT TRE FREIGHT Most agricultural implements are accepted at second class freight rate by nearly all railroad companies, which 1s usually 
eee SF ————._- from 40 to 50 cents per 100 pounds for 500 miles. Ry referring to the pages in the frant part of the catalogue devoted to freight 
classification and freight rates, you can easily determine about what the freight would be on any implement. On goods shipped direct from the factory, as 
points near Chicago, or in northern Illinois, or in southeastern Wiscousin, or iu nerthern Indiana, unlessthe destination is very close to the shipping point, the 
rates «re practically the same as from Chicago. 


piows Nh I ae cal I Da lll tl I It In the most ap- 
can be made. The design, shape and genera] construction isthe same exactly | proved manner. The handles are well braced, secured by iron straps at the 

as : ay, i pero oa set bars apart 
mended and uadopte y a e bottom, thus pre- 
THE ILLUSTRATION stairs sista Ponte 

the leading plow manu- venting clods from filling 
gulck turn. The moidboard of the turf and stubbie 

facturers; in fact these in between the handles. 
plow has a iong, easy turn, especially adapted for 

plows are made for us Wood beams are south- 
under Ae EA ae by general purpose plowing. ern oak, well arched and 

one of the very best mak- made extra heavy directly 
over and forward of the 
standard. Steel beam 
are double flanged, thus 
making them Nght and 
very strong; they are 
highly arched so as to 
five ample clearance. 
Each plow ls 


so tbat plow can be set to 
the required depth and 
used with any number of 
horses. Any style coulter, 
wheel or jointer can be 
used, but are furnished 
only at extra price. Made 
in right hand only, either 
wood or stéel beam, and 
either stubble shape or 
turf and stubble shape. 
Guaranteed to be madeof 
first class materials and 
ina workmanlike manner, 
well painted and nicely 
finished, and perfectly fit- 
ted forthe work they are 
intended todo: 

ers in this country, and 
arc in every way identical 
with their regular goods. 
They will scour in any soil 
andare especially adap- 
ted to the prairle land 
and black soiij of the Cen- 
traland Western States, 
and willdo perfect work 
in trashy, loose land. 


lightrunning, well balanc- 
ed, easily handled, and 
guaranteed equal to an 
plow made,and better than 
many plows which are sold 
at much higher prices. The 
moldhoards, shares and 
landsides are all made of 
the very best quality of 
soft center plow steel, and 
moldboards and shares i —e . a, 
are extra carefull SS Se 2 , —_ ———— 
hardened. The mold- = ae ee sepa Ra Riser 3. _ ; 
boards and shares are 
double shinned and the 
landside plates are med- 
ium high. 

No. 32T69 Size 12-inch. Weight, 90 pounds. Price..........sccee0e.--B 8-30 | No. 32T85 Size, 12-inch. Weight, 90 pounds. Price.......... cocsccsces Ee 

No. 3~T70 Size, 14-inch, Weight, 95 pounds, Price. ee eeeeetceeeeseoonee 9.50 No. 32TS86 Size, 14-inch. Weight, 95 pounds. Price. see eeeeedeetteoteeae 9.95 
No. 32T71 Size 16-inch. Weight, 100 pounds. Price...c.ccccccceccecee. 10.85 No. 32787 Size, 16-inch. Weight, 100 pounds. PYice@.. se. cecseccravnes eh 

No. $2773 Size, i2-inch. Weight, 100 pounds. Price...........ce0ee.00e8 8.40 | No.32T89 Size, 12-inch. Weight, 100 pounds. Price....... cecccccscccen B B75 
No. 32774 Size, 14-inch. Weight, 105 pounds. Price..... eececceseeeeee, 955 | No. 32T90 Size, I4-inch. Weight, 103 pounds. Price........-.. © eae 10.00 
No. $2775 Size, 16-inch. Weight, 110 pounds. Price.......cce..ceeceee. 10.95 No. 32T91 Size, 16-inch. Weight, 110 pounds. Price....... sees cvecepeg LIS 
Steel Shares for Stubble Plnws,. Steel Shares for Turf and Stubble Plows, ‘ 
No. 32777 Size, 12-inch. Weight, 10 pounds. Price............6...6..8 1.85 | No.32T93 Size, i2-inch. Weight, 10 pounds. Price...... bor se teeet ss a6 $1.90 
No. 32T78 Size, \4-inch. Weight, 12 pounds. Price....... eecssccee wee 215 | Now 32T94 Size, 4-inch. Weight, 12 pounds, Pric@.......cee-scee.---es 2.20 
No. 32T79 Size, 16-inch. Weight, 14 pounds. Price.............. a 2.15 | No. 32T95 Size, 16-inch. Weigbt, 14 pounds. Price.....cccccsssessecess -%-50 

No. 327125 Fin Cutter. Weight, 3 pounds. Price....... . une 80.65 | No. 327129 Roiling Coulter, for stee) beam. Welght,15 pounds........ $1.69 
No. 32T126 Reversible Coulter, for wood beam. Weight, 5 pounds..... 81 | No. 327132 Gauge Wheel, for wood beam. Weight, 12 pounds...... cece gos 
No. 32T127 KReverslbie Coulter, for steel] beam. Weight, 5 pounds..... 1.01 No. 327133 Gauge Wheel, for steel beam. Weight, 12 pounds............ 838 
No. 32T128 Roiliog Coulter, for wood beam. Weight, 15 pounds...... ... 1.69 NOTE—You must specify for which plow extras are wanted. 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. Il2. 


Qcr light wood beam and stee] beam all steel 
plows are guaranteed to do good service in the 
work they are intended for. They are fitted witb 
steel moldbuard, steel landside and steel share, and 
have steel standard cap, sloping landslide and 
adjustable silpheel. The one-horse plows are _ es- 
pecially adapted for cetten and corn land and for 
gardening purposes. The two-horse plows are suit- 
able for stubbie and tight sod plowing. 


Pee ini 


No. 32T155 One-Horse Plow, 7-ineh cut. 
Weight, 38 pounds. Price............ oe $1.99 
No.32T7T1656 Ope-Horse Plow,&-incheut. Weight, 
eo oe ER Ea 82.39 

No. 327157 One-Horse or Light Two-lforse 
Plow, @-inch cut. Weight;47 pounds. Price...$2.59 

No. 327158 Two-liorse Plow, 16-inch cut. 
Woight, 63 pounds. Price...............cceseeeee 83.73 
No. 327159 Two-Horse Plow, 11-inch cut. 

Welght, 69 pounds. Price....$4.33 

Steel Beam Pony Plows. 

Extra Steel Share fernished with each Plow. 

Wo. 32T165 One-lorse Plow, f@-inch cut. 
Scere mands. Pric@y....-... .......00----. ®2.89 
No. 32T166 One-Horse Plow,8&-inchcut. Weight. 
BOUT OS. ICG occ eek want &3.29 

No. 327167 One-Iorse or Light Two-llorse 
Plow, 9-inchecut. Weight, 70 pounds. Price...#%3.66 
No. 32T168 Two-Horse Plow, W-inchcut. Weight, 
RN SN PICS foc. coe cae te sess seein ces cae $1.62 
o.32T169 Two-Horse Plow, 11-inchcut. Weight, 
PS GAM eo as ing ooo ae 0 oll $5.20 

Steel Shares for Pony Plows. 
No. 327170 For 7-inch plow. Weight, 2%1 bs..21e 
No. 327171 For 8-inch plow. Weight, 344 tbs..27¢ 
No. 327172 For 9-ineh plow. Weight, 3X Ibs..32¢ 
No. 32T173 J*orl0-inch plow. Weight, 4% lbs..3%e 
No. 32T174 Forli-inch plow. Weight, 5 lbs..46c 

Cauge Wheels and Fin Cutters, for 
Pony Plows. 

No. 327160 Gauge Wheel, complete. State 
whether for wood or steel beam. Wt., 11 Ibs. Price.49c¢ 
No. 32Ti6L Fin Outter for 7-inch, 8-ineh and 

®-inch plows. Weight, 12{ pounds. Price......... 23¢ 
No. 327162 Fin Cutter, for 10-inch and 11-inch 
plows. Weight,2% pounds. Tl’rice............... peic 

Full Chilled Plows. 

Gears, Roebuck & Co.'s Full Chilled Plows. 

on the same lines as the original Oliver Plows. These 
are general purpose plows and can be used anywhere 
that a chilled plow will work. Asa sand soil plow 

they have no equal. Widthof furrow does not mean 
widthof plow bottom, but shows width of furrow 
which plew willturn. We aiways ship these plows 
right hand, uniess otherwise ordered, Extra 
share furnished with each plow. Shipped direct 
from factory ln Northern Indlanpa. 

Furrow. Welcht 

No, Width. Depth. Ibe, | Pelee 
B2TL756 A Right hand only 4% 50 $3.83 
827176 B Right hand only 16 5 65 4.90 
82T177 10 Rizht hand only 11 5% " 5.50 
$2T178 13 Right or left..... 11 6 85 6.25 
S2TL79 19 Night or left..... 12 6% 100 6.75 
S2TL80 2 Night or left..... 14 7 112 («6.95 
S2T182 40 Right or left..... 16 8 125 847.365 
BS2T(83 Price of jointer, extra..........- 15 1.50 
S2T184 Lead wheel, extra............ ; 2.216 aaG 

NOTE—Jointer and lead wheel cannot be used 
on No. 32T176 or No. 32T1L76. 
Repairs for Our Full Chilled Plows. 
: Will Fil Oliver Plows of Same Pattern. 
Shipped direct From [actory in Northern indlaaa. 
Be sure and state whether plow repalrs are 
wanted to turn furrow to tlie right or to the le[t. 

Stand- Mold Land- Shares 

No. om ard Bd. side Plain 
O2T195 A Right........81.01 1.00 36c 20c 
B2T196 B Right......... 1.22 1.30 48c 23c 
$27T197 10 ight.... :.. 1586 155 64¢c 28c 
82T198 13 Rightorleft. 1.738 1.72 63¢c 306 
92T199 19 Rightor left. 1.74 1.95 66c 3650 
82T200 20 Right orleft.. 1.75 2.14 670 36c 
B2T202 40 Right orleft. 1.92 2.34 70c 380 
S2T203 Jointer points. Weight, ? pounds....... lice 

Hazel Brush Plows. 


a . . " —: ; 
A Splendid General Purpose Plow. 

Light, strong and a very serviceable all around 
wood beam plow. Has heavy iroo strap under 
beam, extra heavy landside bar and strong icine on 
slip share. Shure is made of strong, tough, good 
wearing solid steel. Moldboard is extra hardened 
soft center steel: turf and stubble shape and double 
ghinned. Easy to handle, and will staod the wear 
and tear of very heavy work. Price is without cut- 
ter, gauge shoe or gauge wheel, these being furnished 
as extrus at prices shown. Shipped direct from 
factory lo Northern lillools. 

No. 327204 ll-in.cut. Weight, 801bs. Price, 7.55 
No. 327206 12-in. cut. Weight, s5ibs. Price, 8.£ 

No. 32T206 13-in. cut. Weight, &ilhs. Price, 8.50 
No. 32T207 14-in. cut. Weight, 901bs. Price, 8.80 
No. 327208 Reversible Cutter. Wt. 5 tbs. .81 
No. 32T209 Gauge Shoe forabeve. Wt.61bs.  .36 
No. 32T210 Gauge Wheel forabove. Wt. 12lbs, .68 
No. 327211 Share for 11-inch plow. Wt.101bs 1.89 
No. 32T212 Shure for l2-lnch plow. Wt.12lbs 1.90 
No. 32T213 Share for13-inch plow. Wt.12lbs 2.27 
No. 32T214 Suareforl4-inch plow. Wt.12lbs 2.28 

Steel Beam Brush Plow. 


when you have 
rough and 
rooty laad 
—@, break np. 

Se uy 

o \ ’ | ral ais 
SO Pa 
RIGHT ge ll 
— os \ SN y 
ONLY. = 

<< \ 
24% diy Sg = - : i 
weg ASE 

Tani yore. — 

It is very strong, the beam being double, that is, 
made of two steel beams placed side hy side, This 
makes a beam much 1nore rigid than a solid piece 
ef steel, also lighter. It has an extra high curve, 
which allows brush, etc., to pass through—cannot 
foul or cheke up. It also makes an excellent plow 
for road work; in fact, is a first class, all around 
plow, where eae and durability are required. 
The braces and handles are extra heavy. In 
short, we have here a plow that will outlast any 
wood beam plow made. We show the plow rigged 
with wheel and foot coulter, but furnish the wheel 
and coulter only as extras. Has steel moldboard, 
cust point and landside, is abeut 11% inches aeross 
buttom and will turn a 13-inch furrow. Price _in- 
cludes one extra point. Shipped direct from fac- 
tory in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No. 32T215 Steel Beam Brush plow, without 
wheel or coulter. Weight, 115 pounds. Price..$8.75 

No. 32T217% Gauge Wheel. Weight, 71]bs.... .70 
No. 32T218 Foot Coulter. Weight, 12 1bs.... 1.40 
No. 32T219 Knife Coulter. Weight, 91bs.... .9% 
No. 327220 Extra Point. Welght, 8lbs.... .33 

NOTE: State if points ordered for repairs are for 
plow with or without foot coulter. 

Acme Vineyard Plows. 

nl A Miairmiss 



—.. = —~ 

Ovr Old Reliable One-Fiorse Combination Plow 
is the best plow made for nurseries, orchards, Vsne- 

The beam is adjust- 
uble so the horse can walk in the furrow or on the 
land. The handles can he shifted to right or left, 
which enables the plowman te walk away from the 
row of trees or shrubs. The shape of moldboard 
makes the plow light draft and also cleans out the 
furrow in loose soil. Will turn a furrow 8 inches to 
12 inches wide and 3 inches to 8 inches deep. Made 
with chilled landside and pcint, and with either 
steel or chilled moidbouard. Furnished with one ex- 
tra point. Asa vineyard plow it Is the finest made. 
Weight, 86 pounds. Price is for plow, without wheel 
er coulter. Shipped direct From factory in West- 
ern Michigan. 

No. 327224 
No. 327225 
No. 327226 
No. 327227 
No. 32T228 

yards, and all one-horse werk. 

Price, with steel moldboard. .86.45 
Price, with chilled moldhoard.. 5.06 
Gauge Wheel. Weight, 1libs..  .74 
Coulter. Weight, 6 lbs......... 
Extra point. Weight, 4% lbs.... 

‘complete with rolling coulter, gauge wheel and extra 
Share. Price. .........020+.0e eee ene $11.75 
No. 327252 Extra 12-inch share; weight. 19 
mounds. Price.........5 PTT rs ee or ke 1.60 
No. 327253 Extra 14-inch share; weight, 22 
pounds. Prive......-...05..-5->)e=—ne ; . 
No. 327264 Extra 16-inch share; weight, %5 
pounds. Vrice.... .......2.3ne ... 32.20 
Hillside Plows. 

Acme Prairie Breaking Plowa. 

Ral ; RT > 

Our Prairie Breaker combines many desirahie 
qvallities. Its construction is light and strong; the 
heam is adjustable; the shape is us near perfection 
as cap be made; it turps a flut furrew with great 
ease and without breaklng the sod; it ts made with 
solid steel share, steel moldboard and steel land- 
side. The many desirable qualities of this plow can- 
net help but bring 1t into great favor. Shipped 
direct from factory In Northern Illipols, 
No. 327246 Size, 12 inches, with extra share, but 
without wheel aud coulter; weight, 110 pounds. 
Price . ...... 2... sscege a0 0 asain &8.00 
No. 327247 Size, 1t inches, with extra share, but 
without wheel and coulter; weight, 112 pounds. 
Pri ...... 000.200 09 05 ols 9 sine ee ore oae -90 
No. 327248 Size, 16 inches, with extra share, but 
without wheel and coulter; weight, 115 pennds. 
IPTice . —....-- 6.6: 2. g rae = 10.00 
No. 327249 Size, 12 inehes; weight, 145 pounds; 
eomplete with rolling coulter, gauge wheel and ex- 
trashare. Trice............<see eR $9.75 
No. 327250 Size, 1f inches; weight, 147 pounds; 
eomplete with rolling coulter, gauge wheel and ex- 
tra share. Pricé...........J5e=eeeee PA - $10.65 
No. 32T251 Size,16 inches; weight, 150 pounds; 

priociples from the best of inaterlals. They are the 
simplest and cusiest swinging plow on the market. 
Especially adapted fer hillside plowing, but will also 
do perfect. work on flutland. Alt are made with wood 
beam, chilled moldboard, laodside and share. Price 
ineludes wrench and one extra share. Gauge wheel 
can be used on either size, and jointer on the two 
larger sizes, but gauge wheel and jointer are not in- 
cluded ip price of plow. Shipped direct from factory 
in Northern Indiana. 
No. 32T266 One-horse Hillside Plow, turns fur- 
row 8 to 10 inches wide; weight, 78 pounds. 
Price..... MTT sti—‘“‘“<a ai‘“CséSS &5.50 
No. 327268 Light two-horse Hillside Plow, turns 
furrow 10 to 12 inches wide; weight 105 pounds. 
PICA.  .....00 0s een enee se een ore coe ..-  BT1G 
No. 32T270  Iteavy twe-horse Hillside Plow, 
turns furrow 12 to 11 inches wide; welght, 132 pounds. 
Pric@... 0 22. cece ee ee ee ee enn $3.1 
No. 327279 Gauge Wheel for Hillside Plows; 
weizht, 12 pounds. Price. ... jose 0c 
No. 32T280 Reversible Jointer for Hillside Plows; 
weigh t,20 pounds. Price.......3eeeee Siac .. $1.50 

Star Cauge Wheels. 
/ Our Star Gauge Wheels can be set 
+80 as to always run straight with the 
plow. All parts are made of malleable 
iron, combining lightness and strength, 
The post hus a leose spindle and the 
wheel a loese bushing, beth of which, 
when weru out, can be replaced at very 
small cost, saving the expense of new 
wheel or post. Will tit ail makes of 
plows, either wood or steel beam, 
Weight, 8 pounds. 
No. 327392 Gaage Wheel. 
Price. .iicc¥eceee: ee ose coaemeenineas 38e 

Star Jointers. 

Our Star Jolpters are tl 
best and most convenient 
joloters made, Tieyuaresup- 
plied with a reversible steel 
point, having three distinct 
or separate wearing polnts. 
Perfect adjustable features 
allow of thesejointers heing 
set as may be desired. 
Moldbeard and point made 
ef the best quality wrought 
steel. Will ft all makes of 
plows, either wood or stcel 
benm. The hanging cutter 
attachment shown in con- 
nection With our King Roll- , 
ae Coulters, can be used in place of the joing 
if desired, belting direct to the juinter seat. eigh 
of jointer, 13 pounds. 

No. 32T395 Left hand Jolnter. Price.... $1.38 

No. 32T396 Right hand Jointer. Price.... 

No. 32T397 Extrasteel point; weight, 14 oz. 

No. 32T398 Extra chilled polot; wt.. 14 oz. 


. ee 

4 li 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cneapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. !!2. 

King Rolling Coulters. 

wil ae 
eee UT bhai AN eet 

For ease of ad [nst- 
meut, slmpHeity and 
dorabliity, these coul- 
ters arethebest lu the 
world. They are well 
braced above the arms. 
The shifting only re- 
quires the loosening of 
one belt for up, downor 
sideshift. Thearnis are 
held on by a bolt above 
them. he hub has a 
new device for taklng Z 
yp the wear and will . = 
outwear the blade. ‘These coulters will fit all makes 
of wood er stcel heam plows. elther righter left hand. 
To the lett of the illustration we show our hanging 
cutter attachment, which may be used in place of the 
coulter, bolting to the same seat, and which will be 
found very desirable in some soils. This attachment 
is furnished only at exira price shown below. 
Weight of caulters, about 16 pounds each. Weight of 

cutter attachment, about 4% pounds. 
No. 32T402 King l4-inch Canlter. Price..... 1.69 
Onur star Coulter can be attaehed 
i Adjustable to run deep or shallow 
releasing elamp on beam, No 
Thisisthe coulter that is reeeiving 

No. 32T100 King 12-inch Coulter, Price..... 81.53 
Wo. 32T103 Linnging Cutter Attachment., .99 
toany makeof plow, either right 
sRbas well us to right or left, iu the 
wedges used or holes to bore in 
so much praise from hoth dealers 
, : 
No. 32T407 Star 12-inch Coulter. 

No.32T401 Wing 13-inehCoulter. Price.. .. 1.62 
Star Rolling Coulters. 

or left hand, wood or steel beam, 

simplest munner possible, without 

beam. [las conien) ehilled hubs. 

and farmers. Weight, abent 1s 

Price.... 31.90 
No.32T408 Star 13-inch Coulter. Price.... 2.00 
No. 32T41u9 Star }l4-inch Ceulter. Price.... 2.40 
Tongueless Suiky Plow. 
Saar Right 

This Sulky Plow is a combination of strength 
and simplieity. [tis built expressly for hard service; 
has direct beam hitch. lts three wheels are set at 
correct positions, so as to bring the weight true and 
on each alike. The rear furrow wheel is lecked 
square in line and is operated with aw foot trip, so 
that in turning it will break from the direct line 
and castor with the turn. The beam is very high 
in the threat, preventing clogging. The moidboard, 
landside and share ure made of the best quality ofsoft 
center plow steel. The moldboard and share are 
deuble shinned and are tenipered extra hard. The 
loose lever principle empleyed In this plow allows it 
to ride over stone without jarring the frame or epe- 
rator, and obviating the danger of breakage, also 
insuring an even furrow boettem and a regular depth 
by allowing the frame to pass independently over 
rough and uneven places. This lever can Pevocked 
if desired. Furnished complete with one set of 
tripletrees, one weed hook, one oil can. ore wrench 
and a rolling ceulter, or will furnish with jointer in 
place of rolling conlter if se ordered. Io ordering, 
state whether you waot stubble bottom orturf and 
stuhble hottom. Weight, about 510 pounds. Can he 
furnished with pole if sa ordered. Shipped direet 
from factory io Northern Indlaaa. 

No. 327412 12-inch Sulky Plow. Price..$31.75 
No. 32T413 14-ineh Sulky Plow. Price... 32.00 
No. 32T414 16-inch Suiky Plow. Price... 32.25 
No. 327415 12-inch Steel Share. Price., 2.20 
No. 327416 14-ineh Steel Share. Price... 2.35 
No. 32T417 16-inch Steel Share. Price... 2.50 

Wing Shovel Plow. 

This is ao admirable 
Plow for hilllag pota-& 
twes, etc. It is a single 
shovel plow with adjustable 
steel wings, which can be 
let out to any desired afigle 
by means of punched spread 
rods. It is sometimes con- 
venient to work these plows 
with but one wing, which can 
readily be done,.or the two 
wings ean be worked sim- 
nitaneously at different 
ungles. Weight, 35 pounds. 

No. 327420 Wing Shovel Plow. Price..,.81.95 

No. 327421 Extra Shovel Blade, complete with 
wings and spreaders. Weight, 14 pounds.’ 

Beni@G. 222-6 eee LOG 

When You Write Your Order. 

enact aeoeoeoerace @eeeteoe 

Acme Walking Cang Pio 

In the Aeme Walking Gang Plow we have 
tho best plow ever ot=fered for anything Hke 
what we ask for it. It is a well mude, practical 
plaw, warranted to do good work. Vhis) plow 
Will skin sod front 1% to 3 Inches deep. Vi 
plow corn Jand or outstubble from 2 to 7 inches 
deep. Willcut and turn under all dune grass on 
summer fallow, amd do better work than any other 
plow on the market. Will prepare wheat and 
oat stubble for winter wheat in less than half the 
time requircd by a single plaw orcultivator. While 
this plow willdo good work In most partsef the coun- 
try, We do nat recommend it isa prairle breakeror on 
core land where the stalks have not been cut. Cam- 
pare the price witha single plow and you will see 
of two. llas three 9-inch plows, cutting 27 inches. 
tra set of shares. 
direct from factory in Western Michigan, 

No. 32742% 

No. $2T7T123 

No. 327424 

Na. 327425 


No, 327426 
No. 327427 
No, 327428 

Cast steel shures, Price, each, 
Soft center steel shares. 

With soft center steel moldboard, 
Chilled shares. Price, each........... 




you are getting three plows for less than the price 
Gangs with chilled shares ure furnished with one ex- 

Coulters or jointers cannet be furnished for this plow. Welght, 400 pounds. Shipped 
With ehilled moldbourd, landslide and chilled shares, Price.......... ......... . 18.00 
With soft center steel woldhyard, chilled lundside and chilled shares, Price.. 17.78 
With soft center steel moldboard, chilled lundside and cust steel shares. Price.. 38.78 

landside and ahares. VPrice.... .............6. 23.25 

eeoertoece OC eeree ee Peeetrenteoe rt tOeoerre ent ecvoaeereseeeere 22 

a greene Tatala Teveiera aoe a ved sere ea Tera Tere MEET STERN G6. 6.0 G:'e sw ibis Ree ee 1.00 
Price, each.. ...... ee. eee ee ye 1.35 

Kenwood Steel Frame Two-Horse Corn Planter. 


time button passes through fork. 

Constracted entirely of steel and wrought lroo, mal- 
leable and charcoa! iron castings, and wlll outwear aay 
other two-horse euro planter made. [t isa full hillcom- 
bination planter. Can be used either as a hand drop, drill 
planter, or acheck rower plaoter 
changing the chatn on 
the axle without changing plates; it will drop regularly 
one grain every 12, 16 or 2U inches apart. 
drop is simple aud sure, the succeeding hills drop down 
separate channels and are held in the heel of the planter 
for prompt delivery. The frame Is coupled close, giv- 
ing the driver fulland easy contro}. 

by sty chunging the 
Thedrill is adjusted to ditferent positions by 
ifferent size sprocket wheels on 

he rotary 

The forcio 
attached to the two heunds which are place 

at an 

equal distance from the runners, so that both runnera 
are forced inte the sei] at equa) depth. 
tion hand and foot lever is furalshed so that the 
planter can be rigidly set tothe desired depth, or can be 
run flexible and under easy control of the driver's feet 
aoe him the ful] use of his hands for taking care of 
team. The check rower is one of few parts, not complicated. 

Forks are mude of soft center steel, carefully hardened, and are wide 


One side always at rest. Stroke positive every 

enough apartto prevent kinks in wire from making a stroke. llas automatic winding reel for laying out the 

wire and for rewinding when field is complete. 
without leaving seat. 

Standard width, adjustable for 3-fuot 6-inch and 3-feot 8-inch. 

The wire can be released by the driver pn 
The wire isof the finest quality, and with ordinary care will last many years. 

ling a cord 

Price includes three sets of hill plates and 

three sets of drii! plates. Dues not include evenersor neckyoke. Furnished regnlarly with concave wheels, 
but will furnish with flat wheels at same price, if so ordered. Open wheels will be furnished at 75 cents 
extra. Shipped direet from factory in Southwestern Ohio. 

Nn, 327500 
No. 327501 

pounds Price... ee Sg eR ea ; ' 
. Corn Planter wlth fertillzer attachment, but withoutcheck rewer. Weight, 450 pounda. 

No. 32T502 

Corn Vianter without cheek rower. Weight, 400 pounds. = 
Corn Planter with check rower, automatic reel and s0 rods of wire, complete. Weight, 500 

Price 821.60 

aeaceoaeeceece eon aereoeaeee 

sigiias ees wiaials ws a aeetnee dineieih @.0'0e-0-ie.0 bine 010 siete ae S29.70 

BeriC® .4.5- on 2 oe _. aR oo eee D Perm Pe ee re ok $33.60 
No. 327503 Corn Planter with fertilizer attaehment, check rower, automatic reel and &0 rods of 
wire, complete. Weight, 550 pounds. Price........ Piic to seals abe eeiy es soe cneieime meee MP en $40.90 
No. 32 Damen Creech Tower Wilt, POP TOU.cec.c. cscs cc ce coe. cece mma res ce one eeee PPP O58 
No. 32T505 Extra plates, per pair... . .. «-. Oe ae sec seien ess ceseserwepo-+ess c= se) etree . 43 
No. 32T506 Clod lenders and Covering Hoes, Price. perset........-....- +. eee eee ee ee ees 2.55 

Kenwood Steel Frame One-Horse Corn 
Drill, Cotton Planter and Fertilizer 

In the coa- 
struction of 
this planter 
we use steel » 
frame, wrought 
iron wheel, high grade 
steelrunners, iren seed 
box, lron hopper for 
fertilizer—all finished 
throughout iu a first 

class manner. For planting field ; 
corn or for ensilage corn, as also — 
for planting peas. beans or other small seeds, the 
Kenwood is unequaled. It drops 12, 15, lXand up te 24 
inches apurt, the distance being goverued by pumber 
of holes in seed plates. The lever for throwing ln 
and out of gear is near the operator; it can be 
changed without stopping horse. All wearing parts 
are large and truce; there isno complicated machin- 
ery about the machine. Price includes three regular 
plaice and one blank plate, also the marker, but 
oes not include whifhletree or marker rope. Extra 
plates can be furnished to drop from2 inches to 4 feet 
apart, and thick plates to drop more than one kernel 
ata time. Can also furnish extra plates to plant 
breom corn, pup corn, beans, peas, beet seed, sorghum, 
millet, ete. 

The Fertilizer Distriboator is simple and positive, 
nodelicate gears to get ont of arder; there are no 
slides or wheels to gum or clog. Fertilizer attach- 
ment is a drill drap, not a hill drop. Must be or- 
dered with the drill as it cannot be attached except 
at factory. Itisthe most simple and perfect planter 
ane Shipped direct from factory in Southwestern 


No. 327508 Carn Drilionly. Weight, 100 pounds. | 

Prive.... a SECIS. oO Omen gon o AOAC OSE EERO ROEOEC ae &S.50 
No. 327509 Corn Drill with fertilizer attaeh- 
meot, Weight, I2>peunds. Price.............. $10.75 
No. 327510 Extra plates. Price,each .. . 245 

We can furnish this drill with our pick feed coettan 
planting attachment, if ordered with the drill. Van- 
not be attached except at factory. 

No. 32T511 Pick Feed Cotton Plant 

pment. Price...... 


.... $2.80 

er et eeeereecenre & tear otoene 

Attach- | 


Our $4.35 Cotton Planter. 

Thisis a perfect, rellahble and very desirable cote 
ton planter, and one whieb has had a tremendous 
sale in the great cotton belt of the south. It 1s made 
| of first class materials througheut, has a large hop- 
per, a splendid agitator and a perfect feed regulate 
ing deviee. Center shovel is strong and cannot 
break. Driving wheelis made of wood, 16 inches in 
dlameter, 3 luches thick and beveled to rnn In the 
trench madeby the shovel. Thecoverer issupported 
by steel springs, which allows it to adjust itself to 
the condition of the ground and relieves the hands 
ef all jarring. This machlice is alsoa first elass fer- 
tillzer distributor as weli as a eotton placter, re- 
quiring ne extra parts, and by adding the corn 
planting attachment It makes a splendid corn drill 
dropping the kernels about 24 Inches apart. Shipped 
direct from faetory in Seuthwestern Ohio. 

No. 327512 Cotton Planter only. Weirht, 65 
pouuds. Price.....29s: Sa... 2c oe $4.35 

No. 32T513 Corn Planting Attachment extra. 
| Weight, 5 pounds. Price......... 80c 



We can always furnish repairs 
for our Implements at any tlme at 
See notice on 
first page of thls department. 

the lowest prices. 



Kenwocd Potato Pianter. 


. re ie rae Hi 
é D theics idl 
a 1 — 
- fi 
. 4 Sl Sp ee Tay! 
the. 2? eS a © *oh } 
, 3 % Tie 
A: 1) 
+ = * 
= »* \ 
* i 
~t _ 

Macks, drops and covers all at the same time. Js 
farnishbed with three sizes of sprocket wheels to 
plant 13,16 or 19 inches apart, and will plant at 
any deslred depth from 3 to 6 inches, the depth being 
governed by raising or lowerlng the slotted bearlng 
plates. The axle ep indies are made in two parts. 
which telescope within the maln tubular axle, so the 
wheels may be Set the required distance apart. The 
wheels determine the distance between the rows and 
when returning, one horse follows the last wheel 
track. The automatic dropper, which is fed by 
hand, insures accurate work, and seed planted by 
thls machine does not require nearly so much labor 
in cultivating as does that which is planted by hand. 
Constructed of first class materials and in every 
respect a very superior machine. Weight, 170 pounds. 
Shipped direct from factory in Northern Illinois. 

o. 32T515 Kenwood Potato Planter, 

Price...... SRR Bo es ®18.35 

The Acme Potato Planter. 

The Acme 
has been 
ly tested 

ap’ Avany in the fieid 
yf and has 

satisfac - 
tory in ev- 
ery detail. 
A glanceat 
the illus- 
trav. 7-7 will 
give a gucd 
q genera] 
tdea of Its construction. It 1s positivein action, easy 
to adjust, light of draft and well balanced. 11 marks, 
furrows, drops and covers the seed all in one opera- 
tion. Jt plauts whole or cut potatoes, and drops the 
seed 14, f6 or is%4inches apart. It is adjustable for 
depth of planting, also for depth of cover. Has steel 
wheels, aod frame box ls made of hard wood: discs 
are the best high grade plow steel, full polished. Is 
nicely painted, striped and varnished. It takes two 
torun the Acme planter; a boy can feed the ma- 
chine, and no misses, as you will find in self planters. 
If any farmer will look at the fotlowing tigures he 
will see how much he wiil lose in usiog a self 
planter; Suppose you plaut 100 rows of potatoes and 
100 hills tothe row, and supposing the self planter 
will miss only two hillsio each row, which any self 
plavter will surely do. you will lose just two rows out 
of your 100 rows, or 200 hills. Those 200 hills would 
surely yield from 10 to 14 bags of potatoes, and at 50 
cents a bag it will amount to from $5.00 to $7.00, This 
isonly making an estimate on a smalllot. Shipping 
weight, 250 pounds. Shipped direct from factory 
in Southeastern Wisennsin. 

No. 32T520 Acie Potato Planter. Price. 820.10 

Acme Potato 

each side, with 
extra plates at- 
tached for two SS re 
rods, which are sometimes used where the soills heavy. 
With our cast standard we bolt the shnveiand beam 
rod secureiyin position, from whlch it canoot yield. 
The depth of the digger is reguiated by the rod 
from heel of shone through eod of beam. Weight, 
87 pounds. Shipped direct from factory in South- 
eastern Wiscnnsin, 

No. 32T525 Acme Potato Digger Price...$5.35 

Steel Beam Potato 

teen tite SY = — 

Our Steel 
Beam Pota- 
to Digger 
has ail the 
of the wood 
: . beam dig- 
ine iii ee ~ ger, and in 
addition It is supplied wlth adjustable handles and 
an adjustable guide and gauge wheel, which keeps 
the digger in line and gauges the depth perfectly. 
The high arched beam admits its use in weedy, 
trashy patches without clogging. Weight, 80 pone 
Shipped direct from factory in Northern Illlnois. 
o.32T527 Steel Beam Potato Digger. 
PriGey rss. vanvesacecees «ate Sevreceeoeeettrenazvesrn e@aerree 66.20 

Combination Potato 
Hiller and Digger. 

A practical combined tno), made of the very best 
of materiais and buiit on correct principles. Will 
do much more satisfactory work in hilling than can 
be done with the ordinary wing shovel plow. 1t bills 
the rows high or low, leaves the soil loose and de- 
stroys the weeds. The biller moldboard and point 
can be removed and the digger point attached in its 
place. As a digger it works perfectly, digging the 
potatoes thoroughly, leaving them on top of the soil 
in excellent_condition, where they can be easil 
picked aR Furnished complete with gauge iol 
ebip ree irect from factory in Southeastern Wis- 

No. 32T530 Potato Hiller only. 

: Weight, 70 
pounds: Price.....s aan. ee ..... 85.80 
No. 32T531 Potato Digger only. Welght, 65 
pounds. Prige?......... cee oo eee gene tee $5.75 
No. 327532 Combination Potato Hiller apd 
Digger. Weight, 90 pounds. Price....... ..... 87.50 
i 14-Tooth Steel Frame 

Can be used for work- 
log very closely tosmall 
piants, such as tobacco, 
cotton, pota- 
toes, ete. It 

tboronghly puiverizes, hut throws no dirt on plants, 
Itis also used asa straight dlamond tooth harrow, also 
as asmoother, with sharp points down, in order to cut 
and level the surface, the tooth with shear end down 
being less liable to injure young plants. Adjustable 
from 10 inches to 36inches wide. Our 32T582 outside 
handle braces are a desiruble addition to this tool. 
No. 32T550_ Harrow, without adjusting lever or 
front wheel. Weight,5I pounds. Price........ &2.4 
No. 327551 Harrow, with lever, but without 
wheel. Weight,59 pounds. Price........ err. i 
No. 327552 Harrow, with lever and wheel. 
Weicht, 67 poun@@, Price.7...--.-..-m ---2- oo 83.05 
No. 32T6553 Extra teeth. Price, each.........005 
Onr Steel zak 
Ream Geor- * 
gia Stoeks 
strength. The 
beams are 
mado ofa 
late of steel, 
ormed In the 
shape of a U 
bar, the rear 
part of the beam forming a steel Box for the plow 
andiles. Length from end of beam to foot, same 
as 4 foot wocd beam stock. Can he used with nuin- 
bers 327421, 3217564, 32T565, or 327567 blades, or with 
cultivator shoveis, teeth or sweeps of any descrip- 
tlon, making aconvenientallaround stock. Weight, 

23 pounds. 
o.327T556 Georgia Stock. Price...... ....#1.10 

Steel Beam Single Shovel Piows. 
These Singie Shovel Plows 
are made of the very best ma- 
terial. Thereis ne other plow 
S N on the market that wtil com- 

Steel Beam 
Georgia Stocks. 

pare with 
them. Well 
St ae 
SEER WARD SO nicel fi n= 
ished. Beams made of 1°4x\- 
inch steel. Weight, 321bs. 
No. 327562 Single Shovel 
Piaw, with blade 10 inches 
ae wide by 12inches long. 
“SEs Pricve...... Se see .81.39 
No. 327563 Single Shovel Plnw, with blade [2 
inches wide by !2inches long. Price $1.48 

ee @e ese hh ee 

No. 327564 Extra 10xl2-inch blade. Weight, 6% 
pounds. Price, cachia eee Pr 35c¢ 

No. 32T565 Extrail2xi2-inch blade. Welght, 6% 
pounds, Pricé, each... ...0.- .: sceesees <<. - - tee 44¢ 
Steel Beam Double Shovel 


This Shovel Plow is made 
of the yery best material 
throughouys. Shovels are 6 
inches wide and II inches 
long, of hard- 
ened steol. 
Width of cut. 
20 inches. 
Beams made of; 
1%x &-inch 

34 pounds. fi. 

steel. Weight, 
No. 327566 .Double Shovel Piow. 
No. 32T567 
Price, each.....--.- 


wees eoceoeeeeeertceeeeees seeesee @mae 

| Extra shovels. Weight, 4% hounds 

SEARS, ROEBUCK &CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 112. 

cone This ts the 
Five-Tooth stron eaten 
Sieel Frame cheapest aud 

the best 6&- 
tooth culti- 
vator made. 
Has adjust- 
able teeth to 
suit all kinds 
- of soil, adapt- 
. ed to the cul- 
tivation of corn, potatoes, cotton, tobacco, beets, and 
infactto all crops which are planted in rows or hills. 
Made entirely of steel except the handles, making a 
stiff, strong and almost indestructible tool. Sweeps 
can be used on this cultivator as well as ordinary 
cultlvatorteeth. Made with and without adjusting 
lever. Can be adjusted from 8 inches to 30 inches 
wide. Our Nos. 327581, 32T582 and 327586 are desira- 
ble additions to this tool. 
No. 327577 Cuitivatnr, without adjusting lever 
or front wheel. Weight, 47 pounds. Price..... $2.13 
No, 327578 Cultivator, with lever but without 
trovt wheel. Weight, 55 pounds. Price........ 82.5% 
No. 327579 Cuitivator, with lever and front 
wheel. Weight, 63 pounds. Price... Jy $2.87 

Five-Tooth Steel Frame Lever Cultivator. 

With Depth Reguiating Wheels and Best Horse 
Hoe Attachment. 

This is the same Cultivator as 
No. 32T578, except that it Is fitted 
with best horse hoe attachments, 


lever wheel, rear wheel 
depth regulator, and outside 
handie braces. This rear 
: wheel 
depth reg- 
ulator will 

“S <p» relieve the 
SO operator 
‘from al 
? strain in 
holding cultivator from running too deep. It will 
make the cultivator run more steadily, and can he 
gauged instantiy, whiie in motion. It is used also 
for transporting from field to ficld wlthout lifting the 
cultivator. The lever wheel enables the operator to 
change the depth in a moment and while in motlon 
and toturn easily atthe end of the row. By the lever 
expander the width also can be changed Instantly. 
The outside handle braces make the cultlvator very 
solid and rigid. We especiaily recommend this 
cultivator, as with these attachments the tool can 
be used for cultivating almost any crop. Weight, 94 
pounds, Our No. 32T581 and No. 32T5s86 are deslrable 
additions to this tool. 
No. 32T580 Cuitivator, with depth regulating 
wheels, outside handle braces and best horse hoe at- 
tachments. Pricé..........0 oom ss ceeeeee .. - $4.46 

Seven-Tooth Cultivator Extensions. 
These Cultivator Extensions can be ordered 
separately and attaciied to any of our five-tooth 
cultivators, making of them seven-tooth cultlvators. 
The extra teeth attach to the rear end of the outside 
frames. Weight, 13 pounds. 
No. 32T581 Cuitivator Extensions. Per set..73e 

Extras for Five-Tooth Cultivators and 
Fourteen-Tooth Harrows. 

No. 32T582 Outside handle braces. Welght, 2% 
pounds. Price, per pair.........-..6se eee 170 
No. 327583 Plalufront wheels. Weight,5 pounds. 
Tico GNCh... sacs Se Pe MeL 
Five-Tooth Steel Frame Lever Cuitivator. 
With Spring 

The frame af 
this cuitivator is 
the same as the 
frame of a2)1 our 
steel frame lever 
eultivators, the 
only difference be- 
ing that this tool 
is fitted with 
spring teeth. These 
teeth may be set at any angle, and can be furnished 
apart from the cultivator and used on either of our 
lever or rigid frame cultivators of this series. This 
is a very popular tool, and one which Is preferred by 
many farmers and gardeners. When the teeth are 
furnished as extras, they aresupplied withthe blocks 
for attaching them to the cultivator. 

No.32T585 Spring Tonth Cultivator, with ad- 
justing lever. Weight, 60 pounds. Price....... $2.98 

No. 32T586 Set of five spring teeth, complete 
with blocks. Weight, 20 pounds, Price........81.08 

Reversible Cultivator Teeth. 

Reversihie Cul- 
tivator Teeth, 
complete with 
high Brace plow 
steel. Nicely pol- 
ished. Can beat- 
tached to any cul- 
tlvator or stock. 

No. 32T590 4Inches wide. Weight, 1 pound. 
Price, each .......cgmiecnies <n ocean sone ce Seen c 
No. 32T591 3inches wide. Weight, 14 ounces. 
Price, CACD. . cnpeececccc cans 6 sewess cs une Te 
No. 32T592 2Inches wide. 
Price, @ach......os0.50sei>-oeeas. +s cree eee 
No. 327593 134 inches wide. 
Price, each.... 

Welght, 13 ounces. e 
Weight, 10 ounces. 

ero¢e eeoeeeveveosse eos erseeopeeeeeeseoeeeegeeeen S| 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. !1I2. 

The Kenwood Tongueless Cultivator. 

Our Best Norse Hoo Attachments aro for ase 
on ail five-tooith cultivators, They consist of a 
center, right and left haod hoe and are made to 
swivel without detaching them from tie standard, 
s0 that the dirt is thrown to or from the crop, an en- 
tirely new featurein attachments. Thisis by far the 
most perfect attuchment made. Weight, 15 pounds. 

No.32T598 test llorse Hoes, Prico, perset..85¢ 

Cultivator Sweeps. 

Best Grade Steel 
Cuitivatear Sweeps 
or Shovels. Can be 
used on any of our 5- 
tooth cultivators. 
When three are used 
on the rear of culti- 
vator it makes an ex- 
cellent tool for flat 
cultivation in orange 

steel wheels. The 

Steel archi, 
springs are so arranged that the wheels are al- 

stee] beams, 

hee opt in line of draft, consequently it will not 
fall down like most tongueless cultivators, and can 
be backed or wheeled around by use of the handles. 
The gangs work independently of each other, Conse- 
quently cach horse pulls hisown plow; thes equali- 
zatton ts perfect. The shovel posts are adjustahle 
on the beams hy means of a ratclict, giving the shov- 
els any desired angle so as to get the proper suction 
inany kindof soil. The gangs can be raised or low- 
ered, and set at any distance in or ont from each 
other, to sutt the user. The handles are adjustable. 
Price jacludes whiffletrees and fenders. Weight, 170 
pounds. Shipped dlrect from factory ln Soath- 
western Ohio. 

No. 32T618 With four 5-lnch break pin shovels 
and two bull tongue blades $11.60 

seootceo ne ce eoeeeeeetes= 

veg and in cotton, peanuts and garden vegeta- No. 32T619 With six 3-inch break pin 
les. Fivecan he used at once, if youso desire, set | shovels................... RR Pera ny 12.2 
to run deep or shallow. No. 32T620 With eight 3-inch break pin 
No. 32T602 Size, 10 inches. Weight, 1 pound 5| shovels..............cccccccscccs ccreseccorce: .812.85 
MNMPEME TICE, OACN.... 0.60.2. co cece cc cccsecsencsces 16c No. 327625 Spring Trip Culttvator. With four 

No. 32T603 Size, I2 inches. Weight, I pound 9|5-inchshovels and two bull tongue hlades....813.75 

RE TICE. CACD.. | 2.22205 cs se cece ee cee recess BSE C : : 
No. 32T604 Size, inches. Weight, 1 pound 10 NOTE—Spring | trips cannot be used on slx or 
SNE TACO ACN 05 caaisices cccccecces sesecssces cs 20c¢ | Cight-shovel cultivators. 

Acme Stalk Cutter. Kenwood Single Tongue Cultivator. 

With Steel Arch, Steel Beams, Steel Wheels. 

The above iliustration represents our Keowood 
Cultivator, which isa great improvement overall 
others af its class, being a perfect tongue cnitiva- 
torin every respect. The wheeis, being hinged to 
the frame or arch, are always in Hne with the 
draft of the team and turn easily and natur- 
ally; it makes no difference in what position the 
teum may be. Other cultivators payne the vibra- 
ting movement and the wheels attached rigidly 
to the frame or archi, are always parallel to the 
frame, and when the team is turning and one 
horse stands ahead of the other the wheels must 
scrape or slide sidewisc, thus making it hard on the 
team and liable to break the wheels or axle. This 
hinging of the wheels to the axle is a feature that 
belongs to the Keuwood exclusively. Has malle- 
able break pin and low hitch. 

This is one of the most popular cultivators on the 
market, and there arc more of them in use in lowa, 
Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois than any 
other three cultivators made. It is bnilt tn the 
most thoraugh and substantial manner, and has 
all the modern Improvements known to walking 
cultivators. The springs are so made as to carry 
the weight of the gangs, hut with no tendency 
to hold the shovelsout of the ground. Priceincludes 
whifiletrees, neckyoke and fenders. Weight, 215 
pounds. Shipped direct from factory in South- 
western Ohio 

No. 327622 With four 5-inch break pin shovels 

We contend that there 1s not a better stalk 
cutter made than the Acme single row. It is 
thoroughly and perfectly halanced, there being no 
weight on the horses’ necks when it is in use. The 
knives are of the hest tool steel; they will carry a 
good edge and give satisfaction. The stroke is a 
chop, which is acknowledged to he the only way to 
successfully cut stalks. The frame is al] steel. Tie 
wheels are steel, and high, making light draft, 
and also have adjustable boxes. Uas a draft 
egoalizing spring, the puli comes on this, so there is 
no jerk caused by the striking motion of the cylin- 
der. The hooks for raking the stalks in line are 
made of spring steel, and raise automatically, every 
time the cylinder does. Any tension deslred can be 

iven to force cylinder down, hy collar on raisin 
everrod, The cylinder bearings are well Br areeled 
from dirt, dust, etc., hy adjustahle boxes and bands. 
Price does not include whifetrees or neckyoke. 
Weicht, 490 pounds. Shipped direct from factory 
in Northern Indiana 

; and two bulltongue blades. ............000.. 
Our $6.25 Acme Weeder. shovels. . Seer ee cea. see ee S13.70 
No. 327624 With eight 3-inch break pin 
shovels.....c.cco genes =. 5 cence eee ae S14.45 
No. 32T625 Spring Trip Cultivator. With four 

5-inch shovels and two bull tongue hlades.... 814.75 

NOTE-Spring trips cannot be used on six or 
eight-shovel cultivators. 

Kenwood Double Tongue Cultivator. 

This is practically the same as our single tongue 
cuolttvator, except that the arch Is mace to receive 
the double tongue, which some prefer Instead of 
the single tongue. Price includes whiffletrees, 
neckyoke and fenders. Weight, 220 pounds. Shipped 
direct from factory ln Sauthwestern Ohio. 

No. 32T626 With four 5-inch break pin 

With our Acme Surface Cultivator or Weeder, 
corn, peas, beans, potatoes and all planted or sown 

crops can he cultivated with about one-balf the SS 

labor and expense re uired h an other mode of and two bull tongue hlades dooodnD OOD GUD ODDO ; : 
elton. It kllls Fie weeds while they arcaiall, ok haar With six 3-inch bre Kee 
t erefore t ere are never any arge ones. 1 Teaks | SU Yeisen een oe eererten eee aecceerese SOO DOOOROOOG* 4 e 
the crust and forms a mulch which holds the mois- Shes lanai With eight 3-inch b ee RE 
ture, It promotes a rapid growth while the plants Moonta. 6 soo ooos ooo oo ao bO nn doo UG do OC oO U00dD ook e 

No. 32T629 Spring Trip Cultivator. With four 
5-Inch shovels and two bull tongue hblades.... $15.40 

NOTE -Spring trips cannot he uscd on six oreight- 
shovel cultivators. If so ordered, we will furnish 
our tongueless or single or double tongue cultivators, 
with either 2-inch or 24-inch shovels, in place of 
regular shovels. 

and roots are young and carries them through 
drouths withoutinjury. Contains 35 best quale steel 
teeth. Width,7 feet. End sections, which ure each 2 
feet long, can he taken off, leaving the weeder 3 feet 
wide, for use in narrow places. _ Weight, 75 pounds. 
Shipped direct from factory In Western Michigan. 

No. 82T616 Acine Weeder. Price.,... ,. 86.25 



Our Kenwood All Steel Combined Riding 
and Walking Cultivator. 


These cultivators have been thoroughly tested 
for many years by practicat farmers, and pro- 
nounced an entire success. With this coltivator 
the team jis hitched close to the work and practically 
direet to the shovel beams. Each horse is made 
to pull his own gang of shovels, and it entirely 
does away with the vibrating or swinging of the 
tongue. ne patent doundle hitch, which perfectly 
controls the tendency of the tongue to rise up 
when the operator rides, and takes the welght 
otf the borses’ necks when he walks. Was springs 
which can be adjusted to carry the shovels to 
any desired lift or to he non-acting when at work. 
These cultivators are made entirely of steel 
with the exception of the pole, and are first class 
in every particular. These cultivators handle 
very easily; they run light for the team, and are 
the finest machines on the market for the cultiva- 
tion of corn and cotton. Ifa person has a _ riding 
cultivator of this kind, he can get over much more 
ground than he can with a walker, and being free to 
use his hands in driving the team, can do much more 
effective work than he ean with a waiking cultivator, 
where his hands are occupied in handling the gang. 
We gaarantee these caltivators to bo egaal toany 
oo the market, and will cheerfully refund your 

money if not found pr bees in every respect. 
Priee includes whiffletrees, neckyoke and f«=ders, 
ana also the cultivator handles. Weight, 150 pounds. 

Shipped direct from factory in Southwestern Ohlo. 
No. 327645 With fourd-inch break pin shovels 
and two bull tontue bilades........7...---.- = SI8.20 

No. 32T616 With six 3-inch break pin 
SHOVE]Siachevew se eec ues «0s sees coe eee ee $19.05 
No. 32T61417 With eight 2-inch break pin 
SHOVES = <-:5 » .ceewie a ee eieise eaietaee = weitere ae oe &19.90 

No. 327648 Spring Trip Cultivator. With four 
5-inch shovels, and two bull tongue blades....820.45 

NOTE-—Spring trips cannot be used on six or 
eight-shovel cultivators. 2-inch or 24-inch shovels 
will be furnished in place of 3-inch or 5-inch 
shovels lf sn ordered. : 

Kenwood Riding Disc Cultivator. 


| / Vins SOEs 2 


‘ye — = 

This coltivator possesses all the advantages of 
other caltivatorsbesides our specia improveinents. 
The most serious ohstaclein the way of operating a 
dise cultivator is the difficulty in guiding the discs 
so as to dodge irregular rows of corn: The pressure 
of the dirt is lateral against the discs, hence they 
cannot be moved from side to side with the feet, as 
is done with the shovel cultivator. The dodging of 
discs has heen done heretofore by means Of pressing 
one of the gangs of the cultivator deeper into the 
ground than the other. But this action lifted the 
opposite gang out of the ground, sowhile the guiding 
of one was heing done the other was doing po work. 

Ja this culttvator each gang is provided with a 
pressure spring by means of which the discs can he 
set to cut any desired depth, and as thesesprings are 
controlled hy means of levers attached to the main 
frame of the cultivator, the discs can be set to cata 
nniform depth on both sides, and hy thesame means 
ihe weight of the wholecultivator and driver com- 
bined can be thrown upon the discs, thus making it 
possible for the Kenwood to cultivate successfully 
where any other cultivator would fail. Scrapers 
are made so that by the pressure of the foot the dise 
ean he cleaned from the center to the extreme cir- 
cumference, an entirely new device. Priceincludes 
whiffletree and neckyoke. Weight, 30 pounds. Ship- 
ped direct from factory in Soathwestern Ohio. 

No. 32T671 Riding Disc Cultivator, with six 
16-Inch discs. Price $26.75 



@eaeateeeonwreerer ae ee 

OfR . 


Our Kenwood Steel Frame Disc Harrow. 

Io the munnu- 
farture of the 
Keowood Disc 
care is exercised 
to the end that 
noinferior plece 
of material is 
made use of, 
The frame is 

made of 1%x1%x3,-inch angle steel pieces, having 
strength to withstand any test that the harrow may 
be put to. The axles ure made of l-inch squure 
steel, every one being Re oushly tested before being 
placed in the machine. The discs have square holes 
to accommodate the axle, as also do the spools, so 
they all together form a selid piece, making it im- 
possible for the discs to become loose on the axle, 
The boxiags are made on correct principles and 
are arranged to make the machine the Nghtest 
draft possibie. They are made in three parts, easy 
to adjust, and dust and dirt cannot accumulate in 
them. There is no wearon the boxings atthe end, 
becuuse we allow the gangsto come together at an 
augle, with all pressure against the buffer washers: 
nO pressure onthe boxings. There is ne draft from 
the frame; the draft is entirely from the axles, four 
aaa oa rods being attached directly in front of the 


Recnors and whiffletrees are furnished free with all 
muchines. Unlesss otherwise ordered harrows with 
8, 10 or 12 discs will be furnlshed with 2-horse hitch, 
harrows with 14 dises will have 3-horse hiteh, and 
harrows with 16 dises will have 4-horse hitch, but we 
will furnish either 3 or 4-horse hitch with any size, 
if so ordered. Price is for harrew complete as 
described, and with single lever. Shipped direct 
from factory in Southwestern Ohio. 

_——s —— + 

Discs eigen | 2. 

t a rh] EF > » 

No. No. /Diam, | of Cut Welgnt | Price 
S2RT685.,,. 8 |16-inchi 4%-feet | 315 lbs, | 814.20 
32T686...| 10 |16-inch; 5%-feet | 340 lbs. 15.30 
32T687.,. 2 (16-inch, 6%-feet | 370 1 bs. 16.25 
S2T688...| 14 |36-inch) 7%-feet | 395 lbs. 17.60 
32T689,..| 16 /16-inch| 8%-feet | 445 lbs. | 18.90 
32T690...} 10 {18-inch} 5%-feet | 375 lbs. i. a 
32T691t...{ 12. |18-inch) 6%-feet | 405 Ths. 18.85 
S2T692,..) I4 (18-inch! 7%-feet | 440 lbs. 19.95 
32T693...| 16 |18-ineh! &%-feet | 495 lbs. 21.35 
32T692,,.] 10 |20-ineh| 5%-feet | 400 lhs. 18.95 
32T695.,.. 2 (20-inch! 6%-feet | 435 lbs. 20.10 
32T686,..| 14 |20-inch| 7%-feet | 465 lbs, 21.40 
32T697...! 16 |20-inch! &%-feet | 530 lbs. 1 22.60 

For Doabie Lever llarrow add $1.00 

Our Improved Disc Harrow with Seeder 

This linproved Dise Marrow with seeder attach- 
ment has the same features as is found in drills, 
except that theseced isscuttered broudcastin front of 
the bludes where it is covered. It hasa perfectiorce 
feed, whichis a very essentlal feature; it is driven 
from both sectlons, and the drive chain is always 
in line; the driver sits where he can see at ait 
times whether the seeds are discharged properly; 
it has a perfect index, showing the quantity sewn 
to the avre; has a covering boe in the center, back 
of and between the center discs; It is nicely and sub- 
stantially put upinevery way. The harrow is our 
regular Kenwood Steei Frame Dise Harrow, and 
uniess otherwlse ordered, is furnished with two- 
horse hitch. 

Please note that the seeder can be taken off and 
the disr ased as a separate machine, giving you 
two perfect machines In one, or that one-half of 
seeder ean be removed and the other half used. 
Shipped direct from factoryio Southwestern Ohio. 

No. 32T700 Disc Harrow Seeder, with 12 16-inch 
discs. Welgbt, 550 pounds. Price............. #31.10 

No. 327703 Disc Harrow Seeder, with 12 18-inch 
discs. Welght, 595 pounds. Price.... ........ 833.50 

No. 32T706 Disco Harrow Seeder, with 12 20-inch 

discs Weight,635 pounds. Price,......... ..$34.$5 

The Farmers’ Delight Disc Sharpener. 

: A simple and practical device 
for sharpening und polishing 
dise hurrows and dise cultiva- 
tors. Any dise harrew can be 
Sharpened and polished with- 
out taking discs apurt. 1t is 
\ madecntirely of stcel, and the 
Sw only one manufactured nsing 
LT” an cmery blovk to polish and 
vn put arazor edge on the disc. 
The knife is made of very best tool steel, und can 

be sharpened on any grindstone. Weight, 6% 
No. 327725 Dise Sharpener. Price. . $1.25 


No. 327726 Extra cutter knives, Price, each 

Our Boss Sickle Crinder. 

This implement com- 
prisesa first ctass grind-* 
stone with sickie grind- 
er attachment, and as 
either is worth double 
itscost. The cost of it 
is a trifle more than 
the ordinary griadstone 
and it will answer for all 
purposes. The stone ls 
accurately centered, 
hung true, and does 
perfect work. The 
diameter of the stone is 
Jsinehes; it is 24 inches 
thick and the eomplete 
vutfit weighs 112 pounds, 

No. 327728 Boss 
Sickle Grinier. 
Price. .....28 . 83.63 

Kenwood Disc Sharpener. 

Greatiy Improved for this 
tecey Season. Back geared, most 
powerful machine ef the kind 
made, saves its costin sharp- 
cning ene or two machines, For 
sharpening disc hurrows and 
cultivaters. A bonanza for 
blacksmiths, a money maker 
fer the dealer. Will sbarpen 
< dises frem 12 to 20 inches 
diameter. Our sy aie centering device will center 
accurately any disc. Most convenicnot and practical 
dise sharpener made. There is no chattering or 
jumping ef the cutter, One cutter will sharpen one 
dozen sets of dises, Has our improved roller earrier 
for the disc. The double geur makes the dise revolve 
slowly, and gives twiee the power of other machines. 
We can furnish a pully 10x2% inches so that the 
sharpener can berun by power. 

No. 327731 Kenwood Disc Sharpener. Weicht, 
40 pounds,’ Price:7- eee 1. -. PP ta 62.54 
No. 32T732 Pulley for power. Weight, 10 pounds. 
ill eee ees ee 84c 

No. 327733 Extracutter knives. Price, each, 23c¢ 


BY noting the weight in the description of the 
goods and referrlag to the loatrodaetory pages 
of this catalogue you ean c¢alcutate what the 
freight wilt cost yoa without first writing to us, 
and in every case you will find it will amoant tn 
next to nothing compared to the savlug In price, 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & COo., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.1!(2. 

Mower and Reaper Sections. 
Wwe are prepared to furnish the 

very best quality af mower saad 
reaper sections, as listed helow, put 
up in boxes of 20 sections, ineluding 
40 rivets for same, a few of the rivets 
being long for nse under the knife 
head. These sections are of staundurd 

We make, and are perfeet in every re- 
spect. wWedonot turnish sections other than those 
we list, nor do we break boxes or furnish rivets sepa- 
rately. L'rice is for box of 20 seetions, includin 
rivets. When ordering, give catalogue number an 
fulldescription, and send pauper pattern of old sectian, 
showing size of section and location of rivet holes. 

Weight, about 3 pounds per box. 

SMOOTH MOWER SECTIONS, as below. Price, 
per box of 20 sections, with rivets..................70¢ 
No. 327740 Buckeye, 3x3%, low punch, used from 

{S79 to 1SY4. 
Buckeye, 3x33. bigh punch, used 1895 

No. 327741 
and since. 

No. 382T742 Buckeye (Adriance), 3x3%, used on 
all mowers 1883 und since. 

No. 32T743 Champion, 3x3, used on draw cut 
mowers 1899 and since. 

No. 327744 Chumpion, 3x3,5. used oan New Mower 
or Hlaymaker. 

Bo. 3277415 
to 1899. 
since [s89, 

No. 327747 

No. 327748 
all mowers, 

No. 327749 
all mowers. 

No. 327750 

No. 327751 
siuce 188s, 

No. 327752 Milwankee, 3x34, used on all mewers. 

No. 32T753 Oshorne, 3x3, low punch, used on all 
mowers prier to 1893. 

No. 327754 Osborne, 3x3, high puneh, used en all 
mowers since 1894. 
Sg 32T755 Plano, 3x34, used on all mowers siuce 


No.32T756 Wood, 3x31, used on all enclosed gear 
and tubular 1900 mowers. 
No. 327757 Wood. 34253, nsed on all tubular mow- 
ers prior 10 1899. 
No, 327758 
Since 1582. 

Price, per box of 20 sections, with Fivets.......... 72c 

NO. 32T780 Buckeye, 3x2, used on all frameéless 

No. 32T781 Champion, 3x2% (notched), used on 
all binders since 1882. 

No. 32T382 Deering, 34¢x213, used on all improved 
steel binders, 

No. 327783 

No. 327784 
ers since 180, 

No. 32T785 
ers Since 1883. 

No. 327786 
since 1879. 

No. 32317787 
slnce 1&7s, 

No. 32T788 

Champien, 3x3f,, used on mowers 1893 
Deering. 3x34, used on all mowers 

Empire, 3x3%5, used on all mowers. 
Standurd er Emerson, 3x3}4, used on 

Red, White and Blue, 3x333, used on 

Knowlton, 3x3,4, used on all_ mowers. 
MecCormiek,3x3,3, used on all mowers 

Ann aArber Advance, 2%x34, used 

Deering, 34%x2,%, used on all Pony 
Milwaukee, 343x2,5,, used on all bind- 
Minneapolis, 343x2,,, used on a] bind- 
McCormick, 3x24, used on all binders 
Osborne, 3x244, used on all binders 

Plano, 3x2¥;, used on all binderssince 



ing the lever in one direction closes the openings 
through which the seed is discharged on the distributor, 
and moving it in the other direction opens them. 
Directions. whieb are attached to the sewer, Indicate at 
quantity of seed per acre. This machine wlll sow 100 
acres of wheat per day, with team traveling at the rate 
Other kinds of 
It will sow per- ~~ 
graln or seeds when they are properly cieaned and at any desired amount per acre. It 

what point to set the lever in order to sew an 

of two and one-half miles per hour. 
rraln or seed at Pe opencna rates. 
fectly any kind o 

will also sow fertilizers, lime, ashes, ete, 


This secder is so well known that it scarcely 
needsa descriptioa. It will be found in the store of 
nearly every implement dealer, and the dealer would 
charge you from 38.00 to $10.00 [or the machine. 

Figure I shows tho seeder as it appears whea 
attached tuthe endof the wagon aad ready for ase. 
The large sprocket wheel attaches to the left bind 
wheel of the wagon, being secured by two spoke clips 
and two hook bolts, which we furnish. The driving 
chain Js No. 34 link belting, 10 feet long, running onto 
asproeket wheel which is fitted witha spring clutch, 
so that in starting there is no sudden jur or strain on 
the yearing. It alsoshows plainly the arrangement 
of the muin shaft, spring clutch, small sprocket 
wheel, shifting lever, gearing und seed distributor. 

Figore 2 is a top view of the seeder with hop- 
per removed, showlng the cut-oif slides, the stir- 
ring pin and shaftecap,the seed openiags and the 
lever which adjusts the sizeof these openliogs. 

The feeding deviee of this machine consists of two 
steel plates euch having two sqnare holes the full 
size of the feed opening punched in them. These 
plates are connected by links, which cause the plates 
to mere in opposite directions. They are actuated 
by a single lever which meves in a graduated_seg- 
ment, as shown in the top view of the sower. Mov- 



Wheat...... cae eee sna from 36 to 40 feet wide | Clover...... ..........-.e-ee0++. from 14 to 16 feet wide 
Barley, rye and rice.....,...... .from 30 to 34 feet wide | Hungarian and millet..........from 12 to 14 feet wide 
OAS io... ciece oe. ee exausesescass krom 28 to 32 feet WidGmIeLDY:.... qe eee weeveeeee- fPOM 12 to 14 feet wide 
Flax..2. soe evivesscee. ft TOM 2 to 2 feet wide ialaster, salt, etc...-... ....s-2..from 16 to 20 feet wide 

The end board and the main shuft of the Ken 

wood Endgate Broadeast Seeder are each made lon 
enough so that the machine can be used on either a wide or narrow track wagon, or a wide or narrow rea 
Price is for the seeder delivered free on board ears at the factor 
No.32T800 Endgate Seeder,complete. Welght, 100 pounds. 

in Southeastern Wisconsin. 
Price, ......-cccceeces +000 seer 



The - 
Five- Iboe 
One- Ia x 
Gralo Drill is 
used. princi- 
pally fos drill- 
Ing between 
corn rows or 
putting In 
rrain withone 
orse, Partof 
“ the holes can 
he stopped, which makesitan excellent corn, bean or 
pea dril) also for beets and other course see. 
Onn be adjusted from 35 to 45 inches wide. 
Shipped direct frem factory In Eastern Indiana. 
No. $2T810 Drill, with plain hopper. Weight, [5 

Five-Hoe One-Box Graln 


ES RICE 5s. 560. cen iec ss 2s ssw cee oe MLO.G5 
No. 327811 Drill. with fertilizer hopper. Weight, 
20) CURT 00 Sb 6. ces S1L7.75 

Our li-Foot Broadcast Seeder. 

Qur Low Down DBroadeast Seeder hasaaagitator 
feed aud sows all kinds of grain or grass seed upon 
this principle. 1t is simple in construction, easily 
operated und does perfeet work. Axles are I's-inch 
steel, running from one wheel to the other. The 
steel wheels are s6inches diameterand have wide tlres. 
seed box is deep, of large capacity ind is divided 
into compartments to prevent banking at the 
ends on hilly ground. The frame is heavy and 
strong, and the seeder is built throughout of first 
class materinis. We offer this seeder at about one- 
half the price yon would pay your loval dealer for 
the same inaehine. Weight, 350 pounds. Shipped 
direct from factory in Eastern Indiana. 

No. 327816 11-footSeeder. Price $13.30 


Flexible Wood Frame Harrows. 

This Ils one ef the best wood frame harrews 
made. Drawing one way the teeth are slaatiug, 
drawing the ether way the terth are perpenidicu- 
lar. The frames are flexlble, allowing the harrow ta 
adjust itself to uneven surfaces. As the harrow cun 
be used hoth ways. you get service from both sides of 
the teeth und less sharpening is required. Made of 
well seasoned hardwood, strongly riveted at euch 
tooth, five burs to the section. Tecth are %-inch 
souure steel with either dagger or center point. 
Dagger point teeth will be sent unless otherwise 
ordered. For harrowing corn or potatoes or as a 
smoothing or leveling harrow, there is nathing supe- 
rior. Price includesdraw bar. Shipped direct from 
factory in Southeastern Wiseeasin, 

moore Teeth Cut Weight Prive 

No. 327345 40 Oy ft. Hid 8 4.60 
No, 327846 2 SO 314 ft. 215 8.75 
No. 32TR47 3 120 Wig ft. 320 12.85 
No. S2TR843 4 160 23 ft. 425 16.85 

, Boss Harrows. 


~ =. ~ 
Am Ate th Ut ce ot el A i ec a mee Oe A ae Oe AE By RN ES 

This harrew is eonstructed to accomplish the 
greatest amoontef work inthe least pessible time, 
and tn such a manner that the farmer can 
have two or more hurrows by purchasing one, the 
changes being made by adding or taking off the see- 
tions aS a narrow or wide harrow is wanted. The 
bars and eveners are miude ef the very best 
seasoned hardwood. Teeth are 4 invh square steel 
with either dagger or center point. Dagegrr puint 
teeth will be sent aonless otherwise ordered. The 
seetions are independent and conneeted with evener 
by eye bolts so as to secure a perfect hitch, allowing 
the sections flexibility and vibration without per- 
mitting the teeth to drag or follow each other. The 
two-horse harrow consists of center section sind two 
narrow sections adjoining. The three-horse harrow 
vonsists of center section and two wide sections 
Ldjoining. The four-horse harrow consists of center 
section, two wide and two narrow sidescctions. We 
furnish draw bars te match number of sections 
ordered, The price quoted is for the harrow de- 
livereadl on board the cars at the faetory in Seutb- 
eastern Wisvousia. 

No. 327850 Two-harse Boss Harrow, 78 teeth, 
cuts 14 feet. Weight. 190 pounas. Priee.......85.95 

No.S2T85)) Three-horse Hess Harrow, 102 teeth. 
cuts 16% feet. Weight, 240 pounds. Price.....87.75 

No. 32T852 Four-horse Boss Harrow, 150 teeth, 
cuts 26 feet. Weight, 360 pounds. Price.....811.20 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. li2. 

Scotch Harrows. 

; i, . 

F ih ofl G 

Our Scoteh Harrows are made of the best well 
peasoned bardwood, well riveted — pot natled, teeth 
mortisedin, We use %-inch square teeth with either 
dagger or center point. Dagger point teeth will 
be sent unless Helier ineltstilet CU: Do not confuse 
this harrow with the cheap, nailed together hirrows 
now being puton the market. They are well fin- 
ished and made for use as well as sale. Cuts about 
2 feet wide for every P tecth. Prive Includes draw 

bar. Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern 
No. 327856 Svotch Harrow,?2 sections, 48 teeth. 
Weight, 115 pomuds.® Pricd®. oo ccs ee #%3.8°2 
No. 327857 Sveotch Harrow, 2 sections, 60 teeth. 
oietht, 19 pounds. ePrie@....202. . cms. as <- -s- ge 
NO. S2T85S8 Seoteh Harrow, 2 sections, 72 teeth. 
Welz ht.olts pousidsem PriCG. 2.2 oes9 es. sas 65.6% 
Noe, 327859 Scotch Harrew, 3sections, 72 teeth. 
pee cht, beroieeds.9 Priel. .2....2..00...0008 $5.63 

No. 327860 Scotch Tarrow, 3 sections, 90 teeth. 
Welzht, 198 pounds. Price......2..0ccccccces. 2 40OR 
Special Scotch Harrows. 

Sime as whove exeept that the teeth are §& Inch by 

73 inch with diamond shear point. ; 
No 327861 Special Seotch Tarrow,2 seciions, 

48 teeth. Weighte12s pounds: Priee...-.....-. $4.06 
No. 327862 Special Scotch Tlarrew, 2 sections. 
HOteeth. Welght, 150 pounds, Priee........... 85.08 
No. d2T863) Special Seoteh Harrow, 2 sections. 
fomecvth, Weight@isd pounds, Price 2.3. ... 85.93 
No. 327864 Special Scotch IHarrew, 3 sertlons., 
72 teeth. Weight, 199 pounds. Price........... ROH.O4 
No. 327865 Special Seotch Harrow, 3 sections. 
xO tecth. Weight, 225 pounds. Price.{ 723. S747 

Angle Bar Harrows. 

Our Woed Frame 
mate with well seasoned, best hardwoed frame 
with heavy strips bolted toframe, which makes it 
ricid and strong. Withthis harrow you can harrow 
lengthways of sod and the teeth will net traek. It 
also hurrows square up on the ends and requires no 
lap to complete the work. We use %-inch square 
teeth with either dagger or eenter point. Dagger 
point teeth will he sent unless otherwise ordered. 
Cuts ahout 2 feet wide for every 12 teeth. Price 
includes draw har. Shipped direct from factory In 
Southeastern Wiscensin. 

No. 32T866 Angie Bar Harrow, 2 sections, 48 
teeth: Weizhtiwizapeunds. Pricteen- $3.85 
No. 827867 Angele Bar Warrow, 2 sections, 60 
teeth. Welcht.sp0snounds, (rice. .......2. $4.80 
No. 827T868 Angle Bor Warrow, 2 sections, 72 
teeth. Weight, 180 pounds. Priee.........-.. .« 5.65 
No. 327469 Apgle Bar Huarrew, 3 sections, 72 
tetth. Wiicht, 180 pounds. Price. 222.227 85.70 
No. 327870 Angle Bar Warrow, 3 sections, 90 
teeth. Weight, 210 pounds. Price.............. 87.05 

Special Angle Bar Harrows. 
Same as above except that the teeth are 5g inch by 
7, inch with diamond shear point. 
No. 327871 Special Angle Bar Harrow, 2 sec- 

tions. 4s teeth, Weight, 140 pounds. Price....%4.09 
Neo. 327872 Speelal Angle Dar Warrew, 2 sec- 
tions, #0 teeth. Weight, 175 pounds. Price....&5.10 
No. 327873 Special Angle Bar ilarrow, 2 sec- 
tions, 72 teeth. Weight, 199 pounds. Price....86.01 
No. 327874 Special Angle Bar Uarrow, 3 sec- 

Weight, 200 pounds. Price.. .86.06 
Special Angle Bar Ilarrow, 3 sec- 
Weight, 260 pounds. Price....87.50 

Frame Lever Harrows. 

tions, 72 teeth. 
No 327875 
tions, 90 teeth. 


=f ae jf" aha af sf 

Barsare made of the best seasoned hardweed, 
with rivet at each tooth, making the harrow strong 
and durable. Teeth are 4% inch square stect with 
either dugger or center point. Dagger poiat teeth 
will be sent unless otherwise ordered. Each sec- 
tion has five bars with thirty teeth to the section. 
The ratehet permits of several adjustments in the 
aogle of the teeth, giving the necessary range for 
all kinds of work or soil. YWarrow can be tilted to 
rest on the runners so that it can be moved about 
without loading ina wagon. A light, strong. durable 
und very convenient harrow. Vrice includes draw 

bar. Shipped direct from fartory in Seutheastern 

Wisconsin. Sections Teeth Welzht Price 
No. 32T876 i 30 100 Ths. S 4.50 
No. 327877 % 60 195 lbs. 8.70 
Ne. 32T878 3 90 290 Lbs. 13.00 
Na. 32T879 n 120 385 lbs. 17.30 

| the best on earth. 
Aegle Bar arrows are/stee) bottom lining. 
| harrews have stump guard. 


Acme All Steel Lever Harrow. 

Oar All Steel Lever Dlarrowe are inade ot iexs- 
semer steel, Light, strong und durable. The te«wth 
cun be adjusted to any degree or ut, or taken out 
forresharpening. These hirrows have runner teeth 
ateach eorner of euch section, so that hurrow can 
he moved about without riding on the teeth. lkur- 
nished complete with draw bur. Goaranteed to be 
equal to any all steel lever harrow made or money 
refanded,. Steel teeth, 4$-ineh square, with conter 
point. Each section cuts about 5 feet. Shipped 
tlirect from factory In Southwestern Oblo. 

Weight Price 

No. 327880 section, Wwtlbs., 20teeth....8 4.25 
No. 32T882 2 scetlons, 255 }bs., 50 teeth .... 8.40 
No. 3S2T7TRKS2 Sseetions, 350 tls., teeth . 2.50 
No. 327883 4 sections. 465 }bs., PA teeth . 16.60 

Acme Spring Tooth Harrows. 

This Is the best spring teoth harrow ever sold. 
The frame is madeof hardwuoi2 teeth mude of the 
finest Spring stvel, standard length and size, tem- 
pered in oil, firmly bolted to cross bars. The stump 
gnard runs around the harrow outside of teeth, 
whichisa great pretection tothe teeth. We use a 
tooth attuchmenton allof these harrows. whith is 
Furnished either with or without 
Priee ineludes drawhar. At 
Shipped direct from 
faetory in Seuthern Michigan. 

Priee, without lining. 

Weight Price 
No. 32T884 16 teeth, 16 lbs., cuts 5 feet ...... S6.00 
No. 32T885 18 teeth, iil Tbs., cuts 6 feet ...... 6.70 
No. 32T886 20 teeth. fs lbs.. cuts 7 feet. .. 7.00 

Priee, with bottem huing, 

Weight Price 
Ne. 32T888 16 teeth, 170 lbs., cuts 5 feet... ... 86.75 
Ne. 32T889 18 teeth, 182 lbs., cuts fi feet...... 2 ae 
No.32T890 20 teeth, 194 lhs., euts 7 feet....... 8.10 
No. 32T891 Extra teeth. Price. ¢ach......... 25 

Acme Lever, Steel Frame, Spring Tooth 

Harrow, with Seventeen Teeth. 

The msaipa 
frame is made 
of steel of great 
strength, and eatire- 
ly surrounds the teeth, so thatno projection exteads 
outside of the fran to engage aby obstrnetions, 
The cross bars are af 1'4-inch struetural tubing. 
The front hars carry fear teeth, the middle bars slx 
teeth, and the rear bars seven teeth. The teeth 
fasten on with clips, the teeth passing under tbe bar 
and are held by tbe compression of the clip, The 
teeth are of the regular size, [L4-ineh wide hy l4- 
inch thick aad standard length. and they can he se 
adjusted by the use of the clip that the points 
of the terth «an always be in line. Teeth are 
made from epen hearth spring steel, oi] tempered, 
carefully tested and warranted. The earrying 
wheels have a broad rim and the hearings are 
chilled, which lessens the friction and draft, mak- 
iag the hurrow run Jighter. Can be furnished with 
wide shoes of tempered steel, to carry the harrow 
free fromthe ground. instead of with wheels as shown 
in illustration. Weight. about 300 pounds. Cuts 6 
feet. Shipped direct from factery. 

No. 32T892 Steel Frame.Spring Tooth Harrew, 
on wheels. Price....... ..........-ceseee-.--.- S1 4.80 
No. 32T893 Steel Frame, Spring Tooth Harrow, 
ENGR. OP TIO. 8. te cee ce tece eee SLSRSO 
No. 32T894 Extra Teeth. Price, each.... 36 

Our $2.78 improved Cem Automatic | PLANET JR. GARDEN TOOLS. 


The Improved Gem Automatic Combination 
Sickle and Tool Grinder and Saw Gummer is the 
handiest and most practical machine ever put 
on the market. Every farmer knows that the 
task of sharpening mower Enives is diffleultand 
unsatisfactory tn the old and ordinary ways. 
With the Gem Grinder you simply place the 
sickle bar in position, turn the clamp and the 
machine does the rest. A bpy ten years old can 
ado the work and do it well. The knives are in 
such a position when grinding that you can see 
what you are doing, and see when knives are ground 
to an edge, which is not possible with many other 
grinders. Jt grinds both sides of a section sim- 
ultaneously. The stone oscillates with each turn of 
the crank; that is, it works up and down, so that the 
heel of section is ground as perfectiy as the point. 
It 18 easily adjusted and will work readily on old 
or new, short orlong sections, and will grind out 
all nicks. Can be furnished with beveled emery 
wheel for grinding sickles,or flatemery wheel for 
grinding toals, or with both wheels. Wecan alse fur- 
nisil a beveled edge emery whee! for gumming cross 
cut and circular saws. It is not necessary, to buy 
‘~wo machines, as the wheels are interchange- 
able. By simply changing wheels, which can be 
done in an instant, no tools being required, you have 
a combination grinder that will grind sickles, axes, 
corn knives, scythes. ledger plates, dises, harrow 
and eulltivator teeth, ete., which a cémmon grind- 
stone will notdo. No mechanic or farmer should be 

without the machine, as it will pay for itself in one 
Weight, 18 pounds. 

Grinder, with tool stoneonly...&2.79 
Grinder, withsickle stone only.. 
Grinder, with both stones...... 
Saw Gumming Attachment, extra ge 
et OD 

No. 327924 
No. 327925 
No. 327926 
No. 527927 
No. 327928 
No. 327929 

Extra sickle stones, each....... 
Extra too] stones, each......... 

{mproved Barrel Headers or 
Fruit Presses. 

For heading up barrels of all kinds; | 
apples, potatoes, fish, etc. The ad- J 
vantage this press has over all other 
lever pressesis: Its side clamps are 
of one piece, there being no joints to 
bind. Its movement is quick and 
powerful. Weight, 14 pounds. 

No. 327937 Barrel Header. Price, 

GSES | 95e 
a Perfect Screw Press or 
= Header. 

Onr Perfect Screw Press has the fol- 
lower attached to screw. The fol- 
lower attached thus, can revolve and 
istaken up with the screw after the 
barrelis headed; the screw is of 1-inch 
iron. The side clamps are steel and 
are fastened to the head with two 
bolts. Weight. 15 pounds. 

No. 327938 Serew Press. 
eachiicssss Me cota ccucaccee 



. = 6 
Perfection Burning Brands. 

Every tool and implement 
on your place should be cf- 
fectually marked. With the 
perfection burning brands 
every articie having a wooden 
surface of sufficient size can 
be so marked very quickly 
and easily. Ifamarked too} 
is fost the finder quickly lo- 
cates its owner, and a _ tool 
which is marked is not likely 
to be stolen. No farm, shop, 
elevator, store, millor factory, 
or owner of toolscan afford to 
be without a burning brand 
when one can be obtained at 
the exeeedingly low price at 
which we sell them. Fach burning brand furnished 
with either three or four letters of your own selec- 

No. 327940 Perfection Buroing Brand. 

os GEV ORE ood 35c 
No. $2TS41 Extra Letters. Price,each......2%e 



‘The PianetJr. No.5 Hill and Drill Seeder. 

Weall know that a 
| gardenseedsowerthut 
| does not drop in hills is 
fast becoming a thing 
of the past, for there 
are but few now whodo “TS 
not wish to plant beans Gl 
and corn, spinach aud \ eae 
sulsify, earrots and \ } > 
turnips, parsnips and Sse Ae 
bects, in hills. All erops that are to be grown 
from seed and then thinned to a regular stand, 
should be planted in hills and at jnat the distance 
apart the plants are desired. The new No. 5 
Planet Jr. drops at 6,8,12 and 24 inches apart. 
It drops without injury, can be changed from hill 
to drill or from one distance to another very 
quickly and without any changing of bolts; a neat, 
clear index, with brass screw regulator and quick 
cut-off, is arranged most conveniently just at the top 
of the handle. Feed box is unnsually large, holding 
five quarts. Shipping weight, 54 pounds. 

No. 327950 Planet Jr. No. 5. Price....,. $12.50 

The Planet Jr. No. 4 Combined Hill 
and Drill Seeder and Whee} Hoe, 
with Cultivator and Plow. 

Tt hotdstwo quarts, 
and drops at 4, 6, 8, 
2 and 24 inches. 
The index being for a 
combined tool, itisnot 
placed at the top of 
the handle, Thedrill 
js ve detached 
xe} and the tool frame 
“LZ”, substituted. It then 

becomes the most 
admirable single 
wheel hoe of the Planet Jr. family. Has a fine 
rarden plow. two elegantly shaped new hoes, three 
cultivator teeth, and a practical leaf guard. 


No. 32T954 Planet Jr. No. 4, complete. Weight, 
50 pounds... Erice=-.-.... erie ee ei $9.50 
No. 22T956 Planet Jr. No. 4, as a drill only. 
Weight. @ pounds. Priee.:....:22. 5-25 &7.50 
The Planet Jr. No. 25 
This tool is used the . 

world over. It holds two 
and one-half quarts. 

The sowing cylinder is 
aodrum of spun brass, , 
set between the driving ay 
wheels. Around thisdrum 
is a brass band drawn tight to the drum by a eam 
which joins the ends. In both drum and band are 
corresponding diamond shaped discharge openings; 
hy looseniug the cam and sliding the outer band the 
discharge may be reguiated to suit any kind or 
thickness of seed. The index contains the names 
of the principal seeds, and when the name wanted 
appears through the index slot, it is set rlght forthat 
seed. The drill sows in an even, reguiar stream, 
whether there is much or little in the hopper. The 
opening plow, being directly between the whecls, 
follows all irregularities of the ground, is adjust- 
able, and once set, opens the furrow ata uniform 
depth, and the seeds are deposited in a very narrow 
line. Shipping weight, 38 pounds. 

No. 327957 Planetdr. No.2 Price....... &6.50 

The PlanetJr. No.3 Hill and Drill Seeder. 

JP Sows eithor tn hills 
Ce vor in continuous 
~ rows. A finehtil 
dropping seeder. 
This drill will sow in 
& continuous row, In 
the ordinary way,with 
the greatest regular- 
ity; but its distinctive 
feature is that it will 
drop neatly in hills 
either 4, 6, 8, 12 or 24 inches apart. The wheel is 
15 inches high, with a broad face. 1t is changed 
in 2 moment from hili dropping to drill work, 
sows equally well whether the hopper is full or 
contains only a paper of seed. The plow is ad- 
justable, and opens a very narrow furrow, which 

isa great advantigefor after cultivation. Shipping 
weight, 50 ponnds. : 
No.327T959 Planet Jr. No.3. Price........89.50 

The Planet Jr. No. | Combined Drill 
Seeder, Wheel Hoe, Cultivator and Plow. 

This is the most 
popniar eombined 
tool known. AS a 
seed sower it is iden- 
tical with the No. 2 
Planet fe Drill 
except in size, and 
has all its merits. 
This combined tool 
has a compiete set 
of cultivating tools. 
When used as adrill & 
the seedis sown with & 
great regularity and at urfiform depth, regulated at 
pleasure. Thehopper holds onequart. From a drill 
it is changed to its other uses by unscrewing but 
twobolts. In fact, every purchaser of this machine 
will find itan excellent seed sower; and a first class 
double wheel hoe, for use when plants are small, 
Shipping weight, 46 pounds. 

No. 327962 Planet dr. No.1. Price.......%8.60 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.1I2. 

This toolhasan 

whe Planet Jr. No. 16. 

Il-ineh wheei, Sin 

I gle Wheel Iloe 
with broad face, “A Cultivator, Rake’ 
and a conve- >... and Plow. 

niently arranged 
set of tools. Hus 
adjustable han- 
dles, and frame 
Pe ae adapt- 
e for quiek 
changing of 
teeth. The tools 
are a well shaped plow for plowing, 

— = 

marking out, 
covering and Jute cultivation: a puir of hoes, just 
right for hoeing; and three cultivator teeth. Alsoa 
set of two rakes, just right for 6,9, 12 and upto 
16-inch rows, with two arranged side by side; the 

rakes are just the thing for preparing ground for 
the Seed Drill. A practical leaf guard completes the 
equipment. The frame changes in height and the 
a ae tothe other side of the frame, to hoe both 
sidesof the row atonce. Shipping weight, 26 pounds. 

Noa. 32T965 Planet Jr. No. 16. Price..,...85.00 

Planet Jr. No. 17. 

Single Wheel Hoe, Cultivator and 
Piow. Works both sides of the row at 
once. This has the same frame, 
: handles, etc., as No. 16, but is 
La supplied only with a pair of 

a a 6-iInch hoes, a set of 
SN Cb cultivator teeth and 
S ary a plow; a snitictent 

outfit for most gar- 
adening work. The 
aay et others can be added 
atany time. The frame changes in height, and the 
wheel to the other side of the arm, then working both 
sides of the row at once. Shipping weight, 23 pounds. 
No. 327967 Planet Jre.No.17. Price.......84.25 

Planet Jr. No. fl. 
Donble Wheel Hoe, Cultt- 
vator, Rake and Plow. Jt has 
1l-inch wheels, which 
can be sect at four 
different distances 
apart; the frame is 
malleable, with am- 
ple room for tool ad- 
justment, and can be 
set atthreedifferent 
heights. ‘The handlesareadjustable, and attached to 
the arch, are entirely nndisturbed in making changes 
of the height of frame, width of wheels, or in the ad- 
justment of the toolsthemselves. The archisof stif 
steel, unusually high. A pair of model rakes and a 
pair of new style hoes are added to the usual equip- 
ment—seven pairs of tools in all. The variety of 
work possible with this machine is incredible, cov- 
ering the whole range of whecl hoe work, both in the 
arden and on the farm, and has our unqualified en- 

eee iient. Shipping weight, 39 pounds. 

No. 32T969 Planet Jr. No. ae eee Ne 
; § TOO s en- 
mae aa i. Aticai with No. 11, 
Hoe. Callivator except that it has a 
d Plot less complete equip- 
= es ment, as shown in the {1- 
lustration, but at a cor- 
respondingly less price. 
The set of tools with No. 
12 is what gardeners need 
most, and the rest can be 
added as wanted. Ship- 

— eels welght, 31 pounds. 
No. 327971 Planetdr. No. 12. Price......86.00 

The Planet Jr. 12-Tooth Cultivator, 
Harrow and Pulverizer. 

This tooi lias rapidly grown tnto favor with 
market gardeners and strawberry growers. Jt 
has a high frame and the chisel shape teeth cut an 
inch wide each, and may be worn down three inches 
before that width is lessened or the teeth worn out. 
The foot lever pul- 
verizer is a capital 
addition for pre- 
paring ground for 
the seed drill or for 
ee setting. 

tand levers regu- 
late both width and 
depth while in mo- 
tion; itcontractsto 
12 inches. and may be further reduced in width by 
taking off tle outside teeth; it expands to 32 inches. 

No. 32T973 Planet Jr. 12-Tooth Cultivator, 
plain. Wight, 53 pounds. Price..)27s9e.s)-s &5.00 

No. 32T974 Planet Jr. 12-Tooth Cultivator, 
with wheel. Weigbt, 67 pounds. Price........ &6.00 

NO.32T975 Planet Jr. 12-Tooth Caltivator, with 
wheel and pulverizer. Weight, 751bs. Price..&7.50 

No. $2T976 Strawberry Runner Catter Attach- 
ment, consisting of a 10-lnch flat steel disc mounted 
On an Outrigger. Price............3eeeeee &1.50 
The Planet Jr. No. 8-Horse Hoe. 

: We offer important itmprovre- 
ments tn our No. 8 Planet Jr. 
Hlorse Hoe and Cuitivator. The 
frame is long and high, making a 
tool that will not clog easily. The 
\ depth is under perfect control by 

. means of a lever wheel 
and the patented depth 
regulator, which are 
moved instantly in uni- 
son by a single lever, 
making exact work, 
steadying the machine and relleving the operator. 
The expander is superior ‘to ali other forms; ex- 
ceedingly strong, simpie, accurate, and positive in 

oe ARE) eight, 83 pounds. 
0.327977 PlanetJr.No.8. Price..... ... 87.56 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No./I2. 


New Universal Model Garden Drill. 
Tho perfeet drijl; so acknowledged by alt 
the leading seedsmen aud market gardeners. 
The agitator is a sure means of keeping the seed 
moving through constantly and uniformly, and is 
much preferable to any other method; and, besides, 
there is nothing liable to get out of order or bind in 
the operation. 
The most skillful 
% band could not equal 
the mechanical pre- 
cisiow with which it 
sows all the different 
varieties of beet, car- 
rot, onion, turnip, 
parsnip, sage, spite 
ach, sorghum, peas, 
beans, broom eorn, 
fodder corn, etc. 

The furrow opener may be accurately set to gauge 
the uniform deposit of the seed, at any required 
depth, thus avoiding the risk of planting at irregular 
depths, or so deep in places as to destroy the seed. 

he depth may be gauged as desired. The drags 
will throw just enongh of the loose soil over the seed 
and the concaved roller then following compacts and 
presses the whole down evenly thus alse preventing 
too free circulation of air, hastening germination 
and helping to bring moisture to the surfaee. 

The improved markers are cupableof easy adjust- 
ment, insuch manner that the next row may be in- 
dicated at any desired distance. There are two of 
them, thus saving the trouble of throwing from one 
side to the other, and tending to preserve a better 
balanee. The marker not in use may be raised ont 
of position by the foot and there held, and as easily 
dropped into position again. Weight, 56 pon nds. 

No. 32T1000 Model Gardeo Drill. Price. $6.25 

New Universal Constella- 
tion Drill, Hoe, Rake, Cul- 
tivator, Plow and | 

This combination makes one of the most desir- 
able machines we sell. lt has the advantage of 
being either a double or single wheel a adie ake 
Anyone who has ever used hand seed drills knows 
that at times a one-wheel machine is preferable toa 
double wheel, and then again when used as a donble 
wheel machine the rows of young plants may be 
straddled and the ecuitivating done on both sides of 
the row at one passing. This combination ls one 
which cannot fail to recommend Itself to all. 
The drill is entirely separate from the cultivator, 
and the only parts interchanging are the wheels and 
handles. Two bolts effect the change. Thesimplest 
and hest garden too) made. The attachments are as 
follows: 1 pair hoes; 1 pair (rakes; 1 pair plows; 
1 pair narrow cultivator teeth; 1 pair wide cultiva- 
tor teeth and 1 center cultivator tooth. Weight, 78 

No. 32T1001 Constellation Prlil, complete 
allattachments. Price s 

New Universal NMiodel Cem Seed Drill, 


enen coer te ear oeeeaeere eee 

Hoe, Cultivator and Plow. 


The Gem Drill is made to meet the demand for 
alow priced seeder. In this we offer a drill with 
all the essential features of the Matthews prineiple, 
even to embodying seed drill, indieator and regu- 
lator from exaetly the same patterns as those used 
in the larger and more expensiredrills. The marker 
issuch as is generally employed on other drills for 
which a higher price is asked. 
various distances and thrown from side to side, 
being pivoted between the handles. All ad just- 
ments that are necessary to a snecessful Improved 
seed drill are provided, inelnding the Manual” 
seed eut-off for checking tlow of seed at ends 
of rows. This set is made up of a complete drill and 
the cultivator frame. hoe and plow used on the No.2 
Single Wheel Hoe. The extremely low price is made 
by furnishing only one wheel :ind one pair of handies 
for use with hothimplements. The change is readily 
made, as one holt attaches the wheel and the handles 
are held by thumb belts. A more convenient set 
eertainly cannot be obtained. and the price at whieh 
itis offered is one that may be afforded by any one 
who plants 4 kitchen garden. 

No. 32T1003 Gem Gardening Set, complete with 
allattachments. Weight,56 pounds. Price...87.25 

No. 32T1004 Gem Seed Drlil only. Weight, 39 
Meee oe CiCC ree an cess tsi eee ee ceencen:-- +e 84.75 

It may be set for the g 

New Universal Doublo Wheol Hoo, Culti- 
vator, Plow and Rake. 

In the Universat 
Double Wheet 
tloe wre have uw 
machine that 
conibines att tho 
strong points of 
older styles and 
presents many 
new features, 
The adjustable 
arch not only 
forms the means 
of gauging the 
depth of work to 
lhe performed, but 
by ap ingenious 
device, enables 
the teeth to he’ 
pitched at any 
angle desired. 
One of the easiest 
running machines 
made. The at- 
tachments fur- 
nished are us follows: I pair hoes, 1 palr plows, 
1 pair rakes, 1 pair narrow cultivator teeth, 1 pair 
wide enltivator teeth and 1 pair vine guards. 

No. 32T1005 Double Wheel tfoe, eomplete. 
Meient,~2 pounds. VUrices 2 .cc.- 2: snes sae $5.00 
No. 32T1007 Double Wheel Hoe, only. Weight. 
2: pounds. Price. . 2.22.50. -..s eee ee... B.S 

New Universal Single Whoel 
Hoe, Cultivator, Plow 

and Rake. 
‘ This style of hoe is preferred by 

miuny, and as with the double 
wheel hoe No. 32T1005, it may be 
used either between or astride 

the rows. Furnished complete 
with the following attach- 
ments: 1 pair nar- 
row eultivators, 1 

puir wide cultiva- 
tors, 1 pair hoes, 1 

pair HOw 1 pair rakes, ] center cultivator and 1 vine 
guard. Weight, 35 pounds. 
No, 3271009 Single Wheel Hoe, complete. 
PTiCe. 62. ee Cee ee eee nv ase eer ers ssenem 84.25 
New Universal No. 2 Single Wheel Hoe, 

Cultivator and Plow. 
This Impte- 
| mentis the same 
as our regular 
single wheel 
hoe, except in 
the variety of at- 
tachments. which are: 1 pairhoes, 1 pair enltivators, 
1 center coltivator, 1 large plow. The lurge plow 
attuehment may be used to plow the garden, to open 
furrows for manure, to cover it again, and for other 
uses of an ordinary plow. The hoes are for shallow 
cultivation, and the eultivater teeth may be used 
when it is desired to run deeper. 
No. 32T1011 No. 2 Single Wheel Hoe, eomplete. 

Weight, 30 poupds. rice... -.-.-. a %3.75 
No. 32T10I2 Wo. 2 Slagie Wheel lioe, only. 
Weight, 2¢ poundS#eETice....-.... 29am ----e- 82.50 

New Unlversal Hand Wheel Plow. 

This labor saving tool 
should be owned by 
every gardener and 
poultry man; will pay 
for itself in two weeks’ 
Itime; can be used to 
plow the ground, furrow 
out, cover and do eulti- 
vating to a certain ex- 

tent. If you intend 
making a garden you cannot afford to he without 
this plow. itis also useful for loosening He POBLiry 
runs. QOheap io priceonly. Weight, 20 pounds. 

No. 32T1013 Hand Wheel Ptow. Price....$1.90 

Acme Corn and Cotton 

Special for Southera Trade. 

It is a perfect plunter, certain in its work, well con- 
structed throughout. The gearing is strongly made 
and so arranged that breaking or slipping is impos- 
sible, andit is protected by easing so that dirt or 
trash cannot accumulate in it. Easily thrown in and 
out of gear. Centcr shovel has brakepin, side shovels 
friction slip. The cottonpicker wheel and feed are seo 
constructed that the feed, which is an absolute force 
feed, is perfect. even and certain; no bunching; feed 
always insight. The frame issteel and the finish the 
hest and finest. Furnished complete with five regular 
plates and one blank plate. Shipped direet from fae- Northern Indiana. Weight, 96 pounds. 

No. 32T1026 Acme Cotton Planter. Price,$S8.75 
No. 32T4027 xtra Plates. Price,eucb.... .23 


The Easy Hand Cultivator, Plow ond 

The Fasy isacultlvator, gar- 

den plow and wecder com- 
bined for working in and 

uround plants and shrubs in 
the garden, One of the 
best inade machines for 
the money on the market. 
It is unsurpassed. The 
price brings it within the 
\ reachofall. Every farmer 

and gardener should have one of these cultivators. 
Wheel is 18 inches high. Tools are 1 plow, 1 
cultivator tooth and 1 cultivator sweep, and 
when so ardered it has 1 weeder. Weight, 22 pounds. 

No. 32T1030 Exasy Cultivator, without weeder. 

tee ee ee cee ee rer cr. $2.23 

No. 32T1031 Easy Cultivator, complete with 
Weoder, @eniCG@ie......- eee cece rsteuswes ees eee 4 

Acme Gardan Cultivator, Plow, Hoe and 




The Acme Is one of the hest low priced cultl- 
vators made. With it you ean make six toals as 
follows: Caltivator, Hand Hoe, Hand Plow, 
Weeder, Seed Coverer apd Double Shovel Plow, 
Asa cultivator the three regular blades are used. 
As ahand hoe the center tooth is moved up on the 
standard, and the two outside teeth taken off, and the 
hoe put in their stead. As a hand plow, turn the tool 
over to use the plow, which will be fonnd convenient 
in working, for planting small or large seeds. AS & 
seed eoverer, s@eu can be covered any depth desired, 
by raising the center tooth, and using the back two 
teeth with the wheel in the furrow. As a double 
shovel plow, to make a double shovel cultivator for 
working narrow rows, reverse one of the outside 
standards; this leaves but two teeth which will work 
ina7-inch row. Weight, 25 pounds. 

No. 32T1032 Acme Cultivator, without week 

No. 32T1033 Acme Caltivator, complete 

o Se * 

aeeceeeeeeoeoreeseeeeeres ee 

The Mystic Hand Garden 

The Mystle Garden Cultivator is a new tool 
that embraces more good features than any tool 
yet invented for garden work. In this tool we hare 
overcome such disadvantages as low wheel, blades 
defective in shape. handles that the operator has to 
adjust his hack to fit. etc. The wheel is high, with 
broad tire: the hundles are attached direct to axle, 
and by thumbnuts can be adjusted niekly to any 
height person. The shape of the blades is such that 
all grass and weeds are cut, and the soil left mellow 
and level. lt is also a combination from which six 
distinct tools can he made, as follows: Plow, Marker, 
Seed Coverer, Cultivator. Hand Hoe and Weeder. 
As a marker, or plow, this adjustment adapts it 
for making furrows or rows, also for heavy and 
deep work when the ground has become weed 
and hard, with the marker oft and center toot 
raised, while seed in the row made by the marker ls 
eorered with the outside teeth. Warranted not to 
clog orload. Weight. 23 pounds. 

| No. 32T1034 Mystic Cnitivator, without weeder. 
- 4 > 



Se ont 


aan enn 606 Ce See Se 6 eee fe ee es ee eee 

weeder:. §Price jag co. «es oe ee aes vo os tie 


te. e- +. ~ 7s - 



Hand Grass Seed 

. . Strippers. 
‘> Kiog’s Kentacky Biue 
.Grass Strippers. , Just the 

‘thing for gathering grass 

Wig seed. The blades are made of 
+ 4 Beglish sicel, strong-and dur- 
Ee : able; will last a lifetime. 
a il J # Vwenty bushels of secd can 
Si ei t ie be gathered in a day with one 
ai a Res Of these machines. Nofarmer 
thay ere cc: Wii hs should be without one. 

ed st ei ti Weight, 4 pounds. ; 

dist Miu prn eet: No. $2T1050 Seed Stripper. 
| i! + Tiere... .. ae 81.28 




f The Little Ciant Steel 

| eli 
i) ; ii 
il Bow Broadcast Hand 

With this seeder, when prop- 
erly used, you can distribute 
wheat 58 feet to around, flax 
seed. 36 feet, clover seed 36 
feet, timothy 27 feet, oats 36 
fect. It will also sow rye, bar- 
ley, millet, hungarian corn or 
any grain erseed that can be 
sown broadeast. This seeder has 
alight centrifugal wheel at bor- 
tom, ll inches in diameter, that 
is revolved rapidly in opposite 
directlons by means of a bow. yA Betts 
scattering theseed with great velocity. Weignt, 3 

. 4 





aes ie oe res 
ere diet 2iee 
"at ine: & at 



No. 3271055 Bow Seed Sower. Price)... 95e¢ 
Acme Seed Sower. 

on, The Acme 

comprises a solid 
mnalieable iron 
frame to which 
the few: parts are 
attached, making 
it therefore abso- 
lutely impossible 
to getout of order 
from ordinary 
usage. The dis- 
tributor is superior to all others and not 
used on any other niachine, A great 
feature of ahis mac hineis that the crank 
ean be used either on the right or left 
side, therefore enabling cither a right or 
left handed operator to use it with ease. It will sow 
wheat, rye, oats, barley, rice, flax, millet. turnip 
seed, clover and ail kinds of grasses, in fact, all 
seeds sown broadenst. Aiso fertilizer, ashes, salt, 
etc. It will sow wheat or rye 50 feet at a round; 
buckwheat, 45 feet; flax, clover, timothy and miilet, 
30 to 86 feet; grass seeds, from 15 to 30 feet. Other 
seeds, etc., owing to their nature and condition. Full 
directions with each machine. Weight. 3% peunds. 

No. 3271056 Acme Seed Sower. Price. ...., 79¢ 

Little Ciant Ceared Hand Seeder, 
This is one of the best 
known, as weil as hest 
made handsceders in the 
market. Has a pressed tin 
distributing wheel, and 
jathe centered gears held 
rigid by a malleable iron 
frame, not found in any -~ 
other sower; will sew tim- 
othy, ciover, cats, barley, 
buckwheat, ete, in faet, tr 
aoy kind of seed that can be broadcasted. 
Will sow 60 acres of wheat or 65 acres of clover seed 
In accy often hours, Weight. 4 pounds. 
No. 32T1057 Geared Seeder. Price $1.10 

The Cranger Seeder. 

The Granger Broadcast 
Hand Seeder, for sewing 
all kinds of grain and grass 
seeds, sows on an arerage 
of six acres per hour at 2 

WEE COM MOO Walking galt. 
e7SThe bag and hopper will 
ot hold about 22 quarts, 

wt §=Weight, 544 pounds. 



i No. S2T1058 Granger 
Seeder. Price........81.80 

Our Wheelbarrow Crass Seeder. 

Gur New 
Wheelbarrow * 
Grass Seeder 
is made for 
Bowing all 
kinds of 
clover and grass seed, alfalfa, hungarian, millet, 
flax, etc., and is put up by experienced workmen out of 
good material. Ithasa light iron wheel with a wide 
tire, a light, streng frame and wil! sow allthese seeds 
evenly and Near either mixed or separate, in 
any quantity required per acre. When winds prevail 
this style of seeder is a great success; they can be 
used by any man or boy aud will sow 25 to 50 acres 
per day. They sow absolutely perfect and our new 
seeder has many improvements over anything else 
in the market. We pack these securely for leng 
shipments. Weight, packed for shipment. 50 pounds. 
Shipped direct from factory in Southern Michigan. 

No. 32T1065 12-foot Wheeibarrow Seeder. 

[ao .. . 
ao 32T1066 14-foot Wheeibarrow Seeder. 
miles... 3 eee 
No. 32T1067 16-foot Wheelbarrow Seeders 

ae vrO ere eerennsee ese 

Star Corn Shock Compresser. 

One manu can do the work 
of two’ with our Star Corn 
Shock Compresser. No farmer 
can alYord to be without one. 
You simply place the support- 
ing hook in sheck as shown in 

= illustration. Pass the binding 
twine through the loop in the supporting hook. Take 
the end of rope with ring on and also the end of 
twine and walk around the sheck. Place the ring on 
smali hook at end of compresser. Then pull on the 
loose end of the rope until the sheck is drawn as 
tight as you wish. Then by drawing the repe away 
from the shock the compresser will grip the rope and 
hold it, while you tie the twine. To remove com- 
presser draw the rope toward the shock and the grip 
will loosen. Jt cau then be easily removed to the 
next shock. Weight. 2% pounds. 

No. 32T1080 Cora Shock Compresser. Price,6GGe 

Acme Patent Corn Binder. 

Strongest and hest tle made for corn, grain aod | 
The rope will last from three to five years, | 

ba gs. 
The hook will iaust.a lifetime. All complete and 
ready for use. and is by far the cheapest and 
best. Cheaper than straw. Put up in packages of 
100 ties. Wedo not break packages. 

No. 32T1082 Coro Bioders. Price, per 100..70ce 

Kenwood Seed Carrier. 

Holds nove-haif hashel. Is 
mude of: haavy canvas with rope 
stitched intopedge. This is then 
inserted between inner and outer 
bands, which are riyeted to- 
peaner The shape of these 

ands is such that it is easy to 
reach the hand in and take the 
seed out of the sack. Supplied 
with a heavy shoulder strap, 
with buckles on each side for ad- 
justment. Weight, 1 pound. 

No. 534T1086 Nenwood Seed Carrier. Price, .39¢ 

Kenwood Hand Potato Planters, 



No. 32T1087 
No. 32T1089 

A strictly high grade line of planters. Jawsare 
steel, made witha aoa slim beak, sothey wiil enter 
the ground easily, and are closed when ont of the 
ground by apes which held them ciosed. Potatoes 
are planted at n uniform depth, and are released 
and dropped from the jaws automaticaily. Made 
in three styles: The straight handle stick planter, 
which is preferred by munay; the spade handle stick 
planter, which is a more convenient toel; and the 
wire tube planter, the tube of which is made of steel 
spring wire, making the lightest, handsomest and 
most desirable tube planter on the market. The 
tube of the tube planter issinches in diameter. The 
straigiitt handle stick planter is 40 inehes long over 
ali. The spade hundle stick planter and the spade 
handle tube planter are 35 inches leng over all, but 
the spade handle of each can be lowered as much as 
3 Inches, 

No. 32T1087 Straight Handle Stick Piaoter, 
Weight, 3344pounds Seige mee. 

No. 32T1088 spade Nandle Stick Pianter. 

Weight. 3% pounds. Price..... {Fe ee Pris 
NO. 32T1089 Spade Handie Wire Tuhe 
Pianter. Weight, 4 pounds. Price............. 1.15 

Simpie, strong, dorabie aad easy 
to operate. At one operation the 
holes are made, seed dropped and 
covered. Piants uniformly any 
depth desired. The seed is always 
deposited in moist earth, which 
willtherefore give sure and quick 

When pianted with these piant- 
ers the crop can be tilied so as to 
keep thecsurface of the gronnd 
level, which isan advantage in any 
Seusons. Itis impossible to pick 
upthe seed with this planter. 
Piants three acres aday. The re- 
eeptacies of both planters are made 
on the same principle. 

No. 3271090 Stick Planter. 
Weight, 3 pounds. Price....... 55c 
No. 32T1091L Tube Planter. 

! Weight, 4%; pounds. Price.....77e 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.ti2. 

_Segment Corn and Bean Planter. 

This is a perfect one-hand corn sad bean 
Piaoter. Itisextremely accurate. The siideis a 
segment of a circie haviog its center where the 
jaws are pivoted together—in other words, the 
pivets on which the jaws open and shut are the hub 
of a wheel ef which the slide is a part ef the rim—se 
there is no friction nor lest motion. Theseed box 
and hepper are galvanized iren, the brush is genu- 
Ine Chinese bristles, and the working parts are 
pressed or stamped out_of sheet steel, which makes 
them light, strong und accurate, All parts are 
interchangeable. Weight, 414 pounds. 

No. 3271092 Scgment Pianter. Price,...... 

Nlasters’ Rapid Plant Setter. 
The only hand mechanical planot 
setter on the market; is built on scien- 
tlic principies throughout. Its con- 
ical juws are made of heavy sheet 
y steel,and the main bedy or water reser- 
voir and plant tube of heavy tinned plate. 
The water valve is of brass with rubber 
packing. The valve red and trip spring 
are of steel wire; thumb button and other 
fittings are also of brass. The niachine is 
well put together with rivets and solder, 
and wiil last for years. AI! kinds of 
plants, such as cabluge, tobacco, tomato, 
ceaulifiower, strawLerries, sweet pntato, 
sugar beets, etc., are set, watered and 
covered at ooe opcration. The roots are 
deposited below the surface where the 
ground is cool, and:damp. Printed in- 
structions for making and using home 
made iiquid fertilizer at ne cost but your own work 
to prepare it, sent free with each plant setter; also 
full directions how to eperate, goes out with every 
machine. Weight. when empty, 4% pounds. 
No. 32T1695 I'ant Setter. Priee.......... 

Triumph fiand Corn Pianters are adapted 

te all sorts of seil, never clog, and the 
operator can Bee the corn deposited Jn the ground. 
They are the most durable planter on the market, all 
werking parts being malleable iron and the blades 
steel. Can be used on sod er plowed ground. Weight, 
44o pounds. 

No. 32T1097 Triumph Piaoter. Price....... 520 
No. 32T1098 Triumph Pianter with pumpkin 
seed attachment. Price.............. te sce 720 

The Eclipse Hand Corn Planter. 

OS S0 

The Eciipse Coro Pianter has given unequaied 
Satisfaction during several seasons. It eclipses all 
others, has a positive feed and four changes of disca. 
It is extremely simple and werks much easier than 

other styles. Weight, 8 pounds. 
No. 3271100 Eciipse Planter. Price.........640 

Harvester Canvas Tighteners. 

Asa harvester caavas tightener, this device bas 
no equai. The prongs of the hook engage with the 
buckie, the end of the lever is put througt one of the 
heies in the strap, and itis then a very easy matter 
to draw the canvas tight and buckle it. Wiil he 
found convenient for many other purposes. Weight, 

5 ounces. 
No.32T1145 Canvas Tightener. Price......16¢ 

Kenwood Anti-Jolt Seat Spring. 

This Seat Spring con- = 
sists of aa iron frame Vip * ined 
which bolts to the seat (== 
standard of the machine £3 
to which the seat spring £3 
is attached, this frame gy 
having a slotted hole so¥y 

that proper adjustment 

can be made, Another 
frame, to which the seat attaches, Js suspended 
above by eight strong coil springs. The whole js 
constructed as lightly as is consistent with ample 
strength. Can be applied to all kinds of farm 
machinery, wagons, carts, etc. Will fit any seat, 
and will be feund a very desirable article, adding 
comfort to the operation of the machine. Weight, 10 

PNo. 3271147 SeatSprinog. Price............81.68 


The Kenwood 
iron Mower. 

po | 
e- * ey 


cg (> 
(oe | 
Grad A 

A) ¢ ‘ : ~ 4) 
RT a> e 
aa =e | 
/ f sual! lH ‘al /\IN 
w y, ij = 1G Cane 
i wa Re Aas 

1 ! ¥ 2) ( > 
ie auld thy a yi i 

Pertect lioating and rocking bar, cutter har car- 
rted on wheels, no weight on horses’ necks, perfect 
tilting device, perfect foot lever and lifting spring, 
wonderful strength. 

Long experlence, careful study and expensive cx- 
perimenting enable us to makea &strivtiy first class 
mnawlng inachine. This we nianufacture, and do 
not make or offer for sale a low grade mower. 

The frame and the bearings for the slinfting are 
mide heavy enough to secnre the requisite strength 
and stiffness to fully guard against breakages. 

The gears are the fewest in number possibte, 
and are completely covered, so that at a)l titnes they 
are protected from dust and dirt,and will never wear 
out if the bearings are properly oilca. 

The pltman Is attuched ta the knife by a ball 
and socket, so that all wear ean be tuken up. The 
cutter baris “all right’ and provision for taking np 
all wear of the knives is made. Stee! guard plates 
ure used, which can be ground withont heing re- 
moved fromthe guards, The pitman lines up with 
the knives. The welght of cutter bar is carried on 
wheels. The foct lever works very eusily. No side 
draft. We make hutane size, 44-feot «ut. Price 
includes one extra sivkle. Weighs 750 pounds. 
Shipped direct fram factory. 

No. 32TI160 tron Mower. Priee...... | .€33,50 

Our $11.90 Kenwood Hand Bump, Steel 



Our tKtenwoad Is a strietly higu mere hay rake, 
the equal of rakes that retail at aoubie the price. 
This is a gond substantial rake, extra streog. 
20-taoth, 8-foot, made With steel wheels. 
The wheels are attached by malleable iron holders, 
the teeth are fastened by a separute holt. con- 
strneted and shaped soas to glideunder thehay. The 
teeth raise high when dumping and drop the entire 

uuntity of hny gathered. Any ehild. ald enough to 
drive, ein operate it. The rake is made by ouecf 
the best makers In this country. Made of the 
highest grade maileable tron. sensonetl hardwood 
and steel, highest grade wronght spindles, casily ad- 
justed for any variety of crop or service. The shafts 
are hinged so that the draft of the horse assists in 
discharging the hay: no effort required to move the 
lock Jever, Price ineludes singictree. Shipped di- 
rect from factory in Southwestern Ohia. 

No. 3271160 §&-foot, 20-tooth rake. Weight. 270 
Bounes. Price. ....2..... gone SILLOO 

niet el emcee ees) 

Combined Hand and Foot Dump, Steel 
Wheel, Wood Frame Hay Rakes. 

Slmilartoa our Kenwood Hand Dump Rakes, but 
with teeth coiled at imse and arranged so that 
teeth can be depressed and held tirminly dawn to a 
position which will rake effectually mat’ ed and tan- 
gied grass. All with steel wheels. x-foot rake 1s 
with shafts only; 10-foot and_12-foot rakes with 
combination pole and shafts. Price includes single- 
tree, Shipped direct from factory in Southwestern 

No. 32T1161 8-foot, 20-tooth rake. Weight, 280 

pounds. Price, ..........-. Pee oe ... SL4.65 
No. 3271162 10-foot, 25-tooth rake. Weight, 315 
ees | PTICCHaiccsees scene es seen eee cece wl G85 
No. 22T1163 12-foot, 30-tooth rake. Weight, 30 
See PE fees cs ic dais cecceccccseses ek ded 

Acme Umbrella 

Every farmer should 
have our Acine Umbreli- 
la Holder; ean be at- 
tached to any mower, 
harvester, land roller, 
etc. One hot day In the 
fleld will more than pay 
forit. Priee given below 
is for hoider only. 
Weight, 2 pounds. 

No. 3271164 Um- 
brella Holder. Price, 38e 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. 

CATALOCUE No. (12. 485 

Easy Self Dump, Steel Wheel, Steel Franie| Revolving Hay Rake. 

Hay Rakes. 

aM Hizs, 

—— ie 

arm MOR 

This rake leslmple in construction, strong nnd 
durable. Made from the best materlal that can be 
f; a ay et Always under the coutrol of the driver. 

| itis held down firmly by the cross plece on the two 

These rakes are models of slisplicity and neat- | Center teeth. When ready to dump, ralse the handle 
ness, thongh light and strong, and the most durable! 4ud1t dumps easily. When dumped, there Is a stee! 
rake on the market, and we clalm, the most perfect | Spring on either side to catch and hold it in place. 
rake to work, the ensiest to ride, the lghtest draft | For the moucy asked, we claim It to be the best rake 
und the simplest to operate. Oar patent sted | Made. Head is 9 fect long, and has 14 hickory teeth. 
runner tooth, which preyeuts the rake from seratch- Weight.65 pounds. Shipped direct lrom factory 

ing or taking up gruss reots, is connected to the rake In South western Indiana. 
head by metal tooth sections, earrying 5 and 6 teeth | No, 32711730 Rake, with roundteceth. Price. @2.99 

eich and the same can be puton ortaken out one sce No. $e Tii7b Rake, with square teeth. Price. 3.29 
lion atautime. ‘Whe rake dumps from both wheels. Acme Steel Frame, Steel Wheel Hay 

you can get elsewhere, 

each ratchet being encased. which prevents the wheel 
from winding with hity; is notte lu in operation and Todders. 
drops buck without the least jar. The dumping de- 
vice is engaged by pressing the footon the levcr: the 
rake in operation, is entirely under the coutrol ot the 
operaler by our improved foot treadle when raking 
rough er uneven gronnd. The cleaners or strippers 
ure cuch oscillating independent of euch other, and 
hold the hay from rollinz when the rake is filling; 
prevents the same fromshiding into the wheels. Our 
seat Is one of great comtort, arranged upen an, 
easy steel spring, aujustable to accommodate either a | 
sniull boy or a mon, and arranged at & point of 
halaunce whieh prevents weight npon the horse's 
bick. Furnished with combination pole und shafts. 
No. S2T1165 20-tooth, stee! wheel rake, & fect. 

ee nL. Sot bOwnds. rice eee. «es Hae, 4.15 tn = 
No. 32T1LI67 25-tooth, stcel wheel rake, 10 feet. | “ i ee 
Wight. 355 pounds. — ~. $18.80 | ea mee ze 

Tilnstriation shows wood frame and wood wheels. 
ee ae are now made with steel frame and stee) 

The tedder forks are made of the very best gqaallty 
erucible spring steel on our peculiar pattern, and 
the shape and sweep of the forks are jnst right to do 
perfect work. The convenlent shifting deviee hae 

two levers, one for raisiug and lowering frame, the 
other for throwing in and ont of gear. whieh can be 
i used casily withont dismeunting. Six-fork machine 
| furnished with combination pole and shafts, for one 
tions how to take your own measurements, how to, or two horses. FEight-fork machine, with pole omly, 
order, With perfect fit and satisfaction guaranteed, fortwohorses. Weight,450 pounds. Shipped direct 
'and you will find aur prices for the best grade | from factory In Eastera Minaesota. 

made to order clothing ure very innehiower than | No, 32T11%75 6-fork tedder, &feet. Priee, $23.95 

No. 32T1176 8-forktedder,10 feet. Price, 26.45 



at about one-hnlt the price usually 
charged, send for our trea... « - 

Cloth Sample Bock of Men's Custom Tailoring. 

This hook eontains a sample of every fabric shown 
‘in our Custom Tatloring Departiment, dul! insirue- 


Our $33.50 Kenwood Hay Loader. 

You Cannal Buy ils Equal Elsewhere for Less than $45.00 fo $55.00. 
with the 


that its possession will place its owner in the best positloo for 
taking care of his lay erop ja the most «ecouomical manner. 
We Furnish you this loader at a price much lower than 
these loaders can be purchased for even by the wholesale trade. 
We have a special eontract fora very lurge nomber of these load- 
“we ers. and have been fortunate in purchasing them at a figure which 

. inubles us to sive our eustomers a large amount of Moncey. 
THESE LOADERS emhody alt the essential 
ae a eee ee princi ples NC@®CESary EO Tiatice 
them: the must practical machine on the market. 
They have been builtand sald under the manufart- 
urer’s name for several years. and have been proven 
to be eyqnal to any loader made in this 
country. Special care is used ia the 
eaustruction of these machines to 
have every part made strong and dur- 
able. and suitable for the special ork 
which each part has todo. The great 
advantige of a hay loader 
over londing by hand is the 
quickness with whieh the hay 
ean be gathered, whieh feature 
isatalltimesappreciated. but 
which is especially good in 

shoasvery weather. 



trom the swatb ali klodp of 

_ eae hny. Though we do nat 

= 3 a ER recommend them for work in 

swampy land for the loading of heavy marsh hay, and while the loaders will do very niee work under 

anything like reasonable eireumstances. it is of course understood by every farmer that where the hay 

is very fine and light, it might sometimes be found necessary to rake the hay into light windrows. We say 
light windrows, beeause no loader will do good work in loading from heavy windrows. 

THE LOADER IS OPERATED WITH A GRANK SHAFT, ottschca'to the wheels of the loader 

attached to the wheels of the loader 
by malleable jirou detachabie link belting. Attached to theerank shaft are fork or rake arms at the 
lower end of which rakes, each with six tines, are attached. Along the under side of each of the arms 
there are small carrying forks, which earry the buy to the top of the loader, from whieh it is delivered to 
the wagon. Levers are attaehed to eaeh end of the erank shaft for raising and lowering the rake or forlz 
arms so they may he operated at any desired height. 

The wheels are of wood with an iron hub, and are 
jitted with steel tires having RP aud | whieh engage with the 

ground and assure a positive motion. 
THESE ARE THE SIMPLES and lightest running of the many hay loaders now oa the market, 
PRM ANE PE GING REV! easy toset upand easy to operate. They ure made of good material, 
and are gnaranteed to give good results when properly set up and operated. Remember our price is 
much lower than the same style of machice can be purchased for by the dealer, all of which saving 
Is in favor of our customers. Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern Wiscoasin. $33 50 
No. 32T1180 tay Loader. Weight, 800 pounds. Price..........cccecscecccce cece ceccecvees ° 



SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.i!2. 


A Wonderful Record. 

Ne line of Steel Wiedmills and Angle Steel Tewers ever hefure became se welland faverably 
knewn, In so short a time, as the Kenweed Steel Windmills and Towers, which we have 
introduced and seld to cur custemers, Fer several years we seld them, in a smail way, under 

the name * Acme,” and finding that they were goods which ceuld eot be excelled and which we ceuld anhesitatingly guarantee in every respect, we 
adepted the name “ KENWOOD,” issued the most complete Wiadmill Catalogue ever published, advertised them extensively and breaght them premi- 
neatly befere the coasumer. We feit perfectly safe in doing thls, as eur previous experience had proven the excellence of the geeds. 


From a few orders a 
week, our sales have in- 
creased uptll we now 
centfract for the entire 
apd exclasive sale of 
the outpat ef the fac- 
tery, which is next to 
the largest windmill fac- 
tory in the United States, 
the home of the steel 



threugheat the entire 
United States, and are 
everywhere recognized 
and acknowledged to be 
the stundard of excel- 
lence in windmill and 
tower design and con- 
struction, and 


OUR PRICES ARE EXCEEDINGLY LOW. Gontmcting: as we do, ter 
wwe eve Ek SAVER ee ewe 6the entire output of the fac- 
tory, and giving the factory so much business that they are constahtly increas- 
ing their capavily, and consequently placing them in a position where they can 
purchase material much below the regular market value, and manufacture the 
goods at the very lowest shop cost, we are abie te ebtain these windmills and 
towers ata very little ever the actual cest of the materlal and laber neces- 
sary to produce them. Our prlees are based on the acteal cust of manu. 
faeturiog the geeds aad with but our one smail percentage of profit added. 
All the setling expenses 
of traveling salesmen, 
whelesaie houses, retail 
dealers, seliciters, cel- 
lecters, bad debts, long- 
time interest, handling, 
deoble sterage, etc.,are 

om Tal fl mA 
ry men I lth hk } 
hh ul We i 


abet bd 
‘ga! " 

ui | 


SS =——— 

Our Price is a 
Simple Proposltlon 

i 4 
or ih 



Ve Jay 




A materlal and labor 
faetory cost with our 
profit added, aed our 
profit is smail. 

Our No. 3271202, Painted 8-Foot Steel Pumping Windmills, lor...... $14.85 
or Our No. 3271210, Galvanized 8-Foot Steel Pumping Windmills for...$15.65 

Prices which cannot be cuplicated by anyone on windmills equal le 
qoaallity to the KENWOOD WINDMILLS. Considering the present cost ef 
material and labor, these prices are much lower than were ever befere 
offered. Vrices on nther sizes of Keawood Windmills, and en Towers and 
Windmill Attachmeats will be fonnd to be equally lew. 

hea talil 





Wiscensin, from which 
mill is te go ou woed er steel tewer er weed mast, and If fer weod mast, give slze of mast. 



exact copy: 


EL TOWER, conneeted 

to a pump, witha stock watering tank ciose to the base 



A splendid outtit for stock watering 


on n 40-foot KENWOOD ST 

of tire tower, 


Towers and Windmill Attachments, except where we specify 
otherwise, are made direet frein the faetery in Soetheastern 
plaee yeu must pay the frelght. In ordering be careful to state whetber the 


TO SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS that onr windmills and 
towers are as goud as we represent them to be and that our 
; Statemeats are made in abselute good faith, we furaish 
with every windmill and tower, ef which the fellowing Is an 

gh a system 

all the econvenieuee 

Certificate Nn. 


WIS IS TO CERTIFY, that the Kenwend Steel 
Windmill and Angle Steel Tower, soid under 
inveice number which corresponds with auinber 
of this Certificate, is warranted te be perfect in 
material and manufactere, aed to be perfect In 
OL aa if cerrectly put up aad properly maea- 

Kenweod Steel Windmill, when preperly erected 
and cared for, will endure as hard service and de 
as much werk as any windmill made; aad that the 
Kenweed Steel Tower, when erected aecerding te 
eur directions, wlll safely support in all winds 
(exeept cyclones and tornadees), the size of wlnod- 
mili for which the tewer is designed, and that the 
tower will not buckle or blow down unless the 
ancherage gives way. Any defects In materlal or 
workmanship will be made geod to the porchaser, 
within one year from date ef this certitieate, by 
oar fornishing withnut eharge, correspending 
new parts free on heard cars. 

Stans RoeeocK, 

way force pulp. Just tho 

harrel tapered tower tank, con- 
kind of an outfit regalred for au private water Works 8 

neeted withaua underground three- 

the greatest amount of power for equal velocity of wind, and 
we helieve the Kenwood Windmill wlll pamisnp more water 

In a lighter wind thaniny other windimlll made, 

you ean supply water to the house, the baru and 
to any partof your grounds, throu 

pructieally inde- 
of pipes, whieh will give you 
uta comparatively small cost, 

atrocetible; built to require Httle care, 

shows a Keawood Pumping Windmill, on 2 50-foot Kenwood 

Steel Taok Tower,with a %0- 


built of 


Dated, Chleagn, II1., 
THE KENW00 Steel Pumping and Steel Pewcr 
Dee ae ER ev WVinecmills and Towers are MADE 
one of the best windmill makers In this country. 
They are built from the very best of material through- 
out, on the very latest lines, emhodying every good 
feature ir windmill building, as adopted by the ver 
best makers. Nothing but the very best of materia 
enters into their construction, There is notbing in a 
Kenwood to get out of order, simplteto care for, needs 
less care than almost any other windmill. Heavy 
enough in every part to be very strong and durable and 
not so heavy as to be hard to manage and hard to run; 
strengthened in many points where other mills are weak, 
lightened in several points where other milis are heavy 
and hard to manage; in other words a perfect windmill, 
containing all the good points of all windmills, with the 
defects of. none. : 


ofa city water works system, aud 

ane with little eure Inst forever; built with a vlew of giving 


—- # 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.1I2. 



THE WIHD WHEELS are mado up in six sectlons, supported by angle 

—————— Steel arms whieh are strongly holted to a large center 
casting and (eee braced by six front braves.” The ontercireles of all 
wheels and theinner circles of 12-foot, 14-foot und 16-foot wheels ure angle steel, 
while the inner circles of the smaller whecls are ilut steel tarned edgewise, glv- 
ing great strength and rigidity where most required, 
THE SAIL are slicet stec!, heavy cneugh so that we are not compelled 
——ee tO Head them to obtain the necessary strength, and us the 
brackets to which they are riveted ure secured to the hack of the sails, the face 
or front of the sail offers no resistanee to the full eifectiveness of the wind. 
The width, angle and curvature of the suils are such as, by exhanstive experl- 
ments, have been proven to be the most desirable and efcient under avcrage 
ALL SHAFT BEARING are babbited with high grade Babbit metal, 
——— aah every bearing is provided with a suitable 
oiling deviee. A good grade of oil should be used on shaft beanings, but heavy 
grease should be used on gears and sliding surfaces. 

THE VAN is srnooth shect steel, fishtall la form, beaded around the edge 
and firmly scenred toa heavy steel backbone, all being thorough 
braved und secured to the vane hinge, whieh Js attached to the head of the rift 
Insuch a manner and positien us to compensate for the tendency of the wind 
and motion of the wheel! to turn the mill out of the proper angie, thus utilizing 
the full powerof the wind until the required velocity ts attalned. The strongest, 
handsomest and best vane used on apy windmlll. 

THE SPRING GOVERNOR naepplied to our Kenwood Wilodmills isa sim- 
eee eee eS eee oplearnd effective governing device, and makes 
a perfeet windrnaill regulator, which, by its action on the vane, holds the wheel 
aut the proper angle to develop only the required Maren for Its work In heavy 
winds, iid canted It to fuce the lighter winds and obtain their full foree and 
elfect. Our spring governorsare adjustable, and our 12-foot, 14-foot and 16-foot 
windmills are titted with an auxHiary lever and weight governor, which is 
also noah Kenwood Windmills are supplied with an effectual brake, 
whieh is applied as the mill 1s pulled ont and which absolutely bolds the 
wheel still ned the wheel is locked out of the wind. 


Back geared wiodmils develop more power nod give better results 
under average conditions than itis possible 10 obtain from direet stroke 
mils, Our pumping mills are geared back 1 to2%, thut is, the pnmp rod makes 
one stroke euch way whilo the wind wheel revolves two and one-half times. 
Aun additional nadvaotage 
is gained through the 
rocker arm imwmeehanism 
which aetnates the pump 
rod. thetravel of the pump 
rod being slower on the up 

~ ni Le Stroke thun on the down 
: coma re stroke, thus 

Oty + PA rae ey im : utilizing the 
oor ig: NE f E | 7 : full power of 
Sg eee the sthice” on 

the up or Jift- 
ing stroke. the rocker 
arm is so constructed that 
the pitman, which connects with the 

pmp rod, moves in a perpendicular 
ine; therefore, there is nosidestrainor 
loss of power through useless friction. 

The stroke of our 8-foot, 9-fout 
and 10-foot pamyping mills is 
4% inches, 6 inches and 8 inches; of 
the eet ms 6inches, 9 Hes and 
~ inehes. umping mills are set 
on medium stroke, unless otherwise ordered. ha 

The iffustrations Nos. 1 and 2, on this page, show the eogine head of 
the 8-foot, 9-foot and 10-foot Kenwood Pumping Windmills. The illustrations 
Nos, 3 and4are of the engine head of the 12-toot Kenwood Pumping Windmills. 
These illustrations are taken in different positions, so asto show different 
positions of the mechanism. 

The illustrations Nos. 1 and 3 are views taken at the right of the mill 
and in front of the wheel, and they show the main shaft, the wheel spider 
attached to same, the spur pinion keyed tothe shaft, and the great distance 
between the main shaft bearings; this being one of the important features of 
the Kenwood Windmills, both pamping and power, 

Where most other ay 

wiadmills sapport > 

the wheel by one 

long bearing . 

entirely in y © 

anne at eee ith a ~~ , t 

urntable, the —o-é _ iP | ae 
Kenwood Wind- 3s ing, t 7 a, 
mills are supplied i ee = 

with two bearings, 

one in front and one 

back of_ the turn- 

Uy ies 

e eal 1% jh 
Illastration No. 1. ill te 
oi igg 

table, It requires — 
no argument to —o= 
prove that this is en P 


the proper mannerof support- 
ing windmill wheels. Jt divides 


the weur on the shaft, furnishes EDOM 
proper support for the wheel and SP RSWaisyy) = Wustration 
causes the windmill to balance & He NT No. 2 

ly and t ly; h mart aan 
properly and turn easily; hence, } Ayn 
the Kenwood Windmills respond ; | ay | 
readily to light winds. In the *'&0% ea 
illustrations Nos. 1 and 3, the rocker arm which actuates the pump rod is shown 
at its extreme height and'ready for the return or downward stroke. These 
pictures also show the manner of eonnecting the pull out chain, and also the 
manner in which the brake shoe, which is attached to the vane hinge, operates 
the brake lever. The brake lever, as will be seen, projects under the main shaft 
and back of the spur pinion, and is supplied with a roller to overcome friction. 
The brake wedge, when the vane and wheelare pulled into parallel lines, slides 
under the roller of the brake lever and raises the lever, causing the brake shoe 
to grip firmly on the inner surface of the main gear. AS the brake wedgeisad- 
ustable, any desired tenslon can be put upon the brake shoe and the Kenwood 
indmills will stand absolutely still whenever the wheel is pulled out of the 
wind, aes The ilinstrations Nos. 2and 4 
Nike, are views taken from a point in 
tt front of the milland to 
5 the left of the wheel. 
, ! They show the rocker 
arm at thelowest point 
of its movement and 
indicate the position 
of this arm at the 

3 » beginning of the u 
4 l stroke of the pump rod. 
my £¢ The rocker arm, as 
ae N will be seen, is ae- 
e i WS | Seta eg tuated hy the wrist 
ees a4 .s my eee pases 
. a roug e slidin rass box 
a on —- = and is secured firmly in one of 

: = | ta the stroke holesof the main gear, 
ge) bes When the pamp rod 1s on the up- 
m5 ward stroke the wrist pion and siding 
i" (4 brass box are toward the end of the 
fe") ay eal Sn ai the ahaa arin, 
ey is rocker arm hein inged on a 
fulcrum pin, it will be readlly seen that the le verage at this pattculas point is 
very long and eonsequently that the free end of the rocker arm travels slowly 
during the entire up stroke of the pump rod. 

As the main gear revolves and the sliding brass box !s carried towanl] the 
hinged end of the recker arm, the leverage becomes shorter and the move- 
ment of the end of the rockerarm much faster on the down stroke than on 
the up stroke. 

Tilustration Nos. laod 2 give a very clear idea of the horizontal gov- 
ernorspring, spring rod and adjusting nut as nsed on &, 9 and 10-foot windmills. 

lilastration Nos. 3 and -+ show a portion of the vertleal governor spring 
and the lever and weight governer attachmeot. which are used on the 
12-foot Kenwood Pumping Windmills and on all Kenwood Power Windmills. 

The main shaft in S8-foot and 9-foot Kenwood Pamping Windmills in 1% 
loches diameter, in 16-foot pumping wipdmillsit is 124 inches diameter, and in 12- 
foot pumping windmills it is 142 inches in diameter—much heavier and stronger 
thanin other makes of pumping windmills. 


A Pumping Windoiilt Outtit consists of a windmill alone to go on a 
wood tower, or a windmill and whatever height of steel tower you mz 
require, ora windmill, a steel tank tower of the height which muy he required, 
and a tapered tower tank. 

How Kenwood Pumping Windmills Can be Used. 
ea The wiadmill and tower may he set dl- 

rectly over the well, so that the pump wil! 
bein the center of the tower, or the tower can 

. be setelose to a spring or 
other water supply, 4 well 
hole dug in the center of the 
tower, the pump set so as 
to be operated 
direct by the 
windmill, and 
the water 
drawn by suc- 
tion from thespring or other 
ed the water supply is 
not more than twenty 
teet helow the pump eyl- 
inder. Ofcourse the suc- 
cess of this plan will de- 
wi pend very much upon the 
"MN distanee from the pone 

; tothe water supply, an 

it must be distinctly understood that all piping must he 
eonunected with alr tight joints. 

Where it is not possible to set the tower and wind- 
mili over the wel), and the distance is great between the 
windmill and the water supply, it is always hest to place 
the pump directly over the water supply, and to operate 
it by means of quadrant levers, one lever being connected 
to the Damp rod of the windmill and the other to the 
pump, and the two levers being connected by wires, 

The Kenwood Pompiag Windmill may also be 
utilized for grinding sinall grain. This work ean he 
accomplished by using our Boss Windmill Grinder, which 
will be found illustrated and priced in another part of 
this catalogue. 


The sift or elevation of water means thetotal height wateris raised from 
the lowest level of the water la the well, no matter whether pipe isin the well 
only or carried to a tank above the ground. Each 100 feet of horizontal pipe or 
each elhow in the pipe should be counted as equal toa lift of about 2% feet. 

We recommend the folowing selections of pumptog wiodmills and 
pump cylinders for the lifts mentioned: If the liftis less and you wish to 
use the mill for irrigation purposes, the size of cylinder can be increased pro- 
portionately, up toa5-inch cylinder with an 8-foot mill. a 6-inch cylinder with 
a 9-foot mill, a 7-inch cylinder with a 10-foot mill, and a 10-inch eylinder 
with a 12-foot mill, to lift water 10 feet or less. “maller cylinders than we 
mention can be used if desired. 

For 50-foot lift: Use an 8-foot mill with a 3-inech cylMnder, or a 9-foot 
mill with a 3%-inch cylinder, or a 10-foot mil] with a 4-inch eylinder. 

For 75-foot lift: Use an 8-foot mill with a 23;-ineh eylinder, or a 9-foot 
mill with a 3-inch cylinder, or a 10-foot mil] with a 3/4-inch eslinder, or a 
12-foot mill with a 4-inch eylinder, ; 

For 100-foot lift: Use an 8-foot mill with a 2%3-inch cylinder, or a 9-foot 
mill with a 2%-ineh eylinder, or a 10-foot mill with a 3-inch cylinder, or a 
12-foot mill with a 3%-inch cylinder. 

For 125-foot Hft: Use an 8-foot mill with a 24-inch cylinder, ora 9-foot 
mill with a 2%-inch cylinder, or a 10-foot mill with a 23-inch cylinder, or a 
12-foot mill with a 3-inch eylinder. : 

For 150-foot Hft: Usean s-foot mill with a 2-inch cylinder, or a 9-foot 
mill with a 24-inch cylinder, or a 10-foot mill with a 2%-inch cylinder, or a 
12-foot mill with a 2%{-ineh cylinder. 

For 200-foot lift: Usea 9-foot mill with a 2-inch cylinder, or a 10-foot 
mit] with a 24-inch eylinder, or a 12-foot mill with a2%-ineh cylinder. 

For 250-foot Nft: Usea10-foot mill with a 2-inch cylinder, or a 12-foot 
mill with a 24-inch cylinder. 

For a 300-foot lift: Use a 12-foot mill with a 2-inch cylinder. 

Capacity of windmills vary uoder differeat cooditions. but whatever 
variations there may he, we guarantee that the Kenwood Windmill, either 
pumping or power, will do as much work under equal conditions as any wind- 
mil] of corresponding size and that they will operate in much lighter winds 
than most other windmills. 




areall supplied 

With this puinp rod connection having a 


entangllog the wire, 

Oint, through the conter of whieh 
ely without 

(ha pull-out wire passes, wowing the ml} 

Kenwood Pouinping Miths 

to turn fre 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.1!!2. 


See ee er ee NE SALISTARSOry 
developer of power for farm purposes, is recognized and acknowledged in 
every community in which such mills have been used. We have madea special 
study of this branch of the windmill business and are more than satisfied that 
in the Kenwood we have the best puwer windmill ever placed upon the market. 
Not only are the Kenwood Power Windmills efficient and powerful, but they 
are so strong and durable as to be almost indestructible. 

are geared up five to one, that Is, the 

KENWOOD POWER WINDMILLS vertical shaft of the mill makes 

five revolutions to every revolution of the wind wheel. This gives the verti- 
cal shaft from 300 to 400 revelutions per minute, depending upon the size of the 

wheel and the velocity of the wind. By means of sbafting, foot gear, and pul- 
leys, power can be transmitted to varions machines, such as feed cutters, wood 
saws, feed grinders, corn shellers. STRATIONS tc 


Eee re we ee ee ee Pe eww eee aw ew the Kenwood 14-foot Power 
Windmill. Every partis strong and durable. Ano evenly balaneed machine 
thronghont. Large, heavy gearing. strong shafting, long bearings, and all 
proverly designed and arranged to attain the best results. Governing sprin 
and lever and weight attachment both adjustable, so as to obtain the desire 
tension on the vane. Both the 12-foot and 16-foat heads are built nponu the 
same lines as the 14-foot, except that one islighter and the other heavier, and 
that the combined geur of the 1t2-foot mill runs ore a long and heavy 
stud shaft instead of a shaft with bearings at both ends. 

lilastration No. 5 was taken at a point In front and to the right of the 
wind wheel. It shows the main shaft, the front brave tightener, the wind 
wheel spider and the collar in front of the spider; this collar being provided to 
prevent the possibility of the key working loose and allowing the spider to slip 

Uustration No. 35. 

on theshaft. Note the long distance between the main shaft bearings, one 
in front and one behind the center of the windmiil, the same principle as is 
employed in the Kenwood Pumping Windmills, giving a substantial bearing 
for the fee of supporting the wheel and enabling the windmill to balance 
perfectly. This illustration shows very plainly the large muin gear which is 
secured to the main shaft, the comhined spur pinion and bevel gear which is 
driven by the main gear, and which is supported on a shaft, having a self-oiling 
bearing both in front and back of the gear. It also shows the bevel pinion, 
which is driven by the bevel gear and which is secured toand gives motion 
tothe vertieal shaft of the windmill. Note carefully that there is a bearing 
above and below this bevel pinion properly supporting the vertical shaft, 
Aronnd the outer circumference of the combined spur pinion and bevel gear 
there is a turned brake friction surfice. 
he brake strap, which is secured to the main frame abnve the gearing, 
passes around the circumference of this combined gear and is seeured to 
the Inner end of the brake lever. The brake lever shows plainly above the 
gearing; the manner jn which the brake is operated is better shown and will 
be descrived in connection with one of the other illustrations, 
Tilustration No. 6 isa view which was taken at a point back of the wind 
wheeland tothe left of the vane. Jt shows the gearing In another position; 
shows the manner of attaching the brako wedgetothe vane hinge, and indicates 

plainly the manner in which the inclined surface of the lower edgeot the brake 

i aT ins) = - 
Nal il, Hh i 



S-9 amps © 

IHiiustration No. 6. 

wedge passes Over and presses down the brake lever when the windmill is 

nilled outof wind. This picture aiso shows the governor spring, the manner 
au whieh itis placed in the windmill. and the adjusting elamp by which 
more oriess tension is put apnu thespring. It alsoshows the guard provided 
to prevent the pull-ont chain from getting into the gearing. 

Tilustration No. 7 is a-wiew taken at a point in frant and to the left of 
the wind wheel. 1t gives another view of the windmlll, showing the main 
Shaft, wheel spider, gearing, brake lever, brake strap. etc. Inuaddition it shows 
the lever and weight governor attachment and the manner in which it is con- 
nected to the vane. 

Power Devcloped by Kenwood Power Windmills. 

The power developed by the Kenwood Steel Power Windmills depends 
very much upon the velocity of the wind. The design of these windmills is 
such that yon can Obtain from the force of the wind the greatest possible 
amount of power. A power windmill is generally nsed in wiods that vary 
from ten to forty miles an hour. _1lo snch winds we have no hesitancy in stat- 
ing positively that the 12-foot Kenwood Power Windmlll will develop from 
one to four horse power; the average winds which sre utilized resniting in 
about two and one-half horse power. The 14-foot Kenwood Power Wind- 

mili will develop from one and one-half to six horse power; the average winds 
which are utilized resulting in abont three and tbree-qnarter horse power. 
The [6-foot Kenwood Power Windmill will develop from two to eight horse 
power; the average wind resulting in about five horse power. 

Itinstration No. 7. 

WL Eat 

iW aN 
om ity 
r a Yat 
ont i a OE TT 
" y —. = 

th a © wey 
me ZN We, howere;z 
10, i RLY «(Wish it distinetly 
yay Bie) understood that 
"Fd Ti we guarantee 
} ‘i ) © that our Ken- 
aR lie wood Power 
iy Nek Windmiils will develop, under 
ind la like conditions and with therame 
Po | velocity of wind,as much or more 
ie ae power as any other windmill of 
vo thesame diameter. Lighter winds 
than are mentioned above are sel- 
dom utilized. except for the pur- 
, pose of pumping water. Neither 
are extremely high winds utillzed, becanse most owners of windmills prefer 
to let the windmill remain idle rather than run the risk cf operating the wind- 

mill in winds which border on tornadoes or cyclones. 

How Power Windmills Are Placed. 

The Kenwood Steel Power Windmills can be placed on a steel tower, 
which you can purchase of us,or they can he placed on a wood tower, 
which ynu wil) bulld yourself; or, as is quite common, they may be placed on 
a single mast above the barn, the mast running from the baro floor to a point 
high enongh above the barn so that the windmill will be elevated from ten to 
fifteen feet above near-by trees or buildings. 

What is Required for a Power Windmill! Outfit. 

The vertical shaft provided with the [2-foot and 14-foot Kenwood 
Power Windmills extends downward about 5 feet betow the turntabie 
of the windmill. The vertical shaft of the 16-foot Kenwood Powcr Windmill 
extends downward about 6 feet below the turntable of the windmill. The 
vertical shaft of the foot gear or of the windmill feed grinder extends upward 
about 1% feet above the horizontal shaft. When ordering a power 
windmill, first decide how high you will erect It, and how high above the 
ground yon want the horizontal shaft of the foot gear or feed grinder, then 
remember that whether the windmilt goes on a mast or tower, aside from the 
windmill itself, yon will require ao amount of vertical shafting to connect the 
windmill with the foot gear equal to the elevation of the windmill less the 
som of the lengths of the vertical shafting on the windmill and foot gear an? 
the height of the horizontal shaft of the foot gear above the ground. 

You will also require a foot gear ora windmill feed grinder at the bot- 
tom of the vertical shafting; then. if the windmill ls to be erected on a steel 
tower, yon will need to order, In nddition to the above, the helght of tower 
required, lf the windmill is to be erected on a wood mast, you can Obtain 
from us a set of steel guy rods, which your blacksmith can lengtben or shorten, 
if they are not found to be of the proper length, or, In lieu of the guy rods, you 
cap brace the mast with timbers. 

The oatfits described above are the simplest outfits which ean he used. 
In addition, yon may require line shafting, pulleys, belting, etc., all of which 
will be found described and priced in thls catalogue. 

The main shaftIng nsed on Kenwond Power Windmills Is exceedingly 
heavy and atrong. It is 1% inches on 12-foot mills, 13{ ijiaches on 14-foot mills 
and 2 inches on 16-foot mills. 

Kenwood Power Windmills Can Be Used for 
Pumping Water. 

The Kenwood Power Windmlllis may be utlilzed for the parpose of 
pumping water by making use of a saitahle pump jaek, or our windmill 
pump gearand quadrant levers. lf the well be close to the barn or close to 
the tower on which the windmill is erected, and the pump Is in line with the 
vertical shafting of the windmill, then line shafting can bernn toa point di- 
rectly over the well and connected to the shaft of a windmill Doe ack; or, if 
the well is not in such a position and there are no driveways or buildings inter- 
vening, the pump jack can be placed directly over the well and power can be 
transmitted to it from the line shafting either by belt and pulleys, by sprocket 
Mieka and chain belt, or, if the distance be great, by sheave wheels and wire 

If thero be driveways or balidings between the windmill and the pomp, 
then the pump gear can be placed an the mast above the barn or ata point 
high upin the tower, where it is operated by a bevel pinion, which may be 
attached to the vertical shafting at any point which is clear from bearings or 
couplirgs: then by connecting the wood rod of the pum Dee to one quadrant 
lever, placing the other quadrant lever over the well,aod connecting the two 
quadrant levers by wire. power can be transmitted from the windmill to the 
pump at almost any reasonable distance and at almost any angle. 


‘ A 18-foot miil should be selected for running machinery requiring 
from one to two-horse power. <A 14-foot mill for running machinery 
requiring from twoto fonr-lhorse power. A 16-foot mill for running ma- 
ehlipery requiring from four to six-horse power. 

tp if if i 

fy ; 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.1I2. 489 


The Kenwood Steel Wind mill Towers are absolutely the best, strongest 
aad most substantlal towers which can be made. By this, wedo not menu 
that In every case they are heavier than some other towers, but we do mean 
thut the towers are In every way heavy enough to support the windmills for 
whieh they are designed, and still leavea large percentage of extra strength for 
safety. Further than this, they are the best braced towers which ean be made, 

Every section of the tower is independently braced by round steel 
braces, which are not redaced in size either by threads or lhiany other way. 
These braces are tightened by a specially designed ckinp, by meaos of which 
an equal tension is put upon every palr of braces. There are eight of these 
braces for every ten feet of tower. In addition to this, the kenwood Stecl 
Towers are braced diagonally across the tower, from corner post to co. ner 
post. a style of bracing not employed In the manufacture of other windmill 
towers, bunt one of the special features of the Kenwood Towers, and a feature 
which adds great strength aud rigidity to the tower. 

Kenwood Towers Do Not Blow Down. 

In alithe time In wich the Kenwood Steel Tower has heeu used (and 
that is for many years), the manufacturers have only lia one tower re- 
ported to them as having been blown down. That tower was blown down 
by the heaviest wind storm this country ever knew, a storm which wreeked 
fhe city of Galveston, and which would be expected to wreck any building 
or piece of machinery which was in its path. ; 

The corner posts of the Kenwood Towers are made of the best quality of 
angie steel, with a large tillet or round corner Ww here the twa legs of the 
angle meet on the inner slde. These stee] posts in size are large enough to be 
abundantly strong, and from the top of the tower down they are increased in 

size in every 20-foot section, thus increasing the 
strength as the tower broadens, where increased 
strength is most necded, The Kenwood Towers 
are strongly braced with angle steel cross girts 
; runving from corner post to corner post, on every 
side, at frequent interyals, these cruss girts being 
é made heavier and stronger for each section toward 
the base of the tower, und a set of these cross girts is 
furnished for tbe extreme base of the tower. near 
where the corner posts are secured to the anchor 
posts. ; ' 

3y referring tothe table of prices and weights, 
you willl Gnd that we manufacture dierent sizes 
and weights of towers for the different sizes and 
kinds of windmills. Ordinary towers for pumping 
windmills aud for power windmills are supplied 
with very heavy angle steel anchor posts, to the 
bottom of which there is riveted malleable iron 
anchor plates, which are provided with bolt holes 
for the purpose of securing to foundation planks. 
Tank towers, or towers which are mide to support 
tanks, instead of being supplied with anchor posts are 
provided with heavy cast 
iron foot plates, which bolt 
to the bottom of the tower 





va i” ls | 


™ SSR RE SY Ot 20 FT 

oa ae | ) LINE. | corner posts, and heavy 
i ate / coe Marek’ foundation rods, which are 
; i \I 7 made long enough to puss 
: | a : through the brick or stane 

fonndation, whieh shonid be 


< built to snpport this style 
= of tower, and by menns of 
) which the fonndation 

} plates are securely 

af tea 

| bolted to the masonry 
| 3 Strongest 

Tint [ fp] ft 

fllustration No.8 ia a 
plan of the Kenwood 

~ stee wer, + ipg 
Mb GROUNO LINE OF 40 FT. TOWER hep! Towse,. .*somlag 

a oOo tat bp 00 are? Pee PEoans eqasared 20 Clicesemanetaseeceess 

struction and giving the 
principal measurements. 

TllLustration No, 9 
shows tlie lower 10 
feet of a 30-foot Ken- 
wood Four-Post Angie 
Steel Tower, “The spe- 
cial purpose of this illus- 
tration is to show the 
thoroughness of the 
bracing employed in our 
towers. As will be seen, 
the corner posts are 
bolted together at a point 
just below the cross 
cirts. A set of cross girts 
is provided for every 10- 
foot section, the last set 
being close tothe ground 
and just above the an- 
chor past joints. 

Each 10-foot section 
of the tower is) thor- 
oughly braced by foor 
sets of round steel 
brace rods, which brace 




A eae ee ee nye ow sed we O98 EE 


4: rer easmmenoneoreronamsenasions OU) f P one 

TR Racer iss" Square 

‘ Illustration = Mea Ze. rods are not reduced 
ee No. 8. CRE! in size in any, way, 

but have aneye turned 
at each end af them. 
These brace rods run from the upper cross girt joint diagonally across the 
side of the tower to the joint of the next lower ecross girt. 

The two rods on each side of the tower cross each other at 

a point 
near the center of the section. 

Mere they are clamped together by 

specially devised clamps, by means of which the brace rods can 
be tightened so as to make the tower absolutely rigid and firm. In 

every case, however, cach rod of each pair bears the same tension as is 
placed on its mate, sothat it is impossible to get an uneven tension on any pair 
of the rods. In addition to this style of bracing, which is superior to the 
braees ordinarily used, we employ another style of bracing seldom fonnd in 
towers of other makes. In other words, we run diagonal cross rods from corner 
post to corner post, by means of which the tower is squared up, making it as 
strong and rigid ast would be were it a solid steel box. 

the general’form-of eon-- 

In towers for poinp- 
Ing windmlils these 
diagonal cross rods 
radlate from the pump 
road gulde in the center 
of the tewer and they 
are placed one set) in 
every 10-foot  seetion. 
In towers for power 
Wlndmills the dlagonal 
cross rods radiate from 
the center boxlag, which 
is provided for the ver- 
tleal shifting. As bear- 
ings are supplied for 
this vertical shattlog at 
points aubont 6%  Yseet 
ayurt, dingonal cross 
rods in power windmills 
oceur every 6% feet In- 
stead of every 10 feet. 
This lnustration also 
shows the style of 
ladder wsed on our 
towers. No man killing 
hooks project from the 
corner posts of the 
tower, but a genuine 
ladder made of sterel 
throughout—the sides of 
the ladder being angle 
steel and the steps Hat 
steel —all firmly riveted 
and secured together so 
that the ladder is per- 
fectly safe for any one 
tw ochimb. Attached to 
the left post of the tower 
we show the pull-out 
lever, which is always furnished by us when windmills and towers are or- 
dered together. 

In Hlustration No, 10 we show a section of one corner of the tower, 
Hlustrating the manner of bolting the corner posts together, bojting tbe 
cross girts and brace rods to the corner 
posts, and the manner in which the 
diagonal cross rods are secured to the 
corner of the tower. As will be seen, 
the lower posts, being wider than the 
upper posts, lap outside the upper 
posts, keeping the inner edges of 
the posts even and io jine with each 

We eall partieolar attention to 
the smail illustratlon No. Pl. Jt 
shows plaioly the maponer in whicb 
our tower brace rods are clamped to- 
together where they cross, and 
shows that the brace rod running 
from the upper left hand corner to 
the lower right hand corner must 
cross the other brace rod outside of 
it, When these clamps ure put upon 
the brace rods and bolted together 
they can be tapped lightly with a 
hammer until the rods are 
drawn perfectly tight, 
then the clamp bolts can 
be screwed np so that it 
will be impossible for the 
clamps to move ont of 

Tlinstration No. 9. a 

& x 

No, 10. 

Cheaper and 
Better than Wood 

Steel towers are far more substantlal than either wood 
towers or masts, and when erected they present a much hand- 
sumer appeurance. We aresincere when we advise our custom- 
ers to purchase a steel tower when they purchase uv windmill. 

Steel towers cost but little. if any, more than wood towers, and if Diustration 
yon buy a Kenwood Stee) Tower you obtain one which is perfect wo, 11. 

in design, substantial, and abnndantly strong in all parts. 
If youare putting up a power windmill outfit and erect the windmill on 
a steel tower, you can build a house either within or around the hase of the 
tower, and arrange your maehinery within and about it to suit your con- 
ivenience. The tower can be erected close to your baro,sothat lineshafting can 
be run into the baru, and all arrangements for transmitting power, either to 
machinery or pump, can be made more conveniently than would be the case if 
the windmill was erected overthe barn. At ourogesmall profit prices, you can 
ill afford to erect your windmill on anythiog but a Keowood Stee! Tower. 


While our windmills are adapted for and thousands of them are erected 
on wood towers, our priee for steel towers is a priee that barely covers the 
cost of matertial and labor, aud makes the first cost to you fora steel tower 
but a little more than a wood tower. Inthe end the Steel tower is by far 
the cheaper. 

When deeiding upon the height of tower to order, be sure to select one high 
enough to bring the windmill well up above the tops of trees or other obstruc- 
tions, like buildings, etc.,so as to give the windmill the full and unbroken force 
of the wind. The bottom of the wheel should be at least ten feet above any 
obstruction which is within a quarter of a mile of the windmill. provided it is 
possible to elevate the windmill to this height. Sometimes, of conrse. this 
cannot be done. It may be found necessary to erect the windmill near the foot 
of a hill or in a place where it would be impossible to elevate to a point 
above obstructions which might be on one side ofthe windmil!. In snch case 
select the height of tower which will give you proper resnits from the diree- 
tions in which you eau utilize the wind, and do not expect to prore the wind- 
null wheo the wind comes from the direction of the hillor other obstruction. 





et Se re 

plete Power Mill 
ER, with 

barn, and running line 

but very com 

ade by bullding a honse around the 
tof the tewer, or at one side of the 



fvot gear, ilne shafting, pulley und pump jack. 




POWER WINDMILL, monnted ona G0-f 

vertical shafting, 

tuwer, ur by setting the tower near the side or end vf the 

Shafting with which to drive various machines. 


we show the Kenwood 
Power Wlindmlll as It 
appears when mountedon a wood mast over the 
barn, snowing the manner of bracing the mast with 
our steel guy rods and how various machines may be 
driven by the power developed by the windmill, 


K & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.II2. 




Shipped dlrect from factory In Southeastern 
See preceding pages for lllustrations and deserlp- 
tiaas and how tn select windonills and towers, 

Prices for Kenwood Steel Pumping 

The following prices on Pumping Wlndmills are 
for the wiadimills, complete witb wbeel, vene, 
pull-out wire and wood pump pole. The windmill 
complete but without tower. 

When Pumping Windaiills are ordered in con- 
nection with Steel Towers, they are furnished with 
the necessary wood pump pole aad pull-vut wlre 
far the height of the tower ordered, 

When a tower is not ordered with a pumping wind- 
mill, unless otherwise instructed, the windmill will 
be fitted with a cup for a wood tower. but if specified 
in your order we will furnish in place of this cap, a 
cap for our steel tower or with Cuastlugs for attaeb- 
ing toa wood mast. The mill will then be furnished 
with sufficient wood pump pole and pull out wire for 
a 40-foot tower and with a wooden pull-out lever. 

|Diameter of 

Catalogue No, Wheel Weight Price for Mill. 

$2T1202 8 feet 385 lbs. $14.85 
3271203 9 feet 425 lbs. » 16.95 
S2T1204 10 feet 470 Ibs, 18.90 
32TL205 12 feet 950 Ibs. 32.70 


3271210 & feet 385 Ibs. 15.65 
S2TIZIiIl 9 feet 425 lbs. 18.95 
32T1212 10 feet 370 lbs, 19.80 
32T1213 12 feet 630 Ibs, 35.20 

Prices for Kenwood Steel Power Wind- 

Theo following prices on Power Windmills are 
for the wladinilis complete with wheel, vane, 
head, pull-aut wire, 5 feet of vertical shafting 
with 12-footand 14-foot windmlllsand 6 feet with 
16-foot windmills, measurlng downward from point 
where windmill rests ontower. The windmill com- 

plete, but without tower, 

When Power Windmills are ordered lo connec- 
tlon with Steel Towers, they are furnished wlth 
sufficient wire pull-out cable for the helght of 
tower ordered, When atower is not ordered witha 
Power Windmill, unless otberwise instructed, the 
windmill will be fitted with castings for attaching 
toa wood must, butif specified in your order we will 
furolsb in placeof these mastcastings a eap for a 
wood toweror acap for our steel tower. The mill 
will then be furnished with sufticlent wire pull- 
out cahle fora nmiast or tower 40 feet ln height 
and with a wooden pull-out lever with irons for at- 
taching same to the tloor. 

+ a Diameter of | 
Catalogue No, Ww 

Haat Weight Price for Mill. 

32T1218 12 feet 600 lbs. 32.75 
oe Lliszis 14 feet 1200 lbs. 44.70 
o2Ti2z20 16 feet 1700 lbs. iLai5 


32T1225 12 feet 900 Ibs, 835.25 
Seedy MY | areal 14 feet 1200 lbs, 48,265 
eal) MY) § Geshe 16 feet 1700 Lbs, 716.00 

Prices for Kenwood Four-Post Angle 
Steel Towers for Pumping Windmills. 

The following Towers are for 8-font Pumping 
Windmllls,and include anchor posts, platform anid 
pull-out lever, but do not include a windmill. 
They are as strong as most others sell with 9-footand 
10-foot mills, and may be used with tbese sizes of 
mills, but when so used they ure not guaranteed by 
us. We recommend them only for 8-foot mills. 

Height of 

Cataiogue Na, Taner Weight Price for Tower. 


3271230 20 feet 350 Ibs, $13.85 
= tla ll ARB | 30 feet 535 }bs 18.55 
3 ei igh Wee ae 40 feet 700 Ibs. 23.65 
3271233 50 feet 940 lbs. 31.40 
32T1I1234 60 feet 1180 lbs. 38,10 


S2T123% 20 feet 350 lbs. $14.45 
32T1238 30 feet 535 Ibs. 19,45 
rd ML ee EE 40 feet 700 lbs. 24.85 
3271240 50 feet $40 Ibs, 32,85 
_ 32T1241 60 feet 1180 Ibs. 39.85 

The following Towers are for 9 and 10-foot 
Pumping Windmlfls, and price Includes anchor 
posts, platform and pull-out lever bout does not 
Include a wladinill, Can be used for 8-foot mlb, 

r aa ‘Height of 

Cataiogue No, Weight Price for Tower. 


32T1244 20 feet 390 lbs. $15.95 
32T1225 30 feet 560 lbs, 20.80 
3271246 40 feet 745 lbs. 26.50 
S2T1L227 50 feet 1000 lbs, 32.95 
3271248 60 feet 1250 Ibs. 38.65 


S32T1251 20 feet 390 lbs. 16.55 
S32T1252 30 feet 560 Ibs. 21.70 
3271253 40 feet 745 lbs, 2%.70 
32T1I254 50 feet 1000 Ibs. 34.45 
3271255 60 feet 1250 lbs. 40.45 


‘Prices for 

The following Towers are for 12-fovut Pumplng 
Windmills, and are mnch heavier than those for 8, 
9 or 10-foot wiodmills. Price includes anechar 
posts, platform and pull-out lever, but does not 
at a windmill, Can be used for 8, 9 or 10-foot 

Catalogue No. eee Weight [Price for Tower. 
3271258 20 feet 545 Ibs. $20.55 
3271259 30 feet 790 lbs, 28.15 
32T1260 40 feet 1045 lbs. 35.65 
32T1261 50 feet 1385 lbs, 44.50 
32T1262 60 feet 1745 }bs. 55.10 
3271265 20 feet 545 lbs. S21,70 
32T1266 30 feet 790 lds. 29.15 
32T1267 40 feet 1045 lbs. 37.80 
3271268 50 feet 1385 Ibs. 4%.65 
32T1269 60 feet 1745 lbs. 68,40 

Kenwood Four-Post Angle 
Steel Towers for Power Windmills. 
The following Towers are for our 12 and 14-foot 
Power Windmills, and price includes anchor posts, 
platform and pull-out lever, but does not include 
2 windmill, Cannot he used for pumping mils, 

Catalogue No. | ty able Weight Price for Tower. 
32T1272 20 feet 550 Ibs, $22.75 
4 he as | 30 feet 800 lbs. 30.15 
S2T 1274 40 feet 1080 Ibs. 37.05 
S32TI1275 50 feet 1410 Ibs. 46.55 
32T1276 30 feet 1770 lbs. 67.30 
32T1279 20 feet | 550 lbs, 823.75 
32T1280 30 feet | 800 1 bs. 31.40 
32T12381 40 feet | 1080 lbs. 39.25 
32T1282 50 feet 1410 Ibs. 49,90 
32T1283 60 feet | 1770 tbs. 60.25 

The following Towers are to support our 16-foot 
Power Windmills. Price includes anchor posts, 
platform and pull-out lever, bnt does not Include 
awindmill, Can be used for 12 or I4- foot power 
mills, but cannont be nsed for pumptog mills. 

Catalogue No. ee : | Weight Price for Tower. 

3271286 20 feet | 750 lbs. $29.20 
32T1287 30 feet 1055 lbs, 37,80 
32T12388 40 feet 1395 Ibs, 47.55 
32T1289 50 feet 1815 Ibs. 61,40 
32T1290 60 feet 2270 Ps. 94.265 


$2T1I295 20 feet 790 lbs, 240 
$271 294 30 feet 1055 Ibs, 40.40 
32T1295 40 feet 1395 lbs. 561.90 
32TI2Z96 50 feet 1815 lbs. 64.70 
S2ZTL297 60 feet 2270 1bs, 75.50 

Prices for Kenwood Four-Post Angle 
Steel Tank Towers. 

Tank Tawers must be bullt heavyand substantlal 
throughout to suppart the combined weight of 
the windniill and tower itself and the tank when 
it is full of water, 

The tollowing Tank Towers are to support 20-bar- 
rel tanks, and price includes foundation plates, 
foundation rods, platform and pull-out lever, but 
docs not inelude either windmill or tank. Tank 
is ulways located so that bottom of tank is 20 feet 
helow top of tower. 

Catalogue No. venus | Weight Price for Tower. 
. | Painted 
32T1300 40 feet 1240 lbs. 8412.26 
3271301 | 50 feet | 1675 lbs, pre 
32T1302 | 60 feet 2035 Lbs, 65.756 
32T1305 40 feet 1210 lbs. & 246.60 
32T1306 50 feet 1675 1bs. 69,40 
3271307 60 feet 2035 Ibs. 70.00 

The folowing Towers are to support GU-bharrel 
tanks and are much heavier than those fur 20- 
barrel tanks. Vrice Includes foundation plates, 
foundation rods, plitiorm and pull-out lever, 
bat docs not Inelnde cither windmill or tank, 
Tank is always located so that bottom of tank is 
30 feet helow top of tower, 

Height of | 

Catalogue No, To wae Werght Price for Tower. 
| Painted 
32T1310 40 feet. 1530 Ibs. $53.00 
32T1311 50 feet 2070 lbs. 67.80 
3271312 60 feet 2520 lbs. 78.80 


S2T1315 40 feet 1530 lbs. 857.35 
32T1316 50 feet 2070 Ibs. 72.00 
3271317 60 feet 2520 lbs. 82,80 

NOTE—When building the platform to support 
a wooden tank, lay timbers diagonally across the 
channel girts, then cut planks to fit under the hot- 
tom and Inside the chime of the tank and lay these 
planks square across the timbers. For steel tanks, 
the planks which cross the timbers must be close 
together, so as to support the entire bottom of the 


Windmill Foot 

A es 

The Foot ill " 3 
Gearis de- = <i x 
signed to transmit power from the (ies 
vertleal shafting ef power windmills to a shaft 
which is horizontal. On the horizontal shaft we fur- 
nish a standard ead and also furnish a half coup- 
ling, so that a line shaft of any length may be 
attuched to and driven by the horizontal shaft of the 
foot gcar. We furnish the foot gear in two sizes: Jn 
hoth we nse miter or equal specd gears. The miter 
gear, which is on the horizontal shaft, may be placed 
on either side, so that the horizontal shaft cau be 
driven in elther direction, making it unnecessary to 
run cross belts from the foot gear or line shafting to 
your machinery. 

We always furnish, with the foot gears, such 
bolts as are necessary to secure the foot gear to 
the wast er post to which the foot gear is to be 
attached. The vertical shaft of the smaller foot 
gear is % inch in diameter and cxtends upwards 
about 18 inches from the center of the foot gear. 
That of the larger foot geur is 14; inches in diameter 
and extends upward about 24inches, The horizontal 
shaft of the smaller foot gear is 154 inches and ex- 
tends about 17 inches to euch side. That of thelarger 
foot gear is 14¢ inches and extends about 19 inches to 
each side, As an extra we can fornish a half 
coupling to go on the opposite end of the horizontal 
shaft, so that line shafting can be connected to both 
sides of the foot gear. Shipped direct from factory 
in Scutheastern Wisconsin. 

No. $2T1374 Windmill Foot Gear, No. 1, with 
18x5-inch pulley, for 12 and 14-foot power windmills. 
Degismteliapounds. Price..........+---..:..<... $6.70 

No, 32T1375 Windmill Foot Gear, No. 2, with 
24x5-inch pulley, for 16-foot power windmills. 
ee, as pore Price $9.76 

iG. 2 : alf coupiing for horizonta 
of No. 32T1374. Price : a io. 

“P= pe ee ee ee ee eee ee 

Sere esaee eee ee he eee ee ee llr rh ee 

No. 32T18377 llalf coupling for hori tal 
Mien. cello. .Price,..... zy a ee SO ee Paitin 
Windmill Niast Feed 

ml iM | | = 
(ath im 
1" . \ 



i \ vt 
‘ i al | Wee = \ 

Mall ie Especially designed for our 
:! wl oh 12-foot and 14-foot Power 
ples ft \ re Winduiills. While we always 

recommend the use of a foot 

gear and an independent grinder in connection 
with power windmills, sometimes, in fact, quite 
frequently, this inder can be used in place of 
the foot gear and will answerevery purpose. Our 
Windmllti Feed Griader has an automatic shake 
fecd, so that when properly set the flow of grain is 
in proportion to the spced and power. A spont lead- 
ing from a bln above thegrinder can be built scas to 
discharge into the Bepber of the grinder. Then with 
the shake feed properiy adjusted the grinder becomes 
strictly antomatic. If the speed of the windmil! is 
reduced, the flow of the grain into the burrs is re- 
dnced. If the wind becomes stronger and the speed 
of the wind wheel is increased, the flow of grain is in- 
ereased in exact Eeepertion to the speed. Two sets 
of burrs are furnished with each machine, both 
being made for the purpose of grinding feed. The 
discharge is directly at the bottom of the grinder, 
consequently there are no side spouts or anythin 
in the way of obstructions to prevent the ground fee 
from dropping away from the burrsand therefore, no 
clogging. The vertical shaft is %-inch in diameter 
and extends upward about 18 inches from the center. 
The horizontal shaftis 1% tnchesin diameter, extends 
outward abont 18 inches, is fitted with a pnlley 18 
inchesin diameter by 5 inches face, and is fitted with 
half coupling, so that line shafting can be connected 
to this shaft. Capacity, one to eight bushels of 
mixed feed per hour, depending entirely npon the 
velocity of the wind. The grinder is furnished with 
the necessary bolts for fastening to the mast or 
a to which the grinder is to be attached. Shipped 

irect from factory in Sontheastern Wisconsin. 

No.32T1378 Windmill Feed Grinder. Weight, 
DUMB S00  PYICE. oc sinc s ccc a teed cc as sew wan coe $12.10 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO.; Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. 


Windmill Pumping Jacks. 

or wre 

Too pernatea ili " 

2 pump ws i 
with a pow- , WSs 
er windmill Z 
it 18 neeos- 
sity tO nse 
soine Kind, 
of a device\s — 
which will} 
develop the 
speed and a 
reciprocative motion, 
In mosteusesthis pump 
jack will answer the 

urpose. It is geared 

uck one to six, so that 
the pump rod makes 
one eomplete stroke 
while the driving pul- 
ley makes six revolu- 
tions. Ordinarily it is 
driven by pulleys anda 
belt, but under certain 
conditions itis more de- 
sirable to drive it with 
epppcket Wheels and 
chain belting or with he | A 
Sheuve wheels and wire 7 ii len et 
cable, When soordered, 9 ~" = "8d 
we will furnish in place of the pulley our regular 22- 
inch sheave wheel, so that the jack may berun by wire 
rope, or we will furnish it with an &8-inch No. 42 
sprocket wheel to be driven by chain belting. In 
other cases it is sometimes desirable to connect the 
jack direct to the end of the windmill line shuftimg. 
When this kind of a connection is to be made. 
in place of the pulley, we will furnish a sleeve 
coupling so that the jack may he so connected. 
Tf the well is at a considerable distance, too 
far to employ either style of drive mentioned above, 
the power van be transmitted from the pump jack to 
the Bun by means of windmill qnadrant levers. 
Our windmil! pump jacks are always furnished com- 
plete with the pump connection, § feet of wood ump 
pole and such bolts as are nevessary to hitach the 
jack to the post on which it is to be secured. Shipped 
direct from factory in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No. 32TL380 Windmill Pump Jack, No.1, with 10x4- 

- sss 


\ ; 

inch pulley, forall sizes of power windmills. Especial- | 

ly adapted for operating ordinary pumps. Arranged 
with §-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch strokes. Weight. 90 
pounds, Price. .........:... 2 ee ee 96 
_ No. 3271381 Windmill PumpJack. No, 2, with 12x5- 
inch pulley, designed especially for use in connection 
with large pnmps having long cylinders. or with irrl- 
gation pumps when operated by power windmills, and 
for the purpose of raising large quantities of water, 

Arranged with 12-inch, 13-inch and 18-inch strokes. | 

Preiznt, 100 pounds. Prices ee S9.80 

NOTE — To drive pump jack, order sheave wheel 
or sprocket whecl or pulley for line shaft same 
size ius on pup jack. These are extra. See Nos. 
o2TLI398, 32TL400, 3271504 and 3271507. 

Windmill Pumping 

Our Windmill Pump Gear 1s designed for use in 
connection wlth all sizes of our power windnaltls, 
and arranged sothat itcan be placed upon the wind- 
mill mast ahove the harn,orso that it can be secured 
to the vertical shafting in power windmill towers, at 
any height in the tower. The special purpose of this 
pump gear is to operate in connection with windmill 
quadrant levers, pumps which mnay be at a consider- 
ahle distance from the windmill, and where drive- 
ways or intervening buildings make it impossible to 
operate the pnmp by the regular windmill pum 
jack. Itis driven by a bevel pinion which is secure 
to the vertical shafting by two heavy set screws. 
This pinion can be attached to the shafting at any 
point where boxes or conplings do not interfere. The 
bed plate of the pnmp gear is so arranged that the 
gear can be placed either directly in front of the 
mast or at either side, so that power can be trans- 
mitted in almost any direction. This pump gear is 
geared back one to six, giving one stroke of the 

yump red to six revolutions of the vertical shafting. 
tis provided with three different strokes, namely. 
4%-inch, 6-inch and §-inch, and can be adjusted to 
et varying conditions and lengths of pump cylin- 
wood pnmp pole and snch 
attach it tothe mast. In ordering state whether to 
be used with 12 foot, 14foot, or 16 foot mill. Shipped 
direct from factory in Southeastern Wisconsin, 

No. 3271382 indmill Pump Gear. Weight, 

PSURs TICO). v0 SMe. one a gee Sec $9.30 

| pounds. 

CATALOCUE No.{12. 491 


Windmill Quadrant Levers. 


Connecting Wires 
Cross at Center 

Onur Windmill Quadrant Levers can be used ip 
connection with pumping windmills to operate a 
pump which may be ata considerable distance from 
the windmill, or may be used In connection with 
windmill ppnmp jacksor wind mil! er) gears where 
pumps ure operated by power windmills. 

When nsed in connection with pnmplog wind- 
mills the two wires which connect the two quadran+ 
levers must be crossed, so as to give un upstroke on 
the pump at the same time that the up stroke 1s 
being made by the windmill. They are furnished 
with pivot plates and bolts, pump connection and & 
| feetof wood pump pole, for the purpose of connecting 

the lever to the pump. Shipped direct froin factory 
in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No.32T1383 Wiodinill Quadrant Levers. Welght. 
50 ponnds. Price, per Sem... ..) .< .......seesk 82.93 

No. 32T1384 Quadrant Wire for connecting 

Windmill Quadrant Levers. Price, per foot...... 

It will require twice as much wire to connect the 
levers as the distance between the two levers and 
about 10 feet more for fastening the ends of the wire. 

Windmill Guy Rods. . 

Guy Reds, for power windmill masts, per set of 
| four reds, each not over 15 feet long, including turn 
buckles and end bolts. Shipped direct from factory 
| in Scutheastern Wisconsin. 
| No. 32T138G6 Guy Roads, for 12-foot or 14-foot 

windmills. Weight, 50 pounds. Price, per set.. 83.2 

No. 32T1I387 Guy Roads, for 16-foot windmills. 
Weight, 75 pounds. Price, per Set.... .... .....84.22 



It is nsually necessary to place the foot gear or 
feed grinder of a power wiudmillt at a consider- 
able distauce belaw the windmill. For {2- foot 
or 14-foct windmills, to place the horizontal shaft 

lof the foot gear at a point 5% fect above the base 
of the tower or mast, it requires & feet of verti- 
cal shafting for a 20-foot tower, and 10 feet more for 
each additional 10 feet of toweror mast; for 1¢-foot 
windmills the vertical shaft required is 1% feet less in 
length than for 12-foot or 14-foot windmills. Vertical} 
shattingis furnished complete with all necessar 

boxes and couplings and when ordered with a wind- 
mill outfit.we also furnish a shifting cluteh coupling 
for throwing out of gear and a safety slip or friction 
clutch, but no friction clutch or shifting clutch will 
be furnished under other circumstances and no de- 
duction will be made when these are not furnished. 
Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern Wis- 


No. 32T1390 7-l1neh Vertieal Shafting, for 12 
and 14-foot power windmills. Weight, per foot, 
4ponnds. Price, per foot... 9 aes. ---...52 eee ...2le 

No.32T1391 11g-Inch Vertical Shafting, for 16- 
foot power windmills. Weight, per foot, 5 pounds. 

Price; per foot... ...:-220e eee + tenennss-- OC 
Line Shafting for Our Power Windmills. 

Furnished complete with eouplings, boxes and 
caach screws for Securing the boxes to timbers. 
Where only one piece of shaft is furnlshed, we 
furnish one-half coupling, so that the line shafting 
may connect with the foot gear, but no coupling is 
furnished for the opposite end. lf more than one 
piece of shaft is furnished, in addition to the half 

| coupling mentioned, we furnish such couplings ag 
are necessary for connecting the separate pieces, 

Extra half couplings are the same as extra half 
couplings for horizontal shaft of foot gears. Shipped 
direct from factory in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No. 3271394 t'%-inoch Line Shaftiug, for 12- 
foot or 14-foot power windmills. Weight, per foot,3 
Price, per foot...:........-2....ss5eannnn 28c 

No, 35271395 14-iueh Line Shafting. for 16-foot 
power windmills. Weight, per foot, 6% pounds. 

Price, per f00t..........-- +--+. 22 sess -+> se +. eee 

No. 3271396 Shifting Clutch Coupling complete, 
with shifting lever, for1's-inch line shafting. Weight 



| eable forabove. 

It. is furnished with pumpconnection, § feet of | j ‘ I 
olts as are necessary to | cluding rope required to make splice........... 82.90 

15 pounds. Price-........---e--- 23:5 en $1.05 
No. 3271397 Shifting Ctuteh Coupliog,complete, 
with sbifting lever, forilj-inch line shafting. 
Weight. 20 oounds, Drice........) 3302 S1.70 

Sheaves and Sprocket Wheels. 

To Drive Pump Jacks. 

Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern Wisconsin, 
No. 32TI398 22-inch Sheave Wheel. Price, $1.52 
No. 32T1399 3g-inch wire transmission repe or 
Price, DER TOG tote sehen ae 5e 
Extra for splicing wire cuble to given length, — 

NOTICE—Wheoa wire cable is to be spliced, give 
exact distance between centers of the two shafts. 
No. 32T1400 S-inch No. 42 Sprocket Wheel. 
Price,each .-. SI.4A2 

"=e BBs ees speeeeer = a BD BP** SB BePeRPRePeRRea ED * 

| No. 32T1401 No. 42 Chain Belting. Per foot, 10c 


Our $3.25 Boss Windmill Grinder. 
a) Our Boss Windmill 
; Grinder is fur use in 
connection with = all 
kinds uf pamptog wind- 
milis, no matter what 
sizeormake. Willgrind 
any kind of grain, either 
separate or mixed. 
Grinder consists of a 
double metal case and 
three burrs, tworemain- 
ing stationary while the 
third revoivesin the cen- 
ter, Diey Uae a doubie 
grinding surface and 
consequently having 
doublecapacity. Can be 
adjusted so as to grind 
either coarse or fine, by 
simply turning one nut. 
We furnish this grinder 
with an elbow with 
which to connect same to the pump rod of the wind- 
mili. Our price is less than one-haif the price others 
ask for this style of grinder, while the grinder is 
equa) to any which you can buy elsewhere. If you 
have a pumping windmill, or intend to buy one and 
have no power windmill, you certainly ought to pur- 
chase one of theseiittlegrinders. Weight, 80 pounds. 
No. 3271420 Boss Windmill Grinder. ee 
“see PP re Re earP ee ase ee ees Pere RRR eee eee eee aoe 25 

0h. 455455556 9S $1.10 
Wooden Tapered Tower Tanks. 
For Use in our Tank Tower 

Our Wooden Tapered 
Tower Tanks are made af 
soft pine, painted, free 
from shakes and unsound 
knots, and have adjnstabie 
band fasteners, They are 
also fitted with a conical 
cover and with a two-inch 
Steel pipe, through which 
the wood pump rod of the 
windmill passes, Theshape 
and general coustruction of 
these tanks is one which 
makes them present an at- 
tractive appearance when 
they are placed in the tower, 
the tanks being built on the 
same taper as thetower, and 
are always shipped knoeked 
down. Shipped direct from 
factory in Southeastern PF we 
Wisconsin. aus 

No. 3271423 Twenty-Marrel Tapered 
Tank, complete as described above. 
Pre meunds. Prien... ...- ee. eee eae ee & 

No.3271425 Sixty-Barret Tapered Tower Tank, 
complete as described above. Weight, about 1500 
ote gle, Ja i $34.00 
Galvanized Steel Tapered Tower Tank. 

——~ Loe ¢ 

2 tye 


| | 

wr use in tunk tower 
py outfits, in place af wooden 
test Bi" tapered towertanks, Some- 
ma Po tae what more expensive than 
ima YS! wooden tunks ¢f this style, 
bot bandsomer, more dura- 
ble, and well worth the dif- 
ference in price. Prices 
shown below include center 
pipe flange and 2-inch gai- 
vanized center pipe for the 
pump rod to pass through. 
Phe 20-barrel tank is shipped 
set up, unless otherwise or- 
dered. when going within 
about 500 miles of Chicago. 
When going much beyond 
that distance, it is shipped 
knocked down, The 60- 
barrei tank is always 
shipped knocked down, 
When tanks are shipped 
knocked down every partis 
fitted together and sufficient 
solderand rivets accompany the tank to complete it. 

Shipped direct from factory in Northern Io- 

+B Yh 

H fil oe y 

h | 

et 4 eu AY \ ‘ 
|) aaa 
pi eet Mt Ul 
} F / fi Ma ch hy BY 



a et . My [Lory 

| a th 


= = = ao 
a eae Fas 
= 5 z 
= S- ee - 
== = a = == 
- a 
=s = = 2 = 



if ree Ue 
Ta Helis 

PL ws 


ae ae ° Gauge of aie | Beh ns 

Oatalogue No. Briel Weight | a, nce 
3271426 20 200 ibs. | S1O.40 
S2Tt 427 18 | 2ho lbs. | Bos 
32T1428 16 325 lbs. Bor lo 


Catalogue No, peg Weight Price 
32T1438 a0) 300 ibs. &37.00 
32T1 439 18 480 Ibs. 43.75 
3271440 16 600 ibs. 50.90 

Conical Covers for Steel Tapered Tower 

Tanks. i 

No. 3271441 Covertor 20-Barrel Tank. Weight, 
Bepounds. Price. .....se0cci..:. . . . see = 

No. 3271445 Coverfor60-Barrelt Tank. Weicht, 
Memmeinds. Price.........0sccessce+ssscess eee 4.94 

We advise that you select. No. 18-gauge steel for a 
20-barrel tank, or No. 16-gauge steel for a 60-barre} 
tank. Inlet or outlet heles wili be cut in, as you 
may direct, without charge, but the best way is for 
ou to cut a hole where you want it, put a lon 
hread on the pipe, and then use a iock nut on eac 
side, with leather washers between tank and nuts, 
No tank can be returned after holes are cut in elther 
by you or by your order. 

No winodmill 
outfit Is com- 
plete without 
a windiniti 
.The Peerless 
Regulator is 
perfect in de- 
Sign and cun- 
strong in 
Ll every part, 
and accurate in its work, and a comfort to its 
owner, Oan be uttached to any make of windmill, 
whether on a steei or a wood tower, Takes tull 
charge of the mill. pulis it out of the wind wheu 
tank is full, and allows the mill to turn into gear 
when the water lowers. Makes it safe to erect wind- 
mills anywhere, and is a protection against storms. 
Is easy to attach, and the wire connecting the regu- 
lator and float is in a continuous piece. Furnished 
complete, except float, which you make of wood. Un- 
der the manufacturer's name this is the best known 
regulator made. Our price is about one-haif the 
eel price. Weight, 30 pounds. 
‘o. 3271453 Windmiil Regulator. Price,,82.25 

Kenwood Windmill Regulator. 
It pulls the windmill out of the wind 
when the tank is fall and refeases the 
mlli when water ila tank Is towered. 
Prevents water from overflowing the 
tank. Keeps the ground dry ahoat tank, 
is a perfect automatic regulator and 
safeguard for 
the windmill, 
in case of 
storm or high 
wind. Can be 
attached by 
any one toany 
pumping wind 
mili, whether Ga 
windmiliison =< 
wood or stcel 
tower. In faet, 
it is a unlver- 
sal Windmil! Regulator. No fine adjustment re- 
quired, no springs to weaken and nothing to get out 
of order. Regulator is furnished complete, ready 
to attach to pump pole and puli out wire, and wit 
float lever and ring for wire connection, but wire 
and float are not furnished. Float can be made of 
wood, and ordinary wire about 7,-inch in diameter 
is used for making connections. The frame of the 
regulator attaches to the cross timber, the upper dog 
to the pump pole and the toothed rack to the pull- 
ouf wire. When the water reaches and raises the 
float, the upper Aes engages with the rack, forcing it 
downward until the windmili is pulled out of the 
wind, where lt is held by the lower dog until the 
water lowers, when the rack is released aud the wind- 
millturned into the wind. Weight, 24 pounds. 
No. 3271455 Windmill Regulatnor. Price..$1.69 

Windmill Pump Spring. 

This is the only attachment ever Iin- 
vented that cushions the stroke of the 
pomp. The accompanying illustration 
shows a cushion spring of the simplest 
construction, and shouid be regarded in- 
dispensable in every windimiil pump 
connection, saving the wear and teur of 
both milland pump. [t fitsall pumping 
milis, and will attach in the same man- 
ner aS any common pump connection. 
Makes pumping easier, ind consequently 
allows the windmill] to run in lighter 
winds and do more work than it would 
if it were not fitted with a pump spriug. 
Do not neglect to order one of these 
springs for your windmill outfit. Weight, 
about 12 pounds, 

No. 3271458 Pamp Spring. 

Prices. oo 

Our $2.25 Peerless Windmlll 



soon kite 

ePbpee oor - . 

Cast Iron Pulleys. 
Bored and set screwed and with face 
groond, but not turned, For use on windmill tine 
shafting, horse power jacks, and oo other shafting 
where bnished pulleys are nat required. Shipped 
direct frum factory with windmills or horse power 

Catalogue No.| Diameter Face | Trice, each 
32T4t500 6 inches 4 inches 1.05 
382T1501 6 inches 5 inches p ey SP 
382Tt502 S$ inches 4 inches 1.22 
32T7Tt503 8 inehes 5 inches oo 
32TL504 10 inches 4 inches 1.34 
382Tt505 10 inches 5 inches 1.37 
32T1506 12 inches 4 inches 1.47 
3271507 12 Inches 5 inches 1.56 
32Tt508 14 inches 4 inches 1.57 
S2T1509 14 inches 5 inches 1.76 
32T1510 16 inches 5 inches =.06 
32T1511 t8 inches 5 inches 2.25 
32T1 512 20 inches 5 inches 2.54 
32T1513 22 inches 5 inches zi 
32T1514 24 inches 5 inches 3.07 
SeTt6h15 26 inches 5 inches o.oo 
32T1516 28 iriches 5 inches 3.35 

Pulleys with 6-inch face wiil take the same price 
as 5-inch face pulleys of the next larger diameter. 

_In ordering pulieys give catalogue number and 
size of bore. 



SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 112. 

Acme Wood Wheel Windmill. 

A direct stroke mill of great rf 
strength and durability. Will 
regulate and govern itself in any 
wind that blows, consequently re- F 


Tifton. Unb . 

edt el mi 

~ RHE mg 


HS Rea TR Tea a ce ee 
; Hii Pearls om 
a < {QU EM fpmae 
— a uy Mia 

quires no attention from any 
source, Ithasa positive brake, 
which effectually prevents the 
milf from running when thrown 
out of gear, When thrown in 
gear it will head to the wind 
instantly and when thrown out = tith 
of gear it turns edgeways to the wind and re- 
mains perfectly stili. Price for windmill includes 
all bolts for putting windmill together and bolting 
it to tower; also pitmaa rod to attach windmill to 
pump and cap for wood tower, or will furnish withcap 
for four-post steel tower if so ordered. Pivot pipe 
is made of 2%-inch gas ed and is about 2% inches 
outside. This miilcan be used on our steel towers 
Nos. 3271244 to 32T1269, but order for tower must 
specify that tower is for this mill. Shipped di- 
rect from factury In Michigan, 

No. 3271550 10-foot Wood Windmill. Weight, 
a00 pounds, Price.... 2-ee sexecne ener octae $18.00 

Kenwood Pumping Jack. 

This pumping jack is designed 
for use with power windmills, 
steam or gasollne engines, horse 
power jacks, or In fact any kind 

of helt power. Can besecured to 
the standard of any ordinary 
pump hy the clamps and bolts 
which are a part of the jack. It has 
two erank plos and two upright 
arnis which connect with the pum 
rod by meansof a crosshead an 
in. When you want to pump by 
1and tuke out the pin and connect 
the handie, When attached this 
jnck becomes a partof the pump 
and never lifts the pump; it only 
lifts water; consequently ail power 
is used for lifting water only, and 
}: pump or platform are not dis- 
m=aturbed. Has 6-inch stroke, is back 
, geared 9% tof, has 8x2-inch tight 
and loose pulleys, and puileys 
should be run about 380 revolutions per minute. 
Price does not include pump. 
No, 3271555 Henwood PUES Jack. Weight, 
79 pounds. Price.....- ....... ee #1i2.00 
orse Power Jacks. 

Our Horse Power Jacks have both shaftssquared 
for coupling, so that connection may be made with 
either shaft. For price and sizeof special puileys, 
see preceding puliey listou this page. When order- 
ing pulleys for a jack which a have, bs sure to 
state diameter of Jack shaft. 1] horse power jacks 
are shipped direct from factory to user. 


; For 1 to 2-horse power. I[n- 

creases speed 2% to 1. Frame is 

made of hard wood and nicely 

painted, boxes babbitted; shaft 

is squared to fit 1-inch 

No. 3271801 With 12x4 

= - No. 32T1802 Without 
pulley. Weight, 8 ibs. Price, #3.85 

For 1 to 2-horse power. Increases {¢ p 
speed2% tol. Frameis made of bard 
wood and nicely painted, 
boxes babbitted; shaft is 
squared to fit i-inch coup- 

No. 32T1803 With 12x4- 
inch pulley. Weight, &8 ibs. && 


Prices... ee oe 
No. 3271804 Without a. 
puiley. Weight, 75pounds. Pric@jaay, 7... 63.90 

JACK—For 4 to  8-horse 
power. Increases speed 3 tol. 
Has heavy hard wood frame, 
pabbitted boxes, and is nicely 
finished; shaft is squared 
to fit 14-inch oie 
No. 32T1805 With16 
x6-inch pulley. Weight, 

205 peunds. Price, $7.40 
re No.32T7T1806 Without 

pulley. Weight, 170 lbs. 
PriCe.. oc seeesracteOokes 

JACK—For 4 to 8-horse 
power. Increases speed b= 
3 to 1, heavy hardwood} 
frame, bahbitted boxes, 
well made and nicely 
finished; shaftis squared 
to fit 14-inch coupling. = 

No. 32T1I807% With 16x6- rain 
inch pulley. Welght, 185 pounds, Price.......87.48 

No. 32T1808 Without pulley. Weight, Papas: 

IPiCe.....cscscecs SCC eseRE FS heteseSeSearaeseteeasin 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. {12. 

Kenwood One-Horse Sweep Power. 

A good, strong external geared One-llorse Sweep Power, speeded at 25 
revolutioos to one round of the horse, or at wubout 75 revalutions per minute. 
Frame is made of heavy, weil seasoned hardwood, firmly put together with 
bolts and rods, and js strongly braced. Furnished complete with one short and 
one long tumbling rod, (about 20 feet in all), one slip knuckle, two safety 
knuckles, two rod rests. one sweep and one lead pole. Shift is squared for 
l-inch coupling. Weight, 500 pounds. Shipped direct from factory loa South- 
eastern Wisconsin. 

No. 32T1810 One-Horse Sweep Power. Price...................05. $16.95 

Acme Two-Horse Sweep Power. 

Every ounce of power is ap- 
plied directly to the tumbling 
rod, there being absolntely no 
loss by cramp in any direction, 
having no center bearings; all 

Traverse rollers hold the master 
wheelin place of slides, Each power 
has aright and left motion; coup- 
shafts are steel and al] boxes ling on one side the tumbling rod 
babbitted. turns toward the horses: and en 
the otherside with the horses. They are from perfect plans and patterns and 
have been fully tested in all partsof thecountry on all kinds of work. We offer 
the best powers made ani will so guarantee. Fach power is furnished eom- 
plete with two sweeps, two sweep rods, two tumbling rods, three conplings, rod 
block, platform and a coilspring draft hitch foreach sweep. Shafts are squared 
for l-inch coupling. Weight, 700 pounds; high speed, 32 revolutions; low speed 
10 revolutions to one round of the horses. Shipped direct from faetory to user. 

No. 32T1812 Two-Horse Sweep 
BORN OTe TICG) cone secesseccesrss oS D256 

Acme Four, Six and Eight- 
Horse Sweep Powers. 

Our Four, Six and F 
Fight-Horse' VDow- TE 
ere ure practically = : 
IO SAME BS OUP CWO HR 5 enmmmnentreerenucryenarerarn ny 
horse power, only RU a. Geri” f' 
made mueh heavier Mi dit | see _) 
and are stronger in MAINTE fs eS 
every way. Shafts ——a ie 
are squared for 144- 
inch couplings. They 
are furnished com- 
plete, as described 
above. The four- 
horse power is furnished with two sweeps and two lead poles for two teams; 
high speed 51 revolutions. low specd 10% revolutions to one round of the 
horses. 1f wanted with tour sweeps, price will be same us for six-horse power. 
Shipped dlreet from factory to user. 
No. 32T1813 Four-lMorse Power. Weight, 1000 pounds. Price..,.&27.40 
No. 32T1814 Six-Horse Power, fnrnished with four sweeps and speeded 
same as four-horse power. Weight, 1100 ponnds. Price ..... ...........832.40 
No. 3271815 Eight-llorse Power, furnished with four sweeps. High 
speed 65 revolutions, low speed 12% revolutions to one round of the horses. 
Pee ermiemscomTgdsS.| PYICE...---  - 2c oe cee vee ee eee eee eee e eee ee er ec neon .». 843.15 
Safety Couplings. 
All parts are duplicates, so that a broken piece 
iseastly replaced. It will aot heat; it will noteut; 
ithas no pin to wearout; it greatly reduces the 
friction; guarantced to outwear any other coup- 
ling. Uarried in stock to fit], 134 or I4{ squared 
shaft. Weight, 12 pounds. 
No. 32T1816 Sufety Coupling, 1-inch square. 
No. 32T1817 Safety Conpling, l'g-inch sqnare. 
No. 32T1818 Safety Coaopling, 14-inch square. 

se ee Beer ee 68e 
Pricec3.... eee o0c 
Price: 3323)..-o ee ,70e 

Slip Couplings or Knuckles. 

Made to take the place of safety couplings and to run elther right or 


left hand. Willallow machinery to continue in motion after the horse power 
has stepped Weight, about 18 ponnds. 
No. 32T1819 Slip Coupling, 1l-inch square, Price,,........ .......81.26 
No. 3271820 Sllp Coupling, 1%-inchsquare. Price................., 1:28 
No. $2T1821 SHp Coupllog, 14-inch square. Price.............ce00. 1-30 


Our Overhead One-Horse Power. 

This style of horse power -s = 
Is veryeonvenlent aud pop- ES m , 
ular, because, owlng to its pil: ieee aaa at ~4) 

i eae . i, 
construction, it has muny ad- eT il 
vauluges nok fonond in dawn knee 
powers, Itisespecially adapt- — 
ed for use in a burn where = 
several horses are kept, or in 
sinall Hvery stubles. The 
power can be bolted to the 
timbers above the drivewuy 
and machines can be set on 
the floor cither above or be- 
low the power. Wheb not in 
use the center post can be 
lifted from Its socketand put 
ont of the way, leaving the 
floor clear for other pur- 
poses. Then when power js 
to be used agaln at that is 
necessary is to set the post Jn 
place, hiteh the horse to the 
sweep and go ahead. The 
eenter post which we furnish 
is made of 6-ineh by 6-inch 
timber and is 12 feet long. 1t 
Is amply strong and can be 
cut to any desired length. 
The J43-inch driving shaft, to 
which the pulley is attached, 
is regnlarly made so that the 
measurement from center of 
master wheel to center of 
pulley face is 3 feet 3 ° 7 Ls 
inches, but additional shaft- - 
Ing can be conpled to this shaft so asto change position of pulley orallow the 
useof other pulleys. The driving pulley is 18 inches in diameter with 3-ioch 
faceand makes 374 revolutions 10 one round of the horse, or about 135 revo- 
lutions per minute, Additional shafting or change in sizeof pulley is extra. 
Length of sweep from center of post to cyeholt is 7 feet 6 Inches. For 
driving small feed cutters, corn shellers, feed grinders, wood saws, etc., this 
power cannot be excelled. Weight, 450 pounds. Shipped direct from factory 
in Southeastern Wisconsin. 
No. 3271823 Overhead llorse Power. Price............ccccecceces $17.98 
No. 32T1824 Extra Line Shaft, per foot. 20. .22. ee eee cece eens =. 2% 

Acme Tread Horse Powers. 

Our Acme Tread Horse 
Powers are especially de- 
slened for farm aad sbop use. 
They are adapted torun vari- 
ous farm machines, wood 
saws, ete., and for operating 
light machinery in blacksmith 
or jobbing shops. These 
powers are built in the best 
possible manner out of first 
class materials. The treads 
are of best seasoned maple. 
Power can be set at any de- 
sired pitch so as to develo 
more or less power as needed. 
We muke these powers in two 
sizes, either of whico can be 
mounted on two-wheel trucks so tbatthey can be easily moved about. The 
speed is right tor feed grinders, fodder cutters, wood saws, ete. Ail of 
these powers are furnished complete with @ governor, which regulates the 
speed perfectly. and with brake for stopping the machine, Trucks are extra. 
but will befurnished at prices quoted below. Shipped direet from fuctory in 
Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No. 3271825 One-Horse Double Geared Tread Power, with 

ih i ee nag % 
= = 4 

i LEAT 7) Ge " = g ‘ 4 
- | ee y id 

speed regulator. Weight, 1600 pounds. Price...............862.00 
No, 3271826 Two-Horse Donble Geared Tread Power, with 
speed regulator. Weight, 2800 pounds. Price................ 78.30 
No. 3271829 Two-Wheel Trucks, complete with pole for 
above powers. Weight, 350 pounds. Price................«0- $15.90 
Our $8.90 Little Wonder Crinding Niill. 
This little mill fully warrants —— 

the name by which it is Known. It is com- 
pact, occupying a verysmallamonnt of floor 
space; weighs but 90 pounds, andis fitted with 
54-inch burrs of the most approved design, 
anextra set of burrs being furnished with the 
mill. The driving pully is 7 inches in diam- 
eter, with 4-inch fuee and should make from 
700 to 1300 revolutions per minute. Capacity 
of grinder, at these speeds, is from 8 to 15 
bushels of mixed feed per hour. The burrs 
are arranged so thut they ennnot run to- 
gether when hopper is empty and conse- 
quently they will jast much longer than burrs 
used in ordinary mills. Shipped direct from 
factory in Northern J]linois. 

No. 32T1858 Little Wonder Grinding Mill. Price.................. $8.90 

No 3271859 Extra Burrs. Weight,4 pounds. Price, perpair..... 70 

Acme Power Feed Crinder. 

This mill isfor small graln only,and will 
not grind corn on the enb, but as a sinall 
grain grinder it cannot be excelled for 
fast grinding. either fine or coarse. The 
entire millis made of first class materials, 
carefully finished, and is intended for long 
wear and fast as well asgood work. Shaft 
ruvs in long bearings lined with the best 
quality of Babbitt metal. Pnoleyis 
5 inches in diameter, with 5-inch 
face, and should run from 1200 to 
1800 revolutions per minute. Burrs 
are9 inches in diameter, made of a 
very bard mixtureofiron and steel, 
an extra set being furnished with 

|. each mill. This grinder requires from 4to 

’ $-horse powertorunit. Weighs abont 200 

is = pounds and will grind from 20 to 40 bushels 

of mixed feed per bour. shipped dlrect from factory In Eastern Ohio, 
No. 32T1870 Acme Power Feed Grinder. Price..... .. 812.65 
No. 3271871 Extra Burrs. Weight, ]1 pounds. Price per pair... 2-10 


Cs ee 

eee Pee Pe SE 

494 SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.1I2. 


Buys this High Grade Full 3-Horse Power Gaso- 
S$ i iy 5 0 line Engine, complete as described below, ready 
ba to operate, mounted on skids, crated and de- 

livered free on board cars at Chicago. 

THIS ENGINE IS A MODEL of perfeetion and eompleteness. Itis built on 

= practical lines, eombining simpllelty, dnra- 
bility and compactness, and developing the full amonnt of power we claim 
forit. The engine is complete in itself, requiring no extras to bring up its cost, and 
when it is reeeived the only thing one has to do is to remove the crate, fill the water 
and gasoline tanks, and the engine is ready to run. 


line engine bnsiness for.several years, conseqnently it isnot an experiment, but an 
up to date engine, containing every improvement which years of 
practical experience suggests. It is not a lightweight plaything 
welghing but a few hundred pounds, but is a good substantial engine 
weighing 1,000 pounds, and is suitable for rnnning any kind of :ma- 
chinery which requires three-horse power or less. It is particularly 
adapted for small shops, farm use and for pumping water with cither 
2 Windmill pump or a centrifugal pump, making a splendid machine 
for irrigation purposes. Is also a splendid engine for 
small electric light plants, and will easily drive a 30 to 
30-light dynamo. 


weighing 250 ponnds, is 4 feet long, 16 inehes wide, 

2 inches deep, divided and strengthened by partl- 
tions. In one end of this base is a compartment in 
which the 5-gallon galvanized steel gaspline tank 
is placed; the balance of the base serves us 2 water tank 
and holds 35 gallons. The base is covered with a heavy 
ouwk wale upon which the engine sets, the engine being 
securely bolted to the iron base. 

is five inehes inside diameter, and piston making one explosion 
THE ENGINE CYLINDER fois aitconeoreimntinchess Enzinceylin. | THIS ENGINE IS A FOUR-CYCLE TYPE vic iccessary, ty every 
der, engine head and valve are all surrounded by a very lurge water space seennd revolotion of the erank shaft. It occupies a floor space of 48x28 
through which the water is forced all the time the engine 1s running. The inches, is 48 inches from bottom of base to top of cylinder, or 62 inches 10 top of 
crank or main Shaft is 1)3 inches diameter, made of torged steei nicely turned | muffler, Regnlar pulley is 10 inches diameter, with 6-inch straight face for 
and finished, and runs inextra long babbitted bearings in which there is ample 3-inch belt. Can be furnished with any diameter of 6-inch face pulley from 
provision for oiling and for taking up wear, Connecting rod is made of 6 inches to 24 inches, hut for pulley over 14 inches diameter an extra charge 
eee ae a has brass bearings at both ends, Vistan en is aes long, will be made. Engineis mounted on skids as shown in illustrations. 
turned and titted perfectly and has three expansion rings, also an oil groove we show the 6ngzine fit : 
» . = 5 E . e 
which distributes the oif equally throughout the cylinder chamber. The Ih ORE OF THE ILLUSTRATIONS an adjustable Ree, ae 
cylinder and both the crosshead and wrist pin are eae a LS Ss Sg jack, which may he ordcred with the engine, but which is npt a part of the 
oP See pusieed US ad UI Aen a nde wach’ They ane | engine and is only furnished at an extra price. Any Style of pump juck may 
28 inches diameter with 2-incb rim, and weigh 130 pounds each, ey are | pe used, und we refer you to our pnmp jacks, numbers 3271380, 8271381 and 
secured to ieee by keys and 2) hubs and an easily removed pe OUy 29T 1555 
battering the keys. One of these wheels is fitied with a starting crank, which | Au a set of mounting trucks, conslsti 
= ee : : nal = a? sting of two 
lays against the spoke when the engine is running. The gasoline, which should WE CAN ALSO FURHISH strong axles A four hénvy io-shol ren 
always be 74 degrees test, 1s fed into the mixing chamber in Aj ust the anata y wheels with wide faee, so that the engine ean be easily moved from place to 
required by suction created by the piston head, leaving no excess ne run hae place 
Into the gasoline tank, The governor is the hit and miss lype, allowing cen- | and ran before leaving the sh 
» = s : 2 . te . ie } rh oa 
‘siderable adjnstment of the speed and can be adjusted while engine is running. : ENGINE IS CAREFULLY TESTED is gnaranteed to dlevalop Rercn 
whieh is furnished with EVERY engine, | herse actnal power ind is warranted for one year against defective ma- 
TRE HOT-TUBE | IGNITE is plaeed directly over the iniet valve where | terial pe workmanship, Furnished complete as described, and with one gal- 
fresh gases pass, insuring perfeet eombnstion. The electric igniter, whieh | 10n of eylinder oil, One engineer’s wrench, one alligator wrench, One oil can, 
ls furnished only when orderec and at extra priee, when used is set In place blue print of engine, and directions foroperating. Delivered F. O. B. Chleaga. 

“a Hie r 
hi i , Mi i 

: A lh \ a 

of the hot-tube igniter, the mechanism neing secured to the head of the No. 3271830 Kenwood 3-Horse Power Gasoline Engine, with 
eslinder. This igniter is of the break and make type. overcoming all wear hot®tube igniter. Weight. 1,000pounds, Price.......... > {23 $98.50 
and liability to short circuiting, and is positive in its action. The battery for No. 32T1831 Electric Igniter and Battery for above engine. 
the electric igniter sets on brackets over one end of tho base; it is a 6-cell dry Weileht. 25 pounds. Price.....33n-->.. wee ee ve eee eee eee 12.25 
battery connected In series with a switch so as to use three cells one-half No. 3271832 Adjustable Worm Gear Pamping Jaek for above 
the time, and then change to the other three. The muffler, which is always engine. Weight, 150 pounds. Price. ..........-.-...-+;+.7s seg 18.25 
furnished, ls practically noiseless and by means of additional pipe can be No. 32T1833 Mounting Trocks, for above engine. Weight, 250 
earried outside the building if engine is located permanently. pounds. Price... ........ eee so s00505>5250e ee Be ac 18.00 

Vertical Steam Engines and Boilers. 

OUR ENGINES ARE OF NEW DESIGN earefolly built and of best materials. Every polnt that conld add to thelr dnrability bas been earefully 
VU ERUINES ANE UE NET DEVIUN, eonsidered. With each engine we furnish governor complete, oil cups, throttle valve, cylinder lubricator, belt 
wheei and balance wheel, ready for starting. The bollers are made of homogeneous steel plate, having a tensile strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch, with 
lap welded Iron fines, and are Supplied with hood, fire door, grates, steam gauge, water gauge, gauge cocks, safety valve, blow-off, check and stop valves, 
and injector fitted. Whistle is extra. Price includes castiron base. Every engine is carefully adjusted and thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. 
Shipped direct from faetory InSonthern Michigan. ‘ 

Vertical Steam Bollers. 

Vertical Steam Engines. 

a a % : e t 3 i. 
3| 2/8) 3 iz/2lels “ s elelelé 
=|] 3 le] 2 lel4] ele gi2| |2|2/35 
a -| 2! Fisisials “ 2i¢ SiS18i« 
2 $1 $$ /si{s /ate cis 4 =lelelelel@le 3 
E E/ 25/2 Fle /e/ 3] 3 é syelileleleiel_| 3 
z eels lel = lflerelelé = sislelFlelelele|ai é 
rs BEicoi a. [=| & IMl= | 8 © Piz /2(s |. == = 
5 sjulic le] = jeil@/ 3S) 3) = 3 sfe /e]/cl=i|Ssiealisisa] & 
= ey ee eS Sa | 2 & mo ets} ef lale(f/Ss] = 
2 ] > — = S >| © sles = S © = <= S Le 2 = a one ail 
3 eile] Big) ¢ 212] 212| $ H 3 E/f)2)2| 5) soe £ 
g 2|2| 32) 2 lajejels}e| & S$ [elelsl|2leisielalejel 4 
3271835 gle, 314 6] 3 {1313 t0o!31| 200 8 39.20 3271346! 1% 9p| 36 19 Be 18! 1816} 48) 450, 44.90 
S2T1i836/ 2 |3 434 10) 444)16/424:350/ 40) 300; 49.50 3271847, 2 20, 43) 19) 2 | 25) 18/16] 50) 47 52.90 
3271337| 3 [3%] 444/10] 434|16/434/350/40 350, 55.20 3271848) 3 | 20/ 49| 19, 2 | 31] 18/16] 60) 550, 57.50 
S2TI838 4 {4 5 ile 412/17 444/300 46) 500} 59.80 32T1849 4 24| 50] 31] 2 | 32: 1821) 66/1000 69.00 
32T183915 14°41 5 112) 414/18 4%4|300/46) 550 TOR 32T1850) 5 | 24) 60] 31) 2 | 40) 1x/21] 76/1200 74.75 
3271840) 6 65 6 {141 6 |20'6 (300,56) x00) 80.75 32T1 851; 6 96] 60] #7] 2 | 38) 22/22) 76/1350 84.20 
327isa1l7 (5416 lig! 6 |20'6 |30056, 900| 85.40 3271852, 8 | 30) 60) 43/ 2 | 36, 24/25) 76/1630, 95.50 
32T1842) 8 (6 | 8 j16) 6 (267 /20065 1200| 93.20 327185310 | 30) 72) 43) 2 | 48 a4 25 941850, 106.75 
S2TI843 10 7 s jis 7 [30:7 |200'65)1300) 107.75 3271854112 | 36) 72) 55¢ 2 | 48) 21/30) 98/2000, 125.50 
22T1844 12 (@ 10 |1s8; 8144/35'7  /173 70/1700} 128.50 327185514 36) 84) 55] 2 | 56) 28)/30/108'2500| 138.00 
: ee ae s tw inal BEA bes 143.00 32T1 Secs ae 96] 55) 2 | 64 oe laa 2950| 148.50 
¢ rans) | i 
No. 3271882 2-Inch Whistle, with valve, fitted. Pric@..... 00.5... .500 055-5 soe -- SMe penne se nese sernen eae urs wesw ce cage bene ee == = ih nineteen ee ae 2-85 

NOTE Oi six-horse power we advise the selection of a boiler with greater horse power than the engine. Unless otherwise ordered, engines and 
boilers are mounted on separate bases, but if so ordered we will mount engines and bollerson a combined base and will then furnish them fitted 
with steam and exhaust pipe connections. ' 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. #12. 495 


Kenwood Power Crinding Mills. 

The design and construction of this grinder make 
itespeciaHy adapted for use inconnection with puwer 
whidmilis or with any other kind of power where the 
motion is liable to be unsteady and where close atten- 
tion is not given to the grinder; but itis just as well 
adapted fornse in connection with horse powers, engines, 
etc. The burrsare of a pecoliar form whieh cuts the 
grain Instead of crushing it, consequently they will do 
better work than the ordinary style of burr and can _ be 
adjusted to a tiner degree, requiring less power for the 
sume amount of work. The machine is provided with 
an adjustabie shake feed witich is direetly under the 
hopper, so that the tlow of grain 
miy be regulated as desired. This 
shake feed regulates the quantity 
in exact proportion to the speed 
of the grinder. The fineness of the 
grinding is SS 
controlled Hl} 
by hand 
&@ reguiat- 
ing lever 
at tbe end 
of themain 



> “its vty 
oY’ Attia. -' oa 

| a 

Kenwood Belt Power Grinding Mill. 

Burrsare 7 Inches indiameter and we 
‘urnish two sets with each machine. 
Unless otherwise ordered both sets will 
be coarse burrs. The driving pnlley on 
the belt power mill is 10 inches diameter 
With 6-inch face. Balance wheel is fur- 
nishedon main shaft next todriving pul- 
Jey or small gear. ‘ 

Tite Horse Power Grinder is exactiy 
the same as the Belt Power Grinder, 
except that it has no paliey, but is 
fitted with a countershaft with gearing, 
the end of the shaft being squared to 
fit a i-inch horse power conpling. The 
grinder shaft makes four revolntions to 
one revolntion of the horse power shaft. 

Keawood Horse Power Griadiag Mill. 

The following table shows tbe speed at which the grinder should be rnn and its 
capacity (based on corn ard oats mixed), with stated amounts of power applied. 

H. P. Revolutions of Burrs Capacity H. P. Revolutions of Burrs Capacity 
Applied per Minute per Hour Applied per Minule per Hour 
1-horse 25 to 150 3 to4 bushels | 4-horse 650 to 700 10 to 12 bushels 
2-horse 300 10 325 6 to 7 bushels | 6-horse 1600 to 1200 18 to 20 bushels 

Shipped direct from factery in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No. 32T1863 Belt Power Griader. Weight, 230 ponnds. Price...812.85 

No. 3271864 Horse Power Grinder. Weight, 275 pounds. Price. 16.55 

No. 32T1865 Extra burrs. Weight,10 ponnds, Price, per pair..... 1.05 

When ordering extra burrs state whether you want coarse ar fne, 
Wat Coarse barrs will be sent anless otherwise ordered. 

Big Ciant Improved Crinding Mills. 

A mill with the greatest capacity and most even 
grinding ofallkinds of grain ever olfered to the 
farmer. Automatic in feeding, simple in constrne- 
tion. scientific in principle, looked upon by feeders as 
the gem of all grinders; requires 2 to 10-horse power, 
according to size and speed. 

No. 32TI875 No. 9 Belt Mill, with three sets of 6- 
inch right hand burrs; capacity, 15 to 30 bushels per 
hour. piattels> pounds, =~ Crice........-......3 $16.25 

No. 32TES876 Extraburrs. Price, per pair.. 14.00 

No. 32T1879 No.7 Beit Mili, with three sets of 8- 

@\\ inch rigbt band burrs. Weight. 250 ponnds. Capacity. 
‘ns 20 to 40 Dnshels per hour. SG 

rites... cs. .. 820.50 - 
= No. 3271880 Extra 
ieee tC iC Piir..-.......-...0....+s0mees $1.25 

No. 32TE877 No. 10Geared Miil, with three 
sets of 6-inch Jeft hand burrs, geared for attaching 
to tumbling rod; capacity, 15 to 30 bushels per 
Mite eieity.-> pOUNdS. Price........... %18.25 

No. 32T1 878 xtra burrs. Perpair.. 1.00 

No. 32T1881 No.8 Geared Mili, geared for 
eeecoe to tumbling rod; with three sets of &- 
inch left hand burrs; capacity, 20 to 40 bushels per 
honr. Weight, 275 pounds. Price........... %&22.80 

. No. 32T£&882 Extra 
Per pair...$1.25 

“ait Wel Do 

= burrs, 

No. 32T1883 No. 5 
Doubie Mili, has just 
donble the capucity of : 
No.7 belt mill; two sets of 8-ineb burrs in operation 

at one time, one on each end of shaft. Weight, 400 
Price. with threesets of 8-inch right hand andthree 

sets of 8-incb left hand burrs..... .......... 

No. 32718842 Extra burrs. 
En Milian. oss een eee St.25 

No. 32T1885 No.6 Dou- 
bie Mill, has just twiee the 
eapaeity of the No. 9 Beit 
Mill; two sets of 6-inch burrs 
in operation at one time, one 
on each end of shaft. Weight, 350 pounds. 

Price, with three sets of 6-inch right hand and three 
sets of 6-inch left hand burrs... . .......- Sa. a $29.45 

NoroetiSsG Extra burrs. Per pair.........% 5.00 

Nos. tO and 8 have £2-incli pulley to connect with 
eorn sheller. Ali Big Giant Grinders are shipped 
direct from faetory in Eastern Minnesota. When 
ordering extra burrs. state whether you want fine, 
medium or coarse. Medium burrs will be sent unless 
otherwise ordered, 

... $37.00 

—— sd 

Acme Power Cob Crusher and Feed Crinder. 

Tie only mill that can be ret to regulate 
and prind suceessfally ear corn and emall 
grain hoth at the same time, This Isaceom- 
plished by having a partition in the bopper 
und a feeding arrangement for cach side. ‘fhe 
main shaft is made of cold rolled steel, with good 
jong bearings filled with an extra gradcof babbltt 
metal. The shalt ts carefully balanced after the 
flywheel and pia are attached, making a 
steady and light running mill. The eS 
plates are made of chitled metal and steel mixed, 
and have the teeth shaped to give the best pos- 
pple awk for light drat and for not heating 
: ths the meal, An extra set of grinding plates with 

. each mill. The flywheel is cnclosedfhultle the 
mill. They are well mnade throughout and equal to anything in the market. 

No. lis suitable tor engines from 6 to 10 horse power, should be run from 
1000 to 1200 revolntions per minute; capacity, 20 to 49 bushels per hour. No. 21s 
shitable for enpines from 10 to i6 horse power, sbould be run from ]000 to 1%90 
revolntions per minute. Capacity, 30 to 50 bushels per hour. Can furnish pul- 
leys & to inehes indlameter, butalways send 10-inch unless otherwise ordered. 

Shipped direct from factory in Eastern Ohio. 


No. 3271920 No. } Crusher and Griader, witb 12-incli grinding lates. 
RVeGlfNt, 200 pOUNGS. . me G eet ce eee eas oc e veaee secccares pe ees 
No. 32T1921 Extra t2-inch burrs. Weight, 17 pounds. Per pair.... 1.38 

No. 32T192% No. 2 Crusher and Grinder, with 14-inch grinding plates. 

WC er Aounds. Price eres eee) ee eee » eae B25.20 

No. 3271923 Extrult-inecb burrs. Weight, 22 pounds. Per palr.... 1.70 
Reliance Improved Feed Miils. 

In making iron mlils for grinding 
grain there are some essential 
points, and oneisthat the grinding 
teeth should bevery hard. Another 
is that ail parts should be strong. 
We are ina position ta make 
the gfinding parts of our miils 
of «a special mixture of the 
hardest possibile quality, and 
at the same time insure them 
against breukage, securing long 
life for tre grinding edges and 
immnnity from the annoyance 
of breakage. Grinders made 
of this metai willoutlast three 
set of burrs made in the regu- 
jar way praeticed in tile ma- 
jority of factories, 

Grinding capacity,6 to 10 bushels perhour. Capacity ts based on medium 
grinding of dry corn, Regulurly furnished with coarse bnrrs. Fine burrs are 
required for gtinding oats or other smal! grains. Shipping weight. 400 ponnds. 
Grinding surface, 233 square inches. Shipped direct from factory in Soath- 
western Ohio. 

No.32T1936 ReHance Feed Mil. Price, complete with sweep....813-9% 

No. 32T1937 Extra Grinding Rings. Price, per pair....... 2 en 

NOTE—When ordering extra grinding rings, state whether yoo want 
fine or coarse rings. Coarse riags wili be sent unless otherwise ordered. 

Our New Improved Acme Sweep Crinder. 

This is one of the best grinders on 
the market. Grinds ear corn, new or 
dry, shelled corn alone or mixed with. 
other grain, Our grinder rings, or 
borrs, have a peeuliar «ress by meansof 
which the broken pieces of cob and‘-whole 
grains are gradnally reduced to the 
fineness desired. Jt is provided with 
breakers or crowders which force th> 

rain into the burrs. This mill willgrind 

0 to 15 bushels of sbelled corn per honr; 
6 to 10 bnshels of corn on car per hour; 
is warranted not to choke on new 
corn or oid corn, damp or dry. Ca- 
pacity is based on tsedium grinding 
of dry corn. Regniarly furnished 
with coarse burrs. Fine burrs are 


For Grinding 
Corpo and Cobs. 

% reqnired for grinding Oats or Other small 

grains. Price is complete with sweep. 

A perfect sweep mill of large capacity. 

When fitted with fine burrs this ll 

—__—_— “ will grind oyster and clam shells and 

broken bones at ihe rate of 200 to 400 ponnds per hour, but the sbells or bones 

must be perfectly dry (they shon!d be dried by fire.) or the grooves of the burrs 

will fill upso that they will not grindat all. Shipped direct from factory in 
Southwestern Ohio, ; 

No. 32T1944 No.1 Aeme Sweep Grinder, has 284 square inches of grind- 

injessurface, WelghteanQ pounds, Pric@,. 7c. fesse. 6 2. -+ eee ee &15.35 
No. 32T1945 Extra grinding rings for No.1 mill. Perpair..,...... 3.48 
No. 3271926 No. 2 Acme Sweep trinder, bas 369 square inches of 

grinding surface. Weight, 500 pounds. Priogm........-....- = eee ee 17.45 
No. 3271947) Extra grinding rings for No.2 mill. Per pair........ 4.35 

NOTE—Wheo ordering extra grinding rings, state whether you want 
fine or coarse rings. Coarse rings will he seat unless otherwise ordered. 

Big Four Ball Bearing Corn and Cob Mii. 

The best huillt and most powerful mill 
which can be made. Every part of tliis 
grinder is strong and snbstantial, and its 
perfect work commends it to all who desire 
a mill of large capacity. It will 
crindearcorn,eitherdry ordamp, 
and apy kind of small grain, and 
hasaeapacity of from fi to 30 
bushels per hour, depending upon 
the nnmber of horses used. Fur- 
nished with a double lever so that 
two or four horses can be used. 
Always furnished with coarse 
burrs unless otherwise ordered. 
Fine burrs are require! for grind- 
ing oats or other small grains. 
Grinding sprfuce, 404 square 
inches. For better illustration 
we show the grinder in parts. with hopper and sweeps removed. Price is com- 
plete with sweep. Weight, 1.250 ponnds. Shipped direct from factory in 
Southwestern Ohio. 

No. 22 lS Bic Four mile SP rice: isc. on. ese eee eee -. .$34.40 
No. 3271963 Extra grinding rings. Price, perpair ......... ---.-> wo» 6.25 

NOTE—When ortering extra grindiog rings. state whether yoo want 
fine or eoarse rings. Cearse rings will be seat uniess otherwise ordered. 


Kenwood Triple Geared Feed Mill. 

Rinker This new and up to date 

genred mili is so geared as to 
freatiy increase the grinding 
gs cnpacity with the same amount 
of power applied. The grinding 
rings revoive in opposite direc- 
tions at a ratio of more than 
three to one, that is, one revoin- 
tion of the sweep revoives the 
inside ring more than three 
times in one direction while 
the outside ring mikes one 
revolution in the opposite 
direction. The rings unre about 
17 inches diameter, with a width of 3% inches, giving large grinding sur- 
face. The inside ning is made with sharp aad quite prominent corrugations, so 
shaped as to makea force feed and shearing cut. Qaly one set of burrs are 
required for grinding coarse or fine feed, as these burrs are fitted with a regu- 
juting dise for grinding small grain. The disc should be removed when grind- 

ing earcorn. Price is complete with sweep. Weight, 500 pounds. Shipped 
direct from factory in Northern Illinois. 
No. 3271954 Tripie Geared Feed Mill. Prive......--.---.---... 6. $19.20 
No. 32T1955 Outside grinding ring. Price......--...-+-eeeeee eee: 1.40 
No. 32T1956 Inside grinding ring. Price..........--.-.-++.seseeeeee 1.35 

Miodei Pea Huller. 

{n our Model Pea Huller we have without donbt the most 
compiete aad perfect machine for hullioag (or shelling) aad ee 
separating all kinds of field peas. We guarantee the machine to -eaag 
hull and clean 10 to 15 bushels per hour, : 

ye hand, and 25 to 30 busheis per bour 
lf power lIsused. [t is very compact; 
the size belng 18% inches wide, 48% 
inches high, 53 Inches long and weighs 
375 pounds. From experience we feel 
safe In recommending our Huller for 
farms ralsing upto l,00U bushelsof peas. 
For cleaning corn, wheat or onts, this 
machine is aiso vainable. It will clean 
dust and trash from the grain at the 
rate of 250 to 350 bushels perday. It 
iloes not grade the grain, however, and 
should be nsed as cleaneronly. Seed 
peas are always in great demand, and 
with one of our hullers you can add 


zreatly to your bank account each sea- aay d i : Ne e 
son, ull directions sent with each rN -\ oe 
machine. This machine Is not intend- lh a | mall “NYS 
ad to hull peas with vines attached. | Mg , ‘it! Speay i 
Shipped direct from factory in Lit hi wy} 
Sauthern Tennessee, Ne how } 
No. 32T1I9765 No.1 I’ea Wulier, with Nai 
two 18-inch cranks. } 
i. - Saece 821.65 
No. 32T1976 No. 1 Pea filulier, (a 
with l4-inch pulley and two 18-lach 
Eth es) el i. 623.66 
Ajax Farm Fanning Mili. 
= This is the standard style 
Wed 5) of farm fanning inill, bul 

in many particulars is supe- 
rior to other makes of this 
istyle. The upper part of the 
shoe, which carries the sieves 
that separate the course 
materinls and through 
which the grain or seed fills 
onto the sercens, and the 
grader und grader spout are 
the same as in other mills of 
this clhiss. The lower part 
of the shoe is arranged to 
carry two screcns, for sep- 
arating the dirt or fou! seeds 
or for making an additional 
separation or grade, and 
there is a second grading 
spout atiached tothe flower 
end of the shoe, therefore 
the screening surface is dou- 

. ble that of the ordinary miil 
of this style. The shake is adjustable from very short to very long. Weil made 
und well Hnished and made from good materials, 
wheat or rye hurdio with zine top, 1 corn or oats sieve, 1 barley or bean sieve, 
1 wheat grader, 2 wheat or barley screens, 1] pair of fan blinds, and one cheat or 
ecockle board. Made in two sizes. No. 1 with sieves 21% inches wide. and No. 2 
with sieves 26% inches wide. The No. 1 willl clean 60 to 80 bushels of market 
wheat per hour, and the No.2 will clean 75 to 100 bushels per hour, Always 
shipped kaocked down uniess otherwise ordered. Shipped direct from factory 

Al | ‘ .< , 

BS Re 
a ae 

| 4 n AY ] 
lms SS Fa 

ip Southeastern Wisconsin. 
No. 3212000 No.1 mill, with outfit for grains only. Weight, 120 ponnds. 
pes Oe cnr em renner oe. KIS 
No. 3272001 No.2 mill. with outfit forgrains only. Weight, 10 ponnds. 
oe al ee ee eee ae Pe a BI58 
No. 3272002 No.1 mill, with outfit forgrains and flax. Weight, 124 pounds. 
Ee... errr rec. SS.68 
5 3272003 No.2nili, without&ét for grainsand flax. Weight, 145 pounds. 
a ae BB S525 2 2 Sg grec cl 810,54 
No. 3272004 No.1 mill, with outfit forgrains, clover and timothy. Weight. 
126 pees vo OR ee i dapehcent hota ater ee .... 89.03 
o. 32T2005 No, 2miil, with outfit for grains, cloverandtimothy. Weight, 
a REDE a ee 8 ee $11.02 

o. 32T2006 No. 1 mill, with outfit for grains, clover, timothy and 
Weight, 128 pounds. i & 
No. 32T2007 No. 

eo 3a one Pee 9.38 

2mill, with outfit for grains, clover, timothy and flax. 

Welght, 150 pounds. Price.....-..... SE lp psy $11.50 
No. 3272008 Wiresieve for No.) mill. Weight, 2 pouads. Price  .35 
No. 32T2009 Wire sieve for No.2mill. Weight,2% pounds. Price 43 
No. 3272010 Wirescreen for No.l mill. Weight,2 pounds, Price Be oe 
No. 32T2011 Wirescreen for No. 2 mill. Weight, 2% pounds. Price .50 

No. 32T2012 Three-sieve zine top hurdle, for No.1 mill, Welght, 5 pounds. 

Sp ener lle i. 
No. 3212013 Three-sieve zinc top hurdle, for No.2mlil. Weight, 6% pounds. 

Upite |... ...35) Seema $2.08 
No. 32T2014 Pairoffanhbiloads. Weight.1% pounds. Price........ Hh 

NOTE—It takes one sleve aod one screen for cieaning each additional 
kind of grain orseed. In ordering sleves, screens or hurdles, state what 
you waat to clean and, if possible. give size of mesh desired. 

train outfit cansistsofone | 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.II2. 

Kenwood Farm Fanning WMiill. 

A strictly high grade 
millanda perfect cleaner, 
grader and separator of 
grains and seeds. * Has 
two shoes, resting on roller 
bexrings and working in 
opposite directions, givin 
perfeet balance to the mil 
nnd making its operation 
very easy. ‘The upper shoe 
holds the sieves which 
sepurite the coarse mate- 
rial and chaff and through 
which the grain or seed 
fuils ontothescreens. The 
lawer shoe carries the 
screens Which scparate the 
dirt and foul seeds, and as 
the screens extend the fuil 
depth of this shoe, the miil 
has nearly three times the 
Ww screening Surface of the 
SS ordinary mill and will do 

proportionately better 
work. The shake is adjustable from very short to very long. Material first 
class. Construction perfect. Grain outfit consists of one wheat or rye hurdle 
with zinc top sieve, one corn or mats sieve, one barley ar bean sieve, three wheat 
or barley screens, one pair of fan blinds, and one cheat or cockle bourd. This 
mill is mnude in two sizes: No. 1, with sieves 22 inches wide. and No. 2, with 
sieves 27 inches wide. The No. 1 wiil clean 65 to 90 busheis of market wheat per 
hour, and the No.2 will clenn 80 te 110 bushels per hour, Always shipped 
knocked down uniess otherwise ordered. Shipped dircet from factory in South- 
eastern Wisconsin, 

Na. 3272015 No. 



ie ‘ af its 
psig va | 


1 Mill, with outtit for grains only. Welght, 140 

pounds, Pric@:. 25: sess se te ewer ete ee ne ele ne 9.48 
No. 32T2016 No.2 Mill, with outfit for grains only. Weight, 160 

pounds, PRIC@ Tie... seccccee- et en oe -. 11.08 
No. 32T2017 No.1 Mill, with outfit for grains and flux. Weight, 

146 pounds. Price.. ..... ce ec cect) teen ee eee: 5 6 enna . 10.57 
No. 3272018 No.2 Mill, with outfit for grains and flax, Weight, 

168 ponnts. Prime.» 2. 0 ee ee eee Mc er ee 
No. 3272019 No.1 Mill, with outfit for grains, clover and timothy. 

Weight, 150 pounds. Price .... .........256. 0 ceee eee eter eee nes Reais ie 11.31 
No. 32729020 No.2 Mill. with outfit for grains, clover and timothy. 

Weigiit, 173 pounds. Price .........- --.--e eee eee eee ee sees Boose oe cee es 13.56 
No, 32702021 No, 1 Mill, with outfit for grains, clover, timothy and 

flax. Weight, 154 pounds. l’rice..............-.-..+:.c0:-++:sssseeeaeeeesees 12.05 
No. 3272022 No.2 Mi, with outfit for grains, clover, timothy and 

flax. Weight, 178 ponnds. Price...........0-0+see eee een eens eee re eene .--- 14.56 
No, 3272023 Wire Sieve for No. } Mill. Weight, 2 pounds. Price, -36 
No, 3272024 Wire Sieve for No. Mill. Weigzht,2% pounds, Price, 49 
No. 3272025 Wire Screen for No.1 Mill. Weight, 2 pounds. Price, 38 
No. 3272026 Wire Screen for No.2 Mili. Weight,2% pounds, Price, Oo 
No. 32722027 Three-Sieve Zing Top Hurdle for No.1 Mill. Weight, 

5 pounds. Pricegsee Pee ~ Late 
No. 3272028 Three-Sieve Zine Top llurdie tor No.2 Mill, | Weight, 

6% pounds. Pria@i ec. -cccce- ee ens ee ec ces settee gh ee eee 2.20 
No. 3272029 Pairof Pan Blinds. Weight.1% pounds, Price...... 23 

NOTE.—It takes one sieve and twoscreens for cleaning cach additional 
kind of grain orseed. In ordering sieves, screens OF hurdles, state what 
you want to elean and, If passible, give size of mesh desired. 

Kenwood Warehouse Fanning Mill. 

This mili has two shoes 
which move In oppasite 
directions. The upper stioe 
carries the sieves whick 
separate the straws ana 
course materials from the 
grain or seeds being cleaned, 
Tic lower shoe extends the 
entire depth of the mill and 
carries the screens which 
separate the dirt, fine seeds, 
ete. As is well known,the 
nost important part of seed 
cleaning is done by the 
serecens; therefore, as this 
mill has three or four times 
the screening surface found 
In other mills of correspond- 
ing size, it will be readily 
understood that it is by far 
the best mill. Perfeet grad- 
ing is accomplishe by 
means of the comblnation of 

screens und discharge spouts 

Both shoes rest on roller bearings, ne the movement 
The shaking device is very substantinl and is so arranged 

a long shake for chaff- 

in lower slice. 
smooth and even. 
that it cun be graduated to meet ail requirements, from 
ing grains, toa very short and quick shake sneh as is necessary forthe perfect 

The regular out tit farnisbed with this mitl ils calfted a 
grain outfit, and consists of one wheat or rye hurdle, with zine top and wire 
middle and bottom sieves; oue ¢orn or oats sieve; one barley or hean sieve; 
three wheat or barley screens; one pair of fan blinds, and one cheat or vockle 
board, Always shipped set up unless otherwise ordered. if ‘knocked down” 
an extra charge of £1.50 will be made. The mill is 39 inches wide, sieves 20 
inches deep, screen shoe 4Sinehes deep. Has 6xii-inch tight and loose pulleys, 
and shonid be run about 275 revolutions per minute, Capacity of mill 156 to 
hushels of wheat per hour, Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern 

Noa, 3272030 Warehouse Fanning Mill, 
Brice 7 

cieaning of tine secds. 

with outfit for grains oy. 
License veers 820,40 

Weight, 325 pounds. Do caees cunseungeas seeneeescs 1 —————— 
Nn. 3272031 Warehouse Fanning Mill, with outfit for grains and flax. 
Weight, 340 pounds. Price. .......... 0-0. se eese esses cess 0c nen 822.50 
No. 3272032 Warehouse Fanning Mill, with outfit for grains, clover and 
timothy. Weight, $50 pounds, Price..... 2.0... ee eee ee eee eee pee nee $23.92 
No. 3272033 Warehouse Fannlag Mill, with outfit for grains, clover, 
timothy nnd flax. Weight. 360 pounds.  Price...........-- 2. :sen gr nero rene 625.34 
No. 3272034 Wire Sieve, for Warehouse Fanning Mill, Weight, 5 
pounds, Vrice.........-.ccyence e+ cope eens cc eeees ns ones ee _  69Ie 
No. 3272035 Wire Screen, for Warehouse Fanning Mill. Weight, 5 
pounds. Pric@.:... 2005 22-1. See pee eee seeeee 12: Genes : i 2e 
No. 3272037 Three-sieve Zinc Top Hurdle, for Warehouse Fanning Mill. 
Weight 20 pounds. Price......-.-...--- eesersceesssereeses — 2.95 
No. 3272028 Pair of Fao I3linds, for Warehouse Fanning Mlll. Weight, 
3 pounds. Price........ ee eee 2 Ic 

NOTE —1t takes one sieve and two screens for cleaning each aidditinnal 
kind of grain or seed. In ordering sieves, screens or hardles, state what 
you want to clean and, If possible, give size of mesh desired. 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. il2. 

Our $1.95 Acme Lever 
Feed Cutter. 

This Cutter is made in the mnst ap- 
proved manner with adjustable gauge 
to regulate the lengthofeut. ltlas the 
best steel knife, which ean readily be 
ground, and a double tension nut witb 
which to set the blade close up to the 
work. This is a standard aud well known 
{implement and one of the best ef its kind 
made. Weight, 50 pounds, 

No. 3272100 Acme Lever Feed Cutter. 

WACO... Use catacscess + Oe.  SL9S 

Ne. 32T2101 Extra knives, each, 41 

Star Lever Feed Cutter. 

The Star Cutter has the largest sale 
ef any eutter on the market, Has 
positive adjustment of the knife, which is 
solid steel], curved soastu give a shearing 
eut, which makes it easy to operate, 
Gauge plate can be adjusted to eut any 
length desired. Made of the best material 
throughout, nicely finshed. Husa wide and 
deep fecd box and throutis Jurge, making 
feeding easy. Weight, 65 pounds. 

No. 3272102 Star Lever Feed Cutter. 

Wee e ooo 6 eee Oe w.63 

No. 3272103 Extraknives,eaeh.. .53 




Our $6.50 Acme Jr. Feed 

This Cutter is made 
especlally to meet the 
demands for a good 
yet cheapand durable 
machine, lt is well 
ndapted for general work 
and, where buta few head 
of stock are kept, it will an- 
swer nearly every purpose 
that would be required of a 
wore expensive machine, 
The fraine 1s stronger and 
the general workmanship 
is hetter thin many cut- 
ters sold at double the 
Iprice. Thoroughly well 
made of good materials, ane 
sold sirictly on its merits. 
There is very little gearing 
about the machine and abi 
parts are arranged in the 2 4 ' 
most convenient manner. Throat is wide, so that = a es 
fodder can be fed into the maehine in a broad, \ 
thin body. The entting knife is 1l% inches long, 
made of tempered tovl steceland makes a downward | 
shearing eut against wv hardened cutting edge, hnife po 
makes three cuts to one turn of crank, and length of cutis ae eae fromm 44- 
inch tol%ineh. Shift is %,-inehin diameter, cold rolled steel, An easy run- 
ning machine. Onpicity per hour, 150 to 200 pounds of dry fodder; 300 to 400 
pounds of green fodder. Weight, 163 pounds, Shipped direct from factury In 
Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No, 32T2 1700) Acmo.)r. eed Culter. Price... 2... ee 86.50 
Na. 3272102 Price, for extra knives, cachb.......-.-. 3s = ee 81 



{n our Kenwood we havea very enmplete line of cylinder feed cutters, from the smatl hand feed catter te the large self feed ensllage cutter or 
shredder, and io sizes varying seas to meet all requirements. Our cutters are well known and are universally acknowledged as being perfect and reliable ln 

every respect. | 
and totbe adjustment of gearing, cutting knives and eutter bar. 

They are substaotially built of good inaterials and are naleely finished thronghout, particular attention being given to all wearing parts 
The feed tables of all our eutters are large, giving ample working recom. The cutting knives 

of our cylinder cutters are set spirally so as to make a downward shearing eut, thus making the machines very light running and the eut clean and perfect 
The heads or cylinders are easy of access. but are so protected that when the machine is in operation tbere is positively no danger to the operator. 

No. {0 Kenwood Hand Feed Cutter. 

Nos. 7 and 8 Kenwood Hand Feed Cutters. 


In our regular line of cylinder feed entters the numbers 7 aad 8 are 
the smalnest machines, but they contain all the important features of the 
\ larger machines such as are requisite to euttersof these sizes. The frame 
work is heavy and well braced; the feed table broad, deep and of good length. 
The feed rolls are governed by an equalizer bar and spring which causes beth 
ends of the roll to raise equally, thus preventing binding and undue friction 
upon the feed roll boxes, hee smooth lower roll and fluted upper roll. These 
machines have adjustable cone feed gearing which is self contained and by 
means of which the length of cut is changed. This gearing is controlled by a 
safety stop lever which also eontrels the feed rolls and by which the feed is 
instantly stopped or started at the will of theeperator. Upper feed roll is 
driven by expansion gearing. A heavy balanee whee) ot large diameter, to- 
gether with the shearing cut of the knives, make these maehines very light 
running and easy to operate. The illustration shows the left side with feed 
gearing, safety stop lever and balanee wheel. The main driving gearing and 
erank are on opposite side. 

These machines are made with either one nr twn kuives,as may be 
desired. With one knife they will cut 4% inch, 144 inches or 2 inches long; with 
two knives +4 inch, % inchorlinehlong. Lengthof No.7 knives is 8% inches; 
length of No. 8 knives, 9% inches. The knives are made of tempered tool 
steel; they are secured to the knife heads by bolts which are easy to get atand 
are hacked by adjusting serews for setting and holding knife in proper posi- 
tion. The knives eut downward against a hardened cutting edge whieh is 
ground true. Main shaftis %-inch eold rolled steel. 

Particularly adapted for erdinary use when but few head of steck ts 
kept, and also much in favor with poultry roisers. Will ent hay, straw or 
fodder with equally good results, The best hand feed eutterever plaeed on 
the market. 

Capacity, per hear: 
of green fodder. 
green fodder. 

Weight: No. 7, l-knife, 155 pounds; Nn. 7, 2-iknife, 160 peands; No. 8, 
l-knife, 165 pounds; No. 8, 2-kaife, 170 pounds. Shipped direct from fac- 
tory in Sontheastern Wisconsin, 

fodder; 300to £00 pounds 

No. 7, 150 to 200 pound: of dr 
s of dry fodder; 400 to 350 pounds of 

No. 8 200 to 275 poun 

No. 3272201 No.7 Feed Cutter, withone knife. Price............8 915 
No. 3272202 Nn. 7 Feed Cutter, with two knives. Price........... 10.35 
No. 3272203 Price, for No. 7 extra knives, each............. eee ies -68 
No. 3272202 No. 8 Feed Cuiter, with one knife. Price.....,....... 11.50 

No, 32T2205 

No. 8 Feed Cutter, with two knives. Price........... 12.90 
No. 3272206 

Price, for No. 8 extra knives. each............--. as 

qi } it! Au ii ly ee ‘ill 

| - 



This machine is designed expressly for a hand feed cutter of large 
capacity, but to adapt it for use with power we furnish it with a heavy safety 
fly wheel, and extend the main shaft so that a pulley ean be put on outside of 
the fly wheel; all of our machines of this size being made in this way whethbera 
pulley is ordered or not. Pulley is extra and regular size is 10 inches diameter 
witb 3-inch face. llas feed table of ample size, a good, strong, well braced 
frame, and is made of good material throughout. 

The IHlustration shews the right side of the machioe, alsothe main gears 
ing and crank. On the opposite side is the expunsion gearing for driving the 
upper feed roll, the adjustable eone feed gearing and the saicty rapes lever. 
The lower feed rol! is Smooth and the upper roll finted. The length of cut is 
easily and quickly changed, and by mean» of the safety stop lever the feed can 
be instantly stopped or started without stopping the eutting cylinder. An 
equalizer bar und a spring underneath the main frame control the movement 
of the upper fecd roll, causing both ends of the roll to raise equally, giving an 
even pressure and preventing the roll from binding in Its bearings. 

Always furnished with two tempered tool steel kaives eack 10% inehes 
long, and witl ent either 4%-inch, 5g-ineb or I jioch long. If longer cuts are 
desired they can be made by removing one of the knives; cuts will then be 
1 inch, 14 inehes or 2 inches Jong, but this should only be done when machine 
isrun by hand. The knives are bolted to the knife beadsand have adjusting 
serews hehind them. They miuke a downward shearing cut against a truly 
ground hurdened cutting edge, consequently the cut is clean and the operation 
of the machine easy. Main shaft is 1+s-ineh cold relled steel Capacity per 
hour, when run by hand, 300 to 450 pounds of dry fodder, 600 to 900 
pounds of green fodder. 

When run by power this cntter requires from % to I herse power and 
wlil cut sutticieat feed for from ten to twenty head of stoek; capacity per 
hour being 800 to 1200 pounds of dry fodder. or 1200 to 2400 pounds of green 
fodder. Speed of cylinder should be from 400 to 500 revolutions per minute. 
Can be driven by belt from overhead or down sweep horse powers, tread 
powers, windmills, ete. Just the machine for farm use because it ean be used 
either by hand or power and will do perfect work either way. Welght, 275: 

pounds, Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern Wisconsin. 
No. 32T2207 No. 10 Feed Cutter, with crank only. Price. . ... $15.05 
Nesoe T2208 Price. iGf pulley. OXIA... ..:.. 121-2 es... ee 1,34 
Ne. oa—2209 Price, for extra knives, each...............--+22.- -82 

- * 


No. 104 Kenwood Power Feed 

The lttustration shows the teft stde of our amallest power feed cutter. 
This machine is built on the same lines as is our large hand feed cutter, ex- 
cept that the crank and crank gearing is done uway with and the cylinder 
shaft is extended on both sides of the machineso that the pulley or the fly 
wheelcan be placed on either side, though both cannot be placed on the same 
side at the same time. Can berun by hand by placing a crank on one end of 
the cylinder shaft, though capacity will then be only that of a hand feed eut- 
ter. Orank is extra and is furnished only when ordered. 

This eutter ts furnished with a heavy safety fly wheel, which jis held to 
the shaft by a friction biock so that should any foreign substance stop the ma- 
chine snddenly the fly wheel will ay upon the shaft, thus obviating the possi- 
bility of breaking the fly wheel and the danger which would arise from sich 
breakage. Regular pulley is 10inches in diameter with 3-inch face, and should 
be run at a speed of from 400 te 500 revolutions per minute. 

The pressure on the upper feed ro} ts controtied by an equalizer bar and 
apring under the main frame, both ends of roll rulsing equally eoure 
veing equally distributed, therefore no binding or undue friction. Feed rolls 
are driven by expansion gearing. Lower rollis smooth, upperrollfiuted. This 
machine has our self contained siiding cone gear, which can be instantly moved 
upon the shaft and adjusted so as to make any of the different lengths of cut 

ithout removing a single piece from the machine, Also has our ae, stop 
tever, by means of which all running parts of the machine, except the cylinder 
Soot ie be stopped Instantly, or the feed stopped or started at the will of the 

: Furnished with three tempered tool stec} knives each 104 Inehes tong. 
Wil cut either % inch, % inch, or % inch long. If longer cuts are desired they 
ean be made by removing two of the knives and cuts will then be 144 inches, 1% 
{ncbes or 2% inches long, but this should only be done when machine is run by 
hand. The knives make a downward shearing cut against a hardened cutting 
edge which is ground true; they have adjusting screws behind them. Main 
shaftis 1%-inch cold rolled steel, 

Adapted for generat farm use and for smatt dairy farms. Can be run by 
windmili or any kind of powerand will cut sufficient fevd for from ten totwenty 
head of stock. Power required, 3; tot horsepower. Capacity, per hour, 800 
to 1200 pounds of dry fodder; 1200 to 2400 pounds of green fodder. Substan- 
tially built in every way and a first class machine. 

Weight, 290 pounds. Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern 

No. 3272210 No. i0'l4 Feed Cutter. Prive, with pulley. .... .....827.30 
Price, far ay ae Ll), ee ee six 61 

mG. ses Leek 1 — ee 
Mapas teei2 Pricesior extra kivives,@€ach of). eu... .reccesnee 83 

No. 1(A, Kenwood 
Hand Feed Cutter. 

Pitalpyp iets 
wae HH ae 

; = Wo 


a’ Ti ow q 
alliy vali. We) 


A Haod Feed Cutter which, on account of its many excellent features, 
has beeame a favoritein every locality. Where labor is cheap, or where it is 
Inconvenient or impossible to make use of power to drive the tnnuchine, this 
will be found & most desirable cutter and one having large capavity. 

This inaehine is identical in every way with our No. Ll cutter except 
that,in place of puttey, it is furnished with «a large and heavy batance 
wheei, and that both safety fly wheel and bulance wheel are fitted with a long 
crank or handle, so that one or two men can work on each side of the machine 
anda great amount of work can be easily aceomplished. Length and onmber 
of knives, length of cuts and chances of cuts sume as No. 11, Capaeity, per 
hour, 60 to 900 pounds of dry fodder, 1200 to 1500 pounds of green fodder. 

We can furnish with this machine a puttey same as onthe Na. 11 entter. 
This pulley when put in plaee of the balanee wheel converts the machine into 
the regular No.1! cutter. reqniring the same amount of power to operate it and 
having sameecapacity. Pulley is extra and is furnished only when ordered. 

Weight,i70 pounds. Shipped direct from faetory tn Southeastern 

No. 3° T2213 No. Vid Feed Catter. Prive........ cece ar eee ceese sare De eekO 
No. 3272214 Price, 10x4-inch puiley. extra... .........- ines © 1ed6 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.II2. 

| dry fodder, 2 to 3 tons of green fodder. 

| entter. 

No. if Kenwood Power Feed Cutter. 

= ee = ae 
Ae ey a MO UN ia ar” 
fo Vinci els y SHA eal.) 
is | wa ue fin ot | 
ee y ea, J 


This 1s undoubtedly the most popular feed eutter ever placed upon the 
market, because, besides being thoroughly well made and substantial in every 
way, it is of a size that meets the most general demand and has special features 
of merit not found in any other machine of similar dimensions. The frame is 
made of heavy hardwood, put together and braced in the mest approved man- 
ner, The feed table is long, broad and deep and has fixed sides. The feed 
throat is designed to give ample room and to reduce the labor of feeding to a 

Tie feed rotis are large and are driven by expansion gearing. The lower 
rot] is smooth and the upper roll fluted. Pressure on upper roil is controlled 
by a long hickory spring underneath the feed table. This spring exerts, at all 
times, a nearly equal pre upon an equalizer bar, whieh gives an even 
p essure at vach end of the upper feed roll and cunses both ends of the roll to 
raise equally, thus preventing cramping or binding in the feed roll bearings. 

A reversible eutting bar is used on this maehine, and is one of the most 
desirable features ever ineorporated in a feed cutter. It is made of tool steel 
and peund true after it is tempered, thus providing four cutting edges all of 
which can be used before it is necessary to regrind the bar. 

The cutting knives are set spiraliy so as to makea downware shearing 
eut against the steet cutting bar, making the machine very light running 
and the cut clean and perfect. These knives are made of tempered tool steel; 
they are secured to the heads with strong bolts and have adjusting screws be- 
hind them so that they ean be properly adjusted in relation to the cutting bar. 
The knives ean be easily dutached, attached or adjnsted and are so arranged 
that, unless they have become very dull, they can be sharpened without re- 
moving them from the heads. 

The eutting head, or cylinder, Is easy of acccss and ts so protceted that 
when the machine Is running, there is positively no danger tu the operator. 

This machine fs titted with four knives cach 114inches long,and makes 
four diferent lengths of cut, as follows: 14/4 ineh, % ineh, % inch and 1 inch 
long. If longer cuts are desired they can he made by removing two opposite 
knives; cuts will then be % inch, ! inch, 1% inches or 2ineheslong. This gives 
great range to the machine and adapts it to ali possible requirements. 

The feed gearing is novel and perfect in canstructton, consisting of a 
sliding cone gear (no loose pieees to become lost or mislaid), which can be 
quickly moved on its shaft and adjnsted so as to make any of the different 
lengths of cut without removing a single piece fromthe machine. This rearing 
is controlled by a safety stop lever, which lever also governs all running 
parts of the machine, except the head or cylinder. Movement of this lever 
instantly stops or starts the feed rolls, at the will of the operator, or causes the 
roe gearing to remain stationary while the cylinder shaftis running at 

i A safety fly wheet is fornished with this machine. This fly wheel is very 
heavy and of turge diameter, assisting greatly in preserving the momentum 
and in making the motion even and steady. It is secured to the main shaft by 
means of.a friction blocvck which is held in place by a groove in the shaft. 
Should any foreign substance stop the machine suddenly the fly wheel will slip 
upon the shaft. obvinting the possibility of breaking the fly wheel and the 
dunger which would arise through sucha breakage. 

The main shaft, which is 14%-Inch eotd rolled steel, is extended on both 
sides of the machine so that cither the ity wheet orthe pulley may be placed 
on cither side of the machine, hut both cannot be placed on the same side at 
the same time. Regular pulicy is 10 inches in diameter with 4-inch face. Speed 
for feed cutting should be from 500 to 600 revolutions per minute. Requires 
fromn 1 to 2 horse-power. Can be run by belt from any kind of power and }s 
especially adapted for use in connection with a 12-foot windmill. Will ecutsuf- 
ficient feed for from 20 to 40 head of stock. Capacity. per hotirr, 1 to 1% tons of 
Can be run by hand by attaching a 
erank to main shaft, though eapncity will then be only that of a hand feed 
Crunk is extra and is furnished only when ordered. 

We makeashredder head for this machine, which can be put in place of 
the entter head; the change being easily made, as the shredder head is pro- 
vided with its own shaft. Our shredder heads are carefully constructed and 
the saws are mnde of good saw steel. These suws are set at an angle so that the 
shredding is done perfectly the entire width of the throut, and are spaeed so 
that there is no clogging or winding between thesaws. When used asa shred- 
der, moiehineshould be run at 750 revolutions per minute and should be fed the 
full width of the rolls and at not over half the capacity of the cutter. 

Elther our swivet or straightaway carriers ean be used with this cutter. 
Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

Na. 32T2215 Price, asacutteronly; weight, 380 pourds........ ve ee 20.40 

No. 3272216 Price, asa shredder only; weight. 380 pounds........, 23.80 
No. 3272217 Prive, as a combined cutter and shredder; weight, 410 
pounds. ...-.... 39 Shc Saco ee re rete. Me ee .. 30.75 
No. 3272218 12-footswivelcarrier. Weight, 200 pounds. Price.... 12.90 
No. 3272219 12-footstraightaway carrier. Weight, 170lbs. Price... 10.90 
No. 32T2220 12-footstraightaway currier with side delivery at- 
tachment. Weicbt,@0 ponnds. Price.....--.-.-- wean ces sce een eed ace 
No. 3272221 Carrierextensions. Weight. 6% lbs. per ft. Price, per ft. 72 
No. 3272222 Crank, forhand:power. Price. ee dee 50 
No. 3272223 Extra knives, for No. 11A or No, 11 cutters. Each... 1.08 




SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 1{(2. 

Nos. !3 and {6 Kenwood Feed and Ensilage Cutters. 

These twe machines are the smunll- 
est of our series ef Mnsilage Cutters, 
They, however, are not small machines, 
but are machines of large capacity, 
strongly built and fully cupable of do- 
Ing theclassof work for which they are 

Both sizes 
blar feed 
ota ble or 
\ with trav- 
\ eling ferce 
feed table, 
(The same 
iias op the 

The cone 
feed gear- 
Ing js ene 
tirely self 
contalpe d 
and js easily and quickly adjasted soasto make 
any ofthe different lengths of cut, The upper feed 
roll is driven by expansion gearing. Pressure is cou- 
trolled by an equalizer lever, which is subjected to an even tenslon spring pres- 
sure on machines with regular feed table, orto a lever and weight pressure on 
machines with traveling feed table. Rollsare of the most approved form andsize; 
the lower roll is smooth, while the upper roll is what is known asa spike roll. 

The aiain shaft js 1%4-ineh cold rojled steel and runs in boxes which are 
adjustable In relation tu the ecnttlng bur. This shatt is extended on both 
sides of the machine so that the pulley or the fly wheel cin be placed on either 
side, though both eaunnot be placed ou the same side at the sime time, Regutar 
pulley is 10 inches in diameter with 6-inch face. The safety fly wheel furnished 
with these machines is large and heavy. and is seeured tothe shaft by a friction 
block which is held in place by a groove in the shaft. 

These machines are titted whith a reversible cutting bar made of tool 
ste..} aed ground true after tempering. Each of the four edges of this bur 
cap be used before regrinding is necessary. 

Each machine is fitted with four tempered teal steel koives which are 
set spirally se as to make a downward shearing cut against the steel cutting 
bar. The cut is cleau and perfect across the entire width of the machine. On 
the No, 12 these knives are 13 inches long; on the No. 16 they are 16 inches long. 

The lengths cut by these machines are 14 inch, 4% inch or ¥ ineh tong. 
If longer cuts are desired, remove two opposite knives aud tbe cuts will then 
be 42 inch, 1 inch or $% inches long. 

These machines are suitable for smailand medium sized siles. The No. 
13 will cut sufficient feed for 40 to 75 head of stock: the No. 16 for 60 to 100 head. 
They will cut all kinds of dry or green fodder, including corn on the stalk. 
Both machines should be run ata cla of from 500 to 600 revolutions per 
minute. To pperate the No, 13 at full capucity it requires from 3 to4 horse 
power, but it can be run to good advantage by 32-foot or 14-foot power wind- 
mills. To operate the No. i6 at full capacity requires from 4 to 6-horse power, 
but when used in connection with 14-foot or 16-foot power windmills they will 
give very sutisfactory results, 

Capacity, perbour: No. 13, from1% to2% tons of dry fodder, or 3 to5 tons 
Neda fodder; No. 16, from 3 to 4 tons of dry fodder, or 6 to 8 tons of green 
fodder, Can be run by hund by attaching a crank to main shaft, and when 
only a little fodder is required it is very convenient to have a crauk for this 
purpose. Crank is extra and is furnished only when ordered. 

Either machine ean be furnished with a shredder heau and shaft which 
caa be put In plhee of the eutter head. The shredder saws are set at an angle 
so that the shredding is done perfectly the entire width of the throat, und are 
spaced sothat there is noclogging of cobs between the saws or winding of 
fodder around the arbor. When used for shredding the speed should be 750 
revolutions per minute and the machines should be fed the full width of the 
rolls and at not over half the capacity of the cutter. 

Our swivel carriers er our stralebtaway carriers can be used with either 
of these machines. Shipped direct from factory in Sontheustern Wiscensie. 

No. 3272224 Price as cutter only, with regular feed table, weight, 

nS eats, Meese Ae a ek ee acc fo Sb: CR aes 27.40 

6 3272225 Priceas cutter only, with traveling force feed table, 

weicht, 685 pounds....... .... Peer ae oie Sale Saas peer: gs oe Pp is 
No, S2T2226 Price as shredder only, with regular feed table, 

Beet tir ee eS els ass ee. ce cesses cscs cence ss cows sce ccc ccececcacccas 31.75 
No. 3272227 Price as shredder only, with traveling force feed 

POURS SEE Up PSS) PLS es 5 a 47.50 
No. 3272228 Price as combined cutter and shredder, with regular 

Tie COMMWMNEESY CIO IG, DOU DOUTIGS. .. 2... 2... ttc cece cee ccc c ces tcc teccecs 38.75 
No. 32T2229 Price as combined cutter and shredder, with travel- | 

ieee Cece, WEIFNL 10 JJOUNCS.. 2.0 le. cc eae ese. eee eee cee eee 54.50 
No, 3272230 Price for 12-foot swivel carrier, weight 225 pounds.,, 13.70 
No. 3272231 Price for 12-foot straightaway earrier, weight, 180ibs. 11.50 
No. 32T2232 Price for 12-foot straightawuy currier with side de- 

eR MMC TIM, WETSUIT, oo) DOUNGS 6252.66.52. eee kee eee cence stees 13.85 
No. 3272233 Price, per foot, for carrier extensions, weight 7% 

rae ee ae caer ec cemcicc cc-ccecee veccecveuccccess 78 
eee os 8. rice for crank, for hand Power.............csevceecees 72 
ieee cou iF rice for extra knives, C00H. ..... ...¢ ..ccccssscceace 1.30 


No. 3272236 Price as cutter only, with reguiar feed table, 

eam MMTNIE DAES os oo 2S wc cs I cw ce cc cece cee ce te ean wees 37.00 
No. 3272237 Price as cutter only, with traveling force feed table, 

Bele ie 100 POUNUS.... 4....... eee ee 54.15 
Ne. 32T2238 Price as shredder only, with regulur feed table, 

weight, 580 pounds........... Ts coc dines sc ceasucusnduuceboncees 2.40 
No. 6272239 Price as shredder only, with truveling force feed 

Rn THUS k,n cae e cece cease stan neasenceuseoue 59.55 
No. 2372240 Price as combined cutter and shredder, with regular 

Deere eter Aaa OUITICS. ce ce ee es ences cotenseecucs 51.50 
No. 32T2241 Price as combined cutter and shredder, with travel- 

ing force feed tuble, weight, 8i@ pounds............... ope o's Se 68.65 
No, 3272242 Prive tor 12-foot swivel carrier, weight, 250 pounds... 14.50 
No. 3272243 Price for 12-foot struightaway carrier, weight 200 

pounds oa Seadoo 6 ee oo) 12.70 
No, 52T2244 Price for 12-foot straightaway carrier, with side de- 

livery altachment, weight, 250 pounds....... NT he Satin a ac e's 15.05 
No. 3272245 Price, per foot, tor carrier exteusions, weight 9 

cooueyn ee err OCC eee an as 84 
No. 3272246 Price for crank. for hand power,........ .........- es 132 
No. 3272247 Price fur extra knives, each.............. 000. cee feos dato 



Nos. 20 and 24 Kenwood Ensilage Cutters. 

These areour largest Ensll- - 
age Cutters, and are exceed- 
ingly streng and powerfulioa- 
chines, designed abi for 
use In connectlon with large 
silos, They ure heavily builtin 
every respect and will cut full 
wldth charges of from 4 to 4% 

inches thiek, 
Both sizes of 
these machines 
ure made with 
elther regular 
feed table or 
with travellng 
foree fecd table. 
Theregular table . 
is fitted with drop ¢ 
lenfon both sides. 
Thetravelliog i ee ' 
foree feed tuble a 
consists of a traveling apron made of hardwood slats. This apron Is stop- 
ped or started by the sume lever which stops or starts the feed rollsand at 
the same time; one movement of the lever controlling both. The traveling 
force teed reduces the labor of feeding and makes it an easy matter to run the 
cutter to its full capacity. The bundle once on the table with the band cut re- 
quires no further attention, 

These cutters are furelshed with tight aed loose pulleys. The size of 
these pulleys on the No. 20 machine is 15 Inches diameter with 6-inch face, 
and on the No. 24 machine 18 inches diameter with 6-inch fuce, The safety fy 
whee) furnished on these machines is not of large diameter but is exeeedingly 
heavy, and is secured to the shaft by a friction block which is held In place by 
a groove in the sbaft, allowing the fly wheel to slip on the shaft should the ma- 
chine be suddenly sopeed from any cause. The main shaftisof large diameter 
and runs in beurings which are adjustablein relation to the cutting bar. This 
shaft is extended on both sides of the machine sothat the fly wheelor pulleyscan 
be placed on either side, though both cunnot be placed on the sume side at the 
Sume time, 

The cooe feed gearing is entirely self contained anid Is easily and quickly 
adjusted 50 as to make any ef the dilferent lengths of cnt. The upper feed 
roll is driven by expansion rearing. Pressure on this roll is controlled by an 
equalizer lever which is subjected to an even tension spring-pressure on mas 
chines with regular feed table, or tou lever and weight pressure oon machines 
with traveling feed table. Feed throat is large and feed rolls areof the most 
approved form and size, the upper roll beiug smooth while the lower is a spike 
roll, muking feeding easy under all conditions. 

The reversible cutting bar which is used ea these machines is made of 
tool steel and ground trueafter tempering. Each of the four edges of this bar 
ean be used before recrinding is necessary. 

These muehines are litted with four tempered tool steel knives which 
are set spirally seas to mmake a downward shearing cut against the steel 
cutting bar, Ou the No. 20 these knives are 20 inches long; on the No. 24 they are 
24 inches long. The length cut by these machinesis 44 inch, % inch or % inch 
long. Hf longercuts are desired, remove two opposite knives and the cuts will 
then be % inch, } inch or 1% inches long. 

The speed at which these cutters sheuld be run is from 500 toe 600 
revolutions per minute. To operate the No, 20 at full capacity reyuires from 
6 to X-horse power. To operate the No. 24 at full capacity requires from 8 to 1U- 
horse power, Capacity, per hour. is as follows: No. 20 from 6 to 5 tous of dry 
fodder, or }2 to 16 tons of green fodder; No. 24 from 8 tol2tons of dry fodder, 
or 16 to 24tons of green fodder. 

We ean furnish shredderheads for either of these machines Thespeed 
at which the machines should be run forshredding is 750 revolutions per minute, 
Itshould be understood that in feeding ashredder the fecd should pass through 
the rolls the fult width ofthe machine and at not over one half of the capacity 
that would be fed when cutting. If run at the proper speed and properly oper- 
ated these machines will do shredding in a perfectly satisfactory manner. 
Either our swivel earriers or our straightaway carriers can be used with 
these muchiues. Shipped direct from Factory in Southeastern Wiscoasin, 


No. 3272248 Price, as cutter only, with regular feed 
Wel Steet UUNOOMNINGIS. «oc olen. ds cseeces scene os 
No. 3272249 Price, ascutteronly, withtraveling force feed table, 

table, r 


eaceoenrenamemeeoeoeecaesren rae re e@teonen 

WElGDe mila POUuNGS cfm |. .5. 16s. ace sense tae ce eee ee. . ee $3.90 
No.32T7T2250 Price, as shredder only, with regular feed table, 

GEOL is JTS ole Ta (6 9 le ae ree On acs Denn cs, Sea. 68.75 
Wo. 32T225!1 Price, us shredder only, with traveling force feed 

ma ble. Velie bees CONG So co oa ee he es chee eee bebe oan ate ae 88.75 
No. 3272252 Price, as combined cutter and shredder with regu- 

la tece tulieswetsme 14e0BDOUNGS.<: ... 20. cece reste cack sess vee econ eus 83.00 
No. 3272253 Price, as combined cutterand shredder with travel- 

iesoceo eed tole. aviicit, 1570 pO miitlse’. 7 occ e ccc. secs esse fer kr wees 103.00 
No, 3272254 Price, for 12-foot swivel carrier, weigbt, 310 pounds 15.85 
No. 3272255 Price, for 12-foot straigbtaway carrier, weight, 260 

are: I age eer 
No, 3272256 Price, for 12-foot straightaway carrier, with side 

GelimciyatlLachiment, Weieht. glo POUNGS. 2.05... .-.----s0-.++.+0+- ieee 16.05 
No. 3272257 Price, per foot, for carrier extensions, weight, 2 

pe DEES ee a Ore 282 
Nace fo os | rice, for extra knives. each..............-.s.....sem 2.28 


No, 3272259 Price, us cutter ouly, with regular feed table, 

weirht, 1800 pounds ......-.. ee $2.00 
No. 3272260 Price, as cutter only, with traveling force feed 

table, weight, 1525 pounds. er 103.285 
No, 3272261 Price, as shredder only, with regular feed table, 

weight, 1300 pounds .......-..-. SEPT s— 87.75 
No. 32T2262 Price, as shredder only, with traveling force feed 

tablegweight 3425 pounds............-260 see 000 0 oc alee 5 oneal 
No. 3272263 Price, as combined cutter and shredder with regu- 
Jar teed table, weicht. 1450 pounds.................+-- -segeee «2 106.50 
No. 3272262 Price,nus combined cutter und shredder with trarel- a 
iug force feed table, weight, 1675 pounds...............- fo te oe eee 27.75 
No, 3272265 Price, for 12-foot swivel carrier, weight, 360 pounds 17.15 
No. 3272266 Price, for 12-foot straightaway carrier, weight, 300 

oO Wl ees see cee ee a ee oo eee ee eee 16.10 
No, 3272267 Price, for 12-foot straightaway carrier with side 

Solivery ateichment, weight, 365 pounds... -3ge...:.-.0-sceeses pee 17.45 
Ne. 32T2268 Price, per foot, for carrier extensions. weight, 16 Pas 

COTW WTS boos <5 ne re ere eer eres « os Dera Oe sas lees > 
is his, CT 2G6o Price, forex@a khuives, Cach........ssess26-. nesses 2.838 


500 SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No. (12. 


(y fl “ OUR CARRIERS are made In sizes suitable for our Cuttersand Shredders Nos. 11,13, 16, 
_—$q—_——— 20 and 24, and in any desired length. They wre put together in sections, 

whigD ane convenient to handle and so that long carriers can be taken apart and used in shorter 
SWIVEL CARRIERS are frequently more convenient than nay form of 
—————— 1 straight carrier. They will deliver at any point within 
a half circle, and can be raised or lowered, as may be desired. Unless tbe cutter is 
to be set in 4 place where it willremain permanently, we would always advise the 
WE MA of aswivel currier. 
io sizes and tengths correspend- 
WE MAKE STRAIGHTAWAY CARRIERS tog with our Sait Baicicrs. 
Swivel Carrier Mechanism. These carriers will only deliver in a direct line with tbe cutter, but we can furnish 
_ them with our side delivery attachment, and they can then be arranged to deliver 

elther to the right, the left or straightaway. Can be raised or lowered the same as swivel carriers. 
STANDARD LEN GTHS of carriers are 12 feet long, but we can make sections in any length up to 2 feet. 
Venetia Berewreew Standard extra carrier exteusions are carricd in 4 feet, 8 feet, 12 feet and 16 feet 
lengths, though we can furnish any length up to 24 fect. 

=] No. 13 

and Ensilage Cutter with a  12-foot 
ewivel carrier. 



TRE SIDE DELIVERY ATTACHMENT for straightaway carriers cannot be furnished except when it is ordered with the carrier, because its parta 

eee =MUSt be fitted to the carrier at the factory. Where a cutter is to be placed ina permanent position and is 
to deliver either straightaway, or to the right or left at right angles with the machine, we advise the use of the straightaway carrier, either without or with the 
side delivery, as may be required, becanse the earrier will be more rigid and will outwear any swivel carrier made. Our swivel carriers are as perfect and 
substantial as can be made, but straightaway carriers can be and are made stronger than swivel carriers, and we advise their use everywhere possible. With 
the side delivery attachment the carrler can be used to deliver either straightaway orto the right or left, 

Extras for Cutters and Shredders. | FQRCE-FEED TRAVELING FEED TABLE ON FEED AND EXSI- 
Nt oarentter hens and shredder LAGE CUTTERS AND FODDER SHREDDERS. 

and a machine may be ardered | 
with cutter head only or wiih | 
shredder head only, and the | 
other head may be ordered 
later. The extra heads are 
complete witb shaft as shown 
in the accompunylng illustration of the shredder head. The saws of our 
shredder heads are made of the very best saw steel and are firmly see. 
the shaft by collars, and bound together with bolts 
through the entire head. Our cutter heads are shown 

to the various Hlustrations of our maehines, and are § 
fitted and complete with knives. Shipped direct from 
factory in Southeastern Wiseonsin, 

No. 32T2276 Cutter Head for No.1] macbine. Weight, ao MS Si 
Desa TICE... cs cn cc ees ccccceses cinig: 87.20 a ay. = 
No. 3272277 Shredder Head for No. 11 machine. 
Peat wOUNdS, — Price... 0.0... cece cece ucccces &1tO.50 
No. 32T2278 Cutter Heud for No. 13 machine. 
Seema gounds. Priee...... .....-.....-0.0e00ees $5.00 

No. 32T2279 Shredder llead for No.13 machine. Weight, 401bs. Price, $12.20 
No. 3272280 Cutter Head for No.16 macbine. Weight. 551ibs. Price, 9.75 
No. 3272781 Shredder tlead for No. 16 machiue. Weight, 55 ibs. Price, 15.85 
No. 32T2282 Cutter Head for No. 20 machine. Weight, 120 ]bs. Price, 16.85 
No. $2T2283 Shredder lead far No.20muchine. Weight, 120 ]bs. Price, 21.40 
No. 3272284 Cutter Head for No. 24 machine. Weight, t50]bs. Price, 19.45 
No. 32T2285 Shredder tiead for No. 24 machine. Weight, 1501bs. Price, 75.30 

Swivel Ceared Jack. © 

Sometimeslt is desirable to make a direet 
tumbling rod coonection with a feed cutter, | 
This jack is suittble for making such 
counection with .ur entters Nos. 11, 13 
and 16, but not with other sizes. Not know- 
ing what horse power will be used and the 
speed at which the horse power will run, we 
einnot tell what size of pulley would be re- 
quired, therefore we price the jack without 
pulley. and for price of pulleys refer to 
Nos. 32T1500 to 32171516 inclusive. This 
jaek is geared so that the pulitey shaft 
makes two and one-half revolutions to one 
revolutioa of the tumbling rod,and power 
can be traosmitted from any direction. 
Tumbling rod shaft is squared to fit ]l-inch coupling, but coupling is not fur- 
nished. If ordered with cutter, the juck will be fitted to cutter without extra 
charge, and when so fitted can be furnished with belt between jack shaft and 
cutter head shaft. Shipped direct from faetory in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No. 32T2286 Swivel Geared Jack, without belt or pulley. Weight, 100 
eC ae at Maes . ape ees cess ee te ocaets oes 11.32 
No. 3272287 Swivel Geared Jack, fitted to cutter, with belt but without 
milley. Weight 110 pounds. Price ........150066....ccedeuescaensses sesso meee 

TRAVELING FORCE-FEED TABLES on feed cutters reduce the labor 
— WF SEP AMY of feeding wore than one-half 
and eaable the operator to feeti the machine to its full eapaetty. The 
traveling foree-feed must be used te be fully appreciated. The illus- 
tration shows our No. 20cutter with traveling force-feed table, but the table 
appears the same on cutters Nos. t3, 16, 2@ and 24, ihe only difference being in the 
size. There is 1space between the traveling apron and the feed rolls to allow 
stones 2nd other foreign substances to drop away before reaching the rolls. 
These tables are not a separate attachment but are a part of the machine. In 
other words, the machines are built with regular drop leaf feed tables, or wlth 
traveling force-fced tahles, as may be ordered. 

For prices of Feed and Ensilage Cutters, Fodder Shredders, 
Swivel and Straightaway Carriers, see pages 498 and 499. 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.If2. 50» 




mounting tracks with 
steel wheels, fecders platform, corn elevator, blower and 12 feet of 
blower pipe, with one statlonary aod one adjustable ¢lhow. 

The same 
machine, without mounting trucks and corn elevator, for only 8113.75 
or withont mounthng trucks but with corn elevator for only *127.80 
The Kenwood Husker does not require the services of an expert to start 
or fo operate It; It Is so simple and so perfectly constructed that anyone car 

operate Ht successfully. 

ingpota new and ontried ma- 
chine. It is well known as the 
best product of one of the best 
known and most progressive 
manufacturers In Northerp 
IHinois; has had two years’ 

trial tn competition with other 
well known makes, andin every Instance 
bas held the field against all others. It 
his been in active use long enough to 
prove its worth, but it is still a compara- 
tively late production, and therefore the 
more perfect; in other words. {it is up to 
date in every particular, containing all 
the good and practical features of older 
machines, but avoiding their defects and 
containing many valuable points uot 
found in other buskers. 

Reeognizing the merits of this hasker, 
and realizing the fuet that there would 
be a great demand for the machine if 
put upon the market ata price within the 
reach of the ordinary customer, we have 
made a special coutract with the manu- 
facturer, have obtuined the exclnslve 
mail order sale of this husker, and by 
placing a very large order, have secured 
the machines at a feure which enables us 
to furnish them at the exceedingly low 
price of $141.25fora complete two-roll 




= ~ 

EE a 
THE DRIVING PULLE Is 10 inehes In diameter, with 5-ineh faee, and should be ran at from 
~ lw UT VEEB! 450 te 500 revolutions per minute. This pulley can be put upon either 
end of the main shaft, which on the two-roll machine is 1}} inches diameter, A lurge extension leaf er 
platform projects from the right side of the feed table, upon which the corn is unloaded from the wagon 
The feed table is large, giving the operator ample room te properly spread and feed the corn. The sna 
ping rolls ure 1544 inehes long, and are so perfectly constructed that they pinch the ears off the stulke 
without shelling corn from the cob. The ears of corn drep Into a chute which conducts them to the 
husking rolls. These rolls are so vonstructed that they husk the ears perfectly clean, and wings are 
arranged in the husking trough so that the ears cannot pile up or slide through without being husked , 
The husking rolls are 3 feet 10 inches long, 4 inches in diameter, made of steel and fitted with hardeneé, 
steel husking pins. The swinging corn elevater, into which the ears drop from the husking rolls,is 1€ 
pect pene can be elevated toload into a very high wagon box or into 4 crib, and can be swung in 2 

alf circle. ° 


goud idea of the 
eonstruetlon and appearanee of the two-rell 
husker, one showing the machine mounted complete, 
the other showing it without trucks. The framework 
is made of hardwood, and every partiele of iron and 
steel used in the construction of these machines is 
of the very best. We guarantee the materials and 
workmanship to be first class in every particular, 
and we also guarantee that our Kenwood Husker 
will do more and better work with the same amount 
of power applied than will any other busker of 

the same size, 

PERFECT SAFET is one of the prineipal features of the Kenwood Husker. The 
eee EV me ohusking rolls are covered with @ slat frame sothat the operutur can 
see them at all times but cannct. by any accident, getcaught in them. Ju feeding. the operator 
stands far enough back from the snapping or feed rellssothat he is net within natural reach 
of them, this position being maintained by a lever which projeets from the side of the feed 
table. This lever connects with and operates a clutch which drives the feed rolls. The feeder 
can instantly stop the feed rolls by pressing his body against the lever, thus leaving both 
hands free at all times, and still having full contrel of the machine, or should the feeder 
inadvertently lean too much toward the rolls the pressure on the lever will stop the rolls. A 
lever under the feed table threws the husking rolls in and out of gear, and by means of an- 
other lever the rolls can be separated at the upper ends. 

Thestalks, blades, etc., ure fed into the cutting eylinder, which is 8 inches in diameter, 
and is fitted with two steel knives each 15% inches long. These knives cut the stalks into 
pieces about one inch long. The cut feed drops Into a chute which leads to a spiral conveyor, 
the husks and sitks from the husking rolls dropping inte another chute which leads to the 
same conveyor. This conveyor forces the material intc the fan inlet and prevents all clogging, 
such as is experienced with Other huskers. The fan or blower will handle wet er dry fodder 
equally well, and by the addition of the necessary amount of pipe, the cut feed can be blown 
to any desired pcint. The fan is made to retain its sneed fer a time after the rest of the 
machine bas been stopped. so that it always clears itself. ‘ 
THE BALANCE WHEEL on the main shaft and alse the fan are each fitted with a 
Je BALAN VS HOMeSe Wooden break pin,*so that if anything solid gets into the 
mxChine or the fan, no damage can he done. ; 
THE CONSTRUCTIO of the teur-roll husker Is the same us the two-rol] maehine, 
Je VE ee oexeept that Its parts are proportlonately larger, the snapping 
rolls and cutter knives are19% inches long, and the driving pulley is }0 inches diameter with 
53-inch face. Power required; A 4or6-horse sweep power, a 3-horse tread power, or a 4-horse 
power gasoline or steam engine will drive the two-roll husker. The four-rell husker requires Sg 
about one-fourth more power. . 3 

We ean furnish {hese maehines elther with or without eorn elevator or trucks. Extra plpe ean be furnished in 26-ineh 

TM LL MOD Th ott 

rafal. Eee 

va l 


=] = 
eaten | LIL 



lengths. Priee of machine does not Inelude whltfietrees or neckyoke. Shipped direct from factory in Northern Tiinois. 
No. 3272288 Two-roll busker, with blower but without corn | No. 3272293 Four-roll husker, with blower, but witbout corn _ 
PiIvatenonemmecis. Weight, 1100 pounds. Price............ ..cccccesees 8113.75 elevator or trucks. Weight, 410 pounds. Price......-..-+... ee ..S180.9¢ 
Nn. 32T2289 Corn elevator for tweo-roll husker. Weight, 80 No. 3272294 Corn elevator for four-roll husker. Weight, 0 
pounds. Prive........ Ps dine See oon ec. 32ers 5 14.05 POUNMsM ICG, —.. 0. . ac gee eee CR, | Sr oe os: 14.10 
No, 32T2290 Trucks for two-rell husker. Weight, 320 pounds. No. 3272295 Trucks fer four-roll husker. Weight, 3¢0 pounds. 
PricGee:..... Sa crass. ce cee-s ce cn eines 16.50 feo ee... ae 20.26 
No. 3272291 Two-roll husker, complete with blower. corn ete- Noe. 3272296 Four-roll husker. complete with blower, corn ele- 
Ptanirucks. Ww Cieht, 1500 pounds. Price...........0.ccescescaceace 341.25 vator und trucks. Weight. 1860 pounds. Price........0.-----.eeee eee eee 209.30 
No. 3272292 Extra lengths of blower pipe for two-roll husker. No. 3272297 Extra lengths of blower pipe for four-roll busker. 
UMMM TICE... ec ccs ce ace cece tee ce cae cesaesnacucteenasees : [ot | Welsmee pounds. Price, each ..................0cereseeeeeeres commie 65 

Patch’s Blackhawk Corn Sheller. 

| This is made frem the 
best malleable iren. It 
is almost impossible tc 
break it with any ordi- 
ovary usige. It shells any 
size of tield corn easily and 
rapidly. It is considered 
to be one of thebest 
hand shellers made and 
js thoroughly covered 

Little Ciant Corn Sheller. | Hustler Corn Shellers. 
The Little Giant Corn Sheller’ This Is the most simple and elfec-, 
is very simple, nothing to get out | tive arrangement for eorn shelling 

oforder. Achild can use it. Made| made. There are only six 
of the best grade of malleable | pieces to the entire machine; 
: ircn, nieely tinishe«], dust the | main frame, shelling dise, arch, 
bo) Pace } thing to shellcorn for poultry, or | tension spring and crank. It 
i eee seed corn. Weight,’ hasa perfect tension that ean 
: _ 18 ounces. be attjosted Instantly; will 
No. 3272300 Little Giant Corn Sheller. Price.}4e spel} all ew entt of field ecrn. 

Weight, 5 pounds. 



~K SE Y 7 eee ee a 68 i“ om: 
WE SELL, AND AT THE Oy nes orc. ae _ No. 3272304 Blaek- 
VERY LOWEST PRICES. Sheliler, with Popeorn Attaeh- .; hawk Corn Sheller. 
see Firat Page of this Department. nets LSU raed aae..80e | Price@e.... +. Oba sere 

No. 32T2302 Hustler 

by patents. 
Corn Sihelier. 

| Weight, 15 pounds. 



Kenwood Ball Bearing Corn 

The helght of perfectlon has heen attalned In 
the construction of this sheller. Its automatic 
adjustment. improved shelling dise and ball bear- 
ing journals serve to make it not only an exceed- 
ingly perfect sheller in itsoperation, but the easiest 
running sheller made. Will shell large or smull 
ears of ordinary field corn, under the same ad- 
justment. A heavy spiral spring produces an even 
and uniform pressure, holding the ears of corn et 
firmly against the shelling disc. Furnished com- a lie h 
plete with bolt and clamp, so that noextra bolts a Maa 
are required. Weight, 20 pounds. ff } is, 

No.32T7T2305 Ball Beariag Corn Sheller. Mf 

[TS Ding 549 ee Oe $1.35 

Our $4.34 Acme One-Hole Corn 

~~ 3 









durable and 

A strong, 
well made Corn Sheller, 
guaranteed to give perfect 
satisfaction and do good 

work. The framework is 
hardwood strongly joined 

together wlth mortlse and 
tenon joints; theshafting is 

cold rolled steeland all parts 
are properly proportioned, 

Shaft bearings are bolted 

to the frame. The machine 

is built in a thoroughly 
workmanlike manner and is 

Dicely finished throughout. 

The gearing 1s plaeed 
outside the trame so that 
lt cannot beeome clogged, 
but it is protected by a hood 
or cover so that all dangeris 
avoided. Crank is on the 
right side, making feeding 

Bes © Uy peels separact a 

2 supplied with a heavy bal- 
PF ache, free wheeland is geared low 
Pa Se eins 50 that it is easy to operate. 
- 7s “ee —s The feed table is of good size 

and is securely attached to the spout. 

° The feed spout jis plaeed over the shelling wheels and as the shelilng 
wheels crip the ears tirmly, pushing or crowding the ears is entirely unneces- 
sary. The rag-iron, which is fastened to one spring_and Js controlled by an- 
other, cun be adjusted so as to shell any kind of field corn and shell it clean, 
Being fitted with fan. the machine will clean the corn nieely after it is shelled. 

Furnished eompiete wlth faa and feed table. To adapt thls sheller for 
use in connection with light power we can furnish a clamp pulley with bolts to 
attach to balagee wheel. Clamp pulley is 8 inches by 2 inches and is furnished 
only when ordered as an extra. 

This shelier has a eapacity of from & to 12 bushels of shelled corn per hour. 
{it peed twocoats, striped and varnished, and is a very handsome machine. 

elght, L20 pounds. Shipped direct from faetory In Southeastern 

No. 32T2306 Corn Sheller, complete, Price.......... 2c eeeecoeuenns 84.34 
No. 32T2307 Olamp pulley. Weight,5 pounds. Price ............66. 49 

Our $4.79 Valley One-Hole Corn Sheller. 

The Best Value Ever Offered in a Corn Sheller, 

This is unquestionably 
the most popuiar style of §& 
haod eorn sheller made, | 
and a8 improved and nowt 
sold by nsit eombines every 
desirable feature required Ina machiue 
of this character. The framework, 
which is made of heavy hardwood, Is 
stroogly hoited together, making every 
part of the maehine lirm and rigid. 
The panels are heavy material and the 
entire sheller is tastefully ornamented 
and handsomely finished. Every detail 
in the construction of this sheller re- 
a careful attention from first to 

The erank isontheright side of the wg IBRD 
maghine and Is very strong and heary. = ep 
The feed tahle, which is of ample di- . 3 
mensions, is securely bolted to the feed 
spout and is ee cas by the corner 
posts, of the sheller, he feed spout is 
placed directly over the shelling wheels 
and, as the shelling wheels grip the ears 
of corn firmly, the labor of feeding is re- 
duced to a miniinum, no crowding or 
pushing being required; large or smal] 
ears of corn being fed into the sheller with equal ease. The 
rag-iron and the spring which controls it are adjustable and 
when properly set any size of eur may be shelled. te 

The shaft bearings are all bored true to size, and on the crunk side the 
three bearings are connected so that they cannot get out of line. Beurings are 
all bolted toframe. Shafting is celd rolled steel. The balance wheel is lurge 
and very heavy. The construction of the fan is such as will! meet the approval 
of the most critical purchaser. The lightest running, hest constructed and 
most desirable one-hole corn sheller made, 

Furnished eomplete with fan and feed tahle. We can also furnish a 
clamp pulley, 8 inches diameter by 2-inch face. with bolts to attach to the bal- 
ance wheel so that the sheller can be used with light power. This pulley, at 
special price, is extra and is furnished only when ordered. Can also be fur- 
nished with extended shaft and fitted with 8-inch by 4-ineh pulley. Capacity is 
from 10 to 15 bushels of shelled corn per hour. Shipped direet from faetory In 
Southeastera Wlseonsin. 

No. 3272309 Corn Sheller, complete. Weight, 42 pounds. Price.,$4.79 

No. 3272310 Clamp Pulley. Weight.5 pounds, l'rice............... -50 

No. 32T2311 Corn Sheller with extended shaft and &x4-inch pulley. 
Welght, 155 pounds. Price 

i ee, a a 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. |I2. 

Acme, Jr., Two-Hole Corn Shelter. 

_ This sheer 1s designed especially for farm nse, where a low-priced ma- 
chine of large capacity is required, {t is well made throughout, strong, dur- 
able and nicely finished, and will shell corn as well as any other sheller of 
Same capacity, but it is not supplied with a cob carrier, the cobs being 

corre directly at the rear 
of the machine. The frame, 
which is hardwood, is heavy 
and substantially put to- 
gether, and all parts are pro- 
portioned sousto give proper 
strength and durability. 
The shafting is cold rolléd 
steel and runs in babbitted 

The halanee wheel js 
large la diameter and heing 
heavy it makes the sheller 
very light running and easy 
to operate. The gearin 
which transmits power and 
speed from one shaft to the 
other isheavy and strong, as 
is shown in the illustration. 
The rag-irons and_ springs 
are adjustable and can be 
set to shell either large or 
small ears of corn, and the 
shelled corn will he nicely 
cleaned by the fan. The 
feed tuble is large and is 
firmly braced and fastened 
to the machine. 

Always furnished with 
fan, feed tabie, erank and 
pulley, so that sheller ig 
complete and can he 
run by either hand or 
power, Thepulleyis8 
inches diameter with 
4-iInch face and when 

= the sheller is run by 

power the pulley should make ahout 250 revolutions per minute. A Coh Care 

rier cannot be added to this machine and the sheller should not be run ata 

higher speed than named above. aaah is from 15 to 25 bushels of shelled 

corn per hour, Welght, 180 pounds. Shipped direct from factory In Sonthe 
eastern Wisconsin. g 

No. 32T2314 Corn Sheller, complete. Price » sates nara wenitiote ses ..-- 88.80 

Our $9.30 Valley Two-Hole Corn Sheller, 

The best and handsom- 

est two-hole sheller ee * 
made, Durability, eapae- ee 
Ity and good workman- 
ship are eombined in the 
Vahey Sheiler; in fact, we 
can say positively that 
this machine cannot he 
excelled either in quality, 
finish or capacity; it Is 
strictly first class in every 
respect. All parts are 
strong and heavy. The 
shafting is cold rolled 
steel. true to gauge and 
runs in bored hearings. llea 
ing transmits the power and speed 
from one shaft to the other. The 
framework is heavy hardwood and Is 
firmly joined together with strong 
bolts. The feed spout 1s placed di- 
rectly over the shelling wheels, 
The rag-irons and springs which 
control them are adjustable and 
when the adjustment is made prop- 
erly, any size of ear can be fed into 
the sheller without force being used, 
becuuse the shelling wheels grip the 
ears so firmly that pushing or crowd- 
ing is entirely unnecessary. The feed 
table is of ample dimensions and 
every part of the machine Js properly proportioned. Balance wheel is large and 
heavy, so that speed and momentum are easily maintained. A well made and 
handsomely finished maehlne, suitahle for farm or warehouse use. A] ways 
furnished complete with fan, feed tuhle, crank and pulley, and can be run by 
either hand or power. The pulley is 8 inches diameter with 4-inch face, and 
when the sheller is run by power this pulley should make from 225 to 275 revo- 
lutions per minute. This sheller cannot be furnished with cob currier, Oapac- 
ity Is from 20 to 30 bushels of shelled corn per hour. Welght, 230 pnnnds. 
Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

No. 32T2315 Coro Sheller, complete. Prico........ 00.0025 ceeeeeeee $9.30 

‘Yankee’? Hand Crist Mills. 

These little mills are wonderfully rapid grind- = 
ers and are a most desirabie article to have ahout . 
the house. They wlll grind all kinds of small 
grain, including corn, and are splendid grinders for 
coffee, spices, etc. They 
are made of the hest of 
materials and wiil tast for 

ears. The burrs are easi- 
y renewed atasmall cost. 
Burrs can be adjusted to 
grind very fine, or to only 
erack the grain. These 
roillsare made in two sizes. 
The No. 1, or small size 
mill, is madeto bolt to a 
table and can be furnished 
with either crank or bulanee wheel, The No. 2% 
mill is much larger and is made to holt to & post. 
The No. 2% mill is made with balance wheel ouly 
and hus acapacity of from one to two bushels per 
hour, depantiine upon whether the mill is set for fine 
or coarse grinding. 


No. I Mill. 

No. 214 Mil. 

No. 32T2317 No.1Grist Mill withecruank. Wt.. 14 Ibs. Price ...... $1.45 
No. 3272318 No.1Grist Mill with balanee wheel. Wt..24 pounds. 86 
EQice...s202¢ eee ge cence teen en ar sees eeecers ene eee ee ole een +85 
No. 3272319 No. 2% Grist Mill with balance wheel. Wt.,45 pounds. 

PRICe «2-5 .c0= ee. - > oe eS lt 3.10 
No. 3272320 Extra burrs for No. 1 Grist Mill. Price, per pair....... 70 
No. 32T2321 Extra burrs for No. 2% Grist Mill. Price, per pair..... 1.26 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. Il2. 

Our $10.70 Acme Special Two-Hole Corn Sheller 
with Cob Carrier. 

A sheller which }s 
particnlarly adapted 
for peneral farimii,ware- 
liouse or custom miil 
use, and which we ree- 
ommend and guarantee 

Terri PUBL! Fad Pe LUT J 
a AT 

This machine is 
strongly constructed 
of goed materlals 
and is nicely finished 
in every respect. 1¢ 
is supplied with a 
cob carrier which ef- 
fectunlly separates 
the cern from the 
cobs, dropping the 
cobs at a distance 
froin the renr frame 
j and preventing eern 
from being earried over with the cobs. Power and speed is transmitted 
to the ditferent driving shafts by strong geuring, consequently there is 
no slipping or lost motion. The shafting is cvld relied steel and rups in 
babbitted bearings. The balance wheel is heavy und of large diameter and 
assists greatly in keeping the speed even and regular. The rag-irons and the 
Reiss which govern them are adjustable and can be set so the machine will 
shell clean, either large or small ears of corn. The fun and the ceb carrier 
clean and separate the corn ina most perfect manner. The feed table Is very 
Jarge and is firmly attached and strongly braced to the body of the machine. 
Feed spout is over the shelling wheels ane as theshelling wheels grip the ears 
firmly, feeding is easy and positive. This sheller is always furnished com- 
piete with fan, feed table, cob earrier, crank and pulley, and can be run 
by elther hand er power, When ron by power the pulley, which is 8 inches in 
diameter with 4-inch face, sbould make from 300 to 400 revolutions per minute. 
Has acapacity of from 25 to 35 bushels of shelled corn per hour, and is es- 
pecially adapted for use in connection with power windmills or other power 
which develops Irregular speed. Can be fitted with sacking elevator, wagen 
elevator, cob stacker and tumbling rod attachment at extra prices shown ‘be- 
low. Weight, 250 pounds. Shipped direct from factory in Southeastern 
No. 3272324 
No, 3$2T2326 

Cern Sheller complete. Price....... 
Sacking Elevator for above, extra, weight, 100 pounds. 

ae a ace on ccc ceca ease ee aecdenerenassvarcsares 75 

No, 3272327 Wagon Klevater tor above. extra, weight,115 pounds. 

FE sn ge Oe 11.75 

No. 3272328 Ceb Stacker for above, extra, weight, 35 pounds. Price 5.65 

No 32T2329 Chalu Altachment fortumblingred for above, extra, 
Een TCO. oo wn woe ce aes ween ence cect crass areccensasscsosasen — 

Wheos ordering Ne. 3272329 always give speed ef tumbling rod and state 
whether tumbheag rod rubs wilh or against the horses. 

Miann’s Swinging Feed Tray. 

It saves the feed. Hens cannot scratch the food out 
or the dirtin. Weight of hen tips tray and throws her off. 
It is 644 inches wide, 3 inches deep azd 18 inches long. is 
ace oe one piece of galvanized iron, water tight. Weight, 


Neo. 32T2395 Feed Tray. Price, each............... 98c 

Acme Hand Crist Mills. 

The Acme is the mestrapid grinder, durable, 
easily regulated, easily and cheaply renewed mill 
onthe market. Every mill has steel alloy grinders 
that will outwear three sets of gray iron burrs nsu- 
ally putin hand milis. They are nicely painted and 
securely packed one in a erate. 

Nes. 32T21400 3272401 3272102 

BIZ6.. 2... MOR oe Soc = No.1 NO. 2 Ne. 3 
ay le NG ee eee. we 18 ibs. 36 Ibs. 6¢ lbs. 
Diameter of wheel.. 1244 in. 16 in. 1Yin 
Height of mill....... 12% in. 15 in. 1844 in. 

Capaeity per bour... 

Price, each 7 ™ 5 
Neo, 3272403 Extra burrs for Ne. 1, per set, $0.45 
No, 3272404 Extra burrs for No. 2, per set, 70 

No. 3272405 Extra burrs for No. 3, per set, 

Our $2.10 Crist Mill. 

Every country home should be supplied 
with one of tirese little grist roiils. The 
are perfect muchines, having removable har 
iron burrs, which are ground trae, and which 
can be adjusted so as to grind to any degree 
of fineness. They will grind corn, wheat, rye, 
peas, sult or anything else which it Is desir- 
able to grind; so that one may have fresh 
corn meal, graham flour, bominy and fine 
table salt at any or ali times. 

A most nseful machibpe fer ary ene, but 
especlaily desirable in sparsely settled dis- 
tricts where custom mills are net wilhip a 
convenient distance, or In new countries 
where there are no mills, Furnished with one 
set of burrs only. Extra burrs may be ordered 
with the mill or muy be obtained later and 
can be easily putin place. The machine can 
be belted to a table, a bench or any other con- 
venient place. Weight. 30 pounds. 

No. 3272412 Grist Mil. Price................ Sisk aasie anes a In 62.10 
es eee te CTMMUIITS, DET Dal¥..cccanseces Gece. ees scces eowecsee 


% to 1 bu.1tol% bu.14 te2% bu. 
81.75 3.45 S5.10 

ee ey 


Our Duplex Combined Corn Sheller 
and Crinder. 

This machine is designed to shell and grind corn and to 
grind other kinds of ssnalf grain, 

The shelied corn or meal passes fnte the receptacle be- 
low. The shelier is the most perfect implement of its kind 
and does net seatter the corn, The cobs are thrown vont 
at the rear of the nmachineand do not mix with the sheiled 
corn. The entire machiveis built of fron, being put up in 4 
imachine shop by men of good mechanical training and 
then RSRIE lavaioa: ftisuileely painted. The mounted 
machine Is supplied with @ large feed box, as shown in the 

No. 3272-414 Daplex Sheller and Grinder. un- 
mounted. Weight, 60 pounds. Price,........-.-..5. 3.05 
No. 3272415 Duplex shelber and Grinder, mounted 
nnleps. Weight, 10 pounds, Price... $5.95 
No. 3272416 Extra burrs. Per pair........... 6% 

Our $2.25 Hand Bone WMiill. 

Bone meal retails at about 4 cents per poand, 
and is worth three tlines its cost for fowls om 
any farm. With this machine we reduce the 
eost of the meal to merely the labor. The teeth 
of this mill sre very strong and coarse and 
will not grind corn fur family use. Alltew freeh 
bones to dry _ before poate! will not grind 
green bones. Weight, 40 pounds, 

» "No. 3272425 thand toue Milk. Price..82.2£ 

No. 3272426 Extra No. 4-2 burr, with 
shalt. 2... oseneeeee see aco. oom it 

No, 3272427 Extra No.G-6crusher.... 32 

Miaann’s New No. 5 Creen Bone Cutter. 

An Impreved antomatie feed bone culler, having an 
extra large eylinder and litted with four specially tem- 
pered steel cutting Knives. Guaranteed to do first class 
work and to be a perfect cutter in every respect. Cuts very 
fust, fine and easy. All parts easily replaced, as they are in- 
terchangeable. Madein three styles. The No. 5C is with- 
out stand and is fitted with a crank instead of a balance 
wheel. It is suitable fora flock of from 15 to 2% bens. The 
No. 5B is without stand but is fitted with a balance wheel, 
and Is suitable for a flock of 30 to 50 hens, The No.58M 
is eomplete witb stand, as shown in illustration, and is fitted 
with a balunce wheel. 1s suitable for a flock of 30 to 50 hens, 

No. 3272430 No. 5C Bone Cutter. Weight, 30 lbs. 
PTiCe se Sees occ ee ee ee ee pikvere aude ee $5.90 
No. 3272431 Nv.SB Bone Cutier. Weight, 55 lbs. 
PricQcs 70 eee oe 87.90 
No. 3272432 No.5BM Bope Cetter. Weight. 80 Ibs. 
ee rc ce re nes «kis wae wee .810.25 

Miann’s New No. 7 Creen Bone 

This is ap exceedingly popular machine. It fe 
just the right size for the average poultrymaz. 
Cuts easier, faster and finer than any Other maehing 
of the same capacity. Willcat all kindsof bone, and 
with meat an ristle adhering, without Waste OF 
large splinters. Has an extra heavy balance wheel; 
six specially Improved corruguted and adjustable 
steel knives, which are easy to sharpen; a large cyl- 
inder with open hinged side. and is easily aceessible 
in every respect. It never clogs, no hacking or pack~ 
ing of bones is required; a boy or a woman Can run 
it, owing to the automatic feed, which leaves both 
hands free to operate the machine. Is suitable fora 
flock of from 50 & 100 none See direct from 
factory in eentral Massachusetts 

No. 3272433 No. 7 Bone Cutter. Weigbt, 110 lbs. 

iGo enee: $12.00 

aereeee eens 

apes tree ee eepaoeearereeraeer s 

No. 9 Creen Bone 

This machiee has all the special fealtres of 
the Ne. 7. It differs only in that It Is larger in 
every way, will held more and larger bones, re- 
quires less werk to prepare the benes, bas greater 
capacity and is mounted on a different style of 
frame. Will not clog. Cuts all kinds of bone fast 
and very easy. Issuitable for a flock of frem 100 to 
300 hens. Shipped direct from factory in central 

Ne. 3272439 Ne. 9 Bene Cutter. oo 
pounder, Pri¢ev.e........ BP SONS. cS aooe $18.00 

-Mann’s New 

Miann’s New No. {fi Power 
Green Bone Cutter. 

This machise Is exactly the same ag the 
Ne. 9, but with power attachments added. 
It is designed especially for those who raise a 
large number of fowls. and who have power 
torunit. Can berun by windmill, steam or 
horse power, and only requires \ to 14 horse 

ewer. Capacityis from 90to 140 pounds per 

our, depending upon the speed and power 
applied. Ils fitted with tight and loose pul- 
leys, 8 inches in diameter by 24-inch face, 
and should run from 300 to 500 revolutions per 
minute, Can berun byhund. Shipped direct 
from our factory in central Massachusetts. 

No, 3272441 No. 11 Bone Cutter. Welght, 
S¥5 pounds. Price... .¢:2--.>..... ose $25.50 


Kenwood No. 4 Green Bone Cutter and Dry Bone Mill. 
A Bone Cotter which will cat green bones fine 
enough for the smallest chicks, and which does not 
sliver or splinter the bones. It will cnt any kind of 
feed which fowls will eat. Will eraek and cut eorn 
ernmble bread, cut clear meat or vegembles, grind 
bones or shells, and will not elog under any eircum- 
stances. Has a drop forged, bardened steel cutter 
#4 head, milled out of a solid piece of steel. Feed is auto- 
T — matic, poe is largeand without partitions. Fully 
Ji S| warranted for one year, and should cutter head prove 
—f/-— defective at any time within five years, it will be re- 
placed free of charge. This size is suitable for a flock 
of 60 to 86 fowls. 1s made to bolt on table or bench, 
Na. 32T2450 No. 4 Bone Catter, with crank only, 
Weight, 26 pounds. Priee...... ., 84.50 
No. $2T245) 
= wheel andcrank. Weight, 46 ponnds. 
Kenwood No.6 Creen Bone Cutter and Dry 
Bone Mill. 

A very strong apd powerful machine: bnilt on the 
same principle as our Kenwood No.4 Bone Cutter, but 
darger, heavier and snitable for a much larger flock of 
fowls. It will do the same class of work as the No.4, do 
it easier, and is put ont under the same gnarantee. Feed 
is automatic and can be made light or strong, as desired. 
Is made and furnished complete with legs, as shown in 
illustration, or withont legs to bolt 6n a beneh. This 
machine is shipped direct from factory in Western New 

No. 3272454 No. 6 Bone Cutter, 

No. 4 Bone Cutter, With balance 
Price.... 86.35 

withont legs. 

ett POUNGS. PTice@. ....0ccc........00 oss. SI OGe 
No. 3272455 No.6 Bono Cutter, with legs. Weight, 
Breeweteaa S58 TICS. os os scene eect cs de cecess cceens ee #13.20 

Kenwood No. 7 Ball Bearing Green Bone 
Cutter and Dry Bone Mill. 

This Is the easlest ranning 
Bone Cutter made. It is buek “i 
Soares three to one, giving three times the leverage 
or the power exerted. The bearings of this mill are 
fitted with ball retainers similar to those nsed on 
bicycles, and the journals are all’ ball bearing and 
all are hardened to prevent friction and wear, and 
protected from dust by felt washers. This machine 
@ will do more work with less labor than any other 
bone cutter made. Bone chamberis largeand with- 
out partitions of any kind. Feed is automatic and 
can be instantly ehanged from light to strang. Can 
be driven with the long crank attached to the eutter 
head shaft, if desired. Will ent any kind of food 
whieh fowls will eat and will not elog whether cut- 
ting green bone, gristle or meat, or grinding dry 
bones, shells or grain. Fully wareaniedlon one year 
and eutter head To eg ae against defeets for 

five years. Shipped direct from factory in Western 

New York. 
wore No. 3272456 No.7 Ball Bearlag Bove Cutter. 
ey a CLES id 9 0G on oe nnennmn rer, $17.80 

The Acme No. | Green Bone Cutter. 
Our Acme Green Bone Catter is one of the latest Impraved 
machines. It euts all kinds of bones very rapidly and will 
not turn hard orelog. The turning of the heavy bulance wheel , 
and the momentum acquired carries the knives through the #& 
bone and eutsit very similar to cutting with wv 4 
a bntcher's cleaver. The bone is cut cross 
ain and fine enough for the smallest ehick. 
tt has automatic feed; jis strong, durable and 
wellmade. All parts are easily accessible for 
the purpose ofeleaning. After the bone is eut 
it Is retained in the dise, which prevents it 
flying around. By turning a button the eon- 
tents areremoved instantly. Inside dimensions 
of bone box is 4 inches by 3 inches by 13 inches, 
can be furnished on short legs. as shown in il- 
lustration, o1 onhighstand. Suitable fora fioek ; 
Of 150 to 200 chicks. Shipped dircect from faetory In Western Pennsylvania. 
No. 3272471 No.1? Bone Cutter, on short legs, Weight, 100 Ihs. Price, & 8.50 
No, 3272472 No.1 Bone Catter, on highstand. Weight, 135]bs. Price, 10.25 

Acme Geared Creen Bone Cutters. 

same principle as the Aciae No. 1, but are back 
\ geared, making them much more powerful and canse- 
quently making them capable of doing a tixed amount 
of work with less power ap- COMET 
plied. These are the most —<ulp@y 
desirable bone cutters on the Sa) Z \ 
market and we recommend ¥ 7 iow 
them as being first class and/ # 
practical machines. Built inj, a) 
: two sizes, No. 9 with bone box 
3% inches by 3 inches by 1! inches inside, and No. H ¥® 
with bone box 4 inches by 3 inehes by 13 inches inside. — 
The No. $3 is suitable for a flock of not over 100 chicks, 
the No. 1] for a fiock of from 150 to 250 chicks. Either 
machine ean be furnished on short legs or on high 
stands, as shown in illustrations. Shipped direct from 
faetory in Western Pennsy)] vania. 

No. 3272473 No. 9 Bone Cutter, on short legs. 
Weight, 100 pounds. Price..............0......... $8.75 Wc, We 
No. 3272474 No. 9 Bone Cutter, on high stand. if ya 2 
SieletiGy Ito Pounds,. Price.... 0605.0 6cecescce us os 810.30 —— dpe 

No. 3272475 No.11 Bone Cut ter, onshort legs. Weight, 1301bs. Price, ®11.15 
' No.32T2476 No.11 Bone Cutter, on high staid. Weight, 165lbs. Price, 12.85 

Adam’s Creen Bone Cutter. 

The Adam’s Green Bone Catter has ball bearings, 
whieh makes it an easy running machine. Cuts di- 
rectly from center of cylinder where power is applied. 
llas no gearing to get out of order. Bone chamber 
has no obstructions whatever, making it easy to clean. 
Capacity of No. 1, 125 cnbic inches; eapacity of No. 2, 
Mo Pcubie inches. Cuts green bone to perfection. Slilp- 
~~ - ped direct from factory ia Northern Hlinols. 

No. 32T2510 Bone Catter, No. i, mounted. Cylinder, 10 
Inches long, 4-ineh diameter. Welght, 90 poands. 

PriQ@ yo. cs voce en coe nn ee $3.30 
y No. 32T2511 Bone Cutter, No. 2, nnmounted. Cyl- 

‘inder, 6 Inches long, 4-inch diumeter. Weight, 50 pounds. 

Price®... ¢..cciccs cee a ee "§.30 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. {12. 

Our Acme Geared Bope Cutters are built on the : 

The Kenwood Clover Cutter. 

As an ordinary feed cntter will not cu 
clover fine enough for fowls, we offer a 
, machine especially adapted to that purpose, 
Clover should be eut in balf-ineh lengths, for 
if it is too coarse it will eause the fowls to 
beeome erop-bound. The Kenwood Clover 
Cutter may be qnickly attached to a table 
or bench; it feeds itself; is self sharpening 
; and will easily cut sufficient clover to feed a 
: flock of from 50 to 100 fowls. It will cut all 
kinds of hay and green food as well as dry. 

No. 3272515 Kenwood Clover Cutter. Weight, 5 pounds. 2.0m 

Price. .2 



THESE INCUBATORS are perfect In constractlon, sclentific In every 
eee detall made of the very best materlals obtaia- 
able, and are theresalt of many years’ experlence Ia the bulldiag and 
actual use of Incubators, They are made for us by one of the largest inen- 
bator factories in the United States, the proprietors of which are practical 
poultry raisers and the owners of a poultry farm of world wide reputation. 
and ln various sizes soas to 

MADE IN THREE STYLES OR GRADES anim varions sizes so as te 

our customers, and every size and style has a nursery under tbe egg tray. 
into which the chicks drop for exercise, light and drying. The two “higher 
grades are made in both hot air and hot water patterns. The hot air tanks or 
flues are made of japanned tin, The hot water tanks are solid sheet copper. 


of alr is essentlally perfect, as is every detail, no matter how sma}), in the 
design, construction and working qualities of these inenbators. The cirenlat- 
ing airis beated by the lamp, but does not come in eentact with the flame, 

smoke or oil fumes. 
THE LAMPS FOR HEATIN are made of metal and use the regular 
Oe EEE Son hiaoge burners, so that burners and 
Wicks can be obtained from any store. Lamp chimneys are metal with a mica 
window. Egg testers consist of a metal tube which fits over the miea window 
of the lamp chimney. Thermometers are thebest which can be made and are 
tested by United States standard, all not proving perfect being thrown ont, 

THE SAME HEAT REGU LATO ls used on all slzesandalistyles. Itis 

the most perfect regulator made, ig 
accurateand rellable In Its action. 1t is operated by a metal expansion dise 

which js eorruguted to prevent stretehing, and filled, under pressure, with a 
finid which boils and expands at a temperature just below 103 degrees, cansing 
the disc to operate the compound lever which regulates the heat. This regu- 
lator is exceedingly simple and unless snbjeeted to actnal abuse, it cannot 

get out of order. 

WHEN BROODERS AND YARDS are combined with Incubators, the 
a ene eee, broodersare heated hy thesaine tare 
or lamps which heat the incubators, the heat generated belong aiuple for 
this porpose. The heaters in onrindoor and outdoor hot air and hot water 
broeders. separate from inenbators, are mado of the same materials as are 
uscd in the beaters of our incubators. 

Acme Special Incubators. 

A spleadid line of Inenhators which 
will give excellen€ results, made to 
10cet the popalar demand. The walis 
are single thick lumber, the bottoms are 
double thick lumber with heavy card- 
bourd between the two pieces, the tops 
are single thick lumber with a 14{-inch 
packing of mineral wool between it and 
an heavy layer of cardboard, the doors 
are single with a single thickness of glass 
and close against « feltlined jamb. Trays 
are regular and eggs are turned by hand. 
The 50-egg size has one tray and is 
mounted on low legs. The 100-egg size 


— rn ~ 

has one tray and is mounted on 
medium height legs. The ak al 
size has two trays and is mounte 
on high legs. Lamps and beat- 
ers are at end of each size of 
these ineubators. The combined 
incubators. brooders and yards of 
this style, have one yard only at 
end af inenbator. Illustration 
No. Lshows the 50-egg size Aeme 
Special lncubatoronly. Ilustra- 
tion No. 2 shows the 100-egg size 
Acme Special Combined Incuba- 
tor, Brooder_and Yard. ere 7 

Furnished complete with di- iti Kn 
reetions, thermoraéter, mols= “ill 
tare pan, lamp and egg tester. 
Shipped direct from factory in 
Western Illinois. 

Length, Width, Depth, Total Helght, Weight, 

Illustration No. 2. 

Catalogue . sae 
No. Size inches’ inches inehes nches pounds Price 
32T2525 5l0eggs 20 17 7 i 34 84.75 
S2T2526 10) eggs 23 20 2 21% 44 7.36 
2T2527 20egss 4 83 15 33 135 11.95 

Catalogue : Length, Width, Depth, Total Height, Weight, 

No. size inches inebes inehes inches pounds Price 
3272530 50eggs Os 17 20 26 53 £7.95 
32T2534 100 eggs 40 20 4 | 30% a 10.80 
32T2532 Wleggs 56 Hae 24 42 Vs 16.80 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No, {(2. 

Acme Medium Incubators. 

A very populur Hine of in- 
eulmitars, possessing many 
advantages and improve- 
ments, stultuble tor alt 
classes of work,and sold 
ut popnlar prices. The 
wallsand bottomaredouble 
thick lumber with heavy 
vardboard and a@ dead air 
space between the two 
pieces, The tops are single 
thick lumber with a 1's- 
inch packing of minerul 
wool betweenit and wheavy 
layer of curdbourd. The 
deors are single, with double 
vluss, leaving an air spice 
yetween the two panes of 
gliss, und the dvers close against a felt lined jamb. Trays are the 
recular tipover type, though egys niiy be turned by hind if ae- 
slred. The 50-egg size his one tray and is monnted on medium 
height legs. The other sizes have one tray for each 1e0eggs and are 
mounted on high lezs. Eueh of these invubators is furnished with one extrn 
tray for turning the eggs. The lamp of the 50-ceg size is ut the end, the same 

pe a Tay ——~ a3on the Acme Specials. 

Thelamps of a)) othersizes 
are under the end of the 
incubators. The 400-egg¢g 
size is the same ns two 2U0- 
egg Size set hack to back, 
hut with only four legs. This size 
has two esg chambers, two lamps 
and two regulutors, and either or 
both sides may be run independ- 
ently. The 50-eg¢ Combined In- 
+s enbator Brooder, and Yurd, of this 
! style, has only one yard; all other 
= sizes have yards atenuch end. Illus- 
3 tration No. 3 shows the Acme Med- 
~ jum 800-vgg Inenbatoronly. Tius- 
tration No, 4 shows the Acme Medinm 
20N-egz combined Incubator, Brooder 
and Yards. Furnished coinplete, with 


Tibustrist iors | 
— Re eric 
ea | 


Illustration No. 4. 

direetioas, thermometer (two with the £00-egg size), molstnre pan, lamp, and 

Shipped direct from factory in Western [)linois. 

egg tester. 

Catalogue a; Length, Width, Depth, Total Height, Weight, : 
Noe oie inches’ duchess inches inches pounds, Price 
3272545 Ss0eges ae 18 12 oe 37 $8.95 
$2T2546 100 eggs 33 24 15 33 83 10.20 
32T2547 200egss 46 2) 15 33 130 13.65 
32T2548 300 eggs al 3 15 33 1s0 20.00 
3272519 400 eges 46 30 15 3d 230 26.50 
COM, BINED. a si : + 
Catulogue = Length, Width, Depth, Total Height, Weight. pi, 
No. mize inches inches inches inches pounds. Price 
32T2550 S0eggs 30 18 ~1 31 sO $12.00 
32T2551 veges 30 24 ad 42 ee 15.60 
S2T2552 200 eggs i 20 at : Sas 190 23.00 
32T5553 300 eggs s1 37 ot 4? 20 30.60 
SETLES4£ 400 eggs 76 30 24 42 dol) 37.50 
Catalogue Bice Length, Width, Depth Total Height, Weight, Price 
No. 4 inches inches inches inches pounds. cf 
82T2555 50egeas rede 1s pL cds 39 Si0.55 
3272556 100 eggs 33 24 1 33 si 12.70 
32T25657 20eggs 46 29 a 33 135 15.35 
2T2558 300 eges ol 37 15 33 1s6 22.05 
S2T 2559 400 eggs 46 33 15 +3 240 29.30 
O } COM,BINED. . = = ' 
atalogue p Length, Width, Depth, Total Height, Weight, a 
No. Size inches’ inches inches invhes pounds, _ Price 
32T2560 50eggs 30 1s = 31 ae S11.00 
3272561 100 eggs 1) 4 2h 42 sy 21.00 
32T2562 200 eges a2 ae 24 42 104 ae 
32T2563 300 eggs 81 37 24 42 ats 35.25 
32T256+4 400 eggs 7 a £ 360 43.75 

f | 
Acme Round Fot Air incubators. 


Many prefer a round inenba~ 
tor, and to meet the demand for 
this style of miuchine the fuac- 
tory has bullt this incubator. 
In principle, design and construc- 
tion it is the same as onr regulur & 
line of incubators, the heating, ® 
ventilation and reguintor being § 
exactly thesame. The inner wall 5 
of the side is made of matehed § 
lumber. The outer wall is made 7 
of galvanized sheet steel and Bre 
there isu %-inch dead air space yp 
between the walls. Bottom is a f 
double thickness of lumber with 
a thickness of heavy cardboard 
between the two pieces. The top 
is made of three thicknesses of 
lumber. Door is single und with 
a double ginss panel and shuts 
against @ felt lincd jamb. lus 
bursery under egg tray. Egys 
areturned by hand. ‘Trays ure 
easy to getat and ean cusily he 
removed through the door. Fur- 
nished complete with dirce- 
lions, thermometer, moisture 
pan, lJampand egg tester. Ship- 
ped direct from factory in Westcre Dlinois. 


Dinmeter, Depth, Total Height, Weight. 


Nu. Size inches inehes inehes pounds Price 
S2T2586 100 eggs 30 15 Bs 10S $12.10 
32T2587 Wleggs 43 15 5 156 18.60 

incubating Thermometers. 

No. 20T1590 Incubating Thermometer, extra inrge bulb and tube, very 
seusltive. White gradnations on black oxidized metil plate. Absolutely sc- 
curate and thoroughly seasoned. Length. 6iuches, Priece........ we woe Le 
Sce preeeding pare for general description of these Incenbutors. 



Acme Improved Incub 
The aeme of perfectlou, —— 
nbvotutely the best He of 
lnentators muiude, fliery 
knows buoprovermernrt lias 
been ineorporniod dno this 
line of Jneubators. “The 
willsand bot¢om are double 
thick Jumber with heavy 
envdboard and an dend wir & 


‘ as juw aD =_Rt- 

spiee between the two 

pieces. The tops are singie 

thiek lanmber with a dte-Ineh 

packing of niinerind wool bee ne - 
tween it nud an iaver lining ly te 

of heavy cardboard, Tlie a 

50 to To-egy size has a single ul a. ; Be 
dour with dauhlegliss, lenv- Uae” Mlastriatlon No. 5. 
ing an airspace between the glass. All other sizes linve double fy 
doors with glass in euch doer, leaving am alr space between the 3 
doors. Phe inner dagrs close against felt lined fanibs. Vhesein- - 
‘tubators are equipped with patent turning trays so that by one 
movement athegys lan single tray are turned at one thmne, [ie- Ty eal 
moving this attachment and using the trays regulir Inereases the 
enpaeity one-half, In the tate of sizes. in the first column, we give the nume- 
ber ot eggs with turning tray in use, and in the sceand column the nowler of 
eggs with turning trav removed, The 50 to 75-egpe size, ins one tray and is 
. : monnted on medium 
height Jes. Ail other 
sizes huve one tray for 
each 100 eres, shown in 
first column and are 
mounted onhighlegs. The 
Inmp of the 50 to 75-vgg size is at 
the end, the same as onthe Acme 
Special. The lamps of all other 
sizes are under the end of the In- 
cubator. The $00 to 600-ezg size igs 
a the same as two 200 tu 300-c¢y size 
set back to back, but with only four legs. Yhis 
size has two egg chambers, two lan. ps and two 
regulators and either or both sides can be run 
= independently. The 50 to 75-egg combined in- 
& cnbator, brooder and yard of this styl , has 
only one yard, all other sizes have yards at each end. Illustration No. 5 sliows 
the 200-ege Acme Improved Incuhator, only. Illustration No. 6 shows the 4- 
egg Acme improved Combined Incubator, Brooder and Yards. Furnished com. 
plete with directions, thermometer (two with the 400 to 600-egg size) moisture 
pan, Limp and egg tester. Shipped direct from factory in Western Illinois. 


i . 

¥llustration No. 

Catalogue x: Length, Width, Depth, Total Height, Weight, : 
No. 51ze inches inches tenes inches poune, Price 
B2T2565 30to Td eggs = 20 i Tes ees + $9.75 
32T2566 100to 150 eggs 38 ar VBS 33 SO 16,10 
32T2567 200 to 300 eggs att 40 lB" 33 136 20.95 
3B2T2568 300tobNegss 32 i 15 33 js 489 28.2 
3272569 400to600egzs 50 6s 15 33 ox) 35,00 


Catulogue C Length, Width. Depth, Tota) Height, Weight, 

NO. mize Inches inehes inehes inches pounds Price 
32T2570 50to TH eggs 36 20 p24 | 3! sf = S13.55 
3272571 W0t0 150 eggs 64 pf 26 44 135 21.80 
S2TL5T2 200 to 300 eggs sc 40 EG 4. <6) 29.40 
32T2573 300 t0 450 eggs SZ 47 26 44 2ES 38.2 
3272574 400 to 600 eggs 80 68 + 26 4) 30 44.00 

Catalogue Size Length, Width, Depth, Total Height, Weight, Price 

No. inches inches inches inches pounds - 
32T25%5 50to Ta eges 2k a1) a eae dH S11.40 
32T2576 100t0150 eggs 38 La 15 33 QA 18.60 
B82T2Z577 200 to 30 eggs 30 40 15 33 139 23.50 
32T24578 300 to 450 eggs ae 47 ik, 33 Lity 29.95 
32T2579 400 to 600 eggs 50 6S 15 33 Ras 3) 39.00 

Oatalogue 1 Length, Width, Depth, Total Height, Weight, _ 

NO. Size Inchus inches inches inches pounds Price 
3272580 SZ0to eggs 36. 20 21 31 ss) S16.25 
82T2ZSS1 100 to 150 eggs G4 Parl 26 44 140 21.15 
B2T2582 200 to300 eggs 80 49 26 44 250 33.50 
32T2583 300 to04350 eggs oe 47 26 44 par 47.00 
32T2584 400 to 600 eggs S0 68 au 44 35 50.00 

Our bronders are built up- 
on selentifieally eurrect prin- 
elples, thoroughly tested and 
proven to be perfect in every 
respect. The heat is supplied 
fromthe top and the arrange- 
ment Is such that the chicks 
can go fromorto the heat when 
they please. The Lot iir is cis- 
tributed threngh pipes so ar- 
ranged that the hent ls uni- 
form and easily kept at the 
required temperature. The z = 
400-chick size is n double ma- : — i 
chine built back to baek.and divided by « board purt.cion, bot heated with one 
lamp. Furnished complete with metul bow] lamp, thermometer, runway, and 
directions. Made in bothhotairand hot water patterns. Shipped direet from 
factory in Western Ellinois. 

Acme Indoor Brooderss. 

ee) an ee 

Catalogue . Length, Width, Total Height, eight. : 
NO. Size inches inches inches pounds Price 
32T2Z590 50-chick ra 16 9% ad S$ 3.25 
3ET2591 kd-chiek 24 20 9ls 40 41.30 
3272592 100-chick 33 24 5 BY) 6.45 
32T2593 200-chick 3t pa ue Go 8.7 
S82T 2592  300-chich 2a = 5 ri) 10.28 
32T2595 400-chick 42 49 i 135 11.10 
ACME INDOOR aia WATER baat aiaaies " 
Catalogue ‘ Length, Width, Tota eight, Weight, : 
Xo. Size inches inches inches pounds Price 
wer2 596m) 50-chick oF 16 914 26 & 4.10 
eT 2597 &0-chick 24 20 Qh 44 6.10 
32T2598 100-chick 33 74 15 58 9.55 
$23T7T2599 200-chick 34 38 13 67 11s 
32T2600  390-chick a= 28 153 &3 12.85 
32T260! 400-chick 42 ys li 160 14.55 

506 SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. {!2. 

. o 
4 oa 
a beh) 
¥ 3 
of a 
‘= S 
a me 
3 = 
- 3 o 
= ~~ 
a ® 

3 eS 3 
wv SP) = 

p { o> 
x Ss 
2 ° 
rr ~~ 
o ” 
S ® 

—S = == ne e F 

These brooders can he nsed either outdoor or tn- 
door,and areequally desirablein either piace, The 
are warmed by tep heatexclusively, the heating tan 
being lecated in the top of the breeder. Only the best 
of materials are used in the constructien of these 
hrooders and we unhesitatingly guarantee them to 
be perfect and satisfactory inevery way. Furnished 
complete with metal bow] lamp, thermometer, run- 
way and directions. The 200-chicik size is a double 
machine, heated by onelamp. Made in hoth hot air 
and hot water putterns. Shipped dlrect from factory 
in Western Ibiaois. 

Length, Width, Height, Weight 

Catalogue : a 
ie Size inches inches inches pounds Price 
B2T2602 50-chick { ae 16 55 & 4.73 
S32T2603 100-chick 40 24 18 95 6.50 
BS2T26C4 20-chick 50 $4 ads 165 41.60 
Catalogue , Length, Width. Height, Weight, 

No. Size inches ONE inches poungs Price 
S2T2607 50-chick 31 Pe 16 56 8 6.15 
3272608 100-chick 40 ot 18 98 8.00 
32T2609 200-chick 50 44 7) 167 -:13.20 

Acme Sectional Double Loop Indoo 
Hot Water Brooders. Pag 

A =e res it 
cameos, in, 
ay! . tin. 7 2 i :, pores lpg 31 
afte Re Se ee a = Tae waeeseeag nail 

For extensive breeders these are the 1uost eco- 
Noviical brooders on the market. The heating 
system is perfect, the materials used are the best 
which can be ebtained, and only experienced and 
careful workmen are empleyed in making these 
breoders. Twolamps furnished with each size, one 
at each end of the feur smaller sizes and twein the 
center of the two largest sizes. The het water pipes 
of the smaller sizes exiend teward the center frem 
each heater, but in the iarger sizes the pipes extend 
both ways from the center, and in these the heat can 
be shut eff from one end ef the breoder when not 
in use. Thelamp bedies are metal, the water beilers 
and the reservoir above them are madeofceld rolled 
copper, and the piping issuch asis used by steum- 
fitters. Length given is over all and includes the 10 
inches occupied by heater and supply tank. Fur- 
nished cemplete with runways and all attachments, 
except that baseboards which show in illustratien 
are not furnished. Shipped direct from faetory In 
Western Diinois. 

Catalogue Size Length, Width, Depth, Weight, Pri 
No. inches inches inches pounds ** = 
B82T2612 125-chick 48 pa il 65 B10.30 
3272613 250-chick 82 24 9] 110 2.45 
S2T2614 375-chick 118 24 11 160 16.45 
32T2615 500-chick 154 24 11 210 18.00 
32T2616 625-chick 190 24 il 260 19.75 
B32T2617 750-chick 226 pe | i 310 22.30 

Our Acme Egg Cabinets. 

——— Every poultry ralser should 
haye one ormoreof these cab- 
inets in which to preserve eggs 
for hatching purposes, They 
are supplied with patent turn- 
ing trays, so that all the eggs in 
one tray are turned with one 
movement. The device will be 
appreciated hecause it Is well 
knewn that eggs fer hatching 
sheuld he turnedevery twenty- 
four hours, otherwise the yolk 
will adhere te the shell and 
the eggs will not hatch. 
Shipped direct from factory in Western Illinols. 

Oapacity Weight Price 
No. 32T2618 100 eggs 20 pounds 82.90 
No. 32T2619 200 eggs 34 pounds 3.40 
No. 32T2620 300 eggs 20 pounds 3.90 
No. 32T2621 400 eggs 65 pounds 4.80 

Farmer’s Favorite Brood Coops. 
A practical aod conve- 
gient nursery for young 
ehicks. A perfect safe- WA 
fuurd threugh the night 
against cats, minks, 
weasles, rats, etc. Beth 
the frent and the back 
of these coeps are fur- 
nished with doors that 
are easily and securely 
fastened, but which do 
net interfere with the 
perfect ventilationofthe 
coop. Length, 2 feet 7 
inches; width, 22% inches; height In frent, 19 inches; 
height in rear, 15 inches. Weight, 22 pounds. Ship- 
ped direct from faetory in Western Illinois. 
No. 3272622 Brood Coop. Price........... SI.39 

Metallic Poultry Feed Yroushs. 

‘licn a large 
humber of fowls 
areralsed thereisa 
great waste of soft 
feed when fed in 
the ordlaary way. 
These feed troughs 
prevent such waste. They are made of japinnediron 
with coppered wire guards, and at the price we offer 
them will sace their cest in a month’s time. Length, 
18 inches; width, 8% inches. Weight, 4 pounds, 

No. 3272623 Feed Trough. l'rice.......... 92e 
Galvanized Poultry Drinking Fountains. 

A fonntain whieh can be eashy 
cleaned and which wtil not hurst 
open should the water be aNoswed 
to freeze in it, unless it is entirely 
fulland frozen solid. The interior 
can be scalded and water will he 
fresh and clean at all times and 
nearly asceol asit would bein an 
enrthen vessel. Made cuttrely of 
galvanized Iron. 

No. 32T2624 Fouataln. Capac- 
any 2quarts. Weight,1% Ibs ...25e 
Oo. 3272625 Fountain. 

Capacity, 1 gallon 

Weight, 2% pounds, Priee...%2........ eee eee 34¢ 
No. 32T2626 Fountain. Capacity, 2 gallons. 
Weight, 1 pomnds» Price...............0...0eeee 4de 

ideai Poultry Fountain. 
a Made of galvanized steel. llas 
a flat back and is supplied with 
ahook so that it can be hung 
against a building, fence, box or 
in any other convenient place, 
Frent is half ovuai, drinking 
troughis aboutene inch deepis 
crimped to make it strong. Fills 
threugh ascrew capped hole it 
bettom and is eusily cleaned. 
Capacity, one gallon. 

1% ponnds. 
No. 32T2627 Ideal Poultry Fountatn. Price, 38e 
Sanitary Grit. or 
An Indispensable article, un 
is sec censtrueted that the fewls § 
have access ta the grit and feed J 
atalltimes. Prevents waste and 
keeps grit and feed out of the 
dirt. Is mude of galvanized steel, 
with weed partitiens. Back is 
flat and is provided with a 
hanger by which the bex 1s hung 
up. Feed trough is 12inches leng, 
3 inches wide and 1% inches 
deep. Size of bex, 12 inches high, 
12 inches wide, and 3 inches deep 


at top. Ceveris hinged tothe back. Capacity about 
four quarts. 
No. 32T 

Weight, 34% pounds. 
2623 Sanitary Grit Box. Price..... .415e 

Woven Wire Hen’s 

These nests are made 
from steel wire, japan- 
ned. They are clean, atford 
no place for vermin and are 
recommended hy poultry 
raisers everywhere. Can 
he fastened to the wall 
with twe screws. Should be 
lined with hay or straw. 

No.32T2629 Hen’s 
Nest. Weight, 5 ounces. 

Price, 4... 7 5c 

Folding Egg Tester. 
This isa very sim- 
ple and Inexpensive 
tester, but perfeetin 
every respect. It is 
made of pastehoard 
with holes to receive - y 
the eggs and 4 mirror to reflect the light. 
Weight, 3 ounces. 
No. 32T2630 Egg Tester. Price, llc 
Metallic Egg Testers. 
Consisting of a metai bowl iamp, a 
metallicchimney with mica window and 
a testing tube which fits ento the chim- 
ney over the mica window. The 
epgs are placed over the end of 
the testing tube, hetween the 
eye and the light. Chimney 
will fit ordinary lamp burners. 
No. 32T2631 Egg Tester, 
with metal bewl lamp. 
Weight, 16 cunces. Price,..pie 
No. 32T2633 Chimney and 
Testing Tube only. Weight, 6 
ounces. Price.......... «. 2 49€ 


If yon wish to keepa 
reeord of your chickcns ¢ 
of the different breeds, 
hatches, strains, etc., 
there is ne better way 
than by using our spring 
lever punch, Jt makesa 
clean cut, will net tear 
the web, and its cpera- 
tien is net echstructed by 
the hands of the oper- 
ator. Weight,2 ounces, 

No. 3272634 Poultry 
Engel, Price.......- 22 

Poultry Fountaln and Hen House 

The Acme Poultry Fountaln 
and Hien Tlouse Warmer holds 
abont 10 gallons of water and 
Is so constructed as to supptiy 
the poultry with water just as fast 
and no faster than they drink lt. 
The cups out ef which they drink fill 
automatically. The heat from the 
lamp, and radlation from the water 
atways keep your hen house com- 
fortable. Water always clean and 
fresh, and poultry never wittout 
driok. Weight crated, 20 pounds, 

No. 32T2635 YPoultry Fountain. Price....$3.85 

Poultry Fountain, Warmer and Feeder. 

By the use of our Fountain, «& 
Warmer and Feedertwe kinds ef 
feed can be used, such as grain, 
crystal grit or groundoyster shell, 
and kept warm and clean. It feeds 
antomutically, just as fast as it is 
consumed and ne faster. The moist 
heat frem the water inside 
keeps the feed always fresh and 
hot. It will werk perfectly and will 
net run out on ficer or ground to 
waste, Weight, crated, 26 pounds, 

No. 32T2636 Fountainand Feeder. Price..85.00 

A coavenlent, ight and durahle 
erate, whiect: will carry any nuom- 
herof eggsnptotwelve dozen. It 
consists ef a weod case fitted with 
standard egg fillers and is equipped 
with an adjustable cover and a 
combination lifter and fastener. 
The lid can be drepped and secured 
at any desired point, helding the 
eggs secure and Safe from breakage. 
Egg Carrier. Weight, 6% ean ; 

No. 3212637 

Price, fach.......-.. 28 Oeesene seeee 280 
Cenuine Humpty Dumpty Folding Egg 

Wiilholdtwelve dozen eggscom- 
plete with standard tillers. Aveids 
breken eggs, prevents mistakes in 
counting, felds ae fiat for ship- 
ping er carrying when there are no 
eggsinit. Strongly made withhard 
maple slats, Weight. 5'4 peunds. 

No. 3272638 tee Crate, 

PICO... ..-.. dees +> ee eee ee 22e 

Our Commerclai or Ship- 
fing Egg Crates, helding 30 
dozen eggs, are the most dur- 
able crates made, They ure 
about 2744 inches long, !2¥2 
inches wide, and 13% inches 
devp. Sides and bottem are 
securely nailed te heavy end 
pieces; end cleats are strong 
and ame cover fastenings 
~ are simple hut substantial. 
Furnished with heavy center partition. Fillers are 
our carton bexes with chipped fillers, the same as 
described under eur catalogue No. 3272640. Orates 
are not sold witheut fillers, and we advise the 
purchase of extra fillers with crates on accountof 
the saving in transportation charges. Price is for 
crate complete with oue set of carton hox fillers. 
Weight, ahout 20 pounds: 

No. 3272639 Commereial Egg Crate. 

Price, Cech... .0xs see ee , sans enlee ee agen 

Carton Box Egg Case Fillers. 

The only perfeet egg ease filler 
made. Censists ef a box just large 
enough to hold a filler forene dozen 
eggs, and is complete with filler. 
Both box and filler are madcefa 
Bt celered chip board paper, ; 
which is clean an De (ee odor- = 
less, and in which eggs will keep fresh and swect 
much lenger than in any other kind of a package, 
Bexes are shipped flat, but creased and cut so that 
they are easily put up and ends lecked together. 
Only one piece to the entire box. These carton box 
egg case fillers have been adopted by the leading pack- 
ers, cold storage houses and dealers througheut the 
country and are frequently used for delivery pack- 
ages. Will fit any standard egg crate and any of the 
egg crates or carriers which we sell. Sold in even 
dezensenly. Weight, 1% pounds per dezen. 

No. 3272640 Carton Box Egg Case Fillers, 

Price, per dozen........ 2.006 on is 6. rs of Go 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 112. 

Poultry Vegotable and Root Cutter. 

A new maehine used exten- 
Rively hy the best poultryien 
tor prepuring green food in 
the whater. It will cnt all roots 
and veretubles into finochicken 
feed, leaving the cut feed in 
small, fine, half-oval slivers. 
rvsembling angle worms, It is 
intended fora fioek of up 
to 1,000 fowls. Weight, com- 
plete, 40 pounds. 

Now. 3272675 
table nnd Root Cutter. 

dg (en %3.7 

Peerless Root Cutter. 

Qnr Peerless Root 
and Vegetablo Cutter 
for stock is fitted with 
gouge shapeil knives,a 
form «so well kuown 
and so unlversally used 
that they are acknow!l- 
edged the best style 
knives for cutting alt 
rovtsand vegetables for 
cows, pigs, sheep and all 
other stock. We make 
these machines with im- 

rovements that cannot 
a found in any of the 
other root cutters. They 
have the best steel 
knives, easily taken out 
to sharpen and will last* 
for years. Thesand and 
dirt escapes through «a 
perforated bottom before the roots get to the knives, 
the feed is cut fineto aveid all danger of choking. 
These maehines are made of good sized parts well 
bolted and screwed together, have a large hopper, 
well painted and ornamented,and we guarantee them 
to be the best root cntters manufactured. Weight, 
140 pounds. Capacity by hand, 30 to 50 bnshels per 
hour; by power, 50 to 80 bushels per hour. Shipped 
direct from factory in Southern Michigan. 

No. 32T2680 Root Cutter, with crank only. 

eco... oe Pee sete wale electors bac. S7.25 
No. 32T2681 Root Cutter, with crank and pulley. 
PB &8.40 


The Kenwooid 
Roat Cutter is 
made of good ma- 
terial, nicely 
painted and orna- 
mented and the 
best cutter for 
the price sold by 
anyone, Will eut 
any kindof vege- 
tables and do the 
work clean. The 
balaunee wheel is 
jurge and heavy. 
a>" rameis made of 
hard wood, and 
box well put to- 
. gether. If you 

wish a good entter for little money, herve you have 
it. Weight. with balanee wheel and crank, 125 pounds. 
Shipped direct from factory In Western Mieoigan, 
No. 3272689 Rovt Cutter. Priee@......-2. .B5.85 
Self Adjusting Swing Cattle Stanchions. 

The Kenwood Root C 


es Det LLL 

These Stanehlons give perfeet freedom to the 
cattle in turning thelr heads to elther side, thus 
enabling them to lick the sides and shoulders, drive 
off flies or lie down, resting the head upon the body 
as nature directs and requires, They require no 
more time or trouble to open or close them, and 
occupy no more reom than the ordinary stanehious. 
They are easily and cheaply put in place; stronugand 
durable, and will not get out of order. They are 
made of hardwood timber, well oiled. and turn on 
pivots in the ceuter of top and bottom (the pivots are 
twoinch pius, furnished withthe stanchions). The 
upright or side pieces are 13{x23g_ inches and are 4 
feet 2 inches high, with edges rounded; the top aud 
bottom, or cross pieces, are 3x4 inches; neck space is 
6 inches wide; with the latch and clevis they are self 
adjusting when being opened and closed. In turning 
the head to either side, the side of the stanchion 
torns back toward the body, the neck turns round 
naturally,and the head rests upon the body with 
ease. To open them raise the clevis and press out on 
the side piece; when opened they adjust themselves, 
ready for the animal and cannot be turned until 
closed, Illustration shows three views of the stancti- 
lon. A,shows it closed and locked; BR, shows it partly 
turned; C, shows ltopen. Price is for stanchion only; 
does not include outer frame. 

No. 3272695 Cattle Stanchlon. Price....... 98c 

at Lat 

Poultry Vege- 



The Turquoise Cane IWviill. 

This engraving Hiustrates our Turquolse, Vertleal, All fron, Two- Roller 
Cane Mul. Like all our mills, itis distinetively first class inevery detail of 
construction, and combines all the desirable features of astrietly modern, up 
to dute mill, Steel shafts, brass bushings for all journal bearings, separate 
clutch gear wheels, ofl tubes, feed boxes, sweep cup, ete., are all Included in 
the price of this mill it possesses all the advantuges of a simple aud strong 
mill, of aceurute proportions and weight, devoid of any superfluous append- 
ages, aml should engave the altention and considerntion of all who waut a 
stirletly first class, tow price, two-roller cane mill. Our machines are the 
best und cheapest Ino thelr line; owlng ta the simplicity of thelr 
mneehinism, combined or arranged according to the best system. 
Shipped direct from factory In Southwestern Oblo, 

1 manana" 
= inl! Hh a ‘ 

2 ok Dimensions of Rolls Gils. Tons 
a Ls In inehies. Jaice Cune 
y 23 Main Smal] Per ini? 
No. yom Length Diam. Length Diam. Ure. lirs. Welght Price 
2T2700 1 1 x6 In, 6x6 in. 20 2 240 lbs. & Y¥.8O 
tg 3eT2t01 2 1 sxntg dn. hx In, 35 3  4301bs, 16.80 
eB se2T2 70% 3 2 10x83 in. 10x84 In, 50 4 SOc ibs. 17.96 

The Mohawk Cane Will. 

Medium Welght Verticnt MHts. 
which aro separate from 

IN THIS MILL THE COG WHEELS the rolls, lirve ench two 

clutches which tasten Into corresponding clutches on the 
rolls. This makes a simple, strong fastening, which does 
away with keys, and enables the mill to be eusily und quickly 
tuken apart. The step boxes are provided with oil chatnmhers 
which hold nearly halt @ pint, and are so vonstrneted us to pre- 
vent any oil from getting into the juice. All journal boxes ure 
made with brass bearings. The shafts are rolled stecl aud- 
all rolls turned true, For many years the Mohawk has 
been one of the leading mills of the country, standing second 
to none, in its working reputation, and iu contests at State —— h 
Tothose who prefer the cog wheels separate from the ail, : me xty 

Five Sizes. 

Fairs. fy eo 
rolls we cannot too strongly recommend the Mohawk Mill. a Ve Oma 
Shipped direct from TwOpDEY in Southwestern Ohiv. ———— es SZ a =a " 
Size Size [ h i 
Horse Large Rolls Small Rolls Gals. Jniee Tons Cane 

No. Size Power L'gth iam. L’gth Diam. Per Hour ini2 Hours Welght ’Price 
2T2706 No. 0 Light 1-Horse 5 x 944in. 5 x64 in. 40 1% to 214 370 lbs. $14.40 
32T2 707 NO. 1 1-liorse 54X10 in. 533:x7 in. 50 2 to2% 470 Ibs. 18.00 
32T2708 No.2 Heavy 1-11-P 6%xI2 in. 6%s7_ in. 60 3 to3 570 Ibs. 22.40 
32T2709 No. 3 2-Horse 7%x1l4 in. TexS8 in, $3 2 tore &75 lbs, 34,75 
(3202710 No.4 Heavy 2-II-P 9 x16 in. 9 x$_ in. 160 5 to6 975 Ibs. 38.80 

The Excelsior Cane Mill. 

This engraving illustrates the Excelsior Cane Mill, 
the jeading mil) for animal power in all states where either 
thesorghum orsngar canes ure grown. !t has heen awarded 
the first premium) over al] Sa es at fifty-one State 
Falrs,and wasawarded the Grand Medal at the Centennial 
Exhibitiun. lt has met every mill of any character in all 
the country atevery working trial, and has taken the pre- 
mium over all. The auumber sold exeeeds fifty thonsand. 
This mill is especially adapted to the southern trade, or 
where heavy, large cane is grown. Our Jamaica patrons 
will find in the Excelsior just the mill for the large, tough 
cane grown there. 

Gnaranteedto be the best mill for the money sold in the 
United States. Shipped direet from factory in South- 
western Ohio. 

1 " Hl H 

t ¥ 
? Hy al 

} (ia | t /y 

0) (kee 


ae ging 

Size Size 
Horse Large Rolls Small Rolls, Gals, Jnice Tons Cane 

No. Size Power L’gth Diam. L’'gth Diam. per hour ini2henrs Weight Price 
32T2716 No.0 Light 1-Horse 54gx Sigin. 54yx6 in. 45 2 to 2% 400 lbs. #15.80 
32T2717 £No.1,Jr. 1-horse 535x110 in. 52x74 in. 60 2Z4to 3 600 lbs, 23.40 
2T2718 No.1 Heavy 1H-P 6 xi2 in. 6 x8 in. 80 3 to 3% 730 lbs. 30,60 
32T2719 No.2 2-horse BS oete in. 8 x8 in. 90 4 to 5 8350 lbs, 34.80 
32T2720 No.3 Heavy 2 H-P10 xld in. 10 x8 in. 120 6 to 7 1250 lbs. &2,40 
Ss2T272L No.4 farce 2 HeP 1s xM@ in. 12 xS8 in. 130 8 to 9 1350 lbs. 57.30 
3272722 No.6 4-horso 124{x20 ip. 4x8 in. 170 11 to1l3 1700 lbs, 13.00 


; The Monitor Cane Mill. 

Heavy, Rigid, Three-roller Horizontal Mills for Anima: 
Power. This engraving is an exact illustration of our latest pro- 
duction, In design, character, strength and Knish the Monitor 
surpasses anything in the line of a Horizontul] Anima] Power 
Mill ever introduced, The rolls are heavy and strong and firmly 
secured toshafts, Eaeh mill ls mounted ona leavy iron bed. 
The shafts being steel, possess that great advuntuge over iron 
ones, in that they are capable of resisting a much greater tor- 
sional strain, and therefore wear much longer. The style of the 
housings is unique and very strong. Ali bearings ure provided 
with gun metal bushings, which insure smooth running and 
greater durability than ordinary briuss or Babbit metal. The 
gearing is exceptionally heavy and strong, which precludes the 
possibility of breaking under the severest strain in feeding. As 
ALY mill is gotten up with the greatest care and attention, we 
challenge any and all competition, and assnre our friends that 
in purchasing the Monltor they will get a better, stronger, and 
more durable mill than any other of this class having flexible 
or aes rolls, Shipped direct from factory in Southwest- 
ern O. 

Size Size ae. 
Horse- Large Rolls Small Rolls Gals. Juice Tons Cane 
No. Size Power L'‘gth Diam. L’gthDiam. perl2hours ini2hours Welght Price 
32T2730 No. 1 1 x &in. 9 x Gin. 720 §to 6 1200 I bs. 8 74.75 
3272731 No. 2 2 10 xldin. 10 x 8in. 1200 8 to 10 1600 Ibs. 97.30 
32T2732 No. 3 v4 12% x10in,. 12%x Sin. 1500 10 to 12 1800 ] be, 119.50 
32T2733 No. 4 * 16 xl£in, 16 x10in. 23 16 to 18 3800 lbs, 219,00 


For Sor- 
ghum or 

Cook's Portable 

wm Sogar Evaporators. 
i Cane. a 
TL he 0 

ae: ge non , Ue 

A ao 
a es 

SS TK 0 arene 

These evaporator punsare made of galvanized 
sheet steel or copper, heavily bound and riveted, 
strongly made, with furnace underneath, and the 
whole mounted upon rockers of angie iron, thus fur- 
nishing acomplete portable outfit. This is the 
most convenient arrangement for small honse 
operation, and for custom work itis well nigh iu- 
dispensable. With it the operator ean move from 
field to field, from farm to farm, and thus avoid the 
labor and expense of hauling the cane. Capacity 
given is gallons of syrup per twelve hours. Onur 
prices are for furnace, pan, grate, chimney and two 
skimmers. but do not include faucets or fire brick. 
Shipped dlrect from factory in Southwestern Obia. 

Size, Capacity, Weight, 

No. Pan inches gallons pounds Price 
3272773 Galv. steel.44x 66 20to 30 250 $11.95 
32T2774 Oopper...... dix 66 20to 30 278 19.30 
3272775 Galv. steel..44x 72 30t0 40 2465 12.60 
32T2776 Copper...... 4ix 72 Bto 40 322 20.30 
S2T2777 Galv. steel..44x 90 40to 50 313 14.75 
$2T2778 Copper...... 4ix 90 40to 50 363 24.70 
82T2779 Galv. steei.44x108 50to so 7 17.30 
32T2Z780 Copper...... 44x108 S0to 80 400 28.40 
S2T2781 Gatv. steel.44x126 75to420 385 19.20 
32T2782 Oopper...... 444x126 735to120 415 33.25 

Cook’s Pans for Brick 


For Sorghum or 
Sugar Cane. 

stone arches where pin is to be set Stationary. Cu- 
peally Is based on gullons of syrup per twelve hours. 

rice includes two skimmers, but does not include 
faucets. Shipped direct from faetory in South- 
western Obia. 

Size, Capacity, Weicht, 

No, Pan inches gailons pounds _ Price 
S2T2Z791 Guiv. steel.44x 66 20to 30 71 ® 4.15 
32T2Z7932 Copper...... 44x 66 20to 30 97 11.30 
3272793 Galv. steel.44x 72 30to 40 R4 4.40 
32T2794 Copper...... 4ix 72 BOLO 40 10 19.45 
3$2T2796 Galv. steel..44x 99 4Oto 50 101 5.30 
32T2796 Oopper...... 4ix 90 40to 50 135 15.60 
32T2797 Gaiv. steel.44x108 50to 80 $19 6.75 
32T2798 Oopper...... 444x108 50to 80 150 18.35 
32T2799 Galv. steel.44x126 75toi20 137 7.85 
32T2800 Copper......44x126 75to120 165 21.40 
32T2801 Galv. steel.,.44x144 100 to 140 =6155 9.00 
32T2802 Copper...... 44xi44 100to140 195 24.50 
3272803 Gaiv. steel..44x180 125t0175 191 11.00 
82T2804 Oopper...... 44x180 125to 175 255 31.65 

Buckeye Portable Evaporators. 
For Maple Syrop or Sugar, 
Sorghum and Cane, 

sheet copperor galvanized steel, and made in sec- 
tions, each section being made of a single sheet with- 
outseams, and saver’ of the wood sides: ‘each 
section forms a pan ttself. The sides and eudsare 
turned upsquare (same as indripping pans forcook 
stoves), and surplus metal] at corners lapped around 
against the ends and held in position by the wood 
sides. Being light and portable the evaporator can 
he moved about as desired; no wood sides in con- 
tact with the julce to absorb and sour thesyrup. No 
scum can pass from one seetion to another, or mix 
with the lling syrup; flow of juice ean be regu- 
lated or suspended at wiil; no seams exposed to the 
fire; sections are Of great width 2nabling the oper- 
ator to usea largeskimmer. The durability does not 
depend on the wood sides. Price is for furnace, 
pan, grate, chimaey and twosklinmers compiete, 
but does not include faucets or fire brlek. Shipped 
direct from factory in Southwestern Ohio, 

Size, Welght, 

No. Pan inches ponnds Price 
32T2805 Galvanized steel.....42x 64 ail $13.00 
3272806 Copper..............+ 42x 64 285 21.25 
32T2807 Galvanized steel.....42x 80 290 15.50 
32T2808 Oopper .............., 42x 80 3035 26.30 
3272809 Galvanized steel...., 42x 96 a 17.75 
aceon OOUPere:...........:.- 42x 96 340 30.50 
32T2811 Galvanized steel.....42x112 340 19.60 
32T2312 Oopper.. ....... reac. =) We 360 34.80 


o~ : 
SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. II2. 

Buckeye Pans for Brick Arch. 
For Maple syrup or Sugar, Sorghum and Cane. 









The same construction ag the pans Inthe Buckeye 
Portable Evaporators, but made to be placed upon 
a stationary brick or stone arch. Price includes two 

skimmers, but dues not include faucets. Shipped 
direct from factoryin Southwestern Ohio. 
Size, Weight, 
Pano Inches pooods Price 
Na. 3272813 Galv, steel 42x 64 85 §& 5.65 
No, 32773814 Copper.. 42x 64 100 14.10 
No. 3272815 Galv. steel 42x SO 95 G.70 
No. 32T231G6 Copper.. I2x 80 110 «=9$18.10 
No. 32T2817 Galv. steel 42x 96 105 8.45 
No. 32T2818 Copper... . 42x 16 133 21.20 
No. 32T2819 Galy. steel 412x112 125 9.50 
No. 3272820 Copper..... 42% 112 145 24.30 
Furnace Doors and Frames for Brick 

These dvors and frames are for 
\ (*hrick and stone furnaces: we use a 
specially mixed quality of iron in 
these doors calculated to resist us 
ya)  xrauch as possible all warping and 
a burning out. Shipped direct from 
factory in Southwestern Olio, 

No. 3272822 

¥urnace Door. Size, i2xi2 
Inches, Weight, 38 pounds. Price.........-.+.: $1.5 
No. 32T2823 Burnace Door. Size, 13x16 
fiuches. Weight, 56 pounds. Price........ a, oes 
No. 3272824 Furnace Door. Size, 10x20 
inches. Weight,115 pouuds. Price.......... .. 3.80 

Grates for Brick Arches. 
Cast Grates, to bo used in Ce 
counection with our furnace - 
doors and frames. Shipped Ym oe 
direct from factory ln Southe g ; 
western Ohia. 
NO... 3272225 


Weight, 45 pounds. Price....... So 60 
No. 3272826 Grate, Size, 20x42 inches. 

Welght. 7s pounds. Siirice......,.. eee 20 
Na, 32T23°7 Grate. Size, 25x36 inches. 

Weight, 165 pounds, “Price............. eee 5.65 
* &ndiana Fruit Evaporators. 

: For drying and evn poratilng 
all kinds of fruit,berrles, veg- 
etables, spices, etc. Tiey are 
made from the vory best 
grude of galvanized iron and 
are fireproof and fully war- 
runted in every respect; the 
only upright evaporator hav- 
ing an equal eurrent of hot 
and dry air passing from bot- 
tom to top, without which 
you cannot successfully evap- 
orate anything. With proper 
care and attention these evap- 
orators will produce the 
cleanest, nicest and whitest 

_frult that can be made, 
eS and will give the most per- 
fect satisfaction. These evaporators are made in 
three sizes, namely, Nos. 2,3and 4. In appearance 
the Nos, 2 and 3 are the : 

same, the differcnce being 
in the dimensions. The 
No. 4has double doors, 2s 
shownin the largest illus- 
tration. Thestoves of all 
Sizes have heavy cast iron 
ends, and the body is made 
of heavy sheet iron. Grate, 
pipe and instruetions for 
evaporating and packing ff 
are furnished with al] 
sizes, Making the evapn- 
rators complete, Size No 
2is ahont 4 fect 6 inche: 
high, 30 inches wide and 24f 
inches deep. Ilas sixteen 
galvanized wire cloth™™, 
trays, each l2 inches by 24 FF 
inches, Stove will takein 
z2-inch wood. Oapacity, 
three to four bushels per 
duy. Size No.3is about 5 
feet 2inches high, 32 inches : 7 : : 
wide and 24 inches deep. ee 
Hus twenty galvanized wire cloth trays, eacn iz inches 
by 24 inches. Stove wiil take in 22-inch wood. Oapac- 
ity. four to five bushels perday. Size No. 4is about 
6 feet 6 inches high, 38 inches wide and 31 inches deep. 
Has twenty-six galvanized trays, each 15 inches by 30 
inches. Stove will take in 24-iueh wood. Capacity, 
Six to eight bushels per day. All capacities based on 

reen apples. Shipped direct from factory in 
Northen Indiana. 

No. 32T2858 No. 2 Evaporator. Weight, 175 
pounds: (rice... : ee. se Ss. cas $17.25 
No. 32T2859 No. 3 Evaporator. Weight, 22 
pounds) sree. ......ssmce.. . 9 eee —.. = #20.385 
No. 328T23860 No, 4 Evaporator. Weight, 390 
pounds. Price... 222 Otic een eee «ae $33.00 

Cook Stove Fruit Drier. 

Can be used onanystyle 
covk stove or range. 
Cheanest and best drier 
nude, Miude of the best 
grade gulvanized iron, 
with divided enrrent of 
hot air, and will last a life- 
time. Capacity ls based 
an green apples. Shipped 
direct from factory ino 
Northern Indiana. 

Noa. 32T2862 No.1 Fruit Drier. 

Oapacity from 
two to four pecks per Gay. Js about 25 inches high, 

26 inches wide and 11 inc deep. Weight, 50 pounds, 
[Oe UU $5.00 
No. 3272863 No.2 Fruit Drier. Capacity from 

one to two bushels per day. Is about 31 inches bigh, 

“6 inches wide and 11 inches deep, lias twenty trays, 

each 10x11 Inches in size. Weight, 65 pounds. 
co eee eee 86.25 

Hutchinson Cider 
and Wine 

This is well known ag 
one of the most economi- 
cal and useful clder mills 
mannfactured. Thou- 
sands of these mills are 
in use. Warranted to do 
fine work. We make this 
press now with an extra 
Jarge hopper, a decided 
improvement over the old 
style. Size of tub. 11 incbes 
by lLinehes. Shipped di- 
<a | rect from factory 
Misha es Northern Ilaois. 

_ Soll No. 3272875 Huotehin- 
son Cider MH Weight, 
110 pounds. Price...@4.90 

improved Cider MIlls. 

Thess milis have 
hirdwooid frames ® 
strongly boited to- 
gether; the beans 
of heavy enst iron, 
S8crews are of 
Wrought iran, capa- 
ble pf standing the 
most severe pressure 
applied by the lever 
or the crushing roil- 
er. Made in three 
sizes. Shipped direct 
from factnry in 
Northern Illinois. 

No. 3272878 

Senior Cider Mill. 
Oxupucity ten to 
twelve barrels per 
day; size of tubs, 17 
inches by 16 inches. 
Weizht. 410 pounds. 

Pricoe.....98 #16.20 

No. 3272879 Medinm Clder Mill. 

three to tive barrels per day; size of tubs, 13x13 
Inches. Weight. 230 pounds. Price............. $12.25 

No. 32T2880 Junior Cider Mlll. Capacity, twoto 
four barrels per day; size of tubs, 11x1i° inches. 
Weiglit. 165 pounds. Price.....2:5seeee #3.95 

Wineand Lard Presses. 
Our New Style Wine and 
Lard Press has a very heavy 
frame. We use two rods on 
, each side of tape ring stand- 
ards which are the full width 
of the bed timber, making a 
mutch stronger press. The 
screw is made of steel with 
machine eut threads; all 
matcrial Is best to be had. 
In short they are the best 
presses ever put on the 
|| Shipped direct from fac- 
tory in Northern Illinois. 
No. 3272885 No. 1 Wine 
Press. Size of tub. 10x9 lnehes. 
Weight, 52 pounds. 

Price, . eee ea 63.20 

No. 3272886 No. 2 

Wine Press. Size of tub, 

12x12. inches. Weight, 70 

pounds. Price...... $3.75 

No. 32T2887 No.3 Wine l’ress. Sizoof tub, 15x13 
inches. Weight, 100 pounds. Price.............. 85.50 

Press Screws. 
For pressing 

elder, wine, to- 

bacco, lard, cloth, UCC (| 

ete. Thesescrews 

are made of 

wrougiitiron, with 

Cast irou nuts and eaps. Shipped direct from 

factory iu Northern Iiinois. 

No. 32T2900 Length 24in., diam.2 In..... 82.42 

No. 3272901 Length 24in., diam. 2%in..... . 3.39 
No. 32T2002 Length 24in., diam.3 in...... 6.40 
No, 32T2903 Length 30in., diam.2 in...... 2.75 
No, 32T2904 Length 30in., diam. 2% in...... 3.85 
No. 3272905 Length 30in., diam.3 in...... 6.08 
Na. 32T2906 Length 36in., diam.2 in...... 3.10 
No. 32T2907 Length 36in., diam. 2in...... 4.28 
No. 32T2908 Length 36in., diam.3 in...... 6.75 
No. 3272909 Length40in,diam.2 in.... . 3.83 
No. 3°T2910 Length 40in., diam. 2%in...... 4.40 
No. 5222911 Length 40in.. diam.3 i1n...... 7-65 



=a = 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.2. 



SC hasmmnnmmn 



ever invented in the way of an agricuitural implement. No farm can be considered coroplete 
without It. No matter how much or how little baling ls done with a power press, there isalways « 
certain amount of hay, straw, cte., which will go to waste unless there be some means of saving it. 
Our Kenwood Hand Hay Press provides this means. tls cheap, itis compact, it ls powerfal,and 
above allit is practical. With it two mnen, or one man anda boy can bale from two to thres tons per 
day, turning out perfect bales of a uniform size, welghing from & to 100 pounds per bale, depending 
upon the condition of the hay. 

WITH THIS PRESS you can not only bale hay and straw, but corn hasks, flax, tow, hops, cotton, 
ee eS ee «ON StO Paper, or any other roaterial which can be put up In bates. Allof this 
work can be done at odd times, during stormy days, or when there is nothing else requir- 
__ingattentlon. This Ons Is made of the very best Guality of bardwood lumber, is alle |e 
pepe braced throughout, has malleable iron hinges and corner irons, and is put together with 
: bolts, ne the press excecedingly substantlal. 1itis3 feet wide by 5 feet long op the base, 1) 
feet dinches high when plunger is at its highest polnt, 6 feet 10 Inches high when plunger }»s 
dewn. The lever which operates the plunger is & feet long, and through the compound prin- 
ciple which is applicd between this lever and the plunger, « welght of 100 pounds on the ena 
ef the lever gives a pressure of about 10 tons onthe plunger, compressing the hay perfectly. 
Press can be operated freely ina space of ahout 6by 14 fect. tleight frorn floor to bottom of 
charging chamber is 3 feet Yinches; charging chamber is 17inches by 21 inches. Hay 1!s placed 
in the press when pluoger {fs at its highest point, the p!unger Js released by a foot lever ang 
allowed to fal] upon the loose hay, theo the operator compresses the hay by means of the 
lever. The plunger is raised hy a rope which runs over a sheave and attaches to the lever. 
one movement of the lever raising the plunger to Its full height. 

THE BALING CHAMBER is 17 inches by 21 inches by 3 feet 6inches, and the fonr slide» 
ee eee ees AFE COrrugated or grooved, effectnaily preventing the has 
from springlug back whenthe plungeris raised for a newcharge. The bottom of the 

charging chamber is hinged and can be raised so as to force all loose ends under the plunger, and the bale is as compact aud smooth as can be made witha powerpress. 

The front doeraod one sideare hetd in place by a jock lever. 

swungaway fromthe bale. The t wo bale ties are 

removed :nd door closed and locked, ready for another bale. 
be placed oo the farm, and at our price no farmer can afford to be withont a Kenwood Hand Llay Press, 
Shipped direct. from factory in Southern Michigao. 
Weight, 425 pounds. 

No. 32T2945 Hay Dress. 

When bale is completed this lever ls released, the front door opened wide and the side 
put through grooves at the top and bettom from the back and tied In front. Plunger is then raised, hale 
tse 10 feet No. 15 Single Loop Bale Ties. (See index for hale ties.) No mere usefal mzchine can 
Will pay for itself In six to eight days’ work. 


=e @rps hee erereetereseneee 

Acme No. f Full Circle Hay Press. 

a I a — 

= — 
—=— —— 

Iv our Aeme No. 1 Full Circie Press we have 
a press that wili do more aad better work than 
any other horse power presson the market. Thir 
press has been on the market for a number of years. 
and during that time has made «@ record for itselt 
that cannot be beuten. Itis made largely of steel, 
and all castings are very heavy and made in such a 
way that breakage is ulmest iznpossible. The plunger 
is 4inches thick, 10inches wide and 16 fcet long, and 
works forward on a 36-inch streke. Size of bale. 14x18 
inches and 36 inches long, which weighs as near 100 
pounds as possible. Pluoger makes two strokes to 
one round ef horses. We furnish our patent lifting 
jack with each press without extra charge, which 
enables you to lower the press _iu position fer use 
with ease. Weight, 2.600 pnunds. Shipped direct 
frem factorvio Eastern Minnesota. ‘ 

No. 32T2950 Ne. 1 Way Press. Price...8144.00 

Acme flo. 3 Power Hay Press. 


In out Acme No. 3 Hay Press we have the most 
complete, easiest running and simplest power 
ress made. [tls not acomplicationu of cog wheels, 
evers, etc., but has fewer parts than any othcr 
ower presson the market. It requires 8 te 10- 
orse power to run it to its full capacity; size of 

bale, 14x18 inches, to weigh from 100 to 110 pounds; } 
We can also furnish | 

capacity, 1 bale per minute, 
the press fer horse power when so desired, which 
consists of countershaft and attachment for 
tumbling red. Weight of presscomplete, 4.500 pounds. 
Shipped direct from factory in Eastern Minnesota. 

No. 32T2970 No. 3 Hay Press, complete for 

ReAMTAMET. © PICO. cece; on ss dames eee e seen $180.30 
No. 32T2971 No. 3 Hay Press, complete for 
ie peeOM CT PRICE... 5... 2 cence cc ce cscs cece cs $195.00 

The Smith Stump Pullers are the 
strongest, simplest and most dur- 
ablestump pullers made. They em- 
body every conceivable improve- 
ment, and when used ac- 
cordingtothedirections fur- 
nished, will do all and more 
than weclaim for them. 
Madein several sizes to 
meet all requirements. 
The larger the machine 
the stronger il is, 
and the larger 
stumps tf will pull. 


> Y 
we a i 
‘ Mi ell EE SE 
ip it oe pp ae na w 
5 = an: ol ae i 


eam. nae gram 
aoa” 5 

Be Vine. 
em YYre f, at) 3 Ps 
THE ABOVE ILLUSTRATION shows the No. 2 size, anchored with a 6-fvotapecher loop, The larger 
————— Sizes are Supplied with a 25-foot anchor rope, anchoring to a tree or close 
toastump, or farenough from a tree or a stump to operate between the anchor and the stump being 
pulled, without having to cut a tree or stump down to allow the sweep to pass over it : 



THESE consist of the 
of machine; the drum upon which the 
pull rope is wound; the anchor loop or 
repe; the pull rope, which is a single piece 

| if it is 45 feet or 50 fect long, or is one piece 
o0 feet long and one piece 25 feet long if pull rope is75 feet long; the forked center stake, which 
holds the sweep in place; the sweep ring by which the sweep is lifted to allow team to cross the — 

| pull rope with loose tugs, or te allow sweep to swing back part way without crosslng the rope; the paw 

| which engages with the drum and holds that which is pulled; the key and all necessary bolts. No sweep~ 
or lead 01eS are furnished, as the purchaser can cut these in the timber and thus save freight and cost of 
same, Pull ropes have rope hook and coupling attached. Thesestump pullers are all shipped direct fron. 

| factory in Southeastern Minnesota. 
No. 32T3029 No. I Smith’s stump Puller. Suitable for use by hand or for one horse on an 8-foot 

, a ree, ternibed with a 5-foot anchor loop and 45 feet of 54-inch best steel pull rope. Weight, 150 aye 

TICE: Ces besa ves ocen eee Wok os Akt Se re Sco irae ie eae 96 

Ne. 32T3030 No. 2 Smith's Stump Puller, Sultable for either one or two horses on a 12-foot sweer. 
Furnished with a 6-foot anchor leop and 50 feet of %-inch best steel pull rope. Weight,275 lbs. Price @24.00 
No. $2T3031 No. 3 Smith’s Stump Puller. Suitable for either one or two horses on a 14-foot sweer 
Furnished with i 25-foot anchor rope and 50 feet of %-inch best steel pullrope. Weight, 400lbs. Price. 833.60 
No. $2T3032 No.4 Smith's Stomp Paller. Suitable for either one or two horses on a 16-foot sweep 
and will pi any size stump up tos feet. Furnished with a 25-foot anchor rope and 75 feet of ¥-inch he-~~ 

Steam POpCamey elaine 0 DOUGKSs: Price... .. ..<.+...s cco ees cae u- cee esses. ee eee --.. 833.70 

NOs 1 oO et No. 1 1 Smith's Stump Puller. Suitable for either one or two horses on a 20-foot sweep. 

The strongest machine made, and capable ef pulling any size stump. Furnished with a %5-foot anchiur 

| rope and 75 feet ef 3;-Inch best steel pujl repe. Welght, 800 pounds. Price . 855.40 

| NOTE—These machines are suitable for house moving and other work for which a windliags is used. 

=s amr eaeaees' peepee ea eerserneeceee 

ATTACHMENTS AND EXTRAS FOR STUMP PULLERS, or ecccicaered wire 18S Siip tcinpered is hard, tougbyand Stone, 

and is madeona hempcenter. We use 3y-inch because it is amply strong if 

properly used, and is more pliable than a potpes rope. We do not guarantee this rope against breakage, because there is no steel rope which wil) not break 

ifitis bent around a shert turn or allowed to 

d ) o kink. If the werk to be done is too heavy for a %-inch rope on a direct puli. thep use a snatch block or a mult.- 
plying pulley to increase the power and avoid breakage of the rope. j 
it is frequently uecessary to use root hooks, stump hooks, 

No. 3273037  25-foot Pull Rope. %{-iuch steel, complete with coup- 

In connection with stump pullers and in addition to snatch blocks and multiplying puller- 
etc., all of which we are prepared to ship direct from factory in Southeastern Minnesota, as follows: 

No. 32T3045 Double Hitch Rope. 12 feet long with loop in center 

imeem seieht, 37 pounds. Price.....c..022 sacs cencccess ccacceet $ 8.00 and hook at each end. Weight, 35 pounds. Price.......... ......cse. . $5.00 
Ne. 32T3038_ 50-foot Pull Rope, 4{-inch steel, complete with coup- No. 32T3046 Patent Pulley Block, to double speed and power. 
fein) hocmmmaveirht, 59 pounds. Price.................0c.cceseencere 13.50 Weight, 50 pounds. Price......... ...2<2-s.-2s02-:-- =e ee eS 
No. 32T3041 Rope Coupling, pet attached to repe. Weight, No. 32T3047 Rope Shortener, compiete with hitch rope. Weight, 
oy tpsypels UE]... NS 5 eR : $7.0 20 Se ana Patent Loe eee dRoat Hook, WelchMiciine Pole ne 
lo. 32 2 ° ‘ F : 03% nt Low Stump and Root Hook. Weight,70lbs. Price 8: 
eee? vieck, complete with hitch rope. Weight, No. 32T3049 Double Polnted Steel Root Hook. Weight. 30lbs. Price 4.95 
ee PO pe OS aaa £60 No.32T3050 Rope Hook. not attached torope. Weight.10}lbs. Price 1.10 
No. 32T3043 Patent Snatch Block. Weight, 65 pounds. Price... 14.10 Ne. 32T3051 23-foot Anchor Rope, 3;-inchsteel. Weight,43lbs. Price 7 25 
Ne. 32T304 1 Combination Pulley Blocks, to increase power four No. 3273052 9-foot Anchor Loop, {-inchsteel. Weight,13]lbs. Price 3.15 
gmes. weilsht; 7 pounds. WVrice... .........-- Mee een scws «aa £3.00 No. 32T3053 6-foot Anchor Loop, 3,-inchsteel. Weight, 10lbs. Price 2.55 



Our Peerless 
Tank Heaters 

Long experi-] 
@nuce in the sale 
of tank heaters 
and careful in- 
vestigation into thomerits of dif- 
ferent formsand styles of heaters Le 
have led us to adupt this one as . — 
ourleader. lt isa heater which we know will give 
perfect satisfactiou to our customers, one which we 
can and do guarantee fuily, not only as to materia! 
and workmanship, but also as to simplicity. utility 
and durability. The heater is 26 inches high, made 
with No. 20 gauge galvanized steel sides, No18 gauge 
pee nizedsteel bottom and with a swinging castiron 

op The sides aredouble rivetcdin fireproof cement 
and the bottom is riveted and soldercd. Every 
heater is warranted nottoleak, The No.) heateris 16 
inchesin diameter.the No.2 is 19 inches in diameter. 
Both are made as plain heaters and with cither hinged 
grate or basket grate. They are also both made with 
animproved heat defleetor which directs the heat 
upainst the sides of the heater, doubting Its 
efticlency and maklug it far more economical. 
This deflector can be adjusted as to height and can 
be used with either styie grate,and either grate caa 
be taken ont, without reimoviug the deflector, b 
removing the cover of the opening through which 
the fuel is passed and the ashes removed, Price in- 
cludes one joint of 6-Inch plpe withsparkarrester, 
special long handled shovel and poker, und hold- 
fag down rods. Shipped direct from factory In 
Northern Illinois, 

W't Lbs. Price 


No. 32T3170 No.l witb hinged grate. 47 $2.56 
No. 32T3171 No.2 with hinged grate. 63 3.52 
No. 32T3172 No.1 with basket grate, 53 2.87 
No. 32T3173 No.2 with basket grate. 68 3.83 


No. 3273174 No.1 with hinged grate, 57 3.55 
No. 32T3176 No.2 with hinged grate. 75 4.47 
Nu. 32731779 No.l with becker grate. 6i 3.85 
No. 32T3178 No.2 with basket grate. 8&0 4,80 
No. $2T3179 Extra pipe, per joint............ 15 

Our Perfect Tank Heater, 

es The Perfect Tank Menter is 24 inches high, 
a has a firo bux 12 laches in dlameter and 20 
inches deep abcve grate. The oatside wall is 
heavy galvanjzed steel, made oblong lashape. 
The lire box is in the round end, the 
narrow or pointed ena thus serves 
as an airspace and Is large enough 
for a Jong handled shovel to be in- 
serted under the grate to remove 
ashes, The top is heavy cast lIrun 
“me securely bolted to ontside walls 

mw and fire bax, bottom Is double 
seamed and soidered. We furnish 
with each heater one joint of 4-inch 
gaivanized steel pipe with spark ar- 
rester, damper and hood. Welght, 
65 pounds. Shipped direct from 
factory in Northern Indlana. 

No.32T8180 Perfect Tank 
Iigeecr. Price... ..........% 82.65 

Our Kenwood Tank 
Heater is made of heavy 
gaivanizedateei witha two- 
sectton cast lron top, which 
gives access to lire pat aa 
well aa to the alr chamber, 
The alr chamher is made so 
that with a long handled 
shovel, also furnished, the 
ashes may be removed from 
under the grate without 
taking the heater out of 
tank, The grate Js heavy 
east Iron, made to dump, 
and Is aultabie for coal, 
wood or cohs. Above the 
grate Ils a plpe coll, which 
enters heater at opposite 
ends. Water becoming 
heated in the coll begins to 
circulate, thus increaslng 
the capacity of the heater about fourfold. The fire 
box la also Ilned with sheet steel. Heater is fur- 
nished with one jolnt of 5-inch galvanized steel plpe, 
with hood, spark arrester and damper; screw ne to 
hoid same securely in wood tanks. Insteel tanksthey 
‘can be held in piace by wiring to rim of tank. Fire 
pot is 13 inches in diameter and 20 inehes deep above 
thegrate. Heater complete weigus75 pounds, occupies 
floor space 14x22 inches. Size of heater pipe, % inch. 
Shipped direct from factory In Northern Indlana. 

No. 3273190 Keowood Taok Ileater. Price.83.95 

No. 32T3L94£ Extra plpe, per jolat...... 3 


aaa s 



Farmers’ == 
Boilers. Ke 
It will not require B,in"™ 
more thin one-third § | 
the amount of Hi 
fuei to do the same 

od baa, = 
a nitndeetiaeen ie ee 




work in these fur- 
nacesusitdoes in the 
old wuy, using the, 
ordinary farmers’ 
kettle. 15-gallon 
Size takes 5-inch 
pipe, 20 and 30- 
gallon sizes take 
6-inch pipe,4saud 

ee Tce nee 
take 77-inch pipe. ; 
No Pipe furn- ee Aa 

. Shipped direct from factory. 

No. 32T3200 With wood fixtures, 15-gal...8 8.90 

No. 32T3201 With wood fixtures, 22-gal... 10.75 
No. 3273202 With wood fixtures, 30-gal.., 13.10 
No. 3273203 With wood fixtures, 45-gal... 16.10 
No. 3273204 With wood fixtures, 60-gal... 18.60 
Na. 3273205 With coal fixtures, 15-gul.... 9.95 
No. 32T3206 With coal fixtures, 22-gal... 12.10 
No. 32732079 With coal fixtures, 30-gai.... 14.66 
No. 3273208 With coal fixtures, 45-gal.... 17.10 
No. 3273209 With coal fixtures. 60-gal.... 19.55 

Kenwood Stock Food 
Can be Cooker. 
used to 
food for 
stock or 
to heat 
Are made 
out ofthe 
ity of cust 
iron and 
steel. The 
botier is 
No, 14 
steel. The 
iegs are 
cast sep- 
and are 
removed and packed so as to In- 
sure safe delivery. Nog. 38T3210 
and 3293211 are made to burn 
wood only, but the othersizes cun 
be used for either wood or coal, 
Fitted for 6-inch stove plpe. 
Price Includes elbow but does not inciude plpe. 
Shipped direct from factory in Western Illinols. 

Capacity Length Weight l'rice 
No. 32T3210 20 ¢ullons. 25 inches, 60 Ibs. & 4.80 
Nv. 3273211 35 gailons, 28inches. 75 1bs. 6.35 
No. 3273 211% 35 gallons. 28 inches. 116 Ibs. crete 
No. 3273212 50 galions. 31 inches. 158ibs, 11.05 
No. 32T3213 100 gallons. 49inches. 175lbs. 14.70 

Handy Feed Cooker. 

The furnace (or fire box) 
and fire flue are nuder the 

water, the fire hox being of large capaclty. The 
fire flue extends from the fire hox the fuli iength and 
width of the boiler, and is 4 inches dcep, in the center 
of which is a partitlon which carries the heat under 
one-half of the bottom of the bolier from the fire box 
to rear end of same, then back toward the fire box on 
opposite side to where the draft enters the smoke 
stack. which js common stove pipe. Boller is made 
of heavy galvanized steel, and has a tight fitting 
coverof the same material, hinged to one side of 
cooker. By theclose fittlng cover the steam is re- 
talned inside, and it requires but a smal! fire after 
the water beeomes hot. Furnished wlth one joint of 
6-Inch pipe. This cooker is to boll anything—sap, 
sorghum, rendering lard, etc. Grate is made espe- 
cially for coal, wood or cobs, and but a small amount 
of fuel is required. Shipped direct from factory In 
Northern Indlanun. 

No. 32T3220 Feed Ceoker, No, 3, capacity, 60 gal- 
lons. Weight, 175 pounds. Price........ veoce., S265 
No. 3273221 Feed Cooker, No.2, capacity, 90 gal- 
lons, Weight, 195 pounds. Pricé.............. $9.75 
No. 3273222 Feed Cooker, No. 1, capacity, 115 
gailons. Weight, peas Price... $11.00 
No. 3273223 Feed Cooker, No. 0, capacity. 160, 
gallons. Weight, 275 pounds. Price... ......8 

1 draulic pressure of 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No. 112. 

==, | The Farmers’ Friend Stock Food Cookere 


1h seal: ERED. The Farmers’ 
Pai I Friend Feed Cooker 
is so canstructed as 
to get the best possl- 
ble results from @ 
very small amount of 
fuel. The kettle ia 
of very smooth cast 
iron and can be re- 
moved from the casing 
instantly. The casing 
or jacket 1s of strong 
— cold roiled steel sup=- 

orted at the bottom by a henvy wrought iron 
yand. Inside the casing is pluced acast iron flue, 
which throws the fire and smoke up and around the 
kettle before it passes into the smoke pipe. This 
brings the entire outside of the kettle in direct con- 
tuct with the fire, and enables you to boii water 
quickly, It has the ‘argest fire door of any feed 
cooker made, We do away with legsinordertobring 
the kettle low down, making it very convenient to 
dip into and out of, the entire height being only 30 
inches, For indoor use this cooker should be sect on 
a base made of brick and sund, The kettle of thls 
feed cooker Is made of smvoth cast Iron and will 
lasta lifetime. The jacket tothe furnace is sheet 
steel. Price includes elhow, damper and one joint 
of 6-inch ipe. | Stulpped direct from factory in 


mT TU na 
f HA) ; Ma 3 a thm 
Sadie 20) EO 

ANN) 4h 

Southern M gan. 
Oupaclity Weight Price 
No. 3273233 Jigailons 100pounds $ 5.38 
No. 32T3234 22gailions 125 pounds 6.95 
ee Beg WAI Fi 30 gallons 200 pounds 7.80 
No. 32T3236 40gallons 235 pounds 9.10 
No. 3273237 50 gallons 275 pounds 10.10 
No. 3273238 65 gallons 300 pounds 11.50 
No. 3273239 Tigailons 375 pounds 12.75 
No. 32T3240 Coal grate for eithersize.... 1.88 



Made with thick bottom, from the best plJg Jron, 
very smooth, and are tested before being shipped and 
guauraoteed perfect. They are rated at exactly what 
they will held without running over when set level. 
Shipped direct from factory In Southern Michigan. 

No. 3273250 15-gallon. Weight, 50 pounds, $2.28 

No. 3273251 2-gallon. Weight, 65 pounds, 2.58 

No. 52T3252 30-gallon. Weight, 130 ponnds, 3.83 

No. 3273253 40-gallon. Weight, 160 pounds, 4.80 

No. 3273254 50-gallon. Weight, 190 pounds, 6.62 

No. 3273255 65-gallon. Weight, 210 pounds, 6.58 

No. 3273256 75-gailon. Weight, 275 pounds, 7.5¢ 

Steel Jackets for Caldron Kettles. 

These jackets are complete with elbow, damper 
and one joint of 6-Inch pipe. Shipped dlrect from 
factory in Southern Michigan. 

No. 3273257 For caldron 20 In. Price, @3.8& 

No, 3273258 Forcaidron 24in. Price, 4.15 

No. 3273259 For caldron 27 in. Price, 5.00 

No, 3273260 For caldron 29 in, Price, 8.32 

No. 3273261 For caldron 32 in. diam. 5.63 

No, 3273262 For caldron 34in. diam. Price, 8.93 

No. 3273263 Forcaldron 36in. diam. Price, 6.89 

Hercules Feed Boller and Cooker. 
This botlerls made 
from boilersteel, has 
regular lap weided 
boiler flues, making 
it durable and rigid; 
is weil riveted and 
calked, and iscapa- 
ble of standing bhy- 

Na. 3213241 Wood hinged cover, either size 


150 pounds to the 
square inch and is 
perfectly safe carry- 
iug 100 pounds steain 
pressure. Itis made 
of heavierand better 
material than is gen- 
erally used, and as it 
has a number of flues 
passin directly 
through the water, 
distributes the heat 
thereby requiring 
less fuel than any 


It is furnished with grate, which adapts It to the 
hurning of coal, cabs, wood, etc., and willl cook or 
steam any kind of feed placed in a barrel or vat 
with but Nttle care and withont burnlag, and does 
jt quicker than any steamer made. Size No, 3 is 
canstructed like a regular steam boller and will 
develop steam to ron a 14%-horse power englne. 

The cooker complete includes two gauge cocks, 
blow-off cock, pump for su pplying the boiler with 
water. safety valve, 2 feet of suction hose and 
sufficient pipe with valve to convey steam to a 
burrel or vat for cooklng feed or ling water. 
Shipped direct from factory in Southern Michigan, 

No. No No. 
3273264 3273266 3273266 

SIZG IN Oger so. svneenee 1 2 3 
luiiameter of shell.... 19 in. 19 in. 19 in. 
lieight of shell....... 40 in. 44 in. 44 in. 
No. of 2-Inch flu es, aae 9 13 13 
Length of boiier...... 54 in. 58 in. 58 Ip. 
Shipping weight...... 360 lbs. 430 Ibs. 450 Ibs. 
Prive eikictsicisj « + winimieieia 820.40 &21.60 831.20 
No. 32T3267 Steam Gauge, fitted to above. 
log ol BAP ee. oaesber ws ee eee «€1.83 

No. 3273268 Water Gauge, fitted to above, 
Price@:, esse. ere 

eee ovawer eee br aaa se oe vpes 


The Acme Feed Steamer. 

This steamer has alarge and conventent fire 
box, the whole length of the boiler—40 inehes— 
@ being eovered with water en- 

itirely over the top and down 

Aboth sides tothe bottom, whieh 
gives the full benefit of ull the 
leat from the fuel, and 
muiking it of greater en- 
qj paelty thin all ot hersteam- 
mers. Made of best boiler 
Wplutestes] with heavy cast 
iron heads, The steamer 
¥is mounted on herge 
may Wheels,andiseasily moved 
to any place where needed, 
The tire hox is 3 feet long, 
19 Inches deep, 12 inches wide, and can be used 
for coal, woud or cobs. Elbow is for 6-inch pipe, but 
mn) pine is furnished. We furnish this steamer 
equipped with u small hand pump for putting 
wuter in the boller, Boiler is 40 inches long. Weight, 
350 pounds, Shipped direct from factory tn Eastern 

No. 3273270 Feed Steamer. $24.00 



Niodel Stone 

These bouts are made of the best qnallty of 2- 
Ineh oak and hard maple. Bottom planks are 
sawed to shape from the log and side pieces ure cut 
jnthesame way. The side pieces and the wide end 

ieves are firmly bolted to the bottom plank. These 

wutsare? feet long and about 28 inches wide. A 

echenp, light, strong and very durable hoat. 
Shipped direct from factory in Southwestern 

No. 327T3288 Model Stone Boat. Weight. 150 
OLS. Lees... DD: PE ees Pere oe eas: B2.75 

Stone Boats. 

Steel Nose 

Our Steel Nose Stone Bonts are the best and 
strongeststone boutsmuade. The nuse ismadeof No. 
1) gauge steel, the sides, ends and bottom of the hest 
quiility of selected hardwood, all one. bolted 

together. Rims and nose nicely painte Shipped 
direct from factory in Central Michigan. 

Length Width Price 
ieee baer... Tt. 4 im......... 5 ee S310 
No. 3273291 ..... Bg, go... ain..... 2c 3.45 | 
cd. oo Tabor... a se ia (1 Ege: a 6 cee 36in.. 3-83 

Lawn Rollers. | 
Just the thing for 
rolling lawns. Mide en- 
tlrely of iron. The roller 
is In oneortwo parts of ‘ 
east iron, each 20 inches 
in diameter :.nd12 inches 
wide. Shipped dlrect 
from factory In Soeuth- 
western Ohlo. 
No, 3273299 One-section roller, 12 inches wide, 
eee neeepounds. Pricu........-...-.....50-5- %6.00 
No. 3273300 Two-sertion roller, 24 inches wide. 
emhpeeeepounds, Price,...................-.. 89.00 

Our Wood Stave Land Roller. 

A light running, 
ensily balanced coller, 
Kach dram turns in- 
dependently of the 
other. The drums are 
3fevt Ginches long,and 
28 inches in diameter. 
Thestuyesare of best 
quality bhiurdwood, 

lene at cei bolted tostron:, cast 
heads. The box is wide and long, sup srted 
by heavy bruckets in the center and at both ends, 
to an axle 14 inches in size, running through both 
drums. Weight, 100 pounds. Shipped direct from 
Price, $16.25 

No. 3273315 Wood Land Roller. 

Siegel Land Rollers. 

The drums are mate 
of heavy high grade 
enrbon steel, [well 
a strong 
uble steel rlm 
roller. Ithasa 
center bracket 
sO made as to 
permit of easily 
oillng the center bear- 
Ings. Has heavy 1%- 
inch shuft, select 

hardwood frame and platform. 
They are well proportioned and handsome rollers. 
Strongly built, well bolted and sufficiently strong for 
all use. Chilled iron boxesused inthe brackets. Easy 
spring seat, Shipped direct from factory. 

Catalogue No, Sections Diameter Length Welghi Price 
Seloovl,.. 2......24in......6ft.....550 Ibs.... 816.50 

S32T3S22....3......241n..... Roe lice oi 650 lbs.... 18.40 
S32T3323, .3.....,.24in .....8ft.... T501bs.... 19.2% 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.{(2. 


Cur Galvani ed Steel Tanks are made of the hest 
quoililty of gabvanized sheet steel Vops are bound 
Wilts ume steel: bottoms ure secured between two 
pieces of tlit steel, or between m olece of flat steel and 
a piece of ungle steel, this depending upon the size 
of the tank. Sides are firmly I raced, When size and 
shape requires it, with angle steel bars; oblong, 
square end, ovnland Lirge round tanks are supplies 
With burs of angle steel across the top, the number 
of these bars belng governed by the size of the tank. 
This econstructlon mnakes our tanks the strongest, 
Hehtest and most durable tanks on the market. 

Tomnke pipe connections in steel tanks, cut the | 

holes where desired, using na cold chisel and eutting 
against the end of n bloek of wood. Cut a Jong 
thread on the pipe, or take a long threaded nipple 
and fasten in place with w lock nut and a leather 
Washer on ench side of the tank. We will cut holes 
free of charge if you will give meusurements and 
location of holes, but under no vircumstances can 
tanks be returned in which lioles litve been cut, 
Round steel tanks, oblong tanks, square end 
tanks, dipping tanks and wagon tanks made of 
18-gauge steel will cost 20 per cent more than 
prices shown; same tanks made of 16-guuge steel 
will cost 40 per cent more than prices shown, and 
weights will increase 


All round storage tnoks nod the four largest sizes | 
of round steel tanks aro alwiys shipped Knocked | 

down, because when sct up they ean only be shipped 
on flatcars ata very high rate of freight. All ovil 
tanks, hog tronghs, dipping tanks, wagon tanks and 
house tunks are always shipped set up. The fif- 
teen smallest sizes of round stvel tanks, all sizes of 
oblong tanks and all sizes of square end tanks can 
be shipped either set up or knocked down, and when 
going not over 500 miles from Chicago, all of these 
tanks will be shipped set up unless otherwise 
ordered; when going much more thin 500 miles from 
Chicago, all of the largest sizes of these tanks will be 
shipped knocked down and we will use our judgment. 
about shipping the smiuller sizes set up or knocked 
down, unless otherwise ordered. Alwnys state in 
your order whether you want tank shipped set up 
or knocked down, and remember that on long dis- 
tance shipments there is a grent suving in freight 
when tanks are shipped knocked down, When tanks 
are shipped knocked down, every part is fitted to- 
gether und sufficient solder and rivets are sent with 
which to complete the taunk. <All steel tanks nre 
shlpped direct from factory in Northern Indiana, 

Round Calvanized Steel Tanks. 

These tanks are made of 
the very best quality 20- 
gauge steel, galvanized and 
warranted nut to leak, 
Shipped direct from factory 
in Northern Indiana. 

i } i i it Hy He 
pil) aa 

f ih ' 
mi) val ve 

leight Capacity Weight Price 

No. Diameter 1 
3273350.. 4 {t....2 ft.... 6 bbISs.... 90]bs $5.60 
S2T3301....44t.---2% {t.... 1 bbisseewibs © 4.25 
B2TS352 4 it 3 {te 9 bilseee0lbs 6.75 
3273353 ....4ft....4 ft....12 bbls....185]bs 3.10 
BSTSS64... 51C....2 0 tte UUs lo se 1.15 
me Poobo. 7.20 ib... °VY, {t.2.012 bbls). asa 8.75 
327335G6,...5ft....3 ft....14 bblis....140lbs 9.66 
S27T3357, .5ft....4 ft....19 bbls....170]bs 11.60 
2273358 ....51t...25 ftis..21 Dbis.... 00s) 22.06 
S2723h9....6ft...@ ft....i4 bbis....loolbs 910.00 
3273360....6{t....2% ft....17 bbls....10l]bs 11.60 
3273361,...6ft....3 ft.. .20 bbis....190]bs 12.25 
3273362. 206 ft...-4 {6..2.27 bhls..:.23) bs, ta-2e 
3°T3363....6ft....5 ft....34 hbls....260]lhs 18.30 
B2T3361....5ft....8 ft....374bbls ...300]bs 21.63 
3273365... 8't..e.2 -ft,.2.2! Dils.-.. 240 los 2 2-65 
32T3366....8ft....2% ft....30 bbls....200lhs 17.77 
32T3367...10ft....2 ft....37%bbls....315lbs 20.35 
32T3368...10 ft... 2% ft....46 bbis....350]lbs 23.95 

Nos. 3273365, 32 T3830, 82T3367 and 3273368 are always 
shipped knocked down, they cannot be shipped 
set up. 

Oblong Galvanized Steel Tanks. 

These tanks are made 
ef the very best quality 
20-gauge steel, galvan- 
ized and warranted not 
to leak. Shipped dlrect 
from factory In North- 
ern Indiana. 

Capacity, Welcht, 

Pi q ' / ir | c Mi | ‘i ny! 4! 
sl i ut seal 

Be, } 
Pa) Wir 
AOA at ata 

Ri RAL AY a 

1 | “il [ 
ily si 

1 yin li fit | iN 

i ea 

No, Width Melghit Lengih bbls Lhs Price 
32T3389 222 eee ft... 0 ite Sx %...90.28 5.60 
32TS3I900 meet es ft... Slime ...ico7 Gar0 
327339 Tere Ct... Sit.'s ... las 7.48 
B2V3302eee eee It... 5 (bees ««.100.- 7.50 
S2TS305 pe emeet os ft... 8ft.a2 ...150., 8.00 
32TSa 0 teeseroeene) fi... Siti ...145,.. 8.14 
32 eso sett Me it... Bityls ...105. 9.65 
Se oouueeame ites f6 oS ftis. ...150., 20.00 
eres ose te it. tt... Stitt. ..«alid.. 11.60 
Borso0s 4) (t...5 fb... Sit. ..-clo... 14.00 
a273399_..5 ft...2 {ft...10ft..14 ...16.. 9.60 
32T3400,..3 ft...2% ft ..10ft..18 ...190.. 11.90 
SelatOi. .3  ft...d ft...10 ft..2 .25.. L292 
B297si02...4 ft...2 ft...10ft..19 ...215.. 12.22 
3273403,..4 ft...2% ft...10ft..24 ...235.. 14.60 

Sots 4s ft..3 ft...101t..29 .265., 17.00 
32T3405...4 ft...2 ft...16ft..30 ...315.. 18.32 
32T3406...5 ft...2 ft...16ft..38 ...360.. 21.00 
32T3407...6 ft...2 ft... &ft..23%...210.. 14.69 
32T3408,..6 f#...2 ft...10ft..98%...055.. 17.08 
S27T3209..4 ft. 5 ft. JOft..47 ...3.. be 8 
SerestO 6 (ft...4 ft. .101t..36 375.. 28.80 

in about one-half of this | 


Galvanizod Stee! Square En 

These tamkKs nD 
nre ninde of the 
very best quality 
20-vauge steel, 
ralvanized and 
warranted not to 

d Tan 

_ bop A 


leak. Shipped — 
direet from factory la Northern Indlana. 
Capacity, Welght 
No. Widib  -Welght Length ible Lhe * Price 

S27T34131...2 ft...1 ft... 4ft..2 . 50.5 
S$4TS3452...2 ft...2 ft... 4f1.. 4 .. SGP Gee 
ue lotae-. -. {t...%  cfteeott., 0... Le G.18 
Jekotul.,..2 it...2 {tee ity. i .. ieee 7-40 
Ssebputen.. 2. Ut. 2% ftoeseal os... cee #20 
seTei st... ft..:2 Tt eit] 2% . ae 27 
S2Taia 7.2.2) ft...2% five . hte &.92 
G2 Poe 6. 2 Ita, Belo lf ee $.95 
| B2Ee re ot ft...2% ft .. &ft..64 ...7eD.. Gee 
327T3410...4 {t...2 ft... 8it..15 ...0.. eee 
S2T3821..4 f{t..2% ft .. 58. i7 . 210... 13.0% 
S2TS142 ..4 ft...8 ft... 8it..23 ...200). Paae 
S2T34413...3 ft..2 f...101, 14 ..8s ee 
$273 444...38 ft-..2% tt...10ft..18 ...222. fea 
oe bedain joo. tie ltitae . 200., L475 
S2TS3140,..4 t...2 ft ..10ft .19 .. B.2 aes 
| scTSta7...4 tts (t.. 1001... . .20).. 16.40 
1 $273 148..4. {t...3 ft...10 ttc . Edo. 2 tsa 

el Round Storage Tanks. 
These tanks are too large to 

he shipped set up, und are 
always shipped knocked down, 
‘They are, however, set up at the 
factory und every part is fitted 
perfeetly, after which all parts 
are murked plainly, showing 
just where they belong. Suf- 
licient solder and rivets ue- 
company euch tank th com- 
plete it. Made of the very best 
quality of gal vanized en We 
advise the selection of No. 1% 
gauge or No. 16 gauge for medium size tunks, and No. 
16 guuge only for large size tanks. Shipped direct 
from factory io Northern Indiana, 


Catalogue No.| Diameter Height| Gauge | Weight 
32731470 | 6ft. | 6ft. | No. 20] 330 lbs. | $20.80 
3273471 | 6ft. | 6ft. | No.I8| 4001bs.| 24.96 
2273472 | ace 6 ft. 1[%o. 161] 495 Ibs. | 29.12 
3973473] 6ft. | &ft. |No.20] 360lbs.; 24.50 
3973474 | 6ft. | &tt. | No.IX!| H0lbs.| 29.50 
3273475 | Gft. | &ft. | No.16| 540lbs.| 34.90 
2a7T34761 8ft. | 5ft. | No.20| 3901bs.| 27.00 
3273277 | 8ft. | 5ft. | No.1s| 475 ]bs.| 32.40 
3273478] eft. | Sft. |No.16) S8d1bs.| 37.85 
3273179 8 ft. 6ft. | No. 20) 450 )bs. 31.80 
3273480! 8ft. | 6ft. | No.1s! 545 ]bs. | 37.93 
3273481 | stt. | 6ft. | No.16| 6i51bs.) 43.65 
3273482] Sft. | Rit. | No.20| 5201lbs.| 38.20 
3273483 | & it. Sft. | No.1s8| 6380 1bs.; 45.80 
32734184! Sft. | Rit. |No.16| TsO0lbs.| 53.40 
3273185 Sift. | 10 ft. | No. 20| G2tilbs:. 44.75 
3273486 | &ft. | 10ft. | No.18} 745 Ibs. | 53.50 
3273487 | Sit. | 10ft. | No.16] 930)bs.| 62.50 
32T3488 | 10ft. | Sft. | No.20| 700]bs.| 53.00 
3273489 | 10ft. | Sft. | No.1s) 830]bs.} 63,00 
3273490 | 10ft. | Sft. | No.16/10251bs.| 72.40 
3273491 | 10ft. | 10ft. | No.20| *50]bs.| 58.75 
3273192 | 10ft. | 10ft. | No. 18 |10351bs.| 70.50 
3273493 | 10ft. | 10ft. | No.16/ 1280 lbs.| 80.25 

Covers for Stee} Tanks. 

Weenn furnish our regular steel covers, either 
solid top, single hinged or double hinged, for any 
of above tanks. Cost of covers for round or oblong 
tanks is sime as though tank was square, 

No, 3273510 Steel Taok Cover. Weight, 2 pounds 
per square foot. 

Price, per square foot.......... a 16¢ 

Oval or Half Round Galvanized Steel 

Maiddeof 18- _— 

gauge gal- 
vanized steel, 
with steel 
trusses tot 
support thei | 
In postition. 
The niost® 
durable and handy stock watering tauk on the 
market. The heads are fastened in by the side 
being flanged outward, and on each side of flange is 
a piece of baud iron and the bands all riveted to- 
gether. Then instead of having to provide timbers 
to set them on, these tanks have a steel frame, or 
truss, at each end, and the larger ones have a steel 
frame in center sothut when you get the tank you 
have only to set it on the ground where you _ wish to 
use it. Shipped direct from factory in Northern 

peep ra 
SS elle esses 

Catalogue Ne. Width Depth Lath. |Cap'eity Wght. | Price 
32T3 520 1% fi. 8 in. 10 ft.| 2 bbls.) 60 lbs.) &3.2 

3273521 14ft.\14in.) 8 ft.| 4 bbls.) 9M lbs.) 4.95 
3273522 1ysft.14in.10 ft.) 5 bhis.100 lbs.| 5.65 
3273523 |2 ft. )J2in.| & ft.| 4 bblis.| 90 lbs. 5.00 
3273524 2 ft. 12in.10 ft.) 5 bbls. )100 lbs.) 5.67 
3273525 2 ft. 20in.| § ft.| 6 bbls. |130 lbs.) 4.52 
3273526 2 ft.20in. 10 ft.| 8 bbls.|150 lbs.| 8.77 
3273527 2% ft. IS in.) 8 ft.) 6 bbls. |130 Ibs. 7.55 
3273528 2K it.18 in 10 ft.| Sbbls./150 Ibs.| 8.78 
3273529 (3 ft.:24 in. 8 ft.110 bbls. /165 Ibs.) 9.45 
3273530 13 ft.i24 in.)10 ft.13 bbls. |175 Ibs.| 10.37 
3273531 (3% ft.\22 in.| & ft./10 bbls. }165 Ibs.| 9.78 
3273532 (3% ft. iu. 10 ft./13 bbls, 175 lbs.| 10.3€ 
3273533 4 ft.2d in.| 8 ft. 16 bbls. 185 Ibs.| 11.6€ 
3273634 4 ft.'24 in.|10 ft. 20 bbls.'200 Ibs.| 13.44 



Calvanized Steel Hog Troughs with Cast 
iron Ends. 


They aro made of No. 18 gange galvanized 
stcel, The ends are east irnn provided with 
flat bottoms sothey will not overturn. The four 
corners of the cast iron ends huve bolt holes so 
they may be bolted to floors, or if set in a field may 
be bolted toa piece of seuntling. Noa hetter hog 
truaghs made. We place across top, {0 inches apart, 
iron hars which “aed hogs trom pushing along in the 
trough, The trough is made of all nne piece ma- 
terial. They are madcoval or half round, 14 inches 
wide across top and S{inches deep, Shipped direct 
from factory in Northern Indinuna. = 

Price, with Crossbars. 

Catalogue No. | Length Weight — Price — 
eT 3565 4 feet | About 34 pounds $1.63 
32T3566 6 feet | About 43 pounds 2.02 
32T35679 Sfeet | Abont 52 pounds 2.47 
32T5568 WOfeet |} About 61 ponuds 3,00 
3273569 I2feet | About 70 pounds 3.60 
32T35%70 ii6feet | Ahout&s0 pounds 1.75 


Calvanized Sheep Dipping Tanks. 
Made of heavy galvan- 
ized stecl and inclined end 
is furnished with a ladder 
upon which the sheep walk 
outoftbe tank. Shipped 
ttirect [rom factory in 
Northern Indinna. 

ce Be eee» 

me Oh, . 

NG Taw, # 
. <7 



See elesj=2 2/38) 2 | @ 

Humber} 24 olcsic Ojcs| ts 2 

Se =| OS ee | S Bs 

Be 13 rian | nn bem ro 
82T35090| 3 ft! 6 ft F ft}2 ft 1ft(120Ibs| & &.16 
B2TS59T sft; ft) 6ft,;2 ft rft|5lbs; 10.40 
B2T3592/4 ft; 8it;6ft) 2 ft 1ft)/190lbs; 12.20 
S$2T3594/ Sit | loft; 8$ft|2 ft 1ft|Mdlbs|] 23.49 
S2T3595 4 {t 1Oft|8ftl|2 ft 1ft|Wslbs|] 14.68 

Galvanized Steel Wagon Tanks. 
They are made witha — - — 
watertight cover, and in = EC 
center of caver we puta TT mn ri 
{44-inch ronnd manhole, Hc ity 
also at the rear bottem rene 

end we place a 1-inch 

connection for either i ae or bose for drawing 
olf water. This tank is made very strong, being thor- 
oughly braced for the purpose it isintended. It may 
be sect on any kind of a wagon by simply laying 
boards on the wagon gear to set tank on, ‘Shipped 
direct from factory in Northern Ludinana. 

rae —— 2 
fe ee a 




i fied 


i i 

Number Width ligt. Lzh. Cap'y Weight Price 
v2T3b25 2 ft. 2rt. 6ft. 54 bbls 120]}hs $ 7.75 
$Z2T3626 2 ft. 2ft. &f{t. TK%bbis I5ibs 9.25 
32T3627 Q4ft. 2tt. Sft. 94bbls 170lbs 10.80 
SzT3628 3 ft. 2ft. Sft.12 bbis 190)hs 2.75 
S$2T3629 3 ft. 2ft, 10ft. 14 bbis 235lbs 14.60 

House Tank. 

Where it Is desirable ta 
store a supply of water In 
the house this tank will be 
ravq found very neat and conyve- 
(it adent. Jt is made of No. 20 
} gauge steel, is 20 inches diam- 
eter and 24 inehes deep, hold- 
}ingubont 33 gullons. We fur- 
nish this tank either without 
wood vase or with a neat 
wooden case made of beaded 

as and matched hard pine, with 

hinged cover. Shipped dircet trom factory in 
Northern Indiana. 

No. 32T3635 Uouse Tank, without wood cise. 

meatier POUNdS. WVricG... ....0..cc0..cac-c.-. $1.80 
No. 3273636 llouse Tank, with w od case, 
Weight, 65 pounds, Price....... SE $4.05 

Band Fasteners or Hoop Lugs. 
Our Band Fasteners for wootten tanks are mide 
of malleable iron,cousequently are lighter,stronger 
und neater meet ae Be 7 al 
nary castironing.Wefurnish ; wy 
een in al! sizes, for hoth alll 
round and flat bands. Snit- pate 
able for tanks of any size. : 
Malleahble Band Fasteners. ,-. 
For #-ineh round bands......... 

No. 3273700 
No. 3273701 For 5g-ineh round bands...... oe 
- No. 32T3702 For 44-inch round binds....... : 

No. 32T3703 For 1-inch round bands......... 
Malleable Band 
for flat bunds. 

Size of Band,|} Number and Size | Weight, 

Number inches of Bolts,inehes | pounds SS 
3273708 1 One 4x10 1% ($80.23 
32T3709 1% One ¥%xI13 ve 26 
32T3710 1% One %x13 234 oe 
32T37E1 zm One 43x14 3% 38 
32T3712 ra One x16 3 AS 
32T3713 3 One 3x18 Th -60 
S2T3714 3% One 33x18 9% 84 
B32T3715 4 Two 33x18 1344 Ez 
32T3716 4% "Pwo %{x18 1534 1.35 
S2T3a17 5 Two 4x18 19 1.60 
3273718 5% Two %x20 Ez 1.74 
32T3719 6 Two %3x20 26 1.88 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. #12, 

The Little . 
Ciant Fence {@zl-- 

i. Sn 
| <r | ' 


i at 
7) Zoey: 
“: nl 

: qangn int FORME a! 
~~ — gt nd 1 AEDES Su regweserryevenngnant OPAL : anat 
7S — 

The three-strand loom will weave either two or 
three double strands, the larger loom either Lwo, 
three, four or five double strands of No. 8 to 
No. 14 wire, and any size pickets, from cominon 
building lath to those 2 inches thick, and any 
width. It makes the cable twist hetween the pickets 
any number of twists desired. Thisisan important 
feature, for unless the twist is close to the picket and 
the space filled up, they will soon become loose. It 
makes a fence at one-third the cost, three times as 
strong and five times as @uriuble as plank fencing, 
A fence that cannot injure stoek and is a perfcet 
protection aguinst cattle, hogs, rubbitsund poultry. 
Weight, about 100 pounds. Shipped direet arnm fac- 
tory in Eastern fndiana, 

No. 32T3720 3 Donble Strand Fence Loom. 

Price ee eee ere $9.05 

No. 3273721 & Double Strand Fence Loom. 

Price” 2550... 227 eee ar aaa ee eee $10.95 

In enn- 
toear Lit- 
tle Glant. 
Will use 
wood or 
iy Cot. a1 
and will 
weave any 
TS dis tunce 

apart and 

se any num- 
iil ber of strinds up 
E to the limit of the 
~~ mucbine Simplest machine 

made. Anyonecan operate 
it and do good work. Made in two 
sizes. No. 9 will build a fence 9 

No. 10, 10 strands, 444 feet high, 
Weight. about 110 pounds. Shipped direct from fac- 
tory in Eustern Indiana. 
No. 32T3722 No.9 Fence Machine. Price, $12.35 
No. 3273723 No. lOFence Muchine. Price, £3.00 

Acme Fence Machines. 

strands, 4 feet high. 

These are gnod, strong, durable, well econ- 
steucted machines, made entirely of steel and 
rialleable iron, except the upright, which is a care- 
fully selected piece of timber. With an Acme fence 
machine unyone can bnild his own fence, of what- 
ever material and at whutever time he desires. 
Made iu four sizes, to braid two, three, four or five 
double strands of wire, and weighs about 20 pounds. 

Nth s Ls Aeme Fence Machine, to braid two 
douhlestrandsof wire. Price................... 82.45 

No. 3273725 Aeme Fence Machine, to braid 
two or three double strands of wire. Price ...83.§85 

No. 32T3726 Acme Fence Machine, to briuid 
twotofour double strands of wire. Price....&3.75 

No. 32T3727 Acme Fence Machine, to braid two 
to five double strands of wire, Price........ 10 

Kenwood Fence Machine. 

2h 4. 

A handy and relia- 
bie fenee machine at 

‘ avery iow price. A set 
hi of tools with which 
fq or boy, can weave any kindofa 

wiro fence. Withthis machine 

you can put in wood pickets or steel stays, and wrap 
them sotight that they cannot slip in any direction. 
Stays can be put in of any size wire:und at any desired 
distance apart, and the fence can be built any height 
you want, the horizontal wirescan be phiced Close to- 
gether or far apart and you can make either square 
or diamond mesh fence. The machine eonsists of a 
spooler, a spacing post and a weaver. Not an expen- 
Sive, but avery handy machine. Weight. 3% pounds. 
No.32T3728 Kenwood Fence Maebine. Price ,gse 

i ee 

Kenwood Hand Feed Drag Saw. 

The constrnetion of this maehine Is essentially 
perfect. The operator moves the log, with a lever, 
in either direction as required, the machine re- 
maining stationary. The stroke of the saw ean 
be lengibened or shortened to suit the power, by 
moving the wrist pin of the balance wheel to or from 
the center. Furnished with dog for holding the log, 
also with suitable guide forthe saw. Has babbitted 
cross head running in stecl slide bars. Shaft Js 
squared 1-inch to connect with a horse power conpl- 
ing. Suitable for two to six-horse power. Should be 
run from 125 to 200 revolutions per minute. Furnished 
complete with saw blade. Weight, 750 pounds. See 
note about ordering. Shipped direet from factory 
in Eastern Minnesota, 

No. 32T3800 Drag Saw, witbout pulley, 

Price... Se. es a » ois ie es Noe 838.50 

Nn. 32T3801 Drag Saw, with pulley not exceed- 
ing 24x5inches. Price..... Aes, - 41.66 

No. 32T3802 Extrasavw blades, 3.60 

Kenwood Self Feed Drag Saw. 

se =e es pe eR Re ee ee eee 

eves. .« 

Coustrueted nearly the same as our hand feed 
drag saw, having all the Important features of the 
smnaller machine, but built much heavier and titted 
for a larger range of work. Thestroke ean be ad- 
justed to either 16-inch, 20-inch or 24-inch, to suit the 
power Fitted with a very heavy fiy wheel, 
weighted so as to balance and oifsct the weight of 
the saw pitman. Shaft squared 14-inch to connect 
with a horse power coupling. Suitable for four to 
ten-borse power. Should be run from 125 to 200 revo- 
lutions per minute. Is fitted with hand feed lever 
so that log can be moved by hand, If desired. Fur- 
nished complete withsaw blade. Weight, 1150 pounds, 
See note about ordering. Shipped direet [roin 
fiuctory tn Eastern Minnesota, 

Na. 3273803 Drag Saw, without pulley. 

Price: se bases pee Sees ee ,...851.50 

No. 32T3804 Drag Saw, with pulley not exceed- 

ing 24x5 in@hes. sees. +. lee 
No. 38273805 Extrasaw blades, each....,, 4.40 

NOT E—When ordering Drag Sawing Machinesstiute 
whether top of tumbling-rod revolves withor against 
the horses and how many revolutions it makes to one 
ronnd of the horses, or iffmachine is to be run by helt 
state size of pulley wanted, or give size and speed of 
driving pulley. 

Saw Frames, Knocked Down Ready for 

All our wood and pole saw frames are knocked 
down and packed in bundles for shipment, thereby 
saving our customers a considerable amount of 
freight charges on every machine, 

Acme Sliding Table Wood Saw Frame, 

——— Sw 
iu ) 

iy) _ 

t 1 

Paste eae 


P Uy tetee s i: 
=a —— 73 : 
PSs cy i De 


tA | ip A 
th af a 
Hi rece 
al eet AZ| 
H a 

The frame is strong and heavy; table slides on 
rollers, Arhor is steel and fitted for saw blade with 
13-inch hole; boxes are babbitted, pulley is 5-inch 
diameter, witb 6-inch faee. Price does no* include 
saw blade. I}lustration shows left hand frame; we 
always ship right hand frame unless otherwise 
ordered, Shipped direct from factory in South- 
eastern Wisconsin. 

No. 32T3808 Saw Frame, with 95-pound balance 
wheel. Weight,300 pounds. Vrice.............8156.70 

No, 32T3809 Saw Frame, with 125-pound balance 
wheel. Weight, 330 pounds. rice .... ... 36.4 

Acine Tilting Table Pole Saw Frame. 




, - -_ 4 + 

helt a a 

This illustration represents our Acme Vole 
Saw. The arbor is stevcl and fitted for saw blade 
with 1%-inch hole and runs in babbitted boxes. Pul- 
ley is 5-Inch diameter and 6-inch face. 

The saw 

works equally wellen cordwood anid Is just the: 

thing for every farmer. 
saw blade. Hiustration shows left hand frame. 
always ship. right haud frame unless otherwise 
ordered. Shipped direct from factory in Soath- 
eastern Wiseonsin. 

No. 3272812 Saw Frame, with 95-pound balance 

wheel. Weight, 350 pounds. Price.......... .. 817.00 
No, 3273813 Saw Frame, witb 125-pound balance 
whee] Weight, 3:0 pounds. Price........ were 

Acme Tilting Table Wood Saw Frame. 



The frame is of hardwood. strongly mortised, the 
joints fastened by iron bolts at both top and hot- 
torn. The arbor is steel and fitted fer saw blade 
with 13g-inch hole. The boxes or bearings are hab- 
bitted and are extra long to insure steadiness. The 
feed frame holds long or short timber with equal 
facility. Price does not include saw blade. Ilius- 
tration shows left hand frame, we always ship right 
hand frame ualess otherwise ordered. Shipped 
direct from factory in Southeastern Wisconsin, 

No. 3273820 Saw Frame, with 95-pound bulance 


wheel. Weight,275 pounds. Price............913.75 
No. 3273821 Saw Frame, with 125-pound balance 
wheel. Weight, 305 pounds. Price............ 14.50 

No. 3273822 Extension Parts for attaching 
tahle outside of saw, so that long poles may be sawed. 
Weight, 20 pounds, 

Price does not include , 

enuse, or if not kept in proper condition. Price 
docs not include filing or setting. 
No. 35T132 
Thickness, size of Price, 
Diam. Gauge Hole each | 
20 Inehes 13 1°35 inches 81.08 
22 inches in 1°3 inches 1.80 
| 24 inches 11 143 inches 6.7.6 | 
' 26 Inches 11 14; inches Ga 
28 Inches 10 1*3 inches 7.68 
30 inches 10 1°3 inecbes 8.64 

cross cut saw made. 
i tion when sawing in the usnal way is uvercome and 


te: a. | an 1.30 | 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. til. | 

Saw Framo Irons. 

No. $2T3862 Complete set of lrons for slldIn 
table wood saw france, consisting of 1 saw arbor with 
eallars, | pair of boxes, ) pulley 5 Inehes ti dlameter 
by G-lIneh faeu, 1 95-pound balance wheel, 1 set of 
stunmdiurd track with rollers, and set of table trons. 
Welgele, 8f pounds, l’riew..........-. ee eed 3). 

No. 3273833 Complete set of irons for uUlting 
table polesaw [rame, consisting of I saw arbor with 
eollars, } pair of boxes, 1 pulley 5inehes in dlanieter 
by 6-ineh fee, 2 W-pound bakinee wheel, | inter- 
medinte pulley with stud and bracket, 1 counter- 
shaft with pulley and boxes, l set of table Irons and 
lsaw guard. Weight, 268 pounds. Price ....%22.60 

No. 32T3832 Coniplete set of irons for tlithg 
table wood siw frame, consisting of ls:aw arbor with 
collars, ) prirof boxes, Ppulley 5 tnehes in dituneter 
by 6-Inch face, 1 YS-pound balanee wheel, 1 set of 
table rons and Tsaw guard. Weight, 192 pounds. 

ete NP cet AO a ve ee Re seen LL 

No. 32738355 Saw urbor, 17, inebes diameter by 4 
feet long, with saw collars, and Jitted for suw blade 
with 144-ineh hole, Weight, 29 pounds. Price. $3.00 

No. $2T3836 Pair of babbitted saw artor boxes 
for wbove (state whether wanted for tilting table or 
sliding table saw frame), Weizht, 20 pounds, 

Vries 6 ss cack: cs 3 Se ee ee eo 

No. 32T3837 Sawiurbor pulley, 5 inches diameter, 

6-Inch fuce. Weight, 10 pounds. Price.........-.. 80r 
No. 832T3838 Sawarbor balance wheel. Weight, 
95 pounds, Phe sees . SE Bee ee KS .25 

lor 125-pound balancu wheel in place of 95-pound 
Sele tls. 2 aoe ec... ees Se oe 
NOTE—If boxes, pulley, or Dalanee wheel are 

wihted special, ter a shaft or arbor which you | 

have, stafe exact Clameter of shaft. Special 
goods cannot be returned. We are not prepared 
to furnish other than regular irons as deseribed 
above. Shipped direct from factory in South- 
enstern Wisconsin. 

Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s Circular Cut-Off 

Puteut ground and tempered solid teeth of extra 
quality, superior workmanship. Clrevlar saws 
must not be liled with a square corner in gallet. 
if so filed any saw will most likely crack. Our 

rnvaraztee does not eover saws eracked froin this | 

Size of hule given ubove is spevial, for our wood 
and pole saw frames which require saws with 1%- 
ineh hole. 
of hole, as well as diameter of saw wanted. 

Ono Man Sawing Machine. 

This machine 1s sold at a low price and 
is an eticlent and easy running implement; 
furnished with the very best grade Champion 
tooth saw: has all the advantuges of any hand power 
The uncomfortable bent posi- 

a Nataral upright position secured, enabling the 
full force and welght of the hody to be thrown on 

thesaw. Intended for sawing logs. poles, and wood, 

but not for cutting down trees. Weight, 44 pounds. 
No. 3273850 Sawing Machine, with one 5-foot 
ais. Price (20 eee ok ck See £6.40 
No. 327386561 Extra Saw Blades. Esch... 2.46 


This outfit Is especlally adapted for use wlth 
a sweep horse power, so that the power may 
be attached direct to the jack. Itis made with 
tilting table saw frame, as shown te, 
in ijiustration, or with sliding table Res 
suw frame. The advantiges are: wis 
First. you have an &-foot 
foundation for your saw- @&€ 
ing machine; but une set- nN 
ting of the saw frame Is all 
that is required. 


for 1!£-ineh enupling. 
in Soatheastern Wliseonsin. 

No.32T3824 Combined Tilting Table Pole Saw Frame and 
Jack with 95-pound balance wheel. 
No. 32T3825 Combined Tilting Tuble Pole Saw Frame and Jack with 
125-pound balance wheel. 

The only staking down that 1s re- 
quired is a couple of iron stakes, or 
drag teeth, driven in the center holes 
in each side of the frume base to keep 
the frame from working endwise, the 
saw frame and jack being spliced with 
slotted irons which form a belt tight- 
ene. between the belt and the saw 
frame, and a hinge by which the jack 
may be folded up against the suw, so it may he 
easily moved from place to place. Fordescrip- 
tion see our Acme Tilting and Sliding Table 
Wood Saw Frames. Price does not include saw 
blade. Average weight, 625 pounds, Itiastra- 
tion shows lett hand frame, we always ship 
rigiit hand frames unless otherwise o-dered. 
Reqatres [2 feet of 6-inch 4-ply rubber bolt- 
Ing, whieh is extra. Jack shaft is squared 
Shipped direct from factory 

Price. cs Ce ee | $20.59 

Pricer wk: $21.25 

ee ee eee eee eh he hee 

No. 32T3826 Combined Sliding Table Pole Saw Frame and Jack with 95-pound halanee wheel. 

EE eee Ce (A aS ee 1. ee fo a ... $21.50 
No. 32T3827 Oombined Sliding Table Pole Saw Frame and Jack with 125-Ib. balance wheel. Price... 22.2 

| complete, 

In ordering saws remember to state size | 


fAoshiecr Bag Holder. 

This in the only lbolder 
adapted to all slzen of bags, 
from 2 4s-pound flour suck to 
a 6G-bishel gunny saek. One man 
cain takeoW and pat on 15 to 20 
bags per minute. Does not tear 

the bag. [Jus insileable jaws, 

with wroojhf lrom pipe atand- 
ards amisteel spring. 
20 pousidds, 
No. 3273875 
Price. ae 


Bag Holder. 

Perfection Sack 


The Perfection Suck Holder 
hus no eCeant, because: 
It ls the only suck holder 
that fits any length of sack. 
Tt whlt not injure sack. A 
suck fjlled by using the Per- 
fection Sack Jlolder aiceds 
no retilling:; others da. It will 
hold sack without hem. If re- 
quires little space and cun be 
used jn almost any place. 
With ordinary care 1t will lust 
a lifetime. 

No. 3273877 Sack clolder, 
i 61.05 

Our Perfect Bag Holder. 

The only bug holder  tmiade 
which does not reqaire a special 
fraine to sepportlt and which is 
convenient to carry from place to 
place. It does not require two men 
to filla bag with grain. One man 
can do itall with this holder. Al 
that is necessary is to hang thabaz 
holder on the side of the bin or Crib, 
oron the end of the wagon box if 
you are ocutin the field, or on a 
frame, 23 shown in illustration. Ft 
holds hag perfectly, aud the mouth 
wide open. Thereis nothing about 
this holder to lacerate the hands or 
tear the bag. It is made entirely 
of wrought iron, and will last a life- 
time. The smali fHlustration at 
the hottom shows the bag hoider 
Weight. 2% pounds. 
No. 32738878 Perfect Bag Holder. r'rice... 

The Merrimac Hand Carts. 

Without doubt the 
strongest, lightest 
and easiest ranning 
cart made. The hody 
is made of wood and 
Is well froned. It is 
strong, durable, neat 
and jight. Fine, oil 
tempered springs and 
the best metallic 
wheels made. The wheeisare lower than the top 
of hox. to carry trunks and boxes, or anything of 
large size, with the horn on tup of front posts to 
hold the sume from sliding off. Size inside body. 
39x°0% inehes; depth, 8 inches; wheels, 23 inches 


high, Carrying capacity, 250 pounds, 

No. 3273880 Tro-WheeiM er rimae Cart. 
Meicht, 62 pounds. Price....-2.-am-. . $6.00 
Merrimac Three-Wheel Hand Cart. 
For description ~ “\™s 
of this cart sve 
NO. 32 T3552 00 ! 

construction and size It is 

the same with the eddi- 
tion of a third whee) 14 
inches diameter In front. J 


Carrying capacity. 250 pounds. 
Weight, 68 pounds. 
No. 3273382 Tiverc- 

Wheel Merrimac Cart. Price.........-->- 
Two-Wheel Hand Cart, 

Thislsa veryusefulrart 
on the farm. Has 36-inch 
steel] wheels, 
box 18 24x38s 
inches In size, 
7 Inches deep. 
Has drop end 
gute. bent han- 
dies, iron foot rest, iron 
hubs, is well painted and 
striped. Weight, \ pounds. 

No, 32 7T3884 Two-Wheel 
Haad Cart. Price,...82.20 

Three-Wheel Hand Cart. 

Same style 
and slze as 
our No.32T3ss4 
except that it 
has a third 
wheel in front 
which assists 
in crossing 
gutters, etc. 
‘This style cart 
is used lurgely 

throughout * Fz 
the South. =— ‘ 
No. 32T3S886 Three-Wheel Hand Cart Weight, 

Premeeunds. Pricé........-.0-0.-> . &5,00 

ePrerre eer eee 


Steel Frame Barrel Cart. 

This cart 1s madeentirely 
ef steel, no wood being used 
in its construction, Wheels 
are 36 inches high, The 
frame, wheels, and all are 
made of the very best Kes- 
semer steel, all made extra 
strong and will stand any 
kind of usage. We do not 
furnish the barrel, but only the frame, wheels, foot 
rest for burrel, and irons to attach tobarrel. Itwill 
fit ey, kind of a kerosene, molasses. or vinegar bar- 
rel. Barrel boltstothe two side bars and axle irons 
with three bolts on each side. Weight. 55 pounds, 

No. 327383387 Steel Frame Barrel] Cart. 

OOns Asan. oe Bn eet ee oe ee &3.10 

Wood Frame Barrel 


We fornish the cart only, which can be attached to 

any barrel. Very useful for gardening anid feed- 

Ing purposes. Large flanges to fit barrel, Is secured 

to barrel by two bolts on each side and one through 

cross bar. Please note that we donot furnish the 

barrel, but any good molasses or kerosene biurre! wlll 

answer. llas36-inchstcel wheels. Weight, 65 pounds. 
No. 3273883 Wood Frame Barrel Cart. 

OS, i i 2 2.95 
No. 327388814 Barrel Irons, for wood frame or 
stee] frame barrel carts. Price, per pair......... 54e 

General Utility Cart. 

Almost lodis- 
pensable on any 
farm. Tho illus- 
trations show 
this combination 
barrel and gen- 
eral utility cart, 
as a barrel cart 
with the box re- 
moved, which can 
be done in an 
Instant, also as 
a handeart with 
box; the dotted 
lines In the illustration showing the manner In which 

an the box can bea 
oo, a dumped, also the 
: as cart with wire reel 

attachment, for 
s—{paying out or 
winding up fence 
wire. The attach- 
ment to barrel and 
the attachment 
for the autemat- 
lc dumpling of 
the bex are also 
shown In one of the 
illustrations. The 
barrel lroas have 
good strong gudg- 
eons and bolt to 
each side of the 
barrel. Thecart 
will pick up the bar- 
rel or box in a mo- 
ment. One cart “ —_ 
answers for any nambher of barrels reqalred. 
Wheels are 36 inches high. Box js 24x38 inches 
In sizeand 7 inches deep. Please note that we do 
not furnish the burrel, but any kerosene, molasses 
or vinegar barrel will answer. Weight, 100 pounds. 
No. 32T3889 General Utillty Cart, with hoxand 
one palr of barrel Iroas. Price................. 85.05 
No. 32T3890 General Utility Cart, without hox, 
bot with one pair of barrel lrens. Price...... 3.90 

No. 32T3891 Price of box extra... ........, 60 
No. 3273892 Price of boxirons, per pair... .45 
No. 32T3893 Price of barrelirons, per pair, 4.46 
No. 32T3894 Price of axle trons, per pair... .47 

No. 3273895 Priceof wirereelattachment 1.49 
No. 32T3896 Steel wheels fer carts, 36 Inches jn 
diameter, [14-inch tire, 44-inch hub for 1-inch axle. 
PEMICO, PEF DAILY... socccccedeess+- os. icici ete'a.s o's ....- $1.90 

The Acme Shovellng Board. 

A cheap, bat 
very goed board. 
No louse parts 
te be detached or 
to be lost. The 
rods do not ex- 
tend below the 
box to catch or 

et bent. It can 

e thrown on top 
of the box with- 
bed wagons onl ays Rts pects 
ed wagons only; he eet 7 
Inches. Weight, 45 Donel 
No. 32T3925 Acme Shovelling Board. 

BPCOp ee re cces es ee 

7) | : 

> O@eeeveres peeessse 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 112. 

Kenwood Shoveling Boa rd. 

= mm 

We consider the Kenwood Shoveling Board tohe 
the highest grade and best constructed board en 
the market. The bottom boards are l-inchsouthern 
pine, of regular wagon box grade. Sides are 1-inch 
poplar, firmly bolted and braced to bottom. Oleats 
are 1%x2 inches, white oak. llanger braces are 
heivy wrought iron and straddle clamps are heavy 
malleable iron. This board tits tightly to the wag- 
on box; can be thrown out at the bottom for dump- 
ing, or thrown over the top of the box when haul- 
ing luniber or other long material. Is 3 fect 
high. No better hoard inade, 

No.32T3927 Kenwood Shoveling Board, for nar- 
rowtrack wagon. Weight,45 pounds. Price...81.62 

Na. 3273928 Kenwood Shoveling Board, for 
wide track wagon. Weight, 50 pounds. Price,$1.64 

Acme Combination Grain, Hay and 
Stock Rack, 

The Acme Combination Grain, Hay 
and Stock Ruckis one of the minst 
practical Ggombination racks built. 
Warranted to curry 4,500 lbs, A rear 
areur huy stand- 
ard ure furnished 
with each rack. 
The box sides ure 
mada 3feet2 
inches wido by 12 
inches deep. 
Furnished come 
plete as shown in 

Shipped direct from factnry in Central Mich- 

ee aa 

igan. Weight, about 400 pounds. 
NO. 3273930 14-foot Rack. Price,...... $12.25 
No. 32T3931 16-foet Kack. Priee....... 12.95 
Kenwood Combination Stock, Grain, 

Cotton and Hay Rack. ” 

This is the highest rrade and best made Caombi- 
nation Rack which it Is possible te preduce, 
Box bottom Is l-inch matched hard southern pine, 
with four 2x4-inch oak cleats. Box sides areStsinches 
deep, mude of 1%-inch Norway pine, with wrought 
iron braces, ,%-lnuch rods and front end I9 inches 
high. Rack posts are made of,1% x2-incbh white oak; 
lowerrack strips are 6 inehes wide, middle and up- 
per strips 4 inches wide and made of 1-inch hard 
pine. Rack fs firmly put together with wrought 
iron hinges, norway rivets and bolts and can be re- 
moved by lifting off thesidesandends. Whenclosed 
and used for stock rack jit is3 feet 2 Inches from bot- 
tom of box to top of rack. When opened for hay 
rack itis about? feet 3inches wide, Front ladder is 
6 fect high. Weight, about 500 pounds. Shipped 
direct from Ay et Northeastern Indiana, 

No. 3273932 enwoed Comblinatlon Rack. 
14 feet long, for narrow track wagon. Price...€14.50 

No. 3273933 Kenwood Cembination Kuck, 
[4 feet long, for wide track wagon. Price.,..814.75 

No. 32T3934 Kenwood Combination Rack, 
Id feet long, fornarrow track wagon. Price..815.65 

No. 3273935 HKenwoed Combination Kack, 
16 feet long, for wide track wagon. Price....615.90 

The Acme No. { Stock Waterer. 

Operated hy a simple 
float, which Is roanected to 
& rust proof valve that can 
be easily taken out, but Is thor- 
oughly protected bycur latest 
Impraved partition. The pan 
and nipple heing castsolld,there 
is no possibility of leak, no 
leather joint te become rotten 
and fallout. Partitions and lld 
are cast together, so trouch can 
be easily cleaned without tak- 
ing apart. Our Acme Waterer will supply many 
head of hogs, sheep, calves, etc., for they cannot 
waste the water. One waterer muy be used to sup- 
ply two pens. Each end of trough holds about 
one gallon of water. Welght, 13 pounds. 

No. 32T3936 No. 1 Stock Waterer. Price, $1.10 

Acme No. 2 Stock Waterer., 

The latest and 
most upto date waterer 
en the market. Operated 
bya metal ball tloat can- 
nected to a rust proof valve 
closing on @ rubber vulve 
float. Itis entirely auto- 
matic. As soonas the pan 
fills up to neur the top the 
float shuts the water off, 
The float chamber is inside 
of the barrel or tank and 
isoutof the way of all mud andtrash. Is qnickly 
attached te a barrel or stork tank by boring a2- 
inch auger hole. placing the stem of float chamber 
through it and tightening the cup over the end of 
stem with two bolts, Weight, 11 pounds, 

No. 32T3937 No.2 Steck Waterer. Price, $1.15 
Acme No. 4 Stock Waterer. 

: 7 Te a Fer horses, dalry 
barns, ete. las 
double drinking 
also improved ec- 
centrle valve 
which prevents 

: —— leakage, ete. 
For private stables and uvery barns, we make the 
pan fitted with an eccentric valve which will oper- 
ute up to &0 pounds pressnre, and any heavier pres- 
sure mereiy holds the valve shut. For street water- 
ing insmiuil town¢g where there is no sewer system 
and whore saving of watcris an object, these waterers 
are a great convenience. Weight, 30 pounds, 

No. 3273939 Ne. 4 Steck Waterer, tapped for I- 
inch prpe, Price............. 2 eee S2.65 

No. 3273940 Na. 4 Steck Watercr, tapped for 
3{-inch pipe and fitted with eccentric valve to work 
up to 0 pounds city pressure. Price.+........83,90 

Cast Iron Pig Trough. 

In each ronnd F. 
trough there are /#/ 
el¢eht compart- 
ments, andin each 
halfround trough | 
feur. so that as < 
manylurge hogscan 
ent at one time, 
Different kinds of 
feed can be fed at 
the same time, the - 
bowls preventing them mixing. Hogs cannot upset 
the trough and waste thelr feed, nor is there any 

ra ' Yi 
f iil = 2= } 2 ty 

leaking. Mude of cast lron, and will not break; in 
ee are indestructible. Height, 24 Inches; width, 32 
No. 3273942 Round Pig Treugh. Weight, 120 
pounds. Wuyice......-....2s0> eee =e ee 84.85 
No. 3273843 Malf Reuad Pilg Trough. Weight. 
100 pounds. Trico ..2>......ogmeeeEe ae .. 83.95 

Steel Road Scrapers. 


Our Steel Road Scrapers are maile from heavy 

plates of steel specially hardencd and are 
superlorto any other drag scraper eon the market. 
‘he bowl being made of thick and hard steel ena- 
bles it tascour whereother scrapers fuil, and, owin 

to the sharp, rounded nose, will enter the groun 

readily, Bowls are steel. perfect working, handles 
aro best hardwood. Will guarantee this scraper 
In every particolar. Is made in three sizes, with- 
out runners and with narrow double runners, and in 
twosizes with broadsingle runners. No.3 carries 3% 
cubie feet; No. 2 carries Scubic feet, and No.) car- 

ries 7 cubie feet. No. 3 weighs §0 pounds; No. 2 
weighs %0 pounds; No, 1 weighs 100 pounds. Ship- 
ped direct from factory In Southwestern Ohlo. 
No. 3273957 No.3 Scraper, without run- ae 
No. 32T3958 
ners, Price .........  s=s= =:5) eee 
No. 3273959 
ners, Price..........+ ..s59:05e————ne ee 4.80 
runners. Price.....++..+++ een «+o eee =» 4.50 
No. 3273961 Ne. 2 Scraper, with double 
runners. Price......-...0++ os>0e a ieee > ann 
No. 32T3962 No.1 Scraper, with double 5.0m 
No. 3273964 No.2 Scraper, with broad 
slngle runner. Price......- cess 
No. 3273965 No.1 Scraper, 
single runner. Price.......:0s0s-smer- eee 
- We sel} everything In groceries at very low prices 
and can surely save you money. Welssne & cOom- 
in order to follow the lowest Chicugo prices, aod 
this price list Is malled every sixty days and i 
be sent to any address for one year on recelpt of 
15 cents. 

ners. Price........02vsee m+ >): eee 
Nua. 3273960 with double 
runners... Price..:oc2-.)-22) eee MP ee - tee 
plete, revised Grocery Catalogoe every sixty days 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No. Ila. 

Doan Ditchers. 

The Dnan 
Diteher is a 
great favorite 
among contract- 
prs and raad 
mnakers for 
cleaning out 
nnd fill ing 
ditches and 
leve ling roads 
and uneven 
fe places. It is 
() taade of well 

and has a bit 
Inade of spe- 
cial steel, 48 
= Inches long, 7 
inches wide and %{-inch thick. The ditchers are 
well jroned and bolted, and the hounds are made of 
1%x4,-inen steel. with *a-Inch cable chain. Weight, 
75 ponnds. Shipped direct from factory lo Central 
Michigan. : 
No. 3273975 Doan Ditcher. 

This is an ex- 
cellent scraper 
for cutting and 
cleraaing ditechcs and mov- 
ing targe quantities of carth 
rapidly where the distance 
ta not teo great. The drawhars and bit are made 
of tle best qnality of steel. It 1s well ironed and 
bolted and made of well seasoned oak lumber. The 
driver car fill and dumpit with case. Largesize, 
width. 48 Inches. Weight, 135 pounds. Shipped 
direct from factory tn Soathwestern Ohto. 

No. 32T3980 Toogue Scraper. Price...... 85.75 

The Improved Acme Whee! Soraper. 
The bow! or box 

s-inch thick, and 
Is shaped so as 
LO ZivVOn 
it the = 
amount of strength 
and carrying 

capacity. The pe oaes 
tongue and lroo- We 

ing are supe- 
rior to atl others, the tongue being made with a 
heavy wooden cross bar connecting the end of the 
tongue to the draw bars which are made of the best 
quality of steel and are doubled on the ends, con- 
nectiug them with the scraper, making them very 
rigid. The adjustabte hooks that prevent the 
aeraper from dumping whiie being filled are on the 
bowl out of the way of obstructions. The axle ts 
high, mace of the best quality of steel; spindles 
are turned and polished and fully protected from 
aand and dirt by closely fitting sand bands,and are 
attached to the scraper in snch a manner that the 
dirt will not fall off while going tothe dump. The 
working parts are few and simple, made of steel, 
entirely automatic, yet free from complications of 
any kind. Shipped direct from factory tn South- 
western Ohio. 

No. 3273985 Wheet Seraper. Capacity, 9 cubic 
feet. Weight, 400 pounds. Price.............. $25.00 
- Nn, 42T3987 WheelScraper. Oapacity, 13 cubic 
fete \vereht, 550 ponnds. Price.............. 831.756 
No. 3273989 WheelScraper. QOapacity, 17 cubic 
feet. Welght, 750 pounds. Price.............. $36.60 
Acme Patent Ice Plows. 
This plow f* 1 

has been 
tested in all 
kinds and 
thickuesses of ice, 
and has proveo to 
do more work and 
rnn steadier than 
any wood frame 
plow. To parties 
wanting the best ice 
plow made, we rec- 
ommend our steel double row plow. 
Ing. will never twist or warp ont of shape. 

It is everlast- 
plow Is especially designed as _a cheap ice cutting 
tool, that will combine rapid cutting, economy, 
strength and durabllity. it will cut dilfcrent sizes 

of cakes, namely: 16, 19, 22, 25 and 28 Inches. No 
marker is required, as one row of teeth marks ont the 
nextrow. JlJnstration shows a 6-tooth plow. Shipped 
direct from factory tn Southeastern Wisconsin, 
No. 3274000 Four-Tooth Ice Piow. The capacity 
of thla plow is from 20 to 40 tons an hour, and will cut 
Bay.ce th from % to8inches. Price. ...... 812.2 
0. 32T1001 Stx-Tooth Ice Plow; capacity, 30 to 
60 tons per hour; cuts any depth from X to 9 Inches. 
aeent ze for one horse. Price.. .. . . ..915.3 
This is the 

o. 3274002 Etght-Tooth Ice Piow, 
Pe ovcutting plow on the market today and is espe- 
cially adapted for those putting up large quantitles 
ofice. Willcutany depthfrom ttol0inches. The 

capacity is from 40 to 80 tous an hour. Price,818.35 

Adam's Portable Corn Cribs. 


Adam’s No. 2 Corn Crib, for eur corn, is made of 
heavy hard wood fence jath 4 feet long, woven be- 
tween six sets of stcel cubles made of two No. 15 gal- 
vauized wires, each !% inches apart. Thisis set up 
one section above the other, making the cribs feet. 
high. Totheontsideofthe bundle, which isintended 
for the lower section of the crib, we attach three wire 
cables which are to fosten Inside of the dvor apen- 
log to prevent the crlb from spreading when the 
dvuoor is opened. 

Shipped direct from factoryin Northern Tittinels. 

No. 32T1080 Size A Corn Crib, 600 bushels capac- 
oye Weight, 300 pounds. Price &5.00 


ee ee 

32T14082 Size 13 Corn Crib, 900 bushels capac 

ie Weight, 400 pounds. Price............ .... $6.25 
0.32T14084 StzeC Corn (rth, 1200 poe. 
.. 87.50 

ity. Weight, 440 pony Prigftc ).....:sce 
Yo. 32T41086 Slze DP Corn Crib, 1500 bushels capac- 
ity. Weight, 300 pounds. Il’rice....:....0..5 22 88.75 

Little Giant Handy Hoist. 

A very complete agd handy tinpte- 
ment, useful un the farm anmlin many 
other tines of work. Consists of two 
standards set wide apart at the bottom, 
where Salat are secured to a foot piece, 
and brought together at the top, where a 
rope sheave is secured. These standards 
are well braced near the center where the 
rope drnm is located. The rope drum is 
operated by a worm gear, awormiund a 
crank, giving @ very powerful leverage, 
and enabling one to liftfrom &00 to 1,000 
ponees with perfect ease. The manila 
sisting rope which is fastened to the 
drum is &% inchin dlameter and abhont 10 
feet long with an iron hook secured to the 
end, and reaches to the ground, This hoist can be 
used for lifti.g wagon boxes and hay racks off the 
trucks, pulling fence posts and shrubs, butchering, 
and in fact for other purposes too numerous to mMen- 

tion. Weight, 20 ponnds. 
No. 32T4175 ittle Giant Ilandy Holst. 
Price... X(t oe eee ce Cop &3.00 
Hemm’'s Patent Hay Rack Fixtures. 
The Hemm Hay 

Rack Fixtures make the 
cheapest hay rack you can 
build. lt is the simplest way 
of making a hay rack. The 
fixtures can be used for any 
width timbers by simply in- 
serting longer bolt at neck 
ot ixture A. \ 
Made of the 
best refined 
The only fix- 
tnres where 
top ofrack can be easily removed and 
body used forother purposes. The cross 
bars do not rest 3n bed pieces, wood on 
wood, but are supported by an iron 
base 3% Inches long, making the tim- 
bers much stronger where the heavy 
strain naturally willbe. YWllustratious 
show how racks are joined together 
with these. fixtures. A set consists of 
complete with bolts. 

No. 32T14180 
inch sills. 

‘ 36” BOLT 

se eight pieces 
Weight, 25 pounds. 

licmm’s Hay 
Price, per set 
No. 32T4181 

: Hemm's ‘Hay Rack Fixtures for &- 
Inchsills. Price, pemseut............. $2.25 

Acme Hay Rack Brackets and Clamps. 

Any farmer can ercct 
the strongest and 
neatest kind of a hay rack. 
No vertical holes to weaken 
the 2x4 and 2x8 ]t consists 
ofeight steel clampsto Siete 
over upper 2x4, then throug 
the iron snpport bracket, 
. then past the 2x8, then 
nit through the lower 2x4 (floor 

Sill), then throngh lower 
stecl clip; elght upper washers (grooved steel), eigbt 
tnwer steel clips, eight flanged and studded brack- 
éts (fonrright and four left); total, thirty-two pieces. 
Welght, abont 20 pounds. 

No. 3274185 No. t Acme Hay Rack Bpnck a or 

te eoeee @enees e 

2xi cross pieces. Price, perset........... fees. 
No. 32T1186 No.2 Acme lJay Rack Brackets, for 

2x6 cross pleces, Price, per .. $1.40 




Improved Singic Harpoon Hay Forks. 

( oy! g ; 

No. 2°2T1200 Improved Nelits Singie Tfarpoon 
May Fork. Full regniar size. Weight, about 15 
P0700 iaee, ERGs...» » «oie: sles s ge ae #%1.26 

Ne S$270T120)1 Kenwood fpecial Single Harpoon 
Ray Fork. 

Prictes - - 

No. 382742C4 Double ifar- 

poon Hay Tork, for general use. 
Made from best quality frou and 

steel. The fork generall used 
withhay carrlerouttits. VY ght, 
about #4 pounds. l'rice... . 7c 

No. 3274205 Long Tine 

Pouble Harpoon Ilay Fork, for 
loose straw, cte., made in same 
uallty as above. _ Distance 
rom cross bar to end of tines, 
82 inches. Welght, 21 pounds. 

Price...2 Gree eeeccee neon ae V50a 

Grapple Horse Hay Forks. 

No. 32T4208 Grapple Horse 
Hay Fork, with fourtines. Weicht, 
about 35 pounds. 


Grapple Horse 

Hay Fork. 

No. 32T1209 Grapple 
Htersee Hay Fork, with 
six tines. Welght, about 
oo 10s. Price? as 3.75 

Jackson Pattern Derrick Fork. 
The tines ure made of high 
grade steel andthe material 
used throughout ts of the very 
best. Thetrip latchis reliable. 
It has convenient hand holds on 
the head, whichare 
a great assistance 
Inoperating the 
fork. The wood 
work Is neatly 
made, all riveted 
and constructed so 
as toget the great- 
est pos gible 
No. 3274213 Derrick Fork, 4-foot bead, 4 tines. 

Weight, 50 pounds, Price... ..2... 86.70 
No. 3274216 Derrick Fork,5%-foot head, 6tines. 
Weight, 70 pounds. Priceé......2:...)...0eeeeee $3.10 
Wagon Cling. 

r 8 Standard 

er Wagon 

Sting, used to 

take the place 

of a horse hay 

fork. Place 

; one of these 

Slings on bottom and another in the middle of load, 

and load may be removed intwo hoists. Most peo- 

ple prefer to use three slings and make three hoists 

of the load. Is made adjustable to snit any length 

rack. Should he used In connection with a sliog 

pulley. The only way to snccessfully handle corn 
stalks. Weight, abont !8 pounds. 

No. 3274224 Hhay Shing. Price............. 81.40 

Trip Lock Fixtures for Slings. 

To accommodatethose who wlsh to make theirown 
slings, we can furnish the trip locks only, or the 
complete set of sling Irons which consists of 1 trip 
lock, 2 end rings, t small pulley block, 1 stapte hook, 
i harness ring and 8 bolts for ends of spreaders. 

No. 32T4£226 Trip locks only. Price, each ...400 

No. 32T4227 Complete set of sling irons. 

Prig@ 23 once. pic: ccneeeteee-.---. -. sc gan Pr 

Sling Pulieys. 

Our SHug Pulley tsthe best and 
simplest pulley on the market. No 
matter how large or howsmall the 
amount of hay Is In the wagon sllng, !t 
will lock at any place. These pulleys 
work tn connection with our hay 
earrfers only. Used in connection 
with our wagon Slings, lt makes acom- @™\P 
plete sling carrier outfit, without It belng necessary 
to mu ebase an expensivesllng carrier. Weight. 10 

No. 3274228 Sting Pulteys. Price, each..81.35 

Snatch Pulley Blocks. 

The Snatch Block Pulley device to shorten 
the travel of the horse withont reducing the 
elevating power. You willseethe horsetravels 
only one-halfthe distance the hay Is carrled. 
The rope can be thrown off, the 
snatch polley and fork be In- 
Sstantly returned to the load 
without walting for the return 
of the horse. Welght, 5 pounds 

No. 32T4230 Snatch Pulley 
Biocks, Price, each........30¢ 


Reversible Wood Track Hay Carrier. 

Our Reversible Hay Car- 
rier for wood track, has 
positive dead lock. Made 
7 the best malleable iron 
iud does the best of work. 
Very simple, strong and 
durable. The travelers 
ind rope pulley revolve 
yn turued iron bushings, 
Will work on crdinary 4x4 
Jrdx4 wood track. Weirhi, 
27 pounds. 

No. 3274232 Revers- 
Ible Wood Track Currler, 
Price .: 3a: so. eee _ ee. 

, carrier for wood 
(track. The mer- 

- are many— 

'Strength;  posi- 
tive dead lock; 
large flaaged 
wheels. Ready 
adjustmentto the 
stop on the track 
and the ease and perfection 
of Its entire operation make 
this the most desirable carrler 
. Inthe market. Is made from 
aS: the best matleable iron. Works 
on track 4x4 (which should always be dressed), and 
reverses by swivel] without huving to pull the rope 
through. Weight. about 33 pounds. ; 

No, 3271234 Swivel Wood Frock Carrier. 

orloo.,.... i eee er %2.95 

Reversible Rod or Cable Hay Carrier. 

Our New Re- 
verslble Rod or 
Cable Hay Car-* 
rler js simpie in IC 
construction, andy & 
wlll work elther (s ! 
wayfromthestop &% 
without changing 
On the track. Strong 
and well made, aad 
will glve satisfaction 
if properly used. 
Will run on 32 ineh 
%-inch eable. Weight, 
26 pounds, 

No. 3274236 Ke- 

versible Red or Cable Carrier. Price... ... 

Reversible Steel Track Hay Carrler. 

Our Keversible Steel Track Carrler § for 
deuble ateel 
tcack, will work 
either way from 
= the stop witheut 
==>} Rae change. Being a 
’ positive lock 
thereis no cuess- 
work about it. 
Never misses. Is 
light and_casily 
handled. Weight, 
27 pounds. 
Pas No. 3274238 
, Reverslbie Stee) 
Track Carrler, 
Priee, each, 83.00 

Steel Track Hay Carrier. 


6) Aa 
‘! | 


Our Swivel Car- 
vier, for double 

steel track, pos- 
sesses al} the good 
features de- 
scribed In our 
wood track 
carrier, Guaran- 
teed Ju every re- 
spect. Weight, 
about 30 pounds. 
Ne. 3274240 Swivel Stee) Track Carrier. 
Erte ., eee ce... =... S.05 
No, 3274246 Extra Trip Pulleys for our Hay 
Carriers only. Weight. 4 pounds. Price, each, .50¢ 
No. 3274248 Double Angle Steel Track for our 
Stee] Track Carriers, including conplings and bolts, 
and a bumper for each end. In J0-ioot lengths with 
5-foot pieces to break joints. Weigbt,2% pounds per 

Ce Ce tater ee ac) 

OG Urgee. per toot ..........--csenesce ses Mss 3c 
No. 3274249 xtra Couplings for our Steel 
Track. Weight, 15; pounds. Price, each........ z¢ 

NO. 3274250 Stops forour Wood Track Carriers. 

Weight, 1% ponnds, Price, each.... . ........... 23e¢ 
No, 32T2251) Stups foreour Rod or Cable Car- 

riers. Weight, 244 pounds. Price, each.......... zac 
No. 3274252 Stops for our Steel Track Carriers. 
Weight, 2 ponnds. Price, cach.. ................24¢ 
No. 3274253 Extra Bompers for our Steel 
Track. Weight. 3{ pound. Price. each...,...... .9e 

Ne. 3274254 Rafter Irons for 

use in hanging track, Weight, 

*”% pound. Price, each..... 2%. .Jaic 

Ne. 3274255 Manglng Hooks 

for hanging our steel track, with 

clamps and washers. Price. each............... ... Be 
No. 3274257 Stralght Manging Meoks,)4 inches 
under bend, for ‘hanging wvod track. Weight, 1 
“pound. Price, each..... ee Se. . Mine Cita tke 


h woed 
screw thread ou cone end for use In hanging wood 
track to beam witheut using rafteriron. Weight, 14 
pounds. Price, ench.. . tee 
No. 32T1260 Kye 1 
te ends of barn. 

tolts for fastening wire cable 
Have lon 

slack. Weight, 3 pounds. 
Privemedele..........--. oe oe 
Steel Grapple Hooks. 

Solid Steel Grapple Hook, for 
hocking into rafter or beam where 
bolescannot be bored, Weight, 414 lbs 

No. 3274261 Price, each....30c 

Rope Hitches. 
a (SQ 

The places where this device can 
be used to advautaye are only known 
to these who have had them en their 
farm, One on cach end of a pieco of 
rope often takes the place of a log 
chain, and ls much lighter and better to 
handle. For hay carrier outfit ‘they do 
away with twisting of rope. Take-up can 
be made iu 2 minnte’s time. They are 
made of the best maHeableiren. Weight, 

~ about 2 pounds. 
No. 3274263 Rope Hitches. 
Fioor Hooks. 
No. 3274271 % Floor 
~e llook, *{-in. 
diameter, to <DyisNU 
Serew into 
floor to hold pulley. 
Weight, 144 pounds. 

Hay Pulleys. 

No. 327T4273 Common ron 
Vrame Pulleys, with maple wheel. 
Weight, 3% pounds. 

Price, evel). 2) ee eee 

No, 3274274 Knot Passing Frame, 

Price, each....12%¢ 

Price, each Se 

g threadsto take upthe | 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chica 


CATALOGUE No.112. | 

No. 32T4275 Common Frame, Steel 

Sree ee 

Yoke Pulleys, witu maple wheel. 
3pounds, Price, each..... 

No. 3274276 Knot 
Passing Frame, Steel 
Yoke Pulleys, with 
rauple wheel. The kind 
of pulleys generally used 
with hay carrier outfits. 
, Weight,3% pounds. 

— Price, ea. swede 
Be 14276 No, 32714279 Wood 
Frame, Nay Carrier Palleys, with 
maple wheel. Steel straps, which ex- 
tend below axle, form tbe axte box. 
Has malleable eye and swivel, and is 
strongly riveted and bolted together. 
Weight.3', pounds. Price, cach,.18¢ 

NOTE—Any of the above pulleys will carry any 
size of rope up to 7%-Inch. 

_No. 32T42819 3;-inch Galvanized Wire Strand 
Cable. For stacking outfit guys. Weight, per foot, 
% pound. Price, per foot..,... 12-2. Le 

No. 32T4282 W-inech Galvanized Wire Strian.l 


Cable, Vor cable curriers. Weight, per foot, % 
pound. Price, per foot......... 2. eens ....240 
No. 32742383 Bolts for stacking outfit posts, 
Weicht, 1 pound. Vrice, each.....2-22. pete tee wees eae 
No. 32T4284 Climps for 43-inch wire cable. 
Weight, % pound. Prieeyeach, 7.) aoe Mosc <sises aka 
No. 32T4285 Clamps for %-inch wire cable, 
Weight. 1% pounds. Price, exeb..... BO ik ss 0 635 5e 
No. 32T1I286 Squire Collars for %-lnch wire 
cable. Weight, 1‘) pounds. Price, each.u....,., 16e 
No. 3274292 %-inch Manila Trip Rope. Weight, 
per font, ahont 2, pound. Price, per foot._., ae. Sse 

No32TI293 3f-inech Manila Carrier Rope, Weight, 
per foot, about 4 pound. Priee, per foot..........2l4e 


No. 32T4294 %-ineh Manila Carrier Kope. 
Weight. per foot, about 44 pound. 
Pace, per foct ....... sees 0 46 niet eee ro ee 3c 

Our Hay Carriers can be used with 37-inch rope, 

but 34-ineh rope isthe best, because It is abund- 

Malleable Yoke Pulleys, with maple: autly stroog and much more pliable. We de not 

No. 329749973 Wheel. Weight, 41bs. Price, each, 19¢ recommend #%-Inch rope wlhih hay carrlers, 


Qurtlay Carrler Quttits are inade up from the haylng tools previously described. Heretofore we have 

listed outfits for various lengths of barns, but so man 
that we have discontinued this practice, and now simp 


of cur customers find it desirable to make changes 
state what it requires to make a standard outfit, and 

give examples and suggestions which will assist you in ordering. The amount ef carrier rope and cheek TOPS 

whieh we specify is suitable for unloading at the center of a barn. 

If you wish to unload at the ead of t 

barn and hitch the horse at the same end, add the length of the barn to the carrler rope, and half the length 

of the burn to the check rope, 

wish a Swivel carrier or 7,-inch rope, simply change to proper cat 


For a Standard 40-foot Steel Track Outfit you 
Should order: 
No, 32T4248 40 feet 

of Double 

We specify the Reversible carriers and *j-inch 

Angle Steel Track... ................4 8Ke &3.40 
No. 3274254 16 Rafter lrons .....@ 3e 18 
No. 3274955 16 Hanging Hooks...@ 6¢ 80 
No. 82T4276 38 Knot-lassing Pnul- 

levs 2a. : ee eee | ae @ lie >) 
NGQe Gaeta 6 Floor Hooks ....: f@ be oO 
No. 32T4292 45 feet of 44-inch Ma- 

NiluCHePRENopes .. 2. ee > Se @ ge -283 
No. 32T4293 110 feet of Y-inch Ma- 

Nile Carrigiwenope ...c.. eee... + eee ge 2418 
No, 3274204 1 Double Harpoon Hay Fork .72 
No. 3274238 1 Reversible Steel Track 

GQhrritr. 2.7 (222 eee weesree, Be DD 

Total, S11.07 
For ench additional 5 feet in length of barn 
add to above,® rafter trons, 2 
feet of 34-lInch earrier rope, 5 feet of 3g-luch check 
rope and 5 feet of double angle steel track, 

making an adedltional cost of Sic for each 6 feet, 


rope in each case, but if you 
alogue number, description, and price. 

For a Standard 40-foot Wood Track Outfit you 

should order: 
No. 3271254 16 Rafter Irons..,.....@ 3c 80.48 
16 Hlanging llooks....@ 4c 

No. 3274257 
No. 32T4276 3 Kuot-Passing Pul- 


leysS... SR DODD CORBE oO be or or AOE one sees pp eeNee 17e¢ 61 
NO, 3274271 6 Floor Hooks........ 5e 30 
No. 3274292 45 feet of %-inch Ma- 

nila Check lope.......: eee er A pee 28 
No. 3274293 110 feet of {-Inch Ma- 

nila Carricr Rope. ...2.25-5 2 oa cee @2z4gc 2.48 
No. 3271204 1 Double Harpoon Hay Ferk .72 
No. 3274232 1 Reversible Wood Traek 

SSErier..... .2.<..5) eee pees ke oo dieses eee 

Total, $8.31 

For each additloaal 5 feet in length of barn 

add tunbove, 2 rafter irons, 2 hanging hocks, 10 

feet of 34-Inch carrier rope, and 5 feet of 3g-lnch 

eheek rope, murkilng an additional cost of 40 cents 
for each 5 feet. 

For a Standard 40-foot Cable Carrier Barn 
Outfit you should order: 

Ne. 3274282 40 feet of %-Inch Gal- 
yunized Wire Strand....... eee .» | 2Ke %1.00 

No. 32T4260 2 Eye Rolts............@ 20c 40 
No, 3274285 2 \%-inebhCahblteClamps@ 15c¢ 20 
No. 3274276 3 Knot-Passing Pul- 

|| SRE on one eal Te 5! 
No. 3274271 6 Floor [looks,.......,@ 65e 30 
No. 32T4292 45 fect of 93-inch MA- 

Check Roene.........-.22eeee —-. «sa a @ ge 28 
No. 32T2293 110 feet of %-inch Ma- 

nila Currier Rope. ....¢22:.. -9eeee eee @2Y4e 2.48 

No, 3274204 1 Donble Tlarpoon Hay Ferk.. .72 
No. 3274236 1 Reversible Cable Carrier...,.2.85 

Total, $8.84 
For each additional 5 feet in Jength of barn 

hanging hooks, 10) add to above, 5 feet ef W%-Inch galvanized wire 

strand, 10 feet of 34-inch carrier rope, and 5 feet 
of 3g-Inch check rope, making an additlooal cost 
of 35 cents for each 5 feet. 

Hay Stacking Outfits. 
For a Standard 140-fect Hay Stackloag Oatfit 
you should order: 
No. 3274282 40 feet of %-inch Gal- 
vanized Wire Strand............. ....+..- @2%e $1.00 
No. 32T1281 100 feet (in two 50-foot 

yleces) Of %:-inch Galvanized Wire 
Steud)... ...... 2. tenes -sreseeeeeGe 150 Same 
ie No. 3274285 2 %-inehCableClumps@lic  .30 
No. 3274284 4 94-inch Cable Clamps@ 12¢ 418 
No. 3271286 2 Square Collars....,,.@ 16¢ 32 
== No. 3274276 3knot-pussiug pulleys@ lie  .61 
<i eran No. 3274283 2 Bolts for posts...... G@ 4c .08 
No. 3274292 50-feet of %s-inch Manila Check Ropes. .--... » see we Aeae + 5s, chaos a c woe 
No. 3274293 90-feet of 4;-inch Manila Carrier Rope ...-.-----+--0-eeereeeces eeeeeeeeserense @ AAC *.03 
No. 3274204 1 Double Harpoon Hay Fork............-- 5 eee er one oe nie ee 
Ne. $2T4236 1 Reversible Cable Carrier,..... i530 e chp css ee wee-ee 5 eee een » ee wiSS 

Total, $10.10 

For each addlticnal 5 feet Inleogth of stackadd toabove, 5 feet of 14-inch galvanlzed wire strand, 5 feet 
ef Y-Inch carrler rope, and 5 fectof 3g-inch check repe, making an additioual cost of 27¢ for each 5 feet, 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No.1I2. 

i), (cam 


Riveting Hammers. 
No. 24T100 TheS., R.& Co.’s Brand Riveting 
Hammers, polished ex- 
—==\tra cast steel. Handles 
m@not included in weights. 

No. 0 | 3 3 5 ps 7 
Weight, doz. oz 9oz. Woz 180z. 602. 
Price, each, 23e 25c 26¢ 2%e 29c 35c 

Riveting Hammer Handles. 
No. 247105 Riveting Hain- 
are | 

mer Jlandjies. Length, 14 
ingnes® Price, each....... 3i4c 
Straight Pein Machinists’ 

No. 247109 
Ifigh Grade 
— Straight Peln 
Hammer, half 
Every hammer war- 


oni ' if 

ba nen 

polished cast steel. 

ranted. Select hickory bundles. Weight 
s. does not include bandle. 
IN OME: cc «nies 00 860 1 re 3 4 
Weight....l20z. 1]b. 11b.40z. 11b.80z. 1lb.120z. 21b. 
Price,each.39ce 41c 44de 48¢ 50c 55e 
Cross Pein 

CF =) 


sts’ Hammers. 

2 a = SS 

No. 247110 Machinists’ Cross Pein Hammers. 
Made of high grade cast steel, fnlly warranted. 
Complete with select hickory handles. 

Lae 0 1 = 3 4 
120z. 11b. 1Ib.40z. 11b.80z. 1 1b. 1202. 2)b. 

Price, each 39c dlc 44e 48c 50c 55e 

Farriers’ Turning Hammers. 
= llammers, 
7 Chicago pat- 
aie” tern, solid cast stcel, with handles. Weights, 
without handies, 2,24% and 3 pounds. 
Price, cach, any weight....-.... oe... eet. . 85ce 
No. 24T117 « 
Farriers’ Turn- = 
ing HWammers,|y __ 
New York pat- ¥ 
tern. Weights, 2, \—* < 
2% and 3 pounds; weights do not include handles. 
Tories, Gest eee 2 RR. | SSR eee ere 86c 

: Plow or Engineers’ Hammers. 
4 No.24T120 
ny” ™ a == Solid cas l 

: nl las =! steel, finely 
vf polished; 


complete with handle. 

Weight, 1]b. 20z. No.0. Price, each...... 38e¢ 
Soe, sls No.2, Price,cach.......... 46¢ 

; | No. Blacksmiths’ Hand 
aac Hammer, extra fine steel; fully war- 

ranted; handles not included in elena’ 


See, sal’ s } re 4 
Wigtla ane els. 2 lbs. 10 ozs. 3 lbs. 3% lbs. 
Price. each... 43¢ 46¢ 48c 50c 

Blacksmiths’ Hand Hammer Handle. 
No. 247130 VDlack- 

smiths’ Hand Hammer 

Length........16 Incbes 
Prige. CACHs 250.50... 5e 

Priceseach@. <..22..e-s-.. 6c 

Length, 18 inches. 






(Ger farmer his own Blacks 



With an outfit selected from this list every farmer, 
ranchman aud meehanic cun be his own blacksmith. 


have gone to the blucksmith shop. Again, if you have 
an outfit you will improve rainy days to fix up things 
that are showing wear, and avoid costly, vexatious and 
dangerous breakages in a busy time. 

OUR PRICES quality considered, you will find by 

In a busy season while 
the term and © min 

hea are far below any competi- 

LOW on this class of goods, and will add but very little to cost. 

Machinists’ Ball Pein Hammers. 

No.24T132 TheS., R.& Co.'s Brand Machinists’ 
Ball Pein Hamuners, half polished solid cast steel; 
llandles not included in weights. 

0 = 4 

0 1 2 
Tlb. B44 lbs. 1% lbs. 1X{ lbs. 2 lbs. 

hiekory handle. 
No 00 
Weight, 12 az. 
Price,ea., 37ce 38e 39¢ 43c 45c 
Machinists’ Hammer Handles. 
No. 847135 Machin- 
Ists’ Dlammer Itandles. 
Menetie. ----. 16 inches 
Pisce, e1uch..... 6c 
mength, inches. Price, each........cciersers--- 

Engineers’ Ball Pein 

No. 247139 TheS., R.&Co.’s Brand 
Engineers’ Dlammer. Made with an 
extra heavy eye. The great fault with whl engineers’ 
or machinists’ hammers is the breaking or splitting 
at the eye. We have here a hammer that we can 
warrunt not to split andto be the finest balanced 
hammer made—jnst the thing where heavy work is 
to be done. Madeof the finest English steel—eomes 
pa polished. Weight does not inc ude penal 

i. ee 0 1 2 4 
Welsht. 222: 1 Ih. 144 Ib. 1% lh. 361% Ib. =a. 
Price. each..47¢ 49¢ Ze 57e 60¢ 

. , 4 

Heller Bros.’ Carriage No. 247142 

Miakers’ Hammer. 
A aca 

Heller Bros.’ 
Made of the highest grade tool 
= steel, tempered by a special process known 
only to the makers of Ileller Bros.’ goods. Nothing 
better made. Every hammer fully warranted. 

Ham nier. 

Weight (including handle), No. 9, 244 lbs. Price, 

each, 69c; No. 1052% lis, Price, cach.....<ase..-. 
No. 247148 Fare ts : ’ 

riers’ Hammers #w@ Farriers’ Hammers 

weight (not include § 

ing handle), 10 0z., & 

udze eye, cast steel, 

round pole, polished. 
Price, euche.--. 33c¢ 

No.24T1L50 Sotitd 
Cast Stecl Farriers’ 
Hammer, full pol- 
= Ished; guaranteed 
Si to be the best hammer sold by any one at the 

price. Weight,1t4to 18 gunees. Handle not in- 
Clidedumiyveienht. Pri@eveaeirceee see. ones. ee 37¢ 
Horseshoers’ Driving Hammers. 

No. 247153 The 
Genuine Ilhelter ip 
Bros.” Farriers’ “=~ 
Hanimers, Made We 
of finest quality \ 
tool stcel. Every 
hammer warranted. Weight, 11 to200z. Each, 53c 

Farriers’ Driving Hammers. 

No. 247156 The 
Genuine Heller 

Paitern Farriers’ Hammer. Made of the hest 

quality tool steel. Every hammer warranted. 
Weight, 13 to 26 oz. Handle not inclnded in weight. 

1) GhReqteu Gl 1s <i eOMNIROEPe soc 22 aoe 63c 


Scotch Farriers’ Hammers. 

No. 2471568 
Round Face Far- 
rlers’ Mammer. 
This haznmer is 
acknowledged by 
all to be the best 
tool of its kind on the market. The rounding claw 
will draw a nail very easily and wil] do so without 
bending the sume. Something you cunnot do with 
any other inule. Price; Gach.............. eee 64e 

r~ Blacksmiths’ Ball Pein Hammers. 

Weight, 12 to 20 oz. 

; r ros.’ 
Nothing better made. 

Balt PelIn Hiamniers. 

Every bhitnmer fully Warranted. Tlundle not 
fneludedin welght. 
Weight, a; 1b. } lb. 1% lb. 1% Ib. 
Price. each, &0c He ove 56ec 

Blacksmlths’ Fitting Hammers. 

No, 237162 
Genuine Ilel- 
ler Bros.’ 
Fittlig tlas- 
mers. Made 
ofthe hest quulity tool stee). finely finished. Every 
hammer warranted. Welght does not include handle. 
Weight, 2to3 pounds. Price, cach..... on eee ee 

Horseshoers’ Turning Hammers. 
No.247Ti165 Genuine Heller Bros.’ Ilorse- 

ez PO erg TO SE 


=shoers' Tnra- 
aes ing or Cat's 
—=tead Ham- 

mer. Made of the best quality tool steel. 
Weight does not include handle. 
Price, each. $1.18 

Weight, 4 to 3 pounds. 

Electric Sharpening Hammers. 
Our Elec- 
tric Ifurse- 
pps t B Weight, 2 to 3 pounds. 
ening shoe. Vein is corrugated for drawing out the 
calks. Made of the bestunality English steel; fully 
warranted. Pricé,each..........-....-:--sssee $1.18 

Heller Bros.’ Rounding Hammers. 

No. 24T171 
Genuine Hel- 
ler Bros.’ 

Rae llammer. 
Madeof the finest quality tool steel. Every hammer 
warranted. Weight does not include handle. Weight, 
%to3 pounds. Price, euch Sl. 

epee ep eraser oern® . 

No. 24T174 Solld Cast 
Steel Blacksmiths’ 
Sledges, withont han- 

Each, $0.48 .54 .60 .66.72 .78 .84 .90 96 1.02 

Size, lhs. & 9 10 11 «21 1415 #16 Tf? 
No. 24T176 
shaved hickory. 

PriéGé, GBC)\ ces ccs ssn cee os ee ee eee 1140 
Horseshoers’ Turning Sledges. 

a aes No. 24T177 Iforseshoers’ 
Turning Sledges. Madc of the 
best cast steel, one solid piece. 
oit finished with polished 
faces. Weight, from 6 to 12 
pouuds. Price, perpound..84%e 

Jlandles for above, 36 inches long, 

Farriers’ Pincers. 

No. 24T178 Islack- 

sipiths’ Pincers, solid 

hammered cust steel, fe c= 

polished jaws. Length,1l4 

inches. Weight, 2 1bs. 10 

oz. Not for centting 

nails. Price, each.... .....¢.-:sccerss sens == 00s 460 

High Grade Farriers’ Pincers. 

No. 24T180 Maad 
,S High Grade 
Farriers’ Pincers, 
» made of the best 
too] steel. full pol- 
ished. Something 
the hardware trade. 

better than generally carried by 
Size, 14 inches. Weight, 2 lbs. 10 oz. 
Size, 16inches. Weight. 3 lbs. Each. .... .... 

Heller Bros.’ Farriers’ Pincers. 
No; 22.77 St 
Genuine Helilcr 
Bros.’ Farriers’ 
Pincers. Finest 
tools on the mar- 
ket; DeLmne bet- 
ter made. 
Size, 14 inches. Weight. 2% Ibs. Price, each. $1.35 
Size, 16 inches. Weizht,3 Ibs, Price, each.. 1.65 


wg Nippers. 

No. 247183 Solid 
Cast Steel Cutting 
Nippers. For cutting 
horse nuils, etc. Aiso 

'  vwused for cutting 
Do not pry with this nipper, forit is 


horses’ hoofs. 

hardened to cut, and ns will le surely break 
*rice, cach. T3¢ 
Nail Cutting Nippers. 

Length, 14 inches 
High garade 
No. 247 
High Gerace ‘Nail 
Cutting Nippers, 
made of imported 


tool steel. Something hetter than gencrally sold bi 
the hardware trade. Every pair fully warranted. 
[Men=th,izinches. Frice, each............---- #O0.86 

Length, idinches. Price, each. 


CUE Nippers. 
: No. 24T186 

Heller Bros.’ 

Genuine lleller 
Bros’, Cutting 
Nippers. Used by 

all first class horse- 
shoers; finest goods made; every tool warranted. 

Size, 10 inches. Price, euch Fee ee Stereo aie aaa $0.90 
Size, 12 inches. Ge ekCh........ccsee ess ee 295 
Size, 14 inches. Price, BWC ac. sas ac ce ee 137 

Nail Head Nippers. 

Thisisio every sensea 
Jaborsaving tool. li cuts & 
the nall head clean and - 
smooth, and level with the shoe, thereby ine 
time, rasps and labor. It can also be nsed for cut- 
ting rivets, smuil bolts, etc. 1t has udjustable cutters, 
which cau be replaced, when worn out or broken, at 
small expense. Made intwo sizes. No.1 cuts upto 
No.5 horse nail. No. 2 cuts up to No. 8 horse nail. 
Priceveden-: <<... Pr - $1.50 
No. 2 Price. each........8.-.- . 2.00 

Anvil Tools. 

No. 24T192 Hot Cutter (no hau- 
die is furnished), 1l%-inch cut: 
weight, 2lbs. 40z. Price, each..25¢ 
24TI9S Cold Cutter (hazudie 

No. 24T188 No, 1. 
No. 24T189 


js not furnished), 1%-inch ecut:{ 
weight, 21hs. 40z. Price, cach...26¢! - 
Blacksmiths’ Hardie. 
— No. 247198 £Bilacksmiths’ 
Wii Solid Cast Steel Hurdie: size 

given is size of shank, which tits 
hole in anvil. 
Size, inches....... % %& %& &% 1 
Weight, pounds.. a *% 1% 14g «1% 
Price, eac ... Ge 9013e 1be 186 

Blacksmiths’ Flatters. 

No. 247200 Blacksmiths’ : aun att 
Solid Steei Square Flat-fwn AY 
ters. a KS 
Size of face, inches.... 2 214 2 2% 3 
Welght, pounds....... 2235 Es 234 BY 4 5) 
Price, each Ble 42c 45e 5ie 

or, a 26c 

Blacksmiths’ Swages. 

No. 24T202 Soiid Crueible 
jPSteei Top Swages. 

Mt ! | i ] 

Size,inches, % 5-16 % 86-16 A 53 x 
Weight, lbs., 1% 1% 2 ye 2 2 24% 
Price,each, I7e 18ce 20c 25ce 260 270 28ec 
Size, inches, 33 1 1% 1'4 1% 2 
Weight. lbs., 2% a7 3 3 4 414 
Price, each, 30c 3lo Ze 33c 43c 4qc 
Swages. : — 

No. 247204 Solid Crucible Steel 
Bottom Swage; shanks are iron, 
4% to 1% inches. 

Piermiches.......... 4% 06=— 5-165 

Weight, pounds..... a ad Weed 

Price, each........... 22c 24ce 25e 

SizesimchHes.......... 7-16 % 5% 

Weight. pounds..... 24 #2 2 

Perigeveach... ....... 26ce 2ic 28e 

Size, inches.......... 3 7% J 

Weight, pounds..... ee | 

Price, each I cc ve 28ce 30c 33c 

Size, inches........ si 1's 14 1% 2 

Weight, pounds..... 3 344 444 434 
34e 36c¢ 37e 40c 

Price, each ee eee 
—— Solid Steel Top Fullers. 

= Fuller. 
Size, inches,..... M4 % VY, é 
BY elght, lbs.....772 2 234 2 
Price, euch. ... 22e 23e 24e 25¢ 
Size, inches..... ay y) a i144 1% 
Weight, Ibs..... 3 3 384% 3% 3% 
Price, each..... : 40c 

33c 34e 35c 36e 
No. 247207 Solid Crucible gz 
Steel Bottom Fuller; shanks 
are from % to 14 inches. 

@ize. MNCHES ....... ....0... 4 4 

NY eign. pounds............ 2 214 214 
(Sco) oe 22c 23e 24e 
Size, inches.. 8% 34 % 1 14s 1% 

Weight, ibs.. 2% 2% 2% 31 3'f 3% 
Exice, each.. £8e 29c 30¢ 35e 36c 38e 

Blacksmiths’ fine Sets 

—Oval Patte 

No. 247208 Svat Stern 
Blacksmiths’ Tire Set. Just 
the thing for weiding and sha 
ing tires. Size shauk, 3, ieene 
size oval ae that goes on top 
of anvil, 4 inches long by 1% 
inches wide. Weight, 1 pound 
U4 ounces. Price, each.....39¢ 

No. 24T206 Solid Crneible Steel Top | 

Blacksmiths’ Tire Sete’, 
—Taper Pattern. 

No. 24T209 Taper Pattern 
Blacksmiths’ Tire Sets. Used 
for welding and shaping tires. 
Size shank, 3% inch; size taper 
part that goes ontop of anvil, 
3% inches iong by 2% inches 
wide. Weight, 2 ib. 6 oz. “@ 

Pricevemenieeer rss. costes: 5e = 

Cast Sieel Pritchels. 
Cast Steel liorse- 
: shoers’ Pritchels. 
va-inch oct tugonal steel, 10 inches iong. 
aT2 10 Price, each. .... Fe Se 

Round Hand Punches. 

Made of : 
No. 2 

Cast Steel Black-==o=m 
smmlths* Round Hand Pune hes, made of ®s-1neh oe- 
tagon steel, 10 inches. Besure and state size wanted. 

No. 24T2 12 Sizes, 3-16-in., 44-in., 5-16 in., 33-in., 
either size. Price, each ee eee 12¢ 
No. 24T213 Sizes. 7-16 or %-in., either size..... 15c 
No. 24T214 Size, | *é-inch. Price, Calin. cee 22¢ 
No. 247215 Size, 3{-inch. Price, each.........28¢ 
Heading Tools. 

Cast Steel Black- 

sinlths’ Headiug 

Tool. Besure to 

state size wanted. 
% or %-In.,, Weight, 
Price; each Bis’. gee see 36e 

No. 24T220 dees 14 - - i. ye7iD., 
314 pounds, either size. 

No. 24T221 Sizes, ;%-in., 9 or %-in., weight Fis 
pounds, either size. Tice, CACH.. 22.002 a. eee 48 

No. 247222 Sizes, % or l-iu., weight 5 pends. 
either sizes. Price, eachis.c eee. cee Beas 4G 

Square or Round Punches. 
Biacksmiths’' Square or 
Round Punches. Be sure to 
give size and kind wanted 
oe order. 

Sizes, rhs 1s 3 or %-in. Price, ont 27c 

o. 2472 
ar 4T2 Sizes, %3 or 4%-inch. Price, each...35¢ 
No. 5 ete Size, %- “inch. Price, each CT 45e 
No. 24T229 Size, l-inch. Price, euth.....ccee Avec 

Center Punch. 
No. 247232 Blacksmiths’ 


» Center Punches. Weight, 2 
= pitas Price, each. a... Ris cree 23e 

Set Hammers. 

No. 247234 Solld Cast 
Steel Blacksimlths’ Set Ilam- | 

Size of square face in inches.. ‘il mx 2 
Weight, each, pounds........ 1% 2 2% 4 
Price Mee ine. Swe 13e 23e 29¢ 45e &57c 
Horseshoers’ Toe 

No. 24T236 Solid Cast 
Steel Horseshoers’ Toe 
Knife. Price, each..27e 

No. 247237 Solld Cast 
Steel Horseslhioers* Buf- 
fer. Price, each. 29e 

Heller eee Sole Knives. 
= ~ Mo. 247238 Genuine 
Helier Bros.’ Sole 
Knives. Nothing better 
made. Price, each...30c 
Horseshoers’ Sole Knife. 
No. 247239 Solid Stcei Iforseshoers’ Sole Kpitfe. 
Price, each..... ; ..25¢ 

Nail Punches. 
No. 247240 Cast Steel = — 

llorseshoers’ Nail * 
Punehes. Made of %- 
inch square steel. fj 
Price, each. ........- PP i yn ee ne. 22e 
eee CONS) Creasers. 
; No. 247244 Cast Steel 

‘Horseshoers’ Creaser. 
mlade of %-inch sqnare 
steel. Price, each..... .22c 

eer Bios Horseshoers’ Creasers. 

No. 247246 Genuine Heiler Bros.’ Creasers. 
Best tool of its kind made by anyone. 

Pricegefelr oe. . BU ceo os eee cee .30e 

Nlelsen’s Patent Farriers’ Knife. 
No, 247248 The 
Blacksmith, Vet- 
erinarian, Train- 
er and Stock 
Farm Manager 
willl use no other. 
The knife has ad- 
justabie hlades, 
and is made in 
t h ree different 
Siapes. The 
blades are sirict- 
ly _ first class, - 
maoe of the hest 
en ah English steel. A set consists of one handle 
three blades as shown In illustration. of 
@enamesesote e@eacseooeeeomnteeoeee eeeneteeeeeue e€ 

price per set.. 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.1I!2. 

Keystone Far-/] 
riers’ Knife. 

The Handlest and 
Best Knife yet 
Produced for the 
Horseshoer, Vetor- 

inarian and all Tlorsemen. 

Blades can he changed in an instant and are held ag 
secure in the ‘nandle as in the old style knife. 

No. 24T25*%: Priee, pe eac 

No. 24T253 Price, handles only, each. RA 

No. pe 

24T254 Price, blades only, each.....,.,...186 

’ Farriers’ 
No.24T256 Wost- 
epholm Farriers’ 
Knife, celebrated 
IXL brand. Weight, 
7 oz. Price, each, 28¢ 

Heller Bros.’ Farriers’ Knives. 

No. 24T258 Heller Bros.’ High Grade Farriers’ 
Knives, made of refined steel, finely finished. 
Price, €ach..2-........- "qe occes cee teecceee 240 


No. 24T260 Cast Steel Farriers’ But- 

tress, haif Bigg! Weight, 1 1b. 7 ounces. 
Price, ieach......22 00 ovasieee ress s eer: 

Patent Chisel and | Punch Handle. 
No. 24T261 In this <¢& 
Elastic Chisei [Ilandle 
we have the best tool 
everinvented. Can be 
nsed on any size or style 
chiselor punch, does not 
ar the hand or break the 
BBB | Fart Price given below is for handle only. No 
¢irlsel or puach furnished, 
Price, exch, handle nd = ose ene 350 

No. 24T262 This 
A article its made 

; wx solid, throngh and 
through, of pure Scam corundum, but with a 
steel bar extending its entire length. It will not 
break if dropped. Itis not affected by moisture. On 
account of its shape and very rapid cutting proper- 
ties, itisone of the most valuable tools ever offered 
the farrier. Ten inches long. Price, each..........706 

Biacksmiths’ Straight Lip Tongs. 
No. 24T263 
Straight Lip Tongs, drop forged, no Mabe molg 
2% Ihs.; length, 20 inches. Pitas Gach. .. aes 
No. 24 T2665 Length, 22 ee Weight, 2% poiinds, 
Price, each... seeesetpeeeeszrsan eres eeanes eeees 266 

Gad Tongs. 

eee ett aeeacete 

Blaeksmiths’ Gad 
Toaogs, drop forged 
pe one solid piece 

No. 24T268 Length, iS Inches’ Woieht, 2 pound 
Price, per pair........... .... cose 
No. 247270 Length, 22 inches, Weight § pound 
Price, per pair............0.....0—inn 

Round Bolt Tongs. 

BDlacksmlths’ un 
Round Boit Tongs. & 
Length, 20 inches. = 
State what size bolts fone are me 7 | for. 

No. 247272 For Boits § to % inch. Weight from 
13f to 2% pounds. Price, each, any one size....... 390 

No, 247273 For Boits % to 32 inch. Weight, Pre 
pounds. Price, each......... 23.72 

No. 24T274 For Bolts, % tolinch. "Weight, a 
pounds, Price. each 

eenteeesesn 0 

eprepPerv Peter erraneecunracaee eeeweneeanes 

Pick-Up Tongs. 
4 No. 247277 
; —————S— Blacksmiths’ 

Pick-Up Tongs. 
Length, 22inches. Weight, 2% lbs. Price, each..450 

Horseshoers’ Tongs. 

Horseshoers’ Tongs. Weight, 
12-inch, 1 lb., 5 0z.; 14-inch, 1% 
lbs. Price, each, 12-inch, 21e; dete lee eee 
Heller Bros.’ Farriers’ Tongs. 
No, 24T280 Genu- 
es: Farrlers’ Tonga, 

solid steel, potas oe ewes made wee 14 ipehe 
Price, 6ach........0m idsesee ceo 

sa eReeen eos 

Clinch Tonge! 
No. 247282 Cilnch ' 
Tongs or Nall’. 
Clinchers are used 
In turning the 
cilnch instead of ™. 
using the hammer. In many cases the horse’s 
foot becomes sore and is very sensitive to the ham- 
mer. insuch cases, as weli as when shoeing colts, or 
nervous horses, the clincher will be found invaluable. 
They ¢re made of the hest quale crucible cast steel 
and aretempered with great care by a special proce 
ess. making them uniform in quality and en 

Price, each. esPeee et eeenettPeseeest ae eoseseseeeeeese tt Fe 


S— Se 

Heller Bros.’ Clinch Tongs. 
No. 247283 Gene-' 
aine Heller Bros. 
Farriers’ Clinch 

Tonge. Nothing 2 
better zaade than Ileller Bras.’ goods. Every tooi 
Price, euch... ae 5.ts 

warranted. Size, 14 inches. 
7 No. 247285 
Round Nese 
_ Clinch Tongs, 

mat?rial as No. 24T282 but of a differen: style. 
Price, adi ...... ews 

Samson Hoof Parer. 
No. 84T289 Ow, ; 
The main feat- Wg 
ure of this purer ‘ol mse ae 
iathat it leavesthe shelief the 
hoof, muking a concave cut 
with a sweep of the knife, aud 
does not interfere with the frog 
of the foot while being 
pared. The blade is dove- 
talled intothe hcadofthe 

arer and also fastened 


ere ce Fee eet ene set seuvertoa 

y set screws, and should it need sharpening, all 
necessary to remove it is to loosen the set screw, drive 
blade out, sharpen on a stone and replace, which, in 
all, will not consume more thanthree minutes. ~- 

Price, each 


weueeeer eee wee te he ee lhl @eerrevenzacva 

No. 24T290 Hoof 
Parers, made of the 
best forged steel, 

carefully tempered. 
/ » The most practical 
tool ever made for paring a horse's foot. Full pol- 
ised@ieimches long. Price, each........--.....,.9Uc 

Ne, 24T291 ldinches long. Price, each....81.05 

Heller Bros.’ Hoof Parers. : 
Ne. 247292 
Genuine Weller nea 
Bros.’lHoof Parers, 
solid steel, finely 
finished. Nothing \4 “== 

better made. 
Price. size, 12 inches, $1.10; size, 14 inches...&1.30 
Our New Hoof Shear. 
: . , No. 24T293 Our 
New Hoof Shear. 
This is the most 
practical tool yet 
produced for paring 
Sa the foot. The cut- 
an angle gives it a drawing ig 

>; —— 

which Is much easier than any other pattern. 
spring brings the tool wide open as soon as the cut Js 

ting brade being 

made and isa great convenience. Price, each, $1.20 
No 2472905 The Glant is thelightest, 
_most powerful straight cnt hoof parer 
on the market. In a= 
this tool we have a 
Buses Die that pro- 
uces a maximum 
jaw movement, 
while the handles 
cau be reached 
withone hand atany time 
the largest amount of leverage, with 
the least complication, of any too] made. Price, $1.65 

Heiler Bros.’ Hoof Tester. 
No. 24T297 



aulne Heller Bras.’ 
Hoof Testers, 
made of high grade 
Price, #1.32 


Plow Anvil. 

No. 247298 Plow Anvil, not 
castiron, hut solid cast steel; 
oil finished, polished face. Va=== 
Weight, 4 pounds. Price, 35c 
Easy Boit Ci 

im No. 24T300 
Our New Easy 
Boit Clippers 
. bave all the 
=~ jatest im- 

provements, such as patent adjustment, locking de- 
vice, rubber buffers. etc. They are made of the best 
material throughout. Jaws are high grade steel. 
Every clipper fully warranted. Don’t usesmall clip- 
pers on large work, you may break them; or large 
oneson small work, they are heavy and cost more. 
No.0 For cutting bolts s,-inch or less; weight, 3 
paunds. Frice, each....... eee... .. 2-00 
No.l Forcutting bolts %-inch or less; weight, 4% 
mounds. Price, each............. eee $2.50 
No.2 Forcutting bolts 4%-inch or less; weight, 7% 
pounds. Price, each 3.20 
No.3 For cutting bolts %-inch or less; weight. 12% 
pounds. Price, each...... ... S4.85 


—e= §6€Electric 


{S| : 7 
3 fe Bolt 
es a Clipper. 

Electric Bolt Clipper, with solid steel head 
and malleable iron handles, very strong and 
durable; contains Jess purts than any clipper on the 
market; perfectly adjustable, with “shim” to take 
up wear of cutters. Made in foursizcs only,as follows: 

No. 24T301° No. 0, cuts $;-inch bolts in thread 

only - Soy sae ot eee Coe Beco a ccs ae $2.65 
No. 24T302 No.1, cuts %-inch bolts in thread 
only a <n cleo ted oe Bia ei. xel = oleeeeniete eet ..- 82.95 

No. 24T303 No. 2, cuts %-inch bolts in thread 
te se Grebe tea aes e OS 

eset No 3: culs sinc volts inhenc 
BEER RM 2 25 ese 24:2 ciate wicidividwicweeiceeacsa setts tt 4600 

madeofthe same 

Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.1/12. 

Chambers’ Bolt and Rivet Clippers. 

New pate 
terns, greatly 
Jin proved, 
Are mueh 
strouger with 
Jarger wear. 
Ing surfaces, 
easier sharpened, ete, 

lt will cut off all the bolts 
ona carriage in less than one-tenth the time two 
men can doit in the old way, lenving the end of the 
bolt so the nut can,in many cases, be run off and on 
with the fingers alone, thus proving that the thread 

is uninjured. They are badispensable to those who 
know their value. Every carringe maker, wheel- 
wright, and blacksmith wants them. Manufacturers 
of plows, machlnery, curs,etc., want them. Every har- 
ness maker should have them to cut off the ends of 
their mountings. The cutters can be taken out and 
ground, For boit clippers, comptete: 

No, 247306 No}, Vor %-Ineh boit orless, for 
carrlage work, harness makers, ete..........0.. 4.00 

Noa. 24T307 No. 2. For %-ineh bolt or less, for 
wheelwrights, machinists, founders, etc....... 4.80 

No. 24T308 No.3. For 6-inch bolt or less, for ear 
huilders and heavy work generally............. #6.40 

No. 247309 No.4. For %-inch bolt or less. 8.00 
PEL Roe sat ey H orse 
Wl ateterete este eet «St sett, coe R a 9g p s 
e Fi =4 wv 2 

J ee 

No. 24T312 S.,R.& Co.'s Hlarse Rasps. We have sold 
agreatmany Ilorse Rasps of thishrand. Onrtradeis 
increasing and we are getting orders again and again 
from same parties. Order a sample, give It a trial 
and see if it’s not just as good or better than those 
for which you must pay more. 12-in. 14-in. 16-in. 

Price, cacb Zle 30c 4ie 

ee ete eee ee ee ete 

re Elie aE TS OS ELV EE OPES, 
MK eG ¢ RRR LOR C258 
Oe rene eee ¥ Sane Cos 
POOR ak Ok of oe aY SARS Ke he KD 

No. 24T314 Heller's Hlorse Rasps. 

Flat; not tanged. 

Size, inchesv.. ....2see eee. oc. ae 14 16 
Price, each...:......- pte ee is os OE. Se eee 

Heller Bros.’ Tanged Horse Rasps. 

5%, wcore tetera Sete te’, 26 2 2 Ooo @ 


Rasps. Size,inches... ... 10 12 li 16 
rice, each ....- 28¢e 34e 48¢ 68e 

Lightning Tire Setter and Spoke Holder. 
Lightning Tire Setter and s 
Repalr Outilt. Ft isnot nec- 
essary to remove the whecl 
to repair it, asthis outfit con- 
tains all the tools necessary” ba\ 
to do the job and will do it @> | 
better than any blacksmith S 
who cuts and welds the tire. 
Your tires can be tightened 
any number of times without 
fear of dishing the wheels. 
A set consists of the com- 
lete setter, asshown in cut, with one dozen assorted 
Holders and two coils of leather washers. 
No. 24T32Z20 Price, complete set............. 81.55 

No. 24T321 Extraspoke holders. Perdozen..80c 

improved Adjustabie S$ 

Bemis & Call’s 

No. 24T326 

Bemis & Cali’s 

Improved Ad just- 

“" able S Wrench. 

Handle and frame are mallealle 

Serve iron. Jaws high grade too] steel. 

Oan he used in a thousand and one places where an 
ordinary wrench will not go. 

Size, inches...... 6 10 12 14 

3¢ 1 134 1% 2 

Opens, inches.....- = 
Price, each.... 2e 50c 6G8ce S82c $1.20 

Tire Boit Clamp. 

No. 247327 Used to hold tire boits 
while unscrewing the nuts, thus pre- 
serving the holt. lt is well adapted to 
putting anti-rattlers or rubbers into 
shackle or draw bars on buggies. 
ls made extra heavy, has a steel] 
screw with a hardened point. 

Price,e@acn.. see 

460 MH 

Chamberlin Brace 

No. 247329 Malle- 
able Fron Brace 
Wrenches, always 
ready for use. Conie 
in sets of five sizes as 
follows: %, %. 5g, 4 and %-inch. Price, per set..37¢ 

Creen Rivers Patent Rim Wrench. 

For Nutsan Tire Bolts Inside 

the Fetloe. 

No. 24T331 This isa Ja- 
bor saving tool for taking 
offand putting on nuts in an 
awkward place inside car- 
riage felloes. It will be found 
to make rapid work of what 
is usually a tedious joh with 
anS wrench. No working- ' 
man with any regard for oo 
his time will fail to use this tool, which will soon earn 
its moderate cost in any shop, small or large. It Is 
made light, handyand strong, and is adapted 
to use on nuts, 34. ¢, 4-inch. For Y-inch size the 
socket which holds the wrench is used. 

PST fovacotcis aie tare w= + os nia 'n 0-4, a 0 


Hollow Augers. 

No. 2474333 follow Augers, cutting but one size. 

The length of tenon is regulated by an adjustable 

step and graduated scale. The patent adjustable 
capo and knife enable the user to overcome an 

slight varlation in sizeof bits. Bits not furnished. 

State slze wanted when ordering. 

size Welgeht Each 
Pe-INiCU Ol! OUNnGeRe............. 50¢ 
mainch 12 ounces.......eee. LO ee HGe 
re“Inch Wounces....cccccceece es HOC 
rev~lnCh § J2 OUMEeES....ccccccceccees 50e 
We7INCh 12 GCUNCES......ece Rial. 2 ete 5 te 
dg-Inch Ms ounces.........ccceeee- 58e 
%elneh Js ounces....... Aa ee, 5a 
Js-Ineh 1s Ounces. ... cece + a K4ce 
Patel: PSN Chae ccc naines sex 90c 

No. 247335 Bonney 
Pattern Adjustable [follow 
Auger isa tool that Is tiret 
Class tninaterlal and finish. 
Cuts elght sizes of tenons 

a from *% to J inch. ffas ad- 
= n justable stop to regulate length 
ae oftenous. Nickel plated. 
fe : Price. each =... ee 850 
~~ ! No. 247337 Pate 
a : ent Adjustable lMol- 

2 2 low Auger, mude of 
y Ae) malleable tron and @ 
ib nicely tinished. The zd 

a knife is made of the 

he etd steel, has 
adjustable stop, with scale forreguiat=- @ 
tee anode tenon. Itcuts 8 sizes, as Sa 
%, ve. %, ts: 9s, % and } Inch. 
Weight, ] pound8o0unces. No, 
® Leonmplicte. Price, cach4g See 82.95 

No. 24T339 Pateot Adjustable Nollow 
Auger, Na.3. Cuts any size tenon from 4 
to 144 Inches; ene ie ag jaws are provided 
witha graduated scale hy which the slzeof 
the tenonis regulated. Tosecure required 
length of tenon a movcbie stop is operated 
upon a gradnated seale, with rulings to 
! sixteenths. Price, each....... .... 82.50 

T Goodeli’s Adjustablo Hollow Auger. 

No, 24T341 Good- ; 
eli's Patent Ad just- 
able Hlollow Auger. 
Has fitted to it a 
nickel plat- 
ed bit brace 
sweep, with 
handle and 
lignum vitz 
head; sweep, E 
14 inches. As the brace sweep is fittea to it, 
it wil] always work true. The auger Is ad- 
justabletocut from l4to 14 inches. 

Price, each, complete with sweep...........--- &2.95 

Stearn’s Patent Adjustable Taper Auger. 
a No. 24T343 For cutting 

Semat tenons on poles, shafts,whif- 
fietrees, ete. From the pecu- 
liarity of its construction it 
may be adjusted to cut any 
taper, thus accommodating 
itself to the different makes of pole and shaft tips. 
up to the regular l-inch tip. Being made of 
malleable Iron, it Is a substantial and durable 
tool. Knife of best tool steel. Price. each....82.00 
Patent Spoke Potuater with ad- 
Justable shank. Polnts, 1744 
inches in diameter. 
No. 247345 No. 1, welght, 12f 
ounces. Price, each... ....-.49¢ } 
No. 247346 No. 2, weight, 1§ 
ounces (large). Price,each..78e 

Acme Tire Bolter. 
en 5 No. 247349 

Qur Acme Tire 
Bolting Machine. 
Will do the work 
of six men. Asa 
lubor saving tool 
jit has no equal. 
Well made and 
easily operated. 
: — No carriage or 
= o— ,_a =. blacksmith shop 
3 ee : om should he without 


~~ —_e one. Will pay for 
itself in six weeks time. Price, each.......... $3.95 
Reynolds’ Tire Boiting 

No. 247351 A Combina- 
tion Balt Clipper. Boit 
Wrench and Tire Boit ioald- 
er, The only machine that 
will successfully remove 
hurrs, run them on, or clip off 
the ends of tire bolts; will fit 
any sized tap. Either opera- 
tion can be performed onany 
ordinary buggy wheel in Jess 
than twominutes with perfect 
ease to the operator. This 
machine is patented, and the 
only machine of its Kind on 
the market. Price,ea. 86.00 




The Coolidge Wrench. 
No. 247353 A Patent Adjustable - 
Bit Brace Wrench. Indispens:ble 
toevery blacksmith, the necessity 
of every mechanic, meets the needs jem 
of every carpenter. The user of ® 
farming teels and wagons has long locked fer it. «ts 
operation is simplicity. A press of the thumb Ing 
Bors the jaws. It fits any bit brace, and baudles 
ai. nUtS and lag screws to lincbh square. It will 
carry a nut without droppingit. 1t lets ge by simply 
pulling away. lt brings away the nut ‘iat as heen 
unscrewed, and drops it by a press on the thumb 
lug. Weight, 144 pounds. TiCe, C200). 62... ....6 om 
Lyon’s Tire Measuring Wheels. 
sty No. 247354 Lyon's 

Rolier Guide Tire Meas- 
uriog Wheet. Traveler 
rolis io a straight line 
and dees not lose 4 te 
42-inch by wabbling from 
slide to side of felloee. 
Graduated with index 
hand; nickel tS 

Baisis sins a etieiees aialainis a a eValse +s sislsicininin © &© e 

Price, each 
Drop Forged Tire 
Measuring Wheel. 

No. 24T7T3565 This gf 
wheel is a drop forging, [F 
lathe turned, a perfect 
running wheel, firstclass. 
Weight, 1 ponnd, . 

Price, each......... 95e 

Craduated Tire Mea 

No. 24T356 Is 
a drop forging 
made so that the 
figures and lines 
are raised above 
the surface of the 
wheel and eannot 
be filled or de- 
faced wlth rust 
ordirt. It is ex- 
actly 24 Inches in 
with Index hand. 
Weighs, 14 lbs, 


eles) S600) ee x. ee 
The Cipsy Combination Anvil, Vise and 

Drilling Machine, 

No. 24T359 TheGipsy combines 
four different 
taais: Anvil, 
straight vise, 
pipe vise, and 
drill press. 
Welghs, com- 

lete, 45 lbs. 

t is put u 
forserviceand ° = 
with preper 
care wiil last a lifetime. The anvil is 7 Inches high, 
face is 8x3 inches; vise jaw 5% inches wide and 
opens out 8 inches; length over all, lsinches. The 
drill spindle is made for square shank drills. The 
spindle can be slipped out of its bearings and laid 
by when not using the dri). ; 

ole, 26 i ne re ... 84.66 

Hercules Combination Anvil and Vise. 


In our Hereuies Combination Anvti, Vise, Drill, 
ete., we have the onty praeticai toot on the market. 
All the so called combinations are only toys and do 
net stand the wear and tear a teol of this kind is 

subjected te. This muchine weighs 75 pounds. The 
drill has machine cut screw and takes any size square 
shank drill bits. The anvil is about4 inches by7% 
inches with hardened face. Hardie is all steel and 
of good size. In the pipe vise which is under the anvil 
we have the only Foust of its kind that will held all 
sizes of pipe without crushing or becoming leost. The 
main frame is made of asteei bar which gives great 
strength as well as lightness. This part of the ma- 
ehine, by the way, is the weak part of all combina- 
tion vises. ; 

Having sold hundreds ef combination vises, we are 
in a position te know the weak pvints in a machine 
of this kind and can say without fear of centradic- 
tlon that this is the only first elass combination vise 
on the market. 

No ranehman, plumber or biaeksmith shouid be 
without one, 

Sie ee OO Price, each........++:.0ss0sete $9.50 

Bench Vise. 

Vises for 
tight work 
in metat 
or wood. 
*% ~ “The Farm- 
ers’ Vise.” 
4 ; No. 24T361 24-inch jaws; 
r welght, 7% pounds. Price, each........ So 
No. 247362 38-inch jaws; weight, 17% 
PI eeCTIGe, CACH ian. cs. -- +> + cegeiaees +> 1 Fe 
No. 24T363 4-inch jaws; weight, 38% 
pounds, rice, e@ch.......>....s0eeeeeee. . 2.30 


Anvil and 

The jaw is ad- 
justable. By re- 
moving a pin, the 
inner jaw can be 
swung areund sp 
as to hold wedge oe 
or regular shape. Tal 
The anvil has a chilled, hardened and polished sur- 
face. This is the best anvil and vise of its kind. 

No. 247365 3%-in. jaw. 25 lbs. Price, each, 83.30 

No. 247366 — 4-in. Jaw. 35 lbs. Price, each, 4.00 

No. £4T367 4%-in. jaw, 40]bs. Price, each, 4.80 

Na. 247370 
Anvit and 
Vise combin- 
ed, with jaws 
for helding 

pipes. Has 
, chilled face 
and jaws. 
Jaws are 

; 3inches wide: 
: z ; epen 5 inches. 
Weight, 26 pounds. Price, each.............. oe 96e 

Sargent’s Bench Vise. 
The Sargent Beneh 
Vise is one of the 
best = 
known ie Sp 
vises on I | I 

ia Mia! 

ly" 1 

the mar- 
ket und is 
not to be 
with cvom- 
mon Vises 
sold oy te ' 
other honses at cut prices. hey wre made of the best 
material, nicely finished, and guaranteed to be the 
best vise sold at the price or money refunded. 

| ATU q 

Widthofjaw Open Weight Priceea. 
No. 247376 3i,in. 3%in. 22% lbs. 9 3.15 
NO, 24T3 77 36, in, 344in. 34 Ibs. 4.00 
No. 247378 44,in. 4%in. 43 Ibs. 4.40 
No. 24T379 43; in, 54%in. 60 Ibs. 5.75 
No. 24T380 535 In. 6 In. 80 Ibs. 7.45 

Parkers’ Bench Vies. 
The Parker Vises are-equal 
ta strength to-:any beneh vise 
on the market, and 
) | 

the steel faces are 
‘i I) milled and fitted to 
i Hl 
weight, 23 pounds. 
Triee, ench . 83.90 

the jaws, and can be 

renewed at a trifling 

No, 247407 Length of jaws, 

'44, Ineles; weight, 4144 pounds. 

Price, each $6.20 

- No, 24T405 Length 
of jaws, 3% Inches; 



Parker’s Swivel 
No. 247410 Lenyth 

of jaws, 24 inches: a 
weight, 8% pounds. SS 
Price, euch ... . $2.37 _ 

No. 24T411 Lengthof 
jaws, 3's inches; weight, 
23 pounds, 

Price, each ... S4.10 

Parker’s Patent Victor 


This Vise has setf 
adjuasting back 
jiaws, which auto- 
HWimatically ad a t 
themselves or 
holdin wedge 
shaped pleces. The 
steel faces of these 
vises are milZed and fit- 
ted to the jaws, and ean 
be renewed ata trifling 

Lengthof jaws Weight 

: Price 
No. 24T413 34 inches =o IDS: &5.10 
No. 24T414 35, inches 39 Ibs. 5.60 

Parker’s Patent 
Swivel Victor 

This Vise has 
swivel back jaw 

and swivel bottom. 
No. 24T415 
Length of jaws, 3% 
inches; welght, 30 
Price, each.. 35.60 
No. 2472116 Length 

of jaws. 3% inches; 
weicht, 42 pounds. 
Price, each... $6.80 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No. 112. 

New Acme Vise. 


bi | 
H ————_) 
rye LS 
1. * 

To suppty the 
growing demand 
handy vise for 
eommon uses, we 
have added to our 
fy list the above im- 
= Plement, which we 

think is in every 
way suitable for 
the purpose. Tt is 
made ef good ma- 
; terial, with steel] 
screw and welded steel jaws milled and cut, is 
strong, conrenient, of ample weight and cheap. 
liead of swivel screw meves in greove running whole 
length of bettom plate, allowing operator to move 
vise out, in, or to any desired angle and fasten in 
position. The nut is made by a long, full thread cut 
in selid metal of back jaw. These vises are hand- 
samely painted and polished. and are finished equal 
to any first class vise in the market, 

No. 24T417 Jaws, 2% inches wide. Opens, 3 inches. 
Weight *. pounds. Price......... 222.2... $1.20 

No, 24T418 Jaws.3% inches wide. Opens, 4inches. 
Wialel.t.14 pounds. Price........:2....3eee ee 81.75 

Nn. 24T419 Jaws.4 inches wide. Opens, 6 inelies. 
Weight, 28 pounds. Pricé...........:22sae S2.735 

New Shepard 

Vises. .. 
The Shepard Vise 
has ali the latest. im- 
provements, is strong < 
and durable, nicely SMT) 
finished and for all ™& ; 
ordinary work will 
answer tbe purpose 
ef a high priced tool. 
This vise has steel 
sliding bars, screws, 
leversand jaws. The 
anvil is full polished. 

Width Jaw Opens Weight Price. 
No. 247422 2 In. = ine 2% Tbs, y piece 
No. 247423 2 in. 2in. 4 Ibs. 95 
No, 24T424 2% in. 3 In. 11 lbs 1.30 
No. 247425 3% in. 4 in. 16 ibs. 1.75 
No. 247426 4 = in. 6 in. 30 lbs. 2.60 } 

Swivel Bottom Vise. 


Handiest swivel 
bottom base onany 
vise—ail on top of 
work beneh. Best 
finished and mest 
yattractive vise ever 

No. 247428 Width - 
‘of jaws, 2 inches: 
opens, 2 inches; 
weight, 3 pounds. 

¥ Price, each ..81.00 
Width Jay Opens Weight Price, each 
. 247430 oa. iN. le 5 Tbs. 81.15 

No. 247431 2% in. 3in. 12 lbs. 1.50 
No. 24T132 3% in. din. 18 ibs. 2.20 
No. 24T433 4 in. 6 in, 32 lbs. 3.00 
Shepard Coachmakers’ Vises. 
Stationary  Bot- 

tom, Coactiimakers' 
Sotid Jaw, Puraltei 
Vise. Our Shepard 
vises are very hand- 
somety  fioished 
and well made. 
All bright parts, in- 
cluding anvil, are 
fully polished. 
Width of jaw. 4% = 
inches; opens, Jinches: weight, 42 pouads. 
No. 24T438 Price, each 

Patent Swivel Solid Jaw Parailei Vise. 

Patent Swivel Bot- 
tom, Coxuehinakers’ 
Solid Jaw, Parailel 
Vise. The swivel base 
on this vise Is the most 
convenient ever offer- 
ed. A slight movement 
ef the lever allews vise 
toturnin auy desired 
position, where it is 
rigidly fastened by 
another Slight turo of 
lever. Widthof iaw, 444 inches; opens, 9 inches. 
Weight, 46 pounds. 

No. 24T440 Price, each . 

Buli Dog Woodworkers’ Vice. 

Bulli Dog Wood- 
workers’ Vise. 
Solid jaw. It isof 
medium size, de- 
signed for the use 
of carriage and 
wagon mitkers, pat- 
tern makers and 
wood workers 
generaliy. The 
best vice of its 
kind made, no mat- 
ter how much you 
pey forit. Has 4% 
inch jaws, opens 9.nches. Weight, 48 pounds. 
No. 247441 Price, each......c..; cnnescsscee Orne 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.iI2. 

Aome Woodworkers’ Vises. 

Shmuple, strong, 
elheap. The New 
Acme Woodworkers 
Vises are meeting 
unparalleled pop- 
ularity with wood- 
workers und mann- 
a] training schools. 
on account of their 

cheapness, simplielty and efelency. Con- 

struction: Rigid juws that will stand any de- 

gree of pressure on theirends and remain truce 

and parallel; rack of forged steel, acenrate} 

milled; thrust 5, to #,-ineh taken up with 

one hulf turu of the handle, making the 
most convenicnt action possible tor any vise. 

No. 24T443 No.4, Width of jaw 3x74 inches, opens 
9inehes. Weight, 25 pounds. Vrice.... 82.90 

Vise Drili Attachment. 

Thisis the only drill at- 
tachment that can he se- 
curely fastened to a vise, 
thus enabling the operator 
to do as perfect work as 
with anexpensive post drill. 
Mude to fit four sizes of 
vises, as follows: 

Prices below do not includ the vise. 

No. 2£T445 To fit our Nos. 247432 and 247425, 
JU ee: oo) 1 
No. 2471416 To fit our Nos. 
i tice, each....... 

Blacksmiths’ Stocks and Dies. 

A LET : 
lad ple 


Made by one ol the oldest and most reliable firms in the 
United States , 



No. 24T160 No. 55 Stock anid Dies; cuts 5-16 to 
1-16inch, right hand, 18, 24 and 32 threadsto the inch, 
4 taps and 3sets of dies, complete; weight, I pound. 

Doo, VS 0a | $1.30 

No. 24T162 No.&53 Stock and Dies; cuts 5-16 to 
1-l6inch, right hand, 16, 20,24 and 32 threads tothe 
tnveh, 4 faps and 4 sets of dics; weight, 1 pound. 

LU lcah Uy ot: See ee Lee . .- $1.43 

No. 24T16£ No. 53A cuts 5-16 to 1-I6ineh, right 
hand, 15, 20, 24 and 32 threads to inch, 4taps and 4 
Beta Olean! TICG, PCr SCL... --.- ee ceree eens a) Oe 33 

No. 24T466 No.42 Steck and Dies; cuts \% to 
3-16 inch, right hand, 14 to 20 threads tothe inch, and 
4 to 5-13 left hand, 1¢ threads to the inch, t taps and 
3 sets of dies; weight, 244 lbs. Price. per set... 81.82 

No. 24T1638 No.4% Stock and Dies; cuts % inch 
to %4 inch, right hand, 16,20 and 28 threads to the 
inch. 6 taps and 1 set of 3 dies; weight, 214 lbs. 

Price, jer s@L.......... - SE oe Poe RA ee 

No. S4TA70 No. 4EC cuts % to 3-16 inch, right 
hand, 12, 14 and 16 threads to inch, 6taps and 3 sets 
of dies. Price, per set............ ee es) A 1.72 

No, 21T472 No. 41D cuts % to 3-16 inch, right 
hand, 12,16 and 20 threads to Inch, 6taps and 3 sets 
Giles ETice, perset........cc0.+. fee eee: SI.74 

No, 24T474 No. 41E cuts % to3-16 inch, right 
hand,12, 14and18 threads toinch, 6 taps and 3 sets 
Mivicsm Prige,;perset ......9 .. : ae ee BETS 

No. 24T1476 No.37 Stoek and Dies; euts % to 
3-16 inch, right hand, 14, 1% and 22 threads to inech,6 
- taps and 8 sets of dies; weight, 31bs. 5 oz. 

MICO Ief SOL........--- ee yd fe, he O 

No. 24T1478 No. 37A cuts % to 3-16 inch, right 
hand, 12, 14 and 16 threads to inch, 6taps and 3scts 
Gaeles wee TiGe. per Set ......--..s.000005- eet ae 

No. 24T480 No. 37C cuts § to inch, right hand, 
t1, 12 and 16 threads to inch, 6 taps and 3 sets of dies. 

ST SCG. |, go = oo ke occ wecw sesekscs+scesss eA | 

No. 24T482 No. 34C cuts % to SY inch, right hand, 
10. 11 and 12 threads to inch, 3 taps and 3 sets of dies. 

Price jer set........ eo ee B2.34 

No. 24T454 No. 34B Stock and Dies; cuts 3{ to 
5-16 inch, right hand, 12. 14 and 16 threads to the 
inch, 3 taps and 3 sets of dies; weight, 244 lbs. 

ico oy eee... eels 

No. 24Ti86 Now.34A Stockand Dies; cuts %{ to 
5-I6inch, right hand, 10, 12 and 14 threads to the 
inch, 3 taps and 3 sets of dies; weighf, 2'4 pounds. 

Lela eS Caer ore 8 Lae 

No. 24T188 No. 34 Stock and Dies; cuts Y{ to 
S-I6inch, right hand, 10. 12 and 16 threads to the 
inck, 3 taps and 3 sets of dies; weight, 244 pounds. 

We CRISS cies ce as cine sas ee ee diglescecaaa es 1 meee 

No. 21TI90 No. 32A cuts { to 5-16 inch, right 
hand, 10, 11, 12 and 14 threads to inch, 4 taps and 4 
sets of dies. Price, perset..... a. = .... 2.60 

No. 24T492 No. 32B cuts ¥{ to 3 inch, right 
hand, 10.12, 14and 16 threads to inch, 4 taps and 4 
Beis of dies, Price, Per SCt.......2....cccaccees $2.62 

No. 24T194 No. 23 Stock and Dies; cutslinchto 
%-inch, right hand, 9, 10 and 14 threads to the inch,3 
taps and 3 sets of dies complete; weight. 4 tbs. 2 oz. 

fericis, Per S@L...... 2.5.00. Sameera: eg 

No. 24T496 No. 23A cuts 1to % inch, right hand, 
8, 10 and 12 threads to inch, 3 taps and 3 palrs of dies. 

Price, per set.... $2.65 


247433 and 24T426, 

see eee eeeeeaeaere onpnmerearre anne e 

ance hea 

bet Ba | 

ae ree ere 

“ese ee eee 

Biacksmiths’ Dios. 

Packsiniths’ Dier, in seth only, 
to flit sLocks abesve, 

=r € 
SJ ‘a 
Wecannot furnish extra dies to 

fiievery number oft stock as they are not all inter- 


No. 24T500) For No. 2474160 siock and die. . 40.40 
No. 21T502 Kor No. 24T1G62 stock ane ie... 

No. 24T503 For No. £47T166 stock and de. 

No. 21T504 For Now 2IDdGS stoek aud dic, 

No 2tTS500 For No. 2aATse7G srock and die. 

No. 21T508) Kor No. 247181 stock und die.. 

No. 21'ITS510 Prop No. 24TU8S6 stock and adic.. o 
No. 29ITSI2 For No. 24TI92 stock and die. . 7 
No. 24T514 For No. 24T994 stock and die... FE.06 
No. 243TStS For No. 247529 stock and dlu.. 1.565 
No. 24T516 ForNo. 2428558 ¢ stock and die.. 1.18 

Separato Pietc Blacksmiths’ Stocks and 

Made of high grade steel, finely finished. War- 

ranted to cut a perfeet thread; to be free from 


flaws and of perfeet workmanship. The best 
solid die blacksmiths’ stocks on the market. 

No. 24T525 No. GLA cuts to 'y-ineh weht band, 
12, Wd and 16 threads to inch; 3 tups and 3 pairs of 
dies. (Pricey per sct... 0 2.45. eee OS 

No. 24T527 No. 5tK cuts % to 4 -inch right hand. 
(2, 14,16 and 18threadsto inch; 4 taps and 4 puirs of 
dies ice. per Sct...60 ee ne Tee oe , &2.34 

No. 24T529 No. 6U Stoek and Dies; cuts 4% to %- 
inch, right hund, 10,12, t4 and 18 threads to inch; 
4tips und 4 pairs of dies. Price. per sct.......83.40 

No. Z24T531 No. 27 Stock and Dies; cuts ¥f to %4- 
inch, right hand, 10, 12 and 16 threads to inch, 6 
taps and 3 pairs of dies; weight, 5 pounds. 

Prive, pur set... $3.42 

No. 247533 No.273B cuts 4{ toy3-ineb righthand, 
10, 11. 12, 14 and 16 threads to inch; 5 taps and 5 pairs 
of dies. Priee, per set 83.00 

No. 24T535 No. 27C cuts YZ to Y-inch right hand, 
JO, 11, 1%. 14,16 and [8 threads to inch; 6 tups and 6 
pairs of dies. Price, perset... .............. ..83.43 

No. 24T537 No. 27D cuts 4, to -inch righthand, 
10. 11, 12, 14, 16, 2R8und 20 threads to Inch; 7 tups and 7 
fas OF igs. Price, per S@t. 0. a. sseeene s-008 M4.95 

No. 24T539 No. 274 cuts % to 43-inch right hand, 
10,1) and 12 threads to Inch; 6 tups and J pairs of 
dies. Price, per set ..... rT eee... Zee $3.45 
_ No. 24T541 No. 19B ents1 to %-inch right hand, 
&, 9, 10 and 11 threads to inch; 4 taps and 4 puirs of 
(Re UGE CRBSOL vo kee tienes seo eerecrese. K3.48 

No. 24T543 No. 19C cuts 1 to y4-inch right hand, 
& 9,10, tf and 12 threads to inch; 5 taps and 5 puirs of 
dies. Price, per set....... $5,47 

Dalton Axle Cutter. 

se) epee se ee eee hh eh hh he 

ee ee ee ee 

ee ee | 

No. 217555 
The Dalton 
Axle Cutter 
is a tool de- 
signed for 
muttin ¢ 
back the 

aT... WN ae Ce 
yours Shoulder 

ti} } Ht Hi | I nn CAT - 

riage and 
wagonaxles that have become worn. toallow the nut 
to be brought sufficiently close tothe wheel to prevent 
the wabbling of the latier, This machineconsists of 2 
screw plate, with right and left hand dies cutting as 
follows: 1! sinches and less, 9 threads; 1-inch and less, 
1l0threads; 3j-inch and less, 12 threads. One paireach 
right and left hand cutters, same as represented in 
smallercut, torcutting back the nut shoulder of axle, 
also one pair of curters and two collars for cutting 
down axlo from the top, ind one hack saw for cutting 
off end of z:xle when necessary. Price 

The Cster Patent Die Stocks. 
The Celebrated act are eS ree 
OsterScrewViates UE Pe S Bay 
with Adjustable (NTHE;SSOSTER:PATENT). 

Guides. Sib : : 
Cuts a elean per- “NO SK mUInED. on 

fect thread. The 
adjustable guides 
centur the work to 
the dies, neatly fit- 
ting ali variations 
in sizes of rods and 
insuring a straight 
thread in true Wolaliihae PAARDE ON) A 
alignment with the rod, making machine finlsh on 
the thread. Nopointingof rod is required; the dies 
being correctly shaped ana centered, perform the 
operiition completely and perfectly. The dies can be 
quickly set to any adjustment for a tight or loose fit- 
ting nut as well asstandurd, being governed by astop 
or gauge which regniates the size and enables the 
operator to produce accurate duplicates. They are 
especially adapted to cutting long straight threads 
quickly und accurately. Allin oak cases. 
No. 24T560 No.30 Six sets dies and six taps. 


Wyte ee 


FER CCT THREAOS a tay! AG ere rae 

Cuttin&g ee. y 4M 5, % 1% “Il p,; 
Threads,... 24 20 18 16 14 i12/ Price......9.40 
No. 24T561 No.3 Seven sets dies and eight taps. 

6 ANG T 4° 
é a Va 1¢é YL i oe 12.74 
is 16 if 12 12 11 104 Price, S3I2.75 

No. 32 Nine sets dies and ten taps. 

Cutting. 4 Y; 5% 

No. 24T562 

Cutting.. a = 35 Fs Vs °. 56 mac Tg 1} : —. me 
Threads ..20 18 16 14 12 12 11 10 9 gf Price.BI8.75 


Dupiex Dic Stocks for Bolts and Rods. 

The quick 
opening fea- 
ture of the 
dles Jn these 
tools in espe- 
elally valu- 
able, as there 
isa ereat wav: 
lng oof thine 
by releasing 
then: from 
jinistied work 
wit liout be- 
le idra back over tle Jong threads 
on bolts. Then, too, the case with which the size 
of threads muy be varied is a great advantage over 
ordinary round or split dies. Our dies can be set 
linmediitely to thread stundard sizes, or any over 
arundersize; thay also cut free and easy, and are 
no more diffenlt to sharpen thun @ chisel, No 
screwdriver orwrenehes ware needed for ils desis 
A number of improvements have lately been made 
on this Hine of dle stocks, and {t will be found that 
they are superior tools In Gvery way to those we pre- 
Viously mnanufaetured. Each set is put up with ma- 
chinists’ hand taps, in a hardwood cuse, as shown by 

Miachinists’ Sets. 
V, United States and Whitworth Standard 

Our machinists’ scts are shipped with standard 
even sizes und with tips of the plug form, unless 
otherwise ordered, but we cun furnish them 44-inck 
over-size and with taper taps for rough iron work, if 

No. 24T570 Set A, complete in hardwood box. 

Ing obtiges 

Cutting.:...-.......-..4 98 % a 
‘Threaded... cue 20) ~«6dISs”—lo16 13 12 ieee 
With f sets of dies and 7 taps, compicte in case. 
Price Sp. .5226. .. eee DL res .... SI3.00 
No. 247571 Extra divs, per single set (4 
THeCeS) Bees « «neers ae cee rs = 1.26 
No. 24T573 Set B, vomplete in hardwood box. 
Cutting.....0% + % yy. %*% & & eet 
Threads ......20 18 i6 if 12 11 10 9 6& 
With 9scts of dies and 9 taps, complete in case. 
rice... ... eee... 2 eee S19.00 
No. 24T574 Extra dies. prr single set (4 
pieces)... Q2707eeee eee. : ae 1.50 
No. 24T576 Set B3, complete in hardwood box. 
Cutting. y; M4 fn “3%, % %S& & “de j 
Threads #1" 20 Is 16 14. 123 10 eo ~ 

This is a combination set, containinga size AA anc 
a size B2 die stock, complete with taps. 
Price. 2... ee 22.00 

Blacksmiths’ Taper and Piug Taps. 

ees es seer eae eee eee eee ee 


Give size and threads when ordering. 
No. 24T6580 Right Hand Plug Taps. 

No. 24T582 Left Hand Ping Taps. 

No, 24T534 Right Hand Taper Taps. 

No, 24T5836 Left Hand Taper Taps. 

G | ww ae 
os = Threads to Frice £2 2 Threadsto Price 
a = the inch cach, Re = the inch eack 
mrTt 30, 32. .2.0 gee .1te = T 10,11,12.14.16,.80.18 
vr lt. 24, sy See 12e 3, 1) 10, 12... 3a 24 
4y RK 16,18,20, 23.2,26 13se 3, R 7,8,9.10,12,14 .25 
#; R 14, 16, 18920, 22236] @ 0 9..... . ee GE 
4, RK 10.12,14, 16,18,20 L4e 1 8, 9, 10.22 34 
sels It.c2 ee eee lie] 1. L 8,9...) fee 45 
ve Ie 10.12, 14,16, 787. te | Sie tS. Soo 46 
ML 114 1.2) uw. PSeypois Lees. eee -63 
wR 10,18, 14,16, 18.) 16a8 isk 61.5.7) --22 64 
to | Pe Pp IISc Lo L 6, 7 s rr ee ec 1.08 
wo RR: 10 1351-16. 0 aee BIG: Fo ty, eee 1.09 
Sy 10 eae oie 
Oan furnish other sizes. Prices upoa appiicatioa. 

Machinists’ Hand Taps. 

No. 24T590 Ma- 
Suormmrnonrcom) chinists’ Hand Taps 
Se for staadard sizes of 
IMustration ShowsVilug Tap bolts machine 
screws, bicycle manufacturing and bicycle repair- 
ing. Furnished in sets (consisting of taper, plug 
and bottoming) or singly, either taper, plug or bot- 
toming. Besureand state which is waated, also 
give size and number of threads. Made of the best 
cast stecl, accurate to size and finely tempered. 

3to a Set—Taper, Piug and Bottoming. 

Dilam- 3 
gier No. Threads to Inch ee eae 
3 16, 1S, 20, BE 24, 26, 28) 30) de eee S0.14 80.40 
vs | 16, 18, 20, 2 24, 2h, 28) aD, oe eee 15 A3 
Fy 14, 16, IS, 20, 28. 24, 2b, 2S Ue ee Ali et AG 
re_ (24, 16,18, 20, 22,24, 36, 23) 305 ee 19 56 
4 © (12, 13, 14. 16.18, 20, 22851, Soca ae 23 -65 
Po 18, 18, 20.288 | gens oe (| 298 Bae 
5 10,91, 12.14 2200 21... 2 eee 2) -90 
it [Oe 2 | a I ere 8 ss a ; 37; 3.10 
? | RE i) (lS | BS Pee oe Oe ee 2 al cLeu eTe 
iz 1 0 errs oe eee ep tn ey ee ee 53! 1.55 
Z Ae CeO Beet ere oe ce aoe 68 1.70 
1g di 2 eR EN areal eieielae wena vinit Eh ‘65 1.90 
1 8 ASS 9, 1092 i os ' 30 2.00 


Bicycle Taper Taps. 

*No. 247595 Migh Grade 
Bicycle Taper Taps. 
‘These taps were designed 
especlaliy to meet the 
demaads of bicyele re- 
pairers for a tapering 
tup. These taps are so 
arranged that when run 
into a hole the full length 
of its thread the point of 
the next larger size wilt 
enter. The diameter given 
betow jis of the largest part 
of the tap. Furnished in 
V-thread only. 


NO, Threads to 

Diameter | the lnch | Price.each 
W-ineh | 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 3°.......... 19¢ 
;-inch Oy 32 94, 2g0eseap 3. ........ 2¢ 
4 -fneh 2th 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32. «eeeee8e 25e 
vs-inch 2 WR 0 as 27e¢ 
%-inch C0 MMR, 21026, 28, 30, 32.......... 30c 
Taper Reamers for Wood or Iron. 
ae No. 24T600 
a A é . These Reamers 

; ) a are made of the 
finest English steel. Every one wurranted to cut a 
smooth, clean hole. ey be used in bit brace. 

Sizes OA Dae 44 138 f 1 % 9 54 x 
Price, each, 18¢ 23c 26c¢ 3ie 35c 42 48c sige 65e 
Hand Tap Wrench., 
No. 24T605 Onur Hand Tap 
Wrench is oaeof the hand- 
jest tools in a bicycle or machine 
shop. Easy to adjust, holds the tap 
firmly and cannot become loose with- 
out loosing the shell or sleeve. Will 
hold tapsupio No.14. lt is made of the 

best quality stee}, is nicely finished. 

Periceweachy Only .........s- Se eee eee 

5 = 
© ete ale 

The above shows our new Acme | 
Bicycle Screw Plate. We believe it to be the most 
convenient assortment ever put up, as it is practi- 
cally a complete outfit for ordinary repairs. The 
dies can be adjusted to cut y~,-inch larger or smaller. 
2 inches long, 13 pairs dies 3x24, 32; 5x18, 20, 24, 26, 
28, 32; 44x20, 24, right hand. %x20, 24, left hand. In- 
eluding one puir tap wrench dies. 19 bicycle taper 
taps 14x20, 24, 26, 28; 4x20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 32; 33x18, 
20, 24, 26, 28; %x20, 21, right hand. %x20, 24, left 
fiideseietce, COMplete Set...... ......ccsceses $11.00 

Ss chanyeable, all be- 

Adjustable Tap and Reamer Wrench. 
Used in oar Invincible Screw Plates. 
Adjustable Tap 
and Reamerg¢ ; 
Wrench, finely _ 
finished, jaws are made of the finest tool steel, Fully 

No. 24T665 Price, 10-inch, holds taps 3, to \%- 
sy $1.30 
No. 2476673 Price, 16-inch, holds taps % to 
2 aed bee #1 

34 - 
69655 00.2 505050 2... See ae en 75 

Plates will 
be found 
very cun- 
astiiey are 
especially | 
to bicyele 
sinall size 
8c re WwW 8, 
eic. The 
dies are 
for mak- 
Plug taps are furnished with 
these plates. Put upina neat, solid, hurdwood case. 

No. 24T620 Set No. 1. Stock 5 iuches long, round 
adjustable dies 6; of an inchin diameter, 6 Tee and 
$ taps and 1 adjustable tap wrench. Cutting. 54; 
4g, 40; 3,48; 144, 56; 2, 56; 3.56, or an equal number of | 
regular sizes. Complete, in hardwood case....82.90 

No. 24T622 Set No. 2.Stock 5 inches long round, 
adjustable dies * of an inch in diameter. 6 dies aud 
8taps and 1 adjustable tap wrench. Cutting 3-32. 56; 
7-64, 56; 9-64, 40; 1. 64; 1%, 56; 2.48. or an equal num- 
ber of regular sizes. Price, complete $2.95 

No. 24T623 Set No. 3. Stock 5 inches long, round, 
adjustahle dies 6; of an Inch in diameter, 14 dies and 
I4 tups and one adjustable tap wrench. Cutting 
3-32, 52; 3-32, 51; 3-32. 56; 7-64, 56; 48, 40: 34, 42; 9-64 
40; 1, 84; 1%, 5H; 2, 48; 3, 56; 4, 42; 6, 38, or an equa 
‘aumber of regular sizes. Price, complete....85.95 

ing tight or loose fits. 

Extras for preceding bicycle screw plates. 
No. 24T630 Singie Stock, withont Dies. Ea., 40c 
No, 24T63) Single Die, any size. Price, each, 30¢ 
No. 24T632 Singie Adjustable Tap Wrench. 
Price, CACd .. 5. ccuseseus eece ee yee eee .. 45¢ 
o. 24T633 Single Taps, fractlonal sizes, ,’, and 
smaller. Price, each..2........0..2.) 7) 15c 
No. 247634 Single Taps, \%, 1], %,and smaller. 
Price; Gach ccs. cussesscce os. Colts lic 
No. 24T635 Single Taps, machine screw sizes, 
gauge No. 13 and smaller, Price, each..., .....14¢ 

Bicycle Screw Plates. 

At $10.00 to $12.00, we are offering the high- 
est grade bicycle screw plates on the market, 
plates that every bicycle repairer should have. 

= This Screw Plate 
with round adjast- 
able die. Sizes and 
threads areespecial- 
ly adapte for 
threading bicycle 
parts. The dies are 
1% inches in diam- 
» eter and are made 
== so they can hequick- 

sacaly adjusted tu cut 

a thread to either a 
tight or loose fit. They cnt a fullthread at once 
passing over the work, and are considered the 
easiest thread cutting die on the market. Fur- 
nished complete In hardwood case. 

No. 24T640 No.112 Plate; 14 ia. long,adjustahle 
tap wreoch. Five dies and five taps, cutting }{-loch, 

20 threads; s&, 20; %, 20; y%, 20; and %, 20; right 
hand. Price, per set, complete................ *%10.00 

No. 247642 No. 4 Plate; 14 in. long, adjastable 
tap wrench. Five dies and five taps, cutting 44-inch, 
24 threads; 5, 24: » o45 ve, 24; and %, 24; right 
hand. Price, per set, complete................ $10.00 
No. 247644 No. 8 Plate; liin. long, adjastable 

tap wreocis. Five dies and five taps, cutting 44-inch. 

30 threads; 5, 303 %, 30; 7, 80; and %, 30: right 
hand. Price, per set, complete................ $10.00 
No. 247646 No.H10 Plate; 14 in. loag,adjastahble 

tap wrench. Eight dies and eight taps, cutting 4- 

inch, 24 threads; ;&. 24; 3%. 24: va. 24: %, 24: %, 20: 
right hand; and %, 20; \%, 24; left hand, 
Price, complete, in hardwood case.......... #12.00 
No. 247648 Price of Extra Dies, for the above, 
BMY SIZERCACHI 3.0 -- ver oe cegen name ee ee 65c 

MachIinIists’ Adjustable Screw Plates. 

Machloists’ Ad- 
justable Sliding 
Die Screw VPiates. 
Sizes and threads 
are especial) 
adapted for thread- 
ing bicyele parts. 
The dies are inter- 

Ing ground to 
standard sizes and warranted to fit plate. When 
ordering new dies give list numberstamped on plate, 
Each set foralshed complete in hardwood case. 
No. 24T655 No. 214C, 11% inches long, five puirs 
dies and five taps, cutting %{-inch, 20 threads; ,- 
inch, 18 threads; %-inch, 16 threads; ,%-inch, 14 
threads; %-inch, 12 threads. Price, perset....$4.40 
No. 24T657 No.3 C, 14 inches long, four pairs 
dies and four taps, cutting %-inch. 16 threads; ,%,- 
inch, 14 threads; %-inch, 12 threads; %-inch, 1 
threads. Price, Der S@O_ 2. eee. = ee. ee $84.25 
No. 24T659 No. 3 D, 14 inches long, six pairs dies 
and six taps, cutting ta-ineh, 20 threads; ,¥,-inceh, 18 
threads; %:-inch, 16 threads: ,%-inch, 14 threads; %- 
Inch, 12 threads; §j-ineh, 11 threads. 
EICe, Per SUt..2 0a... ...0 cee. eee &5.70 
No. 247662 No. 4 B,19 inches long, seven puirs 
dies and seven tips, cutting '4-inch, 20 threads; 5,- 
inch, 18 threads; %-inch, 16 threads; ,%-inch, 14 
threads; %-inch, 12 threads; §{-inch, 11 threads; \- 
inch, 10 threads, Price, per set... .:.-.... $8.00 

Extra Dics. 

No. 24T664 Extra Dles for above stocks, any alze. 
Price, per pair 3 


Pine Tar. 

Carefully prepared from North Curo- 
lina, pipe. No horseshoer shoaid be with- 
oatit. Is cooling and healing and can be 
applied with oukum for diseased feet with 
y excellent results. 

No. 247984 
Gallon cans....... “% 1 2 3 
Price, per can 26c 47c¢ 80c $1.10 

Le Page’s Prepared Clue. 

Strongest glue made, has no offens- 
ive odor, is not weakened by age, ready 
for use, will mend anything: glass, 
china, wood, leather, marble, crockery, 

paper, etc. 

No. 3T5630 1l-oz. bottle. Each....6¢ 
No. 375634 2-02. bottle. Each....9e 
No. 3TS5636 4-oz.tinean. Each... l4de 
No.3T75638 %4-pinttincan. Fach. 20c 
}-pint tincan. Each.30c¢ 

No. 3T5610 
No. 375642 1l-qaart tincaa. Ea..55e 



SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. ii2. 

oo — Our Invinclble Screw 
eS = Plates are manufac- 

tured hy one of the 
» most reliable as well as 
4 largest concerns in the 
United States. They 
are made of the hest 
{material money will 
}buy, are of perfect 
workmanship and ad- 
¥ jJustment, which ln the 
y past has demonstrated 
they are the most com- 
plete and eusiest cut- 
. ting plates on the mar- 
: ket. The adjustment 
on the diesis very simple, making it impossible forone 
half of cutter to cut more than the other, thus always 
cutting a clean, perfect thread. For eat close 
up to a shoulder use face side of die downwards. 
Invincible Screw Plates are sold wlth a guar- 
antee to be perfect In every respect and to be the 
casiest cutting tool sold, or moaey refanded. Full 
directions sent with each plate how to operate and 
take care of same. We send over size thread, 
which is the common bolt thread, unless otherwise 
ordered. - 
Invincible Screw Plates at $6.1I5to $10.0 
gd %4; Mertas “46 IN SMALL STOCK ET 



SORES ; -\ 

(STS BY eS Ti Cui bie NA Ul I ae GU Se ING 
No. 24T675 The Envincihle Screw Plate, No. A, 
witb five taps and five pairs dies, cutting 4, %, % 
¢ and X% inch, complete with taps, dies, guides an 
stock, put up in nice hardwood case; stocks are 14 
and 26 inches long. Price, per set.............. $6.15 
No. 24T677 The Iaviacibie Screw Plate, No. B, 
with seven taps and seven puirs dies, cutting \, 3 
33, x3. 4%, % and 3{"inch, complete with taps, dies and 
stocks; stocks are 14 and 26 inches long; comes put 
up in hurdwood case. Price, per set.......-....- 88.00 
iO. 247679 The Invincible Screw Plate, No. C, 
with six taps and six puirs dies, cutting 14, 33, %, % 
34 and 1 inch, complete with taps, dies, guides and 
stocks; stocks are 14 and %t inches long; comes 
put up in hardwood case. Price, per set. .. $10.00 


= Sane 

os tiapanelh  nyfall 

MTT] ny PT 


SINE, ir stag CS. fA Ni ANT IZeNtK LONG 
No, 22T681 The Invinclble Screw Plate No. D, 
with 9 taps and 9 pair dies, cutting }{, y5,%, ,%.%, 
63, 4%. % and l-inch. Complete with taps, dies, guides 
and stock—stocks are 14 and 26 incheslong. Comes 
put up in nice hardwood case. Price, perset..&12.75 
No. 24T683 The Invineclbie Screw Plato No. E, 
with 7 taps and 7 pair dies, cutting %, y%, %, 9%. %, 
33 and i-inch. Complete with taps, dies, guides, col- 
lets and stocks—stocks are 14 and 26 inches long. 
Price, GRCD.......0...0.00 0000 ce ee $11.25 
No. 24T685 The Invincible Screw Plate No. F, 
with 9 taps and 9 pair dies. cutting %, 14, %, %. %. 3s, 
1, 144,and 14{-inch. Complete witb taps, dies, guides, 
collets and stovks. Price, perset............. $25.00 
No. 24T687 The Invincible Serew Plate No. G, 
with 11 taps and 11 pair dies. cutting ¥, ys, %, 5, %, 
%, 1,14, 144, 1% and1%-inch. Complete with dies, taps, 
guides, collets and stocks. Price, per set......$33.00 
Invincible Full Mounted Screw Plates. 

Invinelble Fuati 

Serew Platea. 

dies and taps in the sets are the same high quality 


as our No. 24T687, only we furnish a complete 
stock with each die, which does away with chang- 
ing every time you wish to cut a different size 
thread. It muakés one of the handiest and most 
complete plutes to be had. Several workmen in the 
same shop may be using dies from the same screw 
plate at the same time. Furnished complete ina 
heavy hardwood }ox. 

No. 24T695 No. 1 Serew Ptate, cutting seven 
sizes, 4 to 4{-inch. complete with seven taps to match 
dies. Price, perset.....cecessse> sss. ++ on $9.35 

No. 24T699 No. 2 Screw Plate, cutting nine 
sizes, }{ to 1-inch, complete with nine taps to match 
dies. Price, per Setjan-.. .... 815.00 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicage. 
Lightning Screw Plates. 

Aome Round Adjustable Split Die Screw 

In the Acme Adjustable Screw Plate we have a 
piate thatis second ta none. It Is a brand new 
plate made for our 190% trade. We have taken 
the dozen or more plates now on the market and by 
using only the strong pointsof euch hare mannfac- | 
tured a plate which we think is by far the best shown 
by anyone. They are made of the very highest grade 
oF gteel, fully gpnaranteed in every peer and 
more easily udjusted tosizes than any other plato 
made. They are furnished complete with adjusta- 
bie top wrench put up in a strong hardwood case. 
The sizes given below are exact, Cun fnrnish dies 
and taps 4-inch over size if so specified In yourorder. 
No. 24T705 No. Screw Pilate, 14 inches 
long, 5 dies, 1% inches iu diameter, 5 guldes and 5 
taps with adjustable tap wrench, cutting 34-inch, 20 
threads: ,&-inch, 18 threads; %-inch, 16 threads; ‘37 
{uch, 14 threads; 44-inch, 12 threads. Per set,.86.45 
No. 247707 No. 1-13 screw Plate, 23 Inches long, 
7 dies 2 inches In diameter, 7 gnides and 7 taps with 
adjustable tap wrench, cutting 44-inch, 20 threads; 
v,-inch, 18 threads; 3,-inch, 16 threads; j,cineh, lt 
threads; 44-inch, 12 threads; %-inch, 11 threads: %- 
{nch, 10 threads. Price, per Set.......-.-.-» ane BTS 
No. 247710 No. J16 Serew Plate, 29 inches 
iong.9 dies 2% inches in diameter. 9 guldes and 9 
taps with adjustable tap wrench, entting 44-inch, 20 
threads; ,%-ineh, 1s threads; %-inch, 16 threads; ,'.- 
Inch, 14 threads; %-inch, 12 threads; %-ineh, 11 
threads: %-inch, 10threads; %-inch, 9 threads, and 
j-inch, 8 thrends. Price, per set.......--..-.- Std. 
No. 24T712 No. JiS Screw Plate, °9 inches 
long, 5 dies, 2% inches in diameter, 5 guides and 5 

taps with adjustable tap wreneh, cutting 3;-Inch, 12 
3;-ineh.10 threads; %- 
Price, per set, 89.85 

threads; $g-inch, li thread; %, 
inch, 9 threads; I-inch, ? threaas. 

Lightning Screw 

No.247T720 Lightning 
Screw Piate and Stock. 
Tap wrench and five 
size taps and guide, }s, 
[eee =: ang ‘4{-inch. 
Stock, § inehss long. V 
shaped thread sent un- 
less otherwise ordered. 

Price, comptete. iu 
wyood case........-. %3.70 

Creen River Screw Plates. 

The Green River Screw Pilate being ooe of the old- 
est and best known makes on the market itis hardly 
necessary for us to state that the qnality both as 
to material and workmanship is up to the highest 
standard, and its simplicity and durability with Its 
modern price make it one of the hest screw plates 
on the market, It does the work at a single ent, 
and is warranted not tostripthe threads, Thediesare 
adjustable for wear, and to make boits or nuts fit 
tightly or loosely as desired. For close eutting up 
to a shonider use the face side of die after starting 
the thread with tle other side. 

No. 247725 No. 1°3, ents from '{ to X& inch; stock 
22 inches long. 7 sizes; 34, rss % ver 4, 5s, 2é-inch 
PR dies and guides complete in case, 

er set ‘pee e pePeae eee tea eee- see ere ere eee eee “Beesv eae $8.50 

St ee I = Lt 3 aS — =— 

Noe Zabeee (LaeGreen Kivcrovcrew Plate,set 
6 cuts from 4% tolineh; stock 29inches in length,9 
S1z¢S; 44, 1. Fas vs. Ye. $$. %. %e und, l-inch taps. 
dies and guides complete in case. Weight, 18 Jbs. 
1S So ee. ee cc $15.50 
Other pumbers of Green River Screw Plates 

quoted on request. 



No. Tire Upsetter. 

CATALOGUE No.!I2. 523 

Littlo Clant Tire Upsetter, No. 2. 
2 No. 24 T7604 
y No, 2 is heavier 
than No. ],and 
lies on the floor, 

both jaws 

Will up” 
set any 
tire, from 
No. 247730 This lsoneof the best serew plates | a light 
made, hasndjustable dies whieh can be taken up buggy 
when worn. (Cuts a fine thread at one cut, Is tinely i. tire tua 
finished and fully warranted, Ask any machinist or truck 4 
hiacksmith and they will tell) you the Jightning inches wide, Or 
leads them nli. Sent yy over size V shaped thread, burs of sqnare 
unless otherwise ordered. Size O cuts from 4 tol or ronnd iron up to 14 inches in diameter. Weight. 
inch; stock is 29 inches long; cnts 4, o M. ys’ 160 pounds. Price, cach, ......-..0.-+5-: .... $11.00, 

%, %, %, ks andlinch. Price, each...... ihe $16.00 | , ae ere sa bese 1} Mole Tlre 
ng down the lever grasps Shrinkera. 

the tireand duesthe work; 
rusing the lever opens it. 
By this means it Is notnec- 
essary to remove the tire 
untilit ts npset as much as 
required. Can be success- 
fully operated by one man. 
Sizes 2 and 3 fnrnished with 
anti-kink; size 1 withont. 
No. 24T770 Mole Tire 
Shrinker, size 1. 

ing Screw Plate. 

a =. 
= 3 “ 

Full Mounted Lightn 

ta se 
eau er ” 


————— B 2 d ji -, 24 , 
inches; weight, te 
120 lbs. Is ad- Is 
apted to gen-gZexs 
eral custo mae 
- Or k sd 1 rice, ie 
No. 247732 rae Tig 7 eee R4.6 

The New Lightaing Full Mounted 
Screw Plate. Same as our No, 247730, with a stock 
for each die, which does away with changing dies 
every time you wish to cut a different size thread, 
Size COC, 9 Sizes, Ja, gs 4as vee Ye. 54s 3, and J-ineh; 
eomplete with taps and dies of the above sizes, and a 
stock fureach size. Comes pot up in hardwood ease, 

Price, PET SCL, ... se cev ane ennenenn ee eneee oo SLF.15 

. oO 

No. 24T773 Mole Tire Shrinker, size 2. Bed is 3 
inches; weight, 193 lbs. Will do ail but the heaviest 
work. Price.entilic...cee pee eee ee $5.70 
No, 247778 Mole Tire Shrinker, size 3. 
inches: weight, 275 lbs. Will shrink ali sizes, inelud- 
ing heavy wagon and truck tires. Price, each, 83.00 
Geared Tire ees ce Benders 
with rollers on steel 
Bencers. shafts; made with iron 
se. A first class bender 

for a littie money. 
No. 247784 SizeNo. 
2, will bend tires pp to 
_ andineindinz3%4-inch 
= tire. Weight, & Ibs. 

Gunsmiths’ Screw Plate. 

em: | S| 

=a = ——~ § Price.each...... $3.75 
—— <a No. 247786 Size No. 2%, will up to and 
a including 6-inch tire. Weight, 1161bs. Each..64.65 

The Cincinnatl Tire Bender. 

No. 24T790 The Ciacin- 
natiTire Bender, with rol- j 
lers on steel shafts, is by far 
ithe best benderon the miur- 
ket. The double gearing 
nakesit easy to Op- 
ernte; bends a per- 
fect circle every 
time, Tlas patent ad- 
justments for differ- 
ent thickness of tire. 

No. 2191739 Serew Plates, iron handles, will cut 4 
different sizes from s to 3 intended for gnn- 
smiths’, jewelers’ or model makers’ Dse. Weight, 10 oz, 

Price, each... -. vc 

If by mall, postage extra, 10 ceats. 


eer ee ee eh eee eh . 

Gunsmiths’ Stocks and Dles. 

At 81.65 to $2.20 we offer you our special Stocks 
and Dies in sets for gunsmiths, guaranteeing them 
the best gunsmith setson the market. Our $1.65, 
$1.85, &2.00 and $2.20 prices ure based on actual 

cost to make With only our one smaii percentage of over all, 24 

profit —— =<, | inches; diameter of 
added. ——, roils, 2% inehes; length of rolls. 
Solld Steel . 5 inehes. Bends any size tireup 
CGup- = es 1 to and including 5-inch. Weight, 163 Ibs. Each, $5.90 
smiths’ Ded Mit ul Combination Clamp and Drill. 
and > Combinatlon 
Jewelers’ clamp and drill; 
Serew the lowest priced 

goodartiecle of Its 
kind on the mar- 
ket; has wronght 

Plates, nicely finished with separate dies, 
No. 24T745_ No, 5, Cuts from 244-32 to g2. 4taps and 
dpair dies. Pricé.......-..5.+.smaueeeenwesss >>: &1.65 

No. 24T746 No. 6. Onts from s4 toss, 4 taps and 4 iron screw feed, 
pair dies. Price.............--ee2-eeeenecneesees $1.85 malleable frame, 
No, 247747 No. 7. Cuts from y% to x4, 6 taps and 6 brass chuck, slid- 
pair dics. Price........... ROE &2.00 ing (ia 
No, 24T748 No. 8. Cuts from 3% to 32,6 taps and 6} length, 17 inches; hetght, vinches, Weighs 6% 1bs., 
pair dicsMMOR Mee. Ge; si. venrresectenes caeeyan: $2.20| No. 247792 Price. with diamond pointed drills. 
——— . ; . size, 3s, 4. fe. 3s. 4. Euch. .. S1.70 
ite: piodda Tire Shrinker. one drill of each size, fy A. fonts pris, furnished 
fhe Genuine Stoddard Tire | with one drill of the following Sizes: 4, 34. ch. Aa 
Shrinker. This is one of the/%, Price, each........-..--+ +:- oe ce sees ee ee 
best known shrinkers on the!‘ No. 247794 Extra drills for 21T79%, per set..35c 
oe ete ea ae No. 247795 Extra drills for 247793, per set..98e 
S its eonstrnetion. Blacksmiths’ Drills. 
The clamp head, as shown Inent,! No, g4T800 The Old Standard Black- 

prevents light tire from kink- 

ing—a very serious draw- 

back to most shrinkers. 
Made in two sizes only. 
No. 247755 No. 1 shrinks 

smiths’ Drill. Length, 29 inches; 
feed. The hole in mandrel] is ma le 

to fit blucksmiths' drills with *: inch 
up to 2-inch tire. Weight, 100 

round shank. 
| Weight, 29 pounds. | 7 
lbs. Hriee, each....... $5.00 | Each.» .....@1.26 
_. No. 21T756 No. 2 shrinks —— ee s 
up to 4-inch tire. Weigbt, 230 Ibs. Price, each, 88.65 | . - 3 
No. 247757 No. 3 shrinks up tod-inch tire, and | Bench Drill. 



has extra jaws for setting axle up to 1%:-inch. | Upright Beneh Drill. This drill 
Weight, 300 ibs. Price, each &12.00 ib is 26% inches high, drilis 4 to 
3,-inch hole. Sqnares with hed 

plate; ron uf screw. 3!2 inches: drill 

Little Giant stock, }3 inch in diameter, crank 

has extensioa for lurge drilling: 
is fitted withchnek fur square or 
round shank drills: fas no self- 
feed attachment. Weight, 35 1bs. 
No. 247802 New Model Drill, 
for s jnare shank drills only. 
Special price.each... ...84. 
‘No. 247804 New Model Drill, 

No, 247762 No.1 
Little Giaat wil] 
upset any size or 
diameter of tire, 
from the _ light 



bnggy tothe fe ; 

tire, %-ineh thic roy for 4;-inch round shank drills 

to 2 inches wide. only. Special price, each..&+4.00 

Welght, 100 ibs. Le Price does not Include drill 
Price... ... KT. bits. See Index for drill bits. 


Acme Ball Bearing Double Ceared Self 

3 Feed Post Drill. 
No. 24T805 The 
spindle and shaft 

are made of high 
gradesteel,hasa fast 
or slow self feed at- 
tachment, which may 
be used or not as de- 
sired, by simply mov- 
Ing the dog, and can 
he changed teslow er 
fast feed. ls double 
eared. Speed may 

e varied by chang- 
ing the crank from 
one shaft to anether 
which is quickly 
done. We nse six- 
teen stcel balls, In- 
cased in a steel cupind 
cone, whieh are placed 
midway between thechuck 
and head piece of the 
spindle, which reduces all 
frietion to a minimum an 
mukes it the lightest run- 
ning drill on the markct. 
The table is provided 
with slots for clamp- 
ing dewn any article 
to be drilled, and can 
be fastened at any height 
of column in a moment, or 
ee outof the way entirely 

y turning to one side. The 
crank or handle is miude of steel, extra 
Jong, Which ean be adjusted to a long or 
short turn to suit the operator. The 
spindle has an up and down runof 3% 
inches. Alade to fit %-inch round shank drills 
and will drill holes from 0 to I'{-ineh. and to the 
eenterofa 15-inchcircle. Weight, packed, 115 pounds. 
No Drill Bits fernished atthe price glven below. 

Pee CHC... 555.0.-..e. So eee ee 87.25 

New Departure Upright Post Drills. 

These drilis have leng heavy bearings whicl are 
well babhitted and cannet spring or get eut of 
line, as is the case with some ef the cheap drills now 
on the market. The autematic feeding device ls 
new and simple, yet etlicient and positive. 1t Is lo- 
cated buck of the spindle, and is worked by a cam on 
inside of muin gear wheel, Thiscam is constructed 
so as to give nearly acontinuous feed. By this ar- 
rangenient the drill] does not jam into the work, as is 
frequently the case in the use of hand drills. This 
point alone makes @ great savingin drill bits. Also 
the nice alignment of the lewer column with the 
spindle, and the fact that the drill table is exactly 
at right angles with the spindle makes the dri]) turn 
free and eusy, and the resultis a 
saving of drill bitsas well. These 
drills have two speeds, one 
for light work and theother for 
heavy. The change is made 
instantly simply by changing the 
handle from one shift to the other. 
These tools heing arranged as 
well] for power as for hand especially 
recommends them for the repair 
shop and for the everyday black- 

Our $4.25 Post Drill. 

Na. 247806 No.il4 Iand Past 
Drill, singie geared hand feed, 
drills up te and including 2f-inch Seemed 
hole, and tocenterof12-inchcircle “ 
Drill spindle is l-inch steel hored 
for drills,with 44-inch round shank, « 
Feed has run of 3 inches. Up- 
right column and feed screw are of 
best steel. Wt..53]bs. Each, $4.25 


——— in} 

No. | Hand Post Drill. 
No. 24T808 No. 1 Iland Post 
Drill, double geared, self feed. 
las extension crank and ad- 
justable feed. Drills up toand 
including %*-inch hole and to 
center of [2-ineh circle. Drill 
spindle is made of 1-insh steel] 
and is hored for %-ineh round 
Shank drills. Feed has run of 3 
inehes; upright celumn and feed 
screw niade of the best grade Eng- 
lish steel. We gaarantee this driJ) 
to be the equal 

of any 327.50 
driil) ong the 
market, to be 

free fromallde- 
fects and to 
do good workg} 

No. 24T808 

; Weight, &01bs. 
Price, each... ............85.75 

No. 2 Hand Post Drill. 
No. 24T810 Double tieared Seif 
Feed. ilas extension crank and ad- 
Jastable feed. Drills 0 to 14-inch 
heles,and to center of 14%-inch circle. 
Drill] spindle bored for %-inch straight 
shank drills. Feed hasrunof 3inches. 
Upright column, drili spimdle and 
feed screw are of the best steel. Made 
ofthe best material. Nicely finished. 
Weight. 100 pouuds, See deseription of this line of 
drills at hending ef post drills. Price, each, #%6.65 


SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. I!2. 

No. 3 Hand Post Drill. 
No. 247814 

SELF FRED ...5% 

Has extension crank and va- 
riable feed. Drills 0 to 144- 
inch holes and to venter of 16- 
inch circle. Drill spindle 
bored fer %-inch straight shank 
drills. Feed has run of 3 inches. 
Upright calumn, drill spindle 
and feed serew are of Dest 
steel. Weight, 140 pounds. 

Price, each, $9.80. 

No. I3 Self 
Feed Post 

—_—— lie Drill. 
— 2 

BFARKET. . ..:. .§ 

We Sell Aii Kinds of Drills at 

Lewest Prices, 

No. 247816 Mandor power, fast 
or siew speed, self féed. Size of 
spindle, i's inches; run of spindle, 
3-Inches: size of columno 2 inches: 
greatest distance of spindleto table 
16% inches; spindleturns 1% times 
to one turn of crank on fast speed; 
crank turns1% timestoone turnof 
spindle on slow speed; drills to center of 18- 
inch circle and up te 14-inch heles; spindle 
bored for 4s-inch shank drills. Weight, 175 
pounds. Price..2....:seee ae ae! OL 22D 
We furnish this drill with pulleys. For 
power see No. 247822. 

No, 24T814 

Post Drill for 

Hand Power. 
No. 247816 In this teol 
wehavethe greatest bar- 
gain ever elfered ina tirst 
class, up to date’ blick- 
smiths’ or machialsts’ 
drill, ItisaS12.00 artl- 
cle Jn every respect. 
a. Having inade such a ae- 
@ cided success in our line 
= of blacksmiths’ tools, hav- 
ing seld more goods of this 
kind than any other con- 
cern in the United States, 
and wishing to still fur- 
ther increase Cur Sales, 
we have placed an or- 
der with one of the 
lurgest manufacturers 
of drills in the 
world to furnish us 
5.000 drills, all to be 
made of the Same ma- 
terinlas our hich priced 
goods. We huve ad- 
yanved its welght and 
quality over all others 
listed at this price. We 
helieve, with our Jong 
experience in handling this ne of 
goods, we know just how to meet 
the wants of the censumer with a 
good serviceable drill at the lowest 
possible cost. This drill has very 
. tong heavy bearings, which are well 
==— bibbitted, and cannot spring or 
. Pret out of line, as isthe case with so 
many drills put on the market and 
a= <=" designated as world beaters; our 
SSS —_ automatie feeding device Is of 
the very latest improved mechan- 
lealeanstruction, andisentirely out of the way ofthe 
operator, heing located behind the spindle, and work- 
aa by 2 cam on inside of main gear wheel. Thiscam 
is so Gonstructed as to give nearly a continuous feed, 
and does not jamthe drill inte its work all atonce. as 
is so frequently the case in other makes, thus avoid- 
ing brenkuve of bits. It also has twe speeds, which 
can be obtained instantly by ehanging handle from 
one shaft to the other, thus giving the operator addi- 
tional power when drilling very large holes, Drill 

a 4d 

spindle has run of3 ag Ne and ie vored to a aa a 
straight shank drills. The upright eceluma, drill spin- 
: Phe Drills to the 

dle and feed serew, are of hest steel. 
center of 15-inch circle, and from 
0 np to 14{-inch holes. Weight, 

125 pounds, Price.. ....... $7.00 
No. 14 Hand Power Post 

No. 247818 Hand Power Fast 
er Slow Speed Seif Feed Drill. 
Size of spindle, I’g Inches; runof 
spindle, 3inches; size of column, 
24 inches; greatest distance of 
spindle to the tuble, 18% inches; 
spindle turns 1% times to one 
turn of erank, on fast speed; 
crank turns 1% times to one turn 
of spindle on slow speed; drills 
to center of 22-inch eircle and u 
to 1%-ineh holes: spindle bore 
for 44-ineh skank drills. 
Price, , .-9. 223s &20.00 
We fervish this drill, titted 
for power, with pulleys, ete. 
See No. 247826. 

No.24T818 hil 

MER fli 

No. 12 Power Drill. 

No. 24T820 Same as our No. 
247816 with the exeeption tinat]tis 
provided with tight or loese pui- 
ieys for belt, as shawn in illustra- 
tion; well suited far all kinds of 
light pawer. 

Price No. 12, with tight and loose 
pulleys, no fly wheel..........810.50 

Price No. 12, with tight and loose 
pulleys. and fly wheel...... 812 

No. |3 Power Drill. 

No. 13 Power 
Drill with tight 
and loose pnileys. 
This is the same drill 
ei . as our No 24sTs)5 
f) ith exception of tight 
|| and loese oulleys for belt § 
power. A spendid drill for 
as well us re- 
pairs of all kinds. 

No. 247822 Price, with 
tight and loose pulleys, no 
fly Wheel........ 20... 0... 

No. 247824 Price, with tight and 
loose pulleys and fly wheel...%17.50 

No. 14 Power Drill. 

Fast or slow speed self feed,same 
as No, 24Tsls, 
with exception 
that it is pro- 
tight and loese 
pulleys for belt 3 
power as shown. Geed teol for 
5 allkinds ef work up te 1%-Inch 
| holes. 

No. 247826 Price, with tightand 
loose pulleys. no fly wheel, .&22.00 

No. 24T828 Price, with tightand 
leese pulleysand fly wheel..825.00 


No, 247820 

dil a 

Power Post 


Ne. 247830 
This driil Is 
especlally deslgned 
fer wagon and car- 
riage makers. It Is 
also adapted to ma- 
chine work and is suit- 
ed to all kinds of repair 
work, Has cut gears, 
d leng andshort feed lev- 
eta, ers and quick retura, 
24T326 Gounter  shaftin 
has tight and loose pulieys 
inches in diameter hy 24 

bh ia 

ww VL 
Height of drill, 60 inches; diam- 
eter of column, 4% inches; di- 
ameter of spindle, 1f, inehes; vertical 
groove, 6 Inches; greatest distance 
trom spindle to table, 24 inches; diam- 
eter large pulleys on cone, 7 Inches; 
small pulley, 3 inches; cones carry 3- 
inch belt; counter shaft pulleys, 2%- 
inch belt: drills to ceuter of 1%-inch 
circle. Price, complete with counter 
shaft $40.50 Ne. 24T830 

National Drill Chuck, Unpollished. 
Mnde especially for 
blacksinithing and car- 
riagework. Thischuck 
‘Sie isso simple in censtrae- 
tlen that anyone can 
take it apart to clean or 
repair without being ap 
experienced machinist. 
It will soon save itscost overother makes in the 
saving of time, drills and repuirs, The positive drive 
is worked nutomatically by the chuck revolving 
without use of wrench, as all Nae screws are n0W 
made with left hand thread, so the greater the strain 
on drill the tighter the jaw is forced to grip the 
drill], Every chuck guaranteed. We furnish this 
chuck with %-inch round shank so asto fit any of 
our upright drills. if wanted with different size 
shank be sure and give size wanted. __ 
No. 24T845 liglding drill 0 to %-lnch 
straight arbor. Price, each.. 
No. 247846 llolding drill 0 to 
straight arbor. )’rice, each....-.. sees a 
No. 249847 Holding drill 0 to %-inch, 
straight arbor. Price, each... 
Advance Drill 
A moderate price chuck 
that Is enpabie of goad 
work. Itis well made and 
has been thoroughly tested 
In the factory. It issmaler 
than the ordinary drill i: 
chuck. and is well suited to — 
use in connection with the various sizesof hand and 
light power drills. They are furnished with straight 
or taper shanks, the former to fit the chuck to hand 
drills, the latter to fit it tolarger drills. 
Holding Fer straight 

eee eaea ee ee eee see Re eee Pe ee 




Drills shank chuck 
Nas242T850 |) Wo, 19... 0to 4, inch 81.80 
Nosei1TS51 Wo. 2... .....0 to 44 inch ian a 

We send %-tnch straight shank when not otherwise 



Standard Drill 

This chuck will hold drilis 
rem 0 to 3y-iInch aceording 
e size Usted below. thave 
ole entirely through them, 
nd are made to fit a ape 
lug, or caneasily be threaded 

fit lathe spindle. ‘Ple jaws 
and svrew are made of cust 
steel carefully tempered, We 
guarantee that this chuck will 
ny way. 


~ : 

hePdrill in 


not injure 

be oo | 
© ve = 2S Zs - 
a e * we oso $=. 
No. 24T853 No.0....0to'y-in [yy 24% 144 $3.80 
meeciTHot No.t....010%-in 9% 2&6 24 £«4.795 
No. 24TS885 No.2?....0to%-in 27% 3% 4% £45.40 
Round Shank Countersinks. 
No R4ATSST Steci Counuter- 

sinks, with Y-ineh round shank, 
Will fitany ofour post drills. Size, S%-ineh with '- 
Inch shank. Price, each ..... .. ae eee 
Round Shank Drills. 
No. 247860 Twist Drill 
with rouni shaak to be used & 
with any of our post drills. Wild 


rill bore 

Waetal or 
The shank of all sizes is 4-inch in diameter, 
2% inches ue. 

size... .... te 18 12 { vs 15 43 
Pee 19ce 20c 2@2e Vie Vbe Fie 30c 
€ ae 44 7 Rg Lg rp Ps 43 
Each,.....31¢ 32c 33ce 34¢ 35c 36c 37¢ 38e 
Bisc...... 54 a} 42 Ti | E 3 it 
Each,.....39ce 4le 43¢ ade iGe 47e lf, 530 
Ize... y ee 4 Linch 
Each......65¢ Sie Gle 63e Ge 

No. 24T880 WroughtIroa Black- 
ce siniths’ Vise, solid boxes, east 
wal? steel jaws, 

Weight.35 Ibs. i0 tbs 45 Ibs, 
i 84.75 85.00 85.25 

Weight.. 50 lis 55 bbs. 60 hs. 
Aerice........ 85.50 85.75 86.20 
Weight...... d4ths. 0 ths. 75 Ibs. 
rice...... ‘6.70 S7.00 87.60 
Weight .... 80 1hs. So lbs. 90 lbs. 
Aerice. oss. - &8.40 “9.00 8.75 
ay elzht...... 95 Ibs. 100 tbs. {10 Ibs. 
rice a 2 810.16 RIOS85 | 1.90 
Baler. =: 1201bs, 130 1hs. 140 1bs. 
Priee.... ...812.65 813.95 &1t5.85 
Weight...... 150 Ibs. i60 ths. 1701bs. 
Price........817.25 S&20,.00 &21.45 
Weight..... 180 Ibs. 190 Ibs. 200 Ibs. 
Price..,.....822.60 $25.00 & 


Wiss Box and Screws. 
Extra Vise Bex and Screws for the above 

No. 24T885 |I-inch, for vises 
25to40 lbs. Each........ 82.90 Ay pe 
No. 247886  j'3-inch. for EEN eae 
vises 45 to 551bs. Each...83.00 

Ne. 247387 14-inch, fur vises 60 to 70 lbs. 

it 2, iz ea. &3.10 
Ne. 247888 1%3-inch, for vises 715 to 90 Lbs. 
VE A ees S375 

1%-inch, for vises 90to0 130 Ibs. 
EE Ee i Seece &5.50 
12{-Inch, for vises 310 to 1200 IIs. 

ere DD eis a sas aimee PHS 

No. 24T8389 


ae Ree ee eee eee eee ee hehe hh 

Snediker’s Patent Black- 
smiths’ Leg Vise. 

"e A A Great Time Saver, 

; aa No. 247894 Snediker's 

Ale Quick Adjusting Llack- 
’ smiths’ Leg Vise. The 
strengest, most complete and 
f durable blacksmiths’ vise on 
r the market. Quick Adjustiog 
F This vise can be opened or 

elosed instantly, and one turn 

of handle will gripor loosen work. Its 
quick action preventing cooling, will 
often savea heat on work. _ ; 

Simpliclty—The construetion is sim- 
ple. Working parts exposed to view 
and there are nocomplications. Do- 
ingaway with the box and screws gives 
greatly inereased strength. 

7 ans 2 
NO. Size of Jaw Priee 
35 3% iuehes &5.00 
40 4 inehes 5.265 
45 414 inehes 5.50 
5() 4% inehes 5.75 
a 43f inches 6.00 
Ol) 5 inches 6.50 
65 5 jnehes TOO 
70 5ly inches 7.50 
To 5', inches $.00 

Farriers’ Vises, Si0.f0 
to $12.30. 

No. 247895 Our Farriers' Vise is 
made with extr heavy steel jaws 
which are flattened or beveled on 
top to form the heels of calks en 
herseshoes, etc. 

| 0s eee 70 tbs. 7T5lbs. 
Price., .....,.-........810.00 B10.85 
Peeetit. 2. wee eee cscs 80]. 9, Ths. 
tials sw 0 oc oo ole ....911.55 B12.30 

SS Se 

SEARS, ROEBUCK « CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.II2. 

Westorn Chief Blowers. 

No. 247905 For 
forges, foarnaces, ven- 
tilating, drying and 
cooling. Vhese fins 
are built with special 
reference to durabilivy 
a~nd smooth running 
under prolonged ian 
arduous service, hiav- 
ing solld shell ar case, 
with asmaller number 
af parts thanany other 
made, an important 
polutin all algh speed 
machinery, Sizes 3 
and 6 have grease cups 
jaadadition ta ail enps, 
so that should oil cups 
run dry the grease cap will continue to lubricate 
and preveat beajting, 

= = ne 

= bs i re fe 
ae ~ «@ 2 “| > Yow, S 
oe Tk, & me - rs = fey & = 

See alie Sa S=s) 222.6 bes £< RICE 

¢ me + a 
S2egti= =. > €1 2% -), 2 & ae 

= = SS = | & 

-_ 2 = | 

} ae | ae { cart : 

11 5 10 | 2ige] SHG 175 14 | & 6.t0 
38 18 | a on 3 Ole | 10.10 
5P | 22 1 7%] T%; | 4% 346 | 16.75 

Root’s Acme Hand Blower. 

Gaarantced to 
givea blastequal 
to a 60-inch bel- 
lows. Someofthe 
advanta pes 
‘-Lniomed for 
Reoot’s Acine 
Iland Blower are: 
The revolvers are 
enclosed in an Iron 
case, bored cut perfectly 
true, and are dressed so that 
Hi 5 they keep up continuous con- 
Bisse 8 8=6tact witheach other during the en- 
a RHR sl tire revolution, forcing forward and 
yh White. utilizing all the air taken into the 
rey Cause. The shafting is steel, bear- 
‘REE Sarl ings phosphor bronze, the gears 
arecut. The blower oecupies a 
space less than a foot square of floor surface, Gnar- 
antee: It is operated with less than halfthe power, 
and will heatin less than half the time required for 
the bellows or fun. It will do one-half to twice as 
much more work than the bellowsor fan, Enough 
more work ean be done and enough more coal saved 
than with bellows or fan to pay for it ina short time. 
Itistheonly force blast Hand Blower made for black- 
smiths. It is equally well adapted to Hght or henvy 
work, as the blast can be varied instantly, at the will 
of the cperator, tosuit the work in hand, and will heat 
one-ineb ircn in one rninute. It is guaranteed to do 
all we claim for it when run as directed. 1t will last 
ten times as long as the ordinary bellows or fun, No 
live, enterprising blacksmith can afford to be with- 
out cone. This size is suitable for ordinary use up to 
largest elass fire, made for right and lett hand fires. 
eric eeene hh). cuss... ee $16.00 


\ r 


es Beepeow se eaeeann 

Royal Steel Blowers ‘with 20th Century 

Noa. 247926 llanid- 
Ssomest — Beeause its 
construetive design is 
symmetrical, attrac- 
tive and beautiful. 

Best—Because made 
of the best material, 
by skilled workmen 
and best meehanical 
experienee that ean 
be obtained, 

Superior Pein ts— 
NO beits, no clutches, 
no ratvhets. The blow- 
er Case oscillates on its 
bearing, permitting 
nose of case to point 
down or out or up, as 
may be desired, meet- 

ing any angle 
of blow pipe, 
thereby sav- 
ing one elbow 
and 10 per 
decent of biast 

Tore ¢, be-| 
sides valuabie | 
room ocecn-| 
pied by other | 
left, as suits | 
operator. The gears areeut on the most scientific | 
principle: they ure flat and straight cut (insuring | 
double the life of bevel or worm gears), whieh com- 
bined with steel shafts and composition bearings 
made and assembled perfectly, ruu noisviess, and 
nuke this the best blower in the world. The gear, 
case is oil tight and dust proof, permitting gears to 
run jn a bath of oi]. The blast is very powerful. . 
and as positive and steady as a power blower, and 
takes less labor to operate than others, The after 
blast is strong and lasting. The four legs and base 
give a solid, non-trembling foundation, The room 
it takes is less than any other blower. 

ICC ODNS«.asnccisss>-- ... $9.95 





blowers. Theerank turns to right er 

ee Pe ee weeemgeese ese seservrrerere 



Western Chief Blowers. 

The Hlustrations of the following blowers rep- 
resentour new and hinproved Steel Frame Blow- 
ers the BEST, the STRONGEST, the NEAT EST 
in the world, anddn this weehallenge the entire fl-id, 
By having a frame constructed to support the fan 
from every side, andta braee cach way from the 
bearlnys, Jt stares witht Lremtling when operat- 
ed, keeping all the hearings In line, working far ¢is- 
ler than with a straight oprigbhbt frame, either of 
wood oriron. fnsize A of these blowers we otler to 
our patrons the only practical combined crank snd 
lever blawer made, Hy an ingenious devire we 
combine both mothons bione asmaehine, and at the 
snine thus e«aeh works Independent of the other. 
When the erank works, thereby doubling the speed, 
the lever isidie, AsSseon as the crank is released It 
drops to the lower side, and gear wheels stop. This 
is the only gear motion that will stop call eATS) 
while the shaft stlil revalves, AH gears are cut. 

IMPORTANT PFPrATEU RES Cut gears, solid 
angio ‘PE steel frame, compressed steel shafts, the 
Wo. Thyere fron and fire pot, with bowl top and 
goose nest, steel friction clutch, positive and nojse- 
less und also adjustable; no leathers or ratehets In 
its construction. The W.C. brass boxes and oll cups 
used thranghout, reversible nose to fan case, for 
turning the blast to right or left, as desired. 

Western Chief Blower, Size E. 

No. 24T927 Lever rmove- 
ment only. No bellows the 
equalof this, This 
hlower gives a 
powerful blast anid 
runs very easy 
and noiseless. Ig 
equipped through- 
outwith brass boxes 
andoilcupsand has 
noiseless. adjust- 
able steel friction 
clutch. Ittakes up 
little reom and Is 
much superior te 

Diameter of fan, 
14% inehes; diam- 
eter of fly wheel, 
27 inehes. 


Extra for power 

Western Chief 

Blower, Size B. 
No. 247928 Lever 
morement only. ls 
equipped throughout 
with brass boxes and oil 
eups: has noiseless, ad- 
justable steel frletion 
clutch, takes up Iittle 
revin, and is far supe- 
rierto bellows. Can be 
furnished to cperate 
with right arm for left- 
handed smiths when de- 

Diameter of fan, 
16% inches; diam- 
eter of fly wheel, 
27 inches. 

Price .... 312.50 

Extra for power 

Western Chief 

Blower, Size F. 
No. 24T929 Crank 
mosement only. Ne 
beHNows the equal ef 
this. 1t is equipped 
throughout with 
brass boxes and oil 
cups. AS soon as 
crank is released it 
drops to lower side. 
and gear wheels stop. 
Diameter of fan, 144s 
inehes; diameter of 
fly wheel, 27 inches. 
Prive, each...810.30 
Extra for power at- 
tachment: ca, 82.00 

Biower, Size A. 

No. 2479350 Both crank 
and lever movement, which 
work independent of each 
other. It rums very easy and 
noiseless. takes np hittle 
room, and is in every way 
superior to bellows. 1s 
equipped throughont with 
brass boxes and oil cups and 
bas noiseless adjustable 
steel friction cluteb. Can be 
furnished to operate with 
right arm for left- 
handed smiths when 
desired. Diameter of 
fan, 16% in.; diameter 
of fiy wheel, £7 inches 

Price, ench....$14.00 
ee eee 


Extra for power atachmeut... 




Buffalo Acme No. 50 Blacksmiths’ Crank | Our New Double Crank Blower No. 70 

Hand Blower. 

No. 247931 Biower No. 50 is de- 
Signed to meet requirements where, 
for convenience, a crank biower is 
desirabie. In its construction we have 
embodied our Patent Ratchet Crank, 
) which does not continue to revolve 
when released by the operator, but 
falls in the position indicated in the 
illustrution, which is most convenient 
in starting the hlower. At thirty turns 
of crank per minute, this blower will 
blow strong enough to heat 3 to 4-ineh 
ironin from five toteu minutes. Size 
of fan, 14 inches; height, 47 inches. 
Weight, with tuyere, 125 pounds. 
Price, complete with tuyere iron $9 

All Steel Crank Blower No. 50X. 

No.247T932 This blow- 
er is the same as our 
No. 247931, exeept it 
has a steei frame and 
base instead of a wuaod 
frame and base. It is 
made extra strong, and 
Is intended to withstand 
the wear and tear incl- 
dent to outdoor serviee, 
A first class blower in 
every respect. Size of 
fan, 14 inches diameter; _.: 
helght over all,44 inehes. _: 
Weight, 140 pounds. : 
Price, complete with 
Luyerelron....:.- $10.45 

right Hand Blower. 

No. 2470933 This 
blower, notwith- 
staading the nunier- 
ous Imitations of it 
which have been piared an the mar- 
ket from time totime, stiii continues 
tu hoid the favor of the trade, which 
it secured shortiy after its introdue- 
tion by ns. It has the natural lever 
and swivel motion which allows the 
smith considerable freedom of move- 
ment about his fire, and 
the peculiar pawl and 
rateheteasing by which 
positive engagement 
and operation cf tly wheel 
is always secured. The 
lever of our blower never 

: , slips and the purts are so pro- 
portioned that one movement.of the lever communi- 
cates a number of revolutions to the fly wheel, whieh 
inturn keeps the fan in motion so as to allow plenty 
of time between the successive Strokes of the lever, to 
handle the iron being heated, without abating the 
blast. For general blacksmithing it has no equal it 
heats quicker with less labor than any other blower 
or tellows made. The blast continues for some 
moments afterthe leverisat rest. Size of fan,ldinches 
diameter; height, 47 inehes. Weight, with tuyere, 130 
pounds. Price, complete with tuyereiron....$11.90 

Our 1901 Pattern Lever Blower No. 30X. 

No. 24T936 This 
blower is the same 
as our No. 24T9338, 
except that it hns a 
Steei frame on a 
cast hase, insteadof 
wooden frame and 
base. It mects the 
wants of those who 
like the style and de- 
sign of our No. 
247933, but prefer a 
steel to a wood 
frame. Theframe is 
extra strong, all 
parts having suffi- 
ecient iron to make it 
stiff and rigid just 
where durability and strength are wanted. Size of 
fan, id inches indiimeter; height, 46 inches. Weight, 
150 lbs. Price, complete with tuyere iron $13.00 

Buffalo Acme No. 60 Blacksmiths’ Crank 

Hand Blower. 

No. 24T938 This blower is a modei of compact. 
ness aod strength, combined 
with great wind power, and 
eperates so easily and with- 
out noise that it has met with 
instant favor from the tride. 
ltis furnished with our patent 
ratehet erank, which always 
drops to the same position and 
remains there motionless on 
being released, although the 
fly wheel may continue to re- 
volve, The fan isof extra large 
size, and the frame is of tubu- 
lar steel, securing the greatest 
degree of combination of rigid- 
ity, durability and power. Our 

slatestpattern. Perfectly noise- 

* less. Height, 72 inches; fan, 17 

= inches; fly wheel, 48 inches 

Giameter. Weight. 210 pounds with tuyere. 

Price, complete with tuyere Iron 

ee ete 


ae aeeterresae 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No. 112. 

Acme Knife and Scissors 

No. 24T950 This is one of the 
most compiete iow priced ma- 
chines on the market. By loosen- 
ing the screw at side the guide may 
be raised or lowered to correspond 
with the bevel of knife to be sharp- 
ened. The emery wheel Is made of 

No. 247940 This biewer is de- | 
signed especiaily for ventilat-. 
ing mines—drifts and tuaaeis, 
fordispeiting smoke and 
fumes resniting from biasting 
operations. After a thorough 
trial in the mining distriets it 
has proven to be the only prac- 
tical hand blower ae su fti- 

cient eapaecity for this class of 

a the best quality emery. A_ trst 

Soot One eee opts class article for a little money. 

i rs ; Price, cache..-... er $1.05 
a specially large erat gear- 2 ’ owe 
ing in proportion. or heav 
blacksmithing or emergency ANVILS 
nee it nas Oe The frame ee 
sof wrought tron, andis made| No, 247T975 
to withstand hard usage.| cast shia = 

Height, 46 inches; fan. 17 inehes vil i 
ate _indiameter. Weight, 105 pounds. Bate 
Price, complete with tuyere iron....,....... $15.20 | of thisanvilis 
E one soli 
The Universal Tool Crinder. piece of En- 
No, 24T955 This ma- Span rated 
ehine is adapted to do oughly welded 

ail kinds of grinding. 
It will do it with great 
rapidity and much bet- 
ter than the nid time 
grindstone. You ean 
grind any- 
thing on this 
from a razor 

to the body of 
the anvil bya 
patent prac- 
ess. The horn 
iscovered with,and its extremity made entireiy of 
cast steei. The face and horn are then accurately 
ground and tempered. We do not guarantee thie 
anvil, but it will give Satie fommene work. 

abt ea 


OL cts ccea eee 2 
to a plow | > | Weight, lbs.. 20 30 40 50 
oint. It consists of the Zymii Price: scree. $2.15 $2.40 $2.75 63.00 
est make of vitrified em- BY 0.005) cue 8 7 8 9 
ery wheel and can be used Weight, lbs.. 60 70 RO 80 
with or without water. It | Tice ..ancee $3.45 $3.65 91.20 84.70 
has a heavy frame and gearing and can easily at- 

Peter Wright’s Anvlils. 
Wronugi:t Iron with Steei Face. 

No. 24T981 This well known anvil iias stood the 
test for years, and is today the most popular anvil 

tain aspeed of 1500 revolutionsa minute. It can be 
uickly adjusted to a beneh and gives perfect satis- 
action inevery respect. The diameter of the whee] 
is 5 inehes, with a face of 1144 inches. Price,each, 82.15 

No 247956 Extra Stones for abave Tooi' ! : I 
Grinder. In ordering state kind of work stone is|in the world. It is cheap enough for anybody and 
wanted for. Size, 5x14{x% inches. goad enough fer anyone. Don't buy an anvil too 
Sele: (ee 55e | light for your work. A light anvil when struck a. 

hard blow with a heavy hammer is sure to jump. 
We carry a large stock, but_oecasionally are not. 
ahle to send exact weight ordered, but can always 
come within 5 poundsof the weight ordered. Thisanvil 
is sold by the pound, and price per pound varies with 

Foot-Power Emery Wheel 
Crinding Machine. 

Here is whatevery Biacksmith, 

Carpenter, Gunsmith, Marbie or | the size. 
Granite Worker shonid have. [t| 8 pounds to 500 pounds, per pound............. 0140 
will pay for itselfin one month In 71 pounds to $4 pounds, per pound......... --.. LO0Ko 
any shop. Always ready; ean be 61 pounds to 70 pounds, per pound.............11%oe 
moved aliGue asitis not fastened | 9°! poundsto 60 pounds, per pound............. 12 © 
to the floor; oceupies only 15x20| 50 pounds and lighter, per pound.............. 13 oe 
inches floor space: height 3% feet. i ’ ’ 
Will earry a whee 4 to 10 inches in Poter Wright's Farrigia gaan 
diameter. Diameterof mandrel, 3- No. = 
inch, downward thrust of pedals, 14 ge 
inches. It is madeof the best ma- _ Si oe 
terial throughout, is light and Us ee! 
durable, has been on the mar- Fe ae ee 
ket for a number of years and wait tf mre ‘ad 
FY bis given universal satisfae- pers Mee EO 

inch to §$-inch thick. 
When turning or fit- 
ting shoes, the entire 
length of horn is ob- 
tained hy its being 
full width of the body 
It has a suitable side horn for 

tion. Ina blacksmith or gun- 
smith shop it will pay for it- 
self in niles alone in a very 
short time. Speed, 2000 revo- 
lutions per minute. Weight, 90 pounds. Comes com- 

} 3 8-j i ac « ~~ 
plete with 34x8-inch flat face emery wheel at end of Mlechtete, 

No. Z2iT960 Price, each SO OE OOD OOH OO ROGIbOoo - $10.25 drawing toe chi S, etc., and a thin steel hee] for 
No. 24T961 Price,each, with buffing spin- working small size shoes. Weight, 140 to 150 pounds. 
G22... care ee ee 11.90 Price, per pound......... << +o. cee o.oo 126 

American Wrought Anvils. 

HAVING SECURED THE EXCLUSIVE SALE of one ofthe best wrought anviis In the wnrid, we have 

greed to take the entire ontput,and ia order to do so 
we have reduced the price to where 1¢ wiil eaable us to seii more anvils than aay firm in the 
United States. 


Having sold both the American and English anvils. 
for a number of years, shipping them to every part of 

the United States, having been used by ail-kinds of 
Only 7'4 mechanics, under all cireumstances, we are in a position to know the 
Cent m merits of the different makes. In our American Wrought Anvil we 
enis W\ have improved upon al) foreign makes in shape, style and finish, untll 

Per y wenow show the finest high grade anvii produced by anyone. 
Pound. The body is made of the best qualily wrought iron, with an extra heavy 

Steel face welded to the body by an electric process, which 5 
makes it practically a solid steel anvil. 

THE FACE is tempered by a sprciai process, known only to the makers of this anvil, which warrants it 
———_ against tlaws. chipping, or being too soft. This, by the way. is the most diffieult obstacle to 

overcome in anvil making. llundreds of anvils, made of good material, are made useless by poor tempering, 
being either too hard or too soft, : 

THE FACE IS TRUED AND SHAPED BY ASPECIAL MACHINE £0 that« very anvil !s mechan teally perfect; 
ee. ._ 0 DOiOW OF UNEVEN pisncRsS. The horn is 
extra long with the Peter Wright shape, pattern and eurve, nicely rounded. The hole for the hardie is 
made true and straight, so you experience no trouble by hardie or tlatter sticking or not setting level. 
While these points seem smatl, the defects of nine-tenths of all anvils, both foreign snd American make, 
now being sold, rest in the fact that these points are not looked after. We canoot always farnish even 
weights; pieuse allow five pounds cither way. 

NOTICE— Never ieave a hot piece of iron for any iength of time an the face af an anvil, as this 

will surely craw the temper and thus make it soft. A great many anviis are ruined in this way. 

No. 24T988 Weight, 80 pounds and up, per pound ......... oe ee eee ee ee ... tho 
Weight, 70 pounds to 80 pounds, per pound..... ... Sette » ve cies Viel 
Weight, 60 pounds to 70 pounds, per pound........... . eee ee 2 Ae 
Weight, 50 pounds to 59 pounds, per pound....... ...... oe 1040 

= ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOGUE No. HW2. 529 


No. 24T980 HORSESHOERS’ OUTFIT No.1! FOR $2.65. 

ip WH \ iin Vr 

val ‘ 
Ife , 

" . \ A 

1 L 



hats 7 

Two Pounds Ausable Horse Nails. Assorted 6, 7 and 8. 
Three Pounds Toe Calks, Assorted sizes. 

vbaty hb, 

f lor to th 

THIS KIT OF TOOLS (oiany Rola, an ‘tools 
eing strictly first puality standard tools, such as 

are used by mechan a 


a lever forge, built pepccially for farmers’ use and | 
light repairing. TMK HEARTH is 18 inches in 
diameter. FAN, 6 inches in diameter. THE 
RATCHET is perfect aud cannot get out of order. 

ME DRILL is a Standard horizontal drill, screw 
feed, and is furnished with ehuck to take drills 
having square shank. THE ANVIL has a east 

> THE ANVIL. (Oe. 

with, and its extremity made entirely of cast steel, 

A furnished with this outfit are strietly first class, and 
ALL TOOLS are snitahle for any small blacksmith's or farmer’s use. 
You can compare this set wlth anythlog else in the market, for there’s 

othing offered like it. 


all This illustratlon shows our No, 247992 Set. 

OUTFIT No. 24T995 

Order by Namber, 

| tres 

nish an anvll with steel face, accur- 
ately ground and tempered. Weight.60 pounds. The face 
of this anvil ls ove solld plece of English tool steel, 
thoroughly welded to hody of anvil by a patent process. 

We furnish a wrought Iron solld boxand screw black- 
smith vise, with steel jaws, weighing 35 pounds. 

One Pair Flat Lip Bjac Kemiths' Tongs. 

Adse Rye. 
(not including handle), 10 ounces. 
One Blacksmithe Tiand Jbiaimtner, 
grade, fully warranted. 
without handle), 2 ponds 10 ounces 
One Pair Facrlers’ Piacers. 
cust steel. Welght, 2 
Length, 14 inches. 
One Nali and 


base wlth steel face and horn, same as our No. 
2iT975 anvils, and can be used the same as a 
solid wrought iron anvil, We guarantee the face 
of this anvil not to become detached from body of 
anvil; weight, 30 pounds. TILE VISE is our Paral- 
lel Bench or Farmers’ Vise; has steel face and screw 
| finely finished. A good serviceable vise, Size, jaws, 
3 inches. Weight, Tae pounds. THE STOCK AND 
eut m8 “to 3-16 right band, 14,18 and 22 
threads to the iach, with 6 taps and 3 sets of dies. 
THE TONGS are dropped forged (no welds), length 
20inches. THE PINCERS are » solid hammered east 
steel, length, 14 inches, THE FARRIERS’ KNIFE 

Round pole, full polished. Weight 

Extra fine 
Weight (hammer only 

Solid hammered 
10 ounces, 

Tool Box. Made of well a. | ee 


One Pair Flat Lip Hiacksmiths’ Tongs, 20 One Cust Steel Lulffer. 
inches long. One Pairof Furriers’ Pincers. Solfd haramered 
One Double Puee Horse Rasp. 12 luehes long. cast steel! polished juws. Length, 14 Inches. 
Nothing better made. Qne Pale Cuttlng Nippers. wt of best quai- 
One Adse-Bye Parriers? Hammer. Full pol- ity tovlstee}, Length, 14 inch 
ished, best. quiulity hickory handic, Welghit, Two Pounds Best Quallty ore Nalil4. Sizes 
not including hiaadle, 10 ounecs, Zand &, 
One Celebrated Waostenboln IXGL Parriers’ Qne Pound Toe Calks. Assarted sizes. 
Kailfe. lvery knife fully warrante dl. No. 2ATVVO Priee, eonspiele set . 2.05 

No. 24TS992 HORSESHOERS’ OUTFIT No. 2 FOR 94.75. 

Drop | 

One palr Cutting Nippers for cutfing horse 

forged, no welds. Welght,2\¢ pounds. Length, nails, ete., also for trimming her “e's hut. 
20 trelues, | Made of solid ateel, Length, 1 drehe 

One Pair Solid Steel Horseshoers’ Round Lip | Que Morresboers’ Baifer for cutting off or 
Tongs. Drop forged. Weight, 1 ponnd 5 | driving out uails after having been driven iu 
ounces. Length, 12 inches. hoof, Made of solid tool ste> 

One S., RL & Co.'s Brand Farrlers’ Hammer, Kaile. Blade can he 

One Keystone Parriers' 
| taken out and changea in case of u breakage. 
One S., R. & Cons Donbie Face Horse Rasp. 
Leneth, 14 inches. 
One Buttress. Made of best grade cast steal. 
One Clinch Block. A picce of cust steel used 
in clinching horse eiils 

Three Sets Horseshoes. Dest grade, any size, 
| No. 2 to 6. 
No. 24 T9922 Price, complete set. .. $4.75 


Is thecelehrated Wostenliolm make. THIEF }IANND 
IN AMMER weighs 2 pounds (without hundle), sol- 
id cast steel. TIVE FARRIERS' HAMMER welghe 
10 ounces (without handle). All tools are strictly 
first class iu material and workmanship. you 
WILL SAVE $14.25, the price of this ontfit,in your 

own time and blacksmith bills. Shoe yoor horses, 
mend your machinery, your Wagons, — You can ds» 
any ordlpary work. WORTH FIVE TIMES TUE: 

PRICE every year for keeping all your tools le 

perfect order, 

No. plano Our price is astonishingly 

a ee ee ee ee 

deseriptlon of eaeh article. 


in diameter, 


having %-inch round shank. 
any that is made, 

-jnoch circle. 

The horn is covered 

inches long. 

the handle. 

There have been many cheap kits of hlackemiths’ tools sola, but never 
before has anyone offered a kit of standard, reliable tools. 

We foraish a levee forge having hearth Is inches 
SS 1t is furnished with 6-inch fan. 
‘rear is the simplest, strongest and best ever put of a forge. 
movement of the lever produces the strongest biast. 

We farnisha self feed post drill. 
Spindle is bored to take in drills 1 
In material and fiolsh this drill is equal to 


© threads to the inch, with six taps and three sets of dies. 
and cold cutter are 133-Inch eut. 
The pineers 14 inches long. The farriers’ knife Is ‘the cels- 
brated Wostentolm make. 

The buttress is 2-inch Cue 
each size, 1%, 23, 4. fs, Ss. % 2nd $3 inches. 



Read the No. 24T997 

Our price for 
complete oat- 
fit, as above il- 
lastrated ° a » 


Only a slight 

Will drill to center 

Cuts & to 3-16-Inch 
right hand, 14, 18 and 
The hot cutter 
The hardie fits anvil. The tongs are @ 

The hand hammer weighs 2 pounds without 

The farrlers’ hammer weighs 10 ounces without the handle. 

The drilis—We furnish 7 drills to fit Grill; one 

528 SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE No.jj2. 
fl i ath 
| lal ean | 


i | 
| i 



this anvil ls one solid 
anvil by a patented process. 
made entirely of cast stcel. 

THE DRILL We furnish a Self Feed Post Drill. 
a ——————— _ ceNter Of 2 12-inch circle. Spindle is bored to take in 
In materiai and finish this drill is equal 

drills having 4% ineh round shank. 
toany thatis made. Welght, 80 pounds. 

THE VISE, We furnish a wronght iron solid box and screw biack- 
——————_——_ smith vise, with steel jaws, weighing 35 pounds. 


| yf 
} = 


We furnish an American wrnught anvil, accurately 
ground andtempered. Weight,&5 nounds. The face of 
piece of English tool steel, thoroughiy welded to body of 
The horn is covered withand its extremity 

No. 24T999 
Order by Number. 


not sacrifice quality for price, 

in diameter. 

of goods. We will 

bunt on our high standard of quality, 

We furnish a Lever Forge havin 
THE FORCE. it is furnished wit 
gearisthe simplest, strongest and hest ever put on .a forge. 

hearth 2i inches 
8-inch fan. The 
Only a 


slight movement of the lever produces the strongest blast. 

inches long. The 
Will drill to 


maker's shop. 


6 taps and one set of three dies. 
eut. The hardie fits anvil. 
farriers’ knife is the ceiehrated Wostenholm make. 
hand hammer weighs 2pounds without the handle. The farriers’ hammer : 
weighs 10 ounces without the handle. 
We furnish 8 drills to fit drill, one each size, 

OLS turnished 

cuts % to »-inch right hand, 14, 
18 and 22 threads to the inch, with 
The hot cutter and cold cutter are 1%-inch 
The tongs are 20 inches long. The pincersl¢, 

The buttress is 2-inchcut. The drllls— 
+, re 14, 1c. 4, \, 54 and %-Inch, 

We have acheaperkit. See preceding page, 
BED...... osncssccree = eas |.0O9 



Cy i Le a ne 

All tools are Al, the best we carry, and are guar- 
anteed to be made of high grade material of perfect 
workmanship. We replace any tool fonnd defective, 
free of charge. 

A Set Suitable for Any Blacksmlth Shop. 
THE FORGE We fnrnish a lever forge with a half 
——— ee §©60f1000; Size of fan JZinches; helght of 
forge, 30 inches; size of hearth, 35x23 inches. Weight, 
145 pounds. Itis the best finished and most perfect 
motion lever forge made. Will prodncea welding heat 
on 3-inch iron in seven minntes. 

THE DRILL We furnish an automatic self feed 
—aeee— POst drill. one of the best machines 
we Carry, ail bearings being extra long and heavy; 
shaft and Spindles are mode of high grade machine 
steel; in short, a blacksmiths’ drill in every sense of 
the word: drills to the center of 15-inch circie and 

from 0 to 14-inch holes. 

THE VISE We furnish a solid wrought iron vise 
—————= withsteel face and jaws; has machine 
cut screw; an Al vise in every respect. Weight, 50 

Weighs 125 pounds. 

To asecommodate our customers we will alow them 
in exchange at onr re 


Outfit No. & 

THE SCREW PLATE We furnish our invincible 
———————— Screw plate known by all 
mechanics as being the most perfect thread cutting 
tool ever invented. Guaranteed to cut a perfect 
thread with a single cnt. The sizes are \, %, 4, 5 
and 3 inch; five taps and five pairs of dies. Comes 
complete In aheavy oak ease as shown in illustration. 

split leather apron, 
extra large size, complete with straps. 
FARRIERS’ KNIFE is the imported IXL 
Wostenholm. HARDIE js 14-inch and fits the 
anvil, HAND HAMMER weichs 3 pounds, is made 
of best grade tool steel. FARRIERS' HAMMER 
is our S., R, & Oo.’s brand, and weighs ] pound, handle 


THE DRILLS of which we fnrnish eight in number, 
mL  SIZC8 18, 1G, 4, os 8, %, 4 and X&, have 
%-jnch round shank and are made to fit the drill. 
They are what ls called the Morse pattern twist drill 
and are gnaranteed against flaws or workmanship. 

to nmilt any article in this outfit and substitote any article (pertaining to biacks miths’ 
gular catalogue prices for article omltted, also for new articie selected. 


THE ANVIL We furnish our 100-pound American 
—————————— Solid wrought anvil with steel face, 
one of the best anvils made in this or any other 
conntry. The body and base is wrought iron; face 
and horn are steel welded together by an electric 
process which makes practically one solid piece. Wa 
warrant this anvil against defects or being too hard 

or soft. 
CUTTING NIPPERS merase a solid plese ot atcoe 

no welds; length, inches, FARRIERS’ PINCERS 
are the V. & B. brand, made from one solid piece of 
Steel, length {4 inches. FLAT LIP TONGS are 2 
inches long and are drop forged from one plece of 
steel, no welds to break. BOLT TONGS will hold 
bolts or iron , to % Inch in diameter, are dro 
forged, thus eo away with all welds. HORS 
RASP isour 8., R. & Co.'s make, is double faced, hand 
cut and is 14 inches long. HOT CUTTER hasa 
1%-inch cut and weighs 2-pounds, 2 ounces. COLD 
CUTTER hasal¥ inchcut, and weighs 2 pounds 14 

snpplies only) 


with this outfit are strictly first class, and! 

are suitable for any small blacksmith or carriage 
You can compare this set with anything eise in the market, 
for there’s nothing offered like it. 

WE BELIEVE WE ARE HEADQUARTERS ‘orcvery thing desirable tn portable forges. We have made our con- 
WE BELIEVE WE ARE HEADQUARTERS tracts with several of the very largest and mostrellable munufac- 
turers in thecountry, concerns who are strictly headquarters for the manufacture of the highest grade 
portahle forges on the market. There are many cheap, tufertor forges offered, and ¢ven some of our 
competitors may attempt to meet or cut our prices, but when a forge is offered at within 10 or 20 per cent 
of the price we are able to name, you ean depend upon Ityouuare not getting the same grade of work, 
WE G ARANTEE OUR FORGE to be exactly as represented, and If not found so, you can return 
a eee ee we EY them to us and we will cheerfully refund your money, AI nur forges are 
mace of the very best material, are thoroughly well put together, and gunranteed to give the best of service. 
The prices we quote are for the forges carefully packed and delivered on board the eursIn Chicago. You pay the 
freight, but you will find the freight will amount to next to nothing as compared with what you will save lu 
price. There ls perhaps no more necessary or economic muchine ona farm than one of our strictly high grade 
portable forges. in one year it will save ils cost ten limes over in time, to say nothing of the saving In blacksmiths’ bllts. 
a strictly high grade, fully guaranteed forge, which you could notdup- 
AT $5 95 WE OFFER YOU licate elsewhere, Ina wholesale way, at lesathanS10.00, anda forge that 
See eee 3 6would retail at $12.000r more. This forge is eee designed tor bridge, boiler 
and tank builders, miners, prospectors, elevated railroad builders, farmers, etc. We are ableto get the price so low, %5.95, 
that every farmer in selecting a forge should order this in prefercnee to a cheaper one. The motion is a very simple 
device. fthasaself acting ratchet; no springs or anything to get out_of order. It Is made frain the very hest 
materlal. The lever is connected with a segment of gears which speeds the driving wheel up to a very high speed. 
It requires a very slight movement of the lever to bet the strongest blast. This forge Is suppiled with a 9-Inch 
fan, hearth ls 21 loches ln diameter. }laving but three legs, it stands very firmly on an uneven foundation, and is 
urposely made for the work weclaim. Height of farge, 30 Inches; hearth, 21 Inches In dlameter; fan, 8 Inches, 
Welght, 80 pounds. This ls the largest forge weevecr saw offered at anything like the price, and we would ask you 
to E WAN’ the size of hearth and fan with other forges at about the FORGES and draw your own conclusions. 

during the coming year, and with 
ANT TO SELL ANOTHER 5,000 OF THESE $5.95 FORGES (pring the coming year, and with 
number, we continue to make our price 9.9. By making our contract on this basis, wo were ahleto get the price 
down to about the actual cost of material and labor. Tothis we have added only ourone smal! percentage of pro- 
fit, and as a result, In buylog a single forge from us at $5.95, you are practically buylng on the basis of a enn- 
tract for 5,000 forges. This forge is accepted by the railroud companies at second class freight rate, and its 
weight ls 80 pounds. By referring to the freight rates In the front of the book, you cau calculate very closely what 
the freight will be, which you will find will amountto next tonothing as compared with what you will save in Jalees 
if you buy one of these forges from us at $5.95 you will be getting it for less than the average retail dealer 
pays for them at wholesale. Be 4 Ne PICS oes vere crccloncersrs seme eo eeeccresccnece $5.95 


The line of Acme Forges Illustrated helow wlll be foaod to contaln those of snitable capacity for 
all classes of biacksmith work. A close examination of the several designe willl clearly show that each 

SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Cheapest Supply House on Earth, Chicago. CATALOCUE NoJl2. 6.9% 


individual machine ls particolarty adapted to the requirements for whieh It larecommended. A care- Acme No. 25 Forge. 

ful atudy of all tho desirable features ot a forge fora given service has been made and the greatest 
possible number embodied. In the eonstructlon of the Acme forges only the best materials and work- 
manship enter. The greatest accuracy is constantly insisted upon in the erection and assembling of the 
machines, which results in all parts belng brought into the closest relation to each other. The most 
approved methods of securing aan are employed. In consequence there is no gradual rattling loose or 
becoming wabbly after the machines are used fora time. Allthese deficiencies common to cheap forges 
will be found to be entirely avoided. . 

Attention Is directed to the dust proof seif olling bearings. The equal of these journals Is not 
employed on any other forge on the market, and the use of them renders frequent oiling unnecessary. 
The hearths, coal boxes and water tanks will all be found of generous dimensions and of most convenient 
form. The tuyeres are of speclal] design and thoroughly effective. 

Acme No. 300 Forge. 

No. 2471014 Oar No, 300 
Acme ls the largest high 
grade Forge for the money 
sold by any one. Owing to 
the Increasing demands for 2 
eheaper forge with anextra 
large fan and hearth, we 

Remember when 
yon buy a Forge 
from us, all sizes 
welghts, ete., will 
correspond with 
catalogue descrip- 
tion. A great many 
houses stretch the sizes 

Our $4.95 

and welghts by measur have de- 
Ing the fan overall, and signed the 
add to weight by weight above and 
of crate, etc. 6 guare gm trial 
antee welghts and sizes order will 
to be just as represented readily 
or money refunded. convince 

No. 2471009 Sears, 

No. 24T1020 This Forge ts 
heavily and durably built. 
The proportlons adapt it ta 
general blacksmiths’ use ap 
to the heaviest kind of work, 
It is furnished with the latest 
type of ball tuyere lron with 
improved fire pot, combiring 
center and side blast, which 13 
work without burning out; an 
Line improved 
SS jae 4 steel fric- 

is used. 
This is a 
high class 
every de 
tail. It Is 
ed with 
Brasa Box- 
es aad O}b 
Cupe throughout. 
» Size hearth, 46x33 
inches; fan, 14% 

ou wel lunches; height, 30inches; length over all, 54 inches. 
avethe| Weight, 400 pounds. 

Roebuck & Co.’e Port- most dur-| Price, with coal bOxXge.........5.--.+- »»-- 817.80 
ahie Forge ig especially able, best Price, wlth coal box and water tank......... 19.25 
built for farmers’ and finished 

planters’ nse or for light and most Royal Steel Forges. 

repalring. Blacksmiths erfect 

should buy a larger forge. 

ever mo- 
This lever motion forge tion forge 
has plpe legs. Has 8-inch on the 
fan. Stands 30 inches market. 
high. Hearth Is 18 inches We have 
in Clameter. Will produce used the 
x welding heat on fine iron in five minutes. Compare 0 90 same quality of material 
weight, size of fan, etc., with any other make and you B ~B) as in our high priced 
will see this is the cheapest forge for the size sold by forges, and have succeed- 
anyone. Weight, 65 pounds. Price,each....... $4.95 | ed In outclassing them. It has our improved tuyere 

No, 24T1010 Lever Forge, same as above with | with ball valves and oil ring journal bearings used 

Mali OOM IGG, GACD...........cscccccsccscess 80.95 only on our Acme line of forges. 

ithas a12%-inch fan, 35x23-inch 

Our Acme No. 352 hearth, is 30 inches high and 

welghs 120 pounds actual 
welght. Will produce welding 

heat on 3-Inchironin five min- 
utes. Price, each........810.90 
No. 24T1012 This Forge Acme No. 5 Forge. a 
ls of the same high grade as i 

No. 24T1016 This Forge le 
our No. 2471009 but with designed for general black- 
hood entlrely closed. The smithing. Has a large roomy 
large sliding door in front 

and smaller door in rear 
affords convenience in hand- 
ling long bars. The escape 
of sparks, fumes and smoko 
is effectually prevented and 
this type of forge 1s partlicu- 
larly adapted to places 
where combustible material 
is lying about or where 
bright metal work Is attack- 
ed by fumes from the fire. 
It is fitted with our patent 
ring oillng journal, used tak 
only on_the Acme forges. —_ 
Uearth, 22 inches; | Height, 30in. Weight, 3001bs. 

ote ove 10) Without water tank..&12.00 

tlon that 
glves a 
atrong <= 
steady “a sw 
blast. Itg 

d hh $12.50. 

No, 24T1027 Im 
the above forge we 
have the only 
up to date 
blower onthe 
market. ASa 
rivet forge or 
a to be used In 
_ boiler or re- 
palr shop It has no 
eqnal. It is provided 
with the Royal style of 
hlower, which has the flat, 
straight cut gears, insuring 
double the life of bevet or 
worm gears, which com- 
bined with steel shafts makes 
it by far the best forge made 
by auyone. The gear ease is 
oil tight and dust 
proof, permitting tho 
gears to rn in a bath 
of oil. We ase no 
belts, clutches or 
ratehets. The hearth 
is of sheet steel, mak- 
Ing the forge light 
and neat in appear- 

durability | ance. Can be quickiy and easily taken apart for 
and excel- | transportation