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Sehah e Sitta Or 
Sehah e Rafidiya?? 

Ay a OES (a 9 Aim plag 

Aadil Saeed 

Bani Hashim Publications 

Rafidis, Shia Narrators in Bukhari & Muslim : 

Aadil Saced. 

The main corruption of fabricated hadiths is its false justification 
against the Holy prophet SAW. The falsification of hadiths caused 
negative effect on many aspects such as Faith, Religious Law and 
act of Worship. 

There are almost more than 140 Shia, Rafidi Narrators in Sehah 
Sitta, they narrated thousands of fake and fabricated hadiths. 
Rafidis & Majoosi fabricated Hadiths by established strong Chain of 
Narrations (Asnaad) and linked these fabrications to Companions of 
Holy Prophet. 

All these Liars were Rafidis, Majoosi Fabricated fake Hadiths. 

Fabricated narrations like ,4z4«!! , Donkey Meat , Pen & 
Paper , ~~ An gal Gül ANI" Loh e Fatima, CARA 
sLSII , Hadith e Mahdi , 41341) & gas, All hadiths 
about (le dls Je Jig pees Iig pake Ol , Hadith e 
Thagalayn ,Hadith of the Pond of Khumm ,Fatima's 
Home Burnt Threat , Story of Fadak ,Fairy tale of 

Bewitched 944 ,Sucidal attempt by Holy Prophet 
‚Compilation of Quran ,etc, etc which all are fake. 

It ts very horrible that all Sehah Sitta compiler taken thousands of 
Fake Hadiths from Rafidis, Shia Narrators. Therefore I called them 

“Saheh e Rafidiya”. 

Some Rafidi, Shia Narrators of Bukhari & Muslim etc. 

Muhammad bin Jafar Al Gandar: 

Sahih Bukhari: 160 Sahih Muslim: 70 Sunan Abi Da'ud: 
15 Jami al-Tirmidhi: 5 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 138 Sunan Ibn 
Majah: 22 

Abdur-Razzag bin Hamam: 
Sahih Bukhari: 103 Sahih Muslim: 376 Sunan Abi 

Da'ud: 170 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 129 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 97 Sunan 
Ibn Majah: 75 

Ubaidullah bin Musa bin Abi al-Mukhtar : 

Sahih Bukhari: 38 Sahih Muslim: 24 Sunan Abi 

Da'ud: 12 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 38 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 12 Sunan 
Ibn Majah: 29 

Al-Fadl bin Dakayn, Abu Na'eem 
Sahih Bukhari: 185 Sahih Muslim: 11 Sunan Abi 

Da'ud: 18 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 22 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 49 Sunan 
Ibn Majah: 21 

Shu,bah bin Al Hajaj : 
Sahih Bukhari: 767 Sahih Muslim: 640 Sunan Abi Da'ud: 

269 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 247 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 553 Sunan Ibn 
Majah: 181 

Ibn e Shihab Al Zuhri. : 

Sahih Bukhari: 1186 Sahih Muslim: 688 Sunan Abi Da'ud: 
445 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 279 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 678 Sunan Ibn 
Majah: 293 

Ibn e Jureyj : 
Sahih Bukhari: 176 Sahih Muslim: 265 Sunan Abi Da'ud: 

136 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 54 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 210 Ibn Majah: 72 

Al-Fadl bin Dakayn Al Kufi Abu Naeem: 
Sahih Bukhari: 185 Sahih Muslim: 11 Sunan Abi 

Da'ud: 18 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 22 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 49 Sunan 
Ibn Majah: 21 

Ma'mar bin Rashid : 

Sahih Bukhari: 217 Sahih Muslim: 270 Sunan Abi 
Da'ud: 156 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 128 Sunan an- 
Nasa'i: 157 Sunan Ibn Majah: 67 

Mohammad bin Ubaid Al-Tanafisi: 

Sahih Bukhari: 118 Sahih Muslim: 21 Sunan Abi 

Da'ud: 54 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 9 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 40 Sunan 
Ibn Majah: 22 

Mohammad bin Bashar Bindar: 

Sahih Bukhari: 184 Sahih Muslim: 317 Sunan Abi Da'ud: 
77 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 432 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 190 Sunan Ibn 
Majah: 228 

Hammad bin Zayd bin Dharham bin Azrag Basri: 
Sahih Bukhari: 202 Sahih Muslim: 226 Sunan Abi Da'ud: 

351 Jami' al-Tirmidhi: 71 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 146 Sunan Ibn 
Majah: 66 

Usman bin Muhammad Ibrahim Ibn Abi Sheyba: 
Sahih Bukhari: 56 Sahih Muslim: 105 Sunan Abi 

Da'ud: 294 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 6 Sunan Ibn Majah: 47 

Abu Bakar Ibn Abi Sheyba: 
Sahih Bukhari: 19 Sahih Muslim: 1175 Sunan Abi 

Da'ud: 49 Sunan an-Nasa'i:2 Sunan Ibn Majah: 1021 

Yahya bin Yahya bin Bukayr: 
Sahih Bukhari: 191 Sahih Muslim: 708 Jami' al- 

Tirmidhi: 1 Sunan an-Nasa'i: 2 Sunan Ibn Majah: 3 

They all are said to be Imams, Huffaz, Hujjah etc etc in Hadith 
terminology. My suggestion is that All these so-called Sehah Sitta 
Books (which are actually Sehah e Rafidiya) should be Garbage, if 
we didn’t this the future Muslim must buried all Sehah e Rafidiya 
in the graveyard of Majoosis in Khurasan. 

References :Tarikh-ul Kabir , Tabagat , Siyar A'lam , Lisan al- 
Mizan,Tahdheeb al-Tahdheeb , Tagrib al-Tahdheeb. 202106