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the fF Twilight 


© E = 
The Oar Dfenep Feature Animation Department Newsletter 

MAY 10, 1999 - 


of the | rs | Ss F 
Animation | § > — Lao ff Jeo. | 

Stota a 1 ‘ RE SS Se Sie 


Glendale, CA . — 

Parking Lot on Hazel Ave. 


Security Issues | Events Calendar 
From the Productions — — page 12 

pages 2-4 aes 

_— ir : Atha ma ; 8 | Career Opportunities 
Events & Classes | : si 

pages 8-10 Ha rzar EE ET A 


Dear Animation Family: 

j wanted to write to you about 4 very disturbing incident at 
our Northside animation building. 

We were outraged to learn that a motorcycle was stolen from - 
our parking garage on Thursday, April 29. Although we had 
believed the security precautions in place were adequate to 
protect our personal property, We were disappointed to learn 

Let me assure you that our Feature Animation Operations 
Department is working closely with Disney security to review 
all security measures in place and working with the Burbank 
police to help find the stolen motorcycle. Ops and Marge 
Randolph are also meeting with the owners of motorcycles to 
jointly discuss what steps are being taken for future 

I am deeply troubled by this incident. We have come to trust 
our work environment and I want to make sure we can 
continue that trust. I am turning to all of you for guidance and 
support as We work together to ensure we can feel safe in our 

Feature Animation home. 




is pleased to 

announce the addition of 

“Rhapsody In Blue” 

to our line-up. 

This George 

Gershwin composition 
is a departure from the 
other traditionally 
classical music 
segments that 
Fantasıa 2000, 
yet it fits 
perfectly into 
the Fantasia milieu. 

Director Eric Goldberg brings his inimitable wit and charm to 
this segment about a day in the life of New York City and some of its 
inhabitants, with a unique and innovative color palette provided by 
Art Director, Sue Goldberg. Eric and Sue also collaborated on the 
"Carnival of the Animals" segment about flamingos, yo-yo's and daring 
to stand apart from the flock. 


_ “Carnival of the Animals” — 7 
Director: Erie Goldberg 

: At Director: Susan Goldberg | 

_ - — "Pompa and Circumstance” - 
Director: Francis Glebas 
At Director: Dan or 

“The frebird Suite” 
Peen Paul & Gaëtan Brizzi 

MAY 10,1999 

ith five sequences approved and a 

major screening ahead, Kingdom is 
emphatically back in production. 

We had a great update with Dick Cook 
and Joe Roth at the end of April. We 
held crew screenings at the end of April 
to make sure that everyone is up to date 
on the latest story developments. Our 
next major goal is a screening that’s set 
for the end of May. It’s a fast 
turnaround and both the Story and 
Editorial teams are firing on all 

o cylinders. 

cow eces 

In other production news, all departments are either on or ahead of 
schedule with Clean Up Layout scheduled to finish this week. Many thanks 
to all of our crew members for all of the hard work over the past several 


On the “John Henry” music front, all of the songs have been recorded and 
approved and they sound terrific. Work on the score and sound effects will 
soon be underway as well. As the song states, the “John Henry” crew is 

certainly "movin’ on down the line!" 




The latest Pacha 
drawings and animation 
by Bruce Smith were 
approved at the update 
with Tom in late April -- 
which means that three- 
quarters of our main 
character designs have 
been approved. Joe Moshier’s new 
Character Style Guide has been 
distributed to the artists as well. 

Work with the Paris studio is already in 
full swing. We have landed our Paris 
production management team. Our 
APMs there include: Animation - 
Fredericka Pepping; Clean Up - Etienne 
Longa; Layout - Michael De La Cruz; 
BG and EFX - Alex Skinazi. We were 
very happy to have Coralie Cudot- 
Lissillour, our production manager in 
Paris, come visit us in mid-April. Olivier 
Adam, our Paris Head of Layout, will 
be here for the next few weeks along 
with Vincent Massy, one of our Paris 
layout journeymen. 


In mid-April, Randy and Mark travelled 
to New York to meet with Sting. He'll 
be finishing up his new album in a 
couple weeks, and we hope to hear his 
first music demo for the new Kingdom by 
the end of the month. 

Randy has also been busy meeting with 
other Disney divisions to introduce them 
to our movie. So far, he has met with 
Publishing and Interactive, and the 
response has been resoundingly 

1331? KOS? It looks like we’re pretty 
close to finding a new title. Over the 
past few weeks, Mark and the gang 
have been brainstorming on title ideas. 
Hopefully, we'll be announcing a new 
one in the next few weeks. 

We had our first production scene 
approved in Color Models this week. All 
of our departments are working hard to 
get a jumpstart on the inventory coming 
their way. It’s a great team, and we look 
forward to the challenges coming up! 
Looking ahead, we'll be starting 
Animation quotas in early June and 
finishing that month with our first 
completed Color Rush scenes. 

In other happy news, Doeri Welch, our 
APM of Animation, and her husband, 
Michael, welcomed their daughter, Eliza 
into the world on April 15th. She’s 


Production on “John Henry” continues to thunder ahead and we are pleased 
to announce that Animation is now complete! Congratulations to our 
incredible animation crew members on a job well done! 

Southside (1st Floor) z 
o and Er EEA 
te soo fe Northside A s Corridor) 

Beaaty E Ve 
ZA a lend he Beast\\ 

on eon only. 
Speciel cM yee e One cel per employee. 

e Make check or money order payable to The Walt 
j Disney Company 

en Nina 

4 j & Payment must eee order (sorry, cash not 
\ : en FD anchaese / A secant) p 

e Send your check; in with this order form. It may 

Orders will be nu through June 11, 1999 check is received. If you forward your check a not recéive, a = 
( LATE ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ra receipt, please contact Janien at 8247 x2532. s F 

Natii ng Á A Ge 

Tig Line & Ent es Home Phone 

Building Studio: ma Orao Dent: 

Cel Choice #1 - The Wardrobe - $275 

(Circle One:) 
#2 - Feather Duster, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth - $340 
#3 - Belle ef Beast - $245 

#4 - Mrs. Potts e Cogsworth - $300 

Cel Purchase Agreement (Please sign and date to process order) 

The following agreement must be signed for your order to be processed. If you do not sign the agreemeńt your order cån not be 

processed and your check will be returned to you. I understand that WALT DISNEY FEATURE ANIM; TION (the "Coippany") 

years from delivery; ae any attempt to sell or transfer the cel during this five year period (or any f her violation of te a 
: i 

hereof) will result in forfeiture of the cel. 


“N É g aay: i > 
wore a i Od ary Human Again» “Ts 
ww E 73 . we —— iii f 
Airra 4A R a 
(A pty S KC aR n 



The Latest News about Disney’s 
Defender of the Jungle 

j hg - 
Pop Goes the Score , Si 
Repreinted from Variety, April 30, 1999 

lj writer, he hung around the Sun- 
set Marquis onei a met the 


he good newsin Disney sup- = 
coming animated “Tarzan” 
is that. the ape man doesn't 
@ break into song as he’s 

swinging through the trees. 

The movie will open June 18, 
and just as it did with “The Lion 
King,” Disney has turned to pop 
tunesmiths for the songs. Then pp | 
it was Elton John and Tim Rice, $+ 
who won Oscars for the “Ring” ae this time 1% 
Phil Collins. Whats unusual, however, is that 
Collins also performs four of his five songs in the 
movie, sometimes as narrator, sometimes gf 
Tarzan’s inner voice. A 

“When I became aware of (that), 1 was a i ie : 
bit alarmed, because } thought it would stop 
everyone in their tracks,” says the ex-Genesis 
drummer and vocalist. “It’s like Sting trying to. 
act. You've got to overcome that barrier of people 
saying, ‘OK, this is Sting acting now. F wasn’t sure 
about it.” 

Says executive music producer € Shriy Montan, 
“We had a main character, Tarzan, whom none of 
us wanted to sing; it didn’t feel: appropriate. Ax 

in town for a concert o 
Unlike “Lim King” and 
“Mulan,” _ Whose _ dramatic 

So Te scoop: ‘Disne ah 
on jungle motifs, s or 

A EXOK setting, Tarzan « 
= Dumbo, The 


A Hip Tarzan 

by James Sterngold 

"Tarzan" is one of the most-filmed subjects 
in Hollywood history, with Disney 
estimating there have been 47 adaptations 
of the Edgar Rice Burroughs stories, 
second only to the number of adaptations 
of "Dracula." But it is a safe bet this 
famed ape man has never before been a 

The Walt Disney Company’s big animated 
feature film this summer will be "Tarzan," 
and as in its previous efforts, the 
company is both trying to bring to life a 
classic story known to many and to make 
it new, so it will be the foundation for 
everything from merchandise sales to 
theme park rides. 

The resulting movie is long on outright 
adventure, with the hero, Tarzan, adept 
at shooting through the jungle because he 
slides along trees as if on a skateboard. 

N E W S . A 

The Latest News about Disney’s Defender of the Jungle 

Exerpts from the New York Times, April 30, 1999. 

The directors, Kevin Lima and Chris 
Buck, both veterans of several Disney 
animated movies, used a new technique, 
called Deep Canvas, to enhance the sense 
of motion, and excitement and to give 
depth to the jungle background. But their 
goal, also in keeping with the unwritten 
rules of this genre, was to make the movie 
something of a psychodrama, a record of 
a youth’s wrestling with his identity in a 
world in which he does not quite fit. 
Indeed, one of the bigger changes from 
many previous Disney films is that the 
personal struggle at its heart is more 

The plot follows the boy who is raised by 
gorillas and struggles to be one of them, 
until he catches his first glimpse of 
humans. Tarzan, with Tony Goldwyn’s 
voice, ultimately feels he has to choose 
between the jungle, a world he knows but 
in which he remains something of an 
outsider, and civilization, a world he does 
not know but to which he feels drawn, 
even though he remains an outsider. 

N N O P N € 



"It’s really the classic struggle most kids 
feel of wanting to be in control of their 
worlds,” Mr. Buck said. "He’s going 
through an early college-age kind of 

And there is Jane, with the voice of 
Minnie Driver. But the attraction is 
innocent, the directors said, not sexual. 
As in other Disney animated movies, 
there is music, provided by Phil Collins, 
but it is used differently. "This is the first 
Disney movie for a long time where the 
characters don’t sing themselves,” Mr. 
Lima said. "The songs are the voices of 
their emotions." 

Glenn Close provides the voice of the 
gorilla who raises Tarzan; Rosie 
O’Donnell is his gorilla sidekick, and 
Lance Henriksen of "Millennium" is the 
voice of the gorilla patriarch. They are 
the friends who counsel Tarzan, helping 
him make his difficult decision, and 
making him probably the first 
skateboarder best known for his emotions 
and thinking. 

re = 

PU ,t? es? 

Can't find your 
a favorite class? 

yj 9 

Check the new class 
schedule on the calendar 

| Ma page in the back of this 

Figure Sculpting with Ron Pekar! 

sponsored by artist development 

Who: This class will be available to all 
production artists.* 
(Please check with your APM prior to 
enrolling for this class.) 

When: Wednesday evenings 
May 19 through July 7 
5:30 - 8:30 p.m. 

Where: Southside Multipurpose Room 

All supplies will be provided 
No food will be served. 

To RSVP, please call 8489 x4121. 
There will be 20 spaces available in this class. 

*Those interested in this class who have not taken a sculpting class in the last 

12 months will have priority registration for this class. If you have taken a 

sculpture class in the last 12 months, please leave your name and number and 
we will accommodate you as best we can. 



Office 98 

Now that you have had a few weeks to experience the new Word, Excel and oe Upgrade 
PowerPoint programs, you probably have a few questions regarding some ofthe > = Classes 
cool, neat new features in Office 98. So, just in time to answer your burning onan 
questions about the recent upgrades of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and to aid ; => 
you in becoming the super user you have always dreamed of becoming, The o 
DUCK Center (the business applications training center run by the Disney 
University), will begin scheduling 1 1/2 hour long upgrade classes for each of the 
different packages. If you are interested in learning more about the new features 
in the new programs, The DUCK Center is ready to help. 

APAAPA a aaa eter eR RAAT EO 

Please call Sharon at The DUCK Center, 8230 x5101, and let her know 
which program(s) you would like to sign up for. You will receive an official 
registration form that you will need to complete and have signed by your 
immediate supervisor. After the paperwork has been completed, you will be 
scheduled for the next available upgrade class(es) of your choice. 

If you feel you need even more in depth training, The DUCK Center will also offer full day (8.45 a.m. - 
4.00 p.m.) beginning and intermediate level courses in each of the Office 98 applications. These classes will 
be scheduled based on interest and need. Happy computing! 

The Mac Club New Contact for Temporary Staffing 

: presents : As of last Monday, May 3rd, Gina Aarniokoski 
_ Apple's Final Cut P passed the “temp torch ” to Christy Bundy (don’t 
plus Charles McCona worry - Gina is still here to take care of your full- 
Se eS time recruiting needs!). For all of your temporary 

staffing needs, you may now contact Christy Bundy 
in Recruitment at 8247-2528. Please refer to the 
guidelines below when 

of ProMax demos 

requesting a temp: 


... @ Temporaries may fill in for an employee for the 
ca ‘$ duration of the time the employee is on an approved 
== leave of absence from that job 

(eg. jury duty, medical leave, illness, vacation). 

— Refre ts, raffles and e Temporaries may fill in for an open position that 

is actively being recruited for by the company. 

e If you need a temporary for a special project, you 
must get approval from your Finance Department. 
Special projects should not exceed 30 days. 

BARK-MAY 10,1999 

RS e SS `, rae ~ 
s a E See SS 
ANNS o O oo 


Each year approximately 14,000 high school sophomores 
from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, 
Canada, the Bahamas and Mexico are selected by their 
schools to attend an expense-paid, three-day HOBY 
Leadership Seminar. 

The Leadership Seminars are designed to prepare our 
country's high school sophomores to become effective, 
ethical leaders in their home, school, workplace and 

1999 Hugh ( 0 Brien 
Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY) 

Counselors are needed to assist at the seminars listed 
below. Counselors will serve as substitute parents, 
disciplinarians, friends, companions, leaders, comforters 
and organizers. Each counselor will be assigned to a group 
of ten to twelve students during the three day 


Los Angeles County Seminar: 
Training Date: May 23, 1999 at Loyola 
Marymount University ("LMU") 
Seminar Date: June 4 through June 6 (LMU) 

Central California Seminar: 
Training Date: May 22, 1999 in Canoga Park 
Seminar Date: June 11 through June 12 
(Pepperdine University) 

If you are interested in any of the seminars listed and you want to be a part of this very rewarding experience, please 
contact Lee Straus at 8228 x5048. 


The Moving Pictures Series 

Artist Development 


Kepesod BIISsar 

> s : — 
i and Claudine Kan 


John Ripa, (formerly Supervising Animator 
on Tarzan and now Supervising Animator 
on Treasure Planet) and his wife Lauren 
had a baby Tarzan of their own! 

Jason Nicholas Ripa, born on March 30, 
1999, weighed in at 7 Ibs. and 4 oz. and 
measured a whole 19 and a half inches. 

noms a Lonss 


Ca S 

Eilean Aguirre of IAPAA TnS gave 
birth to little Sophia a bit earlier than 
expected at 6:30 in the morning on 
Wednesday, May 5. 

The Cinco de Mayo bundle of joy weighs 6 
los 14 oz and is 20" long. Eileen says she 
has lots of dark hair and looks like her 
second son Aaron. She and the baby are 
doing very well. 


Here are the 
latest additions to our 
Disney families 

Liz Holmes, a key assistant in the Atlantis 
EFX department had a beautiful baby girl! 

Shelby Grace Holmes was born on 
Thursday, April 29 at approx. 2:00 p.m. 



TE eee eee eek eee eee ec ee 



DIGITAL PRODUCTION (contact Pamela Focht) 
e Model Dev Tech Lead (all productions) 



(contact Gina Aarniokoski) 

e Secretary to the Director of Recruitment 

e Twilight Bark Editor 

e Production Dept. Secretary, Treasure Planet 
e Department Clerk, Operations 


Overhead/Production (contact Ann Blastic) 
e Render I/O, Technologies 



(Quotes taken from Studio 411 Web Site) 

combined effort. The anaon a must tbe 
with you or you don't get it done... 
In my organization, there:is aoe rar every 

sere ee RY S 



sonan am ER S E, 

POD R S aaeanoa Sea aa Soe PPO te Pete te tee 

To seer for a position with the Feature pp Daiena. 
and Florida Studios, please submit a current resume and a 
cover letter stating the position(s) in which you are interested 
with a completed JOBS Application to the Human Resources 
contacts listed below. Questions regarding transfer policies 
and procedures can be directed to your JOBS Program 

Where to Find a JOBS Application Form: 
e Southside - First Floor near the ATM 

e Northside - First Floor near the ATM 

e Buena Vista Plaza - Christy Bundy, #519B 

e Florida - Jo Wentworth, #2320 

Send Resume,Cover Letter and JOBS Application To: 
Via Inter-Office Mail: 
e For California positions: Christy Bundy, mail code 7454 
e For Florida positions: Jo Wentworth @ 
Florida Feature Animation Building 

Please submit your resume (without the use of special fonts, 
bold or italics) on plain white paper. Please note on your 
cover letter or fax cover sheet, “RE: Bark/Rabbit 
Listing.” When filling out the JOBS application, please 
write “Twilight Bark” in the Job Number field. 

Questions Regarding the JOBS Program: 

e California: Christy Bundy at tie line 8247 x2528 

e Florida: Jo Wentworth at tie line 8264 x3178 

Other Company-Wide Career Opportunities: 

View other positions available within Disney Business Units 
and Affiliated Companies at: 
http:/ or Career 
Mosaic on the World Wide Web. 

ieee DB ARK 

is an internal weekly newsletter for the entire 
California Feature Animation division of The Walt 
Disney Company. The name comes from 
101 Dalmatians and references the film’s “Twilight 
Bark” used to spread a message throughout the city. 


If you have news, ideas or suggestions you'd like to 
share, please address them to The Twilight Bark 
Editor, at mail code 7410. 

Twilight Bark 
Walt Disney Feature Animation 
500 S. Buena Vista St. 

Burbank, CA 91521-7410 

Tie Line 8247 x2538 ° (818) 558-2538 
Fax (818) 558-2540 

Quickmail: Bark, Twilight 
e-mail: twilight.bark @ 

BARK:-MAY 10, 





10 pete i TUESDAY 12 WEDNESDAY 13 THURSDAY 14 hintaa 

a Clothed Figure Drawing Class 
oe ib == Karl Gnass ° 12-2:00 p.m. 
< Southside e RSVP 8228 x8162 

Uninstructed Clothed 

Figure Drawig Lab = Life Drawing Class 

Glenn Vilppu ° 5-7:00 p.m. Fe 
: ide ° RSVP 1 a TOE 
_ SALI See Seine tee El Capitan Theatre p= 
see page 10 for 
more info on 
a aS Vee ee 3 E E special panel |” 
Beauty Cot Ve A es a 2 discussions before | 
Ondon A >- 7 A > the movie : 
| Sienta Today / | š z = 
- see page 5 f RSVP 8228 x9359 


Life Drawing Class - Uninstru ruc ec d Clothe _ Figure Drawing Class 
to eanine Breaker * 12-2:00 p.m. UTS TO BAR = Karl Gnass e 12-2:00 p.m. 
p+ RSVP 8228 xB162 Southside e RSVP 8228 x8162 See ee eee Southside e RSVP 8228 x8162 

Uninstructed Clothed wine C Life Drawing Class 
Figure Drawig Lab ere 
Glenn Vilppu ° 5-7:00 p.m. 

12-2:00 p.m. Ħ Northside l 
RSVP 8489 x4119 Southside e RSVP 8228 x8162 

Southside Theater 

- BUSINESS Tarzan 
SHOWCASE Lunchtime Event has ( 

Bob Kato 

Bob Kato’s performance gesture drawing class 
will take place TODAY in the Southside 
Multipurpose Room. RSVP information can be 
found in the above calendar. 

— Ths, May 27 

coming soon at the Studio Lot 


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