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ys —_ a atin 4 bt fl te ee eee 
eo Sai age Ee nag nt asian tren, saranda 
~ S- s : gas Nr ena 
Te ee one 
Soe eet iin eas 


Feit ee 

OST noe, eae 

5 ate a 
ee hens os 


I ce Stren 

sa ee pees 
mee ee 

a a ee Nr a re ae 
Oe ae ak ee en ee sain ay 
xa ean . 


nO LL? a te bn i eis * Medeun - 2 Ns — “ nit - m . a " oe en il 

sin ae - ar ae Rate . - 2 a ~ pe - 

ap aaa errr peo “ Smeainens See eae = so ‘ eee Sore ; Preteen te 
ae ee ne gnae eee ae on encanta sear — ‘ — 

: a eae 
2 ; ne ee os 
OE ns pee andi 
eee dee va. iene aoe oat anaes cote 
~ Sal Neeasada sn pene Die rm 
en as aaa os ad 

mena _ . eS a 
eta ern ee ae — 

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eee ae ener one ¥ 

etn ic: tai gE reve 

ep a oro a 

ansatngin DOr 


at? sealer casi 
Seas iee Se es 
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CEES eee eeeiaakiidiiammaee oan 
aa ae en Ee tn 4 a 
- STN oe ta ae E 

en ne adil 

a ne oe eee im tele S 
NR ne =e So 
~ Sa sae ee 

Be RG setae Tenn SAN TN tee, Ria Bina er 
ae ene tn aninen LE a —— le 7 . 

: . ie penis HN 23 

ee eee - “ F . = eee 
- ane E ti — “ me a = 
: 5 ee en tas iahisco rc eI rca 
+ C2 — > ae a ANS xt ne — ge liens Reine - 
——— i Neer ae SS a ahe oe aig snl e SRE agitate ne aE: = 
aa 2 . oer eae SS ee ~— we — Farman NE eer alas 
= a a "acne = ms bd he Sey RNa actos pecaeen --- 
a Oe is eer. ee ns te pac tag pe ~ Ce ee 
Sone ee en Sot Sena ee 


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nate rire 
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‘ Neen aerenincntp ses.asetienltntn in" 2am ahr 
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oe atten arate <r ane eo i 

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See ae hana tees peaeee ieee eee aes eee a pee 

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rans = i 

pastes Ee oe 
, Poe Mt 
ee Sees (ap Sia Ea es noone 
“= Seager aa ee heeencemen  eneoneesee we — - 

apie en ker : 

ree a eee ne tS ph aia dubia ee 

2 a a - 
Senate aie SR = 2 

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o et ee eel aoa Ss 
ET pillar amano SE aa 

nee aN nO, Serene 

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E Se aan es 
ie ae eal 

fae ee ee Nae Ea eamadeatiad 
ee on a <= 


Sie es 
on ~ 

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-. ao A * cath S . = eee ene ea sil nas 
am tr : vs SS aa —— == ss wie : ae ae ee eee a 
ana See gee — an a al peor ee ol apse = = < ~ = ont ees pe, —Se ——papgs 
4 " atm 5 - ee = = eas - ‘ coed Fo ar teagan esa mame ae een a te A 
; = Ph BO CT pee oe ee winrar m ia a re ee cannes ee a ee et 
oa ap carreerere ea RRR e A eee pe som ove Rees Seen ae ewan Serene 
- - sa ae . oe 5 ° ed a -s " Sele ee ‘ 
a a ET TPE ee ae Se occ cage wade aw ee ee A bi 5 38 ee Bi oo Sam = cal Sih 
ee — — 

- ae eae 

ee nea 

ieee eee renee * — 
ei aaa ee ne en NaC re 

lan ROS Tagg ae eT ee 
aE il ae a en oat aa res 


Victor Records 


1917 Catalogue 

With biographical sketches, opera plots, 
new portraits and special Red Seal section 



CAMDEN, N. J., U.S. A. 

Copyright 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, by the Victor Talking Machine Company 

The Victor Record Catalogue 

Our customers and dealers continue to be enthusiastic 
over the Victor's radical departure—the first real alphabetical 
record catalogue ever issued, and which is not only a catalogue, 
but,something of a musical encyclopaedia as well. It is every- 
where pronounced a very great improvement over the old 
form, many declaring it to be the most valuable and unique 
catalogue ever issued by any corporation. 

It will be observed that this catalogue has no index— 

How to use ae ; ; : : 
or rather, it is all index,—every title, subject, singer, 
organization and composer being in its proper place, with all the records 
in each class set underneath the subject heading; and each with its number, 
size and price printed plainly after the title. In every case where a 

double-faced record is listed both titles are given. For example, take double- 
faced record No. 17578. This appears first under the A’s, as follows: 

aancage (Dr. S. F. Smith-Henry Carey) Victor Mixed Aone 

Red, White and Blue (Dwight-Shaw) Victor Mixed Chorus 17578|10 75 

And this record will also be found under the R’s, with titles reversed, thus : 

(Reds White and Blue (Dwight-Shaw) Victor Mixed rie 

America (Smith-Carey) Victor Mixed Chorus 17578|10 2 

Each title appears in its proper alphabetical order, with the title 
of the selection on the other side of the record indented and printed 
in italic type in order that it may keep the alphabetical column per- 
fectly clear. 

Sub; ee: In so complete a catalogue some records are 
listed several times under various headings, and 
under these subjéct headings it has been found necessary to list double- 
faced records in a different way, as follows: 


Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Afton Water) (Burns) Herbert Witherspoon|64108)10/1.00 
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton—Miller and Ould Plaid Shawl—Henry Burr|17386\10} .75 
Highland Laddie (2) My Love She's But a Lassie 

and 79th Highlanders’ Parsveltee Satelite Troupe|17408)10| .75 
Hills o’ Skye (McLennan-Harris) Janet Spencer|74291/12/1.50 
I’m Wearing Awa’—Wells and Daddy (Behrend) Elizabeth Wheeler\17203)10' .75 

The two selections in this case being set on the same line (the second title 
in italic type) and divided by the symbol “and.” 

Alphabetical plan Heer ae aay, “als Eyes eae the alphabeti- 
cal arrangement take this example: 


African—Oh, Paradise (L’ Africana—O Paradiso) (Meyerbeer) Williams 74148 12) 
Atalanta—Come Beloved (Care Selve) (Handel) Alma Gluck, 74504 12) 
Bohéme—Rudolph’s Narrative, “Thy H ands are Frozen” (Puccini) Williams) 7412912 
Bohemian Girl—For twelve records see *‘ Bohemian Girl” 

Carmen—Flower Song (Bizet) Evan Williams|74122)12/1.50 
Carmen~ Toreador Song and Trovatore—T empest of the Heart-A lan Turner 16521/10) .75 

Trovatore—Tempest of the Heart and Carmen- Toreador Song (Bizet) Turner\16521|10| .75 

It will be noticed that the operatic titles are all in the left column in 
alphabetical order. If the opposite side is also an opera air in English, then 
the selections are reversed and repeated further down the column (see 
Carmen and Trovatore airs), to give the second title its own proper position, 

; TTR Because of the great labor involved in com- 
Suggestions invited | _.. 
piling so comprehensive a catalogue, some 

mistakes occasionally occur. The editor wishes to thank those who have 
called attention to errors and suggested various changes. Corrections or 
suggestions for further improvement of the next edition, or communications 
on any subject pertaining to records, will be gladly received. Just address 

Victor Catalogue Editor, Camden, N. J. 

Tears Seok The Red Seal Records have been printed in a spe- 
eGmeal Mection.| -cial Pink Section forthe convenience of customers 

who are specially interested in Red Seal records. 

Thumb guides in conspicuous type, both right and left 
hand, to facilitate turning to any desired page; every 
record in alphabetical order under title of selection; every double-faced 
record in alphabetical order under title of each selection in its turn. 
Language—All records are sung in English unless otherwise indicated; the 
operatic records are sung as noted under each opera. Records of standard 
compositions under name of composer; many records under one or more 
subject headings for ready-reference; every opera with place and date of 
first performance; sketches of the operas; scenes from the operas; every 
operatic record under title of the opera; all selections from opera in exact 
order they are sung or played in the opera, with acts and scenes indicated; 
list of selected records for new Victor customers; special Red Seal section 
on pink paper; sketches of prominent composers; sketches of the careers 
of the various artists; reference list of Victor singers and players; list of 
subject headings; pronouncing table of composers and artists; pronouncing 
table of opera titles; blank pages for memoranda. The last five features 
will be found at the end of the catalogue. 

The great majority of Victor Records (vocal solos, 
ccompaniments duets, quartets and instrumental solos, etc.) are 
made with orchestral accompaniments. The few exceptions are many of 

the violin solos, certain songs which especially call for pianoforte accom- 
paniments and a list of male quartets unaccompanied. 

It seems almost unnecessary to say to Victor 

How to get best results customers ‘‘Use only good needles” and 
“don’t play records at various speeds.” Victor records are made with the 
greatest care and if properly played will last indefinitely, and so to aid new 

customers in keeping records in good condition we offer the following 

Set the regulator so that the turntable 
of your Victrola revolves seventy-eight 

78 Revolutions per minute 

times per minute, and never change it unless for some special purpose. 
When using Victrola and piano together, it is occasionally necessary to 
change the speed slightly to get the two instruments exactly in tune; and 
sometimes the dancers wish a little variation to suit the steps. Test the 
speed occasionally by placing a slip of paper under the edge of the record, 

and while it is revolving, see that the paper revolves 78 times in one minute. 


You will, of course, meet the man who insists on turning the regulator 
of his Victrola up and down, thus changing the speed with each record he 
plays. Don’t imitate him—he is wrong. Only at a speed of seventy-eight 
can you hear the actual tones of the singer or player just as they were recorded. 

| ; Don’t try to drop the needle or Tungs-tone 
Stylus exactly into the first record groove. If you 
do, it is likely to make a hole, and you will hear a little “tick’’ when the 
needle passes over the spot. The proper way is to start the instrument and 
then wait two or three seconds, until it is running at full speed (you can 
give the turntable a little “push” to facilitate this), carefully lower the sound 
box so that the needle or stylus rests on the smooth outside rim of the disc; 
then push it gently towards the center and it will glide into the first groove 
of the record. 

Important Warning 

Victor records can be safely and satisfactorily played only with 

Victor Needles or Tungs-tone Stylus on Victors or Victrolas. Victor records 
cannot be safely played on machines with jeweled or other reproducing points. 


A Selected List From Which to Choose Your First Records 

Realizing how difficult it is for a recent customer to make a selection from the 
thousands of records listed in this catalogue, we give below a carefully selected 
list of records, and you may choose your first records from this list with some 
assurance that you are placing yourself in a position to derive immediate enjoy- 
ment and pleasure from your Victor, adding further to your collection at leisure. 

Favorite Operatic Numbers 

Aida—Celeste Aida (Heavenly Aida!) (Verdi) JnJt-lian Enrico Caruso 88127 
Barbiere di Siviglia—Largo al Factotum (Room for the Factotum) 

(Rossini) Jn TJItalian de Luca 74514 
Berceuse from Jocelyn In French Edmond Clement 64233 
Forza del Destino—Solenne in quest’ ora /nJtalian Caruso-Scotti 89001 

Lakmé—Dove’ él’ Indiana bruna (Bell Song) (Delibes) Jtalian Galli-Curci 74510 
Louise—Depuis le jour (Ever Since the Day) (Charpentier) French Gluck 74252 

Lucia—Mad Scene (Donizetti) (Flute obbligato) In Italian Nellie Melba 88071 

Lucia—Mad Scene (with Flute obbligato} i Italian (Donizetti) Tetrazzini 88299 

Lucia—Mad Scene _ (Flute obbligato) In Italian Olive Kline | 55047 
Dinorah—Shadow Song In Italian Olive Kline 

Lucia—Sextette—Chi mifrena (What Restrains Me) J/n/talian 
Caruso, Tetrazzini, Amato, Journet, Jacoby, Bada 96201 
Lucia—Sextette /J/n/talian 
Galli-Curci, Egener, Caruso, de Luca, Journet, Bada 95212 

(ects Sextette—Chi mi frena /n Jtalian Victor Opera Sextette | 55066 
Rigoletto Quartet—Bella figlia dell’ amore In Italian Victor Opera Quartet J 
Madama Butterfly—Un bel di vedremo (Some Day He’ll Come) 

(Puccini) Jn Italian Frances Alda 74335 
Madama Butterfly—Un bel di vedremo /n /talian Geraldine Farrar 88113 
Mignon—Polonese—Je suis Titania! (I’m Fair Titania) Jn French Garrison 74489 

{Pagliacci—Prologue In Italian Reinald Werrenrath | 55068 
Carmen—Chanson du Toreador In French Reinald Werrenrath{ 

Rigoletto—La donna é mobile (Woman is Fickle) (Verdi) J/n/Jtalian 
Martinelli 64382 

Rigoletto Quartet J/n/talian Galli-Curci, Perini, Caruso, de Luca 95100 
Rigoletto Quartet /n/talian Sembrich, Severina, Scotti and Caruso 96001 
Samson et Dalila—Mon coeur s’ouvre 4 ta voix (My Heart) French Homer 88199 
Tales of Hoffmann—Barcarolle Jn French Alma Gluck-Louise Homer 87202 
Tannhauser— Pilgrims’ Chorus Victor Male Berea M 7563 
Trovatore—A nvil Chorus Victor Male Chorus 
Traviata. Gems from—Part I (Verdi) Victor Opera Col32433 
Traviata, Gems from—Part ll Victor Opera Co} 
Trovatore—Ai nostri monti (Home to Our Mountains) /talian Homer-Caruso 89018 
Trovatore—Miserere (Verdi) Jn /talian Caruso, Alda and Chorus 89030 
Standard Songs 
Blue Danube Waltz _ /n I/talian Frieda Hempel 88540 
{Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (Bland) Orpheus Quartet 18195 
Darling Nellie Gray (Hanby) Peerless Quartet 
Dixie ‘iiakiclp (with Male Quartef) Mabel Garrison 64637 
Dreams of Long Ago (Carroll-Caruso) Jn English Enrico Caruso 88376 
Du, du liegst mir im Herzen (Pax-—arr. by Berger) Jn German Gluck-Reimers 87182 
Good-bye (Tosti) Nellie Melba 88065 
Good-bye, Sweet Day (Thaxter-Vannah) Janet Spencer 64189 
{Home Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Elsie Baker| 490945 
My Old Kentucky Home (Stephen Foster) Elsie Baker J 
li Take You Home Again, Kathleen (Westendorf) Whitehill 74425 
Little Bit of Heaven, A (Brennan-Ball) John McCormack 64543 
Little Grey Home in the West (Léhr) (Cello obbligato) Alma Gluck 64412 
Lo, Here the Gentle Lark (Bishop) (Flute 0bb. ky Barone) Alma Gluck 64267 
Love’s Dream After the Ball (Czibulka) Elizabeth Spencer 18250 
A Perfect Day (Carrie facobs-Bond ) Elizabeth Spencer 
Mother Machree (Cheuncey Olcott-Emest Ball) Charles Harrison |17780 
Little Bit of Heaven (Brennan-Ball) Charles Harrison 
My Wild Irish Rose (Chauncey Olcott) John McCormack 64426 
O sole mio (My Sunshine) (Capurro-di Capua) J/n /talian Enrico Caruso 87243 
Paloma, La (The Dove) (Yradier) /n Spanish Emilio de Gogorza 74379 
Perfect Day, A (Carrie Jacobs-Bond) (’Cello obbligato Evan Williams 64306 
Rosary. The (Nevin) John McCormack 64257 
Silver Threads Among the Gold (Danks) Elsie Baker|47474 
When You and I Were Young, Maggie (Butterfield) Charles Harrison § 
Sing Me toSleep (Bingham-Greere) Gluck-Zimbalist 88573 
Somewhere a Voice is Calling (Newton-Tate) Harry McClaskey 47475 
The Maiden in Grey (Barnicott) Elsie Baker-F, W heelerS 
{Bens of Ireland Victor Mixed Chorus|3.243 
Songs of Scotlond Victor Mixed Chorusf 

Whispering Hope (Hawthorne) Alma Gluck-Louise Homer 87107 





















A Selected List of Records—Continued 

Sacred Songs and Hymns | 
Abide With Me (Lyte-Monk) Gluck-Homer 87132 

fas With Me (Lyte-Monk) Olive Kline-Elsie Baker 17782 
Whispering Hope (Hawthorne) Clive Kline-Elsie Baker 

Adeste Fideles (Oh Come, All Ye Faithful) (Portugal) Jn Latin McCormack 74436 
Ave Maria (Schubert) (Piano acc.) InEnglish John McCormack-Fritz Kreisler 88484 

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Pounds-Fearis) John McCormack 64428 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Fearis) Harold Jarvis 16008 
\ Christ Arose—Easter Hymn (Lowry) Hayden Quartet 
] Brighten the Corner Where You Are Homer Rodeheaver\17763 
! Walk With.the King Homer Rodeheaver 
SComing of the’ Year (Organ accompaniment) Church Bells \ 16825 
A Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing (with Organ) Trinity Chimes 
Face to Face (Herbert Johnson) Evan Williams 74477 
Gospel Songs, No. 1—Moody and Sankey Hymns Victor Mixed Chorus | 5510 
Gospel Songs, No. 2—Billy Sunday Hymns Victor Mixed Chorus/J 
Great Judgment Morning Pickett) Homer Rodeheaver \35326 
\ Mother’s Prayers Have Followed Me (Ackley) Homer Rodeheaver 
In the Sweet Bye and Bye (Webster) Hayden Quarts esse 
Ninety and Nine, The (Sankey) | Frederic Freemantel 
Lead, Kindly Light (Newman-Dykes) Evan Willliams 64092 
Lost Chord (Proctor-Sullivan) Enrico Caruso 88378 
Nearer, My God to Thee (Adams-Mason) John McCormack 64345 
Nearer, My God to Thee (Adams-Mason) Raymond Dixon\ 17029 
Flee asa Bird (Dana) Frederick W heelerS 
Oh Come, All Ye Faithful—A deste Fideles (with Chimes) Trinity Choir (16996 
Joy to the World—Christmas Hymn_ ( Watts-Handel) Trinity Choir) 
One Sweetly Solemn Thought (Carey-Ambrose) Gluck-Homer 87212 
Open the Gates of the Temple (Knapp) Evan Williams 74198 
Rock of Ages (Rev. A. M. Toplady) Alma Gluck-Lovise Homer 87198 
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht Jn German Schumann-Heink 88138 
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Silent Night) (Gruber) Jn German Culp 64397 
Tell Mother I'll Be There (Fillmore) Hayden Quartet }16414 
Some Time We’ll Understand (McGranahan) Trinity Choir 
When the Roll is Called Up Yonder (Black) Hayden Quartet | 67 49 
He Leadeth Me (Bradbury) Reinald Werrenrath{ 
While Shepherds Watched—Christmas Hymn Victor Oratorio Chorus | 35412 
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear—Christmas Hymn Victor Oratorio Chorus 

Band and Orchestra Records 

Chimes of Normandy Selection (Planquette) Pryor’s Band 16385 
Poet and Peasant Overture (von Suppé) Pryor’s Band 
Dying Poet, The (Gottschalk) Sousa’s Band 35467 
Last Hope, The—Religious Meditation (Gottschalk) Vessella’s Band 
Forge in the Forest (Michaelis) (Descriptive ) Pryor’s Band 17231 
Trovatore—A nvil Chorus (Verdi) Victor Orchestra 
Jewels of the Madonna—Intermezzo Victor Concert ©rchestra 35270 
Merry Wives of Windsor— Overture New Symphony Orchestras 
Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna Overture—Part I (von Suppé) 
Victor Concert Orchestra 35543 
MOT RED Noon and Night in Vienna Overture—Part II (von Suppé—arr. by 
C. J. Roberts) Victor Concert Orchestra: 
{Narcissus (Nevin) Victor Herbert’s Creat 45052 
\ Melody in F (Rubinstein) Victor Herbert’s Orchestra 
jayetional Emblem March _ (Bagley) Pryor’s Band 17957 
arde du Corps March (R.B. Hall) Pryor's Band 
{Officer of the Day March (Hall) Pryor’s Band 16386 
\ King Cotton March (Sousa) Pryor’s Band 
Peer Gynt Suite—Part I, ‘ “Morning”’ (Grieg) Vessella’s Italian Band | 35597 
Peer Gynt Suite—Part is “The Death of Ase’’ Vessella’s Italian Band 
Poet and Peasant Overture—Part | Victor Concert Orchestra|, 5509 
\ Poet and Peasant Overture—Part I] Victor Concert Orchestra J 
{oiese and Stripes Forever March (Sousa) Sousa’s Band \ 16777 
Fairest of the Fair March (Sousa) Sousa’s Band 
{Under the Double Eagle March (J. F. Wagner) Sousa’s Band 16960 
‘Lights Out’’ March Pruor’s Band 
{Oicmeliae Love Song (Nevin) Victor Herbert’s Orch setts \450b4 
Minuet (Paderewshi) (Op. 14, No. 1) Victor Herbert's Orchestra 
My epntgeton Post March (Sousa) Sousa’s Band\ 47399 
El Capitan March (Sousa) Sousa’s Band/J 
{a Tell Overture—Part I—At Dawn (Rossini) Victor Concert OE 17815 
William Tell Overture—Part II—The Sturm Victor Concert Orchestra 
eae Tell Overture—PartIII—The Calm (Rossini) Victor Concert Orch 
William Tell Overture—Part [V—Finale (Rossini—arr. by C. J. Roberts) 18012 
Victor Concert Orchestra! 










3 00 











A Selected List of Records—Continued 

Instrumental Solos, Duets, Etc. 

Annie Laurie (Scott) Violin Samuel Gardner| 7756 
\ My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Violin Samuel Gardner| 
Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss) Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band\ 32564 
Southern Roses Waltz (Rosas delSur) (Strauss) Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba B§ 
Caprice Viennois (Kreisler) Violin Fritz Kreisler 74197 
Cygne, Le (2) Waltz (Chopin) Violin Efrem Zimbalist 74338 
Emperor Quartet—Andante (Haydn) Elman String Quartet 74516 
Evening Chimes (Heins) Véiolin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan Trio| 17593 
Woodland Echoes (Wyman) Neapolitan T rioJ 
“ Humoresque (Op. 101, No.7) (Dvorak) Violin Mischa Elman 74163 
foie March (Hurtado) Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band\ 180940 
Guatemala-Panama March (Hurtado) Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba BandJ 
ee La (Yradier) Saxophone Sextelte Brown Bros. 17822 
Independentia—Medley March Saxophone Sextette Brown Bros. 
{Perfect Day, A (Carrie Jacobs-Bond) Violin-’Cello-Piano McKee Trio 17835 
Mother Machree (Chauncey Olcott-Ernest Ball) Violin-’Cello-Piano McKee Trio 
Pierrot’s Serenade (Alberto Randegger, Jr.) Violin Jan Kubelik 74256 
Polonaise Militaire (Op. 40. No.1) (Chopin) Pianoforte Paderewski 74530 
{Silver Threads Among the Gold (Danks) Neapolitan Triol 17816 
\ Oh, Promise Me (From ‘‘ Robin Hood’’) (de Koven) Venetian Triof 
Souvenir (Drdla) Violin (Piano accompaniment) Maud Powell 64074 
Thais—Meditation Violin M. Pilzer| 353096 
Humoresque (Dvordk) Véiolin M. Pilzer J 
Traumerei (Schumann) ‘Cello (Pianoforte by Bourdon) Hans Kindler| 45192 
A Dream (Bartlett) ’Cello Hans Kindler) 
Walkiire—Magic Fire Spell Pianoforte Schendel 35448 
Rustle of Spring (2) Papillon Pianoforte Schendel 
Wedding of the Winds—Waltz_ (Hall) Pietro 17865 
Estudiantina Waltz (Emil Waldteufel) Pietro 
Comic Monologues, Recitations, Etc. 
* {Casey atthe Bat (Thayer) De Wolf Hopper| 
Man Who Fanned Casey Digby Bell {32290 
Cohen at the Telephone Barney Bernard | 1 g999 
Goldstein Goes in the Railroad Business Barney BernardJ 
Goldstein Behind the Bars (Bingham) Ralph Bingham 18231 
Mrs. Rastus Johnson at the Wedding (Bingham) Ralph Bingham 
Gunga Din (Kipling) (Recitation) Taylor Holmes | page 
J Boots (Kipling) (Recitation) Taylor HolmesS 
Matrimonial Difficulties (Comic Specialty with Banjo) Golden and Marlowel| 3c. 44 
A Love Sick Darky (Comic Specialty with Banjo) Golden and Marlowe J 
Mr. Hitchcock’s Curtain Speech Raymond Hitchcock 55046 
{ Burglar Story and High Cost of Living Raymond Hitchcock 
{Paes Rastus atthe Telephone (Darky Story) Ralph Bingham 17818 
Jests from Georgia (Darky Story) Ralph Bingham 
No News or What Killed the Dog , Nat M. Wills 17222 
Three Trees (From “‘ Spring Maid”) Tom McNaughton 
Sister Sorrowful Entertains the Minister (RuralComedy) CharlesR. eeeee ey 7910 
Old Country Fiddler on the School Board (Rural Comedy with Violin) Taggart 
War Talk at Pun’kin Centre (Yankee Talk) Cal Stewart|17g90 
Uncle Josh in a Barber Shop (Yankee Talk) Cal Stewart 
Popular Hawaiian Selections 
Aloha Oe (Farewellto Thee) (Liliuokalani) Hawaiian Quintette | 
Kuu Home (Native Plantation Song) (with Quintette) S.M. Kaiawe 65348 
Cunha Medley Hawaiian Guitars Pale K. Lua-David Kaili 17774 
Hula Medley Hawaiian Guitars Pale K. Lua-David Kaili 
Hawaiian Waltz Medley (Guitar Duet) Pale K. Lua-David Reili\17701 
Kilima Waltz (Guitar Duet) Pale K. Lua-David Kaili 
Hilo—Hawaiian March Irene West Royal Hawaiians 17767 
: Wailana Waltz ; - EONS Royal sees 
aowe ake mai (Roaring Sea oots Paka Hawaiian Troupe 
ral Rose o Kawina (Wreath of David) Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe J 65971 
Kohala March Hawaiian Guitars Pale K. Lua-David Kaili| 17710 
Honolulu March Hawaiian Guitars Pale K. Lua-David Kailif 
My Honolulu Hula Girl (Cunha) English and Hawaiian (with Quintette) E. K. Rose | 65344 
One— T wo—T hree— Four— Waltz Song In English Hawaiian Quintette 
On the Beach at Waikiki—Medley Helen Louise-Frank Ferera 17880 
Moe Uhane Waltz Hawaiian Guitars Helen Louise-Frank Ferera 
Song to Hawaii (Redding) Guitars Helen Louise-Frank Ferera! 18069 
Hawaiian Hulu Medley Guitars Helen Louis-Frank Ferera 





















_-> —|= = 


—=— — 



A Selected List of Records—Continued 

Victor Records of Patriotic Music 

{ America (Dr. S. F. Smith-Henry Carey) Victor Mixed Chorus | 17578 
ed, White and ‘Blue (Dwight-Shaw) Victor Mixed Chorus 

America and Star Spangled Banner Westminster Chimes 16160 
| My Old Kentucky Home and Home, Sweet Home Westminster Chimes 
{America, I Love You (Leslie-Gottler) American Quartet | 7999 
\ You'll Be There (Brennan-Ball) Peerless F-uartet J 
{American History March (Rogers) Drum, Fife and Bugie Corps \ 6418 
| Just Before the Battle, Mother (Root) iacdonede rs Bieling. 

f American Patriotic Airs Pryor’s Band 

\ Hail Columbia—Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean (Red, White and Blue) 16137 
\ America (My Country’ Tis of Thee) Sousa’s Band 

| Are You from Dixie? (’Cause I’m from Dixie Too) Murray Keutmaniiss 42 
| Don’ t Bite the Hand That's Feeding You Irving Kaufman 
{Battle Hymn of the Republic Reinald Werrenrath | 4-49) 
| Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean Lambert Murphy and Orpheus Quartet 
J Declaration of Independence of the U. S.—Part I Harry Humphrey 35291 
Declaration of Independence of the U. S.—Part Il Harry Humphrey 

I’se Gwine Back to Dixie (White) (with Male Chorus) Alma Gluck 64564 

It’s a Long, Long Way to Tipperary McCormack with Chorus 64476 

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (Dedication of the Soldiers’ Cemetery at Gettys- 
burg, November, 1863) H. E. Humphrey |35377 
-Give Me Liberty, or ‘Give Me Death (Patrick Henry's Speech) H. E. Humphrey 
Marseillaise, La (de L’Isle) Marcel Journet 74039 
{National Emblem March (Bagley) Arthur Pryor’s Band 17957 
\ Garde du Corps March (R. B. Hall) Arthur Pryor’s Band 
f ken Revere’s Ride (Reading with descriptive effects) Wm. eS 5555 
he Rising of ’7 6 (Read) William Sterling Battis 
au Songs (See ‘ ‘Medley No. 20’’) Victor Mixed Chorus 35351 
War Songs (See ‘Medley No. 43’’) Victor Male Chorus 
eres and Stripes Forever March _ , Hurtado Bros. Marimba Band | 18092 
Love’s Power—Waltz (Santamaria) Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band 
Star Spangled Banner, The (Key) (with Male Chorus) John McCormack 64664 
ones Spangled Banner, The (Key) Victor Mixed Chorus 117579 
Hail Columbia (Hopkinson-Phile) Victor Mixed Chorus 
13 Star Spangled Banner—Revised Version (Key) Victor Military Band\, 7581 
Hail Columbia (Prof. Phile) Victor Military Band/J 
jupen Johnny Comes Marching Home (Lambert) John Young 16984 
The Vacant Chair (Root) (Unacc.) Lyric Quartet 

Records for the Children 

(4) Little Birdie Olive Kline 

Blue Bird (2) Mr. Duck and Mr. Turkey (3) Six Little Puppies 
Tiddlely-Winks and Tiddlely-Wee (2) The Chicken (3) The Bunny, (4) 17776 
Mr. Squirrel Olive Kline 
Cygne, Le (The Swan) ‘Cello (Pianoforte by Bourdon) Hans Kindler | 45096 
Melody in F (Rubinstein) ’Cello Hans Kindler 
Dawn of Love (Bendix) Violin, Harp, Flute with Celesta Neapolitan Frio! 1 g296 
La Cinquantaine (Marie) Xylophone William H. Reitz 
Dog and the Kitty Cats (Bryant) (2) Pig Brother Sara Cone BrvanelGee 43 
The Little Bull Calf (From “Stories to’ Tell the Littlest Ones’’) Bryant 
Dew Drop, A (Sherman- Gilchrist) (2) Rain Song (Smith) (From Modern 
Primer, Silver, Burdett & Co.) Elizabeth ren 
Mother Goose No. | (1) ‘Hey diddle diddle’’? (2) “‘Little Bo-Peep” 17004 
viek Twinkie (4) “Little Jack Horner’ (5) “‘Ride a Cock Hone 
(Elliott) Elizabeth Wheeler 
Ewa-Yea! (2) Wah-wah-taysee (From ‘‘Hiawatha’s perce 
(with Piano and Strings Elsie Baker 35617 
Bu the Shores of Gitchie Gumee (2) Then the Little Hiawatha (From 
**Hiawatha’s Childhood’’) Kline-W heeler-Dunlap 
Humoresque (Dvordék) (Op. 101, No. 7) Violin Mischa Elman 74163 
Reon ER) (2) Menuett (From ‘ ‘Don Giovanni’’) (Mozart) 
{ William H. Reitz|17917 
Aerie Shae (2) Gavotte (Grétry) William H. Reitz 
eeror: Man, The (James Whitcomb Riley) Sally arolin\18276 
Our Hired Girl (James Whitcomb Riley) Sally Hamlin 
See (Moszkowski) Violin Efrem Zimbalist 64576 
{Song of a Nightingale, No. 2 \45057 
\ Song ofa Thrush (German, Drossel) J 
Spring Song (Chopin) (2) Spring’s Messenger (Schumann) (3) Greeting 
(Mendelssohn ) Olive Kline 17532 
Morar Song (Grieg) (2) The Rose (Franz) (3) The Brooklet (Schubert) 
(20 Song Classics,’ Birchard) Olive Kline 



















NOTE. ee cde ti or prospective Victor customers will find a carefully selected list 
of records on four preceding pages. 

A—For titles beginning with the word “A” see next word | 
one Daba Honeymoon (Fields-Donovan) Collins and Sa | 
Fido is a Hot Dog Now (McCarron-Grey-Walker) Billy Murray BF 0.20 _ 
Abide With Me (Liddle) (Organ and Piano acc.) Clara Butt|/88385 12 3.00 
Abide With Me (Lyte-Monk) — Soprano Geraldine Farrar}87076 10 2.00 
ones With Me Counter-Tenor Richard oe ineeotlOl 275 
Child of a King (Sumner) Elizabeth Wheeler a 
{Apese With Me  Tenor-Soprano Mr. and Mrs. eee ae 1ebodliol -75 
Some Day (Gabriel) Anthony and Harrison eat 2 
Abide With Me  Soprano-Contralto Gluck and Homer/87132 102.00 
aati With Me  Soprano-Contralto Olive Kline-Elsie Beery vor eolioiizs 
Whispering Hope (Alice Hawthorne) Olive Kline-Elsie Baker pia ye 
ABOTT, BESSIE, Soprano (For list of records, portrait and sketch 

see ‘‘Abott’’ in Pink Section) 
esos Ben Adhem (Hunt) (2) Annabel Lee (Poe) pee saoRalritgs 
The Last Leaf (Holmes) (2) L’Envoi (Kipling) F. Burbeck : 

angie Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Dillea) mined enouen 16140110} .75 
Maryland, My Maryland Harry Macdonough i 
Absent (Glenn-Tirindelli) Baritone Emilio de Gogorza|64628/ 10) 1.00 
Absent (Glenn-Metcalf) Tenor Evan Williams|64109  10|1.00 
Absent (Glenn-Metcalf) Soprano Margaret Romaine|60124/10| .75 

at (Glenn-Metcalf) Contralto Christine ana 45075| 1011.00 

The Slumber Boat  (Riley-Gaynor) Christine Miller ; 

ABT and BUTIN—See “ Mandolin-Guitar Duets” 

ACCORDION SOLOS—By Pietro, Kimmel, Prince and Frosini 

(For contents of Medleys see ‘* Medleys’’) 
American Polka—John J. Kimmel and Dance of the Fairies—Piccolo—Lyons|16048 

Medley of Clogs—Kimmel and Waterfall Polka (Stobbe) Xylophone—Reitz| 16438 
Medley of German Waltzes—John J. Kimmel and Persian Lamb Rag—Banjo|\ 16127 
Medley of Irish Jigs—John J. Kimmel and Southern Girl Gavotte—Bell Solo| 16406 
Medley of Irish Jigs—No. 2 and Medley of Irish Reels——Kimmel| 18207) 

(Continued on next page) | 

Amoureuse Waltz (Berger) Frosini and Swiss Shepherd—Ocarina— T apiero|16434/10| .75 
An Operatic Rag—Frosini and Napoli Tarantella—Mandolin—Casini-Florenz\16501)|10| .75 
Barber of Seville Overture and Romeo and Juliet Selection—FPietro|35524)|12)1.25 
Beautiful Days Waltz (Falco) and Sharpshooters’ March—Pietro|17551/10) .75 
Blaze Away March (Holzmann) and Sousa Medley March—Pietro\17921|10| .75 
Bridal Rose Overture (Lavallee) ~ and Stradella Overture—Pietro|35345)12|1.25 
Broadway Medley and Great White Way Medley—A ccor dion—Pietro|17486)10| .75 
By Heck—Fox Trot and Hello, Hawaii, How Are You—Med. Fox Trot—Pietro|18118)|10| .75 
Ciribiribin (2) La Spagnuola—Pietro and Azalea Waltz—Mandolin\17643)10) .75 
Comedy Overture and Trieste Overture— Accordion — Pietro|35503)12|1.25 
Corker Medley One- Sts and Metropolitan Hits Medley—FPietro|17664'10) .75 
Crackerjack Medley Fox Trot and Tip Top Medley Fox Trot—Pietro|17709\10\ .75 
Dandy Medley—Fox Trot and Winner Medley—Fox Trot—Pietro|18280)10| .75 
Diadem Quick Step and Honest Toil March—Concertina—Alex. Prince|18037)|10| .75 
Down in Chattanooga Medley and This is the Life Medley—Pietro|17574\10) .75 
Echoes from Naples (Frosini) Frosini and Araby March—Estudiantina Trio|16829|10| .75 
Estudiantina Waltz and Wedding of the Winds—Pietro|17865)10| .75 
Geese in the Bog Medley—Irish Jigs and Stack of Barley—Kimmel|18193)10| .75 
Great White Way Medley and Broadway Medley—A ccordion—Pietro\|17486/|10; .75 
Guarany Selection (Gomez) and Tranquillo Overture (Pietro)  Pietro\35488 12/1.25 
Heart Echoes—Serenade and Under the Double Eagle March—Pietro| 18291) 10} .75 
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You—Fox Trot and By Heck—Fox Trot—Pietro}18118/10| .75 
Honest Toil March and Diadem Quick-Step—Concertina—Alex. Prince|18037)10| .75 
Hornpipe Medley—Kimmel and Three Solitaires—Clarke, Kenekee and Pryor|16317|10| .75 
Hummer Medley—One-Step and Hungarian Rag—Pietro|17609)10| .75 
Hungarian Rag and Hummer Medley—One-Step— Pietro|17609|10| .75 
International Rag and Sailing Down Chesapeake Bay—Medley — A ccordion—Pietro| 17506 10) .75 
Irish Boy March—John J. Kimmel and Bye, Bye, Ma Honey—Billy Golden|16747\10) .75 
lrish Reels—Medley No. 3 and No. 4 (See “‘Medleys’’) John Kimmel|17849/10| .75 
ltalian-Spanish Favorites and Verona Waltz—Pietro|17802/10| .75 
Light Cavalry Overture (von Suppé) and Rigoletto Quartet—FPietro|35367)12)1.25 
Luna Waltz (Lincke) and Pietro’s Return March—Pietro|17531 b aL 





A Medley of Irisn Reels, No. 5 and Medley of Irish Jigs, No. 2—Kimmel, 18207 175 
C Medley of Popular Reels=Kimrel and d My Hindoo Man—Xylophone—Lewin|16948 75 
we Medley of Reels No. 2—Kimmel and /’ve Got to See the Minstrel Show— Collins| 16171 75 
Medley of Straight Jigs—Kimmel and Long, Long A By ah ea ae 16534 75 

Melody Rag (Pietro) and Success Medley—Fietro|17895 05 
Metropolitan Hits Medley One- ee ‘and Corker Medley—Pietro|17664 2/3 

Over the Waves Waltz (Sobre las Olas) ‘and Sirens Waltz—Pietro|17950 75 
Pagliacci—V esti la giubba—Pietro and Cavalleria— Pietro’s Accordion Qt\17941 id 

Pietro’s Return March and Luna Waltz (Lincke) Accordion—Picztro|17531 75 

Pique Dame Overture (vonSuppé) and Poet and Peasant Overture—Fietro|35569 1.25 

Poet and Peasant Overture (von Suppé) and Pique Dame Overture—Fietro|35569 1.25 










Rigoletto Quartet (Verdi) and Light Cavalry Overture—Pietro|35367|12|1.25 
Romeo and Juliet Selection mo 1 Barber of Seville Overture —Pietro|35524|12\1.25 
Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay Medley _—_and International Raz—Pietro|17506/10| .75 
San Francisco Souvenir March and Chicken Walkh—Brown Bros.|18189)| 10] .75 
Sharpshooter’s March (Resois) and Beautiful Days Waltz—Piztro\17551|10} .75 
Sirens Waltz (CWaldteufel) and Over the Waves Waltz—Pietro|17950/10| .75 
Skottlandspojkar, Polka and Under frihetsbanéret, Marsch—Prince|17795|10| .75 
Sousa Medley March and Blaze Away March—Pietro|17921)10} .75 
Spagnuola, La (2) Ciribiribin—Pietro and Azalea Waltz—Mandolin|17643)10| .75 
Spring Flowers Waltz (Frosini) Frosini and Dill Pickles Rag—Prvor’ s Band|16482}10| .75 
Stack of Barley Medley—Irish Reels and Geese in the Bog—Kimmel|18193}10} .75 
Stradella Overture and Bridal Rose Overture— Pietro\35345)12|1.25 
Success Medley and Meitlody Rag—Pietro|17895)10| .75 
This is the Life Medley and Down in Chattanooga Medley—Pietro, 17574/10] .75 
Tip Top Medley Fox Trot and Crackerjack Medley Fox Trot-—Pietro|17709|10} .75 
Tranguillo Overture (Pietro) and Guarany Selection (Gomez) FPietro|35488)|12|1.25 
Trieste Overture and Comedy Overture—Accordion— Pietro|35503)|12|1.25 
Under frihetsbanéret, Marsch and Skottlandspojkar—Concertina—A lex. Prince|17795)|10| .75 
Under the Double Eagle March and Heart Echoes—Pietro|18291|10| .75 
Verona Waltz and IJtalian-Spanish Favorites—Pietro|17802|10| .75 
Wedding of the Winds— Waltz and Estudiantina Waltz—Pietro|17865|10| .75 
Winner Medley—Fox Trot and Dandy Medley—Fox Trot—Pietro|18280)|10| .75 

ACERBI, GIUSEPPE, Tenor (Ah-cher’ -bze)—See “* Don Pasquale,” 
: Passes **Lucia,’’ “‘ Pearl Fishers’? and “‘ Rigoletto ” 
(aurea the Rio Grande (Graff-Reed-Ball) Heidelberg Quintette 
They’re on Their Way to Mexico (Irving Berlin) Heidelberg Quintette 
aes the Still Lagoon (Loge) Violin-Harp-Flute Neapolitan Trio 
Spring Song (Weil)  Violin-Harp-Flute Neapolitan Trio 
1 aNr Sh (Gourdin) Garde Republicaine Band 


17599 O| .75 


\ 17435|10}. .75 

Machicha, La (Marquina) Garde Republicaine Bah OTT ae 
Adagietto (From “L’Arlésienne’’) (Bizet) (with String Quartet) Kreisler|64601|10| 1.00 
Adagio—4th Symphony (Beethoven) Vessella’s Italian pate 

Leonore Overture, No. 3 (Part JII) Victor Concert OrchestraS |3°259|'4|!-25 
Adagio from 5th Concerto (Beethoven) Pianoforte with orch La F orea 

Scarf Dance—Air de Ballet (Chaminade) La Forge peeso 
Adagio Lamentoso (Part of 4th and last movement of the 6th Symphony 

in B minor, Op. 74, called ‘‘Pathetique””) (I'schaikowsky) Pryor’s Band/31800) 121.00 

ADAM, ADOLPHE CHARLES (1803-1856), Compositions by 
See ** Holy Night,’’ “‘Noél’”’ and “ Si j’étais Roi”’ 
ADAMS, STEPHEN (1844- 1913) Compositions by—See “* Holy City,”’ 
os Maid of the Mill,’”’ “‘ Nancy Lee,’’ “‘ Star of Bethlehem ”’ and 
** Warrior Bold”’ 
Addio a Napoli March (Farewell to Naples) (Ascolese) Vessella’s Pt 
Maria, Mari (Di Capua) Vessella’s Italian Band) |1©909|! 2 
Addio a Napoli (Farewell to Naples) Neapolitan Trio 
O sole mio (My Sunshine) (di Capua) Violin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan Trio LUBE bee? 
Adele (From “Adele”) (Herve-Briquet-Philipp) Olive Kline 
My Fairy Prince (From ‘‘Her Little Highness’ *) (de Koven) Kline 

{ \ 17459)10| .75 
poce: from (Paulton-Briquet- Philipp) Victor Opera es 

Chorus, ‘* Sweet Wedding Bells ’’—Solo, ‘““Adele’’—Duet, “‘ Strawberries 
and Cream ”—Sol o, ‘A Honeymoon with You’’—Duet, “‘ Like Swallow 
Flying’’—Finale, ‘ * Adele” (See also * “You and Only You a} 
Gems from ‘‘ The Marriage Market’’ Victor Light Opera Company 
Adele Waltzes (See ‘Medley No. 44”) Victor ses 3sse1 1211.25 
Girl on the Film—Hesitation Waltzes Victor Military Banh | : 

35339) 12)1.25 


VICTOR RECORDS | Number | 3 
[Adeste Fidsless (Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful) (Christmas Hymn) 
(Portugal) Latin (with Chimes) McCormack with Male Chorus 74436 12) 1.50 ‘Ad 
feu Fideles (Oakeley-Portugal) Hayden aE Ohne ete 
Home Over There, 7 he Macdonough and Hayden Quartet ee 
one Fideles Westminster Soot 10! .75 
Lead Kindly Light and Nearer My God to Thee Westminster Chimes ee : 
fae Fideles (with Chimes) Trinity ne 10] .75 
Joy to the World—Christmas Hymn (Watts-Handel) Trinity Choir panne. 
Adorables Tourments (Love’sTeasing) (Barthélemy) French Caruso|/88115/12/3.00 
{aoa in a Department Store—Comic Talk Murry K. ai 1 10) .75 
A Bit of Drama—Comic Monologue Murry K. Hill Ces 

AFRICANA (Af-ree-kah' -nah)—French title, L’Africaine (Laf-ree-kane’ ) 

Opera in five acts; text by Scribe; music by Meyerbeer. Produced Paris, 1865; 
felon: 1865; first N. Y., 1865. Riviceds in 1906 at the Metropolitan, with Caruso. 

L’ Africaine tells of the adventures of Vasco di Gama, the explorer, who is betrothed 
to Inez, daughter of the King of Portugal. The King tries to marry his daughter to Don 
Pedro, telling her that the explorer has been shipwrecked, but Vasco suddenly appears with 
two slaves, Selika and Nelusko, whom he found off the coast of a strange land. Vasco, 
when the Council refuses to furnish him with a ship to explore the unknown countty, 
denounces their parsimony and is ordered to prison. To save him, /nez consents to wed 
Don Pedro, who takes his wife and the slaves and sails away to find the land sought by 
the explorer. pH Pedro’s ship is wrecked on the coast of India rong Mig treachery 


Vasco hefore the Council—Act I The Indian Paradise—Act IV 
Scene in the Prison—Act II The Massacre—<Act III The Fatal Tree—Act V 

of Nelusko, and most of the crew massacred. Vusco, who has followed them, becomes 
fascinated with Selika, who proves to be a Queen of India, but just as he is about to 
wed her he hears the voice of /nez and deserts the Queen. Selika, concealing her feelings, 
generously sends the lovers back to Spain, then kills herself with the blossoms of the poisonous 
mancanilla tree while Nelusko, finding her body, himself inhales the deadly perfume. 

NOTE.—The selections in Africana and other operas in this catalogue are printed in the order of 
their occurrence in the opera. Africana records are sung inItalian except as noted. 


Dio che la terra venera (Thou Whom We Adore) La Scala Chorus 
and Prelude, Act I1I—La Scala Orcheotl 62614,10; .75 




Sei l’angiol diletto (Oh, Guardian Angel!) Farelli and Martinez-Patti 

and Adamastor, re dell’onde profonde (Ruler of the Ocean) Cigada 

Prelude—La Scala Orchestra and Dio chela terra venera— La Scala Chorus 
All ‘erta, Marinar! (What Ho, Mariners !) Titta Ruffo 
Adamastor, re dell’ onde profonde (Ruler of the Ocean) withCho—Amato 
Adamastor, re dell’onde—Cigada and Sei l’angiol—Farelli-Martinez-Patti 

Marcia Indiana—La Scala Orch and Traviata—Prelude—La Scala Orchestra 
O Paradiso (Oh Paradise!) Florencio Constantino 
O Paradiso (Oh Paradise!) Enrico Caruso 
O Paradiso (Oh, Paradise !) Giovanni Martinelli 
O Paradiso (Oh, Paradise!) \ Hippolito Lazaro 
Oh Paradise! (O Paradiso!) In English ; Evan Williams 

Scena di Selika, Part I—*‘ Gia l’odio m’abbandona”’ 

and Part II—“‘ Su bianca nuvoletta’’—Maria Baldini 

ant Sunset—Melody (Pryor) Pryor’s Band) 
When Life is Brightest (Pinsuti) Véiolin-Flute Rattay and Lyons 

| Akchwarde (Lemon-Mullen) Frank Goons 
By the Old Cathedral Door (Lamb-Solman) Peerless Quartet 

Afton Water (Burns-Spilman) (Scotch) Herbert Witherspoon 

Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) (Bizet) Jn Latin Schumann-Heink 

Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) (Bizet) Jn Latin Enrico Caruso 
on Cupid (From “Prince Ananias”) (Herbert) Cornet oes 
Birds in the Forest (Strange)  Véiolins-Flute Rattay-Levy-Lyons 

Ah, fors’ é lui—Traviata—See “Traviata” | ‘ 
Ah, Love, but a Day (Browning-Protheroe) Evan Williams 

Ah! Moon of My Delight (From “In a Persian Garden’’) 
(Khayydm-Lehmann) In English John McCormack 
fob Moon of My Delight (‘In a Persian Garden’”’) Althouse 
Onaway! Awake, Beloved! (Longfellow-Coleridge- Taylor) Aho 

(eee ge iale Shouting Song Hawaiian oa ee 

Kumukahi Hawaiian Quintette 
AIDA (Ah-ee’-dah) (All records are in Italian unless otherwise noted ) 

Opera in four acts. Text translated from:Locle by Ghislanzoni; music by Verdi. 
First produced in Cairo, 1871; Milan, 1872; Paris, 1876; London, 1876; N. Y., 1873. 


Number | - 











— et oe ee 














VICTOR RECORDS | Number | | 


Aida, daughter of Amonasro, King of Ethiopia, has been captured by the Egyptians 
and is a slave at Memphis, where she and the young soldier, Rhadames, have fallen in love 
with each other. Rhadames goes to the Egyptian war, and during his absence the King’s 
daughter, Amneris, discovers the attachment and is furious, as she herself loves Rhadames. 

Rhadames returns, covered with glory and bringing many prisoners, among them 
Amonasro, Aida’s father. The King releases all the prisoners except Amonasro, and 
bestows his daughter on the unwilling Rhadames. 

In the next scene Amonasro forces his daughter to persuade Rhadames to become a 
traitor. The latter’s love for Aida and his distaste for the approaching union with Amneris 
lead him to consent. Amneris, however, has overheard the plot, and after vainly trying to 
induce Rhadames to abandon Aida, in a jealous rage she denounces him as a traitor, and 
he is condemned to be buried alive. When the vault is sealed he discovers Aida, who 
has concealed herself there that she might die with him, and the lovers slowly suffocate. 


Prelude—Vessella’s Italian Band and 7 raviata—Prelude—Vessella’s Band\17729'10| .75 
Céleste Aida (Heavenly Aida!) Giovanni Martinelli) 74424) 12|1.50 
Céleste Aida (Heavenly Aida!) Enrico Caruso|/88127]|12/3.00 
Céleste Aida—Althouse and Standchen (Schubert) In German Reimers}55045)12/1.50 
Holde Aida (Celeste Aida) (Heavenly Aida!) Jn German Leo Slezak|64113)10/1.00 
Ritorna vincitor (Return Victorious! ) Johanna Gadski|88137) 12/3.00 
Nume custode e vindice (Guardian and Avenger) Paoli, Segurola and Cho!88268 12/3.00 
Chi mai fra (His Glory Now Praise) Cappiello and Chorus 
and O tu che sei d’Osiride—Cappiello and Chorus| 55005} 121.50 
Fu la sorte dell’ armi . (Neath the Chances of Battle) Gadski and Homer|89024! 12/4.00 
Alla pompa, che s’appreste (In the Pageant) Gadski and Homer|89025} 12/4.00 
Scene II— Without the City Walls 
Grand March and Rondo Capriccioso— V essella’s Band|35265)12|1.25 
ACT Ill-—sanks OF THE NILE 
O tu che sei d’Osiride (Oh, Thou Who Art Osiris) Cappiello and Cho 
and Chi mai fra—Cappiello|55005}|12|1.50 
O patria mia (My Native Land) Johanna Gadski|88042|12/3.00 
O patria mia (My Native Land) Lucy Isabelle Marsh|60098) 10} .75 
O patria mia (My Native Land) Emmy Destinn|88469) 12|3.00 
O Vaterland (Oh, My Fatherland) Jn German (sameas above)  Destinn|92058/12/3.00 
Ciel! Mio Padre (Heaven! My Father!) Gadski-Amato|89067] 12/4.00 
Su dungue! (Up, Then !) Gadski-Amato|89068) 12/4.00 
Fuggiam gliardori (Ah! Fly with Me) Marsh-Althouse 
and Madame Butterfly—O quanti InItalian Kline-Althouse|55058)|12|1.50 
Giai sacerdoti adunansi (The Priests Assemble) Homer and Caruso|89050)12/4.00 
Aida a me togliesti (Aida Thou Hast Taken) Homer and Caruso/89051/12/4.00 
Ohimé! Morir mi sento (Death Approaches) de Casas and Cho/88270}12/3.00 
Sacerdoti, compiste un delitto! (Priests, a Crime) de Casas-Rizzi and Cho!88323}12/3.00 
La fatal pietra (The Fatal Stone) Final duet, Part | Gadski and Caruso/89028)| 12/4.00 
La fatal pietra (The Fatal Stone) (Solo from above duet) Nicola Zerola| 74225] 12/1.50 
O terra addio (Farewell, Oh Earth) Final duet, Part Il © Gadski and Caruso|/89029) 12/4 00 
Oterraaddio (Farewell, Oh Earth) Marsh and McCormack!74398)12}1.50 
AIDA, GEMS FROM—PART I Victor Opera Company 
Chorus, “‘ Almighty Phtha’’—Solo, “Heav’nly Aida”’ (Céleste Aida)— Women’s 
Chorus, “‘Come Bind Thy Flowing Tresses’’—Soprano Solo, “Love, Fatal 
Power’’—Duet and Chorus, ““On to Victory”’ 35428) 12/1.25 
Gems from ‘‘ Aida’’—Part II Victor Opera Company 
Chorus, ‘“‘Glory to Isis’-—Solo, “‘My Native Land’’—Solo and Chorus, ““O King 
in Thy Power Transcendent’’—Finale, Duet and Chorus, “‘Fatal Stone” 
Selection—Pryor’s Band and Attila—Grand Trio (Verdi) Kryl’s Bohemian B\35195)|12}1|.25 
Selection—Chorus of the People—Grand March (Act II) 
and Lucia Sextette—Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band\35559)} |2|1.25 
Marcha Triunfal—Garde Rep B and 7osca— Tosca divina!—Berl-Resky|62409|10| .75 
Céleste Aida Trombone Pryor and /] Guarany Overture (Gomez) Pryor’s B\35030)12/1.25 
The Fatal Stone Cornet-Trombone and Serenade (Titl) ’Cello-Flute\35150/12/1.25 
Fantasia—Police Band and “‘Cascades of Roses’”” Waltz (Presa) Police Band) 35047) 12)1.25 
Ainahau (Music by Princess Likelike) Irene West Royal pda weal i7asaliol.75 
Meleana (Hula) Irene West Royal Hawaiians he 


ay t You Coming Back to Dixieland? (Egan- Whiting) Orpheus Q\ 1s32Kl10l 96 
Ai Mother, Dixie and You Sterling Trio ; 
Air for G String (Bach) Victor Herbert’s Orchestra|70047)12|1.25 
Air for G String (Bach) Violin (Wilhelm arr.) Mischa Elman|74292)12)1.50 
Air for G String (Bach) Violin Jan Kubelik|64390]| 10/1.00 
Akahi Hoi (I Love But Thee) (Kalakaua) Hawaiian pee iol .75 
{ Puaimohala (My Love is Like a Blooming Flower) Hawaiian Quintette Corea ia 
eae Hoi Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe| 101.75 
Kalai o Pua Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe! GAS aie 
Akahi Hoi (King Kalakaua) Hawaiian Genevra Johnstone-Bishop| 5680)|10| .60 
Alabama (Spalding) Violin Efrem Zimbalist|/74443|12!1.50 

17825)/19) .75 

Alabama Jubilee (Jack Yellen-Geo. L. Cobb) On a 
We’ll Have a Jubilee in My Old Kentucky Home Peerless Quartet 

feeryaae Jubilee Med.—One-Step (See “Medley No. 45”) Victor BI 5480|1211.25 
Down Among the Sheltering Palms—One-Step Victor Band5|* : 

OORnEe Minstrels (Contents under “‘Minstrels”) Victor Minstrel eat 5108) 1211.25 
Old Heidelberg (A Trip Up the Rhine) (Tobani) Pryor’s Band. Bs ; 

Alagazam (To the Music of the Band) Peerless Sac: 10! .75 
When Old Bill Bailey Plays the Ukulele Peerless Quartet} |179°4|'"| - 
Album Leaf (Wagner) Violin-Flute-’Cello-Harp Florentine EY allol .75 
Twilight (Massenet-Hubay)  Violin-’Cello-Harp Venetian Trio} |1778 : 

ALDA, FRANCES, Soprano (4Al'-dah) (For list of records, portrait 
and sketch see “‘Alda’’ in Pink Section) 
ieee Bagpipe Band (Goetz-Berlin-Sloan) _ Billy Sea 17054|10| .75 
If It Wasn’t For the Irish and the Jews Billy Murray ; 
(alexepaens Ragtime Band (Berlin) Victor Military Panay 
Slippery Place Rag (Hacker) Victor Military Band 
Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin) reper d 
Oceana Roll (Lewis-Denni) Eddie Morton 
Alice in Wonderland (“Century Girl”) (Berlin) 

17006/10) .75 

16908}10| .75 

Anna Howard-Harry Macdonough ?|18211/10| .75 
Poor Butterfly (From ‘‘ The Big Show’’) Edna Brown 
iene of Old Vincennes (ILove You) (Thompson) Henry Burr 10| .75 
Rose of the Mountain Trail (Brennan) Peerless Quartet) |}759° i 
Alice, Where Art Thou? (Gurnsey=Ascher) Evan Williams|64271/10/1.00 
faced Where Art Thou? (Ascher) Charles paren) rolezs 
Come Into the Garden, Maud_ (Tennyson-Balfe) HarrisonS|17498 2 
fatice, Where Art Thou? (Ascher) Violin-’Cello-Piano McKee yee 4 
Come Back to Erin (Claribel) Violin-’Cello-Piano McKee Trios |17995|'0| -75 
ee Where Art Thou? ‘Cello and Flute Duet + Trein and Lyons ‘ folie. 
Silver Threads Among the Gold (Danks) Will OaklandS\|©78° : 
Hep panes (Original Syrian Dance) Pianoforte Alexander Maher 10! .75 
A Trip to Syria (Original Syrian Dance) Pianoforte Maloof! |1744 
a Aboard for Blanket Bay (Sterling-Von Tilzer) Van Brunt iol 75 
My Trundle Bed (Baker) Helen ClarkS\*©89°|!9) - 
ae Aboard for Chinatown (Davis-Brookhouse) American Qt} iol .75 
Siam  (Johnson-Fischer) American Quartet) |1799>|'9) - 
Alla Capanna Andiamo (Campana) Jn Jialian Farrar and Homer|89072|12/4.00 
Allah (Longfellow-Chadwick) In English Schumann-Heink|87172|10|2.00 
Allah, Give Me Mine! (Roma-Ball) Harry pier auania 
In a Dusty Caravan (Gilbert) James Reed-J. F. Harrison 

{ 17977|10) .75 
‘ancen Holiday—Fox Trot (From * ‘Katinka”) Smith’s ree 

Poor Butterfly—Fox Trot (From ‘‘N. Y. Hippodrome’’) Smith’s Orch 1824610 

All Alone  (Dillon-H. Von Tilzer) Jones and ve 
When I’m Alone, I’m Lonesome _ (Berlin) American Quartet 
All America March (Zamecnik) _Conway’s Bend) 
American Trumpeter March (Lake) Conway’s Band oleae 
Aller au Bois (Snowflakes) In French (Rimsky-Korsakow) Gluck!64421)10|1.00 

16884|10) .75 


VICTOR RECORDS | kumber | 3 
All’ Eviniis Callin Mavourneen (Ward-O’Hara) Harrison ret retiieas 
Ireland Must Be Heaven, for My Mother Came from There Harrison 
Allerseelen (All Souls’ Day) (Strauss) Jn German Wervrenrath Ata 
Zur’ Ruh, zur Ruh’! (To Rest!) (Kerner-Wolf) German Werrenrath j 
All for the Girlies Medley—One-Step Conway’s Band 17392|10| .75 

Hungarian Rag (Lenzberg) Conway's Band 
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name—Coronation (2) Doxology— 
“Praise God From Whom Ail Blessings Flow’’ Trinity Choir ?}35110}12/1.25 
Sanctus from ‘‘Messe Solennelle’’ (Gounod) Trinity Choir 
All Hands ’Round—Barn Dance (Friedman) Victor Dance Orch 

Way Down East—Barn Dance (Wheeler) Victor Dance Orchestra 16282)10) 75 

Something Seems Tingle-Ingle-Ing Medley-—One-Step—Victor Band pace splZ }el2 
All I Can Do Is Just Love You (Clarke-Monaco) Kaufman 17896101 .75 

Piney Ridge (MacDonald-Mohr) Irving Kaufman : 
ALLIES—Patriotic Records of—See ‘‘ National and Patriotic Airs’’ 

All In, Down and Out—“Coon Song” (Johnson) oad Collins 16211|10| .75 
Medley Dance (Kamman) Bells Chris Chapman ; 
All I Want Is a Cottage, Some Roses and You (Harris) O’Hara ASE TAN E 
Croon-Time (Shannon-Johnson) Edna Brown—James Reed. : 
All Night Long (Brooks) Ada Jones and Billy Murray 17278|10| .75 
Somebody ’s Coming to Town—from Dixie Billy Murray ; 
All That I Ask of You is Love (Ingraham) Reed Miller 16677) 1018.75 

You Are the Ideal of My Dreams (Ingraham) Raymond Dixon 
All the Way My Saviour Leads Me _ (Lowry) oe st 16239/10/+.75 
He Will Hold Me Fast (Harkness) Hayden Quartet : 

All the World Will be Jealous of Me (Dubin-Ball) 
Emilio de Gogorza|64688| 10/1.00 

| | 
e } 

[ | 
| | 
fee Doesis Follow Them—One-Step (See*‘Med. No. 46”) Victor ot 
| ) 
| ) 
| } 
| } 
| ) 

ot the World Will be Jealous of Me (Dubin-Ball) epee 18302|10| .75 
That Girl of Mine Sterling Trio ; 
All Through the Night (Boulton) (Old Welsh Air) Farrar|87254|10/2.00 
All Through the Night (Boulton) Evan Williams|74100}12/1.50 
All Through the Night (Boulton) Julia Culp|64414}10}1.00 
ou Through the Night (Boulton) Harry ener 16245|10| .75 
Bonnie Sweet Bessie Frederick Gunster : r 
hes (Alma, Where Do You Live?”’) Barbour and pea 172241101 .75 
Every Little Movement (‘‘Madam Sherry’’) Barbour and Werrenrath : 
Alma andaluza—Paso-doble (Gémez) Banda del Regimiento 
Pacomio—Paso-doble flamenco 69296] 10} .75 
Banda del Reg. de Infanteria de la Habana 

Alma de Dios—Romanza (Serrano) Baritone Jn Spanish Sagi-Barba|61194}10/1.00 
Alma Mater Songs—No. 1 Victor Male Chorus 

Wesleyan College, * ‘Come Raise the Song’ ‘—Cornell, ‘‘Far Above Cay- 
u-gas Waters’ ’—Harvard, “Fair Harvard’ *—Amherst, ‘Lord Geoffrey 
Ambherst’’—Rutgers College, ° ‘On the Banks of the Old Raritan” 

Alma Mater Songs—No. a Victor Male Chorus 

Princeton College, ‘‘ Old Nassau’’—Columbia, ‘ “Sans Souci’ *—Pennsylvania, 
The Red and the Blue’ ’"—New York Unive rsity, **EvenSong’—Dartmouth, 
“Eleazer Wheelock’ — Yale, “‘Boola Boola”’ 

Almost Persuaded (Bliss) Macdonough and eras 17356l10! .75 
Shall We Meet Beyond the River (Hastings-Rice) Mac-Hemus . 
Aloha Oe (FarewelltoThee) (Liliuokalani) Gluck and Orpheus Qt)/74534! 12) 1.50 
Aloha Oe (Farewellto Thee) (with Ukulele) Hawaiian and English pone 35622! 12/1.25 

Pua Sadinia (Gardenia Flower) EAR 

35596] 12|1.25 

{ Kuu Home—Native Plantation Song (with Quintette) S. M. Kaiawe 

Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) (Liliuokalani) Hawaiian SULLA 65348110! .75 
Aloha Oe (Liliuokalani) Hawaiian Guitars Lee ei 17803! 10 
Rosary, The (Nevin) Hawaiian Guitar Pale K. Lu 




lone Oe (Liliuokalani) Cornet Solo Clarke with Sousa’s pene 
From an Indian Lodge (Woodland Sketches) (MacDowell) Sousa’s B 
ae Oe (Farewellto Thee) (Liliuokalani) | 

17035)10| .75 

Henton—Conway’s Band 
When You and I Were Young, Maggie 18344/10) .75 

H. Benne Henton—Conway’s Band 

Aloha Oe—Hawaiian Medley Waltz (See‘ ‘Medley No. 48”) Victor a 17733)10| .75 
Home Sweet Home Medley Waltz Cen s Band ; 
Aloha Oe and Hawaii Ponoi Pryor’s Band 
Maui Girl Hawaiian Quintette } 65440)10);.75 
Alone at Last, Gems from (Woodward- Lehar) V. Light Opera Co 
Chorus, * Gotenias in the Sky ‘= Soloes ‘Pretty Edelweiss’ '—Solo, ““Thy 
Heart My Prize’’—Solo and Chorus, “Game of Love’ ’—Chorus, * ‘Nature | 35517) 12/1.25 
Divine.’’ See also ““Some Little Bug” —“Waltz Entrancing”’ 
Gems from ‘‘The Princess Pat’’ (Herbert) Victor Light Opera Co 
Along Came Ruth (Irving Berlin) Arthur Fields} 17637/10| .75 
I'll Do It All Over Again (Brown-Gumble) Billy Murray i 
Along the River of Time (Root) Metropolitan Trio} 16348110) .75 
More Love to Thee, Oh Christ (Doane) Werrenrath and Macdonough : 
Along the Rocky Road to Dublin (Young-Grant) American Qt} 17900|10| .75 
Molly Dear, It’s You I’m After (‘‘ The Girl from Utah’’) Orpheus Qt 5 
My Hawaii (You’re Calling Me) Orpheus nares 

Alpha March (Theis) Arthur Pryor’s Band} 17193|10| .75 
Birds of Love—Three-Step (Ascher) Pryor’s Band ; 
Alpine Specialty—Popular Yodels George P. Watson} 16968]10| .75 
Emmett’s Favorite: Yodel George P. Watson p 
Alpine Violet (Alpenveilchen) (André) Venetian Trio 18070 10! .75 
Evening Bells (Abendlduten) (with Bells) Venetian Trio i 

Als die alte Mutter (Songs My Mother Taught Me) (Dvordk) (See 
also “‘ Songs My Mother Taught Me’”’) Jn German Riccardo Martin|87051)\10 2.00 
Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt— —See “My Heart Ever Faithful ”’ 


This young tenor, whose success in Boris at the Mubooelint 
was well deserved, decided, following the lead of all the greatest 
singers in the world, to entrust the recording of his voice to the,, . 

Paul Althouse came to New York, at the age of twenty, 
after having had some little instruction in his native town, deter- 
mined to embrace a musical career. He was advised to see Mr. 
Oscar Saenger, and this.famaus teacher realized at once the great 
possibilities in such a voice, and agreed to take him as a pupil. 

The result of Mr. Saenger’s training wasa four years con- ¢ 
tract with the Metropolitan, and before this contract had been inf 
existence a year the young artist had made his sensational success ALTHOUSE 
in Boris Godounow. 

Mr. Althouse’s successes have not been confined to his performance of Dimitri in 
Boris, by any means, and he has appeared with some of the largest oratorio societies and 
festivals, besides many song recitals. 

It will not be necessary to inform those who have heard Mr. Althouse sing that he has 
a beautiful voice, as that is evident before a dozen tones are heard. We will merely say 
here for the guidance of customers in general that the records which he has made are 
excellent reproductions of a fine tenor voice. 

ALTHOUSE RECORDS (Sung in Italian unless otherwise noted) 
Ah! Moon of My Delight (English) and Onaway! Awake, Beloved!—Althouse 55059 

{Along the Way to Waikiki (Kahn-Whiting) Peerless Quartet}|, 56) 19| 75 

Aida—Celeste Aida and Standchen (Schubert) In German Reimers 55045 12}1.50 
Aida—Fuggiam gli ardori—with ‘Marsh and Madame Butterfly—O on antt gate Kline! 55058} 12/1.50 
Boris Godounow —Finale, Act Ill (Moussorgsky) with Ober|76031 12/2.00 
Creation—In Native Worth and By the Waters— Werrenrath penis 12}1.50 

(Continued on next page) - 

ret ~—S. 



Gioconda—Cieloe mar and Walkiire—Siegmund’s Liebeslied—Paul Althouse|45076 
Madame Butterfly—O quanti—with Kline and Aida—Fuggiam— with Marsh|55058 
Onaway! Awake, Beloved! (English) and 4h! Moon of My Delight—A Ithouse|55059 
Pagliacci— Vesti la giubba and Tosca—E lucevan—A lthouse|45055 
Tosca—E lucevan and Pagliacci—Vesti la giubba—A lthouse|45055 
Walkiire—Siegmund's Liebeslied and Gioconda—Cielo e mar|\45076 

ALTO SOLOS—See “Contralto Solos” 
Always be Honey to Me _ (Branen-Lange-Prival) Camppeceurr 
I Love You, That’s One Thing I Know (Gilbert-Friedland) BarnesS|!79"° 
Always Gallant Poika (Toujours galant) Victor Dance Orch 
Dancing in the Barn (Brooks) Victor Dazce Orchestra 

{ 16181 
fens Gallant Polka (Fahrbach) Victor Dance Orchestra 

Navajo—Two-Step (Van Alstyne) Victor Dance Orchestra} |?°°°? 

Always Leave Them Laughing When You Say Goodbye ptateay 
New Parson at Darktown Church—Darky Comedy Peerless Quartet ies 
eG Treat Her Like a Baby (I. Berlin) Irving peau 
Fatherland, Motherland, the Land of My Best Girl Irving Kaufman 

NOMA El—Tango (Roberto Firpo) Victor Dance Orchestra 


Mi Ricurita—Tango (Osman Perez Freire) Victor Dance Orchestra Aes 

AMADI, ALBERTO, Tenor—See “ Mefistofele” and “‘ Traviata” 
Amaryllis—Old French Rondo Victor Orchestra 

Minuet (Paderewski) Victor Orchestra 
AMATO, PASQUALE, Baritone (Ah-mah’-toh) (For list of records, 

portrait and sketch see “‘Amato” in Pink Section) 
Amber Empress—See “‘ Chinese Fox Trot” 
America (My Country ’Tis of Thee) (Smith-Carey) Whitehill|64677 
America (2500 Voices) (Rodeheaver, Director) 
Billy Sunday Chorus, N. Y. Tabernacle 18322 


Sail On . Billy Sunday Chorus, N. Y. Tabernacle 
America (My Country ’Tis of Thee) Victor Male Chorus] 1255 
America (See also ‘* Medleys’’) Sousa’s pare Saas 

American Patriotic Airs Pryor’s Band 
America (Dr. S. F. Smith-Henry Carey) Victor Mixed Saeet ere 

Red, White and Blue (Dwight-Shaw) Victor Mixed Chorus 
America (Henry Carey) Victor Military pang | iveke 

Red, White and Blue (David T. Shaw) Victor Military Band 
America and Star Spangled Banner Westminster CES raver 

My Old Kentucky Home and Home Sweet Liome—Westminster Chimes 
America Forever! (Tobani) (See ‘‘Medley No. 49”) Pryor’s Band| anne 

Marsovia Waltzes—for dancing (Blanke) Pryor’s Band{ es 
America, Here’s My Boy | (Sterling-Lange) Peerless Quartet snece 

Let’s All Be Americans Now American Quartet 

; Victor Military Band ;|35629 

*>Way Down inlowa—Medley Fox Trot Victor Military Band 

America, I Love You—One-Step (Leslie-Gottler) Victor Band) oeete 
You’d Never Know That Old Home Town—Med. Fox-Trot Victor B 

America, I Love You (Leslie-Gottler) American ouarter none 
You'll Be There (Brennan-Ball) Peerless Quartet 

American Airs—Medley (See “‘ Medley No. 51’) Marimba eres 35557 
Artist’s Life Waltz (Strauss) Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band 

American Airs Waltz (See ‘Medley No. 52”) Victor Dance Dh atias 
Free Lance March (On to Victory) (Sousa) Sousa’s Band 

American Beauties March (St. Clair) Pryor’s pao ee ae 
La Gitano Waltz (Le Thiere) Pryor’s Band 

American Eagle March (Boehme) Pryor’s pene Ake 
Loveland Waltzes (Holzmann) Pryor’s Orchestra 

Be lag Here’s My Boy—Medley One-Step (See Medley No. 50) | 

American Fantasie (See ‘Medley No. 53 ”) (Herbert) Pryor’s aa 35119 12 1.25 

Skater’s Wal+: (les Patineurs) (Waldteufel) Sousa’s Band. 

II S0 
10) .75 
10) .75 
10} .75 
10| .75 
10} .75 
10) .75 
10} .60 
ol aS: 
10| .75 
10] .75 
2 1e25 
Lot 75 
WAN 745} 
10} .75 
110} .75 




American History March (Rogers) Drum, Fife and Bugle Boe 
Just Before the Battle, Mother (Root) Macdonough and Bieling 

AMERICAN INDIAN SONGS (Cadman) See “ From the Land 
of the Sky Blue Water,’”’ *‘ Moon Drops”? and ‘‘ White Dawn’”’ 
American Jubilee—Fox Trot (Claypoole) 

Hail Columbia—Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean (Red, White and Blue) 

America (My Country ’Tis of Thee) Sousa’s ai 


Patriotic Airs—America ”’ 

American Patrol (Patriotic Medley with Fife and Drum) Sousa’s B 

Conway’s pa 
Siss-Boom-Ah !—One-Step (Chester W. Smith) Conway’s Band 

American Patriotic Airs Pryor’s Band 

La Sorella March (La Matchiche) (Gallini) Sousa’s Binds 

American Polka (Kimmel) Accordion 


John J. Kimmel 
Dance of the Fairies (Damare) Piccolo Darius Lyons 

Number = 


18109) 10 

16137\10| . 


16048} 10 





This popular organization is composed of four singers well known to Victor audiences 
(John Bieling, Billy Murray, Steve Porter, Wm. F. Hooley), who have had a long 

and successful experience in the making of talking machine records. In their renditions of 

popular songs of the day and humorous specialties they are unequaled. 


All Aboard for Chinatown and Siam—A merican Quartet|17993)10) .75 
Along the Rocky Road to Dublin and Molly Dear, It’s You I’m After—-Orpheus Qt\17900/}10| .75 
America, | Love You and You'll Be There—Peerless Quartet}17902/10| .75 
And the Green Grass Grew and You’re a Blue Eyed Baby—Heidelberg Quint|17344|10) .75 
Army Blue and Benny Havens, Oh! (West Point Mil. Academy) American Qt}17500|10) .75 
At the Mississippi Cabaret and J Want to Go Back—Harvey|17650|10| .75 
Back to Dixieland and Minstrel Parade—Collins-Harlan|17783)|10| .75 
Because You're Irish and Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny Oh!—-A merican Quaitet| 1827910} .75 
Benny Havens, Oh! (West Point Mil. Academy) and Army Blue—American Qt}17500|10| .75 
Casey Jones and Moonlight in Jungle Land (Schmid) Collins and Harlan\16483}10} .75 
Chinatown, My Chinatown and / Knew Him When HeWas All Right-A merican Q\17684|10| .75 
Circus Day in Dixie and Gasoline Gus and His Jitney Bus—American Qt|\17838}10] .75 
Come Over to Dover and Way Down East To-night (with Bells) American Qté|17751{10| .75 
Denver Town (Botsford) and Night Trip to Buffalo—Irish Comedy—A merican Qt\16524|10} .75 
Down on the Mississippi— Darky Specialty and Minstrels No. 1|8—Mins Co|35143}12}1.25 
Do You Take This Woman for Your Wife and Why'is the Ocean—Murray|17554|10| .75 
Everybody Loves an Irish Song—American Qt 
and ’Twas Only a Dream—Burr|\18198}10| .75 
Everybody Rag With Me and You Don’t Know How Glad 1 Am—Murray|17769}10| .75 
Farmyard Medley and Uncle Josh and the Photographer—Cal Stewart) 16676|10| °.75 
asoline Gus and His Jitney Bus and Circus Day in Dixie—A merican Qt)}17838} 10} .75 
Goodbye Broadway, Hello France and Where Do We Go from Here2—A m. Qt\18335|10| .75 
Good Night, Mr. Moon (A. Von Tilzer) and Mine (Solman) Henry Burr\17046}10| .75 
Grizzly Bear (with Murray) and Turkey Specialty—Golden and Hughes|16681}10} .75 
Here’s to the Friend in Stormy Weather and Elks’ Reunion Mch—Pryor’s B\17058}10} .75 
Honeymoon Bells and Put Me to Sleep—lIrving Kaufman|17853)|10} .75 
Honolulu, America Loves You and How Could Washington—O' Connell| 18192|10) .75 
Honolulu Hicki Boola Boo 
: and That Funny Jas Band from Dtxieland—Collins-Harlan|18235|10} .75 
How’s Every Little Thing in Dixie 
and In the Days of Old Black Joe—Peerless Qt}18225]}10| .75 
If You Ever Get Lonely—American Qt ; 
and What Do You Want to Make Those Eves at Me For ?—Jones-Murray|18224|10} .75 
I Knew Him When He Was All Right and Chinatown, My Chinatown—A mer. Qt}1768410| .75 
In the Gloaming—with Oakland and Wait Till the Clouds Roll By—Oakland|16928}10} .75 
It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary _ and Soldiers of the King—Pryor’s Band|17639}10} .75 
I’ve Got the Sweetest Girl in Maryland and 7 hou Shalt Not Steal—Hart\18294| 10) .75 
I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl and Let’s Make Love—Van Brunt and Chorus|16962)10}| .75 
Let's All Be Americans Now and America, Here’s My Boy —FPeerless Qt18256|10| .75 
Let’s All Do Something ~ and Man Behind the Hammer—Peerless Quertet 1832010} .75 
Loading Up the Mandy Lee—American Qt and Come Back Home—Campbell-Buri\17947|10| .75 
Mary Was My Mother's Name and Killarney, My Home—Van Brunt|17130|10} .75 
Moonlight Bay and The Harbor of Love— Walter Van Brunt|17034|10} .75 
Negro Medley and Talk on Married Life—Monologue—Murry K. Hill} 16463\10| .75 
Night Trip to Buffalo and Denver Town (Botsford) American Quartet|16524|10} .75 
No One But Your Dear Old Dad and Come Back to Erin—Reed-Harrison| 17985} 10} .75 
Oh That Navajo Rag (Van Alstyne) with Murray 
and Down by the Old Mill Stream—Harry Macdonough and Chorus|17000)}10| .75 
Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny Oh! and Because You’re Irish—A merican Quartet!18279!10| .75 

On the Banks of the Wabash (Dresser) and Dear Old Girl—Mac-Hayden Qt)17397/|10| .75 
On the 5.15 and They All Had a Finger in the Pte—American Qt|17704/10} .75 
On the Mississippi (Fields) and Ina Little While—Campbell-Burr\17237|10| .75 
Over There and I May Be Gone for a Long, Long Time—Shannon Four\18333)10| .75 
Paddy Duffy's Cart and Down in Gossip Row (Harrigan and Braham) | Jones|17056}10} .75 
Parisienne (Von Tilzer) and Whistling Jim (Morse) Peerless Quartet}|17239|10| .75 
Ragtime Violin (Berlin) and If You Talk in Your Sleep—Murr ay|17025)| 10] .75 
Rebecca of Sunny-Brook Farm and [f 1 Had My Way—Peerless Qt|17534|10} .75 
Sailin’ Away on the Henry Clay and I’ mall Bound ’Round—Kaufman|18353)10| .75 
Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay and Mammy Jinny’s—Collins-Harlan|17411|10] .75 
She Gave Them Allto Me (Humorous) | and /rish Wit—Porter and Murray|16477| 10} .75 
She’s Dixie All the Time and Just the Kind of a Girl—Billy Murray|18257/10| .75 
Siam (Johnson-Fischer) and All Aboard for Chinatown—American Quartet|17993} 10) .75 
Tennessee, | Hear You Calling and Back to the Carolina— Peerless Qi|17666|10| .75 
That Old Girl of Mine (Van Alstyne) and Jn Banjo Land—Peerless Quartet|17264|10} .75 
That Slippery Slide Trombone and Ragtime Cowboy Joe—Bob Roberts|17090)| 10} .75 
That Soothing Symphony and Those Good Old Days—A merican Quartet|17972|10} .75 
There is Silver Now Where Once Was Gold (Huntington) 
and J Love the Name of Mary (Graff-Olcott-Ball) Van Brunt|}17107|10} .75 
They All Had a Finger in the Pie and On the 5.15—American Quartet|17704| 10} .75 
They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dawg Aroun’ (Perkins) with Harlan 
and A Rural Argument (‘‘A Rube’’ Specialty) (Porter) Porter and Harlan\17065) 10} .75 
Those Good Old Days Back Home and That Soothing Symphony—A merican Qt|}17972|10) .75 
War Song Medley and Old Time Song Medley—Oakland|17823)}10} .75 
Way Down East To-night (mith Bells) and Come Over to Dover—American Qt}17751)10} .75 
When I’m Alone, I'm Lonesome and All Alone—Jones and Murray|16884| 10) .75 
WhenI Was Twenty-one and You Were Sweet Sixteen—with Macdonough 
and If All My Dreams Were Made of Gold, I’d Buy the World— Orpheus Qt\17057|10} .75 
When You Wore a Tulip and Red, White and Blue—Peerless Quartet|17652|10| .75 
Where Do We Go from Here? and Goodbye Broadway, Hello France—A mer. Qt\18335]10} .75 
AMERICAN SONGS~—See “National and Patriotic Airs— America” 
(Aeneas Trumpeter March (Lake) Conway’s cae 18182110] .75 
All America March (Zamecnik) Conway’s Band. 

American Tunes Xylophone (See ‘Medley No. 54”) Peter Lewin/31510)12/1.00 
American Valor March Mandolin and Guitar Duet 
Samuel Siegel and Butin| 16679} 10] .75 
Sounds from the Hudson—Valse Brilliante Cornet | Herbert Clarke 
AMHERST COLLEGE SONGS—See “Lord Geoffrey” and 
*“*Medley No. 1” 

AMLETO—See “ Hamlet ”’ 
{gece acetate (Lincke) Pryor’s ay 169591101°.75 
Marsovia Waltzes (Blanke-Belcher) United States Marine Band. : 
Am Meer (By the Sea) (Schubert) See ‘‘German Songs” 

‘Amor de Forero—Flamenco (Baquero) Banda Rodrigues) 67497110] .75 
1 Dos Almas Unidas—Vals Banda Rodriguez : 
Amor Mio (My Love) Vocal Waltz (Ricciardi) Jtalian Caruso|87176)10/2.00 
pemautense Valse (Berger) (Orch. with Bird Voices) eeet 45061) 10|1.00 
Humoresque (Dvordk) (Orch. with Bird Voices) Chas. Kellogg ; 
isis ape Waltz (Berger) Sousa’s Band 17228|10| .75 
Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Pryor’s Band ; 
(OpIOIT ETS Waltz Concertina P. F rosin 16434] 101 .75 
Swiss Shepherd (Morlarchi) Ocarina Mosé Tapiero y 
soup mene Waltz (Berger) Whistling Guido salen 16838]10| .75 
Old Black Joe Trombone Quartet Chicago Glee Club ‘ 

Am Springbrunnen (The Fountain) (Zabel) Harp Ada Sassoli| 70031) 12)1.25 
AN—For titles beginning with the word “An” see next word 
ANCONA, MAKIO, Baritone (Ahn-koh’ -nah) 

(For list of records, portrait and sketch see “Ancona” in Pink Section) 
Andante Cantabile (From String Quartet, Op. 11) (Tschaikowsky) 

Violin with String Quartet Fritz Kreisler|74487|12|1.50 
Andalouse (Pessard) Flute (Piano acc.) John Lemmoné/60027) 10} .75 

{angantn from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (C Minor) V. Concert oF 35275)1211.25 
Largo (From the “New World Symphony’’) (Doordk) V. Concert Orch ; 


pnaents nee ’Cello (Piano acc.) Josef Hollman|74002!12/1.50 
Andante ollman)  ’Cello Rosario Pao 
An{ Extase (Ganne)  Violin-’Cello-Piano Tollefsen Trio S30 3g 29 
(en ett from Concerto No. 2 (de Bériot) Samuel gorda 10 
Serenata Napoletana (Sgambati) (Violin Solo) | Maximilian Pilzer ah ae 
‘epoca from Concerto No. 2 (de Bériot) Violin Charles eee 110 
Trdéumerei_ (Schumann) Violin Howard Rattay Aco a 
Andante Tranquillo (From Seventh Concerto) (de Bériot) Powell|74492)12/1.50 
Andantino (Martini-Kreisler) Violin Fritz Kreisler|64315)10|1.00 

Andantino (From Second Sonate, Op. 42) (Max Reger) Zimbalist/64518)10|1.00 

ANDERTON, WALTER, Counter-Tenor 
Bonnie Sweet Bessie (Gilbert) and Sing Me to Sleep (Greene) Anderton|16449|10| .75 
Sing Me to Sleep (Greene) and Bonnie Sweet Bessie (Gilbert) Anderton|16449}10| .75 

Ander Weser (By the Weser) (Gustav Pressel) Jn German Goritz|74343]12/1.50 

An die Musik (To the Music) (Scheber-Schubert) Jn German Ober|64445]10/1.00 
ANDRE, EMILE—See “Clairon, Le ” 

ANDREA CHENIER (Sheh-nee-eh) (Milan, 1896) (Giordano) 

Son sessant’ anni (My Aged Father) Badini and Si, fui soldato—Cunego|45012]|10}1. 
Un di all’ azzurro spazio (Once O'er the Azure Fields) * /n Jtalian Caruso|88060| 12/3. 
Si, fui soldato (1 Was a Soldier) Cunego and Son sessant’ anni—Badini|45012)10/1. 

ANDREINI, REMO, Tenor—See “‘ Manon ” 
ANDREJEWA, ADELAIDE, Soprano—See “ Traviata ”’ 
And the Glory of the Lord—See ‘“ Messiah” 


ane the Green Grass Grew All Around (Von Tilzer) American ae 10! .75 
You’re a Great Big Blue Eyed Baby (Brown) _ Heidelberg Quintette Liste 5 
rand Then I Laughed—Laughing Song Cal Siaenre 10! .75 
Two Jolly Sailors (Porter-Israel) Porter and HarlanS|1"418|""| - 

And They Called it Dixieland (They Made it Twice as Nice 
as Paradise) Geoffrey O'Hara 1805110) .75 
Simple Melody (From ‘‘Watch Your Step’’) Brown-Murray 
angel of Love Waltz (Ange d’Amour) (Waldteufel) Pryor’s Bend} Tescilineeys 
Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss) Victor Dance Orchestra 10s 

Angel, The (Der Engel) (Rubinstein) In German Homer-Farrar|89071|12/4.00 
Angel, The (Der Engel) (Wagner) Jn German Johanna Gadski/87273])!0/2.00 

Angel’s Dream—Waltz (A. Herman) Conway’s Band 
**Angel’s Serenade’ (Braga) — ‘Spring Song’ ~ (Mendelssohn) — 
**Kreutzer Sonata” (Beethoven)—*‘ Nocturne” (Ghonn 35500) |2|1.25 
Nightingale Waltz (Czibulka) Conway’s Band. 

Angels Ever Bright and Fair (Handel) Lucy Isabelle are eave I 35 
Unfold Ye Portals ! (From ‘‘ Redemption’’) (Gounod) Trinity Choir _ a 
(Angels from the Realms of Glory (Christmas Hymn) (Tune— 
“*Regent Square”) (Montgomery-Smart) Trinity Choir ?/35594] 12) 1.25 

Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem (Christmas Hymn) Trinity Choir 
fAngel’s Serenade (Braga) Violin -’Cello Rattay and ee 16410li0lees 
Fifth Nocturne (Leybach) Violin Howard Rattay “4 
Angel’s Serenade (Braga) Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist|88434||2/3.00 
Angel’s Serenade (Braga) In /talian Alda and Elman|8s523)12/3.00 
Angel’s Serenade (Braga) McCormack-Kreisler|88479| 1 2|3.00 
Angel’s Serenade (Braga) Violin obbligato Elsie Baker 
Ave Maria (Adapted to ‘‘ Intermezzo’’ from ‘‘Cavalleria Rusti- 35466] 12|1.25 
cana’’) (Weatherly-Mascagni) In English Raymond Dixon 

(Angels Serenade (Braga) Victor Herbert's Oechesua eeoaoleltee 
Largo from ‘‘Xerxes’’ (Handel) Herbert’s Orchestra ; 
Angel’s Serenade (Braga) ’Cello Victor Sorlin| 5393/10) .60 

Angel’s Whisper (Samuel Lover) ‘Cello (Piano acc.) Herbert|64240| 10) 1.00 
Angelus, The (From ‘“‘Sweethearts’”’?) Christie Macdonald and Cho)70099} 12) 1.25 

(anes The (From “Scenes Pittoresques”) (Massenet) Wictor OF 35437]1211.25 
Valse Triste (Jean Sibelius) (Op. 44) Victor Concert Orchestra) | be 


Angelus—See also “ Maritana” 

Barnyard Serenade—Spencer-Holt and The Buffalo Rag—Banjo— Ossman| 16779 || 
Dog Fight—Spencer-Holt and Auction of Household Goods— Spencer|16107| | 
Farmyard Medley-AmericanQt and Uncle Joshand the Photographer—Stewart| 16676| | 
Imitations of Farm Animals and In a Zoological Garden—Hubertus| 17887 | | 
In a Zoological Garden and /mitations of Farm Animals—Hubertus|17887| | 
King of the Bungaloos and Ruff Johnson’s Harmony Band—’Gene Greene| 18266) | 
King of the Bungaloos (Greene-Straight) ‘Gene Greene] 5854|] 
Krausmeyer and His Dog—Spencer-Holt and Closing Tim2z—Collins-Harlan|17255)| 
Krausmeyer and His Dog—Spencer-Holt and Musical Yankee—Spencer 35153/)1 
Morning in Noah’s Ark—Humorous Fantasia and Mr. Rooster-—Pryor’s Band|16955} | 

Old Dog Sport—Spencer-Girard and /rish Repartee—Porter-Murray|16017|10| . 
Stranded Circus—Spencer-Girard and Thim Were the Happy Days—Porter|16147|10| .7 

John McCormack!|64138!10/1.00 

AnnabelLee (Poe) (2) AbouBen Adhem (Leigh Hunt) Seared fassalt 
{ The Last Leaf (Holmes) (2) L’Envoi (Kipling) F. Burbeck 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Tenor 


Annie Laurie (Scott) Male Voices Unaccompaned Hayden Quartet} 114/10] .60 

Annie Laurie (Scott) Soprano 

Geraldine Farrar|88052!12/3.00 

Annie Laurie (Scott) Nellie Melba|gs551|12|3.00 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Soprano Jn English Johanna Gadski/g7173}10|2.00 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Contralto Louise Homer|8s7206|10|2.00 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Baritone Alan a 
{ Roses in June (Bingham-German) Reed Millers |16675|'0| 75 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Contralto Elsie Pasco 
{ Ben Bolt (Kneass) Elsie Bakers |1®388 poles 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Harp Charles pees 
{ Believe Me, If All Those Charms Mandolin William Place, Jr. Meets 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Violin (with Harp and Orchestra) Sardnsy! 101 .75 
{ My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Violin (with Orch.) Gardner} |17755|'9 - 
Annie Laurie and Comin’ Thro’ the Rye _ Celesta Solo ener 10| .75 
{ Home Sweet Home (Transcription) Celesta Solo Felix Arndt Lod} s 
Annie Laurie (2) Love’s Old Sweet Song Victor Military af 101 .75 
{ Drink toMe Only (2) Flow Gently, Sweet Afton Victor Bands|'21"7 : 
Ancna—Intermezzo (Grey) (See also “Medley No. 156”) Victor ech 16246|10| .75 
{ Hiawatha (Moret) Harry Macdonough ‘ 
Answer (Robyn) In English Evan Williams!74205}12|1.50 
ANTHEMS~—See “Sacred Songs’’ 
ANTHONY and HARRISON—tTenor and Baritone Duets 
Close to Thee and Looking This Way—A nthony-Harrison|17024|10| .75 
Looking This Way (Vande Veter) _and Close toT hee—A nthony-Harrison|17024|10| .75 
Some Day and Abide With Me—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler|16506]10| .75 
Some Sweet Day Bye and Bye Pend Near the Cross—Mr. and Mrs. W heeler| 1668810} .75 
*Tis But a Little Faded Flower and Emmett’s Lullaby—Quintet}17217|10} .75 
Valley of Peace and Still With Thee—Chicago Glee Club|16853]10) .75 
peeents. Address (‘Julius Caesar’’) Part I (Shakespeare) Ranier 35216/12/1.25 
Antony’s Address Over the Body of Caesar— Part II Burbeck ; 
Anvil Chorus—See “‘Trovatore’”’ 
ANVIL EFFECTS, Records—See also ‘* Trovatore—Anvil Chorus” 
Anvil Polka—Victor Orchestra and Dance of Honey Bees—Victor Orchestra}16175|10| .75 
Clang of the Forge (Rodney) Emilio de Gogorza|64037|10/1.00 
Forge in the Forest (Michaelis) Pryor’s Band and Anvil Chorus 
Victor Concert Orchestra|17231|10| .75 
eae Blacksmiths—Victor Band and Remick Medley No. 2—Victor Orchestra}17010|10| .75 
Jolly Coppersmith —Pryor’s Band and Don’t Be Cross Waltz—Victor Orch\16396)10| .75 
Anvil Polka (Parlow) See Above 
Any Place is Heaven if You Are Near Me  (Lockton-Léhr) 
John McCormack|64699}10}1.00 
Any Place is Heaven if You Are Near Me _ (Lockton-Léhr) 
Charles Harvison| 18201|10| .75 
WhenI Found the Way to Your Heart Charles Harrison 
{Qny Rags (Allen) A Ragman Specialty Arthur ies ; tol .75 
Every Little Bit Added to What You’ve Got (Dillon) Arthur Collins GAL 


Se eateemeateaa) 



{eapacie Dance Black Diamonds Band of Foncen! 16958| 101-75 
Ap Second Chasseurs March Garde Republicaine Band 
Eine Silvesternacht in Berlin—Part 1 and Part II—A pollo Orchestra|68480| |2| 1.25 

Erinnerung an St Moritz—Marsch and Jdgerauszug—Marsch—A pollo Orch\67424|10} .75 
Evangelimann—Grosse Fantasie (The Evangelist) Part 1 (Kienzl) 

and Part II, Apollo Orch\68481|12|1.25 
Jagerauszus—-Marsch and Erinnerung an St. Moritz—Marsch—A pollo Orch|67424|10| .75 

ene Blossoms—Reverie (Roberts) Victor ene B81611otE25 
Unrequited Love Waltz (Verschmahte Liebe) (Lincke) Sousa’s Band)|' ; 
Aprile (April) (Tosti) Vocal Waltz In Italian Luisa Tetrazzini|88306|12/3.00 
{enn Smiles Waltz (Depret) Victor aaa eey 75 
High School Cadets March (Sousa) Sousa’s Band. E6200110 
aoe Love Song (Hein) Harry eee EA 16803|10| .75 
Sweet Adeline (Armstrong) Hayden Quartet . 
(ere eeene urs One-Step (See “Medley No. 57”) Conway’s pend) 
My Sweet Adair—Medley One Step Conway’s Band Stes 
ae (Irving Berlin) Harry Me td 75 
When You Sit Beside the Fireside in Winter Ballardiand ilar ee 
areas March  Bandurrias and Guitar Estudiantina use 16829|10| .75 
Echoes from Naples—Polka (Frosini) Accordion Grand PP. Frosini ote 
{prea The—Favorite Melodies Pryor’s Bene 16923|10| .75 
The Dream Waltz (From ‘‘A Waltz Dream’’) (Straus) Victor Orch SO ie 
ARDITI, LUIGI (Ahr-dee’-tee) (1822-1903), Compositions by 
See ‘‘ Bacio,” * Forosetta,”’ ** Kiss Waltz, ” ** Leggiero invisible,” 
“Parla Valse” and “ Se saran rose’ 
ae You from Dixie? (Cause I’m from Dixie Too) Murray- eee 
Don’t Bite the Hand That’s Feeding You Irving Kaufman 11942 1 Ohad 
Are You from Dixie ?—Med One-Step (See ‘‘Medley 58’’) 
Victor Band| 35539) 12/1.25 
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You >—Medley Fox Trot Victor Mil. B 
jae You Half the Man Your Mother Thought Seana 179911101 .75 
Wake Up, America! (Graff-Glogau) Frederick Wheeler Oe 
ans You Prepared for Summer (Kalmar-Schwartz) Nora paves) 450951 1011.00 
The Greatest Battle Song of All Nora Bayes . 
oe You Prepared for Summer—Medley One-Step Victor Band) 35854\12/1.25 
Walkin’ the Dog—Fox Trot (Shelton Brooks) Victor Band a 
a You the O’Reilly? (Blime Me You are Lookin’ Well) aon 17809|10| .75 
War in Snider’s Grocery Store (Hancock-Macdonald-Carroll) Murray : 

{ eenereery lange (Fipro) Castle House oe) 175561101 75 
Enticement Tango (G. Noceti) Castle House Orchestra} |’, 
(aeetues Dance—Cembalom Solo Joseph Moe ee tiara 18155110] .75 
Inspiration—Spanish Valse Cembalom Solo Joseph Moskowitz : 

ARGENTINE REPUBLIC, Patriotic Airs of—See “National Airs, 
Argentine Republic’”’ 
Arkansaw Minstrels (Contents under Minstrels) Victor Minstrel Co 
Louisiana Minstrels Victor Minstrel Company 
Arkansaw Traveler—Parody (Lovenberg) Arthur Pryor’s Band 
The Girl I Left Behind Me—Humoresque Arthur Pryor’s Band 

{ \ 35213/12|1.25 
{nee Traveler (American Folk Dance) (Ar. by Burchenal) 1 

18055/10} .75 

Victor Band 
Soldier’s Joy (American Folk Dance) Victor Military Band 
Arkansaw Traveler—Specialtg with Violin Len Spencer 
Rabbit Hash—Negro Specialty Billy Golden 
ARKEL, TERESA, Soprano—See “ Marriage of Figaro” 
Arlesienne—See “ L’Arlesienne ”’ 
Arm, Arm, Ye Brave (Recitative and Aria from “Judas 
Maccéabaeus”) (Handel) Herbert Witherspoon|74505 

18331)10} .75 

16199}10| .75 



ARMENIAN RECORDS—See Victor Armenian Catalogue 
Armide—See ‘‘Musette” 
Armorer’s Song—See “Robin Hood” 

a and Navy Medley Reel (See “Medley No. 60”) Victor et feooaloln7s 
Bonnie Sweet Bessie Piccolo Darius Lyons ; 
ey Blue (West Foint Song) American eae} “yor 75 
Benny Havens, Oh! (West Point Song) American Quartet 10) - 

Army Bugle Calls No. 1 Sousa’s Cornets 
First Call—Reveille—Mess Call—Guard Mount—Adjutant’s Call—Sick 
Call—Assembly—Dnill—Retreat—T attoo—T aps 
| Army Bugle Calls No. 2 Cornets and Trumpets of Pryor’s Band ?|\16056}10| .75 
Officer's Serecabiathy s Call—First Sergeant’s Call—Break Camp— 
To Arms—Fire Alarm—Signal to Horse—Rogue’s March—To the 
Colors—Funeral March 
Army Bugle Calls Sousa’s Cornets 
First Call—Reveille—Mess Call—Guard Mount—Adjutant’s Call— 
President’s March— ssenaten? March—Sick Call—Assembly—Drill— 35056|12/1.25 

Retreat— T attoo— 
Down Where the Silo’ ry Mohawk Flows (Heinzmann) Hayden Qt 
Army 2-4 March (‘Flowers of Edinborough” and “Blackberry 
Blossoms’’) Field Music 7th Regt. N. Y. National Guard} 18299|10| .75 
Quickstep 6-8 March Field Music 7th Regt. N. Y. National Guard 

ARNDT, FELIX, Piano Solos (See also “‘Celesta Solos’’) 

An Operatic Nightmare—Fox Trot and Nola Fox Trot—Arndt\}18056|10) .75 
Desecration Rag (A Classic Nightmare) and Hacienda—Society Tango—A rndt}17608|10) .75 
From Soup to Nuts—One-Step and Hesitation Waltz—Arndt}17558|10) .75 
Hacienda— Society Tango and Desecration Rag—Arndt|17608)}10| .75 
Hesitation Waltz and From Soup to Nuts—One-Step—A rndt|17558)|10| .75 
Humoresque (Dvorak) and Narcissus (Nevin) Arndt|}18311\10) .75 
Marionette (Arndt) and Valse Bleue (Margis) Arndt|18284|10)| .75 
Narcissus (Nevin) and Humoresque (Dvordk) Arndt}\18311\10} .75 
Nola Fox Trot and An Operatic Nightmare—Arndt|18056|10] .75 
Valse Bleue (Margis) and Marionette (Arndt) Arndi\18284|10| .75 

Around the Map—See “‘Here Comes Tootsi” and ‘‘When the 
Right Girl Comes Along’”’ 

Around the Map—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 61”’) 
Victor Band| 35528/12/1.25 
Very Good Eddie—Medley One-Step Victor Band 
Pareane the World Selection (See “Medley No. 62”) Victor Ft 5 
The Red Rose ltag (Percy Wenrich) Pryor’s Band L7ESoNO 7 
one Go On, I’m Gonna Go Back to Oregon Peerless a 10) .75 
Oh, Joe, with Your Fiddle and Pow Peerless Quartet eRe : 
eves Go On—Medley One-Step (See “‘Medley No. 63’’) Victor Hl 18082/10| .75 
Uncle Tom—One-Step (Hugo Frey) Victor Military Band : 
fone Wanna Medley—Two-Step (See “Medley 64”) Dance x asosali2iiioa 
Barcarolle Waltz (Waldteufel) Victor Orchestra : 
ARRAL, BLANCHE, Soprano (For list of records, portrait and sketch 
see ‘‘Arral” in Pink Section) 
Bites of the Robins (Warbling) (Allen) Belmont and Orch aired (olers 
Robin Red Breast (Bird Effects) (De Koven) Macdonough and Belmont 5 
{Arrow and the Song (Longfellow-Pinsuti) Alan purner fatal ion as 
\ Lass with the Delicate Air (Arne) Olive Kline ; 
teSLD Artie Two-Step (Pryor) Pryor’s pends teoartonr as 
Day at West Point (Military Piece) (Bendix) Pryor’s Band. : 
eae Life Waltz (Strauss) Royal Marimba pend 355571121 1.25 
American Airs—Medley Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band ; 
Artist’s Life Waltz (Strauss) Vienna Quartet/31767/12 1.00 
tie Valse (Abt) Mandolin and Guitar Abt and pound 16055/10| .75 
In the Sweet Bye and Bye—Paraphrase—Victor String Qt with Harp 5 
As a Beam O’er the Face of the Waters (Moore) Alma Gluck/64415/10 1.00 
ASHER, MRS. WILLIAM, Contralto (See “In the Garden,” ‘‘Nobody 

Like Jesus’’ and ‘“‘Somebody Cares’’) 


{ashes of My Heart (Branen-Lange) Charles perEor 

A S There’s Someone More Lonesome Than You Reed-Harrison 

fi ean the Flowers to Tell You (Gottschalk) Dunlap-Macdonough 
When Dreams Come True (Bartholomae-Hein-Webb) Henry Burr 

Asleep in Jesus (Bradbury) iris Quartet 

Only Waiting (Maeo- Williams) Frederick Wheeler 17389) Ces 

Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Knight) Wilfred Glenn 17309 ga. 
Asleep in the Deep (Petrie) Wm. F. Hooley 16949/10| .75 

Larboard Watch ’ Willian) Macdonough and Hooley : 
Asleep in the Deep—Parody Al Jolson 17915110! .75 

A New Cure for Drinking—Comic Story Nat M. Wills 

ey in the Deep (Petrie) Wilfred pee 

as Long as the Shamrock Grows Green (Osborne) Van ao iviaeidts 
A Wee Little Drop 0’ the Cruiskeen Lawn (Helf ) Peerless Qt ‘ 

an Long as the World Rolls On (Ball) Alan et sso1ii ois 
"ll Be Waiting in the Gloaming, Sweet Genevieve Alan Turner 

Asthore (Bingham- I roteére) John McCormack|74299)12/1.50 

(Rernele (Bingham- Trotére) Reinald Werrenrarnt 

The Kerry Dance (Molloy) Elizabeth Wheeler 35199)12/1.25 

AS YOU LIKE IT (Shakespeare) (See ‘‘ Shakespeare ”’) 

At a Georgia Camp Meeting (Mills) Sousa’s Bene 1e40g Ons 
Dixie (Emmett) Harlan and Stanley : 
Atalanta—Come, Beloved (Handel) Alma Gluck/74504|12/1.50 
At an Old Trysting Place (2) To a Wild Rose (MacDowell) 

(From Woodland Sketches, Op. 51) Victor Herbert’s Orchestra|60053}10| .75 
At Dawning  (Eberhart-Cadman) John McCormack|64302!10/1.00 
At Eventide (From “Passion Music”) (Bach) 
Herbert Witherspoon|64347|10|1.00 
Cacliz March and Mo-Ana_ (Hawaiian Waltz) Athenian Mandolin QU18057|10) .7 
Estudiantina Waltz (Walter) and Spanish Rhapsody—Athenian Mandolin Qt|17990 Me 75 

o-Ana_ (Hawaiian Waltz) and Cacliz March—Athenian Mandolin Quartet| 18057 ; 
Spanish Rhapsody (Salvetti) and Estudiantina Waltz —Athenian Mandolin Qt\17990\10| .75 

At Parting (Peterson-Rogers) Pianoforte acc. Julia Culp|64441/10/1.00 
At Parting (Peterson-Rogers) Louise Homer|87009|10/|2.00 
Nee That Bully Woolly Wild West Show Peerless unas 17514] 107s" 
The Pussy Cat Rag (Daly-Allen) Peerless Quartet with Ada Jones 3 
{me the Ball, That’s All (J. L. Hill) Morton Haveey} 75 
Do the Funny Fox Trot (E. Carroll-H. Carroll) Collins and Harlan Se tag 

Atthe Ball That’s All Medley One-Step (See ““Medley 65”) 
Victor Band| 17626/10| .75 
California and You One-Step (Leslie- Puck) Conway’s Band 
At the Brook (Boisdeffre) Violin with Harp acc. Maud Powell|64103}|10/1.00 
EN the Brook (Boisdeffre) Violin-’Cello-Fianoforte Tollefsen Jue! 
Serenade (Drigo)  Violin-’Cello-Flute-Harp Florentine Quartet T7EQO}1O pater 
{ane the Comic Opera—Comic Talk Nat M. aaa 
That’s the Doctor, Bill—Coon Song (Creame) Eddie MortonS|?°°79) !2|!.29 
{enh the County Fair Charles R. econ 
Pineville Band (with Violin specialty) Charles R. Taggart WO Wrap 
‘ae the End of a Beautiful Day (Perrins) Jane pron 
Love Me at Twilight (‘‘Step This Way’’) (Jerome-Grant) H. Stuart 1SOGE Ones 
ti the Fountain of Youth (McCarron-Gerber-Jentes) Dan aan 
Hello ! Boys, I’m Back Again (Mahoney-Von Tilzer) Dan Quinn ASS IO 
fe the Levee on Revival Day Collins and pone 
The Darktown Editors Golden and Hughes L700 nO ee 
e the Mississippi Cabaret (Brown-Gumble) 
American Quartet} 17650/10| .75 
I Want to Go Back to Michigan (Berlin) Morton Harvey 


At the Mountain Inn Idyl (Labitzky) with Bells Neapolitan Trio 
Melody of Love (H. Engelmann) Florentine Quartet 

\ 17747 
At the Old Plantation Ball (Goetz-Ager-Donaldson) ante tga ate 

Emancipation Handicap Collins- Harlan} \17925 

ny the Village Post Office—Yankee Dialogue Victor Vaudeville Co 
I’d Rather Be a Lobster than a Wise Guy (Morse) Billy Murray 7603¢ 
Attila—Grand Trio (with Cornet, Trombone and Euphonium Trio by Kryl, 
Cimera and Cinconne) (Verdi) Kryl’s Bohemian Band| 35195 
Aida Selection (Verdi) Pryor’s Band 
Aubade Provencale (Couperin) Violin Fritz Kreisler|64202 
AUBER, DANIEL FRANCOIS ESPRIT (Oh’-baer) (1782-1871) 
“Crown Diamonds,” “‘ Fra Diavolo,’’ ‘‘ Manon” and ‘*Stumme”’ 
Au Clair de la Lune (Inthe Moonlight) French Farrar-Clement/87509 
Au Clair dela Lune In French (Lully) Gluck and Reimers|87185 
eeasucn Sale of Household Goods (Imitations) «Len ade 
Dog Fight (Descriptive with dog imitations) Spencer and Holt 1G107 

AUDRAN, EDMOND (1842-1901) (See ‘’ Mascotte ’’) 
Auf Fliigeln des Gesanges (Wings of Song) (Mendelssohn) Gadski|87100 

ea Fliigeln des Gesanges (Harp acc.) In German Paul poiaze near 
Wohin? (Whither?) (Schubert) Pianoforte acc. Paul Reimers 
Auf Wiedersehn (from “The Blue Paradise’’ ) Julia Culp|74523 
ia Wiedersehn (from ‘The Blue Paradise’’) qasca nace omouen eee 
Teach Me to Smile (‘‘Girl Who Smiles’’) Green-Hamilton 
Auf Wiedersehn—Waltz (‘Blue Paradise”’) 
Victor Dance Orchestra} 35514 
Chinese Blues—Fox Trot Sousa’s Band 
Auld Lang Syne (Burns) (Old Scotch Air) Contralto Julia Culp|64418 
Auld Lang Syne _ Tenor Evan Williams|64105 
Auld Lang Syne Bass Frank C. Stanley} 4328 
fe Lang Syne Westminster Chines 16300 
Turkey in the Straw Medley Banjo Vess L. Ossman 
Auld Lang Syne—See also ‘‘Medleys 2, 23, 27, 28, 54, 139, 232, 
and 303 ”’ 
{ae Scotia—Lauder Songs (See ‘‘ Medley No. 66’’) Pryor’s ei 35224 
Fortune Teller Selection (Victor Herbert) Pryor’s Band 
ee Mandy (Darky Sketch) Golden and pureuee rath 
The Ghost of the Banjo Coon (Coon Song) Arthur Collins 
Ge Shaw’s Pet Jug (Recitation) (Day) Henry Allan pact aon 
Little Orphant Annie (James Whitcomb Riley) Henry Allan Price 
eae Skinner’s Chicken Dinner Collins and paren} ores 
Little Ford Rambled Right Along Billy Murray 
Aus der Heimat (Smetana) Violin Fritz Kreisler|74172 
ere der Jugendzeit (Radecke) In Germnn Emil Mune rin 
Wer nicht liebt Wein, Weib und Gesang In German Emil Muench 
peaates & Jodler—Part I (Zither Duet) K. Piihringer-A. EC aune eet Bone 
Aussee’r Jodler—Part II (Zither Duet) K. Ptihringer and A. Hémmerla 
en Army Bugle Calls—Waltz Pryor’s pene} Neniis 
On the Belvidere— Two-Step Pryor’s Band 
AUSTRIA, PATRIOTIC SONGS OF—See “National and Patriotic ”’ 
Automobile Parody (Parodies on Famous Songs) (See iver No. 2) 
Nat M. wii 35601 
Pineville School Board Charles Ross Taggart 

AUTOMOBILE SONGS—See “Automobile Parody,” ‘Gasoline 
Gus,” ‘“‘He’d Have to Get Under,” ‘In My Merry Oldsmobile,” 
“Little Ford,” “‘O’Brien’s Automobile,” “‘Uncle Josh Buys an Auto” 

Autumn (Saviour, Breathe an Evening Blessing) (Von Esch) 

Trinity Choir] 17096 
God is Love (Shelley) Lyric Quartet | 

2 | 

10} .75 At 
1D ea 
10} .75 
tz t25 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .60 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} 75 
10} .75 
10| .75 

Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) Jn Latin McCormack-Kreisler 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) In Latin Nellie Melba and Jan Kubelik 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) Violin obbligato In Latin Johanna Gadski 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) Violin obbligato In Latin Johanna Gadski 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)  ’Cello obbligato’ In Latin Emma Eames 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) Violin obbligato In Latin Marie Michailowa 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) Jn Latin Frances Alda-Mischa Elman 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) Jn Latin Emmy Destinn 

{ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) In Latin Elizabeth Mee 
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (Havergal) Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler 
jaye Maria (Bach-Gounod) In Latin Leon Bue, 
O Salutaris (Lefebure) In Latin Georges Regis 

Ave Maria (Kahn) Violin obbligato In Latin Caruso and Elman 
Ave Maria (Schubert) ‘Cello Josef Hollman 
Ave Maria (Schubert) Jn German Julia Culp 
Ave Maria (Schubert) Violin (with String Qt. and Harp) Maud Powell 
Ave Maria (Schubert-Wilhelmj) Violin (Piano acc.) Mischa Elman 
Ave Maria (Schubert) McCormack and Kreisler 
les Maria (Schubert) ‘Cello (with String Qt. and Harp) : ~ 
Beatrice Harrison! 

Meistersinger—Preislied (Prize Song) Cello Beatrice Harrison 

(Harp acc.) Lucy Isabelle Marsh 

Hail to the Chief (‘‘Lady of the Lake’’) with Bagpipes 
Victor Male Quartet 
Ave Maria (Adapted to the ‘‘ Intermezzo”’ from ‘* Cavalleria Rusticana”’ ) 
(Weatherly-Mascagni) McCormack and Kreisler 
Ave Maria _ (Weatherly-Mascagni) Jn English Raymond eee 
Angel’s Serenade (Braga) Véiolin obbligato Elsie Baker 
Ave Maria—Otello—See “‘Otello” 


This famous organization of vaudeville players, made 
up of Irving Kaufman, Harry Goodwin, Charles Dale and 
Joe Smith, has had a very successful career, which has 
extended over a period of several years. It is well known 
in every city where there is a Keith’s Theatre, and it is 
known to every village—indeed in every cottage—where 
people have learned that the Victrola is not only the 
exponent of musical art, but a companionable, entertaining 
home comedian. 

The comedy sketches in various dialects and song 
specialties for which the Avon Comedy Four have made 
themselves famous are listed below. 


Cohan's Wedding and Hungarian Ieee Scene—A von Comedy Four 
Gila, Galah, Galoo 
Ginsberg’s Stump Speech 
Hungarian Restaurant Scene and Cohan’s Wedding—Avon Comedy Four 
I'm Going Way Back Home and You’re a Dangerous Girl—Avon Comedy Four 
My Mother's Rosary and Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula—Avon Comedy Four 
On a Summer Night and Just One Day—Peerless Quartet 
Professor's Birthday and Ginsberg’s Stamp Speech—Avon Comedy Four 
Songs of Yesterday and Whenthe Black Sheep Returns to the Fold—A von Comedy 
Way Out Yonder in the Golden West and I Ain't Got Nobody—Harris 
When the Black Sheep Returns to the Fold 
and Songs of Yesterday—A von Comedy Four 
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula and My Mother's Rosary—Avon Comedy Four 
You're a Dangerous Girl and ike Going Way Back Home—A von Comedy Four 
A wee Deoch an’ Doris Harry Lauder 
ee Waltz (B. Hartz) Mandolin Dr. Clarence Penney 

Italian Favorites—La Spagnuola Waltz and Ciribiribin Accordion Peed 

{i Maria (Schubert) 

d Old Bill Baker—O’Connell| 
and The Professor’ s + Birthday 2A von Comedy Four} 


Number = 

88481 12/3.00 
89073 12/4.00 
88039 12/3.00 
81045 10|2.00 
88016 12|3.C0 
61131 10|1.00 
88433 12/3.00 
88522 12/3.00 
88562 12/3.00 

16490 10} .75 

35407 12)1.25 

89065 12/4.00 
64001 10/1.00 
64489 10/1.00 
74177 12|1.50 
74339 12/1.50 
88484 12/3.00 

55067 12/1.50 

55052 12/1.50 

87192 10/2.00 
35466 12 1.25 



1812510) .75 
18088|10} .75 
18081}10| .75 
18129)10) .75 
35606}! 2/1.25 
18126}10| .75 
18133)|10} .75 
18126}10) .75 
18081/10| .75 
18088}10} .75 
70062) 121.25 
17643|10| .75 

Babes in the Wood (“‘ Very Good Eddie”) (Kern-Greene) 
Anna Howard-Harry Macdonough | 18172|10| .75 
Bachelor Girl and Boy (From ‘‘Girl from Brazil ’’) Green-Dixon 

Babes in the Wood—See also “‘ Some Sort of Somebody ”’ and ‘‘ Very 
Good Eddie, Gems from’’ | 
BABES IN TOYLAND—Gems from (Herbert) Victor Light Op Co/31814!/12/1.00 
Chorus, *‘ Never Mind, Bo-Peep’’—Solo, ‘* Toyland’ "—Scené, “In the Toy- 

maker's Shop ’’—Quartet, ‘Go to Sleep ’—Chorus, * “1 Can't do that Sum” 
—Quartet, “‘Here’s to All Toyland ’’—Finale, ‘‘ Hail to Christmas ”’ 

ea in Toyland—March of the Toys (Herbert) Herbert’s Orch 
Naughty Marietta—Intermezzo Herbert’s Orchevtray 55054 tae 
Babes in Toyland—tThe Military Ball (Herbert) Herbert’s Orch 70091) 12) 1.25 
Babes in Toyland—The Toymaker’s Shop (Herbert) Herbert’s Orch 60080/10) .75 

[Bronte At Opera Potpourri (Mussi) Pryor’s Band 
“Trovatore’’—"‘Africana’’—“‘ Nabucco’’—“‘Traviata’’—“‘Semiramide’’—*‘ tac saa 12/1.25 
Echoes from the Metropolitan (Contents under “‘ Echoes ”’) Pryor’s B 

ea Shoes (Goodwin-Rose-Piantadosi) Edna Brown 

The Girl Who Wears a Red Cross on Her Sleeve — William Barnes} 18052 Morale 
eae Sweetheart—Serenade (Corr!) Conway’s Band 
Farmyard Caprice (Thurban) Conway’s a PARDO hole 


Born Ejsenach, Prussia, 1681. Family very musical and was 
taught violin by father. Afterward studied clavichord. Chorister 
at Luneberg, 1700. Organist, Armstadt, 1704; appointed court 
organist at Weimar, 1707; then Concertmeister. Kapellmeister at 
Coethen 1717 to 1723, then director of several Leipsic churches. 
Married twice; 20 children. Was greatest master of fugue and 
counterpoint, and first to introduce present method of fingering for 
pianoforte. Works numerous, including 300 church cantatas, many 
organ works, suites, concertos, etc. Larger works include Mass in 
B minor, Christmas Oratorio, Passion of St. John and St. Matthew. Ene 
Bach died in 1750, after having become almost blind. 

RECORDS OF BACH COMPOSITIONS—See “‘Air for G String,’ “‘At Eventide,” “Ave 
Maria,”’ ‘Concerto for Two Violins,” ** “* Gavotte,” ‘‘My Heart Ever Faithful,”’ ** Prae- 
ludium” and ‘Sonata in E Major’’ 

BACHAUS, WILHELM, Pianist (For list of records, portrait and sketch 
see “ Bachaus”’ in Pink Section) 
ees Days (From “ Ziegfeld Follies’’—1916) Peerless Qt} A420) 1018.75 
Welcome, Honey, to Your Old Plantation Home _ Peerless Quartet . 
Bachelor Girl and Boy (From “Girl from Brazil”) (Woodward- 
Romberg) Green-Dixon 
Babes in the Wood (‘‘ Very Good Eddie ’’) Howard-Macdonough 
Bacio, Il (Vocal Waltz—“The Kiss’) (Aditi) Jn Italian Hempel 88476 12)3.00 
Bacio (Vocal Waltz—‘The Kiss”) (Arditi) Jn /talian Nielsen|74107 12) 1.50 
Bacio (Vocal Waltz—‘t The Kiss”) In French Lucette Korsoff 52723 10) .60 
Bacio (See also “Kiss Waltz’’) In Italian Giuseppina Soe inte 55024| 1211.50 
La W. Oe EBbene andré sola e lontano Ebbe Boccolini bene 
Back to Dixieland (Jack Yellen) American pees} 1778310! .75 
Minstrel Parade (‘‘Watch Your Step’’) Collins and Harlan Le fise 

18172/10) .75 

Back to My Old Home Town Jack Norworth)60020 10} .75 

Hose to the Carolina You Love (Clarke-Schwartz) Peerless Qh, 666|10! .75 
Tennessee, I Hear You Calling Me (Robe-Godfrey) American Qt : 

Pas to the Old Folks at Home (Brown) Campbell and Barn 17378\10| .75 
Inthe Heart of the Kentucky Hills (Gilbert-Muir) Heidelberg Quintette} | E 

BACON, F. J.—See Banjo Solos 
’ BADA, Tenor—See “ Lucia Sextette” 





ERNESTO, Baritone—See ‘‘ Andrea,” ‘‘ Barbiere,”’ ‘‘ Bo- 

20 ea Cayalleria, als Don Pasquale,” ** Gioconda,” “* Otello,”’ 
“Rigoletto,” **Tosca’’ and “ Traviata’’ 



“Pa gliacci;?” 

BAGPIPE RECORDS—See “Highland Fling,’ ‘‘ Hundred Pipers,” 
‘““Lovat Bagpipe Band,” ‘‘March Past of the Cameron High- 
also ‘‘Hail to the Chief’’ 
Banda de guleanveros| 
Banda de Alabarderos 
(Valse Boston) (Octave Crémieux) Orchestre ens 
Orchestre Tzigane 
Collins and Coe 
Arthur Collins 

landers,” ‘‘ Neil Gow,” “Sutcliffe Troupe,” 

Baile de Luis Alonzo, El—Dance 
De Guardia—Paso Doble 

Baiser, Le 
Christmas Valse 

Bake Dat Chicken Pie 
The Preacher and the Bear 

BAKER, ELSIE, Contralto (For other duets see “Duets, Vocal’’) 

This young contralto is one of the most valued members of the 
Victor vocal staff, her fine voice and excellent diction having been 
greatly admired by Victor owners. 

Miss Baker is gifted with one of those rarities of the musical world 
—a genuine contralto voice of great richness and resonance. She was 
a pupil of Dr. W. W. Gilchrist and Henry Gordon Thunder, of Phila- 
delphia, and Oscar Saenger, of New York, and has been secured 
by the fashionable Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn. Her concert 
and oratorio work in the various cities has stamped her as an artist 
of the highest rank. 

(A. Margis) 

Victor Herbert’s Orchestra 




67149|10) .75 

17221|10| .75 


BAKER RECORDS—See also “* Educational ”’ BAKER 
Angel’s Serenade (Braga) Violin obbligato 
and Ave Maria CM gather Mascagni) Raumond Dixon|35466|12)1.25 
Annie Laurie (Scott) and Ben Bolt (Kneass) Elsie Baker|\16388)|10| .75 
Ben Bolt and Old Brigade ae Barri) Macdonough and Stanley|35162| 12|1.25 
Calvary (Rodney) Oh Lord, Most Holy—Trinity Choir|17240|10| .75 
Dearie Usumey and OA, Bromise Me (¢ ‘Robin Hood’) Alan Turner\17189|10| .75 
Erminie—Lullab and Message of the Violet— Olive Kline|17345| 10} .75 
Hiawatha’ eChildneod: —Ewa-yea (2) Wah-wah-taysee (with Piano and Strings) 
and By the Shores of Gitchie Gumee (2) ewer the Little Hiawatha—W omen’s Trio|35617)|12|1.25 
Holy City—Eye Hath Not Seen 'y Soul Is Age ee Miller\35455}12}1.25 
Home, Sweet Home (Payne- Pete and My Old Kentucky Home—Elsie Baker|\18045/10} .75 
Home Sweet Home (Bisho Folks at Home—Baker|35398}| 12|1.25 
I Know a Lovely Garden (D’ plardelo® and Ves wie Have Yearned—Baker 17060/10| .75 
1 Love You California and When It’s Springtime—‘T hat Girl’? Qt}17437|10] .75 
I Love You Truly Baad) and Voices of the Woods (Rubinstein) pis Baker|17121}10} .75 
I’m a-Longin’ Fo’ and Two Roses—Elsie Baker|18044|10} .75 
In the Gloaming a Oh, Promise Me (From ‘‘ Robin Hood”) Elsie Baker|17806}10] .75 
John Anderson, My Jo~ and Love’s Old Sweet Song—Elsie Baker|17366)10} .75 
Just Because It’s You and You and Only You—Baber-F. W heeler|17490)10} .75 
Leaves’ Party (2) dl hankesiyiis Song—Baker and Land of Nod—Kline|18074|10| .75 
Long, Long Ago and Oh Happy Day—Elsie Baker and F. W heeler|17343|10| .75 
Loreley (Silcher) and Lullaby (Brahms) Elsie Baker\17181|10| .75 
Love's Old Sweet Song and John Anderson, My, Jo—Elsie Baker|17366\| 10} .75 
Lullaby (Brahms) and Loreley (Silcher) Elsie Baker|17181\10| .75 
Messiah—He Shall Feed His Flock and Every Valley Shall Be Exalted—Mac|35117)12]1.25 
My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) and Day Dreams (Foster) Macdonough|35062|12|1.25 
My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) and Home Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) ares 18045/10} .75 
Oh, Promise Me (Robin Hood) and In the Gloaming—Elsie Baker|17806|10| .75 
Old Folks at Home (Foster) ~ and Home Sweet Home—Baker|35398)12]1.25 
Old Folks at Home (Foster) and My Old Kentucky Home—Macdonough|16389|10| .75 
One Fleeting Hour (’Cello obbligato) — and Memories—John Barnes Wells|17968)|10| .75 
One Sweetly Solemn Thought and Cosine! the Bar—Turner\17564|10} .75 
Perfect Day (Bond) and Over the Stars There is Rest—Baker-F. Wheeler|17387|10| .75 
Pickaninny’s Lullaby (Gage) and Mammy’s Song—John Barnes Wells|17039|10| .75 
Samson—My Heart at Thy Voice and Laughing Song from Manon—Helena|16192)10| .75 
Silent Night (Christmas Hymn) 
and Hark! the Herald Angels Sing—Trinity Choir|17164|10) .75 
Silver Threads Among the Ci Gold andWhen You and I Were Young—Harrison|17474\10| .75 
Sing Me to Sleep (Greene) and Oh, Promise Me (deKoven) Macdonough|16196|10| .75 

Sing Me to rey reene) 
Sleep, Little Baby of Mine (Dennee) 

Slumber Sea (Chisholm) and Sleep, Little Baby of Mine 

Songs My Mother Used to Sing—Morgan and Macdonough\35136)12\| 1.25 
and Slumber Sea (Chisholm) Baker\17212\10| .75 
(Dennee) Baker\17212|10] .75 





Sweet is True Love Chennyee Gilchrist) (Strings and Harp acc.) 

My Bonnie Lass She Smileth—Lyric Quartet 
That Sweet Story of Old and What a Friend We Have in Jesus—Mr.-Mrs. W heeler 
To-Day (Jacobs-Bond) and The Melody GT Héeeie Wells 
Two Roses and J Sprasl beats for You—Elsie Baker 
Voices of the Woods (Rubinstein) and J Love You Truly (Bond) Baker 
Ye Who Have Yearned Alone (Tschaikowsky) and 1 Know a Garden—Baker 
Your King and Country Want You and For King and Country—Ed. Hamilton 


By and By You Will Forget Me and When Twilight Comes—Baker-F. Wheeler 
Drifting and Roses, Roses Every where—Hindermeyer 
Gondolier’s Song (Hoffmann) and Spring—V alse Chantee— Olive Kline 
In Twilight Town and Garland of Roses—American Quartet 
Maiden in Grey and Somewhere a Voice is Calling—Harry McClaskey 
Night Hymn at Sea and Dreams ene Frederich Wheeler 
Oh Happy Day (Goetz) and L TE ih Ago—Elsie Baker 
Overthe Stars ThereisRest (Abt) erfect Day— Baker 
You and Only You and Just ee It’s You—Baker 

'18146|10) .75 Ba 
18287/|10| .75 —— 
18122|10) .75 
18044/10| .75 
17121|10| .75 
17060|10| .75 
17711|)0| .75 

17312/10| .75 
17117|10| .75 
17135}10| .75 
17266/10| .75 
1747510} .75 
18178}10) .75 
17343|10} .75 
17387|19| .75 
1749010 .75 

BALALAIKA ORCHESTRA, Russian Imperial Court (Bal-lah-layee’ -kah) 

The balalaika is a primitive folk instrument with a tone similar to that of a mandolin, 

and is at present the most famous instrument in Russia. 

Every regiment has its balalaika 

orchestra, and the music on the Czar’s yacht at Cowes was a balalaika band. This instru- 
ment is a kind of guitar, with only three strings, being made in several sizes, from that of 
a mandolin to something near a double bass. 
These records, which were made under the personal direction of the conductor, Mr. 

Balancello (Castle Dance) (G. Noceti) Victor Military Band 

Went Paris, became first baritone at Opéra, 1828. Resigned for | 
ill-health; went Italy, where his first opera, Rivali di se stessi, was | 
produced. Married Lina Rosa, Hunganan singer. Returned London | 
1833; appeared in concert and produced first English opera, Siege 
of Rochelle—successful. Others followed, including Bohemian Girl, | 
1843, popular the world over, and sung in German, Italian, French | 
and Spanish. 

famous there. Wrote altogether 3] operas, many songs. Died 
October 20, 1870, at Rowney Abbey, England. 

Andreeff, exhibit well the striking effects produced by these gifted players. 
BALALAIKA RECORDS _ (For songs with Balalaika acc. see “‘Let Joy Abide” 

and “*‘ Solitude’ 2 

Bright Shines the Moon (Russian Folk Song) and Polonaise (Andreeff) 17308 10) .75 

Molodka 2. Sun in the Sky, Stop Shining—Russian Folk Songs 


On the Wings of Song and Remembrance of Gatshina—V alse—Balalaika Orch 13060 10 

Polonaise Brilliante (Andreeff) and Bright Shines the Moon—Balalaika Orch|17405)10| .75 
Remembrance of Gatshina—Valse and Onthe Wings of Song—Balalaika Orch\18060\|10} .75 
Serenade Falet and Toreador and Andalouse—Russian Balalaika Court Orch|18058}10} .75 
Toreador and Andalouse and Serenade Falet—Russian Balalaika Orchestra|}18058)10} .75 

Rouli Rouli, Le (Castle Dance) (Schwartz) Victor Military Band 

BAL COSTUME—See “Toreador et Andalouse’”’ 

Born Dublin, 1808. Violinist at Drury Lane, London, 1824. 

Balfe went to Berlin, 1849, to produce his works and became : 

**Come into the Garden, Maud,” ‘‘Excelsior’’ and “‘ Killarney” 

Balkan Princess—Dear Delightful Women Werrenrath and Chore 
Luxembourg Waltz (Lehd:) Whistling Guido Gialdini 
Ballade (Op. 47, A flat) (Chopin) Pianoforte de Pachmann 

BALLADS, OLD TIME—See “Old Time Ballads” 
BALLADS, RUSTIC—See American Qt., Harlan, Hayden Qt., Mac- 

donough, Morgan, Oakland, Peerless Qt. and Wells 

BALLARD, GEORGE, Tenor—See ‘‘Could the Dreams of a Dreamer 

Come True” and ** You’re More Than the World to Me’”’; also 
** Duets, Vocal”’ 

\ 17680/10| .75 


16872|10| .75 
74309) 12)1.50 


—— Ballet Music from Rosamunde (Schubert-Kreisler) 



BALLET MUSIC (See “‘Casse Noisette,” ‘‘Coppelia,” “‘Egyptien,” 


BANDA DE ALABARDEROS (Spanish Military Band) 



BANDA RODRIGUEZ (Argentine Band) 

Band of Gideon Fisk University Jubilee Quarter) 

“Faust,” ““Gavotte from Idomonco,”’ “‘Gioconda,”’ “‘Isoline,’” “‘Naila 
4é . ° ° 
Intermezzo,” “‘Source, La,’’ ‘‘Sylvia’’ and “‘ William Tell’’) 

(Orchestra acc.) Fritz Kreisler|64670|10 1.00 
Ballin’ the Jack—Fox Trot (See “Medley No.67”) Victor Military “A 35405)12|1.25 
Meadowbrook Fox Trot (Kraus) Victor Military Band) |~ ; 
BALLO IN MASCHERA (Bal-loh een Mahs' -keh-rah) See ‘“‘Masked Ball’ 
Ballymooney (From “Chin Chin”) (Lowry) Billy enea) i7sacilor 75 
I’ve Been Floating Down the Old Green River Billy Murray : 
Baltimore Centennial March (Herbert) Conway’s Bone 18941|1018.75 
Patrol of the Scouts (Boccalari) Conway’s Band ; 

lican Guard Band of Lisbon, Portuga!) 

A Madrugada (The Dawn) and O Relojio Magico—Banda da Guarda|\67778|10| .75 
Baile Oriental (Cyriaco) and Recordacao—Mazurka—Banda da Guarda|67733)}10| .75 
Devaneio—Polka (Fao) and Parodia d Mazurka—Banda da Guarda|67593)10| .75 

adario—Miscelanea (Fao) and Fados e Touros—Banda da Guarda\67591|10) .75 
Fadinho de Moraes (Moraes) and S. Raphael—Passo dobrado—Banda da Guarda\67590)|10)} .75 
Fados e Touros and Fadario—Miscelanea—Banda da Guarda|\67591\10| .75 
Infanteria26—Marcha (Fao) and Mala Posta—Mazurka—Banda da Guarda\67723}\10| .75 
Mala Posta— Mazurka (Cyriaco) and /nfanteria 26—Marcha—Banda da:Guarda\67723|10| .75 

Manola (Celebre valsa de Cornetim) (Canhdo) 
and Soldado de Chocolate—Banda da Guarda|\67725} | 
O Correio—Polka (Cyriaco) and Polka Burlesca—Banda da Guarda\67594| | 
Relojio Magico (The Magic Clock) and A Madrugada—Banda da Guarda'67778 

Parodia 4 Mazurka “‘Fleur du Bal’’ and Devaneio—Polka—Banda da Guarda\67593 
Polka Burlesca (Cyriaco) and O Correio—Polka—Banda da Guarda|\67594 
Raphael, S.—Passo dobrado Tapes 

Fadinho de Moraes—Banda da Guarda|67590) | 
Rapsodia—Primeira parte (Moraes) and Segunda parte—Banda da Guarda|67724| | 
Recordagdo—Mazurka (Canhdo) and Baile Oriental—Banda da Guarda\67733) | 
Soldado de Chocolate (O. Strauss) and Manola—Banda da Guarda|67725) | 
Toujours—Polka (E. Cyriaco) and Ven cd mulata—Banda da Guarda|\67722| | 
Vem cA mulata (Maxixe Brazileiro) and Toujours—Polka—Banda da Guarda|67722! | 

De Guardia—Paso Doble Ay worker) and ElBaile Alonzo (Dance) Margnini| 16479 
Minuet (Military Sym) (Haydn) and Samson—Chorus and Bachanal|62660 

oo oooooo ooo°o°o oo°o0°o°o°oo 


Euskeria—Rapsodia vascongada, Part I 
and A nyorances—Sardana—Cobla La Principal de Perelada|\67620|10| .75 

pnak Use Ser ciee vascongada, Part 
and Jorn de Festa—Sardana_ (J. Serra) Cobla La Principal de Perelada}67621\10| .75 
pxeeaaie enone vere ema Ces Se lll 
Sangre Torera—Paso doble famenco—Banda Municipal de Barcelona}67622|10| .75 

HABANA (Cuban Band) 

Alma So eee ones doble (Gomez) 
d Pacomio—Paso-doble flamenco (Mateo) Banda del Regimiento|69296|10| .75 

Sangre Torera—Paso doble famenco and Euskeria—Banda del Gramophone|67622|10| .75 

Dos Almas Unidas—Vals_ (Frillo) 
and Amor de Forero—Flamenco (Baquero) Banda Repdetaies 67497)|10) .75 

16864|10} .75 

My Soul is a Witness Fisk University Jubilee Quartet 

BAND RECORDS (For School Marches see “Educational Records’ ) 
NOT E.— Complete information about any band record in this list —such as the full title, composer, 

contents of medleys, etc.—if not given here, can always be found under the title of the selection in its 
alphabetical place. For example, look for the selection ‘ “Adagio Lamentoso,”’ and you will see that it 
is ie composer's Sixth Symphony, Opus 74, and that it is part of the fourth and last movement that 

ryor has played. Like many other records, this selection is listed in several different places— 
iden Tschaikowsky,’’ under ‘‘ Pathetique,’”” and under “‘Symphonies,’’ and itis obviously impossible 
to print complete information in all of these places. For contents of Medleys see ‘‘ Medleys. 

Band records for dancing the new dances—Bostons, Hesitations, Tangos, One-Steps, 

Maxixes, Trots, Waltzes, etc., will be found under “‘Dance Records.” 
Acteon (Gourdin) and Machicha, La—Garde Republicaine Band| 67291)|1 I 75 
Adagio—4th Symphony (Beethoven) Vessella’s B and Leonore Ge eee 35269) 12/1 

VICTOR RECORDS i -_| Number | 5 

BAND RECORDS—Continued (See also “‘Dance Records’’) 

A cigany Baro Magyar 2-os lepes and Kis angyalom indulo—Hungarian Band 69363)10 B 
Adagio Lamentoso (From Pathetique Symphony) (Tschaikowsky) Pryor’s B, 31800} 12/1 00 a 
Addio a Napoli—Vessella’s Band = and Maria, Mari—Vessella’s Italian Band|16900|10; .75 —— 

After Sunset—Pryor’s Band and When Life is Brightest—V iolin-Flute Duet|35021)\ 12 1.25 
AidaFantasia—Police B and Cascadesof Roses Waltz—Police Band of Mexico|35047|12)1.25 
Aida—Grand March and Rondo Capriccioso (Mendelssohn) Vessella’s Band|35265|12|1.25 
Aida—Marcha—faarde Rep. Band and Tosca divina!—lItalian—Berl-Resky|62409|10| .75 
Aida—Prelude (Verdi) and Traviata—Prelude—Vessella’s Italian Band|17729\10) .75 
Aida Selection—Pryor'’s Band and Attila—Grand’ Trio—Kryl’s Bohemian B}35195)12|1.25 
All America March and American Trumpeter March—Conway's Band|18182|10} .75 

Alma andaluza—Paso-doble and Pacomio—Paso-doble flamenco 
Banda del Regimiento dz Infanteria dz la Habana\69296|10| .75 

Aloha Oc and When You andI Were Young, Maggie (Saxophone Solo by Henton) 
Conway's Band|\18344|10| .75 

Aloha Oe (Farewell) Clarke with Band and From an Indian Lodge—Sousa’s B|17035}10) .75 
Aloha Oe and Hawai Ponoi—Pryor’s Band and Maui Girl—Hawaiian Troupe|65440/10} .75 
Alpha March craeay Pryor’s Band and Birds of Love—T hree-Step—Pryor’s B.17193)10} .75 
AM adesicada (The Dawn) and O Relojio Magico—Banda da Guarda\67778}10} .75 
Pees s Band and American Patriotic Airs—Pryor’s Band|16137]| 
America Forever—Pryor’s Band and Marsovia Waltzes—Pryor’s Band|35112| | 
American Beauties March—Pryor'’ sB and La Gitano Waltz—Pryor’s Band| 16085} | 
American Eagle March—Pryor’s Band and Loveland Waltz—Pryor’s Orch| 16089} | 
American Fantasie—Pryor’s Band and Skater’'s Waltz—Sousa’s Band|35119 



American Patriotic Airs—Pryor’s Band and America—Sousa’s Band|16137 75 
American Patrol—Sousa’s Band and La Sorella March—Sousa’s Band|16523 15 
American Trumpeter March and All America March—Conway's Band|18182 75 
Amina—Serenade—Pryor's Band and Marsovia Waltzes—U.S. Marine Band|16959|10| .75 
Amor de Forero—Flamenco ‘and Dos Almas Unidas—Banda Rodriguez 67497/10] .75 

Amoureuse Waltz—Sousa’s Band and Blue Danube Waltz—Pryor’s Band|17228|10| .75 
Angel of Love Waltz—Pryor's Band — and Blue Danube Waltz—Dance Orch|16391|10| .75 
Annie Laurie (2) Love's Old Sweet Song 
and Drink to Me Only (Oy Flow Gently—Victor Military Band|18177|10| .75 
Anyorances—Sardana—Cobla La Principal de Perelada 
and Euskeria—Banda del Gramophone\67620}10} .75 
Apache Dance—BI’k Diamonds Band 2nd Chasseurs March—Garde Rep B\16958|10| .75 
Arcadians—Favorite Melodies—Pryor's | sBand and Dream Waltz—VictorO|16923)|10| .75 
Ateep its National Hymn—Pryor’s Band Nutenat Air of Brazil—Pryor’s B|16081\10| .75 
ansaw’ I raveler—Parody and Girl] Left Behind Me—Humoresque—Pryor’s B|}18055}10| .75 
Arkansaw Traveler ~ and Soldiers’ Joy (Folk Dances) —Victor Band|18331|10| .75 
Artful Artie Two Step—Pryor’s Band and Day at West Point—Pryor’s Band|16021|10| .75 
At a Georgia Camp Meeting—Sousa’ s Band and Dixie—Harlan and Stanley|16402|10| .75 
Attila—Grand Trio—Kryl’s Bohemian Band and Aida—Pryor’s Band|35195}12}1.25 
Austrian Bugle Calls—Waltz—Pryor’s Band On the Belvidere—Pryor’s Band|16901|10| .75 
Austrian National Hymn—Pryor’ 8 Band and Airs of Great Britain—Pryor’s B\16083)|10} .75 
Auld Scotia—Lauder Songs (See ‘‘Medleys’’) and Fortune Teller Sel—-Pryor’s B|35224| 1241.25 

Babilona—Opera Potpourri and Echoes from the Metropolitan— Pryor’ s Band|\35041}12}1.25 
Baby's Sweetheart (Corri) and Farmyard Caprice—Conway’s Band|17215}10| .75 
Baile de Luis Alonzo, El and De Guardia Two-Step—Banda de Alabarderos|16479|10| .75 
Baile Oriental (Cyriaco) and Mead Ase N Fa ce eee een da Guarda|67733|10| .75 
Baltimore Centennial March and Patrol of the Scouts—Conway's Band|\18241|10| .75 

Barber of Seville Selection—Pryor’s Band and Prophéte Fantasie—Pryor’s B\35125}12/1.25 
Bartered Bride Overture—Pryor’sB and Mme. Butterfly Selection—Pryor’s B\35148|12|1.25 
Battle of Gettysburg and Good-bye Dolly Gray—Conway's Band|18339)10| .75 
Battle of the Nations and Napoleon’s Last Charge—Conway’s Band\18121|10| .75 
Battleship Connecticut March—Pryor’s Band and Forest W hispers—Pryor’ s B}16113)10} .75 
Bay State Commandery March and Daughters of America March—Conway’s B}17402|10| .75 
Before the Mast—Nautical March and United Service March—Conway’s B\17154\10| .75 
Belgium National Air—**‘La Brabanconne’’—Victor Band 
and French Air—“La Marseillaise’’—Sousa’s Band|17668)10| .75 

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (2) Home, Sweet Home 
and My Old Kentucky Home—V ictor Band|18145|10 aD 

Belle of NewYork Selection—Pryor’s Band and Mikado Waltzes—Pryor’s B\35124|12)1.25 
Ben Hur Chariot Race March—Sousa’s Band and March Shannon—Pryor’s B}17110|10| .75 
Big Guns—March and Washington Grays—March—Opal Military Band'69500\10| .75 
Blaze Away March—Pryor's Band Standard Bearer March “Holzmann) Pryor’s B\16307|10| .75 
Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Sousa’s Band/31450|12/1.00 
Blue Danube Waltz—Pryor’s Band and Amoureuse Wealtz—Sousa’s Band|17228)10) .75 
Blue Danube Waltz—Sousa’s Band and Southern Roses Waltz—Pryor’s Band| 35289) 12|1.25 
Blue- White March and Boy Scouts of America—March—V ictor Military Band|18209}10} .75 
Boccaccio March (Suppe) Pryor’s Band and Valse Bleue—Sousa’s Band|16922| | 
Bohéme Selection—Pryor’s Band and Jolly Robbers Overture—Pryor’s Band 35077 
Bohéme Selection—Vessella’s B and Mme. ee Fantasia—’Cello—Bourdon| 35353 
Bohemian Girl Overture—Pryor’s Band and La Czarine Mazurka—Pryor’s B 16287 
Bohemian Girl Selection—Pryor’s B and Yelva Overture (Reissiger) Pryor’s B35081)} 
Bombasto March (Farrar) Pryor’s Band and Guard Mount—Pryor’s Band 16316\10| .75 
Boston Commandery March—Pryor’s B and Nearer Mv God To Thee—Pryor’s B 16817\10| .75 





(See also “‘ Dance Records’’) 

Boy Scouts of America—March and Blue-W hite March—Victor Mil. Band 
Brazil—National Air—Pryor’sB — and National Hymn of Argentina—Pryor’s B 
Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin (Wagner) Pryor’s Band 
Bugle Calls of the British Army, No. | 
and No. 2—Capt. Mackenzie-Rogan-Coldstream Guards Band| 
Bugle Calls of the “British, Army, No 
and No. 4—Capt. Mackenzie-Rogan—Coldstream Guards Band 
By the Swanee River Medley—Pryor'’ s Band Southern Belle T wo-Step—Fryor’s B 
By Watermelon Vine—Pryor’s Band and Gvypsy’s Serenade—Saxophone Solo 
Canadian Nationa Airs—Sousa’s Band and Maple Leaf Forever— Turner 

Canoeing—lIdyl (Pryor) Pryor’s B and To Have, To Hold—Cornet with Band 
Capitan March, El—Sousa’s Band and Washington Post March—Sousa’s B 
Cappa's 7th Recinent March—Pryor’s B and Skyrocket March—Pryor’ sB 
Caprice Espafiol (Beaumont) and L’Arlésienne Suite— Part 4— Vessella’s Band 
Carmen Selection (Bizet) Pryor’s Band 
Carmen Selection—-Pryor’sBand and Manon—Ah! fuyez—In French—Rocca 
Carmen Selection—Sousa’s Band and Freischtitz Overture—Sousa’s Band 
Carmen Selection and Coronation March—Vessella’s Italian Band 
Carovana Tripolina (Vessella) Vessella’s Italian Band 
and Through Panama Canal—Victor Military Band 
Cascades of Roses Waltz—Police Band and Aida Fantasia—Police Band 
Cavalleria Rusticana—Intermezzo— Vessella’s Band 
and Minuet (Boccherini) Vessella’s Band 
Cavalleria Rusticana—Prelude and Introduction to Act I—Vessella’s Band 
Cavalleria Rusticana Selection (Mascagni) Pryor’s Band 
and Cavalleria Rusticana Prelude (Mascagni) La Scala Orchestra 
Chant dv Rossignol (Concert Polka) Se Piccolo Solo—Barone, 
with Sousa’s Band and Serenata, Op. 15, N. I (Moszkowski) Neapolitan Trio 
Children’s Games (Ascher) ioe Cc hildren’s Sona cay s Band 
Children's Songs and Children’s Games (Ascher) Conway's Band 
Chimes of Normandy Selection (Planquette) Sousa’s Band 
Chimes of Normandy Selection—Sousa’s B- and Naila Intermezzo—Pryor’s B 
Chimes of Normandy Sel.—Pryor’s B and Poet and Peasant Overture—Pryor’s B 
China National Air —‘‘The World’s Delight’ (2) Chinese Patriotic 
Song—Victor Band and Japanese National Air—‘‘Fou so ka’’—Pryor’s Band 
Choclo, El—Argentine Tango and Modest Suzanne—Hurtado Bros. Marimba B 
Chocolate Soldier Sel—Vessella’s B and Woodland Whisperings— Pryor’s B 
Chopin's Funeral March—Pryor’s B_ and Cujus Animam (Rossini) Pryor’s B 
Circle, The (American Country Dance—Burchenal) and Hull’s (cee ‘ 
ictor Ban 

Coppelia Ballet—Conway’s Band Midsummer Night’s Dream Sel— Pryor’s B 
omin’ Thro’ the Rye—Humoresque and Tearin’ 0’ the Green—Conway’s B 
Coronation March—Le Prophete and Carmen Selection—Vessella's Band 
Coronation March—-Le Prophete (Meyerbeer) Pryor’s Band 
Cosmopolitan Overture and Shepherd’s Life in the Alpsp—Pryor’s Band 
Count of Luxembourg Waltzes—Victor B= and _ Siren Waltzes—Victor Orch 
Cradle Song—Lullaby (Brahms) Rinaldi-Vessella’s B and Old Folks oh 
Créme de la Créme—Fantasia and Souvenir de Beethoven—Pryor’s Band 
Creole Belles (Lampe) and Hiawatha Two-Step (Moret) Sousa’s Band 
Crown Diamonds Overture—Victor Band and Faust Selection—Victor Band 
Cuban National Airs—Pryor’s B and Mexican National Hymn—Pyror’s B 
Cujus Animam—See “‘ Stabat Mater”’ 
Damnation of Faust—Hungarian March (Rakoczy March) Sousa’s Band 
Dance of the Serpents—Pryor’s B and Daughter of the Regiment Over.—Pryor’s B 
Dance of Nymphs—Kryl’s Band and Inglesina March—Vessella’s Band 
Dance of the Honey Bees (with Belmont) and Anvil Polka—V ictor Orchestra 
ance Records—For dance records by various bands see “‘Dance Records”’ 
Danse Macabre (Saint-Saéns) Vessella’s B and Jewels of Madonna— Victor O 
Dansk Potpourri Marsch—Victor Musikker and Kong Christian—Conway’sB 
Darkies’ Dream—Pryor’s Band and Sorgenlos Polka—Xylophone—Reitz 
Daughter of the Regiment Over.—Pryor’sB and Dance of Serpents—Pryor’s B 
Daughter of the Regiment Selection (Donizetti) Vessella’s Ban 
and Fra Diavolo Selection (Auber) 
Daughters of America March and 
ay at West Point—Pryor’s Band 
Dead March from “‘Sanl”’ 
Death of Custer—Pryor’s 
De Guardia— Two-Step 

Vessella’s Italian Band 
Bay State Commandery Mch—Conway’s 
and Artful Artie Two-Step—Pryor’s Band 
(Handel) Pryor’s B and Marche Heroique—Pryor ’sB 
Band and My Maryland Fantasia—Pryor’ s Band 
and Dance ‘‘ Luis Alonzo ’’—Banda Alabarderos 

‘De Molay Commandery March—Victor B and Victorious America—Conway's B 

Deutsch-Oesterreichisches Militar Potpourri—Victor Military Ban 

and Klar zum Gefecht-Marsch (Clear for Action March) U.S. Marine Band 
Devaneio—Polka and Parodia d Mazurka ‘‘Fleur du Bal’ ’—Banda da Guarda 
Devil's March—Pryor's B — and Soldiers’ Chorus from “‘ Faust’’—Pryor’s Band 
Dill Pickles Rag—Pryor’s Band 

Dixie (Emmett) Pryor’s Band and Sunny South—Medley—Pryor’s Band 

and Spring Flowers—A ccordion—Frosini| 

, Number = 

18209} 10} .75 
16081/10} .75 
6913/10) .75 
69014|10| .75 
16155)10| .75 
16272\10| .75 
17304|10| .75 
17382/10) .75 
17302)|10| .75 
1708010} .75 
17908/10} .75 
31562) 121.00 
16575/10| .75 
67896|10| .75 
17134|10) .75 
35497) 12}1.25 
16385}10} .75 
67066) 10} .75 
18093}10} .75 
35217} 12/1.25 
18367/10| .75 
35238) 12)1.25 
17444/10} .75 
35206} 12}1.25 
17417|10| .75 
17252/10| .75 
16082}10} .75 
16891|10} .75 
16175|10| .75 
67586/10} .75 
16469|10} .75 
B)17402}10) .75 
16021/10| .75 
16980}10| .75 
35028) 12}1.25 
1647910) .75 
18084/10) .75 
35454) 12)1.25 
6759310} .75 
1650210) .75 

16482/10| .75 
16819110! .75 

BAND RECORDS—Continued (See also “‘Dance Records’’) 

Don Carlos—March—Sousa’s B and Tannhduser—Pilgrims’ Cho—V_ Brass Qt\17133|10| .75 
Dos Almas Unidas—Vals and Amor de Forero—Flamenco—Banda Rodriguez|67497|10| .75 
Dove Waltz and In Dreamland Waltz (Bohemian Music) Victor Band|67982)10 
Dream of Wagner (Fantasie) Pryor’s B and Reminiscences of Verdi—Sousa’s B\)35230)12\1 25 
Dream Pictures—Fantasia and Pomp and Circumstance March—Pryor’s B\35247|12)1.25 
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes (2) Flow Gently 

and Annie Laurie (2) Love's Old Sweet Song—Victor Band|18177/|10| .75 
Dying Poet (Gottschalk) Sousa’s Band and Last Hope—Vessella’s Band|35467|12|1.25 
Echoes from the Pe nepon abe shee sBand and Babilona—Pryor’s Band|35041|12}1.25 
Eighteen Twelve (1812) Overture (Tschaikowsky) Pryor’s Band/31739}12/1.00 

Elks’ Reunion March—Pryor’s Band and Here’s to the Friend in Stormy 
Weather—Elks’ s” Song—Macdonough and A mercan Qt/17058/10| .75 
England—National Airs—See “‘Great Britain’’ 
Ernani Selection—Pryor’s Band and Prize Song—V ioloncello— Victor Sorlin|35111|12|1.25 
Euskeria—Rapsodia vascongada, Part I—Banda del Gramophone 
and Anyorances—Cobla La Principal de Perelada|67620|10} .75 
Euskeria—Rapsodia vascongada, Part II —Banda del Gramophone 
and Jorn de Festa—Cobla La Principalde Perelada|67621|10| .75 
Euskeria—Rapsodia vascongada, Part I[I—Banda del Gramophone 
and Sangre Torera—Banda Municipal de Barcelona|67622| !0 oa 
Evening Bells Idyll—Pryor’s Band and Spring—Victor String Quartet|35084| 12 
Evolution of Dixie and Melodious Memories—Medley of Favorites— Conway’ s B\35600|! 
Fackeltanz (Torchlight Dance) and Finlandia (Tone Poem) Conway’s Band|35505}|! 
Fadario—Miscelanea (J.F.Fao) | and Fadose Touros—Banda da Guarda\67591|| 
Fadinho de Moraes (Moraes) 
and SS. Raphael—Passo dobrado—Banda da Guarda|67590 
Fados e Touros and Fadario—Miscelanea (J. F. Fao) Banda da Guarda\67591 
Fairest of the Fair Mch—Sousa’sB and Stars and Stripes Forever Mch—Sousa’s B}16777 






Fallin Line (Suffrage March) VictorB and Mr. Dooley’s Address—Porter|17658|10| .75 
Farandole (French Folk Dance) and Lott’ ist Tod—Victor Band|18367|10| .75 
Farmyard Caprice—Conway’ s Band and Baby's Sweetheart—Conway’s Band|17215|10| .75 
Fatinitza Selection—Pryor’s Band ~and Barcarolle—Mr. and Mrs. W heeler|16827|10} .75 
Faust—Ballet Music—Dance of Slaves and Mirror Dance—Vessella’s Band|17284|10| .75 
Faust Selection (Gounod) Sousa’s Band|31104}12]}1.00 
Faust Selection—Victor Band and Crown Diamonds Overture—Victor Band|35016}12)|1.25 
Faust— Waltz from Kermesse Scene—Pryor'’s B and Jn Happy Moments—T urner|16552|10| .75 
Faust—Prison Scene and Favorita—Grand Fantasia— Vessella’s Band|35449|12|1.25 
Favorita—Grand Fantasia and Faust—Prison Scene—Vessella’s Band|35449|12|1.25 
Felix Diaz March—Police Band and Light Cavalry—Overture—Sousa’s Band|35045}|12|1.25 
Felsenmuhle Overture—Pryor’s Band _Glow-Worm Intermezzo—Pryor’s B|35015|12|1.25 
Fidelity March and National Emblem—U. S. Marine Band|17577|10| .75 
Fille de Mme. Angot and Fille du Tambour Major—Musique Militaire\65456| 10) .75 
Fille du Tambour Major and Fille de Mme. Angot—Musique Militaire |65456|10} .75 
Finlandia (Tone Poem) and Fackeltanz (Torchlight Dance) Conway’s Band|35505|12)1.25 
First Brigade March (Weldon) and Southerner March—Conway’s Band|17648|10| .75 

peers i Demmiede) Pryor’'sB and Scarf Dance (Chaminade) Pryor’s B}35022)12|1.25 
Et nan Dutchman Fantasia—Pryor's 3B and Pagliacct—Prologue—Pryor’s B}35158}12}1.25 
k Dances See. ‘Educational Records’ 

Polke G v7 Willow Creek March and Uncle Tom’s Cabin—Conway’s Band|17493)]10} .75 
Forest Whispers—Pryor's B and Bat tleship Connecticut March—Pryor’s B|}16113)}10} .75 
Forge in the Forest (Descriptive) Pryor’sB and Anvil Cho—Victor Orch|17231|10| .75 
Forosetta—T arantella and Geisha, La—Fantasia—Vessella’s Band|17772|10| .75 
Fortune Teller Selection—Pryor'sB ‘and Auld Scotia—Lauder Songs—Pryor’s B|35224|12}1.25 
Forza del Destino (Solennein quest’ ora) and Mefistofele—Selezione—Vessella’s B}35512| 12} 1.25 
eae del Destino Overture (Verdi) Pryor'’s Band 

Orpheus in Hades Overture (Orfée aux Enfers) (Offenbach) Pryor’s B\35215}12)1.25 
far Flags March and Wake Up England March—Band of Coldstream Guards|17759|10| .75 

Fra Diavolo Overture—Pryor’s B — and Marriage of Figaro Overture—Pryor’s B}35109}12/1.25 
Fra Diavolo Selection—Vessella’s B and Daughter of the Reg—Vessella’s B)\35191}12|1.25 
Frangesa March—Pryor's Band and Songe d’Automne—Bohemian Orch\16760|10| .75 
Free Lance March—Sousa’s B and Manhattan Beach March—Sousa’s Band|16383}10| .75 
Free Lance March—Sousa's B oe American Airs Waltz—Victor Dance O}35163)12|1.25 
Freischtitz Overture—Sousa’s Band and Carmen Selection—Sousa’s Band\35000}12|1.25 
_ French National, Air—*“* La Marseillaise ’’—Sousa’s Ban 
and Belgium Air—Victor Military Band|17668|10} .75 
French National Air—Pryor’s Band and 7 annhduser March—Sousa’s Band\16514}10} .75 
French National DefileMarch and Le Pere De La Victoire—Victor Mil. Band|17712|10| .75 
From an Indian Lodge—Sousa’s B and Aloha Oe—Clarke with Sousa’s Band\17035}10| .75 
From Foreign Parts—Spain ‘and Loreley Paraphrase—Conway’s Band\18078}10| .75 
Funeral March of a Marionette (Gounod) Sousa’s Band/31081}12|1.00 
Funeral March (Chopin) See Chopin's Funeral March 
Funeral March (Beethoven) and Moonlight Sonata—Valse—Vessella’s Band|35426|12|1.25 
Funiculi-Funicula—Vessella’s Ban and O sole mio—Cornet Solo—Rinaldi|16899}10| .75 
Garde du Corps March and National Emblem March—Pryor's Band|17957\|10) .75 
Gate City March and Lincoln Centennial March—U. S. Marine Band|16299|10| .75 

Geburtstagsmarsch and Zechers Lust, Rheinlander—Seidlers Kapelle\69019|10| .75 

VICTOR RECORDS es Number] 3 

- BAND RECORDS—Continued (See also “‘Dance Records’’) ¢ 

R Geisha, La—Fantasia and Forosetta— Tarantella—Vessella s Band|17772|10| .75 
a Gen. Mixup, U. S. A.—March—Pryor’s Band 
Sy and My Maryland March—Sousa’s Band|17142|10| .75 
Gioconda—Prelude and Oftello—Fantasia— Vessella’s Italian Band|35459|12)1.25 
Girl I Left Behind—Humoresque and Arkansaw Traveler—Parody—Pryor s B}18055}10| .75 
Girl | Left Behind Me—Medley March ; 
and Hot Time inthe Old Town To-night—V ictor Band|18371|10)| .75 
Giroflé-Girofla—Selection—Pryor’s Band and Ciribiribin—Mme. Bianca|16652}10| .75 
Gliding Girl, The (Sousa) and The Lamb’s March (Sousa) Sousa’s Band|17976|10| .75 
Glory of the Yankee Navy Mch—Sousa’s B and Universal Peace Mch—Pryor’s B}17229|10| .75 
Glow Worm (Lincke) Pryor’s Band 
and Felsenmuhle Overture (Reissiger) Pryor’s Band|35015}12|1.25 
Glow-Worm—lIdyl (Vocal Cho) Pryor’s B and Hearts and Flowers—V ictor O|35344| 121.25 
Golondrina (Serradell) and Perjura Danza—Mexican Dance—Victor Mil. Band|17515|10| .75 
Good-bye Dolly Gray—March and Battle of Gettysburg—Conway's Band|18339)|10} .75 
Good-Night Harvard March—U. S. Marine Band and Whoop It Up—Pryor’s B}17603|10| 75 
Gétterda4mmerung Fantasia—Pryor’s B_ and Rheingold Sel—Conway’s Band|35315}12)1.25 
Géotterdimmerung—Siegfried’s Funeral March 
and Walhtire—Ride of Valkyries—Vessella’s Band|35369)12|1.25 
Grand Slam (Witmark Pop. Medley) and Remick’s Hits—Medley—Conway’s B|35485|12/1.25 
Great Britain Airs—Pryor’s Band and National Hymn of Austria—Pryor’s B|16083|10} .75 
Guard Mount (Ejilenberg) Pryor’s Band 
and Bombasto March (Farrar) Arthur Pryor’s Band|16316|10| .75 
Hail Columbia and Star Spangled Banner—Victor Military Band\17581}10} .75 
Hallelujah Chorus—Pryor’s Band and Heavens Are Telling—Conway’s Band|35484|12}1.25 
Hands Across the Sea March—Sousa’'s B and Semper Fidelis March—Sousa’s B|}16190|10| .75 
Happy Days March—Pryor's Band and 7eddy Bears’ Picnic——Pryor’s Band|16001|10)| .75 
Heavens Are Telling (“‘Creation’’) Conway’s B-— and Hallelujah—Pryor’s B\35484|12}1.25 
Here, There, Everywhere March—Pryor’s B and Circus Life Galop—Reitz|16455|10| .75 

Hesitations—See “‘Dance Records” 

Hiawatha Two-Step (Moret) and Creole Belles (Lampe) Sousa’s Band|17252)|10| .75 
High School Cadets March (In slower time for School Marching 
and Grand Marches) and Semper Fidelis March|35208)]12)1.25 
High School Cadets March—Sousa’s Band and April Smiles Waltz—Victor O|16200|10} .75 
and Hindenburg-Hétzendorf-Marsch—Band—Militarkapelle mit Gesang|69034 ed 



Holland National Songs Pryor’s Band| 4200 
ome, Sweet Home—Pryor's B and Snyder Successes No. 2—Pryor’s Band|35240 

Hot Time in the Old Town To-night—Medley 
and Girl I Left Behind Me—Victor Band|18371 

Hull’s Victory (American Country Dance) and The Circle— Victor Band| 18367 RAS 
Humoreske and Old Settlers on Parade March—Conway’s Band|17420 15 
Humoresque (Dvo¥4k) Pryor’s Band and Nut Cracker Ballet—Pryor's Band| 16974 eh 
Hungarian Rhapsodie—Parts | and2_ (Liszt) Vessella’s Italian Band|/35352 25 
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 9—Finale (Liszt) Pryor’s Band|31752 


Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 (Liszt) Pryor’s Band|/31812 os 

{] Guarany Overture—Pryor’s B and Celeste Aida— Trombone—A rthur Pryor|35030 
In Drearnland Waltz and The Dove Waltz (Bohemian Music) Victor Band|67982 
Infanteria 26—Marcha and Mala Posta—Mazurka—Banda da Guarda|\67723 
Inglesina March—Vessella’s B and Dance of Wood Nymphs—Kryl’s Band|16891 
In Lover's Lane—Pryor’s Band and Glew Worm—lIntermezzo—V ictor Orch\17227 
In Old Quebec—March and United Empire March—Victor Military Band|17998 
{n the Good Old Summer Time (Evans) Vocal Chorus Sousa’s Band| 1833 
Inthe Park March and Tenth Regiment March (for Marching) Victor M. Band|18017 
Invincible Eagle March—Sousa’s B- and Royal Trumpeters’ March—Pryor’s B|} 16273 
Invitation to the Waltz (Weber) Sousa’s Band|31105 
I susande skog, Bostonvals (Séderstrém) Grammophon Strak Ban 
and Kungl. Hallands Reg. paradmarsch, af Winter—Meissners Militar Band|67758| | 
Italian Patriotic Airs—Sousa’s Band and Royal March of Italy—Pryor’s Band|16136| | 
Italian Riflemen March—Pryor’s Band and Georgia Sunset—Pryor’s Band|16796| | 
It’s a Long Long Way to Tipperary—Medley March 
and Private Tommy Atkins—Victor Band|17651 
Ivanhoe Two-Step—Pryor's B and Breeze of the Night Waltz—Pryor’s Band|16112 
Jack Tar March (Sousa) Sousa’s B and Thunderer March (Sousa) Sousa’s B\16151 
Japanese Air—*‘ Fouso ka’’—Pryor’s Band Chinese National Airs—V ictor B}|67066 
Jewels of the Madonna—Intermezzo and Lucia Sextette—Vessella’s Band|35356 
Jig Medley—Pryor’s Band and Bohemian Girl Fantasie—X ylop hone—Reitz| 16505 
Jolly Blacksmiths (Suckley) Victor Military Band 
and Remick Medley, No.2 (With Xylophone) Victor Orchestra|17010) | 
Jolly Coppersmith—Pryor’s Band and Don’t Be Cross Waltz—Victor Orch|16396| | 
Jolly Fellows Waltz—Pryor’s B and Mr. Black Man (Pryor) Pryor’s Band\16668} | 
Jolly Fellows Waltz—Pryor’s Band and Whispering Flowers—Prvor’s Band|\35161| | 
Jolly General—March—Conway’s B and Patriotic Medley March—Victor Band, 35608) 12 
Jolly Robbers Over—Pryor’s Band and La Bohéme Selection—Pryor’s Band|35077| 12 
Jorn de Festa—Sardana—Cobla La Principal de Perelada 
and Euskeria— Banda del Gramophone ,67621\10, .75 


sk st et et es et 



et et et es et 

Perso eas 



BAND RECORDS—Continued (See also “Dance Records’’) 

Kentucky Kut-UpsMch—Pryor’s Band Way Down South—Banjo—Ossman| 16755 
King Cotton March—Pryor’s Band Officer of the Day March—Pryor’s Band|16386 
King Cotton March (Sousa) and Officer of the Day March—Victor Military B|35284 
King of Rags—Pryor’'s Band and Whistling Coon—Murray and Dudley|16821 
Kis angyalom indulo and A cigany Baro Magyar 2-0s Lepes—Hungarian B\69363 
Klar zum Gefecht-Marsch—U. S. Marine B_ and Deutsch Potpourri—V ictor B|35454 
Kong Christian (Lumbye) So s Band 
and Dansk Potpourri Marsch— Victor Musikkaar|67586 
Kung]. Hallands Reg. paradmarsch, af Winter—Meissners Militar Ban 
and J susande skog, Bostonvals—Grammophon Strdb Band\67758 


Lambs’ March, The (Sousa) and The Gliding Girl (Sousa) | Sousa’s Band|17976 
Land of the Maple—Pryor’s Band = and _Laurentian Echoes—Victor Orchestra|\16593 
Lanette— Waltz Caprice—Saxophone with Ban 

and Slidus Trombonus—Conway’s Band|18117|10| .75 

La Czarine Mazurka—Pryor’s Band and Bohemian Girl Overture—Pryor’s Band|16287|10| .75 
Lady of the Lake and Old Zip Coon—Victor Band|18356/10| .75 
La Gitano Waltz (LeThiere) Pryor’sB and Pinca Beauties March—Pryor’s B}16085|10| .75 
La Paloma—Sousa’s Band and Sobre las Olas Waltz—Pryor’s Band|16529|10| .75 
La Paloma—The Dove (Yradier) Sousa’s Band/31727 1.00 

L’Arlésienne Suite—Part 4 and Caprice Espariol—Vessella’s Band|17908|10| .75 
Largo (Handel) Sousa’s Band and Narcissus (Nevin) Sousa’s Band|16525|10| .75 
Last Hope, The-Religious Meditation (Gottschalk) and Dying Poet—Sousa’s B|35467|12)1.25 
La Sorella March—Sousa’s Band and American Patrol—Sousa’s Band|\16523]10| .75 

Laughing Water—Victor Band and Midnight Flyer March—Victor Band|35017)|12)1.25 
Laverne— Waltz Caprice—Henton with ce s Band 
Chin Chin—Fox Trot—Brown Bros.|18149|10} .75 
Let Me Like a Soldier Fall with Vedat rand National Spirit March— —Pryor s B}17201)|10] .75 
Liberty Bell March with Chimes (Sousa) Sousa’s Band] 1193)/10} .60 
Life for the Czar—Selection 
and Norma—Ovyerture—Band of H. M. Coldstream Guards|68495} | 2|1.25 
Light Cavalry Overture—Sousa’s Band = and _ Felix Diaz March—Police Band|35045) 1|2|1.25 
Lights Out March—Pryor’s B- and Under the Double Eagle March—Sousa’s B}16960}10| .75 
Lights Out March (McCoy) and Washington Post March—Victor Military B|35283}12|1.25 
Lincoln Centennial March—U. S. M. B and Gate City March—U. S. Marine B|16299}10| .75 

Lohengrin—Prelude (Wagner) La Scala Orch|31779}1|2}1.00 
Lohengrin Selection—Sousa’s Band and Flower Song—’Cello—Bourdon|35114| |2|1.25 
Lohengrin Selection No. 2—Pryor’s Band and Meditation from T hais—V iolin|35147)||2|1.25 

Loin du Bal—Pryor’s Band 
and Sweet Visions of Childhood—Clarinet-Flute—Christie and Lyons|35035]12|1.25 

Loreley Paraphrase and From Foreign Parts—Spain—Conway’s Band|18078}10}| .75 
Lott’ ist Tod (Swedish Folk Panta) and Farandole—Victor Band|18368)|10} .75 
Lucia—Sextette (Donizetti) Pryor’s Band|31460|12/1.00 
Lucia Sextette and Jewels of the Madonna Intermezzo—Vessella’s Band|35356}12|1.25 
Machicha, La (Marquina) | and Acteon—Garde Republicaine Band|67291\10| .75 
Madame Butterfly Selection and Bartered Bride Overture—Pryor’s Band|35148}1|2|1.25 
Meeree Butterfly Selection No. 2 and Tannhduser Selection—Pryor’s Band|35331)|12|1.25 
Mala Posta—Mazurka (Cyriaco) ~~ and Infanteria 26—Banda da Guarda|67723}| 10} .75 
Man Behind the Gun Mch—Sousa’s B_ and Southern Reses Waliz—Pryor’s B}16395|10| .75 
Manhattan Beach March—Sousa’s B and Free Lance March—Sousa’s B|16383)|10| .75 
Manila Waltz—U. S. Marine Band and Maritana Overture—Victor Band|35071}|2)1.25 
Manola, La—Spanish Serenade—Conway's Band Serenade—Vesseila’s Band|17785)|10| .75 
Manola (Celebre Valsa) and Soldado de Chocolate—Banda da Guarda|67725}10} .75 
Maple Leaf Forever and O Canada—Victor Military Band|17999)|10| .75 
Maple Leaf Rag—U. S. Marine Band and Wild Cherries Rag—Morton 16792/10} .75 
Marche Heroique—Pryor’s Band and Dead March from“ Saul ”’ Pryor’s B)16980)10| .75 
Marche Indienne (Sellenick) Kryl’s Band and Marcia Militaire— Vessella’s B\35258)12|1.25 

Marches—A complete alphabetical list will be found under ‘‘Marches”’ 
Marche Slave—Pryor’s Band and Semiramide Overture—Police Band|35167 
March Shannon—Pryor’s Band and Ben Hur Chariot March—Sousa’s Band|17110 



Marcia Militaire—Vessella’s B and Marche Indienne (Sellenick) Kryl’s Band|35258}12|1.25 
Maria, Mari—Vessella’s Band and Addio a Napoli—Vessella’s Band|16900) | 5 
Maritana Overture—Victor Band and Manila Waltz—U. S. Marine Band|35071)12|1.25 
Marriage of Figaro Overture—Pryor’s B- and Fra Diavolo Overture—Pryor’s B\}35109}12)1.25 
Marseillaise—Sousa’s Band and Tannhduser March (Wagner) Sousa’s Band\16514 | 5 
Marsovia Waltzes—U. S. Marine B and Amina Serenade—Pryor’ 's Band|16959| | 5 
Martha Overture (Flotow) Pry or’s Band/31478 

Martha Overture—Pryor'’s B- and NocturneinE Flat (Opus9) *Cello—Sorlin 35133 
Masonic Order—Ode—Duke Street—Sousa’s Ban 

and Jn Heavenly Love Abiding—Metropolitan:Trio|17258 
Medleys—For complete list with contents see ‘* Medleys”’ 
Mefistofele—Selection and Forza del Destino—Solenne— Vessella’'s Band|35512 
Meistersinger March—Sousa’s “B- and Meistersinger Prize Song—Sousa’ 's B\35044 
Melodious Memories—Medley of Pasorites (See “‘Medley No. 162’) 

Evolution of Dixie—Conway’s Band|35600 

Memories of the War—1861-63 and eon of Stephen Foster—Conway’s Band|35525 
Men of Yale March—Pryor’s Band and Eli Yale, Dear Old Yale—Hayden Qt}16713: 




NbN RK ON RSysyhykop | 
min Wn 

Wan an 

BAND RECORDS—Continued (See also “‘Dance Records’’) 
B Merrymaker’s Dance and Pastoral Dance (Nell Gwyn) _Conway’s Band'18164|10| .75 
a Merry Widow Waltz—Pryor’s Band _ and New Tipperary March—Pryor’s Band 16024|10| .75 
—_— Mexican National Hymn—Pryor’s B and National Airs of Cuba—Pryor’s B}16082)10| .75 

Midnight Flyer March—Victor Band and Laughing Water (Hager) Victor B}35017/12|1.25 
Midsummer Night’s Dream—Pryor’sB and Coppelia Ballet Nos.2 6 4—Conway’s B|}35238}12)| 1.25 

Mignon Overture (Thomas) Pryor’s Band/31336/12)1.00 
Military Escort March (Lindsay) and On the Wing Galop—Victor Military B\17368}10| .75 
Mill on the Cliff Overture and Glow Worm—TIntermezzo—Pryor’s Band|35015}12|1.25 

Minuet (Military Sym) and Samson—Chorus and Bachanal—Banda de Rosas|62660|10} .75 
Minuétto (Boccherini) and Cavalleria Rusticana—Intermezzo— Vessella’s Band|67896|\0| .75 
Mirello Overture—Allegro _ and Puritani— Quartet—Vessella’s Band|68471\|12}1.25 
Modern Woodmen—Nearer My God to Thee and Rock of Ages— 

Victor Military Band and Stand Up for Jesus—Metropolitan Trio|17247|10} .75 
Modest Suzanne—Potpourri and El Choclo—A rgentine Dance—Marimba Band|18093)} 10) .75 
Monastery Bells—Pryor’s B_ and With Sword and Lance March—Pryor’s Band|16397}10| .75 
Montenegro National Air—** Onward”’ and Serbia National Air—V ictor Band|67067|10| .75 
Moonlight Sonata—Ist Movement (Beethoven) Vessella’s Italian Band|31828]12|1.00 
Moonlight Sonata—1st Movement and Funeral March—Vessella’s Italian Band|35426|12|1.25 
Morning in Noah’s Ark—Pryor’s Band and Mr. Rooster—Pryor’s Band\16955}10} .75 
Morning, Noon and Nightin Vienna and Stradella Overture—Vessella’s Band|35276|12)1.25 
Mr. Rooster—Pryor’s Band _ and Morning in Noah’s Ark (Rollinson) Pryor’s B\16955}10} .75 
My Old Kentucky Home (2) Battle Hymn of the Republic 

and Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms— Victor Band|18145|10| .75 
My Maryland Fantasia—Pryor's Band and Death of Custer—Pryor’s Band|35028}12|1.25 
My Maryland March—Sousa’s B and Gen. Mixup, U.S. A.—March—Pryor’s B}17142|10} .75 
Naila Intermezzo—Pryor’sB and Chimes of Normandy Selection—Sousa’s Band\35134|1|2}1.25 
Napoleon's Last Charge and Battle of the Nations—Conway’s Band|18121)|10| .75 
Narcissus (Nevin) Sousa’s Band and Handel’s Largo (Handel) Sousa’s Band|16525}10| .75 
Narcissus (Nevin) Pryor’s Band and Hearts and Flowers—V ictor Orchestra|16029|10) .75 
National Airs—See “ National and Patriotic Airs’ of the Various Countries 

National Airs of the Allies and Spirit of Peace March—Victor M. Band|35472|12}1.25 
National Emblem March and Garde du Corps March—Pryor s Band|17957\|10| .75 
National Emblem March and Fidelity March—U. S. Marine Band\17577|10} .75 
National Spirit March and Let Me Like A Soldier Fall—Pryor s Band|17201|10| .75 

Nearer My God to Thee (Mason) and Onward Christan Soldiers—Conway’s B|17848|10| .75 
Nearer My Godto Thee—Pryor’sB and Boston Commandery March—Pryor’s B\16817|10} .75 
New Tipperary March—Pryor’s Band 
and Merry Widow Waltz (Burlesque) Pryor’s Band|16024|10| .75 
New York Hippodrome March 
and The Pathfinder of Panama March—Sousa’s Band|17901\1 
Norma Overture—Pryor’s Band and Oberon Overture (Weber) Pryor’s Band|35166| 12/1 
Norma—Overture and Life for the Czar—Selection—BofH. M. Coldstream Guards|68495) 12) 
Norma Selection—Pryor’s Band and Mignon Gavotte— Victor String Quartet| 16323) | 
Nozze di Figaro Overture—Pryor’s B and Fra Diavolo Overture—Pryor’s B\35109}|12)1 
Nut Cracker Ballet—Pryor’s Band and Humoresque—Pryor’s Band|16974| | 
Oberon Overture (Weber) and Norma Overture (Bellini) Pryor’s Band|\35166|12)1.25 
O Canada and Maple Leaf Forever (Muir) (Patriotic Airs) Victor Band|17999|10)| .75 
O Correio—Polka (E. Cyriaco) and Polka Burlesca—Banda da Guarad|\67594|10| .75 
ffenbachiana—Pryor’'s B and Sag mir nur Einmal—In German—Nelva|16595|10} .75 
Officer of the Day (Hall) Pryor’s B and King Cotton March (King) Pryor’s B}16386|10| .75 
Officer ofthe Day March (Hall) and King Cotton March—Victor Military B\35284|12}1.25 
Oh, Mr. Dream Man—Medley and Grizzly— Turkey Trot—Pryor’s Band|17111|10| .75 
Old Comrades March and Wiener Blut— Waltz (Vienna Blood) V. Military B\17470|10} .75 
Old Heidelberg—Pryor’s Band and Alabama Minstrels—V ictor Minstrel Co|35108} 12} 1.25 
Old Settlers on Parade March and Humoreske—Conway’s Band|17420|10| .75 
Old Wine in New Bottles and Cocoanut Dance (Andrew Herman) Victor Orch|17938|10| .75 
Old Zip Coon__ i and Lady of the Lake—Victor Band|18356|10] .75 
Once Upon a Time—Sousa’s Band and Tesoro Mio Waltz—Pryor’s Band|16447|10} .75 
On the Belvidere——-Two-Step and Austrian Army Bugle Calls—Pryor’s Band|16901|10| .75 
On the Wing Galop ; and Military Escort March—V ictor M ilitary Band|17368)}10| .75 
On Wisconsin ! March—Victor B. and Pasadena Day March—Vessella’s Band|17781\10| .75 

One Steps—See “*“Dance Records’ 

Q| .75 
Q| .75 

Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan) and Nearer My God to Thee—Conway’s B|17848|10} .75 
O Relojio Magico (The Magic Clock) and A Madrugada—Bandada Guarda|67778|\0} . 

Orpheus in Hades Overture (Offenbach) and Forza del Destino Over—Pryor's B\35215}12|1.25 
Otello—Fantasia and Gioconda—Prelude—V essella’s Italian Band|\35459| 12) 1.25 
Our Director March—Pryor’s B and Yankee Shuffle March—Pryor’s Band\16795|10} .75 
Overture “‘1812”" (T'schaikowsky) Pryor’s Band/31739}12/|1.00 

Overture Miniature (From ‘‘Casse Noisette”) (Tschaikowsky) Pryor'’s B 

and Reminiscences of Chopin (Chopin-Winterbottom) Pryor’s Band|17127|10| .75 
Overtures— For complete list see “Overtures”’ 
Pacomio—Paso-doble flamenco 

and Alma andaluza—Paso-doble—Banda del Regimiento de Infanteria|69296|10| .75 
Paderewski Minuet—Sousa’s Band and Rose of Shiras Waltz—Sousa’s Band|35152|12/1.25 
Pagliacci Selection—Pryor’s B _ and Flying Dutchman Fantasia—Pryor’s Band|35158) 12|1.25 
Parade Post—German Cavalry Band and Salute to Mexico March—U. S. Band|16677\10!| .75 

VICTOR RECORDS : _| Number es 

BAND RECORDS—Continued (See also ““Dance Resoras’ ) 
Parodia 4 Mazurka “‘Fleur du Bal’’ and Devaneio—Polka—Banda da Guarda|67593)|10) .75 
Parsifal—Processional of Knights of the Holy Grail Pryor’s Band|31735}12/1.00 
Pasadena Day March—Vessella’s B and On Wisconsin! March—Victor B\17781\10) . 
Pastoral Dance and Merrymaker's Dance (Nell Gwyn) Conway’s Band|18164|10) .75 
Pathfinder of Panama March and New York Hippodrome March—Sousa’s Band|17901|10) .75 
Patriotic Medley March—Victor Band and Jolly General—March—Conway’s B}35608)|12) 1.25 
Patrol of the Scouts and Baltimore Centennial March—Conway's Band|18241/10| .75 
Peacemaker March (Alford) Pryor’s B and Rigoletto— Quartet (Verdi) Pryor’ sB)16276|10) .75 
Peer Gynt Suite No. I—Part 3 (Grieg) — Pryor’s Band/31393)12/|1.00 
Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Parts land2 (Grieg) Pryor’s Band!35007]12)1.25 
Peer Gynt Suite—Part I, ‘ ‘Morning’ and Part II, “‘ Death of Ase’’—Vessella’s B\}35597)12\1.25 
Pere dela Victoire (Father of Victory) and French National Defile—V ictor B}17712)|10| .75 
Perjura Danza—Mexican Dance and La Golondrina—V. Military Band|\17515)|10} .75 
Pilgrims’ Chorus from Tannhéuser (Wagner) Pryor’s Band|31160}|12/|1.00 
Pilgrims’ Chorus from Tannhéduser—Pryor’s Bs and Lohengrin—La Scala Cho\16537)|10| .75 
Poet and Peasant Overture (Suppé) Sousa’s Band|31354|12/1.00 
Poet and Peasant Over—Pryor’s Band Chimes of Normandy Selection—Pryor’s B|}16385)10| .75 
Polka Burlesca (E. Cyriaco) and O Correio—Polka—Banda da Guarda|67594|10| .75 
Polonaise Militaire (Chopin) Vessella’s B and Carnival Romain Concert—Orch|\ 35241} 12|1.25 
Pomp and Circumstance—March | and Dream Pictures—Fantasia—Pryor’s B}35247| 12) 1.25 
Popular Medleys—See ‘* Medleys”’ 
Prince of Pilsen Sel—Sousa’s B and Mascotte—Gobble Duet— W heeler and Mac\16527|10| .75 
Prince of Pilsen Selection—Sousa’s B and Robin Hood—Pryor’s Band|16919}10| .75 
Private Tommy Atkins—Med. March and It’ sa fone Way to Tipperary—V ictor B}17651\10| .75 
Prodana Nevesta—See ‘‘ Bartered Bride 
Prophéte Fantasie—Pryor’s B and Barber of Seville Selection—Pryor s Band|35125|12|1.25 
Puritani—Quartet and Mirello Overture— Vessella’s Band|68471)\12|1.25 
Radetsky March—Pryor’s Band and Russian National A nthem—Pryor’s Band\16669\10| .75 
Radetsky March and Rakoczy March (Hungarian) Conway’s Band\67965|10| .75 
Rakoczy March and Radetsky March (Hungarian) Conway's Band|67965)|10| .75 
Raphael—Passo dobrado (Taborda) and Fadinho 5 oraes—Banda da Guarda|67590\10| .75 
Rapsodia—Primeira parte (Moraes) and Segunda parte—Banda da Guarda|67724|\10| .75 
Raymond Overture—Victor Band and Fishermen—Stanley and Macdonough|35040)| 12) 1.25 
azzazza Mazzazza—Pryor’s Band and Patrol of the Scouts—Banjo— Ossman|16816|10| .75 
Recordagdo—Mazurka ~and Baile Oriental—Banda da Guarada|67733\10| .75 
Regimental Marches—Infantry No. 2 and No. 3—Coldstream Guards|69009|10| .75 
Regimental Marches—lInfantry No. 4 and No. 5—Coldstream Guards|69011|10| .75 
Red Mill Selection (Herbert) Pryor’s Band|31652)12/1.00 
Red Wing Medley—Pryor’s Band and Indian Medley—Pryor’s Orchestra|16924|10| .75 

Remick’s Hits—Med. Overture and Grand Slam—Med, Overture—Conway’s B 35485/12)1.25 
Reminiscences All Nations (Contents see ‘‘Medleys*’) Pryor’s Ban 
and Creanonian Polka—W hitcomb and Band|\35288) 12)1.25 
Reminiscences of Chopin and Overture Miniature—Pryor’s Band\17127|10| .75 
Reminiscences of Verdi—Sousa’s B and Dream of Wagner—Pryor’s B\35230|12)1.25 
Reminiscences of Wales—Conway'’s Band and Men of Harlech—Peerless Qt\17180|10| .75 
Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 2, Parts | and2 (Liszt) Pryor’s Band|35122!/12)1 ae 
Rheingold Selection—Conway’ sB_ and Gotterdémmerung Fantasie—Pryor’s B\35315| | 
Rienzi Overture—Pryor’s Band and Walkure—Magic Fire Scene—Vessella’s B|}35387| | 
peracetic sBand and Trovatore—Home to Mts.—Vessella’s B}35239) | 
nie Sets cee s B and Peacemakers March( Alford) Pryor’s B|}16276| | 
ert E. Lee Medley and Everybody Two-Step—V ictor Military Band|17271|1 
Robs Hood—Favorite Airs—Pryor’s Band Prince of Pilsen—Sousa’s Band|16919| | 
Romeo and Juliet Sel—Pryor’s B- and Samson and Delilah Selection—Pryor’s B|\35234| | 
Rondo Capriccioso (Mendelssohn) and Aida—Grand March—Vessella’s B}35265} | 
Rose of Shiras Waltz—Sousa’s Band and Paderewski Minuet—Sousa’s Band|35152! | 
Round the World Selection—Victor Band and | Red Rose Rag—Pryor’. s B}17138}| 
Royal Arcanum—Opening Ode and Closing Ode (“‘Greenville’’) Sousa’s Band\17123| | 
Royal March of Italy—Pryor’ s Band _ and Patriotic Airs of Italy—Sousa’s Band|16136| | 
Royal Trumpeters’ March—Pryor’ sB_ and Invincibie Eagle March—Sousa’s B|16273 


Russian National Anthem—Pryor’s B and Radetsky March (Strauss) Pryor’s B|16669 
Salute to Mexico March—U. S. Marine Band and Parade Post—Cavalry Band|16677 
Samson and Delilah Selection—-Pryor’s B and Romeoand Juliet Sel—Pryor’s B|\35234 
Samson—Cho and Bachanal and Minuet (Haydn) Banda de Rosas\62660 
Sangre Torera—Paso doble flamenco—Banda Municipal de Barcelona 

and Euskeria—Banda del Gramophone|67622)| | 

Sardinia March—Sousa’'s Band and 7th Regiment fae eed s Band|\17162/10| .75 
Scarf Dance—Pryor’s Band and Flatterer (Chaminade) or’s Band|35022|12/1.25 
School pear 6 or Folk Dances and records for Marching, iia toate 

rills, etc., see “‘ Educational Records’ 
Second ei eae March—Garde Rep. B and Apache Dance—Black Diam’ ds B}.16958/10) .75 
Second Connecticut March—Pryor's Band — 
and Marching Through Georgia— Harlan and Stanley|16416)|10) .75 

Secret, Le—Intermezzo—Vessella’s B = and Sylvia Ballet—Victor Concert Or|17689/10| .75 
Semiramide Overture (Rossini) Pryor’s Band|/31527/ 12) 1.00 
Semiramide Overture—Police Band and Marche Slave—Pryor’s Band|35167) 12! 1 a 
Semper Fidelis March—Sousa’s B and Hands Across the Sea—Sousa’s Band\16190 10! .7 


BAND RECORDS—Continued (See also “Dance Records’’) 




Serbia National Air (2) Rise Serbians—Patriotic Air—Victor Band 

and Montenegro National Air—‘‘ Onward, Onward” —V ictor Band 67067/10| .75 
Serenade (Drdla) Vessella’s B and Manola, La—Span. Serenade—Conway sB)17785|10) .75 
Seventh Regiment (Cappa’s) March and Skyrocket March—Pryor’s Band 17080/10| .75 
Seventh Regiment (Gray Jackets) March and Sardinia March—Sousa’s B}17162|10| .75 

Sextette Lucia—See ucia 

Shepherd's Life in the Alps and Cosmopolitan Overture—Pryor’s Band|35282)12|1.25 
Sicilian Vespers—Ballet Selections Band of H. M. Coldstream Guards 35434/12/1.25 
Skater’s Waltz—Sousa’s Band and American Fantasie—Pryor’s Band 35119}12/1.25 
Skyrocket March—Pryor’s B and Cappa’s 7th Regiment March—Pryor's B\17080}10} .75 
Slavonic Dance (Dvo¥ak) and Tales of Hoffmann— Venetian Scene—Vessella’s B}35507 | 12) 1.25 
Slidus Trombonus—Conway's B and Lanette—Waltz—Henton with Band|18117|10| .75 
Snyder Successes, No. 2—Pryor’s Band and Home, Sweet Home—Pryor’s B\35240}12|1.25 
Sobre las Olas Waltz—Pryor’s Band and La Paloma—Sousa’s Band\16529| 10} .75 
Soldado de Chocolate and Manola (Celebre valsa decorrectim) Banda da Guarda|67725|10| .75 
Soldiers’ Chorus from Faust—Pryor’s B and Devil’s March—Pryor’s Band\16502|10| .75 
Soldiers’ Joy and Arkansaw Traveler (Folk Dances) Victor Band|18331|10} .75 
Soldiers of the King—Pryor’s Band It’s a Long Way to Tipperary—A mer Q\17639|10| .75 
Southern Belle Two-Step—Pryor’sB and By the Swanee River—Pryor’s Band\16155\10| .75 
Southerner March (Alexander) and First Brigade March—Conway’s Band|17648 10 oo 
Southerner March—Conway’s Band and Thunderer March— Victor Band|35531\12|1.25 
Souvenir de Beethoven (Tobani) Pryor’sB and Creme de la Creme—Pryor’s B\35263)12)1.25 
Spirit of Peace March and National Airs of the Allies—Victor M. Band|35472)12|1.25 
Spring Maid Waltzes—Victor B and There’s a Girl in Havana—Lyric Qt}16985|10| .75 

Stabat Mater—Cujus Animam Trombone Pryor and Band 

and Chopin’s Funeral March—Pryor’s Band|35157|12|1.25 
Stabat Mater—Cujus Animam—Pyryor’s B and Inflammatus—Pryor’s Band|16918)|10} .75 
Stabat Mater—Inflammatus and Cujus Animam—FPryor’s Band|\16918|10} .75 
Standard Bearers March—Pryor’s Band Blaze Away March—Pryor’s Band|16307|10| .75 
Stars and Stripes Forever March—Sousa’s Band Fairest of the Fair—Sousa’s B}16777|10| .75 
Stars and Stripes Forever March—Sousa’s B and Under Double Eagle—Sousa’s B|35286)|12|1.25 
Star Spangled Banner (Key) Pryor’s Band} 2787|10} .60 
Star Spangled Banner and Hail Columbia—Victor Military Band\17581|10| .75 
Stephen Foster, Gems of and Memories of the War—1 861 -63—Conway’s B\35525|12|1.25 
Stradella Overture (Flotow) and Morning, Noonand Night—Vessella’s Band|\35276 
Sunny South—Medley (Lampe) Pryor’sB_ and Dixie (Emmett) Pryor’s B\16819|10| .75 
Swedish Guard March—Pryor’s B and My Swedish Rose Waltz—Victor Orch\16875|10| .75 
Swedish Wedding March—Pryor’s Band and Spinning Song—Renard Trio|35159|12|1.25 
Sweetmeats Two-Step—Pryor's Band and Honey Boy—Murray and Chorus|16818}10| .75 
Sylvia Ballet-—March—Pryor’s Band _ and Pizzicato (Delibes) Pryor’s Band|16080|10| .75 

Symphony in B Minor (Unfinished) (Schubert) Pryor’s Band|31798}12/|1.00 
Tales of Hoffmann—Venetian Scene and Slavonic Dance— Vessella’s Band|35507| 12! 
Tannhauser March (Wagner) Sousa’s Band/31423]12/1 
Tannhauser March—Sousa’s B and Marseillaise, La (D’Lisle) Sousa’s B}16514| | 
Tannhauser Overture, Part] (Wagner) Pryor’s Band|31382}12|1 
Tannhauser Overture, Part 2 (Wagner) Pryor’s Band|31383 

Tannhauser Selection and Madame Butterfly Selection No. 2—Pryor’s B\35331 
Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Bratton) Pryor’s Band 


Tearin’ o’ the Green—Humorous and Coming Thro’ the Rye—Conway’s Band|17444|| 
Tenth Regiment March and In the Park March—Victor Military Band\18017|10| .75 
Tesoro Mio Waltz—Pryor’sB = and Once Upon a Time—Clarke with Sousa’s B|16447|10) .75 
That Flying Rag—Pryor’s B and Ramshackle Rag (Snyder) Pryor's Band\17021}10} .75 
Through the Panama Canal—Victor B _and Carovana Tripolina—Vessella’s B\35392|12|1.25 
‘Thunderer March—Victor Military Band and Southerner March—Conway’s B\35531\12/1.25 
Thunderer March (Sousa) Sousa’s B and Jack Tar March (Sousa) Sousa's B 

Toujours—Polka and Vem cd mulata—Banda da Guarda|67722|10| .75 
Tréumerei (Schumann) Vessella’s Band — and On the Sea—Victor Brass Qt}17272|10| .75 
Traviata—Prelude (Verdi) and Aida—Prelude—Vessella’s Band|17729|10| .75 

Traviata Selection—Pryor’s Band and Trovatore Selection—Pryor’s Band\|35076|12)1.25 
Trueto the Flag and Under the Star of the Guard—U. S. Marine B\17730\|10| .75 
Trovatore—Home to Mts.—Vessella’s B and Rigoletto—Quartet—K ryl’s B|}35239|12/1.25 
Turkey Trots—See ‘* Dance Records’”’ 
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Dream Picture) and Folks Up Willow Creek—Conway’s B|17493)10| .75 
Under the Double Eagle March—Sousa’sB and Lights Out—Pryor’s Band\16960)|10| .75 
Under the Double Eagle March — and Stars and Stripes Forever—Sousa’s Band|\35286\12|1.25 
United Empire March . and In Old Quebec—March—V ictor Military Band\17998)|10| .75 
United Service March, The (Hernandez) Conway's Band 

and Before the Mast—Nautical Medley March—Conway’'s Band|17154\10| .75 
United States—Patriotic Airs—See “* National and Patriotic Airs ”’ 
Universal Peace March—Pryor's B and Glory of the Yankee Navy—Sousa’s B}17229|10)| .75 
Unrequited Love Waltz—Sousa’s Band and Apple Blossoms—Victor Orch\35101}12/1.25 
Under the Star of the Guard | and True to the Flag—U. S. Marine Band|17730|10| .75 
Up the Street March—Pryor’s Band and Y Como le Va (Tango) Pryor’s B\17062/10| .75 
Valse Bleue (Margis)’ Sousa’s Band 

and Boccaccio March (von Suppé) Pryor’s Band'16922\10) .75 



BAND RECORDS—Continued (See also “‘Dance Records’’) 

Varsity March and The Victors (University of Mich. Marches) Victor Band|\17672 || 

Vem cd Mulata (Maxixe Brazileiro) and Toujours—Polka—Banda da Guarda\67722 | | 

Venus on Earth Waltz—Sousa’s Band and Genee Waltzes—Victor Dance O|35164| | 

Victorious America—March— Conway's Ban 

and De Molay Commandery—V ictor Military Band|18084' | 

Victors, The and Varsity March (University of Mich. Marches) Victor Band\17672 || 
Vienna Beauties Waltz (Ziehrer) Pryor’s Band 

and Sweet Spirit Hear My Prayer—V iolin-Flute—D’A lmaine and Lyons| 16522) | 

Vision of Salome Waltz (Joyce) Vessella’s Italian Band|31825} | 

ake Up, England! March and Four Flags—Band of H. M. Coldstream Guards| 17759} | 

Wales, Patriotic Song of Sousa’s Band| 4221)1 

Walkiire—Magic Fire Scene—Vessella’s Band _Reinzi Overture—Pryor’s B|}35387 | 



Walktire—Ride of the Valkyries and Siegfried's Funeral March—Vessella’s B|35369 

Warbler’s Serenade (Perry) and Whistler and His Dog (Pryor) Pryor’s B\17380 

Warbler’s Serenade (Perry) Whistling Chorus Sousa’s Band| 1168 
Washington Grays—March 

and Big Guns—March—Opal Military Band (London) |69500) | 

Washington Post March Sousa’s B and El Capitan March—Sousa’s Band| 17302) | 

Washington Post March (Sousa) and Lights Out March—Victor Military Band|35283) | 

Wedding of the Rose—Conway’s B and Rendez-vous—Intermezzo—V. Concert Or|17476| | 

edding March (Mendelssohn) Pryor’s Band}31159}| 

When You and I Were Young, Magg ; 

and Aloha Oe eee Solo by Henton) Conway’s Band|\18344|| 

Whispering Flowers—Pryor’s Band and Jolly Fellows Waltz—Pryor’s Band|35161|| 

histler and His Dog (Pryor) and Warbler’ s Serenade (Perry) Pryor’s B|\17380)} 

Whistlers—Intermezzo (‘‘Fruhlingsluft’’) and Whistling Johnnies—Conway’s B|17396| | 

Whistling Johnnies (Whistling Rovelty) ~ and Whistlers—Inter—Conway’s B|17396| | 

Whoop It Up March—Pryor’sB _and Good-Night Harvard—U. S. Marine B|}17603} | 

William Tell Ballet Music, PartI—Pryor’sBand and Part IJ—Pryor’s Band|35042! | 

William Tell Ballet Music, PtlII-Pryor’s B and Profeta—Re del Cielo— Colazza|16578) | 

William Tell Overture, Part I—Pryor’s Band > and Part [I—Pryor’s Band|16380| | 

William Tell Overture, Part I—Pryor’s Band and Part [J—Pryor’s Band|35120| | 












William Tell Overture, Part III—Pryor’s Band and Part 1V—Pryor’s Band\16381 
William Tell Overture, Part III—Pryor’s Band and Part |V—Pryor’s Band|35121 
With Sword and Lance March—Pryor’s B and Monastery Bells—Pryor’s Band| 16397 
Woodland Whisperings—Pryor’sB and Chocolate Soldier Sel—Vessella’s Band|35217 
Yale Boola March—Pryor’s Band and What’s the Matter with Father—Murray| 16499 
Yama Yama Man Medley—Pryor's i and Uncle Josh and Sailor—Stewart|35005 
Yankee Shuffle MarchetPivor’ sB and Our Director March—Pryor’s Band|16795 
Yelva Overture—Pryor’s Band and Bohemian Girl Selection—Pryor’s Band|35081 
Yuletide Medley—Pryor’s Band — and Nazareth—Christmas Song—C roxton|35261 
Zampa Overture (Hero Sousa’s Band/31350 
Zechers Lust, Rheinlander and Geburtstagsmarsch—Seidlers Kapelle|69019 

Baby’s Sweetheart (Corri) and Farmyard Caprice—Conway’s Band|17215|10 

Battle of the Nations (Paull) and Napoleon's Last Charge—Conway’s Band\18121|10 

Carovana Tripolina—Vessella’s B and Through Panama Canal—V ictor Band|35392)12\1 
Day at West Point—Pryor’s Band and Artful Artie Two-Step—Pryor’s B|16021|10 

Death of Custer—Pryor’s Band and My Maryland Fantasia— Pryor’ s Band|35028) 12} 
Farmyard Caprice—Conway's Band and Baby’s Sweetheart—Conway’s Band|17215|10 


Forge in the Forest—Pryor’s Band and Anvil Chorus—Victor Orchestra|17231)|10 
Hunt in the Black Forest (Voelker) ~and Ina Clock Store—Victor Orch|35324| 12! 
In a Clock Store (Orth) and Hunti in the Black Forest—V ictor Orchestra|35324| 12} 

ierest Fellows Waltz (Vollstedt) See ‘‘ Jolly Fellows” 
orning in Noah’s Ark—Pryor’ ; B and Mr. Rooster (Lampe) Pryor’s B}16955}1 
Nightmare in the Desert (Powell) and The Conundrum—Sheridan|35229|12|1. 
Old Heidelberg—Pryor’s Band and Alabama Minstrels—Minstrel Co|35108) 12) 1. 
Shepherd's Life in the Alps and Cosmopolitan Overture—Pryor’s Band|35282)| 12/1. 
Teddy Bears’ Picnic—Pryor’s Band Happy Days March (Levi) “Pryor’s B\16001)| 
Through the Panama Canal—Victor Band Carovana Tripolina—Vessella’s B|35392! | 
Whistler and His Dog (Pryor) Pryor’s Orchestra| 4418} | 
Whistler and His Dog (Pryor) and Warbler’s Serenade (Perry) Pryor’s Band|17380) | 
Nearer My God to Thee (Mason) and Onward Christian Soldiers—Conway’s B|17848} | 
Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan) and Nearer My God to Thee—Conway’s B|17848)| 


By the Watermelon NMABREBEESOE: s Band 
Gupsy’s Serenade—Saxophone Solo—Moeremans| 16272 


College Life Recetas O and Friendly Rivals—Cornets—Clarke-Keneke| 16312 2 : 

Frangesa March—Pryor’s Band —_ and Songe d acer nere ape aeee Orchestra| 16760 
Funiculi Funicula (Denza) Vessella’s B d O sole mio—Cornet—Rinaldi| 16899) 10 
Glow Worm-lIdyl (Lincke) Pryor’sB and eae and Flowers—-V.. Concert O|\35344| 12) 1 
Glow Worm Intermezzo—Orchestra ~ and In Lover's Lane—Pryor’s Band|17227|10 
In the Good Old Summer Time (Evans) Sousa’s Band} 1833)10 
Jolly Blacksmiths (Suckley) Victor Band and Remick Medley No. 2—Victor O\17010/10 

Winnin tn 






B Jolly Coppersmith—Pryor’s Band and Don’t Be Cross Waltz—V ictor Orch|16396|10} ..75 
a Once Upona Time Cornet Clarke and Tesoro Mio Waltz—Pryor’s B|\16447)|10 



Araby March—Estudiantina Trio and Echoes from Naples—Polka—Frosini|16829|10} .75 
Santiago Waltz (Corbin) Estudiantina Trio and Turkish Patrol, The—Reitz|16562)| 10 


Darky’s Oration on Woman and Darky Waiters—Golden-Marlowe|35614| 12|1.25 
Darky Waiters and Darky’ 's Oration on Woman—Golden-Marlowe|35614|12|1.25 
Death of Towser and Trip to Paradise—Golden-Heins|35641)12|1.25 
In Banjo Land—Peerless Quartet and That Old Girl of Mine—A merican Qt}17264|10| .75 
Mississippi Days—Peerless Qt and Dancing Down in Dixieland—O’Connell| 18134|10| .75 
Musical Yankee—Spencer ‘and Krausmeyer and His Dog—Spencer-Holt|35153} 1 2| 1.25 
Pickin’ Cotton ~~ and Mobile Minstrels—V ictor Minstrel Co|17293|10} .75 
Trip to Paradise and Death of Towser—Golden and Heins|35641)|12]1.25 
Village Barber—Porter, Harlan and Van Eps 
and How Columbus Discovered America—Murry K. Hill|16890|10| .75 
Welcome, Honey, to Your Plantation Home and Bachelor Days—Peerless Qt}18120|10} .75 
When Uncle Joe Plays a Rag—Collins and Down at Mammy Jinny’s— Girl Qt}17118| 10} .75 
BANJO, MANDOLIN, GUITAR—See “Instrumental Duets, Trios” 
BANJO ORCHESTRA—Banjo, Piano, Drums (For Dancing) 
Chinese Picnic Medley One-Step and Notoriety Rag One-Step—Van Eps Trio|17601|10} .75 
Florida Rag—Characteristic-Van Eps Trio and La Kraquette—Xylophone—Reitz|17308|10| .75 
I Wonder What Will William Tell One-Step—Van EP: Trio 
and Chicken Reel—Brown Bros|17799|10| .75 
Kakuda Chinese One-Step and Old Folks Rag One-Step—Van Eps Trio|35400|12|1.25 
angaroo Hop—Fox Trot and Merry Whirl—Vess Ossman’s Banjo Orchestra|35536|12]1.25 
Merry Whirl—One-Step and Kangaroo Hop—Vess Ossman’s Banjo Orchestra|\35536| 12] 1.25 
Notoriety Rag One-Step and Chinese Picnic Medley One-Step—V an Eps Trio|17601|10} .75 
Old Folks Rag One-Step and Kakuda Chinese One-Step—Van Eps Trio|35400} 12] 1.25 
Original Fox Trot-VanEps Trio and That Moaning Saxophone Rag—Brown Bros|17677|10| .75 
Smiler Rag One-Step and Too Much Ginger One-Step—Van Eps Trio|17575|10| .75 
Too Much Ginger One-Step and Smiler Rag One-Step—Van Eps Trio|17575}10| .75 

BANJO SOLOS—By Vess Ossman, Fred van Eps and F. J. Bacon 
Black Diamond Rag—Van Eps and IJrishand Scotch Melodies—X ylophone—Reitz| 17168 
Buffalo Rag (Turpin) Ossman and Barnyard Serenade—Spencer and Holt|16779 

Bunch of Rags—Ossman and Dixie Girl (Lampe) Ossman-Dudley T rio| 16667 15 
Cupid’s Arrow— Van Eps - and Polish Dance No. 1—Xylophone—Reitz| 16855 15 
Daly’s Reel—One-Step Buck D and Medley of Southern Melodies—Van Eps|18116 15 
Dance of the Bugs—March—Van Eps and Down Home Rag—Brown Bros|17834 15 

rowsy Dempsey—Vess L. Ossman and ce Dance—X ylophone— Muller| 1676 
Four Little Blackberries—Ossman and First Kiss Waltz—Ocarina— Tapiero| 1648 

Frolic of the Coons—Van Eps and Love’s Smile—W histling— Gialdini|1736 15 
Gay Gossoon—Vess L. Ossman and St. Louis Tickle—Ossman-Dudley Trio| 1609 o3 
Good Scout—One-Step and Universal Fox Trot—Vess L. Ossman|1795. 75 
Infanta March—Van Eps and Boston LE lepinia Reel—Victor Dance Orch|1684 15 
Keep Off the Grass—Ossman and Silver Heels (Moret) Ossman|1626 25 
Lamb’s Gambol — Danse cee te ey ne Eps Blood Lillies— Reitz|1745 75 
Lobsters’ Promenade—Humoresque (Steele) ae Red Pepper-Van Eps|1703 15 
Maurice ‘Tango— Van Eps and Dance of the Hours—Xylophone— Reitz|1714 415 

Medley—‘‘Little Bit of  Rveeythines ’—Ossman and Hoop-e-Kack—X ylophone— Reitz| 1726 
Medley of Southern Melodies and Daly’s Reel—One-Step —Banjo—Van Eps|1811 
Old Folks at Home (Foster) Ossman and Cradle Song—Cornet with Band|1741 
OmenaIntermezzo—Van Eps and William TellFantasie—Xylophone—W. Reitz|1712 
Patrol of the Scouts—Ossman and Razzazza Mazzazza—Pryor’s Band|1681 
Pearl of the Harem—Van Eps and Maer Bird—Fantasia— X ylop hone— Reitz|1696 
Persian Lamb Rag—Ossman and Medley German W’altzes—A ccordion—Kimmel| 1612 
Persiflage—Van Eps and My Regards Waltz—Xylophone— Reitz|1719 
Peter Piper (Henry) Ossman and Yankee Land (Hoffman) Ossman|1693 
Ragging the Scale—Fox Trot—Fred Van Eps and Eldorado March—Reitz|1808 
Rag Pickings—Van Eps and U. S. A. Patrol—Xylophone— William Reitz|1693 

ooocooooooocococ“ocoooooooooooocoooe ooo 


Rag Time Episode—Van Eps _ and _‘J’ll Lend You Anything I’ve Got—Collins| 1684 15 

Red Pepper—Rag (Lodge) ~ and Lobsters’ Promenade—Banjo— Van Eps|1703 75 

ore Heels—Vess L. Ossman (Moret) and Keep Off the Grass— Ossman|1626 15 
Turkey in the Straw Medley—Ossman ~ and Auld Lang Syne—Chimes|1639 /D 
Universal Fox Trot and Good Scout—One-Step—Vess L. Ossman|17952 ao 
Way Down South—Vess L. Osan and Kentucky Kut-Ups—Prvor’s Band|16755\|10| .75 
West Lawn Polka—Bacon and Ciribiribin W altz— W histling—Gialdini|17129|10| .75 
pane Song—Negro Dialect Poem (Dunbar) Rev. J. A. Se) 16466110! .75 

Roll Jordan Roll Fisk University Jubilee Quartet ; 

Banjo Song, A (Weeden-Homer) Louise Homer|87074|10|2.00 


{omar Step—Fox Trot (Jentes) Conway’s poe ravartlotets 
Under the Rambling Roses—Fox Trot Conway’s Band ; 
BARBAINI, AGUSTO, Tenor (Bahr-bah-ee' -nee)—See “‘ Pagliacci” 
pBorpere Frietchie (Whittier) Recitation Frank eT Seaatol 73 
Water Mill, The (McCallum)  Recitatio Frank Burbeck . 


Barber of Seville, comic opera in two 
acts ; text by Sterbini, a Roman poet ; music 
by Rossini. Produced Rome, 1816; Lon- 
don, 1818; New York, 1825. First called 
“ Almaviva”’ to distinguish it from Paisi- 
ello’s ‘‘ Barber.” 

The plot of Barber is very simple. 
Count Almaviva loves Rosina, the ward 
of Dr. Bartolo, a crusty old bachelor, 
who secretly wishes to marry her himself. 
Almaviva persuades the village barber, 
Figaro, to arrange a meeting for him, and 
gains entrance to the house disguised as a 
dragoon, but is arrested by the guardian. 
Not discouraged, he returns, pretending to 
be a substitute for Rosina’s music teacher, 
who, he says, is ill. The appearance of 
the real music master, Don Basilio, spoils 
this plan, and the Count retreats for the 
second time, having, however, arranged a = 
planforelopement. Bartolofinallyarouses ~— ~~~ wictrota 800 
Rosina’s jealousy by pretending that the THE FAMOUS SHAVING SCENE IN ACT II 
Count loves another, and she promises to 
forget him and marry her guardian. When the time for the elopement arrives she meets the 
Count, intending to reproach him, but he convinces her of the base plot of Bartolo, and 
the lovers are wedded by a notary, just as Bartolo arrives with officers to arrest the Count. 

(See also ‘‘ Book of the Opera.’’) 

Overture—La Scala Orch and Don Pasquale—Overture—La Scala Orch|68010)12|1.25 
Overture Accordion and Romeo and Juliet Selection—A ccordion—Pietro| 35524 12|1.25 
Largo al factotum (Room for the Factotum) Titta Ruffo|88391) 12|3.00 
Largo al factotum (Room for the Factotum) Pasquale Amato/88329| 12|3.00 
Largo al factotum (Room for the Factotum) de Gogorza|88181)| 12}3.00 
Largo al factotum (Room for the Factotum) Titta Ruffo|92039) 12|3.00 
Largo al factotum (Room for the Factotum) de Luca|74514) 12}1.50 
Una voce poco fa (A Little Voice I Hear) Marcella Sembrich|88097| |2|3.00 
Una voce poco fa (A Little Voice I Hear) Luisa T etrazzini|/88301) 12/3.00 
Una voce poco fa (A Little Voice I Hear) ee Galvany|87060! 10}2.00 
Una voce poco fa—Giuseppina Huguet and Manca un foglio—A. Rossi\68144' 12}1.25 
La calunnia (Slander’s Whisper) Marcel Journet|74104, 12/1.50 
Dunque io son (What! I>) Maria Galvany and Titta Ruffo|92501)12/4.00 
Manca un foglio (Here's a Leaf Gone!) Rossi and Una voce poco fa—Huguet|68144)12)}1.25 
Guarda Don Bartolo (Look at Don Bartolo!) Huguet, A. Pini-Corsi, G. Pini- 
Corsi andiBadini and Fra Diavolo—Agnese la zitella—Lara}63171|10} .75 
Pace e gioia (Peace and Joy!) Pini-Corsi—Perea and // vecchietto—Zaccaria|62105,10} .75 
Il vecchietto cerca moglie—Zaccaria and Pacee giota—A. Pini-Corsi and Perea\62105)10} .75 
Selection—Pryor’s Band and Prophete Fantasie (Meyerbeer) Pryor’s Band|35125/12)1.25 
Alma (‘‘Alma, Where Do You Live’’) with Anthony 
and Every Little Movement—Barbour and Werrenrath\17224/10| .75 
Every Little Movement (‘‘Madame Sherry’’) with Werrenrath 
and Alma—Barbour and Anthony|17224)10| .75 
Barcarolle (From “Tales of Hoffmann’’) For records see “Tales of 


(Parcarolley wre Hesitation (See “Medley No. 68’’) Military BY 35383 | 1211.25 
Passing of Salome—Waltz Hesitation (Joyce) Victor Military Band : 
Ba hearee Waltz .(Waldteufel) Victor Cr a aeqed 

Arrah Wanna Medley Victor Dance Orchestra 
Barcarolle—See also ‘‘Gioconda,” ‘‘Gondolier,’” ‘‘ Masked Ball,” 
**My Skylark Love,” “‘ Visione Veneziana’”’ and “* William Tell’’ 
BARITONE SOLOS—See “Amato,” ‘“ Ancona,” “* Battistini,”’ 
**Campanari,”’ ‘‘ Cartwright,”’ “ de Gogorza,”’ “de Luca, ” * Fvans,”’ 
ma | Gilibert,”’ oe Gilly, * “Goddard, rie Goritz,” “Hamilton,” “Harrison,’ , 
** Hemus,’”’ *Hill,’’ < Howell,” “Janpolski,” ‘Johnson,’ 2 | 
“Larkin,” ‘‘ MacFarlane,” ‘Renaud, a ‘Rodeheaver,”’ **Ruffo,”’ 
= Sagi-Barba,” **Sammarco,”’ “Schlegel, ” **Scotti,” ‘* Stuart,”’ 
** Turner,” ** Van Eweyk,’’ ** Werrenrath,’’ “‘ Wheeler, Frederick,”’ 
= Whitehill,” *“Wiederhold,”’ ““Winsch.”? Also several hundred solos | 
by various baritones to be found under the opera headings. 

BARN DANCES—See “ pence Records ”’ 

BARNES, WM., Tenor 
Girl Who Wests a Red Cross on Her Sleeve and Baby Shoes—Brown|18052|!0| .75 

I Love You, That’s One Thing and Always Be Honey to Me—Campbell-Burr|17970\10| .75 
My Own lona—with Male Qt. and Jn the Beautiful Seaside Air—Murray|18054|10| .75 
Tho’ I’m Not the First to Call You ““Sweetheart’’ Please Let Me Be the Last 
(with Orpheus Qt) and Where the Black-eyed Susans Grow—Campbell-Burr|18239|10| .75 

Barney McGee—Irish Song (Brown) Ada Jones 10! .75 
I'm Tying the Leaves so They Won't Come Down (Helf) Harlan 1612 isd 
Barnyard Serenade _ (with animal imitations) Spencer and aot 10) .75 
Buffalo Rag, The (Turpin) Banjo (Piano acc.) Ossman$|167? ‘ 

BARONE, CLEMENT (Bah-roeh’ -nee)—See ‘‘ Piccolo Solos” 

BARRERA, CARLO, Tenor—See “Forza del Destino” and “Otello” 

**Mother Machree” 

(Rentered Bride Overture (Prodana Nevesta) (Smetana) Pryor’s et 148]|1211.25 

Madame Butterfly—Selection (Puccini) ' Pryor’s Band soi05 ; 

BARTON, WARD—Yodels with Guitar—See ‘‘ Yodel Songs” 

BASE BALL RECITATIONS—See “Boy in Bleachers” and “‘Casey”’ 

(East Henry and Lovin’ Lucy—‘‘ Coon” Specialty Jones-Spencer 
Jimmie and Maggie at Hippodrome— Bowery Dialect — Jones-Spencer 


**‘Journet,”’ “ Plancon’”’ and ‘ ‘Witherspoon”’ 





35013 12|1.25 

Armorer'’s Song (‘‘Robin Hood"’) and Till the Sands of the Desert—Glenn| 17268 75 
Asleep in the Deep—Glenn and Rocked in Cradle of Deep—Glenn|17309 75 
Asleep in the Deep—Hooley and Larboard Watch—Macdonough and Hooley|\16949 75 
Auld Lang Syne Frank C. Stanley} 4328 .60 
Big Bass Viol—Stanley ana Peerless Qt. and Epitaphs— Golden-Hughes| 16507 75 

Down Deep Within the Cellar (Drinking Song) and Monarch of Woods—Glenn|17326 
Down Deep Within the Cellar—Stanley and Salt of the Sea for Me—Stanley| 16063 
Monarch of the Woods and Down Deep Within the Calare Wilfred Glenn|17326 

Off to Philadelphia—Glenn and Wearing of the Green—Hooley| 17348 cae 
Rocked in Cradle of the Deep—Stanley and Mocking Bird—W heeler and Mac|16392 he 
Rocked in Cradle of the Deep—Glenn and Asleep in the Deep— Glenn|17309 3 

Salt of the Sea for Me—Stanley and Down Deep Within the Cellar—Stanley| 16063 
Thursday (Weatherly-Molloy) Glenn and Buck Fanshaw’s Funeral—Humphrey|35296 
Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold—Turner and Beautiful Isle—Coombs|35259 



Wearing of the Green—Hooley and Off to Philadelphia—Glenn 17348 75 
BASSOON SOLO (German, “‘Fagott’’) See also ‘‘ Educational Records” 
Polka F antastique—Carl Borgwald and Soldier’s Dream—Cornet— Matthes|17642)10| .75 
(pera La (Cailliet) In French Torcom eer 67537110! .75 
Mon Soldat (Payette) In French Torcom Bézazian i 

BATTAGLIOLI, GIULIA, Soprano—See “ Traviata ”’ 

BATTIS, WM. STERLING—Dramatic Reader and Character Impersonator 

William Sterling Battis is justly considered the greatest American interpreter of the 
writings of Charles Dickens. For the past ten years he has been the star attraction in 
Lyceum and Chautauqua work, his special feature being the presentation of “‘Life Portrayals” 
of Dickens’ characters in complete costume, with appropriate monologues arranged from the 
novel in which each character appears. These impersonations are given with great faithful- 
ness as to voice, dialect and mannerisms, exactly as the great novelist describes them. Mr. 
Battis possesses a voice of phenomenal range and tone coloring, of great flexibility and power.: 


| Number | =] 


In addition to a wide experience on the professional stage, he has had exce 
tages as a student and teacher of rhetoric in some of the best-known schools 

Call to the Colors and Meaning of Our Flag (2) Flag Goes By—Battis 
Capt'n Cuttle (from “‘Dombey and Son"’) and Squeers, the Schoolmaster—Battis 
Columbus and Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers (2) God Give Us Men—Battis 
God Give Us Men (2) Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers and Columbus—Battis 
How Tom Whitewashed the Fence and Our Guide in Genoa—Wm. S. Battis 
Landing of the Pilgrims (2) God Give Us Men and Columbus—Battis 
Meaning of Our Flag (2) Flag Goes By and Call to the Colors—Battis 
Micawber and Uriah Heep (From David Copperfield) (Dickens) Battis 
Our Guide in’Genoa and How Tom Whitewashed the Fence—Wm. S. Battis 
Paul Revere’s Ride (Longfellow) and The Rising of ’76—Wm. S. Battis 
Rising of "76 / and Paul Revere’s Ride (Longfellow) Wm. S. Battis 
Scrooge—Marley’s Ghost and Ghost of Christmas Past (Dickens) Battis 
Scrooge—Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas to Come—Battis 
Squeers the Schoolmaster (from “‘Nicholas Nickleby’’) 
: and Capt'n Cuttle—Battis 
Uriah Heep and Micawber (From David Copperfield) (Dickens) Wm. S. Battis 
BATTISTINI, MATTIA, Baritone—See “ Battistini’’ in Pink Section 

Battle Cry of Freedom (Root) Harlan and oes} 
{ Down Where Swanee River Flows Hayden Quartet 
sss Cry of Freedom (Root) Raymond Dixon 

Song of a Thousand Years (Work) Raymond Dial 
Battle Cry of Freedom (Root) Hamilton with Orpheus eerie! 
Hail, Columbia Raymond Dixon with Orpheus Quartet 
Battle Hymn of the Republic (Howe) ere nt 
{ Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean Lambert Murphy and Orpheus Qt 
Battle Hymn of the Republic (Air “John Brown’s Body”) (2) My 
Old Kentucky Home (For School Singing) Victor Band 
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (2) Home, 
Sweet Home (School and Community Singing) Victor Band. 
Battle of Gettysburg (Descriptive March) (Paull) Conway s pans 
{ Good-bye, Dolly Gray—March onway’s Band. 
Battle of Killiecrankie, The (2) Will Ye No Come Back 
Again Sutcliffe Troupe 
Scotch Medley March (Bagpipes and Drums) Sutcliffe Troupe 
(Sinclair-Chisholm ) \ 
{ (Scotch Ballad) 

(Descriptive March) 

Battle of Stirling (Scotch Ballad) 
Wi’ a Hundred Pipers 

Battle of the Nations 
Napoleon’s Last Charge 

Farquhar Murray 
(Paull) Conway’s B 
Conway’s Band 
Battleship Connecticut March (Fulton) Pryor’s Ban 
{ Forest Whispers (Losey) Pryor’s Band. 
Battleship Connecticut March (For School Marching) Victor Band 
{ Under the Double Eagle (J. F. Wagner) Victor Military Band 
BATTLE SONGS—See “National and Patriotic ”’ and ‘‘ War Songs” 
Bavarian Yodel (The Waterfall) Macdonough and mye veat 
{ Flower from Home, Sweet Home (Schmid) Macdonough and Bieling 

One of the Victor’s most important engagements 1s 
that of Nora Bayes, who with her inimitable foolery 
and clean fun, her admirable imitations and clever and 
witty songs, has become in a very short time one of the 
greatest favorites on the American stage. 

Miss Bayes is the life of every production with 
which she is connected, and gives a zest to every moment 
she is on the stage. This talented artist has sung for the r 
Victor some of her greatest successes and the records \ 
are among the most entertaining in the catalogue. Miss a 
Bayes also made several duets with her late vaudeville COPY'T IRA L. MILL'S STUDIO, 
partner, Jack Norworth, an unusually clever comedian, BAYES 

call oe Sein 


ptional advan- 
of expression. 

/18297\10| .75 
35653} 12}1.25 
35653) 12|1.25 
35563} 12|1.25 
35653] 12)1.25 
18297/10| .75 
35556} 12)1.25 
35555} 12|1.25 

16165/10| .75 
17582)10| .75 
18316|10| .75 


18145) 10} .75 

18339 175 

17140 75 

18265 75 

18121 ie 

16113 yf) 


16120/10| .75 

be aS 4 





Are You Prepared for the Summer and Greatest Battle Song—Bayes|45095)10}1.00 
Cheer Up! Eat and Grow Thin and Ragging the Songs Mother Used—Bayes|45108| 10} 1.00 
Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Pull the Cork out of Erin—Bayes|45123)| 101.00 
For Dixie and Uncle Sam and Homesickness Blues—iNora Bayes|45100} 10} 1.00 
Greatest Battle Song of All and Are You Prepared— Nora Bayes|45095)10}1.00 
Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly Murphy-Letters|60013|10} .75 
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You and When Old BillBailey Plays-McCarron-V incent|45099|10}1.00 
Hicki Hoy (Murphy-Muir) and When John McCormack Sings—Nora Bayes|45105}10/1.00 
Homesickness Blues and For Dixie and Uncle Sam—WNora Bayes|45100}10}1.00 
How Can They Tell That O'im Irish Norworth| 70030} 12/1.25 
I Work 8 Hours, Sleep 8 Hours, That Leaves 8 Hours for Love Ted Snyder|60127/|10) .75 
Laddie Boy (Good Bye; and Luck be with You) and Over There—Nora Bayes|45130)10|1.00 
Over There and Laddie Boy (Good Bye; and Luck be with You—Bayes|45130/10|1.00 
Pull the Cork Out of Erin and Daniel in the Lion's Den—Bayes|451 23} 10/}1.00 
Ragging the Songs Mother Used to Sing and Cheer Up! Eat—Nora Bayes|45108}10|1.00 
What Good is Water When You're Dry Kendis-Paley| 70020} 121.25 
When John McCormack Sings a Song and Hicki Hoy— Nora Bayes|45105| 10/1.00 
When Old Bill Bailey Plays and Hello, Hawaii, How Are You—Schwartz|45099) 10} 1.00 
Young America Norworth| 70015} 12}1.25 
Come Along, My Mandy Norworth| 70016] 12/1.25 
Rosa Rosetta Norworth|70019|12/1.25 
Turn Off Your Light, Mr. Moon Man Norworth| 70038) 12/1.25 

Bay of Biscay—Sea Song (Davy) Harold Janvisl 1ol .75 
Mary of Argyle (Nelson) Harold Jarvis 1603) else 

Bayside Fox Trot (Jesse Winne) Victor Military Band 7 10l .75 
Pick a Chicken—One-Step Victor Military Band. 637 

Bay State Commandery March (Burrell) Conway’s Band} i7eGoN oer 
Daughters of America March (Lampe) Conway’s Band. % 

BEACH, Mrs. H. H. A. (1867— )—See “‘ Year’s at the Spring ’”’ 

Beale Street Blues—Fox Trot (Handy) : 
Earl Fuller’s Famous Jazz Band| 18369]10| .75 
Old Grey Mare—Fox Trot Earl Fuller’s Famous Jazz Band 

(Bear me oarLEss Alex Yist Maked Up His Own Se’f—PartI-- SED aR 35378/12/1.25 
Bear Story—Part II (James Whitcomb Riley) Harry E. Humphrey : 
(Beattice Fairfax, Tell Me What to Do! (Monaco) Ada Ss wT aeaUlT Te 
What’s the Use of Going Home Billy Murray-Irving Kaufman : 
eg polichinelle, Le (Gabaroche) M. a 

La Petite amie (Delmas) Georges Régis 
(Beantiel Days Waltz (Pietro) Accordion picimcs 17551/10| .75 

Sharpshooter’s March (Bersaglieri) (Metallo) Pietro : 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Mrs. J. B. Pounds-Fearis) Williams|64411/10/1.00 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Pounds-Fearis) John McCormack|64428}10)1.00 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Pounds-Feanis) John B. eval 167001101 .75 

Dear Lord and Father (Whittier-Maker) Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler : 

(eer Isle of Somewhere (Pounds-Fearis) Harold Jarvis 


Christ Arose (Lowry) Hayden ones 16008) 10id-£P 

Beautiful Isle of the Sea (Cooper- Thomas) Frank Coombs 
Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold (Graff-Ball) Alan Turner 
Beautiful River—See “‘ Shall We Gather at the River” : 
Beautiful Valley of Eden (Sherwin) Mr. and Mrs. yee 165631101 .75 
New Born King, The (L’Espoir) Hamilton Hill : 
Beauty’s Eyes (Weatherly-Tosti) Emilio de Gogorza|64372| 101.00 
Beauty Shop, Gems from Victor Light Opera Co 
**Come Along’’—‘‘I’m Longing, My Dearie, For You’’"—‘‘My Tango 
ueen’’—"* Love's Hesitation’ —** When You Hear that Umpah Umpah 35382)12/1.25 
in the Band” (Pollock-Wolf-Gebest-Marks) 
Gems from ‘‘ High Jinks’’ (Hauerbach-Friml) V. Light Opera Co 
BEAUTY SHOP—See also “ Love’s Hesitation,” ‘* Hitchcock’s Curtain” 
Because (Teschemacher-d’Hardelot) In English Evan Williams|64133])10/1.00 
Because (Teschemacher-d’Hardelot) In French Enrico Caruso|87122/10|2.00 
Because (Teschemacher-d’Hardelot) John McCormack!|64430|10/1.00 

\ 35259) 12/1.25 

my HA VICTOR RECORDS Number | 3 
Because You're Irish (Kahn-Alstyne) American Qiidttet] | 
{ Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny Oh! American Cuarter} 18279 Ne 

BECKER, DE LOS, Tenor—See “An Old Fashioned Garden in Va.” 
BEDDOE, DANIEL, Tenor—For list of records, portrait and sketch 
see “ Beddoe”’ in Pink Section 

Bedouin Love Song  (Pinsuti) Clarence Whitehill 64279 10 1.00 
Bedouin Love Song __(Pinsuti) Alan Be 
In Old Madrid (Bingham-Trotére) - Frederick WheelerS|17473\'9\ -75 

Bee, The (Schubert) (2) Minute Waltz (Chopin) Violin Maud Powell 64076 10|1.00 

BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VON (Bay’-toh-ven) (1770-1827) 

Born Bonn, Germany, 1770. Began study of music at age 4. 
Played at concert at 8. Began composition at 10, writing a cantata 
and “‘nine variations.” Assistant to concert organist at 11, at 12 
conductor of Court Opera Orchestra (without pay!). When 14 
was granted a salary of 150 florins (about $80). In 1787 made first 

visit to Vienna, a great event for the boy. Compositions not 

important until U2, but from then to his death wrote 260 works. 
Only opera, Fidelio, produced Vienna, 1805. 

Beethoven's influence on art of music very great and can hardly sore 

be estimated. He died March 26, 1827; buried in Vienna. BEETHOVEN 


Adagio—5th Concerto (Pianoforte) and Scarf Dance—Piano—La Forge|55030 

Cottage Maid Julia Culp|64493, 

Repent Overture and Marche Militaire (Schubert) Victor Orchestra|35493) 
Ehre Gottes aus der Natur, Die (Worship of God in Nature 

and Mein Madel hateinen Rosenmund (2) Hinkende Jamben—V an Ewevk|63794 

Faithfu’ Johnie Julia Culp| 74429) 

Fidelio—Prisoners’ Chorus—Male Chorus and Heavens Resound—Chorus|35576 

Fifth Symphony—Andante—Concert Orch and Largo (Dvordk) Concert Orch\35275 

Fifth Symphony—1st Movement—Part | and Part [J—Victor Orchestra| 18124 

Fifth Symphony—2d Movement—Andante con moto—Part 

and Andante con moto—Part l]—Victor Orchestra|\35580 

Fifth Symphony—3d Movement—Allegro (Scherzo) Part I 

and Part [[—Victor Concert Orchestra\ 18278 

Fifth Symphony—4th Movement—Finale, Part] and PartI[I—V. Concert Orch|\35637 

Fourth Symphony—Adagio—Vessella’s Band and Leonore Overture—Orch|35269 

Funeral March (Sonata, Op. 26) and Moonlight Sonata— Vessella’s Band|35426 

HeavensResound (Beethoven) OratorioChorus and Fidelio—Male Chorus|35576 

tet et et et 
— ss et 


as eh ee sd ek ed en mo 
oe set ees (A) ces ont os os 

Ich liebe dich (I Love Thee) Jn German Frances Alda|87117 
Ichliebe dich (I Love Thee) Jn German Margarete Ober|/64446 
Ivy Green (Dickens) Werrenrath and When the Swallows Homeward Fly—Marsh|45067 
Leonore Overture, No. 3—Parts | and 2 Victor Concert Orchestra|35268 

Leonore Overture, No. 3—Part 3—Victor Concert Orch : 
and Adagio from 4th Symphony—Vessella’s Band|35269 

RRS Souon Fare Tete OA NANnOW sss 

MenuettinG (2) Gavotte inD (Gossec) Violin Efrem Zimbalist|74444 
Menuet in G and Tyrolean Dance (Dvordk) Natalie and Victoria Boshko|17934 
Minuetin G, No.2 Violin Mischa Elman|64121 | 
Minuet in G, No.2 (Beethoven) Violin Maud Powell|/64620 1 
Moonlight Sonata—First Movement Vessella’s Italian Band/31828 I 
Moonlight Sonata—Ist Movement and Funeral March—Vessella’s Band|35426 | 

Pastoral Symphony—Parts | and II—2d Movement Victor Concert Orch|35320 
Quartet in C Minor—Menuetto and Quartet in F Major—Victor String Quartet|17964 
Quartet in C Minor—Scherzo and Quartet for Strings (Rubinstein) String Qt35506 
Souvenir de Beethoven (Tobani) Pryor’s B and Creme de Creme—Pryor’s B\35263 
Ungluck liche Liebe—Der Kuss and Heinrich der Vogler—Van Eweyk|63638 
Before the Crucifix (Wrede-LaForge) English Schumann-Heink|88548!12|3.00 

. “ee >? > 
eee the Mast-—Nautical March (See Medley No. 69 ) Conway s a 17154\10| .75 


The United Service March (Hernandez) Conway’s Band 
Behold and See—‘“Messiah”” (Handel) Evan Williams|74126|12]1.50 
{Baas Grenadiere, Die (Schumann)  /n German Van Eerie enno7iltos 
Das Erkennen (Loewe) In German Arthur Van Eweyk . 

Bekehrte, Die (Damon) (Goethe-Stange) Jn English Emmy Destinn|88565)12|3.00 
BELGIUM—Patriotic Airs—See “‘National and Patriotic” 

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms McCormack 
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing (Moore) Geraldine Farrar 
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing (Moore) Nellie Melba 

64180 10/}1.00 
87025) 10|2.00 




hase Me, If All Those Endearing (Moore) Elizabeth Wiseler teaot toys 
Sally in Our Alley (Carey) Whitney Quartet : 
2t (Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Mandolin Wm. Place, a toa eltoneds 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Harp Charles Schuetze : 
gt ne Me, If All Those Endearing Violin Samuel Perenen PractTOU 75 
Last Rose of Summer (Moore). Violin Samuel Gardner ; 
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing (2) Home, Sweet Home 
Victor Band ?/18145/10| .75 
My Old Kentucky Home (Battle Hymn of the Republic) Victor B 
ee (Tarantella) (Lucanese) Clarinet, Accordion, Harp-Guitar | 
The Three Vagrants /|69402/10| .75 
Speranze Soavi—Mazurka The Three Vagrants 

Bella figlia dell’ amore—See “ Rigoletto Quartet ”’ 
BELL, DIGBY, Comedian—See “‘ Man Who Fanned Casey ” 
BELL EFFECTS—Records with (See “Chimes,” “Neapolitan Trio” and 

“Venetian Trio” ; also ““Dream Pictures, > “How Can I Forget,’’ “Ina 
Clock Store,’”’ ‘‘ Liberty Bell March,” “Just As Your Mother Was,”’ 
“Way Down East To-Night,”’ “When It’s Night-time,’”’ ‘* When the 
Bell in the Lighthouse Rings” and ‘‘When the Sun Goes Down in 
Romany’”’) é 
josue of New York Selection (Kerker) Pryor’s pon 35124|1211.25 
Mikado Waltzes—for dancing (Sullivan) Pryor’s Band ; 

BELLINI, VINCENZO (Bel-lee’-nee) (1801-1835), Compositions by 

—See “‘Norma,”’ “Puritani” and “‘ Sonnambula ”’ 

BELLS OF CORNEVILLE—See “ Chimes of Normandy ” 
BELL SOLOS (Orchestra Bells) For Chimes see “‘ Chimes” 

Black Forest Polka—Muller and Mocking Bird—V iolin—D’Almaine|1§6538|10| .75 
Boulanger March—Muller and Carnival of Venice—Ocarina—Mosé Tapiero|16659|10| .75 
Brightest Days Gavotte—Reitz and Dream After the Ba ante eu tae 16428) 10} .75 
Cupid’s Garden (BellSolo) Reitz and Evening Chimes—Venetian Trio|18018|10} .75 
Dance California—Reitz and Buffalo News March— Xylophone—Reitz|17357|10| .75 
First Heart Throbs—Reitz and Erminie—Good Night Qt—Brass Quartet|17238]10| .75 
Heather Bells—Reitz and Fisher Boy— Zither—Berger|17178|10| .75 
Little Flatterer—Reitz and Spoontime— T wo-Step— Bells—Reitz|17337|10| .75 
Medley Dance—Chapman and AllIn, Down and Out—Arthur Collins|16211|10| .75 
Menuett (Gluck) (2) Menuett (Mozart) and Gavotte— Xylophone—Reitz|17917|10| .75 
One Heart, One Mind—Chapman and Russian Kossack—Dance_ Orchestra|16280|10| .75 
Southern Girl Gavotte—Chapman and Medley of Irish Jigs—John Kimmel|16406|10| .75 
Spoontime Two-Step—Reitz and Little Flatterer— Bells—Reitz|17337|10| .75 
Stephanie Gavotte—Reitz and Melody from “La Belle Helene’’”—Harp-Zither|17287|10| .75 
Sunbeam Dance (Rolfe) and Dill Pickles Rag (Johnson) Xylophone—Chapman|16678|10| .75 
Twilight Shadows. and Watermelon Club March—Xylophone—Chris Chapman|16116|10| .75 
When It’s Apple Blossom Time in Normandy-Reitz and Peg 0’ My Heart—’Cello|17492|10| .75 

Bell Song—Lakmé—See “‘ Lakmé—Ou va la jeune Hindoue”’ 

Beloved, It is Morn (E. Hickey-F. Aylward) Evan Williams/74404|12/1.50 

Beloved, It is Morn (Aylward) John Barnes Wells/31791/12|1.00 

BELMONT, JOSEPH—Whistler—See ‘“Whistling”’ 

{Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee (Marshall) Jones and NE ae 101.75 
On a Beautiful Night With a Beautiful Girl | Heidelberg Quintette Li1Ss rf 
Ben Bolt (Thos. Dunn English-Nelson Kneass) John McCormack!64433} 101.00 

Ben Bolt (English-Kneass) Soprano Geraldine Farrar|88283] |2|3.00 
Ben Bolt (English-Kneass) Soprano Frieda Hempel/88541)12/3.00 
(Een Bolt (English-Kneass) Contralto Elsie Baker 
Annie Laurie (Douglass-Scott) Contralto Elsie Baker AAI MGS 
‘en Bolt (English-Kneass) Contralto Elsie pakes) ; 
Old Brigade, The—Military’Duet (Barri) Macdonough-Stanley 35162)12)1.2 
Bendemeer’s Stream—Irish Melody (Moore) Witherspoon|74278| 12/1.50 
Bendemeer’s Stream (Moore—Arr. by Gatty) Julia Culp|64720}10/1.00 
Benedick’s Idea of a Wife (Much Ado About Nothing) See “Greet” 
ey Hur Chariot Race March (Paull) Sousa’s Band! ; 10 
March Shannon—Irish Novelty (Willis) Pryor’s Band Zh AS 75 



BENNECHE, FRIDA—German Folk Songs 
Briiderlein fein (My Dear Lad) (aus Der Bauer als Millionar) 
and Des Madchens Klage (The Maiden’s Lament) In German—Bennéche 67986 10 
Des Madchens Klage (Den lieben langen Tag) (The Maiden’s Lament) 
(Diringer) and Briiderlein fein—In German—Bennéche| 67986) 10 
Freut euch des Lebens (Life Let Us Cherish) (Usteri-N ageli) 
and Treue Liebe—In German—Bennéche|67985) 10 
Treue Liebe (True Love) (So viel’ Stern’ am Himmel stehen, aus Des 
Knaben Wunderhorn) and Freut euch des Lebens—In German—Bennéche|67985) 10 

Benny Havens, Oh! (West Point Song) American oar PEER 
Army Blue (West Point Song) American Quartet 
Berceuse (Chopin, Opus 57) Pianoforte Frank La Forge 

7s Be 




Les Sylvains (The Fauns) (Chaminade, Op. 60) Frank La Bree} 55031) 12/1.50 

Berceuse (Jarnefelt) Victor Concert Orchestra 

\ 18323|10| .75 

Praeludium ° Victor Concert Orchestra 
Berceuse from Jocelyn (Godard) Jn French Alma Gluck!74369)12/1.50 
Berceuse from Jocelyn In English McCormack-Kreisler|88483) !2|3.00 
Berceuse from Jocelyn In French Edmond Clement|64233)10/!.00 
Berceuse from Jocelyn Violin obbligato In Russian Michailowa)|61139}| 101.00 
Berceuse from Jocelyn (Godard) Kline-Dunlap- = neeieh 1211.25 
Blow, Trumpet, for the World is White with May Orpheus Quartet aos : 
Berceuse frem Jocelyn  J/iolin-’Cello-Harp Venetian brio} 10! .75 
Humoreske (Duvofdk)  Violin-’Cello-Harp Venetian Triol|)(*>* ‘ 
Berceuse from Jocelyn ‘Cello Rosario Bourdon 1211.25 
Songs Without Words (Mendelssohn) Vibolin-’Cello-Piano Renard Tio} SEE abe 
Berceuse from Jocelyn Cello Victor porn 710! .75 
Wedding of the Winds Waltz (Hall) Pryor’s Band es . 
Berceuse from Jocelyn (Godard) Victor Sen eere 10| .75 
Melody in F (Rubinstein) Vienna Quartet Losers |e 
Berceuse from Jocelyn (Godard)  ’Cello Louis Mana} 1211.25 
Flower Song (Lange) ‘Cello Louts Heine} |P°°°* ; 
Berceuse (Lullaby) (Townsend) Violin Fritz Kreisler|64319/10/1.00 
Berceuse (Lullaby) (Renard, Op. 20) Violin Sascha Saree 10! .75 
Traéumerei (Schumann, Op. 15, No. 7) Violin Sascha Jacobson al 
Berceuse—Mignon (Thomas) Bass Jn Italian Pol Plancon|85126|12/3.00 
Berceuse—Mignon (Thomas) /n /talfan Marcel Journet| 74270) 12/1.50 
Berceuse Romantique (Slumber Song) (Kreisler) Fritz Kreisler|64565)10/1.00 
Berceuse Slave (Neruda, Opus I!) Violin Maud Powell|64027/10/1.00 

BERGER, MME. KITT Y—Harp-Zither—See “‘ Zither Solos ”’ 
Bergére Légére (Pessard-Weckerlin) (2) L’adieu du Matin 

(Pessard) (Piano acc. by Frank La Forge) French Edmond Clement|64223 10/1.00 

Berlin Echos—March Two-Step (Lincke) Victor Orchestra 
Ciribiribin Waltz (Pestalozza) Victor Orchestra 

BERLIOZ, LOUIS HECTOR (Baer-lee-oh’) (1803-1869) 

See “Carnival Romain” and “ Damnation of Faust” 
BERL-RESKY, GUSTAVO, Baritone—See “Preghiera” and ‘“‘Tosca”’ 
BERNACCHI, MARIA, Soprano—See “Ernani” and ‘“‘ Trovatore ”’ 
BERNARD, BARNEY—Hebrew Dialect Comedian 

\ 16357 10) .75 

The Victor has engaged a well-known dialect comedian, Mr. Barney Bernard, whio 
played Potash in Montague Glass’ ‘‘Abe and Mawruss,” to make a series of Hebrew 

dialect records. 

Mr. Bernard has given us a very old, but very good story of an attempt of Mr. Cohen 
to use the telephone for the first time, and two funny episodes in the life of his friend, Goldstein. 

Cohen at Telephone and Goldstein Goes in Railroad Business—Barney Bernard. 18029)10| . 
Goldstein Goes in the Railroad Business and Cohen at Peeps anaes 18029/10} . 

BERNARD, Rhoda—Hebrew Dialect Songs 
Cohen oe Me Ninety-Seven Dollars and Nat’an—Rhoda Bicakid 18023 
My egie Matinee Girl and Roll Your Yiddish Eyes—Rhoda Bernard 17994 

Rell yeu Yiddish Eyes for Me and My Yiddish Matinee Girl—R. Bernard 17994 


10] . 
Nat and Cohen Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars—Rhoda Bernard 18023/10) . 




BESALU, B.—See “Cavalleria Rusticana”’ 
Besame—One-Step See ‘‘Kiss Me—One-Step”’ 
(eeu Land (Sweeney) Hayden Quartet 
Vesper Service—Favorite Hymns, Chimes and Doxology Hayden Qt 
BEYLE, LEON, Tenor—See “Ave Maria,” “Carmen,” ‘‘ Manon,”’ 
‘Pagliacci’ “* Si j ’étais roi’? and “‘ William Tell”’ 
Beyond the Smiling and the Weeping (Stebbins) Peerless Ot} TceOnelL 7s 
{ Softly Now the Light of Day (Gottschalk) Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler ; 
BEZAZIAN, TORCOM—See also “‘ French Catalogue” 
Marche de Triomphe  (Cailliet) and Marche Boulanger—Bézazian|67542|10| .75 
Mon Soldat (Payette) and La Bataille (Cailliet) Bézazian|67537\10) .75 
BIANCA, MME. LIA—See “ Ciribiribin ”’ 
Bible Reading—Luke 2 (2) A Christmas Carol—Humphrey 
and /t Came Upon the Midnight Clear (2) Hark! the Herald Angels Sing 
(3) Joy to the World—Victor Orchestra\18086|10| .75 

\ 1616610} .75 

David—Pauline Potter and Life of our Lord—Pauline Potter|35420|12|1.25 
Life of our Lord—Pauline Potter and David—FPauline Potter|35420| |2|1.25 
Twenty-third Psalm and Lord's Prayer and Eternity— Whitney Bros. Quartet|16362|10| .75 
Bid Me Good-Bye (Weatherly-Tosti) Sophie Braslau|64541/10/1.00 
BIELING, JOHN—See “ Duets, Vocal,” and ‘‘ American Quartet ’”’ 
(Bis Bass Viol (Bohannon) Stanley and Peerless Paartes 
Epitaphs, or Two Darkies in a Cemetery Golden.and Hughes EO eee 
BIGGS, RICHARD K.—See “Organ Records’’ 
(Ely Guns—March (Avolo) Opal Military Band yondony} 
Washington Grays—March (Grafulla) Opal Military Band (London) SI S00 TO i 2 

ine Show—Medley One-Step (from N. Y. Hippodrome) Victor pee} 
She is the Sunshine of Virginia—Medley One-Step Victor Military B 35587/12/1-25 
Big Show—See also “Poor Butterfly” | 
BINGHAM, RALPH—Entertainer 
The Victor announces with pleasure the exclusive engagement of 
this famous humorist and raconteur for a series of records. 
This popular entertainer was born in Richmond, Va., in 1870, 
and made his first appearance in public in 1876. He has now been 
thirty-eight consecutive years before the public, and has made ten thou- 
sand appearances on the American Continent. Says his silver-tongued 
publicity agent: ‘‘Six hundred towns in Uncle Sam’s domain have 
given him, each, five to eight audiences, in repeated recognition of his 
unequaled artistic and natural accomplishments, skillful platform : 
methods and his inimitable public demonstrations of wit, wisdom, BINGHAM 
humor, poetry, sentiment, tragedy, music, melody, drollery and mirth.” Certainly we can’t 
add anything to that! 

Boy in the Bleachers—Monologue and My Possum Hunt—Ralph aeienlataee 12}1.25 
Goldstein Behind the Bars and Mrs. Rastus Johnson at the Wedding—Bingham'18231\10| .75 

Hold-up at Buck Run and Home Run Bill's Defense—Ralph Bingham 35626) 1|2|1.25 
Home Run Bill's Defense and Hold-up at Buck Run—Ralph Bingham'35626|12!1 25 
Jests from Georgia and Mrs. Rastus at the 71 elephone—Bingham\17818)10| .75 

Mrs. Rastus atthe Telephone __and Jests from Ga.—Darkies Stories—Bingham|17818|10| .75 
Mrs. Rastus Johnson at the Wedding and Goldstein Behind the Bars—Bingham'18231|10| .75 
My Possum Hunt—Darky Story and Boy in the Bleachers—Ralph Bingham, 35490) 12|1.25 
BIRD OF PARADISE, THE—incidental music from Richard Walton 

Tully’s successful play, as rendered by the Hawaiian Quintette 


Curtain’s Rise, The—Kumukahi (Song of the Lonesome Forest) Quintette 
and The Hula for Konia—Aiaihea—Hula Shouting Song— Quintette 65349|10| .75 
Hula for Lemuele, The—Moanalua (HulaSong) Ben Waiaiole with Quintette 
; and Luna’s defense of her people (Guitar with Quartette) _ Kolomoku'65341) 10 
Luana’s Hula—Tomi Tomi. (Press Meto Thee) Quintette and Mai poina\65340/10| .75 
Luana’s Goodby to Paul—Aloha Oe_ (Farewell to Thee) and Kuu Home|65348} 10} . 

Luana gives up the throne for Paul—Akahi hoi (I Love But Thee) Quintette 

and Puaimohala (My Love is Like a Flower) Quintette|(65346/10| .75 
Dean tells Paul of his regeneration—Waialae—Waltz Song (Sparkling 
Waters) Quintette and Mauna Kea— Quintette|65345/10! .75 


Dean tells his love to Diana—Mai poina oe ia’u (Forget Me Not) Quintette 


and Tomi Tomi (Press Me to Thee) Quintette|65340|10| .75 ~~ 
Luana’s goodby to Paul—Aloha Oe (Farewell) Quintette and Kuu Home|65348)/10} .75 
ACT Ill, SCENES II AND III—rTue vo_cano 
Luana’s sacrifice for her people—Mauna Kea _ (Sacred Dancing Hula) 
. M. Kaiawe with Quintette and Waialae— Quintette|65345|10| .75 

Bird of the Wilderness (Text from ‘‘ The Gardener,”” by Rabindranath 
Tagore) (Horsman) Alma Gluck/64591)10/1.00 
BIRDS—Records With Bird Effects—See also “‘ Mocking Bird,” 

“Nightingale ”’ and ‘‘ Whistling Records”’ 
Amoureuse Valse—Charles Keliogg 

and Humoresque—Orchestra with Bird V oices—Kellogg|45061/10}1.00 
Arrival of the Robins—Belmont and Robin Redbreast—Belmont and Mac|16094| 10} .75 
Barnyard Serenade (Robin and Mocking Bird) Spencer-Holt 
and Buffalo Rag, The—Banjo— Ossman|16779}10| .75 
Cricket’s Serenade (with Belmont) and Dance of the Song Birds—Victor Orch\17521|10} .75 
Dance of the Song Birds (Richmond) Victor Orchestra) 4648/10} .60 
Dance of the Song Birds (with Belmont) 
and The Cricket’s Serenade— Victor Orchestra|17521/10} .75 
Flower Song (Lange) and Polish Dance—Orch. with Bird V oices— Kellogg|45107| 10|1.00 
Humoresque (Dvoydk) and Amoureuse Valse (with Bird Voices) Kellogg|45061|10|1.00 
Hunt in the Black Forest (Voelker) and In a Clock Store—Victor Orch\35324|12}1.25 
In the Land of Love—Campbell-Burr and Dress My Mother Wore—Burr\17721|10} .75 
Jingles from the Marsh Birds—No. | and No. 2—Chas. Kellogg|45117|10|1.00 
Liebesfreud and Pas des Amphores— Orchestra with Bird Voices—Kellogg|45093) 101.00 
Narcissus (Nevin) and Serenade (Moszkowski) Orch. with Bird Voices—Kellogg|45085}| 10| 1.00 
Pas des Amphores and Liebesfreud (Orch. with Bird Voices) Kellogg|45093)10}1.00 
Polish Dance (Scharwenka) and Flower Song—Orch. with Bird Voices—Kellogg|45107| 10}1.00 
Polish Dance (Wieniawski) 
and Sylvia Ballet—Pizzicato (Orch. with Bird Voices)—Kellogg|45113)10|1.00 
Robin’s Return (Fisher) and Spring Song—Orchestra with Bird Voices—Gorst|18019|10| 75 
Serenade (Moszkowski) and Narcissus (Orch. with Bird Veices) Kellogg|45085)10/1.00 
Songs of Our Native Birds No. |—Catbird; stormy petrel; cardinal redbird; 
Jenny or house wren; loon; red wing blackbird; bobolink; California 
mountain quail, and general conversation of the birds of the marsh 
and Songs of Our Native Birds No. 2—Ring-dove; goldfinch (wild canary): 
wood pewee; blue jay; whip-poor-will; mourning dove; meadow lark; peabody 
bird (white-throated sparrow); catbird; wood or barn-owl; hoot owl—Kellogg|55049} 12|1.50 
Spring Song Mendelssohn) and Robin’s Return—Orch. with Bird V oices—-Gorst|18019)10| .75 
Sylvia Ballet —Pizzicato (Delibes) and Polish Dance—Chas. Kellogg|45113)10}1.00 
Valse d’oiseau (Birds of the Forest) Jn French Blanche Arral|/64099) 10|1.00 
Woodland Songsters’ (Ziehrer) Victor Orchestra|31486| 12}1.00 
Woodland Whisperings-Idyl-Pryor’s Band Chocolate Soldier Sel-Vessella’s B\}35217|12|1.25 

BIRD SONG RECORDS— Actual Songs of Birds in the Aviary of 

Karl Reich of Bremen 

Nature-lovers throughout the world rejoiced in the Victor announcement of reproduc- 
tions of the actual notes of the loveliest of bird singers—the thrush, nightingale and sprosser 
or “field nightingale.” 

The Victor's first nightingale record created a sensation, and had a tremendous vogue. 
Encouraged by .the success of this record, further experiments were made, resulting in 
greatly improved methods of recording bird voices. Not only were new nightingale records 
made, but the song of the thrush, sprosser and canary recorded. The thrush has a lovely 
song, and will rival the nightingale in popularity. The sprosser’s song is more rhythmic 
than the nightingale proper, and of greater volume. 


Song of a Nightingale 64161/10/1.0 
Song of a Nightingale, No. 2 and Song of a Thrush (German, “‘Drossel’’)'45057|10/1.0 
Song of a Sprosser (Called ‘‘Field Nightingale’) and Canary-Thrush Duet 45058) 10) 1 
Songs and Calls of Our Native Birds—No.3 Charles Gorst 
(1) American Robin (2) Killdeer (3) Blue Jay (4) Bluebird (5) 
Wood-thrush (6) Yellow-billed Cuckoo (7) Mockingbird '17735/10| .75 
Songs and Calls of Our Native Birds—No. 4 Charles Gorst 
(1) Kentucky Cardinal or Redbird (2) Oven-Bird (3) Red-Eyed Vireo 
(4) Baltimore Oriole (5) Mourning Dove (6) Western Meadow Lark 
ess and the Brook (Stults) Whistling by Belmont = Victor Oren 16052110! .75 

In Venice (Rubens) Whistling Mrs. Alice Shaw 



Birds are Gaily Singing Jn Russian Michailowa and Tugarinoff|61127|10|1.00 
Bi (Russ in the Forest (Strange) Véiolins-Flute RADY, eater aes 1aopalials 
ran Ah! Cupid (Herbert) Cornet Herbert L. Clarke : 

Birds in the Night (A Lullaby) (Lewin-Sullivan) Sophie Braslau|64539/10)1.00 

| Size 

et of Love—tThree-Step (Ascher) (for dancing) Pryor’s “Al 1yi6alOle7s 
Alpha March (Theis) Arthur Pryor’s Band : 

(eee of the Forest Gavotte (Adolfo) Whistling pee 16835|10| .75 
Spring Voices (Friihlingsstimmen) (Strauss) Whistling  Gialdini : 

Birds of the Forest—Valse d’oiseau (Varney) In French Arral|64099}10/1.00° 

Bird’s Song, The (Fdgelns Visa) (Topelius-Séderberg) 
Frieda Hempel 87268} 10/2.00 

Birthday of a King, The (Neidlinger) Lambert Murphy/|60083}10| .75 
Birth of Morn (Dunbar-Leoni) Frances Alda/87116/10|2.00 
Birth of Morn (2) Rose in the Bud (Forster) Lucy Marsh!60073)]10) .75 
pete of Passion (‘Madame Sherry”) (Hoschna) Victor Oreo 7onettoneys 
By the Saskatchewan’ (‘‘ The Pink Lady’’) Werrenrath and Qt : 
‘an of Drama, A—Comic Specialty Murry K. ove 16944|10| .75 
Adventures in a Department Store Murry K. Hill 2 

BIZET, GEORGES (1838-1875) (Bee-zay’ ) Compositions by 
Born Paris, 1838. Entered Conservatoire, 1848. Awarded 
Prix de Rome, 1847. First opera Don Procopio, produced in Rome. 
Others Vasco, 1863; Jolie Fille de Perth, 1867; Djamileh, 1872. 
Married daughter of Halevy, the composer. His master work is 
Carmen, produced three months before his death, and now probably 
most popular of all operas (except Faust). Other works comprise 
Pearl Fishers, L’Arlesienne, many songs, overtures and orchestral 
suites. Died Bougival, near Paris, 1875. oe . 
BIZET RECORDS—See also “ Agnus Dei,”’ “‘ Carmen ”’ and “‘ Pearl Fishers’’ BIZET 

L’Arlésienne—Adagietto Viol Fritz Kreisler-String Quartet/64601/ 10] 1.00 
Jolie Fille de Perth (liswely Maid of Perth) Quand la flamme Gilibert)74208)12|1.50 
L’ Arlesienne-- Pastorale Part | and Part 2—Orchestre Symphonique\17660|10| .75 
L’ Arlesienne—Prelude— Part | and Part il Orchestre Symphonique|35461| 12! 1.25 
Ouvre ton coeur (Open Thy Heart) (Spanish Serenade) /n French Martinelli|64574| 10}1.00 
jerece and White—Ragtime Two-Step Victor epee 
Land of Swallows  Cornet-Flute Clarke and Lyons 16350 
(pce Diamond Rag_ (Lodge) Banjo Fred Van Eps| 
Irish and Scotch Melodies (Stobbe) Xylophone William H. ReitzS|!7168\'0| .75 
(Blak Forest Polka Bell Solo Albert Meese 
Mocking Bird, The—Variations (Winner) Violin D’Almaines |) °°38|'0\7-75 
Blacksmith, The (Mozart) See ‘‘ Educational Records” 
(piame It on the Blues—Fox Trot (Cooke) Victor Mil. Band 
I Want to Go to Tokio—Medley Fox Trot Victor Military Bandy EN GA Sig 
Blarney Stone, The—Scotch Specialty Harry Lauder!70018' 121.25 
(Bless Away March (Holzmann) Accordion Preiro 
Sousa Medley March Accordion Pietro} e221 oR? 
{Blaze Away March (Holzmann) Pryor’s pang! 
Standard Bearer March  (Fahrbach) Pryor’s Band 16307/10} '.75 
{Bless be the Tie that Binds (Nageli) Trinity Snel 
Jesus Christ is Risen To-day (Warden) Hayden Quartet 16 RZ SLUM +72 
AElaod Lilies—Two-Step (Pryor) Xylophone Wm. H. Ape | 
The Lamb’s Gambol (Eccentric Dance) (Bendix) Banjo Van Eps ASB Oe Ts 
Bloom is on the Rye (My Pretty Jane) Evan Williams|74254 | 12/1.50 
ee Trumpet, for the World is White with May (with Brass Qt) 
Orpheus ay] 35581/12/1.25 
Berceuse from Jocelyn Kline-Dunlap- W heeler) | 
{pide and the Gray (Finch) Memorial Day Poem Se ant 
Sleep, Noble Hearts (Memorial Song) (Mendelssohn) Lyric Quartet), 173100 0h 425 


BLUE AND WHITE MARIMBA BAND (From “N. Y. Hippodrome’”’) 
Colombia Waltz (Valverde) and Marimba March—Blue and W. Marimba B\17928 10) .75 


{rane Bell—March Ballad (Morse) Hayden Quartet 
Teasing (Von Tilzer) Billy Murray and Hayden Quartet 162 79/10) 73 
eine Bells of Scotland (Arr. by Himmelreich) Himmelreich' 10 
The Last Rose of Summer Ferdinand Hinadheiht eae 

Blue Bells of Scotland—See also ‘Cosmopolitan Overture’? and | 

** Songs of Scotland ”’ 
Blue Bird—See “Children’s Records” | 
Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Jn Italian Frieda Hempel|88540 12/3.00 

Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Pryor’s Orchestra|31294 12/1.00 
Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Sousa’s Band/31450 12/1.00 
Blue Danube. Waltz (Johann Strauss) Vienna Quartet|31777 12/1.00 
Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Victor Dance Orch/31415 12/1.00 
(Bute Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Pryor’s Bay} 10l .75 
Amoureuse Waltz (Berger) Sousa’s Band Lisa a 
fare Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) ’ Victor Dance Orch} 10 75 
Angel of Love Waltz (Ange d’Amour)’ (Waldteufel) Pryor’s Band ig ted 
ae Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss)». Sousa’s Band 1211.25 
Southern Roses Waltz (Johann Strauss) Pryor’s Band eee 
Hee Danube Waltz (Strauss) Hurtado Bros. Marimba Band} 1211.25 
Southern Roses Waltz Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band sores ; 
Blue Danube Waltz (‘Greetings to Spring”) (Strauss) Lyric Quartet|31842 12/1.C0 
ean Jay and the Thrush Murray, Harlan and ache 110 75 
Whistle While You Walk Billy Murray-Joseph Belmont ics Neate 


(All records with numbers beginning 45 and 55 thousand are Blue Label Records.) For 
complete list of records see the following artists, whose records are placed in this class: 

Althouse Dux Hitchcock Kline Murphy 
ayes Gautier Holmes La Forge Regis 
eyle Hajos Huguet MacFarlane Reimers 
Cahill Harrison, Beatrice Jérn Marak Sassoli 
Cavalleri Herbert’s Orchestra Kellogg Marsh Verlet 
Cheatham Hinkle Kindler Miller,Christine Werrenrath 
Blue Paradise Medley—One-Step (See “‘ Medley No. 71” | 
See also “‘ Auf Wiedersehn”’) Conway’s Band ?|35502 12 1.25 
Miss Vixen—Fox Trot (R. H. Bowers) Conway’s Band 
“Blue” Records—See “Beale Street Blues,” ‘‘ Chinese Blues ’’— 
‘** Dallas Blues ’’—‘“‘Ghost of Terrible Blues ’’—“ Hesitation Blues ”— | 
** Joe Turner Blues’’—'‘ Kansas City Blues ’’—“* Livery Stable Blues ”’— | 
** Money Blues ’’—‘* Nigger Blues ’’—“‘ Paradise Blues ”’ i 
{pie Waves Waltz (Valverde) Hurtado Bros. Marimba Bang 35&6511211.25 
Thousand and One Night—Waltz Hurtado Bros. Marimba Band bshene 
jer erie March (Schmidt) Victor Military rene S aanortwee7s 
Boy Scouts of America—March (Sousa) Victor Military Band (oath 
ee Rose (Greene-O’Hara) (Cello 0bb. by Lennartz) Phan ABT>Et10N1.00 
Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night Lambert Murphy a 
{poe Song (Moses-Ware) (Pianoforte acc. by Harriet Ware) eon 17693 10.75 
Joy of the Morning (Markham-Ware) John Barnes Wells 
Boats Sail on the Rivers (2) Sing to Me, Sing (Homer) Homer|87205' 10/2.00 
{Boab Up and Down—Medley 1-Step (See “Medley 72”) Victor EY aaa 101 75 
International Rag—Medley (Berlin) Victor Band ; 
Bob’s Favorite Virginia Reel (Bennet) Victor Dance Orch/31632 12 1.00 
Boccaccio March (von Suppé) Pryor’s pone | 
{ Valse Bleue (Margis) Sousa’s Band beer Where 

BOCCOLINI, E.—See “Minuet’’ and “ Wally, La” 
Boeufs, Les (Dupont—An. by Parizot) (French) Marcel Journet|64647 10 1.00 


VICTOR RECORDS | Number | | 

BOHEME, LA (Boh-ehm’) (The Bohemians) (Jn Italian unless noted) 

Text by Giacosa and Illica; music by Puccini. First produced at Turin, 1896. 
In English, as “‘ The Bohemians,’’ in London, 1897. In Italian at Covent Garden, 1899. 
First American production, November 28, 1899. 

Puccini’s Bohéme is an adaptation of part of Miirger’s La Vie Bohéme, which depicts 
life in the Quartier Latin, or the Students’ Quarter, in 1830. The principal characters in 
Puccini’s opera are the inseparable quartet described by Miirger, who with equal cheerful- 
ness defy the pangs of hunger and the landlord of their little garret. Rudolph, a poet; 
Marcel, a painter; Colline, a philosopher; and Schaunard, a musician, are our friends 
who occupy an attic in the Quartier Latin, where they live and work together. Improvi- 



dent, reckless and careless, these happy-go-lucky Bohemians find a joy in merely living, 
being full of faith in themselves. 

Rudolph makes the acquaintance of Mimi, a little flower-maker; Marcel meets the 
gay Musetta, who plays fast and loose with him. Alternate quarrels and reconciliations 
fill the lives of these lovers, but the final separation ends with the sad death of Mimi, at 
the close of the opera. In the scenes of careless gaiety is interwoven a touch of pathos; and 
the music is in turn lively and tender, with a haunting sweetness that is most fascinating. 

The principal parts of the opera have been recorded by the Victor, and the series is 
a splendid one, the singers including Caruso, Melba, Farrar, Gluck, McCormack, etc. 




Racconto di Rodolfo (Rudolph’s Narrative) Enrico Caruso|88002) 12|3.0 
Racconto di Rodolfo (Rudolph’s Narrative) Constantino] 74106 12|1.5 
Racconto di Rodolfo (Rudolph’s Narrative) John McCormack] 74222} 12/1.5 
Racconto di Rodolfo (Rudolph’s Narrative) Hermann Jadlowker|76023) 12|2.0 
Racconto di Rodolfo (Rudolph’s Narrative) Giovanni Martinelli| 74381) 12}1.5 
Rudolph’s Narrative (Thy Hands are Frozen) Jn English Evan Williams] 74129) 12) 1.5 

Que cette main est froide (Rudolph’s Narrative) and Pagliacci— 
F Air de Paillasse—French—Campagnola| 55083 | | 
Wie eiskalt ist dies Handchen (Rudolph’s Narrative) Sembach 
and Madame Butterfly—German— Nast-Sembach| 55082 


Mi chiamano Mimi (My Name is Mimi) Geraldine Farrar|88413) 12/3.00 
Mi chiamano Mimi (My Name is Mimi) Nellie Melba|/88074) 12|3.00 
Mi chiamano Mimi (My Name is Mimi) Alice Nielsen|74062) 12} 1.50 
Michiamano Mimi (My Name is Mimi) Lucrezia Bori|88475)12/3.00 
Mi chiamano Mimi (My Name is Mimi) Frances Alda|74448| 12|1.50 
O soave fanciulla (Thou Sweetest Maiden) Bori-McCormack|87512, 10|3.00 
O soave fanciulla (Thou Sweetest Maiden) Melba and Caruso 95200) 12!5.00 

BOHEME, LA (Puccini) RECORDS—Continued 
Musetta Waltz Alma Gluck 64560/10/1.00 2= 
Musetta Waltz Gina Viafora|64085}10|1.00 
Musetta Waltz (Boy Soprano) and Love in Springtime—Master William Pickels| 17876) 10} .75 
Musetta Waltz (Whistling) Gialdini and Carmen Selection—Xylophone—Reitz|16892|10| .75 
ACT Ill—a ciry GATE oF PARIS | 
Mimi, lo Son! (Mimi, Thou Here !) Farrar and Scotti 89016} 12/4.00 
Mimi é una civetta—de Gregorio-Casini-Ferretti 
and Trovatore—Coro di Zingari (Verdi) La Scala Chorus\}68453)12|1.25 
Addio! (Farewell) (Harp by Mme. Rossini) Geraldine Farrar|88406] 12|3.00 
Addio (Farewell) Nellie Melba|/88072| | 2|3.00 
Addio (Farewell) Alma Gluck!64225} 101.00 
Quartet, ‘Farewell Sweet Love!” Farrar, Viafora, Caruso and Scotti} 96002) 12/6.00 
Quartet, “‘ Farewell Sweet Love!’” Domar, Santoro, Giovannelli and Badini|89048| | 2/4.00 
ACT I[V—samMe As ACT I 
Ah, Mimi, tu pit (Ah, Mimi, False One) Caruso and Scotti|89006| 12/4.00 
Ah, Mimi, tu pit —Gradi and Badini and Sono andati—Bronzoni and Gregorio|45013)10| 1.00 
Ah, Mimi, tu pit (Ah, Mimi, False One) Murphy- Werrenrath|60108/10} .75 
Ah! Mimi s’en est allée (Ah, Mimi, False One) French 
Campagnola-Vigneau and Tosca—Le ciel—Campagnola|45122|10/1.00 
Vecchia zimarra (Farewell, Old Coat!) Marcel Journet/64035) 10| 1.00 
Sono andati (Are We Alone?) Maria Bronzoni-Franco de Gregorio 
and AA, Mimi, tu pia (Mimi, False One!) Da Gradi-Badini|45013}10| 1.00 
Sind wir allein? (Are We Alone?) In German and Mimis Tod—Dux Jérn|55070|12/1.50 
Mimis Tod (Mimi's Death Scene) Jn German and Sind wir allein? Dux Jérn|55070)12|1.50 
Selection—Pryor’s Band and Jolly Robbers Overture (Suppe)  Prvor’s Band|35077/12/1.25 

Selection—Vessella’s Band and Madame Butterfly Fantasia— ’Cello—Bourdon|\35353 


BOHEME, LA (Venice, 1897) (Leoncavallo) 

Leoncavallo’s setting of Murger’s story was written several years after the production 
of Puccini’s opera, and differs slightly from the latter version. The first act occurs in the 
Café Momus, the second in Musetta’s house, the third in Marcel’s garret, and the fourth 
in the studio of Rudolph. Unlike the Puccini work, the tenor part is given to Marcel. 

The premiere took place at Venice in the Teatro Le Fenice, and it was performed in 
that city no less than fifty-eight times. In Rome the opera had thirty-two and in Genoa twenty- 
two performances. In Paris it was presented fifty-eight times, while at The Hague it was 
put on the boards one hundred times. The highest popularity obtained by the work, how- 
ever, was won in Mexico. This is the opera in which Caruso scored his sensational success 
at its performance in Milan in 1898—the turning point in his career. 

The opera has never been heard here, a fact to be regretted by all who hear these 

specimens of the music. 


lo non ho che una povera stanzetta (I Have Only a Little Room) 
(Marcello’s Air, Act II) Jn Italian 
Testa adorata (Adored One!) (Act Ill) Jn Italian 

Bohemia—National Air 

BOHEMIAN GIRL (The records are sung in English) 

| Number | 

Enrico Caruso 88335 12}3.00 
Enrico Caruso|88331 

Victor Orchestra| 4223 
Bohemian Cradle Song—from “Hubicka” (Smetana) English Gluck!64213) 

10} .60 

10 3.00 

This popular ballad opera was one of fifteen similar works by Michael Wm. Balfe 

(1808) and was produced at Drury Lane, London, in 1843. 

The story tells of the kidnapping of Arline, daughter of the Count Arnheim, by 

Devilshoof, a gypsy chief. 
gypsy band and falls in love with Arline. 
Presburg, Arline, now a beautiful maiden of 17, incurring the displeasure 

Thaddeus, a young noble banished from his country, joins the 
While the gypsies are attending a fair at 

of the Gypsy 

Queen, is accused of stealing and is taken before Count Arnheim, who recognizes his 

daughter by a scar on her arm. 

secretly, until the lovers are denounced to the Count by the jealous Queen. 

She is restored to her rank, but continues to meet Thaddeus 

The Count 

is at first indignant, but the pleading of his daughter, and the knowledge that Thaddeus 

is of noble birth, reconciles him to the union of the lovers. 

Overture—Pryor’s Band and La Czarine Mazurka (Ganne) Prvyor’s Band 

I Dreamt | Dwelt in Marble Halls Mabel Garrison 
I Dreamt | Dwelt in Marble Halls——Elizabeth Wheeler 

and Then You'll Remember Me—from “ Bohemian Girl’’—Harry Macdonough 
Heart Bow’'d Down larence Whitehill 
Heart Bow'd Down (Piano acc.) Goddard and Good Bye, Sweetheart—Goddard 
Heart Bow’'d Down—Turner and Home to our Mountains—Morgan and Mac 
Heart Bow’'d Down and Faust—Even the Bravest Heart—Werrenrath 


Fair Land of Poland—Miller and Song of the Turnkey—Glenn 

Then You'll Remember Me John McCormack 
‘Then You'll Remember Me—Frederic Freemantel 
and /’ll Sing Thee Songs of Ataby (Clay) Harry Macdonough 

‘Then You'll Remember Me 

‘Then You'll Remember Me—Macdonough 

"Then You'll Remember Me—Macdonoug 

fantasia—Reitz Xvlophore and Jig Medley (Rollinson): 
Nene “Then You'll Remember Me” and ‘ reamt | 
GEMS FROM BOHEMIAN GIRL—Part 1 Victor Opera Company 
orus, “Away to Hill and len’’—Solo, “‘ | Dreamt I Dwelt in 
Marble Halls’’—Solo, ‘“‘ Heart Bow'd Down’''— Mixed Quartet, 
_ilence, the Lady Moon’ *—Solo, “Fair Land of Poland’’—Chorus, 
appy and Light” 

eorge Hamlin 

and J Dreamt I Dwelt— W heeler 

Victor Opera Company 

Chorus, “‘In the Gypsy’ s Life’’—Solo and Chorus, “Come with the 
Gypsy Bride” +Solo, .* ‘Bliss Forever Past’ Duet, ‘What is the 
Spell’’—Solo, ‘““Then You'll Remember Me’’—Solo and Chorus, 

“Oh, What Full Delight” 
Selection of favorite airs—‘‘ Ballet’ Music from Act lies I Dreamt . 
Dwelt in Se Halls * sere Happy ‘and Light ’’—‘**‘ Then You'll 
Remember 4 yes 
BOHEMIAN MUSIC—-See a Bittered Bede rite Bohemian Cradle 
Song,”’ ‘‘ Bohemia,” *“‘Dove Waltz,” ‘* Dvorak,” ‘* Good Night,’’ 
“In Dreamland Waltz,” ““My Homeland,” *’Slovéck&é Piseii,”’ 
*Smetana,”’ and ‘ ‘Wedding ” 
of Salome”’ 

BOITO, ARRIGO (Boh’-ee-toh) Compositions by—See 

*“Songe d’Automne’”’ 

also Victor Bohemian ; 

“* Mefistofele” 

Bolero—Spanish Dance (Pessard) Flute (Piano acc.) Lemmoné 
{Bombaate March (Farrar) Pryor’s Pang) 
Guard Mount’ (Eilenberg) Pryor’s Band 

BOND, CARRIE JACOBS, Compositions by—See 
“His Lullaby,” “I Love You Truly,” “Just a-wearyin’”’ 

“Pecfect Day,’ 
and *“‘To-Day”’ 

and Vilia Song— W heeler|35082 

Pryor’s Band|16505 
Dwelt in Marble 

and Serenade—Good-Night, Beloved— McKee Trio|18190 

and Yelva Overture—Pryor’s Band 35081 

and “ Vision 

16287|10| .75 


16398/10| 75 
74407) 12/1.50 
1606410) .75 
16407/10| 75 
55079) 12)1.50 

17383/10] .75 
64599] 10/100 
35048) 12/1.25 
16398)10| 175 
10] .75 
10] .75 
35603) 12/1.25 

70032) 12/1.25 
16316|10| .75 

Bonheur est Chose Légére, Le (Love and Happiness are Fleeting) 
(Saint-Saéns) Jn French Gluck and Zimbalist|87209 10)2.00 Bo 
BONINSEGNA, CELESTINA, Soprano (For list of records, portrait a 
and sketch see “‘ Boninsegna” in Pink Section) 
Bonnie Doon—See “ Ye Banks and Braes’”’ 
Bonnie Leezie Lindsay (See also “Medley No. 66”) Harry Lauder|60011)10| .75 
Bonnie Maggie Tamson (Lauder) Harry Lauder|70116)12)1.25 
Bonnie Sweet Bessie (Root-Gilbert) Geraldine Farrar|88193)12/3.00 
Bonnie Sweet Bessie (Root-Gilbert) Luisa Tetrazzini|88428) 12/3.00 
Bonnie Sweet Bessie (Root-Gilbert) Alma Gluck|64588)10/1.00 
(ieee Sweet Bessie Counter-Tenor Walter ead 10 
Sing Me to Sleep (Greene) Counter-Tenor Walter Anderton |18449|'9| -75 
ae Sweet Bessie Tenor Frederick eet 10 
All Through the Night (Boulton) Harry Macdonough Loa Ee 
{aos Sweet Bessie Piccolo Darius ene 10 
Army and Navy Medley Reel Victor Orchestras |#6004|'9| .75 
Bonnie Wee Thing (Burns-Lehman) John McCormack!64427|10/1.00 
on Ton One-Step (C. Luckeyth Roberts) Conway’s pang 10! .75 
Made in America—Fox Trot (M. L. Lake) Conway’s Band aoe 7 

BOOK OF THE OPERA—The fourth revised and enlarged edition 
2 | Lovers of operatic records and those inter- 
Se ested in stories of the opera should possess a 
copy of the new and revised edition of the ‘“‘Vic- 
trola Book of the Opera,”” a handsome volume 
of 553 pages, which contains stories of one 
hundred and twenty operas and descriptions of 
more than 1,200 Victor Opera Records. This 
remarkably interesting book can be obtained 
from any Victor dealer for $1.00, or will be 
sent by the Victor Talking Machine Company, 
Camden, N. J., for $1.15 (the 15c. additional 
being for carriage). 

The illustration on this page shows the 
cover design and general style of the book. It 
is attractively bound in red cloth, with lettering 
in pure leaf gold and gilt edge, 6 x 834. It is 
the most completely illustrated book on opera 
ever published, containing more than 700 
scenes from opera, portraits of famous singers 
in costume, and reproductions of celebrated 

The “ Book of the Opera’’ is distributed 
at a merely nominal price, which represents 
less than the actual cost of production. Every 

as Actual Size 6x8) opera lover will certainly want this attractive 
work, of which more than 100,000 copies have already been distributed. 

A copy of this volume should be in every school, musical or literary society, conserva- 
tory of music, and library in the country, and should be possessed by every music teacher. 
Boola March (Hirsch) Pryor s pans} 16499110! .75 

What’s the Matter With Father Billy Murray 1 

Boola Song—Yale College Air (Hirsch) Hayden Quartet 
{ Old Waa -Princcton College Air Werrenrath and Hayden parte 16860) 10) .75 
Booster Fox Trot (An American Absurdity) (M.L. Lake) 
Victor Military Band ?|/17808)10| .75 
Glad.Rags One-Step (J. Wallace Bryan) Victor Military Band 
{Beg eerste (Kipling) Taylor molmass| pest alte 
Gunga‘Din Recitation (Kipling) Taylor Holmes | | 
BORGWALD, CARL, Bassoon—See ‘* Polka Fantastique ”’ 

BORI, LUCREZIA, Soprano (Boh’ -ree) (For list of bcardt portrait 

and sketch see *‘ Bori”’ in Pink Section) 
Boris Godounow—Garden Scene—Finale, Act III (Moussorgsky) 
In Italian Margarete Ober-Paul Althouse/76031/12|2.00 

BOSHKO, NATALIE and VICTORIA, Violinist and 


These two young Russian artists, who have already 
given a good account of themselves in concerts in Petrograd, 
where they have played before the Czar, have been in 
much demand for public and private recitals since their first 
American appearances. The Misses Boshko have played 
for the Victor two decidedly interesting compositions—a 
Tyrolean Dance from Dvorak’s ‘‘ Sonatine’’ (this is the 
one from which Mr. Kreisler took his popular “Indian BOSHKO SISTERS 
Lament”), and the charming ‘‘Menuett in G”’ of 

Beethoven, which has been made so popular by Mischa Elman. 
Tyrolean Dance (Scherzo from “‘Sonatine,”’ Op. 100) Dvor4k 


and Menuett in G (Beethoven) Natalie and Victoria Boshko|17934|10| .75 
{Boston Commandery March (Carter) Pryor’s Ban 16817|10\ 775 
Nearer My God to Thee—Paraphrase (Langey) Pryor’s Band. : 

BOSTON VALSE—See “ Dance Records—Hesitations ” 
BOSTON VIRGINIA REEL—See “‘ Dance Records—Reels ” 
BOTTA, LUCCA—See “Tosca” 

joowebest March (Desormes) Bells Albert oe 16659|10| .75 
Carnival of Venice Ocarina Mose Tapiero 
Bounding Bounder, or On the Bounding Sea ' Harry Lauder|70010}12)1.25 

BOURDON, ROSARIO, ’Cellist—See ‘‘Violoncello Records” 

oer of Roses, A (Henley-Clarke) Marguerite Dunlap, “3 
The Wren (From ‘‘Bird Songs’’) (Liza Lehmann) Olive. Kline 17156)10) .75 
sEey and the Cheese—Comic Talk Burt. ieee 
Talk on Trousers—-Comic Talk Burt ShepardS |!©198 10} .75 
Boy in the Bleachers—Comic Monologue Ralph Bingham} isa DG 
My Possum Hunt—Darky Story Ralph Bingham Foe ee 
ace Scouts of America—March (Sousa) (with Whistling) Victor Bt issoo eles 
Blue-White March (Schmidt) Victor Military Band : 
BOY SOPRANOS—See “Isaacs”? and “ Pickels”’ 
han Who Stuttered and Girl Who Lisped Jones and ene ieees ibis 
Smile, Smile, Smile (Hoffman) Ada Jones and Billy Murray (hale 
B. P. O. E.—Elks’ Song (Parody) Nat M. Wills} 5614 10) .60 
Brabanconne, La (Belgium National Song) (Rogier-Campenhout) 
In French Marcel Journet/64558 10/1.00 
erp La Victor Military Bang 17668 10| .75 
Marseillaise (French National Air) (de L’Isle) Sousa’s Band fr ate 

Braes o’ Balquhidder (Robert Tannahill) Alma Gluck 64416 10)1.00 
BRAGA, GAETANO—See ‘“‘Angel’s Serenade”’ | 

BRAHMS, JOHANNES (Brahmz) (1833-1897) 

Born Hamburg, 1833. Father played orchestrain theatre and taught 
boy. At 14 made first appearance as pianist. At 20 made concert tour, 
was heard by Joachim, who pronounced him a genius. Some compo- 
sitions of this period not successful, and Brahms spent some years in further 
study. In 1862 went Vienna as conductor, bringing out choral works by 
Bach and Handel with great success. His first symphony, upon which he 
had worked for ten years, off and on, presented 1876, with great success. 
Greatest work, his Requiem, a sacred cantata, performed Bremen, 1868; |i 
London, 1873; United States, 1884. Wrote several symphonies, much BRAHMS 


exquisite chamber music. Songs very beautiful, ranking with those of Schubert, Schu- 
mann and Franz, and he was one of the foremost composers of the world. Brahms died 
Vienna, 1897. 


Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) English Wheeler and Dry Yo’ Eyes—Dunlap|16893)|10| .75 
Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) Cornet Rinaldi with Band and Old Folks—Banjo\17417\10| .75 
Hungarian Dancein G Minor Violin Fritz Kreisler}64131|10/1.00 
Hungarian Dance, No. 5 and Hungarian Czardas—Moskowitz|17973)10| .75 
Hungarian Dance No. 7 Violin Mischa Elman/64439|10}1.00 
Hungarian Dances (No. 20,D Minor, and No. 21,EMinor) Violin Zimbalist}74303)12/1.50 
Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer (Lighteris My Slumber) German Culp|64553)10/1,00 
Liebestreu (Faithful Love) Jn German Margarete Ober|64500| 10} 1.00 
Lullaby—Elsie Baker and Loreley (Silcher) Elsie Baker\17181\10) .75 
Mein Madel hat einen Rosenmund (2) Hinkene Jamben 
and Ehre Die Gottes aus der Nature—In German—V an Eweyk|63794|10| .75 
Sapphische Ode (Sapphic Ode) Jn German Schumann-Heink!87239]10/2.00 
Schmied, Der (2) Frihlingsnacht—Miller and Du bist wie eine Blume—Reimers|45060|10}1.00 
Wiegenlied (Cradle Song) Jn German Julia Culp|64402!10/1.00 
iegenlied (CradleSong) Jn German Ernestine Schumann-Heink|87241/|10/2.00 
BRAMBILLA, LINDA, Soprano (Bram-beel’-lah) See ‘‘Don Pasquale,” 
“Lucia,” “* Pearl Fishers”’ and “‘ Rigoletto ”’ 

BRASLAU, SOPHIE, Contralto (Brass’-low) (ow as in“‘how’’) (For list 

of records, portrait and sketch see ‘‘ Braslau’’ in Pink Section) 

BRASS QUARTETS Cornets and Trombones—See also‘‘Educational” 
Erminie—Good Night Quartet—Brass Qt and First Heart Throbs (Bells) Reitz}17238|10 
Farewell to the Forest—V Brass Qt and Samson and Delilah—Cornet with Band|17216\10| . 
Good Night Beloved—Victor Brass Qt and Southern Cross—Cornet—Clarke|17109]}10| .75 
Oh Fair Dove, Oh Fond Dove—V Brass Qt and Rosary—Cornet—Rinaldi| 17404} 10 
On the Sea (Mendelssohn) V Brass Qt and 7 rdumerei—Vessella’s Band|17272| 10 
Prayer from Freischtitz (2) Greetin and Venetian Love Song—Victor Orch\16320|10} .75 
Spring Song—Farewell to Forest—Brass Quartet and My Heart—Cornet|17216]10| .75 
Sweet and Low (Barnby) and Estellita Waltz—Mandolin-Guitar—Siegel-Butin| 16382] 10| .75 

Tannhauser—Pilgrims’ Chorus and Don Carlos—March—Sousa’s Band|17133|10| .75 
tec Air Pryor’s ea 
Argentine Republic—National Hymn Pryor’s BandJ\|16081}10| .75 
Breakfast in Bed on Sunday Morn Harry Lauder|79963)12!1.25 
on o’ Bloomin’ Heather, From My Little Highland Hame MacF eee 
To the Lass We Love—a Toast! (Brennan-Ball) George MacFarlane 45068} 10/1.00 
{areca of the Night Waltz Pryor’s paat 
Ivanhoe— Two-Step (Van Alstyne) Pryor’s BandJ|16112/10 75 
Brewer’s Big Hosses, De—Temperance Song (with Male Chorus) 
(Taylor-Herbert) Homer Rodeheaver ?|17455) 10} .75 
The Old-Fashioned Faith (McAuley-Ackley) | Homer Rodeheaver 

BREWSTER, GEORGE, Tenor—See “‘ Duets, Vocal ” 

BRICE AND KING (Elizabeth Brice-Charles King) 
Let Me Stay and Live in Dixieland (From “Slim Princess "’) Brice-King| 5843/10} .60 
That's Ever Loving Love (From “Slim Princess ’*’) Brice and King| 5847/10] .60 
Bridal Chorus—Lohengrin—See ‘“‘Lohengrin” 

BRIDAL MUSIC—See “ Wedding Music’? 

ann Chorus (‘Rose Maiden”) (Cowen) Lyric patter 
Miller’s Wooing (Goddard-Faning) Lyric Quartet) |35209}12/1.25 
(eace Rose Overture (Lavallée) Accordion roe 
Stradella Overture ¢Flotow) Accordion Pietro §|35345)12)1.25 
jaae of the Waves (Clarke) Cornet Herbert L. aa 
Nightingale and the Frog (Eilenberg) Piccolo Darius LyonsJ\16194/10} .75 
nee The (Carew) Hayden Sees 
Old Oaken Bucket (Woodworth) Peerless Quartet) |16217|10) .75 
ae the Corner Where You Are (Gabriel) aoe 
I Walk With the King (Revival Hymn) (Rowe-Ackley) Rodeheaver 17763}10| .75 
(Eentes Days Gavotte (Broustet) Bell Solo Wm. aa 
Dream After the Ball (Michaelis) Xylophone Wm. Reitz$|16428/10| .75 
HBeighs Shines the Moon (Russian Folk Song) Balalaika bes 
Polonaise Brilliante (Andreeff ) Russian Balalaika Orchestra {| 17405|!0) .75 


Number | 3 

Brindisi—See ‘‘Cavalleria,” “Hamlet,” “‘Lucrezia,”’ ‘‘Otello,” ‘‘ Traviata ” 

Br (rng Back My Bonnie to Me—College Air Hayden Oe 
— | Onl and the Pussy Cat (De Koven) Hayden Quartet 

(ee Back My LenatoMe (German Dialect) Bere 
Schneider, Does Your Mother Know You’re Out ? (Yodel Song). Watson 

‘pene Etheree—Valse (Francis Popy) Orchestre paeene! 
Thousand Kisses, A (R. Joyce) Orchestre Tzigane 

British Bulldog’s Watching at the Door (Patriotic Song) Lauder 
BRITISH PATRIOTIC AIRS—See “‘ Nat’land Pat. Airs—Great Britain” 

eee Troops Passing Through Boulogne Deter ors 
Flag That Never Comes Down (Coulson-Finck) _ Hamilton 
jerege ey Medley Accordion (See ‘‘Medley No. 73’’) Pes 
Great White Way Medley Accordion Pietro 
\epcise Doll—Fox Trot or London Taps (Tate) Victor Military Ph 
The Two Two Dance (Arthur N. Green) Victor Military Band 
es Melody, The (van Biene)  ’Cello Rosario Bourdon 
Silver Threads Among the Gold (Danks)  ’Cello Bourdon 
Broken Melody (Aug. van Biene) Violin Efrem Zimbalist 

BRONZONI, MARIA, Soprano—See “ Bohéme” and “ Tosca ”’ 
Brook, The (Tennyson-Dolores) (Pianoforte by Bourdon) Alma Gluck 

BROOKE, ARTHUR—Flutist (of the Boston Symphony Orchestra) 

Whirlwind (Tourbillon) (Krantz) and Romance No. !—Oboe—Foreman| 

BROWN, BERT, Cornetist—See “To Have, to Hold” 

16105) 10 


67150) 10 
60138) 10 

17696} 10 

17486) 10 

35599] 12 

74445) 12 










A complete novelty is here offered in the shape of records by the famous Brown 
Brothers’ Saxophone Sextette. It will be remembered that the Brown Brothers were one 
of the features of that successful production, ‘‘Chin-Chin,” and they are now creating 

something of a sensation in Stone's new production, “ Jack O’ Lantern.” 

These accom- 

plished players have chosen lively numbers which show the skill of the organization and 
exhibit the noble tone quality of the instruments. Like most players who are worth while, 

the Brown Brothers make records exclusively for the Victor. 

Bull Frog Blues and Pussyfoot March (in Fox Trot Time) Six Brown Bros|18097] | 
Chicken Reel Medley and J] Wonder What Will Wm. Tell 1 -Step—V an Eps Trio|17799| | 
Chicken Walk—Eccentric Fox Trot and San Francisco March—Pietro| 18189} | 
Chin-Chin—Medley Fox Trot and Laverne— Waltz Caprice—Henton with Band|18149 
Down Home Rag and Dance of the Bugs—March_ (Banjo Solo) Van Eps|17834 
For Me and My Gal—Med. Fox Trot and My Fox Trot Girl—Brown Bros|18310 
Ghost of the Saxophone—Fox Trot and Saxophone Sam—Fox Trot—Brown Bros| 18309 
Independentia—Medley March and La Paloma—Brown Brothers|17822 
My Fox Trot Girl and For Me and My Gal—Fox Trot—Brown Brothers| 18310 
Paloma, La and [ndependentia—Medley March—Brown Brothers| 17822 
Passion Dance and Rigoletto Quartet—Saxophone Sextette—Brown Brothers|18217 
Pussyfoot March and Bull Frog Blues—In Fox Trot Time—Brown Brothers| 18097 
Rigoletto Quartet and Passion Dance—Saxophone Sextette—Brown Brothers| 18217 
Saxophone Sam—Fox Trot and Ghost of the Saxophone—Fox Trot— Brown Bros| 18309 
Saxophone Sobs—Fox Trot and Walkin’ the Dog—Brown Brothers|18140 
That Moaning Saxophone Rag and Original Fox Trot—Van Eps Trio|\17677 
Walkin’ the Dog—Fox Trot and Saxophone Sobs—Brown Brothers| 18140 

BROWN, EDNA, Contralto—See also ‘‘ Duets, Vocal” 

Baby Shoes—Brown and Girl Who Wears a Red Cross— William Barnes| 18052) | 
Daddy Has a Sweetheart and Those Ragtime Melodies—Peerless Quartet| 17320) | 
For You a Rose and A Wonderful Thing—Edna Brown|183011) | 
Hush-a-Bye, Ma Baby and Somewhere My Love Lies Dreaming— Reed-Harrison|18214| | 
I Miss You Most of All and Would You Take Me Back Again—Burr|\17552| | 
Poor Butterfly and Alice in Wonderland—Howard-Macdonough| 18211| | 
Sprinkle Me With Kisses if You Want My Love and ata Melody—Murray|17790!) | 



There's a Broken Heart for Every Light on B’way and Lig 

BROWNING, ROBERT—See “Ah, Love But a Day” and “ Year’s 
at the Spring ”’ L 
(een Skin—Fox Trot (Williams-Piron) Victor Military Band 

ts of My Ho Qt17943 
Wonderful Thing, A and For Youa Rose hia Be 18301 


Listen To This—One-Step (Kaufman) Victor Military not Ra 





eee La—One-Step or Trot Victor Military pane} 
Sari Waltzes—Hesitation or Boston Victor Military Band 

Ideal Republic, An and [mmortality—A ddress— William Jennings Bryan 
Immortality and An Ideal Republic— William Jennings Bryan 


Dog oat the Kitty Cats (2) Pig Brother and Little Bull Calf—Bryant 
Epaminondas and The Little tke) and the Alligator (f (From ‘ ‘Stories 

to Tell to Children’’) Sara Cone Bryant 
Little Bull Calf and Dog and the Kitty Cats—Sara Cone Bryant 
Little Jackal and the Alligator and Epaminondas— Sara Cone Bryant 

ae Fox Trot (Walter Kollo) Victor Military eae 
Do the Funny Fox Trot (Carroll-Carroll) Victor Military Band 
BUCK, DUDLEY (1839-1909)—See “‘ Festival Te Deum,” ‘Rock of Ages” 

es Fanshaw’s Funeral—Recitation (Mark Twain) er ETee 
Thursday. (Weatherly-Molloy) Wilfred Glenn 
{Emre News March (Lampe) Xylophone Wm. H. ome 
Dance California (Gregory) Bell Solo Wm. H. Reitz 
(puree Rag, The (Turpin) Banjo Vess L. Desman 
Barnyard Serenade—Descriptive Spencer and Holt 
Bugle Call Rag—Fox Trot Victor Pe cane 
Some Sort of Somebody—Fox Trot (‘‘Very Good Eddie’’) Victor B 
Bugle Calls of U. S. Army—Part I (Chief Trumpeter and Band 

Master, Culver Military Academy) W.G. Johnston 
First Call—Guard Mounting—Drill—Boots and Saddle 

—Adjutant’s Call—To the Colors—Reveille—Retreat 
Bugle Calls of U. S. Army—Part II W. G. Johnston 

ea Des See —Commence Firing—Cease Firing—Fix Bayonets 

First Call—Guard Mounting—Drill— 
Adjutant’s Call—To the Colors— Reveille 

Bugle Calls of U. S. Army—Part II W. G. Johnston 

Se ee ne Firing—Cease Firing—Fix Bayonets 

Guard Mount—Adjutant’s Call—Sick 
Call— Assembly—Drill—Retreat—T attoo—Taps 

Bugle Calls of U. S. Army, No. 2 Cornets and Trumpets of Pryor’s B 
Officer's Call—Captain’s Call—First Sergeant's Call—Break Camp— 

To Arms—Fire Alarm—Signal to Horse—Rogue’s March—To the 
Colors uneral March 

Bugle Calls of U. S. Army Sousa’s Cornets 

First Pall eRevclic’ Mea Call—Guard Mount —Adjutant’s Call— 
President's pete ener, 's March—Sick Call—Assembly—Drill— 
De pee, Tap 

Down Where the Siler ry Mohawk Flows (Heinzmann) Hayden Qt 
Bugle Calls—See also ‘* Drum, Fife and Bugle” and “* National Airs— 
Great Britain” 
{Bull Frog and the Coon—Darky Song (Nathan) Ada penes 
Whole Damm Family—Comic (Von Tilzer) Billy Murray 
{Bull Frog Blues (In Fox Trot Time) (Browne-Shrigley) Brown es 
Pussyfoot March (Saxophone Sextette) Six Brown Brothers 
{Bully, The _ (Trevathan) May en 
When You Ain’t Got Money You Needn’t Come ’Round—May Irwin 
{Bunch of Nonsense, A—Comic Monologue Murry K. a 

‘e Calle of U.S. Army—Part I (with spaces) W.G. Johnston 

Bugle Calls of U. S. Army, No. 1 Sousa’s ~ 

Down Where the Big Bananas Grow (Barrow) Collins and Harlan 
Bunch of Rags, A (Ossman) Banjo Vess L. Ossman 
Dixie Girl—March and Two-Step (Lampe) | Ossman-Dudley Trio 
Bunny, The—See “Children’s Records” 
Burbank, the Wizard—Humorous Specialty Murry K. Hill 
Two Rubes Swapping Horses—Comic Dialogue Porter and Harlan 

Number 's 


16168/10) .75 
16168/10| .75 

35643 12)1.25 

35406} 12)1.25 


17357|10| .75 

16779|10) .75 

35533} 12)1.25 

18306/10| .75 

18324||0| .75 

16056/10| .75 

35056) 12)1.25 

16214/10| .75 
18097/10| .75 

35050] 12/1.25 

16446}10| .75 

16667/10| .75 

16849)/10| .75 

VICTOR RECORDS | Number | | 

BURBECK, FRANK, American Actor 

A sterling actor quite well known to theatre-goers, both in America and England. 
For nearly a quarter of a century his name has been prominent in the leading dramatic 
productions—Robson and Crane, Dion Boucicault, Maude Adams’ productions of Twelfth 
Night and Joan of Arc, etc; and he has for many years been a valued member of the - 

Frohman staff. The Victor offers a series of orations and recitations by this popular actor. 
BURBECK RECORDS See also ‘‘ Educational Records” 

An Old Sweetheart of Mine (Riley) and Knight’ s Toast—Burbeck 16913 10 75 
Antony’s Address Over the Body of Caesar (From ‘‘ Julius Caesar’’) 

Part! (Shakespeare) and Antony’s Address—Part II—Frank Burbeck|\35216| 12|1.25 
Barbara Frietchie (Whittier) and Water Mill, The (McCallum) Burbeck|17132|10| .75 

Fallof Wolsey (Shakespeare) and Hamlet *s Soliloquy (Shakespeare) Burbeck|16912)|10 °75 

Hamlet's Soliloquy (Shakespeare) — and Fall of Wolsey—Frank Burbeck\16912|10| .75 
Knight's Toast, The and An Old Sweetheart of Mine (Riley) Burbeck|16913|10| .75 
Merchant of Venice—Shylock’ s Rebuke and Seven Ages—Burbeck\17163|10} .75 

Seven Ages of Man (“As You Like It’’) and Shylock’s Rebuke—Burbechk|17163\10| .75 
Water Mill, The (McCallum) and Barbara Frietchie (Whittier) Frank Burbeck\17132|10| .75 

{eure Story and High Cost of Living Raymond Hitchcock 

Mr. Hitchcock’s Curtain Speech (‘‘ Beauty Shop’’) Hitchonck} Ooo eae 
BURKHARDT, MAURICE, Comedian—See “Duets” and “Bring 
Back My 

Home Sweet Home as it might be played in various countries—Pryor’'s B 
and Snyder Successes, No. 2— Medley—Pryor’ Ss Bard 35240] 12/1.25 
Lucia Sextette—Burlesque— Murray and Qt and That Lovin’ Trdumerei—Jolson 17119)|10) .75 
erry Widow Waltz—Burlesque-Pryor’sB and New Tipperary Mch-Pryor’s B'16024110| .75 
BURNLEY, MRS. HARDIN, Humorous Recitation 
This gifted Southern lady (she was born in South Carolina) won her first New York 
success some years ago at the Plaza Hotel, and she has since become justly famous for her 
clever impersonations. Her fame is not confined to the United States, for London critics 
a few years ago pronounced her to be the most original entertainer that had come from the 
United States. Mrs. Burnley is also known as a composer of songs. 
Small Boy and His Mother at Circus and Uncle Josh at Dentist 's—Stewart|16413| 10| .75 
BURNS, ROBERT (1759-1796), Songs of—See *‘ Auld Lang Syne,’ “‘Bonnie Wee 
Thing,’ > “Flow Gently, Sweet Afton,” “John Anderson,” “Oh, Wert Thou in the 
Cauld Blast,’ ** Scots, Wha’ Hae’’ and “Ye Banks and Braes” 
SEMA Dorusane ofaheaman valued members of the Victor staff of singers, his mellow 
tenor voice and distinct enunciation making his records most pleasing ones. This singer 
has contributed to the Victor list a fine collection of popular ballads and old Scotch 
songs, besides appearing in several duet combinations and with the Peerless Quartet. Mr. 
Burr’s likeness may be found under the Peerless Quartet heading. 
BURR RECORDS—For Duets see ** Duets, Vocal”’ 

Alice of Old Vincennes (I Love You) and Rose of Mt. Trail—Peerless Qt\17590|10) .75 
Bonnie Doon Wee Banks and Braes) and Comin’ Thro’ the Rye—Helena|16162|10) .75 
Come tothe Ball (‘‘ Quaker Girl ’’) won It’s a Long Lane—Peerless Quartet|17030|10| .75 
Dress My Mother Wore and Inthe Land of Love—Campbell-Burr|17721|10| .75 
Eyes of Heaven (My Mother's Gearon and In Florida—Sterling Trio|18138|10| .75 
Good Bye, Good Luck, God Bless You _ and Sighing—Henry Burr|17984!|10} .75 
Harp that Once Thro’ Tara’s Halls and Jock o’ Hazeldean—Henry Burr|18041\10} .75 

In the Heart of the City That Has No Heart — 
and Weman Thou Gavest Me—Macdonough and Quartet| 1754410} .75 
In the Palace of Dreams = and When You’re a Long Way from Home—Burr\17632|10| .75 
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree and Darling Nellie Gray— Hayden Qt}16174|10| .75 
I've Got the Time, I’ve Got the Place, But It’s Hard to Find the Girl 
and Railroad Section Gang—Irish Specialty—Peerless Quartet|16727|10| .75 
I've Lost You, So Why Should I Care—Burr 

and Letter That Never Reached Home—Macdonough and Quartet| 18030 10} .75 

Jock o’ Hazeldean and Harp That Once Thro’ Tara's Halls—Henry Burr|18041}10| .75 
John Anderson, My Jo —_ and Last Rose of Summer is Sweetest —Hayden Qt\16213)10| .75 
Just as Your Mother Was and How CanI Forget—Alan Turner|\18352|10| .75 
Last Night Was the End of World and Tabe Me to Roseland—Campbell-Burr| 17339) 10] .75 
Liberty (Barron) and When Uncle Sammy Leads the Band—Peerless Qt|18139)10| .75 
Loch Lomond and Scots, Wha’ Hae’ wi’ Wallace Bled (Burns) Henry Burr|16062|10| .75 
Maybe a Dey, Maybe a Year and Don't Blame Me—Campbell-Burr|17752|10| .75 
Mine (Solman) and Good Night, Mr. Moon (Von Tilzer) American Quartet|17046/10| .75 
M-o-t-h-e-r and The Wedding of the Sunshine and the Rose—Campbell-Burr| 1791310} .75 

My Rosary for eee (Violin obbligato) and The Magic of YourEyes— C. Harrison|18244|10| .75 

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| Size 


Ould Plaid Shawl (Fahy-Haynes) and Flow Gently, Sweet A fton—Miller\17386|10| .75 
Painting That Mother of Mine and Little Grey Mother—Reed-Harrison| 17839) 10 ao 
Rolling Stones and Don’t Write Me Letters—Campbell-Burr\18215|10) . 
Scots, Wha’ Hae’ wi’ Wallace Bled ( (Burns) and Loch Lomond—Burr\ 1606210} .75 
Sighing and Good Bye, Good Luck, God B Bless You—Henry Burr|\17984\10) .75 
Stay Down Here Where You Belong and ] Didn't Raise My Boy—Harvey|17716)10) .75 
That's How I Need You and Rose of Pyramid Land—Clark and Van Brunt\17173\10| .75 
There’s a Little Lane Without a Turning and You'll Always Be the Same—Duet| 17878) 10) .75 
There's a Little Spark of LoveStill Burning and Everything Reminds Me—Trio|17697|10) .75 
*Twas Only an Irishman’s Dream and Everybody Loves an Irish Song—Qt|18198)|10| .75 
What a Wonderful Mother You’d Be and In the Glory of the M—Sterling Trio| 17953) 10) .75 
When Dreams Come True and Ask the Flowers to Tell—Dunlap-Mac|17393)|10| .75 
When I Leave the World Behind and /t’s Tulip Time in Holland—Macdonough| 1787410} .75 
WhenI Lost You (Berlin) ~ and Hour of Love (Weymann) Wheeler\17275|10| .75 
eet You're a Long Way from Home. and In the Palace of Dreams— Burr\17632| 10} .75 
Did You Make Me Care and Under Big September Moon—Campbell Burr|17296|10| .75 
Willthe Roses Bloom in Heaven and Lil’ Gal (Parks) Chicago Glee Club|16857|10| .75 
Would You Take Me Back Again and | Miss You Most of All—Brown|17552)10} .75 
You Are the Rose of My Heart and Runaway June—Chas. Harrison|17765|10| .75 
You Broke My Heart and That’s a Real Moving Picture—W atkins|17586| 10] .75 

BURRIAN, CARL, Tenor—See “‘ Gétterdiammerung”’ 
BUTIN—Guitarrist—See ‘“‘ Mandolin-Guitar” Duets 
But Lately in Dance I Embraced Her (Fet-Arensky) Alda/64338}10/1.00 
BUTT, CLARA, Contralto (For list of records, portrait and sketch 

see “Butt” in Pink Section) 

Butterfly, The (Grieg) Pianoforte La Forge|60048)10| .75 
oa the Bee (Wells) Collins and eas 18210|10| .75 
They’re Wearing Them Higher in Hawaii Collins and Harlan ; 
(Bye and Bye You Will Forget Me _ Baker and F. reer 73721075 
When Twilight Comes to Kiss the Rose Good Night—Baker- Wheeler : 
\orer Bye, Ma Honey — Specialty Billy poleee) Faraal ots 
Trish Boy March (Kimmel) Accordion John Kimmel i 
{By Heck—Fox Trot (Henry) Accordion Solo pest 18118|10| .75 
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You—Medley Fox Trot Pietro 
{By Heck—Fox Trot (Henry—arr. Jones) Victor Dance Pot 35435|1211.25 
Ticking Love Taps Fox Trot (From ‘‘ Suzi’’) Victor Dance Orch ; 
By the Brook—Idyl (Wetzger) Flute John Lemmoné}/70023)12/1.25 
(By the Brook—Reverie (Pianoforte by Falkenstein) (Fischer) eee 17844]10| .75 
Lullaby (Bredt-Verne) (Pianoforte by Falkenstein) ’Cello May Mukle F 
{By the Light of the Silv’ry Moon (Edwards) Murray-Hayden aM 16460|10! .75 
Four Little Sugar Plums—Barn Dance (O’Connor) Victor Dance O ; 
tue the Old Cathedral Door (Lamb-Solman) Peerless eee tl 17175\10| .75 
Afterwards (Lemon-Mullen) Frank Coombs ‘ 
ey the Sad Luana Shore (“Step This Way”) (with Cho. ) bevel 18105/10| .75 
If I Knock the ‘‘L’’ Out of Kelly (Young-Grant) Marguerite Farrell : 
{By the Saskatchewan (Seealso “Pink Lady Gems’’) Werrenrath- Qt 17225|10| .75 
Birth of Passion (‘‘ Madame Sherry ’’) Victor Concert Orch . 
{By the Swanee River—Medley (Myddleton) (Whistling Cho. ee Pryor’ 8 *y 16155/10! .75 
Southern Belle Two-Step (Eugene) Pryor’s Band : 
{Bs the Watermelon Vine (Allen) Pryor’s Bends 16272|10| .75 
Gypsy’s Serenade Saxophone Jean Moeremans ; 
a2 the Waters of Babylon (Howell) Reinald Sao 55076|12/1.50 
Creation—In Native Worth (Haydn) Paul Althouse . 
By the Waters of Minnetonka (An Indian Love Song) 
(Cavanass Lieurance) Julia Culp|64721|10|1.00 
ae March (Ballig) Mandolins and Guitar Athenian Mandolin or 18057|10] .75 
Mo-Ana_ (Hawaiian Waltz) Athenian Mandolin Quartet ; 
CADMAN, CHARLES WAKEFIELD (1881—__) See “Gluck,” “Hinkle,” 
** McCormack,” *‘ Powell,” “‘ Spencer” and ** Williams” 

Ca fait peur aux oiseaux (Bernard) In French Clement 64226) 101.00 


Ca Marie Cahill is by no means an idle woman, and has 

— _ nothing in common with that kind, but she knows the breed, 
and her clever monologue is a satiric little character sketch 
of one of those busy days when milady gets up early in the 
morning—as early as ten-thirty, you know—attends the 
musicale to hear Gorgonzola, the great ‘“‘ sanitary bass,” 
goes skating, talks scandal and finishes up with—but that’s 
too shocking; it sounds better on the record than it looks 
in print. She is equally happy in ‘Dallas Blues,” in 
which Mose, a colored poker player, gets baptized under © 
peculiar conditions. The baptism, described in another CAHILL 
monologue, is followed by a song describing a fit of ‘‘ Dallas Blues,’’ because Mose is ‘‘a 
traveling man but ain’t got no railroad fare.” Enough to give any one the blues! but as 
Mose remarks, ‘‘the blues ain’t nuthin’ but a good man feelin’ bad.” 


An Idle Woman's Busy Day and Dallas Blues—Monologues—Marie Cahill| 55081} 12|1.50 
Dallas Blues and An Idle Woman’s Busy Day— Monologues—Marie Cahill|55081} 12) 1.50 
Fare Thee, Honey, Fare Thee Well and Under the Bamboo Tree—Cahill|45125} 10| 1.00 
Under the Bamboo Tree and Fare Thee, Honey, Fare Thee Well—Cahill|45125)10}1.00 

CAID, LE (Kah'-eed) The Cadi (Paris, 1849) (Ambroise Thomas) 
Air du Tambour Major (Drum Major's Air) Bass Jn French Pol Plancon|85119/12/3.00 

CAKEW ALKS—See “ Dance Records ” : 

ee eee and You (E. Leslie-H. Puck) Irving Kantman) 
On ‘the Banks of the Brandywine Campbell and Burr Re 

(Gaon and You—One-Step (See “Medley No. 74”) Conway’s BY 

At the Ball That’s All Medley—One-Step Victor Band5\17828|!0) .75 
one Me Home (Augustus Barratt) Broymliarnson 

In the Shadow of the Sycamore Edna Brown and James F. Harrison Lad 22a 
‘eee Me Thine Own /olin-Flute D’Almaine and rent : 

Serenade (Schubert)  Violin-Flute D’Almaine and Lyons $5140/12/1-25 
ey of a Nation—Fox Trot (Ahlert-Wendling) Victor M. Peal 1aTal 

Honeymoon—Fox Trot (Chester W. Smith) Conway’s Band eh R Abe 
eel to Arms—Two-Step (Rolfe) Victor Dance Orchestra, sEOR 

Valse Ideale (Gregh) Victor Dance Orchestra 712)1.25 
‘cen to the Colors. (Guiterman) (Recitation with Bugle) Battis)| | 5597 

The Meaning of Our Flag (2) The Flag Goes.By BattisS 10) .75 

Calm as the Night (Still wie die Nacht) (See also “ Still wie die 
Nacht”) (Mattullath-Bohm) (with Pianoforte) McCormack-Kreisler|/87233|10|2.00 

Sana (Rodney) _Frank C. tanley oes 
Rock of Ages (Dudley Buck) Anthem for Mixed Voices Lyric Qt see 
{calvary (Vaughan-Rodney) Elsie penen aya 
Oh Lord, Most Holy (Franz Abt) Trinity Choir Monee 
Calvary (Vaughan-Rodney) Witherspoon|74450)12/1.50 
ererar, (Darwood-Sweney ) Trinity Shoint 
Sun of My Soul (Keble-Ritter) Helen ClarkS|*7479|') «75 

CALVE, EMMA, Soprano (Kahl-vay’ ) (For list of records, portrait 
and sketch see “‘Calvé”’ in Pink Section) 

Camel and Butterfly (2) Elephant and Portmanteau Ere 
Tin Gee Gee, The (Cope) Children’s Songs Henry Price 

CAMPAGNOLA, LEON, Tenor (Lay-on Kam-pahn-yo-lah) 
Bohéme—Ah Mimi (with Vigneau) Jn French 

and Tosca-—Le ciel luisait—Campagnola|45122/10!1.00 

Bohéme—Que cette main est froide (Rudolph’'s Narrative) 

and Pagliacci—A ir de Paillasse—Campagnola|55083) 12) 1.50 

Favorite—Un ange, une femme inconnue (Like an Angel) 

and Ange si pur—Campagnola'45119}10)1.00 

Manon—Et je sais votrenom (If! Knew But Your Name) (with César) 

and Non, votre liberté ne sera pas ravie— César-Campagnola 55086) 12|1.50 

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16694)10} .75 


Number a 

Manon—Toi-vous! (Thou! sae (with César) 

’est-ce plus ma Lea PC ere see cial 55089/12|1.50 
Pagliacci—Air de Paillasse (On: with the Play) 
and La Bohéme—Rudolph ’s Narrative (Puccini)—Campagnola 55083} 12) 1.50 
Rigoletto—Comme la plume au vent (Woman is Fickle 
and Qu’une belle (’Mid the Fair Throng) Conpen nae 45118/10|1.00 
Roméo et Juliette—‘“‘O nuit divine, je t'implore’’ (Night All ‘Too Blessed) 
with César) and Ne fuis pas ean en 55085/12)1.50 
Tosca—Le ciel luisait d’étoiles (The $ Stars were Shining) 
and Bohéme—Ah Mimi—Campagnola-V igneau 45122) 10/1.00 
CAMPAIGN SPEECHES—See “Political,” “Bryan,” “‘Clark,’”’ “Taft” 
CAMPANARI, GIUSEPPE, Baritone—(For record, portrait and sketch 
see ‘“Campanari” in Pink Section) 
Campbells Are Coming—See ‘“‘Medleys, Vocal” 
CANADIAN AIRS (For French-Canadian see Victor French Catalogue) 
Land of the Maple (Laurendeau) and Laurentian Echoes—Victor Orchestra|16593)10| .75 
Maple Leaf Forever— urner-Chorus and Canadian National Airs—Sousa’s B}17304|10} .75 
National Airs (‘‘ Medley No. 75”) Sousa’s B and Maple Leaf Forever—T urner|17304|10| .75 
‘eee Guns, The (Rees-Lennard) lz J lowell tol .75 
Good Luck to the Boys of the Allies (Manley) Lewis J. HowellS|7997|') - 
ere Cottage—Medley One-Step (See ‘‘ Medley 76”) Victor at 1211.25 
If I Knock the ‘‘ L’’ Out of Kelly—Medley Waltz Victor Bands |?°>"9 : 
Canary Cottage—See also “It’s Always Orange Day in California” 
CANARY, SONG OF—See “Bird Song Records ”’ 

{Feneens alt (Pryor) Arthur Pryor’s ake tol .75 
To Have, To Hold, To Love (Ball) Cornet Solo Bert Brown$|*7382/' - 
Canta pe’ me—Neapolitan Song (Bovio-de Curtis) Enrico Caruso /87092|10|2.00 

Cantique de Noél—See “Noél” 
Canto Amoroso—Liebeslied (Sammartini) (arr. by Elman) Elman)74392/12/1.50 
Canto del Presidiario, El Jn Spanish Emilio de Gogorza|74042} 121.50 
CANTOR, EDDIE, Comedian 
Modern Maiden’s Prayer and That's the Kind of a Baby for Me—Cantor|18342|10| .75 
That's the Kind of a Baby for Me and Modern Maiden’ s Prayer—Cantor|18342|10} .75 
Can’t You Hear Me Calling, Caroline (Caro Roma) MacFarlane 60123)10| .75 
eo t You Take It Back and Change It for a Boy a fasion 9s 
Hello, Central! Give Me Heaven (Child Ballad) Harlan ; 
Canzonetta (War schéner als schénste Tag) (Goethe-Loewe) 
In German (Harp acc. by Lapitino) Gluck 64626} 10) 1.00 
(Capitan March, El (Sousa) (See also “Medley No. 252”) Sousa’s pat seen oes 
{ Washington Post March Sousa’s Band ; 
‘ener March, El (Sousa) (For School Marching) Pryor’s pen 35389) 1211.25 
Stars and Stripes Forever March Pryor’s Band ; 
{ABPR s Seventh Reg. March (Eddie Quinn) with Drums Pryor’s e TaRahinas’ 
Skyrocket March (Drum effects) Pryor’s Band : 
CAPPER, CHARLES, Whistler—See ‘* Whistling Records” 
CAPPIELLO, MARIA—See “Aida,” ‘‘Favorita” and “Rigoletto” 
Capriccio Valse (Waltz Caprice, Op. 7) (Wieniawski) Violin Powell)74173}12)1.50 
Caprice (Ogarew, Op.51,No.2) Violin Maud Powell 64301/10/1.00 
Caprice Basque (Sarasate) Violin Mischa Elman /74176|12)|1.50 
{SPS Brilliante Cornet Solo Herbert L. enc 360901121 1.25 
Lasca—Dramatic Recitation (Deprez) Edgar L. Davenport : 
| Cores Espanol (Moszkowski) Pianoforte Charles G. SRIPSh sedoeiiolt zs 
Lucia Sextette (Transcription) Pianoforte * ee fees ; 
Caprice Espafiol (Beaumont essella’s Italian Ban i 
Pears Ae pa 4, **Farandole’’ _—_—-Vessella’s Italian Band 1 ZPOA UO} f° 
Caprice Viennois (Kreisler) Violin (See “Cradle Song, 1915”) Kreisler 74197/12)1.50 
Capricietto (Mendelssohn-Burmester) Violin Mischa Elman 64204}10/1.00 




Captain Betty One-Step Central American Marimba Band 
Kiss Me—One-Step Central American Marimba Band) 
Capt’n Cuttle (from Dickens’ “‘(Dombey and Son”) 
Squeers, the Schoolmaster (from Dickens’ “Nicholas Nickleby’’) 
Care Selve—See ‘“‘Come Beloved” 
Carillon—Part 1 (Edward Elgar) (Recitation, “Sing, Belgians”? by 
Henry Ainley) Symphony Orchestra} 
Carillon—Part II (Edward Elgar) Symphony Orchestra 
Carillon de Cythére, Le (Chimes of Cythera) Pianoforte Paderewski)88492)12/3.00 
Carmé (Canto Sorrentino) Jn Italian McCormack and Kreisler|87231/10|2.00 

CARMEN (Sung in French unless otherwise noted) 

Text by Meilhac and Halévy, founded on Mérimée’s novel. Music by Bizet. First 
production, Paris, 1875; London, 1878; New York, 1879, with Minnie Hauk. Some 
notable revivals, 1893, Calvé's first appearance; 1905, with Caruso; and Hammerstein's 
revival, 1906, with Bressler-Gianoli and Dalmores. 

Don Jose, a young brigadier, betrothed to Micaela, a peasant girl in his native village, 
is quartered at Seville near a factory where Carmen, a reckless and beautiful cigarette girl, 
stabs a fellow-employee, and is arrested by Jose. She manages to fascinate him, and 
makes her escape. Jose is imprisoned for neglect of duty, but when released follows the 
gypsy to Pastia’s Inn, where he finds Escamillo, a Toreador, and Zuniga, his captain, both 
paying court to Carmen. Stung with jealousy he deserts, and follows the band of smug- 
glers Carmen has joined. 

The next act shows the smugglers’ camp, and Carmen, already tired of her soldier, 
welcomes the Toreador, who has followed her. Jose is about to kill her when Micaela 
arrives with a summons from his dying mother. He goes, but threatens vengeance. In the 
last act the tragedy occurs, when Jose, half crazed with jealousy, kills Carmen outside the 
bull ring, where she is awaiting the triumphant Escamillo. (See ‘* Book of the Opera.”’) 

ACT |I-pustic sQuarE IN SEVILLE 

Prelude (First part only, preceded by First Intermezzo) Herbert’s Orchestra! 70067 || 
Prelude (Last part, Andante, followed by 3d Intermezzo) Herbert's O|70066 I 
Prelude—La Scala Orch and Scena delle carte (Card Scene) de Casas'62617| | 
Prelude—La Scala Orch and Damnation de Faust—Marcia—Sousa’s Band 68052) | 
Habanera (Love is Like a Wood Bird) Emma Calvé 88085 

Number S 

18292)10| .75 

Baas 35616] 12] 1.25 


55050) 12/1.50 


Habanera (Love is Like a Wood Bird) Gerville-Réache 88278 
Habanera (Love is Like a Wood Bird) 
Habanera (Love is Like a Wood Bird) 
Habanera (Love is Like a Wood Bird) 
Mia madre vedo ancor (My Mother! Behold) Jn Italian 
ernando de Lucia and Giuseppina Huguet|92052)I 

Parle-moi de ina mere (Tell Me of My Mother) (Same as above) 
Lucy Isabelle Marsh and John McCormack|74345) | 

Seguidilla (Near the Walls of Seville) Jn /talian Maria Gay|91085) | 
Seguidilla (Near the Walls of Seville) Geraldine Farrar|/8851 1} 1 
First Intermezzo (First Entr’acte) Herbert's Orchestra|70067| | 

Maria Gay 92059 
Geraldine Farrar 87210 
Sophie Braslau;64469 

In Italian 

8 888s 


Chanson Bohéme (Les tringles de sistres) (Gypsy Song) Geraldine Farrar 

Chanson Bohéme 
Toreador Song 
Toreador Song (Canzone del Toreador) Jn Italian 

Emma Calvé 

de Gogorza and Metropolitan Chorus 

asquale Amato 



Toreador Song (Canzone del Toreador) Jn Italian Giuseppe Campanari 
Toreador Song (Chanson du Toreador) Werrenrath and Victor Chorus 
and Pagliaccti—Prologue— Werrenrath 
Toreador Song—Tumer English and Tempest of the Heart (Trovatore) Turner 
Toreador Song (Canzone del Toreador) IJn/talian Titta Ruffo and Chorus 
Toreador Song—Cigada, Huguet, Salvador and Chorus /n/Jtalian 
and Cavalleria Rusticana—Intermezzo—Pryor’s Orchestra 
Halte la! (Who Goes There?) arrar-Martinelli 
Air dela fleur (Flower Song) Enrico Caruso 
ir dela fleur (Flower Song) Hermann Jadlowker 
Air de la fleur (Flower Song) iovanni Martinelli 
Il flor che avevia me (FlowerSong) J/n/talian Enrico Caruso 
Il for che avevia me (Flower Song) /n /talian John McCormack 
Flower Song In English Evan Williams 
Romanza del fore. (Flower Song) In Italian Fernando de Lucia 
La-bas dans la montagne (Away to Yonder Mountains) Calvé and Dalmores 

La-bas dans la montagne (Away to Yonder Mountains) Geraldine Farrar 
Second Intermezzo—La Scala Orch and Se tu m' ami—Salvador-Cigada 

SSS5S56 woss 

85073) | 
55068) 1 

92065] | 

WD == WWWWod 

NWOW, 5 
Wwooon ONY 




, VADR——w— 



oooow Ove 

VICTOR RECORDS | Number | 3) 



Voyons que j’essaie (Let Me Know My Fate) Farrar|88534| 12|3.00 
Scena delle carte (Card Scene) de Casas /talian and Prelude—La Scala Orch'|62617)|10| .75 
Je dis que rien nem’ épouvante_ (Micaela’s Air) Geraldine Farrar|88144|12/3.00 
Micaela’s Air (1 Am Not Faint Hearted) Alma Gluck|74245) 12/1.50 
Micaela’s Air (I Am Not Faint Hearted) Frances Alda!74353}12/1.50 
Micaela’s Air (1 Am Not Faint Hearted) Jn Italian Luisa Tetrazzini|88503]12/3.00 
Je suis Escamillo—Beyle-Dufranne and Valse des Roses—Korsoff |62750|10| .75 

Mia tu sei (You Command Me to Leave You) In Italian 

Third Intermezzo (Preceded by last part of Prelude to the Opera) 
Victor Herbert's Orchestra| 70066} 12/1.25 

Third Jntermezzo—La Scala Orch and Norma—Mirao Norma—Giacomelli-Mileri\62101|10| .75 


Situ m’aimes (If You Love Me) Farrar, Amato and Cho/89086} 12|4.00 

Se tu m’ami—Salvador and Cigada Jtalian and Intermezzo, Acts Il-II]—Scala O|62102)|10| .75 

C’esttoi (You Here?) Farrar-Martinelli| 88533) 12/3.00 

Jet’aime encore (Let Me Implore You) Farrar-Martinelli/88531/12|3.00 

Finale (with Chorus) J/n Jtalian Paoli and Passeri|92050| 1 2/3.00 

Selection from Carmen—March and Chorus—*‘Habanera’’—*‘Chanson 

Bohéme’’—** Toreador Song’’—Wm. Reitz Xylophone 
and Musetta Waltz —From ‘‘Boheme’’—W histling—Guido Gialdini|16892)|10) .75 
Selection of the Principal Airs—Prelude to Act I—Toreador Song, Act II— 
** Habanera’’ Actl—Chorus from Act 1V Pryor’s Band|31562}12/1.00 
Selection of the Principal Airs—Opening of Act I—Habanera, Act I— 
Chorus of Street Boys, Act |—Carmen’s Defiance, Act 1|V—Pryor’s Band 
and Manon—Ah! fuyez image! (Massenet) PRocca\16575|10)} .75 
Selection of Principal Airs—Guards’ Call, Prelude ActI—Entr’ acte, Act IV 
—Toreador Song—Sousa’s B and Freischiitz Over—Sousa’s Band|35000|12}1.25 

Selection—Prelude—** Toreador Song’’—** Habanera 
and Coronation March—Vessella’s Italian Band| 35610} 12|1.25 
GEMS FROM CARMEN Victor Opera Company|31843}12/1.00 
- Chorus, ““ Here They Are’’—Solo and Chorus ‘‘ Habanera’’ (Love is Like a 
Bird)—Duet, “‘ Again He Sees His Village Home’’—Sextette, ““Our Chosen 
Trade ’”’—Solo and Chorus, “‘ Toreador Song ’’—Finale 
Carmena—Vocal Waltz (Walton-Wilson) Jn English Gluck}64400)10/1.00 
{Carnival of Venice (Arban) Cornet Solo Herbert L. aaa sannal{Gles 
Titl’s Serenade (A. E. Titl) Cornet-Flute Keneke and Lyons) | ; 



{ garnivel of Venice Saxophone Jean Moeremannl i 10 
Sylvia. (Le Thiere) Piccolo Darius Lyons Fad MY eth 

{carve of Venice Xylophone Albert Ae 10 
Joys of Spring—Intermezzo (Reiterer) Whistling Guido Gialdinif|18757)!9) .79 

(pasate of Venice— Ocarina Solo Mosé Lepore 10 
Boulanger March Bells Albert Miiller}|1859)!9| .79 

Carnival of Venice—Vocal Varin one P are I Italian Tetrazzini|88291|12/3.00 
Carnival of Venice—Vocal Variations—Part II Jn Italian Tetrazzini|88292|12/3.00 

(Cormaea of Venice—Variations (Cornet with Band) Bohumir a 1211.25 
Marche Fantastique (Fucik) Kryl’s Bohemian Band oo eee : 
(arte of Venice—Variations (Himmelreich)  F. ree en 18194/10| .75 
Whispering Winds (Reverie) (Himmelreich) F. HimmelreichS |48 ‘ 
{Carnie Romain Overture (Berlioz) Victor Concert piso 352411121 1.25 

Polonaise Militaire (Chopin) Vessella’s Italian Band 
(are ae Minstreis (See “Minstrel No. 5’’) Victor Minstrel roe 352021121 1.25 
W histling Pete—Méinstrel Specialty Golden and Hughes : 

Caromioben (Canst Thou Believe) (Giordani) Italian de Gogorza|88173)12)/3.00 
CARONNA, E., Baritone—See “Ernani,” “Forza” and “ Trovatore”’ 
Caro nome—See “Rigoletto ”’ 
Gane Tripolina (A Passing Caravan in Tripoli) Vessella’s me 5 12/ 1.25 
Through the Panama Canal (Descriptive Fantasy) Victor Mil. Band eae ee ; 
CARROLL, FRANK—Yodels with Guitar See “ Yodel Songs” 

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (Bland) Gluck and Male Cho|74420/12/1.50 
(Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (Bland) Orpheus ouanes 18195|10| .75 
Darling Nellie Gray (Hanby) Peerless Quartet ; 
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny—Plantation Melody Hayden Qt! 656/10) .60 


Earl Cartwright is one of Boston’s most popular baritone 
soloists, and has won a high reputation in musical circles. He has 
sung with the Cecilia Society, the Apollo Club, the Handel and 
Haydn Society and the St. Louis Orchestra, besides numerous 
concert engagements throughout the East. The baritone’s annual 
recitals are features of the concert season in many New England 

Mr. Cartwright has a musical, flexible voice of unusually beau- 
tiful quality, and sings in a most artistic manner. 

Gloriaa Te (Buzzi-Peccia) and Dream of Paradise—Macdonough-Lyric Qt\35232|12|1.25 
On the Road to Mandalay and Outlaw’s Song (‘‘Prince Ananias’’) Wheeler|17098|10| .75 
Some Day | Shall Know and When the Mists Have Rolled Away—T rinity Choir|17137|10| .75 

CARUSO, ENRICO, Tenor or (Kah-roo! -zoh) (For list of records, por- 
trait and sketch of Caruso’s career see “‘Caruso”’ in Pink Section) 
panes of Roses Waltz (Presa) Police Band of Mexico 

Aida Fantasia (Verdi) Police Band of Mexico 

CASE, CHARLEY, Comedian 

Father as a Scientist and Fourth of July in Jayville Centre—Harlan and Stanley|16328)/10| .75 
How Mother Made the Soup and Liars, or My Uncle’ s Farm—Golden-Hughes|16547/10| .75 


35047 12}1.25 

(genre at the Bat (Thayer) Recitation De Wolf HOEESH SEOERTON 5 
Man Who Fanned Casey (Reply to ‘‘Casey at the Bat’’) Digby Bell : 
{Gorey Jones (Newton) Murray and American ne Vedas TOs 
Moonlight in Jungle Land (Dempsey-Schmid) Collins and Harlan : 
(eeney Jones Went Down on the Robert E. LoLiG GT ae ae oaalibieae 
When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam’ _Collins-Harlan}| “* . 
{Casse Noisette Dance Humoresque (Nut Cracker Ballet) Pryor’s e 1697410! .75 
Humoresque_ (Dvordk) Pryor’s Band. ; 
(cae Noisette—Danse Chinoise and Danse des Mirlitons Herbert’s a 45053| 1011.00 
Casse Noisette Danse Arabe (Tschaikowsky) Herbert’s Orch ; 
‘sha Noisette—Overture Miniature (Tschaikowsky) Pryor’s et 17127|10! .75 
Reminiscences of Chopin (arr. by Winterbottom) Pryor’s Band ; 


Arganarez—Tango (Firpo) and Enticement Tango (G. Noceti) Castle House O 17556} | 
Cecile—Waltz Hesitation and Esmeralda— Waltz Hesitation—Castle House O 35373} | 
Enticement—Tango (G. Noceti) and Arganarez Tango (Firpo) Castle House O.17556| | 
Esmeralda— Waltz Hesitation and Cecile— Waltz Hesitation—Castle House O,35373) | 

CASTLE, Mr. and Mrs. VERNON—The famous authorities on the new 

dances, who now supervise the making of Victor Dance Records 
—See “Dance Records’”’ 

Castle House Rag—One-Step (J. Europe) Europe’s Society Or 

{ Castle’s Lame Duck Waltz (Jas. Europe) Europe’s Society Orchestra 

Castle Dances—See “Dance Records” 

joes Lame Duck Waltz (Jas. Europe) Europe’s Society Orch 
Castle House Rag—One-Step (J. Europe) Europe’s Society Orch 

(eee One-Step (Hurtado) Hurtado Bros. Marimba Band 



} 35372 br BY 


\ 35372|12 

Fletita One-Step (J.B. Hurtado) Hurtado Bros. Marimba a 18095)10) .75 
Cat and the Fly Paper—Rural Specialty Collins and ee) Waal on75 
Who Do You Love? (Cole-Johnson) Collins and Harlan : 

CATHOLIC CHURCH MUSIC—See “Gregorian Records” and 
** Sistine Choir ’”’ 

CAVALIERI, ELDA, Soprano—See “ Gioconda” and “* Mefistofele ” 
CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Kah-vahl-lay-ree' -ah Roos-tih-kah' -nah) 

(Rustic Chivalry) Sung in Italian unless otherwise noted 

Opera in one act; libretto adapted from ‘‘ Verga” by Menasci; music by Mascagni. 
First production, Rome, 1890; London, 1891; first U. S. production at Phila., 1891. 

The story of ‘‘ Rustic Chivalry ”’ is one of Sicilian love and hate, passion and revenge. 
Turiddu, a young peasant, son of old Lucia, goes to war, and during his absence from the 

se - 

ee i 

a ating en Cee eee ee eS ee 

village his sweetheart, Lola, forgets him and weds the young carter, Alfio. Turiddu returns 
and consoles himself with the love of Santuzza, the village beauty, but soon tiring of her, 
his old passion for Lola revives. Santuzza, scorned by Turiddu, reveals the affair to the 
wronged husband. On Easter morning, as the villagers are leaving church, Alfo chal- 
lenges the destroyer of his domestic happiness. Tepenting his misdeeds, Turiddu, takes an 
affectionate leave of his mother, and goes forth to the duel. Justice is accomplished in his 
death at the hands of Alfio, and the betrayed Santuzza is left disconsolate. 

133 Ca 


oe Prelude and Introduction to Act I—Vessella’s Italian Band|35453}12|1.25 
Prelude—La Scala Orchestra and Selection of Principal Airs—Pryor’s Band|35104} 121.25 
Siciliana (Thy Lips Like Crimson Berries) (Harp acc.) Enrico Caruso|87072 10|2.00 
Siciliana (Thy Lips Like Crimson Berries) (Harp acc.) Martinelli/64544/10/1.00 
Siciliana (Thy Lips Like Crimson Berries) Jn German Leo Slezak|61202/10/1.00 
Siciliana (Thy Lips Like Crimson Berries) and Her Heart—Theo Karle|18061)|10| .75 
Gli aranci olezzano (Blossoms of Oranges) N. Y. Opera Chorus|64048| 10} 1.00 
Gli aranci olezzano—La Scala Chorus and Regina Coeli—La Scala Chorus|68218}12}1.25 
Canzone Alfio (Alfio’s Song). with Metropolitan Chorus Pasquale Amato|]87097|10|2.00 
Il cavallo scalpita (The Tramping Horse) (Alfio’s‘Song) Minolfi 
and Finale of Opera—Joanna, Rumbelli and Chorus|45003)10|1.00 
Regina Coeli—Minolfi, Rumbelli and La Scala Chorus 
and Gili aranci olezzano—La Scala Chorus|68218)12|1.25 
Voilo sapete (Santuzza’s Air, “Well You Know, Good Mother’’) Matzenauer|88430]12/3.00 
Voilo sapete (Santuzza’s Air, ““ Well You Know, Good Mother’’) Calvé/88086}12|3.00 
Tu qui, Santuzza (Thou Here) Besalu-Ciccolini and Ah! no Turiddu—Besalu-C|55022|12|1.50 
Ah! no, Turiddu—Besalu-Ciccolini | and Tu qui Santuzza—Besalu-Ciccolini|55022|12|1.50 
Turiddu mitolse l’onore—Besalu-Badini = and Mamma, quel vino—Ciccolini|55021/12|1.50 
Turiddu mitolse l’onore (Turiddu Forsakes Me!) Joanna-Minolfi 
and Adessi io non perdono (’Tis They Who are Shameful) Joanna-Minolfij45002|10}1.06 
Ad essiio non perdono (They are Shameful) Joanna-Minolfi 
and Turiddu mi tolse l’onore (Turiddu Forsakes Me!) Joanna-Minolfi|45002| 10}1.00 
Ad essi io non perdono—Solari-Janni 
and Mignon—Leggiadre Rondinelle—Martinengo-Rubini|67657| 10} .75 
Ave Maria—Adapted to the Intermezzo McCormack-K reisler|87192| 10|2.00 
Intermezzo—Pryor’s Orch and Carmen— Toreador—Cigada, Huguet and Chorus|62618|10| .75 
Intermezzo—Concert O and Tales of Hoffmann—Barcarolle—V. Concert Orch|17311\10| .75 
Intermezzo—Pietro’s Accordion Quartet and Pagliacci—Vestila giubba—Pietro|17941|10| .75 
Intermezzo— Violin Imitation—Helena and Serenade (Titl) ’Cello-Flute|16744|10| .75 
Intermezzo and Fading Leaves—Serenata—Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band|\18048]|10} .75 
Intermezzo Victor Herbert's Orchestra|}60074|10} .75 
Intermezzo and Minuétto (Boccherini) Vessella’s Band|67896|10) .75 
A casa, acasa (Homeward) Chorus and Guglielmo Ratcliff—Mussini-Molinari|45014)|10}1.00 
Brindisi—Drinking Song Enrico Caruso|/81062) 10/2.00 
Brindisi—Drinking Song George Hamlin|/64245/10/ 1.00 
Trinklied—Drinking Song—IJn German—Marak and Chorus 
and 7 raviata— Trinklied—A ndrejewa-Marak|45088) 10) 1.00 
Addio alla madre (Turiddu’s Farewell) Caruso| 88458) 12/3.00 
Addio alla madre (Turiddu’s Farewell) Gennaro de Tura|76015|12/2.00 
Mamma, quel vino é generoso (Too Much Wine, My Mother !) G. Ciccolini 
and Turiddu mi tolse l’onore (Turiddu Forsakes Me!) B. Besalu and E. Badini\55021) 121.50 
Finale to Opera—Joanna, Rambelliand Cho and II cavallo scalpita—Minolfi\45003) 10|1.00 


Chorus, ““ Blossoms of Oranges’’—Solo, “ Alfio’s Song’’—Solo, ““Lola’s 
Ditty,” ““My King of Roses”—Solo, “‘Santuzza’s Aria’’—Solo and 35343) 12/1.25 
Chorus, “Drinking Song’’—Chorus, “‘Easter Anthem’’ 

Gems from Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) Victor Opera Company 

Selection of Principal Airs—Pryor’s Band and Prelude—La Scala Orchestra|35104|12/1.25 
Cavatina (Raff) (Op. 85, No. 3) Violin Maud Powell) 74283} 12/1.50 
Cavatina (Raff) Violin (Piano acc.) Mischa Elman|74336|12/1.50 
Cavatina (Raff) Violin Howard Baas) 

{ Serenade (FPierne) Violin Charles D’AlmaineS |18951|!0| -79 


Mr. Cawthorn, who needs no introduction to Victor audi- 
ences, as he is one of the best known and liked comedians on 
the American stage, has made a number of records for the 
Victor. His interpolated song, ‘‘ You Can't Play Every Instru- 
ment in the Band,” in ‘‘ The Sunshine Girl,” when sung by 
Cawthorn, was one of the greatest features in that charming 
musical comedy. 

“Audiences roar over Joseph Cawthorn’s participation in 
Sybil, ’’ said a New York paper, and it is not alone New 

York audiences that “roar.” Through the Victor, Mr. Caw- 
thorn’s humor may be enjoyed by all the world. 


] Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife (From “ Sybil’’) G 
and Jt’s a Small Si la Poca Cawthorn 55074, 12 1.50 a 
It's a Small World and J Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife—Cawthorn 55074 12 1.50 —— 
You Can’t Play Every instrument inthe Band (The Sunshine Girl) Cawthorn/ 70098) 12 1.25 
(etellecsyvelt Hesitation (F. W. McKee) Castle House Orchy a eleth 4 1.25 
Esmeralda— Waltz Hesitation (de Mesquita) Castle House Orch | . 
pester ele Hesitation (F. W. McKee) Victor Military i 
Millicent—Waltz Hesitation (F. W. McKee) Victor Military Band 
Celebrated Air (Bach) See “ Air for G String” 
CELESTA SOLOS—By Felix Arndt—The Celesta is also used in ‘‘Dawn of Love,’ 
No. 18296, “‘Fedora Gavotte,’’ No. 17681, ‘‘Gavotte,’”’ No. 18243, “If You Had 
All the World and Its Gold,” No. 18281, ‘In the Gloaming,’’ No. 18063, “Just 
Dreaming of You,’ No. 18289, ““Massa’s in de Cold, Cold. Ground,” No. 64638, 
““Miracle of Love,’ No. 18243, “Mother,” No. 45111, “Picture of Dear Old 

Ireland,’? No. 18234, “Sing Me ‘Love’ s Lullaby, No. 18315, ““Wonderful Thing,”’ 
18301 and “Would You Take Back the Love You Gave Me?” No. 18281. 

The celesta consists of a series of small steel bars or plates, set in vibration by ham- 
mers, which, in turn, are set in motion by a simplified pianoforte-action controlled from an 
ordinary piano keyboard. The peculiar beauty of the tone is partly due to the fact that 
under each vibrating steel bar is an accurately tuned resonator of wood. Attached to the 
instrument is a pedal which materially enhances its sustaining power. 

This instrument was invented in 1886 by M. Auguste Mustel, of Paris, and has been 
largely used by modern French composers in works where a special quality of tone is 

VICTOR RECORDS . ms. Number | 

ee 10 .75 

Annie Laurie and Comin’ Thro the Rye and Home, Sweet Home—A rndt\17671\10 .75 
Drink to Me Only and To a Wild Rose—Celesta Solos—A rndt 17691 10, .75 
Home, Sweet Flame ereansarstbn and Scotch Songs—Arndt\17671,10, .75 
Old Black Joe (Foster) and Old Folks at Home—Celesta Solos—A rndt 17674 [Oi 75 
Old Folks at Home _ (Foster) and Old Black Joe—Celesta Solos—A rndt\17674 10| .75 
ay Raa es Nacht—Arndt and Noel—Venetian Trio|17842|10) .75 
Rose and Drink to Me Only—Celesta Solos—A rndt|17691/10) .75 
CELLO RECORDS—See ** Violoncello Records”’ 

a ee ae ee een ener 
Sa ae on fe ee tee en ee a ee 


garian Orchestras. 

VICTOR RECORDS | Number | 5) 


(Hungarian, Cembalom ; French, Tympanon; Italian, Cembalo; German, Hack- 
—— brett; English, Dulcimer—probably derived from dulce melos.) 
Here is the rather curious instrument which gives such a fascinating quality to Hun- 

usually four octaves. 
The Cembalom is of very ancient, probably Oriental, origin and is closely related to the 
clavi-cembalo (clavecin or harpsichord), from which the modern pianoforte is derived. 

The instrument has been known for ages in Persia and Arabia as Santir and 

compilers of the English Bible have translated it as ‘‘ dulcimer.” 
There are very few players on this instrument in America, by far the most expert 

being Mr. Moskowitz. 

records will need to be told what a skillful performer he is. 

Mr. Moskowitz will make records exclusively for the Victor. 


Anicuta Draga (Roumanian Air) and Doina—Moskowitz|67911)\ | 
Argentine Dance and Inspiration—Spanish Dance—Moskowitz|18155} | 
Chasen Senem (Turkish Song) and Medley of Turkish Melodies—Moskowitz|\67988) | 
Doina (Roumanian Shepherd Song) and Anicuta Draga—Moskowitz|6791 1) | 
Hungarian Czardas and Hungarian Dance, No.5 (Brahms) Moskowitz|17973} | 
Hungarian Dance, No.5 (Brahms) and Hungarian Czardas—Moskowitz| 17973} | 
Inspiration (Spanish Valse) and Argentine Dance—Moskowitz|18155)|10} . 

Marsul lui Cuza (Roumanian National March) (Piano acc. ) 

and Marsul Sinaia—Joseph Moskowitz|69073|10| . 

Marsul Sinaia (Roumanian National March) (Piano acc.) 

and Marsul lui Cuza— Moskowitz 69073)10} . 

Medley of Greek Songs—‘‘Pai, pai, pai’’—‘‘Elvero haralambi’’—-‘‘Larumbi 

It has a trapezodial sounding board with metal strings (each note having 

three or five) and is played with two leather-faced hammers. The complete range is 


No one who hears these brilliantly played and beautifully toned 

and Sirto (Greek Dance) Moskowitz|67826|10} .75 
Medley of Turkish Melodies and Chasen Senem—Moskowitz|67988|10| .75 
Operatic Rag (Lenzberg) and Panama Pacific Drag—-Moskowitz|17978|10| .75 
Panama Pacific Drag (Edwards) and Operatic Rag—Moskowitz|17978)| 10) .75 
Sirba Clasica (Roumanian Dance) and Sirba Matey-Matey— Moskhowitz|67991|10| .75 
Sirba Matey-Matey (Roumanian Dance) and Sirba Clasica—Moskowitz|67991|10| .75 
Sirto (Greek Dance) and Medley of Greek Songs—Moskowitz|67826|10| .75 
Captain Betty—One-Step and Besame One-Step—Central Am. Marimba Band|18292|10} .75 
Kiss Me—One Step and Captain Betty—One-Step— Central Am. Marimba Band|18292)10} .75 
Century Girl—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 77”) Victor B 
‘Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, 18218]10| .75 
Smile, Smile—Medley One-Step Victor Military Band 
Century Girl—See also ‘‘Alice in Wonderland” 
CESAR, BERTHE, Soprano (Bairt Say-zahr)—See “‘Manon’’ and ‘“‘Romeo 
and Juliet’’ 
CHAMINADE, CECILE (Shah-mee-nahd’ )—See ‘‘Danse Creole,” “‘Flat- 
terer,’’ ‘Pas desand Amphores,”’ “Scarf Dance,” ‘Serenade Espagnole’”’ 
** Sylvains ” and “Tu me dirais’’ 
Chanson d’Amour (Love Song) (Hollman) French Alda-Elman|8g521/12/3.00 
Chanson d’Amour (’Cello by Hollman) In French Eames/88015]12/3.00 
Chanson de Fortunio—Sérénade (Fortunio’s Song) (Offenbach) French 
de Gogorza|64632|10/1.00 
Chanson de Juin (Song of June) (Barrucand-Godard) French Caruso|88579}|12)3.00 
Chanson Hébraique (Ravel-Pasternack) Hebrew Gluck and Zimbalist|87276|10/|2.00 
Chanson Indoue—A Song of India (Rimsky-Korsakow) French Gluck!64269!10|1.00 
Chanson Louis and Pavane (Couperin-Kreisler) Violin Kreisler|64292!/10)1.00 
Chanson Louis XII] and Pavane (Couperin-Kreisler) Mischa Elman|74340|12/1.50 
Chanson—Meditation (Cottenet) Violin Fritz Kreisler|74330} 12) 1.50 
Chanson Provengcale (Dell’ Acqua) In French Frances Alda|74449}12/1.50 
{openeen Triste (Tschaikowsky) Victor Concert Orchestra 
Musette (Ballet from ‘‘Armide’’) Victor Concert Omni 19S Tanto) 7-2) 
Chant d’Automne (Song of Autumn) (Tschaikowsky) Zimbalist!64577/|10|1.00 

Chant de Guerre Cosaque (Cossack War Song) (Massenet) Journet!64585'10 1.00 


VICTOR RECORDS _ Number | 3 

{cunt du Rossignol (Concert Polka) Piccoll Barone with oe 

Serenata (Moszkowski) (Op. 15) Violin-Harp-Flute Neapolitan Trio} |17134)'9| +75 

Chant Juif—Russian Song (M. Moussorgsky ) Sophie Braslau|64478 | 10/1.00 Ch 

Chant Patriotique Belge (Belgian Patriotic Song) French Journet|/64651)10|1.00 
Chant sans paroles (Song Without Words) (Tschaikowsky) Violin 
Fritz Kreisler|64142)10/1.00 
ean sans paroles (Tschaikowsky) Vienna et 
Miserere from Trovatore (Verdi) Cornet-Trombone Rogers and Pryor LG Timers 
CHAPI, RUPERT, Compositions by—See ‘‘Pufiao de Rosas,” 
**Revoltosa,’”’ “*Tempestad,” also Victor Spanish Catalogue 
CHAPMAN, CHRIS—See “Bell Solos” and ‘“‘ Xylophone Solos” 
Charge of the Light Brigade (Tennyson) Dramatic recitation with 
incidental music by Victor Orchestra Rose Coghlan/31728)12/1.00 
Charmant oiseau—See “Pearl of Brazil’ 
noes d’Amour (Love’s Spell) (Weslyn-Kendall) Olive pine} 
When You’re Away (From ‘‘The Only Girl’’) (Herbert) Olive Kline 
tee The (Boos) Xylophone William H. Beta 
Love’s Caprice (Venuto) ~— Xylophone William H. ReitzS|16917|'9| -7° 
CHARPENTIER, GUSTAVE (1860- ) See “Louise” 


Miss Cheatham has chosen to introduce herself to the | 
great Victor audience by means of her quite unique presenta- 
tion of the Nursery Rhymes and her renditions of the negro 
folk songs, in which she is unsurpassed. She is probably the 
greatest authority in the world on the literature of childhood in | 
song and story, and, though “* Mother Goose” has lived with’ us 
for over two centuries, we feel that we have only just made her 
acquaintance when she is introduced to us by this artist, who | 
has sufig these delightful rhymes to children, irrespective of age, | 
in almost every country of the world. 

Miss Cheatham is also well equipped, by birth and cory't tra t. HiLtrs stuoio, N. ¥. 
personal observation, to sing with authority the genuine old CHEATHAM 
negro songs; her work along these lines is of rare ethnological and cultural value. She was 
sung to sleep by these songs, and gives them exactly as she has heard and sung them 
always—in their primitive and undeveloped state. The demand for the preservation of 
her interpretation of them has been very great, and we feel that the public will appreciate 
the privilege of hearing an exact reproduction of these beautiful old songs, just as they 
were sung by the faithful old negroes—those ‘‘children of a larger growth.” With the 
exception of a few Indian songs and the songs of Stephen Foster these are the only American 
folk songs we have. 

This accomplished and universally admired artist will, of course, make records exclu- 
sively for the Victor. 


17690/10| .75 

Dixie (Emmett) and I’se Gwine Back to Dixie—Kitty Cheatham|45094|10|1.0 
I'se Gwine Back to Dixie and Dixie—Kitty Cheatham 4509410} 1.0 
Little Gray Lamb (Sullivan) and Love’s Lullaby—K itty Cheatham| 55077)\12)1.5 
Love's Lullaby (Stetson) and Little Gray Lamb—Kitty Cheatham|55077| 12) 1.5 
Mother Goose Songs—No. 2 and Once a Little Shepherd Maiden— Cheatham|45104}10/1.0 
Nursery Rhymes—No. | and No. 2—Kitty Cheatham|45082)/10/1 0 
Once a Little Shepherd Maiden and Mother Goose Songs No. 2—Cheatham| 45104} 10/1.0 

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (2) I Don’t Feel No-Ways Tired (‘I Am 

Seeking for a City’’) and Walk in Jerusalem Just Like John (2) Sinner, 

Please Don’t Let This Harvest Pass Kitty Cheatham, 45086) 10} 1.00 

Walk in Jerusalem Just Like John (2) Sinner, Please Don’t Let This 

Harvest Pass and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Primitive Soe Chant) 

(2) I Don’t Feel No-Ways Tired (‘I Am Seeking for a City’’) itty Cheatham|45086| 10) 1.00 

{Gases Up! Eat and Grow Thin (Goetz) Nora ee uei0alloll oo 
Ragging the Songs Mother Used to Sing Nora Bayes ; 

Che faro senza Euridice—For two records see “‘ Orfeo” 

taitene maison, La (Jacques-Dalcroze) In French Eva Seeay poate tyr 

Le Pré-aux-Clercs—Souvenirs du jeune age (Heérold) Gauthier ; 


{Shes aneens ee Song (Williams-Van Alstyne) Murray 
Peaches and Cream (Bowery Specialty) Jones and Spencer 

— CHICAGO GLEE CLUB—Vocal and Trombone Quartets 
See “Lil’ Gal,” *‘ Old Black Joe” and “ Still, Still With Thee’”’ 

ranterse Reel (Mittenthal-Daly) Arthur aah 
Gee, It’s Great to Meet a Friend from Your Town—Murray and Chorus 
jankcnse Reel Comedy Medley Saxophones Brown Bros. sexton! 
I Wonder What Will William Tell—One-Step Van Eps Trio 
Chicken, The—See “Children’s Records” 
{Chicken Walk—Eccentric Fox Trot (Saxophone Sextet) Brown pe 
San Francisco Souvenir March (Pietro) (Accordion Solo) Pietro 
NOTE.—Under this heading are popular songs of the day about children—not 

necessarily children’s songs, as some of them are rather crude from a literary 

standpoint, and some are doubled with othersongs. Fora list which can be rec- 
ommended for small childrensee Children’s Records and Educational Records. 



\ 16102)10) .75 

16897/10) .75 

17799/10| .75 

1818910; .75 

All Aboard for Blanket Bay—Van Brunt and My Trundle Bed—Miss Clark|16868|10| .75 
Daddy (Behrend) Wheeler and 1’m Wearing Awa’ (Foote) Wells|17203)/10| .75 
Flello, Central! Give Me Heaven and Can’t You Take It Back—Harlan\17447\|10| .75 
I'm Tying the Leaves so They Won’t—Harlan and Barney McGee—Jones|16122|10| .75 
My Trundle Bed—Clark and All Aboard for Blanket Bay—V an Brunt|16868 5 

School Days—Harlan and Negro Wedding in Southern Georgia—Peerless Qt|16526 
That Little Chap of Mine (2) Daddy and Jo My Son (2) The Mother’s 

Why Don’t They Play With Me—Harlan and Two Little Baby Shoes—Harlan|16095 
Will the Roses Bloom in Heaven—Burr and Lil’ Gal— Chicago Glee Club| 16857 
Child of a King—Gospel Hymn (Sumner) Elizabeth Whsclen eee 

Abide With Me (Dykes) - Richard José 

CHILDREN’S RECORDS-—See also ‘‘ Educational Records ”’ 

Although children of all ages are enthusiastic supporters of the Victor and enjoy a 
very large proportion of our records, we think they should have a few which havé been 
made especially for their benefit. We have therefore issued a series of well-known songs 
and recitations written especially for the little ones by several well-known authors. These 
are delightfully rendered by Henry Allan Price, Elizabeth Wheeler and other singers, in the 
plainest of English, and are sure to please every normal child. Don’t fail to take some of 
these records home to the tots, who will be delighted with them. 

ooo co°oco°oco 



Bear Story—That Alex Yist Maked Up—Part I and Part I] (Riley) Humphrey'35378) 12|1.25 

Blue Bird (2) Mr. Duck and Mr. Turkey (3) Six Little Puppies ) 

Little Birdie and Tiddlely Winks (2) The Chicken (3) The Bunny (4) 

Mr. Squirrel (with Pianoforte) Kline|17776,10. .75 
Camel and Butterfly, The (2) The Elephant and the Portmanteau—Price | 

and The Tin Gee Gee—Henry Allan Price|16694!10, .75 

Children’s Games (1) “Lazy Mary’ (2) ‘‘ London Bridge is Falling 

Down’ (3) ‘“‘Here Stands a Red Rose’’ (4) ‘‘Round and Round 

the Village’’ (5) “‘Let Your Feet Tramp! Tramp!"’ (6) ‘‘ Farmer 

in the Dell’ (7) “‘Ring Around aRosy”’ (8) ‘“‘Here We Go Round 

the Mulberry Bush” (9) “Little Ball’’ (10) “Soldier Boy’ (Emil 

Ascher) and Children’s Songs (1) “‘ Looby Loo’ (2) ‘‘ Three 

Blind Mice’ (3) “ Scissors Grinder’ (4) “‘ Lily White Daisy’® (5) 

** The Farmer” (6) ‘‘ Round and Round the Village’ (7) “‘ Water 

Water Wild Flower’’—Conway’s Band|35497/|12)1.25 
Cinderella ' and Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tales) Pauline Potter|35447|12|1.25 
David and Life of Our Lord (Bible Stories) Pauline Potter|35420|12|1.25 
Dog and the Kitty Cats (2) Pig-Brother and Little Bull Calf—Bryant| 35643) 12'1.25 

Dutch Kiddies—Wooden Shoe Dance—Victor Orchestra | | 
and Father Goose Songs— Osbourne 16839|10, .75 



Early to Bed (2) Three Blind Mice (3) Good Night 
and Scotland’s Burning (2) Row, Row, Row Your Boat (3) Lovely Evening 
(Old Rounds) Green-Dunlap-Baker|18277|10| .75  —— 
Epaminondas (From “Stories to Tell to Children ”’) 
and The Little Jackal and the Alligator—Sara Cone Bryant, 35636) 12|1.25 
Father Goose Songs-Osbourne and Dutch Kiddies-Wood Shoe Dance-V.. Orch|16839)10| .75 
Gingerbread Man (2) Jap Doll 
and Household Hints (2) Cat-tails (3) Daffodils—Kline 18015/10} .75 
Happy Little Cripple (‘‘ Rhymes of Childhood’’) James W. Riley|70079)| 12| 1.25 
Household Hints (2) Cat-tails (3) Daffodils 

and Gingerbread Man (2) Jap Doll—Kline|18015)10) .75 

Life of Our Lord and David (Bible Stories) Pauline Potter|35420)12)1.25 

Little Bull Calf and Dog and the Kiity Cats—Sara Con Bryant|35643)|12}1.25 

Little Jackal and the Alligator (From “Stories to Tell to Children ”’ 

and Epaminondas—Sara Cans Bryant|35636}12}1.25 

Little Orphant Annie—Price and Aunt Shaw’s Pet Jug—Henry Allan Price|16831|10} .75 

Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella (Fairy Tales) Pauline Potter|35447|12)1.25 
Mother Goose Songs (Hey Diddle Diddle—Little Bo-Peep—Ride a Cock 
Horse—Little Jack Horner—Twinkle, Twinkle—Lullaby) Wheeler 

and (/) Moo Cow Moo (2) His New Brother—Henry Allan Price\16863)10| .75 

Moo Cow Moo ( (2) His New Brother—Henry A. Price and Mother GooseSongs|16863)10| .75 

Mother Goose Songs, No. 2 (Piano by MacDonald) Three Little Kittens 
(2) Ride a Cock Horse (3) John, Smith (4) Willy Winkie (From 
*“ Fifteen Mother Goose Melodies,’ Elizabeth Coolidge)—Kitty Cheatham 

and Once a Little Shepherd Maiden—Cheatham|45104|10)1.00 

Night Before Christmas—Cora Mel Patten and Ginger Bread Boy—Faulkner|35418|12/1.25 

Nursery Rhymes—No. | and No.2 (See ‘‘Medley No. 15’) Kitty Cheatham|45082)10!1.00 
Once a Little Shepherd Maiden—Cheatham and Mother Sper Songs, 
No. (Piano by MacDonald) Three Little Kittens (2) Ride a Cock 
Horse (3) John Smith (4) Willy Winkie (From ‘‘ Fifteen Mother 

Goose Melodies,’’ Elizabeth Coolidge) — Kitty Cheatham|45104| 10} 1.00 

Our Hired Girl and The Raggedy Man—Saily Hamlin|18276|10| .75 

Out to Old Aunt Mary’s—Recitation (From ‘‘ The Lockerbie Book’’) Riley|70078|12/1.25 

Raggedy Man and Our Hired Girl—Sally Hamlin|18276)|10] .75 

Raggedy Man—Recitation (From ‘‘ Rhymes ot ‘of Childhood’) James W. Riley|60076/10} .75 

Scotland's Burning (2) Row, Row, Row Your Boat (3) Lovely Evening 
and Early to Bed (2) Three Blind Mice (3) Good Night 

p (Old Rounds) Green-Dunlap-Baker|18277|10| .75 

Tar Baby—Part | (Uncle Remus Tells How B'rer Rabbit was Too 

Smart for Mr. Fox) (Harris) and Part II—Harry E. Humphrey|17996)10) .75 
Teddy Bears’ Picnic—with Bear Growls and Happy Ae March—Pryor’s B}16001| 10} .75 
Tiddlely Winks (2) The Chicken (3) The Bunny (4) Mr. Squirrel 

and Blue Bird (2) Mr. Duck and neha eis) (3) Six Little Puppies—Kline|17776| 10} .75 

Tom Thumb (Fairy Tale) and Wolf and the Kids— Pauline Potter|\35570}12)1.25 
Wolf and the Kids (Fairy Tale) and Tom Thumb—Pauline Potter|35570) 12) 1.25 
Child’s Prayer, A (Bidet Harcla) In English Schumann-Heink/87094!10|2.00 

CHIME EFFECTS, Records Containing—See also ‘‘Chimes of Nor.” 
Adeste Fideles-—Chriatmas Hymn—Trinity Choir 
and Joy to the World—Christmas Hymn (Watts-Handel) Trinity Choir|16996)10) .75 
Adeste Fideles (Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful) Jn Latin 
McCormack with Male at 74436| 12)1.50 
An Evening with the Minstrels No. 3. (‘‘Chimes of de Golden Bells 
Minstrel Co_ and When the Mocking Birds are Singine—Macdonough 35149/12}1.25 
Hear dem Bells (McCosh) Billy Murray and Old Dog Tray—Hayd en Qt)16686/10| .75 
Liberty Bell March oom sa) Sousa’s Band! 1193}10} .60 
Monastery Bells—Pryor's B and With Sword and Lance March—Pryor’s B|\16397\|10) .75 
Ragtime Temple Bells. " (“Chin Chin’) Murray and Good-bye, Girls—Dixon|17715|10| .75 
Sabbath Morn—Holy ann Nee and Only a Beam of Sunshine—Mac-Bieling| 16288 | 
Shepherd's Life in the Alps ~ and Cosmopolitan Overture—Pryor s Band|35282| | 
Song of the Chimes—Cradle Song (Worrell) Alma Gluck/|/64322! | 
Songs of America, No. | Victor Mixed Chorus|/31854| | 
Star Spangled Banner Frank C. Stanley| 4160} 
Star Spangled Banner—Stanley nd Columbia, Gem of the Ocean—Macdonough\ 35009) | 
Sweet Peggy—Jones-Spencer and Mother Hasn’t Spoke to Father Since —Murray|16765) | 
Tale the Church Bells Tolled—Mac and J've a Longing in My Heart—Mac|16290)10 
Vesper Service-Hymns with Chimes—Hayden Qt and Beulah Land—Hayden Qt\16166/10} .75 
When the Bell in the Lighthouse Rings Frank C. Stanley|31426)12/1.00 
When They Ring the Golden Bells—Imperial Qt and Little Brown Church—Qt\17982)/10} .75 
When We Listened to the Chiming of the Old Church Bell—Romain 
and When Dream in the Gloaming of You—Van Brunt 16363)10| .75 
CHIMES, Church 

NOTE.—These are not actual records of church bells, but wonderfully natural 
reproductions of them, made by very large and specially constructed metal tubes. 
Adeste Fideles and Lead Kindly Light and Nearer My God to Thee—Chimes| 1605310) .75 
America and Star Spangled Banner and My Old Kentucky Home—Foster|16160,10| .75 


Auld Lang Syne and Turkey in the Straw Medley—Banjo— Ossman| 16390) 10} .75 
Ch Coming of the Year—Bells with Organ and Lord Dismiss Us|16825)|10] .75 
—_— Lead Kindly Light and Nearer My Godto Thee and Adeste Fideles—Chimes|16053|10| .75 
Lord Dismiss Us and Coming of the Year—Bells with Organ|16825|10| .75 

My Old Ky. Home (2) Home, Sweet Home and America and Star Spangled Br|16160|10| .75 
O du fréhliche—Sicilian Hymn—with Organ and Siisser die Glocken—Chimes|63682|10| .75 
CHIMES OF NORMANDY (Paris, 1877) (Planquette) 
GEMS FROM CHIMES OF NORMANDY Victor Light Opera Co/31788) 12/1.00 
Chorus, “‘ Silent Heroes "— Tust Look at, This’ ’—** Cold Sweat is on My 
Brow ’’—“‘ That Night I'll Ne’er Forget ’’—“‘Bell Chorus’’—Finale 

Sears Act I—‘*‘Just Look at This’—* “That Night I'll Ne’er Forget,”’ 
Act IlI—“‘When I’m by Your Side,” ActII—“‘Legend of the Bells,’”’ Act I 
—‘‘Not a Ghost at All,’”’ Act II—Sousa’s B 
and Naila Intermezzo—Pas des Fleurs (Delibes) Pryor’s Band|35134|12|1.25 

and Poet and Peasant Overture (von Suppe) Pryor’ 's B\16385)|10| .75 
SELECTION oF THE P PRINCIPAL AIRS—‘‘On Billow Rocking’’—“‘With 
Joy My -—**As He’s Looking Somewhat Pale’ jarresenG of the 
yen My rte ek at That, Just Look at This’’—**Cider Song’’—Finale 
and Erminie Selection—V ictor Orchestra\35583) 12) 1.25 
SELECTION OF THE PRINCIPAL AIRS (Sameas above) Sousa’s Band!/31180)12/1.00 

Chiming Bells of Long Ago (Shattuck) Evan Williams|64634|10|1.00 
China—See “National and Patriotic Airs”’ 
Cee ne: My Chinatown (Jerome-Schwartz) American Qt} i7684\10l .75 
I Knew Him When He Was All Right (Von Tilzer) American Qt ; 
(Gpisacon a) My Chinatown—Medley One-Step Victor pas 354291 1211.25 
Music Box Rag—Fox-Trot (Roberts) Victor Military Band 

CHIN CHIN—Musical Fantasy by Anne Caldwell and Ivan Caryll 
Ballymooney (Lowry) 
and I’ve Been Floating Down the Old Green River—Billy Murray|17885)10| .75 
Good-Bye Girls, I’m Through—Raymond Dixon 
and Ragtime Tee Bells—Billy Murray|17715)10| .75 
Grey Dove Margaret Romaine|60133/10| .75 
Love Moore ale, Song—Olive Kline and Lyric Qt 
Sparkling Moselle (‘‘Papa’s Darling’) Kline-Macdonough-Lyric Qt}17665|10| .75 
Reeuie eT ercle Bells—Billy Murray 
and Good-Bye Girls, I’m Through—Raymond Dixon\17715}10] .75 

GEMS FROM fe CHIN Victor Light Opera Co 
horus, * y New Year’’—Solo and Chorus, * ‘ Violet’’—Solo 
and sae WWeeoabianc Girls ’’—Duet, ‘* Love Moon ’’"—Chorus, 35440] 12/1.25 
** Ragtime Temple Bells”’ 
Gems from “Maid in America”’ Victor Rte Opera Co 
ee Chin Fox Trot (See ‘“‘Medley No. 80”) Victor Band \ amigo (altho 
Watch Your Step—Medley Fox Trot (Berlin) Victor Military B : 
ese Chin—Medley Fox-Trot Saxophone Sextet Six Brown Brothers 18149] 101 .75 
Laverne—Waltz Caprice Saxophone Henton and Conway’s Band. ; 
Chinese Blues—Fox Trot (Redman-Romberg) (See ‘Medley No. 82’’) 
Sousa’s ae 35514/12}1.25 
Auf Wiedersehn—Waltz (‘‘Blue Paradise ’’) Victor Dance Orch 
{crneee Blues (Moore-Gardner) Irving anrmaD 17919|10|-.75 
Sooner or Later Ada Jones- Billy Murray ‘ 
Chinese Fox Trot—Medley (‘Amber Empress”) (See “ Medley 
No. 83’’) (Parenteau) Victor Band ;|355$8) 12|1.25 
Miss Ph rate One-Step (Kalman) Victor Military Band 
{aes Picnic and Oriental Dance Medley—One-Step Van Eps re 17601\10| .75 
Notoriety Rag—One-Step (Widmer) Banjo-Piano-Drum Van Eps Trio : 
CHOCOLATE SOLDIER— Operetta by Oscar Straus 
** Fighting for Love ’’—Duet, *‘ That Would Be Lovely” —‘** Letter 35416/1211.25 
Due def? Choe tT ha nk the Lord”—Solo and Cho., ““ My Hero”’ ‘ 
GEMS FROM MERRY WIDOW Victor Light Opera Co 
My Hero Waltz Lucy Isabelle Marsh|60012/10| .75 
My Hero Waltz—Whistling—Gialdini and Love is Like a Rose—Stevensonand Burr|16854|10| .75 

Selection of Principal Airs—Vessella’s B and Woodland W hisperings—Pryor’s B|35217\12|1.25 
Waltzes (For Dancing) Pryor’sB and Dollar Princess Waltz-—Victor Orch\16473/|10| .75 


CHOIR RECORDS—See “ Hymns” and “‘ Sacred Songs” 


Born near Warsaw, Poland,» 1809. Studied under Zywny 
and Elsner, and pronounced a genius at 8. Entered Warsaw 
Conservatory at 12. Published first composition at 14, the Rondo 
in C Minor. Other celebrated works written before 19. At 20, 
concert tour of German cities with success. Too frail physically for 
army, became an exile, and lived Paris as teacher and pianist. 
Associated with Bellini, Cherubini, Meyerbeer. Visited England 
in 1837 and began acquaintance with George Sand (Mme. 
Dudevant). They returned to France 1839, separated 1847. 
Alternate happiness and misery of this association aggravated his CHOPIN 
tubercular condition, and he died 1849. Buried Pére-la-Chaise, Paris, after impressive 
funeral attended by entire musical colony. 

Works consist mainly of smaller pieces for piano, and his nocturnes, mazurkas, 
etudes, have never been equaled in their particular class. His personality remarkable— 
cared nothing for applause, and fascinated all who met him.  Life-long illness and 
sympathy for trials of his native Poland found expression in music of exquisite beauty. 

The Victor takes pride in giving to the world many beautiful and perfect reproduc- 
tions of the playing of the greatest interpreters of Chopin, including de Pachmann, whose 
renditions of the master’s works are unsurpassable. 


Ballade (Op. 47, A flat) Pianoforte Vladimir de Pachmann|74309}12|1.50 
Berceuse (Op. 57) Pianoforte and Les Sylvains (Chaminade) La Fores 55031) 12)1.50 
Etude in G Flat Major (Op. 25, No. 9) Paderewski|64706| 10/1.00 
Etude in G Sharp Minor (2) Etude in A flat Pianoforte Wilhelm Bachaus|/74159) 121.50 
Etude, Op. 10, No.5 (2) Prelude, Op. 28, No. 24 Pianoforte de Pachmann|74260}12)1.50 
Fantasie Impromptu—Opus 66 Pianoforte Wilhelm Bachaus|71040) 12|1.50 
Funeral March and Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah) Estey Pipe Organ|35547)|12|1.25 
Funeral March (Marche funébre) Pianoforte de Pachmann|74304/12}1.50 
uneral March—Pryor’s Band and Cujus Animam—Pryor’s Band|35157|12)1.25 
Mazurka in A Minor (Opus 67, No. 4) Violin Fritz Kreisler|64504/ 10|1.00 
Mazurka, Opus 33, No.2 (2) Moment Musicale 
and Dorothy (2) Gavotte Xylophone—Reitz|18216)10| .75 
Mazurka, Opus 50, No. 2, A flat Major Pianoforte Vladimir de Pachmann|64224' 10/1.00 
Mazurka, Opus 59, No. 3, F Sharp Minor de Pachmann/|64263 10}1.00 
Minute Waltz (2) Bee (Schubert) Violin Maud Powell|64076| 10) 1.00 
Nocturne—G Major (12th Nocturne, Op. 37, No.2) Pianoforte de Pachmann|74313)12)1.50 
Nocturne in F Major (Opus 15) Pianoforte Vladimir de Pachmann|74293)12/1.50 
Nocturne in D flat (Opus 27, No. 2) Pianoforte Frank La Forge|70045)12/1.25 
Nocturne in E flat—Sorlin ’Cello and Martha Overture (Flotow) Pryor’s Band|35133)12\1.25 
Nocturne in E flat Violin (Sarasate arr.) Mischa Elman| 74052) 121.50 
Nocturne in F Sharp Major (Op. 15, No. 2) . Paderewski|74529) 12|1.50 
Polonaise Militaire—(Op. 40, No. 1) Paderewski| 74530) 12|1.50 
Polonaise Militaire—Vessella’s Band and Carnival Romain—Concert Orch\35241)12)1.25 
Prelude, Op. 28, No. 24 (2) Etude, Op. 10, No.5 Pianoforte de Pachmann|74260|12/1.50 
Reminiscences of Chopin (Winterbottom ) 
and Casse Noisette—Overture Miniature—Pryor’s Band|17127|10) .75 
Waltz (Op. 64, No. 1) (2) Cygne, Le (Swan) (Saint-Saéns) Violin Zimbalist|74338) 12) 1.50 
CHORUSES FROM OPERAS—For many records by La Scala 
Chorus of Milan, and also for many solos, duets, etc., with chorus, 
see various operas 
Cavalleria Rusticana—Gli aranci, olezzano /talian N. Y. Grand Opera Chorus /64408) 10|1.00 
Faust—Deposons les armes In French . Y. Grand Opera Chorus|74214|12/1.50 
Faust—Kermesse Scene I/n French N. Y. Grand Opera Chorus| 74213) 12|1.50 
Faust—Trio from Prison Scene Jn English Victor Opera Trio|60097/|10| .75 
Flying Dutchman—Spinning Chorus—Victor Women’s Chorus 
and Lohengrin—Bridal Chorus—V ictor Opera Chorus|35494 12)1.25 
Huguenots—Soldiers’ Chorus /n Italian 
and Magic Flute—O Isis—Metropolitan Opera Chorus'45051 10|1.00 
Lohengrin—Bridal Chorus (Faithful and True) Jn English 
Victor Opera Chorus/ 31846 12/1.00 
Lohengrin—Bridal Chorus—Victor Opera Chorus 
and Flying Dutchman—Spinning Chorus—V ictor Women’s Chorus 35494 12|1.25 
Lucia—Sextette—Chi mi frena J/nItalian Victor Opera Sextet|70036) 12/1.25 
Magic Flute—O Isis und Isiris Jn German 
and Huguenots—Soldiers’s Chorus—Metropolitan Opera Chorus 45051 10/1.00 

(Continued on next page) | 


Ch Prince Igor—Coro di donne 

and Prince Igor—Coro di danza—In Italian—Metropolitan Opera Chorus|45133} 10} 1.00 

—- Rigoletto Quartet—Bella figlia dell’ amore IJnJtalian_ Victor Opera Quartet|70073}12)1.25 

Rigoletto—Scorrendo unite remota via Italian N.Y. Grand Opera Chorus|64049}|10/ 1.00 
Tannhauser—Pilgrims’ Chorus English 

and Trovatore—A nvil Chorus—Victor Male Chorus|17563)|10| .75 

Trovatore-Anvil Cho English and Tannhduser-Pilgrims’ Cho-V. Male Cho|17563}10) .75 

Trovatore—Anvil Chorus Jn English Victor Male Chorus| 1258]10| .60 

Trovatore—Squillo echeggilatromba IJnItalian N.Y. Grand Opera Cho|64050/10) 1.00 

CHORUSES—Male Voices 

Favorite College Songs and Songs of Good Fellowship—Victor Male Chorus|35573}12)1.25 
Fidelio—Prisoners’ Chorus (““Oh! What Delight’’) Victor Male Chorus 
and The Heavens Resound—V ictor Oratorio Chorus|35576| | 2| 1.25 
Songs of Good Fellowship and Favorite College Songs—Victor Male Chorus|35573}12)1.25 
Tannhauser—Pilgrims’ Chorus and 7 rovatore—V ictor Male Chorus|\17563)10| .75 
Trovatore—Anvil Chorus In English Victor Male Chorus| 1258/10! .60 
Trovatore—AnvilChorus and Tannhduser—Pilgrims’ Chorus—V ictor Male Cho|17563)10) .75 
Trovatore—Anvil Chorus Jn English | Victor Male Chorus 
and Samson and Delilah— Women’s Chorus|17624|10} .75 
War Songs—Victor Male Chorus and Sea Songs—V ictor Mixed Chorus|}35351|12)1.25 
CHORUSES— Mixed Voices—See also “‘ Quartets, Mixed Voices ”’ 
(For Choir Records see ‘‘Hymns”’ and “ Sacred Songs ’”’) 
America and Red, White and Blue—V ictor Mixed Chorus\17578|10| .75 
America and Sail On—Billy Sunday Chorus at New York Tabernacle|18322)10|' .75 
Angels from the Realms of Glory and OA, Little Town of Bethlehem—Trinity C\35594]12}1.25 
Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin Victor Opera Chorus|31 846} |2/1.00 
Christmas Songs and Carols (See ‘‘Medley No. 4’’) Victor Mixed Cho 31873) 12/1.00 
Gospel Songs, No. |—Moody and Sankey Hymns (See *‘ Medley No. 10°’) 
and No. 2—Billy Sunday Hymns—Victor Mixed Chorus|35510 
Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah (Handel) Victor Cho with Sousa’s Band|31770 
Heavens Resound (Beethoven) Oratorio Chorus — and Fidelio—Male Chorus|35576 
It Came Uponthe Midnight Clear and While Shepherds Watched—V ictor Cho|35412 
Joseph Mine and Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming—Lyric Quairtet|17870 
Messiah—And the Glory of the Lord 
and. Pastoral Symphony (2) Glory to God—Victor Chorus\35499 
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem and Angels from Realms of Glory—Trinity C\35594 
Red, White and Blue and A merica—V ictor Mixed Chorus|17578 
Sacred Songs No. | (See ‘““Medley No. 19°’) and No. 2—Victor Mixed Chorus|35613 
Sail On and America—Billy Sunday Chorus, New York Tabernacle| 18322 
Sea Songs—Victor Mixed Chorus and War Songs—Victor Male Chorus|35351 
Seven Last Words of Christ—Part I and Part [I—Victor Oratorio Chorus\18173 
Song Medleys, Nos. 5 and 6—See “‘Medleys, Vocal’’ : 
Songs of America, No. 1 (Contents under ‘‘ Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Cho|31854 
Songs of Ireland (See *‘ Medley No. 24°’) Victor Mixed Chorus|31865 
Songs of Ireland _ and Songs of Scotland (See ‘‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Cho|35513 
Songs of Scotland (See ‘‘ Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Cho|31869 
Songs of Scotland and Songs of Ireland (See ‘‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Cho|35513 
Songs of the Past No. | and No.2 (See ““Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Chorus|35477 
Songs of the Past No. 3 and No. 4 (See “‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Chorus|35483 
Songs of the Past No. 5 and No. 6 (See “‘ Medleys’”’) Victor Mixed Chorus|35492 
Songs of the Past No. 7 and No. 8 (See ““Medleys”) Victor Mixed Chorus|35498 
Songs of the Past—No.9 and No. ]0 (See “‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Chorus|35537 
Songs ofthe Past—No. 11 and No. /2 (See “‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Chorus|\35550 
Songs of the Past—No. 13 and No. 14 (See ““Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Chorus|35558 
Songs of the Past—No. 15 and No. 16 (See “‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Cho|35568 
Songs of the Past—No. 17 and No. 1/8 (See ‘‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Cho|35578 
Songs of the Past No. 19 and No. 20 (See ‘‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Chorus|35585 
Songs ofthe Past No. 21 and No. 22 (See “‘Medleys’’) Victor Mixed Chorus|35607 
Songs of the Past—No. 23 and _ No. 24 (See ‘‘Medleys” )— Victor Mixed Cho|35611 
While Shepherds Watched and /tCame Upon the Midnight Clear—V. Oratorio C|35412 

‘ CHORUS, Solos with—See also Various Operas 

Carmen—T oreador Song—Werrenrath and Cho and Pagliacci— Werrenrath|55068 
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (Bland) Gluck with Male Chorus|74420 
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming McCormack with Male Chorus|64423 
Don Pasquale—Serenata, Com’ é gentil Jn Italian Martinelli and Chorus|64700 
Favorita—Splendon pit belle Jtalian Journet with Metropolitan Opera Cho|74273 
Funiculi, Funicula Jn /Jtalian (Denza) McCormack with Male Chorus |64437 
I Left Her on the Beach at Honolulu—Macdonough and Chorus 

and Have a Heart—Green-Dixon|18104 
Inflammatus from Stabat Mater (Rossini) Victor Chorus with Marsh| 70037 
It's a Long Long Way to Tipperary McCormack with Male Chorus|64476 
Lullaby from Erminie_ (Jakobowski)_ Mabel Garrison with Victor Chorus|74481 
Marseillaise, La—(de L’Isle) Jn French Alda with Metropolitan Opera Cho|64693 
My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Gluck with Male Chorus|74468 

tt et eet 

— ot ot 




eh tt tt tt tt es ee et et et et et 
eh ts es eh me et ee et ee eh ed et et ee 

<ceecouNwy Io cooOc©e 

et et et et et et 
te et et 


“CHORUS, SOLOS WITH—Continued Fars: 

Old Black Joe (Foster) Gluck with Male Chorus|74442)/ 12) 1.50 
Our Own Beloved Land—Hamilton with Victor Chorus 
and For the Freedom of the World—Macdonough-Orpheus Qt|18337|10| .75 —— 
Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag—Hamilton and Chorus 
and Home Again (Her Soldier Boy) Green and Lyric Quartet}|18222|10| .75 
Samson et Dalila—Vois ma misére, hélas! Jn French 
Caruso and Metropolitan Opera Chorus/88581/12/3.00 
There's Egypt in Your Dreamy Eyes—Dixon and Chorus 
and Whose Pretty Baby— Orpheus Quartet|18238}10)| .75 

Under the Bamboo Tree—Marie Cahill with Chorus 
and Fare Thee, Honey, Fare Thee Well—Marie Cahill|45125|10|1.00 

Vacant Chair, The (Root-Washburn) McCormack with Male Chorus|64499}10/ 1.00 
GbEiee Arose—Easter Hymn (Lowry) Hayden pated edos| talkers 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Fearis) . Harold Jarvis 

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HYMNS (Church of Christ, Scientist) 
Day by Day the Manna Fell and In Thee, Oh Spirit— Percy Hemus|17428)|10} .75 
In Thee, Oh Spirit, True and Tender and Day by Day—Percy Hemus|17428|10] .75 
O’er Waiting Harp Strings of the Mind (Eddy-Root) George Hamlin|74200}12/1.50 
Saw Ye My Saviour (Eddy- prackett) George Hamlin|64270|10/1.00 
Shepherd, Show oa row to Go (Eddy-Brackett) George Hamlin|64295}]10/1.00 

Christmas Carol, A (J. G. Holland) (2) Bible Reading—Luke 2 
Harry Humphrey 

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Willis) (2) Hark! the aE irae 
Herald Angels Sing (3) Joy to the World Victor Orchestra 
Christmas Carol, A (Dickens) See ‘‘Scrooge” 

Christmas Day in the Workhouse _ (Sims) Robert Hilliard|70093}12)1.25 
Sane Light, Behold (von der Mehden) Peerless Quertst\ Reese oTDS 
Ring Out, Wild Bells (Tennyson-Gounod) Percy Hemus ; 
pops Morning at Clancey’s—Irish Specialty Steve percent ie936liol .75 
Clancey’s Wooden Wedding—Irish Song Steve Porter ; 

CHRISTMAS RECORDS—See also “Messiah,” ‘‘Stabat Mater” 
and the Victor German Catalogue 
Adeste Fideles and Lead Kindly Light (2) Nearer My God to T hee—Chimes|16053)]10| .75 
Adeste Fideles (with Chimes) Trinity Choir and Joy to the World—Choir|16996|10} .75 
Adeste Fideles—Hayden Qt and Home Over There—Macdonough and Quartet|16197|10| .75 
Adeste Fideles (with Chimes) InLatin McCormack with Male Chorus|74436|12|1.50 
Angels from the Realms of Glory 
and OA, Little Town of Bethlehem—Trinity Choir|35594|12/1.25 
Babes in Toyland—The Toymaker’s Shop (Herbert) Victor Herbert’s Orch|60080)|10} .75 
Bible Reading—Luke 2 (2) A Christmas Carol—Humphrey 
and Jt Came Upon the Midnight Clear—V ictor Orchestra|18086}10! .75 
Birthday of a Rine=Ohrstias Song (Neidlinger) Lambert Murphy|60083]10| .75 
Christmas Carol, A (2) Bible Reading—Luke 2 (Holland) Humphrey 
and Jt Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Willis) (2) Hark! the Herald 
Angels Sing (3) Joy tothe World—Victor Orchestra|18086| 10] .75 
Christmas Day in the Workhouse (Sims) Robert Hilliard|/70093} 12) 1.25 
Christmas Light, Behold—Peerless Qt and Ring Out, Wild Bells—Hemus|35335|12|1.25 
Christmas Morning at Clancey’ s—Irish Specialty 
and ae s Wooden Wedding—Porter|16936}10) .75 
Christmas Songs and eal. (See ‘ Medic No. 4") Victor Mixed Chorus/31873]12/1.00 
First Nowell - and Nazareth (Gounod) Lyric Quartet|17647|10| .75 
Hallelujah Chorus (From ‘‘ Messiah’’) | Victor Chorus and Sousa’s Band|31770|12/1.00 
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing—Trinity Choir and Silent Night—Elsie Bake1}17164|10| .75 
Holy Night (Adam) and Hosanna (Granier) Macdonough|16060\10| .75 
Holy Night (Adam) (See also ‘“‘Noé!’’) Evan Williams|64106/10/1.00 
Holy Night (Adam) Venetian Trio 
and Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Gruber) Celesta—A rndt}17842)|10| .75 
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear 
and While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night—Victor Oratorio Chorus|35412|12}1.25 
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (2) Hark! the Herald Angels Sing 
(3) Joy tothe World—-V.O. and Christmas Carol (2) Bible Reading-Humphrey| 18086} 10} .75 
Jesus de Nazareth (Gounod) IJnFrench (Piano acc.) Pol Plancgon|85065}12|3.00 
Joseph Mine—Mixed Chorus and Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming—Lyric Qt|17870|10| .75 
ioy to the World—Trinity Choir and O Come All Ye Faith ful—Trinity Stor 16996)}10| .75 
o, How aRose E’er Blooming (2) To Us is ge Immanuel—Lyric 
Joseph Mine—Mixed Chae 17870|10} .75 
Nazareth (Gounod) and First Nowell—Old Ci Yaad Carol—Lyric Quartet}17647|10) .75 
Nazareth—Christmas Song—Frank Croxton and Yule-Tide—Pryor’s Band|35261|12/1.25 
New Born King—Hill and Beautiful Valley of Eden—Mr. and Mrs. W heeler\16563|10| .75 
Néel (Holy Night) (Adam) Jn French Enrico Caruso|/88561/12/3.00 

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Néel ey Night) (Adam) In French Pol Plancon|81023} | 
Noel (Holy Night) (Adam) In French (See also * ‘Holy.Night”’ rr Plancon|85099| | 

, Come, All Ye Faithful—See ‘‘Adeste Fideles”’ 
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem and Angels from Realms of Glory— Trinity Choir|35594 
Ring Out, Wild Bells—Hemus and Christmas Light, Behold—Peerless Quartet|35335 
Scrooge—Marley’ s Ghost and Ghost vie S hristmas Past (Dickens) Battis eoree 

Scrooge—Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas to Come—Battis|3556 
Silent Night (Gruber) Baker and Hark! the Herald Angels Sing—T rinity Choir| 1716 
Silent Night, Hallowed Night-Hayden Qt and Will There Be Stars-Hayden Qt| 16286 
Star of Bethlehem (Stephen Adams) Evan Williams|74187 
Star of Bethlehem—Macdonough and Saviour W hen Night Involves—Choir| 35055 
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (For six records see ‘‘Stille Nacht’’) 
To Us is BornImmanuel (2) Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming—Lyric Qt 
and Joseph Mine —-Mixed ¢ Chorus|17870|10| .75 
Vom Himmel hoch da Komm’ ich her Jn German Schumann-Heink|88381|1!2/3.00 
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night 
and It Came Upon the Midnight Clear—Victor Oratorio Chorus|35412|12|1.25 
Yule-Tide Medley—Pryor’s Band and Nazareth—Christmas Song—Croxton|35261)|1!2|1.25 
Christmas Songs and Carols Victor Mixed Chorus/31873})!2|1.00 
**Christians Awake,"’ “‘ Little Town of Bethlehem,” “‘God Rest You, 
: ** ** Silent Night”’ 

erry Gentlemen,””’ *‘ First Nowell,’ 
(eruE pune Valse (A. Margis) Orchestre Tzigane 
Le Baiser—Valse Boston (O. Crémieux) Orchestre Tzigane 
(apres Receiveth Sinful Men (McGranahan) Hayden Qt 
God is a Spirit—Anthem (Bennett) Lyric Quartet 
eee crises (From “ Ziegfeld Follies, 1917 ’?) Green-Orpheus Q\ 18336|10|.75 
Hello, My Dearie Alice Green and Raymond Dixon ; 
Church of Christ, Scientist— See “Christian Science” 
CHURCH, Records for Church Use—See “‘ Bible Reading,” 
** Hymns,”’ “‘ Potter,’”’ “Sacred Songs”’ and the various Oratorios 
Church Scene _ (From ‘‘ Old Homestead”’) Hayden Quartet/31241|12|1.00 
(een aes Trot (Theo. Morse) Victor Military Paes 
Sugar Lump—Fox Trot (Fred M. Bryan) Victor Military Band. Leo elt 
CICCOLINI, GUIDO, Tenor—See ‘“‘Cavalleria Rusticana” 
Cid, Le—O souverain, 6 juge, 6 pére! (Almighty Lord, Oh Judge, Oh 
Father) (Act III) (Massenet) Jn French Enrico Caruso/88554|12/3.00 
Cielo Turchino (Neapolitan Song) (Capaldo-Ciociano) Jn Italian Caruso|87218|10|2.00 

CIGADA, FRANCESCO, Baritone (Chee-gah’ -dah) See “ Africana,”’ 


\ 67149|10} .75 

\ 16038)10} .75 

“Chrment ie Ernani,”” ““Faust”’ ‘‘Favorita,” “Hamlet,” “Lucia,” 
“Masked Ball,” “Pagliacci,” “Rigoletto” and “Trovatore” 

{clean Baro Magyar 2-os lepes, A Hungarian pane) 95 

Kis angyalom indulo Hungarian Band 69963/10)). 
ae (Fairy Tale) Pauline potter! 

Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale) Pauline Potters |35447)12|'.25 
(paneer ate: La (Gabriel-Marie) Xylophone Wm. H. aoe 

The Dawn of Love Neapolitan Trio 18296)10)- 75 
\eoreee The (From “‘ American Country Dances ”?——Burchenal ) Victor Et 

Hull’s Victory (arr. by Burchenal) Victor Military Band 1836710) ~22 
(suse Day in Dixie (Yellen-Gumble) (Descriptive) American oy 

Gasoline Gus and His Jitney Bus (Gay-Brown) American Qt 17838)10) .73 
(een: Life Galop (Ringleben) Xylophone William H. Ses 

Here, There and Everywhere March (Bosc) Pryor’s Band. 1645510) .75 
(ieee (2) La Spagnuola Waltz Accordion ; ee en 

Azalea Waltz (B. Hartz) «Mandolin Dr. Clarence Penney 7643/10) .75 
ee ries (Pestalozza) Victor Shares 5 

Berlin Echoes—March Two-Step (Lincke) Victor Orchestras |t©357|!0) -7 
{Se DE orate Song In Italian Mme. Lia Dien 5 5 

Girofle-Girofla Selection (Lecocq) Pryor’s Band. 16652) 100e 
teeta Waltz (Pestalozza) Whistling Guido Fae ae 

West Lawn Polka (Glynn-Bacon) Banjo (Piano acc.) F. J. Bacon 7129) 10) 213 
ee of Beautiful Nonsense (J. M. Beck, Jr.) Victor Concert Orch 

Only a Dream (J. M. Beck, Jr.) Victor Concert Orchestra |18187|'0 .75 

Clairon, Le (Chant du Soldat) (Dérouléde-André) French Journet|74473)12)1.50 

Ser: Green—Darky Specialty Golden and eueteaeh SeoR Tah 25 
Rubetown Minstrels (Contents under “‘Minstrels’’) | Victor Minstrel Co 7 
(Clancey’s Wooden Wedding—tIrish Song Steve perce Teosdiol.75 

{ Christmas Morning at Clancey’s—lIrish Specialty Steve Porter : 
Clang of the Forge (Rodney) Emilio de Gogorza|64037)10|1.00 
{Clara Jenkins’ Tea (Harngan-Braham) Collins and perlan TAS TEHOIE 
Lee ThabRathoad Rag (Vincent-Bimberg) Walter Van Brunt a 
CLARINET SOLOS AND DUETS—See also “ Instrumental Duets” 
Concertino (Weber) Draper and Love Dance Intermezzo—V ictor Orchestra\35182)12|1.25 
Dreamy Moments _ Clarinet-Flute and Elégie (Massenet) Elise Stevenson|16212|10| .75 
Sweet Visions of Childhood Clarinet-Flute and Loin du Bal—Pryor's Band| 35035) 12)1.25 
CLARK, HELEN, Soprano 
Doll Girl—Come On Over Here—with Murray 
and My Wonderful Dream Girl—Wells|17441\10| .75 
Firefly, The—Sympathy—with Van Brunt and My Persian Rose—Girl Qt}17270|10) .75 
Girl from Montmartre—Don’'t Turn My Picture—Van Brunt 
and When Its Apple Blossom Time—Dunlap-Mac\17245)10| .75 
Good-Bye, Sweet Day (Vannah) and King’s Highway (Molloy) Werrenrath\16850/10| .75 
Hanky Panky—with Van Brunt and That’s How I Need You—Burr|17173|10| .75 
In the Valley of the Moon—with Burr and When the Angelus—Lyric Quartet|17587)|10| .75 
Last Night (Kjerulf) and Thine Eyes So Blue and Tender (Lassen) Wells}16929/10| .75 
Let Bygones Be Bygones—with Burr and /’m Crying Just for You—Jones-Murray|17562\10| .75 
My Trundle Bed and All Aboard for Blanket Bay— Van Brunt|16868)10| .75 
Sun of My Soul (Keble-Ritter) and Calvary—Trinity Choir}17479|10| .75 

CLARKE, HERBERT L., Cornetist 

Herbert L. Clarke, who is one of the greatest cornet soloists 
in the world, has been the leading player with many famous bands 
and orchestras including Gilmore’s Band, Innes’ Band, Seventh 
Regiment Band of New York, etc., besides conductor of the 
famous Providence Band which succeeded Reeves’ American 
Band. Mr. Clarke is the assistant conductor and soloist of Sousa’s 
Band, and during the around-the-world tour of the band, his 
playing was one of the great features of the concerts. 

A fine list of solos by Mr. Clarke and duets with other 

tnstruments, is offered by the Victor. 

CLARKE RECORDS—See also “Instrumental Duets "’ CLARKE 
Ah, Cupid and Birds in the Forest—Rattay, Levy and Lyons|16296\10| .75 
Aloha Oe (Farewell) with Band and From an Indian Lodge—Sousa’s Band|17035}10} .75 
Bride of the Waves and Nightingale and the Frog—Darius Lyons|16194||0} .75 
Caprice Brilliante and Lasca (Deprez) Edgar L. Davenport|35090|12\1.25 
Carnival of Venice and Titl’s Serenade—Cornet-Flute—Keneke and Lyons|16088}10} .75 
La Veta and Tipica Polka—Mandolin-Guitar—Page and Ramseyer|16332|10| .75 
Once Upona Time with Band and Tesoro Mio Waltz—Pryor’s Band|16447/|10) .75 
Showers of Gold and Gondolier and Nightingale—Cornet-Flute|17153|10| .75 
Southern Cross and Good Night Beloved (Pinsuti) Brass Quartet|17109|10} .75 
Russian Fantasie and Largo (Handel) Howard Rattay|16313)10| .75 
Sounds from the Hudson and American Valor—M. Siegel and Butin|16679|10} .75 
Classical Spasm, A—Ragtime One-Step (Based on Scharwenka’s “‘Polish 
Dance” and Paderewski ‘“‘Minuet’’) (arr. by Thomas) Thomas }}18229/10) .75 
Delirious Rag—One-Step (Piano Solo) Harry Thomas 

Clavelitos (Carnations) Jn Spanish (with Orch. and Mandolin) Bori|87217|10)/2.00 
Lareone Grand March (Blake) (ln slow time for Marching) Victor of 35397] 1211.25 
In Lilac Time—March (Engelmann) Victor Military Band : 

CLEMENT, EDMOND, Tenor (Klay-mong’—ng partly sounded) 
(For list of records, portrait and sketch see “‘Clement”’ in Pink Section) 

pee ges de Lettre (Letter Song) (Act 2) (Massenet) \ 64587 1011.00 

In French Journet 
CLOG DANCES—See “Dance Records” and ‘“‘Medley No. 84’’ 
{Close to Thee (Crosby-Vail) Anthony and Harnege) 17024\10| .75 
\ Looking This Way (Van Deventer) Anthony and Harrison : 
(ots to Jesus (Daniel-Gabriel) Podehen rend? Naa 18341\10| .75 
Drifting Homer Rodeheaver and George Brewster : 


Cl ° ° ° ft . 
osing Time in a Country Grocery Collins and paneer 17255101 .75 

Cl { Krausmeyer and His Dog (Dog Imitations) Spencer and Holt 
Come Back to Me and When June Time Brings the Roses—Brown-Harrison|17641|10| .75 

When I| Dream of Old Erin and Peg o’ My Heart—Chas. Harrison|17412|10| .75 
{Clown Dance—Fox Trot (Lake) Conway’s Rend 
( Poet’s Vision—Waltz Conway’s Band 18142/104-75 
Anyorances—Sardana (Serra) and Euskeria—Banda del Gramophone'67620 10| .75 
Jorn de Festa—Sardana (Serra) and Euskeria, Pt. II—Banda del Gramophone 67621110! . 
eon Dance (Andrew Herman) Victor Seen 
Old Wine in New Bottles (Old Minstrel Songs) Victor Military B PT PSR OE A? 

CODOLINI, AMELIA, Mezzo-Soprano (Koh-doh-lee’-nee) See “* Favorita” 
{Bin de ma mie (Heart of My Love) (Dalcroze) French vl} 

Dimanche 4 l’aube (Sunday at Dawn) (Folk Song) (Bourgault- 
Ducourdray) In French Paul Reimers 

COGHLAN, ROSE, American Actress 

**Tell you something of my life on the stage! Why, that 
would take volumes,” said Miss Coghlan, as though exhausted 
at the idea. Certainly few actresses have had so comprehensive 
and successful a career. Att the age of nineteen she was playing 
Lady Macbeth in an English provincial town. She has played 
with many famous actors, and has been around the world at the 
head of her own company. The Victor has induced Miss 
Coghlan to recite Tennyson’s famous poem, and the result is one : 
of the most dramatic and thrilling records imaginable. MARCEAU COGHLAN 

COGHLAN RECORD—Charge of the Light Brigade Tennyson|31728)12/1.00 

COHAN, GEORGE M., Comedian 

This versatile gentleman, sometimes known as ‘‘ The Yankee ¢ 
Doodle Boy,” is a real nephew of Uncle Sam, as he was born on [ 
July 4, 1878, in Providence. At the age of 10 he began his 
theatrical career in a play wnitten by his father, and a few years later 
entered the vaudeville field with the Cohan family, the company 
being known as The Four Cohans. 

Young George’s first sketch was The Governor’s Son, which 
brought the family into added prominence. It was Little Johnny 
Jones, however, that made him widely known as a native American 
author. This highly original musical comedy was produced Oc- 

45063) 10|1.00 


tober 10, 1904. Other pieces by him were 45 Minutes from Broadway, Geo. Washington, Jr., 
Popularity, Little Millionaire, American Idea, Yankee Doodle Boy, Yankee Prince, Talk of 
New York, etc. 

I’m Mighty Glad I’m Living, That's All George M. Cohan/60044/10) .75 
Life’s a Funny Proposition, After All George M. Cohan|60042/|10| .75 
P. S. Mister Johnson Sends Regards George M. Cohan; 70039) 12)1.25 
“Always Leave Them Laughing,” *“Grand Old Flag,” ** Haunting 
Melody,” “ If I'm Goin’ to Die,”” “Oh, You Coon,” *"So Long Mary,” | 
‘When We are Married’ and “ Yankee Doodle Boy ”’ | 
{ Gonen s Wedding (Smith) Avon Comedy Eee 35602 12 1.25 
Hungarian Restaurant Scene Avon Comedy Four ; 
‘cea at the Telephone (Comic Monologue) Barney perp 18029/10| .75 
Goldstein Goes in the Railroad Business Barney Bernard boa ik 
{aeniee Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars (Berlin) Rhoda per 18023110! .75 
Nat’an (For What Are You Waitin’, Nat’an?) . Rhoda Bernard , 
COLAZZA, LUIGI, Tenor (Koh-lat ’-zah) See “‘Ernani,” ‘‘ Forza 3 
del Destine”? “‘Prophéte”’ and “‘ Trovatore ”’ 

COLD STREAM GUARDS—See “ Life for the Czar," ** National | 

Airs—Great Britain,” ‘‘Norma’’ and “Sicilian. Vespers” | Lo 



songs’ now before the public. It has been freely predicted that 
this type of song would cease to be the fashion, but we can see 
few signs of any decrease in popularity. Victor audiences, 
however, are becoming more particular, and insist that the numbers 
must be well sung and the words extremely plain. Mr. Collins 
is quite able to please his hearers in this respect, and his work is 
always good, both in solos and in the clever duets made with 
Mr. Harlan. These unique songs and specialties have amused 
countless record customers during the past seventeen years. COPY'T CHANNELL 

Mr. Collins is one of the most successful singers of ‘‘coon 

Allin, Down and Out (Johnson) and Medley Dance (Kamman) Chapman 16211) | 
Any Rags (Allen) and Every Little Bit Added (Dillon) Arthur Collins 16215, | 
Chicken Reel and Gee, But its Great to Meet a Friend—Murray and Chorus, 16897) | 
Every Little Bit Added to What You’ve Got and Any Rags—Arthur Collins 16215, | 
Ghost of the Banjo Coon (O'Dea) and Aunt Mandy— Golden and Hughes 17011) | 
Hot Tamale Man (Ingraham) and Uncle Josh and the Billiken—Cal Stewart, 16293) | 
lf I’m Goin’ to Die and That Welcome on the Mat—Arthur Collins 16103) | 
If You've Got a Little Bit and When You’ re Down in Louisville—Collins-Harlan 17955 | 
I Got To See the Minstrel Show and Medley of Reels—Accordion—Kimmel 16171| | 
I'll Lend You Everything Except My Wife and Ragtime Episode—Banjo 16845 | 
‘m Going Way Back Home and Stormy Sea of Love—O' Connell 18072 | | 
| Think I See My Brother Coming and Flanagan on Broadway Car—Porter 16015) | 
Moving Day (Sterling-Von Tilzer) and Original Cohens—Jones and Spencer 16110) | 
Preacher and the Bear and Bake dat Chicken Pie—Collins-Harlan 17221) | 
Steamboat Bill and Mississippi Dippy Dip—A rthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan 16937 | 

Steamboat Bill and Old Jokes—Specialty— Murry K. Hill 16867 10, ‘ 

When Uncle Joe Playsa Rag and Down at Mammy Jinny’s—‘‘ That Girl’? Q 17118 10 

— . ViCTOR RECORDS Number = 
COLERIDGE-TAYLOR,S. (1875-1912) See ‘Deep River” and 
*Onaway, Awake”’ 
College Life March (Vocal Cho. and Whistling) (Frantzen) Victor’O i 
Friendly Rivals (Clarke) Two Cornets Clarke and Konehe} 18312 a 
College Medley—Parody (Norworth) Jack Norworth 60014 10.75 
Alma Mater Songs No. |_ (See ““Medley No. 1°’) and No. 2—Victor Male C 35596 | 12/1.25 
Army Blue’ and Benny Havens, Oh! (West Point Songs) American Quartet}17500 10| .75 
Benny Havens, Oh! and Army Blue (West Point Songs) American Quartet 17500, 10) .75 
Bring Back My Bonnie to Me—Hayden Qt and Om/land Pussy Cat—Hayden Qt}16105 10| .75 
College Days and Ycllow and the Blue (Michigan Song) Peerless Quartet}18168 10| .75 
College Life March (Vocal Cho) VictorOrch and Friendly Rivals—Cornet Duet} 16312 10) .75 
College Medley—Parody on College Songs Jack Norworth|60014'10| .75 
Day at West Point (Descriptive) and Ariful A rtie—Two-Step—Pryor’s Band|16021110| .75 
Down the Field March (Yale) (Friedman) and Knockabout March—Pryor’s B}17289 10| .75 
Eli Yale (2) Dear Old Yale—Hayden Qt and Menof Yale March—Pryor’s B}\16713\10| .75 
Fair Harvard and Johnny Harvard—Orpheus Quartet}17413 10} .75 
Favorite College Songs and Songs of Good Fellowship—Victor Male Chorus|35573 12|1.25 
Good-Night Harvard M.—U. S. Marine B and Whoop It Up March—Pryor’s B|}17603\10| .75 
Hail, Pennsylvania and Red and Blue (Penn. University Song) _ Peerless Qt\17384\10| .75 
Johnny Harvard and Fair Harvard—Orpheus Quartet}17413/10| .75 
Lord Geoffrey Amherst—Werrenrath-Qt and Orange and Black—Hayden Qt\16873 10| .75 
Men of Yale March—Pryor's B_ and Elli Yale (2) Dear Old Yale—Hayden Q|\16713110) .75 
Old Nassau—Princeton Air—Werrenrath _and Yale Boola Song—Hayden Qt\16860.10) .75 
On Wisconsin! March—Victor B and Pasadena Day March—Vessella’s B.17781 10\ .75 
Orange and Beran eck an, oe ceR zeae ; os 
and Lord Geoffrey A mherst— th tet} 1687310) .75 
Our Director March and Yankee Shuffle Rai E Dd ferae LOles 75 
Owl and Pussy Cat—Hayden Qt and Bring Back My Bonnie to Me—Hayden Qt\16105)10| .75 
Red and Blue_ (Penn. University Song) and Hail, Pennsylvania—Peerless Qt\17384 10) .75 
Up the Street March (Morse) and Y Como lz: Va—Tango—Pryor’s Band\17062 10) .75 
"Varsity March and The Victors (University of Mich. Marches) Victor Band\17672 10\ .75 
Victors, The and Varsity March (Michigan University Marches) Victor Band. 17672 10|..75 
Whoop It Up March—Pryor’s B_ and Good-Night Harvard M—U. S. Marine B\17603 10) .75 
Yale Boola March—Pryor’s Bs and What's the Matter with Father—Murray|16499|10| .75 
Yale Boola Song—Hayden Qt — and Old Nassau—Princeton Air— Werrenrath 16860 10| .7 
Yellow and the Blue and College Days (Michigian Songs) Peerless Quartet 18168 10) .75 
Coilege Days (From “Koanzaland’’) (Michigan Song) Peerless ot 
The Yellow and the Blue (University of Michigan Song) Peerless Qt 18168 10 75 



COLLINS and HARLAN—Comic Duets and Specialties 



Co Aba Daba Honeymoon and Fido is a Hot Dog Now—Murray|17620|10| .75 
Alabama Jubilee and We'll Have a Jubilee in My Kentucky Home—Peerless Qt}17825|10| .75 
eats Alexander's Ragtime Band (Berlin) and Oceana Roll—Eddie Morton|16908)|10| .75 
At the Levee on Revival Day and Darktown Editors—Golden and Hughes|17300}10} .75 
Atthe Old Plantation Ball and Emancipation Handicap—Collins and Harlan\17925|10} .75 
Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner and Little Ford Rambled—Murray|17755|10) .75 
Bake Dat Chicken Pie ~ and Preacher and Bear-—Collins|17221\10| .75 
Buzzin’ the Bee and They’re Wearing Them Higher—Collins-Harlan|18210|10| .75 
Casey Jones WentDown — and When Midnight Choo-Choo—Collins-Harlan|17246|10| .75 
Cat and the Fly Paper and Who Do You Love—Collins and Harlan|16170|10} .75 
Clara Jenkins’ Tea (Braham) and That Railroad Rag—Walter Van Brunt|16876|10| .75 
Closing Time in Country Grocery and Krausmeyer—Spencer and Holt\17255|10| -.75 
Come Along to Caroline and Don’t Leave Me Daddy—Marion Hee 18185}10| .75 
Come On to Nashville and Oh! How She Could Yacki Hacki Woo|18110|10| .75 
Dancing the Jelly Roll and Listen to T hat ets Band—Collins and Harlan\17856|10} .75 
Doodle-oodle Dee and Ruff Johnson’s Band—Halley|17728| 10} .75 
Do the Funny Fox Trot and Atthe Ball That’s All—Harvey\17649|10| .75 
Down At the Huskin’ Bee ana Hat My Father Wore—Murray and Qt\16365|10| .75 
Down in Bom-Bombay and Just Try to Picture Me—Collins-Har lan|17841)10| .75 
Down in Chattanooga and When You’re Dressed Up—Murray|17527|10| .75 
Down in Georgia on Campmeeting Le 
and Oh, You Coon—Jones and Murray|\16018)|10| .75 
Down in Jungle Town and Uncle Josh and Lightning Rod Agent—Stewart|16805|10| .75 
Down Where the Big Bananas Grow and Bunch of Nonsense—Murry K. Hill|16446|10| .75 
Emancipation Handicap and Atthe Old Plantation Ball—Collins and Harlan\17925|10| .75 
Ev'rybody Loves Rag ~ and Roll Them Cotton Bales—Heidelberg Quintette|17633|10| .75 
Everybody's Doing it Now and Darktown Poets—Golden and Hughes|17020|10) .75 
Everybody’s Jazzin’ It and When He’s All Dolled Up—Harlan|\18303)\10| .75 
Ghost of the Saxophone and Mammy Blossom’s Possum Party— Collins-Harlan\18354|10| .75 
Hello, Summer! and The Honolulu Blues—Peerless Qt}18068)10} .75 
Honest Injun and The Two-Key Rag—Collins and Harlan|18128]|10} .75 
Honey Bunch and Georgia Skip—Byron G. Harlan|18038)|10} .75 
I'm Goin’ Back to Louisiana and I’m Glad My Wife’s in Europe— Will Halley|17683|10| .75 
I'm Saving Up Means Get to New Orleans and My Lovin’ Lou—Collins-Harlan|18089)|10| .75 
In Monkey Land and When We Are M-A-R-R-I-E-D—Jones and Murray|16517|10| .75 
International Rag and On the Honeymoon Express—Collins- Harlan|17431\|10| .75 
I Want to bein Dixie (Berlin) and Snap Your Fingers (Von Tilzer) Jolson|17075|10| .75 
Johnny Get a Girl —Collins-Harlan © and Ragtime Pipe of Pan—Murray|18050)10| .75 
ea Try to Picture Me and Down in Bom-Bombay—Collins-Harlan\17841|10| .75 
id is Clever and Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula—Collins-Harlan|\18014|10| .75 
L-A-Z-Y Spells Lazy and Two Rubes in a Tavern—Collins and Harlan|16123|10| .75 
Listen to That Dixie Band and Dancing the Jelly Roll—Collins-Harlan\17856|10| .75 
Mammy Blossom’s ‘Possum Party and Ghost of the Saxophone—Collins-Harlan 18354/10| .75 
ammy Jinny’s Jubilee “and Sailing Down Bay—American Quartet|17411|10|'.75 
Minstrel Parade (‘‘ Watch Your Step”’) and Back to Dixieland— American Qt|17783|10| .75 
Mississippi Barbecue (Dave Reed) and Memphis Blues—Har vey|17657|10| .75 
Mississippi Dippy Dip (Walker) and Steamboat Bill—A rthur Collins|16937|10| .75 
Moonlight in Jungle Land and Casey Jones—Murray and American Quartet|}16483|10] .75 
y Gal Irene and Down on Uncle Jasper’s Farm—Porter and Harlan|13707|10| .75 
My Lovin’ Lou and I’m Saving Up the Means to Get to N. O.—Collins and Harlan|18089|10| .75 
My Wife’s Gone to the Country (Snyder) and He’s Me Pal—Ada Jones|\16750|10| .75 
Nigger Loves His Possum and Turkey in Straw— Golden|17256|10| .75 
Night Time in Little Italy and Oh, Lady— Collins-Har lan|18262|10} .75 
Oh! How She Could Yacki Hacki and Come On to Nashville—Collins-Harlan|18110)|10 75 
, Lady and Night Time in Little Italy—Collins-Harlan|18262|10| .75 
On'a Monkey Honeymoon and | Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now—Murray|16426|10| .75 
On the Hoko Moko Isle and WhenI'ma Sargent Man—Collins-Harlan|\17971\10} .75 
On the Honeymoon Express and International Rag—Collins-Harlan\17431{10| .75 
Pickin’ Cot’7n and Mobile Minstrels—V ictor Minstrel Co|17293|10| .75 
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey and U. S. A. Patrol—Xylophone—Reitz|16708|10| .75 
Sugar Moon and Down in Turkey ‘Hollow—Billy Golden and Wm. Hughes|16540|10) .75 
That Funny Jazz Band from Dixieland 
and Honolulu Hicki Boola Boo—A merican Qt\18235]10| .75 
That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn ae and Wild Cherries Rag—Victor Orch|16472)10} .75 
That Welcome on the Mat and If I’m Goin’ to Die, I’m Goin’—Collins|16103|10| .75 
They're Wearing Them Higher and Buzzin’ the Bee—Collins-Harlan|18210|10| .75 
Two-Key Rag and Honest Injun—Collins-Harlan|18128)|10} .75 
ay Down in Benes o-o-o—Collins-Harlan and On Old Dominion Line—Qt|18067|10| .75 
When !’m a Sargent Man and On the Hoko Moko Isle—Collins-Harlan|17971\10| .75 
When the Midnight Ghad-Ghee and Casey Jones Went Down—Collins-Harlan|17246|10| .75 
When You’re Down in Louisville — and If You've Got a Little Bit—A. Collins|17955|10| .75 
Who Do You Love (Johnson) and Cat and the Fly Paper—Collins-Harlan|16170|10} .75 
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula and Kid is Clever—Collins-Harlan|18014|10| .75 
You'd Never Know That Old Home Town of Mine and Out of a City—Jones|17911|10| .75 

Colomba, La (The Dove) (Folk Song of Tuscany) InJtalian Gluck|64277|10|1.00 


[Golomnes La—Entre’ acte (Gounod) Orchestre Symphonique 

Traviata—Prelude to Act III (Verdi) Orchestre Symphonique 1766110) .75 

Colombia Waltz (Valverde) Blue and White Marimba Band yosalioleys 
Marimba March (From N. Y. Hippodrome) B. and W. Marimba Band ; 
Colored Race—See “‘ Negro Race ” 

Columbia, Gem of the Ocean (Red, White and Blue) MICA SB OU ERY 

Star Spangled Banner (Key) Frank C. Stanley $5009/12)1.25 
Columbia, Gem of the Ocean Lambert Murphy-Orpheus Qt 4512111011.00 
Battle Hymn of the Republic Reinald Werrenrath ‘ 
Columbia, Gem of the Ocean (Arthur-Hirsch) Peerless Quartet 17652|10| .75 
When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Rose American Quartet : 
Columbia, Gem of the Ocean (Dwight-Shaw) Victor Mixed Cho 17578|10| .75 

{ America (Smith-Carey) Victor Mixed Chorus 
fcnendes Gem of the Ocean (Shaw) Victor Military ene 175801101 .75 
America (Carey) Victor Military Band : 

Columbia University—Songs of—See ‘“‘ Medley No. 1” 
coterie (Miller) Recitation William Sterling Ea 35653] 1211.25 
Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers (2) God Give Us Men Battis - 
Come Along My Mandy (Bayes) Bayes and Norworth|70016/12/1.25 
gr Along to Caroline (Harris-Olman) Se raeaTeen 18185110! .75 
Don’t Leave Me, Daddy (Coon Song) Marion Harris ‘ 
ous and Trip It as You Go (Handel) Dixon and Lyric Or 18123/10| .75 
Haste Thee, Nymph (From Milton’s “‘L’Allegro”) Dixon and Quartet ; 
tas Back, Dixie (Mahoney-Wenrich) Peerless Quartet 17836|10 .75 
Firefly, My Pretty Firefly (Murphy-Glogau-Piantadosi) Peerless ont ; 
(Come Back Home to Old Kentucky (Taylor) Campbell- a 

Loading Up the Mandy Lee American Quartet Behe 
Come Back to Arizona (Bryan-Paley) James Reed-J. F. Ee 18066|10| .75 
There’s a Garden in Old Italy (McCarthy-Glogau) | Campbell-Bu y 
Come Back to Erin  (Claribel) John MeContiact: 74158] 12/1.50 
Come Back to Erin (Claribel) Violin-’Cello-Piano McKee ea 17995\10| .75 
Alice, Where Art Thou ? (Ascher) Violin-’Cello-Piano McKee Tri ; 
Come Back to Erin See also ‘‘ Medleys, Vocal’”?) Hayden Se 16289|10| .75 
Queen of My Heart (Cellier) Alan Turner : 
Come Back to Erin, Mona Darling James Reed-J. F. ers 17985]10| .75 
No One But Your Dear Old Dad American Quartet : 

Come Back to Me (Albert Von Tilzer) Arthur Clought 17641110| .75 
When June- Time Brings the Roses Edna Brown-Jas. F. Harrison : 
Come, Beloved (Care Selve) (From opera “Atalanta”) (Handel) Gluck|74504/12|1.50 
Comedy Overture (Ungarisches Lustspiel) (Kéler-Béla) Sea 35503) 1211.25 
Trieste Overture (Arranged by Pietro) Pietro : 
Come Into the Garden, Maud (Balfe) Jn English Evan Williams|74109}|12|1.50 

Come Into the Garden, Maud (Balfe) (Harp acc.) McCormack!74434|12/1.50 

joerc the Garden, Maud (Tennyson-Balfe) Charles prerriegmy A racnlTORATA 
Alice, Where Art Thou (Ascher) Chas. Harrison , 
feiens On and Baby Me (Lewis-Young-Meyer) Marguerite pelea} 18131/10| .75 
Since Maggie Dooley Learned the Hooley-Hooley Marguerite Farrell : 
neue On Over Here (From “ Doll Girl’’) Clark and sre 1744il10h 75 
My Wonderful Dream Girl (From ‘‘ Tik- Tok Man’’) Wells ; 
eign On to Nashville, Tennessee (Donaldson) yet tae ed 18110110! .75 
Oh! How She Could Yacki Hacki WickiWacki Woo Collins-Harlan ; 
hare Out, Mr. Sunshine (Stanton-Bliss) Christine pee 450561 1011.00 
Old Black Joe (Stephen Foster) Christine Miller ; 
{come Out of the Kitchen, Mary Ann (Kendis- aa Worcs 182211101 .75 
When Ragtime Rufus Rags the Humoresque O’Connell ; 
Come Over Here, It’s a Wonderful Place tes ai soaeet 18288)10! .75 
{ Ragtime Drama Ada Jones-Billy Murray : 


Comfort Ye My People—See “‘ Messiah” 
Passing Show of 1917 

_ Adele 
All for the Girlies 

Girl Who Smiles 
Golden Girl 

Peasant Gir 

‘sous Over to Dover (Murphy-Botsford) American Qt) 7751 iol .75 
Co Way Down East To-Night (Walsh-Magini) American Qt ‘ 
tina {Some Thou Almighty King (Wesley) Trinity Saou Teasley. 
Jerusalem the Golden (Ewing) ~— Trinity Choir ; 
icone to the Ball (From “Quaker Girl’) (Ross-Monckton) pune 170301101 .75 
It’s a Long Lane That Has No Turning (Klein) Peerless Quartet ; 
Come Where My LoveLies Dreaming (Foster) McCormack and Cho 64423} 10/1.00 
eomne. Where My LoveLies Dreaming (Foster) Peerless eee 16663/10| .75 
Home, Sweet Home (Payne) Corinne Morgan : 
ome Where My Love Lies Dreaming (Foster) Neapolitan ae 17364|10| .75 
Thou’rt Like Unto a Lovely Flower (Degele) Neapolitan Trio : 
(ome Ye Disconsolate (Moore-Hastings) Trinity ave 16709110! .75 
Full Surrender (‘‘I Surrender All’’) (Pollard-Towner) Trinity Choir ; 

lma Gypsy Love Pinafore 

Alone at Last Hands Up Pink Lady 

Amber Empress Have a Heart Pirates of Penzance 
_Arcadians Her Soldier Boy Pom Pom 

Around the Map High Jinks Prince of Pilsen 
Around the World Hip-Hip Hooray Princess Bonnie 
_ Babes in Toyland Katinka Princess Pat 

Balkan Princess Lady in Red Purple Road 

Beauty Shop Lady of the Slipper Quaker Girl 

Belle of New York Laughing Husband Queen of the Movies 
Big Show Little Cafe ed Mil 

Blue Paradise Little Tycoon Robin Hood 
Bohemian Girl Love o’ Mike Robinson Crusoe, Jr. 
Canary Cottage Madame Sherry Sari 

Century Girl Madcap Duchess Show of Wonders 
Chin Chin Maritana Siren 

Chocolate Soldier Marriage Market Slim Princess 

Count of Luxembourg Mascotte So Long, Letty 
Dollar Princess Merry Widow Soul Kiss 

Doll Girl Midnight Girl Spring Maid 
Dorothy Mikado Step This Way 
Eileen Miss Caprice Stop, Look and Listen 
Erminie Miss Daisy Sunshine Girl 
Firefly _ Miss Springtime Sweethearts 

Flora Bella e. Modiste Sybil 

Florodora Mocking Bird Three Twins 

Follies of 1913 Modern Eve Tik-Tok Man of Oz 
Follies of 1914 odest Suzanne Very Good Eddie 
Follies of 1915 Naughty Marietta Waltz Dream 

Follies of 1916 Never Homes Watch Your Step 
Follies of 1917 Nobody Home When Dreams Come True 
Follow Me Oh Boy When Johnny Comes March- 
Fortune Teller One Girl in a Million ing Home 

Girl from Brazil Only Girl You re in Love 

Girl from Utah 
Girl on the Film 

Passing Show of 1915 
Passing Show of 1916 

COMIC SONGS—See “ Popular Songs” 

Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic 

(porune Home from Coney Island Jones and spencat 1e172h0le75 
Wouldn’t You Like Me for a Sweetheart (Robyn) Jones and Murray : 
(eens of the Year (Organ acc.) Church pels 16825|10| .75 
Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing (Organ acc.) Trinity Chimes i 
Comin’ Thro’ the Rye—Old Scotch Air Alma Gluck}64422)|10/1.00 
Comin’ Thro’ the Rye Marcella Sembrich|88390) 12/3.00 
Comin’ Thro’ the Rye /n English Nellie Melba)88449) 12/3.00 
Comin’ Thro’ the Rye Geraldine Farrar|87005|10/2.00 
eae Thro’ the Rye Florence Hinkle} cha ateeton 
Oh, That We Two Were Maying (Kingsley-Nevin) Hinkle BS . 
ora Thro’ the Rye and Annie Laurie _ Celesta ear 101 .75 
Home Sweet Home (Transcription) Celesta Arndt |} 7874 ; 


basi siak Thro’ the Rye—Humoresque (Bellstedt) Conway’s Band 
The Tearin’ 0’ the Green (Douglas) Conway’s Band 
ee Thro’ the Rye—See also “‘Medleys” eae 
Bonnie Doon—Ye Banks and Braes_ (Burns) Henry Burr 

Sing ! Sing! Birds on the Wing (Cooke-Nutting) 

Comin’ Thro’ the Rye_ (Boy Soprano) Master Claude seca 
Master Claude Isaacs 

Comin’ Thro’ the Rye—Parody—See “ Wills ”’ 
Comme se cantaa Napule (As They Sing in Naples) 
(Rolonda-Mano): In Italian (with Mandolin) de Gogorza 
Como le Va (Tango Argentine) See ‘“‘Y Como le Va” 
CONCERTINA SOLOS (See also “‘Accordion ’’) 
Diadem Quick-Step and Honest Toil March—A lexander Prince 
Honest Toil March and Diadem Quick-Step—A lexander Prince 
Skottlandspojkar, Polka and Under frihetsbanéret, Marsch—A lexander Prince 
Under frihetsbanéret, Marsch and Skottlandspojkar, Polka—A lexander Prince 
Senet ee (Weber) Clarinet Charles Deepen 
Love Dance—Intermezzo (‘‘Madam Sherry’’) (Hoschna) Victor Orch 
CONCERTOS, Excerpts from 

rie ees 5th Concerto (Beethoven) Pianoforte LaForge 
and Scarf Dance (Chaminade) Pianoforte—La Forge 

Andante from 2nd Concerto (de Bériot) Gardner 

and Serenata Napoletana—Pilzer 
Andante from 2nd Concerto (de Bériot) D’Almaine and 7rdumerei—Rattay 
Concerto for Harp and Flute—First Movement (Mozart) (Piano acc.) 

da Sassoli and John Lemmoné 
Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor—Part I (J. S. Bac 

(String Quartet acc. Kreisler and Zimbalist 
Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor—Part II Kreisler and Zimbalist 
Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor—Part III Kreisler and Zimbalist 
Concerto in G—Allegro maestoso—Ist Movement (de Bériot) Violin Powell 
Finale from E minor Concerto (Mendelssohn) Violin Maud Powell 
Finale from Second Concerto (Op. 22) (Wieniawski) Violin Kubelik 
Romance from Concerto, No.2 (Wieniawski) Violin Maud Powell 

CONCERT SONGS IN ENGLISH—See Baker, Beddoe, Bori, 

Braslau, Caruso, Culp, de Gogorza, Dunlap, Eames, Farrar, Gluck, 
Hamlin, Harrison, Hempel, Hinkle, Homer, Macdonough, MacFarlane, 
Marsh, McCormack, Melba, Miller, Morgan, Murphy, Nielsen, 
Schumann-Heink, Spencer, Turner, Wells, Werrenrath, Wheeler, 
Williams, Witherspoon. 
Congratulations Waltz (Castle’s Lame Duck) Europe’s reheat 
{ Castle House Rag—One-Step (Europe) Europe’s Society Orchestra 


Nearer My God to Thee (Mason) and Onward Christian Soldiers—Conway's B. 

Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan) and Nearer My God to Thee—Conway's B 
Consolation (Mendelssohn) (Arranged by Lapitino) Harp pein 
{ Humoresque (Dvordk) (Harp Solo) Francis J. Lapitino 
CONSTANTINO, FLORENCIO, Tenor (For list of records, portrait 

and sketch see “‘ Constantino” in Pink Section) 
CONTES D’HOFFMAN (Kadhnt Doff’-mahn) See “Tales of Hoffmann’’ 
CONTI, F., Tenor—See ‘‘Gioconda” and “ Otello” 
Conundrum, The (What Will I Play Next?) Puzzle Record 
| (Four short selections, vocal and instrumental, any one of which 
the needle may decide to play) 
| Nightmare in the Desert (with specialties and imitations) Mark Sheridan 
CONTRALTO SOLOS—See Baker, Braslau, Brown, Butt, Culp, 

Davis, Duchéne, Dunlap, Gay, Gerville-Reache, Homer, Matzenauer, 
Miller, Morgan, Ober, Schumann-Heink and Spencer 
CONVIVIAL SONGS—See “ Drinking Songs ” 
All America March and American Trumpeter March—Conway’s Band 

All for the Girlies Medley—One-Step _and Hungarian Rag—Conway's Band. 
American Jubilee—Fox Trot and Siss-Boom-Ah!—One-Step— Conway's Band 

American Trumpeter March and All America March—Conway’s Band) 
Angel's Dream—Waltz (Herman) — and Nightingale Waltz—Conway’s Band 
Araby—Medley I1-Step and My Sweet A dair—Medley One-Step—Conway’s B 

(Continued on next page) 

Number | a 

17444|t0 ao 


16162 10) .75 

18274 10) .75 

64479 10/1.00 


18037) 10 
18037/10| . 

18175/10}] .75 

16050/10| .75 
70029} 12/1.25 
76028) 12/2.00 
76029) 12/2.00 
76030) 12/2.00 
74446) 12/1.50 
74026) j2/1.50 
74370) 12|1.50 
74179) 12)1.50 
35372) 121.25 
17848) 10} .75 
17848)10| .75 
18119|10} .75 
35229) 12/1.25 
18182/10| .75 
17392/10| .75 
18109/10| .75 
18182/10| .75 
35500) 12)1.25 
35496 /12/1.25 



CONWAY'S BAND—Continued 


and Farmyard Caprice—Conway’s Band 
and Patrol of the Scouts—Conway’s Band 
and Under the Rambling Roses—Conway’s Band 
Battle of Gettysburg and Good-bye Dolly Gray—Conway’s Band 
Battle of Nations and Napoleon’s Last Charge—Conway’s and) 
Bay State Commandery March and Daughters of America March— Conway’s B 
Before the Mast—Nautical March ‘ 
Blue Paradise Medley—One-Step and Miss Vixen—Fox Trot—Conway’s B 
Bon Ton One-Step and Made in America—Fox Trot—Conway's Band 
California and You—One-Step and At the Ball That’s All—Victor Band 
Children’s Games (Ascher) and Children’s Songs—Conway's Band 
Children’s Songs and Children’s Games (Ascher) Conway's Band 
Clown Dance—Fox Trot (Lake) and Poet’s Vision —Waltz—Conway's Band 
Comin’ Thro‘ the Rve—Humoresque and Tearin’o’ the Green—Conway's B 
Daughters of America March and Bay State Commandery March—Conway's B 
Dixieland—One-Step (with Bells) and To Have, To Hold—Hesitation—Victor B 
Down in Bom-Bombay Medley—One-Step and My Little Girl—Conway B 
Fackeltanz (Torchlight Dance) and Finlandia (Tone Poem) Conway's Band 
Farmyard Caprice and Baby’s Sweetheart—Conway’s Band 
Finlandia (Tone Poem) and Fackeltanz (Torchlight Dance) Conway’s Band 
First Brigade March (Weldon) and Southerner March— Conway's Band 
Flirting Whistler—One-Step and Ragging the Scale—Fox Trot—Conway's B 
Folks Up Willow Creek March and Uncle Tom’s Cabin—Conway’s Band 
For Your Country—Medley One-Step and Sweetie Mine—One-Step— Conway's B 
From Forcign Parts—Spain and Loreley Paraphrase—Conway’s Band 
Good-Bye Broadway—One-Step and Rolling in His Chair—] -Step—Conway’s B 
Good-Bye Dolly Gray and Battle of Gettysburg— Conway's Band 
GrandSlam (Witmark Pop. Medley) and Remick’s Hits—Medley—Conway’s B 
Harlequin—One-Step and Two-Key Rag—Fox Trot—Conway's Band 
Have a Heart—Med. Fox Trot and Welcome Honey—One-Step—Conway’s B 
Heavens Are Telling (‘‘ Creation” and Hallelujah—Pryor’s B 
Hezekiah—One-Step and /n Alabama, Dear, With You—Medley Conway’s B 
Home Sweet Home Med. Waltz and Aloha oe Waltz—Victor B 
Honeymoon—Fox Trot and Call of a Nation—Fox Trot—Victor Band 
Huckleberry Finn—Medley Fox Trot and She’s Dixie All Time—Conway’s B 
Humoreske and Old Settlers on Parade March—Conway’s Band 
Hungarian Rag (Lenzberg) and Al. for the Girlies Medley—Conway’s Band 
{ Ain't Got Nobody—Med. Fox Trot and Mother, Dixieand You—Conway's B 
In Alabama, Dear, with You—Medley Fox Trot and Hezekiah—Conway’s B 
Indiana Medley—One-Step and Midnight Frolic Medley—Fox Trot—Conway's B 
In the Beautiful Seaside Air—One-Step and They Made it Nice—Conway’s B 
Introduce Me—Fox Trot and Skyscraper—One-Step—Conway'’s Band 
Jolly General—Marc and Patriotic Medley March—Victor Band 
Kong Christian (Lumbye) and Dansk Potpourri Marsch—Victor Musikkaar 
Lanette— Waltz Caprice—with Saxophone 
and Slidus Trombonus—Conway’s B 
Laverne— Waltz Caprice—with Saxophone and Chin Chin—Brown Bros. 
Loreley Paraphrase and From Foreign Parts—Spain—Conway’s Band 
Lucy’s Sextette—One-Step and My Own lona—Fox Trot—Victor Band 
Melodious Memories—One-Step and Evolution of Dixie—Conway’s Band 
Memories of the War—1861-63 and Gems of Stephen Foster—Conway’s Band 
errymaker’s Dance and Pastoral Dance (Nell Gwyn) Conway’s Band 
Midnight Frolic Medley—Fox-Trot and Indiana Medley— One-Step—Conway’s B 
iss Vixen—Fox Trot and Blue Paradise—Medley One-Step—Conway’s Band 
Mother, Dixie and You—Medley Fox Trot and / Ain't Got Nobody—Conway’s B 
My Little Girl—Medley One-Step and Down in Bom-Bombay — Conway's B 
My Sweet Adair—Medley |1-Step and Araby—Medley One-Step—Conway’s B 
Napoleon’s Last Charge and Battle of the Nations—Conway’s Band 
Nearer My God to Thee (Mason) and Onward Christian Soldiers— Conway's B 
Nightingale Waltz (Czibulka) and Angel's Dream—Conway’s Band 
Old Settlers on Parade March and Humoreske—Conway'’s Band 
Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan) and Nearer My Godto Thee—Conway’s B 
Pastoral Dance and Merrymaker’s Dance (Nell Gwyn) Conway's Band 
Patrol of the Scouts and Baltimore Centennial March—Conway's Band 
Poet's Vision— Waltz and The Clown Dance—Fox Trot—Conway's Band 
Radetsky March and Rakoczy March (Hungarian) Conway’s Band 
Ragging the Scale—Fox Trot and Flirting W histler—One-Step—Conway’'s Band 
Rakoczy March and Radetsky March (Hungarian) Conway's Band 
Remick’s Hits—Med. Overture and Grand Slam—Med. Overture—Conway's B 
Reminiscences of Wales and Men of Harlech—Peerless Qt 
Rolling in His Rolling Chair—One-Step and Good-Bye Broadway—Conway’s B 
See My New Shoes’ _ (Varsoviana) and Love’s Spell—Victor Band 
She’s Dixie All the Time—Fox Trot and Huckleberry Finn—Trot—Conwau’'s B 
Siss-Boom-Ah!—One-Step and American Jubile—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 

Baby’s Sweetheart (Corri) 
Baltimore Centennial March 
Bantam Step—Fox Trot 

and United Service March—Conway’s B}17154 

17215)10| .75 
18241|10| .75 
18141|10| .75 
18339)|10| .75 
18121|10|] .75 
17402/|10] .75 
17154/10} .75 
17851|10) .75 
17626|10| .75 
18142/10| .75 
17444|10} .75 
17402|10| .75 
17477\10| .75 
35495) 12/1.25 
35505) 12/1.25 
17215|10] .75 
17648|10| .75 
17850|10] .75 
17493]10| .75 
18345|10} .75 
18078/10} .75 
18339]10} .75 
18106|10} .75 
35484) 12)1.25 
35501) 12/1.25 
17733)10} .75 
18181/10} .75 
17420|10| .75 
17392|10} .75 
35646) 12)1.25 
35645) 12/1.25 
18115/10| .75 
35608) 12/1.25 
67586|10] .75 
18117|10] .75 
18149|10] .75 
18078)10} .75 
18219/10] .75 
18164|10| .75 
18121|10] .75 
17848]10| .75 
17420/10} .75 
17848]10} .75 
18164/10} .75 
1824110} .75 
18142/10} .75 
67965|10] .75 
17850/10} .75 
67965/10| .75 
35485) 12/1.25 
17180/10} .75 
35649] 12/1.25 
18109|10} .75 
18115/10) .75 

Skyscraper—One-Step and Introduce Me—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 
(Continued on next page) 


CONWAY'S BAND—Continued 
Southerner March (Alexander) and First Brigade March—Conway’s Band|17648| | 
Stephen Foster,Gems cf and Memories of the War—] 861 -63—Conway's B|\35525) | 
Sweetie Mine—Medley One-Step 

and For Your Country—One-Step—Conway's B\ 18345 
They Made It Twice as Nice and /n the Beautiful Air—One-Step—Conway’'s B|35572 
Trilby Rag—One-Step and Setting the Pace—One-Step—Conway’'s B|35487 
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Dream Picture) and Folks Up Willow Creek—Conway’s B|\17493 



a | 

Under the Rambling Roses—Fox Trot and Bantam Step—Conway’s Band|18141 PA5 
United Service March, The and Before the Mast—Conway’s Band|17154 2 
Victorious America—March and De Molay Commandery—V ictor Band| 18084 ie 
Violets—Waltz Hesitation and When It's Night-time One-Step—Victor Band|35396 Lez 
Wedding of the Rose and Rendez-vous—Inter mezzo— Victor Concert B| 17476 a0 
Welcome Honey to Your Old Plantation Home and Have a Heart—Conway's B|\35571 1.25 
When You and! Were Young, Maggie 
; and Aloha Oe—Benne Henton and Conway’s Band|18344|10} .75 
Whistlers—Intermezzo (*‘Friihlingsluft’’) and Whistling Johnnies— Conway’s B|17396|10| .75 
Whistling Johnnies (Whistling Novelty) and Whistlers—Conway’s B\17396|10| .75 
COOMBS, FRANK, Tenor—See “‘ Afterwards” and “ Beautiful Isle” 
Coon Band Contest—Cake Walk (Pryor) Pryor’s Band 
{ On Jersey Shore March (Pryor) Pryor's Banat 16079)10) .75 

COON SONGS AND SPECIALTIES—See American Qt., Collins, 
Collins-Harlan, Golden-Hughes, Harris, Irwin, Jones, Jones-Spencer, 
Morton, Murray, Peerless Qt., Vance and Minstrel Records 

NOTE.—By “ coon songs’’ are meant up-to-date comic songs in negro dialect. 
The humor of many of these songs cannot be called refined, and for that reason 
we have distinguished them from old-fashioned darky humor, these songs being 
listed under ““ Negro Songs,” “‘ Fisk Jubilee Quartet’’ and “‘ Tuskegee.’’ 

Coppelia Ballet, Nos. 2 and 4 (‘‘Waltzof the Hours’’—‘‘A Village 

Wedding’’) (Delibes) Conway’s Band ?|35238} 12) 1.25 

Midsummer Night’s Dream Selection (Mendelssohn) Pryor’s Band 
{ores Medley One-Step (See “Medley No. 85’’) Accordion pet mreeaio 
Metropolitan Hits—Medley One-Step Accordion Pietro 15 

Cor, Le (The Horn) (de Vigny-Flégier) (Piano acc.) French Pol Plancon|85076| |2/3.00 

Cor, Le (The Horn) (de Vigny-Flégier) Jn French Marcel Journet|74508/12)1.50 

Core ’ngrato (Neapolitan Song) (Cordiferro-Cardillo) Jtalian Caruso|88334!/12|3.00 

Cornell—Songs of (See ‘“‘ Medley No. 1’’) 

CORNET SOLOS—For Duets, see “‘ Instrumental Duets ” 
Ah, Cupid—Clarke and Birds in the Forest-—Rattay, Levy and Lyons|16296| | 
Aloha Oe (Farewell) Clarke with Band and From an Indian Lodge—Sousa’s B}17035) | 
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (2) Home, Sweet 

Home and My Old Kentucky Home—Cornet and Victor Band|18145} | 
Bride of the Waves—Clarke and Nightingale and the Frog—Darius Lyons|16194| | 
Bugle Calls—See *‘ Army Bugle Calls” 
Caprice Brilliante—Clarke and Lasca (Deprez) Edgar L. Davenport|35090 
Carnival of Venice—Clarke and Titl’ s Serenade—Cornet-Flute— Keneke and Lyons|16088 
Carnival of Venice—Kryl with Band = and Marche Fantastique—Kryl’s Band|35298 
Cradle Song—Lullaby (Brahms) Rinaldi and Old Folks at Home—Banjo|17417 
La Veta—Clarke and 7 ipica Polka—Mandolin-Guitar—Page and Ramseyer|16332 
Merry Birds (Levy) (See note under “* Levy’’) Jules Levy/31176 
My Heart at Thy Voice—RinaldiandB and Farewell to the Forest—V Brass Qt\17216 
My Old Kentucky Home (2) Battle Hymn of the Republic 
and Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms—Cornet and Victor B}18145 
Once Upon a Time—Clarke and Band and Tesoro Mio Waltz—Pryor's B|\16447 
O Sole mio (Di Capua) Rinaldi and Funiculi-Funicula (Denza) Vessella’s B| 16899 



Rosary, The (Nevin) Keneke and Voice of Love—Cornet-Flute| 16046 75 
Rosary, The (Nevin) Rinaldi and Oh Fair Dove—Victor Brass Quartet}|17404 75 
Russian Fantasie—Clarke and Largo (Handel) Howard Rattay|16313 a3 
Serenade (Schubert) Rinaldi with Band and Stabat Mater—Rinaldi with O|35508 1625 
Showers of Gold—Clarke and Gondolier and Nightingale—Cornet-Flute| 17153 RD 
Sounds from the Hudson—Clarke and American Valor—M. Siegel and Butin| 16679 oie) 

Soldier’s Dream—Matthes and Polka Fantastique—Bassoon—Borgwald| 17642 
Southern Cross—Clarke and Good Night Beloved (Pinsuti) Brass Quartet|17109 

Stabat Mater—Inflammatus—Rinaldi with Vessella’s Ban 

and Serenade (Schubert) "Rinaldi with Orchestra|\35508} 12/1.25 
To Have, To Hold, To Love—Brown with Band and Canoeing—Idyl—Pryor’s B}17382/10} .75 
paces Medley—Descriptive Specialty Hayden Quartet 
Massa’s in the Cold, Cold Ground—Plantation Air Hayden Qt 16218/10) .75 
Coronach (From Sir Walter Scott’s ‘‘ Lady of the Lake ’’) 
(Schubert) (with Woodwind acc.) Kline-Whecler-Dunlap} 17987/10) .75 
Soldier, Rest (Sir Walter Scott’s ‘‘Lady of the Lake’’) Kline-Baker 



Coronation (All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name) and Doxology . 
(Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow) Trinity Choir] 35110/12/1.25 
Sanctus from ‘‘Messe Solennelle’’ (Gounod) Trinity Choir 
Coronation March—See “ Prophéte” 
CORSI, EMILIA, Soprano (Kor'-see) See “ Barber,”’ “‘Don Pasquale,”’ 
“Ernani,” “‘Freischutz,” “Pearl Fishers” and “Traviata” 

{poemopeliten Overture (See ‘Medley No. 86”) | Pryor’s pea 1211.25 
Shepherd’s Life in the Alps (Descriptive: Effects) Pryor’s Band. ee ; 
Cossack War Song (Chant de Guerre Cosaque) In French Journet|64585)10)1.00 

COSTA, P., Compositions—See ‘ Frangesa,”’ ‘‘ Luna Nova,” “‘Scétate ”’ 
Cottage Maid, The (Beethoven) Julia Culp|64493)10|1.00 
(Soegpaaenendonn One-Step (Von Tilzer) Pryor’s Band 10! .75 
Old Faithful March (Holzmann) Pryor's Band} oe ehabee 
icone the Dreams of a Dreamer Come True George Ballard 10! .75 
If It Takes a Thousand Years James Reed-J. F. Horeca} 17908 “a 

COUNT OF LUXEMBOURG $ (Hood-Ross-Lehar) 
Count of Luxembourg Waltzes—Victor B and Siren Waltzes—Victor Orch|35206|12)1.25 
Luxembourg Waltz Whistling Gialdini 

and Dear Delightful Women—Werrenrath and Chorus|16872|10| .75 

COUNTER-TENOR SOLOS—See Anderton, José, Oakland and 

Sistine Choir 
Country Dance (Landlichter Tanz) (Weber-Elman) Mischa Elman|64537/10)1.00 
COUNTRY DANCES—See “ Educational ” 

{ant Fair at Punkin Centre—Yankee Talk Cal Seay ct 75 
Widow Dooley—lIrish Specialty Ada Jones and Len Spencer 16019/10) . 
aoa Scene in Carolina (Collins-Campbell) Victor Vaudeville cSt Pee 
Darktown Camp Meetin’ Experiences Victor Vaudeville Company 35609 : 

COWBOY SONGS—See “Cheyenne” and “Denver Town” 
COWLES, EUGENE, Bass—See “‘ Forgotten” and “Fortune Teller” 
Crackerjack Medley Fox Trot Accordion (See “Medley No. 87’) 
Pictro| 17709|10| .75 
Tip Top Medley Fox Trot Accordion Pietro 
Cracovienne Fantastique (Op. 14, No. 6) (Paderewski) Paderewski|74535)12/1.50 
Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) (Brahms) German Schumann-Heink|87241)10|2.00 
Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) (Brahms) (Op. 49, No. 4) German Julia Culp|64402|10/1.00 

{Graal Song (Brahms) Elizabeth peso Vessaltol7s 
Dry Yo’ Eyes (Landsberg) Marguerite Dunlap Oe 
wane Song (Brahms) Cornet Rinaldi with Italian ous ar altor7s 
Old Folks at Home (Foster) Banjo Vess L. Ossman P 
{ee Song (Hauser) Cello Victor Sor pronaholegs 
Serenade (Gabriel Pierné) Vienna Quartet : 
Cradle Song (Humperdinck) Frances Alda|87090}|10/2.00 
Cradle Song—Wiegenlied (Pianoforte by Arndt) (Humperdinck) Ober|64449]10|1.00 
Cradle Song (Mozart) Jn German Frieda Hempel|87234|10/2.00 
Cradie Song—Wiegenlied In German (Mozart) Emmy Destinn|87246|10|2.00 
Cradle Song (Napravnik) Jn Russian Michailowa with ’Cello|/61132]10/1.00 
Cradle Song (Schubert) Jn German Emmy Destinn|87214|10/2.00 
Cradle Song (Song of the Chimes) (Worrell) Alma Gluck|64322]10/1.00 

Cradle Song 1915 (Adapted from “Caprice Viennois”) with Pianoforte 
(Mattullath-Kreisler) Julia Culp/74460}12/1.50 
Cradle Song 1915 (Mattullath-Kreisler McCormack|64606|10/1.00 

CRADLE SONGS—See above, also “‘ Berceuse,”’ ‘‘ Hiawatha’s Child- 
hood—Ewa-yea!”’ and “‘ Lullabies”’ 
CRAWFORD, CLIFTON, Comedian—Gunga Din Kipling|70028}12!1.25 
{eee Bone Rag—One-Step (C.L. Johnson) U.S. Marine Band 
While They Were Dancing Around Medley—One-Step Victor M-Band ease ee 

| Peace Hepsen are Telling (Haydn) Conway’s pane 35484/12/1.25 
Messiah—Hallelujah Chorus (Handel) Pryor’s Band. ie 

(geeanen er Native Worth (Haydn) Paul peer eeovelize0 
By the Waters of Babylon (Howell) Reinald Werrenrath L'< 
Creation—With Verdure Clad (Haydn) Lucy Marsh|60055)10, .75 
Sere dela Créme (See “Medley No. 88’) Pryor’s yeagt 12/1.25 
Souvenir de Beethoven (Fantasia) . Pryor’s Band PEGE: i 
eee Belles (Lampe) Sousa’s oat 10! .75 
Hiawatha (Two-Step) Moret Sousa’s Band) |t7252 ; 

CRESTANI, LUCIA (Kres-tah'-nee) See “Masked Ball” and “‘Trovatore” 
Cricket on the Hearth (‘‘ Sweethearts”) MacDonald-Werrenrath!/60102/10 .75 

rate ah Serenade (Bendix) Orchestra with Sanaa 
Dance of the Song Birds (Richmond) Orchestra with*Belmont) |} 323) - 
Cristoforo Colombo—Aman lassu le stelle (Our Love is Like the 
Stars) (Franchetti) Jn Jtalian Titta Ruffo|838486| 12 3.00 
Crooked Man—See “Humpty Dumpty” 
ES (Shannon- Johnson) Edna Brown-James ae 10| .75 
All I Want is a Cottage, Some Roses and You Geoffrey O’Hara NOE aes 
Name eee Melody Medley— One-Step Victor Military Pues 10| 75 
Rose of the Mountain Trail Medley—One-Step Victor Military Band Sh ; 
CROSBY, FANNY J. (1820-1915), Hymns by—See “All the 
Way,’ “‘Close to Thee,” ““Near the Cross,’”’ ‘“Only a Beam,” “‘ Saved 
by Grace,” “‘ Safe in the Arms ” 

Crossing the Bar (Tennyson-Willeby) Evan Williams|74119}12)1.50 
{Ceosping the Bar (Tennyson-Cowles) Alan pugnes A EaAtsONRTS 
One Sweetly Solemn Thought (Carey-Ambrose) Elsie Baker |” 
‘oes Bow, The (From ‘‘Robin Hood”) (de Koven) Imperial Qt freeslinie ss 
Way Down Yonder in the Cornfield Imperial Quartet of Chicago ¢ j 
isore Diamonds Overture (Auber) Victor ait en al Totiees 
Faust Selection (Gounod) Victor Band ; 

Crow’s Egg—See ‘‘Owl, The” | 
CROXTON, FRANK, Bass—See “Nazareth” 

Crucifix (Faure) Jn French Caruso and Journet|89054|12/4.00 
Crucifix (Faure) Jn French Eames and de Gogorza|89004|12/4.00 
Crucifix (Faure) Alma Gluck-Louise Homer|88577|12/3.00 

{ Gene (Faure) Jn English Stanley and Bp nonaue ny 

My Faith Looks Up to Thee (Bassford) Stanley and Macdonough poh el |Z [tac 
Cry of Rachel, The (Reese-Salter) Jn English Schumann-Heink!88336| 12|3.00 
Csardas (Hungarian Folk Dance)—See “Educational Records,”’ ‘Powell’ 

pont nen Airs ‘‘La Territorial,’”’ “‘La Bayamesa’”’ Pryor’s Bt 1608210! .75 
Mexican National Hymn Pryor’s Band. ; 
ieceee Song—Yodel Specialty George P. Walegn 170121101 75 
Papa’s Baby Boy— Yodel Song George P. Watson ; 
spelen Up a Little Closer (‘Three Twins’) Brora warrant 17267|10| .75 
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey **That Girl’’ Quartet ; 

CUI, CESAR (Kwee)—See “‘Orientale” 

Cujus Animam—Stabat Mater—See “ Stabat Mater ”’ 

CULP, JULIA, Contralto (For list of records, portrait and sketch 
see “Culp” in Pink Section) 

{Genbenens (Mohr) Gladys yp aE 179831101 5.75 
Down Where the Swanee River Flows Peerless Quartet : 
RENE ae ALESIS One-Step (See ““Medley No. 90’’) Victor S 35541/12/1.25 
W ake Up, Americal—Medley One-Step Victor Military Band iS” 

CUNEGO, EGIDIO—See “Andrea,” ‘“‘ Manon” and “‘ Tosca”’ 

‘a Medley Hawaiian Guitars Pale K. Lua-David Pauli} izvaliol.75 
Hula Medley Pale K. Lua-David Kaili es 
{Greie and the Butterfly (D’Albret) Victor Military pane 553211211.25 
Dorothy Three-Step (Lampe) Victor Military Band Sees : 
‘Gupis Astray Waltz (Rolfe) Victor Dance Gueky aia 1esa2\fol".75 
Garden of Dreams Waltz (Stimson) Victor Dance Orchestra : 


{cupids Arrow—Concert Polka (Eno) Banjo (Piano acc. sp Van ne 16855|10| .75 
Cu Polish Dance No. | (Scharwenka) Xylophone Wm. H. Reit 
te (Supiae Garden—intermezzo (Eugene) Bell Solo Wm. H. pee 18018/10| .75 
Evening Chimes—Réverie  Violin-’ Cello-Harp-Bells Venetian Trio ; 
jestidoatey Hunt, The (with Banjo) Golden and Mert, seats yoltos 
Jimmy Trigger Rens from the War (Comic Specialty) Golden-Hughes : 
(goes of an Aching Heart (Fink-Piantadosi) Will eee, 1737elTble 9s 
Down Old Harmony Way _ (Cooper) Peerless Quartet j 
jeu Speech (From “Beauty Shop ’’) Raymond Pitsheosh eanagliahso 
Burglar Story and High Cost of Living Raymond Hitchcock ; 
Cygne, Le (The Swan) (Saint-Saéns) ‘Cello - Josef Hollman/64046|10/1.00 
Cygne, Le Violin Maud Powell|64265/10}1.00 
Cygne, Le (2) Waltz (Chopin) Violin Efrem Zimbalist|74338|12/1.50 
Cygne, Le (The Swan) Cello (Pianoforte by Bourdon) Hans Kindler 

Melody in F (Rubinstein) ‘Cello Hans Gadies sess SMG ts 
Cyrano de Bergerac—Scene, “Non merci”? (Rostand) French Herz| 5681|10} .60 
Czar und Zimmermann—Einst Spielt ich mit Scepter (Lortzing) 

In German Otto Goritz| 74288] 12/1.50 
Czardas—Hejre Kati (Hubay) Violin Maud Powell/74324|12/1.50 
Czarine—tThree Step (Mazurka Russe) (Ganne) Victor analy 17980]10| .75 

The Globe Trot (Crudup Vesey) Victor Military Band 5 
eee Mazurka (Ganne) Pryor’s alae aoe tOezs 
Bohemian Girl Overture (Balfe) Pryor’s Band i 

DADDI—See “‘ Lucia Sextette ” and Italian Catalogue 
yapaay (Behrend) Elizabeth ere aa fesoaliolags 
I’m Wearing Awa (WNairn-Foote) John Barnes Wells ° 
eee Has a Sweetheart and Motheris HerName Edna poe 10! .75 
Those Ragtime Melodies (Hodgkins) Peerless Quartet 20 ; 
eee (Nichols) (2) That Little Chap of Mine Roe nea: 101 .75 
To My Son (Graflin) (2) The Mother’s Love Rodeheaver}|17478 : 
DA GRADI, L., Tenor—See “ Bohéme” 

‘aaa Gwineter be er Lan’slide (NegroSermon) (Strickland) ce 17695/10| .75 
Exhortation (Negro Sermon) (Rogers-Cook) Reed Miller ‘ 
Dai canti d’amore (A Song of Love) (Ettore Titta) Jtalian Ruffo0/88395}) 12/3.00 

Dallas Blues (Preceded by Mose’s Baptism) (Leighton Bros.) 
Marie Cahill ?}55081/12/1.50 
An Idle Woman’s Busy Day (Monologue) Marie Cahill 

D’ALMAINE, CHAS., Violin (See “Violin Solos” and “Inst. Duets ”’) 
DALMORES, CHARLES, Tenor (Dahl-moh-ress’) (For list of records, 
portrait and sketch see “‘Dalmores”’ in Pink Section) 
Daly’s Reel—One-Step and Buck Dance (Daly) Banjo Van Ep) 
{ Medley of Southern Melodies (Banjo Solo) Fred Van Eps Tei 1609 

DAMNATION DE FAUST (Monte Carlo, 1903) (Berlioz) 

(See “‘ Victrola Book of the Opera”’ for illustrated description) 

Chanson dela puce (Song of the Flea) Jn French Pol Plangon|81087/10 2.00 
Hungarian March (Rakoczy March) Sousa’s Band|31424/12]1.00 
Hungarian March—Sousa’s Band and Carmen—Prelude—La Scala Orch\68052| 12} 1.25 
Marche Hongroise and Menuet des Follets—Orch. Symphonique|35462)12|1.25 
Menuet des Follets and Marche Hongroise—Orch. Symphonique|35462|12|1.25 
Rakoczy Indulo and Rob he rczeg belépé6—Davis Hungarian Orchestra|}69564|10| .75 
Rakoczy March and Radetzky March—Conway’s Band|67965)|10| .75 
Serenade Mephistopheles In French Pol Plancgon|81034|10/2.00 
Serenade Mephistopheles Jn French (2) Don Giovanni—Serenata, 

Deh vieni alla finestra Jn /talian de Gogorza|88447|12/3.00 

Damon—See “ Bekehrte, Die”’ 

{anes and Grow Thin  (Berlin-Meyer) Van and Schenck iesealiowns 
For Me and My Gal Van and Schenck} 7 
ash and Grow Thin—Fox Trot (Meyer) Jos. C. Smith’s Orch. rasisliorags 
Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh—Medley One-Step Smith’s Orch. : 


Oneee California (Gregory) Bell Solo Wm. H. aches 10 
Buffalo News March (Lampe) Xylophone Wm: H. ReitzS|1735? se 
Can of the Bugs—March (Dixon) Banjo Fred Van Eps\ 10 eae 
Down Home Rag (Sweatman) Saxophone Sextette © Brown Brothers ES 15 
{Pence of the Fairies (Damare) Piccolo Darius re 10 
American Polka (Kimmel) Accordion John J. Kimmel ae ae 
panes of the Honey Bees (Bird Effects by Belmont) Victor oreo 10 
Anvil Polka Victor Orchestras |*©17® 79 
Dance of the Hours—See “ Gioconda” 
eas of the Serpents (Boccalari) Pryor’s ae 12 
Daughter of the Regiment Overture (Donizetti) Pryor’s Band SoU eS Zire) 
Dance of the Song Birds (Richmond) Bird Warbling Victor Orch| 4648/10} .60 
pene of the Song Birds (Richmond) (Bird Warbling) Victor rae T7EztliO 
The Cricket’s Serenade (Bendix) Orchestra with Belmont i> 
(Dene of the Wood Nymphs _ (Sak) Kryl’s Bohemian pao 16891\10 
Inglesina March (Delile Cese) Vessella’s Italian Band. 15 

DANCE RECORDS—See also ‘‘Marches.”’ For the selections contained 

in the medley dance records see ‘“‘Medleys”’ 


Alexander's Ragtime Band (Berlin) and Slippery Place Rag—Victor Mil. B}17006|10} .75 
All Hands Around and Way Down East—Dance Orchestra| 16282|10} .75 
Everybody Two-Step and Robert E. Lee Medley—Victor Military Band|17271|10| .75 
Four Little Sugar Plums and By the Light of Sil’ry Moon—Murray-Hayden Qt| 16460) 10] .75 
Gaby Glide (Hirsch) and OA, You Beautiful Doll—Pryor’s Band|17063)|10} .75 
Kerry Mills Barn Dance and Virginia—One-Step—Pryor’s Band|16003)|10| .75 
Shine On Harvest Moon—Pryor’s Band and I'm on Way to Reno—Murray|16475|10| .75 
Way Down East Barn Dance and All Hands Around—Dance Orchestra|16282|10| .75 

BOSTON—See “‘ Waltzes ”’ 
Daly's Reel and Medley of Southern Melodies (Banjo) Van Eps|18116}10| .75 
CAKEWALKS (Many Records suitable for Cakewalks under ‘““Two-Steps’’) 
Cakewalk in the Sky and Danube Waves Waltz (Ivanovici) Victor Dance Orch|35088)12/1.25 
Coon Band Contest (Pryor) Pryor’s B and On Jersey Shore March—Pryor’s B|16079}10} .75 
Georgia Sunset—Pryor’s Band and /talian Riflemen March—Pryor’s Band| 1679610} .75 

Mr. Black Man—Pryor's Band and Jolly Fellows Waltz—Pryor’s Band|16668)]10| .75 
Balancello and Le Rouli-Rouli—Castle Dance— Victor Band|17680|10| .75 

Free and Easy (C'est pour rire) and Tanzweise—Castle Polka—Victor Mil. B|}17644|10| .75 

Rouli-Rouli, Le (Jean Schwartz) and Balancello—Castle Dance—V ictor Band|17680}10| .75 

Tanzweise (adapted from Meyer-Helmund) and Free and Easy— Victor Mil. B}17644|10| .75 

Darkies’ Dream (Reeves) Pryor’s B and Sorgenlos Polka— Xylophone—Reitz| 16469) 10) .75 
Medley of Clogs—Kimmel Accordion and Waterfall Polka—Xylophone—Reitz| 16438} 10| .75 

FISH WALK— See “‘One-Steps”’ 

Allah’s Holiday (‘‘Katinka’’) and Poor Butterfly—Smith's Orchestra 18246|10} .75 
American Jubilee—Fox Trot and Siss-Boom-Ah!—One-Step—Conway’s Band|18109}10| .75 
Around the Map—Medley and Very Good Eddie—Medley One-Ster—V ictor B\35528) 12|1.25 
Ballin’ the Jack Fox Trot and Meadowbrook Fox Trot—V ictor Mil. Band|35405}12|1.25 
Bantam Step—Fox Trot and Under the Rambling Roses—Conway’s Band|18141/10| .75 
Bayside Fox Trot and Pick a Chicken—One-Step—V ictor Military Band|17687|10| .75 

Beale Street Blues—Fox Trot and Old Grey Mare—Fox Trot—Fuller’s Jazz B\18369\10| .75 
Blame It on the Blues Fox Trot and 1 Want to Go Medley Fox Trot—Victor B\17764|10 
Booster Fox Trot and Glad Rags One-Step—Victor Military Band|17808)}10| .75 


Broken Doll—Fox Trot or London Taps and Two Two Dance—Victor Band|35599)|12}1.25 
Brown Skin—Fox Trot and Listen to This—One-Step—Victor Military Band|18203)10| .75 
Bubi Fox Trot and Do the Funny Fox Trot—Véictor Military Band|35406)/12|1.25 
Bugle Call Rag—Fox Trot and Some Sort of Somebody— Victor Band|35533}12|1.25 
By Heck Fox Trot and Ticking Love Taps Fox Trot—Victor Dance Orch\35435)12|1.25 
Call of a Nation—Victor Band and Honeymoon—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band|18181|10} .75 
Century Girl and Pack Up Your Troubles—Medley One-Step—V ictor Band|18218}10| .75 
Chin Chin Fox Trot and Watch Your Step Medley Fox Trot—Victor Mil. Band|35432)42|1.25 
Chinese Blues—Fox Trot—Sousa's B and Auf Wiedersehn—-Waltz—V ictor Orch|35514/12)1.25 
Chinese Fox Trot—Medley and Miss Springtime—Medley One-Step—Victor B\35598)12|1.25 
Chutney and Sugar Lump—Véictor Military Band| 1769210) .75 
Clown Dance—Fox Trot (Lake) and Poet’s Vision—Waltz— Conway's B)}18142)\10| .75 
Crackerjack Medley Fox Trot and Tip Top Medley Fox Trot—Accordion—Pietro|\17709| 10) .75 

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Mr.and Mrs.Vernon Castle 

The greatest exponents of gm < 
Modern Dancing, who ga 
have supervised the mak- 
ing of many Victor 
Dance Records 

= a _ ey 

26 EAST 481% STREET 


Mareh 2, i914. 

i The superiority of the Victor & Victor 

Records is $0 apparent that kre. Csstie and I 

after s thorough trisl of other sound repro- 

ducing instruments, have decided to use the 

¥Yietor and Vietor Records exclusively et Oss. 


tie House, 

Mre, Usatie and I find the Yietrole 

practieslly indispensable, while the quality 

Dancing the 

Dancing the 
One Step 

of musie it supplies during class work is 80 : : 
. - : Hesitation 

Satisfactory that Sur pupils are es enthusias 

; tic regarding the Vietrols as we sre ourseive 

I also take great pleasure in ennouns-— 

ing thet I have given to the Vietor Company 

the exclusive services of the Castie House 

heatra for the taking of dance records, 

i also that £ will personally superintend 

making off Wieotor Dangé Re a. 
End tn ale 


The Victor’s list of dance 
records now contains 
over 500 selections, plac- 
ing at your disposal the most 
complete and comprehensive list‘ 
in the world. Victor Records 
for dancing are absolutely 

© = 

Dancirg the Dancing the ; 
Fox Trot Castle Polka 




Crazy Bone Rag— U.S. Marine Band and While They Were Dancing—Victor B 35380} | 
Dance and Grow Thin and Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny — One-Step—Smith’s Orch 18313} | 
Dandy Medley—Fox Trot and Winner Medley—Fox Trot—Accordion—Pietro| 18280) | 
Do the Funny Fox Trot and Bubi Fox Trot— Victor Military Band|35406| | 
Down Where the Swanee—Medley Fox Trot and Harry von Tilzer—V ictor B\35548)| 
Everybody Two-Step and Robert E. Lee Medley—V ictor Band|17271\| 
Follow Me—Medley and How’s Every Little Thing in Dixie—One-Step—V ictor B\/35619)| 
For Me and My Gal—Med. Fox Trot and Fascination Waltz—Smith's Orch|35640| | 
For Me and My Gal—Med. Fox Trot and My Fox Trot Girl—Brown Bros.\|18310|| 

or You a Rose—Medley and Mondaine Waltz—Smith’s Orchestra|\35648| | 
Fox Trot Day and When the War is Over— One-Step —McKee’s Orchestra|17817|| 
Gaby Glide ne Trot — and Oh, You Beautiful Doll— Pryor s Band\17063| | 

Georgia Grind Fox Trot and /t’s Tulip T Time—Med. One-Step—Signor‘‘ Grinderino’’|17884|10) .75 
Get Off My Foot—Fox Trot and Evensong Waltz—Smith’s Orchestra|18247|10| .75 
Ghost of the Saxophone—Fox Trot and Saxophone Sam—Fox Trot—Brown B)18309}10| .75 
Girl from Utah Medley Fox Trot ‘and Tenn. I Hear You—Victor Mil Band|35425|12|1.25 

Havanola and Waltz from Drigo’s Serenade—Joseph C. Smith and his Orch|\35615}| 
Have a Heart—Med. Fox Trot and Love o’ Mike—One Step—V ictor Band|35621 
Have a Heart—Med. Fox Trot and Welcome Honey—One-Step—Conway's B\35571 

Hawaiian Butterfly and When It’s Circus Day—V ictor Band|35634 
Hello Frisco—Fox Trot and Jane Medley— One-Step—V ictor Band|35478 
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You?—Medley Fox Trotand A re You from Dixie? Victor B|}35539 
Hilda Fox Trot and On Your Way—One-Step—V ictor Military Band|18047 

Hits of 1915 Medley Fox Trot and My Tango Girl Fox Trot—Victor Band|35422 
Honeymoon—Conway’s Band and Call of a Nation—Fox Trot—Victor Band|18181 
Honolulu Hicki Boola and Put on Your Slippers—One-Step—V ictor Band|35628 
Huckleberry Finn—Medley and She’s Dixie Allthe Time—Conway’s Band|35650 
| Ain’t Got Nobody—Medley and Mother, Dixie and You—Conway’s Band|\35646 
1 Can Hear the Ukuleles—Medley and Way Down:in Arkansaw—Victor Band|\35635 
In Alabama, Dear, with You—Medley and Hezekiah One-Step—Conway’s B|}35501 



Introduce Me—Fox Trot and Skyscraper—One-Step—Conway s Band\1811 
It's Not Your Nationality and Honolulu, America Loves You—V ictor Band\3561 
| Want to Go to Tokio—Medley Fox Trot and Blame/t on Blues—V ictor Band| 17764 
Joe Turner Blues—Medley and Nigger Blues—Fox Trot—Victor Band|18174 

Johnny Get a Girl-Medley Fox Trot and Loading Up the Mandy Lee—V ictor B|}35562 
Kangaroo Hop—Fox Trot and Merry Whirl-One-Step—-Ossman's Banjo Orch\35536 
Kansas City Blues and Hesitation Blues—One-Step— Victor Military Band|18163 
Katinka—Medley Fox Trot and Poor Butterfly—Fox Trot—Victor Mil. Band\35605 
Livery Stable Blues and Dixieland—One-Step— Original Dixieland Jazz Band\18255 
Love o’ Mike—Medley Fox Trot 

and Have a Heart—Med. One-Step—Victor Band|35638 


Magic Melody Fox Trot and Peasant Girl Waltz Medley—Victor Band|35468 
Madein America and Bon Ton One-Step—Conway’s Band|17851 
Maid in America Medley Fox Trot and To-Night's the Night—V ictor Band|35439 
Meadowbrook Fox Trot and Ballin’ the Jack Fox Trot—Victor Military Band|35405 
Midnight Frolic Medley and Indiana Medley— One-Step— Conway’s Band|35645 
Miss Vixen and Blue Paradise—Medley One-Step— Conway's Band|35502 

Money Blues and I’ve a Shooting Box in Scotland—Smith and his Orchestra|18165 
Mother, Dixie and You—Medley and [ Ain't Got Nobody—Conway’s Band|35646 
Music Box Rag Fox Trot and Chinatown, My Chinatown—Victor Military Band|35429 
My Bird of Paradise Fox Trot and Nobody Home One-Step—V ictor Band|35457 
My Fox Trot Girl and For Me and My Gal—Fox Trot—Brown Brothers|18310 
My Own Iona Medley—Victor B and Lucy's Sextette One-Step—Conway’s B|18219 

My Tango Girl Fox Trot and Hits of 1915 Medley Fox Trot—Victor Band|35422 
Nigger Blues and Joe Turner Blues—Medley Fox Trot—Victor Band\18174 
Boy—Medley Fox rTsots and St. Elmo—One-Step—Smith’s Orchestra|35630 

Old Grey Mare and Beale Street Blues—Fox Trot—Fuller’s Famous Jazz Band|18369 
Original Fox T.-Van Eps Trio and That Moaning Saxophone Rag-Brown Bros.|17677 
Pigeon Walk Fox Trot and Watch Your Step Medley One-Step—V ictor Band|17727 
Poor Butterfly ~ and Allah’s Holiday—Fox Trot—Smith’s Orchestra|\18246 
Poor Butterfly—Medley Fox Trot and Katinka—Medley Fox Trot—Victor B\35605 
Poppy Time in Old Japan ~and From Here to Shanghai—V ictor Band|18267 
Pretty Baby—Medley and There’s a Liitle Bit of Bad—Victor Band|35589)| 
Ragging the Scale—Fox Trot and Flirting W histler—One-Step—Conway’s Band|17850} 10 




— ot 
Wanna MAAN Ananrnnnannnn nnn 









Ragging the Scale—Fox Trot Banjo—Van Eps and Eldorado March—Reitz|18085}10| .75 

Reuben Fox Trot and Girl from Utah One-Step— Victor Band|35402|12|1.25 
Saxophone Sam and Ghost o pe Saxophone—Fox Trot—Brown Bros|18309|10| .75 
She's Dixie All the Time—Medley and Huckleberry Finn—Conway’s Band|35650}12)1.25 
Siam—Medley Fox Trot and Ole Virginny One-Step—Victor Military Band|35561|12)1.25 
So Long, Letty, Medley and Pass Around the Apples—Victor Military Band|35612|12|1.25 
Some Sort of Somebody—Fox Trot and Bugle Call Rag—Victor Band|35533)}12}1.25 
Stop, Look and Listen—Medley Fox Trot and When Old Bill Bailey—V ictor B}35521|12)1.25 
Sugar Lump ‘and Chutney—V ictor Military Band\17692|10| .75 
Swanee Ripples Rag and fasted Waltz Hesitation—Victor Band\17585}10| .75 
Sybil—Medley Fox Trot and WhenIJt's Orange Blossom Time—Victor Band|35540}12}1.25 
Tally-Ho Fox Trot (Bird) and Sphinx Waltz (Popy) McKee's Orchestrai35460| 1211.25 


D That Rag and Real Swing March—Pryor’s Band|16043}10|_.75 
a There's a ehitle Bit of Bad—Medley and Pretty Baby—V ictor Band|35589}12|1.25 
ee They Made It Twice as Nice and Inthe Beautiful Air—One-Step—Conway s B)35572|12|1.25 
Ticking Love Taps Fox Trot and By Heck Fox Trot—Victor Dance Orchestra|35435}12)}1.25 
Tip Top Medley Fox Trot and Crackerjack Medley Fox Trot—Accordion— Pietro|17709|10| .75 
Two-Key Rag—Fox Trot and Harlequin—One-Step—Conway's Band\18106|10| .75 
Underneath the Stars—Medley Fox Trot and The Waltz We Love—Victor O|35523|12|1.25 
Under the Rambling Roses—Fox Trot and Bantam Step—Conway’s Band\18141\10| .75 
Universal Fox Trot and Good Scout One-Step (Banjo) Vess L. Ossman|17952\10| .75 
Watch Your Step Medley Fox Trot and Chin Chin Fox Trot—Victor M. Band|35432|12|1.25 
Walkin’ the Dog—Fox Trot and Are You Prepared—One-Step—V. Mil. Band|35554|12|1.25 
Way Down in lowa—Medley and America, Here’e My Boy—V ictor Band|35629)|12|1.25 
When Sun Goes Down in Romany—Medley and Witmark Medley—Victor B\35604|12|1.25 
Winner Medley—Fox Trot and Dandy Medley—Fox Trot—Accordion—Pietro\18280\|10| .75 
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula—Fox Trot and J Can Dance—One-Step—Victor B|\35546)12|1.25 
Yah-de-dah and Slippery Hank—One-Step—Fuller s Famous Jazz Band|18321|10| .75 
You'd Never Know That Old Home Town-—Medley and 4 merica I Love—Victor B\35516|12}1.25 
You're in Love—Medley and This Way Out—One-Step—Smith’s Orch|18275|10| .75 

FURLANA—See “‘Gioconda”’ 

Globe Trot (Vesey) and Czarine—Three-Step— V ictor Band|17980)|10| .75 
Home, Sweet Home Med. Waltz-Conway’s B. and Aloha Oe Waltz—Victor B|}17733)10| .75 
GRAND MARCHES (In slower time than usual—for marching. For 
marches made especially for school marching see Educational Records) 
Africana—Marcia Indiana—La Scala Orch and Traviata—Prelude—Scala Orch\68627)|12|1.25 
Aida—Grand March and Rondo Capriccioso (Mendelssohn) Vessella’s Band|35265)12|1.25 
Boccaccio March (Von Suppe) Pryor’s B and Valse Bleue (Margis) Sousa’s B|16922)10| .75 
Boston Commandery March—Pryor’s Band —_ and Nearer My God—Pryor’s B|16817|10| .75 
Clayton’s Grand March and In Lilac Time—March—Victor Band|35397| 121.25 
Coronation March—Le Prophete (Meyerbeer) Pryor’s Band/31503/12/1.00 
Damnation of Faust—Hungarian March (Rakoczy March) Sousa’s Band/31424!12/1.00 
Don Carlos M’ch (Verdi) Sousa’s B and Tannhduser—Pilgrims’ Chorus—Brass Q\17133)|10| .75 
Funeral March of a Marionette—Burlesque (Gounod) Sousa’s Band|/31081}12)1.00 
Lohengrin—W edding March— Scala Orch and Walktire—Cavalcata—Scala Orch|62693)|10) .75 
March Indienne—See “ Africana” 
Marche Héroiqué (Saint-Saéns) Pryor’s B and Dead March (“Saul’’) Pryor’s B}16980|10| .75 
Marche Slave (Tschaikowsky) Victor Herbert’s Orchestra|70050} 12/1.25 
Marche Slave—Pryor's B and Semiramide Overture—Police Band of Mexico|35167|12/1.25 
Norwegian Wedding March (Grieg) Pianoforte Wilhelm Bachaus/71042/12/1.50 
Swedish Wedding March—Pryor’s Band and Spinning BOLE tenard Trio|35159|12)1.25 
Tannhauser March (Wagner) ousa’s Band|31423}12/1.00 
Tannhauser March—Sousa’s Band and Marseillaise (de L 1a Sousa’s B\16514/10| .75 
Wedding March (Mendelssohn) (See also Lohengrin, above) Pryor’s Band|31159|12/|1.00 
HALF AND HALF _ (Combination One-Step and Waltz) 
Melody in F—Half and Half and Pavlowa Gavotte—Victor Band|35403)12/1.25 
Geese in the Bog Medley—lIrish Jigs and Stack of Barley—Medley— Kimmel|18193)}10| .75 
Irish Jigs—Medley and Irish Melodies —Medley—Irish Bagpipe—Tom Ennis|18286|10| .75 
Irish Jigs—Medley and Medley of Irish Reels, No. 6—Harold Veo|18308}|10} .75 
Jig Medley—Pryor’s Band and Bohemian Girl Fantasia—Xylophone—Reitz|\16505|10} .75 
Medley Irish Jigs—Kimmel Accord. and Southern Girl Gavotte—Bells—Chapman|16406|10| .75 
Medley of Irish Jigs, No. 2 and Medley of Irish Reels, No. 5—Kimmel|18207| 10} .75 
Medley Straight Jigs—Kimmel Accordion and Long Ago—Xylophone—Lewin|16534|10| .75 
LAME DUCK WALTZ—See “‘Waltzes’’ 


Broken Doll —Fox Trot or London Taps and Two Two Dance—Victor Band|35599)12 1.25 

MAXIXE (Or Mattchiche) See “Tango” 

Alabama Jubilee Medley—One-Step and Down Among the Palms—Victor B\35480)12\1.25 
All for the Girlies Medley -and Hungarian Rag—Conway’s Band|17392\10| .75 
All He Does is Follow Them Around Med. 1-Step and Something—Victor B}35393)12|1.25 
America, Here’s My Boy—Medley and Way Down in lowa— Victor Band|35629\ 12) 1.25 
America, ] Love You and You’d Never Know That Old Home—Victor Band|35516| 121.25 
Araby—Medley 1-Step and My Sweet Adair—Medley One-Step—Conway’s B\35496|12)1.25 
Are You From Dixie ?>—Medley One-Step and Hello, Hawaii —Victor Band|35539)12)1.25 
Are you Prepared—Med. One-Step and Walkin’ the Dog—Fox Trot— Victor B\}35554| 12, 1.25 
Arrah Go On—Medley One-Step and Uncle Tom—One-Sten— Victor Band|18082)10| .75 
At the Ball, That’s All Medley—Victor B and California and You—Conwav’s B|}17626|10| .75 
Big Show and She is the Sunshine of Virginia—Medley One-Step—V ictor Band'35587! 12!1.25 



Blue Paradise Medley . and Miss Vixen—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 
Bobbin’ Up and Down Medley and International Rag Medley— V. Mil. B 
Bon Ton One-Step and Made in America—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 
Brulante, and Sari Waltzes, Hesitation or Boston—Victor Band 
California and You—Conway'sB — and At the Ball, That’s All—Victor Band 
Canary Cottage—Medley and If I Knock the “‘L’’ Out Waltz—Victor Band 
Castle House Rag—One-Step or Trot and Congratulations Waltz—Europe’s O 
Chinatown, My Chinatown One-Step and Music Box Rag Fox Trot—V. Band 
Chinese Picnic and Oriental Dance Medley and Notoriety Rag—Van Eps Trio 
Classical Spasm, A—Ragtime and Delirious Rag—One-Step—Piano— T homas 
Corker Medley One-Step—Accordion and Metropolitan Hits—Pietro 
Cotton Breakdown—Pryor’s Band and Old Faithful March—Pryor’s Band 
Crazy Bone Rag—U. S. Marine B. and While They Were Dancing—Victor B 
Croony Melody Medley and Rose of the Mountain Trail—Victor Military B 
Cumberland—Medley and Wake Up, America—Medley One-Step—V ictor B 
Daly’s Ree and Medley of Southern Melodies—Van Eps 
Delirious Rag and A Classical Spasm—Ragtime—One-Step—Piano— T homas 
Dixieland (with Bells) Conway's B and To Have, To Hold—Hesitation—V ictor B 
Dixieland Jazz Band and Livery Stable Blues Fox Trot— Orig. Dixieland Jazz B 
Don't Take My Darling Boy Away—Medley One-Step and On the5./5—VictorB 
Down Among the Sheltering Palms One-Step and .4labama Jubilee—Victor B 
Down Home Rag (Sweatman) and Horse Trot—One-Step—Victor Military B 
Down in Bom-Bombay Medley and My Little Girl Medley—Conway’s Band 
Down the Field March (Friedman) and Knockabout March—Pryor’s Band 
Fascinator March (Scheid) and Society Swing (Frantzen) Pryor’s Band 
Flirting Whistler—One-Step and Ragging the Scale—Fox Trot-—Conway’s Band 
Flora Bella—Medley and Girl from Brazil—One-Step—V ictor Band 
Flower Garden Ball—Trot and Jsle d’ amour— Waltz Hesitation—V. Mil. Band 
For Your Country and My Country and Sweetie Mine—Conway’s Band 
From Here to Shanghai and Poppy Time—Fox Trot—V ictor Band 
From Soup to Nuts—Pianoforte and Hesitation Waltz—Felix Arndt 
Gertrude Hoffmann Glide Too Much Mustard—Victor Military Band 
Girl from Brazil—Medley and Flora Bella—One-Step—V ictor Band 
Glad Rags One-Step and Booster Fox Trot—Victor Military Band 
Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France 
and Rolling in His Little Rolling Chair—Conway’s Band 
Good Scout—One-Step and Universal Fox Trot (Banjo) WVess L. Ossman 
Harlequin—One-Step Two-Key Rag—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 
Happy Heinie—Pryor’'s Ban and La Sorella March—Victor Orchestra 
Harry von Tilzer—Medley One-Step and Down Where the Swanee—V. Mil. B 
Harry von Tilzer Popular Medley One-Step and I’m On My Way—Viictor B 
Have a Heart—Medley Fox Trot and Love o’ Mike—One-Step— Victor Band 
Hesitation Blues and Kansas City Blues—Fox Trot—Victor Military Band 
Hezekiah and Jn Alabama, Dear, With You—Medley Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 
High Jinks and Laughing Husband Medley—One-Step—V ictor Band 
Hip-Hip Hooray and [’m Simply Crazy Over You Medley—Victor Band 
Hitchy-Koo—Medley and Ziegfeld Follies—Medley One-Step—Smith's Orch 
Honky Tonky One-Step and Pom Pom—Medley One-Step—V ictor Military B 
Honolulu, America Loves You—Medley 
and /[t’s Not Your Nationality—One-Step—Victor Band 
fpavies and Down Home Rag (Sweatman) V. M: 


Horse Trot ilitary Band 
Horse Trot ) and Peg o’ My Heart—One-Step—V. Military Band 
How’s Every Little Thing in Dixie—Med. and Follow Me Fox Trot—Victor B 
Hummer Medley—One-Step Accordion and Hungarian Rag—FPietro 
Hungarian Rag (Lenzberg) and All for the Girlies Medley—Conway’s Band 
I Can Dance With Everybody One-Step and Yaaka Hula Fox Trot—Victor B 
I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Bea Soldier and Little House Upon the Hill—Victor B 
I'm Going Back to Memphis, Tenn. and Trail of the Lonesome Pine—Victor B 
I'm On My Way to Dublin Bay—Medley and Harry von Tilzer—Victor B 
I'm Simply Crazy Over You Medley and Hip-Hip Hooray—Victor Band 
Indiana Medley and Midnight Frolic Medley—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 
Indianola Patro! One-Step and Toots One-Step—Mandolin—Dr. Penney 
In My Harem Medley and That’s How I Need You—Medley—V. Military B 
In the Beautiful Seaside Air—Medley and They Made it Nice—Conway’s B 
In the Golden West Medley and Dreaming—Valse Boston—V. Military Band 
International Rag Medley and Bobbin’ Up and Down Medley—-Trot—V. Mil. B 
It's Tulip Time in Holland Medley One-Step (Street Piano) 
, and Georgia Grind—Fox Trot (Street Piano) Signor Grinderino 
I've a Shooting Box in Scotland 
and Money Blues Fox Trot—Smith and his Orch 
I Wonder What Will William Tell One-Step—Van Eps Trio and Chicken Reel 
amais Trop One-Step (Never Too Much) and Parisimo One-Step—V. Mil. B 
ane—Medley One-Ste and Hello Frisco—Fox Trot—Victor Band 
ungle Moon (Wenrich) Pryor’s Band and Temptation Rag—Pryor’s Band 
ockabout March (Way Down South) and Down the Field March—Pryor’s B 
La Brulante and Sari Waltzes—Hesitation or Boston—Victor Military Band 


Number aliens 
17487|10| .75 
17851/10| .75 
17626/10| .75 

35429] 12|1.25 
17601|10| .75 
18229/10} .75 
17664|10} .75 
16044|10} .75 
35380) 12|1.25 
17617/10} .75 
18116/10} .75 
1822910} .75 
17477|10| .75 
18255)10} .75 
35445) 12/1.25 
17340|10} .75 
17289/10| .75 
1695210} .75 
17850/10} .75 
35346) 12|1.25 
18345)|10] .75 
18267|10} .75 
17558/10} .75 
17292)10| .75 
17808)10} .75 

35649] 12)1.25 
17952/10| .75 
18106|10) .75 
16084|10] .75 
35548) 12|1.25 

35458) 12|1.25 
18163)|10] .75 
35501) 12|1.25 
35376) 12|1.25 
18334) 10] .75 
18039/10} .75 

17340|10| .75 
35362) 12)1.25 
17609) | 
17392) 1 
35546 || 
35438) | 
5458} | 



. e 




17884|10) .75 

18165)10) .75 
17799}10) . 
17606)10| . 

16511/10) .75 
17289)|10) .75 




Laughing Husband Medley 

and High Jinks—One-Step— Victor Band 
Listen to This—One-Step 

and Brown Skin—Fox Trot—Victor Band 
Little House Upon the Hill Medley and I Didn’t Raise My Boy—Victor B 
Loading Up the Mandy Lee—Medley and Johnny Get a Girl—Victor Band 
Love o’ Mike—One-Step and Have a Heart—Med. Fox Trot—Victor Band 
Lucy’s Sextette—Conway’s Band and My OwnJona—Fox Trot—Victor Band 
Maui Aloha—One-Step and Pua Carnation— Guitars—L ouise-Ferera 
Maurice Glide and They’re On Their Way—Victor Band 
Melinda’s Wedding Day—Medley 

and Last Night Was the End of the World—Hesitation or Boston—V. Mil. B 
Memphis Blues and Rag-a-Muffin Rag— One-Step— Victor Military Band 
Merry Whirl—One-Step and Kangaroo Hop—Fox Trot—Ossman’s Banjo Orch 
Metropolitan Hits Medley One-Step Accordion and Corker Medley—Pietro 

Number | = 

18203)10| .75 
35621) 12)1.25 
18219|10} .75 
18087|10) .75 
17592) 10| .75 

17362|10| .75 

Michigan Medley and My Lady of the Telephone—Victor Military Band|35414|12|1.25 
Midnight Whirl Rag One-Step and Tipperary Medley One-Step—V ictor B}35431,12|1.25 
Miss Springtime Medley and Chinese Fox Trot Medley—Victor Military Band|35598)| 12)}1.25 
Molly Dear, It’s You I'm After—Medley and A Little Bit of Heaven—Victor B}35522|12}1.25 
Mr. Black Man_ (Pryor) and Jolly Fellows March—Pryor’s Band|16668|10| .75 
My Lady of the Telephone One-Step and Michigan Medley -1-Step—V. Mil. B}35414|12|1.25 
My Little Dream Girl Medley One-Step and Those Charley C.—Victor Band|35469|12}1.25 
My Little Girl—Medley and Down in Bom-Bombay—Medley—Conway's Band|35495}|1!2)1.25 
My Sweet Adair—Medley |-Step and Araby—Medley One-Step—Conway’s B|}35496|12}1.25 
New York Hippodrome Medley—One-Step or Trot 
and When It’s Apple Blossom Time in Normandy—One-Step—V. Military B\35333)}12|1.25 
Nobody Home Med. One-Step and My Bird of Paradise Fox Trot—Victor B}35457|12|1.25 
Notoriety Rag and Chinese Picnic and Oriental Dance Medley—V an Eps Trio|17601|10| .75 
Oh Johnny, Oh—Medley and Dance and Grow Thin—Fox Trot—Smith’s Orch\18313]10} .75 
Oh My Love Medley One-Step and When You Wore a Tulip— Victor Band|35421)|12}1.25 
Oh You Beautiful Doll—Pryor’s Band and Gaby Glide— Trot—Pryor’s Band|17063)}10} .75 
Old Faithful March and Cotton—Breakdown—Trot (Von Tilzer) Pryor’s Band|16044|10| .75 
Ole Virginny One-Step and Siam—Medley Fox Trot—Victor Military Band|35561)|12|1.25 
On Jersey Shore March (Pryor) and Coon Band Contest—Pryor’s Band|16079|10| .75 
On the Dixie Highway—One-Step 
and Teasing the Cat—One-Step— Van Eps Trio|18226|10| .75 
On the Rocky Road to Dublin and Poppies (Moret) Pryor’s Band|16086}10| .75 
On the 5.15 Medley One-Step and Don’t Take My Darling Boy—V ictor Band|35445}12|1.25 
On Your Way—One-Step and Hilda Fox Trot—Victor Military Band\18047|10| .75 
Over There and Where Do We Go from Here Medley—Victor Band\18370}10| .75 
Pack Up Your Troubles—Medley One-Step 
and Century Girl—Fox Trot—Victor Band|18218}10| .75 
Parisimo One-Step and Jamais Trop One-Step (Never Too Much) Victor B\17606}10| .75 

Pass Around the Apples Once Again—Medley and So Long, Letty—Victor B|}35612|12}1.25 
Peg o’ My Heart and Pullman Porters on Parade—V ictor Military Band|17465}10| .75 
Peg o’ My Heart (Fischer) and Horse Trot (Davis) Victor Military Band|35362\|1\2|1.25 
Pick a Chicken—One-Step and Bayside Fox Trot—Victor Military Band|17687|10| .75 
Pom Pom—Medley One-Step and Honky Tonky One-Step—Victor Military B}18039|10| .75 
Poppies (Moret) and On the Rocky Road to Dublin—Pryor’s Band|16086)10| .75 
Pullman Porters on Parade and Peg o’ My Heart—Victor Military Band|17465|10| .75 
Put on Your Slippers and Honolulu Hicki Boola Boo—Fox Trot—Victor B)35628)|12|1.25 
Rag-a-Muthn Rag and Memphis Blues—One-Step—V ictor Military Band|17619|10| .75 
Ramshackle Rag (Leo Snyder) and That Flying Rag (Pryor) Pryor’s Band|17021\10) .75 

Real Swing March (Theumser) and That Rag (Brown) Pryor’s Band 
Red Rose Rag—Trot (Wenrich) Pryor’s Band 

and Round the World Selection—One-Step or Trot (arr. by O’Hare) V. Mil. B 
Rolling in His Little Rolling Chair | and Goodbye, Broadway—Conway's Band 
Rose of the Mountain Trail Medley and My Croony Melody—V. Military B 
Same Sort of Girl—Medley One-Step. —— and Reuben Fox Trot—Victor Band 
She is the Sunshine of Virginia—Medley and The Big Show—Victor Band 
Siss-Boom-Ah!—One-Step and American Jubilee—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 
Skyscraper—One-Step and Introduce Me—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band 
Slippery Hank and Yah-de-dah—Fox Trot—Fuller's Famous Jazz Band 
Slippery Place Rag (Hacker) and Alexander’s Ragtime Band—V. Military B 
Smiler Rag and Too Much Ginger—One-Step— Van Eps Trio 
Something Seems Tingle-Ingle-Ing Med. One-Step and All He Does—Victor B 
Spooky Spooks and They're Wearing ‘em Higher—One-Step—V ictor Band 
St. Elmo—One-Step and Oh Boy—Medley Fox Trot—Smith’s Orchestra 
Swanee Ripples Rag and Sympathy Waltz (From *‘ The Firefly”) Victor Mil. B 
Sweetie Mine—Medley and For Your Country and My Country—Conway’s B 
Teasing the Cat—One-Step and Onthe Dixie Highway—One-Step—-V an Eps Trio 
Temptation Rag (Weslyn-Lodge) and Jungle Moon—Pryor’s Band 
Tennessee, | Hear You Calling—One-Step and Girl From Utah—Victor B 
That Rag (Brown) and Real Swing March—Pryor’s Band 
They’re On Their Way to Mexico and Maurice Glide—Victor Band 
They're Wearirg "em Higher—Medley and Spooky Spooks—Victor Band 
This Way Out and Y Medley Fox Trot—Smith’s Orchestra 

and You're in Love— 
Those Charlie Chaplin Feet Medley One-Step and My Little Girl—Victor B 

16043/10} .75 

1713810} .75 
35649] 12/1.25 
17617|10} .75 
35587) 12/1.25 
18109/10} .75 
18115}10} .75 
18321/10} .75 
17006/10| .75 
17575/10| .75 
35393) 12/1.25 
18252|10} .75 
35630) 12/1.25 
17585)|10| .75 
18345)10| .75 
18226/10| .75 
16511/10| .75 
16043/10) .75 
17592/10) .75 
18252/10) .75 
18275|10) .75 

35469) 12'1.25 




Tipperary Medley— One-Step 

and Midnight Whirl Rag—Victor Band 

Too Much Ginger and Smiler Rag (Banjo, etc.) Van Eps Trio 

Too Much Mustard (Tres Moutarde) and Gertrude Hoffmann Glide—V ictor B}17292 
Toots One-Step (Arndt) and Indianola Patrol One-Step—Mandolin—Penney| 17694 

Trail of the Lonesome Pine—Medley Trot 

and I’m Going Back to Memphis, Tenn.—Medley—V ictor Military B\35302 
Trilby Rag One-Step and Setting the Pace One-Step—Conway’s Band|35487 

Uncle Tom—One-Step and Arrah Go On—Medley One-Step—V ictor Military B 
Very Good Eddie—Medley and Around the Map—Medley—V ictor Band 

Virginia (Ringleben) Pryor’s Band 

and Kerry Mills’ Barn Dance—Dance O 

Wake Up, America!—Medley and Cumberland—Medley One-Step—V ictor B 

Watch Your Step Medley One-Step 

Way Down in Arkansaw—Medley 

and Pigeon Walk Fox Trot—Victor Mil. B 
and J Can Hear the Ukuleles—V ictor Band 

Welcome Honey to Your Old Plantation Home 
and Have a Heart Fox Trot—Conway's Band 
When It’s Apple Blossom Time in Normandy 
and New York Hippodrome Medley Trot—Victor Military Band 

When It’s Circus Day Back Home 

and Hawaiian Butterfly—V ictor Band 

When It's Night-time—Victor Band Violets—Waltz Hesitation—Conway's B 

en It's Orange Blossom Time— 

Medley and Sybil Medley Fox Trot—VictorB 

When Old Bill Bailey Plays the Ukulele—Medley 
and Stop, Look and Listen—-Medley Fox Trot 

When the War is Over—One-Step 

and Fox Trot Day—McKee's Orchestra 

When You Wore a Tulip Med. One-Step and OhMy Love One-Step—V ictor B 
Where Do We Go from Here—Medley March and One-Step 

and Over There— Victor Band 

While They Were Dancing Around Medley—Victor Band 

and Crazy Bone Rag—One-Step—U. S. Marine Band|35380 

Witmark Medley—One-Step and When Sun Goes Down—Fox Trot—V ictor B\35604 

Who Paid the Rent Medley 

and Hesitation VValtz—Victor Band 

Ziegfeld Follies—Medley and Hitchy Koo Medley One Step—Smith’s Orchestra 
The following three records were recorded when the One-Step was first 
introduced, and are rather slow for present use, but can be used for teach- 

ing, also Barn Dance and Schottische. 
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Berlin) and Slippery Place Rag—Victor Mil. B 

verybody Two-Step and 
Gaby Glide (Hirsch) 
PAUL JONES—See “One-Steps’’ 

Robert E. Lee Medley—Victor Military Band 

and Oh You Beautiful Doll—Pryor’s Band 

NOTE—The One-Step is generally used for the Paul Jones, but any Fox Trot, 
Canter or old-fashioned Waltz may be used. 













<ntd com amet comnd, coon amt oxmsd cima 



wn mm 




17006 | | 


Saree Gavotte (The Glow Worm) and Melody in F—Half and Half—V ictor B\35403) 12)1.25 
All for the Girlies Medley and Hungarian Rag—Conway’s Band|17392 75 
Always Gallant Polka and Dancing in the Barn—Victor Dance Orchestra| 16181 aD 
Always Gallant Polka and Navajo Two-Step—V ictor Dance Orchestra|35059 [p25 
American Polka—Accordion (Kimmel) and Dance of the Fairies—Lyons|16048 75 

Dixieland (with Bells) Conway’s Band = and To Have and to Hold—Victor B 

Frangesa March—Pryor’s Band and _Songe d’Automne—Bohemian Orchestra 

Free and Easy Polka and Tanzweise—Castle Polka—Victor Band 

Hiawatha Polka and Creole Belles (Lampe) Sousa’s Band 

Tanzweise—Castle Polka and Free and Easy—Castle Polka—V ictor Band 

Army and Navy Med. Reel—VictorO and Bonnie Sweet Bessie—Piccolo—Lyons 

Bob's Favorite Virginia Reel (Bennet) Victor Dance Orchestra 

Boston Virginia Reel—Dance Orch 
Irish Reels—Medley Na. 3 
Devil’s Dream Reel—Dance Orch 

and Infanta March—Banjo—Van Eps 
and No. 4. Accordion Solos—Kimmel 

and Speed the Plow Reel—Dance Orch 

Medley of Old Time Reels and Favorite Hornpipes—V iolin—Charles D’ Almaine 

Medley of Old Reels—D’ Almaine 

Violin and Miss McLeod’s Reel—Dance O 

Medley of Popular Reels Accordion Kimmel 

and My Hindoo Man—Xylophone—Lewin 

Medley Reels No. 2 Accordion Kimmel and Got to See Minstrel Show—Collins 

Stack of Barley Medley—Irish Reels 

and Geese in the Bog—Medley—Kimmel 

Alexander's Ragtime Band (Berlin) and Slippery Place Rag—Victor Mil. B 

Dancing in the Barn—Dance Orch 
Everybody Two-Step and R 
Gaby Glide (Hirsch) 

and Always Gallant—Polka—Dance Orch 
obert E. Lee Medley—Victor Military Band 
and Oh You Beautiful Doll—Pryor’s Band 

Golden Trumpets Schottische—V. Dance Orch 

Strathspey Medley—Scotch Dance 

and So Long, Mary—Morgan and Qt 
Dance Orchestra 

COooCooCoOoOnNnoo ND 

17477 | 

16760 baa 
17644 ‘LD 
17252 ao 
17644 75 
16004 75 
31632 1.00 

16847 || 
17849 || 
16045) | 
16393 | 
35008) 1 



18193 To 
17006/10) .75 
1618110) .75 
17271|10} .75 
17063)10| .75 
16549 10) .75 
31438 12'1.00 



TANGO AND MAXIXE_ (Mattchiche ) 


Arganarez— Tango and Enticement Tango—Castle House Orchestra|17556|10| .75 
Dengozo—Maxixe (E. Nazareth) and Destiny Waltz—Boston—V ictor Band|35375|12|1.25 
Didi—Tango and Una Partida—Tango Orquesta Argentina de Ferrer|67602| 10} .75 
E] Amanecer and Mi Ricurita—V ictor Orchestra\17981|10} .75 
Enticement Tango (C.Noceti) and Arganarez—Tango—Castle House Orch|17556|10} .75 
Hacienda—The Society Tango and Desecration Rag—Pianoforte—A rndt|17608|10} .75 
Maori—Tango and Nights of Gladness—Boston or Hesitation—V. Military B|35304}12|1.25 
Mi Ricurita Tango and El Amanecer—V ictor Orchestra|17981\10} .75 
Una Partida Tango and Didi— Tango Orquesta Argentina de Ferrer|}67602|10} .75 
Y Comole Va (Tango) Pryor’s B and Up the Street March—Pryor’s B\17062|10| .75 
This number is recorded in unusually slow tempo and is adapted to teaching beginners. 
Sobre las Olas Waltz—Pryor’s Band and La Paloma—Sousa’s Band|16529|10} .75 
Birds of Love (Ascher) and Alpha March (Theis) Pryor’s Band|\17193|10| .75 
Czarine, La (Ganne) and The Globe Trot (Vesey) Victor Band|17980| 10) .75 
Dorothy Three-Step (Lampe) and Cupid and the Bead (d’Albret) Victor B}35532|12)1.25 
Golden Lilies—Dance Orch and Sirens Waltz (Waldteufel) Dance Orch\35070|12)1.25 
Love’s Spell Three-Step—Victor Band and See My New Shoes—Conway’s B\35535)12}1.25 
Moon Winks Three-Step and Marsovia Waltzes—for dancing—Pryor’s Band|16069|10| .75 
TOM TUCKER—See “One-Steps”’ 
NOTE—The One-Step is generally used for the Tom Tucker, but any Fox Trot, 
Canter or old-fashioned Waltz may be used. 
Arrah Wanna Medley Two-Step and Barcarolle Waltz—Victor Orchestra|35058}12)1.25 
Cakewalk in the Sky—Dance Orch and Danube Waves Waltz—Dance Orch|35088)12}1.25 
Call to Arms Two-Step—Dance Orch and Valse Ideal— Dance Orchestra|\35057|12/1.25 
Forward March—Dance Orch | and Minuet—Don Giovanni—Dance Orchestra|35060}12|1.25 
Handicap March—Two-Step—Dance Orch and Trés Jolie Waltz-—Dance Orch\16182|10} .75 
[vanhoe—T wo-Step and Breezes of the Night Waltz—Pryor s Band\16112|10} .75 
Navajo—Victor Dance Orch | and Always Gallant Polka— Victor Dance Orch|35059)|12|1.25 
Norsemen—Victor Dance Orch and Over the Waves Waltz—Dance Orch|16384|10} .75 

Oh You Beautiful Doll—Pryor’s Band and Gaby Glide—Victor Orchestra|17063}10| .75 
Red Mill Two-Step—Dance Orch and Daughter of Love Waltzes—Dance Orch\35113|12|1.25 
Society Swing Two-Step—Pryor’s Band and Fascinator March—Pryor’s Band\16952|10| .75 
Tammany Two-Step—Dance Orch and Pearls of Dew Mazurka—Dance Orch|35037|12|1.25 
Bt RO a No.!0—Dance Orch and Love and Spring W altzes—Dance O|35190)12)1.25 

Two Two Dance and Broken Doll—Fox Trot or London Taps—V ictor Band|35599} 12}1.25 

See My New Shoes—Conway’s Band and Love’s Spell—V ictor Band|35535}12|1.25 
Adele Waltzes (Philipp) and Girlon the Film (Sirmay) Victor Military Band|35361\12)1.25 
Aloha Oe—Hawaiian Medley—Victor B and Home, Sweet Home—Conway’s B|\17733)10| .75 
American Airs Waltz—Dance Orchestra and Free Lance March—Sousa’s B\35163}12/1.25 
Angel’s Dream—Waltz (Herman) and Nightingale Waltz—Conway's Band|35500)| 121.25 
Auf Wiedersehn Waltz—Dance Orch and Chinese Blues—Sousa’s Band|35514}12|1.25 
Barcarolle—Hesitation or Boston and Passing of Salome—W altz— Victor Band|35383)12|1.25 
lue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Forrecords see ‘* Blue Danube”’ 
Breeze of the Night Waltz—Pryor’s Band and Ivanhoe Two-Step—Pryor’s Band|16112)10| .75 

Cecile—Waltz Hesitation and Esmeralda— Waltz Hesitation—Castle House O|35373)}12|1.25 
Cecile—Waltz Hesitation and Millicent—Wéaltz Hesitation-Victor Military Band|17682)10| .75 
Chocolate Soldier Waltzes—Pryor’s Band Dollar Princess W.—Victor Orch\16473)|10} .75 
Congratulations Waltz (Castle’s Lame Duck Waltz) 
and Castle House Rag—Europe’s Society Orchestra\35372)12|1.25 
Cupid Astray Waltz—Dance Orch and Garden of Dreams Waltz—Dance Orch|16582|10| .75 
anube Waves Waltz—Dance Orch and Cakewalk in the S)ey—Dance Orch|35088|| 
Daughter of Love Waltzes—Dance Orch and Red Mill Two-Step—Dance Orch|35113}| 
Destiny Waltz—Boston or Hesitation and Dengozo—Maxixe—V ictor Band|35375} | 
Dreaming and In Golden West Medley—One-Step or Trot—Victor Military B|35295} 
Drigo’s Serenade (From ‘‘Millions d’Arlequins’’) and Havanola—Smith’s O|35615] | 
Elaine—Valse Hesitation and Estellita— Valse Pathetiqae—McKee's Orch|35475) | 
Esmeralda— Waltz Hesitation and Cecile—Waltz Hesitation—Castle House Or|35373]! | 
Estellita—Valse Pathetique and Elaine—V alse Hesitation—McKee’s Orch\|35475] | 
Evensong Waltz and Get Off My Foot—Fox Trot—Smith’s Orchestra|\ 18247] | 
Fascination Waltz and For Me and My Gal—Medley Fox Trot—Smith’s Orch|35640| | 
Fiora— Waltz Hesitation and Valse Marie—Hesitation—V ictor Military Band\17726|10| .75 
Flame of Love—Waltz and Henrietta Waltz—Victor Military Band|35417]|12|1.25 
Floreine Waltz and Missouri Waltz—Victor Military Band|18026)10} .75 
Fox Favorites—Medley—Victor Orch and Songs of the Night—Smith and his Orch|35593)12|1.25 
Garden of Dreams Waltz—Dance Orch and Cupid Astray Waltz—Dance Orch\16582)10| .75 
Genée Waltzes (‘‘Soul Kiss’’) Dance O and Venus on Earth Waltz—Sousa’s B135164!12!1.25 






Girl on the Film (Sirmay) and Adele Waltzes (Philipp) Victor Military B}35361 boa Da 
1.25 — 

Gitana Waltz—Dance Orchestra and Sobre las Olas Waltz—Dance Orchestra|\35138 
Henrietta Waltz and Flame of Love—Waltz—Victor Military Band|35417 
Hesitation Waltz (McNair-Ilgenfritz) Pianoforte and From Soup— A rndt|17558 
Hesitation Waltz and Who Paid the Rent—V ictor Military Band|17588 
Home Sweet sate Med. Waltz—Conway’s B and Aloha Oe Waltz—Victor B\ 17733 
If1 Knock the “‘L’’ Out—Waltz_ and Canary Cottage—One-Step—V ictor Band|35579 
I LoveMy Love Walon Denne Orch and Love’s Dreamland Waltz—Dance Orch\35023 
Illusion Valse—Hesitation and Only Girl Waltz Hesitation—V ictor Dance Or\35436 
tmmortellen Waltz—Dance Orchestra and Pink Lady Waltzes—Dance Orch\35194 
In Wintertime Waltz and A Perfect Day Medley—McKee’s Orchestra|35511 
Irresistible Waltz and Yearning for You—McKee’s Orchestra|\35575 
Isle d’amour— Waltz and Flower Carden Ball—Trot—Victor Military Band|35346 
Kiss Waltz (Strauss) Dance Orchestra and Polka Francais— Victor Orch\16315 
a Gitana—See “* Gitana,’’ above 
Vase Night Was End of the World Waltz and Melinda’s Wedding Day—Victor B}17362,10| .75 
Little Bit of Heaven—Medley Waltz and Molly Dear—V ictor Band|35522|12|1.25 
Little Grey Home in the West and Little lore a A Little Kiss—V. Military B|17547|10| .75 
Little Love, A Little Kiss and Little Grey Home in the West—Victor Band\17547|10| .75 
Love’s Dreamland Waltz—Dance Orch and J Love My Love Waltz—Dance Orch|35023) 12}1.25 
Love's Hesitation Valse ‘and Valse June— eh Military Band|17595}10| .75 
Love and Spring W—Dance Orch and Fi00- Step Medley, No. 1O—Dance Orch\|35190| 12/1. 
Luna Waltzes—Pryor’s Band and When the Robins Nest A gain— Oakland 35126 & 
Marsovia Waltzes and “‘Moon Winks’’ Three-Step—Pryor’s Band| 16069 
Merry Widow Waltz (Lehar) Victor Dance Orchestra|31655 
Ree y. Lak’ a Rose and Millicent— Waltz Hesitation—McKee’s Orchestra|\35395 
ado Waltzes—Pryor's Band and Belle of New York Selection—Pryor’ s B\35124 


Militaire Waltz—V. Dance Orch — and Over the Waves Waltz—Sousa’s Band|35068) | 
Millicent and Mighty Lak’ a Rose— Waltz Hesitation—McKee’s Orchestra\35395) | 
Millicent—Waltz Hesitation and Cecile—Waltz Hesitation—V ictor Band|17682| | 
inor and Major Waltz and Clarabelle Waltz-—McKee’s Orchestra\35446| | 
Missouri Bae and Floreine Waltz—Victor Military Band|18026|1 
Mondaine Wal and For You a Rose—Medley Fox Trot—Smith’s Orch\35648| | 
My Clarabelle Waltz (McKee) and Minor and Major Waltz—McKee’s Orch\35446} | 
Nightingale Waltz (Czibulka) and Angel’s Dream—Conway’s Band|\35500) | 
Nights of Gladness’ (Aucliffe) and Maori— T ango—V ictor Military Band|35304| | 
Only Girl Waltz Hesitation and [Illusion Waltz—Hesitation—V ictor Dance Or|35436 Hi 














Mmmm Wma MANA aanaaMnananaUnrwnuiamn Our 

Over the Waves—Victor Dance Orch and La Gitana Waltz—Dance Orch\35138 
Overthe Waves—Victor Dance Orch and Norsemen—Two-Step—Dance Orch\16384 
Over the Waves Waltz—Sousa’s Band and Militaire Waltz—Victor Dance O|35068 
Passing of Salome—Waltz Hesitation and Barcarolle—Waltz—V ictor Band|35383 
Peasant Girl Waltz Medley and Magic Melody Fox Trot—Victor Mil. Band|\35468 
Perdita Waltz (McKee) and Rosalie Waltz—McKee’s Orchestra|\35481 
Perfect Day—Medley Waltz and Jn Wintertime Waltz—McKee’s Orchestra\35511 

Pink Lady Waltzes—Dance Orch = and _/mmortellen Waltz—Dance Orchestra\35194 ae 

Poet's Vision— Waltz and The Clown Dance—Fox Trot—Conway’s Band|18142 

Princess Pat Waltzes and Somewhere a Voice is Calling—Victor Orchestra|35534 ? 
Riverside Bells Waltz and Youth and Beauty Waltz (McKee) McKee’s Orch|35526 I" 
Rosalie Waltz (McKee) and Perdita Waltz—McKee’s Orchestra|\35481 i 
Sari Waltzes (Kalman) and La Brulante—One-Step or Trot—V. Military B|}35364 1 
Sirens Waltz—Dance Orchestra and Golden Lilies— Three-Step— Dance Orch|35070 i 

Sobre las Olas Waltz—See ‘Over the Waves,’’ above 
Somewhere a Voice is Calling—Medley and Princess Pat Waltzes—V ictor Orch|35534/12!1. 
Songs of the Night—Smith and his Orchestre and Fox Favorites—V. Dance Or\35593) 121. 
Southern Roses Waltz—Pryor's B nd Blue Danube Waltz—Sousa’s B\35289}12)1. 
Sphinx Waltz (Popy) and Tally-Ho Pee 4 rot (Bird) McKee’s Orchestra|\35460| 12/1. 
Spring, Beautiful Spring Waltz and Roses and Memories—V ictor Orchestra|35200|12)1. 
pathy Waltz (From ‘‘The Firefly”) 
and Swanee Ripples Rag—Victor Military Band|17585} | 
That’s How I Need You—Medley and Jn My Harem—Medley—V. Military B|17325} | 
To Have, To Hold—Victor B and Dixieland—One-Step or Trot—Conway’s Band|17477| | 
To-night’s the Night Waltz and Maid in America Medley Fox Trot—Victor B|35439| | 
Tres Jolie Waltz—Dance Orch and Handicap March— Two-Step—Dance Orch|16182| | 
Valse Ideale—Dance Orchestra and Call to Arms— Two-Step—Dance Orch\35057| | 
Valse June (Baxter) and Love’s Hesitation Valse—Victor Military Band|\17595) | 
Valse Marie—Hesitation and Fiora—Waltz Hesitation—Victor Military Band\17726| | 
Violets—W altz Hesitation—Conway's Ban 
and When It’s Night-time One- -Step— Victor Military Band 35396) | 
Waltz from Drigo’s Gerende (from Harlequin’s “*Millions d’Arlequins”’ 
and Havanola—Fox Trot—Smith and his Orchestra|\35615) | 
Waltz We Love and Underneath the Stars—Medley Fox Trot—Victor Orchestra|35523) | 
Wedding of the Winds Waltz (Hall) Victor Dance Orchestra|31253} | 
Wedding of the Winds Waltz—Pryor's B and Berceuse—’Cello—Sorlin| 16387 

Wiener Blut—Waltz and Old Comrades March—Victor Military Band\17470 
Yearning for You— Waltz and Irresistible Waltz—McKee's Orchestra\35575 
Youth and Beauty Waltz and Riverside Bells Waltz (McKee) McKee’s Orch|35526 


(pecans Down in Dixieland (Olman-Bibo) M. J. OiConnell 18134/10| .75 
Mississippi Days (Banjo by Van Eps) Peerless Quartet + 
oe in the Barn—Schottische Victor Dance Reve 16181|10| .75 
Always Gallant Polka  (Fahrbach) Dance Orchestra ; 
(panes the Jelly Roll (Vincent-Paley) Collins and Haren i7ste\10l73 
Listen to That Dixie Band (Yellen-Cobb) Collins and Harlan : 
eae Medley—Fox Trot—(See ‘‘ Medley No. 91 2 ath 18280110| .75 
Winner Medley—Fox Trot Accordion Pietro ' 
aan in the Lion’s Den (McCarthy-Fisher) Nora Bayes 45123| 1011.00 
Pull the Cork Out of Erin : Nora Bones} , 
DANISH RECORDS—See also Victor Danish Catalogue 
Bjoérneborgarnes Marsch and Finska Rytteriets Marsch—Elite Orkester|67553|10| .75 
Finska Rytteriets Marsch and Bjérneborgarnes Marsch—Elite Orkester|67553|10| .75 
Husarernes Revy Marsch and Napoleons Marsch—Elite Orkester|67554|10) .75 
Napoleons Marsch over Aiperne and Husarernes Marsch—Elite Orkester|}67554|10| .75 
Danish Folk Dance—See “ Educational Records, Folk Dances” 

Danny Deever  (Kipling-Damrosch) Reinald Werrenreuy 35476/1211.25 
On the Road to Mandalay (Kipling-Speaks) Frederick Wheeler : 
Danse Creole (Op. 94) (Chaminade) Pianoforte Frank La pores} 450501101 1.00 
Pasquinade—Caprice (Op. 59) (Gottschalk) Frank La Forge i 

fo Macabre (Op. 40) (Saint-Saéns) Vessella’s Italian peat 3538111211.25 
Jewels of the Madonna—! st Entr’ acte (Wolf-Ferrari) Victor Orch : 

Danse Styrienne—Czardas (Michiels) Victor Concert Oran 17373/10| .75 
Un peu d’amour (A Little Love) Victor Concert Orchestra i 
Dans les Bois (Voice of the Woods) (Waldstimmen) Violin Elman|74395}12/1.50 
Danube Waves Waltz _ (Ivanovici) Victor Dance epee 35088| 1211.25 
Cakewalk in the Sky, The (Harney) Victor Dance Orchestra : 
Danza—Tarantella Napolitana (Pepoli-Rossini) Jn Italian Bori|87181/10|2.00 
Danza—tTarantella Napolitana (Pepoli-Rossini) Jn Italian Caruso|88355)12/3.00 
Tee Dream _ (Reeves) Pryor’s pane, 16469|10| .75 
Sorgenlos Polka (Ochs) Xylophone Wm. H. Reitz ; 
(Dexieowa Camp Meetin’ Experiences Victor Vaudeville pas 356091 1211.25 
Court Scene in Carolina (Collins-Campbell) Victor Vaudeville Co ; 
(peer Editors Golden and ck 17300|10! .75 
At the Levee on Revival Day Collins and Harlan i 
(Derkioae Poets—Darky Specialty Golden and eee 17020|10} .75 
Everybody’s Doing it Now Collins and Harlan ; 
{Bory and the Boys, The (‘Walnut Story’’) Edwin TE 16661/10| .75 
Old Oaken Bucket—Parody Nat M. Wills , 
‘mover School Days Golden and Haenes 16557|10| .75 
Morning After the Night Before, The (Moran-Helf) Murray ; 

Darky Songs—Darky Humor—See “ Bingham,” “‘ Daniel in the Lion’s 
Den,” “‘Don’t Slam 1nat Door,’ ‘‘Fare Thee, Honey, Fare Thee 
Well,” “Fisk Jubilee Quartet,’”’ ‘‘Golden and Hughes,”’ ‘‘ Ghost of 
the Ukulele,’’ “‘Mammy Blossom’s Possum Party,” ‘‘ Miller, Reed,’’ 
**Negro Songs,”’ ‘* New Parson at Darktown Church,” ‘‘ Tuskegee 
Institute Singers”? and ‘‘Wills’’ 

Darky’s Oration on Woman (Darky Specialty with Banjo) 
Golden-Marlowe ;|35614  12/|1.25 
Darky Waiters (with Banjo) Golden-Marlowe 

Darky Specialties—See “American Quartet,” “Bingham,” “Dallas 
Blues,”? “Golden,” ‘Golden and Heins,” ‘‘Golden and Hughes,” 
**Golden and Marlowe,’’ ‘‘Homesickness Blues,’ ‘* Jones and 
Spencer,” ‘“‘Miller, Reed’ and ‘‘Vaudeville Company” 

(oetey Stories—Comic Monologue Nat M. aie 68110! .75 
Too Much Dog—Comic Monologue Nat M. WillsS|17788|'9) - 
aes Waiters (Darky Specialty with Banjo) See are NS 35614| 1211.25 
A Darky’s Oration on Woman Golden-Marlowe 7 

Darlin’ (Frost) Tom Lamere 
Sing Me Love’s Lullaby Tom Fneeek DS “2 


ae Nellie Gray (Hanby) Hayden duarist 
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (Van Alstyne) Henry Burr 
cares Nellie Gray (Hanby) Violin Samuel pan anes 
Long, Long Ago (Bayly) Violin Samuel Gardner 
ence Nellie Gray (Hanby) Peerless Guartet} 
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (Bland) Orpheus Quartet 

Dartmouth College Air—See “Medley No. 1” 
Das—For titles beginning with this German article see the next word— 
as ‘‘ Das Rheingold ’’—see ‘“* Rheingold ”’ 
Dash for the South Pole, A Sir Ernest Shackleton 
D’ASSY, MONS. PIERRE—See “ Faust ’’ 
Daughter of Jairus—See “Love Divine” 
HE of Love Waltzes (Bennet) Victor Dance Creare 
Red Mill Two-Step (Herbert) Victor Dance Orchestra 

DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT (La Fille du Regiment) 
(Donizetti) (Paris, 1840) (See “‘Victrola Book of the Opera’”’) 

Overture—Pryor’s Band and Dance of the Serpents (Boccalari) Pryor’s Band\|35065)12)1.25 
Per viver vicino (To Be Near Her) J/n/talian John McCormack|74221]12/1.50 
Salut Ala France (Salute to France) Jn French 
and Madame Butterfly—Sur la mer calmée—In French— Mlle. Heilbronner| 35409} 12) 1.25 
Selection—Vessella's Band and Fra Diavolo Selection—Vessella’s Band|35191|12}1.25 
Variations onan Air InFrench rieda Hempel|88404!12/3.00 
PESURhints of America March (Lampe) Conway’s Pet eanol one z 
Bay State Commandery March (Burrell) Conway’s Band : 
DAVENP ORT, EDGAR L., American Actor—Records by—See 
“*Lasca,”’ *‘Little Breeches” and “‘Sheridan’s Ride”’ 
DAVI, Basso—See “Aida” 
David—Bible Story Pauline oa 
Life of Our Lord—Bible Story Pauline ‘Potters 2542|'2|!-2 

David Copperfield—See “‘ Battis ”’ 
DAVIDOW, Tenor—See “ Traviata’ 
DAVIS, LILLIAN, Contralto— See ‘‘Hold Me in Your Loving Arms,” 

also ‘‘Duets, Vocal’’ 

Orchestra Records ’’) 

Dawn of Love (Bendix) With Celesta Neapolitan Trio) |_- 

{ La Cinquantaine Xylophone William H. Reliet LB 296 } Oli 
ier at West Point—Descriptive Mil. Piece (“Medley 92”) Pryor’s e 16021/10! .75 
Artful Artie Two-Step (Pryor) Arthur Pryor’s Band. : 
ey by Day the Manna Fell (Christian Science Hymn) ees) 17428|10| .75 
In Thee, Oh Spirit, True and Tender ape ae acierce) r pera ; 

Day Dreams (Chauncey Olcott) arry Macdonoug : 
{ My Old Kentucky Home _ (Foster) Elsie nee 35062)12/1.25 

Day Dreams, Visions of Bliss—(From “‘ Spring Maid’’) (Rheinhardt) 
Christie MacDonald and Lyric Quartet|/60061|10| .75 
DE ANGELIS, ANGELA, Soprano—See “ Ernani”’ and “* Trovatore ” 

DEre March from “Saul” (Handel) Pryor’s pent pore olin 
Marche Heroique_ (Saint-Saéns) Pryor's Band f 
Dear Delightful Women (From “Balkan Princess ’’) 

Reinald Werrenrath and Chorus ?|16872/10| .75 

Luxembourg Waltz (Lehdr) Whistling Guido Gialdini 
Dear Heart (Bingham-Mattei) Tenor George Hamlin|74140} 12) 1.50 
{Peer Heart (Mattei) Véiolin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan peo meatal Ls 
Fond Memories  (Siisses Sehnen) Neapolitan Trio : 
er (Kummer) Elsie pac iofapteliess 
Oh, Promise Me (From ‘‘Robin Hood ’’) Alan Turner : 
ee Girl (Do You Miss Me?) (Whitney) Ja rauiseray 17867|101».75 
That’s the Song of Songs for Me ' Harvey Hindermeyer ‘ 
Dear Little Shamrock (Cherry) John McCormack 64153) 10) 1.00 
Dear Little Shamrock (Cherry) George Hamlin|64089!10/1.00 



Number | - 

meee Lord and Father (Whittier-Maker) Mr. and Mrs. oa 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Pounds-Fearis) John Barnes Wells 
— {Dear Love Days (Esrom-Morse) Cee eee eens pearen 
My Little Dream Girl (Gilbert-Friedland) Reed- Harrison 
Dear Love, Remember Me_ (Marshall) John McCormack 
{Dest Old Dreamy Honolulu Town (Regé-Lange) Peerless Qt 
On Lake Champlain Sterling Trio 
Le Old Fashioned Irish Songs My Mother Sang to Me 
Billy Murray-Irving Keufman| 
Norah Acushla Will Oakland. 
roe Old Girl (Buck-Morse) Macdonough and Hayden on 
On the Banks of the Wabash _ (Dresser) American Quartet 
as Old Yale (2) Eli Yale (Yale Songs) Hayden bation 
Men of Yale March Pryor’s Band. 
won Rose Marie (Havez-Barron) Peerless Queriet 
Sing Me the Rosary (Lewis-Klickmann) Orpheus Quartet 
Me of Custer—Descriptive Fantasia (Wagner) Pryor’s 

A descriptive American Indian fantasy. Synopsis: Bugle calls in Cus- 
ter s camp—cavalry march to Sioux camp—the band plays national 
airs—the Indians respond with war-music—battle of Little Big Horn— 
death of Custer—Indians rejoicing—scalp dance—arrival of reinforce- 
ments—Custer’s burial—shots, muffled drums and taps. 

My Maryland Fantasia Pryor's a 
Death of Towser (Introducing “Oh Where is My Little Dog 
Gone”) With Banjo Golden and Heins 
A Trip : Paradise Golden and. sins 

Edes-anyam ha bejéssz Egerbe (2) Zsindel yezik a kasz4mya tetejét 
(3) Volt nekem egy szép szeretém Hungarian and Szomord ftiz hervadt 
lombja (The Willow Branches Gover the Grave) Hungarian Matilda de Bartoky 
Spviaj Si Slavicku Slovak d Ti Suranski Ura Dove—Slovak—de Bartoky 
DE BERIOT, CHARLES- VILFRIDE (duh Bay-ree-oh) See “‘ Andante 
from CStisecte No. 2,” ‘Andante Tranquillo’”’ and ‘“‘Concerto in G”’ 
{ee Brewer’s Big Hosses (with Male Cho) Homer RCE N, 
The Old-Fashioned Faith (McAuley- Ackley) Homer Rodeheaver 
DEBUSSY, CLAUDE ACHILLE (Deh-boos’-ee) (1862— ) 
See “First Arabesque,” ‘‘L’Aprés-Midi” and “Nuit d ’Etoiles” 
DE CASAS, BIANCA LAVIN, Mezzo-Soprano—See ‘“ Aida,’’ 
hs Camienes and “ Pallide Mammole’”’ 
(Deere of Independence of the U.S. (Part I) rer nae 
Declaration of Independence of the U. S. (Part II) Harry Humphrey 
DECORATION DAY-—See “National and Patriotic Airs—America ”’ 
Deep River (Coleridge-Taylor—arr. by Fisher) 
Frances Alda and Orpheus Quartet 
Deep River—Negro Melody (Coleridge-Taylor) Violin Powell 
DE GOGORZA, EMILIO, Baritone (deh Go-gor -thah) (For list of 
records, portrait and sketch see ““de Gogorza”’ in Pink Section) 
DE GREGORIO, FRANCO, Tenor—See ‘“ Bohéme,” ‘ Gioconda,” 
** Manon,” “‘ Manon Lescaut,” “‘Rigoletto,” “‘ Tosca”’ and ““Traviata”’ 
Re Guardia—Paso Doble (Two-Step) (Margnina) Banda ap er iea 
El Baile de Luis Alonzo (Dance) Banda de Alabarderos 
Dein gedenk’ ich, Margaretha—See ‘‘German Records” and ‘‘Fornia”’ 
DERIO, PIETRO—See “‘ Pietro”’ 
DE KOVEN, REGINALD (1859— ) See ‘‘ My Fairy Prince, ”’ 
Bras and the Pussy Cat,” ‘Robin Hood,” ‘‘ Robin Red Breast,” 
DELIBES, LEO (Duh-leeb’) (1836-1891), Compositions by—See ‘‘Cop- 
pelia Ballet,’ ‘‘Lakmé,” “Source,” “‘ Naila’” and “‘ Sylvia ”’ 
jo oto us Rag—One-Step (Eckstein-Thomas) Piano Solo peat 
A Classical Spasm— Ragtime One-Step Harry Thomas 
DE L’ISLE, ROUGET—See ‘“Marseillaise’’ 
DELLA TORRE, NESTORE, Baritone—See “ William Tell’’ 



\ 18101 










| Size 

10} .75 

10} .75 
10} 1.00 
10} .75 

10} .75 

10} .75 









10} .75 

10} .75 


DEL RIEGO, TERESA—See “Oh Dry Those Tears” 

DE LUCA, GIUSEPPE, Baritone (For list of records, portrait and 
sketch, see “de Luca’’ in Pink Section) 

DE LUCIA, FERNANDO, Tenor (See “Carmen,” ‘‘ Lohengrin,” 
**Manon,” “‘ Rigoletto,”’ ‘‘ Sonnambula”’ 

DE LUNA, Bass—See “ Ernani,” “‘ Faust,” “‘ Favorita”’ and ‘“‘Trovatore” 

DE LUSSAN, ZELIE, Soprano (See “de Lussan” in Pink Section) 



ibe Molay Commandery—March (Hall) Victor Military aoe 
Victorious America—March (Eilenberg- Tobani) Conway’s Band. 15084/10 
Dengozo—Maxixe (Ernesto Nazareth) Victor Military Sera 
Destiny Waltz—Boston or Hesitation (Baynes) Victor Military B S53 75)12 
Denmark—See “ National and Patriotic Airs—Denmark”’ 
enter Town (Botsford) American erent 0 
Night Trip to Buffalo—Irish Comedy American Quartet oes 

DENZA, LUIGI—See “ Funiculi-Funicula,” ‘‘May Morning” and 
** Stelle d’oro”’ 
DE PACHMANN, VLADIMIR, Pianist (deh Pahk’-man) (For list of 
records, portrait and sketch see “de Pachmann’”’ in Pink Section) 
DE PADILLA, LOLA ARTOT, Soprano—See “‘Kénigskinder” | 
DER—For titles beginning with this German article see the next word. For 
example: Der Freischiitz—See “‘ Freischiitz’’ 

DESCRIPTIVE BAND RECORDS—See ‘‘ Band, Descriptive” 

DESCRIPTIVE SPECIALTIES—See also “‘ Jones and Spencer” 
Adventures in a Department Store and A Bit of Drama—Murry K. Hill| 16944|10 
An Evening at Mrs. Clancey’s—Vaudeville Co. and I’d Rather Be Outside| 16656] 10 
An Idle Woman's Busy Day and Dallas Blues—Monologues—Marie Cahill| 55081) 12 
At the County Fair and Pineville Band (with Violin) Taggart|17794|10 
At the Village Post Ofice—Victor Vaudeville Company 
and I’d Rather Be a Lobster than a Wise Guy—Billy Murray| 16036} | 
Auction Sale of Household Goods—Spencer and Dog Fight—Spencer and Holt|16107| | 
Barnyard Serenade with Imitations—Spencer-Holt and Buffalo Rag—Banjo|16779| | 
Christmas Morning at Clancey’s—Porter and Clancey’s Wooden Wedding—Porter| 16936) | 
Church Scene—from The Old Homestead Hayden Quartet/31241)| 
Cohan’s Wedding and Hungarian Restaurant Scene—Avon Comedy Four|35602| | 
Cornfield Medley—Hayden Qt = and Massa’s in de Cold Ground—Hayden Qt|16218| 10 
Court Scene in Carolina and Darktown Campmeetin’—V audeville Co|35609} 12 
Curiosity Hunt (with Banjo) Golden-Marlowe | 
and Jimmie Trigger Returns—Golden-Hughes|35518} | 
Dallas Blues and An Idle Woman's Busy Day—Monologues— Marie Cahill| 55081) | 
Darktown Campmeetin’ Experiences and Court Scene—V audeville Co|\35609| | 
Darky’s Oration on Woman (with Banjo) and Darky Waiters—Golden-Marlowe|35614| | 
Darky Waiters (with Banjo) and Darky’s Oration on Woman—Golden-Marlowe|35614| | 
Dog Fight—Spencer-Holt and Auction of Household Goods—Spencer| 16107} | 
Donkey and Driver Violin (An amusing contest between a donkey and 

his driver) D’Almaine and Golden Dreams—Xylophone—Chris Chapman|16169 o 


Down on the Mississippi—American Qt — and Minstrels No. 1 8—Minstrel Co|35143) | 
Farmyard Medley—American Qt and Uncle Josh and the Photographer—Stewart| 16676 | | 
Ginsberg’s Stump Speech and The Professor's Birthday—A von Comedy Four|35606}| | 

Goldstein Behind the Bars and Mrs. Rastus Johnson at the Wedding—Bingham|18231)|- 
Hold-up at Buck Run and Home Run Bill’s Defense—Ralph Bingham\35626| |2! 
Home Run Bill's Defense and Hold-up at Buck Run—Ralph Bingham|35626| | 

Hospital Patients (Comic Specialty) and Liars’ Contest—Golden-Marlowe| 35577) 12 
Imitations of Farm Animals—Hubertus and /n a Zoological Garden—Hubertus| 17887) 10 
Krausmeyer and His Dog—Spencer-Holt and Closing Time—Collins-Harlan| 17255) 10 
Laughing Specialty Henry Klausen|52004| 10 
Laughs You Have Met—Five Famous Comedians and Ticklish Reuben—Stewart, 17232)10 
Liars’ Contest (Darky Specialty) and The Hospital Patients—Golden-Marlowe|35577|12 
Moving Pictures at Pun’kin Centre—Stewart and Old Country Fiddler-Taggart 17931|10 
Mrs. Rastus Johnson at the Wedding and Goldstein Behind the Bars—Bingham|18231)|10 
Musical Yankee—Spencer and Krausmeyer and Dog—Spencer-Holt, 35153} 12 
Nightmare in the Desert—Sheridan and The Conundrum 35229) 12 
Night Trip to Buffalo—American Quartet and Denver Town—A merican Qt\16524} 10 
Old Country Fiddlerand the Book Agent-Taggart and Moving Pictures-Stewart| 17931) 10 
Old Country Fiddler at the Telephone 

and Old Country Fiddler on A stronomy—Taggart| 18148} 10 

Old Country Fiddler in New York and Violin Mimicry—Taggart|17700|10| . 

Old Country Fiddler on Astronomy 

and Old Country Fiddler at the Telephone—Taggart| 1814810) . 

Old Country Fiddler on the School Board and Sister Sorrowful— Taggart 17910} 10 

Piano Tuner—Jones and Porter and That’s Why I Never Married—Murray|16851\10) . 










Win Wmmawmne 




Pineville Band and At the County Fair—Monologue with Violin— Taggart 17794|10| .75 
Plain Old Kitchen Chap (Farmer Jones Prefers a Corner by the Kitchen 

Stove to the ‘‘Best Room’’) and Stock in the “ Tie-Up ’’— Taggart| 18099} 10} .75 
Professor and Musical Tramp—Spencer and Hunter 

and Hans and Gretchen—A da Jones and Len Spencer|35063)12|1.25 

Professor's Birthday and Ginsberg’ s Stump Speech—A von Comedy Four|35606|12/1.25 
Railroad Section Gang—Peerless Qt and I've Got the Time and Place—Burr|16727|10| .75 
Rural Argument—Porter-Harlan -and Dawg Song—Harlan and Quartet|17065|10| .75 
Sister Sorrowful Entertains the Minister | and Old Country Fiddler—T aggart|17910|10| .75 
Sneezes ~ and Snores—Robert J. Wildhack|35590|12| 1.25 
Snores and Sneezes—Robert J. Wildhack|35590)|12|1.25 
Stock in the “* Tie-Up”’ and Plain Old Kitchen Chap—T aggart|18099|10| .75 

Stranded Circus—SpencerandGirard and Thim Were the Happy Days—Porter|16147|10| .75 
Sweet Peggy Magee—Irish Spec. and Mother Hasn't Spoke to Father—Murray|16765|10| .75 
Two Jolly Sailors—Porter and Harlan and And Then I Laughed —Stewart|17418|10| .75 

Unnatural History, Part I ~~ and Part II—Robert J. Wildhack|18248|10| .75 
Village Barber—Porter-Harlan and How Columbus Discovered America—Hill|16890|10| .75 
Violin Mimicry and Old Country Fiddler in New York—Taggart|17700|10| .75 

Whistling Pete—Golden and basics and Carolina Minstrels—Minstrel Co|\35202|12|1.25 
(aie ite Rag (A Classic Nightmare) (Medley No. 93) nea a 7eOR eT 
Hacienda—The Society Tango (Paul Reise) Pianoforte Felix Arndt : 

DE SEGUROLA, ANDREA PERELLO, Bass (Sung in Italian) 
ge Cie in er de Segurola sings, see ‘“ Aida,’’ “‘Bori,’’ ‘“ Huguenots’’ 
“Masked Ball ’’) 
pees eee (Unhappy One) and Puritani—Sorgea la notte—de Segurola|55007]}12|1.50 
Favorita—Splendon piu belle and Manon—Et je sais votre—Korsoff-Beyle|16551|10| .75 
Mignon—Fuggitivo e tremante and /Vinna Nanna (Cradle Song) Mansueta|55004|12|1.50 
Puritani—Sorgea la notte (Night was Falling) and Ernani—Infelice—Segurola 55007/12/1.50 
Sonnambula— Vi ravviso (AsI View) and Prendi l’anel ti dono—Perea|62092|10| .75 

DESTINN, EMMY, Soprano (For list of records, portrait and sketch 
see Pink Section) 
(anaes Waltz—Boston or Hesitation (Baynes) Victor M. Papa 3e47e hs 
Dengozo—Maxixe (Ernesto Nazareth) Victor Military Band 2 

DETURA, GENNARO, Tenor—See ‘Cavalleria Rusticana,” “Faust’’ 

and ‘“‘Favorita’’; also ‘‘Famous Artists of Europe’’—Pink Section 

{Resta Mutter, Die (Heinerich Neeb) Emel Maen i 101.75 
Das Herz am Rheim_ (Wilh. Hill) Emil Muench} |17788|!9| - 
eeu Sixaeerericl ges Militar Potpourri Victor Mil. na Snetioltas 
Klar zum Gefecht-Marsh (Clear for Action March) U.S. Marine B s ; 

Deux Grenadiers (Two Grenadiers) (Schumann) French Plangon|g5024}12/3.00 
Deux Grenadiers (Two Grenadiers) (Schumann) French Journet|74038}12|1.50 
Deux Journées, Les—See ‘‘ Guide Thou My Steps” 

Deux Sérénades (Two Serenades) (Leoncavallo) French Caruso-Elman|s9085} |2/4.00 

(cas: Dream Reel—Country Dance Victor Dance rakes ae eel i alanys 
Speed the Plow Reel—Country Dance Victor Dance Orchestras |t®° : 
{Devise March (Teufelsmarsch) (von Suppé) Pryor’s pang 16502110 .75 
Soldiers’ Chorus from Faust (Gounod) Pryor’s Band ” 

DHALLER, M.—See “ National and Patriotic Airs—France ” 
(Cr Quick-Step (Concertina Solo) Alexander B rincat TROsahtOle7s 
Honest Toil March (Concertina Solo) Alexander Prince ; 
{Diane of the Green Van _ (Callahan) couphek eer 
You're More Than the World to Me George W. Ballard. os eS 

DI CAPUA, E.—See ““O sole mio” 
DICKENS, CHARLES—See “‘ Battis ” 
(Didtaaaente (Roberto Firpo) Orquesta Argentina de Ferrer 
Una Partida (Roberto Firpo) Orquesta Argentina de Ferrer 
Die—For titles beginning with this Germam article see the next word. 
For example: Die Lorelei—See “‘Lorelei’’ 
DIETRICH, RENE—See “Hawaiian Records,” also “‘ Duets, Vocal” 
(Du Pickles Rag (Johnson) Pryor’s mand 
Spring Flowers Waltz (Frosini) Accordion Grand FrosiniS |18482|!0| .75 
{ie Pickles Rag—Ragtime Two-Step Xylophone Chris resi 
Sunbeam Dance (Rolfe) Bells Chris Chapman soe Eee 

\ 67602 10} .75 

Pee VICTOR RECORDS Number | 3) 
Dimanche a l’aube (Sunday at Dawn) (Bourgault- Cynpourarae 
Folk Song French Paul Reimers 1 
Coeur de ma mie (Heart of My Love) (Dalcroze) ‘In French sce sth Oi1 00 Di 
Paul Reimers 

DINORAH (Paris, 1859) (Meyerbeer) (Sung in Italian unless noted) 
(See “Victrola Book of the Opera”’ for complete illustrated description) 

Si, carina caprettina (BelovedOne) and Hamlet—Ballata d’Ofelia— Huguet| 35180) 12|1.25 
Ombra leggiera (Shadow Song) Luisa Tetrazzini| 88298) 12|3.00 
Ombra leggiera (Shadow Song) (Flute obb. by Barone) Galli-Curci|/74532| 12}1.50 
Shadow Song and Lucia—Mad Scene—In Italian—K line| 55047) 12|1.50 
Chant du Chasseur (Hunter's Song) (Piano acc.) In French Pol Plancon|81065}| 102.00 

Sei vendicata assai (Thou Art Avenged) Titta Ruffo|88366|12/3.00 

Sei vendicata assai (Thou Art Avenged) Pasquale Amato/88473]12|3.00 
Discovery of the North Pole Lieut. Robert E. Peary|70012)/12/1.25 
Distant Voices (Lemmoné) Flute John Lemmoné|60029) 10} .75 
ere Service on a Battlefield—Sermon Rev. J. R. eal 35479|1211.25 

Divine Service on a Battleship—Sermon Rev. J. R. Parkyn ; 

Dixie (Emmett) (with Victor Male Chorus) Mabel Garrison|64637|10)1.00 
Dixie (Emmett) Violin Maud Powell|64143}10)1.00 

Dixie (Emmett) Harlan and pulses 16402|10! .75 

At a Georgia Camp Meeting (Milis) Sousa’s Band 
Dixie (See also ‘Educational Records” and ‘“‘Medleys Nos. 2, 22, 49, 51, 
53, 54, 92, 101, 105, 113, 115, 186, 254, 261, 276, 278”) Pryor’s B?|16819}10| .75 
Sunny South—Medley (Lampe) Pryor’s Band 
Dixie Girl March (Lampe) Banjos-Guitar Ossman-Dudley Trio 
Bunch of Rags (Ossman) Banjo Vess L. Ossman 
Dixieland Jazz Band—See “ Original Dixieland Jazz Band’”’ 

(hiaeeae Jazz Band One-Step Original Dixieland Jazz ped 

16667|10) .75 

Livery Stable Blues Fox Trot Original Dixieland Jazz Band. 18255) 10 .75 

Dixieland, My Home _ (Krams-O’Hara) Geoffrey O’Hara 
I Gave My Heart and Hand to Someone in Dixieland Peerless Quartet 

Dixie Land Kitty Cheatham 
I’se Gwine Back to Dixie (White) Kitty Cheatham 

Dixieland—One-Step (with Bells) Conway’s peadl TyaTetlOln7s 
To Have and to Hold—Wéaltz Boston (Ball) Victor Military Band : 

DIXIE, Other Songs about—See “SOUTHERN SONGS ” 
DIXON, RAYMOND, Tenor—See also “‘ Educational Records” and 

“Duets, Vocal” 
Ave Maria (Adapted to ‘‘ Intermezzo”’ from *‘ Cavalleria"’) 

18024/10| .75 

45094} 10} 1.00 

and Angel’s Serenade oe Violin obb. Elsie Baker\35466)12|1.25 
Battle Cry of Freedom and Song of a Thousand Years —Dixon|17582)10| .75 
Come and Trip It as You Go and Haste Thee Nymph—Dixon and Lyric Qt\18123)10| .75 
Goodbye, Girls (‘Chin Chin” ) and Ragtime Temple Bells—Murray|17715|10} .75 
Hail Columbia (with Orpheus Qt) and Battle Cry of Freedom—Hamilton|18316)10| .75 
Haste Thee Nymph and Come and Trip It as You Go—Dixon and Lyric Qt\18123}10| .75 
If This Rose Told You Allit Knows and For Killarney and You—Miiller\17007|10| .75 

Masque of Comus—(1) From the Heavens Now I| Fly (2) Sabrina Fair 
—Dixon and Quartet and Masque of Comus—(/) Sweet Echo (2) 

By the Rushy-Fringed Bank—Kline (3) Back, Shepherds, Back—Dixon|35549) 12}1.25 

Masque of Comus—(1) Noble Lord, and Lady Bright (2) Now My 

ask is Smoothly Done—Dixon with Lyric Quartet 
and Let Me Wander Not Unseen—Green|35623)12|1.25 
My Own U.S. (with Male Qt) and We'll Never Let a Old Flag Fall—Hamilton| 18293)10| .75 
Nearer My God to Thee and Flee asa Bird (Dana) Frederick Wheeler|17029}10| .75 
Over the Summer Sea and The Blacksmith— Werrenrath|\17569|10| .75 
Rory O' More aoe Girl I Left Behind Me—Dixon\17597)10| .75 
She Sang “Aloha” to Me—with Orpheus Qt and Fair Hawaii—Brown-Reed 18032|10| .75 
There’s Egypt in Your Dreamy Eyes _ (with mixed Cho.) 
and Whose Pretty Baby Are pots Orpieds Or 18238)10} .75 
Underneath the Stars and Shadowland—A lice Green-Harry M acdonough 17946}10} .75 
You Are the Ideal of My Dreams and All That I Ask is Love—Reed Miller\16977)10| .75 
Deen Ye Cry, Ma Honey (Noll) Olive Kline-Orpheus ae 45132| 1011.00 
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton ee Kline : 
Dog and the Kitty Cats (2) The Pig Brother mae 

{ The Little Bull Calf Sara Cone Bryant 35643/12'1.25 


DOGS—Records About 
Death of Towser and Trip to Paradise—Golden-Heins|35641| |12)1.25 
Dog Fight—with Dog Imitations—Spencer and Holt 

and Auction Sale of Household Goods—Spencer| 16107 | 10 
Krausmeyer and His Dog—Spencer-Holt and Closing Time-Collins-Harlan| 17255) 10 
Krausmeyer and His Dog—Spencer and Holt and Musical Yankee—Spencer|35153'12 
Old Dog Sport-with Dog Imitations—Spencer-Girard 
and Irish Repartee—Porter-Murray| 16017/|10 

Old Dog Tray (Foster) Hayden Qt and Hear Dem Bells—Murray 16686 i 75 



To My Dog and Mickey the Pum Pum Man—Billy B. Van\17960 
DOLLAR PRINCESS, Operetta by Leo Fall 

Medley— Whistling—Guido Gialdini and On the Bosphorus (Linke) Gialdini\16983) | 
Waltz—Victor Orch and Chocolate Soldier Waltzes (Straus) Pryor’s Band|16473)| 
DOLL GIRL—See ‘‘ Come On Over Here” 

DOMAR, DORA, Soprano—See “‘ Bohéme ” 
DOMBEY AND SON —See “ Battis”’ 
DON CARLOS (Don Kahr’ -lohss) (Paris, 1867) (Verdi) 

(See “‘Victrola Book of the Opera’’ for complete illustrated description) 

Grand March—Sousa’s Band and Tannhduser—Pilgrims’ Chorus— Brass Quartet|17133)10| .75 

Dio che nell’ alma (Godin My Soul) Jn /talian Caruso and Scotti'89064) 12/4.00 

Per me giunto éildisupremo (The Supreme Day) InItalian  Titta Ruffo 92038) 12|3.00 

Napoe What You Tole Me to Do Fisk University at 16895|10| .75 
I Know the Lord Laid His Hands On Me Fisk Quartet : 

DON GIOVANNI (Don Joh-vahn'-nee) (Prague, 1787) (Mozart) 

(See “Victrola Book of the Opera’”’ for complete illustrated description) 
(Sung in Italian unless otherwise indicated.) 


I Fair O Marcel Journet/74191 

Nels Rion oat ne Geraldine Farrar and Antonio Scotti 89015 

La ci darem la mano Fl : ee Pareto and pit Buia paeoe 
in ch’ han dal vi Wine, w ountain itta Ruffo|87 

Fine ean Seca ‘Gcold Me, Dear Maset*o) Marcella Sembrich|88026 

Serenata—Deh vieni alla finestra Titta Ruffo|/87112 
Serenata, Deh vienialla finestra (Open Thy Window) (2) Falstaff, ‘ 
—Quand' ero paggio (When I Was Page) (Verdi) Antonio Scotti/88194 
Serenata, Deh vieni alla finestra. (Open Thy Window (2) Damnation of 
Faust—Serenade, Mephistopheles (Berlioz) Jn French de Gogorza|88447 
Sérénade French Dufranne and Sij’étais roi—Un regard—French—Beyle|45011 
Il miotesoro (To My Beloved) John McCormack|74484 



38S S & 

; NARS OIN EIS ROUND eet ae ey aceagae = ht) he Number 

Menuett (2) Menuett (Gluck) and Gavotte (Mozart) (2) Gavotte (Grétry) Reitz|17917|10) .75 
Minuet—Victor Dance Orch and Forward March Two-Step—Dance Orchestra|\ 35060) 12/ 1.25 
DONIZETTI, GAETANO = (Don-ee-tset'-tee) (1 797-1848), Com- 
Pe fo dae “ Daughter of the Regiment,’’ “Don Pasquale,” 
Don Sebastian, oo Duca D’ Alba,” “‘Elisir d’amore,’’ ‘* Favorita,” 
“Linda di Chamounix,” “Lucia,” “Lucrezia Borgia” and “ Oh, Italia”’ 
DON JUAN (Don Huahn) (French title of Don Giovanni) | 
Don Juan’s Serenade (Tschaikowsky) Jn French Enrico Caruso/87175}10)2.00 
Loney and Driver (Leonard) Violin Charles De naiae 
Golden Dreams (Dell’ Oro) Xylophone Chris Chapman 16169} 10) .75 
Donna é mobile—See “ Rigoletto” 
DONNE CURIOSE (Don-neh Koo-ree-oh’-seh) (Inquisitive Women) 

(Wolf- Ferrari) (Munich, 1903) (Sung in Italian) 

(See “‘Victrola Book of the Opera’’ for complete illustrated cescuntion) 
Ilcor nel contento (My Heart, How It Leaps) Farrar and Jadlowker|88359| 12/3.00 

DON PASQUALE (Don Pahs-quah'-leh) (Paris, 1843) (Donizetti) 

(See *‘Victrola Book of the Opera’”’ for complete illustrated description) 

(Sung in Italian and listed in the order of presentation) 
Overture—La Scala Orch and Barber of Seville—Overture—La Seale Orch|68010) 12} 1.25 


Son nov’ore ("Tis Nine O'clock!) A. Pini-Corsi and Ernesto Badini 
and Signorina in tanta fretta (Why This Haste?) E. Corsi and A. Pini-Corsi|68273|12|1.25 
Un foco insolito (A Fire Se bere? A. Pini-Corsi and Ernesto Badini 
d Vado, corro age We) E. Corsi.Badini 62104/10) .75 
Sogno soaveecasto (Fond Dreats of Love) cer 
and Faust—Soldiers’ Chornst Pa Scala Chorus|}62624|10| .75 
Quel guardo—Giuseppina Huguet 
and Pronta io son—Giuseppina Huguet and Ernesto Badini|68272) |2|1.25 
Cavatina—So anch’ io la virtt magica (Thy Magic Virtues | Know ollini 
and Aspetta aspetta (Wait, Dear ” Tittle Wife) A. Pini-Corsi and Polese|}62103|10| .75 
Prontaio son (My Part I'll Play) Sembrich and Scotti|89002)12/4.00 
Pronta io son—Huguet-Badini and Quel guardo (Glances So Soft) Huguet}68272)12/1.25 
Vado corro (Haste We!) Huguet-Badini 
and Son tradito (I Am Betrayed) Huguet, A. and G. Pini-Corsi, Scipionii{62097|10| .75 
Quartet—Brambilla, A. Pini-Corsi, G. Pini-Corsi, Scipioni 
and Elisir d’Amore—lIo sonno ricco—Passeri, Pini-Corsi and Sho 16566/10| .75 

Son tradito (I Am Betrayed) Huguet, A. Pini-Corsi, G. Pini-Corsi, Scipion 
nd Vado corro (Haste We!) Huguet Badini 62097)10| .75 

ACT Ill—Scene—saMe_ AS ACT 1 
Signorina in tanta pee (My Lady, Why This Haste?) Corsi-A. Pini-Cors 
Son nov’ore (’Tis Nine O'clock!) A. Pini-Corsi and Brin 68273) 12)1.25 
Aspetta aspetta ( (Wait, Dear Little Wife) A. Pini-Corsi and Polese 
and Cavatina—So anch’ UI, Too, Thy Magic Powers] Know) Pollini}62103}10| .75 
Serenata—Com’ é gentil (Soft Beams the Light) Enrico Caruso|85048| 12/3.00 
Serenata—Com’ é gentil (Soft Beams the Light) Giorgini and Chorus} 76010} 12/2.00 
Serenata—Com’ é gentil (with Piano and Harp) 
Martinelli and Metropolitan Opera Chorus}64700} 10} 1.00 

Don Sebastian—Interrasolo (OnEarth Alone) (Donizetti) /talian Caruso|88106}12/3.00 

| Size 

one Argify (Lowitz) May eat epeslioni7s 
You Splash Me and I’ll Splash You (Lamb) Alice Lloyd : 
{pent Be Cross Waltz (Zeller) Victor Sea 16396110) .75 
Jolly Coppersmith (Peters) Chorus and anvil effects Pryor’s Band. E 
Don’t Believe All You Hear in the Moonlight (From “ Heart 
o’ th’ Heather”) (MacFarlane-Green-Lang) MacFarlane ?|45097) 10/1.00 
In Scotland (Down Through the Heather) George MacFarlane 
ope Bite the Hand That’s Feeding You (Morgan) pent 17942\101..75 
Are You from Dixie? (Yellen-Cobb) Murray- Kaufman : 
leas Blame Me for Lovin’ You (Harris) Peerless sattes) 16991\10| .75 
In the Golden Afterwhile (Grinsted) Peerless Quartet : 
ars Blame Me for What Happens in the Moonlight See ee te r 17752|10| .75 
Maybe a Day, Maybe a Year (Gilbert-Monaco) Henry Burr ‘ 
epee Leave Me, Daddy (Verges) (Coon Song) Marion ae 1818/10 .75 
Come Along to Caroline (Harris-Olman) Collins-Harlan ; 



oer t Slam That Door (Lynott-Von Tilzer) ee : 10. .75 
I Can’t Behave When You’re Around Jones-Murray ase 
aes ‘eine Take My Darling Boy Away (Dillon-Von Tilzer) Peerless Qh Fane onens 
I’m On My Way to Dublin Bay Peerless Quartet : 
ae t Take My Darling Boy Away—Medley 1- Step Victor pend 44st 1211.25 
On the 5.15—Medley One-Step (‘‘See Medleys’’) Victor M. Band : ; 
ta t Turn My Picture to the Wall (Smith) Clark-Van ae izoasior 7s 
When It’s Apple Blossom Time in Normandy Dunlap-Macdonough |=" 
Don’t Write Me Letters—But Come Right Back to Me | 
(Young-Grant) Campbell-Bur| 18215|10 .75 
Rolling Stones (All Come Rolling Home Again) Henry Burr 
(occas code Dee (Means, ‘‘ Won’t You Marry Me?”’) Cs ee Teagan 
Ruff Johnson’s Harmony Band _ (Brooks-Abrahams) Will Halley ; 
D’ORAN, M.—See “National and Patriotic Airs—France” 
(Be yreemres coe aus Oesterreich (Josef Strauss) (Part 1) Nebe Ot} eT o08 OS 
Dorfschwalben aus Oesterreich, Walzer (Fart II) Nebe Quartet ‘ 
Dorfschwalben aus Oesterreich (J. Strauss) (Part I) 
(Instrumental Quartet) Lanner Quartet 17757\|10, 75 
Dorfschwalben aus Oesterreich (Part IT) Lanner Quartett 
{eta pure—Romanza_ (Scuderi) Carlos F pamercs 62595|10|..75 
Santa Lucia—WNeapolitan Folk Song Carlos Francisco 
Dormi pure!—Sérénade (Sleep On!) InItalian (Scuderi) de Gogorza|74047|12)1.50 
Dorothy (Old English Dance) (Smith) (2) Gavotte from 
“Mignon” Xylophone W. H. Reitz 18216/10| .75 
Moment Musicale (2) Mazurka W. H. Reitz 
Soret Re Era of My Heart (Cellier) Alan Tae ra 75 
Come Back to Erin (Claribel) Hayden Quartet 1S Zee 
BE Gee (Lampe) Victor Military Band toh 2s 
Cupid and the Butterfly Victor Military Band) eoes4 ot 
{ee Almas Unidas—Vals_ (Frillo) Banda Rodeuag) 101 .75 
Amor de Forero—Flamenco (Baquero) Banda Rodriguez aie ; 
(ee the Funny Fox Trot (Carroll-Carroll) Victor Military prod 1211.25 
Bubi Fox Trot (Walter Kollo) Victor Military Band ec : 
{pe the Funny Fox Trot (Carroll-Carroll) Collins and pat 10! .75 
At the Ball, That’s All (J. L. Hill) Morton Harvey) |'7°49|'©) - 
7 They Think of Me at Home (Glover) Metropolitan nae sliol .75 
White Wings (Wiéinter) Will Oakland. 393° . 
Doughie the Baker (Scotch Specialty) (Lauder-MacFadyen) Lauder|70112/12/1.25 
Doughie the Baker (It’s Nicer When You Make It Up Again) Lauder|60141/10} .75 
jaar; Waltz (Holubicka Valéik) (Bohemian Music) Victor pote g2ii0| .75 
In Dreamland Waltz (Kdyz jd Libé Spim) (Bohemian Music) V Band oie ‘ 
Do What Your Mother Did (Ill Do the Same as Your Dad) 
(Dillon-Von Tilzer) Sterling Trio 18079|10| .75 
When Sun Goes Down in Romany (‘‘Step This Way’’) Sterling Trio 
Pe Among the Sheltering Palms Lyric ner 101 .75 
When I Was a Dreamer Harry Macdonough and Lyric Qt does : 
eon Among Sheltering Palms—One-Step (“Medley 96”) Victor B} of 1211.25 
Alabama Jubilee Medley—One-Step Victor Military Band soey 
ea at Mammy Jinny’s (Kempner-Friedland) ‘That Girl” a vor rettolers 
When Uncle Joe Plays a Rag on His Old Banjo Collins : 
(pares at the Huskin’ Bee (Mohr) Peerless Quartet iedael thes 
From Me to Mandy Lee Morton Horak ; 
(pox at the Huskin’ Bee Collins and oe sl10| .75 
Hat My Father Wore on St. Patrick’s Day Murray and Quartet eae ; 
(Reni by the Old MillStream (Taylor) Macdonough and nt, s7hd0lKor7 6 
Oh! That Navajo Rag Billy Murray and American Quartet 7 
(ape Deep Within the Cellar (Old German Drinking Song) Glenn rysoettoo7s 
The Monarch of the Woods (Cherry) Wilfred Glenn} ; 

VICTOR RECORDS | Number | 2 
(Down Deep Within the Cellar Basso-Profundo "Frank C) Stanley} 
Salt of the Sea for Me  Basso-Profundo Frank C. Stanley 16063 10) .75 
earn Home Rag—One-Step (Sweatman) Victor Military ou 
Horse Trot—One-Step (Davis) Victor Military Band eS SOR — 
Pas Home Rag (Sweatman) Saxophone Sextette Brown Bros 10 
Dance of the Bugs—March (Dixon) Banjo Fred Van Eps} 17834 eet? 
ree Honolulu Way (Dempsey-Burnett-Burke) Seat 
On the South Sea Isle (Guitars by Louise and Ferera) Sterling Trio ta Me 
a in Bom-Bombay—Medley One-Step Conway’s ec 455 
My Little Girl—Medley One-Step Conway's Band eo ents 
Down in Bom-Bombay  (MacDonald-Carroll) ee | 
{ Just Try to Picture Me Back Home in Tennessee Collins- Harlan bee 12 
{Down in Chattanooga (Irving Berlin) Collins and peers Po 
\ When You’re All Dressed Up and No Place to Go Billy Murray ee Mig 
aaa in Chattanooga Med. (See ‘“‘Medley No. 98”) Accordion Pietrol 7574 | 
This is the Life Medley Accordion Pietro) ne so 
eo in Georgia on Campmeeting Day Collins and Harlan} 1601 810! .75 
Oh, You Coon! (Cohan) Ada Jones and Billy Murray | ; 
ead in Gossip Row  (Harrigan-Braham) Ada sours 17056\10| .75 
Paddy Duffy’s Cart (Harrigan-Braham) American Quartet ‘ 
fara in Jungle Town Collins and tga 16805 110| .75 
Uncle Josh and the Lightning Rod Agent (Stewart) Cal Stewart batt 
{Dove in Sunshine Valley (Reed-Christie) Campbell and aoe 17018 10 .75 
Waiting Down,by the Mississippi Shore (Reed) Campbell and Burr Ly. 
Down in the Cornfield—Parody—See “ Wills’”’ | 
Down inthe Forest (Simpson-Ronald) John McCormack/|64331 |0) 1.00 
eee in the U-17  (Lewis-Erdman) Billy Se Peoealines 
Since Mother Goes to the Movie Shows Peerless Quartet pepe 
Set in Turkey Hollow-——Darky Specialty—Golden and ee ee 165401101 .75 
Sugar Moon (Murphy-Wenrich) Collins and Harlan pees 
ena Old Harmony Way = (Cooper) Peerless uate 17372 if 75 
Curse of an Aching Heart (Fink-Piantadosi) Will Oakland pe 
es on Jasper’s Farm (Moran-Monaco) porate 17307110! .75 
My Gal Irene (Rural Comedy) (Burt) Collins-Harlan) | a 
iDows on the Levee (See “Medley No. 5’) Peerless Quartet 352331 1211.25 
Mississippi Minstrels (Contents under ‘‘Minstrels’’) V. Minstrel Co | | , 
aia on the Mississippi—Levee Scenes American Coan aca4sl mi 95 
Minstrels No. 18 (Contents under “Minstrels”) Victor Minstrel Co bo ita 
on the Field March - One-Step (Friedman) Arthur Pryor’s at 17289 10) .75 
Knockabout March (Way Down South) (Chambers) Pryor’s Band Hy 
ee Where the Big Bananas Grow Collins and Seg 164461101 .75 
Bunch of Nonsense, A-—Comic Monologue Marry K. Hill a he 
eee Where the Silv’ry Mohawk Flows Hayden eae sa 350561 1211.25 
Army Bugle Calls Sousa’s Cornets ; 
{Bown Where the Silv’ry Mohawk Flows Hayden parte Venn 75 
When the Bees are in the Hive (Mills) Hayden Quartet) | Eke 
Down Where the Swanee River Flows (‘Robinson Crusoe, Jr. eal 
(McCarron-Alberte-Von Tilzer) Peerless Gusriet| 17983 10 .75 
Cumberland Gladys Wilbur 
aes Where the Swanee River Flows Hayden P Stanley} lae16sl10| .75 
Battle Cry of Freedom Harlan and Stanley 
Down Where the Swanee River Flows (Medley Fox Trot) 
(See ‘‘Medley No. 99”) Victor Bena} 135548 12/1.25 
Harry von Tilzer—Medley One-Step, No. Victor Military Band 
Doxology—* Praise God From Whom All eee Flow ”’ 
(2) Coronation—“ All Hail the Power” Trinity Choi] 35110 12/1.25 
Sanctus—from ‘‘Messe Solennelle’’ (Gounod) Trinity Choir 

{pe You Remember? (Earl Carroll)’ Frederick Wheeler 17591/10| .75 
D 0 When It’s Moonlight on the Alamo (Fischer) Peerless Quartet . 
BY SDo You Take This Woman for Your Lawful Wife? American Q} 17584110! .75 
Why is the Ocean so Near the Shore? (Jones) Billy Murray ‘ 


For extracts from “A Fool There Was’ —‘‘Cyrano de Berg erac “_ 

avi Copperfield” — ‘‘Hamlet"*— “Julius Caesar’’ — “ Littlest 
**__ ** Merchant of Venice ’’— ae Ado About Nothing”’ —_— 
5 Baul R Revere’s Ride’ ate: Rising of °7 ‘‘Romeo and Juliet” and 

“Winter's Tale,’ see “‘ Battis,”’ ye **Hilliard’’ and ‘* Shake- 

DRAPER, CHARLES—See “Clarinet Solos” 
DRDLA, FRANZ—See “‘ Guitarrero ” 

and ‘“‘ Souvenir ” 

Dream, A_ (J.C. Bartlett) In English 

Evan Williams|64078|10/1.00 

Dream, A (Cory-Bartlett) John McCormack!g4434|10/1.00 
(bene: A (Cory-Bartlett) Charles ratig ed 
I Hear You Calling Me (Harford-Marshall) Charles Harrison$ |17321|10| .75 
ees A (Bartlett) ’Cello Hans Sarna 
Traéumerei (Schumann) ‘Cello with Pianoforte Hans Kindler$|4512|10)1.00 
(ies The (LeRéve) (Thomé) (Op. 55) Tollefsen pao 
Song Without Words (Van Goens) Tollefsen Trio} |17525| 10 75 
(Dreant After the Ball (Broustet) Xylophone William H. Bae 
Brightest Days Gavotte (Machaelis) Bell Solo William H. ReitzS\1®428 10) .75 

(Charles L. Johnson) 
I’m on My Way to Mandalay (Fischer) 
Dream Faces (Sweet Dreamland Faces) 

{Droerne (Dailey) 

Dream Days Will Oakland 
Ocklond Can abelisneeh 17503)10) .75 
(Hutchinson) Whitehill,74451|12/1.50 
Harry Macdonough 
Ada Jones and Len Seta eC oe Orato 
Dreaming—Valse Boston (Boston Waltz) (Joyce) Victor Mil. S 5295 
In the Golden West Medley—One-Step Victor Military Band 35295) |2)1.25 
P. Ordway) with Mixed Chorus 
Evan Williams|74476)12|1.50 
Bohemian Orchestra 
Boren 16760|10| .75 

Golden Wedding, The 

Dreaming of Home and Mother (J. 

(mean of Autumn (Songe d’Automne) 
"A Frangesa March (Costa) 

Dream of Love—See “Liebestraum” 

prere of Paradise, A Harry Macdonough and Lyric Qt} 
Gloriaa Te (Sacred) (Schuyler—Buzzi-Peccia) Earl Cartwright 35232) 12/1.25 
_ Dream of the Mountains (“Herd Girl’s Dream’’) (Labitzky) 
V iolin-Flute Rattay and Lyons/31598)12!1.00 
(Drenn of the Mountains  Violin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan et 
Happy ee (Strelezki) Neapolitan Trio AS64012 
ee of Wagner—Fantasie on Tannhiauser Pryor’s =| 

Prelude, Act II—Air for Venus, Act I—Duet, Elizabeth ee Tann- 
hauser, Act II—Bachanale, Act i—Tannhauser’s Air, Act I 

Sousa’s Band 
{ Pryor’s Band 
Pomp and Circumstance March (Op. 39, No. 1) (Elgar) Pryor’s B 
tenets (Strelezki) (Poem by Baroness Porteous) My periens 
Night Hymn at Sea (Hemans-Thomas) Elsie Baker-F. Wheeler$|18178 
Dreams of Long Ago (Carroll-Caruso) Jn English Enrico Caruso|88376 
a7 Visions—Intermezzo (7raumgeister Walzer) (Carl Stix) 

35230) 12/1.25 
Reminiscences of Verdi 

Dream Pictures—Fantasia (Lumbye) with Bells 

35247) 12/1.25 

10} .75 

V iolin-Flute-’Cello- Harp—with Bells Florentine Quartet} 17720/10| .75 

Love’s Dream After the Ball (Czibulka, Opus 356) Venetian Trio 

(Straus) Victor Orch 
(Monckton) Pryor’s Penh 16929)10) 9-79 
Sade MacFarlane|60134/10) .75 
ristie and Lyons 
Elise Sienna T6212 01 AIS 

Dream Waltz (From “A Waltz Dream”) 

Arcadians, The—Favorite Melodies 
(Anita Owen) 

Dreamy Eyes 
Dreamy Moments 
Elégie (Massenet) 

Drei Slavische Tanze—See “ Polish Dance ” 



, {Dress My Mother Wore (Sunshine-Marshall) ia Honey pik 
In the Land of Love with the Song Birds (Regd) Campbell-Burr 

[parce (Hewitt-Ackley) Beprureeeeyater 
Closer to Jesus Homer Rodeheaver and George Brewster 

4 oxiteing (Williams) Elsie Baker and Fred eat 
Roses, Roses Everywhere (Bingham-Trotére) Harvey Hindermeyer 

DRIGO, RICHARD (Dree’-go) See ‘“‘Harlequin’s Serenade,’’ “‘Recon- 
ciliation Polka,” ‘Serenade (Drigo)” and ‘Waltz from Drigo’s 

DRILL MUSIC—For School Drills see ‘‘ Educational Records” 

(Dees , ye Tarriers, Drill—(in “Railroad Section Gang”) Peerless ou 
I’ve Got the Time, I’ve Got the Place Henry Burr 

Ho! Jolly Jenkin! and The Long Day Closes—Orpheus Quartet 
I'm On the Water Wagon Now—Murray and In My Merry Oldsmobile—Murray 
I've Been Floating Down the Old Green River and Ballymooney—Murray 
I’ve Something in the Bottle for the Morning arry Lauder 
Morning After Night Before—Murray and Darky School Days—Golden andH 
New Cure for Drinking, A— Wills and Asleep in the Deep—Jolson 
Songs of Good Fellowship and Favorite College Songs—V ictor Male Chorus 
Underthe Anheuser Bush—Murray and It Takes Irish to Beat the Dutch—Murray 
What Good is Water When You're Dry (Goetz-Kendis-Paley) Nora Bayes 

DRINKING See OPERATIC—See ° ‘ Cavalleria,’ ‘‘ Don 

Giovanni,” ‘‘Hamlet,” ‘‘Lucrezia Borgia,” ‘‘ Martha”’ and “ Otello ”’ 
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (Ben Jonson) de Gogorza 
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes Julia Culp 
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes John McCormack 

ore to Me Only With Thine Eyes Reinald Werrenrath 
My Lovely Celia (Old English) Reinald eneeeaih 

(Dr to Me Only With Thine Eyes Harry Sane 
Flower Song—‘‘ Faust ’’ (Gounod) Corinne Morgan 

oa to Me Only With Thine Eyes  Celesta Solo Felix Qa 
To a Wild Rose (MacDowell)  Celesta Solo Felix Arndt 

Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (2) Flow Gently, Sweet 

Afton (Spillman) Victor Band 
Annie Laurie (2) Love’s Old Sweet Song Victor Band. 

raat Dempsey Banjo (Piano acc.) Vess L. rca 
Gypsy Dance (La Gitana) Xylophone Albert Miiller 

Weinert History M’ch and Just Before the Battle, Mother—Macdonough-Bieling 
My Maryland March and I’se Gwine Back to Dixie— Hayden Quartet 
War Song March and Estudiantina Waltz (Waldteufel) Victor Orchestra 
{Dreamer Boy (Boulton- German) Frederick Wheel ex} 
Keep the Home-Fires Burning ’Till the Boys Come Home _ Wheeler 

See “Am. Patrol,” ‘“Cappa,” “Drummer Boy,” “I May Be Gone for a 
Long, Long Time, ”? “Keep the Home Fires Burning,” “Let Me Like 
a Soldier Fall,” ‘My Maryland March,” ‘National Spirit March ” 

‘Over There,’ “Over There—One-Step,” “Ragtime | Drummer, 
** Sardinia,”’ ‘Semper Fidelis,” “* 7th Reg’t March,” “‘ Skyrocket 
March,” “ United Service March” and “ You'll Be There” 
Drunten im Unterland (Down in the Lowlands) (Weigle) 

In German Alma Gluck-Paul Reimers 
Dae Yo’ Eyes (Landsberg) Marguerite pene! 
Cradle Song (Wéiegenlied) (Brahms) Elizabeth Wheeler 

Du bist die Ruh’ (My Sweet Repose) (Schubert) In German Culp 

or bist die Ruh’ (My Sweet Repose) (Schubert) Jn German pa Gt 
Lorelei, Die (The Loreley) (Liszt) Christine Miller | 
Du bist wie eine Blume (Thou ’rt Like a Lovely Flower) | 
(Schumann) (Op. 25, No. 24) Jn German Paul Reimers? 
Der Schmied (2) Friihlingsnacht (Schumann) Christine Miller) 

17721|10| .75 
18341|10| .75 
17117|10) .75 
16727/10| .75 
17053|10| .75 
16248/10| .75 
17885/10) .75 
60000/10| .75 
16557|10) .75 
17915/10| .75 
1624710) .75 
70020) 12/1.25 
74204) 12/1.50 
1769110) .75 
18177|10| .75 
16767/10| .75 
16418}10| .75 
16104/10) .75 
1615410) .75 
17881)10| .75 
87224) 10)2.00 
16893)10| .75 

45060 10 1.00 



Duca D’Alba—Angelo casto e bel—Romanza_ (Beauteous Angel) 

In Italian Enrico Caruso|88516|12/3.0€ 
DUCHENE, MARIA, Soprano—See ‘Masked Ball,’’ “Pique Dame’’ 
DUDLEY and MACDONOUGH—See “ Duets, Vocal” 
Du, du liegst mir im Herzen (Pax) Jn German 

Alma Gluck-Paul Reimers/87182)10)2.00 

Due Granatieri, I (Two Grenadiers) (Schumann) In Italian Ruffo/88527/12/3.00 
DUETS, INSTRUMENT AL—See “ Instrumental Duets ” 
DUETS, VOCAL—Tenor-Soprano, Tenor-Baritone, Two Tenors, 

Contralto-Baritone, Soprano-Contralto (See also “‘Educational Records’’) 
NOTE.—The Jones and Murray, Jones and Spencer, Golden and Hughes, 
Collins and Harlan, Bayes and Norworth, Montgomery and Stone, Van 
and Schenk duets will be found under those headings. For Vocal Trios, 

see ““ Trios, Vocal. 


Always be Honey to Me—Campbell-Burr and J Love You—Wnm. Barnes|17970|10| .75 
Are You From Dixie?—Murray-Kaufman and Don’t Bite the Hand—Kaufman|17942|10| .75 
Back to Old Folks at Home—Campbell-Burr 
and Inthe Heart of the Kentucky Hills—Heidelberg Quintette|17378|10} .75 
Bavarian Yodel—Macdonough and Watson 
and Flower from Home Sweet Home (Schmid) Macdonough and Bieling|16120|10| .75 
By and By You Will Forget Me and When Twilight Comes—Baker-F. W heeler\17312|10)| .75 
Calling Me Home (Barrett) and Jn the Shadow of the Sycamore-Brown-Harrison|17722|10| .75 
Come Back Home to Old Kentucky—Campbell-Burr 
and Loading Up the Mandy Lee—American Quartet|17947|10} .75 
Come Back to Arizona—Reed-Harrison 
and There’s a Garden in Old Italy—Campbell-Burr|18066|10} .75 
Come Back to Erin, Mona Darling—Reed-Harrison 
and No One But Your Dear Old Dad—American Quartet|17985| 10) .75 
Croon Time—Brown-Reed and All I Want is a Cottage—O’Hara|18022|10| .75 
Dear Old-Fashioned Irish Songs—Murray-Kaufman and Norah—Oakland|18011}10| .75 
Diane of the Green Van—Campbell-Burr and You're More than World-Ballard|17654| 10} .75 
Don’t Blame Me for What Happens—Campbell-Burr 
and Maybe a Day, Maybe a Year—Henry Burr\17752 
Don’t Write Me Letters—Campbell-Burr and Rolling Stones—Burr|18215 
Down Honolulu Way—Green-Dixon. and On the South Sea Isle—Sterling Trio|18113 
Down in Sunshine Valley and Waiting Down by the Miss.—Campbell-Burr| 17018 
Down on Jasper’s Farm—Porter-Harlan and My Gal Irene—Collins-Harlan| 17307 
Fair Hawaii—Brown-Reed and She Sang “‘ Aloha’’ to Me—Dixon and Quartet| 18032 
Flower from Home—Macdonough-Bieling and Bavarian Yodel—Mac-W atson| 16120 
™-- Better or for Worse—Kline-Baker 
; and There’s a Long, Long Trail—Reed-Harrison|17882| | 
Garden of Dreams—Stevenson and Macdonough and Glow-Worm—W heeler|16932| | 
Give Me All of You—Green-Hamilton and Pretty Baby—Orpheus Qt\18162) | 
Have a Heart—Green-Dixon — and / Left Her on the Beach—Mac and Chorus|18104|| 
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me—Van Brunt-Bieling and Maid of the Mill—Miller|16970) 1 
Homeland, The and My Jesus, as Thou Wilt—Elizabeth and Wm. Wheeler| 17940} | 
Honolulu Lou—Campbell-Burr and I Lost My Heart—Harrison and Stuart\18114|| 
I Am Longing for the Days that Might Have Been—Brown-Harrison 
; and Meet Me in Blossom Time—Oakland-Campbell-Burr| 17629} | 
[ Cannot Sing the Old Songs—Mr.-Mrs. Wheeler and Forsaken—W hitney Qt|16369| | 
If lt Takes a Thousand Years—Reed-Harrison and Could the Dreams—Ballard|17903} | 
I'll Make You Want Me and Ma Li'l Starlight—Davis-O’Hara\18166| | 
I Lost My Heart in Honolulu—Harrison-Stuart 
and Honolulu Lou—Campbell and Burr|18114| | 
{°'m Starving For One Sight of You (Harris) Stanley and Burr 
and Here’s To Our Absent Brothers—Elk Song (Helf) Frank C. Stanley|16778 

ms et et et es 

In a Dusty Caravan—Reed-Harrison and Allah, Give Me Mine !—McClaskey|17977 (75 
In a Little While—Campbell-Burr and On the Mississippi— A merican Qt}17237 275 
I Never Knew—Brown-Reed and /t’s Always Orange Day—Peerless Qi|18103 75 

In the Hills of Old Kentucky—Campbell-Burr and I’m Coming Back—Peerless Qt}17685 
In the Land of Love—Campbell-Burr and Dress My Mother Wore—Burr\17721 
In the Shadow of the Sycamore and Calling Me Home—Brown-Harrison|17722 
In the Valley of the Moon—Clark-Burr and When the Angelus—Lyric Quartet| 17587 
In Twilight Town—Baker-F. Wheeler and Garland of Roses—American Qt\17266 
Jola—Harlan and Stanley — and Only a Message from Home—Hayden Quartet| 16801 
Just a Word of Sympathy—Miller-Wheeler and Lovelight in Eyes—W iederhold|18197 
Just Dreaming of You and J Called You My Sweetheart— Harrison|\18289 
Just for To-Night-—Oakland-Murray and High Cost of Loving—Peerless Qt)17622 , 
Larboard Watch—Hooley and Macdonough and Asleep in the Deep—Hooley|16949|10| .75 
Let Bygones Be Bygones—Clark-Burr and I’m Crying Just for You—Jones-Murray|17562|10| .75 
Little Grey Mother—Reed-Harrison and Painting That Mother—Burr\17839)|10| .75 
Little House Upon the Hill—Reed-Harrison 

and When My Ship Comes In—Campbell-Burr.17732|10| .75 

COCDOCCCOOCOCOOSO oC o000 ocoooocoo o°ooooeSoeo 
. . Cae tee ° ie 




DUETS, VOCAL—Continued 

Lookout Mountain—Campbell-Burr and Hong Kong—Peerless Quartet} 18295 
Luella Lee—Campbell-Burr and You Can't Expect Kisses—Jones-Murray| 17188 
Ma Li'l Starlight and J'/l Make You Want Me—Davis-O' Hara\ 18166 
a Pickaninny Babe—Oakland-Murray and When It’s Moonlight—Oakland| 17819 
Mavs Heaven Bless Your Wedding Day and When Grandma Sings the 
Songs She Loved at the End of a Perfect Day—Campbell-Burr| 18271 
Mocking Bird (Sep Winner) Morgan and Stanley|31316 
Mocking Bird— Wheeler and pi aeap Ronen and Rocked in the Cradle—Stanley| 16392 
Moonshine Sally and You Were Just Made to Order For Me—Campbell-Burr| 18137 
Mulberry Moon and ter the Arm of the Old Arm Chair—Campbell-Burr| 18150 
My Chain of Memories—Brown-Harrison and Over Alpine Mts.—Campbell-Burr| 17614 
My Hawaiian Sunshine—Campbell-Burr and My Waikiki Ukulele G-Kaufman| 18202 
My Hula Maid and Open Up Your Heart—Reed-Harrison| 17812 
My Jesus, as Thou Wilt and The rr tre beth and Wm. Wheeler|17940 
My Little Dream Girl—Reed-Harrison and Dear Love Days—Trio|17789 
My Little Girl—Campbell-Burr and There's a Little Church—Peerless Qt\17810 
My Own lIona—Wrnight-Dietrich ~and My Lonely Lola Lo—Sterling Trio|18171 
My Own pene Rose—Campbell-Burr and Flame of Love—Brown-Harrison|17762 
My Sweet Adai and Sweetest Girl in Monterey—Jas. Reed-]. F. Harrison|17852 
Norway find of Midnight Sun) Campbell-Burr and OA! You Bundle—Qt|17827 
Oh Happy erence Wheeler and Long Long Ago—Elsie Baker|17343 
On the Arm of the Old Arm Chair and Mulberry Moon—Campbell-Burr| 18150 
On the Banks of Brandywine—Campbell-Burr and California and You-Kaufman|17613 
On the Shores of Italy—Campbell-Burr and Harmony Bay—Heidelberg Quin| 17602 
Open Up Your Heart and My Hula Maid—Reed-Harrison|17812 
Organ Grinder’s Troubles—Porter-Harlan and Wal, I Swan—Harlan-Cho|17263 
Over the Alpine Mountains—Campbell-Burr and My Chain—Brown-Harrison| 17614 
Over the Hills to Mary—Reed-Harrison and In the Garden—Macdonough|17753 
Poppy-Time in Old Japan—Reed-Harrison and When It’s Orange Blossom—Qt| 17924 
Put Your Arms Around Me at She Was a Girl—Campbell-Burr| 18013 
Red Wing (Mills) Dudley, Mac and Cho and Rainbow—Murray-Hayden Qt\ 17233 
Rolling Stones—Burr and Don’ 7 't Write Me Letters—Campbell-Burr| 18215 
Shadowland—Green- Macdonough and Underneath the Stars—Dixon|17946 
She is the Sunshine of Virginia—Campbell- Burr 
and Turn Back the Universe—Macdonough- Quartet} 18112 
Shenandoah—Campbell and Burr and Somewhere in Ireland—Chas. Harrison| 18327 
She Was a Girl 1 Used to Know and Put Your Arms—Campbell-Burr| 18013 
Silver Bay and Somewhere in Dixie—James Reed-J. F. Harrison|18232 
Simple Melody—Brown-Murray and They Made it Twice as Nice—O’Hara\ 18051 
Somewhere in Dixie and Silver Bay—James Reed-J. F. Harrison|18232 
Snow Deer (Indian Song) Campbell-Burr and Ship of My Dreams—Hayden Qt\17398 
Some Sort of Somebody—Brown-Murray and Luana Lou—Peerless Quartet} 17992 
Somewhere My Love Lies—Reed-Harrison and Hush-a-Bye, Ma Baby—Brown| 18214 
Songs My Mother Used to Sing (Smith) Morgan and Macdonough/31534 
Songs My Mother Used to Sing—Morgan-Mac and Sing Me to Sleep—Baker|35136 
Songs We Used to Sing in Dixie Land—Reed-J. F. Harrison 
and Young America, We’ re Strong For You—Peerless Quartet| 17967 
Sunshine and Roses—Brown-Harrison and Just Say Again Y ou Love—Harrison| 17359 
Sweetest Girl in Monterey and My Sweet Adair—Jas. Reed-]. F. Harrison| 17852 
Take Meto Raveland= Cann nbetee Burr = and Last Night Was the End—Burr\ 17339 
That's Ever Loving Love Brice and King] 5847 
There’s a Garden in Old Italy—Campbell-Burr 
and Come Back to Arizona—Reed-Harrison| 18066 
There’s a Long, Long Trail—Reed-Harrison 
and For Better or for Worse—Kline-Baker| 17882 
There’s a Quaker Down in Senet Gar ec nr ae 
My Dreamy China Lady—Lyric Quartet} 18034 
There’s Someone More Cewesite than You—Reed-Harrison 
and Ashes of My Heart—Harrison| 18064 
To Any Girl—Campbell-Burr and Indiana—Sterling Trio|18251 
Trail of Lonesome Pie Broiel bavtison and 70 Have, To Hold—Mac\17338 
Trail to Sunset Valley—Reed-J. F. Harrison and Laddie in Khaki—Harrison 18180 
Under the Big September Moon—Campbell-Burr 
and Why Did You Make Me Care—Burr\ 17296 
Under the Mellow Arabian Moon—Murray-Kaufman 

and My Fox Trot—Kaufman 17923) 

Waiting Down by the Mississippi Shore (Reed) Campbell and Burr 
and Down in Sunshine Valley (JReed-Christie) Campbell and Burr,17018 
Way Down in Arkansaw—Murray-Kaufman and Sweet Cider Time—Peerless Q 17969 

WenGing of the Sunshine and the Rose—Campbell-Burr and Mother—Burr\17913. 

What's the Use of Going Home—Murray-Kaufman and Beatrice Fairfax—Jones| 17926 
When Grandma Sings and May Heaven Bless Wedding Day—Campbell-Burr| 18271 
When It’s Apple Blossom | ime in Normandy—Dunlap-Macdonoug 

and Don’t Turn My Picture to the Wall—Clark- Pea Brunt|17245 
When It’s Peach Picking Time in Delaware—Campbell-Burr 

and Hello Frisco—Green-Hamilton| 17837 | 


ee ee eee 


10] . 
10| ; 

10; . 
10} . 


ee ey 


10) . 





DUETS, VOCAL—Continued 

When June-Time Brings the Roses-Brown-Harrison and Come Back—Clough|17641|10} .75 
_ When My Ship Comes In—Campbell-Burr 
and Little House Upon the Hill—Reed-Harrison|17732|10| .75 
When Twilight Comes and By and By You Will ey eu aan tae W heeler|17312|10} .75 
When You and! Were Young, Maggie (Butterfield) Wheeler-Macdonough 
and Vacant Chair (Root) Hayden Cnet 16361/10] .75 
When You're Dancing the Old Fashioned Waltz-—Campbell-Burr 
and An Old Fashioned Garden—Becker|17949|10| .75 
When You Sit Beside the Fireside in Winter—Ballard-Wilbur and Araby—Mac|17889|10| .75 
Where the Black-Eyed Susans Eau erP here Burr 
d Tho’I'm not the First— Orpheus Qt) 18239]|10) .75 
While the Leaves Came Drifting Downe Dudien and Macdonoug 
and When the Harvest Days Ate Over (Graham) Wdidensceh 16219/10) .75 
You'll Always be the pores Sweet Girl—J. Reed-J. F. Harrison 
There’s a Little Lane Without a Turning—Henry Burr|17878|10| .75_ 
You'll Come Beebe Moni. Murray and “‘ Jinin’ ’’ the Church—Golden-Hughes| 16653)|10| .75 
You Never Knew About Me—Brown-Hamilton 
and An Old Fashioned Wife—Green|18259|10| .75 
You Were Just}Made to Order for Me and Moonshine Sally—Campbell-Burr|18137|10| .75 


Battle Cry of Freedom—Harlan and Stanley 
and Down Where the Sige River Flows—Hayden Quartet 16165) 10 
Dixie—Harlan and Stanley and Ata Georgia Campmeeting—Sousa’s Band|16402)10 
Just Before the Battle, Mother (Root) Macdonough and Bieling 
and American History March—Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps|16418|10| .75 

Marching Through Georgia—Harlan-Stanley and 2d Conn March—Pryor’s B}16416} | 
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp—Harlan and Stanley and Old Black Joe—Peerless Qt}16531| | 


Ask the Flowers to Tell You (Gottschalk) Dunlap-Macdonough 
and When Dreams Come True—Burr| 17393} 
Drifting—Baker and Wheeler and Roses, Rees Everywhere—Hindermeyer|17117}|| 
Excelsior (Balfe) Werrenrath and Macdonough and Jerusalem—Stanley|35116| | 
Fishermen (Gabussi) Stanley and Mac — and Raymond Overture—V ictor B|35040) | 
Gondolier’s Song (Hoffmann) BakerE. Wheeler and Spring (Stern) Kline|17135}1 
Go Pretty Rose—Stevenson and Macdonough and Juanita—Metropolitan Trio|16351}10| .75 

I Would That My Love (Mendelssohn) Elise Stevenson and Macdonoug 
and Miserere from “Il Trovatore’’ (Verdi) Stevenson and Macdonough|16013}10| .75 
Maiden in Grey—Baker-Wheeler and Somewhere a Voice is Calling—McClaskey|17475| 10} .75 
Night Hymn at Sea—Baker—F. Wheeler and Dreams (Strelezki)—F. Wheeler|18178|10| .75 
Night in Venice—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Elizabeth’s Prayer E. Wheeler|35096|12|1.25 
Oh, That We Two Were Maying—Mr.-Mrs. Wheeler and Story of the Rose|16705|10| .75 
Old Brigade (Barri) Se ae eae and Ben Bolt (Kneass) Baker|\35162|12|1.25 
Over the Stars There is Rest (Abt) Baker-F, Wheeler and Perfect Day—Baker|17387|10| .75 
Schubert's Serenade (English Words) Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler|31753]12/1.00 
Soldier, Rest—Kline-Baker and Coronach (Schubert) Kline-W heeler-Dunlap|18987|10| .75 
*Tis But a Little Faded Flower—Anthony-Harrison and Emmett’sLullaby—Quintet|17217|10| .75 

0} .75 
Q| .75 
QO} .75 

Wanderer’s Night Song—Stanley and Burr -and Venetian Song—Turner|16417|10| .75 
Welcome Pretty Primrose (Pinsuti) | Lucy Marsh and Marguerite Dunlap|60058| 10} .75 
Whispering Hope (Hawthorne) and Abide With Me—Kline-Baker|17782]10| .75 


Adele—You and Only You-Baker-Wheeler ead Just Because It’s You-—Baker| 17490)10| .75 
Alma—Barbour- Anthony and Every Little Movement—Barbour. Werrenrath| 17224|10| .75 
Beauty Shop—Love’s Hesitation—Brown-Harrison and Dream Girl 0’ Mine—Miller|17572|10| .75 
Blue Paradise—Auf Wiedersehn—Green-Macdonough 
and Girl Who Smiles—Teach Me to Smile—Green-Hamilton|17858]10| .75 
Century Girl—Alice in Wonderland—Howard-Macdonough 
and Poor Butterfly—Brown|18211|10} .75 
Doll Girl—Come On Over Ss cata apa Murray 
My Wendefal Dram Girl— Wells|17441|10| .75 
Fads and Fancies—We'll Take Care are Vk All—Brown-]. F. Harrison 
and I’m Proud to be oe Mote hese Quartet}17758/}10| .75 
Fencing Master—Ah, Yes, I Love vou Me, and Mrs. Whee 
Answer (Rae cf That Girl”? Quartet}35192} 12) 1.25 
Firefly, The—Sympathy—Clark- an B_and My Persian Rose—“‘T hat Girl’’ Qt}17270|10| .75 
Florodora—Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Stuart) Stevenson and Macdonoug 
and Inthe Shade of the Palm (Stuart) Micdonsack aaues 10) .75 
Follies of 1915—Green-Hamilton and When It’s Peach Picking Time 7837/10] .75 
Follies of 1917—Hello, My Dearie—Green-Dixon 
and Chu- Chin Chas Gree On aes Quartet} 18336)10| .75 
Girl From Brazil—Bachelor Girl and Boy—Green- Dixon 
and Babes in the Woods—Howard and Macdonough|18172!10| .75 
Girl from Montmartre—Don’t Turn My Picture—Clark-Van Brunt 
and When Its Apple Blossom Time—Dunlap-Mac\17245110! .75 

DUETS, VOCAL —Comic Opera Duets,—Continued 
Girl from Utah—They Didn't Believe Me—Green-Macdonough Du 
and Gems from ““ Lady in Red*’—Light Opera Co|35491) 12|1.25 

Girl Who Smiles—Teach Me to Smile—Green-Hamilton 
and Blue Paradise—A uf W iedersehn—Green-Macdonough| 17858) 10} .75 
Hanky Panky—Rose of Pyramid pecan and Van Brunt 
That’s How I Need You—Burr!17173)10| .75 
Have a Heart—You Said Something —Green- Macdonough 
and You’re in Love—Macdonough and Quartet|18260}10| .75 
He Came from Milwaukee—Love is cart a Red, Red Rose—Stevenson-Burr 
My Hero Waltz— W histling— Gialdini|16854|10| .75 
Laughing Husband—You're Here Soe I'm Here—Kline-Macdonough 
and Friend to the End—Reed Miller\17555)10| .75 
Madame Sherry—Every Little Movement—Barbour and Werrenrath 
and Alma—Barbour and Anthony|17224|10| .75 
Mascotte—Gobble Duet, “‘ When I Behold Thy Manly Form”’ (Audran) 
Wheeler and Macdonough and Prince of Pilsen Selection—Sousa’s Band|16527\|10| .75 
Merry Widow Waltz—I Love You So (Lehar) Stevenson and Macdonoug 
and Merry Widow—Vilia Song (Lehar) Elise Stevenson and Chorus|\16576|10| .75 
One Girl in a Million—Moonlight on the Be oe Sat eens 
and Somebody Knows—Peerless Quartet|17779| 10} .75 
Papa’s Darling—Sparkling Moselle—Kline and Macdonough with Quartet 
and Chin Chin—Love Moon—Kline and Lyric Quartet|17665|10) .75 
Peasant Girl—Flame of Love—Brown-J. F. Harrison 
and My Own Venetian Rose—Campbell-Burr|\17762|10| .75 
Robin Red Breast—Macdonough-Belmont and Arrival of Robins—Belmont|16094|10| .75 
Slim Princess—Let Me Stay and Live in Dixie Land Brice and King] 5843/10] .60 
Slim Princess—That's Ever Lovin’ Love Brice and King| 5847/10} .60 
So Long, Letty—Alice Green- Raymond Dixon and Here Comes Tootsi— Green| 17974|10| .75 
Spring Maid—For several duets see “Spring Mai 
Sweethearts—For several records see ‘‘Sweethearts’ 
Three Twins—Cuddle <P a Little Closer—Brown-Harrison 
d Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey—“ T hat Girl’’ Qt}17267|10| .75 
Tik-Tok Man of Cena the Flowers to ey You—Dunlap-Macdonough 
d When Dreams Come Treen burt 17393)10} .75 
Very Good Eddie—Babes in the A leet yard Macdonough 
and Bachelor Girl and Boy— Green- Dixon|18172|10} .75 
HYMNS AND OTHER SACRED DUETS—See also the Oratorios ‘* Hymn 
of Praise,”” “* eee Mater ’* and also Red Seal Records 
Abide With M and Whispering Hope (Hawthorne) Olive Kline-Elsie Baker|17782|10 
Abide With ve ae and Mrs. Wheeler and Some Day—Anthony-Harrison|16506|10| . 
Almost Persuaded (Bliss) and Shall We Meet Beyond—Macdonough-Hemus|17356 8 AE 

Beautiful Valley of Eden—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Newborn King—Hill| 16563 
Closer to Jesus and Datiegn (Gospel Hymn) Rodeheaver-Brewster| 18341 ‘ 
Close to Thee—Anthony- Harrison and Looking This Way—A nthony-Harrison|17024| 10} .7 
Crucifix and My Faith Looks Up to Thee (Bassford) Stanley and Macdonough|35012}12/1.25 
Dear Lord and Father—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Beautiful Isle—Wells|\16700|10| .75 
Drifting and Closer to Jesus—Rodeheaver-Brewster| 18341|10| .75 
Guide Me, O Thou Great is epee (Flotow) Stanley and Macdonough 
One Sweetly Solemn Thought—Frank C. Stanley\35141}12}1.25 
He Leadeth Me—Mr.-Mrs. Wiiselet and Light of the World—W hitney Bros Qt\16465)}10} .75 
I am Praying for You—Stanley-Burr and Home of the Soul— Whitney Bros Qt}16372|10} .75 
I Heard the Voice of Jesus—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Ave Maria—W heeler|16490]10} .75 
I Need Thee Every Hour—Bieling-Macdonough and Heaven is My Home—Mac\16255|10| .75 
I've Found a Friend—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Lord is My Shepherd—Duet|16869|10| .75 
Looking This Way (VandeVeter) and Close to Thee—Anthony-Harrison|17024|10} .75 
Lord is My Light—Baker-Wheeler ~ and The Day is Ended—McClaskey|35248| 12}1.25 
Lord is My Shepherd aes) Miller and Werrenrath 
I’ve Found a Friend—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler\16869)}10| .75 
Love Divine, All Love peerings (Stainer) Marsh and Macdonough|31792}12}1.00 
More Love to Thee, Oh Christ (Doane) Werrenrath and Macdonough 
and Along the River of Time (Root) Metropolitan Trio| 1634810} .75 
My Faith Looks Ip to Thee (Bassford) Stanley and Macdonough 
and Crucifix (Faure) Frank C. Stanley and Harry Macdonough|35012!}12/1.25 
Near the Cross—Mr.-Mrs. Wheeler and Some Sweet Day—A nthony-Harrison| 16688} 10| .75 
Oh Morning Land (Phelps) Stanley-Mac and God Be With You—Hayden Qt|16399)| 10 ‘75 
Only a Beam of pupaninia eerroees ) Macdonough and Bieling 
Bin Sabbath Morn (Holy City with Chimes) Macdonough|16288}10} .75 
Saved by Grace (Steb pe Macdonough and Bieling 
My Faith Looks Up to Thee (Mason) Trinity Choir\16216)|10| .75 
Shall We Meet Beyond the iver and Almost Persuaded—Macdonough-Hemus|17356\10| .75 
Softly Now the Light of Day—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler 
and Beyond the Smiling and the Weepin pcre Qi|}16500/10) .75 
Some Day—Anthony-Harrison and Abide With Me—Mr. and Mrs. W heeler|\16506)10| .75 
Some Sweet Day—Anthony-Harrison and Near the Cross—Mr.-Mrs. W heeler|16688)|10| .75 
Valley of Peace—Anthony-Harrison and Still With Thee—Chicago Glee Club|16853|10| .75 


ee Ee | as 


D (For more than one hundred duets from Grand Operas, in Italian and French, 
u see the various Opera headings. i, 

Barcarolle—Oh, Night of Love (From ‘‘ Tales of Hoffmann"’) (Offenbach) 
Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Fatinitza Selection (von Suppé) Pryor’s Band|16827|10) .75 
Barcarolle—Tales of Hoffmann (Offenbach) Marsh and Dunlap|60096/10| .75 

ome to Our Mountains and Miserere—See “* Trovatore’ 
DUFRANNE, HECTOR, Baritone—See ‘“‘ Carmen,” “‘ Don Giovanni ”’ 
Duke’s Speech—See “Greet” 
DUNBAR, PAUL, Poems—See Myers, “‘ Birth of Morn,” ‘‘ Who Knows?” 


This young singer's nich contralto and excellent method have 
made her one of .the most useful of the talented company which 
the Victor has assembled, and in both solos and many concerted 
numbers her work has been admirable. 

The series of little darky songs which Miss Dunlap has ren- 
dered are doubly attractive because of the fascinating Southern 
accent of this young daughter of South Carolina. 

Miss Dunlap makes records exclusively for the Victor. 

DUNLAP RECORDS—See also *‘Educational”’ 
Bowl of Roses, A (Henley-Clarke) ESA 
and The Wren (From ‘‘ Bird Songs’) (Liza Lehmann) Olive Kline|17156 

Dry Yo’ Eyes (Landsberg) and Cradle Song (Brahms) Elizabeth W heeler| 16893) 10 
Massa’s in de Cold Ground (Foster) and In the Evening—Hayden Qt|17305 o 75 


Mighty Lak’a Rose—Darky Song and Old Folks at Home (Foster) Dunlap|16940 F 
Old Folks at Home (Foster) and Mighty Lak’a Rose—Darky Song—Dunlap\16940}10| .75 

Song of the Soul—from “‘ The Climax Locke-Breil/31810) 12) 1.00 
Stille Nacht—/n German and No Candle Was There—W heeler\17187|10| .75 
Tales of Hoffmann—Barcarolle—with Marsh Offenbach|60096/10| .75 

Trovatore—Home to Our Mountains—with Macdonough 

and Trovatore—Miserere—Kline, Macdonough and Chorus|35443}12|1.25 

ieeror Kiddies—Wooden Shoe Dance _ (Trinkhaus) Victor Orch 16839110! .75 
Father Goose Songs (Rogers-Baum-Halle) Sallie Osbourne : 

Dutch Records—See “Holland” 

Dutch Serenade Harp by Lapitino (della Neve-de Lange) Dutch Culp|64552/10/1.00 

DUX, CLAIRE, Soprano—See ‘‘Bohéme”’ 
DVORAK, ANTONIN (Door’-zhak) (1841-1904), Compositions—See 
**Als die alte Mutter,’ ‘““Go to Sleep, My Dusky Baby,” “‘ Humoresque,’ 

**Indian Lament,” “‘ From the New World,” “‘Rusalka-Lieblicher Mond,”’ 
“*Slavonic Dance’’ and *‘ Tyrolean Dance’’ 

{Dying Poet, The (Gottschalk) Sousa’s yes seae72il.25 
Last Hope, The—Religious Meditation (Gottschalk) Vessella’s Band ; 
ane Poet, The (Gottschalk) Victor Concert ea, aeadaiToieas 
Whispering Flowers Victor Concert Orchestra ; 


EAMES, EMMA, Soprano (For list of records, portrait and sketch 

see “Eames,” Pink Section) 

EASTER SELECTIONS—See also “‘ Crucifix ”? and ‘‘ Stabat Mater” 
Angels Ever Bright and Fair and Unfold Ye Portals (‘Redemption’) Choir\35075 
Christ Arose—Hayden Quartet and Beautiful Isle of Somewhere—Harold Jarvis| 16008 
Coming of the Year (Organ acc.) Church Bells 

and Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing—Trinity Chimes| 16825 
Creation—Heavens Are Telling—Conway’s B and Hallelujah Cho—Pryor’s B|\35484 

— ow 

Creation— With Verdure Clad (Haydn) Lucy Marsh|/60055 ta 
Festival Te Deum No. 7, in FE Flat (Buck) Trinity Choir/31781 1.00 
Gloria from Twelfth Mass (Mozart) Lyric Quartet|/31589 1.00 
Hallelujah Chorus (‘‘Messiah’’) Victor Chorus with Sousa’s Band|/31770 

Hallelujah Chorus (‘‘Messiah’”) and FuneralMarch (Chopin) Estey Pipe Organ|35547 
Hallelujah Chorus—Pryor’s B and Creation—Heavens Are Telling—Conway’s B|35484 

Hosanna (Granier) Macdonough and Holy Night—Noel—Macdonoug h|16060 AF 
Hosanna (Jules Granier) In French Enrico Caruso|88403 3.00 
Hosanna_ (Jules Granier): Witherspoon|74279 1.50 
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth and OA, for the Wings of a Dove—Marsh\55053 1.50 
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (“‘Messiah’’) (Handel) Marsh|70071 1.25 


Jesus Christ is Risen—Hayden Qt and Blest Be the Tie that Binds— Trinity Choir'16178 

Joy to the World and Oh Come, All Ye Faithfue—Trinity Choir 16996 10) Ea 
Les Rameaux (The Palms) (J. Faure) Jn French Enrico Caruso|88459 | 12/3. ia 
Les Rameaux (The Palms) (Faure) Jn French Marcel Journet| 74037) 12/1.50 
Les Rameaux (The Palms) (Faure) Jn French Edmond Clement! 74319 |2 1.50 
Les Rameaux (The Palms) (Faure) Jn French Pol Plancon|85020 12 3.00 
Palms, The (Faure) Harry Macdonough!31601)12'1.00 
Palms, The (Faure) and The Lost oo (Sullivan) Reinald Werrenrath' 45089 10|1.00 
Palms, The (Faure) Macdonough and The Holy City (Adams) Macdonough|16408 10) .75 
Redemption— Unfold, Ye Portals and Angels Ever Bright and Fair—Marsh\35075)12)1.25 
ese (Kohler) Flute and Oboe duet ‘ Lyons and meet (e047 OTs 
Wren, The (Damare) Piccolo Darius Lyons Pe 
Echoes from Metropolitan Opera House (Tobani) Pryor’s Band | 
March from Queen of Sheba (Gounod); Niebelungen March (Wagner) ; 
Prelude to Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) ; Invitation to the Dance (Weber); }/35941/|12/1.25 

and the final movement of Liszt’s Second Hungarian Rhapsody 

Babilona (Grand Opera potpourri) Pryor’s Band | 
{Renee from Naples—Polka Concertina-grand P. Frosini) Teeonttoit7s 
Araby March  Bandurria and Guitar Estudiantina Trio} | ; 
jeoencres (M. Peuschel, Op. 38, No. 1) InGerman Emil Aenea ESAT elIOlT 25 
Trinklied (Die alten Deutschen) In German Emil Muench 


For the convenience of many not familiar with school grades and requirements, we 
will hereafter list alphabetically in the Record Catalogue all educational records, classified 
only as to Vocal, Instrumental, Readings and Stories, and records for Physical Education. 

These records have been made to help in the uplift of the ideals and tastes of children 
everywhere, as well as furnishing the finest sort of entertainment and enjoyment for the 
little folks, the children and the young people. These songs, stories, readings, games, 
dances, and marches, etc., and others to follow, are just as suitable for the home circle as for 
the school room. Some of the short songs are grouped several on one record with small 
spaces between, enabling the teacher to present any one she may choose for teaching with- 
out the unpleasantness of guessing where it begins and getting a part of another song. The 
songs for the little children must be very short, very simple and, for the comprehension of the 
little child in the home as well as school, must be presented in separate, complete little tone 
pictures and not run together in a babel of thoughts and melodies in different keys, rhythms, 
etc., so confusing the child. New records of note-songs are being made with spaces, so 



that each song may be played separately, or the entire record may be played continuously 
without lifting the needle. These individual songs may be played over and over as many 
times as required. 

This list contains numbers for the Home, general School use, Kindergarten, Primary, 
Intermediate and Grammar Grades, the High School and College, also a generous selection 
of instrumental numbers from the Record Catalogue, for use in all grades. A\ll these num- 
bers and many others selected for school work will be found classified as to grades in the new 
edition of **Graded List for Home and School.”’ An excellent grouping of records for illus- 
trating lessons in Reading, Literature, History, Geography, Art, Mythology, etc., is given in 
the new book ‘‘A New Correlation.” ‘The Victrola in Rural Schools’’ is a new booklet 
which gives suggestive lists of records, together with comprehensive notes descnbing records, 
artists and composers, and will be found of great value to the rural school- teacher. A com- 
plete list of folk dance records, with short descriptions of each, is given in the booklet, 
“The Victrola in Physical Education, Recreation and Play.” “Victor Records Suitable for 
the Teaching of English Literature’’ is another booklet which covers the subject indicated by 
the title. A very carefully selected list of more than 375 of the choicest records for Music 
History and Appreciation, each one analyzed and its story told, is given in the book 
“WHAT WE HEAR IN MUSIC.” Twelve Hundred Opera selections, hundreds of 
which are used in Educational work, will be found listed in Scenes and Acts under the 
titles of 110 different Operas in the “* VICTROLA BOOK OF THE OPERA.” “Pan 
and His Pipes and Other Stories’’ is a collection of ten stories told in a delightful manner. 


For gradation for school work see ‘‘Graded List for Home and School.” 

Where there are two or more selections on one record, these titles will be listed in 
alphabetical order and referred to the first selection on the record. 

Abide With Me (Monk) and Hanlsheae Hope (Hawthorne) Kline-Baker}17782)10, .75 

Airs Sung by Ophelia, The (“Hamlet’’) (Harp acc.) Kline 
and Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind tCiAs Vou Like It) \ Berita ere 
(with woodwind acc.) Raymond Dixon and Quartet 

Allegro—See ‘““‘Let Me Wander’ 
Allerseelen (All Souls’ Day) (Strauss) In German Reinald erent) 17179110! .75 
and Zur Ruh’, zur Ruh’! (To Rest!) (Wolf) In German Werrenrath 
America (Dr. § S. F. Smith—Henry Carey) Victor Mixed Chorus 
and Red, White and Blue, The (Timothy Dwight—David T. Shaw) 17578|10| .75 
(A (Arranged by the Music Section National Education Association) ‘ 
Victor Mixed Chorus 
nee ae Cla eave ons ackee er a T Ch 
ngels from the mealms o ory ontgomery-Smart rinity oir 
{ and OA, Little Town of Bethlehem (Brooks-Redner) Trinity Choir 35594/12/1.25 
Angel’ s Serenade (Braga) (Violin Obbligato) Baker and Ave Maria (Adapted 35466) 1211.25 
to “‘Intermezzo”’ from ““Cavalleria’’) (Weatherly-Mascagni) In English Dixon 
Annie Laurie (Scott) : Louise Homer|87206 10|2.00 
Annie Laurie—Elsie Baker and Ben Bolt (Kneass) Elsie Baker|16388}10| .75 
Anvil Chorus (“*Trovatore’’) (God of the Nations) /n English Victor 
{ Male Chorus and Spring Flowers (From “‘Samson and Delilah’’) (Saint- } 17624/10| .75 
Saens) In English Women’s Chorus 
Around the Christmas Tree (Old Swedish Folk Song) (Riley-Gaynor) 
(From “‘Lilts and Lyrics’’) (2) Little Christmas Shoes (Anice Terhune) 17869]10| .75 

(From “Dutch Ditties for Children’’) Elsie Baker 
and Merry Christmas (2) Sleighing Song (Riley-Gaynor) Olive Kline 
Auf Fliigeln des Gesanges (On Wings of Song) (Mendelssohn) Reimers 45065) 10/1.00 
and Wohin? (Whither?) (Schubert) (Pianoforte by Bourdon) Reimers 

Auld Lang Syne (Old Scotch Air) Julia Culp|64418/10}1.00 
Ave Maria (Scott-Schubert) (From ‘Lady of the Lake’’) 
Harp accompaniment) Lucy Marsh 55052112/1.50 
and Hail to the Chief (Scott-Sanderson) (From “ Lady of the : 
Lake’’) (with Bagpipe) Victor Male Quel 

Ave Maria pee to ‘* Intermezzo” from ‘‘Cavalleria’’) (Weatherly- ,||35466 12 
Mascagni) English Dixon and Angel’s Serenade (Braga) (Violin Obb.) Bake 

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep (2) How Many Miles to Babylon (3) Bobby 
Shafto (4) Baby Dear (Riley-Gaynor) (From “‘Lilts and Lyrics’’) 17937110) .75 


(with Violin, Flute and Pianoforte) Olive Kline 
and Little Shoemaker (2) Song of Iron (3) The Blacksmith—Elsie Baker 

Baby Dear—See ‘‘Baa, Baa, Black S eep” 

Back Shepherds, Back—See ‘ “Masque of Comus” 

Battle Cry of Freedom (Geo. F. Root) (Rev. Version) Raymond Devon) 17582\10| .75 
and Song of a Thousand Years (Henry C. Work) Raymond Dixon : 


{ Battle Cry of Freedom Edward Hamilton with Orpheus eee 18316|10| .75 
and Hail, Columbia Raymond Dixon with Orpheus Quartet . 

{ Battle Hymn of the Republic Reinald Nett 45121/10|1.00 
and Columbia, the Gem of | the Ocean Lambert Murphy and Orpheus Qt : 

oe Porridge Hot—See* “Mother Goose No. 2”’ 
Bells, The—See “Primary Songs and peceneat a Qi 

Ben Bolt (Kneass) Elsie Baker nnie Laurie—Elsie Baker|16388)10} .75 
(Becear. rom Jocelyn (Godard) (Cello obbli ie ie gare Fae Box 35581/1211.25 
Blow Trumpet for the World is White with May Orpheus Quartet : 
Bienheureuse Nuit, See “‘Christmas Eve” 
Blacksmith, The—See “Tittle Shoemaker” 
Blacksmith, The (Mozart) einald Werrenrath 
and Over the : Summer Sea & esos ”) (From “Schad Song 17569/10) .75 
ok’’—C. C. Birchard & Co.) Dixon 
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind (From *‘As You Like It’) (Shake- 
Lead ciated (with woodwind) Dixon and Male Qt 17717|10| .75 
Airs Sung by Se Apere The (‘‘Hamlet’’) pease cae rea Loa . 
a3 Standard Songs of Shakespeare’’) (Harp acc.) 
SEG Bubbles (2) Pit-a-Pat (3) The Sailor Elsie Bak er 
{ See- Saw (2) The Moe (3) Froggies’ Swimming School ene ace) =i 17596|10} .75 
Pym ‘Songs of Child World, No.1’’) (Riley-Gaynor) Elsie Baker 
Blow Trumpet for the World is White with May Teonyecn tae 
{ From “Coming of Arthur’) heus ue 35581/12)1.25 
and Berceuse fom Jocelyn C Cello obb.) Kline-Danlap-W 
Blue Bird (2) Mr. Duck and Mr. Turkey (3) Six Little Puppies tse 
ittle Birdie live Kline 17776\10| .75 
Tiddlely. Winks and Tiddlely-Wee (2) The Chicken (3) The Bunny : 
(4) Mr. Squirrel Olive Kline 
Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss) Frieda Hempel|88540]12/3.00 

Bobby Shafto—See * ‘Baa, Baa, Black, Sheep” 
Bobolink, The—See “ Woodpecker"’ 

Bohemian Cradle Song (From “‘ Hubicka’’) (Smetana) Alma Gluck|64213)10}1.00 
Bonnie Wee Thing (Robert Burns- Liza Lehmann) McCormack|64427| 10/1.00 
Bridal Chorus (“‘Rose Maiden’) (Cowen) Lyric Oust 35209] 1211.25 
and Miller’s Wooing (Faning) Lyric Quartet : 
Bridal Chorus—Lohengrin (Att IID Jn English Victor Opera verted 354941 1211.25 
and Spinning Chorus Flying Dutchman Victor Women’s Chorus ; 

Brooklet, The—See.: ‘Morning Song 

Bunny, The See, ‘Tiddlely- Winks and Tiddlely-Wee”’ 
y-lo—See ‘* Mother Goose, No. aie 

By the Rushy Fringed Bank—See ** Masque of Comus”’ 

eA ene Shores of Gitchie Gumee (2) Then the Little Hiawatha 
From ‘‘Hiawatha’s Childhood’) (Longfellow-Whiteley) (with Piano, 
vom and Flute) Kline-Wheeler-Dunlap 35617/12)1.25 
nd Ewa-Yeal (2) Wah-Wah-taysee (From ‘‘Hiawatha's 
Childhood’’) Elsie Baker 
ae of the — (Bohm Christine ve 45059/10 
org Oft in the Stilly Night Bt MaaresSieeereate) Christine M ery eit 
Canary oils Thrush Due and Song of a Spraser 45058/10/1.00 
Seat. Ee ben (Thou, All My Bliss) Arietta (Giordani) Werren 
{ an O cessate di piagarmi (Oh No Longer Seek to Pain Me) (2) Ecco \ 17718/10} .75 
poe a voi ritorno (Aye for You My Spirit Yearneth) Reinald Werrenrat 
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (Bland) Orpheus Quartet 
{ and Darling Nellie Gray (Hanb y) Peerless martes 18195/10) .75 
Cat-tails—See ‘‘ Household Hints” 

Chanson d’amour (LoveSong) (Grandmougin-Hollman) 
Frances Alda-Mischa Elman|88521)|12/3.00 
Chanson Hébraique (Maurice Ravel) Jn Hebrew 
Alma Gluck-Efrem Zimbalist|87276| 10/2.00 
Chicken, The—See “ Tiddlely- Winks and Tiddle-Wee” 
China—See ‘‘ Mear 
Ciena Day in the Morning (2) Good Night and Christmas Prayer 
M. B. Foster) (From Dann’s “Christmas Carols’’) Kline and Chorus} 1786810] .75 
ve Christmas Eve (M. B. Foster) (2) O Bienheureuse Nuit Elsie Baker 
Christmas Eve (M.B.F oster) (2) O Bienheureuse Nuit (Normandie 
arol) (From Dann's “‘Christmas Carols’ Isie Baker 17868/10| .75 
and Christmas Day inthe Morning (2) Good Night and Christmas Prayer ‘ 
line and Chorus 
Cielo Turchino (Nea een Song) (G.Capaldo-M. S. Ciociano) Caruso|87218)10/2.00 
{ Columbia, the Gem o Ocean Lambert Murphy and Orpheus Qt 45121/1011.00 
and Battle Hymn of the eon Reinald W. eater 2 
Come and Trip It as YouGo (From Milton's “‘L’ Allegro’ ) (Handel) 
{ Dixon and Lyric Quartet} 18123/10} .75 
and Haste Thee, Nymph (From Milton's “‘L’ Allegro’) Dixon and Lyric Qt 

VICTOR RECORDS | Number | | 



Come Away, Death te Twelfth Night *’) (Barrat) (2) Take, Oh Take 
{ Those Lips Away (* Measure for Measure’ ”) (Wilson) (Harp acc.) Dixon} 17662)\10| .75 
and O Mistress Mine (“‘ Twelfth Night’) (Morley) (Harp acc.) 
Come Into the Garden, Maud _(Tennyson-Balfe) John WeCbrienck 74434|12)1.50 
Come raggio di sol (As onthe Swelling Wave) (Caldara) /talian Werrenrath 
{ and Vittoria, mio core! (Victorious My Heart Is!) Cantata (Gian Giacomo \ 17703)10| .75 
Carissimi) In Italian Reinald Werrenrath 
Come Unto These Yellow Sands (‘‘The Tempest’) (Shakespeare- 
Purcell) (2) pee aes (Shakespeare-Vincent) (Baritone with 

Male Trio, Harp and ’Cello) Werrenrath-Dixon- Hooley >|17724/10] .75 

and When That I Wasa Little Tiny Boy (2) Hold Thy Peace (““ Twelfth 

‘Night’’) (Shakespeare) (Unacc.) Macdonough-Dixon-Werrenrath 
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming (Foster) McCormack with Male Cho|64423]10/ 1.00 
Comin’ Thro’ the Rye (Old Scotch Air) Alma Gluck|64422] 10] 1.00 
Contes d’ Hoffmann (Barcarolle) Deree of Love) (Offenbach) Gluck-Homer|87202|10/2.00 

Corn Soldiers—See * “Jack in the Pulpi 
fiCoronech (From “‘Lady of the Lake’ ) " (Schubert) Se per eae 17987110] .75 
and Soldier, Rest (From* ‘Lady of the Lake’’) Kline-Baker “ 
Country Dances—See * ‘Physical Education” 
Crooked Man—See ‘ ‘Humpty Dumpty” 
Crusaders’ Hymn—See *‘ War Song of Normans”’ 
Cuck-Coo Clock (2) Slumber Song (From “Seven Little Songs’’) 
{ (Pfirshing-Schaefer) and (/) The Secret (2) Old Chanticleer (3) Hun- \ 17513/10} .75 
gry Windmill (From “Dutch Ditties’’) (Anice Terhune) Elizabeth W heeler 
Daffodils—See ** Household Hints”’ 
Dancing in May—See “ Riggetty Jig”” 
Dancing Song—See “‘Riggetty Jig” 

Danny Deever (Rudyard Kipling-Walter Damroscb) Reinald Vercors 35476] 12|1.25 
and Onthe Roadto Mandalay (Rudyard Kipling-Oley Speaks) Fred. W heeler : 
Darling Nellie Gray (Hanby) Peerless Quartet 18195/10| .75 

and Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (Bland) Orpheus Quartet 
Deep River (William Arms Fisher) Frances Alda with Orpheus Qt/64687| 10} 1.00 
Deux Serenades (Two Serenades) (Leoncavallo) French Caruso-Elman|89085}]12/4.00 
Dew Drop, A (Sherman-Gilchrist) (2) Rain Song (Smith) 
(From Modern Primer, Silver, Burdett & Co. ) Elizabeth Wheeler 
and Mother Goose No. | (/) ‘ ‘Hey diddle diddle’’ (2) * rate Been 17004|10) .75 
(3) ‘* Twinkle, ernie (4) ‘“‘Little Jack Horner’ (5) “‘Ride a Cock 
Horse’ (Elliott) Elizabeth W heeler 
Diatonic Dictation—See “Primary Songs and Exercises, Part 1" 
Diddle Diddle Dumpling—See ‘‘ Mother Goose No. 2°’ | 
Die Lorelei (The ee (Franz Liszt) Jn German Christine a 55056112. 1.50 
and Du bist die Ruh’ (My Sweet Repose) (Schubert) German Florence Hinkle ; 
Dinorah—Shadow Song (Act Il) (Meyerbeer) Olive Kline 

and Lucia—Mad Scene (Act II1) (Donizetti) Olive King} 55047/12)1.50 


eee (Dan Emmett) Mabel Garrison|64637|10, 1.00 
Douce damejolie (2) L’espoir que j’ai_ Jn French Lambert Murphy 45083/10.1.00 

Ta se morta (Thou Art Dead) (From ‘“‘Orfeo’’) Italian Werrenrath 
{ Drinl to Me Only With Thine Eyes Reinald ibpbeade 451 fei 00 
and My Lovely Celia (Old English) Reinald Werrenrath 14 : 
Drunten im Unterland (Down in the Mey) (Weigle) 
a Gluck and Paul Reimers|87224|10/2.00 
Du ne die Ruh’ (My ance Repose) (Schubert): ‘German Florence Hinkle 55056] 12/1.50 
and Die Lorelei (The Loreley) (Franz Liszt) In German Christine Miller 
Duke of areas al 100 Folk Songs’’) Macdonough- Dixon-Werrenrath 17725/10| .75 
and War Song of Normans (2) Crusaders’ Hymn Victor Male Chorus 
Early to Bed (2) Three Blind Mice (3) Good Night (Old Rounds) 
Green-Dunlap-Baker 18277/10| .75 
ond Scotland’s Burning (2) Row, Row, Row Your Boat o2 
4 Lovely Evening (Old Rounds) G reen-Dunlap-Baker 
De purch’ a voi ritorno—See “‘O cessate di piagarmi’ 

Es steht ein’ Lind’ (The Lindenin the Dale) (Arr. by Berger) 

n German Gluck-Reimers|87228]10/2.00 
Estudiantina Waltz (P.Lacome) Lyric Quartet} 5869/10! .60 
Eugen Onegin—Air de Lienski (Tschaikowsky) Caruso|88582| 12!3.00 
Euridice—Non piango e non sospiro (Not Crying Am 1) (Giulio Caccini) 

eina errenrat 45069) 10! 1 
and [ntorno all’ idol mio (Aria)  (Caressing Mine Idol’s Pillow) (Marco .00 
Antonio Cesti) In Italian Lucy Marsh 
Ewa-Yea! (2) Wah-wah-taysee (From ‘‘ Hiawatha’s Childhood’’) 
(with Piano and Strings) Baker 35617/12)! 25 
and By the Shores of Gitchie Gumee (2) Then the Little Hiawatha ; 
(From “‘ Hiawatha’s Childhood” ) Kline-W heeler-Dunlap 
Saks in Interval Dictation—See ‘‘Primary Songs and Exercises— 
Feast of Lanterns—See “‘ Sing a Song of Sixpence”’ 
Fidelio—Prisoners’ Chorus (“‘Oh! What Delight’’) (Beethoven) 
{ Victor Male Chorus} 35576) 12/1.25 
and The Heavens Resound (Beethoven) Victor Oratorio Chorus 
Fire, The—See ‘* Pull a Cherry ”’ 
{ First Nowell, The (Old Christmas Carol) Lyric Quartet 7 
and Nazareth (Gouno Lyric Quartet 17647/10} .75 
Folk Dances—See ‘‘ Physical Education 4 
Froggies’ Swimming School—See ‘ ‘See-Saw’ 3 
From the Heavens Now I Fly—See ‘* Masque of Comus”’ 
Full Fathom Five—See- “ Where the Bee Sucks’ 
Funeste piaggie (‘‘Ye Dismal Hillsides’’) (‘‘Euridice’’) (Peri) 
(with Woodwind, Brass and, Harp) In Italian Werrenrath 1 
and Stizzoso, mio stizzoso (“Unruly Sir!’’) (‘‘La Serva padrona’’) 55051) 12/1.50 
(Pergolesi) Italian Marsh 
Gamblers’ Song Glacier Park Indians (Blackfeet Tribe) 
and Navajo Indian Songs (Tom-Tom accompaniment) Geoffrey O "Haray 17635)10) .75 
( Gently Fall the Dewsof Eve (Mercadante) (Unaccompanied) 
helen’ ‘Dunlap-Baker| 17211|10| .75 
and Lift Thine Eyes (From ‘ “Elijah’’) (Mendelssohn) W heeler-Dunlap-Baker 
Georgie Porgie—See * * Sing a Song of Sixpence” 
Giants, The—See ‘‘See-Saw 
Ginger Bread Man _ (2) i Doll (Riley-Gaynor) Pine} 
and Household Hints (2) Cat-tails (3) Daffodils Kline {|18015|10) .75 
Girl { Left Behind Me, The (Samuel Lover) Raymond Dixon 17597/10| .75 
and Rory O’More (Samuel Lover) Raymond Dixon 
Gloria (From “* Twelfth Mass’’) (Mozart) Lyric Quartet/31589/12/1.00 
{ Gloria Patri Jn Latin (Palestrina-Damrosch) Victor Mixed Chorus 17548\10! .75 
and Popule Meus In Latin (Palestrina-Damrosch) Victor Mixed Chorus Ee 
Glory to God—See ‘‘Messiah” 
{ Go Down Moses ee Institute Singers 1768810) .75 
and - Want to be Like Jesus Tuskegee Institute Singers 
Good News and Live A-Humble— Tuskegee Institute Singers|\17663|10| .75 

Good N ght—See ‘ ‘Early to Bed’ 
Good Night and Christmas Prayer—See ‘ ae Day in the Morning” 
Go to Sleep, Dolly—Sée ‘* Mother Goose 

Go to Sleep, My Dusky Baby (Dvo¥dk’s* Se iastet tea —arr. by F. R. 
Rix) (A. S. Barnes Co., Publishers) Kline-Baker- r-Duniap} 1791810) .75 
and Rockin’ Time (Gertrude L. Knox) Kline-Baker-Dunl lap 

Granddaddy Longlegs (2) Touching (3) Katydid (Miessner) (Piano 
acc.) (From ‘‘Art Song Cycles, Book No. 1” Elsie Baker 17625110! .75 
and Violets (2) Sweet-Pea Ladies (3) Poppies (Riley-Gaynor) (with : 
Piano, Violin and Flate) (From ‘ “Songs of Child World’’) Olive Kline 

Grass Dance—See ‘ ‘White Dog Song 
Green Sleeves—See *“‘Come Unto These Yellow Sands” 
Greeting—See ‘‘Spring Song”’ (Chopin) | 


“nein =» VICTORSRECORDSE Se ee eee inner 

Guide Thou My Steps (From “‘Les Deux Journeés’’) (Der 

Wassertrager—The Water-Carrier) (Cherubini) Wonca: 55075/12/1.50 
ind eguiere ae inc ae! (Requiem Aeternam) Latin Victor peers Cho 
ypsy Life chumann Lyric Quartet 1. 
{ ind oe satis Italia, Beloved (Donizetti) oe one oi aE 
psy lral eina errenrat 
ah Fuzzy Wuzzy Reinald W. aheeeyy! 45109/10)1.00 
Hail, Columbia oe Hopkinson—Prof. Phile) Victor Mixed Chorus . 
{ and Star Spangled Banner, The (Francis Scott Key) (Arranged by the 17579|10) .75 
Mase Section National Education A ssociation) Victor Mixed Chorus 
Hail, Columbia Raymond Dixon with Orpheus ae 18316/10| .75 
and The Battle Cry of Freedom Edward Hamilton with Orpheus Quarte ; 
Hail 1 i ae Chief (Scott-Sanderson) (‘Lady of the pero *) MaSG 
se agpipe ictor Male rtet 12 
Ave Maria (Scott-Schubert) (From “‘Lady of the Lake’’) Tact oom bo 
Hae accompaniment) Lucy Marsh 

Hallelujah Chorus—See ‘ ‘Messiah”’ 
Hand Organ—See ‘‘Primary Songs and Exercises—Part 2 
Hark, Hark! the Lark (Shakespeare- Schubert) In Enaloh Evan Williams|/64218/10/1.00 
Haste Thee, Nymph (From Milton’s ““L’Allegro’’) (Handel) 
{ Raymond Dixon-Lyric Quartet} 18123)10] .75 
and Come and Trip Itas You Go (From Milton’s wT Allegro’ *) Dixon-Lyric Qt 
Hear the Music of the Drum—See ‘‘Primary Songs and Exercises—Part 1”’ 

ewes Song (2) Inchin’ Along Tuskegee Institute Singers 
and The Old Time Religion Tuskegee Institute eee oad AY 01) 
Heavens Resound (Beethoven) ictor Oratorio Chorus 
and Fidelio—Prisoners’ Chorus (“‘Oh! What Delight’’) (Beethoven) \ 35576) 12|1.25 
Victor Male Chorus 

Hey diddle diddle—See *‘Mother Goose No. 1” 
Hide Me From Day’s Garish Eye—See ‘‘Let Me Wander’”’ 
Hold Thy Peace—See *“‘When That 1 Was a Little Tiny Boy” 

{ Holy City—Eye Hath Not Seen (Alfred R. Gaul) Elsie Bae 35455)1211.25 
and Holy City—My Soul is Athirst fons ee ae red R. Gaul) Reed Miller : 

J tlouschele Hints (2) Cat-tails oa affodils ie 18015110! .75 
and Gingerbread Man (2) Jap D Kline x 

{ How Lovely are the Messengers (Mendelssohn) Lyric Saree 17208/10| .75 
and Merry Life, A  (‘“Funiculi, Funicula’’) (Denza) Lyric Quartet r 

How Many Miles to Babylon—See “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep”’ 

Humpty Dumpty (2) To Market (3) CrookedMan (4) Tommy 
Tucker (5) Mother Hubbard Wheeler 18076|10| .75 
and Sing a Song of eee (2) I Love Little Pussy (3) Georgie Porgie : 
(4) Pussy Cat (5) F. east of Lanterns W heele+ 
Hungry Windmill—See ‘‘The Secret”’ 
Hymn of Charlemagne (Veni Creator Spiritus) (2) Lament for 
Charlemagne In Latin Werrenrath 55072) 12/1.50 
and Hymn to John the Baptist In Latin (2) Major, Chromatic and c 
Minor Scales (Announced) Kline 
a Ff Apollo (Composed 278 B. C.) ae acc. ) Elsie Baker 
Sumer is IcumenIn (Round) (A. D.1226) Victor Mixed \ 35279) 12/1.25 
ast (2) Oh Willow, Willow (Harp acc.) Olive Kline 
Hymn to John the Baptist (Announced) In Latin (2) Major, Chromatic 
and es Scales (Announced) Kline ?}55072) 12|1.50 
Hymn of Charlemagne (2) Lament for Charlemagne Latin Werrenrath 
I eee from Love's Sickness to Fly (From ““The Indian Queen’”’) 
(Howard-Purcell) Werrenrath (|45092/10/1.00 
and My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair Marsh 
Ich liebe dich (I Love Thee) (Herrosse-Beethoven) Margarete Ober|64446)10/1.00 
I Due Granatieri (Two Grenadiers) (Robert Schumann) Titta Ruffo|88527| 12|3.00 

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth ‘‘Messiah’’ (Handel) Lucy Marsh 55053) 1211.50 
and OA, for the Wings of a Dove (** Hear My Prayer’’) (Mendelssohn) Marsh 
Il bianco cigno (D'’Arcadelt) (mith Lute and Harp) In Italian Dixon 
\ and Mon coeur se recommande a vous (Orlando de Lassus, 1520-1594) \ 17793)10| .75 
(with Harp and Lute) In French Raymond Dixon 
I Love Little Pussy—See * ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence” 
Inchin’ Along—See ‘‘ Heaven Song”’ 
Indian Songs—See “Gambler's Song,”’ “‘ Medicine Song”’ and “ Navajo 
Indian Songs” 
I Need Thee Every Hour (Annie S. Hawks- Robert Lowry) Gluck-Homer/87203)10/2.00 
Instrumental Selections—See ‘ nstrumental ”’ 
In the Belfry—See “Jack in the Pulpit” 
Intorno all’ idol mio (Caressing Mine Idol's Pillow) (Cesti) Jn Jtalian 
Marsh } 45069) 10/1.00 
and Furidice-—‘‘ Non piango e non sospiro”—Reinald Werrenrath 
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Christmas Hymn) (Willis) Oratorio Cho 
and While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night (Christmas Hymn) \ 35412|12/1.25 
Victor Oratorio Chorus 



{ It Was a Lover and His Lass (‘‘As You LikeIt"’) (Morley) (Unacc.) 


Raymond Dixon-Harry Macdonough 
and Who fe eave 2? (Schubert) (Harp acc.) Werrenrath 
Ivy-Green, The (Dickens-Beethoven) (From Siefert’s ‘““Choice Songs,” \ 

17634)|10) .75 Ed 

Book 2 pee Pianoforte) Reinald Werrenrath ?|45067) 10) 1.00 
and hen the Swallows Homeward Fly (Franz Abt) _Lucy Isabelle Marsh 
| Want Cy s Heaven to be Mine—See ‘‘Roll, Jordan, Roll” 
{ 1 Want to be Like Jesus quences Institute Singers | 17688 10) .75 
(and Go Down Moses Tuskegee Institute Singers : 
Jack in he Supt (2) In the Belfry (3) Corn Soldiers (4) Naming the 
Trees The Squirrel (6) The Windmill (** New Song Book”"’) 
Aree ces Kline 17719|10| .75 
and Riggetty Jig (2) The Singing School (3) Dancing Song (4) . 
Dancing in May (5) Mother Goose Lullaby (‘‘ New Song Book ’’) 
(Fuller ton-Gray) Olive Kline 
Jack-o’- -Lantern—See ‘ ‘Land of Nod” 
J'ai encor untel ‘pate—See * ‘Robins m aime”’ 

Jap Dol ace "Gingerbread Man” 


Jock o’ Hazeldean—Poem by Sir Walter Scott John Young 
and Scots, Wha’ Hae’ Wi’ Wallace Bled! (Scotch War Song) \ 

( Reinald Werrenrath 
Joseph Mine (Bertihmtes Weihnachtslied) (Calvisius) Jn English 

16961/10) .75 

Victor Mixed Chorus 

and Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming (2) To Us Is BornImmanuel English 
Lyric Quartet 
Just Before the Battle, Mother (Root) Young and Tramp, Tramp, Tramp— Y oung|16987}10) .75 
atydid—See ‘ ‘Granddaddy Longlegs”’ 
Lament for C BRED Snes “Hymn of Charlemagne” 

17870|10| .75 

sped of Nod (2) Tracksinthe Snow (3) Jack-o’-Lantern Kline 
d The Leaves’ Party (2) Thanksgiving Song Bake} 18074/10| .75 
an (Handel) Louise Homer 88584! 12|3.00 
Last Rose of Summer, The (Moore) Lucy Marsh|60126!/10| .75 
{ Leaves’ Party, A (2) Thanksgiving Song (From “ Songs of Child 
World No. 1°) Baker} 18074|10| .75 
and Land of Nod (2) Tracks in the Snow (3) Jack-o’-Lantern Kline 

Lenox—See “Mear”’ 
L’espoir que j'ai—See ‘* Douce dame joli 

{ Let Me Wander Not Unseen (“‘L’ Allegro” ) (Milton- Handel) (2) Hide 

Me from Day's Garish Eye (‘‘Il Pensieroso’’) (Milton-Handel) Green 35623/12/1.25 
and Masque of Comus (Milton-Lawes) Dixon and Lyric QU | 
{ Lift Thine Eyes (‘‘Elijah"’) (Mendelssohn) Wheeler-Dunlap-Baker 

and Gently Fall the Dews of Eve (Mercadante) W heeler-Dunlap-Baker avai 110) .75 




Linden Tree ( Schubert)—See * *Postilion” 

’ Little Birdie—See * “Blue Bird”’ 

Little Bo-Peep—See ‘* Mother Goose No. 1”” 

Little Brown Church in the Vale _ (Pitts) Victor Male Qt 1798210] .75 
and When They Ring the Golden Bells for You and Me Imperial Qt : 

Little Christmas Shoes—See ° ‘Around the Christmas Tree”’ 

Little Jack Horner—See ‘* Mother Goose No. 

Little Shoemaker (2) Song of Iron (3) The Blacksmith (Riley- 
Gaynor) (From “Songsof Child World, No. 1°") (with Mere Baker 17937/10| .75 
and Baa baa Black Sheep (2) How Many Miles to Babylon (3) Bobby : 
Shafto (4) Baby Dear (Riley-Gaynor) Olive | Kline 

Live a-Humble (Old Negro Spiritual) (Unacc.) Tuskegee Institute Singers 17663/10| .75 

and Good News (Old Negro Spiritual) (Unacc.) Tuskegee Institute Singers . 


eck Lomond (Old Scotch) Evan Williams|64210) 10} 1.00 
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming (2) To Us Is Born Immanuel 
recaes) In English Lyric or} 17870)10| .75 
Joseph Mine (Bertihmtes Weihnachtslied) English | Victor Mixed Cho 
fone Long Ago (T. Haynes Bayly) Alma Gluck-Louise Homer|87267]|10/2.00 

Loreley (Silcher) Elsie Baker and Loeee (Brahms) Elsie Baker|17181)\10} .75 

Lost Chord (Proctor-Sullivan) Werrenrath ‘and The Palms (Faure) Werrenrath|45089) 10!1.00 

Lovely Evening—See “‘Scotland’s Burning’ 

Lucia—Mad Scene (Acct III) (Flute abbligats by Clement Barone) Olive Pine! 55047/1211.50 
and Dinorah—Shadow Song (ActII) (Meyerbeer) Olive Kline . 

Lullaby (Brahms) Elsie Baker and Loreley (Silcher) Elsie Baker|17181|10} .75 

Lullaby (Lithuanian Folk Song)—See ‘‘Postilion”’ 

Lullaby from Erminie (Jacobowski) (with Chorus) Mabel Garrison|74481)|12|1.50 

Lullaby (‘ ‘Jocelyn’ *) See ““Berceuse”’ 

Lullaby—See “* Primary Songs and Exercises, Part I 

Major, Chromatic and Minor Scales—See * ‘Hymn to John the Baptist” 
arches—See “* Physical Education’’ 

Marching Through Georgia (Henry C. Work) Whitehill}64602| 10|1.00 
Marguerites—See “* Poppy Lady’ 
Marseillaise, La (Rouget de LI Isle) Frances Alda|64693)10/1.00 
{ Marseillaise, The (/n English) Edward eminem 18338/10| .75 
Mo Star fll Banner Elizabeth Spencer s 
Masque of Comus (1) “‘From the Heavens Now I Fly’’ (2) Chorus— 
pebras Fair’ (Milton-Lawes) (Acc. by Harp, Strings and Wood- 35549] 1211.25 
Dixon and Mixed Qt and Masque of Comus (/) “‘Sweet Echo’’ : 
(2). oe the Rushy-Fringed Bank—Kline (3) Back, Shepherds, Back—Dixon 
Masque of Gams (1) Noble Lord and Lady Bright (2) Now My Task 
Is Bote ly Done (Milton-Lawes) ixon and Lyric Qt 35623) 12 
and (/) Let Me Wander Not Unseen G ‘L’Allegro”) (Milton-Handel) 1.25 
(2) Hide Me from Day's Garish Eye (‘‘Il Pensieroso’’) yin dane Green 
Mavis (L.A. Pelgoe old Craxton) John McCormack|64407]| 10] 1.00 
Mear (Barnard) (2) Lenox (Lewis Edson) (3) Windham, (Daniel 
{ Read) (4) China (Swan) Lyric Qt and Psalm 107 (Tune ‘‘Dundee’’) \ 17646/10} .75 
(2) Fac 100 (Tune ‘‘ Old Hundred’) Lyric Quartet 
{ Medicine Song Glacier Park Indians (Blackfeet Hee 17611/10) .7 
and Wh os Dee Song (2) Grass Dance—Glacier Park Indians (Blackfeet Tribe) 5 
Melody in F (Vocal version, pions of the Woods’’) Frieda Hemi 87250) 10/2.00 
Merci clamant (de Coucy) (2) Pour mal tems, ni pour gelée (Thibaut 
of Navarre) (Troubadour Songs) French (with Lute) Raymond Dixon 17760\10| .75 
and Robins m’aime (2) J’aiencor.un tel pate (Rondelsd’Adam dela Hale) : 
(Troubadour Songs) In French (with Lute) Raymond Dixon 
f Ries Christmas (2) Sleighing Song (Riley-Gaynor) Olive Kline 
\ and Around the Christmas Tree (Old Swedish Folk Song) (Riley-Gaynor) } 17869) 10) .75 
(2) Little C Cees Shoes (Anice Terhune) Elsie Baker. 
{ Mere Life, A  (‘Funiculi, Funicula’”’) (Denza) Lyric erisirer 17208/10] .75 
and How ‘Lovely are the Messengers (Mendelssohn) Lyric Quartet 
Messiah—And the Glory of the Lord (Handel) Victor Mixed Chorus 
and Messiah—Pastoral Symphony (Handel) Victor Concert Orch \ 35499/12]1.25 
(2) Messiah—Glory toGod (Handel) Victor Mixed Chorus 
Messiah—Hallelujah Chorus (Handel) Victor Chorus and Sousa’s Band/31770)|12/1.00 
Mighty Lak’ aRose (Stanton-Nevin) Frances Alda|64308|10]1.00 
Mignon—Connais-tu le pays? (Knowest Thou the Land) (Act I) 
(Ambroise Thomas) Geraldine Farrar-Fritz Kreisler|/88538| 12/3.00 
{ Miller’s Wooing (Choral Ballad) (Goddard-Faning) Lyric Quartet 35209] 1211.25 
and Bridal Chorus (From “‘ The Rose Maiden’’) (Cowen) Lyric Quartet 4 
Mollie Darling (Will S. Hays) Evan Williams|74480| 12) 1.50 
Mon coeur se recommande a vous (Orlando de Lassus) (with Harp and 
{ Lute) In French Raymond Dixon} 17793)10| .75 
and [1 bianco cig (D iceae) (with Lute and Harp) Italian Dixon 
Grieg) (2) The Rose (Franz) (3) The Brooklet 

Morning Song 
{ (Schubert) Olive Kline and ee Song (Chopin) (2) Spring's Mes- \ 17532/10| .75 
senger (Schumann) (3) Greeting (Mendelssohn) Kline 



Mother Goose Lullaby—See “‘ Riggetty Jig 
Mother Goose No, 1 (Elliott) (i mye Diddle Diddle” (2) “‘Little 
Bo- Peep: (3) — Twinkle, aes "" (4) ** Little Jack Horner” (5) 17004/10| .75 
Ride a Cock Horse”’ and (/) Dew Drop (Gilchrist) (2) Rain Song : 
(Smith) W heeler 
Mother Goose No. 2 (Piano acc.) (1) By-Lo (2) Diddle, eee Dump- 
ling (3) Wee Willie Winkie (4) Bean Porridge Hot (5) Goto Sleep, 35225/12/1.25 
Dolly (1 and 5, Harmonic Primer) (2, 3, 4, Crowninshield) Wheeler : 
and Vowel Songs (Lawrence) Elizabeth W heeler 
Mother Hubbard—See ‘“‘Humpty Dumpty” 
Mr. Duck and Mr. Turkey—See “Blue Bird” 
Mr. Squirrel—See * eee ae and Tiddlely-Wee” 

My Ain Folk (Mills-Lemon) Evan Williams|74409}12|1.50 
My Bonnie Lass She Soy (Old English) (Nevin) Lyric Quartet 18146/10| .75 
\ and Sweet is True Love (From “‘Idyls of the King’’—“‘Lancelot and Elaine’) Baker . 
My Heart Ever Faithful (Mein glaubiges Herze) (Bach) Homer]88575| 12/3.00 
{ My Lovely Celia (Old English) Reinald Warrenrah| 45114|10/1.00 
\ and Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes Reinald Warrenrath 
{ My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair (Haydn) Marsh \ 450921 10/1.00 
\._ and I Attempt from Love’s Sickness to Fly (Purcell) Werrenrath 
My Old Kentucky Home—Macdonough and Old Folks at Home—Baker|16389)10| .75 
My Pretty Jane—The Bloom is on the Rye (Bishop) Evan Williams|74254|]2/}1.50 
My Wild Irish Rose (Chauncey Olcott) John McCormack|64426| 10/ 1.00 
Naming the Trees—See “* Jack in the Pulpit” 
Nancy Lee (Weatherly-Adams) Whitehill|64613) 10) 1.00 
{ Navajo Indian Songs (Tom-Tom accompaniment) Geoffrey O'Hara 17635/10| .75 
and Gamblers’ Son Glacier Park Indians (Blackfeet Tribe) 
Nazareth (Gounod) Lyric Quartet | 17647|10| .75 
and First Nowell, The (Old Christmas Carol) Lyric Quartet J 

Neapolitan Favorites—See ‘Songs of the Past, No. 13°’ 
Nightingale—See “‘ Pull a Cherry 
{ Nobody Knows the Trouble | ee and Roll, Jordan, Roll (2) I Want God’s \ 

Heaven to be Mi ine (Negro Spirituals) — Tuskegee Institute Singers{|18237]10} .75 
Noble Lord—See ‘*‘Masque of Comus”’ 
Norma—Hear Me, Norma (Bellini) Gluck-Homer|88576|12}3.00 

Now My Task—See ‘ ‘Masque of Comus” 

O Gres di pia armi (Oh no Longer Seek to Pain Me) Arietta (Scarlatti) 
Ecco purch’a voiritorno (Aye for You My Spirit Yearneth) (‘* Or- 17718|10| .75 
a. ec neverd) Werrenrath . 
and Caro mio ben(Thou, All My Bliss) (Giordani) Reinald Werrenrath 
Que = ape Stilly Night (Moore-Stevenson) Christine Miller) 45059] 1011.00 
Calm as the Night (Carl Bohm) Christine Miller § 4 
or the Wings of a Dove (‘*‘ Hear My Prayer’’) (Mendelssohn) Marsh\ 55053) 1211.50 
ie I Know That My Peer tate Mestak (Handel) Lucy Isabelle Marsh/{ : 
pce. Italia, Beloved . (Donizetti) Victor Chorus 35254112/1.25 
and Gypsy Life (Schumann) Lyric Quartet z 
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem (Tune “‘St. Louis’ z) (Brooks- Redner) 
{ and Angels from the Realms of Glory (Tune “ Regent Square’’) \ 35594/12/1.25 
(Montgomery-Smart) Trinity Choir 
Oh Restin the Lord (From “ Elijah’’) (Mendelssohn) Julia Culp| 74427] 12/}1.50 

Oh Sleep! Why Dost Thou Leave Me? (From ‘‘Semele’’) (Handel) Gluck|/74423}12/1.50 
Oh, Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast (Burns- Mendelssohn) Wheeler-Dunlap| 5864/10} .60 

Oh Willow, Willow—See “‘ Sumer is Icumen In’ 

Old Black Joe (Stephen C. Foster) Alma Gluck with Male Chorus|74442]12}1.50 
Old Black Joe (Stephen C. Foster) Christine Miller|45056]10/1.00 
Old Chanticleer—See ‘* The Secret” 
Old Folks at Home—Baker and My Old Kentucky Home—Macdonough|16389|10| .75 
{ Old Time Religion, The Tuskegee Institute Singers | 18075/10| .75 
and Heaven Song (2) Inchin’ Along Tuskegee Institute Singers , 

Nera Ade pel iecth, A Plarratle.(2): TakebOR ake These Lins Aweu \ 17662]10| .75 
ilson) (Harp acc.) Raymond Dixon 
One Sweetly Solemn Thought (Phoebe Carey-R. S. Ambrose) Clacketlionié 87212) 10/2.00 
On the Road to Mandalay (Rudyard Kipling-Oley Speaks) Fred. Wheeler 35476|12/1.25 
and Danny Deever (Rudyard Kipling-W alter Damrosch) Reinald Werrenrath : 
Over Hill, Over Dale (From ‘‘Midsummer Night's Dream’’) 
{ (Mendelssohn) Elizabeth Wheeler-Marguerite Dunlap-Elsie Baker} 17209|10| .75 
and Summer Now Hath Come Among Us (Pinsuti) Wheeler and Dunlap 
Overthe Summer Sea (From ‘ ‘Rigoletto’ *) (Verdi) er paane eine 
{ and The eckynith (Mozart) (From “‘ School Song Book’’—C. C. i 1756910) .75 
penete eG Reinald es, 
reperd Le.) “The Woodpecker 
Parting. i—Vesti la ope (On eh the Play) . (Leoncavallo) Martinelli/64484/10|1.00 
{ Palms, The (Faure Reinald Werrenrath }|45089 10/1.00 
and Lost Chord Pky chan-Saltlocr) Reinald Werrenrath 

nee Mine (‘‘ Twelfth Night’ 8) (Morley) (Harp acc.) 

__ VICTOR RECORDS _ _| Number | 3) 
Passing By (Edward Purcell— 1689-1740) Julia Culp|64550|10/1.00 

Pensieroso, II—See *“‘Hide Me from Day’s Garish Eye 
Phyllis und die Mutter Jn German and To Mary S clley.W hite) Reimers|45062| 10} 1.00 

Pipes of Pan, The (Adrian Ross-Edward Elgar) Emilio de Gogorza|74438}12/1.50 
Pique Dame—Es dammert (The Queen of Spades—It is Evening) 
(Act 1, Scene II) (Tschaikowsky) Emmy Destinn-Maria Duchéne|88520|12|3.00 

Pit-a-Pat—S See ‘ Blowing Bubbles”’ 
Poppies—See “‘ Violets”’ 

EORPy. Lady (2) The Tulips (3) Neenertns (From “ Lilts and Lyrics” 
ori of Child World No. 1°’) (Riley-Gaynor) Olive Kline 17686|10| 75 
and | he Woodpecker (2) Robin Red Breast (3) The Owl (4) The 
Bobolink (From “‘Songs of Child World Nos. I and 2’’) (Riley-Gaynor) Baker 
{ Popule Meus In Latin (Palestrina-Damrosch) Victor Mixed Chorus | 1754810! .75 
and Gloria Patri In Latin (Palestrina-Damrosch) Victor Mixed Chorus { : 
Postilion Gleuber) (2) Lullaby (Lithuanian Folk-Song) (3) The 
poses. ypsy (4) Linden Tree (Schubert) Elizabeth ae 18330110] .75 
and Pull a Ses (2) The Nightingale (3) The Fire (4) See-Saw, . 
para Elizabeth W. Se 
pone mal ten Seee “Merci Clamant”’ 
Primary, Songs and Exercises for Teaching—Part | Elizabeth Weeciss 
1. ** What Does Little Birdie Say"’ _2. “‘Rock-a-bye Baby” 
** Hear the Music of the Drum” 4. Return to high “ do’ return 
to low “‘do 5. Diatonic Dictation 6. Lullaby (No. of rom 
““Congdon’s Music Primer No. 1"’) 35595) 12|1.25 

Primary Songs and Exercises for Teaching—Part 2 Elizabeth 46 heeler 
Soldiers 2. Tick-tock 3. The een Organ 4. The Bells 
Exercise in Interval Dictation (Nos. 1, 2, 3 from pe eel ee s 
Music Primer No. 1” 
Prince Igor—Coro di donne (Jn TJtalian) (Borodin) 
Metropolitan Opera Chorus} 45133)10/1.00 
and Prince Igor—Coro edanza (Borodin) Metropolitan Opera C orus} 
Psalm 100—See ‘‘ Psalm 107” 
Psalm 107. (Tune ‘*Dundee’’) (2) Psalm 100 (Tune ‘‘Old Honea :) 
Lyric Quartet 1 17646|10} .75 
and Mear (2) Lenox (3) Windham (4) Chin Lyric Quartet 
ue a Cherry (2) Nightingale (3) The ee (4) See-Saw, rey 
Elizabeth Wheeler 18330110! .75 
ney Postilion (2) Lullaby (3) The Spanish Gypsy (4) Linden Tree 
Elizabeth Wheeler 
Pussy Cat—See * ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence” 
Rain Song—See * ‘A Dew Drop”’ 
Readings—See “‘ Readings and Stories "’ 

Red, White and Blue, The (Dwight-Shaw) Victor Mixed Chorus 
{ and America (Dr. S. F. Smith—Henry Carey) (Arranged by the Music \ 17578|10| .75 
‘Section National Education Association ictor Mixed Chorus 
{ Requiem Mass in C Minor (Cherubini) Victor Oratorio Seo 55075/12/1.50 
and Guide Thou My Steps (Cherubini) Reinald Werrenrath 3 
Return of Spring (Robert Schumann) Evan Williams|/64217|10| 1.00 
Return to hig o 5 *—return to low ‘“‘do’’—See “‘Primary Songs an 

Exercises, Part | 
Rhythms—See ‘ “Physical Education” 
Ride a Cock Horse—See “* Mother Goose No. 1”" 



Riggetty Jig (2) TheSinging School (3) Dancing Song (4) Dancing 
in May (5) Mother Goose Lullaby (‘New Song _ Boo 
(Fullerton-Gray) Olive Kline 
and Jack in the Pulpit (2) In the Belfry (3) Corn Soldiers (4) 
Naming the Trees (5) The Squirrel (6) The Windmill (New 
Song Book) (Fullerton-Gray) Olive Kline 
Robin Red Breast—See * “The Woodpecker” 

(Troubador Songs) In French (with Lute) Raymond Dixon 




Robins m’aime (2) J'ai encor un tel Pee (Rondel d’Adam de la Hale) 
and Merci clamant (de Coucy) (2) Pour mal tems, ni pour gelée 1776010) .75 
(Thibaut of Navarre) In French (with Lute) Raymond Dixon 
Rock-a-bye Baby—See ‘“‘Primary Songs and Exercises, Part | ”’ 
Rockin’ Time (Gertrude L. Knox) Kline-Baker-Dunlap | 17918/10| .75 
and Go to Sleep, My Dusky Baby (Dvordk) Kline-Baker-Dunlap § ; 
Roll, Jordan, Roll (2) I Want God's Heaven to be Mine \ 18237110! .75 
and Nobody Knows the Trouble I See (Negro Spirituals) Tuskegee Singers ; 
! Rory O’More Raymond Dixon 10| .75 
\ and Girl I Left Behind Me_ (Lover) Raymond Dixon{|17597 . 
- Rose, The—See ‘‘Morning Song” 
Row, Row, Row Your Boat—See ‘ ‘Scotland’ s Burning”’ 
Sabrina Fair—See ‘ ‘Masque of Comus”’ 
Sailor, The—See “‘Blowing Bubbles”’ 
Sally in Our Alley (Henry Carey) de Gogorza|64501) |0/1.00 
Samson et Dalila—Printemps quicommence (Delilah’s Song) Julia Culp|74430)12/1.50 
Sandman, The (with Piano) (Pfirshing Grant-Schaefer) Evan Williams|/64220)|10|1.00 
Santa Lucia (Neapolitan Folk Song) Enrico Caruso|88560| 12/3.00 
Santa Lucia (Neapolitan Folk Song) de Gogorza| 64663) 10} 1.00 
Scotland’s Burning (2) Row, Row, Row Your Boat (3) Lovely 
Evening (Old Rounds) Green-Dunlap-Baker ||; 3977 10! .75 
and Early to Bed (2) Three Blind Mice (3) Good Night (Old Rounds) s 
Scots Wha’ Hae’ wi’ Wallace Bled (Scotch War Song) 
{ Reinald Werrenrath} 16961|10| .75 
and Jock o’ Hazeldean John Young 
See Saw, Margery Daw—See “‘ Pull a Cherry"’ 
{ See-Saw (2) The Giants (3) Froggies’ Swimming School Elsie Baker 17596 
| and Blowing Bubbles (2) Pit-a-Pat (3) The Sailor (Piano acc.) Elsie Baker 10) .75 
Secret, The (2) Old Chanticleer (3) The Hungry Windmill (From 
{ ‘Dutch Ditties ") (Anice Terhune) Elizabeth Wheeler | 17513/10! .75 
and Cuck-Coo Clock (2) Slumber Song (Pfirshing-Schaefer) W heeler\ : 
Serenade (St&indchen) (Schubert) Julia Culp|74431)12!1.50 
eS Last pores of Christ— Part I Victor Oratorio Chorus 
{ and Seven Last Words of Christ—Part II Victor Oratorio Chass 18173}10| .75 
Sigh No More, Ladies (‘‘Much Ado About Nothing’’) (with Harp) Dixon 
{ and Where the Bee Sucks (2) Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies \ 17702/10| .75 
sig a Song of Sixpence (2) I Love Little Pussy (3) Georgie Porgie 
) Pussy Cat (5) Feast of Lanterns Elizabeth Wheeler 18076110! .75 
ag pany Dumpty (2) To Market (3) Crooked Man (4) Tommy . 
Tuck er (5) Mother Hubbard Elizabeth Wheeler 
Singing Games—See * ‘Physical Education’’ | 
Singing School—See * ‘Riggetty Jig” 
Six Little Puppies—See “‘Blue Bir 
Sleep, Little Baby of Mine (Dennée) and Siumber Sea (Chisholm) Bake1|17212\10| .75 
{ Sleep, Noble Hearts Lyric Quartet | 
and Blue and the Gray, The Harry E. Humphrey J 17310)10) .75 
Sleighing Song—See ‘ Merry Christmas” 
Slumber Sea (Chisholm) Baker and Sleep, Little Baby of Mine—Baker\17212|10| .75 
Slumber Song—See ‘‘Cuck-Coo Clock” 
Soldier, Rest (From Sir Walter Scott's “‘Lady of the Lake’ jet seen 
and Coronach (From “‘ Lady of the Lake’’) 17987)10| .75 
Kline-W heeler-Dunlap 
Soldiers—See ‘ Puna Songs and Exercises, Part 2” 
Solvejg’s Song (Edvard Grieg) Galli-Curci| 74522) 12/1.50 
Song of a Nightingale (The aoe song of a captive bird) 64161) 10/1.00 
Song of a Nightingale, No. 2 Song of a Thrush (German, Drossel) 45057/10/1.00 
{ Song of a Sprosser (Also Aunty Field Nightingale ”’) \l4sos8 10/1.00 
\ _ and Canary and Thrush Duet ‘ : 
f Rane of a Thousand Years (Henry C. Work) Raymond Dixon 17582!10!) .75 
| and Battle Cry of Freedom (Geo. &. Root) (Revised Version) Dixons : 
Song of a Thrush (Jn German) (Drossel) 
and Song of a Nightingale, No. 2,45057|10/1.00 
Song of Iron—See “ Little Shoemaker” ) 
Song of the Shepherd Lehl (‘‘Snegourotchka"’) (Rimsky-Korsakow) 




ear of the Vikings (F aning) Victor Male Quartet 
and Sweet the Angelus is Ringing (‘King Rene’s ees ’) \ 55055/12/1.50 
(Enoch-Smart) (with Chorus-Cymbal) Lucy Marsh-Elsie Baker 

e of Our Native Birds—No. 1—Catbird; stormy petrel; cardinal 
redbird; Jenny or house wren; loon; red wing blackbird; bo olink ; 
California mountain quail, and general conversation of the birds of the 
mars Charles Kellogg \ 
and Songs of Our Native Birds—No. 2—Ring-dove; goldfinch (wild 
canary); wood pewee ; blue jay ; whip-poor-will ; mourning dove ; meadow 
lark; peabody bird (white-throated sparrow) ; catbird; wood or barn owl; 


hoot owl Charles Kellogg 
Songs and Calls of Our Native Birds—No. 3—American Robin (2) Kill- 
et (3) awk Jay (4) Bluebird (5) W/sed-thrush (6) Yellow-billed 
Cuckoo ) Mocking-bird Charles Gorst 17735\10| .75 

and Songs ny Calls of Our Native Birds—No. 4—Kentucky Cardinal or 
Redbird (2) Oven-bird (3) Red-Eyed Vireo (4) Baltimore Oriole 
(5) Mourning Dove (6) Western Meadow Lark Charles Gorst 

(aenees of the Past—No. 13 (Neapolitan Favorites) Victor Mixed Aa 35558112/1.25 
and Songs of the Past-—No. 14 (Spanish Ballads) Victor Mixed Chorus 

Senn Ballads—See * ‘Songs of the Past, No. 14” 
Spanish Gypsy—See ‘‘Postilion”’ 

Spinning Chorus—Flying Dutchman English Victor Women’s Chorus 
{ ; se Bridal Ce Lahaina Iil—In Erglioe “Wichox Opera Choral 35494) 12)1.25 

Spinning Wheel Quartet (From ' *Martha”’) English Victor Opera Quartet 70052/12|1.25 
{ Spring Flowers (“ Samson’ *) (Saint- Saéns) In English “Women’s Chorus 17624|10| .75 
and Anvil Chorus (‘‘Trovatore’’) (Verdi) In English Victor Male Chorus| : 

Spring Song Maia (2) ee s Messenger (Schumann) (3) 
Greeting (Mendelssohn) (1) Morning Song (Grieg) (2) The \ 17532/10| .75 
Rose (Franz) (3) The Brooklet Ce haber) C ‘20 Song Classics’ Birchard) Kline 
Spring's A eee eae eee ‘Spring Song’’ (Chopin) 
Squirrel, The—See ‘Jack in the Pulpit”’ 
{ Star Spangled Banner, The (Francis Scott Key) Victor Mixed cheras) 17579110| .75 
and Hail Columbia (Jos. Hopkinson—Prof. Phile) Victor Mixed Choru , 

Star panied Banner, Wpeanorc er ete Louise Homer|87277|10|2.00 
Steal Away. and Swing Low, are G hariot— Tuskegee Institute Singers|17890)|10| .75 
{ Stizzoso, mio stizzoso ( C Unruly Sirl’’) (‘La serva pa rona’ ") Italian Marsh\ 
l and Funeste piaggie (““Ye Dismal Hillsides’’) (‘‘Euridice’’) (Peri) 55051/12/1.50 
(with W oodwind, Brass and aoe) In Italian Reinald Be) 
Stories—See “‘Stories and Readi 
Sumer isIcumen In (Round) "CA. D. 1226) Victor Mixed Chorus 
{ (2) os Willow, Willow (Folk Song) Olive Kline} 35279/12}1.25 
and Hymn to Apollo (278 B.C.) (Harp acc.) Elsie Baker 
Summer Now Hath Come mong insuti Wheeler-Dunlap 
{ and Over Hill, Over Dale (‘ “Widsummie? Night’s Dream ”’) \ 17209|10) .75 
(Mendelssohn) Elizabeth W heeler-Marguerite Dunlap-Elsie Baker 
auane (von Reuenthal) Reinald  yprrenrath | 17290|10| .75 
When the Nightingale Shall Sing (de Coucy) Reinald Werrenrath : 
Sweet and Low (Unace. ) Lyric Quartet} 4796/10] .60 
Sweet Echo—See “‘Masque of Comus 
sycet Is live Love (Tennyson- mate ad (From “‘Idyls of the King’’— 
Lancelot and Elaine’’) Elsie Baker! 18146/10} .75 
and My Bonnie Lass She Smileth (Old English) Lyric Quartet 
Sweet Pea Ladies—See ‘“‘Violets”’ 
Sweet the Angelus is Ringing (““King Rene’s Daughter’) (Enoch-Smart) 
{ (with Chorus and Cymbal) Lucy Marsh-Elsie Baker} 55055/12/1.50 
and Song of the Vikings (Gibney-Faning—arr. A. H. Ryder) Victor Male Qt 
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and Steal Away (Negro Spiritual) Tuskegee Singers) 17890) 10| .75 
Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away—See ‘‘Come Away Death” 
{ Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred Marsh-Werrenrath 55060) 1211.50 
and You Spotted Snakes Women’s Chorus : 

Thanksgiving Song—See ‘ ‘Leaves’ Party” 
Then the Little Hiawatha—See * ‘By the Shores of Gitchie Gumee”’ 
Three Blind Mice—See “‘ Early to Bed”’ 

Three Fishers (Kingsley-Hullah) Herbert Witherspoon|74458|12/1.50 

Thy Beaming Eyes (Gardner-MacDowell) Sophie Braslau|64470) 10/1.00 

{ Thy Flow’ry Banks, Oh Lovely River (Meyerbeer) Seer eaee 17106|10| .75 
and Voice of the Western Wind (Barnbhy) W heeler-Dunlap Baker : 

Tick-tock—See ‘‘Primary Songs and Exercises, Part 2”’ 
Tiddlely- Winks and Tiddlely-Wee, (2) The Chicken (3) The Bunny 
(4) Mr. Squirrel (Neidlinger) (“Small Songs for Small Singers’’) Kline 
and Blue Bird (2) Mr. Duck and Mr. Turkey (3) Six Little Puppies 
(4) Little Birdie, Olive Kline 
To Market—See “Humpty Dum 
To Mary (Shelley-White) i Phyllis und die Mutter—In German— Reimers 45062'10'1.00 

17776|10| .75 



Tommy Tucker—See * ‘Humpty, Dumpty” 

To Us Is Born Immanuel—See ° ‘Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” 
Touching—See * ‘Granddaddy Longlegs” | 
Tracks in the Snow—See “Land ot Noa 

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (Root) Young a Just Before the Battle, Mother— Young 
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (Root) (with h Male Quartet) Whitehill 
Trovatore—Ah, siben mio (The Vows We Plighted) Giovanni Martinelli 

Trovatore—Miserere (with Metropolitan Opera Cho) Destinn-Martinelli 
§ Tiovatore—Miserere Jn English Kline-Macdonough and Chorus | 
\ and Trovatore—Home to Our Mountains In English Dunlap- Macdonough{ 
Tulips—See * ‘Popp y Lady’ 
Tu se’ morta ou Art Ded} (From ‘‘Orfeo"’) Jn Italian Werrenrath\ 
\ and Douce cae: jolie (Machault), (2) L’espoir que j ‘ai French—Murphy | 
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star—See * ‘Mother oose No. |" 
Under the Greenwood Tree (From “As You Like It” *) (Shakespeare- ) | 
Dr. Arne) (with Male Chorus, woodwind acc.) Raymond Dixon 
and What Shall He Have W ho Killed the Deer (with Brass Sextette) Male Chorus 

Vacant Chair, The (Root) (Unacc.) t 
{ and When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Lambert) ane Suerte 

The “** Victrola Book of the Opera,” 

Nimber | 

fn i 
1698710 .75 
64608 10 1.00 
74439 121.50 
88530 hale ‘00 
35443 12 1.25 
4s0s3 10 1.00 
17623 Mi 75 
ae 10, .75 

a handsomely illustrated book of 553 pages, gives 

a clear though condensed story of more than _!20 operas, listing the Victor records of each 

one as they occur in scene and act. 
together with the ‘‘ What We Hear in Music,” 

This volume is invaluable in any study of opera, and, 
which treats the subject from an historical 

standpoint, furnishes the best possible materia! for such study. (Atall Victor Dealers, $1 .00.) 

Violin and Flute) (From “* Songs of Child Wor live Kline 
and Granddaddy Longlegs (2) Touching (3) eae (Piano acc.) E. Baker 
Vittoria, mio core! (Victorious My Heart Is!) (Carissimi) /talian Werrenrath | 
and Come raggio disol (As onthe Swelling Wave) InItalian Werrenrath 
estern Wind (Barnby) Wheeler-Dunlap-Baker| 

{Fisk (2) Sweet-Pea Ladies (3) Poppies Go ge ae (with Piano, \ 
a of the W 
[v and ie Flow’ry Banks, Oh Lovely River W neeler- -Dunlap- Baker 

owel Songs (Wm. . Lawrence) | (Piano acc.) ‘‘Long a,’’ “‘Long e, 
“Italian 4," “‘Broada.”’ “‘Longo,’’ ‘“‘Long Double o (o00)" Wheeler} 
and Mother Goose Songs, No. 2—By-Lo, etc. Elizabeth Wheeler 
Wah-wah- rc wa-Yea™ 

War Song of Normans 

(Ancient Tune) (‘Modern Music Series ”’) 
(2) Crusaders’ Hymn \ 

(*‘ Siefert’s Choice Songs’’) Victor Male Chorus 
and Duke of Marlborough ec onana sae. Werrenrath 

Wee Willie Winkie—See ‘‘ Mother Goose No. 2 

Welcome, Pretty Primrose (Pinsuti) Lucy Marsh and Marguerite Dunlap 

What Does Little Birdie Say—See* ‘Primary 
Songs and Exercises, Part |” | 
What Shall He Have Who Killed the Dace ey 
(‘As You Like It’’) (Shakespeare-Bishop) | | 
(with Brass Sextet) Victor Male Sores (17623 10) 
and Under the Greenwood Tree (““As You Net 
Like It’’) (Male Cho., Woodwind acc.) Dixon) | | 

WHAT WE HEAR IN MUSIC (New Revised eae 

We take pleasure in announcing the success of our new 
book, ‘* What We Hear in Music,’” by Anne Shaw Faulk- 
ner—a four years’ course of studies for high schools, normal 
schools, colleges, universities and home study—illustrated at 
every point by Victor Records. 

It consists of 120 lessons subdivided into four courses of 
30 lessons each, as follows : 

1. The Principles of Music. 

2. The History of Music. 

3. The Orchestra: The Development of Instrumental 

4. The Opera and Oratorio. 

This work gives a complete, systematized plan of study 
with the real music, a thing never before possible in the 
history of music education. To the average pupil, music 
history has ever been a dull, dead mass of ‘meaningless 
names and dates, but it becomes most fascinating when you 
have the music whose history you wish to know. 


442 pag 
fully illustrated 

17625)10| .75 
17703 i) wiht 
17106/10| .75 
17725)10| .75 
60058)10| .75 

es, 64 x 93 

VICTOR RECORDS | Number | | 

The illustrations used comprise over 375 of the choicest selections in the catalogue, 
classified, and each one analyzed and its story told. 
e book can be obtained from all Victor Dealers at $1.00, or will be mailed on 
receipt of amount, plus postage. 
When Johnny Comes Marching Home eee ana Quer 16984110 
and The Vacant Chair (Root) (Unac Lyric Quartet 75 
When That! Was a Little Tiny Boy re3 Hold Thy Peace (“* Twelfth 

Night’’) (Shakespeare) acdonough-Dixon-Werrenrath 17724'10| .75 
and Come Unto These Yellow Sands (‘‘ The Tempest’’) (Shakespeare-Purcell) 3 
{2) Green-Sleeves (Shakespeare-V incent) Werrenrath-Dixon-Hooley 
When the Nightingale Shall Sing (de Coucy) Reinald Werrenrath 17290110! .75 
and Summertime (von Reuenthal) Reinald Werrenrath) : 
When the Swallows Homeward Fly (Franz Abt) Lucy Isabelle Marsh 45067 10|1.00 
and Ivy-Green, The (Dickens-Beethoven) (with Piano) Reinald Werrenrath ‘ 
When You and 1 Were a aaa Maggie (with Male Chorus) Williams|74490) 12|1.50 
Where the Bee Sucks (““The Sore cets *) (2) Full Fathom Five Thy Father 
Lies (‘‘The Tempest’’) (Shakespeare-R. Johnson) (Baritone with 17702 
ay *Cello and Bells) Werrenrath and Sigh No More, Ladies (‘‘Much 


10} .75 

(Shakespeare-Stevens) (Tenor with Harp) Raymond Dixon 
{ wii ee Watched (Christmas Hymn) Victor Oratorio Chorus 35412)1211.25 
and It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Christmas one Oratorio Chorus g 
Whispering Hope (Hawthorne) and Abide With Me—Olive Kline-Elsie Baker\17782| 10) .75 
{ White Dog Song (2) Grass Dance—Glacier Park due (Blackfeet ibe) 17611|10| .75 
and Medicine Song Glacier Park Indians (Blackfeet Tribe) 
Who is Sylvia? (‘‘Two Gentlemen of Verona”) (F. Schubert) (Harp 
{ gecompaniment Werrenrath and /t Was a Lover and His Lass (‘‘As Vou \ 17634 10! .75 

Li *) (Morley ixon and Macdonoug 
Niieaeplicd (Cradle ore (Franz Schubert) Emmy Destinn|87214| 10}2.00 
Windmill, The-—See “ack i in the pues 
Within a Mile of Edinboro) Town (D'Urfey) Lucy Isabelle Marsh|60057|10| .75 

Wohin? (Whither?) (Schubert) (Pianoforte be Bourdon) Paul Ree 45065) 101.00 
and Auf Fliigeln des Bae (On Wings of Song) (Mendelssohn) Reimers ‘ 
Woodpecker, The (2) Robin Red Breast (3) The Owl (4) The 
Bobolink (Riley- Gaynor) Elsie Baker and Poppy Lady (2) The Tulips 17686/10| .75 
(3) Lae ooencs (From “‘ Lilts and Lyrics” and ‘‘ Songs of Child World, 
No. 1°") (Riley-Gaynor) (Soprano with Piano, Flute and Violin) Olive Kline) |64219|10|1.00 
Wynken, Blynken and Nod (Field-Paissiello) (Piano acc.) Evan Williams 
You Spotted Snakes (Shakespeare-Mendelssohn) Victor Women’s Cho} 55060) 12|1.50 
and Tell Me W. ae is Fancy Bred Marsh-Werrenrath : 
Zur Ruh’, zur Ruh (To Rest) (Kemer-Wolf) German Wearrental 17179|10| .75 
and Allerseelen (All Souls’ Day) (Strauss) German  Reinald Werrenrath : 


Story-telling has long been a vital part of the Kindergarten 
and Library, and now has taken on new life as an indispen- 
sable adjunct of the playground activities. We therefore pre- 
sent the first of a series of the treasures of childhood, told in 
a childlike way. The Victor is very fortunate in having secured 

iss Sara Cone Bryant, America’s leading authority on the art 
of story- telling. _ Miss Bryant has told a number of her own 
stories in a natural and charming manner; her records will be 
models for teachers and mothers 

Miss Sally ee 5 aletted Brooklyn child, has recited a 
number of Field and Riley poems in excellent style. A num- 
ber of stories and readings will soon be a ded to her record list. 

Miss Georgene Faulkner, the “‘ Story Lady,’” has a wide ac- MISS FAULKNER 
quauntancs through | her Chautaugua appearances, and from her AS MOTHER GOOSE 
elightful ‘“‘corner’’ in the Chicago Tribune and the Ladies 
ome Journal. 
Abou Ben Adhem (Leigh Hunt) (2) Annabel Lee (Poe) Frank Burbeck} 16989 10 75 
and (/) The Last Leaf (Holmes) (2) L ’Envoi (Kipling) Frank Burbeck : 
‘Annabel Lee—See ‘*‘ Abou Ben Adhem”’ 
Antony’s Address Over the Body of Caesar—Parts I andII Frank Burbeck/35216 12/1.25 
Barbara Frietchie (Whittier) and Water Mill (McCallum) Frank Burbeck\17132 10) .75 
Nata Bear Story, The—That Alex Yist Maked Up His Own Se’f (Part I) 35378 1211.25 
James Whitcomb Riley) and Part II—Harry E. Humphrey | : 
{ pedames. s Idea of a Wife Ce Much Ado batt Nothing’’) Ben Greet 17115110! .75 
and Hamlet on Friendship (From ‘‘ Hamlet’’) sarvtoer | Ben Greet ' 
Bible Reading—Luke 2 (2) A Christmas Carol (J. G. Holland) Humphrey 
{ and Jt Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Willis) (2) Hark! the Herald Angels 18086)10| .75 
Sing (Mendelssohn) 7 Joy to the World ae Victor Orchestra 
Blue and the Gray, The-—H. E. Humphrey and acne i ble Hearts—Lyric Qt}17310/10} .75 
Call to the Colors, The o(Guiterman) liam Sterling Battis 
and The Meaning of Our Flag (Henry Ward Beecher (2) The Flag 18297/10) .75 
Goes By (H.H. Bennett) William Sterling Battis 



ore n sags Veonpig&ee arranged from Dickens’ *“‘Dombey and 
Squeers, the Schoolmaster— William Sterling Battis J 
Chere Little (From ‘ ‘Fairy Tales’’ ) (Jacobs Fa aulkner} 
and sone and the Three Bears Ut the Tale of Southey) Faulkner 

Christmas Carol—See “‘ Bible Reading” 

Cinderella (Fairy Tale) Pauline Potter | 
cond ae Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale) Pauline Potters 
Columbus (Joaquin Miller) William Sterling Battis 
and The bed ceding of the Pilgrim Fathers (Felicia Dorothy Hemans) (2) \ 
d Give Men JV. G. Bole William Sterling Battis 
Gis. of Independence of the U. S.—PartI and PartII—Harry Humphrey 
ex and the Kitty Cats (2) Pig Brother (Bryant) Sara Cone Bryant | 
Little Bull Calf (Bryant) Sara Cone Bryant J 
I's Wooing (2) Sugar Plum Tree (Eugene Field) Cora Mel fica 
emt Jest ’Fore Christmas Cora Mel Patten 

Epaminondas’ (From “‘Stories to Tell to Children’’) (Bryant) 

Sara Cone Bryant} 
psd Little Jackal and the Alligator Byard), Sara Cone Bryant 
Flag Goes By—See “Meaning of Our 

Fox as Herdsman (Dasent) ( “Popular Tales from the Norse.’’) panes 
and Pancake esoy (Dasend (From “‘ Tales from the Fields’’) Faulkner J 
en aewread Boy (Old Folk Tale) Georgene Faulkner 
Night Before Christmas, The (Moore) Cora Mel Patten 
Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death (Patrick Henry’s Speech in the 
Convention of 1775) and Lincoln’s Gettysburg A ddress—Harry E. Humphrey J 
God Give Us Men—See “‘Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers” 
wand Chek and the Three Bears (Robert Southey) Georgene Heclhnert 
Chicken Little (From “‘Fairy Tales’ ’?, (Jacobs) Georgene Faulkner 
Has let on Friendship (From ** Hamlet’’) (Shakespeare) Ben Greet | 
and Benedick’s Idea of a Wife (“‘Much Ado About Nothing’’) Ben Greet J 

How Tom Whitewashed the Fence (From ** Tom Sawyer,’’ Mark Twain) 
(Samuel L. Clemens) William Sterling Battie} 
ae Guide in Genoa (From “‘Innocents Abroad,’’ Mark pean Battis 
Jest ‘Fore Christmas (Eugene Field) ait) el Patten) 
d The Doll’s Wooing (2) The SugarPlum Tree (Field) conn Mel Patten j 
Sin of the Pilgrim Fathers (Hemans) (2) God Give Us Men _ \ 
ollan attis 

and Columbus (Miller) Battis 

Last Leaf, The (Holmes) (2) L’Envoi (Kiplin Frank ‘Burbeck | 
and Abou Ben Adhem (Leigh Hunt) (2) Annabel ned (Poe) aeank Burbeck 
Lincoln the Great Commoner (Markham) Hump Bret 
and Vision of War (Memorial Day Speech) (Ingersoll) Humphrey 
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (Delivered at the dedication of the 
{ Soldiers’ Cemetery at Gettysburg, November, 1863) Harry E. Humphrey 
and Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death! Harry E. Humphrey 
Little Bull Calf (Bryant) Sara Cone Bryant| 
and Dog and the Kitty Cats (2) Pig Brother (Bryant) Sara Cone Bryant 
Little Jackal and the Alligator (From “‘Stories to Tell to Children’’) 
(Bryant) Sara Cone Bryant 
and Epaminondas (From “Stories to Tell to Children’’ (Bryant) 
). ne Sere eRe 
Little Orphant Annie ey) amlin 
and Seein’ Things at Nigh “Sally Hama} 
Little Red Hen (Jacob ae (‘ Meee Fairy Tales’’) Faulkner) 
and Mother Goo Jingles (‘‘A Book of Nursery Rhymes”) Georgene Faulkner | 
Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale) Pauline et 
and Cinderella (Fairy Tale) Pauline Potter 
Meaning o Our Flag (Henry Ward Beecher) (2) The Flag Goes B By. \ 
i H. Bennett) Battis 
x The Call to the Colors (Guiterman) Battis 
{ Micawber and Uriah Heep (Character Impersonations from Dickens’ \ 
“David i Copperfield s William Sterling Battis 
1 Doi oose Jingles (From “A Book of Nursery Rhymes”) _ Faul Iikner | 
and The Little Red Hen anon Jidold from ‘English Fairy Tales’) Faulkner 
Night Before Christmas _ (Moo Cora Mel Patten | 
om pe ineere ipod Boy, The ( Old Folk Tale) Georgene Faulkner! 
Our Guide i in Genoa (From “Innocents Abroad,”’ Mark Twain) Battis 
and ibdow, f ‘om Whitewashed the Fence (From “ Tom Sawyer,’’ Mark f 
William Sterling Battis 
{Ov mat urtred Girl (Riley) pally Hamlin) | 
Raggedy Man (Riley) Sally Hamlin{ 
{ Pas Pancake Senate, (Dasent) (From * ‘Tales from the Fields’’) Faulkner | 

Fox as Herdsman (‘Popular Tales from the Norse’’) Faulkner J | 

and Ride (Henry W. Longfellow William Sterling Battis | 
een everes ae 76 ECT hoaids Buchanan Read) William Sterling Battis { 


| Size 

\35616/ 1211.25 

35653) 12|1.25 
35291) 12/1.25 
35643} 12/1.25 
35350) 12/1.25 
35636) 12/1.25 
35293) 12/1.25 
35262) 12}1.25 
17115)10) .75 
35563) 12}1.25 
35350] 12/1.25 
35653) 12/1.25 
1698910} .75 
18200}10] .75 
35643} 12}1.25 
35636) 12/1.25 
18381)10| .75 
17332)10| .75 
'18297/10] .75 
35556) 12/1.25 
17332|10| .75 
35563) 12/1.25 
(18276)10) .75 
35293) 12} 1.25 

35555) 12} 1.25 





Pig Brother—See “Dog and Kitty Cats’’ 

| Size 

{ Pollyanna Arrives (From the Novel by Eleanor Porter) Sally Hamlin| 35652/12/1.25 
and Pollyanna and the Boy Sally Hamlin§ oe 
Psalm of Life, A and Village Blacksmith (Longfellow) Harry E. Humphrey|18161\10} .75 
Sf Raggedy Man (Riley) y) Sally Hamlin 18276|10| .75 
\ and Our Hired Girl (Riley) Sally Hamlin. 5 
{ Rising of 76, The (Thomas Buchanan Read) William Sterling pee 3555511211.25 
\ Paul Revere’s Ride (Henry W. Longfellow) William Sterling Battis : 
Scrooge—Part 1—‘“‘ Marley’s Ghost’’ (Monologue arranged from “A 
i Christmas Carol’’) (Dick ens) William Sterling Battis ¢/35566)12/1.25 
and Scrooge—Part 2—* Ghost of Christmas Past” Wm. Sterling Battis 
{ Scrooge—Part 3—* Ghost of Christmas Present” William Sterling Battis | 35567|12\1.25 
and Scrooge—Part 4—‘* The Es of Christmas to Come” Battis{ : 
Seein’ Things at Night (Field) Sally ee 18381110] .75 
and Little Orphant Annie (Riley) Sally Hamlin : 
Seven Ages of Man (From * As You Like It’’) (Shakespeare) Barkect| 17163]10] .75 
and Shylock’s Rebuke (From * “Merchant of Venice’ 4) eke Burbeck ; 
Shylock’s Rebuke (From ‘ “Merchant of Venice ’’) (Shakespeare) Burbeck | 17163|10| .75 
and Seven Ages of Man (From “As You Like It’’) (Shakespeare) ae , 
om the Schoolmaster (Monologue arr. from Dickens’ “‘ Nicholas 
l Nickl eby *’) and Cap’n Cuttle (Monologue arranged from Dickens’ j sse16 12}1.25 
**Dombey and Son’’) William Sterling Battis 
Sugar Plum Tree—See * ‘Doll’ s Wooing” 

Three Billy Goats Gruff (“‘Popular Tales of the Norse’) pects 17198|10| .75 
and (/) Wolf, Wolf! (2) Wind and Sun (“‘Aesop’s Fables’) Faulkner 5 
Uriah Heep and Micawber (Character Impersonations from Dickens’ \ 355561 1211.25 
**David Copperfield’) William Sterling Battis§ r 
Village Blacksmith, The pape ) \ 18161|10| .75 

and A Psalm of Life (Longfellow) Harry E. Humphreys oe: 
Vision of War (Memorial Day Speech) | (Ingersoll) Humphrey 18200|10! .75 
and Lincoln, the Great Commoner (Markham) Hump ’ 
Water Mill, The (McCallum) Burbeck and Barbara Frietchie (Whittier) Burbeck|}17132]10| .75 
Wind and the Sun—See ‘ “Wolf, Wolf! 
{ Wolf, Wolf! (2) Wind and the Sun (“‘ Aesop’s Fables’’ ) Foulnest 17198|10| 75 
and Three Billy Goats Gruff (‘Popular Tales of the Norse’’) (Dasent) Faulkner 
PHYSICAL EDUCATION—Singing Games, Folk Dances, Country 
Dances, Marches and Rhythms played by Victor Military Band and 
arranged by Burchenal and Crampton (*“Folk Dance Music,’ Schir- 
mer; ‘‘ Dances of the People,’ “‘Folk Dance Book,” A. S. Barnes Co.; 
—Folk Dances and Singing Games, unless otherwise indicated) 
Ace of Diamonds—Danish Folk Dance and Tarantella—Italian Folk Dance|17083)|10! .75 
( Arkansaw Traveler (American Folk Dance) — Victor Band\ 1833110 .75 
and Soldier's Joy (American Folk Dance) Victor Band at ° 
Battleship Geo March (Fulton) ad Under the Double Eagle (Wagner)|35205)12}1.25 
Black Nag (2) Grimstock (From ‘‘Country Dance Tunes,” Sets 
m and 3) (Sharp) and New Castle (2) Sweet Kate (From ‘ “Country 18004|10} .75 
Dance Tunes,” 3 and 6) (Sharp) 

Bleking—Swedish Folk Dance (Burchenal-Crampton) \ 17085/10| .75 
and feo (Mountain Polka) Swedish Folk are (Elizabeth Burchenal) s 
Buteriiy: The and Three Meet ( The Pleasures of the Town) (From ‘ cae 17845110] .75 
Dance ene Set IT) (Arranged by Cecil J. Sharp) (Novello) . 
eee Merry Go Round) Swedish Folk Dance (Burchenal) \ 17086]10| .75 
and cee Dance (Laudnum Bunches) English Folk Dance (Burchenal) : 
Chelsea Reach 18005 10 75 
and Hunsdon House (From ‘‘Country Dance Tunes,’’Set 5) (Sharp) : 
Chimes of Dunkirk (2) Kinderpolka (Paul) German 17327/10| .75 
and /Nigarepolska (The Water Sprite) Sousa’s Band e 
Circle (American Country Dance) Victor Band| 18367|10| .75 
and Hull's Victory (American) Victor Band{ ef 

Clayton’s Grand March (Blake) and In Lilac Time March (Engelmann) |35397}12/1.25 

Come Let Us Be Joyful (Mozart) (2) Kulldansen, No.2 (The Lassies 17761\10 

Dance) and Seven Pretty Girls (Swedish Folk Dance) (2) The First of May 75 
Confess (2) Lady inthe Dark (From ‘‘Country Dance Tunes,”’ : 
Set 5) . (Sharp) and Hey Boys, Up Go We (2) The Merry Conceit 18006/10} .75 
(From “‘Country Dance Tunes,” Sets 3 and5) (Sharp) 
Country Dance—Pop Goes the Weasel and Norwegian Mountain March\17160|10} .75 
Crested Hen and Tantoli (From ‘*Folk Dance Music’”’) |17159|10| .75 
Cs4rd4s— Hungarian Folk Dance and Oxdansen—Swedish Folk Dance|17003)10| .75 
and Three Men’s Reel—Danish Folk Dance (From ‘‘Dances of the People’’) 75 
Cupid and the Butterfly (D’Albret) 3553211211.25 

and Dorothy Three-Step (Lampe) 

Cshebogar (Hungarian Peasant Dance) 17821/10 
(rete (Swedish Folk Dance) (From ‘ ‘Folk, Dance Music’) (Bur- 

chenal-Crampton) and My Lady Cullen (‘‘Country Dance Tunes,’’ } 17961 10} .75 

Set 4) (arr. Sharp) 


Pee | 

Dance of Greeting—Danish Folk Dance (From “Folk Dance Music’’) |) 
and I See You—Swedish Singing Game (From ‘ ‘Folk Dance Book’’) J 

Did You Ever See a Lassie—See ‘‘Soldier Boy” 


Dorothy Three-Step (Lampe) 
and Cupid and the Butterfly. (D’Albret) \ 35532) 12 
El Capitan March (Sousa) Arthur Pryor’s Band 35389/12 
and Stars and Stripes Forever March, The (Sousa) Arthur Pryor’s Band 
Emperor March (von Blon) and Venus Reigen Waltz (Gung’l) |17766|10 
{ Eros—Scherzo Valse (Martin) Victor Orchestra '35228)12 
and Golden Trumpets—Schottische (Rollinson) Sousa’s Band J | 

Farandole (French)—Victor Band and Lott’ist Tod (Swedish) Victor Band 18368 10 
{ Fine Companion, The 

\ , _and Jenny Pluck Pears (From “‘Country Dance a ao ere j,18007 10 


First of May—See * ‘Seven Pretty Girls” 

Fist Polka—See “ Kyntnavspolska” 
{ Fjallnaspolska—Mountain Polka (Swedish Folk Dance) (Elizabeth 
| Burchenal) and Bleking—Swedish Folk Dance (Burchenal-Crampton) § 
Flamborough Sword Dance (Three Jolly Sheepskins) (From ‘“‘Sword 
|} Dances of Northern England’’) (Cecil J. Sharp) 17847|10 
and Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance (The Gill. Left Behind Me) (From 

“Sword Dances of Northern England”) (Cecil J. Sharp) 

| Four Dance, The (From ‘ ‘Folk Dance Music” Sousa’s peed 17329]10 
| and Ribbon Dance (From ‘ “Country Dance Tunes’’) (Cecil Sharp) 
{ Gathering Peascods (From ‘ ‘Country Dance Tunes,”” Set 3) 118010) 10 
\- and Sellenger’s Round (From “‘Country Dance Tunes,” S:t7) (Sharp) f 
{on Tide (From “‘Country Dance Tunes,” SetIV) (Sharp) 


and Tideswell Processional Morris (From ‘“‘Morris Dance Tunes”) (Sharp- \ 17846) 1C 
{ _Macilwaine) (Novello) 
{ Golden Trumpets—Schottische (Rollinson) Sousa’s aa 35228) 12 
and Eros—Scherzo Valse (Martin) Victor Orchestra{ 
{ Gotlands—Quadrille (From ‘ ‘Folk Dance Music’’) (Burchenal- Crampton) | 17328) 10 
| and Shepherds’ Hey Pom, “Morris Dance Tunes,’’ No.2) (Cecil Sharp) § | 
Grimstock—See ‘* Black 
{ Gustaf’s Skal (Gustave’s Toast) (From ““Folk Dance Music’’) Sousa’s B\ 17330 10 
(and Kull—Dansen (Lassie) (From ‘‘ The Folk Dance Book’’) Sousa’s Band f 
Hansel and Gretel (Humperdinck) and In the Spring (Old French) Sousa’s B}17103)10' 
f Brnre Dance _ (From “ Folk Dances of Finland” (Burchenal) 
\ and Skanska Quadrille (Swedish) (From “‘ Folk Dance Music’’) (Burchenal 35542) 12 
and Crampton) * 
Hatter, The and Three Dance (From “Folk Dances of Denmark’ ”) (Burchenal)|18000/10 
Hey Boys, Up Go We 2). hed Me Conceit (From ‘‘Country Dance 
Tunes,” Sets 3 and 5) (Sh 18006) 10 
on Co Confess (2) Lady in the a (From “Country Dance Tunes,”’ Set 5) 







Highland Fiing—Scotch Dance and Kamarinskaia—Russian Dance|17001|10| .75 
Highland Schottische, ““Weel May the Keel R Row’’ (2) Irish Lilt (Irish 
Washerwoman) fizssi 10| .75 
and Hopp Mor Annika (From “Folk Dance Music’’) (Burchenal-Crampton) 

High School Cadets March (Sousa) and Semper Fidelis March (Sousa)|35208)12}1.25 
S Hopp Mor Annika and (/) Jrish Lilt Urish "W asherwoman) (2) ener 17331|10| .75 
\ Schottische, ‘“ Weel May the Keel Row” (From ‘‘Folk Dance Music’’) : 

J Hornpipe (English Folk Dance) (E. Burchenal) }|17840 10! .75 
\ and Rinnce Fada (Top of Cork, Road) (Irish Folk Dance) (Burchenal) 
( Hu ie Do oily, Daina oe “Let Us Chase the Squirrel” 

ull s Victory merican 

. and ge Circe (American Country Dance) \ 18367/10/ .75 
J Hiunsdon Mouse 

and Chelsea Reach (From “Country Dance Tunes,’ Set 5) (Sharp) } 18005)10) .75 

If All the World Were Paper (2) Mage on a Cree (From “‘ Country 
Dance Tunes,”’ Sets 5 and 3) (Sharp) 18009]10! .75 
3) (Show). (2) Parson’s Farewell (From “‘Country Dance Tunes,” 
Set 3) (Sharp) 
tn Lilac Time March (Engelmann) and Clayton’s Grand March (Blake) \35397|12]1.25 
In the Park March (In slow tempo) (Carl Dorn) 18017/10| .75 
Tenth Regiment March (R. B. Hall) : 
In gis Spring (French Child's Sei Sousa’s Band | 17103/10| .75 
Hansel and Gretel (German Folk-Dance) (Humperdinck) Sousa’s Band{ : 
(en ape dea ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ 
en Lilt (lrish Washerweinenl (2) Highland Schottische, *‘ Weel May 
i the Keel Row’ and Hopp Mor Annika (From “‘Folk Dance Music’ 5 17331\10] .75 
peed ero 
See You—Swedish Singing Game (From “‘Folk Dance Book’’) and Dance} 1715810) .75 
bee Greeting—Danish Folk Dance Darehenel eran 2 
Jamaica (From “Country Dance Tunes,’ *SetIV) (Cecil J. Sharp) (Novello) | 17801\10| .75 
and Row Well Ye Mariners (From ‘ ‘Country Dance Tunes,’’ Set VI) (Sharp) . 
Jenny. Pluck Pears 18007/10| .75 
and Fine Companion (From *‘Country Dance Tunes,’’ Set 3) (Sharp) : 
Jolly Crowd (From “Games and Dances’’) (Stech er) (John J. McVey) \ 17557110! .75 
; Bn eRe Nara Grae Canes and Dances’’) era oe . 
olly Genera arc eil Moret onway’s Ban 
and Patriotic Medley March No. | \ 35608/12/1.25 
Joliy is the Miller—See “‘ Needle’s Eye” 
Kamarinskaia—Russian Dance . and Highland Fling—Scotch Dance|}17001|10| .75 
{eine pone (Paul) German (2) Chimes « of Dunkirk \ 17327110 
and Nigarepolska (The Water Sprite) (‘“Folk Dance Music’’) Sousa’s Band 75 
King Cotton March (Sousa) and Officer of the Day (Hall)|35284}12]1.25 
Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance (The Girl I eh Behind Me) (From 
“Sword Dances of Northern England,’ Book I) (Cecil J. Sh arp) 17847! 10 
and Flamborough Sword Dance (Three Jolly Sheepskins) (From ‘‘ Sword 75 
Dances of Northern England,’ Book II) (Arranged by Cecil J. Sharp) 
Klappdans—Swedish Folk Dance (Burchenal-Crampton) 1708410] 75 
and Shoemaker’s Dance—Danish Folk Dance (Elizabeth Burchenal) J 
Kull—Dansen (Lassie) (‘‘Folk Dance Book’’) (Crampton) Sousa’s Band 17330|10| .75 
and Gustaf’s Skdl ( Gustave’ 's Toast) Mure hence) Sousa’s Band . 
Kulldansen No. 2—See “‘ Come Let Us Be Joyful 
Kyntnavspolska (Fist Polka) (From™ Folk Dances of Finland’’) Banat 17963110| .75 
and Little Man ina Fix (From “‘Folk Dances of Denmark”’) (Burchenal) . 
Lady in the Dark—See ‘‘Confess 

Lady of the Lake (American Folk Dance) 18356110! .75 
and Old Zip Coon (American Folk Dance) : 
Larkspur Mazurka and Jolly Crowd (From ‘‘Games and Dances’) (Stecher) 17557|10|-.75 
(John J. McVey, Publish er) ‘2 

Lassie Dance—See * ulldansen”’ 
Laudnum Bunches—See “‘Morris Dance 

Let Us Chase the Squirrel (Annie L. Preston) (2) How D’ye Do My 
Partner (Swedish) (3) The Muffin Man (Hofer) (A. Flanagan Co.) 
and Soldier Boy, Soldier Boy (Hofer) (A. Flanagan Co.) can Did You 17568)10] .75 
Ever See a Lassie (Stecher) (From ‘‘Games and Dances’’) (John J. 
McVey, Publisher) 

Lights Out March (McCoy) and Washington Post March (Sousa)|35283)}12)1.25 
Little Man ina Fix (From ‘‘Folk Dances o: of Denmark’ ") (Burchenal) 
{ and Kyntnavspolska (Fist Polka) (From “Folk Dances of Finland’’) \ 17963)10| .75 
{ London Bude (2) Mulberry Bush S Band 
ondon Bridge ulberry Bus ousa’s Ban 
‘and Round and Round the Village Sousa ’s Band at 17104/10| .75 
Looby Loo (2) Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow (From “ Children’s 
Old and New Singing Games") (Mari R. Hofer) (A. Flanagan Co.) 17567110! .75 
and WNeedle’s Eye, The (2) Jolly isthe Miller (From ‘Children’s Old and ‘ 
New Singing Games’’) (Mari R. Hofer) (A. Flanagan Co.) 




J Lott’'ist Tod (Swedish) \ 

(and Farandole (French) J 18368/10) .75 Ed 
Mage on a Cree—See “‘If All the World Were Paper” 

{ March Religioso (Onward Christian Soldiers) \ 35227/12'1.25 

( and March (Soldiers’ Chorus from ‘“ Faust’’) J ; 
Marsovia Waltzes (Belcher-Lampe) Pryor’s Band/16069/10, .75 

{ May Pole Dance—Bluff King Hal—English Folk Dance (Burchenal) 17087/10 .75 

\ and Minuet—Don Juan—English Folk Dance (Mozart) f : 
Merry Conceit—See ‘‘Hey Boys: Up Go We” 
Military Escort March (Lindsay) and On the Wing Galop|17368/10) .75 

{ Minuet—Don Juan—English Folk Dance (Mozart) (Burchenal-Crampton) | 17087|10| .75 
and May Pole Dance—Bluff King Hal—English Folk Dance—Burchenal _ § : 
Morris Dance—Laudnum Bunches—English Folk Dance  (Burchenal) | 17086/10| .75 
{and Carrousel—Merry- Go- Round—Swedish Folk Dance (Elizabeth Burchenal) J : 
Morris Dances—See also ‘ ‘Rigs O’Marlow,”’ “‘Shepherd’s Hey” and 
““Tideswell Processional” 
Motive for Skipping (B-flat Major) (2) Motive for Skipping (F Major) 
and Theme for High Stepping Horses (2) Horses or Reindeer Running 18253)10) .75 
(G) Theme for Skipping 
Muffin Man—See * ‘ Let Us Chase the Squirrel "’ 
Mulberry Bush—See “‘ London Bridge’”’ 
{ My Lady Cullen. (‘Country Dance Tunes,” Set 4) (arr. Sharp) 
\ and Daldans—Swedish Folk Dance (From * “Folk Dance Music’’) 17961)10) .75 
Needle’s Eye, The (2) Jolly is ‘al Miller and Looby Loo \ 17567/10| .75 
(2) Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow (Hofer) (A. Flanagan Co.) J : 
Newcastle (2) Sweet Kate (From “‘Country Dance Tunes,’ Sets 3 and 6) 
(Sharp) and Bak Nag (2) Grimstock (From ‘ ‘Country Dance Tunes,” 18004/10} .75 
Sets 3 and 4) (Sharp). 

Nigarepolska (The Water Sprite) (‘‘Folk Dance Music’’) Sousa’s Band\ 17327|10| .75 
and Kinderpolka (Paul) German (2) Chimes of Dunkirk J : 
Norwegian Mountain March (From ‘‘Folk Dance Music’ *) (Burchenal) | 17160]10| .75 

and Country Dance—Pop Goes the Weasel (From ‘ ‘Folk Dance Music’’) § : 
Oats, Peas, Beans and ae Grow—See ** Looby Loo”’ 
Officer of the Day (Hall) and King Cotton March (Sousa)|35284}12|1.25 
{ Old Mole, The (From ‘“‘Country Dance Tunes,’ Set 5) AS arp) \ 18008110 .75 
and Oranges and Lemons (From “‘ Country Dance Tunes,’ Set3) (Sharp) ; 
Old Zip Coon (American Folk Dance) 18356110! .75 
and Lady of the Lake (American Folk Dance) © r 
On the Wing Galop and Military , Escort March (Lindsay) 17368/10) .75 
Onward Christian Soldiers—See ‘* March Religioso”’ 
{ Ostgétapolska (Folk Dance) (* Folk Dance Music’’) \ 17777\|10| .75 
and Seven Jumps (Folk Dance)  (“‘ Dances of the People’’) _(Burchenal) 

ur Director March (Bigelow) and Royal Trumpeters’ March (Seltzer)|35204/12/1.25 
Oxdansen—Swedish Folk Dance and Csdérdés—Hungarian Folk Dance|17003}10| .75 
Parson's Farewell—See “‘Rufty Tufty”’ 
f enieas Re March No. | and Jolly General—March—Conway’s A 35608|12/1.25 
atriotic edley iVilarc ’ 
4 and Standard Bearer Match (Fahrbach) Conway's Band | 35657) 12)1.25 
Reap the F lax—Swedish Folk Dance and St. Patrick’s Day—Irish Jig}17002|10} .75 
{ Ribbon Dance (From “Country Dance Tunes”) (Cecil Sharp) \ 17329|10| .75 
} and The Four Dance (From ‘‘Folk Dance Music’’) Sousa’s Band { : 
Rinnce Fada (Top of Cork Road) (Irish Folk Dance) \ 17840110! .75 
and Hornpipe (English Folk Dance) (From ‘* Dances of the People’’) { : 
Round and Round the Village Sousa’s Band \ 17104|10| .75 
and London Bridge (English) (2) Mulberry Bush Sousa’s Bands : 

Row Well Ye Mariners (From ‘“‘ Country Dance Tunes,’ Set VI) (Sharp) 17801/10| .75 
and Jamaica (From ‘* ‘Country Dance Tunes,’? Set IV) (Sharp) (Novello) : 
Royal’ ERG March (Seltzer) and Our Director March (Bigelow) 35204!12/1.25 
Rufty Tufty (2) Parson's Farewell (Frome ‘Country Dance Tunes,” 

et 3) (Sharp 
If All the World Were Paper (2) Mage ona Cree (From “‘Country Dance 18009)10/ .75 
sete. Sets 5 and 3) (Sharp) 
{ Sellenger’s Round (From ‘ ‘Country Dance Tunes,” Set 7) (Sharp) \ 18010/10| .75 
and Gathering Peascods (From “‘Country Dance Tunes,”’ Set 3) (Sharp) ; 
Semper Fidelis March (Sousa) 35208} 12|1.25 
and HighSchoolCadetsMarch (Sousa) : 
Seven Jumps (Folk Dance) (‘‘ Dances of the People’ *) (Burchenal) 
and Ostgétapolska (Folk Dance) (‘‘Folk Dance Music’’) 

f 17777/10| .75 
{Seven Pretty Girls (Swedish Folk Dance) (2) First of May (The Lassies} 

and | Come Let Us Be Joyful (Mozart) (2) Kulldansen, No.2 (The Lassies 7|17761)10| .75 

f Shepherd’ sHey (From ‘ ‘Morris Dance Tunes,’’ No. 2) (Cecil Sharp) 

\ and Gotlands—Quadrille (From “‘Folk Dance Music’ ’) (Burchenal-Crampton) J 

{ Shoemaker’s Dance—Danish Folk Dance (Elizabeth Burchenal) 

\ and Klappdans—Swedish Folk Dance (Burchenal-Crampton) 


17328]10) .75 
17084/10) .75 


e d {i Buret Quadrille (Swedish) (From ‘“‘Folk Dance Music’’) 

(Burchenal and Crampton) \ 
o— a Harvest Dance (Finnish) (From “‘ Folk Dances of Finland’ 24 paarehenals 
| ace Boy, Soldier Boy (Hofer) (A. Flanagan Co.) (2) Did You Ever 


35542) 12/1.25 

See a Lassie (Stecher) and Let Us Chase the Squirrel (Preston) (2) How 
D’ye Do My Partner (Swedish) (From ‘‘ Games and Dances’’) (Stecher) 
VJ. J. McVey, Publisher) (3) The Muffin Man (Hofer) (A. Flan; yan Co.) 

Soldiers’ Chorus from ** Faust”’ 

17568/10) .75 

Q and ees seelisioes peas Christian Soldiers) 35227) 12/1.25 
oldier s Joy merican Fo ance) 
and Arkansaw Traveler (American Folk Dance) 18331/10) .75 
Southerner March (Alexander) Conway’s Band 35531/12/1.25 
Sad Bone Mande rakehach Cc Band 
tandard Bearer Marc ahrbac onway’'s Ban 
and Patriotic Medley March No. 2 Victor Bands 35657) 12)1.25 
Stars and Stripes Forever March, The (Sousa) Arthur Pryor’s Band 35389 | 1211.25 
and El Capitan March (Sousa) Arthur Pryor’s Band : 
St Patrick's Day——lrish Jig and Reap the Flax—Swedish Dance|17002)|10| .75 
Sweet Kate—See ‘‘Newcastle”’ 
Tantoli and C sees Ss (From “‘Folk Dance Music ’’)|17159|10| .75 
Tarantella—lItalian Folk Dance Ace of Diamonds—Danish Dance|17083)|10| .75 
f§ Tenth Regiment March (R. B. Hall) the a a tempo) \ 18017/10| .75 
and In the Park March (Carl Dorn) ° 
Theme for High Stepping Horses (2) Horses or Reindeer Running : 
(3) Theme for Skipping \ 18253/10] .75 

and Motive for Skipping (2) Motive for Skipping 
f Three Dance \ 75 
and Hatter, The (From ‘‘Folk Dances of Denmark”) (Burchenal) 18000} 10) . 
| Three Meet (The Pleasures of the Town) and Butterfly, The (From \ 
Country Dance Tunes’) (Arranged by Cecil J. Sharp) (Novel lo) 17845)10| .75 
Three Men’s Reel—Danish Dance and Cshebogar (Hungarian Peasant Dance)|17821\10| .75 
Thunderer March (Sousa) and Southerner March (Alexander) Conway’s Band|35531/12|1.25 

Tideswell Processional Morris and Goddesses (From ‘“‘Country Dance 

} Unda. crames by Cecil J Die Neus ‘ 1784610) .75 
nder the Vouble Eagie A agner 
and Battleship Connecticut March (Fulton) J 35205) 12|1.25 
Venus Reigen Waltz (Josef Gung’l) \ 75 
Se ae nes fee Friedrich) (Franz vonBlon, Op. 56) 17766)10) . 
ashington Fost IViarc ousa 
and Lights Out March (McCoy) }|s5283 12)1.25 
{ Adagio from Fourth Symphony (Beethoven) Vessella’s Italian Band \ 35269) 12/1.25 
and Leonore Overture, No.3  (PartIII) (Beethoven) Victor Concert OrchJ 5 
Addio a Napoli ( Farewell to Naples) Neapolitan Trio ) 
and Ovsole mio (My Sunshine) (Neapolitan Serenade) (di Capua) 17787\10) .75 
V iolin- Flute-Harp — Neapolitan Trio j 


VICTOR RECORDS | Nomber | = 
Aida—Grand March (Verdi) Vessella’s Italian Band \|35965 1211.25 
and Rondo Capriccioso (Mendelssohn) Vessella’s Italian Band z 
Aida—Prelude (Verdi) Vessella’'s Italian Band\|17729 10| .75 
and eee (Verdi) Vessella’s Italian Band ; 
ae Sea G String (Bach) Violin (Piano acc.) Mischa Elman|74292|12/1.50 
Air (From “Suite in D Major) (Bach) Victor Orc 
(ag ‘Govote No.1 (2) Gavotte No.2 (From “‘Suite in D Major ) a3 35656/12/1.25 
Coe oe Se (Farewell) (Hawaiian Song) (Lilaiokalini) Cornet Solo Clarks | 1703510! .75 
From on Indian Lodge (“‘ Woodland Sketches’’) (MacDowell) Sousa’s B : 
Amaryl Ghys) Victor Orch and Minuet (Paderewski) Victor Orchestra}16474\|10| .75 
{ America (Henry Carey) Victor Military Band 1758010! .75 
and Red, White and Blue, The (David T. Shaw) Victor Military Band = 
Am m Springbrunnen (The Fountain) (Zabel) Harp Ada Sassoli| 70031} 12/1.25 
Andalouse (Pessard) Flute (Piano acc.) John Lemmoné|60027]/10} .75 
Andante Cantabile (Tschaikowsky) Véiolin Kreisler| 74487) 12|1.50 

Andante from Beethoven’ s Fifth Symphony (C minor, Op. 67) Concert O 3527511211.25 
aa Largo (From ‘“‘ The New World’ ed (Dvordk) Victor Concert O 2\I. 

ante from Second Concerto (de Bériot) Samuel ast 18175\10| .75 
ope Serenata Napoletana (Sgambati) Violin Maximilian Pilzer ' 
De eeedfe: The (From ‘Scenes Pittoresques’*) (Massenet) Concert O 35437112 
and Valse Triste (Jean Sibelius) (Op. 44) Victor Concert Orchestra 1.25 
Annie Laurie (Scott) Violin (with Harp and Orchestra) Samuel Gardner 17756110 
My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Violin (with Orch.) Samuel Gardner 75 
Annie Laurie (2) Love’s Old Sweet Song Victor Military Band\ 18177/10| .75 
and Drink to Me Only Victor Military Band f 
Atthe Brook (de Boisdeffre) (Violin-’Cello-Pianoforte) Tollefsen HOt 17600110 
Serenade (Drigo) (Violin-’Cello-Flute-Harp) Florentine Quartet 75 
Aubade Provengale (Couperin) Violin Fritz Kreisler|64202| 10} 1.00 
Aus der Heimat (Smetana) Violin Fritz Kreisler| 74172] 12)|1.50 
Austrian Hymn (God Save the Emperor) (Haydn) Fritz Kreisler/64408)10!1.00 
Ave Maria (Schubert-Wilhelmj) Violin (Piano acc.) Mischa Elman|74339]12]1.50 
Babes in Toyland—March of the Toys (Herbert) Victor Herbert’s Orch| 550541 1211.50 
pitt. 2 acai; Marietta Intermezzo (Herbert) Victor Herbert's Orchestra 3 
t Egyptian, Part | (Allegretto) (Luigini) Victor Orch 18329110 
and Ballet Egyptian, Part 2 (Andante Sostenuto) Victor Orch 75 
Ballet Music from Rosamunde (Schubert-Kreisler) Kreisler|64670/ 10] 1.00 
Barcarolle—Tales of Hoffman (Offenbach) Maud Powell|64457/10/ 1.00 
Battle Hymn of the Republic—See *“‘My Old Kentucky Home” 
{ Battle of Killiecrankie (2) Will Ye No Come Back Sutcliffe Troupe 17140]10| .75 
Scotch ee March (Bagpipes and Drums) Sutcliffe Troupe 7 
Bee, The (Schubert) (2) Minute Waltz (Chopin) Violin Maud Powell|64076|10|1.00 
tee elgium National Air (La Brabanconne) Victor Military Band 17668]10| .75 
- La Marseillaise— National Air of France Sousa’s Band . 
Bel ieve Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Moore) (2) Home, 
Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Victor Band 18145|10| .75 
gad (1) My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) (2) Battle Hymn of the . 
epublic (Julia Ward Howe) (Air “John Brown’s Body’’) Victor Band: 
Berceuse (Jarnef a Victor Concert Orchestra 18323]10| .75 
{ and Praeludium (Jdarnefelt) V ictor Concert Orchestra : 
Berceuse from Jocelyn (Godard) ‘Cello Rosario Bourdon 35155/1211.25 
{ and Songs Without Words (Mendelssohn) Violin-Cello-Piano Renard Trio . 
Berceuse from Jocelyn (Godard) Véiolin-’Cello-Harp Venetian Trio 17454|10| .75 
{ Humoreske (Dvordk) Violin-’Cello-Harp Vi enetian Trio . 
Birds of the Forest Gavotte (Adolfo) Whistling Gialdini\ 16835|10| .75 
{ Spring Voices (Friihlingsstimmen) (Strauss) Whistling Gialdini J : 
Bo! emian Girl Melodies (Balfe) ‘ ‘Then You'll Remember Me” and 
{ **l Dreamt | Dwelt in Marble Halls” McKee Trio /}18190}10| .75 
and Serenade—Good Night, Seer (Nevin) McKee Trio 
{ By the Brook—Reverie Aah bord du ruisseau) (Fischer) Violoncello \ 17844|10| .75 
and Lullaby (Alice Bredt-Verne) Violoncello May Mukle . 
Caprice Basque (Sarasate) Violin Mischa Elman|74176|12|1.50 
Caprice Viennois (Kreisler) Violin Fritz Kreisler|74197|12}1.50 
Carmen—Prelude La Scala Orchestra\ 68052 12 1 25 
and Damnation de Faust—Marcia Sousa’s Band} : 
Carnival Romain Overture, Op. 9 (Berlioz) Victor Concert Orchestra | 3524111211.25 
and Polonaise Militaire (Chopin) Vessella’s Italian Band ; 
Carovana Tripolina (A Passing Caravan) (Vessella) Vessella’s Band 
and Through the Panama Canal (Descriptive Fantasy) 35392] 12/1.25 
iM DH ; pee ye Tae 
tae Rusticana—Intermezzo (Mascagni) Hurtado Brothers Marimba 
ading Leaves—Serenata (Carroll) Hurtado Brothers Royal Marimba BI 18048)10) .75 
oi fad Rusticana—Intermezzo Sinfonico (Mascagni) Herbert's Orch|60074|10| .75 
Cavalleria Rusticana—Part! (Prelude) (Mascagni) Vessella’s Band 35453/12/1.25 
{ and Cavalleria Rusticana—Part 2. (Introduction to Act /) Vessella’s Band 

Cavatina—(Op. 85, No. 3) (Raff) Violin (Piano acc.) Mischa E]lman/74336| 12/1.50 


Chanson Louis and Pavane (Couperin-Kreisler) Violin Fritz Kreisler|64292/10}1.00 
Chanson Louis XIII and Pavane (Couperin-Kreisler) Mischa Elman) 74340} 12/1.50 
f§ Chanson Triste (Tschaikowsk y) Victor Concert Orchestra | 18314110] .75 
\. and Musette (Ballet from ‘‘ Armide ”) Victor Concert Orchestras 246 
{ China—National Air (2) Patriotic Song Victor Military Band | 6706610! .75 
\ _ and Japanese National Air (“Fou so ka’’) Pryor’s Band : 
J PaaS: La (Gabriel Prosper Marie) William H. Reitz\ 18296110] .75 
‘and The Dawn of Love (Bendix) Neapolitan Triof ° 
Concerto for Harp and Flute—Ist Movement (Mozart) Sassoli-Lemmoné/70029) 12) 1.25 
Concerto for Two Violins (In D Minor) ee (Bach) Kreisler-Zimbalist| 76028} 12|2.00 
Concerto for Two Violins (In D Minor) «Lar Kreisler-Zim balist| 76029] 12|2.00 
Concerto for Two Violins (In D Minor) neers" (Bach) Kreisler-Zimbalist|76030]12/2.00 
Consolation (Mendelssohn) and Humoresque (Dvordk) Harp—Lapitino|18119}10| .75 
Cujus animam T7yrombone Pryor and B and Chopin’s Funeral March—Pryor’s B\35157|12)1.25 
J Cygne, Le (TheSwan) (Saint- Saéns) ’Cello Hans on 45096! 10/1.00 
\ -and Melody inF (Rubinstein) ’Cello Hans Kindler : 
Cygne, Le (TheSwan) (Saint-Saéns) ‘Cello Josef Hollman|64046/10}1.00 
Czardas—Hejre Kati (Hubay) Violin . Maud Powell! 74324 12/1.50 
Damnation de Faust—Hungarian March Sousa’s Band\ 68052/12!1.25 
and Carmen—Prelude La Scala Orchestra § 5 
Dance of the Hours and Kamennoi—Ostrow (Rubinstein) Herbert’s Orch\55044|12/1.50 
J Danse Macabre _ (Saint-Saéns, Op. 40) Vessella’s Italian Band\ 35381/1211.25 
and Jewels of the Madonna—!/st Entr acte (Wolf-Ferrari) Victor C. O.J : 
awn of Love, The (Bendix) eapolitan Trio 8296/10] .75 
and La Cinquantaine (Gabriel Prosper Marie) William H. Reitz ; 
Deep River—Negro Melody (Coleridge-Taylor) Violin Maud Powell| 74246] 12) 1.50 
Dixie (Emmett) Véiolin Maud Powell|/64143}10/ 1.00 

aes eae Banjo; Tambourine; Clappers (2) rum and Piccolo (3) 

ull Ban Victor Military Band 17583/10| .75 

and Venkee Doodle (1) Violin ie ig) old version (2) Oldest Printed Ver- : 
sion Fife and Drum (4 ) Full Band Victor Military Band : 

D eee ee (Bach)—See ‘ “Cagee No. 1” 

Dorothy (2) Gavotte from Mignon and Moment Musicale—X ylophone— Reitz 18216)10| .75 

Dream, A_ (Bartlett) and Trdumerei (Schumann) ’Cello—Kindler|45102|10}1.00 

Dream Pictures—Fantasia (Traumbilder) with Bell Solo Pryor’s Band 35247|12!1.25 
and Pomp and Circumstance March (Op. 39, No. 1)’ (Elgar) Pryor’s Band 

Drink to Me Only (2) Flow Gently and Annie Laurie—Victor Band|18177|10| .75 

Dying Poet, The (Gottschalk) Sousa’s Band} 35467/12|1.25 
and The Last ages aincigions Meditation (Gottschalk) Vessella’s Italian Band : 

Dying Poet, The (Gottschalk) Victor Concert Orchestra | 35642/12|1.25 
and Whispering Flowers (Franz von Blon) Victor Concert Orchestras : 

fi Pe Overture (Beethoven) Victor Concert Orchestra | 35493/1211.25 
Marche Militaire (Op. 51, No. 1) (Schubert) Victor Concert Orchestra f : 

Ende in G Flat Major (Op. 25, ‘No. 9) (Chopin) Paderewski|64706| 10] 1.00 

f Evening Bells—lIdyll (Eilenberg) Pryor’s Band 35084/12|1.25 

and Spring (Grieg) Victor String Quartet 

Evening Star, The—Sorlin °Cello and Last Rose of Summer— W heeler|16813|10| .75 

\ gd Fin (Torch Dance) (Meyerbeer) Conway's Band 35505) 12] 1.25 
and Finlandia (Sibelius) Conway’s Band 

ee Leaves—Serenata (Carroll) Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band\ 18048/10| .75 
and Cavalleria Rusticana—Intermezzo (Mascagni) Hurtado Bros. Marimba BJ : 
Eotewell to the Forest (Mendelssohn) (2) SpringSong (Pinsuti) Brass Qt 17216|10| .75 

Samsoniand Delilah Air (Saint-Saens) Cornet Rinaldi with Band : 
ring Symphony (Beethoven) Ist Movement—Allegro con brio—Part | 
Victor Concert Orchestra 18124|10| .75 
and Fifth Symphony (Beethoven) 1st Movement—Allegro con brio—Part 2 ; 
Victor Concert Orchestra 
is SO (Beethoven) 2nd Movement—Andante con moto— 
Victor Concert Orchestra 
ad Fifth Symphony (Beethoven) 2nd Movement—A ndante con moto— 
Victor Concert Orchestra 
| Fifth paca (Beethoven) 3rd Movement—Scherzo (Allegro)—Part | 


Victor Concert Orchestra 
and Fifth Symphony (Beethoven) 3rd Movement—Scherzo (Allegro)—Part 2 
Victor Concert Orchestra 
{ Fifth Symphony Finale (Beethoven) 4th Movement—Part | 

18278)}10| .75 

eee eee 

ran ae oe (ince sek OnE 4th Moosnant ad at rt 2 35637) 12/1.25 
irst Heart Throbs ilenberg rchestra Bells bbligato) Reit 
and Good Night Quartet from “‘Erminie ’’ Pies tale) Rete 17238/10) .75 

Flower Song (Lange) and Polish Dance, No. ] (Scharwenka) Kellogg-Victor O|45107|10|1.00 
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton—See * ‘Drink to Me Only a 

f From an Indian Lodge (‘* Woodland Sketches’) ( (MacDowell) Sousa’s B 

and Aloha Oe (Farewell) (Lilaiokalini) Cornet Clarke 17035/10) .75 

Funeral March (Beethoven) Vessella’s ee 

and Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) Vessella’s Italian Band {|2>426| 12 1.25 

VICTOR RECORDS | Namber | = 
f Funeral March (Chopin) Arthur Pryor’s Band | 
and Cujus Animam (Stabat Mater) (Rossini) Arthur Pryor's Band 35157/12'1.25 Ed 
Funiculi-Funicula (Denza) Vocal Chorus Vessella’s Italian Band \ 16899|10| .75 os: 
and Osole mio (di Capua) Cornet Michele Rinaldi5 : 
Gavotte from Mignon (Thomas-Sarasate) Maud Powell|64454!/ 10} 1.00 
Gavotte (Mozart) Violin Mischa Elman/64140)10/1.00 
{ Gavotte in B Minor (Bach) (Harp Solo) Ada Sassolil 4507010 /1.00 
and Romance (Rubinstein) (Harp Solo) Ada Sassoli§ : 
Gavotte (Gossec) (2) German Dance (Dittersdorf) Mischa Elman!|74164|12/1.50 
Gavotte (Grétry) (2) Tambourin (Gossec) Violin Mischa Elman/|64198/10}1.00 
Gavottein D (Gossec)—See “‘Menuett in G”’ 
Gavotte in EF Major (Bach) Violin Fritz Kreisler/64132|10)1.00 
Gavotte (Mozart) (2) Gavotte (Grétry) Xylophone Wm. H. Reitz\ 17917110 .75 
and Menuett (Gluck) (2) Menuett (Mozart) (Bell Solo) Wm. H. Reitz S c 
Gavotte No. | (2) Gavotte No. 2 (from “‘Suite in DMajor”’ (Bach) V. Orch. | 35656/12/1.25 
and Air (From “Suite in D Major’’) (Bach) Victor OrchestraS { ; 
{ Gavotte No.2 (Popper) (Op. 23) Hans Kindler | 45116 10/1.00 
and Menuet (Valensin) Hans Kindler § | ; 
Gavotte from Mignon—See “‘ Dorothy” 
Glow-Worm—Idyl (Lincke) (with Vocal Chorus) Pryor’s Band\ 35344) 12/1.25 
and Hearts and Flowers—Intermezzo (Tobani) Victor Concert Orchestra ; 
God Save the Emperor—Hymn_ Violin Fritz Kreisler|64408) 10|1.00 
Gondolier and Nightingale—Barcarolle Cornet-Flute Clarke-Barone| 17153110! .75 
and Showers of Gold—Scherzo (Clarke) Cornet Solo Herbert L. ClarkeS ’ 
Good Night, Good Night, Beloved (Pinsuti) Victor Brass ee 17109110! .75 
and Southern Cross (Clarke) Cornet Herbert L. Clarke : 
Good Night Quartet from ‘*‘ Erminie"’ Victor Brass Quartet ||47938/ 10! .75 
and First Heart Throbs (Eilenberg) Orchestra Bells—’Cello obbligato Reitz : 
Guitarrero (Drdla) Violin Maud Powell|64621)10}1.00 
f Hail Columbia (Prof. Phile) Victor Military Band \ 17581|10| .75 

\_ and Star Spangled Banner, The (Francis Scott Key) Victor Military Band/J 
f Hallelujah Chorus (From ‘“‘Messiah’’) (Handel) Arthur Pryor’s Band 
nd The Heavens are Telling (From The Creation’) (Jos. Haydn) | \ 35484) 12/1.25 
\ (Patrick Conway, Director) 4 _ Conway's Band: 
Hark the Herald Angels Sing—See “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear 
Harlequin’s Serenade (From “Les Millions D’ Arlequin’’) Zimbalist|74467| 12) 1.50 
Harmonious Blacksmith (Handel) Piano Wilhelm Bachaus|71041}12)1.50 
Have Pity. Sweet Eyes! (Airby Tenaglia,1650)_ Violin Maud Powell| 74325) 12/1.50 
Hear Me, Norma (Bellini) Oboe and Clarinet Doucet-Christie (2) _ . 
Tarentelle (Saint-Saéns) Flute-Clarinet Barone-Christie 17174|10| .75 
nd Siegfried’s Call (Wagner) French Horn A. Horner (2) Sweet 
Bird (From‘‘ Il Pensieroso’’) (Handel) Oboe and Flute | Doucet-Barone 

Of Ree 





Hearts and Flowers (Tobani) Violin-Flute-’Cello-Harp Florentine th 

and Trdumerei (Reverie) (Schumann) Violoncello Rosario Bourdon |35342|12/|1.25 
Hearts and Flowers—Intermezzo (Tobani) Victor Concert Orchestra | 

and Glow-Worn—Idyl _(Lincke) (with Vocal Chorus) Pryor s Band §|35344|12}1.25 
Heavens are Telling (“ Creation” ) (CH lay n) onway’'s Band \ 

and Hallelujah Chorus (From ‘‘Messiah’’) (Handel) Arthur Pryor's Band {|35484 12/1.25 

‘ { Henry VIII, Dances from (1) Morris Dance (2) Shepherd’s Dance 

Conway's Band) 35530] 12/1.25 
and Country Dance from “* Nell Gwyn” Victor Military Band 
Hilo—Hawaiian March Irene West Royal Hawaiians | 17767|10| .75 
and Wailana Waltz (Drowsy Waters) (Hawaiian Guitars) Lua-Kaili! 
Home, Sweet Home-See “‘Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms” 
Honolulu March (Hawaiian Guitar Duet) Lua and Kaili\ 17710|10| .75 
and Kohala March (Hawaiian Guitar Duet) Lua and Kaili 
Humoresque (Dvorak) (Op. 101, No. 7) Violin Mischa Elman|74163}12/1.50 
Humoresque (Dvorak) Violin Fritz Kreisler| 74180} 12/1.50 
Humoresque (Dvordk) Véiolin-Cello-Harp Venetian Lge) 17454110] .75 
and Berceuse from “‘Jocelyn’’ (Godard) Violin-Cello-Harp Venetian Trio 
Humoresque (Dvorak) Pryor’s ae 16974/10| .75 
and Nut Cracker Ballet Pryor’s Ban 
Humoresque (Dvorak) and Consolation (Mendelssohn) Hess ares 18119/10| .75 
Humoresque (Dvordk) (Loesser) Maud Powell] 74494] 12}1.50 
Humoresque (Dvorak) Felix ober 1831110] .75 
and Narcissus (Nevin) Felix Arndt 
Hungarian Dance No. 7 (Brahms- Joachim) Violin Elman|64439)10/1.00 
Hungarian Na‘ional March—See “‘Rakoczy March”’ 
Hunt in the Black Forest—Descriptive and In a Clock Store Victor Orch\35324|12]1.25 
In a Clock Store—Descriptive and Hunt in the Black Forest—V ictor Orchestra|35324| |2|1.25 
Instruments of the Orchestra—Part I, Strings Victor Orchestra 
1. The Violin—Spring Song (Mendelssohn)-—2. The Viola—Traumerei 
(Schumann)—3. The Violoncello—Flower Song (Lange)—4. Contra Bass 
—Improvisation—5. Violin Pizzicato—Dream After the Ball (Brostet) |! 
—6. String Quartet—Intermezzo (Mascagni)—7. The Harp—Harp That | 
Once Through Tara's Halls 35236) 12/1.25 
and Instruments of the Orchestra—Part 17, Woodwind—Victor Orchestra 
1. The Piccolo— Yankee Doodle—2. The Flute—Wilham Tell Overture 
—3. The Oboe—William Tell Overture—4. The English Horn—Tann- . 
hauser—5. The Clarinet— Zampa (Herold)—6. The Bassoon—Deep inthe 
Cellar—7. The Woodwind Section—Lohengrin 
Instruments of the Orchestra—Part Ill, Brass Victor Orchestra 
. The French Horn—Titl’s Serenade—2. The Cornet—Red, White and 
Blue—3. The Trombone—Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep—4. The Tuba 
—Rocked in the Cradle of Deep—5. Brass Quartet—Day of the Lord 35237] 12/1.25 
and Instruments of the Orchestra—FPart IV, Percussion Instruments and 
Entire Orchestra Victor Orchestra 
1. The Timpani (Kettledrums)—2. The Small Drum—3 . Bells—Monastery 
Bells (Wely)—4. The Entire Orchestra—Finale.. William Tell Overture 

NOTE.—These orchestra illustration records are divided into sections for 
teaching purposes, and cannot be played continuously. 
Inthe Gloaming (Harrison) 

and Supplication (Meditation) (McKee) McKee Trio 18063} 10) .75 
Italian- Spanish Favorites—‘“‘ La Sorella’’—*‘O sole mio’’—‘‘La Paloma”’ 
Funiculi Funicula’’ Accordion Pietro 4|17802] 10} .75 

{= ee Verona Waltz (Pietro) Accordion Pietro 
aban Symphony—Andante con. moto (Second Movement) 
and Con moto moderato (Third Movement) (Mendelssohn) 
Victor Concert Orchestra 
{ It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Willis) (2) Hark! the Herald Angels \ 

Siena eon ae 


Sing (Mendelssohn) (3) Joy to the World (Handel) Victor Orch 7|18086] 10} .75 
and Bible Reading—Luke 2s (2) Christmas Carol (Holland) Humphrey 

eee National Air (‘‘Fou so ka’’) Pryor’s Band \ 67066 35 
and China—National Air (2) Patriotic Song V ictor Military Bands 10 

levies of the Madonna—Intermezzo (Wolf-Ferrari) Victor Concert Orch \ 352701 12|1.25 
and Mera Wives of Windsor Overture (Nicolai) New Symphony Orsherirat : 
Joae at of the Madonna—Ist Entr’acte (Wolf-Ferrari) Victor Concert Orch\ 35381/12/1.25 
Danse Macabre (Saint- Saéns, Op. 40) Vessella’ s Italian BandJ . 
Joy te a the World—See “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear”’ 
Kamennoi-Ostrow—Réve Angélique (Rubinstein, Op. 10) Herbert’s Orch\ 550441] 121.50 
and Dance of the Hours (From *‘Gioconda’’) (Ponchielli) Herbert's OrchS ; 

Kathleen Mavourneen (Crouch) and Killarney (Balfe) McKee Trio|18091\|10| .75 

Killarney (Balfe) and Kathleen Mavourneen (Crouch) McKee Trio|18091|10| .75 

Kohala March—Hawaiian Guitar Duet Lua and Kaili 1771010! .75 
\ and Honolulu March—Hawaiian Guitar Duet Lua and Kaili ° 

Kol Nidrei_ (Bruch, Op. 47) Violin—Piano ace. Maud Powell|74355)12|1.50 
{ La Marseillaise—National Air of France Sousa’s Ban 

\ and Belgium National Air (La Brabanconne) Victor Military Band 17668 10) 75 


L'Aprés-Midi d'un Faune Prélude—/ ére Partie (Claude Debussy) 
{ ‘Orchestre Symphonique de Paris 
and 2éme Parlie l’ Orchestre Symphonique de Paris 
Largo (Handel) (Arranged by Kreisler) Fritz Kreisler 
{ Largo (From ‘‘ The New World’’ Symphony) (Dvor¥4k) V. Con. pieht 
and Andante from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony ~° Victor Concert Orchestra 
Largo (Handel) (Orchestral accompaniment) Maud Powell 
L'Arlesienne—Pastorale (Partl) (Bizet) L’Orch. Symphonique du Paria | 
and L.’A rlesienne—Pastorale (Part II) (Bizet) L’Orch. Symphonique du Paris 
L’Arlesienne Prélude (1) (Bizet) l’Orchestre Symphonique de Paris | 
and L,’Arlesienne Prélude (2) (Bizet) l’ Orchestre Symphonique de Paris | 
Last Hope, The—Religious Meditation (Gottschalk) Vessel!a’s Italian Band | 
and Dying Poet, The Seely Sousa’s Band J 
Leonore Overture, No. 3 (Part) (Beethoven, Op. 72) Victor Concert Or\ 
and Leonore Overture No.3 (PartIl) (Bzethoven, Op. 72) V Concert Ors 
Leonore Overture, No. 3 (Part III) (Beethoven) Victor Concert Orchestra | 

\ 35464 




and Adagio from Fourth Symphony (Beethoven) Vessella’s Italian Band J 35269}]2)1.25 
Liebesfreud Vienna Waltz) (Kreisler) ’Cello with Orch ones 45066! 10|1.00 
and Orientale (César Cui) Violoncello Beatrice Harrison 
Liebestraum (A Dream of Love) (Liszt) Pianoforte La Forge|70065)12)1.25 
Liebestraum (A Dream of moe (Liszt) and Prélude (C Sharp Minor, \ 35486) 1211.25 
Op. 3, No. 2) (Rachmaninoff) Pianoforte—SchendelJ sg 
Little Firely (Wah-wah- Taysee) (Cadman) aud Powell|/64705/10}1.00 
Lohengrin—Brida arch (Wagner) Victor Herbert's Orchestra | 55048] 1211.50 
and Wedding March (“‘ Midsummer Night's Dream” ) Victor Herbert’s Orch} ¢ 

Lo engrin—Prelude to the O 

La Scala Orch 
Love’s Old Sweet Song—See * 

* Annie Laurie’ 


31779] 12)1.00 

Lullaby (Alice Bredt-Verne) and By the Brook—Reverie \ 17844|10| .75 
(Au bord du ruisseau) (Adolphe Fischer) Violoncello—Mukle : 
Magic Flute —Overture—La Scala and Meistersinger Prelude—La Scala O|\68207||2]1.25 
Marche Militaire (Schubert, Op. 51, No. |) Victor Concert Orchestra ( 35493] 12/1.25 
and Egmont Overture (Beethoven) Victor Concert Orchestra § : 
Marseillaise, La and Tannhduser March—Fest March—Sousa's Band\16514|1|0] .75 
Mazurka (Chopin) See ‘‘ Moment Musical ”’ 
Meditation ‘“‘Thais’’ Violin Maud Powell|74135}12|1.50 
Meistersinger Prelude—La ScalaO and Magic Flute—Overture—La Scala O|68207}|2}1.25 

Melody inF (Rubinstein) ’Cello 

Rosario Bourdon 

and Spring Song (Mendelssohn) Cello ne aredent, 16516/10) .75 
Melody in F° (Rubinstein) ’Cello Hans Sod 45096] 10! 1.00 
and Le Cygne (The Swan) (Saint-Saens) ’Cello Hans Kindler : 
Menuett (Valensin) and Gavotte No. 2. (Popper) (Op. 23) Hans Kindler|45116|10}1.00 
{ Menuett (Gluck) (2) Menuett (From ‘‘Don Giovanni’) Bell Solo pee 17917/10| .75 
and Gavotte (Mozart) (2) Gavotte (Grétry) Xylophone Wm. H. Reitz : 
Menuett (Haydn) Violin Mischa E]lman|64135)10]1.00 
Menuett (Mozart) D Major No. 1 Violin aud Powell|64073} 10} 1.00 

MenuettinG (Beethoven) (2) GavotteinD (Gossec) Zimbalist 
Menuett in G (Beethoven) and Tyrolean Dance (Scherzo from “* Sonatine,’’ 
Op. 100) (Dvordk) Violin and Pianoforte—Natalie and Victoria Boshko 
errymaker’s Dance and 
PSEy, Wives of Windsor Overture (Nicolai) New Symphony Orchestra 
Jewels of the Madonna—Intermezzo (Wolf-Ferrari) Victor Orchestra 
ety stad Night's Dream—Nocturno (Mendelssohn) 

Pastora' Dance (Nell Gwyn) Conway’s Band 

74444! (2)1.50 

\ 17934]10] .75 

18164/10) .75 
35270/12}1.25 | 

ics idsummer Night's Dream—Intermezzo (Mendelssohn) Victor Concert Or 35527) 12/1.25 
Military Symphony —Minuet hird Movement) Victor ie 35520]12|1.25 
and Military Symphony—Presto (Fourth Movement—Finale) Victor Orchestra . 
Minuet (with String Quartet) (Boccherini) Fritz Kreisler|64614|‘{0}1.00 
es (Boccherini) Violin-Flute-’Cello-Harp Florentine Quartet 18049] 10! .75 

and Trdumerei (Schumann) Florentine Quartet 
Minuetin G (No.2) (Beethoven) Violin Mischa Elman|64121]10] 1.00 
Minuet in G, No. 3 eethoven) Powell|/64620| 10] 1.00 
Minuet in G’ (Op. 14, No. 1) (Paderewski) Paderewski| 74533) 12|1.50 
MinuetinG (Op. 14, No.1) (Paderewski) Piano Paderewski|88321/| 12|3.00 
Minuet Soon eu and A maryllis—A ir Louis XIII (Ghys) Victor Orchestra\16474|10| .75 
Mocking antasia (Arr. by W.R.Stobbe) Xylophone Reitz| 1696910} .75 
Mocking Bird, The (Winner) Whistling Frank ate 18083\10| .75 
and Tout Passe Waltz (Berger) Whistling Guido Gialdini 
Molly onthe Shore (Irish Reel) (Setting by Ces Powell|64611/10/1.00 
Molodka—Folk Song (2) Suninthe Sky (Folk Dance) Balalaika Orch) 70034|12/1.25 
Moment Musical (Schubert) (2) Tambourin (Rameau) iolin Kreisler|74202/12)1.50 
Moment Musicale (2) Mazurka and Dorothy (2) Gavotte—Xylophone—Reitz|18216|10| .75 
(Riemer enone! Air—Onward, Onwar ictor Band 67067/10| .75 
Serbia—National Air (2) ‘Rise, Serbians” (Patriotic Air) Victor Band : 
oonlight Sonata (First Movement) (Beethoven) Vessella’s Italian Band’ 31828} 12) 1.00 
Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) and Funeral March—Vessella’s Italian Band 35426) 12)1.25 
Morris Dance—See ‘* Dances from Henry VIII" 



Musette (Ballet from ‘“Armide’’) Victor Concert ehesitat 18314110! .75 
and Chanson Triste ( Tschaikowsky) Victor Concert Orchestra : 
My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Violin (with Orch) Samuel Foe 17756|10| .75 
and Annie Laurie (Scott) Violin (with Harp and Orchestra) Samuel Gardner ci 
My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Neapolitan Trio | 18127|10| .75 
and Old Folks at Home (Foster) Venetian Trios : 

My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) (2) Battle Hymn of the Republic 
owe) (Atr, ‘John Brown’s Body”’) Victor Band 18145)10| .75 
and Bee Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms _(Moore) a 
(2) Home, Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Victor Band 
Narcissus (Nevin) Violin-Flute-’Cello-Harp Florentine Quartet} 17472/10| .75. 
and La Serenata ( The Serenade) (Tosti) Violin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan T : 
Narcusus (Op. 13, No. 4) (Nevin) and Humoresque (Dvordk) Felix Arndt\18311\10| .75 
N ate Dageer Dance, Act Il Victor Herbert’s Orchestra| 70049) 12|1.25 
Naughty Marietta Intermezzo (Victor Herbert) Victor Herbert's priory 55054112/1.50 
nad es be ae Fouldnd caren of the Toys (Herbert) Vee PR 's Band F 
e wyn, Count ance from. ictor IVli ane an 
and Dances Pea enre Vill" Conway" ag 35530) 12/1.25 
Nocturne in FE. flat Violin Mischa s Band) 74052/12|1.50° 
Nocturne in F Sharp Major (Op. 15, No. 2) (Chopin) Paderewski| 74529) 12|1.50 
Nut Cracker Ballet—Pryor’s Band and Humoresque—Pryor’s Band|16974/|10| .75 
Old Folks at Home (Foster) Venetian ae 18127|10| .75- 
and My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Neapolitan Trio 5 
Old Gypsy, The (A on czigany) (Zerkowitz Béla) \ 18071/10| .75. 
and Prends Moi Valse (Fyscher) Olga Munkacsy’s Orchestra : 
On the Wingsof Song (Mendelssohn) and Remembrance of Gatshina \ 18060/10| .75. 
Valse (Andreeff ) Imperial Russian Balalaika Court Orchestra : 
Orientale (Kaléidoscope) (Cui) (Vi colohealla with Orch.) _ Beatrice Harrison 45066)10\1.00° 
and Liebesfreud (Old Vienna Waltz) (Kreisler) Beatrice Harrison 
Onentale (No. 9 Kaleidoscope) (CesarCui) Violin Zimbalist|64261|10|1.00 
Osole mio (DiCapua) NeapolitanSong Cornet Michele Rinaldi\ 16899|10| .75 
and Funiculi-Funicula— Neapolitan Air (Denza) Vessella’s Italian BandJ 
Osolemio (Neapolitan Serenade) Violin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan Trio | 17787|10| .75 
and Addioa Napoli (Farewell to Naples) Neapolitan TrioS ‘ 
Papillon—See ‘‘ Rustle of Spring’ 
Parsifal—Processional of Knights of Holy Grail Pryor’s Band|31735)|12/1.00: 
Pastorale (Domenico Satan Violin Elman/64636)10/1.00: 
Pastoral Dance and Merrymaker’s Dance ‘(Nell Gwyn) Conway's Band|18164/10} .75 
Pastoral Symphony (Beethoven) (Parts I and II) Victor Concert Orch|35320)|12/1.25 
Pastoral Symphony—“‘ Messiah” Victor Concert Orchestra|35499)|12/1.25 
Peer Gynt Suite, No. I1—Part I, ‘ “Morning” (Grieg) Victor Concert Orch 35470] 12/1.25 
and Peer Gynt Suite, No. | —Part II, ‘Death of Ase” Victor Concert Orchestra ~ 
Peer Gynt Suite, No. | Part 3, ‘ “Anitra’ s Dance” Victor Concert Orch 18042]10| .75 
and Peer Gynt Suite, No. / Part 4, ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King*’ J : 
Perpetuum PE ae No. 3—Op. 34, No.5 (Ries) Violin SKubelik 74257) 12)1.50: 
Polish Dance, No. | (Scharwenka) 45107]1011.00 
and Flower ‘Song (Lange) Kellogg and Victor Orchestra : 
Polonaise Militaire Chopin essella’s Italian Band 35241 1.25 
and Carnival Romain eerlare. Op. 9 (Berlioz) Victor Concert Orchestra 12/1. 
Polonaise Militaire (Op. 40, No. 1) (Chopin) Paderewski| 74530] | 2] 1.50: 
Pomp and Circumstance Merch (Op. 39, No. 1) (Elgar)  Pryor’s Ban 35247/12/1.25 
and Dream Pictures~ Fantasia with Bell Solo (Lumbye) Pryor's Band ; 
Praeludium (Jarnefelt) Victor Concert Orchestra| 18323|10| .75 
and Berceuse (Jdrnefelt) ° Victor Concert Orchestra : 
Préiude (Rachmaninoff) \ 5486 1.25 
and Liebestrdum (A Dream of Love) (Liszt) Pianoforte Schendel f 3 12}1.25, 
{ rends Moi! —Valse (Fyscher) \ 18071 
and Old Gupsy, The (A vénczigdny) (Zerkowitz Béla) Olga Munkdacy’s Of 10) .75 
Prophéte—C oronation March Pryor’s Band|31503|12/1.00 
Quartet in C Minor—Menuetto (Beethoven) Victor String Quartet 1 x 
and Quartet in F Major—Scherzo, (Beethoven) V ictor String Quartet 7964/10) .75 
Quartet for Strings—Molto Lento (‘‘Sparenmusik,Op.17, No.2"’) (Rubinstein) 3550 
and Quartet in C Minor—Scherzo (Beethoven) V; bao a Quartet 6) 12)1.25 
Quartet in C Minor—Scherzo (String Quartet, Op. 18, No. 4) (Beethoven) \ 
and Quartet for Strings—Molto Lento (Rubinstein) Victor String Quartets 35506 |12/1.25 
Quartet in D Minor—Menuetto _(Mozart) Elman String Quartet|64661|10|1.00 
eesti in F Major—Scherzo. (Beethoven) Victor String cauariet} 17964 
and Quartet in C Minor—Menuetto (Beethoven) Victor String Quartet 7964/10) .75 
Quartet in G Major—Andante (von Dittersdorf) Elman String Quartet|74525) 12]1.50 
Rakoczy March _(Hungarian March) Sousa’s Band| 52 
and Carmen—Prelude La Scala Orchestra § 68052) 12)1.25 
Réconciliation Polka (From “‘Les Millions D’Arlequin’’) (Drigo) .Victor O)\ 
and Spanish Dance inG Minor (Moszkowski) Victor Orchestra 35644 12/1.25 
ed, White and Blue, The (David T. Shaw) Victor Military Bend 58 
and- America (Henry Carey) Victor Military Band [17 0/10) .75 



On the Wings of Song (Mendelssohn) Imperial Balalaika Court Orch{|18960\10) .75 Ed 

Remembrance of Gatshina—Valse (Andreeff) 

Rienzi Overture (Wagner) Arthur Pryor’s Band 
and Die Walkure caren S Vessella’s Band 35387/12/1.25 

Renin (Monsigny) Viol Mischa Elman|64201!10) 1.00 
Romance (Rubinstein) (ae ae » No.1) (Harp Solo) Ada Sessolt\ 45070110 

and Gavotte in B Minor (Bach-Saint-Saéns) (Harp Solo) Ada Sassoli 1.00 
Rondo Capriccioso (Mendelssohn) 35265 

and Aida—March (Verdi) Vessella’s Italian Band 12/1.25 
Rosary, The_ (Nevin) and Toa Wild Rose (MacDowell) Venetian Trio|18208}10| .75 

Rustic Wedding Symphony—Bridal Song (Goldmark) Victor Concert Or| 
and Rustic eee Symphony—Serenade arene Victor Concert Or J 35627) 12) 1.25 

Rustle of Spring (Frihlingsrauschen) (Sinding) (Op. 32, No. 3) \ 
(2) See 5 (Butterfly) et, Pianoforte Julius L. Schendel})}35448) 12/1.25 

e Walkiire—Magic Fire Spell (Wagner) Julius L. Schendel 
alut da’ Rader (Love's Greeting) (Elgar) Maud Powell/64373)10/1.00 

Samson and Delilah—My Heart (Saint-Saéns) Cornet * Michele Rinaldi 17216 
end Pareivell to Forest’ (Mendelssohn) (2) Spring Song (Pinsuti) Brass Quartet 10) .75 

Schén Rosmarin (Fair Rosmarin) (Kreisler) Violin i ritz Kreisler|64314/{0| 1.00 

Sate Merle March (Bagpipesand Drums) (Contents under “‘Medleys’’) 17140|10| .75 

5 ia Batt of Killiecrankie 2. Will Ye No Come Back Again—Sutcliffe T 7 

ia National Air (2) “‘Rise, Serbians’’ (Patriotic Air) Victor Band 67067110] .75 

and Montenegro—WNational Air (Ohamo ohamo) ictor Band 
Serenade (Drigo) Violin.’ Cello-Flute Harp Florentine Quartet || 1 7699 5 
At the Brook (Boisdeffre) Véiolin- Cello-Piano * Tollefsen T rio 10) .7 
eoreriade (Moszkowski) Violin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan Trio|/17134/10] .75 
Serenade (Schubert) Violin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan Trio 16995 
and Serenade (Titl) Neapolitan Trio 10} .75 
Serenade Espagnole (Spanish Serenade) (Chaminade-Kreisler) Kreisler/64503} 10/1.00 
Serenade Falet and Toreador et Andalouse (From ‘‘Bal Costume’’) 18058! | 
(Rubinstein) Imperial Russian Balalaika Cait Orchestra 0} .75 

Serenade—Good Night, Beloved! (Nevin) 

end! Bohemian Girl Melodies (Balfe) “Then You'll Remember Me’’ and \ 18190/10| .75 
Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls’’ McKee Trio 

ener Napoletana (Sgambati) Violin ee 18175110] .75 
and An gasedien Second Concerto (de Bériot) Gardner ° 
Serenata, La (The Serenade) (Tosti) V iolin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan Trio | 17472110] .75 
and eats (Ethelbert Nevin) Violin-Flute- Cello-Harp—Florentine Quartet J : 

Shepherd's Dance—See ‘“* Dances from Henry VIII’ 

Showers of Gold—Scherzo (Clarke) (Cornet Solo) Herbert L. Clarke\ 17153/10] .75 
and Gondolier and Nightingale—Barcarolle (Langey) Cornet-Flute—Clarke-Barone ; : 
es s ae! French H Horn Horner (2) Sweet Bird—Oboe and Flute and 17174|10] .75 

Hear Me, Norma—Oboe and Clarinet (2) Tarantella—Flute and Clarinets ° 
Siectcied’ s Funeral March 
and Die Walkiire—Ride of the Valkyries—Vessella’s Band|35369}12\1.25 

Simple Confession (Simple Aveu) (Francis Thomé ischa Elman|74515)12|1.50 
Slavonic Dance, No. | (inG Jeet (Dvorxak-Kreisler) Fritz Kreisler|64488] 10| 1.00 
Sanes Withoat Words —Nos22, °° Sorrow" : (Mendelssohn) Concert ro 17805|10| .75 
and Songs Without W ME 9, “‘Consolation’ Victor Concert Orchestra. ° 
Senge Without Words (Mendelssoh n) Venetian Trio 18156/10] .75 
and Sweet Spirit, Hear My Prayer (Wallace) Neapolitan Trio 7 
Song Without Words (Cloud) Renard Trio 35155] 12/1.25 
nd Berceuse (Godard) ‘Cello Bourdon 
Southern Cross (Clarke) Cornet Herbert L. Senet 17109/10} .75 
and Good Night, Good Night, Beloved (Pinsuti) Victor Brass Quartet 
Souvenir (Drdla) Violin (Piano accompaniment) Maud Bowel 64074 10/1.00 
Souvenir Poétique (Zdenko Fibich) (Paraphrase for Violin 18144|10] .75 
by Kurt Schindler) and Toa Wild Rose (MacDowell) Vie iolin Gusikoff \ 
Spanish Dance (Sarasate, rhe 26, No. 8) Violin Jan Kubelik|74366|12|1.50 
Spanish Dance in inor (Moszkowski) Victor Orchestra 
{ and Reconciliation Polka de caractere (From “‘Les Millions D' Arlequin’’) 35644) 12/1.25 
(Drigo) ictor Orchestra 
Spinping Song (Mendelssohn's **Songs Without Words”) Renard dre} 35159] 12/1.25 
Swedish Wedding March (Soderman) ae 's Band 
Qumran Wheel (Spindler) Flute John Lemmoné|60026)10| .75 

Spring (Grieg) V. String Qt and Evening Bells (Eilenberg) Pryor’s Band\|35084|12| 1.25 

Spring Song (Mendelssohn) Reker signin 
Melody, in F—’Cello—Bourdon|16516}10| .75 
Spring Song (Pinsuti)—See ‘‘ Farewell to a e Forest’ 

Spring Voices (Frihlingsstimmen) (Whistling) ™ Guido Gialdini 
and Birds of a Forest Gavotte (Waldvoglein) "4 Adolfo) Gialdini 16835/10) .75 
Star Spangled Banner, The (Francis Scott Key) Victor Military Band 17581\10| .75 
nd Hail Columbia (Prof. Phile) Victor Military Band ° 
St. Patrick’s Day (Vieuxtemps) Violin Maud Powell) 74025) 12/1.50 

Supplication (Meditation) (McKee) 
{aes ‘and In The Gloaming i Hacrloon) ; McKee Triof |18063|10) .75 


Surprise Symphony—Allegro Victor Concert Orchestra 
: and hs piaue, Q Case Coed. Grehetral 35243) 12/1.25 
urprise Dymphony—\Vienuetto ictor Concert Urchestra 
and Andante and Vivace (Haydn) Victor Concert tent 35244) 12/1.25 
Sweet Genevieve (Tucker) \ 18130)10} .75 
and When You and 1 Were Young, Maggie (Butterfield) McKee Trio ; 
Sweet Spirit, Hear My Prayer (Wallace) Neapolitan Trio 1815610] .75 
and Songs Without Words (Mendelssohn) Venetian Trio . 
Swedish Wedding March (Soderman) Pryor’s Band \ 35159] 1211.25 
and Spinning Song (Mendelssohn) Renard Trio : 

Sweet Bird—See ‘ _ diegfried’ s Call”’ 
Symphony—See “ Fifth Symphony ”’ 

Symphony in G Minor—Allegro molto (Ist Movement) (Mozart) 
and Madente (2d Movement) (Mozaré) 4 Victor Concert Conte} 35482)12/1.25 
Tambourin Chinois (Opus No.3) (Kreisler) Violin Fritz Kreisler|/74203)|12 1.50 

Tannhauser March (Fest March) Sousa’s Band 

and Marseillaise, La—Sousa’s Band|16514|10| .75 
Tannhduser Overture—Part ] and Overture—Part II—La Scala Orchestra|68205} 12|1.25 
Tarantella—See ‘Hear Me, Norma” 

Through the Panama Canal—Descriptive F antasy Victor Military Band 35392112|1.25 
and Carovana Tripolina (A Passing Caravan in Tripoli) Vessella’s Italian & : 

Toa Wild Rose (MacDowell) 18144|10] .75 
and Souvenir Poétique (Zdenko Fibich) Violin Michel Gusikoff : 
To a Wild Rose (MacDowell) and The Rosary (Nevin) Venetian Trio|18208 10} .75 
Toreador et Andalouse (From ‘Bal Costume’) (Rubinstein) 18058|10| .75 

and Serenade Falet Imperial Russian Balalaika Court Orchestra 
To Spring (Op. 43, No.6) (Grieg) Violin Maud Powell]64264/10| 1.00 
Tout Passe Waltz (Berger) W histling Gialdini 18083|10] .75 
and Mocking Bird, The (Winner) Whistling Haffort 
Triumerei ’Cello Rosario Bourdon 
and Hearts and Flowers—Florentine Quartet\35342|12)1.25 
Traumerei (Schumann) Violin Mischa Elman|64197]10} 1.00 
Traumerei (Schumann) and A Dream (J. C. Bartlett) Kindler|45102)}10}1.00 
Tr&éumerei (Schumann) Violin-Flute-’Cello-Harp Florentine Quartet 10] .75 
and Minuet (Boccherini) Violin-Flute-’Cello-Harp Florentine Quartet 18049 
Traviata—Prelude and Aida—Prelude—Vessella’s Italian Band|17729|10} .75 
Tyrolean Dance (Scherzo from ‘‘Sonatine,’’ Op. 100) (Dvorak) 17934|10] .75 
and Menuett inG (Beethoven) (Violin-Piano) Natalie and Victoria Boshko 
Valse de Concert (Hasselmans) Harp Ada Sassoli|70088} 12} 1.25 
Valse Triste (Jean Sibelius, Op. 44) Victor Concert Orchestra 35437|1211.25 
and Angelus (From ‘ * Scenes Pittoresques’’) (Massenet) Victor Concert Orch 
Vaniations (Tartini) (Kreisler arrangement) Violin Fritz Kreisler|64156|!0}1.00 
Verona Waltz (Pietro) Pietro and /talian-Spanish Favorites—A ccordion—Pietro|17802|10} .75 
Wailana Waltz (Drowsy Waters) (Hawaiian Callas Duet) Lua-K a 17767|10| .75 
and Hilo—Hawaiian Marc Trene West Royal Hawaiians 
Walktire—Magic Fire Scene (Wagner) Vessella’s Band 35387/|12|1.25 
and Rienzi Overture (Wagner) Arthur Pryor’s Band : 
Walktre—Magic Fire Spell (Wagner) Pianoforte Schendel 354481|12|1.25 

and Rustle of Spring (Sinding) (2) Papillon (Grieg) Pianoforte—Schendel 
Walkttire—Ride of the Valkyries and Siegfried’s Funeral March—Vessella’s B}35369|1'2}1.25 
Warum ?— Why? (Schumann) (Fantasia) Pianoforte Ignace Paderewski|88494}12/3.00 
Wedding March (‘* Midsummer Night’s Dream’’) Herbert's Orch aoe 55048|12/1.50 
and Lohengrin—Bridal March (Wagner) Victor Herbert’s Orchestra 
yunee You and! Were Young, Maggie (Butterfield) 18130|10| .75 
weet Genevieve (Tucker) McKee Trio : 
Whispering Flowers (Franz von Blon) Victor Concert Orchestra 35642)1211.25 
are Poet (Gottschalk) Victor Concert Orchestra : 
Willan Tell Overture (Part I) and Part IJ—Victor Concert Orchestra}17815|10} .75 
William Tell Overture—Part Ill, ‘ ‘The Calm’’ (Rossini) V.Concert Orch \ 18012/10} .75 
and William Tell Overture—Part I V, “‘Finale’’ Victor Concert Orchestra 
ill YeNo Come Back=- Sees a Baitle ofKilliecrankiew 
Wind Amongst the Trees (Briccialdi) Flute John Lemmoné!/70026} 12} 1.25 
Yankee Doodle (1) Violin (as jig) at version (2) Oldest Printed 
Version (3) Fife and Drum (4) Full Band Victor Military Band 17583|10] .75 
and Dixie (/) Banjo; Tambourine; Clappers (2) Drum and Piccolo . 
(3) Full Band Victor Military Band 

EGENER, MINNIE, Contralto (See Pink Section for record) 

(Eewea Overture (Beethoven) Victor Concert aera 35493) 1211.25 
Marche Militaire (Schubert) Victor Concert Orchestra . 

{Eezenen Ballet—Part I (Allegretto) (Luigini) Victor ace 183291101 .75 
Egyptien Ballet—Part II (Andante Sostenuto) Victor Concert Orch : 

EHLERS, COL. EDWARD M. W.—See “‘ Masonic Records” 


ean die Gottes aus der Natur (Beethoven) German Van Ee ant altol 7 
Mein Madel hat einen Rosenmund (2) HinkendeJamben Van Eweyk BS ie de Eh 
ee Twelve Overture (1812) (Tschaikowsky) Pryor’s Band/|31739)12)1.00 
Eileen (Alanna Asthore) (From “Eileen’’?) (See also “Ireland, 
My Sireland’’) (Blossom-Herbert) McCormack|64666| 10) 1.00 
{Pengete re Trade and a Misty Moon Greek Evans 18 ol 7 
Eileen—The Irish Have a Great Day To-Night Scott Welsh} Bee ala 
E Gems from-—Part I (Blossom-Herbert) 


Victor Light Opera Company 
Chorus: “Glad, Triumphant Hour’’—Solo: “My Little Irish Rose’’— 
Solo: “Eileen (Alanna, Asthore)’ *—Chorus: ‘‘Free Trade and a Misty 
Moon’ ‘—Solo and Chorus: ‘“‘Ah, True Friends of Ireland’’—Solo and 35631/12/1.25 
Chorus: ‘When Ireland Stands Among the Nations of the Wor 

Eileen, Gems from—Part II Victor Light Opera Company 
Chorus: “The Irish Have a Great Day To-Night’ ’—Solo: “‘Ireland, My 
Sireland’’—Duet: “‘Life’s a Game’’—Duet: ‘ ‘| Want to be a Lady’ — 
Solo and Chorus: ‘“‘Love’s Awakening’’—Chorus: ‘‘Thine Alone.”’ 

Eilleen Allanna (Marble-Thomas) John McCormack/64341/10/1.00 

Ein’ feste Burg—See “‘ Mighty Fortress ”’ 

a Uchnam (Song of Volga Boatman) Russian Folk Song sano 0) .75 
Moskow (Mother Moskow) Russian Folk Song Albert Janpolski Coe ae 
Eee Hesitation (Lionel Baxter) McKee’s Crenestra} 1211.25 
Estellita—Valse Pathetique (Herbert) MoKee’s Orchestras\- > : 
ae Amanecer—Tango (Roberto Firpo) Victor Dance Oreneaa 10] .75 
Mi Ricurita—Tango (Osman Perez Freire) Victor Dance Orchestra ited " 
a Capitan March (Sousa) (See also “‘Educational’’?) | Sousa’s B 

Washington Post March Sousa’s a eae 
El Celosa (Jealous One) (Alvarez) Jn Spanish de Gogorza|64482|10| 1.00 
El Choclo Argentine Tango (Villoldo) Hurtado Bros. Marimba Bt isooal10l 75 

Selections from ‘‘ Modest Susane’’ Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba B i? 
Eldorado March (Victor Herbert) Xylophone Solo Wm. H. Sy 1808sil0l .75 

Ragging the Scale—Fox Trot (Claypoole) Banjo Solo Fred Van Eps : 

Elégie— Melodie (Massenet) Jn French Caruso-EIman|89066) |2|4.00 
Elégie (Song of Mourning) (Massenet) Jn French Emma Eames|88014}12/3.00 
{Elésts (Song of Mourning ) (Massenet) In English Elise Stevenson) 16212/10! .75 
Dreamy Moments (Ehrich)  Clarinet-Flute Christie and Lyons) 4 
Elégie (Massenet) French Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist|}87101)10|2.00 
Elephant and Portmanteau (2) Camel and Butterfly Price}|, 6694/10! .75 
Tin Gee Gee, The (Cape) Henry Allan Price) \~ : 

ELIJAH (Birmingham, 1846) (Mendelssohn) 
If With All Your Hearts Evan Williams} 74088} 12/1.50 
It is Enough Herbert Witherspoon|74082!| | 2]1.5u 
It is Enough Clarence Whitehill|74380| 12} 1.50 
Lift Thine Eyes and Gently Fall the Dews of Eve— W heeler-Dunlap-Baker|17211|10} .75 
Lord God of Abraham Clarence Whitehill] 74320] 12}1.50 
Oh Rest in the Lord Clara Butt}88415) 12/3.00 
Oh Rest in the Lord Julia Culp} 74427} 12/1.50 
Oh Rest in the Lord Janet Spencer|74290} 12}1.50 
Oh Rest in the Lord Louise Homer|88288] | 2|3.00 
Oh Restin the Lord—Morgan and Messiah—Comfort Ye My People—Macdon'’ gi.\35089)| 12) 1.25 

El—For titles beginning with this article see the next word 

ELISIR D’AMORE (Elixir of Love) (Milan, 1832) (Donizetti) 
(For complete illustrated garter see ‘Victrola Book of the Opera’’) 

Quant’e bella! (How Lovely!) Perea and Udite, udite o rustici— Rossi}62626}|10| .75 
Udite, o rustici (Give Ear, Rustics) Pini-Corsi ead Una furtiva lagrima— Perea|68152| 12} 1.25 
Udite, o rustici (Give Ear, Rustics) Rossi and Quant’e bella! — Perea}62626/10} .75 
Io sono ricco e tu.sei bella Jn Italian Passeri, Pini-Corsi and Chorus 
and Don Pasquale— Quartet, Act 1I—Brambilla, ‘A. and G. Pini- Corsi, Scipioni\ 16566)|10} .75 
Una furtiva lagrima (A Furtive Tear) Jn Italian John McCormack|74219} 2! 1.50 
Una furtivalagrima (A Furtive Tear) Jn /Jtalian Enrico Caruso/81027)| 10|2.00 
Una furtiva lagrima (A Furtive Tear) /n /talian Enrico Caruso|88339)|12/3.00 
Una furtiva lagrima—Perea and Udite, o rustici—A. Pini-Corsi|68152|12|1.25 
Wohl drang aus ihrem Herzen (A Furtive Tear) 
and Manon—Flieh, O flieh—In German—Marak|55037) 12} 1.50 
A Furtive Tear /n English ‘and Faust—All Hail Thou Dwelling—Harrison|35354| 1211.25 


ELITE ORKESTER—See “‘ Danish Records” 
FI AR Yale (2) Dear Old Yale Yale Songs Hayden uae 16713110) 75 
Men of Yale March Pryor’s Band. ; 
ELKS (B.P.O.E.) See ** Elks’ Reunion March,” “‘ Here’s to Our 
Absent Brothers,” “‘ Here’s to the Friend” and “‘ Wills’’ 
eM MISCHA, Violinist (For list of records, portrait and sketch 

**Elman” in Pink Section) 
ELMAN STRING QUARTET — Violins, Viola and ’Cello (For list 

of records, see “Elman String Quartet’? in Pink Section) 

jEme ear ation Handicap (Mohr) Collins and rear rrazeltoe7s 
At the Old Plantation Ball Collins and Harlan : 
ica Favorite Yodel (J. K. Emmett) George P. Water iesealioueys 
Alpine Specialty—Popular Yodels George P. Watson ; 
Emmett’s Lullaby (J. K. Emmett) Mabel Garrison|64695)10}1.00 
one Lullaby Heidelberg Sasa, eile 
’Tis But a Little Faded Flower (Thomas) Anthony- Harrison 5 
ana March (Von Blon) (In slow time for marching) Victor Ort 17766) 1C| .75 
Venus Reigen Waltz (Gung’l) Victor Orchestra ; 
Emperor Quartet (Theme and Variation, No. 12—Austrian Hymn) 
(Haydn) Elman String Quartet|/74516|12/1.50 

Engel, Der (The Angel) (Rubinstein) Jn German Homer-Farrar|89071/|12/4.00 
Engel, Der (The Angel) (Wesendonck-Wagner) Jn German Gadski|87273!10|2.00 
English Folk Dances—See “ Educational Records, Folk Dances” 
English Horn and Flute Duet—See “ William Tell Overture—Part III” 
English Patriotic Records—See “National Airs—Great Britain” 
English Records—All vocal selections in this catalogue are sung in 
English unless otherwise noted. 
ENNIS, TOM—lIrish Bagpipe ~ 

Irish Jigs—Medley (Piano acc.) and Irish Melodies—Medley—Tom Ennis|18286|10| .75 
lrish Melodies—Medley (Piano acc.) and Trish Jigs—Medley—Tom Ennis|18286|10| .75 
Entente Allies—Patriotic Selections—See “‘ National and Patriotic’”’ 

Enticement Tango (G. Noceti) Castle House orcnerted o| .75 
Argafarez—Tango (Firpo) Castle House OrchestraS|+79>°|" - 
Epitaphs, or Two Darkies ina Cemetery Golden and auetee 507/10] .75 
Big Bass Viol (Bohannon) Frank C. Stanley and Peerless Quartet 1G o0 4 . 
Erkennen, Das (Recognition) German ’ (Loewe) _Schumann-Heink|88550)12/3.00 
Erkennen, Das (Loewe) In German Arthur Van ewer 1211.25 
Beiden Die Grenadiere (Schumann) In German Arthur Van Eweyk BaS4i : 
Erlkonig (The Erlking) (Schubert) InGerman Pianoacc. Gadski|88040}12/3.00 
Erlkénig (The Erlking) (Schubert) Schumann-Heink|88342| 12!3.00 

ERMINIE, Operetta by Jakobowski 

Good Night Quartet— Victor Brass Qt and First Heart Throbs (Bells) Reitz}17238|10| .75 
Lullaby from ‘‘Erminie’’ (with Mixed Chorus) Mabel Garrison] 74481] 12/1.‘ 0 
Lullaby from “*‘ Erminie’’—Elsie Baker and Message of the Violet—Olive Kline}17345|10| .75 

Erminie, Gems from—Victor Light Opera ra Co. Opening Chorus, “A Sol- 
dier’s Life "’"—Solo and Chorus, *‘When Love is Young All the World 
is Gay’’—Chorus, “Join in the Pleasure’ nolo “What the Dicky 
Birds Say’ ‘"—Chorus, ° ‘Lullaby’ "—Chorus, ° ‘Deign Pray to Cheer Each 
Heart’ ‘—Solo and Snare Nemes is a Holy Union’’—Finale, 

**Away to the Chateau’’ and Gems from Florodora—Victor Light Opera Co|35451|12/1.25 
Selection—"* Soldiers’ Chorus "= —‘** Downy Jail- Birds of a Feather’’ — 
Dream, Song’’—‘* Darkest the Hour’’—‘** What the Dicky Birds 
Say ’’—*‘ Lullaby ’’—Finale 
and Chimes of Normandy Selection—Victor Orchestra|\35583) 12|1.25 
ERNANI (4ir-nah’ -nee) (Verdi) (In Italian unless noted) 
(See ‘‘ Victrola Book of the Opera’’ for complete illustrated description) 

Beviam, beviam (Comrades, Let’s Drink) La Scala Cho and Da quel di che 
t’ho veduta (When First Thy Beauty) Angela de Angelis and Francesco Cigada\35168}12)|1.25 
Come rugiada al cespite (The Sweetest Flow’r) Giovanni Martinelli/64514/10}1.00 
Come rugiada al cespite (The Sweetest Flow’r) Colazza 
and O'tu che l’alma adora (My Life’s Treasure) Martinez-Patti and Chorus|}62627|10| .75 

O tu che I'alma adora (O Thou, My Life’s Sole Treasure) 
Martinez-Patti and Chorus and Quante d’ Iberia giovani— Giacomelli and Cho|\16567|10| .75 



ERNANI, ACT I—Continued 
Ernani aoa (Ernani, Fly With Me!) Marcella Sembrich|88022!| | 2/3.00 
Emani involami (Ernani, Fly With Me!) Frieda Hempel|88383}12/3.00 
Emani inyolami—Grisi and Masked Ball—O Figlio d’ Inghilterra— Qt ae Cho|63173|10| .75 

Quante d'Jberia giovani (Noble Hispania’s Blood) Giacomelli and 
and O tu che l’alma adora—Maartinez-Patti and Ghar 16567|10) .75 
Da quel di che t’ho veduta (From the Day When First Thy Beauty) ngela 
de Angeli is and Francesco Cigada and Beviam, beviam—La Scala C hands 35168] 12/1.25 
Tu se’ Ermani (Thou Art Ernani) Giacomelli, Martinez-Patti and Pignataro 
and Finale, Act I—Giisi, Ottoboni, Rongiorgl: and Sala\16568}10| .75 

Infelice e tu credevi (Unhappy One!) Marcel Journet|/74008) 12] 1.50 
Infelice e tu credevi—de Segurola and Puritani—Sorgea la notte—de Segurola| 55007} 12) 1.50 
Infelice e tu credevi—Sillich and Mahon—Sempre la stressa— Malesci|}63421|10| .75 

Vedi come il buon vegliardo (Well 1 Knew My Trusty Vassal) Grisi, 
Sangiorgi, Sala and Ottoboni and A te scegli, seguimi—Colazza and de Luna|35169| 121.25 
Finale, Act I—Grisi, Ottoboni, Sangiorgi and Sala 
and Tu se’ Ernani (Thou Art Ernani) Giacomelli, Patti and Pignataro|16568/10| .75, 
Esultiam ! (Day of Gladness) La Scala Chorus 
and Oro quant’ oro—Bernacchi, Colazza and de Luna|16569}10} .75. 
Oro quant’ oro (1 Am the Bandit Ernani) Bernacchi, Colazza and de Luna 
and Esultiam! (Day of Gladness!) La Scaia Chorus|16569| 10} .75 
La vedremo—Caronna and de Luna and Vieni meco—Grisi, Cigada, etc|16570|10| .75 
Vieni meco—Grisi, Cigada, Ottoboni and Chorus 
and La vedremo, o veglio audace—Ernesto Caronna and Torres de Luna|16570|10| .75 
A te scegli, seguimi (Choose Thy Sword, and Follow!) Colazzaandde Luna 
and Vedi come il buon vegliardo— Grisi, Sangiorgi, Sala and Ottoboni|35169}12}1.25 
In arcion, cavalieri! (To Horse, Ye Warriors!) Sala, Preve and Chorus 
and Si ridesti il leon di Castiglia—La Scala Chorus}16571|10| .75 
O de'verd’ anni miei (Oh Bright and Fleeting Shadows) Mario Ancona|88062 
de’verd’ anni miei (Oh Bright and Fleeting Shadows) Giuseppe de Luca|74506 
Si ridesti il leon di Castiglia (Rouse the Lion of Castille) La Scala Chorus 
and Jn arcion, cavalieri |—Giuseppe Sala, Cesare Preve and Chorus|16571 
O sommo ERS (Oh, Noble Carlos) Battistini, Corsi, Colazzs, Sillich and Cho|92046 
O sommo Carlo—Grisi, Sangiorgi, Cigada and Chorus 
and Ferma, 'crudele—Bernacchi, Colazza and de Luna|35170 


Festa da ballo—O come telici! (Hail, Bright Hour of Gladness) 
La Scala Chorus and Hamlet—O vin (Thomas) Cigada and Chorus|16572|10| .75 
Ferna, crudel (Stay Thee, My Lord) Bernacchi, Colazza and de Luna 
and. O sommo Carlo—Grisi, "Sangiorgi, Cigada and Chorus|35170)12)1.25 

Selection—Pryor's Band and Prize Song—Meistersinger—’Cello—Sorlin|35111)12|1.25 
Es ist bestimmt in Gottes Rath (It is Ordained by God’s Decree ) 

(Mendelssohn) Jn German Ernestine Schumann-Heink|88155} |2/3.00 
Se ee ere (de Mesquita) Castle House part 53731121 1.25 
Cecile—Waltz Hesitation (F. W. McKee) Castle House OrchS |? | 

ESPOSITO, CLOTILDE, Soprano—See “ Favorita” and ‘‘ Trovatore”’ 



on oo 






Es steht ein’ Lind’ (The Linden in the Dale) (Arr. by Berger) Jn German 

ES { Estellita—Valse Pathetique (Herbert) McKee’s ae: BA7elaltos 
Elaine—Valse Hesitation (‘‘Valse Elaine’’) (Baxter) McKee’s O aoe c 
fEstellita Waltz (Siegel) Mandolin-Guitar Siegel and Boda! 10l-.75 
Sweet and Low (Barnby) Victor Brass Quartet aoe ee : 
ESTUDIANTINA TRIO, Guitar and Bandurrias—See ‘‘Araby’’ and 
f “* Santiago ” 
(peradien ine Waltz (Waldteufel) Xylophone William H. net so|10l..75 
Gretchen’s Dream Waltz (Wappam) Whistling Guido Gialdini £70 So 3 
(ercreannane Waltz (Walter) Athenian Mandolin oa 17990 ales 
Spanish Rhapsody Mandolins and Guitar Athenian Mandolin Qt Lye 
er ude nuna Waltz (Waldteufel) Victor Orchestra\ norer 10| 75 
War Songs March (Rogers) Victor Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps) ef 
Estudiantina Waltz Vocal arrangement Lyric Quartet} 5869/10} .60 
{Ectudicntne Waltz (Waldteufel) Accordion Rise RTsBB Gers 
Wedding of the Winds Waltz (Hall) Accordion Pietro ie 

E Suonan le Campane (Ettore Titta Ruffo) In Italian  Titta Ruffo|87138/10/2.00 
Eternamente (Mascheroni)—See “For All Eternity” 

Jie (Gates-Bliss) Whitney Brothers uerESs : 
Twenty-third Psalm and Lord’s Prayer. Sacred Reading soot 
Etude—For Three Chopin Etudes see ‘‘ Chopin” eI 
Etude No. 2 in F Minor (Liszt)  Pianoforte Paderewski|88402!12/3.00 
Eugen Onegin—Air de Lienski (‘Echo lointain de ma jeunesse ! ’’"— 

Faint Echo of My Youth) (Tschaikowsky) In French Caruso/88582] | 2/3.00 


Castle House Rag One-Step and Congratulations Waltz—Europe’s Soc. Or|35372)12|1.25 
; Congratulations Waltz (Europe) and Castle House Rag—Europe’s Soc. Or|35372|12|1.25 
Evangelimann Grosse Fantasie |. Teil (The Evangelist ¢ 
(Kienzl) Apollo Orchestra 68481|12/1.25 
_Evangelimann—Grosse Fantasie 2.: Teil Apollo Orchestra 
EVANS, ADMIRAL ROBLEY D.—Farewell Address to the Navy 5632]10} .60 

EVANS, GREEK, Baritone 
Free Trade and a Misty Moon (from “Eileen ‘’) 
and The Irish Have a Great Day To-night (From “‘Eileen’’) Welsh|18285|10| .75 
rae (From “Pom Pom’) (Caldwell-Felix) Mizzi Hajos 

In the Dark (From ‘Pom Pom’’) Mizzi Hajos ooo ote 
‘eres at Mrs. Clancey’s [rish Victor Vaudeville at 75 
I’d Rather Be on the Gates Lookin’ In (Snyder) Bob Robertss |18656|19) - 

Evening Bells—tIdyll (Eilenberg) Pryor’s Band} 

{ Spring (Grieg) : Victor String Quartet GoOSe all 2e 
{Exoning Bells (Abendlauten) (Eilenberg) with Bells Venetian rio} 75 
Alpine Violet (Alpenveilchen) Violin-’Cello-Harp Venetian ‘Trios (eos ol ok 
(rene Brings Rest and You (Whaley-Bishop) . Murphy) asio6l1011.00 
Kashmiri Song (Hope—W oodforde-Finden) Murphy) \"~ : 
jeans Chimes (Heins) (Violin-Flute-Harp, with Bells). Neapolitan deer 7sasiGiens 
Woodland Echoes (Wyman) Neapolitan Trio : 
atone Chimes—Réverie (Marzian) wiih Bells Venetian eer TeOts 75 

Cupid’s Garden—Intermezzo. (Eugene) Bell Solo Wm. H. Reitz Me esac 
{Eyening Prayer (Battersby Gabriel) Homer Rodeheaver 17714|10| .73 
How Sweet is His Love (Rowe-Excell) (Organ acc.) Nodehee uy 
Evening Song (Butler-Blumenthal) McCormack}74243}12}1.50 
Evening Song (Sidney Lanier-Hemy Hadley) McCormack 64496|10/1.00 
Evening Star, Song to the—See “‘ Tannhauser—O du mein’ 
Evening With the Minstrels—See “ Minstrels” 
Evensong Waltz (Martin) Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra tol .75 
Get Off My Foot—Fox Trot Joseph C. Smith’s Oneal Tees 
Everybody Hula (Cunha) (Hawaiian Guitars) Louise-Ferera 

Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo Helen Louise-Frank preza 1840 Oe 


Everybody Loves an Irish Song (McKenna) American Qt 
{ *Twas Only an Irishman’s Dream Henry Bot 18198)10), 25 
PERO, Rag With Me (Kahn-Le Boy) American ouartey i iol .75 
You Don’t Know How Glad I am to Get Back Home—Billy Murray ee 
tRyery Pedy, s Doing it Now (Irving Berlin) Collins and Pexian} solt0| .75 
Darktown Poets—Darky Specialty Golden and Hughes ou 
teeerrEcdy.s s Jazzin’ It (Hart-Hays) Collins and Harlan i 10! .75 
When He’s All Dolled Up Byron G. nia ou : 
(Elen ney Two-Step—Trot Victor pape} i101 .75 
Robert E. Lee Medley Victor Military Band EE ; 
jeer ooy Works But Father (Havez) Billy est dénoallolic7s 
Taffy (Bryan) Jones and Murray with Hayden Quartet ae of, 
Every Laddie Loves a Lassie (The Picnic) Harry Lauder|70060)12)|1.25 
{Every Little Bit Added to What You’ve Got (Dillon) Se ae , 10! .75 
Any Rags (Allen) Arthur Collinss|1®#15)"") ° 
(EYEEY Little Movement (‘Madam Sherry”) Seo bunara cues ' 10] .75 
Alma (‘‘Alma, Where Do You Live 2’’) Barbour and Anthony aa ’ 
(Everything is Going Up (Murphy-Gumble) Billy epee is 10 
Rolling in His Little Rolling Chair Willie Weston} |18233)'°| -75 
Everything Reminds Me of That Old Sweetheart of Mine 
Campbell- Burr-Oakland| 17697|10| .75 
There’s a Little Spark of Love Still Burning (McCarthy-Fischer) Burr 
(Exorunon of Dixie (Lake) (See ‘“‘Medley No. 101”) Conway’s Bt 3560011211.25 
Melodious Memories (Medley) (Herman Finck) Conway’s Band ; 
oe rybody Loves Rag (Howard Harriman) Coe ea 17633|10| .75 
Roll Them Cotton Bales (Johnson) Heidelberg Quintette ; 
Ev’ry Valley Shall be Exalted—See ‘“‘Messiah”’ 
{Excelsior (Balfe) Werrenrath and Se aoe ee 35116|1211.25 
\. Jerusalem (Parker) Frank C. Stanley ; 
ner on (A Negro Sermon) (Rogers-Cook) Reed aes 17695|10| .75 
Dah’s Gwineter be er Lan’slide (Strickland) Reed Miller : 
area (Ecstasy) Intermezzo (Ganne) Violin-’Cello-Piano Tollefsen pe 35303) 12/1.25 
Andante (Hollman) ’Cello Bourdon : 
ERE (Ecstasy) (Thomé) McKee’s Serer 35574(12|1.25 
Goyescas—Intermezzo (Granados) McKee’s Orchestra : 
aepeese (Ganne) (Transcription by Tobani) ‘Cello poarcas 17395/10| .75 
Spring Song (Mendelssohn) Violin Maximilian Pilzer : 

Eye Hath Not Seen—See “ Holy City ” 
Eyes of Blue (Gannon-Orth) Jn English Herbert Witherspoon|64474|10)1.00 
woes of Heaven (My Mother's Star) (Wilander-De Costa) a 18138|10| .75 
In Florida Among the Palms Sterling Trio : 


Face to Face (Sacred Song) (Herbert Johnson) Frank C. Stanley/31587/12/1.00 

Face to Face (Herbert Johnson) Evan Williams|74477) 12/1.50 
hece to Face (Herbert Johnson) Percy nee 1e674\10l .75 
How Firm a Foundation (Keith-Portugal) Trinity Choir : 

(F ackeltanz (Torchlight Dance) (Meyerbeer) Conway’s sey 355051211.25 
Finlandia (Tone Poem) (Sibelius, Op. 26, No. 7) Conway’s B t 
{F ading Leaves—Serenata (Carroll) Hurtado Bros. Marimba panes 18048|10| .75 
Cavalleria Rusticana-Intermezzo (Mascagni) Hurtado Bros. Marimba B ’ 
(Fairest of the Fair March (Sousa) Sousa’s pend 16777\10| .75 

| Stars and Stripes Forever March (Sousa) Sousa’s Band ° 
{Fair Harvard (Harvard University Song) (Unacc.) Orpheus Ort 17413/10| .75 
1 Johnny Harvard (Harvard University Song) (Unacc.) Orpheus Qt ‘ 

ee Hawaii (Kutz) Edna Brown-James Reed) Pareslin 75 
She Sang ‘‘Aloha’’ to Me Raymond Dixon and Orpheus Quartet . 
Fair Moon (From “‘H. M.S. Pinafore”) (Sullivan) MacFarlane|60136)10| .75 




Fairy Tales—See ‘Children’s Records” and ‘‘ Educational Records— 
Stories and Readings”’ 
Faithfu’ Johnie (Beethoven) /n English Julia Culp|74429]12/1.50 
FALL, LEO—See “Dollar Princess,’”’ ‘‘ Liebe Augustin,” ‘‘ Miss 
Caprice’”’ and “‘ Siren, The”’ 

| Size 

Fall in Line (Suffrage March) (Hawn) Victor Military Bese Ss 
Mr. Dooley’s Address to the Suffragists Sieve Porters put Gos) eee 
Fall of Wolsey, The—Recitation (Shakespeare) Frank Doar ‘oltol .75 
Hamlet’s Soliloguy—Recitation (Shakespeare) Frank Burbeck poate i 
FALSTAFF (Fohl'-stahf) (Milan, 1893) (Giuseppe Verdi) 
Quand’ ero paggio (WhenI Was Page) In/Jtalian (2) Don Giovanni— 

Serenata, ““ Deh vieni alla finestra’” (Open Thy Window) Antonio Scotti/88194| 12/3.00 
Fantasie from Garden Scene—Faust Violin Mischa Elman/64122}10/1.00 
Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66 (Chopin) Pianoforte Wilhelm Bachaus|71040}12/1.50 
Fantasie—Madame Butterfly (Puccini) “Cello Victor Sorlin|31696|12/1.00 

Goren (French Folk Dance) (arr. by Burchenal) Victor Band 101 .75 
Lott’ ist Tod (Swedish Folk Dance) Victor Military Band} seer Eat 
Far Away in Honolulu-——They’ve Got the Tango Craze 
(The Leightons) Van and Schenck} 18269}10) .75 
There’s Something Nice About the South Van and Schenck 
FARELLI, TINA, Soprano—See ‘‘Africana”’ 
Fare Thee, Honey, Fare Thee Well (Queen-Wilson) 
(Piano acc.) . Marie Cab 45125/10/1.00 
Under the Bamboo Tree Marie Cahill 
Farewell Address to the Navy—Speech — Admiral Evans} 5632]10} .60 
it arewell to the Forest (Mendelssohn) (2) Spring Song (Pinsuti) Brass Qt 10| .75 
Samson and Delilah—My Heart at Thy Voice Cornet Michele Rinaldit A ee 

Farfadets, Les (Pente) Violin (Pianoforte by Percy Kahn) Mischa Elman|64128}10}1.00 
Farfalla (Will-o’-the-Wisp) (Sauret) Violin (Pianoacc.) Maud Powell|74183/12/1.50 
(pony are Caprice (Thurban) Conway’s pend 75 
Baby’s Sweetheart—Serenade (Corri) Conway’s Band 17215)10i% 
{hora are Medley—with Animal Imitations American pea est 5 75, 
Uncle Josh and the Photographer—Rural Monologue Cal Stewart) ie Ole 

FARRAR, GERALDINE, Soprano (Fah'-rah) (For list of records, | 

portrait and sketch see “‘Farrar”’ in Pink Section) 

The career of Miss Farrell is an interesting one, showing 
what pluck and determination will do for a young girl who is 
‘ambitious. When she decided on a theatrical career she deter- 
mined to learn the business thoroughly, and began at the bottom 
_—by having her feet educated! After a course at Ned Way- 
‘burn’s Dancing School she secured some stage experience with 
“Rogers Brothers in Ireland,” followed by a brief season on the 
vaudeville stage with the “Four College Girls.” This showed 
‘her the need of voice culture and she spent six months in hard — 
-work with a vocal teacher, after which she offered her services # % 
sto Oscar Hammerstein and was engaged! However, twenty- A RREEL 
-eight operas in one season seemed pretty hard work, and the 
-young lady then tried comic opera. Engagements with “ Miss Princess,”’ “‘ American Maid” 
and with Lillian Russell gave her a reputation which resulted in a vaudeville engagement on 
the Big Time. When Lew Fields saw Miss Farrell's performance in Chicago he told her 
she must be in his next musical production. In ‘‘Step This Way’ she has made the hit of 
her career, and her singing and dancing are one of the features of the production. 


By the Sad Luana Shore and If I Knock the ** L” out of Kelly—Farrell| 18105) 10\ .75 
Come On and Baby Me and Since Maggie Dooley Learned—Marguerite Farrell|18131|\0} .75 
IfI Knock the ‘‘L”’ out of Kelly and By the Sad Luana Shore—Farre!l|181Q5} 10} .75 
Naughty! Naughty! Naughty! and When You Hear Jackson Moan—Murray\18213}|0} .75 
Says I to Myself, Says I and Wonderful Girl, Good Night—Farrell 18346 ie oo 

Since Maggie Dooley Learned the Hooley and Come On and Baby Me—Fearrell\1813 
(Continued on next page) 


Sweet Babette She Always Did the Minuet and You've Got Me Going—Farrell|18135/10| .75 

ful Ca x 
Yarra GotMs Going Wil Your Wish Eyer tial Soetoro tersctiol 43 
get Waltz (Marchetti) Smith’s Orchestra 
For Me and My Gal—Medley Fox Trot Smith’s Gichoaiet Bona cs 
eee Waltz— Whistling Guido Gialdini 
Southern Melodies—Xylophone (See “Medley No. 253”) Wm. Bate} Boot ol ules 
$i ascinator March—One-Step (Scheid) Pryor’s Band 
Society Swing Two-Step—for Dancing (Frantzen) Prvyor’s Boat Sooo ee 
Fateful Moment (Tschaikowsky) °’Cello obbligato Russian Michailowa'|61133}10|1.00 
fEether as a Scientist (Case) Charlie Case 
Fourth of July at Jayville Centre Harlan, Stanley and Chea} Looe hance 
{eet Goose Songs _ (Rogers-Baum-Halle) Sallie Osbourne 10! .75 
Dutch Kiddies (Wooden Shoe Dance) (Trinkhaus) Victor ue Meese 2 
foaeret of 36 Nat Wills 
Parody on Eight Familiar Songs Nat Wille De eas 
15 ather’s Little Man _ (Elton) Ada Reeve 
Foolish Questions Ada set Leto ies 
Father Was Out Murry K. Hill i 
{ Flanagan’s Motor Car Gite Pater} Peal aelcie 
FATHER—Comic Songs About—See ‘‘Everybody Works But Father,” 
“‘Father’s Little Man,” ‘Give a Little Credit to Your Dad,’ “ He 
Wants Someone to Call Him Papa,” “Here Comes My Daddy 
Now,” “‘ Mother Hasn’t Spoke to Father,” ‘‘ Same as His Faither 

Was” and “‘ What’s the Matter With Father” 
Fatherland, the Motherland, the Land of My Best Girl—Kaufman 

Always Treat Her Like a Baby (Irving Berlin) Irving Caaf E7G 38 \01E 22 
(ieeuize Selection (von Suppé) Pryor’s pepe faeoy 
Barcarolle—Contes d’Hoffmann (Offenbach) Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler 10) .75 
FAULKNER, GEORGENE—See “Children’s Records” and 
“Educational Stories and Readings” ; 
FAURE, GABRIEL (1845— ) See “Pie Jesu” 
FAURE, JEAN—See “Crucifix,” ‘‘ Palms,” ‘‘Rameaux” and ‘‘Sancta | 

FAUST, by Berlioz—See ‘Damnation of Faust” 

FAUST (Fowst) by Gounod (Sung in French unless otherwise indicated) 

Opera in five acts; libretto by Barbier and Carré, founded upon Goethe's tragedy ; 
music by Gounod. First produced in Paris, 1859; London, 1863; New York, 1863. 

Faust, a German philosopher, after a life of meditation, becomes disgusted with the 
smallness of human knowledge and his own inability to unravel the mysteries of Nature. 
He summons to his aid the Spirit of Evil, who appears to him under the form of 
Mephistopheles. Through the supernatural power of the latter, Faust is restored to youth 
and endowed with personal beauty and luxurious garb. Mephistopheles, in a vision, 
reveals to him the village maid Margaret, with whom the student falls in love. Margaret, 
noted for her loveliness, has been left by her soldier brother, Valentine, under the care of 
Dame Martha, a worthy but not very vigilant personage. The maiden at first rejects the 
stranger's advances, but Faust, aided by the influence of Mephistopheles, urges his suit, 
and Margaret’s resistance is at length overcome. Valentine, on returning from the wars, 
learns what has occurred; he challenges his sister’s betrayer, but, through the intervention of 
Mephistopheles, he is killed in the duel. Margaret, horror-stricken at the calamity of 
which she is the cause, gives way to despair. Her reason becomes affected, and in a 
frenzy she kills her infant. She is thrown into prison, and Faust, aided by Mephistopheles, 
obtains access to the cell in which she is confined. They both eagerly urge her to fly, but 
Margaret, in whom holier feelings have obtained the ascendant, spurns their proffered aid, 
and expires. Mephistopheles is triumphant at the apparent success of his schemes to 
destroy a human soul, but a chorus of heavenly voices is heard proclaiming that there is 
pardon for the repentant sinner, and the Evil One, foiled and overcome, crouches in terror 

as the spirit of Margaret is borne to heaven by ministering angels. 
(Continued on next page) 

Fiat he! ‘ 


FAUST (GOUNOD)—Continued 
The complete opera has been recorded by the Victor, with the exception of a few 

unimportant bits which are not interesting without the action. The numbers are pnnted in 
the order of their occurrence in the opera. For a more complete description of the opera 
with English translations and twenty-six illustrations see ‘‘ Victrola Book of the Opera.” 


Prelude to Faust L’Orchestre Symphonique/|58016|12 
La vaga pupilla (Rise, Slumb’ring Maiden) Jn Jtalian de Tura and Chorus|76019)12 
lo voglio il piacer (Pleasures of Youth) G. Pini-Corsi and Sillich /Jtalian 

and Forza del Destino—Solenne in quest’ ora—Colazza and Caronna|63174|10} .75 
O merveille (Heavenly Vision) Finale, Act I Caruso and Journet|89039}12/4.00 
Kermesse Scene N. Y. Grand Opera Chorus|74213]12/1.50 
Kermesse Scene—La Scala Cho Italian and Aria gioielli (Jewel Song) Huguet|68160}12)1.25 
Dio possente— Even Bravest Heart. Jn Italian Antonio Scotti/88203)12|3.00 
Dio possente—Even Bravest Heart Jn /talian Emilio de Gogorza|881 74) 12/3.00 
Dio possente—Even Bravest Heart Jn /talian Titta Ruffo|92043} 12|3.00 
Dio possente—Cigada Italian and Favorita—Quando le soglie—Mileri and Minolfi|\68275} 12)1.25 
Even Bravest Heart Jn English and Heart Bowed Down—Reinald Werrenrath|55079|12|1.50 
Veau d'or (Calf of Gold) Marcel Journet|64036| 10) 1.00 
Veau d'or (Calf of Gold) Pol Plangon|81038}10/2.00 
Scéne des Epées (Scene of the Swords) Amato, Journet and Opera Chorus/89055]12/4.00 
Scéne des Epées (Scene of the Swords) (with Chorus) Vigneau 
and Anges purs—T rio|69227|10} .75 

Waltz from Kermesse—Pryor's Band 
and In Happy Moments (‘‘Maritana’’) Alan Turner|16552}10} .75 

Waltz (Violin) D’Almaine and Scenes That Are Brightes-—D’ A lmaine|16093)|10| .75 

Faites-lui mes aveux (Flower Song) Rita Fornia|64162]10}1.00 

Le parlate d’'amor (Flower Song) In Italian Louise Homer/87075]10/2.00 

Le parlate d’amor—Zaccaria _/n Italian 
and Prison Scene, Part I]I—Huguet, Lara and de Luna|62085)10| .75 
in the Language of Love (Flower Song) Corinne Morgan In English 

and Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (Ben Jonson) Harry Macdonough\|35086' t2!1.25 



salut demeure (All Hail, Thou Dwelling Lowly) Enrico Caruso 
Salve, dimora (All Hail, Thou Dwelling Lowly) i Italian John McCormack 
All Hail Thou Dwelling Lowly (Salut demeure) In English George Hamlin 
All Hail Thou Dwelling Lowly (Salve dimora) Jn English 
and Elixir of Love (A Furtive Tear) In English-—Charles Harrison 
Le Roi de Thulé—Ballad of the King of Thule Geraldine Farrar 
Air des bijoux (Jewel Song) Geraldine Farrar 
Air des bijoux (Jewel Song) Nellie Melba 
Air des bijoux (Jewel Song) Marcella Sembrich 
Aria dei gioielli (Jewel Song) Italian Huguet and Kermesse Scene—La Scala Cho 
Seigneur Dieu! (Saints Above) Quartet from Garden Scene, Part I 
arrar, Caruso, Journet and Mme. Gilibert 
Eh quoi toujours seule? (But Why So Lonely?) Quartet from the Garden 
Scene, Part Il Farrar, Caruso, Journet and Mme. Gilibert 
Invocation Mephistopheles—Oh Night, Draw Thy Curtain | Journet 
Lasse-moi (Let Me Gaze) (Preceded by “‘II se fait tard’’—The Hour is 
Late!) Duet from the Garden Scene, Part | Farrar and Caruso 
Dammiancor (Let Me Gaze) In /talian Nielsen and Constantino 
Eternelle (Forever Thine!) Duet, Part Il Farrar and Caruso 
NOTE—The four records above are parts of the same duet. 
Elle ouvre sa fenétre (She Opens the Window!) 
Fantasie from Garden Scene Violin 

Quando ate lieta (When All Was Young) Jn IJtalian 

Soldiers’ Chorus —Deponiam il brando 

Farrar and Journet 

Mischa Elman 

Louise Homer 

Y. Grand Opera Cho 

Soldiers’ Chorus J/talian La Scala Cho and Don Pasquale—-Sogno soave—A cerbi 
Soldiers’ Chorus Jn English Mountain Ash Party 
Soldiers’ Chorus—Pryor’s B and Devil’s March (von Suppe) Pryor’s B 
Soldiers’ Chorus—Made especially for School Marching 

and March Religioso (Onward Christian Soldiers) Victor Band 
Serenade Mephistopheles Marcel Journet 
Serenade Mephistopheles Pol Plancgon 
Serenade Mephistopheles In Italian Titta Ruffo 

Que voulez-vous, messieurs ? (Whatis Your Will) Caruso, Scotti and Journet 
Que voulez-vous, messieurs ? Van Hoose, Journet and de Gogorza 
Morte di Valentino (Death of Valentine) with Opera Chorus Scotti 


Scéne de L’Eglise (1) (Church Scene, Part]) Farrar, Journet and Chorus 
Scéne de L’ Eglise (il) (Church Scene, Part II) Farrar, Journet and Chorus 
Rammentailieti (Dost Thou Remember ?) %InItalian Titta Ruffo 


Ballet Music—Part I, Valse ‘ ‘Les Nubiennes”’ L’Orchestre Symphonique 
Ballet—"‘ Dance of Nubian Slaves” and Dance of Trojan Maidens—Vessella’s B 
Ballet Music—No. 2, Cleopatra and the Golden Cup ‘Orchestre Sym 
Ballet Music—Nos. 5 and 6—Les Troyennes L’ Orchestre atte 
Ballet Music—Dance of.the Trojan Maidens and Dance of Nubian Slaves 

Vessella’s Band 
Ballet Music—Finale—‘** Danse de Phryne”’ 

L’ Orchestre Symphonique 

Prison Scene—Part I, Mon cceur est pénétré d’ épouvante! (My Heart is 
Torn with Grief) eraldine Farrar and Enrico Caruso 
Prison Scene—Part II, Attends! voici larue_ (This is the Fair) 
Geraldine Farrar and Enrico Caruso 
Prison Scene—Part Ill, Alerte! (Leave Her) Farrar-Caruso-Journet 
Prison Scene—Part IIl Jn Jtalian Huguet, Lara and de Luna 
and Le parlate d’amor (Flower Song) InItalian—Emma Zaccaria 
Prison Scene—Part Ill Jn English Victor Opera Trio 
Prison Scene—Vessella’s Band and Favorita—Fantasia—Vessella’'s Band 
Anges purs! Anges radieux! (Holy Angels, in Heaven Blest) 
de Montalant-Rocca-d’Assy and Scéne des Epées—V igneau 


FAUST—GEMS FROM Victor Opera Company 
ermesse Waltz '’—‘‘ Flower Song *’—* ‘ Jewel Song "’—Duet from 
**Garden Scene '’—Trio, *‘ Prison Scene ’’—*‘Soldiers’ Chorus ”’ 

Faust—Selection of Favorite Airs--Introduction to Kermesse, Act I—Flower 
Song, Act II—Kermesse Waltz, Act! Soldiers’ Chorus Sousa’s Band 

Selection—Including Introduction to Act Ill, Flower Song Waltz and Ballet 
from Finale Act Il—Victor B and Crown Diamonds Overture (Auber) Victor B 

Waltz to Act | (Violin) D’Almaine and Scenes That Are Brightest—D’Almaine 

FAVOR, EDWARD M., Comedian—See “ Fol the Rol Lol” 

88003) 12/3.00 
74220|12|1.50 Fa 
74139|12/1.50 —— 
88229) 12/3.00 
88066) 12/3.00 
88024 | 12/3.00 
68160) 12/1.25 
952041 1215.00 
64119] 10|1.00 
89040) 12/4.00 
64122) 10|1.00 
88200] 12/3.00 
62624/10| .75 
5689)10| .60 
16502/10| .75 
74036) 12/1.50 
95206) 12/5.00 
74004) 12|1.50 
88282\ 123.00 
89035] 12/4.00 
89037] 12/4.00 
87166) 10|2.00 
58015} 12/1.00 
17284/10| .75 
58018} 12/1.00 
58020) 12/1.00 
17284]10| .75 
89033] 12/4.00 
89034 12/4.00 
95203} 12|5.00 
62085)10| .75 
60097/10| .75 
35449] 12/1.25 
69227/10| .75 
31879] 12/1.00 
31104} 12|1.00 
35016) 12|1.25 
1609310) .75 



VICTOR RECORDS | Number | 3 

FAVORITA (Fah-voh-ree’ -tah)—The Favorite (Paris, 1840) (Donizetti) 
(See Book of aa Opera for complete description) (Sung in Italian) 


Una vergine (Like an Angel) r Florencio Constantino|64090| 10) 1.00 
Un ange, une femme inconnue (Like an Angel) 

and Ange sipur (French) Campagnola 45119)10|1.00 

Non saitu che d’un giusto (Know’st Thou) Martinez-Patti and Preve 

and Bei raggi lucenti_(Ye Beams of Gold) Roselli and Chorus|62635|10| .75 

Bei raggi lucenti (Ye Beams of Gold) Roselli and La Scala Chorus 

and Non sai tu che d’un giusto (Know’st Thou) _Martinez-Patti and Preve|62635\10| .75 

Fia vero! lasciarti (Fly from Thee!) Esposito and Martinez-Patti 

and Norma—In mia mano—Giacomelli and Martinez-Patti\68309)| 12|1.25 


Vien Leonora (Leonora, Thou Alone) Cigada 
and Splendon pid belle (In Heavenly Splendor) _ de Luna and Chorus|68061 12}1.25 

Quando le soglie (From My Father's Halls) Mileri and Minolfi 
and Faust—Dio possente—Cigada|68275)12|1.25 

Ah! I’alto ardor (Oh, Love!) Matzenauer and Amato/|89062)12/4.00 
Ah! paventa il furor (The Wrath of Heaven) Codolini, Cigada, Sillich 

and Chorus and A tanto amor—Francesco Cigada|16536|10| .75 


Atanto amor (Thou Flow’r Beloved) Mattia Battistini/92045}]12|3.00 
A tanto amor—Cigada_ and Paventa il fuor—Codolini, Cigada, Sillich and Cho|16536|10| .75 
Atanto amor (Thou Flow’r Beloved) Mario Ancona/|88063)12|3.00 
O mio Fernando (Oh, my Ferdinand) Matzenauer|88363) 12/3.00 

Orsa, Fernando (Stay! Hear Me, Ferdinand!) Cappiello, Acerbi and Cigada 
and Pietoso al pard’un Nume (Merciful as God) Esposito and Martinez-Patti|}62659|10| .75 

Splendon pit belle (In Heavenly Splendor) de Segurola and Chorus 

and Manon—Et je sais votre nom (Massenet) In French—Korsoff and Beyle\16551\10| .75 
Splendon pid belle—de Luna and Chorus and Vien Leonora—Cigada\68061)\12)|1.25 
Splendon pit belle Journet and Metropolitan Opera Chorus] 74273} 12/1.50 
Spirto gentil (Spirit So Fair) Enrico Caruso|88004| 12/3.00 
Spirto gentil (Spirit So Fair) Gennaro de Tura|76012)12/2.00 
Spirto gentil (Spirit So Fair) Hippolito Lazaro|74496| 12/1 50 
Spirit So Fair (Spirto gentil) Jn English Evan Williams|74141|12]1.50 

Ange si pur (Spirit So Fair) 

and Un ange, une femme inconnue (French) Leon Campagnola|45119} 10|1.00 
Pietoso al par d'un Nume (As Merciful as God) Esposito, Martinez-Patti 

and Orsd, Fernando (Hear Me, Ferdinand!) Cappiello-A cerbi-Cigada|62659|10| .75 
Grand Fantasia and Faust—Prison Scene—Vessella’s Band|35449} 12|1.25 
Favorite College Songs—See ‘‘ Medley No.6”? Victor Male Cho 

Songs of Good Fellowship Victor Male Chorus} |25573| !2|!.25 
Favorite Hornpipe Medley Violin (See “Medley No. 102”) eS 10 .75 
Medley of Old-Time Reels Violin (See “Medley No. 232") D’Almaine 16323 a 
Feast of Lanterns—See “Sing a Song of Sixpence” 
FEDERICI, F., Tenor—See “‘ Manon” and “‘ Rigoletto” 
pao Gavotte (F. J. Lapitino) with Celesta Neapolitan niet eailtol 74 
Idyll (Idilio) (Theo. Lack) with Bells (Opus 134) Neapolitan TrioS|** : 
FEINHALS, FRITZ, Baritone—See ‘“‘ Flying Dutchman” ; 

a elix Diaz March (Presa) Police Band of Mesica OaelTs 
Light Cavalry Overture (Suppé) Sousa’s Band5|** 1.25 
Felsenmuhle Overture (Mill on the Cliff) (Reissiger) | Pryor’s a 12 

Glow-worm—lIntermezzo (Lincke) Pryor’s Band SbOTS)) 2) 1-23 

Fenesta che lucivi—The Shining Window—Neapolitan Song Caruso|88439]12/3.00 
Fensterln, Das—See “ Flirtation ” 
FERERA, FRANK, Guitarist—See ‘“‘ Louise and Ferera ” 
Festival Te Deum (No. 7, in E flat) (Dudley Buck) Trinity Choir|31781|12/1.00 
Feuerzauber—See “‘Walkiire—Magic Fire Spell’ 
Fiddle and I (Goodeve) Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist|88539)12/3.00 

{F idelio—Leonore Overture, No. 3 (Part I) (Beethoven) Victor Oran 12 

Fidelio—Leonore Overture, No. 3 (Part II) Victor Concert Orch Bbceate ee 

{F idelio—Leonore Overture, No. 3. (Part III) Victor Concert st 

Adagio from Fourth Symphony (Beethoven) Vessella’s Band) |3529| !2/1.25 
1a idelio—Prisoners’ Chorus (‘“‘Oh! What Delight”) Victor Male ne} 2 
The Heavens Resound (Beethoven) Victor Oratorio Chorus} '39575|'2|!.25 

. VICTOR RECORDS | Number | 5 
Fidelity March ey) Us. S, Marine Band} 10 
National Emblem March (Bagley) U. S. Marine BandS 17°77 2 
{ie is a Hot Dog Now (McCarron-Grey- Walker) ne Weaonlio ad 
Aba Daba Honeymoon  (Fields-Donovan) Collins and Harlan a 
FIELD, EUGENE—Settings of his Poems under “‘ Educational Records” | | 
—See ‘ *Doll’s Wooing”—“‘Jest ?Fore Christmas’’—“‘ Little Boy Blue” | | 

—**Sugar Plum Tree” and “‘ Wynken, Blynken and No a” 
FIELD MUSIC— FIFE—See * “Army 2-4 March,” “Drum, Fife and 
Bugle Corps” and “‘ Quickstep 6-8 March”? 
FIELDS, ARTHUR, Tenor—See ‘ ‘Along Came Ruth’”’ 
FIFE, DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS—See “ Drum, Fife and Bugle”! 

if ifth Nocturne (Leybach) Violin Howard Salat 10! .75 
Angel’s Serenade (Braga)  Véiolin-’Cello Rattay and Heine oe a 
Fifth Nocturne (Leybach) (with Orch.) Violin Maude Powell 74531/12/1.50 

ie ifth Nocturne (Leybach) Florentine pee ol .75 

Shepherd Boy, The (G. D. Wilson) Venetian Trio pores es 

Fifth Symphony—See “ Symphonies” 
FIGLIA DEL REGGIMENTO~—See ‘ ‘Daughter of the Regiment’’ 

ee de Mme. Angot, La—Fantaisie (Lecocq) Musique pare 1ol .75 
Fille du Tambour Major, La—Fantaisie (Offenbach) Musique Militaire ee ‘ 
Finale from E minor Concerto (Mendelssohn) Violin Powell) 74026|12)1.50 
Finale from 2nd Concerto (Wieniawski) Pianoforte by Lapierre Kubelik|74370}12/ 1.50 

ae (Tone Poem) (Jean Sibelius, Op. 26, No. 7) Conway’s Bt 5505/12! 1.25 
fs Fackeltanz (Torch meet, wegen ess) Conway’s Band. ir 4 ; 

iora—Waltz Hesitation (James R. Europe) Victor Military Band 

{ Valse Marie—Hesitation (Harry arena Victor Military Bards 17726)10)":75 

ic irefly, My Pretty Firefly (Murphy-Glogau-Piantadosi) Peerless Qt} 7 1ol 75 

Come Back, Dixie (Mahoney-Wenrich) Peerless Quartet oa : 

Seay The—Sympathy (Hauerbach) Clark and Van panel i0| .75 

My Little Persian Rose (Woolf- Friedland) That Girl Quartet he OT ae 
if irefly Waltzes (From “ The Firefly’’) Victor Concert esd 1211.25 
When a Maid Comes a-Knocking (From ‘‘ The Firefly’’) Olive Kline Sed el 
Fire Music—See ‘‘Walkiire’”’ : | 
oe Arabesque (From “Deux Arabesque”) Pianoforte Benen ey 1817910] .75 
Sérénade Levantine (Alphéraky) Pianoforte Julius L. Schendel ’ 
8 irst Brigade March (Weldon) Conway’s pend ay easiioes 
Southerner March, The (Russell Alexander) Conway’s Band. : 
aes Heart Throbs (Eilenberg) Bells (’Cello obb.) asia 17238110] .75 
Good Night Quartet from ‘‘Erminie ”’ Victor Brass Quartet : 
iat Kiss Waltz (Primo bacio) (Sartoro) Ocarina Mose Beeste feanshiole7s 
Four Little Blackberries (O’Connor) Banjo Vess L. Ossman ¢ 
one Nowell (Old Christmas Carol) Lyric Sead 17647\10| .75 
Nazareth (Gounod) Lyric Quartet : 
E isher Boy (Abt) Harp Zither Mme. hel Fapoeay 17178|10| .75 
Heather Bells (Losey) Orchestra Bells Wm. H. Reitz ; 
S ishermen, The (Gabussi) Stanley and Mosc oncuge! mec Dos 
Raymond Overture (Thomas) Victor Band F 


The Jubilee Songs collected and introduced to the world by Fisk University, and 
which might be called Negro Folk Songs, are quaint and interesting numbers. Some 
touch the heart with their pathos; and some although intensely religious, sometimes excite 
to laughter by their quaint conceptions of Biblical facts. The original company of Jubilee 
Singers traveled seven years inthe U.S.andEurope. After the disbanding of this company, 
the work was kept up by a quartet which has been kept in the field for a part of each season. 

The Victor has secured the record services of the genuine Fisk Quartet, and now 
presents a number of their unique songs. ‘The correct and authentic renditions given by the 
Quartet are most interesting in view of the indifferent way these numbers have sometimes 
been done in the past. 




Band of Gideon—Camp Meeting Song and My Soulis a Witness—Camp Meeting|16864|10| .75 
Done What ox Tole Me To Do—Negro Folk Song 
I Know the Lord Laid His Hands on Me—Camp Meeting Song|16895|10| .75 
Golden Sippers=F olk Song and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot—Camp Song|16453)|10] .75 
Great Camp Meeting—Camp Song _ and There is a Balm in Gilead—Folk Song|16487|10| .75 
{ Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray— Revival Song 
and Little David—Shout All Over God’s Heaven—Negro Folk Songs|16448|10| .75 
I Know the feed Laid See pends on Me—Camp Meeting Song 
Done What You Tole Me To Do—Negro Folk Song|16895)10| .75 
Little David, and Shout ant Over God's Heaven—Negro Folk Songs 
and | Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray—Revival Song|16448) 10} .75 

My Soul is a Witness—Camp Meeting and Band of Gideon—Camp Meeting Song|16864|10| .75 
Oid Black Joe (Foster) and When Malindy Sings (Dunbar) Myers|35097|12/1.25 
Po’ Mo’ner Got a Home at Last and Old Tunes (Dunbar) Myers|16843}10| .75 
Roll, Jordan, Roll and Banjo Rare (Dunbar) Rev. J. A. Myers|16466}10) .75 
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot—Camp Song and Golden Slippers—Folk Song|16453}10) .75 

There is a Balm in Gilead—Folk Song and Great Camp Meeting—Camp Song|16487|10} .75 

(Flag Goes By (Bennett) (2) The Meaning of Our Flag 

i (with drum and bugle) Recitation William Sterling Batts 18297|10} .75 
The Call to the Colors William Sterling Battis 

ae of My Heart (Kirk-Ferrari) Reinald Serna aeioaitOlenG 
Your Flag and My Flag Reinald Werrenrath ‘ 

os That Never Comes Down (Finck) Edward py 17696 10178 
British Troops Passing Through Boulogne (Descriptive) as 

Flame of Love (From “The Peasant Girl”) Brown-J. F. ett i77e2\lol 75 
t My Own Venetian Rose (Piantadosi-McCarthy) Campbell-Burr : 
{Flame of Love—Waltz (Flamme d’amour) (Unger) Victor Pea 35417|1211,25 
\ Henrietta Waltz (Channon) Victor Military Band : 
laeoeren on a Broadway Car—Irish Specialty Steve bore 16015|10 .75 

I Think I See My Brother Coming Now (Helf) Arthur Collins ; 
eon on a Farm—Irish Specialty Steve Tener 16141110] .75 

\ Shipmates—A Conversational Absurdity Golden and Hughes F 

‘Flanagan’s Motor Car—Irish Specialty (Porter) Steve aeret 16436|10| .75 
{Father Was Out (Hill) Murry K. Hill 
Flannigan’s St. Patrick’s Day Ada Jones and Len spoace™ 16753|10| .75 
\ I’m Glad I’m a Boy—I'’m Glad I’m a Girl * Jones and Murray ° 

Flatterer, The (La Lisonjera) (Chaminade) Pryor’s pace 35022) 1211.25 
( Scarf Dance (Pas des Echarpes) (Chaminade) _ Pryor’s Band : 

Flatterer, The (La Lisonjera) (Chaminade) Pianoforte La Forge|70040|12/1.25 
FLAUTO MAGICO (Flau’-toh Maj'-ee-koh) See “MAGIC FLUTE” 

Flee asa Bird (Mrs. M.S. B. Dana) Louise Homer|87260}10|2.00 
.Flee as a Bird (Dana) ; Frederick ny heeien 17029|10! .75 
{Nearer My God to Thee (Adams-Mason) Raymond Dixon : 

{Fletita One-Step (J. B. Hurtado) Hurtado Bros. Marimba meee 18095)10| .75 
\ Catalina One-Step (M. B. Hurtado) Hurtado Bros. Marimba Band ; 
Flibustier, Le (The Filibuster) | (Barrucand-Georges) French Journet|64656|10/1.00 
FLIEGENDE HOLLANDER—See “ Flying Dutchman” 
Flirtation (Das Fensterln) (Meyer-Helmund) McCormack-Kreisler|87232!10/2.00 
eens Whistler—One-Step (M. L. Lake) Conway’s Beaet 17850110! .75 
Ragging the Scale—Fox Trot (Claypoole) Conway’s Baa . 
Flora Bella, Gems from (Schwarzwald) Victor Light Opera Co 

Pras Choru “You're the Girl ’’— ed s Very Hard to Bring U 
Father’’°—‘*Cre Bent the World’s Asleep’’—‘‘Flora Bella’’-—Waltz, ‘ ‘Give 35592/12/1.25 
Me All of You’ 

| Gems from ‘‘Miss Springtime’’ (Kalman) Victor Light Opera Co 
Flora Bella—Medley One-Step (See “Medley No. 103’’) 
(Schwarzwald) Victor Military Bana} 35591/12/1.25 
Girl from Brazil—Medley One-Step (Romberg) Victor Military ah 
Flora Bella—See also “Give Me All of You” 
iE loreine (Syncopated) Waltz (Schuster) Victor Military pend 18026(101..75 
Missouri Waltz (Knight-Logan-Eppel) Victor Military Band 




FLORENTINE QUARTET (Violin-Flute-’Cello-Harp) 
Album Leaf (Wagner) and Twilight (Massenet-Hubay) Venetian Trio 
Dream Visions (Stix) (with Bells) and Love’s Dream After Ball—Venetian Trio 
Fifth Nocturne (Leybach) and Shepherd Boy (G. D. Wilson) Vene:ian Trio 

Hearts and Flowers—Intermezzo (Tobani) and Trdumerei—’Cello—Bourdon 

Melody of Love and At the MountainInn Idyl (with Bells) | Neapolitan Trio 
Minuet (Boccherini) and 7rdumerei (Schumann) Florentine Quartet 
Narcissus (Nevin) and Serenata (Tosti) Neapolitan Trio 
Serenade (Drigo) and At the Brook—Tollefsen Trio 
Traiumerei (Schumann) and Minuet (Boccherini) Florentine Quartet 
(ones Rag—Characteristic Two Banjos and Piano Van Eps pare 
La Kraquette (Clerice) Xylophone Wm. H. Reitz 

Florodora, Gems from (Stuart) Victor Light Opera Co 
Opening Chorus, “‘ Florodora’’—Solo, ‘‘In the Shade of the Palm’’— 
Sextet, “‘ Tell Me Pretty Maiden’’—Solo and Chorus, ‘‘I Want to be a 
Military Man’’—Finale, ‘‘ The Island of Love.”’ 

Gems from Erminie (Jakobowski) Victor Light Opera Co 
pceedore ysis the Shade of the Palm (Stuart) MACdeneUE 
Florodora—Tell Me Pretty Maiden Stevenson and Macdonough 

FLOTOW, FRIEDRICH (1812-1883)—See ‘‘Guide Me, Thou Great 
Jehovah,” “‘Martha,’’ and “ Stradella”’ 

lower from Home, Sweet Home Macdonough and eae 
‘Bavarian Yodel Macdonough and Watson 
iE lower Garden Ball—Trot (See ‘“‘ Medley No. 104”) Victor pene 
Isle d’amour—Wealtz Hesitation (Edwards) Victor Military Band 
1 eee Song (Blumenlied) (Lange) ’Cello Rosario poe 
Lohengrin Selection (Wagner) Sousa’s Band. 
E lower Song (Lange) ‘Cello Louis Heine 
Lullaby—From Jocelyn (Godard) ’Cello Louis Heine 
ie lower Song (Lange) (Orchestra with bird voices) Charles melpeey 
Polish Dance (Scharwenka) Charles Kellogg 
(lowes Song (Blumenlied) (Lange) Neapolitan neo 
The Rosary (Nevin) Pianoforte Ferdinand Himmelreich 

Flower Song—See also “Carmen” and “ Faust” 

Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Burns) Herbert Witherspoon 
fe low Gently, Sweet Afton (Burns-Spillman) Olive pre 
Doan Ye Cry, Ma Honey Olive Kline with Orpheus Quartet 
fe: low Gently, Sweet Afton (Burns-Spillman) Reed Miller 
The Ould Plaid Shawl (Fahy-Haynes) Henry Burr 

With Thine Eyes Victor Military Band 
Annie Laurie (2) Love’s Old Sweet Song Victor Military Band 

FLUTE OBBLIGATO, Songs with —See ‘“ Dinorah — Ombra 
leggiera ’’—“ Tiina Maa Scene ’’— ‘Lo, Here the Gentle Lark ”— 
* Pearl of Brazil’’—** Pensieroso ’’—‘*‘ Proch’s Air and Variations ’”’ 
Serenade ’’—“* Variations ’’—‘** When the Swallows Homeward Fly” 2? 

FLUTE SOLOS—See also ‘‘ Hungarian Flute” 

a Gently, Sweet Afton (Spillman) (2) Drink to Me Only | 

Andalouse (Emile Pessard) John Lemmoné 
Bolero—Spanish Dance (Emile Pessard) John Lemmoné 
By the Brook—lIdyll (Wetzger) (acc. by Mme. Melba) John Lemmoné 
Distant Voices (Lemmoné) John Lemmoné 
Nightingale, The (Donjon) John Lemmoné 
Scherzo Capriccio (Piano acc.) (Sabathil) John Lemmoné 
Spinning Wheel (Spindler John Lemmoné 
Se (Tourbillon) —Brooke and Romance No. 1|—Oboe—Foreman 

ind Amongst the Trees (Briccialdi) John Lemmoné 

FLYING DUTCHMAN (Dresden, 1843) (Wagner) 
(For complete illustrated description see ““Victrola Book of the Opera” ) 

Die Frist ist um (The Term is Past) Part I and Part I]—Fritz Feinhals 
Spinning Chorus /n isiebs wartor Women’s Chorus 

ohengrin—Bridal Chorus—Victor Opera Chorus 
Traft ihr das SckitsSentate | s Ballad Jn German Johanna Gadski 
Arie des Erik Jn German and Die lustigen Weiber—Jérn 
Grand Fantasia— Pryor’s Band - and Pagliacci—Prologue—Pryor’s Band 


















0 | 








— — 





O| .7 









VICTOR RECORDS } | Number | 3] 


a lying Rag, That (Pryor) Pryor’s recy} 17Oon 
Ramshackle Rag (Ted Snyder) Pryor’s Band. 

Fo’ de Law’d’s Sake Play a Waltz! (Janis) Elsie Janis|60091 
Foggy Dew, The (Milligan-Clay) (Piano acc.) John McCormack|64326 

FOLK DANCES AND GAMES—See “Educational Records” 
FOLK SOC mee the Various Countries, also ‘‘ Educational’? and 
fF olks Up Willow Creek-—March (See “Medley No. 105”) Conway’s BS | 
Uncle Tom’s Cabin—A Dream Picture of the Old South—Conway’s B tia 
Follies of 1913—See “I Can Live Without You,” and “Isle d’Amour” 
Follies of 1914—See “ Maurice Glide” and “‘ Under Japanese Moon” 
Follies of 1915—See “Hold Me in Your Loving Arms,” “‘ Hello Frisco” 
Follies of 1916—See “Bachelor Days,” ‘‘Have a Heart” and ‘‘I Left 
Her on the Beach at Honolulu’”’ 
Follies of 1917—See “Chu-Chin-Chow,” “Hello, My Dearie,” ‘‘Modern 

Maiden’s Prayer,” ‘“That’s the Kind of a Baby for Me” and “Ziegfeld 
Follies’’—Medley One-Step 

Follies, Ziegfeld, 1917—Gems from (Buck-Stamper-Kern) 
Victor Light Opera Co 
Chorus, ‘‘Chu-Chin-Chow’’—Duet, ‘‘Just Because You're You’’— 35651. 

Solo, “‘Same Old Moon’’—Quartet, ‘‘Just You and Me’’—Chorus, 
*‘Helle, My Dearie”’ 

Gems from ‘‘Oh Boy!’’ Victor Light Opera Co 
Follow Me—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 106’) Victor Mil. BS 
How’s Every Little Thing in Dixie—Medley One-Step Victor Mil. B Se 
Rolloy Mee ase also ““What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at 
e For?” 
(i ol the Rol Lol—A bunch of limericks Edward M. Roya 
Good-Bye to Johnnie Clarice VanceS |1®®*4 

{5 ond Memories (Siisses Sehnen) (Menzel) Neapolitan po aeatn 
Dear Heart (Mattei) Neapolitan Trio 


10} .75 

10} .75 



10| .75 


VICTOR RECORDS __ | Number |S 

Foolish Questions (Hone) Ada Reeve 
{ Father’s Little Man Ada Beal pease 10} ae i 
Fool There Was, A—Scenes from Robert Hilliard|70057 12 1.25 La 
FOOTE, ARTHUR (1853- ) See “Irish Folk Song” 
For a Kiss (Pour un baiser) (Tosti) Jn French Enrico Caruso|87042| 102.00 
For All Eternity (Eternamente) In Italian Enrico Caruso|88333||2/3.00 
For All Eternity (Mascheroni) Jn English Emilio de Gogorza/64038|10/ 1.00 
5 or All Eternity (Mascheroni) Jn English Alan mresn) 75 
The Rosary (Nevin) John Barnes Wells$|17234|'0) - 
‘ or Better or For Worse (From “The Princess Pat”) Kline- eed 75 
There’s a Long, Long Trail James Reed-]. F. Harrisons |17882|'9 - 
Forbidden Music—See “Musica Proibita”’ 
For Dixie and Uncle Sam _(Brennan-Ball) Nora Bayes 
{ Homesickness Blues (Hess) Nora et 252.00) 10/ 1-00 
{B oreign Missions—Address William H. ey 
Our Army and Navy—Address William H. Taft pel Soph taed2 

FOREIGN RECORDS.—This is a handy term used to designate records in other 
languages than English, and are catalogued by the Victor in Special Booklets, grouped 

as follows: 

Arabian Finnish Latin (Gregorian) | Serbian 
ogee | German _ Lithuanian Slovak 

ohemian | Greek | Mexican ere 
Gane Hawaiian Norwegian Swedioh 
Cuban _ Hebrew, Yiddish | Polish Suri 
Navies | Hungarian _ Portuguese Mate 
Dutch Italian, Neapolitan | Roumanian Turkish 
French, French-Canadian! Japanese | Russian,Little Russian | Ukrainian 

Romance No. | (Schumann) and Whirlwind—Flute—Brooke| 18312 
Forest Whispers (Losey) Pryor’s Band 
Battleship Connecticut March (Fulton) Pryor's BandJ|16113 
For Every Boy Who's Lonely—Macdonough and Lyric one 
The Girl of My Dreams Macdonough and Hayden Quartets |1723° 
{E orge in the Forest (Michaelis) (Descriptive) Pryor’s ana 
Anvil Chorus (From ‘‘Il Trovatore’’) (Verdi) Victor OrchestraS |} 47231 
{aera Me Not—Intermezzo (Macbeth) Venetian ot 
To You—Waltz Serenade (Czibulka) (Violin-’Cello-Harp) Venetian 17951 
Forgotten (EugeneCowles) Tenor Evan Williams 74160 
Forgotten (Eugene Cowles) John McCormack 64546 
Forgotten (Eugene Cowles) Eugene poms rE 
{ Gypsy Love Song (From ‘‘Fortune Teller’’) (Herbert) CowlesS |35474 
For Killarney and You (Walsh-Teasdale) Reed elise | | 
{ If This Rose Told You All It Knows (Morse) eugene DixonS{|479°7| 
ie or King and Country (British Patriotic Song) Ee ; 
Your King and Country Want You (Rubens) Elsie BakerS 1771 
For Me and My Gal __ (Leslie-Goetz—Meyer) Van and Ferenc | 
{ Dance and Grow Thin Van and Schenck! |18258 
For Me and My Gal—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 108’’) 
Six Brown Brothers 18310 
My Fox Trot Girl Six Brown Brothers 
For Me and My Gal—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 107’’) 
Joseph C. Smith’s Grchestral 35640 
Fascination Waltz Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra} | 
FORNIA, RITA, Soprano (For’ -nee-ah) (For list of records, portrait 
and sketch, see “‘ Fornia’”’ in Pink Section) 
i orosetta—Tarantella (Arditi) Vessella’s Italian pandl 
Geisha, La—Feantasia (Sidney Jones) Vessella’s Italian Band) |17772 
{5 orsaken (Verlassen) (Koschat) Imperial Paresh ares 
Love’s Old Sweet Song (Bingham-Molloy) Imperial Quartet | 
























Whitney Brothers piano 

iE orsaken (Koschat) 
I Cannot Sing the Old Songs (Claribel) Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler 
a orsaken (Verlassen) (Koschat)  Zither Solo D. Wormser 
Sounds from Tyrol (Old Tyrolese Melody) Zither Wormser 
f or the Freedom of the World Macdonough and Orpheus ot 
Our Own Beloved Land Edward Hamilton and Victor Chorus 
1 ortune Teller—Gypsy Love Song (Herbert) Eugene Conca 
(Cowles) Eugene Cowles 
Pryor’s Bano} 

Pryor’s Band 

fe ortune Teller Selection (Victor Herbert) 
Auld Scotia—Selection of Lauder Songs 
Fortunio’s Song—See “Chanson de Fortunio”’ 
‘e orward March—Two-Step (Ellis) Victor Dance neki 

Minuet—Don Giovanni (Mozaré) Victor Dance Orchestra 

a or Youa Rose (Cobb-Edwards) Edna Broaes 

A Wonderful Thing Edna Brown 

For You a Rose—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 109’’) 

Smith’s Orchestra| 
Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra 

Frances Alda 

1e or Your Country and My Country Willie asi 
Joan of Arc Willie Weston 

ie or Your Country and My Country—One-Step Conway’s ene 
Sweetie Mine—Medley One-Step Conway’s Band 

For You Alone (O’Reilly-Giehl) In English Enrico Caruso 
FORZA del DESTINO (Fort’-zah del Des-tee'-noh) (Force of Destiny) 

(Petrograd, 1862) (Verdi) (JnItalian) (See ‘‘ Book of the Opera’’) 

Overture—Parts I and Il La Scala Orchestra 
Overture—Pryor’s Band and Orpheus Overture (Offenbach) Pryor’s Band 
Madre, pietosa Vergine (Holy Mother, Have Mercy) Boninsegna and Chorus 
La Vergine degli angeli (May Angels Guard Thee) Boninsegna and Chorus 
O tu che in seno agli’ angeli (Thou Heavenly One) Enrico Caruso 
Solenne in quest’ ora (Swear in This Hour) Caruso and Scotti 
Solenne in quest’ ora (Swearin This Hour) Colazza-Caronna 
and Faust—Io voglio il piacer (Pleasures of Youth) Corsi and Sillich 
Solenne in quest” ora—Barrera and Maggi and Le minaccie—Barrera and Maggi 
Solenne in guest’ ora (Swear in This Hour) Murphy and Werrenrath 
Solenne in quest’ ora and Mefistofele—Selection— Vessella’s Band 
Invano Alvaro (In Vain, Alvaro!) Part I Caruso and Amato 
Le minaccie, i fieri accenti (Thy Menaces Wild!) PartIl Caruso and Amato 
Le minaccie, i fieri accenti (Thy Menaces Wild!) Ruffo and Ischierdo 
ie minaccie—Barrera'and Maggi and Solenne in quest’-—Barrera and Maggi 
Pace, mio Dio (Mercy, O My Lora) Celestina Boninsegna 
Non imprecare, umiliati (Swear Not) Giacomelli, Martinez-Patti and Preve 
and Ballo in Maschera—Ah! qual soave—Giacomelli and Martinez-Patti 


Born 1826, near Pittsburgh. Began wniting when a student 
in Athens, Pa., Academy, and published first song, Open Thy 
Lattice, in 1842. Moved to New York in 1860, where he wrote 
many of his immortal songs. Composed 175 songs; best known 
ones those listed below. His songs, called folk songs of America, 
are known in every land, and sung in many languages. Were 
probably not derived from negro tunes, as has been stated, but 
negro dialect was doubtless used because of the vogue of negro 
minstrels in the "40s and "50s. Was a Bohemian in tastes and 
quite talented; painted some, loved good music, spoke German and 

French. Died in’ New York, 1864. The Victor has recorded 

Mondaine Waltz (Valse Berceuse) 
For Your Country and My Country (Berlin) 



16369/10| .75 
17350/10| .75 
18337|10| .75 
35474) 12/1.25 
18301)10} .75 
35643} 12)1.25 
64689) 10)1.00 
18307)|10} .75 
18345/1C| .75 
87070} 10)2.00 
68009 /12/1.25 
88207) 12/3.00 
63174/10} .75 
68213) 12)1.25 
70103) 12)1.25 
89052) 12/4.00 
89053) 12/4.00 
68213) 12|1.25 
92027 12/3.00 
68026 12)1.25 


the immortal songs of Foster in great variety and these records are highly popular. 



RECORDS OF FOSTER SONGS—See “‘My Old Kentucky Home,” “‘Old 

Black Joe”’ and “‘Old Folks at Home.”’ 
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming McCormack with Male Chorus 64423) 
Come Where My Love Lies—Peerless Qt and Home, Sweet Home—Morgan| 16663 
Come Where My Love Lies and Thou’rt Like Unto a Flower—Neapolitan Trio| 17364 
Hard Times—Hayden Quartet _ and Mollie Darling (Hays) Hayden Qt\16915) 
Massa’s in de Cold Ground—Hayden Qt and Cornfield VET a cence Qt16218 
Massa’s in de Cold Ground—Dunlap and In the Evening—Hayd en Quartet| 17305) 
Medley of Plantation Songs (Unacc.) (See “‘Medley No. 18") Hayden Qt! 1416 
Medley of Foster Songs—Peerless Qt and Virginia Minstrels— Minstrel Co\35095\ 
Old Dog Tray—Hayden Quartet and Hear dem Bells—with Chimes—Murray| 16686. 




Four Fiags March (Winson) Band of H.M. Coldstream Semen See er 
Wake Up, England !—March_ (Winson) Coldstream Guards peat? 

Four Leaf Clover (Brownell) Evan Williams 64139 10 1.00 

Four Little Blackberries (O'Connor) Banjo Vess L. aot raaeeh AI 75 
First Kiss Waltz (Sartoro) Ocarina Mosé Tapiero) | Lethe 

Four Little Sugar Plums—Barn Dance (O'Connor) Dance Saet: 164601101 .75 
By the Light of Silv’ry Moon (Madden-Edwards) Murray and Qt ; 

Fourth of July in Jayville Harlan, Stanley and renreae 163281] 
Father as a Scientist—Comic Monologue Charley Case |!0) .75 

Fourth of July Selections—See ‘‘ National Airs—America” 

Fox Favorites—Medley Waltz (See “Medley No. 111”) 

(Hits of Sam Fox Publishing Co) ‘Victor Dance Orchestral 35593) 12) 1.25 

Songs of the Night—Waltz (James) Joseph C. Smith and his Orch 

Fox Trot Day (F. W. McKee) McKee’s are T7eisiceg 
When the War is Over—One-Step (McKee) |= McKee’s Orchestra ban has 3 

FRA DIAVOLO  (Frah Deah’-voh-loh) 

Comic opera in three acts; libretto by Scribe, devised from 
the story of Lesueur’s earlier opera, La Caverne; music by 
Auber. Produced Opéra Comique, Paris, 1830; Vienna, 1830; 
London, in English, 1831; and in Italian, 1857; New York, in 
English, 1833, and in Italian, 1864. 

For illustrated description see ‘* Victrola Book of the Opera.” 


Overture—Pryor’s Band | 
and Marriage of Figaro Overture (Mozart) Pryor’s B. 35109 12) 1225 
Agnese, la zitella (Agnes, Beautiful Flower) og 
Lara and eee eee Don Bartolo -Huguet, tall = 
Pini-Corsi, G. Pini-Corsi, adini|63171| 10) .75 
Gems from Fra Diavolo Victor Light Opera Co! 31829 1211.00 

Chorus, * * Victoria '’"—Solo, ‘‘On Yonder Rock Reclining *’—Easter Cho- 
rus, ‘‘Hail Blessed Morn’ *—Chorus, “ Bless’d Powers That Sull the 

Good Protect’ ‘—Solo, ‘Friend Beppo, See! "’—Finale, ** Victoria’ 
Fra Diavolo Selection and Daughter of the Regiment Selection—Vessella’s Band 

35191/12 1.25 
FRANCE, PATRIOTIC AIRS OF—See “ National Airs—France” | 
FRANCHETTI, A. (Fran-ket'-tee) (1860- ) Compositions by 

(See ‘‘Cristoforo Colombo’”’ and ‘‘Germania’’) 

FRANCISCO, CARLOS, Baritone—See “Dormi pure,’ ““Golondrina,”’ 

“Paloma,” “‘Santa Lucia’”’ and “* Serenade ”’ 

Frangesa March (Costa) (Vocal Chorus) Pryor’s Band Fe eona 75 
Songe d’Automne (Dream of Autumn) (Joyce) Bohemian Orchestra) bach > 
Free and Easy—Castle Polka (Berger) Victor Military Band) 7644 nabs 
Tanzweise—Castle Polka (Adapted from Meyer-Helmund) Victor Band) ih 
Free Lance March (Onto Victory) (Sousa) Sousa’s Band)! eaee 10! 75 
Manhattan Beach March (Sousa) Sousa’s Band. | ; 
Free Lance March (Onto Victory) (Sousa) Sousa’s Band} ar aatianl 25 
American Airs Waltz (Tobani) Victor Dance Orchestra tes 

FREEMANTEL, F. C., Tenor—See ‘“‘ Hymns’ and “‘ Bohemian Girl”’ 



Free Trade and a Misty Moon (From “‘Eileen’’) (Blossom-Herbert) | 
Fr (with Chorus from Eileen Company) Greek Evans ?|18285 
The Irish Have a Great Day To-night (From ‘‘Ejileen’’) Scott Welsh 
FREISCHUTZ (Fry’ -sheutz) Free Shooter (Berlin, 1821) (Weber) 
(For complete illustrated description see ‘* Victrola Book of the Opera’’) 

Fae Ss PB 

Number | 3 
ho] 2s 




Overture—Sousa’s Band and Carmen Selection (Bizet) Sousa’s Band|35000) 12/1.25 
Overture—La Scala Orch and Preghiera di Agatha (Agatha’s Prayer) Corsi\62636)10| .75 
Durch die Walder In German and Jetzt ist wohl ihr Fenster offen— Karl Jérn|45078)10}1.00 
Jetzt ist wohl ihr Fenster offen Jn German and Durch die Walder—Karl Jérn|45078|10}1.00 
nnie’s Air Jn German Marie Michailowa|61134|10|1.00 
Preghiera di Agatha (Agatha’s Prayer) Corsi and Overture—La Scala Orch|62636|10| .75 
Leise, leise, fromme Weise (Agatha’s Prayer) Jn German 
and Tannhduser— Dich, teure Halle—Louise V oigt}68473) 12|1.25 

Prayer from Act II (2) Greeting (Hartel) Brass Quartet 
and Venetian Love Song—Victor Orchestra|16320)10| .75 
FRENCH-CANADIAN—See Victor French Catalogue 

French Horn—See “Educational” Der 
FRENCH SONGS—See also ‘* National and Patriotic—France”’ and 

Victor French Catalogue 
NOTE.—Under this head are grouped a few modern French Concert Songs 
and Folk Songs. For opera airs in French, see the various operas. See | 
also “‘Rameaux,”’ *‘Noél,’’ ‘‘ Marseillaise’’ and ‘‘ Clement.’’ For several | 
recitations see “‘Guilbert’’ 

Allerau Bois (Snowflakes) (Rimsky-Korsakow) Alma Gluck|64421)10/1.00 
Au Clair dela Lune (Inthe Moonlight) (Folk Song) Farrar and Clement|87509|10/3.00 
AuClair dela Lune (Inthe Moonlight) (Folk Song) Gluck-Reimers/87185}10/2.00 
Beau polichinelle, Le—Perret (Gabaroche) and La petite amie—Régis|68485| 12|1.25 
Because (Teschemacher-d’Hardelot) Enrico Caruso|87122/10|2.00 
Boeufs, Les (Dupont—Arr. by Parizot) Marcel Journet|64647/|10/}1.00 
Chanson d’Amour (Hollman) ’Cello by Hollman Emma Eames/88015)12/3.00 
Chanson d’Amour (Hollman) Solo by Alda, Violin by Elman|88521/12/3.00 
Chanson de Fortunio—Sérénade (Offenbach) Emilio de Gogorza|64632)|10/1.00 
Chanson de Juin (Song of June) (Barrucand-Godard) ¢ Caruso|88579| 12/3.00 
Chanson Indoue—A Song of India (From the Legend “‘Sadko”’) Gluck|64269) 10) 1.00 
hanson Provengale (A Song of Provence) (Dell’ Acqua) Alda|74449)|12)1.50 
Chant de Guerre Cosaque (Russian Cossack WarSong) (Massenet) Journet|64585)10/1.00 
Chére maison, La (Jacques-Dalcroze) 
and Le Pré-aux-Clercs—Souvenirs du jeune 4ge—Gauthier}69223)10} .75 
Clairon, Le (Chant du Soldat) (Dérouléde-André) Journet| 74473) 12/1.50 
Coeur de mamie_ (Heart of My Love) and Dimanche a l aube—Reimers|45063)10| 1.00 
Cor, Le (The Horn) (Vigny-Flégier) Marcel Journet/74508) 12|1.50 
Cor, Le (The Horn) (A. Flégier) Pol Plancgon|85076|12|3.00 


Deux Grenadiers, Les (TwoGrenadiers) (Schumann) Marcel Journet|/ 74038 



Deux Grenadiers, Les (Two Grenadiers) (Schumann) Pol Plancgon|85024| 12/3.00 
Deux Sérénades_ (Two Serenades) Caruso-Elman/|89085) 12/4.00 
Dimanche a l'aube (Sunday at Dawn) and Coeur de ma mie—Reimers|45063)10/ 1.00 
Elégie (Massenet) ’ Josef Hollman Emma Eames/88014'12/3.00 
Elégie (Song of Mourning) (Massenet) Violin by Zimbalist Alma Gluck|87101)| 10|2.00 
Flibustier, Le (The Filibuster) Marcel Journet/64656| 10/1.00 
Hosanna (Easter Song) (Jules Granier) Enrico Caruso|/88403| 12|3.00 
Je sais que vous étes jolie (I Feell’min Love) (Christiné) de Gogorza|64598| 10} 1.00 
ésus de Nazareth (Gounod) (Piano acc.) Pol Plangon|85065) 12/3.00 
ocelyn—Berceuse (Godard) Edmond Clement|64233) 10} 1.00 
ocelyn—Berceuse (Lullaby) (Godard) Alma Gluck|74369| 12/1.50 
Mignonette (A. Le Roux-J. B. Weckerlin) Julia Culp|64403/ 10} 1.00 
Nil. Le (Renaud-Leroux) Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist!}88358| 12|3.00 
Nil, Le (The Nile) (Renaud-Leroux) McCormack-Kreisler|8848 2! 12/3.00 
Nous allons partir (We Will Now Depart) (Dante-Godard) Farrar-Clement!87508/10/3.00 
Nuit d'Etoiles (Starry Night) (Debussy) (Piano by Bos) Julia Culp|64676)10/1.00 
O quand je dors (WhileI Sleep) (Hugo-Liszt) Emmy Destinn/88568|12/3.00 
Ouvre tes yeux bleus (Open Your Blue Eyes) (Massenet) Frances Alda|64451/10|1.00 
Ouvre ton coeur (Open Thy Heart) (Spanish Serenade) (Bizet) Martinelli/64574/10/1.00 
Petite amie, La (Delmas) (Régis) and Le beau polichinelle—Perret|68485)12|1.25 
Portrait, Le (Toa Portrait) (Engel-Parkyns) John McCormack|64374| 101.00 
Pourquoi? (Tell Me Why?) (Heine-Tschaikowsky) Enrico Caruso|87271| 102.00 
Pré-aux-Clercs, Le—Souvenirs du jeune Age (Hérold) 
and Lachére maison—Eva Gauthier|69223)10| .75 
Procession, La (Brizeux-Franck) Enrico Caruso!88556| 12/3.00 
Retour des Promis (Baratéau-Dessauer) and Viens avec nous, petit—Eva Gauthier|69492|10| .75 
Sancta Maria (Bertrand-Faure) Enrico Caruso|88559|12/3.00 
Sérénade—Chantez, riez, dormez (Gounod) Flute obbligato Emma Calvé}88119/12/3.00 
Sérénade de Don Juan (Tschaikowsky) Enrico Caruso|87175}10/2.00 
Si vous l’aviez compris—Meélodie (Had You But Known) Caruso-E]man|89084|12/4.00 
Soir, Le (At Evening) (Gounod) Maurice Renaud|91072!/10|2.00 
Solitude (d’Offoel-Rubinstein) (Balalaika acc.) Frances Alda|64450| 10}1.00 
Solvejg’s Song (From ‘‘Peer Gynt"’) (Grieg) Amelita Galli-Curci|74522!12/1.50 
Tes Yeux (Thine Eyes) (Mélodie) (René Rabey) Alda-Elman/87216|10}2.00 
Trois chansons pour les tout-petits (Three Little Songs for Very Little 
Children) Emma Calvé/88572|12/3.00 
Tu me dirais (If Thou Dost Say) Geraldine Farrar|87256|10|2.00 
Valse d’oiseau (Bird Waltz) Blanche Arral|64099} 10| 1.00 
Valse Lente—** Adorables Tourments”’ Enrico Caruso|881 15) 12/3.00 
Viens avec nous, petit (From ‘“‘La Vivandiére’™’) _ (Godard) 
and Le Retour des Promis—Gauthier|69492|10| .75 
Villanelle, La—The Swallow (Dell’ Acqua) Frieda Hempel|88410) 12/3.00 
Friedrich March—See “ Parade Post” 
ee Rivals (Clarke) Cornet Duet Keneke and Oe Testeltone74 
College Life March (Frantzen) Victor Orchestra | : 
Friendtothe End (‘Laughing Husband’’) (Wimperis-Eysler) Miller 
You’re Here and I’m Here (‘‘Laughing Husband’’) 17555/10| .75 
Olive Kline-Harry Macdonough 
Fritzi—-Mazurka (Instrumental. Trio) Wiener pte 2 
{ Mandlmarsch Wiener. Trios |\®! 7° 10) -75 
F rolic of the Coons (Gumey) Banjo Fred Van EPs) 17369|10! .75 
Love’s Smile Waltz (Barcirolli) Whistling Guido Gialdini 
5 rom an Indian Lodge (‘Woodland Sketches”’) (MacDowell) Sousa’s Et 17035/10| .75 
Aloha oe (Farewell) (Hawaiian Love Song) Cornet solo Clarke ’ 
F rom Foreign Parts—Spain (Moszkowski) Conway’s pene TBO 7SltOLATS 
Loreley Paraphrase (Nesvadba) Conway’s Band. 
hem Here to Shanghai _ (Berlin) ’Gene Greene-Peerless ot 18242110] .75 
Napoleon (From ‘‘Have a Heart’’) Billy Murray 
From Here to Shanghai—One-Step (‘‘ Medley 112”) Victor Band 
> oT 1826710) .75 
Poppy Time in Old Japan—Medley Fox Trot Victor Military Band 
‘bs rom Me to Mandy Lee (Grossman-Lange) Morton panrey 1820610] .75 
Down at the Huskin’ Bee Peerless Quartet 
{Epor Soup to Nuts—One-Step (Arndt) Pianoforte Felix area 17558|10| .75 
Hesitation Waltz (Ilgenfritz) _Pianoforte Felix Arndt 
From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water (‘‘Am. Indian Songs’’) Gluck 64190 10|1.00 
From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water Florence Hinkle 60079 10) .75 
From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water Evan Williams!64516'10/1.00 



(eae the New World Symphony—Largo Victor Concert ree 352751 1211.25 
Fr Andante from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony Victor Concert Orchestra : ; 
~—. FROSINI, P., Concertina-Grand—See “Accordion Records” 

F riihlingsglaube (Faith in Spring) (Schubert) (Uhland-Schubert) 

German (Pianoforte by Arndt) Margarete Ober/64635)10/ 1.00 
Ei rihlingslied (Spring Song) (Gounod) Jn German Karl porn) pone 
Friihlingszeit (Spring-Tide) (Reinhold Becker) German Karl Jorn 

Frihlingsnacht (Spring Night) (Schumann) (2) Der Schmied 
(The Blacksmith) Christine Miler} 45060/10/1.00 
Du bist wie eine Blume ( Thou’rt Like a Flow r) (Schumann) German Reimers 
Friihlingszeit (Spring-Tide) (Becker) German Schumann-Heink/|87012/10/2.00 
iF riihlingszeit (Spring-Tide) (Reinhold Becker) German Karl ae 45077/10|1.00 

Friihlingslied (Spring Song) (Gounod) German Karl Jorn 
Beale Street Blues—Fox Trot and Old Grey Mare—Fuller’s Jazz Band|18369|10} .75 
Old Grey Mare—Fox Trot and Beale Street Blues—Fuller s Jazz Band|18369|10} .75 
Slippery Hank—One-Step and Yah-de-dah—Fox Trot—Fuller’s Jazz Band|18321|10) .75 
Yah-de-dah—Fox Trot and Slippery Hank—One-Step—Fuller s Jazz Band|18321|10| .75 
fF ull Surrender (‘I Surrender All’) (Towner) Trinity ee 16709' TOL 
Come Ye Disconsolate (Moore-Hastings) Trinity Choir ig 
(a uneral March (Chopin) Arthur Pryor’s pang 35157|1211.25 
Cujus Animam (Stabat Mater) (Rossini) Pryor’s Band : 
Funeral March (Marche Funébre, Op. 35) (Chopin) de Pachmann!74304}12/1.50 
a uneral March (Chopin) (Played on the Estey Pipe Organ) rieee 35547| 1211.25 
Hallelujah Chorus (‘‘The Messiah’’) (Handel) R.L. McAll x 
(aeMena March (Sonata, Op. 26) (Beethoven) Vessella’s ee 354261 1211.25 
Moonlight Sonata (First Movement) (Beethoven) _Vessella’s Band 

Funeral March of a Marionette (Gounod) Sousa’s Band/31081/12/1.00 
Funeral March—See also ‘‘ Peer Gynt Suite—The Death of Ase’’ 
Funiculi-Funicula (Denza) Italian McCormack with Male Chorus/64437/10| 1.00 

fi uniculi-Funicula—A Merry Life (Denza) Lyric erate aliol 75 
How Lovely are the Messengers (Mendelssohn) Lyric QuartetS|177° : 
{E uniculi-Funicula (Denza) Vocal Chorusin Italian WVessella’s are i1@sbol loess 
O sole mio ‘(Di Capua) Cornet Michele Rinaldi 4 
Fu’ th’ Noo’ (‘I’ve Something in the Bottle ’’) Harry Lauder|70000)12/1.25 

Fuzzy-Wuzzy (Poem from Kipling’s “‘ Barrack Room Ballads’’) — 

(Whiting) Reinald Werrenrath| 45109! 10) 1.00 
The Gypsy Trail (Kipling-Galloway) Reinald Werrenrath 

ey Glide (Hirsch) ~Pryor’s ce i iol.3s 
Oh You Beautiful Doll (Two-Step for Dancing) Pryor’s Band Pes 

GADSKI, JOHANNA, Soprano (Gahds' - kee) ; (For list of records, 
portrait and sketch see ‘* Gadski’”’ in Pink Section) 
{Cason Hymn Whitney Brothers oe 
Remember Me, Oh Mighty One (Kinkel) Whitney Brothers Quartet 1633010 
GALLI, AMLETO, Baritone—See ‘‘Gioconda”’ 
GALLI-CURCI, AMELITA, Soprano (For list of records, portrait 
and sketch see “‘ Galli-Curci’’ in Pink Section) 

GALVANY, MARIA, Soprano (Gahl-vah'-nee) (For list of records, | 
portrait and sketch see ‘‘ Galvany” in Pink Section) 
Games, Children’s—Music for—See ‘‘ Educational Records” | 

{Gre du Corps March (R. B. Hall) Pryor’s Beng} 1ol75 
National Emblem March (Bagley) Pryor’s Band) |17957 7 
fea eh of Dreams, The (Kummer) Stevenson and Macooneus yl 10! .75 
The Glow-Worm  (Lincke) Elizabeth Wheeler}|1®932 , 

{ Garces of Dreams Waltz (Stimson) Victor Dance Onn 16582|10| .75 
Cupid Astray Waltz (Rolfe) Victor Dance Orchestra 5 

(on of Roses (Schmid) Macdonough and Hayden Qnartet\ 6467|101..75 
My Garden That Blooms for You (Lusk) John Barnes Wells | ; 
Garden Scene Fantasie—Faust Violin Mischa Elman 64122) 10/1.00 

Acteon (Gourdin) and La Machicha (Marquina) Garde Repub. Band 67291) 116) .75 
Aida— Marcha Triunfal and Tosca divina! In Italian—Gustavo Berl-Resky 62409 10) .75 
Machicha, La (Marquina) and Acteon (Gourdin) Garde Repub. Band 67291/10} .75 
Second Chasseurs March and Apache Dance—Black Diamonds Band\16958)10| .75 


This young artist was born in Yeliz (Elizabethgrad), Russia, but was brought to America 
by his parents while he wasstill aninfant. The family settled in New England, and all through 
even his early boyhood the violin appeared to be the only thing in which he was keenly 
interested. A “‘toy’’ violin was bought for Him one Christmas, and at the age of six years 
he began work on a real instrument. He studied first with Wintermitz and Loeffler in 
Boston, and lastly with Franz Kneisel in New York, finally making his début in a New 
York recital in 1913. He also appeared later with the New York Symphony, playing the 
Tschaikowsky Concerto. He has also toured with the Kneisel Quartette, at which time he 
occupied the second violinist’s chair. Later he became a member of the Chicago Symphony 
Orchestra, and he is also known as a composer of songs and violin compositions. 


Andante from Second Concerto and Serenata Napoletana—Pilzer|18175|10| .75 
Annie Laurie (with Harp and Onhostea> and My Old Ky. Home—Gardner|17756/10) .75 
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing 
and Last Rose af Samusee V iolin— Gardner|17871|10) .75 
Darling Nellie Gray (Hanby) and Long, Long Ago—Gardner|17888)|t0| .75 
Last Rose of Summer and Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms 
Gardner|17871}10| .75 
Long, Long Ago (Bayly) and Darling Nellie Gray—Gardner| 17888) 10| .75 
My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) and Annie Laurie—with Harp—Gardner|17756|10| .75 
Garibaldi Hymn—See “ National Airs—lItaly” 
ree of Old-Fashioned Roses (Keithley) Van aeone r7266l10Re7s 
In Twilight Town (Denison) Elsie Baker-Frederick Wheeler 3 
GARRISON, MABEL, Soprano (For list of records, portrait and 
sketch see ‘‘Garrison”’ in Pink Section) ; 
perce Gus and His Jitney Bus (Gay-Brown) American oth TraaRliGiers 
Circus Day in Dixie (Yellen-Gumble) (Imitations by Girard) American Qt ‘ 
Gate City March—Fantasie on (“‘ Dixie” —“‘ Swanee River”—Bugle 
Calls—“‘Maryland”—‘“‘My Country ’Tis of Thee”) U.S. Mar. B?/16299/10} .75 
Lincoln Centennial March (Sanford) U. S. Marine Band 
ene City March (Weldon) Xylophone William H. Rae) 16345|10| .75 
Nightingale, The (Popp) Flute Darius Lyons ; 
GAUTIER, EVA, Mezzo-Soprano—See “French Songs’’ 
GAUTIER, M., Tenor—See “Huguenots” and “‘William Tell” e 
Gavotte (Aletter) (with Celesta) McKee BaF 
{ Miracle of Love McKee Trios |*8243}!9) -79 
Gavotte (Gossec) (2) German Dance (Dittersdorf) Violin Elman}|74164|12/1.50 
Gavotte (Grétry) (2) Tambourin (Gossec) Violin Elman|64198}10/1.00 
Gavotte (No. 2, Op. 23) (Popper) Cello Hans ines 
Menuet (Valensin)  ’Cello Hans KindlerS|*5118}10|1.00 
Gavotte—Mignon (Thomas-Sarasate) Violin Maud Powell|64454|10|1.00 
Gavotte—Mignon (Thomas) Victor String quartet 1escaliohe7s 
Norma Selection (Bellini) Pryor’s Band : 

Gavotte (From Ballet Music to ‘“Idomeneo’’) (Mozart) Violin Elman|64140}10/1.00 
Gavotte (‘Les Petits Riens”) (Mozart) (2) Gavotte (Grétry) 
Xylophone William H. Reitz?/17917/|10! .75 
Menuett (Gluck) (2) Menuett (Mozart) Bell Solo Wm. H. Reitz 
Gavotte in B Minor (From “‘2d Sonata”) (Bach—Saint-Saéns) eee 45070) 10!1.00 

{ Romance (Rubinstein, Op. 44) Harp Ada Sassoli : 
Gavotte in D (Gossec) (2) MenuettinG (Beethoven) Zimbalist|74444/12/1.50 
Gavotte in E Major (Bach) Violin Fritz Kreisler|64132)10/1.00 



Gay Gossoon (Kendall) Banjo Solo 
St. Louis Tickle _ (Seymore) Ossman-Dudley Trio 
GAY, MARIA, Mezzo-Soprano (Guy) (For list of records, portrait 
and sketch, see “‘ Famous Artists of Europe’’ in Pink Section) 
GAYNOR, DOROTHY and ROSE—See “Educational Records ” 

Gay Paree—Comic Duet Dave Montgomery and Fred Stone!70042|12/1.25 

Number S 

Vess L. Oenag 16092110 .75 


{Gee, but It’s Great to Meet a Friend Murray and Spree 1eso7iiole.75 
Chicken Reel (Mittenthal-Daly) Arthur Collins : 
Geese in the Bog—lrish Jigs (Accordion) (‘See Medley No. 114”) 

(Pianoforte by Linder) John J. Kimmel ?|18193/10) .75 

Stack of Barley—Medley—lIrish Reels John J. Kimmel 
{asiabes La—Fantasia (Sidney Jones) Vessella’s Beret i7772\10 75 
Forosetta—Tarantella (Arditi) Vessella’s Italian Band. . 
Geluckig Vaderland (Historical Dutch Folk Song) (Valerius’ 
““Gedenck-Clanck”’’ Dutch Julia Culp/64551/10) 1.00 


For contents of the following Vocal Medleys from well-known operas see— 

Adele | Girl from Utah Midnight Girl Queen of Movies 

Aida Golden Girl Mignon Red Mill 

Alone at Last Have a Heart Mikado, Nos. 1 & 2 Rigoletto 

Babes in Toyland High Jinks Miss Daisy Robin Hood—I & Il 

Beauty Shop In a Persian » Miss Springtime Rob Roy 

Bohemian Girl Garden Mlle. Modiste Sari 

Carmen Lady in Red Mocking Bird Spring Maid 

Cavalleria Lady of the Slipper Modern Eve Sunshine Girl 

Chimes Normandy Laughing Husband Naughty Marietta Sweethearts 

Chin Chin Little Café Nobody Home Sybil 

Chocolate Soldier Love o’ Mike Pagliacci Tales of Hoffmann 

Contesd’Hoffmann Madame Sherry Pinafore—Pts. I & II Three Twins 

Eileen Madcap Duchess Pink Lady Traviata 

Erminie Maid in America PiratesofPenzance Trovatore 

Faust Maritana Prince of Pilsen Very Good Eddie 

Flora Bella Marriage Market Princess Pat When Dreams 

Florodora Martha Purple Road Come True 

Fra Diavolo Merry Widow Quaker Girl | 

Genée Waltzes (From “The Soul Kiss”) Victor Dance Orch} s5164 12/4.25 
Venus on Earth Waltz (Lincke) Sousa’s Band 

errata Mixup, U.S. A.March (See “ Medley No. 115”) Pryor’s EY 
My Maryland March (Mygrant) Sousa’s Band 
Genevieve (Tucker) John Barnes Wells and Hayden sa ae eer 
\ Where the River Shannon Flows (Russell) Harry Macdonough 
Gently Fall the Dews of Eve (Mercadante) ea ace 
Lift Thine Eyes (From “‘Elijah’’) (Mendelssohn) Wheeler-Dunlap-Baker 

17142)10} .75 
16440}10} .75 

17211|10) .75 

Georgia Grind—Fox Trot (Dabney) Signor Sindee 

It’s Tulip Time in Holland—Medley One-Step—Signor ‘‘Grinderino’’ 

Georgia Minstrels (Contents under “Minstrels” ) Minstrel Co 
Minstrel Scene, ‘‘At the Telephone’’ Peerless Quartet 

: 17884|10} .75 
Soars Moon _ (Havez-Barron) Sterling gene) 


17927|10| .75 

Is There Still Room for Me ’Neath the Old Apple Tree Peerless Qt 
Georgia Skip, The (Fred Hager) Byron G. Harlan 18038|10! .75 
Honey Bunch Collins and Harlan > 
Georgia Sunset—Cakewalk (Brown-Lampe) Pryor’s fe 16796|10| .75 
Italian Riflemen March (Boccalari) Pryor’s Band. ; 

Georgie Porgie—See “* Sing a Song of Sixpence ” 
GERMAN CAVALRY BAND-—See “ Parade Post” 

GERMAN, EDWARD  (1862- ) See “Drummer Boy,” “Henry 
Vill,” ‘‘Nell Gwyn,” “Rolling Down to Rio”’ and “‘Roses in June’”’ 

GERMAN COMEDY (German Dialect) 
An Irish-Dutch Argument—Porter and Kennedy 
and I’m Looking for a Sweetheart—A da Jones and Billy Murray|16322|10| .75 
Bring Back My Lenato Me—Burkhardt and Schneider, Does Mother—Watson|16994|10| .75 
Hans and Gretchen—Jones-Spencer and Professor and Tramp—Spencer-Hunter'35063)12/1.25 



Hilda Loses her Job-—Josie Sadler and Tipperary (Helf) Billy Murray 16783|10| .75 
Hi-Le-Hi-Lo— Yodel— Watson erman’s Arrival—Frank W ilson| 17257/10} .75 
I Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife and Jt’sa Small ei SCRE 55074/12/1.50 
I Remember You—Jones and Murray and Lena—Yodel (guitaracc.) Barton|16303)10| .75 
Katrina's Valentine—JonesandSpencer and Red Wing Medley—Pryor's B.16528]10| .75 
Krausmeyer and His Dog—Spencer-Holt and Closing Time—Coilins-Harlan|17255|10| .75 
Krausmeyer and His Dog—Spencer-Holt and Musicat Yankee—Len Spencer|35153}|12)1.25 
Lena—Y odel (Guitar acc.) Barton and J Remember You—Jones-Murray|16303)|10| .75 
Schneider, Does Your Mother—Watson — and Bring Back Lena—Burkhardt|16994\|10| .75 
Schultz on Suffrage—Kennedy and Si Perkins’ Barn Dance—Jones-Spencer| 16294|10| .75 

Songs of the Fatherland—Medley with Yodel Al H. Wilson|31687|12]1.00 
You Can't Play Every Instrument inthe Band (‘Sunshine Girl’’) Cawthorn|70098)12/1.25 
German Dance (Dittersdorf) (2) Gavotte (Gossec) Violin Elman|74164 12}1.50 

GERMANIA (Jaer- mah’ -nee-ah) (Milan, 1902) (Franchetti) 
(For complete illustrated description see *“ Victrola Book of the Opera’’) 
Studenti, udite (Students. Hear Me!) Jn/Jtalian Enrico Caruso|87053)10}2.00 
Non chiuder gliocchivaghi (Close Not Those Dreamy Eyes) J/talian Caruso|}87054!10/2.00 


German Instrumental Selections 
Aussee’r Jodler—Part I F 
and Aussee’r Jodler—Part II (Zither Duet) | K. Piihringer and A. Hémmerla\67202|10) .75 
Deutsche Volkslieder — Potpourri 1) Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden (2 
Thiringer Volkslied (3) '°s Mailifterl (4) Du, du liegst mir im Herzen 
(5) Crambamboli and Es hat nicht sollensein (Zither) Wormser|17862|10| .75 
Eine Silvesternacht in Berlin (New Year's Eve in Berlin—Part 1) (Mello) 
and Part 2—Apollo Orchester und Ensemble|68480} 12) 1.25 
Es blinkt der Tau and Friihlingslied (Zither) Wormser\17861\|10| .75 
Es hatnichtsollensein and Deutsche Volkslieder-Potpourri (Zither) Wormser|17862\10| .75 
Evangelimann—Grosse Fantasie ee Evangelist) Pt. | and Pt. JI—Apollo O|68481)12|1.25 

Frihlingslied and Fs blinkt der Tau (Zither) Wormser|17861|10| .75 
Geburtstagsmarsch and Zechers Lust, Rheinlinder—Seidlers Kapelle|69019|10} .75 
Heimweh (Louging for Home) and Der ’Schaferknabe—Zither—Reichl\69414]10| .75 

and Hindenburg-Marsch—Militarkapelle mit Gesang|69034| 10} .75 
Hindenburg-Marsch (Czerwinka) 
and pe Orie ao encod Marsch—Militarkapelle m‘t Gesang|69034|10) .75 

Ich hatte einst ein schénes Vaterland (2) Von meinen Bergen muss ich 

scheiden and Die Lorelei (Zither) Wormser|17860/10} .75 
Lorelei—Berger and Mexican Dance (Habaneras) Guitar—Octavio Yanes|16411|10| .75 
Lorelei, Die and Ich hatte einst ein schénes Vaterland (Zither) Wormser\17860|10| .75 

Sctatednebe: Der (IT (ihe Shepherd Boy 
and Hetniveh (Longing for Home) Zither—Reichl|69414}10| .75 
Verlassen (Forsaken) and Sounds from Tyrol—Zither—D. Wormser| 17350] 10} .75 
Zechers Lust, Rheinlander and Geburtstagsmarsch—Seidlers Kapelle|69019|10} 75 
German Songs (For operatic records in in German see the various operas—For 
German Patriotic Songs and Marches—See “‘National Airs—Germany’’—For 
complete list of records in German, see Victor German Catalogue) 

Ach kénnt ich noch einmal so lieben and Schliess, in dein Herz—Emil Muench 16797|10| .75 
Allerseelen (All Soul's Dey} (Strauss) and Zur Ruh,’ zur Ruh’!—Werrenrath\17179|10| .75 
Als die alte nies, (Songs My Mother Taught Me) (Dvorak) Riccardo Martin|87051/10/2.00 
Meer (By the Sea) (Schubert) Volkman and Hans und Liesel—Muench|35027|12|1.25 
Ander Weser (By the Weser) (Pressel) Otto Goritz| 74343] 12/1.50 
An die Musik (Tothe Music) (Schober-Schubert) Ober|64445] 10}1.00 
Annchen von Tharau (Ann of Tharau) and Das Ringlein—Carl Schlegel|69055)|10| .75 
Auf Fligeln des Gesanges (On ene of Song) and Wohin?>—Reimers|45065)|10/1.00 
Auf Fligeln des Gesanges (On Wings of Song) (Piano acc.) Gadski|87100]10/2.00 
Aus der Jugendzeit and Wer nicht liebt Wein, Weib—Emil Muench\16409|10} .75 
Ave Maria (Schubert) Julia Culp|64489) 10/1.00 
Bauernhochzeit and Wiener Praterleben (Talking) Richard Waldemar|67420\10| .75 
Beiden Grenadiere, Die (Schumann) and Das Erkennen—V an Eweyk|68327) 12/1.25 
Bei uns in Tirol—Alpensingers and Wie mages wohl gekommen sein—Muench\ 16820|10| .75 
Briiderlein fein ~ and Des Maédchens Klage—Frida Bennéche|67986) 10} .75 
Calm as the Night—For several records see “Still wie die Nacht” 
Canzonetta (Goethe-Loewe) (Harp acc.) Alma Gluck!64626) 10/1.00 
Das weiss nur ich allein (Riegg) and Es hat nicht sollen sein—Emil Muench|35032!12|1.25 
Dein gedenk’ ich, Margaretha and Was mir als Kind—Emil Muench|16822)10| .75 

Dein gedenk’ i ch, Margaretha (Op. 12, No. ; 2) (Meyer-Helmund)  Fornia|/64290}10/1.00 
Der eee aee Prick die Walder and Jetzt ist wohl ihr Fenster—Karl Jorn|45078) 10} 1.00 
Deutsche Mutter, Die and Das Herz am Rhein—Emil Muench\17788)10| .75 
Doctor Eisenbart (Folk Song) and Guadeamus igitur (Latin) Herschmann|69338)10| .75 
Drunten im Unterland (Down in the Lowlands) Gluck-Reimers|87224| 10|2.00 
Du bist die Ruh’—Hinkle and Die Lorelei—Christine Miller|55056)12\1.5 
Du bist die Ruh’ (My Sweet Repose) (Schubert) Julia Culp|74461/12/1.5 
(Continued on next page) 

Du, du liegst mir im Herzen (Pax—arr. by W. Berger) Gluck-Reimers|87182)| 102.00 
Ge Edelweiss (Peuschel) and Trinklied (Die alten Deutschen)’ Emil Muench\68475}12|1.25 
— Ehre Gottes aus der Natur 
and Mein Mddel hat einen Rosenmund (2) Hinkende Jamben—Van Eweyk|63794|10| .75 
Engel, Der (The Angel) (Rubinstein) Farrar-Homer|89071)12/4.00 
Engel, Der (The Angel) (Wesendonck-Wagner) Johanna Gadski|87273)10|2.00 
Erkennen, Das (Loewe) and Die beiden Grenadiere (Schumann) Van Eweyk|68327)/12|1.25 
Erkennen, Das (Recognition) (Loewe) Schumann-Heink|88550}12/3.00 
Erlkénig (The Erlking) CO laroiers acc.) (Schubert) Johanna Gadski|88040) 12/3.00 
Erlkénig (The Erlking) (Op. 1) (Schubert) Schumann-Heink|88342! 12/3.00 
Es hat nicht sollen sein and Das weiss nur ichallein (Riegg) Emil Muench|\35032)|12)1.25 
Es ist bestimmt i in Gottes Rath (By God's Decree) Schumann-Heink|88155} |2/3.00 
Es steht ein’ Lind (The Linden in the Dale) Gluck-Reimers|87228) 1012.00 
Freut euch des Lebens and Treue Liebe—Frida Bennéche|67985)|10| .75 
Frihlingsglaube (Faith in Spring) (Schubert) Margarete Ober|64635] 10) 1.00 
Fruhlingslied (Spring Song) (Gounod) and Frihlingszeit—Karl Jérn|45077)|10)1.00 
Fruhlingszeit (apangs lide) (Remhens Becker) and Friihlingslied—Karl Jérn|45077|10|1.00 
Fruihlingszeit (Spring-Tide) (Becker) Schumann-Heink|87012) 10|2.00 
Grtisse an die Heimat—Harmonie Male Quartet and Rheinlied—Muench\16759|10) .75 
Gute Kamerad (Faithful Comrade) and Ich grolle nicht—Schlegel|67894)| 10) .75 
Hab’ mein Wagen vollgeladen (2) Bonn (Bungert) 
and Hinunter (Drinking Song) (Karl Schnabel) Van Eweyk|63639)|10| .75 
Haidenréslein (Goethe-Schubert, Op. 3, No. 3) (Piano acc.) Julia Culp|64396) 10/1.00 
Haidenréslein (Hedge Rose) (Goethe- Werner) Gadski}88566| 12/3.00 
Haidenréslein (Werner) and Stille Nacht, Rees Nacht—Emil Muench\16111/10] .75 
Hans und Liesel (Werner) Muench and AmMeer (Schubert) Wolkmann|35027|12)1.25 
Hans und Liesel (Hans and Lisa) (Werner) Alma Gluck-Paul Reimers|87183])10}2.00 
Heimweh (Longing for Home) (Eichendorff-Hugo Wolf) Margarete Ober|64444/10/1.00 
Heimweh—Lied von Uvag and Hoch vom Kahlenberg (with Qt) Niernsee|67142|10) .75 
Heinrich der Vogler and d Ungliickliche Liebe (2) Der Kuss—Van Eweyk|63638)10| .75 
Hinunter and Hab’ mein Wagen vollgeladen (2) Bonn—Van Eweyk|63639|10| .75 
Hobellied (Kreutzer) and Madchen mit dem rothen Miindchen—Muench\16187/| 10} .75 

och vom Dachstein an—Das Steierland (Seidel) Gluck-Reimers|87227| 10/2.00 
Hoch vom Dachstein (Austrian Folk Song) and Wiener Fiakerlied—-Herschmann|69539)10| .75 
Hoch vom Kahlenberg and Heimweh—Lied von Uvag—with Qt—Niernsee|67142|10| .75 
Ich grolle nicht (Ill Not Comelan) and Der gute Kamerad—Schlegel|67894|10} .75 
Ich grolle nicht (I'll Not Complain) (Schumann) Whitehill/64519) 10} 1.00 
Ich liebe dich (I Love Thee) (Beethoven) Frances Alda|87117}10/2.00 
Ich liebe dich (I Love Thee) (Herrosse-Beethoven) (Piano acc.) Ober|64446/ 10/1.00 
Ich liebe dich (Grieg) Gunster and Der Tannenbaum (Zarnack) Emil Muench\16764|10| .75 
Im Abendroth (In the Sunset Glow) (Schubert) Julia Culp|64492/10/1.00 
Im Herbst (In Autumn) (Franz) Gadski/88542) 12/3.00 
Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer (Lighter is My Slumber) Culp|64553)}10/1.00 
[ und mei Bua (Il and My Boy) (Yodel Song) (Millécker) Schumann-Heink/|88139)12/3.00 
Lindenbaum, Der. (The Linden Tree) (Schubert) Witherspoon|74348| 12}1.50 
Lorelei, Di and. Du bist die Ruh’—Hinkle| 55056) 12)1.50 
Lorelei, Die (The Loreley) (Liszt) Louise Homer|88204| 12]3.00 
Lorelei (Silcher) Ernestine Schumann-Heink|88547|12/3.00 
Lorelei—Volkslied (Silcher) Johanna Gadski|88564| 12/3.00 
Lotusblume, Die (The Lotus Flower) (Schumann) Leo Slezak|61207]|10/1.00 
Lotusblume, Die (The Lotus Flower) Repeated in English (Piano acc.) Gadski|88578| 12|3.00 
Madchen mit dem rothen Miindchen and Hobellied (Kreutzer) Muench\16187/10| .75 
Miadchens Klage, Des and Briiderlein fein-—Frida Bennéche|67986|10| .75 
Mein Madel hat einen Rosenmund and Die Ehre Gottes—Van Eweyk|63794|10| .75 
Mit deinen blauen Augen (With Your Blue Eyes) (Strauss) Ober|64447| 10/1.00 
Mondnacht (Moonlight) (Op. 39, No.5) (Schumann) Culp|64554| 10}1.00 
Mondnacht (Moonlight) (Schumann) Schumann-Heink|88197| 12/3.00 
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt (Tschaikowsky) Gluck-Zimbalist}87244| 10/2.00 
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt (Ye Who Have Yearned) German Homer|87265/10/2.00 
Parsifal—Charfreitagszauber—Part I and Part [I—Karl Jérn-Jean Miiller|55061)\12|1.50 
Phyllis und die Mutter and To Mary—Paul Reimers|45062)10|1.00 
Rheinlied—Muench and Griisse an die Heimat—Harmonie Male Quartet 16759) 10] .75 
Re ee Das (Bald Gras’ ich am Neckar, aus ‘‘Des Knaben Wunderhorn’’) 

( Folk Song) and Annchen von Tharau—Carl Schlegel|69055)10| .75 
Sag’ mir nur einmal—Nelva and Offenbachiana—Gems from Offenbach—Band|16595)10| .75 
Sandmannchen (The Little Sandman) (Becker) Farrar-Homer|87506) 10/3.00 
Sapphische Ode PREPPbe: Ode) (Brahms) Schumann-Heink|87239|10|2.00 
Schliess’ in dein Herz and Achkénnt’ ich noch einmal so lieben—Emil Muench|16797)|10| .75 
Schmerzen (Grief) wees aera Wagner) Johanna Gadski|87274| 10}2.00 
Schénste von Allen, Die—Nelva and Wenn Zwei sich lieben (Lehar) Nelva\16594|10| .75 
Serenade (Stamdchen) (Schubert) Julia Culp|74431) 1211.50 
*sHerzlad (Koschat) and Verlor nes Gliick (Franz Wagner) Herschmann|\69339|10| .75 
Spielman, Der (The Minetrel) Alma Gluck-Efrem Zimbalist|88583) 12/3.00 
Spinnerliedchen (Spinning Song) (Piano acc.) Schumann-Heink|87124| 10}2.00 
Sttindchen (Schubert) Reimers and Aida—Celeste Aida—Italian—Althouse|55045|12/1.50 

(Continued on next page) 


Stehe still! ane Still!) (Wesendonck-Wagner) Johanna Gadski|87275| |0|2.00 
Steh’ ich in finst’rer Mitternacht and Wohlauf, Kameraden—Carl Schlegel|69094|10|_.75 
Steierland, Das (‘‘Hoch vom Dachstein an’) (Seidel) Gluck-Reimers|87227| 10/2.00 

Stille acht—For several records see ‘‘ Stille Nacht” 
ill wie die Nacht—For several records see “Still wie die Nacht”’ 
Stumme von Portici—Schlummerlied (From ‘“‘Massaniello’’) (Auber) Slezak/61201/ 10 
Tannenbaum, Der—Muenc and Ich liebe dich (Grieg) Gunster|16764/ 10 
Tannenbaum, Der (The Christmas Tree) (Volkslied) Gluck-Reimers|/87229] 10 
Tod und das Madchen, Der (Death and the Maiden) Schumann-Heink|87013)10 
Triume (Dreams) (Wagner) Schumann-Heink|88343] 12 
Tréume (Dreams) (Wesendonck-Wagn Johanna Gadski|88591] 12 
reue Liebe—For several records see emer) Liebe” 

Trinklied (Die alten Deutschen) and Edelweiss—Emil Muench|68475} 12 
Tyroler und sein Kind and Wenn die Schwalben heimwartszieh’n—Muench| 16798] 10 
Uhr, Die (Loewe) and 2 Der Wanderer (Schubert) Arthur Van Eweyk|68339| 12 
Ungltckliche fake (2) Der Kuss and Heinrich der Voglere—V an Eweyk|63638} |0; 
Verlor'nes Gliick (Lost Happiness) (Franz Wagner 

and s’ Herzlad (Koschat)— Herschmann|69339| 10 
Vom Himmel hoch da komm’ ich her (Christmas Hymn) Schumann-Heink|88381||2 
Wanderer, Der (Schubert) 2 
Wanderer, Der (Schubert) and Die Uhr eee Van Eweyk\68339} |2 
Wanderer’'s Nachtlied—Wanderer's Night Song Farrar—Schumann-Heink|87504| 10 
Was mir als Kind die Mutter sang pad Dei meen edenk’ ich, Margaretha—Muench|16822| 10 

Wenn die Schwalben heimwirts zie 

Herbert ies cas 74323) | he 

Syekesy Seb SESSu5 

be Tiroler und sein Kind-Muench| 16798 10} .75 

Wenn die Schwalben heimwarts zieh’n RA ai Alma Gluck-Efrem Zimbalist]87236] |0/2.00 
Wenn Zwei sich lieben (Lehar) Nelva and Schénste von Allen, Die—Nelva|16594||0| .75 
Wer nicht liebt Wein, Weib und Gesang Sra Aus der Jugendzeit—Muench 16409) 10} .75 

Widmung (Dedication) (Riickert-Schumann) Piano acc. Ober an 10) 1.00 
Wiegenlied—Cradle Song (Brahms) Schumann-Heink]87241)|10|2.00 ' 
Wiegenlied—Cradle eooe (Mozart) Emmy Destinn|87246| |0/2.00 
Wiegenlied—Cradle Song (Mozart) Frieda Hempel|87234| 10|2.00 
“Wiegenlied—Cradle Song (Schubert) Emmy Destinn|87214| |0|2.00 
Wiegenlied—Cradle Song (Brahms) Julia Culp|64402] 10/1.00 
Wiegenlied—Cradle Song (Humperdinck) Margarete Ober|64449!|0/ 1.00 
ie mag es wohl gekommen sein—Muench and Bei uns in Tirol—A lpensingers|16820]|0| .75 
Wiener Fiakerlied (Vienna Poul enoelet) and Hoch vom Dachstein—Herschmann|69539)||0| .75 
Wohin? (Whither) (Schubert): and Auf Ae des Gesanges—Reimers|45065] |0| 1.00 
Wohlauf, Kameraden! aufs Pferd, aufs Pferd (Folk-Song) 
and Steh’ ich in finst rer Mitternacht—Carl Schlegel|69094)|10| .75 
Zur Ruh’, zur Ruh’! (To Rest!) and Allerseelen (All Soul’s Day) Werrenrath|17179\|10|. .75 
(Govan. Arrival, The—Comedy Yodel Frank pont oct 15 
Hi-Le-Hi-Lo—German Comedy Yodel George P. Watson 10) - 
GERMAN Y—Patriotic Airs—See ‘‘National Airs—Germany” 
{Goneucr Hoffmann Glide—Turkey Trot Victor Military aac Fen. 75 
Too Much Mustard (Trés Moutarde) Turkey Trot Victor Mil. B 10) - 
GERVILLE-REACHE, JEANNE, Contralto’ (Zher!-vee! Ray-ahsh’ ) 
. (For list of records, portrait and sketch see “‘Gerville-Réache” in 
Pink Section) Z 
( Geweeete Waltz (To Your Health) (Helf) Pryor’s Band 1ei3siiole7s 
National Air of Germany—Die Wacht am Rhein Sousa’s Band. : 
(oe Off My Foot—Fox Trot (Kernell-Heilner) Smith’s preyed, 18247/10| .75 
Evensong Waltz Joseph C. Smith and his Orchestra 3 
(Fengere Speech, Lincoln’s Leonard G. Beeman 16106|10| .75 
Talmage on Infidelity Leonard G. Spencer : 
(oe of the Banjo Coon, The—Coon Song Arthur pene 17011\10| .75 
Aunt Mandy—Darky Sketch Golden and Hughes : 
(Gus of the Saxophone (Frost-Klickmann) PCE Ona 18354|10| .75 
Mammy Blossom’s Possum Party Collins and Harlan , 
{Phoet of the Saxophone—Fox Trot (Klickmann) Six Brown aad 183091101 .75 
Saxophone Sam—Fox Trot Six Brown Brothers 
{eee of the Terrible Blues (Von Tilzer) Peerless uri} 1794410] .75 
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You ? Billy Murray 
{ Goneet of the Ukulele (Brockman-Smith) Peerless cart 18254/10] .75 
Those Hawaiian Melodies Peerless Quartet 

GIACOMELLI, IDA, Soprano (Jah-koh-mell'-ee) See ‘ Ernani,” 

“Forza,” “ Tap ey *? “Masked Ball,” ‘‘Norma” and “‘Trovatore’”’ 
GIALDINI, GUIDO (Jahl-dee’-nee) See “* Whistling Records” 


(Gale, Galah, Galoo (Fields-Donovan) Avon Comedy Four 
Old Bill Baker (From ‘‘ Very Good Eddie”) M. J. © Con Bab Ny Lk: 
GILBERT and SULLIVAN OPERAS—See “Mikado,” ‘ Pinafore” 
and “ Pirates of Penzance” 
GILIBERT, CHARLES, Baritone (Zheel!-lee-bear) (For list of records, 
portrait and sketch see “‘Gilibert ” in Pink Section) 
GILLY, DINH, Baritone—See “‘ Destinn Duets” 
Gingerbread Man—See “Children’s Records” 
{is bere Stump Speech (Smith) Avon Comedy Four 
The Professor’s Birthday (Smith) Avon Comedy Four 
GIOCONDA (Joh-kon’-dah) (Milan, 1876) (Ponchielli) Jn Jtalian 
(See ‘‘Victrola Book of the Opera’’ for complete illustrated description) 

Prelude and Otello— Fantasia—Vessella’s Italian Band|35459)|12)1.25 
Feste! pane! (Sports and Feasting) La Scala Chorus 

iy hee and Pescator affonda l’esca (Fisher Boy, Thy Bait be Throwing) _Badini|45010}10/1.00 
Figlia che reggitremulo pié (Daughter, My Faltering Steps) Murino, Nunes 

and Badini and Vo’ farmi pid gaia (Thou Art Mine Now) Murino and Badini|55017|12| 1.50 




\ 35606) 121.25 

Voce didonna (Angelic Voice) Louise Homer|85104! 12/3.00 
Voce di donna (Angelic Voice) _ Margarete Ober|64443]10/ 1.00 
Enzo Grimaldo—Conti and Badini and Furlana —Italian Orchestra|}45033)|10|1.00 
O monumento! (Oh, Mighty Monument!) Titta Ruffo|88396| 12/3.00 
Furlana—lItalian Orchestra and Enzo Grimaldo—-Conti and Badini|45033'10!1.00 



Pescator, affondal’esca Pasquale Amato and Metropolitan Opera Chorus|87093}10/2.00 
Pescator, affonda l’esca (Fisher Boy, Thy Bait be Throwing) Ruffo|88394| 12/3.00 
Pescator affonda l’esca—Badini and Feste! pane!—La Scala Chorus|45010)10)1.00 
Cielo e mar (Heaven and Ocean) Giovanni Martinelli}64409}10}1.00 
Cieloe mar (Heaven and Ocean) Florencio Constantino|64070 10/1.00 
Cieloe mar (Heaven and Ocean) Enrico Caruso|88246| 12/3.00 
Cielo e mar—de Gregorio and Manon Lescaut—Manon mi tradisce—de Gregorio|45027 10|1.00 
Cielo emar (Heaven andOcean) and Walkiire—Siegmund's Liebeslied—Althouse|45076 101.00 
Stella del marinar (Star of the Mariner) Jn Italian Margarete Ober|64442| 10) 1.00 


Si! ir ella de’! (To Die is Her D. 1) Amleto Galli 
pkdebian a Gia i feds Ud Behold Thee). Leuttds Gresore: Badini and Chorus! 55019! 12!1.50 

VICTOR RECORDS % Number | = 

GIOCONDA, ACT Ill—Continued ay 

Dance of the Hours and Kamennoi-Ostrow (Rubinstein) Herbert’s Orch\55044/|12/1.50 
Dance of the Hours—-Victor Orch and Sweet Longings— V iolin-Flute| 35087) 12) 1.25 
Dance of the Hours—Reitz Xylophone and Maurice pee oars Van Eps\17147|10| .75 
Giativedo (I Behold Thee) Lotti, de Gregorio, Badini and Chor 

and Si! morir ella de’! (To Die is Her Doom!) Amleto Galli| 55019) 12/1.50 


Suicidio (Suicide Remains) Emmy Destinn|88478) |2)|3.00 
Suicidio (Suicide Remains) Cavalieri and Mefistofele—L’altra notte—Cavalieri|55015|12|1.50 
Vo’ farmi pid gaia (Thou Art Mine Now) Murino and Badini 

and Figlia che reggi tremulo pié—Murino, Nunes and Badini|55017)| 12) 1.50 

GIORDANO—See “Andrea Chenier” | 

GIORGINI, ARISTODEMO, Tenor—See “‘Don Pasquale” and “ Traviata” 

GIOVANNELLI, GINO, Tenor—See ‘‘ Bohéme” and ‘‘ Manon” 

Gipsy John (Clay) Bass Herbert Witherspoon|74078| 12) 1.50 

{Ga from Brazil—Medley One-Step (Medley 117) (Romberg) Victor et 355911 1211.25 
Flora Bella—Medley One-Step (Schwarzwald) Victor Military Band ica 

Girl from Brazil—See also ‘‘ Bachelor Girl and Boy” 

| Girl from Utah, Gems from (Smith-Kern) Victor Light Opera Co 

“*Land of Let's Pretend’’— “Same Sort of Girl’’"—** Why Don’ t They 

Dance ne Polka Any More” — “They Didn't Believe Me’’—**You Never 35404/ 12 1.25 

Can Tell’’—Quartet, * ‘The Girl in the Clogs and Shawl *’—Finale | 
. Gems from ‘‘Miss Daisy’’ (Bartholomae-Hein) Victor L. Opera Co 
Girl from Utah—See also “‘ Molly Dear, It’s You I’m After,” “‘ Same 
Sort of Girl’? and “* They Didn’t Believe Me’”’ 
Girl from Utah— Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 118”) 
Victor Militocy Band | 35425|12}1.25 
Tennessee—I Hear You Calling Me—Medley One-Step Victor Band 
{ GirllI Left Behind Me (Lover) (See also ““Medleys”) Raymond ee 17597|10| .75 
Rory O’More (Samuel Lover) Raymond Dixon : 
{Se I Left Behind Me—Humoresque (arr. by Bellstedt) Pryor’s = 18055|10| .75 
Arkansaw Traveler—Parody (Lovenberg) Arthur Pryor’s Band . 
Girl I Left Behind Me—Medley March Victor Military Band Tea7iltoee7s 
Hot Time in the Old Town—Medley March Victor Military Band} ; 
Girl I Left Behind—Parody —See “Wills,Parody on Eight Familiar Songs” 
sea of My Dreams Macdonough and Hayden Quartet 
For Every Boy Who’s Lonely Macdonough and Lyric Quartet 
ts on the Film—Hesitation Waltzes (Sirmay) (See “Medley 

17230|10} .75 

No. 119”) Victor Band 
Adele Waltzes—Hesitation or Boston (Philips) Victor Mil. Band. 
1% on the Magazine, The (From “Stop, Look and Listen’’) 


Harry Macdonough }/17945}10} .75 
I Love a Piano (From ‘‘Stop, Look and Listen’’) Billy Murray 

GIRL WHO SMILES—See “‘ Teach Me to Smile” 

Girl Who Wears a Red Cross on Her Sleeve (Mahoney) 
| with Male Quartet William Barnes ?|18052]10| .75 
Baby Shoes (Goodwin-Rose- Piantadosi) Edna Brown 
Giroflé-Girofla Selection (Zheer-o-flay’ Zheer-o -flah’) Pryor’s Band 
““TheCharm of Our Profession'’— “Dearest Papa’’—Champagne Song, 
*See How It Sparkles’’—Finale, ‘* The Gallant Sailor Matamore”’ 
Ciribiribin Song (Pestalozza) In Italian Mme. Lia Bianca 
Gitana Waltz (Bucalossi) Victor Dance Dreneae 
Sobre las Olas Waltz (Rosas) Victor Dance Orchestra 
Gitano Waltz (Le Thiere) Pryor’s pans 
_ American Beauties March (St. Clair) Pryor’s Band 
Give a Little Credit to Your Dad (Tracey-Vincent) Chas. Baraeon 
Your Wife (Donnelly-Burkhardt-Piantadosi) Sterling Trio 
{ok Me All of You (From “Flora Bella”) (Carroll-Scharzwald) | 

16652/10) .75 

16085}10} .75 

18027|10| .75 

Alice Green-Edward Hamilton ugtsait 75 

Pretty Baby (Kahn-Jackson-Van Alstyne) Orpheus Quartet 

aie Me Liberty, or Give Me Death (Patrick Henry) Hump brs ener 7 ites 
Gi \\\Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Harry E. Humphrey : 
Glacier Park Indians—See “ Educational ” 

(coe Rags One-Step (J. Wallace Bryan) Victor Military Pang} 17808]10| .75 
Booster Fox Trot (An American Absurdity) (Lake) Victor M. Band. : 

Mr. Glenn is a native of California, and was born on one of 

the great ranches in the San Joaquin Valley. He began his studies 

in San Francisco, but when the phenomenal quality of his voice 

was realized he was induced by his friends to go to New York 

for further study. He made rapid progress under a number of 

noted teachers and now has a remarkable range of some two and 

a half octaves, from C below the bass clef to F sharp. Mr. 

Glenn is soloist of the Cathedral of St. John, the Harlem Reformed. 

Church in New York, and the Lotus Glee Club, and appears with | 
many other organizations during the season. 

The Victor, realizing that here was one of the finest basso 

profundo voices in America, promptly secured his exclusive record 

services for a number of years. 


Armorer’s Song (‘‘ Robin Hood’ Ba and Till the Sands of the Desert—Glenn|17268|10| .75 
Asleep in the Deep d Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep—Glenn|17309|10| .75 
Down Deep Within the Cellar (Drakine Song) and Monarch of Woods—Glenn|17326)10) .75 
I'm a Jolly Old Rover and Old Sexton—Wilfred Glenn|18025|10| .75 
Monarch of the Woods and Down Deep Within the Cellar— Wilfred Glenn|17326|10| .75 
Off to Philadelphia and Wearing of the Green—Hooley|17348|10| .75 
Old Sexton and [ma Jolly Old Rover—Wilfred Glenn|18025|10| .75 
Rocked in he Cradle of the Deep, and Asleep in the Deep—Glenn|17309|10} .75 
Song of the Turnkey—‘**Rob Roy”’ and Bohemian Girl—Fair Land—Miller|17383)10| .75 
Thursday (Weatherly-Molloy) and Buck Fanshaw’s Funeral—Humphrey|35296|12|1.25 
Till the Sands of the Desert (Ball) and Armorer’s Song— Wilfred Glenn|17268)]10} .75 
a Girl, The (Sousa ousa’s Band ' 101 .75 
The Lamb’s March (Sousa) Sousa’s BandJ|'7976 . 
‘Globe Trot (Crudup Vesey) Victor Military pone ; tol .75 
{ La Czarine—Three-Step (Mazurka Russe) (Ganne) Victor Band fee : 
(creme aux Femmes—Mazurka (Strobl) Orchestre des pale meholnae 
Luba, Polka (Gauwin) Orchestre des balsS|®" ; 
(ecme a Te (Sacred) (Schuyler—Buzzi-Peccia) oreo 1211.25 
A Dream of Paradise Harry Macdonough and Lyric Quartets |3°23? : 
Gloria from 12th Mass _ (Mozart) Lyric Quartet/31589|12/1.00 
Gloria Patri (2) Lord’s Prayer Lyric artnet lesvaliiliees 
. Safe in the Arms of Jesus ® Trinity Choir Coie ; 
Gloria Patria (Damrosch-Palestrina) Jn Latin Victor Mixed eam 10! .75 
{ Popule Meus (Damrosch-Palestrina) In Latin Victor Mixed Chorus SS 
fears of the Yankee Navy March (Sousa) Sousa’s Pore 7es0\ 10ers 
Universal Peace March (Lampe) Pryor’s Band zi 
jely Song (Oh, That Will Be Glory) Hayden Spake so14li2ih25 
Radiant Morn, The (Anthem) (Woodward) Lyric Quartet) |* 

Glory to God—See “‘Messiah’’ 
{Glow-Worm—lIdyl (Lincke) (with Vocal Chorus) Pryor’s Band 

\ Hearts and Flowers—Intermezzo (Tobani) Victor Concert Orchestra $5344) 12/1.25 
{Glow-Worm—Intermezzo (Lincke) Pryor’s Be 

{ Felsenmuhle Overture (Reissiger) Arthur Pryor’s Band 35015) 12/1.25 
;Glow-Worm—lIntermezzo (Vocal Chorus and Bell Solo) Victor On 

\ In Lover’s Lane (Pryor) Pryor’s Band. 17227)10) .75 
{Glow-Worm  (Lincke) String Quartet Vienna ease 

\ My Heart Has Learned;to Love You Macdonough-Hayden Quartet 16503) 101.72 
{Cle Renu orets Sune (Lincke) Soprano Elizabeth Avheciat) 16932|10| .75 

Garden of Dreams (Kummer) Stevenson and Macdonough) |: ‘i 

GLUCK, ALMA, Soprano ( Glook) (For list of records, portrait and 
sketch, see “Gluck” in Pink Section) 





“Melodie,” * 

(1714— oo 
Menuett,”’ ‘‘ Musette’’ and “‘ Orfeo ”’ 

(Glook) (See 

(Gobble Duet (From “ Mascotte”) In English Wheeler Macdenoush} 
Sousa’s Band) | 

Prince of Pilsen Selection (Luders) 
GODARD, BENJAMIN (1849-1895) (Go-dahr’) Compositions by 

See “ Berceuse” and “‘ Chanson de Juin” 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again (Tomer) 
Oh Morning Land (Phelps) Frank C. Stanley and Harry Macdonough 

Bohemian Girl—Heart Bow'd Down and Good-Bye, Sweetheart—Goddard 
Good-Bye (Tosti) and Good Night, Beloved, Good Night—Macdonough 
Good-Bye, Sweetheart, Good-Bye and Heart Bow’d Down-—Goddard 


Es Give Us Men (2) Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers 

William Sterling Batts 
William Sterling Battis 


eet is a Spirit (Anthem) (Bennett) Lyric pyartal 
Christ Receiveth Sinful Men (McGranahan) Hayden Quartet 

ae is Love 

oy Down Moses 

Lyric sruerten| 
Autumn (Saviour, Breathe an Evening Blessing) Trinity Choir 
God, My Father (From “ The Seven Last Words of Christ” — 
Oratorio by Dubois) /n English Emilio de Gogorza 
Tuskegee Institute suecrs| 
Tuskegee Institute Singers 
Alan Turner and Male saenant 
Alan Turner and Male Chorus 

I Want to be Like Jesus 
God Save the King 
Rule Britannia (Arne) 


de Gogorza”’ 
BILLY, Comedian 

Hayden Qe 

16527/10 . 

16399) 10 



16038) 10 

17096} 10 


17688) 10 


POs 5 
10) . 







No negro specialty records have ever been so popular as those by Billy Golden. 
No one could ever approach him in this kind of work—in fact the hearer forgets all about 
Golden and hears only a jolly old darky with an infectious laugh. Five of Golden's most 

famous specialties, including the favorite “Turkey in de Straw, 

” are listed here, and thirty 

two clever and entertaining specialties made in connection with three well-known comedians 

—John Hughes, Golden's present partner, James Marlowe and Billy Heins. 

Br, Bye, Ma Leper Negro Specialty and /rish Boy M’ch—Accordion—Kimmel| 

Rabbit Has and Arkansaw Traveler 
Roll on Ag Ground 
Turkey in de Straw 

Yaller Gal—Laughing Song 

Death of Towser and Trip to Paradise (with Banjo) 
Trip to Paradise and Death of Towser (with BanJo)—Golden and Heins 


Aunt Mandy and Ghost of the Banjo Coon (O’Dea-Caldwell) Collins 
Clamy Green and Rubelown Minstrels—Minstrel Company 
Darktown Editors and At the Levee on Revival Day—Collins-Harlan 
Darktown Poets and Everybody’s Doing it Now—Collins and Harlan 
Darky School Days and Morning After the Night Before (Moran-Helf) Murray 
Down in Turkey Hollow and Sugar Moon (Wenrich) Collins and Harlan 
Epitaphs, or Two Darkiesin a Cemetery and Big Bass Viol—Stanley and Qt 
Gwine Back to Arkansaw and The Servant Girls—Golden and Hughes 
Jimmie Trigger, or Military Hero and North Carolina Minstrels 
Jimmy Trigger Returns from the War and Curiosity Hunt—Golden and Hughes 
Jinin® the Churc and You’ll Come Back—Elida Morris and Billy Murray 
Liars, or My Uncle’s Farm and How Mother Made the Soup—Casc 
Matrimonial Troubles and Nothing t> Do Till To-morrow—Billy Murray 
Servant Girls and Gwine Back to Arkansaw—Golden and Hughe: 

Shipmates—A Nautical Absurdity and Flanagan on a Farm—Steve Porter 
Turkey Specialty and Grizzly Bear—Billy Murray and American Quartet 
Unlucky Mose and New Orleans Minstrels—Minstrel Co 
Whistling Pete and Clin: na Minstrels, No. 20—Minstrel Company) 
Working on the Farm 

(Monologue with Violin) Len Spencer 
and se Josh’s Trip to Coney Island—Cal Stewart 
Nigger Loves His Possum—Collins-Harlan 

or Pals 

(Bowery Specialty) Jones and Spencer! 


and Kentucky Minstrels—Minstrel Company'35260' 








/ VICTOR RECORDS "| Number] 3 

Curiosity Hunt, The (withBanjo) — and Jimmy Trigger Returns From the W. ar}35518) | 
Darky’s Oration on Woman (with Banjo) and Darky Waiters—Golden-Marlowe:35614| | 
Darky Waiters (with Banjo) and Darky’s Oration on Woman—Golden-Mar lowe|35614|| 
Henry Attempts Suicide and Insect swede A gent— Golden and Marlowe|35504| | 
Hospital Patients and Liars’ Contest— Golden-Marlowe|35577| | 
Insect Powder Agent and Henry Attempts Suicide—Golden and Marlowe|35504| | 
Liars’ Contest and Hospital Patients—Golden-Marlowe|35577]| | 
Love-Sick Darky and Matrimonial Difficulties—Golden-Marlowe|35544| 12|1. 
Matrimonial Difficulties and Love-Sick Darky— Golden-Marlowe|35544) 12)|1.25 

Golden Dreams (Dell’ Oro) Xylophone Chris spepman} olt.75 
Donkey and Driver (Leonard) Violin Charles .D’Almaine iS s 

Golden Girl, The—Gems from (Howard) V. Light Opera Co 
** The Girl At Left Behind "’—"* The Land of Used to Be""—"‘I'd Rather 
Fight Like Ma’’—* Everybody Wondered Why They Married ’’— 

** The Golden Girl ’’—Chorus, Act I, **l Think I Hear a Woodpecker” 
Gems from ‘‘ The Three Twins ’ (Hoschna) V.. Light Opera Co 

aes Lilies—Three-Step (Birnschein) Victor Dance ata 



DAAnnn any 

35327) 12 1 25 

Sirens Waltz (Waldteufel) Victor Dance Orchestras |92979 !2|!-25 

Golden Slippers Fisk University Jubilee Quartet 
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Fisk University Jubilee Quartet 
Golden Trumpets Schottische (Rollinson) Victor Dance Orch 
So Long Mary (Cohan) Corinne Morgan and Hayden Quartet 
Golden Wedding, The (Rural Specialty) Jones and Spencer 
Dreaming (Dailey) Harry Macdonough 
GOLDMARK, KARL (1830-— ) See ‘Rustic Wedding” and 
** Queen of Sheba” 
Goldstein Behind the Bars (Bingham) Ralph Bingham) 
Mrs. Rastus Johnson at the Wedding Ralph Bingham 
Goldstein Goes in the Railroad Business Barney Soon 

16453/10| .75 
16549] 10) .75 

16658/10) .75 

18231\10} .75 

Cohen at the Telephone Barney Bernara5|18°29|'0) .75 

Ne ajsusueee cup tii Air In Spanish Carlos Francisco 17442110! .75 
La Paloma (The Dove) (Yradier) In Spanish | Carlos Francisco : 
Golondrina (The Swallow) (Serradell) Victor Military Band 
Perjura Danza—Mexican Dance (Fickle Maiden) 17515]10) .75 
Victor Military Band 
Gondoliera (Boat Song) (Saar) (Pianoforte by Falkenstein) Powell]| 64521) 10/1.00 
Gondolier and Nightingale—Barcarolle Cornet-Flute 
Herbert L. Clarke-Clement Barone} 17153|10| .75 
Showers of Gold—Scherzo (Clarke) Cornet Solo Herbert L. Clarke 

Gondolier’s Song (Hoffman) Elsie Baker-Fred’k era? 

Spring (Printemps) Valse Chantee (Op. 41) (Salignac-Stern) Kline the UY iertl 
Good-Bye (Addio) (Tosti) Tenor Jn Italian Enrico Caruso|88280| |2!/3.00 
Good-Bye (Tosti) Soprano Jn English Nellie Melba|ss065}12|3.00 
Good-Bye (Tosti) Soprano Jn English Emma Eames/88009) |2/3.00 
Good Bye (Tosti) Soprano /n English . Florence Hinkle|70105}12| 1.25 
Good-Bye (Tosti) Tenor Jn English John McCormack] 74346) 12/1.50 

{Ecos -Bye (Tosti) Baritone Jn English Herbert Cee 
Good Night Beloved, Good Night Harry Macdonough 16815)10) .75 
Saeaee -Bye (Tosti) Soprano In English Elizabeth a eauny 

Simple Confession Violoncello Victor Sorlin}|3512|!2|1.25 

fe ort -Bye (Tosti) Baritone Reinald Werrenrath 

Oft in the Stilly Night (Thomas Moore) Reinald W. ree G50Ser 21.30 

(Geer -Bye Broadway, Hello France! (Davis-Baskette) American Qt 
Where Do We Go from Here ? American Odanelt AS SSS) es 
Good- Bye Broadway, Hello France !—Medley One-Step 
(See ‘‘Medley No. 120’’) Conway’s Band }|35649} 12) 1.25 
Rolling in His Little Rolling Chair—One-Step Conway’s Band : 
eee -Bye Dolly Gray—March (Barnes) Conway’s Band a) 
Battle of Gettysburg (Descriptive March) Conway’s Band dy Tesaeey tee 


{ Seeaes Bye Girls, I’m Through (“Chin Chin”) Raymond eon sok eltol.75 
Ragtime Temple Bells (‘‘Chin Chin’’) (O’Dea-Caryll) Murray ; 



Good-Bye, Good Luck, God Bless You (Is All That I Can Say) 
(Brennan-Ball) Henry Bar 17984|10) .75 
Sighing (Stover) Henry Burr. 
Good-Bye, Sweet Day (Vannah) Janet Spencer|64189}| 10) 1.00 
{ eee Sweet Day (Vannah) Helen Caen 16850|10! .75 
The King’s Highway (Weatherly-Molloy) Reinald Werrenrath y 
Good-Bye, Sweetheart, Good-Bye (Hatton) McCormack|64342| 10) 1.00 
Good-Bye, Sweetheart, Good-Bye (Hatton) Williams/64199/10)1.00 
{ Core Ss Sweetheart, Good-Bye (Hatton) eee aes 16064101 .75 
Heart Bow’d Down (From ‘‘ Bohemian Girl’’) (Balfe) Goddard . 
{Gang-Bye to Johnnie Clarice Fence! 16672|10| .75 
Fol the Rol Lol (Limericks) Edward M. Favor. 5 
epee Luck to the Boys of the Allies (Manley) Lewis J. Howell 17997/10! .75 
The Canadian Guns_ (Rees-Lennard) Lewis J. Howell} % 
{aoe News (Old Negro Spiritual) Tuskegee Institute Sawer 17663|101 .75 
Live a-Humble (Old Negro Spiritual) Tuskegee Institute Singers : 

Good-Night (Dobrou noc, md mild) In Bohemian (From ‘Twenty 
Bohemian Folk-Songs’’) (Trans. by Rev. Vincent Pisek) Destinn-Gilly|88498|12/3.00 
Good Night, Beloved (Nevin)—See ‘‘Serenade”’ 
joecd Night, Beloved, Good Night (Fay) Harry Macdonpg a TaaTelinigs 
Good-Bye (Tosti) Herbert Goddard. ; 
{Gaed Night, Good Night (Gardiner-Ball) George Mesbalenet 45075|1011.00 
You’re the Best Little Mother God Ever Made — George MacFarlane ‘ 
{Gaee Night, Good Night Beloved (Pinsuti) Brass Quarted Teal OteTs 
Southern Cross (Herbert L. Clarke) Cornet Herbert L. Clarke ; 
(Gaodatue nt zanverd March (Yale March) (Moore) U.S.Marine Boog 17603|101 .75 
Whoop It Up March (Yale March) (Friedman) Pryor’s Band ; 
Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night (Macy) George Hamlin|74310} 12) 1.50 

Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night (Hays-Macy) Murphy 

(OPhe Blush Rose Lambert Murphy} |*5126|"0) 1-00 

{eee Night, Mr. Moon (Dawson-A. Von Tilzer) American Qth 7aaeliGnege 
Mine (McGee-Benedek-Solman) Henry Burr : 

{S398 Old Dollar Bill (Mahoney-Morse) Billy area jesiili01 275 
Victor Minstrels, No. 16 Victor Minstrel Co . 

ye Scout—One-Step (Kaufman) Banjo Soll Vess L. pean 17982! 10| °.75 
Universal Fox Trot Banjo Solo Vess L. Ossman Me - 

{oe Pretty Rose (Marzials) Stevenson and ee coc ue 16351|10! .75 
Juanita (Norton) Soprano-Tenor-Baritone Metropolitan Trio ‘ 

GORITZ, OTTO, Baritone (Goh! -ritz) (For list of records, portrait 
and sketch, see ** Goritz ’”’ in Pink Section) 
GORST, CHARLES, Naturalist and Bird Lover 
Robin's Return (Fisher) and Spring Song—Orchestra with Bird Voices—Gorst|}18019|10| .75 
Spring Song (Mendelssohn) and Robin’s Return—Orch with Bird Voices—Gorst|18019|10) .75 
Songs and Calls of Our Native Birds—No. 3 Charles Gorst 

American Robin (2) Killdeer (3) Blue Jay (4) Bluebird (5) 
Wood-thrush (6) Yellow-billed Cuckoo (7) Mockingbird 

Songs and Calls of Our Native Birds—No. 4 Charles Gorst 17735/10) .75 
Kentucky Cardinal or Redbird (2) Oven-Bird (3) Red-Eyed Vireo 
(4) Baltimore Oriole (5) Mourning Dove (6) Western Meadow Lark 
{Goere Songs, No. 1—Moody and Sankey Hymns Victor Mixed Cho 
Gospel Songs, No. 2—Billy Sunday Hymns Victor Mixed Chorus 

\ 35510/12)1.25 
{Gasns! Songs, No.3 (See “Medley No. 8”) Victor Mixed ree 

Gospel Songs, No. 4 (See ‘Medley No. 8’) Victor Mixed ChoJ|396?9 |? 1-2? 

Go to Sleep, My Baby—See “‘ Emmett’s Lullaby ” 
{Gs to Sleep, My Dusky Baby (Dvoidk) Kline-Baker-Dunlap 
Rockin’ Time (Gertrude L. Knox) Kline-Baker-Dunlap 

1791810) 75 

VICTOR RECORDS: | | Number | 3] 


GOTTERDAMMERUNG (Goet! -ter-daem!-mer-oongk) The Dusk of 

the Gods (1876) (Wagner) 

Music drama in three acts and a prelude. Words and music by Richard Wagner. 
Wagner began the composition of the music at Lucerne in 1870, and it was completed 
November 21, 1874. First produced Bayreuth, August 17, 1876, with Materna and 
Unger. First American production at New York, January 25, 1888, with Lehmann, Seidl- 
Krauss, Traubman, Niemann and Fischer. Many notable American productions have been 
made at the Metropolitan, the latest being February, 1914, with Kurt, Ober and Berger. 

The Dusk of the Gods is the last part of the tetralogy. In the prelude we once more 
see Briinnhilde on the rock, where she had lain during her magic sleep, and where Siegfried 
had found her and taken her as his bride. The hero, after a brief period of domestic hap- 
piness in a cave near by, decides to leave his bride for awhile and go in search of adventures, 
giving her the Nibelung’s Ring as a pledge of faith. This ring he had obtained when he 
slew the dragon Fafner, and as the opera progresses he is doomed to suffer the conse- 
quences of the fatal curse, invoked on every possessor of the Ring by Alberich, from whom 
it was forcibly taken by Wotan. 

(For complete illustrated description see ‘‘ Victrola Book of the Opera’) 


Mime hiess ein miirrischer Zwerg (Mime, Know Thee Then, Wasa 
Dwarf) (Part 1) and Zu den Wipfeln lauscht’ ich (PartII) Carl Burrian 55073) 12|1.50 
Zu den Wipfeln lauscht’ ich (To the Branches Gazed | Aloft) (Part II) 
and Mime hiess ein miirrischer Zwerg (Erzahl. des Siegfried) Carl Busted 55073) 12|1.50 
Fliegt heim (Immolation Scene) Johanna Gadski 88185) 12/3.00 
Siegfried’s Funeral March and Die Walktire—Ride of Valkyries— Vessella’s B 35369/12)1.25 
Fantasia— Siegfried and Briinnhilde, Act I—Finale of Scene I, ‘* Siegfried’s 
Horn Call’’—Finale of Opera—Pryor’s B and Rheingold Sel.— Conway’s B,35315)12/1.25 
GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS M. (1829— 1869), Compositions by— 

See “Ask the Ficwes to Tell You,”’ ‘“‘Day by Day,” “Dying Poet,” 
eo Ghost,”’ “‘Last Hope,” “ Pasquinade” and “Softly Now the 
i t’”’ 

GOUNOD, CHARLES FRANCOIS (1818-1893) ( Goo-no) 

Compositions by (For Gounod’s ‘‘ Faust,” “‘Romeo et Juliette,” 
‘Queen of Sheba”’ and “‘ Ave Maria,” see those titles.) 

Greatest French composer. Born Paris, 1818. Father, artist, died 
when Gounod was 5. Taught first by mother. Entered Conservatory, 
won Prix de Rome, 1837. Became organist in San Luigi church and 
contemplated becoming priest. In 1850, his Mass having made success 
in England, was asked to write a work for the Paris Académie. Opera 
Sapho, produced 1851, not a success. Other compositions not im- 
portant till 1859, when his masterpiece Faust appeared. Wrote many 
other operas, only Romeo being successful. Last years devoted to sacred GOUNOD 

VICTOR RECORDS | Number | | 

compositions, his oratorio, Redemption, one of the greatest of its kind. Fags most popular Go 
of all operas, given 1,500 times in Paris alone. Entire work recorded’ by the Victor, 
with the greatest of all-star casts. Gounod died Paris, 1893. 


Colombe, La—Entr’acte and Traviata—Entr’acte—Orchestre Symphonique|17661 


10} .75 
Frithlingslied in German and Frithlingszeit (Becker) _Jérn|45077/10/1.00 
Funeral March of a Marionette Sousa’s Band|31081/12/1.00 
ésus de Nazareth Jn French Pol Plancgon|85065}12/3.00 
Soir (At Evening) Jn French Maurice Reriaud|91072!10/2.00 
Messe Solennelle—Sanctus—Trinity C and Coronationand Doxology-T rinity C\35110|12}1.25 
Nazareth—Christmas Song and First Nowell—Lyric Quartet|17647|10| .75 
Nazareth—Christmas Song—Croxton -and Yule-Tide—Pryor’s Band|35261|12]1.25 
Praise Ye the Father and Onward Christian Soldiers—T rinity Choir|16419|10| .75 
Ring Out Wild Bells (Tennyson) Hemus and Christmas Light—Peerless Qt|35335) 121.25 
Romeo and Juliet and Venetian Love Song—V ictor Concert Orchestra| 17866|10| .75 
Sérénade, “‘Chantez, riez dormez™ (Sing, Smile, Slumber) Flute obbligato Calvé}881 19) 12/3.00 
Serenade Flute obbligato In Russian Marie Michailowa|61144!10}1.00 
Serenade (Sing, Smile, Slumber) Flute obbligato Geraldine Farrar|87257| 10/2.00 
here i isa Green Hill Far Away Louise Homer|88309} 12}3.00 
There is a Green Hill Far Away—Turner and Lost Chord (Sullivan) Turner|35049}12}1.25 
Unfold Ye Portals—Trinity Choir and Angels Ever Bright and Fair—Marsh|35075/12)1.25 
Abebrne eae ta? (Granados) McKee’s Srenastia 355741 1211.25 
Extase (Ecstasy) (Thomé) McKee’s Orchestra : 


I susande skog, Bostonvals (Séderstrsm) Grammophon Strak-Orkestra 
Kungl. Hallands Reg. paradmarsch, af Winter—Meissners Militar-Orkester|67758| 10) .75 

Grande Valse, Op. 10 (Venzano) Jn Italian Luisa Tetrazzini|88423)12/3.00 
ee, Clock (Work) Hayden eae leissiioes 
Leaf by Leaf the Roses Fall (Bishop) Hayden Quartet : 

GRAND MARCHES (For list of marches in slow time suitable for 

boy scout use, and grand marches for dancing, see ‘‘ Marches.” 
For marches made especially for school marching see ‘Educational 

Grand Old Fire (From “George Washington, Jr.”) (Cohan) ae 16799110! .75 
Yankee Doodle Boy (Cohan) Billy Murray ; 

GRAND OPERA MEDLEYS-— Instrumental (See also Opera Titles) 
Babilona (Mussi) Pryor’s Band — and Echoes from the Metropolitan—Pryor’s B}35041)|12}1.25 
eam of Wagner—Fantasie on Wagner's Operas— ryor's an 
and Reminiscences of Verdi—Excerpts from ‘ Rigoletto,” “Lombardi,” 
‘Trovatore,’” and * “Traviata Sousa’ s Band|35230)12}1.25 

GRAND OPERA MEDLEYS—Vocal—See ‘ ‘Carmen,” “‘Cavalleria,”’ 
“Chimes of Normandy,’ ‘‘Erminie,’’ ‘* Faust,’ ‘“ Fee Diavolo,”’ 
* Maritana,” ‘“‘Martha,” “‘Mignon,” “‘Pagliacci,’”’ “Rigoletto,” ‘““Tales 
of Hoffmann,”’ ‘‘ Traviata’”’ and “‘ Trovatore”’ 
{Grand Slam—Medley Overture (See “Medley No. 121”) Conway’s B 
Remick’s Hits—Medley Overture Conway’s Band 
Graves of Our Dead—See “Vision of War’ 
GREAT BRITAIN, Patriotic Airs of—See ‘“‘ National Airs” 

\ 35485) 12/1.25 

{Great Camp Meeting, The—Revival Song Fisk Jubilee Qt} 16487|10| .75 
There is a Balm in Gilead—Negro Folk Song Fisk Jubilee Quartet ; 
{Greatest Battle Song of All (Friend-Downing-Ruby) Nora pee Scoanlpoltoo 
Are You Prepared for the Summer Nora Bayes ; 
{Great Judgment Morning (Pickett) Homer Rodehoe nai 353261 1211.25 
Mother’s Prayers Have Followed Me_ (Ackley) Rodeheaver . 
{Great White Way Medley Accordion (See “Medley No. 122) errs 1748610! .75 
Broadway Medley (See “‘Medley No. 73”) Accordion Pietro ; 

GREEK, EVANS, Baritone 

Free Trade and a Misty Moon and Irish Have a Great Day To-night—Welsh|18285)10| .75 
GREEK RECORDS—See Victor Greek Catalogue 
GREEN, ALICE, Soprano—See also “‘ Duets, Vocal’? and “Educational 
An oSl Fashioned Wife and You Never Knew About Me—Brown-Hamilton|18259}10} .75 
Chu-Chin-Chow— With Orpheus Quartet and Hello, My Dearie—Green-Dixon| 18336) 10} .75 
Here Comes Tootsi (‘‘Around the Map”) and So Long, beter crerLixan 17974/10) .75 

(Continued on next page) 


Home Again— With Lyric Quartet and Pack Up Your Troubles—Hamilton| 18222|10| .75 
Hurry Back to My Bamboo Shack and We're Too Oid to Goat Vous HasGen 18080/ 10} .75 
Let Me Wander Not Unseen (2) bids Me fom. Day's panek Eve 

and Masque of Comus—Dixon-Lyri tet\ 35623) 12/1.25 
Rackety Coo! (From ‘“‘Katinka’’) and Kiss Me Meet Gen 17954/10) .75 
GREENE, ’GENE, Comedian—See “‘ From Here to Shanghai,” “King 
of the Bungaloos”’ and “Ruff Johnson's Harmony Band” 
GREET, BEN, Shakespearean Recitations by | 

Number is 

As You Like It—The Duke’s Speech and Macbeth—Strike Upon the Bell\35235) 12) 1.25 
Hamlet on Friendship and Much Ado—Benedick’s Idea of a Wife'17115\10| .75 
Macbeth—Strike Upon the Bell and As You Like It—Duke’s Speech'35235)12|1.25 
Much Ado—Benedick’s Idea of a Wife and Hamlet on Friendship'17115]| 10 75 
{Grestng (Hartel) (2) Prayer—Freischiitz Victor Brass on | 163201101 .75 

Venetian Love Song (Canzone amorosa) (Nevin) Victor Orch 

The efforts of Pius X to reform sacred music 
in the Catholic Church and revive the use of the 
Gregorian plain-song, so expressive of the grandeur 
and simplicity of pure religious emotion, have been 
the cause of much discussion during the past few 
years. The teaching and proper execution of Gre- 
gorlan music require something more than the mere 
printed score. Oral tradition is also needed, for 
it alone can teach the nght musical accentuation. . 

The Gregorian Congress, therefore, at the instance of Baron Kanzler, decided to avail 
itself of one of the latest applications of modern science, and to have records taken of the 
Gregorian Mass for use on the Victor. These records were sent to many Catholic seminaries, 
colleges, convents and churches of the world, and the Victor is doing, on a large scale, that 
which the two teachers, Romanus and Peter, did on a small scale in the eighth century. 

NOTE—It cannot be denied that these Gregorian chant records are somewhat monotonous, except to 
those specially interested. The average record customer will prefer the concerted numbers listed under “ Sis- 
tine Choir,”” which are remarkably interesting reproductions of a famous body of singers in some noble re- 
ligious compositions. ; 


Recorded in St. Peter’s Church on the Centenary of St. Gregorius Magnus. These records were 
executed under the direction of Mons. Rella, Leader of the Gregorian Chant in the Sistine Chapel. 

Alleluja ‘‘Pascha Nostrum”’ Pupils of the French Seminary |61109/|10) 1.00 
Comunicazione fatta al Congresso Internazionale Gregoriano (In praise 

of the Gregorian Records) J/n Italian Baron Kanzler|71019)12/1.50 

Credo Sistine Choir|71004/12/1.50 

Gloria in Excelsis Deo Sistine Choir/71002)|12/1.50 

I due Alleluja Sistine Choir|71003)12/1.50 

I due Alleluja Messa di S. Gregorio Benedictines of St. Anselmo|71012|12/1.50 

Introito Messa dell’ Assunzione Augustinian Fathers|/61111/10/1.00 

Kyrie Eleison—Last Edition of Solesmes Sistine Choir|/71001/12/ 1.50: 

Offertorio e Communione, Messa di S. Gregorio Sistine Choir/61108) 10) 1.00 

Sanctus et Agnus Deo Sistine Choir/71006)12/1.50 

Sequentia Messa di S. Gregorio Sistine Choir|71007/12/1.50 

(ereicuen Dream Waltz (Wappam) Whistling Gialeni 17050|101 .75 

Estudiantina Waltz (Waldteufel) Xylophone Wm. Reitz : 
Grey Dove (From “Chin Chin”) (Caldwell-Caryll) Romaine|60133/10| .75 

GRIEG, EDVARD HAGERUP (1843-1907)  (Greeg) 

Born Bergen, Norway, 1843. At 6 began musical education 
under his mother. At the age of 15 was sent to Leipsic Conservatory. 
Returned to Norway 1863, and began writing the original and spon- 
taneous music which was to make him famcus. In 1867 founded a 
musical society in Christiania, which he directed for thirteen years. 
Visited Italy 1870, became intimate friend of Liszt, then in Rome. 
Made many visits to Germany. In 1888 went to London, conducted 
own compositions and played piano with much success. Grieg really 
founded a new school of Scandinavian music. Hisshort piano pieces are 
charming works of their class and his numerous songs, full of poetic feeling. The Peer 
Gynt Suite, written for Ibsen’s dramatic poem, ‘Peer Gynt,” is perhaps the best known 
of all his compositions. Grieg died September 4, 1907. 




GRIEG RECORDS—See also ‘* Peer Gynt a 

Butterfly (Papillon) Pianoforte 
Dengang jeg drog af Sted Norwegian 

Number io 

Frank La Forge|60048/10} . 
and Naar jeg kommer hiem (Keep the Home-Fires) Inga Orner|}69493)10| .7 

Ich liebe dich German Gunster and Tannenbaum—German—Emil Muench\ 1676410 

Morning Song (2) The Rose (3) The Brooklet and Spring Song—Kline| 17532) 10 
Mother enee I The (Die Mutter Singt) Ernestine Schumann-Heink/87240) 10 
ent ding March FPianoforte Wilhelm Bachaus|71042) 12 
apillon (2) eacing of Spring and Magic Fire Spell—Pianoforte—Schendel|35448)| 12 
Solvejg’s Song (From “Peer Gynt’) Jn French Amelita Galli-Curci|74522/12 
Spring— Victor String Quartet | and Evening Bells (Eilenberg) Pryor’s Band|35084' 12 
Sunshine Song (Solvejg's Lied) Lucy Marsh|70072/12 


Sunshine Song oles sSong) In Italian 
To Spring—Op. 0.6 Violin 

-GRISL, MARIA—See ‘ ‘Ernani,”” “‘ Huguenots,’ “ Trovatore”’ 
{Grizzly Bear—Song Billy Murray and American Qt 
Turkey Specialty—lIntroducing “‘ Turkey in de Straw’? Golden and Hughes 

GRUNFELD, ALFRED, Pianist (Greun! -feld) 

This famous European pianist is beloved by the Vienna pub- 
lic and by audiences in other cities where he has appeared. -His 
remarkable capabilities as a pianist are familiar to those who have 
heard his Victor records. 

Herr Griinfeld has played for the Victor his famous Brassin 
Transcription of the Walktire Fire Music, in which the leave- 
taking a Wotan and the breaking out of the flames of Logi are 
so wonderfully pictured; and a delightful Strauss waltz, brilliantly 
given. These numbers are played with that delicate touch and entire 
disregard of technical difficulties which mark the work of this artist. 

Voices of Spring Waltz 

Luisa Tetrazzini|/88508, 
Maud Powell|/64264| 

\ 16681)10| .75 
Grumete, El—Despedida (Armetta) Spanish Emilio Sagi-Barba 61195'10!1.00 


Johann Strauss|31784| 12 

Walktire—Magic Fire Spell (Transcription by Brassin) Wagner|58006 12 

{arutee an die Heimat (Kromer) Jn German Harmonie Male ah 16759) 10 

Rheinlied (Rhine Song) (Peters) Emil Muench 
G String, Air for—See “ Air for G String” 

ees Overture (Gomez) Arthur Pryor’s pend 35030112 
Celeste Aida (Verdi) Trombone Arthur Pryor 
{auareny, Selection (Gomez) Accordion sae SEanalle 
Tranquillo Overture (Pietro) Accordion Pietro 
Guarany—Sento una forza indomita (An Indomitable Force) 
In Italian Destinn and Caruso|89078 12 
Guardann’ a Luna (Lovely Moon) (Crescenzo) Enrico Caruso|87162!10 
{Goare Mount—German Patrol (Eilenberg) Pryor’s Banat Neate 
Bombasto March (Farrar) Arthur Pryor’s Band 

Guatemala-Panama March (Hurtado) Hurtado Bros. Marimba B 18040110 

{ Otilia March (Hurtado) Hurtado Bros. Royal Marimba Band. 
{eee ee Ratcliffe— Padre Nostro Mussini-Molinari 
Cavalleria Rusticana—A casa, a casa (Now Homeward) La Scala Cho 
{ous Me, O Thou Great Jehovah Stanley and Macdonough 
One Sweetly Solemn Thought (Ambrose) Frank C. Stanley 
Guide Thou My Steps (From “Les Deux Journées”) (Der 
Wassertriger—The Water-Carrier) (Cherubini) Wercehivaek 
Requiem Mass in C Minor (Cherubini) Latin V. Oratorio Cho 

GUILBERT, YVETTE—French Songs (For other records by this 
great French Chanteuse see Victor French Sarslouns? 

AGrenelle (Bruant) 
Ala Villette (Bruant) 
Fiacre, Le (Xanroff) 
Ingénues, Les (Bessiéres-Marinier) 
Je suis Pocharde (Birec) 
Pierreuse, La (Jouy) 



A la Villette—Guilbert}63102| | 

ge A Grenelle—Guilbert}63102) | 

and Les Ingénues—Guilbert}62994 || 
and Le Fiacre—Guilbert|62994 10) 

at 1 La Pierreuse—Guilbert}63100 | 
and Je suis Pocharde—Guilbert esi 

45014 10 


rie TZ. 












GUITAR RECORDS—See “ Mandolin-Guitar Duets,” ‘“‘ Mexican 
G Dance’”’ ‘‘Athenian Mandolin Quartet,’’ and ‘“‘Estudiantina Trio.” 
u _ Hawaiian Guitars—See “‘Hawaiian Records” 
GUITAR—Songs accompanied by — See ‘“‘ Hawaiian Love Song,”’ 
** Lena,” “‘Sleep, Baby Sleep”? and many records in Spanish and 

Neapolitan Catalogues 
Guitarrero (Drdla) (Pianoforte by Loesser) Violin Maud Powell|64621|10/1.00 

Guitarrico, El] Jn Spanish (A. Perez Sonano) Titta Ruffo|87177/10|2.00 

Gunga Din—Dialect Recitation (Kipling) Clifton Crawford!70028) 12] 1.25 

‘nee Din—Dialect Recitation (Kipling) Taylor orca 1.50 
Boots—Recitation (Kipling) Taylor Holmes CS0P Ti Man: 

Bonnie Sweet Bessie and All Through the Night (Boulton) Macdonough\16245|10| .75 

Ich liebe dich Jn German and Der Tannenbaum—German—Muench|16764\10| .75 

Souvenir Poétique and Toa Wild Rose (MacDowell) Gusikoff\18144/10| .75 

Toa Wild Rose (MacDowell) and Souvenir Poétique— Gusikoff|18144|10| .75 

pbs Kamerad, Der (The Faithful Comrade) Jn German Schlegel 

Ich Grolle nicht (I’ll Not Complain) (Heine-Schumann) Scheel! 673080 R 2 

fee Back to Arkansaw (Golden-Hughes) Golden Uueras 7 
Servant Girls (Golden-Hughes) Golden and Hughes} |17®12 Olas 
Pes Dance (LaGitana) Xylophone Albert Mote 75 

Drowsy Dempsey (Lansing-Hildreth) Banjo Vess L. Ossman$ |!8767) 10) -4> 
Gypsy Dance (Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20) (de Sarasate) Violin Powell|64262|10|1.0 
{Gypsy Life (Schumann) Lyric Quartet 1.25 
_ OA, Italia, Italia, Beloved (Donizetti) Victor Chorus |2°254| !2|!- 
Gypsy Love—Melody of Love (Lehr) Lucy Isabelle Marsh|60059]10} .75 
{Cxpey Love Song (From “Fortune Teller”) (Herbert) SoMa 1.25 
Forgotten (Cowles) Eugene Cowless|?°474|!2|'- 
rans Serenade Saxophone Jean Mosremans! 75 
By the Watermelon Vine (Allen) Arthur Pryor’s Band. 16 orate: 
{Gypsy Trail (Kipling-Galloway) Reinald Caco a 5 1.00 

Fuzzy-Wuzzy (Kipling-Whiting) Reinald Werrenrath AE ie 


Habanera—Carmen—See “Carmen” 

Habanera—Tu (To You—A Song of Havana) In Spanish Gluck/64182!10/1.00 
ae mein Wagen vollgeladen (2) Bonn In German van ed 

Hinunter (Schnabel) Arthur van Eweyk 63639) 10173 
{EEacenee: ane Society Tango (Paul Riese) Pianoforte F. pine 

Desecration Rag (See “Medley No. 93°’) Pianoforte Felix AmndtS|17608|10) .75 

HAFFORT, FRANK, Whistler—See “‘ Whistling Records” 
Haidenrédslein (Hedge Rose) (Goethe-Werner) (with String Quartet) 

In German Johanna Gadski|88566| |2/3.00 
Haidenréslein (Hedge Rose) (Goethe-Schubert) German Julia Culp|64396]10/1.00 
{ete ea een (Wild Rose) (Werner) Emil Museen! 
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Silent Night, Holy Night) Muench5|#6111|10} .75 
eae Columbia (Hopkinson) Macdonough and Hayden Or} 
Yankee Doodle Billy Murray and Hayden Quartet 1 tee LO iaer > 
(eer Columbia and Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean Pryor’s Bt 
America (My Country, ’Tis of Thee) Sousa’s BandJ|1®137|!0) .7° 
Hed Columbia _ (Hopkinson-Phile) Victor Mixed aera 
Star Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key) Victor Mixed Chorus}|17579|'0| .75 
ee Columbia (Hopkinson-Fayles) Dixon-Orpheus eeriac : 
The Battle Cry of Freedom Edward Hamilton with Orpheus Qt seston (a 
Ee Columbia (Prof. Phile) Victor Military ans : 
Star Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key) Victor Military Band ‘ ZOS LOE 7 
eae Pennsylvania (Dilley) (Air of Russian Hymn) Peerless Qt} 
The Red and Blue (Westvelt-Goeckel) Peerless Quartet eee 





Hail to the Chief (Sir Walter Scott—music by Sanderson) 7 
(From “ Lady of the Lake”) (with Bagpipe) Victor Male ay] 55052/12/1.50 Ha 
Ave Maria (From‘‘Lady of the Lake’’) (Harp acc.) Lucy Marsh . | ae 

HAJOS, MIZZI, Soprano 

Here comes “‘Mitzi!’’ This chic and charming little prima 
donna, beloved by all who see her, has given the Victor two 
hits from her new operetta, Pom Pom, in which she has made 
the biggest success of her career. 5 

Mizzi Hajos (but no one ever calls her anything but 
‘Mitzi "!) was discovered by that intrepid explorer, Henry M. 
Savage, when he went to Vienna to arrange for the production 
of the Viennese success, Sari, now well-known to America. 
Mizzi was the star of a Vienna opera company, and being 
recognized at once by the impresario as a comedienne of the first 
order, was engaged to present the title rdle of Sari in the United 

Miss Hajos’ new production gives her ample opportunity to 
display her peculiar talents, she being part of the time a most 
fascinating boy, a “‘pickpocket pupil,”” and afterward a petite and 
beautiful woman. Her songs are all delightful, but “Evelyn” and 
“In the Dark” being the best, she has recorded them first for | 
the Victor. ‘ 

This charming Dresden china singer and comedienne will, of Ae aes e 
course, make records exclusively for the Victor. COSTUMES IN “POM POM” 


Evelyn (From *“‘Pom Pom"’) and Jn the Dark (From‘‘Pom Pom") Mizzi Hajos|45091)|10|1.00 
In the Dark (From “‘Pom Pom’) and Evelyn (From ‘‘Pom Pom’’) Mizzi Hajos|45091)|10|1.00 
HALEVY, Compositions by—See “L’Eclair’”’ and “‘ L’Ebrea”’ 

Hallelujah Chorus (The ‘‘Messiah”) (Handel) (Played on the . 
Estey Automatic Pipe Organ) Reginald L: Mall 35547/12/1.25 
Funeral March (Chopin) Pipe Organ Richard K. Biggs 
Hallelujah Chorus (‘Messiah’) Victor Chorus and Sousa’s Band/31770)12/1.00 
Hallelujah Chorus (‘‘Messiah”) (Handel) Pryor’s here 35484\1211.25 
Heavens Are Telling (‘‘ Creation’’) (Haydn) Conway’s Band ; 
HALLEY, WILL, Tenor—Comedian 
I'm Glad My Wife's in Europe and I’m Goin’ Back—Collins and Harlan|17683)10| 75 
Ruff Johnson’s Harmony Band and Doodle-oodle Dee—Collins-Flarlan| 17728|10| .75 
You Made Me Love You and Somebody's Coming—Van Brunt|17381/10} .75 
Halona (Beautiful Mountain) Toots Paka Hawaiian ore 674181101 .75 
Lanihuli Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe f 
HAMBOURG, BORIS, ’Cellist (Hahm'-boorg) See ‘“‘Traiumerei” 

HAMILTON, EDWARD, Baritone—See also ‘‘Duets, Vocal’’ 
Battle Cry of Freedom—with Orpheus Qt and Hail Columbia—Dixon| 18316 
Flag That Never Comes Down and British Troops at Boulogne—Descriptive| 17696 


For King and Country and Your King and Country Want You—Elsie Baker|17711| 10}. .75 
Highlanders! Fix Bayonets and Soldiers of the King—H. Stuart}17775)| 10} .75 
If 1 Had a Thousand Lives to Live and Nobody Knows—Hindermeyer|16321/10} . 
Land of Hope and Glory—with Lyric Qt and Heart of Oak—Cecilian Male Qt}17698} 10} .75 
Marseillaise, La and Star Spangled Banner—Elizabeth Spencer|18338)10| .75 

Our Own Beloved Land—with Victor Chorus 
and For the Freedom of the World—Macdonough- Orpheus Qt|}18337 
Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile— 
with Mixed Chorus and Home Again—Green and Lyric Quartet} 18222 
We'll Never Let Our Old Flag Fall—with Male Qt and My Own U S$ —Dixon 18293 
Hamlet—See “‘ Shakespeare” 
HAMLET (Paris, 1868) (Ambroise Thomas) 
(See ‘Victrola Book of the Opera’’ for complete illustrated description) 
Nega se puoi la luce—Love Duet /n /talian Maria Galvany and Titta Ruffo|92500| 12/4.00 
Brindisi (Drinking Song) with La Scala Chorus /n Jtalian Titta Ruffo|92037) 12/3.00 
Brindisi /n Jtalian Cigada and Cho and Ernani—Festa da ballo—La Scala Cho|16572/10} .75 

(Continued on next page) 







HAMLET Conthaed eat | 
Monologo (Hamlet’s Soliloquy) Jn Italian Titta Ruffo|/92042) 12/3 
Scene et air d’Ophelie (Ophelia’s Mad Scene) Jn French Nellie Melba/88251| 12/3 
Ballata d’Ofelia (Mad Scene) Italian and Dinorah—Si, carina—Huguet|35180) 12! | 
Come il romito fior (Like a Lovely Flower) Titta Ruffo!92064| 12/3 
ome il romito fior—Pignataro and Pallide Mammole—Romanza—de Casas'63424 10). 
HAMLIN, GEORGE, Tenor (For list of records, portrait and sketch 
see ‘ Hamlin’ in Pink Section) 
HAMLIN, SALLY, Recitations 
Our Hired Girl and Raggedy Man (Riley) Sally Hamlin|18276)10 
Pollyanna and the Boy and Pollyanna A rrives—Sally Hamlin 35652) 12\1 
Pollyanna Arrives and Pollyanna and the Boy—Sally Hamlin, 35652) 12! 
Raggedy Man and Our Hired Girl (Riley) Sally Hamlin|18276 10 


Born Halle, 1685. Father a barber, afterward valet to Prince 
Saxe. The boy was intended for lawyer but secretly studied harp- 
sichord. At 7 went to visit at Court where Prince heard him play- 
ing organ, and offered to educate him. In 1696 went to Berlin 
where precocity astonished all. Father died 1697. Handel en- 
tered Halle University and played organ at $50 year salary. In 
1703 went to Hamburg, and in 1705 wrote two operas. © Visited 
Italy in 1706 and brought out two Italian operas, Roderigo and 
Agrippina. Went England in 1710, produced Rinaldo, first Eng- 
lish opera. Revisited England in 1718, became chapel master to 
Duke of Chandos and composed first oratorios Esther, Acis and 


Salatea. Director Royal Academy of Music, 1720 to 1729, producing many operas. 
Became British subject 1726. Operatic troubles ruined health, causing paralysis 1737. Par- 
tially recovered and in 1741 abandoned opera and turned wholly to oratorio, writing in 
quick succession Saul, Israel, L’Allegro, and in 1742 his immortal Messiah, greatest of 
oratorios, followed by Sampson, Judas, Joshua and many others. In 1752 became practi- 
cally blind, but continued to direct his works until 1759, when he died. Buried in West- 
minster Abbey, where monument has been erected. Was the greatest master of oratorio. 

Other writings numerous, including 40 operas, none of which are now performed. 
HANDEL COMPOSITIONS—See also ‘‘ Largo,’’ ‘‘ Messiah,’’ ‘‘ Sampson"’ and “* Saul.” 

Angels Ever Bright and Fair—Marsh _and Unfold Ye Portals— Trinity C hoir|35075|12)1.25 

Arm, Arm, Ye Brave! (Recitative and Aria from ‘* Judas Maccabzeus 

Atalanta—Come, Beloved Alma Gluck|74504}12/1.50 
Come and Trip It as You Go and Haste Thee Nymph—Dixon and Lyric Qt\18123|10) .75 

Come, Beloved (Care Selve) (From ‘‘Atalanta’’) Alma Gluck|74504}12/1.50 
Harmonious Blacksmith—Suite des Pieces Pianoforte Bachaus|71041/12|1.50 
Haste Thee Nymph and Come and TripIt as You Go—Dixon and Lyric Qt}18123}10| .75 
Holy Art Thou (Music of Handel's Largo) Trinity Choir|31749/12|1.00 
Israel in Egypt—Arie, “* Dank sei dir’’ Jn German Culp|74462|12/1.50 
Joy to the World—Christmas Hymn——Tninity Choir : 

and O Come All Ye Faithful—Christmas Hymn (Portugal) Trinity Choir|}16996/10). .75 
Judas Maccabzeus—Sound an Alarm ~ van Williams|74131)12]|1.50 
Larghetto—Jacobson Violin ~ and Menuett—V iolin—Jacobson|17415/10} .75 

Larghetto. (Piano acc. by A. Lambert) Violin 
Let Me Wander Not Unseen (From “‘L’Allegro’’) (2) Hide Me from 
Day’sGarish Eye (From “‘I] Pensieroso”) Green 

Efrem Zimbalist/64335/10/1.00 

and Masque of Comus—Dixon and Quartet 35623 12|1.25 

Menuett (Arr. by Burmester) Violin and Larghetto—Jacobson|17415|10) .75 
Oh Sleep! Why Dost Thou Leave Me? (From ‘‘Semele’’) Alma Gluck!74423) 12|1.50 
Pensieroso—Sweet Bird, That Shunn’st the Noise: Jn English Nellie Melba|88068/12/3.00 
Rinaldo—Lascia ch’io pianga (‘Mid Lures and Pleasures) Schumann-Heink/88189}12/3.00 
While Shepherds Watched and Jt Came Upon the Midnight—V. Oratorio Cho|35412|12|1.25 
eer March—Two-Step . (Rosey) | Victor Dance rcheryay 16182110! .75 
Tres Jolie Waltz (Waldteufel) ._ Victor Dance Orchestra) | : 
HAND ‘ORGAN RECORDS—See ‘‘ Georgia Grind,” ‘‘ Harrigan | 
Medley ” and “‘It’s Tulip Time in Holland”: 
Hands Across:the Sea March (Sousa). ..... Sousa’s Band 
! ae ’ 16190|10| .75 
ee Sousa’s Band}| "© 

Semper Fidelis March’ (Sousa)® “* ' Slay 5 

See ate 

VICTOR RECORDS — | Number | = 
Hands Up—See “I’m Simply Crazy Over You” on 
Hans and Gretchen—German Specialty Jones and Spencer 
Professor and the Musical Tramp Spencer and Hise! 35063/12/1.25 Ha 

HANSEL AND GRETEL (Weimar, 1893) (Humperdinck) 

Dance of the Children—Sousa’s B and In the Spring (Old French) Sousa’s B\17103}10| .75 
Suse, liebe Suse (Susy, Little Susy) Jn German Gluck and Homer|88418}12/3.00 
Eine Hex’ steinalt (The Old Witch) Jn German Otto Goritz/64164! 10] 1.00 
Der kleine Sandmann (I Am the Sleep Fairy) Jn German Gluck and Homer|88419]12/3.00 
Hexenritt und Knusperwalzer (Witches’ Dance) uck and Homer/87131!10/2.00 
Hans und Liesel (Werner) In German Alma Gluck-Paul Reimers!s7183!10!2.00 
{Hae und Liesel (Werner) Jn German Emil pence 
Am Meer (On the Lake) (Schubert) In German Paul Volhman$|*592?|!2 cae 
{Happy Day (Doddridge-Rimbault) Trinity arn 
The Precious Name _ (Baxter-Doane) Trinity Choir |17499|'0} .75 
Happy Days (Thompson-Strelezki) Mabel Garrison|64616| 10) 1.00 
{Happy Days (Strelezki) Véiolin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan ae 
The Herd Girl’s Dream _ (Labitzky) Neapolitan Trio$|169&7|!0} -75 
{Happy Days March (Levi) Arthur Pryor’s pea 
Teddy Bears’ Picnic—Descriptive Novelty (Bratton) Pryor’s BandJ|!6°1|!0| -75 
{Happy Heinie—Two-Step (Lampe) Arthur Pryor’s ea 
La Sorella March (Gallini) Victor Orchestras |16°84|10) -75 
{Happy Heinie March Pale K. Lua-David em 
Maid of Honolulu Pale K. Lua-David KailiS|17859|!9| -7 
Happy Little Cripple (From ‘“‘ Rhymes of Childhood”) J. W. Riley|/70079| 12/1 25 
Harbor of Love  (Jones-Blake) Walter Van pss 
Moonlight Bay (Madden-Wenrich) American QuartetS|}7934|'0 ue 
{Hace Times (Stephen Foster) Hayden eaeetce 
Mollie Darling (Hays) Hayden Quartet Saad 

Hark, Hark! theLark (Shakespeare-Schubert) (Piano acc.) 
Evan Williams|64218}10) 1.00 

are the Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn) Trinity a 
Silent Night (Gruber) Elsie Baker BO Le 
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn) (2) Joy to the 
World (3) It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Victor Gren] 18086)10} .75 
Bible Reading—Luke 2. (2) A Christmas Carol Humphrey 


This popular tenor and comedian is one of the most 
versatile of the company of entertainers which the Victor has 
gathered together, and really seems at home in almost any 
kind of work heessays. Mr. Harlan not only sings popular 
ballads in a remarkably pleasant tenor voice, but is also one 
of the cleverest and most amusing of comedians, whether his 
impersonation be that of a typical Yankee, a darky wench 
or an end man in a minstrel show. 

For the inimitable duets which this tenor sings with Mr. 
Collins and other singers see ‘‘ Collins and Harlan,” “Porter” 
and ** Duets, Vocal.” >. HARLAN 


Can't You Take It Back and Change It and Hello Central—Byron G. Harlan|17447|10 
Georgia Skip and Honey Bunch—Collins and Harlan|18038)| 10 
Hello Central ! Give Me Heaven-Child Ballad and Can't You Take It—Harlan|17447]|10 
I'm Tying the Leaves so They Won't Come Down and Barney McGee—Jones| 16122) 10 
School Days (Edwards) and Negrc Wedding in Southern Georgia—Peerless Qt) 16526) 10 
They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dawg and Rural Argument—Porter and Harlan|17065)10) . 
Two Little Baby Shoes and Why Don’t They Play With Me (Harris) Harlan\16095 2 75 






Village Gossips—with Cal Stewart and Uncle Josh Buys an Auto—Stewart| 17854! | 
Wal, 1 Swan !—with Cho and Organ Grinder’s Troubles—Porter-Harlan| 17263} | 
When He's All Dolled Up and Everybody’s Jazzin’ It—Collins- Harlan| 18303) | 
When the Morning Glories Twine Aroundthe Door (Von Tilzer 

and Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie (Von Tilzer) Harry Tally|16097}1 
Why Don’t They Play With Me and Two Little Baby Shoes—Byron G. Harlan|16095' | 



Number = 

dapreavnne The—One-Step (Roberts) Conway’s pene talqcilolas 
Ha Two-Key. Rag—Fox Trot (Hollander) Conway’s Band. cy 
Harlequin’s Serenade (From ‘‘Les Millions d’Arlequin”) (Drigo) 
(See also ‘‘ Serenade, Drigo”’) Violin Efrem Zimbalist|74467|12/|1.50 
HARMONIE MALE QUARTET-See “*Griisse an die Heimat” 
Harmonious Blacksmith (Handel) Piano Wilhelm Bachaus|/71041!12}1.50 
{Harmony Bay (Walsh-Sherman) Heidelberg Quintet} 17602101 .75 
On the Shores of Italy (Piantadosi-Glogau) Campbell and Burr ‘ 

HARP RECORDS—See also ‘‘ Neapolitan Trio,’’ ‘‘ Venetian Trio” 
and.“ Florentine Quartet ’”’ 

Am Springbrunnen (The Fountain) (Zabel) Ada Sassoli|70031)12}}.25 

Annie Laurie (Scott) Schuetze and Believe Me, if Those Charms—Mandolin|17416|10} .75 

Concerto for Harp and Flute—Ist Movement (Mozart) Sassoli and Lemmoné]70029} 12} 1.25 

Consolation pendelesoene and Humoresque (Dvordk) Lapitino 18119)]10} .75 
Gavotte from 2d Sonata (Bach) and Romance (Rubinstein). Ada Sassoli\45070)10}1.00 
Humoresque: (Dvorak) -- and Consolation (Mendelssohn) Lapitino}18119| 10} .75 
sucia— Prelude - and Norma—Fantasia—Francis J. Lapitino|17929\10) .75 
Menuett (Hasselmans) Ada Sassoli|60034/|10} .75 
Norma—Fantasia (‘‘Hear Me Norma’) and Lucia—Prelude—L apitino|17929)}10| .75 
Prere (Prayer) (Hasselmans) - Ada Sassoli| 70027] 12}1.25 
Romance (Rubinstein) and Gavotte (Bach-St. Saéns) Ada Sassol:|45070|10\1.00 
Valse de Concert (Hasselmans) Ada Sassoli|70088} 12}1.25 
Harp That Once Thro’ Tara’s Halls John McCormack|64259]10/1.00 
iene, That Once Thro’ Tara’s Halls (Moore) Henry pore 18041/10| .75 
Jock 0’ Hazeldean (Scott) Henry Burr , 

HARRIGAN, EDWARD, Songs of (See also ‘‘ Medleys 27) 
Clara J. eniate Tea—Collins and Harlan and That Railroad Rag—Van Brunt|16876|10| .75 
Down in Gossip Row—Ada Jones and Paddy Duffy’ s Cart—A merican Qt}17056| 10) .75 
Paddy Duffy’s Cart—American Qt ~ and Down in Gossip Row—A da Jones|17056|10| .75 

aac Medley  Street-Piano or Hand Organ Signor “ Sender ne 

Laughing Spectator—Comic Monologue Steve Porter 16519/10) .75 
HARRIS, MARION, Comedienne 
Don't [eave Me Daddy and Come Along to Caroline—Collins-Harlan|18185)| 10) .75 ; 

1 Ain’t Got Nobody Much and Way Out Yonder in Golden West—A von Four| 18133} 10| .75 ; 
I'm Gonna plore Hay While the Sun Shines in Virginia 
There’s a Little Bit of Bad in Every Good Little Gir-—Murray|18143}10| .75 ° 
I Wonder Why ( ni with Murray) and Nesting Time in Flatbush—Jones-Murray|18270|10| .75 
My Syncopated Melody Man and _ Paradise Blues—Marion Harris|\18152|10| .75 © 
Paradise Blues and My Syncopated Melody Man—Marion Harris|18152\|10| .75 
Some Sweet Day and They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me—Marion Harris| 18343) 10| .75 
They Go Wild, Simply Wild, OverMe and Some Sweet Day— Marion Harris|18343|10| .75 

HARRISON, BEATRICE, Violoncellist 

Beatrice Harrison was born in Roorke, in the Northwest- 
ern provinces of. India, and is the second daughter of Col. | 
J. H. C. ‘Harrison, late of the Royal Engineers. The Harrisons 
brought their children to England when Beatrice was an infant. 
Her musical talents attracted notice almost as soon as she could’ 
lispthe alphabet, and to.thesurprise of everyone, the child fancied the 
violoncello, and was permitted to make that her chosen instrument. 

She was placed with Hugo Becker, in Berlin, and later entered 
the Berlin Hochschiile for Music, where she won the Felix Men- 
delssohn prize, this being the first time that this prize had been 
won by a ‘cellist, or by a student of youthful years, Miss Harrison a 
being just seventeen when this prize was awarded her. me eR Sa 

Concerts were given throughout the German Empire and everywhere Miss Harrison was 
received with enthusiasm.. The ‘cellist came to America and has made a very great success, 
appearing with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Society, the Chicago 
Symphony Orchestra, besides giving a number of recitals. 

iss: Harrison uses a Guarnerius ‘cello of the Baron Canup collection of Vienna. 

Ave Maria (Schubert) and Die Meistersinger—Preislied (Wagner) Harrison|55067 

Liebesfreud (Old Vienna Waltz) (Kreisler) and Orientale (Cui) Harrison'45066 

Meistersinger, Die—Preislied and Ave Maria (Schubert) Beatrice Harrison|'55067 
(Continued on next page) oe | 






Orientale (Kaléidoscope) (Cui) *-and Liebesfreud (Kreisler) Harrison 
Slumber Song (Schlummerlied) (Rimsky-Korsakow) 

and To My Guitar (Popper) Harrison 
To My Guitar (zur Guitarre) (Popp 

and Slumber Song (Sokioneer heyy Rimskp- Korsakow) Beatrice Harrison 
HARRISON, CHARLES, Tenor—See also “ Duets, Vocal” : 

Mr. Harrison is one of the most gifted and popular singers in 

the Victor's list of tenors. He has a beautiful voice and his enunci- 

ation is remarkably distinct. This artist, who was a pupil of Leo 

Kofler, is now soloist at a prominent Fifth Avenue church in New 

York and is much in demand for concerts and oratorio performances. 


Alice, Where Art Thou (Ascher) 
and Come Into the Garden, Maud—Harrison|17498)10, .75 
All Erin is Calling Mavourneen 
and Ireland Must be Heaven—Harrison|18111|10} .75 

All the World Will be fon ee 

45066) 10/1.00 

and That Girl of Mine—Sterling Trio|18302|10| .75 PHOTO APEOA 

Any Place is Heaven If You Are Near Me HARRISON 
and When I Found the Way—Harrison'18201!10| .75 
Ashes of My eet and There’s Someone More Lonesome—Reed-Harrison|18064,10| .75 
Come Into the Garden, Maud and Alice, Where Art Thou—Chas. Harrison|17498)}10} .75 
Dream, A (Bartlett) ‘and I Hear You Calling Me—Chas. Harrison|\17321\10| .75 
Elixir of Love—A Furtive Tear and Faust—A ll Hail Thou Dwelling—Harrison 35354) 12/1.25 
Faust—All Hail Thou Dwelling and Elixir of Love—Furtive Tear—Harrison 35354| 12}1.25 
Give a Little Credit and Your Wife—Sterling Trio|\18027|10| .75 
I Hear You Calling Me (Marshall) and a 4 Dream (Bartlett) Harrison\17321\10! .75 
Ireland Must Be Heaven and All Erin is Calling Mavourneen—Harrison|18111|10; .75 
Just Say Again You Love oe Sunshine and Roses—Brown and Harrison|\17359\|10) .75 
Kilkenny and Molly O!—Reed Miller|17958)|10! .75 
Little Bit of Heaven (Ball) and Mother Mc Be eee oars Harrison|17780|10| .75 
Little Grey Home in the West d There are Birds—Miller\17522\10| .75 
Little Honolulu Lou and Jn Monte Elienheth W heeler| 17883 10; fs 
Little Love, a Little Kiss and Isle d’amour—Olive Kline\17509)10) .75 
Macushla Radek MacMurtoneh) and Sweet [nniscarra (Olcott) Méiller\17676 10| .75 
Magic of Your Eyes and My Rosary For You—Henry Burr\18244|10| .75 
Mary, You're a Little Bit Old Paihioned= ~ and You Planted a Rose—Har rison'17638)10| .75 
Mister Butterfly and J Can Hear the Ukuleles Calling Me—Orpheus Quartet\18282 10) .75 
Molly Dhu and Norah, the Pride of Kildare—John B. Wells 18154 LOR 75 
Mother Machree and Little Bit of Hzaven—Charles Harrison|17780\10| .75 
My Mother's Rosary and She’s the Daughter of Mother Machree—Ha rrison' 1794810). .75 
Nora and Tho’ I Had a Bit o’ the Divil—James Reed\18188)|10) .75 
Peg o' My Heart and When I Dream of Old Erin—Clough\17412!10) .75 
Picture of Dear Old Ireland and Love Will Find the Way—Miiller, 18234|10| .75 
Runaway June and You are the Rose of My Heart—Bur1\17765'10| .75 
She’s the Daughter of Mother Machree and My Mother’s Rosary—Harrison|17948)| 10} .75 
Somewhere in Ireland ~and Shenandoah—Campbell-Burr 18327, LO}F 275 
We're Too Old to Go to You and, Hurry Backto My Bamboo Shack—Green|18080 10} .75 
When I Found the Way to Your Heart and Any Place is Heaven—C. Harrison|\18201|10| .75 
When | Met You and When Irish Eyes are Smiling—M acdonough|17317|10, .75 
When You and! Were Young and Silver Threads Among the Gold—Baker|17474|10| .75 
When You're in Love with Someone | and To Lou—Peerless Quartet, 17877|10) .75 
Where My Caravan Has Rested and aes of My Heart—Werrenrath'17618)10| .75 
Would You Take Back the Love and If You Had the World—Jackson|18281|10} .75 
You Planted a Rose and Mary, You’re a a Little Bit Old Fashioned— Harrison 17638}10)| .75 
HARRISON, JAMES F., Baritone—See also “‘ Duets, Vocal’’ 
I Called You My Eeicer haat and Just Dreaming of You—Reed-Harrison 18289)}10} .75 
Laddie in Khaki ‘and Trail to Sunset Valley—Reed-Harrison 18180) 10} .75 
Uncle Sammy's Army and Old Glory (Preparedness Song) Stuart 18109|10) .75 
What | Owe You and I Know I Got More Than My Share—Kaufman 18186) 10| .75 
fHesy von nee Popular Medley One-Step Victor pony 35458| 1211.25 
I’m On My Way to Dublin Bay—Medley One-Step Victor Band) | ; 
{ia von Tilzer—Medley One-Step, No.2 (Medley 125) Victor vd} 35548 1211.25 
Down Where the Swanee River Flows—Medley Fox Trot Victor Band) ' 
It's Time for Every Boy and What Kind of American Are You—Peerless Qt18300/10} .75 
So Long, Mother ~ and Somewhere in France is Daddy—Charles Hart, 18374| 10} .75 
Somewhere in France is Daddy and So Long, Mother—Charles Hart\18374|10| .75 
Tear, A Kiss, A Smile oa That’s Why My Heart is Calling—Chas. Hart 18319} 10) .75 
That's Why My Heart is Calling and A Tear, A Kiss, A Smile—Chas. Hart 18319|10) .75 
Thou Shalt Not Steal and I’ve Got The Sweetest Girl in Md.— American Qt 18294|10' .75 


HARVARD AIRS—See “Fair Harvard,” “ Johnny Harvard,” “Our 
Director March,” “‘ Up the Street’’ and “‘Medley No. 1”’ 

At the Ball, That’s All and Do the Funny Fox Trot—Collins-Harlan|17649|10} .75 
From Me to Mandy Lee and Down at the Huskin’ Bee—Peerless Qt} 18206|10} .75 
1 Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier and Stay Down Here—Burr|17716|10| .75 
If You Don’t Want Me Send Me to My Ma and Morning, Noon, Night—Harvey|18108)| 10} .75 
I’m Going Over the Hills to Virginia and Melody of My Dream—Harvey|18151\|10} .75 
I Want to Go Back to Michigan and At the Mississippi Cabaret—A merican Qt|17650|10} .75 
Melody of My Dream and I’m Going Over the Hills to Virginia—Harvey|18151}10} .75 
Memphis Blues (W.C. Handy) and Mississippi Barbecue—Collins-Harlan| 17657} 10| .75 
Morning, Noon and Night 
and If You Don’t Want Me Send Me to My Ma—Harvey|18108}10| .75 

Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly (Murphy-Letters) Ada Jones) 16510|10| .75 
I’ve Got Rings on My Fingers (Burnes-Scott) Murray and Chorus : 
Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly (Murphy-Letters) Nora Bayes|60013}10| ..75 
Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded (Moore) McCormack]74184|12/1.50 
Haste Thee, Nymph (Milton’s “‘L’Allegro”) (Handel) Dixon-Lyric Qt} 18123|10| .75 
Come and Trip It as You Go (Milton’s ‘‘L’Allegro’’) Dixon-Lyric Qt ; 

Hat Father Wore on St. Patrick’s Day Murray and Hayden eH 16365|10| .75 
Down at the Huskin’ Bee (Rosenfeld-Henry) Collins and Harlan : 
Haunting Melody, That (Cohan) Al Joon 17037|101 .75 
Rum Tum Tiddle (Madden-Schwartz) Al Jolson : 

Havanola—Fox Trot (Frey) Smith’s Orch 
Waltz from Drigo’s Serenade (‘‘ Millions d’Arlequin’’) 35615) 12}1.25 
Smith’s Orch 

Chorus, “I'm So Busy ’’—Solo, ‘“‘And | Am All Alone ’’—Duet, 
**The Road That Lies’*— Solo, ‘Honeymoon Inn’’—Duet and 
Chorus, “* You Said Something” 
Gems from Love 0’ Mike Victor Light Opera Company 
Have a Heart (‘Ziegfeld Follies—1916”) (Buck-Kern) Green-Dixon 

35624) 12/1.25 

I Left Her on the Beach at Honolulu (with Mixed Cho.) Macdonough 18104)10) .75 

Have a Heart—Medley Fox Trot (From “Ziegfeld Follies—1916”) 
(See ‘‘Medley No. 127’’) Conway’s Band 
Welcome Honey to Your Old Plantation Home—Medley ' 
Conway’s Band. 
Have a Heart—Medley Fox Trot (See ‘“‘ Medley No. 127”) 
Victor Military Band ?|35621)12)1.25 
Love o’ Mike—One-Step Victor Military Band 
Have a Heart—Medley One-Step (See “‘ Medley No. 128’’) 
Victor Military Band| 35638} 121.25 
Love 0’ Mike—Medley Fox Trot Victor Military Band 
Have a Heart—See “ Napoleon” 
Have Pity, Sweet Eyes! (Air by Tenaglia, 1650) Violin Powell|74325)12}1.50 

Have a Heart—Gems from (Green-Wodehouse-Kern) Victor Op ] 
| 35571/12/1.25 

. Have You Seen But a Whyte Lillie Grow (Jonson) Gluck|64320] 10/1.00 
irae Butterfly (Little-Baskette-Santley) Sterling aS 18272110! .75 
When the Sun Goes Down in Dixie Peerless Quartet : 
Hawaiian Butterfly—Medley Fox Trot Victor Military Band 

When It’s Circus Day Back Home—Medley One-Step Victor M Bond} mead ie Neto 
Hawaiian Hula. Medley (In Fox Trot Time) (Hawaiian Guitars) 
Louise-Ferera /|18069|10} .75 
Song to Hawaii (Guitars) Louise-Ferera 
{Heweren Echoes—Medley (See Medley No. 130) Louise-Ferera 18147|10| .75 
Old Plantation (Kuu Home) Pale K. Lua and David K, Kaili : 
Hawaiian Love Song (Barton) (Yodling Duet with Guitar) 
Ward Barton-Frank Corral 17965) 10| .75 
Sleep, Baby Sleep (Yodling Duet with Guitar) Barton-Carroll 
Hawaiian Melodies (Guitar Solo with Quartet) W.K. Kolomku 

Moanalua—Hawaiian Hula Dance Song (with Quintette) B. W. ay 5341/10) .75 

VICTOR RECORDS — | Number | 3] 

The Hawaiians are passionately 
fond of music, and their poetry (called 
mele) is highly figurative, abounding in 
lists of names and in allusions to their 
mythology, to places, to local winds and 
Trains, to seas, ocean and flowers. 

The Victor recently announced 
a fine new list of favonte Hawaiian 
numbers, rendered by the now famous 
Hawaiian Quintette, who made such 
a success in the “Bird of Paradise” 
Company; the gifted Toots Paka 
Troupe, the Irene West Royal Hawaiians 
and three pairs of duetists, Louise and 
Ferera; Wright and Dietrich, and Lua 
and Kaili, all well known in vaudeville. 

These quaint and fascinating records THE HAWAIIAN QUINTETTE 
have been tremendously successful. 


Aloha Oe !—Lua and Kaili and Rosary—Pale K. Lua\17803)|10| .75 
Cunha Medley and Hula Medley—Pale K. Lua-David Kaili\17774|10| .75 
Everybody Hula (Cunha) aad aoe, Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo—Louise-Ferera| 18240) 10| .75 
Happy Heinie March and Maid of Honolulu—Pale K. Lua—Daovid Kaili\17859| 10! .75 

Hawaiian Echoes—Medley—Louise-Ferera and Old Plantation—Lua and Kaili|18147|10| .75 
Hawaiian Hula Medley (In Fox Trot Time) _ 
and Song to Hawaii—Louise-Ferera| 18069|10| .75 

Hawaiian Melodies (with Quartet) W.K. Kolomku 
and Moanalua—Hawaiian Hula Dance Song (with Quintette) Ben Waiaiole}65341/10| .75 

Hawaiian Waltz Medley and Kilima Waltz—Lua-Kaili|17701|10} .75 
Honolulu March and Kohala Mork Pate K. Lua-David Kaili\17710)}10| .75 
Hula Medley and Cunha Medley—Pale K. Lua-Davwid Kaili\17774)10| .75 
Indiana March ~~ and Minnehaha Medley W. altz—Lua-Kaili 17807\10| .75 

aL Main. ka Maoli (Kekupuohi) ~ Medley March Introducing * ‘Pua 
-i'’ (Papaia Blossoms)—"* Kua Pua Rose Laui” _ (The Rose of 
tae (Sol Hiram)—‘“* Kuu Ipoi ka Hee Pue One’ 
and Waiu POG OS tee FA) eee 18157/10| .75 

Kamehameha (King eee *s Favorite Melody) 

and Waikiki Mepis. Medley—L ouise-Ferera|18090|10| .75 

Kawaihau Waltz (Kealakai) and My Bird of Paradise—Louise-Ferera| 17892|10| .75 
Kawaihau Waltz and My Hula Love—Med. March—Pale K. Lua-David Kaili|17863)|10| .75 
Kilima Waltz and Hawaiian W. altz—Pale K. Lua-David-Kaili}17701)|10| .75 
Kohala March and Honolulu March—Lua-Kaili\17710!10| .75 

Maid of Honolulu —_ and Happy Heinie; 
March—Pale K. Lua-David Kaili, 1785910} .75 
Maui Aloha—One-Step and Pua 
Carnation—Louise-Ferera|18087/|10) .75 
Minnehaha Medley Waltz and /ndiana 
— March—Lua-Kaili\17807\10} .75 
Moe Uhane Waltz and On the Beach at 
W aikiki—Medley—L ouise-Ferera|\17880 10) .75 
My Bird of Paradise and Kawaihau 
Waltz—L ouise-Ferera\17892|10) .75 

My Hula Love—Medley March — and 
Kawaihau Waltz—Lua and Kaili\17863,10  .75 
Old Plantation—Lua-Kaili 
and Hawaiian Echoes—Louise-Ferera|18147 10) .75 

On the Beach at Waikiki—Medley— 

and Moe Uhane—L ouise-Ferera}17880/|10| .75 
Pua Carnation and Maui Aloha— 
One-Step—L ouise-Ferera}18087|10| .75 
Rosary (Nevin) Lua and Aloha oe! alas 

Song to Hawaii and Hawaiian Hula 
Medley—L ouise and Ferera}18069|10, .75 
Ua Like No a Like—P.K. Lua and 
Papio Huli Medley — Irene West 
araietae aed a eanern 17804|10) .75 | LAE RS ae 
aikiki Mermai edley and Kame- -AILI 
hameha—L ouise-Ferera}18090.10| .75 eee 





| Number 



Wailana Waltz (Drowsy Waters) Lua-Kaili 
and Hilo—Hawaiian March—Irene West Royal Hawaiians| 17767 | | 

Waiu LulilulimMarch and Kai Maia 0 ka Maoli—Louise-Ferera| 18157 | | 
Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo and Everybody Hula—Louise-Ferera| 18240) | 

Aloha Oe (Farewell) (Cornet) Clarke with Sousa’s Band 
and From an Indian Lodge—Sousa’s Band| 17035) 10 

Aloha Oe and Hawai Ponoi—Pryor'’s Band and Maui Girl— Hawaiian Troupe|65440) 10 


__ AlohaOeand When You andI Were Young—Saxophone—Henton with Conway’ s B| 18344) 10) . 

Hilo—Hawaiian March—Iréne West Royal Hawaiians 
and Wailana Waltz—Pale K. Lua-David Kaili\ 17767| 10 

Papio Huli Medley—Irene West Royal Hawaiians and UaLike No aLike—Lua|17804|10 : 

Aiaihea—Hula Shouting Song and Kumukahi—Hawaiian Quintette|65349)10 
Akahi Hoi (I Love But Thee) (Kalakaua) Hawaiian Quintette 
and Puai mohala (My Love is Like a Blooming Flower (Nape) Hawaiian Quintette|65346) 10 
Aloha Oe. (Farewell to Thee) (Liliuokalani) Hawaiian Quintette 
and Kuu Home—Native Plantation Song (with Quintette) S. M. Kaiawe|65348) 10 
Hawaii Ponoi—National Anthem—Hawaiian Quintette 
and Kokohi (We Strive to Win) (Native Song) (with Quintette) Ben Waiaiole|65347| 10 
Honolulu Tom Boy (Sonny Cunha) Hawaiian Quintette 

and Sweet lei lehua (Fragrance of the Lehua Wreath) (with Quintette) E. K. Rose|65343}10} . 

Kauaikahuahuai (Bubbling Spring) and Wailana—Hawaiian Quintette|65339)| 10 

Kumukahi (Song of the Lonesome Forest) and Aiaihea—Hawaiian Quintette|65349) 10 : 

Kuu Home—Native Plantation Song (with Quintette) S.M. Kaiawe 
and Alohaoe (Farewellto Thee) (Liliuokalani) Hawaiian Quintette|65348| 10 
Mai poina oe ia’'u (Forget Me Not) and Tomi Tomi—Hawaiian Quintette|65340| 10 

Maui Girl—Hawaiian Quintette | and Aloha oe and Hawai Ponoi—Pryor’s B\65440/10| . 

One— Two—Three—Four—Waltz Song English Hawaiian Quintette 
and My Honolulu Hula Girl (Sonny Cunha) In English and Hawaiian 
(with Quintette) E. K. Rose|65344| 10 
Pua i mohala (My Love is Like a Blooming Flower) (Nape) Hawaiian 
Quintette and Akahi hoi (J Love But Thee) (Kalakaua) Hawaiian Quintette|}65346) 10 
Tomi Tomi (Press Meto Thee) and Mai poina oe ia’u—Hawaiian Quintette|65340) 10 
Ua Like Noa Like (Constancy) Hawaiian Quintette 
and Lei pont moi (Wreath of Carnations) (with Quintette) E. K. Rose|65342|10 
Waialae—WaltzSong (Sparkling Waters) Hawaiian Quintette 
and Mauna Kea—Sacred Dancing Hula Song (with Quintette) S. M. Kaiawe|65345| 10 
Wailana— Waltz Song (Drowsy Waters) Hawaiian Quintette 
and Kauai ka huahuai (The Bubbling Spring) Hawaiian Quintette|}65339) 10 

Akahi Hoi (King Kalakaua) Genevra Johnstone Bishop 5680 10 




Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) and Pua Sadinia (Gardenia Flower) E. K. Rose|}35622|12|1.25 

Isles of Aloha and Pua Moha’a (acc. by Louise and Ferera) Wright-Dietrich|18347|10| .75 
Kawiliwiliwai (The Whirling Waters) (with Quintette) W.B. J. Aeko 
and Maid of Honolulu (with Quintette) S.M. Kaiawe|65338}10| .75 
Kokohi (We Strive to Win) (Native Song) (with Quintette) Ben Waiaiole 
A and Hawaii Ponoi—National Anthem—Hawaiian Quintette|65347|10| .75 
Lei Aloha (Wreath of Joy) (Kepupuohi) (Acc. by Louise and Ferera) 
and My Hawaiian Maid Medley—Wright and Dietrich|18228)10| .75 
Lei ponimoi (Wreath of Carnations) (with Quintette) E. KR. Rose 
; and Ua like no a like (Constancy) Hawaiian Quintette|65342|10| .75 
Maid of Honolulu (with Quinteite) S.M. Kaiawe 
and Kawiliwiliwai_(The Whirling Waters) (Bass Quintette) W.B. J. Aeko|65338)|10| .75 
Mauna Kea—Sacred Dancing Hula Song (with Quintette . M. Kaiawe 
and Waialae—Waltz Song (Sparkling Waters) Hawaiian Quintette|65345|10| .75 
Moanalua—Hawaiian Hula Dance Song (with Quintette) Ben Waiaiole she: 
_, and Hawaiian Melodies (Guitar Solo with Quartet) W.K. Kolomku\65341)|10| .75 
My Hawaiian Maid Medley (Kauai ka huahuai) (Bubbling Spring) re |, 
(‘My Hawaiian Maid” and “My Honolulu Tom Boy’”’) (acc. by Louise 
. and Ferera) and Lei Aloha—Wright and Dietrich|18228} 10} ..75 
My Honolulu Hula Girl (SonnyCunha) Jn English and Hawaiian (with 
Quintette) E.K. Rose and One—Two—Three—Four—Waltz Song 
3 In English— Hawaiian Quintette|65344|10) .75 
My Honolulu Girl (Sonny Cunha) and Song to Hawaii— Wright-Dietrich| 18159).1.Q) ..75 
My Luau Girl (Kailimai) and On the Beach at Waikiki (Ukulele and 
: Guitar acc. by Louise and Ferera) Wright and Dietrich 18132/10| .75 
My Ownlona (MoiOne-Ionae) (Ukulele and Guitar acc. by Louise-Ferera) 
Wright-Dietrich Pe and My Lonely Lola Lo—Sterling Trio}18171\10) .75 
On the Beach at Waikiki—Medley—Hula__ (Introducing ‘‘ Bath House 
Hula” and ‘* Two More Hula’’) and My Luau Girl (Ukulele and Guitar 
acc. by Louise and Ferera) Horace Wright-Rene Dietrich\18132|10| .75 
Pua Mohala and Isles of Aloha—Wright-Dietrich 18347|10| .75 
Pua Sadinia (Gardenia Flower) E.K. Rose and Aloha Oe (Farewell) E. K. Rose 35622) 12| 1.25 



Song to Hawaii (Redding) 
Sweet lei lehua Ae 

ose and Honolulu Tom Boy 

Akahi Hoi 

Halona (Beautiful Mountain) 

(acc. by Louise and Ferera) 

y Honolulu Girl—Wright and Dietrich\181 59) 10 

(Fragrance of the | ele Wreath) (with Quintette) 

(Sonny Cunha) Hawaiian Quintette 65343, 10 

and Kalai o Pua—Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe 67137 10 

and Lanihuli— Toots Paka Troupe|}67418 |0 

He Lei no Kaiulani (Wreaths for Princesses) cead Lei Aloha—T oots Paka Troupe|67084 10 

Hoo Mamao Oe a Hiki Oe (Remember, 

Be Sure and Be Th 


and Kai Malino—Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe 67136 10 
Hoo Mau (Dew Drops) and Dieiea: Wai Mapuna—T ots Paka Hawaiian T roupe| 17907 | 10 

Kai Malino (Hawaiian Hula) and 
Kalaio Pua and Akahi Hoi 
Kamawe (Shake Y our Feet) 
Kaowe ake mai_ (Roaring Sea) 
and Lei Loke o Kawika 
Ko Maka Palupanu (Soft E 


Lanihuli (My Home in Lanihuli) 

Lei Aloha (Wreath of Joy) 

Lei Loke o Kawika (Wreath of David) 
and Kaowe ake mai 

Liaika Wai Mapuna (Longing Spring) 

Ninipo (ToLove) and Kamawe (Shake Your Feet) Toots Paka sere Troupe|65972 
Poli Pumehana (Press Me to Thy Bosom) 
Palupanu (Soft Eyes) (Hawaiian Guitars) 

Rain Tuahine (Rain of Manoa) 


Ainahau (Princess Likelike) and Meleana (Hula) Irene West Royal Hawaiians|17864 
Ainahau—lIrene West Royal Hawaiians!17864' 

Meleana (Hula) and 

Poli Pumehana (Press Me to Thy Bosom) 
and He Lei no Kaiulani—T oots Paka Troupe|67084 
(Roaring Sea) 

and Toots Paka Med—Toots Paka T 
Toots Paka Medley and Rain Tuahine (Rain of Manoa) Toots Paka Troupe|67027 

Hoo Mamao oe a Hiki Oe Toots Paka Troupe|67136) 10 
(King Kalakaua) 
and Ninipo (To Love) 

(Wreath of David) Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe|65971) 10 

Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe|67137)10 
Toots Paka Troupe|65972 10 

Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe| 17867 
and Halona— Toots Paka Troupe 67418. 

Sos, Coot ooon Ooo 

Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe|65971, 
and Hoo Mau—Toots Paka Troupe| 17907 

— ot eet 

Toots Paka Hie ee ne 17867 

(Koahiki) and 


Beautiful Mountain—See “* Halona”’ 

Bubbling Spring—See * “Kauai ka huahuai”’ 

Constancy—See ““ Ua Like No a Like” 

Dew Drops—See ‘ “Hoo Mau 

Drowsy Waters—See “‘ Wailana—-Waltz Song” 

Farewell to Thee— See “Aloha Oc” 

Forget Me Not—See “* Mai poina oe la uu" 

F rages of the Lehua Wreath—See “‘Sweet lei 

Gardenia Flower—See ‘* Pua Sadinia™’ 

Hawaiian Hula Dance Song—See ° “* Moanalua” 

Hawaiian March—See “‘ Hilo” 

Hula Shouting Song—See ‘ ‘Aiaihea’ s 

I Love But Thee—See_ “*Akahi Hoi 

Longing Spring—See “‘ Liaika Wai Mapuna’’ 

Music by Princess Likelike—See * ‘Ainahau’’ 

My Love is like a Blooming Flower—See ** Pua i 

My Home in Lanihuli—See ** Lanihuli”’ 

My Pretty South Sea Island Lady—See ** Yukaloo”’ 

ayer aT Waltz Medley 
Kilima Waltz 

enter Ponoi—National Anthem 

Kokohi (We Strive to Win) 

(Hawaiian Guitars ) 

(with Quintette) 

National Anthem—See “* Hawaii Ponoi’’ 
Native Plantation Song—See ‘* Kuu Home”’ 
Press Me to Thee—See ** Tomi Tomi” 
Press Me to Thy Bosom—See “* 

Mamacd Oc'a Hiki Oe’ 

Roaring Sea—See “‘ Kaowe ake mai” 

Shake Your Feet—See ‘“Kamawe”’ 
Soft Eyes—See *‘ Ko Maka Palupanu”’ 

Sparkling Waters—See * ‘Waialae”’ 
o Love—See “* Ninipo”’ 

We Strive to Win—See * * Kokohi”’ 

Whirling Waters—See ‘ ‘ Kawiliwiliwai * 
Wreath of Carnations—See * * Lai poni moi "’ 
Wreath of David—See ** 
Wreath of Joy—See “* 
Wreath for Princesses—See “* 

Lua and Kaili | 
Dole K. Lun Denid Kail ai cunne 

Hawaiian er | 
Ben’ Waiaioles 8°?*7 ID 

Lei Aloha”’ 

HAYDEN QUARTET (Hay’-den) (Bieling, visoignguey ae Hooley) 

This popular singing 
organization, well known 
to buyers of Victor records, 
was the first male quartet 
to make satisfactory talking 
machine records—their suc- 
cess being so great here that 
they were finally obliged 
to visit, England, where 
they made a large number 
of records for the European 
companies. On their re- 



| Number | 5 

Lei Loke o Kawika’’ 

Poli Pumehana”’ 
Remember, Be Sure and Be There—See “‘ Hoo 

Sacred Dancing Hula Song—See ** Mauna Kea’’ 

Song of the Lonesome F orest—See * “Kumukahi"’ 

He Lei no Kaiulani”’ 



VICTOR RECORDS | Number | | 

turn the Victor secured the record services of the organization and the quartet has since 
Ha been a prominent feature of the Victor catalogue. 
ns Many songs and ballads have been made popular throughout the country through the 
Victor records made by the Hayden singers, while their plantation songs and sacred num- 
bers have set a new standard in the recording of male voices. 

Annie Laurie—Old Scotch Air Douglass-Scott| 114 
Beulah Land (Sweeney) and Vesper Service (Hymns andChimes) Hayden Qt\16166 
Blue Bell (Morse) and Teasing (Von Tilzer) Murray-Hayden Quartet|16179 
Bridge, The (Carew) and Old Oaken Bucket (Woodworth) Peerless Quartet|16217 
Bring Back My Bonnie to Me and Owl and the Pussy Cat (de Koven) Hayden Qt\16105 
By the Light of Silv’ry Moon—with Murray and Four Sugar Plums—Dance Orch\ 16460 
By the Saskatchewan (From ‘‘Pink Lady’ *) with Werrenrath 


and Birth of Passion (From “‘Madame Sherry’) Concert Orchestra|17225|10) .75 
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny—Plantation Air 656/10) . 
Christ Arose (Lowry) and Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Fearis) Harold Jarvis}16008| 10} .75 
Christ Receiveth Sinful Men and God Is a Spirit (Bennett) Lyric Quartet}16038|10) .75 
Church Scene (From “‘ Old Homestead ’’) Descriptive ePeanlly 31241/12/1.00 
Come Back to Erin (Claribel) and Queen of My Heart (Cellier) Turner\16289|10| .75 
Cornfield Medley and Massa’s in de Cold, Cold Ground—Hayden Quartet\16218|10| .75 
Darling Nellie Gray and Jn Shade of Old Apple Tree—Henry Burr\16174|10| .75 

Dear Old Girl—Macdonough and Hayden Quartet 

and On the Banks of the Wabash—A merican Quartet| 17397 
Down Where Silv’ ry Mohawk Flows and W hen Bees are in the Hive—Hayden Qt|16256 
Down Where Silv'ry Mohawk Flows and Army Bugle Calls—Sousa Cornets|35056 
Down Where SwaneeRiverFlows and Battle Cry of Freedom—H arlan-Stanley|16165 
Eli ele (2) Dear Old Yale and Men of Yale March—A rthur Pryor’s Band|16713 
Garden of Roses—with Umea and Garden That Blooms for You— Wells| 16467 
Girl of My Dreams—wit For Every Boy—Mac and Lyric Qt\17230 
Glory at and Radiant Norn The (Anthem) (Woodward) Lyric Quartet|35014 



God Be With You Till We Meet prea and Oh Morning Land—Stanley-Mac| 16399 oe) 
Grandfather’s Clock (Work) Leaf By Leaf the Roses Falk—Hayden Qt\16198 75 
Hail Coiumbia—with Harry Mieioowese and Yankee Doodle—with Murray| 16495 w75 

Hard Times (Foster) and Mollie Darling we Hayden Quartet\16915 
Hat My F. ae as on St. Patrick’s Day—with Mur 
Down at the Huskin’ Bee CRosenteld: ey Collins-Harlan| 16365} | 
Heidelberg (eran ‘Prince of Pilsen’’) with Macdonough Luders| 2512}1 
He Will Hold Me Fast _ and All the Way My Saviour Leads Me—Macdonough| 16239 || 
Home Over There—with Mac and Oh, Come All Ye Faithful—Hayden Qt\ 16197} | 
Inthe Evening by the Moonlight and ‘Massa’s in de Cold Ground—Dunlap|17305} 1 
In the Sweet Bye and Bye and Ninety and Nine (Sankey) Frederic Freemantel|16532| | 
I’se Gwine Back to Dixie. — and My Maryland March—Drum and Fife Corps|16104|| 
Jesus Christ Is Risen To-Day and Blest Be the Tie That Binds—T rinity Choir| 16178} | 
Just a Dream of You, Dear and Teasing Moon—Heidelberg Quintette 17365} 1 
Last Rose of Summer Is the Sweetest Song of All 
and John Anderson, My Jo—Old Papal es Burr\16213 
Lead Kindly Light (Deke) and Rock of Ages a ey Choir| 16394 
Leaf by Leaf the Roses Fall and Grandfather’s Clock oe oth len Quartet|16198 
Let the SaviourIn (Excell) and A Mighty Fortress is O pen Choir| 16159 
Lord Geoffrey Amherst (Amherst ene Air) with naa fee 
and Orange and the Black (Princeton Air) Hayden Quartet| 16873 
Massa’s in de Cold, “Cold G Ground and ond, Medley—Hayden ei 16218 
Medley of Plantation Songs—See “* Medley No. 18°’ (Unacc.) Hayden Qt) 1416 
Meet Where the Lanterns Glow and Melody of Love—Victor Orchestra| 16509 
Mollie Darling (Hays) and Hard Times (Foster) Hayden Quartet|16915 
My Heart Has Learned:to Love You and Glow-Worm (Lincke) Vienna Qt}16503 
My Old Kentucky Home Stephen Foster} 1997 
My Wild Irish Rose (Olcott) and Jr the Garden of My Peartickecd Miller\16741 
My Wild Irish Rose—with Macdonough and Red, Red Rose—with Clough|35085 
Nearer, My God to hee (Mason) and Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me—Freemantel ats 




Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful and ‘The Home Over T here—Hayden Quartet|16197|10| .75 
Dog Tray (Foster) and Hear Dem Bells (McCosh) Billy Murray|16686|10| .75 
Old Folks at Home—Swanee River Stephen Foster! 2816/10) .60 

Old Nassau—Princeton College Air and Yale Boola Song—Hayden Quartet) 16860} | 
Old Time Religion (Tillman) and Softly and anes tt Frederic C. Recemacts! 
nly a Message from Home Sweet Home. ola—Harlan and Stanley 
Orange and the Black (Princeton) and Lord Gooey Amherst (Amherst) |16873 
Owl and the Pussy Cat (de Koven) and Bring Back My Bonnie—Hayden Qt\16105 
Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet and /t’s Hard to Kiss Your Sweetheart—V an B\16377 
Rainbow (Wenrich) with Murray and Red Wing—Dudley, Mac and Cho|17233)10 
Red, Red Rose—with Clough and My Wild Irish Rose—with Macdonough|35085| 12 1.25 
Rest For the Weary = and Shall Wec Gather At the River (Lowry) Hayden Qt}16261)|10) .75 
Robin Adair—Old Scotch _and Soldier’s Farewell (Kunkel) Hayden u eartel 16039/10| .75 
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep night} 2518/10) .60 
Shall We Gather at the River (Lowry) and Rest for the Weary—Hayden Qti16126/10! .75 

— len 



Ship of ed Dreams and Snow Deer (Indian Song) Campbell-Burr 17398 
Silent Night, Hallowed Night and Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown 16286 
Soldier's Farewell (Kunkel) and Robin Adair—Hayden Quartet 16039 

aa Mor 7 and Golden Trumpets Schottische—Dance Orch, 16549) 
Somewhere—with Harry Charles K. Harris|31548 
Sweet Adeline and od fab Love Song (Hobart-Hein) Harry Macdonough\ 16803 

spveet ee eat Wells and 

re River Shannon Flows—Macdonough| 16440 

th Jones and Murray and Enbody Works But Father— Murray| 16824 
Jaf asing (Von Tilzer) withMurray and Blue Bell (Morse) Hayden Quartet 16179 
Tell Mother I'll Be There and Some Time We’ll Understand—T rinity_Choir|16414 
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground and Kathleen Mavourneen—Alan Turner 16404 
Throw Out the Life Line and Onward, Christian Soldiers— Westminster Choir, 16431 
Vacant Chair and When You andI Were Young, Maggie——Wheeler and Mac\16361 
Vesper Service (Hymns and Chimes) and Beulah Land—Hayden Quartet 16166 
When-the Bees areinthe Hive and Down Where Mohawk pm ou en Qt 16256 

When the Evening Breeze is Sighing and There’s Nobody Like You—Mac 

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder and He Leadeth Me—Reinald W Sennen 
When the Snow Birds Cross the Valley | Rosenfeld-Solman 
Where i i My Boy To-night (Lowry) and There isa Ee pe rll Choir 


here the Ivy's Clinging, Dearie wand d When Sheep are in the 

Will There Be Any Stars in My C 

Winter (Bryan-Gumble) and Silver Bell (Madden-Wenrich) Peerless Quartet 
Yale Boola Song (Hirsch) and Old Nassau—Princeton Air—with Werrenrath 
Yankee Doodle—with Murray , and Hail Columbia—with Macdonough 

HAYDN, FRANZ JOSEF (High'-dn) Compositions by 
Born Rohrau, Austria, 1732. At five years of age was 
sent to school at Hainburg, where for two years he was taught 
rudiments of music, playing on the violin. 1740 taken to Vienna 
by Reutter as chorister at St. Stephen’s, where he learned singing, 
violin, clavier and composed a great deal. Later supplanted as 
singer by brother Michael. Became first capellmeister to Prince 
Esterhazy. Composed thirty symphonies, forty quartets and 
became known and admired all over Europe. 1791 visited 
London and received degree from Oxford. 1792 returned to 


and Silent Night—Hayden Quartet 16286 

Vienna, where he gave lessons to Beethoven. Died Vienna, 1809. HAYDN 

RECORDS OF HAYDN ee eee **Creation,”” ‘* Love 

Divine,” ‘‘Menuett,”” “* Military Symphony,” ‘‘ My Mother Bids Me 
Bind My Hair”’ and * ‘Surprise Symphony’ 

{Hess dem Bells—with Chimes (McCosh) Billy Murray 
Old Dog Tray (Stephen Foster) Hayden Quartet) | 
Hear My Prayer—See “Oh, for the Wings of a Dove” 

Heart Bowed Down—See “Bohemian Girl” 

ae Echoes—Serenade (Pietro) Accordion Pietro 
Under the Double Eagel March (J. F. Wagner) Pietro 

ee of Oak (Dr. Boyce) Cecilian Male Qt. of London 
Land of Hope and Glory (Benson-Elgar) Hamilton and Lyric Qt 

seeeaes and Flowers—Intermezzo (Tobani) Victor Concert Orch 

Glow-Worm—lIdyl (Lincke) (with Vocal Chorus) Pryor’s Bent 

einst and Flowers (Tobani) Victor Orchestra 
Narcissus—Intermezzo (Ethelbert Nevin) Arthur Pryor’s Band. 
Neen and Flowers—Intermezzo (Tobani) Florentine Quartet 
Traumerei (Reverie) (Schumann, Op. 15, No. 7) ‘Cello Bourdon 
ee Bells (Losey) Orchestra Bells Wm. H. Reitz 
Fisher Boy (Abt) Harp-Zither 
Ser ae is My Home (Sauvage) Harry Macdonough 
I Need Thee Every Hour (Lowry) Macdonough and Bieling 
eae Song (2) Inchin’ Along Tuskegee Institute Singers 
The Old Time Religion Tuskegee Institute Singers 
See are Telling (“Creation”) (Haydn) Conway’s Band 

Hallelujah Chorus (‘‘Messiah’’) (Handel) | Pryor’s Band 

Heavens Resound (Beethoven) Victor Oratorio Chorus 

Fidelio—Prisoners’ Chorus (‘‘Oh! What Delight’’) Victor Male Cho 

Mme. Kitty ect 



























VICTOR RECORDS Number | -> | 
Hebraisches Lied und Tanz (Hebrew Melody and Dance from 
Hq He “Drei slavische Tanze’’) Violin Efrem Zimbalist|64455|10' 1.00 
HEBREW COMIC—See ‘‘Cohen at the Telephone,’’ ‘‘Cohen Owes 

Me Ninety-Seven Dollars,’? ‘‘Cohan’s Wedding,” ‘* Ginsberg’s 

Stump Speech,” ‘Goldstein Behind the Bars,’’ ‘‘Goldstein Goes 

in the Railroad Business,’”’ “If It Wasn’t for the Irish and Jews,”’ 

‘My Yiddish Matinee Girl, > **Nat’an,” ‘* Original Cohens,’’ “‘Roll 
Your Yiddish Eyes for Me,” also Hebrew Catalogue 
HEBREW RECORDS—For records by famous Cantor Sisota see | 

**Sirota’’; for'records by other Cantors see the Victor Hebrew 
A Mutters Hertz (A Mother’s Heart) (Gilrod-Friedsel) Medvedieff 

and Dem Pastechel’s Cholem—Medvedieff |67404|10| .75 
Chanson Hébraigue (Ravel-Pasternack) Gluck and Zimbalist|87276) 10}2.00 
Chisidisch (Saminsky) (Violin) Gardner and Mi Scheberach—Rosenblatt|67538|10\ .75 

Das Bisele Glick (From “‘A Bisele Glick”’) (Smulewitz-Brody) Juvelier 
and Fl Rachum Vechanun (From ‘ ‘Last Step’’) Juvelier|\67408|1C| .75 

Dem Pastechel’s Cholem (A Shepherd’s Dream) (From “‘ The Lost 
Sheep’’) (Thomashefsky-Perlmutter- Wohl) Medvedieff 

and A Mutters Hertz (A Mother's Hearl) Medvedieff|67404|10) .75 

Der Bitochen zu Gott (From ‘““The Power of Passion’’) (Brody-Friedsel) 

Fannie Lubritsky and Kurtz is dos Leben—Juvelier|67407|10| .75 
El Molei Rachmin and Odom Yesodo Meofor (with Organ and Choir) Kanewsky|67541|10} .75 
El Rachum Vechanun (From ““The Last Step’’) (Gastwirth-Brody- 

Friedsel) Juvelier and Das Bisele Glick—Juvelier|67408|10| .75 
Eshkol and Ohavti (with Organ and Choir) Cantor Meyer Kanewsky|67539)|10| .75 
Familen Glick (From “The Night of Passion”’) (Smulewitz-Brody) 

Lubritsky and Nachas from Kinder eee -Juvelier|}67406|10| .75 
Haben jakir li Efrajim—Oberkantor Basser und chor 

and Naarizcho—Oberkantor Basser und Chor|67400|10| .75 
Hatikvoh and Mnucho Ysymcho (Cantor with Organ and Choir) Kanewsky|67540|10| .75 
If | Were Rothschild (2) A Joyful Holiday Sholom-Aleichem|60144/10| .75 
Kalmen Schadchen (Talking) Herman Weissmann und A. Dranow 
and Wenn ich bin Roisehidebehawe 67280)10| .75 
Kurtz is dos Leben (From ‘‘The Shneiderin’’) (Juvelier-Brody) Juvelier 
and Der Bitochen zu Gott—Lubritsky|67407|10| .75 
Mi Scheberach (Rosenblatt) creas and Chisidisch—Gardner|67538)|10| .75 
Mnucho Ysymcho and Hatikvoh (with Organ and Choir) Kanewsky|67540|10| .75 
Naarizcho—Kwodo and Haben jakir li Efrajim—Oberkantor Basser und Chor|67400}10| .75 
Nachas fom Kinder (Brody- Friedsel) annie Lubritsky-K. Juvelier 
and Familen Glick (From “‘ The Night of Passion’) Fannie Lubritsky|67406|10| .75 
Odom Meade Meofor and El Molei Rachmin (with Organ and Choir) Kanewsky|67541|10| .75 
Ohavti and Eshkol (with Organ and Choir) Cantor Meyer Kanewsky|67539)|10| .75 
Schabes Jontow aus ,,Sulamith’’—Frau Zwiebel-Goldstein and Schilaflied 
aus ,,Zerstérung Jerusalems’’ (von Goldfaden) Frida Zwiebel-Goldstein|67279|10| .75 
Schlaflied aus ,,Zerst6rung Jerusalems’” (von Goldfaden) Frida Zwiebel- 
oldstein and Schabes notes aus , Sulamith’’—Frau Zwiebel-Goldstein|67279| 10) .75 
Tzurik Kein Zion (Back to Zion) (From ‘“The Muser’’) (Rumshisky 

Medvedieff and Weh dem Kind, Wen a Mame fehlt—Medvedieff 67405)10} .75 

Weh dem Kind, Wena Mame fehlt (From “Living Orphans’’) 
(Rumshisky) Medvedieff and Tzurik Kein Zion—Medvedieff |67405\10| .75 
fae Have to Get Under—Get Out and Get Under ea 17491110! .75 
Wilhelm, the Grocer (l.ewis-Meyer) Ada Jones ‘ 
Heidelberg—Prince of Pilsen (Luders) Hayden Quartet} 2512/10} .60 
HEIDELBERG QUINTETTE—Male Voices (with Will Oakland) 
Across the Rio Grande and Lich re eae their Way to Mexico—Heidelberg Quartet|17599|10| .75 
Emmett’s Lullaby ’Tis But a Flower—A nthony and Harrison|\17217\10\ .75 
Harmony Bay and On the Shores—Campbell-Burr\17602|10| .75 
In Apple Blossom Time na the Heart of Rose—Van Brunt\17390|10| .75 
In the Heart of the Kentucky Hills and Back to the Old Folks—-Campbell-Burr|17378)10| .75 
On a Beautiful Night With a Beautiful Girl and Be My Little Baby Bumble 
Bee (From‘‘A Winsome Widow”’) Ada Jones and Billy Murray\17152|10| .75 
Roll Them Cotton Bales and Ev’rybody Loves Rag— Collins-Harlan|17633\|10| .75 
Teasing Moon and Just a Dream—Hayden Quartet|17365/10) .75 
Tennessee Moon and When the Rainbow Shines—Hooley|17207|10| .75 
They're On Their Way to Mexico and ce the Rio Grande—Heidelberg Quin|17599|10) .75 
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee d Take Me tothe Cabaret—Billy Murray|17141|10| .75 
ou're a Great Blue-Eyed Baby ee Green Grass Grew—A merican Quartet}17344/10| .75 
HEILBRONNER, MLLE., Soprano—See ° * Daughter of Regiment,”’ 
*“ Madame Butterfly ” wads ‘Pagliacci’”’ 
Heimweh (Longing for Home) (Wolf) Jn German Margarete Ober|64444|10)1.00 
{Heimat ss von: Uvag (Briider) (with ‘* Lenz Quartett ’’) picxaseo 67142110 .75 
Hoch vom Kahlenberg (with “ Lenz Quartett’’) Franz Niernsee ; 


{Heimweh ohne for Home) (Jungmann) Zither John Reichl) 
The Shepherd Boy (Der Schaferknabe) Zither Reichl} 
HEINE, LOUIS, ’Cellist—See ‘‘ Violoncello Solos ” 

HEINEMANN, ALEXANDER, Lieder Singer—See German Catalogue 

Heinrich der Vogler (Loewe) See ‘‘German Songs” 

conn 10} .75 

Hejre Kati—Czardas (Hubay) Pianoforte by Falkenstein Violin Powell oo 12 1.50 

{is Knows the Way (A. H. Ackley) Homer als eet yoreericte 7! 
I’m Coming Home (A. H. Ackley-B. D. Ackley) Rodeheaver penta t=% 
jie Leadeth Me (Bradbury) Reinald We trenary ieyastiore7s 
When the Roll is Called Up Yonder (Black) Hayden Quartet Le 
‘an Leadeth Me _ (Bradbury) _ Mr. and Mrs. heat saaeelior.75 
Light of the World is Jesus, The Whitney Brothers Quartet ; 


Miss Edith Helena, that popular soprano with the marvelous 
range of voice, after singing several years in Europe, decided that after 
all there was no place like home, and recently accepted an engage- 
ment with the Aborn English Grand Opera Company. During the 
season of that company her impersonations of Thais, Leonora, Arline 
and Lucia were much appreciated, and she afterward filled special 
engagements with the Century Opera Co. in New York. 

Grand opera airs issued in the popular double-faced form by 

such an artist as Edith Helena have proven a most attractive feature D ontaAvecaa aa ts 

of the Victor catalogue. HELENA 
Cavalleria Intermezzo— Violin Imitation and Serenade (Titl) ’Cello-Flute 
omin’ Thro’ the Rye and Ye Banks and Braes urns enry Burr 

Laughing Song—Manon (Auber) and My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice—Baker 
ucia—Mad Scene (Donizetti) and Trovatore—Peaceful was the Night—Helena 
Madame Butterfly—What a Sky _ and Beloved Idol—Edith Helena 
Trovatore—Peaceful was the Night and Lucia—Mad Scene—Helena 
{425 Lei no Kaiulani (Wreaths for Princesses) Toots Paka Hawaiian T 
Lei Aloha (Wreath of Joy) Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupes| 
{Hello! Boys, ’m Back Again (Mahoney-Von Tilzer) Dan Sa 
At the Fountain of Youth (McCarron-Gerber-Jentes) Dan Quinn 
atolls Central! Give Me Heaven Byron G. Berea 
Can’t You Take It Back and Change It fora Boy Byron G. Harlan 
reise Frisco—Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 131”) Victor Mil. jet 
Jane—Medley One-Step (See “Medley No. 168’) Victor Military Band 
{eee Frisco! (‘Follies of 1915”) (Buck-Hirsch) Green- jHamiton 
When It’s Peach Picking Time in Delaware Campbell-Burr 
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You—Medley Fox Trot (See ‘* Medley 
No. 134’) Accordion Pietro 
By Heck—Fox Trot (Henry) Accordion Pietro 
ecg Hawaii, How Are You? (Kalmar-Leslie-Schwartz) Boyan 
When Old Bill Bailey Plays the Ukulele Nora Bayes 
pee Hawaii, How Are You? (Kalmar-Leslie-Schwartz) Bircray| 
The Ghost of the Terrible Blues Peerless Quartet) | 
nee Hawaii—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 132”) Victor Bt 
Are You from Dixie >—Medley One-Step Victor Military Band. 
ieee My Dearie (From “Ziegfeld Follies 1917”) | Green—Dixon 
Chu-Chin-Chow Alice Green and Orpheus Quartet 

He May be Old, but He’s Got Young Ideas Billy Murray) | 

Hello Summer! (Rega) Collins and Harlan 

The Honolulu Blues (Clarke-Monaco) Peerless Quartet) 

Hello, My Sweetheart (I Love You) (Heath-James) eRe Dy 
He May be Old but He’s Got Young Ideas Billy rmpah, 

Hello, My Sweetheart (I Love You) Irving Kaufman 
HEMPEL, FRIEDA, Soprano (For list of records, portrait and sketch 
see ‘“‘Hempel” in Pink Section) 

16744|10) .75 

35214) 12|1.25 

38214) 12\1.25 
'67084/10| .75 
/17935)10} .75 
17447/10| .75 
35478) 12)1.25 
17837|10| .75 
18118}10| .75 
45099) 10/1.00 
'17944)10} .75 

'18336/10) .75 

18153)10| .75 

18068/10) .75 

18153)10) .75 


HEMUS, PERCY, Bette see also “‘ Duets, Vocal ” 
Day i Day the Manna Fell and In Thee, Oh Spirit—Percy Hemus|17428|10| .75 
Face to Face (Johnson) and How Firm a Foundation— Trinity Choir\16674|10| .75 
In Thee, Oh Spirit, True and Tender and Day by Day—Hemus|17428|10} .75 
Raven, The—Parts land II (Dramatic Recitation) Edgar Allan Poe/35316/12/1.25 
Ring Out, Wild Bells (Tennyson-Gounod) and Christmas Light—Peerless Qt}35335)|12|1.25 
Yield Not to Temptation and Nearer My God to Thee—W hitney Brothers Qt}16451/10| .75 
(eae Waltz (Channon) Victor Military Rang searyizites 
Flame of Love—Waltz (Flamme d’amour) (Unger) Victor Band Y 
Henry VIII, Dances from (1) Morris Dance (2) Shepherd’s 
Dance Conway’s Band ?/35530/12/1.25 
Country Dance from ‘‘Nell Gwyn’’ Victor Military Band 
Henry’s Speech—See “Patrick Henry’s Speech” 
HENTON, H. Benne, Saxophone 
Oloha Oe and Wher You and I Were Young, Maggie—with Conway’s Band|18344||0| .75 
Lanette—Waltz Caprice (with Band) and Slidus Trombonus—Conway’s B|18117|10} .75 
Laverne— Waltz Caprice (with Conway's Band) and Chin-Chin—Brown Bros.|18149|1!0) .75 
When You and I Were Young, Maggie and Aloha Oe—with Conway’s Band|18344/|10| .75 

HERBERT’S ORCHESTRA (Personally directed by Victor Herbert) 
(For portrait and sketch of Victor Herbert see Pink Section) 
Air for G String Johann Bach|70047 
Angel's Serenade (Braga) and Largo from ““Xerxes’’ (Handel) Herbert’s Or|55040 
At an Old Trysting Place—2. To a Wild Rose Herbert’s Orchestra|60053 
Babes in Toyland—March of the Toys and Naughty Marietta—Herbert s Or\55054 
Babes in Toyland—The Military Ball Victor Herbert!70091 
Babes in Toyland—The Toymaker’s Shop Victor Herbert|60080 
Badinage Victor Herbert|}70053 
Carmen Suite—No. |, Prelude and Aragonaise Bizet| 70066 
Carmen Suite—Nos. 3 and 4, Les Dragons d’Alcala and Toreador Song |70067 
Casse Noisette—|1. Danse Chinoise—2. Danse Mirlitons—3. Danse Arabe|/45053 
Cavalleria Rusticana—Intermezzo Mascagni|60074 
Dance of the Hours—‘“‘Gioconda”’ and Kamennoi-Ostrow—Herbert’s Orch|55044 
Kamennoi-Ostrow (Reve Angelique) and Dance ofthe Hours—V. Herbert's Orch|55044 
Lady of the Slipper Selection and Sweethearts Selection—Herbert’s Orchestra|55039 
Largo—from “‘Xerxes’’ (Handel) and Angel’s Serenade—Herbert’s Orch|55040 
Liebestraum (A Dream of Love) Franz Liszt|}70046 
Lohengrin—Bridal Chorus and Wedding March (Mendelssohn) Herbert's Orch|55048 
Madame Butterfly Selection—Fantasie Giacomo Puccini|/70055 
Marche Slave Tschaikowsky|70050 
Melody in F Anton Rubinstein|60051 
Melody in F (Rubinstein) and Narcissus (Nevin) Victor Herbert’s Orchest ra|45052 
Minuet (Paderewski) (Op. 14) and Venetian Love Song—Herbert's Orch|45054 
Narcissus (Nevin) and Melody in F (Rubinstein) Victor Herbert’s Orchestra|45052 

— — 

— et es et 



Natoma—Dagger Dance, Act Il Victor Herbert|/70049 
Naughty Marietta Intermezzo and Babes in Toyland—Herbert's Orchestra|55054 
Rosary, The Ethelbert Nevin|60050 
Spring Song Mendelssohn|60046 
Sweethearts Selection and Lady of the Slipper Selection—Herbert s Or\55039 



Traume (Dreams) (Wagner) and Tristan and Isolde (Wagner) V Herbert’s Orch|55041 
Tristan and Isolde—lIsolde’s pe tcheseed (Wagner 
Trdume (Wagner) Victor Herbert’s Orchestra|55041 
Venetian Love Song sat Minuet (Paderewski) Herbert's Orchestra|45054 
Wedding March (Mendelssohn) and Lohengrin - Bridal March—Herbert’'s Orch|55048 
Woodland Sketches—An Old Trysting Place—To a Wild Rose—MacDowell|60053 

HERBERT, VICTOR, Compositions by—See the preceding Herbert list, 
also ““ American Fantasie,” ““Babes in Toyland,”’ “Baltimore Centennial 
March,” “‘Ejileen,’’ “‘Eldorado March,” “* Estellita,”” . Fortune Teller,” 
“Ireland, My Sireland,”’ ‘“ Madeleine,’ * **Mile. Modiste, *‘Natoma,”’ 
““Naughty Marietta,’ “‘Only Girl,’’ “‘Petite Valse,’” ““Prince Ananias,”’ 
““Princess Pat,’ ““Red Mill,” and ‘*‘Sweethearts”’ 

— st et 

es Bright Smile Haunts Me Still (Wrighton) Van Ene tol .75 
The Maid of the Mill (Aide-Adams) Reed Miller} |1®979|') - 
Herd Girl’s Dream (Labitsky) Véiolin-Flute Rattay and Lyons|31598)12/1.00 

ea: Girls Dream, The Volin-Flute-Harp Neapolitan eo 10| .75 

Happy Days _ (Strelezki) Neapolitan Trio 1g2e7 ; 
(eae Comes the Groom (From “‘Betty’’?) (Burt) Fell eeosoll2it.50 
Sometime (From ‘‘Betty’’) (with Male Quartet) Raymond Hitchcock : 
ae Comes Tootsi (‘‘Around the Map”) (Finck) Green and a 17974\10| .75 
So Long, Letty (From Musical Comedy‘ ‘So Long, Letty’’) Green- Dixon i 


ue s to the Friend in Stormy Weather (Elks? Song) 
Harry Macdonough and American Quartet 17058 10, .75 
Elks’ Reunion March (Slafer) Arthur Pryor’s Band. | 
(actae to Our Absent Brothers—Elks’ Song (Helf) eet) 16778|10| .75 
I’m Starving for One Sight of You (Harris) Stanley and Burr | ‘ 
{eres There and Everywhere March (Bosc) Pryor’s fe (Ges 75 
Circus Life Galop (Ringleben) Xylophone William H. Reitz Ha ee 
bari: Heart (Sherman-Voorhis) Theo paie igo6iiior 75 
Cavalleria Rusticana—Siciliana Theo Karle fay 
eee te t’amo (Parelli) Melis and Taccanil 65307 121.25 
Pearl Fishers—Siccome un di (A Fugitive, One Day) PiccolettiS| |: 

HERODIADE ( Ay-rohd-yadd’ ) 

Opera in five acts. Words by Milliet and Grémont, based on Flaubert’s novelette, 
Herodias. Music by Jules Massenet. First produced in Brussels, 1881; Paris, 1884; 
revived in 1903 with Calvé and Renaud; London, 1904, under title Salome; New Orleans, 
1892. Produced by Oscar Hammerstein at Manhattan Opera House, N. Y., 1909, with 
Cavalien, Gerville-Réache, Duchéne, Dalmores and Renaud. Revived F artaey 1914 
by Philadelphia-~Chicago Opera Co. 

The opera contains much of the best music Massenet has written, and the plot, while 
based on the Scriptural story, does not follow the Bible or tradition very closely, differing 
quite largely from Salome. 

(See “‘ Victrola Book of the Opera’’ for complete illustrated description) 

Il est doux, il est bon (He is Kind, Hes is Good) Jn French Emma Calvé!88130!]12|3.00 
Vision fugitive (Fleeting Vision) Jn French Emilio de Gogorza|881 53) 12/3.00 


The career of Arthur Herschmann as a concert singer began 
with his brilliant recital début in London, which was soon followed 
by noted engagements in other European cities, and as soloist with 
many of the foremost musical organizations. Prior to that, extended 
vocal study in New York, London and Pans, added to his mastery 
of seven languages, had given him a thorough foundation, which was 
further enhanced by later studies in interpretation with such composers 
as Widor, Pierné Hiie, René and Hildach. é N 

HERSCHMANN RECORDS | (Sung in German except as noted) ate ie 

Doctor Eisenbart (Folk Song) 

and etidlacrgts igitur eer Song) In Latin Herschmann|69338)10| .75 
Gaudeamus igitur (Students’ Song) In Lat 
and Doctor Bishan (Folk Song) Herschmann|69338)10! .75 
Hoch vom Dachstein an (Austrian Folk Song 
and Wiener Fiakerlied—Herschmann|\69539)10| .75 
‘sHerzlad (Koschat) and Verlor’ nes Glick (Franz Wagner) Herschmann|69339\10| .75 
Verlor’nes Gliick (Lost Happiness) (Franz Wagner 
and ’s Herzlad (Koschat) Herschmann\69339|10, .75 
Wiener Fiakerlied (Vienna Fourwheeler) (Pick) 
and Hoch vom Dachsteinan (Folk Song) Herschmann'69539/10| .75 
Her Soldier Boy—See ‘‘Home Again,” “Mother” and “Pack Up 

Your Troubles ’”’ 

HERZ, RALPH, Comedian 

Covniic de Bergerac—Scene, ‘‘Non merci’ Jn French Rostand) 5681/10) .60 
ee am Rhein, Das (Wilh. Hill) Jn German Emil Muench re eeh gies 
Die deutsche ‘Mutter (Heinrich Neeb) In German Emil Muench 
Es a Devil in His Own Home Town (Clarke-Berlin) Marayt yoceahol ts 
If They’d Only Move Old Ireland Over Here Ada Jones ; 
(pao a Rag Picker (Irving Berlin) Peerless Quartet) ye aceh ore 
Poor Pauline (McCarron-Walker) Billy Murray : 

He Shall Feed His Flock—See “‘ Messiah” 
bse Blues—One-Step (Smythe) Victor Military pout varcal dpine 
Kansas City Blues—Fox Trot (Bowman) Victor Military Band : 
(Hestaen Waltz (McNair-Ilgenfritz) Pianoforte Felix erent i7sssliol.75 
From Soup to Nuts—One-Step (Arndt)  Pianoforte Felix Arndt) : 


(HesiteHon Waltz (F. Henri Klickmann) Victor Military Bava) 
Who Paid the Rent for Rip Van Winkle Medley—One-Step Victor M. Band 
HESITATION WALTZES—See “ Dance Records—Waltzes”’ 
tags Me Pal (Edwards) See also ‘‘Pals” Ada lene 
My Wife’s Gone to the Country (Snyder) Collins and Harlan 
agp the Makin’s of a Darn’d Fine Man (Mahoney-Herman) yop at 
When Priscilla Tries to Reach High C Ada Jones-Billy Murray 
He Was Very Kind to Me—Scotch Specialty Harry Lauder 
ae Will Hold Me Fast (Harkness) Hayden Quartet) 
All the Way My Saviour Leads Me (Lowry) Harry Macdonough 

Hey! Donal—Scotch Specialty Harry Lauder|60005]|10 

{Hezeliahs -One-Step (Don Richardson) Conway’s pn 
In Alabama, Dear, With You—Medley Fox-Trot | Conway’s Band 
‘a iawatha—Song _ (Moret) Harry Nace On ou ey 
Anona (Mabel McKinley) Victor Orchestra 
(H iawatha—Two-Step (Moret) Sousa’s PODe 
Creole Belles (Lampe) Sousa’s Band 
Hiawatha’s Childhood—Ewa-Yea (2) Wah-wah-taysee | 
(Longfellow- Whiteley) (with Piano and Strings) Elsie Baker 
Hiawatha’s Childhood—By the Shores of Gitchie Gumee (2) Then | 

the Little Hiawatha (with Piano, Violin and Flute) Kline- W heeler-Dunlap 

Hiawatha’s Wedding—Onaway ! Awake, Beloved! (Longfellow 
Coleridge- Taylor) Paul Althouse| 
In a Persian Garden—Ah! Moon of My Delight Paul Althouse 
es Hoy (Murphy-Muir) Nora Bayes | 
When John McCormack Sings a Song Nora Bayes 
{igen Cost of Living and Burglar Story Raymond Hitchcock( 
Hitchczock’s Curtain Speech (‘‘ Beauty Shop’’) Raymond Hitchcock 
ue Cost of Loving (Al. Bryan-Geo. W. Meyer) Peerless Qt} 
Just for To-Night (Geo. L. Cobb) Oakland and Murray 
SHigh Jinks—One-Step or Trot, (See ‘‘ Medley No. 134”) Victor pane 
Laughing Husband—Medley One-Step or Trot Victor Military Band 
High Jinks, Gems from (Friml) Victor Light Opera Company 
Opening Chorus, “All Aboard for Dixieland’”’ (Yellen- Cobb)—Solo, 

“Jim ’’—Quartet, ““The Bubble’ "—Solo, * “Love’s Own Kiss’’—Chorus, 
““Something Seems Tingle-Ingle-ing ’ 

Gems from Beauty Shop Victor Light Opera pale 
{High Jinks—Something Seems Tingle-Ingle-ing—Med. 1-Step Victor Bt 
All He Does is Follow Them Around—Medley One-Step — Victor B 
Highland Fling—Bagpipes Pipers of H. M. Scots Guards 
March Past of the Cameron Highlanders and Gordon Highlanders 
Pipers and Drummers of H. M. Scots Guards 
Highland Fling (Scotch Folk Dance) See ‘Educational Records” 
J (Bae Laddie (2) My Love She’s Buta Lassie Yet—March 
(Bagpipes with Bass Drum) Sutcliffe Troupe} 
The 79th Highlanders’ Farewell to Gibraltar—March Sutcliffe Troupe 
Highlanders! Fix Bayonets! (Pitts-O’Hara) Edward Hamion) 
Soldiers of the King (Leslie Stuart) Herbert Stuart 
High School Cadets March (Sousa) (In slower time for School Marches 
and Grand Marches) Victor Band| 
Semper Fidelis March (Sousa) Victor Band 
‘eae School Cadets March (Sousa) Sousa’s Oe 
April Smiles Waltz (Depret) Victor Orchestra 
Hilda Fox Trot (Uriel Davis) Victor Military ae 
On Your Way—One-Step (Noble-MacClure) Victor Military Band 
Hilda Loses Her Job German Dialect Specialty Josie Soe 
Tipperary (Helf) Billy Murray 
{Mises Eli oaonten Comedy Yodel George P. eat 
German’s Arrival—Comedy Yodel Frank Wilson 




17588) 10 

16750) 10 


35501) 12 



55059| 12 

f 45105)10 



35393} 12 

67844| 10). 


17408) 10 


35208} 12 


18047) 19 

16783) 10 


17622/10| . 


















VICTOR RECORDS | rad "Number | 3 | 

HILL, MURRY K., Comedian (Humorous Monologues) 

Murry K. Hill is a vaudeville favorite, and always keeps his hearers in roars of 
laughter by his droll delivery of a very witty store of jokes, parodies and nonsense in general. 
There is individuality to spare in each of these recordings by Mr. Hill. A generous meas- 
ure of the artist’s own cheerful and optimistic personality has found its way into the heart of 
the records, which results in the auditor receiving an impression of intimacy with the per- 

former such as it is impossible to resist. 

Adventures in a Department Store and A Bit of Drama—Marry K. Hill\ 16944 
Bunch of Nonsense and Down Where the Big Bananas Grow—Collins-Harlan 16446) 
Burbank, the Wizard and 7 wo Rubes Swapping Horses—Porter and Harlan 16849 
Father Was Out and Flanagan’s Motor Car _ (Irish Specialty) Steve Porter 16436) 
How Columbus Discovered America and Village Barber—Porter-Harlan 16890 
Old Jokes and Steamboat Bill—A rthur Collins 16867 
Tale of the Cheese and Hortense at Sea—Nat M. Wills 35093) 
Talk on Married Life and Negro Medley—FPopular Airs—A mer Q1,16463 | 

HILLIARD, ROBERT, American Actor ge 
The Victor may be pardoned some evidence of pride, both 
in the engagement of Mr. Hilliard and m the really fine repro- 
ductions which have been made of his voice. 
™ In his extracts from ‘“‘A Fool There Was” Mr. Hilliard 
recites a part of ‘“‘ The Vampire,” and between the lines he gives 
several scenes from the great play which is based on Kipling’s 
poem. These highly dramatic extracts will be keenly appreciated 
by all those who have seen Mr. Hilliard’s portrayal of the un- 
fortunate husband, and it will bring to those who are only familiar 
with the poem a fuller understanding of Kipling’s weird tale. 
In striking contrast Mr. Hilliard has recited a portion of an- 
other of his great successes, the charming one-act play, “ The 
Littlest Girl,"” acted and dramatized by him from the late 

Richard Harding Davis’ story, ‘‘ Her First Appearance.” 


Christmas Day in the Workhouse Sims|70093 12| 
Scenes from ** A Fool There Was,”’ Mr. Hilliard’s great play - 2 70057) 12 

The Littlest Girl—Part | (From Richard Harding Davis’ story, “*Her First | | 
Appearance’) 70058) 12 

The Littlest Girl—Part II , '70059 12 
Hills 0’ Skye (MclLennan-Harris) Janet Spencer|74291 2 
Hilo—Hawaiian March Irene West Royal Hawaiians | 
{ 17767 10 

Wailana Waltz (Hawaiian Guitars) Pale K, Lua-David Kaili 

Mr. Himmelreich is a well-known Philadelphia pianist, 
and a most unusual player in many respects, one of his 
accomplishments being his great skill in improvisation. His 
technique is quite brilliant, difficult double-finger passages in 
thirds and sixths being played with ease. Mr. Himmel- 
reich’s brilliant and clean-cut transcriptions of favorite light 
classics have greatly pleased Victor customers. 



Blue Bells of Scotland and Last Rose of Summer—Himmelreich 10 
Carnival of Venice (Variations) and Whispering Winds—Himmelreich 18194 |0 
Last Hope (Gottschalk) and Narcissus (Nevin) Transcription\17100, 10 
Last Rose of Summer (Moore) and Blue Bells of Scotland—Himmelreic h' 18305 10 
Listen to the Mocking Bird and Silver Threads Among Gold—Himmelreich 18245 10 
Lucia Sextette and Caprice Espafiol (Moszkowski) Spross,35223)/12 
Narcissus (Nevin) and Last Hope (Gottschalk) Himmelreich\17100)\10 
Silver Threads Among the Gold and Listen to the Mocking Bird—Himmelreich| 18245 10 
The Rosary (Nevin) and Flower Song—Blumenlied (Lange) Neapolitan Trio\17055 10 
Whispering Winds and Carnival of Venice—Himmelreich 18194 10 
Dearie Girl (Do You Miss Me?) and That's the Song—Hindermeyer,17857 | 
Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares and If I Hada Thousand Lives—Hamilton 16321 | 
Roses, Roses Everywhere and Drifting—Baker-F. Wheeler,17117 | 
That’s the Song of Songs for Me and Dearie Girl—Hindermeye:\ 17857 | 

0} . 
0} . 



oe ricer 

VICTOR RECORDS | Number | 3] 

Hinkende Jamben—See “‘ Van Eweyk”’ 

A voice of pure lyric soprano which she uses with much 
skill and musicianly insight was bestowed upon Florence Hinkle 
by nature, and with it she combines temperament, intelligence 
and personality. Her upper tones are produced apparently with- 
out effort, for the quality of tone is unimpaired, and there is no 
lack of control nor shading. 

Miss Hinkle has appeared with eminent organizations on 
famous occasions throughout the Eastern states. The Philadel- 
phia Symphony Orchestra, the New York Symphony Orchestra, 
the Mendelssohn Choir of Toronto, the Handel and Haydn 
Society of Boston, the New York Oratorio Society, and many 
other famous organizations have availed themselves of Miss ~ 
Hinkle’s services, and in the Spring of 1916 she took a leading *"°'° "'S**"" 
part in the performance of the Mahler Symphony, which was See 
given in Philadelphia and New York by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra under the 
direction of Stokowski. In concert and oratorio Miss Hinkle has won the hearts of audi- 
ences the country over, and it is with great pleasure that we offer the following list of 
Victor records by this exceptional artist. 

Comin’ Thro’ the Rye and OA, That We Two Were Maying—Hinkle| 45084) 10) 1.00 
Du bist die Ruh’ Jn German and Die Lorelei—Christine Miller, 55056) 12|1.50 
From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water (‘‘American Indian Songs’’) Cadman|/60079/10} .75 
Good-Bye Tosti]/70105/12/1.25 
Louise—Depuis le jour (Ever Since the Day) (Act II) French Charpentier|70085)12/1.25 
Oh, That We Two Were Maying and Comin’ Thro’ the Rye—Florence Hinkle| 45084! 10|1.00 
Spring Song (Weil) and Will-o’-the-Wisp (Spross) Harp acc.—Hinkle|45064| 10] 1.00 
When the Roses Bloom (In the Time of Roses) Reichardt|60082/10!} .75 
Will-o’-the-Wisp (Spross) (Harp acc.) and Spring Song (Weil) Hinkle|45064)|10/1.00 
pa (Schnabel) In German Arthur Van Eweyk esesoloens 
Hab’ mein Wagen Vollgeladen—Bonn (Bungert) Van Eweyk i 
Hip-Hip Hooray—One-Step (N. Y. Hippodrome) (See ‘“‘Medley 
| No. 135”’) Victor Military Band ?|35515 12/1.25 
I’m Simply Crazy Over You—Medley One-Step Victor Military Band 
Hip-Hip Hooray—See also “‘ Ladder of Roses’? and *“‘ My Fox Trot 
Wedding Day”’ 
Hippolyte et Aricie—Rossignol’s Amoureux (Nightingale’s Passion 
Song) In French Alma Gluck|/74249) 121.50 
His Lullaby (Healy—Jacobs-Bond) Ernestine Schumann-Heink/ss118 12 3.00 
His Lullaby (Healy—Jacobs-Bond) Lucy Isabelle Marsh|60103)10) .75 
ae Lullaby (Healy—Jacobs-Bond) Lucy Pere 450901 10|1.00 
Just a-Wearyin’ for You (Stanton—Jacobs-Bond) Lucy Marsh : 
(is New Brother (2) Moo Cow Moo Henry Pin sh 1686310! .75 
Mother Goose Songs Elizabeth Wheeler : 


It was with much pleasure that the Victor secured 
the services of this famous singing comedian, who has won 
so many admirers on the American stage. Bornin Auburn, 
N. Y., and educated in his native city, Mr. Hitchcock has 
made his name synonymous with all that is best and breeziest 
in musical comedy. 

There is probably no such thing as a career of unin- 
terrupted success, but Mr. Hitchcock's career is apparently the 
exception, which somehow manages to break every established 
rule, and certainly for many years he has been playing stellar 
rdles with conspicuous success. Since 1904, when he appeared 
on Broadway in Henry W. Savage's ““The Yankee Consul,” BIT Cael 
Raymond Hitchcock’s most pretentious successes have been ‘‘ The Student King,” ‘‘ The 
Yankee Tourist,”“‘ The Man Who Owns Broadway,” ‘‘ The Red Widow” and “Betty.” 

Burglar Story and High Cost of oD 
and Mr. Hiichcock’s Curtain Speech—Hitichcock| 55046} 121.50 Hi 
Here Comes the Groom and Sometime—Raymond Hitchcock 55080) 12 
Mr. Hitchcock’s Curtain Speech (Introduced in ** The Beauty Shop’”’) 
and Burglar Story and High Cost of L ine Tah 55046]12/1.50 
Sometime (with Male Grinvers and Here Comes the Groom—Hitchcock| 55080] 12/1 .50 
ies or -Koo—Medley One-Step (‘See Medley No 1386’’) Smith’s Orch 
Ziegfeld Follies—Medley One-Step Joseph C. Smith’s Orie 18334/10) .75 
shane of 1915—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley No. 137’’) Military ah 2 
My Tango Girl—Fox Trot (Hirsch) Victor Military Band} 30422 | '4\1-25 
eee vom Kahlenberg (with “Lenz Quartett’’) Franz cteure 
Heimweh—Lied von Uvag (Briider) (with ‘‘Lenz Qt’’) Niernsee Oe 
HOFFMANN, J., Violinist—See ‘‘ Serenade” and ‘‘ To a Wild Rose” 
haa Jolly Jenkin! (Schnecker-Sullivan) Orpheus eee | 
The Long Day Closes (Chorley-Sullivan) Orpheus Quartet 17053}10| .75 
Hold Me In Your Loving Arms (‘Ziegfeld Follies, 1915’) 
Lillian Davis and Niele Chorus 17831/10| .75 
On the Bay of Old Bombay (Madden-Morris) Lyric Quartet 
eer at Buck Run (The Station Agent’s Story) Ralph Bingham 
Home Run Bill’s Defense Ralph Bahan 35626) 12)1.25 
National Songs—‘* Wien Neerlandsch Bloed,’’ “‘ Wilhelmus van Nassauwen’™Pryor’s B} 4200/10! .60 
Dutch Serenade—Fiore della Neve (deLange) (Harp by Lapitino) Culp|64552]10/1.00 
Geluckig Vaderland (Historical Dutch Folk Song) Valerius’ 
..Gedenck Clanck’’ Culp|64551}10/}1.00 
HOLLMAN, JOSEF, Violoncellist (F or list of records, portrait and 
sketch see “‘ Hollman ”’ in Pink Section) 

Boots (Kipling) and Gunga Din (Kipling) Recitations—Taylor Holmes|55057|12|1.50 
Gunga Din (Kipling) and Boots (Kipling) Fee Holmes|55057}12)1.50 
I Couldn't Distinguish the Words (Song) and If 1 Could Be By Her—Holmes|45073\10)1.00 
If } Could Be By Her (Recitation) and / Couldn't Distinguish the Words—Holmes|45073)| 10/|1.00 

Holy Art Thou (Music of Handel’s “‘ Largo’’) Trinity Choir|31749]12/1.00 
Holy City (Weatherly-Adams) Geraldine Farrar|3g569| |2|3.00 
Holy City (Weatherly-Adams) Tenor Evan Williams|74356|12/1.50 
Holy City (Stephen Adams) Baritone Emilio de Gogorza|74041|12\1.50 
eo City—Part1 (Stephen Adams) Tenor Harry eceonenen 16184|101 .75 
Holy City—Part II . Harry acco tet 8 : 
Holy City (Stephen Adams) arry Macdonoug 
{ Palme, The Poa Harry Macdorous 16408) 10} .75 
Holy City (Stephen Adams) Violin Howard Rattay 
{ Tranquillity Mansell Victor Instrumental Oat 16191/10| .75 
aay City—Eye Hath Not Seen (Alfred R. Gaul) Elsie pee 5assl1211.25 
Holy City—My Soul is Athirst for God (Gaul) Reed Miller} |* : 
wees City—My Soul is Athirst for God (Gaul) Reed ares 3545511211.25 
Holy City—Eye Hath Not Seen (Gaul) Elsie Baker ; 
wk Ghost, with Light Divine (Gottschalk) Trinity Shoir} tasaelior 74 
Holy, Holy, Holy! (Heber-Dykes) Trinity Choir ‘ 
poly, Holy, Holy! (Heber-Dykes) Trinity Chats} {aueeltal75 
Holy Ghost, with Light Divine (Gottschalk) Trinity Choir}|°™ : 
{Holy Night (Adam) Tenor Harry Rncon eae 1e060|10.75 
Hosanna _ (Jules Granier) Harry Macdonough : 
Holy Night (Adam) (See also ‘ Noél’’) Evan Williams|64106/10/1.00 
iioty Night (Adam) Véiolin-’Cello-Harp Venetian fe f7easlioh7s 
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Gruber)  Celesta Felix Arndt i 
paper Again (From “Her Soldier Boy’’) Alice Green-Lyric Ae $8299/10".75 
Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag (with Cho) Hamilton ‘ 
Homeland, The (Haweis-Stebbins) Elizabeth and Wm. yal 17940|10| .75 
{ My ogee as Thou Wilt Elizabeth and William Wheeler : 

1,20) este 


VICTOR RECORDS _ Number | © 

Home of the Soul (Phillips) Whitney Brothers Guarret| 
Home Over There, The (Kane) Macdonough and Hayden Sa 

HOMER, LOUISE, Contralto (For list of records, portrait and sketch 

HOMER, SiIDNEY—Compesitions—See “‘ Banjo Song,’ ‘‘ Boats Sail,’ 

Home Run Bill’s Defense (A Georgia Court Decision) pee 

I Am Praying for You (Cluff-Sankey) Stanley and Burr 

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) Hayden QuartetS|18197|'0 

see ““Homer’”’ in Pink Section) 

“* Sing to Me’’ and **‘ Uncle Rome ’”’ 

The Hold-Up at Buck Run Ralph Bingham} |?°6?9} | 

paomiesiclo ts Blues (Cliff Hess) Nora paves netooltg 
For Dixie and Uncle Sam _ (Brennan-Ball) Nora Bayes 
HOME SONGS *“Old Folks at Home,” “My Old Kentucky 

Home” and “‘ Home, Sweet Home”’ 

Back to My Old Home Town Jack Norworth!60020]10 
Breath of Bloomin’ Heather from My Little Highland Hame 






To the Lass We Love—MacFarlane|45068)|10|1,00 


Come Back to Old Kentucky—Campbell!l-Burr and Loading Up—American Qt|/17947)|10 
Do They Think of Me at Home—Metropolitan Trio and White Wings—Oakland|16355}| | 
Dreaming of Home and Mother (Ordway) Evan Williams|74476 
Evening Brings Rest and You and Kashmiri Song—Lambert Murphy|4510 
Flower from Home Sweet Home—Mac- Bieling and Bavarian Yodel—Mac-W atson|1612 
Gee, It’s Great to MeetaFriendfrom Your Town and Chicken Reel—Collins|1689 

Home Again—Green and Quartet and Pack Up Your Troubles—Hamilton 1222 : 
2\ I 

] Love to Stay at Home and There Must Be Little Cupids—Murray|1785 
I’m Going Way Back Home and You’re a Dangerous Girl—Avon Comedy Fou1\1808 
I'm Going Way Back Home—Collins and Stormy Sea of Love—O’Connell| 1807 
Indiana—Sterling Trio d To Any Girl—Campbell and Burr\18251 
It’s a Long, Long Time (Since ae ve Bee ome) Kaufman 
I'll Wed the GirllI Left Behindee Gone 18196] | 
I Want to See the Old Home (oamentt Stewart) Whitehill| 74433] 
Just Try to Picture Me Back Home in Tennessee 
and Down in Bom-Bombay—Ceollins-Harlan|17841| | 
Letter That Never Reached Home—Mac and Qt and I’ye Lost You—Burr|18030|1 
Lights of My Home Town—Peerless Qt and Theve’s a Broken Heart—Brown|17943) | 
Melody of Home—John Barnes Wells and To-Day—Eilsie Baker|\18122|| 
Rolling Stones (All Come Rolling Home Again), Burr 
and Don’t Write Me Letters But Come Right Back to Me—Campbell-Burr| 18215) | 
Take Me Back to Home and Mother (French-Huntley) Whitehill!|64610) 1 
There's a Little Lane Without a Turning—Burr 
and You’ll Always Be the Same Sweet Girl—Reed-Harrison| 17878) 10 
Those Good Old Davart Back Home and That Soothing Symphony— A merican Qt}17972)| 10 
We'll Have a Jubilee in Old Kentucky Home—Peerless Quartet 
and Alabama Jubilee—Collins-Harlan| 17825} 10 
What's the Use of Going Home—Murray-Kaufman and Beatrice Fairfax—Jones|17926| 10 





When My Ships Come Sailing Home (Stewart-Dorel) John McCormack|74428}12]1.50 

You'd Never Know That Old Home Town—Collins-Harlan 

and Out of a City of Six Million People—Jones|17911|10| .75 
Home, Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Soprano Alma Gluck|74251)12/i.50 
Home, Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Soprano Marcella Sembrich|88o47/12/3.00 
Home, Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Soprano (Piano acc.) Patti/95029|12/5.00 
Home, Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Soprano Amelita Galli-Curci|74511/12/1.50 

eae Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Contralto Elsie pies 
My Old Kentucky Home (Stephen Foster) Elsie BakerS|18045|!0| -7> 
(errs: Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop)  Contralto Elsie Beem 
\ Old Folks at Home (Stephen C. Foster) Elsie Baker$|*5398 12/1.25 
ee Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Contralto Corinne pionean 
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming Peerless Quartet) | 1663 10) ..22 
aoe Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Tenor Harry NRE naa ay 
My Old Kentucky Home (Foster) Corinne Morgan 16195)10),.75 
Home, Sweet Home (Payne-Bishop) Counter-Tenor Richard José/31515)12/1.00 
aos Sweet Home and Old Kentucky Home Chimes 
America and Star Spangled Banner Chimes S\AO1E0} imate 
Home, Sweet Home (Lampe) Pryor’s Band 
As it might be played in Germany, Spain, Hungary, China, Ireland, etc. 35240/12/1.25 
Snyder Successes, No. 2 (See “Medley No. 247”’) Pryor’s Band 


{Home, Sweet Home (Transcription) Celesta Solo ‘Helix Arndt} 
Annie Laurie and Comin’ Thro’ the Rye Celesta Solo Felix Arndt 
Home, Sweet Home (Bishop) (2) Believe Me, If All Those 
Endearing Young Charms Victor Band] 
My Old Kentucky Home (2) Battle Hymn of the Republic Victor B 
as Sweet Home Medley Waltz (See ‘Medley No. 139’’) 
Aloha Oe—Hawaiian Medley Waltz Victor Military Band 
Home to Our Mountains—Trovatore—See “ Trovatore ” 
HOMMERLA, A.--See “ Zither Duets” 
Honest Injun (Sterling- Moran-Von Tilzer) Collins and Bremer 

{ The Two-Key Rag Collins and Harlan 
hc Toil March (Concertina Solo) Alexander Soret 
The Diadem Quickstep (Concertina Solo) Alexander Prince 
eee Boy (With Whistling Chorus) Murray and DOLE 
Sweetmeats (Wenrich) Arthur Pryor’s Band 
Oney Bunch _  (Sterling-Caslar) Collins and a 
The Georgia Skip Bryon G. Harlan 
Mes Love Me All the Time (Jerome-Schwartz) Lois ca 
Silver Bell (Madden-Wenrich) ** That Girl ’’ Quartet 
een Bells (Havez-Botsford) American Sreieee 
Put Me to Sleep With an Old-Fashioned Melody Kaufman 
eee ae eer Trot (Smith) Conway’s Baas} 
Call of a Nation—Fox Trot (Ahlert-Wendling) Victor M. Band 
pee Kong _ (Pascoe-Holstein—Sanders) Peerless Quartet 
Lookout Mountain Campbell and Bun} 
apn Tonky—One-Step (MacCarron-Smith) Victor Military = 
Pom Pom—Medley One-Step (Hugo Felix) Victor Military Band 
Honolulu, America Loves You (We’ve Got to Hand it to You) 
(Clarke- Monaco) American Quartet} 
How Could Washington Be a Married Man? M. J. O’Connell 
Honolulu, America Loves You—Medley One-Step (See “Medley 
No. 140”) Victor Band] 
It’s Not Your Nationality—Medley Fox Trot Victor Military Band 
ere Blues (Clarke-Monaco) Peerless Suerte 
Hello, Summer! (F. Wallace Regd) Collins and Harlan 
feats Hicki Boola Boo (McCarron-Brown-VonTilzer) Amer. Qt he2 
That Funny Jazz Band from Dixieland Collins and Harlan 
Honolulu Hicki Boola Boo—Mediley Fox Trot (See “Medley 
| No. 141” ) Victor aca 
Put On Your Slippers—Medley One-Step Victor Military Band 
fede Lou (Song of Hawaii) (Robe) Campbell and are 
I Lost My Heart in Honolulu Charles Harrison and Herbert Stuart 
ieee ee March Guitar Duet Pale K. Lua-David Kaili 
Kohala March Guitar Duet Pale K. Lua-David Rail 
{eeeneluie Tom Boy (Sonny Cunha) Hawaiian Quintet 
Sweet leilehua (Fragranceof the Lehua Wreath) (with Quintet) Rosel 

Asleep in the Deep (Petrie) and Larboard Watch—Macdonough and Hooley 
Larboard Watch—with Macdonough and Asleep in the Deep (Petrie) ae 
Wearing of the Green d Off to Philadelphia— Wilfred Glenn 
en the Rainbow Shines—with fees ~~ and Tenn. Moon—Heidelberg Quintet 
Hoo Mamao Oe a Hiki Oe (Remember, Be Sure and Be There) 
Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe 
Kai Malino Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe 
a Mau (Dew Drops) Toots Paka Hawaiian oe | 
Liaika Wai Mapuna Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe 
PAR CL me eee (Jacobs) Xylophone W. H. Reitz 

| Number 
























Medley—“‘ Little Bit of Everything ’’ Banjo Vess L. Ont} 17268 




















{Hope Sones Without Words (Mendelssohn) Venetian oh ae A 
H 0 Sweet Spirit, Hear My Prayer (Wallace) Neapolitan Trio 

HOPPER, DE WOLF, Comedian 

Mr. Hopper’s record of his famous and immortal base- 
ball classic is the most perfect reproduction of the come- 
dian’s eccentric delivery which could be imagined. Shut your 
eyes and you can imagine the whole scene—five thousand 
of Mudville’s fans yelling for their favorite—the redoubtable 
and mighty Casey standing proudly at the bat—the pitcher 
gripping the ball—then a moment of hushed expectancy—and 
then . . ~ and then the tragedy begins! 

Let us draw the veil—suffice to say that you can actually 
feel the breeze on your face when the great Casey fans the air HOPPER 
as he strikes out! Mr. Hopper’s record of his celebrated baseball recitation has made 
the biggest hits in Victor history. 


Casey at the Bat and Man Who Fanned Casey—A replu—Digby Bell|35290 
HORN—ENGLISH and FRENCH—For examples see “‘ Educational ”’ 

Favorite Hornpipe Medley and Medley of Old Reels—V iclin—D’ Almaine| 16393 

Hornpipe Medley—Kimmel Accordion . 

and Three Solitaires—Cornets- 1 rombone—Clarke, Keneke and Pryor|16317 
Horse Trot—One-Step (Davis) Victor Military pend 
Down Home Rag  (Sweatman) Victor Military Band. Liste 
{hres Trot—One-Step Victor Military ae Bree 
Peg o’ My Heart—One-Step Victor Military Band 
Hortense at Sea—Humorous Monologue Nat M. mn} mena 
Tale of the Cheese—Humorous Monologue Murry K. Hill 
Hortense at the Skating Rink—Monologue Nat M. en erite 
Uncle Josh Keeps House Cal Stewart 
Hosanna—Easter Song (Jules Granier) Jn French Enrico Caruso|88403 
Hosanna—FEaster Song (Granier) Jn English Herbert Witherspoon|74279 
jnorenged (Granier) In English Harry aac enawE a Te0Go 
Holy Night (Noél) (Adam) Harry Macdonough 
{Hospital Patients (Golden-Marlowe) Comic Specialty Golden- gah, 
The Liars’ Contest (Darky Specialty) Golden and Marlowe ae5 08 
ey Tamale Man _ (Ingraham) Arthur olin 
Uncle Josh and the Billiken Cal’ Stewarts |4893 
a Time in the Old Town—Medley March Victor Military B 
Girl I Left Behind Me—Medley March Victor Military Band} tasie 
{Bene of Love, The (McDonnell-Weymann) Frederick EY 17278 
When I Lost You (Irving Berlin) Henry Burr 
Household Hints—See “Children’s Records” 
{eouse of Memories (Adcock-Aylward) Reinald peter as noted 
Tommy Lad_ (Teschemacher-Margetson) Reinald Werrenrath 
HOWARD, ANNA, Soprano—See “ Duets, Vocal ”’ 
How Can I] Forget (When There’s So Much to Remember) 
(Berlin) Alan Turner] 16952 
Just As Your Mother Was Henry Burr 
How Can]! Leave Thee (Thuringian Folk Song) In English 
Geraldine Farrar-Louise Homer 87505 
How Can They Tell That Oi’m Irish (Norworth) Nora Bayes | 70030 
jew Columbus Discovered America Eccentric Monologue M.K. ree 
Village Barber Specialty (Banjo by Van Eps) Porter and HarlanS|1889° 
How Could Washington Be a Married Man (And Never Tell a 
| Lie) (Macdonald-Goodwin-Piantadosa) M. J. SrGonnetl| 18192 
Honolulu, America Loves You American Quartet), 

10} .75 

one of 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10) .75 
12r Zo 
10} .75 
10) .75 

HOWELL, LEWIS J., Baritone 

Canadian Guns and Good Luck to the Bous of the Allies—Lewis J. Howell) 

Good Luck to the Boys of the Allies and Canadian Guns—Howell| 

3 Firm a Foundation (Keith-Portugal) Trinity peoker 
Face to Face (Herbert Johnson) Percy Hemus 

ties, Lovely Are the Messengers (From “St. Paul”) (Mendelssohn) 

Lyric Quartet} 17208 

Merry Life, A (‘‘Funiculi, Funicula’’) (Denza) Lyric Quartet 
How Many HiredServants (‘Predigal Son”) (Sullivan) Williams 
ag Mother Made the Soup—Comic Monologue Charley Case} 
Liars, or My Uncle's Farm Billy Golden and William Hughes} 
How Much I Love You (La Forge) (2) Year’s at the Spring 
(Beach) Johanna Gadski 

How’ s Every Little Thing in Dixie? (Yellen-Gumble) American a 
In the Days of Old Black Joe Peerless Quartet 
How’s Every Little Thing in Dixie? Medley One-Step 
(See ‘Medley No. 142”) Victor Band! 
Follow Me—Fox Trot Victor Military Band 

An Evening Prayer (Battersby-Gabriel) Homer Rodeheaver. 

How Tom Whitewashed the Fence (“‘Tom Sawyer,’ Mark Twain) 
William S. Battis 
Our Guide in Genoa (‘‘Innocents Abroad,’’ Mark Twain) Battis 
How Would You Like to Bounce a Baby on Your Knee? See 
“* Follow Me—Medley Fox Trot’’ 
HUBERTUS, Polish Comedian—See “In a Zoological Garden” 
Hubicka—Bohemian Cradle Song (Smetana) IJnEnglish Alma Gluck 
Ue eae Finn  (Hess-Lewis- Young) Van and Perens 
Mulberry Rose (Van-Schenck) Van and Schenck 

icici Finn—Medley Fox Trot (See “Medley 143’) 

Ua Sweet is His Love (Rowe-Excell) (Organ acc) Rodeheaver 

Conway’s Band 

She’s Dixie All the Time—Medley Fox Trot Conway’s Band 
HUGHES, WILLIAM Comedian—See “Golden and Hughes” 

HUGUENOTS ( Hew’ -gen-ahts) French title, Les Huguenots (Layz Yoogn’-noh) 

Italian title, Gli Ugonotti (Glee Oo-goh-not'-tih). 

Opera in five Kaa? text by Scribe and Deschamps; music by Meyerbeer. 
Produced Paris, 1836; Florence, 1841 under title of Gli Anglicani; London in 
German, 1842, and in Italian 1848. First American performance in New 
Orleans, 1848 

This opera is considered the composer’s masterpiece, and is indeed a 
wonderfully imposing work, with its splendid scenes, beautiful arias and con- 
certed numbers, and its thrilling dramatic situations. 

(Sung in Italian except as noted) (See “‘Victrola Book of the Opera’’ for complete 

illustrated description) 

Romanza (Fairerthan the Lily) Enrico Caruso 

Romanza French Gautier and Wm. Tell—Asile Hereditaire— Gautier 

Piff! Paff! (Marcello’s Air) In French Marcel Journet 

Nobil Signori galute! (Noble Sirs, I Salute You!) Louise Homer 

O, beau pays! (Fair Land of Touraine!) Jn French Frieda Hempel! 

O vago suol della Turenna (Fair Land of Touraine!) Giuseppina Huguet 

and Dillo ancor (Speak Again!) Giacomelli and Martinez-Patti| 

ACT Iil—a square IN PARIS 

Coro di Soldati (Soldiers’ Chorus ‘‘ Rataplan’’) 

and Magic Flute—O Isis und Isiris—Metropolitan Opera Chorus 
Nella notte io es guiveglio (Here by Night Alone] Wander) Grisi and 

de Segurola and Lucrezia Borgia—Vieni la mia vendetta—Rossi 

Benediction des Poignards (Benediction of Swords) with Chorus Journet) 
Dillo ancor (Speak gaint) Giacomelli and Martinez-Patti 


| Number | . 






















and O vago suol della Turenna (Oh, Fair Touraine!) Huguet|35123 12 










mY fp 


VICTOR RECORDS | Number | | 

HUGUET, GIUSEPPINA, Soprano (Oo-geh’) 

Mme. Huguet is one of the most versatile of sopranos, her reper- 
toire being a very large one, consisting of réles in more than one hun- 
dred grand operas, besides many Zarzuelas (Spanish one-act operas) 
and operettas in which she has appeared with great success in her 
native Spain and in ftaly. It was while singing in a Spanish oper- 
etta in Madrid that she was heard by a famous critic, who advised 
her to go to Italy for the study of serious operas. After two years 
in Milan she appeared in grand opera, scoring a tnumph, and her 
name is now a familiar one to opera-goers in Europe, as well as to : 
Victor customers in America, who have had the privilege of hearing eee 
her beautiful voice in many solos and concerted numbers. 

NOTE.—Only Mme. Huguet’s solo numbers are listed here. The duets, trios and other concerted 

numbers in which she appears will be found under the following operas: arber ”’** Carmen ’’ - 
Don Pasquale ”_** Faust ?’—“* Lohengrin’ ——“* Lucia ‘ di Lammermoor’’—“‘ Masked Ball? 

“ Pagliacci’ —** Rigoletto” —“ Traviata.” 
HUGUET RECORDS (Sung in Italian) 

Bacio, I—Valzer and La Wally—Ebbene, andié sola e lontanto—E. Boccolini\55024|1 
Barbiere—Una voce poco fa and Barbiere—Manca un foglio— A. Rossi\68144| | 
Dinorah—Si, carina caprettina ~~ and Hamlet—Ballata d’ Ofelia—Huguet 35180 ak 

Don Pasquale—Ouel guardo (Glances Soft) and Pronta io son—Huguet-Badini|68272 
Faust—Aria dei gioielli (Jewel Song) and Kermesse Scene—La Scala Cho|68160 
Hamlet—Ballata d’Ofelia (Thomas) and Dinorah—NSi, carina caprettina 35180 
Huguenots—O vago suol della Turenna (Oh, Fair Touraine !) (Meyerbeer) 
and Huguenots—Dillo ancor—Giacomelli and Martinez-Patti|35123) 121.2 
Linda di Chee luce di quest’ and A consolarmi— T rentini-Caffo|62090| 10 35, 
Lucia di Lammermoor—For two records see “ Lucia”’ 
Manon—Gavotta and Traviata—Non sapete (Ah, You Know Not) Badini|45028}10)1.00 
Mignon—For two records see “‘Mignon”’ 
Norma—Casta Diva and Lucia—Regnava nel silenzio—Huguet|16539|10| .75 
Pagliacci—Che volo d’ angelli (Ye Birds Without Number) (Leoncavallo) 
and Coro del la campane (Chorus of the Bells) La Scala Chorus|35172)|12|1.25 
Rigoletto—Tutte le feste al tempio and Rigoletto—La donna é mobile—Acerbi|62083|10| .75 
Traviata—Ah, fors’ élui (The One of Whom I Dreamed) 
and Traviata—Sempre libera—Huguet and Lara\62084|10| .75 

‘hee Medley Hawaiian Guitars Pale K. Lua-David Kaili ‘7774 ees 
Cunha Medley Pale K. Lua-David Kailit ney: : 
Hull’s Victory (From “American Country Dances”-Burchenal) 

Victor Band| 18367|10| .75 


The Circle (arr. by Burchenal) Victor Military Band 
‘earn Medley —One-Step (See “Medley No. 144’’) Accordion reer 
Hungarian Rag (Julius Lenzberg) Accordion Pietro |/47802|19)..75 
Humoresque (Dvorék) (Op. 101, No.7) Violin Elman|74163]12]1.50 
Humoresque (Dvofdk) Violin Fritz Kreisler|74180|12|1.50 
Humoresque (Dvorék) Violin (Pianoforte acc.) Maud Powell]74494}12/1.50 
Humoresque (Dvorak) Vioiin Maximilian ees 
{ Thais—Meditation (Massenet) Violin Maximilian Pilzer$|?>35|'2|!-25 
Humoresque (Dvordk) (Arranged by Lapitino) Harp pope 
{ Consolation (Mendelssohn) Harp Francis J. Lapitino TOM oh ate 
Humoresque (Dvorak) Violin-’Cello-Harp Venetian ae 
{ Berceuse from ‘‘ Jocelyn ’’ (Godard) Violin-’Cello-Harp Venetian Trio Lede 
Humoresque (Dvorak) Arthur Pryor’s Bene 
( Characteristic Dance (Tschaikowsky) Pryor’s Band oe ewe 
ne eedne (Dvorak) (Orchestra with Bird Voices) Peer menetliold 00 
Amoureuse Valse (Berger) (Orchestra with Bird Voices) Kellogg : 
(pum r ete (Dvorak) Pianoforte Felix Arndt isariiolevs 
Narcissus (Nevin) Pianoforte Felix danish : 
Humoresque (Vocal version—‘‘Go to Sleep, My Dusky Baby’’) 
(Dvot ak) Kline-Baker-Dunlep| 17918}10) .75 
Rockin’ Time (Gertrude L. Knox) Kline-Baker-Dunlap 
Humoresque (Tor Aulin) Violin Efrem Zimbalist|64241|10/1.00 





HUMPERDINCK, ENGELBERT (1854-— ), (Hoom'-per-dink) (See 
““ Cradle Song,” “‘ Hansel and Gretel ”’ and ‘‘ Kénigskinder ’’) 
HUMPHREY, HARRY E., Recitations 

Bear Story—That Alex Yist Maked Up His Own Se’f-Part I and Part /I (Riley) 
Bible Reading—Luke 2 (2) A Christmas Carol 

and Jt Came Upon the Midnight Clear—Victor Orchestra} 
Blue and the Grey and Sleep, Noble Hearts— Lyric Quartet 
Buck Fanshaw’'s Funeral (Mark Twain) and 7hursday—Glenn 
Declaration of Independence—Parts | and II Harry E. Humphrey 
Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Add.— Humphrey 
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and Give Me Liberty—Humphrey 
Lincoln, the Great Commoner and Visionof War—Harry E. Humphrey 
Luke (Bret Harte) and Old Manand Jim—Harry E. Humphrey 
Man With the Hoe (Markham) and Recessional (Kipling) Humphrey 
Me and Jim and When Maltndy Sings—Rodeheaver 
Old Man an Jim (James W. Riley) and Luke—Harry E. Humphrey 
Psalm of Life and Village Blacksmith (Longfeliow) Humphrey 
Recessional (Kipling) ‘and Man With the Hoe (Markham) Humphrey 
Tar Baby—Part | and PartII (Harris) Humphrey 
Village Blacksmith and Psalm of Life (Longfellow) Humphrey 
Vision of War and Lincoln, the Great Commoner—Harry E. Humphrey 
Washington's Farewell Address and Webster's Reply to Hayne—Humphrey 
Webster's Reply to Hayne and Washington’s Farewell A ddress—Humphrey 

Humpty Dumpty (2) To Market (3) Crooked Man 
(4) Tommy Tucker (5) Mother Hubbard Elizabeth Wheeler 
Sing a Song of Sixpence (2) I Love Little Pussy (3) Georgie 
Porgie (4) Pussy Cat (5) Feast of Lanterns Elizabeth Wheeler 

Hundred Pipers—Miss Drummond of Perth—Sleepy Maggie 
Bagpipes and Drums Pipe-Major Forsyth 
Neil Gow—My Wife She Brewed It Pipe-Major Forsyth 
Hungarian Czardas (Cembalom Solo) Joseph Merk na 
Hungarian Dance, No. 5 (Brahms) (Cembalom Solo) J. Moskowitz 

Hungarian Dance No.5inG Minor (Brahms) Violin Fritz Kreisler 
Hungarian Dance, No.5 (Brahms) (Cembalom Solo) nopkowi7 
Hungarian Czardas (Cembalom Solo) Joseph Moskowitz 
Hungarian Dance No. 7—A Major (Brahms-Joachim) Violin Elman 
Hungarian Dances—No. 20 in D Minor and No. 21 in E Minor 
(Brahms-Joseph Joachim) Violin Efrem Zimbalist 
HUNGARIAN FLUTE (Térogaté) Others in Hungarian Catalogue 
Repiilj madar repiilj, és Lévai mee 
and Juliska és Nemesek dala (Flute) Jdger Vilmos 
Hungarian Folk Dances—See ‘‘ Educational Records” 

HUNGARIAN MUSIC—See Hungarian Catalogue, also “De Bar- 
toky,’ “Hungarian Flute,’’ “‘Hungarian Rhapsodies’”’ (below) 
and “ Rakoczy March”’ 


Baiser, Le—Valse Boston (Cremieux) and Christmas Valse—Orch. Tzigane 
Bob herczeg belépé (Voros bort ittam az este, Csardas) (Red Wine 
] Drink this Night, from “‘ Prince Bob’’) (Jeno) 

and Rakoczy March—Meyer Davis’ Hungarian Orchesira 
Brise Ethérée—Valse (Popy) and A Thousand Kisses—Orchestre Tzigane 
Christmas Valse (Margis) and Le Baiser—Valse Boston—Orchestre Tzigane 
Cserebogar, sarga, cserebogér (The Fireflies) Racz Laczi 

and Gondolina Szerendd—Radics Béia, cigényzenékara 

Goda Orban nétaja “and Rdcz Laczi, nétdja—Rdcz Laczi, cigdényzenékara 
Gondolina Szerenéd (Gondolier’s Serenade) (Béla) Radics Béla 

and Cserebogdr, sdrga, cserebogdr—Rdcz Laczi, cigdnyzenékara 

Mains de Femmes (Berniaux) and Mirame—V alse— Orchestre Tzigane 
Mirame—Valse and Mains de Femmes—Orchestre Tzigane 
Racz Laczi, nétaja and Goda O:bdn nétdja—Rdcz Laczi, cigényzenékara 
Rakoczy March and Bob herczeg belépé—Meyer Davis’ Hungarian Orchestra 
Skating Girl and La Troika—Orchestre Tzigane 
Thousand Kisses (Joyce) and Brise Ethérée—Orchestre Tzigane 
Troika, La ‘and Skating Girl—Orchestre Tzigane 
Hungarian Rag—One-Step (Lenzberg) Conway’s Band 
All of the Girlies—Medley— Two-Step Conway’s Band 
Hungarian Rag (Julius Lenzberg) Accordion Cae 
Hummer Medley—One-Step (See “Medley No. 144’) Pietro 

Number a 

18086/10| .75 
17310|10| .75 
35296) 12/1.25 
18200/10| .75 
T7471) (O75 
18161)10| .75 
17471)10| .75 
17996/10| .75 
18161|10) .75 
18200|10) .75 
17371\10) .75 
LS 7a 3 
18076|10} .75 
67845|10) .75 
17973)|10| .75 
17973|10) .75 
67848/10| .75 
67149/10| .75 
69564/10} .75 
67150/10} .75 
67149)10} .75 
67775)10| .75 
67789)10) .75 
67775)10) .75 
63038/10) .75 
63038)/10! .75 
67789)|10) .75 
69564 10) Filo, 
67267 10) > 
67150\10| .75 
67267)|10) 75 
17392)/10) .75 
17609/10| .75 

Hu (une an Restaurant Scene (Smith) Avon Comedy pea 

HUNGARIAN RECORDS-—See Victor Hungarian Catalogue | 


Cohan’s Wedding Avon Comedy Four 3BG02 had 
Hungarian Rhapsody, No.9—Finale (Carnaval de Pesth) Pryor’s B/31752/12/1.00 
Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 12 (Liszt) Pryor’s Band/31812)12 1.00 
Huntin the Black Forest (Descriptive) (Voelker) Victor =| | 

Day breaks—Birds sing—Cock crows—Huntsman’s horn— Village chimes 
—The hunters assemble—They start—Full gallop—Horns sound halt— 
At the blacksmith’s—The smith at work—They start again—Hounds 
scent the game—lIn full cry—Game run to earth—Cheers—Finale 

In a Clock Store (Orth) (Descriptive Fantasie) Victor Orchestra 
HURDY GURDY—See “Georgia Grind,” ‘‘ Harrigan Medley,” “‘Italian 
Airs—Medley,” “It’s Tulip Time in Holland” and “‘Operatic Airs— 
Hurry Back to My Bamboo Shack (Berlin) Alice siceut 
We’re Too Old to Go to You (Wilander-De Costa) Chas. Harrison 

Hush a Bye Ma Baby (The Missouri Waltz) (Shannon-Eppel) pre was 
Somewhere My Love Lies Dreaming Reed and Harrison 
Hush, Don’t Wake the Baby Soprano Yodel May Neenah 

Roll On, Silver Moon Soprano Yodel May McDonald. 

Hymne de Mameli, ‘Fratelli d’Italia’’ (Italian Patriotic Song) 

In Italian (Mameli-Novaro) Marcel Journet!64567|10 1.00 
Hymne Imperial Russe (Russian National Hymn, “‘ God Save the | 

Czar”) (/st verse, Russian; 2d verse, French) (Joukowsky-Lvoff) Journet 74464/12 1.50 
Hymne National Serbe (National Air of Serbia, ‘* Boze pravde ti sto 

spase”’) (Godin HisGoodness) (/st verse, Serbian; 2d verse, French) 

(Aerts-Jenko) Marcel Journet| 74466} 12 1.50 
Hymn of Praise—I Waited for the Lord Gluck and Homer|88375)12 3.00 
Hymn of Praise—Sorrows of Death (Mendelssohn) Evan Williams|74498}12 1.50 
Hymns for Congregational Use—See “Congregational Singing, 

Records for’’ 
Hymns of Praise—No. 1 (See ‘“‘Medley No. 9”) Victor Mixed chet 

Hymns of Praise—No. 2 (See ‘‘Medley No. 9’’) Victor Mixed Chorus 

HY MNS—Standard and Revival 

The extensive list of sacred music which the Victor has issued during the past few 
years has perhaps attracted more attention than any other single feature. This splendid 
catalogue of standard and gospel hymns, anthems and oratorio numbers is certain to have a 
powerful influence for good, not only in the homes of the serious-minded owners of Vic- 
tors, but as a means of improving the quality of the music in small churches, where a com- 
petent choir is out of the question. The Victor’s sacred records are capable of filling ad- 
mirably the place of a choir, and this form of service is much to be preferred to the average 
small choir, which sometimes inspires feelings the reverse of devout! 

Victors are being utilized more and more in small communities in place of a precentor, 
and no better method of leading congregational singing could be imagined, while in the 
family circle a collection of hymns and other sacred music is indispensable for Sunday use. 

De NQTE— This list contains hymns only. For other sacred numbers, such as “Holy City,” “Palms,” 
Face to Face’’ and songs of that class, also Anthems and Masses for church use, see Sacred Songs. For 
Oratorio numbers see titles of Oratorios. For Negro Revival Hymns see Fisk Jubilee Quartet. For Ma- 
sonic and Modern Woodmen Hymns see “ Masonic Records” and ‘‘Modern Woodmen.” 
Abide with Me—For several records see ‘“‘ Abide with Me” 
Adeste Fideles—For several records see ‘‘ Adeste Fideles”’ 
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name and Doxology—Trinity Choir 
and Sanctus from Messe Solennelle—Choir|35110 
All the Way My Saviour Leads—Mac and He Will Hold Me Fast—Hayden Qt\16239 
Almost Persuaded (Bliss) and Shall We Meet Beyond the River—Mac-Hemus| 17356 
Along the River of Time—Metropolitan Trio 
and More Love to Thee—Reinald Werrenrath and Harry Macdonough| 16348 
An Evening Prayer and How Sweet is His Love—Homer Rodeheaver|17714 
Angels from the Realms of Glory and OA, Little Town of Bethlehem—Trinity Ch|\35594 
Asleep in Jesus—Lyric Quartet = and Only Waiting (Sacred) Fred Wheeler|17389 
Autumn—Saviour, Breathe an Evening Blessing (Von Esch) ‘Trinity Choir 
and God is Love (Shelley) Lyric Quartet|\17096 

35324|12 1.25 

18080 10 75 

18214}10 .75 

16077|10 .75 

35519/12 1.25 

— — oe 



VICTOR RECORDS —___| Number 3 


Beautiful Isle of Somewhere—Jarvis and Christ A rose—Hayden Quartet, 16008||0| .75 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Fearis) John Barnes Wells 

and Dear Lord and Father—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler\16700)|0| .75 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Pounds-Fearis) Evan Williams|64411]10|1.00 
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Pounds-Fearis) John McCormack|64428) 10} 1.00 
Beautiful Valley of Eden—Mr.-Mrs. Wheeler and New Born King—Hill| 16563) 10) .75 
Beulah Land (Sweeney) Hayden Qt and Vesper Serviceo—Hayden Qt\16166]|0) .75 

Beyond the Smiling and the Weeping—Peerless Quartet 
; and Softly Now the Light of Day—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler|16500}10| .75 
Billy Sunday Hymns (See “‘ Medley No. !”’) 
and Moody and Sankey Hymns—V ictor Mixed Chorus|35510)| 12) 1.25 

Blest Be the Tie that Binds—Trinity Choir 
and Jesus Christ is Risen To-Day—Hayden Quartet|16178]10| .75 

Brighten the Corner Where You Are and J Walk With the King—Rodeheaver|17763|10| .75 
Calvary (Darwood-Sweeney) Trinity Choir and Sun of My Soul—Clark|17479|10| .75 

Child of a King—E. Wheeler and Abide With Me—Richard Jose|16660|10| .75 
Christ Arose (Lowry) Hayden Qt and Beautiful Isle of Somewhere—J arvis| 16008)10| .75 
Christ Receiveth Sinful Men—Hayden Qt and God is a Spirit—Lyric Qt}16038|10| .75 
Closer to Jesus and Drifting (Gospel Hymn) Rodeheaver-Brewstzr\18341|10} .75 
Close to Thee (Crosby-Vail) and Looking This Way—Anthony and Harrison|17024|10} .75 
Come Thou Almighty King and Jerusalem the Golden— Trinity Choir|16135|10| .75 

Come Ye Disconsolate and Full Surrender (I Surrender All) Trinity Choir\16709|10| .75 
Coming of the Year—Church Bells and Lord Dismiss Us—Trinity Chimes|16825|10| .75 
Coronation and Doxology and Sanctus from Messe Solennelle—T rinity Choir|35110|12|1.25 
Dear Lord and Father—Wheelers and Beautiful Isle of Somewhere—Wells|16700|10| .75 
oxology, *‘ Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow’’ (2) Coronation, 
**All Hail the Power’’—Choir and Sanctus—‘‘ Messe Solennelle’’—Choir|35110| 12) 1.25 

Drifting and Closer to Jesus—Rodeheaver-Brewster|18341|10| .75 
Eternity— Whitney Brothers Qt and Reading of 23d Psalm and Lord's Prayer|16362\|10| .75 
Face to Face (Herbert Johnson) Evan Williams|74477]|12]1.50 

Full Surrender—! Surrender All and Come Ye Disconsolate—T rinity Choir|16709|10| .75 
Galilee—Whitney Quartet and Remember Me, Mighty One—Whitney Quartet|16430|10| .75 
Glory Song—Hayden Qt and Radiant Morn (Woodward) Lyric Qt|\35014|12}1.25 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again—Hayden Quartet 
and Oh Morning Land—Frank Stanley and Harry Macdonough|\16399|10| .75 
God is Love—Lyric Qt and Saviour, Breathe an Evening Blessing—T rinity Choir|17096|10| .75 
Gospel Songs No. | (See “* Medley No. 3”’) 
and No. 2 (See “‘ Medley No. 10°°) Victor Chorus|}35510|12)1.25 
Gospel Songs No. 3 (See “*Medley No. 8”’ 
and No. 4 (See “‘ Medley No. 8’’) Victor Chorus|35620|12|1.25 
Happy Day (Doddridge-Rimbault) and Precious Name—Trinity Choir|17499|10| .75 
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing—Choir and Silent Night—Elsie Baker|17164|10| .75 
Heaven is My Home—Mac and I Need Thee Every Hour—Mac-Bieling|16255|10} .75 
Heaven Song (2) Inchin’ Along and Old Time Religion— Tuskegee Singers}18075|10| .75 
He Knows the Way and J_ Am Coming Home—Rodeheaver|17786|10| .75 

He Leadeth Me—Mr.-Mrs. Wheeler and Light of the World is Jesus—W hitney Qt16465|10| .75 ° 

He Leadeth Me—Werrenrath and When the Roll is Called Up Yonder-Hayden Q\16749|10| .75 
He Will Hold Me Fast—Hayden Quartet 
and All the Way My Saviour Leads Me—Harry Macdonough|16239|10| .75 
Holy Art Thou (Music of Handel's Largo) Trinity Choir|31749|12]1.00 
Holy Ghost, with Light Divine (Gottschalk) Trinity Choir 
and Holy, Holy, Holy! (Heber-Dykes) Trinity Choir\16966|10| .75 
Holy, Holy, Holy! (Heber-Dykes) Trinity Choir 
and Holy Ghost, with Light Divine (Gottschalk) _ Trinity Choir|16966|10| .75 
Homeland, The _ and My Jesus, as Thou Wilt—Elizabeth and William W heeler|17940|10| .75 
Home of the Soul—Whitney Qt and I'm Praying for You—Stanley and Burr|16372|10| .75 
Home Over There—Macdonough and Qt and Adeste Fideles—Hayden Qt}16197|10| .75 
How Firm a Foundation—Choir and Face to Face—Hemus|16674|10| .75 
How Sweet is His Love (Rowe-Excell) and An Evening Prayer—Rodeheaver|17714|10| .75 
Hymns of Praise—No. | (See ‘‘Medleys”’) and No. 2—Victor Mixed Chorus|35519}12|1.25 
] Am Coming Home (Revival Hymn) and He Knows the Way—Rodeheaver|17786|10| .75 
1 Am Praying for You—Stanley-Burr and Home of the Soul—W hitney Qt)16372|10| .75 
] Heard the Voice of Jesus—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Ave Maria—Wheeler|16490/10| .75 
1 Loveto Tell the Story—Choir and King’s Business—Choir|16889}10| .75 
I'm a Pilgrim, I'm a Stranger and Some Blessed Day—Imperial Quartet}18199)10} .75 
I Need Thee Every Hour—Mac and Bieling and Heaven is My Home—Mac|16255|10) .75 
I Need Thee Every Hour (Hawks-Lowry) Gluck-Homer|87203)10/2.00 
In the Cross of Christ and Sweet Hour of Prayer (Bradbury) Trinity Choir|17013|10| .75 
In the Garden—Mrs. Asher-Homer Rodeheaver 
and When the World Forgets—Rodeheaver| 18020|10| .75 
In the Sweet Bye and Bye—Hayden Qt and Ninety and Nine—Freemantel|16532|10| .75 
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear and While Sheoherds Watched—V.. Oratorio Cho|35412)12/1.25 
I've Found a Friend—Wheelers and Lord is My Shepherd—Miller-Werrenrath| 16869|10| .75 
1 Walk Withthe King and Brighten the Corner Where You Are—Rodeheaver|17763)10} .75 
Jerusalem the Golden—Choir and Come Almighty King—Choir|16135|10| .75 
Jesus, Blessed Jesus (Ogdon-Ackley) and Jesus Remembered You—Rodeheaver|17713 10} .75 

Jesus Christ is Risen To-day—Hayden Qt and Blest Be the Tie—Choir,16178)10) .75 
H y jesus, Lover of My Soul (Refuge) (Wesley-Holbrook) Gluck-Homer)|87200} 10|2.00 
—— Jesus Lover of My Soul esley) Trinity Choir| 722/10) .60 
Jesus Remembered You (Pool- Gabriel) and Jesus, seed Jere ae 17713/10| .75 
Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me—Freemantel and Nearer My God to Thee—Hayden Qt 16742)10| .75 
Jesus, Saviour, PilotMe (Gould) and Light of Life (Walton) Whitney Bros|\16441|10| .75 
Joy to the World—Christmas Hymn—Trinity Choir 
and Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful a ete Fideles—with Chimes) Trinity Choir|16996|10| .75 
Kine s 's Business—T ninity Choir I Love to Tell the Story—T rinity Choir\16889|10| .75 
Lead, Kindly Light (For several Peale see ‘‘ Lead, Kindly Light’’) 
Let the Saviour In. (Unace. ) Hayden Qt and Mighty Fortress— Trinity Choir, 16159|10| .75 
Light of Life—Whitney Bros Qt and Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me—W hitney Qt,16441)10} .75 
Light of the World—Whitney Qt raked He Leadeth Me—Mr.-Mrs. Wheeler|16465)10| .75 
Little Brown Church in the Vale—Victor Male Qt 
and When They Ring the Golden Bells for You and Me—Imperial Qt.17982|10) .75 
Looking This Way and Close to Thee (Crosby-Vail) Anthony and Harrison|17024|10| .75 
Lord Dismiss Us—Trinity Chimes and Coming of the Year—Church Bells| 16825) 10| .75 
Lord, I’m Coming Home—Freemantel and One Sweetly Solemn Tho’ t—Stanley|16009| 10) .75 
Lord’s Prayer (2) Gloria Patri—Lyric Quartet 
and Safe in the Arms of Jesus—T rinity Choir|16877|10| .75 
Love Watches Over All (Stetson-Case) Lucy Isabelle Marsh| 70035) 12|1.25 
Mighty Fortress is Our God—Choir and Let the Saviour In—Hayden Q# 16159/10| .75 
Moody and Sankey Hymns (See ‘‘Medley No. 10°’) 
and Billy Sunday Hymns—V ictor Mixed Chorus|35510|12|1.25 
More Love to Thee—Werrenrath and Macdonough 
and Along the River of Time—Metropolitan Trio|16348|10| .75 
My Faith Looks Up to Thee—Trinity Choir and Saved by Grace—Mac-Bieling 1621610) .75 
My Faith Looks Up—Stanley and Mac and Crucifix (Faure) Stanley and Mac\35012)12|1.25 
y Jesus, as Thou Wilt and The Homeland—Elizabeth and Wm. W heeler\17940/10| .75 
My Mother’s Prayer—Freemantel - and Lead, Kindly Light—Trinity Choir|16533)10| .75 
My Wonderful Dream and Molly and the B Baby, Don’t You Know—Rodeheaver|17988|10| .75 
Nearer My God to Thee (For six records see “‘Nearer My God to Thee’’) 
Near the Cross—Mr.-Mrs. Wheeler and Some Sweet Day—A nthony-Harrison| 16688|10| .75 
Ninety and Nine (Clephane-Sankey) Evan Williams'64545)/10/1.00 
Ninety and Nine—Freemantel and In the Sweet Bye and Bye—Hayden Quartet| 16532|10) .75 
Nobody Like Jesus and Somebody Cares—Mrs. William Asher|17989|10)} .75 
Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful—See “‘Adeste Fideles”’ 
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem and Angels from Realms of Glory— Trinity Choir\35594|12|1.25 
Oh Morning Land—Stanley and Mac and God Be With You—Hayden Qt|16399)10| .75 
Old Time Religion—Hayden ene and Softly and Tenderly—Freemantel| 16743|10| .75 
Old Time Religion and Heaven Song and Inchin’ Along— Tuskegee Singers|18075)10| .75 
Ong Sweetly Solemn Thought (For five records see ‘““One Sweetly Solemn 
Only a Beam of Sunshine—Mac and Bieling and Sabbath Morn—Macdonough|16288)]10)| .75 
Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan) and Praise Ye the Father—Trinity Choir|16419)10| .75 
Onward Christian Soldiers (Jude) with Band—Westminster Choir 
and Throw Out the Life Line—Harry Macdonough and Hayden Quartet\16431\10| .75 
Onward Christian paldicts (Sullivan) and Nearer My Godto Thee—Conway’s B|\17848}10| .75 
Over the Line (Ph and Whiter Than Snow—T rinity Choir| 17299) 10| .75 
Praise God from Ape All Blessings Rowson ‘Doxology”’ 
Precious Name (Baxter-Doane) and Happy Day—Trinity Choir|17499|10| .75 
Remember Me, O Mighty One and Galilee—Whitney Brothers Quartet| 16430) 10| .75 
Rest forthe Weary—Hayden Qt and Shall We Gather at the River—Hayden Qi\16261|10| .75 
Rock of Ages (Rev. A.M. Toplady) Alma Gluck and Louise Homer|87198]10|2.00 
Rock of Ages—Trinity Choir and Lead, Ainely Light (Dykes) Hayden Qt)16394|10} .75 
Sacred Songs No. I (See ‘‘ Medley No. 19° ") and No. 2— Victor Mixed Chorus|35613}12}1.25 
Safe in the Arms of J en gL cH Choir 
d (/) Lord’s Prayer (2) Gloria Patri—Lyric Quartet|}16877|10| .75 
Sail On and OA Roricaae Bie Sunday Chorus—New York Tabernacle|18322|10| .75 
Saved by Grace—Mac and Bieling and My Faith Looks Up—Trinity Choir\16216}10} .75 
Saviour, Breathe an Evening Blessing—Trinity Choir and God is Love—Lyric Q#}17096|10| .75 
Shall We Gather at the River and fest for the Weary—Hayden Quartet}16261}10} .75 
Shall We Meet Beyond the River and d Almost Persuaded—Macdonough-Hemus 17356/10} .75 
Silent Night, Hallowed Night—See “Silent Night”’ and “‘ Stille Nacht’’ 
Since Jesus Came Into My Heart and Sweeter as the Years Go By—Rodeheaver\17773) 10) .75 
Sleep Noble Hearts (MemorialSong) L pies and Blue and the Grey—Humphries|17310|10| .75 
Softly and Tenderly—Freemantel Old Time Religion—Hayden Quartet 16743|10| .75 
Softly Now the Light of Day—Mr. ena Mrs. Wheeler 
and Beyond the Smiling and the Weeping—Peerless Quartet|16500)10| .75 
Some Blessed Day and I’m a Pilgrim, I’m a Stranger—Imperial Quartet|18199}| 10) .75 
Somebody Cares and Nobody Like Jesus—Mrs. William Asher,17989)10| .75 
Some Day—Anthony-Harrison and Abide With Me—Mr.-Mrs. Wheeler 16506|10} .75 
Some Day I Shall Know-Cartwright and When Mists Have Rolled Away—Choir|17137|10| .75 
Some Sweet Day—Anthony and Harrison 
and Near the Cross—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler\16688'10!' .75 

HYMNS— Cobhtnisd j | 

Some Time We'll Understand—Trinity Choir 
and Tell Mother Til Be There—Hayden Quartet 16414 | 


Stille Nacht, heilige Ween Sen? “*Stille Nacht”’ and “‘ Silent Night” A =. 
Still, Still with Thee—Chicago GleeClub and Valley of Peace-A nthony-Harrison| 16853)10 .75 
Sun of My Soul (Keble-Ritter) Helen Clark and Calvary—T rinity Choir 17479'19| .75 
Sweeter as the Years Go By and _ Since Jesus Came Into My Heart—Rodeheaver 17773 10) .75 
Sweet Hour of Prayer and In the Cross of Christ—Trinity Choir, 17013)10| .75 
Tell Mother I'll Be There—Hayden Quartet | 
and Some Time We'll Understand—T rinity Choir 1641410 .75 
That Sweet Story of Old—Baker 
and What a Friend We Have in Jesus—Mr-Mrs. W heeler|\18287\10) .75 
There is a Fountain Fill'd d with Blood—Trinity Choir 
and Where is My Boy To-night—Hayden Quartet|16412/|10| .75 
Throw Out the Life hale? Macdenoush and Hayden Quartet 
and Onward Christian Soldiers— Westminster Choir|16431|10) .75 
Twenty- Third Psalm and ra s Prayer and Eternity—W hitney Brothers Quartet} 16362/|10) .75 
Valley of Peace—Anthony-Harrison and Still, Still With Thee—Glee Club|16853)|10| .75 
Vesper Service (Hymns, Chimes and Doxology) Hayden Quartet 
and Beulah Land—-Hayden Quartet}16166\10) .75 
What a Friend We Have in Jesus—Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler 
and That Sweet Story of Old—RBaker\18287,\10| .75 
When the Mists Have Rolled Away-Choir and Some DayI'll Know—Cartwright|17137|10| .75 
When the Roll is Called—Hayden Qt and He Leadeth Me—Werrenrath\16749\|10| .75 
When the World Forgets-—Rodeheaver and Jn the ( Garden-Mrs. Asher-Rodeheaver|18020|10| .75 
Where is My Boy To-Night (Lowry) Louise Homer|87264|10/2.00 
Where is My Boy To-Night—Hayden Qt and There is a Fountain—Choir|\16412|10| .75 
While Shepherds Watchedand /tCame Upon the Midnight Clear—V. Oratorio Cho|\35412|12|1.25 
Whiter Than Snow—Trinity Choir and Over the Line—Trinity Choir\17299|10| .75 
Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown and Silent Night—Hayden Quartet|16286|10} .75 
Yield Not to Temptation—Hemus and Nearer My God—Whitney Quartet|}16451|10| .75 
I Ain’t Got Nobody Much (Graham- Williams) Marion Harris} reraalionas 
Way Out Yonder in the Golden West Avon Comedy raat 
I Ain’t Got Nobody—Medley Fox Trot (See ““Medley No. 145”’) 
Conway’s one 35646) 12|1.25 
Mother, Dixie and You—Medley Fox Trot Conway’s Band 
{i am Coming Home (A.H.Ackley-B. D. Ackley) Roy epeesen! Saree 75 
He Knows the Way (A. H. Ackley) Homer Rodeheaver 10) 
{i am Longing for the Days That Might Have Sane taza 75 
Meet Me in Blossom Time (Shannon) Oakland-Campbell-Burr Oe 
{l am Praying for You (Cluff-Sankey) Stanley and ae 163721101 175 
Home of the Soul (Phillips) Whitney Brothers Quartet i 
I Attempt from Love’s Sickness to Fly (From ‘“‘ The Indian 
Queen”) (Howard-Purcell) Reinald Werrenrath } 45092) 10| 1.00 
My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair (Haydn) Lucy Isabelle Marsh 
1 Called You My Sweetheart (Johnson-Clarke-Monaco) anne 18289110| 75 
Just Dreaming of You James Reed-J. F. Harrison ‘ 
I Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife (From “ Sybil’’) 
(Cawthorn-Golden) Joseph Ee (yee 55074 12)\1.50 
It’s a Small World (Frank Craven-J. L. Golden) Joseph Cawthorn 
I Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife—Medley One-Step 
(See “‘ Medley No. 146’’) Victor Military Band ?/35546 121.25 
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula—Medley Fox Trot Victor Military Band 
‘ Can Hear the Ukuleles Calling Me (Dubin-Ball) Orpheus eat Seadol (OM. 75 
Mister Butterfly (MacDonald-Edwards) Charles Wawa ; 
I Can Hear the Ukuleles Calling Me—Medley Fox Trot 
; Victor Band 35635 12) 1.25 
Way Down in Arkansaw—Medley One-Step — Victor Military Band), 
i Can Live Without You (From “ Follies of 1913’’) Olive Kline} rdaoitiol.75 
There's a Girl in the Heart of Maryland (Carroll) Macdonough) i 
I Cannot Sing the Old Songs (Claribel) Richard José 31496 12/1.00 

I Cannot Sing the Old Songs _ (Claribel) Louise Homer 87204 10 2.00 


| Number 

{ Cannot Sing the Old Songs (Claribel) Mr. and Mrs. a 
Forsaken (Koschat) Whitney Brothers Quartet 
fl Cannot Sing the Old Songs Violin-’Cello-Piano McKee Mak 
The Vacant Chair (Root) McKee Trio 
" Can’t Behave When You’re Around (Israel) Soe aay 
Don’t Slam that Door Ada Jones- Billy Murray 

{I Can’t Believe You Realiy Love Me (Clarke-Abrahams) Wecane 
If That’s Your Idea of a Wonderful Time (Berlin) Ada Jones 
Ich grolle nicht (PII Not Complain) (Schumann) German Whitehill 
ee grolle nicht (P11 Not Complain) (Schumann) German Fee Tea 
Der gute Kamerad (The Faithful Comrade) Carl Schlegel 
Ich liebe dich (I Love Thee) (Beethoven) German Frances Alda 
Ich liebe dich (I Love Thee) (Herrosse-Beethoven) German Ober 
1 liebe dich (I Love Thee) (Grieg) Jn German Fred Hunan 

Der Tannenbaum (Zarnack) In German Emil Muench 
4 Couldn’t Distinguish the Words (Song) Taylor ponies, 
If I Could Be By Her (King) (Recitation) Taylor Holmes 
i Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray Fisk Jubilee Seka} 
Little David (2) Shout All Over Heaven Fisk Jubilee Quartet 
Ideale (My Ideal!) (Tosti) Jn Jtalian Giovanni Martinelli 
Ideale (My Ideal!) (Tosti) In Italian Enrico Caruso 

ow Republic Address William Jennings pea 
Immortality Address William Jennings Bak 
\ Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier—Medley One-Step (See 
“Medley No. 148’’) Victor Band 
Little House Upon the Hill—Medley I -Step (See ‘Medley No. 177°’) 
Victor Band. 
I Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier Morton Arey 
Stay Down Here Where You Belong (Berlin) Henry Burr 
ve Woman’s Busy Day (Humorous Monologue) Marie sont 
Dallas Blues (Preceded by Mose’s Baptism) (Leighton Bros.) Marie Cahill 
I Don’t Feel No-Ways Tired (“I am Seeking for a City’) (2) 
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Kitty Cheatham 
Walk in Jerusalem Just Like John (2) Sinner, Please Don’t Let 
This Harvest Pass Kitty Cheatham 

I’d Rather Be a Lobster Than a Wise Guy (Morse) yeas 
At the Village Post Office—Rural Comedy Victor Vaudeville Co 
He Rather Be on the Outside Lookin’ In (Snyder) nopertsl 
An Evening at Mrs. Clancey’s—Irish Comedy Victor Vaudeville Co 
I Drearat I Dwelt in Marble Halls—See ‘“‘ Bohemian Girl” 
toed (Idilio) (Lack) (Op. 134) with Bells Neapolitan Tet 
Fedora Goune (F. J. Lapitino) with Celesta Neapolitan Trio 
te All My Dreams Were Made of Gold (Christie) Orpheus Qt 
When I Was 21 and You Were Sweet 16 Macdonough and Qt 
I Feel I’m In Love—See “‘Je sais que vous étes jolie” 
feet rat (Brown) Xylophone Wm. H. Reitz A 
The Ragtime Drummer (Lent) Drum James I. Lent 
ie I Could Be By Her (King) Recitation Taylor Pome} 
I Couldn’t Distinguish the Words Song Taylor Holmes 
(if I Had a Thousand Lives to Live (Solman) pamisen} 
Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares (Harris) Harvey Hindermeyer 
ae Had My Way  (Klein-Kendis) Peerless Quartet 
Rebecca of Sunny- Brook Farm American Quartet 
(Hs I Knock “L” Out of Kelly (‘Step This Way’) with Chorus ae 
By the Sad Luana Shore (E. Ray Goetz) Marguerite Farrell 
‘nh I Knock the “L” Out of Kelly—Medley Waltz Victor pues 
Canary Cottage—Medley One-Step (Carroll) Victor Military Band 


























10} .75 
10} .75 
10) .75 

10} .75 


10} .75 

10) .75 


10} .75 


10} .75 



10| .75 

10} .75 

10} .75 

10| .75 

10| .75 
10} 1.00 
10} .75 
10} .75 
10| .75 


fh If ln Goin’ to Die I’m Goin’ to Have Some Bun Collins | Te1oatto 
That Welcome on the Mat (Edwards) Collins and Harlan: | 
Ws It Takes a Thousand Years (Brennan-Ball) Reed-Harrison\ | 453/10 
Could the Dreams of a Dreamer Come True George Ballard} Shr 
ir It Wasn’t for the Irish and the Jews Billy ey TGEaNO 
Alexander’s Bagpipe Band (Goetz-Berlin-Sloane) Billy Murray 
be It Wasn’t for You (Whiting-Cunningham-Von Tilzer) Jones-Murray\), 2.5.) 1¢ 
Put on Your Slippers Ada ie! 
ie I Were King of Ireland (Graves-Foster) William cere 1aea0l0 
Take Me Back to Babyland William Larkin : 
If I Were Rothschild (2) A Joyful Holiday (Rabinovitz) 
In Hebrew (Yiddish) Sholom Aleichem|60144| 10 
ts That’s Your Idea of a Wonderful Time (Take Me Home) pone ean 
I Can’t Believe You Really Love Me Billy Watkins 
is the World Should End To-morrow Frederick Wheeler} Tao 1GItG 
Love, Here Is My Heart! Reed Miller 
a They’d Only Move Old Ireland Over Here Ada Jona 17576\10 
He’s a Devil in His Own Home Town Billy Murray 
i This Rose Told You All It Knows (Morse) Raymond on OnTiTG 
For Killarney and You (Walsh- Teasdale) Reed Miller ; 
A War is What Sherman Said it Was (Sterling-Gumble) uray feaociD 
Some Little Bug is Going to Find You (‘‘All Over Town’’) Murray 
(i We Can’t Be the Same Old Sweethearts Kaufman) T7ETHIT0 
Jane (Halsey K. Mohr) Peerless Quartet 
If With All Your Hearts—Elijah (Mendelssohn) Evan Williams|74088}12)1. 
itt You Don’t Want Me Send Me to my Ma (Mack-Smith) Harscy TBTOSNIO 
Morning, Noon and Night Morton Harvey ; 
nt You Ever Get Lonely (Kahn- Marshall) American Quaxcet} Te2o4lto 
What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For ? Jones-Murray 
te You Had All the World and Its Gold Stewart ame Teonaho 
Would You Take Back the Love You Gave Me? ~— Charles Harrison 
ieee Had My Disposition (McCarron- Von Tilzer) y eonrersas ah 17912110 
I’m Simply Crazy Over You (From ‘‘Hands Up’’) Macdonough 
fe Your Heart Keeps Right (de Armond-Ackley) Rode nearest 17456/10 
The Unclouded Day _ (Alwood) Homer Rodeheaver 
{fF You Talk In Your Sleep Don’t Mention My Name varneyt 17025)10 
Ragtime Violin (Irving Berlin) American Quartet 
it You’ve Got a Little Bit (Rose-Olman) Arthur Coding} 17955|10 
When You’re Down in Louisville Collins and Harla 
. Gave My Heart and Hand to Someone in Dixieland Peerless Qt} 18024110 
Dixieland, My Home Geoffrey O’Har 
{ Got to See the Minstrel Show (Von Tilzer) Arthur collins fet 73M0 
Medley of Reels No. 2 Accordion John Kimmel 
I Heara Thrush at Eve—Serenade (Cadman) John McCormack|64340)10 
i Heard the Voice of Jesus (Bonar) Mr. and Mrs. pr besler 16490110 
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) Elizabeth Wheeler 
I Hear You Calling Me (Marshall) John McCormack'/64120) 10 
# Hear You Calling Me (Harford-Marshall) Charles area 
A Dream (Cory-Bartlett) Charles HarrisonS |1732}|!0 
‘f Hear You Calling Me _ (Harford-Marshall) Neapolitan pio 
Little Grey Home in the West (with Bells) Venetian Trios |47979|'0 
‘ Knew Him When He Was All Right American arr 
Chinatown, My Chinatown (Jerome-Schwartz) American Quartet SOE. 
f Know a Lovely Garden (D'Hardelot) Elsie Baben 
Ye Who Have Yearned Alone (Tschaikowsky) Elsie Baker 47060120 
{f Know I Got More Than My Share (Clarke-Johnson) Sy hacia 6l10 
What I Owe You (Goodwin-Mohr) James F. Harrison tea 


















{I Know of Two Bright Eyes (Abd-ul-Mejid-Clutsam) Theo aca iso21tol 27s 
*Tis the Day (Mattinata) (Leoncavallo) (Harp acc. by Lapitino) Karle ; 
I Know That My Rede